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I have three 230v 20 amp outlets in my garage. It's a standard 3 wire, 2 lines and a ground setup. Now the problem is, there's two breaker panels. 1 old one, and one newer one. The crazy part is one of the line wires for all of the outlets is hooked up to a 30 amp breaker in the old breaker panel, and the other line is hooked to a 50 amp breaker in the new breaker panel. So you have two different breakers (different amps too) providing power to each of the power lines to the outlets.

I'm ok with home wiring, but I'm no electrician. When I saw this though, I started wondering if there's something I'm missing here, or if this is just a batshit fucking crazy setup. Any help?

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I'm building a hydraulic ram pump, pretty much have it done. It uses a 1 and 1/4 inch drive pipe and a 3/4 inch delivery pipe. I plan to use irrigation tubing for the delivery. Thing is 500 feet of 3/4 inch delivery tube costs $200 but 500 feet of 3/8 inch costs $40.

Is there any reason i can't use smaller tubing?

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Found some lg TV 49lf5500 and it doesn't work. The screen flickers but I hear a slight ticking sound from the power board. Tested DC for the led connections. One LED+ gets 130v the other gets 330v. What do you think?

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Look at this piece of shit I built bros! I had pieces of wood in my house and decided to make my first diy proyect from scratch, a shelf for my old desk. It is not pretty but it works (for now).
The legs are a little wobbly through, taking suggestions on how to fix that.

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Put another brace/slat across the back on the bottom, good job anon

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I driving 1000 miles, what tools should I have on my car?

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1000 miles? A bottle of water and some snacks maybe.

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Depends on the age of the car. Modern car, take a wheel brace, if you have a spare wheel. Maybe a really cheap code reader if you're feeling fancy.
Old car, it depends how fucked it is really. Bring oil, if it burns oil. Coolant, if it gets through coolant. I always bring some spare washer fluid since the roads in my area are muddy as shit.
From the way this is phrased and the fact you don't know what tools to bring, you're probably too retarded to use any of them anyway, so save the weight.

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Non tool related
>Fire extinguisher
>A mid size camp axe
>Road flares
>Jump leads
All of these should be in your car anyway if you're not an urbanite cuck

>Various fluids, like >>2559004 said
>Bulbs if you don't have LEDs

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Woow that's a very comprehensive list, thank you.

>Old car, it depends how fucked it is really
It's 20yo and has the engine light on due to the catalytic converter but runs fine otherwise.

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Just do it then, I bought a classic V8 Jag and drove it 2k miles the first time I ever drove it. As long as it starts when you leave and you don't absolutely rag it, you'll be fine.

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How do you guys clean? I've been cleaning my place for decades, but I wonder if I'm doing it wrong? How do you clean your stove/oven/ How do you clean your bathroom?

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use bleach and/or pine oil at the highest concentration you can find for everything

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oven: use spray-on oven cleaner. Don't use the fucking "self-clean" option. Don't get oven cleaner on paint. I havent needed to clean it in over 10 years because the easiest thing to do is: Don't make it dirty Like when Yanks need to cook 10lb of bacon for thier breakfast, wrap it in foil or something.

bathroom: don't use citric acid cleaners. It eats away chrome.

anyway, i never considered ordinary cleaning a DIY thing, isn't that implied? mybe i should hire out my ass wiping, too.

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>dont use self clean
dont listen to this retard

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>Builds up a fucking decade of grime like the plaque on his britbong teeth

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Its well known americans have the worst teeth in the western world. It goes hand in hand with an atrocious diet.

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So I can just lease land and raise cows? There’s tons of unused land out here, I’m 99% sure I can scout out a property with a barn or whatever a cow house is called and talk the owners into letting me tend the cows in exchange for some wagyu. Is it really that easy?

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Just buy some land and start a farm at that point. On mortgage if you can’t afford it. You’ll be playing a strange game with the tides of nature but others have done it successfully.
The most basic form of human civilization is the farm, if you control the food you control the people who want to eat. And everyone needs to eat.

