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Do you have a personal lab /sci/?

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Yes, but if I told you about it I would have to kill you... and hide my meth.

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Does anyone has done research into lights biological effects? I've been researching the effects of red light and UV light on testosterone at different levels of exposure, have found somewhat solid evidence for a correlation for UV light and some support of correlation for infrared/near infrared. I'm trying to get my body to produce as much test as possible without actually using gear. I'm looking at grow lights for weed as a possible source of light therapy, there's red led and other full spectrum ones that mimic sunlight. If there's more information about this I'd want to hear

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Why aren't photosynthesising animals more common?

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Because photosynthesis is a shit way of getting energy, you pretty much have to be a stationary creature to get any benefit.
Even the few animals that can photosynthesize that we know of don't rely on it, it's just a handy way to stretch out meals.
The energy an animal needs just to move is huge compared to what a plant expends.

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Super effective to fire type and flying type animals.

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But animals get all that energy from photosynthesising plants, directly and indirectly.

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Perhaps this is unsuitable for this board... but is there a proper way to get your DNA sequenced without having all of your data being scooped up and sold to various advertising and marketing companies, not to mention healthcare companies? I'm just curious to look at some of my identified genes and look at which ones have good or bad reputation and what they seem to correlate with. I'm interested in that stuff.

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You can never be sure that anyone keeps secrets, so any lab will do.

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how much longer must I wait until humans regenerate from old age?

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Depends. If tests go well it'll be in twenty years or over a hundred years at worst.

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As in reverse aging, unlikely, at least for a foreseeable future.
A bit more realistic is developing anti-aging drugs or even DNA modifications that makes us live longer and age less.
Nobody really knows if and when though, tentatively I'd say the former at least 20 years, the latter 100.

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really? I always imagined that reversing aging to some extent would come before preventing it. considering it is possible to transplant younger body parts onto yourself, if you could make them biologically compatible you would have accomplished something amazing.

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When this image becomes reality.

2057. More or less in that timespan, but they won't let us have the drug. We'll have to rely on making our own.

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There is evidence that fasting and excercise can prolong life by stressing the body. Just do that for now

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Anon i ned kill u die *pew* *pew*

>I will kill u so hard

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>cnt rspn cz ded ;(

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So sed im sorrow

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you yesterday: fuck this guy, he's not going to do what it says
you today: fuck this guy, he's going to exactly what it says

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Halo aon i ned drugs how do i get them

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if u dont know, u should not take em

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you make them yourself
hurr durr drugs bad and yes I get all my information from massively overblown news reports

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How does /sci/ feel about two lines that approach each other but never touch, both the type in a plane and in other geometrys

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>approach each other, but never touch
Can relate.

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>approach each other but never touch
Feels bad man.

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>approach each other but never touch
That's an oxymoron, but infinite limits are a similar thing.

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>never touch

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It makes you think about the concept of infinite limits. School taught me that something was "approaching" but never touching infinity.
Me thinks people do not understand the term "approach". It infers a constant directional force to something right?
How can something have a constant directional force to something yet avoid meeting it without stopping it's approach towards it?
That definition always bugged me at school because maths geniuses seem ok with it, but linguistically orientated people like me get confused by it because it's a complete oxymoron.

By definition something cannot approach anything to the infinite limit without warping.
But at the same time, I get what they mean as an estimation of that concept. It's just poorly worded.

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ITT: Discuss MBTI

Why people say it has no prediction power? Just see the surveys on https://www.16personalities.com/insights, seems to be a lot of correlation there.
"muh horoscope" contrarian fags can just fuck off

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If you're going to argue against MBTI, you have to counterargue Carl Jung.

If not, you're just a mainstream brainlet parroting popular opinions.

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i lol'd

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>If you're going to argue against MBTI, you have to counterargue Carl Jung.
i cant counter argue a dead nigga

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Not with your sub 100 IQ

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or a living person to argue against LOL

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I'm looking for less unhealthy alternatives to food, cigarettes and alcohol. I've experienced the world for long periods of time sober and it's shit. I want something fun to do, but I hate the toll the above take on my body. Right now my vices are alcohol or food and I just want a less taxing drug instead.

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His bones shall be filled with the vices of his youth.

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Do magic mush rooms.

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fitting. also shut the fuck up.

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Pop a couple Kratom capsules and you can drink a lot less. Get dunk with half the effort. It is a leaf so, it's probably good for you.

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>2019 were the second warmest since modern recordkeeping began in 1880

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>700 ocean sites tested now suffer from low oxygen, compared with 45 in the 1960s
>and the amount of gas dissolved in the oceans declined by 2% between 1960 and 2010
>In some tropical locations, the oxygen loss is much higher -- as much as 40%

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Caused by chemtrails.


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Or should I say instead of "chemtrails", attempted "solar radiation management" and weather warfare that net traps heat at night and has destroyed the natural hydrological cycle.

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>southern indian ocean
>above average cyclone activity
That's not correct.

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>one-minute search

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scientifically speaking where did it evolutionarily all go wrong?

