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2017/01/28: An issue regarding the front page of /jp/ has been fixed. Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship.

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Old one >>9658116

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That white cloth ruined her coord.

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Sailor Moon for anime fans. Check this out also for sale at https://macchar-company.myshopify.com

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Want to be a mermaid for Halloween? See here at http://macchar-company.myshopify.com/

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Old one is autosaging, please keep it cgl related

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I'm completely serious, why is it that guys can lift weights and follow strict diets, but virtually all women can't stop themselves from eating refined sugars until they're fat?

High-status males will never date you if you're fat, and you're on a time limit, they don't want you in your late 20s or 30s either, and you'll just have retarded kids if you wait that long anyway.

>Inb4 I don't want a high-status male

Yes you do, you don't even realize it, because low-status and average males are basically invisible to women.

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Referring to >>9662337
Just don't feed them.

Anyway today's feel

>I've been looking for months for a very specific BJD lolita collab dress
>I want to twin with my elegant doll
>finally find it!
>go to seller page, feedback is good, about to send a message
>the dress was 1/3 scale... my doll is 1/4 scale...
>how could I never notice

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lol self-identifying bait

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Why do you think you deserve to die?

I don't think you do.

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Cute kitty

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New Love Nikki
Costumes you'll never get - edition

Last Thread: >>9645822

Current Event: Haunted Night 17th-24th Oct.

>Where to download
Google Playstore, App Store

>Useful guides
'Love Nikki Guide' App (Android only)

>Active codes
aACivwYBqEZy - 20k Gold (until 20th Oct)
aACdxRpNJG9W - 30k Gold, 60 Stamina (until 31st Oct)

CGL Anon - ID#8564

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it's gone down already lol but rip highest I've ever ranked

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Trying to fine tune this outfit... Trying to decide between this one or-

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This one. Concrit welcome.

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Thanks anon, going pretty well!

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what are these overalls called? theyre so cute and I'm seeing everyone wear them this theme.

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Previously thread >>9645548
>TomoFair Nijmegen: bans were given for giving criticism, visitors complained about it being smaller than last time, and they finally had a survey asking for feedback.
>Firstlook: no schedule, no new games, shitty pics only, shitty cosville, shitty organisation. GhostCorps even left early because the con didn't had their shit together.
>Anon tries justifying selling bootlegs... but it failed!
>Nozlan vs Dazzle.
>AniWay's "stab at Abunai" article.
>Anon shared an idea with a FB page for no reason whatsoever.
>PostNL and NS are /cgl/ now.
>This just came in: OP !Tully09Zss is a middle-aged creepy senior con staff member who allegedly photoshops faces of cosplayers onto naked bodies. In other news, Atlantis has been located, the Loch Ness monster has been captured and Half Life 3 is available in stores now.
>Smoke finished her Lucario fursuit, some other WIP shots and crafting questions.
>Anon: "Help me find Dutch snacks!"

The five next major events:
>Dutch Comic Con Winter Edition (November 11th & 12th, Utrecht UT), a comic con that has some events to keep you entertained.
>Castlefest Winter Edition (November 25th - 26th, Lisse, ZH), to many known as the lesser edition of Castlefest.
>TomoFair Amsterdam (January 6th & 7th, Amsterdam, NH), a crowd management experiment to see how many people you can fit in one room without anyone dying.
>DynamicCon (January 21st, Eindhoven NB), the second edition of a smaller convention targetted at cosplay.
>YayCon (February 11th, Amersfoort UT), an anime and fandom con targetted at the LGBT community.

Links and advice:
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ often only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and move on.
>Our con agenda, store list, newcomers guide and more can be found at https://churi.nl/
>Dutch Thread Discord: https://discord.gg/kjQxd4S

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I have the feeling that Gio doesn't know what he really wants. He says that he will organize again, then he says he doesn't. So I will wait and see.

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They better fucking update the site then. It's in the same state it was one and a half year ago, still mentioning 2017 edition is coming up

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I think this is true.

I actually talked with him last week and he said he was busy with Formula 2018... Hmm..

>> No.9661938

How they work is very last minute. So don't be surprised that the website isn't up-to-date at all.

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I heard something about a next edition during Abunai! He is getting some help from another convention.

