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not gay edition

>What is /fag/?
This is the Furry Art General thread, here we post everything related to kemono, furry, and animals alike.

>Rules & Guidelines
Please refrain from flaming, causing drama or replying/feeding those who cause such.
This is a SFW thread only, please take caution so you don't get BANNED for posting NSFW art.
This general is NOT and NEVER will be affiliated with any discord servers, DO NOT click any of the discord links that are spammed here!
As always, don't be afraid to ask for critique!


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What went wrong?

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They depict annoying people. They are used by annoying people.

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>construction and anatomy is useless for ani-ACK!!

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This is such an overkill

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guys, guys guys, chill the hell out already!
you all have different strategies to get to the same goal: finishing your drawing of your character
each method is valid and has its own plusses and drawbacks
use what works best for you, please!

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Miku tummy cunny!

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It's time to cut the competition pool

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not miku

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how bad is this, im extremely beginner, just need some critique

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i agree with >>7199012 your shit isnt bad at all
i like how each character has unique features and characterization
you are doing good so far, keep it up man!
i was wondering what thickness you draw with and if your pen has pressure settings enabled?

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Draw both eye highlights on their right side (based on lips, that's where the light source is). Should make a noticable difference. Rn it looks kinda weird and alien-like

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Hmmm... suspiciously fast thread with a lot of dick-sucking for really simple amateur illustrations. Very suspicious, good think Hiro removed the number of posters in each thread huh? Autofellatio thread. This drawing isnt even slightly impressive, go to /beg/

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It is fine.

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Do you find drawing fun, /ic/?

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Drawing women is very fun

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redpill me on Korea

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yeah its pretty fun when you realize you can draw something that you couldn't a few days or a week ago

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Before getting into drawing didn't think much of them but after getting into drawing i like both korean and chinese artists even if anons here may hate them because they're "soulless" or whatever.

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drawing unfinished sketches with no responsibility is fun.

Try finishing a drawing and then come back and tell me its fun, flyingpen.

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Holy Shit!

It's a real gamechanger!


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woah its a fucking gimmicky slideshow of uncanny shit, what a surprise

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>black woman

>> No.7198975


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made for BWC

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Each time this kind of thread gets posted the counter resets for another 3 weeks

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How can you respond when someone asks you critique their beg art?

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If you want your critique to have effect, it's good to know the effective way to give it. You can have the best critique ever but if you fail to deliver it in a way that makes artist learn from it, it's worthless

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Considering that the urge to Make Stuff is rare at best,I try not to discourage people with their earnest but inept attempts. My first thought when confronted with something like the pic posted is Who would pay Money for This? In other words, what of the many varied markets would this be appropriate for, or at least what the budding artist should consider applying forethought to their future work with this goal in mind. And my choice for this picture? Greeting cards. Peruse the stock next time you are food shopping, and note the vast variety of styles and composition, and I can see this stylized cartoon for adolescents ("Da Bois Hoid Birthdaze Was DOWN Wid Diz!"). Or similar. When the target market is Befuddled Middle Aged Suburbian Housewife,you won't get far with Rembrandt.
Atm I am thinking of a new TShirt design, and I tried going for Ultra Cartoony,and at least in this rough I lack that knack. I remember seeing a tshirt from the late 70s that had some Robert Crumb-esque big nosed guy in a trenchcoat with the words sandwiching the image :"Do Unto Others,then SPLIT!". Squat,disreputable, cool,hip,amusing,amused,easily understood by the broadest demographics of potential customers, and I will try many times to get all these design elements incorporated into the Final Product.

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(And this was my next attempt. )

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At this point "tough love" is just the term shitposters use to justify deriding begs.
You don't love, don't pretend otherwise.

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kinda ironic that the guy who did that meme drawing was a permabeg for decades despite trying hard everyday (I know because we're friends on facebook) and now he starting to transition to a music endeavor instead

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How can some manga have a realistic artstyle, but still have appeal like JoJo or Sun Ken Rock. And why can't westoids do the same? (Sorry for bad english, it is my third language.)

