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Should I wear something like this while drawing to help reduce wrist strain/carpal tunnel issues?

I already wear fingerless gloves when drawing digitally so not trying to look like an edgelord is too late for me

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Anybody know some decent animation software? Never tried it before and seems interesting.

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I haven't used it but apparently Clip Studio has some good decent animation functionality.

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Some days i get really motivated and actually do a lot of stuff like drawing and finishing pieces and studying.But most of the time, like today for example , I just can't seem to do anything even though I know i should.

When that happens I usually look at an artist I like and use one of his drawings as a staring point, but it's not working recently.
Any advice on how to recreate those creative and productive outbursts?

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I'm by no means decent or even good at drawing, but the last few months I've been able to draw at least a little bit whenever possible.

If you're wanting to draw but you're stuck, do some gestures. I really love the human form personally, so sketching out a few gesture poses usually gets my hands working enough to want to make something real.

If you find yourself not drawing, what I've been doing is reminding myself what worthless trash I am if I waste a day and draw nothing. That if I don't draw, the worse possible things could happen to what little ability I've cultivated. It's created a real sense of urgency to draw for me. Like, if I don't, I may find myself devoid of any hope or happiness. Left to drown without a means of depicting it.

And also drawing attractive things. Draw cute girls or guys. If I drew a smile on her face, may as well give her nice clothing, some nice things, etc.

Here's some shitty sketches from my sketchbook.

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Drawing isn't always gonna be fun.
The best thing to do is to develop a habit of continuing to draw even when you're not enjoying it much.
After repeatedly forcing yourself to draw when you don't feel like it, eventually it doesn't feel like a big deal.
Like it may be boring but it won't be difficult to do, if that makes sense.
And don't forget that it's not bad to take a break from studying to draw fun things when you feel like you're losing sight of why you started drawing in the first place.

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Should I save up for a Cintiq 13 HD Touch or a Surface Pro 4? Please state reasons for your answer, thanks!

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Do you go out a lot? Do you enjoy drawing outside? Are you ok with other people seeing you work?

By answering these you'll have your answer

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hey /ic/, i started this piece as a doodle and its developed a bit more

I'm stuck on the poses though, any ideas on how i can fullbody pose them?

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Study fundamentals (check)
Draw every day (check)
Zero progress (check)

Aside from the obvious stuff, what kind of practice routine do you guys on /ic/ have? Like do you focus on one thing for a long time before doing something else? or do you do everything at once?

For example, do you just practice hands for a day before studying another subject or just hyper focus on like hands for a week or a month?

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I try to constantly venture into new territory. For instance, whenever I get tired of doing gestures, I just try to do some anatomy. Even if I'm not good at it yet, it gives me a bit of insight in how it works and it's just something new. Maybe I get bored of drawing still life, I'll just play around a bit with colors. Just try to do a little of everything and teach myself not to be discouraged of something because I'm not good at it.

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qt animu girlll

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Show ur progress pic over the years

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Progress isn't linear, bruh. You make immediate gains when you learn the basic shit like drawing 3D forms and perspective, then it's a constant swing of flat lining and mass gains after that.

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>draw something
>hey the head looks like shit
>study heads
>draw something
>hey the head looks nice but the pose looks stiff
>study gesture and fluidity
woooooow fucking impossible rocket science how do they figure it out

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ITT we post /ic/-approved furry artists

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/ic/ approved or not, I realy like Wasp's sad doggos

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I loved this show as a child and thought these guys are the coolest but I fucking hate furries and most furry art disgusts me. I don't understand the fetish.

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kuroi moyamoya's art always makes me happy.

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It's ok.
I don't understand the futa fetish, girls with horsecock fetish, and foot fetish stuff.

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Darkgem is fuckin' great. He only draws some weird shit, so not gonna post that here.

Looks like a cheaper, less trained, less influenced, less fundies studied, less original version of Ovopack.

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Anybody have any of their stuff from years ago? Let's post it in this thread. Cringe encouraged

15-year-old me was a fucking edgelord.

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That's pretty good.

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I didn't really understand the form and got caught up in the details. Hogarth is certainly for advanced artists. Its not about replicating Hogarth's style but his mechanics of dynamic posing.

Being able to draw any pose no matter the perspective.

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What do you guys think of my room

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Nice and pretentious, just the way you like it Mr. Millenial

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Hey /ic/,

i've been trying to draw (anime style) for 3 years now, but all i can draw is cute anime girls faces. some times I can draw fine other time I can't draw.

I've been hearing the words study, anatomy etc... alot but ignoring them (thinking i can learn by just drawing anime images i see).
Now i know that's not the right way to do it, i think it's the time to start studying but i don't know how or where to start, and i need your help senpais.


