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Last thread. >>9398713

Share your cgl-related feels, seagulls.Don't fuck this one up.

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there were two of us you autistic retard, we're on the same team

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>my mood when the average temperature for 3 months was less than 20 degrees

>mfw it's 70 degrees today

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Only if you are also a girl. I don't team up with guys.

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Oh fuck you, there was just me. Stop taking credit you jealous fatty.

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say that to my 23 inch waist you fucking cow

i'm a girl, let's make fat people feel bad about themselves together

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Post characters you've always wanted to do but know you could never pull off

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waaaa i found this watch and i want to find where can i buy it. Someone has any clue? :{

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Last thread >>9398235

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I just cannot stand the blouse under OP look.

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Why would it not be Lolita? Because Excentrique isn't? Lol

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I love this and she's adorable.

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ahh ffs wrong photo

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How do I become a trap?

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This is my sword for a cómiccon. My dream is to move to japan to find inspiration for my cosplay

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Very nice

But next time, use the Work in Progress thread to post progress

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Very realistic :)

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But is it finished? That is not the correct color?

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So how do you gulls stay in shape for the sake of accuracy?

What's your diet/routine/whatevs?

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For my medieval accuracy I use longbow practice to get a skeletal deformation befitting of my English characters.

Further more I planned in advance of my birth to have my mother breed with a genetically inferior slav so I look like a 17th century James Bond Villain henchman.

In all honesty though OP; I just do a brosplit of 4-5 days, depending on how knackered I am from the rest of the week. Go jogging once a week, and got rugby practice twice. Besides that I keep a strict "eh, I swear I'm sort of in the pre-cutting phase" where I flow from half bulk-eating to eating at 400cal deficit.

To be honest I should up my eating regimin.

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I cosplay characters that have an average af body type so I can remain being average af

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>I have the same line as in the picture and I always thought it was fat

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I want to fuck her

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Why do I feel you don't work out enough to come near her level, pal?

A boy can dream though, I guess.

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How do you attract a qt /cgl/ gf

check em

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Have a strong jaw and impeccable taste

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you cant, they are roastie sluts

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/cgl/ girls arent cute. even if they are physically attractive the time spent here makes them bitter and cynical. your digits suck and i like your taste in pokegirls.


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By not seeking a cgl gf.
Ladies from cgl are more wary than any others because this is known as the girl board, and it's constantly being hounded by other boards for one reason or the other.
Essentially, you're the cancer causing females here to not consider dating anyone from here.

Go to a cgl meet and don't be a total creep. Be active (fit) and open and social. Be kindhearted and genuine with good hygiene. I'm 80% certain that you'll find someone that will be into you because of all of those things.

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I want to do some crossplaying but I can't choose a character. Any suggestions?

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Just choose a character you think you would look good as. Personally, I choose a girl who's taller in her canon.

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I was thinking of doing yukari from girls und panzer

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>like a normal person

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If you're insecure about it for whatever reason go with something that gets crossplayed a lot and could be passed off as a joke. Or just man up and wear a skirt.

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New makeup general. Post all your questions and inspo here.

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Have you tried waterproof mascara? I find that's the only thing that keeps my lashes curled. I really like Etude House's lash perm curl fix mascara.

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I like ABH. I usually switch between the shades "milkshake" and "crush"

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Makeup brushes aren't a big thing in Japan

In fact, I'd say most of the makeup, especially eyeshadow, is pretty shitty aside from the well known staples like dollywink

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No I haven't. The Etude house one sounds promising, I've heard it really does well to keep curl from a youtube vid but then forgot about it.

Would it be possible to put in between primer and a second mascara then? Or does it do well on its own for lengthening lashes?

