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Post your political art. The latest art about politicians, satire, and realism.

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Political art is worst art.

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it s just a regular portrait, where is the politic in that?

inb4 "i painted it with my cum and shit on it, then made the art look like crap in purpose"

Still not very political more like attention whoring

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Stop posting your ugly turds here

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How to think in 3D?

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Is this the new meme?

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drawing them by the front seems so fucking difficult

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just draw from a reference

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>do work
>feels good man
>think about how much more work i need to do to git gud
>feels bad man

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>oh no i have to draw feels bad man
good luck anon, you'll need it

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how about this one
>draw something crap for the internet
>people like it
>feels good man, but..whats the point if this is the level you need for the general populous

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Does using a cheaper cintiq alternative actually produce crappier results? As opposed to any type of tablet from wacom, does it produce inferior lineart/colors/etc ?

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you can still cut your steak with a butter knife yes.

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You can definitely produce the same results, it just feels a lot more annoying to use due to all the software and hardware issues. And sometimes when you get frustrated with the tool not doing what you want you tend to not push it as far compared to when your tool works just as you want it.

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What are your thoughts on destiny blue?

Does she successfully bring emotion into anime art?

From her Deviantart page:
DestinyBlue is one of DeviantArt's most recognized and beloved artists. She is a long-term deviant who regularly pours her heart and soul into the community, and spends much of her time each day leaving thoughtful, helpful comments for other artists on their work. In addition to the kindness and energy she puts forth into the community, her art is instantly recognizable, covering a variety of themes that any viewer can appreciate and connect with. It is our pleasure to name DestinyBlue the recipient of the Deviousness Award for July 2015.


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And bere I thought this was a piace to appreciate art. You guys suck.

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Darn autocorrector junk.

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>/ic/ - Artwork/Appreciation

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Judging by the 3 minutes I spent on her page I'm leaning toward her being no exactly good. Her artstyle isn't anime tho, just a blend of styles popular on DA and pixiv. Her stuff mostly involve some """emotional""" message that's just more of the same. But nowadays I tend to think that pandering is not a sin for artists but if you can work yourself away from it by providing variety, you should do it,
in the end, just another run-of-the-mill witty illustraion artist, nothing much.

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Can anyone recommend set of books for studying drapery, clothing and fashion? I am going to a point where I do not know how to proceed clothing my figures and most of the books I have gives me unanswered questions about folds, mainly the forms of zigzag folds, where folds tend to form, how to effectively render folds without losing the primary form, bulky clothing, and how can anatomy and drapery come together. Thanks

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You could always just make up your own set ups. Use different fabrics of different thicknesses, drape stuff, fold them yourself, point some lamps at it to get some nice shadows and draw and practice.

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Although that helped, I still run to the problem of doing drapery to complement the human figure. Setting up a fold on the ground can help me identify simple shapes, but it ends up a bit stiff and almost gestureless, which isnt ideal when draping the figure.

Most of the questions I do have right now probably relates more on the draped figure than the drapery itself. Its probably something I still have to answer myself...

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vilppu 11 drawing drapery the clothed figure

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I'm surprised no one has recommended this masterpiece yet.

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I made this at like 4 am

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For the love of fucking god this is an art board, there's no reason to have posts without proper orientation.

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WOWWWWWW thanks for sharing your big turd pile with us! KYS tard.


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Not OP but my Clover refuses to correct the orientation despite the image being properly rotated. It's weird.
l constantly find myself working til midnight as well, it's just better because it's quite and dpesn't get distracted.

Not bad, but I'm in no position to criticize you.

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what abomination did I make

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Go back to /i/ faggot.

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Pull my finger.

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Go on, pull my finger.

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*pulls finger*

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men of children was a great film (ops image screen shots raped with a swastika)

check it out , they used a great camera technique throughout the film..

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It's not only his drawings, each one of them has hundreds of favorites.
What happened to the mental health of children?

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This thread belongs in /trash/ not here

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yeah nigger, simply practice every day for hours, fucking easy.

is not like your personality type keeps you from drawing everyday.

