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I need an ID on what this girl is wearing

I was at a convention yesterday and she was handing out raman

Then she said "I'm so sorry but you're very attractive" (not joking) and got her instagram

Texting her now and don't want to tell her I'm not a weeb and know nothing about anime

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What is the key to making cosplay that is "so bad its good"?

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You can't make "so bad it's good" on purpose, unless you're the lowcost cosplay guy. The person making it has to actually be trying to make it good.

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Originality and creativity. Things like cardboard boxes for d.va are no longer funny because they’ve been done a million times. Something like pic related, few people have done a quadsuit Pokemon, and this one is so fucked up.

Also, know how to make things uncanny. Stepping just a little bit into the uncanny valley helps.

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Like it says on the tin, make it so bad, its good.

Also helps if it has a lot of visual impact, no matter how bad the impact is.

Make it so memorable that it becomes seared onto somebody's brain even after eye bleach

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dont think too much about it

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That's more creepy than funny. It would fall in the "so bad it's terrifying" category.

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Previous thread: >>10262831

Ear tier list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EaZ1AkOx_0324dkPzUPVvqiuIrOQhCbeEcquRl8m4rc/edit?usp=sharing

MowkysDen how to make ears ebook (only good for learning the very basics, will result in shit tier ears otherwise):

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decided to be the test bitch for some ears someone pointed out in one of the previous threads, so I got a $25 pair of these ears.
There's definitely a market for dog ears and not many people do them.

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Who are those from? I'm torn between getting puppy ears or bunny ears, so I'm interested to hear how these turn out. Please post a review when you get them!
Honestly, I really wish I could afford to buy ears from different makers just to see how different makers do things, and to create my own ranking/tiers I guess. I've been entering every giveaway on Instagram that I can find just to hopefully collect as many ears as possible.

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I'm thinking about throwing money around and trying different types of dog ears but not many stores have them. its around a 9 week wait for these.

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My personal tier list is similar to the one in OP except for a few stores. I bought a KittenandCutie set and resold them almost immediately because I didn't like the quality. I own 2 pairs of Lovelyfurr ears that I'm on the fence about keeping or trading because I don't like how stiff they are but love the shape and color.

I own a pair of RaspberryNeko MTO ears and I'd say they're good quality for the price. I waited about 7 weeks for mine (about a 6-week wait + 1-week shipping).
There are shops that do canine shapes more often than others (Lovelyfurr, KittenTherapyShop, Aukami, etc.), so you should keep an eye on them. Hosh has also announced corgi ears for her next release and last week's SR ears were canines too.

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i got a couple pairs of their mto puppy ears and my opinion is that they’re worth the $25 and good for the price. nowhere near hosh or ac quality obviously, but they’re sturdy and have clean edges. wired all the way through so you can adjust the bends. the trimming and edges can be a tiny bit uneven on some areas. I wouldn’t pay over $40 for them because of the lack of detail, but puppy ears are folded anyways so you don’t see much of the inners. they’re also nice for using as a base if you want to airbrush your own shading onto them.

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New new new new Canada thread

Future cons

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Anyone mentioning proprietary software will be executed on sight. No exceptions.
That outta the way,
>Future cons
Winterpeg has a brand new comic con replacing the one they used to have that didn't happen at all last year. Set up by the group that does Ottawa's and Quebec's too. https://comicconwinnipeg.com

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Never change anon

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What's your comm doing this year for meets?

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Is it for a conference space in the building or something? I've paid to help cover the fees for that before.

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Tea and photos

>What I would rather they do
Art galleries, museums, pop up events

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I checked and the building management requires a refundable deposit, so short of someone trashing the place it's essentially free.

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I asked because I want to know.. But i understand if you don't want to out your comm

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Same here. I think it’s backlash against all the high tea meets we used to have but it really feels like people are trying way too hard to seem lolrandom and non-lovely. Trampoline parks, paintballing and karaoke in crappy bars without even a private room. Then when someone tries to organize a regular tea meet people whine about how boring it is to just sit down and talk. But according to the pictures nobody even wore full lolita to the trampoline or paintball meets so doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a lolita meetup? By all means have fun playing paintball with your friends but what’s the point of making it a lolita meetup if you don’t wear lolita to it?

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What meets is your comm planning for this year?

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*TING TING TING* Hello ladies I have an announcement to make *AHEM* FUCK ALL NON WHITES AND GET THE FUCK OFF MY WEBSITE

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Why are YOU fat?

What's the MAIN reason?

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Did you get lost on your way to >>>/fit/, m8?

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Who else would love to see that sexy cosplayer in XXX industry?

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I last went to it in 2017 but very casually, went to Matsuri awhile after and can say I definitely prefer the smaller chill con experience and meeting more people. Also don’t have many con-goer friends to afford and enjoy bigger cons. Although I heard that Oni-con has kinda stagnated the past few years, is it still worth for someone who is more into socializing like me?

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Come clean and ‘fess up your lolita secrets ITT. Like: How many of you here are lolitas at heart who have never even worn the fashion? Who shitposts, rolls their vpn and posts again? Who has gotten jealous and made a mean secret?

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I collect Lolita dresses from certain collections just for the sake of collecting. I cannot even fit the dresses, but I really want to have them. I know Japanese Lolita’s collect dresses as well, but my friends think it is unhealthy/dumb that I buy dresses that don’t fit. Of course I buy dresses that I can wear too, but some are just pure for my collection.

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I hope that image has some truth to it.

It's so funny that I was just in a thread on /x/ about the same subject.

