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The house I bought has an old asbestos shed.

I'm thinking it would be cheaper and easier to clad the outside with PVC/wood shiplap, and board inside with chipboard/MDF.
It's structurally sound, no signs of wood rot. Just a slight leak on the roof apex.

Any advice or similar stories that /DIY/ could provide?

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You're better off just demolishing the damn thing.

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Cheaper and easier than what?

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I figured /diy/ would be a better place for this than /g/.

I recently replaced the TN panel in my laptop with a much nicer IPS panel. There's nothing wrong with my TN panel. I would really like to put together an Rpi or microcontroller of some sort to get it to display images (more on this in a second). I figure I need to figure out what kind of connector it takes, what kind of driver, and then work backwards from there. Any experience with this?

I don't care about housing for the panel; I'm a painter and I just need a device to display one image for 2 hours at a time. No need for an OS, I figure I could set something up to read some USB memory for the only JPG available, then pump that to the display.

I'm just looking for someone with a little more experience to suggest some starting points. What arduino boards would be good for this? An Rpi seems like overkill.

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you need to find an lcd controller board that is compatible with that particular panel, the board will have display inputs/power, so then you can just plug in any device you want to display on it

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You DIY you loose

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Cool idea but I don't think they do that here.

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sorry for asking stupid questions but fuck me

does the start or aux winding in a split phase motor still produce back emf even after the motor is at full speed and the centrifugal switch has kicked said winding out of the circuit?

every time i try to run and motor without it just heats up

whats the fucking deal, is it just coincidence and ive actually just had shorts in run windings causing the heat?

what the fucks the scoop

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every time i try to rawdog and split phase motor with just a run winding (no start winding) it just heats up*

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>does the start or aux winding in a split phase motor still produce back emf even after the motor is at full speed and the centrifugal switch has kicked said winding out of the circuit?

If the magnetic field is changing in a winding it will generate a back emf. If that winding is open circuited there will be no current flowing and thus no heat produced and no drag torque. If any coils in that winding have a closed path then current will flow, heat will be generated, and there will be drag torque as well that the regular winding has to overcome which will lead to additional heating.

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About to join the IBEW and I have a few questions for experienced anons, firstly, how did you guys get past the interview?
Secondly, how bad is the nepotism in the union business?
Thirdly, as an apprentice do you actually learn anything outside of the mandated classroom hours or is it just manual labor and being a workhorse for the others?
Fourthly, would it be better if I stuck with the union after finishing my apprenticeship or would it be better if I just left for another place?
Fifthly, are union balls and events worth going to?

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> firstly, how did you guys get past the interview?

not be a crazy person? If you whine about women you will 100% get rejected yet people CONTINUE to do this despite being told not to do it by the interviewer immediately before the interview.

>Thirdly, as an apprentice do you actually learn anything outside of the mandated classroom hours or is it just manual labor and being a workhorse for the others?

no and it's why the interview is mostly just a formality to check that you're not going to be a liability. Have fun cleaning up ciggy butts and bending conduit

>Fourthly, would it be better if I stuck with the union after finishing my apprenticeship or would it be better if I just left for another place?

yes to the former (staying) but this is a recent change: last year Trump removed tax exemptions for travelling workers. Before FY 2018 (which ended last week) you could put things like gas, insurance, and depreciation as nontaxable business expenses if you were a travelling worker. Trump removed this. Thus if you want to travel around for work, you need to get serious about managing your gas use and car mileage because you will be taxed for it. Mass transit fares (including Amtrak, which is easier to bring tools on than flights and won't get your shit stolen like Greyhond) usually can be written off depending on who you're working for when, so if you do want to travel you have to really look at the costs.

Also: I dunno if travellers' housing costs (eg a hostel) are exempt

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So I found an old cordless drill in my neighbors trash. The battery was corroded and there was no charger. I attached some wires and connected it to the 12v line of a computer PSU. The drill works fine, a bit slower than it should be but perfectly usable. The only problem is that at full load the PSU cuts out for 30 seconds, I assume some kind of overload protection. I guess the drill is drawing too many amps? Can I connect two PSUs in parallel to give the drill more amps?

