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Want to insulate my van. Is there any type which doesn't cause health issues in such a small space?

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For such a small space the hard pink extruded foam would probably be best. I don't know what you mean by health issues though, asbestos has been illegal in the USA as residential insulation for decades

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spray foam is the best if you have not started your build yet and its a gutted cargo van

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hard time drawing objects from a certain angle... even tho its just lines and not value yet

not sure what to think or prepare or define before lines.ve tried so many books, so many tips so many tutorials, so many many different things... i hope i can solve this asap just for personal hobby

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okay since no one cares anyway if the world ends so i ll just continue scribbling and the question is how do you make only correct drawing without 3d and if you keep making the same mistake you d be crazy -farcry 3 , so now the question is how to always get the correct proportion since theism is infinite and all knowing and all sharing and all giving? or maybe it doesny and simply light yagami in cosplay?

basically just let me make the correct proportions then we can let islam and greece eat everything else after in the new AD or something

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Whats the point of doing all these threads if you're going to ignore advice and keep posting treads asking the same question? At that point it's not even about drawing anymore you're just schizoposting.

Again, there is no hidden secret technique that will let you get it right without effort, you need to practice. Now fuck off.

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Hey I was hoping to get your advice.

My friend: 30 yrs old, married with 2 kids (4 yr old boy, 1 in the oven), smart guy, master in quantitative finance, phd candidate, loves coding, robotics, drones, building apps, practical guy who likes the "efficiency" of robotics and coding

He currently has a raspberry pi and learns about coding on his own time.

Gift ideas/ direction:

Arduino Starter Kits + other kits
Raspberry Pi project kits
3D printing equipment
Circuitry drawing / building like circuitscribe.com/products/super-plus-kit

Budget would be a couple hundred EUR I guess, we are a group of 8 friends (4 families) and we would all pitch in.

I know there are cool subscription kits for young adults / kids / beginners but I am not sure the value is there, they seem to overcharge for their "packaging" as I understand, and not really geared to adults.

Any ideas? or questions to consider/ ask?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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If I want to produce my food entirely from grow boxes, how many of them do I need?
And how much daily energy would it take?

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>Don't forget you'll be vegetarian unless you raise your own livestock
Insects are easier to breed and maintain in a smaller home. They also provide more nutrition by weight.

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>The Jew fears the indoor chicken farmer

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if you use potatos or rubarb you do not need sunlight

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How retarded are you anon? Tubers require light, perhaps not full light, but at minimum 6 hours daily. You weren't one of the "gardeners" at the CHOP zone were you?

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I want to bury 100m of pic related under the ground, and push air through it.
Is there an easy way to calculate the airflow I will get through it?
I was thinking something like a computer case fan at each end (one sucking one blowing) which can be powered by batteries (this is going off-grid)
Would that be enough or would the air in the pipe be too heavy for such small fans to have any effect?
I want to bury it outside my offgrid cabin, then have the two ends inside. In summer it'll suck in hot air from above and push the cooled air out the other end, and in winter when it's 0 degrees it'll reverse and push out 10-12 degree air

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>Is there an easy way to calculate the airflow I will get through it?
If you use two battery powered computer fans like you say then you can easily maintain the temperature of a cabin year round. I live in a zone where we have snow in the winter and 90F or higher in the summer, and I use two computer fans to maintain the temperature in a 2 bedroom house.

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For such a long run, you should use a pipe with a smooth interior. Corrugated tubes will cause a pressure drop due to turbulence along the way.

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PC case fans won't do shit for that length of run. Look at marine fans, they're designed to run off 12V DC.

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There are also high powered fans that run directly off of mains power.

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if your pushing out cold air you will make the original room colder thats how refrigerators work

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what do i do if i have 400 year old windows killing me?

the wind blows in the perfect direction of my window and it smells really fucking musty and moldy. we have non stop hurricane winds here and now my entire house smells moldy right from that window and the closer i get to my room the worst it smells. i cant even be in my room anymore i sleep in a fucking storage with junk and shit everywhere sleeping on the floor and still smell it.

plus my moms retard cat pissed all over it so now it just smells like crisp windy air, mold, and cat piss every single second. my parents are too stupid and poor to replace or live in a proper house


do i just weatherproof this window by sealing it up? or will that not do much?

