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My eyes get sore freuquently while drawing on my iPad or using the computer in general. I’m really paranoid that I’m going to go blind when I’m older or just ruin my vision somehow. What are some things I should do to take care of my eyes?

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you wont go blind unless you have a disease, straining your eyes doesnt result in vision loss.

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Thank you, that is reassuring. Are eye diseases hereditary or can you cause them through lifestyle? Is eye strain harmful in other ways? Blindness is my biggest fear

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How much easier is it to get commissions for digital art than traditional art?

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I've been a tradfag all my life. I'm not a fan of digital but a niggas gotta eat.

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You could get more for trad art as there's a shortage of good work, but the cost and time eat into it.

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Depends, are you a weeb? Do you have a genuine passion for anime fandoms? Then you can make money with commissions.

Or, are you a gamer and do you like drawing bullshit nothings? Then you can make money in the gaming industry.

Other than that Digital art is dry as a fucking lake.

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I hate most new anime and videogames. Only a few good games and animes have come out in the past 9 years.

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Nobody cares

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I recently bought this book and I can't find a proper way of practicing this, it seems like this is a demo book or some shit like that.

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I'm the spirit of 2010. I have never seen this book talked about back then.

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Why do /ic/fags ever think they are going to make it in the comic industry? You realize it takes like 10 years to be competent enough to create any industry strandard comic work right? And even then the comic industry is dry as a fucking lake now. By the time you finally make it no one will give 2 shits about your little shoymale shit. Get on the anime bandwagon before its too late bitch.

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Well, you'll see...
The book is about composition is n comic and illustration.
Actually it's a pretty famous book.

I thought here on /ic/ I could find guys that found that book useful to increase their skills.

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Make me, you salty loser cunt.

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I read it for reference and a theory behind composition, then I started to copy composition from everywhere with that theory in mind.

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My drawing (left) hand hurts after painting for hours yesterday. I probably did over-exercise and slept on it, but it's unpleasant. It hurts under the joints of palm with fingers, like the parts that stick out when making a claw-like shape or grip. Will it go away if I won't draw today?

Anything to prevent that in the future? It's irritating as I'm painting since 3 months and only recently I got to draw daily and now not drawing feels lazy.

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interresting, i never knew there was spaghetti hiding inside my arms

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ive never had an issue with wrist pain

but i have a lump on my left wrist so i think ima die which is worse

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do wrist exercises every day.
set a timer & take regular breaks (also a good time to squeeze in stretching or some form of workout)
also try drawing with less reliance on opacity & pressure sensitivity. i don't really use them anymore for digital work and find i can work 10+ hour days without really any problems compared to working with brushpens irl which wear out my hands very quickly.
that''s why the old masters were all italians anon, they had the best arm spaghetti.

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Are cartoons(and getting extremely lucky) the only way to make good money off of art?

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no, lurk more before making useless threads

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Depends on what you mean by
>Make good money off of art

The mistake is assuming people like Sakimichan, who pull somewhere between 100k-500kish a year, are making big money. They're not, and their livelihood is at the mercy of platforms who could end it all in an instant.

If you want to see what making money off of art REALLY looks like, don't look at the gold miners like Sakimichan or cartoon creators, take a look at the people selling shovels.

For example,
>Adobe is worth 125 Billion dollars right now.
>Autodesk, maker of 3D program Maya, is worth 35 Billion dollars.
>Wacom is worth 1.8 Billion dollars
>Patreon as of 2017 just got another round of funding for 450 million dollars
>Media publisher Disney is worth 130 Billion
>Media publisher Valve is worth 2-4 Billion
>Media publisher Turner Broadcasting, which among other things owns cartoon network and adult swim, is owned by Time Warner, which is worth 73 Billion.

If you wanna make art, yes there's a little niche in which you probably can make a little money, probably, and that money could be enough to buy a nice house, and maybe a nice car. If that's all you want, that's fine.

But if you wanna make money, and I mean GOOD money, not scraps, sell the tools or dream for others to do it. Your "Living the dream" tax will ultimately far exceed the value of any individual attempt to live it yourself.

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Sounds like some California Gold Rush tactics right there my man

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Yeah but while you live off the dream some people live the dream and make it

Of course it's very few, select individuals who needed a lot of luck, but its something.

