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Okay so yesterday I updated my shitty samsung galaxy s6 edge and I forgot my patten code a while a go. So I had been using my back up pin cos Im a lazy bugger and after the update they removed the back up pin so now I cant access my phone .I don't want to Factory reset it because photos and trash. Any one know a way to bypass the pin codes? Googled for about an hour but because the updates so new I haven't been able to find anything.

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I'm trying to build the circuit (pic related).

The closest audio transformer I was able to get hold off is the one I will post in the next picture. They're slightly different but I'm pretty certain it should work as a substitute.

The data sheet for the transformer I have (see next pic) shows which pin is which and how to use them in a 5 pin or 6 pin configuration. From the circuit diagram, it seems I need a 5 pin configuration, however, the pin missing would be pin 2 on the transformer whereas the data sheet only shows a 5 pin configuration for pin 5 being removed (which is on the secondary, not sure if I can just decide to flip the transformer around). How should I match the pins on this transformer to the circuit diagram? At the moment I've got it wired as the data sheet shows for an all 6 configuration but with pin 2 left floating.

Also, where do I connect the emitter of transistor Q2? It shows it going to -9v which I assume is the same as the line coming from the battery via the switch though the diagram shows that as +9v even though the battery is connected with a reversed polarity. Can someone please clear that up for me?


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TO CLARIFY: Currently have pin 1 connected to the 22uF cap, pin 3 to ground. Pins 4 and 6 to the diodes. Pin 5 to ground and pin 2 floating

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So the outer layer of my chair has started peeling off

I wouldn't give a shit about it but it scratches the underside of my knee and is causing rashes

What's the proper way of fixing this? Has to be comfortable to the touch, looks do not matter so much

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Just a layer of epoxy or hotglue might help, but I assume it'd need to be smooth. Hotgluing a piece of fabric onto it might create new scratchy surfaces at the point where the fabric ends. Though that depends on the fabric and how well you choose the position where it ends.

I'd say it's worth a shot.

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>Losing weight won't help at all, I'm 65kg.
I think this is due to repeated flexing of that part and fake leather getting dry in time
If you were heavier the sponge inside it will deform and flexing would stop thus no damage would occur
so gain some weight

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Cheapest is throw a blanker or cover over the thing.

3Ms vinyl repair kit works well enough to use on motorcycle seats. The repair will be visible if you look closely but it's sound.

Ignore the rating because stupid people don't follow instructions. I've done three motorcycle seat repairs with no problem but I'm a mechanic and not the average dumbass. I recommend taping the texture material to the seat to keep it in position. I heat the supplied tool with a heat gun.


USE THE PRACTICE PIECE. Follow the instructions. Good shit.

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Good point, I'll have to test it on an inconspicious part. I think I'll try hotglue first since it's easily removed with alcohol

Shit I'm already overeating everyday but I can't seem to gain any weight, but yeah the damage is definitely caused by repeated flexing

Awesome, 3M and it's pretty cheap as well. It might be a challenge to find in Australia but I'm sure someone on ebay will have it. Thanks for the recommendation

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Is this normal?
The cuts i mean.

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Yup. Most motors are balanced by removing material from there. Some have brass weights on the ends for cutting bits out of for balancing.

The brushes (if it has any) don't touch where the cuts are.

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Cheers fellas

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>The brushes (if it has any) don't touch where the cuts are.

Brushes don't ever touch magnetic laminations.

Odd how many people on here know what they are talking about, as you do, without appearing to know the most basic things.

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It's been a while since I've had anything motorized apart, so I forgot there's another doohickey on the end, and I haven't run anything long enough to wear out brushes.

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>Brushes don't ever touch magnetic laminations.

>The brushes (if it has any) don't touch where the cuts are.

Both correct.

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Will an auger dispenser work just as well if I have some extra space between the auger and the feeding tube? Grain will be dispensed on a scale so it doesn't need to be consistent since the scale does the measuring. Drew the picture to illustrate.

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The bigger the space, the more inefficient it will be, but with grain it would work even if you had as much space as the auger itself is. If you make it too accurate a fit, it'll probably grind against the walls.

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>Will an auger dispenser work just as well if I have some extra space between the auger and the feeding tube

>Just as well

Product will move, just not as efficiently.

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Moving into a new apartment and it comes with a wood floor. I've never had one before but looking at it, it's clear the previous tenant didn't take care of it at all. Like, at all! It's faded and greyed and scratched up. Not my pic but it looks a lot like this in places.

