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From birth to eternity, the lore shall live on (at least until 2027)

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hi sorry but i need help drawing muscles and general buff body builds, my main issue is just that i dunno when it looks right for where the shoulder connects to the torso

any reference material or simple guides would be very appreciated, im also ready to draw more realistically before going back to my more simplistic style

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What do you think of my beg drawing so far

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More soul than the majority of the tryhards on this board.

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Glad to see Rika is getting a new vitiligo skin. /s

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Go back

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>want to go to art school
>nothing in my area
>no money to move out of state
i just want a teacher irl that can tell me exactly what i'm doing wrong. is this place seriously the only option i have?

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Search for online class that provide live feedback. I don't need to teach you how to use Google... Right?

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spoonfeed me, oh great one

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Take online classes that cater specifically to what you're wanting to learn. Why so many people pay dozens of thousands of dollars for a degree that is literally fucking worthless outside of the few people that "make it" is beyond me.

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>art school
Absolute dogshit waste of time and money

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study art at home, you will mog 95% of art school students.

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Whoever drew this is so talented.

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Explain this.
I don't see any fucking boxes.

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That‘s what most of this board wants to draw for better or worse

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thank god i didn't delete this

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You did this thread 3 months ago then blew a gasket when people showed you

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Imagine actually needing to do that for soulless anime slop

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I think that the "box" is anime.

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What makes this design so appealing?

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strong shapes and silhouette + complimentary colors

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Nothing it’s awful???? Wtf

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The eyes look like testicles, the body a blob of cum, the open mouth with tongue out clearly ready for BJ, it's just reinforcing your (homo)sexual desires Anon.
Return to Christianity, Anon.

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What would happen if everyone stopped drawing on computers. Then decided to draw only on paper?

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plastic is a derivative of petrolieum industry.
if we didnt make plastic it would just be considered industrial waste.

simple paper can be made.
but prissy art fags need a special type of paper, and unless you want to fuck your values up youre going to want a bleached white paper, of a certain uniform thickness.
they use alot of heavy metals and industrial chems.
all the old paper mills are considered superfund sites.

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Then I would have to mail every anon all my shit post drawings. Are you fucking retarded? You know how slow ic would be!?

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everyone just mail me, I'll compile all anons drawings into a weekly magazine.
"I see weakly"

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abbos figured out how to make art sans paper, are you smarter than them?
(assuming you are not one)

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The iPad is so accurate that I have no trouble switching to traditional with a pencil, fineliner and markers when I feel like filling out my sketchbook.

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Looking for color advice. Painting stripes. I have no sense of color but I do have white and safety yellow. White over yellow OR yellow over white?

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Yellow and white? This faggot doesn’t have access to black paint?

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>I’m old and my bones are dusty!
ok but you don’t have to yell. white and red stripes on black paint.

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this sounds like something /gd/ could help you with, unless they're going to crab there too
>safety yellow on black isn't bad either

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>White over yellow OR yellow over white?
Neither. Do solid yellow with two bold white stripes ala a Cobra.
>I’m not an colorfag, so please if anyone could assist me in deciding which will look better: yellow on white —or— white on (get this) yellow??????????????
The real answer is pick a different color than yellow.
>>safety yellow on black isn't bad either
Definitely better than on white.

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Is this some kind of gold dress meme guitar?

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Weebs will not read anything that doesn't come from an East Asian.
People that read Western comics tend to prefer their comics in color.
People that read vertical comics prefer color and the format.

Is there only a market in France? Is there even a point in creating comics if you aren't East Asian?

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Normies are becoming weebs because regular entertainment in the west fucking blows by comparison right now. Normies won't care if it's western in origin as long as it's got the eastern look down. But normie weebs dont read manga unless there's an anime to get them interested. And there isn't an anime pipeline outside japan. If western studios hired Japanese studios to make anime of western "mangas" it could work. Just let the Japanese direct it.

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your brain is poisoned by 4chan, all three of your assumptions are just incorrect.

>Is there even a point in creating comics if you aren't East Asian?

like thats a fucking retarded question straight up and you know it. Listen to what you just typed out. You understand how fuckin dumb it is to even think that right? Is this an engagement post?

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My anime art account failed. What should be my new path?
Furry, lolicon, fat fuckers. What's something fun to draw that's also trending.

