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Are there ANY other active art communities online besides /ic/?

I've gotten fears that 4chan (and hence /ic/) is disappearing soon.
I really love /ic/, there's a huge variety of artists here with different interests and skill levels...

Remember that /loomis/ is gone.

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You don't need a community, solitude is the key to making it, make your own imaginary friends in your imaginary world. You can do this.

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No, outside 4chan everything is Reddit tier. The only thing left is to host your own 4chan variant.

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I'm into abstract expressionism. Here are some of my pieces. I'd appreciate any feedback.
My biggest influences are Jawlenski, Rothko, Pollock, and Krasner.
I'd like to pay for formal art classes one day.

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it's true

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how on earth are you supposed to study and learn from something if you have no idea how to even go about trying to draw and paint it from reference? for example i can get the general lineart down but when it comes to painting i have no idea where to even begin how do people learn from studying this kind of shit

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Learn painting fuhdamentals.

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https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLmXZMqb_9sbNLM83NrM005vRQHw1yTKn & https://youtu.be/Qj1FK8n7WgY

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Previous thread >>5024522

For all those who love /pain/ting. Try not to derail the thread with stupid shit about what jitter or pressure sensitivity is for tablets, if you're too fucking lazy to search those up on youtube and watch an actual video demonstration of what is for your respective apps.. then maybe you should just stick to traditional tools.

Pro /Pain/t Tips - PPT:
>Dont argue about brushes and expect to have everything explained to you, art is a visual learning experience that you practice through action, not sitting there and reading shit until it "clicks" it only clicks when you get to work.
>Dont copy everything 1:1 this isnt /asg/ actually try to analyze and understand what youre doing with notes
>Post your work if you want critiques or have trouble understanding something and want help
>Come back to a painting later if youre spending hours on it, dont focus on the details if youre studying, try capturing it in BOLD and BRASH strokes
>Work in grayscale before tackling color, then you'll see colors as values
>Start simple and work toward complexity
>You can always start over
>Hard brush is love , Hard brush is life

Last thread was about values and had some good information, be sure to check that out. Ill also link some youtube channels here that I personally enjoy and help me to see values and colors.




I also decided to work on my own folder for this general specifically, I'll add to it when I have time, as of now the FULL Krenz painting course is in there so you guys can enjoy that for now, but sadly its all in Chinese, hopefully one day it'll be translated lol. Let me know if it works.


Thread image made exclusively with the notorious HARD ROUND BRUSH :^)

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I feel that the head is a bit enlarged. The face looks slightly off, for example philtrum is too short and jaw line is too far away.

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personally mine also assigns flow with pressure. When I lighten my stylus I get lots of little separate circles that add a nice texture to my painting, like Bobby Chiu

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How do you guys make it look sharp? Is it by using the eraser ?

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I am the one who made this. I used a selection tool to cut the stuff out. You can use anything with a hard edge, in fact I could have use the same brush as an eraser to do it as well

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thanks anon

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How to deal with a shit art day?

I don't know what it's called, but its like you keep making mistakes, or you computer starts lagging for no fucking reason, your computer annoys you when drawing, you can't get into your rhythm and keep making mistakes when drawing, you lack your pen control all of sudden, you can't focus and annoying shit keeps happening to you like you keep getting phone calls.

What is it called, how do you deal with it?
I honestly can not draw today.

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Draw, despite it all.
Only women have bad days. Don't let things affect you.

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I just give up and cry. Tomorrow will be better.

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just don't draw

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be proud that you tried today! there's no point tearing yourself down, just try again tomorrow. good self talk will save you from burnout and the dangers of perfectionism

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my first drawing in like 10 years what does 4chan think?

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Soul. But isn't that a lobster?

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yep. he is transgebder

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Best drawing I've ever seen. It's my new wallpaper.

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cute claw gloves

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可愛い!^ - ^

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Really enjoyed the last caricature thread so I figured I'd give it another go with fresh inspiration.
I'll post a few to pick from to kick it off

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For something on the attractive side

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Caricature this

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I honest to God don't know if this is edited or not, I think this is a real face

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Okay feel free to post others, this but it would be fun to keep the numbers low so the comparison between different visions of the same person are more bountiful

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Why does Eastern furry art lack the autism that's rampant among western furfags?

