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Last thread >>9312977

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Thug Life

Larme + Lolita ?

I really like how her hair works with those bear ears; I feel like it balances them out well.

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>replica reeeeeeeeeee

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really like this, even the exposed shoulder. If it had just 5% more poo towards the bottom it'd be spot on for me

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>5% more poo

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Last one got deleted for ot. >>9314641

Wig cap too tight? Petticoat deflating? Share those cgl-related feels here!

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>at a tiny con
>browsing artist alley while wearing classic
>find accessory table
>"hey anon, it looks like you could use some cat ears!"
>points out cat ear headbands that are outlined with fake flowers
>"nah I'm gud"

I'm so sad there wasn't another lolita nearby to hear what happened but it the irony was too delicious not to share

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>Christmas present last year: Money, because my dad didn't get paid in December and when he finally did they had no time to get any presents for me
>Birthday was right after and I got more money
>Decided to place a FromJapan order using 1/3 of those moneys to show my parents so it feels like they bought something nice for me anyway
>1 day after I began my order, they stopped taking Mercari orders temporarily
>Have over 20 items bookmarked that I want to buy from there
>Time is running out, 2 weeks later and it's still not possible to buy anything from there

gdi FromJapan, get it together.

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I already do. Why do you assume I don't? I also take meds and practice all sorts of fun techniques that only do so much good. You sound like a huge bitch though, that is also something you can go to therapy for btw, and I suggest you do.

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Just use a different SS then...? I haven't used FromJapan myself but judging from the SS thread a lot of people seem to have had bad experiences with them recently.

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>I wish that lolita fashion didn't attract so many weird autistic middle aged ladies
well now at least I know what people will think of me if I ever try wearing lolita. thanks for the honesty I guess.

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I need some help finding a pattern to something similar to the outfit in the picture, I'm a newfag and a beginner cosplayer

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>I'm a newfag and a beginner cosplayer
I can't wait to see you fail.

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Can we have a thread dedicated to themes we just want to fucking die already, or themes that should have never been a thing in the first place like pic related

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You see I'm actually fine with weird stuff like this because at least it's different. Much more interesting than 500th punk Sailor Moon or sexy Eeveelution, and at least I get either some laughs or puzzlement.

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I honestly would be less mad if there are effort and some individuality with repeat cosplays. If bunnysuits were actually made with the correct fabrics and techniques or evveelutions had unique designs than those gypsy Jnig ones, or even if those ballet disney had actually taken the time to make real tutus and ballet tops and hand beadings I could really appreciate the craftsmanship.

But we all know its just shitty slut hype.

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Not gonna lie, >>9320754 is actually pretty cute. I actually think fairytales and ballets go well together, given they're both narratives that often feature pretty 'princesses', and the common denominator being 5-10 y.o. little girls who worship both (best use of "why not both?", a ballerina princess cosplayer would probably make the day for 5 y.o. me).

OP >>9320712 sucks because it's shitty cosplay, not because it's a terrible idea. Half their bodices don't fit, their tutus are fugly underwear meant to be worn under other dresses (which is why they look so crap, they aren't normally meant to be seen), and most of them aren't even wearing shoes.

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I'm so disappointed that nobody ever made Samurai group cosplay. There's the Samurai Stormtroopers, but I'd like to see Samurai OW or Samurai YOI or Samurai SU. Just anything draped in Hakama or covered in homemade Dou.

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literal camel toe. kek

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If someone is going as the Stardust Crusaders crew in a fan cosplay, what should we do about Iggy, if we can't bring in a Boston Terrier?

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Plush toy

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Black and white skinsuit and cheap as fuck boston terrier mask. Iggy gives no fucks, and neither should the person pretending to be him.

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Is anyone going?

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Does anyone have source or know who this girl is?

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From the eyebrows, I want to say Lana Rain. She's a professional camgirl.

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>not selfposting at all

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That's my gf m8


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this is the third time

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Let's have a cgl nostalgia / where are they now thread. Not all about trips, but other popular older stuff that happened on cgl

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Haha that pic the best I need that wallscroll in my life

and yeah I was just giving you shit drugs are for degenerates

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>I need that wallscroll in my life

One better. It's a dakimakura pillow cover.

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>ctrl f frankie

at least i'll always remember me

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word I used to post/collect FranDan and Miyu and Kipi pics back in '06 and '07 back when cgl was a red board

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Rofllll I died

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Do you kwon?
spcats Tasha is cosplay Sylvanas Windrunner.
Just my opinion very gorgeous!!

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>cuz the previous one didn't even have cringe

Also not sure if this girl is a troll or blood dead serious.

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This is the entire reason why live action films and anime does not mix.

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>So yeah, have a nice day.

Everything about this person is fucking hilarious

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Oh my goodness, that first video makes me so nostalgic for my weeb days. So oblivious, so free, just having fun being into my animu and LeetStreet Boys...

I'm unfamiliar with the source material on this. What makes this video cringey?

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>god tier

Omfg of COURSE she does Let's Plays

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Holy shit I find this girl so fascinating lol

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Has this ever happened to you?

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Oh man, constantly. I'm on my fifth one this week.

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Old one is kill. >>9314641

Share those cgl-related feels here.

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Start looking around for cheap apartments in your city and do not tell anyone else what you're doing in advance. Move out and live by yourself so you won't have to depend on anyone else.
It can't hurt to try with your crushes and see what happens, you never know... and there'll assuredly be other people that you'll like, if neither of those are interested. That said, in all honesty and with all things being equal you probably have a better chance of a stable healthy relationship with a girl, so maybe focus more energy in that direction.

