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Which 3D printer fillament is most suitable to print a dildo?

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none, you print a exotic fruit mold and use proper stuff to make them

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Which is? Like what kind of material are dildo's
made from?

You know I have no idea, because I'm not very much into dildo industry, but I've heard it's never too late.

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asbestos reinforced concrete is the new hotness

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The best material so far is a steel framework reinforced with an epoxy resin
>fill a dong mold with steel wool and resin

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Hi /diy/, i have this keyboard and it is stained by i guess liquid on the back, pic related.
How can i fix this?
Scratching it does nothing, washing as well.
Can i paint it with shoe cleaning black?

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So other than the standard xacto blade, are any of these other ones useful? or just gimmicks?

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i dabble in Custom figures, and find a use for each. the first and 6th make good scalpels if you need smooth cuts.2, 3 and 5 are good for cleaving on straight guillotine style cuts. the standard acute triangle blade is good for angular cuts. never found a good use for the last 2 though. 9 is just an inverse 1 and 6, so i guess long straight flat cuts. 10 is for precision cuts, but its like using a scalpel to skin a buck. you could do it, but muliple tools in the kit will do a much more effective job. its the manlet of Xacto

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I have a set of these that i use for building/prepping my wh40k models. The thin handle one with a normal blade is good for most things. curved blade for more robust cuts. for thick material they you have to chop at or cut hard i like the red handle with a the flat bade, 3rd from the left. other than that, there isnt much differentiation in the blades. maybe for different clearances, but like i said, it mostly comes down to material hardness and detail.

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I had that set once upon a time, except the fat handle was pure aluminum without the plastic. They are perfectly useful and the various blades are quite useful for many carving tasks, but they are just easy money and exploiting people fear of sharpening. Buy the kit, it you use it regularly, get proper carving chisels and learn to sharpen them, you will save money in the long run and have a wider selection of blades to choose from.

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they're all useful, and they're all gimmicks

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Okay I figure there isn't an existing thread I'd be better posting this in. Just stripped the polyurethane down off this Japanese Oak tabletop and sanded it to a smooth 800 grit. Probably overkill and might need to sand it back to something coarser, but at least it feels nice. So I'm wanting to lay down a new finish on it and I'm getting conflicting information online; some recommend tung oil, others recommend polyurethane. I was wanting a durable finish and I assume tung oil wouldn't provide the kind of hard surface layer that you get from PU, but it was highly recommended by the guy at the hardware store as he used it on his table.

Can post more pictures of the tabletop if you want to have a good look, but it is a little pock-marked from decades of use. The original tabletop was Kauri, but it was real marked up since it's a soft wood and was removed perhaps 60 years ago. Damn photo better not be sideways.

TL;DR: what finish do I use on my japanese oak tabletop? I don't live in the states so some of your brands might not be available, but general recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Poly would be better, especially if your putting a coffee mug or a cold drink. Tung oil won't offer the ease of mind that poly would and poly will still show the wood off without it looking like plastic (like a laq would)

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Sounds reasonable. I've heard of putting oil down to make the wood shine, and covering it with an oil-based polyurethane, ever come across that?

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There are THREE of these goddamn threads up right now.
Use the catalogue you fucking mongoloids.

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FOUR, there's FOUR now.

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he's poor. let him have his fun.

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I have OSB filtered so I missed some of those.

just as planned...

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Can somebody tell me what that little ring at the end of the green/yellow grounding wire is called? I accidentally cut mine and I need to find a replacement.

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>...playing with electrical...

What the fuck is electrical? Electronics? Electrical equipment? Electricity? Give us a clue here.

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Start with school retard

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based retard

OP you seem pretty dumb but if this guy can figure out enough about electronics to talk down to people on /diy/ you can sure as hell do it too

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>little ring at the end of the green/yellow grounding wire is called?

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>e green/yellow grounding wire is called?
It is called not necessary thing, just twist wire around bolt and use washer.

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i've never created a sewing pattern before but im trying to create a cosplay of ghiaccio from jjba. i made this on illustrator and can have it printed in actual size on paper at my job. I would like some feedback on if this looks usable or not.

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Pattern making for clothing has some little idiosyncrasies that you need to learn for well fitting articles.

Go into the fabric stores and browse the catalogue. Find something similar in general fit and function as what you want to make.

Don't cut up the pattern you bought. Trace that onto vellum or newspaper, or something else and cut that out. That way you can re-use the pattern over and over for multiple sizes if you make something for someone else.

Pay attention to where the darts are, and where things are taken in. Getting familiar with these will make creating your own patterns easier.

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Any of you guys doing 3d work on CNC routers? I use mine for general 2.5D cutting of parts, but interested in doing some true 3D carving. But I suck at 3d modeling other than simple geometric parts. Any tips on where to find / how to easily make decent 3D reliefs using Fusion 360?

