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Harper is too hard for me (notation abuse and little explanation) what else 4chan can recommend to study plt (video or uni courses is acceptable)

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CMU's 15-312 is pretty good speaking from experience, there are a lot of resources from that course available online


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Eugenics is inevitable.


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As it currently stands, how serious of a threat does AI pose to society?

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Everyone will become dumber and more isolated but on the other hand video games will be more realistic. So who's to say whether it's good or bad

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replacing artisanship with mass-production and automation is an inherent bad. Not industrialization mind you - the existence of a lightbulb factory isn't a moral wrong because lightbulbs aren't compatible with artistry and can't be effectively hand-produced by craftsmen. Something like wooden furniture on the other hand is art and can be hand produced, thus it is a moral obligation to support this sort of furniture creation instead of massive flatpack pressboard trash factories. Same thing with digital art - if we *can* meet our need for digital art with human labor, it's imperative that we do. Having a machine create digital art is wrong.

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>Go to community college and transfer to university in approved program in California.
>Have to repeat two years of college because California doesn't think community colleges meet standards
>Charge student $20,000 a year to study same classes
>25% of the states GDP goes to the schools in California
>Community colleges are even harder than universities



Liberals are now against poor people who study harder.

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have you ever gone to a university?

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The feds garnish your wages.

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A few years back I went to Butte College in Northern California, a decent rural CC. Spoke with advisors about my plans to transfer to a UC for my CS degree, they gave me an academic plan which mostly consisted of science and math classes along with the other required gen ed courses. I completed all the courses for the IGETC, and was accepted to a number of schools, finally choosing UC San Diego where I was able to skip pretty much the first 2 years of undergrad. Some of the early CS courses had material I was already familiar with, though it was taught a bit more comprehensively and rigorously.

Not sure what your problem was. The transfer strategy worked for me. I'm now continuing my studies in the Master's program at UCSD to go further into AI and Bioinformatics. It's been a great experience so far, covid hysteria notwithstanding.

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It's amazing how much of a scam community college has become (next to regular college ofc)

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Bad news if you're likely to fail for whatever reason good news when you are likely to succeed

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How would I go about finding someone who could test my DNA for chimerism? I've emailed a few places, all of which say they can't test for it. My mom finally decided to tell me at age 26 that I absorbed a twin and the possibility I'm carrying my twin's DNA has been bothering me, figured you guys could help

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I thought FBOE and masturbation were universal phenomena

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Makes sense as an in-built way to both reduce population growth and have more supporting adults around per child. A tribe of 20 people needs to be at max reproductive capacity to ensure survival and prosperity, a city of 2 million needs to stop reproducing and deal with the generation it already has

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what about a tribe of 20 people living off the interest they make printing money for a city of 2 million? if the city stops growing it's like a literal genocide for the tribe. have a heart

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I wouldn't think it's in-built as the particular factors for it to be selected would've been an almost impossibility, but from a psychological pov it would make sense.

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The trait appears in birds and thus hypothetically prior to the last common ancestor between synapsids and diapsids. Doesn't seem unlikely that some ancient salamander started overpopulating the ponds it lived by and populations that slowed reproduction once carrying capacity was nearing were more likely to survive than populations that just grew exponentially until they all died off, and we've kept that trait until today

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What if consciousness is not really the brain, or the mind, but rather, consciousness is the soul.

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Consciousness necessitates the existence of a metaphysical soul in some form because there's no other way to explain the interaction between the conscious mind and physical matter. The fact that a thought, something you "experience" in a metaphysical manner, can translate into direct physical action means some sort of bridge must exist between the processes of physics and the separate processes of metaphysics

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where is it stored

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it is stored in ((deep state))

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the balls

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Go back to /x/

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>Check out Meta's fellowship program
>Click to see most recent class of fellows
>All of them except like 2 are from top tier CS research universities
>Literally over 50% of them are at either Stanford or CMU

Should I even bother applying to private fellowships?

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(With science)

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Look what science can do!

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Come here, cupcake
*unzips dick*

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If men had boobs then they could help feed the babies to make them strong and healthy. It would also help feed the babies when the mom dies during childbirth

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such as

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It's because historically men's job was to impregnate the female and split. Only in the past 5k years or so have agricultural societies existed, which isn't enough time for us to evolve it.

