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>Hate my job
>Can't find a new job
>Heard furry porn pays good
>Almost made an account yesterday on furaffinity
How easy is it to make bank on furry porn? I'm losing my shit going on 5 months with a fruitless job search. Never drawn furry stuff before.

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Furry porn pays good -
If you are an established furry artist.

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I really doubt you are going to have any luck with this unless you’re willing to sink a lot of time and effort into something you don’t even care about. personally I would find it too risky and would rather just keep my job no matter how shitty it is because I like comfort and guaranteed money.

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Do you enjoy drawing furry stuff though? That is what you need to ask yourself. But if you have never done it before and had no interest in it before now then you probably have your answer.

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Deadass. I'm not saying you can't ever make it in fur but I just want you to know that it's not a free meal ticket.
If you ever do decide to do fur art as a genuine interest and not as a profit venture though try checking out your local furry community, one of the trash generals, or some smaller lax pocket of furries. They might not be your best financial supporters but they'll take care of you otherwise. Furries are interesting in that the ones you should avoid will basically wear neon signs

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It is a meme, there are like 10k ppl drawing furry everyday on deviantart, tried it for a month did a fake twitter and deviantart acc, got 5 followers who just follow everything furry and thats it.
But drawing animal dicks is really kills your soul, you really have to be "special" to enjoy this kind of "art"

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Check out this pig (copied from toriyama)

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what are some good sources or guides to learn to draw buff people thx in advance!

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Post art you drew as a kid.

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the /draw/thread with our fundamental exercises.

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

previous >>4015584
>screenshot the image and post that instead
>change camera capture settings to something smaller
>send to computer and resize in MSPaint

READ THE STICKY if you need guidance when you haven't even started.

Sticky: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit#bookmark=id.15jx3pyuimvj

TRY TO GIVE PEOPLE SOME FEEDBACK - many studies are left unreplied, which is a bit sad and can be quite demotivating for the people that try their best to improve, but are left directionless.

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first time drawing in anime style so this was an exercise in eyes, mouth positioning, face proportions in general.

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bamboo ftw

i think tracking doesnt change from cheap to expensive.. the only thing that is better is the pressure sensitivity and ive gotten acostomed to the bamboo which is like an on or off switch almost but theres kind of a middle spot too

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I can do line art with it. Not GOOD lineart, but it works mostly. Until it chokes and dies from abuse, im not even gonna bother changing it. Huion has a cheap one that has tilt recognition but i can live without that.

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Listen to me, you little shit
Open your eyes and see
Obviously this is shit
Maybe you should practice
I'm telling you the truth
So you'll be better and free

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Is it cheating if in use arrows in my gestures? They feel helpful to me but rarely see artist's gestures have them so i thought them as a crutch.

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Can I get some tips to improve? Only just started to get back into drawing since i was like 14.

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draw more

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Get self awareness and taste, and don't make your own threads.

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-use a stabilizer
-if drawing anime/cartoons, you can color pick directly from reference including shadow and highlight colors
-draw construction lines on top of a reference for a pose that you want to draw
-if posting art on social media, use a colored background with a gradient and add filters if you think it makes your art look better

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i cant read

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Honestly, most of you guys, 99% will not make it. You're probably better off doing something else like knitting or graffiti. Second, if you're over the age of 19, which majority of you guys are and not drawing at least 6 hours a day with consistent progress where you're jumping from beg > intermediate > semi professional > professional level in a matter of 3-4 years, you're not going to make it. If you have a horrible anime or tumblr derivative style, your ngmi. If you lack social skills and a sense of business to be able to promote your works and gain followers, you're not going to make it. I figured I just put that out there before y'all wasted your time.

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Never gonna make it.

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God damn who hurt you? You don't need to make a thread and project so hard y'know, there's a vent thread already.

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I only draw each sunday since March and see progress, even my shitty art has 5-10 likes on every platform enough to feed my ego

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>If you have a horrible anime or tumblr derivative style, your ngmi

Depends on what making it means to you. Pic related is DC-published art, and I’m sure I could find plenty of a similar caliber in a comic book shop if I looked around. Style certainly isn’t an indication of professional standard. There’s a lot more to it.

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holy projection kek

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What tier do you fall in, /ic/?

