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CS student desu
Should I consider myself insufficiently skilled at maths if I can't intuitively figure out the function for the sum of an infinite series?
Is there anything I could do to try to hone this skill?

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Scientifically speaking, why do humans build shit in floodplains?

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cause they're flat and they're not deserts

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imagine building a runway on the side of a mountain

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Because they aren't flooded most of the time. People do irrational stuff every day. They don't consume food that will make them healthier, they don't support policies that would improve their lives, they don't work in the most efficient manner. And then they do it for a long time and it's tough to change because they always did it that way. Point taken though, yeah, those fuckers should move. Along with almost everyone in a coastal city. Good luck with that.

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How to become a math monk?

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1. Be a mathematician
2. Dress as a monk

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>How to become a math monk?

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But I'm not in high school. Too late

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>tesla source code stolen by chink and given to chinese car company xpeng

You'd think companies would wise up and be more careful entrusting sensitive information to chinks.

soon they'll be able to mass produce electric cars with help from the government cheaper than tesla. tesla will probably be put in a position where they have to sell gigafactory 3

Its only down for telsa starting today.

Prove me wrong.

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China has a habit of stealing data and then using it wrong, making an item that's a death trap as they fail to apply it.
For example, the code in the tesla is specifically build to be used with the design and construction of the overall Tesla. The chinks will probably end up making some modifications to make it cheaper but then it will make it so that the car can't handle things that would be fine on a real Tesla and the thing will fall apart.
I agree though, every major company should be smart enough now to not trust Chinese to ever enter any of their labs or warehouses under any circumstances.

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bros please help quick
How do I "turn the volume up"? What the fuck does that even mean?

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>turning volume up
this is gibberish r-right?

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A lot of music devices such as amps control the volume by rotating a dial. As you turn the volume dial, the numbers indicated increase or "go up".

Thus by rotating this dial you can "turn the volume up".

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I... I still don't understand... could you please give a more mathematically rigorous explanation?

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Hi, /sci/. My mommy is an anti-vaxxer, and I never got vaccinated. I have a remarkably good immune system, I have never caught a cold/flu/whatever in my entire life, even in winter when everyone around me was plagued with whichever disease was prevalent that week (typical of 3rd world shitholes).

My question is, is this because of the power of herd immunity? Or does it simply mean that I have some darn good genes?

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Maybe you practiced good hygiene and perhaps went through diseases that you didn’t even know were inside of you

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Vaccines are designed to hurt your immune system because our elites are Luciferian occultists who invert everything.

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"Mandatory" vaccines aren't for the common cold or seasonal minor sniffles. They do offer yearly vaccines for them but they're not really a big deal. The vaccines that actually matter and people care about are for "cripple you for life" somewhat rare diseases like Polio or Hepatitis B. You can brag about your great immune system all you want, but all you need is one person with Polio to sit next to you and suddenly you can't walk for the rest of your life. Being an anti-vaxxer is really a situation where you're constantly walking on the edge of a ravine; sure, you're fine as long as you don't fall, but one little mistake and your life is fucking over. Oh, and as a bonus you have a chance to drag random people nearby into the ravine with you.

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i think pic related uses frame dragging to send out a jet of gravitons????



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It's BS. To significantly affect gravitational fields you need an extreme amount of mass, or an absurdly extreme amount of energy.

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Or, if you want an environment of artificial gravity, rotational energy

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did you read it though?

i think the concept is constructive amplification coupled with gravitomagnetism

i understand it's huge amounts of energy or matter but idk if it's like dyson sphere level or what

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there's also this


basically enough energy aimed at a point it becomes a black hole

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About to graduate with a B.Sc in Biology which is pretty useless if I want to have a moderately well paying job. Is it a stupid idea to get a MA in Statistics? I'm not able to get the M.Sc that my University offers but the only difference is that the MA is 6 months longer because it has more brainlet level stuff at the beginning.
My goal is to be doing Data Analytical type work, so am I better off just getting something in the field of computer science?

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>told to be myself
>uni group doesn't talk to me

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It's kind of like the First Amendment in America. You have the right to say pretty much anything without running afoul of the law, but there are still consequences to being an asshole. So, if you're an asshole, sure, be yourself. Go for it. But live with the consequences. You don't want to hang out with assholes, so why do you think others do? It's all in moderation. If you're an axe murderer, please choose to not be yourself, and fix yourself.

