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So I have an office in my house that I want better sound insulation. Right now its has french doors with single pane glass. I'd like to replace those door with exterior grade doors with internal blinds.

I know exterior doors usually have a threshold under them which I won't need inside. Whenever I go to the home improvement stores they all seem to scratch their heads at me. I can't be the only person that has wanted to do this. The doors opening (with the current frame) is 60 wide X 81 1/2 tall.

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if you're asking someone at a big box store how to remodel your house you obviously don't have a clue what you're doing. get a contractor.

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Because its on the main level of my house, I'd like to have glass and I don't want it too look like crap?

I've actually done quite a bit of remodeling, Mostly bathrooms and kitchens, however I was looking what doors to order but thanks for the non help.

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What was thinking of doing was ordering two 30X80 door panels, router out the hinge cutouts. Probably keep the existing door frame.

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You realise replacing with exterior grade door but not replacing the walls will not improve your sound?

Why not just wear a headphone or earplugs if you are so sensitive to sound inside your house?

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I know my house, I know what the problem is. I don't need the room to be 100% sound proof, I'm not building a recording studio. The idea is to reduce the noise not eliminate it.

>ear plugs
Great, except I spend a good amount of time on conference calls (I telecommute) So that doesn't help that issue.

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How do I connect this without burning it and waiting 2 months for chinese replacement

It's miniMosd, the camera/transmitter are Eachine and the flightcontroller I want to connect it to is from an Cheerson CX20, probably APM something so it should fix but i have no fucking clue how. It doesnt look the same as the diagram I found online

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>waiting 2 months
that's what you get from being a cheap shit

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plz dont bully

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Does anyone here know much about tie-dying? Got an idea after buying a tie-dye set.

I'm trying to make some shirts but I'm not having much luck, I've tried Rit dye, and now I'm trying dylon, but the shirts keep ending up faded as fuck

My method:
1. Soak plain white cotton shirt in water/sodium carbonate (soda ash) solution for 20 minutes
2. Bind shirts according to pattern with rubber bands
3. Apply dye to wet shirt (dyes are in 118ml bottles, 8mg powdered dye dissolved)
4. Leave for ~24 hours in plastic wrapping = moist
5. Cut binds (at this point the shirt looks good, colour is okay), wash shirt in water (i've also tried a salt solution) to remove excess dye
6. Put shirt(s) in washing machine with small amount of washing powder (i've tried low and high temps)
7. An hero when shirt turns out faded as fuck

Help a bro out /diy/, can anyone give me some tips? another method? a better dye brand? Call me a faggot and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Btw the shirts I made with the original tie-dye set turned out great, it's just the shirts i've been trying to make with new dyes

Pic related, not one of mine

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Used Dylon recently with good results - I'd suggest you make the dye stronger, just add less water.

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I posted this on /sci/ but i think you would know better about my question.

I want to protect some electric devices from EMP. The problem is, that i want to protect them from the biggest EMP possible, as an atomic explosion or a solar expel. What ideas and advices can you give me for this problem?

I read about Faraday's cage, but i'm not sure if it can be eficient enough depending on the structure of the cage. For example, depending on metal density, or if the distance between holes is relevant.

Also, a closed and dense protection as a cave it would amplify or limit the emp? It can be a good natural substitute or complement for a Faraday's cage?

What other alternatives do you know?

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I didn't even think about that. It's a good idea having a plan b or c, modern devices doesn't last to long. I will do it with a couple usb i have. My father had an old pentium 144hz that can be useful too.

Thanks for making my wank material bombresistant anon.

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Hard disks die after 5 years, SSD maybe 7, usb maybe 5, so unless you constantly upgrade the media, your data will die even without an emp

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>cleaning is difficult
>sand blasting is difficult

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Stop buying cheap shitty HDDs and SSDs.

There's also tape backup options.

