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Can someone explain to me exactly why the Mean Value Theorem is important? I understand it's used in the proof of FTC and has a few other applications; but is that it?

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Geometry disproven.

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the red and blue triangles are not similar

old b8 but still

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Was he constantly on amphetamines? Did he ever fucking sleep?

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How do I measure mach angle on a humanoid sized object? From the center (the waist) or from the edges of the object (head & feet)?

Also, how do I use mach angle to determine the objects mach number?

This is not homework btw.

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What tech would we need to create a real cybernetic creature? Like a non-shitty Asimo? What are we missing?

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battery technology (the heart)
locomotion technology (the body parts)
audio/visual detection (the sensors)
systemizer (the core brain)

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depends on what an asimo is, if it's just like, biological musculature with a robot brain, than not much I think. We're already able to grow living muscle tissue in cultures. Robotics would be the main issue, as actually having a robot that stands upright is fucking hard to program, balancing a top heavy thing like a human being on two legs is difficult to say the least. You might be able to give it some kind of personality like those online chatbots that use deep learning, but those things aren't actually conscious in the way human beings are, as far as I'm aware. Consciousness originates from the interaction of the limbic system and the frontal lobe, the frontal lobe is mostly responsible for moral and social judgements, impulse control, and memory to some extent. Basically we know how all the parts work in the human brain for the most part, but all of the interactions between those parts are somewhat of a mystery to us. Either way, we'd never be able to tell if it was actually 'conscious' in the same way we are.

tl;dr we're closer than you think but further than you'd hope

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We're 80% there, just the last 20% will take hundred or so years

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>battery technology (the heart)

I think fat and the liver are more analogous to a battery.

The "heart" might pump nano bots through the internal system to automatically repair damage and provide security.

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ITT we post our highest level of education

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>I'm allowed not to attend any classes besides math, chem, and phys
What shithole school system are you in where they allow you to completely neglect other subjects to pursue your own interests? Sounds like college, but then again you'd still need to take prerequisites.

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3rd world country, man
actually I am also enforced to attend national literature classes

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At the end of this term, I get an Associate's of Science.

Two years later, BS in EE

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My education has served me well. I work for US Fortune 500 companies in the privacy of my own home. I recommend tech for young people thinking about education. Worth it!

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I should have a bachelor's in about half a year.

Ideally I'd continue to a Master's but I don't know if I'll even get any degree cause it's all kind of going to shit.

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Did The Martian ruin environmental science and plant science?

doing environmental science BS, applied plant sciences MS :(

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idk I remember reading the book a few years ago and all I remember is that potatoes are apparently an amazing super food

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only if you want to do them on mars

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How so?

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Any college students writing research papers with laTex?

In using \documentclass{iserc} is there any way for you to automatically reorder your citation in the holography based on citation order? Have to finish this paper and I'm looking my fucking mind because I know there is more than a manual way.

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Are we the universe experiencing itself?

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Here's tom with the weather

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Is death an illusion?

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Alternatively: "you" are a particle in your brain, and when you die "you" still exist, but have no motor function or sensory perception because "you" are not alive. If you are very unfortunate, you will remain conscious, aware of the passage of time but unable to take any action. I-have-no-mouth-but-I-must-scream-type bullshit.
After millions of years of being incorporated into various minerals and non-cognitive tissue in other organisms, you might eventually find your way back into the brain of an organism and assume control of it, but with no memories of your previous life. And then you die.
This cycle obviously would repeat forever until whatever planet you're on / nebula you're in is engulfed by a black hole, which would eventually release you as Hawking radiation just in time for you to witness the heat death of the universe.

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Am we the universe experiencing itself?

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What are the best study drugs for keeping stress low? I find that my focus is broken mostly by exhaustion.

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if you aren't a woman then just masturbate and take vitamins with zinc so your hair don't fall off and dandruffs

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When you find yourself arguing against scientific research and relying instead on anecdotal evidence it's time for some serious personal reflection.

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The only people that I have seen on adderall (who are using it for illegitimate reasons) are people hoping for a miracle drug because they are a little too slow to keep up with their smarter counterparts.

Drugs might be able to help oil the gears, but they are not going to give you a new brain.

Just play up what you have instead of wasting time, money, and possible health on snake oil.

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Addiction is a serious risk with heavy recreational amphetamine use but is unlikely to arise from typical long-term medical use at therapeutic doses.

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There's a part in Stephen Kings The Stand where a college professor realizes all here work meant nothing in reality. This is you. Ive taken aderrall and it makes me focus on things besides my work. I dont think it plays well with anxiety

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Why were we the only intelligent, bipedal species to develop?

Do you think the world would be more interesting if there were others?

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>tfw no lusty argonian maid gf

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An easy way to extrapolate is to look at some uncontacted tribes.

Those are actually people with interesting cultures and languages that almost seem "alien" to use.

Every time a group has been "integrated", we use laws to destroy their tribes and steal their property.

Often the women are captured as sex slaves because these tribes do not have as much police protection (since they live in the middle of no where).