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Not really. I don't even appear in my sexual fantasies, they involve almost only lesbian porn for some reason. I still want to be able to be stronger than I am even if this doesn't turn me on and plays no role in them. I just don't identify as a woman. Imagine you were given a woman's body as a guy. Wouldn't you want to become a guy? This has more to do with identity rather than porn. I'm a guy so I should be able to build muscle even if I'm not into my own strength. You probably don't get it, this is fine

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>Neck yourself

>you're so toxic that nobody wants to be around you
>you should try to stop being toxic

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This is muscle worship. It's a bit different from what I have (for some reasons, strength and muscle fetish are bunched up together but they're pretty different. Those are turned on by muscle tissue while I'm turned on by strength and turned off by bulging muscles). I find bodybuilders of any sex invariably repulsive. I just like very average women who don't go to the gym and perform strength activities and compare them. That's all.

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>If Hitler had won I wouldn't have to deal with shitty genetics
Because you would be dead, right?

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help a brainlet to understand statistics so that i can take some college classes that require basic knowledge about it. can you recommend some learning software or books? the highest form of math i ever dabbled in was differentiation, most of which i forgot by now.

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Devore's Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences is a good intro book, if you brush up on some basic calculus. It'll teach you what you need without entrenching you too deep in formality, and emphasizing techniques you'll probably never use

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Brush up with your calculus first:

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>speed is relative
>a universal speed limit (the speed of light) exists
Aren't these mutually exclusive?

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Who said it’s relative?

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no they're not retart
you cannot exceed the speed of light relative to anything ever

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so anything moving at least half the speed of light pulls everything in the universe with it?

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if you went 0.5c in one direction and something went 0.5c in the other direction you would see each other going at 0.8c due to time dilation

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No, instead the rate of passage of time capitulates and changes. Time traveling to the future is more feasible than reaching the speed of light.

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When does it stop being worth it to keep on just learning, I mean there is a point when you're x years old and you're not giving anything back to society in terms of either economical profit or academia, on the other hand there are the gifted individuals who reach the needed minimum to start producing so much earlier, they are considered more efficient, so let's say you're x years old and never worked in your life still living with your parents, what is the limit in which older than that age you'll never give back what's being invested in you, not only are you living a life not worth living past that point you're probably working so hard to cover for your lack of skill, making yourself very depressed in the process, what is it with the youth today when asked what do they do for a living they respond with: studdying, as if it's now considered a job. I'm also young, in my twenties and still studying but I hate that, I can't wait to find a job in my field of study, even though I have worked in multiple jobs to finance my self. The other day I saw a kid in class he was so young, it just hit me, most of these guys that are with me are just wasting their time, do you think this pattern will continue to exist or are people going to just stop going to college and getting internships directly in their desired feild of study and work their way up if they can. Even though it's very unlikely in so many jobs, especially when lives are on stake. Do you think it's actually going to even increase meaning more people will be going to college, and getting jobs later in life, staying at this rate is very unlikely and it was only going one way, maybe all of this is the natural direction in which society is supposed to evolve, and in the end people will just have UBIs and spend their whole lives jerking off their brains giving back absolutely nothing in return. (1/2)

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In the case of a society like this assuming that the conditions of living between individuals are similar and the biggest factor in determining the ROI of people is mostly genetic, how are we going to help evolve society in the right direction meaning these individuals have better luck at spreadign their genes. In the present system this is determined by wealth and fame, do you think fame will be enough later in life? (2/2)

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>evaluate IQ
>determine which jobs suit you based on said IQ

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there arent as much needed jobs as before, especially with automation and globalisation, meaning even if you take an iq test you'll hit the unemployment wall right after graduating, either because robots can now do that job better or because pajeet in the other side of the globe can do it better and cheapper with less rights, in that case you'll need to keep on studying, or you could just pick a field where there are many jobs or projected to have many jobs in the future and work hard to get that degree even though you're not skilled in said field.

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>so as you can see we can biject the gauge spindle to the zuber-nikkor algebra rendering the proposition trivial

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Imagine being motivated enough to do this.

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what the fuck are you on about?

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Are stem cells a meme? Why has the hype died out?

I hate them personally but I know nothing about them

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>I hate them personally but I know nothing about them
They're cells that haven't been given a job yet. The idea is that they could be used to fix brain damage or terrible tissue illnesses.

