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on this?

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Nice song. 10/10 I want to cry now.

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Polyeye the Sailorman

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What will be the next art movement?
Will there even be one?

To me it almost feels as if we are stuck in this "modern art" movement which by it's very nature, just seems very vague and generalized. I feel there's not much boundary left to push.
Not that this is a cheap dig at modern art like the usual "hurrr modern art dumb lol" but because we're in such a "anything goes" mindset to art, any new paintings or artworks has the same "modern art" feel, if that makes any sense at all.

Or maybe will we see returns of movements similar to how fashion repeats in cycles?

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Well... there is anime... i guess.

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Why, you see, there is tumblr-art, which strives to take uglyness to the new heights.
Anime-art which strives to take depravedness and degeneracy to the new heights.
Then there's furry-art, which strives to take both depravedness, degeneracy and uglyness to the new heights.

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And there's cg-art, which strives to ascend art to the new heights of sterility, boredom and insipidity.

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Massive movements, be it movements for workers' rights or art movements are impossible today, for people became too alienated and disengaged from each other. What has been movements before now has boiled down to small niche circles. There is too much connection and information, people became passive and numb.

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memeschlock is the future tbphwyf

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> Went to top Art school and dropped out, broke boi, and teachers would rather not show up to class because of protesting the patriarchy
> Parents on my A$$ for good reason, Mid-20s college dropout and wanting to move out. Complaining that I have a muh art complex
> I want to move to my homeland and live a quiet and creative life. Freelance is probably the only way for that to happen
> Learning different disciplines for the past 4 years, but wanting to decide intent of direction and creating a catered body of work before showing to the world
> Too broke to have a computer to render 3D so I am stuck Drawing/Painting/Photobashing, Also have a strong design sense (Logo/UI)
> Currently in between normie jobs because anything more demanding would drain my energy from studying after work.
> Slowly dying on the inside from the stress and existential edging
> Needing at least $1200 to make my dreams into a reality

This is the Ultimate Gamble

Any advice anons?

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Yea definitely, I have friends who caved in and just draw hentai to make a decent living. Im at the point that I am thinking to just go in the concept art direction, but I am hearing that 3D use is becoming an unwritten rule in that field

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1. Put portfolio website together
2. Email businesses you're interested in working with to ask for work

This is the basis of freelancing for any freelance profession. Have you put hour portfolio together? How many people have you tried to connect with for work? Have you done anything at all?

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Well I know most artists say get out there and show your work, but my work hasn't been good enough imo until more or less recently. Ive focused on drawing/painting the fundamentals (anatomy, perspective, rendering) to increase my skill and these wouldn't be used for a portfolio. I am just working out what type of freelance I can be doing and make a portfolio. I have given myself a 3-6 month window to do that.

Just wondering what the Anons are thinking, I want to avoid Lewd stuff, but I know those guys are killing it on patreon and god knows what other commissions 3k-15k per month.

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>god knows what other commissions 3k-15k per month.
Freelance illustration can pay this just fine. To be a freelance illustrator is to embrace the entreprenuial aspect of being a one main business - develop your product / service (your portfolio & style) and then hunt down people who can use what you've got. Freelancing for businesses is very lucrative and not as hard as it might seem (though still not easy).

That's good that you'll spend some time creating finished work for your portfolio. Just two words of wisdom:
1. Be mindful to keep your portfolio cohesive. In other words, all work should look like it has been done by 1 artist (people really fuck this up)
2. Don't pressure yourself to include weaker work just because you want to fill up space

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Cool cool... One more thing, what would you say is your opinion on using existing IPs as a general framework to show your skill? like environment, character design, items, finished illustrations, logo/ui?

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So photoshop suddenly deletes all my brushes including Kyle megapack. Anyone have latest .abr? I only found old versions.

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The Pens are the equivalent to hard round in Csp while Opaque watercolor is the soft round.

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>Opaque watercolor is the soft round.

Incorrect. It uses the CSP blending which is not a feature of Photoshop. You have to uncheck "Mix ground color" under Ink so it only uses opacity for it it to behave like Photoshop's round.

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You can paint anything with a hard round, but it's incorrect to say that it's all you need - that depends entirely on what you're trying to achieve. No reason to get all dogmatic about it. I can't think of a single digital painter that only uses the hard round for their professional work, although I know a few that sketch with it.

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yeah but why would you do that

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It's a matter of preference. A lot of people prefer rendering with transfer set to opacity only and I woud say it yields more predictable results, but you might not always want that. Mix ground color can make blending feel more organic and oil like.

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>he fell for the draw from the shoulder meme

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Is this really a meme? I’ve always drawn from my wrist and I have a hard time learning to draw from my arm. Does anyone else have this problem or am I just autistic?

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that isnt a meme and you know it
this is just an excuse to post low quality jpgs of smug anime lolis

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I very genuinely thought this was a meme until a few days ago, i started using my shoulders and making confident strokes for long sweeping curves and such, and the result looks far better than small wrist lines, even if you restate a few times.

