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What's the point of having both normal screwdrivers AND a system with bits? What am I missing here? Don't one kind makes the other obsolete?

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I'm discovering mold in the home. Its showing up in pillows and in a feint moldy smell in certain areas of the home. Is this somwthjng I can DIY or is it more than likely going to require in depth attic work? I've read all kinds of ways to handle it but how do I permanently prevent it from coming back and ruining nice things I have like my books? It seems to show up in the most random areas, and everything in this home kind of has a feint grimy texture to it now.

Does everything in the home have to be wiped down? Can mold live if I double bag up some loose things in black plastic trash bag? Have a lot of questions that sites don't seem to address...

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This small home doesn't really have a place to put a washer or dryer, but it does have an area outside for one with no power or water hookups thought (just a concrete area near the back door). How much work am I looking at to get the hookups and water installed outside so I can put a washer and dryer in?

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I punched a hole in a door and its not my place, would any of y'all happen to know kind of door this is.
It's 6'9 by 2'8 for measurements but I tried looking online but i could come up with anything.

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Just fill it with foam and call it a day.

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How many cans will I need for an 8" hole with ragged edges?

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Its a hollow interior door. You can buy them at lowes or home depot for $100 and up. Or if you're a cheap nigger you can go to some place like goodwill or other thrift shops and see if they have doors.

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they cost £32 in bongland

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making one seeing as i cant find one in the catalog.

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this is a fucking daft question but if im applying for a job as an electrical labourer for the first time what sort of stuff am i best putting in my CV? right now ive got my cert scheme card mentioned, where i wanna go with this shit so it seems like im motivated to put in some proper work and do my job properly, and a bit of fluff about how i like to keep busy and prefer physical work, but thats about all i can think of. i dont exactly have much experience in construction. i also wrote all this in the third person.

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I picked myself up a sonoff th16 with temp and humidity sensor, now I'm no electrician but is the diagram safe and feasible?

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Only one way to find out

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How the F do I know?
I'm unable to find out what I'm looking at

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I like the idea of an inverse dome with slippery sneakers, but the ring is kinda disappointing, any possible solutions?

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I have a great idea for one but i'm not telling. It'd be really hard to engineer anyway.

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Whatever happened to those german dudes making one like this where you could walk but also sit down in it to drive vehicles etc? Seemed promising.

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make a big hamster ball
then rig it up to the sensors from an old ball mouse
thank me later

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nothing's impossible, go on if u rly have 1

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Infinideck looks promising but still has a "ring"

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My best post so far

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Sorry last pic

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looks good, right?

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The real catastrophe is the carpentry. You should remove all the beams and start again.

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No. What is this bullshit?

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Shit post shitpost. Beautiful.

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No bullshit, cheap, and gets the job done. The perfect mousetrap.

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>no bullshit
Anon, I...

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Any gemstone cutters on here? I'm exploring picking it up as a hobby - I'd like to do it sporadically when I'm watching TV or listening to a podcast, and produce a nice rock every couple months or so. Is it something you can do one day and pick up a week later without much setup/cleanup? Also how difficult is it to get into? Does perfectly following the schematic result in a perfect rock?

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it produces noise, you won't be listening to podcasts anymore

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What is the master race of stick vacuums?

Don't want to pay $299 for the dyson though, heard it's overrated anyways.

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Just glanced at the moosoo and there are a few things going for it over my dyson: battery life, filter size, detachable battery, beater power, and lit front of the beater accessory. On the flip side, that battery is heavier than my entire dyson unit, and I'm not so sure getting replacement parts for the moosoo will be possible.

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bought a v8. didn't bother with the v10 or v11 because of diminishing returns.
it's great
leave it by my bedside
makes it as easy as possible to want to vacuum something

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I have a dyson from 2001 that still works great.

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Bought Dyson for my wife, thing works great don’t be a twat

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I bought roomba for a little under 300 bucks.
i like the fact that the vacuum works on it’s own.

