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What. are some good a1 portfolios at >35 pounds?

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After learning that Patreon has a complex tax system that rapes EU users I gave hope on it and decided to focus more of my commissions and art sales as a way of income...
Let's know how much you make :D

Post :
>Income ( avg monthly )
>Number of commissions / sales a month
>What you do ( Hentai , Traditional , Concept )
>Way of earning ( Commissions , Etsy , Patreon )
>Link to your work ( optional )

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"complex tax system", lol. Also, you do realize your tax liability doesn't change by skipping over Patreon, right? Income is income.

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Oh sure
VatMOSS http://www.fantasio.info/2015/09/patreon-and-vatmoss-truth.html

But I think I may have been misinformed. Sorry for the scare.

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>250$ a month
>8 - 10
>Commissions ( since I started in september i got two " tips " )
>Mainly on HF

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I make about 60$ from furry commissions

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I feel like this is the right thread to ask, where do you usually get commissions to draw peoples OCs and DnD characters?
I want to charge around 80euros for a full body painting. Is this a lot for decent quality in a realistic style?
I know that people do free requests on /tg/, but I want to make money and there are so many artists that earn money on painting OCs.

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After shitposting on /i/ and getting nowhere, I was referred to here and told to fuck off
I will post three drawings, I want you guys to tell me exactly what's wrong with them
I did not make the drawings, but I know the person who did, and I will post proof I know them
Now, critique away so he can make his art better

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The second

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there are threads for this, kill yourself you retard. sage

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The third

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Anyone here that is pushing himself too hard? My stomach hurts every day because every day I get mad about shit gains even though sometimes I do more than needed.

I fear that Ill get some mental diseases from pushing myself too hard and overall I feel really shit all the time. Its not easy to fix because I really want to be the best, like no one ever was and all that crap so I would like to know if there is anyone like me here

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Smoke weed, nigga, it'll help. Or take a long, long fucking break, and forget to pick up drawing for the next 6 years; and wake up one day realizing that you draw like a 12-year-old still, and that your dream of becoming an artist is postponed until an unknown date (maybe that date is 'never') because you sat on your ass doing jackshit, thinking you'll get accepted into CalArts on giddy hope alone (like a protagonist of a bad anime); and maybe that promise you made to your dying father will never be fulfilled, that you will fulfill his failed dream of becoming a cartoonist like his father before him; maybe you really are the disapointment you feel you are. And when your 4-year-old cousin was dying of cancer and you promised to turn him into a cartoon character? Never going to happen, because you are a lazy cunt that nearly flunked out of high school and never practised drawing, and are now trying to wing it through a non-descript art school even though you didn't pass the admission exam (and the only reason you got accepted was because they needed to fill space; they outright told you that).

That's my experience experience, at least. This advice works for me.

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>stomach hurts every day because every day I get mad about shit gains

its just drawing lmao

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its just drawing for people who dont want to survive on drawing

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Rookie artist. Tell me what you liked or disliked, and how I could improve. Thanks

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blog? :^)))))))))

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i love it
> more?

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There is nothing to improve as there is no ambition I can't see reached in your pic
By that I mean that you made "cartoony" instead of real anatomy or shading or whatever. It would be better if you said in what you want to get better.
Art style?

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Considering the artstyle you're trying to pull, it looks disconcerting for the head to be so far forward
Bring it back a bit and shorten the neck a WEE bit, while simaltaeneously making the neck wider, but not too wide
You'll get what I mean as you're doing it

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Bitch got goat hands.

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Why Irakli Nadar hasn't 2000 bucks per week like Ilya or Wlop?

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Irakli is literally a hack.
The others aren't.

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What is a hack?

