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The lever just droops down. The turning screw for activating water doesn't come off and I can't feel any unlocking mechanisms behind the lever when I dig through it with an L-screw. I'm a little lost right now

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>The turning screw for activating water doesn't come off
i'm not familiar with this particular model but sometimes the handle gets loose and pops out and the screw securing it the the valve needs tightening. either way if that phillips screw isn't budging it needs to go, extracting it might be beyond your means though

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I can get this to start if I squirt fuel down the carb or in the spark plug hole, but then it'll run then stall when the fuel runs out. Fresh fuel in tank. Picked this up earlier today with using it to play around with shit like casting own piston for it etc.

As far as I can tell the carb is not sucking up any fuel
>Inb4 press priming bulb dummy
There is none anywhere, and there doesn't appear to be one missing either, fuel line runs straight into the carb from the tank, I've tried opening up that big flat head screw too.

What do?

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Melting and casting some aluminium and turning a piston, I bought this off some old guy to play with rebuilding the engine in it.

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Yes anon, I can read the words you typed, i'm just not sure you grasp the complexity of the bullshit you're spouting.

How are you, a dude who cannot recognise the most common fault mode of a two stroke engine, going to machine your base cast to a perfect (like, within thousands of an inch) shape? How you gunna bore the gudgeon pin hole perfectly squarely? How are you going to machine the retainers for said pin? How are you going to ensure the piston is not smashing against the top of the cylinder or so far away it does not compress enough for proper ignition?

TL:DR; Nigger what the fuck are you talking about?

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Imagine seething this much

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it don't got no gas in it. mhmmm

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It do. There be no return gas line to tank, only one line, so it don’t work off pressurised fuel tank and bulb primer.

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I got a build kit for raspberry pi from china, and the 3d printed case it came with was warped due to heat inside the package being in sunlight probably. Can I fix it with hot water or a hairdryer?

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oh well. let's hope you lucked out and managed to find the 0.1% of ali sellers who doesn't sell garbage.

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Doesn't seem like I lucked out when shit's wonky as hell. Probably gives cancer too.

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What the fuck happened to the prices? I bought mine years ago for 30€ how the fuck is this shit so expensive? Shoulda invested in this shit instead of shitcoins.

I guess at this point I could trade my pi with its 3mm thick stainless steel case for a fucking car.

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>Shoulda invested in this shit instead of shitcoins.
That's... why the price is high.
Chip shortage started it, scalpers keep it going. Someday it'll lose it's scarcity and scalpers will have a beanie baby load of raspberry pi's in their garage. Right next to the pallets of .22 ammo.

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>Can I fix it with hot water or a hairdryer?
Yeah but it will always look like crap. Just buy a real plastic case on ebay or amazon for like $10 and don't worry about it. 3D printed stuff looks like shit anyway.

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I took a chance and bought a used fridge on craigslist. price was too good to be true. it gets super duper cold but every time the compressor kicks off it lets off a loud BANG that's starting to bug even the neighbors.

can anything be done? I know it's all pressurized and obnoxious so whatever is making it off kilter is locked up inside.. the trashman won't even take it.

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did I just buy someone else's problem? if it were fixable they probably would have huh

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I used to have a banging fridge, it was around 40 years old.

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>a loud BANG that's starting to bug even the neighbors.

so... your neighbors can hear this.. do you live in some shitty apartment? also I call bullshit on this. I could understand when the compressor starts it might make a noise but not when it shuts off. I think you are just retarded

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if I touch it while it's running I can feel the barely balanced spinning weight touch against the side and almost make the sound. when it stops it's abrupt and it slams into itself or the outer wall or something. could it be something else? something replaceable?

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> want to buy a lathe for some small metalworking
> I already have some experience, I did mechanical internship
Where do I buy one?
Which brands are high quality?
I'm an europoor

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the european equivalents of craigslist, fb marketplace

used is better than new because new means chinese which means it still has the burrs and grinding dust from the factory, isn't ground/scraped flat very well, and has a lot of plastic
Myford are good but i think those are british. the jap lathes are really good too, not sure if they're common in europe

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Myford and South Bend are the usual "garage shop" choices. There's also Taigs, Craftsman, and Sherlines, but they all have their downsides (no leadscrew for threading, or very expensive for small capacity). If you can handle a larger machine, then your options open up a little, but if you're a europoor you're probably not going to want a 2000kg beast that needs heavy amperage wiring.

