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Where were you when you learned Wera is a social media brand and not a legit tool company and Ridgid beats Milwaukee?

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I think my great grandfather had mental issues. I live in a house he built in the 1940s, he basically did everything himself. I was checking for leaks in the attic yesterday while it was storming and ran into picrel. Anyone know the structural benefit for missing a rafter 8 times in one spot?

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Steel is stronger than wood, so more steel in the structure = more better

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That looks like too many beers, not mental issues.

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What has everyone been making? After the last thread died I was busy with school. Now I’ve got time and decided to make a kemenche. It’s a Persian instrument which is the ancestor of the violin. The round body gives it a very resonant sound; kinda like I’m in a church.

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Photo of a real kemenche for comparison

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>round body
reminds me of gourd based instruments, like those still comon in india

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I assumed this was four wire and bought 50’ 6/4 SOOW cable. It’s only three wire, so the neutral isn’t needed. How bad did I fuck up and what should I do? I can’t return it. I’m just gonna cut the neutral for now, but I’d like to find a suitable use for the extra copper later. Is there any application that really needs four wires?

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Here’s the wire I got

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I'm a big fan of buying expensive materials for a project without checking to see what I need first.

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I asked my electrician friend, and he told me to get this wire. I don’t know shit so I didn’t even consider there was a chance the wire numbers were different. Only $100 down the drain though, so not the end of the world, but someday I’d like to make things right by actually using that fourth wire. Any ideas?

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why are itoddlers like this

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I dunno. Why are you?

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My wife here and I need to raise this counter. Do you recommend we tear it up and replace it? Or Raise it as is? Willing to do either one.

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Imagine larping as being married to this basic bitch

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Just set a second counter on top of that one.

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Why do you need to raise it? Its already too tall for her.

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tear it up

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is it a good introductory/intermediate resource? i know nothing about electronics and just want to grasp the basic/low-intermediate concepts so i can understand concepts that electronics people talk about.

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It's good, but helps if you do some practical exercises out of books.

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how do i find the practical exercises?

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Where ever you find books. 4chan has a list in /sci/

Try local library.

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I found a YouTube video recommending the arrl handbook and I think it's about right
Its in between easy and a hard
I already read one that was easy. Teach yourself electronics, but it it was kind of filler.

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Hello 4Chan users I have an idea for an automatic car jack. I do not have enough time to develop this idea by my own that’s why I thought I give it to you to see what happens.
First, I would start with a base. This base is made out of 4 corner parts, which are connected with simple steal pipes.
This corner parts contain a sphere which is hold and driven by 4 wheels. (this wheels have to be omni wheels if you go further in developing). That would be working like the rezero robot or R2D2.
To make out of this a car Jack we should mount a hydraulic Cylinder in the middle with a pump. This part can be connected with springs, so the corner part doesn’t have to hold the car weight.
This construction could be remote controlled but I know it could be doing his job autonomy. To achieve this automatically process we need to connect some laser sensors and if we measure the area 10 cm above the ground we would only measure the position of the wheels with this information it would be easy to make a program a code that could navigate with this information.
Now we can program the jack point of our cars and once programmed 4 of these bots can lift up the cars autonomy.
My native language is German and that’s why my English has some flaws.

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You could use it to place bombs under cars

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any of you AC fags out there want to trouble shoot my mr cool AC unit magically online? It was blowing hot just fine a week ago but now it wont blow cold.

Thoughts? I had a friend of mine who thought he knew what he was doing and he actually sort of does, but on older shit and he hooked up some of the R410 and put some in, we did not have a scale and he was like, "bro I think we put about two pounds in there, if it aint working I dont know"

So now Im worried that its overfilled and it was never low in the first place, but had something else going on.

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Technically he's right.
Nitrogen is inert at room temp but at high temperature it's not.

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Compared to argon? Nope.
For the application of leak testing an air conditioner? Good enough.

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>Nitrogen is inert at room temp but at high temperature it's not.
Diatomic nitrogen disassociates at temperatures >3000 K. What HVACR system could possibly experience those temperatures?

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This is why you shouldn't DIY air conditioning. How much did you save after you pay someone to come unfuck it for you?

You can't charge mini-splits by superheat or subcool. The only accurate ways are to weigh in a charge or by temperature drop across the evaporator.

>I work in an HVAC/R lab for one of the larger manufacturers out there.
I hope you're the janitor because you haven't got a clue what you're talking about. OP's unit uses precharged linesets which means no vacuum pump.

>for some dumb ass reason this minisplit only has a gauge/ fill port on the return side.
That port is only there so you can add refrigerant. The pressure and temperature readings there don't mean shit.

Yes, he should definitely remove the charge and then introduce air and moisture into the system so he can check for leaks.
Or, you know, he could just soap the lines with the charge still in it since it will still bubble.