How do I A) make it look not like shit again, and B) keep it that way?

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re-set the nails
rent a floor sander
then sand and apply varnish

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Speaking as someone who has refinished the hardwood floors in my house, DO NOT go through the trouble for a rental.

It's a shit-ton of work and really easy to fuck up, and pretty expensive.

If anything, see if your landlord will screen and re-poly for you

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Looks like solid oak. You can use something like CitriStrip to get most of the finish off then sand the floor and re-poly it.

The process isn't difficult but it is a lot of work.

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Controlled fire/flame will bring out any residual varnish in the wood...

I did it once on a table... Poured clear alcohol in a thing layer, set ablaze and quickly doused it with a wet towel....
It will still feel a little rough but look shiny

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put down some rugs or plastic/vinyl where it sees the most traffic

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Do you trust Chinese relays?

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No such thing.

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>using relays in 2k17

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you shouldn't relay on them?

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SSRs and MOSFETs in general are the superior option in 99% of diy use cases
>fast switching
>less power consumption
>mechanically robust, not sensitive to vibration
>longer life time

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Originally? No. Now I'm not so sure.

>have 120/240 relay for use on my sous vide
>turned it I and let it come up to temperature from cold tap water, around 15 gallons of water
>set it at 80deg C and walked away
>come back and all the wires are hot, burning plastic and electronics smell coming from relay, the relay label is melted and the potting compound melting out of it, and it's locked in the "on" position
>water is at 90deg C
>unplug everything!
>let cool down
>attach 2 huge heat sinks to the relay
>turn back on after 5 minutes
>good as new

All in all, happy.

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My room is really hot, dusty, and small. Should I invest in a window unit/air purifier or both?

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Get a window unit. And make sure it pulls fresh air from outside to the inside. And doesn't just regurgitate the same inside air.

To control dust.. Though raising humidity levels (good if you want to keep things cold and don't want nose bleeds) a little desktop water feature with a filter on it. You will be amazed how much dust that little shit collects in a week.

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Dumb question but what do you mean by
>Desktop water feature

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Bottles of piss

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Ahh yes, its a good thing i'm autistic and have been bottling my piss all this time.

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If there's no central forced air system, it's good to have a small HEPA unit. We used to post about making them from box fans, cardboard, and duct tape. The good thing about that solution is the filters being a common standard so they're cheap and always available. Could probably build a more skookum version of this. Otherwise you can buy one that takes special special snowflake shit. Winix makes some that are a good value, with cheap third party filters available. Just be sure to hold the power button to shut off the hydroxyl generator, because it's probably not the best for your lungs and some materials. Kills mold though. I have a Rabbit Air minusa2 in my bedroom and Honeywell (actually made by another company licensing the brand) cylinder in the living room. Can only get third party replacement filters unless you want to stack three shorter ones, replacing much of the filter area with gaskets that don't seal well.

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Here's the story guys

>painting kitchen cabinets and drawers over weekend
>cabinets are some laminate or melamine plastic pink shit
>not very glossy or smooth at all
>sand every surface a once over with 600grit paper
>wipe with warm water to remove dust
>wipe a decent coat of ESP all over
>have used ESP before and paint turned out fine without priming
>wait 2 hours
>no primer
>paint 3 coats of semi gloss on
>it's been 2 days and the paint scratches off easily
>no peeling or cracking
>thinking of spraying a clear gloss coat all over to protect from scratches

Is the scratch problem because the paint has not cured yet, or is it because the paint has bonded poorly to the cabinets?

Due to there being no flaking, I'm hoping I can get away with a protective clear coat and not have to sand back to the plastic and start again.

Thoughts and advice would be appreciated because my missus is really up my ass about this one.

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Considering its usually 150-300 that gets used for surface prep, no, no it's not.

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Yeah if you're staining something.

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Not this guy>>1185114, but as a cabinetmaker for over 25 years now, I generally went no higher than 180 grit for stain grade hardwoods...and thats about as fine as you should have too...600 is way to fine, scratches won't be deep enough...

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Post pics of shitty job

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>laminate or melamine
>600grit paper
>no primer

I think you are fucked, you need to scrape the paint and try again

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>Needed to take some scraps and pipes some guy was throwing out for a project
>Felt like a homeless Drugaddict taking it

How do I stop worrying about what others think of me?

