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Don't know if this is the best place to ask but...Basically I'm trying to make my own hand sanitizer. I'm following the WHO guidelines to make a liquid spray and that's pretty simple. But I also want to make a gel like the kind Purell makes. All the guides online say that you just have to mix aloe vera gel and alcohol together but when I do that the aloe vera sort of coagulates no matter how hard I mix. Anyone know how I can make a >70% v/v alcohol based gel?

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WHO is dead.

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Hey did you know that you can improvise a set of strut spring compressors into an end vise? Post rigged up bs that still works

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I want to make the most of this pandemic while I can to get out of my shitty job.

What are some certs and whatnot I can get / look into?

A lot of places ask for PLC experience, is there any fucking way I can demonstrate that so that I can actually get a job that requires said PLC ?

at this point I could probably just design a PLC simulator and see if they accept that as proof that I'm not too braindead to do PLC.

For example:
>Tertiary or vocational qualifications in Engineering.
>Minimum of 3 years experience in maintenance support/equipment troubleshooting
>Strong PLC programming skills, preferably with Allen-Bradley/Rockwell products and software
How do I get that without losing my current job?
>Experience in Robotics support (ABB, Kawasaki)
what does this even mean?
>Good working knowledge of PC/IT Network systems.
is this just basic IT shit?
>Data handling/analysis using MS Office suite.
is this just basic (click "chart" in excel) type shit?

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any certs you can get online that aren't CS (i.e. programming or sysadmin shit) related are scams, and CS ones are basically just p2w mechanics applied to irl because boomer hr cat ladies don't understand anything about computers

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ok but how does that information help me.

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I want one so bad, but don't know where to start. What would be the best way to start, and or is there some kind of rules I can fallow?

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The fuck are you talking about?

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thanks in advance

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Worst option, put glue in the hole, wait for it to dry, screw it again.
Better option, move it a bit to the left or right. Wait for it to break again because particle board is shit.
Best option, drill a larger hole, put dowel in hole with glue, drill hole in dowel, screw to dowel.

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thanks dawg

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What's /diy/'s opinion of stone masonry as a career? Considering switching from electrical to stone masonry.

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>You’ll be competing for jobs with lots of immigrants.
that's all of us, champ
western nations realized they ran out of skilled trades workers. now they're all looking to import unskilled labour and slap a "trades worker" sticker on them. we're going to enter an age of incredible disparity in the quality of work.

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Just market towards rich people. I do microbiology at a botanical gardens in a very rich area and had to take the standard course my boss sells to his clients. Half the shit he "teaches" can easily be figured out with a basic knowledge of Google and a couple braincells. He's able to charge stupid money for it though since he mainly markets to rich Mormons.

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That's the plan. If i can market myself as a smart, clean and reliable young white man I think i will be able to break into the rich market pretty easily, especially in California.

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I started in 2015, got 3 months experience, and started an "architectural masonry" company in Indianapolis. I build firepits, outdoor fireplaces, patios, repair chimneys, indoor fireplaces, tuck pointing etc. If it doesn't have mortar, I won't touch it, and only in rare circumstances will I use anything other than natural stone. I absolutely murder it out here. I built a limestone firepit last week in 2 days for $3,100 and the material was a whopping $100. I charge $1500 to show up and grind out joints and tuck point 50 linear feet, I've built 4 outdoor fireplaces last year in the 15-18k range for 1500 or so in materials.... then I'll normally convince them they need a matching patio (reason for always using stone and not cheap veneer and brick), some stone benches, a matching grill connected to city gas, etc and make 30k on one customer.

That said, masonry is fucking hard, it's dirty, anyone who you can hire with experience is Mexican or a white trash loser, and it does take time to get to the point you can make everything look beautiful. Not good, beautiful. Im also well spoken, trustworthy, and smart. If you're a clown, you'll never have upper class people giving you 10k dollar deposits on work not yet started.

Will be around to answer any questions for a few

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Like all trades, it depends where you live. It is a dying trade and will shortly go the way of the wheelwrights with the advent of "hardscapes" and the sort outside of restoration work. I live in new england and skilled stone masons are in short supply (shorter than any other trade) and very highly paid. $30-50/hour with tender's starting at 25. If you go out on your own you'll be hitting 6 figures faster than a plumber. That said, it is very physically demanding work and do not laugh at silicosis.

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I'm a moron, and I don't know what to use to clean which material. I have already made some metals and tv remotes have color washed away from all the aclohol I'm using while i wipe them down. I know I can't use bleach on any fabric, but I can't use it on practically anything except tiles and ceramic. Plastic is everywhere, sometimes it seems like alcohol can be used on them, sometimes it seems like it's to strong.

