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how do I collect tritium? I hear you can get some of it by bombarding lithium-7 with neutrons, and that some of it naturally occurs in water in a minute fraction.
Asking for my good friend mohammed in Iran. Allahu Ackbar

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Buy vintage watches and scrape from hands/face

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I get a weird feeling that we'll see this thread on a CNN segment one day.

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that's radium not tritium :/

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OP is a glownigger .. hope you're behind seven proxies

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I looked into it once before and the components and decay chain are fairly simple. I think you just need lithium metal and americium but you also need to bombard it with a lot of protons which isn’t easy to do legally so your best bet is to just buy it in small tubes from eBay and shit.

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Buenas noches, como están? He venido a 4chan por primera vez en mi vida, perdón si onions muy principiante. Vine por la razón de que le quiero hacer la vida imposible a un tipo que lleva meses acosando a mis amigos y también compartiendo pornografía infantil en varias redes sociales. El usuario hace unos meses fue baneado de la aplicación “Discord”, pero todavía sigue y sigue. Aquí les dejaré unas capturas y su dirección IP.

Good night, How are you? I have come to 4chan for the first time in my life, sorry if I am very beginner. I came for the reason that I want to make life impossible for a guy who has been harassing my friends for months and also sharing child pornography on various social networks. The user a few months ago was banned from the "Discord" application, but it still goes on and on. Here I will leave you some captures and his IP address.

(Sorry if my English is very bad.)

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Imagen de su IP

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Debes poner esta informacion en el parte de esta que de llama \b\. Agora estas poniendo en \diy\ para proyectos de construccion.

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*se llama

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Not your personal army, Pedro

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In his defense he’s exposing a pedo. \b\ would be all over this. Possibly even pol.

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I'm trying to make a replica 2ds game shell, just the casing and nothing inside, with a few additional things like another analog stick and L2/R2 shoulder buttons. Don't know what or where to start so I'm asking here, even though I'm sure its been asked before.
Where do I start? Has anyone here ever successfully make a mod before, like a handheld device? Any kind of advice is welcomed

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Those shells are basically what I wanted to end as. All I wanted to do was start from the ground and build up to that point. I Don't care about the inside, I just wanted to make a shell that has a few new designs and buttons.

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so your goal is a proof of concept and not a functional device? In that case, why not go to /3/ and learn some 3D modeling, and do a render?

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Ok, that makes sense. At least I might have a better chance at making it.

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the other good thing is that if you ever wanted to make it into a reality, then being able to 3D model might help you to modify or wholly create a basis for which you could either 3D print or order custom a shell that would fit the needs.

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If you already have one:
>Take birds eye view picture with ruler in frame.
>upload picture into CAD and measure size of 1 cm on the ruler.
>Scale image until 1cm on ruler matches 1 cm cad measurement.
>Trace the gaming device.

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Kohler vs American Standard from the big box store

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All big box fixtures are basically identical quality. Kohler (and the others) make nicer products, but you'd get those from plumbing supply stores.

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>Are any brands know for being taller?
tall toilets are for old people and fatties who have trouble standing up. the shorter the toilet, the better squat position you have. here in 'murrica you will notice that 90% of toilets are all the tall 16.5 inch height, rather than standard 15 inch.

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Just installed three of these bad boys.

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people kept shitting in the test toilets

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What's the best, cheapest if not pirated, software for working on 2000-2010 GMC vehicles? Something that can hopefully talk to all the modules and code them.

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oh shit sorry i meant torque pro.

its all about the right modem and app.

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Torque Pro can code modules?

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it can scan specific modules with plug-ins

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I feel bad for op being too much of a dumb cunt to use Google. His mom an dad must be related.

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newfag bumping thread while calling op dumb.

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I'm looking for non-plastic 5/16" tees or wyes to join potable water lines for animals. The lines are vinyl flexible tubing that you push onto the barbs of the tee to connect.

However, I am reading many brass tees have lead (Pb) content that may infiltrate the water flowing through the fitting. Is this a real threat? How can I find no-lead brass fittings?

Alternatively, pictured here are stainless steel ones. How can I find these for a cheap price for like 10 of them? Any solutions here without paying $100 bucks?

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I've seen some stainless ones in homebrew shops for kegs (co2) for like 5 bucks...might work?

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I think this is probably the way to go. Thanks.

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The amount of lead that would leach out of the fitting is absolutely negligible.

