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So I have a job opportunity as a gutter installer. I did it before but as a helper for about 2 months. Thing is that I will be on my own, except for the first few days. She's defiantly going to give me a shot. But it can be difficult to initially hang a long gutter solo.

Any advice you can give me? Techniques? I'm not sure if I should back out or give it a shot.

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Oh and she's going pay me 25% of each job.

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Advice on hanging long gutters?
If its too long to hold just one end then hold it in the middle.
The end with the pipe needs to be lower than the other end

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Make/buy something like a crown moulding clip to Hang up the far ends

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Making a large tire swing- pic related.

I am using 7/16ths amsteel blue rope to hang the the thing up - the rope will be double buried eye splice through crush proof tube thimbles.

My problem is trying to figure out if I can splice the rope through a thimble and have two working ends as to avoid crowding the anchor shackle as I want the tire to be held at 4 points of attachment to the main line.

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get two fat washers and a rope you fucking moron. Fuck.

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Has anyone here ever made a music box? Im thinking about starting work on one as a project, but I dont know how Id go about making the drum (the spinning bit with the protrusions). These were made before modern shop tools and factories, how do you go about making one by hand? All my searches turned up was "buy the contraption online and put in box"

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Drill holes, insert pins. Or make the drum out of disks which have the pins in correct places to begin with.

Be warned. We have had quite a few of these "I want to make a musical box" threads, but I don't remember seeing anyone actually succeed.

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There are paper driven ones.

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Does it have to be small? If not, check out the Wintergatan videos of the last year or so.

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So I actually looked into this a while back and there's a couple of things you can do.

>some guy casted a cylinder and put pins into it I don't exactly remember the details but google could clear that up

>some companies allow you to order a custom movement but they're expensive as opposed to the pre-made songs

The hardest part is absolutely the cylinder. There are plenty of variations and in some cases a flat disc instead of the cylinder has been used. I wish you the best and if you figure out anything then we'll both be happy as I never figured it out.

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paper driven is quite shit u gotta wind the entire time and dont really get to enjoy it

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Greetings. Does anybody here have any experience with water damaged circuit boards? Specifically of a smartphone. I have a water damaged smartphone lying around which charges normally but keeps rebooting in the welcome screen. I was thinking of buying isopropyl alcohol 99% and give it a try since I heard it is a good solution for this kind of damage.

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Thanks, I appreciate the help!

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hose it down with 99% proof rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will displace the water then evaporate.

Fuck you dumbshit nigger faggot gay.

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By chip reflowing being a legit technique he meant with a hot air reflow station which costs a couple thousand dollars. You can't do it in an oven because everything on your phone would fall off/melt if you got it hot enough.

Watch louis rossman or rossman repair group on YouTube.

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hot air guns are down to sub 100
thanks based chinks

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That doesn't hold a bga chip in place and set it down on the right row of pads.

That doesn't reball the chip.


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What's the cheapest way of procuring welding gas for the hobbyist who does not use lots of it?

Not sure if I should lease the cylinders or just buy them outright.

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You need to lease. The company will exchange the tanks and pressure test them for safety. That is something only they can do and do safely.

Be careful when buying used ones. They can be death traps or "stolen". Stolen as in they were under lease, the person using it died or something, and someone sold it into the yard sale circuit or whatever. Like a milk crate or shopping cart, it is still owned by the company. This becomes a problem when you take it in to get it refilled and a hydrostatic test done. They run the numbers on it and check the last date of the hydrostatic test. Normally, you just get a new tank and they take the old one when you are leasing.

If the place you take it to can't do a hydrostatic test, they won't refill your tank if the last hydrostatic test date written on the tank is too long ago.

I found out all this later when I got a second hand tank. It is worthless now, but I'm going to cut the bottom off and turn it into a giant bell.

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Most airgas supply's will just exchange you tank without charging you because your old tank is out of date.
I've been welding for over 20 years, I've never been charged a test fee for a personal tank.

If you buy a tank, it needs to be a "blank".
Do not buy one that has a company name embossed on the collar/neck of the bottle.
I also suggest getting an 80 cubic foot bottle- its the smallest that has a screw on cap, much safer for transporting.
Like other anon said, craigslist is a great place to find them.
Do not lease.

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Depends on where you live...

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pay a deposit and do exchange tanks

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Zipcode? That or just locate you nearest airgas and/or praxair shop and talk to them about your intened usage. The ripoff wont be any worse than plywood and gasoline during hurricane season. Keep it safe man.

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>got 18650 from extra power bank
>been using it in flashlight
>be out with flashlight yesterday
>starts to get noticeably dim
>go to charge batteries up today
>one of them seems completely dead
>charger won't sense it
>multimeter voltage reads zero
>resistance doesn't change

I'm assuming it is a goner?