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>Hard disks die after 5 years, SSD maybe 7, usb maybe 5

A UPS really really helps prevent this from happening. Proper power filtering and stabilization goes a long long way to extending the life of your equipment.

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First time posting here, had no luck anywhere else and google isnt being kind to me as a first time user.
Currently based in the Uk

Say if I wanted to grow a plant within a wardrobe, and that plant required an extractor and a 200w light within the wardrobe as well that is running 24/7.

1) What are the chances of a fire if set up properly?
2) Is it possible to just buy a cheap wardrobe from Ikea and then cut holes for potential extract fans and intake fans?
3) if intake fan is at the bottom, will it become clogged with dust from carpet?

Thanks guys

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filter will REDUCE the suction/intake whatever. it will cause a reduction yes, as it clogs with dust this reduction will increase until you clean/change it, thats how filters work.
the bigger a filter you get, more surface area, more folds and stuff means less reduction of suction, thats why filters have ridges and folds in them

he will question a wardrobe covered in hoses and wires and aluminium foil that stinks of weed perhaps? and why your electric bill doubled? only 200w isn't that much but its enough to raise suspicion on 24/7

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>I would happily get a grow tent but my landlord does checks every month or two

he's going to smell your weed

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Just buy a grow tent online dummy. You'll have hydroponically grown delicious herbs for your dinner in no time.

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you dont need a 200 watt light , use some 100watt cfls they stay cool

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Investing in a carbon filter is worth while but you need to explain the buzzing wardrobe you won't open.
OP Check out rollitup.org great forum for growers. You can also buy grow environments that look like closests/wardrobes for this purpose like the Bonanaza Mini Grow Box, these will be better as they have reflective interiors and the plant will thrive better. Take it from someone who's going through a court case for growing, if you're in the UK what you're doing is illegal and you're a criminal for growing weed, not my opinion, the opinion of the Jack ass judge I'm dealing with. I sold to 6x friends and no more than 8g to any of them and I still got busted. DON'T TELL ANYONE AND DON'T SELL/GIVE A SINGLE GRAM TO ANYONE!
Best of luck, I really miss growing and I miss the pain relief it brought me.

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ITS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbePVykfXnpfdh-HQZdrjww

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> literally 9 years old

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Soo...Long Story short:
I always wanted a nice setup for my home recording studio... Studiofurniture is quite overpriced, while wood is quite cheap in my area.

Unfortunately I am no experienced handyman. I have build my own Bed (which is quite crude and basic) and a crossbow once....
And I know that oftentimes building your own furniture will turn out more expensive then simply buying it.
BUT i am really tall (6.75 feet / 2m06), so I guess I would have to get a custom made table anyways.
I will post a basic sketch

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So This is the Idea I came up with.

I have a few concerns:
>Will it be stable enough to support my equipment?
>Is that to complicated for me?
>Which wood should I use?
>Will I be able to get a curved piece of wood like that one under the table somewhere?
>how would I best support the flat piece of wood on the back? Will it break if I move the table forward?

Just give me any general thought

sorry for broken english

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That is how the individual pieces would look like

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I would try to keep everything form falling apart using screws (Yeah, I know those are bolts which cant be used like that - I did not have another 3dmodel laying around)

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Im building a custom Desk myself, but im gonna use Custom made Drawers as legs, because ill place mi equipment there..
A really big amp, videogame consoles, etc..

But looking at what ur building i wouldnt use wood as legs, ill use some metal legs like pic related that u cant find for real cheap in ur ''big ass Depot store'' ,since im guessing u dont know how much those wood legs ur making could take without bending .
And also ill put a thing Called in Spanish ``travesaño`` i dont know hte name of it in english but like pic:

Since it will make it sturdier and also give u a place to hide cables, but it depends on how wide ur table will be, mine will be long so ill need one for sure, but if ur table aint that big u would be ok without it.

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Hey, Thanks for your answer.
The travesano looks like it could work.
The furthest length of the table would be 3 meters (9.8 feet). But only if you take the two furthest points.

