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Cool microwave, my dude.

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How many watts is that bad boy pumpin out?

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put an egg in it.

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I work in a little business and I want to know what is it and how it works. To avoid this.

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Give it up jamal

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two kinds of skimming but both the same really
#1 attach a card reader to e.g. an atm, also something to read pin either a camera or fake pad on top of real pad. leave for a while to gather details. either someone comes back and removes it or because of the cost and tech maybe its wireless and just gets abandoned.
#2 customer pays by card, cashier takes card and swipes through a card reader at some point. normally banks advise never let anyone handle your card for this reason, you swipe it yourself.

check machines regularly for changes in appearance, fake panels containing skimmers look pretty good but usually come off pretty easily and are obvious because of the extra thickness etc.
much more difficult to stop your cashier cloning cards however the card companies can work out where its happening because the customer buys something at that terminal so they see everyone who got cloned shopped at x store and come fuck you. but you have to trust customers to be smart with handling their cards.

I think sopranos around season 6 had a few episodes about the second type and restaurant boy gets fucked.

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I don't think there's any place that takes your card in hand anymore. All of them seem to be just a machine sitting on a counter now. Even the drive thrus here have a card machine to swipe (chipped cards only now.) Some places have a service for Apple phones, but I don't know about that.

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is there a way to generate electric current from blood? asking for a friend

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Of course, haven't you seen the matrix?

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Who's your friend?

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Its intended use is not to create current, but rather carry nutrients, dumb fuck.

Beat you'll do is with a hydroelectric setup, and blood flows for shit.

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Its intended use is not to create current, but rather carry nutrients, dumb fuck.
Best you'll do is with a hydroelectric setup, and blood flows for shit.

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Two different metals is all you need. Like a potato/orange battery.

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Hey /diy/, not sure if this is entirely on-topic, but I know you all are a knowledgeable bunch.

TL;DR: How to best kill and clear roaches and eggs from valuable electronics, especially gaming consoles, laptops, desktop computers/components, and large televisions.

So we have been dealing with a light but persistent roach infestation in the apartment I live in for months. I will be moving in a month to a new place, and want to guarantee none of the bugs follow us to our new place.

I've been doing research all morning to figure out how to prevent this. We already got an exterminator for the place, will be leaving many replaceable appliances behind, thoroughly washing and hot drying all the fabric things we have, and disposing of old carpets, mattresses, and couches. I'll be washing and treating all furniture we bring like bureaus and desks and tables. Dishes and the like will all be washed and packed immediately.

I'm VERY concerned about my laptop, expensive gaming rig (which I'm SURE is housing some critters), and fancy 4K 55" TV. Especially the TV I'm worried about treating, as the computer I'm used to taking apart and rebuilding. I'm thinking about applying some boric acid around the TV and computer for the time being, cleaning them with strong isopropyl alcohol, and using a gel treatment around the inside of my computer case and the TV's vents and openings.

Has anyone dealt with this before? How do you take care of your large electronics, especially before a move?

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So I'll just wait to seal up the exit door completely until the tank is depleted.

This is a great idea if I can't talk the misses into fumigation.

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Remember, suffocation is a legit and dangerous concern. When the process of fumigation is complete, that CO2 has to go somewhere. You'll need to make sure that isn't into your house where people or pets are residing. I'd get some box fans and place them in your house windows to suck air into the house so that when you vent your garage the CO2 will be forced away from the house.


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Oh definitely, but I figured throwing open the garage doors would be an instant clear out of the CO2 away on the side of the house where there are very few windows left open.

Thanks for the help. I think after going the methodical route this would be the best way to kill off anything I might have missed.

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I read that as no fumigation.

U can freeze cloth and fumigate electronics.

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Cloth can be washed and hot dried which kills the bugs and eggs, and anything that can't be dried hot can be frozen.

Fumigating the electronics is probably my best bet. I might just do it in my folk's garage to keep things safe.

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/EMG/Eternal Machining General

The goal of this post is to create a machining general to discuss about tools, materials, questions, resources and so on.
I don't have mych to post on the OP, It will get better with time if people post useful stuff.

