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female girls need more support in the modern art scene

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God I wish I was a female girl.

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God I wish I was an anime girl.

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*black female girls need more support in the modern art scene
>OP forgot to mention that because they are racist, excluding POC from support is racist okay

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As opposed to female boys?

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please support females of color in the modern art scene

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Reminder that if you understand how form works and you're still using 3D shapes like cubes and spheres to construct your drawing, you're doing it wrong. Once you understand form, you need to use abstract organic forms to construct your subject or it's just going to look stiff and lifeless.

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Illustrate what u mean please

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did you just now learn that forms aren't just cubes and spheres

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Cubes and spheres are just training wheels to understand form for 3Dlets who don't understand it innately

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pyw master

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I see spheres right there though, those knees should not be sphericle either if you're going for something realistic.

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Whether or not you subscribe to the view that "everyone can learn" to draw, it's pretty obviously that some people ARE born with an advantage. There are documented cases of small children producing good art without any training whatsoever, and clearly without having grinded the fundies for 10 years at only 3 years old.

So lets discuss this seriously for a change. Why are some people born with a talent for art while others are not? Is it genetics, random chance, or something else?

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im being censored, i wrote onions, not onions. censorship is proof of how close to the truth i am.

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onions senpai cuck

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Reminds me of Hexels

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Based Sakura poster.

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read Pixel Logic

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>make lots of 2H pencil drawings
>scared to ink them and mess up something

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Yeah I tend to like the look of underdrawings and become hesitant to ink them but the inking process is very fun even if it transforms it into a different picture and my pencil rendering is better than what I can do in inks.

I got over it by copying other peoples drawings so they were effectively worthless as I'd never show stolen/copied art to anyone else or post it anywhere so if I fucked it up it didn't matter

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>caring about the end product, ever
>making it

You can pick one, and only one. If you want to make it you need to fully understand and truly embrace the fact that the real value of anything you do is in your head. Not the thing you created. Think about it, once you're a master with 25k hours of deliberate study and practice you'll be able to crank out art that will make people marvel and go 'wow that's incredible how does he do it?'... and it'll be effortless to you. Because the real value is in your skill, and that's only inside your brain. Nobody can take that from you. That is the beauty of art, and why it's a skill of true worth.

You need to stop caring about
- muh showcase sketchbook
- muh pic for instagram
- muh gold nugget pencil drawing

And acquire 25k hours of deliberate practice and study. Throw away your sketches, they're worthless.

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Ok guess im gonna take a dump on a canvas and call it a masterpiece since value is all in my head. Good advice bro.

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comic artists copy them to ink them with blue ink. do that i dunno.

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Art to the artist has but the value they assign to it. Is that really something you can strawman?

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What PS/CSP filters and actions do you use to turn photos into anime or manga backgrounds?

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It's not that simple. You can posterize and filter the photos you take, but you still have to paint over them by hand to achieve that look.

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yeah that's no problem, just curious about the initial step to get all the right groundwork, shapes, and perspective in.

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>D-Do you like my painting anon? :3

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the irony

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>>teehee look how cute I am
>>teehee buy my paintings
>>teehee free mentorship

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>Brooke Coomer

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Serves you right, living in a country litterally run by piss.

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Here's some hands I've been trying to draw, I realize I've got a long way to go before they look good.

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They're fine. Not amazing. But good enough for most purposes.

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Your artwork really just insists upon itself.
I find that when I let my pen go slack in my hand and draw with my reflexes instead of my brain my strokes birth and more beautiful final product

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I bought a Display Tablet and im loving every second of it, could you rate my art and add advice? If not,have fun with my art

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File: 3.56 MB, 3508x4960, imma luigi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Reminds me of that cartoon Mission Hill. You’re lines are good, so I’ll give you like a 7/10

File: 90 KB, 267x431, Sh9pD4TMjApVtqw24XP5B5fGvR_ho8pZ6TWaZHOtvZbSiNghBgqUI11pH3KRYNOejoQSg_MhuFPUSUb9GjO9Iynz1Vnq5yrtrz5e0NIM0LI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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I find it easier to get a grasp of where I want to go with my art stylistically when I think about stuff that inspires me that is less technically oriented. Post stuff that inspires you that other people might not think of as great art, but you love anyways. No standard old masters stuff or standard anime, please. Show us the less common stuff that inspires you.
I'll dump some bookplates, I think these are really beautiful and charming

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Jiro Matsumoto

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>no standard anime
>posts mainstream weebshit
thread over, inb4 bit titty anime dump

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Shoboyuski for mechanical designs

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OP here, it's not a bland anime girl and has an interesting style/mood to it, I think it fits the thread.
Share the artwork you like instead of worrying about what other people are posting, please.

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Yoshitoshi ABe

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There are stories, characters or scenes that honor other works... Whether movies, books, series, video games, etc... But you run the risk of being accused of plagiarism...

Then I wonder... What would be the proper way to pay homage without being accused of plagiarism?

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Pay homage to everyone. To all of the characters. All the Disney princesses and villains, all the mangas and animes, all of the tv shows and movies, all of the video game characters, and all of the book characters that weren't popular enough for anyone to want to play in a movie.

Steal from EVERYONE and then give it all back with a ribbon tied with so many IPs and OCs that the world just has to shut the fuck up, swallow hard, and bow its collective head and then look up at you with grateful, teary eyes and says, "based retard"

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the fuck

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if u me a meme 4 me and post it that wood b cool

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I’m not high enough to even understand what the hell you just said.

