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what's his fucking problem?

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That's Eraserhead

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Would anyone be down to join a book club devoted only to the works of Pynchon? I was thinking we could call ourselves "The Chums of Chance" like from Against the Day. We could set up a discord and every few months we would have an official read of one his books, and when we're not reading his books officially as "The Chums", any of his reading we do on our own we could share any thoughts we have with each other. Also, I think it would be fun to share like Pynchon memes with each other and stuff. Another idea is if we one of sees something on 4chan talking bad about Pynchon we would tell the others who could go argue with the pseud.

Anyone interested? If so, any other ideas we could do?

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i dont own any of his books and nobody is selling any near me

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Is there any justification at all why this board is so obsessed with pynchon

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He's a good writer.

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He’s pseud bait. The Pynchon fandom one /lit/ has greatly waned over the past 5 years

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Not if I've got anything to say about it. Effortposting--deploy!!

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>Haha now go with the rest of the swine!
>Oh my, you're actually Odysseus the son of Laert who lives on Ithaka! Let's have sex!
>First swear that you don't wish me any more harm
>I swear!
>Okay now let's have sex
Man I love this book

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What does /lit/ think of the St John's Great Books course book list? Is this 'starting with the Greeks' like you faggots always spout?

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>no Milinda Panha

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SJC looks fucking awful. Woke as hell and representing itself as extremely perfectly diverse. Every student is a token. Would never give money to support the marxists running such an institution.

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A majority of the books are straight out of “Great Books of the Western World” so I am not sure if they have an agreement or something to supply students.

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After reading about 200 books, you will still be a mediocre fellow. But unlike all other mediocre fellow's you will have convinced yourself that you are superior by virtue of you reading 200 books.

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>no peterson
>no deleuze
>no carle
>no rand
>no lyotard
>no spengler
>no guenon
>no jameson
>no anonymous
>no carlyle
>no evola
0/10 not /lit/

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>Him who disobeys me disobeys
Miltonfags will defend this.

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because it's not accepted syntax in the english language, there is no native speaker who would ever say that or understand it. the other times he changes the word order are different because they are all mutations that are understandable and come from english itself, not interpolations from an entirely different language. It's incorrect. I only "know what it means" because it's common knowledge that Milton used latinisms everywhere.

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i'm gonna help everyone in this thread out real quick

him who disobeys me, disobeys

there. fixed.

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then it should be "he who disobeys me, disobeys" because you've made "him" into the subject.

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>there is no native speaker who would ever say that
There's no native speaker who would say any of the outrageous things which are put into the mouths of epic heroes
>or understand it
It is readily understandable within the poem

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I forgot to add the next week's goal in the thread yesterday.

Given how there were less responses and I myself hadn't gotten through chapter 4, let's aim for finishing up chapter 4 this week! If you're keeping on track with the original schedule, then be you're on chapter 5.

Happy Reading!

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I liked it but I was honestly expecting more from it. Good and captivating novel but nothing remarkable about it,imo

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Good to hear you liked it. What made the novel captivating for you? Respond with few spoilers if possible.

Personally, I enjoy the relaxed feel and the way it takes the philosophical conversations as tiring side remark; like a cozy conversation with a friend you haven't seen in a while.

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Just had a back and forth with a potential publisher.
It's still not a definitive 'yes!' but they like my sample and have encouraged me to submit more.

I wish someone had told me years ago that whatever the website says plenty of publishers are happy to read a selection or a highlight reel of your work.

I decide to dedicate a few days to just sending out my work and got a positive response within a day. No more trolling through publishers websites looking at stock photos of smiling back people. WOHOoooooo.

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Have they told you how much it will cost to get the ball rolling?

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No it's proper historic, publisher. They get subsidized by the England arts council.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed many of his books from the Dirk Pitt series. He was the author that got me into literature. I used to go through my father's old bookshelf, which were full of Cusslers works, and read through them all.

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I picked up "Sahara" in a used bookstore a few years ago but him crying about the 2005 film (which I found enjoyable btw) left a bad taste in my mouth.

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He was right about everything.

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OP here. Sorry, accidentally attached the wrong pic.

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Land merely ripped off Adventures into Fear, a short-lived comic anthology from the 70s by Marvel Comics that starred "Morbius, the Living Vampire", a man who finds himself caught between cutting edge science and mysticism after a failed experiment turns him into a creature resembling the Vampire of myth and Legend. His adventures lead to him encountering the ancient Sorcerer known as Father Daemond and the Caretakers—an order of aliens from a futuristic planet committed to uplifting humanity into a race of technologically empowered Supermen (even though similar efforts on their homeworld lead only to death and misery)—who have been at war with each other since the first proto-human ape picked up the first stone to use as a tool.

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He spent 10 years writing about how bitcoin and crypto would overthrow the silicon valley establishment, only to find that technocapital rapidly and efficiently co-opts and recuperates everything that's supposed to be a hedge against it. In a couple years, he'll be forced to admit the same thing about AI. He should have just stayed a Marxist because he's obsessed with making predictive claims that are 100% wrong and disproven by time

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Besides the USA, why didn't other former anglo colonies develop a literary culture? I can't even name a single canadian/aussie writer.

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I, OP, am new on /lit/. It's the first time that I see somebody talking about this topic.


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Do the needful and read R K Narayan (especially Malgudi Days). Along with Rabindranath Tagore and Kushwanth Singh.


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There is no culture in ''the USA''.