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it baffles me when /ic/ bring up realistic art style and art mastery and then mention as example everything they can think of except Vagabond.

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The cream floats to the surface. For every great artist there's a thousand not so great, you only bother to remember the top bunch.
The japs then simply have a healthy/ruthless competition going on. While in socialist america, once you have the title comicbook artist you are guaranteed a position and salary for life. And the publisher is not allowed to hire anyone else.

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I find JoJo ugly as fuck, and thats not realistic at all, faggot.

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jojo is garbage slop you dont see westoids doing it because they can correctly do what araki is trying to rip off

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>Black and white looks less tacky than color
Wow, what a difficult question to answer.

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I just wanted to ask a question. For those that have designed their own original characters, what was the thought process behind the colors you chose? I’m currently stuck figuring out what colors to use for my OC. I saw some posts online saying that it should reflect the character’s personality, but I’ve seen many instances where it doesn’t. I’m not sure what to do.

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as far as color choice goes, just make sure the colors compliment eachother and don't clash, unless you want to draw vomit

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The colors look nice to me and make sense for their personality. A female character that is very shy, or that is very practical and doesn't care for fashion (as an example) probably won't choose to wear bright colors so I'd give her a more neutral palette. A character that is very feminine might like to wear pinks and pastels. A character that has to wear a school uniform does not get to make decisions about the colors they wear so their personal aesthetic preferences will be communicated in other ways like their phone case, how they decorate their room and so on.

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60-30-10 percent rule and color schemes can help you out picking colors. Also obvious color analogies like red - angry, blue - calm/smart, yellow - energetic/joyful, etc. There're still a ton of exceptions. Just pick something you like which also fits the character's setting.

I think character's shape, interesting clothing and hair is way more important in a memorable design, so decide how the character looks first. A good character design will be recognisable even by looking at it's silhouette

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When in doubt, blonde. Everyone likes blondies.
nah nah nah, blonde, I said.

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i just go on one of those colour palette generator websites, hit the button a few times until i see something that suits the character, and then alter the colours as needed to add stuff like complements

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Can i get some opinions on my girl?

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Sure, why not..

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That's a man

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Keep grinding. Good effort. I’d doa few studies on artists you like.
All of your fundies are beginner level and your character design is boring.
You should prob post in /beg/

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well *i* think shes awesome. you could probably do more with the pants and i dont think the teal works (draws too much attention to her legs when they evidently arent meant to be the focal point) but i like her. take my approval with a grain of salt though because i just like looking at other peoples ocs in general

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/ic/, I need your help.

This is a redraw of the original portrait, obviously done by someone much less skilled than the original artist.

I lack the artistic nomenclature to articulate how and why it's worse.

Could you guys help me?

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they are both bad, but i can't stop thinking about how the lefty has lost his manboobs

>> No.7198733

erm...I mean the right one, see? completely distracted by it.

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The artist on the right doesn't know about reflexes, so it looks flat as fuck, that's all.
It's not necessarily "unprofessional", in fact many corporate monkeys don't know color theory.
The AI fucks reflexes in random places, by the way.

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man new age of mythology looks so damn cool but yeah, the new art looks so devoid of soul and artistic intent.

>> No.7199121

This is one of the lower gods used in Age of Mythology.
Isn't this just the original image used or one that had been altered to be used in the remaster that's coming out in the future??

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Likes are now useless for growth. For your post to now get traction, retweets are the only way when posting art. Thanks to the latest update.

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>discourages politi-tards

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Just because you were too dumb too know the best way to navigate twitter doesn’t mean the rest of us were.

>> No.7199106

Does this affect the bot problem and their fake engagement?

>> No.7199110

are you purposely being this dumb?

>> No.7199113

no actually, it makes it even worse now you can't check those account to see if those are bots. Many accounts would mass like scams of crypto/of shit

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>don't compare your art to others, all our art journeys are different.

how does one get good then? This is said a lot but I don't understand what people mean by this.