Suggestions for where to get cheap batteries besides $1.50 piece on ebay?

I don't care about brand, I got some of those cheap ones off ebay several years ago and they still work fine.

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>I don't care about brand
You should. Energy density, quality control, advertised vs. actual capacity... I wouldn't trust the StartFire brands.
Go with a Panasonic/Sanyo/Samsung cell. They're cheap enough now it's not worth going with the chinese shit.

Buy them from a reputable source, not ebay. Lots of counterfeits in the business.

>NCR18650B is a good value

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There's a trick to give a battery enough charge to be detected by a charger. Take another similar battery that is charged and put the positive ends together and then connect the negative sides with something like aluminum foil or a wire. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds and then try it in charger again.

Don't bullshit me about how dangerous that is, just google it

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18650's have fuses in the cap that often blow for no good reason. If you apply a voltage to the cell and it doesn't store any of the charge that's what's wrong. You can cut the cap open and solder a new fuse (tiny wire like 22ga or smaller) in or just bypass it.

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go to a vape shop, they should have a good selection of high quality 18650s

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BUT THE CHINESE ONES ARE 10000MAH!!!!!!! =O Panasonic/Sanyo/Samsung a shit with puny weak 2600mah.

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Watermelonwater pipe new video check it out

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U keep replying so i know at least one person cared

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I make a lot of different videos check them out tell me what you think

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I think thats against /diy/ rules

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And thank you to who ever just viewed it.my goal is to get a hundred subscribers

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Where would be a better place to share?

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How do you feel about amazon's new anti-diy "service".

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>The service is for yuppies who think their time is actually worth something during their off hours.
I make over six figures and my time is actually pretty valuable thanks.

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>over six figures
Well, how many then? Seven figures? Ten? And if your time is so valuable, why are you wasting it here?

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are you trying to say you make over 100,000? because if you make over six figures you would be making at least seven figures you retard.

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I actually worked as one of their service guys for a while when I was between jobs.

It was mind-boggling what people would pay for simple shit.

A yuppie couple paid me $85 to install 2 of those smart smoke detectors. I got $110 to install a garbage disposal another time. My very first gig was $75 to install an electronic lock and doorknob.

Most of the people were just completely out of touch rich fucks, but there were one or two clients that were just people who didn't want to risk fucking things up themselves I guess.

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More like the reality of American laziness

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Any tips, i don´t have any money to buy one so i plan to steal it

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You should also rape the PO.

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Hold the the gun the opposite way as pepe and then pull the trigger

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Hey guys, Im looking at getting into a good bench drill press 10-12" and not looking to spend a ton of money.

Anyone got recommendations for a good entry level drill press?
Im trying to finish some AR-15 lower receivers

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Why not get good tools so you can have a good AR instead of having a piece of trash that will jam every second shot because the trigger group is riding on burrs and your magazine is held in place by friction alone, but so much friction and so unevenly that it warps all over the place?

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Why not just buy a gun instead of a meme lower, or build a gun from scratch instead of using a meme lower?

meme lowers aren't even DIY, you literally just cut some shit off and there you go; then you finish it with all off-the-shelf parts anyway.

Either build a gun or don't. No half measures.

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Probably because it's not that hard to get right?

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Whats goin on here?

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OH nodes. Id da mang


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Hey DIY,

Lost my wallet recently, and was googling how one could make their own wallet. Most of them are pretty standard, but a long time ago a friend of mine had found a tutorial for a wallet made of Caprisun packs. I was curious to see if any of you had any similar crap in your backpocket.


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Denim sounds pretty cool, might look into that

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If dubs make wallet out of real dollar bills

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Just jack a wallet like I did
Use the cash but cut up and burn any cards

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Post boipucci, fagboi

>> No.1248819

>protect me against loss
friction is basically the only thing keeping stuff in your wallet even if you buy one

>and RFID?
youre a paranoid idiot and probably dont even know what "RFID" means

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me and my friends have been making weapons and armor for a while now, wana see?

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You're going to have to be more specific. Are you trying to start a cosplay thread, a black smithing thread, or a improvised weapons thread, which will get you banned

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post the armor dont post the weapons, weapons are for /k/

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Searching for the community help. I want your vote for the best name / suggestion for a Ilegal Brazilian RideApp.


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more of 2015 plz.

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just imagine if most women were into assplay and it was a completely sanitary and safe act

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What? Shouldn't the girl give the rimjob to the guy?

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I take it you've never eaten out a girl's ass.

