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ChatGPT Failing at Math

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Do you believe rich people generally are extremely intelligent? If so, why aren't you swimming in cash right now?

inb4 "money doesn't make you happy"

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Do you think rich people are smart?

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>Don't you want to have more?
No. More what?

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I think intelligence and money are related up to 90th percentile in income, after that, many other factor come to play besides raw intelligence. Sure, having an IQ of 160 will help you a lot, but if you're a schizophrenic man the IQ of 160 won't help you a lot.

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Generally yes, not necessarily top class 160 IQ but significantly above average.

More as in your best self. For example if you wanted to do something grand like "cure cancer", something really noble, you need money. To invent some super cool shit, you typically need money. To be your best self and really change the world, you need a lot of money. I mean hell even research takes money, hobbies can at some point cost a lot of money.

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I'm rich and I think about KMSing every day. I think I might go back to grad school and grind research until I rope.

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Consciousness is an unavoidable subject for a neuroscientist to study, yet despite giving their opinion on the matter, the vast majority have not done even basic introspection into the nature of consciousness.

Basic introspection into consciousness should be mandatory. A neuroscientist who has not meditated is like a zoologist who has only seen animals in a textbook.

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no lol, science and philosophy should be kept separate. science cannot explain consciousness because qualia form the ground for science in the first place. for thousands of years we tried doing science with philosophy and never got anywere, let's not start doing philosophy with science

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thanks for putting this word right at the beginning of your post so I can ignore it

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Alright /sci/. I have a mechanics question. If you want to solve part a) for this problem, you use Newton’s second law to set up and solve a BVP with a second order differential equation. If you want to solve part b), you can use impulse-momentum or conservation of energy to solve for the velocity as the rope leaves the table.

My question is, in general, how the fuck do I learn how to approach a problem? I understand how to use energy conservation, NII, impulse momentum etc but I don’t get how to tell which to apply. Thanks love you

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what is the natural process of having a stroke and heart attacks from climate change?

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Does anyone else remember when they assassinated a dozen antivax radio hosts? That's probably one of the most frightening things they've ever done.

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Is black science goy this retarded? The demographic shift in the US that has been occurring for the last 60 years favors the Democrat party as non-white groups overwhelmingly vote democrat and will continue to do so. It was already this way in 2016 in places like California or New York. In the 2018 midterms, it's likely the shift went further towards the democrat party as the number of non-whites grew. And then at the end of 2020, the number of "covid deaths" wasn't enough to swing an election either way. And this was before the vaccine. That didn't happen until August 2021. Meanwhile, the majority of vaccine deaths occurred mostly in heavily left-leaning areas in terms of raw numbers, so it's likely at random that it was mostly lefties that died during that time. It's reasonable therefore to conclude that even in 2022, knowing that the vaccine doesn't work as advertised, that assuming fair elections, the demographic shift away from the white majority is why the Republicans did not do well in Senate during the midterms.

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Why there are hundreds of species who are genetically the same especies on both poles who clearly would die if they traveled to the equator?

And no, this includes soil bacteria and flora who can't clearly travel like an animal.

redd!tors here cant answer this issue with evolution.

And no, I am talking the same specie, looking at their DNA.

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Which ones

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Ice age, ocean currents, stowaways on vessels or migrating animals such as whales or birds. You know, the usual ways life moves about on the planet. If we wait long enough, they may even adapt and evolve separately due to their differing evolutionary pressures.

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>hundreds of species who are genetically the same especies
This does not make sense. Please rephrase or admit that you are wrong.

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>life-form migrates from its environment into a new environment across the world with near identical conditions
>why didn’t it change?!
This thread in a nutshell

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Just pushed a big stinky log out of my crap hole, but man does it stink! What is the science behind the perception of a big chocolate submarine being repulsive to the senses?

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Pics or it didn't happen.

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People seeing other people get disease like dissenter from eating so they decide not to eat poop. People associating filth with disease and developing a disgust around it as part of avoiding disease. Then that gets passed on through a mixture of parenting and genetic memory of millennia.

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lol, wtf is this retarded /x/ shit

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Don't eat doodoo.

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I know guys, not your personal army, but if someone here loves calculus to much to help answer these study guide questions and help a brotha (im white) out that would be very cool :)

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i can do it, I just know theres people on this board with the free time and willingness to do it to

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ask chatGPT

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>become a farmer
If he fails at this there's no way he could become a farmer

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>meaning of that limit
What the fuck did he mean by this
Do you mean a proof? Do you need the theorem?

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Since I never got an answer, I am back at it again. This time I narrowed it down to a 6 inch tall man with 6 foot tall man equivalent strength rather than 5-6 inches/feet and both sexes/genders.

So, if an average 6 foot tall man is shrunk down to 6 inches tall or is from a small species of humans/humanoids that naturally only get up to around 6 inches, what are some items he could normally lift and/or drag if he had the proportional strength of an average 6 foot tall man? Is an banana or apple out the question? What about a few grapes? Could a bottle of aspirin be lugged? Could a Swiss Army Knife be wielded?

I normally would ask this on Reddit or Stack Exchange but I am permabanned from the former and the latter has been rather unhelpful, so please help a sizefhag out.

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Now that we've all seen what Chat GPT can do, how long before something like picrel becomes reality?
If they used ppl's phones as a network to monitor, capture and analyze voice data then its pretty much ready to be implemented as far as the interdiction end of it goes.

