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painting these cabinets?

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No but you'll be cheapening them dramatically. Your call

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i agree

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No, you'll go to hell for fornicating with men. Painting the cabinets won't help your case though

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The stain isn't doing them any favors.

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sandblast + apply new stain. they’ll look amazing

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I want to make my soon to be ex-wife a coffee mug for out anniversary Sunday. Just words. But I have run out of time to order from some crummy online shop, it's on Sunday. Wanna really stick it too her. Any diy ways of doing it you can think of?

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White mug plus sharpie plus spray sealant

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Buy her a .45 and tell her to shoot you then herself.

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Hahahaha. Sounds like a good plan. Can't leave my son alone in this aorld

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On gears, it's clear that the involute or cycloid profile are optimal for the teeth on straight gears, but what about designing teeth on a sprocket?

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i would start by learning the different between gears, cogwheels, and sprockets.
somewhere in there is the exact answer to your question. you probably wouldn't even have to dive too deep to get it, either.

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>"Rounded teeth makes chains and tracks slip on and off easily."
That's about the best I could find. Nothing as elegant as the property of involute or cycloid teeth smoothly transferring speed from input to output.

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/g/ is a fast board filled with gaymers and coomers. Hope you boomers are better.

Built a compiler from LISP to OpenSCAD (source code CAD). Tried BricsCAD, which uses LISP for scripting, but there's no documentation on it and it keeps crashing (Linux; takes 30 years to do anything in WIndows). Doesn't seem worth sinking more time into learning how to use it. Are there any good CAD software that uses LISP on Linux?

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not that i've ever found but, truth be told, i've never actually looked for one, either.
lisp lol
just grab freecad and draw out the rocket stove or whatever it is like a normal person.

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Maybe I will import eventually. Source code seems better for precise and repeatable layouts at the beginning, but becomes potentially unruly as complexity increases.

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How many millwrights do we have on this board? What have you guys worked on recently?

I recently rebuilt a screw conveyor and bucket elevator

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What is /diy/‘s go to method for rust removal? It

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For plain steel, either soak in CLR for stuff with precision fitted parts like screw adjusters or hinges, or Ospho for things that can stand a layer of black oxide coating from converted rust...both followed by penetratimg oil, WD 40 is perfect.

For rust spots on chrome, picrel is the best thing ever invented, and can bring 100% rust covered chrome plated parts back to blindingly shiny; they don't call it "magic" for nothing.

Also it lasts pretty much forever if you keep the lid tight, stuuf thecused pieces back in the can and it only goes away when the wadding gets shredded on rough or pointy surfaces.

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Hydrocloric acid, warm.

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It's wild but molasses works really well, you just gotta let it sit for full on weeks. Pretty cheap tho, and no effort required really. Project farm on yt did this vid on it

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Time travel works the best
When you've travelled back in time until the rust isn't present then test your tools with a protective layer of oil

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Holy shit, you must be a boomer.
My dad had a can of this, so I bought one about 20 years ago.
I remember spending hours with my dad polishing the rust out of chrome bumpers (remember those?)
It would be amazing if they still make it.
Mine is still good, i use it for removing rust from my wife’s chrome face mirrors in the bathroom since they get rusty with the moisture.

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How do I DIY my own battery bank /diy/udes?

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>buy batteries
>connect them
how is it possible to be this retarded?

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would it be rude to commandeer this thread to ask, how do I /diy/ my own vanadium redox flow battery for off grid home energy storage?
they're basically very large batteries that pump a liquid across a membrane to both charge and discharge, and the main upside is they're cheaper than lithium and increasing capacity is as simple as adding more liquid

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not at all sir! this is the intent of the thread! great question and inquiry!

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this guy has a ton of diy battery and power videos

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love it, thanks

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Friend needs help. Is moving out of apartment and got a bulge in the kitchen floor. I'm not a noob but I don't know what kind of cheap shit his landlord used so I don't know what to do to help him. Thoughts? Photos incoming.

He's got 16 hours to remedy this situation. Menards opens at 6.

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idk wtf is that. Looked like tile at first and i suspected weird issue with subfloor, but now i look at it, it is some sort of PVC or laminate.

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Just a guess but one possibility is that Trafficmaster used to make a premium quality peel and stick tile that was very thick compared to the cheap stuff (.1") and had slightly rounded edges that mimicked real tile...you could install it butted together or with up to 1/4" gaps and grout it using epoxy grout to get an even more authentic look.

