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Going to try and learn carpentry as a past time with my father who has more experience in it than I, and I'm wondering what would be a good beginner project? Weather's about to break so I can't wait to get into it and learn.

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goddamn. square one, people

>inb4 he was homeschooled

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well fuck. OP skipped grammar altogether.

carry on, child.

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maybe OP is a troll.

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Birdhouse? Cutting board?
Then, a table, jewelry box.

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No, op used a contraction. Weather’s = Weather is

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I don't know how to ask this, but it seems that every open source hardware project is easily beaten by older proprietary hardware that is hackable. It's way cheaper, and it does better in everything except maybe form factor and power usage, and that's only occasionally (linux still does worse in power management for my x86 hardware). Hackable hardware is like my vape which can flash custom firmware (arcticfox firmware for joyetech devices). I bought a tmobile 1900 to flash to AC68U because it was hackable.

rPi is cool for $35 but you can do much better emulating on a cheap netbook. All the nerdy stuff can be configuration with a good router anyway (merlin/tomato compatibility). The more open eink devices are easily beaten by flashing an old kindle. Every arduino project is stupid and I still haven't seen any use for them aside from LED controllers.

Is the best for DIY electronics simply cracking hardware or getting corporate sponsorship? I have flashlights with custom firmware too which seems to be working with corporations to create cool stuff (shameless plug for FW3A, a cheap flashlight with good fw). My question is sorta how you feel about this and what's your method? To find the stuff with the best specs that you can unlock, or find hardware that is open source that you can contribute to? The best ones seem to be from corporations, got any "hackable" electronics you care to share?

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>Hackable hardware is like my vape

aaaaaaaaaaand I'm out.

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Mouth fedora meme aside I bought it to smoke wax and its doing great being a home only mini 18650 bubbler (with precise wattage, temperature control and custom shit I will never use).

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all the good designs have been patented. Unless there is a breakthrough design, open source hardware will be behind.

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First rule of HVAC: Hire a pro.

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way, I replaced the valve on my 50 year old LPG (Propane) furnace in my house trailer, made a manometer to set the inlet and outlet pressure, but no matter how far I diverged from the specified values, the flame was mostly yellow. So I set them to the correct values and just worried.

And then I noticed that the moment I opened the porthole door, the flame seemed to be a bit more blue for a moment, so I covered it with plexiglas and the flame was nearly completely blue. It's a simple furnace that draws air down a passageway around the exhaust pipe without any sort of forced air, so how would opening the door to look in cause the oxygen level to drop so much? If anything, I would expect it to be the other way around.

>inb4 I'll die in a fire tonight.

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muh its gonna buckle under 18 inches of soil, kys

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All ports do is stack boxes, but I have to admit that I'm in awe when I look at a pic or a video.

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Based and containerpilled

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Hey /diy/, the 2019 Spring Babby Cup is around one month away, a competition which this board can be able to participate, and I've been wondering if you want the board to be in.
>What is this?
The 4CC is a site wide project where boards come together to face off in games of AI vs. AI virtual soccer/football. There are elite cups which are held in Summer and Winter and babby cups which are held in Spring and Autumn. More info can be found at https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/FAQ
>Did this board ever participate?
Yes, back in 2015. An archive of /diy/'s run back then can be found here http://archive.klaxa.eu/Autumn_2015/
If you are wondering here's the old roster back when the team was alive https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//diy/
>What is this thread for?
It's in order to see if the board wants to participate and update the 4 year old roster if you want in.
You can simply reply yes, no or fuck off.
>I'm interested in helping the team. What do I need to do?
You can contact the commissioner and he will inform you with what you could help. https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Contact#Commissioner
>Do you guys actually like this autistic shit?

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>>Do you guys actually like this autistic shit?

I'll never comprehend this.

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it's virtual divegrass where your favorite board meme can play football while having almost everything for aesthetics
hell he can even have a house for a head
example pic related

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I'd watch I guess

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well do you have any suggestions for new players or the current roster is okay?

