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Selfpost, post accounts you follow, keep it civil.

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Fabric frustration edition

Where's the best place to find good border patterns, gulls? I can't find anything and I'm dying of frustration. Everything i look for looks like pic related. I hate it.

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Not in that order, you'll get stuck trying to turn everything right sides out. I don't think I can explain how I do it without pictures.

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I was worried about that, thanks for warning me. I'm currently looking at this one:
which does the side seams last, but I'm not sure how to go about cleanly inserting an invisible zipper in that situation. Maybe I should just accept that I'm in for a lot of fiddling.

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think just found out what to wear this year's Halloween lol

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So before anyone says it, I wouldn't be asking here if I hadn't already googled it, and I know this isn't technically what this board is for but I figure if anyone's going to know it's you guys

I recently bought this jacket that I really like but it's way too bright I figured while buying it that I could just dunk in a bucket of bleach for a little while and it would be fine. Unfortunately however I found out afterwards that it was 100% acrylic.

Now I'm not looking to die this or anything like that I just want it to be not as vibrant, and everything I read online basically says there's nothing to do to acrylic that does that but I find that highly suspect.

Does anyone here know anything that I could throw this thing in Bleach, ammonia, I don't know, that would fade its colors?

Because right now my only real option is leaving it out in the sun for a couple weeks.

Pic unrelated.

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Ask the fuccboi general

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>Ask the fuccboi general
Good idea. I forgot that place existed.

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Has anyone ever done goofed bad enough as to having to remove paint from worbla?
In my first timer hubris, I went straight to a spray primer without a sealer layer and am seeing the fruits of my cardinal sin.

Any best methods between hand sanding, orbital sanding, or even sand blasting?

Note that all the silver pieces are not yet glued on and still removable, and it is specifically the silver I want to redo.

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I would redo the entire construction of the silver pieces then if you hate it that much. Easier than trying to get all the paint off

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>this is a first time using worbla
Really makes me wonder about some of the shit you see in worbla threads.

You're probably going to have to redo it or spend a lot of time hand sanding.

Are you doing the armor? I love Mordreds armor.

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I don't get it. Who is this? Please self post somewhere else, it's not polite to advertise yourself here.

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ITT: Cosplays that hotels hate
I'll start

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All of us.

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Name cosplays hotels don't hate

You can't

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Since the actual dream dress thread is basically just WTB thread number 2, thought it'd be nice to put discussion here.

>How do you decide something is a dream piece vs. just a general WTB?
>How many dream pieces are you currently looking for?
>How many have you already found?
>What’s the longest you’ve been looking for a particular piece? What is it?
>Do your dreams change often, or not at all?
>Is it usually love at first sight, or do you have pieces that have grown on you and then become dreams?
>Are you willing to pay anything at all for a dream piece, or do you set limits (like never above retail)?
>How often do you look for your dream pieces?
>Where/how have you been most successful in finding them?
>Any particularly devastating moments where you’ve missed getting a dream piece?
>Related stories involving dream pieces, etc.

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I'm talking about joy mutant kind of shit here, I'm planning in advance for halloween but since it's going to be in the woods which is a very popular place to celebrate halloween around that time so I need some horrifying costume ideas and tutorials

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that wierd silicon stuff they use for hollywood and a talented practical effects artist

that, or you could just go as yourself

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dress up as your drunk abusive father

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Let's talk about Geek Craft Expo -

Have you attended/vended at a geek craft expo? What was your experience like?
Any friends attend/vend the event?

The reason we are asking is that recently the people who run this show decided to up the prices for their vendors to over $400 for an artist table, which is ridiculous in our humble opinion. Most large comic-cons don't even charge that, so what makes these people think that they can?

Also, who is Geek Craft Expo? They are run by 3 people, but we can't find any additional business information, registration, permits, or anything else regarding this show. It's a mystery!

Already, we've heard both positive and negative feedback regarding this show, so we wanted to reach out to you fine folks to see if anyone had any more information. We are writing an expose on the event and want honest opinions.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful and lucrative convention season!