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Do you have any particular quirks or "autisms" when it comes to your cosplay or your coords?

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It's pretty rare that cosplay without a wig doesn't look like shit, so I'm curious as to what yours look like now.

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i'm sure you've probably considered it, but I might as well mention suggesting hoop skirts
you still need a thin petti over it, but it's probably helpful

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I try on all my Lolita dresses at home but never wear them out
It usually involves me putting them on and immediately taking them off because I still look bad...
>yet I still spend hundreds of dollars on them

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Same here anon. The dresses look great, but I wish I could wear a full size face sticker all the time.

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Same. I'm an atheist raised in a starkly Christian family, and every time I see a cross or anything else religious I feel bitter disgust. It sours my mood a bit because I'm reminded of all the hateful, entitled, and hypocritical bullshit the community frequently spews. I live in midwest USA though so I'll never get away from these people. I wish this long-term obsession with ~edgy~ religious motifs (including crosses) on clothing would just die.

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I just finished watching this masterpiece, lets have an Oniisama e... thread.

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Previous Thread

> Cosplay Masterpost: http://pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
- Tutorials and links that can help with Homestuck cosplays. Refer to it if you need help. Any contributions welcome.

> Crunchy Cosplay List: http://i.imgur.com/QRRWqRn.jpg
- An older list of suggested Homestuck cosplayers to follow and check out, as they have great cosplays and some also have good tutorials on their blogs.

> To discuss:
- Instagram: as more people switch over, who is worth following?
- Katsu plans? thats our next big turnout con, right?
- if you could 'cast' a set of ancestors, who would be your full set?

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Instagram is honestly really bad for my cosplaying. There's zero value to craftmanship as long as you look cool/pretty, which is seriously starting to demotivate me. It's the most shallow kind of interaction possible and even the "good" cosplayers are rarely worth following because they get peanuts for feedback and so don't post any WIPs.

I miss Tumblr being the big platform.

>> No.9662119

That and people seem to unfollow super fast? Post one cosplay they dont like and theyre gone. It also doesnt seem like you can have your instagram being a mix of your actual life and cosplay, they only want the later.

Which, as someone who is over the age of 18 and works full time, isnt always possible to keep full of cosplay work on a daily basis. Tumblr was so nice because you could also other fandom things, or your pets, and not watch your follower count drop moments later because it wasn't strictly cosplay.

>> No.9662120

*also post
Dropped a word there. Oops.

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Previous thread: >>9656374

What are you looking forward to wear this winter?

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I'm sorry, but who paints while wearing lolita? She deserved what happened, ffs

>> No.9662328

For outerwear with fur trim, I know Sheglit also has a few pieces in stock currently. Their Maetel collab piece had it's reservation end recently, but maybe they'll have some online stock when it comes out. You can get their stuff through Wunderwelt Fleur, and even if they don't carry it online just contact them asking if they can get it from Sheglit's store for you (providing it's in stock). I've done that before and they're super quick to reply, native english, and more than happy to get you anything from them. Otherwise I'd look at Closet Child and Wunderwelt for used items, they're sure to be unloading their winter stock now/soon for people to buy. Looking around I don't see many other stores with new items currently in stock with fur.

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What a fucking retard. First of all, how could you not ascertain immediately by looking at the construction of the dress compared to others that it wouldn't have been $148, second of all what an entitled bitch with that attitude, she should have had to suck it up and keep it. Gross. Also she looks like a transman, gtfo egl.

>> No.9662372

Pink haired bimbo with silicon boobs can't read numbers, wow. I feel bad for people who need to buy almost as much in taxes as the price of the items they buy, but for this one? And her guy friend who "knows Japanese" and can also not read numbers is probably a stoner.

>> No.9662374

*pay in taxes
not buy

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Is this her sexiest costume? Why isn't she wearing underwear? Also, rate her career, because it's over now.


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Post pics of lolita closets, and share organizational tips
>what do you hang vs what do you fold
>how do you balance your lolita wardrobe with your normie wardrobe in your closet
>what's your best space saving tip

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Jesus what idiot designed this closet?

