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>filters first you and then the protagonist

what was that all about /lit/?

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Can it reasonably be argued that light novels are a form of literature? I'd dare to say they are better than 99.9% of all modern Western nihilistic garbage. At least they teach us to be more human and loving.

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No. Fuck off to /a/ with your autistic chinese picture books.

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One woman has BTFO’d /lit/.


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Love this video - one of my favorite essays of yours so far! As someone who has long preferred nonfiction in leisure reading, I’ve been reflecting on this idea a lot over the last year. A major takeaway for me, personally, has been trying to find books with actionable items/steps (for example, All We Can Save for climate change or Laziness Does Not Exist for deconstructing capitalist notions of productivity = value) to follow up on. And for those that don’t, evaluating my own ability to put action steps into place. Okay, I read about the experiences of unhoused folks in my city. Now what can I do with time, money, or work based on that knowledge? It has meant reframing how I approach and interact with a medium to have it be one step of a process rather than the end goal itself. And it doesn’t come naturally for me. Historically I have felt accomplished merely because I learned about a topic - when really I should have felt like i was just getting started. I have to actively set aside time to reflect on a book to make sure I’m hitting these steps and don’t get distracted to eventually fall into inaction.

One thing I will say I have noticed (again, speaking only for myself) is that I feel more sustained in my energy to act if I read a book on a topic instead of seek out social justice spaces on IG (spaces i actively sought out before). Largely, this seems to be a case of overconsumption/information fatigue. While a page can be a great resource, scrolling through my feed to interact with bite-sized infographics on a variety of truly urgent social issues combined with the other pitfalls of ig scrolling left me exhausted and hopeless. It wasn’t conductive, for me, to feel motivated to take action. Instead, I would cycle through thinking of all of the topics I had just read about and feel even more isolated or aware of my limited impact as an individual. Whereas, with books, sitting with a topic for days and reading (often) about the collective action around movements can leave me feeling energized and almost as if, over the time I had been reading the book, I was already becoming part of that community (or aware enough to join). Rather than being a side effect of online activism itself, I think it is just the structure of the app and how the algorithm dishes out content.

Personal experiences aside, the fact that we have so many spaces to suit the needs, learning styles, and interests of those wanting to learn more is incredible. It certainly shouldn’t matter how folks prefer to become informed - only that we know what to do next and feel empowered to do it.

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reported for self promotion, you disgusting vapid worthless cunt.

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There’s nothing about self-promotion?

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ugly piece of shit, dumb cunt hideous accent

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Considering that the comment you chose to post here unironically uses the word "actionable" i'm gonna have to ask you to suck a cock.
Give it 120%.

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>That sovereign of insufferables, Oscar Wilde has ensued with his opulence of twaddle and his penury of sense. He has mounted his hind legs and blown crass vapidities through the bowel of his neck, to the capital edification of circumjacent fools and foolesses, fooling with their foolers. He has tossed off the top of his head and uttered himself in copious overflows of ghastly bosh. The ineffable dunce has nothing to say and says it—says it with a liberal embellishment of bad delivery, embroidering it with reasonless vulgarities of attitude, gesture and attire. There never was an impostor so hateful, a blockhead so stupid, a crank so variously and offensively daft. Therefore is the she fool enamored of the feel of his tongue in her ear to tickle her understanding.

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How do I get into Alchemy?? not the philosophizing part like Jung but the more physical aspect/herbalist part of it
I've found some authors online but don't know if they're any good

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Ask the village shaman

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The Hermetic Tradition - Evola

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Joyce. Disregard anyone who says otherwise.
Then maybe someone like Burton.

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Joyce himself said Newman is.

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Really not a fan of how calibre handles pages. What do you use for ebooks on PC /lit/? Ic unrelated I had to upload something.

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I am searching for the essential literary works of France

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Overrated pornography is my favorite genre

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That’s about it really

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Proust sums up that faggot country

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Jean Raspail : The Camp Of The Saint
Maurice Barrès : Les déracinés
Jean de La Fontaine
Marcel Pagnol
Joseph de Maistre

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Post an upvote in the comments bros

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The suffragettes were a mistake.

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>working class men get the right to vote

what a victory for women

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None can love freedom heartily but good men; the rest love not freedom, but license. Milton

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Now everyone is a wageslave and our birthrates are so low we need to import brown people thanks to this based jewess.

