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Hey guys - I want to teach myself electrical so I can wire my own house one day. I haven't done this shit for nearly a decade since grade 10 so I was wondering if you guys could point me in the direction of any good resources. Any tips of the trade would be much appreciated, too.

I'm thinking about going to the hardware store and getting some wires and lightbulbs and what have you to practice. Any reccomendations?

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>wire my own house

I like this book.

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Despite this belonging in a SQTDDTOT, I'll bite.
Do you have your own home? Have family/neighbors that are tradesmen? Outgoing enough to call Habitat for Humanity and see if you can shadow an electrician?

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I'm in my final year of University so no house to speak of. My dad is competant enough - he and his friends built mosy of our house (except roofing, plumbing and concrete). Habitat for Humanity is something I've been wanting to do for a while. I just don't have my tools while I'm at school.

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Habitat has the tools. Your dad and friends are a gold mine. Ask if they have any weekend projects and offer to help. They're prolly at the age where a young back would be a gift from God, and they'd let you touch their tools(homo).
Or maybe they've got useless kids who just bought a house. My sister did over Christmas break and I spent 2 weeks with dad doing basic electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and insulation. I've been helping him out for 15+ years. I don't think i learned anything except rockwool is easier and cleaner to install than fiberglass.

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I require machined metal disks measuring 25mm x 3mm, the weight and material doesn't matter, is there some online store that sells this sort of thing?

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Within a mm but its not super precise
Let's call it 100
No rush

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you should be able to get them laser-cut en-masse. Plastic, steel, whatever you need:


for example

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Why not use 25mm washers? Or even better, why not pay for it like a decent human being?

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3d model or drawing?

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That could probably work, I'll try find some tomorrow
And I actually wouldn't be as apposed to paying if it were just a little bit cheaper or the machines could take coins other than dollars.

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I'm interested in becoming an electrician but I'm below average at physical work in general. I can lift stuff up to like 30-40 pounds without issue but that's about my limit before it gets a bit too hard.

do electricians work long, hard days? I can walk and stand 8-9 hours just fine. It's just lifting heavy shit all day and climbing tall ladders 24-7 that makes me doubt if I should even try this field out

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Sparky here
right around xmas I worked 61 hours in 5 days. 38 of those hours were just wednesday, thursday, and only a 9 hour day on friday. Some of our wire can weigh 2lbs/foot and you need to handle 4 wires at a time. a 10' rigid pipe weights about 100lbs and you might have to climb a ladder to screw it into place after its bent into the shape you want it, or perhaps get stuck with a shovel in your hand for a few weeks digging because we cant get a machine in that area or fiber is buried there.
We are regarded as the pussies of the construction industry.

your picture is absolutely nothing like what a typical electrician does... I swear this is what an HVAC start up guy looks like or maybe a controls electrician might spend a few hours in this situation.

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So I am changing from 3 to 4 prong, and am getting mixed impressions from what to do with the chassis ground (the green or white cord in the dryer). Some show to attach the chassis ground AND the cord ground together into the dryers external ground connection, and some show to attach the dryers chassis ground to the external ground connection, but the ground from the cord to the neutral (white) terminal. TIA

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had that backwards, Some show to attach the chassis ground AND the cord ground together into the dryers external ground connection, and some show to attach the dryers chassis ground to the neutral (white) terminal, but the ground from the cord to the external ground connection on the dryer TIA

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It doesn't matter. Just screw the green cord to the dryer. The other 3 cords should have terminals to connect to. So the latter option you explained.

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If you have a four prong cord you either attach the ground to the ground terminal on the dryer or, if it doesn't have one, to the frame. Putting the ground to the neutral is only done when you don't have a four prong cord.

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Bought a new air filter for my place
Noticed how dirty and disgusting the last one was
How often do you replace these filters?

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Once a year
And I use genuine AirBear filters because I care about my air quality and I care about the life of my furnace.

