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I enjoy getting likes. It gives me fleeting motivation. There's so much stigma around depending on likes for even the slightest bit of satisfaction, but I cannot deny that it's there. I feel terrible being a like whore.

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Just like when getting (You)s?

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Everybody give me (you)s. Don't forget to leave a (you).

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Eh, for different reasons unless they specifically give praise or give CC. And even that's not very impactful because it's freaking 4chan, why should I care too much about what anons think?

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Send me some photo references
Just make sure that is a girl (im shit at drawing men)
And that they are doing something instead of just standing, i need to spice up my drawings

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sent ;)

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>>3721681 I do agree that I am kind of a wimp about trying out drawing men, and I do agree that I should try at least once, but again I just have art block and I would maybe like to hear other's ideas, never forced you at gunpoint to send a reference. But thanks for the criticism sometimes I do lack. Same goes for you >>3721680 (also I'm not trying to be passive)

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>art block
This is just a euphemism for procrastination because you're scared to draw. That's why you're here asking for references instead of actually drawing.

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I literally draw for a hobby, I'm bored an wanna draw but have no good ideas if I was scared to draw I wouldn't do it for fun. I don't know who shit in your cheerios today, but I just can't find up any good ideas and its good to hear some different ideas. It's nothing more than that.

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we all draw for a hobby. just draw stupid

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How do you come up with a character that has a good design and originality? Lets say I draw a character on paper how would someone come up with ideas for creating one and what makes a good one?

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Remember those idiots who said /ic/ wouldn't be overrun by tumblrfags?

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You must be new.

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Should we speak out against racist art?

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Murals are degenerate and should be outlawed.

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I think there should be a dialogue instead of an outing. To further clarify, individual eccentricities of opinion are not the same as state segregation.

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drawings don't hurt people

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Hey /ic/ I'm not an art student. Post whatever kind of art you want and I'll critique it. It doesn't have to be very good, but remember to put effort into your work.

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Forgot the text. Critique on this please?

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I'd work on anatomy and forms. It looks nice, but you should be able to see some of the left eye from this angle. Also her bobs are out of place. The one on the left sticks out to the side instead of draping around the ribcage.

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Looks like shit. Why do they all look the same?

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I apologize critique anon, that wasn't my work.

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Although I would definitely agree with your critique.

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an oc I made a few days ago, don't know what to call her.

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call her granny tits

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Jenny Titfuck

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Pedro Infante

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Bigjug McFug

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Christopher Poole

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My first time painting metal and also need help on presentation tips!

I really want to improve, so please be harsh if necessary.

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Your premise that the value range is too wide is completely wrong. With reflective, shining metal, the values can freely go anywhere. The crucial part is having the knowledge on how to place them, which is what OP lacks first and foremost. You've changed the metal texture completely into something more resembling slightly damp stone, and that's definitely not the answer. The first and most important thing OP needs to do right now is study up on lighting and form, which is the best advice I can give him right now. Design wise, it is possible to raise the contrast without turning the blue all gaudy like that too. I can go on about the design aspect more, but I'm tired right now.

Here's a pic of some completely random knight concept art I grabbed from Google Images to illustrate some of my points.

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Hmm. Can't be bothered with what other people said but I'll give my lazy response!

My best tip would be to look at things as they are. The metal is just another surface that reflects things according to its attributes. My suggestion is: Take a random scene from google and paint it from the point of view of the armor. Like what would this plate see? then just dim it down and it'll look like you knew what you were doing. The more matte it is, the more you want to mix the local diffuse color to your image... Tere are tons of ways to utilize this shit... Study 3d. Do drugs. I don't care!

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Like, I just took this random painting and thought about how it would reflect to my eyes from that armor... If you want to make it more worn you can just dim it down or put some more scratches on there.

Remember that everything in our reality works with the same rules so basically every material is the same. You just decide the attributes...

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Oh and sorry if I'm being too proactive here but Sinix made a pretty good video about shit like this about 4658 years ago.


You're asking a good question because every material works like a mirror. there are just differen levels of specularity and shit...

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My point was that OP has too much extreme value and almost no midtones, even you own picture agrees with me, color pick it and you'll see most of of it ranges in the values of 30-70% while OPs is 90-100% or 0-10%

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Shill yourself.

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What a battle-axe

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who's that old chunk of coal?

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What are you? Downs?

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that's colder than a vampire's demeanor man

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bipedal demonic penis sock

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told her, she's coming up stairs now

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Oh NO ReEeEeeEeeeEEeEeEeeeEEeeEe

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okay seriously now fuck off you cunt, delete this trash thread before I knock you out through your monitor

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i am anonymous so you can suck my hairy cock

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Pretty good, would fit right in to Half Life.

