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What's /sci/'s opinion on Jacque Fresco?

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>first day at uni
>Professor spends the first 40 minutes of lecture complaining about Trump

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What shit tier class was this? Also don't expect the first week to have anything useful, don't expect year 1 to be any more than highschool 2.0 unless you actually attend a good university with good programs

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maybe you should have thought about that before you entered the women's studies program at femlib university you dumb shitposter.

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Who else here /mathematicalplatonist/?

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Okay /sci/

I have a little problem for you.

>You have a Chessboard with squares having 3 inches height and width
>You have a round coin with 2 inches diameter
>You throw the coin. Each time it lands without touching the edge of a square you gain 90cent. Otherwise you lose 10

Would you throw the coin?

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If it touches multiple edges does it stack? (4 edges, 40c) If so no. If no, yes I do throw

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Calculate the safe are
Calculate the not-safe area
If sa > n-sa you toss the coin

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But payback in 9x the loss so you can still get a good return even if the safe area is small, it would just be more work to calculate what that limit is

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Expected value is positive, which is probably what your homework expects you to say.

lol how is the Riemann hypothesis even hard dude just figure out where the zeroes are

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I don't bother because winning 90 cents is not worth bothering with.

Now I DO buy lottery tickets from time to time. The odds are, og course, terrible -- but what I put at risk, I'll never miss, and if I DO happen to win it'll be life-changing.

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Matter > energy

Prove me wrong

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Matter IS energy, though.

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Delete this.

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hi guys, I need some engineering help for this thing I am tinkering on.

I would like to be able to turn a shaft via a motor in a sealed vessel at 15 psi.

What is the most common or simplest way to accomplish this?

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Are these healthy in terms of sugar content? It seems like a lot, but I asked them about it and they said they don't add any sugar. It's just the natural sugar from the fruits. But it still seems like a lot.

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It's all relative to your needs. The biggest issue with these kinds of things is not that they are inherently unhealthy, but that people discount them as being so healthy that they've earned the right to make other unhealthy choices as if this somehow balances out as neutral.

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I get that, but I'm saying is it healthy to drink? The sugar content is high, but since it's natural fruit sugar, does that make it ok despite it being 64 grams? Or should I avoid it?
So you're saying I should probably avoid it?

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I think it might help if we go back to the core reason why sugars are considered unhealthy.

They make you fat because of high calories, they rot your teeth, and they can cause diabetes. Fruit smoothies can do all of those things just as easily with it's "natural" sugar as a coke can with it's added sugar

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my point is that there's no difference. Sugar is sugar is sugar. Sure there are some slight differences between fructose and sucrose but they're pretty much indistinguishable in your body.

A healthy diet can contain sugars but just be aware that these fruit smoothies are pretty much the same thing as a milkshake

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>The sugar content is high, but since it's natural fruit sugar, does that make it ok
No, fruit is okay because it's packed with so much stuff that your body needs to break down, which is not the case in smoothies or fruit juice.
Even then, fruit isn't all that healthy: it's got lots of nutrients, but it's so sweet that its consumption should be somewhat limited.

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Are we gonna be alright in the end /sci/?

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Top 5 reasons we are not going to be alright:
1: Climate change 2: Peak oil 3: getting close to super intelligent AI 4: Interstellar travel will never be feasable, so humanity will be stuck on this rock forever 5: tfw no gf

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i do not give a shit, i would be pleased if either people survive or AI. complete desolation would be meh but thats probably it. thats science for you brahs xddddddddddddddddd

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I will

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no boomers, AI, climate change, degenerates, etc.

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can't prove a negative

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Would an emp powered by a 9v battery be powerful enough to fry a smartphone or is that question too ambiguous because it all comes down to capacitors? If that's so.. theoretically using all the energy in the battery in one hit would it then be powerful enough to fry a smartphone?

I'm wondering because I built a very small 9v powered EMP generator which is triggered by a phone call through a 3.5mm jack. I don't want to test it because I'm not sure. I assume the tiny difference in amps through the CPU would instantly kill it right?

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I want her to give me a hairjob so bad

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No lewding squiddy.

If it helps I used a 1000V 150uF capacitor and a 1000KV inverter.

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Ok I had this idea from an intense trip. These were my teen years and I don't do drugs anymore. I was sitting and I closed my eyes and I woke up in a Cylinder like computer thing it felt like it was alive and it looked like it had all these networks and codes as well numbers. The lights were a mix of blue, violet, purple and green or orange. The top of the Cylinder was blue spiral of electricity and the bottom was maybe a gray spiral of electricity. It then showed stars and galaxies. All around the cylinder and it kept changing ffrom computer to space and I felt like my head was at the centre. I also heard electrical noises and a strange alien voice then the trip got really bad and I felt like I was at the centre of it all and that I was like a god and my emotions would affect the cylinder..........

