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Does anyone have a Mega or Torrent with Kebabs0verabs nude cosplays?

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Hows the patreon going, gulls?

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Does this girl know how to do anything other than stick out her tongue & bad ahegao? Well if she's getting money from it I guess it works.

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They can't shoot anything, whether it be water or foam darts or whatever due to the convention's rules. I'm having a lot of trouble finding what I'm looking for, I checked all over Amazon and Ebay and couldn't find shit

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Thanks, but $300 is a bit much. I'm just looking for some decent-looking cheap toys that I can paint over. Ideally they'd need an orange tip

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Post Mega Man cosplay of you're favorite characters.

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tumblr thread.

post your tumblr while briefly describing the aesthetic.
and rate ppls tumblr

>trashy retro-cyber punk with some s&m sprinkled about

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What Dragonball character is this cosplay supposed to be?

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Quit selfposting you monumental faggot.

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We haven't had one in a while (just Taobao/Ali), so I thought I'd make a new one.
Let's talk about shopping services. Good experiences, bad experiences and everything in between.

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I tried out ZenMarket because it's cheaper than the usual SS I use (Japonica) and because for once I wasn't getting stuff off of Mercari but I don't think I'll be making the switch despite some anons saying it's better. ZM takes so long to actually purchase items and even getting an answer to a simple question took like 2 business days. Japonica orders and answers within an hour or two, provided I'm contacting them during business hours.

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From Japan sucks arse. They're so slow at buying items. The stuff I wanted sold and they still haven't refunded me.

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Hi anons, i want to make Okuyasus cosplay from "Jojo diamond is unbreakable", i'd like to make his stand too(The Hand") any advices on how to make it?? Ty

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paper maché is the best way

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I just needed to talk about how MUCH this girl shoops her circle face into a pointy chin, and tries to shoop her truckasaurus body to be less wide. Do you not think people will notice when they see you in public? Why bother going to cons so proof gets out there if you are so self-conscious of how you look you have to photoshop yourself to be a fraction of the size?

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woops forgot to tag>>10080441 for the second part

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All of her ig pics look nothing like the one of her irl you posted. But they're not badly edited. It's not bad photoshop, it's just heavy photoshop. Are you seriously so fucking dense that you're unable to process this?

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It's BAD photoshop if you can tell just by looking at it that it's heavily edited. If you can't tell by looking at her IG regardless of looking at the unedited pic, then *you* are the dense one. Most people with a lick of common sense would be able to tell by looking at her IG that she's heavily edited, and yes that makes it BAD editing. When you look at pics the first thing you should think is not "wow look at all that shoop/filtering." If so, bad editing, and any professional tog/editor/model will agree with this.

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How can she tolerate looking so different in her IG? I would never be able to feel okay with myself if I edited my image that much... I mean that is not even her face anymore. She even looks nice irl... I'm mildly shocked

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This is what I'm saying. She has a relatively cute round look IRL. Her mouth fits her face nicely. And then she photoshops her chin and face so much that she looks like some gross weird sex doll with a huge mouth, and it's not flattering. She looks better before, IMO. But seeing people shoop themselves like this makes me dislike the person all around, and actually causes me to think more poorly of their before photos. :/ So fake.

I just honestly want to know the logic behind it. Why? You'll gamer a bad reptuation with this much shoop. People will notice in person and might be disappointed. Photographers won't want to work with you if you are too picky about editing, or edit their photos. Why are people okay with being known for something they are not?

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It's a trap

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i'm in love

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is that a pedo thread?

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what do i need to pull off a cosplay like this? never cosplayed before btw not sure if that matters.

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Hey guys look at this
You suck. Hahaha

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>started at /tg
no wonder this is shit

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Post your favourite cover/spread/page/article/coord/art/tutorial from a magazine. It doesn't have to be lolita.

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I love this one

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Previous Thread >>10066958

>Grinch check has started.

I have contacted those who I have marked as possible victims of Grinches and am awaiting contact from our volunteers! Again, if you have not received anything and have not been contacted by me - send me a message ASAP so I can see what is happening.

We are still needing volunteers for about 6 more cards, so if you have cute stationery you never use and want to help out - please let us know!

Otherwise, please continue to post gifts!

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I don't know what gods there blessed me but I actually received one of my cards despite putting the wrong postcode and address on (I put my old postcode and my new address like a dumbass)

Thank you 7381! The card is beautiful and the stickers are super cute they match my current bedsheets!

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Hello 6791~ I am on grinched gull help. Wondering what size tee shirt you wear unless you would not like a shirt, just let me know c:

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2922 from Mexico, I hope everything’s going okay and that the package has arrived safely!

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LT from Australia here,
I've only just returned from interstate and have now received my clearance to return to work.

As per my previous post at >>10060317, I have finally been able to post my gifts and cards.

