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What is the most historically accurate version of the bible?

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alright so I just finished my first Mcelroy and the entire book was a giant gimmick. it left me feeling like I had just read an extremely literary piece of genre fiction (which I guess isn't so bad). there were parts with some really good writing and some added pseudo science bullshit (which I looked up and I'm apparently to stupid to understand). but the gimmick just wasn't all that believable. I feel like the book could have been better without that gimmick. but like I said the gimmick makes it feel like genre fiction. so my question is, do the rest of his books rely heavily on gimmicks? after reading what I just did I feel like they probably do.

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I'm having a hard time synthesizing my ideas and writing. How do I improve? How do I write faster, I'm so slow?

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>the world is the totality of facts, not of things.
what did he mean by this?
more specifically, why is the world not made up of things? in what way is it's representation as the set of facts more accurate?
What should i read to understand the t.t. better? presumably Russell or G.E. Moore, but what work specifically has helped you understand it?
pls don't answer if you're going to talk out of your ass

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Where do i start with the best murakami? Is pic related any good?

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It's not bad. His best stuff is Coin Locker Babies and Almost Transparent Blue. Popular Hits, In the Miso Soup, From the Fatherland with Love....these and his other novels are sort of these shot to the arm, short and punchy social commentaries. In the Miso Soup is very good, and is about a bit more than it seems at first blush.

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I have nothing against gay rights. But whenever I hear this word I cringe. It's such a hackneyed attempt to borrow the authority of Greek without playing by Greek's rules. Surely there are better words: say miserotia if you desperately need the Greek roots, or just go elsewhere.
If you're not describing an irrational fear of uniformity, you shouldn't be using this word.

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you are a troubled young man
Join YMCA and come and dream with me

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Miserotia wouldn't be equivalent to homophobia, they mean two different things

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Are you trying to tell ME that an arbitrary sign can't change its meaning trought time and that everybody is using it wrong but you?

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I know, I was just casting for the closest thing to hand that somewhat fit. What would you suggest?
>change its meaning trought time
Normally I would be fine with a word changing its meaning, that's how language works. But we don't use ancient Greek prefixes and suffixes for their malleability.

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I found an article discussing a topic that I am writing about. I copied 2 lines, but changed a couple of the wordis and then cited the author and page where I got it. How acceptable is it to do this frequently in the essay? Is it frowned upon? I have a paragraph where I basically paraphrase from 3 sources, discuss the significance a bit or just use wording like "this point the author makes segues well into this writer's concept of ____ in which he said (jnsert paraphrase or direct quote).

Basically I'm retarded and afraid of fucking up

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Is philosophy just sophistry?

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No, because sophistry actually has practical applications. Philosophy is entirely useless.

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please end yourself

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If you would read nietzsche, you would agree on some level. Most people aren't human enough to act accordingly to their ideal philosophy.

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> Lolita is a french novel because its first print was published in Paris
> I don't care it was written in English by one of Russia's greatest
> it's French literature

Are frogs this desperate to have something of value for the world?

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>Make something up
>greentext it
>post a thread

Are you that desperate for (You)s? They're of no value for the world.

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I wish I was making it up. This Frenchie keeps arguing with me it's "A French novel".

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Is it weird to read a book in a bar?

I have a routine where every Friday I eat a late lunch with friends, go to the library from 3:30 to 6, and then go home. But I was thinking that I might try going to a nearby bar instead of just going home, to drink and read a little more. And who knows, maybe even talk to someone.

Do you ever read in public places? How does it go for you?

ps: im gay so it would be a gay bar, but i dont think thats really relevant

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Anyone who reads in public when they have no real legitimate reason to be doing so is a fucking douche. And there's never really a good enough reason. They just want to be seen reading. And that's douchey.

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Depends on the bar. Some are pubby places where there's hardly place or time to read and some are more relaxed.
If you're really adamant about this, try finding a quiet bar that's not busy and obviously don't sit at the fucking counter.
Also if you're gonna be going to a bar everyday you're gonna become an alcoholic.
Just go to the fucking library.

>ps: im gay so it would be a gay bar, but i dont think thats really relevant

Well media paints gay bars as spots for gay men to get drunk, hook up and then go fuck each other in the toilet. If there's any truth to that, sounds like a fantastic reading environment.

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>getting semen on your 1st edition of infinite jest

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I feel like it makes more sense to write at a bar than it does to read.

Saw a girl reading Hanya Yanagara at a bar once. Just looked unflatteringly pretentious.

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My house doesn't have a bar, and supermarket alcohol is gross af. So if I want to drink while reading, its convenient.

Plus my library is right next to London's gay bar district, so its not at all out of my way.

