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hey guys, so basically my grandma passed away and left me in inheritance a piece of land deep within a forest, i have no idea of what can i do with it, can you guys give me any ideas? maybe build a small house even tho i have no knowledge in building stuff like that

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Wow! Your land is very beautiful! You can easily build a nice house by yourself just look for youtube videos lots of ppl do it!

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Rent it out as soon as possible to the highest bidder
Free money

But first you have to check what the government allows you to do on the land

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What is the size of the lot?
5+ acres and you're typically at the threshold for land use tax exemptions.

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OP I work in Fin-Tech,
below is correct.


We live in global capitalism and you've lucked your way into capital.

Think is important and use it for that. The rent is literally free money most people will not see in our broken economies and fools squander often.

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Lots of details missing OP

>where is the land
>how much
>is it all in forest? What about grasslands, pasture.
>what is access like (both to the property and within it)
>what’s the soil like?

I specialize in helping landowners with Forest so I have a bit of a bias. If that’s what you have here’s your options

>have it assessed for Timber. You may be able to sell some wood while also managing the forest for long term yield
>look into local government subsidies for the same. For instance in Ontario if you have more than 10 acres of forest you can have your property taxes slashed by 75%.

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Any fun and entry level DIY shit i could do with basic tools to learn how to do shit? Never used a drill before

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Do it yourself!! the animated basket weaving doujins

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the first thing you'll need is an engine lathe, probably mid size like 16" x 54", preferably geared
this will allow you to turn your own hammer and nails
to be able to use a screwdriver, you'll want to use your mill to cut notches in round stock

everyone's first DIY project beyond that is usually a steam engine made from supplied cast iron

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any resources to become familiar with lawnmowers? There's a job opportunity to fix them for a landscaping company, pay and all is very appetizing.

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find them on the side of the road and try to make them run again without buying any parts. you'll learn you don't want anything to do with them. fuck small engines and fuck carbeurators

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I have a small fridge with an ice box at the top. How can I modify it so that it doesn't make ice, but still keeps the fridge cold?

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This is a picture of the skirting on my ceiling. How would you go about fixing it?

It's my house, and I'm trying to fix the imperfections before painting it. I'm thinking of cleaning it up with a chisel and using either plaster or silicone to fill it, then paint over.

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It is the moulding. You mean tear off and replace? I'll be pulling off half the moulding through the house if that's the case.

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You can use a chisel or scraper or utility knife to remove any loose material and then caulk the edges with painters caulk (not silicone) and smooth it with a wet sponge or your finger to get a uniform bead and to pack it up into any gaps and crevices.
Plaster will just shrink and crack/ crumble eventually and silicone doesn't take paint well.
Picrel is what you want, just basic caulk.

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I went to the store and got an equivalent of what you suggested, by fluke it's nearly colour matched, but will paint on top

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Clean up the edges with a paint scrapper. Tidy it up with a bit of 220 grit sand paper, Fill the gap with Caulk and paint it.


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Don’t see one.

The elbow on picrel keeps popping apart. I thought the top of the elbow would be threaded but there is nothing there. How are these supposed to work?

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It’s not strain really. It’s as if a cap or something popped off, so the pieces fit together but after a few uses it pops apart again.

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Try looking for a brand name and model. Then contact the company for the missing part. Sorry I can't be more help.

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>keeps popping apart
by "keeps", do you mean it just starting doing that
or has it always done so since installation
because by the looks of it, it was mismointed
the wall saddle is waaaay too high, which puts the arm at a downward angle
the mechanism should basically be flat
>there is nothing there
it's supposed to pop off when you thrust the arm up
did you think jamming little blocks of wood under the door was the "right" way to keep these open?

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Can you put an end cap on whatever stub you left to install the show head too, test it, and then cut that off when you install the shower head? Or if any part is threaded at the end, just put a cap with matching thread.

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What is this adapter/connector thing on the back of my shower unit? There is an identical broken one for the toe tester in the unit but I don't know where to get a replacement part

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How hard is one of these to install for the layman? Is it worth it to buy a heat pump mini-split as opposed to the A/C only versions even if you already have propane heat? Seems like they are pretty much all heat pumps, plus the tax credits... just seemed kinda dumb to buy heating ability when I already have propane boiler/in-floor heat.

