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I want that SAI.

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Have you checked your butt?

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a thread didn't know how to use google for this

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buy it.

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What is the most expensive course that has got pirated so far? It is Noah Bradleys one?

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>keeping track of prices of the courses you pirate

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Better question, which pirated course SHOULD be the most expensive?

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Where is the full kim jung gi course that was shared here?

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Why is studying fundies considered so necessary when so much soulful art is technically flawed?

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Ic thinks art is based necessarily on technical skills. In fact museums and "the art market" fancies genial dilettantism and expression over drawing skills.

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Almost everyone on this board hates museums and low skill art. Nobody here is denying that shitter art makes dumb dosh, but nobody is here to really make dumb dosh either.

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Everything is art. Mangas, Rembrandt, Beuys, Bob Ross. So the term art is pointless.
What you call highskill-art is often just illustration, uselessly fixated on imitating reality, without delivering an artist position.
Is Picasso or Francis Bacon art in your eyes? Funny perspectives and fucked up hands.

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Picasso knew his fundies though. He's the "learn the rules then break them" poster boy

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Picasso stole/traced over his father's work for his realism and said "fuck faking realism I'll just draw in muh style lol"

Look at their work it's uncanny how they're exactly the same from the style down go the brush strokes choices

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most stylisations of faces ive seen which include features like noses/lips etc look a lil ugly

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Depends on what you consider "anime"

A "Cute style" consists of bigger eyes, shorter face, smaller mouths and noses, which arguably is anime

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Stop thinking with your dick you retarded polish fuck.

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This, why do western artists do stupid shit like this?

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Do you plan your art before you make it or just jump straight into a piece?

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depends on the piece, if i have an idea for something interesting but i wanna kinda flesh it out first and get that idea down but often i just kinda jump in and figure things out later

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You have to warm up first anyway. Just start sketching with somewhat of a goal in mind. You have plenty of time to figure things out as you draw.

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i hope 4chan doesn't blur pixel art. i'll post an enlarged one if it blurs it ffs.

anyways, any critique? it'd be nice to know if people like this or not. the only non pixel art thing is the lighting on the pumpkin where i just used a lighter shade thing that lit it up the best.

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It's pretty good, anon.

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im no expert at this either but id try to have a stronger difference in color, it all just looks a bit muddled together to me. i like the character and general style of it though. http://pixeljoint.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=11299 heres a pretty good guide that goes over a bunch of stuff

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I'm currently watching nurzhan bekkaliyev'd workflow.

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Well, I'm willing to agree to disagree.
it's just that I have a traditional painting background, and I find painting directly to be a lot more enjoyable than using a program interface to tweak settings and stuff.
But if you could post some paintings you enjoy done with a shader/filter/pass workflow, I'd really appreciate it. Just for educational / inspirational purposes. I'm always willing to concede my points and admit I'm wrong if the evidence is staring me in the face.

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I get you, it has its appeal. It's very limited though. Probably not a good idea to learn from a one trick pony

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Oh well, good luck and hope you'll find what you're looking for.
But you should definitely look into getting a cgpeers account, it's basically the only place to reliably get art related video tutorials.

Another advice I could give you is, if you're looking for references to study, you could download models off of sketchfab and then import them into a 3D rendering software of some kind, and do an ambient occlusion render of them, to get access to effectively limitless supply.
Some models on sketchfab have AO baked in and available right through the interface, but most don't.

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>it's just that I have a traditional painting background, and I find painting directly to be a lot more enjoyable than using a program interface to tweak settings and stuff.
Yeah, choosing what kind of workflow to use/invent is subjective and dependent on the person, which is why I've been saying exactly that. The first post wondered what reason one could have to use passes, I'm just trying to answer that. As for an example, I don't collect any specific pieces of artwork, so I don't have one at hand. A quick search I found on Google may be interesting enough, I think.

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>tfw can never go from step 3 to step 4

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Is there a simple bare bones art style that suits people with no innate artistic talent? I'm struggling to learn even the basics so there is no hope of me ever being good at art. Instead of becoming demoralized I want to focus on just getting "good enough" to make cutesy doodles

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You don't need any talent at all to make cutesy doodles, kids do it all the time.

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Any form of contemporary fine art

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The absolute state of /ic/.

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I think Ed Emberley's stuff is cute, you need to use color to pull off the style though.

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Basically, can we boil down, seriatim, what did he (and Loomis in his explanation) tried to say to us. Also they are not the first artists to mention the ultimate impotance of proper handling of halftones (Sargent, for example), and there is barely any info on that. What I undestood:

1) Texture is a part of the light halftone
2) Color vibrance is a part of the light halftone
3) Picture halftones in light lighther, then they appear to be.
4) Picture halftones in shadows darker, then they appear to be.

Something else? I'm interested in how you interpret this and maybe how you it clicked with you when you were practising.

Sorry for my spelling.

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What do you think about this instagram profile about architecture? https://www.instagram.com/stories/elva.advaya/

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To those of you who work as professional concept artists and illustrators? Do you like your work? How is the pay? Do you regret not taking another route in your life? How do you think art careers will change in the next 10 to 20 years?

