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Would you say trying to understand abstract art is good practice for trying to understand alien intelligence? After all, it is widely speculated that the way intelligent aliens think or act will seem completely incomprehensible to us since they evolved under different natural selection pressures, which would have shaped their social structures and reasoning processes in a completely different way than our own.

Pic related. It's a gif of an "art piece" by Martin Creed called "The lights going on and off" that is just an empty room with lights that automatically turn on and then off in 5 second intervals.

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/ic/ here
Abstract art is bullshit

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just learnt about this yesterday and want to know what are your thoughts on the matter.

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>Media reaction has been predictable, with overheated headlines proclaiming “Men on road to extinction.”

remind me again how trump is wrong about the media

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I'm studying for my stochastic midterm and I'm having a little bit of difficulty. A bit more info, Y_n = exp(X_n) when X_n is a symmetric random walk. I was wondering if anybody can show me how:

E[Y_n+1|Fn] = Y_n*[(e + e^(-1))/2]

I've tried taking logs to solve it, but have been unsuccessful. Thanks in advance for any help.

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sup /sci/ , Can you guys redpill me on religions and deity worshiping through the times and how it changed?

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Mighty Odin is displeased with your question!

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I'm so fucking sick of the mountains of people telling me I need to stop using my taste and read / go through tonnes of boring shit.

Dostoevsky and Dickens and a lmost all books written before 1900 are boring as fuck. There are zero worthwhile "insights" in these books, as if that's why I even read books lol.

All philosophies are just one out of infinitely many possible points of view, but some are better marketed than others. I have a constant crushing feeling because pseuds tell me I have to read Plato even when I know it will be BORING AS FUCK, trivial, vague, fallacious shit. I KNOW this before I've even fucking read the republic. The dialogues I have read have been sophistry.

I am SO fucking bored of SICP. All it does is repackage simple stuff and presents it in an overly complicated way. Lisp is nice but if it is never used irl then why do the mental masturbators never shut up about it?

Boredom is a a completely intellectual emotion.

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your taste is shit
your thread is shit

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> boring as fuck

Nigga you what ? "The gambler" is nothing like boring.

And those give you insight about the human nature.

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This isn't /lit/ you mong.

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>Boredom is a a completely intellectual emotion.

You're not bored, you're 15.

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How the fuck are you supposed to solve this.

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nice meme

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Don't be retarded, draw a picture, resolve forces and remember Newton's first law.

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>constant speed
Acceleration is zero. That means the net force is zero. The three forces are gravity, F, and the normal force. Think of what the box would do if F wasn't there, and use that to find the normal force.

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there is no mention of gravity so he should ignore it

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Generally it's assumed, as the two problems make more sense with gravity assumed.

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im 21 and want to start collage in engineering for no reason, hell i might even drop out.

I bought stewarts book and i started reading. I have no idea how to solve equations and absolute value, inequality, wtf is a function??? fucking hell triggernometry.
basically the wiki didnt help me for shit since im worse than high school trash at math

Could any1 guide me on what introductory book to buy? i feel stupid :(.

If your wondering how im able to live, i married young to childhood friend since she had my baby and her family pays everything

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Good for you!

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khan academy

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I do enjoy a good collage of engineering.

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Where should humans settle next?

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in massive airships in the lower atmosphere of venus.

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North Canada and Antarctica

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>tfw tom'sth intelligent to'eth enjoy science

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This meme needs to die badly

Just like OP

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>tfw to'ey'eth intelligent tomth die

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Is it possible to become good at math by learning by myself ?

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you can always retake it, anon. You only have to submit your highest score and can choose to not send previous scores if you so wish.

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You can understand the concepts but problems are going to fuck you up.

source: tried learning calculus by myself

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I am, just gotta study more and not be an indecisive piece of shit about some questions. The fact that you can use a ti-nspire is practically cheating in and of itself.

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>can only cancel scores being reported up to a week after the test being taken
Great, now they already know I'm a retard.

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When there was nothing in the universe there were no universal laws established. The law that says matter can't come from nothing didn't exist.

So from nothing came matter because nothing wasn't bound by univeral laws. Once matter existed it defined the law that matter could only come from matter.

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after how many holes does a theory cease to be a theory and becomes hole with theories?

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>When there was nothing in the universe there were no universal laws established.

By Occam's razor I'd argue that all universal laws were always established. I don't see why anybody would be adamant either way, as there is no way of knowing this anyway.

Why do people argue that the universal laws and fundamental forces didn't exist before the big bang? Am I missing something?

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>>before the big bang

ayy lmao

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Use occams razor to justify why a law would exist before anything else existed

Why would rules be predefined? What were they defining? Nothingness in the off chance something existed? Where did the rules come from?

It's much easier to use occams razor and assume the laws didnt exist

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Before the big bang there was only uniform energy. Since E = mc^2. The energy condensed itself until all of the universe was contained in a single point. What we refer to as energy/matter or basically as existing is really just the lack of not existing. What causes a lack of energy is the real question. The answer? After the universe condensed into itself, mass and by extension gravity became infinite. This caused a literal tear in space and time at any distance from the point of infinite mass. As such all the energy of previous points in time was pulled towards the single point in space and time and after all time and space had collapsed the dark matter took it's place. One sec I need a drink.

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How do I make solid helium, /sci/?

