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>it’s too late
>i have ligameme

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It’s a psychoactive drug compound touting similar effects as NZT but not as potent. IIRC it mimics the effects of being on cocaine without the downsides of being on cocaine. As long as the compound is in your bloodstream, you basically see matrix code in everything, heightening senses and giving it’s user the ability to learn new things at rates that cannot be achieved while off the drug. The best part is after you’re off the drug, the knowledge remains.

It’s still kinda sketchy tho and hasn’t been fully trialed but Elons working on a synthetic derivative of the same vein to bring to market before anyone else.

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>heard about this
Idgaf what the side effects, I’ll be first one to take that shit and hyper focus loomis 24/7 till I can draw like a god. Fuck this anything is better than being a ngmi shitter can’t even draw a anime girl fuck

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righto, thx 4 posting

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knowing this board retards would just hyperfocus on shitposting and videogames kek

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4 or 5 years ago i saw this exact same reference along with a drawing that someone here made, and i was so impressed by their drawing that i tried to do the same but with 0 knowlage or training whatsoever, i dedicated quite some time to learn how to draw and it was worth it, so thank you 4chan. my drawing now vs the one i did years ago

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put in the same effort and practice them every day and fuck captcha

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None of that looks remotely as good as this photo. Did the wall get her?

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This is better than all of the retarded American boys that keep looking for shortcut.

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top left?

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Fuck i thought this AI shit would only replace the digital artists for now

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>AI invented robot arms
What a lame bait thread

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brian can probably unironically shit out paintings faster than the robot and somehow not as shitty

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Until we can give the AI schizophrenia Brian has the upper hand

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Nice, finally something for us luddites to smash with hammers! Let's go lads!

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>You're only saving grace is that it can't replace all of you

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Is 2 hours of studying fundamentals (starting with figures, dynamic poses and faces/hands) out of 4 hours spent drawing per day decent enough for a routine if I want to get a good technical grasp quickly enough? Mainly figures and anatomy for coom and pin-ups, but also cool shit like mecha and creature design as well.

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pyw. you probably need 12 hours a day for a couple years based on how retarded you sound.

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This + S&H

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"grinding" fundies is a meme pushed by the nodraws of the board that read the sticky once. draw your coom pin-ups while paying attention to the fundies / redrawing and fixing your mistakes. also just draw with a goal or purpose in mind, prescribing an allotted amount of time that you must meet is a soulless carry over from the corporate world you live in and will just make drawing a chore.

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This is one of those artists on pixiv who startrd out /beg/ if you scroll back to his drawings back to 2007. He is also friends with the manga artist of that sexy Japanese OL manga series. Just keep drawing

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Post pictures you like.
Say why you like them.
Starting with Ohara Koson, though honestly I'm a sucker for Japanese Woodblock stuff in general. This particular artist makes some really nice nature images, they exude a sense of tender elegance to me.

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Displaying anime in the wild is bold and brash.

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I dont like it because he outlined the birds, but didnt outline the rest of the image. this is jarring and conflicts with the stylistic choice.

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What was the name for this type of jap paintings? We had a nice thread about it sometime last year but I forgot what it was called

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You can find a whole collection of them here:

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I've been working on multiple Zelda fanart this entire past month to try and get noticed on twitter once the game is released. I'll post update on the followers difference by then here

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what's happening in that photo?

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>no work posted
Would've been more useful if you reported on things you've already done you nigger.

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How does my art look?

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prove it's yours

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femaleanons. add me Dainsh#5305

and chat about creative hobbies /m/ shows lolis kemono girls pokemon digimon. vidya and weeb stuff yuuka meiling patchouli shion yuugii from touhou megaman monster hunter FU vtubers. ( and dab on deadbeats )fantasy the 4 heroes of light. SFM animations females from the DoA games final the rwby anime and other stuff.

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Post pictures of sexy women that are actually useful as reference.
>inb4 COOMER
Sexy women are very useful for learning design. Honda used to send designers to Brazil to draw the women there so they could apply that knowledge to designing vehicles.

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thats the last one

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Oh my fucking god.

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awful lighting, photoshop smudge/warp, not fullbody.
yeap shit reference.

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This thread is fantastic! Nice uploads anon

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Nice ref

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How do I get this good?

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>actually the worst thing about it
what's bad about the color, let's hear this.

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lets hear why its good from you first then i'll give my reasoning

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hahahaha so you can't explain. figures.