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>currently sitting under the cool breeze of my 4 zone diy mrcool pondering the haters boiling in the stew of their own bodily filth
Do it anon

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>How hard is one of these to install for the layman?
You need HVAC freon loicense, or way to get gas in case you accidentally into the air.
> Is it worth it to buy a heat pump mini-split as opposed to the A/C only versions even if you already have propane heat?
Heatpump is 100% worth it, because it costs about as much as propane to run, but you won't run out of electricity. Depends.
>Seems like they are pretty much all heat pumps
Yes, because they are sold worldwide, and people like to use them for heat in warm places. And even cold.
A valve that turns AC into heatpump is really cheap, like 10 USD on aliexpress, so they tend to install it anyway.

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Oh yeah, multi-split is hard. One mini-split - easy.
If you're gonna do it, here are couple suggestions:
1) get copper tubing bender (to avoid kinks)
2) apply refrigeration oil on flaring tool before flaring
3) apply refrigeration oil on thread when tightening nuts.
If you dont have AC oil, you can use engine oil or whatever, just dont use lots of it.

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>but you won't run out of electricity
until you do
Viz texas

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I've been cooming on the same spot on my desk for the past year without wiping it down afterwards and now there is a thick resin like substance that's stuck to the surface of my desk. I tired to scrap it off, but it's like trying to chip away at stone I'm afraid of damaging the desk. Is there any nonabrasive solvent that will dissolve it?

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You're afraid of damaging the desk?

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Yeah it's my cousin's desk I borrowed and I need to give it back to her

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well thats a cheap piece of shit melamine board. you could spend 5 dollars on 91 iso and scrub it off with the thin laminate coating. you could likewise just measure the diameter of the desk and replace the entire desktop for about 20 dollars.

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Will that damage the surface? I don't want her questioning why there's a stain or scratches there.

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are we allowed to watch and enjoy content from a creator without agreeing with all of their beliefs and opinions? like they do something clearly wrong and retarded...can we just shrug and continue?

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Their feelings towards you as a patient arent going to change their core philosophies. Its going to directly impact their prescribed treatments and recommendations.
Its a gigantic red flag you even talked politics with a GP, let alone learned all about his deeply rooted beliefs.
I expect doctors to vote right wing simply for tax breaks, but if they bring the shit up like they are invested in all of the other stances and platforms its a huge no go.

You go to a holistic quack doctor, you get quack holistic advice
You go to a nigger doctor, you get affirmative action college degree, borderline illiterate advice.
You go to a far right doctor... Lets not pretend they havent recently championed stances that are militantly against doctors and treatments and the medical field in general.
Doctors have constant, ever changing procedures and protocols and continued education. You dont want a doctor set in his ways, or too arrogant to change.

Reminds me of Essential Craftsman clamoring on about how he's too much of a pussy to use a CPAP, so he just tapes his mouth shut at night. Then he gloats about how everyone should be skeptical of anything their doctor says, just go ask your friends about what treatments they should do!
I do love that he came back and threw a huge disclaimer on his second video about how fucking dangerous it is and how it can kill you if you are ~70% of the population.

Real smart, guy had never heard of Sleep Apnea before his doctor told him about it, and took advice from other people who had never heard about it. Genius.

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Dont worry, they are usually so loud and obnoxious, its pretty easy to not subscribe in the first place.

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>Lets not pretend they havent recently championed stances that are militantly against doctors and treatments and the medical field in general.
Like the right not to be forced to take a certain vaccine?

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Not a single person in the country was forced to take a vaccine.
It was hilarious watching the "private companies have the unalienable right to run their business how they see fit" crowd get extremely assmad that businesses actually decided to run their businesses how they saw fit.

New drugs and treatments come out every single day.
The advancement in drug and medical technology exponentially grows.
That isnt new, the politicization of "new drug bad" and the petulance of "no doctor will tell me what to do" is whats new.

If your fucking DOCTOR of all people has fallen for this rhetoric, good luck getting any actual good treatments when the rubber hits the road.
Those who were scared of the vaccine werent so scared to ask for it after the fact, or to take even riskier and unknown monoclonal stem cell treatments as they sat in the hospital on a ventilator.

