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ITT: Old Anime Illustrations

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okay we're not you're slaves anon. don't make a thread and then think people are going to do your dirty work.

now go find some retro anime us.

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Dear friends

A fellow artist is trying to make it in his home country (Chile). However it is not easy to be an artist and survive in this part of the world.

He has setup an ambitious objective, to create 600 stunning pieces of art. Nevertheless he will need money to purchase canvases, oils, brushes etc etc.

That is why the setup a getfunding so can get the money he needs.

Please fell free to donate (already at 1360 of 6000 dollars) and also check his beautiful artoworks:

You are not forced to donate, just a nice support comment to help a strugling artist will work. Lets support each other and achieve our dreams

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send me free money too

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Just google: jose saavedra k dash

You will find his beautiful artwork and the funding site in the first page of google

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Here´s Jose artist statement (a very mature concept of art he has):

Wittgenstein averred that the limits of language defined the limits of his world. My creations capture the spirit of Wittgenstein’s philosophy, however, the syntax, grammar, and semantics of my world – as an artist – are expressed through color, not words. My work explores a multidimensional interface of art, science, and culture; moreover, my methods combine painting, photography, sculpture, and digital animation. Akin to a metaphorical ecosystem, my dossier has evolved and bifurcated stylistically into two dominant species, each of which embraces a set of unique subject matter.

My first set of work embraces a fascination with the social construct of beauty and its entropic deconstruction. In each piece, I carry on the chimerical quests of Modigliani, Picasso, and De Kooning by creating depictions of young trans women, cis women and androgynes. Most of these pieces are painted by adding thick layers of oil paint over canvases and ordinary flat sheets. My technique has matured and transmogrified as a result of studying Jean-Michel Basquiat’s neo-expressionist forms, Jenny Saville’s nudes and Richard Phillips’ celebrity paintings. The process by which I create these images begins with a well-defined and methodical application of colors onto the canvas, and often followed by an uncontrolled and spontaneous deterioration caused by exogenous factors such as dust, animal contact, extreme temperature variation, and the physical stress of transporting these pieces that results in fissures and cracks on the oil layers. These inimical externalities play a critical role as entropic agents by producing a natural ageing process in my paintings.

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Galileo asserted that, “The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics.” For many years, I believed this quote to be inherently true and beautiful; however, after reading Gödel – and being exposed to his theorem of incompleteness – I began to question Galileo’s wisdom. I am now convinced that recursive systems of axioms can never be complete; there will always exist seemingly true statements in logical systems that cannot be proven. As such, I continually attempt to reconcile the paradoxical nature of reality by combining scientific and mathematical abstractions with classical artistic works, ancient allegories, and philosophical paradigms. Acknowledging the inability of science and mathematics to capture universal truth motivates me to search for higher thresholds of discovery. Positioning my work in the overlapping realms of art, science, and culture provides periodic glimpses of truth that warm my soul in the gelid domain we call reality.

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I draw a pictire after practicing many hours but i cannot figure out boots.

this is horler, hitlers retarded savant disabled cousin

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Look at references, retard.

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Fresh start: new board.
>No poop
>Not search fatigue

Please do not create huge drawings.

Nothing is permanent. Screen cap what you like.

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would IC be apposed to a google hangout general? I see the asians do this practice just fine and it's fun looking at them draw.

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what is the point to drawing there?canvas is small as fuck
also this guy needs some love

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The canvas expands as you reach the boarders

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There's no point, nobody cares about your drawings and the software is utter shit.

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>Be me.
>Draw a new profile pic (pic related), because why not.
>Show it off to my friends.
>Thay say its furry af.
>Ask odher friends if it makes me a furry.
>Thay say yes , one of them even says that im "snaxy".
>After a while thay send me a video about furries.
>Slowly realizes that my friends now think that i abuse my hause pets.
What do anons ?

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you need to be 18+ to post here

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Time to make new friends, the damage has already been done.

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Who cares what other people thinks? don't be afraid of being a furry if is that what you likes anon.

