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>it's a Youtube "science" channel where they just blow stuff up in slow motion

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Wouldn't your perception as you die be akin to that of falling towards a blackhole due to your functionality slowly deteriorating & the close relationship between memory and perception maintaining consistency?

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if you fell towards a black hole it wouldn’t change your perception except you’d feel a tidal force pulling you harder and harder (stretching you out along the direction toward the singularity) as you get near to the singularity. for an average size galactic center or globular cluster center black hole, the tidal force is tiny at the horizon; you’d feel nothing. if you were listening to vanilla ice on your headphones as you crossed the horizon, it would sound exactly the same and your perception of it would be exactly the same as normal. an outside observer would see you doing weird things as you approach the horizon, like looking more and more red and dim and your vitals slowing down to nearly stopped, but that’s just their perspective. nothing changes in your reference frame at the horizon. but after you pass the horizon and keep falling, eventually your head gets ripped off your neck so, pretty bad

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I rember to have read somewhere that the equation a^b = b^a + 1 (a,b are positive natural numbers) has only one solution, i.e. (a,b) = (3, 2).
I also remember that this is a conjecture or maybe it was proved but the proof is really difficult.
Does someone know the name of this conjecture/theorem?
Maybe I found it while I was reading something on Erdos, I can't remember.

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Anyone here studied Business and Management? Why did you pick it? What is it useful for to you?
What courses studied and the best books for it?

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If climate change is such an existential threat then why are other physicists still dicking around with particle colliders and D-branes?
Why aren't they putting in some effort where it matters in the immediate future?
I mean let's face it, nothing going to come out of T/HEP in the immediate future that will be even remotely useful to anyone.

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Nigger what kind of idiotic false dichotomy are you spouting?
Take your fucking pills and stop posting.

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It's almost like different people specialize in vastly different fields. It's almost like theoretical physicists have nothing to say about the climate. It's almost like a movement toward green energy generation is contingent on economic factors. It's like saying "hurr why do general practitioners exist when cancer still hasnt been cured."

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>If climate change is such an existential threat then why are other physicists still dicking around with particle colliders and D-branes?

Because they’re physicists and it’s not their job to “do things” about it?

>Why aren't they putting in some effort where it matters in the immediate future?

See above.

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>If climate change is such an existential threat then why are other physicists still dicking around with particle colliders and D-branes?
Climate change is a meme.

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>engineer of mechanics(no bully pls)
>empty since i am done with professor teachings.
>want to design a projec since i am doing during 2019 summer
>interest in firearms, and nuclear reaction (primary reactor).
>live in europe
What to do and fun, but not enjoy prison time ?

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You could always build a noose for ponderation in times of boredom

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Not american crazy madman like american David Hahn


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How feasible is it to create a LIDAR machine that maps out an entire grid in it's view (a small room) and forwards that data to a computer?

The primary issue I see is accuracy, with the motor or with measuring the intricate details of various materials in a room.

And I'm unfamiliar with dealing with LIDAR. I'd assuming you would pulse the laser and then measure the first response receipt of data. Repeat that 2 more times for accuracy and then move 1 unit to the right.

And I also assume that at 10m away, to differentiate a cm from another you would require 0.05° movements of the laser and receiver. This would require a stepper motor and precision gearing correct?

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You could also try using electro optic scanners instead of a galvo.

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Holy shit fren could I ask you a few questions? How hard is nuclear engineering/physics? We have remarkably similar interests.

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Why do fetishes exist, especially the more unusual ones? What causes a person to have a particular fetish?

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Classically conditioned perversion.
People have been conditioned to get aroused at the sight of a penny jar in controlled studies.

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Different wiring of the attraction chemicals. Its just a random statistical distribution. Think Bell Curve.

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>this thread again
Is it a bot or just schizophrenia

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overactive human imagination coupled to reptilian sexual urges results in sexual hyperbole (fetishes)

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Schizophrenic bot

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What makes so many people cheat on their significant others, married or otherwise? Why do some people even feel aroused by their partner being with someone else in front of them?

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>Why do some people even feel aroused by their partner being with someone else in front of them?
Why don't you try it and find out?

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Nothing to lose except everything.

