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Favorite? Like it's a competition

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Maybe you would be better off on reddot, you fucking faggot

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What is really the difference between so called genre fiction and literary fiction?

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Please explain the joke /lit/

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The trial

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The protagonist of Kafka's book the Trail is referred to as simply K. in the book. He faces charges, and ultimately dies, without ever knowing why he was charged and investigated in the first place.

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thank you very much

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What is a really great book on project Gutenberg? I have nothingto do at work.

I read two more chapters of Nicholas Nickleby but it is really awful.

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Why are we all so mean to each other? Every time a thread gets posted, someone turns up to make someone else feel bad or outright invoke depression.

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iron sharpens iron

and you're made of sugar you utter pissant

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Because it's fun.

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Because /pol/ and /r9k/ are constantly leaking, and reddit is leaking into them. Now that it's summer it's going to be doubly shit until all the underage b& go back to school.

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Thanksyou i feel slightlirr beter hahahahah


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There is no /lit/
And we are its posters

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Hey /lit/ what do you think of my high school literature?

It has been a few years and I will probably throw them away when I move out. It's not all books, for example we also read 1984 and such, but a decent part of them. I admit that I haven't read books in a long time and even back then only looked up summaries on the internet. So I am curious about what assumably well read people have to say.

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What does /lit/ think of Hunter S Thompson? Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is the reason I read every day now, I loved it.

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Fear an Loathing is great, but F&L on the campaign trail is his absolute best, and desu, some of the best writing I've ever read. Funny, sincere, scathing, honest.

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i'm not that into f&l actually but i like his other shit, the hell's angels book, the various stories in great shark hunt, and most of all f&l on the campaign trail 72.

campaign trail is the best thing by him i've read but it might be hard to follow if you're not familiar with that election, because he wrote that as election coverage for rolling stone and assumes the reader knows what's happening. what i've done is read it after first reading nixonland, the last part of which concerns the 72 election from a more detached historical perspective, and then you get this immediate, subjective, emotional take on the same events from f&l on the campaign trail.

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He's just ok.

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Really liked Fear and Loathing and Rum Diaries, but then again I haven't yet read much else by him. Those two are my essential summer reads tbqh lads.

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first time on this board im turning 22 next month
i have never picked up a smart persons book in
my life the largest read ive done was The Amulet of Samarkand i wan to learn about political philosophy i consider myself a libertarian
but i guess i don't even know what that means i got into a conversation about german idealism
and barely bullshitted my way through it help me become book smart give me a novice starters pack please

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There is no prevailing political philosophy on this board. Your post could be seen as a "libertarians are dummys" swipe. Assuming it isnt, I apologize

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>prevailing political philosophy people on this board
There is none. Lefties, righties, uppies, downies we have them all. Lit is inherently left leaning itself and there are some hardcore larping marxists, but it's counterbalanced by a steady stream of poltards in the last months years.

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well that makes sense thanks for explaining

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That was hard

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there's no filter id rather get recommendations for a brainlet like me then end up reading something i don't understand

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I remember trying to read half or a third of one of the Dragonlance Legends books. (I think)
>As a 10 year old.
I remember liking the characters.
Are they worth reading if I like stereotypical "generic" Tolkienesque high fantasy? Which I'm not sure it is, or if they even are the books I remember.

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No, they're fucking god awful. They should be embarrassingly bad to any half-formed adult.

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Dragonlance Legends is implied to be greatly superior to the other Dragonlance books.

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Who is the greatest English prose stylist of the last century?

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If you have to ask you will never know.

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Biff Bacula

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Do you guys annotate when you're reading for entertainment? If you do, how in depth to you get? If you don't, why don't you, and do you do you still refrain when reading for work or school?

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I don't do this because my thoughts are fleeting and unoriginal. I do reflect on what I read and write about it in a word doc but that's it.

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Why did he think that ancient Greece was the pinnacle of civilization? What made it so good and worth striving for?

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He started with the Greeks.

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Nice meme m8, but real answers would be appreciated.

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He didn't think they were the pinnacle. He did think that the sort of unity of culture they had was good for them, and a problem to be solved with modernity.

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Are Seneca's tragedies worth reading, as opposed to his essays? It seems like European critics didn't think much of them until fairly recently. They were seen as melodramas not really worthy of the stage.

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Are the Christian and Jewish Bible and the Quran /essential literature/?

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>want to
Maybe I need to.

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From where can I find classical rabbinic humor?

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That's for you to know.

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no. I studied the old testiment and new testiment in school but never read them front to back in order. I did read the qu'ran cover to cover. Of all three I know the least about qu'ran. You just have to know the stories/morals, you don't actually need to read them.

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Did you read the hadith?

