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Is there a way to salvage this design? Is it unsalvagable? Or is it just the colors and patterns? What makes a good design?
It’s a male, cross dressing, spider. The gold tooth is required to stay on for story reasons. He is from the mob.

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It’s to fix the bigger issues first.
Question for you. In this>>4772392
image do you know what the first, second, and third characters are supposed to be?

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No, but is it actually important?
Is the animal basis for the designs important to the show? Does the viewer really need to know the inspiration behind the designs in this instance?

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what the fuck is this garbage? is it from tumblr?

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Actually yes. The animal they are pertains to their sin. So if you can’t tell which animal they are the design is failing. Just hanker a guess what animals they’re supposed to be.

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It’s a show in production funded by Patreon or something. It’s apparently under discussion for a real show. It was made by a deviantart artist. Or really a sparkle dog.

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Do you guys know any good resources for studying cel/hand drawn animation?

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The Animator's Survival Kit

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Cats (2019)

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Lol dude, do you live under a rock or something? It's "Brand New Animal"

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I recently finished this but I feel like it needs something else. I just don't know what.

This is a pinup/cover for a project I am working on.

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Try dramatic lighting. Make the whole front of the nun and the faces of the two priests darker/shadowy and put some hard bright edges on the nuns outline of her hood and the shoulders of her gown. Darken her pupils to give a more discernible expression as it looks a bit vacant and unfocused. The blue symbol on the stained glass is off center a bit and the curved lines are wobbly and the random shading on the red and yellow feels distracting and weird, maybe just make it all illuminated. Also try darkening the edges of the scene, the brickwork

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Does anyone have a link to Kyle T. Webster's Photoshop brushes? They're hidden behind Adobe Creative Cloud these days.

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cgpeers anon

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>reference pics?
>i just pose naked in the mirror and take a pic

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Did this warrant making a thread?
Art hoes do this all the time though.

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an anime thread died for this

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Paint this image while maintaining the colors and composition to your best ability

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But I don't even like this image.

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No. Why should I?

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what era and place is this image representing

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Tudor England

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It's appeal a fundamental?

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Thanks, I learned a few things anon.

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looks weird and different
if they all looked like Salior Moon what would the point be

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It's unappealing because sailor moon is drawn as an albino negro woman. It's a very scary looking image

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fuck BLM infesting the art field

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You better study real anatomy then simplify it howerver you want.

So many artists these days have no fucking clue how do the legs attach to the torso, what the pelvis is supposed to look like and they have no concept of obliques, literally never heard about the sides muscules, and that makes their character a fucking round barrel with abdomen smoothly transitioning into the back.

Fuckload of such artists on Pixiv, here, and even some printed doujins, artsts learning mistakes from other artists, I blame 5 minute guides and shit like this.

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I can agree, as a artist learning my self I strive for the torso anatomy

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His jokes aren’t even that bad or obnoxious, you stinky doodoo poopedpants retards. And many times, remembering one of his dumb jokes actually helps me remember the concept he’s joking about, which is the whole reason he does them in the first place. Of all the anatomy instrucion I’ve watched and read, Proko is probably the most well-balanced between being concise, informative, and accessible.

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what the hell this is missing so much muscle groups. don't use this trash guide.

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How do I imitate the brush used for the lineart in pic related in sai2?

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Go back to chickenscratching with your hard rounds nigger. Linelets, swerve.

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Massive retard.

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probably a g-pen type brush.

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Seething linelet.

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>applying to art school to be a concept artist
>essay questions want me to to have a meaningful conviction
>just want to play vidya and draw cool things
>want to put jk rowling as an inspo because radfem but afraid of being canceled
>other inspirations dont really do anything except draw for meaningless consumer entertainment

what do

pic related

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big brain and p based

The application forms are all the same and you just select which course youre applying for so yea i dont know what to say lmao

i think ill just go along with the question and put adam lucidpixul and marcco bucci

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>my 3 artists
I recognize Michelangelo, Sakamichan, and Hitler as the most meta defining artists to influence me. Each individuals art is nothing extraordinary, but their approach to art and consequences of their success (or failure) has molded new generations of artists.

