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If /sci/ is so smart, then what is 1+1? Serious answers only.

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1 + 1 = 0++ + 1 = (0 + 1)++ = 1++ = 2

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>forced to attend university
>literally do nothing
>do not submit any assignments, labs, or even the final exams
>get put on academic probation for "1 study session"
>considered a "non-genuine student"
>pay $0 since university education is free here
>continue to collect welfare because autism
>still live in my apartment, all alone
>don't have to pay for an apartment either because autism

Should I go back to university in a year or become a full-time NEET? There isn't much at stake here anyway.

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>force citizens to pay taxes so that university is free
>get a ton of retards like this that just waste space and resources and never take it seriously
>everyone still have to pay for it
Socialism works

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idk man but I'm the same way, if I went to school there's no fucking way I'm going to write essays. tests are fine but I'm not putting in anymore effort than that

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Healthcare is also free and prescription medication is basically free. You can tax yourself into prosperity if you do it right.

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Hey /sci/, I'm auditing a linear algebra course on edX so that I can get the gist of linear algebra. However, I want to further my knowledge in a short amount of time. Because edX sucks to audit, it's not enough to learn from them, so I need to use open courseware from someplace like MIT or Stanford or Harvard, but I need to pick one good for me.
I'm learning linear algebra so that I'm not the weak link in a senior CS project this fall semester.
What do you recommend? I could also just read a linear algebra book, but I need personal verification of my knowledge. The big issue is that I don't know the right problems to test my own knowledge, so I'm hoping open course ware can tell me.

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Why is it impossible to change one's sexual orientation?

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Worms and waves to the brain

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mum doesn't understand sacred geometry

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>Mum doesn't understand Enochian Monad Theory

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Beat her until she understands it.

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>are ya winning son

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Scientifically speaking: when does a human life begin?

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It never began. Welcome to the matrix.

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When it is alive, and when it is human. Therefore it is at conception.

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Once the organism is self-sustaining

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You haven't left your mom's basement and yet here you are, human and alive

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Doesn't matter. No child asked to be born. You're forcing children to live a life they never asked for, just to stoke your ego over how many imaginary 'good-boy point' you'll receive.

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It's been literally a decade since I've taken any sort of math-related classes and I want to get back into it. The last class I took was a calculus class in my freshman year of college, but I feel like I'd need a review of Algebra to really get back in the game.

Where do I even begin?

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Couldn’t the replication crisis easily be avoided by just making replication a necessity before publishing? Seems like a very basic and obvious thing to do

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>by just making replication a necessity before publishing

Some 'experiments' take YEARS to do, so replication is difficult.

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So? It’s a necessity for the experiment to even really mean anything. Who cares if it’s easier to publish it before hand if you can’t replicate it

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No, for people to take seriously the results of an experiment it is often necessary to dress it up, do a little dance, pump out some LaTeX, get it approved by the big nigger editors whose name means something to the other researchers, only then will they bother with replicating your results. You are assuming wrongly: infinite time and resources to perform experiments; infinite talent to design and carry out experiments (might need to be modified to test for inconsistencies in the design of the original experiments); infinite interest and volition on the part of other researchers. Ideally we would have people that are very strong in statistics, experimental design, self-reflecting, and careful enough to check their own logic before even undertaking stupid experiments but that is a deeper problem in the matriculation of talent into the science.

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Exceptions are not rules

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If you follow metascience extensively, well, there are a lot of ongoing arguments vis a vi the extent or quality and character of low replications.

A favorite of mine on this topic is "Why most psychological research findings are not even wrong" by Anne M. Scheel https://psyarxiv.com/8w2sd/

The replication crisis so-called is very poorly understood by laypeople in my experience, and is often just tossed around to act as a slur or dismiss evidence. Meanwhile the discussion among scientists has been quite extensive, because quite a lot of interpretations can have equally likely alternatives as to their causes or results.