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Try mcmaster carr

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"The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) has reduced the maximum allowable lead content -- that is, content that is considered "lead-free" -- to be a weighted average of 0.25 percent calculated across the wetted surfaces of pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings, and fixtures and 0.2 percent for solder and flux." - EPA website

Its basically nothing anon dont a be sissy.

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Young bloke just starting out here.

Can someone explain the difference between thermal mass and insulation, im just not getting it?

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thermal mass: a substance's ability to absorb/emit heat without raising/lowering in temperature itself. AKA, how easily it can be heated up, or or how long it can give off heat before cooling to the ambient temperature.

insulation: a substance's ability to prevent or inhibit the flow of heat between a temperature gradient

Low thermal mass; low insulation would be something like a metal mesh. It can be heated up very easily and does fuck all to stop temperature changes.

Low thermal mass, high insulation would be something like fiberglass.

High thermal mass low insulation would be something like water.

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Thermal mass holds heat. Insulation keeps the heat in.

Put a rock in the fire - it warms up. You take the rock out - it cools down. It will cool down slower if you insulate it. It will cool down a lot faster if that rock was made out of air.

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Thanks guys!

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Does "oil daily" on tools mean oil every single day even when it's not being used that day? Or before every use?

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It wont hold enough oil. I have only done It like 3 time since i bought it so I'm probably 3 months low. It says just a couple drops but after trying to get to 90 times it is over full. I'm sure if I hooked the compressor up now it would blow oil out

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OP here. Times* and I mean a few drops 90 times because 3 months is roughly 90 times if you do it daily.

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Not on public holidays

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Could ya report my dry cock to your mom? She needs to get her stinky vag over here an grease me up. Thanks bro go tip your fedora elsewhere faggot

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Been using the same air tools for probably 8 or 10 years now, I've never oiled them once and they're still working fine.

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What CAT rating is this?

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No, the leads you idiots

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>No, the leads you idiots

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Whatever the shitty insulation between those tiny wires would hold. Small wires can deal with plenty of voltage, the issue is keeping the voltage away from the ground and super high voltage can jump some big gaps.

If you were trying to measure current through the leads instead of the clamp, that’s a different story.

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did u see a label on dem wires?

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It's clearly a MOUSE.

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What's the name of this kind and color flooring?

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white pine or birch

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dutch style

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I think it's OP is a fuckin faggot.

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Wood coloured wood flooring

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Post books and other resources that you have found valuable.

This series is one of the best I've read, starting with building a foundry, to a lathe, and using the lathe to produce a full fledged metal shop. You can find the whole thing on libgen by searching the author's name

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cool, i used to do some woodworking as a kid with my knife and file. they really are cheap as fuck, prolly start with one one of those.
communist made manual metal lathes from the 1960s cost like one paycheck and i have the space for it.

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Get a mill b4 a lathe

>> No.2044693

get a lathemill before a mill

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Over at /wwg/ they're always praising "Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking" but I've never been able to find a copy for a reasonable price, and can only find book 2 of 3 pirated. Anyone have a hookup?

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A lathe is easier to pick up and cheaper to buy

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Planning to make my own dipping belt like picrel. I have this very old leather transmission belt laying around (~1.5cm thick), which I'm planning to use for this. Only problem is, its too rigid to fold over for the rings. Was thinking about just drilling a huge hole on both ends in place of the rings, but I fear that it will fray and wear out too quickly under heavy loads.
Got any tips? Been using an iron chain up until now, but it hurts too much under heavy weights. I have a home-gym so looks don't matter at all.

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You are going to want to burnish the holes you make. Look on youtube on how to burnish and get a wood slicker and some gum tragacanth. I honestly don't think (don't 100% know either) it will fray, unless you are putting monster amounts of weight on it, but it will probably stretch which will lead to tearing. You could try reinforcing the holes with metal grommet. If you do that you probably wont need to burnish the holes. Good luck, anon.

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Get two bolt on tie down loops used on trailers. Two bolts and nuts appropriately sized. Four fender washers. Drill or punch holes in the leather. Insert bolts from inside. May need small pads to cover the bolt heads unless you use button head allen screws.

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Something like so with fender washers.

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I'm a tire technician and we generally throw out 30-50 tires a day. We charge the customers a disposal fee, since we gotta pay the dump to take them. What are some neat DIY projects I can do with them? I took home a tiny like 9" dolly tire and I'm gonna use that one as the base for a lamp. That or I'll plant some flowers in it or something. Any neat ideas?

