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1. Microwave yourself to obtain radioactive DNA sample

2. Scrap four nasal samples into four tubes and treated with chemicals like acids

3. Do some jello stuffs the scientists do

4. X-ray the jello piece

If the jello shows lines in more than 2 wells, you have corona virus.
Please proceed to report yourself to the local emergancy unit and stay 6 feet away from the computer to avoid 5G virus spreading.
Clean your hands with soap upon touching frequent areas like the pp.

If there are no lines shown from the jello, you don't corona virus. You're probably crippled. So monitor your health daily to be alerted to possible symptoms to corona virus such as fever, tiredness, constant coughing or lost of smell.

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Better start saving now /sci/.

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people have been saying this for like 20 years

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Where do I invest?

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Titanic 2027 waiting to happen. Except Jack and Rose will be dead in less than a second.

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Excited for the movie adaption

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Every time I solve a problem he has to go on about how my method was weird, long or unusual, why can't he just shut the fuck up if the proof is right? What more is there to say? What is it to you that I made my proof by contradiction instead of by cases?

I'll never forget when he asked us to prove that [math] \int_{a}^{a+{\pi}} |sin(x)| = c [/math] for any a, and he gave me shit for proving [math] \int_{a}^{a+{\pi}} |sin(x)| = | \int_{n{\pi}}^{n{\pi}+{\pi}} sin(x) | [/math] first by fucking around with the absolute values.

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You're smart and he's trying to make you even smarter. The others are dumb so he doesn't even care. But for you, he feels you can be great. Take these pesky remarks as compliments from an envious teacher.

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Thanks anon, I couldn't take the pressure anymore so I took anal 4 at the same time as I was taking his anal 3 class so that I didn't have to be graded by him this semester but he still let me attend his lectures. I hope this is just average academia stuff and not some kind of grude for some dumb shit I did or said.

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>What more is there to say?
>not wanting your prof to tell you the good way to do it

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He always posts how he solved the problems the day after the exam or a couple hours after we've all sent it, sometimes I read the proofs, sometimes I don't. What more is there to say?

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this or jus smoke for days on end fucking your rem sleep up and building that need for rem sleep eventually you’ll be so deprived that you will

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I accidentally entered a wake induced lucid dream the other day. I can’t believe people don’t get addicted to this. You have so much power in the dream and can do/feel whatever you want, especially lewd things.

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Though I've heard from people I know with very high tolerance they still have dreams. Cutting out weed like the other anons pointed out is important. Another option is high zinc+magnesium+melataonin before bed, if you don't dream on these supliments then you've got some seriously fucked up repressed memories your subconcious is blocking you from, as it's known that everyone actually does dream some people just instantly forget their dreams.

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like what

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Like tenticle loli rape

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Cut the Webb edition.
Previous: >>12771640

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When you stand up and fight it

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I remember one tinfoil guy working on a wormhole/zero point energy machine. We were kind of friends cause I was the only one not calling him crazy or throwing pebbles and shit at his house/car. One day his garage was emptied and he was gone. Car, house - all that stuff was there. I think I remember hearing about the cops looking for him.

The more time goes on and the more batshit like this image I see the more I think he might have actually succeed in his project and I somehow ended up in the fallout sent to the shitverse.

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Space is already black, what more do these fuckers want?

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The low gravity, low population density and lack of infrastructure would make mars compatible hovercars very attractive to look into for sure and since there's no roads or downforce, thrust would make viable solution to direction and speed changes.

I'm not sure if we'd be talking about "air" cushion, or actual hover technology with vertical thrusters. The later one would make more sense earlier on before routes were cleared of boulders.

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Aero braking is free delta V

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Can't I just throw my beer cans in my oven and melt them at the end of each night? And if so for how long, and how many can I do before I have to clean up.. I work at a subway...

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you need a pretty hot oven. A microwave works better.

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And how do you plan to clean up the scorching hot metal once it's melted?

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Why does popsci overhype the potienal of AI? Is it new toy syndrome or something?

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Because it is the ultimate computer dork power fantasy

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Truth is that AGI doesn't even exist on this chart. It's basically negative values.

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Boomers eat it up after decades of sci-fi about the future.
Truth is, AI is nothing but smoke and mirrors.
True machine intelligence is probably thousands of years away and it will be our successor, our legacy that is able to traverse space and do things on planets without worrying about atmospheres

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Because it has insane potential? Yes we are far away from human level AI but it will happen one day.

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Luckily it doesn't need to be smart to do any sort of manual labor.

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Why are Chemists less popular than Physicists?

You hear about Einstein and Hawking and Feynman all the time but there is literally no modern equivalent of Louis Pasteur

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Because they let physicists enjoy the spotlight and secretly make more money in the background. At least that is what I think. Or it might be just that the wow factor of physics is more than chemistry

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Because their silence aggrevates me.

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there are more jewish physicists

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because chemists are the chads of stem

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Part of the problem is that the line between physics and chemistry has really gotten blurred--to the point that there's not a meaningful difference between the two anymore. More often than not, important chemists nowadays are also physicists and engineers, so the branding is all off.

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What do you think of it? I personally like it. I find a lot of people who don't are needlessly pedantic. It's short and to the point.

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What does /sci/ think of these bots?

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Imagine her roaming around in your tesco making loud ass hovercraft noises

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This is the work of a designer. Not an engineer, a designer. Projects of this scale have design teams and committees. They didn't put a pair of features on it which speak the same design language, or any design language at all. Even the texture and colour couldn't have possibly been chosen any worse. If it was like some seamless white blob it would have even been easier to clean and more visible.

