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Hello /sci/, can anyone formulate a mathematical/logical proof as to why liking girls is gay?

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Transitive property.

You like girls.
Girls like dicks.
Therefore, You like dicks.

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Write it more formally, I would also like a mathematical proof pls

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>greater percentage of blacks than whites studying science(STEM) in higher education

And this is in England where there is no affirmative action (is confirmed illegal by the Gov).

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Are you literally retarded? Can't you read?

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Poor people go into stem independently of gender, race, etc. This is well know.

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There's also a higher percentage of gender non-binary students than either male or female, how bout dat?

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>I'm brainlet
I want to be good at math
but as you know that low iq can't be good at math
And there is no way to improve iq which is fixed by gene

These facts make me sad and lethargy

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I'm at the point where I have zero tolerance for self-pity. Who gives a fuck about IQ when you haven't even fucking tried yet

Just pick up a good textbook and study faggot
Watch khan academy or the billion other math resources online if you need help. Or just ask us. What's the point in whining on the internet, how does that help towards your goal?

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dumb frogposter

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I'm taking a class in Computational Data Analysis and the first topic is linear regression. I've forgotten all of it since i learned it back in second year. Any textbook recommendations?

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I got by with half-remembered stuff from first year of my undergrad and the lecture notes and then the stuff on general linear models in Bishop's Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning that I was using for a different unit. Most of it is pretty straightforward and most of the reading I did was for interest instead of learning.

While we're on book recommendations: Suggested books for likelihood methods? Ideally something that doesn't shy away from the information theory angle.

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I've been trying to figure out how it is tribes as small as 20-30 people have been surviving for thousands of years without having serious medical issues.


I've figured it out now. In nature only the strong can survive, those who inherit weak genes tend to die off. Usually when they are still very young. Because of this only those with the strong genes survive.
This would explain why Tribes have so many children and how such small groups are able to survive thousands of years in isolation.

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whenever I come back to this type of problems I stop thinking. I can't find any examples on this exact type of sums, it makes me feel retarded as fuck

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holy fuck
That one is 3/(1 - 1/8) = 24/7.

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why is this written retardedly and not just
[eqn]sum_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{3}{8^n}]/eqn]

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why is this written retardedly and not just
[eqn]\sum_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{3}{8^n} [/eqn]

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This is not a problem, it's just an infinite sum.

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Scientifically speaking, why can't we run an inflation-only country? By this I mean have 0 taxes, and print more money to fund government activity. Printing more money is equivalent to taxing a flat rate, and if you want tax brackets you can only print more money to tax higher, and then give cash deposits to those in lower brackets.

This is literally equivalent in all ways. So why do we make monkeys write tax returns?

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flat tax rates are completely fucking retarded

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>Fucking moron
You missed my sarcasm.

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Okay then how about this: We genocide all government creditors, obliterate all gay social programs, and now the ungodly amount of money we already print is enough to run the US government 10 times over. No taxes needed.

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Flat taxe rates are only politically stable when average income is the same as median income.

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who's the cutie to the right?

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You need to create an algorithm with any real computable number A from [0;1] in input and the rules for the coin game with A chance of winning in output. You can use only 1 coin. One of 2 players should win in a finite period of time.

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Hello everyone, I am a 4th year med tech student, and I was wondering if there is any worthwhile advice and experience that I need to know after graduation.

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does one need to pay tution fee for doing phd studies in biology in the usa?

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It is assumed your assistantship package will cover tuition fees. You, however, might still have to cover the other University's bullshit fees per semester (i.e. transportation, library, technology, administration)

Between $500-1k per semester, in my experience

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what if im an EU citizen? Can I work in the USA as field/research/teaching assistant?

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Who or what do you think programmed us?
By Us I mean Earth lifeforms

An instinct is the ability of a lifeforml to perform a behavior the first time it is exposed to the proper stimulus.
For example, a dog will drool the first time and every time it is exposed to food.

We all share the instinct to reproduce for whatever reason
Is the DNA a code of some sort?

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Yes, DNA basically acts like a chemical nondeterministic Turing machine. Programmed by evolution of course.
When certain chemicals are present at locations on the chromosome, certain genes are more likely to be expressed. Their expression of course is in the form of a protein, and those proteins in turn cause further expression. Thus we get recursion and hence computation.

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The evolutionary process programmed us

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This >>10996337, it's a code of a sort but not in the way we think of one normally as something you write into a computer or that which is stored in a language. Both of those codes have evident functional intent behind them, they exist to carry out their functions because those functions provide a utility to us their creators. DNA on the other hand is a "code" or "program" which has arisen as the inevitable result of the natural properties of elements, then compounds, then molecules, then amino-acid chains and complex proteins interacting with one another in a water-rich, energy rich environment.

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are a spider's body and its web really two separate things?
Genes code for proteins and the web is made from proteins.
It's a pretty perfect example of an extended phenotype.

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You're a bunch of pseudo-scientists
Change my mind

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You're giving us too much credit dawg.

