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Will reading more books get me the same enjoyment that watching summaries do? I’ve just had a weird affection for them since high school.

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What are your favorite birds in literature?

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The guardians of ga'hoole, easily.

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Who's your favorite cock? Hen?

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There was a Christian book that got some headlines maybe two or three years ago. It was for parents on parenting strategies to avoid having gay children. Mainly based around healthy relationships and such. It has been completely removed from the internet I can not even find a trace of it. Does anyone remember the author or name of the book.

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Shouldn't it be pretty obvious how to treat your children if you don't want them to be gay?

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I have no children I am not interested in it for parenting reasons. It was deleted from amazon and there news articles about it, but I could find it with search results. Now I cannot find it at all.

The results even from Yandex are extremely controlled. You actually can no longer find a book that speaks negatively about having gay children at all, from the Christian perspective.

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Reading books is inherently effeminate. If you're a reader you're likely to produce homosexual offspring and shouldn't reproduce. Leave it to the real men.

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I would never read it fellow chad. I would have one of my twinks read it aloud to me.

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>Omensetter's Luck
>Crime & Punishment
>Oliver Twist
what should I read first, anons

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start with the greeks

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How would you describe the word "mystic" in terms of people, creatures, spirits, etc? I can't find a good single definition for mystics.

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>How would you describe the word "mystic"
Jaden Smith

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>Like a writer
>Find out he was fat irl
>Like him less
Am I the only one?

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>Like an artist
>find out they killed themselves
why does this keep happening?

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Reading Meditations currently.

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Why does gaudapada the advaitin precursor of adi shankar verbatim copy lines of the mulamadhyamakakarika?


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Because truth has no need for ego to be attached to it

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I have no clue what any of those nouns are.

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Every book I have ever read has made me want to kill myself more than the last. All knowledge leads to the same conclusion. Philosophy was a mistake

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yet you continue to live, interesting.

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Please make me eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast wife/mommy

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>Philosophy was a mistake
You finally understood it. Now go and read a real book.

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I want to impregnate my university librarian. What book should I read to achieve this goal?

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>no Till We Have Faces
Some absolute fucking RETARD made this list
My guy literally just ask her what book she recommends to check out or what her favorite book is, then get that, read it, and talk to her about it
Afterwards ask her out on a date and build the relationship from there
It's not hard
Also describe what she looks like

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like your mom

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If you dont actively participate in your own thread it will die

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Hey /lit/ is there any good books on the sexual revolution that aren't biased and can tell me more about it.

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All historiography is biased son. Welcome to history.

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Libido dominandi

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>Hey /lit/ is there any good books... that aren't biased

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What does not biased even mean? From what I make out it usually means something that validates my beliefs

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Now that the dust has settled, was he right?

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No, he was left. But as he was a nomenklatura he was right.

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Bagel, that you?


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lyotard is better

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i love this book

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yeah i just found the pacing slow and the epileptic prostitute as a plot device boring. also it felt just really predictable. it felt like a downgrade from the first two books

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The prostitute is the text forcibly read by the reader / fucker / pimp and contested over. Billy as a RAMRANCH doesn't get it. It is the revisitation of the prior action: she is a stand in for a stand in. Wait until you've repeated your failure a couple of times and gotten bored of it.

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Yes, I thought BM going mainstream was going to kill McCarthy threads for good, but I was wrong.

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What do you feel about the 15 year old in No Country for Old Men? Like obviously not, "Do you get a boner for a 30-40 year old vietnam veteran fucking a child," but rather, what is the role of the veteran rejecting sexually abusing a child, a rejecting "inducting" a child-woman into womanhood, but rather advising her that she will pay a price in future for the decisions she's making as a child?

Why does the Sheriff marry a child in 1946?