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Fuck off Klaus.
If somebody already has a cow operation, they aren't going to just let some random show up unless they're specifically looking for help. You might be able to lease some pasture and put a few cows on it, but you'll need to make sure that you don't put too many on the acreage. Cows need a lot of pasture. Then consider fencing, water, and medical needs. Most of the time, pastured cows are pretty easy though. I've had 2-3 cows at a time for years, and never had anything requiring a vet. Worst case, you might need to treat them for scours when they're still on the bottle.

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There's no actual Wagyu outside of some very specific farms in JP. Only knock off variants based on similar breeds of beasts of burden, relieved of their duty so they grow fatty

t. Butcher

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Wagyu is overrated anyway. It's nice to have a bite here and there, but I'd rather have a good eating steak.

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Look up Joel Salatin, he talks extensively about this in "$alad Bar Beef". He recommends people actually start out this way. You just pay the owner the equivalent of their property taxes, which is MUCH cheaper than purchasing land + paying property taxes.

You have to be johnny on the spot with fencing though.

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Pic related - I used gelatine, glycerine and water which got me a cool looking gel but it's not strong and sticky which is my goal. Any tips?

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Try dehydrating it a little.

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Trying the recipe with no water and using only gelatine and glycerine is definitely something I will try.

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The flapper on this toilet keeps closing off center, leaving the tank to slowly drain and fill continuously. The flapper seems to be in ok shape at the moment, the plastic bit with 2 arms that it hinges on is all wiggly though. I wrapped a rubber band 3 times around the overflow pipe/flush valve and cinched it down so that part wouldn't move. I imagine the rubber band will degrade quickly from being in water.

My question is what is that plastic part called? If I search for flush valve I get kits with the tube, flapper, chain, outlet. I don't want to replace all that shit. If I search for the flapper itself I never see one with the little plastic mount that fits over the tube.

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2 bonus questions: why do I need a certain amount of slack in the chain? I changed the links so its the recommended amount of slack but that never seemed to be an issue. other question: is the outlet piece that the flapper sits on supposed to have some kind of O-ring or seal? cus it was just hard plastic. TIA toiletbros

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Just buy a replacement kit. Seriously, it's not worth fucking around with it. The rubber and plastic loosens up over time and needs to be replaced. As far as the seal at the bottom, there doesn't need to be an o-ring. The flapper is supposed to provide the seal, and the weight of the water should keep it tight enough to not leak.

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Seconding this. A toilet guts replacement kit is cheap and the entire job can be done in like 15 minutes. Not worth fucking around with rigging old worn out parts to work right when the proper solution is so cheap and easy.

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At the very least get the whole damn kit because they’re only like $20-$25, replace as much as you can do to get it working again and save the rest for the next issue.

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Something something kit cheap fast something something your mother.

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Hello everyone. Im tempted to this engraving pen to work with avocado pits, clay and possibly foam

Does anyone here has any experience working with this things? Should I buy this one?

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>avocado pits
uh, okay
>possibly foam
oh your am stoopid

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It's like a tiny underpowered dremel. I dont' know if there is anything that can really go wrong.

You might look into a foredom style flexible shaft grinder if you want something that will last a lifetime, but I'm sure it will be much higher initial cost than what you have in your OP.

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I meant cold porcelain and by foam I meant moldable foam clay (after it dries of course)

>initial cost
Yeah I think this is kinda cheap and will do fine carving and drilling on avocado pits. Just watched a few videos on YouTube and they say its an OK tool. Guess I'll be ordering one

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Best use — You can engrave your VIN on you catalytic converter, since automobile manufacturers refuse to do so. Hmmm.... Gee I wonder why.

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Anything battery powered will be a waste of time, you'll spend more time charging it, than using it.
Every bit for that tool can be found for a dremel. Dremal has a small hand held corded tool for the same price.

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Sup y'all! Just read this instructional on how to make crystals this morning perfect for a easy way to get some cool decorations, simple enough all the gear required is found around the house. If not it's super cheap to find, all you need is the following. It's a perfect some awesome cheap crystals.

Some coins (5-10), 1 straw, 1 jar / cup, some bleach, some ammonia (found in things like bathroom cleaners), baking soda, and salt.

