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y = (ln(x/m)+as)/r2

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>be bohmian mechanics
>the universe is deterministic but is controlled by immeasurable nonlocal effects
>these nonlocal effects can cause particles to move or spawn in in ways that would appear miraculous to the classical world
>these quantum fields permeate the entire universe at all times

>be holy spirit
>be able to make anything happen anywhere instantly
>permeate the entire universe at all times

Am I schizo or is quantum mechanics God and the bohmian interpretation correct

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You have it backwards. God is responsible for the universe, and materialist atheists rely on constructs and kludge to try to avoid having to address that.

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We literally just die bro. That's all there is to it. And is dying so bad if it means escaping hell? No.

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Should have been more clear, I'm saying that with our study of quantum mechanics we are butting against the mechanism of action of the holy spirit

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Find Christ

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Oh yeah in that case it certainly seems that way sometimes.

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>”Hey do you know what 3.14 is?”
>”Pi in deezz nuts!”

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IQ=level of mental and physical obesity and level of skin color darkness.

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Hello /sci/

I know this isnt a space to vent nor expect answers that would be serious with getting btfo'ed to hell and back.

Im currently doing comp sci part time while working in IT. I have had a bad history with mathematics (poor educators and child trauma)
I feel utterly retarded that I cant seem to or takes alot of time to mentally do long multiplication or math in my head.
I forget alot stuff from what ive read or learnt while undertaking study.
Should I just do myself a favor and stop? has anyone else been there?
I have the desired, the want and strive to be able work in the industry im in but feel completely innept and have to read stuff over again.
Any advice would be greatful.

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you said you were slow at mental math

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9 (inlcuding division, mult add and sub)

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It's fine. Use a calculator, anon. If you always feel anxious or in despair about it to the point where its affecting your qol, it's time to stop. Nothing is worth that feeling.

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you sure do seem to like talking about yourself on social media

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Considering this is one of the few websites I use ( even though its not safe) its place I can sort of rely on.

Got be honest, its already doing so. Its pretty much shut me down on all hobbies at this point.

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Which way, western man?

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do you want to actually make money?
are you a sperg who really doesnt care about anything other than science?

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Caltech only accepts 500 undergraduates a year. Getting in is basically impossible

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Both are fucking diversity woke infested garbage.
China is the future

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Imagine not being in the top 500 Amerifats, at what point do you just end it all and hope to re-roll with a higher IQ?

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neither of these two universities practice AA. if u somehow didnt get in, u have only yourself to blame

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Every time your turn on your air conditioning, a polar bear in Svalbard dies

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fuck polar bears.

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You’re a piece of shit.

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I turn it on in May and turn it off in October so I guess I'm only killing one polar bear per year.

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yea, fuck polar bears

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2 months edition

previous >>15463506

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tried "long sleeves" and didn't change anything, so meh.

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extra cute

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Jesus fuck, get your AI to draw in teeth. Also kys shuttlecuck

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What is Starship-chan's expression conveying here? She looked smug and self-assured in the original but in this she's.. :(

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Disinterest/sadness in SLS

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How to create a new way of thinking? As long as this way is 100 percent deductive, knowing what happened, what will happen, what will always happen, other information through a single piece of information with no logical pattern, induction and any technique that you or I don't know can exist to knowing what will happen or what happened or what happens.

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Is it unethical for people with a sub-100 IQ to intentionally have children?

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Based, I am guatemalan and I am thinking of immigrating to the United States with my wife and we will have like 8 kids.

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wouldn't say schizo necessarily. the drugs are so powerful that they make basic life responsibilities totally pointless. the synthetic opioids are also partial paralytics, which is why everyone is going floppy out there. people who manage to get out of that hell are damaged, but generally aren't schizo. they just had sad lives.

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Is it unethical to offer the homeless cyanide laced coffee?

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>clean clothes
>spotless skin
Crisis actors working overtime, eh?

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Crust-punks probably. They're from upper-middle or upper-class backgrounds but do a lot of drugs and sleep rough on the street because of their antisocial ideologies.

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When are we going to start terraforming and colonizing the deserts of earth?

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The Sahara is there for a reason, anon. We don't want to make it easy to cross.

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When you decide to focus on nuclear power instead of natural resource bullshit.

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already do this

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Is gaining scientific knowledge by reading all links to scientific articles from the English Wikipedia on a given topic a good idea for educating yourself?

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short answer: no
long answer: no

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Wikipedia is am arm of the propaganda machine. Use something else.

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for example

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wikipedia can only be used for general knowledge
possibly to help you decide if you want to study the topic further

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devise a system for remembering everything

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remember for how long?

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months, or forever, like trivia or remembering japanese characters

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compressed derivative reference

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Okay done. I call it "the computer"

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Make it a rhyming song and obsessively sing it. That's how Indians preserved bronze age texts for millennia after millennia

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there's this guy i follow on youtube (pic for reference). same kind of interests; physiologically we kind of look alike; we actually happen to bear the same name; his parents have sort of the same temperament as mine; etc.

he's got the same MBTI / enneagram as I do (and i'm speaking cognitive functions wise, not your average 16personalities normie test. yes i've read jung)

he's basically me but powered up, with a better physique and overall higher level of skills (he's built himself a nice audience over time on youtube).

so is this it? am i just one instance of a certain subcategory of human, that happens to be on the lower end of the distribution curve vs him?

it's crazy how any kind of measurement i can think of, he's simply better than me at it. it's like i can see what I'd be like if I had better genes -- i'm not saying necessarily *different* phenotypes and stuff, just "improved" ones, with the same overall configuration.

am i oversimplifying things to the extreme or is there some truth to what i'm saying? please weigh in science bros

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It's never just genes, it's always genes + environment.