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dehumidifier+air purifier
make the cat "run away", maybe learn some anatomy while you're at it

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You can reglaze it to keep the wind and rain out, and apply caulk to the top and sides of the trim outside. It won't undo the damage that is already done. I would be concerned that water may have gotten into the insulation below the window. Clean all the mold you can see with bleach as a bare minimum.

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There's no saving a window thats old and moldy, sorry. You patch it and caulk it and it will just develop new holes. The only sane option is to replace it. It's not hard to diy, so you end up just the cost of a new window.

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Nice, great job, but you used the wrong pic in the OP. It's supposed to be the wojack guy looking slightly sick, so you can use the one of him looking sicker next week when you post it again. At least you waited about 6 months this time instead of three weeks. Are you a bot, or just from /b/?

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What's a good wire tracer for 12awg wire that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? The wiring on my second floor is crap, and needs to be redone to some extent and it's annoying flipping the power on and off and connecting/disconnecting outlets.

I see this:

But, the description doesn't say anything about 12 gauge wires.

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Is HVAC a decent trade on the service end of things? It can't be as bad as doing electrical, seems less physical as well considering you guys just stare at gauges all day, maybe braze some refrigerant lines. You guys make more money as well.

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Systems tend to fail more in the absolute hottest and coldest parts of the year. Attics at 150 degrees fahrenheit are no joke. You can still wear your knees out too.

If you're in residential, the worst part is dealing with shitty homeowners tho

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Went for an 18 month AAS hvac program in 2008.. today make 60.00 hr as a comfy building engineer. It's been good for me. Glad I didnt decide become a service cuck

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>Went for an 18 month AAS hvac program in 2008.. today make 60.00 hr as a comfy building engineer.

How did you get the building engineer gig? I presume you had to jump through other hoops besides going through the AAS hvac program.

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Is there a way to make my kids go-kart slower? I've welded a nut under the gas pedal and threaded a bolt to keep him from putting it on the floor so yes it takes off slower now but still reaches 30mph no problem. He's 4 so that's a bit much

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Chain drive? Change the gear ratio to reduce the top speed.

>> No.1936213

Yes chain drive. So bigger sprocket?

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Add about 1-2" to the throttle cable, such that even when it's wide open it's only at about 50%.

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Depends. Since we don't know what your setup is I can't confirm which sprocket you need to change or if you need to change both. You want to make the sprocket on the motor smaller in relation to the sprocket on the wheels.

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Why is there so much work available in construction now? So many people can't find decent workers. Well paying jobs are all over the place, yet I hear people complaining about unemployment all the time. Are zoomers unwilling to work as tradies? Less migrants? What's going on?

t. midwestfag

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Strangely enough, with covid isolating everyone, everyone's become obsessed with upgrading their homes.

... but of course the modern generations are fucking useless at doing anything themselves... maybe they're too scared of trying, I don't know.

Either way it results in a fuck load of jobs waiting to be filled.

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>I'm 23 and I hate my construction job. I'd much rather go back to industrial maintenance.

How do I get into industrial maintenance? I hate construction too fren.

>> No.1936266

Speaking for the southwest, there has always been a serious dearth of quality workers in construction. It is only because of covid that people are actually paying attention to it now. The trades themselves are for those who decided college, or even high school, was not their thing. Imagine the resulting workforce. I was in it for about 20 years until roughly 2010. There is a reason all workers speak spanish.

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unironically there has been a huge drop in cheap illegal Mexican labor

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Is it feasible to make my own stun-gun and if so what materials would I need?

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one part stun, two parts gun. it's obvious

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Stun gus are basically just a simple inverter and a little potted transformer. The first part is very easy but the second part would be tough to do yourself since it needs to be both small and well insulated for the high voltage.

You could just buy one of those "high voltage generator" modules from Alibay.
They're just stun guns without the case and battery,.

>> No.1936079

did you bother googling first? there's 100s of projects. literally google "diy stun gun".
But no, you won't make it, since you can't figure out basic shit like how to research.

>> No.1936093

You can make a sort of decent one out of a pulsed switching circuit and an ignition coil.