OP is getting exactly what he deserves. You bought a cheap piece of shit, hacked it in, and now it doesn't work. I hope some tradie absolutely violates you with the bill for fixing your fucking mess.

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yeah you dont know shit.
>muh vacuum
if its got a leak then what happends when you vacuum it? you draw air and moisture INTO the system.
what happends if its got a slow leak and you just recharge it? nothing but it it tricky to get the charge right and it will leak out again.

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So you're saying if I /diy/ some meth and pills I'll a nice income stream.

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They dropped another 10k since that screenshot... There is something bad wrong with this house. Has to be. I'm not saying don't buy it.... But for fucks sake... Get a home inspection so you have a chance at figuring out what they hid with their strange renovations... I mean really? Why does the living room have zero wall space? How the heck are you supposed to arrange furniture in a tiny room with big windows without making the room claustrophobic? And what is the deal with the extra cabinet all by itself in the kitchen? And is that a washer/dryer combo IN THE BEDROOM? It certainly can't be a utility room at that size or there would be more stuff in there.
A home inspection might at least show what you are signing up for

That cement was painted in the last 10 years so the crack can't be that old or you wouldn't be able to make it out in pictures. Foundation crack is worrisome as should be assessed by a professional.

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What about a place like this?
>in Arkansas, on Arkansas/Missouri border
>1 mile of dirt road
>1 neighbor to the south, 1000 ft away, trees inbetween
>30 minutes south of West Plains, MO
>listed at $52k
>900 sqft 3bed 1 bath mobile home
>no date found anywhere, probably pre-hud
>1 acre
>has gigabit fiber internet
This photo is of the side of it, with a storage shed. I'd post the zillow picture of the front, but that one doesn't have the flag.

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Jesus, I used to live near the MD/WV border around 2010, and shacks like that used to cost $12k.

>> No.2587417

$60k and plenty of area for a meth lab just off your property

There’s like 3 neighbors real close and then nothing.

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I heard about jammers that are able to actually shutdown/freeze phones. So for example you are recording a video and the jammers actually freezes it and blocks the video until it's enabled. Is this true? How are these jammers called and how do they work?

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NSA, FCC, and FBI have entered the chat.

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Google.com, moron

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They were used in Afghanistan, and they can make you impotent.

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Fortunately analog 8mm cameras are readily available over the internet and second hand stores.
I recommend always carrying one with you to dissuade unlawful search and detention by police.

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Don't you have better things to do than go fishing here Mr. Special Agent?

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Can someone help me create a box that can hold a large item and when opened can create a small flame. Similar to the trick Light Yagami in deathnote. I know weird request but I'm curious to know if possible to it on a larger scale.

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>easy to get materials
>really hard to light

It'll certanly destruct whatever you want, but it won't be instant. And to light it you'll need a strip of magnesium with a strong blue flame

But you only need powederd rust and aluminium. I suggest bying theese from unitednuclear.com

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Fuck off ATF

>> No.2587154

battery + normally-closed switch (connects when not pressed) + nichrome vape wire + big pile of gunpowder

enjoy blowing yourself up, you ted larper faggot, lmao

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When your mom wears corduroy she emits flames from her box.

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Something's amiss; I can't quite put my finger on it
What's your assessment /diy?

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if your gonna go on a bender, do ALL the coke and kill the hooker too.

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These actually work ok for what they are.

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Just get an sds bit you retart

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Shouldn't I get a sds driller first?
Yeah, I ordered them; for the price, I'd be a fool not to (can't be that bad...)

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>Looks extremely inexpensive
Yeah right; not poking holes in spacecrafts, my guy...

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Has anyone tried electroculture in their vegetable gardens?

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>Spray my vegetables with poisonous chemicals? I’m worried I’ll end up turning into a faggot like you if I do that.
>Spray my vegetables...turning into a faggot
>unironically gardens
anon I have some bad news

>> No.2586992

Growing vegetables makes me a faggot? What’s for dinner tonight tranny? Gonna swing by McDonald’s on your way to drag queen story hour?

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>Be rabbit
>Come to fuckup your little garden
>Big rainstorm but fuckit im not afraid
>Start nibbling on your radish like the fluffy faggot fuck I am
>Suddenly a bolt of lightning streaks down from the sky
>Kills me and every worm within 10'
>Get slowly eatten by radish
Seems like a good plan.

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trannies and drag queens hate each other

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>Start nibbling on your radish like the fluffy faggot fuck I am
Deal with it

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Anyone here has any chink AC servo manufacturers to recommend?
I know about leisai/leadshine but are there any other "quality" AC servos out there?
Mitsubishi/Fuji/OtherWeebServos are out of my price bracket.