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I'm not only talking about climate change, or other controversial science subject. Each paper in Science and Nature, the two top scientific journals are laden with 30-40 citations. In PNAS (Proceedings National Academy of Science) widely considered to be the 3rd highest impact factor, there is no citation limit and the average citation for one manuscript is by the hundreds.Everything is like IPCC says xxx. The UN says xxx. Bob et al. 2018 says xxx.
Every scientific discussion on disagreement boils down to this peer reviewed study say this, and this peer reviewed study say that. Every science communicator says "trust the scientists" because you cannot do the science yourself. Modern science is so complex these days that amateurs cannot do experiments in their garage (like Galileo built a telescope in his attic) and overturn a whole discipline.

Do you think this trend is hindering the progress of science?

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Not all references to authority are appeals to authority. Appeal to authority specifically means that you trust authority solely on basis of stature without fairly assessing the validity of their claims.
For the most part (I won't say this is always the case), scientists trust the IPCC, not because they're the IPCC, but because the results they've published have excellent methodology and analysis.

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The peer review system has benefits and downsides, the benefit is that often a scientist's peers (other scientists working in the same field) have access to similar equipment to them which allows them to replicate experiments and thus test the viability of a hypothesis. It establishes a mechanism by which one of the most important parts of a viable theory can be obtained, that part being replication, if someone else can take your methodology and replicate your results it's much more probable that you're onto something. On the other hand peer review is not immune to creeping corruption or nepotism of a kind, peer reviewers are not obligated to review everything that comes across their desk, they can and regularly do reject material out of hand. As a result controversial or contradicting material can be blacklisted even if it has some scientific merit, all based on the preexisting biases of the human being entrusted with deciding which material to publish and which to discard. Just to use the climate controversy as an example, there is a significant body of climatologists (I think around 200) who have resorted to self publishing studies which they believe provide data contradicting the viability of the anthropogenic climate change conjecture, they self publish because all of their work in that particular subject has been rejected by peer reviewers out of hand in spite of these climatologists having sizable bodies of more mainstream work and being fully accredited in their field. I'm not going to make a value claim on their work, but it seems to me like a clear display of baseless bias. If AGW is a strong and sound proposition than challenges to it's validity shouldn't need to be deliberately pushed out of easy public sight, it aught to be able to stand with it's critics on even ground.

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climate denialists trust youtube crackpots and alex jones and /pol/ infographics more. uneducated people just do that kind of stuff

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>appeal to authority
That is a logical fallacy, not an argument.

Also, if you are doing experiements then YOU ARE THE SCIENTIST. "Amateur" and "professional" isn't a distinction that needs to be made.

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>"appeal to authority"

stop using words you don't understand

Appeal to authority is: Aristotle said this, so this is true.

I challenge you to find a scientific paper that uses something like this as an argument. Like: Prof. XY said this in his paper so this is true.

If the scientific community "trusts" Prof. XY then it's because his findings has been replicated by others scientists.

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If we live in a simulation and physics are the laws of the simulation, breaking the laws - As in discovering vulnerabilities/flaws in the system would equate to breaking the laws of physics which in turn would allow us to exploit the system or accidentally crash it, time travel might be iteration over older records, parallel universes might be access to parallel processes and etc

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how do you know you're actually breaking the laws of the simulation? Wouldn't we just consider breaking said laws to be new physics?

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I live in the Carmelscape

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Cool so you made a metaphor
What now?

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There have been new good video footage of ufos at different locations in the world for example this

and in iran they tried to shoot down some of them

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That red circle is clearly added in post.

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>plastic bag floats in the air during a storm
>ufos, man

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What needs to be explained? Nothing unidentifiable is visible in the second vid. The lights in the sky are AA rounds.

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> and in iran
Yes, it certainly was Iran. You can tell by the word "ISRAEL" on the lower right corner.

Zoomers wouldn't have any idea what this footage actually is, but us OF's (old farts) know it quite well. This was the opening night of Gulf War I. CNN was a brand new network at the time, and the idea that a war could be broadcast live on TV was completely unheard of. The closest thing we had before this was newspaper drawings of fleet positions to the northeast of the Falklands when the UK and Argentina had a go at it.

At the very beginning, Iraq fired off what few long range cruise missiles they had left over from the Iran-Iraq war at Israel. Of course, we were all positively glued to our TV.

I know this because I was over Sheri's (a waitress I worked with) house at the time, and she tried to seduce me in a pick lacy bra, stockings and garters. I was having nothing of it, though. The fucking war was starting. Fuck sex.

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Vietnam was broadcast on the evening news you doofus.

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so if i were to go to a phd programme in biology in the usa i would not need to pay tution fee?

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f orbitals (l=3) are filled

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Bottom row:
>Nuclear bombs
>Nuclear energy
>Nuclear waste
>Smoke detectors
>Radiation detectors

Top row:
>Little bits put in glass and metal

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For me, it's the d-block

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people who write your 2s like this, why are you retarded

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it is well known that anyone who writes their 2s like that practices a VERY unhealthy exercise

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for me it's

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i write in my own language so looky-loos can't copy me.

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>two superior
What did it mean by this?

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I made a thread yesterday about meme learning and I didn't get the chance to thank the anons who replied before it was archived. THANKS /SCI/!!!

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Based and wholesomepilled!

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