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>Gets bullyed on 4chan

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why hasn't this board been deleted? nothing new or important has happened here in years and it's quite clear this board is on its death bed with the shitposting having reached an all time high this year.

honestly deleting this board would save me the 5 minutes I spend coming back to this place every few weeks, realizing all the threads are either bait, shitposting or weeb rage, then leaving

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based crab

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its fine, we still have good artists posting here and the artbook threads alone save it

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its really easy just don't go on here

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The artbook thread is the only thing of worth here desu.

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>DELETE THIS BOARD because I don't have the willpower to stop using it

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how do i git gud at clothing aaahhhh there's barely any resources on that on the megas either

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>hes not feeling it

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You're cuter.

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not what shades are

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I'm done boys, it's been a fun ride. My nightmares with getting used to drawing on this behemoth are counted.
Fuck you Wacom, this death's on you

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Op is talking about killing him self because his 27 Cintiq is too big. Surely downsizing is a more sensible solution

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Can i buy it off you before u kys?

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actually op, just give me all your money and electronics. you won't be needing them in the void.

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This thread is now under FBI investigation.

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I want to find the original artist of this piece. If anyone knows who it's done by please tell me

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Darude - Sandstorm.

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Coloring artwork while trying to keep the outline.
I'm looking for a process and I feel lost.

So I basically have the line art in one layer, the blending in second and color on third.
Any tutorial or paid guide I can follow to stream line this process for my next drawing?
I get inspired by zeronis allot.
Pic related is not mine, but what id like to be able to draw like one day

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If you're using Photoshop, select the area and fill with a base color (making sure you expand the border so you don't get a space between the color and the lines) and use that as a layer mask to paint on top of.
If that's not what your asking, ignore what I just said.

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How do we make Nazi look good in 20/20?

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What style do you like for the Fifth Reich?

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Looking for help finding a painting of some barbarian/viking invaders opening a door to some naked women that are about to be raped

The man has some hungry looking face on him

I've drawn a picture of it

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Not everyone wants to be a shit unappealing artist like you Brian

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im a cartoonist you dweeb

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So you draw for children yet think you are above academism?

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In this thread we ask /ic/ their opinions on a particular artist. Perhaps you found an anime artist and you can’t tell if they’re good or if they’re just polishing turds. Maybe you want clarification on something an artist said in a tutorial. Let’s try to steer clear from the prominent /ic/ artists that everyone shits on a bit too much.

I’ll start with ZHC. Specifically, this video:
Do you guys think this guy has enough skill to back his ego? And what do you think of what he says in the video itself?

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just from op's pic you can tell he's good

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Some of them are nice, but honestly I'm really bored of
>anime girl on blank screen
>anime girl with single environment prop to justify the pose
i really wish people would push the environments more as well as having those anime girls.

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Yeah, that's fair. It doesn't bother me too much, as I'm there for his characters mostly, but environments with as much character as a figure can really make something good into something great.

Another artist I like:

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I subscribed to him a while ago because his art is pretty good but unsubscribed after I got sick of him filling up my inbox with attention whoreing garbage, his fake excitement makes him pretty annoying to listen to aswell

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Anatomy is entirely off. Pectorals are too small. Pose is unnatural - like Cap is twisting his body for no reason. Both knees are off centered. Leg muscles are all screwed up except for the vastus lateralis and vastus medialis. Wrist bone shouldn't be protruding like that. Right index finger has two knuckles fused together. Lower arm muscles are wrong.

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I've noticed a lot of people have there own personal ways of doing construction. Particularly in doing heads, faces and figures.

I think it would be cool to see how everyone here does it differently and why you prefer your way of doing it.

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When using Loomis after laying down the construction I have to keep correcting the shapes, which makes it breddy useless. Usually I’ll end up with a lot of extra skull area in the top and back that gets erased. Does anyone have the same problem?

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xtra simple: cylinder
everything else:loomis
whent im lazy:just feel out a silhouette

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YES! I thought it was just me doing something wrong.

