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if you put a sticker, the coord is fine.

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The bar is in hell for troons if a cheap ass dress, a shitty ratty plastic wig, a normie scarf, shitty tights and shitty shoes is a "fine" coord KEKKK

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It's also just the state of lolita. Bad coords are highly praised now as long as it's not blatantly an eyesore like attached

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I really wonder what went through her head at any point while putting this on .

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Reddit is a cesspool, how can ppl defend this fetishist while dog piling the only person calling out this freak? I hate the state of this fashion.

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I've noticed a growing trend of obviously single guys cosplaying alone as characters from fan service heavy series that heavily sexualize 12-15yo girls

Do guys who do this not understand how creepy they seem? And they literally always stare at girls around 14 the whole con. Why are they not publicly shamed?

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Sure is fat in here today

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shut up bitch lol

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Because men are fucking creeps

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I don't notice the cosplayers at all because you're all cringe AF desu

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I was molested as a child. Other family members and I were abused and couldn't find help because our abuser was taking advantage of people's sympathy and the state's services for victims of abuse.
Pedophilia is went a person of age has sex with a legally underage person. Not when adults dress in ways or when they have an age gap that you don't like. You who make bullying, abuse, rape and pedophilia a fucking joke by using it out of context for your own benefit are hurting their credibility and in turn the actual victims. I hope you get murdered for it and your killer is never found.

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Asuka Cosplays

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Weird and ugly
Very pretty in that "average white girl" way

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She’s mid but I like her

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Tbh I prefer women who look like her over belle delphine any day

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them thangs YELLER

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Because she's British, you can tell from the photos she's at MCM London.

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How do I look? It's for my YouTube channel to get famous

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Here's my whole outfit!

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Need a beard.4k0vyp

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this is epic gl

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Is going to japan to cosplay at con like Comiket like the ultimate final boss and dream for the average sea gull? Kinda like the Elite 4 for cosplay?
I only ask because I'm now living in Japan and going to Comiket but specifically just to coom.

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>flight costs+hotel+time off of work+event+cosplay tickets

All of these apply to western cons too except cosplay tickets. The only hurdle japan has with atrending its cons the sky high plane ticket prices and language accessibility if you dont know basic nihongo

Most western i think also dont have the patience and discipline to deal with those carefully organized lines in comiket and the train station rush

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What I meant was, the additional cost associated with just getting to Japan. Most people in the US don't generally have to do a 12 hour flight+customs and book additional time off to fly out for it. Where as a con in the US you can basically show up after work on thursday and just take friday off. You're looking at burning at least 4 or more days of time off to go to comiket only

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Those costs apply to non local/non us attendees too. I have seen Japanese people on twitter who will spend a few thousand dollars and a week off just to see their favorite MCU actor in some mid size convention.
A lot of people who go to the bigger cons like SDCC, AX, Dragon Con, NYCC have people from all over the world

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When I went to comiket I wanted to experience it not sit outside in one spot. There's also the all the trouble with bringing a large costume all the way to japan and back.

When I travel to a US/CA con even if I fly out I'm just there for the con If I'm going all the way to Japan I want to spend a few weeks there.

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I hate to be the anon who has to explain it to you but no one in their right mind would be picked up by some westerner. I might be a little drunk after the con but you are shit there is no way a woman would actually agree to be picked up by some bad cosplay. As a woman incan say he would never ever pick meenup.

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What's the name of the clothes depicted by these artists:

I know I'll make myself look like an idiot for asking this because it's likely not anything in particular, but any help is appreciated.

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Share Your Prediction for 2024 regarding J-Fashion
>Jersey Maid and Tenshi Kaiwai will be the dominant style of J-Fashion style of 2023-2025 since there has been lots of brands since last year putting out blue and white color ways. Also,it being everywhere in anime and manga fanarts hell even in actual manga (such as pic related)

>We will be seeing characters in anime and manga who wear tenshi kaiwai and jersey maid clothes.

>We will see new sub style from Girly-Kei which incorporates more goth punk and gothic lolita stylings (such as what DML Emily ,Ank Rouge and Jamie Ank has been recently doing). Which will be separate from Jirai-kei.

>In that note I feel we may see a gothic resurgence in general

>Jirai-kei will start to peter out in favor of French Girly,Tenshi Kaiwai,Jersey Maid and Gothic.

>We will see western fast fashion brands poorly emulating sweet lolita and girly styles due to success of "hyperfemininity" on sites like Tiktok and twitter,selkie (those ugly poofy dresses) and the barbie film.

>A famous tiktok/insta influencer or celeb will wear a brand and it jack up the 2nd hand market.

