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Show me what you've written. I don't care if you write novels, short stories, poems, or shitposts. I want to read what you've written.

>inb4 "but it's not finished yet!"
I don't care. Show me what you DO have written.
>inb4 but I'm scared
I don't care. Let me read it anyway.
>inb4 "but you'll steal my IP and publish it under your own name!"
I don't have the means or energy to do that. Show me what you've written.

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You don't know what you're asking for kiddo

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The average French woman has a small library in her flat where she reads the great French lit giants and the classics. How does your country measure up?

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Simp culture needs to die. Acknowledging unmarried women should be punishable by beatings.

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tough but fair

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Chuds are closeted simps

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The average French woman also has sex with ~60 strangers per year, which is not something I wish to do

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Why so serious

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How did it sell 140 million copies? That's more than any Harry Potter book. The writer himself doesn't even know what the target demographic is.

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Because it was a good book

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since when do things work like that?

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So you think he killed himself or was he shot down?

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meant for >>22087021

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>I'm so glad I spent that time reading fiction

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I made a schizo image for your schizo thread

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What I want is to feel connected to the world, its remotest reaches and its winding collective history.

I think some people can get this through their practical life -- to be plugged into the global flows of capital and to cunningly manipulate some portion of those flows must be exhilarating.

But for me that connection is intensest in art. I can get swamped in the physical world for weeks, and then get reminded, through attentive reading when the conditions are just right, of the dismal narrowness of those past few frantic weeks compared with the mysterious compelling 'beyond' that art hints at, hitting me like an unexpected nightbreeze through an open window. Not a metaphysical beyond but the beyond of the world itself.

Otherwise everything feels like a screen, like an email inbox, and a few numbers temporarily increasing. And it's those thousand empty weeks of screens that will really be the deathbed horror.

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“We all know that the literary masterpieces died with the rise of the word processor right?”

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I love my typewriter. It's great seeing
what you type immediately on the page
It has a special way of enabling that
flow state.

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What is the modern equivalent philosophy of Legalism? I would like to read about it. Also rec any texts if you can.

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Xi Jinping Thought

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>most Americans read at a fifth grade level
How is this even possible? Aside from the whole education issue, it seems trivial for someone to get from that point to college level reading with just a bit of practice.

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That's only the literate Americans. Most Americans are functionally illiterate. So the average is probably more like a first grade level. Just enough to read road signs most of the time.

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Most people don't like reading and used Sparknotes or Cliffnotes to get through their High School books.

And haven't read since.

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>just a bit of practice
thas 2 much 2 aks lol

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The Modern Inheritor of Nietzsche and Freud.

Too bad the internet got brainwashed by SJWs.

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The best thing about Peterson is he gets people who arent worthy of association to become reactive and out themselves. He's a better media personality than the world deserves.

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his entire career btfo by one book cover

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>tricked by meme
If you're being retarded on purpose I have bad news for you...

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what do you mean?

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>The Modern Inheritor of Nietzsche and Homer*

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itt novels you weren't expecting to like so much

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I loved this too. It’s very dark so I’m surprised Disney adapted it. I also loved Les Miserables. One day I’ll get around to Toilers of the Sea

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I wound up going to his house, now a museum, and didn't realize all the stuff Victor Hugo wrote until it was all right in front of my face. I still haven't read any of his work, I'm a total poser.

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You get adviced against doing so by the agents themselves, action now now now for the adhd world

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Didn't he have sex with like 800 women?

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>just discovered Internet Archive
Almost all the books in the world free to borrow legally. Wow.

Captcha: OH0D0G

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>free to borrow
what does this mean?

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You log in with just an email and can read all the PDF books for 14 days or an hour, depending on the book

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anons i need to know, blood meridian or butchers crossing what is better? first comment i will decide byyyyyy

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Just play rdr2 dont bother reading

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Lol neither both are reddit tier.

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okay any other recommendations? i do think that books set in the west is pretty neat

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Finished reading this
What/lit/ thinks about it?
I thought it was very good i enjoyed from beginning to end. the mechanical hound is such an cool design i want to have it as a pet

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I think it's apparent that he expanded it from a hastily-written short story into a full book. The thesis is compelling, but many of the sequences feel unnecessary to support it. The characterization isn't that great -- particularly of the women, who feel especially like hollow plot devices -- but that's typical of Bradbury.

Not the best dystopian novel by far, but not bad.

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overall quite a weak book for anything other than commentary. There are many better entries in the genre

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>“We also know from industry reports year after year that the number of BIPOC authors being published hasn’t really budged since the 70s”, she added. “In fact, you can historically trace the years in which the number of Black authors being published in the US spiked to the years in which Toni Morrison was an acquiring editor, which is very depressing.”
Wait... /lit/ is wrong? Again?

