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[math]\nabla[/math] is the nambla symbol

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How good is IQ as a measure of "intelligence"?

As beings of flawed intelligence ourselves, we probably can't devise an exam that can accurately measure the exact cognitive faculties of each other. Besides, IQ seems to be rather reductionist: IQ tests tend to measure pattern recognition, arithmetics, logical puzzles and the like, but the full range of mental capabilities we have extends beyond that, into skills that are perhaps quite difficult or maybe even impossible to measure in a quantitative value (the whole idea of having IQ points as pseudo-stat points irl seems odd to me). Things such as social abilities, frequency and colour recognition, linguistic skills, self control and discipline, the ability to retain sobriety and self awareness under the influence of strong emotions or drugs. I don't know, it just seems like a flawed system. Besides that, this is ignorance on my part, but how can you accurately state the average inteligence of an entire ethnicity or country? Wouldn't you have to have a tremendous sample size and very thoroughly test a wide range of people in a variety of ways?

These are just my humble two cents. What do you guys think of this?

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Okey I need some help. Its a really simple question but I just can´t understand how I get the right amount of Mol.

I have the temperature, volume, gas constant, and the pressure (see pic)

What I get is
n= 1 atm*5.9*10^9L / 0.08206 * 273K
n= 263364874,6 mol

But the answer is supposed to be 2.2335*10^4 mol

Can anyone see where I went wrong? Would be much appreciated, exam tomorrow..

Pic in in Norwegian but you can see the numbers.

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Do you know any scientist who live before jews?

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The cave man that discovered fire
The cave woman that discovered prostitution

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We are searching NAMES. Just NAMES

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Why do people keep shooping american flag over the great Israeli flag on the moon ?

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How does one prove that if [math]\vec{q}=\vec{b}-\vec{p}[/math] where [math]\vec p\in{U}[/math] is the orthogonal projection of [math]\vec{b}\in{V}[/math],then [math]\vec{q}\bot\vec{p}[/math]?

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Are you seriously asking for high-school homework advice?

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Let ^p = p/|p|

p=|^p*b| ^p
p*q=p*b-p*p = |^p*b| ^p*b -|^p*b|^2 = 0

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Is * the dot product?

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I don't drink alcohol, but I enjoy going out with friends sometimes, and am wondering what the best intoxicant is. It should have the following qualities:
-minimal neurotoxicity
-okay for somewhat regular use, like I.e., once or twice a month
-high lasts 2-4 hours, or can be "re-upped"
-no awful hangovers

Please no incidental evidence. Studies conducted by johnny pothead don't count.

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whatever david nutt was working on. I think benzos?

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don't use too much ket because it will fuck your bladder up

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Dear /sci/. I almost fucked up royally by letting a mercury lamp almost explode. My supervisor uses it, its worth a few thousand euros. It said in the manual to not let the power go beyond 110 watts. You have to keep checking whether it is close or over this value every few minutes.

What do i do? I turn it on, leave the room, look at memes for about 15 minutes. I come back and lean over to look at the lamps. the mercury lamp is now directly under my head. It feels kind of hot, let me look at the power it is producing.

I'm shocked and after some moments being frozen i turn the value down. nothing exploded, no harm done. But i feel like shit, what if the thing exploded. In my face? i would have died, or ended up disfigured for life...

But what if the thing exploded when i was not near, evenm then i would have been majorly fucked. My research gone to shit togheter with any grade i hoped to get.

I still feel like total shit and I needed to vent...

Thanks for reading!

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The one is hot and the other is buzzy?

Can't you keep it at cool? Don't they make mercury streetlights?

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>for about 15 minutes.
>what if the thing exploded.
>i would have died, or ended up disfigured

If it's that freaking dangerous, why doesn't it have an alarm? An automatic shutdown regulator?

Aren't there safety codes where you are?

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>few thousand euros
>You have to keep checking whether it is close or over this value every few minutes.
Why haven't you guys implemented a monitoring/regulating system yet, you fucking retards?

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Is wattage limiter something you never heard of?

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It wouldnt have exploded a mere 5 Watts above the safe limit.

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/sci/ doesn't like sub 60 IQ animals. simple really.

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NEET looking for NEET talent

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Jamals father has five sons: Ooga, Booga, Tooga and Looga. What's the name of the fifth son?

