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are asians the only ones capable of drawing cute children?

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abe's drawings

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asian genes are really something different

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awesome a pedophile rage bait thread, frickin sweet Lois!

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Anons with jobs, how do you make time for drawing?

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Basically this. And no kids or other obligations, just the simple life.

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no, basically this. >>6680276
and you should have kids and obligations. A simple life is not the same as a zero responsibility life of hedonism. A simple life is a farmer's life and if you think running a farm is easy then you're ignorant.

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I have 2D daughters. My responsibility is to draw them. You can keep your real kids, tableguy.

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I have a sketchbook so I doodle when I have time at work. Doesn't happen often because I'm usually busy.
When I get back home I grab my tablet and draw with breaks for food and other stuff.

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Sticky notes at work.
I usually try to make time before bed for an hour or 2. It’s pretty hard some days though ngl, especially when you’re outtting in 10+ hour days of constant actual work and not just fucking around filling a seat

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Do you think artists deserve to be replaced by ai?

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Which of these two butts do you think looks better/more realistic?

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I think the left butt looks more realistic, just because its not a perfect sphere.

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I’ve been drinking on my own for the first time ever recently and starting a painting or drawing is way easier now. Is substance abuse the key to being a good artist???

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i was really feeling the gesture the other night 2 hard kombuchas in.

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>Is substance abuse the key to being a good artist???
Not at all, I made my best work when I was sober.
>alcohol is more like general stress relief
It also act as a depressant over the long term.

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I be painting n shiet

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I would recommend not leaning into alcohol for any kind of support or necessary use for a preferred outcome. You'll only get burned.

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The Fluffy Pony Thread.

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I dont have any adobe can you guys remake it in the original wojak style

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btw all i did was upload it to https://deepfriedmemes.com/

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Thank you dude. What context would this meme be ideal for?

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when a thot says some illogical shit

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>Be friends with an artist who is a total cunt
>Total cunt but she would give me solid advice when it came to fashion for drawing my OC's
>Had a falling out because she was a backstabbing bitch who talked shit about me behind my back to people on our discord server
>We cut ties but I sneakily manage to grab screenshots of outfit designs she made for my OC before she blocks me on everything
>Am trying to redraw the outfit design she made for me
>Am trying to color pick correctly for outfit
>Only have a shitty blurry screenshot to work from without the proper colors
>She was too much of a dumb nigger to send me a finished exported image
>Only sent a blurry pic of her working on the drawing in the art software, not the final piece
>TL;DR Really want to use the proper colors in re-drawing an OC outfit design but I can't because I only have a blurry pic to work with
>ffffffffffffuck my life

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Lmao he can't even pick colours right. How you gonna be an artist if you can't even come up with a good colour palette. I just steal all my outfit ideas from Pinterest ez
How autistic are you?

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Only retards think their shit is good enough to be stolen. Post it

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All of you guys are being faggots. If OP doesn’t want to share the outfit designs for their character and only trust people through social then you guys need to leave off it. There’s a lot of art theft going on nowadays so I don’t blame OP

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>be an antisocial autistic deviantart-tier OC-tard
>Be friends with an artist who is leagues better than i am,
>friend is good to the point she has legit bragging rights,
>Iam an uninspired nigger so i steal friends outfit designs,
>iam also a shitty art thief so my theft only gets me blurry shit i cant use,
>i make a thread on an iranian crosscountry forum crying and bitching about my fail,
>TL;DR Really want to use the proper color but im an unoriginal thieving fuckwit.
>ffffffffffffuck my life(always blame others for my wrongdoings)
you are a nigger and a faggot for making this thread.

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How to know when a character design is balanced or too much? Getting out of my Nomura phase

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If you can draw the same character design from multiple angles in the same amount of time, or less, it takes you to draw it once, it's a balanced design.

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How do I get better at coming with character designs?

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Visual library

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Make a lot of them and put effort in it.

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gen dont know where to post this but i found this artist on instagram (5outho) about 5 months ago. In love with their stuff man. I'm just wondering how to shade like this. It looks cool as hell

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Name is Kanye East

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I smirked a little.

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I'm in the middle of my Romanticism phase.

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i didnt know that liking old soul_maxxed paintings was just a phase.

damn these horses looks cool

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Agreed. Very nice horses.

I’ve watched Excalibur, The Green Knight, and the LotR trilogy recently. Inspiring imagery, stories, and themes.

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I wish I could paint like that but I barely know how to draw.

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>I'm in the middle of my Romanticism phase
How does this reflect in your own art?

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What's the greatest artistic period and why is it romanticism?

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Why aren't you doing this new trend /ic/?

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I draw for fun but it does burn part of me that I’ll never know what it feels like for my art to get over 2 retweets. Plus I’m pretty sure the twitter/insta algo thinks my account is a bot because I posted more than once in a day. Idk why socials have to be so unforgiving. Life is hard enough.

