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How much longer before global warming kills everyone?
How much longer before it produces any noticeable change in the climate at all?

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2 more years to flatten the curve

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26 people got a face full of climate change yesterday you chud

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How come influenza disappeared?

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It turns out the methods used to stop the spread of a disease work on stopping the spread of another disease. Who'd have thunk it?

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its been rebranded to help with fear-mongering.

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But COVID wasn't stopped in the slightest. So it magically worked for the flu, but not COVID?

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Except those methods didn't stop either disease. Science is settled chud

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Don't know but it could be since they're both a type of cold virus, they're trigger a similar immune system, so you can't get infected since you've already built up your natural immunity, assuming you have such a thing

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best science podcast episode ever

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>jewish shills shilling jewish shills

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Buttmad poltard. Jews outrank you no matter how much you whine that Sam Harris has spoken against daddy Trump.

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Altman sounds like he is on some kind of revenge mission against humanity. He clearly has some hidden agenda. It doesn't look good guys.

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is it scientifically possible for the number of holocaust survivors to be increasing over time?

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Yes, increased sampling.

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once you find out you can get free handouts if you claim you are a survivor then the numbers rise as if by magic

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>is it scientifically possible for the number of holocaust survivors to be increasing over time
by logical induction we can obtain the insight that bullshittery is happening here

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Probably this, yeah. Not that reasonable answers will stop the axe grinding but yeah.

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Terrible science. I'll start off with the Milgram study. I should not have to explain why it was shit but of all the experiments the results were very varied and that all the participants KNEW that it was a study. This series of experiments should be considered pseudo science by anyone reputable yet it keeps getting repeated as true ad nauseam while even being put into the public curriculum in America and around the world

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Universal common descent.

An absolute fairy tail built upon baseless assumptions, faulty logic, and bad interpretations. Worse yet, competing interpretations and explanations are outright rejected and protected by law to ensure a zero-competition environment within curriculum.

Somehow, even after the multitude of discoveries and realizations born from the field of molecular biology that very clearly implicate design, contemporary practitioners of Darwinism continue to insist that their mythology is science.

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Milgram experiment has been reproduced on population scale with great success. The participants were not informed that they participated in an experiment.

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Sure thing bro. Yeah and I'm sure it can be retested today too right despite it being in the curriculum? The fact of the matter is that the experiment is extremely faulty and cannot be retested.

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How the fuck can a planet tip over on its side? What does that even mean in space?

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do u know what an axis of rotation is?

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I did not come here to talk about WWII, Anon.

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>What does that even mean in space?
In Uranus' case (giggle), longer lasting seasons with more extreme weather.

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Why does Harvard have such a preference for the dumbest demographic? Is Harvard a school for dumb people?

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The percentage that get accepted.

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Why don't asians and whites just identify as a different race?

Isn't race fluid now?

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More than 50%

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I have a hard time believing that any asians from below the top decile got accepted. Does that mean the top decile of Harvard applicants? not going to actually read it

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What's the reason to do PhD and stay in academia in STEM when the industry nowadays does the same amount (if not more) of research with 10x the pay and comfort of life?

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>comfort of life

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>come to work
>talk with colleagues for 1 hour
>work for 2 hours
>go for a lunch
>come back hour later
>work for an hour
>2 hours of meetings
>come back home
>mute teams
>this gives you free gym, medical cover, weekly integrations, free food and 6 figure salary
yeah it's pretty comfy i'd say

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Fresh barely legal pussy each year.

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do you look like a scientist?

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Huh? I see this thread for the first time.

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hollywood hasn't made a legitimately funny movie since the early 1980s, i'd rather stare at a wall for two hours than watch any of their trash

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What's the best movie in your opinion?

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Anything with Martin Ssempa in it

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the cover of the shining vhs tape, was an internet meme before internet memes existed. bravo kubrick on promotion.

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Well, is it correct?

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yea also nice calculator

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use the S-D button retard

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No u

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I had that calculator in high school. The best calculator ever.

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I self-diagnose positive ADHD and negative autism (probably because I'm not that shy around people in public), but at the same time I feel like when I get bursts of obsession with ADHD that I'm into some kind of autistic mode. Is ADHD just "mini autism in bursts"?

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you sure do seem to like talking about yourself on social media

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I tested positive for add and sometimes I relate to autists when I obsess over some subyects. I am not medicated at all tho, fuck that shit.

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>I am not medicated at all tho
they literally do amphetamines and consider that normal lol. there's this youtube channel of a girl constantly promoting drug for adhd and she pretends it's fine and you can tell by her eyes she's constantly tweaked lol.

also I'm not sure if people could even be diagnosed with adhd if there wasn't an internet era of so many distractions around.

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>I self-diagnose
Stopped reading. Kill yourself fucking retard. Only medical professionals can diagnose.

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How to make academic competitions more equitable?

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By reducing standards so that low IQ niggers can pass. Asians and Indians becoming successful in US are single biggest cause of Leftard SEETHE & COPE, because they prove that there is no "systemic discrimination" against non whites, turns out their precious niggers are simply Low IQ subhumans.
White Libchuds and their Kike bosses need to be violently raped, skinned and then fried alive. Fucking faggots.

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>An imaginary quark existed here, 5 million years ago!
>ARRRGGHH how DARE you imply my sciencism is not important and rather vague!

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> rather vague
It's absolutely horseshit lmao, physics is such BS

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Buzzword used to push anti-science anti-materialist shit

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I started watching that type of porn very early in my life and the fantasies of me fucking a grown woman while I was a kid remained

Does self-inserting as the shota make me a pedo?

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No. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ageplay

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Dunno but I also want to get raped by big tiddy onee sans

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new scientific study, what do you make of it /sci/?

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What are snails even trying to do?

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fuck and eat, and chill

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I have always thought Animals are based af. Like it or not higher degree of Consciousness and Intelligence is a curse. We unironically need to retvrn to monke.

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I once did so much weed, that I knew how it felt to be dog; i.e.g being stupid; mainly being a 'camera of the world' and working on instinct.

it's overrated though because it leaves you with low defenses against intelligence and you can probably do it on demand anyway.

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post pictures of uranus

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What are those red spots?(on uranus)

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my anus?

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bro...is uranus okay?

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>*bravely enters thread with one eye closed*
phew, no goatse

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High school students in New Orleans discover new Pythagoras theorem proof

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Very high knowledge to understand this memes

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I have an IQ tested at 185 and I do not understand this meme

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Good morning!
Very good meme sir!

Hello sir
The chicken laid eggs in between his legs and we he awoke there were little chickens there. So it looks like he mated with the chicken

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not hard to understand /b/ tier spam belongs on /b/

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