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Yall got any favourite cosplays/cosplayers?

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Halloween season is upon us, post itas.

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She looks incredibly uncomfortable....

I don't think this skirt can be saved but I wanna try.

Adorable for a maid cafe.... Not so much for lolita

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How did she make most of it look okay and then just throw on a pair of sneakers? I'd swap out the tights too because it makes the bottom half far too busy, but I'm mostly amazed at the footwear choice.

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I want to like this, but the more I look the more I see that's wrong. Neko maido, sure. Lolita, no.

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is this a tranny or a girl board?

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tranny board
robot-larping-as-chad board
thirsty paypig board
fat girl board

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who's the saltiest? lolitas seem to fit into very this dresses though

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nobody is actually salty in this place anymore, maybe the occasional robot who comes here thinking he'll get a gf but that's it
the board is too slow and everyone is too skeptic to let any actual emotion come out

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Littles of cgl, do you like to match your diapers with your coords? Where do you buy your adult diapers? Do you feel sexier when you wear them underneath your coord? Diaper discussion thread.

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i want die

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sorry forgot to type my post

how cosplay shreck?

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Where do i get his blazer

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i don't know

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Is it ok to go barefoot to a con?

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as someone with a foot fetish, absolutely

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sounds gross and uncomfortable, wear flipflops or something easy to take off and when you want to take accurate pics you can take them off? if you're real dedicated to accuracy

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i'd say no but take them off for photos if you really want to

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Some cons require shoes. I agree with >>10273994 just take off the shoes for pictures only

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How do I make my own crocs? I need them for a cosplay

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Friend of mine recently fell madly in love with a cosplayer and it's really ruining his life, any tips for getting him out of that funk?
Pic unrelated

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I'm absolutely new to cosplay.
Comic con is 1 month and i would like to try to replicate morty here.
But where do i even start? Which materials can i use to make such a mask + his arm?

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>girl gets groped
>the men around her do nothing


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Because we are sick and tired of playing hero just to be made into the bad guy. Also how many times have you went help someone and its their "boyfriend"

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Most men just don't care. They barely care about the women in their own lives, so I doubt they would care about a stranger.

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Well if you men keep acting like pussies soon there will be no more of the sexy cosplay you love because people are too scared

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you say that like it's a bad thing, fuck thotsplayers

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I don’t condone this act nor do I condone more instances in which this happens, but like >>10273948 said...fuck thotsplayers.

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So is Kaizucon seriously going to be the next big thing?

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Well since the jackeens don't be able to hold a con together for more than five minutes these days I guess

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What happened with J Con? I know after Erikakon they kind of tried moving the scene there

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Still going but I didn't hear great things from people who went last year

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How do you go about when posing for a picture? Like how do you decide which pose you're going to do? Do you feel awkward or lost?
I know this must seem like a uncommon topic but I don't want to look like a complete retard if someone by any chance asks for a picture of me.

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I usually think about what poses to do before the shoot/start thinking about location and poses around when I get a date pinned down, but even so, I'm not the best at posing. I also take photos of my friends in and out of cosplay for fun, and I find that I'm much better at posing them than I am at posing myself. Beyond that, I think I pose my body alright, but I'm not the most attractive and my face only really looks decent from certain angles/with certain expressions, but for some reason, I can never seem to recall enough to know what to do with my FACE when being photographed. D:

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I research all the official art of the character as well as other cosplayers and fanart, pick some poses, and just practice them in the mirror before the con.
As long as you get one or two poses down I think you'll be ok for hall snaps.
If I'm doing a shoot I'd practice switching between as many different poses as I can. Otherwise my mind just goes blank after a few shots, especially cause some photographers don't give much direction.

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Elite Cosplay has a good series of posing videos on Youtube

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i mostly cosplay video game characters so im autistic enough to remember animations and poses and just replicate that, added with confidence and good body posture

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ITT: jfash monster coords from casual to OTT. monsters can be demons, oni, ghosts, undead, etc., but no fairies, angels, or elves, please. show me your scary-type creature looks.

i have about 50 pics to dump that will include masculine and feminine coords. i will start by posting more casual, punkish coords and some very simple outfits. i will post more elaborate coords along the way, up to full No.96-style with prosthetics.

please dump your own also!

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No.96 is the master of monsters

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end dump for now. i may return with some lolita and ouji (and related) coords for this theme.

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a full outfit shot for >>10273756

i hope these were not many repeats.

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for * >>10273754

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Does anyone remember Floretta?

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some living doll turned edgy neo-nazi or some shit. check lolcow.

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Is she self posting or is this a really stale vendetta? Hadn't heard about her for years until suddenly lolcow brought her up this week

She's a Stacy now

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Who is she? does she have any videos?

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>Who is she?

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costhots are one in a million if you're looking for something to jack off to. it's not worth making a whole thread over.

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Hello so i have been recently very lost about what anime character i should cosplay since im 165 cm, so what is the most suitable anime character for me to cosplay keep in mind that i want to cosplay a character that is somewhat close to my look

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What are some good cosplays for me and my wife?

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Junkrat and Mei
Leon and Ada

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She should cosplay this


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Someone who uses the catalog to find the suggestion thread instead of making a new thread just for himself

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the first thing I thought about was pokahontas and john smith, imagine the sex bro

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>trying to bait fat white girls
Admirable goal, only if this wasn't a desolate board mostly populated by trannies

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I want to cosplay a Minion. How do i make the costume though?

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It’s going to be a minion version of Joseph Joestar though. I can’t just buy that on Amazon

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>black gloves
>black shoes
>brown wig
u stupid or what?

>> No.10273922

I want to make it myself though

>> No.10273937

Ok buddy good luck making gloves by yourself

>> No.10273966

How do i make the gloves?

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welp, I’m disgusted with this.
thot just use a mentally-ill man to capitalize, and boost her popularity.

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culture appropriation of incel culture, huh?

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Sexy cosplay isn't new. Find something else to complain about.

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I can never take threads complaining about costhots seriously. They're doing it because there's a market, and they'll stay as long as someone keeps giving them [money, attention, whatever].

Also by complaining about this person you're probably boosting her popularity, thereby giving her more incentive to keep doing it lol.

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enjoy costhots taking bigger and bigger portions of your cosplay cons, DON'T DARE COMPLAIN! SEXISM, INCEL!

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