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>Why most certainly, good Ser, I am indeed studying Mechanical Engineering and my best bench press is currently 300 lbs for 5 reps. Naturally, being the profoundly inquisitive man that I am, I must inquire as to which data led you to reaching this conclusion?

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giga chad can easily bench 600 for 10

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Mech Engs definitely have the chaddest subject specific memes on /sci/. I admit this as a physics fag.

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What is the SICP for neural networks? Does it even exist yet?

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The only book you'll ever need

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Calculus is the bread and butter of Physics.

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Which one do you guys find more interesting? They both seem to involve some cool math.

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RF is cool!
I've never studied controls, but from what I hear you're just wiring $10,000 boxes together and pretending you're real smart

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cant even fucking do RF in my country

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explain to a brainlet how ph aka H+ ions influences the voltage of a potentiometer

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google "wheatstone bridge"

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I KNOW what a wheatstone bridge is and I don't think that is of use here

my question is: how the hell does the pH change the voltage that we measure with a electrode

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Voltage is simply electric potential difference and if you have a buildup of potential in one electrode through buildup of H+ ions, you can expect the measurement for potential energy difference between one electrode and the other to be higher.

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you do not (((actually))) measure the voltage, you measure the changing cell voltage difference but why does the proton influence the cell voltage if the cell only needs silver and silverchloride to build be a valid cell??

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hmm, every molecule in the solution is a staticy balloon, what happens if touch balloon? zap zap.

adding H+ is like rubbing some balloons with wooley feet, more static per molecule, when they touch potentio meter they go zap zap and it moves

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How exactly does coffee consumption prevent conditions like Parkinson’s?

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Probably doesn't and is just a product of bad epidemiological science

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u get parkinsons bc ur bloods not moving around enough
the body reacts by turning into a shakeweight
coffee makes ur blood move around

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Caffeine functions as an antioxidant, and crosses the blood-brain barrier with ease. It also decreases risk of diabetes, and diabetes is known to induce changes in the brain.

Also, those tits!

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>Focusing on external beauty
Post selfie of zit ridden skull or gtfo

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>be me
>studying economic Engineering specalised in microelectronics
>ace everything exept math because lazy
>new Semester begins
>new math professor
>still online shit because of muh corona
>he cant use the stream stuff
>chat doesnt work, cant ask questions
>he doesnt care to fix it either
>ok this may be fine, i just have to listen closely
>he starts off
>okay guys the first topic in engineer math IV is hdgsnvfghshiugvsdfg fgsibhnvsndfsiknvsdig hjdgsiohgrwaiohaf with aighdgisvhasd waugsijgbga agdfghijuadfg
>guy keeps inaudibly rambling whilst writing hebrew simbols to the board
>time is up
>"ok see you tomorrow"
>turn off stream

fuck this fucking shit how is such a guy allowed to teach anyways holy shit

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>Major in some dogshit
>Get dogshit professor
Enjoy your toilet paper degree in a couple years, and remember you can always wipe your ass with it, when you're unemployed and homeless.

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In some countrys they are required to Provide the transcript of every class no Matter what maybe you are lucky
In germany that is the case
Look its the "study math or be homeless" autist again
Economic-Engineering pays more on average than regular Engineering and a lot mor than math
I majored in it myself, although i did Maschienenbau (dunno Englisch word) an earn 75k € a year

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Fuck you faggot

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Scientific way to reduce dandruff

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Head and shoulders

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Go bald, then it will be the least of your worries

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Already bald shaved but dandruff won't stop

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How do I prove this?

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x -> p*x is a continuous map
R^k -> R
The preimages of open sets under continuous maps are open.

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Dot products increase when the two vectors are more similar, decrease (into the negatives) when they are more dissimilar (ie: when the arrow in k space is pointed the opposite direction.).

So this is the set of all vectors x that are less similar to vector p than some measure, B.

In a space visualization, this would draw a decision boundary (set by B) as some hyperplane cutting through k dimensional space. If vector x lies on one side of the boundary, it's in the set A; on the other side, it's not on the set A.

The number of such possible vectors is infinite, this it's an open set.

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** The number of vectors on either side of the decision plane is infinite.

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Anyone can use the methond used in the link to prove it pls ? https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/698638/closedness-of-the-closed-half-space

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Any other hyperactive retards on here? I'm taking a pretty solid courseload and I can't into online classes. If I don't have someone actually teaching me shit I cant concentrate and get distracted by everything. I don't want to flunk out and I'm normally a good student, should I just go to the Dr's and get a prescription for meth to help concentrate? does it even work?

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Which scientific field attracts the most/least based people? I feel like biologists are the biggest normies. As for the most based I'm not sure; maybe Mathematicians?
What does /sci/ think?