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Research is still going strong, but now that embryonic cells are no longer required and there's nothing to outrage over, the media got bored

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Unironically yes. But drop 5G.

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Sorry, I know that much (Biochem undergrad cuck) but I know nothing of the nitty gritty about them

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I really really like this picture
Mind if I save it

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Why is it that when you upturn a full piss bottle that the piss will flow out violently and noisily. But when you empty the bottle at an angle, the piss flows quicker, quieter, and smoother than a serene mountain stream?

Also, this is perhaps not your area of expertise but why is it that once you wizz into a bottle and then seal the cap, the bottle soon starts to compress inside and crumple up?

Also, one final question. What is that white precipitate that forms at the bottom of the bottle after some time has passed?

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2 reasons:
1) When you hold it at an angle, you allow space for air to enter the void in the bottle left begin by the escaping piss. When it is vertical, a vacuum is left behind the piss and air tries to enter through the same hole that piss is flowing out of
2) When you hold the bottle vertical, there is a larger hydraulic head on the piss than of it was at an angle, giving it more velocity, increasing the Reynold's number, giving you a more turbulent flow

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>What is that white precipitate that forms at the bottom of the bottle after some time has passed

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And urea, probably.
The bottle might be crumpling because the air inside compresses as it cools. You could test this by heating water in a plastic bottle to 40C and closing it.

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I was stirring some coffee while waiting in a lobby and I noticed when I stir with the flat end facing the direction of motion, I noticed the stirring stick began to "vibrate". I took some slow mo footage and noticed this. I have marked the vibration in yellow, notice how the stick zig zags.

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What is going on here? Is it something to do with pressure of the fluid?

Here is a cross section if my stiering stick noving theough blue fluid.

Is there variance in pressure on the sides, which causes an osscillation?

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Why do so many people praise this shit?

I'll give it one concession: there's an outside chance it might be possible, despite the inconceivable computational complexity required.

As far as explaining the reason for our existence, it doesn't make any difference. Adding more layers doesn't explain why the onion's there.

Also, any simulation capable of sustaining complete simulations of itself would require truly infinite computational power. This means that each successive layer would need to be less computationally complex than the last. The Universe seems homogeneous on large scales, and measurements of curvature indicate it's very near flat, strongly hinting the Universe is infinite. So it being simulated seems impossible.
Even if the Universe is finite, the myriad gas molecule collisions happening all around us are chaotic, again requiring infinite computational power.

>It's exceedingly likely, since someone in our Universe will inevitably develop a Universe simulation. So why wouldn't it have happened already?
This argument seems almost as flaky as Pascal's Wager. It depends on the assumption that there even is an external Universe, which is easy to dream up but is unnecessary and there's no reason we should believe there is one.

Can anyone enlighten me on anything I'm missing?

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It's a thought experiment, like discussing whether or not we have free will. It's not practical information, but it can lead to interesting discussion. It's not a sport to win or a philosophy for living your life.

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Is Elon Musk treating it as just a thought experiment?

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>Is Elon Musk treating it as just a thought experiment?
Yes, because you can't do anything with the knowledge, even if it's true. It's something to talk about before we all inevitably die. Or call each other faggots about if that's what your into, but the second part isn't necessary. It's just humans passing time, like everything else.

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>Yes, because you can't do anything with the knowledge, even if it's true.
You don't think we'd behave differently if we all believed we were in a simulation?
>It's something to talk about before we all inevitably die. It's just humans passing time, like everything else.
So why does Elon Musk feel it important enough to talk about? And not only talk about, but also believe it's probably true? Do you think he wants others to do the same? Do you think he knows that by making these claims, others who worship/admire him will also take on these beliefs?

What could be gained by making believe simulation theory?

>> No.10489639

>You don't think we'd behave differently if we all believed we were in a simulation?
Of course we wouldn't. People say they believe in a Santa Claus who watches everything they do and if they don't act appropriately, they will be punished FOREVER. But they still act like dickholes. Philosophy and metaphysics don't do much to motivate human behavior.

>So why does Elon Musk feel it important enough to talk about?
Because he's smart and it's an interesting topic. I don't think he wants to convert anyone, but if he gets other people talking about it, then he'll have more people to discuss it with, and he would find that interesting. The only people claiming Musk is a prophet are jealous fucks who think people who respect what he's accomplished are some kind of brainwashed cult. No one worships Musk, and even if they did, it wouldn't alter their behavior in any significant way. Arguing on 4chan is not significant.

