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Does anyone here have any experience with requisitioning custom books from a printing press or manufacturer?
I presume it would be expensive, but nonetheless it would be of interest to design books to desired specifications be it text-size (point), paper quality (GSM), covers, binding, and - of course — that which was the reason for promulgating this thread - physical size and page-thickness. This would permit the user to have more freedom in making such a pastime truly his own by means of realising that a book is not a just a text, but a lively story of metadata spun like a tapestry by engineers and industrial processes.
Imagine - for example — if you will - a pocket edition of Mein Kampf as its full size is even smaller than a full-size KJV, Guenon in Dyslexic Typeface considering his typical demographic, and perhaps a series of perforated tabs that lead to the cover page in a non-linear fashion (viz. magnetic tape data-access vs. optical disc programming/ reading) to facilitate a more rapid access to segments of the Missal, Lectern, CCC, usw..

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Which language has the best literature besides English?

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Define literature.

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Spanish of course

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I’ve looked into it and imo it’s French for breadth
French has the 2nd most great works of literature but I’m not sure if they reach the heights of the pinnacles of other languages
t. Learning French for literature

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russian and maybe german for philosophy and arabic for poetry

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French, Italian, Greek, Latin.

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I've read 1 book this year. I read 23 last year. I simply lost all motivation for literature. Joyce's complete works is coming today though; I read Dubliners and liked it. I am going to read Finnegan's Wake first

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thanks for the update, we were getting kinda worried you weren't coming back

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i'll gut you you stupid faggot.

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I'm looking for books (and thinkers) that proceed from a certain assumption: the assumption that our lifes will be radically changed by the inevitable (climate) apocalypse.

To give you an example of what I mean by this: I am not interested in what a contemporary Marxist economist thinks about the current exploitation of workers by capital; I am interested in the consequences the approaching (climate) catastrophy will have for the capitalist system and how a radical left can take advantage of the new situation.

Another example: I am not interested in what it means to behave ethically under the present conditions; I'm interested in what ethical behavior will look like in a Mad Max future.

In short: I am looking for books (and thinkers) that take the apocalypse seriously, that see an all-changing rupture coming, and that position themselves, on the timeline, behind the rupture, that is: position themselves in the apocalyptic (or post-apocalyptic) reality.

You know anything like that?

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You actually think the weather is going to end the world lmao

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Books on how to cope with the unrelenting, merciless evil of the world?
I've realised that there is no such thing as good. It's a lie, an illusion. It doesn't exist. There exist only differing shades of evil and awfulness. Even the lightest shade, love, is tinged with selfishness.

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"In search of an Invitation for a Idiot", Dwight Irving Late.

"A Hundred Years of Miserable Confessions in Monte Cristo", by Ronald Ernst Nataniel Thomas Free.

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"Interview with Lost Mother; or, The Whale" by Niles de Ingers and Gregoriy Gregoryevich Erasm-Romanoff

"Ride the Storm of Marble in a Cherry Pavilion" by Adolf Nellsdorf Utsuki-Subaru.

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"A Tale of Two Princes: Provincial Manners of Denmark", Osmand Potts.

"Notes on Pride and Trembling" by Isabel Santiago.

"The Great Catcher on a Fair-22", by Anton Falmier G. Gottlieb.

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"Farewell to Slaughterhouses", Ursula W. Ulmer

"The Picture of Oliver Grapes, or the Modern Old Man", by Charles Uther Cunny.

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On the Suffering of the World by Schopenhauer


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Posted about this last week. Newish bf has like 15+ copies of this book. All different covers. He seemed kind of embarrassed when he admitted it was his favorite book.

What does this mean? I've honestly never even heard of it before? Why would he be embarrassed? I ended up buying him another copy and he seemed really embarrassed again about it when I gave it to him.
Then the next time I went to his place he put his whole collection away somewhere. When I asked him if I should read it, he then said that I probably wouldn't like it. Why doesn't he want me to read it?

Why wouldn't he think I would like it? Should I somehow force him to let me borrow a copy? Or just find an ebook version somewhere. It's really bothering me that he doesn't want to share this book he supposedly loves so much with me or he is being secretive about it.

Could it be that it was a special "thing" he shared with an ex and doesn't want to share it with me now?

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Get on the train and read it sweetie

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these baits are getting out of hand ever since the board died

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Didn’t you post this last week?

