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I dont have any adobe can you guys remake it in the original wojak style

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btw all i did was upload it to https://deepfriedmemes.com/

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Thank you dude. What context would this meme be ideal for?

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when a thot says some illogical shit

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>Be friends with an artist who is a total cunt
>Total cunt but she would give me solid advice when it came to fashion for drawing my OC's
>Had a falling out because she was a backstabbing bitch who talked shit about me behind my back to people on our discord server
>We cut ties but I sneakily manage to grab screenshots of outfit designs she made for my OC before she blocks me on everything
>Am trying to redraw the outfit design she made for me
>Am trying to color pick correctly for outfit
>Only have a shitty blurry screenshot to work from without the proper colors
>She was too much of a dumb nigger to send me a finished exported image
>Only sent a blurry pic of her working on the drawing in the art software, not the final piece
>TL;DR Really want to use the proper colors in re-drawing an OC outfit design but I can't because I only have a blurry pic to work with
>ffffffffffffuck my life

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Plenty out there who feel they’re better than the water cooler. He never would’ve got this much attention there after all.

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>posts nothing
>continues to berate others for not posting anything
at least you know a thing or two about being a cunt lmao motherfucking expert opinion when it comes from you

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this is a design i'll only share if you become my mutual on social, I don't want other /begs/ to try and take it as inspiration

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Inspiration for what? Post it. I’ll draw it.

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You sound like a lot more of a cunt than she does if this post is anything to go by.

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How to know when a character design is balanced or too much? Getting out of my Nomura phase

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How do I get better at coming with character designs?

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Visual library

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Make a lot of them and put effort in it.

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gen dont know where to post this but i found this artist on instagram (5outho) about 5 months ago. In love with their stuff man. I'm just wondering how to shade like this. It looks cool as hell

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Name is Kanye East

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I smirked a little.

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I'm in the middle of my Romanticism phase.

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i didnt know that liking old soul_maxxed paintings was just a phase.

damn these horses looks cool

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Agreed. Very nice horses.

I’ve watched Excalibur, The Green Knight, and the LotR trilogy recently. Inspiring imagery, stories, and themes.

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I wish I could paint like that but I barely know how to draw.

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>I'm in the middle of my Romanticism phase
How does this reflect in your own art?

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What's the greatest artistic period and why is it romanticism?

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Why aren't you doing this new trend /ic/?

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What trend is this? I love drawing Twitter trends

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I remember seeing this in /trash/ like a year ago. It's a Korean cartoon right? Of course, it's obvious where the attention its getting is about...

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Yep, Korean kid’s character waifu.
Draw new waifu of the week and ez 5k+ likes. Kaya is her name

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Because following trends are for hipster neckbeard faggots and their 68 pound ghoul lovers, mental dysphoric trannies and weeb niggers.
Fuck that.

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Is chicken scratching ALWAYS bad?

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you could always do better

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only when you do it because it looks like shit

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I'm going to Alice

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It can be used to show anxiety, make an image more frightening, or give a purposely sketchy look etc. Generally speaking though, yeah, it makes the image messier and busier than it should be.

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does make nigger souls feel a bit more spooky

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Which is the correct route for drawing. Drawing from nothing or using references

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Do we have to go through this old song and dance again?

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whenever I use references, i feel like a jackass because I can't form a single original thought. I'm just copying copying copying. Anything I draw without reference is chris chan tier in looks and composition. I'm in the middlezone between being retarded and just self aware enough to realize how retarded I am.

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How do I even draw from imagination? Like how do I even start?

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There are many paths. one good one is to draw from a reference. now put the reference and your drawing away and try draw it again. congrats, you are doing it. draw a lot and the more you recall, recombine and invent, grows. this is building your visual library, you'll pull from it as you draw new things.
try to truly understand the structure of the thing you want to draw.

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Has gaming addiction disproportionately caused issues for artists? Can gaming addiction ruin your art skills?

