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How much would you side eye someone for calling Lolita something else?

I'm at the point where I refuse to use the name Lolita anymore because it's just not worth it. There's no existing alternative name, so I have to decide exactly what I'm going to call it (suggestions welcome, I kinda like Wonderland-kei, but its kind of silly) Sorry guys, I just can't do it anymore. Especially now that I'm in my mid-20's, it just feels so weird saying I'm a "Lolita".

Anyone else feel this way?

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There's probably something wrong with you if you're still wearing lolita in your twenties.

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What's the best age to wear it then, anon? 18/19 when you're broke so your parents have to buy brando for you?

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i'd roll my eyes really hard, honestly. realistically, how often do you have to VOCALLY use the term "lolita"? if you're saying it when normies ask what you're wearing, you realize you can just dodge the question and say something like "it's a japanese fashion" right?

i don't love the name either but i also don't have to say it or think about it very often so it's just not a huge deal to me. the name isn't going to change for you or anyone else, and you'll end up confusing people if you use a special snowflake term. just seems silly to blow something so minor out of proportion. you're an adult.

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>it just feels so weird saying I'm a "Lolita"
Well, don't say it like that then?
Just say something like "Oh, this is a japanese fashion, it's called lolita!"

I never really understood why people like to say they "are a lolita" for dressing in lolita fashion.
Like people who dress in fairy kei don't say "I'm fairy kei" (or at least I hope not that would be awkward)

Oh please, lolita is a fucking expensive hobby, most people don't have a steady enough income to get into it before their 20s
Not everyone has rich parents to spoil them

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That was meant to be mid-twenties.

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Share patterns, your own plush projects, or discuss handmade plush in general.

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Does anyone know which paints and fabric medium are optimal for airbrushing minky, or any tutorials in general? I can't find anything short of paying $25 just to access a video on Nazegoreng's patreon archive.

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Does she have it on gumshoe or gumroad, whatever that site is called? I've seen a few of the patreon plush makers using that site now, and just uploading each individual video so you can pay a couple bucks as opposed to contributing for a whole month.

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I'm sure it would be popular! Most people don't host them simply because your average panel hosting seamstress is going to have a cosplay panel.

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Does anyone remembers those monster plushies that were mostly black with a single eye? I got a flashback some days ago and my google fu failed, i really want to know if that person is still doing commissions. I think they called them bugs or something like that.

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I'll get a decent job soon and I'll be able to buy myself a costume. Tell me of a site that can take request and make high-quality costumes. I'm thinking about getting a Bloodborne related costume.

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Should one leave lolita while pregnant or can it be done well?

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apparently it's the new cool hip thing to hate sweet now, but it just makes them look like edgelords

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XD edgelords XD lol

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This is such a pet peeve of mine!

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It's short for husband.

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Do we tell you what's okay to call your SO?
Or are you single and so it just makes you jealous that you are alone?

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Can anyone explain me what was that whole "sexual harassment during the sexy cosplay competition "deal about? I was unaware of that untill the organizers posted an apology on Facebook, and am too afraid of being branded as a creep or weirdo if I ask publicly.

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This banner is very "Graphic Design is my Passion."
Is there a list of otaku events in Mexico? Thinking about studying abroad in Monterrey.

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Deets please

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Pretty new to cosplay here. Only ever dressed up once. Was wondering if anyone can help me get this costume together? where i can get a good wig from etc.

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Well, it's pretty obvious you're new, as you didn't bothered to use the catalog to look for the current Help Thread >>9435252

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Continued from >>9420290, it's only 150 images so have a look before you repost unless you have something specific to say about the repeat coord

Creative weird shit in the general EGL fashion family (lolita, aristocrat, ouji, otome, etc.). Especially Alice Deco/Nana Kitade type coords.

Starting with a dump of creative colorful coords as requested by anon in last thread.

First! A band from the future, featuring Alice in Wonderland character-inspired coords, courtesy Alice Deco. Included (next post) are the obligatory White Rabbit and Mad Hatter ouji

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the Realest Ero

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"punk gothic elegant" theme

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end for now

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I LOVE that brand. Have one skirt only (used to have two, but it was the present of an asshole so I sold it, bad vibes) and it's one of the most crazy and cool pieces I've ever seen. Looking for more, for sure.

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hey, I am just genuinely trying to get patreon supporters and i'd be very grateful if any of you would consider it.
If you read through my page and don't really feel like having anything to do with it, that's fine, I understand this really isn't a community for this but any support helps me :)

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How much does sexual services cost?

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>my body/face isn't mature enough yet

lmao you look like an adult women, stop trying to pull the loli card. anon meant the quality of your cosplays themselves aren't good.

