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more like

UNF-unny title

ha hahAHAHAhah

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>people would rather put quake things in doom than actually make things for quake

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shitposts aside, I just can't come to grips with how people could possibly expect proper flexibility and friendliness from a modern idtech engine mod tool.

Doom 3's was pathetically unintuitive and time consuming to get ahold of, rage's was downright godawful, heck even quake's engine requires patience to get so much as a medpack to work. To let the presence of mod tools single-handedly make out your choice on whether to buy a doom game or not in this day and age is improperly naive. plus it's not as though the campaign wasn't fun enough to guarantee multiple runs as is

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sixty niggers

why the fuck does hunter have alpha shit everywhere when she doesn't even have any shaded bits

like I know Crash has transparency on her chest and legs and that turns into the shiny blue surface ingame but hunter is just SKIN

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>tfw Crash won't be in Quake Champs
>tfw no HD id tech 4 Crash
>tfw will never see the beads of sweat rolling down her tight, toned stomach, dark stains under her arms and around her waist
>tfw will never gaze up her armor plate and see the damp, perfect underboob that awaits
>tfw she'll never, ever sit on your face, iridescent spandex smothering you in sweaty girlbutt as you willingly concede victory to stay in the rookie league forever

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