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Hello /diy/ its the first tim im here. I was looking for a way to make a video synthesizer with arduino or something else, some options are great but i feel like im going to get stuck easly and im going hate it more than i thought. Is there any easy -noob level- video synth to build?

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What are my options here?

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best options so far

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It's hard to see exactly what happened here but I'm going to assume you tried to replace the tub spout and when you went to thread the old one out, the galvanized pipe behind the surround crumbled apart and now you have a piece of the old galvanized nipple lodged in the threads of the 90 buried in the wall. If there is easy access to the backside of the valve, like an access panel or a closet that you could remove drywall/plaster and install an access panel, you might be able to thread the old 90 out and just install a new one. If the 90 is too close to the backside of the wall/surround and won't spin off, then you need to go to the hardware store and pick up an easy out and some PB Blaster. Soak that bitch in PB and then use the easy out to remove the old threads, and you're good to go. Easier said than done of course.

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Thanks senpai, that's what I figured. Some dingbat knocked the nozzle off and the pipe it was attached to is flush with the wall, making it hard to remove. I guess I'll check for rear access.

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You got it honky, I’m a loser with no friends so I will check this thread over the weekend if you have any more issues.

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If there's no access from behind, say, in a closet, you'll need a internal pipe wrench to get the nipple out.


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What would you choose & why?

Heard plumbers can go solo and make decent money but that more often carpenters can go to supervisors on construction sites more often.

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I'm an Australian living in Canada (recently moved over) the winter is a HUGE thing to factor in.

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Plumbers lay big hard pipe down dirty holes, carpenters just stroke other peoples wood all day. The choice is clear.

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>carpenters can go to supervisors on construction sites more often.

IOW, they spend more time dealing with other people's shit than plumbers.

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Plumber some times you just have to snake a drain. I've done three a day at 75$ a pop work 4 days a week for 65k a year. No heavy lifting can work alone.

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carpenters are fags

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Quick question, not sure if this is the right place for it.
I'm making a shitty puppet thing and the head is giving me trouble. At first it was connected to two points- one to the body at the bottom, and one to a wire connected to my thumb at the top. But it just flopped around no matter what I did.
Then I connected another wire to my thumb and the anchor point where it connects to the body. That helped a little, but it still flops around a lot and I can't get near the control I want.
Does anyone know how I should set it up where I can make it move controllably on all three axes?

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I appreciate it, but I figured it was more of an engineering question than a puppet one. Like, "how do I make a joint with one point of control that moves in 3 dimensions".
Do you think I should move to the Toy board? Technology?

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Toy board. Lots of dudes there do custom action figures and mods which is pretty close to your puppets

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Will do, thanks.

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Google "3-point linkage" .

They're used on tractors. They're very stable and it's the closest thing I can picture to what you need.

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Interesting. I'll check it out.

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I've got a QRX9001 quad amp that was left to rot in a garage for an untold number of years. It's been on my todo shelf for a while and I'd like to get to it this summer. When I had first gotten it I, probably foolishly, tried to plug it in and turn it on. It was initially set to 220V, I didn't see that and plugged it into 120V briefly before changing the setting. I don't know if that would have caused horrendous damage but hopefully not. If I recall, once I had it configured correctly the face lights came on and there was some quiet crackling noise through the headphone jack and maybe in the speakers. I've got myself a function generator+oscilloscope, multimeter, soldering iron, lab power supply, and little experience with this sort of work. How should I get started debugging this thing?

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lower voltage you should be fine. good luck. check fuses first, often culprit.

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I'm building a vape, how safe is it to inhale air heated by a soldering iron heating element?
pic related.

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Don't inhale it if you don't have to, but brief periods of inhaling it aren't going to kill you. If you were soldering every day for 10 years with no ventilation, you might get lung cancer.

