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Apparently in the frontier days settlers couldn't find enough timber or stone to make homes in Nebraska so they developed a method for building houses that involved covering rectangular straw bales with lime plaster

From what I read, the straw itself acts itself as an insulator and a surface through which the hardened lime cast forms into solid loadbearing walls around the bale.

Straw itself does not degrade like hay and if done properly it should be next to impossible to set on fire due to the fire-retardant properties of lime plaster

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The insulation must be outstanding

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This is still done today. You can find videos of hippie and off-grid types building straw-bale homes on Youtube quite easily. They often use barbed wire or staples between courses of straw bales to 'lock' them in place

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Look mommy this again…maybe we should talk about cordless tools next ok mommy

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What swamp cooler should I get for my apartment to run off of backup batteries when the power goes out? I live in a part of the country where the humidity rarely goes above 25%. Will I ruin my apartment if I run it with the windows closed, or should I get one that fits into a window?

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traditional swap coolers REQUIRE an open window or three. There are room vents that vent up into the attic you can get, for a house obv, so the hot stuffy air in the corners gets blown up into the vented attic.

> my apartment

Get tf out of the city. You should be homesteading, not throwing your money away at an apartment. Join helpx and go help some folks who can teach you the life skills you need.

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pretty sure any cooler would work with those new generator sized battery packs

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I need to meet a wife first, so I'm stuck here for now.

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i wanted to change the gas spring of my office chair and have a really hard time to remove the upper part from the lower part of the chair. i saw a video where a dude just hammers it from the top with a steel rod but that is difficult in my case because it gets blocked be the metal thin that hold the backrest. so i thought i could use a wrench that has a good form to press on to it from the side. but because the spring has a button, which i cant press down anymore, it is stucked
still no success when i hammer it, so did i fucked up every possible way to remove the spring of any othere ideas how i can remove it from the bottom side? thanks

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for leatherwork, you need a very dense material to tool (draw) and stamp on. We all have little granite slabs. I make luggage and messenger bags almost exclusively so that little slab is just top small. 2x3x8 slabs of granite are reterdedly expensive.

here are a few factors I'm considering.

1, my house doesn't have a concrete foundation so reverberation will just always be an issue. I want to get as much force transferred onto what I'm working on as possible.

2, I have read that a work bench the size I'm going to make will weigh 100s of lbs.

3, even the best concrete tables eventually Crack, sometimes within a year.

what are your thoughts

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What kind of house do you live in? One of the american ones where the floor is held up by vertical studs standing on concrete? Can you go into the garage where you have a solid floor? You could get rid of the vibrations with enough mass but then again im not sure how much your floor would carry.

Yes it will be slightly heavy, one cubic meter of concrete weighs roughly 2.2 tons. So if your table plate is 1m by 0.6m and 4cm thick just this element would weigh like 50 kilos, my advice would then be to only make it 2cm thick thats 25 kilos.

I have never heard about a concrete table until i saw some concrete furniture at an artsy furniture shop, but as long as you reinforce it properly it should not be a problem. However i would recomment that you buy concrete fibers that you mix in with the concrete instead of using rebar, it is more uniform that way and you save work and can properly pour it and it should not be a problem

If really ALL you neeet is a concrete surface then just get a wooden workbench, carve out an area on it as big as you want but at least 2cm deep then out a concrete slab in. In this case i think you could also use ceramic tiles they are even harder than concrete, these tables used to be popular here in germany and even kitchen worksurfaces wete made like this, picrelated

>t master bricklayer/concrete builder

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>he wants an 8ft long slab of granite for leatherworking

bitch, get real. total overkill.

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Okay, I need someone familiar with electricity to explain something to me.

I went into a room with old lighting with lighting fixtures, that was like 20 years old at least. The light bulbs were those long fluorescent lightbulbs a few feet long and 80w.

I turned off lights in a room, but I noticed one bulb was glowing red faintly on both ends in the dark. I looked at it, and it was for sure glowing red. So, I tried to unplug it. It wouldn't unplug, and was stuck, and I tried to force it and felt something snap but then thought what the fuck am I doing? I might electrocute myself doing this and stopped trying to force it to unplug. So, I went to the circuit breaker, and found the circuit the lightbulb was on and turned it off. And then, I went to unplug it, and it easily unplugged. It was weird how it just easily unplugged when it wasn't coming out earlier when it was still on.

