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Is chicken scratching ALWAYS bad?

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you could always do better

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only when you do it because it looks like shit

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Which is the correct route for drawing. Drawing from nothing or using references

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You actually draw when you are drawing from nothing.

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why do you retards think only in black or white. Sucessful artists, specially the chinky ones that you want to emulate, do both.

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Has gaming addiction disproportionately caused issues for artists? Can gaming addiction ruin your art skills?

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any addiction will cause issues for artists. In fact, any addiction will cause issues for any pursuit that requires lots of work. This is quite a stupid question

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All that time spent working at a mindless job, videoGAYming, watching Television and even meditating wastes all your time that could've been spent mastering a craft, a trade or a self employed job! So yes the videogames wasted every youths time, money and resources for a fart in the wind (((Achievement))). They're better things to do.

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let's discuss faces. What makes a good face in your opinion? i feel like faces are probably the most important part in a drawing. When is it too little detail, when is it too much detail? is it possible to make unattractive faces appealling or at least not tumblesque?

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>AItranny keeps trying to pass

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Rent free.

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Ai art stands out so much

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>ai fag giving out advice
LMAO, your faggot as can't be serious.

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>Rent free.
You literally posted it for everyone to see.

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>tfw western cunny artist
>can't post on /beg/ because i'll be called a pedo
>can't post on /lsg/ because i'll be called a westoid

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You're a westoid pedo.
Accept it or stop drawing that shit.

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Done, where do i get crits?

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Create a new general :^)

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/wlsg/ is already sounding like a prebeg haven

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Any artist's coloring tutorial guide videos you'd recommend? I've seen some artists mention in the past that they have some up on gumroad for purchase, but i don't know which ones are worth it if any at all.

yes, i know it likely depends on what i ultimately want my art to look like, but i would just like to see in general if any of you have something to recommend that worked for you. i figured i can learn from good tutorials then adapt them to the way i want my stuff to end up looking.

i guess just avoid hyperrealistic looking shit that requires 40 hours to complete, because i do not have the patience or time to devote so much into one picture. i'm talking a color render shading process that would take under 3 hours.

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One day I'll be beautiful, 10 months since starting my little hobby, piece by piece.

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do another in 1 year

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I will. My next piece won't have highlights that look like splooge, hopefully. It's in the notes for next time.

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I see some improvement. Although in my opinion a lot of it looks traced. Tracing is fine if you're brand new though, since you get to see the contours of the body up close that you'd usually not see upon first glance. For now I would work on values and poses :) keep going anon!

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Yep, it's mostly tracing :). I've found that if I do something on paper, I can kind of visualize what it might look like traced, so in my way I'm sort of "burning in" that shapes to see them more naturally on the page. Thanks for the tip!

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How do you draw consistent perfect circles?
>You don't need to
How do you draw the cranium, then?

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>It's called a compass
What if I am trapped on an island and have no compass?

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>What if I am trapped on an island and have no compass?
Get a stick and a vine, place the stick into the centre of where you want your circle to be, now hold on to the vine and use the stick as a pivot to create your circle. Hope this helps jungle buddy.

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trace a sand dollar

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You don't need a perfect circle to draw other forms. Being able to draw a good circle helps, but if you only allow yourself to progress in your illustration after your basic forms are perfect, you won't get anywhere.

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You stole my art! I was working on this battle page for my Circles manga, and now I see someone stole my character idea.

Now I have to rethink everything.

AKA: Be careful with circle practice because it can turn into a grind.

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how do you draw consistently with unmedicated adhd?
i chug two red bulls every morning and limit distractions but often i'll only be able to draw for an hour at best before i mentally and physically cannot move my pencil anymore. i try to aim for 4 hours a day, 2 for free drawing and two for practice and i never complete it, what do i do?
not in a situation where i can get on them, don't want to get into detail

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Try skateboarding, it's a full body workout. Take supps such as l-theanine, you can also take l-tyrosine but that will increase blood pressure.

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>37 grams of sugar per each Redbull
Jesus fucking Christ anon how are you not diabetic? I chug Monster Zeroes occasionally but how does the sugar not make you sick?
>Improving fast
You can't really grind art like in an MMO anon, it's more like weightlifting. You put in the time at the gym (drawing) and the recovery eating (reading, studies) and the most important part is time. Your brain can only learn so fast
But seriously fix your diet that is probably fucking you up more than anything else

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I'll repeat myself once more: make a habit of eating well, sleeping well, and exercising. This is NOT a a short-term issue that you can solve with some potion/secret exercise. You MUST play long-term if you want to get better.