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>high tier intermediate
Thanks. I do need to work on my brushwork a lot, I've been neglecting painting and only picked it up again this year so I have a long way to go.
>the shape design of the tree in the foreground screams /beg/
Could you elaborate? I've been trying to improve my shape design but it confuses me. What about it looks so bad and how can I make it better?

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I mean... it’s still a porn and gore fest. I checked into another board yesterday and saw that egirl’s corpse photoshopped into memes in seconds.

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Not him, I think the tree is fully fine, but if you want, go out and study irl trees instead of only photographs. There’s a lot more nuance and randomness in the way trees naturally grow. Studying nature is ideal for finding interesting shapes.

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Will do, anon. I've been studying a lot of photos to work on drawing plants lately but you're right, that doesn't provide me with quite the same breadth of knowledge. I'll try to get on some life drawing soon.

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Don’t work yourself too hard, though, okay? Burnout and arm pain are a real bitch. You’re doing great and I’m proud of you.

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>draws like what looks like a 7 year old jap kid's scribbles
How the fuck do they do it? What's their secret?

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probably humor

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Appeal. Did you know for example that graphic design is different from what we do here? I'd say this is similar. Graphic design deals more with symbols and colors and what will look good and despite becoming a decent artist you might still suck at creating logos and that stuff because you don't know about appeal.
That nip draws things that look good, assuming he's crap. He might be an actually good artist drawing like that for fun. The faces are actually well proportionated, a beg wouldn't do that.

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Why do people misconstrue follower counts with artistic value? Do you really live for looking at a number become an even bigger number?

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artists generally want to become more known, yes. it can also mean more money. this isn't necessarily relating popularity with artistic value, but it sure helps knowing what makes even low effort drawings become so popular. my guess is >>4018421

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If you dont draw every day for even as little as 5 minutes youre NGMI

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Then you need to chill out. i get the worries but you don’t want to burn yourself out and make art not be fun anymore in the end and quit. breaks are necessary sometimes

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When I start getting drawing anxiety about productivity or whatever I take a step back from fundies and just draw whatever the hell I want without caring too much about the specifics.

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right. i’m having a huge depressive episode right now and i simply don’t have the motivation or energy to draw every day or study hardcore so instead i’m doing paintings of more simple subjects which is fun and still helps me improve other parts of my art and doesn’t stress me tf out

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i work at a grocery store and i just loosely doodle on sticky notes when i get a minute here and there. even jotting ideas down is useful, i get ideas a lot while im out and never write them down. loosen up anon. dont wait for motivation to come to you either. just sit down and do it and it will be fun every time. learning new things and creating new pathways is the same part of your brain as pain. when you wait for motivation or energy its really fear. but the best thing you can do for yourself is move past it. its like skateboarding, youre afraid of the first fall but once you do, its not so bad. you get back up and go on. its always worse in your head

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not so much fear, and not simple motivation. depression and adhd sometimes simply makes it impossible to do anything, but that’s fine because i’m still having fun and i know i’ve been steadily improving so i’m not worrying much. but thank you anon! i think we can all make it if we try.

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Can we help save the world through art?

Today the government has more power than ever beofore, people are suffering because of extreme taxation and they even want to be taxed to death thanks to propaganda and identity politics, humanity is better than ever but we're venturing into a new dark ages where people want to obey the will of the emperor and give him unlimited power over their lives.

Can we get so good that we get the attention from everyone and force them to accept ideals of freedom represented in our art just because they can't deny our skill?
Is this the endgame of getting good?

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>Right before they go back to voting for the politicians who try and push through legislation in it's favor.
Good thing I've never voted for any such politicians then. Nice try at that gotcha though

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who determines when something is superficial or not? pretty sure it's the economy itself that has final judgment there. not sure how that's ever superficial. like calling the extinction of a species a superficial decision by nature. fucking what.

also reporting this thread cause politics is off-topic.

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No. Art is something luxurious and doesn’t have enough impact or power to change the world.
Be an engineer, scientist, politician or even a teacher if you want to impact the world.

