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Chris Langan, the man with the highest IQ in America, has spoken on anthropogenic climate change, and he says it's bullshit. Your thoughts?

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get on top with this: https://www.boardresult.website/results/pec-5th-class-result.html

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Chris Langan, the man with the highest IQ in America, has spoken on antorpogenic climate change, and he says it's bullshit. Your thoughts?

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anthropogenic* damn it

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Does any time pass if all matter in the universe remains completely still?

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>Computer science is code monkey

Heh, maybe it is for you amerisharts and your nigger theory courses, but here is what a CS master program looks like in europe, those are the typical courses that CS graduates take with a focus on AI / ML

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You fags talk a lot about science guys, how about science girls? Who is the cutest? I say Margaret Hamilton

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The TA I had, but couldn’t ask out at the time.

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Lynn Conway is the best and started the trend that flourishes today of women* in software development/CS

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Wow the paper age really sucked when it comes to filing taxes.

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I know that feel my man

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Wait...if we just reduce the population in the world, won’t that stop global warming for good?

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Just remove everyone, everyone's due to degradation.

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kill urself my man

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It wouldn't, but it wouldn't halt global warming either, unless all of those automated factories are carbon neutral.

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I'm going to die, 60 years is the same as 5 seconda.

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Less people = less factories needed to produce food, water and daily life equipment.

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Are there any good links out there to get solidworks for free? im being cautious about pirating because i fucked my last laptop with viruses.

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What are you even trying to accomplish with solidworks If you can't even pirate stuff without getting viruses

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Preface: I am 18, I live in Eastern-Europe but I want to work in Austria or Germany ASAP

Is it a good idea to get an undergrad degree in STEM if I don't want to work in engineering or as a scientist? I find every other degree fucking useless, but I still want to work in business or management.

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CS econ is not a STEM or even college degree, it is taught in numerous "schools" for HS grads who never made it into college or uni

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>Industrial and Systems Engineering GOAT

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Fuck off Pierogi

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you don't even know what cs econ is, do you?
>no college offers it

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just go math + stats and go be an actuary

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How many of you are even really a scientist and not a student or a hobbyist?

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Depends on how you define scientist I suppose. I'm a post-doc, but would have considered myself a scientist during my PhD already. I'm doing the same shit as I did back then, except now I get payed more.

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>define scientist
someone who's job is in the hard science.
basically. i would say that includes a phd, as they get payed.

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How old are you again?

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I'm the first poster in this thread and I made the same mistake. Don't be an ass.

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anyone have their inner voice speaking to them about the universe a process called wakeup or "waking up" to the true nature of reality being defined by humanity

topics like the universe being a looping structure, causality, biology, physics, the brain and evolution

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I think a lot about kids.

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I frequently think about the universe

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You should read Gödel Escher Bach.

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consider taking meds

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My undergrad is in math/stats. Really like physics and build but really didn't take them in school. If I did a grad program in math or stats, could I work with zoologists and cosmologists? Are cross disciplines groups a thing for MAs?

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Physic and bio I meant to say

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Can anyone tell me how many blue boxes there will be in the tenth one

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no retard, the formula is n*8+12
thus for n=4 (the next iteration) it's 50 blocks

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and for n=10 92
it's just that your formula is shit

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Thanks guys

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it's the same formula
>the absolute state of /sci/

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>it's the same formula
but the first one is way too convoluted, thus making it more retarded. you should always give the simplest expression as a solution.

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>This movie shows the propeller-like rotation of Ultima Thule in the seven hours between 20:00 UT (3 p.m. ET) on Dec. 31, 2018, and 05:01 UT (12:01 a.m.) on Jan. 1, 2019, as seen by the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) aboard NASA's New Horizons as the spacecraft sped toward its close encounter with the Kuiper Belt object at 05:33 UT (12:33 a.m. ET) on Jan. 1.

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Different anon. I guess he meant if Pluto and Charon will turn into similar contact binary or not.

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/sci/ve mind

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>if Pluto and Charon will turn into similar contact binary or not

not really, and it's not just about the size - the Solar System is way too old.

The theory behind Ultima becoming a contact binary is that there were other bodies in this tiny system which extracted the rotational energy from Ultima and Thule by the process of tidal deceleration (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tidal_acceleration#Tidal_deceleration).
These satellites have either been ejected out of the system or are orbiting at a far distance - and the New Horizons team is hoping to find at least one of these bodies responsible for this.

By now any objects large enough to potentially do the same with Pluto and Charon have either been ejected or have already collided with either of these bodies. There is just not enough stuff flying around through the solar system to to that in any reasonable amount of time.

That being said, gravitational waves causes all orbits to be ultimately unstable in the (very, very, very, very very ) long run. Given that Pluto orbits so far away from the Sun that it won't be bothered too much when it burns out, it can potentially keep orbiting there forever - and unless something screws the entire system up (which is not unlikely, given the ridiculously long timescales we're talking about here) - the normally negligible effect of decay through gravitational radiation WILL eventually cause them to collide.

However - as both Pluto and Charon are well beyond the hydrostatic equilibrium threshold (meaning- they are big enough to pull themselves into spheres) - even when they do collide, they will not form a binary, they would form a spherical object (whether you consider it a new planet or just an enlarged Pluto is mostly semantics at that point)

So short answer: they might get closer to each other and collide, but not by the same mechanism as Ultima and Thule and they are way to heavy to form a similar object, they would merge into a sphere.

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>way to heavy

*too heavy

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That's interesting - right after the flyby the bitrate was something between 500 and 600 b/s, how did they manage to get the bandwidth up?

