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>Literally Figurtively Objectively & Subjectively Blows Pseudoscience the fuck out in you're path

nothing personnel

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I ain't signing up for a spotify to watch that shit. Joe Rogan isn't relevant anymore.

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Can anyone explain the repugnant conclusion to me.
I don't get why it's supposed to be repugnant.

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Appeal to ethics is a cucking surrogate for a lack of power. If decision-makers rationalize whatever action benefits them the most then why would they care about a thought exercise that involves maximizing the total happiness of a population?

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materialism btfo

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Well (lack of) light is to do with particles, not atoms. So the correct statement is that everything is particles. Dreams are just electrical impulses. There, materialism wins again. It always wins.

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Science is still unable to measure shadows or dreams, so it's just another theory pushed as "settled science".

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Dreams and shadows are an illusion.

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Shadows still need material to form, you can't form shadows out of nothing. Dreams are neuro-electric phenomena ultimately. Imagine getting tongue-tied by a little girl's questions. Next.

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Will there ever be laser or plasma weapons?

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I need your best method to study, I have a crucial exam in less than one month and I'm behind in schedule. I need life-changing stuff

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Less become behind in schedule, ask for help,

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What's the subject?
In most cases, it's just the matter of doing problems, and compare it to the "model" solution. See what you miss/misunderstan/etc. Make a note. Refer back to it when you solve the next problems.
1. HWs
2. Quizzes
3. Mid-terms
4. Past exams (even from a different prof)
5. Past HWs, etc.
6. Textbook problems
7. Problem book

Also stop shitposting on 4chan. Easy way to get permabanned is to make a post admitting you're underage. I did it on /fit/. I made a post like "I'm 12, how to get swole like picrel?"

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Best study strategy:
Go to class and learn material
When you don't understand something, go ask or put in the effort to understand it
When it comes time for a test, you'll already know the material

Sounds like you have enough time to put in the effort to understand the specific things you don't know. Go ask targeted questions

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download Anki

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I want to fuck Sabine in her shitpipe until she becomes butt-preggers (has diarrhoea).

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get a grip

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Do animals rape each other?

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The pajeet of birds

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>each other
that's not how rape works

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Videos like this are misleading. It's normal behaviour for a male duck to bite a female's duck neck feathers during sex. The main problem here is too many at once but it looks more violent than it is.

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>it looks more violent than it is.

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Do you actually hurt your gf when you pull her hair?

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Scientifically speaking why don't we have an internet of all things already? Like sensors and camaras on every tree, bird's nest, spider web, all over the ocean's floor and in every cave. Like experiments with millions of flowers and bees and batches of micro-organisms each one growing in slightly different circumstances. Like fully automated and autonomous factories running these experiments for multiple lifetimes.

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What was this machine designed to do exactly?

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it turns little black balls into potato knishes

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it opens a portal to ay lmaos
ive wseen the documnets

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It's a machine that turns mummies into older mummies

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and opens a portal to ayy lmaos

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Survive the sands bruh?

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Why do scientists brazenly maintain this antiquated model of Earth's core?

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Cause it looks like a jawbreaker and those are delicious.

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its an approximation, like bohr's atom. It isnt wrong, just not precise

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Hollow earth is such fascinating theory - a whole new world, ecosystem, maybe even civilization. Far superior to flat earth which is just thinly veiled religious screeching. Hollow earthers are much more trustworthy because they don't have ulterior motives and simply want to have fun.

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Fixed overhead inner sun gets old real fast though.

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What do you mean? I don't understand your image.

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Can microplastics effect developing sexuality?

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Obviously condoms have made the white race infertile.

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What are some good books/texts/websites/etc. one can look through to self-study biotechnology and bioinformatics? I wanna do cool DIY shit w/ bacteria and plants, maybe animals

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My cortex keeps clicking and snapping im very sure it's not my neck bones, what does /sci/ think
I think it's my amygdala or something near it
Im also a skitzo on meds but no ssris anymore

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What would be the implications of this for the fate of the universe?


Heat death is popular at the moment and it projects another 100 trillion years of potential for life.

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Moving relative to what?

