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i find coloring to be a slog

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Adding details and polishing. The main idea's already there, what the fuck more do you need.

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The part where I force myself to start

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This. Line art and rendering. It's tedious, and it makes the picture look worse than it was before.

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Oh, also facial expressions can be hard.

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I've found this on normiebook.

I guess you fags would enjoy making it a meme.

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isn't this actually a test for autism?
like if your baby is making tall, structurally sound lego towers, there might actually be something wrong with him

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Still better than 90% of /ic/

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it's literally shit on a canvas

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Water color is just horrible.
If only oil paint weren´t toxic... those toodlers would be better off with colored pencils.

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That's cute, I'm amazed how well behaved they all are. Why can't all babies be like that?

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I've really been trying to learn this software, I really have but its really fighting back hard.
Ive managed to make a few tools and apart from the tag system failing utterly, things have gone relatively smoothly (unlike the lining and input).
However when using the paint bucket tool, I get this. I havent tinkered with any layer settings at all. Is this normal?

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Don't know the program, but the first thing that comes to my mind is the sudden switching of photoshop from RGB to CMYK. Maybe that's what happened here

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What is the problem?

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When I selected that colour on the wheel and paint bucketed it onto the canvas, it made a completely different colour

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how the fuck do you hold the pencil?

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Did he tried to use his foot as a reference?

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literally one gooogle away anon, please stop calling people crab. This word used to mean something now it's just a dumb insult on /ic/ to substitute cuck or soy

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wow you guys are fucking trash

this place is a garbage DUMP

simple yet very technical question gets answered and all the collective here can do is troll, fucking shaking my head off my shoulders

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Look up overhand grip.

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can't go wrong with tripod
drawing from the shoulder is more important than grip desu

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Opinions on making free ad paintings for companies, not only to have a strong portfolio but maybe I can get noticed by them?

Like coca cola paintings?

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These companies find stuff like that creepy, if they pay for it, they control it, they have a formula for every action they make, you can't just walk up to them and make a casual deal without them having to run it through their administration and laywers for months

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are they going to sue me over free ads?

There was some artists that got a job a bioshock because she made some historical disney princess paintings on twitter.

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Huge ass corporations? probably not.
If you go smaller it might be more possible

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but at the least they'll ignore you and at the most they'll cease and desist you

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It's not the companies that makes the ads you absolute brainlets.

OP: don't listen to these crabs. Yes, it's a good idea. Your portfolio should be a "dress for the job you want" kind of thing.

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Time to vent out your frustrations with art, whatever it may be; motivation, mindset, specific issues that you can't get over, whatever it is, just let it all out. Don't hold it in.

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youre not killing yourself before i do

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I don't have any art friends. Or friends in general.

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I know what I need to do to get better but I'm too lazy to do it.

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I don't have much free time to paint, since I have a job and I'm either working, too tired or spending time with my wife. The best I can do is squeeze 8-10 hours of proper painting time per week.

And I'll have to start looking for a new job since my contract will end in a bit over 3 months, so the free time I have will have to go on that. Hopefully my wife finds something good too se we can both go down to 80% and have a dedicated painting day.

Enjoy the free time while you can my dear younglings, even if it sucks without money. Not having time to paint is even more irritating than sand.

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I's still stuck on step 1 or 2, trying to break free of it.

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Look at how generic her art is and she has 25k followers.....

What bugs me the most is that the foot on this drawing is on the wrong way and this shit is going to be printed on fucking shirts and of course none of her cuck followers would ever bother to correct her. I’m sick of seeing her shitty art on my timeline.

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Maybe you should have made a thread dedicated to an artist you want to give more attention to, instead of giving attention to the dyke painter, if you want her to go away?
If /ic/ spent all its time complaining about saki, and never mentioning kim jung gi, we would all know who saki is, but kim jun gi. Think about that.

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it's not the pinups, it's

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is this... hers?

disgust.. not for her, but the stale headed normies who support this shit

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Do people really hate Renoir, or is it just a meme?

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Never been to a con.. but holy fuck they call the police now if you sell fan art?

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could you at least share us the link from where you got this? I'd like to see more context about it.

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Depends on the con. There are some that are seriously anal about fanart, and some that are totally chill even about selling Disney art. though to call the police makes me think it has more to do with the person who called them than any actual laws. Good look getting people back into that fucking con next year

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>>9849732 last docs sheet

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t-thanks Square

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Is there a way to learn to paint like this motherfucker without attending to his school?http://rjartschool.com/

The subject doesn't matter, it's only about the skill.

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feel free, busy drawing

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Then you and that guy saw wrong. He never sets the canvas to 80k.

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Yeah or just plain trolling.

Not trying to be mean here but use your brain for once people, he's working on a semi (?) new macbook pro, so the equivalent of a pretty decent pc. Try and open a document that's 80k px and see what happens.

scratch that please don't it'll fuck your computer up.

Largest i've even seen him work is EIGHT k tall, and that was quite a basic painting so not any layers I'm guessing etc.

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80,000px ?


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yeah, nobody resizes their pictures before uploading

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Did you know that there's an italian guy named Roberto Ferrari drawing animu art at Square Enix?
He worked as a character design on FFXV and is currently working on the (doomed) FFVII Remake along with Tetsuya Nomura.
He's the guy who designed pic related.

Now that jap companies are hiring filthy gaijins who draw anime then what's your excuse for not making it big in Japan?
Don't you wanna follow your dreams?

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Jake L Rowell still ffix

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People go to Rome for fine arts training, so that's Probably Square Enix's Reason in hiring the guy over some weeb from Nebraska.

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>big in Japan
Yes, we can be BIG in Japan. Because gaijins are bigger than Nihonjins. Much bigger.

