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So why haven't we found out how to make cold fusion yet?

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Oh, look... Another flu season is upon us and we still don't have the universal flu vaccine that has been tantalizingly just out of reach since... forever. But, don't worry, the scientists say that it'll be available in "a couple more years," which is what they've been saying for the past 40 or so years.

So, 4chan, when do you think we'll actually get to see this wonder vaccine, if we ever get to see it?

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How did we evolve to be able to think about abstract meta-concepts and the inner workings of the mind?

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We didn't. The inner workings of the mind are complex and the nearest realistic model we have for it is some big matrices multiplying together, or some big weighted graphs shifting weights

All psychology theories not based on rigorous mathematical models are jewish fairy tales

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women and low iq men seek meaning into their worthless life. women because all they do is spread their legs, so they try to find a way to turn that into a a meaningful life. low iq men because all they do is compete for women, so the rejects try to be ''free thinkers'' and the providers just push for more work for the state and providing for women.

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>more work for the state and providing for women.
with their coping ideas about duties and honor.

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We evolved over a very very long time in a circumstance called "total war" where anything other than your small group was either food or an enemy, and both the food and the predators got smarter everyday, in a constant terrifying balance, where it was a race to not die. And when the food dried up, your own people would turn on you.
So take the total war away and our supercomputer minds can focus on other things.

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it is a byproduct obviously

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Why aren't we segregating smart and potentially smart, peace-loving people from the rest of the dumb masses?
I live near a common riot area, in a country that's experiencing large scale riots right now, and it's fucking killing me.

It's evident that these people (and human masses in general) are dumb inconsiderate unappreciative clothed apes who enjoy things they do not deserve and don't begin to understand how they work.
All of humanity's scientific and technological achievements come from a very tiny percent of people and dedicated groups.
The fact these morons outnumber me and have greater say on mob rule democracy, frightens me. Because in the minds of these animals, destroying everything around me in my city is perceived as good and they actually enjoy it, just look at the smiles of these morons.

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>could it be that our definitions/categorizations/classifications are shallow and we need more intensive research?
>nah, it's reality that's at fault!

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it's just testosterone. in the US we have "antifa" and "anti-antifa" idiots (yes, you read that right. anti- anti-fascists) who basically organize rallies so they can go to one another's rallies and get in fights. they don't really stand for anything, they just like brawling, because their testicles are sending hormonal signals that fighting is fun

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housing and economics has already done this in society. ghettos and rural areas are usually uneducated and college educated people usually live in cities or if they live outside the city they can definitely afford good housing.

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>Chimps are so human-like the definition of "human" would need to be changed if we didn't want chimps to be considered human.
This is a fun thought experiment and all, but it's irresponsible because the 115-IQ npr listeners will hear you say it and actually start to believe it as some kind of ex-cathedra wisdom. Scientists in general need to think twice before saying things like this.

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where do you live?

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/sci/autists BTFO.
U.S. army science and research division partnering with UFO company to work on "novel materials".

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You mean material for their new novel. Sure, why not.

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The science division at TTSA doesn't release novels, dumb dumb.

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computer science is just as rigorous as any other scientific field. i won't sit idly and let you people insult the legacy of turing, church, von neumann and other greats who have contributed an extreme amount of intellectual wealth and uplifted the human condition.

yes the undergraduate level is in a sorry state but that's true of a lot of fields and represents the decline of academia as a whole rather than any issue specific to computer science itself

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math is not science.

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ah yes today i am going to investigate how to open excel

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today i will fall for /sci/ memes

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I'm wondering how hard it is to check for grammatical patterns
probably not that hard

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nah it's something else

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Fuck social anthropology. That is all!

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Is that the one where white women travel alone through the third world to get gangbanged by warriors of the Eagle Tribe?

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How did cavemen get their dopamine fix without entertainment or stimulants like caffeine etc?

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>dopamine evolved to make cavemen better at baking cakes

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Read again nigger.

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sex and they probably made up games to play with friends.

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sex, food, hunting

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Sex. Murdering rival cave tribes to death. Herbalistic drugs

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How do I know if I have the humble genius, the latent talent required to pursue learning on my own? I've never stopped being insecure about it. If I'm not very gifted, I should just leave it to more gifted, luckier people.

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>Sleep with a full stomach
>Have vivid dream

Why does this always happen, what's happening in my body?

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brain is still awake processing your full stomach, so it starts dreaming.

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>believing in "dreams"

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Spacefu Edition
Claim yours before it's too late.

