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DIY workout equipment
post what you made

my father wants to make me gymnastics rings from wood on our CNC machine, but I'm not sure where to get these ropes you hang on. they have to be sturdy, as I don't want to fall. do you know where I could get them or how I could make them? pic related

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Use strops / tie downs, that's what many of them are anyway.

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Yeah look for moving equipment

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hi looking for art books that teaches drawing any objects from any angles precisely... most similar too kim junggi
like drawing a bike/bicycle from the lower angle(below) with its front tire turned... in extreme views/angle.
the key is to be precise correct...fun.

please share anything you know tx ::)))

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what do you think this coating is?
I wanted to buy and restore an old samovar but I read that sometimes the coating of older models contains lead

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more pics
sorry for the quality, these pics are from the seller

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here's another one

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Buy a lead test kit

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Forgot link

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I imagine it could be recoated if there is lead.
Anyone knows how expensive recoating can be?

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I was eyeballing this Milwaukee set but seems a tad expensive.
But at the same time it is 30 pc set and no other brand sells one so complete, most are 20 pc, like this kobalt set: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-20-Piece-12-Point-Standard-SAE-and-Metric-Ratchet-Wrench-Set/1000224979 But hell that shits only like $50! And I can easily trade in a broken one at any Lowes right?

But then maybe I want the kind with the flexible head? Those seem to be 2-3X more expensive!?
8 piece set for $90!? Damn is the flex head worth the price?

-The Milwakuee ones do look damn nice but I don't think I can justify the price, but damn I do get more sizes which I love. Worth it for those extra sized not offered by other sets?
-The Kobalt are affordable AND I can easily trade in a broken one or buy a replacement if I lose one. But less sizes, pretty lame.

I try to live by the "buy one cry once" rule save money in the long term so what does /diy/ think I should do?

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you want the flexible ones, otherwise you're just gonna end up buying them later and have two sets of ratcheting wrenches

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Flex heads have their use, but the reversible ones are way less aggregating to use than a floppy flex head if you don't need it. So do the non-reversible ones, you'll bust your knuckles without and offset to the head, but sometimes you need a 0 degree offset.

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Have you any real experience using the flexible head ones? I have used them and don't like them and would hate it if it's all I had to work with.

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horrible freight by 2 sets so you can loose twice the wrenches. they work good enough the shit all comes out the same china factory anyways these days

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got a couple speakers for my van with these microusb sockets, they're only charging at a specific angle, how to fix?

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Micro USB connections are notorious for being shitty

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Keep your shit contained to one thread retard

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What is the worst /diy/ project you've seen?

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better than your cuckpod

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there was the geodome guys as well, does anyone remembers him?

Also, I miss bunker anon. I am in scandinavia rn and I wish I could visit him

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what's happening here? sorry i don't browse /diy/ often

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van retard

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The guy who put a dead bird in epoxy, shame there was never a follow up
The Finnish guy who put those wings on his car to emulate one from the 50s is an honourable mention too

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Hello /diy/ I recently wanted to start making battery packs but I need a tool to do the spot welds. What tool do you guys recommend I use to do this?

Would prefer not to use cheap chinese shit or extreme diy (see pic)

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Oh I forgot to mention that my budget is around $300 and I'd prefer it to not blow up in my hand

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>I want something cheap but not that cheap, and I don't want to make it myself. Spoonfeed me plz.

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Ok buddy, if budget wasn't an issue what would you suggest?

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Save yourself time and search youtube

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Wire up sufficient 9V batteries to make a DC resistence spot welder with some sharpened jumper cable clamps.

If you want to be cheeky add a sewing machine foot pedal as a safety interlock.

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Will lining a box with copper tape protect electronics from an EMP blast. Would this work as a faraday cage?

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Cars are not significantly effected by emps, at least last time I saw a review. Like 50% of cars running would die, but you just need to put it in park and restart.

Which is plenty bad if you're a normie driving down the freeway and arent prepared to slam your ebrake and manhandle your car in a straight line without power steering while slipping it into neutral to restart it.

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>muh power steering
Power steering is only even slightly necessary at low speeds or at a standstill. Mostly, the lack of power steering is merely an inconvenience when parking.
t. Has temporarily removed the power steering belt from my car and driven it just to see what will happen

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Also I have a manual transmission, so I'm safe. Kek

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Depends on the car.

It's pretty bad in a lot. You.must have got lucky.

I got grandpas old truck without power steering at all, and yeah, it's its not even a thought if you're moving.

I've also been in a 70s and 80s coupe and both were like pushing a boulder up a hill just to get to the side of the road when they died unexpectedly

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My first vehicle was a used 1992 Toyota Tacoma with extra-wide tires, manual transmission, and no power steering. Fairly easy to turn for a guy. A family member had a 1991 Taco with power steering. It developed a leak and the power steering was out for a few days until they got it fixed. Much harder to turn even with stock width tires. So, the design has a fair bit to do with it too.