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I usually just wait for a big freeze to happen to the entire universe, you could also create your own universe and program your helium to solidify faster.

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Heike, you dummy

>>pressure isn't important

Ask Willem how he did it

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Brainlet here.

Wouldn't an increased pressure entail higher temperature and thus more energy?

If the answer to the previous question is 'yes', is it just that there's some limit at which this principle no longer applies?

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how do I get an owl? I want an owl

gas doesn't necessarily have higher energy than a solid, lower pressure means less energy is required to maintain a gaseous state, if you increase the pressure enough it eventually becomes solid in spite of the energy, different chemicals have different thresholds for their physical state

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when you compress gasses, their temperatures go up. you generally need to cool things that you're compressing too.

Liquid helium/hydrogen tanks typically need continuous cooling at STP because if you don't the tanks leak too much gas

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What are /sci/ thought about the feasibility of an Alcubierre drive ? how would it be possible to decrease the effects of Hawking's radiations ?

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Hey /sci/,

are these considered the mesophyll cells or are these individual chloroplasts?

Much appreciated


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Chloroplasts are not visible under light microscopy. Those are most likely cells

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Fair enough. Thanks. Mesophyll cells within which are the chloroplasts?

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Yes, OP, they are cells. Also, which side of the leaf do you have. If you have the adaxial side, not alot of stoma would be seen, as they usually have less stomata there. Also, depending on the species, guard cells can have a very different morphology (just like the inner stomatal space)

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Unfortunately I don't know which side of the leaf I have, however the adaxial/abaxial terminology rings a bell. It may be former then. Thanks.

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Hello /sci/

Pic related is within walking distance of my house. As you probably know, it is an electricity pylon.

Theoretically, if i climbed it and touched the wire (if i even got that far) would it kill me instantly? I understand the fall afterwards would probably finish me off if i somehow survived but is there enough voltage/amperage in these things for an instantanious death?

Also, what sort of visible damage would it do to me? Would i look like a charred corpse?

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Why kill urself op?

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Don't do it OP. Lets talk.
What is it you want?
I can get it for you.

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People have been hit by lightning bolts to the face and survived. You "may" survive but the chances are low. Plus your arm would'nt be charred of just with 1-2 degree burns. Also if you do survive the lightning cardiac arrest, and brain overload might be your killer.

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>I don't want to leave my body a mess for my parents to see
just kill your parents lmao they can't arrest you if you're already dead

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>Anyone have any resources on building an exit bag?
yes, but I only upload the pic when trolling people

someone who is serious about killing themselves, but can't do it while already possessing helium tanks...too sad

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Why are all chemistry classes full of homos and girls? Where can one discreetly meet other intellectuals and scholars?

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Hello. Welcome to /sci/
We are all anons here.

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Obviously on a Vietnamese website about chinese cartoons.

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Except for me.

Why do you wish to suck intellectual cock in private? We're all loud n' proud faggots on this board.

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How the fuck do I prove that the area of an ellipse with minor and major axis a and b is pi*a*b WITHOUT doing an integral?

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you times a and b because of the power between them. then you multiply by pi to show the significance of that fact. well-ah!!

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Space deformation from the area of a circle ?

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https://proofwiki.org/wiki/Area_of_Ellipse look at the second one

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Post your major/stats

>3.98 GPA
>Electrical engineering/Chemical engineering/Business management
>Ivy League school
>Triple major

About to graduate and have gotten job offers ranging from as little as $300k a year to over one million.

Engineering is so fulfilling. It's nice when your major actual contributes to society.

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Oh yeah OP?
Check this shit

>5.2 GPA
>Millenium College
>septuple major

I am a job of 9 million plus, vrainlest like you cannot comprehend how important I am

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>PhD in all Stem majors
>4.0 GPA
>Never went to college, was granted my PhDs due to my superior self-taught intellect
>9 billion a year starting

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>PhD in philosophy
>had 4.0 throughout college
>duke for higher learning
>teach part time logic

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t. successlets

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Math double triple major
4.20 gpa
Any career I want
Job offers ranging from 600K to 7 million starting

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I want to protect some electric devices from EMP. The problem is, that i want to protect them from the biggest EMP possible, as an atomic explosion or a solar expel. What ideas and advices can you give me for this problem?

I read about Faraday's cage, but i'm not sure if it can be more eficient depending on the structure of the cage. For example, depending on metal density, or if the distance between holes is relevant.

Also, a closed and dense protection as a cave it would amplify or limit the emp? It can be a good natural substitute or complement for a Faraday's cage?

What other alternatives do you know?

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Put them in an earthed conductive box.

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"When your former secretary honoured me by asking me to read a paper to your society, my first thought was that I would certainly do it and my second thought was that if I was to have the opportunity to speak to you I should speak about something which I am keen on communicating to you and that I should not misuse this opportunity to give you a lecture about, say, logic. I call this a misuse, for to explain a scientific matter to you it would need a course of lectures and not an hour's paper. Another alternative would have been to give you what's called a popular scientific lecture, that is a lecture intended to make you believe that you understand a thing which actually you don't understand, and to gratify what I believe to be one of the lowest desires of modern people, namely the superficial curiosity about the latest discoveries of science." - Wittgenstein, A lecture on ethics

Is he correct?

Here's the full lecture:

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>Is he correct?
about what??

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Yes. Next question.

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About pop science

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Not seen that around for a long time, thanks

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