The best thing you can do for yourself in the long run is to buy quality filters, not Filtrete fucking garbage at the hardware store.

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What are the chances I bought the same filter
I didnt do much research but its the only one I found with the right size
This was so odd there are dozens of various sizes for filters

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Airbear Trion is one of the more popular media filter cabinet addons that people install.
They tend to have odd sized filters that are hard to find in stores, so when buying online youll mostly find genuine ones.

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I have an old wm elliot and co razor that i want to clean up. But i know if you dont know what you're doing you can ruin the peice. Anybody got some tips for mistakes to avoid for a first timer?

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I legitimately found a galaxy s7 edge on my way home. There was no one around to claim it and I'm not going to give it to the cops. How do I bypass the email verification after I forced a factory reset? I'd even sell it if I could but it's worthless like this. Thanks to any anons

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Here's a phone,
Stolen from pal,
Don't be a nigger,
Give it back, Jamal

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stop being a shit human being and a leech of society

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Have a rusty cage/crate for dog. What's the most efficient way to clean it up? Owner said to just wash it with a hose.
I was also told to paint it, but was given leftover cans that are not even child-safe.

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Those are cheap as dirt and honestly not worth paying for the proper paint to clean it up, and they're also useless, my dog literally chewed through 3 of them until we decided to take angle iron and some heavy mesh and make one

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Collapse it down and put it in a metal prep acid bath. Let it sit and flip it over then let it sit some more. Wash off the acid with a hose. Touch up areas that were missed with a paintbrush and more acid. Wash that off. Make sure it’s completely dry. Spray paint it with bare metal compatible paint.

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those cages are cheap, that one is totaled.

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>woof woof
>Ah, I'm gonna break
>I'm gonna break my
>I'm gonna break my Rusty Cage,...
>And runnn,...

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>has cage
>wants it to be child-safe
seems legit

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stop self-promoting faggot

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Is this the thread where we market our garish RGB displays?

cool. here's my contribution.


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Hey anons i want to ask someone who is good with woodworking/metalworking to tell me is pic related any good.

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I am good with woodworking and metal working and I have used a drill almost exactly like that for many years and it is very good for both metal and wood.

The only minor differences that I could mention is that mine is made by Dewalt, but basically the same tool. You could also mention that mine is powered by rechargeable batteries but that is not a significant difference, so I would go with that tool.

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I suppose it would be good if you wanted to be really, really fucking precise with drilling something.

You could be just as precise with a power drill, but having that physical input with one of these might make it easier in some respecta

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They are great for metal, but they are very picky about how the bit is sharpened, the majority of twist bits on the market are ground for either steel or general purpose and need to be reground for non ferrous metals or it just jams the bit. The general purpose and steel drilling bits are alright on aluminum though, horrible on copper and its alloys. It also helps if you buy machinist length bits, instead of jobber length, especially on the smaller sizes.

A breast drill is one of the greatest things for precision drilling.

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I used this type of drill for many years. I still have one I got more the 40 years ago. Do I still use it? No. I have several Ryobi electric drills with lithium batteries and they work much better.

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It can drill small holes in wood or plastic. It's quiet, so it might be preferable to an electric drill if you have a sleeping roommate or something like that. It doesn't need an electrical supply, so it would be a good choice to bring along when you abandon modern society. It also works just fine under water.

TL;DR: For most drilling tasks it's been replaced by power drills which do those tasks much better, but it has some niche uses where it can be handy.

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Who else having a jobsite /sip/ rn?

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Show us your white dick stop wasting my time

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Started giving me chest pains.
I can sip no more.

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I know it's not /wsr/ but I really need a pattern for cutting, and making a kurti like pic related as soon as posible

If anyone can help me on this I would be very grateful

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Oh lol. You see I need the pattern for showing it to a tailor. I showed the pic to one and she did a mess and now we had to buy more fabric and need to take it to another tailor but want to be more specific to avoid any mistakes this time

Still thanks. I'll scroll through that channel and see if I find something useful there

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My mistake.


