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What is fuel tape exactly?

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How do you cope with the fact that you are smart but are not a genius?

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I am smart so it doesn't bother me at all.

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Is this another fucking IQ thread?

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Easy. I'm not either.

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What kind of equipment would I need to work with smaller molecules like those involved in brain activity?

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drugs idiot

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Do students regularly have class averages of 40 and around there, which get curved after? Is it really that hard for the inhabitant of cheeseburger world to get an A?

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Me in the middle

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Not where I am, no.

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that picture seems like it's a math thing

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I am having trouble on deciding whether to go for a computer engineering or computer science degree.

I am interested in both, but which one should I consider more of from a pragmatic and financial point on view?

Also which degree is more flexible and your opinions on the two degrees?

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I'll preface this by saying I am an EE major so I can't talk about many of the specific course differences. As far as the overview, I can provide some insight.

EE, CE, and CS all exist on a spectrum of computing. EE is mostly hardware and some software. CS is mostly software and some hardware. The split for CE depends on your program. My school is skewed towards more software than hardware.

The reason I explain this is to emphasize that CE is less well defined. From what I've seen, most CE students get a little bit of both but really focus on software more than hardware.

By the definition of flexibility, CE is technically more flexible as it allows you to do either software or hardware. Realistically, there are many more software jobs than hardware jobs so CS has more scope.

The ultimate redpill however is that it really makes little difference in the end as the majors are so close together.

I'm an EE but I'm getting experience more related to strictly computer engineering 'defined' work. Also, from what I have seen, someone with experience in hardware (and EE) can learn CS more readily than a strictly software person can learn hardware.

This may have been rambling a bit but I hoped it help.

In short, pick CS if you want to avoid hardware engineering as much as possible. In the long run, it won't matter much.

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F = ma = E = mc^2.
This holds true in any frame of reference.

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Prove the contrary without relying on your frame of reference (e.g. everything you learned in high school physics).
I've made falsifiable statements in this thread.
Don't rely on the "burden of proof" meme.

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Well for one, E = mc^2 is only true for an object at rest, while your equation says a = c^2, which would mean it's not at rest. So it contradicts itself.

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Also, F doesn't equal ma, is equals dp/dt, and >>10675895
Seriously, Gtfo, you're not worth my time

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[math]F=\frac{dp}{dt}=\gamma ma_{\perp} + \gamma ^3 ma_{\parallel}[/math]
[math]E=\gamma mc^2 = \sqrt{(mc^2)^2 + (pc)^2 }[/math]
[math]\Delta KE = \int F\cdot dx [/math]

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Is the ability to feel pleasure something that can be depleted? Although I've been depressed and suicidal forever I can usually generate a few shots of pleasure from (you)'s and similar things, but there have been occasions in the past where I felt completely mentally empty. Not the oh I feel miserable empty but the it's totally impossible for me to feel anything good at all empty. If I was to do something like jerk of in this state I might feel the physical sensation of orgasm but not the associate pleasure.

Am I draining something physical in my brain to create this state? Some kind of neurotransmitter?

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Yes. Habitiation is constant. The less unique a given experience is, the less total stimulus you can derive from it. Scientifically, this is called falling into a rut.

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how do I fix this, is getting out and doing other things the only way?

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No, there's plenty you can do indoors even to change your perspective. For me, I have no eye for design. My apartment is basically completely blank. All my stimulus comes from higher thought and reasoning. I'm a perfect candidate for things like surrogates, or perma-VR. I explore the mind, so the only times I get depressed is when I try to stop myself from thinking/creating new things or ideas.

Not everyone can live like that. Sometimes people need to change their furniture or rearrange the layout just to make things feel new. It's not about forcing things to be new, but just changing enough to make it feel that way. Everything, throughout all of human society, is an aesthetic decision. Who you vote for, what credit union you like, how the toilet paper feels, everything is a matter of taste. Some people prefer economical things, others prefer function over anything else, etc. There isn't one form of pragmatism, there are many. Singularity of purpose only occurs in small communities, probably no larger than 17 times the upper limit of Dunbar's number.

Or you could try new things, like hiking.

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pretty much. but it usually happens naturally, when you can no longer stand your terrible emotions, you are compelled to go out and fix your life in some way, improve your condition in order to feel more pleasure.

