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symbols left and above another symbol define it.

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eloh tibbar eht ot nwoo dael teg sedoc eht kcolnU ?wonk uoy oD

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How do people who take academia seriously avoid defining their selves by their academic performance? I take my grades very seriously and I tend to get extremely depressed whenever I do poorly on an exam or get below an A in a course. While other people are out socializing, developing hobbies and personalities, I am studying textbooks and I feel underdeveloped as a result.

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Make friends with other people that take academia seriously. Sure, probably aren’t too many people like that out there, but having a few friends with similar personalities/interests as you is better than none at all.

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Now imagine being a total brainlet and not ever socializing.
I can't wait to die.

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>More men are ennobled by study than by nature


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Grades only matter if you plan on going to grad school. Employers care more about how well you can fit their culture.

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Minimum achievable temperature. Is it possible to prove that a specific temperature is impossible to achieve for a given system? Would the minimum temperature be given by planck's constant divided by boltzman constant?

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Temperature = agitation

No agitation = minimum achievable temperature

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But the smallest amount of allowed energy is given by planck's constant right? So what would it mean for the energy spacing to be less than this. For example I have found the energy spacing for a particle in a 3d box to be on the order of 10^-42 for states near the ground state.

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>Is it possible to prove that a specific temperature is impossible to achieve for a given system
Yes, 0 K

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Energy is directly related to heat. Temperature is a different concept altogether

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But it's physically impossible to have a system with no molecular agitation

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I have a theory that I want to discuss. What If in a not so distant future Where AI is a thing and we learn ”it” to program. Then we’d give it instructions to program and design a viritual world and design close to perfect VR technology. What if we then were to make chairs with feeding/drinking automatic and unnoticable. How many people would leave this world for their own private world, made just according to their requests? Would you Do it? There is Also an option to forget your real life and start a new life in there.

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Fuck no. I have family and friends in the real world. And even though I don't really like hanging out with them anymore because and they all think I'm going crazy, I will not abandon them.
And AI already exists. It's us. We are biological AI. Computers make our decisions for us, we're just peripheral equipment.
I think we need to kill the internet.

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Meh. I like internet. Also these people are in 3d.

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fuck yes.

>There is Also an option to forget your real life
I just want to forget the cringy parts of my life, let the sad parts remain in my memory so I can know that I'm in vr paradise right now

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Atomistic resolution simulation of a planet sized volume with high accuracy quantum physics(nuclear motion taken into account) running at realtime speeds. This is probably impossible, but then again this is just another shallow thread on 4chan.

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>we learn ”it” to program.

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I'm a total beginner and I want to learn the most I can on these topics :
- Genetics
- Molecular biology
- Microbiology

Can you guys recommend me some good books ?

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Charles muray, the bell curve

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Dawkins, The Selfish Gene

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Why are you shitposting on my thread

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what is the rate at which my adenosine receptors come back after not drinking coffee?

I used to drink 6 cups a day on average, I had a cup last saturday and haven't had any caffeine at all since then

what percent of my adenosine receptors came back / how much tolerance for coffee have I lost?

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I find that if I go around 2 weeks without any coffee my tolerance drops back to baseline, or near enough. Why are you drinking that much coffee? If you're becoming exhausted during the day you should probably start searching for the underlying cause instead of covering it up with a stimulant. Not that coffee is bad, but it's obviously preferable to just fix the underlying issue.

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>6 cups
That's pathetic. If you need a stimulant that bad then just get yourself an Adderall prescription

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If you need that much coffee per day then you might have developed caffeine sensitivity. If you feel tired after drinking, say 2 cups of coffee, and you drink more to compensate for your increased tiredness then you might have caffeine sensitivity. More isn't always better, try to drink just 1 cup of coffee and see if that helps.

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>getting addicted to any substance


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I don't think there is anything I wish more than me being able to reason with the people on this board who are about to go to hell. This place is a den of extreme evil and you were all nudged into this lifestyle. I wish I could save you instead of send you.

I've been thinking about this all day.

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I literally took the easiest road, and I wish I could take you all down this road with me, but apparently its not possible. Lord, some people reading won't understand these posts for 50 years, some 50 years+

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I don't want to want to die. Biological immortality is a technology that is out of grasp for my lifetime. I am condemned to die on this rock and for that reason I'm crying as I type this. I want to be immortal.

Please give me uplifting news on
>immortality tech
>afterlife theories

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Nothing lasts, but nothing is lost.

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t. buttblasted goyim

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Dont give me that 'your legacy last forever hurr durr' bullshit. I don't give a shit about my legacy if I can't exist to witness it. I want consciousness not a fucking legacy

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you can't even give a proper definition or model of what conciousness is, how do you expect us to fucking store it for you? you're gonna die. deal with it brainlet. if you were truly a smart person, you'd push the boundary of human mortality by modeling conciousness as a mechanical system that be broken down to biomechanics, chemistry, and so forth, all while leaving behind the groundwork for potential immortality. but no you're gonna be butthurt you can't have your cake and eat it too. get real. your ancestors probably couldn't even come up with a way to make fucking alloys and you want immortality. it's laughable.

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Your only chance is to have your brain removed and frozen and hope someday we can put your brain properly in another body and immortality has been discovered.

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>when you realize identity is an illusion; one, which, has been heavily tied to a vaguely personal sense of value which likely arose from what a localized relevant group deemed acceptable to avoid confrontation and possible annihilation

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If hyperreals aren't real, then how does calculus work?

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It works because of epsilon delta definition of limit process. What do you mean when you say they don't exist?

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>the gremlin can't get out of the epsilon-delta box
ok, but what is going on inside the box?

