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What is the scientific reason for mucus existing?
>inb4 that ain't mucus
It really is bros

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Daily reminder that GR states that the "present" moment you are currently experiencing is wholly subjective.

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>Sodium Flamethrower to combat global warming!


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what kind of carbon emissions do you think thunderf00t has to upload all those videos he makes

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where a child has lead a terrible life, where pleasure would unimaginably found a way into it, who then was left to fend for itself in some way and was entirely pulled through by survival instinct?

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many such cases

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no you don't understand
surviving with 0 incentive
without ever having known a modicum of hedonistic privilege !

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Hello anons.

I've recently been taking some physics classes and realized I like it WAY more than CS. Problem is, I'll be done with CS in 1,5 years.

Is it worth it to study another 2/3 years for physics. I'll be 28 when I'm done, but I'm scared that it'll fuck with me in industry.

What do you fegs say? Just do CS and fuck college or go physics and CS and enjoy my time? My life of gym -> study -> time off is pretty kino atm. Wouldn't mind doing this for another year.

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advice on how to act to get a diagnosis for my schizoid? usually when I open up about myself people think I'm bullshitting.

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You don’t need a diagnosis mate, don’t listen to the voices, you must destroy them, they aren’t you yet the seek to be you, they delude you into thinking they are you, that it’s feelings are yours but do not listen to them, may try to disguise themselves as 2 one will try to harm you yet the other will try to protect you, but neither are you, you must destroy them, enslave them to your will

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it's not schizophrenia retard

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Have any of you been a part of a research team before? What were your experiences?

First time being invited out to a research team station. La Selva most likely, either way it'll be down in Costa Rica or Panama.
Talking to one of the alumni that went there before, as they're very selective:
Is there cult shit that goes on here?

Other than that, it looks fun and informative. But there's a lot of rumors that I've heard about some of the SA facilities and staff members. Anyone else have a 'normal' experience going to one of these? Because I'm supposed to go to become initiated into being a 'real scientist' (to quote the alumni) like everyone who goes there.

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I have a billion PDF files on my PC that I would like to turn into a physical book collection since I hate reading through them on an LCD screen.
Can you just upload those files on lulu or whatever and have them sent to you without any issues? Are there any print-on-demand services that do not give a fuck? Or will I have to print them myself?

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yeah you can use lulu

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lulu lets you print only a single book? I thought you had to bulk order from them

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What even is the point of modern academia? I'm still an undergrad but it seems like most of the """research""" done at my university is just busywork that the researchers do to keep themselves occupied. Seems that most of the research that is actually useful is done at companies.

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>I'm still an undergrad
Stopped reading there

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>most of the """research""" done at my university is just busywork
Most white collar jobs are like that too.

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same impression I got. The worst part is you still (usually) need to do the grad school to get those good private sector jobs so you still have to be immersed in it for 4+ years

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What if you put mini black hole near second slit?

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It's a harder sell for a pop boy like me, I can visualize a particle, it's like a marble and it's made of smaller marbles, but I don't understand what a field is really, like how do I visualize a field non-mathematically and incorporate it into a translatable world picture/what are these fields made of?

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>it's like a marble and it's made of smaller marbles

Yeah when I was younger that was how I thought as well, but the more you learn about how reality actually operate on a fundamental level
the more you realize that that notion isn't compatible with how reality really works once you look under the hood and pay attention.
You come to realize the thing that's actually real was these fields all along.

As for visualization I think about them as locations in space that has properties that are diffused thru-out the area they occupy.
On a human scale the closest you can prob get to convince yourself it is actually real in a visceral way is playing with magnets.
You can clearly feel that the field is there and just how absolutely real it is.

you then realize that when you put your hand up against a surface and press you never actually touch anything, what you feel are all the tiny fields that make up your hand
press against the tiny fields that make up the things you touch. When you realize this truth you can start accepting how reality
is a lot more like them magnets attracting and repelling one another than anything like our everyday notion of solid objects colliding.

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I get it up to the point where the question of what the fields are is. I get the math works but I don't understand what these fields are made of if it isn't stuff that ultimately would qualify as stuff and not just potential stuff.

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unifying relativity and quantum mechanics is really really hard

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Which one is the second slit?

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>engineering graphics

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What would an AI need to do for you to start believing in the AGI meme?
For me it would be accurately describing a movie plot at a least a wikipedia level.

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Everything a human can do and nothing short of that.

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Consider an alien that follows a very odd body plan. This here is what I will call a sky watcher. It is a very long lived creature, with a telescope on its "back" that points to the stars. It is not capable of communicating with others of its species. Would it be possible for this thing to come up with grand theorys of the universe all by its self? So it is intelligent, just not capable of using that knowledge for much

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No. Making all the necessary observations requires advanced equipment, and that requires advanced technology that can't be manufactured by a single individual.

