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Is this good art?

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Yes it is, what kind of dumb fuck question is that?

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Usually I detest cotemprorary art, but I think this is beautiful in all senses.
Post good modern art, take a rest from your chink-style lollies you draw and clutter up the board with.

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this piece of shit work of "art" is retarded, it means nothing and it belongs in the garbage
It's not even actually offensive or daring because who fucking cares about offending christians
not a single one of these faggots ever do anything that might offend jews or muslims because they're all pussies
have your (you), enjoy your stupid bait thread

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>does this use lineart

and what software would this use in general? the blending looks quite nice

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It might use line originally it it might not and it can be done with any popular software.
Is irrelevant, what matters in this case is understanding and the fluidity of values.

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How do i get to that level? What kind of practice do i need? (Yes im beg)

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This particular piece is heavy with good value control
Study someone like Ilya Repin

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let's draw pikachus

dont just copy the reference thats cheating

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you can use it but dont copy it

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i drew three
do i get extra points

(oops forgot to flip canvas first time posted)

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Is the pressure sensitivity fucked for anyone else with the new update?

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Dunno, mine always seems to fuck up by itself so I can't tell. Maybe it's just wacom drivers being shit as usual?

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>supporting wacom

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>supporting wacom

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Are there even any lucrative job offers for spriters in the video game or art fields?

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Give me your pixel art for this creature.

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/ic/ is still not your personal free art service, go away!

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$20 pls

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is dynamic sketching the only thing you need to become pro? that's basically all KJG uses

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Fucking yes, I will soon. I am useless because I have no talent and I will never be a good artist.

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Yes, good. I will not argue about your talent, but on top of your apparent lack of artistic skill you are also generally a shitty and weak human being.

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>I'm so tired of people here being in fucking denial. Most of you will be mediocre at best for the rest of your lives, keep grinding boxes and shit or Loomis or whatever the fucking method you chose all you want, talent is everything and without it you'll never actually get good.
imagine being this much of a loser

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Fuck you retard, I don't even want to hurt you. You are literally like my friend who doesn't realize that most of his life issues are the result of him generally being a shitty person in all regards.
George you fucking retard, quitting your job just before a raise was possible because you "couldn't bear it" is not an excuse. Everyone has to deal with this shit, you are not special.

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Is there a specific exercise that can help with maintaining mental images of contours/positions/shapes/whatever? I feel like I get flashes of parts of images that are real, workable, and transferable to a 2d medium, except they vanish in like half a second after I get like a single line down and I can't call them back.

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drawing helps

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For me, the specific exercise is learning construction. I'm beg so take this with a grain of salt. Maybe I'm just forever bad at maintaining a mental image, but I'll just think of something, and try to describe to myself what I'm trying to draw.
For example, I'll say to myself, it's a sitting pose, and loosely decide on a body type, and then start constructing that until I get close enough to that mental image I had.
Don't try to just project an image from your brain if you can't, deconstruct it by thinking of the attributes of your mental image and reconstruct that onto the paper.

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I'll give this a shot
wow thanks I hadn't thought of that

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Oil, Acrylic or Watercolor?

From that video:
>+Patrician blendability
>-Long drying time
>-Requires chemicals
>-Said chemicals like to set themselves on fire if stored improperly

>+Fast drying time
>+Can create texture
>-Poor blendability
>-May dry too fast

>+Requires few materials
>-More similar to staining than to painting

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Seconding for ink and watercolor. I really like how it looks, and how it's different from traditional painting.

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laquer and enamel.
with an airbrush

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I use all of them.
Anyone that has trouble with oil drying times is doing it wrong, desu.

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I really love the feel of inking with a dip pen, it feels so incredibly good

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Im new here so idk but am i allowed to ask for commisions?

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Yeah OP hit me up on Twitter, ten bux and I'll draw whatever you want

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Ummm, you serious?

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This is like going onto /p/ and asking if anyone will pay you to photograph something for them.

Do you not get how this is stupid?

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I guess i see your point

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Are you an eat to live type, or a live to eat type?

How does your relationship with nutritional sustenance influence your creative production?

