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so halloweens is comin up and I wanna dress as this little fellow but I have 0 cosplaying experience
also I wanted to exaggerate the halloweenness by putting a pumpkin on my head and carving holes and using some kind of see through black fabric for the eyes and using another pumpkin to carve horns out of
is that a terrible idea?
also should I just use some like slim fitted black clothing to go under the blue cloak or do y'all think there's a better thing out there
I'm still stuck on what to do for the weapon, I'm sure mashed paper could do it but I'm open to suggestions
I am gonna be reading the tutorial posted here as well, I'm just curious what y'all think about actually sticking a pumpkin on my head as part of it

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>a real pumpkin
god i hope you choke on its pulp

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because why?

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Dream cosplays you've always wanted to do but haven't due to time, money, obscurity!

Pictured Goemon, a silent game icon gem that died out in the states!

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bam do it

Mine is bayonetta. I will never be 2/3 leg enough.
also any characters with pants because my thighs are big.

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It's possible to pull Bayo off even with average leg length! I've even seen cosplayers with short legs be able to pull her off by wearing really high heels to give the illusion of legs for days.

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I'd really like to cosplay Shep since I love Interstella 5555 so much, but his suit is too complex for me and I don't think I555 is really all that recognizable outside of the Daft Punk fandom.

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I've wanted to do Stella but haven't because body paint is hell and I wouldn't be comfy walking around a con in her crotch cutout dress. I've thought of doing her award show outfit (or maybe compromising and doing the white version from the Shep dream scene) but I don't think I'd be recognized and it does kind of suck when people have no idea what you're doing.

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so halloweens is comin up and I wanna dress as this little fellow but I have 0 cosplaying experience
also I wanted to exaggerate the halloweenness by putting a pumpkin on my head and carving holes and using some kind of see through black fabric for the eyes and using another pumpkin to carve horns out of
is that a terrible idea?
also should I just use some like slim fitted black clothing to go under the blue cloak or do y'all think there's a better thing out there
I'm still stuck on what to do for the weapon, I'm sure mashed paper could do it but I'm open to suggestions
I am gonna be reading the tutorial posted here as well, I'm just curious what y'all think about actually sticking a pumpkin on my head as part of it

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going to bump this now

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Old thread >>9982672
I'm making a sword blade that's about 24 inches long and 3/8 inches thick out of acrylic since it needs to be clear and light up. I'm probably going to stabilize it in the hilt by fusing it to a 1" wide polycarbonate tube but I'm still worried about the weight and it tearing through an eva foam hilt that I'm planning on making. Any advice?

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Stabilize the blade by having the middle layer of the hilt be made out of fiberboard or basswood, then layer your foam on top of that.

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What do I need to type into Google to pull up Lady's undershirt here? Like, what are the frilly bits at the bottom of the shirt?

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Cutwork embroidery

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I've done it. It ended up working for the head size but had some predictable things to look out for:
>didn't sit as securely as before -- just pin it in more intensely
>wig fibers were getting parted over a larger area, so the wig cap showed through -- added more wefts right above the ear area

NAYRT, but thanks for the term! Always helpful when people in the help threads know of really specific/obscure techniques.

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>a Tracer accelerator that could look okay from a distance but doesn't have to be super good
>dog bowl or other shallow bowl for the light mount
Pic attached, a chronal accelerator that looks recognizably like Tracer from a distance, but simplified down.

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Hey anon, how would you improve my character? It's a space invader, anxious about destroying humanity, that plays on a punk/metal band.
I have 0 experience in cosplaying, any advice? Have in mind I'm poor, and not expecting anything too serious.

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fuck off

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Bumping for interest

Tell me more

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What do you mean by improve? If you want advice on how to make the costume, hit up the help thread with specific questions but if you're talking about changing the character itself, this isn't the place.

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Old thread about to sage: >>9976112

Discuss the state of online lolita communities in general... Or just share your salt about bad RC posts. Remember to block out all names, don't get this banned.

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This is the case with a lot of girls in my comm who whine about being "poor". They're so dramatic about the "kidneys" they had to spare to get their measly pieces of brand that they barely ever wear, while they constantly drop money on weeb shit. I can't take them seriously if I cared to try.

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Having seen it in person it actually looks pretty good, especially when combined with other accessorises like pearls or clips

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I'm>>9995983, you bring up great points, and I completely agree with you. I wish comms could kick these people to the curb. There's too many libfems in lolita to do so though.

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That design looks like you put on a bonnet retardedly. So ugly, like someone crossed the AB bat bonnet with the world's shittiest oversized chiffon maid headdress

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I know so many people who blow all of their money on things like eating out or expensive makeup and then have the nerve to turn around and complain about how costly cosplay/lolita is and how they never have money for it.

There's a girl I know whose mom gives her money for cosplay in addition to paying for her rent, food, and college tuition, but she blows all of that money on dumb shit and cries about how she works ~so hard~ but can't afford cosplay anyways.

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Ask a guy that's into Aristo/Ouji anything

(Unless you like pastels then you can go away) ((unless it's mint))

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I have a question, ouji-sama!!!! <3 <3 uwu
Would you kindly fuck off or learn to integrate?

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Post some ridiculously overdone pics

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Every Tokyo Ghoul cosplay ever
>20%make up

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how on earth someone actually thought this was okay

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oof this hurts

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If you look like this dm me. Or tell me your Insta. Help a Boy get to get a girl that sacrifices herself.

