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Why does IQ start being measured around 60 points? If nobody can have a measurable IQ below 60, what is the score between 1-59 accounting for?

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tying your shoes

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What are some science or engineering related Youtube channels you like or follow?

Gonna post a few I watch pretty regularly.

>Isaac Arthur

>Wendover Productions

>Facts in Motion


>Real Engineering

>Curious Droid



>Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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Sad he didn't continue doing videos, Sadder still that there's no equivalent creator that can fill the void

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Love this little fat fuck like you wouldn't believe

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Some student have been promoting participation in igem team. After looking at their site it seemed like some meme high school science fair stuff, but maybe I'm wrong.
Did any of you participate/encounter participants/judge such thing? Is it any good or beneficial to the cv? Or am I better just finding an internship over summer?

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It depends. Not a meme though. Some key industry leaders and startup entrepreneurs have come out of iGEM. It is research leadership for babies. As in, it can be one of the few opportunities for a undergrad to lead, coordinate, and design experiments almost independently.

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Since /sci/ sort of doubles as a psychology board as well, I figured I'd ask this here:

Im 24 and I forget almost everything, its been this way for most of my life. I remember elementary school well, but memory of anything after than is either nonexistant or foggy as hell. Even things as recent as 1-2 weeks ago, I have no memory of. The things I do remember have no time attached to them. Was it a month ago or half a year ago? Was it six years ago or two? A couple days or a couple weeks?

I forget almost everything about any book I read, movie I watch, game I play. I dont remember anything or anything from highschool, or from any of the jobs I've had. I can perfectly remember classmates, friends, and teachers from elementary though--I can even tell you all of their first and last names. It's like my mind is stuck as a little kid and anything after just leaks through a memory sieve.

As a kid I was molested a few times by different people. Dissociative amnesia sort of fits the bill, only its in reverse. I remember the incidents and the time period around them, but memory of everything else is what gets locked up.

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You may want >>>/adv/ or >>>/diy/ desu
If you're willing to try anything, lay off milk and derivates for a week, take zinc supplements and eat a banana every day
if things don't get better from there, though luck, see a specialist about it
If they do, still seek a specialist, as the problem these things fix is WAY worse

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Writing a diary will have two benefits. 1. Memory is really a skill you can train and looking back on the day that was will help. 2. In case it doesn't at least you'll have it written down.

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Not math or science

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Yes it is

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If someone publishes a paper credited as Anonymous.
>The collective potential value is greater for everyone.
>pic related is mfw you ask me to define something you don't understand.

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we'll never know if it's bad because it will never fly.

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cuz orang rocket bad

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Why do people accept Richard Lynn's fake IQ study without looking much into it? The average IQ for india is 82 acc to this bullshit study he conducted.The sample was taken from 3 backward tribes who never had any education , of course it will be low wtf. Several IQ studies have been conducted afterwards, on educated people which shows much higher average, as high as 107 but those are not taken seriously. I'm a pajeet and Its pissing me off

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> The average IQ for india is 82 acc to this bullshit study he conducted.The sample was taken from 3 backward tribes who never had any education , of course it will be low wtf.

I have no idea what you are talking about. It wasn't only one study and it wasn't even his.
Read this and stop coping you totally muh 107 IQ

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Read this and go kill urself

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Indians are low IQ except for the high caste. Where do you think gypsies come from? India.

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>physics exam
>I studied 4 months every single day for it
>grades come out
>look up failing rate


Fuck you all.

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How is it possible that you understood the material and then got 3.7% on something testing your knowledge of the material?

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Your studying method seems to be very inefficient
For starters read some softer books about studying like make it stick or a mind for numbers

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>did hundreds of practice problems
>even kept track of the number of problems done for some fucking reason
>fails anyway
Damn OP just how retarded are you

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I kept track because I wrote the numbers on the side.

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What is g factor?

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Is it scientifically possible for little children to determine that they have gender dysphoria?

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XD easy man easy

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>children are sponges and will adopt whatever behavior

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Is it scientifically possible for me to determine that OP is a faggot?

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Are children able to have consensual sex with other people?

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Are adults?

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What's the best / your favourite protein modelling software? Looking for something that can resolve the structure from aa sequence and simulate protein - protein and protein - substrate interactions.

I'm looking for something in Python and I heard about PyMol, The Molecular Modelling Toolkit and PyRosetta. Are these good? What does /sci/ use?

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what is used protein modelling for?

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I hope you have a supercomputer anon because you're going to need it.

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Biochemistry, molecular biology, virology, pharmaceutical development, synthetic biology, biomaterials/polymer science, pathology, etc.

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>Fell for the PhD meme
I thought I was gonna be an intellectual surrounded by intellectuals with the noble goal of advancing human knowledge. But nope, it's just a sick game where I have to suck everyone's dicks in order to survive

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Even if you don't get tenure or even complete your PhD just stick around and actually contribute, it's not about money/prestige/renown but advancing knowledge regardless of your situation as Hawking said.

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>if they didn’t allow chinese to come and cheat their asses off the whole time

Cheating is a Chinese custom and without it you would be denying them a part of their cultural heritage.

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Should add that those things are nice to have and will come with time if you are capable.

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this. Going to a UC school made me loathe the chinese.

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the worst part is feeling so rushed. everyone's looking for a paper that will make their career. everyone's racing to be the first to publish something that sets a record, which will be supplanted in a week or two by another equally useless model. creating something that is both novel and useful is incidental and rare to the typical work that a compsci phd student performs. it's so cheap. the work feels cheap. even now, when i'm working on something that i feel is actually publishable, it feels somewhat cheap. somewhat obvious.