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Do they have any relevant contribution philosophy and literature in general? Pre-schism doesn't count.

Thanks! tl;dr rec some orthodox stuff!

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Holy trips.
Christ is king.

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Write a poem about our beautiful boy Max

He likes rhymes and funny

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Marx was a great fat pig,
We are all the property of Einzig.
Fuck all authority and fuck cops;
My man runs a milkshop.
Only know this guy from memes,
but from what I know it seems
His philosophic merit is nil
And he deserves this doggerrel.

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I am not a good poet.

The ego and his own.
A book that makes me moan.
I cannot see how it can be,
That my ego will not own me.

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Stirner Confidently Walks the Road

He confidently walks the road
By using historical method

Stirner makes the best philosophy
He says that ideology is spooky

Ego is the only thing that matter
Because it makes us so much better

Destroy all authorities; the state
And the police in your head

Fuck Marx’s ideology
His idea manifests cuckoldry !

- Takeshi Kawabata.

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do you still borrow books from library in 2021?

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I'd crack its binding.

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But in an optimistic or stoic sense, rather than a melancholic sense. Something about the beauty and value of impermenance and the cycle of creation and destruction.

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Based game

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Overwhelmingly so.

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What's this one about?

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what do you think about Rabindranath Tagore

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>Marxism has been the culture of the transition from the Protestant-bourgeois society—of which we find the insuperable proof in the work of Benedetto Croce—to the bourgeois society in its pure state. We could even say that Marxism represented the “transition to the worst” in the sense that, through Marxism, bourgeois society has shed every residual moral and religious sense, unburdening itself of all “impurities” that still tied it to traditional society, thus presenting itself as full materialism and full secularism. The West has realized everything of Marxism, except its messianic hope. “Socialism” Veneziani writes “has not inherited capitalist society, but has become included, entangled in capitalism itself; in many respects, it has been the intermediate stop on the journey from capitalism to neo-capitalism.” Veneziani notices that Western society realizes the essence of Marxism: “radical atheism and materialism, internationalism and universal non-belonging, the primacy of praxis and the death of philosophy, the domination of production and the universal manipulation of nature, technological Faustianism and equality that realizes itself as homogenization.” The new globalist liberalism, Veneziani observes, absorbs the lesson of Marxism, purifying it of all prophetic, gnostic and anti-modern slag, and of solidaristic suggestions.

>Therefore we can say that the West is Marxism’s full secularization, as well as its perfect realization. It is Capitalism that absorbs Communism, using it to erase religious sacredness and national sacredness, a goal it could not have reached in any other way.

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I feel like my life isn't going anywhere. I need some books for this feel lads

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Michael Kohlhaas will make you a man, and it will teach you about expressing dissatisfaction in a politically oppressive environment.

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Tartar Steppe

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an exercise routine

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Who is she?

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Jade Anh, a twitch thot. Cute but truly retarded, even for modern thot standards.

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Indigent means like needy.
The first sentence seems to be saying "if you say a red car is simply red" or the trait or part of the subject is the subject itself then red would need tires, windshield etc all the components of a car to make a car. Idk what the main point is.

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In math we use sets so the set cat comprises tail, whiskers etc. It becomes an inductive relationship trying to know what a cat is by its parts (say just given tail assume the animal or even tail and whiskers assume it). So usually you want to start at the main subject and not a trait of it.

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The difference between conceptualizing your body as an element of being versus as the subject of your mind or soul.
If it's a subject, then it's like thinking of yourself as having a lower and a higher self. If it's an element, then by definition it's no better or worse than the other elements because all of them need each other.

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When is it okay to listen to audiobooks?

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when you've cleaned your plate and finished your homework

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Whenever you feel like?

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Just read Choke by Palahniuk and color me baffled. How is this the same dude that wrote Survivor? Invisible Monsters? Fight Club? Fucking *Rant*? I'm pretty disappointed.

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I haven't read it, is it not pomo or ironic?

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is this the one about beating off in a swimming pool?

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I remember being underwhelmed, not much else.

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Nope, that's Guts.

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Novel or short storie with the same mystique-sci fi vibe?

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sage and tell OP to kill himself

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[OP] So you don't know.

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roadside picnic/stalker/s.t.a.l.k.e.r. are completely and totally unique and there's nothing else that even comes close to capturing the same vibe

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I'm trans by the way, please don't be mean.

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