Can someone explain to me what happened here? The issue is resolved now because I've removed that thing and have no intentions to ever try to use it.

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The glow at the ends of the bulbs after cutting the power isn't unusual-- they have heater coils/electrodes at each end as you can see in the pic related. Its not unusual to see some glow at the ends after cutting the power.

As for difficulty removing it, it makes no difference in ease of removing a plug from a receptacle whether or not it is electrically live. It's possible that an extremely smooth brain may be the issue here.

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my dad bought 2 containers and left them on my property, they are full of car seats,
what can i do with these car seats? look fine just dirty asf. i live near san diego and i would like some cash

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Sell them to Mexicans to use as furniture

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If you're good with wood working, unironically this. Heck even upsell the recycled part on etsy. Enough morons out there to eat that shit up.

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La Jolla retard
No shed full of stolen car parts in my yard pootuh

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>i live on the border so the illegals use it
>La Jolla


If you actually lived in La Jolla there's no fucking way you'd have two shipping containers in your yard, nice try.

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Wrong person Einstein

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Any reason it has to go on the roof? Can I just put panels on piles in the ground like a solar farm?

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yes you can put them anywhere really
in fact i have read an article that its more effective on a fence

but it has to do with codes regulation and space and how clever you are

you see if its attached to the house grid usually
it needs to be regulated and placed on the roof

but lets say you know how to set up solar units
like the all in one units
you can set one up on a gourney or a trailer
then its a mobile unit and you can lay the panels on the ground

saying this
you should look up how to ground it

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The issue is usually azimuth. At certain times of the year you may not get any power at all.

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Putting them on the roof is saving space. It is better to put it on the ground (on mounts in the correct angle), especially putting bifacial panels like that improves performance, plus you can clean them more easily if you live in a snowy area.

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Roof is dumb.
Ground mount is way to go.
You get exact angle you want
Service is easy
Snow is easily cleaned off
Easy to diy an angle adjustment

Leave your roof alone. It has a job to do, and likely isnt the optimal angle for harvesting kill o watts

Dont overthink it by imitating what companies get idiots to finance. Panel pointed at sun make power.
A big ass stump is effectively the same as a concrete ballast block

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What do I use my dad's large sockets for after he dies? As you can probably imagine, each set has a ratchet, breaker bar, some extensions and sockets. I only remember seeing him use the 3/4 set once or twice when I was younger.

picrel is an example for attention

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I got a 2" socket at a yardsale for .50 and a 3/4" breaker bar at Tractor Supply for $2

I EVENTUALLY got to use them once for tightening the nut back up on a hay spear, once

That was pretty satisfying

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>That was pretty satisfying
Yeah, my nuts got tight just reading that.

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I also got another large socket at the same yard sale, I can't even remember what size

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Maybe if you become a diesel mechanic. Just add it to your hoard and forget about it. Your kids will sell it for $5 during the estate sale.

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We use sockets like that at work, lots of heavy industry metalworking machines, presses, etc.

The more modern stuff uses a bunch of smaller bolts on a flange, the old stuff will have comically large nuts & bolts.

I think 4" is the largest one I've used that is a socket, larger than that are all striking wrenches.

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So this thing they keep advertising on YouTube is clearly a ChiCom scam designed to electrocute people. But it aroused my latent desire to weld.

/diy/, where does an adult man learn to weld properly so he doesn't inadvertently ride the lightning? not for a career, just for small jobs and maybe dumb art projects.

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Getting a stable weld is difficult enough with mma but I can't imagine how bad it would be with all the extra weight from that rig

>> No.2789074

Buy a $100 harbor freight Flux core buzz box and start practicing in your garage. It'll be spattery and messy, but it's the cheapest way to start learning. Plenty of online info. It's exceptionally hard to kill yourself welding unless you have the ground clamp snapped to your nipple or something.

If you're more serious about it, look at your local community College and see if they offer any intro welding classes.

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That thing would have a 5 second battery life, christ.
Also this, that would be horrendous to finesse around.

