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OKAY so I have some crystals.

now what? I'm up for every suggestion which excludes consumption or supposition.

I've collected most of my crystals myself, some were gifts.estimated 100-150 crystals/precious gems.

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you want a picture of Triboluminesance?

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I was all, I thought we already had a Project Penor thread.

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no relation. link?

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NVM...I found it myself. be careful for asshole splinters.

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and I already said I'm not up for suppositories.

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Anyone successfully do a conversion on a van for backpacking/travelling/camping. Please share with me your experiences, advice, layout designs, and must have essentials. I have a 2003 Toyota Hiace and im hoping start making some nifty modifications to it in the next week. Its only going to be a single bed. Im currently in Australia.

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Stick a fucking bed in. Stick some shelves in. Stick a solar panel on for charging.

Fuck is difficult?

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Bought my Toyota hiace 2000 model three months ago have been slowly doing it up more causal weekend camping in mind. It's my daily drive also.

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Why can't I do this? I just want to learn to fix sweaters and maybe make scarves. Any advice for begginers?

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Btw I'm crocheting with an H/5mm hook and using "4" weighted yarn. I have a few more weights of yarn an a G sized hook.

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What kind of yarn? Some types are more forgiving than others for a beginner.

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Cutting your nails

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I've got a few kinds of yarn, the grey I'm using is kind starting to come apart a bit, but I've stitched and undone the ends a few times by now. I keep seeming to get a small chain going then I guess I switch the way I hold the hook or something, and I'll get like a knot and then some more chain but it never quite goes back. I've watched several tutorials on YouTube but everyone seems to do it differently.

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I'm studying as a welder, and I'm trying to make the MIG cert. it requires vertical down welding into a corner >< (on 1/16th inch stainless)

I've got the vertical down bit, but when I have to twist the gun such that I'm angled down into the corner I always punch out the back of the plate or don't get the penetration I need. any tips?

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assume I'm always drunk. also...please dear god...never go gold panning alone. THAT's just literally retarded. I don't like pistols because you can't enter Canada with them and *poof* so I go for a snorty 12 guage side-by-side.

oh boy! numbers...

talk about useless.

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>oh boy! numbers...
>talk about useless.
Unless you're forge welding, numbers will be involved somewhere in setting up welding parameters suitable for a task. So when someone asks about that, they're likely to get a response that includes numbers.

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setting up welding parameters? are you a textbook? that shit will ruin out here.

parameters you need to worry about are "how many cables are you running electricity through? and have you had 2000 calories today? or how many sections have you welded this hour?

like...trial and error. when you're in the groove you DO NOT STOP. except if you need to eat because you've had a 16 hour shift.

oh, and numbers are guidelines only. unless if you're working in a lab then the ambient temperature is more important than your amperage.

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>oh, and numbers are guidelines only
Of course.

>parameters you need to worry about are
So suppose a new guy asks you what you've been doing those sections at. Would you reply, "I've been using two cables." or would you give a ballpark number for amperage or voltage/wire speed? Why use trial and ERROR (which takes time to fix) when you can set things up to work correctly the first time? How about this poster's question >>1115596 >>1115669?

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who hired the new guy? I'm gonna fire him too.

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I mixed some paint thinner and bleach trying to clean my carpet. Is this toxic/dangerous?

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God help you and good luck... You have poisoned yourself and will most likely die of respiratory failure within a week

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>trying to clean my carpet
there goes your security deposit.

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search into google the name of your paint thinner along with the word MSDS at the end and give link

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most likely it's turpentine you're mixing into the bleach

have fun breathing in chlorine gas

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should i remove and install insulation myself? the removal seems like a hassle and i have no idea how to put insulation in.

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house is 15 years old and the stuff was white, i know its not asbestos because one of the terms of sale was a guarantee that the property and its fencing contains none.

looking at bats, it seems like you just place them in there but ive seen some people place them on the angled part of the house so as to cover basucally under the tiles.

im also probs the most eco guy in texas, my neighbours call me a hippy because i have solar panels

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The deeper it is the higher r value you get.

