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Who all here is going?

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ITT: Impossible cosplays

Cosplays that are ALMOST doable, but have some feature to them that would take nothing short of CGI to make accurate.

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suzu gave her honest opinion about the thread that was about her in this board > 1075838 (i don’t know how to put pervious threads so not sure if this will work)

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I like these drama threads they keep the coomer ass/feet/tits threads off the front page...

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What the fuck is this tourist infested off topic bullshit doing still up.

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the archive is literally available it’s not hard to find also in her twitter she has tweets about the thread confirming she self posted it’s all in the open a quick search will proof everything he said was true

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Don't you have some 68 Lolita threads to make? Kindly extricate yourself from the premises and leave us to our own.

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why would you claim these people as your own

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Last thread reached image limit >>10776451

Post main pieces, accessories, shoes, and bags from Indie Chinese brands that you personally like.

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Last thread archived, time for a new one. Use this thread to discuss any experiences, advice, warnings, ideas, etc. that relate to interacting with your fellow costumed weebs at animu conventions.

Bonus question: What do conventions mean for you? There's a surprisingly high number of possible answers.

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>What do conventions mean for you?
To get the ball rolling + give an idea what I mean + avoid turning the OP into a blog...I go primarily to hang out with people. They can be ones I already know will be there, gulls I've arranged impromptu meetups with, randos who strike up a conversation with me, someone I met on the other side of the country then found again by pure chance. Doesn't matter. That, and getting drunk with them at room parties later in the evening. Sometimes the convention itself is more an excuse to get a bunch of like minded people together in one place than anything else desu.

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Ehhh I just like to cosplay. I don't interact with people other than nodding when they ask for a picture and doing a pose if I'm in the mood. Sometimes guys try to talk to me because I'm aggressively androgynous but I just brush them off. I don't like to approach girls because I assume it annoys them as much to be approached by people they don't find attractive as it annoys me, and I'm I usually only in the top 5% at any given con in terms of face, body, cosplay, so I don't think most girls would feel anything except mild annoyance if I tried talking to them. Meh.

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I am going to my shitty state's comic con with a shitty cosplay alone. What should I expect? Hoping to make more friends or get laid.

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Hot trannies are universally obsessed with anime, there are going to be none there lol

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Well I'm gonna be going to anime cons coming up too. I prefer those honestly, more my wheel house.

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It's 100x easier to get sex from an average looking woman than a hot tranny.
I can tell you don't have what it takes

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You're probably right. Being a hot trans girl you probably have a harem of chasers and a pretty big ego. I figured they're probably easier to talk to.

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t. fat, bearded uggos.

It's easy as fuck to get with cute youngshit trannies. you're probably a chaser if you have difficulty getting on with any of em.

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Previous Thread:

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Great start to the thread you obese stripper. Only an idiot would forget the title.

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“Oh god, I hate this” edition

Previous thread

Thread theme

10 days to go(?)

>You Preregistered?
>Vaccinated / unvaccinated / none of your goddamn business?
>How’s your AX fund jar doing so far and what’s your budget?
>You got your work PTO approved?
>Any setbacks so far until the con?
>Cosplay Day 0/1/2/3 plans?
>Since it’s too late to prepare for concerts that anyone cares for, what are your dream guests that you are hoping will get announced the week before AX?
>Going to that AX orgy that obviously doesn’t exist?
>What’s the first thing you’re doing at AX after going through a two year timeskip?

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You're giving Satan worshippers a bad name bro, Satan's pretty cool

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A lot of Trash Taste fans gonna seethe when they find out.

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wow its almost like you dont have to worship satan and kill children to enjoy japanese cartoons?

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if anything, it'll make them camp out earlier panels so they can get into this one

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The panel that occurs immediately before Trash Taste is the Kaguya panel which is ticketed. They're gonna clear out Main Events for that.

