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We’ve had Instagram, YouTube and TikTok threads in the past. Let’s have one for Discord.

Which servers are you in?
Does your comm have a discord?
What are your thoughts on lolitas migrating to discord instead of sticking with Facebook and older platforms?
What changes would you like to see in the discords you’re active in?

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It's always been rude to give concrit if it's unasked for in literally any hobby.

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also there as a lurker and yeah it's 80 percent ita troons and manish wokefag taobaolitas posting coords, but there are worse places newbies can get advice. barring one oldfag larper attention whoring it's one of the least retarded online comms out there, i wouldn't recommend it for people who already know how to dress well though, you'll just be bored.

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Is there an invited to /fa/+/cgl/? I wanna suck accell’s ouji e-dick

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If you are fat and worship shit tier taobao then FZCZ is perfect for you

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i am a moitie/old school fag pls
i wouldn't be there if my local comm wasn't so facebook centric

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The Last Thread (for real this time)

See ya next year unless the PTO for AX 2023 gets denied

Previous thread

Thread theme

>You enjoyed LineCon 2022?
>pros for this year’s AX
>You quarantining after coming back?
>Damage report.
>favorite cosplays you saw?
>enjoyed the concerts?
>what panels did you went to?
>went to that AX orgy that obviously doesn’t exist?
>cons for this year’s AX, say now or forever hold your peace
>you going to Not Anime Los Angeles 2022 this November?

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Ontario is like 30 miles away from me. So its not too bad, but wondering if its worth going to. Are they going to have exclusive panels or is it mainly going to be exhibit hall/artist alley

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Yeah you can tell even for high quality ones. It will look professional but too much effort compared to careless machine errors and better options than some of the industrial foil and plastic bits, plus it won't resemble any of the costumes off Taobao. It will have a better fit and complicated or seamless and completely hidden closures and hand-made details like ribbons that premade will use premade on.

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Be 29. This year was probably my most fun at AX and I've been going since 2015. Having disposable income to spend on hobbies and shit I like is amazing. Only problem was it was difficult to determine which girls were underaged and which were not. As a result I did not ask any girl out.

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whats the secret entrance? the one near the hypeland?

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hi i responded really late sorry but northern east coast

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Looking to buy SMASH 2022 tickets, willing to pay a very decent price if you wanna sell or know anyone who's thinking about selling.
DM me: BIG sleepy#6603

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The old one got archived, so here's a new thread. This is a bit late, but I made an America/cherry-themed capsule wardrobe for the 4th.

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Fun ideas for capsules:

>lemon themed pieces
>puppy or dog themed pieces, hard mode: no poodles.
>ice cream
>christmas and christmas prints but no red or green
>halloween sweet only but no witches or orange colorways
>fairytale or storybook themed, like classic stories, books, princesses, etc.
>an apple a day keeps the doctor away: apples plus nurse and medical themes blended in a way that isn't ita
>birthday or birthday party theme with no toy prints, hard mode: no gift box prints either
>chef/bakery/patisserie theme

And mostly or all burando

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These are always my fave threads. I have nothing to contribute right now, but loving all these ideas >>10784544

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Hi do you do/enjoy l*wd cosplay?

Well, have I got the server for you!


>ALL FEMALE modstaff
>cosplayers from all backgrounds
>members actually interested in discussing cosplay and not hornyposting 24/7
>cool, nice, wholesome and friendly people



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hey im a mod in the server please to meet y'all!
make sureto be female before you join or FUCK YOU!

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seymour is not in this server, dont worry guys

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This server sucks

>> No.10784543

Nice lie

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Anons help me cure my depression by posting fighting game cosplays.

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Sorry for that awful pic.

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I noticed nobody bothered to make another one of these since last one was archived. Here it is.

Keep it /cgl/-related! Cosplay or J-fashion like Lolita/Brolita, Aristocrat, Kimono, Nanchatte, etc.!


