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Can you help identify what kind of tool opens this window lock?


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A hammer opens any window. Go back to redit faggot.

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You can't go in the house, Jamal. That stuff isn't yours.

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Train window. They usually lock because of AC.

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Other picture.

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All you have to do is look at it to see what's going on.


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You do change your smoke detector batteries every year, right?

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Whenever one starts beeping I go insane trying to figure out which one is is then I just change all the batteries

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Whenever I move into a place I immediately remove the smoke detector

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Whenever I move out of a place I immediately remove the smoke detector

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Lowes has a 50% off Memorial Day sale on paint. I need some interior paint.

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benjamin moore regal select. You'll thank me alter

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this, don't cheap out on paint because you'll hate yourself in no time flat

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perfect example of a shitty machinist

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you can literally see the sheen of leftover cutting oil

who called themselves a machnist you retard faget

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How did it happen, anon?

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that's a nothing burger - breaking tiny taps in blind holes is orders of magnitude worse. anything below like #10 is always nerve wracking.

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I'm no metalworker, but I've seen more than a few times that you need to step up through a few bits at that size because the drill's core can't handle all the pressure of pure drive through most material.

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Yard sale find. It’s old but is it vintage?

15” Blackhawk

Yeah yeah jokes jokes but apparently it was made by Proto

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bet it has tons of slop and sucks to use

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Hardly any, it's pretty tight and you can get a crazy amount of leverage especially since the handle isn't unnecessarily wide so you can put basically any kind cheater pipe on it

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Doesn't matter, monkey wrenches were made in the millions, and it won't have much worth on the vintage tool market. It's just an old wrench. If it still works, that's all that matters.

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I hope you paid 5 bucks or less.

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no shilling brands. Inventory for maintaining a residential house on 0.5 acre lot with Karen HOA - most of the work is landscaping/gardening:
>electric chainsaw
>post hole digger
>Miscellaneous Shovels (Regular, Flathead/Square, Trenching)
>Hand Tiller
>Miscellaneous Trimmers (Large Branch, >Wide/Bush, Hand Pruners)
>Pump Sprayer (1 Gallon) - Upgrade?
>Full Tool Kit (T.K. Below)
Miscellaneous Gloves (All purpose leather, Heavy Duty, Gardening)
>Large Axe (Chopping?)
>Miscellaneous Rakes (Metal / Plastic Wide / Smaller Plastic)
>Miscellaneous Brooms (Shop / Regular)
>Pressure Washer - Sell?

>Angle Grinder - Not really used
>Socket/Ratchet Set
>Wrench Set
>Measuring Tape
>Miscellaneous Vise Grips (S/M/L)
>Wire Cutters
>Wire Strippers
>Miscellaneous Screwdrivers (S/L)

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>Pump Sprayer (1 Gallon)
If you don’t let your lawn go real bad with weeds, I do pretty good with those little 1/4-1/2gal size, not heavy and good enough for a couple rounds of weed spot control.

Also one of those fertilizer/seed spreaders, the handheld ones do pretty good for fertilizer a couple times a year.

Pole saw and hedge trimmer. I have a Fiskars manual pole saw with the lopper that is straight, got a 120V electric one and was about to upgrade to 18V cordless, but the new house doesn’t have many big trees.

The small ~$100 2000psi electric pressure washers are decent enough. Gas had more balls but for the driveway once or twice a year, $400+ and the garage space means the electric one makes more sense for me. The smaller 12”-14” surface cleaner for the electric one is a nice add-on for ~$50.

Hedge trimmer very likely. Cordless electric ones are nice now. And I have the Expand-It electric trimmer now, I got the edger attachment and they sell a pole saw and articulating hedge trimmer attachements for that thing which are tempting.

Generator? Depends on where you live. Extension cords too. I’m sure there’e more. Blower. Shovels, rake, ladder(s), a good push broom for sure.

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Also I can’t tell you the last time I have needed an axe with a suburban 1/4 acre to 1/2 acre lot. Especially if you’re in a Karen HOA, are you going to be processing firewood at home? You can probably take the axe off the priority list unless you aren’t going to get a chainsaw and/or sawzall.

I guess if you have a real wood burning fireplace, maybe you want the axe to split larger logs, but I haven’t had a fireplace since I came to Florida.

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Small torpedo level and bigger 48” level too, probably a stud finder too. Some sort of sander plus caulk gun and joint compound knoifes and shit for common drywall patching and all that, I’m sure those projects will come up as you move into a new place.

