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I have a Samsung Young 2 (G130H) that i plan have permanently connected to a power supply. It's manly connected to a car so it powers on when the car is on and powers off when the car is off.

However in the long run this will not be good for the original Li-ION battery, so i am thinking in replace it for an alternative.

I only need that the phone runs at least 2 minutes after the power goes off so a capacitor should do the trick.

However i am not sure what kind capacitor should i use to replace the 3.7V Li-ion (4.81Wh): charge voltage 4.2v

Can someone help?

Thank you

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BTW i've mooded the phone, so now he can power on when the power is connected and turns down 1 min after the power is unconnected.

The thing here is to give the phone the ability to safely shutdown using other power source.

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Hello /diy/. I'll be moving out soon and I want to get rid of my old broken bed. I'm planning to build a plataform bed. The thing is I don't want to use nails or glue. I have at my disposal files, handsaw, hacksaw etc. I plan on using 4 boards and using the wood square grid thing that holds the matress from my old bed. I want to know what kind of cut should I do on the edges of the board to fit them like the pic so they don't slide or move.

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Are you joking or being serious?

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It's my first "large" carpentry project. All I did was small sculptures. I was thinking of shit like the japanese joints. But I don't know any of them so maybe someone here can give me pointers.

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sounds somewhat unreasonable to expect an autism-filled image board to teach someone how to become a master japanese joinery expert, since such instruction requires an actual expert, and 1000's of hours of hands-on training.

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Nvm, found what I was looking for.

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hey guys, serious help... How can i recover my Hotmail account?
i've lost the recuperation number and the physical phone too, and i've not put any other account to recover the original one...it's a very important account and i really want it back, i don't remember the password.
i want to call with Microsoft but i don't know where can i find they number

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I have a similar question: if I go with two-factor auth using my phone, and my phone breaks, how the hell do I get back into my account? If it can be done, then doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of two-factor? Do they send a physical letter to my residence, which is not known by many online accounts anyway?

Everyone says 2-factor is the best if you don't have a physical auth like a dongle or iris scan, but what if the phone breaks?

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We're not helping you break into your ex's mailbox. If you're not lying, you're a fucking idiot for relying on a third party to store critical information, much less hotmail of all fucking places. Hit their support link and roll the dice, when they tell you to gtfo learn the lesson and move on.

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You put your sim in your new phone and get your key. Not hard.

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I've totally lost the other Phone......that's not to spy nobody, i jus want my acount and play with my xbox account... Just that

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Rost this kid don't

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Retro Radio Mod

Im trying to make a custom radio using a cathedral radio case that I have (pictured is the exact model). I plan on using an android phone, cheap mp3 player or raspberry pi as the guts.

My problem is that I want to use one of the existing knobs (or build a knob I guess) to switch between 5 or so playlists (and a police scanner feed) but I dont know anything about using knobs as controls. Can anyone help me with this?

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The tuning knob is probably connected to a big mechanical capacitor bank inside the case. Sight unseen, the best bet may be to clear all that out and replace it with a 6-position rotary switch such as Pic related, with a matching shaft type and length.
Of the three devices, the rasPi will have better I/O capability for the extra controls. You can either poll them in a little app program that watches the GPIOs and sends commands to mpd or kills and restarts mplayer or whatever, or if you feel bold you could try your hand at device tree overlays and use gpio_keys and triggerhappy to run shell commands.

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Hey I am not coming forward with this new project of mine, can anyone help me with pic related?

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I wish you luck with dis. I luv dis very much

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Hey anon what are you gonna use that fancy knot for?

>make sure to put a shot of black on your rope before you tie

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so i got my hands on a lil baby turbo and i want to slap it on my predator 212 go kart. i dont care if it doesnt make a lot of boost and i dont care if it blows up, im doing it for fun and the engine is old and tired and full of dirt and its just its time to go. all i need help with is figuring out how to run the carb as a blow through, there is literally no documentation of videos or forum posts of anyone actually doing it and describing it, just asking if they could and if its a good idea. the closest thing ive found is someone who supercharged their minibike and used an aftermarket mikuni carb and how to set that up, but i want to use the stock carb and its entirely different from the mikuni. second closest is a channel that turboed a predator 420 but they did a draw through application which i dont want to do because i dont want everything to explode if there is a backfire.
pls halp.

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Would like to build a diy TV stand for a 50" tv. A lot of the plans I find online want me to have 3 power saws and shit. I have a power drill and a power driver. No saws at all so Lowe's will have to cut the lumber for me. I like chunky stuff like pic related but I just need a normal thing with 4 legs. Any good plans out there?

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Do you have a sander? Clamps?

If so, simply clamp and glue a bunch of 2x3's together to make a chunky top, sand them smooth, and use black iron pipe for legs.