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>> /x/

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For newcomers this is a thread welcome for everyone in the medical field - docs, dentists, med students, nurses, EMTs etc. Antivaccine and pseudoscience shilling is prohibited.
Interesting stories, cases and article discussions are encouraged.

Thread question to spur discussion :

In what types of cases do you wish you had old radiological studies and what kind?
How would medicine change if there were high resolution MR or CT images of (most) patients from before they got sick?

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the american healthcare system was designed to wring as much money as possible from insurance companies. Any other side effects, like curing the patient, are just incidental.

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I find it hard to believe actual MDs use 4chan. Maybe med students but even then, doubtful.

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but if yall arent fakes curious about your alma mater lol

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Believe it, the future is now, soon enough as this generation ages, no matter how many NEETs and incels that includes, they will take over political offices and government jobs, much the same way memes became mainstream because 12 year olds started to grow up

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whered you attend med school

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>Hover bikes constantly teased in futurism news articles and websites
>Made to look like a hard and rigorous process to create
>Almost no progress so far
>A European engineer does it for a fucking YouTube channel
Why are so many engineers retarded? There’s absolutely no excuse

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1. No demand. No, nerds who watched to much scifi are not a market
2. Dangerous to other people when used in populated areas. No way they will be allowed near cities or villages, we do not even allow drones over a certain size in cities because they can kill people if they crash or lose parts.

Same reasons why we do not have flying cars: It's not that we can't have them, we just don't need them.

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It's the basis for ion engines which NASA uses in space. They aren't really usable in atmosphere due to the lack of a suitable power source.




First of all it's hard to know exactly how efficient nuclear would be since attempts to examine this in depth were ended in the mid-70s. Secondly the raw power density of uranium is greater than jet fuel, giving a theoretically larger electrical power source which could drive turbines or propellers (or ion engines) at higher speeds than their fossil fuel counterparts.

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We don't have flying cars because there's no place to park them since getting a legal urban helipad built is a massive bitch and requires a lot of paperwork. The FAA's stringent pilot licensing program (including mandatory health checks) does not help. If getting a helicopter license only cost $100 and could be done in a few weekends, more people would get one.

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>getting my hopes up with shitty ion wind lifters

I thought there was an actual development in that field or some shit.

Maybe one day we can brute force it.

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It barely does anything simply because there's not enough power or power density to lift enough weight or produce enough force to properly maneuver in the ways needed for it to be useful. This is because it is horrifically inefficient in its design. Why? Because people want a "hoverbike" design for some tarded reason.

>Same reasons why we do not have flying cars

We have them. They are called, "helicopters," and, "aeroplanes".

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Please explain this. Did he hit a kidney stone and go into shock or something?

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if he reached his balls he probably hit pee
pee is stored in the balls after all

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Sounds like he hit the urethral sphincter

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For e.g.
If there's a giant penis gene that only gets passed down from father to son and if there's a daughter the gene isn't passed down.

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>he doesn't know his dad's penis size
what a fag

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I actually am
t. gay bottom

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> trans women
Just because your dick gets chopped off, that doesn't make you genetically a woman.

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My dad had a giant dick but mine's 5.5"-6"
go figure

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Then you're just baiting, go kiss your daddy, mrs. XY

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I'm wondering if there is a way to speed up our evolution to evolve into better beings. Could CRISPR be an option? What else do you think would make humans advance more?

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>March of Progress
Just stop please.

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Wireless selfie sticks

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Preface: As /sci/ hopefully has realized by now, no antidepressant (SSRI, SNRI, TCA) works as serotonin is most likely not the culprit for depression. Instead, there is evidence for NMDA antagonists efficacy which implies that for instance ketamine and psilocybin are very effective treatments for depression which has been proven in small studies.

I am not a drinker but about a couple of weeks ago I got drunk. During the following week my depressive symptoms were greatly reduced and so my motivation and "grit" returned back to it's normal state. The profile of my symptoms was very similar to that of the pic(ketamine) in this post. Unfortunately, my depression has returned but I am considering drinking again if it reduces my depression.

Is there any scientific explanation for the alcohol as a treatment?

From my understanding ethanol fucks with NMDA but I have no further understanding of the subject.

Could it have all been a coincidence?

Inb4 just drink again and see if it helps. I am from a religious (mooselim family) so I have to really go out of my way and take a certain amount of risk to be able to drink.