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Fucking disgusting.
I hope all you ass eaters get a terminal case of pink eye.

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I am building a real cheap shed to store my 2 motorcycles for the winter in the backyard of my rented house. It will be demolished come spring. I have it all framed right now but can't figure out the cheapest way to side/roof it.

It is 8'x8' square, roof starts at 6' and slants to 4'. slanted roof very similar to pic. I dont yet have a floor, i was thinking framing every 2 feet and putting 3/4'' OSB as floor. perhaps 5/8? Same with the roof (which is currently framed at 2 feet)

For siding originally was going with 7/16 OSB.. (20$ a sheet) but i am highly contemplating stretch wrap. Thoughts? Would something like 80guage stretch wrap, wrapped all around a ton of times work? the shed is against the house on the back, and a tall fence on one side, not a very windy location


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Grab a shit load of pallets ( toxic ones ) and a router to tounge and groove them . Cheap farm style walls that won't rot so bad.

>> No.1248684

Offcuts of weatherboard for siding and plastic corrugate roofing.

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If you're not worried too much about looks you could use plastic bottles as shingles.

You could spray paint them black or brown or something

>> No.1248862

pretty sure green is bad if he plans on having plants in there ever. Plants reflect green and absorb red and blue light.

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I live in a civilised country where bottles are recycled.

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So, recently started getting to the machining field, and I've seen this book recommended as a resource. Question is, is the newest edition really necessary? Or is it like college textbooks where they change a picture and a couple sentences, then call it a new edition and sell for as much as they can squeeze out of you? And if that is the case, how many editions can I go back and still be useful when working with metal?

>> No.1248555

It's big, very complicated, and expensive.
If you're a beginner, maybe try something more modest.

>> No.1248636

Machinist fag here, 90% of what you'll look up in that book unless you're doing some really oddball shit is just cutting speeds of different materials to give you an idea of RPM and feedrate. It's not just machining info, there's all sorts of random shit in the book. Literally any version from the last 30 years will do you just fine unless you absolutely need numbers for the latest and greatest boutique alloys or coatings. (Which you can google anyway)

.t guy using a version that's older than he is

>> No.1248691

the free PDF version.

>> No.1248751

Here are some direct libgen links to the brand new one
The book

The guide to the book

The pocket guide

I looked for a long ass time hoping to find an old one at garage sales/goodwill/thrift stores and never did find one. I didnt want to spend almost as much as new for one from the 70s on ebay either.. So I ended up buying the 27th edition (as it was new when I bought it)
The PDF of the 30th edition doesnt seem all that much different.

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the fuck is this connector called? nobody at the automotive or hardware stores knew what I was describing

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np - I can go back to being useless with a good conscience now

>> No.1248646

Get a room you two.

>> No.1248725

Tell them it's like a flat trailer connector with 2 pins.

>> No.1248739

>the current year

>> No.1248805

yeah, xkcd #606 is me

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I assembled a CNC. I've made a handful of things with it. I have some background in violin making (by hand), and I'd like to put my CNC to work roughing out plates. But my modelling skills aren't quite up to the task.

I want to learn to model the major components of a violin, particularly the plates (the top and back of the instrument). Looking for resources, tips and tricks, crash-courses and the like?

So far I've been using blender and Estlcam for my CAD and CAM steps, but I'm a novice.

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Os this what folk use for 3D printing before slicing?

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Correct. You can use any 3D modeling software.

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Guess i get me a copy then.

Have bought a cheap 3d printer recently, which is fun.

Might as well print my own dildos i guess.

>> No.1248773

>Might as well print my own dildos i guess.

They hurt

>> No.1248801

what printer you use, if I may ask?
amd what would you need for 1-piece stuff that size?
>t. 3dp philistine

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My new apartment has an attic space so I'm putting a bunch of my extra items in cheap totes for storage.

Problem is the attic is pretty humid and damp I recently bought a 100 pack of silica gel I'm going to throw in a bunch per tote. My question is how can I cheap and effectively make this totes airtight?

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Maybe a fuckton of silica and a sealed container, those totes are anything but

>> No.1248617


maybe you should solve the humidity and dampness issue first? the attic should have some sort of venting to remove the heat to prevent the humidity.... I suggest asking your landlord to look into this issue.

>> No.1248622


If it's humid and damp it is going to cause the owner a problem eventually so unless he/she is a Jew then they should want to protect their investment, needs a whirlybird vent or something.

>> No.1248624

Another thought, you can put a heavy duty garbage bag around it and suck out the air with a vacuum?

>> No.1248630


or just use SPACE BAGS that were designed for this very thing without all the ghetto trashbags

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Making a Donut Machine?