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What are some good movies/TV/anime about drawing or artists?

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Also this.
You can feel the zeal and fervor these people had creating.

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>movies about artists
Amadeus. Watch Amadeus.

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''Local color'' its a cool movie about an average ic poster

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There was his movie called "Cash back" but I don't remember if I liked it because it was good or if it was because I was a horny teen and there were a lot of naked ladies.

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>try to use tablet
>even at 100% correction my hands shake too bad
jesus christ, if anyone can do some simple, clean, coloured digital cartoon pics for me with references I will pay them.

(also posted on /co/)

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do you got parkinson's? jesus anon

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Dexterity comes from drawing a lot and training your lats my dude

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which ever one of you is doing this

may god have mercy on your soul

and may you sleep peacefully

and be blessed with making the art dream

and have everything go right in your life.

Why I am responding like this? Wishing further evil is exactly what you want and the fact that one of you had the heart to do this means any grace or charity can only send you running.

So get out of me and my life and never return, omen and its caster. and may anyone on /ic/ who has suffered a similar omen have their lives cleared up and may they and the caster find the way to the light.


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I'm a bit of prude and get uncomfortable when seeing naked females. Can someone post female anatomy guides where the women isnt completely naked?

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b-but I'll get a boner!

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Kys cause you're NGMI.

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>doc, we have an emergency in salon 3
>sorry nurse, I don't work on female patients, I might see them naked

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>sorry nurse, I don't work on female patients, I might see them naked

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Anything skin-tight should be fine, like a previous anon mentioned, swimmers and gymnasts. Just avoid studying from anything that hides the shape of the body unless you're trying to study clothes.

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/ic/ is hell on earth
being a beginner artist is absolute suffering
this process is fucking horrific, this place is hell, everyone here is maintained in a perpetual state of sincere anguish due to this fucking tormentous task of improving artistic skill. fuck this. every one of you know that its true. we are put here to experience this intense pyschological agony for years and years and eventually 90% of us will quit after investing countless wasted hours and money. this road you walk down is soaked in blood and excrement and every step is over corpses and indescribable fleshy masses. this is torture.

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>wants to be good at drawing
>doesn't enjoy drawing

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Good job improving the overall board quality with your meta off-topic shitposting, kill yourself you waste of space.

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>/ic/ is hell on earth
no one force you to be here faggot
> eventually 90% of us will quit after investing countless wasted hours and money. this road you walk down is soaked in blood and excrement and every step is over corpses and indescribable fleshy masses
that is the fate of the self-teach hobby
will you make it? or will you perish like a dog ?

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Torture makes you stronger in the end my boy. Life isn't all sunshine.

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I know we probably had this thread the other day but hear me out. Is tracing for figure drawing a perfectly valid learning method the pros do not want you to know? I have a long explanation why I suggest this is but rather than type out a 1000 page paragraph and nobody reads it I want your yes/no opinion.

UNLESS anyone cares for me to explain further why I think the theory of tracing works then I will. A side note: tracing does not mean drawing line for line, because then you don't learn anything. Furthermore I'm not saying to trace to pass off as your own work; lets make that clear.

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I think it doesn’t really help you at all. You are better off just looking at something you want to draw or “copy” and just draw it repeatedly throughout the day for a week until it looks okay.

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>I know we probably had this thread the other day but hear me out. Is tracing for figure drawing a perfectly valid learning method the pros do not want you to know? I have a long explanation why I suggest this is but rather than type out a 1000 page paragraph and nobody reads it I want your yes/no opinion.

>Is tracing a valid way of learning?
Yes it is, any method that gets you to grab a too land start to draw lines with an orderly fashion and a goal to achieve likeness is valid way to improve. Granted tracing can only improve you in a very short term on a very VERY basic level. It improves only you hand-eye coordination which is good for kids or people with such problem but becomes negligible pretty fast. It aso expands your visual library by making you look at the thing you are tracing for and extended period of time, provided you pay attention to it which usually fades over time.

It does NOT help you improve you ability to create something similar out of nothing which what art is mostly about.

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一番上手くなることはトレス? みんなトレスを軽視し過ぎている。一流のアニメーターは完璧なトレスが出来て他人の技術をドンドン吸収していく。 同じ線を引くことではじめて理解出来る感覚がある。 見てわかった気になるのとなぞって見るのでは大きく違う。

Is tracing the best way to improve?
People underestimate tracing so much. First-class animators can do perfect tracing, which enables them to aborb the skills of others. There is a feeling that can only be understood by drawing the same line. It's one thing to have an illusion of understanding by seeing. Tracing is another.

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>because it is the artist saying 'yes, I have no creativity, I have no drive, and I have no tolerance for the uphill battle of making something original, but I want to do the same things that other artists do
For me that's not true at all less I would have quit this whole art thing a long time ago. I'm just getting older and at this rate I've been looking to ways to optimize the learning process.

