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How do I Twitter? anything I posted doesn't appear on the timeline even with proper tags.

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Your daily reminder to fight smart on social media
>Do not get into unnecessary drama with people of influence
>Do not debate crazy.
>If somebody that's both crazy and influential picks a fight with you block them immediately.
>Do not try and get the last word/last laugh. Your career is worth more than winning an argument.
>You can report individual tweets where a user infringes on your rights as an artist, tries to pick fights with you, or reuploads your art tempered or as is under Report tweet>harmful and abusive
>You can report a user for being harmful and abusive as well, this is good against pressing harassment or art theft.
>Stay away from politics
>If you really want to debate politics online for some odd reason have it separated completely from your art in an untraceable way.
>unfollowing accounts that cause drama, talk politics, or retweeet drama or politics is a good idea. Your work is being shown to people within your interest circle, being in proximity of echo chambers and politics is a good way to have it reach the wrong doorstep.
>anything you do or say could be pulled up later against you. Think before you post. Erase posts you made when you were 15 that might get you in trouble down the line.
>do not follow trends that you know will 100% get you the wrong attention
>don't debate stupid, your time is worth more than that

Remember, Fight smart.
Do not let some coward ruin your art career for their self validation.

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Provocative art is more likely to destroy the opposition than the side that attacks provocative art.

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i think i fucked up already. i went to defend some artist drawing pin up and called the women offending him "more retrograde than an 80 year old" (i actually know a 75yo woman who collects pin up figures) people went apeshit and started sending me aggressive pm's. The other day i picked a fight with the shiflett brothers for being faggots (not literally). I'm thinking of making another profile and stop being retarded.

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Your'e a lone artist vs some crazy losers with their own journalistic publications.
You should draw whatever you want to draw AND stay the hell away.

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Study Thread

It's been a while since I've last seen one. All levels of skill welcomed. Doesn't matter what level you are, we all start somewhere.
You don't get better by complaining.

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That's a shitty image

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i wanna draw from imagination be my standard but if i just can't draw i'm going to do reference studies
is this a good method to learn?
these are from imagination

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>poorly disguised request thread
God help us all

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I like drawing nazi stick figures

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why is that nazi using a m16?

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Wow you are so cool and edgy. Now go back to /b

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Taking critiques/ tips, please help me become better artist

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Dam I can’t get the curves right. It combines both the s curve of the profile with the weird curvature of the front: Femur forming a triangle that meets with the tibia that is straight

I can’t get it right. Any advice ?

Pic source: radsrechrist+loomis

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I'm still pretty bad at legs and probably not in a position to give advice but what seems to help my is going off the seemingly opposite rhythm of the quads/thighs vs the calves/lower leg.

Tried to draw what I mean, but yeah, legs are fucking hard.

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Thanks helps a lot. Thank you anon.

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>flat ground plane
there's your problem, you won't understand how legs flow in relation to the angle of the feet if you do this.

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Dam I can’t get the curves right. It combines both the s curve of the profile with the weird curvature of the front.

I can’t get it right. Any advice ?

Pic source: radsrechrist+loomis

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Can someone fill me in on all the Twitter drama with this character? Why are hentai artists drawing her white now?

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I personally think it's autistic to change the skin color of a character, lighter or darker.

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Grabbing the eyedrop tool and being the colorpicking police with "ma'am you're about 2 shades lighter over the original charater's intended skin color" is most definitely autistic. I don't see a problem with re imagining a character if they would be of a different ethnicity be it black white asian whaterver but just changing the hue/value of the skin and nothing else feels lazy.

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Maybe because you're the one who's autistic. On every draw thread on every chan people are always drawing or requesting characters with different skin tones. People are just having fun and experimenting, taking that seriously is simply retarded. That's why /ic/ is turned into a shitty board. you faggots hate when people have fun drawing.

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I don't really care. The design is nice regardless.

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togetter (ass fuck dicks 4chan is gay doot cum) com/li/1367384
>nips are posting pepe and andrew dobson
what kind of timeline did we just hop into

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Why is this world so cruel? Discord and Reddit lack the intellect to go and like tweets, trendhopping is a necessity, and even here is so quiet.
This coldness, is this how death feels?

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based despairposter
i haven't seen p4 characters in years online but p5 is fucking everywhere because it's normiecore like nier automata

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I'm just glad normies have left Nocturne, SJ, P2 alone

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I'm a socially retarded autismo that lives with his mom. I thought the internet would at least have a little more meritocracy, but it's all the same. Connections, networking, ahhhhhh

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Same. Fuck "fandoms," full of disgusting shrill faggots, trannies, and children.

