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Rate my Cosplay

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*the accuracy*


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Link to old thread: >>10481493

>Post itas
>Talk about itas
>Stop deleting OP imagine ya dumbasses

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I don't think this is ita, just very casual. It's more like someone incorporated a Lolita dress in a typical pastel look. Seems flattering to her body type, actually.

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This looks cool, sort of like old school punk lolita. I'd get rid of the headdress, though.

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her coords are usually great and creative. When you experiment, it's expected to fail from times to times.

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Did she gain weight? She doesn’t look as skeletal here. I hope so anyways, it worries me one day she stops posting because she went into cardiac arrest and died.

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jfash coords inspired by specific characters, because Halloween is more than just witches and vampires

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She could’ve at least done the eye...

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I love this coord, but idk wtf I'm supposed to actually do to support the USPS other than vote for the guy who isn't trying to privatize it. Is that enough? Do I need to buy a T-shirt from them or anything else?

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You can call your senator and house member and tell them that you either don't like that they don't support the USPS or that you like that they do. Flat out say that it's something that you consider when voting.

Other than that, it doesn't really matter how many stamps you buy when the guy in charge is determined to burn the place down. But good job voting!

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thank you for the informative answer!

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This always annoys me to see this behavior at cons. I know there's a lot going on but you see people like this who are perpetually in distress because they refuse to actually take care of themselves and then their stress and drama becomes everyone's problem. It's their choice whether they wanna feed and hydrate themselves at cons, but complaining about their choice afterwards is super annoying.

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This mainly happened when I was younger, but I definitely ran into a lot of people who love to tell you either about how they got no sleep or didn't eat for ___ amount of time. It's always self imposed and they just say it to be a martyr. It's best to distance yourself from these types. Everything is a fucking struggle they want pity points for. No, i'm not going to coddle you because you, as an adult, chose not to take care of yourself. What's next, "I peed my pants because I didn't want to go to the bathroom"? Why is this a thing?

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>I know there's a lot going on
Even when I've had a packed con schedule, I always make sure to bring some trail mix/energy bars and a water bottle so even if I don't get a full meal until later I can at least eat *something*. It's definitely some sort of martyrhood or pissing contest about what a next-level weeb they are.

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This, my standard survival kit i carry in my backpack is
>2 bottles of whatever liquor/Gatorade mix im sipping through the day
>2-4 bottles of water
>protein bars to snack on

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most embarrassing behavior

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28 year old with a business in silicon Valley currently looking for a sugar baby or two, or if you wanna just make some quick money thats fine. Any females or trans email me at [email protected] or snapchat me at itsjay458. Paying alot.

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Imagine falling for this.

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Falling for what?

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I wish this was real

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This is op. I'm being serious lmao. You can add my snap or email me and just talk to me to see if you're even interested. I'm too busy for any type of relationship so I'm seeking a girl or two.

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I'll start.

Bonus Points for Webms.

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using a real graveyard as a photoshoot spot is very tacky/trashy, especially sitting on the tombstones..

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ooh i didnt even notice that, yeah definitely lmao

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Which one is she?

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well, here's a recent bit of fun, group of of cosplayers shot and posted this right after Toronto corona numbers started peaking, everyone freaked out at them, funny dumpster fire

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Imagine dying and some costhot sits on your tombstone

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Link to old thread here: >>10483363
>plush bags
>buyer/seller pet peeves
>When will the Old School revival finally die?
>good/bad buying experiences

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what do you mean your dress was "crushed" LMAO what a Karen.

"lucky it wasn't damaged" of course not, it's a dress not glassware you dipshit.

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good for them. Money is tight rn.

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I don't want to be that person but all stores in Japan are charging for bags now. The most expensive one I saw was around 300 yen for the big IW paper bag and the Baby and AP ones are a little less.

If they were selling it for $3 or so, I could understand

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oops I definitely requested hitotsu zutsu bags with my latest AP haul because I got my friends presents for christmas

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The lolita stores give you their bags for free when you shop in person and online.

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little handmaiden? I'll have you know that besides writing one of the most popular book series in modern times, I've been involved in numerous secret raids against pinkpill groomer Discords, and I have been blocked and reported by over 300 pornsick moids. I am trained in the use of facts and logic and I've even been banned from the Mumsnet women's rights subforum. You think you can get away with forwarding that kind of discourse over the Internet? Think again, pickmeisha. As we speak I am contacting the international network of powerful lesbians, and your IP is being traced right now so you better run to your Nigel to protect you from the storm. The storm that wipes out the pimp-enabling, pornsick thing you call sex positivity. You're fucking history, Everyday Feminism. I can shitpost anywhere, anytime, and I can rebut SJWiki in over seven hundred ways, and that's just off the top of my head. Not only am I extensively read in feminist philosophy, but I have access to the entire bibliography of Andrea Dworkin and I will deploy it to its full extent to wipe your miserable worldview off the face of the internet. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little virtue-signalling Mel Magazine article was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn tradthot.

