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they ain't

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Fuck off

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I need help for a project, I need to figure out how to make microplastics (similar to the microplastics in the ocean), and if I'd be able to mix it with agar. Links appreciated.

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make? just go buy a shitload of the cheapest 'exfoliant' body scrub crap. The exfoliant is micro plastics.

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Good idea, but I'm trying to replicate microplastics similar to those in the ocean

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But it'll probably work

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yeh true. Not sure how long bottles take to break down into microplastics, or if they're constant shedding them. Another source may be the synthetic active wear women love release heaps of micro-plastics when washed. Get a cheap pair of leggings and wash them non-stop for a week haha.

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Am I right? They sure as hell arent sales people. A little showings and lame marketing and BAM, a realtor.

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Mostly however they are essential if you want sell quickly.
The biggest thing is access to the MLS. You can't downplay how important it is.

Most realtors won't show fsbos because there isn't a seller's agent contract in place. There are some fsbo resources out there but they still don't get you the views you need.

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Yea, they're full of shit and overpaid.
I've been to open houses where they did nothing but sit on the couch and watch TV.

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My mom used to be an agent. She told me by and large open houses were just to get the agent more customers, not to sell the house they're showcasing.

When she tried to sell our house when I was a kid, the agents would get pretty pissed when she refused to allow open houses

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Where I live, eastern NC, it's not that hard to become a realtor. So why don't more people get this cushy job where you make tons of money easily?

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I'm trying to figure out some fun / profitable projects to work on over the winter. What would DIY do with a shop full of tools?

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Buy vintage tools, fix them up, and sell them. Or, if they are better than what I got, keep them and sell what they replaced.

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What kind of tools?

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This is important. Do you have metal working capacity? wood working? welding? what? you've given us nothing to work with here.

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Guns. Big guns, small guns, machine guns, ammo for guns, etc etc etc

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What's it like being a carpenter?

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Shit base pay, the only way you make good money is by working overtime so you have to sacrifice more of your life into the trade. You are going to be the general labourers of the site and have to do carpentry shit

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i hated wearing a tool belt all day

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If you have your own business you make alot. I know these fucker charge like 65$ and hour.

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I have this leather couch which is like 10 years old. It as some scuffed or scratched areas as you can see in the example. It's a three piece set so the marks vary but are generally similar. There is no peeling or flaking as you'd see on bonded leather.

Majority of the wear is on the welts but is hard to see in the picture.

Is it okay to just use regular color matched leather dye? Seems like all of the leather repair kits are PVC shot for bonded leather repair.


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This is a covert operation. A neighbor has declared war upon me without provocation. I have tolerated his ridiculous backyard forestry long enough.

My intention is to use Tordon and reduce his idiot tree-line to a barren desert. I have been learning that I can use a "hack & squirt" method by creating a small cut to the bark and applying Tordon, a latter-day Agent Orange.

But it has to be quiet, so no hacking. I would like to know what is best knife to quietly score some trees.

I assume a simple hunting knife should be enough. But I thought I would consult the wisdom of the internet first.

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quit being a punk bitch and harming nature in the process and just go and break your faggot neighbor's legs with a baseball bat

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You are allowed to trim whatever vegetation is over your property line, dumbass. Just cut it back to his property and STFU with the cringey edgy shit.

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You need to breed some Orcs first, Saruman didn't just walk into Fangorn Forest holding his dick.

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What kind of area are you living in? Will removing a wood lot/tree line have any consequences for you in terms of wind, snow, erosion? It's pretty common for a city boy to move to the country, take down the tree line, and have his nice private backyard turn into a windblown siberian steppe.

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Girdling.. quiet but takes time. You'll get caught regardless

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Whats the best RJ-style crimper out there? I know knipex makes one, but it doesn't look significantly better than homeless despot shit

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Picked up a Protek p6000 power supply - shows 60V on my multimeter regardless of value on LED. Can't find service manual online. What du?

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If you link me to it, I'll delete my thread.

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Because that OP named it something different, and I didn't see it. I'd be happy to delete my post but board won't let me.

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Settle down morons. Nobody gives a shit if we have two or five stupid questions threads, and it's not spamming or flooding you fucking idiots.

Focus your autism on actual garbage threads.

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if it's a linear supply, then likely the output transistor fried
should be easy to find even without schematics since it will be driving the output, and probably will have a beefy heatsink

confirm the damage by checking if draing and source are shorted, you can do it in-circuit
then find replacement and hopefully that will fix it

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Got this older burgerland toilet made by Eljer.... Need to replace the tank to bowl parts but want to replace most of the parts while I'm at it. It looks like the Hygeian series but the guts are different from any tank I've seen and I can't seem to figure out what I need to order...

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A render of a switchblade I made in Fusion 360. Anyone know of a good mechanism to pull the blade back in once the blade has beene released? Can provide the stl/obj/etc. files!

