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What kind of sketchbook would /ic/ recommend?

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If you give a fuck it might look a little autistic if you use it in public but a clipboard with printer paper works pretty well if you're just drawing at home or work-it's also a small fraction of the price of a sketchbook.

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A clip board + print paper is godlike. I don't know why you would use anything else.

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I buy a batch of A4 printer paper and draw on both sides. Once I'm done with them I keep the drawings I like and recycle the rest, then I buy new packs.

It removes the fear of destroying a nice sketcbooks, and lets me draw as much as I like.

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I actually like the feeling that you need to make every line count in sketchbooks. The only reason why I still get one every once in a while instead of just using >>3209946

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I go to ocean state job lot and buy their plain sheet paper pads. It's $1 for 100 sheets of bright white paper that's a bit thin but can handle tombow markers.

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That's a nice wacom you got there! How much did you pay for it again?

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What is this?

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Try reading what's written under the photograph. I promise great discoveries.

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isn't ugee third place behind huion and wacom?

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Composition is the most important fundamental.

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I'd say it's on par with values

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wrong, it's perspective.

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I agree, although I think colour theory is up there too

OP's pic isn't exactly correct perspective, would you say that it is not appealing because of that?

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It isn't correct technical perspective. But as long as 3D space is suggested it's using perspective.

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Sup fellow animu drawrs!
This is the spot for you to discuss drawing anime-style artwork!

Serious discussion is enforced, leave your feelings and opinions regarding anime to the feels thread, this thread is meant for you to discuss anything you've been creating regarding anime/manga.

Got doubts while making your manga? Wanna learn from others while drawing your own anime art? Ask ahead!

Feel like expressing your political or ethnic opinion on manga or its creators? Be sure to fuck right off because this is a learning thread!

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shoulders too far away
pose is too stiff

there's a hint that you're trying to do contrapposto but the shoulders and hips are paralell.

left leg is drawn weird

I can see what pose you tried to convey though

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alt 2.0 already

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If you want to actually good good at drawing anime, and not just drawing a westerner's interpretation that is vaguely anime style, you need to copy, and copy a lot. Fundamentals are defiantly important, but they are only half the battle. When you are starting out, you don't know how to draw anime, so most of your work should be direct reference from people who do. You can't create original work until you actually know how to draw.

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some anon posted a mega with a lot of resources but there was a lot anime related things like drawing clothes hair bodies and shit but it got shoa'd . does anyone have it ? pls share

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was this the pose you were going for? sorry for the roughness, I drew it super quick

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How many of you are still doing Inktober in November?

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do you think i've got him?

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anyone got anything else to say about this one?

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anyone know who I copied the eyes off?

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no-one has answered my original question - can i draw mt daydream?

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Looks good to me.

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Do you think Roger Hargreaves was a good artist? bear in mind he sold the rights for these drawings for 28 million....

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Split /ic/ in two different boards.

1 : /aic/ - Anime Artwork/Critique
2 : /wic/ - Western Artwork/ Critique

It's no secret this board has been shittier and shittier thanks to the normalshit newfags coming straight from /soc/, /co/ or worse from websites like tumblr, reddit, facebook and the likes polluting threads after threads by getting triggered at the mention of anime on an anime website.

By splitting /ic/ in two it will allow for better cohesion between the two distinct groups, and thus vastly improve the general posting quality and general atmosphere.
Containment boards for these "people" were created in the past (as aforementioned, /soc/, /co/, or again /int/, /pol/ and the likes) so there's no reason why yet another board couldn't be created to resolve the current growing issue.

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Anonymity is completely incompatible with art and the pursuit of artistic improvement.
There's two ways to filter bad information. Either you know better already and can easily point an idea as retarded, or you can see that the person is better than you so you can make the safe bet that they know better.
This board is the epitome of the blind leading the blind. It doesn't help that any time anyone somewhat appears they get driven away by the horde of jealous people.

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>using /ic/ for more than the art related entertainment
Never gonna make it.

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But that's exactly what I do I was just saying why it won't thrive.

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You can't force entertainment EA. You just let it happen.