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I'm going to tell you this with absolute honesty, because I love you, anon:

-You can practice 10 minutes with your head and get further than mindlessly doing 10 hours of "studies". Mindlessness is the enemy of learning.

-You need to do things slowly if you want to have any hope in doing them correctly with speed.

-Don't ask yourself what you need. Ask your WORK what does IT need.

-Get slightly out of your confort zone. Make mistakes — Nobody needs to see your mistakes — and make sure not to commit those mistakes again.

-Artists don't daydream about making great art. They daydream about having made great art.

-The key is not time or skill, it's consistency and persistency. Your first goal must be to draw every day and not stop.

-Draw a lot, but draw consciously. Improve with every new piece you create.

- Clear your mind of thoughts. Do not think at all on how shit is done. Is better to watch a master while he's drawing and imitating the process yourself than trying to remember everything about it from a book.

You're gonna make it.

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>personality type

gonna add that to my list of excuses from /ic/

do you have any more good ones

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Sure, if you want to continue making excuses.

Myers briggs does not even work in this way. These personality types only assess how you take in and convey information via thinking and feeling. There is no one type who is definitive lazy, disciplined, smart, etc. Any type can have any of these traits but exhibit it in their own pattern.

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Social anxiety makes me afraid to post work anonymously online.

Building an online portfolio is attention whoring.

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> doesnt realize that most artists have social anxieties. It's practically a trademark of you artists.
'See that one? Yeah, the one sitting by himself not talking to anyone, see if he wants a marker, or a keyboard or something.'

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Reposting from /g/

I don't know if this is the best place to ask but I'm really running out of ideas and I'm sure this isn't a Wacom specific problem.
I also know this isn't tech support but I don't know where else to ask (already sent Wacom Support a mail)

I've been using a drawing tablet for years now without any issues up until now. Today my drivers suddenly died.
I've been using the Windows - Driver 5.3.5-3 for previous generation products for years.
When I had my problem today I unistalled my current drivers and downloaded the very same one obviously but for some reason I can't install anything.
It gets stuck at the same spot in pic related everytime. I've tried downloading old versions of the installer and even the one in the CD and all of them stop at the same spot.
No error message no nothing and I really don't know what else to try.

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OP here.
Manually deleted every Wacom thing in regedit and also uninstalled the antivirus programs.

After the Win10 update is ready I'll restart and try one last time to install the drivers.

Wish me luck, for art.

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alright. see you later. please deliver

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Aaaaaaand froze at the same part.

At this point I can only hope Wacom's Customer Support replies or something. I'm literally out of ideas.
I really don't want to format this notebook.

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Damn that sucks. I don't know how good Wacom's customer support is, hopefully you can get it sorted without having to format.

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FORGET IT, It worked now!

Turns out when I restarted after downloading the latest Windows update... I didn't choose the Restart that also applies the update, just the normal restart.
After restarting and applying the update now it works.
For some reason I'm happier for the fact I won't have to format this than the fact I fixed it.

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what artist and why?

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Sargent had no students of note. Better to learn from Carolus Duran if you want to paint like Sargent.

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good first 2 posts. I like zorn a lot, but fat alkies are usually jerks. Are there any artists famous for teaching many great artists?

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I want to hang out with klimt
We could go whoring together

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Gerome. I want to learn color from him.

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Some were, some weren't. Back in teh rennaisance, it was normal for an artist to form a studio to work out of, and hire apprentices to work for you, grinding pigments, preparing canvases, and as they grew in skill, even fill in backgrounds for the master. Michelangelo, for example, was apprenticed to Domenico Ghirlandaio, and Granacci (sp?) also studied under him.

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Im doing try outs, im making a manga and im not well decent at drawing (like rough sketch stuff) so i need someone to help me with the drawing while i do the writing. This is gonna be a big gig, after i see that youre the stuff, ill hire you [payment will be discussed after interview and hiring]. So if you draw this pic the way you can do it and if i like it, ill contact you on Kik [put your kik on the post of your submission].

