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I might have to have a chance to buy a truck like this, but it’s probably in pretty bad shape. I didn’t check the frame, but there is rust on the body, and the transmission is probably shot.

I just want a truck like this and was thinking about just replacing/rebuilding everything so that I have a reliable vehicle because as of now, I assume everything is sus.

Redpill me on rebuilds please

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>There is no way that you will be able to afford to have a mechanic do all or even most of the work for you.
Why’s that?

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Because every single system of the truck is going to be wearing out by this point. What is a mechanic going to charge? 60-100/hr at least? It would make sense to buy a newer truck that needs less if you have to pay for labor. Its why people do what they do and why old cars are cheap - the market itself is telling you this.

I like my old ford. Go ahead and buy it. Expect to continually have to repair it (which will be easy because it is simple). Everything from heater cores corroding though to connectors burning up to switches breaking, lights burning out, door hinges wearing, windshield cracking, crank no start, bad batteries, alternator, belts, etc. All that is on top of oil leaks from worn seals, and major systems wearing out, like engine, transmission, driveshaft universal joints, and the rear end. Also brakes.

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If you want a frame up rebuild, I think those run > $100k to have an outside shop do it - it would be the same to build up a hotrod. It might make sense to do this for a rare or desirable car. These fords are great trucks, but they were made in large quantity, and new trucks far surpass its capabilities in towing, power, and comfort. In short it will never be 'valuable' . People that know what they are looking at will appreciate it though.

I'm not really a car guy, but I don't think my analysis is wrong.

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Buy an SD card and take photos of every fucking god damned plug, wire, nut and bolt before you take it off, take great pains to keep track of and store everything in order so you can put it back on in reverse and marvel that you've still managed to lose more than a few pieces.

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Lol, kek, lmao, and, might i add, rofl.
Anon you should not do this unless you are literally paying scrap value for the car, and have significant car-related diy skills yourself, or have funds to learn on the job.

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Have a giant oil well pump jack beam and bearing. Also have the base for it too. There has to be something cool I can do with a big ol' beam with a huge bearing pivot on the bottom of it. Ridiculous teeter totter? Some kind of cool shop equipment I could make with it? I drug it home because I just had to have it because why the hell not?

The base is 8' wide and 23' long. Would make a hell of a stout bridge or a guy could plate the top and have a ridiculous sized welding table... Would make a good chassis table or rigid base for straightening frames... Currently I need to cut some stuff off the top of it to get it all flush and then I am planning on just stacking other I-beams I have on it for the time being.

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Drink their milkshakes

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Are tool libraries any good? What's the experience like?

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Yarn stuff thread
Knitting, crochet, and any yarn-related craft is welcome. Share resources, WIPs and finished projects.

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Anyone got tabi gloves patterns

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How expensive is real wool? Fuck acrylic. I spent about a year knitting myself a scarf from acrylic in maybe 2010, and it didn't even keep me warm. But it was fun to do, so if I can get real wool that actually retains heat, I might try it again.

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What are some of the worst portrayals of DIY in movies?

>mc is welder
>mc is woman
Flashdance (1983)

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your mom in debbie does dallas.

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Christian bale in the machinist never machines anything and is more of a stamp operator

The guy from big sausage pizza doesn’t deliver pizzas istead has a hole cut out and his duck in the pizza

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Slingblade has the most accurate portrayal of lawnmower repair
t. lawnmower repairman

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HOLY S... THIS. booms suct yo

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>modern romex replaces knob and tube
>knob and tube left in walls is not live
>except when it is
Never a dull moment working on this old shitbox.

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I do the house repairs at my dads house, house built in 1980’s

Someone patched drywall with construction adhesive

90% of shit was screwed to the studs even when it didn’t need to be

No anchors in anything

So many shark bites

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Live in a house built in the 2000s.
Built by highschool dropout construction crew.
I found their phone numbers behind some drywall.
Go to remove light fixture.
Slowly pull it out and the wires…. snap.
They nicks they left in the wire went 90% through it and broke off.
Now lay awake at night wondering if I need to re-do all the electrical.