ITT you may post:
- Useful guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

NOT allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition like hormones, operation etc.; >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this
- Casual crossdressing without any /cgl/-context

Link collection:


Contact for suggestions or contribution: [email protected]


Affiliated Discord server: https://discord.gg/eBnVEtQ

Previous thread: >>10710799

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Overall do you think it is better to shave the morning before crossplaying or at least leave a day in between to prevent all the itchiness at least in the more core regions of the body(chest, armpits, etc)?

>> No.10784210

The thread was made just without a title.

>> No.10784220

I always shave the night before, never had a problem with itch

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How do you feel about the assertion that crossplay isn't crossdressing because real women don't dress like that IRL?

>> No.10784433

Who gives a fuck what real women do at any point in time?

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Previous Thread >>10778642

Gun, frills, and liberty

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stop self posting, DD.

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I actually like this coord

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post cosplay timelines

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we're not talking about a "simple life" out in the country tending a farm or something, we're talking about a dangerous life in a poor neighborhood. no thanks. i just want a decent house with decent furniture in a decent neighborhood. maybe a yearly vacation. that isn't so much to ask. neither me nor my SO have student loan debt (thankfully), yet his salary alone still wouldn't make enough to get us all that plus the expenses for a child, let alone multiple children as we'd like. fags in the 50s had all that and more

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Feminism is why 50/50 is a requirement. Society is now based around dual incomes. You demanded to have a career so get to it.

>> No.10784688

>thinking women demanded that they make themselves pay for things
kek what? men are the ones who whine about this. women aren't begging to spend money on dates

>> No.10784746

you know a dude's never dated before when he thinks women are out there fighting over the check with men lmao

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last --> 10781409

What did we think about the return of AX?

Favorite moments? Favorite cosplays? Favorite panels? Announcements? Shit to bitch about? Let's bring this shit home.

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Just calculated all my total costs spent at AX. I'm a local, but decided to do a hotel this year for convenience. Food+Hotel+Badges+Merch all came out to about $1.8k definitely more than what I normally spent.

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>mask de smith
I got you anon

>> No.10784754

that was a fucking trainwreck. too many people in there. it's definitely not meant for how many people they had packed inside. had a better time just being outside in the back for half the show

>> No.10784814

They rented a huge ass space in JW Marriott, why couldn't they have rented the upper or lower floors and held it there?

>> No.10784836

Goddamn. I'm local too and was thinking about a hotel. Was it worth it?

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Why the hell is it sooo hard to find US size let alone plus size cosplay?

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This is just fattie cope, like not even 1% of people are anorexic. But somewhere around 2/3 of all American women are obese-morbidly obese. So a good number of mutt females posting here are fat, including some of them ones saying they hate fat people.

>> No.10784532

Just because it’s easy to find in stores doesn’t mean it’s normal in other parts of the world. I’m smaller than you but I can’t find well fitting cosplays from Asia because I’m massive compared to most women in China or Japan.
Your choices are to lose weight, learn to sew for yourself or pay to commission costumes from people who are skilled at it and know how to create costumes for plus size bodies. Two of those are more effort on your part and one costs more money. It sucks, but cheap costumes are not a thing you have to have and no one owes you cheap, well made cosplays. If you want it cheap and well fitting you’ll have to be the size of Asian people.

>> No.10784536

>a good number of mutt females posting here are fat, including some of them ones saying they hate fat people
Most fat people hate themselves, duh. But most people who wear lolita are going to be on the lower end of fat if at all. A lot of it is Asian girls and height-weight-proportionate short women even in the US because it fits us better.

>> No.10784537

Nta but even the cheap mass produced ones don't fit that well on small women either. They just shoop pics to hide how horribly constructed they are. Revardless of your size you should just invest in sewing or commissioning something custom if you want a great fit.

