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I don't get his idea, so what is his answer to nihilism actually?

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Here's your neoplatonic theology bro

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Negative theology is based and the only theology which has ever made sense to me.

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I'm 15 years old with an IQ of 80. My life goal is to become a Chad security guard (making $50/hr), move to the Phillipines, cum inside nasty hookers raw, read classic lit, and dunk on digital nomad computer dorks. How do I do this?

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Anyone can become a security guard and the average IQ of one probably isn't that much higher than yours

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Your IQ gets higher as you get older and take some upper level maths classes. Becoming a security guard will tie you to a location, so understand that you can either be a Chad security guard making $50/hr or a man in the Philipines rawdogging hookers and making $0/hr, but not both. Digital nomad is unironically the best option for you probably, but it takes a lot of work and dedication. The advantage is that you're young, and if you have a good attitude, lots of organizations will be willing to take a chance on you. It sounds like the military might be a good option when you turn 18, but in the meantime you can travel easily and cheaply through programs like Rotary or the American Field Service. If you can make some political connections as well, that will come in handy later in life. Consider volunteering or joining social clubs that let you rub shoulders with city council members, local elites, etc.

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I really wish this site had a way to filter out underage retards.
Security guards make around $20/hr and 9 times out of ten you will be working graveyard. It's a shitty dead end job, but it is very easy.

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Let's talk about commas!

>It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

In this opening line by Jane Austen in 'Pride and Prejudice', you see she employs what is considered by some to be a very unnecessary comma. At least technically.

There are many different House Rules about when and where to deploy a comma.

For example, in sets of three, sometimes people use a comma to separate all words, or others just to separate the first two.

>Life, Love & Happiness.

I feel that there is no universal hard-set rule about commas in the world simply because they are so pervasive and omniscient in literature.

Another thing people do sometimes is use too many commas!

In amateur writing that is trying to be too-beautiful, people seem to use a lot of commas.

What are some of your personal rules for when to use a comma in your own work?

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Imma comma alla ova your mama's poosy

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Commas are often used in place of colons and semi-colons, which is at least one reason why they're overused.
The lack of colons may be due to ignorance but I believe it's more that the comma simply looks better from an aesthetic point and doesn't produce as harsh a break while reading.

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It's true that sometimes commas are used in place of colons and semi-colons.

I think there is definitely a tradeoff between when to deploy those things, what and when sorta thing.

I believe, though, that regarding your point about the lack of colons sometimes in literature is that it's laziness.

It's kind of the difference, maybe, between an erudite 'Moby Dick' and a more common Science Fiction novel.

Anyway, I believe deploying a semi-colon is often a mark of bravery, but can commonly be very misused indeed.

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Why don't shia talk about their holy book? For the longest time I thought their only holy book was the quran like other muslims

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Why are they so secretive? Everyone else shills their shit all the time here

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previous >>23392513

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I am definitely making progress (thanks be to God) It was a whole lot worse last year. Just can't help but get sad every now and then.

And yeah, I lean on the neurotic side unfortunately

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I don’t think there’s much to be sad about in this regard. If anything, you should be joyful.

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Yeah, you're right. When I sober up it's actually quite easy to see the hand of God working in my life. I'm not alone.

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Beautiful things leaked in through the cracks.
No more squalor and hustle for me!
Believe it or not, I might even feel a bit comforted.
I think this might be what they call "the dream".

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Caught glimpses of an airshow from my apartment window; jets were climbing and rolling and turn hairpin turns. They were buzzing my building for two hours.

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>Trying to write a light-hearted novel
>Keep accidentally adding in my Dark Thoughts.
Anyone else do this?

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Kinda but I also find humor in most dark concepts. I think it's a maladaptive trait but I don't hurt people irl to any sort of extreme, so I don't worry about it that much.

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Anytime I write a protagonist in a shitty but normal situation it turns into an semi-autobiography with long rants on sociopolitics.

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>dies and then becomes a woman
Isn't it the other way around?

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She has a point. Isekai slop is junk food, right? Maybe you need more upbeat stuff to balance it out

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you need to be more subtle about the darkness so that people will stick to it and you get the feeling of having aired out your demons

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One of the many fucked up things about how much of the classical heritage we lost is that far too much material we have from the Romans is from late antiquity, because they were fucking Christians, and they, like, copied all this shit. And we have enough of this material basically to realize, if you’ll excuse my French, what fags these people were. And so there was this entire grammarian class, which was basically an intellectual class. Grammarian is Latin for fag, actually. And, you know, these people were expensively educated. They were bureaucrats. They studied Virgil. They considered themselves, you know, the equal of Virgil. And they just wrote each other these long letters full of flowery garbage. And it’s like you have this entire huge volume of letters of Sidonius or Prodentius or something like that. And, you know, just letters full of, like, you know, back scratching some other aristo, like, you know, full of flowery Latin shit. And then every once in a while, he’ll, like, drop some hint about what’s actually going on, and he’ll be like: oh, you know, Biggus Dickus, I’m sorry I could not visit you this year because the roads were not safe. And you wanna be like: why were the roads not safe? Who was on the roads? What was happening? You know, these people are writing at the time of the fall of the Roman Empire, and they don’t actually mention the fall of the Roman Empire. Who will save the roads? So that’s why I’m more right wing than Eric Weinstein.