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I have a big yard with a nice view, I want to erect a pull up frame for gymnastic and calisthenic exercises. However, I don't want it to be an eye-sore whenever I go outside. Something that I can put in place and remove at any time with relative ease.

My idea is digging the holes out for the 2x4s, first putting cement in and throwing in some kind of metal seat or holder that I can slip the 2x4s in and out of. They would be tight enough to hold them strong, but wide enough to fit maybe a wedge of some sort to make sure they don't shift while I'm exercising on them.

Pic rel. is the idea.

What kind of contraption can I fit into the hole to seat the wood and are their better ways of going about this that I'm overlooking?


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Something like this.
Comes ready made, neat lid to stop it filling with dirt when not in use.

The issue probably isn't how to disguise the hole but what the fuck you're going to do with the top half when it's not in use.

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just mount it on an acme lead screw and attach one end to an electric motor then it can just go down level into the ground

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It should work albeit a little wobbly, also your foundation needs to be bigger than in your drawing understand that it has to support you + the extra weight from leverage of you moving on it.
Then i would recommend putting the foundation in place and screwing some andgle onto them, take a hole out of your 2x4 where you can pull through a screw like picrel which you can fasten to stay in place and then loosen when you are done working out.
The very best would be though to build something lasting you can leaver there and just design it so it wont be an eyesore

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Can you explain that a little more in detail please?

>> No.2789230

This answer is better than mine, very practical thinking!

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What do you recommend should be in it?
I'm talking about a base starting point toolbox ready for basic every day fixups and such.

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>paintbrushes, rollers, paint tray
>face respirator
Ah, thats a good one, may want to throw in saftey glasses too. Actually, saftey goggles, if dust from aggressive sanding is the concern, glasses wont cut it.

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>stupid strawman that might as well have been written in all caps
Apologies, good point, i shouldve trimmed that down, it would've been funnier if it was shorter anyway/. plz, allow me to rewrite it;
>someone buy tool that match

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>He thinks women know how to paint.
They're so dumb they actually use these fucking things

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Cordless drill
3d printer
Common screwdrivers
Razor knife
snap caps
Carving knife
Utility knife
match grade munitions
Some kind of Leatherman

Don't even bother buying hammers every tool is a hammer if you try hard enough

>> No.2789270

>Don't even bother buying hammers every tool is a hammer if you try hard enough
A claw hammer is actually pretty handy for removing nails. Though, ofc i don't actually use nails, because they are gay and screws are superior, but still.
My hammer actually spends alot of its time with like 10-20 layers of ductape on the head, so i can use it like a rubber mallet. As i find that most things i want to hammer on, i dont feel like marring the shit out of.

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i wish to build a standing desk, but wood seems to heavy for that, any ideas ?

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I made mine out of styrofoam and it is great. Except when the wind blows.

>> No.2789025

i made one out of dried cum. you'd be surprised how resilient the stuff is.
alternatively, one could take inspiration from a variety of african tribes and use dung.

>> No.2789066

>frogposter makes another abhorrent thread

>> No.2789067

Have you tried just using the floor?
>Already assembled
>Knows you well
>Always there to support you (and your stuff)
>Wasn't built by a retard
>You don't have to stand
You're welcome
I accept Bitcoin and cum tributes of William Shatner

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What does /diy/ think of my 12’ by 12’ deck design?

Any suggestions?

The joists (in yellow) are 16” apart starting from the top down.

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Also this,

My layout has the headers joined to the posts and the joists attached to the headers. It’s all on one plane. Is it really necessary to raise the joists like that? I’ve seen decks like this and appreciate the look but I’m trying to keep this as low to the ground as possible to avoid having to make a set of stairs/having to attach railings. I believe that the code in my area is “if it’s more than 9.5 inches tall it will need stairs”.

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Top image is correct. bottom 2 are not allowed. The theory is, is that with all the weight the deck stability shouldnt be placed on the shear strength of the fastener, but instead should be loaded onto the top of the post. Check your code first. If its allowed then u do u.