>> No.1936169

Just buy one. The real problem will be making a housing that works. Otherwise you'll be trying to whip a bunch of bread boards out of your pocket and what not. Buying one online is the cheapest option

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Name one (1) reason to buy any of these pieces of chinkshit over a respectable brand like Makita or Dewalt

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Doesn't the battery last like only 5 minutes? I can't imagine you get through even one project without having at least three of those things charged.

>> No.1936302

Nah. An impact driver will go through quite a few deck screws on a 2.0Ah project, you would be surprised. Not sure how long the 1.5Ah packs would run cutting metal with a hackzall, but you can easily get thru most afternoon projects on one charge with 12v drills and impact drivers. The M12 tools are definitely tech tools though, whether you’re zipping off a bunch of electrical panel covers or dealing with car engine covers and trim pieces, you can easily get a couple days work out of one charge.

The 12V packs are still 60% the power of the full size, so one of the 6.0Ah packs will run nearly as long as a 4.0Ah 18V pack, and 4.0Ah 18V packs in good health hold a whole lot of power, even when running saws pretty hard.

>> No.1936305

I have a 3ah for my ryobi drill, but that barely lasts 2 hours of constant use. I really find it hard to believe those packs are anymore than .5ah, much less 6.

>> No.1936365

Their hand tools are good but never was a fan of their power tools.

>> No.1936373

You have no idea what you are talking about

And if you’re running a cordless drill continuously for 2 hours without letting off the trigger, you are likely using the wrong tool for the job.

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Evening /diy/, Any feng shui/furniture organisation enthusiasts want to help an anon out?

Pic related is the floorplan of my studio flat, pretty small but a lot of empty space in its current form.
Was wondering how you'd suggest I plan my room out? Was thinking of getting a table, maybe moving the bed around. Not quite sure. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey /diy/,
I have a question about diamond cutting wheels.
Right now I'm finishing installation of paver bricks and due to the pattern I chose, I have to cut pavers around all of the perimeter (~180 meters total). For that purpose I'll rent a brick saw. The saw uses 350mm (14 inch) blades. And each milimeter of wear costs around 40 eurobucks. So the question is how fast do these blades wear? Maybe it would be more cost effective to buy a blade (from 80eur and up) than to rent it together with the saw?

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Save yourself some bongbux and buy a second hand 9 inch makita grinder and a cheapo 2 pack of blades for 20 squid usually last me about 5 100sqm block paving jobs I'm assuming that is what you have to cut, they really aren't that hard

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How do you invent stuff? I build a lot of things that already have been done before, and I want to build something totally new. Something no one else has done before. It doesn't have to be some world changing thing, just something that will really impress people.

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Patents are a waste nowadays anyway, unless you're a global corporation that can use the leverage against individuals
If you decide to try and sell something, your goal should be publicity and speed. Be the first to bring it to market, get it known as "your" product under the name you came up with and the ones you make are the real/authentic ones. Because China is going to make them too, there's nothing you can do about it, but if you're a month ahead of them and everyone uses your trademarked name to refer to it you're still set.

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Don't ACTUALLY tell him!

Jesus... his brain will explode.

>> No.1936190

every family has a repeat-o-cut in the cupboard

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Nah... one of a kind my man!

I was honestly looking for something like this available on the market ready to throw out some coin to purchase one, and couldn't find anything at all... So fuck it, I built one instead!

>> No.1936277

Start by improving things that already exist and you'll end up inventing a few things along the way.
>t. did this

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I have electronics that use “cell phone style” Li-ion batteries with 3 or 4 contacts. I’m tired of only having <1000mAh. Can I cut the BMS board out of an old battery and solder it to larger cells (assuming the voltage and chemistry was identical)? Can I use the same chargers (important for a cell phone)?

For example, my headset uses 160240 batteries. Can I cut the BMS board out of a bad 160240 and solder it to a battery holder with 2 18650s in parallel?

Similar example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpK-79YwpY8

>> No.1935897

As long as you provide the same voltage yes. Your autism and lack of details doesnt make any of this clear, you obviously will hurt yourself based on your questions and to boot, battery extending cases exist.

