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i think some one said theres no center to the universe because its infinite, but because objects exist and these are the only objects they create the center because the rest if infinite it makes it even then the objects create the center i think

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Dinosaurs are so fucking gay. Does anyone actually believe they were real? """"Scientists"""" be like, "o look there is a special dinosaur with like a helmet for a head, and this bad bow has a spikey tail to swing at its foes. Oh my this boi has a long neck to eat leaves from the tops of trees".

When dinosaurs and other fossils were first starting to be discovered, there were all kinds of fraud and stupid fucked up theories, and they just kept it going so you fags feel smart. When Jurassic Park came out in the 90s velociraptors where known to be small, but after the movie they all of a sudden discovered a bunch large ones in north and south america. HOW CONVENIENT. Don't get me started on spinosaurus, and other big faggot dinosaur. Why would it "evolve" to have a heavy ass sail made of bone on its back?

Dinosaurs are fake and so is evolution. Paleontologists are just part of a pyramid scheme to train more paleontologists and collect tax money for """""""research"""""". Prove me wrong.

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I smell fixed mindset bullshit. Like sure you won't be Roger Federer if you don't start practicing tennis at 8 years old but there are examples of oldies becoming GMs in chess.

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it's an excuse for people who are too lazy to learn

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Can someone point out the flaws with this paper? I looked at the pictures and skimmed through the words, looks like Masamitsu Oshima and co made something funny. All just cope & hope?

1 get a pregnant mouse,
2 kill her,
3 steal her unborn baby,
4 cut it's head off,
5 steal it's not-yet-formed molars,
6 extract mesenchymal what-it cells from the molar and separate them from eachother,
7 grow the cells a bit in the lab so they form a clump again (undo what 6 just did)
8 acquire another mouse
9 cut him open, pull his kidney out (gently)
10 open the thin membrane surroudning the kidney forming a little pocket
11 package the clump of tooth-forming cells in a plastic tube
12 put the cump of cells and plastic tube into the mouse kidney
13 sew him and his kideny back up
14 let everything heal
15 wait about 60 days
16 get the now grow mouse tooth from the kidney
17 remove plastic tube from tooth
18 remove mouse's fully functional molar (owie)
19 let it heal over
20 cut the gum open again
21 stick that newly grown mouse tooth in the hole
22 ???
23 profit, mouse now has tooth again!!!! :)

If I had to guess the big problem with this paper is that the original source of tooth forming cells was from a mouse embryo, sadly adult humans probably don't have any of those stem cells in their jaws that we could extract and grow as shown above.

Either that or big-dentist would assassinate anyone who tried.

oh btw, source:


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>bro if you just kill a baby mouse, rip its gums out, implant them in a kidney, leu it grow teeth, then jam the teeth into an adult mouse's jaw, you can give mice new teeth!!!
lol at modern bioscientists thinking they're anything more than Mengele with fancier equipment

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I’m so ashamed of the school I have to go to in the fall.
I tried so hard and worked my ass off, and I couldn’t even make it into a top 20 university.
Meanwhile my retard classmates are getting into UPenn, Duke, MIT, Caltech, Princeton…
What the fuck do I do? I can’t live my life like this. How did it go so wrong??

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>iPhone filename
you should definitely kill yourself OP

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The point is if they are retarded they will stay retarded and mostly won't suddenly turn into geniuses.

You can't make niggers into human beings.

If you are good you will do good

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Well you're an anime phoneposter so yeah the rope is probably the answer.

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>BTFO Abiogenesis and OoL research in your path

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For real or for pseuds?

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>no name in the OP, subject, or filename
just fuck off and die

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If this person can’t get into HYPSM then who can? Just legacy admits, athletes and black people?

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Damn he's even Jewish. Nepotism has gotten so bad that nepotism applicants are being outcompeted by even higher level nepotism.

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maybe he's not the right kind of jew

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Relative to the P versus NP problem, if it is true that FTL technology can exist (as interpreted relative to quantum mechanics falsifying the EPR paradox via spooky action at a distance), then is it not true that P=NP?