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I'm a man though

>> No.1185151

> Scared of what other people think about him
> "man"

Choose one.

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>or something
GFs are nice too. But they can mean less money for hobbies and generally can't move as much heavy stuff for you.

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Becoming homeless and having to panhandle worked well for me.

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How viable would it be to make a bunker by burying a shipping container?

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If you would like the answer, start by deleting your thread.

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Everyone who wants to bury a container should do so! Follow your dreams and ignore the haters. Your initiative will be rewarded with success!

Numerous containers survived direct hits from 30mm A-10 "Warthog" cannon during the Iraq war. The springy corrugations dissipate energy and the projos bounce off. The immortal Corten steel shells last centuries even without paint, which is only decorative. The US Navy has a fleet of containers at the bottom of the Marianas trench where they dock submarines made from containers for underwater replenishment. Hawaii successfully used lava flow to encase containers to make attractive tourist lodges. Transatmospheric scramjet powered containers have been developed into launch platforms for smaller containers to be used in the post-Brexit EU space containerstation. North Korea replaced their old dug shelters under mountains with containers painted like mountains. (The insides are painted with cute anime characters to boost morale.) Elon Musk prototyped an electric container to replace the Tesla since the container is more aesthetically appealing than the car and has a lot more battery room. The mayor of Detroit has decided to replace his decaying city with containers. The old buildings will be demolished and the rubble hauled off in other containers, loaded onto rafts made of containers, and shipped to China via the St. Laurence seaway where it will be ground up and the metal residue used to make more containers. US Navy SEALS stealthily infiltrate enemy ports using containers cunningly disguised as containers. Israel is solving the Palestinian problem by storing them in containers. (Germany tried to solve the Jewish problem using wooden freight cars, but the container hadn't been invented yet.) Donald Trumps border wall will be easily affordable if built from containers. Any Beaners who slip in by other routes can be detained in containers then trucked to Beanland where containers will be donated as housing.

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Getting hard to find quality Ni-cad batteries. Chinese ones are crap. Less than 6mo old won't hold a decent charge.

I have a fuck ton of B&D 20v yard tools and miscellaneous shop tools.

Don't want to thow away my trim saw yet.

So I cut up an old dead battery pack and sacrificed one of the cheapo 20v chargers to make an adapter.

> yes I know dewalt makes an adapter to use their 20v batteries on the old 18v tools, but this is the only dewalt thing I own. And all the batteries for it are junk.

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I forgot to say I used a short piece of 14ga stranded copper wire to go from the charger terminals to the old battery terminals in the stem.

The electronics in the charger are completely bypassed. I most soldered directly to the pins that come through the circuit board connected to the tangs that interface with the 20v battery.

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why not just get a black and decker circular saw then toss the rest? $40 for a 5 1/2in blade, not the best but thats what you get from B&D these days. neat that you can hotwire a new battery on but for most people its too much work and they'd rather toss the whole thing and start from new.


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everytime i need 18v dewalt batteries i just buy one of these:


$75 for 2 batteries, new drill, and a charger....

>> No.1185111

I would but I'm done with ni-cad.

>> No.1185118

I will do that when this one is dead.
I always try to repair or upcycle what I have before I buy new.

This cost me nothing but 40 mins of my time on a Sunday.

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What's the cheapest way to block all light from entering a room? I used to sleep in a basement so I didn't have this problem. Now, even just a teensy bit of light is enough to wake me from a deep slumber. I have blackout curtains now but they are insufficient. I need to make my room utterly pitch black when I sleep.

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there are a couple of simple solutions, like wearing an eye mask, or covering the windows and sealing with non-translucent tape, but if you are so autistic that a little bit of light puts off your ability to sleep, I think you need to see a doctor.

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That night shift life.

Aluminum foil on the glass and rubber cement/contact adhesive.

>> No.1185082



Put some white film on first so it doesn't look like you're growing/manufacturing drugs.

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get ski mask
tape over the eye holes

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this right here.

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Anyone done Silicon casting, or the likes?

I need some smell free poured silicon/resin, for a modded computer build.
Basically, there's an area in the bottom of the case that I'm going to cut out for fans. Unfortunately the surface isn't even, so it'd interfere with the fans. So, I've figured that pouring some viscous silicon/resin into the bottom of the case, to raise and even out the bottom of the case, is the easiest way to solve the problem.

