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Bit of a doomsday prepper here. Less stock pile and hunker down though, more want to live off the land. In Kentucky so it makes a bit of sense.

Anyways, most meds have a limited shelf life, and last thing I need is for my meds to be expired before SHTF.

Anyone have sources on home medicine that isn't polluted with essential oil bullshit?

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Literally what?

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When using a base n number system n is written as 10. For example 2 in binary is 10

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"10" means a different number in each base

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You can solve PDEs. Program cool stuff. Build useful machines. Whatever.
But do you have a qt science gf or are you an incel loser?

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>qt science gf
I think you mean ugly, often fat and autistic science gf

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What do you guys do when someone asks to copy your work? I was gonna help someone study but they sent me pictures of their exam and now they want my answers to "cross reference". But their answers are mostly wrong and not helpful.

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Pic related

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Is there some sort of budget math chart ? Most of the books in the /sci/ wiki cost more than 60 bucks, but I can only afford about 35$ at most per book.
Dover usually does the job, but I don't know what books from their catalog are the best.
I'm personally looking for advanced undergraduate level stuff and beyond, particularity topology, group theory, analysis, logic and combinatorics.
And yes I know I can download them from libgen, but I just can't focus on digital format. I tried, I really did, but I just can't.
So if you have any suggestion, please share.

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>And yes I know I can download them from libgen, but I just can't focus on digital format. I tried, I really did, but I just can't.

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print on demand services usually aren't much more expensive than that.

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Excuses, if you can read 4chan you can read an ebook.

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just paste gen.lib.rus.ec to your browser's address bar sweaty

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Kodiak Bear vs Silverback Gorilla. Scientifically speaking, who would win? Let's make it a bit harder and say there are 2 other, smaller Gorillas with the Silverback chief.

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Answer the question.

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What can a gorilla possibly do to a bear? The bear wins easily.

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Black Bear vs silverback?

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I wanna say the bear but the gorilla can pick it up and throw it. I'm a bearfag though.

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3 gorilla's vs 1 bear, anon.

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It's not just the diet, and sedentary lifestyle. though they're important.

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More people are born than ever that don't die at an early age who do seem to have inferior genetic qualities.
I'm fat sedentary asshole and yet my sperm and t levels are God-tier

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plastic, it has a weak estrogen effect

it breaks up into microscopic particles and gets in everything, the food, water. you're even breathing it in the air at this very second likely has plastic in it

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Or is it possible now?

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Never. Have sex incel.

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10-15 years at most. It will be illegal in the west.

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I have an important scientific announcement to make.

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*stops typing draft paper in TeX and closes labtop*

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g-go on...

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Before we get into discussing the specifics of this study, we must mention our friends at CERN for giving us unparalleled access to the LHC. This provided vital in helping us complete our study. Also, on a personal note, I would like to thank my dear wife for her never ending love, support and patience during this trying period.

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Now, without any further ago we will get into it. Oh, sorry just one more thing. I wanted to make sure all of you knew about the open bar. There isn't table service so you have to walk over and get your drinks. We also have an assortment of snacks in the room to the left, please feel free to help yourself.

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I'm highly interested.

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>Researchers at the University of Hawaii predict that 90% of the world’s coral reefs could die in the next 20 years
>and that reefs could disappear entirely by 2100 as climate change increases ocean temperatures. What do you think?

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How worried should we be really?

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Enough that you need to slowly attain long term amounts of potable water and food over the next month or so. Then bunker up when things look worse.

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ask yourself how far you trust chinese numbers.

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if you have respiratory problems you should be worried. Your granny could die too, so it's best to see her soon. Otherwise it's just a flu. But not just any flu, it'll be the worst flu in modern times.
the chinese' numbers don't matter anymore. The issue is we're starting to see person to person transmission outside of china. 26 people in japan who didn't travel to wuhan, there's like 433 cases in south korea now, and now we had someone come back to canada from Iran with coronavirus. This means there's cases out there we aren't detecting.

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Is there scientists that actually think that aliens exist? I want proof and want people in my school like is there space programs that think ayy lmaos out there

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yes fren we are out there. i was on the space staten an the ufo comed and stole my orgains.

