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Are there any substances that you feel enhance your work flow or put you in a different head space in terms of creativity?

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I smoke and drink coffee... and other stuff, I like to explore the different head spaces one finds oneself in on different substances. So far the best has been psychedelic/speed combos.

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i've never done psychedelics but i imagine it's useful for more creative/abstract works, rather than drawing something more grounded in reality. i also drink a shit ton of coffee on top of the cigarettes, it's really the best combo for focused drawing.

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the psychedelics definitely aren't useful if you're going for any type of structure.

What about in a fasted state or something? I've been noticing that moderate amounts of alcohol really get the juices flowing.

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funny that you mention a fasted state, i used to have trouble with disordered eating and i felt way more manic/focused on drawing when i wasn't eating. granted i never accomplished anything good in that time period, but i sure did doodle a lot. but i've never been able to focus on drawing drunk or stoned.

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Pretty interesting. What would constitute accomplishing something "good" though?

For me any output is good output as long as I'm drawing.

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An anon asked to draw a kangaroo from imagination and I gave it a shot, but thread got archived in the meantime. It was going well, but I think I fucked up the upper body. Post roos from imagination, this is a roo thread.

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That looks nothing like a kangaroo, have you ever seen one even on TV you absolute fucking nimrod? What the fuck even is that it looks like a kangaroo if someone who only saw one in a fever dream tried to make it out of meat and fused it with a fucking crab. I'd really like to know the thought process that went behind this Jesus Christ... What the absolute fuck even is this board, I thought it's about improving your art, people told me it's not a hugbox like plebbit and deviantart but it's obviously not an art board either, it's just fucking shitposting everywhere... I've been looking around for a week now but this is the one that made me fucking snap. Do actual art or get the fuck out, you can't be serious with this shit...

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It's a reference to a Youtuber called Proko you dumbass.

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I remember seeing this once on tv

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Yes, yes, let it all out, by all means, but you really should have drawn and posted a kangaroo from imagination instead of furiously typing.

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Is it mandatory to draw humans well? Can't afford it so I'm asking.

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To become a professional artist, no. Several successful comics have little skills in drawing at all.

To be "respected" in the art bubble. You want some skills in drawing people. Yeah.

Short answer, no.

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how the fuck can't you afford it? You can get all the information you need for free from the artbook threads

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It's definitely one of the more universally helpful skills to develop as an artist. What do you mean with you can't afford it? You don't need to go to life drawing classes to learn to draw the human figure. Plenty of really good artists learnt purely from photos and books.

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I understand this question as "are live drawings with a model mandatory to draw people well' since the question makes no sense otherwise. The answer is no, you don't need it at all to learn how to draw humans really well.

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What is /ic/'s opinion on draw a box? Do you know any other exercise based drawing courses for beginners which you'd recommend?

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Just draw, read a book on perspective and ignore draw a box. Sketch everything you see around you and most importantly draw from life. Learning to draw is not like learning mathematics

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drawing sure is fun. what do you like about it most?

for me? it's gotta be that moment inbetween looking at your subject and moving your drawing hand.

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>drawing from life
>not from imagination
Ngmi senpai

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I do that too! But design is a different pleasure.

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Did you scribble a lot as a child?

I have a theory.

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let me guess: autism

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It's almost the end of the year, /ic/. So what have you achieved? Did you fulfill that newyear's resolution for 2018 or are you still stuck in the ruts with unfinished sketches, no blog, no fanbase, and absolutely no exposure?

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How could it be the opposite when you have ME?

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I don't put myself any goal, just draw.

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I'm improving my health and by Christmas maybe I'll be able to live like a normal human being.

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My goal is to finish two sculptures by the end of the year. Either I'm going to do it or my body is going to give out, either way I'm not terrified of failure as a concept nor do I feel like the consequences of failure are something that must be avoided at all costs. So I'm able to work hard with a clear mind.

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Remember, /ic/, there have been studies on human motivation that show most goals tend to go really well at the start, flag in the middle when enthusiasm dips, and then get a kick in the ass to completion near the end when deadlines loom. If you're a little behind right now that's normal, but it's time to start pushing. Don't give up.

