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Have a drill press. Need to drill holes into a bunch of stakes at 45 degrees. Will be doing a ton of these.

Does anyone know of a sliding system that I can clamp or strap the stakes to, slide the pole in, drop the drill press, slide the pole, repeat that will allow for a horizontal assembly, as well as a 45 degree angle assembly?

The stakes are between 2 and 8 inches in diameter.

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No but it wouldn’t be hard to make your own if you’re somewhat good at building shit like some of /diy/, maybe instead of straps you could use pipe clamps.

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Have your pressdrill plate at 45 deg... and some stopper... and vise grips with bike chain. and on the right side over the plate a set of rings and another visegrip with bikechain. Or some toggle clamps and V-shaped plate. On phone atm.. ill mspaint my idea in 10 min.

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Anything repeatable and done a lot = make a jig
Doesn't have to be fancy, just a angled surface made out of scrap wood, ply or MDF and a clamp of some sort

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Build a long large V-block jig to center your stakes, clamp this to the drill press table, build legs so everything is all level with the table.
Build a wooden stop that you can drop in and pull out easily, if you want to drill holes at the same consistent height from the top of the stake.
Donno about clamping... even a lever on a hinge you can lean on would be better than nothing.
If you're doing a thousand of these you can use a pneumatic piston + shop air to make a quick clamp for work holding.
This'll work for horizontal holes thru the stake, I don't know about 45 degree holes, you might need a jig to cut flats out or use a drill guide to do angled holes.

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These ideas are good. I basically need to assemble a jig/clamp(s) then.

Got it now, thanks.

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Getting odd upload failed message in thread but promised pictures when done.

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and you don't know how to use your camera.


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OP meant to link to his other thread about his table with unfortunate boardage.

does he fail at everything.

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My motorcycle tank spring a leak, so I had to replace that, and the leaking gas semi-melted the side plastics.

I’m thinking of stickerbombing the (painted metal) tank and (abs; it’s a cheap 3rd world bike) plastics.

Has anyone ever done this? Did it turn out well? Does it survive the weather well? Tips?

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>Does it survive the weather well?
put top coat on it and you'll be fine
get some matching stickers so it doesn't look like shit as your pic

or put a vinyl sheet on it

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Humid and hot and rainy here (Vietnam). I’m a bit worried the tank and stickers/clearcoat and plastics will all expand/contract/swell at different rates. I’ve never seen a sticker bombed bike here, but that could be because they’ve never heard of it. Also I might have to fill out some of the (damaged) plastics with bondo.

And I agree getting black and white stickers would look best.

Is there a special kind of clear coat I’d want to use (that won’t ‘wet’ the stickers or yellow)?

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temperature won't be a problem
as long the sticker are plastic(vinyl) won't be a problem
if it's paper stickers then just put a layer of PVA glue over them
use any clear coat for cars/outdoor use

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For motorcycles (or cars), are pvc stickers the norm? I didn’t realize that was a thing

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What is the Tool called and what is it used for. I got it with a bunch of tools from the mens shed.

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It will only stop being a slur when they are all dead

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my guess is that it is some kind of oldschool version of a Brute Hammer Crimper

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horseshoe hammer.

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That's a late 18th Century sex toy... Though I don't know how it works exactly

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My man has it right, here!

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Amphotericin B is a pretty neat drug. I've been reading about it recently and it remains an almost perfectly effective drug for treatment of fungal infections due to the fact that evolving a resistance to it necessarily makes pathogens vulnerable to the immune system. Why aren't there more drugs like this?

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That's okay, I can promise you this board is smarter than /sci/ anyway

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You'll be called a bionigger by some first semester physics students. I wanted to start biochem in october but I'm not sure id it's the right thing for me

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Why do you think it's the wrong thing for you?

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I love chemistry and biology in itself, I always was an A student but I'm not sure if it's the right thing for me. I find the subject very interesting but I'm still not sure if It's something I wan't to do for the rest of my life.

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Amphoterrible is its name in hospitals because of how aggressively it punches holes in cell membranes, including the patient's.

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What's type of glue should I use for this balcony door handle?