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I want to share a lesson I learned today: Be careful when ordering certain chips from Ebay. This was supposed to be the speech synth chip used in a speak-and-spell and other 80s toys, but it's garbage with a fake label etched into it.

I built the test circuit and noticed there was a problem right away because the chip was getting hot. I went over my circuit 20 times looking for a problem then started disconnecting Vcc and Gnd wires looking for the problem. I eventually found a two pins that are supposed to be high impedance input but on my chip output Vcc.

I did some googling and found other people had been ripped off with fake SP0256. Some signs that should have been obvious: Microchip never manufactured an SP0256. The label is laser etched which wasn't done in the early 80s. The pins show signs of desoldering even though it's supposed to be new.

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>they could milk out much more cash if they sold something like fake audio frequency amplifier ICs

Isn't this just every audiophile op-amp sold by chinese vendors on Ebay/Aliexpress?

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i bought some LM138 5A linear regulators off a chinese ebay seller. they fried far from the 5A so i cracked them open and put the chip under a microscope. after a few seconds i saw printed in the corner '317'. they were stuffing lm317 1.5A (probably less than that) into TO3 cases and labeling them lm138. that was the last time i buy cheap semis from china.

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had one in my parts drawer

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support mpu

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I bet you've never seen one, the paint rubs off after a while

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1. What are the first three planes a n00b should get?
2. New or used?
3. If used, how do you find a good one? What are some things to watch out for on a plane?
4. If new, are the pricier planes worth the money (Lie Nielson, Clifton, Veritas, etc)?
5. If used, what do you do to bring the plane back to working order (besides sharpening the blade)?

t. n00b

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Stanley #1

>> No.1135599

1.for what purpose?

If you have the time and tools to invest in fixing one by used if you don't buy new.

Old.planes just buy old Stanley's or preferably old Stanley Bedrocks

Pricey is worth it for longevity and for the occasional fine tuning to deal with seriously hard or curly timbers.

First three planes should be a 4 or 4.5 smoother, a block plane, a 5 5.5 jack.

That will get you through most stuff if you're breaking down and truing lumber by hand you should look at a 7 instead of the 5.

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Power planer. And a number 7..

Power planer takes some tuning and a big metal file to get to a point where its worth dick.

If you NEEDED a third. Either a rabate plane, or a chisel plane.

It really depends on what your doing. But the power planer is my best friend...

I get timbers from tree services. Cut them up with a way too small of a chainsaw, free hand into slabs. If I need them smaller, skill saw, if i need them straighter. Table saw. And I finish them off finally with the power planer, set too where its just barely taking off fibers.

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On the topic of getting a new or used plane in to working shape (this applies to both);

Sharpen blade of course. Watch Paul Sellers video on plane sharpening. A two sided course/fine combination whetstone is sufficient. You don't strictly need three stones plus a leather strop. No jigs or guides necessary. Do round off the corners of the blade a bit as sharp corners tend to snag in inconvenient ways.

For old planes there may be rust or years of gunk or whatever on the bottom. For cheaper new planes the bottom may not be precisely flat. In either case, get two grits of wet/dry sandpaper and a scrap sheet of glass. Wet the paper, place on glass sheet, lap the bottom surface as needed to get it smooth and true.

That's pretty much it.

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This. And a lot depends on your purpose OP. Sellers is very slow to recommend a #7, I like one for long truing cuts. That being said, a #4 will do nearly anything you need a plane to do.

I wonder if you know how funny this actually is. I kekked.

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What is the best way to attach my ford emblem to my car?

Should I just use super glue? It's on a piece of metal with no paint so it wouldn't affect any paint

Is there a better way of going about this?

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Maybe contact cement. Apply to car and emblem. Just let it dry before you stick them together.

