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For the love of god if you are a man do not cosplay a boy or femboy character.

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Title says it all. Haven't done one of these in a long time so I apologize in advance for any hiccups that may occur

>From my medical themed meet with my comm! I went with a "newly turned vampire" vibes.
>Skirt and Tights: Violet Fane
>Blouse: Offbrand
>Shoes: Vintage
>Beret: Handmade
>Rose Brooch: Madame Bloomfang
>Photo credit @lavenderbats

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The post would be a wall of text and I'd be here all day, it's simpler to point out the few that are good or decent

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then do that. honestly i'd kind of like to see discussion of what's working more than "everything sucks"

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I'd say these three are good compared to the rest ITT
As for the rest, most are not cohesive and not putting in enough effort into appearances

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we already have an ita thread

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Thanks for dumping OP! There was a lot of unfortunate looking coords in this dump for sure
this is cute I like the bolero a lot
I love the jsk and the coord is fine, but I wish she'd style her hair
what a fucking creature
cute, nitpick but long sleeve blouse + ankle socks has always been a weird combo to me
really nice and simple
I like the shoes
Hate those shoes. That description is interesting too, is she a reseller?
not my style but I respect the skull headpiece

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I love reading insult about she or watch edits of she being humiliated

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Furries are a subculture whose members have an interest in anthropomorphic animal characters. While some furries do engage in cosplay, it is important to note that not all furries participate in this activity, and being a furry does not necessarily imply being involved in cosplay.

Cosplay, short for "costume play," refers to the practice of dressing up as a character from a work of fiction, such as a video game, anime, or comic book. Cosplayers often meticulously recreate the appearance of the character they are portraying, including their clothing, accessories, and sometimes even their mannerisms.

On the other hand, being a furry generally involves having an affinity for anthropomorphic animal characters and may include creating and/or adopting a furry persona, often referred to as a fursona. Many furries express their interest through various means, such as artwork, writing, online communities, conventions, and even fursuiting. Fursuiting involves wearing costumes that represent their fursonas, often in the form of full-body animal suits.

While there may be some overlap between furries and cosplayers, it is important to recognize that they are distinct interests and communities. Furries primarily focus on anthropomorphic animal characters and may engage in a variety of activities beyond cosplay to express their love for the furry fandom.

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this is the cosplay board.

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When did cosplay start being about soft core porn instead of well made outfits?

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>as female focused hobby
was it really? what I saw back then was nerds going to cons and cosplaying being rare, and done by nerds if even
let's pretend for a second that what I stated is a fact, which I'm not sure but my intuition says yes
then the question is when being a comic/animu fanboy transfer to women, and mostly to hot looking women that could pull out being costhots

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This is exactly how and why Frolicon spun off from Dragoncon.

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Mentally ill lardass say "what" for the 500th time today?

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Please firm up your butt

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Look, you can go quite far back to whatever costume partied and likely find point of men being at least half or more of the performers. Certainly, sweaty normiecucks flock the cons as always, but cosplay is female majority business. I agree actually to your point that exodus of women to cosplay is what turned it to softcore porn (and rest of my points you answered), but I would put definite limits on what is cosplay as we know and what we talk about - since those mothefuckers put up customes in europe for centuries on. If it's modern cosplay, it's definitely defined by 2000s and japan anime wave that overcome the previous scifi whatever stuff. That material formed base of female whoring, and thus started the process of competition, monetization and so on (as well birth of social media and smart phones with okay cameras). That's why I defend the statement of softcore porn being born the two people gather up. If it's any kind of cosplay, then when "two women" gathered up, but for the modern type, it is as mentioned.

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June 16th- June 18th
Anybody else going?

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How do I lose my virginity at a con?
I've been going for 10 years but I'm still too scared to talk to people
I don't leave my house for anything else so I don't have other options

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Cna you guys post some examples of how you get their contact? I've just been asking for IG but I can't find a way to make it sound 'natural'

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If you're not ugly as sin and are a cosplayer(that isnt bottom dwelling shit ie a goku/mario/whatever) she will ask for yours.