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no video game seems fun anymore.

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I actually have a drawing addiction because I developed a bad habit of procrastination when I entered university for engineering. Drawing makes my problems go away for only a little, much like what cocaine does to people.

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you should be glad you feel this way instead of mindlessly droning about a videogame which accomplishes nothing but time loss.

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She’s hot. Also, you’re gmi

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let's discuss faces. What makes a good face in your opinion? i feel like faces are probably the most important part in a drawing. When is it too little detail, when is it too much detail? is it possible to make unattractive faces appealling or at least not tumblesque?

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i hate turn of the century socialite whore faces like the one on the left.

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Sargent was just a beautify filter for the instathots of his day...

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I like current anime faces. The general idea of "anime style" on this board feels very outdated.

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stay down sub human scum

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>tfw western cunny artist
>can't post on /beg/ because i'll be called a pedo
>can't post on /lsg/ because i'll be called a westoid

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You could stop being a pedophile

>> No.6679939

You could stop perceiving me as a pedophile for drawing cartoons

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Not that guy. It's insane how much of a shitstorm he whipped up for simply posting lolis in the loli general, though.

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I posted in /lsg / once, they were nice enough. Pyw anon, I promise I won't say anything negative.

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no one really cares ppl just shit posting

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Any artist's coloring tutorial guide videos you'd recommend? I've seen some artists mention in the past that they have some up on gumroad for purchase, but i don't know which ones are worth it if any at all.

yes, i know it likely depends on what i ultimately want my art to look like, but i would just like to see in general if any of you have something to recommend that worked for you. i figured i can learn from good tutorials then adapt them to the way i want my stuff to end up looking.

i guess just avoid hyperrealistic looking shit that requires 40 hours to complete, because i do not have the patience or time to devote so much into one picture. i'm talking a color render shading process that would take under 3 hours.

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One day I'll be beautiful, 10 months since starting my little hobby, piece by piece.

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do another in 1 year

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I will. My next piece won't have highlights that look like splooge, hopefully. It's in the notes for next time.

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I see some improvement. Although in my opinion a lot of it looks traced. Tracing is fine if you're brand new though, since you get to see the contours of the body up close that you'd usually not see upon first glance. For now I would work on values and poses :) keep going anon!

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Yep, it's mostly tracing :). I've found that if I do something on paper, I can kind of visualize what it might look like traced, so in my way I'm sort of "burning in" that shapes to see them more naturally on the page. Thanks for the tip!

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I thought this one was nice, but the shading and anatomy sucks ass. Please work on the shading, just look up some tutorials on how to do it. And for the anatomy just look up human references, or drawings from other people, anime drawings tend to be inaccurate to human anatomy. They'll have long skinny fingers instead of meaty rounded fingers like humans do, so there's that to consider.

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How do you draw consistent perfect circles?
>You don't need to
How do you draw the cranium, then?

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I can't freehand a circle.
I drew this skull without a reference the other day.

I failed to draw skulls from reference before.
Before this skull I hadn't drawn one in more than a year.

I don't know, just draw until it looks good. And erase it if it doesn't.
And be very loose with your sketch so you don't waste time redoing things that take a long time to draw: nip the wonkiness in the bud.

Drawing the circle perfectly just guarantees better line control that helps with less erasing, but you still need the visual library and some spatial notion.

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And freehand circles are never "perfect", only "good enough"

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can u free hand half a cricle?

>> No.6680090

The cranium isn't a perfect circle anyway, it's more like an egg with the sides shaved off a bit. As long as your cranium shape is vaguely spherical/ovoid it's ok.

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how do you draw consistently with unmedicated adhd?
i chug two red bulls every morning and limit distractions but often i'll only be able to draw for an hour at best before i mentally and physically cannot move my pencil anymore. i try to aim for 4 hours a day, 2 for free drawing and two for practice and i never complete it, what do i do?
not in a situation where i can get on them, don't want to get into detail

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i often can't find the motivation to eat or take a piss, does that mean that i don't want to? are you actually retarded or just another elitist fag up their own ass that thinks they're better than everyone for being able to make somewhat appealing lines?

