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How schizo and autistic is it to read in a park?

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Why do you need to know? It's always autistic to read where other people can see you. It screams, "PLEASE NOTICE MEEEEEEEEE!"

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It's not, it's very comfy.
It depends. Reading on the bus may look tryhard but it's better than wasting that time in other ways. Reading in the middle of a crowd is retarded, but there is nothing wrong in reading isolated in a park.

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Nah. Nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy nature (that isn’t just your backyard) while reading.

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Nothing at all wrong with it in most context.

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I wrote a short story for a competition my university is organizing.
I am hoping for the first prize for the 500 bucks promised, you could say I'm a mercenary writer.
Jokes aside, this is my first "serious" text, and so I kind of shoved every idea that means something to me inside it, be it in a throwaway sentence or in a serious paragraph. But it's just 8 pages and I feel like I heavily saturated the text, it has become schizo tier, everything is basically a metaphor for something and I feel like I should tone it down a notch or two.
Can there less be more? Can a text with less ongoing themes be more meaningful than one chock full of them? Or should I just go ahead and send my unfiltered, unrepentant ramble and hope for the best?
Upon a second read, for the first time ever, I don't feel like cringing at my own words, so that's a good sign at least.

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Of course it can be too much
Thats like saying can a lecture or conversation with fewer ideas be better
A conversation with an scholar about a singke idea might be more insightfuk than a conversation with a schizo about everything that comes to his mind
Ujity is an important thing in a text and especially in a short story economy is crucial, the reader getting the feeling that you said nothing more nothing less than the necessary
Each oart should be reinforcing the other
That being said if youre really good you can pull it off

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Yeah, maybe I should cut down on the pretentiousness and remove a few sentences that make me feel really smart but don't fit too well where they are placed.

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I fully support Peter Jackson’s removal of Tom Bombadil … however, the consequent absence of the Barrow-wight from the movie is tragic … why did Tom have to take everything good down with him?

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For discussion, please post your age, occupation, and favorite Barrow-wight moment.

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Didn’t further the plot and the film was already so long he had to cut a lot out

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Late that afternoon the high sheriff of Sevier County with two deputies and two other men crossed the field from Willy Gibson’s old rifle shop where they’d left the car and crossed the creek and went up the old log road. They carried lanterns and coils of rope and a number of muslin shrouds on which was stenciled Property of the State of Tennessee. The high sheriff of Sevier County himself descended into the sink and surveyed the mausoleum there. The bodies were covered with adipocere, a pale gray cheesy mold common to corpses in damp places, and scallops of light fungus grew along them as they do on logs rotting in the forest. The chamber was filled with a sour smell, a faint reek of ammonia. The sheriff and the deputy made a noose from a rope and they slipped it around the upper body of the first corpse and drew it tight. They pulled her from the slab and dragged her across the stone floor of the vault and down a corridor to where daylight fell against the wall of the sink. In this leaning bole of light, standing there among the shifting motes, they called for a rope. When it descended they made it fast to the rope about the corpse and called aloft again. The rope drew taut and the first of the dead sat up on the cave floor, the hands that hauled the rope above sorting the shadows like puppeteers. Gray soapy clots of matter fell from the cadaver’s chin. She ascended dangling. She sloughed in the weem of the noose. A gray rheum dripped.

In the evening a jeep descended the log road towing a trailer in the bed of which lay seven bodies bound in muslin like enormous hams. As they went down the valley in the new fell dark basking nighthawks rose from the dust in the road before them with wild wings and eyes red as jewels in the headlights.

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Holy fuck, Tolkien BTFO.

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Adulthood is realizing they were right.

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>wakanda forever

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>nooooo you can’t be a sensitive daydreaming poet-aristocrat you have to work and start a family and socialize
How do I respond, bros?

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disregard them, go in the woods where you cant hear their squawking

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JK Rowling made billions simply by sitting down and writing a children's story. Yet you can even make a million with the entire cumulative knowledge of the human race at yours. Why not anon? Do you not have what it takes to be "great"?









