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> Call me Ishmael.

What did he mean by this?

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/qtddtot/ thread, because sometimes these end up being like 300+ posts long and preventing a lot of board clutter!

Does anyone have any recommendations for really understanding the nitty-gritty of Aristotelian metaphysics, throughout the Middle Ages? I always have trouble understanding how Western thought got so "trapped" in the Aristotelian paradigm. I imagine it must be subtler than that, but how? Where do I start?

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What translation of the Kalevala should I read?

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Is he, dare I say it, our guy?

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Name one good writer who didn't suffer from a mental illness or a disease.

Go on, I'll wait.

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William Shakespeare
Miguel de Cervantes
Leo Tolstoy
Herman Melville

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90% of writers desu.

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Julien Gracq, Paul Claudel, Saint-John Perse, and many others... Take a glass of water and get back to work if u want to be a writer !

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Name 25 who did.

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Hot female writers thread.

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I get it because she's at the beach on a hot summers day. Hot female writer.

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haha xD

a dad tier joke

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Me, to be honest.

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Post your feet desu.

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Also how the fuck do I stop this it happens to every book I touch

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It might make sense if it was moisture related. I live in a fairly humid environment

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I've never had this happen with my books OP. I think it must be humidity, I live in a really dry climate.

My problem is actually with how fucking rounded the spine gets. Even when I try to be cognizant of how wide I open books by the time I'm done the spine has rounded.

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Left hand grips the spine, right hand enforces posture by seperating the pages hy three fingers placed dead center and at the bottom of the opened boo while sitting bolt upright with left elbow on desk. Then invert left and right every 2 minutes

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I think that's water related, happens whenever I get a book wet from reading in bath of when I'm fishing or whatever. See it a lot in my father in law's books too (he lives in darwin where it's hot and humid all year).

I normally hold the book at the bottom of the spine, my thumb in front holds the pages open, the rest of my fingers go behind it. Either that or left hand holds left side of left page and right does the opposite, two handed power grip.

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When I lived in Alabama all my books got like that, but In California they're always crisp and fresh. Gotta be humidity

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Only god tier opening lines are allowed in this thread, I'll start with a classic.

“Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta."

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In a vast room hung with strangely figured arras and carpeted with Bokhara rugs of impressive age
and workmanship four men were sitting around a document-strown table.

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Awoke Gregor Samsa, one morning;
found he: himself in a monstrous vermin -- transformed.

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Late in the winter of my seventeenth year, my mother decided I was depressed, presumably because I rarely left the house, spent quite a lot of time in bed, read the same book over and over, ate infrequently, and devoted quite a bit of my abundant free time to thinking about death.

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Renowned curator Jacques Saunière staggered through the vaulted archway of the museum's Grand Gallery.

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are book advances a dangerous practice? a meme, even?

>pic related, it's the bloke who got $2,000,000 for some reheated delillo scraps that flopped hard

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Hello /lit/

What do you do with books when you no longer need them?

I have lots of books in the field of Buddhism, spirituality, Taoism, many rarities etc.

I am no longer interested in this topic and want to give them away

what are the options realistically?

a) sell ?
b) exchange ?

What does /lit/ do with books? What has the most chance of success ? which websites do you use?

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I eat them.

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Sell them, esoterie is quite popular on the second hand market.

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I converted to Christianity.

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>second hand market
What website do you use?
I live in a non-English speaking country but all the books are in English so locally not much chance to sell.

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>Honorable scholar
let me put it as the sargent put it in crime and punishment
they are all useless, and they know it
You really aren't making a point for yourself, though i must admit posting on 4chan at work ain't better.

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The Netherlands presents to the world Spinoza as a Dutch philosopher when he was in fact a Portuguese Jew. Quite sad that the Dutch have Spinoza on their money when he learned Dutch as his third spoken language, being Portuguese his first and Spanish his second.

