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according to science or dynamics, how does dance,walk,run,gaits works/happens in the 3d space

that or, any physically functioning movement that can happen in the realistic, kinematic world

like in a single diagram or the same screen of the actions, how would the physics that happens in/on it be described either through two dimensional arcs or three dimensional vectors, projected onto a two dimensional space

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I recently read a salon.com article claiming that Riemann left a few non-trivial zeroes in his pocket while he wrote his work with the prime counting function and his review of Euler's work with the zeta function. Any opinions on what this could mean for analysis?

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learning implies something that has free will or at least consciousness. What would be a more accurate term to use? How about machine realizing?


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Last week I had a horrible hangover that left my head spinning for most of the next day after drinking half a bottle of vodka.
Yesterday I drank a bottle of whiskey and a few glasses of vodka and I didnt get much of a hangover at all I feel just like how id feel if I had not drunk yesterday at all.
How comes its so different every time?

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you sure do seem to like talking about yourself on social media

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seems so huh?
If you dont like it make your own site

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Adriene and Marie are both squares yet there exist no primes between them. What's the issue?

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fundamentally, what's the difference between naked woman on the screen vs naked one in real life? Yet our brain seems to suffer all negatives from porn addiction

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The physical touch and intimacy, build up, and physical effort of intercourse.
When sex is always available, you're still going to want to do other things. It's not a quick bathroom break beatoff.

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Everything about that troll response was /b/ level dipshittery

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Sure, but when you don't get sex often but porn is always available, you'll turn to porn more often than you should.

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if you wank well, it's psychologically like sex.
learn to wank better.

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Cooming increases your heart rate with no exercsion its a stressor
Sexooo is real excersion and heart rate increase is natural cardio

Furthermore prone cooming makes your dick weak

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I'm planning to get a degree and quite possibly a degree in statistics. I've always been pretty bad at math but I can put basic equations together or at least get the main idea for this somewhat. What's the path here? what should I study? What jobs can I take with this?

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True dat. I have a pure maths degree and I'm still fighting to find a job that doesn't involve running a kitchen full of dipshits.

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I've currently been accepted to university as a psychologist but I know for a fact that would not get me anywhere so I want a degree in mathematics. I'm dogshit at it but I'm somewhat good at organizing. Just not studying. I may suck at rudimentary algebra, but I want to find a way to master mathmatics and quite possibly make a career out of it.

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Getting a maths degree isn't about being inherently good at maths. I fucking sucked at math until 2 or so years before I pursued my degree and then I mysteriously became a model student. Maybe you won't be the next Euler or Gauss, who knows, but at it's bare-bones basics learning maths is about effort, plain and simple. You have to be willing to study and practice a lot. I met some real idiots that graduated while going through my degree and that's what kept them afloat. Now of course talent and whatnot becomes important if you settle on a concentration and go for a PhD in any form of math, but as far as an undergrad foundation to work.up to a stats program it's all about hard work.

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>Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

>If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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sorry, I'm a newfag on this board. I've just been on the other sites up until now

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Does 4chan lower your attention span, iq, mood etc...? If so how harmful would you say its effects are?

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no if anything it raises it

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semi harmful, just an angry place mostly of your average autists but those anons that are just the worst of the worst most pathetic individuals and you get pulled into their thoughts for a moment and start thinking them yourself if you're not careful
but there's always novel ideas and actually funny shit relative to say reddit which is a depressing cringe soul sucking grey compared to the homo rainbow tapestry of stuff to read here
7/10 harmful
with psychological filtering or actual filtering maybe like 6

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Definitely. The rest I think not.

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If we were to somehow develop a hormonal concoction that wouldn't skew the natural ratios and hormonal balance of the subject, and deliver this formulation shortly post-birth until death, what would happen? Also, I don't mean some unrealistic increase, I simply mean levels that fall within the high-range.

Generally, when someone intakes an exogenous hormone, it creates a cascade effect and destabilizes the overall hormonal system in some way and creates imbalances.

But what if we're to maintain this balance and simply increase all hormones?

I understand there's a large difference between the pre and post pubertal hormonal environment, so assuming we accurately mimic both.

And out of curiosity, can we replace the "old balance" with this new balance if we were to sustain it long enough?

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$10 million dollars or the chance to wait this table?