Pipe wrench, channellocks, plumbing stuff as you get into your first pluming repair. Make sure you know where your water and electrical shutoffs are.

Speaking of electrical, a multimeter for sure and learn how to use it. At minimum you want an NCV so you make sure you shut off the right breaker.

I’ll be back later with more sperging out. The wife wants attention.

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One more

Air compressor, at least a smaller 6gal pancake one might come up on your list fairly quick. And make sure you have a couple good flashlights and lanterns around, it amazes me how completely fucked people can be when the power goes out for a couple hours. Also attempting to do repairs in dark spots without a good area light and maybe a headlamp or a good magnetic work light can suck balls.

Good luck Opie, you’re going to get retarded long lists of proper hand tools and power tools. Get down on a good homeowner 18V system like Ryobi or if you got money to blow DeWalt or Milwaukee so you don’t end up with a dozen different batteries. Ryobi has so much good homeowner stuff that I’m going to shill it even though you said no brands. Then you can jump on a cordless 18V version of any tool or yard equipment instead of running 200ft of extension cords and you will already have batteries.

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Last Thread: >>2617875

All the outdated info you don't need about /3Dpg/-printing (Last updated 900 days ago): https://pastebin.com/AKqpcyN5
>Your print failed? Go to:

>Calibrate your printer.

If that doesn't help you solve your problems, post:
>A picture of the failed part
>Printer make & model
>Filament type/brand
>Slicer & slicer settings

>What printer should I buy? [32/72/5 :detadpU tsaL]
Do your own research, these are just popular and available options, don't buy a $1000 bedslinger:
Up to 200 USD: Kingroon KP3S, Sovol SV01, Voxelab Aquila X2, Anycubic Kobra Neo, ELEGOO Neptune 2S, Malyan M300/Monoprice Mini Delta
Up to 300 USD: Kingroon KP3S Pro/Pro S1, Sovol SV06, Creality Ender 3 V2 Neo, Elegoo Neptune 3
Up to 400 USD: Creality Ender 3 S1, Sovol SV01 Pro, Artillery Sidewinder SW-X2
Up to 500 USD: Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro, Prusa MINI+, FLSUN Super Racer
Up to 500 USD Large-Format: Anycubic Kobra Max, Elegoo Neptune 3 Max
Up to 800 USD: Bambu Lab P1P, Prusa MK4 kit
Over 1000 USD: Bambu Lab X1 Carbon, Ultimaker, Lulzbot, Raise3D
DIY: Voron, Rat Rig, Ultimaker/2/3, https://reprap.org/wiki/
SLA: Creality HALOT-ONE/LD-002H, Anycubic Photon Mono/X/4K, Elegoo Mars 3/Saturn 2, Formlabs Form 3/3L

>Where can I get things to print?

>What CAD software should I use?
Free to anyone: Fusion360, Onshape, TinkerCAD, FreeCAD
Free to me: Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Rhino, Solid Edge
Autistic /g/oobers: OpenSCAD, OpenJSCAD
Mesh free-forming and modeling: Blender
Architects: Sketchup

>What slicer should I use?
For everyone: Cura, PrusaSlicer, BambuStudio for P1P/X1 owners.
For enthusiasts: SuperSlicer, OrcaSlicer
For autists: Pleccer/SuperPleccer, Kiri:Moto, FullControl

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these low poly animals seem like very nice house decor, i gave a cat book stopper to my sister and a guinea pig to one of my friends

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yeah, thats where i got it, i think they mixed them up because the option for photon ultra is just gone

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i know the usb stick with the original version has it, but i cant find the usb stick anymore.

>> No.2623110

Silk seems to like heat.

>> No.2623114

"solved" it. just downloaded the entire slicer instead of the slicer on the photon ultras support page. its got it, so i can move the values over if i really want to.

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This year I decided to put a fan blowing in next to my AC in the window because of those sweet summer nights where it's not too hot and you just want to smell the air.

Pink is just regular insulation around the fan, but I need some creative ideas to cover the fan when not in use.

It protrudes a few inches out. Was thinking of getting some kind of heavy fabric and Velcro.

Any ideas?

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Calling all knowledgeable electricians!
I've recently almost doubled the amount of sockets in this old (1 per room prior) house I've moved into. Twice now, the same sockets MCB (1 of 2) has tripped, probably 3 or 4 days apart. I've not had more than 2 or 3 things on at most both times.
Should I get a bigger MCB since I have added more sockets?
Any advice helpful.