>Haas automation videos.
>Titans of CNC

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>anyone use 3d printing for rapid prototypes?
yes, when I need to have a fairly expensive part checked for fits and assemblies, and to wow the stupid fucks in the upper management into bankrolling the necessary parts.

>talking with management about turbine blades
>"Why can't we make it out of aluminum? That would save money!"
"Sir, aluminum would melt. We have to use a nickle based alloy like inconel for it to last."
>Project manager gets mad because he won't get his bonus if we spend too much money on this project.
>"Fine! just don't spend more than 30k on it.
>spend another 2 weeks asking for more funds to complete this job
please god kill me or give me managers that aren't greedy, stupid, fucks.

can't wait for my small machine shop business to really kick off

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as soon as you have stuff to play with you start getting less inventive.

as they say, necessity is the mother of all invention. Materialistic lust is a great motivator.

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anyone got anything they've machined recently?

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Well yeah, but I don't want to post it.

Messy workbench time?

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I'm mailing a weird shaped object - its sort of like the base to a keyboard made of metal tubing.

I have this strong box that I cut down, but its wrapping all funky around the object. What I want to do is just throw some goddamn rope around it, or a few straps... but that isn't kosher with UPS.

So how do I strengthen this box? I can use tons and tons of tape - basically just so much tape its like a box made of tape.

If I had a cool induistrial stapler, I could staple stuff together. If the pieces fit flat against eachother I could glue the shit out of it before I tape it up.

worst case is I go buy some custom box for $40, and I'd prefer not to do that.

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this is such a piece of shit, I need to show you this.. This is the other item I spent like 3 days wrapping "properly" custom box, 3 inches of fucking foam support.

And I just can't take it. I gotta get this other box shipped or I'm going to kill myself. I just want it gone.\

I used up every ounce of "giving a shit" on the first box, and my patience pocket is empty.

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Get a bigger box faggot

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as noted, box is too small. Start with bigger carton (go visit Your Local Bike Shop), pad with bubble wrap or some shit and trim to size, using scalpel & long metal edge (to fold along) etc. That thing looks like you been attempting non-consensual intercourse with it, repeatedly. Fix it now, just get big strips of cardboard, fold over top edges and tape, repeat till passable.

ebay huh ;) no, feels, we all been there.. packaging is a fucking nightmare. Collect, or fuck em, unless 4 figures. Small, irregular shit, bubble wrap + pallete wrap outside, its a godsend of convenience, maybe not for shit that heavy tho.

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God damn, I hate poor people.

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this smells like a damaged item claim waiting to happen

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I have this parquet floor from the 90s or so. Giving it a whiteish look (contrast with dark grey + concrete walls) would be a lot cheaper and more convenient than replacing it. Possible? What would I use? Keep in mind the top layer on this kind of parquet is so thin you can't really sand it.

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>install concrete over timber laminate
what's underneath it? what you need is screed. you can either lay a concrete screed over cement board and liner or cement board and liner then lay tiles. tiles are probably going to be easier for you if you've never done flooring. fuck up laying a concrete floor and you have a lot of chipping to do and a lot of cracks.

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Concrete. But my question is if it's feasible to stain laminate parquet toward a whiteish hue. That would make it modern enough and fit in with the walls with only 10 hours or so of work.

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no because it has a stain resistant coating. also, white is translucent/ reflective, you cant bleach wood white. you could paint it but my understanding is that parquetry is meant to be able to shift around so the paint would crack. do you mean its a faux parquetry laminate? they cant be refinished.

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If it's the stuff in OPs picture, it is definitely laminate.

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I wanna make a slightly larger than your average bathtub "kiddie pool" out of spare pvc and a large tarp to have a comfy hot bath in with my gf.

I want to be able to lay on my back in it like you would with a bed.

The dimensions I plan to use for the frame are 6.5 ft x 3 ft x 1.5 ft (LxWxD).

The problem is I live on the second floor of a house made of cement.

I did some rough calculations and I'm worried about the weight I'd be subjecting my roof to.

