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>this kills the artist

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>doesnt know about the forearm
someday, little beg, you may understand true suffering

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nobody cares if you can't draw every flexor, simple assymetry is fine.
people will definitely shit on you for not drawing hands good.

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I'm doing a 200 hands challenge in 1 week, 3 days in, I'm at 90 hands, I can do 120 today. Wish me, luck boys.

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AI cant draw hands either, i think you are good

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Meh. You have a live nude model at your literal fingertips. You just have to learn to draw gestures.
Here are some tips that should help give you a clue on how to get a clue.

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Each anon can add part of the plot one image at a time, maybe with some brief line of text in the post

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ai can't do that

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Our hero hears "AI can't do that" and ponder what to do.

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Previous thread: >>6104681

What is /ALT/?
If you're looking for a place to post your cartooning then you've found the right general. This is /ic/s 1st and only merged hub where both Eastern and Western stylization can coexist peacefully, hence the double title.
>Rules & Guidelines
(1) Any form of cartooning is welcome; so submit and receive feedback from others. (2) Please resize your images before posting. (3) Share your knowledge and (4) Remember to not be afraid of asking for critique. Most importantly, keep discussion at a civil level
>I came for anime. Why does the image OP say cartoons general?
To distinguish from the anime study thread (janitor supported). Please post your studies there and personal work goes here.
>Community Resources

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Really like your shapes, especially that smoke, reminds me of my character's curls that I've been trying to draw in a fun way lately. Any advice on how to be this loose and still make it look stylish?

Your colors are a bit noncommital, I'd either go with... wait a second.

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The main problem is it's hard to see, so either increase contrast, limit palette or make it so colors clash out way harder in order to increase readability.
Here are some extreme examples.

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Good to see a new thread up, just an update on something I'm working on.

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toning down brightness and contrast in the bg and going full sticker mode on the bottom ones

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Im having a really hard time transitioning into digital drawing.
I've been trying it for a couple weeks now but I cant even draw basic shapes or volumes without them looking absolutely retarded.
Im using a screenless tablet and it is absolutely not intuitive at all.

I refuse to blame the tool since I know for a fact a lot of great digital art has been done with screenless tablets, but I cant seem to get the hang of it.

What are some exercises that I could make to try and get used to this new medium? Im getting pretty frustrated, I feel as if I somehow had to learn to draw from the absolute beginning.

Or maybe I should give up and get a screen tablet?

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unironically try dexterity exercises like in Vilppu's drawing manual or Arthur Guptill's inking book

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Draw this in your style

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I tried

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if she put boobah on other side of string would be better

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Is this what you were thinking?

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any more songs which name check visual artists such as these?

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>do hundreds of hours of autistic perspective and anatomy exercises
>still can't draw an anime face that looks three-dimensional

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they're the only people besides companies who pay for art, they matter the most.

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Also I noticed westerners tend to take commissions at a 1:10 rate to Japanese, leading to burnout much quicker.

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a dumb esl question
>1:10 rate to Japanese
does this mean less than Japanese people?

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Yes. I think he means that westerners demand one-tenth the amount that Japs do

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Westoids are like this for everything. Ask /lit/ how to learn French and they'll tell you to first become fluent in Latin and Ancient Greek

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Its about modern war.

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german text: it says that everything was destroyed

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thanks for reading

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really enjoyed it,
your message is on point.
has that just-right blend of creeping gritty suspiciously too real irony that makes you shiver in a good way when you find a comic done just right. like a watchmen feeling.
happy to read, great stuff op.
thanks for the share.

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>has that just-right blend of creeping gritty suspiciously too real irony that makes you shiver in a good way when you find a comic done just right. like a watchmen feeling.

happy to read this

thx anon

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>read keys to drawing because /ic/ shills it so hard
>one of the first exercises is to find a mirror and draw your own eyes
>"see how much better your drawing will look when you copy what you see?!"
>literally looks like the same shit as every other time i try to draw eyes without reference

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Yeah retard you're a beginner. And if your eyes look the same with reference and without (which I'm assuming is shit) you need to learn to observe better, which is what the book is gonna try to teach you if you actually make it past the first chapter somehow.

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You're at a beginner level so it's not going to look great. It's the same for anyone doing this for the first time. The book teaches you how to deal with this but you're still going to have to practice and maybe re-do the exercises multiple times to really get it down.

