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Straight A students of /sci/, what are your studying habits?

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carefully select your schedule so you only have one or two difficult classes and multiple easy bullshit classes

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University Applications
>high school transcript GPA 3.8 + = Accepted
>no other information required

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University Applications:
>[ ] I'm a white or Asian and have a very good GPA
>[ ] I'm not white or Asian

Mark either box and you're in.

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Thats how i did it but I'm actually a total dumbass. I just cracked down in high school since I didn't really have a life and homework is better than suicide.

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That's how it works in Canada

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affirmative action is cancer

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>be me
>be collage biology professor
>public collage,nothing too fancy
>test day
>give kids test about animal cell and cell biology
>some protein names,organelle functions etc
>reach mitochondria
>"the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"
should i just quit and become a lab cuck since this job isnt paying me that good

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Your country has very low standards for professors.

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How do we know what chemicals look like?

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What experiments allowed us to determine the 3d structure of chemicals?

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Usually some setup of x-rax crystallography.

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I thought that was only for proteins.

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This is not how they "look" like. This is how model of them we work with can be visually represented, keep that in mind.

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Normally the rate of cell division and cell death (apoptosis) is equal. This keeps organs and organisms at the same size.
But once the apoptosic program is activated, like the entry into a new stage of the cell cycle, is usually triggered in an all or none fashion. The proteolytic cascade is not only destructive and self amplifying but also irreversible. Once a cell reaches a critical point along the path to destruction, it cannot turn back.
Since Europeans cannot turn back from their path to the apoptosis of their race, it means there's nothing we can do right?

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Why does coffee make me shit /sci/? How come other caffeine drinks don't do it?

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coffe has more Chemicals than caffeine. Possibly intolerant to one or several of them

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Because it's a hot liquid. Hot liquids make you shit.

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because you drink it right in the morning. your digestion works hard at night and with a good diet anything you drink in the morning starts the signal to get your bowels empty. if not you're not eating enough fiber

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Hey, I need Help. Where is my Mistake?
Result is ALMOST equal, but still wrong...
1st semester Math Student
Set Theory Logic

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What's /sci/'s handwriting like?

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used to have an instagram page in high school in which i'd put my notes and journal entries

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>used to have an instagram page in high school in which i'd put my notes and journal entries
of course you'd be a faggot

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im girl

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you'll never achieve anything, just go suck Chad's dick by now and hope he marries you

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How do I learn basic maths and physics faster? It feels like its going wayyy too slow I wanna get to the complicated shit already

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No, don't. Go at the fastest you can. It's all about exposure over long periods of time. Just think about physics and math all the time. And it will come to you in time.

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Due to the nature of the education system in my country, I haven't had any STEM classed since 9th grade. I'm 21 now and can barely remember anything beyond a 5th grade level. I'm tired of feeling like a retard, where do I start on how to improve myself? I don't think I'm necessarily dumb, I'm at the top of my classes at university in my History degree (which isn't a high bar to set, I know), I just don't like being scientifically illiterate.

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>barely remember anything beyond a 5th grade level.
>I'm tired of feeling like a retard
Intelligence and knowledge are two different things.

>I'm 21 now
Based zoomer. Played any Fortnite lately?

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In pic related my professor told us that if you have a classical system with hamiltonian [math]H(p_i,q_i)[/math] then the relative quantum system is given if the Schrödinger eqn is satisfied and also the observables become self adjoint operators. Is this notation implying that there exist a map, matching every classical observable to its corresponding operator? (would that be a map from [math]\left( C^{\infty}(M),+, * \right) \rightarrow A[/math] , where A is an algebra of operators)

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OK let's see this problem:
I need to sell 100 pieces of a land to many different buyers with a linearly increasing price so that the total must be 1000 bitcoin
Considering the total as the area of a triangle and the number of the pieces of land as the base, i used this formula to find the height of the triangle aka the final, highest price
which gives h=20btc
Now: How do i find all the intermediate prices for every piece of land? What's the best formula to do it?

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Why do we say R/Z (not the circle, but the space you get by identifying the integers) is homeomorphic to a countable infinity of circle welded at one point when it's wrong? If you try to realize it in R^3 by taking, for each rational point on the unit circle of the plane x=y=0 a circle in the plane that contains z=0 and this point (so you get a countable infinity of circles that intersect only at 0) with the subspace topology, you don't get at all something homeomorphic to R/Z. The only way to make it work is in infinite dimension. Why do people say this?

