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IQfags, Guess the IQ of every lucky star character

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Konata: 105
Kagami: 114
Miyuki: 122
Tsukasa: 88

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what about Osaka?

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Kagami's IQ is secretly the highest, at 142. Miyuki is very studious, but not exactly brilliant, so most likely somewhere around 115. Judging by her consumerist habits and her tendency to dedicate time to discussing trivial subjects, I would say Konata's IQ cannot be any higher than 110.
Tsukasa is Kagami's sister, meaning she must have an IQ somewhat similar to her, so 136 sounds like a nice guess.

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What's stopping someone from creating an army of AI-powered automatons/drones and using them to commit acts of violence? Will this be problem in the future?

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A large mass of individuals waking up every day and sacrificing their base instincts towards the goal of lawful civil society


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The people autistic enough do do so don't have the money and the ones rich enough don't have the autism

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Except the rat

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This. It might be an option for terrorist groups that move back and forth between a wealthy country where they can buy civilian drones and a different country where they operate, but it might be more cost effective to just give some psychos rifles.
Every other group that would want to use them can't afford it, nobody who is wealthy wants to bother.

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I am addicted to masturbating. Help me. I jerk off like 3 times a day. After work the only thing I do is eat food and jerk off.

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just find something you enjob doing more than masturbating. Sounds like you don't have anything else to do. Learn to program or something I don't know, just anything where you can keep yourself busy for a few hours at a time

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just find something you enjoy doing more than masturbating. Sounds like you don't have anything else to do. Learn to program or something I don't know, just anything where you can keep yourself busy for a few hours at a time

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Cow milk makes cats sick.

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It does not. I give my cat milk regularly

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How come physics as a community is so fucking autistic?

>be me

>slightly awkward guy starting phd

>in my department am a literal gigachad because I can maintain eye contact and talk to strangers
>literally no one else can talk like a human being
>try making friends with them, doing things they like, trying to relate to them
>they are literally disgusting, not fun to talk to, boring people with no hobbies

Why are physicists so retarded? Youd think the “smartest” people would know to not wear the exact same clothes 3 months in a row, would be able to make small talk, would understand that they honestly look like fucking shit and need to shave, and could have a hobby or life right!? I literally ask my coworkers to do stuff on the weekends (shopping, bike riding, sailing, hiking, bouldering, movies, arcade, etc) and some of them tell me they are “anxious” to do stuff so they cant. Wtf?? These pale ass incel ass motherfuckers why xant i meet ONE NORMAL physicist who isnt a fucking INCEL ASS SOCIAL REJECT

Unironically ugliest and least sociable discipline ever, holy fuck guys, wtf.

And what is the fucking deal with how pitifully unfunny they are? Picrel is someone who thought this was worth posting ? Is it an ASL thing

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Sounds like you're in a group of virgin experimentalists. Life is great for the gigachad theoretical physicists

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find a subject they are excited about and they might open up.

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Most physicists are hyperintellectual Pfizer/HP/Johnson & Johnson NPC's. I.e.: they exist solely to fulfill a singular task until their positronic brains give out.

Most high-tier scientists suffer from scientism abstraction psychosis and APD thus are blown-out, universally.

Don't expect to hold a conversation with them if it isn't about the dimodal interactions between A45Ω tensor geometries and Coolidge endframe capacity Φlepton bridges over covalent ∆ Halfner curves approaching ~0.00000000000000000000000001 picoklarks.

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>shopping, bike riding, sailing, hiking, bouldering, movies, arcade, etc
gtfo normalfag

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mucho texto

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Why does so much water come out of people?

Ex: https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1670350938442249.webm

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because I'm just that good at pleasing your mom, OP

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Why don't we just hide some cameras on the island and study them?

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Immune systems are a right-wing talking point.

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I am curious how they live and what they do. how their women look. its crazy to think there is a human culture right now that we know nothing about,

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With a drone

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It's just a super duper tiny group of people. Almost nothing compared to 8 BILLION people. Almost like from some kind of horror movie where a psychopath makes a human experiment leaving a bunch of people on a small private island.

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Parachute in under the cover of night. Last man standing wins.

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Economics is a pseudo science and I am wasting my potential. I've got no CS-related background experience. What do?