Great, you didnt want to take the vaccine. How many more treatments going forward are you going to ignore from your doctor when you have real illness?
Are you going to find and keep a doctor who is afraid of giving you new better treatments?

Its literal brainrot, letting political shitflinging warp your view of the actual medical industry.
You should tape your mouth shut when you sleep tonight

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>Not a single person in the country was forced to take a vaccine
This is so easily to prove wrong with one single google search and taking the first result
>inb4 "all you had to do was give up your health practitioner license dude, they didn't MAKE you keep that thing you spend your entire adult life working for"
Fucking faggot nigger. Get the fuck off /diy/, suck start a shotgun and make sure it's loaded. I can't decide if I should tell you to make sure you aim back so it actually takes out your brainstem or let you blow off the front half off your face like so many do with the under-the-chin maneuver and live in a perpetual black hell of blindness and disfigurement, befitting a monster like you.

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Can I weld exhaust pipe with a stick welder?

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>>2624231 it is if you have no idea how to weld

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No, stick welding is by far the worst welding technique for exhaust. By a large margin

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Flux core is ugly, and the wire costs more than solid core wire.
So relative to standard MIG, its sucky and nobody likes it.
The problem is, nobody is actually comparing it to Stick, because nobody fucking uses stick. Its dudes who have high end MIG machines running gas calling it shit.
They are also calling Stick garbage too.

Fluxcore is actually cleaner and prettier (marginally) than stick is.

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the hot glue of welding
gross, but effective
if you're mostly interested in hobby craft

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I used a hobart handler 140 with flux for a long time, and managed to do some exhaust work, but it sucked and I had pinholes (I am not by any margin a good welder). I swapped to 75/25 and have never had that problem again on anything. That said, If I'm doing exhaust work...I'm just buying a tig welder, or taking it to someone who has one.

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All my tools were recently thrown away (just a hodgepodge of cheap/free shit I acquired over the years) and I have a $2k budget to resupply. I just spent $1k at Home Depot on various Makita tools, but think I'm going to return everything, save for the free batteries. Picrel looks like a good deal, but honestly I don't have any projects lined up atm just feel a bit naked without power tools. Should I wait til holiday season? Any advice on good deals rn?

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I am a serious DIYer i went with Milwaukee mainly because of their impacts. I bought a 1/2" and 3.8" fuel and use them all the time. And once you invest in something with batteries you want your tools to all be able to use the same battery pack. I slowly accumulated my tools by needing them to perform various jobs. My Sawzall probably sees the most work followed by the 1/2" impact.

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Fair point, luckily I only bought into them today and will be returning what I bought anyway.

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Milwaukees M12 line kicks ass, with all sorts of small random useful tools. No other 12v line comes even close.

>> No.2624299

Can that line even drill a screw through a 2x4, or cut one with the circular saw?

>> No.2624303

>or cut one with the circular saw?

I have a M18 Fuel circular saw and it cuts noticeably slower than a corded saw. It is handy when you need it tho.

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So for context, my CRT TV identifies as a grayscale CRT, despite being born a color TV. I want to for the 100th time take it apart and see if there's anything sus looking that I replace or reflow the solder on in the hopes of fixing it. I got sick of discharging it via screwdriver so I made this....thing.

Will dumping a bunch of electricity down the earth pole of an outlet flip the main breaker (considering that only ground is connected)? My electrician friend was kinda unsure about it, I think he said something about the breaker measuring the diff between neutral and earth and as neutral isn't connected it might be fine.

t. retard who repairs his electronics but doesn't know anything about electricity

>> No.2624183

No, it shouldn't trip the breaker. If you have a GFCI on the circuit you discharge to then it might trip. Even if it does, just reset it. If your wiring is properly grounded you'll be fine.

You do know that instead of a plug you could've attached an alligator clip to the end and clamped it onto anything metal that's grounded right?

>> No.2624209

>CRT TV identifies as a grayscale CRT, despite being born a color TV
jesus what year is it

>> No.2624415

Ok, thanks!
>alligator clip
Sure, but I had a bunch of spare plugs and no alligator clips so this was cheaper to do.