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Hey any tips for my latest patio how to video, from start to finish.

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How feasible would it be to make a desk similar to this? I've had 3 back surgeries and I can't sit in a chair anymore.
Also interested to hear what other solutions anons with back pain have done.

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How bout a desk with tilting top and wheels that you can move over an adjustable bed or sunbed? Add a monitor stand you can clamp to the desktop and you should be set with a cheap ghetto alternative.

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back in the 90s there were ads for things like this in computer magazines

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The only thing its missing is an attached mini fridge and flap in which you shit through into a bucket, then you could truly live the life of luxury. You'd never even need to get out of bed.

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What is, objectively, the best value tool brand? On one end of the spectrum you have the shittiest dollar store screw driver you can buy for pennies and on the other end you have things like snap on, wera, etc.

Like all things, at a certain cost you're not making leaps and bounds in quality improvement so what would you call the sweet spot? Obviously you can find great deals at auctions and pawn shops but lets say you wanted to buy a 3/8" ratchet right now, who sells the best value?

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Masterforce is fine too

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Ratchets? Go with Gearwrench. Pic related will probably go down to like $80 for Black Friday, but it’s still a steal at $100.

For sockets and ratchets and all that, Gearwrench, Tekton, Husky, Sunex, even Craftsman or Kobalt if you catch a good sale.

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If I needed one RIGHT NOW I'd be going straight to ye olde harbor freight for some Pittsburgh tools. So cheap that I could probably buy 5 ratchets and it still wouldn't cost as much as the home Depot one.

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The $20 Husky ratchets are nice though. And the $20 HF Pitt Pro ratchets are pretty close in quality.

You can get a $5 round head ratchet from both of those places, but they suck.

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Has any1 ever made tea from opium poppy seeds. Seems like getting unwashed seeds and soaking them in cold water for 20 min is the norm. Sounds hard to dose though due to variance in potency

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this isn't erowid.

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well I'm not exactly a chemist or anything but you can probably heat it very slowly up to like 110/115F and change a lot of the weird chemicals into less toxic chemicals

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Yeah its do it yourself, we can make tea ourselves at home, whats the problem ya dweeb

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Left to right
Fenix TK-75.
Fenix HL55
Fenix CL30R.

>The tk-75 is dedomed and modded roughly to Vinhnguyen54 specs. Super bright and a super concentrated beam. It will illuminate an object at 1000 yards.

> The headlamp is by far the heavily used light. Super versatile it literally lines up with your eyes so you can use two hands.

>Lantern maybe used a few times since I bought it in 2016. It's nice and bright plus it has a USB to charge your other portable devices.

> Two cheap lights I got on Amazon for $20. I was very impressed with the brightness. Plus they have a light bar and a magnetic base. Perfect for working in a panel.

I bought the cheap amazon ones to keep in my tool box because I have lost or got stolen expensive ones. Also, don't use the cheap 18650 batteries. If it says over 3500mah it's probably fake.

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EDC thread?

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I have the same shitty harbour freight light. Magnet sucks it only lasted me about a month. Btw fuck you, nazis and low quality bait.

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Yeah I was disappointed in the thing. I gave it to my mom so she can see in the backyard when she lets the dogs out at night.

The Braun flexi light that goes on sale for $25 is a real nice one and had a good magnet, I was hoping that smaller one woulda been at least half as strong but I was disappointed.

Retarded $15 light box has been working really well for me lately.

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Are these truly better than cartridges?

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>I get heat bumps and ingrowns, Aqua Velva fixed that up. Now I use it after every shave.
So you always smell like the sort of greasy 80's ethnic pimp that Robert DeNiro shoots in Taxi Driver? Yeah, I think I'll take a hard pass on electric and just stick with my DE safety razor. But if it all works for you, keep doing you.

