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Ever since getting into the hobby of making stuff I tended to forget about making friends entirely after all my high school friends peaced out. So my current bf urges me to have a social life so that I dont always look forward to working in the shed in my free time. So how do you come across friends in the first place who have similar interests?

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Hey, /diy/! So I have finally been able to purchase a piece of property with a structure that can be called a home, with a bit of work. It's in a small rural town in Arkansas, approximately 5 acres and a 3 bedroom house with a garage that's been converted to an apartment. It's near a school and I was able to buy it on the cheap.
It was a rent-to-own, slumlord type place. But it's pretty solid from what I have seen. It needs a roof, windows, siding and a good refinishing on the inside.
I have 5 acres total, but less than an acre is mowable with a regular Troy-Bilt Pony. But most of the land is on a steep hillside, but with a little work there is a spectacular view of the Arkansas River.
I'm looking to make it my permanent home and I want to start with the land. I'm torn between hiring a dirt contractor to come and just bulldoze everything or letting someone graze goats to clear everything. There are some nice oak trees and a beautiful pine. I'm looking to increase the total value and I could use some input.
Do you think I should clear everything and start over, or leave the big stuff?

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Well you could clear the land around those large trees for now. Getting rid of the vast majority of what you dont need and making a path for a vehicle to travel the land. And when you finally get to the point where you want to start selling the trees. The work will be halfway done and youll get an increased profit, The worst thing that could happen is if a tree fell down after the crew has left from clearing everything out but even then you will make a profit.

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U retard nigger i said "if u make a hole in a swollen battery or a discharged battery Nothing happens" Cause it's electricity that make it explose IF U CHARGE THE BATTERY AND MAKE A HOLE IN IT IT WILL EXPLOSE …...at least if u have an IQ with 2 digits use google….it can help retard nigger like ya

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you both retarded
only if air come inside it can overheat

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>retard who can't read.
"lithium bursts into flames in air"
Go ahead and stab your lithium battery with a knife - watch what happens, brainlet.

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buhbye faggot

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So, I've been wondering something about the pick a part scrap yards. When I've gone in the past, I've noticed stuff like handfuls of change, screwdrivers and misc tools, even a gift card once. My question is this: Is it acceptable to take things that are not car parts from the scrap yard? Should you try to pay for it?

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How the fuck?
I've walked out of there with a Chevy alternator.

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No idea. He's not actually my brother, but an aquaintince's son. Crazy Ray's is a Baltimore thing, right? We're supposed to fight fuck or smoke since we're from the same city, right?

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Did he take it out of the cash register?

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My retarded brother only does meth in the scrapyard.

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I need a concrete saw to cut concrete slab porch with to fix a leak, but once I am done with it, it would be nice if it cuts tile too so I can lay some tile down later.

Would this saw be able to cut tile without cracking the tiles?


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Yeah, I was wondering if they don't make a table saw that you can detatch and cut by hand if you want to?

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i doubt it, never seen anything like that

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Absolutely retarded idea, Anon.

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If this is a one off, just rent one. Have the site well prepared and plan your attack so you can rent it for as little time as needed.

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Hey guys. What you think? Ideas before we throw it in the mancave?

Things needed still:
>fix the damper
>torch holes for concrete anchors
>wait on lathebro to turn collar threads out so we can go from 4" exhaust to 6" outside
>set 6" casing (pipe) for vent

Things we've been considering:
>Chevy emblem door
>pipe on back and run a little copper tubing and a propane ignitor so we can turn a needle valve and run a little fuel and a hair drier to speed up ignition
>slice the top off and weld a screen in flat and throw a cast iron griddle in and set the round top back over it for cooking
>peltier cell phone chargers?

What else lads?

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>>Chevy emblem door

Like a bowtie?

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Hey, /diy/.

The roof on my mother's house is leaking pretty bad. We added an anti-leak treatment on it, but the leaks persist. I decided to probe about and ended up ripping up entire sheets of what is essentially a geologic timescale of her house's past leak treatments. I noticed that there was water under the basest level (right below the oldest layer) on some areas and it was damp at others and some of it even had fungus, which alarmed me.

Plus, some of the top layer of the roof's cement also started coming off or breaking apart as I chipped away at the treatment. Pretty much all the work we did the previous days went to shit and it's my fault for wishfully going along with my mother's orders and believing she knew what she was doing. After I showed her all the crap I was pulling off the roof, she decided to consult some guy that apparently knows about this stuff, even though he didn't notice the very obvious fucking bubbles on the roof in the first visit.

Anyways, he says we have to essentially blow off all the treatment, new and old, with a power wash and then add a whole new layer of surface cement to the roof and then add the treatment once again to the new cement.

I don't fully trust this guy and I want to consider what my options are before investing on materials to fix upwards of 1200 square foot roof.

Any way to locate the leaks, add whatever necessary cement to said leaks and fix this problem without having to go through such extremes?

I'd provide pictures, but the sun just went down.

>tl;dr Very leaky roof. How do I fix?