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I said WHITE and UNCIRCUMCISED, they clearly are antonyms of "american".

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It's on my TBR, but from what I understand Yellowface also satirizes the faux-progressive shit in the publishing industry as well. Isn't the whole point that the book descends into progressive shit-flinging about a white woman 'inauthentically' writing about Chinese people, when it was actually stolen from a dead Chinese woman?
Not too surprised by the headline or the quote is my point.
That said, how the fuck do you count BIPOC numbers? How not-white do you have to be? Is someone who is 1/4 indigenous also a BIPOC?
And most importantly of all
This, but specifically mine.

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Babble was so bad pretty much psude: the novel.

>> No.22087048

Serious question, what is it about asian women specifically that makes redditor incels like >>22086967 and
>>22086896 crawl out of their caves? You never see it with white or black women posts. Any ideas?

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Starting to think, because of modern evolution of social trends.

I need like make my novel as webnovel, but more like following the twitter format.

Dunno, like keep a vertical short kind of block of text in a longitud similar to twitter.
Pretty doable in html and CSS with some basic div and flexbox type fo column.

I know this may be a sacrilege, if I copy the format of twitter for a novel and add some anime pictures.

But I think that format has a better chance to make it big than a wall of text straight from 19 century.

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Did Rupi Kaur teach you line breaks and punctuation?

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By allah what an unpleasant post to read

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i stole monte cristio and actually enjoyed it but i threw the wheel of time book at a nurses head

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Someone already edited it and it’s up currently. I would revert it but I don’t want to embroil myself in trolling like this and get my account banned.

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Makes sense why it’s so much better than the first.

>> No.22086930

the Internet was a Mistake

>> No.22086934

>She was fucking goofy
That joke appears in the first chapter of The Passenger. All makes sense now

>> No.22087043

On his page? I just looked and I don't see it?

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>the lady (prostitute) in pink at Uncle Adolphe’s when the narrator visits him is supposed to be Odette de Crecy even though she was already married to Swann with a child and left the prostitute business behind at this time


Boy, I hope someone got fired for that blunder.

>> No.22086877

Isn't it implied that she constantly cheats on Swann from day one? Not a blunder

>> No.22086892

Yeah, he discusses that in the comments and says he might be wrong. The thing though is that the lady in pink is there with a horse and carriage with red carnations which implies it might be some type of official capacity (brothel service) when even if she cheated on him in marriage, she definitely wasn’t doing it in an official way. Either way, he does raise a good point.

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Why haven’t you read the greatest piece of 20th century literature yet, anon?

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Been reading The Mirror, really not impressed.

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>book only has 270 ratings on Goodreads

Why should I care about this book when nobody else does?

>> No.22087015

Why are you Americans unable to refrain from checking other people's opinions on meme garbage-tier sites?

>> No.22087018

What do those people read now? Also don’t think anyone working in publishing is Jewish anymore

>> No.22087032

I wasn't checking anyone's opinions. I was checking the amount of times the book was rated.

Moby Dick was rated 536,000 times. This random book was rated 270 times. Why should I care about this irrelevant book that barely anyone has read?

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I haven’t read more than 5 books in my lifetime and they weren’t difficult to read books. Now I’m in my mid 20s and found something I’m very interested in but don’t understand 4-5 words on every page
Is this normal??

I’m reading The Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan and not only does he use vocabulary that I’ve never seen before but also uses so many scientific terms and names for people who are in certain professions that I’m not familiar with.

So every paragraph, I have to whip out my phone and quickly look up the definition to a word. Am I just stupid? I enjoy the book a lot otherwise but this vocabulary is out of my league.

Credulity, chauvinism, folly, syphilis, thalidomide, chiefly, cauterization, cadavers….. all some examples

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You aren't stupid, just unfamiliar with the vocabulary.

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reddit post reposted on twitter, yawn, whatever, have the discussion on literacy or whatever OP hoped would be achieved.


>> No.22086903 [DELETED] 

All of those are pretty generic words, except maybe thalidomide which many zoomers probably haven't heard of.
But where do you think vocabulary comes from? Reading. So even if you have the reading level of a 5th grader it'll only get better from here. Keep at it.

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OP is a faggot.

>> No.22086916

Just another forced meme.

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When do you tend to read?

I work 60 hour weeks so usually only on the train to and from work and on the weekends

>> No.22086759

2020 mostly

>> No.22086772

Mornings for the most part. I wake up at 5:00 while everyone else gets up at 7:30. Gives me time to spend on my hobbies.

>> No.22086785


I also wake up early at 530 every day and read for an hour. It's the best part of the day

>> No.22086817

Managed to teach myself French as well as write a few short stories, three of which have been published. It's remarkable how much time you can scrape together with you try.

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