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why can't he help himself?

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Meaty claw

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What does this shit have to do with art

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>doesn't know who will weston is

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He's not missing much.

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Quick rundown?

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>He wants to be a mangaka in the west

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realistic frogposter

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>In the West
Hell No nigga, the publishing industry here fucks you over hard, and the Western market is dying anyway, I'm moving East ASAP once I learn Japanese.

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>he wants to be a mangaka cuz he don't know any better

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>he wants to be a mangaka in the east
you have no chance

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So I was using the pic related for the past 3 years working in photoshop and only thing that has been useful was the dial. I need to switch to a mechanical keyboard. And I was wondering if you could use external volume dial the same way as the crown on this keyboard. I was using it mainly for brush sizes and switching between the tabs in the internet browser.

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Anyone using this? Is it even compatible with photoshop?

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There's probably third-party software you could use but ideally you'd want to get a macro pad (that has a knob) or ones specifically for art programs (microsoft surface dial/delux designer).

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Does anyone have experience recording time lapse/speed painting videos? I recently started recording my own painting process, but I noticed it's hard to watch it with all the panning/zooming/flipping I normally do. Other time lapse videos I've seen from others have their canvas completely still while all their strokes just appear one after the other. Does anyone know how they do it? I record with OBS and use Krita if that matters.

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God fuck I love Gibson's style, it is the true definition of patrician art. I already ordered his book and gotten a few new sketchbooks specifically for inking. I'm gonna copy every single drawing of his and learn all his secrets.

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Gibson is great but you haven’t looked at enough art.

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pretty sure they use software to do that, I heard CSP released an update that makes a timelapse of your page.

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Krita 5.0 is going to finally let you record timelapses of your painting without having to use recording software like CSP added. You can already try it now with the nightly version if you want. It might not be that stable though


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What other inkers do you know? I won't lose anything if I knew a few more great artists.

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What are some of the reasons you use an artist handle?

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I like being able to disappear. Makes me feel safe, secure and hidden like a rat in a warm hole in a corner of a wall.

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hes probably a dentist bro

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What kind of coom art are you drawing that it may hurt your reputation?

I see, so you are doing it as a form a branding.
Working with pseudonym is very important too. Many famous artist throughout history does that.

For example, most people know who Leonardo da Vinci. He branded himself. What his name means is, Leonardo of Vinci, because he is from Vinci and Vinci is a town in italy.

His full name is.
Leonardo, son of Piero of Vinci.
Leonardo di ser Piero Da Vinci.

It is way too long, for branding wise, so he shorten it.

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Being a rat in a warm hole does have its benefits.
Security is good too, think of banksy, what a madlad.

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Why do you feel embarrassed about your work?

Do you think what you are doing is wrong, immoral or taboo?

What do you think of coom art?

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I am a digital drawing artist. Is the first chapter about pencils and that kind of material important to read through?

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It says it's more of a reference chapter than anything
One thing you might want to look at in that chapter is the overview of drawing stages it has

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Thank you!

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.

Use this thread instead of making new threads or post in the Drawthread with fundamental exercises.


RESIZE YOUR IMAGES TO ~1000 PIXELS using one of the following methods:
1. screenshot the image and post that instead
2. change camera capture settings to something smaller
3. send to computer and resize in picresize.com

Sticky document:

Previous thread:>>5251008

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(not the same guy) but what's a good place to start after loomis?

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After some time messing around on one layer, I think I got it somewhat figured out. Anything I miss that I should fix on this?

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Does anyone have Olsen's perspective series?

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only post interesting ones

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We already have a pose thread going

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that thread already looks doomed to be another weeb reference thread

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What happened to croquiscafe?

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got taken down because the creator was based and redpilled or something like that.

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Draw this under 5 minutes. Go!

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Was fun. I haven't seen this movie in years.

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Cool. 5 minute sketches for complex reference like the OP are really important. It helps you to focus on the most important things in the composition

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This... this is nice. We have fun here.

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Can we get a pose reference thread going?

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Please tell me you are joking right? this isn't the 1990's why does it matter where it came from, I've tried looking for heavier set Women doing exercise, but most of the time they are very slender, this was the only time I've seen a Woman with these proportions, not to mention that is a very swerf thing to think just because this is an adult entertainer, if you want I'll just censor out the nudity, but if the only issue is that it's from an adult video then grow up and realize its 2021 and porn is not a big deal, unless you are a swerf or an alt-right pounce

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SWERF alert SWERF alert, don't you have a FB group to go harass Sex Workers with?

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Just ignore it

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But why would you go to an artschool when you're just beginning to draw?

>> No.5253791

To learn how to draw

>> No.5253794

>a beg draws like shit
and water is wet.