Previously on /sfg/:

Useful links:

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>no boobs
>thick waist
Hard pass x3

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I think I'm gonna---

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nice slime shape feels good to embrace run your hand softly trough her hair as you impregnate her
more comfort room for babies cute as fuck when walking
nice thick body and nice thick cute face that smiles when you tell her "im gonna make you pregnatn youre gonna be a mommy

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Everyday astronaut's Aerospike voice is finally out

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what happened to all those planned falcon heavy launches with classified payloads anyway?

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How good it would be if people just deleted some parts of things ? We want to be deleted. The longer it stays a troll threat because “hell” isn’t real. Plus the longer it stays what it stays, a “troll” instigating, war starting threat.

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Let's start with a basic axiom, a line segment is made of unicorns. Now I can build all sorts of unicorn structures that would be logically sound. In a universe that is made of only information, why is this not possible? Every kind of logic should technically exist albeit locally in the order of the size of observable universe so as to make it seem "normal" and "physical" to sentient beings residing in it.

If no logical system is ever consistent and complete, then logic has a sever blindspot in the analysis of the true nature of reality.

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wat mean? Global warming due to CO2 is a hoax?

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>univariate analysis

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explain triassic-jurassic peak then brainlet

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You are not very bright are you?

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It's a phenomenon called band saturation. Learn more here

Once CO2 is high enough, there's diminishing effect on its warming effect. Most of earth's history CO2 is beyond 1000 ppm, which means that the absorption band is always saturated and earth's temperature is controlled by factors other than CO2.

However, since the quarternary, around 3 million years ago, and especially the last 800ky when we have ice core records CO2 have been in goldilocks zone where it is low enough to not have its absorption band saturated but high enough to have control on the climate

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I need help for a project, I need to figure out how to make microplastics, and if I'd be able to mix it with agar. Links appreciated.

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>how to make microplastics
Harvest them from the waste water produced by your washing machine.

At that point, if you want only the micro plastics, you would filter it and add them to dionized water of the same proportion to what you harvested.

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Wtf is this? It looks like it’s related to the Nile somehow.

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Why is everything in Mauritiania West-East oriented?

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Either that or wind

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Meant for above.

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Our space port is buried far below the Pyramids of Thoth!
Face of the Sphinx = Thoth

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this is a completely different landform than >>11072907 which is 100% alluvial deposit

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why dont people who eat at a nutrient defeciency get sick and keel over? i see people in general eat nothing but breads and cereals and processed foods and its obviously not enough bar missing some critical nutrients.

How is the body able to function like this? I know 30 day suppy in the boy of nutrients but even thats got to deplete with some of these shit diets in america

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Not only this but even if you are feeding it pure shit your body adapts to numb itself to pure shit. Your body essentially goes "welp if what I'm stuck with, I better re-adjust my expectations".

... And I've experienced it first hand. I used to eat like utter shit and felt fine. One day suddenly went 100% healthy, had massive withdrawals but afterwards felt amazing, had very clear objective improvements. Decided to have a cheat day and after just a small amount of junk food my stomach went nuts. In the past my body was just numb to crap in my stomach but once I had got healthy, my body no longer put up with that shit.

>> No.11073098

Aren't most western foodstuffs fortified to hell and back?
I would guess that this is at least part of why at least in the west you rarely have nutrient deficiencies become a serious problem despite the often poor diets of many people.

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Processed garbage foods do have the critical nutrients that keep you alive or get fortified with them. So if you only eat them you feel like shit and you're sick more often, but you'll live. Can't let the wageslaves die.

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They do get sick, gastrointestinal disease in particular is rampant in the third world and their lifespan is predictably decreased.

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Same here. I used to Bing on one or two whole packages of ice cream. Now, just half a package confines me to the toilet for a significant amount of time.

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How do you operate without meaning? I struggle so hard to do anything that doesn't interest me (such as my studies) knowing there's no meaning behind all of it. How the fuck am I supposed to cope?

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You create your own meaning. If there is no god giving you meaning you can still create it by yourself.
For me it is studying. Not because I enjoy it(I do) but because it allows me to do something I think is valuable while I am here.

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I haven't tried anything simply because I don't perceive any meaning in anything I could possibly try. Everything feels vain and hopeless. Every time I try to think otherwise it feels like I'm not living my true life. It's like I'm pretending to be happy, doing purposeless things. I don't think I'll ever find true happiness.

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>you can still create it by yourself.