>What could be gained by making believe simulation theory?
What could be gained by anyfuckingthing? What's to be gained by playing chess or fantasy sports or reading Camus or arguing about whether Inception is genius or horseshit? It's a thing humans do. Calm down. You're going to be fine.

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>be 120 IQ brainlet but work hard so still managed to get a 4.0 gpa
>the guy that used to be the smart kid in class is now on the lower end of average because he's lazy as shit
Boomers were right all along. Good work ethic is the final redpill.

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>Effort is pretty much useless and almost always eclipsed by the genetics component in nearly every department in life.
>In short, humans have as much free will as a thrown rock following classical mechanic laws.

Aren't you already enslaved by having this kind of worldview that destroys your attitude?

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I am enslaved against my will by my genetics. That's not a reason to make it worse and let kikes walk all over me (Anyway it's not like I decide which worldview I endorse. I only have the illusion of being free but I really have no control over anything, political views included). I have literally zero wiggle room to build myself independently of the cold, unforgiving laws of the cosmos. And this is also true for pretty much anyone. Heck it has decided that I couldn't build muscle so here I am not experience hypertrophy ever and I can't do shit about it. Attitude is irrelevant and genetically determined too

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Shilling free will is bad for the same reason telling a fat man he can win an Olympic sprint is bad. It’s the special snowflake you can do anything you want attitude. It also contradicts with the Bible and the free will old Christians spoke of was something completely different. They didn’t believe your free will could override God’s will and break logical determinism. 25% of the population can’t build muscle, landwhales can’t win Olympic sprints, and telling people they’re magical and can break reality with their will is dumb. Free will is a great way to guilt trip people though and convince them everything is their fault, you sadistic bastards.

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i don't know what the fuck you are talking about, but an IQ of 100 is average. 115 to 130 is 14%of the population. only 2.1% has a higher IQ than 130

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this is advanced shitposting

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why is quantum superposition linear?

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any nonlinear quantum phenomena then?

inb4 wave function collapse

>> No.10489287

and in conditions where such equations apply, the superposition principle isn't valid
condensed states?

>> No.10489290

There is absolutely no evidence that a wavefunction has ever collapsed. Nothing is known to be nonlinear in the amplitude, although you wouldn't be able to tell if it only showed up for high amplitudes. You can set up all kinds of nonlinear systems in qm, all of classical physics for example, but that's nonlinear in things other than the amplitude, so it's not what people are talking about when they say qm is linear.

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What isn't and how do you know?

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Where do you find accurate information? In particular, climate change data seems highly polluted with false reports and misinformation. Even reviewed research papers seem to be misleading, somehow pushing seperate agendas rather than delivering facts. Where do you find honest research?

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Thanks, Im about to take off in a plane, so it will be in a few hours. I doubt the thread will die before I land.

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Better yet let's see these false reports and misinfo in the literature.

>> No.10489592

>why is there such an insurgance of misinfo?
Because many people are invested, billions or trillions of dollars in some market that emits a lot of GHG and those people would benefit tremendously if climate change action is delayed by a few decades.
Plus there are some who are invested politically, because their preferred economic/political system is not able to deal with climate change.

>> No.10489594

Alright I checked some more articles and the ones I checked first were outliers in that they all didnt have a single paper linked to, or any other source other than for the figures for that matter.
Most others do link to a few papers but most links just redirect to another article on the website.
Still its very much worth reading and most stuff is backed by just enough sources to make it valuable.

>> No.10489606

You are the source of accurate information. Now what you could do is download articles and reports on a file, try to get information from both sides of the argument. After that, review them and check what makes them different. Argue with yourself or a peer, taking both sides of the argument and try to discuss with each other about the differences and try to correct them using only data recorded on the report or article. Once you've done most of the talking points, you'll soon make a stand on what you believe on climate change.

But if you want to find credible sources, you have to go the long way and search up who were the people that wrote the article and where was it published. Make sure that they don't have a history of producing false reports, or at least if they are to be trusted.

I know this sounds like too much work, but that's because it is. It's a controversial topic that has been poisoned by politics, and if you want the best information, you're going to have to work for it.

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