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>SEK Studio
No problem it's still hella interesting, thanks!

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thoughts? i drew this on shrooms, i fkn love the result personally

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i'm not that guy

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Instead of throwing weightless insults, maybe you should try improving your art instead.

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you know how sad you must be to know that the middle number in the file is the fb id. that means you stalked a girl to no end in order to somehow get more information from her. she will never love you, no one ever will

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I press a button, bruv. I don't know how it does it, it's magic. Why are you trying to distract me from the fact that your art isn't good?

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>coldstone hires you for ad campaign
>trace art from shitty webcomic

Literally why?

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>have chad potential
>decide to be a soyboy
no greater cuck than the self cuck.

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>can trace anything in the world
>trace this

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>Anon, we asked for a simple, cartoony mascot for our ad campaign, why did you send us a beautifully rendered image of some chinese angel with a sad expression fighting an army of ragtag roman soldiers??

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Wait doesn't this dude trace his own shit? lol

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>inner city arts

Of all the charities he could suggest it's that. What a faggot

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can i still be an artist if i have dementia

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if your art is interesting it may be a good selling point

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>mfw grandmother had Alzheimer’s before she died
>mfw already kind of retarded, not even joking I feel dumber at 21 than I did in highschool
>mfw when I get to her point I basically won’t be able to make art anymore
There’s nothing more depressing than that, but it’s also kind of motivating because nothing compels me to make art like the looming threat of mortality.

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Sorry OP, I’m a big dumb asshole. I think that whatever you’re suffering from, that maybe you can power through it and make some cool works of art. Good luck to you.

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There is no point living past 60 years.

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Couple years ago I remember watching a youtube video of a guy who paints/draws from left to right. They complete the entire painting on the left side and work their way over. It's really unique, and i cant find the video anywhere

Anyone know what im talking about?

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Just draw already

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stop posting this all day long and draw you fucking hypocrite

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Thanks for the bump

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>Egon Schiele
>protégé of Gustav Klimt
>Died from the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic
>28 years old

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Had he died 1 year earlier he would have been in the 27 club

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>lmao not getting flu shots

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What's with all the desperation around commissions in the art community? Surely people aren't stupid enough to think it's a sustainable source of income. Hint: It's not.
It's one thing to casually take commissions if asked to do so but it's just damn cringy to see people setting up portfolios specifically so they can take the shekels of anyone with a pulse that might maybe want something drawn.
Pic semi-related.

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>but it's just damn cringy to see people setting up portfolios specifically so they can take the shekels of anyone with a pulse that might maybe want something drawn
>that might maybe want something drawn
You sound like one of those children who show up and act as though they're entitled to free art, then throw a shit-flinging fit when quoted a price.
Spamming your commission details/concocting sob stories in an attempt to score pity work is pathetic, but being open to commissions is not. If you're good enough to be worth paying, you can supply someone who enjoys your work with a custom piece while potentially being taken out of your comfort zone and making some side money. It's nothing but good when handled properly.

>> No.3394132

>Spamming your commission details/concocting sob stories in an attempt to score pity work is pathetic, but being open to commissions is not
Can you not read? This is literally what I said in the OP. You just see spamming commission details/concocting sob stories/begging/shilling so often that it's become the culture. I understand why it's like that, it's very competitive. But it's also heavily delusional. It's gotten to the point where young artists post blogs asking for advice to get in on the whole "commissions" game when they're at a stage where no one will pay for their shitty anime girl doodles. It's like it's become taboo to just take it slow and improve your art and only take commissions when you actually have some demand.

>> No.3394141

>it's just damn cringy to see people setting up portfolios specifically so they can fake the shekels of anyone

read your own post again and tell us where you said they were begging/lying?

>> No.3394155

You didn't say that, though. You mentioned a 'desperation' around commissions, then followed it up criticizing people with portfolios. If you take regular commissions, I don't see what the problem is with providing examples of the breadth of your ability so people know what they can expect when ordering from you.
As for why shitters go to the lengths of lies and scamming for commissionbux, it's as simple as egotistical brats with no work ethic beelining for the most free, expressive calling the can think of: art. They don't have the patience or character to git gud, they're unable or unwilling to see the flaws in their own work that would tell them it's too shit to charge for. These ones that are allegedly trying to produce traditionally good art are just a step above "abstract" and "installation" trust fund kiddies submitting selfies of themselves striking a pose with clothes pins all over their face to pass their $40,000/year course.
You see similar behavior and oversaturation of shitters in music, though music's also crueler to genuinely good artists since the difference between good and bad music is less blatantly apparent than the difference between sonichu and the old masters.

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people who draw bad and naively try to start commissions out of it are nothing new. They're usually kids who don't know how life works, or poor people who are just that desperate for $10.

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This is an art from the artist panamaman / watarlog.org

the artist past away awhile ago, and we want to make a game based on the guy's art.
Can anyone help us breakdown his art because there's no tutorial video of his work anywhere on the net or even step by step?

Like, the elements of the image,
shadows, highlight and so on... not some paint bashing with hundreds of layers.
Like, what is the "elements" of the art he makes?


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That sounds like a cool idea. What kind of game, friend?

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I'm not that anon who've replied to you in the first place. It was just weird why you were suddenly mad bitching on that dude, or rather, why you were taking it this personally.

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>you underestimate the abilities of other, much more skilled and competent individuals

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oh fuck, did the s4 league artist die? why must everything good about that game die too early?

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oh hey guys, i am not asking toomuch of these image.

we're just trying to replicate the rendering of the artist layerbylayer...element by element,
so we can do lots of characters of smilar style...

why this part shine? why that part looks transparent and so on.

and the logic has to be fast enough to be remembered by the comp i guess.

something simple, 2.5 kind of stuff
rendering first, we figured.

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