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consider talking with him or anonymously telling his fiance

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Quick sex with randos isn't cheating, to be honest. It's more like masturbation. I didn't stop loving my girlfriend.

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t. bugman.

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Statistics > Math

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Statistics = Math

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Statistics ⊂ Math

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Statistics [math] \cap [/math] Math [math] \neq \emptyset [/math]
It's okay if it's your favorite application of mathematics though.

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Math ⊂ Philosophy

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What programs are best at simulating planets, especially taking into account things like plate tectonics and/or weather patterns?

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a giant array in a python program

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A what program?

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Current msc student here,

Am I supposed to publish? is this even normal?

I want a good job/phd offer afterwards and I guess a career somewhat aligned to science.

What I'm doing in my thesis is pretty good, and its original.

I have some journals in mind, particularly the journal of artificial general intelligence (JAGI) and neurocomputing.

My supervisor has published many times (Cambridge alumni) and the topic was mostly his idea...

What percent of master thesis are published?

I'm 26 and have never published before (my undergrad thesis was garbage, (pharmacological enhancement of human intelligence with psychostimulants)
My thesis topic is in the field theoretical artificial neural computational cognitive neuroscience

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ask your supervisor

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I might do, but I think he thinks I am beneath him,
and he hasn't suggested it.

What criteria would it need to meet to be publish worthy?

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>he thinks I am beneath him
you are

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How could we create a fully fertile hermaphroditic human being? What are the biggest challenges, and how could we overcome them?

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When I wake up in the morning, usually 9 or 10 AM my tinnitus is maskable by everyday sounds. But after a while around 3 or 4 PM it starts to spike and can become insufferable.

Why the fuck does this happen? My tinnitus is a high-pitched ringing and hissing sound. This started 7 months ago and it’s probably noise-induced.

Is there any relief to this? Any treatments? Drugs? Vitamins? Supplements? Fucking anything before I blow my brains out? I’d rather have fucking cancer than this.

>inb4 go to doctor
already did and said it’s chronic and there’s no cure

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Open mouth. Clench your teeth together like you're biting something hard. Hold it for 3 seconds. Repeat.

Does your tinnitus change? If so, its not tinnitus, but

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Have T in both ears. Left ear I almost never hear it until I plug it. If I plug both ears I can’t fucking hear the left ear tinnitus. The right ear T is the most bothersome and yes it DOES get louder when I chew or clench my teeth. But I think it’s normal and doesn’t necessarily mean it’s TMJ. I do have TMJ too tho. I really believe I got it from listening to loud music through cheap earbuds. Thank you for the info but I still can’t be sure.

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There's a 'famous' method for short term relief: https://quiet-ears.com/how-to-perform-the-reddit-tinnitus-cure-correctly/

This works by exhausting the muscles in the back of your head, but more importantly, it shows that there is a muscular-skeletal factor involved in tinnitus. After learning this I have self-experimented with trying to stretch, pop, relax parts of my neck/spine while I notice it and can find relief doing this, infrequently I find complete, but fleeting relief.

But doing this isn't long term, and is perhaps dangerous. I recommend, knowing this physical factor exists, to make an attempt to pursue Yoga, meditation, get a better PC setup, etc.

There is also reasonable reason to suspect that this game may help with pure tone tinnitus, but I suspect if it does it is more masking the type of issue stated above. https://plasticity.szynalski.com/tinnitus

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The reddit method does not fucking work for me at all. What does that mean?

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I would make sure you are doing it right, but assuming you are doing it right and its not working, I suggest trying it further down your spine. You can accomplish a similar result tapping the end of a pencil against yourself. If you find yourself involuntarily feeling the urge to 'straighten up' (your posture) do follow the urge.

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So this video explains how they got to the answer. But it still leaves me with basically all the questions. How did he go from x-1=20x to -1=19x? How did we go from there to the conclusion -1/19=x?

I'm so fucking confused right now, anyone know how to make this shit make sense?

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Unfortunately (for my current circumstances) math has always been a massive chore for me. Always sucked at it, and always hated it. (Probably related, but that's the way it goes.)

Still, I'm glad for any help I can get since I need it now.