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>look up any nuclear site on google maps
>the comments are endless variations on the same joke by brainlets retards who don't know the first thing about nuclear power and whine because of muh spooky cooling towers

I can't fucking stand these fucking normies, we can't let them in charge no longer or civilization will fucking collapse

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pls be in london

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didnt read dont care
get informed before i block you.

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what you gonna do, make a growing an extra leg joke ?

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what? no i said i was going to block you, dumbass. consider yourself

btw why would i say grow an extra leg when its clear you already have. enjoy your genetic damage and retard cums

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Sellafield(aka Windscale) is actually a pretty shit in terms of nuclear.
>>spooky cooling tower
in the lower right of the picture is one of the downright spookiest cooling towers in the world. That's an exhaust chimney for an AIR COOLED NUCLEAR REACTOR. And guess the fuck what? At this very same plant they had one of these AIR COOLED REACTORS CATCH FIRE!
Also in the lower right we can see a blue pool, because guess what the Brits also had the bright idea of storing spent fuel outdoors in fucking ponds! And not just any fuel, but fuel with cladding that corrodes in water! They just dumped it the fuck in and delayed clean up for years. To this day, they're still trying to clean up a mixture of corroded fuel, gull droppings, and algae. The pond developed it's own goddamn ecosystem and we discovered radiation resistant algae in it:

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Anyone know if there are any studies on the long-term use of pic related?

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I haven't found studies on picrel, but the nicotine in the blood has harmful effects regardless of delivery method.

>Nicotine poses several health hazards. There is an increased risk of cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal disorders. There is decreased immune response and it also poses ill impacts on the reproductive health. It affects the cell proliferation, oxidative stress, apoptosis, DNA mutation by various mechanisms which leads to cancer. It also affects the tumor proliferation and metastasis and causes resistance to chemo and radio therapeutic agents.

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ex-smoker here

I've been doing NRT for 5 years. Used it to quit smoking but then couldn't quit the replacement. No health problems (yet)

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Yeah that's another concern. The replacements are addictive as well.
>With the advent of nicotine replacement therapy, the consumption of the nicotine is on the rise.
That sentence was from that 2015 study above. I suppose they count vaping as NRT, but I am not sure. Nicotine is addictive no matter the form.
>Nicotine is considered to be a safer alternative of tobacco.
and the fact that it is considered safer leads to a false sense of absolute safety which in turn means that the amount of nicotine users have been going up rather than going down.

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Another thing about the replacements is that you are allowed to use them inside. I know they haven't fully implemented these laws in the US (they really should), but they have in most of north-america, south-america, australia, EU, russia, middle-east, south-africa, parts of asia and the data shows declines in smoking thereafter.

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>these laws
Smoking ban in public buildings like workplaces etc..

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Why is it so difficult to eliminate HIV reservoirs

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Because we can't forcibly execute all infected people to prevent them from spreading it.

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It's actually very easy if you kill the host.

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Is there any way the universe doesn't end?

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It just requires that the light do exactly what we know it does when traversing a distance out of a gravity well to reach an observer in another gravity well.

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So is that proof for, or against?

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uh oh, stinky!

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Against. You can't be at a place (in the "3D space") if it at the same time wasn't at a specific time, this disproves the first sentence in the picture you asked about...

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>The universe is NOT expanding.

Big if true

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Space Exploration is the only way to go

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alright elon chill out

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solve this nerd

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>slip your weak haymaker
>circle you
>baptise you with my right hand

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It's a bad angle.

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Brainlet here. How do I cope?

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By accepting you're a brainlet and working hard. Also, get physicall strong so you can anihilate people like >>11408412
with ease and put them in a coma for life.

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By refusing to accept you are a brainlet and recognising the limitless potential you have. Work smart, work hard and work out. Dismiss and look down upon people like >>11408412, and avoid overly-reactive copers like >>11408418

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Anon there is nothing to cope about

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Just be a happy blissful little brainlet.
In your own way, you are blessed.

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You are already coping

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