Picture from https://news.mit.edu/2009/explainer-pnp

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P=NP is completely unrelated to FTL. Have no idea what you're getting at here

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>FTL won't be invented until the 2400s
2063 actually

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Oh sweat summer child the qubits travel backwards in time so the problem is solved in negloglinear [O(-n log n)] time

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>if it is true that FTL technology can exist
Not in any meaningful manner
Best option is wormhole and that would kill individuals going through and isn't creatable as a portal where desired

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> that would kill individuals going through

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Why do thick girls have more tendency to have that really wet kind of pussy that gushes and squirts sbf enjoys deep hard pounding, while smaller skinny chicks tend to be more dry and more into the clit?

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The entirety of their job can be summed up with exercise, do breathwork/meditation, and go out and talk to people just be yourself!
AI will replace it soon enough

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how and why did women meme therapy so hard into popularity?
every therapist is booked now, no matter how shitty they are.

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they're retarded and have easy lives so anything "works".

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They memed therapy for women, but not for men, specially the white ones.

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Consider that women : therapy :: men : onlyfans. The economy follows immediately.

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Why do dairy cows look like that?

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I'm trying to run some IQ# code in a Python environment. I don't get it why it's not working. I have qsharp installed, Microsoft Quantum extensions installed in VSCode.

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The instructions are "install qsharp extension", which I did. I can get IQ# code to run, just not from within a Python environment. If I import it into Python it doesn't run. GenerateRandomBit is my IQ# function.

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why are you posting this here and not >>>/g/? fuck off.

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Quantum computing doesn't have any practical applications. Why doesn't it belong here?

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Actually. I got it work by running it in a conda environment. I don't know why it wasn't running in VSCode. Damnit.

But I have it working.

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You are mentally disabled if you use Python.

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Ok, you post one word. How is it non-sense

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By empirical observation.

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Whenever I go on holiday over the winter in a warm sunny place my mood instantly is better for the next week or two. So clearly its healthy to be getting sun light.

But then it causes wrinkles cancer and damage to skin cells.
>pic related
Is a trucker who exposed half of his face to the sun everyday for years. So is it a meme that the sun is bad for you should all pale skinned people just constantly wear sunblock?

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Theoretically possible if your daily routine is to drive due south until noon and then drive the same way back due north

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He was a truck driver also even an hour of sunlight a day can do that especially in a place like florida or Arizona where the sun is strong. My skin gets burnt in 1 hour of direct exposure in florida.

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Literally this is the fact you posters make when posting these memes. It's always a cringe projection

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the reddit triple

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/sci/ humor thread

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>meme is a photograph of a billboard
Facebook boomer shit
Just draw an MS paint comic or something

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for me it's

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Sensible kek

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more of these, funny

(this is funny too but not really a genre)

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Can most people earn a computer science degree and find a job shortly after? I'm tight on money and can't afford an IQ test or wasting time doing classes that I shouldn't do.

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Just learn to code, do some freelance work, build a portfolio, apply for some CS positions, and exploit your dad's connections with higher ups in the company to land a cozy six-figure do-nothing work from home position
It's literally that easy

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>Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

>If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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>Can most people earn a computer science degree and find a job shortly after?
No. Most people graduating with CS degrees don't even know how to code. The entry level was oversaturated with the promise of easy money and in the wake of the recent downturn companies have been laying people off. The few companies that are still hiring are only looking for experienced devs now because they can't afford to train up juniors and don't want to risk hiring one of these "learn to coders".
The reality is that only a very small minority of people are actually capable of becoming decent developers. It's not even so much an IQ thing (although the higher your IQ the better you will become). It's a hyper focus thing. Most people can't sit still at a desk for hours on end poring over 1000s of pages of documentation and reference manuals or 1000s of lines of code with intense uninterrupted focus. This is what it takes and most people are simply not wired for this.
Best career advice: play to your strengths and natural proclivities and you will enjoy what you do and become good it.

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What does science say about us being mermaids?

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I'm working on proving the theory that our eyes were developed to see underwater conditions.

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>Humans have literally no vestigial aquatic-adapted traits

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its less about "mermaids" and more that we are literally the only ape species that has any adaptations that even coincidentally are useful for swimming. Subcutaneous fat, ability to sweat, lower body hair, hair on our head flows down instead of up to let the water drip away faster, and human infants are born INSTANTLY knowing to hold their breath under water.

now look at the migratory patterns of early hominid life and see how our ancestors loved to follow the edge of water wherever we found it. Lakes, oceans, rivers, streams; we found any and every excuse to stay near these things.... almost like there's some sorta innate advantage to it.

finally consider of all the other apes, humans have the greatest need for fresh water regularly. Sure we're "supposed' to be getting a lot of water from the fruit/veggies we eat, but not every season is harvest season. why the hell, as the deserts expanded in africa, did humans manage to not only not adapt to need less water but instead adapted to need MORE water? Because we're the only apes to adapt to being around water all the time.

