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Previous thread: >>10018870

Post stuff you wish to see worn photos of and help other anons out with their requests.

Anyone have pics of Antique Beast's Flow Hat? Doesn't need to be in a coord, just want to see how it sits on a real head.

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>told to be myself
>now I have no friends and I'm banned everywhere

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The problem is you being a foul person then

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I guess there's only one solution then

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Being yourself is overrated, be a cute lolita girl instead

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Someone lied to you.

NEVER be yourself if you have the option to not be.

Hell, half the point of cosplay is not having to be your own lame ass self.

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The catch to being yourself is it doesn't work if you have a shitty personality.

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/mkg/ - Mobile Kanojo/Kareshi General #12

"Yandere" edition

Last Thread: >>10050993

>The most discussed apps/games are Moe Can Change!, Dream Girlfriend/Nijikano, Dream Boyfriend/Hoshikare, and Animal Boyfriend/Gijin Kareshi, but people are encouraged to introduce new games.
>We generally discuss dress-up/simulator games and smartphone/cellphone apps for waifus or husbandos.
>Occasionally discussed games include Fairy Doll, Potion Maker, Mandrake Girls, Soul Girls, etc.
>To our newfriends: please remove any /mkg/ tags and lurk more to ensure proper etiquette. We might be a dress-up game general, but we are slowly dying

>/mkg/ Tips, Etiquette and Linkdump (spreadsheet of names for MCC, DG, AB, GK and FD):

>English Wiki links:
MCC: http://myroid.wikia.com/wiki/Myroid_Wiki
DG: http://dream-girlfriend.wikia.com/wiki/Dream_Girlfriend_Wikia
DB: http://dream-boyfriend.wikia.com/wiki/Dream_Boyfriend_Wikia
AB: http://animal-boyfriend.wikia.com/wiki/Animal_Boyfriend_Wiki
FD: http://fairy-doll.wikia.com/wiki/Fairy_Doll_Wiki

>JP Wiki links:
MCC: http://www56.atwiki.jp/aimi-mcc/
DG: http://wikiwiki.jp/nijikano2d/
DB: http://wikiwiki.jp/hosikaredays/
AB: http://www38.atwiki.jp/gijin-kareshi/
FD: http://www55.atwiki.jp/fairdol/

>Expression/hair viewer/background viewers:
MCC: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/k12rhyjhezl3285/MCC_Combined_Viewer.html?dl=0
DG: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/dhor8chzvb3czwf/DGCreator_1.05.html?dl=0
AB: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/mbajihnc2d2lhuq/gkab%20student%20expression%20viewer.html?dl=0
FD: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/liwskd0ogtesep8/FD_Expression_Viewer.html?dl=0

>Moe Can Change! Item Dump:

>Other Mobile Kanojos Games (Includes link to the apk downloader):

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Last thread about Lor was a hit and died

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I’m not, just a lit major.

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I felt bad reading about the crafters she snubbed in the last thread. What was the value of what you all gave to her?

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Why are you so obsessed with her

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Stop making these threads and go to lolcow

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Why’d you quote me along with OP? Stop being so sensitive Lor

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>anime convention finally arrives
>a huge portion of the people there are furfags

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They’re a disease that spreads to everything that doesn’t outright ban them

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>anime convention finally arrives
>a huge portion of the people there are DDLG degenerates

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Ever notice furries are getting younger and younger? I see pre teens with fursuits now.

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just do what I do and go to furry conventions in anime cosplay

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Does anyone have her zero two cosplay set? @littlejem on instagram and patreon

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Dude just pay for it or jack it to someone else

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Need dem nudez

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The bigger the better.
I've spiraled into insanity while spending the last hours searching for Wizard hats online. Anyone know where i can buy a huge-ass wizard hat online with a decent level of quality? At this point i think i'm just gonna have to find someone that could make a custom one.

If not then please do post pictures of wizard hats and/or characters with them!

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Also for reference, what i'm looking for is preferably a Number 7, but go right ahead and discuss which one you appreciate the most

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Another pretty addition to get the thread going

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Check out Mana's Twitter. He dropped a really cryptic message about possible Malice Mizer activies. Do you think this is something big?

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It can be about the DVD, it can be reminicing, it can be more. But I hooe that if they do another big Deep Sanctuary live, that I can attend.