Haha, this is just a small CRT monitor that I have hooked up to my Commodore 64, amongst other things. I actually prefer the way colors look on CRT over LCD, but my other monitors are LCD, for obvious reasons.

>> No.2624439

as long as the tv isn't plugged in it will be fine.
current imbalance protective devices like GFCI operate on a difference in current detected between line and neutral, you aren't connecting anything to either of those.
if your tv was plugged in and charging the cap when you short it then some of the line current would leak to earth and it would trip a GFCI.
overcurrent protection typically is on line only, not ground. so that won't trip either.
you put some impedance in that thing right? put a couple megaohms in it and it won't bang when you use it, but you have to hold it on for a couple seconds.

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First off, I know that the numbers aren't accurate, but getting accurate numbers is too much effort to add nothing to the concept.

So this system where you funnel 100lbs of water down from 10x10in to 1x1in should theoretically raise the water pressure to 100psi. But it doesn't. Why not? I know I'm dumb for asking this but there's no stupid questions. So what's missing to make this not work?

I'm trying to design something to use just the weight of water and gravity to increase water pressure, without electricity or anything, so if there's any ways to do that, please tell me

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>Are you sure that's right?
You sound vaxxinated.

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not an expert on burger units but isn't psi pound-force and not pounds?
you're correct that the pressure from the weight from your object would increase by a factor of 100 but hydrostatic pressure is only dependent on the height. just think of it as a one square inch tube that goes from bottom to the top. it has a weight and exerts a force on that one square inch.
but i'm not going to do hydrostatic calculations in burger units, i don't hate myself that much yet

>I'm trying to design something to use just the weight of water and gravity to increase water pressure, without electricity or anything, so if there's any ways to do that, please tell me
here, what do i win? but you're not going to get any flow rate out of this. not sure what you're trying to achieve and depending you're going to violate the first law

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oh wait i suppose you could drain the upper reservoir once it's in its lowest position, raise the piston with a spring, refill whatever you want pressurised, and fill the reservoir again to repeat the process, but honestly i'd just get a pump

>> No.2624168

Just put a lid on it and attach an air compressor to it. Then you can pressurize it to whatever you like without needing four more years of engineering school.

>> No.2624208

....or just get a pump

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I need to make several 1-3/8" holes in some stainless steel drums. Did I fuck up by buying this ($179) over a step bit or holesaw?

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>stainless steel drums
What thickness are we talking? That sounds miserable. Do you care about the edges that a hole saw would leave?

>> No.2624225

I've posted this before, but make sure there is no residual flammable material in the drum when you drill the hole, especially if it is closed head. People blow out their eardrums or worse all the time when a tiny bit of gasoline or solvent is left over in the drum and they drill into it and make a spark.

Sorry, I don't know about your choice of tool, just don't want to see someone go deaf over this.

>> No.2624247

I would have got a nice hole saw, or look for a used mag drill+cheap annular cutter.

If the drums are thin a holesaw would have done fine.

>> No.2624301

Should I just ask my local machinist to do it, and can I make sure it’s not a bomb before bringing it to him?

>> No.2624302

He’s really reasonable, last time I asked him to drill a 1.5” hole through 1/4” stainless it was only $12, but it was just a tiny little tri clamp cap, a drum would be harder to deal with I’m sure

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How profitable is gold refining and selling your own bars?

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ok i will FUCKER

>> No.2624191

You can just say it's stolen.

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You will never be a foundry.

>> No.2624271

Shhhhh, we don't say that around it.

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This thread is about stories you have when you made some big bad financial mistakes, like gambling your life savings on stocks or buying expensive luxury items. Tell us how much you lost and what way you recovered. I think it's for to learn if anons ever worked 2 or 3 jobs and what they learned from the experience. I am currently in an tough spot. After working for 6 months earning 1800 a month and saving away 1600 and then switching jobs and earning 2140 for 3 months i blew away my money. After this experience 1k is all that remained of my balance and if i lost my job that was it . Luckily I have fought hard and although my intitial reaction was fear and heavy anxiety, it planted the seed to want to work more and harder and really love grinding. That's why i am starting my second job this saturday to increase my monthly salary by 19 percent. I know have 2,9k in my bank account and this taught me to be humble, build an emergency fund, learn that i can fuck myself over worse than inflation or goverment and that I should spend money by investing in myself when I got the chance. This thread isn't about me, but after making many threads, I really haven't heard anything from 4chan that spoke to my predicament or inspired me to hustle and work more/hader. Let's go!

