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How do you write something appealing to female readers without devolving into faggotry?

Do you think Berserk was written for the female gaze? Guts is pretty hot right? And there's emotions and beauty in the story. Girls are all about emotions and shit. But guys like Berserk too.

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i watch you naked in the showers and fantasize about sticking my dick into your tight bussy

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>How do you write something appealing to female readers without devolving into faggotry
Straight up this is a meta contextual question that's more appropriate for >>>/lit/ as that question is based on nature/nurture, life experiences, preferences, and storytelling. You aren't gonna 3/4th angle anatomy study your way out of this.
But if you want advice, develop relationships with IRL people who aren't terminally online and have goals in life unrelated to video games, movies, or art. I've had conversations with women who I don't wanna date about life and have gotten different insights that I wouldn't from 4chan

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do gay guys really think this looks good? do they really get off to this lmao

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much better than anything ic can do

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>Do you think Berserk was written for the female gaze
Clearly not, you retard.

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Why doesn't /ic/ have a general for people to advertise their stuff and take commissions? I want to commission you guys, not reddit, but you're making it difficult

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You mean the self-promotion general? >>6650002

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well well well look at me being all retarded

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will fix ur wrist

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why are you poo colored

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cringe, you thought this was a "lol so random post". If you don't know about silver ionics then maybe don't say anything.

Yeah this really helped with my spine a couple years back. 20 minute sessions 3 times a day

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you dont just leave it on you do very intuituive wrist stretches with it and silver is naturally anti-bacteriall so when youre not cooming and washing ur hands idk ok! it just feels good and obviously do not cut off ur circulation.

you may have gone deeper than i intended, please elaborate sensei

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you're already using a maximally ionic spoon form factor though, don't play dumb.
My spooning kit is only at 6 collodials and 3 Romans, but I hope to have one as nice as yours some day.

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Anon, there's so much garbage random posts, how can you blame me for thinking someone sticking a silver spoon on his wrist will magically heals it?

>Yeah this really helped with my spine a couple years back. 20 minute sessions 3 times a day
Would be really interesting to make some blind tests to evaluate how much the silver was useful vs. taking sessions to voluntarily rest your back.

Most wrist issues can be prevented by: 1) not forcing through the pain 2) taking regular break 3) stretching/warming up, eventually slight local exercising. The likelihood than the silver spoon heals you vs. just you taking breaks and relaxing your wrist is (very) high.

I've never saw classical musicians, who definitely stress their wrist/arms/back considerably, stick silver spoons all over they body to get good. They warm up, they keep a great posture, they train slow before going fast, etc.

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Is learning to draw really as simple as “start drawing”? I’m a complete beginner with no aspirations beyond drawing as a hobby. How true is pic related?

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OP pic didn't say a definitive "no" and it's correct. Most people won't draw enough hours per week to be able to experiment and go through phases of dunning-kruger before losing confidence. They'll just keep getting frustrated, lost, not even knowing what to draw or what to study since it's such a precious little hour of their day.

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Yeah, I’m never gonna make it

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Lmao. This is an art teacher who camp that subreddit

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he probably grinds Loomis and just lies about it

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>Is learning to draw really as simple as “start drawing”?
>Is drawing on decent level achivable on your own + Internet?

Talent, guidance, age, lack of imagination - all just excuses if you simply want to draw.
Just get a pen, eraser and a list of paper, then get to work. First artists probably smeared shit on the wall.

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is the full film, its about the worlds best go player, versus an AI alphaGO.

do you think ai could ever analyze ones workflow, and then give you tips based on studying all other artists workflow?

its just the movie has alphaGO predict moves based on how likely others have played and assigns a percentage on the likelihood the opponent will play said move. i understand that games are different from creativity but what are your thoughts?

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What job can't be automated by AI?

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I'm neuro divergent and I need AI to help me write a proper response but my ADHD is preventing me from using it today I'm such a mess I'm so sorry you'll have to ask someone else

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>do you think ai will make this scifi thing real?

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Procreate sisters help each other out!!

Contribute and Request for Brushes

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We should make more of these thread.

Currently working on a manga. Pic rel is a CSP brush anyone got anything similar but of course for Procreate

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You will never get rid of me
You will never achieve anything
You will always be a crab

I am invincible :D

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The only artists ai will replace is leftist faggots and trannies. Those that draw tumblr ugly "art" and artists with pozzed viewpoints will be erased. Based artists will remain unaffected

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Agreed. Based AI.

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>Those that draw tumblr ugly "art"
Weird way to say anime and coom

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yeah, ai will progress and conveniently avoid us based artists

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Check out /pol/ to see what the right wing thinks.
You have no allies.
Lefty scum hates you because you "gatekeep" art.
Rightoids hate you because "all artists draw tasteless coom and should find a real job(proceeds to prompt anime girls).

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Big “Aliens will leave HAM Radio alone” energy

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no matter what "the technology" does, if you want to meet your full creative potential, you can't avoid drawing.

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It's being used as a tool to show people how it can be used as a tool but you know that nig ain't making shit for real with it. just for the current novelty and internet points.

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I wonder if AI could progress to helping someone draw but not do everything for you. Like input your drawings then the AI tells you what to work on and suggest courses/books/etc to improve
Not like paying for a teacher or a place like this where you'll be told to kys and you'll never get better

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It can definitely be useful for that, also you might be using an older version of controlnet, try v1.1 with the lineart preprocessor and model.