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try artcam

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Surely just make half a 3d shape?

360 is fine, learn to use the shaping tools, spline and sketch to the fullest.

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A customer gave me this, what can I do with it?

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I should have known to look closer at the notes.
Note 25, the Phosphor Handbook, seems to have all the info I need.
At a quick glance, it looks like I need about 0.01% to 0.005% copper by weight for P31.
That seems to agree with the vague statement of "A few PPM" on wikipedia.

Next stop: Finding ZnS, Copper, and Silver powder at a price lower than just buying P31 from Sigma-Aldrich.
The ZnS is cheap enough, but the silver powder looks like it's a bit pricey.

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Turn it into a fish tank.

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Is pic related what you're planning to accomplish?
If you start making (more?) progress it's a thread I'd pin.
All forms of luminescence are absolutely fascinating to me...
Of all the things to ponder, on another thread (in /trash/) a few anons and I are trying to figure out why someone's glow-in-the-dark 'silicone sculpture' starts glowing when it's stretched.
Triboluminescence or similar probably, but there's almost no info on that.
>silver powder
There must be some way to precipitate silver...

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Reddit as fuck

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how do i turn this into a shipping container? i have some things i need to ship

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First you have to empty out the stockpile of imitation crab meat

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Tell me bros, how do I turn this bar of rusted steel into a sword

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What brand rod?

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>sup diy I’ve never even changed a lightbulb but today I was fantasizing about being the smartest handyman on the block and sharing my wisdom with people and it gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling so I’m gonna build space ship! How use wrench? How build spaceship? It use rocket right? Lol

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Its forge, not weld. Plebeian beppo

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you really dont want to use hardfacing, it will just crack and split. not to mention a good anvil isnt necessarily hard, they have noticable recoil. 7018 or 8018 works though. dont preheat and try not to let it cool slow. weld it cold and as fast as you can, within reason. 1/8 @ 100 amp and go from there

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you really dont want to use hardfacing, it will just crack and split. not to mention a good anvil isnt necessarily hard, they have noticable recoil. 7018 or 8018 works though. dont preheat and try not to let it cool slow. weld it cold and as fast as you can, within reason. 1/8 @ 100 amp and go from there

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Hey /diy/

I'm a beginner, I made this steel tube and I need it to be as round as possible

How can I do that ?

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If it only has to be round at the fan, find some sort of steel ring that will fit inside the tube. Even better, integrate that ring into the fan mount.

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HVAC ducting

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i get pretty good results with a hammer and a vice. Weld the seam and then keep beating it.

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just keep working it with your hands and it will be close. That flat spot where the bolts are and you have double-thickness is going to give you trouble, you probably have to take it apart and get both sides started with pliers or a vise or some boards clamped like a brake, but you run into the same issue with rolling like >>1595299. The workpiece leaves the roll in the last half inch or so and you end up with a little straight piece. If it needs to be perfect, roll it with extra on both ends and cut off the excess, then butt weld and grind off the excess, it's how ERW tubing is made.

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Get rid of the bolts. Cut the thing in half lengthwise, then flatten it and weld the sides together. After that attach a hose fitting and pump high pressure water to inflate the tube. Cut off the ends and clean up when done.

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Hey /diy/ I'm looking for a material that becomes conducive/more conducive when wet. Essentially I need something that’ll complete a circuit when coming in contact with water

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>it’s going to a low voltage alarm and the voltage isn’t strong enough for water to complete the circuit alone

a clothspin
two thumbtacks
an aspirin
wire to connect alarm

strip ends of wire
wrap one wire around stud of one thumbtack
wrap other wire around stud of other thumbtack
press thumbtacks into jaws of clothspin
connect other ends of wires to alarm
insert aspirin between thumbtacks
place in area to be protected from water

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Here's a circuit that turns on a buzzer and LED when moisture is detected

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This unironically is one of my more favorite 'safety' devices.
It starts to howl low when the battery dies unlike the other cheap brand I tried that gave no warning that the batteries were exhausted.
I keep one under each sink, and one near the hot water heater.
Sure enough the kitchen one went off when the dishwasher's waste hose started to leak.
This one also works well if you want to make you own as an experiment.

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Non-contact capacitive sensors work well for detecting water. For example, mounting some electrodes (copper tape) on the outside of a plant pot will readily detect the water content inside

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A Cat Is Fine Too Edition

Old thread: >>1591345

All the info you need about 3D-printing: https://pastebin.com/7Sb4TVdy

>Need help with prints? Go to:

If that doesn't help you solve your print problems, please post:
>A picture of the failed part
>Printer make & model
>Filament type/brand
>Bed & extruder temperature
>Print speed

>What printer should I buy? [Last updated 7-1-2019]
Under 200 USD: Creality Ender 3
Under 500 USD: Creality CR-10
Under 1000 USD: Prusa i3 (Mk2 or Mk3)
Over 1000 USD: Lulzbot or Ultimaker
Buyer beware: some chinkshit clones are garbage. Some can be genuinely good, though.
Instead of buying a new printer, you could consider building your own: https://reprap.org/wiki/

>Where can I get free things to print?