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for drawing definitely not wanking

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everyone has a mother

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i dont

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i apologize

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Well, you can still you her as a reference

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>any good resources that solidified your understanding and process of rendering?

It's been years but I still haven't grasped the proper concept of rendering.

>How to properly move the cursor on the color panel going from the lightest to darkest color value?
>Does the midtone contain more chroma than direct light and shadow?
>Is the light generally more saturated than the shadow part? (been studying chinks and they often make light very desaturated but keep the shadows very high chroma)
>Also temperature shifts are literally eating my ass, I'm probably moving the hue scale in the wrong direction for some colors, aka wanting to make blue a bit cooler by pushing it down to the greens.

Mullins lectures were really useful, but I don't have the last couple parts. Help

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How's my art, /ic/? Just ask if you would like to see more :) I can also link to my Twitter if you really want. This one here's an OC.

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Where's the art?

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You really suck man, and your OC is garbage.

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Or is the website to fucked up to even make bearable to browse. I think it lost it's original purpose and was meant to be an art platform for people to upload their work and progress.

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I will Sumarize Watts Atelier Head Phase 1 and 2.

1.-Draw the loomis head (look proko for free)
2.-Draw a skull front view, 3/4 and profile
3.-Memorise a simple azaro had 3/4, front view and profile
4.-Memorize the Reily method
5.-Memorize The azaro had

He tries you to buy models of the skull, an azaro, from the azaro head guy but you can find 3d models for free on the internet.

There I saved you $100 bucks a month. You don't even need to watch the videos as Jeff just draws without giving any extra info.

I don't doubt other courses I didn't see are good. but yeah. I still don't get why people pay him that much.

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>(you can tell he's kinda insecure despite his accomplishments as a professional artist, made me feel a bit sad for him)
Why are Atelier owners like this? I've met a few and even attended one, and every single one of those motherfuckers is an insecure, passive asshole.

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why do you even need a course then?

just figure all out dummy, life is all around you


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you can't use depth perception provided by a binocular vison using software

you need real models to realy learn space

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>all those hard work
Several hours of that is just Jeff reclining on his antique leather chair while he quotes from the Art Spirit, his eyes glistening as he slowly dabs them with his imported red velvet handkerchief. Another solid chunk of content is the "How to hold your pencil like a late 18th century Parisian dandy" video series

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I don't need a course though. You're unironically correct. If you can't look at life and figure out how to draw it, you're probably just not very intelligent.

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anyone got any tips for drawing hands and face?have a real problem with it and i like drawing.

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..why don't you post your work so we can actually tell you what's wrong with it?

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try to understand the bone and knuckle since most of the hand is the bone

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loomis has a book exactly on that

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think of a face as a mountain. sculpt the face like it's a kind of strange, bumpy architecture.

practice drawing hands by drawing your own hand like a hundred times from different angles. always try to imagine "looking through" your hand, like looking through your fingers to the side of the hand that you can't see. think 3D, but translate 2D. take a good look at shadows, folds, wrinkles, muscles.

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Here you go.

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At what point is a drawing/painting "finished"?

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When god says "my son (or daughter) you re not going to make it"

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that hack of richard schmid had a saying: it takes you a few years to learn to paint, and a whole lifetime to learn when to stop painting

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Art is never finished only abandoned. You could theoretically make 600 seasons of spice and wolf and it would not be done.

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When is good.

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Have any of you tried it yet?

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I haven't learned to draw by anyone I just did it myself pretty much and I did not learn shit from art college because they did not teach us anything and just told us to copy some art period and to make prints or whatever clayshit but not actually tell us how to make it. It's like you showed up to a beginners cooking class and they don't even give you a recipe or tell you what to do.

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>> No.3720972


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I just need your love baby.

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Start drawing cocks.

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Then you draw it again.

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Feel free to share your art and get essay-long critiques from an art student.

I will write a constructive criticism only if the artwork is good. Otherwise it will be rejected.

Good luck!

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Post work. I dont want ur crit if u cant back up ur pounts

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Op:gives critique
Thread: this critique is not helpful
Op: yes it is. I know more than you

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Maybe she's just really fat and the tire is bent?

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I think op just necked herself.

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it's actually a plain old outdoor charcoal-grill.
but thanks for the thorough social analysis anyway

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not happening

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>tfw you transcend immature and impulsive lack of self control and now look down on weeb faplets

feels superior man

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Literally impossible

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I dont fape. I dont even fmoke.

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