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And why?

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The one I'm currently writing. It's also counter-Evolian in a way, but not in a hostile sense. I respect Evola.

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Did he finish metaphysics?

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nearly, surely did explain it to the plebs and engage in his own work for as much truth as possible. I just know through reading all his works their was much more he discovered on his lonesome that he aspires others to seek just as he himself did

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he went back to the beginning, which boils down to the same thing

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Do atheist not embrace spiritual actions or engage in ways to improve the psyche? Sure you may not believe in gods or a god but do you engage in spiritual acts of meditation find motivation within your soul? A spiritless entity is a soulless entity and I claim, boldly, atheism is nothing but the religion of the degenerate and lost among those who do not partake in spiritual actions amongst themselves.

For you atheist I recommend to search for peace(like Schopenhauer) in the Vedanta for an intro try Guenon.

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I love historical novels and I've got my hands on The Trilogy, Quo Vadis and Crusaders.

Where should I start?

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Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.

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>Why yes, my favourite epic is indeed the Nibelungenlied. What gave it away?

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>what gave it away
the fact that you dont exist for a start

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*Destroys Capitalism*

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looks like a fat shitlib Evola

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*Diddles kids*

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what's the deal with Wolffs that makes them so salty about capital?

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Just finished Anti-Oedipus the other day, starting 1000 Plateaus right now and I'm wondering if this guy got the memo about Kant. Where does he take his whole ontology from? At no point does he back up any of the bold claims he keeps making. Am I missing something?

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fair enough

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How so? According to SEP he works in a post-Kantian framework in D&R. Now I haven't read D&R, but in C&S he seems to have reverted to some kind of Spinozan panpsychic materialism and I can't figure out how that's compatible with Kant's central problematic.

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Read his lecture series on Kant, available online. His entire system derives from transcendental empiricism, his inversion of Kant's schematic

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Deleuze's virtual is a transcendental category empty of forms but still containing difference (probably partially derived from Leibniz, probably even Trinitarian theology in how an unindividuated virtual can still be characterised by multiplicity, and if Deleuze is to have his way Bergson), a elegant 'organic' solution to not falling into the trap he sees with Kant for one. Key to this solution is that individuation is a process which occurs after something has emerged into our everyday empirical realm, probably cribbed from Simondon and a redirect from the waning fashionability of Existentialism's essence-existence etc.

Deleuze is one of the top "I've already considered that and here's my workaround" philosophers of all time. A huge part of his philosophy just comes about trying to avoid falling into so many pitfalls which others before him have. I think that more than anything is why his language is so ephemeral, he doesn't want to say too much but has to account for a lot.

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You know he wrote an entire book on Kant, right?

I hate this fucking board.

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what would the the characters in this book get up to if they were zoomers

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>woke up after last night's binge and gym skipping
>feel so fat
>drink coffee, browse internet
>become convinced that I should postpone my moving to London until October
>tell myself I'll absolutely postpone it
>eventually decide not to
>went to library I've never been to before to borrow a book (non fiction, by a guy who went through an interesting experience)
>felt pathetic being in a library during the daytime when I should have been at a job or something
>drove around and now drinking Starboocks
>plan to binge for the last time and then go to gym later

It's so sunny.

I don't know how I managed to wake up at 9 am and leave the house at about 2.45 pm without doing much in-between.

I had burger king yesterday, McDonalds a few days ago, and I'll have one of those or KFC today. I haven't gone to the gym for about two or three days.

It's the same mental pattern everyday. Large sorry or sadness in my brain causes me to have one last binge and then I'm happy.

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Now this is a a level of based previously unknown to mankind. I think this can be known as based and londfrogpilled!

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Not enough about Stacies and trust fund Chads for me to give you a based and redpilled on this one.

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What are some books that will help me integrate my anima?

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I’m a community college student who’s taking the summer off. I need an amazing reading list and thought y’all would have some ideas. Looking for essential literature and philosophy. If any political works are suggested if prefer right wing ones but would be open to reading more leftist work. Already have the obvious stuff done.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Communist Manifesto

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read Saki and turgenev's sketches from a hunter's album

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Choose ONE (1) book that nobody in the world understands or knows what they are talking about when they bring it up, that you will make everyone in the world read and understand. Pic related.