>> No.10784541

I’m not arguing that, but the plus size costumes that do get made in China are just extra terrible because they don’t try to make them proportional, they just make them wider. So they look completely ridiculous whereas the smaller sized ones just look poorly fitted on most people.
But yes, you need to have things made custom if you want a good fit (and I mean by yourself or a commissioner, not “custom” from a factory which usually means they just make the closest size to the measurements you send them)

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Been a while since we had a new Taobao Lolita thread. With Lolita becoming more popular among the youth, you'll find an increasing number of zoomers on Tik Tok/Instagram/Youtube including personalities known well in the community enjoying taobao dresses. As more people become interested in the fashion, the idea that coords only featuring the original brands Moite/Alice & The Pirates/BTTSB/AP and a few others are put on a pedestal is fading, as new Lolita's enter the community trying to get more for less, other reasons that people choose taobao has been discussed such as more prints options, more options for gothic, nothing 2nd-hand tickles their fancy and current releases bore them. TLDR: This thread is not for infighting/arguing wether or not taobao is ita or not.

>Salvageable pieces/Dresses
>Coord advice/help

>> No.10783091

Wear brand, you dumb newfag

>> No.10783096

>TLDR: This thread is not for infighting/arguing wether or not taobao is ita or not.
It's ita. Gtfo with your crap opinion.

>> No.10783214

Imagine making ANOTHER thread seeking validation and asspats for your absolute dogshit taste while your last one is still in the catalog with only 60 replies kek... how pathetic.

>> No.10783479

There is literally a fucking thread you blind motherfucker

>> No.10783817

Everyone thinks you look cheap and bad shut up and get real Lolita clothes

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I need more stores like bodyline
Some that sell a variety of visual kei and cosplay and lolita stuff
bonus points if they carry larger sizes and dont take 3 months to ship out

>> No.10782640


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See cosplayers I like but too afraid to ask for picture(s), and who will take the photo anyways if I am alone.

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>see cute girl in really cool cosplay from a series I love
>want to ask her to take a photo, but then realize Im too scared to get close to her
>wouldnt know whether to put my arm on her shoulder or not. Just thinking about the hundreds of ways this could go wrong makes me sweat
>she notices me and smiles / waves
>smile. run away.
Why was I placed on this Earth Im a little fucking socially retarded crybaby aaaagh

>> No.10784604

just take a selfie

>> No.10784768

Who's the bitch

>> No.10784856

>Make sure you have an asian beauty camera app like meitu or else they will tell you to fuck off
why are women like this

>> No.10784858

It's only if they're catty lardass holes (like the one you're responding to)

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im searching for kata cosplayers pics

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Alice Margatroid cosplay

>> No.10782334

>tumblr nose

can the jannies delete this self posting cunt.

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>> No.10784796

Literally every woman I've talked to has haf a rape/rough/slap/choke fetish.

>> No.10784799

Nta but you only talk to bpd ass bitches then sorry

>> No.10784802

my only fetish is getting eaten out and being a pillow princess. kek.

>> No.10784805

Same. But only older men or losers I'm not attracted to seem to like doing that.

Might have to start fucking women.

>> No.10784833

it takes two to tango. These women whoring themselves out are just as much to blame. This is what sexual liberation looks like. Men are pigs and these women debase themselves to get the paypig cash

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What do you think about obscenity in cons?
Have you withness any?
Post con images that are kind of obscene.

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>> No.10784359

The fuck got you thinking about toddlers in bikinis? Telling on yourself with that one.

>> No.10784431

they do

>> No.10784443

Never seen it at a US con, usually the 18+ booths are in the dealer's hall and just have curtains or some other way of hiding the explicit stuff, and there isn't really any provision for sexy cosplay. They do have 21+ lounges and stuff but those are basically just bars or music venues. Japan has whole 18+ events, including at least one specifically for ero-cosplay, but their whole con scene is totally different from ours and lacks most of the social side.

>> No.10784450

I'd rather my sons see some T&A at a con than a bunch of faggotry there and elsewhere.

>> No.10784458

Ban the snotnosed brats from my degenerate parades. All cons should be 21+.

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hey there, long time 4chan user just now working up the confidence to try cosplay. to make a long story short I want to get into more visual/dress up stuff to try and develop my own style and get more comfortable with myself (im trans), so I was hoping cosplay would be the way to go.

im looking to start cosplaying, and I already have a few basic characters picked out, but the costuming and makeup aspects of it scare me and seem pretty intimidating. would anyone mind walking me through the steps?

>> No.10781525

This is a good thread for that:

>> No.10781526

The crossplay thread will also help:

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