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Can We Get A /cgl/ Fails and Roasting Thread Going?

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Lurk moar


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For cosplays from franchises that don't have enough decent cosplays to warrant their own thread. Video games, anime/manga, TV shows, music, all is welcome, just no huge/very popular franchises that would have enough material to have their own thread (ex: pokemon or final fantasy)

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And that's all I got for Deus Ex. I'm out

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A Cosplayer from San Antonio, TX has been plagiarizing the work of talented companies and seamstress for years. Telling others she’s working on a particular costume, but posts no progress pictures. Comes out with a beautiful cosplay and claims she made every bit of it. Absolutely repulsive. Girl is very toxic and outspoken on social media and will attack anyone who she sees as a threat. Shit ton of white night thirsty fuck boys ready to defend her even with proof of her disgusting actions. It’s okay to buy your costumes. Every cosplayer does it at some point if not all the time now a days. What is not okay, is claiming these costumes to be made by you when in fact they are from mass produced Chinese companies or individual seamstresses who work hard for their client. Her name is “cyd Marie” or goes by “ahri Marie” on facebook and @ahrilicious on instagram. Disgusting theif. Spread the word around about her plagiarizing actions so she can learn that this is not ok.

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This thread is pointless. Many cosplayers do this. The general cosplaying community knows they are lying. They just don’t care to raise a stink any more because all it does is give traffic to the cosplayer making them more popular.

Sage because this doesn’t deserve its own thread.

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You can make her a thread on LC if you want a chance at people contributing to her drama. 4chan doesnt really focus on stuff like that usually from what ive seen

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2 0 1 5

if she's been doing it for years surely you have a newer example.

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How do I get a cute fashion bf? Most of the boyfriends I see in COF or in my comm are usually not attractive or halfway between boring and neckbeard. Anytime I'm at a con its always those same type of guys who talk to me too. Never anyone cute :/

Some friends I chat with have had this problem where they live too. Does anyone else? I just want a cute fashion bf/ goth bf.

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Wow they're a good looking couple.

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>tfw no bf to slowly but firmly push into wearing Angelic Pretty pink

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The guys should make some effort to look good too

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I'm 5'10 and my boyfriend's 5'6 and I'm still mad he fits into my AP better than me

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Wow, the hrt is really working well for chris-chan

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Hey there, I'm new to this board relatively and new to overall Cosplay/anime wear thing. I have a question regarding anime themed glasses frames and putting prescription lenses in them.

I plan to buy some Madoka Magica themed frames because it's my favorite show, and yes they're expensive but my ones currently are absolutely trashed and I'm interested. I'll post a picture of the frames in question and link them as well, but my question is basically where would I go to put prescription lenses in them here in the USA? The japanese prescription site and how to do it all is a bit over my head as I dont speak the language.

link: https://eyemirror.jp/madoka-magica/

tl;dr: Prescription lenses in Anime themed frames? How and where should I get them done at?

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Buy them and take them to any optometrist you’d normally go to. I don’t buy fandom frames, but sometimes I buy cute frames from LenseCrafters and take them to my loca doctor that’s in my insurance network because he has a terrible selection. It’s never been an issue before.

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Most places will do it, the issue isn’t where but the cost. Good luck!

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The problem with these anime themed glasses frames.... if they're plastic, they're easily breakable. $151 down the drain.

If you can get wire frames, do that. I spent so much of my younger school days with perpetually broken plastic framed glasses I swore them off when I got my first metal / wire frames. And they're not broken once.

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That sucks anon, but not all plastic frames are created equal. Some are flexible/shock absorbing and just personally I've never snapped a pair.

Seconding going to your usual optometrist who gets your prescription, or as other anons have suggested whichever optometrist is the least costly. If you could understand the website then getting your prescription first and then filling it in would be an option but oh well.

Interestingly, even though those frames aren't the cheapest, they're still much cheaper than any frames in my country because of the monopoly a certain company has over glasses. I like getting glasses from Asia because they're cheaper and always have nose pads for my tiny flat nose.

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Ever "drop your spaghetti" at a con or a comm?

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I worked a booth and the girl working in the booth next over was overtly hitting on me the entire time without me even noticing at all. It was apparent to everybody but me...

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Who's ready to get shitfaced at this con? Going to be part of the Danganronpa crew thats going to be roaming around.

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Full tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6usjvnqBYIU

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Green Suite workshop recently released the "Zarya-1" Suit, commonly used by Loners in the S.t.a.l.k.e.r. games. They're made of the same material as a Gorka, they're custom tailored to your measurements, and they run about $150

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Thats gay this thread sucks caaawww ccccaaawww. Cccccaaawww!!!

