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2017/01/28: An issue regarding the front page of /jp/ has been fixed. Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship.

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Previous thread >>9927270
>Anons talk about the things they want
>(unofficial) Viencon marketing pisses Anon off
>Candid shots vs creep shots vs Anons showing their internet lawyer degree
>Anon: "Acon was terribly organised"
>El Mundo happened. The location saved the event and that's about it.
>The Dutch lolita community had new admins taking over and not everyone liked their actions
>Anon doesn't know how to use the reply function even after being shown how to do so
>Someone got exposed again for claiming to have made cosplays bought on Ali Express
>/cgl/ is normalfag-tier
>Top coat advice
>Anon shared two new pics for the OP. Thanks!
>Is Tomo laundering money? Is Acon terribly lead? Is Abunai responsible for the hunger games? The answer to all these questions is no.
>Buying likes to appear more popular.

The five next major events:
>Campzone (July 27th - August 6th, Kronenberg LB): a massive LAN party with some cosplay stuff thrown in.
>Castlefest (August 2nd - 5th, Lisse NH): that one fantasy fair with all the cool music.
>TomoParty (August 18th, Ewijk GL): Deshima Sounds at a beach, except instead of Deshima you now get TomoBeatz.
>Abunai! (August 24th - 26th, Veldhoven NB): the anime convention with all the dank memes and sick burns.
>Viencon (August 31st - September 3rd, Limburgse Peel LB): a weekend at Center Parcs with a portion of the park being weeb-only and a few events thrown in.
Full list: https://dutchgulls.nl/en/agenda/

Links and advice:
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ often only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and move on.
>When bitten a mosquito it is not uncommon to have it sting a bit and to be missing a leg. Don't worry, you'll be right as rain within a couple of days.
>Our site with a store list, newcomers guide and more: https://dutchgulls.nl/
>Our Discord: https://discord.gg/QAYNyfY

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The only state with 3 cons every weekend in direct competition with one another. Supercon is over, Metro is happening now, Mini Iwai right around the corner. What events/costumes are you planning for? What is DokiDoki up to this time? Its time for a new Fla general. All this and more on this episode.

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Trying to hunt for DDs in a sea of off-topic replies edition

Old thread >>9935219

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Revamped my list

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Gonna be honest, this shirt is pretty great

https://www.etsy.com/SubcultureParadise/listing/630296697/midoriya-izuku-deku-eat-this-short?utm_source=Copy&utm_medium=ListingManager&utm_campaign=Share&utm_term=so.lmsm&share_time=1532154027274 #myheroacademia #deku #midoriya #myhero #bokunohero

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Does anyone have a higher resolution picture of this one?

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Anyone know how I can get synthetic wigs from taobao shipped to Australia? The agents I've asked have said they can't guarantee they won't get seized at customs and 4px will fuck me over if I order directly through taobao.

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Maybe take this to the taobao thread..

Anyway, wigs won't get seized at customs if you order through an agent. There's no reason for wigs to be seized unless they're sent with hair care liquid, but most agents take that away before forwarding.
4PX is a cunt and will reject for no reason so don't bother ordering direct.
Other than that, fuck our lives. This change in taobao forwarding has really been a hassle.

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Previous thread: >>9929072
Post your lolita and other jfashion questions here! For any cosplay questions, your best bet is the Cosplay Help Thread: >>9938627

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I have a couple of local thrift stores, I'll look into it and see what I can find. Thanks for the advice, it was helpful! My mistake was thinking there were stores that just sold the outfits.

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How does payment from Milk's online store work? It says they'll provide payment options through email in their little guide thing, do they just email you requesting a certain amount sent to their paypal the way btssb does or is it some other way? I've used tenso in the past but this is the first time I've encountered anything like this.

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I wish I could search Wunderwelt and Closet Child by size. Wunderwelt lets you search for pieces with shirring, but that doesn't apply to things like blouses, especially since I'm on the extremely skinny and petite end.

That being said, what are your experiences with the Japanese used clothing ranking systems?

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I bought something from Milk last week and it just had PayPal like a normal online shop. I also used Tenso. Are you sure you haven't missed something?