This seems to be all I can find that isn't talked about in squiggles. I'll keep looking, but I normally only make gákti and luhkka.

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I think this might work for the patterns you need. Good lick: https://feltmagnet.com/textiles-sewing/how-to-stitch-a-simple-cotton-top-for-women

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Thank you so much

Thanks a lot. And good licks to you too

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*luck. Perkele.

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>neighbor starts cutting tree with chainsaw near my house

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Here’s a question that I’ve gotten mixed answers and anecdotes on.

You own the fence. You paid for it. It’s on your property. The tree is on neighbor’s property. Storm comes through and the tree falls through your fence. Who pays for rebuilding the fence? Who pays for the tree removal? Slightly different question. What about if a limb of the tree is rotted and falls off and smashes your fence. Is that the neighbor’s fault for neglecting to maintain the tree? I’m wondering about nature causing the tree to fall. If the neighbor sucks at cutting down trees and it falls on your fence they are responsible. I get that.

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Be a good neighbor and fix your own damn fence and take care of the tree parts that God decided you should own. If your neighbor is not an asshole he will either help or will offer to pay something. If your neighbor is an asshole it's best to just avoid him, especially if he starts leaving a mattress beside your dumpster.

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>leaf blowers start
>anxiety kicks in
didn't know they had mexican trailer parks in Canada

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>Storm comes through and the tree falls through your fence. Who pays for rebuilding the fence?
>Who pays for the tree removal?
>What about if a limb of the tree is rotted and falls off and smashes your fence. Is that the neighbor’s fault for neglecting to maintain the tree?
Also, you are allowed to saw off any limbs that hang over the property line.

>> No.1537648

This >>1537626

After Irma came, this hermit guy who lived next to me had a big tree in his yard fall over and hit other boomer snow bird neighbor’s hod rod painted mailbox. Holy shit did all of these boomers make a big deal about how hermit guy needed to buy snowbird a new mailbox. Thank god the new mailbox doesn’t have flames.

Also a small tree of mine fell onto the fence and fucked up hermit guy’s fence. But his fence was rotting and I don’t think he ever even noticed. I just went into his yard when he wasn’t home and chopped the tree up and never heard shit.

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Why do crystal radios need to be 'tuned' to a second station for amplification? Why does it have to filter it if it's only using it as a power source? What prevents them from just using a full-wave rectifier and a capacitor?

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Wouldn't a bandpass filter with two resistors and two capacitors be good enough?
Yeah, but I mean for modern use.
Why did they make the old ones tuneable? Why not just make one radio for each frequency and swap out the earphones, if those were the expensive part?

>> No.1537529

Because its cheaper to make one.

Each diode has voltage drop and when you are dealing with stuff all voltage in the first place....

Also search Q factor.

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>Why do crystal radios need to be 'tuned' to a second station for amplification?
Crystal radios work fine tuned to one station.
>Why does it have to filter it if it's only using it as a power source?
The filter is to select the station you want to listen to and block the others.
>What prevents them from just using a full-wave rectifier and a capacitor?
Voltage drop across the diodes.

Do you understand how crystal radios work?

>> No.1537577

It'd be much smaller with semiconductors though.
Yes, I do.

You're misunderstanding. If you want to pick up a distant station, then un-amplified it will be very weak. If you use signal A as a power source to amplify signal B, you can pick up on more distant stations. Why would you need to do any kind of filtering on the 'power source' signal? That's also why I'm wondering about the full-wave rectifier.

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It would be simple enough to just build one and demonstrate your improved version.
Be certain to post your astounding results.

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I want to make a small MIDI keyboard with either my arduino or my raspberry pi because I can't afford an Akai MPK mini.

