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Hayy Bin Yakdhan is the first philosophical novel. Have you guys read it? What did you guys think of it?

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A lot of you are lost sheep. There is a way home. Why aren't you searching for it?

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No such thing.

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Some homeless cunt gave me this in the street. It's his short story. What do you cunts think?

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I think you use the word cunt too often and this idiot is homeless for a reason.

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I like that every word is underlined. Adds a certain urgency to the writing.

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Fuck off cunt

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He's trying, dk if he has talent or not but he has some drive

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>“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." ~ Karl Marx
A Little History:
The concept of free sharing of technological information existed long before computers. For example, in the early years of automobile development, one enterprise owned the rights to a 2-cycle gasoline engine patent originally filed by George B. Selden. By controlling this patent, they were able to monopolize the industry and force car manufacturers to adhere to their demands, or risk a lawsuit. In 1911, independent automaker Henry Ford won a challenge to the Selden patent. The result was that the Selden patent became virtually worthless and a new association was formed. The new association instituted a cross-licensing agreement among all US auto manufacturers: although each company would develop technology and file patents, these patents were shared openly and without the exchange of money between all the manufacturers.
In the 1950s and into the 1960s almost all software was produced by academics and corporate researchers working in collaboration, often shared as public-domain software. As such, it was generally distributed under the principles of openness and cooperation long established in the fields of academia, and was not seen as a commodity in itself.
By the late 1960s change was coming: as operating systems and programming language compilers evolved, software production costs were dramatically increasing relative to hardware.
Software was not considered copyrightable before the 1974 US Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works decided that "computer programs, to the extent that they embody an author's original creation, are proper subject matter of copyright"
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, computer vendors and software-only companies began routinely charging for software licenses, marketing software as "Program Products" and imposing legal restrictions on new software developments through copyrights, trademarks, and leasing contracts. In 1976 Bill Gates wrote an essay entitled "Open Letter to Hobbyists", in which he expressed dismay at the widespread sharing of Microsoft's product by hobbyists without paying its licensing fee.
He invented copyleft, a legal mechanism to preserve the "free" status of a work subject to copyright, and implemented this in the GNU General Public License. Copyleft licenses allow authors to grant a number of rights to users but requires derivatives to remain under the same license or one without any additional restrictions. Since derivatives include combinations with other original programs, downstream authors are prevented from turning the initial work into proprietary software, and invited to contribute to the copyleft commons. Later, variations of such licenses were developed by others.

Free Software, Free Society is the communist manifesto of the 21st century!

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Commies get out

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Information wants to be free, in both senses of the word. Patreon and OnlyFans are anti-Internet.

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there's little money in free software by itself. literally every FOSS dev team either does it for free (like jannies) or money from big companies get dumped into the projects because the big companies make money off it (like gcc and clang)

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In the late 1960s, Stewart Brand founded the Whole Earth Catalog and argued that technology could be liberating rather than oppressing. He coined the slogan
>"Information wants to be free" in 1984
against limiting access to information by governmental control, preventing a public domain of information.
In 1998, the United States Congress passed the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act, which President Clinton signed into law. The legislation extended copyright protections for twenty additional years, resulting in a total guaranteed copyright term of seventy years after a creator's death. The bill was heavily lobbied by music and film corporations like Disney, and dubbed as the Mickey Mouse Protection Act. Lawrence Lessig claims copyright is an obstacle to cultural production, knowledge sharing and technological innovation, and that private interests – as opposed to public good – determine law.
In 2001, Lessig initiated Creative Commons, an alternative "some rights reserved" licensing system to the default "all rights reserved" copyright system. Lessig focuses on a fair balance between the interest of the public to use and participate into released creative works and the need of protection for a creator's work, which still enables a "read-write" remix culture.
The term “free culture” was originally used since 2003 during the World Summit on Information Society to present the first free license for artistic creation at large, initiated by the Copyleft attitude team in France since 2001 (named free art license). It was then developed in Lawrence Lessig's book Free Culture in 2004.
In 2005/2006 within the free-culture movement, Creative Commons has been criticized by Erik Möller and Benjamin Mako Hill for lacking minimum standards for freedom. Following this, the "Definition of Free Cultural Works" was created as collaborative work of many, including Erik Möller, Lawrence Lessig, Benjamin Mako Hill and Richard Stallman. In February 2008, several Creative Commons licenses were "approved for free cultural works", namely the CC BY and CC BY-SA (later also the CC0). Creative commons licenses with restrictions on commercial use or derivative works were not approved.
In October 2014 the Open Knowledge Foundation described their definition of "open", for open content and open knowledge, as synonymous to the definition of "free" in the "Definition of Free Cultural Works", noting that both are rooted in the Open Source Definition and Free Software Definition. Therefore, the same three creative commons licenses are recommended for open content and free content, CC BY, CC BY-SA, and CC0.The Open Knowledge foundation defined additionally three specialized licenses for data and databases, previously unavailable, the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and Licence (PDDL), the Open Data Commons Attribution License (ODC-BY) and the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).

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Do you guys read abridged books?

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I only read blinkist

One book a day

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nope. too long.

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No, why would you ever do that? If you want to know what the book is about, read a short summary. If you want to enjoy it in details, read the full version.

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Only the classics to show off my /lit/ cred, so that I don't have to waste my time on borderline-relevant stories about some old navy fags dying because reasons and women complaining about having easy lives

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TIL Stephen King was rarely sober while writing. He would drink a case of beer and did so much coke he had to put cotton balls up his nose to avoid bleeding on his typewriter. He also smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. Fucking based.

