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Consciousness is NOT
>the experiencing part of being
Consciousness is
>the online or offline part of being

Experiencing is the 'living' parts, which is primarily the heart and brain, but fully our organism.

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This makes my fucking blood boil. I've been going to cons for years and never got to do this as a nerd nigga, how come this guy gets to?

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most men prefer being the steppee than the stepper

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pissy nigger shoes on her bare body, disgusting.

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>how come this guy gets to?

I am disgusted by everyone doing the step on thing

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this. can cons ban it already? we had a girl getting her toes licked and spitting in people’s mouth at anyc for money we need to stop this shit now

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this shirt weird as fuck fr

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Seems to have hurt your fee fees.

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I'm not sure what you mean so I'll elaborate. I have no problem with calling these weirdos she, her, they, or whatever they want to be called in person. That's basic courtesy, I'm not going to disrespect them to their faces. But I don't understand how you guys don't get exhausted by all this. I come to 4chan so I can finally drop the act and not have to worry about using the wrong name or pronoun or whatever. Why bring that shit here?

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1) Being nice isn't an act for everyone.
2) You clearly do have a problem with the weirdos.
3) You seem to be lying and pushing propaganda, not me.

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Rochester, NY @ RIT
March 4 - 5, 2023

Anyone ever been to this or planning on going this year? I spent 4 years of my life at RIT and never went, but I'll be in the area this year and I'm considering checking it out. What should I expect?

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Bumping in a desperate attempt that someone who's been to this con sees it.

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ur ma

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Anyone got her deleted onlyfans content

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Mesa, Arizona, on January 6-8th. Anyone planning on going to this? Will guests and events return to it after the controversy from previous year? Any anons have previous experiences with this convention, good or bad?

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Cisplay Party Dubai with Barrett Kosn Black Sand FZE 2022

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How to make a Char Aznable cosplay? Any cool ideas ? I have no clue about how to do the helmet

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There is a Cosplay help thread
And I guess google might be your friend

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I know I'll get hanged for this comment, but you can literally buy a Char outfit from ezcosplay for like $99. With it that cheap, you can buy it and alter it a bit to make it look nicer, but you'll have all the bits sans helmet.

As for the Helmet, I've seen STL files for it available online. Do you have access to a 3D printer? If not you'll have to go the ol pepikura/bondo route

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Ok, this really is getting to the point where it doesn’t feel worth it anymore. But fuck it. It’s habitual.

Anime on UK 2023
June 17-18, 2023 National Exhibition Centre
Birmingham, UK

Tokonatsu 2023 August 10-14, 2023 Boyd Memorial Camp Site and Activity Centre
Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK

I’m sure there will be Kitas, Ames, minami etc with dates somewhere as well as all the usual Expo MCM comic LFCC things and random local version.

Let’s all sit back and have some existential dread over a winter of blackouts, food / rent we can’t afford and prospects of everyone being made redundant or fired as the economy collapses from a series of conspiracy related reasons.

Drama optional.

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Avoid unleashed events, ran by a nonce
Avoid monolopy events, ran by a douchebag who treats his staff like shite
Avoid anime league, ran by a nonce

Kek stick to the good ones

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so basically no cons.

The "good" nonces in kita/Amecon ran out of unpaid jannies/rapist collaborators?

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Shirts back on lads. It's over.

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Top lad

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- Are you doing something with your comm for Christmas? Share go give others ideas of fun activities
- Your best recent purchase. Please feel free to bragg
- The "I lost it and it still hurts" item
- How happy/how sad are you about your current situation in this fashion
- Are you already planning your wardrobe post of 2023?