''the USA"were founded by bourgeois tax evaders in order to have a huge land where they good do what bourgeois do: mercantlism.

no monarchy= no history= no culture = no art

And the colonies have no need for a culture because the mercantilists in ''the USA"' reached them already.

In canada the only culture you can find is on the french side, this speaks volume about the angloworld.

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>Khushcunt Singh
That coomer was okay in small doses and in articles here & there. But over-all he is a mediocre and despicable man.

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Melville wrote about this although I can’t recall if it was an essay or one of his letters.

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Is The Hyperion Cantos worth reading?

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i fucking hate the shrike so much its unreal

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Book one only

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Yes, book 1 and 2 are cool also read the terror. Books 3 and 4 are basically space huck finn plus terminator 2

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>oh so you're writing a book?
>what's it about anon?

well /lit/?

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YA fantasy romance

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Are you really in the navy?

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I like to work on stuff that tries to hit genre and literary at the same time, so I've been writing two novels in this vein:
>a crime novel about the son of a rich man who wants to reject his rich lifestyle and become a big-time criminal, seeing it as his ticket to respect and making something of his own. On a thematic level it is about gentrification, culture-swapping, etc
>a horror novel about realtors trying to sell a house haunted by demons. Think HGTV-meets-The Exorcist

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look at all those disgusting carbs

anon's date is gonna get so fat

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Philosophically speaking, why should niggers be allowed to exist?

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I have not studied Greek philosophy and can't really be bothered to start now. But I want to know how to think properly. I don't lack the ability to introspect at all but my thinking is not focused and linear enough to solve personal problems. How do you get better at this, how did the Greeks do it? Are there any other philosophers who are beneficial for this? I'm asking /lit/ because ChatGPT can go fuck itself.

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And of course, the father of enlightenment Descartes.

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First, try to solve this equation


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khan academy, that's what I did

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Hegel literally spends like 5 pages in the preface of POS ranting about why the mathematical method is shit and doesn't work for philosophy

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don't listen to these morons, learning mathematics won't teach how to think especially if you have to start with basic algebra and calculus because you will just be learning how to do shit by rote, especially if you use Kh*n academy. you won't learn anything about how to think until you get to more advanced mathematics which has a huge learning curve and is extremely difficult to teach yourself. at best you can get "how to prove it" by vellman and work through that.

but you should just start reading Plato. his works are designed to teach you how to reason.

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Is it worth it?

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Loeb classical library has a much more thorough early classical Greek philosophy section.

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No. Studying Greek philosophy is like trying to understand a man by studying his prostate cancer.

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>midwit got filtered

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Yes. It's a quick read and interesting. It's incredible to imagine what an undertaking starting out philosophy from scratch must have been -- no giants on whose shoulders to stand. I first read it while living in a mud hut, so I think that made it feel a bit more relevant.

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Just played two hours and see no reason why I should spend my time on this instead of sitting in my chair reading Sr. Thomas Browne and Robert Musil right now. (FNV is still /lit/ tho)

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What must it be like to live with a heart so full of mistrust?

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it IS lit

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i wouldnt know

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You aren't supposed to be playing the story you're supposed to be reading all the books.

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Pathologic and Deus ex, there, done, that's all the /lit/ games there are.

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In dire need of assistance.
I've looked over the usual containers for the book in picrel and have come up completely empty. Archive.org holds two scans of the same book (Vol. 2 of the collection, which focuses on French+misc European authors), but I am entirely unable to find Vol. 1. Any idea where I could chance across a scan without having to purchase the book myself (unfeasible in my current circumstance)?

This thread could act as a catch-all Henry James general, I suppose.

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Would appreciate some help, please. To promote discussion, what's everyone's favorite work of his?

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unfortunately i just have the physical copy and not the digital. no scanner either. sorry friend. favorite work is The Ambassadors by a long shot. Poor innocent Strether.
"You have had me!" Most heartbreaking line in all of literature.

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What are some suicide kinos? Novels where the protag is driven by the society to commit suicide without any "suicide bad" moralfagging

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gun frfr

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gun or jump from a high building head first downwards

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Sorry- boom boom stick.

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Norwegian Wood - Murakami

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any nofap literature?

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Bliss of the Celibate by Julian Lee
The Coiled Serpent by C. J. Van Vliet
Onanism or a Treatise upon the disorders caused by Masturbation by M. Tissot, M.D.
A Treatise on the Cause of Exhausted Virility or Abuses of the Sexual Function by E.P Miller, M.D.
Why You Should Never Masturbate by David Baldwin
Science discovers the physiological value of continence By Dr. R. W. Bernard, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

>> No.22088676

also other important books on this subject I never see here recommended:
The Functions and Disorders of the Reproductive Organs in Childhood,youth, Adult Age by Sir William Acton, M.R.C.S.
A short treatise on onanism; or, the detestable vice of self-pollution. by William Farrer, M.D.
The problem of onanism by Baron Frederick Von Gagern
A Call to Jewish Youth: An appeal to Jewish youth to avoid sexual sins such as onanism and homosexuality by Rabbi E. Z. Sekulena Rebbe Shelitah
The insanity of masturbation by Colonel Bell Burr, M.D.
A Treatise on the diseases produced by Onanism, Masturbation, and Self-Pollution and other excesses by Leopold Deslandes, M.D.
Onania, or, The heinous sin of self-pollution : and all its frightful consequences (in both sexes) considered with spiritual and physical advice to those who have already injured themselves by this abominable practice by Anonymous

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