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How hard is one of these to install for the layman? Is it worth it to buy a heat pump mini-split as opposed to the A/C only versions even if you already have propane heat? Seems like they are pretty much all heat pumps, plus the tax credits... just seemed kinda dumb to buy heating ability when I already have propane boiler/in-floor heat.

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>currently sitting under the cool breeze of my 4 zone diy mrcool pondering the haters boiling in the stew of their own bodily filth
Do it anon

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I've been cooming on the same spot on my desk for the past year without wiping it down afterwards and now there is a thick resin like substance that's stuck to the surface of my desk. I tired to scrap it off, but it's like trying to chip away at stone I'm afraid of damaging the desk. Is there any nonabrasive solvent that will dissolve it?

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You're afraid of damaging the desk?

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are we allowed to watch and enjoy content from a creator without agreeing with all of their beliefs and opinions? like they do something clearly wrong and retarded...can we just shrug and continue?

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I don't like half the people who's content/music/etc I enjoy and still enjoy it.

Most actors/directors have awful beliefs and opinions and as long as the movie's good that's fine. My doctor is super super right wing, that doesn't matter when he's taking my blood pressure. Plenty of online content creators have weird fringe opinions and as long as they don't bring it up every video it's okay.

I don't have the time or energy to be the dogma police.

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>that doesn't matter when he's taking my blood pressure.
Its going to matter when you have actual health issues and need actual advice.

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Ditto this but add that 'content creators' are not as irreplaceable as a doctor or a musician. You can't go five feet without running into someone trying to make it in some niche Youtube community these days. You can probably find someone else who isn't a kook making something close to what they are if you're willing to dig a little bit.

It's probably not a big deal if you don't care about their politics but if it's actively making you uncomfortable to watch them it's not a big deal to drop them either. Just don't be sanctimonious about it either way.

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well it matters how they feel about you
cliqueishness is disturbung

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I wouldn't do much of the shit Camerata does, but I still like to watch. Same for Pakistani Truck.

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Can I weld exhaust pipe with a stick welder?

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Isn’t that the worst welding technique?

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I will pray for you

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>>2624231 it is if you have no idea how to weld

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No, stick welding is by far the worst welding technique for exhaust. By a large margin

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Flux core is ugly, and the wire costs more than solid core wire.
So relative to standard MIG, its sucky and nobody likes it.
The problem is, nobody is actually comparing it to Stick, because nobody fucking uses stick. Its dudes who have high end MIG machines running gas calling it shit.
They are also calling Stick garbage too.

Fluxcore is actually cleaner and prettier (marginally) than stick is.

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All my tools were recently thrown away (just a hodgepodge of cheap/free shit I acquired over the years) and I have a $2k budget to resupply. I just spent $1k at Home Depot on various Makita tools, but think I'm going to return everything, save for the free batteries. Picrel looks like a good deal, but honestly I don't have any projects lined up atm just feel a bit naked without power tools. Should I wait til holiday season? Any advice on good deals rn?

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>"No no no, you dont understand. Its actually a Maserati! Look up the parent company Stellantis!"

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This is largely why I bought into makita, plus japs make good stuff. But the arguements for Milwaukee are strong, like the other talking about a grease gun

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>This is largely why I bought into makita
Makita is still publicly traded, so you didnt even accomplish anything.
They just slap Makita name on their high end, middle, and low end, their export tools and domestic only line of tools while still being beholden to stockholders.

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I am a serious DIYer i went with Milwaukee mainly because of their impacts. I bought a 1/2" and 3.8" fuel and use them all the time. And once you invest in something with batteries you want your tools to all be able to use the same battery pack. I slowly accumulated my tools by needing them to perform various jobs. My Sawzall probably sees the most work followed by the 1/2" impact.

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Fair point, luckily I only bought into them today and will be returning what I bought anyway.

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So for context, my CRT TV identifies as a grayscale CRT, despite being born a color TV. I want to for the 100th time take it apart and see if there's anything sus looking that I replace or reflow the solder on in the hopes of fixing it. I got sick of discharging it via screwdriver so I made this....thing.

