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what are some recommended tutorials on how to draw faces/ expressions

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Andrew Loomis.

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thank you hopefully i don't fuck this up

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He created the xenomorph and other amazing creatures. One of the best artworks ever created?

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>it all looks like was made by edgy 13 year old
you don't think it's because all the edgy 13 year olds are trying to emulate him

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No edgy 13 year old has a unique visual language like HR giger, and how is there no "artism" in his art? Also just from a technical perspective his work just looks very skillfull.

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How do I animate like this? It's pretty cool for a silly meme.

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Obviously you need talent anon

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Yeah but obviously just making some characters in Blender won't suffice.
I just wish I would stop procrastinating.

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Ask Russia

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Yeah I heard Putin hacked the person that made this.

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I have a blog where I post my work. However, only a small fraction of the work I produce come out satisfactory(10%) and as a result I don't update much. And because I only produce successful drawings that sets higher expectations for future me. Which leads me to my next question? Is there any benefit for posting your failures and keeping it stored somewhere as opposed to deleting it?

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Yeah I just upload it all.

Your recent failures sting, but looking back at even the most hideously botched projects after a few years gives you nothing but some fond memories.

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If you know why its shit, just work on it. I don't see any point to upload stuff unless for critique.
Unless you enjoy having an art improvement blog or try to gather a following with fanart or at least finishef pieces I don't see why you'd upload loomis heads on a blog. (I don't get LAS either)

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I post everything I do, maybe it will inspire someone else out there.

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In my opinion it is good to keep everything you do, but you don't have to post every piece of shit online.

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I upload 90% of what I do on my tumblr, I'm a bit more selective with my instagram and deviantart (more because I'm too lazy to post everything I do on every platform). The other 10% are usually the stuff I scrapped pretty early in. Even the stuff I disliked enough to avoid posting I usually end up posting on slow days where I have nothing else to upload.

The anxiety about posting subpar stuff went away when my shitty art consistently got more notes than the stuff I was really proud of, which was kind of infuriating but also just a reminder that I'm my own worst critic and most people don't think very hard about it. I'm sure posting some subpar stuff has lost me a follower or two, but I think it's gained me more than it's lost me, normies seem to love unrefined shit.

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In times of etsy and amazon, were so called artists sell they art at a loss, is it even worth selling your art for a decent price? Is it better to sell it online or make your own exhibition? What's your experience?

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I'm insterested to draw in this type of drawing: Ligne Claire.

For more detail about this style: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ligne_claire

Any recommendation? I used traditional media to make the lines (pencils, rotring marker. Sometimes i used photoshop to review the drawn lines). After this i used photoshop or letraset marker to add the color.

Artists references? Hergé, of course. Winsor McCay, Moebius, Ozamu Tezuka, Walter Crane... etc.

Let's discuss about that.

Thanks (And sorry for my English.)

Pic related.

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bump with another reference: Winsor McCay Little Nemo in Slumberland.

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You may want a mapping nib if you're seeking to emulate McCay's look. It would look good in combination with watercolours but I haven't tried it yet.

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This is a gosh darn shape thread. Draw in a shape and post a shape. Or DIE.

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all I could think when I saw it

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Nice, but post a new shape!

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oh ye

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>tfw everyone will eventually die

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the Drawthread with our fundamental exercises.

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, do not give up, make someone proud.


>screenshot the image and post that instead

>change camera capture settings to something smaller

>send to computer and resize in MSPaint

→ →
There's a new (and cleaner) sticky in town! You can see it at:


TRY TO BE MORE ACTIVE AND GIVE PEOPLE SOME FEEDBACK - many studies are left unreplied, which is a bit sad and can be quite demotivating for the people that try their best to improve, but are left directionless.

OLD THREAD: >>2998514

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is there any advantage to drawing geometric shapes from imagination over just doing life drawing

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Here are some shapes from imagination >>3001336
It's completely fucking useless.

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I'll stick to drawing cups and bowls then

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Just because one anon does it wrong doesn't mean it's useless. If you can't draw a cube from imagination, you don't know perspective. If you don't know perspective, your observation drawings are probably going to be wonky anyway (and even if they're good, it's an exercise in copying rather than understanding if you can't replicate perspective from imagination). If you can't conjure a shape from imagination, how are you supposed to simplify the forms of your subject? Using shapes you don't even know how to draw?