The poor bastard at the hardware store can cut and thread the pipe for you too.

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Spend the money on some tools.
Cheap shit will work for a few projects. Figure out what you want, what tools you use the most. Then upgrade to something better.

My jigsaw and palm sander are both harbor-freight specials. Cheap as fuck. They've worked for a couple projects now.
Had a HFT circ saw. It got me through a few projects. Upgraded to a cordless system.

Tools pay for themselves pretty quick.

Any reason you can't wall-mount the TV?

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I'm looking to make a centrifuge using this 3D printed rotor https://thingiverse-rerender-new.s3.amazonaws.com/renders/9c/5b/4b/aa/81/Dremelfuge_Chuck_Edition_V4_preview_featured.jpg or similar, but that spins a little faster. G-forces on the sample are proportional to rpm^2, so a little extra speed would really help.

Question is, what tool goes faster? I have a 30k rpm Black and Decker rotary tool, basically a dremel, but I'm seeing air die grinders and pencil grinders that go 60k rpm, like this https://www.intlairtool.com/chicago-pneumatic-cp9104q-pencil-grinder-1-8-collet-60-000-rpm-05-hp/. This would give 4 times the g-forces as a standard dremel.

But I know nothing about air tools. Would the pencil grinder be able to spin a sample of this size(8cm diameter plastic rotor with a few mL of water in the tubes)? Would the spindle bearing shit itself at the slightest imbalance? Can I run an air tool at way less than full speed if I want? Is the air from such a tool directed forwards? If so, it would probably knock the rotor out of true.

Is there a class of tools that I'm not thinking about that would be better(faster) than a dremel for this task?


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I work in a lab and our plastic centrifuge rotors max out at 15k but average about 13k depending on the machine. I'd use a solid rotor and not that spoke looking one. The more weight you have then the more your going to notice wobble. We try to get them roughly the same volumes and usually if it's above 10 ml then it's not going above 2k rpm. A lot of the 13k rpm stuff are just 1.5 ml eppendorf tubes. We do have 500 ml tubes what use a stainless steel rotor. I don't want to be around that shit if it breaks. I think the plastic will break at the spindle, the long part that connects to the drive motor, with what youre going to be doing unless it's balanced very well.

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I'll add, all of our plastic rotors have metal spindles.

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Yep, definitely not trying to spin anything bigger than a 1.5 mL eppie (I'll use the high speed kind, I know they are good around 100kG). Keeping a small plastic rotor and operating inside a thick casing makes me not so worried about failure causing injury.

You think the break point is where the arms attach to the spindle? Guess I could redesign to make a less sharp cornered attachment, and maybe angle the arms forward a bit

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Why do you need such large amount of g:s? What are you trying to separate? Do you have a reference to the article where such separation methods have been used?

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>Is there a class of tools that I'm not thinking about that would be better(faster) than a dremel for this task?

a router would work. they spin up to 20,000 rpm.

heres a cheap ryobi 1/2" shank router used to cut a round corner in steel


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Hi, all.

So I got these metal dice as a gift. I'm pretty sure they are these ones here (though it was a gift, so I'm not positive):

I don't care for the green color that they use for the numbers, so I was going to remove it and make them blue. But there are a few things that I wanted to know first.

First, should I worry about removing the other paint first or just paint over it? I'm pretty sure that I should remove the paint, but if any of you have just painted over the other paint and it worked, then that seems the most simple.

If I should remove the paint, how should I go about that without damaging the surface of the dice? If they are the same dice in the above link, then it says that they have a nickel finish on them. I googled removing paint from metal, but I didn't see any metal that looked the same as the dice, so I didn't want to apply any chemicals to the metal and wind up removing the outer coat.

Next, what kind of paint would be best to use? If you can't see in the picture, the numbers are engraved (perhaps there's a more specific word for what I mean, but I'm pretty sure that's it), so I shouldn't have to worry about the paint coming off when rolling the dice. I saw some paint for painting the d&d miniatures (which is something I'd like to get into making out of wood and painting myself, but that is for a later date), would that work for this?

What kind of brush should I use?
Should I cover the parts I'm not going to paint in masking tape, and if so, how do I accurately cut out the areas that I'm going to paint?

What other issues might I run into?

And lastly, did I miss any info that might help you out?

Thanks everybody.

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I'm guessing what you would do is hit the whole thing with a dremel wire brush, dip the entire thing in whatever appropriate paint (enamel is first thing that comes to mind), and then hit it with a wire brush again painstakingly outside the numbers. hand work that will make them feel made with love and care.

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First, try some organic solvents that won't hurt the metal finish. Paint thinner, mineral spirits, acetone, etc. and try to wipe the numbers off with a cloth. If a solvent works, dunk the dice in there and leave them overnight. The numbers should just wipe clean.

