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So Jo made a list of self-proclaimed lolita "Influencers" where literally everyone and their dog can add themselves.

Calling yourself an Influencer for the lolita community when nobody knows you comes across conceited imo especially since none of the semi-famous lolitas felt the need to participate in this shit show.

>share your opinions on who or what a lolita influencer is?

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We had an EGL YT thread here a bit back and people were saying what they like/don't like if that's still floating around.

New YouTubers are always good, just don't...talk for too long? Short and sweet is better, especially when you start out. Have good lighting and decent film work for the love of fuck, I don't want to see another badly lit girl in a tacky bedroom talking about stuff. But if you're chill about it I think that'll come across.

Also, once you stat you totally should joint he Facebook group just so you can participate in the paylists/tags - it's a good way to get noticed.

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Some of the advice >>10510284
gave isn't the greatest. Making videos for the youtubers group won't get you views because barely anyone knows about the group playlists they make.

Making "short and sweet" videos also isn't the way to go for Youtube. I don't think that anon has ever watched a video on that platform bc who would watch a video with a short amount of talking? Viewers will get bored. Use IGTV for short or wordless videos.

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I don't get why we need lolita influencers or a collection of lolitas to look up to because that's purely subjective, why put random people on a pedestal who a large part of this community won't relate to anyways

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I was wondering, are there any lolitas who are influencers, but don't make content about lolita fashion? Just influencers who happen to wear lolita.

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Is there a place for lifestyler-lolitas to be influencers/have a nice community?
I barely see people talking about lolita lifestyle, although I appreciate Asami Moon and the old school lolitas videos.

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Doin your mom doin doin your mom

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>Everyone on this board

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Like I'd ever let a kid wear a $500+ outfit.

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Is this that same loser that bumped his own raid thread on that minecraft board a month ago?

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hanging on for dear life ed.

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I'm a lesbian and this made me homophobic
Was that...supposed to be clown kei? That's just pathetic, at least when Lor did clown lolita I could tell that's what it was, even if it looked like shit.
The colorblocking is the worst part on that first one
I feel like a coord inspired by a fictional character (including Deku) is possible, but it's so hard to pull off and the people who attempt it are always ita af.
It's the worst colorway IMO

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I think this could have been fine if she wore different shoes and socks and styled her hair in a different way

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Am I seeing things or are her legs transparent??

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Pigeon toed to try and look cute, but she’s far too fat to pull it off.

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>plus size
I think "overweight" or "fat" are the terms you're looking for.

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hanging on for dear life edition

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Why do I keep seeing these tailcoats on Google images and shilled by sites like carboncostume.com? How are they this common?

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Post manly men. I need inspiration and motivation to cosplay as manly men. No estrogen allowed.

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No self posting, I'm just pulling from his Twitter. I believe the other anons posting him are doing simialr. It's obviously photoshoped like most sexy cosplays.

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You missed the first two threads about bara tiddies anon. Quit projecting.

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>You will never be as fit as Roshi

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Is this guy real? Is being bara IRL even possible?

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Smells like vendetta. A simple reverse image search shows that the original pic was posted to reddit 10 hours ago.

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And with the same comments.
Absolutely disgusting

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She looks good and she looks like she’s having fun. These photos make me happy

And op if you’re trying to cause problems for this girl, you’re pathetic trash :)

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dont think thats a girl?
but yeah if ops trolling fuck em
otherwise you look cute and are trying

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First one hit image limit. Lets see them tatas.

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Everyone says I'm cute but I don't see myself as "hot"

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>Put some respect on Bara Tiddy-chan's name.
Seconding this. Bara tiddy anon saved us all with muscle man tiddy posting

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Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta. She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always Lolita.

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Old thread: >>10498672

>Would you buy this if it reeked of perfume and cooked food?

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When you ask for a hime cut but it looks more like a beard kek

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idk why depop even exists desu

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She has a cute set up and cute items, I get the replica hate but come on. Depop also takes 10% in fees, so she is selling for $60, which is not as delusional like other replica sellers.

>> No.10510245

If you are going to sell a replica, depop or eBay is the best place to do it in, so some rando non lolita would buy it.

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Ems is express shipping

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It is autumn in the northern hemisphere. Let's set aside the stress of the year and enjoy photos of different alternative Japanese fashions in the cool and crisp, colorful season.

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Thanks anon. I hope others contribute, this was good

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The more intricate the cosplay, the better.

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Last thread: >>10500878

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Lol tell me about it. I work in medical records so I have first hand exposure to all the wonders of medical records technology. But whatever pays for the burando I guess.

I always ponder IW every year but I really hate 80% of the releases in the past year. I wish I could be guaranteed just blouses or whatever.

>> No.10510105

Same anon hahaha. Some of these EMRs are just too big of a beast, but give so much job security. I'm not a fan of many of the IW releases the past few years.

I'm hoping too! Let's pray to the AP gods.

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I wear vintage button down dresses and big ol shoes to the doctor. There are few things easier to take off than that. Coincidentally, I used to dress similarly for dates.

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Serious question, why are so many western indie brands garbage at almost brando prices but still get asspats? Pic related

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Sorry, spellcheck didn't want me to say either brand or burando apparently

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good advice in this thread, i'll kinda share too.

I was a staff member and cos photog
>yeah talk about the fucking worst combo in existence
absolute hell. Cosplayers don't want to be your friends, just take the goddamn photo and pray to god they're not going to tell their friends about how shit you are. also, dont. I repeat. Don't fucking date cosplayers. p.s usually ero-cosplayers tend to be the chilliest people ironically.

