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Why can’t you make a material like glass that reflects light slowly instead of instantly so I can see myself in the past?

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if FTL travel is ever discovered, you could just hyperjump to a distant star and watch your childhood through a telescope

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What does share my knowledge mean?
Knowledge sharing refers to the process of exchanging information between people, teams, or 4chan users. This knowledge may be explicit, which comes from documents or procedures, or write below this thread such random info, meaning it was developed from experience. Sharing knowledge has benefits for the sharer as well as the recipient.

low or high level everyone is welcome on this thread

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knowledge sharing is globohomo trick. it must be information sharing. knowledge is direct experience, direct perception, experience sharing is absurd.

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Knowledge sharing is an activity through which knowledge (namely, information, skills, or expertise) is exchanged among people, friends, peers, families, Online communities (for example, Wikipedia)

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I judge what you share on this thread as absurd knowledge because your lack of knowledge in English to correctly explain what the correct definition of knowledge is stays absurd
UK /ˈnɒl.Jdʒ/ US /ˈnɑː.lJdʒ/
Add to word list
B1 [ S or U ]
understanding of or information about a subject that you get by experience or study, either known by one person or by people generally:
Her knowledge of English grammar is very extensive.
He has a limited knowledge of French.
The details of the scandal are now common knowledge (= familiar to most people).
She started to photograph the documents, safe in the knowledge that (= knowing that) she wouldn't be disturbed for at least an hour.
In this town there are only a couple of restaurants that to my knowledge (= judging from my personal experience and information) serve good food.

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If antimatter looks just like normal matter, how do we know if half of all the other galaxies in the universe are made of antimatter or not?

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what do you mean? galaxies don't touch each other, there's millions of light years of empty space between them

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space isn't empty, there is interstellar dust and hydrogen. also galaxies do collide.

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Lol, oh you...

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matter reacting to matter creates matter;7
humans create the number zero but zero or empty does not exist nikola telsa says everything is waves so matter is like zero a tool to calibrate us basical knowledge on a begin due us limited physiology

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Of all places one could choose to train an AI, why the FUCK would they choose 4chan??????

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Is walking 3h a day enough exercise for general health?

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Are you fat

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No, I am normal weight according to BMI.

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no, it'll drive you crazy

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it's not enough, you need to also do weightlifting as well as more intense cardio
and btw only lifting isn't ideal and leads to arterial stiffness

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if my water pump is capable of 40psi and i have a hermetically sealed 30L water container, does that mean that if I use the pump to half fill the container the pump will almost be at its pressure capacity since PV=RT? Meaning the pump will only fill about another 7L into the tank, albeit slowly?

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kek, why mix units?

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because pump stats are usually given in PSI

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ITT pajeet science

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Nooo not the jeet linkedin posts...that is just like posting about r/troons or whatever to get at white people. It's not fair. I'll rather be jobless than to log back onto indian linkedin

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Mathematician: How to write 4 in between a 5?

China: Is this a Joke?

Japan: Impossible!

America: The question's wrong!!

UK: Rubbish !!

India: F(IV)E This is the reason you find Indians everywhere in the world in finance, business, medicine, engineering & arts... anything to do with optimising your brain!!

British: Can u Swim?
Indian: No
British: Then a Dog is Better den u because It Swims. Indian: Can u Swim?
British: Yes!
Indian: Then What's the Difference between u & Dog… British Shocked,Faints!! Indian Rocks!

European : Y do U indians come in all colors, look at us,we R all white..?

Abdul Kalam: Horses too come in different colors but donkeys R all the same..!!!

Einstein & a Indian sitting next to each other on a long flight...

Einstein says:
"Let's play a game...
I will ask you a question,
if you don't know the answer,
you pay me only $5
if I don't know the answer,
I will pay you $500..."

Einstein asks the first question:
What's the distance from the Earth to the Moon...?

Indian doesn't say a word,
Reaches his pocket,
Pulls out a $5...

It's the indian turn...

He asks Einstein:
What goes up a hill with 3 legs
comes down on 4 legs..?

Einstein searches the net and asks all his smart friends...
After an hour he gives Indian $500...

Einstein going nuts and asks:
so what goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four..?

Indian reaches his pocket and gives Einstein $5...

Einstein fainted.....

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>This is the reason you find Indians everywhere in the world in finance, business, medicine, engineering & arts
This also has to do with hiring people without Constitutional Rights in their heads.