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whats even the point of gitting gud
>no financial benefit
>nobody cares
>the guy next to you will always be 10x better

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yea but at least getting fit lands you a gf and you won't die at 50

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>When are you going to move out of your one bedroom apartment and get a car, anon?
>by the way hows that drawing thing going?

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I made it. Its a comic im working on called deep six.

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Tjanks for the great cast ref

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Is there any decentralized file-sharing software similar to SoulseekQt but without being topic oriented (soulseek for example being for music mainly)?

It'd be great to share reference folders, artbooks, tutorials and all that shit without having to request links. file-sharing software has that magic of finding unique stuff when browsing shared folders, and it could be a nice way of helping each other find more specific stuff.

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Is this textbook flanderization?

A character that just happened to have big boobs evolved to have her entire being be defined by having gigantic boobs.

Are there any other good examples of this in art?

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I know a board which used to allow NSFW posting and got flanderized into a bunch of cumbrains posting about their fetish art all day long.
Was a sad state to look at.

>> No.4164969

She’s a character meant to attract a person with a certain fetish. What’s the problem here?

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evolved to have a long ass torso (4 heads which used to be 2 1/2)

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evolved to have a long ass torso (3 heads which used to be 2)

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>photograph of drawing taken at a slight angle with pencils/pens carefully placed at the side of the frame

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I have done this and hated myself for it but I never got myself to do that thing where you pretend you're using a brush on the piece
that grinds my gears so much because it's so fake
anything is better than trendhopping tho
I would go full shitpost and place a bunch of random items around like carrots, toothpaste, etc. and pretend I'm drawing with a mascara brush

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>close up of the character face divided in the middle by vertical line, happy part on the left and the mad or sad part on the right

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>shitty sketch of a woman/faggot with deer antlers, broken nose and flowers
>expensive sketchbook
>gorillions of pens and pencils laying around 99% of which weren't even used
>some fucking dried leafs, flowers and fruits sprinkled all over the table and the sketchbook
>also rocks
>and candles
>and a mug of coffee

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>shitty sketch of a woman/faggot with deer antlers, broken nose and flowers
too real, don't forget the blindfold tho

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>expensive sketchbook
>gorillions of pens and pencils laying around 99% of which weren't even used
>some fucking dried leafs, flowers and fruits sprinkled all over the table and the sketchbook
>also rocks
>and candles
>and a mug of coffee
this but the image is cursive motivational like
>always be yourself

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Is this the power of gesture drawing and drawing with force?

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posture looks awkward to me, and the hip looks unnaturally curved. it doesn't sit well with me.

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This is why I hate anime. You have medium highly detailed, muscular bodies and then that shitty mask-like emoji face.

>> No.4164942

Fucking Japs and their weird insect brains thinking that shit looks appealing.

>> No.4164946

not that anon but you must be newfags if you haven't seen this shit on 4chan for fuckin months.
therefore back to plebbit with you

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That's obviously western tumblr animu idiots

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Tumblr is dead and twitter is cancer. What are the best sites currently. I just have a shitty comic that I draw in my spare time that I want to post. I have an edgy sense of humor so I wan't a place that won't ban me for making and offensive joke in my comic.

>> No.4164289

twitter or facebook, pick your poison

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I need to study lineweight, could you please share with me the best linework you know?

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How about some examples of bad line weights?

These look nice but i dunno what makes them good.

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It's actually really easy. Lineweight has TWO components to it. First one is LINEVALUE (I.E. how dark the line is) Second is THICCNES.

Basically the darkest and thicker a line the closer it appears.

Why does it matter... well, if you use colour or shadow or light value, it really doesn't.

But if you are doing a figure, it's important NOT to contourn all around it in a line with the same darkness and thickness because it will confuse the eye and it won't be able to interpret depth.

Look what I made in five minutes. Which one of the following pops forward more. Nevertheless the key here is subtelty.

Other thing to notice. If you are doing a light value drawing, what matters is not the strenght of the line but how much LIGHT the object is recieving. And colour adds another dimension. The most important thing for most is to realize where the volume is the most forward and the most backward. If you can see volumes well, you can linevalue, and Lightvalue well.

>> No.4164540

Now that I pondered on it, the OP drawing prolly based of a dummy draw have bad linevalue. For example notice the knee bone. It's suposed to be more foward than the thigh, yet the thigh has a higher lineweight. That drawing did what I was talking about the contourns. Don't unnecesarily add contourns around a figure.

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Draw bigger.
Draw the same line: rotate the canvas or paper.

I posted the first link because you can see how some lines don't look really smooth when you look closer. And that's actually the norm: most of the time when you look at an illustration you're looking it at 50% 25% the original size.

>> No.4164926

Don't confuse lineweight technique with Clean up. They are totally different things. Most artist have to cleanup their sketches. With practice you make beautiful lines over your initial sketch.

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drawing an elven warrior, looking for an epic and slightly realistic style (not cartoon or anime)

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Every commie I have ever interacted with has been in full support of faggot elves

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still looks very weebish
I don't think youre capable of drawing anything else

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here OP
you unironically drew a good start, just adjust the limbs like pic related and it will look good
the face, torso and weapons look really good

vid related is really good for learning to foreshorten using the coil technique:

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im just fucking around drawing for fun, anon. what are you doing?

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