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This is why patreon is such a negative thing nowadays. You've been cosplaying since you were eleven, but the best you got is this halfassed Miku? You only post photos of yourself and we will basicly pay for your hobby. You have nothing to offer backers, except some bad cosplay photos.. which are also found anywhere on the internet for free.

Tldr Stop being a whiny bitch and get a part-time job to support your hobby instead of leeching on others. I have worked at mcdonalds next to studying at university, just to support my hobby.

One question I always have in mind. Why do you think it is fair to have your hobby paid for by others, while others pay for it themselves??

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Your face is plenty mature, sweetie.

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"back in my day ageplay was frowned upon" edition

>ITT share some of the fucked up posts in online comms recently
>throwback to "lolita is a fandom, im wearing a fursuit to the pajama meetup" chan
>have a friend who's desperate for e-fame? help em out a little by bitching about them on cgl, maybe?

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To answer that last question, it's a bad comparison desu because there's a huge spectrum so to say of what that is. Cat ears is very different from full on fursuit, and while it's still weird it's not really trying to emulate a cat, it's just weird. Now, if they were full on cat suit and doing that and found animal motifs and shit sexy in a non typical furry kind of way (a lot argue its the suits themselves that are attractive not animals, and to be fair some arent even real animals) then yeah I'd probably argue it's some sort of bestiality, although again its a lot harder to emulate than the child/adult dynamic.

>tfw bestiality was sorta legalized in my country and no one said shit

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Highly doubt they even believe it, probably shitting up the thread to further shit on me, >>9451031

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For it to be "pretending to fuck a child" you would need to actually be imaging your partner is a child. One of the things y'all don't seem able to compute is that most of the people into this shit aren't just using grown women as some kind of substitute because they want to fuck kids. They're attracted to grown women, they just find them acting childish hot. It's weird, it's uncomfortable, I don't like it, either. However, insinuating that any guy into it is a closet pedophile is simply wrong.

Here, let me give you an example that might make this concept easier to digest: I'm very much into extremely feminine men. Nothing waters the jimmies more for me than a guy who basically looks like a straight up hot girl. I'm not fucking these men for the sake of pretending they're women. I'm not attracted to women at all. I simply find extremely feminine men sexy.

>> No.9451105

I completely agree with this. There are situations in which it is ok to bring it up and in a fashion community is not one of them.

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Columbus, Ohio report!! Anyone going to Yoi Con this weekend? I fully expect it to be really small, but it's also pretty cheap and I am itching to cosplay!

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I'll be there. I'm local and live really close so why not.

Still wish there was a second Ohayocon tho.

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I want to attend a con specifically for the purpose of getting an asian gf. What are my chances?

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which one?

>> No.9450410

With that goal in mind, none.

>> No.9450411

Zilch cuz you're a faggot

>> No.9450445

Ever heard of the whole "If you have to ask the answer is no" deal?

Yeah it applies here

>> No.9450445,1 [INTERNAL] 

From an Asian girl, OP, Asian people as white people go to a con to enjoy its content. Save your strength, don't even fucking dare to break their moment of joy just because of your race fetish.

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Anyone know what the hell is going on with MMX? Apparently it's been canceled three and the staff aren't saying anything.

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The venue really fucked up. I hope their decision was worth the years of negative consequences that will follow. I can't imagine how devastated the staff must feel, this must be their worst nightmare.

>> No.9450946

This was a terrible move on the hotel's part. Now I'm wondering how GoDaikoCon will go down considering how they're going to be using this hotel in August.

>> No.9450985

They aren't allowed there either. The hotel wants to be a place for rich spa women.

They have banned all things that aren't specifically for upper class women.

>> No.9450995


Anime and manga are to haram for dearborn anon. Only events which praise alah are allowed.

>> No.9451019

but that hotel is decaying and gross and needs tens of millions of dollars in reno

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It's an anime challenge, get in here bitches.

>Record of Lodoss War
>Some monster girl series, idk, bitch can't follow the "make an OC for your favorite anime series" challenge

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linky or skiny nigga

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Can anyone give me the quick rundown on the titty monster?

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>not implying big boobs are her fault im implying shes ugly and the only thing shes got are those saggy knockers.
>you either have saggy tits and are white knighting or you dont know about boobs

Her boobs are also technically a medical problem where breasts grow large enough to cause back and sagging problems. You can see that they are already at like almost her bellybutton. Not even jelly, her breasts are mostly fat and not breast tissue. Breast tissue doesnt sag much compared to fat and because of the shape shes fucked. Shes clearly peaked in highschool and is aging like milk. I genuinely hope tho that she has money for a lift or reduction cause she needs it.
Take care of yourself gulls, dont ride the short wave of attention and ignore problems if you have them.