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Just wait till your thread gets deleted like the alice auaa thread

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Oh yeah, they're announcing stuff for the DVD this month. Still wondering if it's possible to obtain. I hope they keep doing these too, maybe I'll attend next time.

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Mana is so cute, my gosh

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Whats he wearing here??

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Old one is saging.

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Probably why she always wears blouses that are bordering on not lolita or not lolita at all

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as long as you don't try to coord it or call it lolita. I adore Chococat tho, it would have been a cute casual outfit

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Kill it with fire.

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Is she Japanese or just living abroad? Looks a lot like my little room I lived in there. I hope it’s the first, we Japan-interested don’t need anymore bad rep suppliers.

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She looks asian

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Anybody going to this snoozefest?

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>tfw already in hell

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Almost everyone on this board uses photography equipment in some way, whether they're in front of or behind the camera. So let's talk about equipment.
What cameras do you like? Which lenses are your favorite? What does your lighting set up look like? For people who self shoot, how do you set your stuff up?

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Fuck off there’s an entire board for this

>> No.10131949

Sage because I've just been ghosting this thread so far, but the replies in here seem geared towards portrait photography for beginners who aren't steeped in terminology and brand/tech familiarity. >>/p/ looks like it'd be a lot less useful to navigate - most of the catalog is shitposts or "threads" with single-digit replies, there's an ongoing pissing war between film vs digital, etc.

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I just use my Note8
Git gud

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Fuck off, this is a topic for another board. You not liking that doesn’t change it

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Try posting this over there.
They're useless cucks who'd rather rub their dicks on their overpriced gear, while offering absolutely no insight that actually applies to the niche. They'd have an autistic meltdown at the guy who mentioned a Rebel.

Let cosplayers talk about photography, newfag. We've had these threads on and off since the board started because they're on topic to the community and hobby.

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2 days to go boys and girls.

Who goin?
Who cosplayin?
Who gettin' Treeckos for fuckin days during community day Saturday?
Who gonna be whale huntin?
Who gonna get fucked over in the cosplay contest by shill judges?

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RIT being a bunch of shitlords (like they are literally every fucking year) to them has nothing to do with them scheduling it in March because of the AB trip.

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Where do you guys hang out? I wanna make friends but the RIT anime club is for students only.

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I'm not a student at RIT, but I go to Cosplay Troupe meetings. There's also a bunch of alumni and people who aren't in school at all anymore that go to those meetings as well, you just can't be on eboard or be considered a "member." I've never gone to an anime club meeting so I don't know if it's the same, but my friends who also go to other schools will go to their meetings sometimes, but they also live on campus and used to go to RIT.

>> No.10132587

I do something similar; I go to RWAG meetings every Tuesday night, and I’ve never been a student. At this point I probably know the campus better than most students do just from years of going to Tora-Con and RWAG.

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I was holding out for Charles Dunbar to show up again, but no such luck. Too bad, he had some great panels.

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Previous thread: >>10127166

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The details on these dresses are really beautiful but those puffy transparent sleeves are too much for me, and combined with the weird beige turquoise combo all I think is just why, I can see the Chinese maybe going for it though? Idk, I really want to support VM but I generally lean more towards gothic-y classic and go for VM's darker solids so these pieces are just not for me.

One thing I do really love is that blouse they paired with the skirt, shame it doesn't seem to be up for sale right now because I would totally buy it. I also don't mind the longer length. I'm about 158cm but things like >>10132446 or even just slightly below the knees are totally my thing. That kind of silhouette appeals to me way more than the traditional knee length silhouette, I just find it more flattering on me personally.

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I disagree. Keep the long releases cominggggggggg

>> No.10132685

How old are you? The catalogs been here for like 5 years.

>> No.10132686

Longer than that, closer to 7.

>> No.10132693

i'm also an oldfag but i use the catalog because it makes this site ten times better to navigate, just by virtue of searching for keywords alone

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Heya everyone, con season is picking back up here!

What's everyone's upcoming plans for them? Hatsume fair, Metro, Super, and Mizucon are all around the corner.

Got any good tea with con drama?

You can join us here on our discord as well

>> No.10132311


I think drama in our state is mostly dying except between the costhots trying to get Instagram popularity. Cosplayers just wanna have fun, no?

>> No.10132474

OP do YOU have any good tea? What's that thread title supposed to be in reference to?