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It's one of the best novels, all time. There are two major plot lines that briefly converge near the novel's close: an adulterous affair and its aftermath, and a long courtship predominantly from the point of view of a character earnestly endeavoring to change his life for what he feels is the better. If he has a favorite character (if you're gay it's going to be Levin, Vronsky, or Anna) worry; if he just loves the novel, (you) should be fine.

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ackchyually education today is better than it was in the pas-

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Nietzsche was THAT cute as a kid?
I had no idea...

(Sorry anglofags, you won't understand)

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>simping philosophers hard enough to pore over their childhood writings

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I found a collection of all letters this nigga wrote, they printed 26 books for that kek

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>Meine gute Grossmama!
What a dork.

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Show me your letters when you were 5 years old, midwit.

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Was Philip Larkin (1922–1985) an honorary librarian, or just a LARPing faggot??

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>tfw a fanmade Minecraft mod does a much better job at diversifying Middle-earth than the Tolkien Estate-approved billion-dollar Amazon show
It may seem baffling to first hear this statement, but the Minecraft mod also gives us a reason as to why making Middle-earth more diverse is not bad, if done properly.
If we analyse how the Minecraft mod is much better at diversifying Middle-earth, it's a very simple answer: The Minecraft mod made OC races to represent people of colour, and fanfic backstories were even written for these Minecraft OC races.
Meanwhile, Amazon just blackwashed and tokenises existing characters and races to fill a diversity quota.

The Minecraft mod had more effort in diversifying Middle-earth and made it in a way that still respected Tolkien's texts, while The Rings of Power just blackwashes certain characters with no story explanation and even if it would make less sense than just keeping them white.

At least the Minecraft mod sounds like something Tolkien could have come up with if he wanted to add more races, while The Rings of Power just perverts what Tolkien previously established.

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That's because it has nothing to do with diversifying middle earth, it's simply another propaganda piece to maintain the brown subjects of the neoliberal empire we live under, Britain did the same thing 100 years ago with it's empire, though directly with it's colonial education system

The idea of sovereign and distinct races goes completely against the idea of empire, which is inherently universalist

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>Jesus was an ubermensch!
>Will to truth is the will to power!
>Spiritual aristocracy!

Silly mental gymnastics.

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Probably the same reason why communists try to appropriate him.
I say "probably" because i cannot possibly think of a single rational reason.

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Only ones I see trying to claim him are trannies and their pals, which makes sense given how accommodating his thought is to their bullshit. As a Christian I want nothing to do with this turd.

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Neetch = Heglel

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no, just because he didn't embrace universal ethics doesn't mean he implicitly endorsed everything that follows sans Christianity.

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this doesnt happen. you're just amking things up because you hate christians

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Which do you prefer?

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Light in August

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Go Down, Moses

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Absalom, Absalom!

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What books one needs to read to become a copywriter? I am planning to become one after finishing law school. I don’t wanna be a Lawyer.

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Not gonna blogpost, so I keep it short:
I have extreme emotional issues, mainly anger and hate. An entitled cunt skipped the line in an airport in front of me, it happened four months ago and I am still fuming that she got away with it, that she is a cunt and I'm such a huge cuck I didn't kick her teeth in then and there. One of many examples I think of multiple times daily and that agitate me daily. Lately I noticed heart palpitations, my resting pulse is 110-120 probably from my 24/7 emotional distress and fear I'll just drop day sooner rather than later if this keeps going on. 100% unironically, I'll die of a heart attack before 30 if I keep living like this, I am 27 now.
To the point: I am looking for books that will help or guide me to becoming completely detached from my emotions, ideally before I fucking die or kill someone.
I found "On Anger" by Seneca, sadly not a physical copy, but it'll have to do. But is it even a good book? People online seem happy with it. Do you know any other books that will please fucking help me? I am pretty new to reading, so nothing too compliated, I never went to university and have no background knowledge of philosophy/psychology etc.
Is starting with On Anger by Seneca a good place? What about Meditations by Markus Aurelius?
I judt googled my issue and found that a lot of pages reccomend those Greek stoics. Would you too and if yes, which books? If I get no replies I will start with On Anger tonight and hope my attention span isn't completely shot.

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1. get 8 hours of sleep at least
2. don't drink any caffeine, don't do drugs
3. exercise, at least cardio, 30mins a day on average

4. accomplish the three steps above by directing your anger towards accomplishing them

if you do all of this, you'll learn what you need to manage your life and emotional issues.

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>4. accomplish the three steps above by directing your anger towards accomplishing them
A ridiculous statement.