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>Jirai-kei will start to peter out in favor of French Girly,Tenshi Kaiwai,Jersey Maid and Gothic.
From more inspection it's actually slowly petering out right now since Liz Lisa,Evelyn,Dear My love and Ank Rouge is releasing more french girly type stuff.

Jamie ank,noemie and amilige is releasing more gothic-inspired,punk-inspired and tenshi kaiwai/jersey maid stuff

But 2024 will probably be it's final year in the zeitgeist and we can all be freed from dark pink and black colorways

Pic from the recent Lafary Doll x Shimamura collab

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I feel like the new girly kei sub style will be seen just as an evolution of jirai or the trend within the style. Like how lolita, gyaru and other styles changed over the years.

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>thinks tenshi kaiwai is a real fashion

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let's hear it, fuckers

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Seeing memebers of the emofag generation seethe about kids these days will never stop being funny to me

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>cringy tiktok ita zoomers
>they seem to delight in ‘breaking the rules’ and then acting like victims/rebels about it even tho nobody gives a fuck
My comm has a few of these too. They're easy enough to ignore but I do question if these new 'rule breaker' itas are even interested in lolita at all if it's not their version of it. They get offended when someone tells them to wear a blouse or proper shoes. At least when we were cringey ita weebs we still tried our best to do research and dress properly, even if we didn't always get it right.

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contact info?

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please be east coast anon-chan

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new cosplay contest dramu just dropped. If evelfettcosplay or any of the contestants are seagulls pls post your pov

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how do I learn this power

>warrior elf bikini armor is complete

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what power? how to make messy thermoplastic armor?

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Can we have a /feet/ thread?

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Weird request but okay

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Today's coord for local mini meet up

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pretty certain this person is in LOC

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why are you taking what some random anon said so personally. there are a lot of coords that are fine even if some random anon used hyperbole that you don’t understand, and you’re probably not even responding to the same person. stop crying about it.

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just wanted to say thank you nonny for the dump :)

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That handmade dress looks great! Does she say anywhere if the person who made it has an IG or something?

I don’t understand why she coorded this with navy when the dress is black, grey, lilac, gold and green. It’s not even complimentary and ngl it kind of looks like she got dressed in the dark and thought everything was black.

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i'm sick of sweets thinking sweet is the only substyle, that's why i'm so annoyed

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What to do when you are so fanatical about women that you want to be one? I mean, not to become one but to have wanted to be born one

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went out today with my fren to make them watch a drag show (they never did before)

i was cding finally after ages

and i look like shit

and to end the night some dude randomly offered me 500 bucks to sleep with them

didnt accept im no puta ofc

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Hey folks
It's going to be my first time as a vendor in an artist alley. I'm doing Connecticon and I was wondering if anyone has any experience having a table there? Do they allow selling of fanart? And I guess just general if you have any tips for someone's first time selling at a con.

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>first time
>doesn't even know the basics

you're selling computer generated imagery thinking it'll make you easy cash, huh

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Feel free to follow me on twitter <3
black lives matter, Antifa is what we need and fuck right wing nazis <3

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Get raped by migrants

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As we wait for December, some anons wanted a oldschool thread. Post your favorite oldschool images.

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anon wakes up from a 10 year coma and heads straight to cgl

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No you dumb shits are putting a timer on the fashion and reveling in periods where people were more creative. There.is.no.old school. You just are boring! No personality!

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Ew this looks like a early 2010 live journal girls first lolita coord

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would love to see a classic thread.

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Cosplay is demonic and gay and you're all faggots, almost worse then furries, I hope your all kys, this isn't bait best the truth and what everyone and your family thinks if you

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Last thread: >>10882643

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What are some of the biggest Lolita fashion contributors in Japan on insta? I was trying to find the right hashtags to find them, but it seems like maybe they’re just not using insta?

>> No.10893924

Is it a solid or are any prints coming our way?

>> No.10893941

Long solid, unfortunately

>> No.10893954

Most JP lolitas use Twitter, I've noticed that Instagram is far less popular in Japan

>> No.10893981

idk what you're talking about, the max is only 110cm, that's less than Meta's plus reaches

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I love Umji

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Who are other popular lolitas worth supporting? Only a few come to mind that I can say I actually like because they dress well and they aren’t shitty people.

>> No.10893099

this is real though. americhan here and i could not lose weight no matter how much i exercised or little i ate until i cut out processed food entirely and started only cooking. mostly vegetables and fruit and lean protein.

>> No.10893107

No one worth supporting deserves to be named on here. There are people I’d suggest, but anyone who gets mentioned on here gets shit, so it’s not worth mentioning. Do your own research and find people that entertain you.

>> No.10893434

That’s a lie. Americans don’t seem to exercise anymore

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Who is she? She looks cute. Fat lolitas look like cupcakes to me, I love it.