>> No.5253800

But why go to a school to learn how to draw when you haven't even done it a year just for fun

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some people dont know where to start

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John Buscema was up there imo

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whenever anyone mentions gesture my mind usually jumps straight to pic related by Nikolai Blokhin.

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And you still can't speak proper English? That is very sad.

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English is the worse language ever conceived by mankind.

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Name a better currently working cartoonist than BASED Genndy.

Spoiler: You cant.

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>no but you're ignorant as fuck about what any of his jobs entail and are basing his ability to do anything off fantasy notions of what you think the job titles mean
So enlighten me.

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For shame /ic/. For shame.

>> No.5253558

Don Bluth came out of retirement, so him.

>> No.5253616

>nooo how dare you ask for drawings on a drawing board wtf
If you can’t post his art, you might as well make a thread about kubrick because hurr durr director of photography decides what a movie looks like visually

>> No.5253619

bruce timm? if hes still working

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And line work is super clean as well

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Looks pretty basic.

>> No.5253418

Lots of lines here including overlaid ones for extra weight, I don't understand what you mean at all.

>> No.5253493


also OP is retarded

>> No.5253811

Unless you're saying he doesn't shade by hatching, that isn't very few lines. His art is nice, though.

There's no such thing as crabs for someone who has already made it. As far as I know LM makes a living off of coom doodles, he's out of the reach of crabs. No point in you whiteknighting him either, I doubt he's gonna fuck you.

>> No.5253927

Coomers are a mistake, how is this site still allowed up? Even bronies weren't this obnoxious at this point.

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Why do some people stop and stare at my work when I'm drawing in public? They look at it with such a disgusted/horrified look on their face.

Like, asshole, I get that I'm not that good but why the fuck would you stop and stare at someone's sketchbook drawings with such a terrified, disgusted look on your face? You might as well come up to me and tell me my art sucks, you piece of shit.

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get that weak ass, tired ass, lame ass meme shit out of here.

>> No.5253475

the only thing less funny than OP is some thin wristed melvin like you trying to dunk on him

>> No.5253477

>still lives
maybe stop drawing dead people then anon

>> No.5253484

Stop drawing loli in public you autist

>> No.5253523

who the fuck says melvin. you fucking boomer faggot kek

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What is the best way to color ink drawings?

>> No.5253152

Marker, if you arent going for digital. watercolor if you can handle it

>> No.5253673


>> No.5253757

Piss, you got the only colors you'd ever need; red and yellow

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>be me, post drawing of tree
>draw boob anime

I'm gonna make it guys, I've taken the coom pill, it's the only way to make a living and if you disagree you're hopeless

>> No.5253132

>you disagree you're hopeless
>adopts don't exist
>merch with traced designs doesn't exist
>scamming tumblr/twitter/redditards pretending you're going to make viydyida doesn't exist
Yeah bro, goos luck being a moneylet

>> No.5253135

/ic/ has no sense of humor, they take the bait immediately

>> No.5253148

they take bait that isnt even bait its pathetic

>> No.5253955

I probably couldn't even draw a stickman back then. I wonder what the artist recent drawings looks like if he was already drawing that a decade ago

>> No.5253963

For the love of God, don't take any coom-pills.

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Can’t tell if /ic/ is joking about the “talent exists” or if they’re actually being genuin.

What is the point in drawing anyway, why would you draw if it doesn’t come natural from the get go?

>> No.5253108

>why would you want to create things that you love and other people also love
Gee I dunno.
Got any other retarded questions for us?

>> No.5253112

I didn’t include the love, but you did answer my question by saying that the so thank you I guess :]

>> No.5253115

>asian jeans
>the spark
>an ability to visualize an apple in 5th dimension
did I forget anything

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>Work for hours and put heart and soul into piece
>Only get one like from the same guy who likes anything you post within 5 minutes of posting it, no matter what time of day

>Shit out some anime coom crap

>> No.5253102

Are you making art for yourself? Or are you making art for fake internet fame?

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Is there any kind of accepted methodology or process for taking a highly stylized character and making them less stylized/more realistic (pic related)? There seems to be a ton of information, resources, and courses out there on various processes to make a stylized character out of a realistic one, but I can't find hardly anything for the opposite route.

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>> No.5253120

Is there a term for sucking the soul out of a design

>> No.5253150

left is actually more realistic than the following ones lmao, it seems to have a skull that isnt pretty at all angles and actual face muscles

>> No.5253155

Have you heard about anatomy? You should google it.

>> No.5253158

its literally just the opposite. You climb up a ladder, you can climb down a ladder.

retarded /beg/


>> No.5253223

Thats fair, I think I'm confusing "simpler" with "more realistic".

Forget I asked. I know what my problem is.

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