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What does /sci/ think about Freud's penis envy theory? Is it true or not? I tried to look up recent research, but it doesn't seem like there is much. Wikipedia doesn't even have a single reference from this century. Has the topic become taboo?

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>Regarding the inadequacy of Schwarzenegger, McAllister studied the remains of "La Ferrassie 2", a Neanderthal lass discovered in a French cave in 1909. She boasted ten per cent more muscle than modern European men, and her upper arm strength was more than enough to "slam him to the table without a problem”.
How tight do you think Neanderthal pussy was? Like there’s probably a reason why Europeans have so much Neanderthal DNA, and I think it’s probably how extremely tight your average Neanderthal woman would be to your average Cro-Magnon Woman. Tightest pussy in human history.

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ITT: pic related

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shills are obsessed with sex and piss and shit, total retards

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Neanderthal pussies were probably a little looser than humans, actually. They had bigger heads and thicker bodies than us, which means the birth canal would have had to be bigger. On the other hand, males probably had small penises as an adaptation to the cold enviroment. It's possible that neanderthal women preferred the bigger homo sapiens penis. Neanderthal males had an advantage over the homo sapiens males as they were swol as fuck and had massive tongues and fingers. So basically anytime the two groups was hornytime.

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Given that European men are the strongest in the world, I am surprised neanderthal woman were around or more powerful. For context, in any race, I believe the average man is stronger than 99% of women.

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Pic related is giving me some serious dread. If this is real I'm sure every other career in stem is like this.
Can any anons help? I'm a neet trying to to back to college and struggling to find the right major. (Only stem fields)

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>I don't understand why the employer would hire an overqualified person who'll leave when he gets the chance
It's a help desk job lol, not exactly rocket science. Someone leaves you just get a new guy and he's trained in a week. It's like asking why McDonalds doesn't put any effort into employee retention, it's easier to train a new burger flipper every 6 months than it is to keep one around forever.

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Just get into CMU CS or some other Big 4 (+UIUC or GT). You’ll be fine.

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>Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

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"Replication crisis" is a just politically correct way of saying "outright fraud is common in science"
>Science is in the throes of what is sometimes called the replication crisis, so named because a big hint that a scientific study is wrong is when other teams try to repeat it and get a different result. While some fields, such as psychology, initially seemed more liable than others to generate such “fake news”, almost every area of science has since come under suspicion. An entire field of genetics has even turned out to be nothing but a mirage. Of course, we should expect testing to overturn some findings. The replication crisis, though, stems from wholesale flaws baked into the systems and institutions that support scientific research, which not only permit bad scientific practices, but actually encourage them. And, if anything, things have been getting worse over the past few decades.

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Won't be fixed until the goal of scientific study is simply to learn as opposed to try to prove your pre-established political ideals

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it's government crisis, these faggots keep keeping jobs for "scientists" who don't have anything to study really, just like local shills are not needed by real economy and are useless eaters. overpopulation, service economy is a bubble, a tumor actually, natalists are cancer.

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It's nothing new. Someone gets into a position of authority and they're expected to answer questions. The people surpervising the datamining process are incompetent or they make mistakes, then the authority figure makes shit up so everybody can get paid. It's a tale as old as time.

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Is GMO food really as unhealthy as ppl say it is? Has there been any convincing scientific investigations into the topic?

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t absolute state of CRINGE

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how much cum gets pushed right back into my urethra when i ejaculate while wearing a condom?

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not much considering condoms come with an expanding tip, remember to pee after sex

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>/sci/ - Science & Math

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biology is a science

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So is fucking your mom you don't see me making threads about it

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Where can I find math textbooks? I am looking for a site with all types of math textbooks in different languages.

