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What is spin? Just can't wrap my head around this concept.

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It's not really spinning, but it helps describe the orientation of the electric field.

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Why do Anglos say computer science and not informatics?

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Post about your politics regarding science. I'll start with this topic: What are your thoughts on gene editing? What are your thoughts on big pharma and government collecting and selling your genetic data? Etc.

Here's some videos on the topic: https://youtu.be/FLsKkbNIlLo

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I support all forms of genetic research. In regards to government selling genetic data, I am a believer that government does not sell anything ever, a true government knows this data can be obtained anyway so they will seek to collaborate in order to gather info as to who is interested in this, why and what are their potential capabilities! I believe in deep government censorship because I know what human being are capable of! I also believe in balanced progress which is difficult to achieve in general, so shifting judgment on anyone and thinking that any side is stagnating progress, weather government or individual public is not very reasonable given both can contribute on that aspect!

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What happens if you drop millions or billions of entangled particle pairs into two separate blackholes?
From a purely mathematical standpoint?

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What happened is we get to communicate in longer say perhaps distance, time, other universe! Well the particles will, we may do so if we construct a machine! Maybe we the courteous here have a infinite number of tangled mirror of ourselves across space and no doubt across time! Ah, the endless possibilities, we will see I guess!

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I hate /sci/ so much

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Why does everybody want to be a data scientist without a statistics degree?

Is my statistics degree worthless against these kiddies?

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fuck off it pays

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Depends where you're working. Without a strong research background in Statistics, they're glorified plug-and-chuggers who can get numbers out of a black box, but don't really understand how it works and are incapable of doing anything innovative. For your average company, this is really all they need, but for big N you're not really competing with them at all, they explicitly want a research graduate degree in math/phys/compsci.

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Will I able to compete with these kiddies with an undergrad degree?

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There shouldn't be any statistics undergrad degree just as how there shouldn't be any data science undergrad degree.
If there is, that school needs to be razed to the ground for scamming it's students like that.

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Based Genghis-khan.

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Barnum statements are what you're referring to. MB doesn't typically use them because unlike horoscopes their types are based on a lot of actual information

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Personally, I found MB to be a very bad way of seeing how someone views themselves because I frequently see S types mistyping themselves. I see MB as a good way to predict patterns in people.

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I'm a capricorn.

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Chad INTJ here
Not that it matters though. But it's fun to shitpost about

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>“IQ” is a stale test meant to measure mental capacity but in fact mostly measures extreme unintelligence (learning difficulties), as well as, to a lesser extent (with a lot of noise), a form of intelligence, stripped of 2nd order effects—how good someone is at taking some type of exams designed by unsophisticated nerds.
Is he right?

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So lets ignore all of that for now, and give the benefit of the doubt that we can actually calculate the abstract notion of "IQ". To this point "IQ" is a purely abstract number.

Now we need to do correlations into real world data to figure out if it actually means anything.

So for nearly the past century, Psychology grad students have gone out and collected any dataset they can get their hands on and did linear regressions against IQ. Things like Educational achievement, Income levels etc.

Off the bat we have an obvious issue here. Pretty much ever IQ correlation study ever uses linear models, with the implicit assumption that IQ has a linear relationship to some outcome. Unfounded. We are completely blind to any non-linear affects.

Now you factor in that the people doing these correlation studies can just p hack until they get something worthy of a publishable paper, and we then realize that we have an entire body of literature that is pseudoscience non-sense.

Ok so maybe lets give benefit of the doubt again, and assume the studies were done properly. We now have to consider that these result only hold for populations of subjects, and we can't really use them to make predictions about individuals. Why? Because IQ score itself is an extremely noisey estimate, sample size of 1. Really we should have collected the results of multiple IQ tests for each individual and used them to compute an IQ estimate. But there is a huge problem here. IQ tests, and all of the scoring and normalization used have an implicit assumption in them. That assumption is that this is the first time you have ever taken an IQ test. So we can't administer multiple tests even if we wanted to, because every additional IQ test is invalid according to the assumptions we made at the very start.