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oh true, didnt think of it that way

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>one of the terms of sale was a guarantee that the property and its fencing contains none
That doesn't mean they could've missed something. But unlikely.

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basically they just payed an inspector to check everything. i thought asbestos was out of use since the 80s?

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Worth the price for basically a toy? I have a few specific uses for it in mind, but beyond that it's a waste probably.

>someone please tip me either for or against it

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Do you like blowing money on toys and have the room?
Then just buy it fag.

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Are you planning on just burning designs into wood like in the picture? You could do that by hand with a soldering iron instead.

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>what are your DIY projects at the moment

i'm swapping a 1.5cc N/A to a 1.7cc turbocharging it and make it debit ~ 250 bhp

>next week i'll be working on my golf mk3 swapping from a 1.6cc N/A to a 1.9 TDI from an audi A3 , i'll also try to use all the interior from the A3 so maybe i'll even make a thred dedicated to it

>pic non related, just a very cool and original design

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That must be one hell of a gear ratio to get those little RC engines moving your ricemobile

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>Not a 1.8t

Its worthless m8

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You misclicked /diy/ for /o/.

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Would any of you gentlemen happen to know what kind of Stihl saw this is? Picked it up out of impulse at a shop.

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What *model I mean.

Has a 26" bar on it.

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got any identification at all? a model number?

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One of my hobbies is filling in notebooks and planners with things I find productive for myself. Problem is I already have around 20 full ones so I've done most of the main stream ideas + 5 or 6 I came up with. I have 3 notebooks that I never "finish", I just buy another notebook and continue, that's my goals rhodia #12, differing idea pads and an "adventurer's" journal in which I sketch out impressive landmarks, things i've found on the street or on a walk around some woods, when I haven't had much impressive happen during the day i fill the date in with a sketch of my girlfriend's face. Having all that in mind can you please give me some ideas for what to do with a a square rhodia dot pad and a medium moleskine journal? Don't bother with mainstream things like quotes, ideas, goals..etc, also: Swift/Obj-C/Java programming ideas, RPG maps square dot pad, Daily feeling compression abstract. I've done those.

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Fill one with just diagrams of how to build homemade guns

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I don't reckon I have good enough knowledge of the field for that but it sounds interesting enough to pick up a book on.

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How about instead of being a hipster about it and make shit up to make a "lolnotebook", you go do something productive and use the notebook as a real notebook

go back to /fa/

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I keep all my notebooks from school tyvm, and I still do use notebooks as notebooks when studying programming languages.

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Hi diy, i was wondering: how do people get high power projects to work at home?
Im thinking of building an induction heater, and from what I can tell it is fairly straightforward. Except that I keep running into YT vids where people are pulling 15+kW in their garage, and I have no idea how they do that.

I know basic electricity, but Im not very familiar with house wiring. As far as I can tell, house circuits are limited to about 1.5 kW, and if one has, say, 4 such circuits in the house, that would be 6 kW tops.
Also, is there a way for the common man to access 240V single phase AC?

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In the US you get 240 between two phases, as long as you don't earth anything you can treat the phase to phase voltage as single phase 240V.

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The line that runs to your house is 240v. It's a trivially easy job to have an electrician run a 240v outlet to someplace in your garage or something.

99% if you live in America your washer and dryer have 240v like 30-50 amp outlets. It's not hard to even do this yourself with a little research.

Have fun melting shit and paying that electric blll.

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Thanks anons.
So 10kW should be feasible...
>have fun melting shit and paying that electric bill
Hopefully i can melt something i can sell for profit.

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I bought a phone splitter (pic related) and find that the connections are flimsy and require a specific and delicate angle to be held in order to work.

Is there any way to strenghten the bond between this splitter, and the phone connectors I clip into it?

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How would you go about waterproofing a small device with a charging port? I want to make a water-resistant (lets say it needs to survive submerging in a cup of tap water) electronic device, with at least one port to charge it (preferably micro USB, as it will contain digispark, but it can be pretty much anything). The water-resistance should be as reliable as possible, so no flaps. How did Sony made their Xperia Z line phones submersible while having no flaps on audio jack, an from Z5 not even on micro USB?