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>And you wanna be like
you just outed yourself as a 90 iq retard who watches youtube, that is the most likely explanation, any way your opinion goes into the trash

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British humor...

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During the apocalypse life keeps going on as usual. It's just how people are.
>There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says “Morning, boys. How’s the water?” And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes “What the hell is water?”

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>Its heckin happening!

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Not literature.

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What do you guys think about Chester Himes? I was thinking of reading his Harlem Detective series.

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Good shit. Underrated.

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Why is the Recognitions considered a difficult book?
Did you guys have a hard time with it?

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I dont read bs dialogue """""novels"""""

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that had better be a dude

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It’s boring

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book is the prime minister of yammertopia

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J R is a dialogue novel
This one not so much

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Hinduism is just retarded paganism for street shitters.
They literally worship krishna's penis and smear cow shit all over themselves
Why did schopie have such high regard for it? Did he misunderstand it?

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Exoteric/Esoteric distinction is always just a cope to allow cynical cherry-picking of what you like about something without being “sullied” by the whole.

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ok schlomo

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reddit post
consider suicide

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Yeah, that is why you see all these big brained exoterically initiated buddhist monks not doing retard shit such literally hitting their head against a wall for make it stronger and ooh

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>literally hitting their head against a wall for make it stronger

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> Mr Leopold Bloom ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls. He liked thick giblet soup, nutty gizzards, a stuffed roast heart, liverslices fried with crustcrumbs, fried hencods’ roes. Most of all he liked grilled mutton kidneys which gave to his palate a fine tang of faintly scented urine.

wtf is this book?

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You've been readin too much vegan propaganda if that description don't sound bomb-ass delish!

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Why? Honest complain desu and the whole Roman Catholic reference at the start they probably don't even do anymore, cus I was raised polish catholic and went to church on holidays and they never did the altare dei thing

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You don't deserve to be literate. No book deserves to be read by you.

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He sounds like a real jerk

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It sounds pretty tasty except for the kidneys but I also just dislike eating kidneys. They smell too much like piss to me, even after being properly washed

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But will you be fine in 2 weeks?

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when he give her the d

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Really glad. Many happy years to you and yours.

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Le Renard

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Same, and I'm still suffering from the neurological complications every day.

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do you write notes, anon?

"I write [ideas] down so I don't commit suicide later having forgotten the idea. I've forgotten probably two or three major ideas, and it'll make you sick, just horrible. Write the idea down. You'll say: I'll never forget this idea. Ah-uh: you can forget them." - David Lynch

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I only write down my dreams

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yup i have multiple notepads filled with ideas and theories of poetry and painting. i recently came to the conclusion that art is about indirection of emotion through the use of various devices. like metaphor or personification in poetry or, line and shape and color in painting.

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Where can I pirate it?

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Openoffice.org (from Apache) has less features but I found it a lot more usable than Libreoffice
That being said yeah there is a distinct lack of decent open source word processors... nobody in "the community" has patience to actually make the base features work consistently and the UI to use common sense
Check ebay for a retail (legal) copy of Word 2003 or Word 2007, they support all the features you will ever need; truly the high point of IT, it was all downhill from there

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>Word 2003
Btw dont use it in Windows 10 (will not be able to open docx), it only works flawlessly only in Windows 7... Word 2007 works on both

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i use Vim for everything.

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pencil and paper. pen is for dorks.

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I may not use emacs or vi(m) but I use Midnight Commander exclusively as a file browser... and MCEdit that comes with it is just delightful (can have custom colors too!)
MC is probably the single greatest non-networked utility software ever made

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What is the best ePub reading app for shellphones? I want to stay incognito while reading in public.

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Ok well you are GAY.

Read physical book, new age nonsense like “audiobooks” and “books on an e-ink reader that’s basically the exact same thing as a book” are BAD

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its better to blend in

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Librera reader is the goat for android imo.
can even reflow PDF.

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Moon+ Reader Pro. You can download a free apk on android. It has a ton of very well thought out features

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What is the best ePub app for shellphones? I want to read in public, but without a book or a kindle so I can stay incognito.

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They is four things that can destroy the earth, he said. Women,
whiskey, money, and niggers.

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Can be summarized in one thing: Jews
- Women who are brainwashed by feminism and whore culture promoted by Jews.
- Whisky and vices promoted by Jews in otherwise healthy places.
- Money? Do I need to say more?
- Niggers who are pushed into our countries and media/entertainment by Jews

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>ummm... Well, if you work you waste your life mkay?

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How is it irrelevant

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The more intelligent you are the less likely you are to work. It's literally an IQ test.

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You just get bigger preocupations the higher your position is, the retarded worries of the simpleton and the mighty concerns of the emperor himself are just the same kind of stone sinking your life, one more august than the other but the same.

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You did not answer the question.
How are pay and hours irrelevant? How do they not make or break a job?

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>I fuck around, therefore I find out I exist
Wow, who would have thought

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BAP mentions Jünger, Mishima and Homer a lot and he points out the importance if being in the military for coming of age. I’m looking for other works in the same vein

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Browns have entered the chat

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do eet