The correct answer is "do both".

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>If you can't draw a cube from imagination, you don't know perspective.
And drawing from imagination won't help you in this case. Otherwise if you do know the perspective and can draw various shapes from imagination, you don't have to sit like an autist and do something that you already know how to do in hopes that you'll somehow become better. Like, at what? Your lines will be straighter?

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rug likes to rub his scent all over the place to mark his territory, he is now mayor of rugsville

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I'd like it if the cat made the alarm clock noise instead of a vibrate.

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dammit rug you scared me

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wondering how tf to get used a tablet.
been drawing circles/other meme exercises for a couple days but still have trouble getting lines right. Also can't really write at all-- not sure If I should be able to (legible but garbo)

also how to lineart? My lineart literally perpetually looks garbo-- I figured I should be trying to make smooth lines in one stroke or something which gave me decent but time consuming results (lots of ctrl+z) but watching time lapses I see artists getting good effects with line completion ala traditional materials (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvQ5l0edsq4). Coming from traditional where all I do is meme with a pen when inking I'm wondering wtf I'm doing wrong here.

what must I do to have my art not look garbo? exercises/videos/books of use?

tyvm and sorry if answered somewhere

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>he fell for the <$100 "beginner tablet" meme

Always makes me laugh. Is a weed whipper a good "beginner" substitute for a lumberjack in lieu of a chainsaw? Enjoy zooming in 300% to make a single line lmoa

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Just use it more and you'll get used to using it

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Just USE it for a while. There are no tricks, no shortcuts. I bet if you did a serious study of the op image, like spend 2 hours on it, you will be 500% more comfortable with the tablet.

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Buy a Cintiq if your goal is to draw/lineart on digital.

Otherwise, draw/ink in traditional, and scan your shit it. Intuos/Bamboo/etc... are only good for digital painting.

t. I used to have the same problem as you till I dunked $1500 into buying a Companion 2. Best purchase I ever made as not only has it paid for itself by now with commission work, getting a tablet with a screen helped me really push in digital.

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This board has no respect for art. It only encourages you to draw bland anatomies, anime, video games, porn, and other banal fantasies. The old masters are praised for their technical skills instead of their expression of the spiritual. The board's name should be changed to /ic/ - Illustration/Critique like it's supposed to be. There's no art to be found here, only technical advises.

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good thread

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>The old masters are praised for their technical skills instead of their expression of the spiritual.

Thats boring af. What about stylization?

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can u tell me what's wrong with my faces?
first I'll post one that came out good imo
I just don't know what makes this one different and how I can make the others like this

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this emo git up isn't very well done and steapunk is gross

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I thought that I'm just bad with using colors but now I'm convinced that I'm just bad with using my tablet
as you said I think the main difference is the form and proportions and not that I'm shit with painting in colors
so I will be praciticing on paper
I'm also thinking about buying a cintiq becuase I hate my medium wacom tablet
it doesn't feel accurate at all

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You use no perspective and all the facial features end up looking flat. The proportions are off too and that doesnt help. Learn to understand drawing faces with perspective

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I'll never understand how people can mess up a drawing from reference.
It's literally RIGHT THERE. Just LOOK AT IT.
Do you seriously think that that hair and hand placement are THAT far away from the face? Did you even do a drawing first? I'd understand if the symmetry or likeness wasn't accurate or even the values, but come the fuck ON dude. Correct angle placement and feature placement, especially when working with reference is god damn inexcusable. Use a fucking grid for fucks saje if you're having trouble. Use plumb lines and leveling lines too. Follow the sight size method. Jesus christ that made me so mad. Not just to you but in general for beginners.


>inb4 fuck off it was just a bait post xD u mad lmao?
If an artist cannot accurately draw from reference, let alone control the reference to their will, then that artist is shit and deserves to fall in a ditch.

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do not go full color yet. try to copy just using lines, or paint in grayscale. it ll help u to get a better sense of values, and proportions. Ur brain cant handle paint with color direct yet. Do grayscale studies, try to copy the proportions, and then u star to think using colors

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it's a masterpiece

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What's his name?

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Ukog, the Destroyer?

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nice goku

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Visit our Facebook Page for more info!

