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Gulls, whats your opinion on altering dresses? Especially brand?

I just got my dream dress, but its too open on the sides. I was considering getting it tailored, but am worried if they will be able to do a good job. Especially with the lace trim at the bottom.
Also considering removing the bow on top to make a clip, opinions?
Will I end up fucking up the aesthetic?

Have you ever gotten anything tailored/done it yourself?

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Last one is sage again >>>>9348074

Useful (Active) Links:
>JP Newssite - http://www.lafary.net/english
>Fairy Kei Forum - http://fairykei.proboards.com/
>Fairy Kei Help - http://fairy-tips.tumblr.com/
>What is Yumekawaii (feat. Spank!)- http://tokyogirlsupdate.com/yume-kawaii-girls-20150855504.html

Check out Twitter's ゆめかわいい hashtag if you want to see on the latest Japanese brand releases and/or inspo

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Conpeitou is prepearing its new collection.

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Milklim's weekly packs are up


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why did we start a new thread already?

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Quick a bit of talk about yumekawaii in the >>9365572 death of harajuku + jfashion thread.

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Because all the derailing was annoying in the first place.

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I don't know where to ask for this but I want to get this chain made for a cosplay. Where do I go and who do I request?

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We have a Help thread for a reason.

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Oh thanks!

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Last thread hit 300 and no one wants to post in it anymore.

Use this thread for all your screaming demands to SH.

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will you marry me

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i want to create a set of dentures with LOOSE teeth.

how to best achieve this? i need aglue thats strong enough to hold the teeth in, but not so strong that they wont come out. this is for a video im filming about a guy who loses his teeth.

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>posts a whole new thread to get spoonfed in
>topic is so niche that it is unlikely to break 30 posts let alone 300

ask me how i know you're a newfag

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Use the help thread for questions like this.

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Are there any good Beast cosplays?

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There are only previews for this one but it looks pretty promising

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oh man, this would be the perfect thread for that awful derpy ebay beast costume that circulated around here a number of years back.

anyone have that image? i had no luck on google.

polite sage for being an oldfag

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the belle face characters suffering from lampshade hoops make me rage. disney has money for this shit....don't use/make bad hoopskirts!! ugh.

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I can't agree more ... I althought thought Belle's dress was the ugliest one of the bunch.
Idk if it's the color or the cut ...

I'm not mad at Emma's demands because of it, I think her version more pleasing to the eyes. I think they should either change the cut or the color for a more champagne colored one maybe.

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I agree. It could have looked so much nicer if they'd gone for something more fitting to the era, especially when the court gowns from then were so stunning anyway.

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It's carnival and I want to wear a costume with a turban. But I don't want to pass as a racist by saying I'm wearing a whole culture as a costume (carnival is full of SJW and they out number me)

So I need some specific characters who wear turban to cosplay as, ive me ideas, also, make it with a beard.

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You can do Wrathion from World of Warcraft.

But it's a very detailed costume..

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SJWs are now running out actual black people for "blackface" so if anyone gives you shit I say kick their fucking face in.

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>SJWs are now running out actual black people for "blackface"

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Or Belgium, the "big" carnaval city is gearing up for its carnavalweekend. In which case, your arguments still hold. Carnaval is now a weak excuse to go out and get drunk, you don't cosplay at carnaval.

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Paint your face borwn, they won't complain.

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Last thread went bye bye. Why is this Symmetra so sub-par in quality to the group? How many more DVA's will flood cons? What are you working on?

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Slutplay genocide best day of my life
I bet they're all fat and ugly without the shoop
hence why daddy doesn't love them

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People who've played the game will probably recognize.

But a lot of people who like Overwatch don't even play it, so people may think you're just a cardboard Bastion.

I think Zenyatta would be a good choice, that way people (hopefully) don't think you're just "half-assing" with a cardboard cosplay.

I think its hard to do armored character because so many people will just slap together boxes ~for the lulz~, so people might assume you did the same.

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Explains why she hangs out with the Torbjörn cosplayers.

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Same shit with Soldier, but instead of a sea of mediocre D.vas you have to stand out of the crowd that is the not so well executed soldiers who cant make shit or imitate his simple behavior.

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Does anyone here have access to Danielle Beaulieu's patreon boudoirs? I need them for research purposes..

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"Spyro" girl?? Come on...

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Sorry you have no one who wants to get you off and you have to resort to your hand, broke basement dweller chan

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Porn doesn't just magically appear online for free you nitwits

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Then go and settle for fapping to free shit if it's such a huge issue for you to spend $5 to fap to "muh dream cosplay waifu!!1!1!1!1"

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Yes it does.

