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Please post cringe cosplays

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when did i post this

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Anyone got any Phoenixrai?

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2020 con season in a nutshell be like...

Seriously though, how you handling the downtime? Like continuing fixing your cosplays and whatnot?

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It turns out no cons means no motivation to finish or work on cosplays. No point in making something if it will never get shown. Or if I continue to make things, I'll have a glut of them by the time on run normally again and some of the costumes may be outdated.

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Right now, I put cosplay together just to deal with the boredom. Even thought there o cons, I still post them to Facebook pages.

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Also wanna add that access to materials and supplies are restricted now with physical visits being discouraged (because crafting is not an essential service for most people) and shipping delayed and/or expensive as heck. Why pay more and risk physical contact with randos at this point in time when the hobby will still be there when the world gets its act together in another year or two?

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Corona forever edition

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Checking back after a long break and wow this board has gone to absolute shit.

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Its a never ending cycle of buying to deal with stress and then subsequently causing myself more stress. Who woulda thought, right?

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I need money

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I live in a town where everything's still open (never shut down) and there's no masks.
... Which makes me really nervous about taking pictures outside. Not because of the virus (I, my grandparents, everyone I know doesn't wear masks) but because I'm afraid of the Karens if there's unmasked people behind me in the shots. Is this a reasonable anxiety or am I overthinking it? Seriously it never hit here.

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you're not overthinking it, i heavily suspect

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previous thread : >>10425841

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WtgRe5cjKIR0BYGhw9N8ahxChLqEFLbZIRbAazooh-o/edit?usp=sharing

Original Music Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfmgukQM2isUtJJZz1MY4Jn4zPcbl0wDU

- lots of idol festivals, varying quality.
- discussion on instrumentalists participating in idol festivals
- idol tier list? lol
- Julily released a video on her raw thoughts about the cosidol / overseas idol comm. Met with varying responses, both positive and negative.

Featured Soloist: Melancholiaah! They just released a new song and merchandise!

Starter Topic:
Julily's video has been met with varying degrees of positive and negative feedback. Share your opinions, without bashing her as a person.

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>there’s at least 3 non-Asian people of color and various white people in the industry.
Just curious, but who are these people?

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NTAYRT but Ari from Yumepedia is one of them. She's got a lot of talent and their debut single was pretty good. It's on itunes/spotify.

But who would enter? As far as an idol contest goes, singing can't be the only category for users to vote on, dancing has to be included too since that's part of the schtick. I like the idea but honestly it seems like a bit of a popularity contest, since I think the only people that would enter are the people who are already comfortable with putting themselves out there / people who have probably already debuted.

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>popularity contest
This is why I don't think it should be based on voting. The scene is small enough that anonymising singers wouldn't really work and also masking them would remove an important part of the performance. >>10450847 not sure what this would achieve let alone mean in the context of online voting. Unless you mean an anonymous panel of judges will rate/vote for contestants. A large and diverse panel of judges would be ideal but wouldn't you want to know their credentials?

I think the setup they have for the current competition is fine.

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Japan doesn't want to deal with foreigners who can't culturally assimilate to Japanese society. As other anons have mentioned, Ari is an example. Another is Heidi who is trying to do idol things, and can't forget SYA (even though they are in Canada, Ally & Sally were still able to catch the attention of a Japanese producer somehow so we can't forget that). Japanese society and language is complex, so you have to bend over backwards to be able to fit in it. I can't imagine many, if any, americans/westerners who can do that.

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Exactly. You can tell who is doing things that aligns with goals that are similar to yours/goals you want to support. If you see someone doing stuff you're not interested in, just ignore them. Even if they have the biggest ego about themselves, their ego will be their downfall in the end so just let them crumble on their own.

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Gulls what would it take for a male (me) to fuck a cute cosplayer please respond

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Be attractive. Or pay for it.

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an hero faggot

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Thanks for the introduction, it looks very good, I am very fortunate to know this information. https://novels247.com

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Let's talk accessories.

What's your favorite way to accessorise a coord? Are you a headbow, hat, or hairpin person? What are some of your favorite brands for accessories, jp or western?