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one of my coworkers sheetrocked over a plastic skeleton just to fuck with faggots like you

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My house is ~120 years old. The people who lived in it for the ~20 years before me were boomers but the husband was a carpenter and the house had been maintained to a very high degree. You need to be sensitive to that kinda thing when considering houses. A lot of 60s-era houses in particular are 120% used-up boomer nests but the clues are always present and you have to read between the lines and expect that shitty visible work = shitty invisible work as well. You can tell because they'll have little 'make do' adaptations like lean-tos and janky steps, but sometimes the visible jank is quite subtle and you need to know what you're looking at. Rarely are the big problems on immediate display, but if you see the small signs of neglect and bodging you can safely assume it exends to larger matters.
Old houses that have been well maintained are fucking great. Extreme material quality and workmanship compared to modern builds, and will outlast any modern house given equal care an attention over time.

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So this is DIYing in 2023, huh? Just slap a few arduino modules together, you're an inventor now. This entire channel is like that.
I've seen a channel that actually DIYed some simple electronic stuff, soldering a few components together in the "spider" way. No prototyping boards, just everyting floating in the air. 90% of the comments were

what's up with people? Is this the future of electronics hobbyists? just arduinos on a breadboard?

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It’s a hobby anon
You’re supposed to have fun, not abandon your social life

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>It’s a hobby anon
>You’re supposed to have fun, not abandon your social life
What if abandoning my social life is how I have fun?

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unless you need high precision %1 tolerance parts it's much cheaper just to amazog it

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>make a more user-friendly store front
You had your chance
But you wasted it

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>watching YT shorts to begin with
it's not anyone's but your own fault for eating shit

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are drum baths viable?

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I've used a tupperware container,

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Bro if it holds water you can bathe in it.

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Anime website?

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the don't call it a bathTUB for nothing

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I’ve been a tool owner since 2003, however I’ve just been buying mush-mash bullshit

Snap-on, cornwell Matco Walmart Home Depot what ever wherever

What’s the best way to sell tools I don’t want anymore.

Like I have a 12-point 1/2” Stanley socket set I don’t want anymore that I bought at Walmart for exactly one use. Decades ago.

Also A lot of tools from my dad who always bought the cheapest possible shit so I have unbranded no name sockets that don’t turn fasteners well

You know the type, no name just has the size stamped on them

I’ve been selling off the Thorsen and other brands over the years though

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Put some chore boy in one of them shallow sockets and it’ll make for a crack pipe.

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>shallow socket
Meant deep, probably 1/4” drive. Sorry, too much rock today.

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I've been using tools for over 40 years. I keep everything and use the cheep stuff wrong.

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Find some kid that wants to get into DIY and gift it to him.

I have a drawer full of extra sockets and another full of extra wrenches. I will probably move them to ammo cans here soon just to free up more drawer space. I do grab one once in awhile to modify for a specialty tool so I really don't want to just get rid of them. Shit like chucking a cheapo socket in the lathe and cutting down the wall thickness so that it is super thin for limited clearance stuff.

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I’m assuming you are in the US; auction consignments are popular in my area and they usually bring top dollar. Find a local auctioneer that regular hold online auctions (usually through Hibid) and just add all your junk to an existing auction.

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What's the best way to cut or grind small letters out of a sheet of brass?
Specifically if you're not needing the same letters often so making some set-up where you punch them out would be a bit over the top.

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Small as in 1/2 an inch, maybe a bit smaller or larger.

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A jeweler's saw and bench pin

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Wtf those things work too well
My DIY media server was boiling hot at 70-80
I had a 5x5x5 heatsink laying around and placed it over the CPU heat pipe
I saw the temperature drop really fast
Then i glued it with thermal paste
Now the server stays at 40-50

Thats crazy, i alway thought the fan did most of the work

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checken em
have an updoot

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I’m an even more pedantic anon and in factually a heatsink is both. It offers better convection surface but also serves as thermal mass so that the cpu doesn’t heat up too much during short periods of high loads

Basic Heat & Mass transfer by Mills is widely considered the standard work and surprisingly readable with examples and stuff. It’s 1200 ish pages but the back part is mostly tables, reference formulas/equations and comment.

