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Anyone here have any experience porting or modding saws. I can't find much online

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poorfag here. I have some old pci-e power cables from a corsair modular power supply that burnt up (I know, will never go with corsair psu again).

trying to come up with a way to turn it into a connector so I can use a better pci-e card, but unsure of the pinouts and where to connect what to so I don't burn it all up. Did a quick google search, but still a bit fuzzy (modular cable is all black wires so no color coding available that way). any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I am trying to remodel a shower in my house that's on a slab. It looks like the cut a hole out in the concrete for the shower area, about 3-4 inches below floor level, and then filled it with concrete to make a shower pan. I don't want to learn how to pitch concrete correctly, so I was just going to buy one of those expensive shower pan kits from kerdi or similar company. My question is, do I need to take the old pan out completely and get down to the original foundation? Can I reuse the old one even though it's covered in thinset already? Can I put concrete on top of the old one to get it level, then add the foam pan?

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Nothing like laying on the bed and having your girl suck you off after a hard day of work

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>posts on /diy/
>isnt sucking his own dick

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Nuthin like laying in bed with your 2012 European Gala Sexbot.

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>tfw all I really want is a good massage and she starts givin me the ol’ beej
Happened last night, was tired as hell from a long week at work and I wanted the ol’ rub, not the suck n tug. What a cunt.

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I'm looking to build a large shed in the back of my garden to serve as a workshop, is decking a suitable base for one? I originally wanted to use a concrete base but it's far too difficult to get the materials into the back garden as the access tunnel is pretty small. Also, for electronics, is it better to run the overground or underground?

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You can't get a wheelbarrow through access?
You still need some concrete for decking post i assume. I wouldn't have decking in a shed personally but decking base with ply on top would work. Most people around here throw a few 2x4 on done breeze blocks and sit shed on that to keep it out of the water and we'll laugh at you for anything more substantial.

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It's an incredibly tight fit for a small barrow, it takes far too long to shift it through, the area I'd need would probably need 3t of sub base alone. I can bring bags of cement for the posts in easy, it's just shifting 6t of ballast and sand though, that would take far, far too long, a decking would be much quicker and I think would look nicer, especially considering I want a small deck on the front. Thanks for the advice. Any tips on shed building, I've built a few in the past, but this is the first one I'm building from scratch

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Whats the cheapest and easiest way to do this?

I cant find anything useful on youtube.

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>take dragon dildo
>put it on a lathe
>put tool on, it doesn't matter where
>turn lathe on

widdle it out of a 5-6 inch wooden dildo, i mean dowel

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1. get a tray
2. spray releasing agent on tray
3. spread mortar in the tray
4. press bricks into the mortar and remove
5. repeat steps 1,2 and 3
6. press the hardened slab of mortar you made into the fresh mortar
7. spray releasing agent on the second slab of mortar
8. spread sanitary sealant ontop
9. allow it to set
10. peel it off
11. cut it in a place the pattern repeats
12. wrap it round a paint roller

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Get a cheapo foam back roller and cut out the pattern

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Paint sprayer...

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I'm looking to build a collapsible flag pole so it can be carried around. It needs to have room for 2 5x3 flags so I'm thinking 12'. Anyone built something like this before?

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My initial thought is to use PVC pipes. I'm thinking 3 4' sections of decreasing diameter so they can fit inside eachother to be carried.

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Nope. How are you planing to anchor it, guy wires or self standing? Self standing would mean a heavy, large base foot print.

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I'm just going to tie it to the railing

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Sounds good. So head to your local hardware/bigbox and buy three 1/2" 4ft sch40 black pipe segments and two couples.

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Picrel says it all. I want a sturdy fucking safe to keep cash, dragon dildos etc inside. I don't need it to be fire safe and I can't spend thousands on a quality safe. Any advice? I haven't seen much online about diy safes so I'm assuming it's a difficult or unrealistic project

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Just bolt a metal box to the floor. They either brought an angle grinder or they didn't.