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Lactation evolved from glands that would secrete liquid to keep eggshells moist before synapsids evolved live birth. Males didn't lay or care for eggs so whatever gland was co-opted by females for egg-moistening just remained in its ancestral state, i.e. not lactating

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The real question is why aren't women feeding men with boob milk?

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i think some one said theres no center to the universe because its infinite, but because objects exist and these are the only objects they create the center because the rest if infinite it makes it even then the objects create the center i think

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Dinosaurs are so fucking gay. Does anyone actually believe they were real? """"Scientists"""" be like, "o look there is a special dinosaur with like a helmet for a head, and this bad bow has a spikey tail to swing at its foes. Oh my this boi has a long neck to eat leaves from the tops of trees".

When dinosaurs and other fossils were first starting to be discovered, there were all kinds of fraud and stupid fucked up theories, and they just kept it going so you fags feel smart. When Jurassic Park came out in the 90s velociraptors where known to be small, but after the movie they all of a sudden discovered a bunch large ones in north and south america. HOW CONVENIENT. Don't get me started on spinosaurus, and other big faggot dinosaur. Why would it "evolve" to have a heavy ass sail made of bone on its back?

Dinosaurs are fake and so is evolution. Paleontologists are just part of a pyramid scheme to train more paleontologists and collect tax money for """""""research"""""". Prove me wrong.

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There’s quite a lot of evidence to prove they existed and I’m not going to explain it to you because it is a very deep and multidisciplinary answer. As unbelievable as you find dinosaurs to be real I find it equally as unbelievable that some human bloodlines have evolved to create dribbling retards such as yourself.

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1. They were real
2. They were badass
3. They were made extinct by a certain ancient (((tribe)))
You could be riding a triceratops to work. We were robbed

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>They were made extinct by Jews
Mammals didn't even exist 65,000,000 years ago.

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Given that the same people who do all the dino "science" have just been proved wrong about their "out of Africa" theory >>15471022 and given that dinosaurs are orders of magnitude further in the past, it seems very unlikely that any of the non disprovable conjectures that the "scientists" publish about dinosaurs are even remotely accurate.
Why do "scientists" hate the scientific method so much anyway? Why are they always publishing non disprovable theories and claims that has anything to do with real science?

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I smell fixed mindset bullshit. Like sure you won't be Roger Federer if you don't start practicing tennis at 8 years old but there are examples of oldies becoming GMs in chess.

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My bullshit theory based purely on anecdotes is that autists retain neuroplasticity to a significantly later age, but normies really do lose it around 25.

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It is absolute bullshit, wouldn't last 5 seconds under hard science standards. I've learned more now at almost 32 than at any other period of my life. They switch between "it is an average(of what?)" and "it is just a biology law(except the exceptions, no bully)". I find it amazing how weak conclusions can be when no math is involved nor falsifiability is considered. They merely confuse an average of prime years with an intense inability that is not even defined, and sounds more like a boomer rationalizing why he doesn't want to learn anymore but instead remain an asshole.

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This is probably because normies lock into a simple 9-5 job routine that isn't particularly challenging. Then when they have a 5 year old child at 30, they look at their homework scream, Uggghhh MAAAAAAath!? I suck at math!!!? Ugh.

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I think its true but depends on multiple factors also its not like a straight cliff. Its just 25 is where is start declining but a 28 year old will still be able to learn stuff.

Another factor is health and how much you use your brain. I've seen bright funny people turn into the most boring soulless people ever in 5 years if they work a reptitive job. But also your health matters too people who drank smoked and did drugs will begin to really feel bad habits by 30. You really just can't recover from being a piece of shit like you can at 18 eat like shit don't physically train drink smoke and you will still be fine but try doing this into your late 20's and your brain will decline rapidly along with the rest of your body

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it's bullshit. a lot of people get duller as they get older because they work a boring job and become lazy and just can't be fucked learning new things any more. but if you want to, you can.

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Can someone point out the flaws with this paper? I looked at the pictures and skimmed through the words, looks like Masamitsu Oshima and co made something funny. All just cope & hope?

