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Can I get a dickslap from Disney if I make a porn comic pf the princessces?

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Is taking drawing classes a waste of my time if I'm an absolute beginner? I'm starting a figure drawing class but I'm getting cold feet.

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no, just learn perspective and other stuff on the side.

also look at figure drawing workbooks to see other schools of thought for drawing the figure

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The point of a teacher is to make you good, if they can’t do this then find someone else. Needing skill and knowledge is only for more advanced classes and workshops.

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I think yes, somewhat.
Figure drawing is advanced stuff, the human figure is complex and difficult to digest without a good approach and understanding of line and shape.
It won't do you no harm, but you won't exactly get the full learning potential out of it either - maybe a third of it.

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i guarantee you'll take something away from the class and be a better artist

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I know what I've draw but I feel like it's really confusing for others, plus it has many problems. Any help for the future?

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based and gmi

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>Go to this local art place that has nude models occasionally
>Filled with stay-at-home moms drawing abstract stuff
>Start drawing with my typical loomis fundies /ic/ look
>They look at it and one of them says it looks a bit kitsch
do normal people think that the whole loomis/watts/proko style looks kitsch? I've never heard anyone call it that

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Yeah, no offense bro but what up with the outline?
(Its otherwise a solid effort, not dissing, just wondering).

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/beg/ here, what is the "russian" method? That sounds like ultimate no fun grind to git gud approach...
I want to take the slav pill, please!

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Its Russias academic art tradition. Uses more construction than Western European meghods. They now have a course in it at NMA but I obsessed over it for years trying to find clear, often old soviet-era manuals on VK and shit.

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Neat! I will look into this. Thank you.

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Don’t let those modern art whores discourage you from learning to apply actual methods of accurate drawing, and don’t let any pantywaist faggots in this thread discourage you either.

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Starting with the best!

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File: 243 KB, 609x568, Screenshot-2020-1-22 スペース人 ( spacezin) Twitter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Any book about getting proportions right? Course video etc

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Forget about the proportions forever all people are different.

Study gesture and sonstruction. When you nail the structure and form whatever you draw is right.
Chose to make some extreme neck? That's just going to be a good drawing of an extreme person.

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It’s still important to understand the proportional relationships between every part of the body and the skeleton. Yes everybody is different but having an average you can recall to base measurements off of is extremely important and will show you how people differ. Just winging it is not a good form of study and promotes bad training.

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Virtually all detailed figure drawing books and courses teach proportions.

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>Virtually all detailed figure drawing books and courses teach proportions

I dont mean proportins like divining the head into 3 equal parts. I mean about teaching how to better translate angles, lines in proportion to eachother on paper. I guess its my fault,i think i was thinking measurments, but in my language they re the same thing

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You have to use plum lines, comparing and checking angles with a straight edge like a pencil. Having a basic understanding of perspective is needed too. The more you do these things the easier it gets and more efficient the process becomes. If you put down the wrong angle then you better correct it or else your eye won’t learn to accurately judge angles. There isn’t anyone who is above these methods.

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>chargin like this
>no eraser
>100 for the pencile
>overpriced tablet
defend this faggots

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gotta like lots of penis in your bumbum before you can buy an ipad

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Buying the poor fag model you only have yourself to blame poor fag

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>much cheaper than rivals
>quality build
>updates for decades
>Best app market
>most polished apps
>huge screen real estate, apps capitalise on this instead of filling it up
>durable, light and comfy
>all day battery
>pen is sicc
>all available for 300-400 for 12’9” (don’t get the new ones, they’re barely an improvement and miss the headphone jack)
Shit thread confirmed

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> buying apple products

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How do I get as good as Sakimichan?

She is beautiful, talented and rich. Just perfect m8s.

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>so new he can’t even into newfag samefag detection counters
>probably a jealous /beg/ tranny

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pic is justine biticon

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I'm glad you are not denying the rest.


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>justine biticon
Looks like a thai hooker lmao

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How do you deal with having a day job, Anons? Apart from the weekends, I can only draw 3 hrs max a day. My job is mentally exhausting, so I can't draw more even though I want to. I wish I could cover my expenses by some commissional work.

