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I bought this knife to attach it to my MTB frame and carry it around for dog safety, but the handle is very bright and might get too much unwanted attention. The handle is plastic (PPE) I want to dye it but I don't know what to use I don't want to make it sticky or messy any recommendations? Btw I'm open to other solutions if you wanna help.

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My plan is to drill 2 holes in the sheath and screw these bolt velcro strap

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I want to get my home wifi signal out to my car which is parked a few floors down in the back lot of my apartment building. I have almost line of sight to my car via my bedroom window, so my plan is to beam wifi down to it with a directional antenna connected to a wifi repeater (wifi repeater to avoid stringing ethernet through my apartment). Pic related are a "Rockspace Upgraded AC2100 Repeater" and an "Alfa network APA-M25 Antenna", both purchased very cheaply as refurbs arriving tomorrow. The repeater does not have standard RP-SMA antennas I believe, so I'll open it up to solder on an antenna connector. Both devices claim to be dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz), for the antenna does that mean that it transmits both 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time through the same single input connector? Or would that require two antennas, one per frequency? For the wifi repeater, is it likely going to have separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz antennas on the PCB? If so, could I connect both to the single antenna just by grouping them, or can I only connect one frequency to the antenna? Thanks, all help is appreciated.

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Try it with the existing omnidirectional antennas first, chances are you don't need to switch to a directional antenna for this. Distance is not as important as the number of wifi-blocking obstructions between the AP and client antennas. So site one of these units right up on the window overlooking as close to the car as you can get, and see how the signal looks from down at the car.

Is this for dashcam offload or similar?

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Yagi antenna

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The powerlines are free to tap into, the power company just doesn't want you to know.

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Remodeling a house for a customer. Need to remove 220 base board heater, no breaker for it wtf.
Flip main, still hot…scratch head.
Previous owner ran wires out wall and tapped into main underground.

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more like a BASEDboard heater

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Kek…new owner called power company. Dummy

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Stuck living in a place with a gas stove and a ductless range hood. Every time I cook the entire house smells like Mercaptan. Renting so I can't tear into any walls. How can I properly ventilate the place so I don't wreck my health.

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>ductless range hood
isn't this illegal?
in any case, install a duct

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Not in the US. Even shitty Russian commieblocks have range hoods that exhaust outside, but I have yet to see one in this country other than in high end homes.

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Something isn't right with the gas stove if that's how it smells after burning. Not enough air?

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Get a fan and open the window

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doesn't work
>t. scraped 1mm of oil residue off every surface of old apartment

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how do you get homeboy out in 27 hours, /diy/? i think with more know-how they could have saved this retard.

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Ignore the problem until it goes away

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Our team did yes. In the late 80s I was a diver for a 4 state Rescue & Recovery team. I mostly did evidence recovery, vehicles and bodies. After two years Id seen enough.

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Wow, that's quite a job. How long was the guy missing, were you expecting to find a body?

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The spelunking videos are fun. Learning the Donald Cerone story is mostly bs and newb mistakes. Or narc issues with overzealous divers in massive spaces or tunnel systems. I'd think type A people are best for this sport.

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Petrol Tractors built after 1965 are objectively Gay
>our diesels aren't good enough yet
Skill issue

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Fuck I uploaded a selfie

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That a perkins? Cause it sure looks like one.

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Only the best not blow my trumpet
(i am rpign a Perkins engine)

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Does the USA have anything like this? I come here and realize electricians have been gatekeeping for job security.

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Yes, like you see GU-10 sockets sometimes.
I think some tree-hugger chick proposed it to the dems 2 decades ago and they lapped it up, but it’s pretty much dead now.

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SO easy and standardized bros. This state of affairs in the US is now unbearable to me.

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Bro, twisting wires and tightening screws while juggling a heavy object above your head is NOT fun.

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Ive never had a problem with it. if youre having problems then prepare better, like balancing it at the top of a step ladder. I can use 1 hand to twist and 1 hand to hold.

2. USA manufactures nothing and were half way around the world to a country that does. That means niche components have to travel at least 2 weeks before you can do anything. I'd rather not depend on that system for niche incompatible proprietary component vapor ware that becomes unobtainable because you cant be bothered to lift a 15 lb weight in your off time to be able to tackle a simple project..