Water weighs 62.4 pounds per cubic foot, so multiplied by a mostly full kiddie pool (like a foot in depth) and adding our combined weight on top of that, the pool will supposedly be upwards of 1500 lbs. That sounds like an imperial fuck ton.

Is this correct? If it is will my roof be able to hold the near equivalent of a smart car? Will the pvc even hold at that point?

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also you will need a hot air blower or water recirculator for that much water. it's why large tubs are always spa baths. it just cools down too quick.

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Thanks, anon.

There aren't any dumps here, but I'll look around. I know it's all about P=F/A, but again, I can't imagine having essentially a small car chassis laying on the roof. I never knew something so simple could get that heavy.

The whole 1500 pounds thing still freaks me out.

I'll look into the tub dealio.

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Your mum doesn't fall through when she visits so you should be fine

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Choose location with supporting interior walls Anon.

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Another consideration. Most pumps/circulators are noisy. Their location plays an important role in how noisy your relaxing bath will be. You may want to put the pump somewhere in another room and make pains to run the piping all the way to the bath from there. You can also use some sound dampening insulation panels made specifically for reducing noise. Just build a box around the pump (have proper air flow for cooling the pump if needed) and sound proof the wall between the pump and bath.

I can't count the number of times I've used a bath that has circulation or bubbles and all I hear is the fucking annoying as shit pump the entire time.

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About to pull the trigger on pic related. Going to be using it for mainly detailing, but also at home for when the little Dyson just won't cut it.

Thoughts on the Rigid wd1851? Also discuss shop vacs and cyclones.

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Marketing is a wonderful thing mate. It makes the impossible possible.

Sears never made a single tool in their entire history. Everything was contracted. They probably sourced their vacs from Emerson back in the 80s. They made tons of power tools for Sears back then and happen to own the Ridgid brand these days. Can't say if they made OP's model though. The licensed the brand to Home Depot for power tools (their plumbing tools are still mode by them) so HD could have sourced it from anyone.

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i don't have the model with the old-people walker, but

it will literally pull the carpet off of the floor.

those little latches on the hose don't hold very well

recommend you get the bags and a hepa filter if you plan to also use this in the house

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That's decent advice. I really haven't used a non-HEPA filtered vac indoors for probably 20 years now since the old water filtered can vac gave up the ghost. I also don't think I'll need THAT much power; want vs need always gets my goat with tools.

I think I might actually go for the toolbox-looking pro pack instead of the 6.5hp monster. I'm not going to be cleaning up demo work anytime soon, nor do I create massive amounts of sawdust with my hand tools, so portability might work in my favor. A trip to HD is in order this weekend to get some perspective.

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>My ol shop vac says 6.5 hp

"**"Peak Horsepower" (PHP) is a term used in the wet-dry vacuum industry for consumer comparison purposes. It does not denote the operational horsepower of a wet-dry vacuum but rather the horsepower output of a motor, including the motor’s inertial contribution, achieved in laboratory testing. In actual use, Shop-Vac® motors do not operate at the peak horsepower shown."

Apparently, if a motor can spin the rotor up to a high speed and the rotor has enough inertia, a ShopVac can have a ridiculously high "peak horsepower" which seems to have no real relation to the sustained work it can do, but some other bullshit that the marketing team approves of because marketing shits are lying assholes.

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A motor draws peak current at stall
When you cover the end of the nozzle the motor has LESS work to do moving air because its stirring the same air around rather than moving it anywhere.

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>tfw no friends to wingman for me

Any of you chads got tips on how to DIY into some good asspussy?

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How can I apply force to an object with something that is attached to it in the air?

I sketched out what I mean in the OP picture. Could I use the levitating force of magnets (with the magnets in the container) to provide this lifting force that I'm looking for?

I've been banging my head trying to figure this out. Any suggestions?

