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Previous thread >>10013707
>What are some cons to check out just across the border
>Who are your favourite photographers?
>What's an acceptable turnaround time to deliver as a photographer?
>How the Dutch think of fat cosplayers and a predictable fitfags vs fatties fight
>The Fandom Weekend fallout continues and Heroesdome has been declared bankrupt
>Viencon 2019 has been announced: August 30th - September 2nd
>Where to buy Japanese magazines in the Netherlands?
>Comparing apples and oranges on a per hour basis
>The eternal sexy vs armour cosplays discussion
>Anon really hates gophers with a passion
>CosplayClues decided to close up shop, a ClueyFarewell to you all!
>Tweakers gaming happened. Main price? Loadsamoney!
>Who are the current big talented Dutch cosplayers?
>Using Stan Lee's death for shameless self-promotion
>Looking to buy: Custom made props for exposure
>Discount you, discount me, discount love is known to swing, prone to cling and waste these things

The five next major events:
>Castlefest Winter Edition (November 24th & 25th, Lisse ZH): The winter edition of everyone's favorite con that combines castles and fests.
>Heroes DCC (November 24th & 25th, Utrecht UT): The winter edition of Heroes Comic Con.
>Moshi Moshi Fair (December 15th & 16th, Amsterdam NH): A special Christmas edition of Moshi Moshi Fair which takes place simultaneously with the Sushi Festival Amsterdam
>TomoFair (Januari 5th & th, Amsterdam NH): Dealers, some games, yadda yadda.
>JaapCon 2 (December 28th, Beverwijk NH): the sequel to a joke meetup.
Full list: https://dutchgulls.nl/en/agenda/

Links and advice:
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ often only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and move on.
>Just because there is a sale doesn't mean you have to buy things.
>Our site with a store list, newcomers guide and more: https://dutchgulls.nl/
>Our Discord: https://discord.gg/QAYNyfY

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>Just because there is a sale doesn't mean you have to buy things.

o...oh... damn.

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...and then I saw the hands

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i can tell youre a woman just by the way you typed that

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>I can tell you're a women
>on the women's fucking board

holy shit, don't break your arm patting yourself on the back

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jeez louise, no need to take it out on everyone else just because you bleed out of your vagina

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Is this shadow looking for a qt Leidse gf

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Well bitch this is what you get if you think you can just get a gf from crying g and shitting your pants demanding one
I'm the gf
This is your option
Be my slampig or gtfo

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Shit you deal with as a mod of your community thread. I’ll start
>people who join and don’t cosplay or wear Lolita
> people who claim to be going to meets and don’t show up and notify you at the last minute
> people who feel entitled when trying to join a comm and claim ‘I only own one piece but I don’t want to invest until I get a feel of the comm’

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I'm not a mod, but my comm mods have to deal with an ita with a 10 year long ban and I feel for them. She's made new accounts to get back into the group, made her own lolita group, and tries to get people to find out where and when the comm meetups are. Big yikes.

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>with a 10 year long ban
Holy shit what did they do?

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Hello New York, hahaha.

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There's "lolita at heart" girl who is friends with the mods. She always comes to meets wearing normie clothes and brings her normie bf with him. I feel like I would get kicked if I said badly about her.

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Why is she even allowed??? If you like Lolita, join a fan group but not the actual group. If the only other mod in my comm was active I’d make this a fucking rule.

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Is Larme/girly fashion dead?

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Agreeing with >>10038792 , there isn't anything remotely close to that popular atm and no, the art students that look like if they rolled tru a crafting store don't count as Decora.

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Me too anon. I might be able to pull it off but it probably wouldn't make me feel as confident as lolita does, but I've amassed a small collection of Larme magazines just because I love looking at them. My favorite is vol 20 for uh, reasons.

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I love the style, but I can't fit into any brand pieces (tall for jfash in general and busty) and fell in love with style I saw in the early issues of Larme, so it dying out doesn't make much of a difference for me. I did notice that a lot of western stores completely dropped the larme influences which is disappointing for me (F21 used to have a ton of pieces that worked for the style but they're long gone). I'm not really concerned about following Japanese trends because we all look ridiculous to normies anyway, so I'm just glad I got introduced to a style I love even if it had a limited shelf life. I do regret that I'll probably die without ever having anything from Katie on my body however.

