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What if the world was run by scientists? Would it be a better world?

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Dumb masses being stupid is not an excuse.

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Lockdown wasn't based on science, it was based on politicians who didn't want to invest more money into emergency care

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we wont let you forget

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Fauci didn't do any science. He just parrots what he is told from the president's office

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Quick reminder: materialists are sophists not scientists

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No Mishap Required Edition

Previous - >>16230475


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best thread

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Sussy Spacewalk edition (spacewalk called off)

previous thread:

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No Mishap Required Edition

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deboonking the big bang rn

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Total BS. McCulloch never asserts QI is anything but part of an expanding universe after a hot big bang.
>Since under QI gravity is a gradient in Unruh scale
Not even Mike is crazy enough to claim he can explain gravity from QI.

The latter.

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fuck off gatekeeper

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>Complain via the feedback form.
Where can I file the form? Also fuck of bureaucrat

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Mike does actually explain gravity from QI and the uncertainty principle and asserts space does not bend, which necessarily means the universe cannot grow.

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Sabine just BTFO'd le "technological singularity" schizos
how will you guys recover or even respond

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>I wish we actually lived in the world Ashenbrenner thinks we live in. I can't wait for superhuman intelligence.
Is this woman mentally disabled or something?

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no she's just german*

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Our chud queen. After destroying the climate change narrative and defeating the trannies she now came for the singularity soibois.

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i kneel

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Write down your own ideas, or stuff regarding the things you're studying lately.

It would be nice to spice up scientifical discussions on sci. The only threads i've seen lately are about poltarded shit and /sfg/. Please give your contribution. Do it for the picklebread

If your idea gets many replies, create a thread for it.
Please keep this clear from poltarded shit.

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>I've also heard a lot that physics has been in stale for a long time
We just need a small loan to build a bigger particle collider. Then we can make new discoveries.

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A small billions loan :P
Have the studies conducted with the LHC reached an end?

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Bioelectric cat girls. It's been shown that cells respond to electrical fields and you can herd and drive cell development with them. You can get eyes and other organs to develop in different places. This cell sculpting has been proposed for generating new limbs, but there is a possibility of using the same techniques to make new ones. We could form cat ears this way. Fur, well you'd have to grow genetically modified hair follicles and transplant them. This approach may be expensive, but that's a good thing because it makes furry conversion too expensive for most people.

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Sexbot research project: find all the problems with why sexbots suck so we can make them better. The AI sucks the most, but there need to be advancements in matsci too

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I hope furries never get to be a real thing, but who know what money will be able to do in the future.
I don't know what i should think of sex bots man, at the actual stage they seem goofy to me (i may be biased because i watched an ironic video on yt about "the orifice") but it's kind of scary to think how impactful they will be in the future. Just imagine how they will change the dating world. People born after this technology will find it normal to use it and may even prefer it to normal women.

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Being the most common type of star in the galaxy, how do we know that red dwarfs aren't actually Dyson swarms?

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Polyester fiber "polar fleece"
>invented by Jews
>made from petroleum
>releases microplastics
>bad for your skin
>common in America
>melts to your skin if an ember touches it
>invented by Germans
>made from trees
>common in Europe
>that expensive bamboo stuff from gift shops is also rayon

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Cotton and linen are nice

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hello medcats. what does this all mean? What does each bar signify? Asking for a friend

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there are acronyms next to each number that you can google
hope this helps

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Top green line: Heart rhythm, most likely "Lead II"
Second green line: Heart rhythm, from a different angle.
Red line: ART (Arterial) is a pressure sensor inserted into an artery for real-time blood pressure readings
Purple Line: ICP (Intracranial Pressure) real time pressure sensor of the pressure in the brain
Thrid green line: same as the above two green lines, just a view of the heart rhythm
Blue line: Pleth - a waveform of blood flowing through the capillaries, typically used to verify a good reading for other numbers
Light blue line: CO2 - Carbon Dioxide levels in your breath as you exhale
Second light blue line - Resp (Respiratory) shows breathing patterns

