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>three of the fundamental forces were once one force
are we able to tell how the forces would change in the future?
are we similar infinitesimally short era in some future's past?

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Preferably high quality and non cuck.

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i didn't drink anything for 2 days, will i be fine next day?

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You're posting here, so no.

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hello /sci/,
I didn't want to make a stackoverflow account or get bullied there, so I decided I'd ask my programming question here. Basically I'm trying to have archers aim towards a random point within a small area around a cursor. However just having them aim towards the most recently generated random point would cause their aiming motions to be jerky, so I thought I would have their aim continuously move towards the newest randomly generated point, but this means they just aim vaguely towards the center of the area because the random values trend towards cancelling outward movement out, even if I weight the random number towards the outside. So basically what I'm trying to do is weigh the new RNG number to be closer to the previous RNG value; so it has a sorta of continuous flow around the random area.

Do you know a good way to do this in c#? (I'm doing this in Unity).

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Use lerping

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I'm basically already doing that; but the problem is I'm continuously moving towards a new RNG number in an area (because the area of aim is constantly expanding or constricting based on your mouse movement, think CSGO reticle) so even when I use lerping it's constantly moving in a small area around the minimum of the random range because of how the probabilities work.

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you sure do seem to like talking about yourself on social media

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pls no bulli

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just doa randomized muzzle velocity thing
the muzzle will have some verticle velocity, and horizontal velocity.
set a cap to the velocity
then each loop, just add 1 or -1 to the muzzle velocity.

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There are an infinite number of infinities.

How many whole numbers are there? Infinity.

How many tenths of whole numbers are there? Ten times infinity.

How many hundredths of whole numbers are there? 100 times infinity.

How many millionths of whole numbers are there? 1,000,000 times infinity.

How many decimal numbers are there? Infinity times infinity.

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Based. Make the finitist reddit soibois seethe.

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Should we force pure mathematicians/theoretical people to do something useful with their lives?

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Mao was a normal one-haver norwood who wanted youths to build useless shacks because it's fricking cool and trad

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You wouldn't be any less retarded 400 years from now

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Applied maths

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can you speak normally?

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how's that useful?

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What if life... You know... Went... Somewhere? Would science go to? What is science without life? NUFFIN

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Science isn't perfect, but it's the best means of studying and quantifying the universe.

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Shut up nerd noone asked for your opinionated nonsense

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>Squeeze my right testicle
>It feels like my right testicle
>Switch over to the left size and squeeze it again
>It feels like my left testicle

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This reads like a physics or biology question, but it's actually a statistics question.

You have 2 testicles, you squeezed the right one. What is the percent chance that the second squeeze will be your left testicle?

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This is actually a variation of the double slit experiment. Given the size of your genitals, they are governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. Left vs right is a binary observable in an indeterminate state until you collapse the system by measuring with your hand.

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The testicles feel like they're positioned where they are. They're not right and left testicles technically. Doopid kid

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The "feeling" of being the right or left testicle is just proprioception.

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We are excited to announce our open source sky observation project, Sky360, and looking for developers who are passionate about space and citizen science to join our team. Our vision is to facilitate a global citizen science project to observe the skies and all their phenomena around the clock, while providing high-quality results and analysis available to everyone.
video https://youtu.be/YHK_SY3cmA8
We want to provide a community platform, tools & support to all people interested in observing the skies for stars, meteors, satellites, planes, drones, weather phenomena, birds, UAPs, or anything else that happens in our atmosphere and low Earth orbit. Our Discord channel, UAP Tracking Forum community has over 1,600 members.
Together with and for the community, we are developing affordable hardware and software for a 24/7 citizen sky observatory that can detect, track, identify, and analyze any aerial phenomena. Our software will cover various functionalities, including a core part with image processing, a neural network with a machine learning-based identifier and prioritizer, and a messaging system for all connected sensors. For connected sensors, we first focus on the PTF for guiding, vector-ahead tracking, and production of high-resolution video data.
We are also developing an AI cloud service that can aggregate event data from all active stations and analyze it with additional external data, such as air traffic and weather. The first version of our open source Sky360 software scheduled for release in 2023.
For our Sky360 citizen science project, we set five preconditions, including open source hardware & software development, open source data generation, affordable, harmonized hardware for DIY. We welcome developers of all levels who are interested in contributing to our project and helping us achieve our vision.
We look forward to hearing from you !