>> No.1135664

scuff the bottom and the mounting surface with fine sanepaper, clean with alcohol, and tape until it hardens

>> No.1135668

Double sided foam adhesive tape, specifically something made for automotive purposes. Vibrations and flex will see anything else fail in 6 months. I use 3M products, but anything sold from a chain automotive outlet should do the job. Cover the entire back, trim the excess with a box knife, bam, done.

> t. track br/o/

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This is actually the best solution

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came here to post this
this is the correct answer

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>just got back home from the Ballarat swap meet
>largest swap meet in Australia
>endless stalls of car parts and machinery and other bricabrac
>bought this Honda G200 generator for $50

I don't even know if this thing works and I'm not going to try to start it unless I have gone through every component and completely understand how it works. I have never used a generator in my life and I have exactly 0 /diy/ experience.

So where do I begin to break this thing down and rebuild it? Should I find a service manual online? Are there any good books on generators you can recommend? What do you guys know about generators? Any tips?

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Got ya right here. Even shitposting fleshwastes like you are in with a chance to win!

Now fuck off back to >>>/b/ you cancerous fuck.

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Fucking saved.

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Trash and treasure my man

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Its a honda, so its probably just had shitty old petrol in it.

Take off carb. Dump a fuck load of clutch cleaner in it. Swish out tank. Replace lines.


Take out spark plug, put to body, give the cord a rip to check for spark. If its all good, then stick to together, check oil, fuel, run it.

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29 fucking years, and I only hear about them now that they have ceased to operate. That's not even 15 minutes from where I am located ;_;

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How do I do it myself

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Dont buy a Ford

>> No.1135484

Yank it out with a bigger truck duh
Pretty dip shitty thing to do.

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shove raspberry pis into the mud until you get traction

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>> No.1135498


Do you have a bucket tractor? If so just lift and push.

Don't have a bucket tractor? Lift with Jack, fill hole with rock, drive out.

Please don't forget mud will seal around the tire and the vacuum will hold it in. You must break that seal, so grabs shovel.

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Can anyone guess where I live?? Try pussys, by the way I have a honey facial mask

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We're not going to find your son's father for you.
Fuck off.

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With your parents.

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>dude has patchy facial hair
>means he is 15 years old
>OP clearly looking for a personal army request
>OP is being bullied by a 15 year old with a patchy beard

How pathetic

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go back to >>>/soc/

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Homotown, Fagsivinia, Dicksuckistan

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Hi fellas,

Im looking for a backupsystem if the airpump in my aquaponic greenhouse dies.
I dont want to fiddle with a dissolved oxygene probe. I'd rather go in the direction check if pressure on the airtube or check if device is pulling current.

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You should be checking your aquaponic system daily. You'll find out soon enough if a air pump is out.

Alternatively, if you don't check it every day then at least check it every other day or so. The fish will be find for a short stint of time. If you're not checking you system for a longer period of time than that then sell all your shit because you can't manage one properly.

>> No.1135619

First off i strongly reject your implication im not up to the task as i do this for years without fish casualties other than the occasional mobbing victim.

Matter of fact i consider it irresponsible not to build in a failswitch for aeration as most people on a certain level do so for good reasons.
In summer my greenhouse reaches 50+ degrees celsius if it wasnt for my climatisation. I will still have at least 25 degrees celsius in the water. So a day without aerating could bring the oxygen levels down drastically.

>> No.1135631

You could take a compressed air bottle and a magnetic valve which is closed when electricity is on. so when the power fails the valve opens.

>> No.1135735

Depending on your layout you could integrate a water cyclone as the return to your aquaponic system. The water from your beds returns to the fish tank via a funnel. The water spinning down pulls in quite a bit of air.

I was able to completely eliminate a main air pump after building mine. I have a backup airpump in case the water pump fails, but its fired off by a microcontroller with an array of three oxygen sensors.

>> No.1135745


If most people have backups why not ask them how they do it?

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Could someone help me generally ID what this circled release mechanism is?


