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> Elon Musk?

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The effect of screens on the brain and body?
Do we know much about the "frequencies" running through the body and how they're altered by screens?
When I wake up and use a screen, be it TV, monitor, phone, versus waking up and going outside, I notice a significant difference in my experience. I can't quite express what it is, but it doesn't feel good at all.
Does science have anything to say about this?

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The best way for America to decrease poverty population is to provide and teach homeless people to study computer science for free.

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Starlink edition.

Previous: >>12264820

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>this is innefective at triggering me

please post stuff related to space

the soviet union was a very prominent actor in the development of spaceflight, its contributions are often unknwon because of less press in the western world

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it wouldn't derail if people didn't answer it

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Left wing thinks we shouldn't bother with space travel at all because people need more gibs.

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>people responding to the bait for any reason
cmon guys

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No, rockets just coast while constantly falling. Flying has nothing to do with orbit except getting there.

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Is there going to be any interesting breakthrough in next 100 years that will provide new sort of outlook on life?

It seems currently everything is just progressing on what's already been known for past 50 years and little by little small optimizations that make things go faster/cleaner are happening, but nothing major. Nothing so out of imagination that would transcend current knowledge.

Give me your best outlook to what's to come

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don't expect any kind of scientific discovery from the west, China is pretty much the only country trying to do things now

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In 50 years the new would order globo homo will force you take a gene drug that will turn your freken dick gay.

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Better meds to stop threads like this.

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Chinese are good at stealing and application but their political structure hinders new ideas to be researched. Free democratic nations beat autocracies in that department as the inner struggle for grants are more free.

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>Co-discover the 5th state of matter
>doesn't get the nobel prize stating that it's not a worthy discovery
Is the nobel prize retarded

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Yeah. Only normiefags and Mr. 'I fucking love science' guys think Nobel prize is worthy.

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Having a prize for econ, lit and peace, but not math is enough to see that it's all a load of shit.

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Also, political.

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Literally discovered photons are indistinguishable. Should have won

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since i am a computer science major, i am just doing one of the hardest mathematics in my field. my degree can land me into best tech companies around the world and i can earn more than the average of Business major. i have no time of answering questions. Sorry

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>more than average of Business major
Anon business is a bloated field and many business majors don't have jobs and settle down for a shitty HR job.

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Name me something more meaningless than putting a human presence on Mars.
>B-b-but I'd jump at the chance! I'd do anything!
then move to Antarctica, it's the same experience.
>b-b-but humanity needs to establish a new home!
nope. which do you think is easier, fixing a habitable planet or making an Mars habitable? Keep in mind Mars has no magnetic field to trap gasses if you wanted to terrarform.

Mars is a meme. Mars is a clown show. The only people that should give two fucks about Mars are mining companies, otherwise get a fucking clue.

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>something more meaningless
your shitpost

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>t. Martian

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Get off /sci/, Blorz'chidrrnik-3.

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I am fucking doing so bad at my first year of engineering. How important are marks anyways? I could probably pass with the minimum required, but that make feels like shit. What was your worse mark?

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engineering is for niggers

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Just don't put your GPA on the resume

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What is your career tripfag-kun?

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Can we make a list of the best websites / feeds etc. that relay high-quality information from recent publications in all fields of science and engineering in a free way?

Personally I like sciencedaily.com and Anton Petrov's videos but I feel there must be other similar places where to get the most recent updates.

Which are your favorite ones?

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And I mean high level science aggregators to avoid having to search in 2000 different journals every time.

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Is that just a mole?

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You have about a week left to live.

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0.99999999999999999... < 1 < 1.00000000000000000....0001
true or false?

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Dude are you retarded? I am not talking about the real numbers here. Read

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Cirno already confirmed this.

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>not talking about the real numbers
ok, idgaf then
feel free to disappear up your own asshole

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No, the "...." in
can't represent an infinite string of zeros, because the string clearly ends in a one.

The only representation that makes sense is for "...." to represent an arbitrarily long, finite string of zeros. So the difference between the string in question and the number 1 is an arbitrarily long, finite string of zeros that ends in a one: 0.00000000000000000....0001

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The thing is, that technically only only one of those 3 numbers exists.
0.999...999 is either finite, or is still missing a few 9s at the end.
Same with 1.000...001.
How much is 0/1? Because that's the difference between those 3 numbers.

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holy crap

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>N. Rabino
genius paper

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Time travel isn't possible.

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Then how am I continuously traveling forward in time?

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Not traveling through time is impossible.

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Define "time travel". Einsteins theories show that time is not continuous, and that certain objects can travel in time at different rates relative to eachother depending on their gravitational pull as well as their velocity.While we have no way to move backwards in time, we know that time dilates as we approach the speed of light, so moving forward in time is certainly possible.

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different rates =/= not continuous

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I'm having trouble understanding his Log.

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Brainlet cross-boarder here, explain this to me in workin' mans words.

Wouldn't efficient teleportation violate the first law of thermodynamics because of potential energy? If gravitational potential energy is mgh then to not violate this law the teleportation process would have to, er, expend equal to or greater than the gain in potential energy if teleporting it upwards? Else if the energy used in teleporting is less than the gain you've created energy?

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I wouldn't say that is much of a problem regarding the first law since you could just input energy to reach that height (assuming what is meant is that the person is atomised and then reassembled). A bigger problem would be the second law in that entropy tending to go up means the teleportee tends to go incorrectly assembled and dead.

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What are realistic career options for someone with an ungrad from a mid ranked school with mediocre grades?

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If it's STEM you can do electrical/IT maintenance for hospitals/school boards/local government

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Grades mean fuck-all in the real world, the only place they have any bearing (beyond whether you passed or failed) is OTHER educational institutions. But even then, grades would simply make entrance easier and not instantly delete any possibility of success in that route. Same applies to the reputation of a school. Exception goes to schools that give out fake documents like how in the Middle East there are shitloads of places that you can simply buy a degree from to the point where there are more people with a fake degree in the Middle East than with a real one.

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1.Learn something on the Internet (coding, or something that could be done remotedly)
2. Move to Argentina
3. Offer your services in the US while living in Argentina, as the differences between the dollar and the argentinian peso are enormous, you can live with relative ease.

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Nah grades to matter. Many job agencies/hr departments have an Algorithm that automatically rejects people with a grade below a certain level.

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If you're good with computers and networking IT is pretty chill and pays alright if you don't have social anxiety.

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All the feliformia I see they have the sharpest/strongest theets if compared to caniformia (bear / wolves)
The only caniformia which can compete are badgers-like animals maybe (just google badger theets)


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>Eng Professor introduces new set of equations
>Says "Don't bother with the proof, leave that to the mathematicians living in their parents basement".

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>english professor
Why the fuck is he using equations?

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If the virus hasn't been isolated, what exactly are the tests testing for, and why are so many cases coming back as positive?

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RNA that's available in gene bank, imo it's written there.

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>what exactly are the tests testing for
RNA segments that China was kind enough to give, thus resulting in Chinese industrial quality results.

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