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Drew this koi last inktober. Opinions/critique?

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koite gud m8

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I just loaded the first two chapters of a graphic novel I've been working on for 3 1/2 years onto deviantart. I wanted to finish the whole thing before sharing it, but I'm at a low point and feel like I need to get it out there.

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Apologies if this board is intended only for single works. I just saw 'critique' and figured that's what I'm looking for.

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What are the best ways to draw heads? Ran into a 3 hour video of steve huston NMA video on youtube, is this a good tutorial?

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Steve Huston is probably the best teacher on nma, atleast my favorite anyways. You def can't go wrong with watching his video. Learn anatomy of the head. learn different methods to drawing the head, like loomis or riley method, and learn the planes that's on the face. There are also methods to drawing facial features that makes dealing with them a bit easier.

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He's pretty good. Are are some other good ones on there too. I think Steven Huston go about 70 lessons up there, many more than 1 hour long.

There is no best way. Learn the skull first though.

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How the fuck did the old masters do it?

I can't even begin to comprehend.......

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you're on your phone, right?

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It's not even that good, if you wanted you could easily paint something like that after a year of practice

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oh sure, why don't you do it then?
show us some of your "after one year" works please

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wow, I want to see 2 year practice then!

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true. most of the great old masters would probly be looking at online CP or furries.

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I thought the old masters were a bunch of prudes.

How the fuck did he get away with it?

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>he doesnt have a fap folder full of old master masterworks

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So I was bored at work, and decided to draw something horror themed for shits and giggles.
I used a pen and a 2" by 3" piece of paper.
I've never taken any art classes or looked up art tutorials, I just draw sometimes when I'm bored.
I showed a friend of mine this picture and he thinks it looked amazing...
Do you guys think I have the potential to make some cool shit if I practiced and learned how to properly make art?

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I don't know why it's upside down lemme try again lol

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Any person who is not retarded can learn to draw amazing things with enough practice. Go to the /beg/ thread and read the sticky I guess

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kinda reminds me of dorohedoro

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Who are some famous transgender artists? I’m starting to transition and I want someone to admire and lookup to.

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reeaall subtle shill, olivia.

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I hope to god OP was baiting and this isn't a sincere thread because holy shit this is embarrassing. lmao

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I'm a bigot, who are some bigoted artist I can look up to?

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Jeffrey Catherine Jones

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Kill urself

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how on earth does the artist draw this? wow.

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Huh, so this is what it's like if Sakimichan started using color dodge.

Looks like she's improving quite a bit too. Pic related is something from last year. Good for her.

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Um, is the upload function broken again?


>inb4 hurr durr there's no improvement snip snep

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literally went from /beg/ to making it in a year, amazing

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what happened to that /fda/ general

seems like it was needed

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Good, tought there is something wrong with my eyes

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Good enough for art festival tchotchkes?

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If you get a series of theese yea, and paired with something like sculptures or other illustrations.
Keep in mind that in modern art, the more you bullshit the more its gonna be valuable. Market your way to the top

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Often museums don't appreciate their full inventory, nor is there harm in selling back assets to private ownership to acquire an art the public would like to view.

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That's interesting actually, how does the thing actually works? I know museums' directors can select which pieces are displayed and which are just stored, but I'd like to hear from an actual professional of museum management.

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You might have a wait on /ic.

Though there are many stories of public museums using the public's tax payer money to display private art of collectors with """"""ties''''''''''' to the museum in order to boost the wealth of the individual collectors stock. The art market is known for abuses.

The public private debate around art is a worthwhile one,. often all is not as it appears.

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Often museums don't appreciate their full collection, nor is there harm in moving art to private ownership to acquire an art the public would like to view.

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Literally better than 98% of /ic/.

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If you're hitler and trying to invade russia go for it

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because you're to stupid to get the general idea?

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because you're too stupid to get the general idea?

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What is up with the perspective on that window lmao, go back to /beg/

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Aw man, fuck those guys.

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All those assisted and completely straight lines make the entire thing look like it was drawn by a robot.
If you're going to do this shit then might as well just straight up trace over the ref image....

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It's pretty easy.
Just watch a youtube tutorial, took me like an hour at most, to get the hang of it.

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Why is he a madman? I do drawings like this all the time. They're fun but god they are time consuming.
Its not surprising though, Japs are just totally cool with working like 16 hours a day, living in a tiny shitty Tokyo apartment and only getting paid like 30k a year (or yen equivalent I mean)

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no. but composition is about a lot more than just a correctly structured 3d environment. He seems to lack some composition skills and make up for it by designing every single detail and the result is still pretty forgettable.

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Thia is one of the most Dunnin Kruger filled comments I've read in a long while.

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>draw something simple for fun
>feel bad that I didn't think of something interesting to draw instead
>want to create something with appealing characters and an interesting story
>drawing comics is time-consuming, frustrating, and requires dozens of skills that I don't have
>no motivation to practice because it's not fun and I have no good ideas
>draw something simple for fun instead
>repeat forever

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This. Wouldn't hurt to see what you're lacking in and working on those fundamentals whilist making fun pieces I'm the process to see how much you've improved.

I should take my own advice and produce some more work myself instead of mindlessly grinding until I'm feeling satisfied with my work.

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anon, please. Just listen to yourself

I've done a few comics before to varying degrees of success. Beyond technical junk like backgrounds, what I'm really lacking is the ability to come up with ideas and translating them into page compositions.