Will dumping a bunch of electricity down the earth pole of an outlet flip the main breaker (considering that only ground is connected)? My electrician friend was kinda unsure about it, I think he said something about the breaker measuring the diff between neutral and earth and as neutral isn't connected it might be fine.

t. retard who repairs his electronics but doesn't know anything about electricity

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No, it shouldn't trip the breaker. If you have a GFCI on the circuit you discharge to then it might trip. Even if it does, just reset it. If your wiring is properly grounded you'll be fine.

You do know that instead of a plug you could've attached an alligator clip to the end and clamped it onto anything metal that's grounded right?

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>CRT TV identifies as a grayscale CRT, despite being born a color TV
jesus what year is it

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First off, I know that the numbers aren't accurate, but getting accurate numbers is too much effort to add nothing to the concept.

So this system where you funnel 100lbs of water down from 10x10in to 1x1in should theoretically raise the water pressure to 100psi. But it doesn't. Why not? I know I'm dumb for asking this but there's no stupid questions. So what's missing to make this not work?

I'm trying to design something to use just the weight of water and gravity to increase water pressure, without electricity or anything, so if there's any ways to do that, please tell me

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>Are you sure that's right?
You sound vaxxinated.

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not an expert on burger units but isn't psi pound-force and not pounds?
you're correct that the pressure from the weight from your object would increase by a factor of 100 but hydrostatic pressure is only dependent on the height. just think of it as a one square inch tube that goes from bottom to the top. it has a weight and exerts a force on that one square inch.
but i'm not going to do hydrostatic calculations in burger units, i don't hate myself that much yet

>I'm trying to design something to use just the weight of water and gravity to increase water pressure, without electricity or anything, so if there's any ways to do that, please tell me
here, what do i win? but you're not going to get any flow rate out of this. not sure what you're trying to achieve and depending you're going to violate the first law

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oh wait i suppose you could drain the upper reservoir once it's in its lowest position, raise the piston with a spring, refill whatever you want pressurised, and fill the reservoir again to repeat the process, but honestly i'd just get a pump

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Just put a lid on it and attach an air compressor to it. Then you can pressurize it to whatever you like without needing four more years of engineering school.

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....or just get a pump

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I need to make several 1-3/8" holes in some stainless steel drums. Did I fuck up by buying this ($179) over a step bit or holesaw?

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You're going to have a hell of a time using that on stainless steel. I would've probaby used a cutting torch to open the holes up since drilling is gonna be a bitch too.

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You are going to hate life if you have very many holes to do. Return it and get a step-drill if they go up to 1.375, otherwise get a hole saw

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>stainless steel drums
What thickness are we talking? That sounds miserable. Do you care about the edges that a hole saw would leave?

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I've posted this before, but make sure there is no residual flammable material in the drum when you drill the hole, especially if it is closed head. People blow out their eardrums or worse all the time when a tiny bit of gasoline or solvent is left over in the drum and they drill into it and make a spark.

Sorry, I don't know about your choice of tool, just don't want to see someone go deaf over this.

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I would have got a nice hole saw, or look for a used mag drill+cheap annular cutter.

If the drums are thin a holesaw would have done fine.

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How profitable is gold refining and selling your own bars?

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you seem sure
obviously so much smarter than the all legit mexicans who could smelt it themselves
so what's the point of this thread?
get to work
laugh at me from the deck of your mega yacht

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ok i will FUCKER

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You can just say it's stolen.

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You will never be a foundry.

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Shhhhh, we don't say that around it.

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This thread is about stories you have when you made some big bad financial mistakes, like gambling your life savings on stocks or buying expensive luxury items. Tell us how much you lost and what way you recovered. I think it's for to learn if anons ever worked 2 or 3 jobs and what they learned from the experience. I am currently in an tough spot. After working for 6 months earning 1800 a month and saving away 1600 and then switching jobs and earning 2140 for 3 months i blew away my money. After this experience 1k is all that remained of my balance and if i lost my job that was it . Luckily I have fought hard and although my intitial reaction was fear and heavy anxiety, it planted the seed to want to work more and harder and really love grinding. That's why i am starting my second job this saturday to increase my monthly salary by 19 percent. I know have 2,9k in my bank account and this taught me to be humble, build an emergency fund, learn that i can fuck myself over worse than inflation or goverment and that I should spend money by investing in myself when I got the chance. This thread isn't about me, but after making many threads, I really haven't heard anything from 4chan that spoke to my predicament or inspired me to hustle and work more/hader. Let's go!