The sub-components are more interesting, frankly, than the overall vague narratives people construct. Such as the unwillingness of journals to publish replications, including null findings, and the perverse incentive structure in academia against checking work. This has gotten better, but has leagues to go because journals have all incentive in the world to not publish null or replication findings. Scientists have increasingly taken to journals devoted to metascience and replication, and self-publication or publication through university.

In effect, academic journals are losing their power. As newer generations move in, fewer and fewer people will give any shits about a journal that perversely protects its reputation by refusing to investigate prior publication. This, more than fraud or anything else, remains the big inflexible issue. Boomers in charge care about journals that don't care about truth, and they need to fucking die or retire already.

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How does one become more intelligent?
(Please no silly responses)

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think more often and more precisely

read about the philosophy of thought to get more exact goals

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> I don't sleep the recommended amount of time or have a good diet.
its propably this. i just smoke ciggies and drink coffe when i cant focus.

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I don't think that'd make satisfactory changes though, and I'm unable to cope with my biological constraints

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>I don't think that'd make satisfactory changes though
then dont but dont complain you cant focus and are tired all the time. I like pretty much everyone else also struggle with this but im blaming only myself and i have learned that its not coping its a fact and i have to accept it that i have a monkey brain and i will forever have to fight it. It never really gets easier to focus and work you just get used to working tired.

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:-( well thank you for your time everyone

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Is it similar to cancer in how it has so many different attributes and varieties of progression?

OR is it more that the actual mechanism of which it develops is too complex for our current scientific understanding to grasp?

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A world of peace?
A world of knowledge?
A world free from disease?
A world free from Earth's gravity?
A world safe from misaligned AGI?

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A world where modern industrialism is replaced by the infinite efficiency of God's own toolset: biology.

I want a world of biomaterials, regenerative medacine, bioremediation, synthetic biology and even the weirder stuff like biovoltaics (read: not just biophotovoltaics) and quantum biology.

Just as receiving a kidney transplant is better for a patient than being on a dialysis machine, I believe biological solutions have the potential to be so much better for us than the mechanical solutions we have now.

Right now I'm just a failing community college kid though so I pretty much suck.

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The fight is within ourselves.

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A world without other people.

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a world where people who think they're fighting for something by talking about it on the internet grow up and do something productive instead

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a world where people are free to love but not to hate. We arleady have enough hate on this blue ball we only need some love and joy now !

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What's the deal with scientific ethics? I get not experimenting on humans, but apparently every rat that gets used for experiments can't feel any pain so no experiments that might result in pain are allowed. And then the rat has to get gently and individually gas chambered at the end of the experiment instead of just quickly killed?

What's the point? The rats would be brutally killed by predators IRL anyway, so why do we have to treat them better than we treat fellow humans? Seems like a massive ball and chain holding back progress.

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>What's the point? The rats would be brutally killed by predators IRL anyway, so why do we have to treat them better than we treat fellow humans? Seems like a massive ball and chain holding back progress.

this pretty much sums up why animal rights are retarded
millions of animals die every day just so that other animal can have its daily meal
their lives may be considered ridiculous, or whatever. the thing is, i don't care about their suffering.

furthermore, animals don't care about you. they have no empathy. they are like automata. being kind to them is absurd.

and what I hate even more is when leftoids ascribe human feelings to animals and interpret their gestures as that of human.
>awww look at cute axolotl smiling!!! and muh pupperino's also be smiling!!! what a wonderful little creature!!
clearly, they are subconsciously confounding animals with human babies. needless to say, that's retarded.

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Death by gas chamber isnt a good death at all but likely the worst death a mammal can have. This is because they use CO2. It just looks clean but feels horrible. Some lab technicians also just break the rats spine for a "quick" death and of course they mess that up.

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There are no ethics. If 2020-2022 "trust the science" didn't teach you that, then you must be hopeless.

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i guess they use CO2 because nitrogen is more dangerous to work with, precisely because you can't tell you are being killed with inert gas suffocation.
i've seen abatoirs that do the same with CO2 the pigs don't like it.

