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Why does no one cosplay her? Seems simple enough.

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who is this?

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post the best fnf cosplays you can find!

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I saw a thread on /vp/ that showed a picture of her before it was taken down for some reason and from the way some people where commenting, she may have been a qos. Is this true?

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Hello, the last 2 threads seem to have been good and productive, let's have a third one.

Which conventions are you going to this summer?
What cosplays are you going to wear?
What interesting events are you going to do?

pic unrelated

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someone doesn't know how to use IP changers, doesn't seem to be very 31337 huh

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Gonna cosplay Hideyoshi Kinoshita cuz he's underrated.

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we don’t need a 2ed thread

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This thread is Midwest cons general whereas I ther one is specifically for anime midwest.

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we don’t need both

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"It's like ACEN, except only the absolute worst members of the scene attend. Everyone else waits for Magic." edition

In order of most to least recent:
>>10917652 (Finnish Anti-tank soldier at Acen 2024?)
>>10917374 (Midwest General Thread No.1)
>>10916637 (Anime Central: "Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them." edition)
>>10915881 (Anime Central: rip BOZO, rest in piss, you will not be missed edition)
>>10915378 [ARCHIVED] (Anime Central: Here today, gone tomorrow edition~)
>>10913960 [ARCHIVED] (Anime Central: Is it ACEN yet? edition)
>>10910795 [ARCHIVED] (Anime Central 2024 Thread No.1)
Deleted threads and obvious bait/drama threads have been omitted from the list above.

Same exact location as ACEN:
May 17th-19th, 2024
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center & Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Rosemont, IL

Are you actually going to this convention because you like it, or are you simply going as cope for not being able to go to AX?
'member when Anime Midwest managed to somehow get Studio Trigger for two years in a row? 'member how Studio Trigger even debuted exclusive content at Anime Midwest those years? Pepperidge Farms 'members.
Any guests you're looking forwards to seeing there this year?
You are aware of the management team of this convention and the drama behind its CEO, right anon?
Pipkin Pippa we know you were /here/ during ACEN. If you're reading this, please tell Sakana to consider a collab between Phase Connect and The Chicago White Sox for the 4th of July weekend 2025. I'm sure it'll absolutely blow the Dodgers x Hololive collab out of left field! (Yes pun intended.) ily please get better soon.

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Everyone on this board is broke as shit.

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I doubt that, he's an incel.

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nah he will for sure, he LOVES to molest

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will pell be here giving alcohol to minors again?

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Warsie V.S Wendigo
Pedophile versus Orgy God
Take your bets
Who will win?

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I didn't think Taylor was THAT much of a bottom

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grillin deep fried cicadas tonight who wants in

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Whoopi Goldberg will destroy that obese HIV+ goblin

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Do it like the ancient Romans did! Assert your dominance Warsie!!

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It’s been awhile since I made a thread…

Post jfashion outfits that are primarily black and pink! ^o^

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prev thread autosaged > >>10895776

seriously what's going on with this replica.

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The original cut only looks good on girls who are thin and don't have busted hag faces.

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Same lmao, I quite like it. It reminds me of the curtain clothes Maria made for the kids in The Sound of Music.

No one cares about Celestial anymore anyway so nothing of value was lost

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i agree, it looks like it's a 2 piece set now.

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the original cut looks best on thin, narrowly built young women who are below a B cup.

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Some chinese lunatic is going to bite, I feel it in my bones. They should've just put it on yahoo auctions like they do with their other sought after stuff, but I guess they don't want to pay the fees if it goes too high.

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What are some slutty male cosplay ideas that show off a lot of skin and work well on someone with a very lean, athletic build? I like these kinds of cosplays because beyond showing off my body, they're perfect for summer weather.

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any man from jujutsu kaisen

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Lol at the bad photoshop

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That just looks like "Chad, somewhat gay or bi", not "slutty"

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Asian men are so unattractive even with all the editing

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Is it that easy to get with someone at a convention by having the same interests as them?

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For me it's way harder to vibe with someone at a convention compared to like a concert.

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lmao that bad thigh shoop, I miss when we had threads for this

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In before the ack

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No, it's not that easy. If you're not hot you're going nowhere

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if you're going to conventions to fuck you're never gonna have a good time

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>I'm 65 yo, and wats this

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June Lin Milliam, from the video game Star Gladiator.

The cosplayer's name is Elin Kuzunoha. She cosplays Chun-Li often, but this was an exception because June is also a Capcom Gal (not as well known, but still memorable).

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Previous thread. >>10910760

Cosplay feels.

