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Planning on making this Sub-Zero hood for my cosplay myself. Which material would work best here?

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Not sure if this is the correct place for this but I need advice and ideas from people who are handy.

My situation is this, I live in a tiny house and recently became disabled and will have to use a wheelchair a lot to get around.

What I am looking for is to replace my furniture with new furniture that provides either convenience (for example combining two pieces of furniture into one) or furniture that can just save space.

Ideally I'd like to start in the bedroom and then the bathroom and then work my way to other rooms which are less used and bigger.

Picture related. It's an ottoman bed that is both smaller than the one I have and the mattress can be lifted up for storage space where I could out other stuff to make even more space for a wheelchair.

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Never done a mask so I don't know anything about materials but how can I do something like this?

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The same way you do anything else. Lots of prototypes, adding features step-by-step, and solving problems along the way.

What exactly are you asking here?

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I don't know how you would even start? Apparently, you've got to do this weird thing with paper first and fine
tb h im asking way too late, ive got like 6 days to make this thing

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chicken wire
paper mache
screen for the eyes
dog hair from a groomers or something

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build it out of a bike helmet and use paper mache like anon above said, 6 days is plenty time

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Alright, nice and thanks
Cool cool, thanks anon

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I want to rip out an old alcove tub and replace it with a new one. The alcove is 60x32. I decided against tiling it and will go with a tub surround.

Most tubs we've seen are all narrow and more for soaking rather than showering, we found a good quality one however more suited for showering but its 30".

Here's my issue: The tub surrounds come 32" wide side wall pieces and are meant to have their bottom sit just above the deck. If I install the tub surround on top, there will be a gap indicated in my picture, what do I do to not make this look like shit? Do I rip the surround down to 30 and just have a 2" gap from the alcove corners? Do I try to match a piece of acrylic and try to make it look like the tub is extending out further?

(Not looking to put in a shower only, also they do sell taller surrounds meant for shower /w no tub that I could trim to the side but for 250$ more.. bit too much)

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I bought some stuff that should be attached to wall and it came with screws & plugs as well. However the plugs are like the half size of the screws, so as far as I can see half the screw will be on loose inside the wall. Is that normal? Should I just buy longer ones?

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Or maybe that means I am only supposed to drill for the length of the plugs and force the screw in, that sounds hard though

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The anchors are made for drywall. It's only so thick so that any length beyond the thickness of the drywall is meaningless. Also, the end of the anchor will expand beyond the edge of the drywall to further secure it. If you are not drilling into drywall but, say, studs, you don't need the anchors.

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Bit of a different topic for this board but I would like to share my efforts to reduce my muscle and nerve pain and I would also like anyone to chime in with more ideas on how to solve these problems

So I have what I believe to be "referred" nerve pain that probably originates in my spine or shoulder and manifests itself as burning/heavy pain in my bicep. It's already been happening for 8 years now off and on depending on if I'm exercising or doing hard work, and I have tried every type of medicine, doctor, and tool under the sun to make it go away to no avail. Here's what actually works for me

1) Simply do not use the muscle. This is hard for people with spine or shoulder problems, or also people with sciatica, but I have found that all advice about "if you exercise it will promote x y z healing benefits!!" to be completely wrong. Exercising anything more than walking just brings the nerve pain back worse than a dull ache.

2) Skip breakfast and maybe lunch too: For me, fasting has been a good way to reduce inflammation in my body while still being able to eat tasty food. Just don't eat all day and you should be good

3) Avoid fad machines like TENS and chiropractors and massages. If your issue is a nerve issue, the above things are just making you feel good temporarily. The pain will come back because the issue is the nerve, not the muscle. You just feel the nerve pain in the muscle.

Lastly, I'd like to ask if there's any home remedy or technique for aiding with nerve pain. I've tried things like flexeril and gabapentin but they have side effects and are prescription only. If there's a way to block nerve pain signals, I'd be curious to hear about it, thanks!

