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What was the name of the drive and company that only just recently had a propulsion system launched into space for testing for the first test in space to see if it would produce thrust? It was very recent, last month I think

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Alcohol helps to 'reset' my brain. I get to a point where I can't carry on. The pain is too much. The noise in my head is too much. The distress is too much. The confusion is too much. This goes on for days/weeks/but normally months until I can't take it any more and can't get through another day like this and I drink and fall asleep. When i wake its like my brain has reset itself and i can carry on. I can keep fighting. I can keep going. I have no idea why this happens or why I experience things like this, but I haven't yet found anything else that helps like alcohol does. Of course there are negatives as well which is why I'm trying to stop and stay stopped but wondered if explain this experience of 'reset'? I'm 89 days without alcohol.

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Do CS students share classes with math undergrats in your cunt?
In Germany at my local university, we share

1st Semester
- Analysis I
- Linear Algebra I

2nd semester
- Analysis II
- Linear Algebra II

3rd semester
- Statistics

4th semester
- Numerical Math
- math as a choice class (you don't have to)

5th semester
- math as a choice class (you don't have to)

it is even possible to just get a math degree as a CS student here lmao

I feel like in other countries CS is less about math, is that true?

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Space flight general /sfg/

Bfr edition.

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I hope we get a 12m or 15m starship eventually

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As soon as the present iteration of Starship is flying Starlink around the clock and well on its way to the moon, Musk will begin work on the next version. I don't think present version of Starship will go beyond LEO often

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Longer is the current upgrade path, not wider.

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longer is a mistake. it means you need thicker tank walls for the same volume of propellant due to bending moments. That's why Starship has always been fatter than the super streched modern falcon 9

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someone make a new thread
this one is dogshit

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Are plants alive and living?

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How is chlorophyll akin to blood? I don't understand?

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Literally the same structure which carries oxygen.

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>They aren't proteins, so we can't explain it with genetics/evolution.
Strange reasoning. Have you heard before of the saying: form follows function?

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It's plant blood. I don't know how it works for carnivorous plants. I'm gonna look that up, actually. It would make sense for them to have some kind of component for both.

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>They aren't proteins, so we can't explain it with genetics/evolution.

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Is USA ever going to admit that their private space industry experiment has failed?

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My neighbor was a Rockwell engineer who worked on the Shuttle orbiter.
He says Shuttle and Starship are both concepts that should never have been seriously incorporated as part of our *national level* space program.
They're both incredibly heavy
And there are some serious engineering issues that SpaceX must tackle - things that Shuttle engineers never figured out.
If only SLS was cheaper...

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Cause you look like an idiot I'm going to punish you. It's not what you did to me. It's how you look

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He must've launched several rockets by now then. Where's his company which addresses all those shortcomings? Or did he go to Bezos with his plan?

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What is the current state of the Out of Africa theory in academia?

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lots of new evidence after 2010
fat,fat,fat instead of meat,meat,meat

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>listening to women talk

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ok monkey

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butthurt trannie

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Feathered dinosaurs aren't scary tho-

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why should they need to? do all animals need to be scary?

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Yes. Yes they do.
Intimidating appearance is a naturally selected thing for the sake of intimidating potential prey and predators.

Cassowaries are scary.
Hell, even emus, ostriches and large raptors are intimidating.
Nature has this habit of making apex predators look intimidating for a reason.

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Also had hominids not developed complex social institutions like language, cultures and civilisation, we too would eventually look like monstrous things.
Though frankly we still could look monstrous if you think about genetic modification and cybernetics.

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There is only a recording of the past and prediction of the future. Retards believing in time-travel literally do astrology; the past is not equivalent to the future: one is a ledger and the other is probabilities; you need a unified theory of recording-present-probability.

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That's right. CQG (correct quantum gravity) will not be a time symmetric theory.

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How would I prove that a bag of chips is filled with pure nitrogen?

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You're trusting that the description of solid weight content on the bag is accurate.

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Weigh the bag. Empty bag, weigh chips. Find the volume of the bag without chips. Calculate the mass of air/nitrogen in that volume. Then sum the weights to see if it is air or nitrogen.

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Now you're still assuming that the weighting scale is correct and that the reference for the mass/volume of nitrogen is correct. Your definition of true/false is limited to this network of references. I'm not OP by the way and he may have used this example as a metaphor to depict black box systems like humans.

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You can make your own weighting apparatus. It's easy. But since these are reference based, you can start by using your fav rock, without any dependence to metric system.

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In other words: consistency is key. Things must relate consistently in the same manner. That leads to the replication crisis: how many times have you measured the mass/volume of nittrogen to be sure what that is? Now we get a bellcurve distribution of m/v nitrogen.

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I just noticed that
Subtracting the balance by 99 cents lets you find out how many times you have ever purchased easily.

Starting the balance from 100.00
1st time purchased: 95.01
2nd time purchased: 90.02
3rd time purchased: 85.03

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Until the 99th time.

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Scietence & Science | Non scientie...

