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My specific request is for a genuine/reliable website that regularly stocks lenses for hyperopia/farsightedness. My friend just got her script and I hadn't realized until looking that the store I usually order from only special orders them but doesn't keep them stocked.
This can just be a general circle lenses thread though! Pic is just a cute pic of circle lenses I grabbed from somewhere, not like the style of lens is related or anything.
Thanks for any recommendations!

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this should probably be in the general help thread, but i get my lenses from Uniqso.
Used to get them from Pinky Paradise but they started requiring optometrist information and since im not a blind-chan i dont have one.

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but since your friend actually has a script, either one of those websites would work for your needs (sorry dropped too soon)

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Thank you! I would recommend against Pink Paradise anyway since they sold me fake I.Fairy’s a few years ago. I really don’t know how they’ve gone this far. Probably good you can’t order from them, you may have dodged an eye problems bullet.
I’ll look into Uniqlo! Appreciate the rec.

And yeah, sorry if I shouldn’t have made a thread for this...I used to lurk and post regularly but I’ve been completely gone for like 2 or more years, so I’m still from the time when there was consistently a Circle Lenses thread haha. That explains why one didn’t pop up when I searched.

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>Anon come outside we're going trick or treating!

What does your childhood self decide to wear as one of your first ever cosplay outfits?

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Wanted to be vegeta but mom wouldn't let me dress as a Boy in the fear of me becoming a fag.
Ive ended up a fag.

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Wanted to be Jim Hawkins from the Treasure planet, but I ended up being a cow boy shooting arrows.

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/fit/ here
What’s the closest looking tiger mask to this

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the one your mom makes me wear when I nail her looks a lot like this.

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Try >>10104357

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Let's get this new thread going, as the old one has hit a bump limit!

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this has some good potential for otome. however, that lazy oily hair won't work for anything. the main piece is very attractive, a cropped brown jacket would be so cute here. the nautical themed tights make little sense with the floral embroidery and appliques

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nitpick the hat. but the rest is fine. glasses are cute, shoes could be a lighter red but w/e. love those bloomers.
the hat was such a bad choice I agree with it being posted here, but it's technically a nitpick.

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Did she try do DIY a boater hat out of a top hat?

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I feel like she's failing at shoehorning or legit colorblind. The dress being green and white, and the tights being blue and gold, plus what >>10112352 said about mixing floral with nautical, it's bad enough. She also needs a wig or something. I used to try using my natural hair, but it's thin and oily too and I finally realized that I NEED wigs. I would actually like sauce on that jsk, tho.

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The worst part of this is her nasty bedhair. Looks like the friend of a lolita who wanted to "put on one of those pretty dresses", or who got pestered by a newbie lolita friend to wear something and go do a photoshoot.

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I totally forgot this con was still happening next month.
Anyone actually going this year?

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Oh my god, the last thread died after like 4 posts, the shit show is over, go home

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Nope, it's going to be dead after this year. Save your money, Stef doesn't deserve it.

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So fasching is coming up. To anyone using facepaint i need to know if 25mg of face paint is enough to cover a whole face. that stuff is exensive 50ml cost 7€. This ones only 3

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Come on does no one here know anything about make up.its a cosplaying chan. Is it just all people in fancy dresses

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Try posting in the help thread instead, this question didn't need its own thread.

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Thinking about making a cosplay from the game STALKER. I never cosplayed before, any tips?

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use the help thread

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>any tips?

Read Roadside Picnic by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, and keep your eyes peeled for a "Full Empty".

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What's in your bag?
Lolitas and cosplayers welcome

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I hope you all get a good grounding in speaking English correctly so you can be accepted among people who don't so much cosplay as live in the past. There are a lot of mature people in the UK who do the entire old school thing without LARPing at all. My landlord collects clocks, plays the organ embedded in his house, and makes wax cylinders for a living.

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This weekend...

Anyone going?
Anyone cosplaying?
Anyone watching Fate movie?
I just want to buy the cool merch and pose with the cutouts

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So what’s the best male body type to have for all around, general purpose male character cosplay??

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please go back over here >>10061006

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Previous thread >>10057791


Old thread archives

Buyf/a/g Guide

Discord Link

Bootlegs are never OK to buy and use, don't be a poorfag.

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Check out Salus! You’ll have to use a proxy but they’ll probably have what you’re looking for

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I appreciate you, anon.

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I have the same one! I've been thinking of a small magnetic handmirror or something small to do the same with. I'd consider glueing down or temporarily taking out the lil zippers on him though, they have a tendency to fall out as you prob know. I'm thinking white for the bag but a blue to match Sticky Fingers could look nice.
I can't wait for his Potekoro mascots and all the various keychains dropping for him in the next two months!

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If your character has absolutely no merch, is it possible to order a rubber charm? Is that a thing I can do, or would I have to make a bulk order of 100 or something and somehow sell off the rest?

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>What got you involved in itabagging?
I became hyperfixated on one character in a series because it was in a time of a major depressive spell for me and seeing him on screen always made me happy so I started buying more and more merch of him to make me happier. It evolved into a collection and then I found out about itabags and went from there.
>How much did your itabag cost you in total?
Not too sure of the price! I'm bad with keeping track. Probably around a little under $200??
>How much did you estimate/plan on spending when you first started the bag?
I had no plan at all except buy all the merch I could!
>Do you feel like it's worth it?
Absolutely. Seeing him still brings me so much joy.
>What's your dream itabag set up (holy grail charms, how you'd arrange them, holy grail bag etc.)
I don't really have anything like that! Though I do want to get into making rosettes and such because I think it adds a nice touch to bags. I also want to incorporate LED lights.
>If you could change one thing about the scene surrounding itabagging what would it be?
I'm not big with interaction with other people who collect and have itabags! It's really only me in my friend group who does it but it would be nice to meet more people.