When they're all clean and dry, replace the color with some nice model paint or some other relatively thick paint you can dispense with a needle tip bottle into the numbers.

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Sounds like solid advice. I didn't know about the needle tipped bottles. Thanks.

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Acetone/paint thinner/brākleen, hit it with a rattle can of your choosing, then use a green scotch brite pad to scrub the paint off.

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Thin your paint, brush the die with it, wipe off the excess with your finger. If you screw up, wipe clean and do it again.

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name one problem it can't fix
i dare you

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Crippling depression

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No tyre tracks behind tyre.
No tyre tracks in front of tyre.
Fake, they didt just set it down there.

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>my country has no gorilla tape
just off me

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Dropped my macbook air breaking the entire screen assembly. Booted the bottom part that I connected to a screen and everything was fine except for Wi-Fi. Detected signals, connected to networks but downloaded slow ass all hell. A screen replacement and format later and the problem still persists. Will replacing my Airport card fix the problem?

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There is an entire antena assembly running through the screen, 2 thin cables are directly connected to it's Wifi/Bluetooth card right now.

It's definitely not a software issue.

Problem is, Apple is so fucking retarded, even among models of the same code (A1466) they have variations, something that I didn't know. The screen's camera cable doesn't fit in the I/O board thanks to that

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the real problem is, you bought that piece of shit im the first place

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Re-drop in dumpster, buy non-gay device you faggot.

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Such rage, why even care if you don't feel like helping?

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These laptops are so fucking horrible to repair. Check the antennae connections to the WiFi card. That's almost certainly the problem.

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I have one of these cheap corded reciprocating saws I use for pallets and was wondering if I could just buy the right blades and use it to cut off my muffler? The muffler is rusted shut so I'm just going to cut it at the inlet and save the pipe coming from the cat. Would this work or would I need an actual sawzall with metal cutting blade?

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Just buy a metal blade...ive cut through 1/2" steel bolts on my front bushings with a reciprocating saw...probably like 5-8 bucks

>> No.1216145

Yep. Just spend a Jackson on a decent metal rated blade.

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What's something cool I can do with old alarm panels?

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Hey I've got that system!

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Toss them in the trash.

>> No.1216314

recycle them.
Throwing electronics in the trash is retarded beyond belief

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Achtung! We need a multipurposefunctionallterrainvehicleofbadassness for our [insert epic cause] war now! Help me make a vehicle worthy of Eternia! Here's what I have access to :
>shitbox e450 6-point-no!
>commercial truck shop tool set
>commercial truck parts discount
>5 billion dollars in fidget spinners
Biggest questions are how does the Prince of Eternia's treads not just spin off of a single drive wheel and can drive axles be extended to accomodate...whatever has to happen?

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Also also and not to self bump but are those skis under the axles in the op artist rendering? Could that work? Seriously how could this thing steer?

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It looks like the things underneath are additional track assemblies but I dont think they were on the original toy, which was a lot less like a scooby van and more like a quad-track atv, which do actually exist.

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Right and good call with the Mystery Machine paint job but I can't fab that hasbro bullshit. Maybe Hasbro couldn't either because why was the marketed toy so unlike its reason for being?

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Also, this can't carry multiple warriors into battle unless there's a call for Chinese acrobats.

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Let's bounce this one off the walls.

>force you to do silly things 100s of times as part of 'enlightenment'
>dehumanize you by making you live below the poverty line
>prohibit you from doing things that any rational human could do
>nothing is ever good enough, you are always worthless

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You're not wrong. I was an apprentice at a machine shop for two german immigrants. I had a precision machining certificate from the local CC, they had me work from 4:30am mopping the shop until 5:30pm driving back and forth to the heat treat shop like I was some bitch. They also paid me $9.50/hr during my apprenticeship, then offered me $8/hr FT after I completed the apprenticeship. I was basically a slave, who was always wrong, could never do anything right, and worked at beck and call for free.

I quit just after two years, I couldn't do it anymore. I live in America, being run ragged by two Germans, while I live far below poverty. Been far below poverty ever since, but I'm no ones bitch.

>> No.1216239

Just sounds like you think work is hard, you got treated like a bitch because you had no experience and just a certificate so where probably to shit to work but they needed the tax break by hiring an apprentice. You should of quit or gone through a proper apprenticeship scheme to begin with with a proper firm, it's your own damn fault.

I apprenticed for ducati making wheels and machine lathing too, 3 years and now sitting on 55 a year because I used it as an opportunity to specialise and improve my skill set. You need to make opportunities apprenticeship is the start of the road you're not all a done once you get one

>> No.1216240

>and then you get your journeyman and make 45k a year

I don't see a problem

>> No.1216265

What the fuck is a journeyman? We only have apprentices and tradies.