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>my thread doesn't get more than 5 replies
>books for this feel

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Great Scandinavian literature?
>Pic related

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What are some historical figures that people today love to shit on that are perhaps misunderstood, and what books are there that talk about their qualities?

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Adolf Hitler
Jesus Christ
Ronald McDonald

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Holy based, what Ronald RR McDonald bio is there?

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Why haven’t you finished it /lit/?

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I don't read fiction

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I-I finished the Pentateuch...

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Because you’re never finished reading the Bible

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I tried to go into it in earnest, but the more I read and discussed the more I realized the rabbit hole it leads down ends in mental slavery.

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Because it's so long, and reading it properly takes such a long time.

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Are Chapman's translations of Homer any good?

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Pls answer frens

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ah jeez I dunno anon why don't you judge for yourself or something

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Yes, obviously.

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I'm on this board, Anon, do you seriously think I read stuff desu

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It's the KJV of Homer translations
Take that as you will

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What did he mean by this?

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I'd rather shoot a moor on a blazing algerian beach and get guillotined.

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An idea that pops up a lot in Camus is that there is no way we can exist in the world without harming others. With this quote, we can ask “should I partake in the world at the expense of another, or kill myself?” He drinks the coffee

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He was an edgelord pseud who wrote like an angsty precocious 14 year old.

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>waaah! modern literature is so bad!

Okay, how do you plan to fix it, anon?

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Time travel to the next century and read whatever's still popular. That'll cut out most of the garbage.

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*21st, I'm a retard

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name a john green of the 19th century.


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>name a nabokov of 20th century

>name a tolstoy of 20th century

>name a dostoevsky of 20th century
He died in 1881.

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Books about losing a loved one?

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Rip pupper

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Is it good or shit? I have some interest in it but if it's all about empowerment or whatever I don't think I'll bother

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Now this is a contribution.

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Wait what?

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Obvious to anyone not afflicted with a high measure of autism, any "cool wine aunt" will have earned a gnarled & gruesome snatch so scarified & prolapsed that her drooping leathered labia appear as the glistening russet or tawny or ruddy colored heads of turtles or large-lipped freshwater fish or like the strange proboscis of an eyeless subterranean mammal adapted to gulping silt or high-sand ratio marsh mud in either its search for tiny arthopod-derived calories or else burrowing some sort of nesting cavern to rest its cock-weary scabbard flaps. Make no mistake, any cool wine aunt has been dicked-down & split apart & evidently pulverized open by long prying motions from exceptionally lengthy & pharmaceutically enhanced erections, slickly & snappily pistoning in & out of her roastie snapper the same as her dong-beaten brapper, their veiny & thick tumescences disappearing into the given cool wine aunt with the metronomic cadence born solely of great cardio-pulmonary conditioning, slap, slap, slap, pummeling cunt & cloaca with great steady vigor. Simultaneous penetrations, public perversions, emictions & eliminations upon the sweaty faces of paying wide-mouthed clients, the cool wine aunt becomes worldly of all high & low slutty things, cruising correctional facilities public parking lots for previously incarcerated males receptive to the rippling petals of her gaping beef flower as a welcome-back-to-society gift, or else descending into chemsex-fueled benders of nut butter-aided beastiality, emptying kennels of yet-tainted pups before hurling the once unclean creatures tumbling over the sides of bridges, overpasses & anywhere with a cliff face long enough to relinquish to nature the dogs that had so scandalously tasted the cool wine aunt's vaginal victuals, lapping & schlopping the high calorie treat all the while the writhing cool wine aunt's brapper & snapper are each firing their climactic flatus like tolling bells.

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Do you enjoy Ayn Rand's writings post-1940? You'll love this.

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books for this feel

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calvin and hobbes

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unironically "liveblog"

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Read philosophy it did it for me

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American Psycho

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>hmm... maybe if I use scientific words like serotonin and dopamine nobody will think my depression is self-diagnosed

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>I finished 2 books in the last 12 hours. 288 pages and 340 pages respectively.


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Haven't read jung yet planning on getting around to him.
This is true.
Audio book method as stated in>>16053254

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i see, still, i highly doubt i would be able to find philosophy audiobooks in my language.

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You can always try. I read in english so findings audiobooks isn't an issue

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Interviews with hideous men is a great book

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>Duke Ai of Lu consulted with Confucius, saying, "There's this ugly man in Wei named Horse Humpback. When men are with him, they can think of nothing else and find themselves unable to depart. When women see him, they plead with their parents, saying they would rather be this man's concubine than any other man's wife - this has happened at least a dozen times already! And yet he's never been heard to initiate anything of his own with them, instead just chiming in with whatever they're already doing. He has no position of power with which to protect their lives and no stash of wealth with which to fill their stomachs, and on top of that he's ugly enough to startle all the world. He chimes in with them instead of presenting anything new of his own, his understanding is limited to his immediate surroundings, and yet the men and women converge around him. I figured he must have something special, so I called him to my court to take a look at him. He was indeed ugly enough to astonish all the world. It took a few weeks before I could see him as actually human. But after a few months, I started to trust him. My state had no prime minister, so I offered the post to him. Looking trapped and put upon, he was vague and evasive when he finally responded, seeming to reject the idea. I was embarrassed, but in the end I prevailed upon him to accept control of the state. But before long he had left me and vanished. I was terribly depressed, as if a loved one had died, unable to take any pleasure in my power. What kind of man is this?"
Well, /lit/?

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Zhuangzi is based desu but it's really repetitive, all the vignettes have the same message over and over and over and over and over again

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It's 4chan? Extremely ugly, but you can't quit.

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>It took a few weeks before I could see him as actually human.

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