Hey, this is my very first post and I have little experience in building stuff. I read the rules so Ill tell you what I learned.

Make a Machine that can automatically make Donuts. There is this Machine but the reviews are horrible, and Id like to make it smarter

I did some research and found these http://stok-engineering.com/donut-machines/

Basically the machine will need:
A compartment for the dough
A pool with oil
A belt that moves the donuts while being fried
A mechanism that flips them
A mechanism that 'prints them out of the though'
(sorry, im not a native English speaker)

So, how would I do this? Any help is appreciated!

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>> No.1248974

since your boyfriend is a retard let's break down the main parts of the machine, we have a hopper for the dough, we have a deepfryer, and a conveyor belt.

Buy a fucking deepfryer, cut slits in it, grab a shitty electric motor, slap a sproket on it, then a chain / metal belt, and either fill the fryer with dough by hand or just get another fucking motor with a oval shaped sprocket that hits a leaver at timed intervals to release the dough.

Boom done. Fuck off.

>> No.1248980

You forgot the paddle wheel to flip them...

>> No.1248988

Not that much, it would be only for my family and we're not particularly obese :P
With the automation I was thinking about it making a few Donuts once I get out of bed (and press a button) - Thats the easy part though :)

The idea with the deepfrier combined with motors is good, what kind of motors would I need for that? Ill also look up how I should make the conveyor

>> No.1248999

Building one is easy compared to how hard it will be to make it actually work consistently, which is why even the one you can straight up buy has a lot of issues.

Don't expect the first one you make to be any good. If you're really talented at engineering your third or fourth prototype might be be acceptable.

What you need to start out with though, is making them by hand to see exactly what's required before you start designing the machine that will do it automatically.

Also, you'll probably also want to buy the conveyer belt system as a unit. If you try to make one yourself you'll want to kill yourself.

>> No.1249004

Stop dreaming... so you are going to permanently have an open trough of oil sitting in your kitchen.

>press a button

Right but who exactly is going to get at up 5 am and make the dough?

What drops out are hot plain donuts. Someone will have to fill or top them...

Stupid idea, really.

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I've just bought a van and a fuck load of Tiling tools, and now I'm lying in bed shitting myself that i won't be good enough and not ready for this.

I was a kitchen fitters apprentice for 2 years, tiling on pretty much every job (although he was the main one laying them, i was doing the cuts).
Laid a few walls and floors myself during that time.
Been unemployed 7 years and just one day decided to fucking go for it.
Is it just nerves or have i fucked up?

And i don't know what to charge. I'm in Ireland.

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>> No.1248718

> plumbing
You are a cook now. Stay flexible, carpenter.

But seriously, you have a transporter. Buy sofas or tables off from ebay or craigslist, clean properly and resell WITH SHIPPING/DELIVERY in the meantime if you have some space at home.

Also, get your TAX shit sorted ASAP. Thats what fucked me in Germany after a few years. The audit broke my back, now i have 60k € in debt and slave wage to pay it off.

Good luck m8, don't forget, it's doable.

>> No.1248755


And people say that the US is where you make money?

>> No.1248774

>Wages are stagnant
>Prices are going up
>Too many hacks and mexicans
>Companies would rather hire cheap

Not an authoritarian by any means in fact I swing liberaterian but Jesus fucking Christ the government needs to regulate Carpenters just like they do Electricians and Plumbers.

The Mexican situation doesn't help. I have met some Bueno Carpenteros and then I have met guys I want to strangle. Regardless of this they take the money and wire it back home.

Reagan fucked the trades.

>> No.1248986

>Be on time

Hell, just fucking SHOW UP. None of this "I woke up with a hangover/took on a better job/can't be arsed so I told them the van broke down" bollocks.

>> No.1248990

>i don't know what to charge

/biz/ might be able to offer more detailed advice, but the simple answer is "What it costs you, plus a margin"

"What is costs you" is the hardest part. You need to include your gross hourly rate (what you pay yourself, before any personal income tax etc.) and your overheads (running costs for the van, fuel, insurance, any business costs E.g. accountant, bank etc.), cost of tools (they have to pay for themselves; you'll need to replace them eventually) & consumables (blades & cutting discs!), incidental costs.

Overheads are hard; you need to work out your monthly total, and then divide that by the number of hours you expect to work, to get your hourly total. Consumables & tool costs might be per. job: large, complex jobs with thick hard to cut tiles might be hell on your tools, for example.

Then you add margin: that's your profit. You can normally extract profit from a business separately (and under different tax rules) to your income. Although if you're a sole trader and don't plan to expand as a business, maybe your margin is 0 and you just pay yourself your wage and be happy?

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