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Also fixed for ya
>This is the reason you find Jews everywhere in the world in finance, business, medicine, engineering & arts

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Quit smoking and now after 10 days I still haven't gotten my original sense of taste and smell. Is it safe to say that after so many days, my taste buds are permanently fucked up?

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Long COVID symptom

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Never had COVID.

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long nothing lol

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it takes like 3 months and is very gradual. there's no real "aha" moment
I'd love to read something about smell receptors and how they regenerate but you don't have any useful info, all you have is stupid questions that you're too helpless to look up
see you're only interested because it relates to you. you never though to read about taste/smell until you were worried about it

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I never noticed any sort of “return” in taste or smell when I quit.

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Hey anons I am a straight male but feel gay sometimes without even knowing. Most frequently I notice whenever I strain so much on the bathroom that my chest feels lighter than usual. Can any medfag speculate? I always thought gay had to do with neurological damage. And testestorone

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Lift, 150 g/lean bodyweight. Now.

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Who is the best poster on sci and why is he passionbro?

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based determinist sabine, most other physicists are retards.

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streisand effect

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so anons...Im coding some stuff and I need to know if this is true
so...given a vector V1

if in 2D space vectors orthogonal to V1 ocupy a 1D space
and in 3D space vectors orthogonal to V1 ocupy a 2D space
it follows that in 4D for any given vector V1 there should be a 3D space of orthogonal vectors right?
IQ < 120 need not apply

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People can't possibly find giga tits like that attractive, can they? They look so grotesque to me.

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thank you most based of sirs

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I just post this shit img so that my post stands out from the rest

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so assuming that I have an eigan vector of a symetrical 4x4 matrix that implies that the second eigan vector or eigan space will ocupy a 3D subspace ? correct
therefore to compute one of the eigan vectors in this subscpace one coud just atribute random values to X Y Z and calculate N so that the dot product of the two eigan vectors = 0
this way I have a second eigan vector

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IQ < 120
go waste time talking about muh IQ and is X european bullshit

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How about I shove a hyper dildo up your ass in the 4th dimension.

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oh no sir not my tesseracussy

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Almost nobody in the world, especially on this board, knows how IQ is tested, normed, sampled, and published.
Prove me wrong.

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doesn't matter that i don't know those things. i still know that it's not meaningful.

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they measure you glucose level

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also, according to this chart, my dad has 260 iq

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reverse digit span, nearest neighbour

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One consequence of Gödel's axioms is modal collapse, meaning these funny square and diamond symbols never did anything in the first place. What does /sci/ think of the simplified proof? And does it have any applications outside theology?

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With some moronic ideas, only a high IQ autist can be stupid enough to believe them. "Modal collapse" is one such idea.

>but but but by definition a contingent truth is
A nonsensical notion is what it is you fucking morons.

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> what do you think of the simplified proof
I don't.

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We could also write it like this:

Ax. 1. [math](\phi \in P \land \phi \subseteq \psi) \implies \psi \in P[/math]
Ax. 2. [math](U \setminus \phi) \in P \iff \lnot (\phi \in P)[/math]
Th. 2. [math]\emptyset \notin P[/math]
Df. 1. [math]G = \cap_{\phi \in P} \phi[/math]
Ax. 3. [math]G \in P[/math]
Th. 2. [math]G \neq \emptyset[/math]

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>What does /sci/ think of the simplified proof?
I think this defines a principal ultrafilter, and correctly concludes that a principal ultrafilter is nonempty. Whether or not this has any bearing at all on religion is left as an exercise to the reader.

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god's existence cannot be proven, and you need to consider the possibility that god doesn't exist.

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Prove it's not summer.

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Its autumn in the southern hemisphere.

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we’re in non-stop summer since 2012

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Seasons are a social construct.

>> No.15472173

I can't, there are summerfag-tier threads and posts everywhere!

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It's May 30

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if combined together, what websites cover the most topics, sciences, subjects?

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Khan Academy, Udemy, Coursera, zlibrary

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I've been hearing about lab grown meat my entire life. Where the heck is it?

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It's very expensive to produce, seems to give a higher chance of cancer and isn't better for the environment than regular meat.

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tldr: Making meat isn't like brewing beer: the tiniest impurity can upset the process and give you a vat of rotten sludge. At best, it's basically as expensive per weight as using bacteria to make medicine. Providing cells with everything they need to grow as fat and muscle without actually being an animal is like making an apple pie from scratch ("first, create the universe"): the thing that efficiently turns grass into fat and muscle is, well, a cow for example; there are no obvious shortcuts.

