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When my girlfriend dumped me I decided to get really good at eating spicy food. I started by watching Hot Ones interviews and bought all the sauces to follow along; within a month the Last Dab wasn't doing it for me. Within three months I could get through ghost peppers without drinking anything to soothe the pain.
I hitch hiked to Texas and stayed in a sketchy motel, paying rent by winning hot food competitions in local bars and getting higher and higher rewards. A lot of guys who would laugh at me at the beginning of the night would end it in an ambulance, unable to handle the level of heat we had to ingest. I didn't make any friends, mainly because whenever people would start calling me tough I'd tell them Avril Lavigne was my hero and ballet was my favourite form of art. I started wearing a flower crown to competitions and a few people who lost to me attacked me, I think because they assumed the crown was an insult or something, I just thought it looked nice on me.
I moved to nicer and nicer motels and hotels until eventually I managed to get a place of my own with my winnings. CNN asked to do an interview with me and I told them no. Tons of old friends texted me, including my ex, but the texts piled up and I lost the will to reply to any of them.
One guy who lost to me came knocking at my door. He said he wanted to live with me to learn my ways and offered to do house chores as a way of thanking me. I told him there was no need to do any chores and we lived together for about a year. One time he asked me why I ate so much spicy food and I couldn't really answer with anything other than because I wanted to, after that he left to get married.
Recently I've been reading a lot about early modern Scottish history and it's really interesting. I've been invited to Japan to participate in a global hot food eating competition but I'm thinking of quitting all that to move to Scotland and do a history degree.

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True patrician literature. Only the most refined tastes allowed here.

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The Elliot Rodger of the early 20th century.

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Wrong. Eliot Rodger just wanted to get laid. = NOT patrician.

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What are some good cyberpunk themed books?

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cyberpunk 2077

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Why is it that modern art is a bunch of postmodern Marxist bullshit? Any books that will answer this for me?

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In regards to your pic:
Photography made realism as an art form redundant. New knowledge in psychology and the subconscious made it more interesting to experiment with patterns and colors without giving the brain a "conscious" picture to interpret.

In regards to your text: Research literally every one of these terms and go back to /pol/

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I'm looking for books. Did you not read the OP? I don't care about your shit opinion

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Arthur Danto but he's actually smart so you might have tough time reading him

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The camera really pushed conventional art to the wayside. There was now no longer any need to delicately paint certain settings because the camera can capture them in one quick objective frame. As a result, art became much more abstract. That's one reason anyway.

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Back to /po/

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What's the best evil protagonist in a fictional story?

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Best at what?

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Feeling pretty depressed and in despair about how absolutely meaningless and monotonous life is. Books for this feel?

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Just kill yourself, you spineless faggot


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Thanks, but where does having a spine factor into all of this? It's probably a phase and it's pretty awful but I'm 100% sure other people have gone through this and have written about this so I came here to ask for some literature that may give me some more perspective? Please explain what I have done wrong here, anon.

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When I ingest blotter
Thoughts flow like water

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What are some good books about knights and chivalry?

The types of books don Quixote would of read, ones that example Christian virtues, chivalry, meekness, bravery and honour

Also what is the best translation of sir Gawain and the green knight for someone not used to old English?

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>would of

Back to /r9k/, sweety

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Pretty much the basis for our modern idea of a paladin.

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Books on the GDR? Written in or outside the period? Fiction preferably, even better if they were banned or the author incarcerated.

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For some reason the red, yellow and black German flag (especially the GDR one) always reminds me of early 2000's backwoods South Armagh petrol stations. The kind of place that would have an attached off-license and sell red diesel.

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That's a pretty obscure feel but I can relate.

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Why do I never see MINDWEBS brought up here?


Radio /lit/ thread

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Only great covers allowed in this thread

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If only it wasn't a shit translation. Oxford is a million times better.

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What are your thoughts on this subject, /lit/?

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I just want to delve more into similar themes (youth, relationships, fright of loss, longing and coming-of-age/maturing flânerie).

Short story in question: https://m.dailykos.com/stories/2017/9/10/1697580/-Back-in-1982-I-was-selling-acid-at-Jim-Morrison-s-grave-that-s-when-I-first-met-Vladimir-Putin

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>"I was there too" – the philosopher

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A quick rundown of Fichte's early philosophy,

I. The world, in its present condition, is not ideal or rational, but it ought to become so through our striving as moral agents. Although what we now know in our experience is indeed posited by our rational activity, there always remains an extent to which the world is simply given, for we as finite beings do not have the power to create all of our experience. We can, however, diminish the given, and increase the created, content of experience as we approach the ideal of complete independence: total power over nature. We approach this ideal through concrete action, through making nature conform to our purposes.

II. The absolute ego, which posits all reality, is not a constitutive principle but a regulative ideal. It represents the ideal for moral action of the finite ego: absolute independence, complete causality over nature.

III. Knowledge arises from action or practice, not from contemplation or theory. There cannot be any reply to skepticism from a purely contemplative or theoretical standpoint, which only thinks about the world but which does not change it; rather, the problems of skepticism can be resolved only through action, through changing the world and making it conform to the demands of our reason.

IV. We cannot explain the possibility of experience according to theoretical reason but only according to practical reason. The fundamental principle for the deduction of experience is the self-consciousness of our freedom.

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>He rose and stood tottering in that cold autistic dark with his arms outheld for balance while the vestibular calculations in his skull cranked out their reckonings.

Is this what transcendent writing looks like? How does a human being get to this level?

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this guy succeeds in making me appreciate pynchon more.

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/lit/ brainlets physically cannot understand his writings
their feeble ape minds aren't up to the task

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>autistic dark

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start with the hindus

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I think he was an ayylien

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guy looks like someone squished a lion's head into an acorn shape and smoothed it out with makeup and caulk.

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Start with the Japs

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He was but not in the way you mean.

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start with the germans

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anons write an edgy sentence about pic related

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I don't mean people with out-there rhetoric. I mean people who disagree with the mainstream consensus on most issues, and will get violent to establish something different. I mean ISIS. I mean Bolsheviks. IJ had some interesting extremist characters, but I never felt that strongly for any of them.

There has to be more too it then showing their dependents (daughters w/ cancer, and so forth). I want them to be standalone likable, but also repugnant to the audience. Is this even possible?

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just make them human, it's very easy to understand why someone might have extreme opinions if you show some empathy

just be prepared that most readers won't understand and review bomb you, they need a protagonist to be squeaky clean these days

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I can't make ISIS and Bolsheviks 'human' because to me they simply aren't, consdering how they are promotors of white genocide

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that's why you're not a good writer

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>consdering how they are promotors of white genocide
OP, I don't mean to alarm you, but have you ever considered that you might be a political extremist.

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Make them part of a fictional extremist group first of all. Also, show the psychological, political, and economic pressures that turn someone into an extremist. There's a hidden side of extremism people don't see. Tear open the lid. Don't just make him a faceless creep.

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what the fuck was his problem?

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Needed a bigger cone.

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is correction good? thinking about picking that one up next

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I know the Guyer/Wood translation is the go-to, but it costs about 5x as much as the others so I'm wondering if I'll miss much by just picking up the Max Muller penguin book. I don't want to spend $40 on a paperback if there's any way to avoid it.

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Just make sure you dog ear a bunch of pages, work it like a baseball glove to give the impression of wear, and always walk with it so the cover is visible to those you pass.

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>and this court is none other than the critique of pure reason itself

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Don't worry I have the complete works of Aristotle, infinite jest and the god delusion duct-taped to by backpack so nobody can doubt I'm a real intellectual.

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>reading kant in translation

ahaha just give up already pseud

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