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All you need is a glass pickle jar, a long rubber glove, and a ziplock bag. Take your valuables into the ziplock bag then into the pickle jar. Now, fill the pickle jar up with piss and shit. Use the rubber glove whenever you want to get your valuables. Hide the glove somewhere. No one will ever steal your shit.

Cost: $10-$12

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poast better locks pls
i'm thinking I'll build my own deadbolt to save money but obviously i need a locking mechanism, either key or combination, to actuate the bolt.

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Doubles as a home defense tool in case they come to raid your chicken tendie stash while you're at home.

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You can get an Abloy cam lock for around $20 on ebay. Will likely only come with one key, but you might be able to have a duplicate made. Will be much more secure than that lump of pot metal you posted. Of course there are other lock makers that are probably as secure but that was just the first that came to mind.

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So I have a cheap power supply that I replaced with a little better one a couple months back. Go figure, the new one takes a shit on me.

My problem with this little fella is that the pentiometer doesn't like to give me a linear voltage change... it jumps all over. On top of that, the power output to my tattooing machine isn't consistent.

I'm thinking replace the pentiometer with a higher quality one. Is there anything else I can do with it?

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>I'm thinking replace the pentiometer with a higher quality one. Is there anything else I can do with it?
not really. the power output isn't consistent because of the bad potentiometer.

just match the value on the back of the pot. its probably labeled '10kohm' or something.

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Thx fren ur my hero

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Are you sure it's the pot itself? test it with a DMM.

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Will I get arrested distilling alcohol in freedom land? Does anyone here do it?

It seems easy enough to do and my state laws allow it, but federal law makes a pretty big deal of it. I can't find any information that's not fear mongering. Weed is also legal in my state and they don't arrest anyone for violating federal drug laws so this can't be much different, or is it?

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I just bought most of the supplies but, >>1411623
kind of scares me. Though state laws say it's fine for personal consumption, so idk what local police would do even if my neighbors called the police or something.

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>Even then you can distill just a sugar wash, no pectin or other stuff so there's no methanol production.
Yeah I read somewhere that this is totally a myth from people mixing with antifreeze and that only trace amounts of methanol will be present with any booze. But idk, better safe than sorry, should I worry about that if I use franzia?

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I remember granpa making a still out of copper tubing and a huge pot with a lid that the tubing was attached to. It didn't use cold water just coiled a bunch of times. They used corn, yeast, sugar and water if I remember right let that shit get nasty af then boiled it

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many years ago we did some ghetto rigs. My buddies have gone commercial now so that's fun. I know a lot of the local liquor producers and I think every single one started on their own in the garage at some point

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A lot of solid advice already, but I'll add to it.
As long as you aren't selling it, you will probably be fine. Selling makes it more likely for you to be found out and also carries much more severe penalties. But distilling without a permit is illegal under federal law and almost all state laws except Missouri iirc. Additionally, it may be illegal in your state to even own an unregistered still.
It is very unlikely someone is going to bother arresting and prosecuting someone with a still less than 5 gallons in capacity. But they still could. So make sure you don't give them a reason for example not paying parking tickets etc. And be sure if you share with friends you trust them. I heard one story (online) of a man's ex-wife ratting him out to the cops.
There's tons of online resources out there, I would recommend the home distiller forum. If you are distilling a wine I would recommend searching their forums - wines can actually have quite a bit of methanol. The problem is when you distill this will concentrate all of the methanol in the first stuff to come out of the still - if you then drank that without mixing, that would be bad. Common practice is to throw out the first liquid that comes out of the still - I usually throw out the first 2% when distilling corn meal/sugar, but you may want to throw out more if you are distilling a wine.

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So I have a can of interior varnish, but no exterior varnish and I'm doing up a outdoor bench. A small quickie job.
I understand exterior varnish is more UV resistant. Can I coat the wood in interior varnish, then use exterior paint on top of the varnish to protect it?

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I don't think UV is something you need to worry about, Britfag.

