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Are fusion reactors the future, or should we just improve the thermal, and fast reactors we have?

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I want to grow cryptogamic soil crusts/biocrusts in a cold desert.
Do you think it’s really as simple as these papers make it sound?

Microbial Nursery Production of High-Quality Biological Soil Crust Biomass for Restoration of Degraded Dryland Soils.
Velasco Ayuso S, et al. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2017.

Optimizing the Production of Nursery-Based Biological Soil Crusts for Restoration of Arid Land Soils.
Bethany J, et al. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2019.

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>everything in life is vibration
What did he mean by this?

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I suppose he means “waves” are more “real” than “particles”. Even if you look at particles, they’re not clearly defined “billiard balls” but rather they too are kind of smeared out. So the word “particle” itself confuses the reaity of the thing. Everything is waves.
>inb4 waves of what/fields of what
I’m pretty sure we’ll never know the answer to that, anymore than we will know why the big bang happened in the first place. All we have access to is everything that happened after. And everything that happened after can be best understood in terms of waves.

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he ment life is shakey shakey shake shake. how hard is this to understand? you stoopid?

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If I vibrate my penor long enough it will expel a white juice.

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he ment everything on a material level vibrates unless it's at absolute zero which it can't be unless done in a lab. or that's what he should of meant anyway. lol.

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>I’m pretty sure we’ll never know the answer to that, anymore than we will know why the big bang happened in the first place. All we have access to is everything that happened after. And everything that happened after can be best understood in terms of waves.
Exactly. Empiricism will die off soon.

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big dumbo question coming through but if you simulated a living creature precisely down to the atom, would it be alive and conscious?

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doesn't this happen naturally every 7 years anyway?

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that is a great question and im not sure how to answer that... if it did perfectly emulate a human then I would have to say it should be given human rites.

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>human rites
As a slave

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you don't make inorganic people to make them slaves.

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Because the Chinese are cheaper?

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My mother was pestering me about going to therapy because i am 24 year jobless loser. Suddenly i lost control over my emotions and started yelling really loud while crying. Mother dont want to talk to me, which is not surprising, myself i have trouble understanding my reaction. What the fuck is wrong with me? This is so famous nervous breakdown? Is this depression? My mother is old and i dont want to make her cry. I am so frustrated because i cant get job i want, but its no reason to act like that

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Just tell her that her generation destroyed the economy and that is why jobs don't pay enough to live and everything is unaffordable.

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>What the fuck is wrong with me?
You're an autistic retard who also can't tell the difference between /sci/ and /adv/.

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Just go to therapy man

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i just want to be programmer so i stay all day on computer solving leetcode-type puzzles till i bruteforce my way into junior position. She seems unable to understand that, she says i am sick because i have no friends, i dont go out of house, i am so fixed on this shit.
When it comes to theraphy - well maybe i would try if its some group one, but then i would be forced to attend this group theraphy every week and pay for that. After year they would say "year is too short! you need to attend theraphy longer", and then i am slave to theraphy. I would not be able to exit therapy, because it would again hurt my mother. I hate feeling like i am forced to do something, like i am enslaved by my mental illness. Even worse that mental state is such a invisible matter. I can go to therapy or take pills a year and still not feel like it helped me in any way, because its such a subtle matter, and you can never be objective in assessing your mental state.

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i mean if you learn math or shit for a month then you can say "i can do this this and this. I have problem with this and i dont understand this concept. I need to work on that more!". With mental state its different, i dont feel happy or sad anymore i am just dead inside. I think thats why i am opposed to idea of wasting time and money on therapy. I dont give a fuck about how i feel, i just need a damn job

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meow OwO

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how does voltage and diameter of coil affect the magnetic field?*

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Just applied to a software summer internship as an undergrad. Interview was a couple of generic coding questions. Got an offer of 10k GBP per month. Mathfags BTFO.

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Objectively speaking why do we need psychopathic/sociopathic/ASPD people in the gene pool?

Think about it:
> 20% of prison inmates are psychopaths, 50% of the violent crimes are from psychopaths
>There's historic evidence that a single individual in a position of power can cause extreme damage to those hierarchically below them (not to say to society as a whole): Hitler, Stalin, Enron CEO, Jim Jones, Saddam Hussein, etc.
> Not all psychopaths are serial-killers, but all serial killers are psychopaths
> The consequences of having no remorse, makes them unable to learn adequate behaviours from their mistakes or by punishment, yielding therapy
> Psychopaths given counseling are 10% more likely to engage in antisocial behaviour.

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ThOsE wHo CaNnOt ThInK fOr ThEmSeLvEs WiLl InEvItAbLy Be ThOuGhT fOr By OtHeRs

Pray for a decent psychopath.

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Interesting, let's say for the sake of the argument that UN decides to make critical thinking a must to have in basic education. They probably reach to a similar conclusion than me at some point in their lives, because it's not about apathy in the sense of "I guess if they aren't doing nothing to me I can safely not care", but rather in the fact that we're currently in a time where technology (such as nuclear power, internet, ai, etc.) can really pose a threat to ourselves by falling in the wrong hands. And while we could setup legal frameworks to avoid certain things, in the end, with enough work they can always be circumvented.

