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Where should I start to draw Kemono furry art? How should I compose the face?

I am pretty good at drawing, but I am at lost on how I should construct. I want to draw kemono bara art

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what kind of people enjoy furry?

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I'm not a furry myself, but I have a friend who is a furry. I wanna draw a little surprise gift for him which is why I'm asking cause he's a good guy

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you're a nice boy

I'm not into that stuff but look up rokudenashi, he's probably one of the biggest bara fags out there, 10k on patreon, and maybe you can grab something from gumroad if you're into it

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I know of him ^^
I'm not too worried about muscles, but I am having a lot of trouble with faces. I'm really used to drawing anime girls/guys so it's a really weird feeling

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How did you guys find what you like to draw?
I admire anyone who is drawing/painting what he LOVES, not just grindind the theory.
So how does one find out what you like to draw? Did you just draw different things in different style with different mediums and see what works for you?

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what are the best resources for an introduction to oils? is there an online course that shows the basics? it’s so different from the water soluble mediums i’m used to and so expensive and potentially dangerous that i don’t even know where to start.

i figure if i’m gonna learn to paint seriously, i might as well start with oils.

which do u prefer, oil or acrylic?

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I just took an acrylic class, it was hard as fuck.

I just got used to water color, but I’m still horrible.

It’s possible that I may go my entire lifetime without touching oil

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>i might as well start with oils.
im now using acrylic.
i like oil, i definitely think its worth trying.
downsides are drying time, learning what colours dry fast and others that dry an eternity later (lamp black). struggling to get all the pigment out of brushes. mediums taking a toll on your wallet. varnishing being necessary to remove stray glarey brushstrokes.
upsides are drying time. and i kinda like the smell of linseed oil.
get a dollar set, the pigment is shit, but you should be able to decide quickly from it if you like oil's other qualities without spending a ton of $$ immediately

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Interested in this also

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Get a limited palette. Start underpainting in raw umber and sienna. Learn to mix colors using primaries red blue yellow, or cyan, magenta, yellow (if you want to go that way). There are some good videos about it on youtube, if you just search. Remember to thin your paints with mediums and gamsol solvents, those are a must. I find oil painting the best medium possible, not that they aren't time-consuming, but they just look so vivid and rich. The downsides for me are cleaning up. Making sure to clean the brushes because it's not as simple as washing them in water and also the mess, get in the habit of wearing nitrile gloves when you work as some of the pigments are toxic. That being said, acrylics are bad for the environment and you aren't supposed to wash them down the drain as they are plastics. You should use solvents and soap and water as well to clean your brushes.

To be honest, I started using watered down acrylics instead of watercolor because they don't get muddy like watercolor and you can layer them, but oils are certainly something I'd like to get back into. I've only painted one half-way decent oil painting ever and it took me over a year. Still you'll love oils implying you have the drawing skills to provide structure behind them.

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Post dark paintings

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he groovin

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Can we have a comic/manga/graphic novel inspiration thread?

some misc. q's
>favorite comic/manga/graphic novel?
>favorite illustrator?
>which series does your favorite panel composition?
>have you ever tried doing a comic?
>if so, how long did your first completed page take you?
>do you know of any 'made it' stories in the industry that give you hope you'll make it someday too? hard mode: not isayama

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ive done a few webcomics, but nothing that ic would like.

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Newgroids leave now

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>favorite comic/manga/graphic novel?
Probably still Monster, but I'd say Moebius' Arzach comes very close.
>favorite illustrator?
Too many to say.
>which series does your favorite panel composition?
Early Bleach and OPM
>have you ever tried doing a comic?
>if so, how long did your first completed page take you?
Yes, never went past a dozen of pages, first one took a day or so using pencils and ink. I've since lost it, but it really was nothing to write home about. That was in my pre-loomis phase... kek

I'm finishing the writing and starting storyboarding for a story- paneling from left to right feels a bit weird since most I read is manga. Still wouldn't be as weird as doing it from right to left because our gaijn languages reads in the opposite direction. Thoughts?

Why so? Feel free to share anon, you've finished something which is more than most of us here can say.

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use the fuckin catalog faglet


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This is nice

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who draws the best dicks?

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so nobody on /ic/ can drop me some good tips on drawing hung peepees?

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Learn some fucking fundamentals and you'll know how. It's not like drawing a dick is any different than drawing any other anatomical part of the body. If you know how to draw all the rest, you should be able to draw dicks as well.
GTFO, you lazy piece of shit.

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width > length

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I don't know anyone who draws good dicks, but here's a good lookin dick you can use as a reference

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what does noke mean

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It's an Irish slang for for homosexuality.

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share best guy torsos looking for anatomy practice

feedback on quality of image also appreciated

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UnIronicly ladybonersgonewild is the best for the type of referance you want.

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If you wanna make money...

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Is it as insightful as I've heard?

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And its not expensive


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Its hard to grasp the point because i have show you random pages but when you read it, you get the point

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Cringe and BluePilled

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I've read it a while ago, and I don't remember a single thing about it, save for it being very sappy.

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does seem like he waffles on a bit. doesnt appear to be the big message the first few posts in here made me think it was. the bits on colour are interesting, and cement what ive heard others say.
i also found youtube videos with excerpts, youtube is useful for art book reviews that people like to talk about.

is it that /ic/ could learn from this, or more that /ic/ is focused on other matters (figah drawen) to learn from this?

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use sai to draw Chirs o' neil whay could i done better for the face?

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what are the best tutorials/courses to learn how to rotate figures in space?
I know about Krenz and the other asian guy which name I forgot (not KJG), but I dont aknow about any other.

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Nobody can pump this knowledge into you. After you learn the basics, its up to you to develop your control over form.