So why did I post this on /diy/? It's because you guys know money is time and you're livingin reality about the fact that you have to exchange your time for money, so yeah.

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hey hey take it to /o/ asshole

>> No.2624205

take this shit to /lgbt/ you fucking faggot

>> No.2624239

Take this to /r9k/ you pink assholed breedable fuck muffin

>> No.2624259

How about getting 1 decent job instead of working 2 mediocre jobs you dingbat
Spend your time and money making yourself worth more, then find an avenue to make said money.

>> No.2624268

wrong board idiot

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I'm trying to repair my EXCAVATOR by myself so i can continue to dig under my neighbor's house. It is fucking old, so it is hard to find all the components I need on internet and some of them haven't the ID. I found a manual:
"KOMATSU PC02-1A and PC03-1 operation and maintenance manual"
But the PDF version of this manual costs around 100$!
Is there any website where I can find this PDF knowledge for free as it should be? (I tried with my already known websites but nothing).

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>> No.2624022

This. Gonna have to get nonlinear with your search, and probably learn what would otherwise be a bunch of unnecessary things on the way.

>> No.2624115

I don't really care about helping you but;

>so i can continue to dig under my neighbor's house

I'm intrigued by this

>> No.2624129

>so i can continue to dig under my neighbor's house.
You know what? I don't want to know.

I'd just buy the manual. A quick google search popped up a couple sites selling the manual for $60 or less. Once you have it, scan it and upload/torrent it to spite them.

>> No.2624132

Don't pay for digital manuals. It's a Mexican scam. Only buy copies from eBay

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>how do i use this thing properly?
i work in not so disciplined company i guess, and i barely got any instructions, or different one from each person(no bad blood, just how it is)
>is metal bits on magnet big deal?
should i clean them off after each hole, and obsessively make sure magnet is clean, could it be weakening the drill? also i take bit longer than other people, do i use bit of force. also how long do blades last usually?

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is putting metal plate below metal im drilling(given its bit thin) stabilize the drill? or im being stupid? cant find specific answers exactly on youtube, but g2g for basics

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>is metal bits on magnet big deal
If you're using the only kind of magdrill I know of which is essentially a little drill press on a big magnetic brick, yes cleaning that shit is important. If you have chips and dirt on the contact points you risk the drill moving and you're fucked.
Do it right, like all processes the setup is important.

>> No.2623971

>also i take bit longer than other people, do i use bit of force
Forgot to mention it is fine to use some muscle as long as you're wetting that shit with rapidtap like you're about to go balls deep

>> No.2623981

thats what i assumed thanks. also i gotta use pin thats not too big for blade right? like just couple millimeters longer

>> No.2624026

Yes, metal is what the magnet holds on to.

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I'm doing a front windshield replacement on an old car.
OEM seal was a butyl seal with a copper-ish 12v heating wire inside to heat it up for easy install/removal. Replacement is not deliverable. Is applying a thin heating wire into a butyl sausage and DIY'ing a viable option?

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Weird. What kind of car? All the new stuff uses urethane adhesive. Any reason you can't use that?

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How do you fill water into a barrel using a hose and barrel that are airtight?

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You pump out the air. The water will replace it.

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Practically speaking?
Fit the hose to the vessel as normal.
Feed a thinner hose through the real hose.
Rotate the barrel so that the outlet is highest.
Feed water into the barrel through the narrower hose by pushing it.
Or drawing the air out of the larger, thereby sucking in water through the narrower.

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Use an air vent with a check valve.

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You need a spot for the air to go, ideally on top of the liquid you're dispensing. If it's airtight the whole way through, you'll need two hoses; no other way about it. Pic related will keep pressure equilibrated while gravity dispenses the liquid. If it's flammable or reactive I recommend a nitrogen or argon sweep, as well as grounding all containers.
Also, this is a stupid question/questions that don't deserve their own thread kinda post. Post more ladybots now.

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lol you have just transferred the problem to another tank that doesn't have the airtight issue

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