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What do you think of their newer stuff?
What have you lately bought from JM (new or secondhand)?
Do you or anyone in your comm regularly wear it?

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Cosplayers who wear glasses.
Do you feel like your cosplay options are limited because you can't wear a mask over your glasses?

Pic basically related.

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What kind of dumb question is that?
Nothing's limited. Clean your glasses with some dish liquid and gently rub it off. Your glasses are much less likely to fog up, even with a mask. It's not fucking magic.


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I've been wearing glasses since 2002 and this works for a grand total of like 3 hours.

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Get Antifog

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nobody on this board is likely to know, this isn't a fap board

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Guys I just farted, this ones big and stinky, can you smell it?

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Nah all I smell is your desperation

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That's not my desperation I knowit's bad trust me but it is my fart

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My farts do smell eerily similarto desperation

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> rolls
Ok fattychan

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Really hoping the sellers don't hike the prices then "put them on sale" for more than the prices currently in cart..

That tends to happen every year though, so I guess we will see.

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Has anyone ever used AliWangWang to talk directly with a seller? I keep getting a red exclamation mark every time I try to message a seller even though I was able to talk to them and receive a response regarding a pre-order in July. Did I get blocked?

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Can you take money out of a spreenow account? I had to cancel something I had already paid for and they refunded my balance. I can't find any information about it and this has never happened to me before.

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As opposed to those actually interested in cosplay

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Shes currently my harley quinn as we speak. She's too sexy to not share with you, were on a bean playing games in costumes. If you show us you like this I'll tell her to put the pikachu on ;p were a m and f couple wanting youre opinions

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One more pic for bump, anyone? ;P

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Uh oh janny is going to wake up in 8 min

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Post your cosplay help questions here instead of shitting up the catalog with your one-question threads!
>Old Thread:
Stupid Jfash Questions Thread:
Hair and Makeup:
Coord Help:

You may ask prop, sewing, or wig related questions in this thread as well, but it may be beneficial for you to post one of the following threads for specific advice.
Crafting Thread
Sewing/Fiber Arts/ NeedleCraft:
Wig Thread:

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I'm trying to do a cheap cosplay of balsac from gwar but so far I only figured out how to do the two jaws and how to get them into shape. i dont know how to set ir up so it stays on my head. Some people have a hat on but i have long hair and wanted to use it for the cosplay, and I also want it to be at a wide enough angle so it looks like the old balsac. What's a good method of mounting a big mask like this?

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Either a thich elastic strip (possibly with a vecro attachment) or a black headband. You won't be able to avoid using some kind of all-over head attachment. The pieces look too heavy to try spirit gumming some magnets to your temples lol.

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Holy shit guys I just farted, this one is really rancid, do you smell it?

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Don't limit yourself by looking only for guides on your specific character. Look for resources for any type of foam amor build, masks, LEDS, and etc. KamuiCosplay, PunishedProps, and Odin's Workshop are your best friends now. They also sell how-to books and patterns (either basic or character specific). I highly recommend buying atleast a basic pattern if you don't know where to begin.
Here's some tutorials that should help get you started, but I recommend combing through their accounts for what will suit your work the best:

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>is there a good free or low-cost digitizing embroidery software?
>all I can find are >$400 or subscription-based

I use ink/stitch, which is a free extension for Inkscape (also free). It's definitely not gonna give you all the features of a proper digitizing software, you can't just pop a picture in as if it'll be good to go, and it's good to have some prior knowledge of programs like adobe illustrator or inkscape itself, but after watching tutorial videos for it on youtube it's easy enough to use assuming you dont need to do anything too complicated with it.

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You guys finish your Halloween costumes?

Christ be with you all.

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Nope, and you know we have a Halloween general pinned to the top right?

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>No M60 machine gun
Not gonna make it.

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How did you make your costume? Literally asking for a friend.

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Didn't make it, dropped 400 on all the shit because I'm talentless. Any tips on making it look more war torn and such?
Can't expect god to do all the work.

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Practice on scraps of fabric first.

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Previous Thread >>10480582

Check your emails for your matches! And if there are any issues, contact one of us ASAP!

>Matches Sent Out: October 26, 2020
>Shipping Deadline: December 11, 2020
>Grinch Check: January 31, 2021

Again, everyone has been assigned an ID#, Please use that to contact your matches in the threads! If you are getting no response, let us know and we can contact via email!
If you are buying online you'll wanna do it ASAP as there are delays which could then delay your package.


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#8008, #5613, #9351 and #8290
You're my card matches. All of your sheets were very well-written and I can relate to your style. I'm very excited to create some beautiful cards for you!

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Thank you

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Hi 2154! I'm one of your other matches, checking in to see if you can let me know your shoulder width! I see you've also emailed Imgur links to another anon of your wardrobe, that would be helpful for me too!
Your style is pretty different to mine so I'm excited to shop for you!

4255, you're my card match! I don't have anything to ask you but I know it's nice to see your number in the thread anyway!

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Is anybody else constantly refreshing to see if their number has been posted or...?

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Oh wow, it shows that I posted this at 3am. The ID number is meant to be 3159, just like in the quoted post of course.

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What are your opinions on cosplay photographers?

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I would recommend doing maybe a couple of free to cheap shoots to build a current portfolio; post in your local convention groups or forums or whatever you have. The more you build your portfolio, the more you can steadily increase your prices. Those initial cosplayers you work with will be the best bet to get the word of mouth going and build your audience as well.

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what >>10493903 said basically. do tfd. a lot of people like that, and it means you and the cosplayer both can do what you want with the photos so it's a win win.