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nah, completely different purpose m8, these are too polished and can be done in like 3 minutes anyways, pretty impressive though
how much control over light direction and shading style do you have?
maybe i'll start using this when i have huge amounts of drawings to make and have to sacrifice quality for a faster workflow, like game sprites or smth like that

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You could get them more or less polished depending on settings (probably a finetuned model would be best). Shading style would again be mostly model dependent (also prompt). Light direction I'm not so sure about, you could roughly put some shadows with a multiply layer or something before throwing it into the AI, otherwise there's some AI tools like clipdrop relight that can extract a depth map from the image and allow you to put light sources on it in 3D space, but I haven't played around with it much.

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Do you think it's a good game for learning to draw?

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i learned some fundies with the nds version when i was like 10, i think it's better than most books about drawing lmao

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If you are a /beg/inner or /int/ermediate in art, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.
Use this thread instead of making new threads or post in the drawthread with fundamental exercises.

RESIZE YOUR IMAGES TO ~1000 PIXELS wide using one of the following methods:
1. screenshot the image and post that instead
2. change camera capture settings to something smaller
3. send to computer and resize in MSPaint

Completed: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit
New collaborative sticky (anyone can edit): https://hackmd.io/UMnZVhNITW-T2wZpHw6d0Q
Old: http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-draw-learn

Read the stickies

When giving feedback, avoid vague "advice" - point what's wrong and try to give the anon you're quoting a clear direction to improve their art (study heads < watch THIS VIDEO about head structure, read THIS SECTION of THIS ARTIST'S BOOK, etc).
You, feedback seeking anon, should also try to be clear and concise when asking for critique/help. When posting your artwork, say what you want help with, and what's your goal with the study/artwork.

Previous Thread :>>6677789

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She's got no belly

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those limb lenghts are chimpanzee tier

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How do you brainwash yourself into drawing forms?

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Also colored but i'm not satisfied with the results since i have no understanding of how shadow works yet.
my brain is having a hard time to draw torso from chest down especially when i'm drawing from imagination, it still came out like they aren't connected properly.

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NICE TITS! The HOT factor is there. Your heart is in the right place man, keep cooming, never stop, never give up.

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Are there any good creative hobbies besides drawing

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Second Life.

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>my le pen...
>can't draw le people??

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making electronic music obviously

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Whats a good source to start learning to worldbuild? I would assume you need to know some basic stuff

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I'm severely depressed that I will never attend the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg Russia. It's literally the best art school in the world and their teachings have been preserved for the past couple of centuries.

Like how your local 24 hour fitness is considered to be guy heaven this place would be artguy heaven. It's that good.

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dude, if you want to make it in the digital art world (concept art, illustration, animation etc) it's not worth it at all. All you'll be doing in the academy is drawing boring-ass realistic shit 24/7 curated by old fatasses, and you'll probably burn out. I know a girl who got in there, her art is insanely fucking boring, I believe you people can do better. Пoвepь, я знaю o чём гoвopю

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did you go to art school youself? I haven't, but i know several girls who went to art colleges in Moscow/Rostov, and their art is actually great. The burnout is real tho, some people who get in these colleges actually quit art because of it, пиздeц.

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nope, I don't have an art education. From what I know art colleges are good, they actually teach you needed fundamentals and basics, but honestly you can do that yourself through grinding books. The only good uni I know that actually teaches digital stuff is High school of Economics in Moscow, but rather than drochit' EГЭ and literature bullshit to enroll I'd just draw more

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There are tons of ateliers in the U.S. that teach a rigorous program of drawing accurately from observation. It is mostly based on the 19th century French academic tradition, rather than the methods of the Italian Renaissance masters, which are not as well known or understood.
This site has a list of schools:
Although I can't speak to its precise criteria, the site's founder is a big collector and booster of Bouguereau, and promotes figurative art in the academic tradition.
Atelier programs are usually MUCH cheaper than going to a university, and the instruction is more narrowly focused and of a higher quality when it comes to that narrow purpose.
If you want, and can afford, to attend a university, Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in Connecticut, and New York Academy of Art (MFA program) are both well regarded, and most of the teachers at these schools come from atelier programs.
Just be forewarned, learning to draw accurately from observation doesn't teach you how to be creative, how to stylize or draw from imagination. Those aspects of art generally aren't emphasized in these programs, and a lot of the students end up getting comfortable with their academic figure and still life studies (largely indistinguishable from one artist to another) and find it too much of an ego shock when they attempt, and fail, to step outside of that comfort zone.

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I bought this guy's courses. He's not fucking around. Next best thing to russian academy. Artrenewal teaches things wrong.

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are asians the only ones capable of drawing cute children?

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abe's drawings

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asian genes are really something different

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awesome a pedophile rage bait thread, frickin sweet Lois!

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Anons with jobs, how do you make time for drawing?

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get out of my incel hugbox reeeee

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ironically yes

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nobody FLIPPIN asked broooo just like frig off okay?!? *shows fangs*

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I draw on notes during the morning and I use my sketchbook during my break.

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Do you think artists deserve to be replaced by ai?

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Which of these two butts do you think looks better/more realistic?

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I think the left butt looks more realistic, just because its not a perfect sphere.

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I’ve been drinking on my own for the first time ever recently and starting a painting or drawing is way easier now. Is substance abuse the key to being a good artist???

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i was really feeling the gesture the other night 2 hard kombuchas in.

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>Is substance abuse the key to being a good artist???
Not at all, I made my best work when I was sober.
>alcohol is more like general stress relief
It also act as a depressant over the long term.

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I be painting n shiet

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I would recommend not leaning into alcohol for any kind of support or necessary use for a preferred outcome. You'll only get burned.

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The Fluffy Pony Thread.

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I dont have any adobe can you guys remake it in the original wojak style

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btw all i did was upload it to https://deepfriedmemes.com/

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Thank you dude. What context would this meme be ideal for?

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when a thot says some illogical shit

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