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anyone here ever just use cosplaying as an excuse to dress up in the wildest outfits or costumes you can instead of dressing up as actual characters?

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Kind of. On time I attended a con as a knight and another as a samurai, and people would ask me what character I am and then I'd say, 'just a knight' or 'just a samurai.'
I'm not that into cosplay, I just really wanted to make those outfits for some reason and had nowhere else to exhibit them than a con. They were too delicate for LARP.

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Do you guys remember this golden age of /cgl/ cooperation?

I was looking for a pattern when this questionable picture came up in the search. I took a closer look and HOLY SHIT if that's not Lovely Horse Derpy Chan just THERE on the official Simplicity pattern site. Whoever slipped that past them is a real one.

tl;dr The lolita horse /cgl/ immortalized is on an official pattern site.

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I am so happy that Derpy Chan lives on forever. An immortal God.

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aw i remember her (aw i'm old)

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Americans are narcissists

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this was found and posted a long time ago. People were mad because you're not supposed to profit off of it

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Not the point of the thread at all. But I'm glad Burgerland triggers you.

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>there are cons happening on Easter weekend including Good Friday
kinda messed up if you ask me...

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I currently dress classic/OTT classic or old school and am happy with the way I look for now, but I’m getting older I have been rethinking my style. Wondering what you all plan on “graduating” to after lolita. Leave completely and go normie? Go vintage like Candy Violet’s Vivcore? Incorporate lolita pieces with vintage like Fanny Rosie? Historybounding? Larme Kei?

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>shilling rainedragon

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>sharing the only resource that has any information on the aforementioned style
how dare they

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It strikes me as very odd...it's a fashion style, not a school that you "graduate" from. It's weird to anticipate and plan a change in your personal styles and tastes. I went through a lot of fandoms as a kid and teen, and I never decided "hmmm yes after this cartoon then I will get into this anime." It just happened.

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It’s a term used more in ganguro/gyaru fashion. Japanese young adults tend to give up on subculture-type fashions when they “get too old” (ie. over 25) there does seem to be a lot of pressure to grow up and act like an adult over there once you are in your twenties. Pressure which can become toxic and lead some people becoming hikikomori or if they are lucky enough to have a strong personality, just regarded as eccentric (though the latter are usually either famous or other creative self-employed, so have a way of making a decent income without having to give up their personal style no matter how quirky or weird it seems to outside society).

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I don't plan on ever leaving sweet lolita again. I left it for some time thinking I was too old for it. I sold the majority of my golden era AP, wore aristocrat and gothic, regreted that decision and dove head first into it all over again. Milky Planet is what made me fall in love with lolita in the first place and as beautiful as gothic is it doesn't spark joy like OTT sweet does. I'm already in my early 40s so fuck it I will wear 2009-2011 Angelic Pretty into my 80s. I will live my pastel-haired kooky granny life to the fullest.

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Are you ready for Squatchcon 2023?

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Disappointed this isn’t the name of a con in Saskatchewan

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I'll attend a con literally anywhere if I get the chance. Shame I found out on such short notice, cause I could have gone before Sakura.

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Suzupoii thread

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Shill your patreon shit somewhere elselse

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What patreon shit would that be, Anon?

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Just spam suzu pics

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my only intention here is to presure her into posting coom-worthy pictures

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Haven't seen any threads about fairy-kei in a while and I wanna talk about it,so here goes! Feel free to share pics as well.

-What are your wardrobe staples and how do you like to use them?

-Favorite motifs?

-What things do you think are over- or underrated in fairy-kei?

-Dream items?

-Do you have a favorite brand, and what you like about them?

-Do you incorporate yumekawaii/fancy aesthetics into other aspects of your life, like home decor?

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the bottom outfit isn't that

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The dress and blouse are both literally NP, how would it not be that?

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this is so cute

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You can't even spell yumekawaii, let alone identify it.