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TENS machine is useful for healing broken bones, chiropractors are useful for taking your money and giving people strokes.
You need to know what your nerve pain is actually stemming from.
I had severe referred nerve pain in my shoulder and neck because I have wrecked teeth. Got a few teeth fixed it went away. I also had a neck injury so my neck pops and gets real stiff, that nerve pain rides up the face up to the forehead and in the back of the throat.
I knew exactly where the pain was coming from, went to physical therapy and they exercised muscles around the bad disc so that my body would automatically realign slowly and naturally. Then it's just pain management when you go out of bounds and you aggravate it.

Some nerve pain is neurological not skeletal-muscular in origin, so you need to see a doctor and pinpoint it. But good posture fixes a lot of nerve pain, and good posture is not code word for "pay a quack chiropractor to pop your back"

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Glad to hear it :) I believe that my pain is coming somewhere from c4 to c7 area of my spine. Somewhere along the way from my neck to my fingers, I believe that scar tissue is impinging a nerve and when I exercise then that just more impingement and interaction and pain.

I don't really want to spend the money to get irradiated and have them search for something that, if they can even remove it, might not fix the problem or even make it worse.

Is there a technique other than not aggrivating the affected area?

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>spend the money to get irradiated
dont be achitzo its not dangerous

also yes i agree that people are talking out their ass when they say "just walk it off" style of just excercise i out when you have nerver pain because the only way to make it subside is to stop the inflammation ...but excercising the muscle group that supports the surrounding tissue causes less rubbbing and therefore less inflamation and is nescessary to get better

also going to one family doctor and general practitioner is not worthy of "i spoken to doctors they didnt help shit"...medicine is an exposure and experience type of science and going to multiple doctors with specific areas of expertise is required to get a proper diagnosis...go get an xray and if possible ct scan and then go to a neurologist AND a psyical sports therapist (or two) and get their opinion ...there is always something to do

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I have lots of small salvaged electric motors laying around and I have ideas for fun shit to use them on, but how the fuck do you attach anything to the little dildo rod that comes out of it? Is there a special fitting for it that screws on tightly somehow?

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I've used ink pen tubes and superglue for light duty applications like gearboxes etc. for automatons.

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measure the diameter of the shaft, you can get gears that you just need to press on it

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shaft coupling with a set screw, check ebay and amazon. if you're concerned with it slipping just grind a flat section into the motor shaft.

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By a breeding pair of mice and 40,000 hamster wheels, move house near a maize farmer.

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Attach propellers and turn them into little wind generators.

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can I use a tire compressor to power an airbrush? 2 problems: power and pressure. for power I suppose I can just use a regular 12V battery instead of buying a car, but what about the pressure? from what I've seen on google all I need to do is find a few screws and that's it. is it really that simple to drop 300PSI to 20PSI? just a few screws loose?

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I've been noticing cracks like these on some doorways in my home. There are others on doorways in basement on the same side of the house. Are these due to settlement or is something in the foundation fucking up?

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Shitty drywall placement. Don't put seams at doors. Put a horseshoe shaped piece over the door. Regular door use will cause what you have otherwise.

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What's the most solitary trade? I really don't like working in a team so I'd like to know which ones id be left alone in

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i bought a metal pot at a thrift store for 3 dollars. it has a tapered opening, and i want to bend it somehow to give it a pour spout. what is the best way of going about this? i tried clamping it in a vice and bending it with my hands but it makes the spout too wide and creates a bump where the end of the grip was. this makes the liquid diverge and reconverge just before exiting the container, which is not a huge problem but it's not what i want, especially when pouring hot wax, which is what ill be using the pot for

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forgot pic. here is a profile and bird's eye drawing of the pot. red is what i want it to look like

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Didn't there used to be a perpetual van thread on this board?

Post your vans

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My current plan

>remove the left seats
>bolt motorcycle wheel chock to floor

>weld extensions onto front 4 seat frames on right to make folding bed

>remove rear 2 seat frames on right
>weld toolbox base on seat base

I'm gunna need more storage but idk where to put it

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hi all,

need your help.

i want to make my front lawn not look like shit, but first thing i need to do is identify the type of grass i have.

i'm located in Perth, Western Australia.


