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Robot master thread?

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Only post good cosplays

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We’ve had a few of these threads before so let’s get another one going. Post unpopular cosplay opinions.

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I think the Coronavirus will trim the fat/drain the swamp of the bloqated convention scene

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I definitely agree with this. I remember my first con wearing a super shitty costume and everyone I approached had something nice to say. We would take pictures of each other and gush about the shows we liked.

Now it's like if you approach someone it's just a reason for them to give you a business card and try to get more likes on their instagram. The 30% rule of being friends with cosplayers seems to be in full force and no one seems to cosplay from things they like anymore, just what will be popular.

I've had friends love a show, but because the next con they're going to will be a few months away they won't cosplay it because "no one will care about it by that point, I'd have to cosplay it now while it's still running for it to matter"... and meanwhile I'm cosplaying from shows that aired in the 80s.

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On the flip side it will cause the remaining cons to get more crowded

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People who only cosplay from things that are "relevant" have the weakest bloodlines. That said, I think the majority of cosplayers I know are still just cosplaying based on stuff they really like whether popular or not, but the few who exclusively care about being on trend are a loud and fairly clear minority.

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I wish there was one of those theme park "you must be this tall to ride" things for artists alleys or vendor halls. Not only for the obvious reason of keeping out kids, but in general anyone under like 5'3".
In a crowded and hectic space I don't want small people weaving between and around me - I really just don't want to hit someone with my knees when they move suddenly under eye level. It's made worse where collisions can damage cosplay parts, both mine which I would be pissed about but theirs too.

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Have you all ever seen GOOD lolita character coords? What is your opinion on character inspired coords?
How can people do them well...?
Please be civil I’m just trying to get opinions and see good examples

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Harry Potter may be the most popular branded character theme around the world

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(for lolita fashion)

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Whatever hapened to her ? The drama goes to tl;dr grade scales. Any other thicc alternatives ?

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This is what lolcow is for, go there

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Anyone know what that Pyramidhead-kun faggot has been up to recently?

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What is this shit, some kind of /fit/ wannabe fag?

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Take this shit to the farm

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He ain't even good enough for a fucking farm.

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Fuck sake

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Honestly really been liking salopettes for casual lolita coords lately
I wanna see more
Drop ur own or just ur fave salopette coords

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Wanna cosplay this thot but I can’t find her like “Overall shorts that poof out like a dress” anywhere
Anyone know where I can buy something close ?
Or if these don’t exist irl a good source for figuring out how to craft em

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Use the help thread, dumb cunt.

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Last thread: >>10361099

Post itas and don’t derail
No vendetta posting either

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She has the face of a middle aged amish woman with 6 kids.

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Oh hey she finished it. It’s not the best dress in the world but it’s a good starting point

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Less shoop plz ok thanks

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It might be more forgivable if it was her first dress but she shows no signs of improving.

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does she have some sort of learning difficulty? the way she interacts with people online always seems super off

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Drama whore!

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>vendetta posting

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Download and install an updated version of Clash of Clans

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exactly like every other cosplayer you see at cons

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you don't pass

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>facebook filename

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Old thread

Almost 100 coords have been posted since the last thread dump- I’ll drop as many as I can bear while stuck inside

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I remember when coords like this got called out all the time because the short skirt, ankle socks and teaparty-combo reminded people of ageplayers. I guess the look is back now. Thanks, I hate it

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same, my legs look AWFUL and tend to show through light-colored tights or socks but it's not a hard thing to clean up in meitu. still, I feel bad for her because she's getting all this heat about it, I wish I was less self-conscious about my own legs but I haven't gone bare-legged in over a decade.

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most sweet looks like ageplay these days anyway

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I want to see her coords, but these photos were taken with a deep-fried potato.

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Those Sweet Bear set ears are so versatile. I see them all the time, way more than I see the skirt or cape

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Previous thread: >>10357296

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How so? She seems like a regular lolita? Her coords may not be anything more than basic but it doesn’t take amazing coording skills to be an event coordinator

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Anon, I think they meant useless to supporting the local economy. Paying your Comcast bill won’t help struggling business owners

>> No.10364911

How are we supposed to support the local economy when everything is closed lmao

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Eh, masks have been helpful to me because people always stand far away from me or wait for me to pass. They fear the mask. Also, keeps you from touching your face.

