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any good underrated art-related youtube channels?

pic related, it's volen ck


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Stop shilling, Volen. I respect you for your work ethic, but art is not an advanced science and you take yourself way too serious.

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Are there any famous top-tier artist who don't have the ligameme? KJG has it (pic below), so does Vilppu, Proko, Scott Robertson, etc. I honestly can't think of any high level professionals who don't have it.

For those of you who have made it, please post your wrists. Note that the ligameme is two (or even three) ligaments, not just one. If you have only one in your drawing wrist, you don't have the ligameme.

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Kim Jung's wrist

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>have two ligamemes in left wrist and one in right wrist
>am left-handed
>tfw still haven't made it

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So.. I was making some figures for a D&D campaign. and this rex kinda looked stupid, so i went a little crazy with him.

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post artists who have a cool sketch style

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that's Jeremy Mann

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I want more references like this
I try to find photos, but i dont know the propely words due to my english limitations
What are the magical words to put in google in order to get images and portraits like this?
It must be from the old new york people and culture, and how the clothes they use, the way they dress before
Thank you

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More referenced

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Where the hell did you get these images

They're famous for being IN COLOR, and here they're black and white


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Thats not what i talking about
I know this was old photos being colorized and that stuff
What i want is a name to find photos like >>2954427
I mean, the clothes, the places, all in the old urban new york
But i dont know how to find photos like this

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Not sure if it's exactly what you want, but try searching Depression Era New York on Google.

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Last thread: >>2948265

This thread is meant for artists who might want to try to make anime works in-between their studies. It is strongly recommended that you use this thread in conjunction with learning the elements and fundamentals of art. You can also discuss the visual elements of various professional artists as well if you keep it relatively articulate and civil.

Submit your drawings, receive feedback or critique others! Share your knowledge and remember to thank those who've critiqued or red-lined your drawings. Most importantly, have fun!

Fresh off the Mayflower? Then do yourself a flavor and check out /ic/s complementary subordinate sticky here:
>Hitokaku Index
>List of active livestreams
Use twitch #creative
>fellowBro's books
>Tutorial/Reference Collection
>Japanese Tutorials
デジ絵の文法 playlist (fixed) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWyIMrWHN30&list=PL6dSbz05yTUL_zym3SiOxOgqq29XvOh48 [Embed] [Embed]
https://www.palmie.jp/ - twitter required for assigments
>Pose Practice

Have any suggestions on helpful resource links? Leave a comment anytime ITT and I will look into it.

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>Stylization general
>Not beg
>Using shitty fanart of a shitty character drawn by a shit nippon comic bok gui as a pic in op

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i think i finally figured out the face
any feedback before i clean up the last bits and move on to colors

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Nothing that the untrained eye would notice

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Kill yourself.

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I've been really bad at finishing shit lately. I probably won't follow through - this drawing just doesn't seem worth it

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Hi I've started digital drawing last year I need your opinions so far.

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It's about to die because it hit bump limit, it'd be better to wait until a new one will made, just so more people see your work.

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fairly generic anime style, >>2954366 has weirdly convex eyes, >>2954361 the definition on her stomach is bolder than the rest of her body, >>2954360 madoka is shite, watch better shows>>2954362 this one is nice and doesn't seem to have any visible errors.

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will be made*

Anyways just keep practicing your fundies, all your images seem okay, but studding your fundamentals more will never hurt you.

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Do you retards even think for a second and question if this is the actual artist and not an imposter like the dozens of other threads we had?

If this is the actual artist, my critique is that your work is fairly generic and boring. It's not beginner tier work but it's also not something i'll look twice at. Learn composition, learn story tellling, learn how to draw environments, learn how to color(don't use pure whites), learn facial construction, learn how to draw hips, I could go on and on just apply yourself youngster.

I'm 32 now and I've been drawing anime for years and let me tell you something, it's a big fucking waste of time. Aside from commissions( which you would probably have a hard time getting at this skill level) there is really not much to make from drawing big eyed creatures.

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i feel like you are painting the stomach features on instead of sculpting them out of the mass

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hello.do anybody know an exercise that can replace the viewfinder exercise in "drawing on the right side of the brain"? I dont have a viewfinder.

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Its literally a fucking piece of paper with a square cut in it. How the fuck do you not have that?

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just do it from the sticky

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op here.got confused.google result show camera lens.

thank you.

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I just did the exervises like i would do them in the keys tp drawing book

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How do you deal with the disinterest zone?

To make certain illustrations sometimes you need to dwell in really boring and tedious subjects. Like, you have to spend hours rendering dull stuff like rocks or paper.

How do you approach this?

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I mean something like a car engine. It's very complex and really boring. But you still have to do it. Sometimes such jobs just happen.

