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You guys are the only people I can relate to. I would probably hate to hang out with you guys because you seem like insufferable cunts in person (and you would likewise hate to hang out with me), but I love you all on a deeper level than I love anyone else I've met, besides my family. I truly believe that /lit/ is a necessary purgatory to reach the heavanly halls of literary greatness in the modern age. A lot of you are much deeper than you think you are. Here, enjoy a picture that I took of an effigy of Park Geun Hye on the day of her impeachment.

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Does anyone have a French/German version of this?
/int/ didn't hdlp me :(

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It's really hilarious that /lit/ talks about economics in that overly long, pretentious, incoherent continental philosophy way, where a company isn't just a company, it's a manifestation of capital's will to the Big Other formulated as a social construct among a decentralised cohomoligisation of labour in its 22nd most abstract form.

It's really hilarious watching /lit/ avoid mathematics and physics and any field where this type of verbal diarrhoea would get you dismissed out of hand. Wow, you're a free thinking intellectual who wants to get to the heart of things... oops, that field has maths in it or many definite answers that require an understanding of non-trivial models and theories to arrive at, what a coincidence, you happen to not like that field and avoid it completely!

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How do I confess to my mom that I'm a literary genius?

I have lived at home now for nine months and she's getting pretty sick of me "sitting around the house". I'm hesitant to tell her that I'm a genius though as I don't want her to feel guilty for mistreating me.

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interactive powerpoint presentation

aim for around a lean 30 minutes and make sure to allot 5 minutes or so after for q&a from the audience

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On some level this thought has actually crossed my mind. Not even joking

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Subjects on things like philosophy, legal thought, history, politics, logic etc.

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Soduku or other memory-enhancing puzzles, seeing as all you will be doing is regurgitating legislation and common law verbatim with low-to-nil critical or creative thinking involved

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Dao that can be talked about is not the eternal Dao itself;
A name that can be given is not the eternal thing itself.
The nameless existed
Before the birth of birth of Heaven and Earth - Universe;
The names which were given were after
The birth of All Things.
By the eternity of unknown existence
Comprehend the common essence of things;
By the eternity of Existence
Observe the apparent differences.
These two came from the same origin - the unknown,
But with different names.
They all are called the "profoundness",
Profoundly and profoundly it is the entrance
From which come all wonders.

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What do you want me to do?
I know I shouldn't have expectations and desires but what were your forbidden things when heavens forbid you made this thread?

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Can we get a free ebooks thread?

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>free ebooks
>implying there's any other kind

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> want to read Bruce Sterling's new book "Pirate Utopia"
> none of the online booksellers will sell it to me because ausfag
> search for free download
> twenty scam sites that try to plant malware through popups
> all ask for your credit card details so they can provide a "free download"
> avast shits itself in panic, "jesus h fuck dude don't go to these sites, they are AIDS with cholera"
> calm down a bit
> buy the epub from Bruce Sterling's site

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It's 2022-5 and you still can't use the internet to your advantage? lmao

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Any essays about how the tragedy ( greek, Russian etc)
Portrays and or reflects on reality ?

Really appreciated thanks .

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Take your homework and fuck off elsewhere shitstain.

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Why would you be so mad

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Did anyone read this? Is it good? What does it say?

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it's a spergy /pol/ rip off of Industrial Society and Its Future

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>"Hey, Anon, you made it! Gosh I'm so excited for our first date. Wait, first I want you to meet the people in my MFA class. Guys, this is Anon. He has an MFA too. I mean, I think he does. Where did you get your MFA from again Anon? You *do* have an MFA, r-right?"

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What the fuck is an MFA. Is that some American thing?

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Normally it's the americans who are retarded here. It's a Master of Fine Arts

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Subreddit male /fa/shion advice

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Guys, Robert Pirsig is dead. I was planning to read Zen and the Art Motorcycle Maintenance just after I finished what I am reading now... I'm sad. :(


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Is he 10' tall or is that a tiny bike?

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goodnight sweet prince

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I read about 200 pages of the book and realized that I just couldn't finish it. Reading it was a chore, though it wasn't the "spiritual" parts that caused me to quit. It was the metaphysics. I felt like he was trying to sell me on some theory that I had zero interest whatsoever in. Is it legitimate? Who knows? Who gives a shit, is a better question.

