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Hey there guys. I can’t afford art school that’s why I’m choosing the self study route. Can you guys give a roadmap on becoming a concept artist?

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I was able to make this on 90 minutes.

Good or bad?

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fuck off cris

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Let him cook

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now I’m fucking pissed

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What's the easiest and fastest way to ink a sketch?

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a steady hand and confidence

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pay a professional to do it for you. the western comic way

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literally every published comic in every country is paying a professional to do all of it

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The more thorough and informative your sketch is to you, the faster it is to ink when you can focus on the inking and not need to make new decisions during it

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Make the sketch as complete as you can

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I'm started a pre-beg to beg gesture drawing group a few days ago. We now have a few members. Anyone can join though. I post poses, we draw poses gesturally or do sketches, any amount of time, just a way to get work out and have positive community. Something casual. No toxic critique and I'll be pretty zero tolerance on uninviting anyone not there to draw. Open to suggestions via DM but keeping it pretty minimalist. It's my group.

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A link would help.

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>No toxic critique
Nigga, do you know where you're posting this?

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It's been great so far honestly. Trying to place and debase others doesn't help anyone get any better at drawing and makes it less fun to draw so it's not welcome.

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>just draws
>draws a fuckton, constant practise
>draws for fun
>never improves
How does /ic/ explain this?

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you've made this thread dozens of times, come up with some fresh bait please

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>draws a fuckton, constant practise
can you quantify that? I can accounted for over 10,000 drawings of my own, but how much drawings can the most documented human in the history of internet known for?

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I've never drawn in my life, I'm starting to practice now, I'm on day 2 and I managed to draw this pepe.

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very good start!
you are a breath of fresh air after I waded though the filth of nodraw howie's thread >>7059595

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drawing a pepe is a rite of passage, i wish more newfags started there OP with pepe, anyways check this out:

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But after 1-2 hours my neck hurts like FUCKING CRAZY. And the angle of my neck isn't even that bad. How do y'all draw like this?
I guess I'll just alternate between using the desk arm mount and putting the tablet on my desk?

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>How do y'all draw like this
You don't
Prop it up, a stand or an arm or something

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nta but even with a stand my back is hunched over and fucked up, and my arm gets tired after a while. Am I just weak?

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I take a break every 20 minutes to stretch. and get up every hour.

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if it's a screenless tablet, does it matter if it's flat or angled?

I put a flat board on my lap

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angled is better for your wrist

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Show us your own takes on existing characters. The only rules are that you have to actually draw and ideally explain your thought process.

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Yikes to what? Be specific

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>It's another vivziepop thread

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It doesn’t have to be. Post your own redesign

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Doesn’t need to be digital just post good looking stuff >:}

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If everyone is unique, then no one will be

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has anyone else gone through massive artstyle changes over the years?

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i mean yeah , its called studying and using or breaking those rules. Most people do it

anyways sick art

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could have used a better example for the OP
do you post your art anywhere? i like it, might use for some personal projects

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i have a really small account where i post a couple colored sketches here and there but i barely use it. as a whole my artstyle is too inconsistent, im not sure for what you could use it for.
im not big into gradients anymore but i still work a lot with colores lines! id post some examples but its mostly vtuber fanart.

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Do you like funamusea (mogrko castle, wadanohara, grey garden) by any chance

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i do! but also, most of my inspo comes from old moe manga and anime, and a bit from the megaman zero games.

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What's a good course on stylised rendering?

I was underwhelmed by this one.

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I wish someone shared the expansion packs

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ahmed aldoori course, forgot the name but it take you through the basics to full illustration render in a very structured and comprehensive way
you might find it for free in the video course gen or somewhere else

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Med's map

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poor little beggy

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I've only skimmed through it but isn't this the main brush he uses? and round bristle mixer for blending.

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If you are a /int/ermediate or /beg/inner in art, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.

Completed: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98
New collaborative: https://hackmd.io/UMnZVhNITW-T2wZpHw6d0Q
w/ic/i: https://sites.google.com/site/ourwici/
Hardcore: https://hackmd.io/7k0XRnIQR6SValR77TDfZw?view

>WHERE to get study materials

>PYW and give your feedback
What can be improved? are there any resources videos or books you'd recommend to them? maybe a redline or a technique, be specific

Previous thread: >>7073698

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basically there are so many mistakes, but I think its because you're diving off into the deep end. Try tracing some art you like and make notes of what you notice. Practice the parts you don't understand. Start with fundamentals.

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it readable and works but very schematic . it not some big thing need to be changed but you learn more and observe more and be more structural about what you do but this is controversial

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He's just a little guy

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Which artists draw the best hands?
How did you learn to draw hands?

Post guides to draw hands.
>Taco has a bunch of tips
>Morpho hands and feet

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an art board that only allows drawn comments would be pretty cool, there was a website like that but i forgot the name. tegaki i think it was called

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no nigga

this board SOMETIMES is as bad as /co/. howie threads are a great example of this. literal autists making worthless threads

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A jew in a thankfully defunct jewish comic magazine depicting a half-jew actor.