I would like to know what can I use to make the keys? If I understand well, all I need to do is to make small levers that will send signals to the keyboard matrix circuit when struck? Should I use springs? What can I use that will be able to know the velocity applied on a key when struck?

It seems that most keyboards use small levers behind the keys, and that they put small silicone rubber keypad behind the keys :


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Good luck making it cheaper than buying a MIDI board

>> No.1537582


just use the keyboard you're typing on, stupid. edit in velocity later.

>> No.1537583

I'm picturing OP playing on a midi keyboard that looks like a wintergatan monstrosity contraption, having only paid for $20 of material from the hardware store.

>> No.1537649

Loads of cheap control surfaces/keyboards out there, especially second hand. Jesus Christ just use the hours you would spend making the thing earning extra money to buy something better, unless you really really want to build it yourself

>> No.1537820

I will consider this


Not really convenient.

Those that I have seen are like $90. I can reduce the price by just using cheap buttons for the drum pad, for example. Everything can be done for cheap, except the keyboard, which will probably cost a bit.

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I found a cheap lathe on craigslist but it doesn't have powerfeed or the quick change gearbox for thread cutting. The gearbox alone is $500-$600 on ebay, how difficult/expensive would it be to throw on some stepper motors and get it accurate enough to cut threads?

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You don't need a new spindle, what even are you on about?

You don't need ballscrews, though they're nice to have. The regular leadscrews will work fine, as long as you remember that they have significant backlash and program accordingly. Mach3 and LinuxCNC have functionality explicitly to help compensate for this, even.

You're really gonna pay for custom mounts when the _entire reason you own these tools_ is ostensibly for that exact kind of thing? Really, brother?

Again, I'm not arguing that quality equipment is expensive, but good manual machines aren't exactly cheap to begin with. We're working on a budget here, not jerking ourselves off over sub-micron surface finishes. If it works reliably, what else do you really need for hobby work?

You sound like one of those guys who's been spoiled by the tools his workplace owns and is completely out of touch with what someone realistically expects when they AREN'T buying a machine to make them $10,000/month.

>> No.1537764

>You sound like one of those guys who's been spoiled by the tools his workplace owns

You could call it "spoiled", or on the other hand you can call it "experience". You know, the knowledge of understanding why you would want to control your spindle speed or have zero backlash for your various toolpaths.

> Mach3 and LinuxCNC have functionality explicitly to help compensate for this

Mach 3 is too expensive for you, also its to compensate for your very very minimal ballscrew backlash, not to repeatedly smash your brass nut back and forth into the leadscrew to compensate for .010-.020 backlash.

>We're working on a budget here, not jerking ourselves off over sub-micron surface finishes. If it works reliably, what else do you really need for hobby work?
> what someone realistically expects when they AREN'T buying a machine to make them $10,000/month.

What exactly do YOU expect?
If you are on a budget, and you are only doing hobby work, and you arent looking for production work, and you dont want high quality finishes why the fuck are you trying to CNC anything in the first place?
Its far cheaper, faster, easier, and more reliable to do things on a manual machine.

You are half assing the job, and make no mistake, you are going to get a very half assed machine.
Just wait and see how impossible its going to be for your lathe to turn a simple ball without ball screws and spindle control.
Your axis movements will not be able to control the SFM and your holding torque will not be strong enough alleviate the chatter. You are going to try and try to compensate in software until your cycle times are so fucking long and your finish looks like complete dog shit and it still wont be good.

You may think you can cut every single important corner, youll eventually learn how your time and money is being wasted.

>> No.1537783

Thousands of people started their business with half arsed cnc machines. You go cnc to free up time to waste it again with bad cycle times so you can get away with cheap machines. And it is cheap. Two jmc ac servos, psu and old pc may run you 250$. Ballscrews and mounting maybe another 150-250$. You could build the spindle encoder for zero $.

A lathe (for most parts) obviously doesn't even care for backlash. Just ignore it. Controlling sfm is just for not burning up your expensive tools when talking about hobby stuff.

