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I have not studied Greek philosophy and can't really be bothered to start now. But I want to know how to think properly. I don't lack the ability to introspect at all but my thinking is not focused and linear enough to solve personal problems. How do you get better at this, how did the Greeks do it? Are there any other philosophers who are beneficial for this? I'm asking /lit/ because ChatGPT can go fuck itself.

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Study mathematics

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Is it worth it?

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Just played two hours and see no reason why I should spend my time on this instead of sitting in my chair reading Sr. Thomas Browne and Robert Musil right now. (FNV is still /lit/ tho)

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>/lit/ - Video Games
just go to the imperal library or uesp and read the in-game "books" there. MK's obscure texts are fun, too. mid-00s was a great time to lurk the bethesda lore forums. these works are fun but desu you'd be better off starting with the greeks and the bible, that and gnostic bullshit is where they got most of their inspiration.

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In dire need of assistance.
I've looked over the usual containers for the book in picrel and have come up completely empty. Archive.org holds two scans of the same book (Vol. 2 of the collection, which focuses on French+misc European authors), but I am entirely unable to find Vol. 1. Any idea where I could chance across a scan without having to purchase the book myself (unfeasible in my current circumstance)?

This thread could act as a catch-all Henry James general, I suppose.

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What are some suicide kinos? Novels where the protag is driven by the society to commit suicide without any "suicide bad" moralfagging

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my diary desu

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Roadwork by Richard Bachman (Stephen King) comes to mind. Not really particularly suicidal, but the main character is fighting against an instoppable force and it's really angstridden. People seem to hate it, bit I thoughy it was good.

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any nofap literature?

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Bliss of the Celibate by Julian Lee
The Coiled Serpent by C. J. Van Vliet
Onanism or a Treatise upon the disorders caused by Masturbation by M. Tissot, M.D.
A Treatise on the Cause of Exhausted Virility or Abuses of the Sexual Function by E.P Miller, M.D.
Why You Should Never Masturbate by David Baldwin
Science discovers the physiological value of continence By Dr. R. W. Bernard, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

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also other important books on this subject I never see here recommended:
The Functions and Disorders of the Reproductive Organs in Childhood,youth, Adult Age by Sir William Acton, M.R.C.S.
A short treatise on onanism; or, the detestable vice of self-pollution. by William Farrer, M.D.
The problem of onanism by Baron Frederick Von Gagern
A Call to Jewish Youth: An appeal to Jewish youth to avoid sexual sins such as onanism and homosexuality by Rabbi E. Z. Sekulena Rebbe Shelitah
The insanity of masturbation by Colonel Bell Burr, M.D.
A Treatise on the diseases produced by Onanism, Masturbation, and Self-Pollution and other excesses by Leopold Deslandes, M.D.
Onania, or, The heinous sin of self-pollution : and all its frightful consequences (in both sexes) considered with spiritual and physical advice to those who have already injured themselves by this abominable practice by Anonymous

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Does not feeling like you have anything to write, or anything worth writing, in you're journal mean you're a pseudo?

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Post your favourite quote

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I'd rather be lucky than good.

-Lefty Gomez 1930 New York Yankees pitcher

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>Lolita, sneed of my feed, need of my seed. My onahole, my soul.
This shit is considered top tier prose?

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a thread died for this

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Is there a name for these small little waves that bob up then die down? They aren't waves, they don't crash or move they just come and go

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They are still waves, might call the swell.
If you're into waves, check out Derek Walcott, he's got loads of poems about them

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Ripple, Wake

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Chop. Breaking is not a requirement of being a wave, that is just something they do when they get too tall for their size, generally caused by their moving into shallow waters which raise them higher above the surface.

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hemingway???... more like hemingGAY

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Don't say that, please.

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Well he was a tranny

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Can anyone help me understand JR scheme of making money? Does it on any real-life level makes sense at all, or, maybe, Gaddis is just flexing satire to the max?

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Best thing to do with books like this is to read the introduction, foreword etc. to get an idea of the plot before you read it. It helps to know what's going on and you can fit the style and prose and other shit in with the beats of the story. Also accept that it's the kind of book you will need to read over several times, so don't put so much pressure on your first read through.

This old geezer has a good series of vids on JR that explain it really well https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sFz5lcymVRM&pp=ygURSnIgYmF0aHR1YiBnYWRkaXM%3D

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IRL the kid would be never have been able to get that kind of gearing without credit checks spotting him.

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I understand the plot, in the terms of who is who, motivation and so on, themes and such also... and I've read a lot secondary literature on Gaddis, but I'm particularly interested in what the hell is JR boy actually doing with all those notes, letters and little scams, does it have any foothold in the reality of economic relations or is just a clever gimmick that is good enough for piece of fiction but not much else. So, not the literary aspect but the economic one. I've seen the geezer btw! He is very good!
Yes, I thought so.

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Why the FUCK would anyone ever work for or with this guy? He even looks like he's gonna backstab you.