Is there any chance it could last?

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>An alternative is to make one out wood.
plastic weld it. use a zip tie or two as extra material like the sticks in welding

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It'll be ugly as shit, especially if it's anon's first time trying it or it's a shitty kind of plastic for it, but that's already a butt-ugly door handle anyway.

If it were me, I'd replace it with a knob off a dresser or something.

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Gorilla Glue. not a meme, but it is about the only glue that worked for the plastic they use in cars.
Depends on the type of plastic. I used to have some very thin solvent like glue used for model aircraft. It used capillary action to get into the joint then fuse the plastic like it was solid. Havenn't seen it in years.

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Model cement is pretty thin and is meant for common cheap plastic.

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Epoxy might be your best bet. Plastic is vey hard to glue, especially oily ones and PP/PE

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Hey /diy/
I was fixing my logitech g402 mouse yesterday (the left button was double clicking on single click, got that solved) . After reassembling the mouse I noticed that the mouse cursor is moving slowly by itself. I suspect that something went wrong in the reassembly. Anyone had this problem?

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How do you fix the double click problem? Did you just replace the switch?

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There was this tiny copper plate inside the switchbox that I took out, bent a tiny bit and replaced it (took 3hours without former experience) and then everything was fine.

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Well which way do you bend it

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I bent it downwards, so that the plate stuck up a little more.
This helped me:

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>Electrician fits fuse box "The RCD trips there's a fault somewhere. bye"
You what mate? Your job, is in the description of what you do. I dunno where they come from.

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you are a retard
OP didn't describe shit about what was happening

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Yes I did, no I'm not. Your waifu a blob.

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Maybe you seemed like a whiner and he wasn't getting paid to hear your mouth flap on about how expensive it is to rewire your house.

You are on DIY. Tear apart your walls, replace the wires connected to that breaker, patch the walls, paint.

Or you can blog about your feelings like you already are. Why post here? Are you so shielded from the working class that this is your only means to contact people capable of turning a screwdriver? Give your butler a couple of bucks and he'll get a homeless guy to pretend to be an electrician. You can chew out the homeless guy dressed as an electrician for the inadequacies in your life. You'll feel better. Later, you can buy some clothes and demand to speak to the manager.

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Saying RCD i can only assume you are in the UK.
Where did you find a guy to do the work, jn a pub?
Probably what you mean was you got someone in to replace the fuse box with a consumer unit.
There should have been an inspection done and measurements taken from every circuit, replacing like for like or basing mcb rating on wire size alone is cowboy territory.
You should have received a report of all the tests carried out on each circuit, for example insulation resistance, earth resistance, loop impedance etc etc and a piece of paper to say its self certified building regulations.
What did it cost you 200? 300?
You got done.
There are plenty of reasons rcd well trip, faulty appliance, bad wiring, shared neutrals very common for e.g. stair landing lights.
Should have had something like a PIR done before fucking around with new cu.

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does it still trip with all appliances disconnected?

have you even determined which circuit the fault is on?

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Anyone here made a "Proenekke-style" cabin aka simple log cabin?
I'm planning on giving it a go this spring and would love to hear your stories and thoughts about it.

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Personally, I'd make one with a much sharper pitch roof. Of course, I'd be using modern roofing and insulation for it, unlike what he's using so there's nothing to slide off. I'd make a loft up there for sleeping.

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So when did you realize this guy was just a shill for big tool?

>Be me, graduated college, start working right away in tech.
>needed a hobby, woodworking sounded cool.
>PBS had this New Yankee Workshop on during Sundays.
>Watch how to make a shoe shine box.
>Show is brought to you by: Porter Cable,Dewalt and Bosch.
>watch norm create a master peace of a shoe shine box with scrap wood,
>and $10,000 dollars of machines.
>dropped wood working because I cant afford all that expensive shitand I don't have the space.
>go on youtube, and stumble on Paul Sellers.
>/pol was right again.

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I think when i was 6.

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Wait, wait, wait, you watched PBS long enough to catch the New Yankee Workshop and somehow missed the Woodwright's Shop?