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There's this cool new thing they invented
You should try it

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Wow, I as an engineer in training, have NEVER heard of such a device! Ever designed anything in CAD?

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Looking for advice on a DIY target camera system. Commercial systems cost $400+. Shooting 250+ yards, I cannot see bullet holes through my spotting scope

Also, No WIFi edition.
I can FaceTime my iPhone to my iPad, but the iPad must be on WIFI.
I’m open to other cameras, receivers, applications to DIY a system.

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FPV cameras, transmitters, receivers, and little monitors are cheap af on banggood et Al.

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there are adapters that allow you to mount your smart phone to your scope ahkmed.

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>tfw STEM degree
>but clumsy as hell with my hands
>somehow manage to fuck up even the most basic of tasks involving basic tools
It's been like this for 28 years. How do I get better at working with my hands? I have a ton of experience using tools, but I've always been clumsy with them. It's so tiresome. Is it over or is there any way to improve?

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don't worry OP I have dysgraphia and routinely knock SMT components everywhere all over my desk and the floor

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Get some fucking confidence

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Hey its all good man, at least your using your hands.

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Fuck that, no use in using your hands if you can't use them right. He has the degree, he's got the mind and anyone can have the hands. Is he going to let some methhead at the oil shop look more competent than him? For his sake I hope he has some pride.

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Have you tried drinking small amounts of alcohol, preferably clear slcohol like vodka, and then doing small repetetive tasks that require muscle control?

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At /ck/ we have cookalongs, do you have diy-alongs?

Let’s make a basic bitch coat rack for my new apartment. Here we have some gardening bamboo sticks (1.8m) and some sandpaper.

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All tied up

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Tie it together at the top

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Equidistant twine at the bottom for stability when taut

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And now I don’t have to put my wet coat directly on the sofa anymore.

Hope everyone enjoyed my blog. Smash that like and subscribe button.

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Coat rack for <5$

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I have pic related on my property. The leaf covered mess at the end of the concrete walkway is a drainage box for the pond, to prevent overflow and flooding (I can clean it more regularly once the setup is in place, at the moment the only concern there is free flow of water). I decided just for fun, I want to put one or multiple water wheels in there to catch and spin with the water coming down, and use that energy to charge 12dc batteries.

So what I understand so far of this process is:
>water spins wheel
>?wire terminals on wheel? send power to voltage regulator
>regulator charges batteries
>batteries power devices

I know I'm missing at least one step here. I'm looking to get a full list of parts I would need, and a better understanding of how I would put it all together. I'd also like to know what you all think would be the amount of power I'd get from this setup.

The likely permanent location for the regulator, batteries, and any other equipment would probably be in the rafters of that pavillion on the island. I realize it would be an absolute bitch to get the wires there, at the moment I'm thinking of getting special underwater rated cable for it, but that's something I can figure out on my own. Once I have it there, I can use it for LED lighting strips, security cameras, radio, etc. power draw is the only limit

so what's your advice?

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OP check out micro-hydro. No need to have a massive wheel turning like in the olden days.

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This guy spent $40 total, and it powers his lights and TV all night.

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In instances of low head the wheel is still useful and also has other properties.
You can take better advantage of high flow and low head situations with a wider wheel, a larger wheel has more torque. They tend to be more rpm stable than a pelton and can't overspeed and explode when a load is removed. The gear ratios can take some time to get right, for direct drive its actually better and more likely to hold frequency without as much work.
You would want to run it over frequency and find out how much power it can produce until it dips below say 59 HZ or whatever you are comfortable with. Use space heaters, especially fully adjustable ones for that. Once you know the max, you need to set up some sort of electrical drag, another adjustable electric heater. Might take some electronics but a halls sensor on a 555 or 556 circuit would be a good start. Could control a stepper motor adjusting the heater. A cludgy and not a sophisticated control but simple. I don't know electronics very well. You could actually adapt that to engines as well. I would only bother with that if you had a good amount of water.

Op without a constant supply of water you only have a very large battery that refills form rainwater. You can do a pond water drop, an adjustable pvc pipe in the bottom where you can move it up or down and lower the pond to a certain level. Lots of flow, if the pond is on a hill run it all the way down to the lowest point and use a pelton wheel. You can adjust GPM with a valve and depending on your pond or lake and the expected output, you could have a battery of enormous reserve. A spring fed pond, even one with a few gpm should be looked at as a battery with a trickle charge on it. When it rains it gains a lot of power until its full, its actually superior to a battery in almost every way aside form cost but that depends on if you built it or not or paid for it. Most of the piping will last decades or longer depending on if its protected from the sun.

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I ran out of room, I should also mention you can use the same signal from the 555 or 556 to control a linear motor or gear motor and open or close the pipe or water sluice, adjusting the rpm somewhat.

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1 hp = 746 watts, not 750 kilowatts

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This stuff is awesome.

Friendship ended with duct tape. Now Gorilla Tape is my best friend.

