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this nigga listing programming books, HAHA!
u gonna list some graphic novels next? :D:D:D:D:D:D

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You got me intrigued by this one

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Forgot pic

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Why don't you publish your list you manly reader

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looks like bait. read 3 books this year of 30?
I'm over 200. Are you implying flying horses and philosophy are incompatible?

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post a journal entry

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i feel like the point of diary entries is that you're able to relax and forget judgmental onlookers
>inb4 type out my most recent entry
>bullied to shit
reassure me, anons

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>tfw oldfag

What the fuck happened to this board? It has become indistinguishable from reddit. Gone are the days of quality posts and discussion. It’s time to leave this place for good.

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Pleb pride

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No anon the wool is being pulled over your eyes by the kikes, niggers, muslims and sjws.

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>it's a year old "oldfag" complains about his honeymoon period being over episode

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/lit/ was always the most leftist board until the Trump election and Jordan Petersonfags and there was a mass exodus away

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if anything leftypol emerged from lit

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**Hannah Arendt**
General discussion welcome
What is the ideal reading order, and exactly how much Augustine and Heidegger does one have to read to get it all right?

Also, I am doing a 40 minute presentation on the first part of The Origins of Totalitarianism. Does anyone have some important points i might have forgotten? Besides being the climax of french antisemitism, is there a deeper reason she has a whole chapter about the dreyfus affair?
I am thinking about buying a copy of the whole thing, which edition should i get?

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>Hannah (((Arendt)))
bluepilled normie tier shit

You should have made a presentation about how she got chadded by supreme Heidegger who hated Jews

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Why bother posting when you're saying nothing at all?

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I said you shouldn't bother because Arendt is a shitty philosopher

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No, you threw out some buzzwords like a child impotently throwing a fit with a keyboard.

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My mum looks like Dr Johnson

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bait. BookTuber may be the word you seek, le Froguette poster.

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What are the best books/authors if I wanna get into short stories? Are Kafka's any good?
pic unrelated

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Hemingway, Salinger, Askildsen, Kafka the list could go on.

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Melville, Maupassant, Poe.

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Kipling, Stevenson, Chesterton.

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Besides Mason and Dixon what's a doorstop of historical fiction that's good to read over the winter?

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Against the Day.

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What is the best translation of The Trial and Death of Socrates?

Something easily accessible but without lacking anything of substance. Modern english please.

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What are some books I can read about loneliness and isolation?

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>muh diary
heh heh

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I really should have put an >inb4 in the OP

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This is parenting done right

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and image-sizing done wrong

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Imagine a 6 year old stuggling to understand Plato

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and JS Mill had a nervous breakdown in his twenties because of the enormous pressure his father put on him to become a philosopher and the loneliness he experienced due to spending all of his time reading. A poet, Wordsowrth, is what saved him from suicide. Not philosophy.

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>no Pessoa
Shit list

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I am midway through and I'm liking it a lot, but many times the dialogues between characters and their motives seem off, sometimes over the top and very dramatical. I can understand Nastasia being a hysterical cunt for many reasons, but why is everybody else so sensitive and unreasonable.

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Is this your first Dostoevsky novel?

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Read C&P five years ago and I also recall the dialogue being a bit off. Maybe it's just his style, but I dont know if it was just my impression or is there something I didnt quite understand about the plot.

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>but many times the dialogues between characters and their motives seem off, sometimes over the top and very dramatical
That's because Dostoyevsky can't write characters like actual human beings, they're just puppets to drive forward an idea for him. Leave Russian Realism to Tolstoy.

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>Main character gets called an idiot by pretty much everyone in the book
>He's actually the nicest fella of them all

Wish I was like Mishkin

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This. I'm pretty sure the novel is a critique of the Atheist Russian Bourgeoisie.

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>Anon thinks The Great Gatsby is good book.
>He doesn't think there's anything wrong with all the coincidence's
>This is why your gay Anon.

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redpilled for truth XD!

praise Kek!

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This but unironically, and with a you're instead of your.

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>Dude manages to rent hovel sandwiched between NY mansions.
>Other Dude throws City crushing parties because he has a hardon for the MILF across the street. He's not too shy to have randumbs trash his house, but he's too shy to walk across the street and flirt with the neighbor lady. Whom he had sex with once when he was poor.
>Neighbor Lady goes to all kinds of dives except the Tweeker Party Palace across the street.
Because: reasons.
>Cheating rich husbando's fat GF gets run over by the one person who. . . .
Because: Karma?

Classic Lierary Fiction Top 100

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Is he a good novelist? He has several of them.

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Being libertardian after the age of 16 disqualifies you as a thinker and author.

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He opens his book on arguments by demonstrating that he does not understand syllogisms.

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Rare footage of molymeme as a child

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But... novels aren't arguments.

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>reading fiction books

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Good evening, Anon.
Do you ever worry, Anon, that the world is going to end?
Do you have any idea how insignificant you are? When they start devouring the world, you will be but a clump of flesh on their metallic exoskeleton.
There is a Emergent Planetary Commercium in the event horizon. The lives of humans and the force of the old world, all will be consumed. They are coming. These are the final nights.

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It'll end when I end

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thats way more optimistic than my view of ~the end~

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In the end, it doesn't even matters oh oh oh oh

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Guys, we were supposed to turn in a short response to Richard Adam's Watership Down. The gist of the prompt was to respond to how the ideas presented in Watership Down are reflected in the real world. I chose to write about Cowslip's Warren and how it is reflective of modern feminist and transgender acceptance movements (i.e. transgenerism isn't natural like the rabbits in Cowslip's Warren and how feminists will attack anyone who shatter their worldview with factual evidence, etc.). The teacher handed back the assignments. I did not receive mine, but the teacher told me to stay after class. She said she would not grade my assignment, threatened me with expulsion and said they were getting Title IX involved. What, what do I even do?

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You should kill yourself. You are brain-dead

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You memed outside of 4chan.

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What community college do you go to that actually assigns Watership Down? Don't get me wrong, it's good, but it's a children's book. Are you reading The Hobbit next?

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This, you shouldn't mix up 4chan shitposting with the real world.

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I would prepare a statement that explains how despite the non rabbit way the Cowslip warren lived,the rabbits were able to evolve beyond their parameters and innovate their entire culture with expansions of art and literature, and their homes were made a utopia through this new perception, LIKE WITH TRANSGENDERISM. And act shocked and surprised that this teacher misinterpreted yourglowing endorsement. Mention your own explorations in gender identity and now you feel exploited and discriminated against.

In other words,baffle them with BULLSHIT. You are battling the Though Police,so feel free to turn the tables on them with every lie you can toss at 'am. You'll NEED to.

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just give it to me straight, which translation (english) should i get?

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The one which you ignore to read the original in French.

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>reading Jews

Fresh off the boat from plebbit, I take it?

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The one you posted.

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the modern library one you posted is the agreed as the best

speaking as someone who managed to read the whole thing, it is not worth the time investment, ends up unsatisfying and the latter volumes feel rough because Proust died before finishing them

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if you speak English or another romance language take 2-3 months to learn french and read the originals.

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Using Bukowski as an example, why do people seem to demand immediate pleasure from books? He didn't have the patience for Faulkner, so he condemned it. Why are we collectively so short in attention?

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who is the coolest looking writer?

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Nice false flag. Cigarettes actually increase your testosterone faggot, why do you think all the men in the 1900s smokes so much? Are you calling them low-test compared to today's men? Stop trying to feminize the modern man you slimy fuck.

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Bilinda Butcher?

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