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how to enjoy drawing

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by not worrying about it

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Drawing what you like, studying what you need to learn, having art friends and active audience, smoking weed and listening good music while drawing, dropping /ic/

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The one with the most skill, creativity, appeal, and SOUL.

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Squidward is sad

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AI sucks at cartoons, which is ironic since is the easiest shit to draw, simple and basic shapes, low detail, no perspective, BUT the level of "abstraction-ism" eludes the robots.

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Spongebob Squarepants He is a fruendly guy

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it's like squid is holding a musket or something

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Squidward is mad.

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it's hilarious how the jannies let this schizo fuck spam these threads

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How do I actually paint like this? Paintings like this are just brimming with SOUL. I can't replicate it.

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It would require you to have one in the first place.

Find that first.

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Is it possible to balance learning art with learning another extremely demanding skill like learning an instrument or language? If I really want to be a great artist, and say am in a place where I need to "make it" in 1-2 years, should I just give up everything else and focus on drawing?

This is for pros only, hobbyists need not apply

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Attempting to learn something else is just procrastination.

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>This is for pros only, hobbyists need not apply
Then leave your own thread. You have a severely retarded way of thinking and you won't be making it past the deep fryer.

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Drawing is much much harder to learn than an instrument or an language. If you focus everything on it, like super autistic about it, in 2 years you MAY get to pro level with a language or an instrument, but not while doing something demanding like drawing. Becoming a pro artist in 1-2 years? Lol, lmao even

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Honestly this. Drawing is one of the hardest hobbies, maybe only surpassed in difficulty by sculpture.

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The only thing I have seen Dean Yeagle do are these nude drawings of his OC Mandy... for years. That is all he does. Its amazing this boomer can make a living off of just this when art like this gets cancelled so easy now.

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He also designed that iconic bee character on Cheerios cereal.

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Yes, just look at the large swaths of nsfw artists being cancelled out there...

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He can do what he wants now. He... is free.

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>A nondescript white girl with blond twintails constitutes as an OC these days

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>art like this gets cancelled so easy now.
No it doesn't. Coom never gets canceled

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It's a very basic piece of art that almost looks like child made it. It's simply a bright green jungle setting and at about the middle ground there's a dark figure that appears like a devil or demon. Does anyone have it and do you know what it's from?

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i know it's not Rousseau but it definitely reminds me of him, definitely a striking piece

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Thank you!

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It’s a cover art illustration painted by Michael Gross for the 1974 trade paperback edition of the novel Chamiel, by Edward Pearson.

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has anyone ever wondered where this infamous clipart face that was in like every elementary school assignment in the early to mid 2000s came from? I've gone through a personal rabbit hole trying to find leads but so far nothing's popped up

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I saw that Tumblr post too and thought about making a thread.

I have no idea, but I would love to know.

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The company that produces such art is called Carson Dellosa, so it's the Carson Dellosa style.

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That's exactly it. Thank you anon!

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yeah but who is the actual artist who came up with that face in the first place??

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Illustrate a single full manga chapter using AI and I will give up learning how to draw and submit to the computer

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they could do it, but it won't look good.

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My manga is about aborted monstrosities wandering a cursed land(the twist is they are inside "latent space" created by a god looking to create his waifu).

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I'll give AI 20 years to reach that point.

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>and I will give up learning how to draw
And you played yourself.
Good job, retard.

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I need a bit of advice, I've been working under the theorical proportions of 6 heads tall for a person, but if I make someone taller or shorter for stylization or the like, I don't know how to properly proportionate the rest of the body (upper body, lower body, ribcage). Like, if I make someone 8 heads tall, or I make a 4 heads tall shortstack I struggle to find a fixed point for the size of the chest, waist, hips and the remaining on legs. Can someone give me any advice?

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I didn't go to art school, but my architect coworker who did teach in art school, recommended that I read and apply this book here on my drawings and reference images to keep my proportions in check.

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Thank you both. I got other books, like constructive anatomy by George Bridgman and Human Figure by John Vanderpoel but I'll look into your source.
I dont go to any art school but I take art classes at a local gallery, I do well in class but at home it feels like it all falls apart. IDK if Teach's guidance is carrying me that hard or home I am lacking confidence.

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Looks like it's from the Art Models series but I can't find that one specifically.

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ah thanks

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People with zero artistic skills are already beginning to bypass the artist by using AI.

Hobby artist chads. At least we're still safe.

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Nah, the corpos will use AI so they wont have to pay artists

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Your immediate impression of this image is that it looks cool, but then you realize that it's empty of actual content. All you have is a humanoid figure and some bottles, every other part of the image is pure nonsense. No face, no hands, the clothing design is random, it can't decide if it wants to be snow or smoke, the posture is schizophrenic. The hype over the AI art is a symptom of consumption culture where all that matters is first impressions even if that's not actually what makes something stick.