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Let's see some lacey underwear!

>Have you ever made a coord with peeking bloomers? What's your overall opinion of peeking bloomers?

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Very cute anon, can I ask where your shoes are from?

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I would like to see more modern coords with peeking bloomers

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Because, as this thread shows, old-school is prevalent by far. It's interesting to see peeking bloomers with different, more uncommon substyles.

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honestly like >>9996268 and >>9996250 she could better style for her shape, and I think better angles and poses would do wonders for her. I want her to do really well, she seems genuinely nice.

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>just go to a con
>just cosplay yourself
>just go outside
Sounds about right?

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didn't you ask this a few days ago? "how to start a conversation with..." and then went on to expose your thirst.

you were answered, read the archive

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Why is the cosplay community so toxic and negative?

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Actually, outside of /cgl/, I've found most people to be helpful and supportive. Of course, there will always be some rotten apples, but on the whole, I haven't experienced the "toxic" community you're talking about. Especially at cons themselves, once you take that layer of anonymity away, a lot of people lose the balls to say anything bad.

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Old thread - >>9963734

Post more good and inspiring cosplay

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Oh my fucking god here we go again. I guess it’s time for me to spam shitty cosplays, chads, and hambeasts.

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Isn't it more like ass-piring?

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Ahh da widdle piss babies deleted my post, if you want to see tits and ass go watch porn

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What would this commercial be like if it was made now?

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It would include western stuff like Marvel , walking dead and funko pops

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Looking at the state of the cosplay community, I can actually appreciate how guarded the lolita community is and how strict the rules are as to what is and isn't in the fashion. I honestly think the cosplay scene could have benefited from something like that, so costhots couldn't call their attention thirst "cosplay"

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girugamesh was a 2009 meme? I thought it was like 2005/6 or something.

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What's worse it has gotten worse with time.
First we had titty windows by people like Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han which people defended to death as to saying it is okay so it became accepted.

Then we got Cosplay Paterons where people would simply just wear underwear and be nearly naked and call it "cosplay". People also defended that to death and said "lewd" cosplayers are okay.

I wouldn't be surprised if the next step is "professional" cosplayers start going into straight up porn and argue to death that it is okay and still "cosplay".

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Cosplay, costume play, it's not that deep. Who gives a fuck about your purist standards? The market has voted with their wallets, patreon costhots are here to stay. I cosplay often and I'd rather put good energy into my workmanship than waste time gnashing my teeth over half dressed hussies who can't sew a thing.

Cons have changed, though skimpy cosplay and people looking for excuses to be half naked is not new. Cons have become bigger, marketable events instead of little hobby groups having a chat and a viewing of their fave animes. As we age, we become more critical; it's no longer a nice gathering place to be silly with your friends, it's a place to buy merch and hope for a half decent panel. I do miss the old days, but I am aware that I was naive and full of excitement.

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>be me
>senior year
>homecoming week
>dress up week
>thursday is "meme"

i need ideas

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sorry to trouble you /cgl/ is there a lengthy Philippines/manila thread here on /cgl/????

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What job do you guys have to be able to afford to buy lolita or make/buy cosplay?
Is cosplay your career, or do you have a different one?

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You might want to consider dancing at a topless bar or working at a dungeon before prostitution... I was a domme at a dungeon for a while after college, $65/hr plus tips to tie men up, call them disgusting pigs, and occasionally flog them-- and they weren't allowed to touch me.

>> No.9996591

Yikes, respect yourself more. That's barely the amount sugar babies get for meeting a guy and talking to them over dinner, much less letting guys go down on them.

>> No.9996592

This thread always fuckin starts off well enough and then devolves so quickly.

>> No.9996595

It lasted a couple days though, that's almost a record

>> No.9996637

I would move out but it's expensive where I am and also my parents are Christians so they would probably be shocked and angry with me if I go around selling lewds (heck it took them a year to get used to me wearing cosplays to the con)

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More people should go barefoot more often, especially for cosplay

>> No.9995020

Crawl back to /b/ or /d/ disgusting footfag.

>> No.9995024

An innocent thread died for this

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Thoughts? Top contenders?

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I second this

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Ill never get why everyone likes Legianas armor so much. Its far from the nicest or technical to make in the game and the stats aren't worth looking at twice anyway. Why cosplay some thing you wouldn't even actually wear.

>> No.9995490

Holy crap that looks great! Cue Captain N flashbacks!

>> No.9995972

Some of the SFX stuff people pull off for this contest are really impressive

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hello everyone. i have some questions about the aforementioned fair in geneve because i intend to visit it and cosplay there.

my first question is about the french language barrier. i can kinda understand what the person in front of me is saying but replying is pretty hard (learned it in school - didnt use it anymore).

what was your experience like in retrospect?

what about the payment (is it possible to pay with euros/us-dollars)?

thank you very much for your time.

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ps. i intend to cosplay as manfred von karma.

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It's not worth it imho unless you really have nothing else to go to. In my experience the gawking normie ratio is high and the pricing of everything huge (and no lmao no one's gonna accept USD why would they? You might be able to get away with Euros for some things, but not guaranteed and not neccesarily at an exchange rate you'll like.) Cosplayers tend to be sold as an attraction but there's not actually many/much for them.

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