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Doesn't matter if you do, Anonhat is stupid popular and whatever they make sells out pretty instantly or through lottery.
Most people probably won't bother with this painful process to get the hat. >>10450385
Sylvia Quaint is a better recommendation for Western lolitas.

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Yes, they're hard to secure. I'd never wear mine out on a windy day.

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kachushas; the old maxipad headdresses but in band form instead of ribbon
vintage jp, possibly etsy if it's visibly good quity

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Being a fan of mid-victorian fashion, I love bonnets, but they can look so wrong so easily - they have to be styled well. I’m such a sucker for rectangle headdresses too, I think they’re so cute with so many dresses and I like that you can have one that’s more pared down or with OTT long ruffled lace

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Headbows are generally my least favorite type of headdress but I do love more understated floppy bows that lie on the head like pic related.

Rectangle headdresses are really cute, I wish they were more popular outside of oldschool.

Wish I could use those, my ears are really weirdly shaped (absurdly small and oddly bent ear canal) so buds aren't an option.

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>What styles will make a comeback?
>What styles would you like to see become popular?
>Will masks as coord accessories continue in the West?
>What releases do you expect through 2020 and into next year?
>Will sweet lolita continue to see the 2010-era AP resurgence or
move onto another trend?
>Will Virgin Mary crowns finally fade into obscurity?

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As far as cheap and decent goes Tiny Garden is the best choice. $30 for a dress that isn't abysmal quality and I can feel comfortable doing things I normally wouldn't to make sure my brand stays nice. Their blouses are decent too, but don't quite match the color of their main pieces. I have no recs if you're short though.

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I like to think I've tried them all, from $30 To Alice dresses, to $150 Kidsyoyo almost-replica btssb, to $150 fullsets, to $150 fancy dresses, to $300 Krad Lanrete, to $500 near-replica coat sets. I've also seen expensive Elpress and Classical Puppets from other girls in my comm.

I'm still very unimpressed by taobao. For some reason people keep assuming I'm talking about $30 dresses even when I directly say I'm not impressed by Krad's quality. I don't know why folks are so happy to bitch about AP polyester but put Krad's poly on a pedestal, really.

Elpress and Classical are highly detailed but the girls who owned them said some of the seams were itchy, unlined and in weird places. OTT ruffles aren't my thing though so I can't really judge.


Problem with taobao prints is not how clear the print is, it's the method they use, it's usually surface-printed so it doesn't hold up as well as brand's method over the years.

As for brand print, it can be pretty crisp on smooth poly, but that's the exact same poly people complain feels plasticky. I have to admit a lot of dresses look better when they chose to use a more textured fabric, it gives a more interesting feel to a dress.

I have no issues with taobao by the way. The creativity, meme dresses and cheap prices are great. I still buy taobao filler pieces and accessories. It's just my honest opinion that the quality doesn't quite catch up to brand's.

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>compared to taobao net lace
I didn't. I compared simple lace to detailed lace and mentioned both JP and CH having detailed lace I like. I just don't like the look of that kind of lace because it looks common. If you like it, that's fine but I'm not going to buy a dress I don't like the look of just because it came from a popular brand. You can dislike my opinion but don't twist what is said.

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I just thought you were talking out your ass because you didn't even know enough to figure out what types of lace you're looking at. I mean, there's newbie lolita guides to lace that you can google and easily figure out that what you're actually looking at.

I'm not either of the other two anons btw. Just chiming in to say I also think you're a noob and need to lurk (and google) moar.

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Thanks and I will. I said at the start that I'm new. >>10450027 I don't know lace types yet, but I do know what looks appealing to me and what doesn't. ICP has ice creams in the lace. That shit is cute and I love that, but I don't care for the dress. It's not ugly it's just not something I would buy for myself.

