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Fiction or non-fiction, just post 'em.

>SOG - John L. Plaster
>Recondo - Larry Chambers
>The 13th Valley - John M. Del Vecchio
>The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien
>Chickenhawk - Robert Mason
>Hue 1968 - Mark Bowden
>Dispatches - Michael Herr
>Matterhorn - Karl Marlantes
>Fields of Fire - James Webb
>Iron Triangle - Douglas Edwards

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you already posted them all retard

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I started reading this after seeing people call it "a beautiful book" but it was just endless harangue about nothing at all, so now I doubt that anyone has read it to begin with.

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It's first chapter seemed so dull to me when I read it, but it picks up greatly.
It is literally a MEMOIR, as if the man wrote one. An excellent book.

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fucking hell
*its first chapter

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Old One died, a new shall be born.

Here is a short poem to initiate the sequence, titled: Here Is A Short Poem To Initiate The Sequence (written by a dyslexic)

My dog died two years ago, and since then
I haven't gotten much up to undoubling
my pawns as set as they are upon the board
which spends most of its time hovering
between suspended decisions, like: is today the day
I decide to pull the ripcord and annihilate
the Canadian government? Or is today the day
I decide to witness an eight car pile-up on the tollway
which will only happen as incidentally as anything else?
(We're still in the question portion of the questionnaire,
to air any grievances, please wait until page 12
where much space has been perfectly prophetically granted to you.)
No, I think today is the day that I decide
to pretend to be a cute little girl named Princess
and hop around on one foot because I stubbed my toe
on Mr. Rigor Mortis making a prolonged scene
stenchily on my carpet.

I copy and pasted this poem into a website called "writingtoIQ dot com"
it told me my IQ is 171

I find the claim quite risible
and true

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riddled in abstinence
expunges any forgotten records
as svelte in frame as they are necessary
and attitudinally illiterate

like the reign falling upon your windshield
which you've aligned for just a moment
with the manhattanhedged sun
withering along
without a share in the world

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"From birth we are brain-washed into conformity with the cage, taught to accumulate,
to shore ourselves up, to fear madness and death. Trapped in a constricting tangle of
language routines we tread a narrow circuit in the maze
We are told that chance will not take care of us, and that it is difficult to live
but work and seriousness are slums of delusion the garbage-heap of individuation has
no worth what is called life at the outer edge of patriarchy is a bleak box of lies,
drudgery, and anaesthesia blended with inane agony what matters about the outside of the
box is not just that it is the outside of the box, but that it is immense what matters is the
abyss, the gulf
* * *
They want us to fear death so much, but we can inhabit it like vermin, it can be our
space, in our violent openness to the sacred death will protect us against their
Fluent bodies (a digression on Miller) 93
exterminations, driven insane by zero, we can knot ourselves into the underworld,
communicate through it, cook their heavenly city in our plague."


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we can scamper in and out of the maze in a way they cannot understand,
during the first weekend of June
at half-past one on Sunday morning
deep in the crypt of the night
together with a fellow voyager in madness
i crossed the line into death
which is called Hell because the police control heaven
* * *
Melting shells drunk on our inexistence
torched in the flame of the sacred
we trudged though the burnt and blackened swamps of the shallows
testing the edge of the estuary
dripping brimstone from our boots
an immense ocean of annihilation stretched out before us
* * *
There has been a revolution in Hell
Satan hangs from a gibbet and rots
wreathed in the howls of anarchy
out there beyond the stars
the cold wind of zero rages without interdiction"


what are our thoughts on this passage?

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Edgy poetry with little substance

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>worship of zero and nothingness
Refuted by Parmenides (PBUH)

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>inhabit sacred death like vermin to protect ourselves against the fluent bodies of the patriarchy
this guy sounds like he's received nut like communion

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How do you learn to write good prose?

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what do i do if im shit at writing and dont have anything to write about? more than just 'i have no ideas lol' i mean genuinely nothing to express or write about

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I watched a lecture on him and find his story is pretty fascinating. I'm going to order the book on his letters but what else is there that I should read?

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If I tried to write a book like Infinite Jest would it be good?

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What are some great stories that take place in the Airport?

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start with the greeks

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What books are evocative of this vision board without being trashy genrefic

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Books on dealing with the disappointment of reality as you grow older? I mean the grand visions of the future I had, worldwide adventure, etc. when I was 19.