I'm so sick of ageplay thots in the comm. They be like goo goo gah gah- gah guh *farts* gah guh gah *shits* gah GUH GAH AAAAAA AAAAAA *vomits* *farts* *chokes on own vomit and dies*

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heavy agree, even when men "want a relationship" most of them just want a bangmaid and the ability to say they have one. women not having to try to be objects of male desire isn't really "ease of dating" because most women don't want to be objects lol

however let's please get back to the feels
>mfw dress too big
and whatnot

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Yeah ayrt and I didn't mean to derail a whole ass thread for this.
On a positive note, I just really like seeing people happy in their cosplays. Nothing is more fun than seeing people nerd out about foamcraft or giant wigs. I just really fucking love passionate people. Been feeling good about it lately.

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I have a desperate, pointless, and pathetic crush on someone I 1) can never have, 2) who would surely annoy me if I actually knew them as well as I’m wishing for and 3) is a good enough friend I’ll neither risk the friendship by saying anything nor break it off to avoid the pain. I know this hardly a /cgl/ problem but I don’t know who else to tell. I’m just feeling very emo…
On another note: did you see converse kneehighs are coming back? I’m excited. The knockoffs I bought were awful.

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Every word out of your mouth has to involve insulting people or talking down to them huh?

I’m not trying to gain anything other than to explain to you the situation, which clearly you just want someone to tell you
>wow you’re so great nonny!

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I'm in the boat with you, nonna; the subreddit is itas and sissies, FB groups require FB, this board is slower than it ever used to be, and drama hungry idiots ruined servers.

I've always been a lonelita but sometimes I want to sperg about girly shit with women who actually get it. My normie friends are nice about it but they don't really understand lolita.

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Sup /cgl/ looking to get into cosplay. Am a poor uni student however and don't just wanna order the lame body suits and shizzle.

Any tips or tricks are appreciated!

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If you know how to sew you basically already have a headstart.

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are you Bri'ish?
most of these are wearing bodysuits so I unfortunately can't help because I've never made my own, but good luck! just be warned that this is unfortunately a very slow board, one of the slowest on the site actually, it only gets super active whenever a big convention is happening

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I am British yes and thank you for the words of luck

>> No.10921076

>"my mum" instead of "me mum"
>"shit" instead of "shite"
Anyway. I think the bodysuits in question are shitty because they are comprised of a single type of fabric with designs printed on it. There is no texture to break up the flat empty surfaces or any reliefs between the colour borders. No physical details such as buttons. I suggest you go browsing stores selling fabric by the meter for raw materials and cutting & sewing your own patterns. You can make patterns with this method.

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Since a lot of those are bodysuits, but you don’t want the printed kind, I would suggest getting a body/zentai suit in a single color. Pick whatever the main color of the character is and use it as a base. Then just sew on the additional details yourself

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I love painting my face. Any day. Any occasion. I like the way it feels on my skin.

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Here's me when I was Ronald McDonald

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And when I was the Joker in LA!

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Where are the bodies buried

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How do you feel about cosplayers who only dress up from stuff that's currently popular?

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Everything was new at one point. I think the vocal hatred people levy towards FOTM cosplays are misplaced. I think the real source of the anger is just some frustration at oversaturation of a show they may or may not be interested in taking over valuable cosplay and market space. I think the other anons do have a point though that it is clear when some people (mostly influencers) are just pumping and dumping costumes to catch the most attention on and off-screen. That's why making your own costumes is much more beloved because there's a clear indicator of personal appreciation for the show and effort. A homemade FOTM cosplay is going to be more well-received even by a bitter hater than a premade. And I can't say they're entirely wrong for feeling that way. It's just a piece of the pie that is the popularization of cosplay.

It's not a FOTM anymore and even if it was: who gives a shit cosplay what you want

>> No.10921371

Yes and artists who make content for it, believe it or not. The kids are a popular choice for comfortable cosplays among the niche.

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I know literally nothing about anime, except for Berserk. I can't tell if the blue haired thot in a miniskirt is from trendy slop or classic slop.

>> No.10922193

this is the most based man in the thread, I don't care that Yor is a FOTM waifu because her being that means a bunch of slutty girls will wear slutty costumes

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>How do you feel about cosplayers who only dress up from stuff that's currently popular?
There are 3 categories I can think of for people who would do that.

1) Career cosplayers
2) People who honestly like the character, but getting attention for their cosplay is a big goal.
3) People who don't like the character/show who just want attention.