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I too love this book. It was the first of McCarthy's books I ever read. I've since read BM and his two newest, and this one is surely at least as good. I decided to read it when I read what Roger Ebert wrote about it:
>Curiously, my love of reading finally returned after I picked up Cormac McCarthy's Suttree, a book I had already read not long before my first surgery. Now I read it two more times. I was not "reading the same book." I was reentering the same experience, the same occult and visionary prose, the life of Suttree so urgently evoked. As rarely before, a book became tactile to me. When Suttree on his houseboat pulled a cord and brought up a bottle of orange soda pop from the cool river, I savored it. I could no longer taste. I tasted it more sharply than any soda I've ever really had. When Suttree stopped at the bus station for a grilled cheese, I ate it, and the pickle, and drank the black coffee. I began to live through this desperate man's sad life.
Great essay as well.

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I stumbled upon his channel from an /x/ thread on the Ice Walls, and saw a link to an old /pol/ thread from 2020. Seems to be an anon based on his response comments, like The Eternal Hyperborean video maker on Bitchute. He seems to have disappeared shortly before the 2019 COVID-AI Harvest.

Here's the channel, dives into psychology of Men and Initiation, Understanding the Shadow Matriarchy control methods, so on and so forth.

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Genuinely what the fuck is wrong with you. Schizos are embarrassing.

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I'm just curious.

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>not immersing yourself in Gulenko's and co. socionics.
I'm interested in your thing there, bit if you want into schizomaxxing, sociotype dot xyz is the way.

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my diary desu (penultimate edition)

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In Another World With My Smartphone

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Ian Stevenson

I also really liked Reincarnation: An East-West Anthology

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I’m not anti degeneracy, I’m just pro eugenics, pro racism, pro sexism, and pro antisemitism. I also watch lots of anime.

Rec me a book.

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Finnegans Wake

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Any history of the US occupation of Japan post-war focusing on rape.

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heinlein seems to be closest to your set of beliefs. plus it will be relatively easy for you to get into SF instead of actual literature since you watch anime

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What books should I read to be part of the bourgeoisie ? I know there is a vocabulary I should master, manners and factoids. I am not blue blooded but If I look the part I might escape middle class hell.

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The intelligent investor

>> No.22091741

I'm not talking about how to make money. I'm talking about being well read, cultured etc but not being a pseudo-bourgeois like taleb is

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The bourgeoisie are the middle class. So probably consume Amazon or NYT best sellers and don't read them or barely do so, watch Netflix, scroll TikTok, read leftist mainstream news, etc.

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Alright, /lit/. So what do we do about those bloody postmodernists?

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its called jestermaxxing bucko

and wash your penis

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I'm embarrassed for you, you can call my mommy.

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Zizek had no idea about Peterson's ideas and Peterson had no real idea about Marx so it was a terrible debate overall. There was practically no overlap. Peterson's bug bear is "postmodern neo-Marxism" which has almost nothing to do with Marxism. So you can quiz him all day about what Marx said or did but you're not getting at the heart of the argument

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haven't watched the entire debate yet but why are people saying he lost so bad and did he acutally?

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Nobody lost the debate because it wasn't a debate. The one adversarial point was Zizek asking Peterson to name some postmodern neo-Marxists and Peterson mentioned one name (forget who). That's about it, the rest was them either agreeing with each other or just going on about their ideas without much thought for the other guy

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>If we are exhausted before we have finished our work, this pleasant feeling of power to do things does not come, but is replaced by a disagreeable sensation of fatigue and disgust; to those unfortunate people who have, for some reason, become debilitated, work deprived of this keenest joy, which is its natural reward, becomes a task, a toil and a torment.

I felt this bros

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Fiction or non-fiction, just post 'em.

>SOG - John L. Plaster
>Recondo - Larry Chambers
>The 13th Valley - John M. Del Vecchio
>The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien
>Chickenhawk - Robert Mason
>Hue 1968 - Mark Bowden
>Dispatches - Michael Herr
>Matterhorn - Karl Marlantes
>Fields of Fire - James Webb
>Iron Triangle - Douglas Edwards

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you already posted them all retard

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Can you post anything written by PLAF/NFL/PRG/VWP (southern cadre) who emigrated, got a PhD in history from a Western System, and castigated the VWP (northern cadre) from a left perspective?

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Found this novel randomly at a second hand store and was thoroughly impressed.
Main character is a Green Beret who reads Yeats, its also got a pretty good sequel about his life as a police officer in the seventies called Night Dogs.

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