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Hey guys and gals, wanted to show off my cosplays!


Slay Bell Katarina
Black Cat
Black Canary

I stream too!

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Delete this thread while you still can and don't selfpost your face to cgl

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Floridanons, what convention are you going to next? Are you planning on meeting any friends there or are you going alone?
Everyone else, are you remembering to keep both masks on before you go to bed? Remember, over the nose!

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Floridanons, what convention are you going to next?
Everyone else, are you remembering both masks when you go out?

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I'm thinking of selling my whole wardrobe. It's really tiny, so I could probably make $3-3k out of it. It's not emergency, I'm not really quitting, but I feel like as an asset it's better to convert my stuff into actual money. Should I sell or hold it?

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It’s love-hate relationship, that’s why I’m hesitant

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Then why did you make this thread?

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Sell one of the dresses you think you can scalp and see how you feel about it then.

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Why bother that’s nothing? Do you not work? Just save your money from work instead

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It's not going to buy you a house or anything, but that's more than enough to start a retirement portfolio or a more stable appreciating asset. If you don't think you'll use them, sell it while it's hot and put that money into something more useful.

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Why aren’t more countries emulating them?

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Because it's not cosplay nor lolita related.

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>A research team asked a sample of 185 exhibitionists, "How would you have preferred a person to react if you were to expose your privates to him or her?" The most common response was "Would want to have sexual intercourse" (35.1%), followed by "No reaction necessary at all" (19.5%), "To show their privates also" (15.1%), "Admiration" (14.1%), and "Any reaction" (11.9%). Only very few exhibitionists chose "Anger and disgust" (3.8%) or "Fear" (0.5%).
Then why do cosplay girls get so upset and up in arms when someone gives them a bit of attention?
Is that truly an honest reaction, or just a desperate act to protect their reputation, since few people want to be recognised as sluts, even if their hearts are actually going all *thump thump*?

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>since few people want to be recognised as sluts
Although it should be added that this might also be a matter of social pressure, as the rational brain understands that reputation matters in life, and will resist developments that will likely lead to its ruination.

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idk if wearing sexy cosplay is the same thing as flashing your genitalia at randos, nonny. seems like a false premise, eh?

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When someone is doing an erotic cosplay, they're asking people to look at them and see them.
Of course they can't go around flashing their privates in a convention hall, but I expect the driving instinct to be the same.

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Last Thread >>10558214
Cosplay Help Thread >>10537130

Some unanswered questions:

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This might be a big reach/not worth the effort but have you ever considered trying to dye a blouse your desired color?

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Bodyline is good for lolita if you’re looking for some thing you can sweat in or not have to worry about. Some of their prints are weird so I would be wary of them, but the blouses and shoes are staples for many western girls who either don’t fit into Japanese blouses or I don’t have that kind of money to spend on something that’s going to need to be washed very frequently and will get sweat on. But I would definitely only buy it to wear it underneath a JSK and not with a skirt

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>> No.10567457

Yeah I thought of it but the only blouse I’d be willing to try that on would be a cheap bodyline one, and synthetic fabrics are hard to dye properly. I think a good result would only be possible on a 100% cotton blouse, and all my cotton blouses are pretty expensive brand

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Lol, I should have figured, thanks!

If you feel like a challenge/comfortable enough to do so I would check out your local thrift for some cheap loliiable blouses to experiment on

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post ONE release that you personally find so shit that you can't believe it exists. try to remember that it's okay for people to dislike what you like and vice versa.

i'll start. what the fuck?

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her boobs look off center and the top is 100% handmade probably by a newbie

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Like >>10567440 said, you can't. I've never had a close look at the print before, wow what a mess!! Weird splatter doily clock faces with diamonds, polka dots, text, Roman numerals and musical notes?? At least it was cheap, this is a good example of you get what you pay for. Either alter it or sell to some misguided soul who would actually wear it.

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I just realized if I >>10567437 just cover up the bottom part or replace it the dress might be salvageable... hopefully... maybe

>> No.10567460

Ok, that makes sense! Thank you! I will agree, I’ve never seen a pastel sweet western brand have a good print. Lotv does nice prints, but that’s not really the same type of thing we’re talking about, they’re more classic and vintage inspired vs full on sweet

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Definitely, it's the worst part of the dress and draws your eye to it right away. I would cut it off (turn it into a bag or something lol)/sew over the bottom with a fabric that's the same darker grey tone, or maybe the black tone. Maybe have some white lace or black ribbon too, to match the neckline if you're feeling fancy.

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Which Inuyasha is best Inuyasha?

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This one.

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Based baraposter

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Imo they're all trash

>> No.10566784

4's hair is shooped but he put the most effort into authenticity, 1 and 3 are gag worthy and 2 is lazy but ok

>> No.10566804

they are all pretty bad

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Old thread >>10561987

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I mean I've seen her before but I mostly go through brand tags and so her shit never pops up for me. I figured she would eventually run out of Bodyline but sometimes when I venture out of the brand tags she's somehow still there, posting more overpriced Bodyline. How can one person have so much Bodyline??