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Thank you for your honest answer. Finally a good response on this crab board

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I call that shit hole gommiefornia only because of those ridiculous people that seems to only come from that place (or Canada), they always claim how capitalism is a broken system yet they are one of the biggest consumers out there funding the system as long as they approve of its manufactured narrative, it's sickening.

>a solid 15-20% chance ill kill myself before i leave here, and im leaving in about a year and a half only.

ouch anon, hang in there.

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>they always claim how capitalism is a broken system yet they are one of the biggest consumers out there funding the system as long as they approve of its manufactured narrative
100% true. the fail to see the cognitive dissonance.

>ouch anon, hang in there.
im gonna try. i might try to go on vacation to greece and/or albania this summer. it'd be a huge breath of fresh air.

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Fulltime illustrator here. I've done art for mostly everything - books, movies, video games, slot machines, board games, misc web stuff etc. Also have worked as a full time wagecuck illustrator and now am currently a freelance illustrator.

Here's my overall take on things: If you're living alone or young, being an illustrator is a cool job since you only have yourself to provide for. If you have a family or dependants, it sucks. Like others have said in this thread, there's no real career advancement apart from being an art director of sorts. There's only a few high paying art related jobs out there. If I had to re-roll like I'd pick a job that brings in the shekels first and foremost and then focus on anything art related as a hobby.

One piece of advice I would give to aspiring artists or those looking to work as an illustrator - work on your goddamn portfolio. You need a shitload of great stuff to look at before you get those call backs. Otherwise you're just another brick in the wall. Also learn to have thick skin about how good your art is. If its shit, don't defend it and do mental gymnastics. Fucking work harder and get better.

Only the top 3% or less get those glam jobs and patreon bucks. The rest will struggle and die.

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>This is who you'll be working for. Some low IQ retard whose taste in art starts and ends on whatever's shared on instagram.

too fucking true, you get these subhuman idiots in every industry trying to "manage" you and tells you how to do your fucking job when all they have achieved in life is an empty BA in either marketing or management (both are equally worthless) and don't even know what the people actually churning out work is doing.

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hey this is panda boy

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If youre drunk right now and having fun with a friend, good for you. But i dont know you well enough to appreciate how “”funny”” this is
Fuck off

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i was bored in class and drew a skate spot ive been trying to fix up and i really just need some input on this. sorry for the bad lighting

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thanks, I've been trying to work on perspective and i feel like grinding hard is the way to go

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well I am going to do it too

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Why the fuck did you create a thread for this? There's already a /beg thread faggot.

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>This generation of "artists" have never held a brush and painted on a canvas
>They don't bother to learn the fundamentals anymore, they just need to learn "photoshop"
>Every company that can hire you is forcing their vision of art on you, limiting what you can design
>You have to follow social media and the latest trends or you never get hired by companies

Creativity is dead

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>imagine having to smear yourself in paint and sniff thinner the whole day to unironically call yourself "artist" in your small little circle of pseudo creative normies

you never tried to paint with photoshop or any other software, and you'd probably get frustrated by trying to do so. You can't even master a simple tool, why should anyone even listen to a word of yours

The spectrum of various designs and aesthetics nowadays has never been broader

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>This generation of "artists" never painted with mammoth blood on a slate slab

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Why is diversity so important to them they showcase it as the image that grabs your attention and is supposed to make you click on it. Why do they put so much importance on something only HR people, the media, universities and politicians care about, but nobody else. What does this have to do with hiring the best artists? Why are they so obsessed?

It disturbs me.

UIniversity was full of it as well. It's sickening.

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should have used this pic, so its not confusing what I talk about.

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Today we live in a time where you can literally draw anything. You can see any kind of sight there is to see with just a few clicks. References aren't limited to your city walls anymore. You're connected to every artist in the world past and present, incredibly spoiled in terms of possible inspiration. Photography is a thing now, releasing artists from obligation to work as a camera and free to play with reality or stick to it as they like. Digital art means even more tools and accessibility to drawing itself, without stopping you from using traditional ones too. You no longer need a master to accept you for training, though the option still exists, you can find any resource you need to learn online. Yes the commercial world sucks and only cares about money, and the accessibility and visibility the internet brings means there's lots of shitty artists, but if you care about art at all there has never been a better time than now in all of history to be an artist.

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They're making it super obvious. Nobody spends 120k on a damn banana.

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Could be anything really. I used to live in Miami and work around ultra high net individuals. You have to understand that for them 120k is chump change, it barely even registers. The reason it’s most likely not money laundering (which, don’t get me wrong, does happen often in the art world) is because whoever bought this would know that it would become a high profile story, and when you’re laundering money there’s really no reason to bring attention to yourself, especially when it’s just as easy to purchase a boring painting that no one would pay attention to for the same amount.

This is most likely some deal struck between the gallery, the artist, and the buyer for a mutually beneficial result of publicity for the artist and gallery and some kind of handout or favor for the buyer.