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>doesn't know the shorthand is yumekawa
Nta but how new are you?

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I never cosplayed before and want to start out by recreating Ace from One Piece.
Could I pull it off?
Any other better characters that might fit me better?
Where do I buy all the stuff I need?
Is there a community discord or sum?
Thanks in advance

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i changed my mind i like you now. live your truth desu

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doesnt matter youre still brown you shitskin

what are you gonna do wear a shirt at all times that says im white im not brown im austrojapbritish or whatever

too bad, society will always perceive you as a poc

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Sure shlomo.
Don't need to project your insecurities on me because you hate your mixed Mexican genes.

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Already started adding back some mass for the summer, I had lost much for Milan fashion week. I'll post cosplay here once I finish it thanks.

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Ahaha ok, he is my fav character NGL but Sogeking looked so complicated.
Aokiji has a tighter face structure I just realized, might do him actually

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>insane demands from cosplayers, more so than an actual paid shoot
>lack of effort from the same cosplayers to shoot on a day that isn't a con.
>cosplayer can't be bothered to watch a few youtube tutorials on how to pose.
>thinks posing like a scene from an anime is the same as posing for a real life photo
>will book multiple photographers for the same outfit on the same day for reasons???
>will post private conversations from (you) in their cosplay group chats
>will facetune any image you take
>will suddenly want to shoot with you if you have any form of clout from bigger cosplayers

While I still enjoy it, I mostly now just shoot for friends/less popular cosplayers. A few of us photographers actually do have our own group chats, and its pretty civil and we don't really shit talk other models, we actually hype eachother up. The cosplay chats i've seen though are pretty fucking vicious.

Any other photographers want to chime in on their experiences?

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just disregard 99% of this thread if it's not actual photography talk.

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wow nice job outing yourself pedo

>> No.10845775

I never shat on sex work?? I shat on claiming to have sex pics from every photoshoot. If youre a sex work photographer then okay but were talking about regular cosplag photography here most models dont suck photog dick

>> No.10845776

why aren't we shitting on sex work?

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How many dicks have avoided your sliced up cottage cheese thighs and rotstink cunt flaps?

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Have you ever cosplayed as a religious figure?

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Does Doomguy count?

>> No.10844881

I'm actually revered as a living reincarnation of a divinity in a certain part of the world, so technically... yes

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Any con worth its salt has a Jesus. It's something I have on a checklist (like inflated Amogus or service dog in costume) any time I go, though this one is taking his role far more seriously.

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CarrierCon 2023. Did anyone here go?

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It was an unexpectedly fun con, the flyover was dope. Azur Lane people were cool and was fun to nerd out with some naval/aeronautic otaku. Was nice to see other series you normally don't see a whole lot of at regular cons be more predominant.
The aircraft were great for taking photos of and with.
Seconding what >>10844483 said about them not having any medical theater, hopefully the vaxie shit is done for.

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Is that your crew? You guys were really cool, I loved your sailor hats. Saw you wandering around here and there.

>> No.10844811

Oh damn people here went to this? I live in Alameda and always thought no one attended this one. Guess I'll pay more attention next time. Were there any Kantai Collection cosplayers?

>> No.10844931

I was only there for an hour or 3 but from what I saw there were just AL cosplayers that were probably only there for the official promotion.
Thirding what >>10844483 said because 90% of my cosplay depended on not having my facial hair covered.

>> No.10844935

I think all of this is just a result of a bunch of boomers being super happy that their charity-based museum ship was given a ton of publicity and donation possibilities. The fact that they were lax on covid hysteria despite Alameda being extremely draconian even for liberal bay area standards sorta proves that. Sometimes boomers are a'ight.

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Are cosplayers too poor to afford this?

>> No.10844475

A razor or that in particular?