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Asian genes.

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I blame Disney

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What would his reaction be to learning that millions of coomers use his teachings to draw degenerate porn today?

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Loomis was a coomer himself, he would be flattered.

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What would his reaction be if he finds out his books are use for shitposting on some underwater oilpainting forum?

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>“I wish my family got paid royalties for all these people stealing my book, but at least they are having fun with their pencils”

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If you go back and tell your younger self advice on drawing. What would you tell them?
What mistakes would you tell them to avoid?
What would you tell them to focus on?

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Hooh? That's a mere 1/7th of what this blade can do.

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> Do not befriend people on said forum by opening up to them/art friends. Do not join any sub-communities on said forum. Do not try to make the forum a better place just because you spent years there. Grab the resources on the forum and stay away /ic/
>For no reason at all should you join discords made off /ic/ EVER. No groups, nothing. Stay away.
> Do not use tutorials that promise the moon and the galaxy such as "from beginner to advanced".
Lmao. You distilled my exact experience with /ic/.

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Drop loomis as fast as possible, start with Brent Eviston.

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Did you still join any community or chat outside of /ic/ or did you eventually decide to be foreveralone?
>Use photoshop.
as opposed to Krita and other memes or other software like CSP?

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>how come vilpuu/huston/xyz don't have any complete works
>where are their PAINTINGS
Why does /ic/ only consider paintings and meme over rendered digital paintings as "complete works". Why can't a charcoal figure drawing be a "complete work"?

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Didn’t read your post frog chud

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Because it's like building just some walls and saying it's a house

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Post their work.

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it's funny because huston has many paintings anyway

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Because those are just studies, not expression of creativity except for Huston. He handles muscles very creatively

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Hi, what are some affordable easy to erase sketching pencils? Sometimes my undersketch doesnt erase completely, and i can see pencil marks under the black and white ink of my drawing. I use mechanical pencils for their simplicity but im ready to move on to something less limiting. I think that mechanical pencils probably have a harder graphite than i really need for a sketch.

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You don't need to hand sharpen your pencils, I use an electric one and it sharpens my pencils to a nice point every time. It even sharpens my delicate charcoal pencils to a very fine point without breaking them. Just make sure you get a good one!

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i remember i had this drawing teacher that had this elaborate process for sharpening pencils. I think people on here talk about it where you use a sander and a knife and some other shit. I guess that is different though because its for line expresiion, and here i just need something for a undersketch to construct something.

thanks anon

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Additionally, you can find different lead grades for mechanical pencils if you prefer, although I suggest trying out regular pencils because you can use it at an angle.

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pinks a shit. try pic related.
art gum is good for painlessly deleting large sections like underdrawings. haven't had issues with it affecting ink but depends on the ink/paper i'm sure.
kneadeds give you a lot of control so they're better while drawing in pencil, but they're not quite as good/fast at fully erasing. and they absorb the graphite so repeatedly soaking up full pages worth can be something of a beating.

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fucking this lmao exactly my problem

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Total /beg/ here, I’ve never been too deep into animation and was curious on line work while animating. I’ve always been under the assumption that all lines have to have the same line weight because obviously it would be difficult to constantly replicate tapered lines over and over again. I saw the digievolution clips from Digimon Adventure Tri and they managed to do varied line weight, as you can see the liens taper frequnetly although granted it’s used scarcely throughout the series and is only really there on closeups. So is it possible or not? Or is it only possible for level 100 animators and beginners shouldn’t even attempt it?

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Not hard to imitate, especially when animators of all nations use the likes of toonboom, CSP, photoshop, opentoonz, Adobe animate, the list goes on. I even see titmouse animation doing this depending on the project. I dunno why you ask this, most art programs have an option where you can limit the minimum and maximum amount of line density.
Whatever, good luck, god bless, and good night

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just draw

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Oh wow I genuinely wasn’t aware of this thank you

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I first noticed this in Demon Slayer. I'm sure it's one of the pros of using digital like the other anon said. I suspect they use vector lines or something similar that allows them to match tapers frame-for-frame.