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So just arbitrarily putting in a higher rated breaker for that circuit wouldn't be accounting for the load the existing wiring was expected to handle.
Ideally, you might want to add in a new circuit, but that involves running a new wire probably through walls from the breaker box. And hopefully you gave an open slot to accommodate the new breaker and circuit.

Anyway, you're fucked.

>> No.2623048

So new outlets have been added in parallel to existing ones?

>> No.2623142

>Should I get a bigger MCB since I have added more sockets?
You are going to burn your house down. Just call someone you are not up to this. The breaker is for the wire. If you add infinite outlets by your logic you might as well remove the breaker entirely. If you didn't have a big load then your wiring or the breaker is fucked.

>> No.2623156

First of all, they're called either outlets or receptacles, not "sockets".
Second, the wire run from the breaker was sized for that breaker, meaning you cannot just install a bigger breaker, or you will burn your house down (if your wire can only handle 15 amps and your breaker doesn't trip until 30 amps, guess what happens when 29 amps is running through that wire).
Safety third, if you're fucking around with breakers, you need to make sure that the main breaker is turned off before you take the cover off of that panel or you are going to kill yourself.

You're saying, "MCB" which, I assume, means "main circuit breaker", but you are almost assuredly talking about a regular breaker. If your main circuit breaker is tripping, you are almost definitely fucking something up very badly and you need to call an electrician yesterday.

>> No.2623204


If all the new outlets are run off existing outlets with the existing wire coming from the panel, leave the breaker panel alone and do what anon said if you start tripping breakers: call a sparky (or fire dept?)

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How the fuck do I get an electrical apprenticeship if I live in this area? Doing really have to drive all the way niggadelphia or nigden just to get started in my field?

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Yes. The literal, unmetaphorical mob runs most of it.

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Rate my first build. I wanted to build a treasure chest, I don't have any treasure or wood working skills. I followed a 4 minute guide and a dream I had. How do I improve on this? I am happy with this result and I think I will put things in it.

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Not bad anon. Could try to fit those slats together better. From afar they have a sort of 'old pirate chest that's worn from time' look, but up close it becomes apparent that a lot of these are just badly cut.

>> No.2623022

This was my first attempt cutting wood, I learned how to replace deck board from this

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Forgot pic. I don't want to use screws but these type are the best I could think of to keep things held together really well, I need advice from a wood worker hopefully on how bad i did and how to fix the new one I'm working on

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You're used to wire nails. They're made from steel wire that's been cut, possibly rolled or stamped, and headed with a die of some sort. They sort of suck. For furniture you'd want to use the modern equivalent of nails made by a blacksmith. A blacksmith would forge out a somewhat conical nail and the modern version of that is cut nails.
As for the poor tolerances, unless you're using a table saw with a fence, you're never going to get flat faces from sawing wood. You need to plane it to fit and because you're arranging your slats in a semicircle you'll need to plane them into trapezoids so they mate up against each other at least somewhat tightly.

>> No.2623038

I am ashamed to say I cut all of those with a sawzall and the longer cuts by hand. I don't own a table saw, but it's on my list tomorrow for the swap meet to pick up. Can you recommend good planning tools?

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retard here, how difficult is it to make something like pic related?


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so I really wanted to give you shit for this
but I watched the video and smiled more than I had all week
difficulty is indirectly proportional to your experience with drones and mechanical inclination
the from itself is straightforward
the ducting the provides will probably increase it's efficiency but decrease maneuverability
the adorable little feets are geared (quite ingeniously) to a propeller, so that without having to put in another motor or controller, they'll be powered by the downward wind generated by the props

>> No.2622956

>how difficult is it to make something like pic related?
it doesn't matter, you won't do it.

>> No.2623036

Thank you for the detailed explanation.

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I luv Kirara so much bwo... The little whee and mrr noises she makes as she zooms around. Good luck making this.

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do pilot holes always have to be as long as the screw?
I need to put in four inch screws, and none of my narrower drillbits are that long, but I don’t want to have to go through the trouble of getting longer drillbits if I don't have to

>> No.2622923

no, they just have to remove enough material so you're not splitting the wood

>> No.2622928

thank goodness we had a whole thread about this. mods doing a bang-up job, as usual.

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I know, right!

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What are countertops going to be made of when we run out of granite and marble?

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MDF and "premium" decorative plastic vineer; the more things change the more they stay the same.

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>when we run out of granite and marble
How do people this stupid operate computers?

