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I'm a fat bastard and I wanna cosplay.
Yes I will lose weight but since I can't do that instantly, I need characters that that will work in the meantime.

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the blob

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He'll only work if you're cute, but it's something.

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sorry for trekfagging but i would love to see this

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I suggest you just not cosplay or show up in an animecon if you're fat(as a guy).

Don't waste your time and money in something that will just make you unhappy.

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Does anyone know her?

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best way to create frac decorations?

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I got a pair of goggles for my halloween costume and they wound up being uv400 welding goggles.
What is the easiest way to reduce the tinting on them so that I can see more easily? I need the goggles to be fully opaque from the outside, but will need to wear them at night obviously.

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mind sending a link to the site you bought from, or the company and make?
if they're polarized then you can just get rid of the darkening effect by putting more polarized shit (like the stuff in sunglasses) in front of them at the proper angle to cancel out the polarization.
if that doesn't work you might just have to knock the lenses out and get some that work better for you.

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I appreciate the insight!

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>if they're polarized then you can just get rid of the darkening effect by putting more polarized shit (like the stuff in sunglasses) in front of them at the proper angle to cancel out the polarization.
the intro of this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcqZHYo7ONs)) explains what i mean by putting polarized shit at the proper angle. only the intro is important, the rest of the video is just theory.
hope this helps

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these goggles are (if I'm reading this right) glass with a dark tinted film on them, so not polarized.
you can take the film off by letting it soak in rubbing alcohol to make them normal lenses, but they'll no longer be black. https://www.wikihow.com/Remove-Tint-from-Glasses
if you buy some polarized film and slip it behind regular glass lenses (https://www.amazon.com/Polarization-Polarizer-Educational-Physics-Polarized/dp/B06XWXRB75)), you can arrange them in order so light goes in but none comes out, making the goggles black on the outside without reducing visibility too much.
you can use three layers of polarized film:
>the two outermost and middle ones being perpendicular to black out
>the innermost and middle ones are parallel and blocking out no light
just put them under normal glass lenses and find a way to keep them steady (tape?) and you should have one-way lenses.

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What is with the military cosplayers that show up to anime cons? Not talking about ones cosplaying specifically rom an anime or manga, but the obese dudes that just dress up in their milsim airsoft gear and show up and act obnoxious to anime cons?

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japan has a lot of military otaku which often crossed over into anime

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Thw same reason everyone here probably wears cosplay to Halloween parties: it's close enough an excuse to wear shit in a hobby you like.

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But cosplay is literally a costume. Costumes are welcome at Halloween

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It's just like furries dressing as their fursona. They are just weebs with the military 'tism. Since they already have the gear, they might as well use it. Most of them tend to be chill and will talk for hours about their loadout, but some of them are the most annoying retards you will ever meet.

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There's a handful of these dudes in my area that will wear specific characters like Genshins or Re-Zero with this gear. I wish I understood what was happening.

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Post pics of people who throw the best anime con parties

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These guys do have a lot of money and throw the best parties

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they look like former highschool losers trying to regain their youth and/or sexual assaulters

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What a strange topic that I'm sure has no ulterior motive whatsoever. Especially when two previous posts came directly before / after party related posts in the Magfest thread

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concrit culture has recently been discussed on the board, and it's been far too long since the last concrit thread. post your coord shots, flatlays, and collages here to receive feedback.

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As much as I hate fatty-chans, a moid (assuming you are) telling her she's fat/ugly is not going to help. If she doesn't see anything wrong with her body, some dude telling her she needs to work out isn't going to help.

This aside, there are a few different ways. If you're close, tell her that you're uncomfortable going to the gym by yourself, ask her to come with you. If you already have gym friends, tell her you can set her up with a great guy but that the only way you can introduce them is at the gym.

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ask her to go jogging with you sometime or something like that. most women feel uncomfortable at gyms or only go to women-only gyms, but being invited on a hike or biking or something as a friend is a good way to go about things. you can also talk to her about cooking and offer some healthy recipes if she eats badly.

