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Why are you jealous of other artists fame and praise?

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ITT: Men painted by Bouguereau

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Mods and Janny niggers, please start doing your jobs /ic/ is just an endless loop of the same threads over and over again its been like this for almost half a decade fix it

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Fucken lol

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When exactly are we getting new Jannies? Still don’t see a notice of acceptance letters going out.

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Yes. It should.

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>its been like this for almost half a decade fix it
If you haven't realized by now, this is just the natural state of the board.

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Karl mogs everyone on here to hell and back.

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The karl kopinski pose

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Your own biases, good or bad, will always show up when drawing from imagination. Especially if you’re unaware of it.

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Just trying to reach out. Maybe someone can help. Any donations wiould be a blessing.

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You’re a loser dude

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Imagine living in America, where you have a lot of opportunities to work, a country that leads over the others and you are unable to afford a fucking Ipad.

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Bro this >>4956709

Finance it. Nobody pays $1500 upfront for anything. $300 down is nothing.

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Sell whatever you made this thread with and buy an Ipad.

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Women's body language in art that make them interesting and attractive

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Body language is a language, so it can says anything really.

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it's a bit ambiguous but it can't mean anything

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but anyway, this is why I said 'in your opinion'.

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Relaxed poses. Anything that oozes the body language they just woke up after good sex.

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if you're reading this and you have no talent, fuck you. you are a worthless piece of shit

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Redpill me on this lad

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he's the proof you can by ugly and talented at the same time

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That’s Cooper Meantie, he invented baked beans.

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He isn't that ugly, if he had denser eyebrows and he started using a cap his appreance would improve alot.

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kinda looks like my buddy, i bet he's a cool guy

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He did Toastmasters so he's alright with me

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Does anyone know what this method is called? See from fig 1 to arrive at fig 2, he draw it simple and then maked it better. This technique seems like it might be useful but I can't research it because I don't know the name.

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Shame thread. Post ITT if you're going to sleep and you've drawn for less than 1 hour today.

For me, I spent the night watching youtube videos and browsing /ic/, while telling myself I'd draw soon. It's 2 AM now and I've drawn like 30 minutes total and I'm tired. Good night bros

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Watch videos while drawing?

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lol you too? I listened to crime watch daily videos for the past 2 weeks and every video gets so repetitive that you can just listen to it as background noise.

It’s depressing how similar each video is and makes me glad I’m not a normal Joe with a wife/gf.

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omg anon why don't you make videos of you watching the videos then you watch youtube all day every day and be a famous content creator

t. youtube exec

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this. feeling powerless shouldn't lead to doing nothing, it should lead to cooming.

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I find if I concentrate all of my coomer energy into not cooming I can draw the whole day and feel glad I did. I can then reward myself with a big, fat coom marathon at the end of the week

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Is this art?
Can we call this art?

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I just threw up

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> Satan
Go back to /beg/ and /pol/, you are never leaving.
>Is this art?

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>if I warp my voice and flip around the picture people can't notice my flaws and it makes it performance art!

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Natural talent doesn't ex-

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More like 3 decades

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Murata re-drawing (or atleast working side by side with) Miura on Berserk would be always my ultimate wet dream

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Why, to make it worse?

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Dude's been constantly drawing for decades. That's more experience than natural talent.

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Isn't he the artist who worked his ass off and ha really shitty art when he was young? He proves the talentless can surpass the talented with hard work.

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Is there any resources or techniques for drawing mechanical muscles?

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1- learn human anatomy
2- learn how machines work and learn how to draw them
3- ???
4- congrats, you've made it

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Bridgman but you’re probably not ready for that

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Copy muscles and joints without skin and then mechanize them.

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no, now fuck off

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Vote for your fav pose and explain why.

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I've always seen terrible art pieces from people who've been complimented all their life about their work and I'm glad to say I'm not one of them. but I do become fearful getting critique from any friends or family especially when they actually say its good I don't know if they really mean it or they saw how hard I'm trying and are just being nice after telling me for so long that I could use work. I could be thinking abut it too much but its also the only way I can know from someone who I know would want the best for me. everyone on social media is either trying too hard to be nice or isn't genuine at all and will just say it sucks. I do believe I j=should just follow my own intuition but that in itself could be skewed.

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But why your frens and family need to give your critique?

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because its good to get a second opinion from someone outside of art I learned that a lot of art critics can't really draw but they know what's appealing to them/what they want to see in art that's what I look for

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Don't ask for critique from people who will sugarcoat it. Only ask your asshole friends who can give it to you straight.

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This! I got a childhood friend that never sugarcoats anything. It's extremely invaluable too cause I got the 'tism, so I do want the straight up truth so its easier to process.

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How do you draw feet?

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Like this!

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I'm struggling too.

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Looks awful

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You done your drawing reps today?

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Yes, and the Igglybuff gonna fuck all of those holes. I was of the idea of fuckable pecs but then scraped it.

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>for 11 hours
Wtf anon

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I see, yeah that would have been overkill.

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Alright anon, lets do something fun together.
We raid other boards with our drawings. Draw crabs all over whatever they are posting. If they post album art. We draw crab grabbing the ablum. If they post nudes we censor them with crabs. Prepare your crab drawings. Be a creative crab. You know what to do.

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crab time

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snab snab !!!

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Nah, real crab gang stays on /ic/ to mislead beginners, demotivate potential competitors, and report uploaded resources.

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so my art teacher have this youtube channel i want you all to subscribe to him as a prank here is a link to one of his videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZU8tYQBbGc , by the way they are pretty good videos :)

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That's fucked up OP

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Report this dog shit under advertising or begging.

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I made this whole ass album music video. Plz look at it and tell me what you think

>inb4 bright

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I like the narrative composition and the fluidity of how the visuals catalyze the music.

Didnt watch btw

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