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Last thread >>10579585
A thread to discuss the online community happenings.

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All whiteknights in the ita thread should be banned.


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Lor just uploaded a video where she’s going through a glb and now I’m afraid that her ita sissy following is going to come after glb and actual good coords

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All summerfags should be banned.


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Sounds like something a summerfag would post

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I'm not entirely sure this is the place for general questions about clothing care, but I figured I might as well take a shot given that this board involves fabric care.
I like collecting and wearing football jerseys, but I've been running into an issue with the numbers on some of mine. They've been wrinkling up in the wash - I think I either used too much detergent or washed them in a machine that wasn't clean - and it results in this unsightly, uneven look. The problem is, all new NFL jerseys are made from recycled polyester, so they resist ironing since they don't absorb moisture. I've used a pressing cloth and low heat to keep from burning them, but the wrinkles don't come out no matter how gentle I am with them.
Is there any way to treat recycled polyester so that it looks like new again? Jerseys aren't cheap so I'd rather not have to drop another $150 on stuff I've already bought.

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+598 98 208 000

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Get fucked vendetta chan. Nypa.

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Old thread >>10609421

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Wonder when they’re gonna release general handbags. I guess that’s just gonna be a surprise

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agree also it would be so cute in black and white

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>general handbags
What do you mean?

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I'm assuming OP means bags not made specifically for a print.

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Exactly that

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Give me a cosplay idea that does not involve any hair dye.
(Hydrogen Peroxide.) I wanted to go to a convention as Tiger but idk anymore.

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Just get a wig, they are very cheap. Tiger from what?

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That ... just might work. Thank you.
Tiger from "Tiger & Bunny".

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You need to be 18+ to post here.
Literally any cosplay is one where you don't dye your hair. No one does that. Everyone uses wigs or natural hair if they can get away with it and it looks good.

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You gotta tell us your hair color first idiot

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I wanna make this kind of armor, do you have some guides to do something like this?

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Last thread >>10602515

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I wish you'd even come up with something interesting to say, low quality bait-chan.

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Ntayrt but seek help
There is no reason to be filled with this much vitriol over nothing
You sound like you have behavioral issues

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Do you even know what website you're on? Try telling your local community you're on 4chan.

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anon do you like wearing dresses? are you an egg?

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kys salty bitch

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I'm sick & tired of stupid simps defending this piece of shit named NatyLikesPizza because she is a scumbag cosplayer who bullies and uses people for her own advantage. Hate her so much. She doesn't deserve all the publicity she gets. What she needs is an asswhiping

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>doesn't deserve publicity
>makes thread about her
Literally who, no one gives a fuck. Sage.

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¿Qué ha pasado con los elitechanes españoles? ¿Se fueron a la mierda ya de forma definitiva?

Ya hace añazos que no veo basura posteada por aquí por Lirin, Koibito & amigues. Por 2015 aproximadamente fue la última vez que tuve conocimiento de liadas cosplayiles vía 4chan.

Sería perfecto que esta clase de gentuza dejara de dar por saco. Por fin los frikis normales podrían disfrutar de su afición sin dar tanto por saco.

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me no gusta

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Second Thread: Lonely edition!

>What is /cgflg/?
- This is a thread for people to find the true love of their life, right here on /cgl/!

>Allowed Discussion Topics
- Ideas on how to approach /cgl/ girls, -itas, etc.
- Advice on how to work towards getting a cosplay GF
- Ideal cosplay to do with your girlfriend
- Talking about what you're looking for in a /cgl/ girlfriend
- What you can offer to them and for them
- Couples cosplay pics, ideas, etc.
- Best places to find girls interested in dating that are into /cgl/ stuff

>DON'T Discuss
- Sexist comments (from either side)
- Any type of trans- / cis- / homo- /etc. phobia
- Drama, period
- Anything that isn't related to getting, desiring, etc. a /cgl/ type GF

- Perfume
- http://www.luckyscent.com/
- http://www.theperfumedcourt.com/
- Couples Cosplay Ideas
- https://rogersenpai.com/cosplay-ideas-for-couples/
- https://www.xcoos.com/blog/couple-cosplay-idea/
- https://www.pinterest.com/sburkar/cosplay-couple-ideas/

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You'll treat her like trash when you get her, most likely

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I'm sorry you were hurt anon.

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Its no longer april

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>tfw no

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Is that so wrong?

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I'm 25 dating a man 15 yrs older than me who doesnt let me party, drink, or smoke. I have a history of mental health issues and treatment centers but I cant even have a fucking beer around him without him getting mad. Hes a total square, but I love him and want to respect his wishes. He literally took my beer and poured it down the sink. I know he is health focused and thinking about what's best for me but it feels controlling as fuck. What do?

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Wrong board

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please help me... what would be the easiest way to make a wig look gelled back? I'm going to cosplay Yoshikage Kira but I just can't get the wig to look good

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Last thread finally died >>10447706

New 80s vintage stores are popping up left and right, such as Feel in Love! and Kakera Star.

Useful (Active) Links:
>JP Newssite -https://harajuku-pop.com/
>Shoplist - http://fairy-tips.tumblr.com/shops
>What is Yumekawaii (archive) - https://web.archive.org/web/20180813082200/https://tokyogirlsupdate.com/yume-kawaii-girls-20150855504.html

If you want to see the latest jp coords, indie brand releases or need general inspo, make sure to check out Twitter's ゆめかわ hashtag.

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I was thinking of getting this jacket but it has no reviews. do any of you know the quality of it?


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You're probably going to get bullied by the elitists for posting this

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oh no

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Use the help or stupid questions thread. Single question threads sit on this board for a month.

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In before someone cries about this being nazi. kek.

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Seems like the corona crisis makes brands put out summer lps, so expect them to pop up once a while.

Listen Flavor announced theirs today.

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There we go:

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Nier lps are shibuya store exclusive.

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Grail lp:

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Ooh that button down is cute!

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anyone know where I can source a decent red blazer? I can't sew my own.

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You can find one at this great store called ask the help thread

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sorry i'll delete this

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Look at him

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RuneScape monkey from the “See no Evil” quest.
I love him.
I wanna cosplay him for no reason now.

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I am looking for a nice detachable sailor collar. I cannot find a good looking one online and I cannot really sew, so could I just cut up a headscarf to make it look like one? Have anyone tried something like this?

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Don't bother cutting anything if you can't sew. Your raw edges are going to look super bad and continuously unravel unless you seam them.

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Use the help or stupid questions thread.

>> No.10610939

Why don't you just buy the one in your picrel?

>> No.10611004

How stupid are you? Op clearly said they can't find one online.

>> No.10611140

pic rel is selling the pattern I believe

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Hi anons I’m someone who’d like to start crossdressing/being a trap for fun and to be cute. I’m looking for some good advice to get started and anything at all would be appreciated. One day I hope to be able to cosplay female characters.

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Your envy is palpable

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Tranoids ruined this place.

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4chan is literally one of the biggest trans breeding grounds on the internet other than reddit.

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Last thread >>10608062

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The coord itself is kinda cool imo but the elf ears absolutely ruin it.

>> No.10611888

wtf are you on about

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Something can be ita and lolita. There are very real elements about this coord that are dog shit. Black white knight at it again. I feel like you make an effort to white knight every single colored girl posted.

>> No.10611898

>colored girl
nayrt but oof

>> No.10611904

shut up nigger

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