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How do I get rid of ants?
Hitler's method doesn't work

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borax and sugar.
I use brown sugar and add water to make it a syrup, then I dip cotton balls in it.
don't let your pets get to it as it's mildly toxic.

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I've tried that before, didn't work for shit.
Weirdest part is that ants are in the shitter. Not in my bedroom which has dorito dust everywhere.

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If you use borax, don't bother with sugar. Simply dust it around known ant entry points.

>ants are in the shitter
Do you also have a mouse problem?

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>Do you also have a mouse problem?

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Get quail. They will pick at individual ants.

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Where do I get free newspaper to line my animal cages?

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just take the "no junk mail" sign off your mailbox

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I want newspaper not that slick magazine print.

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subscribe to a bunch of community newsletters. churches, political groups, charities, that kind of shit. lots of them still love wasting dead trees.

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get some straws

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Buy a wood lathe...endless shavings and you can make cool stuff!

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is it safe to connect wires for house lights and outlets with electrical tape?
Why does everyone use those retarded wire nuts?

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I want to use tape instead because the ceiling side wire is thicker and only a single copper wire whereas the fixture has multiple thin wires. I tried to use the wire nuts on both but only got one on there decently, so I just taped the other since I was tired of messing with it

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strip the stranded wire back slightly farther that the solid, use your lineman pliers to twist the stranded wire, then use them to twist the two wires together, then twist the nut on
lightly tug each wire to make sure theyre gripped by the nut

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Tape is not going to make a sufficient connection here at all. A wire nut would be the bare minimum. I usually use Wagos when dealing with multiple gauges.

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Ur supposed to twist them together with a pair of pliers idiot
The wire nut is just a cover

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Have you ever installed an outlet in your life?

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Newfag here, building an ABS computer for a car that never had one. I know it's a big undertaking mechanically. For now, how's this circuit I whipped up in LTSPICE?

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Too many triangles.
Weird yellow box with numbers in the middle will obviously create faults.
And what do you think you're doing with the arch-shaped things?
They aren't even touching!
How do you expect electricity to flow?

And what's up with the squigglies?
Big man, wasting wire, huh?

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Any advice for raising a kitchen counter? My wife and I were wondering if anyone has attempted this and what to expect. If its a good idea or not. Up to where her elbow is. I know with pluming its complicated.

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Seek help, OP. You are mentally ill.

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Which setup is the best?

A. Isolated side is just hot and neutral, ground and neutral not tied, no connected ground.

B. Isolated side has ground and neutral tied, but not grounded.

C. Isolated side has ground and neutral tied, but is connected to it's own grounding rod, not tied to house's main ground.

D. Isolated side has ground connected to the house's main ground. Neutral is not tied to ground at isolation transformer.

E. Isolated side has ground connected to it's own grounding rod, not tied to neutral, not tied to house's main ground.

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If you are using something that is not UH compliant, you have to isolate it from all the other UH compliant components. If you are working with signals, then there is a chance you may need one to protect your equipment from power spikes. You also do it when the power in your system is high enough to possibly cause a current leak and exposed metal can harm the operator by contacting the component.

For home and office I don't see a huge reason to have this. Most consumer electronics have some sort of power conditioning. These types of circuit methods are used often in industry.

For residential I

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dude I ain't reading all that shit.

an isolation transformer is line and neutral come in to one side of the transformer and NOTHING is electrically connected to the other side (the secondary) wirings.

If it makes you feel better the ground can go to ground in the outlet but in most cases you don't connect ANYTHING from one side to the other because it is not isolated if you do that.

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Here's a clue, asshole: Every transformer is an isolation transformer unless it's specifically made to not be an isolation transformer.

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That's basically true, but the transformer pictured has very low capacitance primary to secondary. It is needed for some measurements such as radiated EMI. It also has guaranteed isolation specifications rather than some random numbers.

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Correction. Make that conducted rather then radiated EMI.

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> lose life savings doubling down on tech stock that crashes
> no more downpayment

go ahead laugh it up, I deserve it. my question is, I plan on parking a tow behind camper on parents driveway as my private domicile. I am in Canada and therein lies the challenge...will I freeze in the winter? Are they insulated at all? Can they handle a foot of snow sitting on the roof? Any DIY solutions or should I make peace with my cozy bedroom?

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cheers m8s and thanks for all the insights

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Post payed off house. I'm waiting...

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Mate, tell me this.
Why should I own a house?
I will have the worth of a house saved up in gold bullion anyways.
AND if anything ever gets bad, I can take that worth with me - a house is stuck in the ground.

