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>pic related is reddit

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im looking to graph distribution of a token on btc chain.
The block reward (combbase) at Bitcoin height h, in COMB unit, is defined to be:

MAX(2.1-FLOOR((LOG(h)/LOG(2))^6)/100000000, 0)
total theoretical maximum of COMB is 12423823.18141419
h is block number we can start at 604392 current block.
i tried to use desmos but im not so proficient.
could use the help from someone. thanks!

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the NPC detects the word "bitcoin" in the post, the ">>>/g/" response is triggered, the NPC is not programmed to realise that it is a maths request

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ye it is a math question, all i really need to do is show the formula, its a subexponential distribution. and would like to see it visually. i tried plug it in desmos, but there must be something im doing wrong.

anything about btc is truly irrelevant, its just a math question. just thought id put the background for more information

if anyone can help, would be greatly appreciated,

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>gambling your cash away on memecoin
yikes Yikes YIKES!

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not gambling lmao, just want to see the distribution. you can take a look at the whitepaper if you more interested on the project.

ps cute pic

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What is the evolutionary explanation for autism?

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1. Aids
2. Autism
3. Cancer

>I'll take option 2 thanks, you guys can keep the others.

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You know autism isn't just mild social problems right?

Aids can be mostly controlled by drugs at this point. Tell me you would prefer aids/cancer to being trapped with this brain for 50 years (dying at 50 because the cortisol from the constant stress destroys your heart).


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Autism is whatever you, or anyone else, says it is to me boss. What would I know? I'm just an NPC.

>Beep. Boop.

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Can I get, like, EXTRA autism? Like if I go to a psychiatrist can I get a REALLY REALLY big piece of paper that says EXTRA AUTISTIC?!

Maybe I can get a hat, and a t-shirt. Start a religion, that kinda thing.

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Evolution doesn't always have (or need) a reason. Example: T-rex. Largest and meanest predator the world has ever seen.
12 meters long
3 meters high
8+ ,metric TONS of sheer killing power
This thing was fucking death on 2 legs.

What did it in? A rock. A fucking rock bitch slapped the whole damned species. Starved them all in months. What survived? The smallest of the underground burrowing mice-like animals.

Evolution is not about being the best, or the smartest, or the strongest. It's about being the fittest to the environment. If the environment gives x a reproductive advantage, now or in the future, then x will survive.

Tl;dr Nature hedges its bets

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30 of these are a mental illness.

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Not science

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Phenibut: Is there actual evidence of it decreasing anxiety at all since sites such as https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/phenibut-is-neither-proven-nor-safe-as-a-prosocial-wonder-drug/ state that there is no substance to prove it is. Also I’d like a source on this img.

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Why do we cry?

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Seriously is there any other system or planet below our solar system? Why Nasa always maps the outer space as a flat surface and never bothers to look up or down for more planets? They may find something interesting

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What do you guys think of this? >http://www.electrogravity.com
supposedly this guy claims he has figured out how to build flying saucers.
What do you think of his math?

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If it were true he wouldve published in a peer reviewed journal.
Take this shit back to boards.4channel.org/x/

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Its not much problem...

But it seems bullshit.

Making simulation is better way to publish those sort of things, because they best work in black non transparent triangles.

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>Heh, back in my day we had to prove everything by hand with epsilon-delta, you kids have it easy

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I hopped all the way to the hospital, and they told me that my continuous integration function was superior to their analytic continuum.

>whut do?

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Why is Hamilton so underrated? He not only invented the Ricci flow, which led to a proof of the Poincaré conjecture, but he also invented hamiltonian mechanics.

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He's also a good formula 1 driver.

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I'm more into that pucci flow, if you get my drift son. Also
try >>>/o/

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he would probably get a fields medal if he was younger.

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What is the "easiest" modern approach for teaching a robot to do tasks in a real world environment using an image sensor as the input. A task like:

>Go from room A to B
>When in room B find C
>When find C approach to C
>When near C grab C
>When C grabbed go to room A
>When in room A drop C

What would be the list of algorithms you would use for State detection and action taking.

