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I did a jax cosplay and at least 3 women wanted me to fuck them what the fuck is wrong with people.

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0 women want to fuck you.

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No I want to fuck 0 women im gay.

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This is a containment thread for all questions like "how do I get a cosplay gf?" or "how do i hook up at an anime convention"

>required reading

>I can't get laid IRL. Can I get laid at an anime con?
No. You need the basic competence from IRL

>Thread prompt:
What are your con romance stories? Either victories or defeats

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At least you tried for more subtly this time but in all honesty I don't think it's gonna save you either. Hell with it. I'll engage while the chance is still there

Success was taking someone home that went to the same meetup as me. Defeat was getting a date with a 10/10, instant chemistry but still failed for some reason

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were they both cosplayers

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No to the first, yes to the second

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what if ur gay? how do you get twinks to let u succ?

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First practice with burro, then move to gato, then you graduate to women. Expert move time.

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post pics of cosplayers interacting with some random breed of comic writer/artist/creator here

(it’s all about the contrast)

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dude gets a lot of babes that way

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taken in the eboyhussie era

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Previous thread: >>10897117

The Flower Kitten series is releasing this week

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If this was bunnies I’d be all over it like a rash. I wish they’d used this fabric for Flower Garden Teatime.

The boob ribbons are an interesting design choice though

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Nu AP is so ugly

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>The boob ribbons are an interesting design choice though
that's because it's popular with chinese lolitas. taobao brands put them on a lot of stuff because it looks like the ribbons on hanfu. i personally don't like the ribbons like that, it'll look better as just bows.

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They just traced over Vanilla-Chan and made it worse

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>My interest in anime cons was reborn when local cons hosted in my local mall.
>When the local mall no longer hosts any cons, I've decided to learn to travel on foot and use public transportation to go to the cons, from going to the malls in my city to state-to-state travel, relying on Google Maps to show the way.
>This is coming from a guy who doesn't stray too far from my home neighborhood.

It's quite tense given the danger and being in unfamilar territory but it's fun.

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Did this drive almost two years ago. It was, as the kids might say, "kino". It was also agreed I'd split 50% of the drive with another guy and it ended up being more like 75% me, 25% him. I'm undecided if that helped or hindered

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Flew to Japan from America. Nothing special. It was part of another trip.

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1 hour and 45 minutes from San Diego to Anaheim Convention center

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2.5 hours
Going to be 6 hours when I go to Dragoncon this year and 10-12 if I ever decide to go to Katsu or Colossal. Getting a new car soon so that should help, I'll be able to actually justify owning an SUV.

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I had to travel to New York for a work conference and cosplay as a normie.

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May 17-19, 2024

Are you going for the whole weekend?
What are you cosplaying?
Is your cosplay done or are you con crunching?
Are you hosting a panel or working a booth?
Going to the rave?
Favorite part of the con?
Any other activities you’re looking forward to?

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The raisin is indeed going to this con. He is going to continue his reign of terror by feeding people oatmeal raisin cookies to unsuspecting congoers who are expecting to bite into a delicious chocolate chip cookie… we must stop this monster

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I can confidently say my cosplay for this shit is the best I've ever done, cost $600 and a ton of modification...

You could say it's "pretty good"

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Not a chance. :^)

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That's a record already innit

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Old thread hit bump limit.

My comm president is having her 40th birthday tomorrow. Wtf, I would have guessed she was like 25, but she has 2 kids who both cosplay Sonic th Headgod chracter

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All of these hobby spaces have wonderful people in them and unfriendly people in them. I do hear about drama in far away communities but I've never personally experienced that in the communities I've been in (cosplay, lolita, art, other creative hobbies). I don't think I got unusually lucky, I think the drama is the exception not the rule.

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Anime North

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On one hand, I want to cosplay something I'm passionate about because that's the entire point.
On the other hand, I want to cosplay something popular because I experienced the unfathomable dopamine hit of someone asking to take a picture with me and that memory will stay with me for the rest of my life as it is quite possibly the only time anyone I don't already know has been that interested in me.

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When I went to Miku Expo in NYC, I saw a girl at the bar dressed as Miku. It was so cute.

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Let the threadly con karaoke posts, commence! I can sweep the floor with 90% of singers on a bad day. I'm now so self-assured, I'm gonna sign up for a contest the next time I see one. Feels good already man

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Is it a trap or just a malnourished anorexic girl? i can't tell and ,,THEY'' refuse to answer by ignorin me on tiktok. The use of this person is proxypoison_cosp, go check it out and tell me what you think

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In before the ACK

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1) don't care
2) would

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So I'm trying make the weapons in pic related and I was wondering what materials I should use.

