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What are your favourite Christian poems? Christian poetry thread.

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>authors you love with all your heart but refuse to acknowledge because plebs ruin everything

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The /midwit's curse is not on himself, but on others. A midwit should see his pseud-ness for what it is, a treasured prize that allows him to be successful in society and be well-off under late capitalism, even the alienation or depression he may suffer is always one dimensional due to his filthy pseud mental capacity, this is unlike the alienation that can be felt by a genius

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What does /lit/ think of Werther? Finished this a couple weeks ago and honestly loved it. Maybe just because of Goethe’s flowery writing and I’m a romantic faggot.

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Therapeutic and instructional. Also incredible prose.

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It's decent. I don't see how it influenced people to kill themselves. Maybe I need to read it in German.

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It was another time.

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which edition should I read?

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I personally really liked the Penguin Classics (Hulse) translation but that’s just me

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>300 pages of a guy sucking God's dick

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>that blurb

It can be construed to mean that the woman's translation is shit. It wasn't meant that way but still, one must be careful with language.

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Waint, are you telling me that Augustine could've been a Gnostic chad but he voluntarily decided to become a Christcuck? lmao

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Faggot take. Consider suicide.

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You're a retard, there were ecumenical councils, one bishop doesn't have the power to "convert" Christianity.

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You misread what I stated if you think that I believe Augustine outlawed Manichaeism in Rome instead of the emperor Theodosius I as a result of the Synod of Gangra, so I'll restate my post: Manichaean monks being put to death for their religion by Roman authorities is mostly why Augustine adopted Christian beliefs and later converted to Christianity.

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I finished Ulysses a while back, and to prepare for that I was advised to first read Dubliners and Portrait of the Artist (as they essentially are the prelude to the narrative of Ulysses), and to also read Hamlet, the Odyssey and the Inferno, as Joyce draws on them quite substantially in his allusions and symbolism.

What are the books that one should read before Finnegans Wake, so as to fully appreciate the book? I want to write notes like pic related.

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and even then you'll only get like 5% of the references in the book

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I've actually seen that list before. Pretty cool compilation but the actually book within which it's contained had kind of a goofy thesis, with respects to the 26 authors he said were canonical. Like

>Samuel Beckett
>George Elliott

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Sentence 2 - 3 is that Aristophanes's The Frogs

that's all I got

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Why are twitter users so anal about the internet archive’s library

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at least ken jennings didn't beome a total faggot

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If I ever become an author I’m going to make my works accessible to all, profit be damned.

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if you become popular and set up a patreon you'll get more money than you would have otherwise anyway lol

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Probably. Most of the authors who are fuming at IA right now probably got fucked over by their publisher and lick their boots to try to justify and cope

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What is on the internet archive that's copyrighted? I thought it was all public domain stuff?

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Opinions on this book please and tell me if it's even worth reading or if it is entertaining in any way.

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I found it entertaining and hilarous.

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Shock value/10

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If you want to experience the end result of Enlightenment thinking, it is worth reading.

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it degenerates into a bare carcass towards the end of circrle 1 (out of 4 ) as it's unfinished. shock value dulls with every new mention of shit and assholes.
heard Justine is much better

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How are you going?

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last year I read 12 books, this year I wanted to read double that since I had just started reading more seriously, currently I am at 6 books

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Anyone read this?

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marijuana doesn't come in stone form

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I’ll start

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it's just some wacky edgy shit for teen edgelords. whatever.

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Fucking dumb a24 kiddie lol

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The first and only Hollywood movie to accurately represent the leftist mindset.

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No, it's one of the best Westerns ever. Don't be a r*dditor.

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No, Jodorowsky is explicitly occultist. There is certainly meaning to it.

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So I made a post a few weeks about this novel, "Possession: A Romance" by A.S Byatt. I mentioned that I was starting it and wondering if peeps had any opinions. Alas, no one replied. Well, I finished it and I must say, it is one of the best reading experiences I've had in a while! The poetry that's in the novel is so good and could easily be put in a collection of Robert Browning, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Emily Dickinson, and Christina Rossetti! The prose is strong, blending dense metaphors with a poetic nature. Once again, I ask, if anyone has read this book, or any other works by A.S Byatt, and whether they enjoyed "Possession: A Romance" or any of her other novels. Even criticisms or annoyances are welcomed!

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sorry bud, no one on this shit board reads books by women

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i read them sometimes but have'nt read this one

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>sorry bud, no one on this shit board reads books

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books are shit

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Then you came to right place

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I hate life. When does God start giving lectures on philosophy where he explains everything?

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How's /b/ doing these days? Still just a bunch of porn?

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OP here. /lit/ is the only board I've ever posted on. I post here all the time, and I've never read a book I wasn't assigned for school. I hate books and reading. I'd rather make threads on here and talk about literature.

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It's my favorite type of literature. From There Will Come Soft Rains to Hopscotch (by Cortazar). Shit that makes you doubt if things are real at all and why we are here. Basically, the perfect mix between surrealism and existentialism.

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wake the fuck up. you reading finnegan's wake? you relaly gonna read a book called o'hoolihan's funeral? or infinite jest? Lotta: Laughs the book?

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>favorite writers
George Orwell
Aldous Huxley
Thomas More
Edward Bernays
J.D Salinger
Stephenie Meyer
John Green

>favorite philosophers
Karl Marx
Vladimir Lenin
Albert Camus
Adolf Hitler
Max Stirner
Friedrich Nietzsche
Ayn Rand
Muhammed the Prophet
Rick Sanchez
Sans Undertale

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I’ll keep it short and sweet
>writers -

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How true is this book?

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might be fine if he weren't a neocon bitch to israel

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It dances around the JQ so it's worthless.

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>complains about mosques replacing churches
>is an atheist himself

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Is it finally happening? Are we about to enter the post-postmodern era?

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Yes, but it will be cringe and depressing. We'll have all the baggage of postmodernism's decadence, but without the comfortable material conditions that fostered them. So we'll face modern and premodern hardship with no comfort, only stupid horseshit that we memed ourselves into believing while nothing mattered.

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One of these

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I'm a narcissistic sociopath, what books do you think i would enjoy reading? Maybe something that i could relate to or written by a sociopath? Or something completely different really. Just give me some ideas, im bored will be stuck at home for a long time.

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Why are you self-isolating if you're a narcissistic sociopath. Also nice blog post, faggot

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I'm bed bound rightnow pretty much, also being one doesn't mean we all act 100% alike. I have only mentioned it cause it might affect reading, im not a psychologist but i assume i might relate to certain books different than other people would

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