Read below about my experiences with how crises affect home ownership.
The gubbermint can and will just take it.
And I know you will say "but muh guns I'll take on the army", and honestly, it is based to stand your ground, but I'm not getting into a firefight with a globohomo government over a house.
I'll load up the trailer I've owned for 5 years with all of my homesteading equipment, and I will simply drive off North.
If I can't do that, I will abandon my 5,000 dollar trailer, so be it, take my savings in precious metals, and get on the first ship out of my shithole of a country (Canada.)

Based if paid off, good for you anon, unironically, BUT, I will again say this - your wealth is literally tied to the ground on which you live.
I'm not a hippie faggot, and I think that ownership > renting in ALL cases, but it still stands that your worth is always going to be anchored to one place.

It's not good to keep all of your eggs in one basket, friend.
I come from a country where the government just confiscated houses when it felt like it under the guise of "equality" and "muh working class" - people who spent their lives saving for a house had their net worth obliterated, and those that saved fiat got it cancelled, frozen in bank accounts, or hyperinflated away.

It still stands that the best investments you can make are:
>yourself + skills
>tools of your trade that you can take with you
>precious metals
>valuable business manufacturing products that requires personal oversight from YOU, i.e. making yourself irreplaceable

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Cont, this is to both of you anons:
Maybe it's cowardly, but I've always lived according to my principles, and worrying about loyalties to a globohomo government is last on my list of priorities for life.
I try to be honorable in all other aspects of my life, and so, have no quarrels abandoning a burning nation that has only ever told me that I'm "privileged" and a shitlord for wanting to live a traditional life with my family, and to expect decent and moral behavior from those around me.

Clearly, it was too much to ask, so while liberal Canada burns, I will happily fuckoff innawoods or defect to China, they may be globohomo, but at least they won't harass me for being straight.

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>Mate, tell me this.
>Why should I own a house?

I never said that you should, or that anyone "should".
I'm not the one trying to shame and mock people into agreeing with some narrow minded notions regarding home ownership like
>There's nothing more cucked than home ownership.
and the idea that seeing a positive side to it is an attempt to
> cope with the fact that you won't actually own "your" house for another 20 years.
If your thought process is that rudimentary and illogical then clearly its not for you.
Your wall of text rant and attempt to come off as reasonable now just proves that your are all blather and cope that pretends to know what people will say so you can argue against strawman
>And I know you will say "but muh guns I'll take on the army"...

Again, not a mindset conducive to adult life and activities that involve rational thinking, so a transient lifestyle as a paranoid miser on the run is probably your best bet.
Good luck.

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I have a shower and tub combo and the hot water has stopped flowing to it and I can hear the leak behind the wall where the 3 valves are

The wall behind where the valves and leak is is an exterior wall so I cant cut into it and of course there's no way to access from the side because of studs

The foundation is concrete slab and every video I see of uninstalling these requires access from the bottom to unscrew the drain and the vids have access underneath through the pier and beam foundation instead of the slab like mine

what do?

I called a plumber and he said it'd be a minimum of $2,000 by phone which I can't afford

pic isn't mine, mine has 3 valves

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>Those kinds of surrounds are typically just glued to the wall. You should be able to remove it without damaging it if you're careful

the "surround" shower wall is connected to the tub, the entire shower tub combo is one seamless piece

>> No.2414425

Yes i understand the exterior wall, OP needs to go in through the shower wall

>> No.2414435

Yes, you have to take off the whole tub/shower insert. Like anon said, those are usually glued on. Good luck.

>> No.2414548

If that's the case, and it's on a slab floor, the drain may be the type that screws in from the top since that's pretty much the only way it could be isntalled. See if you can rig up something to try and unscrew it, like stick a couple screwdrivers in the drain and twist them with a pry bar.

>> No.2414553

Take an angle grinder and cut a neat square in the vinyl, remove, cut the chipboard or cement board or whatever, remove, access your water issue

Place back, buy a tube of that fancy epoxy mix shit that hardens in seconds, then glue the cut vinyl back, white epoxy it sealed

Cut a hole more than big enough to work through
Leak is going to be behind the faucet

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I got this welder yesterday for a job I have at the end of next week so I need to learn quickly and I have some questions

Is this an arc or a MIG welder?
Is this good enough to weld a thick metal pole to a large steel beam?
Can this weld a rail to a steal beam?
Which type of wire should I use for the aforementioned welds?
Should I always wire brush before welding or does it matter?
Is it safe to hold the welding base while welding (I will be up on a ladder )
Are most auto dimo welding helmets good for this type of welder?
Any general tips would also be appreciated

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>> No.2414588

>Which type of wire should I use for the aforementioned welds?
Its not good bait, the guy is asking basic and dumb questions, but the same sort of questions everyone asks when buying their first welder. He just happened to buy the welder first.

