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Just read this and it has made me overall more positive.
Are there any other meditation books better than this?

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Just saying that Viet girls are the most underrated in the world in looks, as well as wife material.

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>Houellebecq is so spot on, as an incel I admire him

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Except hollerback is fucking that ugly Chinese girl who literally looks just like him so an incel really couldn't relate

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I don't think I've ever seen Waugh being discussed here. What's your favourite work of his? Do you prefer his early satire or later Catholic themes?

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how do I become smart enough to properly read
and understand platon?

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>become smart
Doesn't work like that. Sorry kid. Better luck next life.

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1. Don't be an idiot.
2. Read the pre-socratics first.

Done. Start with The Republic, focus on the analogy of the sun and allegory of the cave.

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So I have a presentation about this young man for my History of English Literature class due next week and I've been wondering if you guys have some interesting facts, essays or websides about him. I don't want to just copy-paste wikipedia page.

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Birthday's Halloween..
Buddy who accompanied him to Italy became a rather famous painter in their day
Met Coleridge once when on a walk
Like Dickens (but unlike the other English Romantic poets except John Clare) grew up poor
Very much wanted to be remembered for his verse

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Do you deserve to be loved?

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No! I genuinely believe I'm unhinged as I laugh manically to myself and not even as a joke. These laughing fits just appear.

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No one does. To be loved is something you have to work for like trust or respect.

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You deserve Jesus' love

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What does this have to do with literature exactly?

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Any books where despair prevails or despair is a positive force in the protagonist's life or situation?

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1. Post name and book
2. Anon with that name has to read book

Get to reading, Andrew.

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failed thread ideas:

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Just starting reading this year lit, these are my current books what do you recommend.

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Np my dude most of them should be entry-tier but still in depth enough for you to actually enjoy.

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Rate my younger brothers stack, /lit/. He’s eighteen

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how is your art of war so big, mine is tiny and half the pages are pictures

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Im sorry to say it your brother 100% browses Lit perhaps even some of the other degenerate chans.

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dear god, he's unsalvagable.

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Has anyone else here ever considered living the Cynic lifestyle? Taking inspiration from Diogenes' escapades, I might take a rock attached to a string like a pet for a walk at my local supermarket.

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ah yes id love to jerk off in public

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Isn't that from Spongebob?

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I sometimes went on blind dates and my second sentence after introducing myself would be "Sorry but this isn't working out, I'm sensing this air of negativity from you" and then get up and leave. The confusion on their faces was priceless.

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My total devotion to the philosophy of Diogenes manifests itself in several ways. For example, when I go to McDonald's I always sit outside on the sidewalk to eat and don't throw away the paper. I'm still working up the nerve to shine a flashlight in people's faces looking for an honest man

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I don't understand one thing in your western book culture - what the point of hardbacks? They cost more AND all of the paper is still anchored to the back via FUCKING GLUE. Like in paperbacks! Why?
Who buys this shit? In 20-30 years those books will fall apart just because the glue has dried. Same shit with paperbacks but at least they cost like $10 and that's expected.

Here in Russia we have picrelated in every hardback book (even in the cheapest one for $2). All sheets are stitched. That's the main difference between pb and hb.

tl;dr: why the fuck would you buy hardback book over paperback?

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Because unlike Russians, who mostly read for personal entertainment, Westerners read because they're virtue signaling poseurs that want everyone in their fair trade coffee shop to know that they're reading African LGBT poetry.

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Tovarisch, our books are not bound with glue in capitalist America but stitched to their binding. I have 80 year old books that are still in good shape and are not falling apart.
Paperbacks are a waste of money because the rule of thumb is if you can find it in paperback, you can find it digitally. The only time to actually buy a book is usually for a hardcover.

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>although describing and explaining (predicting, retrodicting understanding) are distinguishable, they are also in an important sense, inseparable. It is only because expressions in terms of which we describe objects, even such basic expressions as words for perceptible characteristics of molar objects, locate these objects in the space of implications, that they describe at all, rather than merely label. The descriptive and explanatory resources of language advance hand in hand.

ITT: discuss how we can meme Sellars so the turbo-plebs on /lit/ start reading serious philosophy.

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we on this anti-foundationalism nigga

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start here

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Philosophy that overanalyses minute aspects of human behaviour or understanding of the world is not as fun as DO WHAT YOU WANT or WHAT YOU SEE IS NOT WHAT IT IS.

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What happened to Ray? Does he have any projects coming up? Or is he completely consumed by the academic life.

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Can somebody provide me with helpful critique on my recent work. Also General critique thread
Chapter 1
“Come on do it.”
“No man I’ll get in trouble, and keep your voice down!”
“You know Karishma’s right you have no balls.”
“Wait did she actually say that?”
Raghu looked at Yash and shrugged. Yash looked at his target a Miss Urmila was hard to miss by anyone, what is it about middle-aged people that makes them so fat. Yash could feel the warmth of rubber in his hand as he stood up and saw all the students a couple of them were actually writing the rest were just chatting about and keeping their heads low. Atleast no one will be able to see me doing this he thought as he clumsily threw the rubber as if a little girl was pushing a ball, expectedly the piece of rubber didn’t go far enough and landed in somebody’s bag in the second row. ”OH man you’re so stupid!” cried Raghu, Yash was kinda happy it he didn’t hit the teacher. “Now see how it’s done.” said Raghu grinning as he tore another small piece of rubber so confident was Raghu that he stood up and pulled his arm back before he realized Miss Urmila was staring right at him. “Yes Raghu.” “Is there a problem with your arm or do you have a question?” Yash wondered where all of Raghu’s bravado went when he answered “I have a question Miss.”
“What is it?” In the shock of it all Raghu had forgotten to put his arm back down as his mind scrambled to find a question, After all to have a question he should know what the subject was. “What was that last line you wrote Ma’am?” “Sit down Raghu I’m sure you don’t have an eye sight problem.” “Yes Ma’am.” Yash had the biggest smirk on his face as Raghu sat down and thre the piece of rubber on the ground “What were Karishma’s view on your balls Raghu, Whatever it was they must have changed after this display of your balls.” Raghu did not answer but just glared at his bench mate.

