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Help me dye my hair /cgl/!
Tried yesterday using >pic related
I have short, medium light brown hair, left plenty of color on for 25 minutes, and when I washed it literally everything came off

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Incredible answer, thank you!

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i have used the exact same one with my brown hair- did nothing. 2nd experiment was mild bleach and my hair turned green but it wasnt horrible i guess. Lastly tried bleatching properly and it finally worked but result was bit blotchy. It was so bothersome I'd just recommend going to hairdresser.

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>That said, sounds like your hair might have been too healthy. Semi permanent really only stays on bleached hair. The damaged cuticle is what lets the dye penetrate, plus it's just brighter on blond so it looks better too.
this... just no. it's based on pigment, which is why people with blonde hair don't need to bleach it.

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You're welcome! People's opinions on the products vary but some I personally like include Artic Fox, Manic Panic Amped, Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime, Pravana Vivids and Pulp Riot.

Generally purples and blues fade more to the ugly greenish colors while pinks and reds and oranges tend to stay truer to color but just to fade out. I think reds and such are also supposed to fade quicker but I feel like they last longer for me.

Steer clear of Splat dye, everything I've heard suggests that it'll fuck your hair up. And no brand's pastels really last long plus your hair needs to be almost white blond.

Nonna is right that a salon is your best bet, but you pay a lot more for it! I basically started these colors in the 90s when it was all DIY. My hair is dark so I went short before bleaching bc I knew I might fry it. It's just hair though, it grows back!

Anyhow with practice you can do something pretty vibrant and long lasting at home for WAY less... just need to get used to it! And maybe not mind fried hair lol.

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Ok if you say so but in my many years of experience with it that hasn't been what I've seen. The times I've put fashion colors on natural blonds it's washed out hella quick. So I'm just telling her what I have experienced. The bleach damage seems to make a difference. Pink stays bright in my bleached hair for months, not weeks or days. If you're a hairdresser or have firsthand experience then I bow to your knowledge but it's still not what I've seen.

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make jfash with AI. craiyon, midjourney, stable diffusion, maybe even dall-e2. whatever you've got, let's go.

old thread >>10781025

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Midjourney has some pretty interesting results. Although it's more artwork oriented.

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Taobao trash

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Chinese anime cons be bussin

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In honor of Bridget's release in Guilty Gear Strive, please post all your Bridget cosplays. The more old school the better.

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Does anyone have experience or recommendations on getting a custom bomber / flight jacket? I'm looking to do an Ed cosplay for his new style in street fighter 6

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Sou desu, watashi wa Fluffzen.

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I wanna cosplay her so bad.

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Post all the evo cosplay you found. Looks like they turned the fighting game into a con with the artist gallery apparently and cosplay

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Rando (tkn's bf? They really played Tekken with that thing lmao)

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MsValentine2552 (she was in the front row during DBFZ top 8)

That's all I got. Sticking to one costume per person to be fair. Hope you guys had a good time watching or attending EVO!

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I think the girl is Celiste. She posted entering with the chainsaw controller

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Tranny is the best

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Here's the difference: they still wore them. They understand that sometimes in life in order to participate you have to follow rules, which is what a lot of anti-mask people seem to fail to understand.

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FAQ (last updated: July 16th): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-URQl5wxxBzP4-VWfMKfLG8ZqOkGt9Yoyo6Qbm333vs/edit?usp=sharing
Cosplay recommendations thread: >>10789095
Crossplay/crossdressing thread: >>10783996
LARP thread: >>10787705
Taobao thread: >>10726943
Aliexpress thread: none :(
Stupid j-fashion questions thread: >>10790350
Previous thread: >>10788208

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I'm just trying to decide whether to wear my kazuha cosplay instead, at least I know it looks okay since I get complimented in it.

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Did anyone else go to Dublin comic con last weekend? I'm doubting it because slow + American majority board but wondering if any other seagulls went

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are there any cheap ass sewing machines on amazon that are worth getting just to learn with, ive never sewed anything in my life

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Go secondhand instead of cheap.

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Also whether you buy new or used, make sure to get a full-sized machine, don't bother with a mini.

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Previous Thread >>10792927

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Is it a girl or a boy?

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Make it less obvious next time kek

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it's kind of hilarious how you keep posting this chick here and every time without fail you get like 5 (You)s saying how cute she looks.

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I am getting a rhinoplasty and a otoplasty sometime after today and before 2023.!

