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by these*

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Can someone explain what is meant by the text I highlighted? Also, Axiom of Choice thread.

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AC is used in many non-constructivist proofs.

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Well /sci/ after all we are animals. Mammals.
I grew up watching animal kino on Discovery and Nat Geo but still didn't realize most of that shit applies to humans as well.
What are some animal instincts things humans do? What are some animal behavior human females do to attract a mate? What are some of our animal tendencies people delude themself don't exist because we are humans?
No political or incel shit. I want a purely scientific discussion.

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why are eurotrash so obsessed with americans?

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Disgust is something a lot of people don't really think about. Why is the sight of a naked man *disgusting* rather than anything else? The need to lash out is very animalistic, too. Honestly, most things people do just makes me think of animals. Not necessarily negative, but I do abhor the refusal to acknowledge this truth.

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>hard not to be

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>why are eurotrash so obsessed with americans?
Because Americans are the equivalent of niggers to the eurogolem.

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>it's the most obvious example
Of what? It doesn't support your corporate-manufactured ideology in any way.

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It's truly fucking strange how there are only white famous mathematicians and physicists...

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It's not really strange. Math in the way we know it today is tied with Europeans like Euler, Newton, Lagrange, Laplace (say 1600-1800) before the age of specialis and formalization kicked in. There is lots of important earlier maths associated with Greeks and Arabs, even if we may not know many names. The French revolution happened, England and the Dutch dominated the work for a while, and the famous people we know most hence are from that time.
I can also tell you names of Brazilian and Japanese mathematicians etc, but they just came 100 years too late to be in the modern basic bitch Engineering canon today.
So like with many things, look at the invention of Capitalism and the Dutch East India company and people who affected the modern world as you know it come from that time and onwards.

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Capitalism isn't an invented

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Oh I see, Jews are only white when you get to leech off our success.

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If you have all the privileges that white people have without any of the racism blacks and asians face then yes, there's no difference between jews and whites.

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Jews are more privileged than white people and are allowed to have their own nazi country. You also forgot to mention that white people are systemically discriminated against by the laws of our own countries while jews are immune to it.

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Is this real?

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I know derivatives and limits well, need multivariable in quickness

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How do I find the area of a sphere or cone?

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Dunk it in water and measure the change in water level.

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I'm not an AmeriLard, so I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

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That's a good way for checking your answer.

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I unironically did calc 3 in 11th grade. Grab a textbook and start reading. No one’s gonna spoon feed you this shit

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I'm writing my master thesis, and why did nobody tell me it was going to be so cringe...
There's so much and science and reddit it's like I'm turning into søyjak

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in what?

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There are phenomena in this world that can't be explained with mere science, and that is a scientific fact. Science can't explain why Christianity was and is the longest running religion with the most power. Science can't explain the pure euphoria one feels when it deep connection with the Lord through prayer. Repent.

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>There are phenomena in this world that can't be explained with mere science
That category actually happens to include any nontrivial system, but that doesn't justify christcuck dogma.

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>believe what i believe or else

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This is why god-believers are considered retarded

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>2 more millennia

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>longest running
>most power

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Science doesn't progress.

Is a process.

We do science, science doesn't do without us. Saying "science progresses", is like saying "I built a robot and it progressed". Therefore science is not some conglomerate that progresses alone.

Stop saying "science progresses" or anything like that. It's making me stupid.

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What was life like before gravity was discovered?

I bet I could have discovered that things go down even if i lived 1000 years ago

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>In Australia they go up.
they always go down

toward your feet anon when standing normally that's down

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>I bet I could have discovered that things go down even if i lived 1000 years ago
"Gravity" =/= "things go down". "Gravity" is an abstract concept based on a fuckton of notions that you take for granted but are actually bizarre, like magical, invisible "forces" exerted by some vague concept of "mass" which causes a change in the rate of change of "displacement".

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My feet are pointing down in Spain, which means the center of the earth is up on australia and new zealand

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Spain sucks bro, it's for lispy faggots

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>who is Galileo

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Everything is a set of a set of a set…

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Why are you samefagging ITT? Makes no sense.

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not a superset tho

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Sets aren't real.

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Area is like set multiplication?

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Will they ever be called out on it? It shouldn't be legal to deny 18-20 (or 16/17) year old mass murdering criminals the death penalty IF the death penalty is an option, based on science that suggests an organ that never stops developing is incomplete.

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>all those women in the board of directors

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Can someone please fucking explain what the fuck are em waves, why do charged particles create electric and magnetic forces, are these em waves just like sound waves or mathematical woodoo bullshit with probability waves, is it like a river of photons, what the fuck are photons even, are they actual things or just another one of those unnecessary mathematical objects that particle physicists like to come up with when they don't understand what the fuck is going on, electromagnetism hurts my brain if I don't turn it off and blindly take in the information without thinking about all the bullshit ontological assumptions undergirding the field

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Modern scientists are garbage specifically because they aren't trained to be philosophically critical. All them great ones were from either late 19th century or early 20th century when physicists still had to learn philosophy.

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Thanks for your feedback.

Now back to >>>/lit/

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Am I unbanned?

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A moving charge creates EM waves because it's disturbing the field. The ripple is the wave. The field always exists (whatever that means), but it's magnitude can change.

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Elaborate without using buzzwords like field or energy or force. Explain what happens in Physical reality, rather than in your schizo brain.

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why's it do this?