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Ah, okay. Is there enough budget and time to do the whole lawn if you nuke it by accident? Starting from square one, it’ll be easy to get a nice uniform lawn.

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rather not desu. its not too far gone. might need to pay some cunt to mow it and ask him which type it is. waste of $

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pave over it with concrete and put astroturf on top

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Sedges have edges grasses are flat
Cyperacae (sedges) are very difficult to identify to species.

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well, spray a small box and see if it kills it in 2 weeks.

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Beginner here. Can I avoid using these pieces of shit? Is there a simpler solution for nice cuts?

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Just draw a pencil line and cut the thing straight.

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To be honest, you're going to see plenty of marking tools, jigs etc. in wood working.

If you just go "this is STUPID, is there an EASIER way?" all the time then you're actually going to make it harder for yourself and lower the quality of your work just because you feel like not using tools.

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Get a miter saw. Then you can avoid using a shitty miter box. They are all over the place these days, I bet you could pick up a used one for $50 or less...

I bought a 10" refurbished Ryobi miter saw (pic related) probably 12 years ago for less than $100. It's still my go to saw for quick miters, bevels, and trim work. I only get the 12" sliding miter saw out for wider stuff that the 10" doesn't have enough reach to cut through.

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name a more pointless job than interior designer

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Lol how is drowning real? Like inhale some air and float nigga. Just float to the edge. Then walk away.

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basically any modern white collar job, especially if you can work from home

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Roadside sign spinner dude

>> No.1937462

paper-pushing beaurocrat

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not him but i don't float
even if i breathe in all the way and hold my breath my nose is underwater

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Are there any specific YouTube channels or blogs that you guys recommend to learn home improvement from?

Buying my first house and want to take my hand at small renovations until a build the courage up to do something grand, I have 0 experience and I just don’t want to find a random YouTube video about installing a door and have my house burn down.

Are there any reputable channels for a beginner?

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This is my favorite. Especially for beginners. She very clearly and carefully explains a lot of stuff without any of the bs filler that some other channels have. No theme song or stupid jokes. I learned a lot from this channel.

She is black though, I don't know if that's going to be a problem given how much you people love women and people of color.

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Seejanedrill and This Old House is solid advice OP.


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>taking advice from a woman
Oh nonononono

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>people of color
You have to go back

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Soi defence mechanism.

Jane has more test than either of you


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Undecided new voter here. I have socialist tendencies and I totally support 2a. Who do I vote for? Are we fucked in general? Anon, guide my hand.

Pic unrelated

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>> No.1937045


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God garter straps are SSSS+ tier

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ngl, he's pretty hot. You think he has a big cock?

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u should hang yourself by tits commie bitch.

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Is it possible to make a dugout, big enough to live in for few days, that reasonably cannot be expected to be found even with today's Search Tech?
Does anyone has any experience in such topics? Are they Viable in European Forests? How do you get Air Circulation/Rainwater out without Reavealing the position?

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>Even with Today's search tech
Just attend your hearing.

>> No.1937189

there's people who've managed to live innawoods for years, even fairly near towns (which some of them have scavenged from). It's very possible. Those people didn't have search teams combing the area for them though. If your threat model includes drones with IR cameras then you have serious problems.

>> No.1937467

you cannot hide from us, Austin

>> No.1937472

>search teams combing the area
Does that ever really happen? Most fugitives just get picked up later on warrants.

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For anyone who takes cold baths and doesn't like the hassle of washing the bathtub, I just thought of a nifty workaround: poly tarp, aka plastic drop sheets. The idea is to line the bathtub with plastic sheeting, tape the edges to the wall and tub edge, and then fill the bathtub with cold water. Then dump ice as needed, and get in. When done, poke a hole over the drain to empty the tub and dispose of the plastic. There's enough on a $15 roll for 20 baths.

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wow, what an absolutely retarded idea. 5 min or less with a sponge vs buying stuff. How many piss bottles are you hoarding?