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I would wait the table with a mac-10 hidden under the cloth like in scarface or some shit like

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Give me my $10 million.

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hell, i'd take 1 million

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I'd pay 10 million to erase everyone at that table if I had it

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What can iuse to calculate the exact spacing between poses and keyframes/poses
like how the skateboard flips and the model jumps, like how much distance is correct and its orientations it does around the frame and such

or anykinds of motions like walks,gaits, or dances

basically the right X amount of distance/value to do (for the limbs) based on the motion

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wait, wrong gif

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Whats going to happen to JWST and the rest of the big government science escapades during the government shutdown? Are they just going to turn it off and stop working? Or are they going to continue burning cash like nothing happened?

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What existed before the Big Bang?

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Simple harmonic oscillators

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A literal singularity than then fragmented into the multitudes you see today

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My cock and balls. After edging for a timeless eternity, I finally couldn’t take the blue balling anymore and splooged the universe into being.

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do you look like a scientist?

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Is she trying to discourage children from becoming scientists?

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white is a color, and they're not even white, they're pink.

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Quantum immortality says you are immortal since your consciousness will just persist in the few unlikely universes where you survive incidents. However, you can apply this line of thought to things like getting knocked out and anaesthesia too. Anaesthesia can sometimes fail, so if you have had surgery before then your consciousness should have transferred to that 1 in 1000 universe where anaesthesia awareness occurred. Since I have been under anaesthesia before and experienced nothing, I am not immortal. Quantum immortality is a reddit-tier hypothesis

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I will accept your proof if you prove that you're a conscious observer.

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What was even the fucking basis for that theory lmfao. Other than "hurr durr quantum mechanics". Like I get matter/energy cannot be created or destroyed, just changing in forms. But consciousness/sentience? We don't even know where it is in your brain, or when it starts for increasingly intelligent species.

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Also we can refute the idea that if the universe is infinitely cyclic, that you are guaranteed to exist again.

Infinities can be sets of completely unique non-repeating entities, like numbers for example

Your best chance is preserving your remains in such a way that people in the future can revive (or clone) you. Who would be surprised if we cloned king tut once we have the technology?

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I would think reviving anyone who's brain isn't at least preserved is impossible. Like they are GONE, the matter that made up their neurons are disconnected. For King Tut his brain was removed during the mummification process (because they thought the brain was not important).

Though another interesting thought experiment, if there is a neural electronic interface, where the electronics act identically to neurons. If you replace every neuron in your brain slowly, such that your neurons still fire in the same way up until all your neurons are gone. Is the 100% electronic brain still you?

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is goyslop good for you?

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"Not always" is such a weasel statement that it's completely useless.

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it's not always useless

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fucken stouffers makes a mean meatloaf n mashed taters

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Notice how they still have no explanation as to how ultra processed foods cause cancer.

They have no idea what mechanism each cancer causing molecule uses.

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Assuming the dads are the exact same with steroids being the only variable

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Why not?

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Steroids don’t modify sperm on their own.

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Ah, Lamarckian evolution. What a throwback

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there are no natty lifters

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It doesn't change genes, it can only enable/disable them.

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Why do mathematicians tend to be more theistic/spiritual than scientists who aren't also mathematicians?

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Religion isn't falsifiable, so it's not science. 'imple as.

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Because mathematicians have a tendency to believe stuff they made up is true.

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I cannot answer why, but I fixed my plumbing issue today by defeating the demons messing with my pipes... Now, back to mathematics.
Maybe the good ones, but the run of the mill grad who sits on HN wasting his day writing JS is almost always militantly atheist and only really worships Science™

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Because not all mathematicians accept the principle of excluded middle

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Because modern math is imaginary schizobabble about 20-dimensional hyperoctagons

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How did the guy from limitless make himself wean off the drug while functioning at the same capacity scientifically speaking?

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He didn't. Watch the fucking movie

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it doesn't really work like in the movies. you need knowledge and good reality models. drugs can only give you maybe extra ability, but you will be the same chimp just that more able. you're still not going to learn.
this is retarded fantasy. the "push the button and do it for me" in a way that's not really possible.

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people who are unable to figure out that movies and irl are two different things have IQs below 95

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He added triple parentheses to his legal name and started wearing a big plastic nose