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>Zen and the Art Motorcycle Maintenance

I'm sure you can find a two paragraph synopsis somewhere, or a graphic novel version.
That's all you need.
One simple idea dragged out forever.
Good (but far from original) idea + pretty bad writing + no evidence of an editor = 3/10

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Does /lit/ enjoy His Dark Materials?
And eff the movie, burn it with fire.

I think the books are incredibly underrated and overlooked.

>be me
>11 years old, introverted outcast
>spend all my free time in school library
>find the subtle knife
>didn't know it was part of trilogy
>attempt multiple times to read it before borrow time runs out
>manage to finish it the next year
>borrows golden compass from public library
>complete it in a piece-meal manner this time
>buys amber spyglass
>like 15-16 at this point, and reading feverishly
>mind blown by entire book

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I managed to see a six- hour performance of the first book in Oxford a few years ago, it was really enjoyable, managed to capture the scale of the books very well.

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I'd sell my left nutsack to Kek to be you for those six hours. Truly envious my fellow anon.

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As a little kid I remember crying when I finished the series at the thought of them not being together. Definitely has a place in my heart.

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>“I'll be looking for you, Will, every moment, every single moment. And when we do find each other again, we'll cling together so tight that nothing and no one'll ever tear us apart. Every atom of me and every atom of you... We'll live in birds and flowers and dragonflies and pine trees and in clouds and in those little specks of light you see floating in sunbeams... And when they use our atoms to make new lives, they wont' just be able to take one, they'll have to take two, one of you and one of me, we'll be joined so tight...”
Shit's ass deep, bro

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I wonder whether or not they will meet again in the follow up trilogy. As much as my childhood fantasy wants them to be together, if it's not done well it might ruin the entire series

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What's the essential stoicism reading list beyond Meditations

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The bible is a compilation of stoic and eastern philosophy.

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What does Satan, the afterlife and striking down the infidel where you see him have to do with stoicism?

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Seneca's Letters
Epictetus' works

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read buddhist shit, it's stoicism to the core

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read ecclesiates

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Banned for quoting Joyce?

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Banned for frogposting, actually. Absolutely deservedly.

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no frogs?

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Simply fuck off.

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Who here /hatestirner/? His book was so trashy in content, I had to throw it away. If it was "philosophy" he was trying to impress upon me, the reader, he has failed utterly in this half-witted attempt. Would've burned the 'Ego and Its Own' but I was too lazy and apathetic to even give it a proper funeral.

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it's a great book if you consider it fiction

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I enjoyed it. Got any more Stirner erotica? It's a niche kink that doesn't get exposure anywhere else.

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Fucking narcissists, rrreeee

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The concept of narcissism is a spook.

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low quality bait desu, try being less obvious

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Just checking in after 6+ months, to see how many frogmen, IJ, Ayn Rand, ConfedDunces and Pinecone threads. Bonus points for "What should I expect?" Threads and "what I expected/what I got"
You never disappoint at disappointing, senpai

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my diary desu

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Hey, /lit/. What is the relationship between philosophy and being human? Does philosophy obscure what it means to be human through rationality? On the contrary, does it enrich our experience as humans?

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>philosophizing is the most uniquely human thing to do.
how did you come to that conclusion? because...
>No other creature, that we know of, can do it.
there are countless things no other creature besides humans can do

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>there are countless things no other creature besides humans can do

And? All of them require abstract thinking.

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>All of them require abstract thinking.
how many other creatures can go to the moon

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>All of them require abstract thinking.
how many other creatures can touch their opposable thumb to their middle finger by moving it above and over their index finger

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>All of them require abstract thinking.
how many other creatures can get HIV

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Will I never be able to appreciate this book because of my virginity? What are some other books for which this is the case?

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I'm in the middle of this right now. I'm pretty underwhelmed, what am I missing?

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I read this when I was like 15 and thought it was great. I was a virgin then and I'm still a virgin at 22.

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I read it while living the exact same impoverished sexually licentious expat lifestyle Henry Miller describes, and even then it was a pretty underwhelming book.

My diary will be better desu.

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Cunts! Pernod!

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