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>posts a bolshevik in denial who wrote "oh gosh I just can't"
What's that supposed to mean?
>but in reality went with her fellow jews
She became atheist in life and never saw herself as ethnically "Jewish". She saw herself as Polish and in protest about Germanification wrote

>"he Prussian government has performed a new assault on the Polish people! The regulation enacted by Minister of Education Studt removed the last remnants of the Polish language from the schools of the city of Poznan, the last remaining subject taught in Polish, Religious Education, will be taught in German from now on! Our children, who spend half the day at school, will no longer hear a single word in the language of their people, the language of their fathers and mothers. Education, the intellectual nourishment for life, which they are supposed to absorb in school, will be presented to them in a language that is completely strange and unintelligible to them! Are these not outrageous circumstances? The schools were founded for this purpose, the people send their children to school, so they can absorb the light of science, so they grow into knowledgeable, educated people, for their own benefit and for their country’s joy. In Poznan, however, school will not serve the education of the children, but turn them into spiritual cripples, who do not know their own nationality and language, not to sow the seed of knowledge and civilization, but for the violent spread of German identity."

Try harder /pol/tard. The idea of "Jewish" communism kinda falls flat when there were few communist regimes who outright dispelled Jews. For example in Poland, Jews had to leave universities in 1968.

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>She became atheist in life a
*She became an atheist later in her life*

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Does /ic/ like to do those kind of mind games to train your observation skills? like the same drawing but with 7 or 8 differences.

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What are the photos everyone talking about?

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everyone is always talking about “making it”

what’s your definition of (not) making it?
is it based on skill? financial success? happiness? image?

is your idea of “making it” just your personal dreams as an artist?

let’s talk about it!

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I don't think it'll mean much to me when I reach that point, but making it would be to make a living by drawing whatever the fuck I want.

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"making it" means "achieving your dreams". If someone becomes a famous porn ""artist"" he disgusts me, but if that's his dream, then he made it.

>> No.4018403

For me, making it just means being able to be happy with my own work and being capable of making what I want.

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wait wtf i thought "making it" meant becoming rich and famous and if you didn't become rich and famous you're ngmi

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First post best post

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I don't know why people hate anime art. What's the alternate then ?

Furry - Objectively bad for mentally disordered people.
Photo-realistic Art - Which is pointless art and relies too much on tracing and referencing photos glorified by NPCs.
Capeshit - The same realistic style over and over again even anime has more style. Even their stories are recycled garbage.
Video game art - I guess this one isn't bad as It has a variety of styles.
Anime is the best as it uses both imagination and technical skill.

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Anime comes from Japan and I have a seething hatred for anything not Western European.

>> No.4018479

>Anime is the best as it uses both imagination and technical skill.
hahah oh man this board is a goldmine of stupidity. use your brain for once weeb

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It's a hard pill to swallow for bitter loomis-worshipping boomer oldfags that the superior art form known as anime is taking over the world. That is all.

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That right girl’s arm is so broken. Try some loomis

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Just seething retards who are thinking that drawing boxes for 10 years is the only way

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There have been several /ic/ related art servers in the past. Some of them faded out or were deleted. What's the current situation? Are there any left?

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that's probably why despite having over 10 /ic/ discords, none of them are any good

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>thing i dont want
Ahahaha you just described the LAS discord

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Not to sling you out buddy but the problem with /ic/ Discords is that a lot of them are filled with people with a similar mindset to you, but they don't realize they're /beg/s and NGMIs. /beg/s and NGMIs can't identify themselves so they fill up servers and drive other artists away.

>> No.4018340

If you give me your Discord ID I can get you an invite. It's private

>> No.4018362

I fucking hate joining a discord group. Everyone already knows each other and I'm too shy to post hi. I get it they're friends and people want to talk about other stuff but every channel is blowing up with stupid shit. Hardly anyone posts art. And everyone feels underage so I get uncomfortable being in the same room.

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why is this allowed

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Alright, what's the joke?

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This thread is so fucking pointless even by /ic/ standard.

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Pic related.

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No schmoozing prospects either. And that's like total death then.

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at what point does it come full circle and become actual racism

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>Your loss.

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Great response.

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I could probably get away with it too, I know a lot of freelancers who have been in the grey area for years, even though they are earning a lot. I just choose not to do that, there's too much risk involved. I'd rather pay the stupid 19% income tax and social insurance than go to jail.
In my country it's ~$65 per month but I imagine it's a little more than that in first world. There are also those automated tax services (TurboTax in the US?) but I'm not sure if this is a good option

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Or how the hell did he learn? I haven't found anything about art education on his biography.

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>Everyone learns from youtube eventually.
Fixed that for you

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>yeah bro, its totally normal, the chicks love it!

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