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>The pump attaches with a 3/4" male connection. No problem, that's standard.
>Project can't possibly go smoothly
>There's this expansion adapter attaching the water heater to the plumbing, which upstream adapts back to 3/4" pipe.
>I'll just unscrew the adapter and hook back into the 3/4" piping upstream
>Can't get existing adapter unscrewed
>No problem, I'll just add some more adapters to get things down to 3/4"
>Looks like it's 1" pipe, go buy 3/4" to 1" adapter
>It's not actually 1"
>Slightly bigger

I'm at the end of my rope on how to get this setup. As far as I can tell, 1" is the biggest standard size piping I see, and this seems slightly bigger. Am I just stupid? I've already made two round trips to Menards tonight. Is there an easier way to get this whole setup working?

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This is the actual adapter I'm trying to hook into and can't detach

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Already using the system on our current house. installed it all ourselves. we generate about 40% of our power. running since March.

we have 2 load panels (breaker boxes) in our house. one is original, one installed by us. the one we installed is SOLAR ONLY. the two DO NOT CROSS in any way. our solar load panel is 100% off-grid. no grid-tie.

this powers 40% of our house. the rest is on grid.

when we move into the new house we are building, we will expand solar system. our aim is to be self sufficient in two to three years. house should be complete in 3-4 months.

current array is 2440 W. we have 8 FLA batteries wired 4s2p. running on a Sol-Ark 12k charge controller inverter.

upgrade will include switching to LiFePo4 batteries. 3x Fortress Eflex. we will add more as cash flow allows. we live debt-free, so no financing.

this powers:
2 chest freezers
2 refrigerators
air handler motor
70" TV
bath lights
hall lights
living room lights
entire guest room
vent hood
dish washer
outdoor outlets
kitchen outlets
island outlets
gas range electrical (fan etc)
garage outlets
garage door opener
garage lights

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How do I make a cell jammer??? Anybody point me in the right direction? (Not for use just research)

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I've given you five sets of plans. Now go make me smile.

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800 mhz….1980 called wants its schematic back

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Thanks anon! Off to the lab!

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unfathomably based

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>12 screwdrivers
>a ratcheting screwdriver with 12 bits

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right is for faggots

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Right for new guys in the trades. Get the left set when you know you wanna do what you're doing.

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A real screwdriver set
Multi bit screwdrivers are for women and retards

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I've just bought a place, so naturally my first order of business is to replace the locks. I have two questions
>1. Is there any real reason to spend big on a "high security" lock over your stock-standard cylinder? Are thieves really picking locks in the real world?
>2. How difficult is it to replace a lock yourself, without having to pay a locksmith? They sell the cylinders at hardware stores, so surely it can't be an expert-only job

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Cover window in duct tape before smashing
Less noise, less mess, less chance for injury

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>1. Is there any real reason to spend big on a "high security" lock over your stock-standard cylinder? Are thieves really picking locks in the real world?
We've had business owners at my work ask us to put high-security locks on buildings with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and doors. The security level of your lock should match the security level of the rest of your security system. Most actual criminals (in America) don't bother to pick locks because it's a skill that requires patience, and if criminals had patience, they wouldn't be criminals. They're going to put in the least amount of effort possible. Your advantage as a homeowner is that you can control how high that lower limit is.

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What a dumb analogy

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>Are thieves really picking locks in the real world?
not much, but what some theives do is make copies of keys from where they work after getting access to them legitimately as part of their job or by sneaking them off the premises and putting them back after getti g copies made.
Security locks minimize the ability to do this by restricting and documenting who gets blanks at the locksmith level, so if you keep close rein on who has a key you can minimize inside theft jobs by unknowns or disgruntled terminations using a spare key.
If a key gets away though you'll need to get new cylinders and keys, and some brands will remove restrictions on older blanks when they stop selling those models, or just after a decafe or so to force everyone to upgrade cylinders to maintain the security restrictions.
IOW its kind of like a subscription service that needs to be renewed.

