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What is the meaning of the intervowen snakes symbol that we see in every culture?

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DNA, bucko

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Anon, those are not snakes.

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There should be an /hm/ thread about it.

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Fuck sorry meant to post on /his/

I know that's what spurred my interest. The rendering here doesn't make sense unless you specifically wanted to create a similar pattern as the one the intervowen snakes represent

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What's the difference between a coffee table book and a 'real' book?

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shut the fuck up

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Books are meant to be read. Coffee table books are meant to be looked at.

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Stfu samefag, quit being a schizo

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Any discussion and argument made by a materialist will ALWAYS be in bad faith, because materialists hold no real conviction
The fact that materialism does not logically lead to nihilism is proof that materialists hold un-materialistic beliefs (even the basest of moral judgements fits here) that precede their actual "philosophy"
For example, say you ask the materialist this question: if gender is a social construct, why should trans people be seen as anything other than idiots who see gender as the trap it is, but still fall for it?
It's not that they can't answer this question, but their first instinct will be to redefine some term of the question asked as to allow trans people to be heckin' cute and valid, instead of analyzing their philosophy and the placement of trans people in it
They hold the value "trans people good" before the basics of their "philosophy", therefore they are engaged in a framework that they don't recognize and "materialism" is just a code they attribute it post-hoc
This is why debunking any materialist philosophical term is useless, they will just redefine it to mean whatever the framework they already believe in and deny that framework's very existence as a philosophical proposition or otherwise

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You talk like a child, or a woman.

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What exactly does trans have to do with materialism?

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I'm very based what can i say

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karl marx said gayness in general was borgoise fun.

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What did he mean by this?

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he's outing himself as a macho rascist.

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hey Beter

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Wtf is Kantbot even doing. I got a message from him yesterday begging people for tech help that he couldn't pay for and that would never lead to being paid but couldn't be treated as a side project either. Fucking interview Moldbug he is handing out interviews like candy.

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How do you find obscure books?

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Do you mean find as learn about or buy/pirate?

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Learn about

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Turn the lights on

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>talk with well-read people
>read wikipedia article about whatever
>read wikipedia article about your favs authors
>read introduction/footnotes of books (especially with erudite authors)
>read anthology with obscure subjects
>hang around in used books stores and pick up books that you don't know about
>sometimes /lit/
>read literary essays
>actually read what you find
that's pretty much it I think

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Ok so basically - Herder but Russian Orthodox?

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he's a larping chaos magician

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Russian Guenon. World-level philosopher. Every traditionalist and convervative should read at least one of his books.

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His ideas are actually common sense, especially if you look above the enforce modernist dogmas.

Although anyone to dare define and publish such works, deserves recognition.

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Homer probably existed, Ossian most definitely did not

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It's almost like Homer Simpson, haha!

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>Homer probably existed, Ossian most definitely did not
Very unlikely since hundreds of places in the Highlands are named after Ossianic characters and some of Ossian himself.

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I need book recommendations that addresses the long term effects of seperation. But in a poetic way not corny and sentimental. I want to know about that feeling, there is no real information about it and I kind of am going through someting.
It can't be that there is no literature about it.

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a muscial example would be "Martha"

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separation of who from whom? lover from lover? friend from friend? father from son?

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Is it worth it?

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What’s his endgame?

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Stay out of my hallway, LOTR faggot

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Think about it logically

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I can’t. his machinations are too complex for my smoothbrain

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to legalize gay marriage in middle earth

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You probably have a daughter

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More authors like borges? He makes me curious about the unknown mysteries the world holds and magic secrets, like I’m a kid again.

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>unknown mysteries the world holds and magic secrets, like I’m a kid again
I might get shat on for this, but Murakami (the Haruki one)

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Marcel Schwob.
Wonderful short story write and a major influence on Borges (the most obvious one I can see at least). Very erudite too.
>He makes me curious about the unknown mysteries the world holds and magic secrets, like I’m a kid again.
Not like Borges, but these books might also interest you:
>The adventurous heart - Ernst Jünger
>Species of Spaces - Georges Perec
>Invisible cities - Calvino
And most importantly, read poetry anon.

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>we must create unity, and holy warfare is obviously the best way to do so
>here, I’ve written a book with the literal word of God, make sure not to write down anything besides it, such as libraries filled with every single possible way to interpret it
>also, don’t revere me to the point of godhood, like declaring me perfect, imitating everything I did or say, or making it illegal to criticize me. That way my movement of unity, universality and oneness won’t split in two the very moment I drop dead
Was this all an Andy Kaufman-esque prank? Was Muhammed actually a secret atheist out to demonstrate the absurdity of religion?