Basically the usual when it comes to learning how to draw.

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making drawing your own eyes one of the very first exercises is stupid, and not something an absolute beginner who can't draw simple shapes properly should do

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The book implies it's meant to look significantly better after just one attempt at observational drawing. I'm not getting any eureka moments; I'm still not exactly sure where to start, how to frame it, what should be a line and what shouldn't

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>not something an absolute beginner who can't draw simple shapes properly should do

Then the only thing to do is work on them together. Work on your simple shapes for one portion of time and then study the book for another.

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Post the specs of whatever laptop/desktop you use to make art.
Pic related is my laptop.

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thanks friend, I will, I'm currently grinding hands, doing 200 in a week. wish me luck.

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Post your art

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What do about AI niggers? Pic related is my painting altered by Skynet.

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its not fair ic brehs and sists

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this ai is worse than illustrat tbqh

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Did pollock practice fundies? Did he draw boxes

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do art movements and styles get worse and worse as years go on?

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Did Rembrandt practice fundies? Who could he paint heads when Loomis didn't even exist back then????

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loomis didnt invent fundies

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>He just takes in cash
he died 66 years ago

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whats it like being an artist with photographic memory

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photographic memory doesn't exist

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Find out for yourself, practice remembering a picture you look at.

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What do you think of this book?

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Bump. Need ppl's opinions too.

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Good book, i was setting it off when i was a beg for then im gonna be needing thinking about composition and forgot about it. 5 years later i read it in one sitting. Very short, nothing groundbreaking, just fundamentals of composition, really should be reading it when i was starting, learned almost nothing but it's great for complete beg.

>> No.6127595

Depends, it's great if you actually apply the things you read in the book to your own work, but it's a waste of time if you just read it

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u could probably get the same thing from copying movie shots and angles

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these courses cost $399 and their students work looks like this

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what exactly was it?

>> No.6127545

Your typical western how to draw anime cash grab.

>> No.6127567

>An Ethan Becker collaboration
that explains this thread

>> No.6127593

This >>6127545
It was advertised like crazy and I fell for the bait. I believe I caught on to how bad it was and got a refund for it.

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scrolling through the site the average art looks around the point where post artists is just comfortable with their style and remain for the rest of their lives. pic related is the only dude that's GMI.

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Right now i can only do some 30 dollar coom commission tier shit. My peak will probably look like the average drawing on Pinterest How did those grand master made those Epic illustration without all this pirated shit i have. Is there any for a low IQ artist like myself

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Post influence + work

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No ima crab you until the day youre pro

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Sadly, my work isn't good enough to warrant posting yet.

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i come here to read dumb posts for 5 minutes, not actually contribute

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These are my favorite drawings from the year. Influences are about the same

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you have a grotesque taste

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is sai a dead program? its the only program i've ever used and as far as i can tell it does everything csp/ps/procreate does for the most part, but i never see anyone talk about it anymore.

>> No.6127126

sai has been old news for a decade OP

>> No.6127139

>is sai a dead program?
> its the only program i've ever used
Not my problem
> and as far as i can tell it does everything csp/ps/procreate does for the most part, but i never see anyone talk about it anymore.
Not really, but use whatever you want. I see no point in using a dead program when you can pirate better software so easily

>> No.6127141

some artists I follow still use it for line drawings cuz it's fast

>> No.6127158

i use sai 2, csp has many buttons. Except for some features like text or liquify or Photoshop effects, sai 2 has everything I need.

>> No.6127280

>sai a dead program
sai is mostly for potato turd world pcs and old laptops that can't handle any other program

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>"Stop posting. Don't train the AI. Get off the grid. Quit your job, live in a forest, kill everyone that you can see approaching."

>> No.6127277

>He wastes his short existence paralyzed by the options instead of settling on one and going through with it no matter what

You are going to have to learn through pain, that there is no avoiding suffering, there's only choosing your own poison and finding meaning on it

>> No.6127289

I currently work as a 1st level supporter and use the time between the calls (5-25min) for drawing/painting

I also don't give a shit about work quality and accountability, so I leave all the email work and returning tickets to my colleagues, therefore I have even more time for art.

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fucking based.

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you're doing it wrong:


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