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It catches that little bar in place as the cannon fires and then releases it to eject spent shell

>> No.1135453

I understand what it does, Im curious what it is actually called so I can look into purchasing one

>> No.1135467

It's not an off the shelf part, it's custom.

I think it's actuated by some sort of motor, because those cases look too heavy to toss around with a spring, or if you could, I'd be worried they wouldn't land right to lock the spring in position. I dunno. shirts are heavy though and the difference from loaded and unloaded cases might be enough.

If it was a spring then the case falling down would lock the spring back into something, and the... barrel would slide back and hit a catch that would release the spring, except now the barrel is holding the spring in position. Then when the barrel goes forward, nothing is holding the spring and the case gets ejected.


Here, make one fully automatic.

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Its a pneumatic angular gripper. Based on the color it might be from Schunk.

>> No.1135495

im surprised i didnt realize this before its fairly obvious. I think i was too narrow in my thinking of what a gripper is used for.

Thanks a bunch

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>never done a diy project before
>look up building a bookshelf
>all the tutorials are for people who have built loads of projects already

Is a bookshelf not a good idea for a first diy project?

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>> No.1135508


Like every other possible woodworking project, there are simple bookshelves and difficult bookshelves. Since you are a beginner, look to simplify simplify simplify.

For example, to maximize success as a beginner: no dovetailing. No nice inset shelf tracks. No fancy glass doors, or doors of any sort. No mortise & tenon, no pocket screws. No biscuits. Nothing that requires you to veneer -- not even plywood band edging.

Try something like this

or this


If you do one of those, you might be up for a more complicated one later.

>> No.1135537

Have hardware store just the shelf sheets to size for you. It's free when you purchase the whole plywood sheet. The rest of the job can be done easily with a handsaw and drill, even if you've never worked with wood before.

>> No.1135538

*just CUT the shelf sheets...

>> No.1135646

Have very little woodworking experience.

Soen 2500 in 2x4 and pkywood and t-25 deck screws. 2 garages full of shelves.

They look like shit.

Buyba level op

>> No.1135657


WAY less frustration involved.

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I want to make large quantities of iron oxide powder. I have access to thousands of pounds of iron powder. What would be the best method of doing this? I have fucked around with electrolysis and metal rods, but I'm not sure how that would work with the powder which will just be settled at the bottom of the bucket.

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>> No.1135651

15% hydrofluric i think.

Available at any oil fieild shop by the gallon.

Dump powder in, mix well, sift with a plastic cullander

Rinse well.

And not ina fucking sink.

Shit eats steel pretty quick but the plastic is fine.

If u rins it off it should rust over night. If not then leave it in acit a little longer.

>> No.1135652

>welding with thermite.

Well, time to dive down a youtube rabbit hole.

>> No.1135654


1st world. 2 guys and some gear.

3rd world. 12 faggots wearing sandles an some mud...


>> No.1135663

Holy shit I literally just finished watching this exact two videos

Are you me?

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I bought a house 2 years ago and not one week goes by without picking up 2 or 3 of these and flushing them down the toilet.

It's starting to drive me crazy because I have OCD and hate germs as it is.

How the fuck can I get rid of these without hiring an exterminator and spending hundreds?

I read the DOA created a pheromone to bait traps a few months ago and emailed them asking to buy some thinking I can just put it in centers of glue traps and empty those about once a month instead of constantly picking up these fucking bugs, But they never emailed me back or contacted me.

I don't get any other bugs in my house (including ants) but the house is lousy with these stink bugs.

I live near a swampy area but there is no mold or any type of water damage or anything. The house was inspected 2 years ago and I have yet to see the water level rise even remotely close to the foundation

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>> No.1135522

Theyre stink bugs

>> No.1135534

Everyone here has these inside this year.

Use a light box with a funnel on top. Basically just a cardboard box with a light inside and a paper funnel set into it. The insects go into it at night and you toss them out in the morning. It also works for those asian lady beetles.