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For a second there I thought I posted on /s4s/ by mistake

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Get out of here S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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Looks like shit without some weathering so I hope any fans or potential cosplayers buying these will weather them up properly.

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I hear about cosplayers hooking up and doing lewd shit at conventions all the time. Does anyone have any interesting experiences?

Mine is probably mild compared to some.
>At an anime convention with at least 20k attendees
>Its nighttime and the kiddies have gone to bed
>Walking around the convention with a remote-control bullet vibe inside of me
>Let my boyfriend control the remote
>Did this for several hours
>I don't think anyone noticed

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Forgive me, I ment I fucked a woman while I was wearing a Sailor Scout costume.

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Dirty juggaho.

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I let my brand touch a public toilet.

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Yeah, my brand waist ties hung in the toilet. Fortunately they were removable and I could wash them immediately, and fortunately it was in Japan and in the morning, when the cleaning staff had just cleaned the toilets. Still, not something I want to repeat.

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Meet up: go to the city in cosplay, decide to check out a shoe store. Have my friend grabbing my boobs right under the security camera.
At a con: have the same friend flip up my skirt in the game room while standing bent over the back of a chair

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Now that net neutrality is ded, how will it affect the online American cosplay and jfash/lolita comm?

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If the atomic tangerine scoundrel doesn't start fixing his shit, we really are looking at only 3 more years.

We just have to wait and see. Sage now because of all the places a Net Neutrality discussion belongs, it isn't /cgl/.

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And even in a worst case scenario with blocking and extra fees, it likely isn't going to affect Japanese websites. They're one of our few, and biggest, allies at this point. Nobody is going to be messing with access to buy our brand.

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> what is europe

have fun with your slow facebook senpai

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they are going to make us pay to access japan sites. uploading a bunch of pictures will cost. in the old days ]less than 20] I had a hard time loading foreign picture heavy site. I also couldn't access certain country's.

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The Netherlands is in Europe.

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Hello /cgl/!

I'm a romance novelist, but I won't tell my real name. I've been brainstorming for a new romance novel. The plot is going to about two lolitas in their late-20s or early-30s who fall in love with each other and get married at the end. I don't wear lolita fashion, but I know what it is. I've read Takemoto's Kamikaze Girls and I've discovered the lolita community can get angry quickly if someone messes or does not understand the guidelines of their fashion. I don't want lolita to be described as a fetish, but as a fashion in the romance novel. What's the appropriate direction I need to take regarding lolita fashion when writing the romance novel?

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Lolita fashion will not be used as the main plot device, but the fashion is why they will meet in the first place.

Don't worry. They'll be playing video games, dealing with sexual harassment in their professional lives, and attend a performance of an all-women theatre troupe.

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I got the impression that these people in your novel are lolita lifestylers? Or are they just ones who like to dress in the fashion on the side, how much is lolita involved in their lives ?

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Read Proust

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>lesbian lolitas
You have my interest anon, go on.
We do get angry when no research was made,but it's clear you're trying your best. I would recommand you lurk around here and check websites such as the lolita guidebook on tumblr or lolita tips,... that cover the basics.
I would also recommand reading lolita blogs like anon said in >>9721276.
Keep us updated,i'm actually interested

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egl still has some good stuff: http://egl.livejournal.com/
On the left, check the Memories, it’s what someone at some point thought was really important to bookmark, and if you drill down to specific articles you’ll find little details like what should be handwashed/drycleaned, or discussion of harassment in lolita, repeat debates on “why lolita”, that you can add to your novel.

I think this thread is also tangentially related to your interest: >>9707069
You want to take note of the tone of the girls recommending articles, and see what they DON'T like being depicted in media. Or actually, add one of the silly ita characters in as comic relief so the main character can get mad at her or something.

The current lolita lifestyler thread isn’t very on-topic, if you can find the cgl archives and look up the older lifestyler threads you might get a better idea of how some lolitas’ interest spill over into other areas of their life, like how someone who likes pastel cutesy shit also makes their bedroom pastel and cutesy, or someone who is into classic lolita likes movies with historical-inspired costumes. People aren’t one-dimensional, but you may have difficulties if you end up having to reconcile a character who is a ruthless corporate climber who also displays vidya power levels similar to a hiki freeter, and then somehow also finds time to dress up like a sugar plum fairy dusty forest librarian strega witch magical girl.

>lolita guidebook on tumblr

cgl put most of these together in google docs and then someone threw it up on tumblr. If you limit yourself to just reading the guidebook and don’t read anything that isn’t part of the guidebook you’ll be getting most of cgl’s groupthink and not the blog owner’s.

>all-women theatre

This is based on the Takarazuka Theatre isn’t it. Don’t answer, I’m just going to pretend it is, thanks.

p/s - let us know when your novel is out, I’d be interested to read it.