1 get a pregnant mouse,
2 kill her,
3 steal her unborn baby,
4 cut it's head off,
5 steal it's not-yet-formed molars,
6 extract mesenchymal what-it cells from the molar and separate them from eachother,
7 grow the cells a bit in the lab so they form a clump again (undo what 6 just did)
8 acquire another mouse
9 cut him open, pull his kidney out (gently)
10 open the thin membrane surroudning the kidney forming a little pocket
11 package the clump of tooth-forming cells in a plastic tube
12 put the cump of cells and plastic tube into the mouse kidney
13 sew him and his kideny back up
14 let everything heal
15 wait about 60 days
16 get the now grow mouse tooth from the kidney
17 remove plastic tube from tooth
18 remove mouse's fully functional molar (owie)
19 let it heal over
20 cut the gum open again
21 stick that newly grown mouse tooth in the hole
22 ???
23 profit, mouse now has tooth again!!!! :)

If I had to guess the big problem with this paper is that the original source of tooth forming cells was from a mouse embryo, sadly adult humans probably don't have any of those stem cells in their jaws that we could extract and grow as shown above.

Either that or big-dentist would assassinate anyone who tried.

oh btw, source:


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>bro if you just kill a baby mouse, rip its gums out, implant them in a kidney, leu it grow teeth, then jam the teeth into an adult mouse's jaw, you can give mice new teeth!!!
lol at modern bioscientists thinking they're anything more than Mengele with fancier equipment

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I’m so ashamed of the school I have to go to in the fall.
I tried so hard and worked my ass off, and I couldn’t even make it into a top 20 university.
Meanwhile my retard classmates are getting into UPenn, Duke, MIT, Caltech, Princeton…
What the fuck do I do? I can’t live my life like this. How did it go so wrong??

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and i probably wont even be able the get in there, i will probably only get in the second best onw which is in the global top ~650 so consider yourself lucky

>> No.15471651

youll still be able to apply and get into jobs. people in your country will consider your uni impressive even if it isn't. look at SK, for example--seoul university is pretty shit when compared against other world unis, but getting a SKY degree = set for life in korea

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yea but i wont work for slave labour in my home country when i could make 5 times as much in a neighbouring country like germany and austria (not exaggerating).

>> No.15471670

Get into a good grad school then

>> No.15471672

If you cared so much about getting into a top school then you have psychological pathologies around your attitude towards prestige/social signalling and even if you got into a top college those pathologies would follow you and you would still suffer. Focus on finding what you genuinely like since I assume you spent most of your high school doing things mostly for status and to get into a good college.

As for other people you just gotta deal with it. Retards getting in over you, psychopaths getting in over you...just fuck it all. When you get older your social circle and environment will change so much that your perspective will simply not have that much room for high school bullshit. So the pain doesn't go away but it fades with time in the sense that you get annoyed you spent so much energy on it.

In the end it's your personal capability that matters the most. No institution can give or take that away from you.

t. someone who was once in your exact same position

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>BTFO Abiogenesis and OoL research in your path

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>not knowing about James Tour


>> No.15471505

There is the same vide on Tour's channel
On Farina's channel the top comments are saying Dave won, Tour bad. On Tour's channel it's Tour won, Dave bad...
What's the point of even debating then? Clearly they're not arguing to convince each other but to win over the audience, but the audience already makes up its mind beforehand. Exercises in futility....

>> No.15471512

Judge for yourself faggot

>> No.15471601

Watched some of it and Farina seems more interested in discrediting Tour, while Tour wanted to talk about specificics of the pre-biotic chemistry
I don't know enough about chemistry to know who is right at the end though, so pointless to comment

>> No.15471653

Tour is the only one of them with any relevant knowledge so it's not a great debate, but it does show how his only critics are just people who hate what he represents.

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If this person can’t get into HYPSM then who can? Just legacy admits, athletes and black people?

>> No.15471380

Damn he's even Jewish. Nepotism has gotten so bad that nepotism applicants are being outcompeted by even higher level nepotism.

>> No.15471423

maybe he's not the right kind of jew

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Relative to the P versus NP problem, if it is true that FTL technology can exist (as interpreted relative to quantum mechanics falsifying the EPR paradox via spooky action at a distance), then is it not true that P=NP?

Picture from https://news.mit.edu/2009/explainer-pnp

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P=NP is completely unrelated to FTL. Have no idea what you're getting at here

>> No.15471383

>FTL won't be invented until the 2400s
2063 actually

>> No.15471411

Oh sweat summer child the qubits travel backwards in time so the problem is solved in negloglinear [O(-n log n)] time

>> No.15471413

>if it is true that FTL technology can exist
Not in any meaningful manner
Best option is wormhole and that would kill individuals going through and isn't creatable as a portal where desired

>> No.15471417

> that would kill individuals going through

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