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which STEM field lends itself most to degenerate alcoholism and sexual perversion?

just wondering. thank you.

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Don't you have to have sex for sexual perversion?

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Does anyone have this graph with a proper baseline? I'd like to see if the recent years still look so dramatic if we compare them to 50, 100 or more years ago.

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I'm sure some smart scientist already found a way.

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No. There is a limit on information about the past that can be inferred from current evidence.

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that data is fake and gay, the historical records were altered to produce that data, theres a thread about it here >>15990420

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>10^2 km^6
Yeah, whatever that is, it's not sea ice volume. Next.
What's that limit? Sediment data for shores and lakes goes quite far back, shouldn't that be enough to reproduce the Antarctic ice volumes?

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>shouldn't that be enough to reproduce the Antarctic ice volumes?
Should it? In what way? What relationship do you expect to see between sediment deposition and antarctic ice VOLUME?
Which lakes would you examine sediments from? How would you verify your proxy?

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Is there a scientific way of fixing DNA tests so they detect the correct gender?

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It's just science, lads.

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If you can't beat them, join them

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>beat you senselessly
This means that the person beating me should do so whilst in a state of senselessness instead of beating me till I'm senseless, fyi

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Did you get youratest booster shot?

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Fat-fingered phoneposter

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But did you get your latest booster shot?

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I have strange fascination with preserving information for posterity. I often think about finding lost silent films and what may be on the Herculaneum Papyri and such. That got me to thinking, will films, TV, music and such from the 20th and 21st centuries be completely lost in 500 years time? Hard drives and optical discs will rot, film stock will disintegrate, videotape will eventually lose its magnetization. Music will do better than movies because vinyl records literally have the information physically etched onto it, but I’m not sure movies can be infinitely preserved. Preserving and digitizing may be fruitless if the digital formats themselves aren’t infallible.

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some autist will store a copy somewhere... but it will probably not be accessible until a new civilization emerges.
btw, this is the place for you: https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/
most people are 4chan autists

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What is commonly found in a cell?

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a couple of androids

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Men, because males commit the majority of violent crime.

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mRNA sequences carried by a lab-made lipid nanoparticle, coding the cell to indefinitely produce pathogenic spike proteins, unfortunately. This was not the case before 2021, but it's almost universal now. Sad.

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a fucking powerhouse

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Hello retards!
This is the show you all must watch. It's about teams of brilliant students from 5 elite Korean universities and 1 team from Harvard going to war with each other. No politics, no alliances, no backstabbing. Pure brain power vs brain power. You can play along some of the games too.

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It's available on Dailymotion. I will bump this thread tomorrow again.

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Science is holding back humanity
Imagine how much we could do if we didn't have these egotists saying "don't bother science already understands everything"

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they're not on /pol/

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They definitely have been since they got banned from all the other social media and considered politically incorrect for pointing out how much smaller water droplets and virions are compared to cloth pores such that expecting a cloth mask to stop the spread is like expecting a chain link fence to stop a fire hose spray.

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American education truly is terrible.

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This is a topic about supposed scientific fraud, you can go discuss politics on it's dedicated board.

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dude those shit simple masks worked in other ways. they worked politically, makes it seem like something is being done about it, it's a social signal that you are willing to go along with the extra discomfort. it was a sort of signaling, the least bit people could do at individual level. even if "scientifically" it doesn't do shit. even tho it does from a more pedantic point of view, it does reduce the viral load or whatever the fuck it's called. it's not fully irrelevant. but yeah, it doesn't stop the fucking pandemic. you don't need to be a genius to figure it out. you also don't have to be a fucking asshole. just put that shit on so people feel better around you

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Spin Prime Completed Edition

Previous - >>16044380

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two weeks

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Everything is relative. Compare with ULA or BO

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It’s going as fast as possible but yeah it’s kind of pathetic. I think once it gets to orbit things will move a lot quicker though. And I’m willing to bet that ~5-10 years from now we will all look back on this dev period and say “yeah that was pretty damn quick overall, wow”

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Where in the capsule is the shitting street installed?

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Starship will be an extremely efficient PLEO vehicle
-Tory Bruno

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having a lunar lander touch down less than a mile from its planned landing site near the moon's south pole?
Is being this precise considered good, bad, or other?

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Luna can be moody

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The fact that you can raise your IQ score by repetitively taking IQ tests just shows that IQ tests are folly. That means for subjects like mathematics, you can increase your understanding just through repetitive practice, math is a skill after all and the best way to become skilled is through practice. The term "stupid" is thrown so often that it makes IQ scores meaningless. Unless the tests are 100% accurate, why should we trust IQ?