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just look around, asshole. read reviews. make your own decision.
what the hell is all this
>think for me
shit lately?
fuck off, you retarded queer.
if you don't know enough to find one, you don't know enough to own one.
fucking gayrod.

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If its out of your budget do you really need a servo? Steppers with feedback are blurring the lines.

>> No.2587249

>just look around, asshole. read reviews. make your own decision.

Not that guy, but I just went through the purchasing rigamarole for parts on a CNC mill conversion. Getting a good summary or clear idea of what's available on the low end isn't easy. It really is just the upper-end, real industrial stuff from household names, then a bunch of re-branded crap from Chinese no-name factories. There is virtually no reputable branding for the budget stuff (there isn't even that much of it to begin with). I couldn't even really find anything that wasn't either Leadshine stuff or bootleg Leadshine knockoffs.

Kind of this. As much as I would have liked a servo system on my mill, I ended up just going with steppers. The reality is, this thing is only going to be used for small-time production. 300in/min+ rapids would be nice, but it's not really going to make enough of a difference to justify the added cost. I got a 3-axis NEMA 34 kit for ~$230 to my door. I couldn't even get just the servo motors for that price.

Do you really need servos, or do you just want them? Really analyze whether the performance difference is going to be worth it in your specific case.

>> No.2587367

Well this machine used servos back when it was still working (I bought the frame essentially for scrap value). So I figured that I would need them too. It's bunch of 750W 2.3Nm AC servos with 10:1 gearboxes. The gearboxes seem to be OK it's just the motors and all of the electronics that are dead.

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I want to turn this combo guitar amp into a speaker cabinet. The speakers were connected to the speaker output of the amplifier by a quarter inch TS cable. Problem is that cable is too short to connect to another amplifier. Would it be safe to plug that cable into a female-to-female quarter inch jack, mount the jack to the back of the cabinet, and then plug an amp into the jack?

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File: 95 KB, 950x558, 8-speaker-wire-gauge-4-x-12-speaker-cabinet-wiring-diagram-schematic-diagrams-rh-bestkodiaddons-co-4-speaker-wiring-parallel-or-series-4x12-8-speaker-wiring-90-81845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, you can use an adapter, but remember to keep the resistance and power output specs in mind when plugging it into a different amp. For example, if the cabinet is 4ohms and can handle a max of 50w don't plug it into a 8ohm 100w amp.

>> No.2587028

that's harmless, don't plug 4 ohm speakers into 8/16 ohm outputs or youll fry the output stage.

>> No.2587054

Would soldering two jacks together work? Or is heavier gauge wire needed?

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Work Boots thread

What boots last the longest? I'm fed up having to buy new pairs of dewalts every year and a half or so

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Most guys at my job use Jalas, they are a Finnish brand.

>> No.2587142

I've worn a pair of us milsurp Corcoran's that I bought used for $7 for daily wear for 11 years, and worksite wear for 4 years. I'd say they need resoling now, and a dye job on the leather, but structurally they're great still.

>> No.2587152

I have 4 different pairs of carolina boots for various applications
Good balance of quality and price

>> No.2587200

Double H

>> No.2587229

I use thorogood
they're thoroughly good

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Please dont hate and happy Ramadan

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1) download deluge
2) go to piratebay
3) pick a torrent that has a green skull icon
4) follow instructions to install and crack
happy ramadan anon death to america

>> No.2586819

office 2003 or 2007 are pretty good and not overly bloated or have the online crap

>> No.2586842

>Dad has been using my Office 2010 student ed all the way from my college days
>PC got bricked by an Excel macro virus via some spoof email attachment, one of the weakest attacks that can be easily prevented.
>He went to buy a new laptop and pestered the tech to "bundle-in" MS Office suite
>Back at home, Windows Defender detected the Office crack as false positive (which he doesn't/can't understand the concept of)
>He panicked and brought it back to the shop and got the tech to "remove the trojan"
>Meaning he paid an extra $50 service fee + gas for the guy to uninstall what he specifically told him to install
>All the while, Office 365 is FREE
>He doesn't need all the paywall features, doesn't even use basic formulas in Excel to do his taxes i have to file for him every time FFS.
Boomers. Boomers make me rage.

>> No.2586883

>pick toxic skull
nice troll but please don't do what this retard says
you have to pick the healthy tomato skulls, like rotten tomatoes rating system, the redder the skull is the better the torrent

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Install the needful

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I have a question: What exactly is involved in becoming an Electrician? As in, from 0 to qualified Electrician what would the general steps on that road be? In the UK if it makes a difference.
Bonus question: What trade(s) require the most and least book learning and theoretical study, and which require the most and least practical experience to pick them up?
Bonus question 2: If I went for something to go alongside and compliment Electrician, what secondary trade would pair the best with it?