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I just want a digispark to control the vibrations (and possibly some LED) over bluetooth.

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And what about data transfer?

>> No.1115616

>with a charging port

way to live in the past, OP. ever heard of wireless charging?

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>ever heard of wireless charging?

The slow charging process that overheats your batteries?
Yeah, everyone has heard about it already

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so the technology exists, and you have a need for specialized work where it would be useful, and you aren't making the money to replace your consumables?


IDK mang...get into a new line of work? one where you don't lose money?

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>(CNN) - An Arkansas mother says she used YouTube tutorials to build her family home.

>Now, the two-time divorced mom of four has written a book about the experience.

>It's called Rise: How a House Built a Family.

>The story chronicles the life of Cara Brookins, her children and their mission to build a 3,500 square foot home in nine months. The family managed to pull off the feat with just $130,000.

>The book comes out Jan. 24.

Buuuuuu, Anon, you'll never be able to build your own home!!!!

Fuck boys on this board butthurt as fuck.

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Not really.

Tons of living space and savings on electricity. Its the way to go.

I just can't figure out how I could /diy/ that much concrete, so I'd have to pay a contractor.

But I could dig it out myself, bucket by bucket and dump the earth on top of the concrete.

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>$130,000? - BUY a home with that shit
>3,500 square foot


>> No.1115566

Dumped a 4000 sf place in Springdale AR for 275k in 2009. New construction... total housing glut there.

A family of 5 does not need a 3500 sf house... that's the part I'd call bs on.

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>A family of 5 does not need a 3500 sf house... that's the part I'd call bs on.

>The house has five bedrooms and a library.

Mother of four children - all were at home.
Bedroom for each plus a library for her - she is a writer.

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a house made with pocket screws?
no thanks

>youtube does not provide certification for working on gas or electrical
>good luck with insurance when it burns down or explodes

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I've watched a couple of videos on this but need further info.
How do I turn an old phone battery into a rechargeable battery for other diy projects?
I bet we all have a few laying around, what are your solutions for charging batteries once your phone is dead? what's the best way of going about that?

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almost useless.

the mA rating is too low for anything useful unless for have 'a few' mini radio control helicopters laying around

>> No.1115346

I actually used two of my old Samsung batteries for a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker that I built. I simply wired them using the +/- terminals. Battery life of speaker lasted for a long time

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I do that all the time too.

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Hey, /diy/, quick question about this solar cell schematic:

1) What is the function of each layer?
In particularly PEDOT:PSS I'm confused by.

2) You're never actually adding a voltage source to a solar cell, right? (apart from other solar cells ofcourse) So is this just a weird way of saying the hypothetical (-) side will be negative in an open circuit and the (+) side will be positive?

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sad bump

>> No.1115386

Hey anon.
I have some familiarity with solar cells...
The active layer absorbs light, generating electrons and holes (holes are positive charge carriers defined as the absence of an electron where it used to be)
The PCBM in the act. Layer is used as an electron transport material. It separates the electron from the hole in the active layer and delivers it to the neg. Contact.
Pedot:pss is a polymer that is good at transporting holes. It picks up the holes from the active layer and delivers them to the ITO, which is a transparent conductor.

Hope that helped.

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Also in that figure the pcbm diagram isnt quite right. In a good (organic) solar cell, the pcbm forms more or less continuous strings that lead all the way up to the top contact. In other kinds of solar cells, pcbm may be deposited as a separate layer (like the pedot pss) between the active layer and the back contact.

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That makes sense.. Thanks man

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He's wanted!

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Hey /diy/

I want to connect a pc with VGA/DVI/HDMI to a crt production monitor with only composite BNC input and Y/C S-Video input... like pic

Can't figure out how...

