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"The founding of a science more or less on the notion of repetition brings in its train yet another delusion of a quantitative kind, the delusion that consists in thinking that the accumulation of a large number of facts can be of use by itself as ‘proof' of a theory; nevertheless, even a little reflection will make it evident that facts of the same kind are always indefinite in multitude, so that they can never all be taken into account, quite apart from the consideration that the same facts usually fit several different theories equally well. It will be said that the establishment of a greater number of facts does at least give more ‘probability' to a theory; but to say so is to admit that no certitude can be arrived at in that way, and that therefore the conclusions promulgated have nothing ‘exact' about them; it is also an admission of the wholly ‘empirical' character of modern science, although, by a strange irony, its partisans are pleased to accuse of ‘empiricism' the knowledge of the ancients, whereas exactly the opposite is the truth: for this ancient knowledge, of the true nature of which they have no idea whatever, started from principles and not from experimental observations, so that it can truly be said that profane science is built up exactly the opposite way round to traditional science."

"[Modern scientific] theories can necessarily never be more than hypothetical, since their starting-point is wholly empirical, for facts in themselves are always susceptible of diverse explanations and so never have been and never will be able to guarantee the truth of any theory."

"The profane sciences of which the modern world is so proud are really and truly only the degenerate ‘residues’ of the ancient traditional sciences."

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>ancient traditional sciences
Give example
>started from principles and not from experimental observations
These aren’t oppositional and seems to be the basis of his whole argument. Experimental observations rely on principles and principles originate from observation

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>school shootings le bad even though they kill kids and that's wholesome because it helps the enviroment
/sci/'s response?

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Anti-natalism is le good tho

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I don't care about climate desu

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Why is this unfunny offtopic shitpost spam allowed on /sci/? Janny do your job and ban these assholes.

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>Why is this unfunny offtopic shitpost spam allowed on /sci/? Janny do your job and ban these assholes.

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what level of knowledge does getting a silver on the usapho actually take? is it just AP physics C with 5s or something?

t. guy who has a friend with a silver that talks about it a bunch

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There's something missing from him. He's wrong.
He wants on this project. Somebody hurt him and he wants revenge.

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>he wants revenge
"So before leaving on vacation, he'd injected poisonous chemicals into an apple. Then he'd left the apple on his tutor's desk, to murder him."


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Why do we do science?

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...To kill Satan?
...to kill Satan, right?

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We're curious. Or there's financial incentive.

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Right. GET OUT this thread. That's not why we do science. It's for advancement of intellect.

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The ultimate goal of science is total control. Scientists are trained to hide this intention with manipulative language like: ''increasing our understanding of the relationship between independent variable X and dependent variable Y may lead to novel treatment modalities and broaden the range of instruments for policy makers adressing 21st century challenges''.

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The minimum requirement of being a true /fit/fag is to bench 2 plates. What is the requirement that would be the analogy of this minimum for being a true /sci/ enthusiast?

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Two D's.


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For over 50 years, with increasing frequency, corrupted, careerist scientists have produced biased studies that, amplified by agenda-driven corporate and political special interests, constitute a “consensus” that is supposedly “beyond debate.” We are in a “climate crisis.” To cope with this climate emergency, all measures are justifiable.
This is overblown, one-sided, distorted, and manipulative propaganda. It is the language of authoritarians and corporatists bent on achieving even more centralized political power and economic wealth. It is a scam, perhaps the most audacious, all-encompassing fraud in human history. It is a scam that explicitly targets and crushes the middle class in developed nations and the entire aspiring populations in developing nations, at the same time as its messaging is designed to secure their fervent acquiescence.

What is actually beyond debate is not that we are in a climate crisis but that if we don’t stop destroying our conventional energy economy, we are going to be in a civilizational crisis.

Energy is the foundation of everything—prosperity, freedom, upward mobility, national wealth, individual economic independence, functional water and transportation infrastructure, commercial-scale agriculture, mining, and industry. Without energy, it all goes dark. And “renewables” are not even remotely capable of replacing oil, gas, coal, nuclear, and hydroelectric power. It’s impossible.

The only people who think renewables are capable of replacing conventional energy are either uninformed, innumerate, or corrupt.

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twatter screenshot thread + pseud word salad?
you know what to do

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How to learn all of highschool physics in 3 days?

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you fucked up already, however advice from an old fag that you are too stupid to appreciate now is don't worry too much about it, don't stress, it's fine as long as pass exams with lowest grades, you can learn all that stuff later if you still want to

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The Philippine one? For graduating? Why did you slack off for so long and do you not know most of this stuff?