So why did I post this on /diy/? It's because you guys know money is time and you're livingin reality about the fact that you have to exchange your time for money, so yeah.

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hey hey take it to /o/ asshole

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take this shit to /lgbt/ you fucking faggot

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Take this to /r9k/ you pink assholed breedable fuck muffin

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How about getting 1 decent job instead of working 2 mediocre jobs you dingbat
Spend your time and money making yourself worth more, then find an avenue to make said money.

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wrong board idiot

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I'm trying to repair my EXCAVATOR by myself so i can continue to dig under my neighbor's house. It is fucking old, so it is hard to find all the components I need on internet and some of them haven't the ID. I found a manual:
"KOMATSU PC02-1A and PC03-1 operation and maintenance manual"
But the PDF version of this manual costs around 100$!
Is there any website where I can find this PDF knowledge for free as it should be? (I tried with my already known websites but nothing).

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This. Gonna have to get nonlinear with your search, and probably learn what would otherwise be a bunch of unnecessary things on the way.

>> No.2624115

I don't really care about helping you but;

>so i can continue to dig under my neighbor's house

I'm intrigued by this

>> No.2624129

>so i can continue to dig under my neighbor's house.
You know what? I don't want to know.

I'd just buy the manual. A quick google search popped up a couple sites selling the manual for $60 or less. Once you have it, scan it and upload/torrent it to spite them.

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Don't pay for digital manuals. It's a Mexican scam. Only buy copies from eBay

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>how do i use this thing properly?
i work in not so disciplined company i guess, and i barely got any instructions, or different one from each person(no bad blood, just how it is)
>is metal bits on magnet big deal?
should i clean them off after each hole, and obsessively make sure magnet is clean, could it be weakening the drill? also i take bit longer than other people, do i use bit of force. also how long do blades last usually?

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is putting metal plate below metal im drilling(given its bit thin) stabilize the drill? or im being stupid? cant find specific answers exactly on youtube, but g2g for basics

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>is metal bits on magnet big deal
If you're using the only kind of magdrill I know of which is essentially a little drill press on a big magnetic brick, yes cleaning that shit is important. If you have chips and dirt on the contact points you risk the drill moving and you're fucked.
Do it right, like all processes the setup is important.

>> No.2623971

>also i take bit longer than other people, do i use bit of force
Forgot to mention it is fine to use some muscle as long as you're wetting that shit with rapidtap like you're about to go balls deep

>> No.2623981

thats what i assumed thanks. also i gotta use pin thats not too big for blade right? like just couple millimeters longer

>> No.2624026

Yes, metal is what the magnet holds on to.

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I'm doing a front windshield replacement on an old car.
OEM seal was a butyl seal with a copper-ish 12v heating wire inside to heat it up for easy install/removal. Replacement is not deliverable. Is applying a thin heating wire into a butyl sausage and DIY'ing a viable option?

>> No.2623985

Weird. What kind of car? All the new stuff uses urethane adhesive. Any reason you can't use that?

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How do you fill water into a barrel using a hose and barrel that are airtight?

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Two hoses: one for water, the other for the air

>> No.2624055

You pump out the air. The water will replace it.

>> No.2624146

Practically speaking?
Fit the hose to the vessel as normal.
Feed a thinner hose through the real hose.
Rotate the barrel so that the outlet is highest.
Feed water into the barrel through the narrower hose by pushing it.
Or drawing the air out of the larger, thereby sucking in water through the narrower.

>> No.2624210

Use an air vent with a check valve.

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You need a spot for the air to go, ideally on top of the liquid you're dispensing. If it's airtight the whole way through, you'll need two hoses; no other way about it. Pic related will keep pressure equilibrated while gravity dispenses the liquid. If it's flammable or reactive I recommend a nitrogen or argon sweep, as well as grounding all containers.
Also, this is a stupid question/questions that don't deserve their own thread kinda post. Post more ladybots now.

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I want to completely block the sunlight from a window like this. I'm tired of taping alluminium paper against it every summer.

Any cheap ways to achieve it?

Also a bonus, a mosquito net would help a lot.

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* 3d printed my own handle

>> No.2623924

Blackout curtains truly work and mine are great. The angle your windows are at is really fucky but a way around it may be getting a second bar to hold the bottom. It is not ideal but may be your best option.