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It would appear so.

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isn't the scientific consensus moving toward the idea that genes actually do play a larger role than the mere influence of a given environment? (vs the conservative idea that nature vs nurture is 50/50)

see this study for reference (PMID: 25985137) :

>> We have conducted a meta-analysis of virtually all twin studies pub-lished in the past 50 years, on a wide range of traits and reporting on more than 14 million twin pairs across 39 different countries. Our results provide compelling evidence that all human traits are heritable: not one trait had a weighted heritability estimate of zero. The relative influences of genes and environment are not randomly distributed across all traits but cluster in functional domains. In general, we showed that reported estimates of variance components from model-fitting can underestimate the true trait heritability, when compared with heritability based on twin correlations. Roughly two-thirds of traits show a pattern of monozygotic and dizygotic twin correlations that is consistent with a simple model whereby trait resemblance is solely due to additive genetic variation. This implies that, for the majority of complex traits, causal genetic variants can be detected using a simple additive genetic model.

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>he's got the same MBTI / enneagram as I do (and i'm speaking cognitive functions wise, not your average 16personalities normie test. yes i've read jung)

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lmfao i knew i'd get shit on for mentioning this here but the pic made me laugh anyway

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any carnegiemellonfags here? got accepted to their biomedical engineering (+ece, mse, meche, che) and computational biology programs. is carnegie really as awful as the rankings and reputation imply? am i ngmi? coping after getting waitlisted by mit, desu.

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Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here? Do scientists have a duty to consider the political ramifications of their findings before publishing their work? What is the proper way to handle scientific discoveries that challenge popular ideology?

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The proper way to handle people who mangle the scientific process to normalize pedophilia is probably jail

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did anyone check that rind guy's hard drives?

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Is it mangling the scientific process if your paper passes two separate rounds of peer review? If anything, it seems like this is indicating a flaw in the scientific process itself.
>In September 1999, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), upon a request by the APA to independently review the article, stated that it saw no reason to second-guess the peer review process that approved it initially and that it saw no evidence of improper methodology or questionable practices by the authors.

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I won another day.

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Short reminder that „undergrad“ (or „college“) math majors in the US learn the equivalent of what Europeans need to know for their basic Highschool diploma lmao

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>Highschool diploma
Poofta paper.

This is what middle schoolers do in Tanzania.

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not all unis/colleges are the same.

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even a freshman math major at rice or unc chapel hill could run circles around a senior math major at oxford

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You need to learn complex analysis, point-set topology, and modern algebra in European highschool?

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That's why the USA has many of the best universities in the world?

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Is plastic more of a benefit to society, or no? There is reasonable argumentation that it pollutes the environment, is unhealthy for humans, and that these costs outweigh the merits. Argumentation in favor of plastic usage supports plastic a cheap and versatile resource that is easy to produce. Plastic sees utilization in almost all areas of contemporary daily life and to abandon or limit it would mean to damage the economy, by drawing from more expensive and scarce resources which can in turn lead to significant quality of life changes.

What do /sci/ anons think on this matter?

Also, what is the plastic engineering field like?

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I'm a materials engineer and polymer chemist.
Petroleum based plastic and their consequences have been a disaster for the human race. I'm speaking from a biological and environmental perspective.
We could give them up tomorrow, switch to appropriate metals, glass, ceramics, and cellulose polymers and lose almost nothing.

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1. Plastics themselves are so inert that it's a problem. Is glass the same?
2. Most problems of "endocrine disruptor" are from additives not the plastic themselves. Those additive have far more uses besides plastics and can be removed if people accept again non-transparent/flexible and cheap plastics. Let's not even talk about direct contamination from sewage that contains a cocktail of drugs (including hormones), persistent organic contaminants, etc.

The microplastic hype is stupid and a filter for some groups, there's things far worse and harder to solve.

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bits of plastic , glass, and rubber last forever. These are the three things I occasionally find in my yard. Majority of the time it is tiny plastic pieces, probably chopped up by a mower or blown in from somewhere else because it's light and floats. It settles in the grass and eventually joins the dirt on the surface layer. Rarely I will find one of each type when digging up to a foot in my yard. They sink but stay the same.

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Post the book you are reading.
>inb4 a bunch of retarded physics textbooks

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Nice trips; worthy book. More people need to talk about this.
You need to go back


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Same poster

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I know a bit about electric motors. I can run stepper motors, induction motors (and change their direction of rotation), DC motors and universal motors (i can control their speed, direction and torque).
Induction motors with extra poles confuse me. I dont understand how they spin at half or a quarter speed of the AC frequency, luckily i dont need to understand that to use them.

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this is a clever bait-switch attempt by op to get more people to post in his thread. see the sentence structure? op is being a huge faggot by samefagging.

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Same poster

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