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I want to tell stories and I really enjoy coming up with character concepts, but for some reason I always lose interest in drawing them the minute I'm done with the design work.
Even If I come up with a design I really like, I never find myself invested in them or excited to use them for anything. Even when I have a personality in mind when I'm designing them, they always just kinda feel empty.
Am I missing something? Am I approaching the design process wrong? I see plenty of artists and writers who love their characters and make content for them constantly with no trouble at all, and I'd give anything to have that kind of passion for my original work

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work on story telling? leave drawing aside for a little and write a little story, see how far you can go, and you will see what you lack

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One of the key factors of character design people often overlook is storytelling and writing. Design = problem solving, a character without context just comes off a cheap and flat. Oftentimes, storytelling elements can add little details to a character design that go a long way into making them stand out and feel memorable.

For example, Harry Potter and his lightning bolt scar.

If someone were tasked with designing a boy wizard, they never would have given him such a small but significant detail. They would have gone for obvious tells of a what a WIZARD is supposed to be. This is why storytelling matters. Because you create context for all these various elements of his design to exist, which makes them significant. Ofc things like color theory, balance, and silhouette matter, but storytelling is your foundation, without it, you have nothing, just pretty decor on an empty box. Your design for a character needs to tell a story, about that person, who they are, why they have what they have. That’s what makes them interesting.

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Is there an efficient way to draw from imagination?

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Drawin from imagination is a meme. In the end it's just drawing from reference except you memorized the reference

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>it's just drawing from reference except you memorized the reference

fuck off

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Post your work

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Only if you can find a reference of something that does not exist.

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just time ?
more grinding ?
how did he became like this in 2014-2016

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>implying australians can speak proper english


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Chinese students over here can easily get away with speaking the bare minimum of English, only interacting with other Chinese students.

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1 billion chinks

Nobody can reach his level


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is this a chinese bot?
this isn't really that impressive

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>is rendering like this even humanly possible

any westerners who can do this, no?

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thread #2545824

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looks like poo

who tf wants to look at this low sat blobs?

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great art
shitty low effort bait thread

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>any westerners who can do this, no?
some /ic/ fag from alt can do it to the point where he's now a rei copycat

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Draw this in your style

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I got a used wacom intuos tablet for free from a friend.
Apparently i have an old model(CTL-480).
I've only ever sketched on paper before, Anyone have any tips on how to draw digitaly?
pic unrelated

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trace art you like to get used to it

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baby in the franxx

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neon genesis evangelion, you baka

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hmm, good point

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I am not amused
My bitch mother woke me up early at the start of my good Friday off to tell me my bitch sister is in labor. I don't care.
I think you have the model that I have. Just look up videos like Kienan Lafferty and PlagueofGripes. They draw almost completely digital and you can learn a few things beyond use of the tablet.

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>have you ever fallen in love with an artist through their work alone

like when you see some awesome drawing and you just goosebumps and want to hold the person who did it..

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So this is the mind of an incel

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Wasn't art related. Not directly anyway. This girl "knew" me through overlapping social circles and being around when I was talking to friends and had this weird crush or something because I drew yaoi and gave no fucks. She'd write my friend weird folded up notes about me and shit. Eventually we started hanging out and she was so deluded it took a couple months to realize I hated everything about her and we had nothing in common and I wasn't going to fuck her. High school was weird. I imagine it's how youtubers feel.

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I'm taken.

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>scared to show their emotions
typical incel mindset lol

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see >>3898376

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Monster/Creature design thread. Draw/paint a monster and then post it here lads/laddettes.

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looks cool anon

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Post sketches here.

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Well it's that time again, it's been about 3 months so here is some new work I'd like you to tell me what you don't like about it so i can get better.
I've used to information and advice from my last comic to help improve these. So i would like you guys thoughts.

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well that's all my pages for now, so please tell me what ya think

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Really clever using the top panel again and just adding the x-ray. I like it overall. Any plan for color?

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none so far.
I using it for my portfolio to show that i can pencil and ink a page and story. plus my coloring is sub par at best.

but thank you for taking the time to look at the pages

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It also highlights your grasp on the human form and anatomy. Proud of you anon.

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What does /ic/ think of pixel art?

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I think it was used by early game developers due to tech limitations and should have stopped existing after such limitations were overcome.

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That's like saying 2D and traditional drawing should have stopped existing after we got 3D technology and digital. Limitations force innovation and create looks that other mediums can't always replicate.

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too difficult for me. Would rather pay some pimply nerd to do it for me.

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Thread for all /ic/ lads who come from STEM fields, curious to hear your stories?

How'd you get into art? What's your day job? Do you eventually want to quit it to do art full time?

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I already posted all my shit in this other thread >>3894501

Also i hate when people refer to everyday school and work as STEM. It’s not special and doesn’t need to be distinguished from other academics.

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Wanted to be an indie dev so I got a tablet. Turns out Capcom is doing their job now so art is now for art’s sake.

Programming at Google. As worker bee as jobs get.

Definitely not, artists are poor people and I’m uninterested in commissions in which I must draw whos and OCs.

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>How'd you get into art?
I've been drawing on and off since I was a kid. I always liked how drawing gave you the ability to put your ideas into 'reality' so to speak.