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Notched deck post

>> No.2789026

>placed on the shear strength of the fastener,
luckily thats not how fasteners work

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lucky me I think I developed swimmers ear or something after a trip to the ocean. the ear pain sucks enough but it's also putting pressure on my jaw hinge making it literally impossible to sleep. to top it off I have to catch a plane in the morning so 0 chance to go to the doctor for proper treatment.
is there anything I can do to effectively mitigate for the pain and swelling besides tylenol or am I just fucked until I can make it to a clinic?

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i buy fish antibiotics off the internet without a prescription for minor infections. very cost effective.

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Don’t listen to any of these nerds that say put something in your ear. If you feel pressure on the ear the infection/pus is 90% sure on inside of the eardrum, it either slowly goes away through your Eustachian tube or quickly when eardrum ruptures. Take paracetamol or ibuprofen to keep the pain under 4/10 and wait.

Never put alcohol in your ear or you’ll get a bonus outer ear infection to after the inner ear infection clears

>> No.2789157

Tylenol and Advil are honestly such a potent combo, just sucks the side effects of longterm use. Thankfully you have to take a metric ton of it in short order, or be maxing the dose for months on end.
>had to get a bunch of dental work done
>got 3 crowns at once
>lab fucked up the one so dentist had to put a temp crown on that tooth
>few days later, eating, suddenly feels like I got stabbed in the face
>fucked up crown turned out to be a blessing because that tooth ended up needing a root canal from how deep the decay went, drilling it out just finally "broke the dam"
>don't remember details, I think he was out of state for a week or two so couldn't see him
>couldn't sleep from the constant pain
>tylenol and advil made 90-95% of it go away
>lasted a solid 6-8 hours
>finally get in to see him
>gave me codeine so I could stop the advil/tylenol for a bit
>worked half as good, and less than half as long
>went back tylenol and advil
>got some vicodin for recovery
>didn't do shit either, more tylenol and advil for a few days
A while later I found out dad's side of the family seems to have some kind of opiate resistance, because a bunch of them have been on vicodin and related, and it didn't do shit for them either.

>> No.2789171

Burow's solution. You can get it over the counter as Domeboro or Domeboro Otic at many pharmacies. The former is a powder and the latter is ear drops. Both work, so get what is cheaper. One dose generally clears it up for me. If you get the powder, mix it with some water first and dump it in your ear. Leave it in there for a bit and then rinse it out. Symptoms should start improving after a few hours and be gone in a few days.

It is used to kill fungus and bacteria. It also has a drying effect. It won't help with the pain but it does help with itching, if you have that. It is also great for poison ivy/oak/sumac rashes and athlete's foot.

>> No.2789251

That's just one usage of the word "Doctor.. I went to look up the etymology because I liked your idea very much but it turns out a medical doctor is a physician. Literally comes from Chaucer.

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If I want water to get away from the side of my house on the ground(I have no slope really, it's all level surface), should I put dirt, sand or gravel?

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Does it need to be so girthy?

>> No.2789150

I deal with this kind of person all the time. The only way they will listen is if they are proven wrong through first hand experience. Even in defeat, OP will not admit to it and any solution offered here will become their next "original" idea.
Where is the water going to drain to, OP? Down into the ground? Water follows the path of least resistance.

>> No.2789249

OP is a perfect example of what happens when youre stupid and buy the last / cheapest lot in a sub division.

>> No.2789272

Ah. The infamous water schlong

>> No.2789274

OP what you need is a draw bridge

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I bought pic related to jerk off to 3d porn on the go.

Now I thought that i can 3d print a slim adapter to turn those shitty glasses into IR-NVG. I am using a Raspberry Pi zero right now and planning to upgrade to a Raspberry pi 5.
But now I have a tiny hiccup. Video doesnt work.

Any of you have experience with raspbian and exotic display options? If you are interested I can keep posting my progress.

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Sounds interesting tell/show us more.
I need to upgrade from converting video to analglyph and using pic rel

>> No.2788760

Not interested buh bye now

>> No.2788775

UBC video glasses, that can play ultra wide side by side Video.

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who the fuck buys these hideous things anyway? it seems like every boomer is buying a bambu to churn out as many ugly dragons and designs stolen from thingiverse as they can as fast as possible because they all think they can get rich or something

>> No.2788887

I like it

>> No.2788910

I like it. I'm trans btw.