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My "i lost it and it still hurts" items from the past year:
>A 2002 Meta OP, i bid on a listing for it on y!ja, right before it ended another got listed on wunderwelt for like 200 bucks. I assumed I would still win the auction so I passed on the wunderwelt because I didn't want to possibly end up with 2 of the same item. I didnt win the bidding anyways and the wunderwelt listing sold.
>Both of my HG dream dresses selling on closetchild for 8k yen and 20k yen respectively. They took the listings down for both so i can't even look at the details
Feels bad man

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I feel you, nonny. I could have bought the Melty Ribbon Chocolate JSK Milkyfawn was selling back in the day. I think about it sometimes and want to cry…

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I'm also from a small comm where everyone knows each other and it's the same group of active lolitas at every meet so I relate to this.

I'm currently very broke and can rarely fit into old school stuff anyway but I'm unbothered by people sharing their purchases, so if your comm members are angry that they can't afford or fit into the stuff you buy then that's their problem and there's nothing you can do. Let them seethe.
You've tried steering the conversation onto other more positive/enjoyable topics and that sadly didn't work out for you.

I guess the takeaway is that they don't all have to like you, why would you be friends with people who dislike you because of what you buy for yourself with your own money, and maybe you could only focus on becoming/staying friends with people you know you get along with and who can talk about other things than the price/fit issues of lolita.

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Lolita feels incoming

I'm so happy to have my wardrobe and the progress I've made. It's not perfect or complete but it makes me so incredibly joyous. My pieces and style are different to that of others, and it makes me happy to know how specific to me the pieces are. There's something so beautiful about being able to express yourself well through clothing. I hope in future it will hold even more special pieces that I adore.

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Would stay a lone-lita if I was in this situation, I’d say if you really want to make things work try hosting a meet and if nobody shows you’ll know they want nothing to do with you, I’d recommend making lolita friends through Instagram, I value my Instagram friends about as closely as my comm friends and my comm is very active and lovely so that’s saying something, don’t give up hope anon

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Why is it that con panels today are either
>video essays that can be/are on youtube
>returning panels from last year, because it was so popular they hardly changed anything
>some guy just talking about his shit opinion and may let the audiance chime in on theirs, all equally uninteresting
>celeb guest q&a circlejerks (ironically the best quality of panel so far)
>some amateurish game show that is fun until one of the panel hosts do something incompetent or get pissed for various reasons, ruin the game, and your win didn't count
Did social media and the advancement of the internet kill the con panel? Meeting stars and creators is just about the only thing you can't do anywhere else. Sneak peaks are all leaked or broadcasted online, special event merch and giveaways are shitty, and you almost pray for some retard to think eating a cake baked by a congoer who gave it to you is a good idea and throw up on stage just to make things unique.
I still love cons but every year I find myself more and more selective about panels because I keep finding so many stinkers. Idk if they're getting worse or the rose tinted glasses are just off.

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Depends on the panel - we want to a panel by a copyright lawyer talking about fair use, copyright, lawsuits etc. It was informative and the next year she ask has anyone been to her last panel which luckily the small group most people went to the panel from last year so she move on to next tier stuff and has more information.

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You guys are going to panels?

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>"LGBT in fandom"
There are like five of these stupid things at every single con now and I highly suspect that if I actually went to one it would just be some autistic white girl claiming to be bi or nonbinary before spending the whole time sperging out about yaoi boys.

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I once got drunk and went to a crossplay panel to laugh at ugly trannies. Also once got drunk and went to someone's actual wedding which for some reason was a panel?? If you're going to panels for things you actually care about you're doing it wrong.

>> No.10822374

seconding this anon. getting smashed and going to random panels is the best way to spend con downtime desu

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I feel like I can’t be myself in the lolita community. They’ll say “everyone deserves to have an opinion!” until yours are the opposite of theirs. Ten years ago, I could talk about how lolita is a women’s fashion and how I hate men who invade our spaces - Nowadays, I can’t even say the word woman without fucking offending someone. It’s insane to me that 4chan is the only place where I can speak my true thoughts, I hate putting on a mask in front of everyone. I think I’m going to become a lonelita. Does anyone else feel this way?

