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Previous Thread: >>9799061

>Please read the FAQ (always updating)
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (always WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)

remember to keep fit and have fun fellow seagulls

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Well lucky you, $15 is considered dirt cheap for an 11x17 in the US. Here's what I consider low. Other anons may have varying opinions.

4x6- $5
8x10- $10
11x17- $15

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I charge 15 and I do fine

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I saw her name on there too, a lot of artists didn't bother with vendor because of their new no fan art rule.
What I want to know is how is they are getting away with it?
pretty sure the dealer sign up was after implementing the new no fan art rule. I don't see how they would have a different contract than everyone else.

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11 x17's range from $10-$20 in the US. $10 is the ABSOLUTE lowest you can go for that size here without getting flack from other artists/comments about undercharging. Generally you see $10 in places with low income/cost of living. $12 is what people charge when they don't feel as "good" as the other people around them, aka people just starting out or people who are trying to improve their art. $15 is the norm and like 90% of artists will sell their prints at this price. $20 is what a lot of the more popular artists (anime cons) or industry professionals (comic cons) charge or if you have specialty paper or finish (extra thick cardboard, foil, holo, etc).

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Anime Boston added like 40-50 more artists to make up for their timestamp mistake and only gave us our table spots about a week before the con.

They didn't even give us the right map.They linked the map from last year which doesn't have all the tables on this year's list.

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So, are her boobs real?

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yeah in some of her pics her face looks like an adolescent child’s which is disturbing

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All Asians look insanely young. I assume the photoshop doesn't help as well.

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God, I hope not.

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Why is that?

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This isn't what we agreed on edition

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Of course. I have friends and I meet people at cons. But my definition of friend isn't adding them social media.

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Bring plenty of food, water, band-aids and painkillers, nothing ruins a con better than being hungry, thirsty, and hurting. If it's a big con, getting there early to beat the crowds is usually a good idea. Look at the schedule beforehand, choose what you want to see, and take notes so you know when everything starts. Don't try to cram a thousand panels in one day, give yourself time to take breaks, chill in quiet corners, etc. Watching the cosplay competition is my favorite thing at any con, but ymmv on that. If you want to shop, try the Artists' Alley first, they have a ton of unique stuff, don't spend everything on overpriced merch resold from taobao. And don't force yourselves to stick to your plans, just go with the flow, you're there to have fun!

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haha this is going to be somewhere in the double digits for my con experiences, but his first! thank you for the extra tips though, i usually forget to bring extra snacks and to see the cosplay competition!

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Just the item going up for sale creates the possibility of someone buying it, would you rather never even know about it or create a slight chance that you might manage to snatch it first or contact the seller to put it on hold, etc.
Just like the rest of the world, cgl is full of snipers, scalpers and other shitty people, it doesn't mean you should give up on that chance to help someone achieve their dream.

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>meet people at cons through rooms and series meets
>Every time I got to a con with them there's some issues, a fight, someone getting put in cuffs, someone getting called out by security, someone grabbing at people, etc
>Have enough of it and book my own 1 bed rooms at cons and stop sharing rooms with them
>They can't get rooms in the main hotel and are accusing me if being selfish now because I have a room all to myself in the main hotel
>I just want to go to a con without having to spend a night talking to security/cops about what my roommates did to get in trouble
Fuck me for being selfish though right?

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/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w3peD9VtAPM9cuIjYlexb7nHOkUfFs_Fcyv21UYakV4/edit#gid=0

/cgl/ Resources Spreadsheet (under construction) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19XZ308_3yoOKiTmgUA_DfgeqW4ddTCB_e6Zz1wnIJA8/edit#gid=827059689

- Stellure's live
- Fakebois
- Fake net idols

Spring is getting closer which means more outdoor covers and con season. Has any cons near you have any idol groups perform? Or is it just more posting online and not putting effort to dance anywhere else?

Featured group: Stellure @stellureidols

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The current one's still over a hundred posts from autosage. Why the new thread?

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Where is it then? Cant find one to reply to

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Here you go >>9809610

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Anyone going to this?

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Post people known for scalping (aka buying a cheap item only to resell it for a much higher price).
If names are not widely known (like the examples below), be ready to provide caps/proof of scalping.
Try to be more or less civil so the thread doesn't get nuked immediately.

