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Not discovered. What’s stopping me from inventing a new algebraic object?
A bunch of soibois gatekeeping on peer review on arhiv?

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Everything that is invented is also discovered.

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That's not what would make the distinction though. You're free to develop whatever formalism you want. The discovery comes from the relationships that aren't obvious from that system.

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Finally someone who knows what they're talking about.

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>participate in an established complex language system (invented)
>"discover" relationships that aren't obvious
>look at my "discovery"!
get a grip

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Grothendieck, the greatest mathematician of the 20th century, disagreed that mathematics was invented. The only thing up for grabs is the initial assumptions.

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So I'm a nerd (a real one trust me) but also a cocaine and alcohol addict (always together).
Cocaine gives me focus and clarity and improved working memory (in the short term at least) and alcohol removes obsession and decreases anxiety caused by the cocaine. This state is hellish and there is no way out especially if you use to function (non social motive). In the long term it damages my cognition.
Reading and thinking is what I like most...
I have been wake for three days now and I keep redosing.

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I have to add that I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was a teen

Any practical advise?

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My psychiatrist sympathises but obviously cannot relate. At most she can relate with my obsessiveness and extreme intellectual honesty and hunger, but not with my deficits, whether real or not, in attention, working memory and motivation.

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Intelligence has a molecular basis. There is no solution on digital logic gates that is something other than simulating the molecular dynamics of all the particles in the system of a biological brain, which renders the whole thing impossible.
Computation is not substrate independent and getting a larger neural net isn't going to lead to a general intelligence.

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>every system is made up of particles and is completely governed by the interactions of the particles.
So? Surely you can see that this is a nonsequitur, strictly speaking.

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It's not a non sequitur because my entire point is that your position that the emergent properties can be substrate independent is not true.

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I asked you why quantum mechanics matters regardless of scale and you told me it's because everything is made of particles. That's a plain nonsequitur.

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I'll answer in more detail about what I'm trying to say later because I have to get to work, have a good one until then

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Right. Okay.

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Why do liberals claim that the sartorius (right pic) be the longest muscle in the body when everyone can clearly see that it is the longissimus? Hell, the name clearly points out that it's the longest.

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What's the most respected field in /sci/ence and mathematics?

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The one that would get mocked then accepted.

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touch grass huh. thats the current cringe trend goin. i fucking hate people.

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Just do what you enjoy. You shouldn't care about "respect" from random people.

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This quote is famous.

You should do what you enjoy. That said, pure math is the only subject which really evades the corruption of humans.

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>you do the math
/math/ can you help me out with this one?

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Before, she paid for 3.2 MWh per month, now she'll pay for 3.1 MWh per month. The maths checks out. Everything beyond that is /pol/ territory. Goodbye.

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We locked you inside to save granny from coronavirus so now she can die in the cold to save Zelenskyy’s regime.

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Have sex, Putinshill.

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Sonderkündigungsrecht -> neuer Anbieter

You'll probably pay less in the first year than you're currently paying. Only stupid boomers are crying because they are too afraid of change.

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Explain dark matter to me like I'm not retarded but close

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Whose information?

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>Grug lift stone
>Grug lift many stones
>One day Grug lift stone
>Stone is so heavy
>Stone drag me no hands
>Grug not know why
>Grug call it magic

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stars at the edge of galaxies orbit its galaxies too quickly

dark matter was invented because missing mass

it probably doesn't exist but dark matter keeps 120 year old theories still kind of hold together, at least for now

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what is it about black holes that makes them the number one most popular popsci topic of discussion amongst the brainlet soience fangoys?
is it the comic bookish aspects of the spectacular, unrealistic and completely non disprovable conjectures which go along with the topic that make black holes so popular amongst the scientist posers and wannabes?

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So why don't we start school at an earlier age and try to make every mid-wit a genius and every retard a mid-wit? Just apply the "methods" parents used on their "prodigy" kids, on a (more-or-less) mass scale. Thoughts?

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The method is just ancient Greek education

Another example

The obsession with IQ and "multiple intelligences" turns one away from what intelligence actually is and how to nurture it.

Literature has to be memorized, specially poems, so you have the language to express what you perceive. Perception (that is, intelligence) is increased maimly via literature becuase you are essentially working to perceive the same individual experiences of the poet and authors.

You don't need to be a toddler for this to work, you can do it starting today.

