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There is this common phenotype i keep seeing around my area thats like this:
super straight 1a blonde hair
blue eyes
wide jawline
positive canthal tilt
slanted eyes.
what phenotype is this?
is it norweigan?

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ignore the unintentionally highlighted part, that's not supposed to represent anything

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Every time you pray you create the cognitive bias that you’re powerless.

Religion is mind rape. Religious people are slaves to a cognitive bias neurone virus.

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why are you on /sci/

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>post a thread saying that relativity is false and quantum physics will prove me right
>mods delete thread
Why the fuck are /sci/ mods such fascist faggot cucks?
Relativity is false. Prove me wrong.

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>Study Math
Most intelligent comment

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>Einstein's interpretation of relativity is false.
>Einsteinian relativity is false.
how do you know this, motherfucker

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>Simultaneity is absolute
According to what reference frame?

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>Replace each neuron one by one?
>Just use more advanced lace technology to stimulate existing neurons in specific ways to build new desired pathways within the brain?

All machines will do is stimulate neurons, they can't cut/paste qualia.

I don't see how it's even possible "I" can experience a machine when "I" am the feeling of neurons being stimulated not transistors or other material combinations. The substrate would be different, the "I" that is the feeling of thoughts which is the feeling of neurons being stimulated would slowly die if you replace neurons with the same informational equivalent using a different substrate, if you destroy the neurons the "I" wouldn't even realize it was dying any more than an Alzheimers or patient feels their neurons dying.

Wouldn't we have already seen some informational "bleed" when these previous bmi's were hooked up? Wouldn't we already have noticed that some of the persons conscious experience "bleeds" over to the computer chip that is stimulating the brain? It doesn't feel like anything to be a transistor from a human experince. If consciousness is only information, wouldn't any transfer of information be consciousness? Instead what we find is that all we can really do is use very precise stimulation but nothing using transistors "plugs in" to the brain.

Thoughts? I hope I'm wrong.

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Handshake and a smile is how Integran always do it. Should work for any human.

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Interaction paradox disproves qualia.

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There is a way to create analog computers. But I definitely interact transistor to brain. So straight. It must be superhighspeed reader, and output is a keyboard.

For neuron it must be really hard to learn to activate transistor, and how layers on transistor stack if you burn it, it must be really heard.

If you test that on cat, it may be different.

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Neuron designed neurons to make a transistor representation of something that call itself qualia but is binary?

Binary could be more precise...

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this seems too comical to even be representative of something that could possibly work.

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can smart people be stupid?

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yes absolutely. someone who is smarter is merely someone who is less stupid.

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Yes. Einstein was smart but he came up with a dumbfuck theory (relativity). Physicists are smart but they're dumb enough to fall for Einsteinian relativity theory.
This kind of relativity is real though

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GenerallyI feel good about that. In some cases though I feel great.

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Hey /sci/. which sites offer the best online courses in the STEM fields? I did a few small things over on Coursera like 3 years ago, but apart from that I ahve no experience with this.

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Open course ware

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Gotcha, thank you. Any more? How's edX?

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I want to create technology that violates the second law of thermodynamics and reverses entropy. This is my life goal. How should I start working on this?

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Follow your dreams OP

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you'll realise there's no "law" to break. dS<0 is just a consequence of how we define S in our human made models. If you could increase the energy in a so called isolated system, would you have broken thermodinamics or simply redefined what a isolated system means? Stop trying to formulate theories based on wikipedia binge reading -.-

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He has more than one demon?
Yes I know it can reverse randomly, I mean technology to reverse it consistently

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ok, i give up trying to put some sense in your head. Your actually best bet is to go on /x/ and try to mesure some of the phenomenna there since those clearly violate thermodynamics

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dissociation with consent

it is now very much in my opinion that if you want to converse vast expanses between universe(s) it may be possible to do so

such a task would probably require that the beings on both sides of the communication let that which is above light communicate through them freely, as well as the being in question doing so
this must be done with consent and knowledge of the event transcending space and time may happen at any moment

you have to be open to what is faster than light you have to consent to free use of your mind and body

then you have to deviate your own consciousness to let another in with the foreknowledge of the event being open as well as the knowledge thereafter

do no harm
be open to any

any being of true good will not harm you and if they had to the pain may be alleviated

some restrictions apply pending state and local law, but you need to be open to appending what state law and local law mean

sometimes events can happen independent of their time, their place, their individuals involved, you've heard of the who, the what, the when, the where, the why, and the how.

today i had a firsthand experience of "the wow"
a totally different thing from what i expected interesting and now that things seem normal for the moment im ready to just be

if you want anything to happen, you need to be ready for anything, forever
i know i am and we can be

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Daily reminder that relativity is pseudoscience and quantum physics will one day prove me right.

