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Kindlebros.............. Not like this............

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Explain it to me anon

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Only retards and americans think it is the greatest and you do not want to look too closely at this Venn diagram if you need to pretend that it has more than one set.

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baby's first novel

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How do leftists cope with the fact that everything that critical theorists or whatever came up with was already thought up first by some random french counter-revolutionary, conservative revolutionary chud in germany, or an italian fascist?

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You wrongly presuppose that they care about theory and about history.

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A liberal

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Most of them do not cope and state it like it is -- yeah, this "math is a relative scoial construct thing" I defend in this monograph was first proposed by Oswald Spengler.
So what? Only full on retards believe in intellectual american puritanism -- Kant and Hegel are le bad because Marx worked with their ideas.

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Nothing, it's an empty signifier that idiots and midwits use.

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How do chuds cope with being basically Foucaldians? It's you that complain about language being used as a weapon and biopolitics.

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How is it even possible for Spinoza to be ethical in his system? It's not up to him.

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It is possible for Spinoza to be ethical if God or rather Nature has determined him to be ethical.
Next question!

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Ethics are part of the social contract, it has nothing to do with the abrahamic "God" or whatever, you fucking dweeb

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Hell bent on sharpening your axe against Dennett into obsolescence through overuse it seems. Some of your pic related threads give off a sort of femdom vibe, a good psychological manifestation of hell would not include sexual enjoyment in my mind, a proper hell would be having to listen to them talk I would imagine, but I do recognize this might be hard to convey in snapshot form.

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what clown-core literature is out there? is the "yurope!" series good?

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But who makes the clowns laugh?

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Is he actually good?

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Why are you easily entertained? Sign of a peasant mind

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I can only judge by the only book I've read from him, the Satanic Verses. I didnt like it, retarded pajeet language, written in a confuse way, too much mixing of unrelated scenes. Not to mention that all his takes on Islam are nothing even related to the history of the religion itself, he simply twisted the real life names to create characters of his own. All the controversy behind this book is because editors used it to trigger muslims for the sake of making the book more popular, which is highly unethical by itself, but it wasnt really a big idea as this is making him being persecuted for almost 40 years.

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put me in the screenshot guys!

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You'd feel pretty bad if a translator of your novel was killed because of it. I get the feeling Rushdie is an ultra narcissist wimperious asshole and wouldn't feel a thing about it. He tried to be edgy and stick it to muslims and got crushed.

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Black Swan and The Kite Runner had rave reviews.

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What did he mean by this?

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have you read mein kampf?

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>which in turn means that there is no such thing as women's interets
Which of course is bullshit. Anything can have an interest but it is only really divided by ideology and not whatever the ideological groups pretend is the objective group distinction. When marxists speak of "proletarian" interests they actually are speaking of marxist interests. But, being dialectical materialists, and possibly narcissistical, they will never allow themselves to see this.

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This is intersectionalism, anon. What do commies, trannies, faggots, niggers, nigger fetishists, Islamists, Islamist apologists, postmodernists, global warming activists, hippie-wannabes, BDS'ers, no-border advocates, and feminists all have in common?
Most of them, not much, but intersectionalists love coopting others' causes. They're quite figurative cuckoo birds that trick others into raising their young.
I don't care how schizo it sounds. That's what's happening. Why else would you have LGBTWTF marching in support of people who'd throw them off rooftops? Why would feminists be led by someone advocating for a society that would have women stripped of their rights? Why are socialists not doing a single thing that's even remotely socialist? Because the neediest of the above groups hijacked others and entangled their purposes. You don't support BLM? You're a sexist, transphobic, zionist, colonialist, islamophobic, climate change denier. Their desire for power, fueled by their victimhood masochism led them to coalesce into a fetid, malignant mass of righteous indignation.
So it didn't have anything to do with Marxism, but Marxism has since joined the tranny camp.

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I'm sure you are a world class expert on every single position you ever talked against.

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This, but remove the word "anti-" and you have the same exact reality.

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Is this even a genre

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All medical books except for the ones of the Galenic tradition are purely fictional.

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I love brown girls so much. I want to fuck this brown beauty so much. I want to worship her tight brown little asshole with my tongue. I want to run my white hands across her beautiful slim brown back. I want to suck on her brown titties and watch them bounce as I pound into her little brown pussy with my white cock.

Give me a brown gf NOW.

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go to /his/ pls

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Based gervaisanon

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>5 threads died for the AI slop spam and it'll be 30 hours before jannies do anything about it
Any books for this feel?

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No Exit

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Monday, nothing
Tuesday, nothing
Wednesday and Thursday nothing
Friday, for a change
A little more nothing
Saturday once more nothing

Sunday nothing
Monday nothing
Tuesday and Wednesday nothing
Thursday, for a change
A little more nothing
Friday once more nothing

Lunes, nada
Martes, nada
Miercoles y Jueves, nada
Viernes, por cambio
Un poco mas nada
Sabado otra vez nada.

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Carpe diem

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>Viernes, por cambio
>Un poco mas nad

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Was he an Archon?