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please tell me

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Cosplay noob here. I'm looking to make a mask like this. The character is relatively obscure, so I can't just buy one, but I've never done something like this before. From what I've seen paper mache is the go-to, but the horns are what throw me. I'm not sure where I'd even get started with something like that.

Basically, any tips? Is paper mache the way to go? Would this be too difficulty for a beginner, should I give up and go with something else? thanks.

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Basically what >>10910459 said. But I want to add that sculpting a face like that on foam without previous experience is really hard. The horns are actually the easiest part.

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If you want a smooth and symmetric finish, either make a foam pattern or a 3d print. Paper mache or other hand sculpting/molding mediums will likely end up sad and lumpy looking.

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Sounds like it'll be too tough for my first time, especially since the con is in a month and I was planning on making 5 for my whole friend group. Thanks for the advice anons, I'll go with something easier and try this again next con.

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No problem anon, good luck with your future plans
Might I recommend Amaurotine masks and robes instead? Those are very easy to find on Etsy.

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>my first time
>the con is in a month
>I was planning on making 5 for my whole friend group
Thanks for the kek anon. The Dunning-Kruger effect is alive and well

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It's been 10 years
Are cons safer now?
Anyone encountered any con creeps?

I (male) got my butt grabbed by another guy once, didn't bother me desu (not gay)

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Bait but even if it were true... she's consenting to doing stuff with the hot guys and not consenting to doing anything with the ugly one. What part of that do you not understand? Do you really think women owe every man attention or affection just because he exists?

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>sexualize yourself
>complain about being sexualized

The average woman is like the homeless guy masturbating on a bus, they thing what they are doing isn't wrong

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Just men and women not so stealthily grabbing my ass. I know its plump and shit but at least ask me first.

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Defcon took an enormous heelturn when the various allegations of them hit the internet. Now its safe space nonsense with troons everywhere. Oh yeah and its full of business casual normies that don't know shit fuck about anything.

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based analogy

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Can anyone who's been tell me what fanexpo in Toronto is like? I tried looking for a past schedule to get an idea but I can't find one. Also what's the hotel situation like vs traveling to and from by car? My only con experience was going to anime north a few times but I'm really not feeling it this year and thought I'd try something new.

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Gratuitous use of religious iconography

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How come? The theme is great. There are some shitty pics but at least it is not another "big boobs" thread. Such is the state of cgl

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This thread concerns:
- Getting laid at a convention
- How to get a cosplay gf/bf
- Anything related to romance, dating, and sex at cons

>Required reading

>Should I make my own thread?
No! Mods will remove it.

>Will I be able to get laid at a con if I can't get laid in real life?

>Thread question:
Have you hit on people at cons? Have you been approached yourself? In either case, how did it go?

>Thread question:
Have you hit on people at cons? Have you been approached yourself? In either case, how did it go?

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>>Will I be able to get laid at a con if I can't get laid in real life?


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>this shit again
>with the same shitty article from some AI site
What is there even left to discuss after the last thread?

>> No.10910370

people telling their con stories and asking for personalized help, dingus.

People spam with these threads all the time so let's just keep discussion here

>> No.10910372

You mean those fake stories?

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>> No.10910272

I know this is the "cosplay meta" but some photos get so shopped and filtered they might aswell be CGI..
Like, it pisses me off. There's a cosplayer I follow who's super handsome in-person and does really good makeup but you could NEVER tell from the photos because he always filters/smooths/liquifies the hell out of his pics

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It really sucks that nowadays even if you're naturally good looking(specifically in the context of cosplayers), many people will just assume you have great makeup/photoshop skills instead.

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iirc it happened to take place around the 2010's with either the new 52 and/or the suicide squad movie but i'm not sure on how everyone decided to start dressing up as her

(for that matter, did any major (cos)player dress up as her prior to 2011?)

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Arkham games

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honestly i doubt the bodysuit is considered "slutty" as it were

honestly it's more covered-up/kid-safe

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Forgive me for staring.

>> No.10910559

Bruv that’s JNig, she wants people to stare. That’s what her whole career is based on

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update from the man himself: i totally miscalculated the “when”

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Will there be any good pre-made fallout jumpsuits released now that the show is a success? I got this micco one and it’s good but a really high quality one would be better.

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Fallout is dead. It will now be infected with normalfags that only play the Bethesda games. Do whatever you can to distance yourself from it.

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Fallouts pre-Bethesda were pointless to cosplay because resolution of outfits was incredibly low you braindead /v/ professional noplayer
Where it died was with Fallout 4

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