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Should I read it?

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I bought this like 2 years ago because one of you niggers recommended it

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Where can I go to live where there is no one else? I am not a people person.


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Tristan da Cunha?

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Onii-chan's 2nd floor bedroom

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any good atomic lit?

Richard Rhodes Trilogy
"Under The Cloud" - Richard Miller
"The Day the Sun Rose Twice" F. Szasz


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>Finnegans Wake

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>Finnegans Wake

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Delusional Guitar. From now own, this couple will be referred to as such.

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So are there any Literature YouTubers worth following? "Booktube" for the most part is just young people copy and pasting each other, not adding anything interesting to the conversation. It's all about hauls, best books of ___ lists, and whatever else they can think of that isn't doing substantive analysis of what they read. And hey, all that other stuff is fine, but it's not what I want to watch. I'm looking for the book equivalent of a Digibro who, say what you will, at least does more thought provoking content than 98% of booktube.

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The_Bookchemist once again.

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Saw he covered Gabriel García Márquez and instantly subbed. Thanks a bunch, Anon.

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"There is no objective reality. But there is only an illusion of consciousness, there is only an objectivication of reality, which was created by the spirit. The origin of life is creativity, freedom; and the personality, subject, and spirit are the representatives of that origin, but not the nature, not the object."
-Nikolai Berdyaev

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is the elephant okay?

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goodness, those are some wonderful tidds
I wonder if the elephant got a slight erection from the bounce of those bad bois
nothing like a good pair of hammy knockers, eh pachyderm?

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fun fact, elephants have been scientifically proven to be the most based land animal alive today

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Which is the best and cheapest ereader out there?

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Your asshole.

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The computer you’re using now.

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Who is the enemy of the übermensch?

>and why is it technological society and leftism?

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Something like this?

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I would like to have children someday. Can /lit/ recommend any good books about taking care of children from infant to 18?

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>anime watching cumbrain thinks he'll reproduce

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Is this the latest reddit buzzword

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Reproduce? No, it's been popular for centuries. Have sex

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>tfw just want to read Geronimo Stilton books, but I first have to read through the entire western canon (plus secondary sources) or else everyone will laugh at me for being a pleb and say I can't truly understand Stilton's work

Why do I have to start with the Greeks just to read kids adventure books?

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> Geronimo Stilton
Well, meme'd.

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oh shit, it was a laughing pepe not this one

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How people cling onto a linear determinist notion of cultural development when you're on 4chan is beyond me.

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he's memeing, faggot. it's a fucking kids series.

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Binding of Isaac Edition

Post your favorite books, chapters, verses, insights, etc; debate translation authority; flex on summer scum with complex mind boggling exegesis; prove miracles exist; and anything else you want so long as it is textually based, absolutely based, redpilled, breadpilled, chaste and blessed.

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One of the criminals who hung there hurled insults at him: “Aren’t you the Messiah? Save yourself and us!”
But the other criminal rebuked him. “Don’t you fear God,” he said, “since you are under the same sentence? We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong.”
Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”
Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

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Another parable he proposed unto them, saying: The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field.
32 Which is the least indeed of all seeds; but when it is grown up, it is greater than all herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come, and dwell in the branches thereof.

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Who's going to be there?

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What a joke.

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Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.

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You're an old, rancid meme. Tapirs are shit. Die please.

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Not really a novel idea but more of a manga/light novel idea and it's really just a very rough draft. You have your average MC who one day meets the 3 daughters of friends of his parents. They drop them off and tell the MC that he has to take care of them for a few hours. The 3 girls are your typical hot anime babes and the MC thinks he'll get to do your typical harem comedy hijinks but he soon finds out that the 3 are severely mentally retarded, being biologically in their late teens but being closer mentally to 5 year-olds. They proceed to drive the MC insane by drawing all over his walls in crayon and permanent marker, eating up everything in his fridge, throwing temper tantrums whenever they don't get their way, playing with their stuffed animals and crying and whining incessantly. At one point one of them will ask him to accompany her to the bathroom since she isn't yet potty trained. The MC is so mad and frustrated that he decides to rape her in the bathroom and attempts to do so until the girl pisses herself in fear and he gets grossed out. The parents then come back at this moment, find out that the MC tried to rape one of their daughters and the scene changes to a courtroom where the MC gets sentenced to prison for trying to rape a mentally disabled person. The manga/light novel is supposed to be a deconstruction of the tendency of anime and manga to feature female characters that are physically developed but exhibit childish mannerisms/intelligence so the reader finds them "cute", and what would actually happen in real life if you had a bunch of physically developed girls who behaved like actual children.