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>They're not cheaper
How so? I've spent $40 on DE blades in the last 2 years, and $80 on mach 3 blades. I have to shave every day for work and use a DE razor the vast majority of the time I shave.
>They're a pain in the ass
That's subjective, but I'll give it to you. If you started with cartridge razors, learning to not press into your face can be a bit complicated. My first 3 or so shaves with a DE were a shitshow, but after the first few months, it became almost as quick as cartridge razors. But you'd have to be pretty braindead fucking up shaving with a cartridge blade.
>Results aren't as good
In what sense? I have never noticed any appreciable difference.

I use a mach 3 when traveling, because it is objectively more convenient to shave with in strange locations. But the DE is hands down more affordable and does an equally good job of shaving.

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Far better. Use the one in your image with the comb on the edge for beard shaving and one without the comb with a longer handle for leg shaving.

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how is oil for shaving? ive heard people recommend a good quality mineral oil for shaving in certain spots of your body and im wondering how good it is for your face.

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Not using butter...

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Now that weed isn't illegal we can talk about it on /diy/ ! Post your grow tent, ask growing related questions and talk about growing weed here.
>My plant is now 10 days old
>only around 5cm tall
Is this healthy?

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So are school shootings

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Since when has anyone given a fuck about the feds. They don't enforce shit.

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What do you guys want for Christmas?
My mom asked me this but I feel like I have every tool i need(contractor) . But maybe I'm forgetting something

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I asked my gf for a ridgid cordless sawzall, she said its in her price range. What I really want is a new pair of composite toe work boots (carhartt, ariat, redwings) but i can always get those on my own.

A circular saw track would be nice, too.

>> No.1718069

You probably have all the tools you need, but what about things like
>work belt
>new blades for your table saw

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How do I cast acrylic?

Where can I get a half-ton of the ingredients for cheap?

No particular project in mind, but for argument's sake suppose I want to build an 8' tall aquarium, or maybe cast a wall sized relief sculpture.

Also can you lap a very flat acrylic surface?

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Search for acrylic resin casting.

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Go back to engineering, Scotty.

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I have no idea how you would “make” acrylic but the sheets large enough for 8 foot aquariums would not be cheap at all. I have made 800 gallon aquariums with supporting sumps and it was extremely expensive. I built a 10x4 aquarium for a wealthy client embedded in the wall too. I’m not even sure why you would want to cast an aquarium when you can easily weld panels together to make it. You can make a killing if you know how to build custom setups for rich people but I don’t know anyone who casts them we all weld pieces together

>> No.1718150

Weird, it used to be that you could just order the acrylic / plexiglas resin + catalyst off of amazon, but now all I see are epoxy resins.
I'm guessing the methyl ethyl ketone peroxide catalyst got v&
>captcha shows a surveillance camera

>> No.1718182

I'm really just trying to learn more about the material.
Okay sure you can buy sheets of acrylic, but what are the margins on that stuff? If I start a business where I make acrylic art shit, can I save a shitton money by just buying barrels of the resin and molding it myself?
Tbh I don't know the difference between acrylic and epoxy like they make those live edge coffee tables out of.

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Tarxidermists around?

I inherited this fucking owl. My grandpa hit it with his car 40 years ago and that old bastard had it set up to pay respects.

One of it's wings is letting loose however.

Can/how do I fix this?

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Hey /diy/ I have an old Craftsman garage door opener that works fine when I press the button on the wall to open or close it but when I attempt to close it using pic related, or the keypad on the exterior of the garage, it will not close.
The weird thing is, it opens fine using the clicker or the keypad. I have made sure the sensors are not blocked by anything. I have googled the hell out of this and the only thing I found was some forum where a woman said her LED light bulb in the opener was causing the signal to fuck up?? I switched to a non-led and I am still getting the same problem.
Any ideas?

>> No.1718180


check the wiring on the opener.. maybe the signal to reverse the motor isnt getting to it due to a broken wire or loose wire. could be a number of things but I would check that first

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100% something in the safety circuit. One of the beam sensors or wiring.

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Change the battery

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Something wrong on the ancient circuit board. Just get a newer one.

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