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Jeez anon you dress like such an autist

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There's absolutely nothing about this post nor image that has anything to do with cosplay or Japanese fashion, anon. Here's your (you). Please, don't do it again. That image belongs in /fa/.

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There's absolutely nothing about this post nor image that has anything to do with cosplay or Japanese fashion, anon. Here's your (you). Please, don't do it again. That image belongs in /fa/.

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My post has 100% to do with /cgl/ though.
>you dress like such an autist

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It doesn't with an image like that. You had the opportunity, and then you went all the way into left-field with that image. There's also the matter of post quality, but that's a lesser issue.

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Steven Universe is coming back

Cosplay thread?

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I quite like this one, but...
Has an actual female bodybuilder ever cosplayed Jasper? All I can find are fatties or cardio-fit.

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Christmas tree edition

Previous thread >>10032059


Old thread archives

Buyf/a/g Guide

Discord Link

Bootlegs are never OK to buy and use, don't be a poorfag.

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Any gulls participating in a itabag/fandom secret santa?

Haven't seen this much YoI in a while
If you don't like it, contribute. Jfc this is why this general went down the drain

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Just ignore the threads then. Nobody cares, you're just shitting them up yourself with messages like this. Bye!

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This is so cute! Perfect for the Southern Hemisphere Christmas.

>>10057860 The threads are dying because of people like you.

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I got one of the Swimmer totes as I had outgrown my current bag, but I don't have quite enough to fill it yet, so it justified me spending another $100 on merch, so merry Christmas to me! :3

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Is the Medabot anon still around? Graffart have your back!

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Was a huge fat weeb in my teens and tweens (but was never allowed actually act on my filthy thoughts god bless my mom)
Now I‘m an independent womyn I decided to actually express my weebness anyways despite her patrolling and get into j-fashion lolita cosplay again since I dress really bland and ugly. But the thing is, back then when I was looking through the pages of several of my most fave j-magazines I saw online when this livejournal hosted them (don‘t know if they still do) the fashion looks probably really outdated now so I need to get up to date.
Anyways tl;dr what is the most popular fashion subculture now in Japan? It used to be gyaru.

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The mainstream is pretty toned down now, but if you want a stylish/girly jfashion look that still incorporates some current trends, I'd recommend onee gyaru or larme.

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Just go lurk on the larme thread and post this in the stupid questions thread next time. Can't believe a thread died for this.

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this isn’t your blog, don’t make an entire thread for your one dumbass question next time

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Anyone else have to deal with stuff like this? Brothers, boyfriends, dads etc saying that cosplay is for whores and trashy girls etc.

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>I’m gonna bitch about thots like a micro dicked virgin
>b-but I’m not a virgin!

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>Being proud of being some dude's cum dumpster in school

I thought size didn't matter.

Not that anon btw.

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It does if your peepee is the size of my index finger

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It's a startling thought that women might actually enjoy having sex, isn't it? Words like 'cum dumpster' insinuate sex is solely for a man's pleasure. Women like to get off too, you know. I'm just saying.

All that aside, y'all are going to get the thread deleted if you keep up. This is why we never have threads of this nature. They turn into people throwing 'slut' and 'virgin' insults at one another without fail.

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This thread is barely on topic as is.

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Old one saged
>Neko Nation

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Christmas is near edition

Old one: >>10056149

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Depends on your aptitude for picking it up, although this could also preclude you from learning one at all. Standard webdev/codemonkey autism could take a few months. Being able to land a legitimate engineering position could take much longer

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>if I started doing CodeAcademy tomorrow when could I expect to land a job?
Don't think of it this way, you'll give up long before you can get a job. Use it as a stress release from your current situation, learn to love it as a hobby. Make things you're proud of and can show other people. Eventually you'll find that you're employable. If you really need to, in the meantime flip burgers or something similar to make ends meet, even if that means moving menial jobs somewhat frequently.
Really wish I had taken that last bit of advice myself when I was younger.

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I wish more people understood this instead of just going "my depression/autism/etc made me be a shitty person so it's not my fault!" and having everyone pat them on the back for being so brave

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So just be really motivated? I taught myself Spanish for work so hopefully that means I'm capable of this sort of thing. Thank you for all the advice gulls. I mentioned CodeAcademy but are there any other resources or sites I should look at?

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I know. It's never that easy. I'm sure you hear it all the time, but I would look into getting medication. You have to motivate yourself to apply to jobs, though. If you don't, you'll never have the resources to get out. I'm in the same boat. I'm planning on finally moving out in 2019.

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I need help finding the templates because im a cheap fuck that lives in a third world country and dont want to pay for them, please help

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Saw an anon posting here talking about how he wants to cosplay as Joker from Persona 5. Just found out about this character through his post and I'm just loving his hair.

How do you get your hair to be messy but make it look messy on purpose like his. What I'm currently doing is just shampoo rinse repeat wait for it to dry and it looks good... until I go to sleep. Then in the morning it's either ugly messy or too tidy when combed.

I'd love the dude that posted the original thread to reply because I haven't saved the his picture but he's hair seems similar.