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>the Japanese used clothing ranking systems
You mean the garments' condition? I find that CC's is fairly accurate, if not slightly misleading in the positive sense; i.e. every piece I've gotten from them that supposedly had damages seemed to be perfectly fine.
Meanwhile WW's seems to be accurate as well except that their pricing doesn't really reflect the item's condition. They often sell pieces with very obvious damages for inflated prices, for no apparent reason. Personally I'd rather not pay $100+ for a stained JSK but that's just me.

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Previous thread: >>9945467

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*forgot to mention, both pairs I bought secondhand but in new condition because the first owners of both pairs I have complained that they ran small, so me being a half size smaller then the listed size ended up being perfect for me

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They run small and narrow, get a size up. For the ballerinas it’s really hard to keep the straps up. Hope you don’t encounter uneven pavement.

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I want to marry the person who runs Violet Blue!

>> No.9948671

I am praying for them to stay in business forever.

>> No.9948694

Thanks for the advice! I have very short but wide feet so I've been a bit worried. Hopefully I can try them on in store before buying.

Did something happen?

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Previous thread: >>9935260
Confess all your sins (including those about never washing your brand).

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I'm sorry I've never bought secondhand clothes that were covered in someone else's sweat? Seriously Wtf. Tell your dirty comm members to wash their shit if that isn't normal yet in your comm.

>> No.9948708

Also Polly rocket, but she hasn't posted in a while.

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Keep role playing the nïeve lolita anon. Maybe it will work.

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This is why I only come to cgl for the bts threads. You're weird af if you think anyone cares how long you've been wearing lolita.

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Share all your lolita tips and tricks!
>Laundry tips?
>How to tie single sided waist bows perfectly?
>Posing tips for photos?
>Best ways to keep track of your wardrobe?
>Ways to get the best deals and save money?
>Tricks to make sure meets run smoothly?
>Rules you've found helpful for coords (e.g. matching blouse necklines)
>Ways to repair lolita shoes?
>Social media tips?
...and anything else along those lines you can think of!

Basically, discussion about lolita life hacks, for lack of a better term. Don't think I've really seen threads like this much so let's give it a shot.

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here are some more ~aesthetic~ translations of the OP scan

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Thanks anon, I was looking for these!

>> No.9948406

>Laundry tips
Don't use fabric softener
Dresses are bottom heavy, if you hang them just by the shoulders this can lead to stretching over time ( this is why good quality dresses have those ribbon loops for hanging ). You can fold a dress in half and then hang it over the lower bar to avoid that, if you don't wear some dresses as much as others.
Prevent armpit staining by wearing perspiration sheets.
Remove set in yellowed sweat stains using this method;
It removed a 4 year set in stain on a chiffon blouse for me.

>Best ways to keep track of your wardrobe?
Make a facebook album and save the stock photos with any details attached to the image.

>Ways to get the best deals and save money?
Shop everywhere. If you're not using Mecari, Fril and other second hand sites you're never going to find a good deal and really limit yourself. Find a good shopping service you like who easy to communicate with and just do it.

>Ways to repair lolita shoes?
The good ol' nail polish remover on a pleather shoe is the best one. Go over your shoe with it after each wear and remove any scuff marks easily and keep them looking new.
Don't store them in shoe boxes.

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May Mana bless your wardrobe anon

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Previous thread >>9939954


Old thread archives

Buyf/a/g Guide

Discord Link
>https://pastebin.com/raw/uyMYVnPe (embed)

Bootlegs are never OK to buy and use, don't be a poorfag.

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I generally don't buy into bag elitism but this is fucking tragic

>> No.9948686

What’s that material?

>> No.9948711

For me it's a mix of harmless fun, wanting to have a connection to people, and a bit of loneliness/depression.

When it started out I really liked this series and I got through it via /cgl/ of all places and there weren't many fans elsewhere. Still not that many Western fans compared to other animes even if it's really loved in Japan so merch was cheap enough even I could afford it when I didn't have much money.

When I got money I started getting the merch more and around that time /cgl/ started posting about itabags. At the time I was on /cgl/ almost 24/7 because it was really the only place I could be social so I tried different Jfashions to try and find a niche to get into that I liked and could make friends in. Itabags seemed like a really good fit so I sped up my buying to make a bag.