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I was cleaning out a moldy car and honestly just thought the Lysol I was using was just a deodorizer. I came back and spot sprayed some mold with 5-10% bleach probably before the Lysol was dry. Does my car carpet need to be completely tossed now? According to the "blog" I read it's so toxic I have to throw away any cleaning tools that was used. I thought it only made a gas. My IQ may be below 90

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Park somewhere with no neighbors or pedestrians. Mix baking soda with water in a spray bottle (or squirt gun) and soak the interior. Roll down windows, open doors, get a box fan to blow it out for 24 hours.

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> Using bleach on carpet

NEFFEW common now

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It was the underside where the mold was. Like a plastic barrier. But I only did like 5 squirts of diluted bleach. After spraying it with lysol. Will this eventually just fade? Or did it make a toxic chloroform residue that will be there forever?

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I am having a terrible day. That webm made it better. Thank you anon. At least I'm not being surfed by my deadshit colleague.

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I have a glass bottle, and I would like to change the volume of the bottle by a few milliliters. How can this be done? Without a furnace preferably. Can I just dump some gorilla glue in there until it fills to the correct measurement?

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>toxicity warnings on the front of the bottle
glass beads will fit, and nothing will happen if you eat a few of them.
even better, OP could attribute hippy dippy mystical powers to the added ''gemstones'' and sell their snake oil for even more money.

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>toxicity warnings on the front of the bottle
Yes, because you have to tell morons not to drink the liquid in the bottles. It's completely fine once it has cured.

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>it's completely fine, trust us

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> Have access to the greatest information tool since the library of Alexandria
> still choose to act like an ignorant fuckwad


But let me guess, still not good enough for (you), right? Any other inert polymers you want to compare to an active pesticide?

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It's just as chemically inert as plastic soda bottles or disposable silverware. The FDA has some pretty stringent tests they put shit through before they approve it safe for food contact.

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This guy is putting himself at incredible risk. There are probably so many CEOs and sales managers that want him dead right now

Does anyone know if any of these blue collar companies have hinted at trying to threaten him yet?

Todd compares tools and electronics from various companies using elaborate expensive tests. He's shown people that more expensive items are not always the best and that sometimes companies will sell you shit that does not even work. Many a contractor watches his channel. He refuses all sponsorship so the companies he mentions have no choice but to mald in silence


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I bought 2 pairs of kaijirushi scissors based on his recommendation. They are very good. But they are also $100.

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You know some schizo will actually believe this.

Everyone knows this only happens to those that criticize Big Pharma, the Feds, or the Military Industrial Complex.

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are you CEO/sales manager by any chance?

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knife sharper works better than a stone and is faster. cry harder.

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how do you know?

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So in a tough but sad spot. I have to make the decision to divorce my wife. Leaving behind my two young kids. Cant take it anymore. She is out of control has the worst and most negative temper. Swears effin this effin that. Ruins every single holiday with my family and swears at my poor nice parents. Shes verbally abusive. And her stupid trash parents stick up for her.
My question is how do I make sure she has to sell the house so I can at least sell and get my half of the house, and how to get half custody and all that? I live in Connecticut USA. I am no longer putting up with her verbal and physical abuse.
Whatever tips some lawyers or divorcees on here can give me please.

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The only male "winners" of these situations are the ones that stay in their house and ride the cuck train until serving her papers is opportune. Some talk about having a wealth of proof of infidelity and then waiting for their spouse to graduate to a high paying job before pulling the rug. Getting the attorney is paramount. They're going to give you the best road map to preserving your kids, home, and wealth. I would play PC about everything from this point forward. Record interactions. Ask her to go to therapy with you eventually. They'll advise you on if your professional earnings should be maintained or what might happen if you were unfortunately downgraded a tax bracket a year or two before filing. Maybe scrub your browser too ya sleaze.

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Just get a side piece and quit talking to her. You'll lose in courts guaranteed so unfortunately until they're 18 you have a nasty roommate

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Kill your wife.

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You’re abandoning your kids. You need to be a man and tough it out. When they get old enough to see her bullshit you can dip and they’ll probably come with you. Mine has openly suggested it but I don’t want to deprive him of his mother being around and I don’t want to deprive her of being around him.

Suffer through it. I have a relationship with my son that other dads openly envy. 15 years down, 3 to go.

Praise the lord for that.

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I guess technically this is a DIY divorce post.

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How can I keep healthy while working on a trade?

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Eat right
Use your vacation time
Don't be dumb

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>How can I keep healthy while working on a trade?
Come to terms with the fact you will die early in a body that has serious chronic aches and pains.
Itll make your brain a lot healthier in the short term, not worrying about the inevitable horrors you will face.

>> No.2443479

People working physical jobs generally have shorter lifespans.

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Be driven by an all consuming hatred

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Is there an chart for using RSS to keep track of manga?

