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Yes, I'm the same anon who started the university thread last month. But this time, I would like it if you guys were to share experiences on wearing lolita to university or school, typical reactions you get, and what you typically tend to wear to classes. It would help if you specify your major or department, or what kind of school or college you go to.

I'm planning on wearing lolita for the first time tomorrow to my university classes. My uni is a huge state one and there's all kinds of people, plus people already know me as someone who dresses out of the norm, but it still makes me nervous cause I have no idea what to expect. I'm in my second year as an art major btw.

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>typical reactions you get
Got compliments/questions, sometimes a passing yelling person if i was off campus, and stares.
probably some secret pics and being made fun off covertly, but nothing that I noticed.
>what you typically tend to wear to classes
as for lolita I used to wear really sweet outfits. even pink wigs sometimes. I never got harassed.
>your major or department, or what kind of school or college
I was liberal arts, at a state school.I live in a pretty liberal state, If that means anything.

I would say start as casual as possible if you are nervous. build up to flasher things when you get more comfortable

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I go to a big state uni, majoring in psych. I wear sweet, and sometimes classic. People think it's really cute, and it's a good conversation starter for people to come up to me and ask about what I'm wearing. The professors have talked to me about it and seemed really interested and entertained. Of course, you get some strange stares as to be expected. I haven't had a negative interaction yet, though. Don't get lazy and wear ita coords though. Plan your coord the night before or just don't wear lolita if you don't have time to make it look decent.

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>even pink wigs
I just cringed so hard.

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I wear a bit of everything; sweet, gothic, classic, ouji, I even mess around in fairy key/menhera.

As a fellow art kid, I've dressed weird in the past and use being an art person as an excuse. It's kind of expected/accepted that people in an art major are going to be a little weird.

I remember telling someone who was curious about my outfit that I was an art major and they replied with, "Ah, that explains it!" and that's typically what most people say after finding it out.

Another thing; people will usually stare/point/laugh/whisper about you more so than they will come up and talk to you. You're gonna have a lot of eyes on you and you'll overhear people talking about how 'weird' you're dressed and then laughing. That's something you just sort of have to get used it, and you eventually will. Usually the people that come up to talk to you are people who like your outfit and want to compliment you.

At least, that's been my experience.

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Old thread hit image cap and is almost at bump limit >>9460968

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. "Boystyle" is shorthand for "boystyle lolita" and refers to the masculine counterparts of lolita and, often, aristocrat fashions. There is a lot of overlap between these styles, and different people use different terms to describe them. So, consider this a thread for those whose style is on the right half of Buttcape's Lolita Family Triangle: http://www.kawacura.com/moripress/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/0dmmLH6-350x350.jpg

>Shopping spreadsheet

>Buttcape-sensei's shopping guide (mentions which brands/shops have men's or custom sizes):

>Blogs for current boystyle releases, news, and info

Google your questions before asking them here.

Read the whole thread before asking questions here.

OC and selfposts encouraged! Random picspam discouraged; we've seen most of it by now.

Discussion: Halloween approaches, are you ready?

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(stuff from the end of last thread.)

AatP's new cafe themed release: >>9591668

KERA continues to celebrate ouji on its online platform. street snap dump begins: >>9587858

>>9595905 asked for essential wardrobe items for capsule wardrobe. advice. inspo dump begins: >>9597005

>>9597384 asked for short hair inspo. dump begins: >>9600668

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What made you intrested in your fashion when you first saw it VS Why you love it now.
For example: It's pretty silly but the reason why i love lolita is because the first coord i have ever seen kind of looked like the dress from Cardcaptor Sakura.
But now i feel like lolita helped me stop being incredibly shy and gave me many chances to meet intresting people

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I honestly don't remember what made me interested in lolita at first. It reminded me of "gothlolis" in series like Death Note so my edgy weeb babybat self thought it looked cool, but at first I actually thought it looked super weird IRL and was only cute on anime girls. But the more I researched lolita the more absorbed I got...I was so surprised to find out that, not only do real girls wear clothes like this in Japan, you can buy the clothes online and there are shops and whole comms here.

If you asked me why I like lolita now, I'd just say because I love the way it looks. I find most forms of lolita far more beautiful than normal clothes. I don't want to sound all "THIS IS WHO I REALLY AM MOM", but I honestly feel so much more happier and comfortable in lolita than almost anything else. Sometimes when I wear ordinary trendy outfits I feel like I'm putting on a costume, even though I can tell they objectively look normal and good. Wearing lolita feels as "me" as wearing simple basics does. I also like the ability to weave inspiration from different historical eras and interests into my outfits, and I'm unhealthily obsessed with the oldschool subculture/street origins (most other subcultures in my country are almost dead so I feel trapped in past nostalgia).

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Pic related is what made me fall in love! The sort of toned down hime look of the coord, the makeup, the color scheme, it was everything I'd ever wanted to look like. (I should note: I liked classic much more when I was starting out. Now I'm a proud cake-wearing sweet lolita. Funny how things change!)

