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Am I a brainlet if I went to study philosophy purely for the sake of studying logic, both classical and philosophical?

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There are plenty of race bait threads here, so you tell me if /pol/ is reddit or not.
Kill yourself first

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>Shifting the burden of action

Brainlets truly are inferior species.

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Whatever you say, reddit.

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I got trips, looks like I win.

OP confirmed redditor

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I'm wondering if nobody pointed out OP is a dude because it's so obvious, or not obvious enough.

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where to study IT/Computer Science? requirements:
>free or scholarship for poor people
>only english language

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>IT/Computer Science

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lmao just answer the question plox

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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

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Is weed addictive?

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Yes, very.


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Less than nicotine, which probably doesn't say much

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Ok, this one is genuinely confusing me, I'm not sure what the answer is here if it's 1 or 2/3 how would one do a problem like this any book recommendations?

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I also can't help but notice that if we were to use the distributive property 6/2x(1+2)
we'd get 6/(2+4)
So now we have 2 proofs that 1 is the correct answer.

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i was goofing before but thisactually makes sense

any tips for buying cigarettees underage I'm 19 but you have to be 21 to buy smokes here any tips

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I've never smoked so i wouldn't know. I advice you against smoking in the first place since it's only a financial drain and can only do you harm but if you really want to you should ask other kids where they get theirs.

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i knew i shouldn't have asked some fucking nerd

and if you're wondering i'm already a smoker i'm just sick of paying the hobo tax looking for alternative methods that wont make a pack cost me fucking $10

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Really ? Why?

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If 20% of people are responsible for 80% of the >world's economic output
>scientific and technological advances
>higher IQ

then what is the point of having the rest of the 5.6 billion (out of 7 billion) still around?

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Well somebody is clearly not in the 20%.

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I am shitposting with 300 Mbps internet on topics that the average person wouldn't ever think about posting because they're uncultured wagecucks who spend their free time watching TV after work.

I'm already in the top 1%.

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We need those people to produce pornography.

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>then what is the point of having the rest of the 5.6 billion (out of 7 billion) still around?

If it wasn't for the slave labor in Mexcio and China, those 20% would be vastly less productive and efficient overall.

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Check my Pepe out :)

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to find a pdf for a math textbook. "introduction to discrete mathematics" by K. G. Choo and D. E. Taylor.

I can't really afford the price which people or the school are selling them at.
Do you know any sites where I would be able to find this stuff. I've never really torrented things before.

Thanks :)

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If you're too stupid to figure that out on your own that book will be beyond you.

Kill yourself

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Try library genesis.It's pretty known around here,how come you don't know?

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I'm not a big 4chan user. I haven't downloaded textbooks before as my old university was very good in that they provided all the notes. But I'm at a new one now which needs you to buy the textbook.

Thanks for the help :)

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I hope I'm not too stupid for the course ahhaah. I wasn't allowed to pick statistics due to a course structure issue(doing business statistics) so this was the only other first year math course available. Seems quite interesting though :)

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Dumb person here, I want to learn more about Quantum Mechanics. Where should I start?

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Well you first need to learn linear algebra really well.

Otherwise you don't understand shit.

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Like the other anon said. It's impossible without first having the required math skills.

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What is you're math background? You should have a solid understanding in advanced mathematical fields such as
Group Theory
Number Theory
Multilinear Algebra
Advanced Analysis of Polynomial Rings
Quantum Electrodynamics
in order to effectively study quantum mechanics.

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Time travel theories from /sci/ lego

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If said we had machinery that could project kinetic, gravitational and magnetic energies into a single rotating field of the time if said machines with pointing in the correct alignment for a time ring to travel clockwise? Would the middle of the ring go forward in time?

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Prove this picture wrong.

I'm not a flat-earther, but this is the most convincing evidence I've seen, and I can't think of a way to refute it.

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>Two pictures of the same object from a different angle and distance between observer and object look different
Nice """evidence """

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Different angles with different camera lenses.

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admit it OP you're a brainlet

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Tell me /sci/, is solving a problem merely a question of duration? Could anyone solve any problem given enough time, or are some problems so complex that no amount could be enough?

If so, then what exactly is the reason for that?

Shouldn't any problem be reducible to simpler building blocks that in turn can be reduced even more, depending on the need of how low you need to go? So then if time isn't the only constraint, what else is there? Memory capacity that can only deal with so many blocks and concepts at once? Can a single such block/concept that can be reduced no more be too complex to understand?

If not, and if memory isn't a factor (whether it is or not in the first place, I'll leave open for discussion), shouldn't any problem be solvable with enough time, basically also implying that anyone can achieve anything intellectually given enough discipline (so that the only limiting factor becomes how much time and energy one can invest, which I know isn't limitless but still) and assuming at least average intelligence with no disabilities?

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Aren't there problems (like proving the Riemann hypothesis) that require a very intelligent person to break it down to problems solvable by average humans (assuming it can even be done)?

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Continuum hypothesis

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>... any problems
Nope in frameworks that are complex enough, there exist problems that are unsolvable. (look up Godel).

Look up halting problem

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Whoops I have no idea why I worded myself so badly but what I really wanted to ask was:

Is learning a CONCEPT a question of duration?

I'm interested in the learning of concepts and whether there are concepts that cannot be learned because they cannot be broken down to simpler concepts/the simplest "building block" concepts they consist of are too complex even by themselves.

I hope I don't need to make a new thread with a new OP.

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How hard is a Math major? I know Physics and EE are considered hard, but where does math rank on the STEM list. How far into math can one get if their i.q is 135, and what's the highest GPA they can get? 120 iq? 110? 100? etc
Why are math GPAs usually lower than other STEM majors? Is it because people apply without having any knowledge as to what higher math is?
>inb4 300k starting

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How hard is a Math major?
It's trivial. The proof is left as an exercise to the reader.