Similar example: https://punkcase.ca/products/punkjuice-s20-ultra-battery-case-4700mah-fast-charging-extended-power-bank-high-capacity-screen-protector-intelswitch-slim-secure-and-reliable-compatible-samsung-galaxy-rechargeable-military-grade-dual-layer-protection-s20-lifetime-exchange-regular-black?variant=31370793484357&currency=CAD&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=google+shopping&gclid=CjwKCAjw_sn8BRBrEiwAnUGJDiv-wrBZoe6BIDQPvhAdS6khIewSHgoJgMeKGrra_WclFWRHhWnrORoCJ8cQAvD_BwE

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Yes. See pic

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First test working so far on a burner phone.

What details? This is a general question. You're missing the point. I don't want a power bank, I want to replace smaller Li-ions with higher capacity batteries that can be swapped out. I intend for the devices to last longer and never need to be plugged in for charging (but retaining the capability). I have a lot of 18650s and 18650 chargers. This is not just for phones.

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How would you all recommend sharpening something like this

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That is for women and homosexuals
Drill goes in HARD AND DRY

>> No.1935924

Your local machine shop probably outsources bulk sharpening even though they can do their own work. I'd copy success and find out who yours uses since the work is cheaper by far than new tooling. That's why my machinebuilderbro outsources most of his shops sharpening. It's not worth tying up a machinist.
A fine thing I learnt from the pros is what they DON'T DIY. Hand sharpening mangles a lot of tooling during the learning curve so there's that.

>> No.1936042

Its a head for a T-drill there expensive as fuck this isnt the one one i have this is a pic i found on the internet the one i have is dull as fuck though I might just take it to a machine shop

>> No.1936049

It's worth making friends at your local shops anyway and that's an excuse to come socialize late on a Friday. Machinistbros are great to have and if you become one you may end up working with/for them. If you're a computer geek you may barter favors. I reload my machinistbros business and personal PCs and did minor stuff like convert his old serial port connection on his turning center to a modern USB drip feed setup. I got mill and lathe time until I bought my own and he lets me grab nearly any scrap I want because he knows it's only what I'll use.

>> No.1936077

Also if you rekt a drill bit you can just keep trying over and over again. End mills, router bits saws. Not so much. I do however sharpen my drill bits, but I only use them for rough work after than. Putting bolts through holes. That's bout it. Probably can't sharpen one good enough to tap.

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Alright /diy/ basically due to this corona stuff I wanna do something nice for my mother.

She has a nice small garden (lives in outskirts of London) and an area behind the garage that would look nice with something such as pic related.

I have no real diy background but both the neighbours are builders and usually help us with projects.
My mum is away visiting the grandchild for a few days. Would it be possible to pop something like this up over a week and how would I do it?
There's space for it to be larger and my father can help.
How much would it cost us?

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>> No.1935940

It could be done in a couple of days if you had some labor to help you. With no /diy/ experience it might be beyond your skill level. I might start by looking for premade or ready to assemble things and then just finishing the interiors.

>> No.1935970

I build a few sheds op
Normally I go for 38 63 cls HIGH pressure treated (green not yellow) all round, concrete base with plastic spacers to keep the timber out of the wet.
Cladding is where they get you, feather edge or stacked sarking keep the cost down.
You buy a kit itl cost about the same but much much thinner timbers and wobbly.
If you want all nice doors your better off with a kit probably but second hand upvc doors and windows are easy to fit and can be seriously cheap.

>> No.1936202

cheers lads

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I have a carbide 200r pc case with a flat front and intakes on the side
I wanna cut out a piece of the front and replace it with a fine mesh come next summer

Where can I get that mesh material as a sheet to work with?
What would be the best way to affix it on the inside,hot glue?

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then just bolt your motherboard to a piece of wood and bolt the fans to that too
>i only care about function
said the faggot who wants to put a cuck window into his case

>> No.1936030

Double sided tape will be stronger than glue.

The cut edge can be hidden with u-channel trim specifically for case modding so it might not look horrible as long as OP can cut relatively straight.

>> No.1936032

that would impede function
>cuck window
its for airflow you brainlet, not RGBT lighting

>> No.1936156

how would bolting shit to a block of wood and just letting it sit out in the open "impede function"
they even make "cases" like this

>> No.1936160

you're a dumb monkey and this is going to look like a dumb monkey fucked it up

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