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why have video game failed to make any remarkable or notable contribution to the art world?

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Post your favorite book lists.

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Op is admittedly a homosexual.

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I think people are lying when they say this

I only read like 3 or 4 books a year, but thet tend to giant encyclopedias(2000 pages or more)

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they tend to be giant*

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yeah I read like a book and listen to one audiobook a week it's not that hard

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I read 24 books this year, without being super super on the ball with it. If I actually buckled down and read every night or something, I could have done that probably by mid summer. It’s not that hard, you just have to shift your priorities (4 hours on 4chan could be spent reading; music time could be audiobook time). Audiobooks and graphic novels or comics and manga can really help speed things along too.

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The fat bastard just claimed in an interview with Colbert to have written 1100-1200 pages and to have 400-500 more to go before it's done.
That's a lot more than I expected.

WoW is gonna be a massive 1600-1700 book, and apparently most of the storylines will end there, since Dreams will be mostly an epilogue to show what happens to the surviving characters after the Long Night. Weird but ok.

In 2023-2025 we might fucking read this goddamned book.

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A 900 page long book would make it the shortest of the series afaik

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Wasn't the first one like 700 pages?

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If Jon isn't crowned king, it's shit. If Bran becomes the king, it's shit. If the story ends in some abolition of monarchy and establishing of democracy (like the show), it's shit.

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>abolition of monarchy and establishing of democracy
Come on, Martin is a fat bastard but he isn't that retarded, and he thankfully doesn't seem to pander to retarded libs. His characters aren't 21st Century people with current moralities teleported into a medieval setting, they actually reason like medieval people.

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Nigger they're all shorter than 900 pages apart from Storm of Swords and Dance with Dragons:


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>"eat your kibble, pebble"
>"pebbwe nu eat kibbwe, wan sketties!"
>"don't make me repeat myself"
>"fufffy nu eat kibbwe! Fwuffy make wowst poopies fuw dummeh daddeh!"
>he points his ass towards me and squeezes out a log on my new carpet, the other fluffies watch in horror
>that's it
>tie a shoelace in a mini noose
>pick the little shitrat up
>"put pebbwe down dummeh huumin, ow pebbwe gib mowe bad poopies!"
>wrap the noose around his fluffy little balls
>"nu, weve spesiaw wumps awone!"
>tie other end above fluffy pen
>leave him hanging by his testicles, his own body weight causing unfathomable pain
>"enjoy your new sleeping position, pebble! See you tomorrow. And if you make bad poopies while you hang there I'll cut your balls off."
>the other fluffies look at him from below, writhing in pain hanging by his special lumps

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>"fwuffy am gunna be mummah soon! Fwuffy gon have babbehs!"
>neighbor's male snuck into my house last night and fucked my mare
>decide to teach her a lesson
>wait six weeks for foal gestation
>mommy is bloated, immobile and ready to give birth
>"mummah nee make big poopies daddah!"
>put her on edge of monitor lizard tank
>"nuuuu daddah, nu wan monstah to huwt babbahs!"
>"well you shouldn't get knocked up by my neighbor's stallion then."
>she starts squeezing them out and into the tank below
>"nuuu, make big poopies stowp! Scawy monstah kiwwing babbahs! Wet mummah gib miwkies an huggies!"
>she watches helplessly as her newborn foals fall uncontrollably out of her cunt and into the hungry predator's cage
>the whole litter makes a nice meal for the lizards
>"fwuffy nu am mummah! Babbehs take foweva sweepies! Wan babbehs!"
>"sorry, I'm taking you to the vet tomorrow to be spayed, you'll never have babies again."
>"huhu, wan die"

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>come home from work after a long hard day of hunting feral fluffy ponies off the streets
>decide to check on those four fluffy foals I adopted after their mother died
>head to bedroom
>fluffies are playing in their pen
>"daddeh's howm! Pway wif babbeh's?"
>what the fuck
>one of them took a shit outside the litter box
>"nu kno whewe bad poopies came fwum daddeh."
>"well since none of you will fess up, I'll have to punish you all"
>"nu, daddeh, don't make fwuffy babbeh eat bad poopies agaiwn!"
>grab green one as he tries to run away
>hold his mouth open and shovel shit down his throat as tears well in his eyes, he starts leaking diarrhea out of his ass from the strain
>"p-p-poopie babbah made bad poopies daddeh"
>the little purple female says, pointing at her brown brother
>"you know, it's not nice to tattle on your siblings! Looks like you'll be the one eating the bad poopies!"
>"nuuu, babbah sowwy, nu wike poopies"
>shove shit down her throat until she shits and pukes at the same time
>"from now on, all three of you will shit on your sister when you need to make poopies."
>"okay daddeh, wiw give sowwy poopies to bad babbeh"
>from now on during playtime I lock the purple one in a leash in the litterbox and make all her siblings shit on her
>"hu hu hu, no wike bad poopies, nu smeww pwitty, wan die"

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Did you get lost?


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Are there any books that describe the current education system in the world, or at least, in America?

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Try google

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*snorts cocaine*
>Relax /lit/!!
>You just want to fuck your mother!

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WRONG. I secretly want to fuck myself

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no arrow on the first one therefore you actually snort cocaine and did so before writing this post

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you are not ready for him

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He's right tho

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Is there any writer who writes action better than Robert E. Howard?