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First it's going to need to figure out how to maintain object state.

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I've noticed that you've placed a coin for size comparison in your photo. Don't worry, I've replaced it with a coin of your favorite brand.


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High level STEM job market is collapsing, if you have a job already you're lucky if not prepare to make less for the same job compared to a few years ago, that's if you can even find one

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Which one /sci/?

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They're both wrong

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What are you talking about? String Theory requires SUSY.

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Not sure yet but approaching the speed of light and in the presence of mass time objectively operates differently so It would not be stupid to assume that at extremely small scales that time could possibly be different too also I'm not going to criticise someone who has been studying something longer than I have been alive.

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>post the one model with ZERO (0) predictive power

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I have been drinking water bottles for years because the tax money doesn't go toward making the towns water drinkable I guess. Am I really fucked?

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if you're vaxxed thats a lot worse and you don't have anything to worry about with respect to microplastics because the vaxxx will kill you first

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Micropenis is a serious concern

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Why don't those particles just come out inside your poop?

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>Am I really fucked?
Our generation and the next are really fuck up. We have suffered and continue to suffer the pollution caused by capitalism and its political allies in full force. Respiratory diseases, allergies, hormonal disorders, cancers, all these are on the rise and pollution (capitalism) is the cause.

And since people are still voting for right-wing idiots in the majority, it's not going to stop.

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It was fucking humiliating. I spent over an hour on the assignment. I didn't realize until now how much my work and effort means to me until it was questioned and minimalized so casually.
Has anyone else had this happen to them yet? I'm sure it will become more common as time goes on.

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I've never had my work questioned because I'm not a midwit who sounds like a nonsentient pattern recognition algorithm.

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If ChatGPT's performance doing basic arithmetics is any indication of its abilities, then I think it's a non-issue for STEM

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Pull an uno reverso and complain to the dean that he's using ChatGPT to create his course materials

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i showed you my penis, please answer me

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Joe rogan:
>3 retarded comedians and 5 brain damaged MMA fighters for every 1 interesting gues
>solid 80% interesting people with intelligent things to say

Shit on lex being a pseud all you want but his podcast is actually interesting

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Lex is propped up by jews in bigtech and likely some intelligence agency.

Curt Jaimungal is far superior and organic.

>> No.15187730

Anon no offense or anything but you're legitimately mentally ill. You've been aggressively shitting on lex fridman like every other day for a year or two now. Honestly, I tried Curt and I got kind of bored, zoom format sucks. Maybe I'll give him another try later.

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>kike shills shilling kike shills

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I've only spoken about him in the 2 months, which goes yo show how many others see through this lukewarm midwit

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>his professor doesn't have a wikipedia page

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i've always wondered, how do they get the information about these people? Do journalists go around asking people about that person, or do they ask that person directly? Do they ask universities if that person studied there, even if the person in question didn't want to reveal those details? How do they do it?

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>his professor has a wikipedia entry, it says the professor is jewish, students are forced to purchase $400 worth of books from the jewish publishing industry

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>professor clearly wrote his own article

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My professor don't have a wiki article and he worked with a group who won the nobel prize. Sometimes people don't want to be on the internet and even erase any trace on wiki and such

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At minimum school department have a page for their professor's degree, experience, project and published paper. Anything more than that usually are just early life and ideology.

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Any ergonomics fags in the house?

Is there a 'Ergonomics for Dummies" book? I'm trying to find something to reference for a mid-bachelor project that doesn't require an actual timespan to study.

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you're literally running from an itch
grow a spine

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>wasting thousands of dollars on """""ergonomic""""" cope office equipment instead of just getting a UMPC

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>noooooo you have to let your veins become inflamed and your muscles suffer from hypoxia because… because otherwise you are a coward!

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damn straight

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>he owns a cucktop
I bet it has an ARM processor or a celeron.

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How can space be infinitely expanding yet not infinitely divisible?

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What makes you think the two are mutually exclusive?

>> No.15187321

well just think about it

you got one thing going one way, infinitely, and another thing going the other way, also infinitely.

>> No.15187800

You just need to understand what expansion means here.
Space could for example just be a hypergraph that grows over time (as we all know since Stephen Wolfram proposed that).

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All I know is that scientists, philosophers, and everyone in the world knows nothing.

>> No.15187825

Space is stationary, nothing suggests otherwise.

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I look forward to messages from my PI more than messages from my family or 1 friend. I actually f&*cking love science, keeps the suicidal thoughts away

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how do i nervemaxx?

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I would guess maximize constructive nerve stimulation to stimulate growth. Absorb a lot of information through all nerve channels and use all nerves as much as you can to produce information.

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make sure you don't eat a high-fat diet
>«Altogether, our findings demonstrate that chronic HFD [high-fat diet] feeding triggers hypothalamic myelin disruption in accompany with IL-33 upregulation and prolonged microglial activation in hypothalamus. Given that the addition of exogenous IL-33 was harmful for the maturation of OLGs, an increase in IL-33 by chronic HFD feeding might contribute to the induction of hypothalamic myelin disruption.»
sounds counterintuitive, but the body, especially the brain, makes myelin from carbohydrate substrates, it doesn't use ingested fat for that at all
in fact, the majority of the mass in the brain is quite literally made from sugar

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>peer reviewed
fake guaranteed

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