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>taking grown women's pictures
>remaking them into ayy lmaos

so this is the future huh

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Grand Prize
>You drew everyday for a long time, longer than anyone else. Congratulations. You are the best

>Update every day at: http://www.lavaflake.com/draw/
>The deadline for submissions is 23:59:59 GMT each day
>You should spend at least 30 minutes on each update
>Miss a day and you lose a token, FAQ is the first post.
>Miss another day within a month and you're eliminated.
>Progress updates are ok but they will be policed like other submissions
>Please wait until page 9 to start a new thread
>Please link to past thread
>Have fun.
>Please refrain from drawing sexual encounters with under age humans ;^)

Last Thread >>2809410

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Who drew all those girls in the sleep over? Looks good

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I think it was Alm0nde

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Alright /las/ses, here's your yearly poll!


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>tfw completely forgot about lava
>read his blog
>was eliminated from LAS

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Anybody got more pics of his work?

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We love brian here gtfo fag

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>he showed his face
He looks like a generic hipster fag

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brain. I can tell you're 26.

judging by your beard and receding hair line.

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It's not art related and the guy is a massive faggot

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he was once on local news for going to New York without telling his mom :)

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What kind of hardware do you guys use, including but not limited to tablets, peripherals, computers and their specs?

What sort of drawing aids, references, guides or models do you use?

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multiple mirrors

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Sketches and critique.
I'll start, my style is pretty abstract. Did this in one day.

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if you were my retarded son i'd put it on the fridge/10

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> Did this in one day.

It shows

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why even do this on graph paper if you didn't actually use the gridlines for anything? Or did you just doodle on your homework?

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why put effort into something when you can not try and possibly get praise for doing nothing. Then when you get negatively criticized you can hide behind the logic that you didn't do your best and if you really tried you know it would be good.

But we know the truth about that don't we OP.

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Keep it to the subject. General art thread for Brian.

>you will be a god among men

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post rare brians

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Remember when Brian drew Cat showing her tits online and she got mad about it?

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does brian have a stream channel? videos?

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Did Brian and Maldraw fuse to make an even bigger faggot?

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this is art true art https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfnhExoq1hQ
jk my face is art

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Hi /ic/, could you guys gimme some critique about my work? Things that you like about it, that you'd like to see me drawing, I would commit to draw things as you guys say and tips to make me grow as an artist, in my blog you can see a lot and with the time stamps so I guess that if you want to help me, you'll have content. Thank you guys!

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can people just lurk more please

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>dumbasses link /ic/ from reddit
>surprised when literal newfags start shitting up the board

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hey guys.
ive been learning graffiti and the general structure and flow of letter the last 6 years. ive been trying lately just to worry about the technical side. now i want to make my work better rendered, i know theres a big difference between graffiti and general art. but there are some good amount of similarities and was wondering if anyone could maybe point me in a direction to accomplish what i'm looking for. i essentially want my letters and over all composition more geared towards art i guess. anyone know a book or website that might help? also heres a link of pic relater being done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lb-1NVdI580&t=12s

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well i guess you could look at some other art..more modern art would probably be easier to blend into grafitti..look up some general movements...impressionism, expressionism, surrealism, neoplasticism, abstract expressionism, pop art....techniques or subjects could inspire you perhaps

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>trying to brak graffiti down to a science

dumb dumb there is no science to graffiti. just fucking composite it evenly and make sure it looks cool. jesus fucking Christ u graffers are a bunch of fuck tards.

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do it like any other art, find artists that you like and study the fuck out of them, copy their pieces and try to get their shape design and colors and effects accurately, then try to apply it to your own stuff

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>get a message from some guy who wants a comission from you
>tells how much he likes your work and stuff
>you both talk and you ask him for references
>tell him that price depends on what exactly he wants
>get references and talk more - everything goes cool!
>SO...HOW MUCH IT WILL BE? :D - he asking
>you sit for a hour being embarassed fo yourself because you dont know what to answer

I feel like if i say my actual price, i might scare him away. And i dont want to do that because hes a nice person and his idea of a drawing really fits me.
But i also dont want to be cheap.

fucking hate this shit.
How other people dealing with this?
Do you have the same problem?

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>Do you draw random character designs, sell one as an adopt.
wanted to try this too.
But to sell something as adoptable...you have to draw sparkledogs and baby dragons...r-right?