It was actually a good product, the adhesive was crazy aggressive and it held up well *if* you put it on a surgically clean and dead flat substrate like virgin plywood or fresh concrete, and *only* used the best quality epoxy grout so all the seams were sealed and effectively glued. Looked good too, the only thing that made it look fake was that it was too flat and perfect at the corners and edges where adjacent tiles met.

Not sure but I imagine other companies made similar stuff, it was a thing maybe 15-20 years ago...discontinued fairly quickly as well, likely because diyers didn't follow the directions and got pissed when it failed.

I agree with the others that it's almost certainly not the tenants fault or responsibility, maybe heat it carefully with a hair dryer and put some heavy books on it if you want to try something but it's not the tenants problem.

Also FWIW not enough space for expansion can cause that kind of thing, and the heavy appliance on top of it can create that kind of situation even if it's not a floating floor, in exactly the pattern shown in red.

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Thanks anons. Friend bought adhesive ready to pull and flatten the floor and is reconsidering. He's out 10:59am central. I told him to go on /diy/ but I guess he's just a huge homo

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Update, he pulled the floor. Vinyl plank, non click together. Glue down. So now he need to screw down the floor with the driver and wood screws he does not have. The funny part is he's going to live in his car after this lol.

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It's simply not his problem

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Hello, I was wondering if this structure looks sufficient to hold the weight of 2 cords of firewood
Wood will likely be a mix of oak and doug fir, mostly oak if we can find a good price.
Is the floor in this design sufficient to hold the 2 to 3 tons of weight fully loaded? I plan to use full 4x4s for the posts, so I'm mostly concerned with the floor being strong enough. Was going to use deck screws for the floor joists. Some of the things he does in this video I will do differently, namely notched posts to hold the top plate, and birdsmouth cuts for the rafters. I plan to use green rough sawn cedar, as the price is much better than hardware stores if I can find it. I did not buy the schematics he is selling, I just watched the video and figured out the supplies I would need, plus the changes I want to make. Have never built something this large before, if anyone has any tips they could share it would be very appreciated


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If you use the concrete blocks the way you're supposed to, and not like that picture, you'll probably be fine.

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there are small 4x4s in the blocks, and the 2x4s are secured to those. Early in the video it shows how many 2x4s are running across as joists.
Are the 2x4s supposed to be set in the blocks as well as the 4x4s?

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Use joist hardware and legitimate deck boards and you’ll be fine

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I dug up some root burls in my yard. What can I do with them if I don't own a lathe?

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The grain up close

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Saw them thick enough for knife handles and sell them for a nice penny. Or even better, stabilize them and sell for even more.

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Realistically, how much better is a "good" brand ROS than a lesser brand?
Would it be foolish to buy pic related for ~$40 brand new for the occasional woodworking project? Really how much better is a "good" ROS than a "bad" one?

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I've chipped our mortar with an sds for days at a time, I doubt a ROS is gonna be worse.
TY for answering the question thank you for the advice.

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yeah honestly this was worth spending the money on, I had an old bnd one and this was a major step up, made me not loath sanding as much

>> No.2689398

Have some actual testing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C4gZA-XxTc

Short answer: yes, it matters in terms of the end quality, dust control, and comfort of use. Plus the price difference between a good one and a shitty one is so small as to be a waste of money buying the crappier ones.

If you're getting really serious? It's worth it to really splurge on a Festool, Mirka, or 3M, since sanding is both time-consuming and one of the most critical steps in completing a piece, and those are in another league with it comes to performance.

>> No.2689401

I've got this one: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Bosch-2-5-Amp-5-in-Corded-Single-Speed-Palm-Random-Orbital-Sander-Polisher-ROS10/202242754

Works great too. Even comes with a hose adapter that my 1/2 gallon cordless DeWalt wet/dry vac's hose fits perfectly.

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I hate the festool. The fucking thing drops sanding disks and the velcro continues sanding. Replacing the velcro pad is $50. I haven't had this issue with any other brand including ToolShop dumpster fire tier.

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Is this design structurally sound? I want to make something similar but I don't want to bother if the core idea isn't going to work

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>but OP pic they can't do that either.
OP's pic isn't large enough for me to be sure, but why wouldn't it have bearings at the wheels? are you thinking the axle turns inside that square tubing?

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Yes anon this will work, and had been in use for decades. See pic related
I have heard that they take tight turns like shit, but I have no experience riding one

Do you think the wheels in the OP pic are locked onto the axle lol? They are free spinning wheels on either side

>> No.2689368

>When you turn the outside wheel travels farther than the inside wheel.