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Your art has no value but in a community it might
Shill your art in persona threads on /v/ or /vg/ or something, make funny comics for them

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while i know how to camera i want to learn to put the shots i want onto paper in a storyboard to save time during production and get all the creative decisions done in pre-production

what are the best basic resources or tutorials that aren't going to take a long time to give me a basic ability to draw very simple characters and convey perspective effectively? (note: "effective" not "good")

t h a n k u

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Bump cause I also am interested
I can’t really find a good tutorial on this

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This is how I image a typical /ic/ girl

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Why are you so obsessed with the delusion that there are women here? The only 'females' here are trannies.

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Well you'll be happy to know you're not far off

>Pic related

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Yes, girls on /ic/
>are ugly
>got gross skin
>defy gravity
>have a gross ass and belly that spill a considerate amount away from their bodies
>dislocated tits
>potato bag for a shirt
>really long fingers on one hand
>two cats that defy physics
>inconsistent shading
>out of perspective room
>mud soaked sheets
>news reporters with yellow subtitles in the morning.
I've never seen a picture of an /ic/ girl but I think this artist really captured it perfectly.

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I wish they were all trannies, the board would be less shit. No, they are just ugly seething real women. You can thank d’Angelo for that

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the /draw/thread with our fundamental exercises.

Previous thread: >>3967812

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

>screenshot the image and post that instead
>change camera capture settings to something smaller
>send to computer and resize in MSPaint

READ THE STICKY if you need guidance when you haven't even started.

Sticky: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit#bookmark=id.15jx3pyuimvj

TRY TO GIVE PEOPLE SOME FEEDBACK - many studies are left unreplied, which is a bit sad and can be quite demotivating for the people that try their best to improve, but are left directionless.

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Kamala and her big ol' stretchy hands

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Tried doing drawabox and I'm garbage at this too as expected but he says to get other peoples eyes on your work so here it is.
I don't really know what I did wrong I just know it looks shit.

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here is a video about brushes Anon maybe it will help


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this pic is mid-high /beg/ tier, any decent artist could do better in paint
see webm
you are doing great
now repeat this three times over every day and your line quality will drastically improve in just a few weeks
also do ellipses and circles

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Drawing is obsolete, real artists do 3D modelling and animation

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nuh uh

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nice bait anon

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Why not all three? They really go well together, 3-D modelling helps 2-D skills and vice versa

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>not working exclusively in 1d
Those extra dimensions just cover up your lack of skill.

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Just asking because people shill the hard brush a lot, but lips seem to be super soft.

Pic related.

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Hard does like 80 percent of the work. The problem is not using the hard round enough to not be a retard with an airbrush. Also it looks like shit if you don't tweak the settings to your liking. But what do I know I use a flat because fuck everything.

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no, it doesn't matter.
All depend of the style you are doing so no, is no the secret. dont make threads for this

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a thread died for this

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Classic... My Main site is https://gvan42.blogspot.com/

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another classic artwork... Peace Sign...

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>he still didn't bought ipad
what's your excuse?

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>The ipad is the best tablet in the market for artists.
unsheathed tablet
heh, nothing personal kid
enjoy your ""OS""

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>portability somehow makes it the best drawing tablet on the market
>the three or so mediocre art apps make it worth it

>> No.3978359

I love that I can draw up to 10ish hours straight without having to recharge on my pad. Too many things going for it and that’s why many artists are jumping ship for it. It’s so impressive that a lot of artists whom hate apple hate themselves for loving the experience on the iPad pros.

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I'm a neet.
I don't have money to buy one.
But I don't care that much about it since I don't go outside.

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Project Gemini was its """undercover""" name. In a brilliant branding decision Adobe decided to change the name after people had built recognition with it

Seeing the watercolor and vectors makes me cum, but I just know this app won't be worth it ultimately. It'll be on an expensive monthly subscription plan and the UI will be clunky like Sketch and Draw

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is my art good

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could you give an example

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Only crabs think anatomy is the only thing important about a drawing. I'm not even OP.

>> No.3977875

what is a crab? i am op.

>> No.3977878

it is a small animal with claws that lives underwater

>> No.3977890

i thought they had pincers

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Non-/beg/s, how long does it take you to finish each part of a drawing? How much a sketch from life, how much finished pencils, inking, etc.?

I think a lot of beginner mistakes come from rushing shit and skipping over a lot of the process because they don't know how much it's actually supposed to look like. Will make a chart from results

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