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Japanese macaques are mainly found near water. Do they have any of these adaptations?

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>ability to sweat
What does that have to do with being aquatic?

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Is mycology worth it bros? I grow mushrooms already and want to be on the forefront of the shroom revolution. I’m sure you’ve all noticed that psychadelic mushrooms are being pushed by the medical field as a fix for certain psychiatric illnesses.
A lot of testing is going one right now, so I’d like to know who supplies the labs that are performing these tests?
Anything related to mushrooms welcome

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"shrooms cure anxiety bro!" is just the new "weed cures depression bro!" which was thoroughly disproven when people looked around and realized tons of stoners are miserable depressed losers who achieved nothing but fucking up their dopamine even more than it was already

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Are there oral medications which would have the same effects as the experimental gene therapy vaccines which were forced on the population? Asking for a friend.

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yes, cock

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Yes. Cock.

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No but seriously

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This isn't funny at all.

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Hello, fellow channers. I was a true atheist, until I started reading the old books about 2 years ago. I was baptized as an eastern orthodox Christian early on, but never really considered the Divine design as an option. Almost all of my friends (excluding the muslims and jews) think that The Bible is full of lies and misconception. My question is: Why do I feel excluded by my friend's every time I start talking about theology, etc..? Faith and science don't contradict each other imo. They just complement each other. Science operates with facts and faith operates with the incompletion of our own understanding. Christians are welcome. Thanks!

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all science and philosophy originates in theology. i mean the creators language is literally mathematics.

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Religion is only true to the extent that it explains aspects of reality, which then relies on painstaking theology and individual and communal striving. It's not even about filling in the gaps of science. Instead it's history, poetry, ethics, psychology, community, wisdom, motivation, etc, etc.

The big problem in Christianity is the theology is often *extremely* bad and very few people want to put any effort in, or when they do they risk getting crucified for saying anything contrary to the mob. Granted, Eastern Orthodox can be a lot better than other options. But even still, when the answer is that everything always comes back to the crucifixion or something like that then it's not going to work for a lot of issues.

The Bible has some extremely valuable works within in it, but most Christians never get through much of it, and so tend to only operate according to what they picked up socially or according to narrow instruction. Clearly this only goes so far in addressing the range of real issues in life. And when organized religion is working poorly in today's world then it's pretty rational to reject it along with the people attempting to spread it.

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>god is real
ok. proof? oh you have none? ok bro come back when you have something.

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>The big problem in Christianity is the theology is often *extremely* bad and very few people want to put any effort in, or when they do they risk getting crucified for saying anything contrary to the mob. Granted, Eastern Orthodox can be a lot better than other options. But even still, when the answer is that everything always comes back to the crucifixion or something like that then it's not going to work for a lot of issues.
Have you read any Christian theology at all? It's literally the only well-developed systematic theology in the world- and for good reason: it's the only religion from which logic necessarily emerges as a fundamental aspect of God (e.g. through the Logos). If you knew what passes for scholarship in the Eastern religions you'd be begging to read Aquinas again.

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Well I wasn't saying that no impressive work exists. Aquinas was an insane genius (though all the more difficult to transpose into pragmatic tenets today).
When I mentioned theology I meant it as its popular contemporary instantiation. Largely what is being conveyed now is terrible because it fails to address certain audiences and their relevant needs, and that's why asking a smart person what they think about Christianity has a high chance of negative response.
With respect to the East, it was a nod to OP that he's not in a bad place. Sure, the old texts get obsessed with solitary life and demons, and more basal aspects, but what gets conveyed in the religious practice has a way of naturally integrating and unpopular positions are more acceptable. The Western capacity for logical analysis is good, but isn't everything. The fruits of that are part of what led to scientism on one side and irrelevant religious dogmatism on the other. Arguably, a "true" theology brings with it flexibility and practicality within a coherent framework--that in turn is much harder to deny by would-be opponents. Basically that's why ridiculous characters like Jordan Peterson, a self-described pragmatist, end up with so much sway over religious issues--because the practiced Christian theology had become so irrelevant to so many people.

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