I've only recently been looking into 'serious' art studies since I'm on a light break for the next few weeks. I'm currently at upper /beg/ (maybe lower intermediate) level, but I'm hoping to get better little by little though somewhat regular studies and gesture sketches.

>What's your day job?
Currently doing research work and studying/training to be a physician.

>Do you eventually want to quit it to do art full time?
I don't know if I would want to completely quit my current job (since I find it pretty interesting and rewarding in its own right), but I wouldn't mind having the ability to draw full time.

I'd only ever consider quitting my current job and completely focusing on art if I had enough money to retire comfortably.
But even then I'd probably be in the minority of professional artists, in that I'd rather not make money off my art. I'm only interested in becoming 'professional-level' for the love of the craft rather than the money. Although if a rich furry was willing to pay me thousands of dollars for porn of his neon rainbow wolf, I'd likely take it. An easy bit of extra cash couldn't hurt, lol

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Was bored and decided to take up drawing as a hobby, but got really into it which led me to /ic/.

That's literally it.

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>How'd you get into art?
I've been drawing ever since I was a kid but I just started taking it seriously 2 years ago

>What's your day job?
Programmer wagecuck. The pay is pretty good and above average but the hours can get really stressful.

>Do you eventually want to quit it to do art full time?
Hell no. I'd keep drawing just as a hobby. I needed something to ground me when I'm stress and tired from work. If I turn something I'm passionate into a 8-5 job, I'd immediately hate it. Besides, art industry is too saturated in my country anyways

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>try "drawing with my whole arm"
>can't draw a straight line
>arm gets tired after 5 minutes

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if only there was a way to repeat that movement but harder to the point that your muscles break down a bit but then repair themselves and grow in size

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>draw with the arm
Came someone explain this meme to a brainlet like me? What does this technique look like?

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move only your wrist. now move only your elbow. now move only your shoulder/arm in its socket. each has different levels of precision and angle of rotation. larger joints like elbow and shoulder help you get more loose but confident lines. wrist or fingers for details.

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How would drawing from the elbow/shoulder work on a small (non-screen) tablet?

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I draw with my elbow mostly on my 10"x6" huion but i do that with traditional too. if you have a small size tablet you should get rid of it and get a medium. small tablets are a meme.

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Timestamp: 31:59

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>literally does nothing but draw
>Same as most of /ic/
You're right. There's clearly something wrong here.

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Most of /ic/ is too low test, a single fap per day makes them apathetic and weak

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>Nofap BTFO'd
Is this a bait thread or are you really so dumb you ever believed masturbating would do you any harm?

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but Anon, my hopes and dreams!

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timestamp: 31:59

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i got a pen tablet a few days ago (huion h610 v2) and drawing digitally is way more difficult than i expected. my lines shake like crazy even with a stabilizer on and doing stuff like ghosting lines to draw them accurately is way more difficult than with a regular pencil and paper. the only way i feel like i can draw anything comfortably is if i'm zoomed in a shitload, but that doesn't seem like a healthy habit to have.

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Post lines

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It takes some practice, make sure that the mapping of the tablet is 1:1 fit and not stretched to fill.

Some people also just cant deal with the disconnect of hand and eye that comes with traditional graphics tablets. If you really just can't get used to it, I suggest using a screen tablet.

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I have the same tablet. youll get used to it. I decreased the mapping of my tablet because its too large for me

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make sure the drivers are installed properly or the most up to date. what programs are you using?

and yes, digital is more difficult than traditional at first but you need to practice dexterity. do any of the drawing warmup exercises people do on paper but in digital. draw two points connect them with lines, draw three points and make a curve through them, draw two parallel lines and connect them without overlapping, etc. stick with it enough and it becomes second nature. the hardest part is figuring out brush curves that work for you in terms of pressure. ctrl paint is a good resource for digital painting beginners. try to not paint with size jitter because it's really difficult and tends to give bad results at first.

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>I decreased the mapping of my tablet because its too large for me
what do you have yours set to?

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What do you think about my Kaiser Wilhelm II drawing, /ic/?

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need loomis

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For me this has been the best spot for motivation. The month I’ve been on here I feel like I’ve advanced much more then the last 6 months. I draw more, post more, read advice and apply them.

Funny thing is is that I just do this for me but the last thing I posted was on the towergirls thread but then right after someone else posted a fabulous peice and.....I felt....Agro lol. That was a very uncommon thing for me but right there I was like “ok what did they do, how can I do better line work, clearly you need to render better” after that I started drawing my next thing with the soul purpose on taking my time, paying attention to my lines and other things. Well...I’m not finished but I can already tell it’s going to be leagues better then anything I’ve ever done.

So ya. This place has helped me a lot. How bout you?

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>mfw he READS books to get better at DRAWING
wtf are you retarded?

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Clever frogposter

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>he makes YET another garbage unoriginal thread
wow OP. Amazing.

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Reading is faster than listening. Doing is faster than watching.

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based and redpilled

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Well, /ic/?

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Your critique is basically “draw to my standards of beauty.” Lmao??? What?! If you want to see a nose like that, just draw it yourself. :^)

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kylo ren

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>missings parts: boobs, ass, mouth, feet
footfags man, I swear


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Pretty good doodles

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>all women look like this model I specifically selected for nose daintiness


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