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>Dont stress

UP is a premiere uni here in ph. I feel that my campus experience in the future will be made inferior by the fact that theres a better campus life in this uni. That makes me bitter

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if you have shitty grades you will likely not even get into uni, even if you do get in you will definitely drop out in first three months (because if you didn't study in secondary and high school there really is no hope for you until mentality changes)

>I feel that my campus experience in the future will be made inferior by the fact that theres a better campus life in this uni
if all you care about is campus life then there really is no hope for you

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Just to get it out of the way, let's say all things you presumed about me are false (which they are). I studied almost all of hs biology this day only using some online notes, so i think theres hope, even substantial. Then what material do you recommend for me to use in my cramming of physics?

Btw I dont have to study math (im self studying analysis through spivak), from that you should be able to form a more accurate judgement as to the original topic.

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how did all of these articles pass peer review to begin with?

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peer review is the most basic guardrail in existence dude

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distraction and diversion. germ theory of disease must be "pulled".

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Massive panic about a new, supposedly deadly virus. Ethics don't matter as much when you're in a state of "emergency".

Nice bait retard

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Peer review exists to make sure you cite the right people and don't say anything controversial. Factual errors are spotted when people try to replicate the methods and notice that they don't make sense.

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ban this germ theorist already

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Hope this is a /sci/ related question?
Took an iq test it's mid 80s.
Is it scientifically possible to increase IQ?
There seems to be debates between scientists on this topic.
I see the test as random patterns but what does that mean in real life?
Can I never get a PhD that I wanted?
Can I never understand higher and scarily advanced math? Or does it mean I just have to work harder than someone with a high iq.
If the brain can physically change while learning something for example the taxi driver experiment where specific parts of their brains were bigger because they had to memorize whole cities, and once they stopped being a driver that area shrank.
IQ is a good predictor of financial success and academic success.
But does it means to just give up and rot?
Will I never be able to understand what Stephen Hawking understood if I pursue a path that he was on hypothetically?
Would I be able to make contributions to the academic world, discover, or invent something?
If you're an expert on a topic you should be able to break it down well enough to explain it to a grade schooler, although it will of course take longer.
But that's obvious cope right.

Can you increase IQ scientifically?
Is my learning forever stunted?
Is it over?

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Ah, a rebel.
>Math can become so abstract and high level that you won't achieve an understanding only based on hard work within your lifetime unless you're high IQ.
Can you give an example of which math area is like that. And also what is the accurate term to describe different areas of math? Like geometry is a different discipline than calculus or whatever, or you can use whatever than discipline.

>Sure, you can be co-author of a low quality paper with Pajeet and Zhang et al in some irrelevant niche topic nobody cares about.
This is good enough for me.
>You can write the introduction explaining how this topic is relevant to bipoc lgbtqia+ identity politics.
I'm not someone that can be bought to write about something relevant to my niche topic no one cares about unless it's my only option then I include a small insignificant snippet.
Sometimes you have to play by the rules.
There's a lot of dogma in academia, but that's why you can think for yourself and be resilient against it or use your "psychopathy" and ignore it but use it to your advantage.

I don't care for the paper of PhD.
Well I do, the status is great, but I actually care about the material.

>Any retard can get a PhD nowadays. Acadummic degrees are about obedience, not intelligence.
You'll enjoy this video.
Also can you define intelligence, like what it means to you?

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Yea you seem like a "I'm tired of this fucking shit kind of guy".
Picture matched your post.
Few can do that.
Knew it would be one post.
You are content with your shitpost, you busy this Sunday, can't entertain me?
Do I bore you?
The only good post in my thread and you seem anti academia which is unusual to me, and intriguing.
Few good posters that can shitpost effectively.
God I hate this fucking site.

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>Hope this is a /sci/ related question?
It's not
Go to /adv/ and ask them what a certified retard should do with himself

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Asking about the science of how the brain can be improved, neuroscience, and brain development is science.
But every board has their own culture.
Do you wake every morning and look at your Mensa certificate before you do your morning routine?
Are high iq people usually assholes?

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You lurk in this thread instead?
You seem to be offended for some reason, can't control your infantile emotions and must resort to degrading and insulting.
How old are you youngster.
If you're a boomer, I forgive you, you earned the right to be an asshole.
But something tells me you're just one of the autistic savants that has trouble making friends and afraid of making eye contact.

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Recreational punter here

I’ve developed a stochastic model to forecast mens tennis match outcomes in Masters and ATP500 tournaments.

Used Pinnacle closing prices and calculated implied prices of model probabilities to backtest profitability of final model. Bets are taken where Pinnacle closing price is greater than model implied price.