Michelangelo’s success is a product of his story telling. He was the protean artist who established the diva behavior and set the precedent that an artists showmanship is more important than the art they create. For the Sistine chapel, he essentially created a biblical fanart comic that everyone hated because it was too cartoony and stylized, but the real art was in the drama he created about going blind and despising the popes commission which made his work everlasting. From Michelangelo I learned that my stories are more important than the quality of my art.

Sakamichan is another category defining artist. She successfully monetized fan service, but at the cost of her artwork’s soul. The twisted forms of her glossy, airbrushed pinups leave her factory line so fast that she doesn’t even count the fingers. Speed over quality control allows her to operate at an economy of scale to earn millions a year. Her biggest contribution to artists is the army of clones that she trains preying on their greed - mercenaries drawing for money. From Sakamichan I learned that capturing the economy of art is more important than the quality of my art.

Finally, Hitler has the most important influence on artists. It is his failure to make it as an artist that drives artists forward through fear. His failure is why I want to cultivate new artists and inspire others to continue creating because I fear what people will pursue without their art. From Hitler, I learned that acceptance is more important than the quality of my art.

My motivations for attending art school do not come from improving the quality of my art. I want to be surround by other artists and learn how they want to change the art meta.

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>someone spent time writing this

>> No.4772407

LOL art center is pozzed now

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If you're here for 1 hour/day you write more than that on a daily basis.

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Post youtube artists which inspired you when you were starting out.

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As a kid I like pleur fleur? I think that was her name. Don’t really watch her anymore but I thought her sketchbooks were mindblowing at the time.

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I liked a few of jazza's early videos, and recently discovered he's the biggest shill now..

>> No.4772199

Just sinix

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What makes it obvious when an anime/manga illustration was created by a westerner?
I'd like to ignore coloring and shading for now.

My art teacher (western herself) said it's all in the lineart. I don't quite understand though.
Is the feature placement better? Does asian manga/anime make the volume of a body look more feasible?
I don't get it.

What are your thoughts?

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It's definitely the anime style deviation as it filters people with such efficiency people rarely stick around to ever read their stories (which are ironically enough are almost always faithful rip off of past series). Too many western are just indoctrinated with needing their own style that it never looks authentic regardless of how skills they are, pic related is a great example is this.

>> No.4772218

Cultural differences is a huge factor too. Japanese/ asian in general value lines while western valued 3 dimention

>> No.4772246

>anime style deviation as it filters people
Douman Seiman and Hayashida are great examples why this is bullshit.
>needing their own style
Start drawing and after enough time you'll end up with your own style too... Even in sub genre like shoujo

Good artists value both.
Also I'm having problem identifying what this "line art" is.

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Nothing, OP is just a colossal faggot who posted the worst image he could find rather than acknowledging some of the better artists, 100% of these thread are all the same.

For anime you can look at mehdiaouichaoui or Bahi Jd. And for Manga you can look at artists like Tony Valente who's art looks just the same
as any other Shonen manga art style.

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The fuck are you saying

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My brother drew this, is this a specific style or aesthetic? What do you think?

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Does he take vitamin? Well take them out of his hands because that's LSD

>> No.4772133

i think he's probably mentally ill.

>> No.4772134

He has great promise

>> No.4772137

reminds me of the machine fairies from the other dimension

>> No.4772142

>my brother
beg trash

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most anons say they are too depressed to draw ,but is anyone else too depressed to do anything other than drawing?

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you dont realize that to me everything in the world is boring as shit

>> No.4772020

doesn't matter, stop trying to have good ideas and just take any idea & run with it as far as you can. just think laterally and then revise what you end up with. try to determine why it's boring. to recognize something is uninteresting requires to to have a notion of what would be a more interesting outcome.

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you're boring as shit, that's why you can't draw.

