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Hello, /diy/,

It's autumn and my family downed some wood in our garden. Many harvested branches fell, so the trees could conserve their juices during the winter.
At this point, i'd like to express gratitude to the cherry tree for delivery of cherries for over 20 years, that unfortunately fell victim for termites that made her core rot and wither away.

Now, /diy/, i have a lot of cherry wood in my garden, sawn in 40inch pieces (that hasn't fallen to the termites), as well as some thick branches of apple, plum and pear, that might perhaps do some decent blanks for pistol grips or knife handles.

I also have a band saw with 2,7 inch clearance, a electrical chain saw, big hand saws, random chisels and a industrial vacuum.

How would you get the most wood planks with this selection of tools? Is that wood of any worth, anyway?

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It's worth using what you can, for sentimental reasons.

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I have a small creek in my back yard, and I would like to use a small pump and a solar panel to get the water up on a small hill.
It seems easy, but i don't have any experience in this field.
> What should i look out for when picking a panel? so far I found one with the following specs:
- tension : 18,2V
- current : 2,75A
> Do i need a regulator?
> Can the 12v pump get the water up that hill?

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not much experience either, but if the pump starts sucking air it’ll probably burn out, so you’ll need some kind of a cut off switch. And if you’re just gonna be out there with it while its running just bring a generator.

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He doesn't like chocolate so I'm thinking about making one with things he does like, but they vary in size (socks, coconut water, small snacks).

Is gluing them to a board like in the picture my best option? I dont have easy access to a woodshop but can get to one if necessary. Thanks!

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I'm trying to make a silver necklace what would be the best way of drawing on silver? I was told to use dentistry drills but I'm not sure

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Short circuited my amp. Low output from left speaker output. What could be broken?
>pic related

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>Short circuited my amp.
output transistor fried

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you guys dip?

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Hell yes cuz. Straight griz

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I use Snus, am I cool?

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Snus muddafukka

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Ew no

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>doing maintenance with a buddy in a townhouse
>someone's electricity is out
>go check the breaker, it's flipped, flip it back, every fucking day is like this
>hear a billion sounds from all over the house, breaker flips back instantly
>"Hey Buddy, go check around the house and see if you see anything big you can unplug."
>buddy comes back
>"Literally everything was on."
>"Washer and dryer were both set to be running, no clothes even in the dryer, all light switches were on, a fucking vacuum cleaner was plugged in and switched to on, I don't fucking know man. I turned it all off."
>flip breaker, everything works
>go talk to the tenant

Turns out he saw something about a solar pulse on the news once and once the breaker flipped he literally tried every electrical device in the house to see if they were broken before he called maintenance to complain.

What's the dumbest reason someone has ever given you for their shit breaking?

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government drones hovering in her yard shooting her with lasers.b

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Welcome to rental properties I guess?

Half of renters are just too young to buy, three quarters are just retarded.

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Don't know if this is the correct board, but post your backyard gardens. What are you growing?

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And excuse the potato camera, my phone has never been good with pictures.

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Current crop:
>broad beans
>snow peas
>lemon and lime trees
>white onions
>spring onions

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I work for a railroad and my route has me staring I to morning and evening sun often. Recommend welding sunglasses or shade number, that will protect against sun and glare, but still allow me to see the tracks and signals?

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Something like a shade 3 or 5 Brazing/cutting glass?

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Why not polarized sunglasses with a visor? Glare is mostly vertically polarized, so filtering it out specifically is more effective for seeing than blocking out light indiscriminately like a welding shade would.

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do a lot of welders not use auto-darkening lenses?

...why not use those things called 'sunglasses'?

why jump directly to welders lenses?

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I've tried sunglasses.

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Not only that but blue/UV-blockers (non chink type) and polarization not only helps acuity but also cuts the stuff that damages your eyeballs.
I drive into the sun every frigging day. Picked up a set of driving glasses.
not shilling, zenni wasn't around when I got mine. But this is similar.

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I feel like a rabbi

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Did you bite it off with your teeth?

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I bought a house with a lot of .35 acres. Land is fairly flat and nothing much there except grass. What should I do with it? Its an an HOA so I don't think I can be completely free. Maybe build a workshop or something?

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HOA? Enjoy having a bunch of neets tell you what can can do to "your" property.

