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I've only ever used crappy gas powered pressure washers which left you half deaf and brainded from carbon monoxide poisoning.

I've been look at some of these Karchers, and the reviews seem breddy gud.
Any experience with em? They're made in Yrpoor so quality should be better than the Chink tier gas powered shit sold at the Orange Box.

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You get what you pay for. I had one k2 that broke after two years. I paid 120 bucks for it.
They are ok for use once in a while but if you are going to use it a lot look for something more pro

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I had a Ryobi one once. It was like 4th of July sale for like 75 bucks or some shit. I figured what the hell, I've spent 75 bucks worse ways.
I got it with doing one particular job in mind. I used it for that job, which it did surprisingly well for what it was, and then never touched it again that year. Meaning, I forgot to winterize it.
So, the next spring when I got it out and tried to do something with it, the pump was cracked and leaking, and it wouldn't build pressure. I ended up giving it to my BIL, and told him it needed fixing. I probably could have got parts to fix it right at HD where I bought the thing, but I just didn't care enough to try.
So, on the one hand, yeah, they're OK. Just OK. Not good. Certainly not great. OK.
On the other hand, what do you need it for? One particular job plus whatever comes your way over time? Or regular use?
If the former, then yeah, get whatever and you won't lose any sleep when it breaks down. If the latter, just spend the money and get a good gas powered one and take care of it.

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I have some $100 Ryobi one. The 4000psi gas units rape it when you do a lot of surface cleaning and such, but it’s straight for washing the cars and doing the driveway and outside the house once a year. The size and ease of storage was probably the biggest thing, and having another gas engine to maintain if it’s only going to be used twice a year is a bit annoying.

The electric ones still have some power, but you need a more concentrated nozzle and it’s less water flow so everything will take a bit longer. Decide if it’s worth the extra size and maintenance and ~$300 to go gas.

Also I did run the pump protector fluid through the thing and I’m on like year 3 or 4 of owning it, but I never froze the thing in a shed all winter. Make sure you have some plumbing/ silicone grease on hand because all the hose fittings and o-rings will get dry every few uses.

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I've had this for 5 years, I only really used it to clean the mud and clay off of the 4WD after a weekend and the concrete once a year, it's more than enough for that.

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Since we are the coolest board on 4chan by a large margin, what kind of homesteading projects integrate the need for some of our brothers to get out to the countryside and work the land?

You've got people stupidly paying the rentjew who want to raise chickens and a vegetable garden instead, in a recent thread. Hell, get yourself a camper and park it out away on one of the hills.

I'll go first: central Calhoun County, WV. About 10 acres cleared. I'm the farmhand here. Friend owns the property but wasn't doing anything with it. He lives somewhat nearby. We have room for about 3 more families.

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>Friend owns the property but wasn't doing anything with it
In other words you're the exact sort of freeloading bum that I suspected all along.

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I miss ol' Wayne Lambright. Well, not actually, but he does come to mind for some reason.

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My brother just moved out of a cuckshed on my parents' property. I'm moving in in a couple weeks. It's in bad shape now but should be nice after emptying the trash, replacing the walls and floor, and putting in a bathroom and kitchen. That will be project enough for a while, but some quail would be nice to add. Already has power to it and there's well and blackwater pipes right under waiting to be tied into. Good size too, about 12x20. Gambrel type roof so a bed can go in the half loft.
Yandex says ventilation is a problem with cucksheds but is it really that hard? It's a small space so seems like the obvious solution is a small bath fan that vents outside. Just turn it on when cooking or showering. Less efficient than erv, dehumidifier, and minisplit but we're looking at $150 vs $3,000. We're rednecks not hippies so why do people go so overboard like that?

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Suburbfag here. I’ve decided that since I’m stuck here for many reasons, not least of all the price of land nowadays, I’m doing what I can to turn my little quarter acre into a homestead light. Last year I started a garden by building raised beds, but the critters got into it. This year I fenced it all in and doubled the space with pots. Now that it’s a success the wife is asking for chickens. I feel like I could easily build a coop after this fenced garden with the fence dug into a trench in the ground.