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Not really a "new look" but lots of black, shapeless, heavy return of vintage. Pic related is close, with a few details
> chokers dropping out in popularity
> chunky platforms still in
> lace is huge
> florals are huge (especially greyscale and florals on top of patterns like checkered or houndstooth)
> no silhouette looks aka super shapeless/baggy
> hats are back, hairbows are less popular

There's other trends going on too, but I can't recall them clearly/haven't paid much attention

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As others have said, Larme isn’t dying out: other styles are becoming more popular. Since it’s not as brand-dependent as other fashions, you can work anything into it as long as it fits the Larme aesthetic. If you want the look so badly, I’d suggest going to thrift shops.

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Dab on them itas edition

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It's incredible how one word is enough to derail a whole thread. I love 4chan(nel).

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Man I just really hate sissy trannies and AGPs

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Based and redpilled

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>bf can’t finance
Is he making poor spending decisions, not properly budgeting for therapy, and then you have to pick up the slack? If that’s the case, maybe sit down with him and make an excel spreadsheet with a weekly or monthly budget for him, and then encourage him to stick with it. I had to do that with my bf a couple of times.
You’re a sweet person for paying for his therapy. I understand it’s frustrating, but dresses will come and go, while your bf is irreplaceable. I hope your dd gets relisted when finances are better for you.

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>now instinctively flag as "possibly a dude"
Thats literally my fetish. I exclusively find androgynous people attractive. I think masculine and feminine people are super ugly.
I'm also gender critical, so finding someone who is androgynous and also thinks gender is a stupid concept is difficult. (ironically?) androgynous people tend to care more about gender than literally any other group of people. I don't get it.

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>the fat girl in the group who always does all of the lewd cosplays

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join for more owo https://discord.gg/gse7Gkh

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>Tf when no lolita gf and cgl is heading over to 4channel

Last thread: >>10036156

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>confusing name field with subject field
Anon, I...

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Kek, I just noticed that. Sorry, It's been a long day.

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>That picture.
In before "hurr durr deh JEWS!"
back to /pol with this shit.

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This pic has been used on this board before, anon-chan

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Does someone have this photo uncensored?

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How do you guys go about this? Especially people who are already shy, what do you do to?

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no, those are my favorite kind of interactions desu, its also a good excuse to swap social media

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huh, good to know, I was always under the impression that the etiquette was to ask for the picture and when you were done you left. god I wish my iPhone wasn't shitting itself or I would be able to use snapchat on it rather than my huge tablet.

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You can talk to them after taking a picture, but notice social cues also. If you interrupted them doing something, probably leave them be (I've been asked for pictures while eating or talking to people and I'm fine with taking a quick picture but I'm not going to want to chat). If they're just hanging out, that's fine. But also be aware that they will probably get asked for pics and your convo may be interrupted. Don't be pissy about this. I've had people give me dirty looks for stopping a convo to take a picture but that's kind of what happens when you cosplay.
If the cosplayer seems kind of standoffish or like the might not want to talk, try asking for their instagram and perhaps try interacting there (send them the picture and say "it was nice meeting you, great cosplay" etc.) See how they respond to that. People can be tired, uncomfortable, hungry, thirsty etc. in cosplay which a lot of people seem to forget.

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Please teach me your ways senpai.

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Join the Army, get ptsd, learn what true horror is

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>be me
>amateur af epeëest
>i just love being at the fencing club
>gets wired up on the strip
>always come on electric day cause ima kinksyer
>realizes im not at the strip club
>imaStriPPerHoE.exe already in aeffect
>fie blade now bent to an unfashionable degree
>negative profit

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pretty self explanatory. what are some conventions in north america that are worth travelling to? or, are there any cons you think are underrated and deserve more attention? pic unrelated

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Kami-con is the most underrated convention in American. Its the only con where I feel like it is actually different every year. Interactive story and great unique guests.

>> No.10037545

not a good enough explanation desu

AX and colossal con are worth travelling for me, colossalcon because it’s a fun party con, ax for AA, panels and cosplay meet ups

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> Tempting speech to use for winning a cosplay contest.
> Get mic.
> Mention Cosplay community.
> Hilarity ensues.
> 80's track kicks in.

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Faces of /cgl/

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Quit fishing for images of seagulls

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>so shooped that she shits clone stamp tools...

>> No.10037251

I mean, to be honest, the environment on cgl and the cosplay community in general can be a bit gnarly. The historical costuming community has its own issues here and there but the drama is just...different from cosplay drama. I could see why she would rather stick to historical costuming. Plus, she's really good at it. Cosplay has quickly stopped becoming about skills and more about who you can jerk off to. Seriously. Just look at Momokun. No talent there, just someone who appeals to neets and their fetishes.