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Midwit detectors firing off the charts

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Seriously. Anyone who bought into the AGI hype train is a midwit of the most redditorial stripe.

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Midwit detector capacity exceeded

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nobody cares about your previous degree unless you're working for some huge accounting company that wants an accountant that knows programming, not the other way around

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Do a cs master

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While you were busy masturbating, Stephen formalized the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

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Prove what wrong? It's schizobabble.

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>write thousands of words dedicated to self-aggrandizement about a subject in which no new discovery or prediction is made
idk seems like masturbation to me

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why did he drew an innie vagina??

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This dude is actually full schizo now?

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He has been for years.

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What are comets really?

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floating blocks of ice

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Really cold water

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Frozen steam

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frozen smegma

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From the perspective of one lurking sci on 4 chins
I'd like to avoid a "biological explaination", as I find this wholly unrooted in tangible existence.

When I take a high dose of adderall on occasion, say once a month or so, things feel as they ought to be.
My compulsions are essentially eliminated. There is no more compulsive behavior.
Adderall, to me, is not an "appetite suppressant", but it is eliminating compulsive consumption because 'something else' is being increased.
Rumination is eliminated. People will say something like "adhd problems with executive function" but again, this is absent existential tangibility.
My thoughts become more of a choice, and my 'intuition' is doing all the work. When I'm not on adderall, I have trended into thought-spam as a way to make sense of what it is I ought to do. When on adderall, that's not necessary. Things become a 'knowing'. I know exactly what I ought to do.
To materialise the bodies sensations into a thoughtform thus becomes a choice or a tool to assist in my lived experience. My thoughts and imagination projections become a tool to utilize on top of what it is I am actually doing. What it is I feel inclined to do, based on what I would call a heightened self-attunement.

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Well, as said, I take a larger dose rarely, which comes with profound effects.
I believe I'm well conditioned enough to not feel depression on any comedowns, which I haven't had so far.
It can just feel jarring being so absent in self-attunement.
My sober brain is racing through thoughts and language concepts in order to justify or rationalize xy choice, but while taking that, I am intuitively aware of what I am to tend to, because I am sensing and feeling that which I am connected to.

I wouldn't frame it as though adderall is motivating me, rather I am stripped of that which is causing me 'noise', and thus am able to feel aware of what I need to tend to in order to progress on an entirely personal level, outside of what we do to upkeep forced cultural requirements (not the social stuff)

I am already capable of being a social butterfly with or without, and I enjoy doing it. It's just the person I feel on adderall is more in sync and sensing what is going on.
I have had issues with scripting beforehand, but when I take that, it all just naturally flows in the moment. Things come around much more naturally, and I feel at least less an inauthentic social character that simply understands what established social rhythms will elicit positive responses in my environment.
I find I am able to sense or feel or sync up to the individual I'm communicating with and have a more sincere interaction. It's like I can quickly sense what would make them personally laugh, for example.

This is not exclusive to social interactions, but that's just an example.

I'm not anxious about talking and approaching people, but the "who" that comes out can feel somewhat alien and simply nicely acquainted with the environment along with some established banter chops.
But the "who" projected while on adderall feels way more in sync and authentic.
I don't like the implications of saying I don't quite feel like I'm in my element when I'm not using it, but it's difficult to deny.

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Again I don't feel addicted, nor depressed when I'm off it.
I feel the same as I had felt before taking it.
It's only that this has shown me another means of operation that feels right to me.
And it's actually helped me quite a bit in at least understanding and seeing outside my box. You don't know what you don't know sort of thing.
And from there, I've been better able to train myself to be feeling and sensing more. Outside of all this jargon, at the least.

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I took 10 MG twice a day from 10 to 15 every weekday
I now might take 30mg once a month
I'm not bothered
In any case, the brain is wondrously reprogrammable. You can, even by sheer force, turn up the volume on the rest of your life.
I can focus and apply my 'energy' to all various things and begin to derive dopamine hits from it.

I've had to learn as much, as what is classified as my ADD could be akin to disassociation

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Also I would like to add that I find it with modd stabilizing effects, which I'm not fond of.
When I take it I am more calm, 'middled, or less frantic, stemming from a self confidence that i feel deeply self attuned. When you feel this level of self-connection, envirnonmental expectations are no bother. I feel as though I am authentically expressing myself. What could bring more sincere confidence and healthy ego than that?