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I don't feel safe just looking at the picture.
I may be doing this, but with proper case though

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>sticky pad strain relief

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it was a temporary mount, for testing MORONS.
it's just to show how simple the powersupply is MORONS.

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lol there's no way that dinky little transformer can do 300W

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Hey /diy/

>Metric system thread

I'm trying to make a standing desk which goes from 60 to 130 cm. Therefore I can't use a single threaded rod to lift it (cause 70 cm range doesn't fin in 60 cm minimal height)

I think I'll make something like pic related but I don't know how to transmit the rotation on the 2nd rod (red square), since it has to rotate with the 1st rod but also slide along it.. Any idea ?

I hope my drawing is clear enough

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I didn't see the requirement to use a cheap low torque stepper motor anywhere.
Are you actually intent on constantly driving the motor to use the braking? You'll burn it out.
If you can't use a regular motor with a simple switch like usual, which would be good enough for most styles of movement or lift mechanisms, because you need it to be automated to precise heights within millimeters and the height always known to some control logic, you can use a regular motor with an encoder wheel. Or even a spring retracting cable going through a pulley to measure height.
Power windows on cars are another heavy duty lift mechanism where the travel distance is longer than the area of the drive mech.

Regarding drawing, a gear moving up and down on a powered shaft and off axis forces without binding, lots of play and backlash will require proper design with heavy bearings and relatively tight tolerances. That drawing shares concepts with early transmissions.
And chains always beat belts and you can order all kinds of sizes of chains/gears or steal them off all kinds of scrap shit.

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dual drive screws side by side. Drive one screw by motor, the other mounted to stay stationary. Connect drive nuts from each screw by gear or chain. Once the drivenut on the motor driven screw hits the end stop, the nut will rotate with the shaft and rotate the drive nut on the nonpowered screw and that drivenut will then move along that screw.
Should be easy to figure out from there.

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I think i'll do this with pulleys and steel cable (red in drawing). Much cheaper and simpler

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why the fuck wouldnt you just pin it

have the legs able to telescope and you just lift and slide a pin in to hold it at whatever height

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Cause I want to it to be electric.

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Thoughts on how to make this sofa?

I was going to get some 2 inch floor plywood and go to town with a jigsaw.

Anyone know a cheap place to get cushions done? Should I buy premade outdoor cushions from wayfair? Local? The cushions are definitely going to be the most expensive part.

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just get premade one online, they will definitely be cheaper, unless you also make them yourself or get someone to do it for free

also maybe get the cushions or atleast their dimensions before and plan the sofa for them instead of other way

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You can buy foam then buy fabric to cover them, but it's a lot of work and sewing involved.

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/toy/ here.
Out of curiosity, is there any money to be made from making scale models and dioramas?
I've been planning to do some stop motion with my collection but since I don't have a lot of room to do the "roaming the house" meme I thought of learning to make dioramas that could be disassembled and stored when not in use. I also don't have that much money so I thought I could try monetizing the skills I'd be getting from building these.

By the way, would making them in cardboard and styrofoam sheets work fine? Do I absolutely need an airbrush to paint them well or painting by hand is fine?

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You could make money producing a kit if you've got a significant amount of your own work in there.

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Ok if this is the best board, but I'm looking to invest in an impact driver for home use/projects and such. I've worked construction in the past and used dewalt but the gun died on me, possibly from water or just getting dropped/hit too many times. Any recomondations for best bang for your buck?

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Dewalt. Their new flexvolt tools are pretty sweet. The impact is just a 20v but still, you are going to pick a tool for the battery platform.

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>best bang for your buck
Don't buy brushless unless it's on a big sale.

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There is a video on youtube where they tested all the major brands of 1/4" impact drivers and the makita came out the best over all. I have 2 of them. they are really good.

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Don’t base your decision on torque numbers because some of these new brushless impacts are complete overkill for driving regular wood screws. They’re approaching 3/8” impact wrench numbers.

I still love the 12v tools for at home. If you went with something like the M12 Fuel or even regular one, I don’t think you would be disappointed.

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>I'm looking to invest

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Who here is a genius with gene editing and crispr use?

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I could teeel you get them.is have o kill you

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I made some glowing E. Coli once in high school by adding the GFP gene to their plasmid, so I guess you could say I'm something of an expert on gene editing.