>> No.6680028

Yes, that does mean that you don't want to, if you wanted to you would run to the bathroom to take a great piss, obviously.
Is it so hard to consider that you're not having fun with art? That you don't actually enjoy doing it?
It doesn't mean you have to quit, it just means that whatever you're doing, you don't want to do it, and you won't get anywhere by having to force yourself to draw, find a way to make it exciting or don't do it.

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a good diet includes eating fresh fruit, veggies, and protein basic shit. good exercise could be as small as doing some stretches.
Good sleep should be your first goal tho.

>> No.6680047

thank you, anon

>> No.6680067

I’m getting tested for adhd tomorrow after a therapist said I had it. So idk but I’ll do anything they tell me if it finally helps me get shit done and not waste all my time anymore. I’m desperate.

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Do you think Weebs wouldn’t trash western art as much as they do now if anime art and subculture wasn’t popular to hate back in the 2000s and early 2010s? All the negative reactions they have to non-eastern art regardless of quality seems to be born out trying to get back at the /co/ retards that showed so much disdain towards anime/manga.

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It's the CIA control public opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Just to let you know:
People didn't shit on anime for its art style
People shat on it because of its childish, immature, and outlandishly perverted content.
The fanbase that consists of basement dwellers only cemented the stereotype

The reason why anime is not hated now is simply because western content became unbearable. People wanted something to replace their entertainment needs

If Western entertainment never fell, anime would continue to be hated by the entire world

>> No.6679586

Open question here, why do you think the Wests art has degraded so much? Is there a non-political reason for it? Was it our modern art movement?

>> No.6679605

Western art is realism, it cannot "degrade"
Quality may drop and stuff but over all, the ones you call degraded are the Calarts and tumblr shit

>> No.6679609

20th century onwards, there was a oush for more abstract and less direct representational art, even stuff like Impressionisma and even cubism after a while were still too old school. It didn't help that after WW2 Soviet state realism was the thing over in the Warsaw pact countries so the western governments saw a rise in abstract art as a countermeasure, to try to argue that they let any kind of expression fly. Since then, there has been a slow death in terms of ignoring the study of fundamentals in favor of "do fucking whatever"-isms and a push towards simpler and simpler art styles for quick replication and commercialization (i.e., CalArts style). Add in the incessant need of newer-age artists to preach (and not just in an obvious manner like the Xmen, but in a ridiculously patronizing way now), and we arrive where we are today.

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Previous Thread: >>6654035

1. [THE MOST IMPORTANT] Don't post too revealing works (especially porn). If you think it's too lewd, post a censored copy here and link to Catbox, Imgur, or any off-site that hosts images for your works. Note: If you're having issues viewing catbox links, use a VPN.

2. Do not post child photo references, legal or otherwise.

3. Due to this general's PPH (posts per hour/thread activity), please wait until the thread falls to around page 5 or 6 before making a thread. Use archived(moe) or warosu to retrieve the old threads.

4. Do not pretend to be retarded. For your sake.

>General Resources

>Specific Resources
>A training course on modesty for young ladies

>(Not so) abandoned FAQ/Q&A

>Temporary loli loomisy book
link https://mega.nz/folder/6w1z1K7J#wmrbCnXBdo_4vpAFE4kaZQ

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better? I put the reference I used on the left as comparison

>> No.6679914

not him but much better. now fix the eyebrows

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Like this?

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I this a good character design?

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Too much man face

>> No.6680104

but she is less distinctive

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>> No.6680126

Try giving her the gerudo nose (stylized, not detailed like op)

>> No.6680133

>massive fuckoff eyebrows
I think shes plenty distinctive, broski

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