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Made an odd accidental discovery recently. After a day of painting cosplay props, I'm doing my nightly makeup removal /skincare routine. I still have a little spray paint stuck to my finger tips (because I'm never smart enough to wear gloves lol) I usually don't care enough to scrub it off since it usually falls off after 2 days anyway. Anyway, I start using my oil cleanser (Clinique's Take the Day Off) and I notice that after that, all the paint residue is gone from my hands!
A few weeks later and my incompetence continues with me super gluing my fingers together. I was about to bust out the hot water/dish soap/acetone method and recalled my experience with the cleanser. Thinking I had nothing to lose other than a pump of cleanser, I put some on my fingers and lo and behold, the super glue is dissolved! Now I have a much cheaper (Neutrogena) cleanser to try next time this happens so I'm not using the fancy stuff.
Just got a sample of the tarte lip Laing and I am in loooove with the formula. So plush! Otherwise, I'm a total ColourPop whore. Used the Maybelline Vivid Bolds when I needed a Grey lip and it wasn't bad.
If say I do pretty similar base makeup for everything just change up the details depending on character ie color, eyeliner shape, false lashes, lip color, highlight/contour etc. Or things like bedroom /smoky eye for mature, sexy characters and a low key look for things like high school girls. I really like the YouTubers Zabrena and Stephanie Lange
Its okay I guess. I still prefer the look a busy blender provides

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Last one is sage >>9380697

>"What is Menhera?"

>"What is Gurokawa?"

Please try to ignore/do not respond to obvious bait, more so as there may be an increasing influx of summerfags incoming.

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>people still posting replicas of small indie brands
>more so in times of japanese brands closing one after another
How dense can people be?

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Look at how the thin fabric is wrinkled on the model even over the applique, look at that shitty, floppy ribbon...

Please support the brands and look nice, don't buy knockoffs!

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I think the fact that the side ribbons are shoelace is worse.

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can you really blame them? with this kind of disrespect, I would have shut down intnl shipping yesterday.

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last thread deleted, proof a mod is lolita sex dungeon slave for Mike.

continue on

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At this rate it may just blow over. Nothing seems to be coming of it.

>> No.9406812

>at the old house that apparently he claimed insurance fraud with
people are reallly at their lowest when they do that orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr really out to do fraud cuz..money.

>> No.9406814

I'm hoping it doesn't blow over. I want this con to crash and burn so a better con can take its place.

>> No.9406815

Seriously, people need to say stuff on Facebook, not 4chan. Blow up their social media with questions. Make them sweat. Go faster than they can delete you and then question the deletions you know will happen

>> No.9406837

I've seen Mike RSVP to a few parties on Facebook that were to take place at Sakura Con so it seems like he's planning on being there.

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Hello everyone! My name is Tobi and I am a member of the publicity team for Bellingham Anime Con, or BACON, a small, one day convention held at Whatcom Community College. We are currently looking for vendors and panelists to participate in the convention, as well as volunteers to help run it and keep it successful. The volunteers will receive free admission for the convention for the assistance, and will get special perks, as well.
Th convention is currently scheduled for May 13th, and we have two anime industry guests who will be attending this year. If you are interested, please respond to this post, or check out our website, http://bellinghamanimecon.com/

>> No.9405606

Not sure if posting on cgl is the right way to go, but if you're looking for vendors/artists try posting in AANI on facebook

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ITT: the dumbest ways you've ever managed to hurt yourself while cosplaying, crafting cosplay, or even just putting on your brand.

To date I have:
>whacked a freshly-used heat gun against my leg in a couple places
>went snowblind while cutting armor out of a piece of white sintra under bright sunlight, picked up a hot knife from the hot end because I thought it was a sharpie
>dislocated my shoulder by laying down on the ground during a photoshoot, promptly reached over and popped it into place again and continued shooting
>fell off a small cliff while scouting shoot locations
>dislocated a rib reaching behind my back to re-attach a JSK strap that came unbuttoned

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I've done that before
>because of the cross hatch have to pull each individual needle out one by one
>the literal worst

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I always fall when in costume, either wearing a dress of some sort walking up the stairs at mcdonalds or walking down the stairs and literally ripping my shoe in half. It saved me from falling down further so thats something

>> No.9406744

I needed to iron something while very late at night in a marathon frantic sewing session, was exhausted and in PJ shorts, didn't have much floor space, stupidly put the mini ironing board on my lap and tried to iron the piece of fabric I was putting together. Burned the tops of my thighs. It wasn't a serious burn, but man did I feel fucking stupid.