>> No.1115299

What is this for op your time machine? It clearly works otherwise you wouldn't be in 2016 you would still be in 1999.
Anyway what you might be able to do is as follows if memory serves correctly...
Svideo has an intensity and a colour, while vga has three separate intensities for each colour. What you can do is connect the output of the green channel from the vga to the intensity (gamma? NOT Chroma anyway) input of the svideo. But you might need some passive components, resistors or something? And its only going to be black and white too I'm pretty sure.
I think that's all you can do without an active converter. Happy to be proven wrong

>> No.1115302


>> No.1115337

Id agree with with >>1115299 in that you cant, not without an active converter, disagree its even worth attempting SVideo from a VGA channel without it tho, aint gonna be useful, if at all visible. Comp/SVideo, are both analog formats, as were the cameras in them there good ole days.

If your monitor had RGB BNC in or whatever, its a possibity, but, as it stands, you need either a video card that output SVideo (better quality than Comp) - old capture/TV cards, 'TV-IN usb boxes' or similar - ebay, etc. - or, as said, a signal converter, or run it through a TV tuner box thats got a DVI in, and composite/S-Video out, w/e.

>> No.1115343

S-Video was pretty common on laptops and graphics cards from the late 90s to the mid-2000s or so, but it might be hard to find on anything more modern.

BNC should work if it has 5 ports for RGBHV, in which case you'd just need a VGA to 5BNC cable.

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You could cludge something together with a few components and software if you're up to the challenge. A circuit like this will give you a black and white signal if connected to the composite or S-video input. Your monitor resolution needs to be set to 640x480 60hz.

Color is a bit more complicated since VGA uses separate wires for R,G,B intensity, but S-video uses one wire for brightness and another for hue. Composite makes it even more complicated by sending hue as the phase shift of a sin wave.

What I'd do is use the attached picture but not connecting pin 1 (red). Connect pin 1 to the S video chroma input. You now have a system where the blue and green from the source control the black and white brightness and the red controls the hue. You could make things look right in software. For example if a pixel is supposed to be: R:180,G100;B50 you convert this to Hue/brightness to get Hue:23 Brightness:45. This means the pixel should actually be set to R23,G45,B45.

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I'm looking for some ideas on how to secure a remote rural property against theft, especially when it's unoccupied. It will be fairly low-key but it will have solar panels and satellite dishes that advertise to theives.

I was considering camouflaged tire-spikes on the main driveway and perhaps either narrow ditches or anti-vehicle cable on the outer perimeter. I was also considering motion detectors that text an alert, but I feel that'd cause a lot of false alarms.

The goal is to have an inexpensive place to live and work from home over the long term, mostly alone, so no expensive total-loss insurance policies or armed guards or anything crazy.

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You need to engage your brain op
Camouflaged tyre spikes?
So a burglar goes to ransack your house in the middle of nowhere and then when he's a few hundred yards from the house boom, transport is fucked. Hmmmm so what does he do now? I'll tell you what I would do, I would turn your house over until there was nothing fucking left of it while my buddy was on his way there with a new set of tires.
Security is all about striking the balance between not being threatening enough to ward off burglars and being so threatening that they figure either it must be a jackpot or it's an empty threat and your a pap.
You really need kind of average security really, some motion activated lights, locks on doors, padlock gates. Normal shit that doesn't seem out of place like your hiding something but makes it tedious to get into.
Simple things like net curtains so they can't see anything valuable. But no rural property your kind of fucked. Just make sure you walk about your garden every day with a shotgun or something like your out hunting.

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If you ever need the emergency services this could backfire on you.

>> No.1115550

I plan to die alone so no worries.

>> No.1115559

Actually own 10 acres with a mobile home on it that I visit 2 months of the year. Don't set up booby traps like spikes in drive etc, this will encourage them just to do damage out of spite. Take satellites and solar panels with you every time. There is no other option. Anything worth having will be taken at some point. Some thieves are kind enough to pry the door just enough to get in and close it behind them on the way out.

If you can't accept that then you will have to go way more often or have someone there. Some folks do come such as surveyors and nearby ranchers to collect strays. Cameras never help identify people, it instead is just a tool to anger you.

>> No.1115565

Your state must be better than mine.

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