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Not quite beg but far from Pro? please use this thread to post daily studies, pieces for critique or ask for advice.

Previous thread: >>4189658

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

READ THE STICKY to refresh your fundies.

Sticky: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit#bookmark=id.15jx3pyuimvj

Help others with constructive criticism.

Don't post obviously beg tier stuff and get mad when no one gives a crit. Developing your eyes to critique your own work is far more valuable than someone else's critique.

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the only study I did digitally last week, the dayjob got to me. Time to try and regain some of that consistency I had before.

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I just got offered a position in a local art gallery and a local band just hired me to design t-shirts for them :)
Anybody else get this??

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post some work so I can assess whether I need to feel bad.

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Not your blog. But since you killed a thread, pyw.

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yup but i really dont like any of the commissions i get. literally nothing i've done so far i'd like to share on my insta or anything. its always some boring shit like portraits for gifts or weird illustrations for tshirts of some random business.

well, i got the money anyway so whatever.

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I got an email from an art gallery too. Kinda weird since I draw nothing but slutty anime girls

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Just remember when you're told you're "ngmi" by some bitter coomer artist on here that this guy falls within the realm of peak "making it"

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i think theres a very narrow opinion on what "making it" means on this board. there are people who make absolutely shitty art and make good money from it and are happy and dont care what some 4chan board thinks about them. is this making it? in my opinion it is

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what is this

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Ive never really seen non japs that are this old talking about anime and manga in a non derogatory way
Feels weird

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I am trying to deconstruct heads from photos and think about them in terms of 3D. I need some feedback on this, yellow lines are where I think neck is and the rest is self explanatory I guess. Am I correct with this one?

Also a redline thread.

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The photo without lines

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>redline thread
>no redline

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umm this is kinda how i see it in my head? not sure if its helpful to you op

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That's not a thing you should worry about, especially not at your stage, constructing a head is pretty damn easy once you got your fundies down

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>That's not a thing you should worry about, especially not at your stage
you don't know what stage i am at though. This is what I need to know now

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quietly, non verbally, and with your keyboard untouched.

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I'm not sure if this is the right board to ask, I'm looking into moving into digital art, I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good drawing tablet and a program?

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>good drawing tablet
ThinkPad x230 - it's cheap, it's a laptop and it's a tablet with a screen.
I like Krita, but Photoshop is the industry standard and you should learn it as well.

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op just watch youtube reviews and read some articles, this question has been answered a thousand times and everyone will tell you something different. like anon above said, photoshop is the industry standard. do you have to use it - no. most popular tablets are by wacom. do you have to use them - no. just do some research

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Why doesn't anyone read the sticky?

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is this int? eh, feel free to roast, need the criticism.

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What's the point of making this kind of painterly concept art that are essentially illustrations when the end result of the film is just drab CGI photo realism? Seems like a waste of time and money.

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Because the client is more often than not a complete bellend.

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You missed the point. You don't have these models to start off with.

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this. people who do 3d models rarely design the character, do ya all think a dude that sculptus head in zbrush is the same person who designed that head in the first place? also ruan probably did many rough concept sketches for them and just rendered 2 pieces, its not like the concept artists goes nuts on all 50 concept pieces they were commissioned to do.

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There are plenty of generic lion models.

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... anon, like .. ever heard of storyboards? The director requests specific scenes in a specific tone and mood.. a good illustrator, or storyboard artist at that, creates a striking scene that captivates such a feeling.

you're all missing the point. The mind's wild concept always looks and feels better than the finished product, after all the finished product get's filtered through many different hands, viewpoints, representations, bias, etc. and if your team is mediocre, it will show.

and yes there are plenty of HQ savanna photos, scans, etc, and plenty of models. But how are you expecting to hold a specific feeling in your mind as well as forwarding it to your team in a motivating way with just some plain 3d models... you gotta keep the message fresh, inspirational and unyielding for the duration of 2-3 years since that's usually how long you and your team will be working on it, daily. Looking at ruan's examples, it takes just one glance to play the whole scene out, in full color and mood, even with an musical undertone.

Another example would be the guy who does all the Nier franchise soundtrack, he only starts composing after getting concept art of the project so he can visualize the world and it's setting, and what kind of mood the atmosphere and story will carry.