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Wrong. https://youtu.be/iVJpNZIl_T4

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When will CRISPR genetic engineering be advanced enough for us to engineer tiny humans with wings?

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idk can i be your pet fairy when they make it?

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How do I force myself to like codemonkeying? I don't want to become a useless mathfag hermit but software engineering is so fucking dull. I only like scientific scripting but as soon as I have to deal with more than that I just zone out. I need money and there's no money outside tech. Fuck do I do?

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17 year old cringe autist kid.

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> Wow spend your life competing as a disposable entity doing a task anyone can do for a drip of money.

Very few people can actually code to save their lives, that’s why their salaries are high.

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People who can reason will find coding very easy. I make six figures working 4 hours a week from home thanks to coding. I basically self fund my math research and can raise a family and afford a house

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what do you do

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Indeed, it is very easy to write abominable shitcode. Any midwit can do it, and every midwit will.

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>tested at 99.8th percentile by a full-scale test in adolescence
>effect of IQ on cognitive performance is linear, i.e. has no diminishing returns(see Gottfredson)
>correlation between educational attainment and IQ is .7078 (i.e. half the variance of educational attainment is explained by IQ)
>nearly flunked out of grammar school and immediately flunked out of college

What gives?

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I remember graduating high school or winning dark souls(one and three) or reaching other major or hard achievements such as losing 10 kg of weight. And I felt nothing. Every single time. I just don't care anymore. But I know I should care, I must care, university is the hardest and most important and life-setting step in life.

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just pretend to care

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I am lazy.
I have a math PhD from a top 10 uni. I was an average student.
I have no official exam results but I do have a genetic risk score (pic related) generated from my raw genetic data(23andme) parsed through inpute.me.
You should have no problem with any undergraduate curriculum. Grad school is an entirely different beast. If its easy, you are an actual genius.

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You may have add
Or you may lack motivation because school is boring
Dunno, shit sucks. The only way I can study is by having actually fun extracurricular activities that break the monotony of the grind. Sports, music, things like that especially social activities not like playing an instrument in your room

School is boring, conformist, you're there to do as you're told and if you try breaking the mold or challenging your teachers you only get pain. Not only that but you're at their absolute mercy and you're drilled for years that you have to do exactly as you're told.
God I fucking hate college.

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Can u use science to make a derivative of this https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/26339586

Thats different but the same worth/traffic like how to maintain quality, consistent delivery

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back of the envelope calculation:
80 yrs * 400 days/yr = 32000 days absolute max this schizo can post on 4chan

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Good that you know your own mental illness now pls do this particular subject

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Good morning scientist sirs. Is fraud rampant where you work or study?

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Yes, unfortunately.
t. NASA subcontractor. please put me out of my misery, I don't know how to do it on my own.

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yes t. nuclear engineer

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Yes. An institution got caught lying to get NSF money and they fucked it up for everyone else.

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>another schizo poltard thread cherry picking new stories

I like how polcels will use excuse or retarded news story they can find to demonize scientists or journalists, but when it comes to priests raping kids, they're completely fine with it.

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I think you understimate how much damage you are doing to your own cause every time you cover up, lie, justify and apologize for an establishment rife with systematic fraud. The more you gaslight people, the more they understand that you cannot be reasoned with, and that physical action against you is rational and moral.

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I've made a scientific discovery today.
Clapping your hands is actually just hitting yourself.

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Patty Cake is a hand clapping game and a high five is just half assed patty cake.

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2010 thread

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Is a high five considered a slap then?

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If you went to give someone a high five and connected with their face instead of their hand, how else do you think they would describe it?

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Like this?

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>the boiling water temperature isn't even 100C

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It's actually 671.67°R.

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Metricfag cope

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>1.7x10^12°C temperature when any matter just evaporate or convert into quark matter

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Retard thread.

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Are actual infinites possible in reality?

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Nice dog

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Maybe time

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doge you're eating pure ideology!

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this is my cration the elephantroid he is very dumb witha societal peak of the bronze age. was linked here from /b/. thanks /b/ frens

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he looks really strong dude!!

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he is but very dumb

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strong only to the bronze age so has about like 40 iq can build things tho

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Dally long enough at the bottom of the mountain of knowledge and maybe, maybe, you'll finally get bored enough to start climbing

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Why is it always a "lizard brain"? What about our fish brains?

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disabled for inconveniences caused by broadcast inseminations in society

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That sounds dangerous

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>broadcast inseminations
literally huh?

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