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I draw after work. My work is from 7 am to 4 pm everyday. I don't give a shit.

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If you're a lazy fuck like me then you wouldn't average more than 3-4 hours a day anyway, even if you were NEETing full time. I know this from experience, trust me.
Ultimately you can only rush the learning process so much before you burnout or hit diminishing gains. Just use your time well and use your weekends to really focus on drawing.

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What job?

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Storage "engineer" keeper.

I keep the storage in a small charter carrier alone, so I basically do everything recieve, hand out, check quality, haul the fucking wheels, brakes and bulk shipments of oil and toilet fluid, fill all of the paperwork it's not easy but well I get paid accordingly.

Honestly feels the best.
You kill the dragon of work and win the prize 3 days off and a weighty chunk of my paycheck for each shift.
On a 9-5 job you can feel your brain rot just as slowly as your paycheck drips hour by hour.

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I work mixed shifts and it's usually fine. More than a few hours in front of the screen + tablet gives me headaches and RSI anyway.

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This is the art board right?
Can anyone tell me what the maker of pic related meant by this?

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The artist thought it looked cool and delegated what it meant to the audience,the artist picked out the best """theory""" and said,... yeah, it means that, what he said

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Has something to do with the child within us...or something.

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They don’t find each other attractive, but they would if the other were a child. Pretty redpilled imo

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Some shit about our inner child and a reflection of our society, man. Also it's pretty big and looks kinda cool. I'm an art connoisseur btw.

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The guy is depressed because the girl grew past 18 so hes not sexually attracted to her anymore, girl feels unwanted, they both wish they would turn into toddlers and fuck.

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Help i really need some info about this painting ;_;

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i found it in less than 10 seconds so fuck you learn to google

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There are just two fucking pages about it and both of them don't even have the correct title

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she just calls all her shit "horse" or "horses" idk what info you want

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Date, artist and some other relevant stuff if you search on google "carrington, horse" it just appears her ugly selfportrait

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Previous Thread: >>4302662

Disclaimer: Please [-] the thread if you don't want your mom seeing this thread.

Share your pornographic drawings that you're working on and receive feedback, "blog ?" comments, and critiques. Please contain your autism.

>How do I get started drawing porn?
6 Steps to Improve
Read Loomis - /loomis/ link

References -
1. Google is your best friend. So is the Artbook Thread (ctrl+F artbook in Catalog)

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Okay, sorry. Its just the part I was trying to work with when it came to trying other methods for the future.

Personaly I feel a lot of the problems show up when I do the lineart and colouring.
Also reposted with all of it and deleted old post. To be more helpful.

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well maybe stop drawing landwhales if you want your art to be appealing.

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that's fucked mate
your forms are kind of okay in some parts and flat and weird in others, looks like you make an okay-ish under drawing and then ignore it entirely when you go in on the lines. it seems almost like you copied something and then went over it again on your own and fucked it up. arms and limbs are stubby and formless, clavicle shoulder and neck are 2d and the heads look pasted on.

i think the main problem that im seeing here is that from what i can tell it seems like you drew a normal body and then tried to thicken her up by adding an even layer of fat around her entire body, making them look like sausage people instead of allocating it naturally.

>> No.4323359

also you're not respecting the planes of construction at all, i think you dont understand 3d form very well, the point of breaking things down into simple chapes is that youre supposed to be able to handle sim[ple shapes easier, if you break an arm down into a few cylinders, youre supposed to know how to manipulate and accurately draw a cylinder in 3d space from any angle or else it's pointless

>> No.4323367

>your forms are kind of okay in some parts and flat and weird in others

Fair. Arms especially here are bad, Ive been doing studies of arms and hands the last couple of days to get better at it for whatever I try to do next. Im hoping that it will at least help with the issue on stubby arms and hands that look like crap in the future. Here I only tried different colours and lineart.

>also you're not respecting the planes of construction at all, i think you dont understand 3d form very well

Hence you say I need to take another look at the fundamentals again I guess. Makes sense and it might be what frustrates me.

For the left one I used airbrush and blur tool, middle was attempt at using a textured brush. Any suggestion on which of these are best to use in the future?

And thanks for your input.