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Small heads are untrustworthy

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fucking lol and on point
machievel bros... its over

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It’s better to Chuck than Sneed

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>writes a book on how to professionally backstab people in order to impress the Medici and get a job
>Medici, professional backstabbers, read it
>"what a retard. why would he he write a book about backstabbing people"
>gets ignored
>centuries later people are awed by his autism

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>What are you doing stepson

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What is his best book? I want to read one simply because a girl I like likes him

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Probably the Temple of The golden pavilion

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Reminder that the Bible teaches that effeminacy is the cause of all sin.
The reason mankind fell was because Adam was a soi cuck who could not control his wife. This is symbolic of the fact that male effeminacy is the root of all evil.
If you are a Christian man and your wife does not submit to you as readily as a slave (except if you command her to do something immoral), you are not following Christ.
Unless compelled by necessity, your wife should never work outside the home or leave without your permission or accompaniment.

Book of Kings
>And Asa did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, as did David his father: he drove the effeminate out of the land.

Council of Trent
>The wife should love to remain at home, unless compelled by necessity to go out; and she should never presume to leave home without her husband's consent.

>All classes must be deemed to have their special attributes. As the poet says of women, "Silence is a woman's glory." But this is not equally the glory of man.

St. Paul
>Let women be subject to their husbands, as to the Lord: Because the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church.
>For the man was not created for the woman, but the woman for the man.
>But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to use authority over the man: but to be in silence.
>[Young women should be] be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

Pope Pius XI
>More than this, this false liberty and unnatural equality with the husband is to the detriment of the woman herself...

St. Thomas Aquinas
>Good order would have been wanting in the human family if some were not governed by others wiser than themselves. So by such a kind of subjection woman is naturally subject to man, because in man the discretion of reason predominates.
>The wife can be corrected for her sin of fornication not only by this punishment but also by words and blows.

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we read books here son

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I quoted 6 books, and referred to 1 by paraphrase.

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Redpill me on Michael Parenti. What works should I read?

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crypto fascist Tankie
Bosnian genocie denier
worthless as a historian,

The only reason he is popular is because his one book Internet tankies shill is so short and his claims are not as outlandish as say grover furr so is a good gateway into soviet apologetics

t. Former Tankie

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Is it a well accepted thing amongst litirists that ishmael is autistic? Ahab is barely in it and queequeg basically does nothing after the first 100 pages. The whole book is him rambling about how whales are the best thing ever. It reads exactly like an autistic rant, I wonder if someone has calculated how much shorter the book would be if you cut out all the chapters that are solely about whaling

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>That is not at all what I said.
Yes thats what im saying. Unrelated but what did he mean by this

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>Yes thats what im saying.
Nah, you are saying you are a normie.

If you were a whaler working on a ship you would spend the bulk of your time sailing and cutting up whales, the actual hunt was only a small part your time. Melville was trying to show this, the drudgery and he was trying to show it in a way suitable for the readers of the time, he had to provide more than just the literal experience since modernist was still a ways of and romanticism was on the way out so you had to do more then just say "trust me bro, their life was hard and tedious." This is why Moby Dick is important, it was a major step towards what was to come.
>Unrelated but what did he mean by this
The whale knows its nature and that it is exactly what it is, unlike a certain captain who gets caught up in petty things and the lies/ideals/whatever he defines himself by. You should be learning something from this, Ahab.

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The nigga literally says dying inside a whales sperm case is the second sweetest way to die and compares its mucus to a bridal gown. You seem to think im insulting him/calling moby dick a bad book by calling him autistic, im not. I simply know an autist when I see one, and Melville and thus Ishmael are autistic as shit. If any author were THIS enamoured with any subject matter I would consider them autistic as well

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I never actually considered your personal opinion on it, just the question you posed but you seemed to have assumed my opinion on it. I am not a Melville fan but there are aspects of his writing which I do appreciate.

Read more Melville and writers of the time, Balzac and everything he set into motion would be worthwhile here. Melville was probably not autistic, just a tad overly ambitious when it came to Moby Dick, he pushed the form too far given the times he was writing in, which is why it largely failed on release but did become popular and important later on. It is a weird book stylistically speaking, in someways experimental and others a throwback, it has always been out of time and never really fit in anywhere.

You are completely ignoring his context, both the context he provides and what was provided for him by society, trying to view him from your context and defining him through his work. As far as possible autists in literature Melville is an assburger at best.

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Ill concede solely because I haven’t really read his other stuff, but judging from moby dick alone I see him as an autistic, and judging the way Ishmael is written I see him ad autistic. What would you recommend by melville, I hope he hasn’t written mid like hemmingway

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The Tunnel

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based gass poster

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Why are there so many Gass threads?

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He really gassed up this place

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Middle C

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Middle C by William H. Gass

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Mid af desu

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Ayo, Ayo, my name is middle-C,
I’m a big emcee,
All the damn sluts wanna fiddle me
But I only like the ones with big bottoms like a Christmas tree

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I really enjoyed it. Why did the librarian scream in his face bros? That scene kind of scared me.

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In The Heart Of The Heart Of The Country

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