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This website only retains shit

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Publishers keep rejecting my fantasy novel with an incel character.

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Vladimir and Estrogen on suicide watch
Has anyone mogged Samuel Becket this hard?

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Jedi Purge edition

Previous thread:>>21825662

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)



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I can't think of a single book that I'd recommend, except for the new Tolkien stuff but that doesn't really count

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Its quite good. Its hard to really explain why without major spoilers. Its nothing fancy but its a very good NARRATIVE. A very tight plot, despite containing fucking time travel.

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How much gayshit?

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Precicely zero homosexual relationships.
In the second book, theres a set that kind of drags on for a little bit. Idk, what else would you consider gayshit?

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Bakker is King.

Simple as.

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Jedi Purge edition

Previous thread:>>21825662

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)



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>mfw Star Wars EU under Disney

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Jim was queer. He could do nothing right at all; he was queer at his workplace, queer with his customers, queer with his finances, queer when he drove in his car, he queered his reports and queered his pitches, indeed: he was queer when he interacted with anybody indeed.

One day the word was redefined to mean "homosexual" but Jim queered even this, as he queered being a homosexual by not managing to put his penis into a males excrement channel.

Jim one day attempted to use the reefination to his advantage by pursing legal action against a colleague who consistency called him out for queering his work and hurting the business of the company by queering things, but Jim queered even this, "well," he had said to the magistratum, "i am not actually a sodomite," and the case had collapsed.

Jim found himself one day strolling through the local horti and erupted all of a sudden into song,
"gosh help me, I am queering all I do,
gosh help me, I want to be like you,"
and he sang this over and over and as he sang he approached random persons, who seemed as if they were not queering themselves, and shook them by the shoulders with tears in his eyes.

Soon enough he found himself facing down the maw of a religious zealot who believed, in error, that Jim wished to rid himself of rectophilia, and so he dragged Jim warmly by the hand, with much gaiety, to the cult shack of his sect and set about blasting Jims ear lobes and scrotum with electrical charges from his car battery, hollering out invocations to his local god as he did so.

And to this day, when the lights flicker somewhat in your factory floor or residential quarters, you'll know that the voltage disruption is being caused by 7 terrawatts being momentarily channeled into Jims testes.


kal. aprilis

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n.b. if you find yourself pursing legal action, perhaps due to a reefination, you ought slap yourself about the face immediately and reconcile yourself to the reality that coral reefs are meant to die, much like an urban polity situated by the watersmeet.

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How did he do it? How did he elevate fantasy genre from children's shit to whatever the monster asoiaf is?
>but muh new sun
Boring schizo shit

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Honestly keeping his world building lazy and simple with names that are barely different than irl names and intuitive place names etc really helped the mass appeal. And starting the conflict out as simple family drama while keeping the big fantasy stuff on the periphery was a good choice too.
nobody wants to open a book and be greeted with autism like this

>One cannot raise walls against what has been forgotten. The citadel of Ishuäl succumbed during the height of the Apocalypse. But no army of inhuman Sranc had scaled its ramparts. No furnace-hearted dragon had pulled down its mighty gates. Ishuäl was the secret refuge of the Kûniüric High Kings, and no one, not even the No-God, could besiege a secret. Months earlier, Anasûrimbor Ganrelka II, High King of Kûniüri, had fled to Ishuäl with the remnants of his household. From the walls, his sentries stared pensively across the dark forests below, their thoughts stricken by memories of burning cities and wailing multitudes. When the wind moaned, they gripped Ishuäl’s uncaring stone, reminded of Sranc horns. They traded breathless reassurances. Had they not eluded their pursuers? Were not the walls of Ishuäl strong? Where else might a man survive the end of the world? The plague claimed the High King first, as was perhaps fitting: Ganrelka had only wept at Ishuäl, raged the way only an Emperor of nothing could rage. The following night the members of his household carried his bier down into the forests. They glimpsed the eyes of wolves reflected in the light of his pyre. They sang no dirges, intoned only a few numb prayers. Before the morning winds could sweep his ashes skyward, the plague had struck two others: Ganrelka’s concubine and her daughter. As though pursuing his bloodline to its thinnest tincture, it assailed more and more members of his household. The sentries upon the walls became fewer, and though they still watched the mountainous horizon, they saw little. The cries of the dying crowded their thoughts with too much horror. Soon even the sentries were no more. The five Knights of Trysë who’d rescued Ganrelka after the catastrophe on the Fields of Eleneöt lay motionless in their beds. The Grand Vizier, his golden robes stained bloody by his bowel, lay sprawled across his sorcerous texts. Ganrelka’s uncle, who’d led the heartbreaking assault on Golgotterath’s gates in the early days of the Apocalypse, hung from a rope in his chambers, slowly twisting in a draft. The Queen stared endlessly across festering sheets.