Step 1: put 2 tablespoons of salt and 1 tablespoon of baking soda into the jar

Step 2: Pour the ammonia 2/3 the way full into the jar

Step 3: Pour bleach the rest of the way up

Step 4: Put the coins into the jar

Step 5: Grab your straw quickly and start to blow directly onto the coins

Step 6: profit!

You should see the crystals start to form up after about a minute or so of blowing, if you stop however the crystals stop forming. It'll take about 10 mins to actually get decent results.

Use food dyes for different colours, it'll come out with a glass like finish which is good to sand down and polish, or just keep a cool crystal. The inside is hard as rock but the outside is a bit more brittle.

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I still remember when I tried this recipe. It worked so well, my mother cried tears of joy when next I saw her again.

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>mustard gas

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How do I make JO crystals?

>> No.2558899

You have to leave them out in the sun to pre-charge before you charge them.

Ask your friends to help

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where is janny? does wef janny only ban for racisms?

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I’m bad at coordinating colors. I’m keeping the floor tile but tearing out the tub tile. I need a new tub tile that looks good with this flooring. Please make suggestions Home Depot or Lowe’s.

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>wood frame keeping the tub in place
Americans are vile people.

>> No.2558847

How else would you do it?

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Probably some retarded idea about building a concrete block knee wall or something.

>> No.2558858

White or something dark
Trying to match is why it looks like shit to begin with

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>I’m bad at coordinating colors
Black white and grey with maybe one color will always look good

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I live in the desert and I'm currently building an outdoor storage space

I slit my hand open on a massive wood splinter and it jammed itself under my finger nail
(I already got it removed at the hospital, super costly)
I was wearing gloves but I pressed too hard on my drill as it was drilling at it caused the wood to burst from the nails combined pressure

I thought building my outdoor storage space would be easy but I realized I'm massive horses ass and I'm ready to hire some guys from Home Depot to build it on the cheap

What kind of nails should I be using?
Would galcanized nails cause a burst wood?

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do you have a picture of the wood after it burst? wood doesn't normally explode into splinters when you drill into it so it would help illustrate exactly what happened. my only thought right now is maybe your brother domenic gave you the ol spicy 2x4.

>> No.2558749

>wood doesn't normally explode into splinters when you drill into it
Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I can't really envision what you're talking about here, a picture might help clarify what your problem is. Without seeing it, I can't imagine a scenario where drilling or nailing is going to cause wood to explode into splinters.

>> No.2558984

>he’s never seen wood splinter
Well I am on /diy/
I shouldn’t be surprised no one here knows what they’re doing

>> No.2558988

splinter yeah, duh but not explode from fucking nails. that's a serious wtf.

never heard of let the tool do the work? your bits are probably about as sharp as you.

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The the guys in front of Home Depot to teach you english.

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How would I replace these hydraulic hoses? They look like they are crimped around the pipe and I'm not sure I can remove them.

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On oddball shit like that you can slit down the crimped portion with a cutoff wheel on a grinder until you get through to the rubber. Do it two or 3 times around the crimped ferrule. then pry it off and pull the hose out. That way you can re-use the original fitting.

Some fittings have the ferrule made onto the fitting itself. IF that is the case you will have to cut around the end of the crimp carefully to remove it as well.

Once you have the old hose removed you can either braze a NPT or JIC fitting to it to adapt it to a more commonly used hydraulic hose, or adapt it some other way.

>> No.2558640

>How would I disconnect the 2 hoses on the left side? What kind of connector do those use?

Pull the bolts on the left side and the fittings will come off. They are called banjo fittings. Yours look really oddball as they usually aren't that thick. Might have copper crush washers, or o-rings to make a seal.

>> No.2558807

Huh. We have banjos in telecomm, too. They're basically boards with flat slabs of copper (one per wire) rhat you grip with alligator clips. Used for diagnostics.
Funny how engineers grab for the same kinds of words for things.

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In the hydraulic or air fittings world a banjo bolt is any bolt that has been gun drilled up through the shank and then side drilled so it has a fluid passage through it. They are very common in brake systems on the calipers. They are also used in some hydraulic systems on equipment and I have even seen some in compressed gas/air systems a time or two.