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dat bitch got man-hands

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Hear me out here:
A recent study showed that your DNA actually changes with the passing of the seasons.
Given that, could it be that these seasonal changes affect the development of a woman's child while she's pregnant? There has been studies showing that many personality traits can be determined largely by your DNA. In fact, this plays a larger role in your eventual personality than how you're raised.
This can be easily observed in other animals. Many dog breeds have their own temperament. Saint Bernards are big, lovable oafs, lhasa apsos are aggressive assholes, and so on. It would be easy to assume that other animals have personalities determined by genes.
So if your DNA changes throughout the seasons, and if these changes could affect the development of your child...
Astrology has a bit of truth to it. If your baby is developed under x conditions, and x conditions tend to arise at different times of the year, and x conditions affect the development of your baby, then at least the "if you're born on y date" part has some truth to it. The rest is total bullshit, however.

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That isn't what the study you posted even says. It says that your DNA releases different proteins during different seasons.

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astrology was an attempt at unified shamanistic thoughts and ideas based on the stars' position 2000 odd years ago. Most if not all of them have shifted from that position already.

it is all fake

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>mfw calc3
what in the fuck am I doing
why are functions suddenly vectors now

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How does science explain the existence of circles?

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>tfw two dimensional objects don't exist in nature
And then?

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do you even holographic principle?

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the surface of a blackhole is 2 dimensional, the projection inside is 3 dimensional

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But shadows aren't a thing by themselves. A shadow is just a lack of light on a spot

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Stop right there

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can some one help me solved this equation

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It's somewhere on the journey to reading about FFTs but with different variables but the same answer
wolfram alpha dem shits

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Are lambda, K, and r all constant?

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Try to complete the square and then maybe use separation of variables. FT might be a good idea too, but you'd get a convolution equation.

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yes, K, r, lambda are all constant

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yeah, squaring the right side and separation works

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Could anybody compile a maths starter kit for me so I could self educate myself and maybe have a strong enough understanding how to continue my education by myself in the future. I want to learn maths as a hobby.

Im done with high school yet don't remember anything I've learned maths wise since the 8th grade.

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I made a similar thread and some anon posted this. I'm reposting it to you.


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God bless you

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struggling to reconcile my own lifestyle and habits with the knowledge that we are systematically killing our planet and its ecosystems through wreckless overconsumption and the myth of limitless growth. I feel morally compelled to drastically change the way I live, but am too weak in body and mind to do so. It all seems so futile, to shovel sand against the tide.

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Just act in your own self-interest, whatever that may be, nobody cares for your sanctimonious hypocritical, insincere, fake, self-sacrificial, holier than thou moralist bullshit, it will make you miserable and nobody will ever give a fuck about it.

You think you are informed and you think your thoughts on this are elevated when they are self-deluding.

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>oooga booga the system

Spooky stuff.

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Stop projecting. Op and everyone else with a cursory understanding has it in their self interest to be very concerned.

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the offgrid farm lifestyle cant be lived by everyone

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And it shouldn't, op needs to engage with his community, the neighborhood. Living in a hyper individualistic civilization absolutely destroys our ability to organize for social change.
Start a community garden or teach children about native plants and animald, planting seeds, ect. This isn't a problem that can be fixed by alienated individuals.

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*dabs on race and IQ correlation denying brainlets*

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The best part is Sam Harris never asked for this. Even a year ago he was on the "don't look into race and IQ" but the left dragged him into it.

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>dabs on race and iq pseudoscience denying brainlets
Woah, pseudoscience supporters have a new idol now...

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Joe Rogan agrees with Sam on RACE and IQ. kek!


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Joe rogan tackles the scientific debate on race and IQ, lysenkoism, and other things going on with two very educated guests. He has one of the most listened to podcasts in the world.


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I'm just worried that racists we're right and there's gonna be some kind racial politics starting because of this.

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They are not. These people believe all the scientists in the world are in a conspiracy to cover up the truth that only /pol/ NEETS are smart enough to decipher.

Even if they were right, that would never be an excuse to take away people's right or to justify any political action.

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>But Mongolia and South Korea do and have similar ecology
Jesus fuck you are retarded

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Does 'heritability' account for the fact that intelligent parents try to raise their kids to be more intelligence?

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Apparently they control for all that but I don't see how. They can't really effectively control for how a person is raised without subjecting a group to inhumane conditions.

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Stanford researchers have trained a neural network to determine the sexual orientation of a person based on their facial photos. Given five images, the neural network was able to predict with 91% accuracy whether the person was gay or heterosexual. Human judges were correct only 61% of the time.


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The absolute state of modern psychology

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>glasses so common on gays they show up on the composite
I always knew four-eyes were gay

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Except for being the most common color blindness.

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Who cares? It looks pleasant to non-retarded people, so it's fine.

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Just kill yourself and your shit genes already bro

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Things that seem fundamental but are actually not fully understood.

>static electricity
>cloud formation
>how can we feel eyes looking at us
>how the placebo effect works
>why is the temperature of the universe so uniform?

Add more of these.

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Photosynthesis. (photon does what?)
Magnetic fields (on a planetary and above scale)
Saturn Hexagon

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Why does a dispersive prism diffract light? Why are they triangular? Why do shorter wavelengths travel faster in a medium than longer wavelengths if all light moves at speed c in a vacuum?
How can some organisms be essentially emergent properties of other organisms (living humans made of living cells)? Hot can we be made up of atoms, which are 99.99999 empty space, and still have coherent bodies?
>Physics and astronomy
Why does matter attract matter? Why do astral bodies move in orbits instead of just crashing in to one another? Why are orbits elliptical and not circular?
Why is our moon so much larger (relative to Earth) than any other planet's moon? Why is it almost exactly the same apparent size as our Sun?

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