Backtested by calculating logprob return of chosen bets on a given day to optimise expected return for that day.

Normalised probability implied by Pinnacle closing price had similar Brier score, but worse reliability component than probabilities from model… so how the FUCK is this not profitable?!

Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated

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What is the percentage of error?

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You mean the ‘mean squared error’ of the forecast… that’s what the brier score is…

About 0.18 from memory? Importantly, it’s same as the normalised probability from Pinnacle closing prices as I mentioned

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Thats reliable.

>> No.15470092

Reliability is different… that’s a component of Brier score

Any suggestions?

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what is the probability that my nigga stan the man wins rg?

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If you are learning math and physics, it proves that you can understand and solve complex systems. The learning methods you employ, your willingness to learn, and your high IQ can be applied to other fields, which can increase your chances of being hired by an employer at a high starting salary of $300k guaranteed.

Is this true?

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First of all, learning math and physics can have many benefits for your cognitive and intellectual development. According to some research, learning math and physics can help you develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills12, enhance your mathematical reasoning and numerical sense1, and foster your creativity and curiosity23. These skills can be useful for many fields and disciplines, not just math and physics.

Secondly, learning math and physics can also have many benefits for your career opportunities and prospects. According to some data, physics majors get among the highest scores on standardized tests such as the MCAT and LSAT2, which can open doors for further education in medicine, law, or other fields. Physics majors also have a high rate of employment in various sectors, such as engineering, education, research, or business2. Moreover, learning math and physics can help you understand the fundamental principles and applications of science and technology, which are increasingly important in today’s world234.

However, learning math and physics does not guarantee that you will get hired by an employer at a high starting salary of $300k. There are many other factors that influence your employability and income, such as your experience, network, communication skills, personality, demand, competition, etc. Learning math and physics can certainly give you an edge, but it is not a magic bullet that will solve all your problems.

In conclusion, learning math and physics can have many positive effects on your personal and professional development, but it is not a sufficient condition for achieving success or happiness. You should learn math and physics if you enjoy them and find them meaningful, not just because you expect them to make you rich or famous. Learning math and physics is a journey, not a destination.

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thank mr chatgpt

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No, the really smart physicists end up in academia where they have mediocre salaries. Biztards will never understand this

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This was meant for OP >>15469933

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Scientifically speaking, how likely is the complete collapse of china in the next few years?

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Credit isn't wealth, mutt.

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Uhm, at least they're already wealthy. China has a similar level of debt and they haven't developed yet.

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If I owe you $10 and you owe me $10 then neither one of us is in debt.

>> No.15469996

So how does your economy function? Just wipe everyone's debt and the creditors will be fine with it? Lmao

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Macroeconomic debt is just a sign of loyalty. A way to keep peace.
States don't have remorse over unpaid bills, so they need a way to show affinity to another.

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Is ETHZ pozzed? Is Switzerland in general pozzed? Women didn't get full voting rights until 1990 so thats pretty damn based, but its still Europe so im asking you guys.

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No, Switzerland is elite. Great place, the country runs like clockwork.

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Switzerland is home of pic related and host country of the WEF meetings. Swiss supermarkets are selling bugs as food.

>> No.15470027

It's actually a really nice place. I think Swiss might be one of the least pozzed Europeans, but they are still part of the US team globohomo, so you still get general exposure to fag stuff and pro-nig propaganda

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What does /sci/ think about Freud's penis envy theory? Is it true or not? I tried to look up recent research, but it doesn't seem like there is much. Wikipedia doesn't even have a single reference from this century. Has the topic become taboo?

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Behold, Jewish science™

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both gfs I've had have talked about how cool having a dick seems
they think cumming looks really satisfying
getting horny =/= dirty underwear you have to walk around in all day
and importantly, no periods
maybe there's some weird psychological stuff in there too

>> No.15469955

Do women prefer uncut or cut? has there been a consensus on this? Seems pretty unfair to me tbqh, and idk about Freud half his work seems like he was just projecting his own experiences and assuming it was what every one else experienced growing up. No I do not want to fuck my mother.

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women are fucking dumb cumming is not satisfying at all, cant believe they got the infinitely better orgasm and still complain about it

>> No.15469961

I'm glad my foreskin in its normal state already retracts behind my glans. This way I pass as cut even though I'm uncut, at least as long someone only checks quickly and superficially. It allowed me to sneak into Mecca as a non-muslim. The Hajji dick inspector at the gate didn't notice anything.