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Funny, but didn't need it's own thread.

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Old thread >>10487358

So we‘ll probably get the last Halloween items on Saturday. What do you think will come next? Toy Factory? The poodle dress? Not yet shown winter print?

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I have wood floors and always ask people to take their shoes off. No one has ever had a problem but if they do they can leave.

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I grew up on the west coast and I agree it definitely depends on the context.

Friends, romantic partners, family, other close relationships = shoes off
Clients, coworkers, formal dinner, large house party, indoor-outdoor party, plumbers and other workers = shoes on

I was taught that it was extremely rude to take your shoes off without being invited to, and to take cues from the host. Usually if shoes off was the preference, they'd say something like "get comfortable, kick off your shoes!" Also there was definitely a class component, where all the poor families I knew were strict about keeping shoes off, but wealthier families didn't care at all. As a kid I just thought it was like hillbillies always going barefoot or something, or they couldn't afford vacuums.

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>implying it's not newbies who can't afford AP who shit on AP quality the most

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Who the fuck said anything about AP quality? We're talking about coording here, dumbass.

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in the UK its common courtesy to take off your shoes inside baka

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Discuss Canadian cons, lolita, drama, cosplay photography, etc.

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How come the average cosplay photographers are so much worse than the portrait photographers in the GTA? I think most of the portrait shooters I see on instagram could completely take over the con scene.

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>These are your average GTA cosplay photographers

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>These are some of the best we have in the GTA.

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Awh yeah kameraninja is actually a really cool person I ran into him at a halloween party and he was really chill. Photos are top tier quality.

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This has to be the sexiest Princess Jasmine I've ever seen at a Disney themed park. I can't imagine the amount of kids and parents and older siblings who had no clue what to think around her.

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Fat and wide shoulders ew

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Do you cum in your pants every time you go to the beach too?

>> No.10491323

yea and the lady playing ariel is usually wearing a seashell bra. What's your point.

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No point

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Yeah what the f is up with this

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>Keep it /cgl/ related.
>All J-fash styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, etc.) are welcome!
>Please provide your best photos.
>Artists: it's not a bad idea to just sign your work.
>Selfposters: When giving credit, it's a good idea to refer to the art as a freebie, NOT fanart.
>Artists and Selfposters: Commissions for money are welcomed, but negotiate the terms in private.
>Helpful critique is acceptable, insults and taunts are not.
>Have fun & draw on!

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Some fodder for the fire. Face hastily scrubbed because it did not look great in this one.

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Can I get a cute version?

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This is gorgeous!

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Oh my goodness this is gorgeous! Thank you so much!

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Share some tips to a guy that would like to cosplay female/trap anime characters.

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>Share some tips to a guy that would like to cosplay female/trap anime characters.

Use the topic related thread:

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shut the fuck up dumb bitch

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idk man just shave with a women's razor and get some concealer for any bad skin allso diet before you cosplay or even dont eat unless you are super thin

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hiya /cgl/, ima tourist from /int/. I think this is the appropriate board to post this since its about Anzu. SOME SWEDISH GUY SENT THIS TO MY ANZU THREAD. THIS IS NOT TRUE RIGHT? ITS EDITED RIGHT?

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Take this to Lolcow

>> No.10491030

Also this picture is like a year old and old news

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stop replying to trolls and stop bitching at each other ed.

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Did you not realize female construction workers exist and they're not just their to feel special? They actually do their job? Jesus men are retarded.

>> No.10492351

Are you so bad at reading context cues you didn't realize that we were probably not talking about spaces where physical strength is an important factor?

>> No.10492370

Sorry for your loss
Men love sports, but they sure fuck don't want women in the way. I bring it up, because it is the most obvious example of men not necessarily wanting to have more women in a male space. Are you bad at reading context clues?

>> No.10492389

No shit, women don't want men in their sports either for good reason. That was obviously not what anyone was referring to dumbfuck.

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Decided to start applying for another job after mine continuously tried to fuck me into an availability I don’t have. I was hoping to ride it out until after COVID settled, but today my GM try to guilt trip me into working off the clock. I am done. “It would look better on you if..” nah dude. I’m on emergency furlough because of COVID, and granted while I am still on the payroll, I didn’t agree with any of my managers that I was returning. And the person who’s trying to schedule me (without actually putting me on any schedule), isn’t even in the same department as me. So fuck this shit, I’m done. I can’t work for a business as unprofessional as this.
The downside is can’t buy any lolita for a long while...plus side I might actually work with people who aren’t fucking lunatics who marry the job and expect everyone else to do the same.