It feels like a gigantic cope, knowing my life is deterministic, that I was injected into this world without control, that I don't truly have control over my life, and that God doesn't care whether I'm suffering in unjustifiable amount. That all of it is random and a roll of dice. It's just too much for my brain to handle.

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You may have that the wrong way around. Everyone feels that hopeless feeling once in a while

I think if you put the work in the feedback you're going to get from the world will be a lot different and you'll enjoy it more

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Allow Jesus into your heart and cum into your wife.

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How far are science and technology going to advance over the next 50 years?
What will be the most drastic changes we are going to see?

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This is too much of a culture shift to happen within the century. It’ll be a harder sell than gun control ever was.

Cars fitted with blackboxes and enforced by insurance policies (absurdly absorbitant without blackbox/limiters fitted) will certainly ring in a draconian age for driving within the next few decades.

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nope, unfortantely anon, these are all utopian ideals if our elites were more enlightened but we have a greedy selfish mofos.
The fact that facebook is anywhere near worth half a trillion dollars while the best cancer company is worth a couple billion suggests the issue isnt with technology but with humanity.

money is flowing into vanity life style enhancing projects as well as projects that increase government power and military projection. If we dont nuke ourselves or America becomes a brazil 2.0 due to all the low iq shitskins being imported then our future will be the following

1) the future will be in cosmetic surgery being insurance funded and the tech side will be AI assisted surgeries that will help the surgeon know exactly what and where needs to be cut, filled,stuffed to get a certain look with swelling taken into analysis.

2) robotic military drones, expect police helicopters to be phased out for permanent in the air gliding drones
expect to cops to use a small drones to detach from their vehicles to intercept your cars and shut it down (remotely) for speeding or some other shit.

3)sex bots, (this will be a trillion dollar industry)

4) designers babies i do agree on, how much money would parent pay to have a chad 6'6" child with 200 iq with deep blue eyes and the athleticism of a horse.

5) cultural shifts in what we see as the norm, we are already seeing it with the tranny shit, imagine people replacing their entire bodies, sci fi thinks people will continue to go cyberpunk humanoid but why would they? you could have someone say they want their entire skin to be a liquidish gold with black eyes.

6) expect food bars to be more of a thing and meat to become less of thing in certain parts of the world.

7) memory wiping and also memory warrants

I have to laugh at all these utopian ideas, because they ignore that humans are greedy and selfish psychopaths

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Ya from a couple studies I have read 1/3 of people naturally are shitty drivers from terrible spatial reasoning the other 1/3 doesn't have the emotional stability or on drugs. The last 1/3 are trying to survive from the other idiots.
I can see insurance companies pushing it because then they will never have to pay money out with reduced crashes.

People don't like driving anyway especially in a city, then the fact you can party as much as you want and sit in the back seat all comfy.

You underestimate the level of peoples laziness and urge for convenience. Self driving cars are going to be huge, people just traded their privacy for a smart phone in just this past decade.

In a related note restaurants a hundred years ago was considered a rich persons thing to go to, they only ever became a thing because on a chefs off days the rich person would just go pickup food from a servant ran "eaterys" with multiple chefs always available.

Normies noticed and didn't care they had to spend a weeks pay to not have to cook and have a professional to cook a much better meal then they could ever make. 100 years later here we are with world wide obesity.
Look at uber we all got chauffeurs at the drop of a hat.

>> No.11073151

>Look at uber we all got chauffeurs at the drop of a hat.
i call this process "democratization" when something rare to the few becomes ubiquitous to the many.
libraries were only for the elite, now anyone can pick up a youtube or google.
eventually universities will go the netflix route with maybe ivy leagues being the last hold outs.

you mention cars and food with uber and restaurants

ig and youtube can make anyone into a celebrity

and future phone camera tech and computer effects will make anyone into a hollywood movie producer.

fruity loops made anyone into a song producer without needing an entire building worth of instuments.

sex bots will make every man capable of having sex with literally the chick of his dreams(the feminists wont like that...but they will cease to exist in a few years anyway)

uber cheap AI assisted cosmetic surgery will every chick into a hot chick with double dd breasts.

full immersive neural VR will give everyone anything they want and dream of.
wanna skydive in a lambo while a banging a chick...you can do that, wanna be president of the world sure why not, but likely youll have to pay per minute or per hour and people will work the shittiest of shittiest jobs to escape reality into vr heaven

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Nothing much will change. People in the 1960s thought we'd have flying cars by now.

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