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goddamn I hate computer scientists. You think you can do everything with just an image sensor? Well IRL it's really fucking hard to manipulate shit with just image data. Shit gets occluded and you really need force feedback. Yeah you're gonna get like the same performance as someone with nerve damaged arms of you don't have forcd feedback. BTW that task is fucking worthless. The hard part is picking shit up.

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I just pick up poop in a plastic bag myself. How much force feedback do you need before you're just beating the effort of another man put into the loving 'physical labor reduction tool' of another?

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>you really need force feedback
what if you "hardcore" the experience about certain objects?.

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>sticks a dildo on the robot

okay, now what?

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Ask someone who's really good at teaching dogs tricks

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Why is this boomer so based?

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Because ackshually he’s not a boomer.

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How does the increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration effect the atmospheric (and alveolar) CO2 partial pressure?
How much would CO2 concentrations have to rise for us to expect to see measurable physiological effects?
What effects do elevated carbonic acid levels in the mother's blood have on embryonic/fetal development?

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What is the best way to cram for a test?

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can you read you rart? it says how to cram not how to study correctly

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>it says how to cram not how to study correctly
I know what it said, and I know what I said.

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They way I cram: open the material the that you need to remember/learn. Open the page where all the contents are listed (if it's not textbook, then write a list of what you need to learn/remember yourself. Then just (1) read each entry and try to remember everything you know from it chapter. Then when (2) go to the one you remember the least and (3) skim through it so you get a basic understanding of it. Repeat step 3 with every chapter then go back to step 1 and keep filling in any blank spots in your knowledge. In my experience if your knowledge of something is lacking then getting a general idea of all of it is better than going through the material start to finish, because you can usually fill in the blanks through logic(depending on the subject, of course). Breaks are optional(I personally don't take breaks because if I interrupt the flow of learning I usually get lazy, but if you're feeling mentall fatigue then take a quick break, no longer than 5-10 minutes. And when I say break I mean going out to breath some fresh air or atleast opening the window and doing a quick exercise). Also, caffeine is your friend

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Also, stay hydrated

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Summarize the entire class on a sheet of paper

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Hey guys did you know we only use 4% of our brain power.

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You only use 2% of it though

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>tfw online test said my brain runs at 10% power

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98% East African but I have 130 neanderthal variants? How?

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Back migration to Africa.

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How is it used loosely? Not trying to be mean but those groups tend have a higher mix of caucasoid genome than negroid genome. The only justification to give for them being a separate group would be calling a sub-race/ethnicity instead of solely sticking to the major racial group.

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i don't think anon here >>11157705 here is trying to say that he is trying to compare nafris and east africans. I agree that East Africans should be their own subgroup or "race". Just because their dark doesn't mean they're in same genetic category as other africans such as bantus. It's completely ignorant to classify the world into 3-4 races, when in reality it's more like 10 or more subgroups of the human race.

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If I ever get a gf please fuck her and get her pregent!

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Wait do actual black people use 4chan. How do you deal with the racism

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Peer review without journals
In the age of information in which we live have journals become outdated in their ability to be objective and disseminate research to peers to review.
It seems prudent to have the ability to filter misguided or cluttered information. But is that really the role in which should be entrusted to an editorial staff?
With the dawn of artificial intelligence at hand,it seems prudent to develop a standard of rules for Publications in a decentralized manner. And having an AI as the publisher that can be used for basic correction of typos and formula.
It seems prudent to get away from human error when it comes to what new ideas the science literate are allowed to consider as part of the scientific community.
In conjunction with this it seems also prudent to differentiate between mathematical propositions dealing with interpretations and hard experimental data.
Too often it seems in order to get the basic two-page report on petabytes of information you have to pay upwards of $40 or more. I understand there are those who wish to make a full-time career from their theoretical and experimental research, but it seems but this method of pay first to see results any system that promotes desk-bound scientist that do no experimentation as they attempt to maximize profit by minimizing their expense and for going experimentation in many papers.
The social science of the scientific community cannot be held to some other standard as if those that claim the moniker of scientists are completely altruistic.
For science to advance: data must be free.