>What CAD software should I use?
Solidworks, Inventor, AutoCAD etc. all work, but Blender and Fusion 360 are free:

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a 3D printer is a CNC machine
imagine giving a CNC machine to a normie: how and why?

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yeah but they got marketed as star-trek replicators

>> No.1595739

He's probably talking about a clone.

>> No.1595744

What temp are you printing at?
Consider getting a 5015 blower fan (coupled with 200uF capacitor) and printing the petsfang for it. The blower will dramatically increase the quality of your overhangs.
Calibrate your extruder, the stock extruder on my cr10 was over extruding from the factory.

>> No.1595745

Also get an enclosure or at least a draught shield; that's why your corners are lifting.

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As a project to make things more beautiful I have decided to breed local butterflies.

The reason for this is yesterday while I was planting strawberries, a large peacock butterfly came and landed on the patch and sat with me for a good 30 minutes, only to move to a window and sit for most of the afternoon.

It was a very spiritual experience and prompted me to firstly discover it's type, which I have not had the pleasure of seeing before - but also the desire to breed them for release.

The larvae are relatively cheap and these particular butterflies thrive on stinging nettles. Some varieties of the exotic prefer rotten fruit and citrus - however these will bring havok to the locality so can't be released.

A few monarchs have found there way across the ocean but we don't produce milkweed here.

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this is not a good thread

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Thats an animal we can do without

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You need white people for welfare, you'll die without them.

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take it easy, he was obviously making a dumb joke and you should expect much worse things from 4chan

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Also see: >>>/out/1496297 & >>>/an/2994618

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Alright ma dudes, could you tell me what kind of wood is that ?
Btw I have no phisical access to this stack.

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Looks like knotty pine

>> No.1595122

Thanks, I guess it's not worth the price. Dude wanted 10$ (roughly) for this.

>> No.1595138

For random lengths of used wood of unknown species? It looks like it had a round over cut into one corner too. Laugh in his face and offer to take it off his hands for free so he doesn't fill up his garbage can.

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So this guy apparently built a ladder.
What has /diy/ built recently?

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i bought some materials to build a wall for shelving in my basement last week. Haven't even started, getting drunk instead.

>> No.1595592

Going to attempt some roller shades for the windows. We just moved and while the family loves all the big windows it's getting sunny and it's so damn bright. Might be fun

>> No.1595615

are ladders that expensive?
based on what circuit

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Built a ground level deck 12x24 with this shitty wall, not done,

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Looks like he was just fixing his post formatting?

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Are they worth it? Should I just keep doing the safety squint behind my cheap prescription sunglasses? Will they even help me if some retard bumps into me while I'm doing sketchy power tool stuff and I kick up some shrapnel? Would I get more pussy with a pirate eye patch anyway?

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I hate it when things come in my eye.

>> No.1595435

OP here:
I do have a pair of those goofy over-the-glasses ones that I break out when I'm using an angle grinder and stuff like that but they don't stay on good if I'm not standing still and upright. I can get my job to partially pay a pair but I'm not sure where to order from. Where do you guys who have em get yours?
please help keep the jizz out my peepers

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Near sighted horizontal mill operator reporting in.

They might be a little pricy, but they are 100% worth it. I love not having to squint or worry about catching hot chips in my eyes.

>> No.1595484

I'm about to get eyeglasses. Do they make impact resistant lenses that also do the transition shade thing and are antifog

>> No.1595539

Can anyone recommend a website that sells prescription safety glasses

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Wood vs fiberglass. What's best for which applications?

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It's called a regulator. That broom at the front and the plows are for moving the ballast.

I guess yours is just for snow. We don't use anything like that in the US.

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Heavy snow in the west is cleared with a rotary snow plow.

Lighter snows are cleared with a wedge plow. Picture related.

They are also used out east for 'heavy snow'. IE 'lil bitch' snow. If you can see the top of a semi truck above the snow but you still think its a lot of snow, its 'lil bitch' snow. When you can't even see the tops of the trailers anymore, then it's really snowing.

>> No.1595598

I'm familiar with N. American railroads, amigo. That little contraption he posted is what there is no equivalent of.

>> No.1595604

It is a rail sweeper mounted to the front of a ballast regulator. Here is a USA version:

>> No.1595611

fiberglass is pretty much always better. biggest downside is that they often can't be replaced

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How in the unholy fuck do I build a little booth that's completely soundproof from the outside world so I can get some peace and quiet? I got loud ass neighbors.

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