>> No.10567443

She's basically just a bodyline reseller. I'm not sure how much money this makes her but it doesn't seem worth it for the effort.

>> No.10567449

She basically buys up as much stock as she can get of the 4L and 2L sizes of all the blouses and some of the dresses on body line. It’s almost impossible to get the larger sizes straight from the brand because of her and similar people (and of course some regular lolitas too). Which is especially obnoxious because bodyline is one of the few reliable and easy to buy from and cheap sources of pastel sweet style blouses for bustier girls. So anytime I need s 2L blouse she probably will have it whereas bodyline will be sold out because she bought it all. Seems like a lot of effort to only be charging like five dollars more than bodyline does. Part of me wonders if maybe she’s got some sort of inside scoop and gets a bulk discount

>> No.10567450

Ayrt yeah, that’s the one I shelled out for. The pink one with the appliqué. It was so worth it though, I rarely see it for sale by itself

>> No.10567451

I don’t think all the newbies hopping on that OTT sweet train know the difference

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Thread theme

All cancelled con talk, doom talk and speculation shenanigans go here since it’s kinda gone out of hand.

Anime Los Angeles 2021
Katsucon 2021
Seishun Con 2021
Anime Milwaukee 2021
Con Nooga 2021
Anime Crossroads 2021
Arizona Matsuri 2021
Anime Magic! Texas 2021
Eville Con 2021
GalaxyCon Richmond 2021
MidSouthCon 2021
Triad Anime Con 2021
Anime Boston 2021
Anime Detour 2021
Sakura-Con 2021
No Brand Con 2021
Lvl Up Expo 2021
Momo-Con 2021

Pensacon 2021
Unicorn 2021
Anime Houston 2021
Puchi Con! 2021
MegaCon Orlando 2021
Anime Frontier 2021
Fan Expo Dallas 2021
Anime North 2021
Tekko 2021

>it’s a virtual con kek
Arizona Matsuri 2021
Naka-Con 2021
RetrieverCon 2021
Aselia Con 2021
Zenkaikon 2021
Tora Con 2021
Setsucon 2021
Castle Point Anime Convention 2021
AnimeNEXT 2021
FanimeCon 2021

>heard it through the grapevine
Anime Expo 2021

>Press F(?)
Otakon 2021

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A lot of those deaths are not deaths OF covid but deaths WITH covid. Also half million Americans isnt much in the grand scheme. Its like 0.001% of the population majority of which were either old or sick already. Don't get me wrong any deaths isnt good but life goes on we the 99.999% need to continue living. Ita not worth destroying our countries over

>> No.10567383

Who cares, cons will never ever be the same again.

>> No.10567400

>But after he confirmed he was operating on a patient, Judge Gary Link, the court commissioner, rescheduled the trial.
so.. whats the issues here? I don't really understand why you linked that article here

>Democrats were in charge of the hospitals
What does this even mean?
>the media that kept fearmongering
which is good because covid is something to be fearful of
>and in the pockets of China.

> Hollywood and the hospitals, all funded by Big Pharma, who funds the Democrats, force fed enough fear in the world to make people believe the virus was bigger than it actually was.
You can look at the data yourself right here https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/national/coronavirus-us-cases-deaths/
28.5m cases and .5m deaths.

>Everything is the Democrats fault, and thats coming from someone who doesn't care for politics at all.
What is wrong with your brain to make such a contradictory statement?

>A lot of those deaths are not deaths OF covid but deaths WITH covid.
no, they aren't.
>million Americans isnt much in the grand scheme.
Then why continue living yourself? If half a million people don't matter, then you, as one person, must matter even less. So why continue?

>> No.10567409

>no, they aren't.
Look it up. A lot of the deaths are not actually caused by covid but the dead people test positive so they mark it down as such
>Then why continue living yourself? If half a million people don't matter, then you, as one person, must matter even less. So why continue?
Thats retarded. This website is for 18+ only kiddo.

>> No.10567418


Read the fucking article. He says globally, he is confident schools will be fully open by Fall.

Yeah the rest of the world doesn't have the luxury of having massive pharma corporations based in their countries so they're going to have to wait to get their vaccines. But that doesn't mean America will still be locked down.
That aside..

Any word on when the first big con is that we're confident about? I feel like Metrocon will have the balls to go on in Florida.

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Hi /cgl/, I'm planning to make monster costumes and roam at night the countryside to create some fake X-Files shenanigans. I'm considering using jump stilts, but I'm worried that they would be hardly concelable, as probably there are moving parts that risk getting stuck with fabric resulting in me faceplanting on concrete. Anyone have any experience with this stuff?

>> No.10566443

Use the help thread and delete this one if possible

>> No.10566469

a bum hick is just gonna shoot you thinking he's gonna be famous for finding bigfoot

>> No.10566618

Unless you need the bounding motion just use painter/plasterer stilts.