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t. dumbfuck who doesn't know what "analogy" means

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>made 40 trusses wrong because dumb fuck co worker who had the cutting sheet told me the wrong plate sizes
>went in to the office to inform the designer expecting to get a proper bollocking
>turned out the truss design still worked with the smaller sized plates anyway
Yeah, I got off lucky that day. After that I learned to always check for myself because other people are fucking stupid and can't be trusted.

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>get call to pick up one of my company's owners and take him to a job at a hospital
>we are installing a new oil boiler in a few weeks but he wants to try getting old one to fire so they have temporary heat
>old one is the size of a small school bus
>burner keeps cycling and locking out
>he keeps pushing reset button
>combustion chamber is getting soaked in fuel oil
>warn him to stop because if it lights now it's going to potentially be a fire
>hits reset again
>it lights
>entire basement is rumbling and fills with thick black smoke as all the oil burns off
>smoke alarms go off
>hospital being evacuated
>pack up my tools and leave that asshole there
>other owner calls and asks what happened
>tell him
>he tells me he would've left him there too
The guy who did this also asked me to bypass a flame safety to get his friend heat. He threatened to fire me when I refused but the other owners backed me up. I know if I had done it and the unit caught fire or worse he would've sworn he never told me to bypass it.

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Miswired a 240 plug for a popcorn maker at a movie theatre, not the outlet but the end of the cord. Luckily it was a dedicated circuit. Almost fried the control board and ended up shutting down the popper for the next three days until an actual electrician could come service it. All I had to say was "I'm not an electrician, I told you to get a professional."

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Stop permitting yourself to be stressed which is a CHOICE and a weakness. Sensitivity is degenerate in a man. You should have slowed down instead of reacting emotionally. Emotions are bad business so harden the fuck up.

If I'm getting paid I don't care if the customer runs a baby through the meat slicer so long as I'm not expected to clean it up.

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Never work for pajeets. They are born scammers.

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I found out my local butcher sells sheep heads. How do I go about cleaning one? Guides online say all I have to do is boil, scour, and soak in bleach. Are there other ways that don't require the special beetles? I'm afraid steps one and three of the Alaskan gov's guide, boiling and bleaching, will weaken the bone. Step two will leave marks, no? Has anyone gone about this before and has tips? I want to adorn my wall with a sheep's skull like Neolithic villagers in the Zagros. pic unrelated

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I take my heads and dig a little circular trench to semi-bury the rim of an inverted metal mesh wastebasket. The head goes under there, with some heavy weights on top. After time the insects clean it pretty well, but not perfectly. Then I plonk the head into a 5 gallon bucket of water to let what's left putrefy. Change water maybe once a week, pick off the big pieces, do a rinse in-between bucket changes. Needle nose pliers help if you have some tough, slippery skin or ligaments. I never do boiling water or bleach. I like the natural bone colors. Other useful tools: scrub brushes, toothbrushes, nitrile gloves, goggles (meaty backspash). It's a labor of love to clean a good animal skull.

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By the way, if you let nature take some of the cleaning job, you Must figure out a cage solution or a larger animal will take pieces. Even insects can walk bones several feet over time.

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ITT idiots

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Can't let nature take its course, I live in a big city and it's icy winter right now.

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You don't want to boil because it weakens the bones. You cannot get good specimens doing that. You can buy some beetles and a tank or you could set the head outside on a balcony or something inside a mesh cage and let maggots eat some. For the water bucket putrefaction step you also want to set the bucket outside on a balcony or something. This really stinks. The whole process really smells. Don't do this inside your house or in an apartment. Wait for warmer weather. You will have trouble getting the death smell out of your home. Trying to think of how to change the water buckets without defiling your apartment. You may very well get the cops called on you or lose your lease for this. This is an outdoor activity.