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the further from numbers and complex math you get, the higher concentration of normans, but the more concrete the math, the higher the concentration of spergs and unbearable coworkers. based equilibrium gradient i guess, youre damned either way


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>biologists are the biggest normies
only half are normies, the other half are just boring af. they remind me of peahens
Chemists are based though

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why don't you guys know anything about the bio's, scientifically - speaking?

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>she didn't study materials science or chemical engineering

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>not looking for: expectations from us
>looking for: expectations from you
Wow, truly informative and unique.

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>when we are successful $ will be a successful byproduct
>Our goal is to fundraise soon but in the beginning the salaries will be slightly below market rates
The moment someone offers a job with the promise that they MIGHT pay you eventually if it works out, that is the moment you instantly jump ship. There is zero reason to ever bother with any this type of startup. There is no point in even trying to entertain the idea.
>Who need consistent direction + mentorship + need to be told what to do + how to do it
So they want to hire an army of interns but at the same time they want a highly professional team of experts that will instantly know what to do.
>Someone who is willing to live the 'ramen + instant coffee' lifestyle for a bit before we raise venture capital
You could probably earn more as a hobo begging for cash in front of the supermarket in the middle of a pandemic than what you would be getting from a job like this.
>Someone who is deeply passionate about the intersection of climate change + fashion + apparel
>A Doctorate or atleast a Masters in either Materials Science & Engineering, Fiber & Polymer Science, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics or the like
>lab-based experimantal roles
So this is a female fashion designer (which is a term I use generously here since she has no clue that nobody wants to wear polyester clothing) that wants to make eco-friendly clothing with inbuilt circuitry with the cheapest polyester clothing imaginable. And she wants it developed by experimentation (meaning she isn't an ideas person since she doesn't even have an idea yet), created from scratch using raw crude oil and she wants it done in a environment-conscious manner.

Not just that but you only get paid if the project succeeds

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gamedev has troves of these
>make game
>pay if success
why the fuck does one need you

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Gamedev has more
>make game
>pay minimum wage and maybe 10% extra if we get 95+ on metacritic

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I dunno seems like good place for sociopath / sycophant to make a good buck. Gotta play the players.

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should i mention my hobby of blogposting on 4chan/sci in my resume.

what are the probabilities i get a based lad reading it. how many std away are 4chan people.

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Not explicitly, you gotta just tuck away some board lingo somewhere

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>I post on 4chan /sci/ on a regular basis

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If I got another /sci/ poster's resume I would immediately use their contact and reference information to make sure they never work in the field again.

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Why would you ever think that's a good idea? It's like someone saying they watch tv or eat food on their resume. It's not a productive hobby, and more importantly, most likely not related to what you're applying for at all.

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working with npcs makes you a npc over time. 4chan keeps you honest

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I was wondering, at what angle does the sun have to be at to make vit. d at a sufficient rate? Is the sun strong enough at say, 40 degrees? 30 degrees? I heard the rule where it must be at least 45 degrees is this true?
Technically, if your skin can burn to some degree, then vit. d can be produced.

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>mfw I simulate my labs using solidworks, ansys, and the autodesk package to milk my profs for higher grades

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>muh lockdown works, trust me

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look at sweden faggot

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chud simp

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>only 75 more deaths per million than france

cope, they have herd immunity now and deaths have been averaging 1 per day for more than a month while france is having peaks and downs averaging from 40 to 160 while france only has 6x more people than sweden

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Also the part where there are so many false positives and false negatives that you can simply take the test a second time if you want a different result.

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In order to be a patent attorney you need a degree in STEM.
But do you get to do lawyer things like go to court and question witnesses?
Do you get to tell paralegals to go through files?
Do you get to make a lot of money?

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Movies aren't real life anon. Are you by any chance american?

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Are there any advantages of being bilingual beside being able to communicate with more people? Most anglo-countries are monolingual, and they are doing quite well.

People from Switzerland and Luxembourg are usally trilingual, and they have the highest HDI in the world. However, you can probably find many examples that prove the exact opposite also. People in India usually speak many language, but it doesn't seem to be of any advantages to them. The examples I gave are extremely binary, and there are other variables to take into account of course.

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>Understanding how different languages with different rules work should open you up to thinking in ways that a monolingual can't really understand, and it should also make later language acquisition easier.
I entirely agree with this. I believe that I have a completely different view of the English than an Anglo monolingual speaker. The con is that I sometimes struggle to find the right words in my native language.

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Aren't most indians bilingual or something? that doesn't stop them from shitting in the street

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Speaking the native language and English fluently makes you an instant Chad in some countries.

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I'm a Eurofag, but I speak with a British accent since I basically grew up here, and I can 100% having a real English accent is a pussy magnet in Europe and in good ol' USA.

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They also win in spelling bees and do IT so I dont know

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