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I have a bunch of lolita bags that I rarely use because they don't hold enough and are just not practical.

I often use backpacks or just other purses I have that somewhat match the style but not enough to include in a photo.

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that's not lolita

no, you're still a cunt even if you're not the only one doing it.

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Same here, I carry the same briefcase all the time because it's practical and since I mostly wear classic and gothic it doesn't clash too much with my outfits. I just don't include it in pictures.

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Choose one

> living in capital city, well established comm, lots of cons
> higher living cost, less of spare money, smaller wardrobe or mostly taobao


> living in small town with no local cons, little to no amusement places to wear lolita to
> lower living cost, lots of brand

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Smaller city with more money to spend. I’ve lived in both kinds of areas and it’s nice to have the extra disposable income to just travel to these bigger cities with big cons and things to see and do.

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Anywhere in Mississippi, but the problem is that’s its Mississippi

>> No.10324590

>City>small town
I'd choose to live in a capital city. My wardrobe is already small, but cohesive. I'd like to enjoy more experiences in lolita. A capital city would have better restaurants, museums, theaters, concerts, gardens, and potentially brand stores. I don't care about comms or cons. I don't care about having the biggest wardrobe. And generally speaking, city folk don't care that much about lolita.

I guess I feel that way because I left a small town for a big city, and I ended up finding housing cheaper than my small town with a big enough closet. It's still small, but I'm a 20 minute bus ride from a bunch of brand stores and it's great.

>> No.10324605

I went from B to A and it sucks, take me back to B.

It really depends on the city though. I probably wouldn’t mind A if the city didn’t suck like the one I live in now.

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I agree with you, it's a stupid thread. I wear lolita and haven't been to a con in years, they're a waste of money unless you like to cosplay

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Chose one

> living in capital city, well established comm, lots of cons
> higher living cost, less of spare money, smaller wardrobe or mostly taobao


> living in small town with no local cons, little to no amusement places to wear lolita to
> lower living cost, lots of brand

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What brands work for you? Have any tips?

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I am 24.5 cm and wear US 8, AP LL, and Baby in both L and LL

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The problem with underskirts is they don't do much if it's the waist that's too high. Could work (to a limit) if you're flat, but girls who aren't would generally do better looking for something low-waisted and then combine it with an underskirt. The underskirt alone isn't a universal solution, which was why people quite hyping them actually.

Additionally you'd want to be careful combining them, the other reason they quit being hyped is because girls wore poofy AP skirts with built-in petticoats over a less poofy underskirt, giving a rocket silhoutte to the skirt.

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LLs from baby/aatp are comfiest imo. I have a couple LLs from IW but they are on the snug side. It could be because they are older shoes however.

IW in general has been my favorite for accommodating my height and long torso. I use an underskirt with their short dresses that don't have lace trims to add that bit of length.
Their blouses are pretty good for sleeve length and shoulder width for me, especially compared to other brands. OTKs are also very stretchy and comfortable.

>> No.10324614

same here! so close yet so far from fitting into any bodyline shoes too

>> No.10324618

Do you have any underskirt recs?

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AMKE is under a month away, anyone going?

>> No.10324185

I'm going for the first time. Is this a pretty comfy con? Are the panels and cosplay masquerade fun? Any tips?

>> No.10324456

I've been going since '11, I like it. It's a mid size con, panels and masquerade are fun if you like those things.

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Been a little while, let's get one of these up again.

You know the deal, post yourself, cosplay you'd like to do/have done in the past, give some context, and help others with suggestions.

And as always, give suggestions in order to recieve them (unless you're the first poster)!

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Most of us went through the Hare Hare Yukai-calypse and masquerades were never the same.
What are some obnoxious recent trends plaguing the cosplay scene? Pic very related.

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I do caramelldansen to warm up before lifting at home when I am alone. Gives me the warm, cringey fuzzies

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You might just be annoying, anon

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Cosplay tiktoks are the new naruto running
Y’all think you look cool but I promise everyone just thinks you’re retarded

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I fucking hate cosplayers dude
Seeing a girl in a cheap fucking wig and some stupid dress making shit noises makes me wanna shit myself
God fuck em
I enjoy anime but I cant send this fucking people

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>hates cosplayers
>deliberately comes to a board made for cosplayers
stay mad i guess?

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I do slutty cosplays, hmu if you wanna see my lewds ;)

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She didn't know it, but she offered us the best way of her true feels...

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I've never been to Fanime, despite living about an hour and a half's drive from San Jose. This year I actually have the means.

Worth it?

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Forgot to mention but sometimes there’s “guests” that come and have booths but aren’t official guests. I met Shiitake Gensodo last year at her artist alley booth and it was cool getting to chat in what little Japanese i could muster up and she drew little doodles in the books I bought.

>> No.10323768

There are more guests on their autograph page, but not on their guest list page. Not sure why

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Fanime is absolute garbage. The main reason people go is for the rooms and to hang out with friends. I said last year was going to be my last but my boyfriend really wants to go with me so I'm only doing it again to make him happy.

>> No.10324560

Fanime is a con where you go to meet up with friends and party, not a con where you attend for content. If you have friends who are attending, great. If not, you're better off going to a different con.

>> No.10324592

Used to be my favorite west coast con but I haven't been since '17 because it's gotten so hard to get a room. One thing I'll say is that if you're a serious cosplayer it's a good con to go to because there are so many good photoshoot locations within walking distance of the con center and the weather tends to be cool for the time of year so it's good for heavy elaborate stuff you wouldn't want to wear at AX.

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