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Today's /beg/ challenge: Draw a raft spider

If you are a /beg/inner or /int/ermediate in art, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.
Use this thread instead of making new threads or post in the drawthread with fundamental exercises.

RESIZE YOUR IMAGES TO ~1000 PIXELS using one of the following methods:
1. screenshot the image and post that instead
2. change camera capture settings to something smaller
3. send to computer and resize in MSPaint


New collaborative sticky (anyone can edit): https://hackmd.io/UMnZVhNITW-T2wZpHw6d0Q
Old: http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-draw-learn

- Keys to drawing
- The Art and Science of Drawing
- Perspective Drawing Handbook
- Vilppu Drawing Manual (and literally any other book made by Glenn Vilppu)
- Figure - Design and invention
- Pen and Ink
- The Natural Way To Draw

- How to Draw by Scott Robertson
- How to Render by Scott Robertson
- Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter by James Gurney
- Morpho: Anatomy for Artists (and Literally any other book made by Michel Lauricella)
- Anatomy for Sculptors

When giving feedback, avoid vague "advice" - point what's wrong and try to give the anon you're quoting a clear direction to improve their art (study heads < watch THIS VIDEO about head structure, read THIS SECTION of THIS ARTIST'S BOOK, etc).
You, feedback seeking anon, should also try to be clear and concise when asking for critique/help. When posting your artwork, say what you want help with, and what's your goal with the study/artwork.

Previous thread >>6201001

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Older artists lurking /ic/, what compelled you to learn drawing?

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does 2 years count as old?

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A combination of things. I once had aspirations to make a comic but fell out of love with the medium, wanted to be able to express myself in a way that is both abstract and concretely useful, and found I related to the thoughts and concerns of other artists more than the uninterested.

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Rate my Mona Lisa study.

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I guess im too good and you all jelous of my skill, plebs.

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not yours, dall-e or something made this

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Cope harder.

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i've been really working on my art now that i'm laid off for a while. my problem is that i've been doing a lot of watching/studying and i feel like i'm just never going to be good enough in the way i want.

my anatomy sometimes could use work and do i just draw a bunch of torsos in different positions? i do gesture drawing for my art but when I do ANYTHING above a fucking waist high, i feel it fuckin' sucks and i'm unimpressed.

ive been trying to do this 1 drawing that was a wip 3 yrs ago and i hated it then. i tried using so many references but i couldn't get that cute style i like to have. sometimes my style looks so weird and ugly and i'm like why am i even doing this?

like drawing the head from the tilted up slightly away angle was impossible. i can show you how bad the artwork i worked on has looked in the whole process, if you wanna see it but it's just trash.

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besides that, ill try to just do more sketch book shit. thanks for suggestion, i'm just depressed and when im done feeling like shit ill get to it.

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this is not a place for blogposts you wimpy faggot

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i dont see a vent/bitch thread, so suck my dick

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the water cooler thread you newfagbitchcunt

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>i feel like i'm just never going to be good enough in the way i want.
welcome to the club
now quit being gay

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>artist is on 9 different websites
>not a single one allows you to message them

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>Artist DOES have messaging available
>1 week later not only no reply but it's still unread
I just want senpai to notice me

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Hi Artist-kun, I love your work, it's so inspiring to me. I am writing to you, to ask a question that has been bugging me for months.

What brush do you use?

Thanks in advance, Anon.

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i hope one day this will happen to me so i can redirect them to my 50 euro brush pack

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You know what to do.

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This is his neko character, thoughts?

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we all know this is your work, anon

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Looks like shit

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learn basic anatomy, and stop scribbling

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Dude this is hot garbage.

Maybe a less traditional approach?

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Why are art schools so goddamn expensive? I'm talking up to HUNDREDS of thousands for a degree. Also are there art schools for absolute beginners?

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Art school is dumb my guy biggest mistake of my life. Just get a tutor if u really set on not doing it urself. Why pay money so someone can tell u how to make yo ur art more like someone elses

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Some are expensive, most are just private and not subsidized by the government. The yearly tuition is actually in the same range spent per child in public lower education.

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How tf do you think Le artists make money duh. By scamming idiots.

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Yeah i am on one and it has really become the biggest mistake of my life. I am seriously considering quitting and wageslaving in a supermarket near home

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You have to be an objective retard to pay for subjective instruction

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>Push my skills to the limit and create the best image I can which takes multiple hours
>never get any attention
>Decide to just have fun and quickly draw something in 45 minutes
>Highest engagement I've ever gotten by far
I now believe soul exists, how do I make my work more soulful?

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Post art and we can tell you what people find appealing about your second picture

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Just draw is not a meme anon, draw as much as you possibly can every chance you get.

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Kill yourself frog poster

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ITT we prevent stagnation
>post your favorite piece
>post your most recent piece
>try to figure out why your favorite piece is better so you remember for next time

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I don't have a favorite.

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op goes first I guess
Left is my favorite, it was done in like 3 hours total (fast by my standards) and I streamed the process so I think I more willing to ignore mistakes and leave it messier. Right was done over 2 days in my usual process where I would work for like an hour and then stop only to re-do things when I came back to it. I also probably like left more because I big boobs are fun to draw.
I guess the take-away is to just work on shit until it's done instead of constantly taking breaks due to a microscopic attention span. Also, actually have a pose idea before you start so your drawing doesn't end up just being a default character select pose.

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this are some of my observations, (I usually do commissions so I based this on it)
you can't make
>use real faces
and this filter out 50+% of the market of illustrators and photo editors
it sucks a bit since the works are not clean and being trained over the /beg/ drawings of deviant art it doesn't help. Basically its just a fancy search engine for it, you can have better results looking in a booru if you want something generic.
For the rest is an ok tool and is fun to mess around with queries qut you get a lot of trash before getting something good. The only way that it might be useful for now is for some photoshop tasks and concept art of already done art (like you make a drawing, erase a part of it and tell the ai to show some other options). So yeah it looks good in the surface, but it has a lot to go to be really useful.

