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ok, so after watching videos about fast skill acquisition, volen ck videos about practice and inspired by /fit/ workouts I decided to just copy and draw noses from photos a 100 times to see what could happen.
Basically like a 10x10 set of any fit workout.

It took me a couple hours, but I am really happy with the progress and I felt very diferent right now towards drawing noses.

Around the 35 rep my understanding change and I can tell I've become intermediate level and stopped being a begginer regarding noses.
At around the 70 rep, I felt I've learned a lot about drawing noses and felt I stopped being intermediate.
At around 90 rep I was basically drawing from imagination even while I was copying photos.

It was a nice exercise and took me an entire day to pull off.
I'm excited to see if I can use this workout for other areas of the body, maybe an eye workout, a mouth workout, a portrait drawing workout.

I'm really happy over the results here.
Maybe some anons could try this kind of /fit/ workout practice session.

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That's fine bro I'm just saying you're not intermediate yet. Keep working though you're going to get those gains. Post in here your progress every day I'd love to see it.

Also go download anatomy for sculptors, it might help you with your noses.

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Congrats OP you have learned that practicing anything requires repetition.

But listen to elder god Kim Jung Gi for some more knoweldge:
>"And I emphasize that studying the subject matter while understanding them accurately is more important than just drawing a lot. I ask them to experience as much as they can in life, and in drawing I ask them to understand the subject matter perfectly and practice through repetition. That is why studying anatomy is a must when drawing human figure."

Basically, repetition is not enough without trying to gain knowledge beyond the simple image. Basically, you want to consider the skeleton and muscles beneath the skin as much as what is visible. Perhaps you can do drawings illustrating the bone beneath the nose as well as the cartilage to complete your understanding of why it is shaped like it is.

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yeah, I'm happy I found out a way to practice that isn't just lmao draw 8 hours a day, like most of crabs tell you.

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>Around the 35 rep my understanding change and I can tell I've become intermediate level and stopped being a begginer regarding noses.

Not to piss on your parade but you didn't learn shit. Try rotating some noses in space at different angles. Try drawing a variety of noses (hook nose, thin nose, wide nose, narrow nose, droopy nose, child like nose, etc), render noses, stylize noses. You're not intermediate--you have a long way to go.

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You are literally just doing studies and iterative practice mate, glad you found a structure but it's a pretty common one.

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>tfw drew for 5 hours today
Feels good.

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>5 hours
I mean for a warm up that's okay. What are you gonna for the next 7 or so hours?

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I hope you drew chens

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what did you draw?

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Heads, mostly.

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Im happy for you anon

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>I’m interested in pushing boundaries through art, living and expressing my art with my body and mind while opening mental doors. It’s more than just my naked body, my vagina… a lot of people out there are reflecting and I accept when someone doesn’t understand the meaning of my art. Art is personal. When I perform I’m at one with myself, focused and calm. I feel strong, because I’m absolutely convinced about my work.


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(Purely) Conceptual art is a meme. Performance art can be good. (KJG is performance art, theatrical plays can be performance art, circus performers etc.)

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it is absurd, but absurdity has always been a part of art
I personally think this is absolutely retarded but my point still stands

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>I’m interested in pushing boundaries through art
Dadaism was a fucking century ago. We've pushed the boundaries to the absolute breaking point. Then they broke. Breaking every last social faux pas and calling it a performance isn't just old hat, it's fucking decrepit. Boring. Done. Go home.

Anyone here now is just here to goggle at the freak circus or wonder if he can fuck that chick, nobody is impressed or interested by this anymore.

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Anything can be art
GOOD art, however, is a different story

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It's art, according to the destructive mentality of post-modernism, but to me it's selfish narcissism and meaningless to anyone but the "artist". It's shallow, crude, and vain.

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How do I stop giving a shit about final products and loosen up with my drawing again? I feel like everything I do now has to look "finished" and it's stifling my productivity.

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Source on that faggoty drawing?

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how much money can you make from the /drawfag/ threads maybe like the one on /aco/?

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About 2 years of anatomy has led me to this moment

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Based and roidpilled

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Yujiro Hanma

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If you want to draw cartoons loomis is geniunely the best guide, his methods work better with cartoons than anything else. It allows for changing of proportions easily while still retaining anatomy.

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I visited France and got inspired by their many abandonned castles.

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what abandoned castles? where in france?

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>goes to france
>plethora of beautiful architecture and historical buildings
>was inspired
>chooses to render uninspired bg
you can do better than this

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I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking at - the values are too close to each other in each plane of space, the hues are the same, and the special effects lighting on the tree is lost in the jumble of competing elements. The composition feels compressed because of the big black void on the right, and everything on the left points the eye outside of the frame.

And, the perspective feels forced and not credible. You have trees just floating in space near the top - what are they standing on?