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I'm an animator at Titmouse and it's possible but it fucking sucks. Tracking the line weight is super obnoxious. The example you posted isn't too bad since the character keeps changing to other dynamic poses so you really only have to worry about that one key drawing and the frames before and after it. You usually only see these sorts of thicker lines on movies, OVAs, or important sequences like your gif due to the difficulty. It's not so incredibly difficult that only the best of the best can handle it, it's just tedious to track.
As far as process goes, animators usually draw the outline of the outline, if that makes sense. It makes it easier for the clean up crew to understand what's an intentionally thick line and what's just rough line work. See pic, it's somewhat low resolution but you can see on the crown that there are two distinct lines with a space in between them to indicate a thicker line width. The same concept is used on the eyes, where instead of doing it in a solid black they draw the entire outline of the eye, even around the eyelashes.

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Previous Thread: >>4996946

1. Don't post nudity or too revealing works.
When in doubt, post a censored copy here and link to the original off-site (e.g. catbox, imgur, etc).

2. **No Porn**.
No, not the retarded "anything with a body in it is porn" standard or "I see her underwear, MODSSS!!!" Use common sense.

3. Do not post sexualized child photo references.

4. Due to the PPH (posts per hour versus the ratio of artists posting work) of this general, please wait until page 9 or 10 to remake a new thread or let the general fall off the board entirely before making a new one. Use warosu.org to retrieve the old threads.

Q/A: (link expired)
Q/A Backup:https://pastebin.com/QibnZTPs


>/lsg/ Specific Resources:
>Monthly Prompt Template

>General Resources:

Any other resources/references you are willing to share will be added. Especially any material that focuses more on this general's subject matter

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I’m gonna coom

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dumb falseflagger

>> No.5033881

based falseflagger

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season 2 WHEN?

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hopefully never

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Are you able to draw anything in the same style of PC98 artwork?

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First drawing of mine in a year or so. What do you think, anons?

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Polish migrant $600 a month

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I looked it up and all I found was this deviantart page

>> No.5033821

I am not a migrant!
Here you go bro ;)

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How many artists that you know of have died over the years or most likely dead?

Pic very related.

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Give it a few more years and you'll grow out of this phase.

>> No.5034306

He's been missing for half a decade you stupid prick. You think he's just taking a break or something?

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>le man of le world
How many days ago did you turn 18?

>> No.5034343

>>Doctors say she has a 1-1.5 years left
>>Dies in 1 month and some change.
this is just an anecdote but when my friend was towards the end of his terminal cancer he was projected to live for another month and he died in a week
he was very sickly but it was still surprising because he still "randomly" dropped dead instead of being stuck in bed
he was still messing people up online in first person shooters and arcade fighters before he decided to not wake up one morning

>> No.5034349

Holy shit i had no idea, I remember loving her art back in my deviantart days

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I’ve literally never been on this board in my life, but I’m hoping you artsy anons will be able to help me with something. I’m looking for a good book of poses, preferably nude and with a variety of body types/ages. Either drawn or irl references work, and the more poses/angles the better. I’d really like to find something great before Cyber Monday is over. Plz help!

(Pic unrelated)

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...... did I mention I was new? X_X

>> No.5033874

Sorry. And thank you very much! I’ll go check that one

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Hey 2005 zoomer, the thread is here. >>5007941 Go to that thread. Look through the links. Pretend you are in a used book store, hunting for cool shit. Then delete this thread.

>> No.5033879

I havea very good one, tho the title is in spanish
"El tratado de dibujo de la figura humana" from Victor Perard

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It's more based in anatomy than anything else but if you want a better understanding on how the body works and bends, I think this'll do it for ya, also great poses

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Is this the pinnacle of art?

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It's more interesting, that's for sure.

>> No.5033707

A photographer could have made that in 1 second
Its ok pushing photorealism if you're trying to convince retard artists to waste their time on stupid shit instead of bothering important people i guess

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>next fucking level
Dude i fucking love when reddit does the awesomness.
Edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger

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Does the man take on the appearance of a jet airliner and fly fifteen million times slower than the plane?

>> No.5033734

of course, the way a child interprets a human face is way more interesting than a old guy that uses grids on a photo to get a 1:1 copy of a human head

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