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I wish more women did it because the men seem to be creeps

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Search around the internet to see what the competition is like. I.e. how good are the other cosplay photog. You will want to be at least above average.

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A lot of male photographers in my area have recently been getting called out after years of shitty and creepy behavior. My best advice to everyone here is to just shoot with female photographers

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who dis?

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Some attention whore who needs the D.

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devil murse

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help me figure out characters

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Aren't these usually males inside?

I actually like kigurumi but i don't know how to reconcile it with my hatred of scrotes

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Next time go to the /jp/ kig thread but it's Iowa (KanColle), Aegis (Persona 3), OC, Javelin (Azure Lane), and Sayaka (Madoka Magica).

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Most of them are gay anyways.

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Generally, the ones that look artistic and cool (like lulu) are girls or occasionally chill gay guys, and the ones that look creepy and awful (like OP) are scrotes. Pretty easy split.

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Previous: >>10467945

This thread is for buying, selling or trading. Please keep OT or tangent discussions about shopping services and price checks to their own thread to avoid clutter (make it if you don't see one). Use Lolita General for general buying questions or complaints.

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips (updated):

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AP Tartan x Twill JSK.

Recently lost an auction on this and now frantically searching. Probably a long shot, but can pay well.

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I have an OnS with a heart apron pattern already but do really want the GLB for the Usakumya one. I tried buying the English one that was supposed to include vol 3 on Amazon and it has like zero patterns and is just awful compared to the original Japanese for me

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Does anybody have *any* items from the brand Katie for sale? I don't have a preference as of current, since I really struggle to find places where I can effectively search for second hand Katie items to begin with.

Are there perhaps Japanese sites that can otherwise be recommended? If this last question is OT, please ignore it..! I think I'll try in the larme/misc J-fashion threads as well. Thank you in advance. :)

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Closet child and wunderwelt

>> No.10494419

There are a few issues of vol 3 on eBay right now, but most of them are shipped from japan so after shipping you’re spending over $30. Also to give you a heads up the pattern is just a plush and the hood isn’t detachable, so if you want a functioning bag with a removable hood you’re going to have to tweak it a little.

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Ok /cgl/, I come from /fit/ and once Corona-chan is gone, I want to go to an anime convention to show off my gains. I've always wanted to go to a convention in a sea of nerds and be the best looking one there, since it would never happen in real life. I've been a skinny nerd all my life and finally got muscle to show off so I figure a convention (something I already enjoy) would be a good place to showcase my gains.

Reasons why:
>good opportunity to show off my gains
>get to turn away women for once
>dirty looks from dyel virgins will fuel my gains for later
>might meet a big tiddy attractive anime girl that, seeing me in contrast to all the nerds might trick her into thinking I'm attractive.

My questions are:
>what character/costume/outfit would best show off my gains?
>how big do I have to be realistically? I know normie standards are pretty low.
>do tattoos ruin the effect of cosplay? Because I have some tattoos

For context, I'm 6', 165 lbs at about 17% body fat with pretty good muscle definition. By the time convention season rolls around however, I plan to be about 185 lbs at 13% body fat.

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>I want to go to an anime convention to show off my gains.
Prepare to be ignored since no one cares about gains, only about merch of their husbando/waifu.

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Post gaped butthole

>> No.10493657

This. Could end the thread right here honestly.

>> No.10493717

>best looking there
I see plenty of /fit/ ppl go to cons all the time. My friend who is 5'11, 200 pounds at 6% body fat goes as Thor all the time.

>> No.10493745

This, anime cons are pretty normie now so there will be many non-nerds there that you have no chance of looking or acting better than.

Also, doing /fit/ just to try to get women is cringe. Fitness is for improving yourself for yourself first, and everything else that comes with being /fit/ is just happy accidents. You can look like Fabio, but if you're a sperg you're a sperg and will stay a virgin

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Do you wish you had a cosplay best friend?

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Anyone cosplaying as Corona-chan and Plague Doctor this coming Saturday?

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File: 274 KB, 328x773, Plague doctor ACB Malfatto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Hi frens, not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask but I've been having trouble finding decent embroidery software. I've played around with Ink/Stitch a bit but I think I would have an easier time with an actual digitizing program. Would anyone be able to point me in the right (free) direction?

Pic isn't mine obvs but is the sort of work I'd like to produce.

>> No.10493409

There are no good free (legal) programs. Its too niche of a need and old ladies making shit for their grandkids and moms on Etsy are 90% of the end user and they're willing to pay for software. You'd be better doing the art and paying somebody to digitize for you.

>> No.10493437

Thanks for the response. I know the easy route is definitely fishing on Fiverr for digitizing services.

To be clear, I'm familiar with the pricing on PE Design, Embrilliance, Embird, Hatch, etc, and I sort of expected anyone to understand that to mean one of those softwares cracked, not an actually free software, of which there is basically just Ink/Stitch.

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I would go to /k/ and ask in the patch autism threads. They have a pretty large market of anime patches.

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I put on my older bro's Zabuza costume and I think I look decent but my bro says I need to go to the gym more. What do you guys think? I'm on the left.

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learn 2 sage. bumping the thread will only feed this faggot's ego.

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Well I’m a sweet lolita. Do you have discord?

>> No.10493199

are you guys Korean? can I call you oppa =3

>> No.10493291

yea my discord is marvel#4614

you can :3

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Are you the dyel who got beat up by based boomer?

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How do i go about to fold a shower towel sized blanket to a cloak? I wanna be a wizard for Halloween

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its illegal to post JN now..

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