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>What is considered positive contribution?
Our definition of "positive contribution" is the submission of substantial, helpful, friendly, and humorous posts to the boards, along with the uploading of quality images and files. We feel that positive contribution should be treated as a way of donating to 4chan without actually having to fork over cash.
>Why is contribution so important?
Contribution is important because it is what drives this website. If we didn't have a dedicated pool of users who frequently contribute, we'd be yet another stagnant run of the mill forum. But we aren't. By having an increasing number of diverse and quality contributors, 4chan becomes more unique, interesting, and enjoyable to use.
>How can I become a good contributor?
It's really quite easy. If you have something to add to a topic: reply. If you have an interesting, high quality, neat, rare, etc. picture: upload it! Share your mind and image collections with us. Don't just leech! Give back to the community which you take from. It's a simple and effective way to grow the site. Before contributing, make sure you're acquainted with the rules.
>What is "shitposting"?
Shitposting is "knowingly contributing low quality, off-topic, or ill intentioned posts."

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What is the evolutionary advantage and purpose of old age?

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ITT: anons who don't understand "The Selfish Gene"

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>In our analysis of archival records on 89 female chimpanzees, whose cycling and menstruation had been recorded as part of a breeding program, we found that menstrual cycles continued in the 20 apes that lived beyond the age of 39 years (Lacreuse et al. 2008). Three apes continued to cycle in their 6th decade, and menopause (defined as survival for at least 1 year in good health without menstrual cycles) was observed in only one female at about the age of 56 years. Our observations are consistent with recent data on production of live offspring in older female chimpanzees. For example, although fertility in wild chimpanzees declined steadily through adulthood, they gave birth as late as their 50th year—essentially up until the maximum life span in these populations (Nishida et al. 2003; Emery Thompson et al. 2007).

Chimps can experienxe menopause, but it is rare.

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I didn't write that, but it is essential, and its deficiency fucks you up. It seems its deficiebcy causes two rather distinct syndromes for an unclear reason, possibly calcium intake. Mixed with a high calcium diet it leads to a visible disfigurement, near blindness and insanity, but it has a much milder effect with low calcium diet, with mainly nearsightedness and diabetes, at least initially so. It may have some effect on "aging" especially because of the loss of facial bones.

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>evolutionary advantage
No such thing, death is a consequence of universal limitations, everything will die one day, that's just how it is

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No No No, a 255,000 lb aircraft can just coast at 50 knots and not fall out of the sky because…. because…

It just can, OK


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It doesn't matter whether I have done that or not since learning how to operate an aircraft doesn't actually mean you understand how flight works given that even toddlers who doesn't understand multiplication tables can operate most airplanes.

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>50 knots
>Airbus A350

More like 140 knots for a typical passenger and fuel load, which is like 300 km/hr. An unloaded A350 doing stunts might be able to do 115 knots will full flaps which is still 212 km/hr.
Speed your car up to 220 kmh and stick your hand out the window.

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you're too cowardly to ever ride in an aircraft piloted by yourself and you will never understand how they fly

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It doesn't matter whether I have done that or not since learning how to operate an aircraft doesn't actually mean you understand how flight works given that even primates who doesn't understand formal language can operate most airplanes.

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The art somehow makes sense? But also doesn't at the same time? The floor smoothly transitions into a table for instance. I expected this to look more structureless as with most AI art at first glance but it's actually more like a well-structured dream. Human dreams can't reach this amount of detail, can they?

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Judging by the thumbnail, was there an initial image?

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>AI will replace artist -ACK

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I kinda like it, it would have been a good piece but the girl got no legs.

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If it was a human representation of a spectre it would be good, but it's just AI fuckery.

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"The CMB is uniform across the entire Universe"

And what is it emanating from?

"From space itself"

So you are saying that space itself is emanating radiation?


So this is evidence of the aether. You are detecting the radiation of the aether - a uniform substance that permeates the entire Universe.

"No, the CMB is emanating from empty space"

So you are saying that empty space has a substance capable of emanating radiation.

"Correct. Empty space, nothing, has a radiation field"


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>To be clear: the "conspiracy theories" I have been espousing in this thread are NOT how I used to think... right in wrong, it's simply the only way I can rationize the outright harrassment that the cosmological community directs at free thinkers. I really thought they were good people! I DID trust the science, until I learned that they essentially terrorize anyone with quirky ideas. That is NOT how I was taught science is to be!

I genuinely believed that science was a meritocracy and a true market place of ideas... isn't that what we were all taught? Instead I came to realize that these people will literally try and destroy you, cancel you, fire you, defame you, terrorize you... simply because you have some quirky thoughts on things. It was such a loss of faith, I cannot even begin to tell you.

