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How do I go about fixing a board like this? When powered, it doesn't light up until the room it's in is above say 75F, and then it's only half of the board. When it is 80F+ ish, the whole thing lights up. Wat do?

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More picca

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how do you hang yourself in a hotel?
they are generally designed to prevent suicides
you can use the upper door hinge but I'm 6'2 260lbs

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Take the batman cosplay on, tie a rope around your neck, put the rope on the doorknob, start to masturbate and chocking yourself.

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Help me dye my hair /diy/!
Tried yesterday using >pic related
I have short, medium light brown hair, left plenty of color on for 25 minutes, and when I washed it literally everything came off

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Lmao tranny

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Don't listen to this idiot >>2444680
Are you sure you aren't supposed to let it sit longer? Maybe bleach would actually let it stay longer?

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Thank you!
Instructions said 20-30 minutes, I think I'll try again and wait longer
I'm trying to find out if I maybe messed something up before turning to bleach, but maybe that's the answer
Again thanks a lot :)

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Listen to this guy: >>2444680

He knows his shit.
Also you should kill yourself.

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Figured this would be the board for this. Got a floor safe exactly like pic related in the basement of my building, and I'd love to crack it. All online shit says "call a locksmith". Would drilling straight through the core and fiddling around with the mechanism work?

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Leave it there and go home jamal

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Unironically wearing sock and sandals.

Come on brother show us the grippers

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They're usually protected reasonably well on the surface, but the sides are usually just sheet metal to save costs. I would rent a jackhammer and yank it out, then use an angle grinder to slice the bottom off. If you want to reuse the safe, then in theory you could just try every combination. But 100 digits, times three digits per combo, means a million possible combos. If you tried 100 a day it could take a maximum of 27 years to do it. So depends on how patient you are I guess.

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Yes but that ruines the loot

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Not if you're careful. Go around the rim with the grinder in light passes until you're *almost* through the metal, then use a hammer to crack the end off. None of the sparks will get inside and the heat will stay low enough to avoid burning or melting anything. It's mostly heavy duty tools like plasma torches that you have to worry about, those will absolutely fry anything combustible inside.

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Will they ever be displaced as the king of pliers?

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It doesn't even mean made by Turks anymore

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The me' channel locks. Simple as.

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I prefer the American brand of pliers which was outsourced to Germany for manufacturing.

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>blocks your path

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What path?
The path to the foodstamp line with your poorfaggot pliers?

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Slightly different thread than usual. What do you /diy/nosaurs listen to while working on things?
>inb4 silence

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The New Testament. I absorb it so much more when I hear it as opposed to reading it. The guy on 100 chapters on YouTube has a great voice too.

I also listen to mad at the internet every Friday too. Josh is hilarious.

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The Weekend Gardener on WPTF, newstalk 680

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>christcuck is barely literate
Checks out.

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Unbelievably based.

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Hey /diy/ actual retard here. I'm trying move this light switch to the other side of the wall and I've never done electrical work. I have two white, two black, and two ground wires. I disconnected all wires and put up a new gang box and attempted to reinstall the old switch. No matter how I connect these wires, everything lights for a second and then trips the breaker. What am I doing wrong?

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Forgot the picture

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It says which wires go to which terminal on the back of the switch.

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If you're watching a YouTube video that says connect the white wires to the terminals on the switch, do not watch that channel any more: they are idiots. I'm an idiot for replying to this bait, which I give a 2/10 for making me reply, but just .. damn.

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None of these pictures have a switch in the box.

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>electrical tape around the whole assembly
Tapefag, nobody wants to clean your dirty ass adhesive in few years. Just put a cover on it and stop tapefagging.

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looking for a better but still cheap method of storing screws.

i carry all those cups of screws in a tripple'd thick plastic bags -full of holes. anytime bag tips, screws fall out and mix up.
i keep drill bits in the kitty purse!

i mostly use six types of screws so if i could get six decent containers that dont need to be free, cheap would work.
3.0 torx&star, 2.5torx&star, 2in starhead, used loose screws.

i also have a small collection of other random screws that could use better storage than just plastic cups.

i use these screws building shit outdoors away from toolbox. all the screw storage diy articles i found online are for garage storage. anyone have any nifty ideas?

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a whole box of small/medium ziploc bags and a bigger sterlite/tupperware

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bags tear through

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woman's 'clutch' purses are dime a dozen at the flea market and make for sturdy small bits storage


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What is the best material to reinforce stone graves with? I really need something to just plug all the cracks and holes in my mounds to stop niggers from touching them.

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as in preventing markers from being toppled?
or as in you've got markers that are cracked and need to be repaired lest ice damage completely split them?