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Unelectrified Parallel Hydrogen Nanowires in Ring Configuration Combined with Electrified Angled Cubic Metalloid Crystals as Alternative to Traditional Bulky Magnetic Particle Accelerators for Proton Acceleration in Very Small Form Factors in Support of Odderon Generation for Fusion

The gammut of quantum particle generation, although achievable by colliding a variety of particles ranging from whole atoms of metals to protons to neutrons, can be achieved through the collision and near-collision of protons alone. Of particular interest are gluon and odderon generation to support fusion power generation.

When protons are the only particle in need of acceleration, bulky magnets may not be needed to achieve relativistic velocities. Hydrogen nanowire loops, in addition to being infinitesimal with comparison to the Large Hadron Collider, enable fine guidance of the paths protons may take when combined with clever magnetic control and acceleration of the protons.

Two ring-shaped hydrogen nanowires, one slightly larger in diameter than the other (by less than 1nm) would act as a guide for accelerating protons.

>> No.15040568

Electricity would be looped through a circuit larger in diameter by a small margin than the nanowires. That circuit would be composed of the same crystalline metals used in electron spin randomization/control systems I previously proposed as a means of extending lithium battery anode life and for disruption of soliton waves. Each cubic node, in this case, would be configured to be pointing at an inward angle of perhaps 45 degrees. This would mean that electrons flowing through these metallic cubes, despite their angular momentum carrying them straight ahead, would exert their magnetism consistently toward the inner track containing the proton(s.) The orientation of the cubic metallic molecules would push the protons along from behind with each pass. If the spin orientation were not uniformed in this way, the magnetic field of the electrons would decelerate the protons equally as much as they are accelerated. However, since the magnetic north of the electrons would consistently push the protons from behind whilst their south poles would be pulling from ahead, the electrons would provide consistent acceleration.

When the protons have been accelerated to the desired velocity, the hydrogen nanowires would be electrified, nullifying their repulsive influence on the free proton(s) and causing the proton(s) to forcefully egress through the thin barrier constituted by the nanowires and exit moving in a direction determined by the exact timing of the electrification of the guide wires (and the abrupt shutoff of the angularly oriented metalloid crystal accelerator circuit.)

>> No.15040571

The Coulomb repulsion of a set of thin hydrogen nanowires would not be sufficient in and of itself to prevent protons from escaping before reaching the desired velocity. To address this, the amount of current injected into the loop is gradually increased so that the mutual push and pull of electrons' magnetic fields holds the protons on track in much the same way as the bulky magnets of the LHC. Any failure to continually step up the amperage in the accelerator at exactly the correct rate would result in a loss of containment, as would abruptly cutting power. This design provides a reliable mechanism for controlling the ejection of high-energy protons in terms of timing and direction of flight.

Also critical to this design's viability is the ability to estimate with extreme precision the position of the accerated proton without the ability to make a direct measurement of it. Modeling the projected position of a proton in each acceleration cycle is critical for programming the appropriate rate at which amperage must be applied and in the precise angular orientation of each cubic molecule. It may be necessary to design multiple loops that work together with each loop being somewhat larger than the previous, much like a gearing system. Higher energy states would call for crystalline molecules with greater amperage running through them and decreasing "angles of attack" with respect to the guide track. While the first gear in this system may suffice with a 45-degree AOA and a size of only 2-5 microns, the next gear might feature a cubic AOA of say, 38 degrees and a diameter closer to 9 microns. These handoffs to different loops would repeat until the needed energy is achieved.

>> No.15040574

This sort of form factor would be appropriate for existing experimental toroid fusion chambers and can enable odderons to be generated from the area within the "doughnaught" inside of those structures and injected into the plasma where they can perform their task of attracting fusable matter strongly enough to overcome Coulomb repulsion. This approach addresses the form factor issue as well as the need for fine directional control and has relatively modest power requirements.

The Future Is Made in America

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sweet s schizo thread

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Materialism completely and utterly BTFO


Where my analytical idealist chads at?

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how to fix the salton sea?
problem is two fold high levels of fertilizer, too high an evaporation rate
some proposals include
-pumping in pacific ocean water
-algae farm using fertilizer present in sea

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All we can do is bar them from leaving and ruining our states.