I'd do it OP but only, as someone already said, for scrap price. 900$ is insane. Double that and you could probably already get a working industrial cnc lathe in similar condition.

>> No.1537793

that's true, blue hands guy is one of them.



here he goes over the janky cnc converted mini lathe, lots of vids of the journey. He makes some spare cash making car parts


>> No.1537796

>You know, the knowledge of understanding why you would want to control your spindle speed or have zero backlash for your various toolpaths.

Then you should also have the understanding of why it's not NECESSARY in a hobby setting.

>its to compensate for your very very minimal ballscrew backlash

But it can be used, to limited effect, to partially deal with the larger backlash of a traditional leadscrew. And, again, I'm not necessarily recommending this, because the right way to handle it is to program with it in mind. It's just another option, if you feel you can make use of it.

>What exactly do YOU expect?

I EXPECT the thing to make serviceable parts for HOBBY use. How many times does this have to be said to get it through your head? Absolutely NONE of what you're listing is a requirement to make usable parts, they just make better ones. Yet again, however, for HOBBY use, this extra precision and speed is completely wasted.

>Its far cheaper, faster, easier, and more reliable to do things on a manual machine.
...right up until you either need to make two of them, or the part has any geometry more complex than a face parallel or perpendicular to the spindle axis. I mean, for fuck's sake, a taper attachment alone would run you half the cost of a cheap conversion, and has nowhere near the functionality.

You are making the assumption that entirely modern methods and equipment are somehow required for this to be useful. If, at the minimum, it could only do what a human operating the dials could, it would STILL at least be good for small runs of simple parts. But the reality is that even a cheap setup on an unmodified or lightly modified machine can do far better than that. There's any amount of evidence for this all over YouTube and the likes of CNC Zone, none of which I'm assuming you bothered to look for because you wouldn't be here otherwise.

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shorted thread: >>1532176

0. Electrics ≠ electronics. Mains wiring goes to /qtddtot/ or /sqt/. PC assembly to >>>/g/.
1. Do your own homework. Re-read all documentation/datasheets related to your components/circuits, and do an honest web search, before asking.
2. Pics > 1000 words. Post relevant schematic/picture/sketch/9001.5 hours in MS Paint with all part numbers/values/etc. when asking for help. Focus/lighting counts.
3. Read posts fully. Solve more problems than you create.

>I'm new to electronics, where to get started?
It is an art/science of applying principles to requirements. Find problem, learn principles, design and verify solution, build, test, post results, repeat.

>Project ideas:

>Principles (by increasing skill level):
Mims III, Getting Started in Electronics
Platt, Make: Electronics
Geier, How to Diagnose & Fix Everything Electronic
Kybett & Boysen, All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide
Scherz & Monk, Practical Electronics for Inventors
Horowitz and Hill, The Art of Electronics

>Design/verification tools:
NI Multisim
iCircuit for Macs
KiCAD (pcb layout software, v5+ recommended)

Mouser, Digi-Key, Arrow, Newark, LCSC (global)
RS Components (Europe)
eBay/AliExpress sellers, especially good for component assortments/sample kits (caveat emptor)
Your local independent retail electronics distributors

>Related YouTube channels:

>Li+/LiPo batteries
Read this exemplary resource first: https://www.robotshop.com/media/files/pdf/hyperion-g5-50c-3s-1100mah-lipo-battery-User-Guide.pdf
>I have junk, what do?
Take it to the recycler.

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>> No.1537763

>Also we hate Arduino

>> No.1537798

Gyrator can be used just fine in an oscillator, just replace whatever component you're expecting with the gyrated version, and it'll work as long as the voltage/currents are within capabilities.

Now you have me thinking, if you could make an oscillator out of two gyrators that are "out of phase" with each-other and are actually swapping which component they represent (rotating their imaginary vectors, so to speak).

That doesn't work.