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does anyone know any uses for spoiled honey? note, this honey is not fully crystalized, it's contaminated and the is obviously sludgy at the top where the food particles stayed there for a long time. its raw honey and I know you can make leather care products but what else? nothing ingestible please.

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I want these ugly wood warts out. Do I sand this Chinese piece of shit or what

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Hey sometimes a man needs a $10 table

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Look, he's not driving the thing around in sun and weather. Save a little money.

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Replace it with real piece of wood.

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this nigga been watching too much hgtv

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It's only trash if you buy their cheap budget-line stuff.
I have an Ikea Galant bean-shaped frosted glass desk and it's built like a tank.

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I've got a small table top fridge, it works and gets cold enough to form ice. If I carefully cut away all the sides and insulation leaving only the compressor and ice box, could I then just blow a fan over it and have a diy air conditioner?

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Yes you can
No it won't be effective and youre better off pulling an old one from the trash.
It's way too fucking small and you'll have to do some fuckery to get the compressor outside the house otherwise there's no temperature improvement and you'll heat the house with the compressor.

You can do that as well but really all you want is the gas jets or wtfever it's called

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>you know how regular air conditioners list on the box what size room in square footage they can cool? well that little fridge was designed to cool whatever the square footage of that fridge is.
True but just to be clear that little fridge was designed to cool whatever the square footage of that fridge is down to a *maximum* allowable temp of around 41°F, and even when adequately sized for the space they're installed in a window ACs lowest achievable temp is around 60° and most people like them run between 68°-72° or so.
IOW asking a refrigerator to put out 70° air is significantly less demand than its designed for...nearly twice as warm as they regularly run at.
So the size comparison thing isn't so cut and dried as it sounds when put the way you did. Making a fridge into an AC is *far* more feasible than the reverse.
Also both ACs and refrigerators have thermal protection that can and will shut them down when they overheat, which can happen to both types of machines when the weather is hot and they are over worked.
The OPs idea isn't a great one but it's not nearly as crazy and dire as you pretend; the principles are the same, thermostats can be swapped for different temps, and most importantly, nobody's refrigerator catches on fire when the door is left open even if you leave it that way for days.
I'm not recommending doing it but acting like it's a practically guaranteed fire hazard is just as silly.

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A 5000 BTU window unit at wally world is $150

Then you'll have an AC and a mini fridge instead of an abomination that is bad at both

>> No.2444613

Not him, I said you can with a lot of work.

Need to realize a fridge compressor isn't really meant to run 24/7 either

>> No.2444630

Yeah, but neither are cheap window ACs...put one in a room that's too big for it at the coldest setting and it won't last long and wont get the temp very low either when its hot outside no matter how long it runs.
How much space youre cooling is the part of the equation that affects duty cycle, along with how well insulted the space is and how well you handle the exhaust.

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Why don't engineers bite the bullet and use stainless for things like bridges? Buy once, cry once

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Possible, would require a degree of tensioning in the forms before concrete is cast and afterwards as well for a span to be supported by a small arch under extreme tensile pressure. Again, you are relying on the field guys to not fuck this up and is best done in a controlled setting

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Have you ever been to Spain, Italy or Greece?

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Poor anon. You think $250/year would fix the problem? Remember how shittt gov’t is. If you need $250 in funding from the gov’t to complete a project, they’re going to need to collect like $1500 in taxes. Then $1250 of that $1500 is wasted on absolute bullshit before the necessary $250 gets to work. And the resulting project will be shitty anyway.

This is why people hate throwing their money away on taxes.

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multilane traffic, a bit of water, really whats the difference?

>> No.2444709

its not the culture of how we build - it sall you bitches saying gov is trash i hate muh socialism dont tax the rich "le lowerst bidder"
you guys stop progress, and you elect people that stop progress

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I think I might have a problem.

I love tools. I cant have enough of them.

Recently lost some tools.
>get rental car
>it breaks down
>gets towed
>had to leave my stuff inside

Now the rental company cant find the car anymore and my stuff is missing

>lost $100 in tools

Once I realized I lost the tools I had to replace them.
Bought even more than I lost.

>> No.2444213

Cool story bro, tell it again.

>> No.2444216

>it breaks down
>the rental company cant find the car
Sue them

>> No.2444218

I also enjoy tools

>> No.2444220

It's easy to buy cheap shit whereas at the moment I'm on a journey finding
a) the absolute right tool for the job and
b) the highest quality version of it that I can justify the cost

It's for the toolkit I will keep in my car at all times so it has to be versatile and encompass all. It's a fun journey.