Bottom purple numbers: Blood pressure from external cuff (MAP in parenthesis)
Right sided numbers:
Green HR - Heart Rate taken from EKG
Blue Pluse - Heart Rate taken from Pleth
Purple CPP - (Cerebral perfusion pressure) the pressure your blood has against the brain to deliver oxygen and other stuff.
Green Tskin - Body/skin temperature in Celsius
Red ART - real time blood pressure (MAP in parenthesis)
Purple ICP - numeral ICP reading
Light Blue IPI - a number from multiple other vitals based on breathing and oxygen in the body
Green QTc - a number that defines the adjusted "QT" time for the heart (EKG stuff)
Blue SpO2 - percentage of your red blood cells carrying oxygen
Green (Delta)QTc - the change in the QTc number over time
Light Blue etCO2 - Real time numeral value of the carbon dioxide you are breathing out
Green QT - non-adjusted QT interval
Light Blue RR - (Respiratory Rate) breaths per minute

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Even animals (especially their babies) that aren't domesticated or live very far away from where humans typically live, such as penguins, are cute and adorable to most humans. Even babies of animals which can be very dangerous to humans ( such as bears) are very cute. why?

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You have it backwards. There's no reason we find certain animal traits to be cute. To the contrary, baby animals have those traits because other animals find them cute. That's a survival thing.

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moderators and jannies are asleep edition.

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Jannies clean it up edition

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what does this all mean? Asking for a friend

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Slight hypertension, probably from being in a hospital, everything else looks golden. What you in for?

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btw your name is visible on the screen
it's not to late to delete this thread

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It's possible to have one with infinite planks.

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If you use springs

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And magnets
Im trans btw

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do you mean three seats or six?
either way any number of seats is possible

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does ethics still has a place in modern society and science? i think it does so let me explain.
there is 2 kinds of ethics:
>theoretical ethics
>applied ethics
the latter is applied to almost everything, including science.
examples of applied ethics:
>business ethics
>biomedical ethics
>medical ethics
>research ethics
and etc.
so, what do you guys think? does ethics still has a place in this modern world? or it no longer has a place.
>pic related is an oppenheimer meme about consequences (an important thing in ethics)

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Ethics have never applied to science. People are obsessed with being known for discovering something big. Always have been, always will be. They will not stop on the cusp of discovering anything, even if it means certain doom for the world.

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>having a perception of science this ass backward
i'm sorry to say this but science today is no longer what it used to back in 1900s where ethical standards and rules have not been established on science yet

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I'm a bit of a moron so please answer honestly:
Would it be feasible to simply shoot nuclear "waste" into the sun, or into space, once rockets become cheaper?
What would happen to the sun? Or will we find ways to recycle it?

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nothing would happen to the sun.

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Alright so it's the perfect solution. Just a matter of costs now.

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It's incredible expensive to send anything to the sun, the moon is a lot cheaper and just as safe.
The U.S. right now generates about 2,000 metric tons of spent fuel each year, I can't find the weight but it's probably doable launching a starship everyday (including refueling).
There is also a problem of public opinion, no one wants to risk contamination in case of a serious incident during liftoff.

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I see. But what if it became cheaper and cheaper...? What kind of prices are talking at the current level?
And could it be offset by selling surplus energy generated thanks to nuclear plants?
Honestly when SpaceX started I assumed the purpose was to shoot waste into space lol

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>AI makes his entire life and achievements irrelevant

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Source or shut the fuck up. AI is rapidly advancing and will do so exponentially once quantum supremacy is achieved

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This was posted a year ago before NVIDIA came out with blackwell chips

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>blackwell chips
The blackwell chips offer performance improvements and greater energy efficiency but it doesn't change the fundamental structure of science of AI.

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Those two things are unrelated. Quantum coprocessors won't be good at doing matrix multiplication.

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>pushed by the church
>pushed by the government
>pushed by public education
getting some red flags from this one guys

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Israeli jews push flat earth online
Talmudic model
OP either hasn't done 30 minutes reading or is a jew

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theres no one pushing it anon, it stays in orbit all by itself.

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What's going on? Is there a dimensional criminal activity? Am I printing anything?

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Space race