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sounds gay. anime is cringe. work on it.

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tapirs are based

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Hello, my name is Ned. In May of 2015, my doctor diagnosed me as an autistic savant. I also suffer from narcolepsy, which may or nah not be relevant.
Anyway, I spent the last week at home reading the complete works of Thomas Pynchon. Please ask me anything related to his works, except for Bleeding Edge, which cannot really be discussed.

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>I spent the last week at home reading the complete works of Thomas Pynchon. Please ask me anything related to his works, except for Bleeding Edge, which cannot really be discussed.
All you needed really. The only reason I'm responding to your post is because of the emotional pull of the image you attached.

John Barthe
George Saunders
James Joyce
William Gaddis
Michael Chabon
Ishmael Reed

Also, check out the book Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco.

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Books about aesthetics?

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It's a desolate field, usually treated as an afterthought by most successful philosophers. It's a shame, really

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Why does no one care about aesthetics?

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I guess it's just not really necessary in most people's minds. The "artist" or whatever, so long as he possesses natural talent, can produce beautiful work without any formal training in aesthetics. That's my best guess. It's sort of sacred, in a way

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people don't care about beauty anymore

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more like the GIMP

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Is this the best vampire story?

It might be.

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>best vampire story
>not Julio Cortázar's Son of the Vampire

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the lesbian subtexts gave me a boner desu

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Ok thanks, I'll look that one up too.

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What was once a fringe delusion of fringe ultra-radical feminists has become standard operating procedure of post-Western culture.

>So rape is everywhere. The chat-up is rape, domination is rape. Man is by nature rapist and woman his eternal, innocent victim.

>Some extreme feminists claim that penetration is an act of domination, a form of humiliation to be refused. Some of them even say that violence and exploitation are the acts of males alone and that this part of humanity must therefore be neutralised or eliminated by the arrival of a world of women where, thanks to the progress in biology, reproduction will be carried out without men.

>No matter what delirium might strike feminism and the progress in biology, it is true that to claim to discourage rapists without having recourse to police and judicial repression only complicates the matter. When the conditions that give rise to rape — the fact that it expresses (even in a barbarous way) a fundamental need and that it is a response to a certain general female attitude — are not understood, or there is no desire to understand it, the only consistent answer is repression: repress the problem.

>Are rapists male conquerors chasing women through the streets, modern tarzans swinging from balcony to balcony prick in hand and a flower between their teeth? The most reliable statistics state that they are not. Immigrant worker or local family man, the typical rapist does not belong to that species. It is difficult to build them up into an expression of triumphant phallocracy, the image which so exasperates the feminists.

>Rape is basically the sad revenge of a victim, a poor man’s undertaking. It is not a result of bourgeois wealth or phallocratic arrogance, but their sub-product. If only rape could be proved to be above all the act of the privileged thirsting for proletarian flesh. How much easier it would be to latch the just struggle of women to the old class struggle... But there isn’t always a notary such as Leroy to devour, and even maoist demagogy has its limits!


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Anarchism is very problematic...

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>The predatory male, and in the extreme the rapist, is a nuisance or a danger. But embarrassment or injury are above all rooted in all the misery and solitude of the victims. They are provocations, injurious responses painfully felt because they cannot fulfill, a caricature of the hope of something else. If the rapist were Tarzan, perhaps he would be forgiven. But the kerb crawler rarely has the appearance or the manners of a Prince Charming. His “prey” sees her own misery reflected in his.