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The creature has a telescope built in

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It's your fantasy scenario why don't you tell us?

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prev thread: >>14498251

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brb uninstalling ksp

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>astro butt up in the camera is fine if its a male

oh ok I see NASA

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Did they really need Rosie at all for this?

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They need to test the flight suit and life support systems with various sensors during the full flight

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Based. Come to the other side anon, let's play some SimpleRockets2.

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Hey i was doing calendar calculations for years very far into the future using the following algorithm


jan 0 feb 3 march 3 april 6 march 1 june 4 july 6 aug 2 Sep 5 Oct 0 Nov 3 Dev 5

For first two numbers of the year mod 4, substract result from 3 and multiply by 2

last two digits divide by 4, disregard decimals, add result to original last two digits, do mod7 on result

now add all results and do another mod7

now 0 is sunday 1 monday etc

i figured that the length of the year doesnt really matter because lets say you do year 5648465, you only have to do mod4 on 84, because you are only caring about the remaining rest.

now i was using this http://7is7.com/otto/weekday.html calculator to verify my results. it confirmed that the 1.1.2000 is a saturday and so is the 1.1.20000 the 1.1.200000 etc up to the first january of the year 200 trillion which is a monday....

have i missed something or is the software wrong.... its the only software i found that does these very big dates

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I don't follow your description of your algorithm, but the length of the solar day is slowly increasing, so the number of solar days per tropical is decreasing. If I reckon correctly, by 13,000,000 AD, the year will be about 364 days long. Certainly by 200 trillion any calendar calculation will be in error.

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But, ignoring details of the Earth's rotation and orbit, and of the Sun's timeline for expanding into a red giant, the Gregorian calendar has a 400 year cycle. So if you only work with the year modulo 400, you should be able to generate the days and dates.

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Probably the online calculator has an overflow somewhere in the conversion from the input year to the year modulo 400. Most use cases for such software don't go beyond 2100.

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In order for an alien species to reach the same technological level as humans would they need to look similar to us? limbs to manipulate the environment and tools, an expressive face or equivalent in order to form social groups, eyes and ears or equivalent to experience the world. I can't imagine a crab like species ever becoming advanced.

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They don't need to.

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Aliens aren't real and you are an NPC

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I just cant imagine an octopus like creature ever coming up with a combustion engine or something

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Are there any experiments that I can do to prove that humans have been to the Moon? I'm not skeptical of it, I think there's plenty of photo/video evidence, but I'm just very curious.
I know some of the Apollo missions left some laser reflectors to measure distance. I have access to some pretty powerful lasers. I would need to check exact specs of these lasers, but how feasible would it be to try to hit one of those and measure it back? What kind of equipment would I need?
Other than the lasers, are there any other experiments I could do?

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If you have to ask you can't

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So is it real? How could it be real? Everyone knows the dark side of a planet is not visible

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Anon.. that is just the moon reflecting the earth, this is something different.

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>Everyone knows the dark side of a planet is not visible
Where did you get this idea?

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A celestial body only has a dark side if it's tidally locked. Planets don't have a dark side.

I guess he's confused with the moon.

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Has to be refraction+translucency but not to the degree seen in the right pic.

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How do you deal with women in Academia? Seems like if you even talk to them there is something they can ruin your career over. But you cannot ignore them either. I want to get a PhD and enter Academia but it seems like dealing with the minefield of retarded women is too much effort.

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Do you recommend him to fuck his colleagues?
Then you should also recommend them during those degenerate activities and you better fuck them good so they like it nd crave for more. But then even though you'll make a career in science, you will never be a scientist in that environment, and that is so by design.

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>recommend them ... during those
"filming them" was omitted for some reason

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>Ugly fat dirty unintelligent woman
>=radical feminist
You should avoid them, or they will ruin everything.

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Once you grow up you'll understand that if you work you won't have so much time to do good scientific work

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My advice is for you to stay out of academia. However lets say you are talented and have opportunities in academia, then just treat women like anyone else just dont change your behaviour but try to not associate with them anyway. Say you are busy, find male coworkers, somewhat reduce your exposure to this poison

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Hey guys what if instead of trying to flee earth as quickly as possible... we instead make earth so nice we wont want to leave?? Has this been tried???

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no and it won't be
humanity is headed toward extinction

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sounds dumb

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This idea isn't really wild or even new. The concept that we should focus on solving the problems on the planet right in front of us rather than trying to escape them or move on from them is as old as our first forays into space (lest we may simply bring these problems with us to the stars). Even outside of educated circles.
It's been tried for years, but ultimately we're not much closer to solving our problems here on Earth as we were a few decades ago.

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>but ultimately we're not much closer to solving our problems here on Earth as we were a few decades ago.
first strike against russia would only sting once.

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That lady doesn't look like she's skipping any meals

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