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IQ tests are useful for good-faith self-exploration, preferably under the guidance of a psychologist/neuropsychologist. Once you start trying to game them, you've defeated the purpose.

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>Once you start trying to game them, you've defeated the purpose.
that's like playing chess with yourself and expecting to not cheat.

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You shouldn't trust it and you should forget it exists and never discuss the matter with another human being as long as you exist. You'll be happier and everyone else will be happier.
Doubt you'll do this.

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>merging neutron stars
what the fuck? isn't that an absurdly rare phenomenon? how the hell can a bunch of elements be made from neutron star collisions, and then be transferred over to the suns original nebula cloud and accretion disc?

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nucleosynthesis can only happen in that one way because thats the only way that the brainlets who can't even land a probe on the moon can think up to explain it. astrocrap is a dumb topic for dumb people.

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what the fuck are you talking about? kill yourself for wasting my time with that retarded bullshit.

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Good Night /Sci/entists!

A lot of times /Sci/entists have clothes they wear to do Science. The clothes can have a lot of purposes. Like a lab coat or one of those hazmat suit things or an electrostatic discharge jacket.

None of these garments are moe enough. For Science to advance more, we need much cuter clothing.

A Science Maid Dress for maids is needed, but it is unclear how it should be constructed.

It is easy to make this for Computer Science and Mathematics. All those maids need is a dress with an apron big enough to store a Maid Computer.

I am calling on you, maids in my Science Foundation. Post what Science you are studying and make suggestions for styles of, or modifications to a Maid Dress to accommodate it.

Thank you /Sci/entists for reading my post.

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hey maid anon, I heard that computer shit was finally shipping, you got yours yet?

personally I wfh so my uniform is just enough to keep from shitstaining the chair

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What do you do for a living?

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$2^(inch log minute)

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I lie in bed

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consume various protein chains and minerals
diffuse oxygen into blood through nostrils
become unconscious for long periods then conscious

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I live in rehab hoping to get out soon

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The two theorems in logic and computability theory are not as widely known and understood as they should be. First is Goedel's incompleteness theorem of first order logic and arithmetic. The second is the unsolvability of the halting problem (and Rice's theorem).

These theorems put an upper bound on what can be known by use of formal systems. No matter how powerful the symbolic system there will always be formal expressions which are impossible to validate by the rules of the formal system.

I believe this means that all formal systems are fundamentally flawed and blindly following their logic of the system can lead to catastrophic outcomes which no one will foresee because they will be blinded by the rules of the formal system.

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>it's wrong that "x^2 = 8 for all x" is false, because it's true for some numbers like 4

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>No matter how powerful the symbolic system there will always be formal expressions which are impossible to validate by the rules of the formal system.
This is why AI is impossible because only true consciousness can make the intuitive leap to escape the logical trap.

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nothing to do with what i said, try again

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I'm not referring to anything you said, I'm applying the principle in >>16046520 to a specific property. Do you agree with my logic?

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sure i agree with the one you just referenced

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wtf is this all about?

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I don't believe you

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I'm guessing that during the one-child policy, girls were registered as boys to avoid abortion.

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>western journal => (no fraud if and only if the community actively endorses it and it).
Alzheimer research.
Spider research.
They were all endorsed by the "community".
Gender studies have always been endorsed by their community.
Nothing can be trusted. Assume they are all fraudulent is the only correct thing to do.

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Nobody gives a shit about what passes anymore. not even in western journals.

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Because you are an Indian that fabricated all your research for a green card and cheated on your exams.

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Why am I me and not someone else?

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tranny thread

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I'm pretty sure trannies also drink water so you might as well chop your cock now.

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Your claim to be "you" has no explanatory power and thus can be ignored

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because nobody else can be a bigger fag than you can OP

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Because the atoms you are comprised of form the reactions which manifest as consciousness, but to answer more deeply there is nothing that dictates what "you" are born as, all consciousness is the same thing and reality is an endless cycle

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and they were only 1.5 Km off from their touch down target.
How does LUNR's touchdown accuracy compare to the Russian, China, Japan, and India's accuracy?

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today is your lucky day janny

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>> No.16046121


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>>OP why are you shitting on your own lawn?

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its a popular image, pepe has been a meme for nearly two decades already

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Moist based pills.

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How can we measure the speed of light if we and all matter in the universe is in motion?

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2 synchronized clocks

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I find it weird that at both ends of the spectrum time goes by in an instant yet anywhere in between it doesn't.

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Because it's attached to a field which we are also related to.
Units don't actually exist, it's physicist nonsense.

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I'm not a very intelligent man but i'ts a bit about how you have to work x number of hours to get a bigmac.

Science dude know all there is to know so i dont have to.

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>Science dude know all there is to know so i dont have to.
based midwit