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>your trade
>your favourite trade that is not your own
>your least favourite trade

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Notorious for pissing in bottles, because they don't want to get off their stilts. Alot of the time they just chuck the bottle into the stud space or bulkhead.

Most are piece workers, so they don't give a fuck about anything.
Too stupid to get tired, running boards around all day.
Extension cord strung through the studs?
I guess I'll just drywall it in!
Missing pot light?
Board over it, one less hole to cut!
Plumbing or hvac incomplete?
Close it up, they'll have to cut it out, and we'll back charge them to come fix it!

Western Leaf-Land here,
So all the drywallers are French Canadian, but the mudders and tapers are arab.

Drywallers are a half step above an actual baboon.
Fuck drywallers.

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General Contractor
Welfare Recipient
Democratic Judges

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Tyre fitters

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haven't been on a lot of larger sites to get a really good feel for em, but I've never had an electrician fire a nailgun into my water supply line

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...and limited space. What's the objectively best way to have them at hand while STILL having space to live in? Fully-shelved walls to the ceiling? I don't care for aesthetics, I just need a functional solution that maximizes the use of otherwise wasted space.

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I have a couple hundred; technical manuals, classics, theological works. Used to keep many more when I had writing ambition.
Two thousand is a pretty easy number to reach, when you consider nearly everything you've read as reference for possible projects.

Also, varying flavors of this:
I had a fascination with the evolution of multinational corporations as agents of power comparable to nation states. My collection was about 30% by volume obscure investigative journalism rags.
A living library is essential to any scholarly vocation.
I recommend you first parse what is and isn't useful to you. I've had many gifts sit on the shelf for years because "he likes to read." After this, build a wall of 7-8 foot free standing shelves. See how the remainder fits, and if you want more.
I had a shelf in the bedroom, two in the office, and a wall in the living room. Filled them by use case, and rearranged every couple months. I also have a box next to the sitting space for current reads and notebooks.

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Your dad predicted Wikipedia information warfare. Smart man.

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Some people like books. Throwing out perfectly fine books feels sacrilegious and selling them is mostly useless. I have several hundred manga alone, mostly stacked behind other books in deep bookshelves, and a few cardboard boxes full of books that don't fit on my shelves.

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make a book castle

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The extra 540 length of chain is needed from the sail to post for tensioning... It's factored into the equation. Iv done the height also...

Iv realised my mistake through your comment though, I didn't add it to all 4 corners. So it would look like this?

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If the little 540 in the corner means a rope (length 540) between each corner of the sail and each post, that makes this a bigger square which includes four 540 length ropes.

A right icosceles triangle with hypotenuse 540 has sides length 381.83.
5400 sail length, plus 381.83 (twice) makes sail plus ropes a square of 6163.66 per side.

That square, hung between posts with 1000 height difference, means:
The ground distance between the taller and shorter posts: 6081.66.
Between same-size posts: 6163.66

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I was assuming the posts are in pairs, two shorter and two taller, and with shorter ones on one side and taller ones on the other side.

But if that's not correct then my numbers are wrong.

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You are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks so much.

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That's exactly what I'm after. Essentially a 5400mm lean to with 540mm chains at 45deg to the sail.

Looking at post location on the ground.

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How do you all move driftwood and beach logs? What tools do you use, what shapes do you put it in, etc

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Get a pair of railroad tongs for moving ties Or some ice tongs for moving blocks of ice.

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Fuck it I'll add a pic.

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Are the logs endangered? What am I missing

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Cant hook and peavy

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Hey /diy/ I need to install an outlet in my well house for a heatlamp, I have a double pole 30amp breaker (I think). My well is 220v and what I want to do is wire an outlet off of one of the hot wires that are on the upstream side of my wells pressure switch. Pic related is the breaker switch for my well, it says 30amp and I am wondering if I can wire a 15a outlet to one hot wire. Is this legal? Is there a chance it will burn my pump up? Any help would be awesome guys, thanks in advance.

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>is this legal?
>will it most likely work?
>is it dangerous?
Maybe. Shit, I dunno.

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Y thing no more work

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>feeding 15amp
At least do something like pic related with a 15 amp fuse.

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Double check on your local code, but from what I know, what you want to do isn't code compliant at all, with the most egregious problem being the use of an oversized circuit breaker. What you're supposed to do is run a 15A single phase circuit dedicated to the heater.
>Is there a chance it will burn my pump up?
Circuit breakers, unless inside an appliance, are there to protect the power cables more than anything else; if something happens in your pump that a circuit breaker would stop, the pumps probably already fucked.

>> No.1966116

So the breaker picture in OP is not just two 15amp breakers hooked together to equal 30a?
>if something happens in your pump that a circuit breaker would stop, the pumps probably already fucked
What I'm mostly worries about is my heat lamp breaking and shorting out somehow. Would it trip the entire double pole breaker or just one side of the double of the breaker, thus only letting my pump get half of the power. My well house is concrete so I'm not really worried about fire and the only thing that will be plugged into it is a 300w heat lamp.