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your grammar is shocking, first of all.
Second, that doesn't matter because the writing is also shocking.

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I want to read more about guerrillas, resistance movements, asymmetric warfare and so on. History, memoirs, fiction, I don't care as long as it fits that profile. Recommend me something.

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George Elford: The Devil’s Guard

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is this book good? I had some family members involved in that and the IRA during the Troubles and it'd be interesting to read about it

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American War

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Pianzola's book about Thomas Munzer, if there's a translation (I didn't check)

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Have you all ever thought that your fear has been holding you back from writing. Finding yourself inclined to procrastinate on 4chan. Over the years posting so much you believe it could be the length of several novels. You'll sit there with a multitude of concepts and plots. Over the years you'll have so many that you won't need to make anymore. Part of you looks at these ideas and believes "This will do well." It very well may have. Even after all of that time spent brainstorming though you still never really start to write. Do you ever feel like there's a pressure on your chest? Every time you sit down with the intention of finishing that novel that pressure begins to build and build till you just give up, because you can't take it.

Have any of you found a way to work through these fears? The obvious answer would be to just write and eventually you'll get over it, but have any of you ever taken all of this one step at a time. What was your game plan towards overcoming your fear to be a writer?

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I pursue music rather than writing but this is kind of what I go through. I can make music at home all day but it doesn't get me anywhere and it becomes extremely monotonous - the real game is performance, which I haven't done since November 30th last year.

Why? I'm terrified of the world at large. If I had it my way, I'd be out there every night performing, but I'm so scared. The worst thing about this is, no matter how much I read on the topics of failure or depression or anxiety or life, it doesn't help. I know all the philosophy, all the psychology, the aphorisms, the mantras and none of it changes anything. So what exactly is in the way? Me. That's the worst feeling of all - you can't escape from that, from yourself.

There's nothing more to do than to confront yourself. How? I suppose by going through the anxiety rather than around it. I'm a vile stubborn piece of shit, so I've created quite the hurdle for myself.

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you may be afraid cause you know its your fate, maybe start w short stories.
one thing to help is to totally detach from the part where it would be received. the friends, family, and such, lower expectations

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>I'm a vile stubborn piece of shit

As am I. I've never been too likable, because I am admittedly very arrogant and condescending. It's funny though. I can sit back and judge everyone, but the moment my work is judged I crumble. I'm a flimsy hypocrite of a man. It always makes me feel numb having to confront or talk about this. Writing's one of the few things I feel a passion for, but that fear just won't stop creeping up on me. This thread may not be the turning point, but I'll be blessed it causes something to give.

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>23% of my books are from Penguin Books

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they don't like the way they look and feel uncomfortable smiling
that allows them to circumvent their insecurities and also give the illusion of a personality

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now that's edgy.

partially true, partially false. >>11962106

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70% of my books are from penguin though

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>100% of my books are from project gutenberg and bookz

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Reminder that Wordsworth Classics is the cheapest and most patrician

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What is /lit/'s opinion on studying two or more languages at a time?

If one has reached an intermediate level of Spanish, for example, would it be a good idea to start with another romance language?

Would it accelerate the process of language learning, tardy it, or do nothing? Is there any readily available literature on the subject?

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I'm currently studying German and French, because I'm unemployed. In my opinion it's not easy, but if you make an effort you'll succed. As a Spanish native, I don't recommend you study another romance language because maybe it will make the process more difficult.

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Or getting into the field?

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Trust Me I am Lying To You

>> No.11961977

fear and loathing in las vegas, In Cold Blood

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Lost Illusions by Balzac

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Journalistic writing is ez. The hard part is being pushy with people you don't know and organised to reach deadlines. You're better off asking /biz/ for advice. If you want a book I'd advise something on sales techniques. Really the only difference I've seen with journalists and salespeople is that one group considers themselves as intellectuals.

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>The story of Lucien Chardon, a young poet from Angoulême who tries desperately to make a name for himself in Paris, is a brilliantly realistic and boldly satirical portrait of provincial manners and aristocratic life. Handsome and ambitious but naïve, Lucien is patronized by the beau monde as represented by Madame de Bargeton and her cousin, the formidable Marquise d'Espard, only to be duped by them. Denied the social rank he thought would be his, Lucien discards his poetic aspirations and turns to hack journalism
Sounds like me desu

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Reminder to stop browsing this hole and read instead.
Simple 5 minutes of reading would do more than looking through these threads.

Go read your book

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I just finished one, now I'm in two minds as to which one to pick up now.

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Reminder to stop posting anime in this hole and eat shit instead.
Simple 5 minutes of eating shit would do more than posting anime.

Go eat shit and die.

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thank you very much

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kys kike

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I've always been a positive-minded, glass half full type of person. What are some authors/works that will leave me inexorably disillusioned and blackpilled?

Throw them at me, I like a challenge

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stupid cat

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cats are so ugly

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Candide - Voltaire

>> No.11962224

King Lear

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