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we moved out of the city last year. now we are on 10 acres. it has been a relentless slog taming the land & building infrastructure. we already had a wild urban homestead, complete with pigs, chickens, turkeys and rabbits. so when we moved, we had an instant farm, which meant livestock management from day one. we also bought sheep 3 months before we moved, housed at in-laws until moving day.

we've been building avian pens and livestock enclosures, sheds, barns, planting an orchard, now a garden... it's non-stop.

we are installing our solar system, and then it's on to water catchment system. we use electric netting fence now, but plan for barbed wire when we have time/cash.

it was bare land when we bought it. wife designed the house plans, we got it built in 12 months. we'll and septic done during construction.

we're aiming for self-sufficiency. once we get fully settled in it should ease up, but getting there is grueling.

it already pays off, just in peace and happiness. wife sells some eggs and livestock, add to that the fact we have been providing our own meat for years, eggs, now milk... we just have to hope our garden delivers.

if it kills us, we will die happy.

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What sort of wall hardware would I need to make this? I'm thinking keyholes are out of the question because I want it to be durable.

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What is "this?" your photo shows a piece of wood. Is it 6 inches long or 10 feet long? Is it a stair rail or is it a cabinet handle? What are you attaching it to?

Go to /sqtddtot/ faggot.

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You're mom didn't pay for ballet lessons? No wonder you have such a tight ass.

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You could hack up some hidden shelf brackets possibly. Would it be possible to do a pocket hole and a plug to cover the screw?

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I am planning to build a cheap and simple HEPA air filtration system for my office. Anything you can recommend or have build one in the past, anons?

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This has already been covered many times: box fan blowing up, on a square frame made out of four filters.

Too much flow resistance.

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ch1 > 5 will be promoted, time > 6 months
ch2 > 4 will be promoted, time > 5 days
ch3 > 3 will be promoted, time > 4 days
ch4 > 2 will be promoted, time > 3 days
ch5 > 1 will be promoted as a winner. gift > $100 amazon gift card, time > 1 day
#the difficulty of the challenge will increase as it goes to the end.

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I ain't clicking that shit

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I just bought a FUBAR Lexus RX350 and I don't have the slightest idea how to fix this. Just use some duct tape and leave it mostly as is? Am I in for a lot of pain and suffering?

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Go to scrapyard and find make/model of car with good doors. Purchase them and install them. Rock the multi-colored paint job like a boss.

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Most of that will buff out. Post in the classic general on /o/ and you will get some good tips.


this will probably not work, but anyway: >>>/o/27610996

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how fucked is this? the house was previously a small cabin that the previous owner (who was a union carpenter) built a large addition to & turned into an actual house.

this was his build after opening up the exterior wall & adding a horizontal 2x4 to the old top plate and a fuck ton of 2x8 lumber on the other side, creating a cluster fuck of a beam. held up by an out of level adjustable jack post.

it's sagging towards the center of the horizontal 2x4, is there anyway I can unfuck this without getting squashed, or getting fucked in the ass by contractors & permitting?
based on the age of the wood on the addition, I'd hazard a guess it was built 30-40 years ago

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Looks to me like the beam work is being done by the 2x8s and the horizontal 2x4 is just sagging because sometimes it be like that. Are the 2x8s sagging at all? What is above the horizontal 2x4? If all seems solid i would honestly just do what >>2800783 said...

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Agreeing with what's already said. Beams sag over 40-odd years. If you want to re-level the ceiling, you'd do better just shimming the drywall. Yeah, that half-assed assembled beam probably should have been done better originally, but looks like it's held up pretty well.
That horizontal board isn't carrying any weight. If it's sunk well below the rest of the beam, you could just shave or sawzall it down.

