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Discuss drawing tablets.

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would buying a tablet instantly make you better if you'd been pumping out half decent sketches with a mouse before

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>learned the fundamentals
>draw 3 hours minimum every day for 2 years now
>still can't visualize for shit or imagine anything in my mind's eye
>still can't invent designs or elements or create from scratch

It's over isn't it, this is the artist aspect that you either have or you don't.

I see artists 10 years younger than me invent completely new designs from imagination on stream, in well composed creative poses, with original facial expressions and lots of good looking small quirks, literally line by line with no sketch or underdrawing, with zero reference. This feels unreachable to me, I feel like I haven't made an inkling of progress towards this since I started drawing.

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I meant to quote
>I can't freestyle basically and I have no idea how to even get started

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>he fell for the fundamentals meme
you've been proko'd

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Doodling is 1/4 of my drawing time, I draw something, look at it, go "yep it looks like shit" and have no idea how to make it better or where to go from there, I made no doodling gains, ever

Like I said I have no issues when I take my time to sketch and construct things out

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Visualization isn't necessary. It's nice to have I guess, but it's not where your ability to imagine or your drawing ability comes from.
If you want to create from scratch, you have to do so by feeling. Doodling 3D form, tweaking and shaping and experimenting in real time on canvas. It's like playing with Legos or clay, you just build stuff and mess around.
Look into automatic drawing, and check out Steven Zapata's Drawing Meditation series on YouTube- the first video in particular is very useful.

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Well if you want to learn how to make cool poses try doing more figure drawing. I found gains in being able to come up with more interesting poses just from figure drawing.

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Pic related is my phone case

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I want a phone case with this image wich is my favorite scene in the show

i would've dropped the show if it wasn't for this scene

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Whats the point of selling digital art?
People hastle me to get off benifits and sell art but this is the prices people expect, plus basically nobody is interested in buying my art in the first place.
I get hella tired easily and would have a mental breakdown slaving away ar making less than enough money to pay by or rent or food. Look at these fucking prices in pic related… Im not working for 15$ every 2 fucking hours.

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Most people charge more than that, relative to the detail.
Some artists actually enjoy drawing for others, and are willing to take less than it is worth if they enjoy the idea (this isn't good, but it happens).
Some do it simply as a side hobby.
Some are literal teenagers to whom $15 is a meaningful amount of money. That or thirdworlders where $15 a day is a meaningful wage.

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i mean, no one is forcing you to lowball your rates. the thing about commission work is that you can literally price it at whatever you want. obvious prices would go up or down depending on the artist's skill level, experience, time, and their need for the money itself.

when i price my art, i make sure i'm being paid at least $20/hr for the time it would take to make the artwork

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You did improve right ngmi bros?

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no more neuroplastisity

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give me 22 more days

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proko was never good

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wtf LMAO

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keep drawing bro

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Drew this and I think I did a good job however I feel like my art lack professionalism so I think I’m gonna go back and practice drawing shapes until I can draw perfect 2D and 3D shapes, I also lack the technique. Plz tell me if I’m going in the right direction into improving my art

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>Plz tell me if I’m going in the right direction into improving my art
no one can tell if you're getting better if you don't include previous work, anon.
i think the painting is fine shape/proportion/value-wise but lacks detail and interesting color variation. everything aside from the cake is feels cold, grey and clinical-feeling, not sure if that was your intention. but i think it's nice for a study.

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What will 2023 look like for Art?

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The year of the AI artist.

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Modelshitters scouring galleries for artists to "train" models on, then desperately trying to make money by pumping out knockoffs of that artist's work.

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Umu I have high hopes for the 4090 ti

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Yep, the whole point of this thread, kys

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AI killing anime pinup whores for good while a stylized western cartoon renaissance emerges.

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Ever since taking up the creative arts I just can't enjoy things anymore. I've become that buzzkill everyone I know probably hates. I used to eat up every new movie or game that came out, share that cool fotm anime girl pinup on social media, but I barely spend time on those things anymore because I'd rather study or create my own things. I just can't help but look at everything under a critical eye now.