If you have some requests let me know and I'll run them for you

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now that everybody migrated to stable diffusion is getting any easier to get an invite?

>> No.6202834

not sure, I asked for it like 3 months ago, stable diffusion I think is better just for the fact that is uncensored, I couldn't get nazi girls on dall-e kek, but I don't have an invite for it yet

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Protip: midjourney delivers the same quality images and gives you unlimited prompts if you buy a pass. Dall-e currently uses a credit system that limits how many images you can make before needing to buy more credits.

The rules for midjourney are also a lot looser than dall-e's. For instance Dall-e won't generate "angry Germans" because the devs probably feared it would accidentally make Hitler.

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Any wisdom on getting art friends? I was thinking about just sending dm's to smaller artist on youtube or something, since there really isn't an art community where I live.
But what the fuck do I even say? I'm new to this whole friend thing

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I'm trying to get more into environment work too, but I haven't even touched rendering yet kek

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small art streamers on twitch. I watch eyyojimbo and he has a solid community. could also check out istebrak, she has a YouTube, patron, twitch, discord and reddit full of people

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I think he meant that the anime girl has a penis

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fuck my bad

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got any discord anon?

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Is there such thing as a site where I can download a file, or a free offline app, with thousands of images of paintings and lithographies in HD?
I want to download many gbs of modern paintings to look while I'm on the bus or waiting something.

>> No.6202717

just have to sign up

ARC is probably the best for 1 to 1 color without any fucked up adjustments but wikipedia is the best for super high depth

Also find what paintings you like and find which museums curate them. Very often they have 4k or higher uploads on their site with zero adjustments

>> No.6202724

I want to download in bulk. Which one do you suggest?

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Thread to remind you everything starts from zero

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He changed his mind with her breats

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Forget AI taking over, photobashers did it first lel

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this nigga booth is insane

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Reminds me of that jumping tiger video

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probably the most technically skilled inker to have ever lived
better than durer

>> No.6202685

pen and ink; he learnt by copying etchings, thinking they were pen & ink

I think too; there's nobody else that even remotely come close. Things like >>6202581 just aren't the same at all, they're not as clean, not as well-designed, nor performed as deeply.

It's still technically good, but Booth really sits on top

>> No.6202690

If all you care about is clean lines and autism, sure, Booth is better, but Coll has movement, drama, emotion. He makes Booth's work look like posed statues by comparison.

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How much would it cost to pay someone to make some pictures in this style/quality?

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I'd need like 7 or 8 of them

>> No.6202549

Also would I be better off using something like dall e? I'm guessing I couldn't get consistent characters in each picture though

>> No.6202552

I wish I was better at doing people. I would love to make 800 dollarinos for a week or whatever it took to make that.

>> No.6202558

I adjusted illustrator rates for inflation. I'd personally throw you some sketches for beer money and the experience and the promise of dank watercolor that may never appear on a timeframe of like six months.

It can be done, that's the rate for full release for a book with your name in the credits or the papers themselves.

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Ultimately i want to make a few books that cover some Greek and Roman myths/stories for my kid. I have everything written out and all the scenes planned but I can't draw for shit

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what are /ic thoughts on this tweet?

>> No.6202493

gonna call you a faggot and then hide this thread, bye

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its one thing to be /beg/, a permabeg even. but a crab too?

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>make thread about Joaquin Sorolla
>stated goal is explicit
>offer up legit critiques of his society and culture
>boys are robbed of dignity so as to become cannon fodder
>girls are sexualized via insinuation
>whole thread is an elegiac disquisition amidst constant assertion from perverts, dickheads & cunts
>thread's up for a week
>actual lolicon shows up
>argues w/ terrifying rando
>get banned for 'pedo'
The whole thread was me posting naked, adult women at the beach (at first sleeping outside, before the greco-roman renaissance) Women, nude, at the beach, as it fucking should be. As it is now, the crest of this age, as low tide creeps up on us.
Banned for 'pedo'
Art is for queers. There's your fucking critique.

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Mental illness thread

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I want to be a mentor for artists (like adults just starting to learn art) or someone who does studio sessions for a career. I have been told I either need to be famous or get a master's degree in art. I can't afford that jew amount of money to get that type of degree so I am left with getting famous. I feel so fucked. Why the fuck do I want this? I don't want to work for riot or some other shitty company. I just want to help people. It sucks to watch people go through art alone in modern times. I am not pro-level by all means but I am decent enough that in my college I am the best in all my art classes.

It kind of hits me that maybe this goal is stupid, the number of people who mock and say you can't mentor in art or teach it has been many. I don't want to teach minors because their fucking actually retarded. What I want to do, no one knows how I am supposed to get there other than I teach at college or be famous. My work doesn't get attention online which also rubs this idea further. I don't even want to be popular online I just am told it's only way or go into life crippling debt.

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there is no money in this field, only 1% of all artists have money. I would not sugest anyone to choose this career path unless you are pasionate about the art and don;t care about the money.

>> No.6202936

No, get a real job and do art on the side

>> No.6202947

Good enough for me. How much to teach me to reach your level?

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If you go for a teaching degree depending where you teach they will compensate you for the Masters or forgive it after a bit.

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Specifically overweight people. Is there a way to draw a fatty without drawing fat rolls or something?

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Yes, in spirit.

>> No.6202705

Better looking than most tranners.

>> No.6202845

roly poly in cool action pose is easy mode compared to OP

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