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You can't

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>I wanna be a homeless philosopher when I grow up

What about Heraclitus?

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and it literally happens every book
why is this subject inserted into EVERY writer worth reading?
serious spoilers ahead
I just got done reading The Princess of Babylon by Voltaire and I thought this book was gonna be the first I read that would break this trope, when all of the sudden he decides to make the arab or wahtever the guy was (the dark one mentioned at the end) just randomly walk into the princess' room and have sex with her. No ifs or buts, and it didn't add anything to the story. Literally just one paragraph where he walks in and cucks amazan and he strikes him down for it. That's it. The princess was sullied for what reason?

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oh and before you try to answer with the obvious
at the time Amazan "cucked" the princess he didn't even know the princess was after him, whilst the princess cucked him AFTER they were together

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so my insecurity drew back into the past and influenced these writers to add in kekoldry into their works? damn, am i god?

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>Why people gotta write stuff that make me uncomfortable

What other books are you reading?
Ever have a girlfriend? Ever been in love?

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no, it's just a normal thing that happens sometimes in the world, which is why people write about it, and you only care because you spend too much time on the internet.

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jew detected

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I'm so fucking horny for logical positivist hoes. I want to fuck a no-nonsense Viennese scientifically trained linguistic philosopher thot in her tight lipped mouth that remains silent whereof it cannot speak. I want to cum all over a positivist with horn-rimmed glasses and a modest double-breasted suit. Everytime I hear a LOGICAL, mathematically oriented, ideal-language philosopher say "empirical criterion of meaning", "programatic syntax", "translation of object-language to meta-language" , "emotive analysis of the so-called propositions of ethics", or "the basic relation of a formal construction", I get an uncontrollable urge to run up to her and prove the soundness of her set theoretic reduction of physical theory. I want to translate her FAT ASS into protocal sentences reporting my immediate sense-data. I want to snort benzedrine off her first-edition of the Tractatus while pretending to be interested as she talks about ernst mach and ludwig boltzman and how heidegger fans suck and robert musil and bauhaus and 'democratic socialism' in red vienna and david hilbert and mathematical formalism and the dawn of the scientific worldview and studying logic to eliminate metaphysics. IM SO. Fucking. Horny

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This post inspired me to go masturbate

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Incredibly sexy description. The literal opposite of me. Would love to see her squirm as I read her nonsensical poetry

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You prefer skitzos. He prefers spergs. We can all reproduce endogamously within our own neurotribe.

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I'd like to fucking smash a book over her head while i fuck her long dick style!!!

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No I’d be 100% down to mix it up. That chemical explosion would be worth the trouble.

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Omg... I want more.

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What's the point of this garbage? Seriously what is attempting to be accomplished here? Where are the new useful ideas? Also why is all modern "philosophy" like this?

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Postmodern ideas are dangerous, so they are encrypted to be inaccessible to brainlets.

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Dangerous? Utterly laughable. For an idea to be dangerous it would have to be revolutionary. What revolutionary idea is presented here? "We live in a consumerist society". So deep and inaccessible. "Philosophy" such as this is a waste of paper.

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That's not how inaccessibility is maintained, brainlet.

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It’s interesting to think about. It also inspired one of the greatest movie franchises of all time.

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Pretty sure Bloom included him in the long list.

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Thats actually good to know, so thanks for informing me, but this is what i am referencing.
>Stevenson was seen for much of the 20th century as a second-class writer. He became relegated to children's literature and horror genres, condemned by literary figures such as Virginia Woolf (daughter of his early mentor Leslie Stephen) and her husband Leonard Woolf, and he was gradually excluded from the canon of literature taught in schools.His exclusion reached its nadir in the 1973 2,000-page Oxford Anthology of English Literature where he was entirely unmentioned, and The Norton Anthology of English Literature excluded him from 1968 to 2000 (1st–7th editions), including him only in the 8th edition (2006).

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because he wrote fiction? not sure your guess is as good as mine.

