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>be me, a 12 y-o boy
>falls in love with lolita and kote kei , and other styles of j-fashion
>never got the chance to try it out during my teenage years because fear of parents finding out
>realizing im in my 20s and don't have much time left until i can't even pull it off
>buys some clothes off japanese stores online
>realizes im too anxious and scared to buy proper makeup or ask around
>doesnt know anyone irl who i can ask about this anyway
>tutorials too hard or i don't have the tools
>has no idea how to do hair either

So what to do now? Anyone went through similar stuff?

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lurk moar or fuck off

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i have a very basic kit and no brushes, and sadly very insecure and self-conscious of how others will think when they see a guy buying makeup products

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you can buy makeup online
as for foundation, don't be such a pussy and go in store
literally no one will bat an eye

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>in my 20s
>don't have much time left
Do you realize who your pic is? Mana and most other vkei musicians started in their 20s and still go today. Look at Mana, he looks literally the same. Just excersize and take care of your body. And lurk moar. I'm in the same boat as you bro, but I'm not making my own damn thread...yowza.

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Did you really need to make an entirely new thread for this? Many of us had no opportunity to experiment with fashion in our teens and had nobody to teach us how to do our hair and makeup. Buy your makeup and brushes online and learn to follow tutorials like the rest of us.

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Hey Anons, an Anirevo staff here. Not a volunteer. But an actual staff member.

I've been with AR for awhile now and considering IFF is this weekend, if any of you have any questions for me or the convention i'll be glad to answer them.

But before anything i might aswell clarify some things

This convention is dying. I know. But i am not responsible for the $2000, $5000, and $250 premium passes. They're fucking bullshit and that would be the directors fault.

I have no clue where the money goes, but it costs an estimated $200,000 - $500,000 a year to run the summer con.

Alright. Please ask away!

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>it costs an estimated $200,000 - $500,000 a year to run the summer con.

I'm going to call massive bullshit on this. At AR size, summer guest list along with their location it is a substantially higher budget to put on the show.

Source: An anon who is an executive director of a convention similar in scope to AR. Our budget in 2019 is over a million dollars.

You have no idea what you're talking about if you're not looking at the budget sheets. You do not have privy access to by your introduction.

Get the fuck out of here ya bitter twat.

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Post them. Instagram, AliceHolic, etc. Recent coords and lesser known lolitas are a plus, but definitely not required.

Last thread here: >>10148681

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>OP clearly has good intentions
She doesn't, she didn't even post three pics.

In the current inspo threads we have the only one that has some drama is the bodyline thread and this one. Even if inspo threads have arguments, it's more often about lolita than about someone's weight or personality or whatever. They're only dead if you compare them to the feels or CoF thread where dramamongers usually post.

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Does anyone know the name of this jsk?

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>some anon was trying to state that this doesn't happen but it totally does
I see you're back to defend this shit

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Anon you whine about inspo threads in every fucking insta thread in the past 2 years. Give it a break and make your own threads if you want them so much.

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I never said it doesn't matter retard. But it always happens in certain threads and it only sometimes happens in inspiration threads.

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What does bonbibonkers actually post on her patreon?lewd stuff?

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Last one >>10148729

Reposting last few from saging thread to start

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???? Have you seen her other pictures? She’s thin just has big boobs lmao

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Sorry to burst ur bubble but telekinesis-chan is getting dicked down by a man

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Newbies think anything that's not pastel colors or black is classic.

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shoes and tights look cheap here

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Are you sure about that

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General cosplay thread for BNHA/MHA

Post WIP, finished cosplays, cosplay plans, groups, questions, etc in here!

Some questions to kick off discussion:
> Favorite BnHa character
> Favorite Cosplayer or cosplay for Bnha
> Upcoming Bnha plans
> Dream Bnha cosplay

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Let's share EGL pieces maden out of Gobelin! Can be Lolita or any other JFashion.

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that lace hnnnngggg

one of my dream dresses!!!!

jesus take my soul I need that blouse

this thread is so beautiful it's hurting my heart. thank you anons.

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Man, this piece with the cape is on mercari for like 500 buckaroos right now. I keep thinking about it, but i can't be spending that much right now. So sad.

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I've had several Meta dresses made of actual Gobelin. I have a Rose Gobelin set that isn't just printed and then a newer Rose Gobelin jsk that is. I have also a Meta Gobelin jsk that seems to be rare and is an amazing thick tapestry

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Oh shut up you massive tool. XD

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I will shut up when you lurk more.

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Does anyone know what this is about?

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90% of cosplay photogs are creepers when are girls going to stop working with them especially for "lewdz"

At the very least always have a female friend in the room with you

Or better yet get a female photog to shoot your boudoir stuff

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See, context matters.
She said no, and he was obliged to disengage at that point. Assuming this is true, everything he did after she said no was wrong. When you're coming onto someone, no doesn't mean "try somewhere else on my body" it's a stop sign.

However, I'm curious as to whether or not this is an inconsistency: She was only wearing a microbikini, but his hands were in her pants? There's only so many places your hands can go beneath a microbikini but she doesn't describe it like he's palming or fingering her.