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Tell me what you need done first.

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Has anyone rewired a chinese atv? I'm getting real tired trying to figure out what goes where in the mess of cables and unknown connectors. I'm half tempted to tear it all out and get a box of connectors and a few spools of various colored cabled, but i'm not entirely sure where gets plugged where without the special connectors or how one would wire the lights and whatnot up.

I am a very bad electrician so i would seek advice from diy.

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Smart. Do you use the same layout? I don't think this one is laid out very well and has a ton of wasted space and crossing across tings.

I have minimal knowledge of this for sure. I was hoping i could just take off the connectors and use standard waterproof plugs. Routing is the thing i want to do mostly as right now the hardness is just a tape ball and wraps around the engine and has a ton of dangling bits i don't know the name of. Theres not too much fancy electronics or anything, but it does have the CDI, kill switch, start button, key, 4wd toggle, and something to do with the brake line.
I think i can trace most of themI would just have to cut into this harness to remove as much as this tape as possible. and some wires seem to fork at some point as i can see colored wires going in and coming out in more than one spot and i'm not entirely sure how to dubplicate such a thing.
The whole wire thing seems like a huge mess and I want to make it make sense to me.

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>The whole wire thing seems like a huge mess
because that's exactly what it is unless you have a proper wiring diagram. you CAN follow wires and try to make your own but i'd suggest seeing if you can get a real diagram somewhere online. if it's a brand big enough to actually have dealers carry them you might be able to get one printed off cheap or even free.

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>I want to make it make sense to me.
Then you definitely need >>1599156
>a proper wiring diagram.
Can you provide make and model of the atv? Pic of label would be a great help.

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i usualy follow the og layout changing things as needed for efficiency, or for taking mods im making into account.

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Its called a Rodeo 400 from Qlink.

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ITT: The cheapest/most efficient way to make a foundry. and other metal casting experiences.

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I tried this with coal, did nothing but throw embers all over my yard. but I did have the blower pointed 90 degrees toward the coals.

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Couple of paint cans, a soup can, and a blow dryer.

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I did this with coal in an attempt to blacksmith, but it melted the steel I was going to use.

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The trick with these things is to have the fuel have as much surface area as poss, much more efficient burn, much hotter.

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Use a hairdryer.

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Archimedes: "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world."
But i just want to lift this log..
Any math faggots here who could help? I'm building log trolley to keep logs back end up from forest and road surface. Front end is chained and lifted by tractor, so by my math only 50% of the weight lets say roughly 150kg is on this contraption. Idea is to chain log to upside down U frame(orange) that has 14 inc spare car wheels (those max 80km/h or 50miles/h ones) and hubs and use green lever with operator weight to lift the log if all possible easily against the log and tie it to log with strap or chain.

Now how long orange and green dimension should be to this to work? For green dimension i have 1.9meters long pipe, but i can get longer long as it stays in reasonable dimensions like lets say 3meters at absolute max, logs generally are 0.4meters in diameter and i would like to have around 0.2meters of ground clearance at minimum

If this wont work in math i can always use some ratchet winch to lift the log, but it would be faster and cheaper to do it like this.

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I have something like that, but its only good for helping to tree fall when you put it on the cut and push to open up the cut.
"Log trolley" or what ever that is called is similar to trolleys that are used to move 4x4 cars with truck that can lift the front end. So this is only to transport logs from forest with out getting them dirty (i'm going to mill them for boards and saw mill guy is strict that there cant be much dirt etc that causes damage to his saw blades)

Thank you... i guess?O.o Now i just need to figure out how to utilize this information.
I have never even heard about wolfram alpha, so if orange is 0.4meters what the green would be to this to work? Sorry i'm a idiot, but i suck at math and even more so in advanced math like this.