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NAYRT but I've been lurking for a while and I still don't know

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Florida General #???

What's everyone's plans for Holmat or any other upcoming cons

What cosplays is everyone working on?

Don't you lot just love our fucking weather?

Here's a link to our Florida General discord

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It was fun, RIP that gargoyle

>> No.10038170 [DELETED] 

donut is cute! but has bf

>> No.10038197

Everyone post Holmat lineups

>> No.10038200

I'll post mine in a day or so. Can't decide if I want my meme cosplay to be known yet

>> No.10038284

That shit was really unfortunate. I honestly thought the picture w/ the gargoyle ribbon was fun.

Hopefully they catch who did that, and justice is served.

Iwai was incredibly awesome other than a few hiccups with the hotel. The party floor was dope despite the drama with that dumbass whole talked shit at one of the cops.

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I'm a complete outsider who has only attended AX for the AA stuff. But I'm curious, because you hear rumors and stereotypes. Most prominently:

>Cosplayers are slutty, generally. At least, the ones who do lots of cosplays for every major con every year are.
>There's tons of drugs in the scene. Especially at the raves.
>Lots of "room parties" that end up with underage chicks getting shitfaced drunk, and getting raped a lot too.
>Most of the girls at the raves hook up with random guys.
>Photographers are shady and creepy as fuck. Especially the notable west coast ones.
>Most cosplayers have BPD or some other sort of cluster B mental illness, and daddy issues are the norm rather than the exception.
>Lots of cosplayers end up doing porn, or at least camming/sex work.
>STDs are rampant in the scene as a result of some of this stuff.

I'm asking because as an outsider, the cosplay scene - I mean the incestuous side of it where everyone knows everyone else who regularly attends cons in their area - seems impenetrable to me. It's like a parallel society.

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Slutwalks were anti-sex, were you not paying attention at all?

>> No.10037783

If you're seeing that many dildos in porn that look to be 10 inches, and you're not looking specifically for large insertion porn... I've got some bad news for you. The dildo isn't 10 inches, you're just on the smaller size. I'm not saying there aren't people fucking 10 inch dildos, but most are only working with one that's around 7 inches. If you're 5 inches, even a 7 inch dildo is going to look large.

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A real damn shame, it's easily the best anime out there right now. Everything else in there is spot on, avoid those lames like the plague.

>> No.10037785

I've lost count of the number of times I've seen that dumb fucking dance posted on FB this week, JJBA is a true mainstay of ironic weebery

>> No.10037787

I guess the thread is over now. I suppose it's back to our daily, and frilly, business.

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Post well-made cosplay

>> No.10037524

>Cosplay fitting to body and face
All of my yes

>> No.10037527

wait who dis

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Who else here have to deal with accusations of fetishes in order to just enjoy Lolita? I know theres some fellow true bloods out there who just follow the board for intricate cosplays and beautiful coords regardless of the haughty thot that may be wearing it.

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Self-respect means valuing yourself and not letting other people take advantage of you. "Sleeping with a high number of people" implies that you are letting people who you barely know (met at a party, bar, or tinder), and have no significant connection with, use you to fulfill their desires. For the most part these people don't care about you, won't remember anything about you besides the shape of your body, and see you as just another thing to provide them with momentary pleasure. If you respected yourself you would only give your body to someone deserving: a person who you've known long enough to develop mutual care and trust for. You can't value yourself very highly if you give people you don't know or trust intimate access to your body. It's inherently degrading.

>> No.10038215

>Self-respect means valuing yourself and not letting other people take advantage of you
Having sex with someone is not being taken advantage of? What you're describing sounds like rape.

>> No.10038228

>For the most part these people don't care about you, won't remember anything about you besides the shape of your body, and see you as just another thing to provide them with momentary pleasure.

I've only slept with one person (and have been continuing to do so for the past two years in a loving relationship) but who's to say someone who sleeps with a shitton of people doesn't have this same mentality? It's not like it's one-sided, both parties get something they want out of it.

>> No.10038249

What if you're using their dick to fulfill your desires? If I want to ride some bearded bear dude until my clit goes numb, im pretty sure thats MY desire

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b-b-but sex is soooo degrading!!!

sounds like such a typical fucking r9k retard.

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wtf bros i thought only girls liked pee pee

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You post that but all dudes here are gay.

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