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what the hell are you talking about? men have never had issues with their spaces invaded lmao

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this is so embarrassing. get therapy anon

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Nta but try going to an irl lolita meet and expressing a political or cultural opinion that’s not diet leftist Bernie supporter. You’ll be kicked out of that group in an instant for ‘literally killing trans teens’. It’s not just the internet
what male spaces? OP is talking about lolita

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> try going to an irl lolita meet
see, this was your first mistake. It’s an autistic hobby for chronically online people; you can’t be upset when they have autistic, chronically online opinions

I deal with this by being a lonelita who only makes lolita friends via social media. The few friends I make are still all autistic but I can at least screen out the toxic sjws and sissies

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>The few friends I make are still all autistic but I can at least screen out the toxic sjws and sissies

nayrt, this is golden advice.

I can confirm that the people who are excessively woke/toxic SJW online are also like that irl/at meets.

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So to start off with, I’m a white male and I’m about to commission a fursuit based on a lion, I want to add some uniqueness to his character and was gonna add dreadlocks and feather to the head like in the pic. What I wanted to know is if this would be cultural appropriation? Because I’d be borrowing from both African and Indian cultures? What’d you guys think should I change anything or is this okay?

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>What I wanted to know is if this would be cultural appropriation?

Who the fuck is going to know? You'll be totally concealed in a furry costume. If someone confronts you, just be all "I have a fursona AND am trans-racial". No one will question your mental instability for a number of reasons.

Also this

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I think the dreadlocks will be fine, in the end your portraying a black furry character, so dreadlocks will fit. But I would be careful with the feathers, they are part of a still active religion. But nevertheless good luck with the fursuit

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kill yourself nigger faggot

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Lowtax is dead. Let your fur flag fly. That dude is why furry hate is even a thing.

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I mean you're larping as a made up character so just do whatever.

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Previous thread is auto saging

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Actually just a delusional fat woman who never made it past primary education and is obsessed with anime culture. Her posts are riddled with typos and read like it's done by a child.

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A grown woman looking for people doing BNHA roleplayers is disgusting. Does she get off on the fact that the characters are minors?

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I just read the full post and wow I'm convinced this woman is mentally challenged and shouldn't have unsupervised internet access

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My favorite is when people do stuff like this and cross post their coords on reddit and facebook. So now all of china knows their real name along with their history.

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I HATE this greasy bangs look everyone has. Brands keep trying to push this hairstyle and it looks so ugly.

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Does anyone have any photos of Faye’s j fashion before she decided she was a guy? I loved her style so much and she was my fashion inspo but she deleted everything when she trooned out

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The only outfit I could find, she used to do so much fairy kei and decora but she wiped it all

I wish I could remember her old tumblr or insta or something

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A Fair Chance for Every Child

One of the adverse effects of poverty is that it forces children to grow up too quickly. By adding sudden responsibility and unfair stresses of life on young children, a tough life can rob kids of their innocence. Protecting children from the harsh impact of poverty is a noble cause.
Save The Children is an organization that fights for this cause with as much efficiency as possible. 86 cents of every dollar donated to the organization reaches the children, while less than fifteen percent goes towards the operating expenses.

The organization maximizes its impaooct by providing poultry and farm animals to those living in poverty in agricultural regions. One can donate anything from a chick to a goat or a cow to children who would benefit froooom raising the animals. https://www.savethechildren.org/

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I refuse to buy a wig but wanna cosplay something for the first con I’ve been to since covid. I have shoulder-length, slightly curly brown hair with bangs but am willing to cut basically all of it off for the look. Any ideas?

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DOTA 2's Marci if you ponytail it.

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What the fuck, is this was DOTA heroes look like now? This looks like a fan OC, this is just a regular girl.

>> No.10821913

This is merely what happens when a Saudi Prince ponies up for anime Dota for Netflix
And the OC Donut steel girl turns out to be best girl. The fact she has a over plain look to her is just a bonus.

>> No.10821916

If you refuse to buy a wig, just give up on cosplay altogether.

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Is it worth the price?

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