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Can you show me some drawing construction examples? When I try to search myself I just get images like this

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You need some Loomis, son.

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We're all friends. Here's a safe space to let your /ic/ feelings out. Vent your artist frustration here. I'll start


It's just like, what the hell have I been doing all this time?

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>what the hell have I been doing all this time?
not practicing actual anatomy and appealing proportions/shapes.

Look man, if you want to get good with anime stuff, it's almost 80% about getting good looking faces. I wanted to point out the huge difference in the facial proportions between the source art and yours. The eyes are too far apart, and the nose and mouth are too far away from the eyes to make "the cute", AND YOUR NECKS that shit doesnt look good in any dimension, brother.

don't even kid yourself with the "muh style". try to recreate styles you really enjoy almost 1:1 WITHOUT tracing first. It'll take a few months if you do it everyday. On paper and on digital. Don't be a fuckwit, and put in some constructive mileage.

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It's not often that I run into someone that's worse than me so no, I am going to make fun of you. Left is shit but right look like a fucking goblin wearing a costume.

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>worse than me
Not OP but I seriously doubt that, pyw

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you are OP, its not hard to be better than (you)

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I'm making a small pixel RPG, wondering if it was any good, I've made more maps and stuff if you wanted to see more.

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looks decent, post more

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If I post on r/art and host the image file on my own website, how likely are the incoming visitors likely to navigate to my homepage?

r/art has a rule that you can only link to an image file, so what percentage of the incoming traffic will even notice they're on my site, let alone come to my landing page?

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Almost none. Just post your site in the comments.

Also, fuck reddit.

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Won't that seem to needy?

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Yes it will seem needy
Which is why you should just include your tag directly on your artwork
It’s ugly but by far the most effective way for people to know the source

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This, I'm grateful when art I find online has the artist's twitter handle or something somewhere, preferably in a font that isn't convoluted and illegible, saves me having to reverse image search and dig through crap.

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Tell a boomer that it's not too late to get into art, and I can still accomplish great things with my life.

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It's too late. You are a product of your entire life up until now, and the older you get, the less likely you are to make a dramatic change and turn your life around. It's a fact. The source is me.

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It helps to think that most art active people plateau at some point (usually in their early 30s) and don't improve whatsoever even after 20 years. So basically if you want to catch up to them, you have plenty of time, even as a boomer. But by that time you will probably stop caring about others as much.

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What the fuck type of amerimutt dog creation is that? Why do burgers always feel the need to just let dogs fuck at will and create sub-species creations like this? I bet it sucks your corn syurp from that straw you fag burger fucker.

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you can't achieve great things with art

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What do you want to archieve with your art?

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Has Shad made it?

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i dont consider /beg/ art making it

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Funny that mods deleted my "kys" post, but not the entire thread.

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Shad literally bathes himself in edginess
what is he trying to accomplish?

>> No.3823348

You know Shad doesn't even do commissions anymore. What are you smoking?

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He has good ideas for porn, but he doesn't have the skill to execute them well.

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i'm planning 2 b an architect but working on my portfolio is too easy so I don't do it. what i want to see is something so good that i feel insecure enough to create

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Post critically acclaimed problematic high art.

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Commissions for Church (naked little boys and little girls)
Bible fanart (naked chicks)

>> No.3823142

lmao the church really is full of pedos

>> No.3823184

Pedo art they are all pasty pale and in their 20’s

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stop making fucking threads about this topic, there's 2 other ones discussing it. I fucking hate you fucking autists

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Mona Lisa is problematic because she is fugly and everyone seems to think she is hot.

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Post pedo high art.
ur post deleted = u lose

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kek What will happen if this thread is deleted?

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You can't ban """"""real""""" art.

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Why is twitter used so much by artists? It's awful compared to instagram

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I fucking hate that both Instagram and Twitter always crop the heads off my pictures and fucking butcher the composition.

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>It's not even against the rules.

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fucking brainlets holy shit

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How do I prevent the cropping from happening
I have to make the images square

>> No.3823409

you don’t, brainlet. your options with Instagram are as follows:
>make the image square and adjust the composition to fit
>use a photo editing app to put white spaces on the sides of a “longer” image to make it square
you can also do what actual successful artists with some of their artworks, which is post multiple images in one set that highlight details of your artwork. normies find that kind of thing very attractive.

