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Dante or Spenser?

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Petrarch btfo

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What did Hegel say that can't be boiled down to "Unga Bunga middle road radical philosophical centrism"?

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Is there anything new and interesting being developed in philosophical circles in the 21st century or is it all just continental p

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Continental pseudery?

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Yes, what are you interested in?

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Literature for this feel?

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Start with the Greeks

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the bible

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context of webm?

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In the spirit of Halloween:
What are your favorite horror novels?

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For some reason The King in Yellow (the first four stories) were quite shocking.

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Heart of Darkness

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How do I know if I have the humble genius, the latent talent required to pursue learning on my own? I've never stopped being insecure about it. If I'm not very gifted, I should just leave it to more gifted, luckier people.

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What do you mean learn on your own? Most STEM fields will require you to work with many other people if you want to progress the field.

If you mean teaching yourself something like philosophy, art, or other humanities then go for it. Not much progress can be made though, I think.

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Why do you think so? That progress will not be made.

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Is pic related good? I have seen it being recommended somewhere.

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I'm right, you're wrong. I don't care about your opinion. Thanks for the (You)'s.

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Hideri wasn't even the best boy in Blend S.

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I'm reading the improvement of the mind by Isaac watts, written in the 18th century. This inspired young Faraday quite a lot which made me read it.

Other books like this? Technically I guess this is a "self help" book, but not in the modern sense where frauds are cashing in by selling cliche platitudes or just common sense.

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Years ago I found on archive.org a bunch of late 1800s "self help" books that were similar to that. I will see if I can find them again.

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What I like about this book is the author seems really sincere. He was a scholar who devoted his life to learning, I respect that.

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>And in the end he truly was Ulysses.

Wtf Joyce

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>His soul swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead. Dubliners all!

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Is he worth reading ?

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Alcools is essential reading indeed.

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So what I've come up with this time, is the cop's daughter. Now you see, she's got some fucking daddy issues. Basically she's a slutty emo and likes to break shit.

I've had this problem before. In the past I would have much more detail in my plans for my serious project, and I could do just fine. But dumb little short stories I can't do.

So, to the point now. I've come up with a Few names. The first one is Roxy. I've always found it a teasingly sweet name. I'm tempted to put some lore in the back ground and say, that her father had named Roxy after her mother. While he was is cop school, he fucked a Spanish prostitute named, Roxy. Unfortunately, the daughter finds this out after her father had drunk two quarters of rum. Roxy couldn't afford to see a doctor. I also kinda make it sluttier by spelling her name "Roxie".

Here's also "Princess". I wanted to do this to kinda fuck with how readers view the clash of innocence and guilt this girl goes through. Her father named her. He was diagnosed with obsession disorders and Delusional Scizophrenia (takes place later) at a young age. He could always keep it under control, until he watched his wife die while giving birth. He did his best to keep it together. After a while of awkward hospital shit, he finally gets to hold his baby. She had his mother's eyes. The innocent gleam in her eye. It reminded him of the gleeful look his wife would get in her eyes every time he called her, Princess. An affectionate pet name he gave his wife. He said, "Princess" to his new daughter.

I'm tempted to give her a generic ass name too. it's just a short story about spooky urban exploration. People won't get the chance to get all that invested in them.

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There is no reason for her not to have two names, I've seen this in real life. One name used by family and the other by friends, like a nickname but without any twist to it, just a completely different name, seemingly unrelated to her official one.

Roxy could be the name given to her by her friends, or a name she chose for herself based on her character. While her father calls her by a more dull name like Samantha or Sam for short (cops appear dull, especially the depressed/broken ones)
Then you could make Sam hate her name because she hates her father, which is why she prefers Roxy and uses it daily. Also she would get in trouble for using a "fake" name and only her closest friends would know her real name.

Maybe she had seen the name Roxy in many letters written by her father, And liked it, which caused it to stick around in her head.

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damn that's actually really brilliant

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Thanks anon, Im glad you liked it.
I would write more but i don't want to put you off your tracks too much.

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Ask a man who has discovered the World beyond our own, anything you would like.

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>World beyond
What do you mean by this?

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do you wanna be my boyfriend?

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What's your opinion on this book?

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shit cover, thus shit book.

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edgy self-help for americans

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It's based on edgy analysis of pop-history, wouldn't recommend

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It's good
they just want you to be powerless op.

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>National Bestseller

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what have you written this year?

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I wrote three short stories which I'm now in the process of rewriting.

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Is it time to admit that spiritual "enlightenment" is bullshit?

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So why was Ivan in the wrong again?

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hes an incel

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He had the power to stop the murder with one word, but choose to endorse it instead.

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He wasn't, even though Dostoevsky didn't realize it.

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Shit boring, nothing-saying book besides le funny parody

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Yet the greatest writer in the history of man used it to full effect. Nice try, Pedrito but nobody's buying it

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honestly, not sure since galego-portugu├ęs was much more suited to be a language of poetry and castilian of administration.

he admitted he was jealous of lope de vega's oeuvre

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>that language in which a hundred important authors have written is not good for literature
Those debates are always braindead retarded, not to mention the almost mandatory lack of any linguistical argument. The retardation runs so deep I don't even know where to look for its source. Do you realize, the both of you, how idiotic your statements sound even at face value?

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English? No. American "english"? Yes, it's not even english. In 50 years burgers will be speaking like the humans from Crossed+100

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If you don't live in the countryside, don't buy a dog.

Cities are not designed for pets, you ruin parks and take up the whole sidewalk. You make no attempt to control your mutt and stop it bothering people. The dog has to spend 90% of it's life in the house or garden anyway, it's cruel. Fucking stop buying dogs, you have no need of one.

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