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>there's no way she's going to attract a high quality partner
So a high quality partner is someone who cares about looks above all else?

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I have this dress (pink color way) and I'm not really sure how to coord it. I was thinking boater hat + white sheer rose-printed tights, but I want to hear/see cgl's ideas.

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If I was your friend in that situation I would appreciate it if you invited me to go on a walk in nature with you. That's what I do with my female friends. We vent during our walk, enjoy the fresh air, occasionally take pictures of beautiful scenery and wild life. If my friend asked me to go to the gym with them (which costs money and I don't like gyms because the ones I went to had loud music and have too many people in them. Not a relaxing place to work out in/move my body in).
I do move my body but it's long walks and calisthenics at home. It works for me (helped me lose weight and get some more functional strength). I'd rather spend the money I would spend on a gym membership on something else.
Be very careful how you talk to her about exercise and food. If you come across as trying to change her she could lose trust in you or feel that you don't respect her as a person. If this was about health concerns I would tell you to just ask her how she's doing regarding her physical and mental health and if she wants to talk about it. But you didn't bring up her health at all, it was only looks related (getting a partner, how she looks in clothes). So unless she's recently gained weight and is now overweight, become depressed or engages in emotional eating I would not bring up the health concern because it could come over as fake.

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Old thread: >>10867075

I'm feeling pretty bummed. A local con is getting backlash after adding an assload of rules for this year. Including a stricter dress code, enacted after some little boy saw a Nyatasha Nyanners (Hololive) cosplayer with her bare ass showing at 11pm, and his mom lost her shit on the organizers. Karens ruin everythong.

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my local comm is basically nonexistent. being a lonelita isn't the worst (I don't worry about gross fetishists) but I wish I could have well-dressed friends.

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My bf turned 30, and when I called him an old man he picked me up under his arm and spanked my bare ass raw.

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This thread isn’t for your sexual fantasies scrote

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Lose weight.

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You will never be a woman.

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I've been thinking about selling my Milky cross OP (pic related) but it has a brownish stain, about 3 inches, at the back hem of the dress.
The stain is faint and isn't visible at all when worn and the dress is otherwise in mint condition.

Now, what I'm wondering is what would be a reasonable selling price? I my self bought it for 250 dollars used.

I'd like to have some advice on what would be an acceptable amout of money to ask for this dress. It is still in almost perfect condition.

Any general advice on selling Lolita dresses that have sings of wear on them would be greatly appreciated!

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If it faded try more, it may need a few more rounds. Unless you want it gone then do low starting auction

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Here's a pic.

I'd also like to add that I actually measured the stain and it actually is less than 2 inches in size.

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sometimes it takes multiple stain removal treatments in order to remove it completely. I usually soak stained clothes in a bath of a specific enzyme based bleach free hand wash detergent and warm (not hot) water for several hours, sometimes overnight. This has been effective when (in some cases) just washing something in the machine has not.

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Thank you, I'll give this a try

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NP, this stuff is great and even completely removed dark purple berry juice (from a blackberry) from a stark white shirt after I machine washed it and the stain didn't budge. And if it doesn't remove the stain there's no damage to your item. I've also used it to remove sweat stains, age spots (yellowing from long term storage) and other food stains. I'm pretty careful with my clothes myself but I do buy second hand lolita which does sometimes come with undisclosed stains.

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End of year approaching way too fast edition

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Here's some of the cosplays from Anime Houston: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Y17TWFX-TA0SqVudBxmHAWGoVpPkiOw4
The photographer gave me the drive link

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Anyone going to Anime Frontier?

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Tell me, how's your day?

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how's everyone been?
>newest purchases
>new releases
>has anyone received their iron gate or milky planet? how's the quality?
>what's your favorite dress right now?
>any fall or winter plans?

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Their new bodices are all tubey and the back bunches up at the top. I'm not even that small so I can't imagine what it looks like on the Atelier pierrot staff>>10883054

Could you post it here? Thanks anon

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tinfoil but i think maybe japanese girls got fatter over covid kek. or maybe mana is too old to fit the old stuff even unzipped now.