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I am getting a rhinoplasty and a otoplasty sometime after today and before 2023.……….

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Spooky (halloween) edition

Last thread: >>10749446

Post cute usakumyas & kumakumyas

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damn, he's thick

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Would anyone happen to know where I can get a Palatine Guard outfit with size variations or at least one that can be tailored? I have looked, but my searches have been unsuccessful.

Thank you for your help.

(Pic related, it is the uniform.)

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Do you have any better reference pictures? You could probably get a good reenactment-uniform company to make one for you (it will be expensive, but it looks like most of it is a pretty standard uniform for the era so it won't be megabucks).

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Behold, all the pictures I have:

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use the larp or cosplay stupid questions thread.

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Being healthy is kawaii

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were we discussing obese people or were we discussing people who just want to shed a few pounds?? stop moving the goal post, also dieticians are also just as wary as recommending it, so far most don't unless it's for epileptic children or Alzheimer's patients you dumbass .

moid confirmed.

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>detox your body

this is always the tell tale sign that a person understands little when it comes to the human body/biology. you never need to "detox" your body, that's not how our systems work, and you made the assumption that the person had a "fatty liver" because they said they have a gut.

>> No.10797271

>anon literally says their liver is trying to burst from their stomach
>I just somehow made assumptions
You sure showed me, anon.
There are different views on detox, thankfully. Fasting does has beneficial effects on the liver, if you want to believe it or not.

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it's a man.

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>most do NOT recommend keto UNLESS under the guided instruction of a physician that believes it can facilitate specific goals outside of weight loss.

Yeah I don't like keto and don't think it's great to recommend to most people for weight loss or better than other diet choices, I stated that in my post. Half of it was talking about why it sucks and why people end up unhealthy doing it and why it's pointless compared to a reasonable balanced diet.

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Post your best Devil & Angel Women...
Separately or hybrid.
Also, what do you call the shoulder spikes in this image? I need to see more of them....

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Anyone know anything about this con, or been to it before?

What's the vibe? The name makes me feel like it's pony cancer leftovers

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Thought I'd start a thread for ireland

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Has akumacon ever gotten a legit voice actor apart from the time they got Steve Blum over a vid link?

Sick to me teeth of them constantly bringing over MasakoX

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Top kek at the image, think anyone could photoshop Mehole as an ita?

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Post your favorite threads whether it be from Instagram, Dreamwidth, Facebook ect.

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they taste good, you're just a hater

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Yeah kinda thought of that after I posted it, wasn’t sure if I should just post the front facing picture because they were wearing masks which people sometimes freak out about on 4chan.

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let them freak out, this is a japanese fashion board and masks have always been part of fashion snaps here

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it is not the taste that gets you fined

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simple - just don't breathe and eat da poo poo

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Richfag here. Where do you guys find a tailor for your custom cosplay? Any tips?

I want the most economical way to get something tailored specifically and perfectly with high-quality materials. Getting everything right is critical, particularly the shape and how it works with structural components. Quality and economy are both competing interests but i'd like to maximize both

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What's the best way to find commissioners?

>> No.10796396

You want to find a bespoke costumer.

If the picture is what you want made, you want to look for costumers who have experience making tailored menswear. If they are local to you (or close enough that you’re willing to travel there), even better as you can do fittings and adjustments in person. However, a skilled maker can do it using only measurements. You will most likely want to get measured professionally unless you know someone experienced in it because if someone is drafting based on measurements alone and you fuck up the measurements, it’s not going to fit and you’ll be in the hook to pay for modifications based on that fuck up. It’s easier to just get it done properly from the beginning.

This will likely cost more than you expect that it will, and it probably won’t be what you would call economical. Most bespoke costumers charge much less than they’re worth because people expect the cost of Chinese factories but custom made in the US/Europe etc.

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lmao no. being a mizer is a nu-money quality. rich people literally don't care.

>> No.10796428

poor detected

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This anon >>10796311 laid it out really well. To add onto what they said, it helps to follow costumers on Twitter and Instagram. Many of the high level ones (especially those who judge contests or participate in journeyman / masters level contests). Take the CRX Masquerade happening this Saturday for example, you can look up the judges and contestants, see which are open for commissions, and look at their work. Also look through people they retweet or talk to a lot since they tend to be in friend circles. Alternatively you can check out the hashtags.

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I think she's supposed to be the typical demographic of the show's fanbase

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