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get a glulam beam that length and jack it up against that one, then install it properly with support underneath. you're going to lose head room and some room on the sides but it will be solid for another century at least

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the 2x8s are fine & aren't sagging. the top plate above that the horizontal 2x4 is screwed to doesn't seem to be sagging.

i can imagine it'd be fine I'm just concerned about that horizontal shit there, which are holding up the ceiling joists and roof rafters.

the joists in the ceiling are actually going in two different directions. to the left of the beam they are going perpendicular to the beam & are resting on the horizontal top plate. To the right of the beam they are running parallel to the beam

this is a pic of the out of plum jack

>> No.2800936

it's actually got ceiling joists & roof rafters sitting on it.

I think this is probably the most least involved thing to do to make it 100%

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does this really work in america? i need to resupply my workshop, what are the best cities to do it?

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>acting aggressive and are black
Do you think that white meth heads don't steal stuff? Just another reminder that your average 4chan racist is fucking dumb as shit.

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They do, but store clerks are ever slightly more intimidated by the a hoodlum black over a scrawny white methhead.

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>Do you think that white meth heads don't steal stuff?
they don't get a free "get out of jail" card

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eBay is full of stolen tools.

>> No.2800974

So there are a higher percentage of blacks in jail, but that's because they all have a "get out of jail" card? What are you trying to say?

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If you need to ask, no. Throw it in the trash

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Probably this. I would buy a new one. You can solder them back on if you want, but there’s a good chance you do more damage than good if you have never soldered before. Also the strain relief on the cable is fucked and all the electrical tape in the world probably won’t get it close to the original strength.

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>Is there a way to fix this?
not by you.

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8-watt USB soldering iron kit on ebay.

That's the correct size for that kind of work.

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My bathtub has a hole in it, and I'm trying to fix it. A big chunk broke off, but it fits perfectly in the hole. I don't have access to the bottom of it, so I've glued a handle to the big chunk and am trying to pull it while having applied some bathtub acrylic fixer on the sides beforehand.

Any suggestions?

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Messy results are in.

Applyed more fixer on top will just grind it away later.

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so you fixed it apparently.. so why did you need suggestions again? what was the point of this thread then? ok so you fixed it. now fuckoff. a harbor freight thread died for this shit.

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lighten up baby gurl. he had a broken thing and he fixed it. which part of that flew over your nappy head.

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Go back to a thread dedicated to consuming you faggot...

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I suggest sanding it afterwards and painting it if you can find a small amount

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I don't know why I fuck up ceiling like this.
I manage to get a decent even finish on the walls, but this is what I get with ceilings.

I thought this was good enough yesterday because I only noticed the few spots on the right, but this morning I noticed the edge of the roll marks on the left are kinda visible.

Am I going to be forced to do a third coat or can I just fade out these mistakes somehow?

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I'm using a 10L bucket in what proportions should I use it?

I get the feeling the ones i'm using go to shit a bit too fast.

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You can only notice it because of the incidence of the light coming in at 90 degrees from the window.
For that, you need a level-5 drywall finish,for openers.
Second, for a ceiling you want the flattest paint you can buy. Eggshell? No way… fuck that. Dead fucking flat. Only thing flatter is popcorn ceilings which disgust me.
You locally sand off any drips or ridges left by the roller. Use a flashlight held up at right angles on the ceiling to see any shadows.
Then go down to the dollar store and get a mini foam roller with rounded corners and with minimal paint, paint over the parts you sanded and try and blend it in.
This is why we use flat, non-glossy paint on the ceiling. Nobody is going to be touching it.
The shot of black people are old copypasta retards.

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>You can only notice it because of the incidence of the light coming in at 90 degrees from the window.

Yeah I realized, it's only noticeable in the morning.
But I know it's there so I notice anyway.
I should have skim coated the walls as well but I'm cheaping out because I'm on a budget. Doing the best I can with what I have.
Sanding is doable, I might do that. Thanks.

I guess it looks ok enough so I'll move on to the walls for the moment and if it bugs me I'll fix it.
I'm gonna rent it out anyway.