Just when I tried to make a bag it came out terrible and I had some self-loathing and sold everything. Months later I tried again with another fandom and had better luck in getting feedback and everything but then repeat again. Each time I've bought stuff, made a bag, and then just had that depressive low where I realized reaching my goal didn't make me happy at all.

Then the discord came around and I took a chance and joined. Say what you want but it really did wonders for me in meeting people, making friends, and getting my love for bags back. I made my favorite bag through that discord but then itabags changed and the /cgl/ itabag generals changed and I've just been going downhill since.

I've bought more stuff, bought more bags, bought popular bags and discontinued bags and then never used them. They sat in a box or still sit in a box all with the tags and padding because I've never done anything with them because my past bags are nowhere near what I see here and compared to now


>> No.9948712

my favorite bag is so outdated that it's probably shitabag territory but at the time I made it no one else had one like that and I thought it was the coolest thing ever to do all this stuff that wasn't done by anyone else so my bag really stood out as something unique and really showed my love for the series.

I know hobbies change but I just miss how good I felt then and how I didn't hesitate to show my WIPs here and have people want to help when last time I posted for something that was a bit of a joke but still something I really had wanted to do it got blasted enough that I immediately took everything apart and sold it because I didn't want to look at it anymore. I ended up selling about $300 worth of merch I bought for that bag for roughly $100.

After that I fell in love with a game and a character in it much like >>9948363 where I'd look at him and think "Finally someone that understands me" and I thought he was perfect and he was always there whenever I needed him to brighten my day. I spend a bunch of money on him trying to get his cards and if I couldn't I'd get really unhappy but I just couldn't afford it.

It's the same with merch now. I'll buy stuff and get excited over the deal or the rarity and then it arrives and I feel nothing. It doesn't make me feel any better and I wind up just selling it all to buy more merch hoping something will bring that that spark I had and it never does.


>> No.9948713

I ended up deleting the game I had and it really hurts like I'm throwing away a person that cared for me but that and not buying anymore merch and selling everything I own now.. I don't know. Maybe it'll feel better to just get rid of it all. I've just started but I don't feel anything even when my ebay auctions sell for $5 and it's $50 worth of merch. I think I'm just that numb to it now. I don't know what I'm expecting whether it's to suddenly feel happy and free once it's all gone or just feel as empty as it looks when all the shipping boxes full of stuff are gone.

I just don't know and I'm not sure if I have itabags to blame or not.

Sorry I hit the character limit twice. I probably should have shut up long before this.

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Holy shit you guys have the worst banner.

I'm out.

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Good. Fuck off

>> No.9948112

you haven't seen /x/'s banner I guess.

>> No.9948144

That's only because we finished ours like 2 days before the voting and only pass members could vote if I remember correctly?

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Things in lolita that make you unreasonably salty.

>AP released the melty color cutsew in fucking grey but not ivory
>baby's lace socks forced into coords
>every time there is a holy lantern rerelease instead of some other popular print that never got one

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>Plastic is slightly more expensive but looks more professional than paper cups/plates.
I would prefer paper over plastic. Just don't go to fucking con teaparties at all. I don't understand why anyone would.

>> No.9948641

I hate it too, and it really is an ita magnet. My comm is full of AP sweet lolitas who love cat prints but the only one who bought the Marie dress is a notorious ita who dressed like an autistic child both in and out of lolita. It doesn’t help that there are replicas of it, but even people who have the real thing look bad in it.

>> No.9948645


That came across backwards, I suppose. What I meant was, given that a nice tea party is $160-200 in Tokyo -- but going by the afterparty reports, this $160-200 Tokyo tea party ticket buys you not only a nice sit-down dinner with real cutlery, but also includes being at a nice hotel, a fashion show with some minor/e-famous Japanese celebrities (and a chance to meet them? maybe?), door gift, lucky draw -- that's pretty cool even if it's $160-200. Tokyo is a good baseline as it's their homeground, so they're probably pretty established with what's supposed to happen at their tea parties, vs constraints with international tea parties.

What I mean was if the American tea parties also cost over $160 and you're still getting paper cups, then yeah, you're getting jipped and should be totally salty.