>Kailyard writers

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Really overrated compared to a lot of other pkd books. Felt like something he wrote in two hours to pay for a grocery bill instead of two months to pay rent like Ubik. I say this as a big fan of pkd. It’s pretty much objectively worse than Ubik, the three stigmata of palmer eldritch, the valis trilogy, time out of joint, and a ton of his short stories. And those are just out of the handful of pkd books I have read.

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Also what pkd should I read next? I’ve read everything mentioned in OP as well as Dr. Bloodmoney and Maze of Death. I own a physical copy of the Exegesis but am not sure if it’s the time to read it or not.

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I hope you didnt expect anyone to discuss literature on this literature board.

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>this is for kids

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About to finish “Resentment” by Gary Indiana and really enjoyed it. Just curious about contemporaries of his writing in a similar tone worth checking out. Not really sure where to go next?

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Gary Indiana sounds like some hick town in the USA.

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It is

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Gary Indiana is a legendarily decrepit town near Chicago. It's a good place to go if you want to die, purchase drugs, sleep with diseased women, or be sad. I drove through Gary Indiana once by accident and saw a man with dozens of watermelons in a truck.

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How do I into Scottish Literature? What are some essential Scottish books I should read?

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Scott is a good start. Read waverly or rob roy.

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it's extremely difficult for me to read fiction. ill get part of the way through and feel like im wasting my time and should have read something else. hence the second part of my (OP)

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>essential Scottish

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Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr jekyll and mr hyde.

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considering these. thanks.

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Alright, Sorry for being retarded with the other thread.
Anyway. Do I really need to read the book in linguistics before I start learning about PIE.

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How do I improve my reading comprehension?
Like I can read something and I will understand it, but I'll forget it immediately after. I feel like a retard honestly. I get distracted easy as fuck too, and I want to read but goddamn. What are some tips from yous guys

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dude, somethings not right up there. you seen a doctor about this?

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I was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, but it has never given me a problem before. Maybe it's because I haven't really sat down and read a book in a while?

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it's terminal

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Get some noise cancelling headphones and blast this while reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHW1oY26kxQ

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Do I really need to read a book about linguistics before I learn about PIE?

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Mods please delete. I messed up and it won't let me. I'm sorry.

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post larger images please

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what is this? images for ants?

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based retard

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Do people outside college ever discuss literature at a high level (analysis)?

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College graduates do.

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Well, not all of them. And they only talk about it sometimes. And they're not very good at it.

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I've heard from certain wandering peoples that, yes, this is a custom of one far off land

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all the time, we're waiting for you op

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I can't stop writing song lyrics about drugs I take to keep my creative to write good song lyrics

I don't want my audience to think I'm a junkie and that I have nothing else to talk about, but I can't write as well without drugs. What should I do?

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become a good writer, lots of writing usually fixes that

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But a bunch of amazing writers took a lot more drugs than I do to write

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they also wrote a lot

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How can I justify reading fiction, /lit/?

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you don't need to

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There are only so many hours in a day, anon. Sure, reading literature might enrich my soul, but I am a young fellow and work for a living. I could always be dedicating that time to investing in a skill or trying to find a new side hustle.

Can I really justify wallowing in things like fun when I could be toiling towards more tangible improvements of my life?

I am 24 btw

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Read as you walk on a treadmill if you have to be so autistic about it.

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I find often stories hold far deeper meaning then philosophy, even if it's water downed and not as thorough. Though I do respect the hustle in terms of not /consuming/, just read good fiction

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How many pages did you read today?

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I am a construction worker and read on my phone literally any second I'm sitting down or in the truck which can be hours a day, depending

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yo can you get a fucking move on

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thirty i think but i never count, it’s a bad habit

read one page right now

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I finished a book and started another. I think I'm about 40 pages into it. I don't know why you guys worry so much about page count though.

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>*gets hated on because plebs don't understand the main character*

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t. holden

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I could never empathize with a character who is so weak of character as to be molested

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shut up phony

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I found this post on reddit that links to Wattpad, with the first two chapters of the ebook The Most Politically Correct Fantasy You'll Ever Read. It's kind of hilarious. Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/satire/comments/aojmye/the_netherland_tale_the_most_politically_correct/

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>I found this post on reddit

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Pic related.

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