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generally we resell the tires that are usuable still, but to avoid liabilities we let lots of "usable" but not done for tires go. you could try it but I can't guarantee they'd mount them for you or anything. possible they would though, I'm sure if other shops work differently, we just don't wanna send someone off with a tire that might explode on them 300 miles down the line. we do sometimes let people take some of the tires we'd throw out though.

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>this many posts
>nobody suggested tire swing yet
make a tire swing. in your yard, at a local park, or at your local cliff jumping rope swing place

maybe make a tire swing so far out in the middle of the woods that if anyone ever finds it they think "who the fuck carried a tire this far out here to make a tire swing in such a random place"

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Roll them down hills

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I made a camp fire out of used tires once and the fire department was circling my neighborhood looking for the entrance to my property lmao.

At witch point I decided we should put some water on the humongous black tire fire before we get in trouble and the water only made the flames bigger lmao

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that's because a tire swing is too obvious dude

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I worked as an Iron worker for about a year and made decent money. After moving out of state I’ve been having trouble finding a new job. Any ideas?

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Where did you move to? What do you weld? How much money do you want to make? The advice will depend on a lot of things.

Get a job like a man. Walk in to the office and try to talk to someone. Ask to talk to someone about a job.

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>Get a job like a man. Walk in to the office and try to talk to someone. Ask to talk to someone about a job.
OK boomer

>> No.2044585

You're right. Who is the TRADES would want a traditional, dependable employee. If only there were more zoomer faggots who could apply online and show up in skinny jeans and horn rimmed glasses!

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what’s up /diy/, I’m starting to think about my next project which is gonna be my tiny shitty ensuite (about 3m by 1m). Not sure how to approach it yet, I’m still pretty new to this stuff and don’t really know what I can and can’t do myself, what order I should do things in, how difficult and costly things are, etc.

So what I wanna do in here, roughly prioritised:

-Deal with section of water damaged drywall (dunno where to start on this)
-Replace tiny weird sink with vanity that’s centred over the fixtures (can I do the plumbing myself? should I try and build one in place and put a premade sink on top, or just buy one?)
-Install an extraction fan (think this needs a sparky, there seems to be a ceiling cavity for one but idk if it’s suitable - house is from the late 50s)
-Move light fixture from wall to ceiling
-Remove grab bars from shower and drywall (can I easily seal the holes in the shower tile?)
-Get a taller showerhead (or just move it a bit higher) so I don’t have to crouch under it any more
-Install shower caddy and/or shower cavity (how can I tell if the wall is suitable for a cavity?)
-Remove tiny shitty medicine cabinet and replace with wall mirror above new vanity (do I need to fill the cavity?)
-Tiling - if it’s not too expensive and/or difficult, I’d do all four walls, the shower and the floor. Currently the shower is tile and the floor is vinyl. Anything that doesn’t get tiled will get painted (there’s a sample of the colour I was looking at under the window). this powder pink is sapping my lifeforce


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-Install fixtures like towel rail, hand towel ring, TP holder (should be easy right?)
-Replace shower curtain with glass door or partition
-Do... something to the window? Like I see bathroom windows with a few parallel panes of frosted glass, what’s the purpose and should I do it?
-Toilet is perfectly fine so I’ll probably keep it. Shelving next to it will go once the vanity’s in and all my stuff can go in there - might get some smaller shelves, but gotta make space for the TP holder first
-I think this might be wishful thinking, but I would absolutely love a curbless shower. how do I know if the room’s suitable for one, and how much harder is it than doing a regular shower? my understanding is you just gotta get the floor on a slight grade so the water drains one way, but I’m sure there’s more to it than that...

So, like, any advice lads? where do I start? my mate said that you can find decent tile pretty cheaply on gumtree (like aussie craigslist kinda), any other tips for doing this on the cheap?

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Closeup of the damaged section

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Google it you little bitch. Your obviously new to posting on 4chan also. We don't like people like you who makes everyone else spoon feed their dumb ass. Maybe if you faggy zoomers didn't spend so much time talking shit about your parents and tried to learn anything whatsoever you wouldn't have the IQ of a bag of doorknobs.