Look man


'It's pronounced shience
'Who are these males beyond their voice filters
'Are You?
Not at all
New Tuskegee experiments beyond rapid foom
'So what?
So gradation nuke
Look man
'Do You wanna be the victim?
'You're dealing with a Heaven Blacklister of a Heaven that "doesn't want You"
'Watch it go: Heaven exist, Heaven Blacklister no Heaven exist

'Look man what?
'How does One get out of... hangon are they copying Hollywood conplication template and calling it Shience?
'It is

'We're Young
'Tiamat says shut up
What about budding new Tuskeegee experiments?

'Watch it fom

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space force 616
nsa 617
space force 617
nsa 617
Nooooooolooooooool noooooo no lol
mil what to milly

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'hangon aren't you just a single electron?
(single electron theory)

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Why do hours go 11AM-12PM-1PM
and not 11AM-12AM-1PM?

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I'm going to hell you today and have you spawn with nothing back in this moment, to wait with me until you're sacrificed to the sun

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this basically a modulo question
the smallest rest wins

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A: This is the latest time in a day.
B: If it is in 11AM-12AM-1PM rule, this would be the latest time in a day.
C: If it is in 11AM-12AM-1PM rule, this would be the earliest time in a day.
D: This is the earliest time in a day.

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Wait, they do? lol, Americans

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The hour of 12pm is in the post meridiem, the hour of 12am is in the ante. 12 is really 0 on the clock, but we hadn't invented 0 yet.

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Whaddya mean? We're only a decade away from immortality! Nevermind that we can barely treat autoimmune, let alone paralysis, and that simple infections kill millions. You might be the first person to live to 1,000!

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> modern

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But we've literally extended their lives by many many decades compared to the past where they just fucking died after a couple months.
Sure, it's still not where we want it to be, but it's certainly better than what it used to be.

People like Stephen Hawking would've died half a century earlier at least.

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AI will fix it. Digits confirm.

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what was life on earth like when saturn was still a star? could it be possible that the laws of physics apply differently under different stars?

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read the samarillion

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The whole "It's impossible to domesticate zebra, Africans would have if it was possible" is the biggest bullshit. I cannot believe this shit gets sold as actual science. Domestication is just taming an animal and then breeding it for generations. Petting zoos all over the world have tame zebras. Movies use tame, trained zebras. There is no animal on earth that cannot be domesticated given enough effort

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Yup. You sure did win. Horses just arnt useful was a brilliant post. Lmao.

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the irony here is the one guy to come to defense of niggers just said "well they were too dumb to realize horses would be useful" lmaoooo

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>Yup. You sure did win. Horses just arnt useful was a brilliant post. Lmao.
Universally* useful. Desperate lying continues.

It would be sad if it weren't so funny

>> No.15899917

>the irony here is the one guy to come to defense of niggers just said "well they were too dumb to realize horses would be useful" lmaoooo
You mean pointed out you're too retarded to understand they're not universally useful? >>15899852
>>So my argument is more that you're too stupid to understand how it wasn't beneficial. The usual. /pol/tards gonna /pol/tard
The desperate lying when there's a fucking text log lmao

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lmao. oh right. you pointed out to me i couldnt ride a horse to the moon. i can see why niggers didnt want to bother. i mean why innovate and improve your entire civilization if it doesnt directly lead to space travel. just lay around in your own shit and wait til a white man does it. thats what i say

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>Atheists believe there is a totally natural explanation for infinite candles

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where can i buy this

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You need to supply the actual burning the material (The rope)

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“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need, and the things you own, end up owning you. We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaries, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won't. We're slowly learning that fact.”

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Why are all the scientists using this piece of shit and how can we escape this?

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Learn Emacs and Elisp.

>> No.15899790

install [math] \mathrm \TeX[/math]live

>> No.15899877

Because despite many claims to the contrary, LaTeX and its ecosystem are a complete disaster. Overleaf is one of the ways to make it slightly bearable.

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schizo board

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If only the jannies would ban them. Did they eventually ban the angular momentum schizo or did he kill himself while trying to prove the violation of angular momentum?

>> No.15899548

the true advantage a schizo possesses over others is an innate fluency with the nature of paradoxes
inevitably, when you reduce a truly hard problem down to its smallest kernel of dysfunction, you end up with a paradox
a paradox is in effect the de facto fundamental particle of the science of hard problems
therefor the intuitive understanding that schizos possess allows them to comfortably exist in a world where no true resolution of absolute objective fact is ever possible
they swim in contradictions like a fish swims in water

>> No.15899694 [DELETED] 

if you're a non-schizo join my server https://discord.gg/FYpW6hFR

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Not every weirdo on /sci/ obsessed with a topic is a schizo. Many are just regular retards.

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What method would you use to extract iron out of blood? A method that you'd use for extracting a lot of iron. Many times.

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What if I don't want to use magnetic extraction? I'm looking for a physical method that will be able to extract the metal from the organic compound.

>> No.15899518

The water will boil, the organic components will burn away leaving behind iron oxide.

>> No.15899538

This is what I was considering. My only problem then is seperating the iron from the remaining carbon. Afaik the carbon won't burn away but I could be mistaken. Would a weight separation work? What sort of weight separation.

>> No.15899560

At that stage, magnetic separation is probably the way to go.

>> No.15899715

Blow in some oxygen. This is basic metallurgy.