This whole thing started because someone responded to my post with them saying how photoshoped the girls are in Taobao images. I responded back correcting them that I was speaking about the dresses and not the models, giving some of the lace I saw as an example. >>10450239 this post seemed to question further by what I meant by Walmart lace so I answered >>10450485
>Of course it's not the exact same lace but on first glance...
>I know not all JP brand is like this...
And from there anons are assuming that I think Taobao is better than JP brands just because I said I didn't like the look of the lace of SOME newer dressss.

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I'm a guy. A huge, tall, wide, hairy big boi who lifts heavy metal plates and punches other burly guys in a ring. I only wear black tank tops (got about 20 of them) and sport legwear everywhere I go. I don't even own other clothes since my job is also in a gym. Every clothing I own is some sort of sports clothing.

But I want to dress fancy as fuck. I saw someone post this pic in an Ideals thread on /fit/ and it piqued my interest.
Or something similar to this. Basically the male version of lolita.

Where the hell do I even begin, if it's something I haven absolutely and utterly ZERO experience with and knowledge of? Like, so I google (lolita clothes for men" ? I'm not even american, don't suggest american brands or shops please, thank you.

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Leave it to a man to think they deserve an entire fucking thread all to themselves.

Stop encouraging this.

>> No.10449877

OP here, good morning and thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I now have direction, which was the purpose of this thread. But most importantly I think I have a better idea of what to look for and what I'm should be going for, and a better understanding of how should I tackle this style, as someone who has NEVER thought about clothes deeper than throw shirt on, throw shirt off.
Some people suggested I go to /fa/ but every time I went there all I saw were sad cunts wearing street tech fashion and ultra cyberpunk fashion. Maybe that's the in thing, but I wouldn't know. In this regard /fa/ wasn't much help although the board was easier to navigate.
The type of clothing on /fa/ was pretty far from what I'm looking for which leads me directly to the other topic.
I think I found a style that I want to pull off, which is sort of a vampire/aristocrat style that deals in burgundy, dusky and melancholic colors and easily incorporates long coats, capes, cloaks, shawls. I think I instinctually like this style because even in the OP pic I liked the first guy most. You called his style steampunk but it's the colors and the more classical/romantic disposition that caught my eye. The 3 other guys were too normie casual.

Nobody deserves anything my friend, but we're all in debt with 1 death.

Thanks a lot, I'll start browsing the sites and threads suggested as soon as I get home. Just a question, do these sites usually sell an entire suit or individual pieces? I have absolutely no idea how / why to fit certain colors and styles and outfit pieces and I don't want to end up a legit clown mess with no sense.

Meetings and stuff is a bit too far from where I stand. I want to get my first suit first and see how it all goes. I suppose I need a certain level of self confidence within the style in order to just go and meet people dressed up as an outrageously fabulous caped vampire.

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Yeah, I never considered completely shaving until i did, and I felt so clean and smooth.
I already go clean shave because I don't like beards, but I do keep sideburns.

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I'm the anon who offered to help, but you should probably know that cgl has its own system going and half the reason people are so hostile to you here is because it's frowned upon to make a new thread when an existing thread would do, in this case, the stupid questions thread (handholding/spoonfeeding like I'm doing is also frowned on, but I'm assuming good intent for now and that you genuinely don't know). Either take your questions there, or hit someone up off-cgl (I left my email in my last post). You'll get actual answers and the gulls will be happier.

>> No.10449954

I feel you. I am >>10449673. Poke me up on the email, id love to talk more.

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Do you think a Smurfs cosplay would be accepted at a con? Pic related, is kinda what I had in mind.

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Why wouldn't it be?

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Lmao a thread died for this

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Anyone ever cosplay as a homosexual smurf?

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Anyone else see this crazy Ultramarine cosplayer interview?

>> No.10449290

Why go through all the effort of making armor when you can wrap yourself in a pride flag for the same effect?

>> No.10449308

Beat me to it. All that hard (and admittedly very nice) work just to be a fucking smurf. Maybe it's secretly our spiritual liege in there.

>> No.10449386

I'm not sure how matt ward feels about primaris

>> No.10449390

He was apparently involved in creating them, or at least the storylines where they were introduced, and his husbando robot girlyman was involved in introducing them so I'd guess he'd like them.