1) It makes sense to follow trends if you're trying to make a career out of cosplay/crafting. Most art careers require you to go where the money is. Look at the artist alley/dealers hall at any con and tell me how much of the stuff being sold is old-school anime vs FOTM anime.

2 & 3) For these groups, I think trying to get attention for a cosplay from a very popular show can be a bad move because there will be so many other people rocking the same outfit that you'll be overshadowed. At least with #2 they like the show and can enjoy the company of other con-goers who are also into the show. But for #3 I can't understand what the point will be. Unless you're very attractive or a fantastic craftsman, your cosplay is probably not going to get as much attention as others dressed as you and you're going to spend the whole con surrounded by people you don't have a shared interest with, which just seems like a lonely experience.

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How do you feel about cosplayers taking on characters of a blatantly different race?

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Blacks cosplaying white characters is the funniest shit in the world. Even more so if they try to match the hair as best they can with whatever whack-ass hair they've got

It reminds me of those tumblr blackwashed redraws

>> No.10921676

You should also consider the fact that it helps them not look like they’re trying to become another race entirely or are doing it for some kind of kink. There are a lot of black girls in jfashion that look as white as possible without changing their skin color, some of them even brighten up the photo to make the illusion their white or mixed. I find it uncanny and sort of depressing that they want to look as asian/white as humanly possible, it’s very intentional. I addressed this one time outside of /cgl/ and someone replied to me that they weren’t trying to become another race and was just apart of their “alter ego”, which gives me raceplay/fetish vibes. Personally I don’t care what black people cosplay as, as long as they aren’t trying to purposefully look white or are doing it for kink reasons.

>> No.10921776


if we're expected to respect the work on the costume, then judging based on an unchangeable characteristic doesn't seem to follow the spirit of respecting the costume work. You're not fucking casting the character in a production. Knock yourself out.

that said, you also don't get to claim that as a whole package that they look closer to a given character all other things being equal. Thats just disingenuous.

>> No.10921958

>I've never noticed him in any japanese media
>Kessen series
>Nobunaga's Ambition
>both decades old Japanese video game series
Just say you are a zoomer; Period drama has been out of vogue for 20 years, just long enough for you to not have seen anything in your short life.

>> No.10922166

I'm more bothered by the fact that they shooped her face into oblivion and made it look nothing like Marcille.

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decided to start my own anime con. i'm looking for advice on how to run it or stuff you guys would love to see at a con.
>held at a hotel with 2 pools
>more ticket sales = will expand to also rent out local bowling alley arcade
>panels will be vetted by actual nerds, so you don't get "who is ash ketchum? what does yaoi mean?"
>r18 panels/merch allowed in separated area
>baggage storage
>hands-on cosplay panel tutorial where you actually make stuff
>cosplay repair area

lots more stuff under consideration. i'm financially prepared to eat the costs and pay for everything out of pocket and lose all the money if no one buys tickets, but i'd like to make this con fun and successful.

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No, dumbass, there are specific groups in which hundreds of organizers who help run anime cons talk to each other. This is the worst place to ask for advice. They are easy to find if you take the time to speak to long-standing organizers instead of letting your ego get ahead of you.

>> No.10920832


>> No.10920837

nice to see 4channers are planning their own dashcon for the upcoming 10 year anniversary

>> No.10921464

I hope you do it and it’s successful. I don’t have any advise but I want to encourage you. Keep us in the loop.

>> No.10921492

Also came to encourage you. You're right about getting opinions from different sources.

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invite to the prettyuglylittleliar discord?

>> No.10920826

Gawd I'd forgotten about that site

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Grillin' edition

Previous thread

Summers almost here, are you ready?
What cons are you getting ready for?
Any new cosplay you're working on?
Upcoming events or news you'd like to share?

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Ask Taylor about the 25k Redfox owes in his room. Hey Taylor, are you going to help pay some of the shit he owes?

Oh and Makoto will be at blacklight blackout this weekend since you're so antsy to fuck them up

>> No.10922090

It is I the god of /cgl/, Scrimbo Bimblo. I have come to announce that you are all cringe faggots and I will send an angel in the shape of a giantess Sandy Cheeks with a giant veiny throbbing futa cock to vacuum you all up and shoot you into the depths of hell where you belong. All of you degenerate pedophiles, casual sex havers, and hard drug users will be cast into the flames for all eternity unless you repent and cease posting on this dogshit thread

>> No.10922091

low key kinda glad i quit the scene and started doing meth instead

>> No.10922105

Pells a fat bitch who only used Reisen for drinks. Thinking about how he had a melty because his so called sisters were excluding him from their birthday party

>> No.10922106

its just popcorn