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It feels like drowning.

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I have found perovskites in my body.
Microscope image is at 400x (5x-80x)
Has anybody ever heard of this?
I have been going through something odd, and it seems every time I view these things through the microscrope they start to 'build' toward it, that is, whatever is constructing and using the perovskites...

I need to rid my body of this and all I know is that there is something using perovskites within my body.
I figure, if I can disable or neutralize the perovskites I might solve my problem.
I figure these perovskites are hybrid lead-tin methylammonium halides.
Can anybody tell me how to flush these from my body, or disable them in some way??

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or this one

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that is an optical microscope image. There's not even a scale bar! I don't see any XRF data or any way you might infer elemental composition. XRF data or GTFO!

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Just wait when you find out what lives inside your guts, lungs and brain.

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How are you able to determine not only the crystal structure of a seemingly amorphous mass, but also the chemical composition of said mass from a blurry photo?

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That's not blurry photos. It's screenshots from a 25 min video recording. How are you able to underestimate the power of schizophrenia?

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>FSD: confirmed scam
>Solar tiles: confirmed scam, negative ROI
>Mars rocket: crashing and burning as we speak
>Tranny kid: checked. That's what you get for scamming people left and right


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Science and math?

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Are there any good science journals to subscribe to? Or are they all just mired in political dogma now?

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Imagine subscribing to a science journal in the year of our lord MMXXII instead of using sci-hub.

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I don't know what that is.

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30 years ago someone who said this was 100% an intersectionalist feminist, now it's 50/50 an intersectionalist feminist or a chud lmao

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Pure mathematicians or physicists, who's smarter?

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Are pure mathematicians unprepared to strictly keep in mind realities various rules and physicalities when going off into the infinite fantasy realm of pure numerality?

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different kinds of smart

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Only true answer.

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The Physicists score higher on the GRE than the mathematicians and appear to lead the way for Mathematical research quite often. Mathematicians also seem perfectly incapable of handling rigorous hardcore physical reasoning while physicists usually can by hook and by crook figure out the abstract math in spite of their lack of training from a young age in the techniques of formalized mathematical proofs. My gut feeling is that the physicists are slightly more intelligent and significantly more adaptable than the Mathematicians.

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Great thread, it serves as a litmus test to see how many shit kicking undergrads who havent made it past cal 1 there are on this bboard.

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i reached a new level of loneliness, my brain just passes the whole day daydreaming about conversations with people that i never talked to. i don't remember the last time i felt a affection-induced oxytocin rush

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>rejects irl contact
>rejects online contact
>I'm so lonely!
Cool blogpost bro.

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I ignore them and avoid any sexual stumulus, then in 2-3 weeks time if it cannot be ignored anymore I fap.

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Get a lot of this anon

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>Spends all day daydreaming
Inattentive ADHD. See a psychiatrist for cognitive testing to rule out and/or treat possible depression or other issues.

>> No.14599819

>my brain just passes the whole day daydreaming
Your consciousness does that, not your brain.

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What happens when you dedicate your entire life and brain power to the study of a completely pseudoscientific theory like string theory? What's next for your career?

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The physical world is virtual. When your try to shoehorn the data into a materialist worldview, you get kooky shit like many worlds and string theory.

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>if you kill all human foeti no more humans are born
>but foeti aren't human and abortion isn't murder
If they aren't human what are they?

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You need to extract the cells before you can do any of that. Therefore extraction is the first step.

>> No.14599874

of course it's a losing battle, if you don't try

>> No.14599881

i'll agree to disagree with you on that.

>> No.14599897

You just admitted zygotes themselves aren't humans until they're in a womb. I'll take it as a win.
>one you start the process to making a clone then yes, the cell involved should have the same rights as anyone else.
>the first step in cloning is actively providing the cell with an environment to mature...

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no, your analogy is closer to a guy whipping his dick out and and demanding to make some babies

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