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>jew candles

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I'm catholic.
They come from a mountain house my grandafther bought in the '50s after it was.... ahem...

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Fuck this shit... Its become a modern scam just like everything else... I have to pump every single day for this stupid shit so how do I set myself free from this fucking scam? yes, ofc I still want to ride around in the comfort and luxury of my 80 thousand dollar SUV.

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Those russian dashcam videos of cars spontaneously exploding are caused by /diy/ natural gas or propane conversions

>> No.2800856

>Electric should be government mandated
Completely impossible with our current infrastructure. The modern electrical grid is not able to distribute the amount of juice required to sustain the whole population plugging in their electric vehicles at day's end. We'd need to replace pretty much the entire electrical infrastructure.

>> No.2800874

A society becomes great when old men install utility poles whose power they know they'll never drive with.

>> No.2800902

Don't do a russian quality conversion?

>> No.2800955

It depends on how much do you drive. I have a Diesel Mitsubishi 2007 Pajero and a full electric Toyota Proace.
I can use the Proace for 95% of my rides and charge it at home with my solar system in 4-5 hours of sun. For the rest i get in the Pajero.

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>drive around
>still see a sewing machine repair store and a vacuum cleaner store around
Why did those survive disposable appliances but not TV and other repair stores?

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NTA but Hammond makes "generator oil" specifically for the tone wheels and also for lubing the moving parts on Leslies...from what I hear from friends who play them a lot of old techs still have some in an old metal can from half a century + years ago and it's still good.

Worst thing they can do in regards to lubrication is to sit too long without ever spinning up.

>> No.2800985

Not true
I clean the carb then charge you the price of new plus labor. Its an easy 150 bucks and usually takes 20 minutes. Dont like it fix it yourself

>> No.2800986

>Why did those survive disposable appliances but not TV and other repair stores?
sewing machines and vacuum cleaners are easy and quick to repair parts are all over the place.

modern tv's are not designed to be repaired if parts are available people don't want to spend the money. this should be obvious to an person who does diy.

>> No.2800987

>sewing machines need a lot of attention, tuning, cleaning, repair. they're complex af.
wrong about every part of this. unless they get abused they usually only need oil.

>> No.2800989

this, just money laundering operations

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I got this dewalt vacuum it's old and European, i can only find one source of filters, but i noticed alot these eurovacs have the same paper rectangle filter with orange foam, are euro vac filter standard?

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Not really, Kärcher and Dewalt and some other shop vacs use the same model known as D27901. They come in different ‘grades’ tho with the original Dewalt one being up to €100 and clones low as €10. The expensive one can be pressure washed iirc

Philips and AEG use almost the same model for some normal vacs but those have notches and won’t fit a shop vac

>> No.2800804

Actually GAL stands for Guste Agregiĝi Litro, which is "Correct Aggregate Litres" in Esperanto, another system devised and used by annoying eurotards to solve a problem that didn't exist.

>> No.2800828

>are euro vac filter standard
there are like 3 or 5 oem who sell their vacuum under two dozen brand names

>> No.2800873

what does this mean
what's up with their battery voltage

>> No.2800878

dewalt advertises their 18v batteries as 20v in the US

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Look at that tradie's outfit.
What trade is that? Most likely a blacksmith? That's a cool apron. I really want something like that for my shop.

>> No.2800527

He's a fast food worker

>> No.2800576

we all sell our bodies in different ways

>> No.2800585

>quick here comes an arby's worker
>assume fake smile
>"good evening, maam"
>fuck, he's not interested. fucking faggot. fuck, i'm dope sick as fuck. i gotta cop some dope. goddamn, i'm gonna have to go to niggertown to get high tonight.

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Thoughts on building an airboat? Are they as fun IRL as in Half Life?

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>> No.2800691

unfortunately totally fucking useless information since its in retard anglo units

>> No.2800696

Go ahead. They're simple enough. A catamaran with a "mud motor" is much less expensive and you can get nuts with the HP. One lunatic used a Cummins in his.