One example, the base of it is slimmer before the cut-out than the head. Every normal thinking person would have made these two sections the same width

Then again the lights, shape, positioning and colour are all horrible and the panel gaps look insanely cheap. Hell even construction site toilets look better built than this thing and this is meant to operate among customers.

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Yes its a horrible design.
Yes they failed to make it anthracite by some 4-6%
Witch is (anthracite) a very cool color indeed.
Combined with this loud beeping sound its maybe even on purpose to be annoying.

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And I doubt any kids would approach the thing like in >>12774613 which is obviously staged.
I think I made my point. Fuck our future.

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Tokyo is full of food automats. This would be also an easy solution. I would by all my stuff at the automat if it would have the same prices as the store.

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I am mad scientist! It's so cool! Sonofabitch!

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Ok have fun with that

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My math biology modeling course this semester has me convinced at this point that most of what gets passed off as Hard Science is basically just computational pseudo alchemy

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>computational pseudo alchemy
Welcome to the conjunction of disciplines

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Sorry for the seasoning. Heres a bump as good will

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yes even in non-quantum physics

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How do forerunner technology even work especially the halo arrays.

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They don't.


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in all fields for extra meaure

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Can true /sci/ patricians compare NJ Wildberger and john gabriel?
If ya got other good sources, that'd be nice.

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I'm a 22yo man. I'm not afraid of anyone or anything, I take risks, and if I die, I die. I live in a safe neighborhood in a safe country. I have no worries right now in life or past trauma. I woke from a nightmare a few moments ago with my heart fucking racing, and I'm still lying here, heart slightly elevated and on edge my dark room.
Is their ever an age when nightmares aren't the most terrifying thing you'll ever encounter? Do apex predators and kings have nightmares?

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>be 5-6 years old
>have a dream I’m falling off a clif
>can actually feel my stomach turning as though I’m actually falling in real life
>hit the ground in my dream and wake up at the same time
>my body jumps making it feel as though I just fell onto my bed
For a while I really believed you can have dreams that can kill you because a lot of mine felt so real. The worst is having a nightmare and being aware that you’re dreaming, I remember intentionally killing myself in my dreams so I would wake up.

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Scary dream? That's nothing.

Wait until you experience sleep paralysis

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lmao just fuck up your rem sleep

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>turning as though I’m actually falling in real life
>>hit the ground in my dream an
Had a dream once I got shot in the fuckin face by a mugger and felt myself faceplant the sidewalk while seizing before losing consciousness to blackness. Then everything got painfully brighter until I woke up to my pitch black room.
>was pretty fun

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>Wait until you experience sleep paralysis
Exactly what OPs pic is demonstrating

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How thick would a layer of cement need to be to reduce radiation to about what you'd get at sea level?

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This comic is about water, but water is actually fairly similar to concrete for radiation blocking abilities.

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Yes. I forgot to say "in space" and now feel stupid.

>For the kinds of radiation coming off spent nuclear fuel, every 7 centimeters of water cuts the amount of radiation in half.
Thanks, but that's the only line I really found relevant.

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Maybe this one is better. It talks about thickness for fallout/nuclear shelters

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>To cut fallout gamma rays by half 0.5 inches of lead is equal to 0.7 inches of steel, or 2.2 inches of concrete, or 3.3 inches of earth.
This is pretty good, but I think my real issue is not knowing how much radiation there is in any given region of space. Increasing thickness by X amount reduces the radiation by half, but if I don't have any idea how much radiation there is to begin with then it doesn't mean dick.

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depends what you put in the cement.

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Does anyone else ever wonder about what there was before the big bang? It kind of seems ominous to me, because we don’t actually know what there was before it. People always talk about how we’re replaceable and meaningless in the grand scheme of the universe, but how do we know that the universe itself isn’t replaceable, that one day the big bang will go off again and our universe will be destroyed, most likely replaced with a new one? Are there any remnants of things before the big bang in our universe?

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Nah it's like asking your identity before you were born. Only faggots do that.

>> No.12774672

I believe that there was a universe prior to ours, recalling Roger Penrose's theories. "this universe is not the first nor will it be the last".

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The big Bang is meme. This Universe is just the endproduct of a black hole and every black hole in our universe produces other universes that produce suns, which create black holes which create universes and so on..

>> No.12774716

>big bang
>black holes
>dark matter
>dark energy
What did they mean by this? Is it the Big Bang Catastrophe?

>> No.12774829

All the protons and electrons (Baryons) in the universe were confined to a relatively small space. Photons were also bouncing around inside this space and these are the photons we see today as the CMB


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Why does data science make /sci/ seethe so much ?

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Because it makes mathcels realize they wasted their life lmao

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to the contrary, data science makes me warm and fuzzy inside. i know i can take my physics degree and get employed in a “data science” job training neural networks all day from a cookbook and make much more money than i do now. it is my safety net, so comfy. and what really makes it comfy is that i see a bunch of physics people who to me obviously have no skills related to computation succeeding in that path anyway. so it must be real easy. i actually know about coding and neural networks so i know my safety net will be cushy af

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Because it's effort to reward ratio is like a tenth of that of pure math.

>> No.12774563

Unfortunately these. Its a path of very minimal resistance for ripple-brains regarding financial security. Like how a lot of friends got State jobs because it pays a very livable wage for 1/20th the effort of any technical pursuit.

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Post some good non-English /sci/ channels.

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math arg papers is kino

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Anything ranging from abstract algebra to physics. I'm only interested in rules, not proofs.

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just dont read the proofs?

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