>> No.2720693

Thermal mass doesn't matter in steady state which is what this is really all about. It does matter in the transient response, but is that what you really care about when you're leaving your computer on for hours at a time?

>> No.2720726

> It does matter in the transient response, but is that what you really care about when you're leaving your computer on for hours at a time?
Yea, because CPUs don’t have steady loads/power draws. CPU use is usually spikes from a few milliseconds to a few seconds. A server cpu will go 100% processing data until its caches and the ram memory are saturated and then go back to processing only as fast as the data buses can handle

You’re right in that OPs steady state problem is solved by convection more than by adding thermal mass, but the thermal mass of the heatsink does reduce wear on the cpu by operating at a lower temperature in transient periods as well

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How do you clean cheap rental paint that runs if you wet it with anything damp?
Distilled water on a paper towel will make it run, not crazy but still.
The trim and baseboards have cheap paint in some places in this rental.
If I use a mop should I be worried about the paint spreading all over? I have mopped it before just not sure if it will damage the paint more.

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What's with all the rentoids giving a shit about someone else's property?

>> No.2720562

Just caring about cleaning up.
Some renters care lol.

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You posted the same image and the same bullshit a few weeks ago. Seek professional help. And I'm not referring to painters, but mental health professionals.


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lol wtf he did
nigga just show the landlord or whatever the issue
if he doesn't offer to fix it then agree on paper that you won't lose your security deposit over this specific problem because it's obviously not really your fault that the paint gets weird when you mop the floor, which is the normal cleaning process of a wood floor
you could offer to paint it yourself in exchange for a few dollars off of the next payment

sadly I've seen this problem before, landlords will use the absolute cheapest paint from walmart and then when the renter leaves years later they get bitched at and lose their security deposit because the paint flaked off just by looking at it

the paint flakes off, your 200 hundred dollar dishwasher stops working, the pipes start leaking, the refrigerator dies, the dryer dies, the tile floor cracks, the laminate floor splinters, the carpet pulls up, the ceiling fan falls off...
...and you get blamed for it because the assholes that built the place used the cheapest shit they could find and leftovers from the previous build

sorry for the blogpost, but one of my friends IS an actual landlord AND my dad rented from him while I was still in high school and Igot to see the tricks of the trade whileworkingfor him for a few months

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L I B. M R Ducks.

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What kind of house do you want to own?

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idk what that means
i remember you. nice house, from the outside just needs a new walkway and I'd surround that badboy with privacy hedges
ME is non integrating imported somalis that want women to be covered coupled with the highest state taxes. It's an odd mismatch of backwoods and progressive. still ahead of VT tho

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Water tower house

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Nice looking house anon.

>> No.2720862

>somalis that want women to be covered
Listen anon, no matter how hard you try, you're not going to make me pro-immigration, okay?

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Granny flat with a big arse shed

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In a fit of rage after forgetting we have child locks for the one-thousandth time, I kicked this cabinet door closed really hard and now it won't shut properly. When I close it normally, it gently bounces back out and stays open as shown in pic related. How do I fix this?

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>When I close it normally, it gently bounces back out and stays open as shown in pic related. How do I fix this?
First, determine what's bent or broken or out of alignment.
Then fix that part so it's no longer bent or broken or out of alignment.

It's a door, anon, it's not a complicated machine.
Look for what's preventing it from closing and address.

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bottom of the door is too close to the face frame. inside corner is binding and pushes the door open at rest. adjust the lower hinge to pull the door off the face frame more. a 2 minute fix, if that.

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why are itoddlers like this

>> No.2720887

its not, it was flying when the pic was taken, then it was blended into the composite image you see there. fyi its on final, airport is about 2 miles to the east

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My dad wants to put the tv on this thing. I think it looks stupid and top-heavy (not saying it's going to fall off). What do you guys think?

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Yeah but if you can’t convince him, what good is it?

Or maybe if you come out of the closet to him right now, he will finally accept that his son might know a bit about design because gay people are the best interior designers.

>> No.2720760

Meds. My dad just wants to organize everything he has. I agree it's out of date but obviously it will look a lot worse if the placement of everything is arbitrary. Anyway, the tv isn't going on the wall. Cope and seethe.