Those who do choose to integrate often end up on drugs or in prostitution because they have no marketable skills.

We can extrapolate:

1. If there was another species more advanced than us, we would turn into their bitch.
2. If there was another species less advanced than us, we would make them our bitch.

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intelligence is a rare mutation because of how useless it is and how hard it is to develop. A few very specific circumstances need to exist for an intelligent species to evolve. Including the ability to manipulate tools, high calorie diets, young that take a ridiculous amount of time to reach adulthood, etc. In the wild, a species that takes a long ass time to grow it's young to adulthood is asking for extinction, all it takes is one disease to ravage your tribe and you've wasted years of hunting and gathering. About 70,000 years ago, humans nearly went extinct, with the total population of people being about 2000.

yeah this is the natural order of things, the weak should fear the strong.

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Also Denicovans, hottentots or Khoikhoi of south Africa. Neanderthals were European and Homo Erectus was found in Africa. There is the Javan man and many other species of humans found all over the world, many of which we know next to nothing about.

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Most of them died out or succumbed to interbreeding with Homo Sapiens until their blood line was basically bred out. A genetic test in Tibetan descended people will often show other hominoid species that bred with Homo sapiens.

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Severely needing a reality check in basic electromagnetic physics. I don't even know how to begin describing how much energy would be required for these claims to be possible, even if you could magically focus radio waves at a specific individual.

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Is an SAT score of 1990 good enough for /sci/?
If not ill fuck off and hang out with dumbiest kkkk.

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I got an SAT score of 22 and just graduated with Chemistry and Geology dual major

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Lad, I legitimately got a 1670 like 6 years ago. Got into Cal and graduated in Math with a 3.93, as a FUCKING WHITE MALE.

I looked at the specific results for the 1670 score and I apparently didn't know basic algebra or how to write an essay. The SAT is a meme, my dude, especially the written and english sections.

I retook it during my first half of my freshman year of Cal, for fun, and I got a 2280. It turns out that reading books can help your english score, a lot.

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I got 1280 (out of 1600) and 32 on the ACT in 2008.

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2000 is pretty much the cutoff for high functioning retards. i mean you can prob get a CS degree at some shitty state school but with anything near 2000 you wouldnt be able to handle any sort of intellectual heavy lifting, for a 2000 to even be acceptable you need to be a non native english speaker with an 800 on the math.

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The SAT is pretty much just a poorly made IQ test. Just do the IQ test directly to get a more accurate measurement.

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Tell me some of your academic horror stories /sci/

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>Started Ph.D.
>Professor died 4 months later
>University refused to recruit a new professor
>University stole professor's grant moneys, canceled my salary and told me to gtfo
>Whole research group dead

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I heard off something similar but they awarded the students with phds.

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I hear a lot of these horror stories actually. Orphaned PhD students surprisingly seem not incredibly uncommon.

Usually, I don't think the university acts like vultures though. I guess the department was desperate for some cash or something. Strange.

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I'm glad that I read through my contract and know what happens to me, my advisors and my funding in different cases.

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... And that I have protection from if my advisor quits.
I imagine all UK institutions are the same.

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Friendly Reminder to abandon Academia and obtaining a STEM degree in favour of Self-education.

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Agreed, too much competition out there, let me take your place.

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Already earning 100k whilst my contemporaries at University just came out earning 15k.

Feels good to not be an Academia cuck.

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If you want a job and not a white male, this probably won't work out for you.

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What if I'm doing STEM to work in industry?

I really want to get a patent to my name, then sell it for a lot of money. If I did that I would just like to retire on my own private island somewhere.

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since he created the scientific method

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Bernie Ecclestone is the best F1 driver.

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Your argument seems fair and rational, I have one small comment however.

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OP (and you) [math]are[/math] the racists. The development of the scientific method is attributed to many great historical figures such as those mentioned in this thread, Bacon generally receives the most credit for developing the modern method still used today. You attribute a disproportionate amount of credit towards a relatively unimportant figure Haytham just because he is not white.

Your biased hatred could not be more blatant.

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Pretty much this. The only other figure that had a had in the development of the scientific method in my mind was Arisotle, but yeah, Bacon was the main figure in developing it. Al Hathyam was relatively unimportant for the actual philosophy behind the scientific theory.

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>There are people who don't realize that downside up is equivalent to upside down

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upside down = lifted doggie style
downside up = lifted mating press

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This depends on the definition of orientation.

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CS kek here reminding every If you don't know any sorting algorithms, object orientated programming, and have a Mac, you're a retarded fag.

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The Nobel Prize in Physics should go to the discovery of Merge Sort. It's the greatest intellectual achievement since GR.

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i program in haskell because functional code is objectively cleaner and produces less bugs btfo

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Not knowing OOP is a good thing.

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Is this bullshit? It sounds kinda fake, thoughts?

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Not bullshit at all.

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It's a trick.
You can see it from the picture.
There's only on square on the right.
I guess the shapes are deformed and shit like that.

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What part sounds fake?

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