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you can't fix what ain't broken.
The art market functions as money laundry like it's supposed to.

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>Surrealism to Abstract Expressionism to Pop Art to Illustration to Fetish Commissions is now the new western art timeline.

based, embrace it and wallow in all its filthy glory

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>money laundry
*Money laundering. Learn to type.

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I like using conte 1710 because it doesn't leave the powder on the paper, they feel more waxy than other pencils I tried. But i can't find it close to me right now. Is the Koh-I-Noor or Wolff's Carbon similar to it? And what is the difference between charcoal, ebony and carbon pencils?

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sharpening them is a bitch but I love them

>> No.4245642

i bought five from the internet i sharpened 3 of them without problems but the last two started breaking every time i got a point.

>> No.4245659

yep and i think the watts people switched to it cos the contes kept breaking. you might have to pair it with like a 4b generals tho so you can get the darks. i still prefer the contes tho they feel so niiiice

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Carbon is a hybrid between graphite and charcoal, it's a relatively new thing with very good properties.
Ebony, is that like a gioconda inside a wooden body? If so, those are my favorite.

>> No.4245827

I know ebony as just a line of HB sketching pencils. Is that what OP is referring to maybe? Of so then they're just regular HB graphite sketching pencils. I like them, cheap and smooth.

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I have been painting for a few years but never properly studied or practiced anything. I would like to start over at the beginning now and practice the fundamentals.

I found this site and it seems quite promising. The first few lessons are all about line confidence and drawing a bunch of cubes and cylinders to get a grasp on 3d space.

Would you recommend these lessons? If not, what else should I be doing?

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Go to moderndayJames youtube channel if you want to learn the same stuff, but in a much suppirior way

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Every artist follows a logical continuity of adopting more and more complex concepts on their path towards mastery.
It's something like
> linework > shape > form > perspective > subject > composition > abstraction > idea
eg. you can't render a bicep muscle properly if you don't know how to draw a cylinder in perspective and you can't draw a cylinder in perspective if you don't know how to draw an ellipse. Makes sense, no?

Well Hampton skips teaching you about linework, form, perspective or design and jumps straight into abstract ideas like feeling the flow of gesture, because if he didn't, the book would be 600 fucking pages long.
Hampton assumes that you're not a dumbass (>>4245917 wink, wink) and you learn those concepts first - /then/ you can read his book and really understand what he's talking about.

>> No.4245955

>linework, form, perspective or design
Shame he didn't include courses covering all of that as a precursor to hampton in the PDF huh?

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time to die

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Yea except drop Erik Olson and put in Vandruff's chalkboard series, then you're set

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How long do you think guys?

If I study hard maybe 3 months?

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40 years

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Really why?? I Learn fast

>> No.4245559

Because you’re a fucking idiot and a tool. Stupid people learn slowly because they’re stupid, and because they like to waste time making shitty threads like this one.

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can u even drawt hough

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How many of you guys draw and produce music? Which hobby is more rewarding for you, and which one do you prefer doing?

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both are fun and when you're decent at mixing/mastering it's much easier to get an end result you're happy with in music. grinding fundies on the other hand makes me want to kill myself sometimes, but i care a lot more about art than music. same with writing, which is also easier to me than art! what the hell!

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if I had to choose, I would pick drawing because I think I am less shit at it.

>> No.4246454

>drawing from 8-27
>music from 14-30

I’m definitely a better musician than artist, but once I had started my family, I lost all desire to go back on any tour only to return and do a job search for a few bucks more than minimum wage. So I personally concentrate on becoming a better artist with the end goal of either illustrating books or doing t shirt graphics.
I definitely am done being a wage slave, and thankfully after buying the house of my wife’s dreams, she no longer wanted to be a full time parent, so she went back into the work force, and I stay home and grind all afternoon while my kids are at school.

It’s not what I imagined I’d want, but it’s vastly better than being a broke musician all the time.

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I'm /beg at both. Figured drawing would be more enjoyable, plus you don't need any equipment besides a pencil and a notebook. But I don't do it anymore because I sucked shit at it and honestly, the industry of music sucks more ass than the art industry.

My /beg level music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOKEl5kSmCw

I apologize for the cringy tag, this was still back in my Highschool years.

>> No.4246465

I take that back.

I apologize for my entire channel.

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I started drawing on computer and i'm interested in other programs than what i'm currently using , this "Krita" free drawing software.
What do you reccomend?
Also first thing i drawn, pretty surprised how fun it is.

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I tried it. It's trash.

>> No.4245640

if you didnt like painter, rebelle is the same thing but with some limitations on it.

>> No.4245648

i like painter. i generally use linux and my machine before it blew up was old and wasnt sure how well it would run in virtual box.

now i have new stuff. current drawing are in krita.
painter has better smudge tools which main mayne. i can pull shit off in krita though.

>> No.4245665

If you like painter then you should like rebelle 3. you should try the demo(not sure about limitation on the demo) or crack version.

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