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Draw something original.

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Fan art is the way

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I don't need to do fanart to be successful.

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Trends really aren't that good for long-term engagement for the reasons >>6680175 outlined: you're basically pissing in a sea of piss. Only do trends if you find them actually fun to draw. If you go into them expecting to get a billion likes and followers overnight you will be sorely disappointed. It's a casino with the odds stacked a mile high against you.
If you want something that'll definitely help (not necessarily guarantee instant success, mind, but it's better than nothing), just find a niche and draw fanart of things you like. A lot of people here have the impression that fanart has to be this slog you have to do for the twitter algorithm and you have no passion for it yada yada yada when that really isn't the case. Unless you're a total media luddite there has to be /some/ game, show, movie or whatever that you enjoy, and drawing fanart for that is an easy win-win. It's definitely a bit more of an uphill battle if that franchise is really saturated (like nintendo stuff) but niche obscure anime/games generally have smaller, more attentive fanbases.
But yeah if you want followers, give people a reason to follow you- and drawing fanart of a series that you like is a pretty good reason

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Is chicken scratching ALWAYS bad?

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you could always do better

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only when you do it because it looks like shit

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I'm going to Alice

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It can be used to show anxiety, make an image more frightening, or give a purposely sketchy look etc. Generally speaking though, yeah, it makes the image messier and busier than it should be.

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does make nigger souls feel a bit more spooky

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Which is the correct route for drawing. Drawing from nothing or using references

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draw from reference
fix mistakes
hide reference, re-draw using your sketch as reference but draw it as a character, pay attention to arcs and straights, short/medium/long, gesture pushing, etc.
take break
hide everything and redraw your final sketch from memory

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You're supposed to fill gaps in your knowledge and build a mental library by using references, not just in studies but also your main body of work. The earlier you use reference the first few times you'll eventually not need reference for drawing that particular thing anymore. It's fucking idiotic to let yourself be put down by "not being able to draw every little thing from imagination". References are tools and knowledge, they're meant to make you be able to draw more. Your favorite artists can draw things from memory because you didn't see the hundreds of other times they've drawn something previously, from props to bodies to poses etc. You're literally robbing yourself of the power that references give you to be able to draw more /and/ get better doing it every time.

You can practice for all eternity, overthink yourself into a corner, stopping yourself from creating, or you can more easily learn by creating hundreds of things while referencing with resources you've consciously collected. That in itself is part of the process.

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Nobody ever said that you shouldn't use references. But if you don't draw from imagination you will end up like proko.

>> No.6680298

In sketchbooks one develops images, and those are what you use to draw your bigger better more complicated works.

>> No.6680302

this seems like the best fit for anyone. you're building a visual library to draw from, but first you have to ref and memorize a lot of different objects, takes time but as you level up you'll ref less and less

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Has gaming addiction disproportionately caused issues for artists? Can gaming addiction ruin your art skills?

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no video game seems fun anymore.

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I actually have a drawing addiction because I developed a bad habit of procrastination when I entered university for engineering. Drawing makes my problems go away for only a little, much like what cocaine does to people.

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you should be glad you feel this way instead of mindlessly droning about a videogame which accomplishes nothing but time loss.

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She’s hot. Also, you’re gmi

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let's discuss faces. What makes a good face in your opinion? i feel like faces are probably the most important part in a drawing. When is it too little detail, when is it too much detail? is it possible to make unattractive faces appealling or at least not tumblesque?

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Sargent was just a beautify filter for the instathots of his day...

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I like current anime faces. The general idea of "anime style" on this board feels very outdated.

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stay down sub human scum

>> No.6680191

I think a big part of appeal is how you draw faces. And drawing them perfectly realistic is a surefire way to erase any appeal from your drawing.

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very nice

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>tfw western cunny artist
>can't post on /beg/ because i'll be called a pedo
>can't post on /lsg/ because i'll be called a westoid

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You could stop being a pedophile

>> No.6679939

You could stop perceiving me as a pedophile for drawing cartoons

>> No.6679946

Not that guy. It's insane how much of a shitstorm he whipped up for simply posting lolis in the loli general, though.

>> No.6679948

I posted in /lsg / once, they were nice enough. Pyw anon, I promise I won't say anything negative.

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no one really cares ppl just shit posting

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Any artist's coloring tutorial guide videos you'd recommend? I've seen some artists mention in the past that they have some up on gumroad for purchase, but i don't know which ones are worth it if any at all.

yes, i know it likely depends on what i ultimately want my art to look like, but i would just like to see in general if any of you have something to recommend that worked for you. i figured i can learn from good tutorials then adapt them to the way i want my stuff to end up looking.

i guess just avoid hyperrealistic looking shit that requires 40 hours to complete, because i do not have the patience or time to devote so much into one picture. i'm talking a color render shading process that would take under 3 hours.

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