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pay attention to this plot
look at the numbers along the bottom are green and numbers at the side are orange
the shaded area is what will work, the white bit will not work
ignore the negative numbers they don't make sense right
so where orange is 0.4, you look along the line from the left hand side where it says 0.4 (well, guess from where it says 0.5) look to the right where that horizontal line from 0.4 is in the shaded area, then look down to see the green number at the bottom.

so its shaded from -6 to -2, then white from -2 to 2, then shaded from 2 to 4 (and presumably 4+)
so for an orange pole of 0.4 you would need a green pole of less than -2 or greater than +2 to have your input be less than 50kg to lift a 150kg log. of course -2 doesn't make sense so just say 2.
so orange = 0.4m, green >= 2m
for example.

its kind of hard to see because the plot is small but thats all i have available to show you.
you can take the equation and plot it on paper yourself if you want lol.

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>something like that
But clearly not an actual log jack, grab the log far enough in from the end to raise the end above trolley wheels, roll log with jack into its foot, wheel trolley next to log, roll it back and drop it on the trolley. It is a simple process and is standard practice, bet you can find dozens of videos on YouTube of people doing just this.

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or you could stop going full retard and buy/make one of these

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Thank you so much for in dept explanation, that helped a bunch! I usually do these by the eye so i was close to 0.5m O and 2m G setup. Probably going to try find a 2.5 pipe for green to make it even easier.

>>1599057 Aa now it get it, completely different tool i was thinking. Yes i def neet to put this on the look out list if i can find one locally or make one. Not much use in this job, but on fire wood cutting very useful, specially thinking chain saws chain life in rocky forest we have.

>>1599066 Well essentially that is what i'm going for, but its coming to back end of the log, where front end is lifted by tractor. Nobody seem to be selling those locally and i'm on deadline. Actually past it hence why i need this thing ASAP, i was just not sure about the dimensions, hence i was asking about here and now, as i'm welding it together tomorrow.

Thanks annons for help, much appreciated!

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I'm doing a project that requires about 20 cu. ft concrete, should I bother getting a tub or go straight to a mixer? Also what type of concrete should I buy, should I mix in aggregate, and would I need to use some sort a sluice gate?

Not really asking for advice insomuch links on where I can read about this information, because Home Depot's website doesn't have much since they want people to just pay them to do this sort of work.

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20cuft is 1/2m3?

If you have never mixed concrete before i hope you are used to manual labor if you think you can hand mix this.

a sluice gate wtf?
you put in a bucket of cement, two buckets of sharp sand, four buckets of 20mm gravel. add water slowly, it will seem to drink water and not get any wetter then all of a sudden it changes to sloppy then its fucked. so take it easy have patience.
machine mix you are supposed to add water first but hand mix you mix it dry first, makes it a little easier

>> No.1599028

>i hope you are used to manual labor if you think you can hand mix this.

20 cubic feet is like five or six wheelbarrows full, and that's no big deal. maybe seven if you have a small wheelbarrow, but it's something a weekend warrior can handle, and is nothing at all for someone who actually works for a living.

>> No.1599038

over a weekend is one thing, if you are trying to pour a single slab or something mixing five or six barrows full of concrete is not an easy thing to do especially if it's your first time and you have plenty to worry about without being exhausted. i mix in a barrow and getting everything right into the corners mixed thoroughly is bloody hard work.
fuck even machine mixing that amount you still have to be lifting buckets and barrowing mix around. if you are used to heavy lifting and lots of it fine but i'll bet there are plenty of keen diyers that won't be used to hard work.

i didn't mean to say i didn't think op (or anyone really) COULDN't do it, but i think plenty people would get caught out by how much hard work it actually can be.

>> No.1599044

well if its no big deal you are welcome to come to my house this weekend and help me mix up some footings

>> No.1599088

>and getting everything right into the corners mixed thoroughly is bloody hard work.
You have bad technique. It sounds like you're stirring it, you want more of a cutting and folding action. Much easier, less air gets mixed in, mixes better too.

>fuck even machine mixing that amount you still have to be lifting buckets and barrowing mix around.
You seriously need to work out dude, you'll thank yourself when you're old and not decrepit.

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Why did it fail?
Was the PCaaS (Pigeon-Crush-as-a-Service) just not ready for widespread adoption?

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I'd guess that's something to do with pre-PCR DNA sequencing.

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I always felt like the industrial model was too much for my simple homeowner needs. If they reconfigured it at a more modest price, a tactical look, a Walmart endcap and Hunter Ellis in the commercial, I would already have one in my garage and a backup in the RV.