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How do you save your teddybear anon?

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stop having sex with it anon. grow up and get rid of the goddamn stuffed animals.

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Not sure anon I have a few stuffed animals that are sentimental to me but none started doing that.

Be nice, it's fine to have things that are sentimental to you.

>> No.2443509

I put all my stuffed animals in the closet for safekeeping. I didnt want to ruin them.
Honestly I would just leave it as it and just pull it out from time to time.

>> No.2443511

Buy some fabric similar (or exact) to it,
Buy the eyes or buttons and such as well,
Buy the stuffing (may be cotton or rice or something),
Disassemble the animal along the threads,
Cut the fabric to match the parts,
Sew it inside out until nearly finished (leave some threads),
Sew the accessories on,
Invert it and stuff it, shake it up, and stitch it closed,
And it’s good!

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Get him a nice sweater.

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My dream home:
>In the middle of forest, 10 miles from any form of civilization
>Cheap, possibly portable, prefabricated cabin
>Have secondary shack that is a bathroom

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I love prefabs.

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A quality thread died for this I am sure.

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Good, not enough room for the two of us

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Is there a smarter way to solve this problem: There is a tripped circuit that is cutting power to a bunch of outlets in my house. Years ago a landscape contractor extended this circuit into the backyard and didn't leave any as-builts so I have no idea where the wiring is except for a couple of GFCI boxes in raised planters. I disconnected this outdoor part of the circuit and now the circuit breaker stays on so the short is outside somewhere. I've been slowly digging through the garden following the conduit from the base of a GFCI, painfully avoiding tree roots and dripline, looking for a break in the conduit. My question: I'm a retard who knows jack squat about this stuff, is there a better strategy to solve this issue?
Inb4 call an electrician, I know, but my family refuses to pay professionals for this kind of thing so I'm stuck doing it myself.

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It's hardscape up to the garden so the only place I even can dig is out here. My assumption is that a family member severed the conduit when putting in the trees or dripline.

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I'd say the fault is probably not in the wiring, but in some junction box, outlet or device, like garden lights installed at ground level that always flood and trip the RCD.
If some family member did indeed cut the wire, buy a wire finder and play hot-cold game until the signal dies down, that's your fault.

>> No.2443292

Well unless he didn't bury it deep or inside pipe, it's unlikely the wire has an issue
Go look at the boxes for any burnt wiring
Most likely it's full of water in some junction box

In the end it's easier to run new line than it is to dig all up looking for issues

>> No.2443317

You can narrow down the location by using a continuity tester on each GFCI outlet. If only one outlet is shorted, then the short location is somewhere between your GFCI outlet and where the main line starts branching out. If all GFCI outlets are shorted, then the short is before the mainline starts branching and your house.

>> No.2443442

get an extension chord, cleave it in twain. Attach an ohmmeter or galvanometer to the neutral wire, and then insert the neutral-galvanometer-ohmmeter wire into the ground initially at random. Observe the current or resistance. Move keep replacing the wire into the ground in the direction of maximum current flow or minimum resistance.

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Can anyone ID this roach?

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Looks like the RT series, probably from the first quarter of 2022, the smaller middle left leg was a common issue with that batch. See if you can flip it over and find the date of the injection molded exterior, it's a fairly small stamp.

>> No.2443419

Not A German or American, so probably an Asian

>> No.2443618


>> No.2443639

Pretty sure it's Turkish.

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stop posting personal info OP

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Hello. I would like to ask the programmers for help. In General: I plan to create my own neural network, like Siri. That is, one that can answer questions and with whom you can talk. My neural network will be designed for PC. I plan to use C++ for coding. If there are programmers here, please respond.

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dont shit up /g/ with this crap

>> No.2443357

Well, don't shit up /diy/ with this crap as well

>> No.2443363

Bitch, if you did 5 seconds of googling you would know there are home voice assistants that already exist and can be deployed entirely locally.

>> No.2443632

programmer here, yes?\

Why use C++? Shit is old news

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What do I need to make this style of free-standing pull-up bar? Is it straightforward? Any tips?

Note: I'm a relative DIY novice - mended a few things here and there, helped out my uncles when converting the loft at my grandmother's house, not much experience other than that.

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You don't want fasteners taking the load. If you cut the braces and attach them to the frame in line the wood takes the load. The fasteners are just holding the wood in place. In your picture, the load is being transferred from the 4x4 through the fasteners and then into the diagonal supports. That is an inferior design. You will need to use more robust fasteners, like lag bolts, instead of just wood screws. You will also have to be concerned with the the wood failing where the bolt holes are placed when it is under load.