All that will be affected is tire wear and an insignificant difference in traction, otherwise two wheels that don't pivot on the axle but are fixed on an axle that pivots work just fine, how the fuck do you think single axle trailers and the non steered rear wheels of cars make it through a turn?

>> No.2689388

Also, what this guy said >>2689258
A kid trailer for your bike and strip off all the lining and other shit and make a basket for it. I have seen a few of these dumped by the side of the road over the years. Kids grow out of size for stuff like that quickly, so I imagine you can find one for cheap.

Also it means that you can take it off and have a normal bike when you want

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by doing the exact other mechanisms i mentioned you dense moron. which OPs retarded idea cannot do.

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DIY Buying Land

I'm a miserable corporate drone and I absolutely despise the suburban hellscape that has enveloped the entire nation. I have built up a decent nest egg and I think it's time to cash out. Anyone have any tips on where to start when buying land and building house? The supply for large plots of land with homes is really small so I feel like this is my only option for escape.

I just want to raise some animals and enjoy life. Fuck everything else.

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I want the same thing. I have a fully payed off house that is worth around 300k that I want to move out of so bad. However, I'll probably only get 200k of that after I sell. What can I even get for 200k? Probably not much.

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With high interest rates the more expensive property should drop more than your average property.....at least I hope so. Let's see if the housing market returns to a more sane state.

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>buy house and property on outskirts of town at $175k in 2018
>appreciates (on paper) to $320k due to housing market and urban sprawl
>house has hidden fire damage and has flooded multiple times
>don't find this out until after I bought the house, seller lied on the disclosure
>will never be able to actually sell the place unless I lie again on the property disclosure and sell to another first time homebuyer who is too autistic to pursue legal charges after the fact

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Anyone done a motorhome conversion? Anything you learned or didn't learn thr first time around? Doing one with a lot of features rn.

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I learned that living in a van was a lot better than living under the expressway overpass.

>> No.2689202

>lot of features rn.
What features anon?
>t. converted a camper into a better camper
I wish I had more insulation, it uses half as much power as my 4 bedroom house to keep cool in the summer, even while under a car port. Transit is a small van too, so you will be very limited.

Also asians make micro versions of normal appliances for their pods. If you are a Burger, then you have to get the Nip ones because they use 100V power which is close enough, otherwise you can get the Chink ones or any of the ones that have DC adapters since most work on whatever input power.

>> No.2689207

Advertising Ford transit vans? We will have none of that shilling here!

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What sort of R-factor do you have in it? I'm going to be doing something similar and was intending on doing about 2.5" of spray foam and 1/2" of foam board. I think my estimation was close to R20 for that

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I got two pairs of these fucking Belleville boots and I guess they were cheap because the sole are coming unglued on all 4 fucking boots in BOTH layers (where the hard bottom tread is glued to soft thick layer, and where the soft layer is glued to the hard upper layer next to the rest of the boot which is maybe called the "last"?).

These boots are nice and comfy, which is why I bought another pair, and treads have low miles so I'd rather not blow lot of cash on new soles and I can't even find anything like the dual layer, much less in 13xw.

They are coming unglued by haven't all the way so I'm sorta afraid I'll tear the soft middle layer if I try to force it. I got DMSO and Tulane solvents I'll try if no one knows WTF I'm supposed to use.

Any tips?
What glue and how do I keep it clamped in the slightly curved toe section? Do need to keep it clamped?

PS-every "shoe repair" including guys that are old time "master" been in biz forever are fuckheads who fuck me it the ass. Bring Redwings in for new soles and UNLIKE ALL FACTORY BOOTS he has ground down the heels sloping inward like its some ladies shoes. DO I LOOK LIKE A BITCH TO YOU?

Another guy I want some heel caps because that is only worn part. Have to leave them for a week. Its all weird and wrong. "Can I buy those caps?"

"I don't sell my materials!" like he got top secret hazmat or some shit.

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Belleville boot representative huh?

>> No.2689313

I had pretty good luck with shoe goo. Gave it a thorough coating then clamped it in the vice between two pieces of plywood to cover the whole thing

>> No.2689342

I had the same problem.
I cleaned with alcohol and roughed up the surfaces using an 80 grit scuff pad. Cleaned again.
I then glued them together with 5200 Marine adhesive and clamped them.
I wiped up the excess that squeezed out periodically with mineral spirits because it is white in color.

>> No.2689414

Acetone. Thoroughly clean the parted surfaces. Keep flipping the rag over and keep it damp with the acetone. You want them clean.