Nowadays, I love lolita because it's so much more exciting than anything I can find at Kohls or Forever 21. Plus, it's really hard to find clothing that isn't too sexy or too mom-like, and isn't some washed out mustard/cayenne pepper/olive green colored thing. (My normie clothes are almost entirely black, white, and pink.) I want my neon pastels, dangit. If the only way I can get them is through jfash, I'm perfectly happy with that.

Another thing, one that's stayed the same throughout the years, is that I majorly prefer the cutesy look. I'm a firm believer that frilly clothing and pastels aren't for children exclusively, and I will continue wearing them for as long as I feel like it.

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last thread is in autosage >>9591244

I was just trying to find a pic of an old meta dress...

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Classic gobelin curtain/couch fabrics are my jam, but the shape of this looks pretty off. I'm not sure if it's no/too minimal a petti or if they didn't shape and gather the skirt properly when they made it.

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This is cosplay anon.
Well that's cringy.
Nitpick desu
Nitpick too, it was probably raining.

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The high waist part is floppy and unboned, which doesn't help that the flare isn't at their natural waists. There is also not enough fabric gathered. The white lace doesn't match and seems to be eyelet? which is an odd choice.

I also like the fabric and don't care what it was in a previous life, but that doesn't mean there aren't lots of other problems. I also would center the panels and not put the ugly seam at center front.

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>one overwhelming similarity between all these pictures

are there any fat chicks that can dress lolita or is this just ita brand fat people hate? legit question.

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Why is *every model* at this show an obeast?

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this is genius https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tv3WBCvG18

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Um what the fuck?

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why are cosplayers so ugly?

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shit thread, JN have a beautiful face, fake boobs, but funny af and a sweetheart.

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>"why r cosplayers ugly"

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Last thread is autosaging >>9592886

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I'd actually like to see this without the bolero because the lace of the HD overpowers it, if that makes sense? I like the look a lot. maybe a wine necklace to add more touches of red in the bolero's absence.

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Bitch, I love that cardigan. I'm kinda mad I don't have one myself
>tfw I adore that quirky grandma look JM/pepfox has going

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This >>9601137 is a normie cardigan.

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same. half the time I feel like I entered this fashion to look at all the pretty girls.

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Love her hair!

This pose/angle is not the most flattering; she looks like she's heavily pregnant.

So cute.

From the waist up this is a super cute normie outfit, but as is it feels a bit off.

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12 more days until Wed. is the new Thursday.

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I get in Wed/Thurs midnight interface will there still be drunken revelry by then?

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These threads never seem all that busy for such a huge con. Is it because it's not focused on anime as much as other ones CGL attends, or harder / more expensive to attend?

Fuck yeah DragonCon

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Yeah I think this is mostly a weeb board so.. Still the best con ever.

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Anyone else reel or cringe when they see foreigners cosplaying at comiket?

It's like they're trying to force themselves into the culture and tainting something purely Japanese.

They have their own shitty conventions in the west, least the Japanese alone.

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tl;dr no, get over yourself

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Some of them live there for jobs and what not and just see it as participating in the culture.
This hoe is pretty cringy. I have seen plenty of japahoes doing similar poses there too though so I guess cosplay hoes exist everywhere. Gaijin see, gaijin do.

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Cry about it you jealous biiiiiitch

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Aww, ProudAsian, no longer namefagging?

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Yes, Japs don't even bother getting anywhere close to foreigners so why try?

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All i know is she is a girl but reverse google searching doesnt help with shit, help me out guys.

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Using the fucking help thread

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Rate this

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1. this didnt need it's own thread
2. your eyebrows are oatmeal
3. are you a guy?
4.fine otherwise

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Yes dude I'm a guy and no, that's not me
I can't even cosplay lmao

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Nothing special, eyebrows are out of whack, and I don't even have a clue to what character she's supposed to be.

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Looking for inspo for doctor or patient coords. Any kind of guro/doctor/patient lolita would be fantastic. Going to dump the very little that I have.

I know there's a menhera thread up but I'm looking for distinctly lolita. Menhera accessories that fit the bill would be totally welcome too. I just need more shit, my inspo folder is practically empty.

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comes in black colorway too

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Source on any of these pretty please?

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What's the dress on the left? It's not Meta, is it? I know it's not Hospitality Doll.

>> No.9601521

I honestly think it's just an offbrand white coat, that matches the theme.

>> No.9601529

Does anyone know the name of the dress? Maybe the apron too, because it looks nicer than some of the other heart aprons I've seen.

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What upcoming cons are you planning to attend?
What cosplays do you currently have on the go?
Cosplans for the upcoming cons?

Also dump any dramu if need be

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Last thread is saging >>9580366

If you have an IW dream dress, don't forget to complete their resale questionnaire! They will stop accepting responses soon: http://innocent-w.jp/onlineshop/en/17_8_7questionnaire%20about%20resale.html

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I appreciate the offer, but I'm only looking for the brown colorway for now. Thank you though!

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I asked for Rose panel, it's my dream dress but only at retail price...

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>Meta snowy rabbit
Scalp me anons. I've only seen it for sale once.

