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Thread for the discussion of cosplayer Keekihime

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There hasn't been one, which is good, but I want to ask who is going to the gooner con Waifu/Kimochii con and what thoughts you have on it and the loss of A-kon

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I don't know those cons but is anyone familiar with anime Matsuri? I might go there

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reviving bc the previous thread from a while ago got nuked

what's everyone's thoughts on cosplay photography in 2024/the foreseeable future? it seems like the amount of bullshit we have to put up with as photographers in the cosplay scene only increases day by day and the cons outweigh the pros

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Then stop doing it, it sounds like it's making you unhappy.

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If you don't like cosplay photography then don't do it anymore!
don't do it anymore!
don't do it anymore!

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I cosplayed as the fnf nigger pedo

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Thoughts on how I could improve it?

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Anyone goin
do you like it
idkfk how to post

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ACEN is currently on-going right now?

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I think I'm gonna go, don't know anything about it. It's gonna be my first con but I don't have high expectations.

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Great start, lads.

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Loved it at the start, but things went downhill for CCE very quickly. The Kalahari kicked all of the cosplayers out of the water park on the last day of the con in its second year, and ever since then there have been more and more problems with the con.
The Poconos Kalahari staff isn't afraid to let CCE attendees know how much they fucking hate them there, and CCE management ignores any and all problems entirely.
It's a good con for room parties, so it's still worth going for that aspect. It was cool taking pics in the water park, but they've essentially banned that. Night swim/after hours water park "party" is just way too fucking crowded to enjoy it anymore.
Get your fill of the party scene there while you can, until they put a stop to that in the next couple of years.

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How come there are no western cosplays of the lovely Katsugano siblings, but only Asian ones?

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Is this a gesture of kindness or does he actually like me

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do you want him to like you?

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Don't over think it. He's just being nice.

Don't assume because it makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me"

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He likes you

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Those cuc/k/s at /k/ sent me over to talk about canes
I consider heavy objects to be weapons but maybe they're too fat to lift anything heavier than their girlfriends .32 pea shooter.
Inform me on weighted canes /cgl/
I've done a small amount of googling on them but can't find much on that precisely
>An individual is allowed to carry swords, sword canes, and machetes, openly or concealed, as these instruments are not classified as weapons anymore.

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Regular of hilariously both /k/ and /cgl/ here.
Local legalities aside, if you live in a place where somehow weapons are not weapons, maaaaaaybe you should consider moving to some place where weapons are weapons, bread is bread, wine is wine and (quoting C. J. Cela) cunt is cunt.
Meanwhile, leave the weighted canes for faggots like... well, like yourself. And stop being a faggot so you don't need one. If you are going to a place where a weighted cane is enough for self-defence, then you don't need it to begin with. Unless you're a half-man whose fists are wea like a 80-old sister of charity's. And if you're going someplace where your fists aren't enough, fucking pack real weapons.

Also note that cosplay cons fall FIRMLY in the first (fist) category.

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>Also note that cosplay cons fall FIRMLY in the first (fist) category.

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that's Mr. until autsimo's orange tipped assault rifle starts firing live rounds, soon, hopefully

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Nice word salad. Are you sure all those words can be actually used in that order?
No, seriously- I need to know. For... science.

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yes, he's saying fists work until someone uses a gun which is disguised to be a prop (con staff often can't tell real firearms from a prop, so painting the tip orange will work)

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The Anime Con Club is hosting a hello kitty theme party Thursday night!

We also have a meetup Friday & Saturday!
Feel free to join us!

You can find the discord link to the club and information to the party -
www.JoinAnimeClub.com !


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Let's say there's some anon who DMs you on social media and offers to support your lifestyle and buy you any and all cosplays, give good cosplay advice, buy flights to bigger cons for you, and literally give their life to being your supporter, but you can tell they truly have feelings for you. What do?

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That sounds like a simp and someone who is going to get used for their money because hey, free money. While it is possible to get a relationship like that, there won't necessarily be love, which your "fall for" implies, and no guarantee there will be a relationship.