>> No.2414595

Flux core machine, only buy "Flux Core" wire. It comes with .030, but .035 will be better.
If you DO buy .035 wire, you will have to buy .035 gun tips to put on your gun, harbor freight sells them all in the welding section.

I dont care that they say it doesnt have to be a strong weld, its already broken once before, and your welder is underpowered for it.
You need to go up there and do multi-pass welding.

When doing practice and learning the basics, look up some videos on how to do multipass welding.
And yes, you want to clean the weld before and after with a wire brush. You should try to clean before a second or third pass.

Its going to work fine though, and thats a pretty decent welder for a beginner.

>> No.2414601

Um... That is not what I meant.
People think that welding is kinda like hot glue gun (especially MIG or FCAW), but in reality it is a bit more complicated and thus this thread isnt a bait but a legit question.
Judging by some welds - probably. And im not talking about shit that failed xray or bend test, im talking about hairy welds on exhausts and such

>> No.2414606

>its already broken once before
it broke because somebody drove a forklift through the gate

>When doing practice and learning the basics, look up some videos on how to do multipass welding.
definitely will, thanks

>> No.2414608

>I'm sure there are people every day who get given a welded and told to go weld that with zero experience
My boss literally wanted me to do the weld yesterday before even buying me the welder just winging it

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Hey all. I'm looking to replace the motor on my 113 Craftsman Table saw. The pic is of the current specs of the motor.

This is the one I am looking at, as people in the reviews are saying they used it with there 113's.

If anyone has any other suggestions, or thinks that this one would be good, please let me know

>> No.2414320

Check scrapyards. They sometimes have cheap industrial motors

>> No.2414325

Is that 56 type mounting pretty common for motors? I'm down to check out our local scrapyard but idk if the motor type is too rare for it to be worth it

>> No.2414337

It says 1750 rpm on your plate but the new motor is 3450 rpm. How is it gonna fit?
Are you sure original motor is dead beyond repair. Don't buy a shitty chinese one if you don't have to

>> No.2414362

You can make/buy a new mounting to fit whatever. The motor might even come with one if you're lucky

>> No.2414644

Check craiglist. Sometimes you can find a old air compressor with a good motor on it.

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What the actual fuck do I use to get rid of this stain on my driveway?

I have no idea what it was. I think it might have been an animal or something that decided to die right there. I was gone for over a month and when I came back this stain was there and I power washed the remains.

I tried absolutely everything to get it out, from rust-out to muriatic acid to bleach.
I put concrete sealer on my driveway the year before, so the sealer might have helped it to bond with the concrete or something.

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>so pissed that posts by different anons are running together
You're quoting someone else who tried dissolving away driveway art and canvas alike with acid

>> No.2414568

Ok and have you ever seen what cut concrete looks compared to finished concrete ? Idiot

Anyways OP it's concrete that shit stains a d never goes away

>> No.2414573

>You're quoting someone else who tried dissolving away driveway art and canvas alike with acid
No, I'm not and you are just wildly projecting now.

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>> No.2414610

No, really. I'm not him. I'm me.

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Any advice for raising a kitchen counter? My wife and I were wondering if anyone has attempted this and what to expect. If its a good idea or not. Up to where her elbow is. I know with pluming its complicated.

>> No.2414292

what was wrong with the first version of this stupid thread

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Whats this?
Removed door frame. I guess it some kind of isolation? The apartment was build in the 50s. I hope its not that cancer material i heard about

>> No.2414271

You're good, there must have been a lot of pubewood trees in your area when they were building the place and they sourced lumber locally.

>> No.2414281

Might be horsehair. They used a lot of random stuff back then because there was a materials shortage from WWII. Doesn't look like any kind of asbestos material in any case.

>> No.2414303

Some kind of fiberboard, there's various brands that made/make them with Masonite being probably the best known.
Popular in that kind of constuction because at lower denities it makes a good sound insulator and in that era was a cheap alternative to wallboard that was still plastered over (buttonboard).
Usually not a health hazard but one major brand was killed off by asbestos lawsuits

Judging by the size of the fibers and age it might be this or a copycat version


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I want to colour the thread to match the laces. What's the best way of doing it?

I need
>The colour to appear correct
>Not to fade super quick
>To not stain the leather

Some guy told me to just use a Sharpie but there is no way that lasts and the colour just dosnt go to shit

Fyi I know the way it looks there is retarded I was just trying to get a good shot of them after I polished them

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>Also just post general DIY
The catch cry of someone making a thread for specific advice posed as a 'general' thread.

I will not help you with your champagne socialist boot repair. Please speak to someone else at the co-op whom you can exchange a skill of yours for a skill of theirs.

>> No.2414160

Afaik red laces are pretty much exclusively used by wignat neo nazis. Im not going to offer any advice here simply because of the faggot way OP ties his boots.