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previous thread >>10770117

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Fucking your proxy infant in a diaper because an actual baby is illegal is more than just a fetish, it's definitely full blown pedo behavior

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All that money spent and you still look busted.

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Her face reminds me of that one scene in The Office where Dwight peels off the CPR dummy's face and places it on his own

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Post itas, not coords you just don’t like

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dear god those legs

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Post dresses, accessories you like.

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I was going to do a dump of gothic and dark classic items, but the thread has reached image limit. Is there an interest for a second thread?

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i see this on lace market all the time so i kinda assume somethings wrong with it that makes people wanna resell
this is so cute i have a dress from ichigo mikou and the quality is so good

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Thanks for the validation of my taste, anon. Weird about the house jsk, I wish I could hear from one of those owners.

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BTW I responded to this in the new thread, if you're still monitoring this one.

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previous thread >>10774938 hit images limit

In this thread we use https://huggingface.co/spaces/dalle-mini/dalle-mini to generate coords like picrel. Please rate and post your own generated graphics. Let's see if AI can be a source of inspiration for lolita fashion.

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Hot damn you did it

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cake feet

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four more. none matched >>10778330
for buttercream verisimilitude

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is animethon still worth going to? it’s on august 5-7 and so far haven’t really heard much noise about it.

is anyone here going?

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How does /cgl/ feel about the NEET army guys?
Do they even show up at cons anymore, I might pull up to otakon as one

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I wanna start cosplaying after I get /fit/, but wanna go ahead and get the stuff made, how would I get sizes and stuff for shit determined for AFTER my body changes shape and shit
>looking to lost 50 lbs and don't wanna get shit made that won't fit right, but don't wanna miss cons and stuff because of it

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Based I have a few cosplay I'm thinking of depending where I am in my fir journey. I should be in shape for the next one I'm looking at, the one after I should shredded for if I keep doing what I'm doing.
I have it all charted out.

>> No.10776712

Already lost 50 lbs, 50 to go. Then bulk and cut till I'm shredded.

>> No.10776714

Cuz time is of the essence.
I understand making a cosplay takes time. So if I have an idea of where I want to go I should start early

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word of advice; go a step bigger than you expect

worst case, you fit just enough. best case, you can tighten your outfit in spots with some dress clamps or some pins and hide it. my Homura outfit i got when i was 20 pounds heavier, and now i just pinned down a spot where my bow is to make it more slim fitting.

>> No.10777873

Thanks for the advice and congrats on the weight loss

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Thought I should get a thread going.

Lived in CBUS for 22 years so if you want pretty good food recommendations or sightseeing ask what type of stuff your into CBUS have a lot of options

What are your:
>Attending Alone or Group

>> No.10777996

This one's a "maybe" for me now. Never been, and ColossalCon is the only thing I've ever done in Ohio, so not sure what to expect or if it's worth going out of the way for yet desu. Anybody got some input?

>> No.10778274

Matsuricon usually falls on a day where I have to work or I have another irl thing planned nowadays. I don't really have any hopes or expectations other than I have lived in Ohio most of my life and I have never met the local scene.

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Ich denke, ich mag 13-Jährige am meisten, aber jünger die besseren.

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Hitler wollte mit dieser Schrift den Deutschen einen geschlossenen Gegenentwurf zum Marxismus präsentieren,[2] seinen Werdegang zum idealen Führer des Nationalsozialismus stilisieren, seinen Anspruch auf die Führung der NSDAP untermauern, mit „Verrätern“ des gescheiterten „Hitlerputsches“ „abrechnen“ und alle Nationalisten auf die Juden als gemeinsamen Feind einschwören. Hitler bekräftigte darin die Geltung des 25-Punkte-Programms der NSDAP, um dieses nicht in innerparteiliche Konflikte zu verwickeln, und bescheinigte der völkischen Bewegung völlige Erfolglosigkeit, um seine NSDAP als moderne, unverbrauchte und zielbewusste Sammelbewegung des nationalistischen, antidemokratischen Lagers der Weimarer Republik darzustellen.[3] Ein Motiv der Abfassung war, dass er Geld für seine Anwaltskosten brauchte.