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How can I get away with pursuing a PhD in pure math but also being able to get a decent job (i.e. not slaving away in academia) afterwards?

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I know more than you so im calling you a retard for recommending a dumb idea.

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Clearly you don't know enough, otherwise you would conclude that it was (and is) a very, very good idea.

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>web dev

Am i supposed to be impressed?

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>I don't know what entry-level means.
>An entry-level job is a job that is normally designed or designated for recent graduates of a given discipline and typically does not require prior experience in the field or profession. These roles may require some on-site training. Many entry-level jobs are part-time and do not include employee benefits. Recent graduates from high school or college usually take entry-level positions. Entry-level jobs targeted at college graduates often offer a higher salary than those targeted at high school graduates. These positions are more likely to require specific skills, knowledge, or experience.[1] Most entry-level jobs offered to college graduates are full-time permanent positions and some offer more extensive graduate training programs. While entry-level jobs traditionally required no experience, the Great Recession produced a surplus of college graduates on the job market and eliminated many entry level positions.[2][3]

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What are the purest subjects of math? The fields that currently have no applications whatsoever outside of mathematics?

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Why do we humans seek art especially as we get older?

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only way i learn is through immense repetition. but even then i dont actually understand anything.

this is regarldess of subjects. the only thing I intuitive would understand is ports used in electronics

only reason I could solve math. was that I made one of my friends. that was really good in math

solve the hardest most complicated questions then I copied the way he solved it and applied it to everything else.

In short I dont actually learn anything. I just make a copy of something and then I can do it but I never actually understand how anything works

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same bitch you aint special

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whats your strategy for learning. i have hit a hard wall

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Give an example. What don't you understand that you think you should understand? Try to pick the most basic one.

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>only way i learn is through immense repetition
like everybody else

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If w = x*(0.5^(y/z))

How do I find the function z=?

pic unrelated

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Homework should be on /wsr/
You need to use logs

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Do you have any music/sounds that you find seem to help you in your studies, /sci/?

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search for "brown noise" and related videos on youtube.

Also, this is the best thing for me, by far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMqVKstfH5w

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Kind of soft science, but what's the benefit of equality, many people (independent of political, social, financial factors) accept equality of everyone regardless of race/sex/... to be such a fundamental principle that it doesn't even need motivation, and resort to arguing only about how it should be implemented, but why? It's not a universal view in all cultures in history that everyone is equal, unlike values such as 'dont kill random people', which is almost completely universal, and has a clear benefit for the society as a whole.

Arguments I've heard are
>Imagine if people weren't equal and you were one of the oppressed people
Which is literally an appeal to emotion and can be used to justify anything (imagine if you were on death row, thus death penalty is wrong, for example)
>The recent increase in inequality has also caused an increase in unhappiness
No sources or further motivation are ever given on this

In memes: what's the evolutionary purposes of equality?

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kill. all. niggers.

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>many people (independent of political, social, financial factors) accept equality of everyone regardless of race/sex/
you've just grown up inside a particular ideological memescape so you don't see how it's an ideology and not a "fundamental principle". You just said yourself
>It's not a universal view in all cultures in history that everyone is equal
so, your premise is nonsense. You're unwittingly asking "why do people regurgitate platitudinous beliefs that aren't well reasoned" and the answer is virtue signalling to get agead

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yes liberal humanists raise their children to embrace liberalism and libertarianism

>> No.10300586

>imagine if people weren't equal and you were..

You have to first establish why you were going to treat people unequally. In your terrible example we can establish why someone might be put on death row.

Now establish why women shouldn't deserve to vote? I think Rawls' veil of ignorance is a useful tool here to determine what we should do.

The problem with people that argue for what you argue is that they always include themselves as within the "in" group. So if we make a minimum IQ needed to vote, im sure you would include yourself. A minimum "health" to breed, i'm sure would include yourself. Not very rational.

>> No.10300640

>The problem with people that argue for what you argue
You mean people that want reasoning behind believes instead of blind faith? What I Believe isn't even relavent to this. This type of knee jerk reaction to questioning why we should have equality of oh, you want a reason? You must be anti equality then! Is so immature.

I knew about Rawls theory, and while it at least tries to explain it, it ends up being equivalent to if I was disadvantaged, I'd be sad, and you need a more fundamental goal for this to work, such as maximising average happiness, but i can't think of a more fundamental criteria that would always be consistent with equality. In the maximise average happiness case e can imagine a highly unequal society that ends up with half the population extremely happy and half content.

So it's purely an ideology that can't be justified in any way? This is supported by a fuckton of people who call themselve sceptics, who value science above all else, would they hold believes with no evidence to this extent?

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Alright /sci/, got a son on the way.

Redpill me on what I should do during pregnancy and early years to maximise IQ for my lil fella. Should I be getting my wife do high level maths, to transfer the IQ to the baby?

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This thread gives me too many feels. My dad didn't teach anything.

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how does it feel to have pathetic parents lmao
>tfw got Asian tier Eastern European parents
>started piano at age 6
>anything less than A is unsatisfactory and anything below B is "disappointing"
>send me to chess to make a complete meme out of me, pretty decent at it
>help me start my first startup at age 17 because I'm autistic enough to already know about software development since i started programming at 14
>leave it to pursue a degree at a privately funded prestige major in my city
feels good anons, but there is one major disadvantage: you have no social life beyond going to a club with your friends like once a half year and you're too autistic to get a gf.

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>tfw my parents never taught me how to ride a bike and were too busy bickering with each other until the divorce

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Commot suicide and leave your household in disarray. He’ll sink or swim and you won’t have to worry if he turns out like you.

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this. children are how women enslave men, nothing more and nothing less.

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