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Sup /diy/,

Here's the problem. My kitchen and bathroom sing share the same drain pipe BUT. The bathroom one occasionally belches the most horrible swamp odour whilst the kitchen one doesn't, ever. They're connected! If I "blow" into one of them it comes up out of the other one.

Why does it smell, and why only the bathroom one? Pic related, a highly professional illustration of my flat setup

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Your plumbing vent and/or P-trap in your bathroom are fucked up or non-existent. If you can look at your sink drain does it come to a "u" shaped bend right after the sink? If it does is it shallower than the kitchen sink "u" shape? Does this stink problem arise when you flush the bathroom toilet and does the toilet have trouble flushing?

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it has a functional siphon at (almost) the same height as the kitchen one, this is a recent problem.
The toilet flushes perfectly and has no influence on the problem. sometimes when I come home the shit just fucking stinks

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Have a plumber snake your toilet, or the closest clean out. If it still does what it has been doing you need to have a camera inspection. If your drainage pipe is busted and underground your home owners insurance should cover the cost of repair.

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I think I will do this. I have to pay €160/month for the "Union of homeowners". We did get a new roof last summer but it's still ridiculously high

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In some hardware store he buys this artifact. It helps to prevent bad smells from coming out.

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So, been working robotic welding recently, and I have noticed that I do a lot of grinding, more than usual.

I use my electric corded and cordless grinder, but of course they wear out over time, due to the brushes.

Was thinking, is it worth getting a air angle grinder?
Does anyone have experience with them? I asked around my shop, and no - one has ever used a 4" angle grinder.

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Set up:
-Obama didn't make weed legal as president
-Using twitter convince Trump to legalize weed as a way to show that he's better than Obama
End Result:
-Everybody gets high

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Great Idea!
Now /diy/.

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Holy shit, rekt him.

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Trump doesn't read twitter, he just shitposts on it.

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Hey /diy/ first time on this channel.
Basically, I've got this ring that has an enamel/something filler in the engravings on it that makes the engravings black. I'd like to remove this substance and have had some luck on the sides of the ring by scrubbing with a coarse dishwashing sponge. I'm wondering if there's an easier way to remove this filler altogether. Thanks!

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You might have some luck with ammonia.

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Hey dudes, I'm making a deadlift platform and I was wondering which of these two "designs" would work best. The main goal is to dampen sound but my gym is in the basement with concrete floor so I'd also like to minimise vibrations.
Please note that the sketches are in no way to scale and yes, there will be a thing in the middle to stand on.

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In practical terms, it's not going to make a huge difference, I think.

In theoretical terms, the alternating stack would be better.

Deadening sound is basically just a game of 'how much mass can I have supported by a damping material". The more mass you have and the more "loose" or de-coupled it is, the better.

But at the same time, in this case, you also want to decelerate the weights you're dropping on them as gradually as possible, which the second will be better at due to the increased thickness of the matting on top. Either way you do it, adding some thick foam padding (like those interlocking "puzzle-piece" foam floor pads) will help greatly for this reason.

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Thanks man. The reasoning behing the alternating stacks was that the plywood piece in between the rubber was going to spread the impact over a greater area, allowing more of the bottom rubber sheet to absorb the force.

I've thought about using foam puzzle pads or carpet padding but I'm worried it will budge under the weight giving me an uneven surface

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>under the weight
How much weight for 1RM?

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Been there, done that.

Your solution is horse stable mats. For example:

You can get ones that are close to an inch thick and they are usually cheaper than ones they sell specifically for gyms.

The noise problem wont be reduced because it is mostly produced by the movement of the bar + plates

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You're worried about bulges when somehow you plan on deadlifting off of 2 tall stacks of wood and rubber. You sir are retarded. You start with the weight level with your feet FFS

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Basically, I went to the dump and picked up this lovely old TV, a Binatone Starvision 12" from 1978.

Since the government sold all the UHF wavelengths to the phone companies, I had the idea of making some device that would take the digital free-view channels coming from my satellite, convert them to various analogue signals, and send them to the television through the input in the pic.

Now I don't know if this is possible, but what would be cool is if I could construct a device that would transmit multiple channels to the television simultaneously so that I could use the dial to tune into them instead of changing channels digitally.

Would appreciate any advice, speculations, abuse, and wisdom that you guys/gals can give.

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- satellite dish that is...

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I have no idea if this is possible and no information to help you, but shit man, that's an interesting idea.

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What you are looking for is a UHF modulator - video in, UHF out - CCTV Cos and people still sell them. eBay, etc. Alternatively, find an old VHS video recorder with a video in - they output UHF on a specific channel, if it has a 'test' switch, that will output black bars, hunt for them via TV tuner.