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Balzac? More like Ballsac
Pessoa? More like Pissoa
Whitman? More like Shitman
Shakespeare? More like Shakesqueer

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He would wreck you in a fight

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Hemmingway? More like Hemminggay.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald? More like F Sucks Shitsgerald

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Let's try and have one. I'm posting an essay I've had to write for a maritime history class, it'd be nice to read more non fiction as well. I know a lot of us are in college or academia, so come in and share.


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You mean like >>9572406 ?

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It looked a bit dead and I decided to focus on non fiction. About what you wrote in your OP, I can understand what you're going for though the form is a bit basic and repetitive - I think you'd be interested in reading this article


as it talks about the feeling and interaction you're trying to evoke, and may help your writing incorporate both experiences of the lovers in the same dialectical process.

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sup /lit/,
im looking for books dealing with other worlds. specifically where a normal individual ends up somewhere else, it can be a fantasy or sci-fi setting.
i became interested in this after reading the first dark lord book and the first two schooled in magic books, but i found the dark lord way too dark for my taste.
these are what i meant: https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Lord-Book-Falconfar-Saga/dp/1844165191

id love some recommendations. bonus points if it has an audiobook but not necessary.
also maybe something with an happy ending. the mc doesnt have to be a mary sue but good things happening should outweigh the bad things.

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1Q84 by Murakami

His Dark Materials Trilogy by Pullman

Alice in Wonderland and the Chronicles of Narnia also fit the bill of what you mean

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havent heard of the first two you mentioned. 1Q84 seems very interesting.
ive read the last two but theyre kind of not exactly what im looking for though narnia was fun.
thanks a bunch.

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bump for more discussion and recommendations.

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Any books that deal with the "daily grind"?

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The Pale King - Wallace
Philip Larkin's poetry
And Then We Came To The End - Jewish guy
The Office (Dutch novel) - Dutch guy
With The Flow - J.K. Huysmans

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Microserfs by Douglas Coupland, although you'll only find it relatable if you work in the tech industry.

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>The Office (Dutch novel) - Dutch guy
Do you mean The Evenings (Dutch: De avonden) by Gerard Reve? If so, very good book.

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Did I say The Evenings, you fucking weirdo?

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I'm Dutch and ive never heard of a book called "The office" or "Het kantoor" which would be the Dutch translation.
who wrote it?

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Should I bother reading the rest of this? It's off to an incredibly slow start and describes mundane details too often.

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It gets pretty entertaining and the way the story unfolds visually is interesting. The ending is pretty interesting as well as it manages to capture something both happy and sad.

I think the only rough part is when the house goes full monster mode. It feels really out of place with the rest of the book.

Up till then it's really intriguing and you want to figure out what is going on with the house as well as the book.

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It's also full of thriller cliches e.g. 'I wish I never followed him that day'. But I suppose I bought it so I should probably stop being lazy and finish it.
I just can't help but feel like it's a mundane thriller/mystery that's carried by the visual gimmicks.

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[spoiler/] I liked it when the house went full burly boy, I thought it was an earned payoff to Tom's story, the frustration of course occurs in the fact that Zampano is a bit of a pretentious author, and can't help but comment on it, which made me laugh, but I was angry. I do think that MZD can't write child characters to save himself though

I think it's worth reading, just for the entertainment's sake, keep in mind that Zampano is constructed as a pseud though, that's half the fun

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Hi /lit/,

I've been asked to write a brief "introduction" of myself for my writing.

I've written a basic summary of my education and work experience, and in an attempt to be somewhat light-hearted I've concluded with the following:

>"He aspires to be an overlooked and underappreciated writer whose talent is discovered several decades after his lonely and uneventful death."

Does it sound gay or try-hard?

Is it at least somewhat humorous?

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In the initial submission of my story it asked for a "short bio" and not thinking I'd win I just wrote "I am a private person". But now I've won and have to attend an awards evening where they'll introduce me before I go up, collect the prize money, and read out my story to an audience.

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That's fine, just say the same thing but make it longer and funny without it seeming too aggressive towards the organisers. For example, I was once introduced as:
>[Anon] was stabbed to death in 1967 by Roland Barthes but continues to produce work as a ghost writer.
Doesn't say anything real, is an in-joke for literary people, isn't insulting towards the people who put you there.
Well done, by the way.

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That reference is way too high-brow and bizarre for this kind of event. At least the "discovered after his death" meme is somewhat relatable I think.

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Yes, your original one is probably fine.

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OP here. My alternative plan was to write bio about my education etc, and then conclude with

>"He is a sick man. He is a spiteful man. He is an unpleasant man. He thinks his liver is diseased."

Is this even edgier and less funny?

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