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I've come to realize in the past 3 months that the world is a complete shithole, and the overseers of my country (usa) don't give a single fuck about my well being, and will gladely kill us dead is it futhers their own goals while pretending to be hapless victims. All of them. Because of I've abandoned all hope being able to live a comfortable life unaffected by someone else virtue signaling and selfness, and have turned inward because at this point art is both my salvation, and fighting chance out of this hellhole. Fuck my stupid ass friends that support anarchy because they chosen to be sad failures, fuck this bullshit pandemic that costed me my fucking job, fuck social media, fuck riots, double fuck this election, fuck everything. I'm going to work ass, and I'm gonna fucking make it and when i do I'm getting the fuck out of here. I've finally had enough and the burning rage for this planet I has empowered me take my life back into my hands and GIT FUCKING GOOD.

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I’m not depressed, I’m just too lazy to do my other hobbies. I keep drawing because I feel like I have momentum. New hobbies will have such a steep learning curve, and I’ll lose time drawing.

It’s a guilty pleasure. It’s a drug. It’s my vice. I’m addicted and ashamed. My family and friends ask me what I do all day, and I tell them I am drawing. They always ask to see my drawings, but I don’t show them because I draw anime tiddies and I’m a grown man.

I have a secret life. I feel like a degenerate. I’m on /ic/ for 12hrs a day fishing for (You)s with fresh drawings. I’m interacting with pedos and anons who are half my age. Drawing is a cruel mistress that brings bad company.

I wake up in the morning, craving the day’s drawing session. I need my dose of drugs. I can’t draw on the weekends because I have social obligations. I get bad drawing withdrawal. I get antsy and grumpy, I talk about drawing with friends, but quickly change the subject when they ask to see my work. The lust grows, and by Monday I have so much pent up frustration I have to binge draw a bunch of boobs and butts to quench the thirst.

I sneak away any chance I get to put pen on paper. I ask people when they will be busy, so I can get alone time with my mistress. A quick study, just for 10minutes, but it turns into 4hrs of gritty sketching, strewn pens, paper, ink, and erasure shavings. 40 tabs are open with references. My camera roll is filled with WIP photos taken at rakish angles with the tools framed in sexy poses.

My life has lost all purpose except to feed the hunger for drawing. I guess that makes me depressed.

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I haven't experience it myself nor have i seen one, but is it possible for an artist to have such as a night and day difference in ability with traditional / digital drawing?

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Yes we exist, It's pretty embarrassing when you're a well paid (digital) professional artist who draws worse than amateur artist friends when you hang out to draw.

>> No.4772214


>> No.4772244

Aahhah I can relate so damn well to this holy fuck
I've got a few friends who I haven't made it yet but they draw so much better than me it's embarassing

>> No.4772253

no, unless youre drawing with a mouse or using vectors or something

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>who I haven't made it yet

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is to bury the pain

bury the plains

i planned to paint a landscape but uh

forgot to flow vilppu you knew

orange kangaroo fetus weed us down

im a sad clown

lost my damn stylus pen again for the second

time in a row dont go for me now im posting

pee why double u means i dont feel ya critique

you must be lackin lazer boy attackin on the

chan times four times four is sixteen times

i never saw the point of rhymes

and every day still tickin my wrist still clickin

and the tell me fundies are the sundries

that'll get my ass out the art ghetto i see

artwork or is it critique? regardless im

bothered by the generals and general lack

of respect for the common man and every

other thread is like how do i draw like this

dude cmon man dont you remember? before

This crab uzbekistan land lan partyin up

in my thrill zilla zine peachy keen

just draw man cmon

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kys retard wrong board

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Why You Should Copy Anime:

**Strive for quantity AND quality.**

Anime Studying:
>Copy anime references exactly and draw them from memory. Use illustrations, screenshots, anime figures, 3D models, etc.
>Don’t copy recklessly. Use construction, color theory, and other fundamental concepts to rehearse a drawing process that you can later easily manipulate for original artwork.
>Post all of your anime studies. Post even when you’re told not to. Create an art community that actually draws and improves together instead of just talking about it.
>Number your attempts and link to your previous posts.
>Critiquers should lead by example by posting their studies.

General Anime Style Discussion:
>Questions about achieving certain styles/techniques/compositions etc.
>Drawing methods, study habits, resources, tutorials, tools, software, etc
>Be specific and try to post a sample of your study attempts before asking for help.

**Draw copies from good anime styled references to mindfully up our mileage, internalize appealing aesthetics, and learn from each other’s processes and knowledge.**

Japanese Book Collection:

Recommended Resources:

Previous Thread:

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I thought it was about tranny anime.