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do u even lift, bro?

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I was thinking about making an axe head out of railroad tie plate by cutting out the marked pieces. Any other recommendations on how to do it? How should I fix it to a handle?

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Hi /diy/,
This drain assembly keeps leaking at the circled region.
Multiple things drain here:
The laundry sink
The washing machine
Kitchen sink

Water is seeping out of the circled connection when the kitchen sink/dish washer is in use

How can I stop this leak? Can I add some glue to this seepage region? Or does all of this PVC piping need to be replaced?

This house was built in 74 if that matters.

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Needs redone entirely. Read on vents and do it better or call someone.

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>b-but I was only joking!
sure you were.

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You been picked on all your life haven’t you princess

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bruh, the "it was only a joke" line is the oldest backpedal ever. own up to it. or double down some more. i don't care. you'd only be lying to yourself.

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It would be back peddling had I been called out on it. My guess is your dumbass>>2764477
believed and confirmed it

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What's the best tool for the job? I need to cut pic related rubber sheets into the shape shown on the left. I was either think of making my own press, own punch, or buying one of those desktop machines like cricut. Any suggestions?

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I don’t think a cricut will cut adhesive rubber that thick but other plotters might.

With a jig you could still cut 100s pretty easily with an exacto, cut to 14mm strips, then to 14x14 then remove the 9x9 square. A 9mm square leather punch is $10 or so. If you want to keep the insides it’s still not too difficult if you just cut a herringbone pattern, 100 pieces an hour easily.

If you need more than that I would pick a self adhesive rubber-like sheet that can be laser cut

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stamping press

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It might be worth buying a chinkshit laser cutter or vinyl plotter if you have to make 100s

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"Best" depends on how they will be used; if you want separate units that can be packaged/shipped uninstalled, a steel rule die can cut the shape and leave the release liner so its like its own sticker.

If you will be applying lots of them in a production setting then cutting them on a digital knife plotter will let you nest them to minimize scrap and saves the considerable tooling cost of making a steel rule die...also lets you adjust sizes or modify the shape as needed u likeva die.

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Need to be that shape

I'm drunk cut me some slack

Ironically I tried cutting them on my 12w laser cutter. The rubber is so dense that it fused back together as soon as the laser passes. For reference, I use the same laser cutter to cut 5mm plywood in a couple passes no problem

That looks like what I need, idk how I'd make my own die though

Applied to another thing I make, production setting

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/diy/ing a business
I don’t want to come across as a schmuck, but I am a semi capable person with two businesses in reach of myself. One is a signage business, the other is a food business.
Both have great potential, I currently work in the sign industry and would like to make more money. Even if I leave my current role I have access to all the required equipment.
The latter, the food business, is something I have dreamt of for literally 10 years now. I have a product I am able to make, in the 4000~ items per month at current capacity with the equipment on hand, and growing to 100’s of thousands would be no scaling issue because it would require no more space and not much more equipment.

The food business could potentially be worth indefinitely more than the signage, despite my acquaintances in the space already regarding me as a competent craftsman and willing to provide me with endless work.
One is a path of linear progression, the other, food, is a path of exponential growth.
I do not care about the income. I have self doubts about trying to achieve anything on my own.
I genuinely enjoy this board, so what has it taken you to go out and try your own thing? I do and don’t know what I need to get started, which might not make sense, but in a practical standpoint I do know what it takes, but in the theoretical I have so much self doubt it hurts.
What do. I trust you anons to a far great extent

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My first thought would be to watch what you pay for these businesses. From what little I've seen, a majority of businesses that are for sale are merely jobs under another name and without the direct labor from the owner would fall apart. Businesses like these could be close to worthless and their pricing might be based on the owners ego more than anything else so factor in labor costs to ensure you still have a profit margin left.

Additionally, the lifeblood of any business is it's advertising so pay careful attention to how much the owner spends here since you will likely need to exceed it. A specific red flag here is if he spends too little, which could mean he relies on his personal network for sales, which could drift away with a new owner.