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Sorry but is there a meme I'm ruining here?

>> No.1537808

You actually have something auto-loading the thread to see if you are quoted don't you. Next-level shitposting.

>> No.1537847

? Click the little "Auto" checkmark box near the bottom of the thread

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Will I make it? What even are those weird fibers... These are Razer kraken headphones. Any help appreciated

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Who is this semen demon?

>> No.1537425

I hate that enamel shit (that apparently can only be soldered properly in a factory) with such such a fury that I can solder them with my stare alone.
I'd rather rewire the whole thing than try to splice that shit.

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>> No.1537805

Holy fuck nuggets, OP. Just crank your soldering iron's heat up a bit and you can just kill the enamel with a solder blob while you tin the wire. A nice two-fer. I fix wires like this all the time because I'm a goddamn klutz with my headphones. It's not hard, man. Don't let the wires play mind games on you.

>> No.1537806

Oh, just saw you don't have an iron. You're not going to fix this in any satisfactory way without a soldering iron.

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I have a set of four hardwood outdoor chairs that have been exposed to the elements for roughly a year now.
I took them inside to dry out and want to refinish them. They used to get treated with oils every year back when they werent out in the rain. I’m thinking of just varnishing them this time around.

Problem is, the rain has made the ‘erosion’ very uneven, and I’m looking for a way to get rid of that without explicitly sanding. Are there chemicals I could apply that would do the job even better? Or is using a high powered pressure washer something I should consider?

>> No.1537327

boiled linseed oil, pine tar oil, or creosote oil if you can find it

>> No.1537346


phoneposters need to fucking go. if the image is fucked, delete the post or the file, rotate it, and re-upload. If you can't figure out how to do that on your phone you should stick to reddit and other sites that are coded by actual coders and not a bunch of losers who sucked up to moot.

>> No.1537497

There is nothing you can do that will be quick and easy, and attempting such thing are bound to make things worse. A light sanding and coat of oil is the way to go.

>pine tar oil, or creosote
Hope you only wear black and don't mind being stivky.

>> No.1537551

>Problem is, the rain has made the ‘erosion’ very uneven, and I’m looking for a way to get rid of that without explicitly sanding. Are there chemicals I could apply that would do the job even better? Or is using a high powered pressure washer something I should consider?
Nope. It's borked, and needs repaired. Just how it is. You might try a card scraper, but that's basically sanding but different.

Use deck stain and reapply yearly, not varnish. Varnish doesn't work on outdoor furniture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKShR3J3VfI

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>be apprentice sparky
>lose my apprenticeship due to lack of work orders in the company
>have to find a new one
>guy from old company recommends another one
>call them, they're full, but recommends someone else
>call them, they want me in 07 tomorrow morning

In less that 30 minutes of phone calls I have a new place to work. Is this the power of the tradie brotherhood?

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you got skills, you got value, you get money
try working as a wagie or a libcuck with lesbian dance theory degree and cry for a min wage of $54/h to flip burgers and >muh eat the rich

>> No.1537593

Its not a brotherhood, I fight with different tradesmen more than my goddamn wife. There just isn't a lot of non convicts and/or Mexican trade workers anymore so it you're white (god willing) its easy to find work.

>> No.1537790

>show up at 7 with tools and a lunchbox
>tiny company with like 5 employees
>boss just wanted an interview
>is impressed with my initiative
>end up with a contract for full pay, and my drivers license half paid for by the company
>work starts for real tomorrow

Today is a good day. Tomorrow will be better.

>> No.1537839

be 52
worked 23 years in it
started investing at age 35
getting ready to retire early
no longer have to look for work

>> No.1537856

Engineering degrees are gateway degrees m8.
So don't limit where you are applying to just the field your degree is in.
Also, if in U.S. USAJobs (not shilling)
Linked In can also help somewhat.
Good luck.
This is true. But couple having a trade with an Engineering degree and the jobs pay damn good.

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