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$.03 has been deposited... et c

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There is a direct link between hating on Ryobi and being insecure about the size of your penis.

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Milwaukee, Ryobi, and AEG/Ridgid power tools may all be produced under the same companies, but that does not mean the tools are exactly the same, or sometimes even close to the same.

As far as the brands go, TTI decided to make Milwaukee the “Flagship” brand with the “highest” quality most professional tools.
Whether they actually always do this is questionable.
Some tools sold under the Zmilwaukee name are not sold in the USA, such as a cordless jogsaw, which is likely far higher quality than the cordless Milwaukee jigsaw sold in the USA.
Some of the Milwaukee tools sold in Europe may still be made in Germany or the Czech Republic.

AEG/Ridgid tools were made the “Mid Tier” TTI brand.
AEG was basically an industrial brand of power tool before TTI took over, with some consumer tools thrown in.
After TTI took over they moved the AEG brand to the mid tier level.
In the USA the AEG tools are basically sold under the Ridgid brand, although in the Orange/Gray color scheme rather than the pro-grade Ridgid tools which are usually red-gray or red-silver, or maybe red-black.
Some of the heavy industrial AEG tools may still be made for the European market.
Some Ridgid power tools sold in the USA may not be dold in Europe.

The Ryobi brand name was purchased or licensed by TTI for use outside of Japan, and maybe a few other areas, so most tools sold as Ryobi tools now are made by TTI.
Tools sold in Japan under the Ryobi name may still be made by or for the actual Ryobi corporation.
The TTI produced Ryobi tools are typically the lime green color tools.
TTI uses the Ryobi tools brand for it’s “homeowner” grade tools.
The batteries in the three brands, Milwaukee, AEG/Ridgid, and Ryobi may be similar, but the likelyhood is that whenever battery cells get upgrades, the newer better cells will go into the higher market tools, and the older cells will get used up fir Ryobi batteries.

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Batteries are like that.
Milwaukee cordless tools from right back before Milwaukee switched to Lithium, were probably some of the best cordless tools on the market.
Despite this, I’ve kniwn more than one person who complained about bad batteries from Milwaukee.
The batteries weren’t hiwever made in the USA or Germany, were most Molwaukee tools were made. The batteries were made in Japan, likely by Panasonic. While the Panasonic cells were about as good as what was available in NiCd, whoever in Jspan was doing the assembly wasn’t welding the batteries properly, resulting in batteries with low voltages.
I believe the same thing may have happened later with Panasonic made computer batteries.
Since most powertool manufacturers use cells from outside companies, bad batteries can basically gappen to any company now.

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I only have the two baby dick batteries that came with the drill and impact kit I got like 4 years ago.
Both work fine, haven't had any problems with the tools themselves either, I don't exactly baby stuff but I'm not exactly construction site either.

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if you're using anything but milwaukee you're doin it wrong

nothing else even comes close

makita and dewalt arent even worth putting in the same catagory

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Got to the end of my tube, and.shit has been sitting for weeks and hasn't hardened or set. Is there an easily accessible chemical that I can use to harden the caulk? Googled it and it seems like I have to buy 200L. Fuck that. I am prolly gonna strip it out and re-caulk anyway, but for future reference, would be nice.

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It doesn't get hard

>> No.1701272

>Silicone caulk
Is a type of 'rubber'

>> No.1701368

I just did this. It took months but did setpp

>> No.1701372

You can just throw out the remainder. You don’t have to harden it like paint.

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I got this old ass soviet variac. How do I determine its wattage? Open it up and measure the coil's gauge? Draw current from it until it starts to smoke?
I tried googling but I got no answers.

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>Draw current from it until it starts to smoke?
Yes, this is how soviet engineering works.

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What do you call something as big as a house that drinks 50 liters of diesel an hour, belches black smoke and slices an apple into 3 parts?

A Soviet machine designed to slice an apple into 4 parts.

>> No.1701235

Sounds about right for its size.
What are you planning to use it for?

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Nothing particular really, I do have an old washing machine motor I can fuck around with

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This is why such task were manual in Soviet Union.

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What are some cool things to carve out wood?

>> No.1701174

carve a coffin because if you didnt take that call they will be coming for you


>> No.1701215

1st you'll need to grow the wood from a tree and find a source of bog iron to make a hammer and anvil to make a bog iron knife to whittle with.

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Any suggestions for removing what appear to be calcium and/or lime from a brick retaining wall? Probably caused by water leeching through from the other side. I have tried water, vinegar and water, vinegar, and Muriatic acid at various concentrations. Nothing touches it.

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Is that not graffiti that has been badly removed?

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You won't be able to with that amount of build up. Well, it will be cost prohibitive.

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Oh no no no motherfucker... This is fucking brick, and absolutely nothing even slightly negative could ever happen when using brick! Get your shit straight.

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Ground level is higher on the other side. A foot down from the top in fact. No way to fix that. I just want to know how to clean it.

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