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They chased him off so their opinion is invalid. Spinoza is clearly a Dutch Pantheist Poliamorous Transmodal Attributeflexible Substance-Manifestation.

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didnt the jews excommunicate him and now theyree trying to reclaim him as their own

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The Portuguese chased HIS parents off. And how's that even an argument? Just because you weren't born in a certain geographical coordinate it means you don't ethnically belong to a nationality? So what, are Islamic ethnic Somalians Swedes just because they were born in Sweden? You're filth and a cuck.

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The Netherlands presents to the world Spinoza as a Dutch philosopher when he was in fact a Portuguese Jew. Quite sad that the Dutch have Spinoza on his money when he learned Dutch as a third language, kek, not even has a second.

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tfw rejected for publication again

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Just give up. You're no good.

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Just stop bitching about it and do something.

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What the process like, just out of curiosity.

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Self publish like uli

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What am i in for? is it difficult?

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Is this a good book?

Why is it a good book?

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ya it is good

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ok i will thanks!

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it's ok but pretty shitty if you compare it with the rest of Hesse work. I would say avoid it, read Steppenwolf or Demian instead if you're interested in Hesse. tho if you're interested in self-help and/or very optimistic books, then yes, go ahead with this crap.

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Well, it's not Hesse's best but I still think that Siddhartha is a nice book, also since IIRC it's one of his older works you can notice the increase in quality from Siddhartha to Demian

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Read it and find out. It's literally short enough to read in one day.

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is Tichy alone in the sewers? What separates mice from delusion?

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God damn. That was a good book. Seemed to me like the point was the overlaying of false reality on the real reality i.e. Tichy was really dying the the sewer while our false realities were the story Lem had to tell on the frozen wasteland

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Truth. ie you're drunk I'm drunk
but was his entire experience at the congress a delusion or was any of it believable?

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>I do things like get in a taxi and say, "The library, and step on it.”

Why is he considered good again?

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I'll start with a story that happened like 15 mins. ago.

>be me in lit class, talking about science fiction.
>fat pseud cow raises hand and says: "i like how everything involving a time machine is considered science fiction, when they're probably a reality in a few years".
My fucking sides /lit/

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Say sometime soon we are able to be immersed in a realistic simulation of the past to a degree where you can not tell the difference between the reality you interface with currently and that simulated "reality". we are able to use imprints from the past to reconstruct different forms and events. Does that count as time travel?

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But how? How could we possibly come to know what Alexander the Great was up to at any given moment? or even his foot servants? How could we discover that yes at this exact moment 7:26 PM April 6th 340 B.C. Alexander the Great was taking a shit?

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Obviously not

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Big Tolkien fan here.

How overrated does /lit/ think he is?

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i read the lord of the rings trilogy. i didn't like it. i was 14 when i did. i won't ever read it again. i did like the worm ouroboros though.

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Most people don't call him a great artist or one of the greatest writers, their affection is aimed at the creator of a complex and interesting world that they've fallen in love with. So i don't think he's overrated at all.

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He created a fascinating world with incredible depth. Every writer in the fantasy genre tries to emulate him.

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I keep hearing about this book called "Behead All Satans" but I can't find any information about it online and I'm pretty sure every scrap of information I've come across is the author shilling his own book. Is it any good, or is it a waste of $20?

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Sounds like some kind of ISIS propaganda tract. Why are you talking about this?

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because I've seen it mentioned on /pol/ a couple of times and it is intriguing

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ask them, then.

i think declaring anyone you don't agree with to be "a satan" devalues the idea of a Satan. it's not someone who argues against clitoridectomy, it's the SECOND MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE UNIVERSE, and the only one smart enough to rebel against God.

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That picture is such an obvious false flag that i just feel embarrassed for whoever made it

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I'll be honest

I kinda wanna read them

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What's the problem?

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Hunger, Games

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Your honesty is not appreciated.

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A lot of YA novels are written in present tense. It makes the story seem more "immediate" and action-y.

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Present tense is gross.

...WAS gross.

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