gay ist ein aus dem Englischen übernommenes Fremdwort für homosexuell. Es wird als Adjektiv im allgemeinen Sprachgebrauch des deutschsprachigen Raumes häufig synonym mit schwul verwendet, weil es mehrheitlich als weniger direkt und dennoch nicht so klinisch bzw. wissenschaftlich wie „homosexuell“ empfunden wird. Die Bedeutung von „gay“ erstreckt sich manchmal, aber nicht immer, auch auf lesbisch. Beispielsweise ist die englische Bezeichnung „gay women“ korrekt, und Begriffe wie „Gay Pride“ und „gay people“ beziehen sich nicht nur auf Schwule, sondern auch auf Lesben.

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>this is the bitter seagull calling you a pickme girl
dont trust pinoys

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I'm a white dude who lives in a completely different country but OK.

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>literal pick me drama girl from eightichan who let herself be groomed

>> No.10776375

I hope she sees this bro

>> No.10776376

this thread has nothing to do with anything

delete it already janitors

>> No.10776379

Fuck off OP, we know she's your secret crush but I assure you it's not working

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Last post is saging.

Anyone have good tips on how to use press on nails, or how to make your own? Since they're plastic, can I literally use acrylic paint to create designs? How easy are they to remove and store, and how many uses can they last for?

I try to keep my nails painted, but it's hard to keep up with, and regular polish takes so long to dry and chips. Gel seems like a pain in the ass to remove. I'd love any insight to your best methods, thank you kindly!

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dampen with water then use the steamer.

>> No.10778323

Two for the thread:

1. In Closet Child's "Payment" section at the bottom of the site, they say they have 'installment payment' available. Is it available to overseas customers, and how do I request paying that way?

2. Would it be a bad idea to try and build a coord based around miko/shrine maidens? I do like the design elements and the red/white color scheme, but I know wa lolita is a tough one to get right. I also feel like SJW types will hop on the cultural appropriation part, but that's a bridge I'll cross/burn when I get there.

>> No.10778324

The shrine maiden thing would be pretty cringe. One of the only whiteys I've seen actually be able to pull off wa is mysterious_condiments

>> No.10778328

>'installment payment' available.
I believe this is just a standard credit card option in Japan. Their credit cards give you the option of installments. Foreign credit cards can't do the same thing.

>> No.10778333

The installment payments aren't under the "Overseas" section so I'm assuming it's a Japanese credit card thing. You can use PayPal's 'Pay in 4' if you wanted to use a payment plan, but you work directly with PayPal, not CC.

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“You only got just about 2 weeks left to prepare and you still haven’t done shit, huh?” edition

Previous thread

Thread theme

14 days to go(?)

>You Preregistered?
>Vaccinated / unvaccinated / none of your goddamn business?
>How’s your AX fund jar doing so far and what’s your budget?
>You got your work PTO approved?
>Any setbacks so far until the con?
>Cosplay Day 0/1/2/3 plans?
>Since it’s too late to prepare for concerts that anyone cares for, what are your dream guests that you are hoping will get announced the week before AX?
>Going to that AX orgy that obviously doesn’t exist?
>What’s the first thing you’re doing at AX after going through a two year timeskip?

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I'm aware of those events but I wasn't sure if those are great places to meet people, or if there's something else people do to socialize. Schedules only tell me what's planned, not what people actually do.

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Meal prep, recommend watching Josh Cortis. Good luck

>> No.10777602

very fren of you

>> No.10777720 [DELETED] 

any news on the amv finalists, im guessin no
why these assholes so cagey, did they just forget to tell people

>> No.10777723 [DELETED] 

also how to avoid lines like this
i remember going in 2018 on a saturday and not waitin that long. but we may have been lazy and gone at like noon. is that a winning strat or am i inventing memories.

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