What then? Some suggest trying to put your own personal taste into the image or giving personalities to the subjects, but I just can't feel like doing that.

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Step up to the challenge.
Though I suppose that only works if you have a confrontational personality.

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I might be shit at thinking of things I don't want to draw, but there's way to make it interesting. Say, using the new knowledge of drawing that new object in a way that interests you.

For example, if I were to learn the specifics and design of engines, I'd incorporate them into my interests like drawing pin up girls or large scenery drawings like Kim Jung Gi's stuff that has various people, creatures, and objects in it.

Could easily draw some exaggeratted scene of hot chicks working on cars in a garage with some suspended engines, car parts, ect. I think it's more about how you incorporate them into your interests. I wasn't even interested in drawing cars before I saw this thread and now I want to do that workshop landscape just to see if I can.

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I don't know mate, the stuff you're talking about like rocks, paper, and engines are cool stuff. It would be like drawing gore and cartoony stuff that I wouldn't want to do.

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>It would be like drawing gore and cartoony stuff that I wouldn't want to do.
This is subjective, though.
You may not like to dabble in either of those, but someone might make use of those and find them interesting. I know I do, I immediately think Voynich Hotel or old cartoons and shit.

I think the trick here is to force it into your interests; mold the subject into something you WOULD like. But I don't know if anyone else operates like this.

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Anyone know where to get the Thu Vol 1 vids? Its not even that i dont wanna pay, but 150 is a bit too much for me considering i will only watch maybe 5-6 vids. Has anyone uploaded it?

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I don;t know why but I just don't get gesture that much

I keep practicing but it always turns up messy and hard to understand

Criticism is appreciated thank you :)

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no joke. I'll gesture battle you right now. It's very rare that you'll ever find a willing participant on /ic/ so I suggest you take me up on my offer right now. This can only help you.

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kinda looks like you got what I got. My stuff is usually sloppy, but mileage and repetition can go a long way. You're better at poses though as far as I can tell.

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wow thanks anon

your's has a unique style to it, IMO i think it has a lot of potential :)

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I bought two of these and was very disappointed. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I replaced both of my figures with a full-body mirror next to where I work. Really. I just use myself standing in front of the mirror and make appropriate adjustments for the opposite gender. I found this far less time consuming and greatly improved the quality of my final workups.

I thought these figures would be an invaluable tool in helping me work difficult foreshortening/perspective problems but they always ended up creating more work than they solved: 1. Physically posing the figure is time consuming and somewhat frustrating since it's very easy to accidentally mess up other parts of the body as you're posing one region to another. 2.There are lots of limitations on how you can pose figures since the joints have limited rotation arcs and the muscles obviously cannot deform, I frequently noticed that I had to compromise the appeal of my final workup more than half of the time because the limitations of the figure reference stipulated it.

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Well, that's disappointing, I have 2 on order. after they were shipped I found them cheaper elsewhere, and now they apparently arn't very good to boot.

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I will say that they're KIND OF useful for shots which are hard to do in front of a mirror e.g. over the shoulder camera shots, but I own a camera so that doesn't help me much...

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Actually yeah.

I bought a Figma She and, while it has helped me with foreshortening, her stomach doesn't crunch in, which leaves me SOL for a lot of poses. I still kind of want the He because the She does have its uses.

I can't really pose myself in front of a mirror and fold my gut in either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I am also interested in buying one of those.
Can anyone recommend a certain figure?

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I bought a he and she recently and are somewhat happy with them.
But limited movement and ridiculously fragile joints... Thank the lord they were cheap.

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Does anyone have or know where to find these original Craig Mullins painting process videos?

I have tried googling it, but even the reuploads have been taken, which is undestandable since it goes back to 2007.

I would really like to see his early process.

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nice, know about the sink one? or is just as ancient?

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Yeah equally as ancient. I don't think I've seen it, but I know it's a very old thing. I'm guessing it was for pic related, but I'm not certain.

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oh, yea ok. guess he was never that good at spilling the beans.

Thanks tho

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No problem. I'm a little annoyed actually that google doesn't show results for sijun stuff anymore. I used to google passages from sijun pdf and find the exact threads so I could read the full discussions as well as see the dates for things like this. When I checked just now though to see when he posted the sink video google didn't show the thread, and I seem to have noticed this in general now. Pretty annoying.

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>guess he was never that good at spilling the beans.
Also just wanted to comment on this which sounds really weird to me. He literally left behind thousands of forum posts where he talks about his thoughts and opinions on just about everything, detailing a lot of things in art and technical "secrets" of the time. He has numerous live demos/lectures, he's done a mentorship program, he has posted lots of quick sketches and thing that most other pros would keep to themselves, he's posts step-by-step process shots and at least one full psd with layers, he's uploaded videos of him painting, he's shared his brushes, he has done paint overs for people, back on the forums he even occasionally broke nda to post images that helped him make his point, he has done several interview etc etc etc. I honestly have learned more from him about than from any other source, simple because of how open he has been to sharing information. I think you are really misrepresenting him to say "he was never that good at spilling the beans" when he's shared more than just about any other artist. Nowadays he doesn't take part in any online social media stuff, and he has always been somewhat private about his personal life (barring old stories of him at art center or something), but he has given away gold mountains of art knowledge and information about his process.