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Anon, you did not have to post your work for me. I like your work and all and I recognize you but it was unnecessary. We're about the same but on different levels of expertise. I was only replying like an ass to make that anon angry.

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draw yourself some dignity

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Don't ask him, he wouldn't know how to draw it

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You mean he wouldn't know how it looks like.

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I make mine left to right. I'm not Japanese and not writing it in Japanese and can't even speak Japanese so I think it's pretty dumb to make my comic in a format that only exists if it was originally translated from Japanese when it wasn't.

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No, make it left to right. If you're writing primarily for an English speaking audience, people who read left to right, make it for that audience. Stop being silly.

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It depends entirely on your audience. Are you writing for Japanese or otaku? Use right-to-left. Otherwise, use left-to-right. /thread

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It doesn't matter. Plenty of westerners read manga and even if they dont, what's the big deal? Do you think someone is gonna open a comic, see that it's meant to be read right to left and then explode?
Whatever option is fine.

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Really? Just how many of them trace 3d models while I scribble away boxes like a fucking retard?

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I like my_nameisyoon’s work enough and they trace over 3D models for a good portion of their work. Give it, they’re also very skilled. Doubt it does anything to help your workflow if you can’t already draw without the models.

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pic related uses them all the time for basic posing. you can see it in his streams.

it is a crutch but who cares. in the end people only care about the result. your skill is a separate matter that you can always work on.
in his case i doubt he needs the dolls, but he still uses them for efficiency reasons i assume.

maybe i should start using them too, it would be an easy way to get very consistent proportions, which is especially good for sequential art.
i'm seriously out of fucks to give and i'm realizing how foolish it was to be so obsessed with skill.

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Is that a butthole??

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there is literally nothing wrong with experimenting with 3d models. a lot of artists just avoid it entirely because it's seen as a crutch, but you're missing out on the best way to look at references sans real life.
you should at least be able to visualize a 3d object in all perspectives before constructing it on a 2d plane, and the best way to do that is to literally observe it from all perspectives in 3d software.

recreating an object in 3d and posing it is quite possibly the most purest form of construction besides recreating the actual object in real life.

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he was being cheeky with it.

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>Nothing worth having is easy
But is drawing a skill worth having in this day and age?

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oh nice. oldest man record and I get to draw whatever I want?

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all skills are worth having when somebody needs something done. trust that the skills you are interested in will be useful and make art that further proves the point.

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what is of value?

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>almost in his 40s
>making useless pepe threads
Anon... you'd be happier just letting it go and embracing the simple, NPC life.

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I think most healthy minds want to create in one way or another and drawing is an outlet for that, if you already do something that fulfills your need to create then no it's probably not "worth" it for you

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How do I get artists making fan art of my harem porn novel?

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Have fans

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Think what would make you draw fanart

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fuck off cris

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How does one avoid "getting lost in the sauce" with their art?

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What are you drawing that's getting you lost in the sauce, anon?

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Explain and also post your work to illustrate your problem.

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>getting lost in the sauce
da fuck does that even mean

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don't avoid it anon, get fucking lost. That's the best way to unlock your real creativity and make something actually unique.

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Maybe... He starts to masturbate over the references

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I'm working on my coloring, this one didn't turn out as good as I'd hoped but I'd love some second opinions to help me improve.

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not your art

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gmi, better than 75% of /ic/

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Why aren’t you drawing the new flavor of the week, /ic/?

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I get all my FOTM news from /ic/ thanks for the hot tips

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>new FOtM
Finally, Now I can draw Pomni and not look like I'm on a bandwagon.

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Use your common sense, anon. They take a base concepts and expand them. You have plumber guys, someone is in trouble in a building, fight creatures through various levels, use memorable tools that come back for each new game, introduce new creatures and characters each go, rescue who/whatever is in trouble, toss some shit humor in, boom. It's formulaic, and pretty much the exact same thing as you see with Marvel.
As to why it's FotM thing for art? No clue. Draw commissions of it to garner attention from your brain rotted customer base, and profit off it.

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The artists that were on here are whiney bitches more interested in crabbing rather than post actual art. AI Artists are saving this board.

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I like Reiq and Kienan Lafferty, looking for more

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steven zapata and no one else

>> No.6960645

I'm looking for youtube or bilibili of pro timelapses, commentary isn't requiered.

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ok? what do we have to do with this?

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The based one

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Did he say the N word?