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Spooky (halloween) edition

Last thread: >>10749446

Post cute usakumyas & kumakumyas

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damn, he's thick

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Would anyone happen to know where I can get a Palatine Guard outfit with size variations or at least one that can be tailored? I have looked, but my searches have been unsuccessful.

Thank you for your help.

(Pic related, it is the uniform.)

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Do you have any better reference pictures? You could probably get a good reenactment-uniform company to make one for you (it will be expensive, but it looks like most of it is a pretty standard uniform for the era so it won't be megabucks).

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Being healthy is kawaii

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No, I've had a 24 inch waist before. And I fit into most of my oldschool pieces perfectly fine, it's just the couple unshirred ones that give me grief. I can still get into and wear them without looking bad, I just can't take overly deep breaths or eat a large meal, like >>10797028 . Losing that inch again will make it more comfortable.

ignore it, it's probably just a projecting tranny.

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I have 28 bmi I weigh 145, my liver is trying to burst from my stomach what do i do to get rid if this belly fatv??

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>just my ass and thighs
Are you, by any chance, looking for a gothic lolita gf?

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already have one, but the offer is flattering nonna

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agreed. wide ribcages are normal for a lot of different women, it's not mannish. you can be thin and have a wider upper torso and small waist. see dita von teese for example.

im assuming you're really short? and do you work a sedentary job? if yes to both, you should try getting your meals to only two a day with a snack if you get peckish. i know calorie restricting is usually bad, but it's not restricting if you barely burn calories throughout the day to begin with. so many people eat too much for the lifestyle they have. 3 full meals a day is for people who actually move in their 9-5.

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Post your best Devil & Angel Women...
Separately or hybrid.
Also, what do you call the shoulder spikes in this image? I need to see more of them....

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Anyone know anything about this con, or been to it before?

What's the vibe? The name makes me feel like it's pony cancer leftovers

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Thought I'd start a thread for ireland

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Has akumacon ever gotten a legit voice actor apart from the time they got Steve Blum over a vid link?

Sick to me teeth of them constantly bringing over MasakoX

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Top kek at the image, think anyone could photoshop Mehole as an ita?

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Post your favorite threads whether it be from Instagram, Dreamwidth, Facebook ect.

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Richfag here. Where do you guys find a tailor for your custom cosplay? Any tips?

I want the most economical way to get something tailored specifically and perfectly with high-quality materials. Getting everything right is critical, particularly the shape and how it works with structural components. Quality and economy are both competing interests but i'd like to maximize both

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What's the best way to find commissioners?

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You want to find a bespoke costumer.

If the picture is what you want made, you want to look for costumers who have experience making tailored menswear. If they are local to you (or close enough that you’re willing to travel there), even better as you can do fittings and adjustments in person. However, a skilled maker can do it using only measurements. You will most likely want to get measured professionally unless you know someone experienced in it because if someone is drafting based on measurements alone and you fuck up the measurements, it’s not going to fit and you’ll be in the hook to pay for modifications based on that fuck up. It’s easier to just get it done properly from the beginning.

This will likely cost more than you expect that it will, and it probably won’t be what you would call economical. Most bespoke costumers charge much less than they’re worth because people expect the cost of Chinese factories but custom made in the US/Europe etc.

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lmao no. being a mizer is a nu-money quality. rich people literally don't care.

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poor detected

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This anon >>10796311 laid it out really well. To add onto what they said, it helps to follow costumers on Twitter and Instagram. Many of the high level ones (especially those who judge contests or participate in journeyman / masters level contests). Take the CRX Masquerade happening this Saturday for example, you can look up the judges and contestants, see which are open for commissions, and look at their work. Also look through people they retweet or talk to a lot since they tend to be in friend circles. Alternatively you can check out the hashtags.

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I think she's supposed to be the typical demographic of the show's fanbase

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Last thread is auto saging >>10789402

As almost all of the summer look book releases are out, AP will start to churn out their autumn ones. Which prints are you most excited for?

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I really hate this design. I think the border itself is not amazing but still cute, but the rest of the dress is soooo lazy!! Those huge polka dots just look like something to take up space, it doesn't add to the print at all. Wish they would have put more effort into the rest of the dress design. The border could even use more work, feels like there is more empty space in this border than most border prints. Such a shame because I'm a slut for lavender and spooky shit, but they fucked this one up. But I guess that means I can just save up and not have to deal with the bloodblath I'm sure that release will be.

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this is cute and makes me wish I were 5'0". Risa is 5'3" and the skirt already is bordering on too short on her. I'm screwed at 5'6", the jsk and OP look short too.

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She follows and replies to ddlg creeps on her Insta too. She’s creepy.

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I like the left one a lot, not the best coord for it probs, but I like it a lot

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>take off your mask so we can verify you are wearing an approved mask
>We’re all in this together as we find our new normal
Are cons dead? They have become soulless from corporations and now they are empty from COVID. Is there any way to save cosplay??

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Or if not a refund, just let people transfer their shit to the next year of the con. As long as their badge hasn't been picked up yet, that should be allowed any time with no fuss and minimal effort.

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this monthly "MASK GOOD, MASK BAD" thread shit is soooo stale
you mfs only go to stand around and try picking up girls anyways

>> No.10796234

I know some cons rolled over badges when lockdowns were keeping shit closed through 2020 and 2021, so it's possible. It's doable without question or issue. Hotels shouldn't fuss over refunds either. Not like they wouldn't be able to rebook that room within minutes on an extremely busy weekend anyways. Just make a waiting list for people who want to get a hotel for that slot if anything opens.