Is becoming a hypercritical twat an unavoidable symptom from learning the arts?

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looking at everything with a critical eye is not the problem, being an annoying faggot is also most modern movies are utter dogshit so your criticism is probably correct and even tame, just dont bother people when they are at least trying to enjoy something, if you cant stfu you shouldnt watch movies with other people or prewatch them sou you know beforehand how underwhelming they are

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it gets lonely if you obsess over negatives instead of positives but that said, yeah. keeping art in balance often is difficult because it does eat up a lot of time.
at one point i had to straight-up accept that i will never get as far as my buddies in FFXIV's endgame and if i do, it'll only be one class at a later time than everyone else simply because i can't just waste 6 hours a day.
i won't have all the cool stuff, emotes, glams, etc. i won't have a solid list of all level 90 jobs/classes.

but that's ok because i doodle stuff for friends to show thanks for carrying me through content

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I'm in the zone for a month now and I don't want it to stop.
I want to draw all the time and got endless ideas, I solve every problem immediately. Pic rel is literally me right now.
Is it the 5000 IU Vitamin D +K2 I've been taking every other day?
People usually come here to bitch and cry so I'm not sure if even saying such things isn't haram here but....

I seriously don't want this to ever stop, anons. I MUST DRAW

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dont post every single piece, you should have some private art for yourself and maybe a close friend or two

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You can't even begin to conceive how far below me you are

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I'm glad for you. Please give me your energy anon, the gains goblin is sucking out my sovl right now. I want to feel like that again just one more time

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>"exasperated sigh"
Go back to tumblr you fuckin trog, holy shit.
This niggas out here saying "exasperated sigh" like he's a fuckin anime dude god damn

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Just pyw and show him then

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why is everyone on this board indian?

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they should introduce contraceptive really

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what do you mean? everyone here is a spic

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including you? refering to yourself as an ethnic slur is pretty cringe i'll let you know that. this seems to be a common practice among latinxs who browse this website. don't tell me you're yet another one of those self hating brownoids from /pol/

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Indians are actually really great people. It's a shame a bunch of Google play scammers turned them into the meme they are today.

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Because Rahjeet did the needful with my mom sir, please understand

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How is it possible to use stable diffusion to embed the image like this inside something?

how is this even happening....?

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Can someone help me find this anti-ai filter/thing?

Someone posted it here once. Basically it was a part of research by some 3 guys. It prevents images/photos from being used in deep fakes or understood by AI (IIRC).

I forget almost everything else about it. The images that they ran through the filter looked like they were covered in spinach after being processed by the AI, instead of altered.

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The boy im dating is not very supportive of me pursuing art as a job. Every time it comes up he tells me its a useless job and a waste of my time. Its very demotivating and honestly im losing faith in my future.
Should I tell him to shut up or genuinely change career paths?

I'm in artschool right now.
The pic is a recent painting of mine.

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guys, OP is not here. OP was never here. OP was a bot. you are talking to no one. This was a slide thread and you all fell for it hook line and sinker. Stop fucking replying to this shit.

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The pic was also probably made by a bot

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Katie and Isa pretend
They don’t remember my name
Will I make it?
Will I make it?

Harness it, but don’t believe it
Harness it, but don’t believe
Harness it, but don’t believe it
Harness it, but don’t believe

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>This was a slide thread
Can someone explain what's a "slide thread"???

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Just kill him duh

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>/ic/els will tell you this piece of artwork doesn't have SOVL

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do you think /g/ would enjoy some toilet waifus?

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All AI shitposters are on /g/ right now to doompost about ChatGPT

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Face is pretty but AI still just doesn't know what it is painting.

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Das right

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>anon made a few adjustments
>the pic looks already a billion times better
What kind of sorcery is this?

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Will you buy it, /ic?

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>learn to prompt
Isn't that already obsolete?

>> No.6408009

It's pretty organised shilling, yes.