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Hi all,

Looking to get some help.

I've done up what I think is the correct math for some shade sails.

The angle isn't well drawn but it's the angle of the point to point square of the sail and not the curve, if that makes any sense.

I'm looking to figure out post placement so I can tension it properly.

If someone can give it a quick look and check that my math is correct it'd be hugely appreciated.

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Do the corners of the 5400 square go all the way to the posts?
If so, then your posts would have to be closer than 5400 to each other, not further, if one post is 1000 taller than the other.

What I think you're saying is:
From the side view, you're making a right triangle of base length (unknown), height 1000, hypotenuse 5400.
If so, The base length would be 5306.6
That's the distance between the two different-height posts.

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how do you visualize pitch like this
basically from left to right is frequency
any tools or free softeware for it?

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something like this

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Basically just an approximation of [http://farside.ph.utexas.edu/teaching/315/Waveshtml/node57.html] that a computer can do quickly.

>> No.1965941

Search "Spectrogram download"

Here's one thats free that shows the pitch (frequency) as the mp3 plays


Also try "audio analyzer"

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its so cool!!! so cool! so fucking cool!
v close and i could settle with this!
thanks alot

do you perhaps know more like this?
thx ailost anon!!!!

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actualy it s wrong i just realized the frequency is on vertical i need the horizonta ver i guess lel

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Hey we're three students and doing an art project on 4chan. it should question the actual use of 4chan. do you have any ideas?

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do a comparative study to find the worst tripfaggot

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>So artistic

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>Just look at all this goddamn art

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Ignore the troll replies, it's just a part of using 4chan.

OP, we have multiple boards dedicated to the arts aside from /diy/ You might consider checking /d/, /b/, or /h/ for pen and paper/digital drawings and then /gif/ for animations and film. Good luck!

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Hi anons, don't know if this breaks the rules for the board. Looking for a new way to spend time, I own a house and have a lowes pretty close. Good garage setup that I can make into anything I want. What are good projects or skills I should try to learn?

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Pine cones! Very informative thread can be found.

>> No.1965632

Link it?

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Do you have that infographic by an anon years back where he did tests with various mixtures and posted results. Was like a moave or pink if I remember

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Make the garage look like a garage when the old lady is around, then when she isnt hit a button for the big tv, sound system, full bar.

>> No.1965938

Thanks everyone

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>from a 1957 building standards book when slotted heads reigned king
Were we really better off with slot only heads or has phillips/pozzed heads made life easier?

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>asbestos is fine along as it isnt grinded or shreded into the air
>brake pads grind asbestos into the air whenever you stop

>> No.1966004

>Our life expectancy is unironically too long

I'll agree to that. You wonder why everyone has medical problems when they get old? It's because naturally they should have been dead by that age... We're fucking with nature by existing too long.

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>> No.1966080

>Asbestos is rather safe unless torn/shredded or otherwise damaged as you can contract severe lung damage and resulting cancer
>Here, decorate your home with asbestos shavings

The '50s were a different time for sure

>> No.1966131

Roberson screws are better than Phillip's or slotted because they dont easily cam out.

When civilization collapses, we probably gonna go back to simple slotted though because they're easier to make and dont have to be as precise made as robersons to work well enough.

Looking forward to the post collapse society where we are all using old school techniques and hand tools again.

Yeah, made peoples labor worth more, etc.

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its 10 to 4, you're getting a dome washer, see u in 2 months

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Got this miter saw from harbor freight 56776 can't figure out how the fuck to unlock it so I can insert the blade talked to tech support and all I'm at a loss here going to head back to the store soon and see if maybe they can assemble for me maybe

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Shit, sorry, I posted that vid to help OP unlock the head (his immediate hurdle), didn't even watch far enough to see the blade installed backwards.

OP, the blade can only be installed two ways, but only one is correct, and you'll have a bad time if you get it wrong. So read the documentation that came with both the saw and the blade.

>> No.1965799

Give me a suit of armor and a sliding miter saw and i'll get the results i said.

>> No.1965812

OP, there's something very important for you to know about these saws; THE BOLT THAT HOLDS ON THE BLADE IS A REVERSE THREADED BOLT. You have to turn it CLOCKWISE while the blade is locked or restrained in order to remove the bolt.

The second thing to know is that to lift the motor/saw assembly up you have to unlock it by depressing a locking pin near the rear of the saw on the right hand side of the assembly.... Basically back there by the "hinge" of the saw.

Don't feel bad that you didn't instinctively know how to do this shit; neither did any of the rest of us.... But some of us were fortunate enough to have someone teach us.
Good luck anon.

>> No.1965866

Yeah, we were all fortunate enough to be taught how to read. OP wasn't, but somehow he still crawled his way onto this board and started typing.

>> No.1965885

hol' up
you, with the manual in hand, and after even calling their support, can not replace the blade
you didn't even ask in the OP about how to do it, you literally made the thread saying that you're too retarded to figure it out
who the fuck let you buy one of those in the first place

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