>> No.15040598

One obvious way to fix the problem is to buy a large sponge and put it in the sea thereby soaking up all the contents. Then you simply take the sponge and dump it somewhere

Another way is to use special bacteria that will collect the electrons in the salty water and bring them to you thereby reducing the saltiness and also you will attain some extra electrons which you can use at your leisure

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Trips of truth.
Coastal richfags vote against desalination plants. High time Sacramento cut off their water and told them to make their own.

As for Salton: brine-mining might work. If they're going to be another Dead Sea then at least they should make some money off it, and export the waste.

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Put some pepper in it to balance it out.

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imma call that bloom

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I need a vbnet example about how to plot (render) a 3d object with a (x,y,z) axis or any software like XYZ Mesh v9 but without a gigantic banner that makes the app unuseful.

It's to render on basis of the theory of copernicus.
√x2 +y2 = z

Reference --> OpenTK.dll
*(but for vbnet)

I use actually .xls rendering sheets but it's more to render a lot of results. (Not practical)

By the way
Thanks in advance.

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When you think about it the concepts in calculus are not that difficult. I mean, think of something like a slope. That just means how much you go up or down divided by how much you go left or right. That's pretty straight forward. And derivative simply means the value of the slope of a tangent in some part of a function. It's so easy that you could learn it from Wikipedia in five minutes without having any previous knowledge about it.

If kids can be good at learning new things anyway why wouldn't they be good at learning math?

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Yeah, I’m in a similar situation right now. I’ve been feeling like I’m playing catch up my whole time in school, but it actually seems like a lot of my classmates are in a similar situation.

>> No.15040902

it would seem Mr. Teacher has a lot to answer for, if his education is failing all of us so hard.

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Yeah, I got your point anon, I think you are right that calculus is not some advanced form of math but rather completely different subject. I guess after learning about the basic arithmetic and concept of function the main ideas of calculus can be introduced to them.
The same shit happened with, before the Uni I thought people study there some super advance shit. But then I realised that professors there just cover many different topics, which can be explained to middle schoolers.
And that's why I think the ideal school needs only 7 grades, after which children should enroll in college for 2 years to get some professional skills.

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>I'm now pursuing a master's degree in Electrical Engineering, digital signal processing
They give out degrees to any retard these days though

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What method to prevent tachycardia while consuming ethanol?

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Because you're Asian.

>> No.15040891

im hispanic

>> No.15040898

It's in other populations too, just common in Asians. It might not even be that. Mostly I wanted an excuse to share the video.
>The Asian flush is best known for creating a lobster-red face and neck when people drink alcohol, but the condition also results in a heightened heart rate, headache and nausea. That’s because people who turn tomato red when they drink alcohol lack activity by an enzyme called aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2).

Alcohol or ethanol is broken down or converted in the liver to acetaldehyde, a highly toxic compound that contributes to the hungover feeling. In most people, acetaldehyde is rapidly transformed to harmless acetate and water.

However, for some Asians, Ashkenazi Jews and others whose gene pool contains a mutant or altered form of the ALDH2 gene, the toxic acetaldehyde isn’t broken down as quickly, so it hangs around and accumulates in the liver and body — resulting in what is known as the Asian glow.

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Why'd you get the vaxx?

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I’m seeing lights. Every time I hit a vape more than twice I get shooting stars in my vision. I am completely lucid when this happens and it doesn’t feel like I’m passing out. What in the fuck could be causing this? It’s only shortly after calling weed. Nobody even knows what I’m talking about when I describe the lights. They are always either blue or yellow and they fade into view slowly, and then do zigzag patterns. Sometimes they’re more intense and then other times it may be for 3 seconds. Also when I look at a solid colored wall it looks slightly fuzzy like tv static

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>> No.15040483

I think the medical term for this is scintillating scotoma
Google it and see if this matches your symptoms

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This guy is going to the Moon and basically you're fucking retarded.

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Yeah I'll certainly take him over some NASASpaceFlight guy shrieking, or "this video is sponsored by Brilliant, hey hey Marcus House with you here from the moon"

>> No.15040803

The moon is very gay. I do not want to go to the moon. I want to go to other star systems where things are less gay

>> No.15040816

The moon is space Antarctica without water.
That said, it's awesome.

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