-Journalist P

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Went to one in Seattle. The turn out was good but several of our artist friends say they aren't going to do it again because of the increased prices. It's a shame, that show had potential.

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Nigga my local con charges 800 per AA table

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Which con is that?! That's WAY too much unless it's goddamn NYCC or some shit

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Was considering one of these till i saw the price tag too. almost twice what fanime costs but i doubt they would make me half as much so I'm not sure i want to bother...

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I’m looking for advice and tips on how to attract girls at cons to maybe get with on a date and find a potential gf. Should I do a shirtless cosplay? Should I be flirty? Or should I let them approach me first?

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look good
have a nice smile
have open body language
cosplay some husbando girls love to ship (careful, though, this might backfire and attract only fujoshis)

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you already posted this once and it was rightfully deleted. bye again.

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This thread was moved to >>>/adv/19586018

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Previous thread: >>9881671

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Why post this in the general?

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At the copa
ruffles and saltiness were always in fashion

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How is the fit of IW’s simpler unshirred OPs? I love how they look and normally have no problem fitting IW’s JSKs and skirts in M, but my shoulders are 38cm wide and most OPs are listed as 34-35cm, sometimes smaller. My ribcage is actually very narrow but my shoulder joints are wide-set, like a disproportionate stick figure. Would I have trouble moving my arms comfortably? Anyone else have this issue?

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I love this so much for punk/country coords. I'm honestly excited to grab it.

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Wait for the photographer to upload his pics

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Hello /cgl. I was wondering if you guys can help me find black hooded coverall suit. Me and a buddy of mine are trying to get ready for AX18. We've been searching high and low, but its proving to be easier said than done. Can you help me out on this search?

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>black hooded coverall suit
i google searched that
that's it
that was very difficult

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That looks like one of those sweating suits that jocks wear in a sauna. Or try a cheap rain jacket+pants? Two pieces, but you'll have an easier time pissing.

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Classic ita edition

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>I love looking like shit on purpose to spite Teh Elitists
Such a rebel. Bravo.

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This isn't ita.
Nor is this. The thread was going so well :(

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Is that a literal Halloween costume skirt?

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Those shoes are absolutely disgustingly filthy.

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>>9887622 I agree with
>>9887655 - from the neck down this is cute, casual, might be improved with a light petti, but not ita... her face, unmatching glasses, and taught hair just make her look like a granny.

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I'm trying to make a Spider-Man costume(pic related). However, I don't know the first thing about sewing or making a mask. What am I supposed to measure on my head to get a nice, tight fit? What fabric should I use to make the mask? What type of markers are best for drawing on clothes? Where can I learn to sew? Also, how would I go about attaching the lenses to the actual mask?
Anything helps. Thank you.

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Please ask in the Cosplay help thread instead.

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Ok, thank you!

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Is there any way/tricks or makeup brend to look as "pure" and childish/cute as possible for cosplays ?

( PS : not me in the pic )

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no one would think you're Venus Angelic..

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Is this a venus thread in disguise?

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The Littles made it to cgl

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I feel like this is probably bait but I'll bite anyway.

If you want to look like the girl in this pic, you need to start with really healthy, clear skin. It's going to be really obvious if you're using a ton of product to cover up bad skin, and that will age you. Use light, natural-toned makeup sparingly, and nothing that will add a ton of shimmer. Forego contouring in favor of a girlish pink blush, and learn how to do natural brows and tightline your eyes with eyeliner so it doesn't even look like you're wearing it. Finish it off with a brown mascara. And a lot of it's just going to be genetics - if you have naturally hooded eyes or prominent features, you're not going to be able to achieve the chubby round-cheeked youthful look, no matter what you do with your makeup. (also keep in mind that photos like this are almost definitely always touched up)

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Things I have noticed over the years that make my makeup look more youthful

-brown mascara and brown eyeliner. actually brown, not brown-black like most western brands. i currently use clio kill brown
-if you have a prominent cupids bow, cover it up. i find that a more rounded lip shape looks more youthful and less mature
-go light on the eyshadow. no more than two shades, a medium to light brown, and a beige, white, or soft pink shimmer shade.
-line your bottom waterline with nude eyeliner to make your eyes seem bigger
-straighter, lighter brows look more innocent than heavy, dark, arched brows

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Old thread is long dead >>9822363

90s lolita is still lolita edition

Current trends in 2018, recent cops (any coveted dream dresses?), style by era discussion?