>> No.9601472

I undestand. Best of luck, anon! If I see the brown one sold anywhere, I'll post it here.

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Only in brown.

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Anyone have any neat /cgl/ related shows, preferably in Japanese since I'm trying to up my language game by watching non-animu stuff without subs? The Doll Life was okay but obviously scripted as fuck and felt like it was made by interns. Something like that would be very easy for Japanese learning though.

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Yeah cosplay is indeed based off of anime, but I think they meant that they were looking for things more related to board culture than actual anime and stuff. Heroes of cosplay is an example.
Even though Heroes of cosplay was a shit show that was basically rejected by most of the community, I was entertained by the drama. Even though it's probably an unpopular opinion, I wish something similar could be made from the idea of HOC. Everyone just wants so much of the hug box side of it that they're afraid to stray away from that so the shows come off as boring (cosplay melee) IMO.
But then again I'm kind of a fan of the reality show type of shows so maybe it's just me.
If you could make a show about cosplay, lolita or Jfash, how would you do it?

>> No.9600957

To add to this I think a RuPaul's drag race format would kind of be a good medium between heroes of cosplay and cosplay melee.
>contestants are selected by panel of judges
>throw in one or two fan voted contestants
>weekly themed contests with challenges. Kind of like mini masquerade skits along with crafting.
Ex. Idol anime theme week where they separate contestants into teams and they have to make outfits and choreography for a song. Blizzard week where they recreate Blizzard characters.
Cash and prizes could be sponsored by gaming and other companies who can help decide those themes.
>contestants are eliminated based off of craftsmanship, accuracy, creativity.
Idk what the cosplay version of lip sync for your life would be though.
>sage for kind of OT rambling

>> No.9601509

Sounds pretty cringy...

>> No.9601516

This is like Pixyteri animated it's art

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New fursuit thread

Fresh from EuroFurence

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File: 1.46 MB, 1000x510, 1447453603.suit-a-dile_megalucario.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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I've seen 5-6 online. They're out there, just rare.

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famous sjw communist cosplayers ill start

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Being a relatively new anon to lolita fashion, I was wondering if there are different names for different types of parasol silhouettes? I'm looking to either make or buy one similar to this one, where the top is either pointed or domed upwards (if that makes sense) but I don't know what I should search for tutorials or purchasing. Thanks!

>> No.9600197

That shape is called pagoda, Lumiebre has tons of them in all sorts of colors and designs. I would have asked this in the lolita general thread though, you don't need to start your own thread for this.

>> No.9600198

Pagoda parasol, but you could have asked in the lolita general.

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What's the worst/weirdest thing you've ever been compared to or called while wearing lolita? Post pics. Let's go beyond basic bitch Bo Peep references and into bizarro territory.

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ot, but something about this photo really fucking irks me.
it's like a poster for that super entitled nerd guy fantasy of being doted on by some gentle blob of unconditional affection (read: 2nd mother) while living a completely self-centered, immature, and irresponsible lifestyle.
sorry, that unexpectedly triggered me to no end.

>> No.9601331

I wore a pink sweet coord to a local con, APs colorful sherbert
>omg i love your sylvion cosplay!

Bitch where

>> No.9601451

All I ever get in my part of the UK is people that think we're a hen party trying to humiliate the bride.

One time an elderly woman came up to us after getting with an argument with her old lady friends about whether we were a hen party or not, and was super smug when we told her we weren't because she used to be a seamstress and said she could tell quality. That was pretty cool, but otherwise I seriously don't get how we apparently look the same as a bunch of drunk middle-aged women in hot pink tutus, slogan T-shirts and cowboy hats waving an inflatable willy around.

>> No.9601462

Fun fact: that's exactly how their relationship works in the series. I feel the same way desu.

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>selling butter
I'm okay with that

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Anything I should know about cosplaying as the Producer from CG? Any word of advice is appreciated

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I don't know much besides Starlight Stage, I'm pretty new to this actually. Both [email protected] and cosplaying

>> No.9601168

You said you only have like 2 days? Why not just skip cosplay this time and plan to do >>9601119 next time once you know more about the series

>> No.9601318

I appreciate your love for the [email protected] community, but I really don't think doing the whole tux, wig and business card thing is going to work out that well if you are going alone. As someone said previously, being in a group with other [email protected] cosplayers is a great way to spot you and more importantly the foam P head is the greatest way. Last year at my local con someone cosplayed as Producer-san with the P head and every time I saw him many people were shouting his name. I think if you really love [email protected], you should take the time to watch first season with the 765 pro girls, maybe if you can even deal with Japanese try out the mobile game. It would really show if you put the effort into the costume and took it an extra step.

>> No.9601510

No. Look up "Idolmaster Producer Card" and you'll see whats up with it.

>> No.9601585

OP here once more, from what I read in this thread I think I'm going to skip cosplaying for tomorrow's event . No cosplay is better than a half-baked one. I would like to thank all the anons here who gave me suggestions on how to refine my cosplay as P-kun and helping a [email protected] noob such as myself get into the fandom. Hope you guys and anybody who read this have a nice day.

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