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Post based and redpilled 80s prog

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I got sulfuric acid on my hands, a lot. I was using this drain cleaner and I know that it was obviosly a high concentration of sulfuric acid. It spilled all over my palm and dripped a ton on the back of my hand. The palm I washed off near immediately, the back of the hand was on for s little bit of time, maybe 30 seconds to a minute. My hands feel dehydrated but I want to know what’s the worse that will happen and how bad it looks.

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Bro relax, it's just a few burns

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I’ll take your word for it

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Well. First I would like you to know that if this happens again the first thing you should do is to wipe the acid off your hands and only after wash it with water for several minutes. Concentrated sulfuric acid mixed with water heats up big time and you can get burns from just that. Your hands do not look that bad I have seen worse. The marks will be there for a long time (maybe will not heal properly). No biggies. Be careful next time you had luck now.

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Thank you man for your time in response, much appreciated

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>prof starts telling a joke

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everyone in the lecture hall in my math class sarcastically claps prematurely to drown out the cringe. it's amazing how a common threat can quickly lead to neutralization through silent agreement.

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Master mathematician here. I'm giving you advice on how to be good at mathematics.

1. You might have this emotion inside you that mathematics is BIG subject. It's not. Stop thinking it as BIG. Rather think it as LONG. It's very long, but extremely flat and overwhelming majority of branches your brain might make wont lead you anywhere. It's not like roots of a tree. It's like long piece of rope and occasionally some of the rope strands fray from the main body. There is usually one type of freedom in math and it is FORWARD or BACKWARD.

2. You might think that solving mathematical equations is hard. No. You can solve a problem if you have done similar problems before. That's how mathematics works. Your job is to progress from simpler problems forward. Like building a pyramid. You can solve a problem ABC if you have solved the problems A B and C before. If you cant solve ABC, intensively focus and search for problems like A, B, and C first.

3. You might think that thinking gets you far in math. Thinking doesnt progress you much. Mostly what you need to do is move the subjects into your working memory, fill your working memory with mathematics thing, then forget all about it and go to sleep or eat or whatever. Fill your working memory. Then stop. Then return. Do this every week. You have to do it a lot, maybe 30 hours a week. That is a lot of mathematics.

4. You will get good in mathematics if you ALSO seek for motivation to do it. Seek to get rewarded. Use 20% of your time to seek rewards you can obtain with mathematics.

5. Best way to learn is friends and competing against them.

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>Master mathematician here.
>Best way to learn is friends and competing against them.
How good are you really?
Do you do research?
Mathematics is really a big subject.

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after i came across the Fibonacci sequence, math has never been the same for me.

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So you are using the "truth comes from authority" bubble of thinking. Me and my family are happy in life and I did it with mathematics (yes its also my profession). Big means something you cant see entirely or move. To me the whole subject of mathematics is coiled into a spiral forming this medium sized ball i can hold with my two arms.

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All the information in Fibonacci sequence is just a one sentence. Its a very simple mass and it is particularly poor choice of interest and uncreative.

Try for example a question like "what should a man do in his life" and see how this spawns thousands of questions

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Being an expert in Logic doesn't make you an expert in Analysis.
Fields of research themselves are very specialized.
I don't really get your point.
What is the core subject in your opinion?

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So, I happened upon this guy by pure chance today. Apparently he developed a 'new' geometry that's supposed to revolutionise how the subject taught. He calls his formulation "rational geometry," and basically what it does is replace distance and angle with "quadrance" and "spread." I've watched the first of his lectures on youtube, but I'm not yet convinced this rational geometry is any better. What does /sci/ think? Is this man a meme?

Comfy viewing:

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He's posted here a lot from what I remember. But the answer is yes.

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>Wildberger a meme?
Lrn2meme fgt pls

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How far can we go with modern computing? Is there anything beyond digital computing? Could we ever build machines that get close to Landauer's principle?

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quantum computing

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>How far can we go
What do you mean by "we", Peasant?

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How far can the cognitive elite...better?

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Physics are the limit.

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>Unexpectedly, the researchers found that the pitch of the sound from the ice shelf changed when temperatures rose to above freezing and the ice began to melt. The sound waves began to slow down and the pitch dropped as a response. This was an indication of both melting and degree of melting. Once temperatures dipped below freezing again, the upper firn refroze but did not regain the initial pitch it had before the firn melted.

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