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Heyyy do you now how can i fix that? It's my smartphone :c

>> No.1216041

It's fucked, buy another usb port and replace it.

>> No.1216045

It is expensive ?

>> No.1216056


>ripping the entire flex cable like a fucking tard

you need to replace the entire cable, which probably has the antenna, microphone, and etc

why did you take it apart?

>> No.1216058

Just look for it on ebay. I replaced one of those for my s3 a few years back and it costed me like $5-10 at most. The phone is still working and i have it as backup on my trunk.

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Hey, just bought a house at tax foreclosure. The matriarch died, and the crackhead kids ran it into the ground astoundingly quickly. They piled up trash, performed no maintenance whatsoever and drank hundreds of bottles of liquor which they proudly displayed. I also found a crudely made sketch of plans for a still, which was never built. The house was built in 1949, but the owner cared for it quite well, and aside from one small leak, the outside of the house is in decent shape.
I already filled one 40yrd dumpster with trash from just the garage and two sheds, and I think I will need two more for the house. I am holding my daydreaming at bay until I remove all the crack pipes, dead mice, carpet and trash from the house.
I have found quite a few nice things in the house, a cabinet of Snoopy/Peanuts collectibles, mostly made in Japan, porcelain dolls, gold/platinum edged China, silver dollars, HAWAII silver certificates, a C3 T-top Stingray with a 350, six or seven decent pieces of furniture and lots of other stuff under the trash.
The favorite thing I have found so far is an old Gramophone in fair condition. I want to restore the gramophone and furniture, but was not really sure how to do so, can I simply sand and restain it, perhaps using some woodputty to fix some gouges on the feet?

TL;DR How to restore old gramophone

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I want to keep it, but I suppose I could see what is worth just to know.
A lot of tools, hand drills, very old farm equipment, a ratchet set, 30 rakes/shovles/hoes/etc, old automotive tools, hand crank egg beaters, some old knives, crackpipes, two riding lawnmowers, one is old and weighs a ton and much more. I am in Michigan

>> No.1216021

I'd wait and see whether the bare wood is nice or shyte. If nice - wax + fine steel wool is what I'd go with, but I hardly do finishes, most of the stuff I make lives outside and the wood goes a nice, natural grey.

I keep wondering why the crackheads hadn't sold stuff like the riding mowers and the Corvette.

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Even after decades of neglect, the inside still has a beautiful finish, deep glossy and reflective, I wanted to attempt to restore the outside to its former glory.
I imagine it was simply too complicated, they couldn't even care for their children much less pay taxes or utility bills. The house has a fair amount of recent work in it. A barrier free tile shower with grab bars, new furnace (ruined by water coming in the vent), new condenser, new electrical panel and wiring and some tuck pointing on the chimney. The grandchildren ruined their matriarchs house is three or four short years. They sold the easy stuff, her jewelery box was empty, found a few empty guitar cases, empty boxes of silver flatware etc

>> No.1216092

In my area they have a year to pay back taxes. I wouldn’t improve shit. Developers often front the money in exchange for a good deal.

>> No.1216276

They didn't pay for three years. I officially have the deed.

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Hey /diy/, I had this rubber tip stylus pen but I lost it a while ago. I'd like to make one.

It seems to be a simple rubber on the tip of the pen, but I don't know the exact type of rubber which is used. (It is not eraser rubber, I've tested)

So any ideas for doing this?

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>> No.1215960

>I live in a really simple 3rd world city

>> No.1215967

you can get them fo 21 cents from aliexpress with free shipping.

>> No.1216005

Even in the 3rd world they sell cheap chink phone stuff like cases and chargers. Hell ive even been to Mexico and they sell everything there. So unless you live in some african village i bet you can buy one of those in some market.

>> No.1216014

The solution to every "my shitty country doesn't sell x, where x is any small item" problem.

>> No.1216061

You're looking for something called capacitive rubber. Sponge may also work. It should be the size of your last stylus tip.

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Hey /diy/, I'm building a Raspberry Pi robot (my first project on RPi) and I need your advice. I want it to continuously measure the distance between the robot and any object ahead of it so it can know when and where to turn. Are those components good enough or do I need anything extra for it to work?

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>> No.1216003

>orders 10 resistors each

>> No.1216009

Check the voltages on the sensor board and the pi.

Can't tell if joke, or saying he should order whole spools instead.

>> No.1216025


Probably what you're looking for.

>> No.1216029

The site doesn't allow to order just one resistor. The minimum number of resistors you can get is 10, due to the fact that they are incredibly cheap.

>> No.1216107

Try first with the ultrasonic. If you see your sensor outputs as "noisey" or "jittery" try to implement a low pass filter in software

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