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Back to your containment board brainlet.

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If addition is just a generalization of counting, in the sense that it lets you count an arbitrary number of times in the same step, and multiplication is a generalization of addition in the same manner, just as exponentiation is a generalization of multiplication, what would a generalization of exponentiation in that sense be like? Could it have any useful applications, or at least interesting properties?

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Shiiiit that's a sick complex plot

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See also combinatorics for another generalization of counting.

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You're obviously stupid. Just letting you know that it is very easy to tell and probably everyone around you knows it but won't tell you out of kindness.

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Stop denying ∞ genders.

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Stop posting Gender Studies on /sci/

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Fuck off bigot

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I'm not a bigot just because you wanna live as a degenerate, perverted pedophile aids cancer.

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>tfw 10^200 genders

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any astronomer's on /sci/?

i'm doing research on boyajian's star at caltech.

let's talk astronomy.

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Which dinosaurs had feathers?

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The feathered ones.

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Anyone else ever feel like they kill threads just by posting in them? I'll ask a question or offer a proposed solution to a problem and then thread is dead. No matter chatter or traffic after that. I wonder if I'm just that stupid or something.
>Totally off topic, just felt like venting and seeing if anyone can relate.

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any sauropods? What about Trex?

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hang on my sons crying.

but yeah I know how you feel. Insanity and controversy sells. not logical solutions starring everybody in the face.

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How would one go about getting his hands on some ibogaine? Or even just iboga root bark. I need it for science.

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I have to make a shitty assignment on what makes a ''good'' scientist.

So /sci/ what is in your opinion a good scientist?

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Going by the standards of presentablity so you get a good grade (and not just give a true answer that's cause you to flunk out):
A good scientist actually knows what the hell he's talking about and only uses what he knows, not what he thinks he knows.
>Imaginative and Curious
It's curiosity that is the cause of humanity exploring and going as far as taking step on the moon and piloting submarines down to the bottom of the ocean. It's imagination that is why every invention that has been invented was invented.
>Not afraid to admit that they're wrong.
Can't find an explanatory or motivational comment for this, but it is what it is and it's damn true so good luck OP.
>Won't even admit that they are a good scientist.
Even Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein struggled with the insecurities that they were retarded, when we all know damn well they weren't.

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reading the sticky

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>carries battery powered homemade
Q-switched laser in a gun holster
>steals radioisotopes out of fire detectors for personal use
>keeps ampoules of tert-butyllithium, sulfur trioxide, ammonium perchlorate and other highly reactive compounds in his pants pockets, just in case
>hair stands stylishly on end from exposure to high powered electrical fields
>wears a Howie coat, elbow-length rubber gloves, and safety goggles at all times

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Thomas edison is a brainlet

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If man evolved from monkeys then why are there still monkeys?

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I miss the times when we all were just plankton in the ocean.
It was a simpler life then.

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>anything to do with programmers or AI

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If I went home, why is my school still there?

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What is /sci/'s short, medium, and long term motivation, especially during exam periods?

Short Term: PS3/Beer

Medium Term: Not having regrets about getting shit marks. I might be able to do exchange if I average 85.

Long Term: I can easily get into honours and my resume looks ascended.

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Caffeine pills my man.

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Holy shit why is kitty so mad :c

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I actually finished my uni months ago now doing unpaid internship where I am not allowed to do anything and everything I do is looked down upon.
From heavy sights to yelling right at me in front of everyone I had it all.

Short Term:Get my diploma tomorrow,the piece of paper I worked for 6 years.
I dont know if I want to shave my beard and get a cut.

Medium Term:Actually finishing my internship hell and make progress on my video game.

Long Term:Get the hell out of Easter Europe and find other profession that is not related to what I studied in uni.


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I'm starting grad school next semester

short term: not much really, mostly just finishing my work and not feeling like unproductive shit
medium term: getting publications for my current projects
long term: getting my PhD

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Anyone read this book?
How was it?

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Well, the author isn't wrong...

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dogshit dude, (((Ellenberg))) simply compiled, edited, and published the comments of the Occupy Democrats Facebook page. I don't think there was a single equation or proof in there.

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>empirical evidence
an oxymoron that you turn into a spook

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the fuck?

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Like pottery. It's a pleonasm, not oxymoron.

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