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We all love giant robots. Anyone working on a mech suit?
Any tips on how to do the extended arm or the LED around the body? Or what materials to use on the inside or outside, I'm really new on the armor suit territory

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Mech costumer here, Ive made 7 suits working on #8 atm. If you look at the Pacific Rim mechs in the picture you posted youll see the biceps are false. The persons arm can be seen going through the bottom portion, like the previous anon said. basically the side of the bicep facing toward you body is cut away and the bicep hangs from the shoulder armor or is Velcro'd to the wearers forearm with padding at the top to keep it angled properly. A black zentai suit will help hide tricks like this.

Not sure what extactly your trying to build but most humanoid mecha can get by without having arm extensions. If yours is gorillia like you may waht to have whatever mechanism you come up with strap to your forearm in some way to assist with balance. I made a very tall gundam suit that used two rifles strapped to my forearms to assist with balance and help with walking in tight spots.

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Heres a shot that hopefully better shows what the bicep design I tend to use looks like. Ive used this setup for a number of suits and it provides a good balance of mobility while still helping the illusion of huge wide shoulders. I can still reach my face with my hands while wearing this.

Someone else I did in the past with a previous suit that required me to bring both hands together for a pose was to have the shoulders freely hanging from my shoulder armor.

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In this photo you can see what I mean by having the biceps freely hanging from the shoulder armor. When I needed better arm mobility for the pose I could just shrug my arms out of the bicep 'shells' and then bring my hands together for the mechs signature pose. I haven't used this setup in awhile but it may be something for you to look into depending on what your trying to make.

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Any tips on giant shoulder cosplay making? Recent costume I'm working on has shoulders damn near the GaoGaiGar one, been thinking of getting an old football shoulderpad set for base support

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The torso is what supports the shoulders on my costumes, there is no rigging on anything that it sits on. I tend to make the front panels hinge so that I can get better mobility. Here is a youtube link to show what I mean. https://youtu.be/vUaitzCYKgY

Honestly I can give better, more specific advice if you show me a picture or something of what it is your trying to make. This stuff isn't always universal to every design.

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I've seen some cosplays already, but they look kinda silly on the hands, also, I don't know what kind of materials use.

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This does not deserve its own thread, and this didn't need to be bumped on a slow board. Use the catalog and stop being so painfully new.

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you hurt ma feelin anon, apawlogoize

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Hi ! ! (≧◡≦)
I'm Kyahri Moonlight a spanish cosplayer. I'm not known, but I have some cosplays. If you want, you can watch and support them, I'll be very grateful. You can put links of your page so I can support you too, thanks ~
Sorry for my english (?)

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I don't think this is a vendetta post. I think this is someone who is true of heart, sincere, and not yet jaded by chan etiquette.

Listen little baby,

You're gonna get a lot of degrading and hurtful comments in this thread, but that ain't what I about.

Let me just say you are perfect the way you are you hear me sugar? PERFECT don't ever change, you deserve everything and anything you want.

stay safe for me baby girl

>mfw thinking about you hurting

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I don't think this is a vendetta post. I think this is someone who is true of heart, sincere, and not yet jaded by chan etiquette.

Escucha, pequeña bebé,

Vas a tener un montón de comentarios degradantes y perjudiciales en este hilo, pero eso no es lo que me gusta.

Déjame decirte que eres perfecta como eres, ¿me oyes azúcar? PERFECT no cambia nunca, te mereces todo y cualquier cosa que quieras.

Mantente a salvo para mi niña

> Mfw pensamiento de usted que duele

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Hi ! ! (≧◡≦)
I'm Kyahri Moonlight a spanish cosplayer. I'm not known, but I have some cosplays. If you can watch and support them, I'll be very grateful. You can put links of your page so I can support you too, thanks ~
Sorry for my english (?)

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I'm looking at making this dress but I haven't been able to find a picture of the full image (or if there even is one). Do any of you have the image, know if it exists or even what book it's from?

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there's already a spoonfeed thread, anon.

>> No.9366618

there is also a sakizo thread, goddamn

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Well I don't know where else to ask but does anyone know if more pictures of this cosplay session exist?
what iv been able to find so far.

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google is so hard

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I meant more that what I found ^ ^

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Breaking news for eurofags: Anime Expo is collaborating with european conventions. (Dokomi & Animecon)

What does that mean? Will we have more american style conventions here in Europia?

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Let's follow some seagulls.
Share pages and please avoid excessive bitching.

What content do you post?
Are you mostly after followers, or do you just use it for social connections?
What's your tagging strategy?