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>I've been going for 10 years
>has been going to cons ever since he was 15 y/o hoping that some generic thot cosplayer will jump on his dick
Try harder with your bait retard. And if not bait then holy fuck.

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>just get over crippling anxiety lol
>just be urself and pull yourself by your bootstraps

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Brother, I get it. I have a socially avoidant attachment style. It's hard to get out of your head when it comes to social interactions. Unfortunately developing social skill is like developing any other kind of muscle or skill. You just have to do it. We like in an extremely atomized world. You can't just wait for someone else to take the lead. You're going to have to push yourself in social interactions. Just start with low stakes interactions. A part of the goal in the beginning is to just get use to how a back and for conversation flows. There isn't a dialog tree that leads to pussy. You have to get used to the feeling of being in a conversation.

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Any of yall at naka kon?

I saw a dude had the con schedule print out and remembered it was this weekend.

I kinda want to go. But its not a party con so I cant just show up with an bottle/ball and make friends.
The panels dont seem interesting besides the yaoi one.

There is just no pull for me to go but I still have this longing to go.

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yeah I went, it was aiight

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What are your plans? Are you even coming or did you decide to let the con die after greedy new venue owners? Still doing pool cosplays despote no included pool access? I know I'll still love it there but damn

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Probably a few. The issues are: weebs need to be able to get to it, and afford it. And the resort needs to be willing to put up with weebs. AFAIK Yeti only happened because one of the former owner's kids thought it would be fun to put a con together on the resort. For the most part it worked out very well.. until ownership changed.
So unless somebody has a similar in at another con, I don't really see it happening.
And convincing a waterpark to allow degenerates is also hard. Great Wolf Lodge would be a wicked con location, but it won't happen because they have a family-friendly image, and they won't sacrifice it for weeb-bux.

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are you actually in canada? you don't sound like it. there are almost 500 resorts and lodges in ontario alone and about 50 big ones capable of hosting a con. yeticon is absolute shit and comparing it to colossal, especially when you said it's a "nature con" is retarded.

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I am in canada, just in ontario. Not everyone is a toronto mans.

Also I only compared it to colossal because some retard decided to compare it to colossal. Yeticon is its own thing, as most cons are, which arent really comparable.

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Just not * fml shame of double posting

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how many people are actually getting passes? I'm pretty sure a good half of the people I know who are going are just going to party and hang out with friends

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What are some high quality costume mask brands? No specific character in mind but just wondered what the consensus on some were, I remember when I used to work in a costume shop some of the trick or treat studios ones had a nice thick rubber to them, was wondering what other brands and such stood test of time too? or if any anons have had fun experience with making they're own classic horror kinda masks?

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Wave Gothic Treffen Leipzig 2023
...will happen next weekend (and there is no thread about it!)
try an imagesearch "wgt leipzig" and find out

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No one posted about it, because it doesn’t belong on this board.

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where else schould it belong?

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Not fucking here. This has nothing to do with lolita, jfash, or the other weeb shit here.

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jesus this is so fucking cheap looking. renfags have zero taste

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Anyone here going?

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>Spams threads about a ton of conventions
>Doesn't care if nobody's interested
>Doesn't care if there's already an active thread
>Vague OPs that make it painfully obvious he's not going to any of them
What's his end game?

NYS, to be perfectly desu with you, familia

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I’m not from New York State

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OP is a full-on retard not pay attention to any threads. How retarded can you be? You can't even pass retard street.

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OP is a full-on retard who can't pay attention to any threads. How retarded can you be? You can't even pass retard street.

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Which of my April O'Neil stories is the best?


>April's antique shop (2003 series) hasn't been burned down by the Purple Dragon Gang. Why? She's worked out a... "special" deal with them.

>April O'Neil (80's) wants the ULTIMATE interview with New York's hottest vigilante that isn't a turtle.