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Can someone reasonably explain this. This is supposed to be a funny, lighthearted tiktok..but it's sent me into a fit of trying to rationlize it.. How is (if what we're seeing is not faked) this possible...

There are way way too many levels of self actualization for this to be possible to me.
The cats in question, are looking a screen of themselves and their owners.. That's already a huge leap, Cats can pass the mirror test...but a cell phone video of themselves in selfie mode? That's in itself is huge...

Then you take away the girls face and replace it with a cat face and now we're asking the cat to recognize that not only he is the one in the video, but that there's a second cat in the 'mirrored' image on the cell phone.. Again huge leap. MAYBE it can see itself on video and know that the cat in the video is itself..but another cat that's very cartoony?

And lastly...the big one, is that with the above leaps.. it ALSO must know that the face of it's owner..IS it's owner..AND that something is wrong. Each cat looks bothered, worried, or alarmed that something the fuck is up. It can recognize it's owner..then recognize that it's been replaced with another cat or her face is at least different, AND it makes the connection to look back and the other next to it..and then back down at the cell phone??


This is like some primate level cognition... How the fuck can this happen? How is a cat that capable of putting that many pieces together??

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Exactly. Obviously yes a cat knows what it's owners face looks like. But to have it recognize it on a screen is baffling. Not even a mirror.. but a digital screen.

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Cats possess an interesting relationship with mirrors, and their behavior can vary depending on the individual cat. Let's delve into the topic using scientific facts.

Mirror Test and Self-Recognition:
The mirror test is a widely used method to assess an animal's ability to recognize itself in a mirror. It involves marking an animal with a non-visible odorless dye and observing its reaction to its reflection. Cats, in general, do not pass the mirror test, which suggests they do not possess self-recognition like some primates, dolphins, elephants, and a few other species. When marked, cats typically show no signs of self-directed behavior, indicating that they do not perceive the reflection as themselves.

Cat's Response to Mirrors:
When a cat encounters a mirror, its response can vary. Some cats may ignore their reflection entirely, showing no interest or recognition. Others might display signs of curiosity, investigating the mirror and attempting to interact with the image they see. This behavior might include pawing at the mirror or exhibiting signs of aggression towards the reflection, mistaking it for another cat.

Understanding of Reflection:
It's important to note that cats likely perceive the mirror as a two-dimensional object, and their response may be influenced by visual and olfactory cues. The movement and reflection of light can attract their attention, but it doesn't necessarily mean they comprehend that the image is a reflection of themselves or another object.

Recognition of Owners:
Cats can form strong bonds with their owners and recognize them through various sensory cues. They become familiar with their owner's scent, voice, and body language. However, cats primarily rely on scent and auditory cues rather than visual recognition to identify their owners.

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Cat such good liar that cat believe own lies.

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>Let's delve into the topic using scientific facts.

I smell cat lies BORK BORK!

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Schizos: the cat is being immobile with its face shoved up within inches of a screen blowing out pixels of light into its face. It's going to get squirmy and annoyed no matter what the pixels are.

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I need to get from, 'forgot how to even multiply a fraction' to calculus as soon as possible. If the source doesn't teach me fractions that's okay because I can just look that up on my own. But, I need something else that's going to help me get quickly from in between arithmetic to calculus.

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I hate this inferior fucking "science" board

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>as soon as possible
>probably implying in a few days

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Is math a science or a "science"?