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An avoidance or sometimes even a phobia is an unfortunate side effect of the way math subjects are taught in schools. I suspect it's because of all the seemingly cryptic formulas and its arcane rewrite rules, correct? When you have time I suggest dabbling a bit in elementary geometry, especially the older kind, since it's a more visual and intuitive practice than raw algebra. And if you're looking for some motivation that even you can master advanced concepts then read the very short Lockhart's Lament.

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I suspect it was how I was taught in school. Whenever I'd go to solve an equation there was always a chance that the numbers would seem to just magically wind up somewhere they weren't supposed to, or I'd do the whole thing backwards (which in math, where even a single decimal point in the wrong place ruins everything you've done.... yeah. Kinda frustrating.) and other times when I wouldn't understand why things worked the way they did. But most teachers couldn't really seem to change how they explained things to make it easier to understand, so I just kind of gave up on that bit and focused on things I actually enjoyed.

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In that case, just watch the videos and follow my advice. As long as you never give up, you'll get around eventually.

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Will do friend. And thanks for the link to this channel. Lot's of neat stuff here.

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>course certificate costs $106

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>$106 is a lot of money for him

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I relate to both of these posts

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>his employer doesn’t provide unlimited education credits

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>he can't finance his own education from his own company

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So what if there was an integer between two and three?
Call it Integer x. 2<x<3 where 2+1=x, x+1=3 3-1=2. Two and three are still seperated by one, there's just an entire extra interval crammed in there.

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This is a good SCP

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you'd have to define some set theoretical universe where this is the case, and like >>10734856
said, in or current canonl integer 3 is defined to be the only successor to 2. of course if you define a new value to that using some axiom, we can just map 3 to the successor of 2, and move every integer over one since the set of integers is countably infinite.

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What if there was a letter between two and three? Whoosh...Did I just blow ya'lls fucking minds?

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OP got rekd by sophomore proof methods
good job, friend

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Are you some kind of new retard? Dare I say, a hyper retard?
2+1=x, x+1=3, 3-1=2
2+1=x, x+1=3, 3=2+1
3=x, x+1=3

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>1. Study AI and Brain-Computer interface (BCI)
>2. Create BCI that can effectively transfer information / knowledge to your brain
>3. Create an AI system that understands human language and make it learn everything on Wikipedia and Research Paper websites like Arxivv
>4. Attach AI to BCI.
>5. Attach your brain to BCI
>6. ???
>7. Profit
>8. Live as Emperor Tech-Priest while pwning puny ant-brains with your infinite knowledge

Meanwhile Elon can’t even talk about Neuralink without mumbling and looking down at his shifting feet. What the fuck is his problem? The number 1 priority should be improving human cognitive capacity. Solve that problem, and you have the ABILITY to solve every other problem and in exponentially quicker time

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ask a guy working very close to stuff like this anything, I'll be here for 15

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reading output is the easy part, but what about sending input into the tissue?

How do you even figure out how to "encode" the information? Seems to me like it will require machine learning, as every person's brain will be different.

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what's wrong anon, share your mind with Lord Pichai and Lord Zucc. unless there's something you're trying to hide??

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is it within reach with current technology to accurately read the motor function output? as in could you have a robot body somewhat accurately copy a person's body movements just by reading the brainwaves?

>> No.10735048

if you can read the output and understand the connectivity structure of the related network activity then in principle you can input information to meaningfully modulate that activity.

We can already stimulate individual neurons, and large numbers at a time... though not as well as we'd like to.

Certainly some stereotypical motor patterns can be entrained by other muscle movements.

Brain waves certainly no... and likely never since this information is all combined, and even from a single electrode on an EEG cap you're likely recording the middle of a chain of activity.

Neural implants that record in some kind of machine learned way maybe...

but this is silly, there are pretty good results using things like gaze, and eye movements, or recruitly some part of the body that isn't doing much and recording from there to train an exoskeleton suit.

...this is retarded anyway since the cognition enhancement is the holy grail, not moving an exo suit.

heres a paper on using gaze, https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1741-2560/9/4/046016

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1 day till the big Genetics exam,today i jerked off 3 times because of the stress anyway that doesnt matter, any tips on how can i pass this ? it`s an oral exam

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Scientifically speaking is this incest?

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How can I genetically engineer ebola to become airborne?

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>How can I genetically engineer ebola to become airborne?
What have you tried?

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