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>Regarding the inadequacy of Schwarzenegger, McAllister studied the remains of "La Ferrassie 2", a Neanderthal lass discovered in a French cave in 1909. She boasted ten per cent more muscle than modern European men, and her upper arm strength was more than enough to "slam him to the table without a problem”.
How tight do you think Neanderthal pussy was? Like there’s probably a reason why Europeans have so much Neanderthal DNA, and I think it’s probably how extremely tight your average Neanderthal woman would be to your average Cro-Magnon Woman. Tightest pussy in human history.

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ITT: pic related

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shills are obsessed with sex and piss and shit, total retards

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Neanderthal pussies were probably a little looser than humans, actually. They had bigger heads and thicker bodies than us, which means the birth canal would have had to be bigger. On the other hand, males probably had small penises as an adaptation to the cold enviroment. It's possible that neanderthal women preferred the bigger homo sapiens penis. Neanderthal males had an advantage over the homo sapiens males as they were swol as fuck and had massive tongues and fingers. So basically anytime the two groups was hornytime.

>> No.15469908

Given that European men are the strongest in the world, I am surprised neanderthal woman were around or more powerful. For context, in any race, I believe the average man is stronger than 99% of women.

>> No.15469920

probably looser than white women.
I coomed into a white woman and it didn't feel like anything. jerking off with my hand was better.
maybe this is why neanderthal went extinct. their pussy is so D level no men ever bother to coom into it.

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Pic related is giving me some serious dread. If this is real I'm sure every other career in stem is like this.
Can any anons help? I'm a neet trying to to back to college and struggling to find the right major. (Only stem fields)

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>I don't understand why the employer would hire an overqualified person who'll leave when he gets the chance
It's a help desk job lol, not exactly rocket science. Someone leaves you just get a new guy and he's trained in a week. It's like asking why McDonalds doesn't put any effort into employee retention, it's easier to train a new burger flipper every 6 months than it is to keep one around forever.

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Just get into CMU CS or some other Big 4 (+UIUC or GT). You’ll be fine.

>> No.15469848

>Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

>> No.15470032

You don't learn to program in a CS degree, at least you don't at any competent school. You are expected to whip out this toolset on your own whenever a course demands it (they mostly don't).

So what we have here are a bunch of eggheads who can't string two Python files together if their career literally depended on it. "Ah, C, yes, I used that for a project in the third semester (do Americans even call it "semester"? I never see this word used by them).

Their CV is a ghost town of having attended a college and ... that's it. They haven't mastered any languages, did not do anything.

File: 159 KB, 1024x769, x34079489601_0af732b619_k-1024x769.jpg.pagespeed.ic.VL_KymNtK3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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"Replication crisis" is a just politically correct way of saying "outright fraud is common in science"
>Science is in the throes of what is sometimes called the replication crisis, so named because a big hint that a scientific study is wrong is when other teams try to repeat it and get a different result. While some fields, such as psychology, initially seemed more liable than others to generate such “fake news”, almost every area of science has since come under suspicion. An entire field of genetics has even turned out to be nothing but a mirage. Of course, we should expect testing to overturn some findings. The replication crisis, though, stems from wholesale flaws baked into the systems and institutions that support scientific research, which not only permit bad scientific practices, but actually encourage them. And, if anything, things have been getting worse over the past few decades.

>> No.15469785

Won't be fixed until the goal of scientific study is simply to learn as opposed to try to prove your pre-established political ideals

>> No.15469786

it's government crisis, these faggots keep keeping jobs for "scientists" who don't have anything to study really, just like local shills are not needed by real economy and are useless eaters. overpopulation, service economy is a bubble, a tumor actually, natalists are cancer.

>> No.15469815

It's nothing new. Someone gets into a position of authority and they're expected to answer questions. The people surpervising the datamining process are incompetent or they make mistakes, then the authority figure makes shit up so everybody can get paid. It's a tale as old as time.

>> No.15469992

Really makes you wonder if Bacon didn't invent and publish his ideas about "the scientific method" as a propaganda ploy. He was a political figure, not a scientist.

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Is GMO food really as unhealthy as ppl say it is? Has there been any convincing scientific investigations into the topic?

>> No.15469717

t absolute state of CRINGE

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>> No.15470000

It pretty much has to be, according to Darwin's theory of evolution we evolved to eat the animals that naturally occur in our environment. Nothing from a lab will ever equal the nutritional qualities of real animal meat.

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how much cum gets pushed right back into my urethra when i ejaculate while wearing a condom?

>> No.15469708

not much considering condoms come with an expanding tip, remember to pee after sex

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>/sci/ - Science & Math

>> No.15469712

biology is a science

>> No.15469726

So is fucking your mom you don't see me making threads about it

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