I'd also pay attention to any existing leases on buildings. Again, my feeling is that your pegged costs like rent, utilities, insurance, any licensing, etc. can make or break a business so don't try to sugar-coat those numbers. And if possible, you may want to favor any deal that includes the building in the purchase. That way even if the business fails you have some type of asset left. You don't want to pay a huge amount for what essentially is a piece of paper and a few old machines.

After that, you'll want to examine the last 12 months in reported revenue and maybe even get your accountant to go over it for any suspicious stuff.

I guess take this all with a grain of salt, too. I've tried to start quite a few businesses with little success but they say failure teaches more lessons anyway. I'd also maybe post up on some small business boards for more expert opinions. HTH

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I’m not a businessman but I visit a lot of food factories for work and have some stuff to consider.

Food businesses may be very regulated or not at all depending where you are and what food you make, which can be a huge limiting factor in terms of scaling. If you need to meet very stringent reasons like frozen food in Europe (they get salmonella a lot) you may be looking at $300k+ in regulations investments when you want to run or scale up a big line. In many countries employees can call in sick at any time with a minor cough or diarrrhea to prevent guy bacteria spreading. Different story if you produce eg potato chips in Guatemala which is pretty much regulation free afaik. US is a bit inbetween, fda stuff is pretty okay, except maybe for dairy products

So it’s definitely worth doing some research, rules may be on federal, state or even local level, if you export there may be additional, foreign rules too.

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>I've never worked in food, but I know I could make millions!

Look around. How many people succeed in food? It's not what you think it is.

>> No.2764626

Based, thanks anons, a lot to think about now. Doing food seems like it would require too much investment before even making the first batch

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Made a charger for my tab's dock port. It works but the problem is sometimes it charges faster and sometimes so slowly. why's that? Using a 67W adapter.

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>USB charging uses
That's only for USB-C connectors, and it's used to determine connector orientation so that it knows which data lines to use.
Voltage/current delivery is done with an actual data burst.
It's all right there at usb.org.

>> No.2764460

Try shorting white and green

>> No.2764547

nope, doesn't seem to work.

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>That's only for USB-C connectors,
There's two standards. USB Battery Charging (USB BC) & USB Power Delivery (USB PD). USB CD was introduced around the time of USSB 2.0 Power Delivery is newer, and introduced with C connectors.

USB BC uses resistors on the data line to indicate the preferred current draw and to stop the USB bus from going into low-power mode (assuming it's an active bus, not a simple USB charger). USB PD adds a whole bunch of additional features like the ability to control the voltage being supplied. PD requires a more sophisticated data exchange algorithm.

Given the device doesn't have any data lines it can't support PD. OP is *probably* using a simple USB charger that supports 2.1A or 5A charging, but without configuring it for BC he'll just get 100mA: the floating data lines might mean the charger sometimes delivers something else, I guess.

USB BC 1.2 spec: https://pdfserv.maximintegrated.com/en/an/TUT5801.pdf

>> No.2764730

(Sorry not the spec because that's a ZIP file from usb.org, but its a good overview of how BC 1.2 works)

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2009 Ford fiesta (manual transmission) wont start. It had been sitting in a garage for a few months unused while we were overseas. Came back and the battery was dead. We hitched it up to another car to try to tow start it (much the same effect as a push start or hill start), but it wouldn't turn over. Last night pulled the battery out and charged it all night. Put it in the car in the morning - all electrics seem to work, but when I turn the key to start the car - nothing. it's like the starter motor is not even connected. Could the starter motor be cooked? I've had a dead starter motor in a different car before, and was still able to push start/roll start the car every time. Any ideas? If it was just the started motor I would assume I could push start the thing, but didn't work.

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read the manual. it has something like if a brake light is out it won't start unless you over ride the safety feature. in an auto that's often putting it in neutral before trying to start it. modern manual doesn't exist in the burger world so lord knows. it could be something as simple as you're not pushing the brake or you don't have the clutch in. of course the switch(es) detecting such things could be bad too but it's unlikely.

anything besides a safety feature and it should do SOMETHING when you try to start it.

also you parked it? you or whoever parked it didn't pull a fuse or something simple to ensure it wouldn't get stolen? I'd just run down the fuses real quick and make sure everything is where it's expected to be.