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hahahaha so you can't explain. figures.

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bad bot

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Did Bellotto end up surpassing his master Canaletto in artistic prowress?

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I'll start

>Harry Clarke, The Little Mermaid

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File: 2.77 MB, 1200x1678, Arthur Rackham.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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John Bauer and Kay Nielson were huge inspirations for me to start drawing and painting

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How does one draw textures like the scales and hair and floral patterns etc?

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Who is your opniong on best anatomy knower 3d people or the drawing with pencil peoples?

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translation ?

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someone run that image through the AI and make them hot.

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What makes an artist oblivious to their own art?

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The Dunning Kruger effect.

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staring at each piece for too long, seeing stuff others will never see while missing stuff everyone else will notice at a first glance, this is why composition/gesture is a lot more important than the rendering of a piece as most people only spend a couple of seconds to digest art, and the first thing thats noticed is how the piece is layed out in terms of perspective, gesture, and proportions, no one is going to be zooming in to look at imperfections, but most artists will spend hours making little "corrections" that make the art look cleaner, but doesn't change how it is framed in the first place. Ex. they might spend too much time rendering a sketch that wasnt thought out too well, but if they render it well enough they can convince themselves it looks passable

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that was... very humbling
i need to learn composition and i constantly focus too much on anatomy thats going to be covered up.

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And as you continue along the Freddy-Keurig curve, artists can also fall in the trap of being overly critical of their own work, fixating on nothing but the problems while ignoring the positives.

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I fucking hate render monkeys that use rendering to hide their own lack of skills.

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This is why gesture and storytelling matter more than your "anatomy" bullshit

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I’m gonna be honest, for the longest time I thought the elbow of the arm holding the mic was his head.

>> No.6511184

I think the guy who drew this probably does figure studies and maybe has studied technical perspective. Do I think he's studied technical A&P textbook-like anatomy like some of the retards here insist you must learn in order to draw people? Fucking no lmao

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Dunno if I'd take advice from him, dude's works are as clinical as they come.

>> No.6511743

didnt even last a decade lol

>> No.6512036


I remember drawing this in art class back in highschool. This would've been better with slightly more correct anatomy.

Fuckin faggots always thinking in extremes, never a balanced approach of both.

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My dumbass friend made this then got IP banned becaues of the caption, so I'm posting this for him, what do you fags think of this?

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what rule prohibits shroom howard? he looks awesome

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You have to be 18 to post here

also it reminds me of the time i made scanner art, like you move the image as it scans yeah

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that one wasn't by me
but these next couple are

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playboy booba

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File: 2.61 MB, 2550x3510, Rebecca Scott Playboy August 1999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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How much neuroplasticity do you have left?

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Makimafag why are you still here?

>> No.6511069

Why are you?

>> No.6511074

fuck off makimaposter!

>> No.6511079

also makima a cute why is everyone so mad

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It's a mystery

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Is it true that anime figures are good for anatomy study?

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it's reddit the data must be accurate they are known to get facts always correct and unbiased

>> No.6511317

let them waste time consuming barbies and social media tutorials

>> No.6511424

Yep, sounds like the exact demographic, that would pump hundreds and thousands of dollars into their hobby.

>> No.6512074

>All the data comes from Myfigurecollection!
Why are you coping about anime figures?

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why you (you)ing me retard?

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Should I give up?

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I don't know why you made the mouth interior 3d like a cave.

>> No.6511995

Can you correct it?
I have not studied mouth anatomy yet

>> No.6512005

I like the drawing but I think it would be much better without that white shading, it's distracting af

>> No.6512064

Stop bothering other people with shit that isn't yours.

>> No.6512076

Her face seems to be a bit wide? From that perspective, the bottom of your ear should line up with the back edge of your neck - you can check it out in a mirror to prove it.

Do you use anatomical references in your drawings?

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What do would you say is the difference between an intermediate artist and a skilled one?

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the amount of letters

>> No.6511189

How many followers they have

>> No.6511207

The errors or issues don't distract from the image. When I see skilled art, I go straight to seeing the whole image or analyzing the meaning. When I see intermediate art, I have to overlook aspects of execution to see what the artist is trying to say. Composition and rendering tend to be much worse.

>> No.6511259

what they had for breakfast

>> No.6511268

If beg int pro maps roughly onto apprentice journeyman master, then I guess once you produce a masterwork.

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