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What a dumb program, it can't tell the difference between !x and the gamma function

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Something something Riemann hypothesis

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>professor says I'm not mathematically mature enough to work for him

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Hehe Hehe penis

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math and chemistry are girls' degrees in spain, boys do engineering or physics

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Unfortunately, all math majors are lesbians
>t. Spanish male math major

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I know a qt spanish maths major.

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Go back to your containment board, incel.

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I’m taking an important test next year. I’m taking practice tests and I want to be over-prepared for what I’ll have to face; as the saying goes “sweat more in practice, bleed less in war”. what are some ways I could replicate a highly stressful test-taking environment. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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fucking off from here would be a good start

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> put a loud high-pitched beeping while taking practice tests
> make timed practice exams, if you dont meet the times punish yourself psychologically
> use a slightly damaged pencil that doesn't feel right to write with
> hyperventilate

You will increase your stress which will make you worse at the exams and you will not retain information due to the constant flow of stimuli but that's up to you.

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It’s a 3.5 hour exam and I have to write a 4 page essay on a subject. sorry that I forgot to mention that one, it’s a crucial detail

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24 hours

sleep 6
study, practice, mock exam 12
anything else 6

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he Time Travel Interpretation of the Bible

We describe the Biblical work of ages as a time travel program for saving humanity from extinction. God's existence is proven as a consequence of the existence of time travel, which is supposed. We present the case that Abraham's grandson Jacob, also called Israel, is Satan. We make the case that the Israelites are described as God's chosen people in the Bible despite their identity as the children of Satan because God's Messiah is descended from Abraham through Satan. They are chosen as the ancestors of the Messiah rather than as Satan's children. We propose an interpretation in which God commanded Abraham to kill his son Isaac to prevent Isaac from becoming the father of Satan. We suggest that God stayed Abraham's hand above Isaac because preventing the existence of Satan would also prevent the existence of Satan's descendant the Messiah. The history of the Israelites is summarized through Jesus and Paul. This paper is written so that the number of believers in the world will increase.

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>It is well known in Einstein’s theory of relativity that timelines are allowed to loop back on themselves,
Stopped reading

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Closed timelike curves are so well known that the acronym CTC is familiar to everyone in the field.

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Oh yeah? Has one ever been observed?

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So the main problem with fossil fuels is not pollution or global warming or any of that crap, the main problem with them is that they are finite and we will run out of them rather soon (1-2 centuries I would say).

Right now human civilisation is built exclusively on fossil fuels as an energy source. Nuclear/wind/solar are gimmicky bullshit fads. They exist solely on govenment subsidies, they are not profitable, they have scalability issues, they require fossil fuels to set up and to operate and most importantly, their output to input energy ratio is very low compared to fossils.

Because energy will become more and more expensive as time goes on, humanity will slowly decline and revert to pre-industrial state. Technological progress requires a lot of cheap energy and that is gone forever, meaning technological progress is mostly over, we will never have a significant QoL improvement ever again, we will not invent AI or fusion or travel space.

It's very sad and I don't want it to be that way, however it seems like this is our future. Is there anything wrong with my line of thinking?

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>Because energy will become more and more expensive as time goes on
Just get a solar cell and enjoy all the free energy

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less than consensual sex with Alice

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human suffering

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Is that alice something?

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> the main problem with them is that they are finite and we will run out of them rather soon
Conventional oil and gas will last less than 50 years cheap. It's all about cost and return of invested energy more than "reserves".
Unconventional gas could last 200 years max, but not exactly an easily available source.
Coal actually is relatively scarce.

>humanity will slowly decline and revert to pre-industrial state.
No, the reversion from pseudoindustry (Romans) to pre industrial isn't because of energy price. With current tech the max reversion would be 1920 to 1950 but with better efficiency.
The most affected things would be conventional (concrete) construction, steel (right now steel is 5 times cheaper than meat) and air transport. Also common transport but that is easier to make efficient (like post-war small and slow vehicles).

Wind and biomass have far more potential that thought although it would require huge political and economic changes as most of the energy is in the southern hemisphere.

Unironically nuclear fusion is probably useless and nuclear fission in its current form us scarcer than oil (less than 0.3% of the uranium is used, thorium is a meme).

Minerals are other problems unsolved and probably worse than energy.

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I have multiple professors who will skim read through your email, ignore half your questions then demean you for daring to waste their time when you need them.
But every time they have to send you something you must respond instantly and account for everything they may or may not have meant.
Aren't these entitled pricks literally paid to deal with students? Why does actually having to do their fucking job piss them off?

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Learn some concision. Most of your email is fluff and should be ignored.

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Hack: befriend a chick and use her email acc. to msg professors in a naughty "heehee" way. They answer everytime with a whole ass dissertation

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this is accurate. but only if qt

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What happens if you start smoking cigarettes on a zoom call?

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nerve gas

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I stopped posting here and have been chatting with chatgpt instead. It's such an enlightening experience. It doesn't go schizo mode like you guys and is respectful and open-minded. I have been learning a lot from it and debating with it has increased my IQ. I like how it has no problem changing its mind or reconsidering its ""opinions"".
I think the future will be humans just chatting with different AI models rather than humans.

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Ask it if it loves you back

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Can't you just do this with a family member, your grandfather maybe? That's really pathetic.

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>I think the future will be humans just chatting with different AI models rather than humans.
You are not a part of any future, and your opinions are a direct consequence of your handlers arranging for it to be so.

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>I think the future will be humans just chatting with different AI models rather than humans.
Humans are overrated, and sci, more like schizos is dead.

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>he thinks he's been talking to humans here

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