Please let me know if you don't get the question

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Wow...that's very uncanny

I don't want to make some contraption like that - I'm thinking of the device more designed like that of a retainer

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>make you a pneumatic tongue
How would you do this

>> No.1446226

In any case, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It is impossible to make something that applies force to the roof of your mouth without it either pushing off another surface (like your teeth or tongue) or accelerating in the opposite direction. To get it to stick magnetically to the roof of your mouth you'd need another magnet or piece of iron above the roof of your mouth that the first piece is attracted to, but then you'll just have the weight of both magnets pulling down on the roof of your mouth, the opposite result to what you're looking for.

Now if you want to push up on the roof of your mouth WITH the help of a chassis on your jaw, then that's certainly possible. Best way to do it would be a plastic frame with a spring-loaded carriage driven into the roof of your mouth, as far as I can see. Not an engineer.

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Is this a free body diagram?

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like this, assuming through-the-jaw mechanism is acceptable. If you need more PSI go with a hydraulic cylinder instead.

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how i maek girlfren

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Lots of latex.

Probably easier to kidnap a live girl.

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Orphanages exist for a reason.

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i want to upgrade my dying 2.0GHz HP Intel Core 2 PC.

So i purchases a new motherboard and a new AMD proccessor, i went with the Gigabyte F2A68HM-H, so i tried to assemble all the parts in the beginning and when i turn on the PC nothing happened and only got a black screen, i tried to connect the old graphics card but i need to know.

Should i install the drivers before doing the swap
Should i reinstall windows first

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Well, it was just a Core 2 in the case before, good money has it the original psu doesn't even HAVE a 4 pin

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i have a lot of family photos on C: but nothin on the profiles directories.

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i bet its an old mechanical hard drive.
do yourself an favor and install a new SSD. the 240GB A400 drives are about 60USD atm. they're the cheapest option and fucking amazing compared to a tick tick tick drive. reinstall windows and use your current drive as a backup. also what the fuck is with people not having backups. either use google drive or find a 2 bay synology or QNAP NAS, install 2 drives in it and run it as a mirrored raid. store anything of value on it. they're expensive but idk how much would you pay to not lose your family photos?

>> No.1446299

Honestly bro, there's nothing worse saving. Rebuild the turd with the original parts so everything works again, build a brand new PC from the ground up and transfer over what you want to keep. A PSU from that era is gonna be on its last legs, same with the HD, lord knows what the case even looks like. Just start over instead of trying to bring over some 6+ year old crap that is going to hobble your new system anyway.

>> No.1446321

i can understand people reusing an old PSU. only they've never had a PSU absolutely fucking die and dont understand most PSUs are only meant to last a few years. so i agree, dont skimp on the 100$ it will cost for a decent 80+psu from a reputable brand like corsair. part of the 80+ certification is actually testing it to make sure it can output the stated load. also check the 80+ website to make sure your model is listed. those without certification still put labels stating it's certified when it's not.

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Hey /diy/, I have 2 questions regarding foundation drainage:

How was it historically done in europe? How were buildings foundation built (roman villas, stone castles, concrete/stone houses) without modern technology (delta MS, tar insulation and shit) to avoid water destroying the cement/stone, creating mold infestation and such?

How do you do an off-grid foundation drainage, considering the on-grid french drainage solution means it ends into the sewers?

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Build on the side of a hill
I've been thinking of building a small room half way underground on flatland offgrid and using hardwood posts in cement to give enough clearance so if it rains heavily I'll be able to pump most of it out. The entire structure including the posts and sloped roof will be wrapped in multiple layers of either vinyl coated fabric or polyethylene, using staples to secure them and made watertight with vinyl cement. Similar to how skin on frame kayaks use the materials, the outer walls will be surrounded with a wall of sand and then gravel to direct water straight down.
The structure will be covered completely aside from the entrance like an earth berm house, the wood all coated in layers of epoxy resin

Been thinking it over a while now and other than humidity and the often flooded foundation posts which could cause slumping and other instabilities I wouldn't know until it was built, I'm just not sure about it, I think it would last for 5 years at least as it will only be 2.5x1.5m and high enough to crouch in

I'd like to know if this is possible somewhere with over 1500mm of annual rainfall and if there are any improvements or things I haven't thought about (essentially pic related but with a raised wooden floor)

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Get a makita or keep extending my current dewalt system?