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I recently fixed pic related.
Its an old design lamp my dad bought in the 80s.
I would like to switch the 12V 35W incandescent lamp with an led one.
I went for a generic 12v 3W led and its scorching hot.
The lamp has a 220v to 12v coil in the base. How do I take down the wattage provided by the coil?
Is there any way to mod it for it to safely use a led bulb?

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And why is the lamp working anyway with 12ac? Shouldn't it turn on and off at 50hz?

What I feared. Any idea where I can buy something that I can hide inside the base of the lamp?

>> No.2044275

Incandescent bulbs take a small amount of time to stop glowing when the voltage reaches 0, and by the time it starts to cool down the polarity has reversed and it’s getting 220VAC again. And this repeats 50 times a second meaning our eyes see a steady glow even though the voltage is 220 to 0 in both directions.

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Pic related is the bulb I want to use instead of the incandescent one.
My only question is why is it working (with the only major drawback that its very very hot)?

>> No.2044288

That LED is designed to work on both AC and DC. It has a build in rectifier to convert ac to dc. Temperature doesn’t matter too much so if it works, job done.

>> No.2044294

I figured it out as I read the specs, i feel like an idiot.
Last question, I'll buy you a beer: If i switch the coil with a 12v dc transformator, do I get the same light without the heat? Or it will be exactly the same?

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why does nobody give a fuck about Elrond EGLD?!

superior projects must be some kind of biz repellant...

Everyone only cares about NUMBER GO UP, but Elrond has some super solid fundamentals, AND a functioning front end. Its completely ready for adoption right now.

this shit is literally superior to so many coins, its crazy how nobody gives a fuck about it.

The front end app is as simple as venmo
>sign up / send to phone numbers
>human readable addresses (@*user.elrond) instead of 32chars
>fully functioning normie-proof mobile app (ios/android)
>super fast transactions (5s confirms in my experience)
>super cheap transactions (theres been transfers of millions worth for less than $.01 USD)

And the backend is literally what eth and others want to be but can't seem to figure out, scalability enabled by...
>Secure Proof of Stake
>Blockchain Sharding
>Virtual Machine on chain with smart contracts that compile to WASM from any language

I highly suggest checking out their mobile app (Maiar)

And reading the whitepaper/dev docs



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Mallet#30 we did it fellas. It saddens and relifes me that its over. I tried my absoulte best to make a decent jointers mallet sorry for the rough look im working with limited tools. Took me 2 days to make and i would like to thank u all for stickning trough with me i Will take a break from making mallets but i shall be back be seeing u Fellow Mallet Men

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no fag lord, he spent multiple days crafting this masterwork.

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I rmeber your first thread brother

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God Bless You, Mallet Man! May success be the end of all your future endeavors!

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can you make a mallord duck though?

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What's next?

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Is it possible to improve the antenna of an AM/FM radio by replacing the telescopic antenna with different type of antenna?

>> No.2044192

>Is it possible to improve the antenna of an AM/FM radio by replacing the telescopic antenna with different type of antenna?
Yes. Make sure you have the correct antenna length and it is grounded.

>> No.2044242


>around 100 MHz
>3 meter wavelenght

so you need a 10ft antenna

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No kidding. I have a spare one of this antenna and I am planning to connect it to my radio.

>> No.2044277

unless you know exactly where the radio transmitter is for the station you're looking for, that kind of antenna is going to nuke any and all reception you can get

>> No.2044286

not to leave you in the dark, that's a Yagi-Uda antenna which are designed to be very directional in nature.

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How do add sound proofing in my house? Bought a standard 3k sqft + basement builders grade house for my family. Wife in dining room talking with kid. Im upstairs. Its like Im right next to her.

>> No.2044237

I do t get it

>> No.2044251

because mexicans and pajeets are not known for being sanitary creatures.
also re sound proofing, you kind of need to do that prior to drywalling. (either via sound proofing insulation like roxul safe'n sound, or special sound proof drywall)
I guess an alternative might be acoustic panels, but i'm not sure how well those work relative to the cost.

>> No.2044252

sound proofing is a bit of misnomer, sound damping and sound isolation are good choices

removing hard surfaces for the sound to echo against should limit transmission including in walls and between floors
absorption is a good way to describe it in laymans terms large masses will help with the lower frequencies like a truck engine
- second hand knowledge from Lowes

>> No.2044479

Google it cunt learn something

>> No.2044488

Also curious about this. Specifically ways to limit sound traveling through duct work.

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