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Taking my first math class in uni, havent struggled with math before but now i am. The litterature looks like gibberish 70% of the time. Redpill me how i avoid JUST on the first exam please

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If the literature looks like gibberish then you don't understand the prerequisites, so go back and study them.

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>havent struggled with math before

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How do you guys cope with fucking up on an exam? Haven't gotten my grade back yet, but FUCK

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t. hasn't entered the labor market

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grad schools definitely care a lot.

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Try to find out why you fucked up and learn from that.

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I just hope that I absolutely fucked it so that I can retake it instead of having a bad passing grade that will stay forever.

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What's the right dose pee kilogram of a person?

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>What's the right dose pee kilogram of a person?
What have you tried?

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None yet just some alco

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Easier to measure in litres. And do keep it under 3 dl each time.

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Looking at that bag, just eat the whole thing. A common dose is about 3g. I'm a 175lb male, and I did a lemon tek on an empty stomach with 6.1g, turned out fine. (not saying it wasn't a wild ride tho.)

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One of those. Just one mushroom. Or all of them. No in between.

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I suffer from a very serious obsessive compulsive disorder (which increases when I am stressed)
it also afflicts my sexual sphere with thoughts that disturb erection and orgasm.
Since the drugs for re-uptae of serotonin are the enemies of erection, what would you recommend?

P.S. I suffer from depression and chronic stress caused by work

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>obsessive compulsive disorder

>> No.11066857

do you think it's a ufo-like thing?
See that the disturbance exists and is ruining my life

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I wanna test the minds of people in here. Prove this theorem. TAKE NOTE: without using inclusion- exclusion formula.
theorem: if A, B, C, ... are independent, then the complement A*, B*, C*, ... are also independent; further A, B*, C*, ... are independent, and so on.

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you sure you know what you talkin' about?

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A teacher compliments a student so that they may become a complement lesson for further studies and teachings.


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oh come on!, I know you went through this too

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Is there a way to have only cognitive effects of psychedelics such as lsd? To either kill the visual effects or to get the cognitive effects some other way?
>inb4 microdosing
I'm talking about full blown effects

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Try shrooms. There's stil visuals but they're much less potent and the cognitive effects are better. Trips also don't last forever

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Fucking lol

>> No.11067060

This, or also try LSA

>> No.11067068

Why don't you like visuals? It's not like they're debilitating.

>> No.11067098

>cognitive effects are better
Lol what the fuck. Shrooms makes you retarded. LSD largely maintains and even improves my cognition (I tested in chess, math).

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Why hasn’t Elon Musk invent synthetic petroleum? Why do we have to dig for oil in the Middle East? Why not invent synthetic oil?

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Why not skipping a step and making synthetic speed already?

>> No.11066855

There's battery tech. The price/watt of battery shrank a factor of 10 in the last 10 years. From 1000/kw to close to 100/kw today.

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Synthetic oil is like WW2 tech, anon.

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What do you mean invent? We've already had the technology to make synthetic fuels for decades. We can literally make that shit out of air and water. It's just not as cheap, yet.

Here, this paper goes into details about Hydrogen-Carbon/Nitrogen based fuels.

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Hi everyone, today in plant physiology we mentioned the dendrometer and how easy to build it was, but I didn't find any source or steps of bill. So if anyone know how to build it, I'd be very thankful if you share it!

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Here is pictures of dendometers and some dimensions.

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How do we stop it?
What are some examples of studies on the subject of sexual deviation?
Is the best solution nofap? Or is there some other way of conditioning?

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Exterminate nosebergs

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What's wrong with porn, fapping and perverted shit?

I'm thinking about this the whole week now and I don't know the answer.
Couldn't find any info about the right amount of sexual stuff for the average person either.

When I searched for negative effects of fapping, I only found sites that told me it's natural and healthy.
When checking reddits nofap, people mostly claim no fapping made them super human that are so much more energetic and happy than before, without any scientific proof.

My own experience?
I think I'm a little porn addicted, but I don't see that much of an issue here.
I mean I read comments of people that have 90min porn / fap session every day, while I only wank it every 2 days within 10 min.
If I wanted to avoid any sexy stuff I would need to change my whole life, stop browsing 4ch as there is sexy stuff everywhere, stop consuming any Japanese media as there is sexy stuff everywhere etc.
Not strangling the snake for 2 weeks made me realize sex is everywhere and I need blinders to avoid it.

But is it worth it?
Do I benefit from it?

>> No.11066938

I've tried nothing, and I'm all out of ideas.

>> No.11067186

Start with getting off porn. Also, never masturbate out of boredom or by making yourself turned on by touching your penis. I hardly noticed a difference until I got five months in, but now my old fetish has mostly lost its appeal.
>a week
You need to never watch porn again. Never fixate on thots posted here or porn posted on NSFW boards. Use a site-blocker for places you may go to.
>When I searched for negative effects of fapping, I only found sites that told me it's natural and healthy.
Masturbating isn't so bad, but a person here may have problems with masturbating too much, delving into degenerate porn, and perhaps having porn addiction.
>I only wank it every 2 days within 10 min
That isn't so bad, as long as it's not getting any worse.
>But is it worth it? Do I benefit from it?
Nofap/noporn is really only useful if you have a real problem (porn addiction, wasting too much time on it, shame, etc.), and it might help fix those. Nofap giving energy/life essence/whatever is mostly bullshit if you do not tire yourself out masturbating 8x per day. Any other form of self-improvement is worlds more important for general health.

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