>> No.2558916

The left is usually just the hose slid onto the fitting (like on the right) and then a metal sleeve crimped on top. You can use a Drexel to slice the sleeve and remove it, then just put a new hose on and then have e clips at both ends

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Is there a reason I can't just cut down the oak tree in my yard and use the wood to provide additional framing to a sagging floor in my house?

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if you have to ask you certainly can't do it lol
fucking idiot

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newsflash mr. beast is the antichrist. did you not see him /diy/ a bunch of peoples' eyes?

>> No.2558995

Yes trees are made of wood

>> No.2559014

paying for eye surgery is not a miracle.

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It needs a government stamp to be within code.

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fucking A right, mates.

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that seems like a bad design. things are assembled in the wrong order. first weld whatever he is welding inside that box then put the cover on and weld it

>> No.2558925

>that seems like a bad design
welcome to fabrication lol

>> No.2558927

>tfw you weld yourself in.

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You're one of those people who don't understand that intrusive thoughts aren't real, aren't you?

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Trying to replace toilet seat. This screw is conpletely stripped and in there tight as fuck. Wat do?

>> No.2558478

Either there's a plastic nut on the underside you need to grab with needlenose pliers, or you'll need to push up on the plastic screw from underneath while you turn it. You can cut a better slot in it with a hacksaw. Or you can cut the entire head off with a hacksaw. Who gives a shit? It's plastic. Keep fucking with it until you get it out.

>> No.2558481

Thanks I got it woth pliers from the wingnut on the bottom. Sorry for retarded thread

>> No.2558510

Being sorry is class.
May you new toilet seat give you all the comfortable support you deserve.
And remember to put it down or every woman in your life will silently resent you for it for years until they finally explode.

>> No.2558672

sorry you grew up without a dad

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I have some silver that I melted in a charcoal furnace a few years ago, but unfortunately I didn't cover the lid ( as it was my first time ) and ash got into the crucible.

Is there anyway I can re-melt the silver and remove the ash completely?

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I don't think that will work. Ash doesn't burn.

>> No.2558576


OP, you're not going to get pure silver without chemical refining or cupelling or something, so unless you want to do that the best you can do is re-melt it a flux which will dissolve and be absorb the ash. Whatever ash is left behind will be dispersed through the silver and will not be visible.

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hmm when trying to get the cleanest water you pull it from just under the surface, I would assume you can do the same with any liquid. A sewage treatment plant uses sedimentary ponds to remove most containment than coagulant to get the smaller stuff, replication of a rainwater cleaning might yeild results.
the elctronegtivity of carbon is higher than silver not sure about pore size but an arc furnace might collect the contaiment onto the nodes where it can be scrapped off.

>> No.2558628

convection from the heat sources makes the settlement difficult; creating the right environment (pressure) would yield better results.

>> No.2558762

would I be able to do this with Borax or do I need flux?

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Hey you want to make 550$ in 10 minute?
click here: https://fastsvr.com/list/496194

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Redpill me on Stoves. Where and how can I get a good stove for my house in northern continental Europe. I was thinking about getting either a proper Masonry heater but I wouldn't know where to source that or just a simple iron stove, which is getting increasingly heard to find because of the normal fags buying them up for their apartments here. Gas crisis and all that.

I just like open fires. Don't care about the Russians, don't care about the Ukrainians. I've always wanted a stove.

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> which is why you have several ovens at different levels
Sounds like something a bakery would do. In domestic use, opening the hatch for half a minute or however long you need to reach the desired start temperature is usually enough. Goes back up fairly slowly, so it'll remain in the right ballpark for typical pastry baking durations.

>> No.2558742

A two or three oven stove is pretty common no?

>> No.2558775

I've seen them before, so I know they exist but mine only has one oven.

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This is for cats, right? Otherwise I can't make any sense of it. I could probably hang my big-ass so my knees are over the railing while getting a nice solid surface for my back, but otherwise I couldn't make any sense of it other than being ornamental.

>> No.2559025

jøtul 602
you can thank me later

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