>> No.2764575

That was my point
Its not 1972 anymore when you could
My wording is retarded

>> No.2764619

No, a lower gear helps the engine spin faster, so you'll be able to bump start it with the vehicle going slower. Reverse works even better since it's usually the highest gear ratio.

>> No.2764715

When bump starting anything, second gear is optimal

>> No.2764727

>check if it can rotate
Do it via the crankshaft pulley. If for some reason it can't, then it obviously won't. Things like condensation, corrosion or freezing in very cold weather could do that.
>check if you have fuel
Since you already tried it a few times, some fuel should have been squirted into the cylinders. Remove a spark plug and check if they're stinky with petrol gas and moisturised with it. If there isn't and you have fuel, then could be your electronic injection or your computer cucking you.

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I'm trying to make a bound book out of a lot of pages I printed out, and this is the last thing I expected to have a problem with. Even squaring up small portions at a time doesn't make the full stack totally even. Is there some simple method I'm unaware of?

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A document jogger. Martin-Yale is the cheapest but Syntron is the best

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Here's a more "DIY" version of a paper jogger.

>> No.2764360 [DELETED] 

If you don't mind them being 'slightly' uneven, you could build a three-sided frame that matches the size of the paper.
Stack the paper into the frame and use the open side for the glue-up.
You'll still need a way to press the pages together.
I made a clamp of two pieces of hardwood (1" x 1" about 12" long with holes for bolts and wingnuts at each end.
I put a small batch of paper in the clamp, square them up then tighten the wingnuts.
The exposed edge is then ready for glue.

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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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> sewing machine motor
Just get a vibrator they’re like $10

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DIY RODENT PEST CONTROL. Why are there no products in US to stop rodents from enter from the fucking sewer? I am thinking of smoking my pipes to find if they chewed my cast iron.

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I use Muratic acid
Fucks up their weekend

>> No.2764570

I have a septic tank, so if rats are coming up into the house via the sewer line, I've got bigger problems than rats in the house.

>> No.2764583

>Why are there no products in US to stop rodents from enter from the fucking sewer?
we have modern engineering which use sealed sewer mains. those cavernous sewers you see on tv? those are only in ancient-roman tier cities. we don't have rodents or anything in our sewers. at best maybe small spiders.

>> No.2764651

>smoking my pipes to find if they chewed my cast iron.

>> No.2764669

>those cavernous sewers you see on tv? those are only in ancient-roman tier cities.
TIL New York City is from the Roman era.

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12 yards of topsoil delivered. we are mixing it with compost. using it to cover the exposed footings and form edges from our newly completed house construction.

will eventually be used for some basic, low maintenance cottage gardening. bulbs and perennial herbs.

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Can you describe the smell of your wife after a hard day of manual labor?

>> No.2764440

Handsome Harley Races dentures after beer and taco night

>> No.2764561

God damn thats depressing

>> No.2764569

that;s a real disgusting photo...looks like Victorville or high desert socal...why post gore?

>> No.2764580

Rent a fucking skid steer and knock that out in an hr or less. Make the hide run the rake.

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Is it really okay to be gay?

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You are still called by God to commit yourself to a woman or to the church.

Fugging a dude is not okay, neither is masturbating or sex without the desire to make a baby though.

Probably a selection to be more empathetic and a superb leader and superbly attractive to women. If you have a straight brother, he's probably extremely successful. You got just a little too much juice

>> No.2764186

>Lack of standards and excess tolerance for nonsense, has brought the abyss.
You don't "tolerate" what other people do in private.
It's not within your power to permit or deny someone else's activities.

Seriously, how far up your own ass would you have to be to think you have authority over someone else's decisions?

>> No.2764194

So if you breed and murder a series of children in private I shouldn't care because it happened within the closed black box of your property?

Libertarians / NAP was a mistake

>> No.2764214

>what other people do in private.
If they're exposing kids to it in public, then it's not "in private", chomo.

>> No.2764217

It depends.
If you're the top and you're fucking a feminine guy, that's fine.
If you're fucking a masculine man, or you're the bottom in any scenario, it's not okay.

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>going to put hitch on car
>only 1-1/4 inch size
>want 5x8 max
What's the best starting point to diy a trailer of that size?