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Hi anons, I'm a guy who runs D&D sessions regularly and always narrate it as an in game character. I really want to make the outfit they're depicted in and wear it to my next in person session.

The outfit and art of the character is based off me, so body shape and hair is no issue. Here's a sketch of the outfit! I plan to put it together over the winter, so what advice can everyone offer?

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1) We have helpnthreads for a reason
2) Please, for the sake of your players, don’t DM sessions with a mask over your mouth.

>> No.9721239

Forgot to say in the post this should be a thread to continue into being a thread to show off stuff people have made, derp sorry. But of course I don't want to muffle my voice in any way, so it's likely if I ever wear the mask it's for fun or I'm not talking any.

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How do I cosplay the red-pilled alt-righters like Sargon of Akkad and Thunderf00t?

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Congratulations you discovered /cgl/. Don’t make a whole new post to ask a stupid fucking question when there’s literally both a help thread and a stupid question thread up at the same time. Sage so this faggot’s thread can die quietly.

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>Step 1: tie noose round your neck...

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Does anyone know how to apply this for the 3d to plush pattern tutorial? This is what I got at the moment and I don't know how to proceed.

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So how does your boyfriend feel about your love of cosplay and/or lolita?

Is he supportive or does he shit on it?

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Literally nothing wrong with any of that

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Aspie here you're living the dream i'm jelly.
I suck at cooking but I clean fairly well. I would try harder at cooking if I had a waifu though.
I'm old fashioned but the thought of welcoming my wife home in a cute apron makes me smile

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i think this is reasonable, as long as all of it is mutual between 2 people.

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>money isn't a dealbreaker
>90% of that list is "give me pampies hubby"

you're all delusional

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as the boyfriend I can honestly say I support it, I come on here from time to time to send pictures of dresses I think she'll like or threads I think she'll want to read, as long as she doesnt go too far I'll support her hobby

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>normal sized girl
Kek, maybe normal sized in the US, fat everywhere else.

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I was also at DLD when she wore this, and I just wanna point out it got to 109 degrees that day (IN!! OCTOBER!!). The styling was probably a survival choice.

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oh. wow? I really like this, the bottom down makes me think it's ouji, but the top up gives me amitav from sasami vibes. OTT ouji?

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Ok anachan, whatever you say.

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I know there is already a makeup thread but I've been recently curious about makeup specifically for coording.
>What looks good?
>Do you have a go-to makeup style for going to cons and comm meets?
>How important is your makeup to your coord?
>Are there any good youtubers for lolita makup tutorials?
Lay it on me gulls.

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Just under a month away and no thread for SacAnime.

So have we all just completely given up on this con or what? I mean, I get that it's gotten pretty shit in the past couple years, but I'm probably still gonna go for at least Saturday.

What're your plans for the con if you are going?
What're you gonna be wearing?

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The tea parties have only the con scene lolitas, barely any of the Sacramento comm attends. I did two years ago and it was.. ok. Probably not going to go to events hosted by N again though.

>> No.9721919

Yeah, I met her and seems to really have her heart in it, but then the accounts of how it went are all over the place; I've spoken to more then one person who's gone to the same one and half liked it, half didn't and all the feels in between.

Wait, like, before the vendors close?

>> No.9721930

If you're ever in town and want to hang out, just post on the Sac comm page. We do nicer stuff than that tea party a healthy amount, and while midweek might be tough to get a large group together, someone would join you.

As for the meet, N was nice, not much of a gabber with people she's unfamiliar with. My issue with the event boils down to logistics, nothing to do but sit and eat your biscuits while you wait for more cold tea. Everything was quite awkward, but it wasn't like it wasn't worth the ticket price, you know? I didn't get stuck on the uh.. ita end of the table, if I did I would probably have politely excused myself.

>> No.9721974

going for the weekend since it's the only con my group makes it to.
Would like them to post the damn meet ups so I can plan my costumes for the days.
I've got maid Haru (persona 5) with a maid Mona plush, 2B with a 9S, Decidueye kigu and a group of 5 yoshis.

It's a shit show that after summer I'll be done with. Just mainly go to cosplay cause I like making shit. The cosplay wrestling is back, hope they give it more room since summer was stupid packed

>> No.9722991

>And for the first time, SacAnime is offering a "Saturday Evening" ticket that allows you to attend the convention on Saturday night from 5pm until close for only $20! It will get you access to the exhibitor room, all panels and events (including the Masquerade, Dance, CWF and Wrestling)

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In the near future I'm going to Japan, Tokyo specifically and I do want to do some cosplay photoshoots when I'm there but I have no idea which photographers I could ask for this so I want to know if you guys maybe know some. Language is no barrier for me because I speak the language very well. I would love some Twitter and Instagram pages. Facebook pages are welcome too!

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