Known offenders:
- Rainies
- Shiri (known for buying rare/expensive brand just to brag that she has it, then selling it later for jacked up prices)
- GemGem87 (as seen in pic, also makes sure to stretch the shit out of the clothes before putting them up for sale for a double price)
- mrk (act as a Taobao reseller, sells cheap shit with a crazy markup)

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She definitely does. I sold her a dress on LM when she made me an offer, and now she's reselling the dress at a markup. I wish I knew she was a scalper before I agreed on the offer.

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Bought a pink piece with a large white collar and cuffs, her proof photos looked really good, just as white as the stock photos. When I got it all the white was a disgusting, discolored yellow colour. When I sent her photos of it, even next to her proof photos and stock photo she tried to tell me that the yellow colour was normal and her proof photo and stock photos were just "different lighting". Her description was "Great condition", so I'm pretty pissed t b h

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Yuck did you get your money back?

I'm surprised no one has mentioned irohamomiji, athenaak, and Pinoream.

Plus Kitty Carousel and cherry_sp for thinking they are a store.

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She originally offered a five euro refund, and we eventually settled on an 8 euro refund. She offered a full refund if I sent it back, but it would've cost me more to ship back than what it was worth. I'll just chalk it up to a loss and learn not to buy from her next time

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Do you mean Yani from NY? She's blacklisted on LM.

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"Less bullshit more bags" Edition

Previous Thread:>>9817918

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide - READ BEFORE ASKING ANY QUESTIONS! SERIOUSLY it's there to help.

Buyf/a/g Guide

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Have you got a white/cream colored bit of fabric you can lay the merch on for comparison? Your picture is kind of dark so all it really tells me is that dark colors won't work well but other than that I can't say much about what will compliment it other than if you get cream/white it may hide the protective covers of the merch so you can group them a bit closer for the stuff on the top row.

As of right now I like how you did the bottom three rows but for the top row maybe if the bag color hid the protective covers you could group close enough to line them up with the other rows.

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multi fandom bags can be itabags anon, they just need to have a consistent theme in them. Generaly Magical Girl Bags are some of the most common ones posted online. I know a few anons that are making horror anime bags which are also multifandom. Some of ye are so quick to come through with the whole “its a pinbag not itabag” sperg wheb it’s bot always necessary

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Best I can do is some paper towels on a cardboard. Hope the lighting is better at least. I also removed the protective cover from the big acrylic for now. I'm thinking about modding the cover since it looks plain next to the other strap.
The top row in my first picture was just a bunch of merch I would like to incorporate in my bag but just didn't really fit, unless anon has a suggestion on how.

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Ew, disgusting.

>> No.9824285

Different anon but that defiantly helps the merch pop more than the dark fabric.

My suggestion would be for a lightly colored insert and a dark blue bag with red & gold accents.There's a lot of blue in his merch and clothes so it would tie in nicely with the bag, but you need that contrasting backer board or it will all blend together.

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>no discord drama edition

Previous Thread:>>9817918


Buyf/a/g Guide

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>the giant blushy Pol heart pin
Well, shit. That's handmade, isn't it? Whose bag is this?

>> No.9823537

> no discord drama
> drama was about the trashy anons in these threads not discord

Dumb fucks shouldn't be allowed to make the new thread

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Guys, really?

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File: 2.82 MB, 512x288, Nier2B_2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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Why do they have to throw the weight over the barricade? Is it military training or something?

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It's two-gun, a competition that's scored on time. The weights probably there to add more of a challenge.

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Wow, can't wait to see Bob! This show is going to lit AF!

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no it isn't. i'm all for a reboot cosplay thread though!

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Hello fellow 4channites, it is I one of you and definitely not an attempt at organic marketing

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she's not listed in the lineup of the new show therefore she does not exist. #RETCON

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> Göhnd ehr?
> Allei oder i de Gruppe?
> Hend ehr es Cosplay?
> Was erwartet ehr bi de Con?
> Wo übernachtet ehr?
> Positives und negatives vo vergangnige Cons

>> No.9823115,1 [INTERNAL] 

I gange das Johr zämme mit nem Kolleg. Bi na a minere Cosplays dra, hoffe wird 2 Cosplays chönne mitneh.
I bi vor espaar Johre zum erste mol gange und cha mi leider ned wüki dra erinnere. Hoffe es git gnueg Aktivitäte.

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Whats the best place to commission a cosplay?

>> No.9822931

The help thread

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Last thread >>9816908

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Yes it does make her a bad person. You can't have shitty morals and still be a nice person. It's easy to fake it so people buy from you.