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>What can I do with this?

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You can suck your HOA's dick and see what they MAY allow you to do

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Any tips on how I could convert link related to a functional e-cigar?

I imagine I'll need food-quality paint & glue plus already functional vape components. Anybody have experience along these lines?

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I've got this problem that this sewage hole on the right is clogged, and the bath is being drained through that hole. The bath itself is draining quickly enough, but that sewage hole is draining at the speed of like 1 liter per minute, so while I am having a quick shower, water comes up through that sink.
I know I need to unclog that hole, but it seems I can't open it. I tried twisting it in both sides, lifting it, but it seems just stuck there (keep in mind I did not apply big force while trying that, because I don't want my fingers cut by it)

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Middle looks like it takes a torqs bit

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Use a carpet knife or similar object to pry it up. Most likely pops in place.

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What motor would be proper for durability, continuous use, and mounting in the stock location on a WL1200 Rigid Lathe? Stock motor is an emerson 826618 1/2 hp 1725rpm

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Op bump for someone who knows electric motors better than I

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Hmm gee idk maybe the stock motor it's supposed to have?

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they often use a treadmill motor with a VFD for small metal lathes

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It is somewhat difficult to find, and I was hoping someone may be familiar with this issue due to the fact it is the only lathe Rigid ever made, making it a strong likely hood that someone else is intimately knowledgeable on the subject. Thanks for the help though.

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Thank you, I will look into those.

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So I recently bought an Arduino Uno and I blinked a led to test it.
What other cool projects are there? Which ones have you do yourself?

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Start stretching.

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You could get a network shield and use it as a rectal firewall.

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remote switch


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goatse is your goal, not what you should be hoping for initially

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Anyone else upgraded their firmware to find gaps between the lines of your 3d prints?

Seems to be a nozzle width issue, but its set to .4 like my nozzle?

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well try setting it to 0.3 dumdum

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Florida man here, is there anything I can use or carve out of pic related? Maybe small planks to build tiny model homes for a hobby or something. Note that I have practically an unlimited supply since they are usually shaved off every once in a while and its a while before someone cleans the shavings up

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Low quality bump

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Another shameful bump

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Not a good idea.

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>Carving or making use of an everyday wood I have available and no one really uses is not a good idea

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Palm trees aren't wood bro. Palm trees aren't even technically trees (the name is a lie). If you put that shit in water it sinks.

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I want to make a giant ass cage for my parrot.
But I don't have an idea how to work with wires/mesh.
I can build a wooden frame without problem, I have build couple closets and sheds, so I'm confident with this.
Mesh is a problem. First - I don't know which material should I use, since ordinary chicken wire is zinc-coated, and people say it is extremely bad for birbs. But I think I can use aluminium mesh. Second - I don't know how to fix it to frame, so it doesn't move...

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>As far as holding it to a wooden frame, just hammer in some fencing staples.
Okay, sounds easy.
>I'm sure you can get stainless steel mesh fencing somewhere.
Where it can be used?
I found pic related, aluminum stuff that people use to protect radiators of cars, but it has too small cells..

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Plus a large bird would just bite through that.

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Good point. I guess I will buy something like this. And I think I can buy similar thing made from stainless steel, which is better.

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Are you spending enough quality time with your bird? They go mentally insane rather quickly when left alone. Being bonded is so hard wired for their survival, putting them in a big pen is not a substitute.

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>Are you spending enough quality time with your bird?
Yes, I spend a lot of time with him. I put him in cage only when I'm not home (usually for 6-10 hours), but considering I wake up relatively early it is not an issue.
>They go mentally insane rather quickly when left alone.
Dunno, I had to left him alone for 3 days, and he was absolutely fine with that (at least looked fine). But I was quite nervous and worried about that.
>Being bonded is so hard wired for their survival, putting them in a big pen is not a substitute.
I know, but his current cage is kinda small.

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How to clean deodorant gunk off of tshirt armpits?

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Throw it in a fast moving river with yourself inside it so you don't kill another thread with your retardation

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So I want to put up shelves made of barn board beside the stove but I don't want brackets to be visible. It's not holding anything heavy, just docorative plates or whatever. Only 5" wide. I was thinking maybe sticking drowels into studs. Any other ideas?

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Floating shelf

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