Your problem with all of this, you (usually) only gonna get composite video in - you want HDMI or some shit, you gonna have to convert that signal somehow as well.

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If you want to covert multiple channels you will need multiple receivers and multiple RF modulators. Better to just covert one in your case and change the input to it. +1 for old VCR.

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would anyone be able to tell me the what the style of this storm door is. looking to get a new one of the same type and I'm not quite sure what to search for. thanks.

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Louvered glass

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In the US they're often called 'jalousie' doors. If people don't know what you're talking about, just say "doors with glass louvers".

They are popular in Florida and other warm regions, but jalousie storm doors may be getting harder to find.

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Hey /diy/

I am looking for any wisdom when it comes to self done, pick and poke tattoos regarding precautions, tips and generally preventing infections/ stopping myself from fucking up miserably

Thanks boys.

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Underaged OP spotted.
Google it faggot.

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Don't unless you like the idea of forever being regarded as a gang member, redneck retard, or ex-con.

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Search for stick and poke tattoo group on facebook, lots of info there.

Get proper tattoo ink, 3RL tattoo needles, get stencil paper, use coconut oil while poking and for aftercare. Draw A LOT and everyday.

Tattooing is just a way for an artist to express him/herself, not the other way around.

Also, don't start before you've learned how to google simple things such as this.

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>Job interview for a Trainee CAD Technician for Structural engineering

I have a few mechanical engineering designs that I did at my last job. Should I take them to show them, or does it breach some type of confidentiality agreement?

I don't want them to think I'm not trust worthy by showing them designs from another (albeit unrelated) company.

Also, what should I research before going to see them?

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spent $10k on baskets to hold parts. The problem is the baskets all have burrs and the burrs scrap the parts. The scrapped parts are scrap

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Update. Engineer have me tool. Waiting on dremel

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Not only am I not the boss.... I'm technically a temp...

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expanding on that silicone idea you can try spreading some high temperature caulk on the spots that have burrs if you're unable to smooth them out.

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From my experience as a temp, not being used to a workplace's compromises gives you quite a valuable objective opinion.

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I got a problematic ltz400. New plug, clean carb, clean air filter, valve lash within spec, 110 psi compression cold. It will start and run with very high idle,when you drop the idle engine dies(via throttle cable) starts back up when you adjust throttle cable again, pretty sure choke is shot but after its warm I should be able to get it to idle normally, it doesn't. Also it will rev without issue when you hit the throttle. Any ideas what I'm missing?

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Non tps functioning diaphragm carb, timing is on and spark is good and consistent. Racking my head

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you said you cleaned the carb. this sounds like an idle jet problem. if the idle jet is plugged you will have the issues you are describing. having it part throttle or hitting the throttle will utilize the main jet and would run.

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collect apricot seeds during the right season, the amygdalin content varies though the year and can be as high as 5% of the dry weight of the seed.
It is probably advantagenous to break the husk with a nut cracker, a plier, etc. and cut the softer inner material to smaller pieces.
Extraction of amygdalin can be performed by

Immersing the material in methanol and subsequent ultrasonification.
Soxhlet extraction with methanol
Reflux extraction in water in the presence of citric acid.

Removal of the solvent in vacuum will yield a crude material with significant amounts of amygdalin.

Mix the liquid with ammonia and paint thinner, in tupperware and come back after 2 minutes, and you should have a whole tray of a bathbomb, cut round shapes out of the tray and viola you now can use it safely.
Then sniff the mixture afterwards to be met with a nice rosy smell.

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this sounds like death,

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What are your guys take on desklamps?
Personally I think there's a lot that look nice, but as for the actual lighting I feel like i'm in a fucking interrogation. I'm trying to find a table lamp that will fit on my desk just so I can get a more relaxed work environment.
I'm just curious, am I the only one who feels this way?

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Ikea Gooseneck. There is nothing in the base, so you can take it off and bolt it directly to your desk, wasting no more surface area than a quarter.

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I have two of these bolted to my desk. One has a warm LED, the other a white LED. Both have dimmers on them. The range of the arms is huge and gives great diffused lighting.

At night, I flip the lamp upside down for nice low level diffused light in the room.

They are also good as cheapo photography lamps.

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that doesn't help me dude
I can find plenty of lamps that fit on my desk
it's finding a lamp that fits on my desk and has the desired lighting that's the problem

i might check it out
i'm currently doing the upside down thing with a similar lamp and it's just not that cozy. but maybe i just have a shitty lamp

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It really depends on the reflector size and shape as well as the bulb temperature.