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What they mean is don't beat yourself up for not being as good as someone else, even if they've been working less than you have, just focus on improving yourself.

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They are not competition, they are your example, colleagues, classmates and tutors

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I thought this bitch was a snake or a witch, I was surprised to find out she's just autistic.

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>tomorrow i'll play that videogame i've been meaning to finish for a year now
>wake up and draw all day
How do cure this addiction?

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Its obvious the gender thing its bullshit, removing parts of your own body so you van feel yourself is a mental illness, but with the things that are given to children nowadays like the ipad kids, its understandable If they develop some kind of mental difficulty

>> No.7198876

You're not missing out, it's a garbage game

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Such is life for D/ic/ks -__-

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90% of drawing for me is problem solving and exploring options. I never "just draw" I have to research references, try dozens of different compositions, experiment with a hundreds brushes until I get something that looks good, construct for hours to see if my ideas is even within my abilities... And then after I draw something, its shit so I have to spend MORE hours fixing errors and saving it from being a turd, and that's not drawing, its more like surgery or troubleshooting.

On the flip side, I can play a game that I know is good and won't jerk me around searching answers in the dark.

When I draw in flow and don't ctrlZ, its the best feeling in the world, but that's so rare.

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not real.
technology is designed to suck up your attention and turn you into retarded cattle that exists solely to generate ad revenue. you need above average willpower to overcome the pull, so since the barrier of avoiding "adhd" requires you to be above average, you get a lot of idiots who succumb to it and blame it on a made up disorder. you need a purpose, a reason to not spend your afternoon watching video essays and gooning, most do not have this.

your attention is your most valuable thing. your attention lets you create good art, enjoy a cup of coffee or be fully present while with people or in nature. and technology robs you of this and you get nothing in return but temporary placation.

it honestly baffles me that people will raise kids with a constant stream of brainrotting, instant gratification content, then wonder why they can't focus for more than 5 seconds and blame it on a condition. i suppose its easier than admitting you are a shit parent that allowed your kid to give themselves measurable brain damage. i will say however that it becomes harder and harder to resist the pull of technology as these systems become more and more sophisticated at sucking up your attention. you need to be wary of how much you allow yourself to get sucked in.

the meds are somewhat effective at making you less of a drooling retard, but ultimately less sustainable than picking up meditation and imposing limits on your technology use.

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latest stable diffusion update just dropped
>censored dataset + non-commercial license = low quality generations that people can't use
>one of the biggest model trainer groups (which is used by 80% of previous generation's users) said they would not train in SD3
ai techbros are in shambles

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lol fucking lmao

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Cпacи мoю дyшy гpeшнyю
Зa пopядки здeшниe,
Oт этaпa дaльнeгo,
Oт шмoнa кaпитaльнoгo,
Oт зaбopa выcoкoгo,
Oт пpoкypopa жecтoкoгo,
Oт хoзяинa-бeca,
Oт пaйки мaлoгo вeca,
Oт тюpeмных ключникoв,
Oт cтaльных нapyчникoв,
Oт лecoпoвaлa,
Oт хoлoднoгo пoдвaлa,
Oт кopoткoй cтpижки
И зaщити oт вышки!

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this is kino tbdesu
i'm tired of boring ass "perfectly rendered" girls standing in voids that ai bros generate due to their absolute knuckledragger generic npc goy tastes

i want more deformed weird shit like this that only a computer could vomit out

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latest stable diffusion update just dropped
>censored dataset + non-commercial license = low quality generations that people can't use
>one of the biggest model trainer groups (which is used by 80% of previous generation's users) said they would not train in SD3
ai techbros are in shambles

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Should I draw from reference or imagination to begin with?

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Imagination is still from reference, just a low quality or untrained one presumably in your case

>> No.7198973

For every 10 drawings you draw, draw first 9 from reference and then 1 from imagination for the first year of your practice.
Then for second year, draw first 8 from reference and then 2 from imagination and so on.