For me, Howard is the man to beat. All his stories have really well-written, well-constructed action scenes that are very easy to visualize and follow. Nobody else manages to do it better, at least of the writers I've encountered so far.

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when youre writing in third person, what should you describe first in a scene?
theres so many things that need describing in this opening scene im trying to write that i dont know which way it would flow best
is starting with what the character is going through first then zooming out to where they are good?

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Start with whatever's most important to the scene.

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Describe the entire scene as much as you can on a separate page and then use literary tools to plot the flow of verse after that on a separate page which is the main story. Basically just have a separate document where you exhaust all the ideas you have about a scene in a disorganized fashion then bring it all back together into the order you wish.

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It’s been a known fact that more and more people are reading less as time go on, so my question for you is this: How do we get children and teenagers to read more books?

I’ve thought about using the latest fads they’re interested in, like TikTok, virtual YouTubers, instagram, etc.

What do you think? Here’s a few examples.


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I mean, I can see value in doing something like this, I just don't see how it will give younger people the incentive to read books.

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This might seem like a brainlet thing to say, but: what about just talking to Zoomers and Alphas about reading?

If reading is so great, shouldn't you be able to articulate WHY it's so great? If reading a book or a poem can give you a level of delight and instruction that you can't get watching a movie, or browsing social media, then shouldn't you be able to say so?

My experience with young people time and time again is that a lot of them value honest engagement. Sure, some of them are going to think you're lame, or a loser. But some people are hopeless. But I have encountered plenty of teenagers who sincerely appreciate just being talked to honestly like adults.

So why not TELL them how much you love reading, and why you love it? Just tell them "reading is cool, here's why." I'm not sure it's any more complicated than that.

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Fuck, it’s depressing that a Vtuber reads more than /lit/.

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Is there really no pictures of him? Lol

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Are you being serious right now?

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Go to bed Brian

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Dead serious.
Stirner was a spook.

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2022... I am forgotten

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sirens of titan for free online

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someone help me, por favor

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It was literally free on Amazon Prime a few years ago. That's when I read it.

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Get it on Amazon

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Few books depict and diseect the modern world's pathologies as accurately as this one does. Dark Web horrors, mental illness, alienation, mass hysteria and the way they feed off each other, all condensed in the portrait of a 16 year old hikikomori retreating into a world of extreme pornography, psychopathy, illegal boards and total nihilism, until the real world - including himself - cease to exist.
Yeager's anti-novel is a brilliant work of experimental fiction in which American minimalism, web jargon and visionary prose-poetry alternate with an almost hypnotic effect. The narration takes place on three parallel levels, or layers of consciousness, made discernible by different fonts and layouts (the boards' threads; the protagonist's actual life, or what remains of it; the beautifully obscure dreamscapes and stream-of-consciousness flashbacks).
The realism of the online dialogues is impressive. The author even manages to reproduce the typical non-English speaker's misspellings and improper syntax.
A masterpiece.

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but what's it to you?

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A source of bewilderment as a reader and inspiration as an amateur writer.

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bought this and read it when i had covid, wasn't that good, fine to read on the bus

>> No.21360978

... especially when you catch someone on the bus trying to figure out what's that thing on the cover.

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What are some books on building discipline? They can be not braindead self-help (if that's a thing).

I'm a fatass ner piece of shit that won't take control over his life and achieve what he wants.

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books wont help

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Books on tape while you go for walks and eventually runs.

>> No.21360861

That's a man.

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You should try heavy weightlifting, getting a wellbutrin recipe (a mild antidepressant that surpresses hunger) and cutting fats and sugar from your diet.

>> No.21360875

Multiple people I know said wellbutrin permanently changed their personality, lexapro too

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Will J.K. Rowling's daughter grow up to the a successful author like her mother or just another instagram whore?

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Successful people are really bad at raising their kids. Most of them turn out talentless and basic.

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Excellent post, my liege

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>I will suck your cock for a thousand euros
what to do?

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why does the daughter of a millionaire Englishwoman look like a $3 street hooker? kek

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Why not? Dumas had a writer son, Stephen King also.

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recommend me underrated italian literature

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Dino Buzzati's The Tartar Steppe is great, but I enjoyed his short stories even more, kinda similar to Kafka's stories but perhaps a little easier to decipher

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pic related

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Internazbol gang (it's Amadeo Bordiga, in case OP doesn't know him)

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How many books did you read this year?

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I set a goal of 50 but will be lucky to make 40. I am almost done The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (abridged) that I've had as a backburner book for like half the year.

>> No.21361084

I have read 0. Still hope to reach my goal of 26 by the end of the year.

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Why is his name first but her body is bigger?

>> No.21361166

Looks like a porn tape. 'Fixing my sexy daughter's depression with all meat diet'.

I started reading at least 40 books and finished 2. I hate my life.

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Bakunin was the most based revolutionary of his age

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you mean this guy?

>> No.21360761

>Bakunin was the most based revolutionary of his age
throwback to when he tried to do a coup by taking over a townhall and declared that he had abolished the state

>> No.21360763

Bakunin is so much superior to Marx it isn't even funny.

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Right is what being in a Russian prison for ten years and then being cucked into raising your wife's bastard children does to you.

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