NS from Canada and HC from Mexico, because I've had you both in previous /cgl/ SS, I've upgraded your cards to small gifts, hope you like them!

CS from USA - because I was matched to give you both a card and gift, I've put it all into the one parcel.
PO from UK - thanks for your patience! Your parcel is on the way!

MT from Estonia - I'm sending a thank you parcel your way, I've just run out of greeting cards
JM from Canada - I've sent a thank you package for your gift!

- Aussie Gull from Australia

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PO here! Thank you I hope everything is okay now. I hope you got the address change from the santa

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What do you guys think will be the most popular/hyped franchise to cosplay in 2019? Will BNHA still be big? Any predictions based on the stuff that will air or what you've seen in people's cosplans?

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Fuckin' FGO is still going to dominate certain circles

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since Vinland Saga starts to air this year, I hope Vinlandsaga
but since it's Seinen, I doubt that
(but hey, it might get at least a push by SJWs, for being toxic masculin, and such)

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I'm surprised to not have seen more Houseki no Kuni cosplay last year, but it always takes a year or two for the big trends to hit my area. I'm hoping it's bigger next year.

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Fruits basket

>> No.10080514

Ensemble Stars is finally getting their anime this year so I imagine a resurgence of idols. Agreed that BnHA will remain top of the list; some people might start to catch up on the manga since it’ll be so long until the next season and there’s a plethora of characters who haven’t been introduced in the anime yet.

I’ve already seen literally everyone on my friends list plan furuba groups for various cons this year, I didn’t think I’d get tired of it considering how much I love the series but it needs to stop and it hasn’t even begun.

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Post the best and worst replicas you’ve seen. Can also post Taobao links for those who want a closer look.

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>sold on LM
Although presumably, that one wasn't a replica.

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Honestly, both of these look cheap as fuck.

>> No.10079985

>$90 for that much sewing alone, let alone materials
That's just sad. I don't understand how someone can willingly buy this and not feel guilty.
I'm curious how the rest of the dress compares considering the original has boning.

>> No.10079992

A friend of mine in China works at a clothing factory that makes a lot of knock-off Western designer type items (not lolita). She said it's 100% for other Chinese people and not for export, and something about how most people don't really care if something is designer or not as long as it appears to be designer. There seems to be a lot of societal pressure there to "keep up with the Joneses", as it were.

>> No.10080020

I guess whether you can afford it or not doesn't matter when you're stepping on other Chinese people getting paid pennies. Or you know, having things made by prisoners since companies don't have to pay them and they don't have workers rights.

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Designers are not excluded from being posted for looking terrible

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oh my gosh I FORGOT that that happened

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the real questions is why are you trying so hard to drag her?
like, she's really cute and endearing so sorry your dislike of her is not a popular viewpoint, I guess? get over it or get lost.

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I hope it’s the replica.

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Anon please, this just looks like a typical case of autocorrect. You can see it where they post S instead of "as" in there as well. Chill out, it's just a phoneposter.

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Discuss bunnies.

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Three months out! What's everyone planning? Will the con even happen? Will people's cars get set on fire? Place bets now!

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It's kinda crowded, understand rain can fuck you at any point if walking, book yesterday because hotels are probably mostly booked by now, lots of people will be drunk/high, meh vendor hall, akward cosplay shoots because of weather

>> No.10080031

Hotels at the con rate aren't even available yet for reasons unknown.

>> No.10080457

Meh, doesn't sound too awful. We've been to other cons before, and I imagine the crowds are comparable to PAX so that shouldn't be an issue. Already got a place to stay as well, so that's not an issue either. I imagine the worst aspect to brace for will be the truly awkward folks, but that's expected with an anime con. Good or not, I'm sure the whole thing will be memorable.

Is there a date they usually have the schedule up by?

>> No.10080598

Just how many conventions are there?
I know there's anime expo, comiket, vocaloid convention, and this thread's one.

>> No.10080635

The last couple of years they really dropped the ball on the schedule. Last year it didn't go out until the week of the con.

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Previous: >>10030687

One month left! What's people's lineups? Plans for how you're going to sneak in without a badge? What's the big property damage going to be this year? We have the ALA arsonist to compete against, people! Which photographers are you going to push into the Potomac? Also, one month left, have you even started sewing?

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Momokun is going as well. Gird your loins.

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oh fuck no. dudes not good news

>> No.10080601


She's just going to hide in her hotel room the second she realizes that people on the east coast hate her just as much as the ones on the west coast do and then go home and say how "touched she was to have this great con with her friends, my dudes"

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Florida anon here, I actually went and bought my husband and I some gloves right after I posted this on my dinner break at work

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whats the story behind this guy? this isn't by any chance related to the car fire stalker guy from magfest is it?

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