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I'm struggling with head turns, what's a good book that will help with the subject?

I'm currently going through Loomis's Drawing the Head and Hands and Burne Hogarth's Drawing the Human Head. While the latter has some really great methods on dealing with how much cranial mass should be shown in the back based on the amount of turn in the pose, I am struggling in figuring out how to properly place the contours of the foreshortened forms of the eyes, nose, and mouth barrel.

I specifically struggle in placing eyes based on head turn. I have seen many diagrams showing axis lines hinting how to place eyes on a turned head (like pic related) but my heads just don't turn out that way. There is some bit of knowledge I'm missing in order to check my eyes are correctly placed. Eyes are easy in a purely front or side-view but as soon as the head turns and the nose starts to overlap and the eyes themselves foreshorten, everything falls apart.

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Imagine or construct a simple skull when you draw.

I like to simplify the face into the forehead, eye area, and the cheekbones. The cheekbones are key for drawing different angles. Many people will forget them. They are like a shelf for the eyes and forehead.

I drew an example of how I draw heads from imagination. Do not use this as direct reference because the heads are a little wonky, but I hope people get the idea.

Sinix also has some cool tips in this:

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This is the thread where I'll draw you whatever you want. The only exception is illegal things you nasty.

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Space monkey

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Draw me a creepy fucking tattoo for my forearm. Not literal fucking, but something

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Cute anime girls.

>> No.2954316

with dicks

>> No.2954339

and ovipositors

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I've been trying to draw this bust but I'm a little stumped. I see that something is wrong but I don't know what it is exactly. Please provide me with some tips and if possible, help me figure out what's wrong. Here's the picture I'm trying to draw.

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You need to go back some steps and learn line control and practice drawing primitives in perspective

>> No.2954047

Stop studying cheap Home Depot lawn ornaments for starters.

>> No.2954062

So start focusing on the original shapes?
What do you suggest? I just liked the kinda creepy vibe about it.

>> No.2954096

i would suggest learning basic stuff first. line, form, shadow, etc. Like draw a sphere, and shade it. Really shade it. Youre wasting your time and just going to end up frustrated, if you sprint before you learn to walk/run.

>> No.2954311

Thank you!

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hey guys i am streaming now

twitch / kalixta

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you can see the number of unique IPs compared to the number of posts in the thread

stop samefagging trying to bring attention to this girl, autist

>> No.2954049

i was just stating facts as i was watching because i thought she posted it and it looked terrible and im not gonna make a twitch account .
i'm aware you can see the different ip numbers.
if there is a way to edit posts i dont know about i would have done that.
but i will shut up.
dont bother watching it... it sucks was the real point. no promotion or attention intended just a warning.

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Why are you naked?

And why do you look like Razorfist got a sex change?

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she said she didn't post it , then she shut off her stream abruptly when someone else from here said her eyes were wrong.
i think she stopped because she knew we were watching because someone asked her about the post here.
i bet we hurt her feelings .she said i dont really feel like drawing right now....
so kalixta ,my advice for you is dont let us hurt your feelings, just take your ass into that /beg/ thread in here and start learning.
you can get better.
i was just being an asshole because i thought you posted your stream here then weren't even drawing and acting like you were the shit. so if you didn't make the op post then i apologize .
but seriously ...you need improvement.

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[your style]

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I want to know how i can make such cute designs like this one

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im starting to think these threads are started by 1 person who is trolling us into drawing stuff for them for free.

>> No.2953998

OP here, I did see the other thread so I made this one with a better character. I'm a different person, though, and I'm not going to do much with your art aside from critique or admire it.

>> No.2954024

wat about fap to it?

>> No.2954071

You miss the point of the meme. As the OP for 4 of the other threads, I throw up the template to make lemonade from lemon threads when the OP selfishly makes a new thread for just their artwork

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Tell me what you think of my vid.


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This is opus magnum about drawing human, or i should look for something different?

>> No.2953895

Yes but it's not for beginners. It assumes you know the basics of how to draw shit.

>> No.2953909

If you want to sculpt Art Deco sculptures, read Loomis because he's already abstracting planes when he teaches. Learning to draw from stylized pictures is just backwards. Angles = stylization.

>> No.2953990

I tried it, but it was too condensed and felt more geared to those who just needed reference. So I'm looking at other books right now that might be a bit more clear on how to draw.

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