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Is $60-$70 and 1800 pages really needed just to START philosophy? I'm not a very heavy reader but am interested in the subject. Every time I've asked or seen someone ask about it they always get pointed to this or to Aristotle's work (which there seems to be a lot more of)

Surely there must be a select few works that is required while the rest is "if you want more" tier

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Dunno if you're trolling or if you just haven't read any philosophy outside of Russell. He's the dumbest guy ever. Unable to read or understand anything. Unable to admit he's full of contradictions. Publishing dozens of worthless "essays" just because he's famous.

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Russell's history is deeply flawed and literally nobody who knows his shit recommends it. Some of it is due to Russell's misunderstanding of German idealism but the worst is his mistreatment of Medieval philosophy (although that's mostly because translations of Medieval philosophy back then were mostly shit and very few people understood the special Latin vernacular that the Scholastics used).

Kenny's History of Western Philosophy is a much better way to start, but, as always, reading secondary sources is not enough, and reading at least the main dialogues of Plato is essential to having a good understanding of philosophy.

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The essentials are Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo, Repulic, and Laws imo.

There are other good ones in there though. Lots - like Parmenides, Meno, Ion, etc.,...

This guy >>9151261 and this guy >>9151262
are idiots. Don't listen to them. Unless you aren't sincerely interested in philosophy.

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>is really required to read the most important and the most influencer philospher of History whose work has been discussed through all History of though page by page? I mean, I haven't read a single philosophy book in my life but, cmon guys, I'm sure 2 or 3 dialogues are enough to get in, r8?

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>There's nothing required about the greeks
if you don't want into philosophy, sure

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Is there a bigger sign of being a brainlet than considering a book or movie 'ruined' after overhearing key plot details?

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nice thread

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Making threads like this.

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caring about plot for once

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Yeah, plot centric works are typically catered towards plebs since plot is the easiest to grasp aspect of storytelling. So people who care about it are usually people who exclusively consume works targeted towards plebs.

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I'm so fucking sick of the mountains of people telling me I need to stop using my taste and read / go through tonnes of boring shit.

Dostoevsky and Dickens and a lmost all books written before 1900 are boring as fuck. There are zero worthwhile "insights" in these books, as if that's why I even read books lol.

All philosophies are just one out of infinitely many possible points of view, but some are better marketed than others. I have a constant crushing feeling because pseuds tell me I have to read Plato even when I know it will be BORING AS FUCK, trivial, vague, fallacious shit. I KNOW this before I've even fucking read the republic. The dialogues I have read have been sophistry.

I am SO fucking bored of SICP. All it does is repackage simple stuff and presents it in an overly complicated way. Lisp is nice but if it is never used irl then why do the mental masturbators never shut up about it?

Boredom is a a completely intellectual emotion.

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look mom!

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You may laugh at him and call it bait but hes 100% right

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About what exactly?

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> 3rd year undergrad of uni
> still friendless so make an effort the start of this semester to get involved with some clubs
> Go to Book club meeting, involves a bookshop crawl where we visit local shops
> Psych myself up before I go, literally stay in the bathroom for an hour splashing water in my face and telling myself you have to be brave and be amongst people
> I get there and I'm silent, I'm alone and awkward
> Fuck, it's happened again
> Chinese girl comes up to know more about me, seems genuinely interested
> I fuck it up by mishearing her 4 times and mumbling a response
> shit shit, I've fucked it again
> She gives me "that look" and slinks away embarrassed by me
> Have to tough this out, stay with the group
> Another guy, comes up and makes conversation
> Goes a little better discuss Hunter S. Thompson a bit but says I look very unapproachable and scowling before he made the effort
>I assure him that's just my resting face and I'm sorry if he got that impression
> Try to change my expression the rest of the time by holding up my eyebrows and appearing more open

Have I ruined my chances /lit/? I feel like an ass involving myself with this, I just want a couple friends.

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You tried Anon, good job.

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>Psych myself up before I go, literally stay in the bathroom for an hour splashing water in my face and telling myself you have to be brave and be amongst people

I bet somewhere underneath all of this is idea that "everyone else is well adjusted/good at socializing/totally comfortable with themselves, I'm the only insecure one afraid of being alone"

False idea dude. I was in the ski/snowboard club at my school, half the club was a preexisting clique of friends, the other half was just other scared kids looking for a group to fit-in to. They'd light up like a christmas tree if you would just go and talk to them at a group social event if they were alone for more than a couple minutes. Most young people are like this at least to some extent. A lot of socializing at gatherings at parties where people don't know each other boils down to "Am I OK? You're OK. Are we OK?"