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Post organization inspo, tips and products

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Just choosing the one you like the most might be unsatisfying, because as someone who is also between styles that seems to change day by day for me. Trying to find a meeting point between the three that still appeals to your tastes could be an option. That being said, contrast isn't necessarily bad, it just needs to be carefully thought out. If you really want everything to be matchy though I'd suggest choosing a common color scheme that can still incorporate motifs and details that suit each style (ex. dark color scheme but really girly feeling decor/details). Adjusting how sweet-leaning or how classic/gothic-leaning your room appears would probably depend on the colors or details you choose.

To use myself as an example, my choice of decor is admittedly easy to balance since I'm a sweet & classic lolita and I love pastels & floral motifs in both styles. I have a lot of light colored, sweet-friendly items (like super pink bedding & pillows, stuffed animals, sanrio merchandise/cutesy knickknacks, mostly white furniture) that I like to balance out with more classic-friendly items. My desk, mirror and jewelry box are all dark wood, I have an antique tea cart that I like to display items on and use for storage, a lot of my wall decor is more landscape & flower paintings/vintage postcards, and most of my storage containers can be considered a little more classic than sweet (again, simple, delicate florals on light colored backgrounds on things like boxes, pen containers, etc.)

tl;dr mixing decor themes can be done well, it's really all about doing it carefully and taking into consideration how the items you choose balance each other out. If you're okay with things not being super matchy, cool, but think carefully how your decor interacts with other items you own.

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I get the feeling most lolitas tend to stick to one substyle and update their wardrobe when they shift to a different one, but how many of you just collect what dresses you like, regardless of style?

Does anyone buy only dresses with a particular theme or gimmick?

Are there any dresses you had to have even if they didn't match anything?

Do you have a weird blend of styles in your closet, or one of those perfect capsule wardrobes?

Pic related, my wardrobe is gothic but I love the fast food gimmick.

>> No.10845306

I love a lot of different colours and themes so my wardrobe lacks cohesiveness. I accept that I'll never have a "truly" Sweet, Oldschool, or Gothic wardrobe like in the really lovely aesthetic pictures - so my issue is moreso versatility and coverage of all those colours/themes. This does mean needing to have a slightly larger wardrobe though, and less options for some of my dresses.

In fact for my solid colour pieces (which is most of my wardrobe) I keep a spreadsheet. So I don't have more than 1 black JSK, or white SK, or pink/white OP. Maximises my options.

I saw a YouTube video from a lolita who ONLY has mint chocolate dresses. I thought it was amazing how focused she was on such a specific style and how happy she seemed to wear it!

>> No.10845367

Anon from >>10844972
Thank you for your input >>10844986
I guess my biggest problem is that I change styles based on season. Maybe I should have some decor that can be replaced in spring/summer and fall/winter? Idk, maybe I'll go for a vintage aesthetic since I love grandma-type shit. Much to think on.

>> No.10845380

Yeah, rotating decor based on the season is an option too! Though depending on how much you want to rotate out seasonally, that could pose a storage problem if you have limited space.

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yesterday i told my gf i wanna cosplay as eren and then she laughed and was like nah you dont look like him at all, you cant pull off the look. tf is this bitch on about? thoughts?

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>thats anime hair you uncultured swine

Says OP about his balding bird's nest.

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Hes a made up jacked femboy. If youre over the age of 15 and not on tren you wont look like Eren. Hes not meant to be realistic so why care?

>> No.10844638

looks like a young jared leto with some filters.

>> No.10844643

the ai art on the left looks nothing like you, that's a cute white boy while you're a shitskin with poop eyes and a giant nose.

>> No.10845029

I think you would pull it off easily, all the haters here are just angry because you look better than them

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Old thread >>10828231

Happy feel: I finally met irl with the person who wanted a dakimakura of me here. We had a blast

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> Are you the girl who took her Jojo daki to prom?

>> No.10845357

>a slutty vtuber
in other words a vtuber

>> No.10845622

I love my friend so much. Just needed to say that.