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a lot of times life is a flash of hope in youth and then putting up with absurdity till you die.

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Very well put in the simplest way. Although I still have hope.

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AHahah, just turned 19 today. My life is definitely just starting... anytime now.... anytime now.... anyt

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but let us be honest, if you havent put out one creation by the age of 21 you're done, enjoy mediocrity.

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Not Moby-Dick or the Odyssey

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>literally causes anarchy

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Sounds like these niggers want to bring back lynching. Im all for it. Lets necktie thiefs murderers homos and pedophiles.

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I really want to see one of these frizzy haired mulatto women with glasses go into the hood and attempt a “community intervention”.

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i hate weebs and japan in general so i'm looking for some books to affirm my nihonjin prejudice.

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Wypipo mad the asian man will replace them soon.
Stay paranoid, whitey

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This dude thinks Japan's societal ills would be cured by Christianity

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I'm White and I despise men who go for Asian women. They're all nerdy guys who want to stay weak rather than become strong.

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I won't convince anyone to like Japan or weebs, but it's sickening to see someone attack the best thing about the country: that it is the only country with authentic pagan worship from thousands of years ago. I'm sure they'd be a lot easier to fill with brown immigrants if they accepted your Abrahamic cuck religion, (((Zielenziger))).

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>He then tells us about Baudelaire, who very wittily translated the Prelude to Lohengrin into colors, but he was not a musician. And how could this theory be reconciled with transposition, musical pitch? Everything lies in the relationship of one key to another, he says. Much then about Baud, and Champfleury, those two delightful oddities. “Just as the divine principle can be seen as a negation of the world, such people are a negation of Paris, but only possible in Paris itself.”

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why wont they take the handses out of the pockets? what has its got in its pockets?

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How do I refute the five ways argument? I don't want to believe in a god but I don't know how to respond to it help /lit/

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How do I refute this two thousand year old institution which produced the world's greatest artists, thinkers, lawyers, scientists, and moral advocates and from those their best thinker?

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He doesn't actually make any kind of point so there is nothing to refute.

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>I don't want to believe in a god
kek retard. i can completely understand the atheist position, want of faith and all, but this is a 100iq cope. REPENT.

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the institution is self-refuting and the 5 ways argument isn't the institution. fuck off christnigger

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What is the best book about the universe?

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The Quran

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02 22 22 22

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Anyone read this. I think I’m gonna start shilling for the guy and I need to do some research

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you don't understand the financial system yet. this debt ceiling crap is all a publicity stunt, the only thing that matters is other countries switching to the yuan.

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I hope this faggot's favorite golf course sinks under water along with the rest of his shithole state due to the policies he supports. Thanks for sending millions and millions more violent and low-IQ shitskins to the west by failing to support environmental regulations against global warming you goddamn retards.

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So is anyone going to discuss the book or this just a sly political thread?

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>by failing to support environmental regulations against global warming
lol dumbass, the only way to stop them is to shoot a few of them. "pay for the hostages" literally never works.

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Never read a book that you know will be insignificant within 10 years. All political memoirs released during campaign season qualify as such. If you have a job with the campaign and need to read it for practical purposes you have an excuse. Otherwise don't bother.

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The pace is one canto a day. Read the canto, then come to the thread to discuss it tomorrow. Let me know if you're interested. I am participating myself

This is a discord for /lit/ poetry we might use in tangent. I will develop it if enough people are interested, otherwise I will ditch it

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Haven’t read it but the Hollander’s notes are so copious they are literally more text than the actual poem, and the translation was given an official aware by the City of Florence for its fidelity, beauty and erudition.

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I'm in. Based thread. "Ou Dante Ou NADA"

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Idiots who are faded/stoned. It's just older slang.

No really "lighted" basically means "guided", it's a verb not an adjective. The "yesterdays" "lighted"/guided fools to their death.

Remember lines in poetry aren't necessarily semantic units of their own, poetry is still (usually) grammatically correct English (more or less).

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thank you very much anon, much appreciated

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are self help books a scam?

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Don't read that, OP , it's too late for you now

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>are self help books a scam?
>pic of completely unrelated book

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I'm sure all of them have read it and given its program an honest try.

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Everything under the Sun in America is a scam.

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Not just America

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Are there any novels aimed at adults where animals are the main characters?

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I am a Cat and Reynard the Fox spring to mind

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Animal Farm...?

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Call of the Wild

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Watership Down

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