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>I genuinely believed that science was a meritocracy and a true market place of ideas

This is what attracted me to the sciences... this idea that in science it wasn't about your credentials, or faith, or race... Anyone could make a contribution through pure effort and ingenuity.

I was wrong.

But I still believe in that premise.

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>This is what attracted me to the sciences... this idea that in science it wasn't about your credentials, or faith, or race... Anyone could make a contribution through pure effort and ingenuity.
>I was wrong.
>But I still believe in that premise.

And now here I am... speaking out into the void. The last remaining place where we can speak our true thoughts because in a world of lies only the anonymous and nameless can be free. How remarkable that only by stripping ourselves of our humanity and becoming faceless, nameless screens can we speak about matters of science as we truly believe it to be.

It has not escaped by attention that the harrassers in the cosmological meatspace are only lashing out because they see freedom in the "crackpots" and "schizos". A freedom which they lost hope in.

Perhaps we inherited the world we deserve, Anons.

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I've come up with a new theory, the Big Period Theory. It states that when anons complain about feeling belittled or disillusioned they are experiencing the background radiation of the Big Period, a massive menstrual cycle that occured at the beginning of the universe.

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>But I still believe in that premise.
its a false premise. you have an identity, you have a race, you have a gender. people from other races and from the opposite gender will always want to abuse you if you give them the opportunity.
if you think you can be all things to all people you are badly mistaken. if you're not willing to favor your own kind over others then you are betraying them, other races will never treat you as an equal, they will favor their own kind, if you fail to do the same for your people then you will be all alone.
you've probably been fed a lot of equality and melting pot propaganda, if you were dumb enough to buy into it then you'll suffer the consequences.

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Why if you go faster than the speed of light, do you go back in time?

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Time is not just a abstract concept, its a 'thing', same way as a river flows a fish also moves trough it, the faster the fish goes the more water it moves trough, and you dont 'go back in time' you pass trough faster, times slows down as you go faster, cause you basicaly go trough more time in 'less time'

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How useful or related is calculus to programming/computer science?

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You need to know it for any serious real world application, especially if you're programming stuff for AI or robotics.

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If you're just programming webshit and simple stuff, you probably won't need it. "Computer science" on the other hand includes topics like AI, Graphics which will make extensive use of it, so too will things like networking at an advanced level when you touch upon queueing theory.

Even if it's not directly used, it will turn up in some papers to prove certain things. Calculus is so fundamental that it has to be known for you to have any sort of scientific literacy. Even bio majors study it.

Personally I think you're subhuman if you haven't taken Analysis.

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Why does making joints crack feel so plesant?
What makes them so loud?
How is it possible to repeat this so frequently, sometimes within less than 10 minutes?

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Thats impossible, youre just making shit up anon

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nope, it's real. for me at least. I've heard that different people have different degrees of tailbone fusion, perhaps mine is unusually jointed. I'm not sure. But it's very possible.

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you're just farting, anon

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lol no, it gives a short rapid burst of 3 or 4 delicate snaps when it happens. it feels just like cracking any other section of spine except much less intense, less strain required, less volume, but very satisfying nevertheless.

>> No.15469868

Can confirm, I get this too. Also my sternum cracks if I flex my chest in just the right way.

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What is the scariest /sci/ or to an extent /g/ thing you're aware of?

For me it's prion disease(s).

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Cancer scares are pretty scary, I understand his trepidation a little now (completely fine btw)

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Keep it (relatively) civil. I'm looking for answers here.

I'm about to move in with my wife in Taiwan. Aside from the political BS, what kind of computer engineering related research or work can I expect out in this part of the world? What tech companies are worth applying for work out here?

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>Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

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do you speak chinese? even if you do, they like to choose fellow chinamen for positions, so youll be lucky with a shitty position/company.