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So this is just a rant.
Basically based on this conventions advertising I feel as though I was baited into attending this convention.
If only from the relentless barrage of posting, advertising and overuse of images as folk's display pictures...
Lies and Issues:
1. 7000 attendees (in accordance to The Edinburgh Reporter and their facebook page however now appears to be 6000 according to the Carluke Gazette, Scottish Sun
and Motherwell Times).... People leaving and re-entering the same hall must have been counted again and again because by my estimate I would say 1000 tops there.
Either that or they made up a number for the shear hell of it because no.
2.Great Venue it was basically smelly giant PE hall.
3.Cosplay Competition was just a joke. Unless you were a mainstream pop culture icon then you could forget it. I believe the word is biased.
4.Charity event.....It's the fucking Keith Armour show. Don't know where all the money is going either because it's definately
5. Vendors all looked super unhappy during the day. May be due to the poor attendance and PE smell....
6. The guests were sub par for what you paid to get in example ,you got the lookalike that King Regis was based on in FFXV...
not the amazing actor Sean bean who voiced him in Kingsglaive but the man who's face they used... (as beautiful as it is) as inspiration
7. This con should be renamed as Corridor Con... those narrow lobbys were constantly filled with people and you couldn't physically get anywhere!
(Fire safety people were crying everywhere)

Now the event was not terrible for a start up however that's not what it was sold as. They had decent guests but the guests don't make the full show.
The whole thing was ran pretty shambolically.
The poor volunteers. I felt awful for them as they had to deal with everything, as
their main organiser walked around aimlessly looking for photo opportunities, and with very little recognition for their efforts.

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Queen of hearts is hardly a Scifi character and she was too skinny.

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I think your from kirkady EH!

>> No.9365738

Sounds like you're pretty triggered.

>> No.9365769

Triggered is not even the word for it.......

>> No.9366720

Fucks sake. Why is the Scottish con scene full of such whiny little bitches. I wasn't even there but no one on GCL gives a shit about your whining.

I swear to god I scroll through my fb and it's all these kids screeching about drama or lolcow acting like they're better than everyone else when they're acting like primary schoolers.

There's only like 5 good cosplayers in Scotland too and "made in a week Iron Man" Keith Armour isn't one of them.

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I know this is usually looked down upon, but since she was at Katsu, did any of you gulls meet her? Is her skin still suffering? Did you meet yaya too?
ITT: General Nigri discussion, stories and photos.

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I actually really like her weird as fuck personality.

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These threads never end well. Burn it all down.

>> No.9365757

She makes over 41k per month from patreon without showing a nipple

U jelly?

>> No.9365794

jnig and moomoomokun are trash..

>> No.9365835

Threads about specific people get deleted. Sorry about your incoming ban

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Another interview of Shoichi Aoki on the decline of jfashion/'Harajuku' style. Do you guys agree with it? Do you see things changing?

I personally definitely agree with what he says about over commercialization killing a large part of the creativity. Plus the newer jfashion trends have been a lot more subdued and can be easily emulated with western clothing brands. Larme (as much as people like to claim otherwise) can very easily be emulated with F21 and C&A clothing if you aren't brand-picky, and things like lolita or mori have largely disappeared or gone the way of online-exclusive OOTD snaps in lieu of meetups.

What I'm most interested to see if there will be a resurgence in another area of Tokyo where the artsy/fashion kids hang out. I've been hearing a lot about this one area/street near Bunka, the fashion school of Tokyo, so maybe that is where everyone is headed?

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When were the G&LB snaps not staged? I was under the impression they always let people know where they'd be or they went to an event. At least I've thought so since the first English one came out..

>> No.9367619

Possibly they told people when they went to events or went out every Saturday or something but they really did used to just take photos of people around Harajuku. You can tell just by looking through the pics in the older Bibles as well, all the street snaps have different backgrounds and locations. The first English G&LB came out in 2008 and the Bibles have been around since 2001, so...

>> No.9367651

You were right.
Someone's salty, I'm from Fukushima-ku, Osaka and nobody stugges in any way or else they wouldn't open new branches.

>> No.9367656

>First of all, the obvious stuff: Listen Flavor isn't Yumekawaii and has never been Yumekawaii. Primarily it's a punk brand with it's own style, for every pastel item Listen Flavor have made, I can find you three punk items.
>Spank!, not Yumekawaii - Fairy-kei, pretty common knowledge. Not to mention the fact that Spank!'s popularity is massively blown out of proportion online. There's only one store left (Nakano Broadway), it's absolutely tiny (You can barely fit two people in there) and only stocks a tiny rail of clothes (the same ones that haven't changed in the past 7 months). Not only that, they can't afford to keep it open for more than a few hours each day, even by Nakano standards.
Wrong, unless you never looked at their sites, all of those describe themself as yumekawaii frequently and Spank! even gave interviews on how they changed their store interior to go with it.

Also, the reason why shops don't stock as much as online is because a lot of people into aklt fashion don't live in Tokyo in the first place and different to the past you don't need to travel there via train anymore in order to find people with the same interests, that's what mixi groups are for.

>> No.9367665

If JFashion was dead, things such as Larme brands wouldn't spread new shops all over the place.

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