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The fatties you're complaining about wouldn't fit 90 bust. Fatties would want 110 bust and up.

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The western market is a tiny part of moitie sales. They're mostly likely expanding their sizing because 1; japanese people have gotten fatter over the last 20 years and 2; there are more older lolitas still wearing lolita compared to 20 years ago.
Also western fatties don't fit into a japanese size 13.

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>I’ve only been in the fashion for a year
Amazing. We should all listen to you from now on.

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Jesus loves you

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it's been a while since we've had one of these: shopping in japan thread! with the yen so weak, i'm sure lots of us are thinking about booking a trip, so let's discuss:

- what shops have closed, moved, or opened since covid, or over the past few years
- the best places to find a great deal
- the demeanor of japanese shop staff (since that always gets brought up anyway)
- fun places for photos; any lolita or fashion-relevant exhibits happening; nice cafes to grab a tea or coffee, etc.

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Wtf so the Harajuku location is just a warehouse basically? Can you ask the staff to pull something out of the rack for you?

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Honestly it's not really worth it to physically go to Japan to shop. It's easier and cheaper to buy online, even when you're in Japan. Like, look around a store if you absolutely need to feel what something feels like, but just buy online since it'll be the same price or cheaper, and have it conveniently delivered. Japan has a great postal system. You don't have to stumble through a physical store looking around blindly for something. You can't miss with the search bar on a website.

Only times it's worth it to buy in a store is if they have specials there not available online, or for "experiences" instead of material goods.

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Any guidance on planning your first trip to Japan in a weeb centric way? I know that sounds cringe, but I can't think of another way to put it. I want to visit places that highlight anime merchandise, cafes, clothing (maybe? but streetwear kind, not lolita though I appreciate y'all from afar), and such. I bought two guide books but they're obviously oriented for the average traveller.

Tl;dr Any must see shops, cafes, or sights for an anime fan?

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Dumb question, but where do people wear street fashion/lolita nowadays in Tokyo? Pre-covid when I visited, I was the only person in lolita that I saw the whole day around Takeshita-dori. I know it's been overrun with tourists for years, but I was still surprised at the lack of fun outfits.

I don't know why the Harajuku CC is so messed up now. Did covid ruin it? Did tourists ruin it? Are there no staff? It's only open for 3 hours a day (4pm-7pm) and seems so pointless based on people's descriptions here (the other locations have longer hours). Why don't they just close it?

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All the good stuff goes on the website first. The stores are basically axes femme junk stockpiles

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i still need to style the wig, but im so happy

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iron it please, or moisten it and run through the dryer to get the packaged wrinkles out

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Looks like disgusting cheap Chinese crap

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Previous thread >>10875158

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This. Baby made the horrendously ankle-breaking decision to taper the soles of their shoes down from the base of the foot. It's noticeably more unstable than the normal width VW base

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Where can you find lace topped OTK/UTK at a decent price?

>> No.10883418

they’re pretty cheap bought new at brand stores like meta and baby imo.

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Put in my first taobao order with 42agent to get two hats and a blouse. I paid for shipping then split the order up to ship in two packages after the fact. somehow they didn't adjust my shipping amount and intend to charge additional shipping for my second package too. Is that normal?

Not a huge deal but it seems odd that my shipping total didn't change even though the weight changed for the first package. I'm using DHL so it's not flat rate.

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What kind of blouse can you put with a dress cut like this? One of the photos of it styled by Meta has it with a sort of high-neck blouse. Would a normal collared blouse look bad with this?

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Previous thread >>10875158

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Ever see someone 10 years later and think "what the fuck, are you even the same person"? This was a friend of mine about 10 years ago. She was fucking hot on the right as Winry going to anime cons all the time. On the left is her today. What the fuck actually happens to some people?

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America happens. Your country is literally slowly poisoning you.

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White women. Not even once.

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why would you post your friend to /cgl/

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Fall themed coords
Mushrooms, fallen leaves, pumpkins, various nuts (and squirrels!), wine and browns, anything goes as long as it's related to fall !

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