How the hell do I clean my house, what do I use, how do I use them, what is safe to use on which material, and how do I not inhale bleach and aclohol vapors all day when I use them to clean?

This is all related to basic cleaning and disinfecting the 2019 coronavirus, of course.

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Use vinegar on absolutely everything.

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Sugar soap works well as an all rounder

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Is there a way to refresh these at home? It's time to get innovative.

I have a couple sets of these but due to current events they are difficult to obtain. I want to use them for oil based paint. They still block solvent odors so the carbon filters are still good, but because I also put on the respirator for sanding I think the particulate filter portion got too clogged over time and they take a good amount of effort to breathe through. Any ideas?

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take your air compressor and blast air through them the other way.

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they're ultrasonic welded around the seam between the pink bit and the beige bit, there's basically no chance of spudging the can open, it will have to be cut. the p100 filter material loses some of it's particle-grabbing power when washed in water or solvent, although it seems to be OK to blow out with compressed air. if you have a shop vac with a blow function that usually gets wood dust out but it won't push sandblasting grit or dried paint out of the filter fabric.
carefully cut the can open, pink side up (without spilling the loose charcoal granules that capture the vapors), to replace the clogged p100 filter with some other fine filter like a HEPA hoover bag, a furnace filter, range hood or cabin pollen filter material (ruche/fanfold the material for maximum surface area to improve breathability, hot glue seal the edge to the can so it can't be bypass), then taping it back together and it will be fine for painting. it's not going to be as good as new, but better than walking around bareface in a cloud of paint.

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You sound like you've done this before. Thanks.

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>"it's time to get innovative"
>goes on the internet and asks someone else how to do simple shit

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>p100 filter material loses some of it's particle-grabbing power when washed in water or solvent
Don't wash them
HEPA filters lose a significant amount of their capturing ability when dunked in liquid
Vacuuming helps sometimes though

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So I hear the US has less than 200k ventilators. in the case that you are in a rural area and cannot access a ventilator in the eventual event that manufacture cannot keep up with the sick. Do y'all have ideas for it to work? Schematics?
Suppose I have access to a air compressor and electronic parts and tools. what's the air pressure etc that humans can take?

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no sir. i'm new to town

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The MIT route is probably the best in the short term since it uses readily avaible supplies, ie small motors and ambu-bags. True ventilators are precision machines able to tune and read inspiratory and expiratory volume as well as pressure and make on the fly adjustments while adding oxygen, heat, and humidity through filter media.

In true emergencies, we'll probably be hand-bagging people.

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link to post please

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You could google this and find answers to literally every question you have. Rather than reinventing the wheel, just look at one of the dozens of emergency /diy/ ventilator projects and follow their instructions.

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boards.4chan.org/diy/catalog there ya go, bud.

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Anyone know how to build a Virtual Presence Device?
I wanna go outdoors.

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Then go outside faggot.

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Aren't those drainage stones? Why the fuck would you want to remove them?

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dont remove them, theyre probably there for a reason. do a think about for a minute. show the roof line above that spot, im betting no overhang, and no eaves-trough, the stones are there to keep the fall off from the roof from splattering the house with dirt and digging a trench along the wall that will hold water

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Because there's a drain down there that takes the water away from the house, instead of having it pool near the house.

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French drain below. Many people remove the stones above it, shovel on soil, and plant flowers then have water issues inside.

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gutters or gravel thats the code

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its decorative. a french would be in a valley, not the crest of a sloping hill

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Can you apply acrylic urethane clear coat over oil based paint? (Egc 11 universal clear over rustoleum 2x gloss paint plus primer)

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As long as the oil is dry, yes. Oil paint can take weeks to dry completely sometimes.

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Anyone else excited about the sweet deals on barely used quality tools coming to pawn shops and Craigslist when the depression hits?

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What was the greentext for this meme? It went like "Something Something boomers can't take their trinkets with them to their grave".

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It's already happening. I've seen deals on cars, trucks and more. Virginia area.

Don't buy a John Deere.

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>look what you'll be inheriting
>don't put me in a nursing home

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My corona cash is going to a new riding mower, haven’t picked one out yet. Depending on how things go I may look into a sub compact tractor for my small property. Also hoping to jew down a contractor to asphalt my driveway.

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it's not gonna happen. this shit never happens. boomers are the biggest fucking hoarders and they think all their chinesium crap is worth its weight in tungsten and they dont even know how to use buy/sell sites anyway

>harbor freight drill press bought in 1999 that's beat to shit, missing parts, and doesn't come with any bits or accessories
>it's posted on Kijiji as a Newfoundland listing

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Originally posted on >>>/g/75286226 but that board sucks, so I xpost to /diy/. Open source hardware is a thing and /amg/ has more competent programmers than /dpt/.
Gotta stay at home, so I finally have some time to work towards becoming a open source contributor.
> your repos and who you need if you need some help with your project
> your skills and interests if you look for projects to contribute to.
Ideas of stuff you want to have developed are also welcome as long as post realistic stuff.