>> No.2623158

It looks/feels poopy

>> No.2623162

We will never run out of marble. It's metamorphosed limestone, it's created all over the planet, and is just as plentiful as granite. Even Carrara, the widely sought after marble, is plentiful - if you can get to it. People say the Carrara fields are mined out, but scientists say there could be massive deposits thousands of feet high - but you have to dig to them. They have no idea how much of the finer marbles exist on teh planet, and the "good stuff" can form anywhere. You just have to find it, cut it, and ship it in a way that's profitable, and if the environmentalists don't throw tantrums opening up new quarries.

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Pls help, I'm looking for a engraving or marking machine for bottle caps, but it seems that there are a huge ton of options with lot of price variations,
Are any of you anons expert in this process?
The pic is the one that it seems to be the best option but it is a laser and I fear my eyes will die.

Any equipment recommendations?

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i adjusted the pressure switch on the pump at my rain tank so that it stays on whenever a faucet is even slightly open.
But according to pic rel I would have to change the pressure switch setting whenever the tank water level drops. Is there a way to counteract this?

>> No.2622899

Get an expanding diaphragm to fill empty space

>> No.2622933

fart on it

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Alright so sometimes when I run my washing machine it backs up into my sink and both the sink and the washing machine drain don't end up draining for several minutes or hours. The other drains in my house like the bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and toilets are all running perfectly normally.

Based on what I describe, how do I go about fixing this?

>> No.2622868

>how do I go about fixing this

not hard at all if you can get boots on the ground and do the work

>> No.2622870

Forgot to mention I'm talking about the kitchen sink.

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How hard is it being a handyman?

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If we import enough illegal immigrants that kind of work could be done for less than $50.

>> No.2623122

just learn spanish and be brown sir

>> No.2623124


Look at it from the perspective of who's paying you, if you fix a hole in the wall / hang a ceiling fan in an hour they most likely expect that and refer you. If you try to charge a hunnid and keep frantically looking shit up on your phone in your truck they will probably be pissed with the number. most people work a job too and will silently compare their rate while watching over your shoulder. I'd suggest going by the project starting out, and try to get a feel for who you're working for giving them a quote, like get an address, search it on google streetview and think about what they are willing to spend.

>> No.2623137

Eventually they start to want oral too.

>> No.2623182

I'm Irish, can I pass as brown?

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How hard is it to do fence work?
I bought a house where they put a compost pile in this corner of the yard, and the fence cuts short of our property line for some reason. Can I remove that corner, cut the tree down, and drive a new post where the property stake is?

>> No.2622871

how nice is your neighbour ?

>> No.2622872

>How hard is it to do fence work?
not hard at all if you can get boots on the ground and do the work

>> No.2622873

>some reason
Utility poles sometime have ordinance about putting anything new within a few feet. Check your local regs. Even if not, fence guy was probably trying not to dig into anything the pole may be sunk with.

>> No.2622874

This is a good point. I worked for an electrical utility when I was a kid, and there was a 3' radius right of way around each pole maintained by the utility.

>> No.2622986

What does that stake represent?

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Need to rebuid old deck. Should I use steel framing? Or is gonna turn to rust shit faster than wood?

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>> No.2622880

If it's powder coated like your example picture seems to be, it'll probably outlast you as long as there's nowhere for water to weep into and settle. Come to think of it I'm not sure I've ever seen a metal framed deck that didn't have an overhang roof or the like.

>> No.2622883


I see home depot carrying parts for this now

>> No.2622884

Galvanized and powder coated. Didn't even know that was a thing. And the example with the hot tub is a good selling point, anything more than a couple feet off the ground gets dicey with a filled tub and people in it.

>> No.2623069

Wood is shit and I'd not hesitate to frame a deck with steel. If need stairs look for those as recovered steel. They're easily cut to length.

Does OP know how to weld? Decks are mostly fabricated in place making galvanizing and powder coating typically impractical. If you build a deck so it can be unbolted (make several weldments with bolted joints) you can have those hot-dip galvanized but that won't be cheap. It's done for some industrial decking.

Box tubing rusts internally when pierced so ignore picrel. Use channel and beam as most industry does. Price check (get at least three quotes from different suppliers) various cross sections and don't ignore sellers of recovered steel posts etc. Fecebook Marketplace is often a good source.

>> No.2623113

Never tried welding before. I'm thinking if I can build it out of stainless steel at a reasonable price. IDK thought it might just make more sense to just use wood and try to seal against water.

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