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go fuck yourself...with a sharpie

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he quickly tried to hit her very hard with his fist , but she masterfuly blocked it instantly cuz she cool and strong like that also he had this very scary mask on, but she wasnt scared bcause shes a trained warior, and she had long blonde hair and big boobs like really big and she was totally baeutiful and sexy

Im doing try outs, im making a manga and im not well decent at writing (like rough plot outline stuff) so i need someone to help me with the writing while i do the drawing. This is gonna be a big gig, after i see that youre the stuff, ill hire you [payment will be discussed after interview and hiring]. So if you writw this scene the way you can do it and if i like it, ill contact you on Kik [put your kik on the post of your submission].

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Do your own work, scammer.

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Im doing try outs, I want some guys to make a manga for me because i can't write or draw for shit
You need to make this a big gig, after I see that you're the stuff, I'll pretend to hire you (I can't afford to pay you)
So if you can write a scene and draw a pic of it the way you can do it and I like it, Ill send you a letter [put your home address on the post of your submission]

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Dont be a teenager dude.

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I can't get gud.

I'm a natural procastinator, fuck.

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maybe it's because you're taking personality quizzes instead of intentional practice

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What sort of art just makes you stare at it for long hours /ic/?

Cookie Monster leading this band of pirates is just so engrossing to me, and I can't explain why.

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It's called "narrative" - it's telling a story visually, and sometimes the right combination is extremely compelling to some people.
There's no way to cheese or cheat or work specifically to guarantee it - it happens randomly, and some people just have the right perspective and talent to produce them more frequently.
There's no formula to it - if there is, find it, you'll be a billionaire exploiting it.

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>Cookie monster leading this band of pirates.

Nigger that's a picture of one of /k/'s meetings. Not sure if was when that dude made sperm-brownies.

>> No.3074085

What are you on about dude, /k/ meetups consist of overweight pale neckbeards and skinny gook manlets, not African pirates.

>> No.3074093


Not the shitty meetups you know...

>> No.3074100

I browse /k/ and I'm an African pirate.
I support the devs, just not with money

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done more to it, where from here?

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You need to feel your forms.

>> No.3074407

You have issues with form, but your biggest problem is color.

Watch this video. Watch what colors are used. You should not be using black at all, you should be using warm and dark colors, and using them to build values.


Skip ahead to 1:50 for the actual painting.

Watch portrait videos, and pay attention to color, and how they use it.

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I'll do a paintover for you, just a sec.

>> No.3074445

i like it, i'd avoid doing more to it and later when you get better you can say it was on purpose and you were influenced by lucien freud

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Hey /ic/, I'm a sculptor and need some help with technology.
I've seen these sites where you can look at sculpture in 360 degrees and I'm wondering if I can do that at home with a cellphone or normal camera for building a virtual portfolio of my work.
Do you have any direction about a software or other method I can use with relative ease for achieving that?

Here's what I'm talking about

I'm aware of 3D scans, but these seem much more complex and altough you can view from any angle (not just horizontal) it is actually a virtual model of the piece. While it's interesting, it loses so much detail in contrast with a simple 360 photographic view. But if there is a method of getting a full 3D photo around the piece (which I imagine it's hard, since I would have to spin the camera around the model in a seemingly impossible precision) I'd be interested too.

Thanks in advance.

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This is conceptually very simple. You can do it with a stationary camera and a turntable. Mark the edges of the turntable every N degrees. Put the statue on the turntable. Rotate it to every mark and take a picture at that angle, keeping the lighting setup identical. It's a bit of work but only 20-40 shots per sculpture.

>> No.3073976

If the piece is so large or heavy that you can't put it on a turntable, you can also use a tripod around the piece, but will have to deal with changing lighting. Instead of marking angles on the edge of the turntable, you have to mark positions on the floor.

>> No.3074109

That seems quite simple. I will do that and see the results, then I'll research about how to present that on a webpage. Thanks for your advice.

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Anyone else here playing Splatoon and drawing doodles?

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