>> No.2414175

Sharpie is the fastest way that won't stain the leather (immediately).

>> No.2414509

You really are not smart are you? You can buy different colored laces. Or dye them with fucking dye. You poser piece of shit with your jeans tucked in the boot making sure everyone knows how hardcore you are trying to be.

>> No.2414522

It's a blue board anon.
The thread is always going to be blue.

If you're looking for something reddish, go on one of the NSFW boards, they're kind of orange.

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>the new foreman is a butch lesbian

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Sorry, you have to be eleven and *not manifestly retarded* to post here.

>> No.2414524

>why can't you understand she's a lesbian!!

>> No.2414528

Sorry, you have to be eleven, not manifestly retarded and capable of differentiating the actual posts and opinions expressed itt from the voices of demons and domestic pets you "hear" in your fevered brain to post here.

>> No.2414570

sounds qualified to me, bet she can haul bags of cement with the best of them
what kind of retard wants to watch woke-ass professional nigger kneeling (with short breaks in between to kick or throw a ball) when you could be looking at pieces of ass? at least she's fitting in with the rest of you guys, you're all confirmed to be just as faggoty as your new foreman.
audible kek and based as fuck

>> No.2414584

Foreman sounds based as fuck honestly.

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Any advice for raising a kitchen counter? My wife and I were wondering if anyone has attempted this and what to expect. If its a good idea or not. Up to where her elbow is. I know with pluming its complicated.

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>> No.2414012

Pay a hydrant painter $50 to lift it

>> No.2414017

>I know with pluming its complicated.
That would probably be the least annoying part. The woodwork/sockets/cabinets & drawers will be tedious. It might be worth it to just start from scratch. Rip all that shit out and go with new cabinets.

>> No.2414026

There's no gotchas involved, you just re-attach the cabinets higher up on the studs and re-plumb the sink. You might have to get into some custom or DIY toe panels, at most, and build a platform for a dishwasher to sit in, if you want to raise it up, too.

You might have to redo it when you sell, or just take some cash off the price because the buyer will want to redo it.

>> No.2414027

It'll be up to her elbows when osteoporosis sets in. I'd just tell her to live with it until then.

>> No.2414031

Sounds like a fucking disaster in the making

Just get a higher island for your kitchen

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Any advice on how to connect these frames with metal? Is there a bracket that works best?

>> No.2413991


File: 1.53 MB, 1178x970, Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 8.31.17 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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Any advice in putting up dry wall in a basement that is prone to flooding?

>> No.2413950

>prone to flooding

>> No.2413952

Don't do it? When I did my basement I did a poly sheet up my studs about 2 feet just in case as well as a sponge/foam thing under them before I shot the walls into the concrete. If I knew I was prone to a couple inches of water I would just ceramic the whole basement and also ceramic the drywall then run a decent bead of silicone around all edges between the floor tile and wall tile.

>> No.2413953
File: 22 KB, 600x450, BiYiuPICEAEqBqV[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

to clarify I mean a half tile (6 inch) ceramic baseboard like picrel

File: 2.78 MB, 4000x3000, 1111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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>(((Shock Absorber)))
>captcha: ykmJW

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>> No.2414081

Still has plastic covering it
If someone has a battle rifle and they decide the recoil hurts their shoulder, it's very easy to buy a rubber butt stock

>> No.2414082
File: 175 KB, 1224x1632, 71ezynBlDZL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shit like this doesn't occur with guns I don't think, none of the handles look very easy to replace other than wood ones kind of

>> No.2414131

lol i have a hammer that is literally a piece of wood with iron head with a nail that goes thru wood to hold head it's probably 50 years old maybe more
it werks even if it's wobbly

>> No.2414150

You can always plasti-dip it or wrap it in duct tape. Who cares if it looks like shit as long as it works? It's a hammer not a piece of jewelry. If you really, really must have an all-steel hammer, go find a local blacksmith and they'll make you one. It'll cost more than an Estwing though.

>> No.2414242

Remove head from handle and rehandle it

File: 1.86 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20220623_190624161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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I can shut most of it off by tightening, but it reaches a point you have to be a national strongman to get it any further. Tinkering with it also produces black water to drain out for a few seconds when I turn it on

It's been dripping at a rate of one drop every two seconds. The goal was replace the cartridge, but I can't even get the water shut off. Would it really be a cartridge problem or something else?

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>> No.2414048

Would wd40 help?

>> No.2414049

the drip count is irrelevant. the valve needs to be replaced.

>> No.2414051

>valves like that rarely fail as they're rarely used
ask me how I know you have never worked on one of these valves? go on ask.

>> No.2414065


>> No.2414068

Those one-use shit valves are really just overprice adapters. I install real valves behind them when I repair any of my sinks or shitters.

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