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Yes. The sex energy is the same as the life energy and is the same as pleasure. Why do you think babies are born from the male orgasm (semen)? That's your life, that's your soul. Every time you jack off, you lose the ability to have pleasure, and you lose a little bit of your life and become more depressed and suicidal. The ancient religions knew this. They knew that the virtue of celibacy/continence (which is really just retaining semen inside your body) led to a longer life and more contentment/happiness. People who masturbate are depleting their life force and end up depressed wrecks. Here, read this: http://www.dlshq.org/download/brahmacharya.htm

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Don't know much but it seems hard to fathom

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A. Life came about through some natural process.
B. Life was made by magic.

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These are not mutually exclusive hypothesis. I can't apply Bayes theorem.

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will a zombie apocalypse ever happen? my friends been wanting it too, and honestly I do aswell.

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No, lol. At least not like how it is in the movies.

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Something fun would be releasing some kind of monster in cities. To have an effect like Gevaudan's beast.

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>zombie apocalypse
This is /sci, you know.

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/sci/ - undergrads, IQ, and futurist circlejerk

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So, okay, have you ever like been about to bang this really ugly chick but you can't get it up?
Is that, like, evolution telling us not to fuck ugly people?

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My previous gf always wanted to do doggy but I couldn't do it. Her ass was so shapeless and frequently smelled of farts, totally killed my boner. Plus she couldn't even get into the position properly.

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Holy shit I thought textbooks were dry, boring shit, but this is fantastic, I’m definitely taking the autodidact pill.

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When did textbook publishers hire Todd Howard?

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>Have you bought my textbook yet, anon?

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>Holy shit I thought textbooks were dry, boring shit
Those are public school books

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Why is medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy not shilled on this board? Is it becuase engineering, physics, and mathematics are better? Redpill me on healthcare.

I am aware there is a simmilar post regarding over shilling of E.E., but this post regards the under shilling od healthcare.

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So engineering is bad, right?

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You'll get jobs quicker with Healthcare. My wife works at NYP Columbia, NYC, as a nurse. She works 3 nights week from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am,

She makes 120 grand annually with a little overtime. I will t take that over majority of engineering jobs working 5 days a week most likely making less money.

Heck it's even difficult to get programming jobs lately. Once you finish nursing school, get licensed, you can work anywhere in the country. Lots of jobs lots of good wages.

Also most new nurses are sluts, of you're into that kind of thing

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Most of the people on this board seem to be math, physics, or the main engineering fields, for better or worse. There is a med general, but it's all doctors or premeds. Every time I made a biology research general, there seemed to be like 5 posters at most, including myself.

>nice formatting
Also, agreed. nursing is one of the few low-difficulty jobs that probably won't be replaced by robots, since it involves so much face-to-face interaction and reassurance. Doctors on the other hand are going to have some trouble when robots/programs can easily diagnose patients more accurately and quickly.

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>few low-difficulty jobs

wow, get off the computer sometime and see what is really going on in the world. there is a reason RNs command this salary, albeit nursing unions, but it is very difficult work and the complete opposite of what you think it is.

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I've heard very different things from different people who claim to be in the nursing field here. It probably varies, but nurses in old folk's homes, etc don't seem to have as tough a time as say, doctors, engineers in R&D, programmers in R&D, and quant finance analysts.

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What does one study if they want to make the next leap in AI?

CS? EE? Math? Cognitive science? Neurobiology? Some combo of those listed?

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Boycotting thread due to inappropriately off-topic image.

t. person you'd wanted to answer most

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it's not offtopic. that's a sexbot with advanced AI

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AI is a passing fad. Short of the over valuation we see from fad chasers in silicon Valley especially, AI has limited use case that Microsoft Excel.

Now, if robotics are to get enough traction, then will we see a lot of forging forward in reaching sentience.

The problem is all too often we're focused on the biomimetic aesthetics so much that we fail to discover possible advancements.

Until there's a radical departure from the logical pathology of AI, I'm sorry to say the reach is generations away

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can professional CS guys tell me what are some cool nice projects to make to learn diferent topics in a CS degree that requires me to google and learn the basic topics like math, compilers, networking.

I feel like reading a 900 book about such CS topics to be a waste of time and I rather code the exercises without wasting too much time on the theory.