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>"How do I motivate myself to draw?"
>"How do I make myself enjoy drawing?"
>"Drawing is not fun."
Why are so many of you torturing yourselves doing something you know you dont care about? If you dont like it, just quit. Art is one of the least profitable, most objectively useless hobbies you could have.

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Please no bully, my mom puts my posts on the fridge sometimes

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you are such a faggot.

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>If you dont like it, just quit
zoom zoom zoom

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Keep shortening your telomeres with stress, retard

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Friendly reminder to draw what you’ve always wanted to draw while also studying your fundies. Don’t wait until you’ve “mastered” something, you won’t ever get to what you perceive to be a satisfactory level. Accept your shit art and build from there

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This is what losers say. Until you can do the most perfect bowl of fruit your big boobed hentai girl will be worthless!

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Post your still life painting of a fruitbowl on canvas faggot.

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Drawing the things I want to draw feels infuriating due to my lack of skill and doing fundies feels empty and rote. I wish for death to take me soon

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This is a good advice. A good approach could be:
-Grind your fundies (lines, circles, faces, etc)
-Spend some time drawing from life.
-Spend some time studying your favorite artist.
-Draw from imagination.

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Alternate fundies and confidence building wholesome sessions. Motivation is the bottleneck for most

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How do I regain my soul when I’ve lost all my childhood innocence and wonder? How do I regain that gentleness and warmth?

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Higher res

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i dont know i dont give a shit im tired of stupid abstract question threads go fuck yourself

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Follow God'd commands ( love etc)

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I do I regain passion and excitement for anything? I feel so old and tired of life. Nothing makes me happy anymore

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Go outside. If you make it outside, stay there.

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>just draw for fun, don't stress about all the rules, guides, exercises etc.
>focus on theoretically building up your skills from bottom to top constantly thinking about the rules and exercises, etc.

So which fucking is it?

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just give up on your dreams like a normal person

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Anybody into sculpture here?
Where to start if I want to learn ? Do i need to know life drawing in order to start?
Also why is realistic sculpture nonexistent these days?

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do you think it's also because somehow we lost the skills or something?

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Less demand, less people teaching the craft = less people with the skill set. Just as with traditional painting you used to be able to study the craft as an apprentice in your teenage years under a master. I think that's mostly the reason why artists used to be so damn good - they got solid technical training from a much younger age than today, if you're even lucky enough to find a good teacher that you can study under in person.

There can probably be some technical knowledge that is mostly passed down orally (hurr durr gay joke) betwen master and student that gets diluted over a couple of generation when the skill is less practiced but on the plus side with digital art and sculpture there are way more resources for learning things like anatomy today.

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>I think that's mostly the reason why artists used to be so damn good - they got solid technical training from a much younger age than today
Yeah I agree 100%, that's why Michelangelo completed this at 24

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Tomasz Radziewicz, Aris Kolokontes. check them out op, best example of "real" sculptors with job in concept art industry

my only experience with sculpting is what i had to pass at my art college so pretty much nothing, but i enjoyed observing the sculpting students and they had probably the best life drawing skills from all departments, really detailed and the value work was top notch. there was even one guy who carved human figures in fucking marble (or whatever the cheaper stuff is), no idea how this is usable nowadays but i do hope that guy can make a living. i sculpted a head for my final grade and the prof advised us to make sketches first, i do think they helped me a lot but i have no idea how the pros approach it.

if i were you OP i'd literally contact a pro and ask them a few question, most of pro artists are really kind and helpful and someone for sure will answer anything you need and it will be 100x more useful than what this board (including me) could tell you.

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I'm helping my friend get into art. Last week was the first time he drew anything in years. I gave him a good tutorial path to start on, and photoshop tips/advice to any of his questions, but he keeps caring about "style."

I don't want him to lose the joy in making art, but how do I warn him that caring about style so early is a waste of time, and that he should focus on the fundamentals?

Or should I just let him suffer in frustration as he tackles style before realism?

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Clearly she’s thinking about,
That being said, show her this picture.

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Who the fuck worries about having a “style” before they’ve mastered cubes? That’s like planning for a good medal when you get winded running dow the block.

>> No.4215016

Because begs have little clue of all the practice and knowledge that is behind their favorite art. At this point they can't see how drawing still lifes will make them better at drawing something like fantasy or animu.