I have opp to get Makita CX200RB 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Sub-Compact Brushless Cordless 2 PC Combo Kit for like $100. ( retail $200 + )

I currently have a dewalt 14v circular saw and a drill. They share batteries, pretty handy.

Wondering if it is worth having the two different systems - should I just get a dewalt 14v impact driver instead? Are the new lithium batteries all that? will having an impact driver change my life ( no longer need to drill before screwing )

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>A few people tolerate me

I suppose you are proud that you suck so much that everyone hates you except for a few people who tolerate you. Unbelievable.

>> No.1446414

Do people actually care what random kids and neckbeards on some Lebanese spearfishing forum think of them?

>tfw the kind of people who don’t like me are autists that get upset because I’m too lazy to delete my name on this Cambodian tea making blog
How can I sleep at night?

>> No.1446418

>I’m too lazy to delete my name

You only have to do it once retard. You act like the name is forced on you and you have to do a lot of work to get rid of it, like the amount of work and pain you go through every time you try to remove a bolt or a nut. I suppose if you could buy several sets of tools to remove your name you would consider it.

I actually like having you around, kinda like the old-time village idiot that kept the people entertained.

>> No.1446431

You taking off your trip to suck your own cock isn't fooling anyone

>> No.1446452

>>tfw it only needs $600 worth of batteries to run for 20min.

Makita was selling tool kits at Home Depot with 4x 5.0ah batteries for $299 earlier this year, a backpack blower with 4 batteries wont be that crazy.

Dewalt makes a 40v dual battery 40v backpack blower kit with 7.5ah 40v batteries for around $600, Makita will probobly sell theirs for about the same.

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Soo I'm trying to get some help from anyone who knows how to draw really good.
It would be a tattoo for my forearm.
The tattoo would be a representation of me and my brothers. Similar to the Mythology od Atlas the Titan who is condemned to hold up the sky for an eternity.
I don't know how to draw good but if anyone is willing to help I would be grateful for that. The person who draws the best pic (black/white/gray) gets me as a representation of it for the rest of my life haha.
Here's the sketch of it with one person missing on the left side (so 3 people holding the globe/sky).
If you know somebody that can help please share.
You can send it to this email: [email protected]

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/r/? /i/?

>> No.1445990 [DELETED] 

Tattoo artists can typically know how to draw really good.

You can take this idea to a tattoo artist and they will plan it out with you. You don't have to bring them the finished picture.
Its going to be on your arm the rest of your life, please don't cut corners to save a few bucks.

>> No.1445991

You want someone who can draw *well*, not draw *good*.
Also wrong board.

>> No.1445992

Tattoo artists can typically "draw really good".

You can take this idea to a tattoo artist and they will plan it out with you. You don't have to bring them the finished picture.
Its going to be on your arm the rest of your life, please don't cut corners to save a few bucks.

>> No.1446009

This. A decent tattoo artist will know how to make your idea look good on the body part you want to get the tattoo on, someone who draws well will make the idea look good on paper, not on a 3D object

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I want to cast a lot of cheap copies of a 3d print. What is the cheapest resin I can buy in bulk?
I'm looking to cast a gun from silicone molds like a film prop maker.
When you go to Amazon they sell you ridiculous amounts for the price you pay. I bet I could buy the chemical equivapent from a factory for way less then going though Bezos middlemen.

Where do pros buy this stuff? Is there any that doesn't smell?

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Flooring places, industrial supply (mcmaster, grainger, hdsupply,) actual lumber yards, fastenal? Look up local cabinet makers or custom furniture finishing businesses and drop in to ask questions. Pretty sure unscented is a golden goose, anon.

Scamazon is usually pretty close if not the nuts on kindest deal going for most stuff, at least for now. Yes, there are certain products that are totally outta whack expensive. Exceptions and all.
>tfw you have much to research young jedi.
Post findings pls. I've got a project coming up that will use quantities also, but not at prevailing prices.