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Ill try to contintue dump in a bit. Im having issues with the vertification not loading. If anyone wants to dump some old ass 90s lolita itd be appreciated!

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I'm still sad about missing out on the Meta bear bag. If you have any coord pictures with them, please post them!

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Why hasnt anyone who cosplays Archer just painted his abs and other toned muscles black instead of using a retarded jumpsuit?

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Because it's a terrible idea, not accurate, wouldn't actually work, and would invariably look like shit?

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desucon is soon coming in Norway Lillestrom and i want to cosplay. the problem is i have never cosplayed before and i have never been on a anime convention.

im a male. umm im still unsure who to cosplay as. i was thinking cosplaying as Miku because i love her. but that would be kind of gay.

what to do?

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All of them were me. May make another post to make clarifications and additional comments, but can at least say that if you want to keep a table, you can forget Yugicon, that's not what they do.
Both Torucon and Banzaicon are sold out on Artstands this year, so you'll have to wait if you want to go to them. And you should be ready, because the artstand tickets sell really fast.

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Yeah, looks like the tickets open at about half a year in advance. Thanks for the tips anon, I might try to check out Norway's con scene again.

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Why did you leave in the first place? The problems you left over may still be present.

>> No.9886361

I just lost interest as I grew out of my teens, and I remember the organization at Desucon being somewhat messy. But considering it has moved to a bigger place it's certainly grown at least, and I did always enjoy the cosplay. Even 5-6 years ago there were some high-effort, good quality ones. I did AA even earlier than that, when stands weren't very good, but it was fun even then, and it'd be nice to see what the quality is like now.

>> No.9886370

Desucon changed leadership. They had one year that everyone got angry and complained a lot because it was poorly done, but after that they've improved a bit.

May be worth mentioning that they've announced that this will be the last year that Desucon is held, so if you want to experience Desucon again this is your last chance. I don't know what will happen in the future after this, there's no con that can easily take over so quickly.

One important thing I didn't mention in my >>9886211 long posts is places to sit down.
The clear winner in this among the three big ones is Torucon. They've many chairs and sofas spread around in smaller groups, very comfy.
Desucon has pretty much no chairs, so most people will sit on the floor along the walls. At panels you can sit obviously though, and if you go to the expensive food salesplace you can sit there too, or outside.
Banzaicon has places to sit, but mostly in the cafe, which is also one of the major places people meet and sit down. Other than that, it's a bit limited outside panels, and it is just regular chairs so not as nice as Torucon, but it may be a bit easier to find a free seat than at Torucon.

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I’m looking for advice and tips on how to attract girls at cons. Should I do a shirtless cosplay? Should I be really flirty? Or should I let them approach me first?

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Just talk to them and get their contacts, anything works snap or numbers, whatevers more comfortable for them. If they reply, good if not then theres tons of other people out there

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>shirtless cosplay
If you're ripped yeah. If you're fat, girls will walk a wide circle around you.
>be really flirty
Don't do this you'll just get marked as a thirsty creep

>> No.9886463

Uhm... just talk to them like they are a human being??

>> No.9886470

To be frank with ya buddy, you're going to get the worst possible answers on this board. Talk to women in your life. Ask them how they would want to be approached.

Talk to a girl with the goal in mind that making friends with a person who has the same interests as you is the best possible reward. The rest, if desired, will follow. Going shirtless and trying to look for the secret formula to gettin pussy reeks of a guy trying too hard.

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I wonder what goes on in the mind of people like OP.

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