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Good. To make any real progress you have to draw everyday. The trick is to study a fundamental and understand how it works, then apply it to recreating other artists work who have mastered the style. Learn from Japanese artists who are good t what they do. Emulate where you want to be, not what you think you are currently capable of. Also don't be afraid to study from like and do figure drawing too. Every drawing doesn't have to be finished either, you may be better off drawing 10 figures than you would 1 full colored complete drawing.

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>I try not to use reference.
Really bad idea if you want to improve. Copying is how a lot of artists learn especially ones in japan. They all learn by rote. Copy from life, from photos and most importantly your favourite artists and you will improve faster than ever.

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Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I'll do my best and sketch whenever I have a free time everyday.

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Also save your references. It's hard to see improvement from day to day because it's very gradual, so you may get discouraged. But redraw the same picture you drew 2 months back, the improvement should encourage you to keep at it.

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thanks for the advice. I do this but yearly.
here's the most notable one, the one on the top is the very first one, the other one after 3 years.

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That thread about giving away gifts left my email compromised after sending one

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yeah i got some anthrax in the mail today :(

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he is a great great guy and you have no reason not to trust him with your personal information

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I would suck his dick if he asked desu

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inb4 the op dies in his nap and nobody gets a cintiq

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im shit at drawing so im here cuz i know one of yall can do this better.

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Fuck off
Stop giving blacks a reputation as lazy

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this is racist as hell

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just put some shading and its good to go

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That'll be 300 shekels

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rate this pic anon

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Symbol drawing/10

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I fucking hate this meme decade.

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Just wondering.

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Right here, OP.

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Hell yeah, I'm totally not going to make it.

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This isn't fair!

You can't be sexy AND a good artist, that's way too unfair. What the hell, man?

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I don't think it's that half the people don't like him and find him dated. You forget that Frazetta had a long and prolific career and did produce a lot of garbage pieces and a lot of it is severely dated. The people who call him dated think of this work, and the people who think he isn't dated are thinking of his best pieces which still hold up really well.

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99% of what makes someone attractive is health and hygiene.
99% of what makes someone successful is hardwork and discipline.

those things you control. it isn't a question of fairness.
Unless you have some fucked up disease/brain issue (not talking depression/anxiety, I mean incapable of rational thought) or birth defect, then you have no real excuse.
Even if you have an iffy face most people can over look that if you work out, don't dress/smell like shit, and don't have a shit personality.

People have started with less than you and been more successful, people have started with more and been less successful.

None of this is necessarily easy, but thats why most people don't end up as success stories.

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>99% of what makes someone attractive is health and hygiene.
It plays a huge role, but if you've got an ugly face you will still be ugly when fit.

>99% of what makes someone successful is hardwork and discipline.
Kek. Don't forget luck, connections, and personality.

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I love his stylization of animals

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It's going better than I thought, any major flaws im missing? other than the crap background that im gonna have trouble to actually proper do later on.

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i have autism, this was supposed to be on the beginner thread

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does learning to sculpt and do 3D helps with drawing?

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Yes. But drawing helps more.

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sculpting is really good
its quite different from boxmodeling in maya or something
zbrush is amazing for people who like to draw, it also helps you learn plastic forms and stuff
i recommend it

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what about sketchup and 3d coat, i hear about them a lot on concept art related streams

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i dont know 3D coat, but sketchup is nice if you need some assistance with architecture or you wanna try out some shapes in a 3D space real quick. but its very different from sculpting

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quick is nice :3 thanks anon

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My mother really likes my drawings and she insists on me taking an art course, but i'm kinda sceptic about it, I don't know if it's going to help me because I heard from some artists that art courses are just boring and not helpful
I would really appreciate if anyone talked about their experience if they have taken an art course
Thanks, /ic/

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>tfw your family doesn't believe online courses are good

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I took an introductory art class at a community college and it taught me things that I have never found anywhere else.
The studio environment and seeing the work of others also really helps. You're also forced to draw 3+ hrs/day

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>You're also forced to draw 3+ hrs/day
I think this was the best part of taking an actual class was that it got you drawing because you've deadlines and if you care, you don't want it to look like shit either. I think I improved a ton just because of mileage.

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>The studio environment and seeing the work of others also really helps. You're also forced to draw 3+ hrs/day

This, this, this. I personally hate art school, but love the classroom enviroment since it's nice to see how other people approach similar problems. I also suggest life drawing classes, if you live in a college town there's likely to be one open to the community, so you can interact with a wealth of artist.

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There's a difference between an art course and art college. An art course you can pick up or drop off at any time can be absolutely worth it if you find one that offers the kind of skills you're looking for. If you want to get good, don't hesitate to throw a little money around to get there, just don't set yourself up to be a debt slave for the next couple decades on like you would with most colleges if you're in the U.S.

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Anyone have source on this? I don't speak rice unfortunately. Looks like someone who would run circles around procuck

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