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>2.3 GPA
>electrical engineering
>4th year
>extracurriculars involving leadership position
>summer internships

Will I realistically be able to find a job in my field next year or am I completely fucked because of my abysmal GPA? I think I'm already shadowbanned from grad school

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Still, of all things EE students have to learn, why focus on math? Anybody can rip a copy of one of those Schaum's Outlines books for Calculus and Differential Equations and learn to solve all of that fancy stuff like line integrals, systems of linear differential equations, Laplace transforms, and Fourier series. It's just repetitive chunking and spitting out patterns. Differentiate this, integrate that, move some terms to the left and to the right, substitute for u and v, use this identity, etc.
It's not exactly painting the Mona Lisa. Anybody who's got a bit of spare time a lot of boredom can learn to do that quite easily.
You might be able to argue that some modern physics stuff (ex. quantum tunnelling or spectroscopy) is more difficult than that, and that semiconductor device design is even more difficult than anything electronic repair guys will ever have to do, but engineering math is just something petty to brag about. Calculus is what poor performing children get scared with so they'll get funnelled over to the Humanities department, but really, anybody who's not literally retarded or a junkie who spends all day having sex with foreign students should be capable of passing Calculus (and any other math for engineers class, such as linear algebra and Statistics) by putting in the right amount of effort.
Bragging about knowing Differential Equations before a technician is the equivalent of bragging about planting a small flag with a smiley face on top of your sand castle.

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this level of complexity is the peak of my abilities in this lifetime, so I will happily plant a small flag with a smiley face on top of my sand castle.

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you are a pseud

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This is the most retarded thing I've read all day

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retard alert.

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Is nofap legit

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>Is nofap legit
No, it is a left-wing government pushed PSYOP to reduce your libido and fuck up your ability to procreate/.

Only white incels fall for it, since they aren't getting any anyway.

Even excessive bating is better for your health than nofap.

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lol, so what if orgasming a lot makes me lose sexual desires? That's a good thing, I hate porn culture and I'll never make babies.

>> No.15469653

you sure do seem to like talking about yourself on social media

>> No.15469675

it's nofap that makes you lose sexual desires

>> No.15469795

All no fap did was give me a UTI because I wasn’t clearing out my dick tract enough and my urinary incontinence became more problematic.
I guess it might work for normal people though.

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Sure! Here are 20 things that are generally considered to be objective:

The boiling point of water at sea level is 100 degrees Celsius.
The speed of light in a vacuum is approximately 299,792,458 meters per second.
The Earth revolves around the Sun.
Oxygen is necessary for human respiration.
The chemical formula for water is H2O.
The capital of France is Paris.
The atomic number of carbon is 6.
The force of gravity on Earth is approximately 9.8 meters per second squared.
The formula for calculating the area of a rectangle is length multiplied by width.
The melting point of iron is approximately 1,538 degrees Celsius.
The human body has 206 bones.
The formula for calculating the circumference of a circle is 2π multiplied by the radius.
The chemical symbol for gold is Au.
The speed limit on a particular road is 50 miles per hour.
The formula for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit is F = (C × 9/5) + 32.
The distance between two points can be calculated using the Pythagorean theorem.
The moon orbits the Earth.
The sum of angles in a triangle is always 180 degrees.
The chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen produces water.
The formula for calculating the volume of a sphere is (4/3)πr3, where r is the radius.
While these statements are generally accepted as objective facts, it's important to note that new scientific discoveries or revisions to existing knowledge can occasionally update our understanding of the world.

So, /sci/entific facts are what is considered objective, and it is not even that objective.

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AI solved a new logic puzzle which had never existed before prompting it. How amazing is that?

It's not just predicting what the answer should be, it's capable of its own independent thinking. Just a little bit more powerful version of this and it would solve the Riemann hypothesis and Fermat's Last Theorem on its own.

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I like making up riddles with no answer, for example something random like, 'I have three legs but never walk, a richness that makes others gawk, also I'm huge, what am I? And it will usually come up with something quite creative that I certainly wouldn't have come up with at least no where near as quickly

Captcha: YNK JAK

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A huge three legged stool made of rich mahogany.

>> No.15469637

A jumbo fondue pot.

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it wouldnt be intelligent
just because your language parser creates a solution to something based on prior human knowledge doesnt mean it has intelligence

>> No.15469819

It's not a "new" logic puzzle retard, it's a Latin Square

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