That IKEA lamps has a very large reflector which helps make the light really even when turned upside down. I use a 1000 lumen 2700 K LED bulbd from ikea with it. Even with the dimmer on the lowest setting, it perfectly lights up my 12ftx12ft room.

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ok i'll keep that in mind
thanks for the input

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If I have a sagging roof lining like the image, and I mix up some fibreglass resin and liberally roll on, will it stick the lining to the roof and set hard?
Or will it just break and go crusty?

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i think i'll just remove it completely and replace the lining with something non porous then

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Grab some glue and a needle. Use the needle to inject glue through the fabric. Then just push it up to the ceiling. As for the smoke smell. Trust me, there is nothing you can do about it. You stink, your car stinks and everything in your general vicinity stinks. If you want to hide the smell of smoke.... don't smoke. If you don't care, then it doesn't matter. Other smokers don't even notice the smell anyway.

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try to remove it as one piece so you can use it as a template on your new fabric should make it easy. the rule with stretching fabric out is you pin it in the corners first then start pinning at the middle of each side, bisecting each following pin

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try to remove it as one piece so you can use it as a template on your new fabric, should make it pretty easy

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Try this ....works really well

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Anyone got one of these?

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yep. draws stale air out of the kitchen and bathrooms and dumps it outside, pulls fresh air from the attic space.
it's been up there for 30+ years doing it's thing, i don't really think about it any more apart from pulling the core and washing the dust out every 2 or 3 years.

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Pretty much every new house built to decent standards.

New houses are fairly air tight so they need a mechanical means to replace the air. Definitely a drain on resources though.

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How often do you clean the filters?

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Im assuming you are refering to heat recovery systems? Fitted some in other homes but not got one in mine. Also been involved in builds Fitting NIBE EAHP not too bad in small dwellings

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Does anyone know how I could go about making mats like this with a hexagonal pattern on them? They're used for a game called heroscape though they are not sold anymore so I wanted to either make some myself or maybe even find a site online where I could have these custom made for me

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Draw them in Illustrator and have them printed on adhesive vinyl for about $20 from your local large format print shop. Then stick it to a thicker sheet of poly-carbonate or maybe the print shop had thicker vinyl ~20-24mil that they can laminate it onto.

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>get some plastic sheeting or whatever you think is durable enough in the right size
>buy some chicken wire
>buy some spraypaint

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Save yourself some time just buy a premade one.


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If you want to rasterbate some hexes with your printer, clear coating with som acrylic after they're mounted will at least last for enough game sessions to justify it.

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Go to a tile store and buy a piece of a 1 inch stone hex mosaic.

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Hey dudes, quick question, how hard would be doing some like pic related buckle from scratch without a milling machine? The material I would be using would be a 10mm copper plate.

I have a drill press tho and various types of files. thanks.

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Jeweler saw. With a pretty decent blade.
Drillbit id say 6mm. A course flat file. And a fine flat file. Various bits of sand paper.

Extra might help. A set of needle files.

Might take you about 5 hours to complete..

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I know it has a lot to do with the doer's competence but do you think it's possible to achieve any decent symmetry? Also will copper start to "disintegrate" over time?

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Sure just take it slow and dont try to remove too much material at once. Use the drill bit for the corners and to start the sawing. A drawn template might help keeping lines straight.

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>but do you think it's possible to achieve any decent symmetry?

if you build a jig or some sort of rigid fixture to brace tools against, absolutely.

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Why not cast it?

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i want to build a bike generator, but all the diy vids i see make it obvious that you have to constantly pedal to power anything. is there a way to store the electricity i create, instead of it all getting used immediately?

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Well damn, this makes me want to slap a chainsaw motor onto a bicycle now that I'm aware physically of how much one horsepower really is.

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There are plenty of chainsaw powered bikes.


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It is called horsepower for a reason, you stupid nigger.

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Wow. must, wow.

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When building a new house, what should you expect to pay for the lot vs. the house build? Is there a commonly assumed ratio, like 20%/80%?

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Remember that over the long run, lot appreciates, house depreciates.

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I've been trying to buy this lot behind my house for three years now but the fucks wont give it up, I've even gotten desperate and offered them triple market value.

>> No.1150006

all the value is in the lot.

houses are pretty much static in their cost because its a simple function of materials and labor. the land is what has wonky factors that are difficult to identify.

>> No.1150101

>desperate and offered them triple market value

Anon... I

This is how you take land from someone https://www.damninteresting.com/the-wrath-of-the-killdozer/

>> No.1150183

>all the value is in the lot.

Mostly agree -- land is much more highly variable in cost than the building you put on it. However, building prices do vary from place to place -- union labor, local labor shortages, and local building/zoning/code/general fucking with the contractor laws can all drive building prices up.

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