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>quantum physics will one day prove me right.
If only you could prove yourself right. But no, I guess your dipshit assertions are everyone else's responsibility to vette.

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I didn't say it won't be me proving it did I retard? Faggot.

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Is pic related right about relativity?

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He is right that relativity is wrong

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send in wave after wave of your own men, of course

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>What does /sci/ think would be the best way to storm area 51?
Commit suicide and let your angry ghost bypass the security.

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That's... I'm. No. That's not h... Never mind

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The same way you got into Nellis AFB in fallout new Vegas. Send a homeless guy in first to figure out their defenses

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can /sci/ solve this f(x)?

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Double plus = x*2.25
Mega = x*4
Mega plus = x*4.5

Sometimes they round a bit.

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1 Megaplus = 4.5 regular
1 Doubleplus = 2.25 regular
1 Mega = 4 regular

Fucking hell learn basic fucking arithmetic/ solving systems of linear equations before posting on /sci/ you fucking Nigger

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Will you break your neck for a chance to get a neuralink, anon? I'm sure a basement dweller like you can see the pros.

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This is a dumb thread and you are dumb for starting it.

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This is a potential problem, dumb anon.

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People committing suicide is a problem. This is a figment of your imagination.

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This is a consequence of favorable conditions.
Pension, sitting on the couch all day, spamming 4chan using your mind. What's not to like?

Do you think you can have it all? Your brain has limited resources. Even if neuralink will be given like brest implants, the functions you'll be using less will pay the price.

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scientifically illiterate retard here, I was thinking about something.
Wouldn't the peak of intelligent life and civilization be some type of Borg like being?
I imagine some sort of stellar engine eating materials in its path to beef up its CPU.
Discuss, sorry if this is off topic, I can't into maths n shiet.

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Basically. Some sort of AI network that turns all available material into computronium and expands indefinitely.

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That is still not better idea than peace first.

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Why are there sensations?

What the fuck is going on?

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What? Are you high

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Your intellectual immaterial soul is trapped inside a sensitive material body. Your flesh is lusting against your spirit

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What’s the general opinion of going into Industry? I plan on getting a degree in actuarial mathematics and be an actuary and focus on quantitative analysis and then get a masters degree in financial engineering and be a quant. Then in my old age I’ll be a professor with a PhD. Should I just go into academia or sell my soul to Industry? I would love to just work at a college and teach but financially it would be best to do Industry work before academic.

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Just eat sand. It's what mama tells me.

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There’s no reason to bother with actuarial science if you eventually want to be a quant. And if you really want to work on Wall Street, it’s better at this point to learn ML and work on the buy side.

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What's the evolutionary advantage of making what's the evolutionary advantage threads ? Are they just new IQ threads ?

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well desu he did have some based opinions which implies he was based sometimes and got unbased... nonetheless his understaing of science generally was not based end of story

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oh no, now an actual schizo showed up. ok, funtime over. /sci/bros. now we’re gonna get Solivagus and Suiseki spamming unfunny schizo shit for 200 posts. not even Jon would be able to save it now

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>another IQ thread

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There it is! Thats it, label anyone standing in the way of your funding a schizo, its like the modern version of a witch trial. News flash, dummy, I'm not a threat to your funding, and everyone hates Academics in part because of your attitude problem. You could learn a lot from someone like Wolfram. He build an approx 800 person company. Yeah, he must be a real schizo. *eye roll*

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>Are they just new IQ threads ?


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what's the evolutionary advantage of making creating a new post on /sci/ that asks the what's the evolutionary advantage something???

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Whats the evolutionary advantage of posting anime girls on a Mongolian basket weaving website?

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evolution is a lie

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You give yourself an advantage by forcing countless others to read and respond to your bullshit.
It's a parasitic method, similar to spamming, click bating, or blatant opulence gluttinous consumerism or eating the whole cake then vomiting most of it back up. You were not that hungry afterall, but you'll be damned if you'll let your competition eat anything.

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*you give yourself an advantage by forcing countless others to use up their limited energy reserves to read and respond.
Ask Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or Sir Richard Branson about these kinds of techniques.

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This, but you're also forcing another thread off of the board, and that other thread was probably less likely to waste other people's energy, which is why it was on the last page.

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>tfw you realise days aren't real, just the revolution of one precarious little rock around a brief candle
>tfw this means time itself isn't real as earth is not the objective centre of the universe by which all things are measured
>tfw numbers aren't real

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>we abstracted our needs to the point everything is based on suppositions and measurements lmao

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