>> No.1937094

Old news. I use this same trick to avoid buying a toilet brush. Just line the toilet bowl with plastic wrap, take a shit, flush and then throw away the plastic and the toile it still clean. Wah lah

>> No.1937104

I just line my ass with plastic wrap and shit while posting on 4chan. Peel off the plastic wrap diaper and throw it away and the toilet never even gets used...

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Were you in the israeli army? I learned the comforts of diapers there

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I just shit directly in the plastic wrap and throw it out the window... toilet is like new.

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Dangers of (((PEX))) Pipes and why you should never use them.
Plenty of people currently are reporting that PEX pipes make the shower smell like gasoline because of ETBE (chemical sometimes added to gasoline) or the water from the kitchen taps taste like acetone, wax, or plastic. But wait there is more..

Rodents are known to chew on PEX pipe, known to aid in the development of some bacteria-forming biofilms when used with non-chlorinated water systems, extremely sensitive to UV light, PEX can be damaged by chemicals, PEX isn’t antibacterial, Most PEX pipes fail in less than 10 years and then you have another problem which is mold. PEX pipes is the new asbestos because it creates toxic water!


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There is. Chinese copper is bad. Chilean copper is good. Mexican copper is good. Idk about US, or EU copper, but I guess they are good too.

>> No.1937425

I only used pex once, never again. It's nowhere near as easy to work with as they say, you got to spend $110 for a crimper, you got to strap the shit down way more than copper pipe because it flexes and moves all over the place with water hammer. The fittings and crimps are expensive, unless you get the cheap plastic ones, then it just seems like you're playing with fire.

All in all, all things considered, it seems like copper is only slightly more expensive and about as much work to install it, plus it lasts a hell of a lot longer, is way more durable, and your water doesn't taste like a ghetto swimming pool afterwards.

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what about lead pipes?

>> No.1937431

The pipes have different ratings for thin or thick walls.

>> No.1937433

Don't leach shit if you don't move and have proper water.

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Retard here. I have this light fixture from the 70s that broke but I also have two old pendant hanging lights from the 1920s that work in the garage. However they're wired with 14 or 16 gauge and the two wires that drop from the ceiling are 12g. The circut is on a 15amp breaker.

Can I go from the 12g and wire it into the thinner 14g or 16g on the fixtures?

>> No.1936909

we have an eternal thread called sqtddtot which you can find in the catalog in the future

>> No.1936916

Sparky here. Yea you can. Wire sizing of fixtures is often smaller than the branch wiring provided you dont exceed the load indicated on the fixture...which is pretty hard to do these days with LEDs. Wrap the smaller wire of the fixture around your supply wires before putting finalizing your connection.

>> No.1936924

How many amps is the fixture pulling? Certainly not enough to matter if its just a few light bulbs.

>> No.1936932


They're some Bryant fixtures from the 1920s. They look to be in pretty good shape except the old wiring is crumbling. So I plan on replacing that. I should note the house itself is about 100 years old with 75% of the original knob and tube.

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>need to use spray paint
>grab unused can I bought a year or two ago
>shake for 10 years
>try to spray a test pass
>find another mostly full can that is clean
>try test pass
>remove and try to clean nozzle with acetone
>try to jab free with wire
>repeat every time the rare time I bother to use spray paint
I'm sure it isn't possible to make a consumable product even more irritating to use if a team of engineered actively tried to do so. Even a new can is 50/50 odds of it acting like shit.

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>> No.1936936

But you gotta do it at first use not later.

>> No.1936941

Of course.

>> No.1937434

>he shakes his spray paint

>> No.1937438

Keep going until you cant hear the ball rattle anymore newbie

>> No.1937468


>He's never heard of warm water

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What podcasts do you listen to?

Diy related, science, etc

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the daily shoah

>> No.1936929

What would I listen to a Jew and glow of n the dark radio show?

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And yet you have no proof that any of them are Jews or feds. Kill yourself.

>> No.1936937

Not Podcasts but good Youtube channels....

Donn DIY

Sampson Boat Co

Diesel Creek

Jesse Muller

>> No.1937088


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