Instead of telling them NOT to care at all about style, tell them find atleast SEVERAL favorite artists who create art in different styles he likes and copy them as closely as they can. Then their own art will be a combination of what they learned from those different artists and congrats, you have your own "style".

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I think this style is extremely ugly, looks like plants vs zombies.
But i guess a coom is a coom to most normies.

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Why does she have shadface?

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vent your miseries here

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sure bro, add me

>> No.4215263

then talk to girls about shared interests and like. actually make effort to make yourself attractive to people you want to attract.

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go outside you fucking virgin

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Can't draw for about a week because iPad is under repairs

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I'm not trying to sound smart, I'm just venting. It's the vent thread. I don't think I wrote anything that's hard to understand.

It is original, I literally wrote it just now.

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There is hardly any jobs in Australia relating to 'illustration' - mostly just cookie cutter graphic design plain boring creative crap, seems like people are more likely to get work the less training and able they are to draw.
Here I am being able to work pencil and digital and work with quils nibs - feels like I've wasted all the years learning how draw everything and now no one needs talent -
Looking elsewhere I'm starting to apply to illustrator jobs in the US, so would move over if I got an offer and work visa.

Anyone done this?
Assuming I am better than the local talent and have what the workplace requires will they issue a work visa?

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Noo it's terrible, I'm not even gonna elaborate. By all rankings Australia is one of the best places to live in the world, not to mention it has the wealthiest citizens (after the mini countries).
Personally I developed the most as an artist once I finally settled at home. I used to travel, go on scholarships, work in foreign studios... I mean do that, I definitely recommend it for personal growth, but in the end it's just exhausting and takes your mind away from improving at your craft.

>> No.4215256

The move is not required you retard

>> No.4215262


For the love of God f you move to the US, move to a small cozy rural town, not a city, cities are dogshit

>> No.4215278

You're so out of touch, and I mean that gently. This isn't an insult, just a statement. I think maybe you should do some more research on this and learn about networking. It's not about what you guys can accomplish together. You're not buddies. It's about what you can do for them, and what they can do for you is hooking you up with a job.

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Obviously not op, but how hard is it to get an art related job? I really would want one, because it would allow me to work from home, yet from what I hear it's a nightmare where you have to suck everyone off.

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But I don't want it to turn out flat or crafty looking. Does any body have tips or advice to share?

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Abstract art isn't real art

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>> No.4215300

Fight me

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Just my .02$ after you do the pour, pick out shapes and forms the present themselves to you. Then add depth by shading with contrasting colors/color variation. You can also do some painting over it to create further layers of depth. Give yourself a refresher on color theory and think about ways to push things back and pull others forward.

>> No.4215313

try it out in verve painter beforehand

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I'm talking the full package here. Hair, coloring, eyes, makeshift backgrounds, and all.

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God I wish I was a cute anime grill.

>> No.4215264

Pshhh, does it look like anyone here knows how to draw vanilla anime?

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>> No.4215266


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just be yourself bro

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I would like to know what you think of this drawing

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I mean the bobbleheads are part of these designs. But yes it'd be much better without.

>> No.4214818

I guess 6ix9ine and justin bieber are amazing artists, since popular thing = good thing. Why don't you fuck off and go whore yourself out to get some likes?

>> No.4214824

The lighting doesn't make sense. It focuses attention on the upper left hand corner, and not the figure. It's also poorly done, as the shadows don't build depth correctly, it's all over the map.

>> No.4214843

oh yes, the ultimate argument. everything is cope.

>> No.4215015

Justin Bieber is a great artist

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Can we talk about glasses?

Has anyone switched to better/worse glasses and felt any difference in performance?
How about those fancy lenses "for artist professionals" that cost 3 times more for their precision?

Do you also have to wash it twice a day before drawing, and it's still dirty enough to annoy you?

I used to have no trouble with computers for nearly a decade, but in recent years I started to think I'm squinting or hunching a lot (blamed my new 1080p monitor), my attention span has gone to shit (blamed the Internet and instant dopamine) and I sleep a lot (blamed bad diet).

But it dawned on me I might just be going blind, so I need a new prescription. (I'm farsighted, btw).

>> No.4214578

I wear contacts because im not a fucking bitch

>> No.4214589

I want to make it not only To afford unscratched glasses but to be able to pay that expensive laser operation, so I can get rid of them for a long time! ( that costs 2000 bucks per eye but I've been wearing glasses nearly all my life )

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