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But it's slow, the bigger the place gets the faster we get entertainment.

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Hey guys, I'm drawing on a tablet for the most part and I was wondering if you guys knew of any good roomy desks with lots of elbow room in the $300 ish range tops, I'm using my tablet on my keyboard tray atm and my elbow kind of hangs off it and it's shitty

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Any office desk.
Thats all

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try officedepot

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>adjustable leg length in case your floor is uneven

This thing is the best if you don't have a shit load of room (or money).

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Will this course actually improve my line quality or should I go back to drawing a box :^)

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It's for pussies who are too afraid to practice trough real artwork and just want to mindlessly grind out their brains.

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No this is for people who want to decorate their journal..

Please, go to life drawing classes. Draw large, use your arm and body to draw, not just your fingernails. Block in shading using the side of your conte stick. Hopefully people there know about gesture drawing, cuz you need to do that to get better sooner.

Next to that, I find that painting really helps with understanding form. I'd recommend a large 21 Inch plus cintiq to practise if ur serious about it, otherwise, acryllics are fine too for irl stuff. Just dilute the paint.. Loads of people don't when they start and everything becomes very uncontrollable very quickly.

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Huh. Alright. Thank you both.
I've been doing what you recommended for the most part, but my line quality has never really been on par with my peers, so I thought this might help improve it. I will go back to doing actual art. Though I might still do this on the side, it'll not be my main focus.

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the Drawthread with our fundamental exercises.

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, do not give up, make someone proud.


>screenshot the image and post that instead

>change camera capture settings to something smaller

>send to computer and resize in MSPaint

→ →
There's a new (and cleaner) sticky in town! You can see it at:


TRY TO BE MORE ACTIVE AND GIVE PEOPLE SOME FEEDBACK - many studies are left unreplied, which is a bit sad and can be quite demotivating for the people that try their best to improve, but are left directionless.


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Would being gay help me become a better artist?

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nope, worse.

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I understand the appeal of seeing the strokes and grotesque creepy style of drawings

But yours looks amateur and just gives the impression that you did not bother to clean it up

Also that 3/4 view doesn't help your case.

I recommend reading this book:

>force dynamic life drawing for animators

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being bisexual would make you a better artist of anatomy

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>Be apache helicopter gender fluid sexual
>Surpass any other artist that came before you and make porn beyond the comprehension of the normal human psych

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Is this guy legit? Had never heard of his material before until I saw him leave a comment on Aaron Blaise's composition video basically trashing him for incorrectly using the golden ratio.
I watch some of his videos and he has a point in that the rule of thirds is a massive oversimplification, but when he starts using this geometry to analyze paintings it just comes off as impractical autism to me. He's also a photographer and not a painter. He seems to have his own made up terminology too; he calls curving lines "arabesques" which in the wikipedia definition are decorative floral patterns and parallell lines "gamut" (??). Anyway, I've gotten really interested in the theory of composition lately and I am kind of open to everything at this point. Thoughts?

Here's the video:

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Hello /ic/. I've recently been asked if I would instruct/teach some painting classes. I've been painting for many years and am relatively well respected locally, however, I have no formal training and I've never really thought much about what it is I'm doing until now.

So I'm wondering if you could suggest some good fine art instructors (oil paint) so I could at least get an idea of what that would look like. Thanks.

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Nobody? I realize I could just as well google some videos myself, but I know I've seen some in particular floating around here at some time or another so I was hoping for another perhaps more knowledgeable opinion.

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I don't know any people, but I had oil painting lessons in my Visual arts class few years ago, and I got pretty much this:

Teach about mixing colours (and colour mixing if these are younger students)
Teach them techniques you use to create your image
Give them exercises like painting from a reference with the oil paints

And in general, teach them about oil painting and how it works. Oh, and maybe challenge this up by taking away their colour black and force them to make it themselves?

I don't know honestly my teacher was shit, but good luck!

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haha, appreciated nonetheless!

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Does this style of painting have a name? I don't know how to really describe it. Everything drawn with fairly simple geometric shapes, no textures, muted colors.