>> No.10566744

hope OP's not in the united states because they'd get shot real quick pretty much anywhere that could be described as "the countryside"

>> No.10566942

If you get shot make sure it's on camera.

Godspeed OP

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@ninja.vi Violetta Shobogorova from Buryatia

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No Shop, but plastic surgery on eyes + makeup

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Buryatia is a part of Russia, retard

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Hi retard, i'm Anon.

And? What the problem? Is she was from California you would say that this state is a part of US?

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Is it common for cosplayers to shave their head since they have to wear so many wigs?

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Let me guess, all three of them are men

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Yes, all of them are bald at their day jobs.

No, you fucking dumbass. What is a wig cap? What are hair pins? What are braids? Look at this video attached with a woman with long hair securing her hair in braids and clips. No, most do not shave their freaking heads. The majority have fucking hair underneath the fucking wig.

I feel like your question is honest, and that makes me sadder.


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File: 416 KB, 498x280, eyetwitch.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Now that I see the filename... Okay, I understand. Oh, no... it was an honest question. I repeat what I explained in >>10566246.

Please start using your fucking head, dude. Seriously. Where is it? Jesus. Does anyone in your group have a brain? I'm just wondering. Anyone...

Because right now your EEG is straight as an arrow.

>> No.10566376

My hair is down to my lower back and I have no problems putting on a wig. I don’t even need clips or anything, just an open ended wig cap

Also just so you know, even if you shaved your head, you should still wear a wig cap to keep oil from your skin from getting all over your wig

>> No.10566385

I personally have shaved the back of my neck down in an undercut for heat and cosplay, but I still wear a wig cap. I simply did it to make a cleaner transition and to make it easier, as well as just not having as thick of hair on my neck and making it hot, especially as a southern cosplayer when most of our cons are in 90 degree weather. It's really nice and I recommend it 100%

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Previous: >>10560094

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This post exactly, I am literally never going to buy a scalped necklace bc ~exclusive super rare uwu ~ but what I will buy all day is cute new AP jewelry in pink or red at retail price

>> No.10567214

Fax reservations would be much less of a headache than over the phone and this is the only time I'll ever say faxes would be useful in this country kek

>> No.10567228

spittin tru fax bih

>> No.10567236

Are use faxes at my work. I won’t bore anyone with the details, but in some situations they are still super useful

>> No.10567250

>what I will buy all day is cute new AP jewelry in pink or red at retail price

So you won’t be buying any ap jewelry lmao

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"Fursona or costume" edition.

Last thread >>10563091

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>> No.10567372

I was about to say. That "good" lolita coord still looks like hot garbage. I'm not even going to get overly angry about the accessories being off but the pink in the actual dress looks almost lavender. Being perfect 100% of the time is a fool's errand but ffs, at least open your goddamn eyes.

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>> No.10567397

Agreed but I still loved the deep dive

>> No.10567416

lol this has T*mpest energy

>> No.10567419

I'm getting The Purge vibes from this, just needs a kawaii baseball bat

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does this board apply to /fit/izens that are interested in cosplay?

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>> No.10566045

need roids to really do it justice imo

>> No.10566051

>what have I ever done to you :(
make off topic posts for one. Not use the help thread. Blunder my eyes with a useless single question thread.

>> No.10566052

Not the same guy but you prob blunder countless peoples eyes you fatty lmao go get fit.

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I don't give a shit if there's a demand for /fit/ here, just follow the board rules and culture ya fucking goof

>> No.10566059

sounds like fat cope to me tbqth famalam

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old thread is autosage >>10563325

2010-2014 were probably the golden era for the western lolita community and I wish I'd been more of a participant and less of an onlooker back then

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>> No.10567410

nayrt but even tho it doesn't take much intelligence, it's really astounding how often people fuck up something as easy as looking for loliable shit on cheap slave labor websites

>> No.10567411

imagine being so insecure that this is your flex lmao.

>> No.10567413

Don't people fuck up all the time buying from cheapo Chinese sourced sites anyways? Not reading the description properly, not looking for unique photos, buying items with no reviews, buying items with fake reviews, the list of what can go wrong goes on and on.

Seems like lolitas with less money who look to these sites tend to be younger too, so it would make sense for them to have ita taste or be inexperienced about these things. This is the confession thread though so if it makes you feel good to "flex", then you do you.

>> No.10567415

*Whoops, second paragraph was directed at >>10567403, not the anon I replied to

>> No.10567427

The teenage angst is real. Try to go for maximum edge next time anon.

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Welcome to kickball

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Coward company announced "Infamous by Laura" as a guest yesterday despite being racist and known as a toxic shitty person in the community and now they've posted this complete nonsense about the issue.


>> No.10565830

Ban cosplay guests all together. They are nothing but simp bait anyway.

>> No.10565833

why care?

>> No.10565849

post proof

>> No.10565855

Usually they'd be immune to such an accusation.

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