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I've been wanting to make my own ushanka with fur, I've been able to study a few guides that I have found online, but there are very litte resources. Any oen with experience or knowledge that can help me with the pattern or what I should be careful of?
i want to make it out of mink fur and I am thinking i put the fur on the inside and line the outside hide with wool. Also im not sure what exactly what type if line i should use to sew it all together

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Is your Google broke?

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>For a cat
The template I could use I suppose

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I bought a shelf from Ikea that I'm assembling and I was wondering if the back wall should be bending inwards or outwards.

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It really depends on whether or not it is load-bearing cardboard.

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there shouldn't be a fuckin bend at all, dewd

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read the fucking hieroglyphics

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Definitive proof to everyone who doubt me or tellI spell bad.

"Womans" is a legit plural of "woman". You DONT have to use "women".

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You may proceed

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>a reliable source
It's more diy than this thread, though.

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Need some opinions

We've recently had a coldsnap and damp has encroached out of the ceiling by my bedroom window. Within a day it looks like there's already mold there

Was just wondering what I could do to stop this from happening so it doesn't turn into black mold and how I can prevent it

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Hi-res pictures here

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Do you have access to the attic?

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>when you hear your screw extractor snap while trying to extract something

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Time to break out the carbide burr...

A lot of times you can tap it in a loosening direction (for an extractor it'd be clockwise) with a center punch. You'll fuck up your punch tip, but it can be re-sharpened...

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I used this sort of extractor that you hammer in, not one you screw in
I'm fucked so I have to replace to part

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I don’t break the bolt to begin with

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What is the part? If it is worth enough money, or hard to acquire, then it might be worth it to spend more time trying to get the extractor and bolt out, or even send it off to get it removed by edm.

Heat is always your friend when dealing with stuck fasteners....

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^Is wise and professional in attitude.

If the part is worth money you can have a machine shop EDM it. The best way to DIY is learn of all the industrial/commercial processes then either choose one you can do yourself or wisely outsource. The professionals don't do everything themselves either or they'd go bankrupt.

BTW I prefer to drill or mill threaded fasteners until they're a thin shell then if they don't respond to modest torque I drill and tap for a thread repair insert rather the fighting with screw extractors. Larger fasteners get welded to a nut if there's enough left but I drill the threads out of the nut for better penetration first.

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Looking to make a desk in just about this build style, but about 8 foot long, with a 53" gap between the legs on the right and the storage area to the left. I have a 53" floor heater there. I'm looking to make something that would support the table top above and not rock side to side. Any joinery knowledge would be appreciated, I've only ever screwed together a shelf

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>learn to weld
>make a steel frame
>screw on the wood wherever

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>Any joinery knowledge would be appreciated, I've only ever screwed together a shelf


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get a wife who doesnt bitch all the time would be my advice

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^This and they can last a lifetime.

Women like wood, ask your bull.

OPs target is basically a workbench for which videos and plans abound. Built it tough and if one day she wants something different you have a useful bench.

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I can't, I live in an apartment
I'll figure out how to not fuck it up before I figure it out, I just need input on joinery methods
No, because >>2518172 is right. I have a shitty desk. I literally just do want her to have a nice desk, because I do want the desk down the line. I could have figured out a desk for myself for years if I wanted to. She asked. So I'm gonna make my wife a damn good desk.

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I have 2 concrete deer with rebar that the previous owner left. I have beat the shit out of it with a sledgehammer with no progress.

How do I destroy these fucks so I can haul them off?

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This, you can get rid of nearly anything because of the hoarders that frequent the free section. Label them as shooting targets or something and they'll go even faster.

>> No.2517813

Destroying the concrete deer of the greatest generation is bad luck
You've been given a second chance to save yourself from living torment slightly worse then what you currently experience

>> No.2517848

Just leave it in the yard.....

>> No.2517903

Bury them with legs up put potted plants on them

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Det cord should work

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Does diy know about electronics?
TV just made a loud POP and stopped working and I’d like to fix it myself and hopefully learn something in the process.
Any advice on how to diagnose a powerboard issue?