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Dunno about the UK. Apparently eurofags get sponsored for apprenticeships by companies. In the US you must get an apprenticeship from a company / union, do your hours on the job, do your classwork (if applicable), fulfill any other state requirements (find information with the state electrical contractors board), and test for your license. In order to get an apprenticeship you might want some sort of background in the field, take some classes, or work as a helper for a bit.

Bonus answer: All trades require a very high degree of practical experience, this is what makes them trades. Carpentry and masonry require the least book study. The most book study starts to push the boundaries of what is considered a trade. But perhaps things like controls, refrigeration, electrical, telecom / it, ect.

Bonus answer 2: Do what your interested and works well for you. If its just something on the side you do on your own maybe repair home appliances or work on cars for your buddies. If you wanna go from being an electrician to a different career you could be a lineman, e and e controls tech, hvac tech, low voltage electrician, ect.

>> No.2587292

In Aus it's a 4 year apprenticeship with trade school paid for by the company your working for in exchange for a very low hourly wage. In your first year your not expected to know anything so expect a lot of go get this anon, pass me that or clean that up will you. As you progress each year your pay and responsibilities will increase as you get more capable.

As >>2587271 said chippy and bricky seem to be the most retarded followed by boily's and turd surgeons. As a second skill fire and hvac are pretty handy skills to have. Helps to have a thick skin being a sparky as most people will assume your gay.

>> No.2587294

I'm confused about the first part, I should go immediately try to get an apprenticeship as an electrician if starting from zero and have no knowledge or experience in the field?

Good about the first part at least, I'm looking to switch to a trade because university broke me with how much studying there was. I can do book studying just fine I'm a smart guy, I just absolutely fucking loathe it with every fibre of my being and spent every single moment wishing I was just learning by doing instead.

No idea at all what I'm interested in any more I'm a bit dead inside, I just don't want to be a neet forever and want some actual employment and like the idea of a trade a lot more than vegetating in a cubicle.

>As a second skill fire and hvac are pretty handy skills to have.
Is that even a set of qualifications or whatever you can have?

>> No.2587297

Lotta sparky fanboys on this board lately, we might need another step down.

>> No.2587299

Yes, In some states over here fire is very heavily regulated. I specialise as a sparky in fire for mining and heavy industry.

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I need to learn to build a small shelter of some sort fit for living. Can anyone recommend any literature for this purpose? A kacynzki style cabin would probably be fine, hell Id probably settle for a nice adobe mud hut or something at this point. Im definitely never ever going to have enough credit or cash to get a good house from the (((the banks))) so this is my only shot.

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>> No.2587384

Really? Because if someone knows enough to write an entire book, publish it, then multiple people read it and can attest to it; it shows it has value in meaning and is coming from a reputable source.
>vs just addressing each point individually, from varying sources, all with probably differing opinions
Havent you ever heard the old addage? 2 dentists 3 opinions. 10 gardeners 10 different answers. Etc. THANKS.

>> No.2587385

isnt yurting what zoomers call cumming now or something

>> No.2587397

There's this youtuber named bushradical that goes through building cabins step by step. He has multiple long videos building entire cabins from bare ground and showing every part and explaining it. It's more made to be a relaxing thing to watch, but nevertheless it does teach how to build a cabin, and cheaply at that. What he builds does seem to lack some functionality, like there is no water, there is no electricity, there is no aspect of plumbing at all, it is fundamentally an insulated and aesthetically pleasing wooden box. I guess you would need to build some outhouse somewhere. Either way I'm not saying his videos are the right answer, but they're an answer.

>> No.2587399

This is a genuine legitimate answer and I respect and thank you, but Id rather have a book because obviously im a little paranoid and im kinda tired of the whole voluntary wiretap thing

>> No.2587400

That's fair

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Anyone use these planter bags? Are they as good as regular pots? Any issues with tipping over?

I was going to buy like 20 planter pots to make a little path of plants in my yard but I found out these bags exist and are much cheaper. My main concern is that they could tip over in wind or if it rains and the soil gets too soft but idk maybe the weight of all the dirt prevents that.

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>> No.2586840

They're great if you need a mid point between indoor germination and planting. Just carry them out to the wheel barrow when it's planting day. But that's a niche compared to what they're sold for.

>> No.2586844

I've been using 1-gallon and 2-gallon planter bags over the last year and so far no problems. When you're ready to move a plant to a larger container or plant it in the ground it's a lot easier to cut the bag and remove the plant compared to removing plants from plastic pots.

>> No.2587000

Well I ordered 10 x 25 gallon bags so we'll see. It's about the size of a large planter, 20" diameter 16" tall.
I figure I'll need about 15 x 50qt bags of potting soil to fill them. That's going to be a joy in my sedan.

>> No.2587037

this is why you own a truck

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