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Finnegan's Wake

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phenomenology of spirit

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Joke's on you, I just finished this the other day and it was pretty good

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This just came in the mail. Time to turn my life around.

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He parses myriad ethical quandaries.

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I hope this book convinces you to kill yourself.

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1. Clean your room
2. Wash your penis

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It's doing the opposite. It's turning my life around.

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How does one weigh the ontological commodification of being against the dialectic paradigm of discourse and expressionism?

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doesn't make sense retard

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id like to weigh the ontological being of those tiddies against the dialectic of my hands if you nawmsayin

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breastfeed me mama

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>How does one weigh the ontological commodification
By abusing jargon. Now show milkers.

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Thanks op, I planned to skip gym today but I'll go for this milk truck

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Finished this some weeks ago.

To me it was superior to the Iliad, the Odissey and The Divine Comedy.

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In other words epic poems are big hard, prose much easy for to read

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to be fair the iliad & odyssey aren't supposed to be difficult

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I’m not an English speaker. I read the translation of Federico Lourenço published by Editora Cotovia (I liked Homer better than Dante)

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*to everyone with a brain

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Audrey: You find Fanny Price unlikeable?

Tom: She sounds pretty unbearable, but I haven’t read the book.

Audrey: What?

Tom: You don’t have to have read a book to have an opinion on it. I haven’t read the Bible either.

Audrey: What Jane Austen novels have you read?

Tom: None. I don’t read novels. I prefer good literary criticism. That way you get the novelist’s idea as well as the critic’s thinking. With fiction I can never forget none of that has really happened. It’s all made up by the author.

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never gets old
this ones pretty feels:
>this must be how the-the um-um failure starts, an incompetence in mastering the common tasks of everyday life

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i like that film. the main character's a pretty boring self-insert i think but nick is a great character & it has a nice novelistic story

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What should I read by this dude and in what order. I'm currently in possession of
>Oliver Twist,
>Nicholas Nickleby
>David Copperfield
>Hard times

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Bleak house

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Just read Pickwick Papers, which is just about perfect. Dickens perfected his thing with his first novel, and never quite managed to better it.

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>No pickwick

Cmon lad

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Let's write a paragraph about any topic using these idioms, try to fit together as many as you can
The most ridiculous win

kudos to you
you good sir
ditto that
why yes
this is just meh
just shut up and listen
yes... i'm okay...
let that sink in
yes * yes * and no *
yay for *
it's called being a decent human being
super duper
Why, yes of course
I'm definitely doing this
found this gem
you magnificent bastard
That escalated quickly
Let that sink in
This is why we can't have nice things
Faith in humanity restored
Many tears were shead
That's a risky click
Nailed it
You had one job
Uhm.. no sweetie...
One mississipi, two mississipi, ..

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go away

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logged in just to downvote this, yikes sweaty

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it's actually a lulzworthy idea, but phrases op listed are usually used in comments, not the post itself.
thus, it's only correct to write a book REVIEW using them.
should make a new thread

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Listen! I recently found this gem of an an awefuckingsome band called Hello Kitty Suicide Club that y'all folks need to just shut up and listen to. Yes... I'm okay... yes *yes* and *no*. Many tears were shead on the night I realized they were utterly super duper after years of not being able to endure more than a few minutes, thinking "this is just me". Could the same thing have happened to you, good sir? Ditto that? Let that sink in. Your flawed human brain automagically nailed it to the metaphorical wall of "this is why we can't have nice things" level dipshittery. You ought to tell your brain -
brain, you had one job!" Kudos to you for going back and listening to HJSK. After, you will be able to respect yourself, and, why yes, maybe even like yourself. Yay for you. Nope, wait, is it actually shit? Literally no. Duh. Just thought I'd throw a little curveball in there to leave your mind=blown. What? You're mad at me disrespecting Hello Kitty Suicide Club? That escalated quickly, you magnificent bastard. Looks like I nailed it. Faith in humanity restored? Uhm... no sweetie... There is not one mississippi, two mississippi, or even five. The time I have left to write this is in the red, and to go on any other website now, well that's a risky click. Let that sink in. I'm definitely doing this to fuck around, but I have to go to work. Kudos to you for taking the time to listen to me whine, my good sir. It's caled being a decent human being, and I hope you have a super duper day.

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So what does /lit/ think, will we ever get a chance to read it?

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