>Samsung 55” LED
>zero clue about electronics
>excuse to buy more tools
>prefer to fix individual component rather than simply replace powerboard

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id also check that mosfet transistor too

>> No.2517805 [DELETED] 

Looks like a MOV (metal oxide varistor). They tend to fail like that, it's a safety feature, but it also may indicate an overvoltage issue elsewhere.
Simply replacing it will likely fix the issue, if not it will fail again.

I had a MOV burn out in my heater because of a loose power cable elsewhere in the house causing voltage fluctuations and the MOV was absorbing it.

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Nevermind me that's a cap according to the symbol. I'm retarded.

>> No.2517807

Yeah, fucking love the older boards that were built for humans to assemble them and could space things out and add proper labeling.

>> No.2517852

capacitors blow up for a reason, just replacing it may not fix it.

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How do i tie a nuse. I was on the site to long

>> No.2517543

A loop then a loop then loop 13 times and pass the end thru the first loop….fag….no answer hopefully means you were successful

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Stupid Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

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hey thanks. didn't know that existed! is there another board for outdoor graden stuff too?

I can't get enough of those magnet dishes for holding screws.

>> No.2518125

yeah you actually can use synthetic clay as well which while not as authentic is just as good. If you cant find synthetic clay you can really just use play-doh. Way cheaper especially if you make it yourself.

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I picked up a Le Creuset whistling tea kettle at value village for 9$, only problem is it didn’t have a whistler, has anyone dealt with this before? I can’t find anything on where to source a reliable replacement part that will actually fit, everything’s too big, straight out of scamazon, or won’t ship to Canada. Seems like most of the used listings on Etsy and the like are in a similar whistler state but I can’t find anything about repair please help I’m losing it over a fucking kettle

>> No.2518194

Why can't you return it since you just bought it?

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Can anyone tell me what this little metal rectangle button is called or where to get more, if they exist?

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>Want to bind my own book
>Look at the cost of getting a fancy cover done
>$300-500 for some fucking leather
Fuck it, I'll do it myself. I'm building a religious grimoire and I need resources on leatherworking and bookbinding. I want this shit to last for hundreds of years.

Any anons think they can help a fren?

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This book has a section in it about book binding.

>> No.2517743

Whatever you do, do not use Google or any other search engine. The internet hates physical books and will lie to you so that you mess it up.

>> No.2517770

>The internet hates physical books and will lie to you so that you mess it up.
Definitely. Remember that you're absolutely going into this task completely without any predecessors being successful. All books have been found fully formed on the ground for thousands of years. Gutenberg, for instance, was not a man but the name of a region in which a rich vein of books was discovered.
Be especially cautious of libraries and museums that purport to have "restoration" projects that are constantly looking for interns and assistants. They are secret societies only looking for victims to toss into the Page Pit in hopes that a replacement book will spring forth.

>> No.2518053

I gotta tell ya
As a /his/ user
I'm furious

Some jackass in 2000 years is going to read your text and think you were being serious

>> No.2518058

>Some jackass in 2000 years is going to read your text
We can't find posts on this very board from yesterday.
None of these electronic records will survive. It's all fucking gone.
It's why I put increasing credibility on the notion that there was a previous technological civilization to our own. Advances societies apparently leave no records behind.

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Does anyone have any idea what this could be made of? It's extremely heavy for its size (7 pounds). Doesn't look like lead to me. It is a pipe shape, not solid. More pics to follow.

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Holy shit I think that's bophadesium, where did you get this?

>> No.2517703

I am pretty sure this is made out of metal.

>> No.2517728

I would hammer it out into a jeep bumper

>> No.2517819

Looks like fossilized dinosaur cum from where i'm sitting

>> No.2517879

measure It's volume

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Redpill me on wire/rod bending jigs. I need to produce this shape for a tool holster I want to manufacture and sell in my spare time. Excuse my drawing, I'm in the bathtub ajd away from my computer

>> No.2517389

Barbie jeep bumpers are much more lucrative

>> No.2517396

That's my day job

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