>> No.2800700

Cruising like a fan boat on the glade
He'll tweak ass your ass across the cross fade
So watch your back when he takes the stage
Or he'll send you off on a naked rampage

>> No.2800765

sorry, what he's trying to say is it could probably rush 69 Muslims at 80 km/h to run a train on your daughter.

>> No.2800988

it doesn't matter, you won't do it.

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Does anyone here run a Handyman for Hire business? How successful is it for you? Thinking about making money off my tinkerings for once

>> No.2800475

Well, we've never had this thread before. Nice work, OP.

>> No.2800486

There's a first time for everything!

>> No.2800498

Billions must breath fresh and clean air.

>> No.2800500

Yes. Worked on crews for years, realized if I could handle some paperwork I could make way more money. I'm not rich from it but it's freedom and I can pay bills.

>> No.2800504

Not everyone lives online 24/7 just because you do. Each thread will have a fresh perspective.

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>I like to add a little resin to my coffee, and Siraya Tenacious is particularly nice.

Last Thread: >>2793796

>Your print failed? Go to:

>Calibrate your printer.

If that doesn't help you solve your problems, post:
>A picture of the failed part
>Printer make & model
>Filament type/brand
>Slicer & slicer settings

>What printer should I buy? [32/03/90 :detadpU tsaL]
Do your own research, these are just popular and available options.
All controversial printers and brands have been removed from the list for your safety.
DIY: https://reprap.org/wiki/
SLA: >>>/tg/3dpg

>Where can I get things to print?

>What CAD software should I use?
Free to anyone: Fusion360, Onshape, TinkerCAD, FreeCAD
Free to me: Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Rhino, Solid Edge
Autistic /g/oobers: OpenSCAD, OpenJSCAD
Mesh free-forming and modeling: Blender
Architects: Sketchup

>What slicer should I use?
For everyone: Cura, PrusaSlicer, BambuStudio for Bambu owners.
For enthusiasts: SuperSlicer, OrcaSlicer
For autists: Pleccer/SuperPleccer, Kiri:Moto, FullControl

Legacy Pastebin (Last updated 1255 days ago): https://pastebin.com/AKqpcyN5

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>> No.2800764

Spend $150 more and get the a1 and it will curb stomp both the ender and prusa.

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Alright anons, after some consideration I finally pulled the trigger. What are your bets how shitty the chink rails will be?

>> No.2800904

>1% off
Only the Chinese

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Thanks, straightened up some cables and installed a cable chain on the most suspect one for peace of mind.
Ultimately I think my problem is a shitty stock Ender3 extruder, and filament routing and too much retraction is too much for it. Turning on this "combing mode" setting seemed to help by eliminating internal retractions.
Appreciate the many replies and experience.

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>cura and renaming everything

The equivalent in slic3r variants is probably 'avoid crossing walls'. I like this setting. It should be the default imo.
Thats almost certainly not whats borking your print above, but it is a good parameter to use anyway.
Excess retraction might be your problem, but it shoudn't just suddenly start doing it at a specific level if it was excessive retraction.
Your issue looks like the filament path gets to a height where the bowden becomes constricted, or the nozzle temperature drops too much.

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It's just some pretentious baguette styling, aint't it? Compound all the angles, and boolean the resulting components based on what stock you have available. It wouldn't be a thing if they had CAD in 1300s.

Or am I missing something?

>> No.2800361

>It's just some pretentious baguette styling, aint't it?
>Or am I missing something?

Yeah, you're missing a brain.

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Looks neat though

>> No.2800473

That looks really nice

>> No.2800510

>It wouldn't be a thing if they had CAD in 1300s.
crazy thing is if you did it today it would be 50 sheets of ply glued together and then cncd and it would cost about a hundred times more than paying a master joiner to build it like they did back then.

>> No.2800511

OP is the kind of person who gives us the shit architecture we have today. I bet he's great at standardized testing.