>> No.1135621

>It's starting to drive me crazy because I have OCD and hate germs as it is.
It's not the bugs. It's you.

>> No.1135650

Get a cat. My cat loves to eat them, at least until he actually tastes it, lol. But he does a good

>> No.1135682

I'll try this.

I have a cat, She just stares at them until I notice and then I pick them up and flush them

She doesn't eat bugs or mice or anything, She's a lazy house cat

File: 33 KB, 450x401, fallout-new-vegas-robco-terminal-papercraft-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
1135282 No.1135282 [Reply] [Original] [archived.moe]

Want to make a pic related, I plan on using wood (or not) and aluminum/steel sheets to make the frame, and I have an old CRT monitor.

If I take the CRT monitor apart and touch something metal will I zap myself?

I also have an older flat screen monitor, but CRT would obviously look better

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>> No.1135440

the deadly crt meme need to die
its only dangerous if you used the monitor just before disassembling, if you are anxious about that just let it rest several day, since the tube will slowly discharge itself due to the internal resitance of the THT circuit
also you can use a old minitel, it is small (something like 8 inch i think) but the electronic is very simple and its easily hackable to a rca monitor
=> http://www.cfp-radio.com/realisations/rea48/minitel-01.html (in french but full of picture)

>> No.1135466

As other anon said, if left un-powered on for realistically a couple hours, 98% of crts will self discharge enough to be reasonably safe. Some will however rebuild a charge, and as such, you /should/ use a hv probe to discharge the tube (Or at least a wire with a couple k ohm resistor hooked to the cage, on a rubber handled screwdriver). Realisticly however, you shouldn't need to touch the HV parts of the monitor unless the monitor is broken, and you should be able to just de-case the cage that the monitor is in, and mount the cage whole.

That being said, I am use to working with electricity. If you are inexperienced with electronics, leave hv stuff to the experienced.

>> No.1135502
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I'm working on a very similar project right now. It uses a 9" portable black and white CRT.

The high voltage capacitors should have a bleeder capacitor across them. This is designed to discharge them after 5 minutes or so of the monitor being off. It's common practice to intentionally discharge them just to be safe. Connect an alligator clip wire to a screwdriver. Clip it to the metal near the front of the tube, then slide the screwdriver under the suction cup TOUCHING ONLY THE PLASTIC HANDLE. That was a pain in the ass to do all the time so I verified the bleeder resistor was working properly and put a neon lamp across it to tell me when things were safe.

>> No.1135503
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>*should have a bleeder resistor across them.

>> No.1135678

>enough qualified

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I live in south florida and my family has been evicted for awhile now and weve been living in our business warehouse to keep the business alive and to keep us from being in the streets. Can i legaly live here temporarily since my mother is disabled and im her representative payee and the business is all under my name.

Now that income tax season is around they ask me for proof of living with my family since im the one whose legally financialy taking care of my brother.

All im asking is if i can put that im living in my business warehouse in the income tax return without them denying me.

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>> No.1135287

cant you get a mail forward put on your old address? be easiest.

doubt Tax GAF either desu, but, better safe than sorry, esp if what you are claiming for depends on your living with your family. Assuming the warehouse is rented? - its your landlord/ local officials you should be worried about it. One person, OK - entire family, that aint gonna go good for long.. you need to start planning for not being dependent on living there, while you still got a roof under which to do so.

>> No.1135288

Thats what i was planning on doing. Ill have to find the right people and just get a po box for our mail

>> No.1135290

Landlord doesnt gaf. We talked. What im worried about is local officials. Thats it

>> No.1135308


There is a low chance of getting an audit and an even lower chance that the auditor will go out of there way to fuck you over like this. Would not worry about it.

>> No.1135714

If you can't live there, get a bullshit Secuirty Guard licence. Then just say you're the on site security.

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