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if 4chan has taught me anything, its that alot of dumb-average intelligence people when combined to a single purpose with motivation can produce the results of a superintelligence.

democracy in it's theory is supposed to do that but the current forms of democracy in use purposely disenfranchise the majority of the hivemind from participation.

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>By being a total passive pushover your entire life, you let your wife and daughter descend into insanity and alcoholism. The one time you stand up for yourself it's for a petty university dispute.

He was just a bad man, anon.

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>Alcibiades' speech in the Symposium

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You think there is any solution to this? We are all ignorant. You can spend your entire life dedicated to a tiny subset of a field of hard science and still only end up as an expert by the end of your life in that particular sub field, not the entire discipline.

You think even the academic EXPERTS have an accurate grasp of complex systems like social interaction, politics, psychology, economics, etc? These "sciences" are still in their infancy and most people studying this stuff rely on the many compounding presuppositions and cultural norms to form their concept of truth. How many of these social studies written, curated and published by EXPERTS can even be replicated?

How the hell do you expect the average person to have a grape of what's true for economics, philosophy, politics, psychology, etc. All simultaneously? How the fuck do you think people can do this when society becomes exponentionally more complex due to increasing rates of change and population?

Nobody has any fucking idea what's true outside of objective sciences. Humanity has an ignorance problem but that does not necessitate a solution. The problem is eternal.

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lovely eyes, I hope she'll grow up to be a respectable woman
also I can't answer your question because I know nothing

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Good thing the population doesn't have to be well educated.

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>implying we even know what's going on in the objective sciences
We don't need answers, and in any event, as all our actions are governed by emotion anyway, increasing the amount of accurate information makes no difference to anything.

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What if everyone was well educated? Would a society like that flourish or fail?

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The solution is transhumanism. Our job as mankind is to create a self-learning AI and quietly fuck off into biological extinction, hoping that our silicon children will do better.

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How come nobody talks about literature here? I'm new to this board and I haven't learned anything about literature in the past month or two, except that people who associate themselves with it are always talking about philosophers. Philosophers, not philosophy. I don't even read so you'd think I'd learn something here, but nope. I've never seen one of you discuss the themes in a famous work of literature or anything like that.

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Lol, why would anyone want to talk about books? Get a life you fucking nerd.

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>I'm new to this board

doubt it

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This is actually a pseud board

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/pol/shits are illiterate and since infesting this board with their infantile cancer find it easier to LARP with content found on wikipedia

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I had a really hard time finding out last time if this was any good. I want to find out before it's inevitably tainted by people looking to be contrarian after the movie comes out.

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it's alright, better than hyperion at least which is just masturbatory shit.

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>last time
So, rather than spending a few minutes finding the book and checking it out for yourself, you decided to spend at least as long (and probably much longer) asking the opinions of a group of internet strangers?

And, having unsurprisingly got inconclusive and useless results from this process, rather than spending a few minutes checking the book out for yourself, you decided to ask internet strangers -again-?


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You can guess that the moment they say he is a kwizatz too, cheh

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It's fun. It's imaginative. It's good. Not great.

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Hey, that's not too bad.

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What's the answer /lit/ ?

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You’re lazy and nobody will do your homework for you, undergrad brainlet.

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not homework, only a brainlet looking for answers because i find it interesting

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A and C are both correct.

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What are some books about positive masculinity?

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Storm of Steel

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>that ad
i thought it was dumb but the insane reaction is also hilarious

am i a filthy fence-sitter?

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>make shitty ad
>entire western world discusses it
Why does capitalism always win? Pepsi did this too

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Trafficking and Sexual December

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>criticizes ideology
>is a Marxist

Somebody explain this to me.

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Zizek uses the term in an Althusserian way. Ideology is an unconscious process always-already framing our political worldview. The crux of the break with Marx is the criticism of ideology as "social superstructure" (a structure which emerges from and governs material-economic relations) - ideology is already present on an ontological, individual level. This new theory of ideology is inherently psychoanalytic in its construction - hence lots of Lacan.

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He never claimed to be free of ideology.

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This post was made by the Deleuzean gang

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What did I learn?

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Thoughts on The Green Mile by Stephen King?

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what is your favorite argument?

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OP is a faggot, because I never lose.

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Finding a job. Fuck mom I’m only 29, let it go. Christ.

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Pewdiepie shills him hard

I'm going to the book store tomorrow and they carry some of his books. They look kinda nice and comfy. Are they worth checking out or are they overrated?

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All of the books I've read have been pretty solid. Never blew my mind but enjoyable and well-written non-the-less .

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Read in Japanese only


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a fucking blog. Fuck off, shill.

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Which is a quote from Boris Akunin from a lecture not related to the blog at all. What's your point?

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>he hasn't read the Australian Nietszche
>he hasn't immanentized the vital spirit of Australia in flesh

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Are you the dude from the other thread who was talking about how australia is british lebensraum? If so neck yourself, if not good rec

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reminder to read this article on pagan elements of Australian poetry.

JSTOR the passing of Pan


>we want strong necked, natural Australian men who will overrun the Earth

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board a whaler RIGHT NOW

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*whips out statistical charts*

listen here you young entitled shits, the world is better now that it's ever been so stop whining and i've got the objective numbers to prove it

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>the world is better now
Too bad I don't live in "the world".


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*whips it out*

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Listen here you little shit. No one cares about objective improvements. It’s all in the subjective. The ability to define yourself through consumption.

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Is it worth getting?

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Read it during the summer

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Go to sleep, Harold.

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fuck it, just bought it. thanks lads

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newfag detected. Had you lurked, you know that /lit/ likes it as meme, in seriousness they say its boring shit.

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yes but not worth reading imho

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>Jules, never a good student, failed his baccalaureate exams
>His classmate Henri Bergson passed, and went on to great intellectual achievement as a philosopher
>He failed again in 1878, and then a third time, but on his own began to read the great French authors and visit the museums of Paris

the chad jew
the virgin gaul

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This is the most important piece of literature of the 20th Century. Prove me wrong.

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It's deep, in a scary way. The abyss of addiction and vicious cycles distilled into child-friendly phraseology and cute illustrations.

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What happens if you give a mouse a cookie? Does the chocolate kill it?
I haven't read this.

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>and in 2000 Oprah Winfrey chose If You Give a Pig a Pancake as one of her favorite things in 2000

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>I haven't read this
That's what's wrong with your generation

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>What happens if you give a mouse a cookie?
It will want some milk

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