Feel free not to believe me, but do yourself a favor: setup an alarm in a few months to recall what I've just told you. If, as I expect, you haven't made much progress, perhaps you'd be more inclined to try it the other way then.

All drugs take back whatever they'll give; it's well-known for caffeine (I've heard many people talking about sleeping better and are more energized after stopping heavy coffee consumption, but you need to give your body time to adjust).

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>chugs stimulants
>wonders why has adhd
Quit thinking you know more than everyone else and listen to >>6679642 and wean off of unhealthy stimulants/meds. Adopt healthier eating/sleeping habits. Give your body time to adjust to new sleep schedule/exercise/diet. Alternatively, continue suffering. Your choice.

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>Is not hyperfocused on art
Literally not gonna make it.
The whole point of being an artist with ADHD is for you to not be able to do anything but draw, if you're forcing yourself to do it, then you won't ever do it enough to actually get good.
Check your priorities, they're very clear with ADHD, either you want to do something or you don't.

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Do you think Weebs wouldn’t trash western art as much as they do now if anime art and subculture wasn’t popular to hate back in the 2000s and early 2010s? All the negative reactions they have to non-eastern art regardless of quality seems to be born out trying to get back at the /co/ retards that showed so much disdain towards anime/manga.

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It's the CIA control public opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Just to let you know:
People didn't shit on anime for its art style
People shat on it because of its childish, immature, and outlandishly perverted content.
The fanbase that consists of basement dwellers only cemented the stereotype

The reason why anime is not hated now is simply because western content became unbearable. People wanted something to replace their entertainment needs

If Western entertainment never fell, anime would continue to be hated by the entire world

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Open question here, why do you think the Wests art has degraded so much? Is there a non-political reason for it? Was it our modern art movement?

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Western art is realism, it cannot "degrade"
Quality may drop and stuff but over all, the ones you call degraded are the Calarts and tumblr shit

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20th century onwards, there was a oush for more abstract and less direct representational art, even stuff like Impressionisma and even cubism after a while were still too old school. It didn't help that after WW2 Soviet state realism was the thing over in the Warsaw pact countries so the western governments saw a rise in abstract art as a countermeasure, to try to argue that they let any kind of expression fly. Since then, there has been a slow death in terms of ignoring the study of fundamentals in favor of "do fucking whatever"-isms and a push towards simpler and simpler art styles for quick replication and commercialization (i.e., CalArts style). Add in the incessant need of newer-age artists to preach (and not just in an obvious manner like the Xmen, but in a ridiculously patronizing way now), and we arrive where we are today.

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Previous Thread: >>6654035

1. [THE MOST IMPORTANT] Don't post too revealing works (especially porn). If you think it's too lewd, post a censored copy here and link to Catbox, Imgur, or any off-site that hosts images for your works. Note: If you're having issues viewing catbox links, use a VPN.

2. Do not post child photo references, legal or otherwise.

3. Due to this general's PPH (posts per hour/thread activity), please wait until the thread falls to around page 5 or 6 before making a thread. Use archived(moe) or warosu to retrieve the old threads.

4. Do not pretend to be retarded. For your sake.

>General Resources

>Specific Resources
>A training course on modesty for young ladies

>(Not so) abandoned FAQ/Q&A

>Temporary loli loomisy book
link https://mega.nz/folder/6w1z1K7J#wmrbCnXBdo_4vpAFE4kaZQ

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First time drawing loli
Started drawing this but ran out of horniness before I could finish it
Plus no motivation at all for drawing the dude

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Pretty good but you made the lower half the torso too short, particularly when you compare it to the length of the arms. A good measure would be the ribcage ending about where the elbows are and the crotch area at about the point where the wrists would be, if one had their arms down that is.

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Thanks, yeah I thought it looked weird but I coudn't put my finger on it

Damn was it that lewd? Am I gonna be vanned?

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>Damn was it that lewd? Am I gonna be vanned?
You put it up on litterbox, which has a time limit from 1 hour to 3 days, you must have left it at the default which is one hour.
If you want something permanent you can always try catbox instead.

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Guess I'm an idiot, I'll leave it up in case anyone else has feedback

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I this a good character design?