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>Should I draw from reference or imagination to begin with?
you dont even need to do either. Just use AI. Heres 5 reasons to use AI instead of drawing.
Using AI art instead of traditional drawing can offer several advantages, depending on the context and objectives. Here are five reasons to consider:
Speed and Efficiency:
Time-Saving: AI can generate complex artwork in a fraction of the time it would take to draw manually.
Rapid Prototyping: Artists and designers can quickly create multiple iterations and variations, allowing for faster decision-making and experimentation.
Access to Advanced Tools and Techniques:
Sophisticated Algorithms: AI tools often leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to produce high-quality, intricate designs that might be challenging to create by hand.
Style Transfer: AI can easily replicate or blend artistic styles, enabling artists to explore and apply different aesthetics without extensive skill in each style.

>> No.7199001

Accessibility and Inclusivity:
Lower Skill Barrier: AI art tools can be used by individuals with varying levels of artistic skill, making art creation more accessible to a broader audience.
Assistive Features: AI can assist artists with disabilities by handling complex aspects of the drawing process, enabling them to focus on creative direction.

Reduced Labor Costs: For commercial projects, AI can reduce the need for extensive labor and potentially lower production costs.
Resource Efficiency: AI tools often require less physical material and workspace compared to traditional drawing, which can reduce overhead costs.
Innovation and Creative Exploration:
New Possibilities: AI can inspire new forms of artistic expression by generating ideas and patterns that a human might not have considered.
Enhanced Creativity: By handling routine or technical aspects of art creation, AI allows artists to focus more on conceptual and creative aspects, potentially leading to more innovative outcomes.
These advantages make AI art a compelling option for various applications, from commercial design and entertainment to personal artistic exploration and experimentation.

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I am an aphantasic working full time as a storyboard artist. I need references to work lol, cant do shit by myself that doesnt like like crap.

I still need to conceptualize the ideas I have floating of what I WANT before searching for references, normally I wrote them down and see where I go from there. Specially for concept art pieces.

I think for most artists is a mix of both, or extreme cases like myself or the other side of the spectrum where insane people like Rembert Montald is.

You need to find a point where you feel comfortable.

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If you are a /int/ermediate or /beg/inner in art, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.
Please stop replying to crabs, nodraws and howies and instead focus on posted works!

Completed: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98
New collaborative: https://hackmd.io/UMnZVhNITW-T2wZpHw6d0Q
w/ic/i: https://sites.google.com/site/ourwici/
Hardcore: https://hackmd.io/7k0XRnIQR6SValR77TDfZw?view

>WHERE to get study materials

>Want to practice figures?

>PYW and give your feedback
What can be improved?
Are there any resources videos or books you'd recommend to them?
Maybe a redline or a technique, be specific.
Try to reply to someone as you post your own work.

Previous thread >>7196389

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Wow, you really did it. I'm proud of you anon. If you keep doing these exercises you can actually develop real animation skills. That's the most valuable thing in this business. Keep at it buddy.

>> No.7199102

HOT. Nice work anon

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perhaps construction can be of some use... without good pen control drawing with lines seems impossible without contruction
Still need to try to draw something from imagination though

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Fuck yeah i love hands

>> No.7199125

Thank you~~~\o/

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(including hookers)

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>> No.7198840


>> No.7198844

>including hookers
Wasn't there an anon who infamously did this, and then the hooker showed her own art, and it was objectively far better than his own?
Anyway, just have sex with her, what are you doing wasting her time, and your money, by trying to converse with her about personal stuff like that?

>> No.7198845

don't have sex with hookers, under any circumstance

>> No.7198846

So just don't have sex then?

>> No.7198847

"don't have sex with hookers" =/= "don't have sex"

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is this a parody of a famous painting? It looks pretty distinct

>> No.7198096
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I would guess it's a parody of one of the many dead Christ paintings, but there are hundreds of them out there.

>> No.7198520

I thought the same thing too when I saw this. Honestly it's a testament to the impact those old paintings have, that with their knowledge of composition they were able to create images with such staying power.