>> No.1599072


I blame capitalism.

>> No.1599077


blame clinton for banning the entire pigeon burning industry during his incinerator ban. I live in California and got to get a burn permit just to do dogs too, it's fuckin gay.

>> No.1599089

While it dominated the crush porn industry initially, their marketshare was quickly overtaken by women in high heels. Hate to say it, but sex sells.

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An interesting wallet you can DIY.

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Stop-motion "crafting" videos are fucking gay as hell. Same as foodie facebook recipe videos.
A curse upon all of them.

>> No.1598878

Yay, contrarianism xD

>> No.1598886

Where the fuck am I supposed to get 50 pesos or whatever that is

Frowny face, unsubscribe

>> No.1598888

They are as meaningful as bumper stickers.

>> No.1598932

>"wallet you can DIY"
>comes pre-cut, pre-riveted
>literally only thing you do is fold it into shape
It explains fuck-all, it doesn't give you dimensions or crafting tips or anything, the only relevant frames are the first 4 or so, everything afterwards is just dumb shit about how you can put money in a wallet. And most importantly, this one in particular exists to sell a product, not to help you /diy/.

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Howdy all, I picked up a flatscreen from the dumpster. Screen is in good shape so I figured it would be worth saving. The bottom of the board looks burnt and I can't really pinpoint what's wrong. I have mediocre but passable soldering skills. Any help would go a long way. Thanks boys

Also so I'm not wasting a thread, Dumpster Diving general?

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There seems to have been a huge arc across the input connector; there seems to be a little bit of the pad missing on each of those solder joints. Could you verify this?

If this is the case, it's seen a HUGE overvoltage (lightning strike or the like), and I doubt that you'll be able to troubleshoot it as a novice electronic DIYer. Likely the mains fuse has blown because the power supply controller chip has gone on fire and killed a bunch of stuff as it went down.

>> No.1598871

There,s a cold solder joint on the lower left. Hit that first. When that doesn't work, buy a new board on ebay.

>> No.1598872

Touch up all of those joints make sure they have contenuity to their traces. Looks like the connector wasnt properly braced. Also check the MOVs for dead shorts.

>> No.1598894

The capacitor and the transformers can either short or open circuit after a strike.

>> No.1598902

Is it an Insignia? Their powerboards are famously bad.

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Do American retards really feel like they belong here? If you’re too stupid to use metric then you’re too stupid for /diy/

>> No.1598757

SAE is more complicated than metric. If you can’t understand that, you’re the fool.

>> No.1598759


There's two kinds of country: those that use metric, and those that have been to the Moon.

Also, America uses metric for all kinds of stuff. Really you're just saying you can't hack it using imperial.

So calm down, Pierre. Take a bath. Chill out.

>> No.1598762


Look at it this way, Guiseppe: you are always bragging about speaking 5 worthless languages in addition to english. We are bilingual in dimensions and have no problem in either system.

>> No.1598763

But Anon, you can't measure freedom with metric units, the fagginess gets in the way.

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So I want to buy some power tools because mine are just random 2nd hand ones that are going to shit.

would drill combo set should I go for and what battery size is good for random home projects and building dodgy shit with?

basically if I go for one brand I have to for the most part stick with it to make use of batteries? what brand should I get into?

as gay as it sounds Makita is drawing me in because of the color but I've heard Milwaukee is good

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>> No.1599305

those are the crappiest tools you can buy.

>> No.1599312

Who the fuck buys a combo set with a load of fucking shitty useless 3Ah or whatever batteries and doesn't immediately donate them to a local homeless charity or something

>> No.1599319

Who indeed. That's why you buy the combo set with decent batteries.

Why is half of DIY so mentally challenged by doing your research and paying attention to what they're buying?

>> No.1599324

Uh because they don't make the fucking combo sets with the tools I want and decent batteries.
Hypocritical to say I don't think before I speak

>> No.1599327

>Uh because they don't make the fucking combo sets with the tools I want and decent batteries.

Well fucking sucks to be you; I can find, and have bought, combo sets with 5Ah batteries. I've just found a local dealer who has combo sets with almost nothing BUT 5Ah batteries included.

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