>> No.9661406

>what do you hang vs what do you fold
I hang almost everything except for some cutsews. The rest of my folded clothes are normie.
>how do you balance your lolita wardrobe with your normie wardrobe in your closet
There's not a lot to balance, the normie part of my wardrobe is minuscule in comparison so it doesn't take up too much space in the first place.
>what's your best space saving tip
This is what I struggle with actually; my wardrobes are well organized but quite full. At this point I'll probably just have to invest in a new, bigger closet.

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I you have money you can build a rolling shelf/super-tall-drawer thingy with a shelf on the back and one or two bars on the front (depending of how tall your stuff are). This could optimize the space imo.
Pic somewhat related. It's not a hanging closet but you get the idea.

>> No.9661418

Cotton blouses will crease. As an old school fag only few of my tops are foldable and it would be pretty stupid to have only few of them away from the rest of my wardrobe.

>> No.9661526

>what do you hang vs what do you fold
I hang and display OPs, skirts and JSKs that are in season, also jackets and coats, and the cardigans I wear with the OPs/JSKs/SKs. I fold almost everything else, except for cotton shirts. Normie clothes on hangers and out of season Lolita are in the closet.

>how do you balance your lolita wardrobe with your normie wardrobe in your closet
I've only been buying lolita for half a year, most of my stuff is still normie, but it takes up way less space as none of the skirts are as voluminous. I've mercilessly konmari'd all of the normie stuff that I didn't like to make room for frills, and have two large drawers under my bed, one with color and one black/white/gray, with everything folded konmari style. Not buying more normie clothes unless I throw something out first, because there's limited room in there. I'm wearing Lolita at least once a week, and hope to increase that to two or three times a week in the future. I've got all I want this year for main pieces and am just looking to add some blouses.

>what's your best space saving tip
Bought washing nets to store my petticoats. I've got a bunch off petticoats of which the poof won't deflate even if slightly compressed, and I store them folded in washing nets that reduce them to a fourth of the volume of what they take up on hangers. I keep my shoes in a Billy book shelf, and can adjust the shelves according to the height of my shoes.

I'm going to use my winter bonus to get a new desk, vanity, and one of those wider hanger stands from Ikea. Like most gulls, I think, looking at my collection makes me happy, and now the display hanger is rather narrow and at full capacity.

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I need thee name of this guy, please.

>> No.9661237

que paso me kaso hue hue hue

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Looks like she dissapeared from the internet. Does she atleast have 1 social?

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What the fuck, what are you supposed to reply? "haha, thanks, the tits are fake tho"? They're part of your body after the surgery you know...

>> No.9662128

She's using a silicone boob plate, not implants. Like it's literally not part of her body, and she photoshops the photo to look like it's smooth.

>> No.9662135

Where can I get fake tits that look good as hers?

>> No.9662233

They're prosthetics not implants

>> No.9662359

>Looks like she dissapeared from the internet.

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Andrew Mazowiecki, Nathan Stallworth and Nathan Deluca #MeToo

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Senpai there's a huge difference between breathing the wrong way and insisting after a guy or a gal said no or something.
Even though I do agree 3rd wave feminists can take things too far, it's mostly people being shit and not knowing to keep it in their pants or act like decent human beings.

>> No.9661880

There’s a huge difference between being pissed for a guy looking at you weird and actual sexual harassment and assault.

>> No.9662030

I would post who but if she found out she would know who I am. I don't want to put myself in danger like that.
Big name cosplayer in a small fandom that me and my friends brought her into, I guess email me if you want to know who.

>> No.9662255


>> No.9662345

I have seen Deluca be sexually harrassed and him tell someone off for not taking the hint a girl wasn't interested.

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Any plans for nekocon?

>> No.9661405

No real plans, Nekocon is one of those smaller cons I go to just to chill and see friends.

>> No.9661584

First time going, what's it like? How's the masquerade?

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A thread to post your stupid questions. For Jfashion and Cosplay.

Starting off: I want 2 items from a store that sells wholesale lots, and the 2 items are from a 60 piece lot. Do you think they'll sell them to me separately if I get my SS to send them a message, or am I going to have to buy the whole thing?

>> No.9660831

You'll probably have to buy the whole thing.

>> No.9660838

Ugh, thought so. I can't imagine how much that'll cost in shipping. Thanks for answering.