I'll be interested to see where this story goes. If you're actively told no and keep pursuing like that, even my devil's advocate concedes you dun goofed, but the wording on her tweet chain is suspect (along with the no-police-just-shame thing being typical twitter thottery). I'm a guy and if I'm wearing a speedo and some unwanted person of either gender shoves their hand down it, I'm fighting until the police get there and probably after.

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>I'm fighting until the police get there
But you're a guy, right? A woman can struggle, but it's not quite a fight due to the intrinsic gap in strength. Runs the risk of just making the aggressor angrier, hence why a lot of women freeze and try to defuse the situation non-violently.

Also by in her pants, I'm guessing he was reaching under the pants of her microbikini.

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>hands in pants
Regardless of the actual piece of clothing, this means he's doing something to her vajay.

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Yeah, that's what I figured, but the wording was so vague.

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Non-autosage addition.

Lemme know about the tasty food you want to eat. Lemme know about those wonderful cosplays you're wearing. Lemme know about those fucking bags that don't need to be sold~

Anime Boston general PART 2

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Picked my badge because fuck waiting in line tomorrow. Didn’t find any pre-parties tho

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Its 3am on Friday morning and I put the last rivet in my suit. Sleep take me.

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God bless, my man. Can't wait to see it in action!

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Robot here. I don't cosplay because I'm too fat, but I'm still going to the con. I plan on spending next to no time at the actual panels and more time just wandering around making conversation with people, because I want to get better at that. If you see a fat guy tomorrow wandering around the halls in a black beanie and leather jacket, feel free to say hi. Unless there's another guy dressed the same way. Which for all I know, there might be.

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Have you ever had to resort to making something yourself in Lolita because you were to cheap to buy something so small?
I did. But with a cape

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>not using the already existing handmade thread here >>10084979
what is wrong with you?

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No but I recently had to resort to making a headdress because the one I ordered got lost in the mail. Made me pretty sad. It didn't turn out too good but I had nothing else to wear.

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I was looking through new places to buy from and I found this place .
It seems suspicious. It’s also relatively new ( almost a year old). Anyone heard of this place before ?

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You couldn't have asked this in the tupid questions thread? It's a sock-puppet milanoo shop

>> No.10151026

Muh. It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I can’t remember as much as I used. Thanks for the possible confirmation tho

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I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight.

I am into virgin chicks because in many pictures I see very regressed closet whores who are basically distracting themselves with bullshit, and then when they start college they end up with 15-guy mileage after only a year.

I would like to use this opportunity to either hookup or find myself a nice girl, so how is the ambience, are there people that prevent interaction and phone sharing, or is it all chill and everyone shares soc media etc?

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>insults cosplayers
>insults women
explain again why you expect us to help you?

>> No.10150787

y i k e s

>> No.10150802

>fairly committed relatio
thats bullshit bro, virgins are the easiest lay, very naive very inexperienced, hold hands make out and next time you can heavy pet and finger them, and even fuck them, my best record was she came over and lost 3 of her virginities at once, and she wasnt even kinky or into outfits, you are telling me sexed up horny chicks who dress like sluts but are still somehow virgin wont hookup?

yep they will, im telling you, first frat party in college they attend, they will get fucked by at least one guy, if not two. It will rake up from then on UNTIL she realizes she shouldnt be doing it, by which time she will already have herpes infestation, and 15 guy track record.

>> No.10150803

>my natural business professional look
That's so... Ridiculous.
Live a life outside /pol/ and /b/ first, try /fit/, then /fa/, become a better person, learn how to treat others, seek psychological help, and just then you try to forge a romantic relationship.

Go, anon.

Discover how the world really is outside the internet and Become better

>> No.10150804


No one will want to date someone with this kind of vocabulary. Go do as >>10150803 anon said and become a better person before committing yourself with another human being.

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What brands/specific pieces that lolitas are buying because everyone else is? What is the new fenty puma bow sneakers?

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These are beautiful — what’s the name of this model?

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They're called the templeton. If boots are more your thing, the boot is called Gladstone.

There's also this great one but I have no idea how it would fit with my current dresses.

>> No.10151088


That one is called zoe btw for any interested.

>> No.10151089

replace that fugly ribbon with a black one

>> No.10151163

Moitie, but in the end it's still always the same 10something lolitas who get the pieces on second hand websites lmao.

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Post content that came from this board

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The fact that this person lived long enough to learn how to read and write is nothing short of a miracle

>> No.10152280

Tbh it pisses me off that people are blaming the anon, whoever just goes and cuts other people's clothes without any permission no matter what the person is planning to do with them is an idiot and one to blame. Sure, "It's a cute fabric and I want to make cute things out of it!" but maybe the anon would rather have her obviously special dress go to someone who would be super happy to have it and would appreciate it as it is. I hope anon told the lady what the dress was worth.