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No I think he was a cephlapod, more specifically a physeter macrocephalus suffering from albinism

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sometimes a whale is just a whale!

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The whale actually metaphorically stands for literacy -- the greatest evil one can strife against.

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I'm pretty sure the whale is meant as a reference to judge Holden.

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Are there any books which justify killing and hunting predatory animals? I fucking hate carnivore predators, they are the Jews of the animal kingdom who have no qualms about eating herbivores but then moan and groan when a better species like humans does the same to them.

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What kind of weird Jew are you?

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>t. can't into ecology or wildlife/herd management

Don't bother. You are part of the terrain now, that entails reducing suffering by attenuating boom-bust cycles of coomer animals doing the Tragedy of the Commons fast loose and hard on each other, viz. HUNTING TAGS.

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It's ironic that you call humans the superior species when you post a subhuman who requires a stick to walk due to his massive weight. Obese freaks like this are the ones who should get killed and fed to lions.

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Cope, the Anglo-Saxon man is the apex predator

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it's always cringe when ''men'' (read effeminate NPCs) hunt with a rifle. Americans truly turned hunting into a disney entertainment, a facsimile of the real hunting. That's because americans have the female spirit.

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I just spent the past 3 hours writing 4,000 words of Harry Potter smut, ama

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Aren't most of the cast teenagers, you sick fuck?

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Yes, in my smut Harry just finished his fourth year at Hogwarts and he has sex with his mother (this is an alternate universe where his mother is alive but his father is still dead.)

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Does Dobby take it up the ass?

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Why does it take you 3 hours to write 4,000 words? So slow

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Quality over quantity

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Opinion on audiobooks? You all consider it cheating?

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Depends both on book and reader. The andy serkis audiobooks are the superior way to experience tolkien

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They take away the trance state the human brain goes to when reading. Also the beauty of how words are laid out on a page, sentence structure etc. is lost

not trying to be pretentious they just take away what I enjoy about reading

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I have pirated nearly 300gbs of audiobooks. I listen to them while I work

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Grade schooler detected.

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I've been out of school for almost 3 rears now, but the school paradigm is hard to shake. Work feels like class; supervisors feel like professors; I feel conditioned to look for directions, rules, and rubrics and anticipate exams. So you're not entirely wrong, anon. That mindset is still a big part of me.

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Any other books where the virgin main character fucks a goddess of lust, and she says he's the best sex she ever had?

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What is some essential reading to understand Deng Xiaoping Theory and its consequences as well as its relevance in modern China?

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I guess you could start with his books.

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Any specific work he wrote that you’d recommend?

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Anyone on /lit/ read this?

Is it as powerful and life-changing as I've heard?

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No I found it banal. It's just different seduction archetypes, their tactics and weaknesses and then some historical anecdotes as examples of these archetypes in action. He's kind of putting a lot of words and stories on concepts you already know unless you're totally blind and ignorant to how seduction works. But it's not revelatory original or helpful if you understand basic human needs desires and emotions, which you should unless you're totally autistic. This book really is targeted towards those kinds of people.

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It's okay, his only good books are Strategy and the concise Laws of Human Nature

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Can't you just dress well, not be a retard, talk normally and express interest in women verbally like 99% of people instead of desperately seeking the next manipulation tactic lmao

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The only realistic book I've read so far about this matter is Mode One. Because the central teaching of Alan Roger is to NOT be manipulative and deceitful towards women, just tell what you want, make it clear and if they accept your iniciative then go ahead, if not dont waste your time, that is the gold principle for all lads out there, because no woman will ever like you if she doesnt want. Yeah I know, sounds hard but at the end of the day they are fucking human beings, so preferences cant be twisted by some charm technique or whatever garbage is taught in the "seduction market". Unless of course when you have a lot of money so it will attract a lot of sluts towards you, but this book warns you against them as well. That is my recommendation for you and any other anons who will come across this thread. Have a good day.

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Not really, its very ineffective in the modern world of social media and online dating.

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What are some books about teleology within a physicalist worldview?

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Physicalism / materialism does not leave room for a radical account of teleology. The best it can do is provide a limited teleology that provides a purpose of a thing according to the framework of nature but nature itself can not have a purpose -- it just is. This is why post-Darwinian biology avoid the metaphysically laoded term "teleology" like the plague and speak (sometimes, if necessary) of "teleometry".
There is abundance of philosophical schools that take such a position regarding teleology. The epicureans are the most prominent representatives that neatly fit in the framework of your request. The most detailed epicurean account of this nature you can find in "De rerum natura" by Lucretius. If you are interested especially in the conflict of the seemingly teleological arrangement of animals with the anti-teleological mechanical view that is the core of modern science, you can read Kant's "Kritik der Urteilskraft" in which he tries to construct a kind of pseudo-teleology that reconciles both sides. This is further discussed in the tradition of German Idealism and the foundation of the modern teleological debate within the life sciences and philosophy of life.
I hope I provided you with two adequate starting points for your interests. If you want additional pointers or clarifications -- feel free to ask!