I don't know if it's because my drawing skills are limiting what I can imagine or if I'm just a bad writer, but it's incredibly frustrating because it hampers my ability to practice everything else

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Don't care about the results or the success, dude. If you want to do something, do it until you become good at it. People there talk about fundies and other tools because most artists lack them and prefer staying in their comfort zone, but you shouldn't conceive that as a self limitation you have to impose yourself. If you do pieces and keep at it with a critical eye, it would be just as useful as studying fundies.

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Coming from someone who’s tried to start a comic several times and always gave up after the first two or three pages, this is the advice I wish i would take: your first comic will be shit. So will your second and your third, probably. You get better at drawing by drawing, and it shouldn’t be that much different with comics. Just force yourself to start a comic and finish it.

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>bitch about it on /ic/
you missed a step

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If you want to make money off art, you need to learn how to make money in general. Just copying Loomis heads all day isn't gonna get you anywhere.

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welp guess it's time to go "study business"

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I like your philosophy.. I manage to live on about 1/6 the average income for my area. I just think to myself: would I rather ride my bike somewhere, or work some shitty retail job to not have to do that? Would I rather not have x, or work for an equivalent amount of time? Turns out, work is worse than most things.

Problem is, women seem kinda turned off by the fact I don't have a car and have a million hours of free time. I think lacking companionship is probably worse than working so I might have to change my strategy a bit :)

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>unless you are retarded when it comes to social media and the internet and general.
Add something about autism and you've gotten to the heart of the issue behind all the NGMI in the art world, especially on /ic/.

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Nobody on /biz/ studies business anymore. The entire board is flooded with crypto scams (and a few crytpo gems)

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my gf is a singer and has pretty much the same approach to work and free time as i do. she finances her music herself, but she works as a private teacher to get a decent income. we both work the same job three months in summer. you end up working some 70hours a week, if you are unlucky and it's a general mess in terms of working conditions, bu it's so fucking well paid. i live off of that wage for almost the rest of the year. applying for tax returns at the start of the next year, i get almost a quarter of the wage in addition to that.

i love the idea of doing a shitty job for three months and almost having the entire rest of the year for myself and my art. i'd fucking love to afford a car, but it just isn't in the deal. maybe later.

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leave /beg/ forever

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How do i become an artist if im dead inside and dont care for anything (humans, objects, landscapes) I haven't had a friend or a meaningful experience in years, from where am I supposed to get inspiration? Everything I do seems to be mere imitation or else i just draw fugly abstract shit that even I am repulsed by.

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I think you need to get therapy or a lot of self help books first

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self help books are memes dont listen to this. youre a neet, you need to get a job. get an easy part-time one even, just apply and get out to do something. youll make friends with coworkers. Youll appreciate your time more to shitpost and watch anime or whatever shit you do. Goodluck

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>>do this
it's the only way to improve.

>have no friends
English it's my native language, probably you don't get it what I have tried to say from my broken english, I will try to explain again.

For some weird reason many people here thinks that making ant ART FRIEND, will help to improve their skills, yeah it's cool having someone to talk your interest but in the end it will happend this situations.

>art pal it's less skilled than you.
you will start feeling that your are wasting your time with that person, and the only reason it's hanging with you it's to take advantage from you.

>art pal it's more skilled than you.
same thing I said before but now you are trying to get advantage of your artpal.

>artpal have the same level but one of the two will start to improve quickly.

jealousy will start to trigger on one of you, staring with awful comments, talking shit about you or try to misleading, just because he/she become better at you.

the only way that another person will want to you improve your art skills, it's being humble and polity ask if they want to teach you, guess what, you need to pay for that shit or if you are more luckly get a GF that she is willing to help, but since you are in 4chan, it's impossible.

So if you want to really make friends, search them but having in mind that you want a pal that in the future will be your "emotion support" and the other person it's expecting the same thing from you, but remember you are doing this because you want a friend to support you, not for lecheeing things like money, free art tutorial. etc

Friends and supportive people are very important for us, don't be a fucking autist, or try to take advantage for other people ( I know there must be a word for this kind of people, please let me know).

>do the same fucking drawings every time

What I mean it's draw every fucking day. the only way to improve it's practice but remember to get rest too or you will burn out.

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>I haven't had a friend or a meaningful experience in years
Well that's your problem right there.

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Good advice anon

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What's the difference between printer paper and sketchbook paper? Why do they say not to use printer papeer

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Just steal Archie’s. All you do is shove them down the front of your paints as far as you can and put your shirt over it. Loss prevention doesn’t give a f at art stores as long as you’re not stealing too much.

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use a binder you fkn trannies

>> No.3285457

They do but smudging isn't nearly as bad in a half decent sketch book than it is on printer paper.

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>being a literal nigger

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Printer paper is usually made from a mixture of cheap pulp and recycled paper that's been bleached. It's generally pretty acidic, which means it will yellow and get brittle very quickly. Sketch paper tends to use better materials (unless it's a cheap sketchbook), and the surface is usually geared for graphite and paints, while printer paper is designed to take toner, or ink. Printer paper is also much thinner, so it's not good for any wet media.
Printer paper is good for sketches you'll throw out, or doodling, or if you can't afford more (I get it for free at work, I always have a ream of it around, especially 11x17) but for more finished work, you should use sketch paper, of a decent manufacturer.

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Well /ic/, I made it, DESPITE your directions.

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But what if I were to go over to Google and get a photograph, just trace over it and disguise it as my own? Ohoho, delightfully devilish, Seymeur...

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Go back to /co/

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/Beg/gin-er and his lazy explanations~

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whats goin on in here skinner

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