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wish the shoes were black but I love that printed collar. what a cute coord
I like the way she used those triplet bows but I'm not feeling the style of the blouse. the fabric is kind of cheap and stiff looking. the wig color washes her out a bit, so I'd suggest brighter make up because I do think the wig matches her tone well.
headwear and better bangs pls
wish a wine acc was pinned to hat, and the blouse was a plummy wine like the shoes and parasol. fricking LOVE those velvety shoes. this coord is cute and classy in spite of nitpicks.
I don't like the beret. the biscuit applique is distracting.

>> No.9824289

love the pointy shoes in gothic these days
??? the point actually makes the feet look less clunky and more dainty, but also dangerous and goblin-y/fairy tale style
if they were clunky that'd be perfect for gothic so it must just not be your substyle.

>> No.9824292

this would have been perfect if she:
tucked in the blouse and wore several pettis. a few bracelets would be nice.
Damn, I hope to see this improved in the future because the theme and color balance is so enjoyable!

>> No.9824296

try a delicate black sash to tie around back instead of that chunky unflattering normie belt.
also, mild nit, I'd like to see the canotier a little more askew and farther from the center of her head. might look better with her natural hair volume

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Let's see some of your favorite match lolita couple coords.

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No one can tell me that dude isn't a real vampire.

>> No.9823750

The guy sorta looks like Gordon Ramsey.

>> No.9823784

This is giving me the ‘twins from bioshock’ vibe amazing

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How do I pick up girls at a convention? I assume cosplayers are easier than non-cosplayers, but they're also going to be constantly surrounded by people trying to take their picture. I just want to have gross con sex with a weird girl.

>> No.9822758

You go up to them and tell them... WE WUZ KANGZ

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sage and report

>> No.9822765

If you can't pick up women outside of a convention you won't be able to pick them up inside of one.

>> No.9822767

Be attractive. Don't be unattractive. Alternatively, be rich. Since you're clearly not alpha enough to know how to handle a girl in a crowd you are doomed already.

Same rules in a con as outside a con

>> No.9822773

the assumption that cosplay girls are going to be easier makes it less likely that you'll be able to get with the hot ones. they get creeps like you every day and can smell disrespect from a mile away

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.... .- .... .- / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / .- .-.. .-.. / ..-. .- --. --. --- - ... / .--. .-.. . .- ... . / -.. .- - . / -- .

>> No.9822609

..-. ..- -.-. -.- / -.-- --- ..- / ..-. .- --. --. --- -

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Hi,yes,I would like one(1) mentally damage gf that isn't white. I don't trust white females so you filthy pig skinned shits stay away. I am 6'1,make some amount of money, and am willing to groom you into loving me forever. Pls thnx.

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Hi. I heard this is a good board to meet girls with severe daddy issues. Is that true?

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You know what to do, guys. Don't engage, or reply without saging.

>> No.9822534

Nah. I'm good. I'm a devil worshipper/occultist so hanging out with me will really make your parents pissed. That'd be totally awesome,lmao. Haha.

>> No.9822539

I didn't do anything wrong though. Sexist prick. Guys can host here too.

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File: 120 KB, 900x900, 538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Not an argument. Try again.

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hey guys

ive never used this board before, but im putting together a P. Dude cosplay and i need help sourcing out the glasses

i cant seem to find the exact right style i need, everything else I can do though

thanks fellas

>> No.9822512

Search in the catalog for the help thread and repost there, you'll get more actual advice than by starting a useless thread.

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>will never be jacked enough to cosplay as Dio Brando or Karsu-sama because im a natural cuck

just fuck my shit up famalama
regards /fit/

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Post in the fucking feels threads then snowflake

>> No.9822495

OP isn't kidding, he really is a cuck.
>"waaah, i'll never be able to cosplay my favorite cartoon characters because i'm full of insecurities QQ"

>> No.9822503

It has nothing to do with being a cuck or not

Just the hand i was dealt and no amount of lifting will change it.

Might aswell look like that one 135lbs guy from screencap that went to party dressed as bane

>> No.9822513

You called yourself a cuck to begin with. I'm just repeating your own words.

I mean that's what people do anyways? It's anime, not real life. IRL people don't look like Jojo characters. Just do it anyways rather than complaining about it. Don't pay too much attention to what /cgl/ says. They think 99% of cosplayers look like shit.

>> No.9822558

no one fucking cares
Fitness threads are banned on here, and no one gives a shit about your fucking pissing and moaning that you can't cosplay something because of some rules you made up in your head.

fuck off.

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