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Oh, misunderstood the question. I thought you were asking about fumes. What you're doing is fine, it should be entirely safe. If you smell something weird, probably best to get another element.

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Can you recommend a practical book on mechatronics?

I‘m a CompSci student and purely out of interest I want to get into being able to build my own electrical devices. Yes, that‘s vague but my ideas could take me in all kinds of directions. I need something that gives me an understanding in engineering in general. For example, right now I‘m interested in drones, so it would be great to buid my own. Not finished drones to buy from Amazon, I want to build it myself. Maybe with a 3D printer and individual electric components that I assembe myself.

Give a newbie a nodge in the right direction. Thanks

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Alright I actually found a great book on electrical engineering and circuits. So any material on mechanical engineering? Something practical and shallow. Like I'd be interested in building the encasement/frame/parts of drones, robots, rockets, etc.
Depending on whatever specific project I could read related more detailed material, but right now I just want a general, broad understanding. Even if it's shallow.

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Still toying with the idea for this project, so hopefully you guys can give me some input as to how feasible this will be.

> an stand-alone installation that will incorporate a series of tiny displays
> all of which display a part of a generated maze (which will update every 5 mins or so).

What I'm looking to know is, mainly on the hardware side:

> is this possible on some sort of arduino/raspberry based system?
> what would be the upper limit of displays that I can attach? How far can I expand the upper limit, and if at all?

If the arduino idea is wack, hopefully someone can suggest some alternative methods for executing this. Suggestions on where to get simple display panels in bulk so that it's still cost effective are also appreciated, but I'm most interested in figuring out the hardware that this system should be running on.

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Hi /diy/
I'm thinking about creating a van to sleep in to escape my family. I already live frugally, and I only use the bathroom once a week, so it shouldn't be too hard on me. I only need access to a computer and wifi, and I have a gym membership, so showers I have access to.

How should I go about doing this? I have $9,000 I can use before I go broke. Hopefully I can only use half of it, and then use the other for food. Has anyone done this before? I'm planning on removing the back seat, adding a wood base, and covering the windows up.

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Would a hammock not be the best possible use of space in a van?

>> No.1578714

>would having the worst possible sleeping situation not be the best way to make your already shitty living situation worse?

Yes, yes it would

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How big and compacted are your shits?

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Jesus anon. Skip the van. Just sell your shit, pack what you can in a single backpack and start a new life literally anywhere else. Go and never look back. Your current existence sounds miserable.

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Get on my level, fagget

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Just started welding a few weeks ago, using gasless mig, only welding uncoated steel.

2 days got sudden flu symptoms, so I'm thinking it was metal fume fever, but I never welded or grinded galvanized steel.

So what do you guys think, can you get sick from grinding/welding without a respirator?

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Not OP, but would you guys say a positive pressure mask is worth the money? In welding school right now and we use a lot of 6010 for pipe, that shit can get real rough and smoky some times.

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>There's always one contrarian faget that claims to never take precautions and has never had a day off work for the last 300 years
Hi, faget.

>> No.1578897

>uses the "loicence" meme
>expects to be taken seriously
Good luck with that.

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When I was learning how to weld (at a community college) there was a giant fume extractor that went into every booth.
It actually broke and took like 2 weeks to finally get it repaired.

It may have been placebo, but it certainly seemed to make me feel shittier by the time I went home.
It wouldnt surprise me in the least bit if it is horrible for you.

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When i first started welding was doing galvanised metal and got that its horrible goes a day later i found, arc eye is a cunt as well. If you are welding galvanised all day my teacher said you should drink a glass of milk to help your stomach lining

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Hi, I'm hereby starting this thread to act as a baking club, where you can post pictures of your sweet creations.

I name the club: Cake, cake, cake!

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Off yourself by one

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What are you brewing, /diy/?

What's your setup?