If the American tea parties cost a lot less than that though, I can understand the costs need to be cut somewhere -- there's already extra costs in flying out some of the designers, guests and merch overseas on top of lower ticket prices. So I guess going with paper plates and paper cups in return for keeping ticket prices down is understandable. I mean you can't really expect brands to incur extra travel and import costs flying out to you, give you a grand time, and then pay them less than half what their homeground customers pay them. This isn't just your comm going out to a local place and ordering a $30 dinner, someone has to pay for the plane tickets, reserve hotel space, prep door gifts, etc.

idk, if you're really salty about it, maybe bring it up with a group of lolitas and float the idea to the next brand tea party -- tell them to poll the group and see how many people would pay $160 if they get real cutlery and all the extras that Japanese tea parties get. At least if the group still votes for paper cups, well, it's something the cheapfags voted for and not something the brands condescendingly decided to cut corners on.

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I'm sure it costs less to fly them to america than to europe and I've never drank tea from a paper or plastic cup in europe

>> No.9948703

Rufflecon was a goddamn shit pile and was mean to it's guests. They folded because they are bad at managing money and burned bridges, but happily blamed the people supporting it as if they were blameless. I'm so glad that shitshow is gone and that the good staff members from it are now free to support better events.

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Stay on topic and don't eat bait.

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>Goes to any con.
>Realizes that actually /cgl/ shitposting reflects reality.
>Becomes triggered skeleton of bdsm ageplay faggotry.

Anime was a mistake.

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>out-of-the-blue remembers to check if ALA registration has opened yet
>tfw you missed the $55 weekend reg by five days

Also just now tallied up AX expenses for registration, lodging, travel, and food over the weekend (I don't buy merch).
It cost almost as much as my combined trips to Sakuracon AND Fanime. Jesus.

>> No.9948637

Maybe he has his own humiliation fetish where he wants to feel that he can't make his own girl cum because he's pathetic.

In any case, I support your endeavours.

Well I'm the freaky bloodplay anon that's been hovering in these threads. I'm a soft person in a social context, quiet, shy, soft spoken but I get very excited and 'passionate' (if that's the right word) in a sexual context. It's literally like a switch that gets flipped and this very primal sort of mindset takes over. I'll happily beat your stomach until you piss yourself and make you cry because how dare you make a mess of my clean sheets, you are actually gross.

I really want to cover a girl in bruises and then in the afterglow just lightly trace her black and blue skin. Sounds like so much fun!

However, I'd be into some mdlb if you're offering.

>> No.9948654

>tfw can't stand to be anywhere near guys that even have a little bit of a temper or ever raise their voice
>tfw no sociopath bf i guess

I have to remind you that sociopaths are also defined by their impulsity and anger management issues, you know.
So please, make basic research before writing inconsistent stuff on the internet. You'll contribute to the improvement of this god forsaken place. All those it takes is writing "sociopath characteristics" on google search bar.

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>When you finally find white tights on local shop
Finally after 3 years, I don't like ordering them online

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> be me
> enter /cgl/ wanting to see some hot cosplay girls
> be disappointed after seeing that you don't find anything like this here :/

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You people are the reason why more white characters are getting blacked up. Pic entirely related.

>> No.9947305

Baito threado.

Sage and report. If you reply you’re an idiot.

>> No.9947858

They can do whatever they want. We can dislike whatever we want to.

>> No.9947867

ignoring your crappy topic, her outfit and hair look fly as heck. I doubt this is a cosplay and looks like a great ging out getup.

>10/10 would smooch

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>the number of people replying without saging and reporting
wew lad

>> No.9947082

>announcing your report

That's against the rules, newfag

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>> No.9947109

This just proves how much of a newfag you are, everyone knows jannies are slow af, and mods don't give a shit about cgl.

>> No.9947112

Anon copied it from a thread that has been up for days that hadn't been deleted. Mods don't usually let vendetta threads stay up for days on /cgl/. Will things be up for hours? Yes. Days? No.

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Why the lolitas in my city are so ugly?

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First time making a thread so sorry for mistakes! Been a while since I've seen a League thread, and Riot released their MCM London cosplay pics from their meets so I felt it was a good subject to make a thread going!

All cosplays can be seen here https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/mcm-may-2018

Anyone here got featured?

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