So, is there any smell free, and cheap silicon/resin?
The stuff I find is $50 for 1kg, and I can't find anything less than 1kg, I'd only need maybe 100grams... This is in Sweden, if there's any swedes that know where to buy the stuff in small quantities, it'd be very much appreciated.

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You mix two liquids to make the silicon, then it cures over time... Can you even have molten silicon, won't it just burn up?

>> No.1185198

Should we tell him?

>> No.1185204


>> No.1185213


No. Let him discover the absurd price of suitable photolithography equipment himself. Assuming that's what he wants to make any good use of the silicon, anyway.

>> No.1185237

Found it, 20$... What a horrible steep price.

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Hey guys i have an idea of doing custom party games and custom card decks. i have a capital of 300$ im planning to run the business from home to start it up.
Googling didnt do much justice it just shows how to make low quality handmade cards
does anybody here experience with laminators / materials for that

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Lolrandumb humor isn't very arbitrary though.

Get friends together.
Make a prototype on index cards.
Playtest the fuck out of it.
Try for a kickstarter because card games are pretty low risk.
Sell the cards.
Repeat in a year or so.

>> No.1184972

I live in a third world country with no market for such things. plus i got a nice outlet where lots and LOTS of hipsters hang out like >>1184961
said there are tons of sites that provide such services but they make 54 card deck for ~13$ which is not a small amount for a teenager here. i am planning to make it all by myself something in the style of
that must not be expensive also i dont plan it to be my main profit i just want to start it as a hobby and see how it goes.
Also do you have any experience in that field ?

>> No.1184976

Terrible video but explains the format of the actual cards

>> No.1185006

>i have a capital of 300$
stopped reading right there.

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What's your most gun-looking tool that isn't a gun?

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My staple gun has a glock trigger, does that count?

>> No.1185030

I web searched that and found some DeFault firearms. And then I wanted to see one in Makita's tactical teal so I did.

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What was the question?

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Special order.

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I see you got that extendo.

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campervan build thread?

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>housemate left behind a stereo system
>only thing wrong with it is one of the speaker's banana plugs had its tip broken off
>subwoofer has red/white inputs, a red output to one speaker, and a white output to the other speaker

Can I just cut off the broken banana plug then set the new end in a new banana plug? I've never had a reason to solder before but I don't think it's necessary here. I've got plenty of speaker wire but don't have any plugs or a soldering kit.

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Enjoy your daily cuckistan

>> No.1185187

TDS israel*

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actually depends on the style of beer.
a lot of Belgian beers are traditionally poured with about 5-6cm of head.

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Look at the full sized image and check out where hillary's fingertip went. I am a photographer and therefore do alot of photoshopping. Most people are surprisingly bad at recognising even obvious shoops.

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Went bed shopping.

Everything looks so cheaply made.

Side rails only 5/8 thick, woth small 3/4×3/4" "rail" made of wood.

Mystery woods or "asian hardwoods"

I looked at stuff that was in the $800-$1800 range.

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Anyone here that has built a bed, did you use bed bolts, or hangers, or joinery?

>> No.1184878

Matthias Sandal has a great video on making a bed frame from dimensional lumber

>> No.1184879


>> No.1185064

I made one with just 2X4s and 4 fence post toppers (used upside down) for the 4 legs. just butt joints and long deck screws. plywood on top, mattress on top of ply. painted it. done. simple, easy, and has lasted for several years even with k i d s jumping on it. bed frame isn't rocket science.
you could even start with the basic metal "L" channel bed frame and make a wooden box base for it for lots of underbed storage.

>> No.1185065

can get the "L" channel bedframes from craigslist for cheap or even free sometimes.

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Any of this stuff look useful?

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>> No.1184855


>> No.1184858

Old monitor/display?

>> No.1184863

I wouldn't take it for free, but I wouldn't throw it out without stripping a few components if I already had it.

>> No.1185001

>hey guys, look at all of these components i pulled out of broken shit instead of throwing it in the garbage. i don't know what any of them do or any specs or anything or if they work and i don't have any datasheets and i won't ever use them for anything because all the leads have been trimmed and they are all dirty and fucked from desoldering them and probably damaged because i'm fucking retarded

wow great find op keep it up you filthy fucking hoarder.
in 50 years reality tv programs about hoarding aren't going to be old newspapers and cat food tins its going to be broken electrical components arranged in binders and biscuit tins and homemade sex dolls made with fleshlight pussys.

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