>> No.10152283

Dunno if someone compiled it into an image, but here’s an archive of the thread: >>https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/S7620309

>> No.10152287

God, cgl used to be funny

>> No.10152292

welp, i'm traumatised

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I'm going to be heading to a smaller con in NJ in a week or so. I was just curious about people's opinions/preferences between smaller and bigger cons. Also if you had any experiences at a con that you happened due to size, i'd love to hear them.

>> No.10150502

Depends on what you're going to the con for, imo.

If youre trying to flaunt your effort in a great cosplay, a smaller, local con will present a smaller stage for you to stand out on, accompanied by the benefit of potentially less competition vying for attention.

If you're looking for a place to spend your weebbucks, a larger con will tend to have a more diverse vendor hall, and more than likely a separate artist alley.

Smaller cons feel more intimate, but larger cons aren't necessarily unable to feel quaint. If you have a group you're going with, their preferences will sway you. Smaller cons tend to be cheaper as well.

>> No.10150751

As >>10150502 said it's all about what you're in it for.

If you're in it for the cosplay, smaller cons won't draw as big of a crowd so if your cosplay is mainstream you won't have as much competition but more obscure stuff won't get as much attention.

If you're in it for the guests, small cons have fewer but smaller lines. Big cons will have longer lines, especially for headliners.

If you're in it for competitions, you have better chances at winning at smaller cons, but smaller prizes are to be expected as well.

If you're in it to meet people, small local cons will have more people in your area that you might be able to hang out with outside of the convention.

And as a last note, if you think your local con is too small, support it so it can grown.

>> No.10150969

Judging by pic and context, are you talking about CPAC?

CPAC is super chill, been going to it for years. They just moved locations last year so I hope they improve upon the feedback given to them. There are lots of younger kids so it's more family friendly than most cons.

>> No.10151057

I feel like the first two posts basically already explained my feelings on it! I like to go to my very small local con because it gives me a better chance at participating in competitions and such. I could never even get called on during trivia at big cons but at this one I was called on multiple times because there were only maybe 15 people even in the room so I actually won something from it too! Also if you're nervous about doing something like hosting a panel or joining the cosplay contest then a small con is a good place to start with those. Like one of the other anons stated though if you cosplay something obscure you are a lot less likely to find someone else who appreciates it at a small con. I wore a Touhou cosplay to my local con and only had one person come talk to me about it even though I usually get a pretty good amount of attention at bigger cons when I cosplay from Touhou!

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Anime Day

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Anyone craft their own forearm blades (not real obviously). This is specifically for Kroenen from Hellboy but any other templates or directions would help. Common pieces and tools would help but I’m near a place that can fabricate stuff if necessary.
I’d like it to reliably deploy and easily retract. I’d like it to lock into place once deployed with enough structural integrity to not fall apart. Using the other hand to reset it isn’t out of the question but it’d help my Boy Scout instincts if I wasn’t required to press onto the “blade.”

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So this lithuanian cosplayer got banned from twitch for blackfacing. As a european Ive never heard of this before and I think its in general barely known here. I would have colored my face aswell to avoid whitewashing desu but well

So you just dont cosplay a black character in general?

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So uh, should you ever lighten or darken your face with makeup then?

It seems that all I see are asians with faces that are 3 shades lighter than their neck/body and its kinda weird.

>> No.10152240

youre so fucking dukb blackfishing is the hottest thing i.e. arianna grande
every normie wants to be black

>> No.10152276

>Honestly black people are more racist than any race nowadays.


>> No.10152278

>white americans
Non-Anericans are even more fucking racist, even worse with their percieved innocence

>> No.10152288

Its a buddhist symbol, you idiot. That was the whole point of their post.

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>Con is coming up soon.
>Looking forward to it, and it's happening a few days after my finals, literally couldn't have been a more perfect time.
>I'm in college so I'm not only poor, but can only afford to go to conventions in or near my state.
>Start making plans, decide which panels I'm going to.
>Suddenly my car has engine issues, really bad engine issues out of nowhere, and not to mention I just took my car in about four weeks ago to be serviced.
>Take my car in to get fixed.
>Close to $800 just to get it fixed.
Who else here has stories about their convention hype destroyed by sudden financial issues? I don't want to feel like the only one.

>> No.10149915

shouldn't this go in the feels thread?

>> No.10149924

This is when you sell feet pics on insta

>> No.10149967

Nobody has ever offered me money for feet pics

>> No.10150000


Learn how to play the game


>> No.10150078

get your fucking lives together, take a fucking break from cons, and go when you can actually afford it and pay your rent and school tuition
some of you guys dont realize that when you use your financial aid money, you have to pay it back. so many con going students graduate with 30,000 in debt because you dont realize this and also fail your classes because you blow all your money on con tickets, and your cosplays

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Ocasio Cortez is honestly a great person. Her concepts and ideas are beautiful:) Human-caused climate change is real!

>> No.10149837

why would you post this here besides for bait

>> No.10149838

true but irrelevant

>> No.10149842

True, but does she do cosplay? Will we see her at Awesome Con or Otakon this year since she's in DC?

>> No.10149843

We already have a bad makeup thread

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