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Woah cool shapes. New artist to follow.
Can't unsee her left leg turning into her left arm tho lol.

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he draws like a pedo

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Doodled this in a lobby waiting for a GI appointment thought it was funny

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I laughed. The thought of walking by some guy doodling this while waiting for his ass to get probed just warmed my soul.

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What makes fromsoftware artstyle so appealing to normies?

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>steal from real life
It's called reference. Such hostile word choice.

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Whenever i see western medeval art with proper armor design, it tends to look rather generic and bland
But with fromsoft's design the armor has a distinct look to each character

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The porn carries the game communities ngl

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Elden Ring is greater than the sum of its parts, it's how the art style fits withing the bigger picture that is most appealing.

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for me referencing is a bit more transformative
but I don't think stealing (in art) is bad either, artists should do it more if anything

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Any books, articles, or something on landscape/city drawing?
I do want to copy from real life (not 100% from imagination), but would like to make a more stylized version of it

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>ai roach trying to pass his shit as real

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Any good books that you recommend?
Never said it was mine

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shut the fuck up retard
100% intentional
get the fuck out of here your techbro kind is not welcome here
fake fucking "haha oopsie XD" attitude

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>Any good books that you recommend?
Not in particular; just look around, there are plenty of good options.

If you know nothing, even a low-quality book will teach you something. The most important is heavy practice anyway. Infinitely better to have a low-quality book and intense practice, rather than Le Best Book Ever and do nothing.

(Like, most people here simply hoard and barely draw anyway).

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Thanks, thats unironically good advice
I just want to draw landscape, if you take everything with malice, thats a (you) problem

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What’s the secret to making visually appealing side profiles? should they be realistic or exaggerated? How do you avoid sameface?

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So you were the guy who posted the other thread? You posted your own work, pretending it was someone else. Shame on you!

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Appeal > quality

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Unspecific questions will only get you vague answers. There isn't one universal way to approach learning art. Pyw and share what you aspire to

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This looks like one of those soulless corpo art i fucking hate the most jesus christ.... please no more. If there is a hell for artists then i can imagine it as being there and forced to draw this cancer. Why the hell would somebody even draw that ? Did parents beat them ? Did somebody forced their hand ? What kind of fucking lunatic do shit like this and for what ? Just to torture people ? Even absolute dogshit art produced by mentally retarded kid is better then this cancer. Why ? Why this was even allowed to be created ? Why nobody stopped them now we have to look at it. If there is a list of sins you should never commit this is in top 10. Why ? Why is this happening ???

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you are confusing soulless corpo art with low effort art. Corpo art attempts to be as bland and inoffensive as possible (which ends up wrapping around to being offensive and annoying to look at) while the drawing in question is pretty obviously just someone trying to shit out a quick comic

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this crowd is exactly what killed geek culture and turned dnd into queer club

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appeal = quality

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Nice execution, but why would I care. I have no idea who these people were, what their clothes mean, etc. Completely alien.

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I looks cool

>> No.7076065

boring scene
and I don't like how some characters have totally different lighting
overall it is le bad

there's a big financial and national interest in shilling old art

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>Do you feel anything?
It was a question asking about subjective opinion. Do you feel things about commissioned portraits? There's just far more interesting works from the artist, things that tell more of a story or show of his own creativity more adequately.
I judge a band by the feeling that I get when I listen to different elements of it. Even objectively shitty music can have its charms. My favorites are those that tell a story, something that I can create a visual for in my mind.
That's supposed to be Christ, but he's wringing his hands in his lap after resurrection.

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>My favorites are those that tell a story, something that I can create a visual for in my mind.
that's fine. it's just that some works of art are beyond linear, "easy" storytelling. there are certain tropes in art that just work. Like think of the paintings by Caspar David Friedrich, there is a dramatic, moody landscape and most of the time, you have a figure in the painting, sometimes with their back to the viewer, so we easily identify with the awe-inspiring view of the landscape.

Then there's all this rather abstract stuff like the writings of Kafka, Beckett, Joyce. And there's paintings by Cecily Brown, Albert Oehlen, Richard Diebenkorn. And maybe you look at Tarkowsky, Lynch, Jodorowsky, where there's often no easy way to interprete or analyse the work that is without ambiguity.

So yeah, sometimes even commissioned paintings and maybe also Rembrandt's Nachwache can evoke some kind of awe in you. Or you find that certain postures and gestures may contain hidden meanings.

An afterthought: So, you sit there in front of your computer, tablet or phone that you use for messaging, emails, paying bills, watching youtube and porn and you search "Rembrandt Nachtwache", which originally is a 12 by 14.5 feet painting, oil on canvas. And you look at one measily JPEG that is most likely too dark, tiny resolution, has reflections and obviously has cose to nothing to do with standing in front of the real thing. so you stare at these lit up pixels and no screen in the entire world can properly display the color black, to name just one tiny inadequacy. you then seriously sit there and conclude: "i don't feel it, this must be garbage" ...