Theres plenty of more bullshit I can point out, like the inherent cultural biases in IQ tests, or the fact that IQ scores are age normalized but I think I got my point across.

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>To say that IQ doesn't exist because we now have better methods is just dishonest.

No one is saying "IQ doesn't exist". Neither I or Taleb. The point is IQ tests measure IQ and IQ only, which is an abstract quantity developed by wonky psychology models from the 1930s.

Strictly speaking we cannot say that IQ == Intelligence. This is basically the bulk of Talebs point if you actually cared to read it. Basically once you pass 100 IQ, all of the correlations against IQ start to rapidly fall apart and become statistical noise.

I will grant, and Taleb makes this point as well, that IQ actually does seem to be a good predict of stupidity. IQ < 100 actually does hold up statistically pretty well.

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Also as far as success goes, the role of personality should be taken into account. If you have someone of high intelligence (IQ) but they are low in conscientiousness odds are they will not be as successful as someone of average/slightly above average intelligence and highly conscientious and creative. I highly doubt everyone in MENSA has patents and millions in the bank.

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>another IQ thread

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>working memory
Nigger i did not write a fucking thesis on working memoey for nothing. If anything it tells us of the limitations of the processing retaining of information on people.
It is also heavilly affected by peoples habits, interests and proffessions.

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how do I stay motivated

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how? I'm trying to make myself deserving of a gf, I'm unable to get one in my current state

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The jannies are gonna get us but just don't take it personally/hard if you can't get one. It's different every time and anyone in a long term relationship who is assumably the person to ask is actually the last person to know as they'll just shrug it off as, it just happened, because it did.

The truth of the matter is women always want masculine featured and capable males. So almost no male under 25 let alone babyfaced nerdy ones are attractive to them. So just get out there and make the most of life and your studies and let them come to you. There's really no rush at all.

Work on small, linearly achievable stuff first. Make sure you have a driving license.

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Deserving? That's an odd way of thinking about it. She's not a reward, she's a partner.

I found a girl some years younger than me who's pretty much equally fucked up but also as intelligent and got fed up with both our lives being shit, decided to save at least two lives and also create a family which will have much better circumstances than i had. I got sick of my own self pity and decided to just get shit done, things are never perfect anyway.

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Pursue physical, mental and financial self improvement OP. Rest assured that this >>10571809 is how you will be feeling once you get get into a committed relationship and is them mentality you as an assumably virgin NEET are for now denied.

That's all thats different with you. Not any personal failing on your part. You'll make it just keep working on yourself.
To be honest I miss my self improvement cocoon years.

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thanks anon

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How true is this? is it a meme?

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No.They are smart in a few restrictive areas that they have an obsessive interest with. However, they aren't so smart at other things.

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Mostly, it makes you better at obsessing over tiny details and happy with working on a task for endless hours. This makes you seem smart to normies ("that guy does math for fun or something, he must be some kind of genius") but it's actually usually an impediment to real academic achievement.

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>Aspergers is like a superpower
when will this meme die?
t. aspergers
>This makes you seem smart to normies. but it's actually usually an impediment to real academic achievement.

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This is true of all the self-proclaimed "geniuses" here though. Everyone here are only good at math/physics yet love to opine on things like biology, sociology, psychology that have nothing to do with what they actually study.

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People with Asperger's are different. For example, they might excel in classes that interest them but earn terrible grades in everything else.

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based diet advice

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>Vegans die from malnutrition
>While he eats raw road kill and get's a shit load of vitamins

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If the earth were round the arplanes would always have to be falling as they moved forwards

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Do you believe numbers have "magical" properties?
Like 5 for example. It was very important for Pythagoras, and the Chinese. Also the complete 5 graph is the well known pentagram, it was very important throughout ancient human civilizations(and later on associated with Satanism). And it also looks like a human, with its feet and its hands and its head. Also we humans have 5 fingers. Is 5 the human number?
Some other numbers like 7, which are considered lucky and by many divine. (if you look at k7 graph it looks like an angel, because its like a human but it also has wings).
Or 6, which is strongly connected to the material plane(so people sometimes associate it with Satanism) and the k6 graph is also the basis of Davids Star (maybe this is why Jews have a strong affinity to money)...
Is there more to numbers or I am just being schizo?

