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Now that's he's lived the Camus experience, what's your excuse?

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im not a pseud

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Is this a good book? What are some recommended self-help books for creatives.

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Bump of interest.

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I wrote a Christmas story.

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Are there any articles or other resources I should read if I want to start writing short stories?

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Hey baby.

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Wow, very deep. Women are so mysterious

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just realised that easy access to images of thots this juicy is an unprecedented moment in human history

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what do we think?

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fucking masterpiece

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Piece of crap. Reads like a college freshman wrote it. I’ve written better without even trying.

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But anon
It was his life’s work

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Rec me entry-level books on magick and the occult please. Something really general would be nice.

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I would but I don't like promoting brainletism by principle

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Plato (Meno, Phaedo, Phaedrus, Parmenides, The Sophist) -> Plotinus (Enneads)

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Letters of Christ

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Just skip the schizophrenic mental patterns that will emerge from reading occult texts and become a Christian mystic. The Gospel and St. John of the Cross are good starting points

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There's so many of them, yet very few that I'd actually qualify as "good".

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Has anyone read this? Is it any good? I’m guessing it’s going to be on the same level as “The Turner Diaries”

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Poetry is de-

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i got a cute girl on the line, and i volunteered to help her with her homework. Im supposed to do theater reports. What should i write them on?

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You're making it sound like she didn't even ask and you just suggested it yourself. I hope that isn't the case anon, it's pathetic enough even without that

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yeah you're a chump. you're never going to lose youre virginity and you'll never become an accomplished screen writer and your mom is going to be so pissed you snuck out to this underage cunt's house

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You didnt approach her about it/suggest it did you?

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its finals week. Its a nice gesture to help out someone with their homework.

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please be bait

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He wrote about the power-process and how in modern societies, people do not experience it - however - what about surfs in Europe? Is it since surfs didn’t have materialism that they weren’t categatorized in catagory 3 - left unhappy? Or is it that they followed religious rule and felt that they are in the bigger picture, therefore contributing and indirectly going through the power-process? But if this is the case, plenty of people in modern societies are contributing to the “bigger picture” meaning they also experience the power-process.

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Believe it or not, but there are people so stupid that they think Nihilism and Religion is all there is to ontology. I'm assuming this guy you're talking about is one of them.

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Serfs. Sorrryyyyy

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was he based?

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>one scoop

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>book gradually gets more and more complex until you’re neck deep, flipping between five different pages at once

Nothing more stressful than a complicated book

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True that. Power on brother, we are the pioneers. The rest of these underlings don’t know the reading we go through.

You go, man. You go.

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which book?

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A Game of Thrones

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I’ve been at work a lot so I’ve only had one day to read recently, but I only got through two of the propositions in this book.

But what I just said applies to most literature I read. A lot of philosophy is like that as well.

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>want to sit down and have a nice relaxing read
>get a tension headache from having to concentrate so much

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Which Notes from the Underground translation would you reccomend? I can't stand P&V.

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Just read them all. Underrated book. If you don't like it you're either a woman or an NPC

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On this note, I can't stand Garnett for Crime and Punishment, who should I go with?

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Post a pic, get a book recommendation

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Tell me about Marquis de Sade.

It is worth it? or just degenerate BS?

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read it and find out, faggot

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His works are repugnant, sadistic pornography having absolutely no measure of restraint.
His philosophy is essentially the same as that of Aristippus.
There is nothing actually good about his writings.

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His prose in works outisde of 120 days of sodom has actually p good romantic prose, read The Self-made Cuckold for instance.

Also he is good to introduce to you the heartbreaking idea that human beings are all ultimately evil, and you can read all his books subconsciously ignoring how invested you are in all the sex and cruelty (like the story of a girl who is being manipulated by her father and uncle into the idea of complete sexual openness and the freedom to do whatever you want if it feels good no matter what the consequences and at the end of it when her mother comes over to rescue her she tells her mother that she hates her and wants to keep fucking and they let a servant with syphilis rape the mother and then sew up her vagina with his diseased semen in it) and then reflect and be fucking disgusted at humanity and human nature and at de sade, knowing he too was a degenerate, but then finding out that he actually did have love for his family and goodness in him and that he wasnt in reality all for complete sexual freedom or his ideas that murder should be legal if you enjoy doing it etc.

120 days of sodom is unreadable for the most part, just a list of fetishes and very dry descriptions of cruelty like:

>A great connoisseur of arses and flogging summons a mother and daughter: he tells the daughter that if she does not agree to have both her hands cut off he will kill her mother; the little girl agrees and they are indeed cut off; he then separates these two creatures, stringing the girl up by the neck with her feet perched on a stool; tied around the stool is a another cord that leads into another room, where the mother is held; the mother is told to pull the cord – she does so without knowing what she is doing; she is promptly shown the fruits of her labour and as she is overcome with despair she is felled by a sabre to the back of the head.

Terrible book he wrote in prison just to have something whack off to

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This all sounds creative as fuck to be quite honest

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my Tolstoy's arrive from amazon this week. what should i read in the next few days to prepare? what am i in for?

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A guy who thought he was too smart to the point of getting excommunicated.

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just dive straight into War and Peace. You won't regret it

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anyone wanna read the Eddas ?

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It's shit don't bother

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What’s the best translation. I’ve heard there are a lot of rubbish ones out there.

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what are the long term benefits of getting into reading regularly

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The main benefit is you can have a lot of fun.

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I honestly think of novels as philosophy-light. Good novels have morals and themes that permeate every day experiences; no, they aren't as to the point or as content-laden as real philosophy, but all reading has it's purpose.

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yes kinda thing the same only that IMO art lit>philosophy. Why? well because as Nietzche put it, a philosopher in the end is an attorney of his own thruth. No philosopher presents to you the shortcomings of his system, or the consecuences of adopting his ideas to reality. They present an impolute image with no dirt or dust.
On literature you get fictional players that face consecuences, that have disadvantages, that are human. IMO a good fictional book goes intuitevely deeper.

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good point, although philosophy reaches grades of complexity and depth far from narrative literature. I agree that literature can be more entertaining and more capable to put one in touch with some aspects of life, but its objective is just different from philosophy's, which imo aims at giving an explenation as wide and as complete as possible of things

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It's a cultural practice if you can believe that. And crazy enough, if you look hard, you can find out why you'd benefit from willingly practicing. Almost as if it were like a fucking meditative practice that could say was Western and produced an almost illuminating effect on the user similar to some felt by Buddhist Monks after decades of practice.

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