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What is the scientific explanation for men being attracted to sissy hypnosis porn?

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they're fags. exhibit A:
>as a gay dude i'm

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1: Male brain sees females,
2: Male sexual desire associates these females with pleasure,
3: Male brain fails to become imprinted by male role models - the man never gets excited about acting like someone who looks male,
4: The male brain looks desperately for an identity,
5: Literally his only social interaction is his mother,
6: Subsequently, he can only imagine a female social role which implicitly goes along with looking like a woman,
7: The man begins to judge himself by the standards of his grasped-at female social role, and he judges his body to be manish and unattractive.

It's caused by neglectful and/or emotionally abusive fathers who never make it seem cool to be a man.

The conditioning is so potent that the transsexual, much like the duck raised with the ball, can never learn to see men as 'cool.'


>it's basically a bunch of straight dudes who can't deal with the fact that they enjoy assplay as a man
>they can't see the light of "i can be submissive" without fully thinking "i want to be feminine, i want to be a woman"

1: Organisms learn their social role and the brain rewards them for fulfilling it. Conditioning is programmed, and hijacks the directionless reward pathways. 90% of manhood is cultural, including the notion that men shouldn't submit during sex. Men want to be like the men around them.
2: I'm sexually aroused by the thought of gayness, because it subverts the expectations of heterosexual cis-gendered identity - it is 'perverted.' The novel is arousing, and novelty related to sexuality is perverted
3: The sexuality is just a facade because the man's female goal body is sexually attractive to his intact male sex drive - he perceives this sexual arousal to be out of character for his female identity and projects his sexual thoughts out of his mind onto other people, who feminize him against his will, thus eliminating his culpability and preserving his shallow male identity for day-to-day interactions.

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Speaking as a straight guy with a wife who used to watch a lot of tranny porn, I reason that I enjoy that porn for two primary reasons:
1.) I enjoy seeing men weaker than myself being dominated.
2.) I generally don't enjoy watching another man have sex with a woman because I'm very competitive and I don't like seeing other men get what I want.

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>pic related

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Pic related is the results from a UK Fire Service whole-time recruitment campaign from 2017.
The service covers two counties, population is divided up 96.4% white british/irish, 3.66% black/minority ethnic (BME)
Assuming advertisements for the campaign reached all members of the population equally and the selection process was carried out "blind" i.e. stripped of all gender/ethnicity/age data - do these results make sense? If not, why not?
Thanks in advance :)

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Df = 1
chi-square = 2.45
p-value = 0.1 approx
not sure what you mean by a % of significance?

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jesus those plots are HIDEOUS

>> No.11157962

10% probability that null hypothesis is correct?
so statistically significant?

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bump and help!

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Gas yourself, kike

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Are lectures even useful?
I learn so much better by myself, sitting in class just drains my energy for very little gain.

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They are useless fot the first two years. All the notes are posted on your student account so what's the point in wasting 6 hours plus journey time just to listen to some old guy read them word for word? I didnt attend a single lecture in my second year and got all As in all my modules.

The last two years you have to attend lectures though. Notes weren't posted on my account for some reason, probably because of the low attendance of the first two years.

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Depends if you'll actually go through the material and then take notes and then review that. Reading the powerpoint at home has the risk of giving you a false sense of confidence.

I'm 100% on the side of lectures are outdated and dumb. Almost all of the classes that had lectures manipulated the class somehow into attending either by making attendance part of the grade, making the lecture slides not available online, or having vague slides/a mix of actual notes and the slides. For the most part lectures are a waste of time if you can get the slides at home, but for some they learn better through it.

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There only useful if you do all the pre-reading before hand and come ready prepared with questions to aid your understanding
Almost no one does this.

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>Are lectures even useful?
VERY MUCH!!! Professors can do simple lectures in order to make sure the meet their tenure requirements while doing absolutely as little as possible. After all, you are an adult and need to teach yourself, right?

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>gib $10k grant money per semster
>her ur speech
>you educated now

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