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can you solve this for me and explain ,
you only need a iq of 120 or lower , for you guys is easy

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Inside things that are vertical change the latteral sides of the cubes an vicerversa. With the second one you get which one. Tada brainlet.
It's D

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How did you rule out E?

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I always thought it like this: the first square is being squished, squeezed, by the vector of the forces that are the curvy lines following it. The result of when you squeeze a square is it will look like the final picture.
I never really understood what was happening on the second and third lines though.
Literally what? Please illustrate it.

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Ohhhh i get it.

Line by line.
Line 1. Square. Ok. Then there's those two curvy lines. Spin the whole second figure 90 degrees to the right and invert each of the lines. Combine them with the square and you get the last line.

Line 2. The square again. Ok. Now the curvy lines. Spin them by 90 degrees, to the right. Now invert them, each of the lines. Combine them with the square and you get the third figure.
Line 3. The square. Ok. The curvy lines. Spin them by 90 degrees to the right. You'll get some kind of U like this: )_(. Invert each of the lines. You'll get an U that looks more like (_). Combine them with the square. You'll get D.

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>want to read about fusion power
>all the sites are popsci clickbait garbage or science papers that require a $100+ subscription to read

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Which journals?

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slugs are to pounds as kilograms are to ????

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kilograms times gravitational acceleration


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Do you spend 60 hours per week learning, /sci/?

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Note that he didn't mean that all those 60 hours should be spent reading.

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Dunno 60 hours a week is not that much in itself, but I would never be able to handle studying/learning that much. But then this is how chemists are, either insane lab rats or chill to the point of almost not giving a fuck.

I do agree with him that thesis students don't read enough.

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I know. I'm saying that I agree with him that his students should be reading from the journals daily, but disagree that they should be in the lab 50+ hrs/wk every single week on top of that.

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probably 20 or 30, any 'free' time I have I spend drinking to kill the pain of it all.

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Just drink and read. That's what I do with medical journals.

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I was thinking of making or buying signal jammer satellite what wifi-radio frequency should I set it to?

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Can Africans ever have a genius level iq.?

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can you show some examples?

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Define genius level IQ op.

40 points and up from the average is considered genius. If the average is 100 then 140 iq is genius. If the average is 85 then 125 iq is genius.

A better question to ask is if there is a meaningful difference between 125 iq and 140 iq. Take into consideration that +120 (125 in some scales) is post-grad intelligence.

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Brainlets like you would never understand

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Not him but David Blackwell and Dr. Omalu easily have genius level iq (140 or up) even if you use a white cohort average instead of black cohort average.

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It depends. A black with the same IQ of an average
white or asian can be considered a genius.

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Name a more insidious drug

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refined sugar

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Everyone knows it's bad and the effects are less severe. Also the motive for consumption.
Benzos actually allow you to restore your humanity a bit in a way that other recreational drugs don't do. It's kinda like a deal with the devil thing. Satan gives you a pill that leds you feel gods love, but the more you take the closer you get to falling into hell. You really can't say that about other recreationals.

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Like sugar, it's just a hedonist, selfish delight. Benzos are for most people an attempt for self improvement and being a wortwhile human

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how com we see da earth so close from da moon but on da eart da moon it look so far away

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cus earth is more far away from the earth then the moon from the earth

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how it do that?

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Hey guys

How big is astrobiology in Japan?

I want to get a masters or doctorate degree abroad so i was wondering if i should learn Japanese or some other language (I'm between Japanese of French right now)

I have interest particularly in extremophiles btw

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hey /sci/
i have a video game math problem
if i know a defense value and the resulting damage reduction (exponential), and then i reduce the initial defense value by a set amount, how do i apply an exponential formula to calculate the resulting damage reduction?
you should be able to solve this

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by not giving us your highschool homework
why are you such a dumbass josh

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There is no inherent relationship between "defense values" and "damage reduction."

Its your system, figure it out yourself.

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give me a sample of defense values and their corresponding damage reduction and I can give you the parameters

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Are we living in the noosphere or are there still some technological hurdles?

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Is being a NEET the ultimate enlightenment?
Why bother working when it's for you to retire when you can do it right now?

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No reward tastes as good as a reward hard-earned.

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How about the hard earned effort of others?

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Being a NEET is only valuable if you use your "7 day weekend" to do pure mathematics. As you attempt to do this you will soon realize that you need a roof over your head and roasties to clean your balls, which cost money. Then you go to the nearest university and tell them "Please give money. I will do mathematics for you and maybe teach some of it when I feel like it" and then they give you a roof to put over your head and money to pay for roasties and then life is solved.