Besides, you can cut 45s into 4x4s using a had saw and a simple miter box easily and cheaply. No reason not to. Its a better design.

>> No.2443234

bruh, the load the braces will take is going to be so minimal compared to the force of the 4x4 directly down into the base. it doesn't matter at all.

>> No.2443279

True, but is OP doing those rowing pullups? Also OP needs to post fat ass to determine if we need to step up from 4x4s.

>> No.2443475

You don't need precise angles for that. You're not making fancy furniture.

>> No.2443480

You don't need those faggy metal brackets. That only to hold the pieces together. A toe nail screw will do the same thing. You better off getting a doorway bar

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I'm a total noob that just bought a stick welder, looking to get a welding helmet with the auto dark feature. Suggestions?

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>How does it tell you if it's UV radiation?
You can use one of these helmets all day and not have any issues with itchy eyes or other typical UV related problems, and the lenses are ANSI tested just like the lenses in a Miller or other brand helmet.

>> No.2443192

>and the lenses are ANSI tested just like the lenses in a Miller or other brand helmet.

Should I go with this one if I'm just stick welding?


Or will I be good with this?


>> No.2443320

Fixed shade glass is much more clear than autodarkening filter for $40.
Idk about you, but you can't beat seeing metal puddle with waves in it and shit in it for $15 in my opinion.
>but i dont see shit
Light is a key.

>How does it tell you if it's UV radiation?
By having sore eyes after welding and wanting to kill yourself. But I think even sunglasses block most of the light.

>> No.2443351

>k most of the light.
of the UV and IR*
Still, bright light will fuck ur eyes

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blinking willl fuck up your eyes, if you must weld without a visor then brace your hand as steady as possible and actually face away from it or sheild your eyes with your left hand
do not fuckin face the welder without a visor eyes shut or not, it will melt your eyes through your eyelids.

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>desired dimensions are pic related, but i'm willing to change them in order to do the least amount of sawing/cutting possible
>will mostly used for soldering, electronics, and computer repair
>probably won't be holding up more than a total of ~300 pounds for any extended length of time due to what im using it for
>will be kept indoors (aesthetics don't worry me too much though)

What should I use for materials? I was thinking wood, what should I use for a surface? I want to make sure the surface is continuous (i.e. 1 solid piece of wood/plastic/whatever per each section of table).

Any help is appreciated.

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>> No.2443050

Oh, another key ergonomics detail: pay attention to knee/leg space. It's cheap and easy to make a strong desk by using X-shaped bracing underneath, but this will get in the way of your legs. It's worth making good strong supports that keep as much material towards the back of the desk as possible.

>> No.2443053

Thanks anons. And I'll post progress.


>> No.2443054

>Your experience might be different, but personally I find L shaped desks kind of shitty
Agreed both as a desk and as a workbench, far better to either make it all one length or have a separate movable section...the extra usable floor space alone iin front of it is well worth losing some against the wall.

For quick and easy desk tops a solid core interior slab door is hard to beat and can be had with everything from tempered masonite to hardwood veneer faces.

>> No.2443074

it's just an ass to work with, especially from an assembly standpoint. Drawings aren't easy to make either. Still waiting for an open source CAD program to get delicious scientific grant money like CERN did with KiCAD for EE.
Fusion360 (>Autodesk jews), Onshape (my preference), or pirating software like Inventor, SolidEDGE, PTC Creo (if you're a masochist), or the default choice of Solidworks will save you many hours if you continue to use CAD with any high frequency.

>> No.2443130

OP here
>it's just an ass to work with, especially from an assembly standpoint
Agreed, it does suck. I didn't know how much worse it was compared to other CAD software (I have only used FreeCAD + a little bit of SolidWorks in 7th grade) until I read your post. I guess I should just go ahead and minecraft solidworks then, huh?

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Is this a big-brain way of making a retainer wall? Going to go over it soon with concrete.

Also post pics of your outdoor concrete projects.

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>> No.2443037

only if the retaining wall is already built and off camera to the left, and your about to fill in that hole with drainage material.
did you take this photo op? because i'm pretty sure thats what this is. that fabric looks like something that would be draped over the backside of a wall in such a circumstance as an extra prevention against erosion causing solids being swept into the wall by water.

>> No.2443158

kek you are a nigger

>> No.2443425

L or upside down 7 shaped retaining wall is the big brain move. Weight of the soil pushing against it also keeps it in place. Wall anchored by an anchor/rebar buried in the soil is also acceptable.

>> No.2443484

Crypt style 4x4 wall

>> No.2443489

Crib, not crypt

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