The end result still isn't bad after you erase the extra skull.

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Simplified loomis or reilly

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My Sonic desire

Originally posted on tv because Sonic is soon to be movie related

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I know what I wrote.

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looks good but you're still a furfag

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CWC would have a meltdown over this design!!!!

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The drawing is good, the design not so much. He looks more like a fuzzy mouse or something. Hedgehogs have quills covering most of their body.

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Can someone reccommend me some good art schools to try to get into? And how to find/get Scholarships? Near Oregon is a plus.

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Most of the worthwhile schools in the US are on the east cost.
It also depends on your focus. Do you want to go into illustration? Concept art? Animation? Painting?

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Gage academy, Seattle Washington

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“I would suggest that every art student spend some time learning rigorous academic methods for drawing what you see. It's good to be able to push accuracy to a high level so that you know you can do it.”

-James Gurney

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It depends on what field you want to go in. But I would look into a good trade school or atelier. Some art schools are fine, but there is really no reason to pay that kind of money, since there are similar, more affordable things out there. If it's concept art/illustration or even just fundamentals to study, I would look into Concept Design Academy or Brainstorm. The positive thing about these trade schools is that it's taught by working industry professionals (some may even be some of your favorite artists), it teaches modern techniques being currently used in the pipeline today (the problem with some universities is that the professors are not currently working so their views and ideas about the ever changing world of making money as an illustrator/ artist is out dated, and so are their techniques), you don't have to worry about required liberal arts classes to graduate, and like I said it's a lot cheaper than going to a private institution.

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futurepoly is up around there

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How do you make sketch art? It seems charming to me but my sketches are fucking messes and erasing the reference lines leaves obvious and ugly marks.

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Put construction lines on layer
Sketch on top on new layer
Hide first layer
Add layer for color

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one step would just to draw your reference lines lighter, a common beginner mistake is making the reference lines too rough, I still do this sometimes. just keep practicing

>> No.3723678

Just clean it up a little?

>> No.3723683

>obvious and ugly marks
that's sort of the point, sketch art is just supposed to be a sketched out idea. its supposed to be messy and just serves to get the idea out there. Cleanup should just be there to give understanding of the idea and get rid of extranious accidental markings.

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Basically you're asking on how to be lazy.

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>have around 200 followers
>still only get 10-20 likes and a few retweets
>check stats and its shown up on hundreds of people's feeds
What the fuck is Twitter's problem? What the fuck is my problem?

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fanart and memes dudes. seriously, draw popular fanart with hashtags and current memes; preferably drawings of memes combined.

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Go to the post on your profile and click on the icon with 3 bars.

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You're being brain washed and controlled by numbers. social media will destroy your confidence. and eventually you will go insane.

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>>have around 200 followers

You are aware that is nothing, right?

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popularity is all about who you know. Use social media to network, Make sure your posts dont come off as bot posts or spam so they actually get seen to, just uploading images without text will mark u as spam. You will get there it just takes time, I dont know how to break the 1k mark, but you should focus on making art for people not artists, keep yourself fairly regular posting and make lots of friends in high places

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>Is there a place where artists can date?

maybe like a site or board. I often hear how artists are usually in a relationship with another artist, so I wonder where they find each other. The art scene nowadays is just filled with artists who are fishing for fame and popularity, how can you even trust someone's real intentions?

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Here's a tip about dating art girls anon.

>> No.3723646

Best posts. Artsy girls are trash. Also
>dating in 2018

>> No.3723657

I want to know too. There are so many cute art couples, I want to be one

>> No.3723660

>I often hear how artists are usually in a relationship with another artist, so I wonder where they find each other.
The thing is those artists you hear about probably actually gig, and meet/interact with each other as they're going about having a career. It's hard to meet other artists when you're not good and not putting yourself out into the world professionally. And if you aren't fully autistic it's pretty easy to tell who really likes you and who is just trying to get something from you, especially in a market as autismo-centric as art.

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Put out some quality artistry you normalfag "artist". Threads like these are automatic disqualification from anything genuine

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