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Can I win with my most recent piece?

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The level of your art is high. You can't submit that piece because it doesn't fit the theme of the contest.


Check the rules here

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can i submit mine?

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Maybe it'd be fun to do interpretations of wonder lady, as the film is coming out, and there's probably lots of ways to do her that aren't as lame.

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point proven


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At least it's better than the 13 year old shitters trying to get free work off of their retarded OCs. But I can understand how the format of the image is kinda triggering especially recently.

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Here you go OP, hope you like it.

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How long did this take

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I like this style of art, what is it called?

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looks like an anime of some sort

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It reminds me of Guillem March's work. Look him up if you liek it, its very similar.

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who is yoshitaka amano?

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correct answer.

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French Psychedelic

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>that moment you realize fingerboxes are art

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>would you?

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Holy shit! a 1964 fluxus edition. I haven't seen one of those since 1963

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But art is only a meme!
Didnt they know that art is not real?

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Can someone give me their thoughts?

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Welcome to /ic/

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go to beginner thread, thanks.

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It's terrible.

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I have a question, lads.
So i am about a C/C+ drawer on Charcoal, C/C1- in paper, but when i try to use a tablet i'm a fucking retard.
I've had the Wacom tablet for like 8 years, but i have to draw in paper and just use the tablet to color. I figure it's the tactile/physical feedback, by now i should be used by it, but i am just not. I need to see the pen touching the paper instead of starring at screen.
Would buying a tablet screen be worth it or what?
Pic related, it's what i have.

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do americans really do this?

>> No.3000942

Download some custom brushes and play with it for a while until you get used to it

>> No.3000995

Assuming you're being serious, that tablet is meant for taking signatures, not drawing. Upgrading to at least a medium-size tablet will help.

That said, a good screen tablet is nice, still not as good as paper, but much closer. It won't make your drawings better but IME it should make you faster and more comfortable. If you can afford it, go for it.

>> No.3001056

I have no idea what this C bullshit is supposed to mean, but yeah that's a known problem when transferring from physical media to digital.
You have to try it for a longer time, like drawing on paper it's basically its own tool and you need to familiarise yourself with it.

Everyone I've spoken to has actually preferred using a non-screen tablet over all but the very best (and expensive) screen tablets, but I've never had a chance to get intimate with one.
It also helps that you don't try with a little tiny thing like that, I'm not sure what those tiny little bamboo pads are good for but they're definitely not good for art; your results may vary, but it's not doing you any favors.

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I never thought about the size having an impact...interesting, i just ordered some Chinese screen tablet about 3x the size to try it out.

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So, what is /ic/ opinion on tracing?
When is right when is wrong?
when is tracing and when is just reference?

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No, you guys have clearly never traced before.

There are many ways to trace, and it all depends on what you want.

Sometimes you just gotta use tracing to get a very tricky construction on a figure, or the perspective on an urban landscape.

Thus, you take a photograph, and you loosely sketch the lines over the photograph to get what you need. You then take that, and transform things to suit your scene.

You draw a semi-rough sketch while tracing, and use that as your underlay for whatever you're gonna make. This is perfectly fine, as you're not taking from something else 1:1 and you still apply your knowledge of the fundies to create something unique.

The only time you should ever be tracing 1:1 is when inking your own drawings.

>> No.3001472


Tracing is a very specific technique, where you literally draw over the lines in a reference, it's not always wrong either, just another tool.

But not all use of reference is tracing, try to get that in your thick head.

>> No.3001478

Putting your paper over a photograph, and drawing over it = tracing.

Only a literal retard would trace something 1:1. This is what shows me that you're still a beginner.

>> No.3001483

>Putting your paper over a photograph, and drawing over it = tracing.
This is exactly what I told you, you learn fast, mys tudent.

>Only a literal retard would trace something 1:1. This is what shows me that you're still a beginner.
No rules, only tools.

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Very stilted as a kind of patchwork technique. It's funny because a lot of artists are still learning on the job, at least he's getting paid. It's better to use softer lead and search around for your composition than it is to trace.

I think Rockwell was justified in using cameras, projectors and drafting trace paper... He took his own photographs and altered his compositions on canvas. It seems very elaborate but look at the results, I'd rather have one of his oil paintings than the pictures he took!

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