>Rape as an act, but more frequently as fantasy, is the product of the form of relations between the sexes and the contradictions therein. It is the politicisation of an old, more or less obsessional female fear, a fear which covers a desire for sexuality which cannot acknowledge or assert itself.

>Rape fantasies and dreams about housebreaking express sexual fear clothed in the fear of aggression. But this isn’t only fear, just as it is not only passivity; fantasy is also an action. Desire takes form by discharging responsibility and blame on to the aggressor. In his way the latter embodies desire itself. He is desire, but coming in from the outside. Just as the active male fantasy, and even rape itself, are products of impotence, the passive fantasy in woman is also an expression of her need for action; she acts out her desire and so deals with the reality which refuses her this right.

>In the active fantasy, the desire for and refusal of the other find an outlet in domination and aggression. It is as much a question of self-defence as it is of attack, self-protection from the risk and anguish of refusal by the other with an attitude which makes neither acceptation or refusal possible. Desires, fantasies and various forms of sado-masochistic behaviour are not the product of a primary attitude which has been superficially glossed over by civilisation, and is tending to re — emerge. The image of the pre-historic woman as a prey pulled along by the hair and who, one suspects, enjoys it. No, they are the product of man’s liberation from his real needs, which then come back to haunt him in a distorted form. Abandon, the submission which a loving relationship implies, unaccepted because it is in contradiction with a whole way of life, returns in the form of an exterior domination that is violent, imposed, feared and desired at the same time.

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>The debate to determine whether abortion is murder or not, and hence to justify or condemn it in these terms, is sadly weak on both sides. It side-steps the question and returns to the theological domain of asking when the soul enters the body.

>Some societies have practised infanticide to limit their population. A human community can come to an agreement on the right to kill. The lives of incurable patients, malformed children or foeti are not above human judgement. And the problem is not that of asking for their consensus!

>What is being sold with the liberalisation of abortion is the triumph of asepsis. The butchery which is unbearable when a baby is involved seems normal there, it is carried out in the dark and an act of killing is transformed into an “operation”. The same society which is afraid of death, blood and screams, maintains a whole industry around the suffering and death of animals and remains nonchalant about mass starvation in the third world. The same society that once wanted to transform life is now content to “transform death”; it would like things to get better but is scared of the revolution because it might be violent.

>“Free abortion on demand”, why not? But of course the time when free bread was what was dreamed of has gone. But why, amongst a whole host of things, should it be abortion and not housing, milk or meat? It is true that some leftists are also calling for free weekly transport passes. Not the underground, free transport, but free passes to get to work!

>Sexuality is par excellence the domain of abandon. It is a matter of being “ravished”, “captivated”, of delivering oneself from oneself in order to be transported by one’s own passion and abandon oneself to that of the other.

>But the claim to be able to dispose of one’s body freely which appeared concerning abortion and rape is a defensive reaction. Precisely because it no more than translates and justifies a situation which puts everyone on the defensive. The foetus, and even the capacity to have children, is not the property of the mother, or even of the mother and father between them. This vision is nothing but capitalist delirium, the defence of the property of the body and its products. At a time such as this when what is needed is the blowing up of registry offices, people are suggesting that women keep their own names instead of taking those of their husbands!!!

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It is. But will anyone ever discuss the stay-behind units of our time?

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You know, I’m gonna say it.
A lot of the Terry Pratchett book covers fucking suck ass.

I honestly prefer the minimalist ones to all this stylized bullshit going on. It’s just ugly and sometimes less is more.
This is that time.

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Rate my recent creation for my most recent work

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looks tryhard

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all book covers suck ass

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t. angry 13 yo edgelord

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But it took me five minutes. The longest part was downloading the font

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Do any of you work in a public library? I wonder of it would be worth it.

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I work at a library as a page, which means I just put away books and tidy up. It's pretty repetitive, but mostly pleasant. My library is in a good part of town, so we have 0 problems with drug addicts or homeless people. Kids and retards can be annoying, and plenty of the patrons are rude boomers, but I don't have to directly deal with them for the most part.

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