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>.i mostly work with videogame companies

so those $ 120' are for work that has a 2nd use like make profit with them so that's why they pay.

also. show your art. let us see what's 120 worth

>> No.2818266

>...you have to draw sparkledogs and baby dragons...r-right?

Anything will do even weapons and props

You could sell them to the roleplayers over at /tg/

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>also. show your art. let us see what's 120 wor
im very close to this guys art
lineart and cellshading + stylized

>> No.2818393


>I mostly work with videogame companies and they are ok with paying 120$ for a concept.

sell unused character concepts

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Could I get some advice on this. I know the feet and hands are pretty bad, but what do y'all think of the rest of it?

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>6 years later
>still can't take a picture

>> No.2818265

Gonna be honest with you m8, its shit. On the bright side, its good enough for deviant art.

>> No.2818465

Are you Leonardo the Vinci reborn??

>> No.2818479

Fuck yourself anon, op is drawing. What are you doing? Post your stuff. Last time you did you got fucking schooled by others in this thread. Where do you get off calling someone's work chicken scratch? Bet youre too chicken shit to post your work or a link to your site or finished stuff. Op shows promise all I saw from you were a few crap sketches and whining.

Also op proved you a liar once, if this is the same person, where you said he was using supplatives like " great" and he called your dumbass out in it.

Never stop OP. Keep showing these assholes how it's done.

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it's all bad, buddy.
but at least you are putting the hands in view, and trying to understand proportions
try to do some life studies from photographs or w/e

-widen the torso. im looking down @ my boobers rn and my ears almost align with my nipnops
-understand that the torso is not just an hourglass shape, and that the boobbers are two seperate entities from the main trunk. they don't start to extend from the body until the armpit.
-the thinnest part of a person's torso varies, but is generally never right under the bipbaps. the thin part of the waist is created in the part of the flesh under the rib cage and above the hip bones, in an area where there are no bones to stretch skin outwards
-im too tired to give proper explanation on leg structure so here is quick diagram. the thigh bones move inwards and then the calve bones go straight down
-have fun
-good night

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Can anything fill the void after pic rel? What do you think about BoJack Horseman?

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Enjoyable show. Objectively shit from an art standpoint.

>> No.2818139

I dont really care about art, the writing is really good and I really like the characters.

>> No.2818420

I love bojack for introducing me to Tame Impala

>> No.2818425

we're talking "adult" animation here. It could be so much worse

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Sycra draws like a professional and yet people says he draws like an amateur. People say it's because he's popular, well there are a lot more popular artists who don't get as much shit as him. People say it's because he's bad, well there are a lot worse artists who don't get that much shit.

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>You do realize that you don't need to have a soft brush to make soft edges
annd thats where i fucking leave holy fuck you MORONS

>> No.2818622

the pic is shit
that ears trigger
looks like some IRL ripoff
0/10 imagination
fucked up light and shape language
male neck and face wtf
'let me add boobs so he'll look like female to these patreon nuts'
messy and shit gradient background - lazy shit no composition and concept = image forgotten in a minute -->>> /t/rash

>> No.2818624

you can get soft edges with graduating colors instead of literal soft brushes

>> No.2818627

we wont miss you

>> No.2818629

I only saw this comment on the front page and have not read this thread but holy shit you are an idiot.

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R8 my artwork please, I use mixed media which usually consists of
-colored pencil

Also general r8 thread I guess.

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literally the worst thing i've ever seen

>> No.2818512

Holy shit that's cringe af

>> No.2818529

>copic markers
why is the world so unfair

>> No.2818532

>Using generic store-brand watercolor cake instead of watercolor tubes in current year.

Never gonna make it.

>> No.2818551

You can tell where the watercolors come from? Fucking quit being an artist right now, because you're never gonna make it. In the art scene, at least: go get a fucking degree in criminology or some shit, because the FBI needs your perceptiveness.

Get the fuck off of /ic/, nigga, you got a higher calling.

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