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it's a pretty hot summer this year
gonna have a heatwave

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lol. when you get to Spain or Malta this year be sure to tell them about your 34c heatwave

anyway, the only real difference between indoor and outdoor varnish is the indoor one cures much harder (exactly what it says on the tin), and cannot expand and contract enough endure drastic temperature changes found outside.

but since your climate is relatively mild I doubt you'll have any problem.

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use linseed oil or creosote oil

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Lawnmowers thrive on abuse

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run some sea foam through it

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>2-strokes thrive on abuse


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Operator self abuse, watching a grown man shame himself on his front lawn is a shameful display

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Does anyone actually change oil in their push mower? Year 4 of factory oil on mine.

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i had a pushmower i bought at kmart back in 2000 (back when they had a throttle), all i can remember is the engine was briggs & straton and it was mulching type that you could close the side shoot.

i had an asshole alcoholic neighbor who just went through a divorce and let his kids get away with murder. my yard adjoining his property accumulated coors light cans (he got a dwi once, but his daddy was a game warden so all he got was a slap on the wrist) and his kids trash be it soda bottles or candy wrappers. somehow every stick and branch that fell from his trees which didn't even overhang on my property ended up in my yard too.

after a couple months of picking up all that crap and filling a couple 50 gallon trash bags i said fuck it and just mulched it except for branches over 1.5'' in diameter.

that lawn mower lasted 8 years, the engine still ran. the deck rusted under the shoot and a piece broke off.

>i used a stick to half ass scrape the grass out (probably why it rusted). i'd let the grass get 6-7 inches tall before i mowed it and i would mow in the rain.

>i never changed the oil once

>6 years in i decided to sharpen the blade (shook so bad from mulching all that trash i though i had parkinsons) and put a point and condeser kit in it and a new plug.

thats all the maintinance it had besides keeping it in a shed and out of the elements when not in use. it started one pull in the summer, occasionally 2 pulls were needed when it was cooler in the spring and fall.

push mowers these days don't even have an adjustable throttle anymore. i swear twice a mowing season i have to take the rewind cover off and remove a leaf that somehow restricts the air vane governor.

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Which glue for gluing PVC and PET together?

Hard mode: can be found in Yurop.

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Elmers Glue

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for what purpose? a rubber sleeve and a band clamp will work. pvc is notorious for not being gluable. they use blue goo for downpipes and green goo for pressure pipes. the green goo is a solvent that melts the pipes together.

I would suggest melting the pvc pipe so that it has a ring around it you can apply a clamp to and using a piece of rubber hose or rtv silicone to form a gasket, apply the pet tube, wait for it to dry then clamping it.

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>when the flux vapors kick in

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cropping the cute girl.


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Nice trips but she's not cute, she has a kilogram of eyeliner.

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>she has a kilogram of eyeliner.

pls post the entire pic so we can discuss her eyeliner

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I finally got this perfect exhaust pipe head, but I'm having trouble installing it in my car. The new exhaust head has 1/3rd wider diameter than the exhaust pipe, and while it shouldn't be too hard to make an adapter to it, the pipe also has a bend upwards in the short distance before the rear bumper.

Is it even possible to install the new head here to the same height as the original pipe, and even more importantly, can the old 40mm pipe even support the weight of the surprisingly heavy double head?

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>, I posted the instructions for how I made mine at 8 ch in /diy/res/375.html to keep them available

Your original thread here on /diy/ is archived anon, also its explicitly against the rules to link to that site.

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What people usually do is just lowered suspension, skirts and a spoiler reather than anything altering the actual shape of the car. I haven't ever even seen a customized car body in real life before this, and what I find most baffling is how many people intentionally keep their cars as boring and stock as possible.

I just googled JOM tips and read about how the diameter of the exhaust pipe expanding towards the end may be harmful for performance. Is it still relevant this far at the end of the pipe?

Oh, I didn't know that. Where can you find the archived thread?

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It's not harmfull it just looks like shit, better look up what rice in car lingo stands for.

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>> No.1411826

>What people usually do is just lowered suspension, skirts and a spoiler
And hood scoops and bumpers and fender flares and all other types of body kits.

