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Anyone going to this?

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Does anyone know any good tutorials for making a wig like this? I know it needs an evafoam base but I'm not sure how to do anything else!

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I love this cosplay. I want the same cosplay. Does anyone know who made this cosplay?

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>Post the cosplayer you have simped for the most
>How much you have simped for

My example
>400+ dollars, 100s of messages adoring her

Why? More simping = more good cosplay. We need cosplayers to know there is an army of simps ready to appreciate them.

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you are the thing ruining the cosplay community

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I don't simp for professional e-cosplay girls, but I have spent thousands of dollars simping for amateur girls I've spoken to personally.

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What would I need to pull this off?

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Any period of history btw. In this image there are bladed claws, an axe, hooks, and a sword as an example.

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Just copy this Reddit nerd


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Can we have a thread dedicated to jirai kei?

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This looks so shit

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well ok

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wearing a pink blouse doesnt make the outfit jirai. this is fugly

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>wanting to try out cosplay
>want to cosplay Shouya Ishida (A Silent Voice guy) since he's my favourite manga character
>don't really check to think if a cosplay of him is possible or recognisable in the first place
>everything I've ordered is here
>try it on, looks like I've dressed up as an elementary school world book day character


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As a white American, will I get yelled at for wearing a Chinese inspired dress?

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sorry to tell you but that's all the community especially if you want to consume any content anywhere, i really like youtube for example and its fucking impossible to watch any lolita youtuber without her bring up sjw issues at least once in any video ever, i think my biggest disappointment is when i finally found a current lolita podcast but the title was a lie all they talked about was black issues despite the fact that the series was titled lolita fashion i would've understood if it was a small section about being black in lolita but nah it was the whole damn show no talk about the clothing at all

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lolita youtubers and content creators doing sjw stuff does not accurately reflect ALL of the lolita community. I don't think there's a single person in my entire comm who would think it's cultural appropriation to wear qi/wa/han lolita. The biggest lolita youtuber, who is also a massive sjw, doesn't even cater to actual lolitas. She caters to people who are not lolitas yet but who are interested in it.

Some local comms don't have any sjws, some others are full of them, they also tend to be especially vocal online. Obviously your experience is going to vary depending on what your local comm is like.

Why are you even listening to lolita podcasts in the first place?

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It's from Triple Fortune

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>Why are you even listening to lolita podcasts in the first place?
why not?

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It's not an ideal medium to talk about fashion since there's no way to include images. Lolita podcasts also tend to be kind of shit as far as I heard. I don't think there's anything valuable you could learn about the fashion through podcasts that isn't easier and better communicated through videos and text + image guides.

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Apparently 42agent is running multiple scam sites.

Pic related is where they basically pull the kigurumi mask equivalent of Aliexpress sellers stealing pics of people's commissioned fursuits to put of fake sale listings where you get whatever.

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i have been trying to get my hands on cat diary wig by alice garden for a year now. does anyone know of a wig available that is the same colors? i want it so bad..

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I'm looking for opinions on these summertime conventions in Ohio:
> AnimeOhio - June 23-25
> Galaxycon Animate! - July 19-21
> Matsuricon - Aug 30-Sept 1
> Are there others? Colossalcon is too early for us

The last two years, my kid and I have gone to Matsuricon. It's been a lot of fun, we like people watching and doing a few panels. I thought the vendor hall was a bit sparse though.

We're thinking about the other two this year since Matsuricon is so late in the season.

All three websites give no real info, since panels and events and all that aren't posted until right before it happens. They all have cosplay contests and artists and all that, but no way to tell what sort of vibe they have.

Any opinions would be appreciated.

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colossal con where you can become a raging alcoholic.

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im not the brightest kek

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But it was still the right answer, thoughbeidst

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Have you tried the other two, or know anything about them?

If I were 25, I'd be all over it. But alas, I am old.

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How old, colossals even have people in their 40's

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Looking to cosplay as something simple for anime Boston, and want someone whose outfit I can make almost entirely of dress clothes so I don’t have to buy or make much myself.

I’m a short 25 year old athletic guy with black hair. Any recommendations would be really appreciated

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cracky chan girl

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Old Thread: >>10886934

Featured Idols: Signals (WOMP WOMP)

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what is this? local new channel 6? lmfao

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I will say that Q's interactions as a mod with others in the IIN discord has been condescending. Them being a bully wouldnt surprise me. I don't have screens, but I just noticed it some time ago when I was more active on there. I haven't even seen them dance before nor does their art or anything they do relate to idol culture? it really looks like Alexis just tried to allow her friends be a part of it just because. Other staff should have a stronger vetting process if they're working with people they don't know themselves.

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Q and Alexis founded the group as a duo and then they opened auditions iirc

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I don’t blame Paida for wanting to interact with Australian idols more. Less drama and real effort.

Americans will continue their crabs in a bucket mentality. It will be their downfall.

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I ended up stalking a bunch of the people that replied and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit jealous

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invisible cosplay

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Got any stories or plans for acen?

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Spying ass LMAO

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based getting to know someone first chad

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You are a whore for having sex out of wedlock and you will go to hell for all eternity for your sins.

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yeah btfo roastie catch some aids!

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Nvm no thanks, I thought I could apply some of the tips into making friends but I’m shy

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What characters is the wig

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post hideous dresses

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Double baiting the old schoolers by calling this age play.
I've never seen a child wearing this.

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I love how weird meta is but some of their stuff is truly hideous

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the guy who made the wingman.live AI is definitely a weeb

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Don't fuck strangers if they're under any state of inebriation

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lol the article literally says to get girls drunk in order to fuck them

>> No.10904138

It doesn't say that at all. it says having alcohol is fun when people want to party you faggot nerd

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Is it okay to cosplay cis females as a trans woman? I love certain charcters. But i feel like the transphobia bums me out. Why cant people just enjoy the art?

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Take a viagra pill and use the tightest outfit you can think of. Don't tuck your dick backwards, tape it upwards instead and make a point to rub your cock on as many cis-female allies you can think of. They'll learn a valuable lesson.

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yeah lol it's only the trannies maoing crossdressing weird cause you motherfuckers are actual weirdo losers.

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Why is there everpresent discourse online throughout the entire internet about how bad it is to sexualize young characters, but Raven and Starfire are considered uniformly a-okay to lewd on a constant basis despite being Teen Titans?

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Their uniforms are skimpy and well recognized, allowing people to do 'bait'/eyecandy costumes.

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"sexualizing underage characters" is only ok when women do it