>> No.2444230

the fuck, how does one lose a car? ask for compensation or sue their asses

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assembled this contraption from various junk. Main piece is the antenna dish covered in aluminum tape. It actually works on a sunny day with minimal clouding from roughly 10 am to 2 pm. I looked at those solar cooking boxes, but they require way more time, like 3 hours atleast. Any good ideas how to improve upon this? Put the stand on the other side, so if doesn't throw a shade on the reflector dish. In pic rel I just tested a slice of toast, already fried an egg in a large black uncoated iron pan and boiled water in a metallic pot which took quite long, wife didn't let me paint the downside black. Had to dig trough some trash until I found an old pot.

Concentrated sun beam on a small black container, what else could I improve?

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the other three types are considered slow cookers. stoves and panels, dunno name of the other one. Wouod this be a good idea? Building a funel out of cardboard and laminate aluminum foil on it, then heat stuff from top? I'd think it could atleast boil some water and make soup?

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Is there anything this can be besides black mold or am I fugged?

>> No.2444194

>falling popcorn wall texture (see - asbestos)
>black mold
RIP in pieces anon, your lungs will look like a miners lungs in short order

>> No.2444201

Yeah, dirt - especially if you have an air vent nearby.

>> No.2444235

scrub it, if it falls off its dirt

>> No.2444402

whatever it is, spray it with hydrogen peroxide
if it fizzles and sizzles, it was alive
if it just looks wet, it was dirt
scrub away what's left with an old toothbrush

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most ive done on AE is just rotoscoping
so i stumbled upon this tutorial out of nowhere and was so mesmerized i watched the whole thing on 1.5x speed

not like now i understand anything, not at all, but basically is path animation, when AE automatically forms a shape from one keyframe to another?

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Would you rather be a bandsaw or a drill press?
You will be used extensively by your hobbyist owner, choose wisely

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I give it a lot of respect, its safer than say a table saw, chainsaw or an angle grinder but you want to pay attention to where your fingers are

>> No.2444317

Angle Grinder-chan would be the tsun tsun.

>> No.2444504

Acetylene torch chan is a fiery tempered redhead

>> No.2444515

Bandsaw for sure, gets way more maintenance. I beat the shit out of my drill press, poor girl.

>> No.2444698

I'd rather be the drill (like real life), drilling, reaming, and breaking my tap.

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Thread lacked TVS diodes:>>2437936

>I'm new to electronics. Where to get started?
It is an art/science of applying principles to requirements.
Find problem, learn principles, design and verify solution, build, test, post results, repeat.

>Incredibly comprehensive list of electronics resources:
Additional resources below:

>Project ideas:

>Don't ask, roll:

>Archive of Popular Electronics magazines (1954-2003):
>Microchip Tips and Tricks PDF:
>Li+/LiPo batteries required reading:


>Principles (by increasing skill level):
Mims III, Getting Started in Electronics
Geier, How to Diagnose & Fix Everything Electronic
Kybett & Boysen, All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide
Scherz & Monk, Practical Electronics for Inventors (arguably has minor issues with mains grounding)
Horowitz and Hill, The Art of Electronics

>Recommended Design/verification tools:
KiCAD 6+
Logisim Evolution

>Recommended Components/equipment:
eBay/AliExpress sellers, for component assortments/sample kits (caveat emptor)
Local independent electronics distributors

>More related YouTube channels:

>microcontroller specific problems?
>I have junk, what do?
Shitcan it
>consumer product support or PC building?
>household/premises wiring?
More rules-driven than engineering, try /qtddtot/ or sparky general first
>antigravity and/or overunity?
Go away

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>heating things up because nothing uses it anymore
What, is it a shunt regulator?

>> No.2444705

I don't really know, but that's what they say. Things get heated up because the 12v just idles there

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Holy shit it is a shunt regulator. Though it's the zener, not the 2SSD1856 BJT, getting hot. Also that's an awful font due to how ambiguous the 1 is.
Personally I'd just swap that 1kΩ resistor for a larger one, which I don't think will impact any other part of the PSU.

>> No.2444725

like larger voltage or resistance?

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I'm moving into my dorm next weekend. Since I won't be having any roommates or suitemates, I wanna turn my bathroom into a sauna. How can I do that without maintenance trying to evict me

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what else to sauna other than pouring water on hot things to create steam?

>> No.2444278

Checked. But in Scandinavian culture, a sauna also requires the presence of at least five sweaty, grunting nude men. OP needs to put a sign on his door, "Monkeypox Vaccines Available Inside."

>> No.2444590

Just get a hot plate and some nice rounded rocks. Throw a red hot rock in the shower and a ladel of water. Unscrew the fan switched hot wire, towel under door. Voila

>> No.2444621

This but OP doesn't care about school like most kids and being silly is FUN. Whee!

>> No.2444627

God damn man you are so right and based

Op needs to get slapped into adulthood

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