Stay angry, be angry and vent it on a punchbag, imagining yourself physically assaulting people when you're working out.

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>don't drink any caffeine,
Maintain a state of permanent lethargy, so your thought processes are slowed down and fuzzy.

>> No.20806190

I'm a lot like you, op. I get easily worked up over things, it got to the point where I was walking around in a blind fury hoping someone random would talk shit to me just so I could drop them and take my rage out on them. Existing in this circus world is a tall order and if you're an emotional guy, it'll take its toll on you.

I don't have any books to recommend but I will say that what helped me tremendously is Prozac. SSRIs will emotionally blunt you, and that's a good thing. It might sound a bit dystopian but it's a lot easier to exist if you circumcise your ability to feel. it's ironic but you can feel a lot happier overall by dampening your ability to feel extreme happiness and extreme sadness/anger, I guess it's like a literal Buddha pill. I don't ever want to go back to feeling extreme emotion and SSRIs are the only way to achieve that as far as I'm aware

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If you stop drinking caffeine, you also stop feeling tired when not drinking it after some time. If you get tired and slow from not drinking caffeine then you are addicted to caffeine.

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Which book has influenced you the most over the course of your life? My personal pick is The Monster's "Philosophical Investigations."

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>Two things that dont really exist?
See, you are already thinking in a deleuzian way! Rhizomes, not platonico-fascism
The book is written that way ON PURPOSE! It follows the principles it puts forward in the text in the text itself.Sorry but you are being filtered :/

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This one. The Upanishads are a close second.

>> No.20806150

It is platonically correct that Capitalism does not exist

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forgot pic.

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For me, it's Ellul.

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Can I get a quick rundown on historical fiction?

Is it like fantasy but without magic, trolls, elves and etcetera?

>> No.20805818

It's just realistic fiction in the past

>> No.20805825

that sounds more my bread and butter than dumb magic, elves, and stupid other fantastical crap

>> No.20805936

Historical fiction is pretty diverse

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>be me
>working at the local public library
>lunch small talk with a female colleague
>she can't stop talking about that stupid Outlander series
>"you should absolutely read it, Anon"
>"I'm not really into isekai"
>"lol, I'm talking about a novel, not a manga"

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I will never read a book by a woman

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Hello frenz
I am looking for advice.
Reading inspires me and I use it to learn to embody certain skills and attitudes.
I am learning a lot about persuasion, seduction, charm and such.
I am looking for recommendations for books that contain high quality dominant male characters with wit, charm and maybe even a kinky edge.
I have read some of the classic Libertine writing, which, although good, are old and a bit too fanciful.
Do I really need to read 50 shades? What are some better ones that feature dominant, witty men?

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>The horse lay deadfaced over the head of rock. Sand had collected through the wind and silvery glints had held gluewise across the bare open flesh of the dead animal. Flies that were still alive passed quick the eightysix gunholes, and fell sudden about them, dying a death in which they had died. The horse was slain at the crest down to latch, a fatal slice white and thickening with fat, which had been let with blood, pugged in the hot failure of the horse, and boiling pink and pulsewise in a sponge that filled the gutless thing. It had been impaled in such a way that it would not live anymore.
>-Fuck said Brax.
>-Language, said the Judge.
>-ye Fuck said Brax.
>The horse had no legs. The penis of the horse lay inverted.
>I'm going to have sex with this horse, thought and also said the Judge.
>Brax watched him do so. The world was a little like that, watching strangely the fact of someone placing his heavy penis inside tubish insack of an imposed horsecock. Though it was being raped, the heart of the horse did not beat with any sympathy to the loosed blood, clutching outside of life deadwise in excellence with the nondead precipitate systems that callously mechanised the anima biota. The continental unworking stomach of the animal was freed from the bearing of a soul. The horse was dead.

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Wow this is retarded, I really hope you don't seriously like this anon

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>oh god I’m white AND I’m Christian
>now I can be civilized like queepnigger

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>Holy fuck I wish I was dead!

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>“Damn you damn you damn you.” He sucked her nipples till she cried out half in pain and half in pleasure. Her cunt became the world. Her cunt became the world.

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"The three men were erect. The sight of their arousal was arousing."

>> No.20805991

Khal Drogo pounding Daenerys

>> No.20806049

Remember, it is generally said that GRRM writes women well.

>> No.20806060

>im aroused

>> No.20806267

except nobody says that, he just writes about women's titties which is based ngl but he doesn't write women well

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