Also you probably have a lot of this:

where you think other people are always scrutinizing you, judging you, feeling contempt for you, smelling out your weirdness - the truth is you aren't important to people who don't know you and they don't give a fuck about you one way or the other until you give them a reason to. Which tends to be a self-fulfilling prophecy - if all you're thinking about is how awkward you feel, then that's the vibe you're gonna put out.

But think about anxious cogitation in process/content terms. The *content* of your anxieties says "I'm this I'm that I'm so awkward and this will go badly blah blah blah" - but the main reason you end up being so awkward is because this nervous tension is consuming all of your energies and attention - the process. Ignore the content, find ways to interdict the process.

also this guy is right
if people can suss out that your intentions are harmless, that your social gears are just rusty - they'll probably accept you. this is a university book club not a movie star's entourage

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How do I convince her to get in the shed?

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>thinking university is anything but pseudo-intellectual alcoholic daycare gay commie wank

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Just be yourself :)

No, that was a joke. Just sperg about common interests and keep going. The fact that the guy told you that you seemed unapproachable is the proof that you actually aren't and he noticed just by talking to you once. Try approaching Chinese girl next time and just tell her the truth, that you were nervous because socializing is hard at first.

Now that you got some attention you can go away to other threads, this one is actually not about (You).

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The English language is now a tool of the people! The elites don't control it!

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Disgusting. Understandable, but disgusting.

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Slacktivism sounded better.

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Walked past a hipster niche shop in a gentrified european neighbourhood today with a big picture denigrating trump today, the pure irony of it all

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Letting the days go by

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I've never seen those words before.

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How did he predict the next 100 years in revolutionary politics, from Leninist vanguardism to Gramsciam cultural hegemony?

Was he a wizard?

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Reminder that Carlyle predicted the entire 20th century.

>> No.9151360

Is Demons his best? I think it might be.

quick rundown on him?

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So? I can predict the next entire 1000 years. "There will be 1000 more years" there you go.

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Hegel's Lectures on the History of Philodophy is a great starting point. True, Schopenhauer loathed him for his obscurity (read success), but, like the lectures on art and religion, the volume is compiled from notes students took while attending his classes-- amazingly, Hegel was a remarkably clear expositor. The difference between these lectures and, say, the mammoth Science of Logic is comparable to the difference between the Joyce of Dubliners to the Joyce of Wake. An added bonus is that a full two-thirds of the book concerns yes, the Greeks. FWIW.

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For German philosophers is kinda true, but not for many others

>> No.9151334

>ehhh-- x Philosophy, rather.

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descartes is better for the beginning

>> No.9151400

Is not.
Nietzsche actually rejected him and his nihilism and was not glad that he read him because he forever changed his view of the world for worse or something like that.

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For those of you that live outside of the big markets - USA, UK, Germany, etc... how do you buy books?
I want to buy cheaper physical copies, but my shipping fees from Amazon or other book stores are too high to justify it. And locally the selection is really bad, mostly USSR era books that I have either read, or don't want to read. And of course 99% of it is in my native language, with bad translations.

tl;dr third worlders of /lit/, where do you buy books from?

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I live in a small city (30k pop) in a corrupt post-communist shithole in southeast Europe and my local library has literally thousands of books, from all the timeless classics to popular mainstream genre fiction literature. I discovered ASOIAF by digging through the bookshelves there, and that was in like 2003.

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Mexifag here. I live in Guadalajara so it's the second biggest city of the country.
There's a lot of regular & used bookstores around the city, even more so downtown.

Some time ago I came across one where the owner is a chill old man from Oakland; he sells mostly books in English fairly cheap and has a great selection. Never paid more than ~10-15usd for a rare copy or even 1st editions

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>my local library has literally thousands of books, from all the timeless classics
>picks out ASOIAF
Disgusting faggot.

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I was like thirteen years old, dude.

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Free worldwide shipping

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If you were offered the complete plays of any playwright, who would you choose ?

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Bill Shake the Spear

>> No.9151090

Carlo Goldoni

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Dick jokes and Athenian politics, what's not to love?

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I am halfway through the sound and the Fury, and I do not like it so far.

Is there a deeper meaning I'm missing, or is this just some experimentation from Faulkner with no real aim à la Finnegan's wake?

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Finish the book, and if you don't understand it seek out supplementary texts and reread parts if necessary. Do some research on the writing mechanics he employs for different parts of the novel.
Only then can you make judgment or even attempt to start a discourse on the book.

To answer your shitty question: anyone with an appreciation for literature will tell you it is not a "meme" you worthless pleb.

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Quentin + Jason are both /pol/ archetypes.

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give up you fucking retard

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Benjy is Barron

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>Is Faulkner a meme?


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