And, the most annoying thing, is the variance of focus in rendering, you go from detailed rendering, like the tree trunk and window shutters, to the loose, ugly painting style of the bird (also, birds don't fly with their feet like that), and then everything else feels like a rough sketch with no detail. The smoke/fog makes no sense and just adds to the clutter.

I feel more emphasis was on "special effects" typical of the popular chinese artists posted here, and less on quality drawing and painting. I'd prefer to see more of the latter.

And, ditto on the logo. That's just "look at me!", and unnecessary, and distracting, because it's inserting itself into the image the way it's done.

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You a feisty lil thang.

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It's okay, babe. I like em a lil feisty.

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Favorite artist? That would be shadman.

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I respect what he's trying to do even if I don't prefer his art.

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[ screaming loli ]

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This guy looks so fucking gross

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Are there any anime artists out there that even come close to him? How does one even get to his skill level?

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white datura (alphonse)

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He meant tag-team. Why don't more artists tag-team.

The answer to which is because no 2 people ever share the same exact thoughts.

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I imagine both being into the same fandom helps them get along together in drawing.

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Oh rip I can't read
Yeah most collabs are very short-lived or just a one-time illustration

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Thanks a ton.
Can't find RAN though.

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I drew this yesterday and I realized that every one of my drawings has this same non-expression. It's like she's too cool to show any sort of happiness or sadness. And when i went through my instagram feed to see all the other artists that draw girls like this, they are all the same. it's like modeling head shots. what resources would you recommend for me and us all to get away from this neutral eyes half open, RBF? I want to draw a cute girl laughing or yelling angrily or confused. (sorry for the weird cropping, i used an app to make it a square for instagram.)

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Ya need this book bitch

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spooky As FUCK

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I have a similar problem, althoughI can do anger a bit. Learn the facial muscles and how they work/interact, and study faces displaying strong emotion.

Very cool style anon. I really like it.

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thanks for the suggestion, and i do read japanese lol so i might just do that!

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Lately I've been thinking that limiting value and color a lot is a great idea

Does anyone have any resources regarding using narrow value range? Googling doesn't get exactly what I want

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Schoolism, james guerney and alla prima are good sources of color theory

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source of the image?

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thanks brotheros, will look it up

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A little unrelated but I can't wait for this cool feature that will come out in the next version of Krita soon. You'll be able to use gamut masks to limit your color palette on the color wheel based on the technique developed by james guerney.


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Part 8 in this nma series introduction to major and minor keys. Behind a paywall though.

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>wearing one of these
>ceiling fan on
>window open
>wearing nothing but underwear
>still smearing sweat all over tablet
what the FUCK do i have to do to make this shit stop lads

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Go out and exercise instead you fat fuck. And dont wear that fucking glove. I only know faggots that wear that glove. Jazza and this dude from my art school with a pony tail. Know anyone else? No. So stop it.

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Why do you guys hate the glove? Too poor to afford one?

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I wear the glove and can confirm it's for fags

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lose weight you disgusting fat fuck

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this makes no fucking sense congratulations you're a butthole

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A thread for traditional tips and tricks.
Tradigital/scanning/traditional digital hybrid also count

Erase slowly in one direction to not crumple your paper.
For small areas hold the portions to be erased erased area between your pointer and your thumb and go back and fourth.

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I'm looking for anime figures who are in this pose or a very similar one for reference, i'm having a hard time finding any. Could any of you lend me a crumb of help?

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>pro tip:
>make your own damn reference with your phone camera and use yourself as a model
>Infinite reference poses

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if you can't find your waifu pose then BECOME the waifu.

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Use designdoll
Get better at loosely using reference

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Ask someone to sit in that pose, take a picture, wala...

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You have zero fucking clue on what reference is or how to use it if you are literally posting the fucking pose and asking for more images in a similar pose.
You don't need more references.
You need to learn to fucking draw.

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I was a "clean" artist, but I've just said fuck it and fell into the dark side. My income by commission currently is ok, but I want to increase it regardless. I only know about NSFW commissions and Patreon, is there any other way to earn money from porn?

Pic related since I drew it, my first one.

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Post your work.

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Best way to darken areas with different tones like on their sweaters?

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multiply. fill in the shape and control the value by painting in the mask. then control the temperature by painting a value-equivalent tone of opposing temperature in the primary layer.

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??? do something with this!

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ITT: Drawings only made in snapchat app.

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Use anything in the app you want
Import anything if you can, idk if you can im new add me if you want

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You know what, let's keep all selfies as minimal as possible.

And let's try and get the backgrounds v interesting

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Does anyone use blender as a drawing app?

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Yes, drawing, idiot. Blender has done a lot to expand 2D animation and drawing in a 3D environment.

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I know right. OP should know that no one on this shitty board draws.

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>most of it is drawn in photoshop

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I've seen some shit today

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>cute girls

post em

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She getting raped

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Anyone know where to see this artists current work?
I got rakugaki300page on deviant art but the last post was 2017 and their japanese jimdo page is gone

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Or this

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