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The problem is that you are literally retarded.

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>how was I supposed to know it's a TV show
>bugged budget mechanics
>fuck you K̶o̶j̶i̶ Rockler

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I'm determined to add Bluetooth and headphone AUX input to my car's stereo unit. The most professional way for me to connect this BK8000L to my Toyota stereo is directly through the 12 pin CN702 jack on the back.

I can only inject my audio to the Rch+/- and Lch+/- terminals after enabling them, which is done by communicating on the Tx and Rx lines of an AVC LAN network (an offshoot of IEBus).

Now I'm stumped though. Nirav Patel and SigmaObjects have both done this using an arduino which emulates and external CD changer (with only one track), but Nirav did not document his process well and all that remains of SigmaObjects' net presence is an expired domain and an orphaned github repository.

How do I start learning to do this? I've never worked with bus communication before.

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Working as an auto mechanic and we've been slammed lately, my older IR impact finally took a shit so need a replacement. Anyone have used this one? The price is sweet and 5lbs would be amazing comapred to my old one (11 lbs). Am skeptical that it really has 1275 lbs break force but figure worth a shot for 167$

So is this thing decent or is there a wrench in the 150-250$ ballpark I should be looking at?

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Break away force is not really something you can compare two wrenches with. It just means they torqued a nut to that torque, and the wrench got it loose. So I would be skeptical too. In general you need to look at the quality of the shaft. There is a mechanical limit that these 1/4" shafts can take. So a brand stating they can produce ridiculous amounts of torque is stupid because the shaft would break.

If you are a pro: go with the best your money can buy.

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Have this exact impact at home, has worked just fine for the 3 years ive had it. Things damn quiet too

>> No.1318588

I have that same impact.

I haven't come across a nut it couldn't spin off. In fact once I came across a bolt that I didn't realize was left hand threaded and it just snapped the head right off and it was 1/2"x20 Grade 8 or something.

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I don't know about that one
but Harbor Freight Air impact wrenches are good
they have to be the best thing at harbor freight. they have a good reputation
I have used the $99 Earthquake for years with regular use

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How do I get this Enfield's butt stock to match the rest of the wood? People told me boiled linseed oil, but that didn't make a notable difference.

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Everytime you post it you force it way too hard into the conversation. Fuck off back to fakebook with your ebin may mays

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>the guy who had it before me went full Bubba and slapped a synthetic stock on it
So im guessing these are just stocks you bought separately.

Just sand them both down and oil them,

>> No.1318673

Let the stock sit in a sunny window for a few weeks, flip it over every day so the other side can work. UV is one of the main causes of wood darkening, the filth and grime of daily life is the other.

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What this learned Anon is not telling you is: use Tru-oil. Way easier and faster. Everything else he's spot on about. Hell, polyurethane floor finish is easier and better than BLO. And don't worry about the shot of black until you're a pro.

>> No.1318748

DON'T SAND IT. The fore-end is darker because it is full of dirt and oil, while the buttstock seems to be fresher and cleaner. You meed to remove all the contaminent and stain from both stocks, then apply some coats of tru-oil. Thos is what I did to my mauser. Take the stock apart and clean it with a rag, boiling hot water, and some degreaser (try krud kutter, seems to me milder than a lot of others). Then break out the clothes iron and use it to steam the stains and oils out by laying the wet rag on the wood and then briefly applying the iron to the rag.

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I want to make an augmented reality device.
I plan to use a raspberry pi + camera with opencv to do face/object detection so I can become JC Denton

for the optics themselves I have been trying to think of a way to project an image into view while still being mostly in focus
What I came up with was a piece of reflective but see through plastic at a 45 degree angle to your eye and an lcd reflects onto it. in order to make it in forcus you would need a lens right in front of your eye like how VR headsets work but this would make everything else in the real world blurry. but since I essentially have a 45 degree mirror, can I put the lens before the mirror (so it is not directly in front of the eye) to make it look in focus?

pic related trying to use a light simulator but too brainlet
would it work even? how would I calculate the focal lengths?

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Keep in mind that the added distance will reduce the perceived size of your lens and possibly break immersion.