Once the acetone has evaporated, use a good contact cement. Weldwood, or similar.
Prop open the loose areas, and brush both sides of the part with the contact cement.
Let them dry. Completely. If the glue is still tacky, leave it alone.
Go find a good sized hammer. Set it where you can reach it.
Once the glue is absolutely dry on both surfaces, remove whatever you used as a prop, and beat on the loose sole to force it down. It should stik just about right away, but give it some good swats to make sure.
Repeat this on all loose areas.

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When I apprenticed briefly under an old 2nd generation old-fashioned cobbler, we used a kind of contact cement called... Duall, I think?
We didn't like gluing boots like the ones you have, OP, because it was bullshit work and they'd just have to come back in a month to have them glued again. The proper solution to your problem is to throw those boots away and buy real boots with proper welting on them. They'll probably cost more than 50 USD.

Otherwise, do what anonymous says here:

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I'm lasercutting a giant jigsaw for a coffee table tomorrow, some guy suggested to me to leave one (1) millimeters between each piece so once I'm done with the varnish on the sides I can properly pop the pieces into place, thoughts?

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You posted this last month. 0.35 mm is a snug fit, good for dados. 1mm will probably be good for a lose fit. Also consider chamfering the bottom edge.

>> No.2689128

0.35 mm on each side, or 0.35 mm total, so 0.175 from the median ?

I postef about this before but not about any particular lasercutting question, might've not been me.

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Browsing the local craigslist and found this gal asking for suggestions on how to clean up tumbleweeds on her property with a link to a youtube video in the missed connections category...


Should I offer my services in exchange for some services from her? Cute and quirky, a bit dumb/blonde acting. Trying to DIY stuff (but not very hard)... Can we save her?

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Reminder to everyone to report thread/posts advertising YouTube channels

>> No.2689166

>Reminder to everyone to report thread/posts advertising YouTube channels

other than being blatantly off-topic, how can you know it's advertising when a youtube video or channel is only posted once, or rarely? And it appears that every topic under the sun is ok on /diy/.

>> No.2689189

>Reminder to everyone to report thread/posts advertising YouTube channels
Agreed. Any and all youtube videos no matter how on topic to the thread at hand should be reported. Reminder to everyone to report any posts recommending any tools as that is advertising for that tool brand. If anyone takes any pictures and posts them up on this board they should have any brand names of tools, vehicles, clothing, or signs in the background covered or blurred out like a Japanese porn video, otherwise report it.

Also be sure to report any posts that talk about reporting posts or threads as that is also against the rules.

T. Janni.

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My gf bought a house from some dumb joggers and it came with this shitty bathtub jacuzzi. Dumb joggers broke the light before they left so it stays on and I can't turn it off and it just stays on. Been using the main power box to just keep it off. Wondering if there's anyway I can check the circuitry to see if something's just disconnected. There's an outer shell and I don't know how to get underneath. Anyone familiar with this company? It's a bathsofdistinction sanito asti73

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>> No.2689159

>broke the light switch
There, happy fag?

Except I can't find any videos or manuals that actually tell me how to fix this obscure brand

>> No.2689178

Replace the switch /thread

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File: 175 KB, 1358x1500, 71smA1VmW-L._AC_SL1500_[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TLDR, the switches either use compressed air or low voltage relays to isolate the user from the actual high voltage switching. Whole assembly costs like $12 on amazon.

>> No.2689349

It uses compressed air. Sounds like an easy fix, but my problem is actually getting to the connections. I have no idea how to get to the end of circuit with tub covering

>> No.2689371

>I have no idea how to get to the end of circuit with tub covering
Remove and flip over the tub to work on it, or cut a hole in the side.

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What does /diy use? Looking to redesign my whole apartment

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>> No.2689238

Post your apartment floorplan

>> No.2689310

just torrent something and install it you fucking asshole why do you keep making this stupid thread

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>> No.2689332

Do NOT use blender if your not touching 3d stuff again or going beyond this

>> No.2689360


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I need to plug a brass pipe with a metal plug (bout 15 mm long). The pipe is thin (under 10 mm diameter, under 1 mm wall thickness), and the weld has to be both heat resistant (soldering wouldn't work) and as mechanically resistant as possible. How can I do it?

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>> No.2689254

Why are you shilling a bernzomatic ts8000 this hard?

>> No.2689278


Braze it (420)

>> No.2689416

>map gas

>> No.2689424

you can weld brass but its not a fun process you need to be a good tig welder with a good back purge setup to keep the puddle from collapsing the tube heat control will be key

>> No.2689458

I have one. That style for both Mapp and propane is awesome. Beefy as hell