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I can answer this though
>Why are math GPAs usually lower than other STEM majors?
it's because math profs have a more precise grading policy and they stick to it. It is also easier to justify that grade when some brainlet starts whining about getting a low one. It's the same reason why STEM in general has lower GPAs than non-STEM.

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You don't know have an IQ of 135 if you're asking this brainlet question, bud.

>mfw come here to engage in and read about science
>only threads made by burger autism teens who think they're going to be math phds because they got an A in geometry

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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

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When I was a kid there was great buzz about stem cells and how we're going to grow new tissues and organs from them. Whatever happened to that?

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everything got delayed in the west because embryonic stem cells hurt the feelings of religious retards, give it another decade

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How do we solve the /pol/ poster problem?

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hahaha epic le deus vult post xddddddddd

screencapped for reddit

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You'll never get rid of them, why can't you just ignore them

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Two words:

Jew posting.

They can't handle the fact that their "perfect" white race has a lower IQ from Jewish people than black people do from them. Just make renditions of their "kill all low IQ black people" threads, but with white people instead of black people and Jewish people instead of white people. It's using their own bullshit against them.

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By censoring their ideas.

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I think this is the right place to post this, and i hope that some of you guys can give a serious and honest opinion on this. Especially to those guys in like Harvard or Yale or any top tier school, have you seen shady shit?

There are people right, they go to universities, those universities are owned by the wealthy, so there are people in those institutions that answer to the people that own these schools, because i mean, someone has to own them right, someone has to fund them. Now, those people that go to these universities, they get taught by people who work at the school, who in turn answer to the people that fund them. How can we trust what's being taught in these schools? These people are really smart, how do we know we're being told everything? and not just enough to get hired by the companies that fund these schools (if this is even the case), is there a sure method either through science or through mathematics, even physics and philosophy that can prove to us that what we are learning is true to human logic or human nature if that makes sense, i don't know why but have this weird feeling that some of the shit we learn at schools is bs that the higher ups want to learn for their agenda and not for the love of learning and understanding the world. Like computer nerds all want to get hired by google and microsoft and stuff like that, so they go to schools and they get turned into tools to be used by these companies. I don't want to go to university to be a brainwashed cuck, i want to go for my personal education not to be trained to be a fuck boy slave for some faggot company.
tl;dr is the stuff being taught at higher education institutions bs? or is it actually stuff that people years ago developed for us to better understand the world and not for companies that fund these schools to abuse and hire those people that graduate to help them control the world.

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Where is the TL;DR section of you'r essay ?

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>being this new

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I want to learn "Geometric" view of algebraic topology. I have fair amount of idea in group theory

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I'm sick of seeing /pol/ tier shit here.
That isn't a Jewish symbol you fucking retard.
And by Jewish symbol, you mean a Star of David, which has six vertices, that star has 10 vertices (external).

>> No.9064224

A star with 10 vertices contains the start with 6 vertices so technically the jewish star is there.

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You're such a pedantic fuckhead.
Are you same shitlord posting all of these race bait threads?

>> No.9064235

No, there is a huge thread timer in /sci/ and I am too dumb to change IPs to be able to manage making so many shit threads.

That said, thanks for assuming I was smart enough to change my IP and carry out all of that. It shows me you do believe me in after all.

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Well, /sci/ is too esoteric for normies and /pol/ is too racist.

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old thread >>>9053327

Lets start with figure A.
. First look at the horizontal lines.
. Notice the lines are made of two segments.
. Add the lines up.
. Each line has two segments, and there are three lines. 2*3 = 6.
. Now look at the vertical lines.
. Add them up. The sum is 6.
. Add the sum of the vertical and horizontal lines. 6+6=12.
. You can attribute a value of 12 to figure A.

Now let's look at figure B.
. The sum of the horizontal lines is 12.
. The sum of the vertical lines is 12.
. The sum of the vertical and horizontal lines is 24.
. You can attribute a value of 24 to figure B.

Figure A=12. Figure B=24. Figure B is twice the value of figure A. If figure A = 5, then figure B must equal 10.

Am I wrong?

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i dont know if this is ironic or not but its just the number of squares in each image counting the squares made out of other squares

>> No.9064225

>the number of squares in each image counting the squares made out of other squares

No. If we're counting the squares+squares made of other squares, then figure B has way more than 10.

>> No.9064245

Squares dont have lines going through them.

>> No.9064253

>squares made out of other squares

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I am looking for the audiobook
>The meaning of it All - By: Richard Feynman.

So i was wanting to ask you anons where do you get audiobooks for free ?

>I'm asking sci and not g simply because i am sure someone from sci must have the audiobook since sci has always been a fan of feynman. Also because you anons helped me get free research articles.

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Can we have a purely scientific discussion on treating homosexuality and transsexualism?

What hypotheses have shown the most promise? Which areas are worth further study?

There was a study a few years ago where bisexuality was induced in mice by altering them to not have serotonin receptors, but not full homosexuality. As far as I know though, SSRI's don't reverse homosexuality in humans and generally decrease sex drive. Even drugs that flood the brain with serotonin like MDMA don't change the sexuality of humans. What is your interpretation of the serotonin system on the sexual orientation of humans?

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>What hypotheses have shown the most promise?



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Social sciences are not real sciences

Real sciences > feel sciences

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>not a real science

>> No.9064119

Its borderline at best

>> No.9064121

>Its borderline at best
t. never read a psychology paper in his/her life

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0.999... = 1

Prove me wrong.

>protip: you can't

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[math] 0.\overline{9}+\epsilon=1 [/math]


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So, none then?

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t. Reddit

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Oh so you define a questionable notation with another questionable notation, that clears a lot thanks pal.

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