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>7x Dessin
>3x Watercolor
>Daily photo
>One independent piece
>In 4 weeks
What does /ic/ think of this routine? Looks pretty solid and shouldn't be too hard

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post this grannie's work, not sold on dessin.

>> No.3822995

>cut eraser in tall slices
>not cutting it diagonally

>> No.3823004

I still don't get what she means by dessin. Like, dessin hachure, just a hatched pencil drawing? A still life in pencil?

>> No.3823028

Looks like normal charcoal life drawing techniques, right down to the sharpened pencil. Not sure why they are using the word dessin.

>> No.3823064

probably the translation, keep in mind the source material is in Japanese so they might actually be using the french word as part of their art vocabulary, unlike English

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anyone else feel like their skill level increases by an insane amount when they're working on something to impress others or to make others laugh? when im making a meme or working on something to give to friends im about x25 better than when working on art for myself. why is this?

>> No.3822946

It might be because you're afraid of the others judgement & want to avoid getting bad feedback at any cost? (you don't have that if you do it alone, thus don't think you need to make that extra effort)

>> No.3822949

because you're motivated to show off while normally you don't put as much passion into it

>> No.3822959

this is probably it. how do I learn to hone this energy for my own art? I have been improving a lot in the past year but i feel like i could improve so much more if i had the same energy / motivation / discipline throughout my process...

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Yeah, our girl's power is back.

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What's wrong with her hips and her butt? Thighs too. I usually give a free pass for sylistic figures (and sometimes even prefer them) but it doesn't fit the rest of the body at all here.

>> No.3823367

he’s just a jelly pedo that can’t stop thinking about his 13 year old niece abd hates women because he can’t get laid

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more like
>make a thread about bashing x popular artist
>stop spamming threads everytime this person posts new work
>make a thread about praising x popular artist
>stop spamming threads everytime this person posts new work
>both threads argue about the good and bad of the artist, nothing of value is made
>when will these threads be bannable?

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>>stop spamming threads everytime this person posts new work
Literally only 3 posts in this thread are this, making your post invalid. People just do exactly what the first scenerio happens, bash and complain. Posting "made it" artists was against the rules for this very reason until the mods killed themselves because of this trash board.

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Don't be hating on Saki.

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>looking through old sketchbooks
>see how I've improved
>memories of why I drew the silly things I drew come back
>notes I wrote to my future self

Very comfy

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I always feel sad when I look at things from the past. I see I've improved when looking through my sketchbooks, but it also reminds me of how much better those times were. Same with music, receipts, photos etc.

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>do nothing but criticize my stuff in the notes and talk shit about myself
>essentially talk to myself through notes like a lunatic
>go back and chuckle at my own quips and feel better about my growth

>> No.3822902

Most of the notes are pointing out what I did wrong, but I also write down the little funny things that happened to be throughout the day and other things.

I treat it as an autistic mix of journal and sketchbook.

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You're Gonna Make It!

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This, all the time

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I really need tips, and advice on how I can stimulate my need to create again. I feel like I've done everything that could challenge me in creating art on a practitioner's level. Learning the trade as I do not desire to draw, paint, or sculpt like I use to. I want to create, but lack a drive for it. Sometimes I have a drive, but then I lose it.

I feel myself getting worse by not creating. As they say, use it or lose it. I do not want to lose my ability to create just because I lack ideas, or not inspired to make anything. I in a bit of a depression, but I think not having the drive is a root cause. What do you do to force yourself to create?

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This is very helpful. I need to get back in touch on why I like to create.

>> No.3822865

have you tried doing a collab with someone? Like they lineart and you color

>> No.3822873

A combination of these is what I would recommend
1.Pick a "final product" medium that you really want to create. This could be animation, a line of table top miniatures, a comic, anything.
2.Consume art of that medium that inspires you. Decide what it is you actually like and what you want to be able to create.
3.Take the steps needed to create an example of your goal medium. It need not be your magnum opus, but it should be a real honest to goodness product.

>> No.3822880

I always wanted to collab but I fear my lack of drive and procrastination would get in the way. If I tried this, it would have to be a project that is more of a passion piece.

>> No.3822915

These are all good ideas.

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