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Im gothicsushi a copslayrr and model in orlandos. Like my facbook for more photos

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Nice vendetta thread

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by MariahLeDerp

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Wanted to do a cosplay of The Warden but I have no idea where to find a purple suit like his. Looked up some purple suits but none match. What should I do?

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Nice character choice though.

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Buy a joker costume or opposuit

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Asian girls with guns thread

Not surge if it's the right board but it's kind of related

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This should be asian enough

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Starting off, can NO one get a Miku wig right? Or her ballgown?

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God, this fatty isn't even trying with any of her cosplays

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I don't know, I kind of like R. Pika.

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The fatness wouldn't even be an issue if she hadn't put 0 effort into this cosplay

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I saw this guy when I was walking with my dad at A-Kon and it was so funny because he was so short, Jesus.

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You put the thread name in the name field, dipshit. Nobody can search for the thread now.

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Post pictures of cute/good family cosplay.

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Last thread is saging super hard because people kept replying to mediocre bait. Let's try to keep that at a minimum this time pls thx

Starting us off, it's still summer so I'm sure you salty bitches have itas to post, I know I do.
Try to keep them fresh if you can, Tumblr and Amino are gold mines for new itas.

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> Anonymous 06/24/17(Sat)14:41:56 No.9531729▶
>File: IMG_4625.jpg (148 KB, 750x879)
I may be mistaken but, I don't even think that's a proper corset

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She knew she looked rubbish haha

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True, true
Yeah, i used to do it
The one in the back knows
I wouldve put the blouse under the skirt instead of above but everything else looks cool

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Apparently she "couldn't wear makeup on one eye" for some reason so a friend suggested she bandage her face.

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REPENT!! Edition
Old Thread >>9525895

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You can try lunasdeliveryservice on insta
Small but very very lovely

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Some sellers won't sell to shopping services, correct. It was discussed in the previous thread, but there's a number of reasons for it (mostly that it's a hassle and the sellers don't want to risk trouble).

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Not hugely - I can wear most of my lolita items year-round, just with less or more layers. Summer does get a bit hot but not for that long, I feel the cold more than the heat and frills are excellent for hiding extra thermals etc under.

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At New Years

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Doesn't whore imply that you're actually having sex

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/cgl/ is a feminist board
We should be better than this

Please stop slut shaming and body shaming Momokun

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Isn't she one of those porn site cosplayers?

I think it's fine if that's what she wants to do but not everyone feels comfortable doing porn modeling.

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I can see the veins in her tits look like a roadmap, I have nothing to be jealous of.

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>When did you start liking Moitie?
>What is your favourite dress/skirt/print/item from Moitie?
>What is your favourite Moitie coord?

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this girl made moitie look so cute.

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My favourite thing from Moitie is the Holy Queen skirt in black. I wonder what'll be the next most sought after print after Gothic Arch and Iron Gate now that both have new versions? I know Ritual in ivory is really rare but I think that's just because of how it was released.

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>“I’ve always wanted the fake, unnatural looking boob look,” Bunny confessed and added that she still wants to go even larger to help improve her cosplay.

>“In the [convention] world, usually when you see breasts like mine, they are heavily modicated [sic] with additional bras or padding,” she said. “Which is why larger implants would help me achieve the goal of being known in the cosplay world.”

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This is kind of horrifying and it's really sad too. She's having complications and she still wants more surgery to have her titties looked deformed? What about when she's 80 and they're past her ankles?? I honestly hope that she gets help because she has to have self-image issues to do stuff like this. At this point, it's essentially self-mutilation.

I can't believe she got implants at 18 either, a lot of (non-quack) plastic surgeons will refuse a patient that young.

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Managed to suss her out finally, she isn't a real cosplayer. She's a camgirl nothing more..
calm yo tits everyone.

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whats her cosplay/camgirl name?

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>Goes not national TV for NORMIES
>Says she is cosplayers and boobs are most important to cosplay
>It's cool guys she's just a camgirl

People are mad about the reputation damage not whether she's a real cosplayer

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With boobs like that she could make money in porn. Why bother with trying to impress nerds at cons? There's no money in that.

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any jfashion welcome. discussion about fairytales also ok.

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can't wait to wear this one.

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Old Thread saging into oblivion >>9466571

WW has been on a roll adding a bunch of old school items to their main site and to their account on LM. Somebody hit the BIN on a btssb cake purse seconds before I did. One second it was there, the next it was sold out. I miss the old cake bags and cake hats.