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Just admit you want to draw traps, they encompass the elegance and beauty of a 2d grill and come with their very own feminine benis.

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File: 1.82 MB, 2000x3000, nfacg.org (137).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Last pose

>> No.4771999

>draw a girl
>call it a boy

It's too all easy

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please ignore the shitty shading. this is still a work in progress!
so i’m trying to draw ted bundy, and he seems very...dead inside. i’m trying to make him look evil. any ideas on how i can accomplish this?

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Ted bundy doesn't look evil though. He looked like a normal guy you'd pass by at the grocery store or on a walk. Thats what made him interesting to so many people.

>> No.4772003

He wasn’t just good looking. Women described him as charming and handsome which is why he duped so many of them into his car.

>> No.4772005

Yep, exactly.

>> No.4772041

Sure, swing above your weight class, but if you try to go straight for the most advanced techniques without comprehending the things they are based on, you will flounder.

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You will call this thread a larp, I don't give a fuck, I'm not post any evidence as to not dox myself and my friend.

I don't give a fuck if you really need some evidence, just call this shit a larp, I don't give a fuck.
But here's my story.

>Be me, retarded dumb teenager
>Used to think I was a talentless cuck
>Draw for fun, never put too much care into my art
>Had some friend
>This friend I used to think he was like a genius and he was like the guy I admired
>Everytime I saw him he was playing piano, every day for hours
>He taught me about bach, beethoven, the other geniuses in clasical music
>He showed me his drawings when he was younger before he dropped art for music
>He was much much better than me
>He was all day working and always told me about working hard to become really good
>I felt I will never reach this guy level
>Eventually he leaves because his mother married an american and they went to the US
>Lost his contact during at least 7 years
>I kept drawing for fun but I've felt like a hack compared to this guy and I mentally tortured myself I was not putting the effort to become like him
>Eventually I learned how to to practice and Started to improve in the last two years faster than the rest of my life
>Still felt like a fraud and that I wasn't putting enought effort
>By chance I found his blog which let me found his twitter and youtube channel
>In the mean time I kept studying more and more, even I got into music and are studying music composition since january
>Eventually made a song after a couple months of study
>My friend releases a new song today
>Start to listen
>It's literally worse than my song
>I used to think he by now would be literally at the level of lang lang or Lynzst

I realized then he lacked talent, and It doesn't matter how much he will try, he will never be a genius
I realized I was the talented guy all the time, because I've made a song in 3 months of study that is a bit more complex and better than most average newgrounds EDM guys

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>> No.4771826

tl;dr you utilized effective practice techniques and had the drive to continue because you enjoyed it
That's not talent, retard.

>> No.4771827

give up in life you faggot

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Talent is the end of result innate protential +hard work+ good resources over a long period of time, and some that you completely overlooked were 1) your ability to precieve you friends ability when you were younger and even more important 2) How work you friend was actually putting in when you both grew apart, and the fact that it's not even mentioned in this shitty anecdote lets me know you don't even know, nor care. Also find it quite convenient for you to not mention how good you actually draw as well, or is it reason the why you're dipping into music?
Post work and song.

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>> No.4771908


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He speaks about countours and making lines as we see them, EXACT AND PRECISE now even with restatements that he mentions I'm taking far too long 40 minutes on something that I know shouldn't take that long
this just sucks the fun out of drawing, how does this even work? am i doing it wrong?

>> No.4771799

The beginning contour is supposed to be have inaccuracies, almost nobody can draw an outline alone with a complex object without mistakes. Draw it with the lightest stroke possible and use it as a manner of suggestion when you start filling in your shapes..

>> No.4771821

plural dynamic pulsar cohesion.

justdont try andswallow any keys

>> No.4771846

I would go so far as to say actually nobody. Even Kim Jung Gi, who I would consider the most skilled free-hand draftsman alive today, still makes mistakes.

>> No.4771850

Take your meds.

>> No.4771899

Seems I completely misunderstood that, my fault then.
So, right now I prefer to draw by doing shapes and then polishing it, eviston.
Same but with lines then? Cool, thank you

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