But if you can live with your mom like Papa Perelman then go for it. It is just that not everyone has that benefit.

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Willing to help me out with and participate in an online study? It takes one minute for most people to finish.

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sure wherr

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Wait I can't on mobile this is gay

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what is a photon?

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by not interacting with the higgs field?

the properties of a fundamental particle don't have a "how" or "why", they just are...

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It's a boson, a force carrier, specifically the carrier of the electromagnetic force. It's massless and interacts with anything that has electric charge, though it doesn't have electric charge itself.

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"Mass" is just a quantity that describes the behavior of a particle; in particular, it tells us how the particle appears when viewed in different frames, to simplify it greatly.

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uhh, most mass has nothing to do with higgs


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>A photon is a type of elementary particle
A photon is a wave, nigger.

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Are singularities real? Is it actually possible for there to be an infinitely small point in space with the mass of multiple stars?

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see >>9186298
At least black hole is not a point. If you approach event horizon, time dilation becomes approaches infinity, so under event horizon time doesn't pass relative to external observer, so falling matter doesn't reach the center.

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GR should be scratched for holding back physics.

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>time dilation becomes approaches infinity
[citation needed]

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In order to really discuss singularities, we at least need a proper theory of quantum gravity, which we don't really have yet.

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Finishing my MS Math this semester and I didn't know what to do afterwards.

My school just hired a new Chair of the Biostatistics department and he has a Math background. He invited me to come over and do Biostats as he wants to form a partnership between the departments.
We're gonna start using Topology to investigate neural networks. Fuck yeah, Topological Data Analysis is the shit. I get to be spearhead a cutting-edge research group. I'm a lucky guy.

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>actual science
>behavioural studies


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Sorry that you're too much of a brainlet to understand that the best method of understanding the actual operation of neuronal circuitry involving millions of neurons is to introduce a stimulus and measure the reaction to it. I.e. behaviour. Its the same principle behind artificial neural networks: you visualize the layers by a feed-forward step from an input. Of course this is too basic for mathematicians, so instead they will shoehorn the data into algrebraic geometry or category theory, make some unfalsifiable claims, and pat each other on the back.

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Actually mathematicians and statisticians are doing a lot of work in spike-trains and stochastic modeling of neural networks.
You're just a faggot.

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I don't think research is for you.

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You forgot to send me the cryptographic key to parse the argument out of this message.

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Is an intellectual goal ever worth the bodily harm that results being almost entirely sedentary in order to pursue it?

Medfag brainlet here. I am studying for the USMLE Step 1 exam a.k.a. "the boards," which will essentially decide my entire career. If you score high enough, you can match into any specialty at big-name research hospitals. If you fuck up, you end up as a family medicine doctor in bumfuck North Dakota. Unlike other standardized tests, this one is based almost entirely on content knowledge, not critical thinking , so your score is more or less directly dependant on your memory and how much time you put in. Unlike my naive classmates who still attend lecture and cling on to the idea that medicine requires critical thinking, I have been spending 12 hour days in the library for the past 5 months memorizing as much as I possibly can. I have 10 more months until the big exam. I know this is the only way to get to the big dick score score of my dreams, but I am worried about the toll it's taking on my body. They say sitting is the new smoking. What keeps me going is the idea that it's just temporary.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

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>Is an intellectual goal ever worth the bodily harm that results being almost entirely sedentary in order to pursue it?

Kek stop pretending this is an "intellectual goal". You are in it for the money, faggot. Get real. Call me when you are geting a PhD in pure mathematics or another actual intellectual pursuit. Kek.


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Hey man, chill out. I self-proclaimed that I am a brainlet and then proceeded to state that medicine requires no critical thinking. I am under no illusions here. I just wanted to differentiate the goal from physical goals. That's the nature of my question. It's not math, but it requires the same physical activity as much, i.e. essentially none.

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It's still pretty funny that you called it "intellectual". It gave me a good laugh. Good luck with your test.

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why do people pick on med kids so much on this board? the people who do med are the smartest people i know.

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Prove you're not a brainlet.

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>too brainlet to see a line
>resorts to insults
lol fagg

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You guys are the types of fags that over analyze shit.


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t. brainlet

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this is obviously beer

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in that case pouring it from that height, the first container will overflow with foam first

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What kind of research would you be funding right now if you were a multi-billionaire? asking for a professor

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>safe nuclear fusion
falling for the fusion meme

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Better biological weapons. Because screw humanity

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A.I. to replace doctors. Fuck all doctors.

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Everything involving graphene.

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AGI all in

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what is you're take on the begining of the universe??

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