>> No.9406813

Wore ill-fitting heels for 16 hours walking to and from my hotel and my off-site photoshoot, ended up losing both big toenails and got blisters on my pinkie toes that doubled their size. Had to wear flip flops the next day, my feet were that sore.

>> No.9406819

>working with heat gun
>accidentally heat a small piece of meta next to my work station without realizing it
>accidentally press my thumb right into the metal bit
>still no print on that thumb a year later

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Any seagulls going to this? It's my first year. How's the cosplay?

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The Walker Stalker cons aren't really for cosplay, but for meeting the celebs. People do cosplay, but the mindset there is different from Comic Con.

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Last one got deleted so let's not derail this time!

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Oh nice, those look like AKG's she's wearing. maybe the k702's?

Looks like my kinda gal.

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Because washing your face all the time is bad for your skin. You strop your natural oils and damage it. I do a water only shower 2 days and soap shower every third. Skin had been radiant since.

Showering everyday is only a VERY recent cultural thing. You really don't need to, and shouldn't, unless you're a fucking football player or something

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Hey everybody. I ended up emailing her and telling her that my dresses were getting dry cleaned since when I told her I didn't want to do it before, I assumed it was the end of the conversation and sent them to be cleaned. She was upset and asked if I could get one of them back because now the staff expected a princess to show up. I just told her that it wasn't possible and that I'd be happy to wear some of my more decadent Liz Lisa clothes (this I don't mind since I wear Liz Lisa on my off days). She eventually gave up and sent me a defeated, passive aggressive email about how she's disappointed but at least I can still face paint. Whatever. I'm over it now and I'll be glad when I'm out of her class. Thank you all for the support and advice though. Feels good to know I wasn't going crazy thinking she was being a tad bit entitled to say the least.

>> No.9406529

>durr the key to not being fat is exercising, if only they bothered to exercise a little bit they'd stop being fat

The key to not being fat is controlling what and how much you eat, not exercising. It's very easy to stuff your face with so many calories it'd take several hours daily in the gym, or all day every day, to work that shit off.

Going around telling people retarded shit like "hurr just eat whenever you're hungry till you're not hungry any more, and then just exercise a few times a week for a bit you'll be thin it's easy" is just feeding them misinformation.

You control weight through calorie intake, and muscle tone and general fitness through exercising.
For example, my aunt is one of the more active people I know, yet despite exercising every day she's still fat because she loves to cook and drink wine and puts a lot of cream etc in everything she makes, and on the other hand I myself lost a ton of weight when I broke my leg and was stuck on the sofa at my parents and ate strictly according to their meal schedule, because I couldn't open the fridge or prepare stuff while on crutches.

This is not the same as saying "fat people can't help being fat baaww", obviously they can they just need to eat less. But I'm really sick of the "just start exercising, that'll do it badabing" crap

>> No.9406532

>excercise has nothing to do with being fat

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Yet again a larp thread which is for discussing everything related to Live Action Role Playing and the likes.
>"Ask and ye shalt receive!"

"sword autism and related hobbies" edition.

Previous thread

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I don't think you should have 100% period shoes with leather soles and hobnails. But shoes that have a period/fantasy look is really all that im gunning for people to have. I want soles on my own period footwear(even though mine doesn't have a rubber sole) But when people are saying doc martins or some other blatantly modern shoe looks good enough for an event its got to be cut short.