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Don't know which one you're exactly referring to. I don't want to cosplay I just want to have his hairstyle, posted than on /adv/ and was redirected to here .

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Oh, I have no idea why you were directed here, because this is a cosplay/lolita board. Actual everyday hairstyles using your own hair aren't talked about here except sometimes in lolita threads (but this isn't a very.... lolita hairstyle). I'd make a thread in /fa/ asking about it, however, a hairstyle like this is stylized and it's generally pretty hard to get an anime character's hairstyle using your own hair, hence why I recommended a wig (it would be thicker, more straight, hold form better etc..) so you may get scoffed at if you make asked there. Best bet is to look around for an image of someone who had their natural hair in a similar cut/style, THEN go and make a thread or reply to a hair help thread in /fa/ and see what people say (but if you can't find one then just accept getting laughed at and hope someone actually tries to help you)

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Yeah it's 4chan, all anonymous, it doesn't matter that they are gonna laugh, they can do whatever for all I care.
I will post a thread there tomorrow, it's getting late. Thanks.

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Don’t even bother. If you aren’t attractive like him it wont look good. Invest in some plastic surgery if you’re gross. Sick of ugly men everywhere sullying my eyes.

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Is Google too fucking hard for you, you mongoloid?


Google "men messy hairstyle", or just get some fucking low hold mousse and tease / run your fingers through your hair until you like it.

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/out/ here. I'd like to make a wool loden cloak, such as the one in this image, but I'm finding it difficult to pin down a good source for wool fabric sold in bulk. I can order anything online and budget for the material won't break the bank.

So far I've looked at Pendleton's site, Harbor Freight (their $10 wool blankets are as bad as you'd expect, like literal shoddy material), moodfabrics, and a few others. I'm thinking that a German website would have it, but I can't into German very well to find one. I can find the manufacturer of wool loden cloaks in German, the last time I looked (can't remember the name now,) but i want to tailor on myself.

This isn't the first time I've been inspired to do this and still I can't seem to find what I need. Maybe I'm searching for the wrong name when it is in bolt form?

Can anyone help?

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Wikipedia has a list of Loden types https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loden
to search for bolts you add "Meterware" as a keyword.
Lodenkotze is the name of the coats.

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This can't be real

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Ah, thanks much!

Just seems like the big muffler/turtleneck section in front of the face makes it look weird.

>> No.10057969

obviously, you're looking at at least 5m of high quality wool in materials alone.

his hands are literally the size of his head and jmif his head actually was that size his neck would be absurd.

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I think all people's heads look tiny when wearing loden.

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watch this if you want to commit toaster bath!


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Previous thread >>10025996

Because the old thread hit sage a while ago.

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People who focus or do the 'theatrical fighting'/showfighting, where do you take inspiration for moves or how do you train to be better in that aspect?

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that won't get you banned otherwise most of us would have been banned ages ago

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I went to a really good game last weekend and my feels still haven't recovered.

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Not talking about my "dames in armour" folder here mate :^)

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I would love to go back to the days of my childhood where I would roleplay Harry Potter with our own alternative storyline, but I literally have no idea where I could start.

So, for forming LARP groups.
>How can I gather interest without gathering negative attention?
>Similarly, how can I filter out anyone with bad intentions?

I would appreciate

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Firstly, post in the larp thread newfag.
Secondly, if you haven't been to a larp you have no business writing one. Even most people who have been to a larp will suck at writing them. Before you try to write this game, do some research into other magical school games. Read as many systems and rulesets as you can and attend at least one. Magischola is a well-regarded magical school larp, for example. I think there's one in the US as well? At least go to some local larp events even if they're not the sort of thing you want to run; maybe even volunteer on a ref team or two to get some experience.
Third, some general advice: Writing a game isn't the only part of running a larp. You also have to deal with booking a site, making sure all safety precautions appropriate, providing kit for monsters and NPCs, liaising with players, feeding however many people for however long you run the game... There are so many logistics in running a larp, it's a lot of very hard work. Make sure you assemble a competent (and experienced if possible) ref team and DELEGATE. Do not try to do everything yourself. Be prepared to hear a lot of criticism and make sure you take it to improve your game - there's nothing worse than a game runner or head ref with a "vision" they refuse to adapt. Plots do not often survive contact with players, you should have a plot but be ready to adapt it and change it accordingly based on what your players do and where you want them to end up.
Fourth, consider running a tabletop rpg instead. You will be able to do that yourself without much difficulty, there are many tabletop systems already written that can cater to this kind of game, and you can play with a small group of friends in a more concentrated way where you won't need to worry about logistical things. You can even dress up to play if costuming is important to you.