I point to a teacher for example, Karl Gnass (hope I spelled that right) who mentions the "ideal figure" of proportion. Each master has his or her own ideal proportion and every time I learn under a different artist it's relearning a completely different system. So many times you'll see beginner artists draw nude figures in space as observational practice and the get the figure system they're learning under completely off because they're still using conventional techniques they've learned elsewhere. So much time, we're talking years, can be cut from this frustrating pattern by tracing over imagery to deconstruct its components.

Where as in imagination, you can spend all the points learning from tracing to constructing using boxes. A box has no ambiguity like the conventional methods found in Hampton/Vilppu/etc and confidence increases because you are more well equipped with anatomical knowledge.

A better way to see what I mean is through a pie chart maybe I'll make one.
Nice. By the way is this guys book scanned yet?

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Yeah, >>https://warosu.org/ic/thread/S3637443#p3642421

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whats the point of listening to artists when normies like your shit?

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>become a chef
>why would I listen to other cooks? My kids say the food is great, I must be the best cook on earth!
>They won't take me at the good restaurants, they must be snobs that don't know what's good

This is what you sound like.

>> No.3648040

I'd like to add:
Normies don't know what they like/want.
If you show them my shitty /beg/ drawings they say "wow that's great!" and if you then show them actually good drawings, they realize they didn't even know what was missing but those new drawings have "it".

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>makes a thread asking us a question
>questions why he's making a thread asking us questions

>> No.3648063

this question is redundant and i feel like you're just searching for reasons to start threads just to have your art front and center as you always do

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>don't want to draw because I suck
>can't get better if I don't draw
How do I break the cycle?

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You should really just learn to not care what others think and draw what you want.

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>pic-related comicbook
Wew, that's one libtard fagot shit if I've seen one.

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what's the cub doing on the hunting grounds? what's the male doing on the hunting grounds?

>> No.3648241

It's from "Pride of Baghdad" comic.
>libtard fagot shit
What did you mean by this?

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I just hate practicing it fucking sucks. Drawing what I like is no problem and what I try to do every day. It's a release.

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>He listens to music while drawing

Enjoy never making it, lol

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Nah he was still giving this advice well into the digital age. I know, because the lecture version of the kit was given in the 2008 or so.

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>every person on this planet works and thinks in same exact way that I and my fellow npcs do


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such studies are always done on fast to finish tasks, nobody is going to sit thru a few hours of a task observing somebody, and then repeating it for 999 other subjects

and for something you can finish in 10-15 min no music is a no brainer, in 10 min you don't even have time to think over what you are doing

marathon like tasks on the other hand, having something always running in the background to remind you of what you were suppose to do when your mind starts to lip away is always a good thing

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i try closing the door but people keep opening it.
i have ptsd from people invading my privacy / interrupting me all the time.

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Install a latch

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/ic/ What do you think about beginner artists using anime as their style? Personally, i find that they use it as a crutch most times just so that they can get away with mistakes with anatomy. I think if they study anatomy first, then put that with their anime style is perfectly fine. But wdyt?

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>i find that they use it as a crutch most times just so that they can get away with mistakes with anatomy.
Seems like a mean assumption to make. I think it's safer to assume that they're just beginners who look up to anime and want to draw it.

>> No.3647805

It’s not that bad if you learn the structure behind the style. Like if you recognize that the line above the eye represents a hard edge of the socket and a break in a mouth line is there to imply an overlap of the upper middle tubercle. Problem is most anime beginners will just do those stylistic choices because they look cool.

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Crabs absolutely btfo. Remember these words next time you’re about to click send on a pathetic message disparaging another artists. You’re better than that.

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The ABSOLUTE state of /ic/ nowadays. Embrace the butthurt, everyone else is wrong but you. Pathetic.

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I do, personally, use those feelings to keep me going in a sort of mindlessly angry way. It's just that it's not coming from a healthy place. To think "I won't lose to them" like I'm competing against a mortal enemey has a far steeper fall when those inevitable "everything I draw looks death" days come around and the other guy is producing great stuff. Currently, I'm trying to focus on my sole motivator to be "I will finish everything I start" and not tie my self worth so tightly with the content I create.

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This is why kids don't make great artists anymore. Participation awards all around, kiddos. There's nothing unique about you, by the way.

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t. unsuccessful boomer

>> No.3647837

>salute the world
>with honesty guiding you

Learn to read, faggot. That last point is the main thing. You’ll never be honest with yourself, though, because that would mean facing how absolutely shit at art you are.

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post the month flavor waifus so we can pick some and generate follows and likes in social media.

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any lol or overwatch character

>> No.3647863

people are just going to post litteral whos that they like instead of waifus that get attention

truth is theres not really any flavor of the month waifu out right now, the closest thing we got is peachette and booette. even then they're barely relevant anymore

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This. Just check /a/ /v/ and /co/ for their garbo waifus

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Making a shadowman piece, not finished but thought id post here

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fucking 3d bodies, how do they work?

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