>> No.9660864

You can always sell what you don't want after, depending on what it is (like if it's something to do with itabags or something). It's quite a bit of work, but at the very least, you should be able to make your money back

>> No.9661825

So I fucked up. How does one get plastidip off skin? Wasnt being caredul while spraying and now I've got a light dusting of plastidip 'freckles' all over one hand that wont come off.

>> No.9661844

Wait for your skin to die and come off, like you would with sharpie

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Old thread >>9644464

>Please read the FAQ (always updating)
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)

We have a discord channel!
Email [email protected] with a link to an art site with images of your merch or a picture of your booth for verification to make sure you do cons. (non jury)

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any recommendations for where to get dakis done??

>> No.9662297

I got people to shell $10 for coaster commissions, so I think you can float $5 per coaster without issue. Maybe a 2 for $8 or something as a special.

>> No.9662299

Alibaba/artsmoo. Please just do some cursory googling before you ask questions like these,

I'd personally go with $5 each and do 2 for $8, anon. Don't undervalue your work.

>> No.9662301

Is artsmoo good?
Also why can you not say the official name of the site on 4chan? it wont let me post it

>> No.9662317

Long long ago, artsmoo self-advertized on 4chan. Their spamming got them sent to the shadow realm and that's where they remain, even to this very day. The end.

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Haven't seen one in a while.
Spew your /CGL/ related dirty little secrets!

Starting off with mine:
I bought a dress from a gull in the BST and paid via friends/family (I had done heaps of transactions with gulls previously and always found them to be awesome honest sellers)
This time of my own naive stupididy, surprise, I got scammed.
So I did what I could, and became a mod of 2 large lolita Facebook groups blocked her from both and put out a scammer warning with her known LM link, and contacted all other large pages to do the same.
Good luck selling shit now bitch.

InB4 - you're dumb, I know.

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>> No.9661499

>all lolitas are the same

>> No.9661502

I'm friends with a lolita couple who's married. One of them seems to be more into ouji now, though.

>> No.9661503

Im not sure if its the community that has changed or if its me. But I find myself not enjoying cgl like I used to. For the past year I've been very inactive here and only skim a few threads that still interest me from time to time.
>I'm a lolita btw

>> No.9661505

This whole thread is full of miserable and disgusting creatures, holy shit. It's like you have no respect for yourselves
>muh eating disorder, you're ugly and fat!!
>lol i'm being a bitch and i dont curr
>i want a sugar daddy because i'm too lazy to get a job
Shit like this is why we have a bad rep.
I pity all of you, honestly. Get help.

>> No.9661506

I hope you get to a place where you feel good without the disorder some day anon, good luck.

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Is 2B the new Yoko/Ryuko, in that it's the go-to cosplay for sluts?

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>> No.9661039

I think so. It's pretty easy to buy a gray wig, cover up your eyes, and take some hot photos.

>> No.9661044

>cleavage window
>two seconds away from flashing vag

Whores cosplay whores. Who knew?

>> No.9661049

>it's kinda harder to pull off 2B well because of the materials
I feel like if you're going to take on 2B, you will need to be fit and have a great ass. Materials should be the least of your worries.

>> No.9661079
File: 127 KB, 1200x800, C64ueDqWkAAiuu3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're 6 months late to the party. It's pretty died down now and I see more 9S's around than I do 2Bs anymore.

Nier:Automata thread?

>> No.9661484

It's amazing we've reached a point where this isn't considered slutty lol

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Heya, I need help with finding an LED solution to Wallace's, well, LED looking thing. What would I even google to find such a thing?

>> No.9660354

Google the fucking help thread, you ninny.

>> No.9660356


I'm looking for a single diode setup with either no wires or minimal easily concealable wiring. That doesn't appear to be in the sticky.

>> No.9660367

It won't be in the sticky. Maybe someone can help you in the help thread. Ask there.

>> No.9660376

woops thanks, got them mixed up. Posted there

>> No.9660415
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Smallest setup is cr2032 battery with 3v diode (or any other tiny hearing device battery thats 3v)
You can also solder skincolored wires from the diode to the battery and hide the battery in your neck or something. Or use a latex patch to hide the wires/battery. Plenty of that shit around now it's almost halloween

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