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Nice, I'd like to learn to get better with C, anything I can work on to practice? Smaller projects preferred since I'll probably get overwhelmed otherwise but just send anything you think of

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Any esp32 projects that need some help? I would especially like security related tools but anything is appreciated

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I'd like to help on anything that is good for society or something that is a rather new invention. Not the 1638th js framework or some shit like that

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>anything I can work on to practice?
Xonotic has 42 open issues.
>I'd like to learn to get better with C,
If you haven't already, read and work through the book "C Programming: A Modern Approach"

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Thanks a ton anon, but is there anything else than vidya? I dont really like playing games so I would prefer something else t bh

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I'm looking for a high quality multipurpose acrylic paint. It will not be used for different kinds of craft works and not for canvas painting. The first things I will use it for is painting a bottle and to dye a cotton string and I will probably use it on wood too and maybe leather.

Can I do all that with one type of paint? I'm looking for something high quality with good and lasting colors. I will only use it occationally, so small bottles is better than big.

I have been looking at liquitex, but it is mostly for canvas painting and I read it's not that great painting. It's just too much info out there for a no-painter like me to navigate. Please help. I'm building a lamp

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>It will not be used for different
*It WILL be used for different kinds of craft works
NOT canvas painting

Sorry for being sloppy guys

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Help me for the love of God please, this thing has been beeping every 30 seconds for 2 hours and I have no way of turning it off. I tried the breakers and nothing worked. I tried pressing the button and it didn't work. My step ladder isn't tall enough to actually reach the thing so I cant rip it out. My neighbors are going to kill me soon. I can feel it. Oh, God. Help me.

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Ask your neighbors if they can lend you a taller ladder so you can take it down before they kill you. Or, since your neighbors are close enough to hear it, maybe you should start harassing your slumlord about it.

>> No.1791233

Not op, but 5'10" manlet here. Like many people with disabilities (being a midget in my case) I have to use adaptive technologies to get by.

It's a rare and expensive piece of equipment op, but try getting a step stool. Or even a ladder. You'll thank me later.

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A thread died for this

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fucking piss on it. Piss fixes everything.

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go to the catalog and look at the last 20 threads. come back with your list of those that are worth anything. anything at all. if they ever had any value then they have already served their purpose or they wouldn't have been ignored for days.

Meanwhile OP has a real crisis on his hands.

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Looking for a sand blasting tool for my 50l 3hp compressor, wanna respray my wheels, did the first one by hand but had no luck with the deepest rim of it.

Any reccomendations?

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Just get whatever cheap thing you can find, you're not gonna be using it a lot.

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Hey /diy, i got this ergoarm thingie and I need to put my 13" drawing tablet on it, but I'm not sure how, since the tablet doesn't have vesa screw holes, I was thinking about gluing a plank to the back of the tablet and then screwing the holes in, but that may prove fairly destructive for the tablet/backplate, do you have any other inexpensive ideas?

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Search for cheap adjustable car tablet mount. Remove unnecessary parts and screw that thing to your arm.

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there's lots of vesa mount adapters with little arms like this

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glue a magnet or four on the arm, duoble stick tape some steel washers on the back of the tablet.

i did this to my tablet so i can use it for gps in the truck

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Double sided gorilla tape.

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Does anybody know how to unscrew this screw? It's got this rubber thing around it

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I just pushed it out... from inside.

>> No.1791567

using a pick, push in between the screw and ring and pry the screw up.

>> No.1791572

Dremel a slot and use a flat head

>> No.1791575

is this a car interior?

>> No.1791577

It's plastic
You pull it out with ansma flat bladed screwdriver.
The Phillips head is for suckers and noobs

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What’s the last thing we heard about bunkerbro guys? Is he still around?

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Im sure he's in his bunker right now, guarding his toilet paper stash.

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I've completed almost everything on my bucket list. Only two trips left. I was ready to face death, but when I think of the fact that I will never have my own secret underground lair, well, it hurts just a little.

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A couple threads ago someone claimed he was instructed to stop posting his bunker because it provided details about other, still active bunkers.

Exactly what super sekrit plans the government wants to hide I'm not sure. It's not like every major world power doesn't already have its own bunkers and thousands of qualified engineers and geologists, so I somewhat doubt a few pictures of his underground server room will let the cat out of the bag.

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Yeah, iirc the govt of wherever was like 'yo this has basically the same floor plan as operational bunkers pls be to stopping'

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