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>Welcome to digital art we have four flavors

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Crab, crab, crab, and crab flavored! Wow, what a selection!

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Tasteless concept art, shitty western animu, crapy furry or awful cartoon.

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>Tasteless concept art
youre going to need to define that anon

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shit, shit, shit and gook

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Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello.

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Share your comics pages and stuff

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rate this travesty I just jotted

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Post, fags

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Chuckled/10 carry on

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Why isn't the dick erect

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Cause he's that alpha. He can fuck a women soft.

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I followed along to a bob ross tutorial and this is what i painted (autumn famtasy) please rate and give constructive critisicm

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If you're happy with it so am I.

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i am but i know theres things to improve about it

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thats not what matters. what matters is if youre having joy doing it and whether youll have joy doing more. focus on The Joy of Painting.

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Is that a flying saucer above the figure's head?

Also, are those flying saucers in the foreground,
at the base of the trees?

If so,
then why are they smaller than the flying saucer that's in the background (above the figure)?

The background/recessed saucer should be noticeably smaller,
unless it's some sort of SUPER saucer, an "Alpha Saucer", if you will
(a concept so ridiculous it makes me want to laugh out loud).

I like the pink sky reflecting off of the water.

It's pretty good.

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It is a comforting little painting, if you really want criticism I would say to be more careful covering up all the dark with the highlights, it takes away some of the detail in your trees and bushes

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so anyone play striptogether.co on here?

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mite b gud

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Sounds like fun, we should do something like this tomorrow night when I'm when I'm intoxicated. I'll be here.

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This is Greg. He loves xrp and ripple. He will do Anything for Any donation:

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Are...are you literally just begging for money?

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I'm completely new to art and i wanna start learning but exclusively digital, are there books for noobs to learn the basics? i tried w/ic/i but it had no steps to where should i begin and which book to read before another so i am lost. I can only draw stick figures but i wanna draw like every other person and i am fully aware that i won't become good fast and i can accept that as a truth.

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If you start on digital all your lines will be wonky and you'll never learn the motor skills you need to draw properly. You'll hit a hard plateau because you never learn to draw things right the first time, all the comfort of digital drawing, (undo, pen stabliser) will prevent you from learning any real skills.

Buy a Staedtler Mars Technico if you can't be fucked with regular pencils. That way when you when you give up a month from now you won't regret wasting hundreds of dollars on a tablet you never use.

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Just get printer papers and pencil or pen. We know graphics tablets and pc are cheap as fuck now. But you'll be wasting time learning the hardware (tablet) software (whatever software is bundled with the tablet) then actual drawing skill you can do at the same time.

You have to at least learn to control your hand and stop breaking pencils into paper everytime. Wacom nibs wear off easily and kind of hard to find replacements for sometimes

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>but exclusively digital
Learn everything, big mistake to pigeonhole yourself into only using one type of medium. (assuming you mean learning only digital drawing/painting)

If you don't want to pay for paints or tools for coloring your work traditional that's understandable it can be expensive. But everyone can afford some paper, a pencil, pen, conte or charcoal. I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss learning to draw with traditional tools (assuming you mean you're only going to do 100% digital for everything) Trying different stuff out will inform techniques you use in digital and might lead you down some roads that could end up helping your art later on. Something to think about.

The sticky at the top of the page has tons of basic resources. Look up youtube videos for tutorials on how programs work.

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Gather references of artists you enjoy and do studies of their proportions, color usage, and compositions. Try to recreate their artpieces to the best of your ability, then again, and again. Try to redraw a piece 3 or 4 times, even more if you have patience. Never, NEVER get comfortable with the process of creating and drawing, at least not for your first couple of years learning. If you always start a piece with the head, try starting at the torso for a bit, then start at the feet, it'll give you a better spacial understanding.

You should always be willing to try life studies though, it may be boring, mundane, and mind numbing, but it's essential. For the life studies try not to use outlines and then shading. Use strictly shadows and shades to distinguish shapes and objects. That'll learn you basic form and value separation.