>> No.9406766

I just think that there are a lot of places where the cost of boots could have a much bigger visible impact on kit quality, especially since even "IC" boots will probably have some level of modern concession to comfort and safety.

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Fly kicks make the kit.

>> No.9406782

See those look lovely, but they also don't look like they have enough ankle heel or arch support to run around the woods in armour safely.

>> No.9406817

£250 will get you a great pair of medieval boots that will last forever while those around you replace their leaky £50 turnshoes every couple of years. Made to measure footware is a wonderous thing to wear.

The other option is to buy said £50 turnshoes and then wear sealskin or similar waterproof socks underneath. Laugh at rain, mud and the inevitable holes while your toes stay warm and dry.

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Discuss this nobody "fanservice Renji" and his opinions in pic related and his YouTube video "Cosplay Culture Vulture"

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Self post much?

>> No.9406096

I like what he's saying because I agree but that's also why I don't like someone who goes by the name "fanservice Renji" in shirtless cosplays. It kind of suffocates on its own irony. It's not only women who can be cosplay sluts.

>> No.9406190

I think its rude what he said about hollytwolf but its so true what hes saying soo many cosplayers nowadays do only lingerie cosplays, dont even know or like the character and do it for the fame

>> No.9406192

You mean like Invadernoodles who stated in her video 'cosfamous' that she does it for fame...legit cosplay vulture dresses up in Christmas lingerie cosplay even though it's March.

>> No.9406199

>comment under it
"these sexy girls are obviously using geek culture"

heard it here first folks. you must be average or under to like "geeky" things. being hot & liking "geek culture" is impossible.

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Hey guys. Whats your opinions on cosplayers from things like Cosplay Deviants, ones who only do whore shoots like Momo or Danielle? What about the ones who are starting to follow this thinking it is easy money, but in fact are so delusional that they themselves are starting to ruin the community and making it a joke with their bad editing, bad outfits, swimsuit and a wig and calling it a cosplay without any defining features?

Where do you draw the line from it being okay vs just doing it for attention?

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>how do you not look in the mirror and realize your face just isn't cute?
this worries me. i feel like i look really weird, especially in profile and since i dont have a common face shape. id like to ask for honest opinions on it somewhere but dont know where to go.

>> No.9404796

Me too, I think I'm the ugliest girl at work and in my group of friends but I'm not sure..

>> No.9404798

Post faces

>> No.9404799

same I have acne, make up does wonders, face shape is fine, but washing my face twice a day doesn't make it go away. crie

>> No.9404837

People have said I'm cute (strangers) and I still feel ugly. It's something that nobody will ever have a definitive answer on. Five people can think you're cute and three can think you're ugly. I guess you could ask random people online but that's still hit or miss.

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Previous Thread

> Cosplay Masterpost: http://pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
- Tutorials and links that can help with Homestuck cosplays. Refer to it if you need help. Any contributions welcome.

> Crunchy Cosplay List: http://i.imgur.com/QRRWqRn.jpg
- A list of suggested Homestuck cosplayers to follow and check out, as they have great cosplays and some also have good tutorials on their blogs.

> To discuss:
- Old Homestuck cosplayers who've left fandom, Where Are They Now?
- Hiveswap Cosplays
- Summer Con Plans

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Haven't heard anything


The dumpy Payless flats bother me more than her shit paint. Kanaya would never.

>> No.9406429

If Kanaya IS painted, it's the thinnest layer of snazaroo i've seen in a while.

Human version of a sprite still sounds pretty lazy to me.

>> No.9406462

Anything on AX yet?

>> No.9406496

Yeah why she didn't just opt for armsocks is beyond me; there are plenty of tutorials out there as well as people who take commissions for them.

Not disagreeing with you there. Especially when we have those full color sprites of both the alpha and beta kids.

>> No.9406720

im thinking of going. havent been to a con in quite a while now and never been to ax before. isnt that where a most homestucks in cali go to? if so then i suppose ill go.

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