Currently brewing: spiced apple cider x2
Apple cider for apple jack x2

Racked: Clover cyser mead x2
Cranberry port wine
Cranberry wine

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Wood is bad enough, but glued together wood chips?
Why do these shacks cost so god damn much that you need 20 year mortgages to pay for them?
Will the house even last that long?
American home construction is just one giant scam.

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>I plan on using metal roofing which seems better than slate/tile anyway
Maybe if you hate aesthetics

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>Cave Johnson

who dat?

> teak oil

this is a good option in my book, but I have no idea what they were treated with

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Steel profiles (beams), fiber cement siding are the best thing available now.
>Doesn't burn
>Can't get mold, since there aren't much pores
>9.0M earthquakes aren't the issue
>Doesn't need circular saw, simple tin snips would do
>Easy to work with it. Beams (thick ones) are straight. Literally a meccano house.

Yes, sure, filled concrete walls or bricks are better, but there is a problem. Bricks don't like quakes, and concrete requires special skills.
Also, imagine wiring this stuff (if you forgot to put conduits)...

>> No.1578966

False. Timber framing with stone or brick veneer will remain the best for a long time.

>> No.1578971

In non-seismic termite-free zone - maybe.
In seismic -nonono, steel has more flexibility before breaking.
Anyway, why make brick veneer, when it is literally 3/4 of work required for true brick house?

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Hello, /diy/. First time posting here. Im 22 yo full time college student. I spend most of my day studying, which makes me feel bored sometimes. Also, I'm extremely good at doing/building/fixing stuff with my hands, it just feels so natural and easy to me. My question is what are some DIY projects I could fill my free time with and possibly make a dinner money off? The only good idea I have is to make a custom sub boxes. Tools are not a problem, my father works on construction and we have all sorts of them in the garage.
Thank you.

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>expensive tools
>posts entry level table saw
Just buy a Bahco hand saw and practice a lot.

>> No.1578877


I said I want to cut nicely. And the sound the hand saw makes is terribly annoying to my ears, I always used headphones while cutting.

>> No.1578878

the channel is what made me hooked up.
He has many desk-tools, each has its function

>> No.1578882

>I said I want to cut nicely.
Yeah, that's where the practice comes in. You can't expect to cut nicely without lots and lots of practice.

>And the sound the hand saw makes is terribly annoying to my ears, I always used headphones while cutting.
Instead of listening to music you should be concentrating on controlling your arm

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What's your major?

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Pissed Upon Opinions Edition

Old thread: >>1575301

All the info you need about 3D-printing: https://pastebin.com/7Sb4TVdy

>Need help with prints? Go to:

If that doesn't help you solve your print problems, please post:
>A picture of the failed part
>Printer make & model
>Filament type/brand
>Bed & extruder temperature
>Print speed

>What printer should I buy? [Last updated 7-1-2019]
Under 200 USD: Creality Ender 3
Under 500 USD: Creality CR-10
Under 1000 USD: Prusa i3 (Mk2 or Mk3)
Over 1000 USD: Lulzbot or Ultimaker
Buyer beware: some chinkshit clones are garbage. Some can be genuinely good, though.
Instead of buying a new printer, you could consider building your own: https://reprap.org/wiki/

>Where can I get free things to print?

>What CAD software should I use?
Solidworks, Inventor, AutoCAD etc. all work, but Blender and Fusion 360 are free:

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Those are rare as hen's teeth. Seriously. You're looking at hundreds of dollars a round.

>> No.1578799

my library is like that too, not even something non-functional that can be mistaken as a gun

>> No.1578800

Well that's piss easy.
The original guns are zinc.

>> No.1578810

Just buy a printer, stop wasting your time with public use shit.

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Wtf are gyrojet bullets

>armor-piercing rocket rounds. Originally developed in a .51 caliber, the cartridges were self-contained self-propelled rockets
>Gyrojets fire smallrockets called Microjets which have little recoil and do not require a heavy barrel or chamber to resist the pressure of the combustion gases

Bruh sound effect #2

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