Anybody have any old school lolita twinning/coord matching photos?

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Not sure if it counts but there's an old Jane Marple dress for 800yen. I'd get it but it's not my style.

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Never thought I'd find this one but it just popped up on LM for cheap!

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Oh, nice find! Ngl I'm a little envious!

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Where my witches at?

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Waiting for netflix release to stop aborting the fandom. It could be so much more popular than it is if it was just accessible to lazy streamers. And for the finale this weekeeeeeend.

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So i stumbled upon it via nextflix. Is it really a series? The way its portrayed on netflix i thought it was just a movie. And then we found a second movie but it had no sort of flow between the two and didnt make a lot of sense to me so i stopped.

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There are two stand alone OVAs that kickstarted the project. The second OVA was funded as a kickstarter. Those are probably what you saw.

The TV series only came this year and is a reboot/alternate take on the story. Netflix got an exclusive license for the TV but instead of simulcasting like a normal animu service they're hoarding the episodes and only releasing after the whole thing is finished. So the audience at this critical time is only the minority who still use torrents or black market streaming sites.


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I believe the second movie was made after a kickstarter? The series is pretty much a reboot from the beginning, you can watch it without having seen either of the movies.

I recommend giving it another try! It's such a fun show. I'm hoping to get a Sucy cosplay together in the next few months, now that I know of a cute shoot location in my city.

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someone please take shoop away from asian cosplayers

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>Fat shaming cosplayers doesn't wo--

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>calories in calories out doesn't work

Fucking what. You can't defy the laws of physics. The problem is most people don't have an accurate grasp on what calories food contains/how much they are burning in a work out or they lie and have "cheat days" every other day. Sure there is SOME adjustment if you fast for long periods of time but what you're talking about is bullshit.

You can't be serious in thinking people are magically defying the laws of physics.

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We've left the Age of Reason. People will argue and defend whatever they want to.

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Anon explained it poorly, but what happens is that people gain the weight back because they're not burning fat, they're burning muscle. Then when they binge, they regain fat, not muscle.

Less muscle, more fat, body in fasting mode = less calories burned. People usually have no idea of their %s, so they end up eating the same amount of calories while burning less, giving the impression that the calorie counting isn't working.

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My roommate is morbidly obese and says there's nothing wrong with it because she mostly has "the good kind of fat". She's easily over 300 pounds, so that's a lot of "good fat" I guess.

According to my roommate, suggesting we go to the gym together is fatshaming too. Suggesting we cook together to make something delicious and healthy is also fatshaming, as well as encouraging eating disorders apparently. Any insinuation that they're not perfectly flawless as they are is fatshaming. I just want a workout and cooking buddy, damnit.

But if they know it's wrong and unhealthy, why are they pushing it on other people? IMO saying I'm promoting eating disorders by not having a family-sized portion of mac and cheese for lunch is as bad if not worse than me calling her fat (which I never do, actually).

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So it's not a matter of calories in calories out not working if you're saying these people binge.

>Calories in vs calories out doesn't work because the system is hormonal, what you eat influences your hormone levels and will regulate your metabolism differently.

It doesn't sound like anon is talking about what you're talking about.

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Post pics of lolita weddings, engagement shoots, dresses that look bridal, whatever. Just wedding lolita.

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>ott classic
I remember when "ott classic" was literally a joke. Sigh

>> No.9532528

my only suggestion is the addition of a bride or groom

>> No.9532545

Honestly? As long as you like what you're wearing when you get married, it doesn't really matter.

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How would I go by making this costume? The wig is the hardest for me to figure out, I can probably finagle the shoulder pads and globogym logo

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Bag/Purse thread!
>What do you use to carry your necessities, whether it's a con or a tea party?
>what do you keep in them? Any recommendations?
>any purses you're lusting after?
>Con goers/cosplayers what do you prefer? Backpacks, purses, fanny packs, or totes?

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Oh no I want this bag so bad

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You can also find it at my lolita dress, don't really remember the price though

>> No.9531839


Here you go. A quick Mu fish google search gave me this link. You'll need a shopping service though.

>> No.9531879


Sold out but maybe they'll restock?

>> No.9532119

Ah! I recently bought the white bunny! It didm't arrive yet. Does it have enough room for my keys, phone, make up, psp and (big) wallet?

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Is this real??


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why the fuck would you make a thread for this bullshit

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