>reather than anything altering the actual shape of the car.
What exactly do you think those things listed above do?

> what I find most baffling is how many people intentionally keep their cars as boring and stock as possible.

Yeah, its passe' as fuck now. You are about 15-18 years too late.
Most people dont want to look like attention starved children

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how do i diy this?

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Study Jewish architecture

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Does the top floor not have toilets? Is it all macerators and pumps?

>> No.1411593

better: he has a designated shitting street

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a loaf of sunbeam bread, a toaster and some grey primer

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You know that home is in India right?

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How can I remove caked on piss from the pipes in a sink?

Our ex roomate is gone, and in this bathroom we found that if you ran the sink for barely even a second the water would come straight back up and then slowly drain, there were also pee stains in the sink and according to his ex girlfriend peeing in the sink was just something he did and he had been living in that room for about 3 years so I am deathly afraid of what is at the bottom of the pipe causing this.

We tried maximum strength draino, bleach, vinegar. Nothing seems to work to help get rid of all that gunk.

Any ideas? any combination of chemicals or something that would be able to get rid of the piss without harming the pipes?

The piece of something in there is a broken part of plug that is still attached to the tiny lever, he broke his plug for the sink and never told anyone, probably after the pee wouldn't go down easy.

This is really fucked up and I could use some help,

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its all pipes whats the big deal

>> No.1411754

radiator flush from the autoparts store
or wood bleach from the hardware store

same thing, and both will dissolve limescale, clean copper/brass/plating without damaging and dissolve some organic sludge and hair.

oven cleaner foam down the pipes, then a flush with hot water will get rid of remaining sink gunk easily.

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the anon clearly said he pisses sitting down like a lady... so maybe your reading comprehension is shit?

Also he said splashing, which indicates his piss is hitting the water and spraying water and piss back. maybe he has a gigantic urethra and you couldnt handle his girth.

>> No.1411798

I do not have a gigantic urethra, but yes I do mean splash back. A fine mist of toilet water and/or urine enters the air once you start pissing from a few feet high into the bowl, which hits the adjacent wall and stains it. Urinating against the side of the bowl instead of in the water probably doesn't help.

>> No.1411854

Peeing in urinals coats my legs and hands in piss splatter what's the deal with that

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List of the Endless OS meme

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File: 73 KB, 720x540, MemeCreator_20180623_082029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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t. chang

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Cheap but decent 3D printer for a newb?

Been stock piling ideas for a little over a year, time to get a 3D printer but i'm not sure where to start. Any ideas?

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Anet a8

>> No.1411714

Burns your house down.

>> No.1411742

Creality Ender 3



>> No.1411816


I have both and they are still working flawlessly
dunno what are u talking about m8

>> No.1411835

Did I say anything about them working correctly or not?
I said their whole claim to fame was stealing a printer design and making it cheaper.

Now their newer designs arent at all worth the money their earlier printers set a precedent for (because printers were a lot more expensive back then). They are not high quality printers regardless of their price tag.

And a flashforge using the same open source hardware and software wont?

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which is better

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>not making your own penetrating oil

50/50 mix of Automatic transmission fluid and acetone, btfo store bought shit and you get a much larger quantity for the price

Thank me later

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PB is like $3 for a big can at Home Depot. I’ll spray that bitch all over whatever isn’t important enough to necessitate using proper oil or penetrant. Fuck that overpriced WD-40.

>> No.1411831

>bought a bottle of this at target because muh tingly soap
>shower right before bed
>several times woke up in the morning with cloudy blurry vision
>one time was really bad and took a long time to clear up, felt halfway blind all morning
>googled it
>other people have complained about it irritating the fuck out of their eyes and causing blurry vision
>ended up in a rabbit hole and watched the bronners documentary

>mfw dr bronner himself went blind in his 40s, he started using his castile soap in his 20s

I noped the fuck out of there and stopped using it altogether.
Its really not very good anyways.

>> No.1411833


Definitely WD40 because, which one will be remembered

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there's no room for graphic design because their spiritualist rant takes up most of the label

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