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use brilliant.org

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you know, ive been wondering this since i was a kid but what would lithium dioxide's properties be like if it were to be made irl? thanks to the iron man fictionalized version of it trying to find something online is near impossible if not impossible. can someone here help sate my curiosity?

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well the usual way i force additional charge is to cool it down with nitrogen in a steel cylinder with magnet wire densely wound around it, apply a high static voltage(in excess of -15 kv minimum) and turn on the outer coils. i'm a bit worried about it reacting with the sidewalls though, think borosilicate glass would react with it too?

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hmm, didn't even consider using another chemical... i kinda wanna see it in a pure state without solvent though.

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i don't think it will etch the glass, try PTFE if in doubt. i think it's a good idea to use N2 as inert atmosphere as well. but i still think stabilization by solvation and cooling down would be the best course of action...

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>some unstable superoxide
Anon, I...

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it's not that bad: researchgate.net/publication/227698753_Investigation_of_formation_of_superoxide_anion_radical_in_DMSO_by_ESR_Part_1_Influence_of_Fe2_and_Cu2

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Can you help me figure out what are the side effects of spraying my female dog before her first heat and after? This was the only official article I was able to find but i wanted more opinions and research

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forgot link:
>Causes of death related to reproductive pathology included pyometra with peritonitis and/or renal failure
can renal failure in dogs be related to reproductive pathologies?

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Thats misogyny you smelly bigot

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she'd cool down presumably

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Sixty-Six Theses: Next Steps and the Way Forward in the Modified Cosmological Model
The purpose is to review and lay out a plan for future inquiry pertaining to the modified cosmological model (MCM) and its overarching research program. The material is modularized as a catalog of open questions that seem likely to support productive research work. The main focus is quantum theory but the material spans a breadth of physics and mathematics. Cosmology is heavily weighted and some Millennium Prize problems are included. A comprehensive introduction contains a survey of falsifiable MCM predictions and associated experimental results. Listed problems include original ideas deserving further study as well as investigations of others' work when it may be germane. A longstanding and important conceptual hurdle in the approach to MCM quantum gravity is resolved. A new elliptic curve application is presented. With several exceptions, the presentation is high-level and qualitative. Formal analyses are mostly relegated to the future work which is the topic of this book. Sufficient technical context is given that third parties might independently undertake the suggested work units.

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File: 2.82 MB, 2550x9900, TIMESAND___66+085-096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 2.97 MB, 2550x9900, TIMESAND___66+097-108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 2.66 MB, 2550x9900, TIMESAND___66+109-120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 2.92 MB, 2550x9900, TIMESAND___66+121-132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 2.89 MB, 2550x9900, TIMESAND___66+133-144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I'm schizophrenic. What's the science behind it. I feel more superior and intelligent than everyone and often prove it to myself. Is it a lie by society to contain the aware?(an con)

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K thnx Bai but also noty fagpot harmonizer

(It getting BETTAH. It fixed)

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Only one thing I know for sure. You killing yourself will make anime real.

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So what if you feel more inteligent and superior?
Nobody cares and you shouldnt either.

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>I feel more superior and intelligent
You're just a narcissist, and like every narcissist you just HAVE to find some 'unique' quality that only you possess that marks you as special and above the common rabble.
go do a line of blow and fly off a cliff, tough guy

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you sure do seem to like talking about yourself on social media

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I propose the following experiment.
Hypothesis: Drinking one's own human excrement, while not sick or in a toxic environment, leads to elevated levels of testosterone. This works regardless of male or female.

In my country, the buying and selling of testosterone is illegal. The closest thing we have that is sold in stores is Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). I took a testosterone test before and after using.
>before 700 ng/dL for men
>now 1500 ng/dL for men
I've been feeling good. Always want to fuck. Always want to move and make progress with my life. Something as well, side effects of DHEA on women leads to steroid like effects, and same goes for men. Another thing noticed, my piss smells different. I have a very bland and stable diet where my piss always smells the same, but today and yesterday, it was pungent. Like, just stronger. Look up DHEA and how it's digested.. Dissolved into pisssssss.
Since DHEA increases testosterone, and DHEA is pissed out, would drinking one's own piss be beneficial? The tester must be in good other health, since bacteria and bad shit can be pissed out as well.