>> No.10056871

To answer your actual questions:
>How can I gather interest without gathering negative attention?
Go to other larps first. Meet people, make friends. Work on a few referee teams helping other people realise their larps. Work hard and improve on your mistakes. Get a name for yourself as someone who loves larp and is committed to excellence and fun. Then people will want to play your games! But there will always be at least one negative person who wants to rain on your parade, so make sure you grow a thick skin too. (Being on a good ref team will help you develop that.)
>Similarly, how can I filter out anyone with bad intentions?
That is difficult. Make sure you have a policy about what behaviours and attitudes you will allow in your game, and make sure that policy is stated in an obvious place on your website or very early on in your ruleset. Contrary to what some people believe, you actually can write a very good and interesting game that has strong elements of in-world prejudice or allows genuine physical contact (violent or less commonly sexual) between consenting players; the key is to be clear about what your game will contain. For example, if playing a muggle born will get a character bullied and potentially smacked around by purebloods, make sure that's listed as a feature of the game. If you start a Facebook group or event page for your event, you might be able to read out bad eggs based on who makes uncomfortable or policy breaking comments on it . Also if you are recruiting players from within the general larp community, at least in my country people are very outspoken about problem players so if one tries to join your game, someone may let you know. Unfortunately this also comes easier wirh experience.

>> No.10056875

Thanks heaps. I admit, first time I have been on this board. Didn't even know about it until an hour ago.

So I may try just going to an existing group. I don't know much about doing that either, but I guess I'll figure it out. I have some friends, but it might be hard to convince them to play tabletope with me at some point.

Thanks again.

>> No.10056878

Also here's a list of magical school larps to read up on:
>Bothwell School
>Czocha College of Wizardry
>College of Wizardry Nibelungen
OR you could get a copy of something like Fate Core or Fate Accelerated and run a tabletop game.

>> No.10056882

If you check out the websites for the games I mentioned here >>10056878, they should explain how to join and get started, and if you're completely new to larp you can usually join a Facebook group for the game or email the game runners to ask for help. People are usually nice and willing to help a new player. Best of luck!
And there's always Internet rp if your friends don't want to play with you.

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How often do you touch up your photos and how much do you alter?

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The first example wasn’t as dramatic. Don’t be so hostile.

>> No.10057426

ntayrt but the first photo was just as bad. she gave herself a new nose, jaw, lips,and erased her huge eyebags.

>> No.10057454

would still fuck them anyway

and whoever that>>10056828 is, she looks better unaltered

>> No.10057464

Hey dude, most of those things change you to look like a totally different person, but don't knock erasing eyebags. There's an entire makeup market around that, and that's one of the most basic edits anyone can make.

>> No.10057871

>How often do you touch up your photos
always, it's no secret either
>how much do you alter
colours, bumbs, unevenness in my skin, very slight things in my face shape/shadow wise. Generally, I want it to look like if you see me IRL you can believe it's untouched and just a good picture, so my changes are minimal.

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Did I do good?

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didn't need it's own thread, but yeah desu you did well

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Yeah that’s Cathy Cat

>> No.10058044

Kinda. She does a Halloween seasonal job and she is a scary clown then. She isn’t like a clown all year.

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just throw the whole coord away... the wig isn't bad but it doesnt go with this coord. save up for a nicer dress, it doesnt necessarily have to be brand but bodyline just looks so cheap and its hard to work with...

>> No.10058070

i feel like gull has potential so here is my actual concrit;
get rid of the dress, it isnt doing you any favors, go on lacemarket and find something for cheap that fits you. do not expect to spend 30$ on a dress and it look good. payment plans exist
get a petti thats worth shit
other white blouse is fine but not with this coord, coord that blouse with something with more white in it
get real lolita shoes and work on color distribtiuon, ie if ur dress is pink, have pink shoes and pink headbow, and go for blouse and tights that have a nice accent color (in this case sax blue or lavender maybe
also this is just my opinion but i feel like her face would look a little better if she went one shade down on her foundation colour.

>> No.10058076

is this a dead body

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Character in fashion

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Post Feels

just fuck my shit up senpai edition

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lol wut?

>> No.10057953

The downside is this was their last meet and they’re leaving the state. Pretty sure I ain’t getting shit

>> No.10058007

They're definitely aware that some do not, but that's certainly does get lost in the amount of customers who expect, well, therapy service when they get their hair done. I'd actually get yelled at by my managers for not being talkative enough because it's 'losing potential clientele." I even had one manager, regarding men, tell me to wear lower cut tops to 'show off the girls if you're bad at flirting'. I've worked at upscale salons though so the pressure is worse the more 'service-oriented' the salon happens to be. It's really dumb. I was nice. I just was more focused on making sure someone's hair looked good versus asking them every detail about their life, and that was 'bad'. It made me sad.

>> No.10058010

Yeah, they're still seeking to draw in those repeat clientele. The tipping thing kind of sucks because, in my state, managers can reduce tips from paychecks down to 2.15 an hour in the hairdressing industry. So, the management pressures us to make tips because it saves them money. >>10057564
Oh, it's not rude. You can still adjust your head and all that. Generally, if you do bring in a book, we just assume you're not much of a talker, and it's okay not to talk to you.

>> No.10058012

Clothing stores are different then hairdressers, and I've worked in that industry too. It's true they're required to give you greeting, and can get fired if the management doesn't hear that greeting. However, hovering like that in a retail outlet means one thing: they think you're a thief, especially if you're browsing a higher price store. Trust me, they don't do that to the 40 year old women unless asked. Like you said though, they just lost a 300 dollar sale trying to deter what they thought might be a shoplifter.

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just fuck my shit up sempai edition

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