Its actually beneficial that you have 0 experience, because that means you haven't picked up any bad habits that are hard to break once they've become mentally ingrained. Start right by using techniques that will allow you to learn and grow and not plateau your skill constantly.

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>I'm too autistic to use a fucking pencil properly but I think I've got what it takes to learn how to draw digitally
Stop gripping it like a retard and learn how to draw in both mediums. If you think your retard strength and abnormal lack of motor skill with a pencil will suddenly disappear while using fragile Wacomshit pens you're wrong.

You don't need to follow a specific order with the books, read what you're interested in to start as long as it's not too advanced and move on from there. If you need to be constantly spoonfed what you need to be working on, get a private teacher from your area or buy into one of those online courses. DON'T get overly bogged down in muh resources, if you spend more time turning pages than actually drawing you're doing it wrong

If you need someone to hold your hand every step of the way then art isn't for you. You already have the resources in front of your face, and a board full of autists who will critique your garbage when you actually have something drawn. Go draw something (with a PENCIL) right now

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>try to draw porn
>get a raging erection and end up fapping
>now I'm too exhausted to draw
How do I avoid this?

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Think in something ugly.

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You really have to develop discipline and restraint.
In our modern world, it's really hard given how easy naked women are available on the internet.
I'm going through the same stuff. You can do it.

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OP, you must learn to harnass the energy of your boner and use it to fuel your drawing.
How? First of when you feel it coming, accept it, see it as a signal that things are going well and use that to motivate yourself to push your own boundaries.

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I only think of you <3

>> No.3567748

>Control, windows, C button
Automatically makes you think in terms of shape and light instead of sensation.

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I want to draw gross monster stuff like Chris o Neill but I don't know where to start

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Many horror creatures have inspirations from life so it best to start mashing creepy attributes together. On that note I highly suggest looking at a mirror and drawing that

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become a funee youtuber

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Shameful bump

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If you were given a sheet like this and test said "Cut out the circles and draw something with circles" what would you create?

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Just draw, fag

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I'd create a 10 by 8 square made up of circles

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do 2 cuts diagonally on paper and write on it
>next time give me the circles already cut out

>> No.3567887

>what would you create?
a weapon to surpass the metal gear.

>> No.3567894

I'd put the sheet in a frame and display it in a modern art museum

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Can someone help me out? I’m looking for a particular painting. It’s digital and done by an Asian artist. It’s super polished and rendered with a strong overhead light source. There’s like a woman in the middle and she’s falling and surrounded by robes and clouds or smoke or something. There are vague monster faces in the background. I wish I could give more details but I can’t remember too much. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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This is the only thing that comes to mind, though I highly doubt it's what you were looking for.

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Oops. Resized.

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Sounds like this

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This is it! Awesome, thanks anon.

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Old Thread: >>3544625

Be specific if you request something: post the cover, book's title, artist's name...
Please be patient, board is slow, someone may answer you a week later.
Please search in the thread and links below before asking for something, it may well already be there.
All MEGA links SHOULD be cloned, they die every time they're posted here.
If any of the links expires or breaks, please inform of it.
Can't find something? check vk, rutracker, ehentai, cgpeers, etc

> Beginner essentials
See https://pastebin.com/riFtG6n0 for details

> Main Book Links
미술책들 (Books):
Miscellaneous (books, vids, brushes...) 38 gigs
https://vk com/topic-4918594_27696136?offset=0

> Various Links from older threads:

> Have you seen them?
Unanswered requests from previous threads. It would make the day of another Anon if you could be kind enough to check through the list and find even one of them.

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Foundation/John Park | https://gumroad.com/jparked
Anthony Jones | https://gumroad.com/robotpencil

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Not a book but Dynamic Sketching with Peter Han. It's just about construction from basic forms like cubes, spheres and cylinders - which is also what Vilppu and Huston do for figure drawing. From these basic forms, their alterations and combinations, there is basically nothing you can't draw.

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no, you shut up bitch faggot and do it immediately.

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is there a link for book of OP pic?

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Bargue Studies.

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I draw

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>when you thought learning to draw would be an organic and joyful process

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just fucking quit.

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I crab.

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>Anon you're genuinely NGMI

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>oh shit im feeling it

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