If I were to propose this experiment to my boss, do you think he would fire me or praise me?

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yeah, shills love scat topics, very attention diverting. that means for government people are like monkeys playing with shit.

>> No.15468627

>regardless of male or female
That's interesting. In the past I used to buy piss bottles from women online, and I felt much more manly after drinking the piss.

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>Premarin is a very common drug prescribed to millions of women worldwide as a hormone replacement therapy. The name stands for PREgant MAres uRINe, as the drug is produced from the hormones present in the mare's urine. The horses used to produce this drug are referred to as "PMU" horses, for short.
piss hormones are the real deal

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Researchers spotted the immense black hole in a galaxy known as GS-9209. The team at Edinburgh University used the

>James Webb space telescope (JWST)

to observe the galaxy and reveal fresh details about its composition and history.

Dr Adam Carnivall, who led the effort, said the telescope — the most powerful ever built — showed how galaxies were growing "larger and earlier" than astronomers expected in the first billion years of the universe...

Carnivall said the "gaping black hole" at the centre of GS-9209 was a "big surprise" that lent weight to the theory that such enormous black holes are responsible for shutting down star formation in early galaxies.

"The evidence we see for the supermassive black hole was really unexpected," said Carnivall. "This is the kind of detail we'd never have been able to see without JWST."

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what is it about black holes that makes them the number one most popular popsci topic of discussion amongst the brainlet soience fangoys?
is it the comic bookish aspects of the spectacular, unrealistic and completely non disprovable conjectures which go along with the topic that make black holes so popular amongst the scientist posers and wannabes?

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What makes you such a raging friendless cunt?

>> No.15469072

pretty sure it's photoshopped. nobody has a wide ass like that, and the waist of a baby.

>> No.15469104

I would like to see something SUPER MASSIVE and black in her hole, if you grasp what I am alluding to.

>> No.15469115

you seem upset

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do holes phyically exist?

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Holes aren't "nothing". There is no such thing as empty space. Empty space is actually quantum foam.

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>do terms made purely out of human convenience physically exist

>> No.15468749

Your mothers holes are empirically proven to host quadrillions of big black cocks.

>> No.15468752

Take your meds

>> No.15468761

Yes, a hole is not the gap but the cut open part. It produces a useful empty. Yet again morons post stupid answers then continue to take part in other threads as sort of patriarchs of science.


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How do worms get in apples when apples grow on trees and worms live on the ground?

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fruit flies put their eggs into le apples, they hatch and lo and beholder, worms are now in le apple!

>> No.15469074

>fruit flies
No, fruit doesn't fly.

>> No.15469076

simplistic purist take. trees aren't clean and perfect. there are also worms on the wood.

>> No.15469116

time flies like an arrow but fruit flies like a banana

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how the fuck did they get so small bazookas

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I've been studying with great intent and utmost focus for the past 10 hours (sans about an hour spent chilling in conjunction with eating lunch) off just 240mg phenylpiracetam.

Why isn't this drug more easily available? It's great and doesn't seem to have any side effects aside from making it hard to fall asleep and needing to be cycled to avoid the rapid build up of tolerance.

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Not good enough for me then

>> No.15468697

Why? It's less effective than meth but it has no adverse effects, it's not addictive and it is cheaper and legal.

>> No.15468706

How's the difference with modafinil? Pajeet quality has gone to shit the last 2 years or I've just built a tolerance to it even after 2 month long breaks

>> No.15468780

Because I need something that is on par with amphetamines so it can overpower hedonic hunger and hypothalamus being a bitch (blood sugar) without costing so damn much (still no generic for vyvanse)

>> No.15468964

you sure do seem to like talking about yourself on social media

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