Do both of those things and all issues or complaints with mask and coof guidelines go out the window, because now people can just skip a year and come back when they're feeling more comfortable.

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As long as cons continue to be dumbasses with mask shit to try to pretend they are being good doers, I'll continue to call them dumbasses.

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or they can just continue to fuck with you anti-mask people who are mad such a thing even exists

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Pics/Vids of Wardrobe Malfunctions from Thots who Overestimate/Underestimate their Measurements

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Who do you consider to be influential in the Jfashion scene? Back in the day there were people I followed on livejournal and tumblr for their coords eg: pastelbat, faunkegin, milkyfawn, etc. but I wonder who would be considered influential or inspiring in 2022. What platform do they use to make content? What about them inspires you?

Post handles or photos of who you feel is inspiring or interesting.

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there are some decent lolitas on tiktok but most of them aren't worth anybody's time. I know a couple who I'm 90% sure have eds but I know they'd deny it lol

>> No.10795895

I still can't believe that dumb whale really bullied her away.

>> No.10795930

All of the nice and cute girls leave or get driven out by shit stirring itas. When are the bullies going to get called out on their behaviour?

>> No.10795931

little never. using social justice as bullying is impossible to thwart.

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If you could only follow 10 lolita instagrammers, which would they be?

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Which is Astolfo?

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>cheerleader effect: The Picture
I will admit trips girl on the far right is very cute

>> No.10795669

disappointed, no astolfo

>> No.10795721

None. It’s Ereshkigal, Mordred, Shuten, Artoria, Scathach, Jeanne, and Lionfucker.

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Day 1 is upon us
Who /gotj/ here?

>> No.10795533

Will Flip Flop the Clown be there?

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Diru an gurei edition

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I remember people posting new bands in past threads. Are you ok?

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>> No.10796276

I like them, thank you!

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You're welcome. I like them a lot. Here's another one I like.

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Bring back mini hats

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Well someone in VG decided to talk about it and post a video... its getting juicy and it all starts with this man on the picture...

He has uploaded a video now on his youtube channel talking about it but the TLDR is.

He is mad because girls are manipulating the contest by either offering lewds or rigging the votes between themselves.

What do you think about this cgl?

Link to the video : https://youtu.be/kmaPmtHH7ps

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Sounds like the people running the contest are incompetent retards and have failed repeatedly to establish any level of control or fairness in their competition.

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Well I saw this on /vg/

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File: 844 KB, 3235x3393, __peter_strasser_and_peter_griffin_azur_lane_and_1_more_drawn_by_kowai_iamkowai__8d6e1a3228ab6daf71db031858327435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sounds like the people running the contest are incompetent

Azur Lane's first anniversary on the Iowa had a multitude of people's passwords revealed on stream. This is par for the course for Yostar.
I will still reiterate that he should put his time and energy into better things, but I surmise there is also the path of "there is no such thing as bad publicity"...if he can garner the attention of enough apathetic basement dwelling booba loving mobage whales to be outraged at this.

>> No.10796797

all cosplay contests are dogshit nepotism/popularity contest memes. they always have been, always will be.

>> No.10796964

The strongest argument against any democracy is a simple conversation with the average voter.

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I'm looking for good characters to cosplay who fit my body type. I think cosplay is best when the figure is matched well. Any inspiration would be appreciated

I've considered the Summerween Trickster

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Cute nipple hair

>> No.10796601


>> No.10796634

What's up with the terrible cat tattoo?

>> No.10796748

If i tickle ur nipple hair would u feel it on ur nipple or on ur hair follicles

>> No.10796879

i'm only answering this if you're a girl (cis)

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Does anyone else see a connection between cosplay and borderline personality disorder?

Like every cosplayer I know has it. I have it too

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How do you find good tailors for this stuff? Locally? online?

>> No.10795899

Locally tends to be pretty expensive
I just get measured locally every so often and get stuff commissioned from china

>> No.10795900

How is the quality?

>> No.10795901

It's a lot easier to find tailors online than locally unless you live in a major city. Even then, you're still probably better off finding one online so you can shop around for preferred quality and prices

>> No.10795904

Really depends on what you're getting done
Higher quality fabric means much much higher prices
Everything is going to be polyester or cotton with synthetic leather when needed unless you're willing to pay $400+ per costume
Actually equality if craftsmanship is just dependent on who makes it

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Haven't had one of these in a while now, have we?

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she's probably sitting on a cloth. it's common to do that when doing outdoor fashion shoots.

>> No.10796987

My least favorite aspect of old school is everyone getting into it lol
This is a "who's gonna grab the oldest piece ?" battle

>> No.10796989

>what's your most worn main piece?
Sailor OP by meta, not because it's my favorite but because it's by far the easiest and most comfortable to wear (especially in weather like this)
>what's your least favorite aspect of old school?
Thirding sizing and how hard it can be to find lately! Seems like due to the popularity a lot of it almost always gets snatched up, I have pretty good luck getting old school innocent world though (which tends to have a wider range in terms of size anyway)
raschel vs cotton lace?
Both are nice but I like cotton lace best!
>how long have you been wearing old school?
Shortly after I got into lolita (started with moitie pieces), so around 2 years now?

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Dropped pic

>> No.10797008


>what's your most worn main piece?
karami jsk, it's perfect for the hot weather where I live and so comfy. Biscuit print sleeveless OP is a close second
>what's your least favorite aspect of old school?
definitely how brutal the secondhand market is, I specifically want that one japanese scalper who posts everything on fril marked up to go away
>raschel vs cotton lace?
Cotton lace 100%
>how long have you been wearing old school?
only about a year! It's the only lolita syle I've ever worn too

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