It's like knowing how to run a marathon vs running a marathon.

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Moderndayjames and Peter Han

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>Peter Han

>> No.4167687

>the other asian guy which name I forgot (not KJG)
Need source on this other asian guy

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Anon: draw rotating boxes in space to get a feeling of rotating form in 3D space
/ic: lol drawing boxes is waste of time

Anon:how to draw rotating FIGURE in space
/ic: that is some good excercise

You fucking plebs cant properly draw rotating box, yet you would like to draw rotaring figures...

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going pro,
how many of you guys/gals have had to show proof of using legit software?

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You can just clear them.

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Is it just exif?

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If you're still paranoid about some tinfoil shit then get some exif cleaner programs.

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check that its even there to start with, right click - properties - details
it might also be adding a photoshop icc colour profile to jpg's, so keep an eye out for that.

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Daily reminder that one of the world's most popular comics started out looking like this. Start your comic.

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I know man, that's exactly how I felt. But if you can't get a short story done you're not going to write a longer story properly. You're gonna get swamped. It's like practicing running a marathon, no matter what you do you have to run shorter distances first.

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That's rubbish. The only reason why people say that is because they get over their heads and don't do anything for years. I get shit done. I just know it's gonna take a lot of time to get there. I mean sure if I get a great idea for a short story I can do it but I tend to incorporate them into the long story instead

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where else. soccer moms and 'comics are the devil!' leading to the comics code, leading to a dumbing down of the available selection, leading to 'comics are for kiddies' stigma, and then dying when video games came along that could tackle subjects that comics stopped touching. though in the late 80s and 90s they started touching those subjects, but to the other end of the spectrum, focusing on adults. leading to 'comics arent /fun/ anymore'.

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writing isnt drawing! dont think its easy to draw pages upon pages of pages. if you are able to draw 100 pages in a year, thats ten years to reach 1000 pages in your story.

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I draw plenty. I started in February. It's just that I spent years writing before that so that's what I'm better at

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Name a more iconic artist. You can't.

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those are traced though

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>Name a more iconic artist
The artist for wikihow

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I don't think this one's even draw. Just looks like some cheap filter.

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Hi null

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You have to master perspective, value, color, gesture, composition, which takes literal years and a lot of pain and frustration, never forget, charge what your time is worth anon.

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>You have to master perspective, value, color, gesture, composition, which takes literal years and a lot of pain and frustration
can this meme stop?
since when is this whole "boohoo art is so difficult it'll take blood sweat and tears oh god an artists life has to be misserable or they're not real artists waaaaah" shit become the norm?
the funny thing is, the people who started this shit actually ended up believing their own lies.

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With that opinion you must be the one who drew pic rel.

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Based Picasso charging $500 for a napkin sketch.

>> No.4167274

this, true artist value their time and work.

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>Soul vs Soulless
How come artists always lose their soul when they get good?

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Brian posted this painting then Firez posted this study like two days later. What do you think? Has anyone on /ic/ ever stole your shit? I thought we were all in this together.

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nah. both have an appreciation for a full figure, nothing more.

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>tfw Brian and Firez are the same person

>tfw literal fucking who?

>> No.4167706

>bland, anatomically incorrect nude with omg titties
>calling it stealing

Anyway even if they did who cares, they are both shit NGMIs.

>> No.4167707

>What do you think?

Two artists both drawing fat chicks at the same time isn't copying, it's just good taste.

Even ignoring the different styles, they're very different in terms of form.

>> No.4167718

I think when you start applying yourself maybe in 10 years you'll be at Firez level and won't need /ic/ to tell you if it's copying or not.

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Is it possible to have draw too completely different styles and pretend to be different people? Like if I wanted to do porn art and regular art separately. Like if I build a reputation as a good artist drawing normal stuff I don’t want people digging and finding that I alway draw Zelda getting fucked as a trap. Like the normal side I can live stream and draw and talk and show my face and the other I don’t and just draw nasty ass porn.

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>is it possible to draw
for an ignorant little shitposter like you, nothing is possible

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Ur gay tho

>> No.4167469

Yes, but you'd have to make a concerted effort to make sure neither style bleeds into the other by mistake

>> No.4167486

be out and proud, its 2019 no shame in being gay

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is it wrong to pretend you're getting commissions?
would it be reasonable to assume every artist has done this at least once?

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The difference is that the “5 min doodle” thing discourages other artists and inflates your ego. Saying something is a commission when it isn’t doesn’t really hurt anyone.

>> No.4167134

Speaking of weird shit artist have done anyone have that old deviantart post of people faking art theft for free advertisement.

>> No.4167148

thats a good idea
thanks anon

>> No.4167151

Have you ever tried selling pancakes? its not easy.

>> No.4167170

This is actually fraud.

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>including a big ass white border
really rito?

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>League of legends
What a waste of talent

>> No.4167092


yeah this is garbage
he's ngmi

>> No.4167097

Normies have always loved him. He has 1.1million ig followers.

>> No.4167106

inspiring and demotivating af

>> No.4167119

He's big with art normies and somewhat known with normies, like 'hey son I saw draw good man on cnn!' Or 'I saw this good asian artist in this guys you wouldnt believe complimation!'. If you're in an art discord you'll be bound to hear his name once

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Is drawing anime from a 3D figurine reference a good way to improve?

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God I wish I was a lesbian femcoomer

>> No.4167216

>Lesbian femcoomers
fucking based

>> No.4167241

shouldn't we start saying mancoomers also?

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A good chunk of anime characters have hair that's pretty much the same shape from every angle for example.

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A good chunk of anime characters have hair that's pretty much the same shape from every angle for example.

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