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to any frame of reference

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>X could make up Dark Matter!
Might as well just call it aether or shadow physics and be done with it.

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We do. Aether was a primitive attempt to model a field theory as stress in an imperceptible extremely rigid solid, the luminiferous aether. Our field theories are a bit more refined but not much.

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oh my basedence!
did you hear the news?
jak just published another paper on le white holes and antimatter!
this will greatly benefit the basedverse!

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>In the beginning there was nothing... which exploded."

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You know Big Bang wasn't an explosion, right anon?

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no such thing

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Who are you quoting?

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Wernher Von edition

previous >>16134598

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We should launch rockets to the stars and then at each other.

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This is the most reddit thing I've ever read.

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Such a weapon would be more like GMLRS or PrSM than Javelin

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we could talk about aftershock. I know /sfg/ gets their panties in a twist about sounding rockets but I think it's pretty cool

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zero legitimate arguments against this in this thread

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Is it true that far, far more animals die in order to produce vegan food than do to provide food for normal sane people? Has science ever bothered to count up the animals dead from all of the pest control operations that farms do?

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>From just the land we use to feed animals we could easily feed the world.
the rest of the world can already feed itself, theres nobody starving to death anywhere

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Large scale farming of any kind will always be bad. The only option is to reduce the population, starting with china

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>From just the land we use to feed animals we could easily feed the world.
Fake and gay. Simplistic comparisons are made on land use, without regard to land quality.
A lot of marginal land which can't economically grow nutritious human-grade crops is used to grow fodder for cattle. If it could be used to grow crops, it would, because crops yield much more money per acre for farmers than livestock do.
Stop pretending all land is equal. Prime, fertile arable cropland is not the same as marginal land.

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>Is it true that far, far more animals die in order to produce vegan food than do to provide food for normal sane people?
No, that meme comes from quacks that sell delusional shit like grass feed crap or regenerative crapiculture

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What's this board's obsession with veganism?

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Bad news woke science bros, looks like science is still racist

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>the people who have contributed the most to a field are mentioned the most when discussing that field
wow, didnt see that coming. mind blowing stuff

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>the people who have contributed the most to a field are mentioned the most when discussing that field
>this is what /sci/ actually believes

Lol no, those who are marketable are those who get mentioned in the news. Do you really think the news is going to show and interview some introverted Indian or Chinese man who forsaked all social ties to spend 95% of their adult lives in a lab to understand cryptic knowledge? Or some European with decent communication skills that learned about the works and expanded on it?

That's literally the story of modern immunology and computer science. Inoculation and Variolation along with binary system was Indian and Chinese origin. But everyone is more familiar with the European contemporaries and their commentary on the subject matter. No one talks about the IChing but people do talk about Gottfried.

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Thoughts on Chinese advancements in science?

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[ctrl+c] [ctrl+v] [ctrl+c] [ctrl+v] [ctrl+c] [ctrl+v] [ctrl+c] [ctrl+v] [ctrl+c] [ctrl+v] [ctrl+c] [ctrl+v] [ctrl+c] [ctrl+v] [ctrl+c] [ctrl+v] [ctrl+c] [ctrl+v]

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Holy shit I needed a good laugh. It's amazing that people can watch China fake the same shit America did. Clearly see it's fake, and then be all like, of course our shit is the real shit.

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Where are all the Aliens !?

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They get deleted once their civilizations use up too much computational power in the simulation.


>Abstract: A corollary of the Simulation Argument is that the universe’s computational capacity may be limited. Consequently, advanced alien civilizations may have incentives to avoid space colonization to avoid taking up too much “calculating space” and forcing a simulation shutdown. A possible solution to the Fermi Paradox is that analogous considerations may drive them to avoid broadcasting their presence to the cosmos, and to attempt to destroy or permanently cripple emerging civilizations on sight. This game-theoretical equilibrium could be interpreted as the “katechon” – that which withholds eschaton – doom, oblivion, the end of the world. The resulting state of mutually assured xenocide would result in a dark, seemingly empty universe intermittently populated by small, isolationist “hermit” civilizations.

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They left Earth two million years ago after creating us by genetic modification of existing primitive hominid species