So far I come up with shit like:

>Data structures
code from scratchs things like trees, quadtrees, octotrees, linked lists, basic search algorithsm like sort bubble.
code from scratch an A* algorithm.

basic chat app.
basic app that shows a twitch channel chat by giving an url link, or some app that renders a youtube video comments.
basic pong multiplayer from scatch.

>Linear algebra
do some 2D photoshop transformation tool I think.

>Computer graphics
A basic raytracer, a SDL demoscene demo.

some basic text editor using C

dunno about what project to make for a modern C++

a basic trigonometry calculator from mouse input positions.

>Functional programming
Maybe some calculator on haskell.

What are other projects that will teach me CS topics without reading a fucking textbook I don't give a fuck.

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i disagree

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then you can't code for shit if a text app or a trigonometry calculator could take more than a couple hours to make retard.

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he explicitly stated he doesn't know how to code

>> No.10675738

he asked about project ideas, he never mentioned he didn't knew how to code.

also you learn to code by doing all those project ideas, not reading a book.

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Make me an app that shows fundamentals of stocks in a format similar to Tinder, and allows you to form a diversified, highly selected portfolio based on how you quickly swipe on stocks.

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>Burger science education at work

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Think of air as a sponge with lots of little pockets between the atoms that can hold water vapor. When things get cold they shrink. When air gets cold it shrinks, or in the case of the sponge analogy you can think of it as a sponge shrinking. Another way to describe a shrinking sponge is a sponge that's being squeezed out.

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this is so, so bad
surely english isn't your first language?

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Okay but air pressure doesn't have nearly as much of an effect as air temperature. How do you explain this? Wouldn't low air pressure in your analogy mean more empty space as well?

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What is the difference between comp sci and soft eng? They seem like the same thing except I software engineering sounds cooler

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CompSci is neither computers nor science.

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not a CSfag but from what I understand, CS theory is supposed to be about solving problems in discrete math using computer tools

software engineering is just about developing software in general and the development cycle behind it

often times, many schools call their programs CS incorrectly even though their curriculum focuses more on software engineering rather than real CS theory

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somewhere between CS and IT

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Will 3D-printed body parts be common in the future?

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>implying you can't be injured in some other way than through genetics

>> No.10675686

you could have replaceable ROCKET PUNCH hands lol

>> No.10675689

even better
Rocket Cocks

>> No.10675692

Yes, and the main driver for advancing 3D-printed body parts will be the sex toy industry.

>> No.10675714

You can already have these, just grip a firework as you throw the punch.

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if Fourier transform equations can draw images on a 2D plane, does that prove that 3-dimensional objects/organisms can also be 'created' by a similar but much more advanced system of equations, not fourier but something else?

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>not the animated version.
Kill yourself OP

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the fourier tranform 'draws' images by encapsulating every point in the set of points defining the outline of the image in a harmonic series. theres nothing that would stop you from applying this in three dimensions, simply add some harmonics that 'scan' through the z axis. more harmonics, more resolution

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>not fourier but something else
Well you can construct a fourier basis for 3d space so it doesn't have to be something else but it can be, all you need is a basis and an inner product and you can decompose pretty much anything.

>> No.10675638

OP sounds like an engineer.

He has experience using fourier transforms but clearly doesn't understand them intuitively.

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thank you for bumping this thread

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'Fractal recursive intelligence' is redundant redundant.

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That is what the wannabe cross say when he realizes he has been stuck at para for a while. Oh, wait, no. Since I am truly para I can see that you are sys larping as cross. You must understand that the lower states are always required, but you have to be para to come up with this on your own. You should focus on what's next, which is not cross, but something similar but lower, namely meta.

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How the fuck does this image work?

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Looks like an AI version of a little girl's room complete with a little girl.

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This anon is right

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> Los Angeles designer, Kyle Sugarman, created this cool moss chair and offered up the directions for the rest of to create on our own. Sugarman ...

The chair that grows with the child.™ From birth.
Brings your baby to the dining table and closer to the family
Baby set and cushion accessories provide comfort for your baby
Highly adjustable seat and footplate positions
Available in a variety of colours for your baby boy or girl
Classic Scandinavian design by Peter Opsvik

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That big dark mass looks like hair so I’d assume a neural network took training images of people in rooms and shit out Lovecraftian shit.

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