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Nah. If it is old as fuck and leaking everywhere it's time to throw money away.

If u dont trust the guy get an estimate from another guy or 2.

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>Any way to locate the leaks, add whatever necessary cement to said leaks and fix this problem without having to go through such extremes?
no, do it right or it will only get worse

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I don’t know if this is the right board to be posting on but I’ve been thinking about getting small ships from halo and putting them in bottles. It’s seems like a cool idea and is different than regular ships in a bottle ( picture is not mine)

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Good question

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With long tweezers and shit.

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It is assembled in the bottle.
The individual parts of a ship in a bottle fit. The completed ship does not.

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They don't. It's just sitting on the other side of the bottle. Optical illusion.

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Cut bottle... insert ship... glue bottle back together

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How to fix? Thanks Lads!

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it's fucked. cast iron pans are like $5 which is less then it'd cost to weld the thing. the pre heat alone will cost more then it's worth

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braze it with lead

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fucking keked

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Wait, so I glued it already, what am I in for!?!

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All things considered in knife making.
Questions about techniques and tools.
Show your rigs, props, machines and knives.
Ask for and give advice about anything concerning forging.
Heat treatment, finish and stock removal.

Old Thread: >>1497142

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Saw one of those at an antique store near me.

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Aren't hard drive covers aluminium or mild steel at best?

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>annealing a tin hand spear

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>tfw just snapping a knife blank in half after hardening it seconds before putting it into the tempering oven

Dis feel. I didn't ask for it.

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I'm doing the same for my father too, I'm using an old worn file to make a nice Bush knife. Angle grinders are a must for people with less money to afford forges, generally you can use scrap steel(leaf springs, etc) but always research what's the type if its mild or high or low carbon. As for annealing or tempering if you have a blowtorch and an oven you're good. The handle is your choice on what to do with it.

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I have a box of ball screw bearings what can I do with these?

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In pooper

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I want a nice table. Im not going to make it, on account of not being capable, having the tools, or the desire to do so.

Found a company near by who do hand made, custom designed tables. Mostly oak, but other wood available. They cost around £2000-£3000.

Question is, does that seem a reasonable price? For the size I was looking at it would cost about £2500. Closest equivalent Ive found from a furniture store would cost about £800-£900. Is £2500 too much for the amount of work that goes in or fair?

Pic related, one of their tables.

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>what is google
DiY is not a price lookup service, faggot.

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That sounds very high.
Mind you, each step in the process adds labor and markup costs, from getting wood, sizing it, assembling it, finishing it.
The more of these you do, the more you save.

DIYers can do all of these, and be out of pocket for far less. For example, I’ve got rough sawn wood drying in my shed, I’ll buy metal legs, polyurethane, and a bit of glue. It’ll take time, and I’ll probably make some mistakes, but have something comparable to pic related for $300.

Others will buy wood and build this for maybe $500 more

It’s all about trade offs - time and effort vs money

But, you’ve said you have the money, not the skills, and that’s ok... google “live edge table” and see what out there on offer. I’d think you can get something like pic related from a low overhead Diy person for under 1200.

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Id like to be able to make it, but I've never done any real wood work before. Im certain that if thats what I start on it will go wrong, and I will be annoyed that I wasted my money.

As a result, I dont really know how much time and effort goes in to making them. It looks fairly simple on the outside, just some oak boards with legs attached. Clearly there is a lot more that goes in to it though.

>> No.1516580

True. I’m looking into the ways to dowel/glue/screw pieces together. That will be the biggest challenge.
I’m also concerned with cracking and bowing as the wood drys further after I build.

Specialist wood vendors sell single massive slabs ($500 and WAY up) which can be an option. Then you only have to apply finish if your choice, and the hardware. These are options... for me, it’s not so much the finished product, as the challenge of conquering the material.

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anyone know what this tool is?

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iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dunno

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Gomco clamp a Jewish device to help in mutilating young children.

>> No.1516563

Looks a little like one a telegraph key for morse code.

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looks like a circumcision tool

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Nip the tip

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Stupid things that dont deserve their own thread
(yes you can put in showerthoughts)

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Stupid fuck, if you put sage in the name field you get banned for announcing sage. I know because I've had it happen to me. But guess what!? It still works if you just put it in the options field! Ask me how I know! Hint: it COULD have worked on this very thread! How about you just learn to read? Illiterate fucking moron.

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Idea guy needed
Anyone got a cool, somewhat inexpensive idea I can realize in about 1000 hours?
Got some free time on my hands and trying to do something useful with it.
Anything goes.

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Anything you own that runs off AA, AAA, C, D, or 9V batteries- convert those fuckers to 18650s

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And I was wrong. Feel kind of bad about it. If I'd read the catalog myself I'd know that this is the THIRD sqt! God. Dammit. This is the dumbest fucking OP ever for REAL.