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It's obviously for comparison anon.

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Starting my stream on some WoW Classic (: Pretty lonely in here - give me some company in chat!!

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Is your Easter coord ready?

Share jfash coords suitable for Easter.

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Dear my dear gulls, my friend and I are wanting to cosplay as two of our favorite characters from this funny little web cartoon, but we are having some issues trying to find a full replica /ss/ uniform, any ideas of where to order some? (like from Taobao or whatnot), Pic related

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Whoops, I meant to add she wants to be the women and I want to be the dapper brunette

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use the help thread

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it's always stupid crossboarding scrotes.

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Fuck you Fascist cunts. How hard is it to help people at a time like this?

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We're all stuck in quarantine anyways, might as well make our rooms look nicer.

Post inspo, tips, etc.

To anon a huge while ago who suggested I kon mari my blouses, thank you, it was a lifesaver. So much more room.

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I don't have anything specific for linen storage because I'm lucky enough to have a dedicated closet for it all.

I came up with a few ideas.
- If you get some under the bed containers that close (to keep dust out), under the bed is an option
- A trunk or suitcases. You can get some lovely vintage ones that you can repaint/line with fabrics to make more aesthetic. Certain trunks can be converted into benches/seats so it can double as a piece of furniture.
- Cubes can be used anything lol, pic somewhat related
- If you have space or an underused chest of drawers, you can store in there
- You can get an ottoman that opens up, you can burrito roll blankets and keep them in there
- A lot of the home decor magazines use woven baskets for blanket storage. They don't take up a lot of space

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Oh I like your neopets :)

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Ok anons, some help is needed here. I have very limited wardrobe space and I find that I need to squeeze my normie shit and lolita stuff together. I want to find a way for all my stuff to be easily accessible and tidy once and for all.

>> No.10364932

Anon you're an angel!! All your suggestions have been amazing and I'm excited to try things out. I live in a small apartment so I'll probably try a combination of all your suggestions. I appreciate you taking your time out to help me out.

Also, I think target already has storage containers with wheels that can roll out of your hardwood floors so hopefully that helps!

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>Half of the portion of my comm with jobs
And what portion have jobs? That you have to say it like this is highly suspect.

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Your new emperor arrives

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Thoughts on newest releases?
AP JP: http://www.angelicpretty.com/
AP US: https://www.angelicpretty-usa.com/
AP Paris: https://angelicpretty-paris.com/gb/

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3.8k (31€) is still an insane amount for this quality. A packet of 100 swarovski pearls is 7€.

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>Favorite AP collection?
Be My Valentine, shame I missed it and it’s hard to find secondhand

>Ugliest item you think AP made (just pick one!)
Wonder Fortune, there are others I think are uglier but this dress just boils my blood

>Favorite AP ad?
The French Cafe ad. I don’t even care for the print but the ad is such a lovable clusterfuck

>> No.10364989

It's still almost 20€ less than what anon originally bitched about, I don't exactly have high expectations for jewelry in that price range. I have seen much worse go for a higher price.

I'm sad I missed out on the sax release of Be My Valentine, out of all the colorways it's the hardest to find

>> No.10364991

same, I really want the sax but it rarely gets listed and sells fast

>> No.10364996

closet child dont sell AP jewellery much anymore, either in store or on their website. Super disappointed when I visited their Harajuku branch T_T

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What do you guys think of the whale tail trend? Should it be brought back? It's popular in certain cosplays like Shimakaze

>> No.10362123

This was big when I was in middle/high school so all ll I can think of is how cringey everyone was in middle school

>> No.10362177

What the heck does serve mean here and why is it being used as a noun.

>> No.10362184

means theyre "serving looks"

>> No.10362184,1 [INTERNAL] 

This trend NEEDS to come back. I've asked Shimakaze cosplayers if they whale tail out of the cosplay and they do. There's plenty of people that love this trend.

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Oye degenerates I need your expertise, who is this human

Thank you, stay indoors and safe!

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I forget but the girl got outed for using a breastform, those boobs you desire arent real. Try going to other boards if you want sexy content, this isnt a fap to cosplayers board its a "bitch about fashion and scream while making cosplay" board populated by females.

>> No.10361866

Don't care to fap, more enthralled by the eyes as retarded as that sounds

Which board would you recommend?

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