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so we agree that if he's a pseud who derives his happiness from trying to feel superior to internet strangers and also has no self awareness then he in fact can find a sense of community here

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>What part of "minimizing overall suffering" leads you to the conclusion of "HURRRRR kill a lot of people"?

If everyone died, the suffering in the world would decrease, so if minimizing suffering is what we “ought” to do, then killing everyone is good.

> What part of not wishing to be born

You’re depressed. Your life sucks. Keep it to yourself and your therapist.

>> No.11316615

No, they actually seem to believe this when it isn’t the case, and desire to convince other people that they’re incels as well. You should have lurked on /r/braincels.

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Are you ever gonna start giving serious arguments? Your current plan to minimize suffering only works if a person kills literally every single other human in the planet. You think this is something feasible? You think this wouldn't fail and leave a massive amount of people in a vastly worse suffering scenario, if it failed half way? Are you being stupid on purpose?

>You’re depressed. Your life sucks. Keep it to yourself and your therapist.
So you can deal with literally everything life may through at you, no problem, but the sight of a person talking about their suffering is enough to derail you this hard that you just have to make them disappear?
Wow you surely seem tough.

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Do you really believe there is a right way for evolution? You're not talking about science.

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what is the most optimal way to learn a textbook ?I assume reading the book out-loud and record it .
and keep doing practice problem tell it is second nature.

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I did that but highlighting only the good words without conjunctions and adjectives and junk. Play back speed as fast as comprehensible, sounding like a chipmunk. Top GPA.

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watch good summary vids of the subject on youtube, read the chapter summaries that should be at the end of each chapter, then skim the rest and do practice problems as you see fit

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I don't know anything about reading science textbooks, but I have to read a lot of math papers/textbooks, and I think this strategy is pretty useful in other areas as well. I speed read the entire book/paper. Probably about 3-4 pages a minute. By the end of if, I understand very little, but I know an overview of the material contained. Then I reread with that big picture in mind and usually I kinda pick up on the important details. If I need to go really in depth, THEN I'll pay attention to proofs and MAYBE to practice problems. Obviously if you do everything in the book you'll really understand the content, but for a 300 page math textbook, that's gonna be a few hundred hours.

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that's true OP. learning a textbook itself is not optimal. kinda like asking 'what's the best way to dig a ditch with a spoon?'. Not a good investment of the limited time you have

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New potholer video about the Australian wildfires:


tl;dw weather caused it, global warming exacerbated it, /pol/tards BTFO

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>/pol/tards BTFO
you have to go back

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Umm no. Nobody likes you poltrannies, all you faggots ever do is shit up this board with retarded threads about foreskins, denial of basic science or IQ or race threads.
And if you run out of retarded things to say, you repeat shitty phrases like "hurr vaccinated, clamped" like a bunch of children.

>> No.11316686

Why the homophobia?

>> No.11316740

>"hurr vaccinated, clamped" like a bunch of children.

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i could change qft forever with 5k$, im not aski ng for money, giving my name, nor revealing it. let's just have physics phun itt

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I fucking loved the dumb bunnies. I think this is probably where my morals were established

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>IQ test is just an expensive puzzle game

Doesn’t this mean I could get a much cheaper IQ test from steam? Got any recommendations?

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explain why humans have different length penises per race? why would evolution choose to go the path of large penises for africans, but go for tiny penises for east asians?

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Even if it wasn't, why would you envy a large dick? Can't readily or easily insert all the way, not easily maneuverable, girth could be an issue. Just not seeing a positive beyond a peacock quality.

6 inch master race here. I'd say 7 is the max I'd want to have.

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Not quite but bbc is bs and I have seen some pretty respectable Asians. No homo but we had to take showers in PE.

>> No.11316801

the black one is a meme, is only true when flaccid and that's due to not needing it to retract more to deal with cold climates
the Asian one is likely just correlated to their heights but I'm not a penis expert like you are OP

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Citations needed.

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This. Stop perpetuating porn myths you incels.

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A game studio has hired you (yes, you) to direct an upcoming fighting game where the characters are famous scientists and mathematicians. What would your roster be? What kind of mechanics would it have?
Pic related already exists but the gameplay is pretty ass.

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Alight so a bit of a backstory I got a pt job recently working at a florist, but part of this job entails filling balloons for people, but I've never understood the physics that goes into it, I understand that helium is lighter than gravity, so it isn't affected by it unlike heavier gases, such as regular air, but what does it mean to be lighter than gravity?

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>I understand that helium is lighter than gravity
Helium balloons are kept aloft by buoyant forces similar to boats. The reason they float is because their weight is less than the buoyant force that acts on them. The weight is a function of density and volume of the object but the buoyant force is a function of the volume of the object and the density of the surrounding fluid. So as long as the object is less dense than the fluid it will float.

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Ahh, i see, and I feel retarded for typing lighter than gravity twice, thank you anon.

>> No.11316381

Side note this belongs in the stupid questions thread but /sci/ is absolute garbage right now and I don't care.

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