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I recently joined a small german formular student team (20 members) and was assinged to the aerodynamics division. I noticed that the current simulation model of the car is faulty since the radiators are treated as solid objects that do not let air pass through. The values for the radiator were sourced from a test at which the air was moving at a very low speed. Not very representative for a simulation running at 30 miles per hour.
I tried looking up solutions to the problem but i could not figure out how to define a part as porrous or a filter. A description of the progress would be really appreciated. thanks in advance! (pic related is the current car)

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actually someone in the team tried that before how ever he said intergrating that in to the car model would be a pain in the ass

>> No.1516468

Personally i think the effect would be negliable to consider them rigid. And especially with CFD it's a good idea to keep it as simple as possible or you'll screw yourself over.

Can't you just get data from seperate simulations of the radiators and implement that as a function in your model? It's fairly easy to do with Fluent using UDF's.
Not 100% accurate but would be more than good enough.

>> No.1516493

i might try that one once i get my head around the programm. also i was able to calculate the permeability of the radiator at a value of 2,123*10^-8 m^2. is that a possible value? it might be a little messed up since i used the viscosity of air at 40'c is 19.20^10-6 kg m-1 s-1 instead of 18.24

>> No.1516518

Are you taking into account the changes in density and viscosity due to temperature differences in the radiator?
which is dependant on the power generated by the engine
which is dependant on the air resistance
which is dependant on the pressure drop over the radiator
which is dependant on the power generated by the engine
See what i mean when you should keep things simple?

>> No.1516539

okay i get now :D anyway thanks for giving advice

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Want to make my own laser rust removal machines. How the fuck do you make them?

Is it really that hard? They are pretty expensive but don't seem to dificult on the outside. However my google-fu is shit and youtube is nothing bit Chinese shills.

Any advice?


Link is pic related

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Build custom use bigrigs. We kinda just fell i to it. He has a small company with a lot of oddball shit we piece together as he needs.

We went to drag a truck out of a pasture to make bigass winch truck and the guy said he was looking for a water truck. Bro just scored an 80 barrel tank for like $4,500. Paid 2k for the truck. Took us 3 days and 2k to assemble and test the truck. Another 1k to get it legal.

$6,500 bucks and 3 days of casual veer drinking. Sold it for 25k and an 80s ford 4x4 with a rod knocking. Threw another 300 6 in it. Kryloned it and sold it for 3k.

It may be a struggle but i think i could live off of 21k every days.

Apparently there is a great need for oddball shit around here and new stuff is so expensive we can repurpose junk shit from pastures and make bank selling good looking and running used trucks.

Kek. If no laser gun then I'll just /diy a blasting suit with a hose for air conditioning and get busy sandblasting for a month or 2 until we can get a gun. Fuckit.

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Maybe. Ive smoked pot 4 times in my life. If all the fucking welfare recipients can lay around and smoke my tax dollars away i shoukd be able to fuckin smoke at work.

If shit keeps running like it is I'm going to quit my job and be in charge of cobbling together trucks high as a kite. Idgaf

>> No.1516437

I've already told you what you should do, and you've kept sperging out and tried to insult someone on 4chan by calling them "faggot", lol. Why not write some more paragraphs about how intelligent and successful you are?

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Does Harbor freight carry a cheaper version of this yet?

>> No.1516767

I have one that uses sand as a laser.

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What is this and what does it do? Found it in one of those class 3b lasers

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Also had this in it

>> No.1516305

Looks like some kind of optical component
what does the label say?
must have a name or an alphanumeric label of some kind on it?
google it and tell us what you find

>> No.1516342

Looks like a laser diode.

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i have jazz hands and want to cut 1000x1000mm 5mm thick steel sheet in to multiple smaller pieces.
Out of all tools I have angle grinder seem the most reasonable tool.
However I doubt that will be able to cut straight lines freehand on such lengtht.
Any tip how to cut long straight lines?

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Since you don’t have access to a punch press Harbor freight has some kind of guard with a guide on it. Use some clamps and a straight edge I guess.

>> No.1516754

>clamp a sacrificial bar
if you set it up properly you can run the guide bit that stops sparks and exploding disc fragments from hitting your eyes along a fence/bar/thing and so not damage it and it is no longer sacrificial.

>> No.1516773

This. Don't overthink it.

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American here.
That's like the size of a piece of paper, right?
Just use scissors?

>> No.1516819

a metal cutting blade on a skilsaw/table saw?

use something as a guide if you want to use the grinder?

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Trying to find an RV that is a combination of cheap, mechanically sound, and offroad capable is basically impossible so I come to ask, would it be possible to build your own from a cab & chassis truck like pic related for cheap? If so, what skills would you need?

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Yup. We hillbilly it up all the time around here.

Just get a 1 ton dually. Sell the bed and streatch the frame. Bonus points for a tag axle or 2. Get a shitbox camper off CL for 2k. Sell the suspension and weld the frames together.

Grats. 10k motorhome that looks pum retarded for kess than half price.

>> No.1516431

I always considered getting an old junk boat and flipping the bottom upside down.

Gay yes. But would it werk?

>> No.1516465

Gubment auction military 6x6 and a shitbox camper

>> No.1516616

Just get a 4x4 van

>> No.1516629

I’m thinking 5x5...

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