>> No.2789206

Maybe some esoteric hippies? They're selling badly to mediocre printed colosseums and cesar heads in Rome these days and boomers buy them up.

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I want a geodesic dome addition on my house. I want size picrel. I know this is masochism.

Question is how would you go about this? I was thinking metal frame with premade adapters at the corners to properly angle the whole thing. Pair that with premade triangle panels in wood frame with glass installed. I think this glass part is where the money will end up.

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>> No.2788885


it wont have any form of insulation even if you use doublepane storm glass and spend an assload it will effectively be an insanely hot greenhouse in summer and refrigerator in winter either way.

they are pretty cool but i would plan on making it easy to isolate from the rest of your house as this will become a thermal nightmare if not.

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they need to be adapted to climate
they exsist in norther climates because even at like regular weather is cold
the greenhouse needs to have a use
i have also seen a video of a guy building it in the ground in a greenhouse
in northern climate

otherwise yes it will cost a lot
the cheapest being wood and polycarbonate

here in souther california
they do make some that are framed and concrete formed
they become fire proof and good for the hot weather
this is cheapest
companies do this

>> No.2789169


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File: 144 KB, 1200x835, 5fefa36c4c42ad0bf596d0b3688fa267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not impossible to mitigate solar heat gain and maintain a stable interior atmoshere using glass this way, just expensive.

Picrel is the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg FL which is as tightly climate and light controlled as any other museum, and perfectly comfortable both temperature and light level-wise beneath the glass areas even in the direct midday FL sunshine.

One thing for the OP to note though is that great care has been taken to avoid any acute angles in the exterior surfaces where the glass protrudes from the boxy portion of the building envelope, so that all water is directed away from the joints and no valleys or "bird's mouths" are formed that might direct water anywhere but quickly away from those major potential leak areas.

Just placing a done near a box and having the two intersect does the exact opposite and is a recipe for headaches from rain, snow and dirt/debris, birds nests, etc. or when attempting maintenence and repairs.

>> No.2789181

Design seems smart, actually stupid.
Very little unable space, huge waste of framing materials, weak structure (yes really)

For a greenhouse like structure build a yurt shape, twice the usable space. Better still just build a regular ass barn.

If you want the round shape for aesthetic reasons consider earth/ cement composite. Strong, cheap, no framing. Then put windows in it.

If you want the transparent dome, consider building a tent. Build a glue together polly structure, put elbows in the joins to spread the load, heat seal some plastic to form a waterproof structure, use guywires to support it, commit to replacing the plastic every few years.

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How do I know which one is the closest to the real thing?

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>> No.2788868

>a man with one watch knows what time it is
>a man with two watches is never sure
the top one starts at 1/4". add on a 1/4 inch or do not use the first section

>> No.2788873

Yeah, just tape a quarter to it.

>> No.2788875

Never go to sea with two chronometers!
Take one or three.

>> No.2789082

Yeah you….

>> No.2789183

I send all my tapes off to get calibrated twice a year. It’s worth the lab fees if your a pro.

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For 38 bucks how bad can it be?

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>> No.2788865

>max torque 250 ft lbs
like other anon said, it won't hit 200 probably

and even if it did, that's fucking pathetic for the size of it, just get an impact driver. for heavy duty nuts and bolts, a 3 ft. cheater bar will give you more torque with no air compressor and probably be cheaper
for light stuff, a driver will fair better

>> No.2788869

>Implying anyone on this shithole website will actually use their tools a lot.

Whew lad...

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If you’re guessing and are tempted to buy it as your first 1/2” gun, you probably don’t have a compressor large enough to get near that 250lbs or whatever the actual max is.

Also cheap air tools are cheap to make. They will work, but not great and not for long. It’s not much cheaper than all the other store brand bottom end guns.

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Git gud at finding deals, scrubs

>> No.2789162

I got one of those from harbor freight 20 years ago free with an air compressor

It makes impact wrench noises but it won’t break anything loose

It mostly takes air spins it around the anvmand purges it into the air

I can almost smell the Chinese oil smell you get when you run this now even 25+ years later

Pro tip don’t buy harbor freight air compressors