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>unironically thinking it was the first expedition because this is known as the first
>what is the qibla and when did it change
Amateur hour

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Based Messenger making christshits seethe in this life and the next

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I'm not gonna argue semantics with you, retard. It is the first military action taken by Muslims in their history, call it a battle or an expedition, I dont care.

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i like the argument that the Koran is authentic BECAUSE it's an insane, garbled mess

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You fucking imbecile. You actual retard. During the first seven expeditions, no battles took place. This is actually extraordinary. During the first expedition, it says it was aimed at the Quraysh. He didn’t actually encounter them. This is such a classic mistake. During the first seven expeditions, very little interesting stuff actually happens, apart from side activities where no actual blood is spilled.

I seriously thought you were going to say the second one, when the first arrow was shot, or the third one, when the first banner is flown, but you actually went with the prototypical wikipedia scholar answer, and went with the first. Perfect. You’re an idiot

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Reading `By Night In Chile`, 2/3s done; liking the writing style a lot.
What other pieces forgo the annoying and predictable book/tome/part/charper/section/subsection/paragraph-paradigm and go for another approach?

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Virginia Woolf comes to mind, and although I haven't read any of his work, I hear that László Krasznahorkai's writing style is in that style too

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Dunno why Wagner gets talked about so frequently here. I've not read anything by him and his more prominent works are boring, although I've never taken to opera or romantic anything. Defo nothing like a 10h Sorabji piece that's technically difficult and long.

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>Wagner wasn't technically difficult and long

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ye I love masturbatory technicality with no musical worth

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My point was that it was more than Wagner. The influence of Tristam Shandy on the modernists is obvious and well documented. During the 19th century and you can see its use in literature slowly increasing as the century goes on until the modernists hit and wrote works based around the technique instead of just using it here and there. It was coming regardless of Wagner, he certainly played a role but attributing it to him is a little silly. At most you could call him the tipping point.

>Dunno why Wagner gets talked about so frequently here.
We have a few Wagner autists.

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>French "philosophy"

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Enderton does a good book on set theory.

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Gtfo my board then you're the only dumbass here tonight.

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I disagree. Camus is obviously not the most profound philosopher but I think he's good at what he's aiming, I see him as kind of a first step into philosophy lived in relation to the world. He's not building a very complex system, and he doesn't pretend to. He's trying to tell you that things can be alright and can work out, and I think he succeeds in doing it. He's not the end game, he isn't supposed to be, but his philosophy makes sense and is helpful without being a cope (i.e. pretending things are not the way they are). That's why I like him.
Voltaire now, I would barely call him a philosopher, he's more a polemist and a "thinker". True his system of thoughts is not great, but as a polemist, he is excellent and it's no wonder he was so well-known during his life. As such I would call him "based" even if I don't agree with the man, because it's always enjoyable to read someone shitting on everything he can lays his hands on (in a funny manner).

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>Montaigne, Baudrillard, Maistre, Girard

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based list but it's a bit weird reading the name of de Maistre between Baudrillard and Girard

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lol just imagine

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>Charles Ponzi?

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>>Charles Ponzi
Top fucking kek

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>Rand opens the argument with furious rambling about something, this is side effect of her feeling inadequate and insecure next to her oponents
>Hemingway tries to react, however Rand just starts talking over him loudly
>Hemingway starts beating Rand out of frustration
>Orwell tries to stop Hemingway, gets hit couple times, doesnt achieve anything and walks out with frustration, mumbling something under his nose
>For the whole duration Kafka autistically sits with hands on his knees and watches silently, nodding or smiling occasionally

No idea who those two remaining faggots are

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why is plebbit like this?

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necrotic as fuck, no thanks

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Just bought this.
What am I in for?

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historical illiteracy, if his previous work is anything to go by

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Let's use basic empiricism
>Author of collapse
A fictive account of a collapse that didn't occur the way the author claims it did
Eastern Islanders actually figured out a way to subsist and farm without trees which were destroyed by rats that they introduced into the environment through sailing
>Guns, germs and steel
Even Reddit thinks this book is retarded, should tell you enough
So it's only fair to assume that this book is also retarded

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>hating on Jared Diamond
One of the main symptoms of midwit

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Name me one good reason to read him

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Making Schopenhauer's soul seethe

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So you can become a Hegelian wizard. Demystify the totality of human social relations into the negative and shape it with your newfound magic.

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>capitalism bad
Any contemporary literature that is not based on this idea?

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White Fragility

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Tom clancy

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What's his FUCKING problem?

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Would you want to have to deal with Jewish whining all day?

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Gutted my parents had me circumcised simply because an imaginary being commanded the practice to a fictional character.

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Ah, you mean Yaldabaoth.

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Da Joos.

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Ah, you mean Chronos.

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