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Has anybody here gotten breast implants for cosplay purposes?

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I know that’s not what I think it is. I hate women so much

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Why not lift weights to strengthen the upper and lower back, chest, and stabilizer muscles? I've known of unfortunately few tit cows who just hit the gym and felt fine after. Plus back muscles are hot

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>saggy naturals are better
Literally the only value women can have is looking good and if they can’t even put forth the effort to have decent tits they are trash.
Natural perky teen tits with baby fat that are large > big fakes > average mediums > small tits > nipples on a man > big tits on a fat bitch > saggy tits
You must be a homo or a roastie

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>Implants are totally gross looking
B or C is ok in my opinion
Everything bigger sucks when it comes to implants (unless the woman in question had big boobs before, than it could look good)

But I'm a man, so I know my opinion doesn't matter

I hate it, but I can't stop it
(Unless she would have accepted my offer, to carry her breasts)

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I also heard muscle-training could help

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Anyone ever been to one? My experience:

Me and two friends were hype for ColossalCon. Before we even got to the convention center, a Discord bud had been planning an afterparty. He wanted it to be some wild adult role-play thing or w/e.

The day finally arrives and we walk into the con. Wall to wall cosplayers in costumes, typical costhots, you know the deal.

After slogging around main floor and wrapping up the first day we make our way to his hotel penthouse suite where he's hosting the afterparty. My buddy is still in full costume and welcomes us with drinks. He points us to another closed room in the suite and winks.

Inside there were about a dozen people all in full cosplay gear with Moe Shop blasting in the background. In the middle of the room was a mattress with some blindfolded girl in a Ganyu costume getting railed by some dude dressed up as Ed from FMA. Think we had arrived a little early because most people were still just eyeing the scene and nervously chatting in an awkward semi-circle around the two.

After awhile people start to get buzzed and some guy starts yelling "go for the horns!" and soon everyone's shouting "HORNS, HORNS" lol. Ed guy then reaches over and grabs her by her kinda shitty 3D printed horns and starts going to pound town doggy style. They get ripped off (lol) but she's too horny to notice and then another guy joins in and shoves his cock in her mouth. Since she's blindfolded a bunch of other guys started to get the same idea and soon multiple guys were rotating out of her holes while she was still in doggy.

Pretty sure some guys finished in her but it was too dark to tell. Learned afterwards that apparently someone swiped her regular clothes and shoes so she had to Uber back to her hotel as cum covered Ganyu lmao

Kinda left the con feeling like we'd witnessed peak degen weeb. 10/10 would repeat.

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no one's reading this shitty fanfic

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Oh looks you don't have any experiences to share

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Pretty sure they do happen but I’ve never been to one. Sounds fun tho

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cant imagine anything more disgusting than having stank coomer weeb dick anywhere near any of my orifices let alone multiple of them. this made me gag

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Which of my April O'Neil stories is the best?


>April's antique shop (2003 series) hasn't been burned down by the Purple Dragon Gang. Why? She's worked out a... "special" deal with them.

>April O'Neil (80's) wants the ULTIMATE interview with New York's hottest vigilante that isn't a turtle.

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not cosplay

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Show me some good Koyanskaya of Light cosplays.

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Can someone make me a Beetlemon cosplay outfit template in 3D with individual pieces? I am working on a costume right now. If not, what are some refferences you use.

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Anime North is coming up on May 26-28 2023.

Feel free to join the Canuck Seagulls discord to connect with other goers: https://discord.gg/9dEMYzGgz7

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The alternatives are some incel smoothbrain whose name is Peepee, and Jughead, so

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Except all those times in history where men wore dresses, from Sumer to imperial Rome to feudal Japan to medieval England to like just pre-WW2.

>> No.10858134

Sounds like someone's a sensitive little baby.

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Ah yes because that's comparable to dressing up as a 14 year old highschool anime girl. Neck yourself you historyfag.

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