>> No.2763987

Do you weld and fab? Price steel, decking of choice, axle, wheels and parts to determine wise course of action which is probably making a custom ball mount then buying a new small single axle trailer and not overloading it, but can certainly include modding a used trailer or slicing and dicing a junk popup camper for the running gear.

Measure everything with money including considering Horror Fright trailers. I enjoy welding and have all the equipment to make any trailer I want but find it wise to buy 'em cheap, used and ugly then make what I desire.

>> No.2763992

I was planning to start with something and just put a flat deck on it, but I think a pop up might be a big. I haven't really done a lot of research on what sizes they come in so I imagine I'd have to start with some sort of motorcycle or sled trailer. since it's a bit smaller.

>> No.2764167

fuck that boomer idiot. fuck you for shilling him

>> No.2764334

I THINK you'll find that a crappy, but usable, trailer from harbor freight or cabelas will be cheaper than building your own. I looked into this a long time ago. Don't have the $ amounts anymore, but I'm pretty sure it was cheaper.

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These things are seriously responsible for 90% of the dumb avoidable call outs I have to look at that make my job annoying.
Why do you still use them?

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>> No.2764329

>not a retard
>use quality wirenuts with copper inserts
I have no problems - they'll last forever and I don't care about your problems.

>> No.2764442

Works on my machine

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File: 379 KB, 828x1309, BDB08AE3-A33D-4D68-9971-438EFE6F1675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I almost bought picrel at HF today because the small packs at Home Depot are overpriced, but then I remembered maybe I don’t want to burn down my house because I tried to save 5¢ per wire nut at Harbor Freight.

>> No.2764501

We use them in Europe too

>> No.2764620

This is a crucial splice when I'm on two flights of scaffold holding a chandelier in the air. Great for knob and tube also.

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I recently bought a house built in the 70's. I want to renovate it with modern electrical equipment, and place ethernet jacks in most rooms that connect up to a networking panel in the garage. Is it worth "future proofing" with CAT8 over CAT6A? It is ridiculously overkill for my current network; I barely get 1 gbps let alone 40. My thinking is that it would add to the resale value of the home in a few years, since it should be relevant for a decade longer than 6 or 6A. Anyone have any interesting stories of updating older buildings with modern networking equipment?

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>> No.2764371

>smurf tubes
you forgot PoE and 9000 baluns.

>> No.2764376

>don't care
Until you tell them you have runs to every corner of the house through the soffits for cameras and suddenly they like cables wtf.

>> No.2764396

> place ethernet jacks in most rooms that connect up to a networking panel in the garage.
Excellent. Place a couple more in locations you wouldn't think of at first, because you'll think of uses for them later.

>Is it worth "future proofing" with CAT8 over CAT6A?
No. If you can get Cat.7a cheaply, by all means use that and hope you can terminate it well enough for 10Gbit/s, but forget about anything faster with copper. It gets really sensitive beyond 10Gbit and the runs get mighty short, too. If you are eyeing bandwiths at or beyond this order of magnitude, run your copper through conduit so you can easilly pull it out and replace by fiber if and when the need arises.

>normies dont give a shit about ethernet. They probably see it as just another cable to deal with. Maybe it reminds them of the office and they hate that. They don't understand nor care for the speed benefits when wifi exits, regardless of how shitty wifi is.
They usually do once they've experienced how much better their wifi works after I put up enough APs for gapless, fast coverage, all of them connected through wired ethernet and PoE powered.

> Ironically if you are rural, cabin in the woods, instead of globohomo suburbia/cities etc, there may be more demand by a buyer for ethernet and specifically,
Yup. Never once had a customer who wanted a fucking apartment wired.

>Most of your cost will not be the cable. It will be your labor, keystones, boxes, plates, tools, etc.
Labor is the most expensive bit if you have somebody else do it.

> Until you tell them you have runs to every corner of the house through the soffits for cameras and suddenly they like cables wtf.
Yeah, for cameras, wired ethernet is an easy sell since you can do PoE (as opposed to shady chink wall warts being a fire hazard in hard-to-reach places or - even worse - solar panels/batteries) and get way better reliability than with crappy wifi cameras.

>> No.2764538

> Labor is the most expensive bit if you have somebody else do it.

And your time, is free? No sir. My time, has no price.

>> No.2764563

modernize? why even have walls?