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Bakker is infinitely more based though, and I think both are mid.

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He took his edgelord hat wearing fantasies and wrote them out while including many edgy things like graphic sex, violence, eunuchs and concepts such as bastards and retarded jesters. All amazing bait for nerds who number in the millions at this point in time

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The simple, boring prose also helps for people with low attention spans and poor reading comprehensions. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say he elevated it. Maybe he helped make it popular and that’s about it. Elevated texts are usually much better than what’s in his novels.

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It isn't anything to do with him. It's the overall demographic who he was writing for. Millenials are mentally children. When Tolkien was writing, make-believe stories with elves and dragons were still for children, but the adults were mentally mature, unlike millenials.

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I’m interested in learning about Buddhism as it is practiced in east Asia. Whenever I look for info on Buddhism, it’s pretty strictly “here’s what Buddha himself taught” or “here’s how you can learn to meditate.” I’m not interested in that. Think of it as an anthropological interest. What should I read?

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hey mods
http://b-ok.cc/ has been seized by the FBI
remove the link from the sticky

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Why don't you kill yourself already? Faggot.

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>Brandon Sanderson of the medieval times

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Can I start with Gravity's Rainbow or should I read V. and Lot 49 first?

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Thanks! Almost done with the Jest myself, actually.

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I really liked Infinite Jest, it’s humour is probably one of it’s greatest strengths but compared to Pynchon’s GR it’s so obviously over compensating and ‘MFAish’, but I’ve read some great readings on /lit/ that said this itself was an intentional dimension to the work in order to reflect upon the end of authenticity in our current era where everything is dominated by this sort movement away from the romantic Dionysian spirit

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just jump into GR, i actually finished it yesterday. it's a fun time. there's plenty of resources to help you through it too

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You should read lot 49 before GR

>> No.21833432

You can start with GR if you want but I would start with V. because characters from V return in GR and it will help you get used to his style better. Also V is great too.

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Thanks for clearing that up, Karl

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Now tell chatgpt to rewrite that with complex marxist jargon.

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>boomer thread

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Thing, American = Imperialism
Thing, Not-American = Anti-Imperialism

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This post gave me cancer

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>The dialectical analysis unequivocally establishes the manifestation of American imperialistic tendencies which oppresses the proletariat masses both domestically and internationally. Thus, the categorical imperative arises to align oneself with any state that openly opposes the American hegemonic presence, regardless of its actual socio-economic characteristics, as such opposition inherently signals a socialist ideology that is inherently aligned with the noble tenets of utopian egalitarianism.

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What does /lit/ think of The Bizarchives: Weird Tales of Monsters, Magic, and Machines?

For those who don't know, it's a relatively new pulp fiction book series, with each book being a collection of original short stories, typically in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror, and in the style of "weird fiction" as made popular in the golden age of pulps.

You can find it on Amazon or at thebizarchives.com.

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What’s with the zombie Lazarus? For the most part, the book is very spiritual and thought-provoking. Zombie Lazarus just seems sort of out of place, it’s very juvenile and inexplicable

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