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Let's say though this person is someone who is a very caring 5/10 who makes you feel special and really does care for your hobby and how you feel. Would that change any aspect of the situation at all?

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In before the ack

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The person doling out money should not expect any return on his investment. It can happen, but again, there's no guarantee. If you're going to simp hard, be prepared to get nothing in return.

Don't expect things to be like sono bisque doll where Marin likes Gojo because lol the author says so. He doesn't really do anything outstanding for her to love him as much as she does.

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/cgl/ - pseudo prostitutes

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Or something similar

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The help thread that was literally on top when you made this post.

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I have this sintetic wig and i canot for the love of god fix the mes it become i whased it used wig conditioner and a comb for wigs any help or idea is velocome.

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hehe'h, now I understand why some people is evil in 4chins, you get keks out of it

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welcome, welcome! you are learning, but this is hardly evil, this is some light hearted jesting, a little trolling if you will, not the totally heartless shit that some anons do.

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>not the totally heartless shit that some anons do.
I see, cheers

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Where on earth i writed i have jizz on my wig?

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>i have jizz on my wig

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Say it with me folks


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momokun need another round of lipo

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In December last year I bought some blue contact lenses for a convention. I didn't use them because I didn't have time to put them on. I want to cosplay any character (I don't mind cross-dressing) with blue eyes so I can use the blue contact lenses and the money I spent on them does not go to waste.

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a couple characters in .hack//sign or the .hack// saga in general with blue eyes

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johan liebert and anna liebert from monster have blue eyes

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several characters in geneshaft with blue eyes
also in a lot of anime, eyes change from blue to purple depending on the scene

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Whatever this is. It's adorable.

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Is it ACEN yet? edition

Previous thread >>10910795

May 17th-19th, 2024
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center & Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Rosemont, IL

Are you going for the whole weekend?
What are you cosplaying?
Is your cosplay done or are you con crunching?
Are you hosting a panel or working a booth?
Going to the rave?
Favorite part of the con?
Any other activities you’re looking forward to?

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It's okay. I'm drunk as fuck though. Makes it tolerable.

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Didn't they also an hero themselves sometime last year?

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Faggots, thots and a nigger. Classy.>>10915113

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pics or it didnt happen

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See you there fellow brown

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I think this cosplay looks good

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ITT: why you couldn't go to a con last-minute, and how that impacted you.

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Come prepared with a back up plan next time then?

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there is no taxi or uber. there isnt even a bus or train system. sure, once you get inside the city there is, but not when you live outside of it

>> No.10914506

>there is no taxi or uber
you're retarded. next time call up a taxi service from the city and ask for a quote for your location. they'll charge you a hefty amount for the cost of the miles to the pickup address, but it's not like it's impossible.

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the city is 3.5 hours away by car. that is relatively short, but even choosing the closest town to me that has public transport, taxis and ubers from there dont go out to where i live. uber won't even give a price estimate. this is why i had paid for the hotel room and tickets and so on for my ride in exchange for them agreeing to drive me - because there is no other way to get there other than driving, or at least getting driven partway until public transportation starts.

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Last time I checked, public transportation betwen cities is a thing in the forst world. Maybe you should consider migrating out of whatever third world hellhole you're living in. Might be a bigger priority than cosplaying, wouldn't it?

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Tectone is deep in the sauce in love with this girl

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In before the ack

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miz gotta be careful or tectone would snap out and fuck otk over with drama bc of his feelings towards emi

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I need a gf that would obsess over me to the point of killing people, in death note

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Any gals here?

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Oh you're one of these. You realize that tanning for cosplay is banned at cons right? You can get kicked out for it. Online shit seeps into real life especially in smaller circles.

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definitely one of the most horrid jfash out there together with stdecora

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it's not 2012 anymore anon, this weaponized autism affects real life now. people on tiktok especially gas themselves up with this mob mentality shit and actually do assaultive things in real life to people they think are "appropiating" shit.

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they stopped for a few years retard.