>> No.2623925

looking at the picture, that room is clearly not above the trees.

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Two way mirror foil, and one of these on the inside.

>> No.2624046

cut out some light filter like they use in filter? maybe beige colored.

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I'm doing the skirting in my house, and was going to scribe/join all the corners, but the local hardware store has these things for internal and external corners that you use instead. Are they any good, or am I going to regret it?

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Not sure if it matters, but it's floor skirting I'm doing. Will be a combination of nails and glue.

>> No.2623850

Never used them but honestly cutting trim with a chop saw is so easy I can't really see the point for a one-off job. Now if you're a construction company churning out cucksheds by the hundreds, then it starts to make a lot of sense. Faster and less chance for Pedro to fuck it up

>> No.2624185

Fair point, I thought they might look nicer than my first attempt at skirting.

I don't suppose you have any insight as to why a lot of the tutorials use super glue+activator on their joints instead of wood glue? I know wood glue is slower drying, but would the super glue joins break the second your Mrs aggressively vacuums the house?

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if you finished an attic by yourself what would be the cost, I want to neet off my mom with the privacy of an apartment.

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Still Id like to get laid with out introducing them to mom yet Id rather give my mom the rent money in home improvement equity

>> No.2623780

Fucking nigger, your mom gave you everything to start a life and now you’re throwing it away and asking for more. At least be man enough to ask her if it’s okay to bring partners over.

>> No.2623782

I'm looking into to finishing the space above her garage and turn it into an apartment instead of paying rent to a landlord when I go back to school. She wants her own life and I want my own, I just don't know what the ball park material cost would be if I did the labor. My brother is a mechanical and machine learning engineer so I have some one with brains to help me plan it if its in the realm of possible .

>> No.2623791

>the space above her garage
That's a very vague description. How big is it? Is it damp-proof? Is it insulated? Does it have a power supply?

>> No.2623793

I'm drunk so I can't remember the square footage but it is un insulated, the garage is set on its on circuit for welding and what not ant the space was intended to be converted to room years ago and framed that way from the beginning

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I don't plan on hurting others with it, I simply wish to make money by selling it to the protesters in my country. The people in my country are so pathetic at protesting. A few smoke bombs should show our government that we are serious

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>> No.2623885

bleach + iodine
thank me later

>> No.2623911 [DELETED] 

part 2

>> No.2623940

glycerin vape bomb

>> No.2623943

I replicated this guy, and they work fabulously
you dont need to get into the fancy plaster plugs details, all you need is the mix, thick enough container so it wont burn thru, and top plugged with gypsum with small hole (otherwise it burns too fast and not a lot of smoke)

Recipe is:
Parafin wax = 40 parts
KNO3 = 50 parts
sugar = 32 parts
Dont forget to grind the nitrate and sugar to fine powder.

>> No.2624039

Pingpong ball smoke bombs are cheap especially if you can buy the balls in bulk, check youtube

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Stop making fun of me

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This >>2623661

>> No.2623670

I've got a set of ryobi tools and they're fine for a swinging dick that needs to cut some boards or whatever once every few months. As >>2623637 said I've noticed that the battery capacity is kinda weak but for your average homeowner they're all you need.

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Stay strong King.

>> No.2624062

i got a ryobi plug in, better torque

>> No.2624163

perfectly good tools

The rest of their products are suspect to bad which I don't understand when Rigid and Milwaukee are capable brands all under TTI.

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What could I do with a cheap stick welder?

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>> No.2623948

Shove it up your ass

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Just literally saw picrel for sale today; you'd have to be in Europe, though

>> No.2624008

Power supply for a gpu (12v at 45A)

>> No.2624106

So, what is the consensus? Is a cheap MIG welder better option than a cheap stick welder?

>> No.2624116

>What could I do with a cheap stick welder?
Stick it up your ass and weld your sphincter shut.

How the fuck do we know if you can craft anything? I'm gonna guess "no" based on the level of autism you're displaying.

If you're so poor why'd you buy a welder at all?

Practice welding shit together. Gather up a bunch of old nuts and bolts and weld them into little sculptures that you could sell. Start a business doing welding repairs for people. You can make money fixing small shit that regular shops don't want to bother with.

The possibilities are endless anon.

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