Me me: I think food is a hassle. If I could have an IV situation where I am able to be sustained without eating anything, I'd be cool with that. I eat ~1 meal a day. Mostly eat carrots and bacon and American cheese and yogurt. Also in a day: drink like ~5 sody pops, smoke about 13 cigarettes, drink ~12 shots of liquor, ~3 bong packs of pot, and ~15 mg of adderall.

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Please eat a shotgun shell

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So I'm doing streams every week at mon,wed and friday
usually doing doodles and stuff at 10 minutes tops, and shading in 1 hour tops all live.
anyone else doing this sorta stuff?

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here's some other examples

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draw one where she does jew jitsu

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Your stuff is a bit low effort and people will hang around in your stream only if you're popular in the first place so it makes no sense to hope that people will be drawn in by art you're drawing on stream no matter how good it is

But it's very comfy when there are like 2-3 people who chat with you and ask questions about your art. For me it was harder to stream because I work traditionally but I liked it

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>people will hang around in your stream only if you're popular in the first place so it makes no sense to hope that people will be drawn in by art you're drawing on stream no matter how good it is

what are you even saying? Op just asked if anyone else is doing streams like her lmao

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>draw in a good mood
>deletes entire drawing because of that single thought
Is this normal or am I mentally ill?

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I painted over stock images when I was 15 to sell art and deleted it within a day. Noone bought my shit thankfully, although I got called out for it and im paranoid that someone fuck my shit up because my current artstyle look similar to my middle school cheater phase

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Post it

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You're rather impulsive.

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This has actually happened to me before. Mostly it has to do with remembering embarrassing shit I did when I was younger. It really fucks me up sometimes.

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Well you're letting your bad memories get the better of you and control your here and now. Just accept whatever it was, and let it evaporate. Don't push it back since these useless thoughts will just linger stronger, everyone has bad memories, be it chad or a bullied kid, the difference is just how you deal with and how you will let it affect your future. And do you really want to let your past win and let if decide who you are going to be?

Not being defeated by a mere uninvited thought while drawing is the bare minimum you should be capable of.

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How do you design hundreds of characters while keeping them unique and consistent arstyle/theme wise without ever having them come off as "generic"?

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>draw one character on a sheet of paper
>on a second sheet draw a new character
>compare the sheets, are they the same?
>if so redraw the second character so it look different.

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you need to have the spark

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>each character is unique

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Nobody to show my draws, first time posting here

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Read the sticky
Post in approbiate threads
Dont open such threads

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Any visual novel devs out there? What are you working on?

I just started writing an otome game, and its serving as great motivation to improve my art and learn new skills.

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I fucking hate RenPy. What alternatives to RenPy are there op ?

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not op but i heard there are alts like tyranobuilder.
im currently using renpy and desu it isnt that bad.Mind if i know why u dislike it?

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the code is a disaster. i ran into so many issues and unfixable bugs... i even contacted experienced devs and they reviewed my entire code and ended up telling me 'well, no idea sorry lol'.

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I would try tyranobuilder as >>3769792 suggested. If you like coding you can use Unity or Gamemaker. I see Visual Novel Maker on steam all the time, but I'm not sure if its worth the $60.

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is one of these drawings referenced from the other? and which?

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trying to solve a mystery so hopefully someone can tell

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who cares? they're both shit

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If anything the bottom looks like it’s refrencing the top, because it looks like a disjointed version of it. Or these are just two profile views with similar poses, what kind of mystery is this anon if you don’t mind me asking?

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the bottom is the original drawing... and neither are professional drawings lol... thats not the point, youre just assholes. we're trying to figure out if someone is creepin. is it the same image?

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Would love some feedback on my Stoner Scooby-Doo short film titled “Where Are We?”.

Poster is pictured. Watch the film at https://youtu.be/GoXb8N1XJyo

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How long have you been here for? You know how I feel about advertising.

Sage for sogay, tl;didn't click

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So I completed my first painting that i actually took time on and put 100% into. I used acrylic paint and Im not inclined to use it again it dries so fast its a pain in the ass. Post your recently finished work

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Wtf how do i rotate it

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bruther, go to the >draw thread

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