Also, I didn't even realize that was a Primaris at first since cosplay looks so different from the minis, that explains why I couldn't figure out what helmet that was supposed to be.

>> No.10449749

Primaris looks worse than manlets in cosplay form.

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Newbie to crafting for cosplay. Planning out a World of Horror getup. How might I go about making this mask properly?

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By deleting this thread and asking your question in the help thread.

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use the help thread, newfag.

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Jfash only, no cosplay.

previous: deleted apparently?

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By Me!!

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Cosplay, in the beginning, was actually about well made costumes and hard work. Then, gradually, it become a thing for whores to make money off losers.


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r9k is that way

>> No.10449797

No, that’s an /a/ guy right there

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I have had my fair share of of fun with women. I have no need to commiserate amongst the reeeing incel board. Why do you avoid me when I say "Have a family"? Are you not able to do so?

>> No.10449809

call me when a coswhore like this wins WCS
until then fuck off

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Report b8 and move on, gulls

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Any ideas how to make Jet's arm? Never did stuff like this personally, so I'm lost

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Use the help thread.

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Last thread >>10443530

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I’m from the EU too and I think it depends on the country. The only reason I knew anything about BLM back then was because I was active on tumblr. I never saw anything about it outside of online social justice spaces and practically no one I talked to outside of those spaces had even heard about it. The notion that people outside of the US should speak up or be deemed racist is definitely a new one.

>> No.10450989

I think it definitely depends on the country, but I’m surprised US anon didn’t recall how big BLM was at the time.

I haven’t seen anyone in my country accused of being racist for not posting about it or whatever (i myself haven’t posted anything) but it’s in the public mind and people talk about it. I think social media these days is complicated, because if someone says it’s racist not to post anything (as an example), it doesn’t mean anything and nothing happens. a lot if people won’t think so but they won’t be the ones you see. I hope that makes sense.
It’s my general complaint about the internet these days, it’s not as serious as it feels

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Has anyone had any luck buying from indie jp hat designers? They always release short notice and sell out so quickly I can never get an ss to grab one.

>> No.10450994

Sometimes the shop that shares AP USA's storefront, Harajuku Hearts, carries Coco & Ami hats. Right now there's only one, but sometimes I notice they get in a pile and it's no consistent with what's "in season", meaning sometimes they get a bunch of old stock and sometimes they'll get upcoming stuff slightly early. They also carry Enchantlic Enchantilly Berets sometimes, again I think there's like one right now.

>> No.10450996


Atelier Pierrot always seems well-stocked, including Coco & Ami, Morun x Muuna Stoik, and a couple of other indie brands (they do also carry Violet Fane and Lief so it's up to you to check the background of the brand you're purchasing if you pretty strictly only want Japanese indie, though).

I guess if there's a specific sought-after brand you're after, some of them can sell pretty fast. I've never been able to buy Caramel Ribbon jewellery either, always wake up to an announcement some time in the night and everything already sold out.

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No American cons ever again edition.

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So how much per post are you earning?

>> No.10450514

Every blouse I buy makes me look terrible and im about to give up on lolita because of my stupid ass man shoulders (I'm a bio woman)

>> No.10450521


>sunlight on your eyes

That's a recipe for vision loss but okay

>> No.10450523


A lot of people with BPD are stereotyped as manipulative and abusive for a reason. If they aren't actively seeking therapy and treatment and consciously trying to manage their condition they may mistakenly fall into harmful behavior patterns. And people can easily be lax with how they manage their physical or mental health.

>> No.10450526

I understand that, I have BPD, but when people categorize you as "genetically doomed" and treat you as such its hard to want to try to get better, especially if everyone acts like it's a lost cause. It doesn't help, at least.
I try to be conscious of my behavior even when I can't afford meds or therapy, I get peoples' frustration but its hurtful when they dismiss you as a person and only see an illness. There are some garbage people with personality disorders, I know firsthand because my siblings have NPD and witnessing how they behave is a constant reminder to always try to better myself. I'd like to believe I'm not doomed.

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