File: 70 KB, 292x297, Had+to+rea+that+a+couple+times+to+test+whether+_3a05c5a86e40f3c08e68f30453367b8a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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What's are best IP to make fan arts of that can make me popular enough.

>inb4 vtuber's mobage, and pokemon
Too popular. I would just get flooded. I just want a niche that's small enough to stand out on but still big enough to make a name for myself

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Stick with popular trend. Niche fanbases/fetishes already adapted to AI and they absolutely love it. Any /beg/ join the space will be mocked to no end

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One Piss, CSM, Anime of the month popular with twittards

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>Just trying to figure out where my time would be best spent before I proceed to make my own stuff
there is no life in you for this, do something else.

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So, truthfully, how many folks trace backgrounds from photos?

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all of them

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How could we possibly
know this?
More than none but less than you're probably assuming. Many backgrounds are just blocks + props. The main difficulty is simply thinking of what to decorate the scene with, and the time-consuming nature of rendering environments. Tracing helps with neither of these issues.

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Cool shit

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may i have some critique?

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File: 1.60 MB, 1024x895, gentlmna club.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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my eyes, my innocence.

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Years or helping and critiquing other art has made me realize I like the teaching aspect of art. Do you think it's possible for me to become and art teacher or coach? I don't have the skills (nor a degree), but I have the knowledge from years of self study.

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You can obviously set up a tutoring business if you want to? I am not sure the question here.Are you asking if you are qualified or what?

>> No.6679261

Instead of asking us, why don’t you just try teaching? Start a youtube channel and give it your best shot. See the reception you get, ask your viewers what they want and keep teaching.

We cannot tell you if you’re good at it or not because teaching is a never ending loop of discovery. Once you teach and someone asks questions, you find more things you didn’t think about and have to figure out the best way to convey the answer.

>> No.6679270

>I am not sure the question here.Are you asking if you are qualified or what?

Mainly just questioning if Teaching is an alternative career choice for failed artist like me. I never really heard of an art teacher that can't draw.

>> No.6679317

You don't really have to be able to draw you just have to convince other people you can. Granted if your art sucks it will be a lot harder to attract students to you. The good thing about tutoring though is that it's got virtually no upstart costs so if you want to start you could start advertising your services today.

Also if you want a salaried position you need the actual degrees unless you are going into children's art classes which is essentially more child care than art.

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looks like a filter

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The only art mats I have are:
A sketchbook
A rubber

Will I ever make it?

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You felt the need to ask therefore ngmi

>> No.6679201

an ai thread died for this

>> No.6679202

Protected sex is good and all but it's not gonna make you a better artist

>> No.6679206

>using condoms while drawing
Do yuropoors really...?

>> No.6679209

If you have a SOVL, that's enough to make it. Now grab that sketchbook and draw, draw and draw, hands, feet, horses, cats, boxes, do the basic shapes, don't do details. Fill the book. Start another.
Don't spend money on any other materials, or books.
Save money for good tech essentials, a good pc, a couple of screens, a good tablet.
Have fun.

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>come up with a story that happens on a farm
>make the comic panels
>try to draw buildings and animals
>realize i have no fucking idea what i am doing or i know what anything actually looks like
>look at google images

fuck. is this just part of the struggle?

>> No.6679195

Being bad at something is the first step to being kind of ok at something. You can do it.

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I was trying to get it published.

I regret making the setting a farm. How many fucking chickens do I have to draw in the background

>> No.6679687

none if you make it a cabbage farm

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That’s why I made my comic setting a castle in space. I know I can draw castles and space is just stars so… the rest is gravy. Play to your strengths, don’t fight yourself. Life is hard enough.

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I look up references and perform studies to learn how certain things look like as a matter or routine.
I looked up F4 Phantom and did 2 drawings relating to it, and also F22 and F21 to familiarized myself with typical stealth plane's shapes. impromptu studies and learning things on the fly is something you should get use to.

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This is how us, begbros, feel.

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After enough practice, it starts to kind of appear in your mind, yes. Not that I'm anywhere near to be considered a pro.

>> No.6679187

draw more

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Lamenting and labeling yourself by your skill level will snuff your motivation, won't it?

>> No.6679471

The reality is more like: "Ah shit here we go again, fuck."

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working on this one as a gift to my girlfriend. need feedback. ik the skyline isnt accurate sorry

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with or without the roof?

>> No.6679181

Unless you're getting advice on the 2D animated character,
I hope your girlfriend likes it tho'

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