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visual novel background

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overpainted 3d render

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Are "what style is this?" threads reportable yet?

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Could you critique my artwork please
I'm trying to improve with my art

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Post the beginner thread.

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Honestly never heard of it but okay

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Wow I feel stupid

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I had one of the most intense dreams of my life recently. It really shook me. I was walking through the woods and saw some parents telling their two young girls not to play with matches...

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I used to draw Fuchsia a few years ago

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looking for critique, new to oil pastel. can anyone give me their opinions on this? i set up an apple as a reference. i feel like im shit and really want to improve, so dont hold back.

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First tip - stop trying to master a new medium on the first try. Pastels take time, like anything else.

It;s a decent first attempt - the lighting is questionable, and put as much effort into the surface the apple is on, as you did the apple.

Throw some warm tones in there, it feel too cool. Orange and yellow in the highlight areas, and throw some purples and greens into the shadows, it will "pop" it off the page more, give it more dimension.

Keep in mind, that unless you're working very large, pastels are not good for detail work. They're expressive and they lend themselves to more impressionistic work - they're great for landscapes, for instance.

Keep going.

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One last thing - take the black pastel, and throw it out. You're using it too much. Learn to make dark colors with color, not black. That's why your stuff is flat - shadows have color.

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Thank you for the comprehensive writeup, I'm going to try and reply to each of the points you made. Honestly that was exactly the type of post I'd hoped for.

Firstly, I'm new to oil pastel but not brand new. I have about a month of experience, not much but I feel like I should be further which is why I came for help. Ive made maybe 15-20 drawings so far.

I'll try out what you said about the warm and cool colors, I dont have much of a grasp of that admitably. The challenge in these (Which Im assuming you know already) is you can only layer so much before the page wont take new color, so Ive been trying to take shortcuts with my color. ( using black)

As far as size goes each apple is a little smaller than a CD. Would that be working too small in your mind? I can definitely see how this would lend itself to landscapes or anything large that could take rough marks with line expression in it.

Thanks again.

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Thank you for the comprehensive writeup. Honestly that was exactly the type of post I'd hoped for.

Firstly, I'm new to oil pastel but not brand new. I have about a month of experience, not much but I feel like I should be further which is why I came for help. Ive made maybe 15-20 drawings so far.

I'll try out what you said about the warm and cool colors, I dont have much of a grasp of that admitably. The challenge in these (Which Im assuming you know already) is you can only layer so much before the page wont take new color, so Ive been trying to take shortcuts with my color. ( using black)

As far as size goes each apple is a little smaller than a CD. Would that be working too small in your mind? I can definitely see how this would lend itself to landscapes or anything large that could take rough marks with line expression in it.

Thanks again.

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Size sounds about right. Even so - pastels don't really lend themselves to precision, they're more of an expressive medium.

As for color, there's tons of info out there. You really need to learn how to handle it, especially with a medium like pastels, because, like you said, you can't build up much color.

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Give my montage some criticism, or don't. Whatever gets you horny at night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMFTpO_eYTc

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How much would you pay for this? Thinking about selling it took me like 2 weeks to paint.

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I never said I was good you nigger

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If you're going to post itt then post some oc. Op tried and failed give him advice you niggers

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Is this the thread where we call each other niggers?

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its muddy, the entire thing reeks of ameteur, you don't know basic color theory, among other things

are you butthurt because I said your painting sucks, saying it once is good enough. git guud

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>his first painting ever
>expects people to pay something for it

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Just close your eyes and draw your thoughts

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she came out better than i expected

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>tfw your drawings have more character when you draw with your eyes closed than opened

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Is that renamon porn

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anyone suggest how i can improve my mr mean?

>> No.3209276

anyone want to see my other mr men drawings???

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Draw Mr Daydream.

>> No.3209286

will do. have to wait till tommorow. i'm not being mean.... hahaha

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kill nigger. kill a

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Is digital (mouse and tablet with some program like krita) the best way of doing things? What advantage do I get from using a pencil, a pen, or oil painting instead, other than oil painting having the possibility for lots of thick paint for texture?

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