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>I'm so glad I spent that time dressing up like cartoon characters

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TFW I've lived the life I wanted for me and no one else and I die in my brand

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>I'm so glad I posted in /cgl/

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>not doing what you love to do every day until you die
you might be the one with the problem anon.

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no regrets

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sure beats the rest of my miserable existence.

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Last thread >>10099573

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w3peD9VtAPM9cuIjYlexb7nHOkUfFs_Fcyv21UYakV4/edit#gid=0

-Stellure announces their disbanding
-Is it okay for idols to have weird outfits?
-Tons of cute Valentine's Day covers
-Seishun Youth Academy unveils new merchandise

Starting topic: Performance opportunities

Do any of you seek out non-convention opportunities to perform? For example, Ice Qream just took part in a one-night concert called Idol Revolution. Do any of you do open mics, shop performances, non-convention festivals, etc? At conventions, do you try and go for main events, masquerades, panels, or hallway performances?

Remember not to respond to bait/"why does this thread exist"/etc. Take excessive drama and vendettas to lolcow.

Featured: Stellure Idols @ Katsucon

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My group promoted auditions on Instagram with those idol promoter accounts (@netidol.news.reporter, @netidolobsession, and @idol__appreciation are some of them)
I think that's the easier way to find auditions? Without having to join a discord server (overseas idol collection is a huge one)

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How do you feel about giving your group members homework (i.e. having them submit videos of them practicing at home)? It seems like some groups do this and others don't, but the ones that do seem to have better results from what I've seen. It would definitely help groups who don't get together as often, I think.

>> No.10112405

Here's the doc
If anyone wants to co-edit, just email the throwaway in the name field and I'll get you in. It's currently a bit messy, but I'm trying my best to keep it somewhat organized.

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Speaking of buying likes, nobody wants to talk about how Lovely Clover suddenly has 500 likes on a pic on her FB/insta when the rest get like a max of 5 interactions per post? lmfao makes you really wonder

>> No.10112431

I think it can be very helpful, especially if the members don’t get to meet up for practise all together as often as they would like to. If you only have one group practise all together before a performance, videos can help everyone get the moves right and then the group sessions can focus more on sync and placements

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https://discord.gg/xRxhbS join for cosplay pornography and make friends

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Is that a child?

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it's a drawing, anon.

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Previous thread: >>10104714

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lately i've come to love the open-front dress/pinafore look, so i've been spending way too much time browsing sites for that + bustle-back dresses. sigh.

>> No.10112193

Green peplum JSK plus head bow

>> No.10112214


It's honestly really hard to tell, especially when you're describing that sheer chiffon (it looks faded because it's not opaque). If you look at mainstream fashion runways, a lot of them still feature sheer layered looks, so sheer fabrics at least still seem to be trending, and one of the easiest ways to achieve it is using sheer printed chiffon.

I get that lolita doesn't always go in for the latest fashion fads but Japan as a whole is pretty trendy, so you do get a few things like JetJ doing their own spin on printed artwork dresses (D&G I think?) and I guess we also get sheer dresses, including stuff like devore fabric.

We're never really sure whether polyester sells better or not, whether the customers who prefer polyester actually outnumber the cotton fans or not, since we don't have access to the sales numbers. Chiffon especially has its own appeal for being light and floaty, perfect for a fairytale princess look, which seems to be the "new" lolita look.

>> No.10112324

Oh fuck me this is what I want but I just bought the pink jsk aaah

>> No.10112327

Damn, I was hoping it was the peplum in red

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Noticed that the last thread maxed out, so let's get a new one rolling.

Previous thread: >>10097580

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Millefleurs makes nice ones, otherwise you just have to scroll through secondhand stuff until you find them since there's no good keyword. Most brands have released blouses like that though so they aren't too hard to find.

>> No.10112347

Have brand shoes always been such horrible quality or am I just unlucky? I bought a brand new pair of tea parties and they already have peeling spots all over from only one wear for three hours. I'm not particularly rough with my shoes but I do have to walk a lot.

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Yes, to a degree. Bows that stand upright like the AP one on the left are very sweet in nature and would look out of place in many classic or gothic coords. That said, there are head-eating bows that aren't flat but aren't upright either, like pic related, which imo can fit in any substyle depending on the styling.

>> No.10112366

Sounds unlucky but also might be how you're treating them. Consider your environment humidity/weather and the amount of bending your forcing upon the shoes pleather. If you bend at your toes a lot while walking, you should consider getting leather tea parties instead.

>> No.10112388

Check out every gothic lolita brand you can think of

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last thread >>10106598

anon wanted captions so i'll do my best
"Months late, but here's the coord I did for "Lace Up", our comm's lolita convention. The theme was "Once Upon A Tea Time" so people were encouraged to go for more royal and fairy tale-inspired looks.

This was my first dream dress, so I put extra effort to make this coord work I even bought the fake flowers to pin into my wig and carry as a bouquet

JSK: BTSSB Juno's Bouquet
Blouse: Taobao (Unbranded)
White headpiece: Fancy Moi
Ribbon brooch: Soufflesong
Underskirt: Dorotee Sweetlips
Tights: Forever 21
Lace choker, shoes, pearl necklace: Offbrand"

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can she PLEASE get a hair cut. I love long hair but not when it tapers down to two tiny rat tails. just like 3 or 4 inches would be nice

it looks like shes in a prison or public school. not to mention the pose
i want a matching ouji acessory too :(

>> No.10112398

looks more frizzy than curly to me.

>> No.10112400

the plate looks like a wheel of brie on a plate with some fancy flowers for decoration.

>> No.10112403

Point of Fashion: The moon is made of cheese

>> No.10112409

er, the HAT looks like a PLATE*

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