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tldr part 2:
Whence the hype then?
1-Creating hype with misleading announcements about the applications of ongoing research and then selling shares is a viable business model.
2-If it worked one day, it could be claimed to be more humane and ecological (that part would likely be bullshit) and benefit from lenient taxation, subsidies etc. and crucially be patented.

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It was just a way to get research funding. Stupid Americans love burgers and pretending they are saving the world.

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Lab ground meat is very popular in China.

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>LHC experiments see first evidence of a rare Higgs boson decay
>The ATLAS and CMS collaborations have joined forces to establish the first evidence of the rare decay of the Higgs boson into a Z boson and a photon

Soience had an new update released, higgs boson is not real, pseud! it was just photons all along

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hadron collider is meme science

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Not a research problem, but only a textbook physics problem. Is it normal for a PhD student to take 2-3 days to solve some problems? Should I give up already?

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>american phd
>solve basic thermodynanicd
Lmao. Fucking joke for a country

>> No.15472094

Tell us all about your superior country, Stefan.

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it does not have niggers and will still exist in 100 years

>> No.15472195

not without nuclear energy it won't

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>no nig


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>Richard Lynn

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>"the calculations and norming techniques I used indicate that the average person from this nation that built this is less intelligent than a person with Down's syndrome?"
>"nah, they must be correct. I should publish this without further questions!"
I hate this nigger so Goddamn much it's unreal

>> No.15472099

Clearly the answer is that people from Nepal have a form of the bicameral mind instead of Ego/subconscious dynamics which makes it difficult for them to exert mental effort on their own

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Those buildings where built by the Chinese.

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no nigger, it's just Lynn being a fucking retard. No fucking IQ survey of a nation has ever scored less than 60 for normal people.
Sundberg & Ballinger, 1968 put the IQ of 807 children aged 4 and 16 at 79 in a Draw a Man test. Not in any way impressive, but surely it's a mile away from an IQ vegetables have.
Do you even have the slightest idea how low 40 IQ is?

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Goddamn. I'm at a loss for words after seeing this wewuzzim/theywasn't . Goddamn.

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The original reason given for Autism was 'refrigerator mothers', basically neglectful mothers. The symptoms of maternal deprivation and Autism are basically the same. I'm wondering if the original reason was actually correct.


It's possible that their poor emotional ability is due to long term maternal neglect. Perhaps the high IQ autist, is actually a high IQ man with emotional trauma. Are there any cases of low IQ parents having a high IQ autistic kid?

Quote from the refrigerator mother Wikipedia page

>According to Peter Breggin's 1991 book Toxic Psychiatry, the psychogenic theory of autism was abandoned because of political pressure from parents' organizations, not for scientific reasons. For example, some case reports have shown that profound institutional privation can result in quasi-autistic symptoms.[17] Clinician Frances Tustin devoted her life to the theory. She wrote:
>One must note that autism is one of a number of children's neurological disorders of psychogenic nature, i.e., caused by abusive and traumatic treatment of infants. ...There is persistent denial by American society of the causes of damage to millions of children who are thus traumatized and brain damaged as a consequence of cruel treatment by parents who are otherwise too busy to love and care for their babies.

Psychiatry is not immune to political pressure. If Autism is real, then it should be detectable in the genes and fMRI brain scans. Autism brain scans reveal minor differences which could be due to trauma rather than anything genetic.

That's a video on identical twins where only one has Autism. How is this possible if it's purely genetic? One of the twins should have higher amount of environmental toxins in the blood, if that is indeed the cause as some speculate, but that also has never been proven.

What are your thoughts /sci/?

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If autism was something that developed during childhood as opposed to pre-birth than it wouldn't have a distinctive "look" or set of facial features attached to it. By necessity it's either genetic like downs or caused in the womb like FAS

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Look? Sorry, I'm still learning about it, but Autistic people normal no? And /pol/ has the high IQ Autist meme, what facial changes are there? I've never seen this discussed before.

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>ywn have an autistic 4 year old girl nibble on your chest hair and unbutton all of your clothes.

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>The original reason given for Autism was 'refrigerator mothers', basically neglectful mothers
That's like saying the cause of blue eyes is a blue-eyed caregiver. 'Refrigerator mothers' would themselves qualify as autistic under present diagnostic criteria.

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