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Were you doing anything while drinking?
Where were you drinking? at a party? With a friend? Alone?
How much did you drink? Just a buzz, or did you get pissed? Somewhere in between?
What was your depressive state before drinking, compared to days after when the depression returned? Better? Worse?
Are you inclined to drink more to numb the pain? (This can very easily lead to alcoholism as your body develops a tolerance to it.)

Everyone knows about alcohol. It doesn't make you feel better, it just makes you feel nothing.

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>Were you doing anything while drinking?
I was just chilling with a friend and watching TV in my relatives small apartment.

>How much did you drink?

Quite a lot(dangerous to stand without concentration), a beer more would've been too much and unenjoyable.

>What was your depressive state before drinking compared to days after when the depression returned?

Before drinking I was at 3/10 (lower=worse). The week and a half following I was at a steady 8.5/10. Now I am at a stable 3.5-4/10 so slightly better than before drinking but only slightly.

>Are you more inclined to drink more to numb the pain?


>Everybody knows about alcohol. It doesn't make you feel better, it just makes you feel nothing.

Going to strongly disagree on that one. I'm not 100% that the alcohol eleviated my depression but assuming it did this is what happened in more detail.

Pre: No interests, no enthusiasm, extremely low drive, bad sleep, social isolation, extreme apathy with the only prevalant feeling is ocassional (1-3 times a week) emptiness.

After: Enthusiasm, started to work out again, started studying, much less apathy, feeling of wanting to talk to friends again, return of interests. A sense of ability to feel and care.

Appreciate your contribution to the discussion Anon.

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Not OP but I have a bad habit of taking my work home with me every night unless I have something to drink and I'm really trying to avoid drinking daily but the benefits are excellent and I'm still able to have enough self control that I don't get fucked every night, 3 drinks max. A couple years ago I got fit because lots of people say the exercise helps you drink less but all I found is I still want to drink but also I'm in shape now, so I guess that's a plus, but it didn't really help. Now that I'm in grad school my anxiety is getting worse because I'm in a good lab that publishes a lot and I'm under pressure to get results. Was good for awhile, two pubs, but my current projects I don't even enjoy anymore so it's making it more difficult.

>> No.9941286

In that case, so long as you enjoy it responsibly and in moderation, there's nothing wrong with it.

I will suggest that, if you do start drinking regularly, take time off once in a while, both to avoid becoming dependent and to see how it's affecting you over the long run. If you barely feel different abstaining, you're good. If life becomes absolutely horrible without it, that's a problem. As bad as you think depression is (from one who knows), alcoholism is far, FAR worse.

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Thank you again for the participation as this is very helpful for me.

If I do start drinking I'll probably only need(assuming the same length of efficacy) to drink once a week or even once every two weeks but I am still concerned with the health effects as I am still young.

With that being said the effects of depression are far worse than the effects of occasionally drinks from an academic stand point which is critical to me this year.

Do you think there is any scientific reason for this happening or if this is only coincidental? As I said before, I know ethanol fucks with NMDA but not sure how.

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does light behave similar to sound where when the point of origin is moving in a direction, the sound overlaps a small amount and is amplified?
like when a car approaches at speed it is very loud but when it passes by it is suddenly quieter and drones away as it gets out of earshot

>1 watt lightbulb
>travelling at light speed
>travels for 1000 seconds then suddenly stops
would this create sudden effect of a 1000 watt lightbulb because the light overlapped?

if that were possible could you also move a mirror towards a lightsource then amplify the lumen reading?
what about a tv showing kung pow, if you showed the entirety of the movie, but had the tv travelling at light speed, what would those ahead of the tv see once the tv stopped?
or a strobe light?

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Play this game and see for yourself


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Light doesn't have a speed.

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You don't have a brain.

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I know I am but what am are you?

>> No.9941392

>A rate of induction is a speed
fucking cranks

Sound doesn't "move" it creates perturbations what's already there. There is no "wave" aspect to a sound "wave", it's compressions and rarefactions.

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How can I sleep four hours a day and function properly? I end up sleeping 10~12 hours if I don't use alarms.

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there's some possibility it's genetic
that said sleep apnea/discomfort can make sleep more fitful so you need more of it
you can try exercise
jerking off or eating too much seems to make you sleep more too
chronic sleep deprivation will just make you stupid, speaking from personal experience

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it's genetic; my biological clock has 4-5 hours of sleepy time and I haven't done anything to induce that

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>I end up sleeping 10~12 hours if I don't use alarms.
You have scurvy.

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I've always been like this though.

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> I've always been like this though.
You've always had scurvy. Eat a piece of fruit once in a while, you fat fuck.

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