>> No.1446128

Dont go for floor coatings for molding resin. Its too hard and will break. Flooring doesnt need any flexibility because its supported. Mold cast resin has to have some flexibility or the brittleness would cause cracking and shattering.

>> No.1446139

At my local autobody supply it costs less than €5 a liter, including hardner, but you have to buy in bulk. 50 liters or more.

>> No.1446317

What's the chemical composition? (roughly)

>> No.1446374

>Is there any that doesn't smell?
Urethane smells rather nice and sugary. Polyester smells like wood pulp or candles.
It's acrylic that smells like a headache.

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>"professional" contractor walks all over the terracotta tile roofing
>doesn't use roof jacks and boards or ladder jacks and boards
>actually walks directly on the tiles
>says it will be fine he's done it a 100 times
>3 tiles visibly broken
>says those were already broken

I'm so glad I do my own work. My friend was so fucking pissed off and the contractor was all like, "but, I can give you an estimate to repair your roof."

>google pic related, but not the same guy

Anyone else have bad contractor stories?

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>> No.1446514


Australia does love its tin.

But it's noisy when it rains. Concrete and clay tiles don't make a peep.

>> No.1446519

>how was this >>1446397 slate (or granite?) roof installed, wooden slats?

Yeah, most likely slats.

>why tiles arent installed on steel slats other than speed of creating a roof?

Cost more than likely. The some hurricane roofing systems for tile uses steel.

FYI, the roofing in your image are Scandinavian sod roof that uses sod and birch bark traditionally. Those last about 30 years in most places, but can last much longer in good conditions. They don't use any type of fastener to hold the birch bark in place on the sheathing boards.

Yeah, slate doesn't make noise either. It is like a dead zone during storms.

>> No.1446525

>The some hurricane roofing systems for tile uses steel.

steel roof frames with tiles or steel roof frames with tin?

>Those last about 30 years in most places, but can last much longer in good conditions. They don't use any type of fastener to hold the birch bark in place on the sheathing boards.

Ive never seen one IRL, why is that? Cheap, relativly reliable but noone uses it?

>> No.1446531
File: 114 KB, 1000x797, 6ca3cccaa3d3e193ec1896b05740827b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>steel roof frames with tiles or steel roof frames with tin?


>but noone uses it?

Modern versions are called a, "green roof." You'd see it more in Norway and places with high concentrations of Eco-friendly people.

>> No.1446540
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interesting system, but the plain ol bit of concrete on the ending tile to conect it with the roof is superior (if possible) like here>>1446396. Or simply adding a "step" from the roof for the last tile not to hang over the edge like pic rel

The hook system pressures the tile and the slats and adds complexity but I see how it might come in handy.

File: 52 KB, 1024x1536, DIY-How-to-install-a-peep-hole-in-your-front-door.-After.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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How hard is it to install a peephole in an entry door? I just moved into a house owned by family and the entry door had these two windows for light up top which my 6ft4 ass can look at but my gf cant so she doesnt like opening the door.

Is it something a novice could tackle or is it better left to a professional?

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Just use peephole covers, and a door sweep. Problem solved.

>> No.1446327
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Why not set up a camera like Casey Neistat has on his office door?

>> No.1446341

I have always wondered why doesnt the door have two peepholes. Are we cyclops or what? two peepholes would be better if someone covers one imho

>> No.1446343

if someone covers your peephole it's probably not someone you want to let in

>> No.1446457

You should be able to install a peephole yourself if you have a drill and decent set of bits, however, I'd also suggest installing a mirror that you can look at through your peephole so that you can see anyone who may be hiding out of sight of the peephole.

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Anybody here got any good uses for old steel guitar strings? More basic ideas would be welcome as I'm not great at DIY at this point. Cheers in advance!

(pic unrelated, it's just the closest thing I had on my PC)

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Give them to a model maker or wargamer; they make perfect scale cabling.

>> No.1446382

Nice cock and balls fret inlays you got there op

>> No.1446430

Bilbo was a lying faggot who didn't even know what he had in his pocket at the time

>> No.1446442

Bow strings for bow and arrow.

>> No.1446481

This. Gollum literally did nothing wrong.

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