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Tfw I'm losing weight, going strong on my diet. Know I shouldn't be looking at clothes until I hit goal, but glance at Haenuli anyway and see pic related. Today is last day for preorder and I'm sorely tempted because I have the money, but don't want to buy small when I'm not there yet or buy at current size when it'll be too big. Especially since I want the skirt and the JSK2

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This combination of image and post. I'm screaming.

>> No.9320322

Honestly Haenulis measurements are always bigger than smaller, so id say if you really want it and are working towards it, why not by the small? Chances are its bigger than it says anyways.

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Then go have sex, and stop feeling bad.

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Fursuit general
Meet thread: >>>/soc/24815421
The autex of Telephone's language is like a pan-galactic gargle blaster.

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Female furries tend to be more ~creatively inclined~, whereas male furries generally just make a fursona and commission art/porn of it.

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Men make fursuits too! We're just more... pragmatic about cost is all.

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Huh. Well, I guess that makes sense. I always assumed that like everything else in the furry community men just outweighed women in the fursuiting business.

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So what were some of the more disappointing cons you have ever went to? A con that genuinely made you feel was a genuine waste of cash

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Little con in Missouri going into it's third year now titled Sausomecon.

It got lucky and had a good first year despite the cringe inducing name!

Second year in it was an absolute shit show in just about every way imaginable. Day of con panels rescheduled all across the board, artist alley stuck in the back row of main events for some fucking reason??? Cosplay contest announcer making terrible jokes or straight up lewd comments about contestants (I'm going to be thinking of that peach cosplayer tonight when I'm alone in my hotel room!) and to take the cake a little bit -too- unironic baby pool ball pit.

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Anime California 2016 really screwed the pooch. I loved it for being a backyard hotel party con for the previous couple years.

2016 they tried to go too large and fucked it all up by renting out LBCC, and the con was legit worse, and made logistics a nightmare (I worked staff this time, bad idea.)

The people "in charge" wanted to be in charge in name only, but not actually handle anything that required responsibility. It was a fuckfest.

I also had to babysit a borderline autist girl the entire weekend.

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I'm sad that Anime California is now dead. Its first year in 2014 was pretty damn fun for a first year con. Met a lot of gulls there that I still talk to.

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This past Otakon. Way too hot, not very impressive panels (the ones I wanted to go to filled up way too quickly, too), and I had a lot of people duck out of the room so it ended up costing a LOT more than anticipated. Might not go this next year, not at $80 for the badge.

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Otronicon in Orlando. It used to be a halfway decent gaming con held at the Orlando Science Center, with things ranging from a huge room of arcade machines to fighting game tournaments and LAN parties. Something changed though. I used to go with my friends since about 2008/9, and it slowly started to shift the emphasis from "THREE DAYS OF HARDCORE GAMING" to "Here's how video games are changing the defense and medical sector", with a whole floor being dedicated to companies like Lockheed and Orlando Regional Medical showing off how a gamer like you can get a totally rad job. Hell, there was even this champagne doused circle jerk of corporate execs and city chairmen the day before it opened to the public.

Last time we went, which think was 2013 or 2014, the arcade room had shriveled up to about the size of a broom closet, the PC gaming room was no more, the aforementioned corporate floor, half a level of EA sports, and overall disappointment. There was also this brony DJ who had an audience of about three.

I haven't been since, and I can only dread what it was like this year.

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how the heck does this guy see out of this cosplay because I'm planning a JJBA Cream stand cosplay as well, sadly just not as good looking

>> No.9319708

how the heck did you miss both the jjba thread AND the help thread?

>> No.9319823

I don't know, I looked 3 separate times before making this thred

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Didn't see the previous one in the catalog anymore so starting a new one. Katsu's about a month away. What are you currently working on? Any photogs to avoid this year? Etc etc...Discuss.

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Host a party. Hell, invite me and drink.

>> No.9321009

Ahaha I don't want to have to pay the repairs to my room. Might take you up on the drinking bit though. You go to the cgl meet up?

>> No.9321019

If one ends up happening, sure.

>> No.9321028

How long does pre-reg usually take on Friday?

>> No.9321054

Like an hour-ish? Katsu is usually pretty bad with their pre-reg.

Also I'm >>9320985, anyone potentially need a room? I have a regular room at the Gaylord.

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Anyone else attending this?

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I need help finding a dress on Amazon for a Crona cosplay (I'll be making the collar + cuffs myself)
I'm a 6'1" boy with 33-32-36 measurements
I'd prefer to find something under $40 but just a bit more than that wouldn't be too bad
I know this is all difficult criteria to work with but any help would be appreciated
The best I found is this one-


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>> No.9319471

Whoops sorry, did not see that and this is my first time using this board

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Who /abq/ here?

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My com has some gender queer, gay, feminist and all kind of lolitas. While most are nice and dress good, some are clearly there just to talk and advance their point of view on other political and gender issues. I realy dont mind what a person is or think - but why must they constantly shift the conversation to this? Its a Lolita Community!
What do you think? Has this ever happened in your comm?

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Feminism and SJW bullshit is the direct cause of everything that's been complained about in this thread up until I pointed out the elephant in the room.

Predictably enough clowns like you showed up to be dismissive.

>> No.9319452

>some anons have a civil discussion about some annoying people in their comms
>annoying people sound to be on the same level as furries or shitty scene kids from the past

Yeah ok.

>> No.9319460

This dude shows up to the big convention in my state. I met him years ago and he's always weirded me the fuck out.

>> No.9319470

Yeah desu, that's one of the only things the Dutch comm has going for it.

>> No.9319506

>complaining about SJWs and then throwing out a term like "victim blaming"

lmao you're all insufferable

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