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So I did this with my spare time, what do you think, am I Asian enough to be boosted by youtube algorithm?


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holy fucking shit you have a terrible face

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Anyone know what this art style is called? Would love to know any other artist with the same kind of style.

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shitty stoner art

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That's not art

>> No.4322752

outsider or art brut
>inb4 it's not REAL art if it's not anime/cocneptart/realism

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Either outsider or abstract
Yes it is

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Can we just discuss a problem I've been noticing more and more in the art community, particularly on twitter and /ic/? People (mainly horny men) seem to be forgetting that humans have a nature beyond their physical flesh i.e. drawing females with horribly disproportionate features. Now obviously this is for a sexual intention, and that's fine, but I think it becomes sort of problematic when your community constantly screams "it's ok to objectify women!" or "these unrealistic body standards are normal!". A bit harmful for aspiring artists or even just normal girls who are exposed to this crap. Just my 2 cents. and no, I'm not a woman so don't ask.

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How is drawing disproportionate figures problematic, exactly? In what way does that actually harm others? You could have a community that espouses "problematic" things all day, but what does it matter when they're perfectly dismissable?

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Hide and report.

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You get exposed to the art you like the most.
That's social media and google in a nutshell. The problem is you alone.

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Stuff like this got me through my depression. Keep your toxic slut shaming out of my safe space, it's the current year.

>> No.4323012

you complain about some loner in his basement drawing for fun, but you dont complain about the major magazine companies shoveling their "perfect" women at impressionable teenagers?

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Answer the question. Pic unrelated. I'm 29 by the way.

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You just mentioned more than one thing that you'd do well to consult a doctor about rather than ask this place. Just sit down and draw a couple hours every day and see how it feels. Do wrist stretches, search youtube. Again, take it easy if you're a beginner. And use a light touch with your pen. If I press hard all day my hand hurts real bad very quick but if I take it easy I can almost sit for 16 h straight just drawing with 0 pain.

Start drawing at your pace and have fun. If you play too much guitar as a noob your finger skin will blister, break & bleed and if you run too far as a noob you might faint or die from a heart attack. This principle applies to a lot of things, take things at a responsible pace even if you're super inspired now.

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Thank you for your kindness anon-kun
Can you really draw 16 hours a day? Wow, any advice beyond the one you already shared? I am trying to do the "draw with arm" thing, this for example is something I did in 1 shot with a pen on a sheet glued to the wall

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He is right that you need to consult with a medic. Someone who works with physical therapy will be especially useful. There are pretty simple stretches and other exercises that you should do to make your arms draw for longer periods of time with no ill effects.

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i've been gaming since a kid and a lot of apm intensive stuff like starcraft, never had issues

keep your arm on the table, and either do movements with your elbow or shoulder and you'll never have issues

>> No.4323131

I get odd feelings in my left keyboard hand, my pen hand is just fine and that is after finishing a school and uni with a paper notebook and having written a plenty.

Don't death grip the stylus, i was having awful pains for the first time when i was gripping and pressing way too hard.
I guess it feels natural to press since the tablet is very slippery

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Any artists you hate for personal reasons?

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My dad

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Honestly I think James Gurney partly does that because he enjoys that kind of practical art. Look at the painting easel he made, the steering wheel attachment, his YouTube end title thingy with the switches, it seems to me he just likes to make stuff, I know he's done plenty of work without creating a full diorama of the subject first, so I doubt it's something he absolutely relies on

>> No.4322891

loomis because shitheads meme him all the time

>> No.4322936

but its not personal, just his shit art

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Can someone draw these 2 fighting?

I don't actually care what type of style

Yes I'm using imgur because I'm a newfag and don't know whether or not it's possible to upload 2 images at once to 4chan

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I see

Like I said, newfag

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Go fuck yourself

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Pay me, bitch

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you're going to get a lot of people telling you to fuck yourself if you post stuff like this on /ic/. Also, go fuck yourself

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How does being a newfag makes it so that you can't read the rules in the sticky, Mr. double nigger? Go fuck yourself.

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What are some good books, resources, or teachers out there that teach about western-style classic cartooning? From Disney to Looney Tunes.

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