>> No.10845634

NTA but I tend to get emotionally attached to pieces so it feels nice to see them go to someone who will love them as much as I did

>> No.10845664

omg anon you're my hero that picture is ICONIC

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What are some good female characters for 35+ year old cosplayers?

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Big Mom

>> No.10844254

The drunk teacher from Yuru Camp

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Baialaika, specially if you're European. Maybe Roberta if caucasian Latina.

>> No.10844320

bayonetta , ivy , la signora, any claymore character, i mean, basically every adult female who looks like adult not a teen adult

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is being into cosplay at age 30+ cringe?
I don't mean token master roshi boomer

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100%. Met my GF in college, same age as me. She still gets mistaken for high school/college sometimes, always petite including face. I look young-20s. We're both early 30s.
We just go and enjoy ourselves and have the funds finally to actually cosplay right. No one bats an eye, and we aren't creeps (both /fit/ and hygenic, just got for the fun, etc). We've had no problem just being part of the fun crowd, joining up with random cosplayers, all that good stuff. My brother is about my age, and he's just an obvious lovable fat nerd with his husband, super inoffensive and magnetic personality so everyone just loves the shit out of him no matter age.
Meanwhile I see mid-20s dudes who obviously don't take care of themselves, walked out of their man-cave in their moms basement for the first time in 3 years, greasy dudes with 0 social awareness creeping everyone out. And then I see a literal Rick Grimes lookalike to the point I thought it was Andrew Lincoln, like literal 100% identical, and he was cool as shit and everyone loved him.
It's all about who you are honestly.

>> No.10845099

not really what I meant, they're more "we love to stir drama shit up all the time and I act like a total bitch because I self diagnosed myself with autism"

pretty much every shitty fanbase is because there's too many tiktok/tumblr kids in it, like MHA, danganronpa, etc etc.

>> No.10845115

Impressive humbebrag, I wonder if you're truly as youthful and socially normal as you think you are

>> No.10845265

Fair enough. Of course, what you're describing is much worse, but it also seems region-specific. In one area, the younger types don't seem to indulge in much stirring of the drama pot, in others you'll even have the older crowds do it. Not a good look for either one, and yes, how mainstream a series gets seems to correlate with that perfectly.

>> No.10845271

I dunno bruh, I've seen too many Lebanese MILFs to believe this.

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oh i didn't say they weren't, just that cutters are gross.

>> No.10845802

If it's a binge eating disorder and you're obese, go ahead! The community will trip over themselves to kiss your ass. If you're anorexic/bulimic and or even just visibly underweight, don't bother.

>> No.10845808

I have one pair of AP ones as well that I was clueless what to do with as well. I use them to pull back the section of hair behind my ears. I looked up a video of how to use hair combs first. You put them in almost opposite of how you think you would to get them to stay. I can try to find the video again if you'd like. It wasn't a lolita specific video, just ones about regular hair combs, but I found it helpful for getting them to stay in my hair. I leave some hair framing my face and then have the bows pull a small section back up and away from my ears. I don't have any pictures. I hope this helps.

>> No.10845809

how would your ed show? Your ed is not your weight. If someone is underweight that could be for other reasons. Sure people could assume it's because of AN instead of some other health issue.
If you don't show any ed behavior (body checking, purging, etc) or talk about your ed or do any weird typical red flag AN stuff like go on rants about how fucked up it is that people consider granola to be health food or that anyone above bmi 18 is grossly overweight, etc, you should be fine.

I think there could be a place for content that talks about EDs and j-fashion/lolita in the same context, but obviously not in a pro-ED way. There was a lolita who talked about becoming healthier after going to therapy for emotional eating, although I don't remember her name. That was pretty well received but be careful about posting personal stuff online, even if you choose to talk about it in a recovery focused way it can follow you. Once you put it online it's no longer in your hands.

>> No.10845840

Buying a copy from a scalper doesnt support the original artist either. Just the person profiting off another work.

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Planet Comicon is this weekend! Anybody in the KC area going?

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