I ask this question because it deeply troubles me that it seems highly rational and pragmatic to just, vanish them from future generations.

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In understanding the computational model of the human brain, this term often gets invoked. The way I crudely understand it is that the sum of constituents of computer logic form an entity that is allowed to control the directive of further computing to proceed unlike conventional computing where instructions are merely punched in. But I have a feeling that even in conventional computing, there is some degree of reflexive computing, non-linear equations like 3-body problem come to mind. How can one achieve this and am I understanding this correctly?

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>could single-handedly attain light-speed travel and complete emission-less economy

>chooses to perfect VR and real-doll wombs to stick it to feminists


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pretty amusing to see this. it's like weinstein and lisi acknowledge eachother but the fact that they are basically admitting are both equally pseuds is lost on them

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>twitter drama
Absolute garbage. Go back, OP.

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Would it be right to say that fundamentally, position and momentum don't hold the classical meanings that are intuitive to us and that superpositions are a true reality as opposed to saying they are a mathematical tool for calculating probabilities?

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Does biokinesis really work? I'd personally say it's bullshit and if you look at the description of the video (https://youtu.be/vUZoPwQaM5U) it feels more like brainwashing. What is your opinion?

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>look mom, I learned how to use the zoom function on my phone and it only took me one year!

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Can I make my dick longer with it?

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wtf is this fremen bullshit?

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You know this is a meme right

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How much longer do we have until we can use this to safely repair genetic damage in humans? Is it already possible but the red tape is stifling things? How do I find people who will do this for me? Legal clinical trials or not.

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sorry don't have the source. I just remember reading the article months ago.

it was in America and yes it worked.

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the chemo is used to shut down the immune system so that you can reprogram it before your reprogram your dna. if you just reprogram your dna first your immune system will attack the new dna and slowly kill you. this is a far far worse scenario.

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I want this shit to fix my psoriasis. I also want it to significantly extend my life span.

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I see. there's no way around that besides chemo?

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not that I know of no. tho if you were to study the your immune system you may be able to come up with a drug that could effect it but that's just a guess at best. chemo is a shit method I agree and need to be replaced with something that is less toxic. it also costs a lot.

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50 years.

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Robotic ones will probably come sooner.
And then bio-mechanical hybrids that blur the line between life and machine.


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Why does current have a SI base unit and not charge?

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Why is it unitless? Because it's based on a constant and describes the number of atoms?

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i guess the word i'm looking for is "dimensionless". it just means "an avogadro's number of". it has no dimension, it's just a number. kilograms have the dimension of mass, seconds the dimension of time, meters the dimension of length. mol is dimensionless, it is just a number of something. you could for example have an avogadro's number of meters which would be equivalent to a mol of meters. or a mol of picoseconds would be 19,000 years. real units don't work like that. you can't have a kilogram of seconds

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Yeah it's kind of an un-unit, but it is far more useful than most other units, at least for chemistry. I mean, the other units?
[math]\hbar=m_e=e=4\pi\varepsilon_0=1[/math], done.
However, the macroscopic dynamics of a process do not depend on the mass of the substance but on the amount.

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SI is for industrial practicality primarily, and used in science incidentally. That's why you have pants-on-head retarded units like candela as a base unit, which is based on human psychosensory perception.

>>11210227 gives a good perspective on historical roots.

it's like making "dozen" a fundamental unit. We already have a unit for counting; it's called 1. btw, the new definition of mol breaks the traditional interpretation of the number of atoms in 1g of C12, as in this is no longer true with the new units

IMHO, base units should describe length, mass, time, and charge (in all its varieties like electric and color charge. mass is a type of gravitational charge, but since it is also inertial mass, it probably should be given it's own unit). Candela, mol, and kelvin are fucking imbecilic units.

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>imbeciliic unit
bullshit. Of course the unit's scale is arbitrary as it is cancelled out by [math]k_b[/math], but similar things are true for other units as well. For example, energy and time can be chosen unitless, because they form fourier pairs. Does that mean they should be unitless? Similarly, it makes no sense for length and time to have different units, because they are converted into one another freely using lorenz boosts.

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What math do I need to know to integrate the solid of intersection of any combination six arbitrary cones and toruses, provided I know they all intersect in a non-zero volume? I emailed my old HS math teachers and haven't gotten a reply.
It's for a CS project

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from the little i've seen online, it seems like it's either difficult or impossible to find an exact value for a general case, so instead of trying to find an integral, it would be better to use some constructive solid geometry library to find the solid of intersection, and find the volume like that.

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Well Is there a general case solution for one torus and one cone?

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Is he one of the greatest mathematicians of our time?

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who? I hope so, this gives me self confidence if so; maybe I do have the phenotype all along.

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assuming that we are talking about transfer functions, what would some type of relativistic control system look like taking into account the effects of lambda (damping ratio) and gamma (relativistic ratio)?

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