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This year, due to COVID-19, many events in Japan have moved from physical to digital. The Yokai Parade, usually held on the 3rd Saturday of October, is one event which has invited digital participation rather than risk a physical parade.

Here are some of the yokai of this year's parade. They are a mix of original cosplay and traditional or street fashion.

>pic related: the ubiquitous Amabie

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finally, another Amabie

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at home

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maybe next year, the Yokai Parade will truly march again

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What would be a reasonable approach to putting together a good looking costume of this character?

How I see it -

Difficult details:
Mask - Requires a custom mold obviously, no gas mask looks like this. Additionally, an iconic detail is that the eyes should be glowing blue. I would want a soft blue glow, not a super bright one. It doesn't seem difficult to install a controllable brightness cyan/blue LED within the helmet.

Chest - The uniform/coat of this character may require some moderate to heavy work, installing the silver details as well as getting the general seam details and the bulkiness of the upper chest right. May need to find a surplus police or military uniform in black to modify. Not sure what to do about the upper uniform.

Cheap details - - -
Boots - Jack boots. Easy enough to acquire at a surplus store.

Pants - Olive green with one silver stripe along the side of each leg. OD green pants with some kind of durable high visibility silver paint or tape should be easy enough.

Torso belt/tool belt - There are many "tactical" belts that look like this, shouldn't be difficult to acquire suitable belts/props.

Gloves - Self-explanatory.

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File: 683 KB, 1087x735, half_life_2__combine_metropolice_soldier_concept_by_l4dplayer-daq083u.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A clearer example. Credit to the artist.

>> No.10490702

Also, I'm not sure how hard this would be to implement and if it can *comfortably*, but another iconic detail is their voice or vocoder as its known. How could I implement a voice changer into the mask that would sound at least somewhat similar to this?


>> No.10490744

Another iconic thing is the ambient "Overwatch" voices. I'm thinking it would be easy enough to conceal a speaker in the form of a radio on the chest or around the back of the helmet powered by a small computer like a Raspberry Pi that would randomly play .wav files of the Overwatch voice as seen here: https://youtu.be/NHSjQRgB06A?t=164

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look into 3d printing it
pretty sure ive seen 3d models of it on thingiverse
id say this part will be the hardest
could you get this commissioned?
get a stun stick too. iconic
also not gonna do a combine version from HL Alyx instead?

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Last Thread: >>10456245

> Latest purchases
> Dream dresses
> Gothic coordinate pics
> Favorite pieces
> etc.

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Yep, salon members get first dibs

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that’s so cool anon! I just got my first moitie brando too. I really like the style and can’t wait to figure out a co ord that goes well with it. It’s a jsk from the h&m x vampire’s wife collection.

>> No.10492435

Ahhh thanks anon, haven't gone for Moitie stuff on release before and thought 'salon' meant their online shop

>> No.10492438

fucking got taken out of my cart while I was checking out

>> No.10492447

if you still want it there’s a person in the cgl/ fa discord selling one in m size. maybe you can talk them down and they’ll let it go for just slightly over market price. pretty sure they paid less then $50 for it since they work at h&m. Idk them though so they might Jew you.

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Hey, I have been browsing this board for a a little while, I have many questions for any that would answer.

I want to make clothes, I have recently bought multiple books that will help me learn about shirt making, and needlecrafts in general and specific. I would like to get good enough to alter clothes and be able to proportion clothes very well for tall people, or anyone that doesn't have very good off-the-shelf options.

Here is my questions, before mods consider this off-topic:

What style of clothes would YOU be willing to buy that may be rare to see in the market?
Does anyone here have good sewing//dressmaking tutorials they might show?
What are some materials you would like to see in dresses that may be uncommon from most brands?
May anyone here recommend conventions or places to meet clothes makers?
Is tall lolita a viable market?
May someone recommend short male/androgynous cosplay ideas? Clothes references not necessary.

The art posted is not mine. Thank you for reading.

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>my fellow seagulls
post cosplay/coord

>> No.10490165

Fingers crossed for feline friends

>> No.10490189

Not /a/, but /tg/, /aco/ and /trash/. He haunts all three with his obnoxious posting and "helping."

>> No.10490213

I was going to post a pic for the meme but I decided against it :]
I'm sure it'll stop by tmr
that doesn't sound like me at all

>> No.10490479

>but I will admit I had been used to other boards where threads can leave the catalog in less than a day.
Here threads can stay up for a month, even without any responses.

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