>> No.6408012

good point. that's a big weakness of ai artists which hasn't been exploited only due to the fact that none have gotten really popular and successful yet. this quality of ai means that the community will eat itself very thoroughly.
if you're a real artist and someone steals from you then it's easy for people to recognize that you're the guy who actually created the art.
if you're a promptnigger then you will get very little if any sympathy when people steal from you. ai artists were born in theft, molded by it. they will be the first targets of theft due to their proximity to the other thiefs

>> No.6408017

already happen
they rip shit all over the internet
hell I'm sure they pump good result back into training too

>> No.6408022

I mean, what's their to learn? How to make precise sentences?

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Draw someone's OC or post your own. All skill levels are welcome.


1: Post a brief backstory if your OC has one.

2: Keep it fairly SFW. Lewds are fine but no explicit porn.

3: This is NOT a request thread. Artist Only. No spamming OC/infodumps for multiple threads without delivering.

4: Be sure to thank Drawfrens for their hard work as soon as you can, it's just common courtesy :^)

Previous Thread:>>6386213

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fuck off faggot serial complainers like (you) never draw shit

>> No.6408088

Post your work

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I'm redesigning this character but here's an older initial design I did of him
his name is Paskar Bramble, he's one of the leader of the little guys I drew. He is a basically plant demon they follow him because he provides insurance for when the "regrowth/fires start" since he can regrow stuff faster. Before that however he unusually catches sheep or other animals that his followers lure to him to incapacitate and harvest blood from

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forgot to put the pic

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her name is maxwell and she is a big clone soldier lady

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I draw WEEBtroons for a living, and I have a patreon that brings in a few hundreds per month.
It isn't enough for a 1st worlder to live from art, but it's enough for a turd worlder like me, now it's your turn, how do you make money from your art?

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Not really but I could tell you what I did, my line of work and my investments. Advice you to be aware of opportunities to increase your odds of success. That old saying about failing faster so you can try again and all that.

But at the end of the day there are plenty of smart people trying all those things to get ahead so what it comes down to at the end is luck. All you can do on your own is to increase the odds of being lucky.

>> No.6408182

I just draw furry porn
Simple as

>> No.6408209

I get paid a salary to draw somebody's comic.

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>except the pink webtoon chinese knockoff, that one is good for money making
care to elaborate?

>> No.6408311

Where do you sell your merch, etsy?

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How much neuroplasticity do you have left?

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I nine anymore
Also aphantasia

>> No.6407611

You can learn your entire life.

Things like diet, brain damage, lack of sleep and mental illnesses like depression got a lot more impact on your ability to learn than age.

There are people who go to university to learn new professions after 70.

If you are multilingual it has also shown to increase your ability to learn.
>Bilinguals are found to have longer attention spans, stronger organization and analyzation skills, and a better theory of mind than monolinguals. Researchers have found that the effect of multilingualism on better cognition is due to neuroplasticity.

Since a brain can produce new brain cells throughout your entire life age may not even be a factor once all the other factors have been accounted for. It's just that most people tend not to live healthy and have depressions as they age.

>> No.6407616

dabbing on eops

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>CSM file
>its a stupid post

>> No.6407834

faggots will cry about how neuroplasticity is holding them back but are too scared/prudish to take mushrooms.

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>ask ai to make hands in artstation style
>disgusting nightmare
>ask ai to make hands in style of traditional artists
>perfect reference

What did AI mean by this

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despite digital art having 3d models why can't people still draw hands?

>> No.6407518

Almost like the medium is inherently inferior to traditional materials

>> No.6407549

>perfect reference

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Anyone and their mother could master and combine the styles of Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Vermeer, and Hokusai onto a single canvas (with some Renaissance angels in the corner just for funsies). Now if we’re talking about real art? Digital concept art. That’s the most human art there is.

>> No.6407467

Well then, post yours

>> No.6407469

can you stop

>> No.6407472

I'd rather look at the clip art from the AI, than that 'referenced' abomination.

>> No.6407477

No cause this is the most offensive shit I’ve ever seen. As penance this guy should have to buy a canvas and paint the collage on the right. He needs to be humbled by his ignorance

>> No.6407478

That's clipart, not A.I.
Nice try, though.

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