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fuck off back to >>>/x/

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What maths will I need to know before starting a computer science degree?
I can calculate the area of shapes. The degree starts in July.

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you need to learn them all at once
blindfolded and at 2am

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If you aren’t yet very competent with transvarial logic shrubs or unpropositional squalidomials I’d just give up now, July is too soon to be prepared.

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first post answered your question, I don't know what more help you want

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non meme help

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How can one become more smarter without going to school?

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R e a d.

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What should I be reading?

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Books, and online material.
Study Shakespeare, oncology, art history, statistics, Jean Baudrillard, and topology.
If you get to a point at which you understand them all well, you are very smart.

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Ok thanks, I'll be back tomorrow after I've studied them to prove my smarts.

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What if you focus on those subjects so much and you still don't understand it?

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Scientifically speaking, what's the easiest way to catch staphylococcus aureus, that is not yet methilicin resistant?

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you catch a common strain and then start a course of antibiotics that will kill some of the bacteria but not all of it. Once its almost gone, stop antibiotics and let it spread again, then start antibiotics again, repeat this process until antibiotics stop having any effect on the bacteria

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Gradient antibiotic agar, but where to get the bacteria?

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Combinatorial Cognitive Behavioral Ontological Hypergraph Part 1

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not science or math

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Soon cause it's a lot of parts

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Really makes you think?

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I believe it to be because the majority of the individuals lack self knowledge and understanding therefore automatically the individuals or groups cannot understand eachother creating mistrust and ultimately nourishing certain not so productive behaviour that in turn over time accumulates and culminates into hardship on all levels and possible destruction! I think because we have failed on this front of development we have sent ourselves back to stone age few too many times!

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Look, one person wants humans to live, and interact by information and reason.

The other wants to interact by force and is addicted to strictly own ideas, and can't even live with the fact that he was wrong.

It can't coexist.

Unfortunately the laws of evolution tells us the violent survive. Therefore there is plenty of reasons to be violent.

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Fuck you brainlet. Srsly. I heard cats fighting last nite. My dogs are constantly attacking other dogs. Fuck me I’ve even seen crows fight. Not to mention fucking deer, kangaroo etc

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We're can't outsmart willpower and basic instinct.

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What's the relationship between using the Jacobian for linearization or using Taylor series?
Can both methods be used at the same type of problems when trying to linearize a system about a point? What's the difference? Why use one over the other?

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hey guys i think im retarded
but usually retarded people dont have the capacity to identify their own retardation
after the age of 14 i lost my academia and programming skills
i can barely think in sentences and programming is impossible without modafinil to give me that organized feeling
what the fuck man i'm a 5'5 petite incel with a moderately feminine face, i just want my fucking brains back bro
please help

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Do a month nofap and then measure your iq again.

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>what the fuck man i'm a 5'5 petite incel with a moderately feminine face, i just want my fucking brains back bro
Schizoprehnia or bipolar disorder. These diseases don't have to mean you see things or hear voices.

You should see a doctor before you start having psychotic episodes (which is late developed schizoaffective pathology).

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yes OP might have a rare psychiatric disorder based on a 1 paragraph post about how retarded he is

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I am the same
in my case teenybopper existential dread ate my brain but it never went away and my brain never recovered

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It's not that rare. If he is experiencing jumbled thoughts, blank mind, and loss of ordinary conscious thought stream ... but he is still able to talk and walk around.. schizoaffective is likely.

The epidemiology of schizoaffective disorders suggests high incidence of under-diagnosis and mis-diagnosis.

If OP is around ages 16-25, it's worth considering.

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where's all the lithium?

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Why don’t humans drink like this?

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because we have hands and more control over our lips

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Because we drink like champions.

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How far back were our ancestors dog-licking water?

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I never seen somebody drinking so degenerate, use a straw, minimize energy.

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