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there's no way the word will collectively downgrade to "creepy doll like figures with bubble gum ice cream filters" as a standard for art dude. imagine seeing this insipid shit in video games everywhere. same with music. but even if you're right, then that means the world is doomed, I'll sever my ties with it as much as possible, and spend the rest of my life as a hermit in a village, close to nature. i don't like the idea of using cyberpunk dystopias as an example of what the world should turn into

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AI art cannot be copyrighted

If you use AI generation all your shit can be copied

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I mean true, i think it has been discovered that the average normalfaggot spends mere seconds looking at a picture, closing it and never looking at it again. the AI is not a big deal on its own, but since it molds so well with the simple normalfag brain, it suddenly becomes a big deal. idk what to say, these retards used to browse insipid soulless traced shit anyway, so they'll just switch to the new garbage instead. on one hand I don't give a shit what these consoooomers concern themselves with now, because I didn't before. on the other hand, it's impossible to not notice how cringe and low IQ normalfaggots are when they're so loud about it

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Guys I need a reference. This pose but the hands up, and the ass more towards the camera

...reference thread I guess

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use design doll and give yourself every reference pose you could ever dream of
or use any booru and search for tags that will give you the post you want.

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No, I have another kind of problem
I made a mantis in a sexy pose, but now I realized its not funny if there's no human body reference people can recognize, and for the pose ref I used my gf.
In my head it sounded less weird

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>and for the pose ref I used my gf
so just use your gf again
I'm also extremely curious what this picture looks like now.

>> No.6220540

I'll post it tomorrow if you're curious, but it's nothing special, just a mantis pushing its butt to the viewer

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I have my own reasons for being afraid to draw right now which I can explain if anyone asks, but I feel fucking pathetic for panicking when picking up a pen or a pencil. I've been drawing for years, there was a lot of joy in creating with my artistic journey but now I'm thinking there's no point anymore. I would say it's artblock but I've never experienced anxiety when having artblock before. I tried to draw earlier and it turned out like shit from how panicked I was. Is anyone else having this issue? How does one overcome this shit? Is this it for me anons?

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Just fucking draw, all my shit looks like shit but it didn't stop me.
Drawing every day

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>Just fucking draw

Unironically helped me with motivation lol thank you anon. I should try drawing every day even if it's something small. I'm worried it'll get tiring though. Do you ever get burnout with that process or nah?

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Exactly while you are at it, Try to start experimenting in certain things like techniques or shading and try to know how you do your own thing, Again each and everyone has their own unique technique in drawing. And if you want some real encouragement go look up artists like rebel taxi, Feel sad that you won't be able to draw like him and then go full force and start drawing alot

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and here I thought the phase "don't be afraid of making mistakes" never actually applied to someone.

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ruh-roh did someone take a long break from drawing and upon checking back in on things realized all the people they used to look down upon have now surpassed you?

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Am I colorblind?I perceive the sky in the background of this image as having a tint of blue but using the color picker it shows a shade of greyish yellow. Am I ever going to make it? I feel literally handicapped

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read this

>> No.6221168

your perception of color changes depending on the surrounding colors. Because the sea is blue, because their is a transitional grey color between the sky and the sea, and because the sky is being compared directly against the incredibly warm colors of the boat and person, the sky looks blue by comparison

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>/ic/ is full of colorblind "artists"

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The background sky looks pretty warm to me

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you can see the effect here, what is perceived as being a blue tone in the context of the sky in the painting looks more like it's true color (grey orange) when surrounded by an actual blue

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what's with those twitter accounts with a bunch of likes on their first tweet? did they delete earlier tweets? friends with followings retweeted?

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It says 'celebrities before and after gender reassignment'

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Too depressed to draw. Haven't drawn consistently in almost 10 years.

I have high functional depression meaning I hold a job and everything but I feel soulless.

Any drugs that can help with this? I noticed that I only draw and don't have inhibitions after I had surgery and cranked up on painkillers. Therapists don't help.

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stop being a weak bitch and do it.

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its okay to be a hobbyist

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Welcome to the OC Drawthread:

Draw someone's OC or post your own. All skill levels are welcome.


1: Post a brief backstory if your OC has one.

2: Keep it fairly SFW. Lewds are fine but no explicit porn.

3: This is NOT a request thread. Artist Only. No spamming OC/infodumps for multiple threads without delivering.

4: Be sure to thank Drawfrens for their hard work as soon as you can, it's just common courtesy :^)

Previous Thread:>>6195062

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Wanderer, from my comic Coocoo-Luuluu. Just a fella pressed against the chaos, watching, taking notes.

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I'm glad that I can give you a lil bit of chuckle, anon. You should post Pharos the terrorists more. I like the storyline :)

I don't really have any OC, but I made this silly comic a while ago. You could probably draw her in your style.

>> No.6221351

Do you have a blog? This is trippy

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>Just because coal was always used to give humans energy, now we shouldn't stop despite it's literally killing the planet?
Good lord what a great way to out yourself as a bumbling fuckwit retard and discredit everything you've said up to this point

>> No.6221263

t.malding boomers poisoning our planet. Die off already so we can rebuild what you destroyed.

>> No.6221271

I'm a zoomer tho frfr no cap

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Yes reinstating corporal punishments will do wonders. Most of people don't understand words, you have to speak to them in beatings.

>> No.6221298

More technically, the goal of a public beating/execution is to burn it into the brains of the crowd (esp. their amygdalas) the connection between the crime in question, and violent physical retribution. This is the primary purpose of making it a public event. But even in the parts of America that still do the death penalty, they manage to fuck it up by doing it in a closed, quiet room with an injection administered in a faux-medical setting, out of sight and out of mind leaving nothing more than an abstract concept for the public to ponder. No, it's SUPPOSED to be violent and traumatic, to scare the shit out of anyone watching who might be prone to contemplating committing similar crimes. It gels well with how our brains subconsciously process fear and aversion, which is why it has always been done in every culture (minus our very recently malfunctioned western societies).

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