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>not knowing how to greentext
kill you are self

>> No.9451186

I dont think they drop to the belly button. Thats a huge overreaction. I can tell they don't, but they aren't up there either. They look like they have a natural hang like most big tits do. Keep being mad about big boobs. Overreactions about them are hilarious. Whats even funnier is when small breasted people have gravity hit them when they are older and they looks like flaps of meat have been slapped on their chest whereas at least big boobs may hang lower, but still look like actual boobs.

>> No.9451190

>Her boobs are also technically a medical problem where breasts grow large enough to cause back and sagging problems.
>sagging problems

Funny how you are telling someone that they won't know how boobs work. Kek.

>> No.9451197

Not all big boobs cause people problems. Hell, I know more people with small chests that have spine issues. It has more to do with what they do in their daily lives vs boobs. Ive only met one person with back issues due to big boobs, but she said she wouldn't do surgery because she working on strengthening her back through things like yoga. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about at all, so before you educate people on how boobs work, learn about them yourself. Not all huge boobs sag as if you are 50. Some actually, due to genetics, stay pretty perky. Same with small boobs. Some stay perky throughout your life, some sag and look just as bad as large boobs when you hit a certain age. Bras don't stop this. Nothing stops this. Breast niptucks also don't solve any of these issues because gravity will be gravity. Educate yourself.

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Old thread: >>9448953
good plus sized coords, nitpicks welcome

shitposters, try to keep it minimal.

I genuinely like seeing the cute chubby girls posted because it's rare to see them on cgl so you can bet I'll try to keep one of these threads up regularly.
keep it cute, gulls

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This is a great weight loss inspo thread, keep the fatties coming!

>> No.9450522

Tell me where this is even close to plus size or chubby???? Like most of these are chubby and pretty cute, but some of these examples aren't even borderline?? They're perfectly normal and healthy.

>> No.9450561

Make it stop.

>> No.9450990

This is amazing!!!

>> No.9451006

I'd say at least half of these girls are normal sized lol and a couple were actually skinny XD. If they are plus sized than about 80% or higher of lolitas are plus sized. that makes no sense.

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Is it a convention if it's completely outdoors?

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Last thread:>>9443909

Previously in Lolita General:
>minor damage or major damage
>burando tablewear
>misty sky re-release
>where to get jmagazines
>Innocent World golden week dresses
>length of Antique Beast
>is cheap bodyline worth it
>new facebook group for daily coords
>Excentrique S/S collection
>lesbian cinema and television for lolitas
>prints are not important
>french lolita docu translated (thanks anon)
>new btssb release
>replica shoes

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Has anyone else seen what Amazon just put out? The Echo Look will be able to take full length photos. Coord pics just became a helluva a lot easier. You can even store photos of your wardrobe with the app. Kinda pricey but still not as expensive as a DSLR, or even a brand new dress for that matter.

>> No.9451076

You can do this with any high-end phone.

>> No.9451082

Yeah lemme just take a full length coord pic with my phone using my extendo-arms. Even if I used the timer and propped up my phone, I'd still have to run back and forth to make sure it came out alright. I'd rather just stand in place and have the voice command take photos and check their quality on my phone while standing in place. Streamlines the process.

>> No.9451097

so u've got an iphone huh
newer androids have a voice command function for photos

>> No.9451100

I have an older android. I'd still have to run back and check if the photo came out ok.

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Last thread >>9443909

>minor damage or major damage
>burando tablewear
>misty sky re-release
>where to get jmagazines
>Innocent World golden week dresses
>length of Antique Beast
>is cheap bodyline worth it
>new facebook group for daily coords
>Excentrique S/S collection
>lesbian cinema and television for lolitas
>prints are not important
>french lolita docu translated (thanks anon)
>new btssb release
>replica shoes

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Just got some sclera from scleraXL.com and they ripped almost immediately. I've worn contacts before and watched tutorials on how to put them in. What is the best place to get perscription contact lenses?

>> No.9450201

damn, thanks for the heads up. are you able to get a refund?

>> No.9451089

In the US? I've heard good things about Samhain Contacts. planning on using them for my scleras later this year since they're the only ones who carry my base curve, and I don't want to fuck around with that on contacts that are $200+

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Old thread: >>9410419

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips/Guide:

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File: 43 KB, 250x333, IW, GermaineOP-chocolat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

IW germaine OP in brown, 230USD, bidding starts at 200USD.
Good condition, selling because I don't wear it.

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Dolly Cat OP + Headbow + OTKs in pink, 300$ + shipping
Cinema Doll JSK + Headbow + Purse in Lavender, 490$ + shipping
Cinema Doll shoes in Lavender, size L, 60$ + shipping (lightly used)

E-mail for proofs and shipping quotes.

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AATP Anthy/Annsea/Ancie OP in pink with white rose lace

>> No.9450949

https://egl.circlly.com/auctions/black-peace-now-bustier-d2bc1dd7-bd70-4c55-9d83-eaca8cf7999e another one you might be interested in anon

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