>> No.2720764

I can convince him by talking about it with you tubes and relating the conversation.

>> No.2720776

Actually it's a myth that gay people know more about interior decorating or fashion. Have you seen how your average sodomite dresses? Jorts and a camo tank-top or haiwaiian shirts. What is gay is wanting to do it professionally. When faced with a creative task, the pneumatic will come up with ideas. I wouldn't care to go around decorating people's houses or making outfits for them. I actually dress very modestly and if I had a condo of my own, there probably wouldn't even be any decorations! So my dad is "gayer" than me just for having bought all this stuff in the first place.

>> No.2720905

Anyway this move has completely reinvigorated me. It's bizarre. I'm just A LOT more motivated now or at least less apathetic about things.

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I need some help from woodworkers of /diy/. I am trying to give my brother in law a good Christmas gift. He recently got into woodworking and I want to give him a package gift. I was thinking of something along the lines of a new table saw, woodworking polishes/finishes, brushes, sanders. Something like that but I have not the first clue what I should be buying. Any ideas?

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does he have a proper shopvac already? table saw kinda needs one, as well as any other tool

>> No.2720550

>Bluetooth hearing protection so he can still rock out or tune in to the sports game while working
>A funny apron
>a nice broom
>a whetstone or some fancy tool sharpening thing
>a butt plug

>> No.2720555

These are very nice despite the low cost, and once he has one he'll find all sorts of applications where it will make finishing a pleasure rather than a chore-


>> No.2720787


i'm gonna get this for my dad. he likes his table saw but he's getting a tremor in his hands so he's less confident about having fingers near blades.

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200$ worth of clamps

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instead they will get worse and worse every year

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grim bro

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Hi does anyone know how I can fix this when I pull any of the handles it doesn’t come out

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Hardly. If I told you to buy me a door handle and you got me a doorknob we would be in big trouble

>> No.2720512

If you told me to buy you a door handle without providing the spec or selection that's your fault.

>> No.2720513

>providing the spec or selection

you mean like knowing the difference between a handle and a knob? gotcha.

>> No.2720519

The point is you don't just tell someone to "go buy me a door handle". If you're going to send someone to buy you some door hardware for you then you need to tell them the brand, finish, style, type of lock, etc. so they get you what you need. And if that's done, the matter of handle vs knob doesn't even enter the picture.

>> No.2720671

Believe it or not, this exact thing happened to me not too long ago. Welcome to the retard pit.

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OK so I'm new to the hobby (FPV drones) and I saw this while I was walking through my local home depot. How much would it cost to upgrade this thing to something worth flying (4k camera, 20-30 minute flight time)? Would it be worth it vs just buying a build it yourself kit with a carbon fiber frame?

>> No.2720383

that's a child's toy, and not worth trying to upgrade as every single component is shit.

>> No.2720502

That's your sign to avoid it like the plague.

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are most pallets safe to build with, and how would you check to see if they were used for some nasty chemicals. want to build a bed frame. i live in canada

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>Palletwood jew here--I exclusively build shit from pallets--not because I'm some hippy fag, but because I'm a jew and I refuse to pay money for good wood,
Kek at least you're honest

>> No.2720856

I've never actually seen a treated pallet here in western canada
like the other anon says, check the pallet code stamps
the best source of pallets in my area is a flooring supply company, they have tons of nice clean pallets
so check for one of those in your area

>> No.2720865

working on it dude. also i live in bc. lumber prices are still high. thank you for posting the pallet treatment
thank you for posting this.
kill yourself fucking faggot, i dont want to buy lumber.

>> No.2720866

thank you will do

>> No.2720915

For a bedframe I'd straight stack pallets without breaking them apart and trying to form them into something new. Not worth the work for what will be a poor final product compared to straight stacking them up. They will be pretty fucking solid laid out in a 2 x 3 pattern 3-4 deep, and breaking it down to move is simple.
I've made a temporary bed base from filled plastic totes before and it held up really well. We needed somewhere to hide a bunch of shit while we had the house staged for sale, and once the matress was on top you could sleep on it no issue, no movement.