>> No.1318836

>augmented reality

Try a religion.

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youre not gonna be able to replicate Google Glasses at home but it'd be trivial to rig up HUD indicators like you see on high end firefighting helmets

basically, it's just LEDs and lenses (or fuck it, just LEDs meant to reflect off of smoky glass) that blink or light up to tell you whatever.

also they use similar technology to what you describe in the op in cars sometimes. You can get special GPS or dahsboard readout things that go on top of your dash and shine onto the windshield. No special optics needed, it just has to be not too bright outside, or you can half silver your glass

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Going into a company soon and need to do studio work from home. Planning on buying myself a new laptop that can handle music mixing, graphic design, VFX production and 3D rigging. Has to handle it all like a pro and quietly while moving into a temporary family home.

Recommendations appreciated.

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Top of the line MacBook pro, VM windows and Linux as needed.

>> No.1318474

XPS 15.


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thinkpad p71

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Any idea for a home-made rocket fuel?
So i'm trying to make a rocket out of a 1.5L coke bottle and i just realized i have no idea what to use to actually make it go up lol, preferably something cheap, easy to make

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Bang for buck when i was a kid we had a stand up style bike pump, few wraps of electrical tape and the nozzle bit fitted the neck of a 2l bottle perfectly. Half full of water make a launcher out of scrap drain pipe and some legs.
My record was 11 bar before the bottle would explode. Neighbours called the cops thinking it was someone shooting ffs.
There are plenty of existing literature into rocket5 chemistry.
If you listen to anyone on here skitabout chemicals you are beyond help

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Rocket candy is pretty good and there's plenty of good tutorials on making rockets with it. Will go hundreds if not thousands of feet if done correctly. Don't use a coke bottle, just use PVC pipe which is very cheap still.

>> No.1318422

>Rocket candy is pretty good and there's plenty of good tutorials on making rockets with it
Seconding this. Cheap, easy, and relatively safe if done outdoors.

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Recently got a PID controller and it seems to be stuck reading room temperature. I've triple checked the wiring and instructions and replaced the thermocouple with other known good thermocouples. Has anyone else had a problem like this?

>> No.1318389

I should also mention it's an Inkbird ITC-106VH and otherwise everything is working. For example, if I manually adjust the set point variable above and beyond the process variable it actuates the relay.

>> No.1318396

i once had the same problem. turned out the wiring insulation on the thermocouple was frayed and it was shorted.

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Hello r/DIY. I have found a boar's skull discarded on the road from a hunter. There is still some crap on it but for the most part it has been picked clean by the scavengers. The skull is in good shape so I took it home. How do I clean it?

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Well if no ant hill, you could boil the excess off if you can handle the smell

>> No.1318368

I guess you are right. I should have googled this before making the thread. Hydrogen peroxide is what i will use. Thank you.

>> No.1318443

Whatever you do, don't work with it inside.

>> No.1318608


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Boil it, scrap off the meat/skin/hair, get blonde highlighting kit from Walmart, put on gloves, mix chemicals per instructions, apply with brush cover everything, put in the sun until dry, wash off with plenty of water, glue teeth back in. Done.

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/pol/ here, I want to build a house for my family with my bare hands. Any suggestions?

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why the fuck was it necessary to mention /pol/
why the fuck was it necessary to include a swastika in the OP image

>> No.1318453

If you're too retarded to hide your power level you're too retarded to build a house.

Think on your mistake and try again some time next week.

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>> No.1318508

a perfectly good thread died for this silly, nonsensical, douchebag-ish, bullshit.

>> No.1318511


Dig a den.

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Anyone got some ideas on what to make using a CNC router? I've got access to one and I've done some basic shit, but I'm not an ideas guy and I don't know what to make.

>> No.1318287

The first question would be what is your achievable accuracy and repeatability.

The second question is what is the working volume.

The third question is did you read the sticky?

>> No.1318292

Do you want to make
Crap to sell?
Crap to put in your home?

>> No.1318322

could it make cases for arduinos?

>> No.1318400

Custom barbeque boards

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