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If someone threatens suicide as a way to make you do what they want, call 911 (or whatever the equivalent emergency line is in your country) and let emergency services handle it. They will either get the help they need (if they were seriously going to do it) or they'll learn the unpleasant way not to use suicide threats as manipulation tactics. Either way, it's not your responsibility to stay in a shitty relationship just to keep someone alive. It's never your fault if someone else chooses to end their life in that situation.

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So sick. Very shocking to know an "otaku" could actually be this toxic.
You're both crazy and lovely. HQ ?

>> No.10510151

They just hold you for a day or two then let you back out

>> No.10510154


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I had someone do that to me once. took pills while trying to facetime me but I didn't respond. they ended up calling the ambulance and called me from the metal place after they got checked in. they also got a tattoo of 'a soup can' some time after.

she's doing better now though I talked to her recently. played some games together but I had to change my steam name so that her current bf didn't know what the tattoo was about lol.

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What was your worst hotel or roommate experience?

I went to some hick con in shithole Arkansas, where the motel accused our token black friend of trying to steal the continental breakfast. At Momocon, I tried to go back to the room for a nap and found my friend and his wife banging a Toga cosplayer.

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Friend proceeded to fuck her girlfriend in the bed next to mine trying to pretend they weren't. Most of the con the both of them just stayed in the hotel room. This ended up not being so bad because I ended up making some friends there wandering around by myself.

>> No.10508436

Back in my poorfag days, there was a rando that was in our room because we needed to bring the cost down and he ended up bringing in some underage kid to the room and gave him alcohol

>> No.10510020

My friend told me this story of how she shared a room with this girl she knew from Scotland at a con once. Scotland girl shat in the bed, didnt flush the (shared) toilet and refused to use deodorant for the con until the last day, so the entire bed reeked of sweat and shit.

>> No.10510026

My worst hotel experiece was sharing a room with my unrequited crush, as she got dressed for the con and bed in front of me because "she trusts me enough to see her underwear", yet i had to sit there and listen as she gushed about her crush all night and it broke my heart.

>> No.10510111

I've got two but they go together.

Con 1:
15-16 years old. Dad has connections with Marriott. Negotiated for us to stay in the presidential suite with just a couple of close friends. Rules are simple- no noise, no parties, and because we are 15 year old girls, no boys in the room. My mom will be checking on us once a day, but she trusts me. Its supposed to be chill. I come back in the evening and not only has my "friend" invited her boyfriend, who was not invited, into the room- they are making out on one of the king sized beds. My mom walked in with me. Guess who got yelled at? I tried to kick that boy out six or seven times over the course of the weekend and told him he was not invited, and he absolutely could not stay the night. He kept inviting his own friends over as well. His girlfriend refused to kick him out and I ended up getting bitched at for it, and nearly lost my hotel benefits.

Con 2:
Ten years later, hotel issues with same friend. Negotiate for presidential suite at the Ritz. This time its a gift directly from the hotel manager, who is a family friend. I write him a long thank you letter and instruct everyone to bring a small gift- like a box of cookies or maple syrup or a jar of honey or some shit. Same friend doesn't bring a gift. Complains about having to sign the card. Has free access all day to the concierge lounge but is afraid to go alone and cries/goes hungry when no one has time to go with her. Forgets to reserve tickets to a movie premiere, then gets mad that we go without her. Tries to wear flip flops and cargo pants to a 5 star restaurant. Texts her (new) boyfriend the whole weekend even though this is a girls trip. Gets lost in the convention center bathroom because she walked out without us, screams at us for abandoning her (we were all still in the bathroom and never left), and cries herself to sleep that night when I call her out.

We are not friends anymore.

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Whenever I'm on here, there are mostly threads about anime cosplay.. do you guys prefer anime cosplay's or is it just that there are more waifus in anime?

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Doesn't matter to me, I like both. What does catch my eye the most is the amount of effort and construction that goes into the cosplay to make it really pop or stand out.

>> No.10508038

I like it when it’s something you don’t see all that much. The picture you posted for example.

>> No.10508125

Cosplay has always had an anime lean, but I think as a whole most people appreciate both.

God that must've been so itchy.

>> No.10508345

Cosplay mostly happens on anime conventions, where they main focus are videogames and anime. For that reason it's natura lthat most cosplays would be about games/anime but cosplay western media is equally appreciated.

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>> No.10509647


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Or one of those silicone dolls
Thats why he is looking for cosplays

>> No.10509812

Definitely a mouthbreather who doesn't know how boobs work.

>> No.10509814

At that size his "girlfriend" is morbidly obese.

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Theme of the thread: Brandwhore itas! Post iconic dresses worn in ways that hurt your eyes. Bonus points for terrible all-brand coords.

Hard mode:
-Give constructive criticism on how to make the coord better
-No weight nitpick

Previous thread:

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i feel sorry for that bodyline piece...why do obese people think they can look good in lolita when they dont look good at all

>> No.10509822

I feel sorry for the obese and morbidly obese because they are literally going to die earlier than a typical person.

>> No.10509858

Can't wait for Tyler to pick this up and piss all over SW stans.

>> No.10509860

>striped sock obsession
She's a proud citizen of clown world.

>> No.10510083

so what? tattoos aren't clothes. she could be wearing a gothic coord with pastel tattoo sleeves and a short sleeve blouse and it shouldn't matter

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Link to old thread: >>10503529

Bro, these bears

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Listen up vanilla_carnival you gotta get off this board and go check LM for AP to force your saggy chafing tits into

>> No.10509757

stay mad anon x

>> No.10509785

They tear off the tag so you can't tell how badly AP USA is marking the dresses up. If you want to keep the tags intact you are better off with an SS.

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Any news on the timing for the Hanikami Bears and Bunnies bags? Either for the JP or paris stores.

>> No.10510293

I picked mine up from the store last weekend in Japan

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