>> No.10132554

Metrocon isn’t worth it imo. Tickets are way too overpriced, guests are mediocre at best, and the convention space is just too small.
They were also selling the badges and lanyards separately?? Most cons I’ve been to just give you the lanyard for free. Is metro really in such a hole where they need to do that??

Not to mention the abortion protest lady last year but they couldn’t really help that

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>disregard bait
>post cgl feels

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>hanging out on the only female-dominated board on 4chan
>"women only talk about dumb shit"

This level of cognitive dissonance is wild.

You clearly don't have much in common with the girls, either, since they don't want to be your friend.

>> No.10132655

I’m sure you guys look fine, most fatties think they look gaunt after weight loss when they just look normal. It’s just a big change

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>You clearly don't have much in common with the girls, either, since they don't want to be your friend.
I wouldn't say this is necessarily the case, they'll go out of their way to initiate conversation with me and sometimes they ask if I want to do group cosplays with them, it's really just me being retarded and being bad at opening up to people.

>> No.10132687

Why do I gotta have a big ass fucking nose? It’s not like a big beak looking one it’s just very wide. At least there’s something to cosplay when you have a long nose.

>> No.10132690

>I wouldn't say this is necessarily the case

I would.

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What do you wear lazing around the house?
How do you incorporate your style into your sleepwear?
What's your favourite petticoat?
Do you match the colour of your bloomers and petticoat to your main-piece or legwear?

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>that grammar
wew sorry about that

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What dress would you wear this petticoat with? Isn't it too big for lolita?

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something like pic related
>Isn't it too big for lolita?
not if you're a giantess like moi.
lolita skirts range from mid-thigh to just above the ankle. long pettis are essential to give full poof to longer skirts.

>> No.10131458

>What do you wear lazing around the house?
Mostly thrifted vintage pajamas, or old band tees and sweats when I'm cleaning or doing anything messy like coloring hair or painting.

>How do you incorporate your style into your sleepwear?
Most of my pajamas are basic poly satin button downs/pants/shorts sets and nightgowns. They're comfy but I still feel more luxurious than I would if I slept in sweats. I have a few 1950's nightgowns and peignoirs that are really beautiful too, Victorian inspired sleepwear was a huge 1950's trend.

>What's your favourite petticoat?
desu, I'm always afraid to mention it because it's one meant for vintage fashion from Amazon. I'm hesitant to recommend it to noobs because 99% of Amazon petticoats are terrible, but I've been using this one for years now. It's perfect for a medium amount of A-line poof, so it works really well for classic dresses. It's cheap too so it didn't hurt my wallet to buy 1 in black and 1 in white.

>Do you match the colour of your bloomers and petticoat to your main-piece or legwear?
Yes and no. I have 2 pairs of bloomers each in black and white(4 total), and 2 types of petticoats(big poof and light A-line) also in black and white(also 4 total). I match my petticoat and bloomers, and I wear whichever color blends better with my dress and legwear. I find it's the perfect amount to be able to wear lolita a few times a week and keep up with laundry easily without taking up too much space in my wardrobe. My petticoat and bloomers never show so I'm not worried about precise color matching to my outfit.

>> No.10132557

I buy a lot of vintage nightwear too. It’s so gorgeous and comfortable to sleep in, and I love the fabrics. Especially the diaphanous filmy stuff, or anything with pleats. It’s so dreamy and romantic feeling to wear, too.

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I don't usually post here so I don't know if this deserves a new thread or if there's a thread where I can ask, but

Is this cosplay premade (bought) or is this custom made?

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He looks good as a chick though, even though he's male

>> No.10132213

I wouldn't say sexual reasons it's more like meme reasons like Boxbox first made it and then Sneaky came and made it extra.
from my memories he was dressing up as a "japanese schoolgirl" for streams even before dating Ester. and also in one interview with crunchyroll I believe he admitted that he's not that much of a weeb and everybody was like what woah but we all know that snacky is animutrash and c9 is a weeb team but lol nope it's about PR more than fetish

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He got caught on stream with a sissy fetish blog open, anon. Maybe it's PR but there's definitely fetish as a major factor.

>> No.10132300

It's 100% a fetish. He's living his personal dream. His girlfriend is giving him an opening he could only step into on his own with the school girl outfit. Now he has an excuse for wearing a full face of make up and sexy costumes. He's not a creepy pervert, he's a boyfriend who rolls with it. That's how it is framed at least, but the truth is both of them are creepy perverts.

>> No.10132473

What exactly makes them creepy?

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