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Would love any feedback

I can’t believe this bullshit, Lupe thought as she walked to class. She couldn’t wait to talk to Ricky about it. Lupe knew the newly elected president talked a lot of shit about things that needed to be changed about the country, but she never thought he would actually go through with any of it.
Lupe arrived at her classroom, opening the door to see Ricky, Ava, and Rebecca sitting at their unassigned-assigned seats at the rectangular table with Ricky at one side of it while Ava and Rebecca were on the other. She slammed her backpack on the ground as she took her empty seat next to Ricky.
Ricky reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder, “So, I’m guessing you heard about the new law then?”
“No shit,” Lupe reached up to put her hand on top of Ricky’s.
Ava chipped in, “What new law?”
Before Lupe could explain, Rebecca started, “Our president is demanding that all Mexicans living in the United States register themselves to the government. The aliens will be sent back to Mexico ASAP. The rest will have to wait and see if they get to stay here or get deported back to Mexico, regardless whether or not they were born in the United States.” She flipped her pin straight blond hair, “Good riddance.”
Ricky glared at Rebecca, “I will never understand why you chose to take this Race, Class, and Gender course if you’re such a goddamn racist.”
Widening her blue eyes in a ‘who, me?’ kind of way, Rebecca couldn’t keep the act

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up for long before she started laughing; her eyes narrowing in their usual malicious glint.
Ava twirled a piece of her brown hair around her fingers, digesting the new law. “I wonder if Greg will show up to class today,” she abruptly asks. She took it upon herself to be the mediator of the class. Rebecca tended to shake up everyone with her highly problematic views, but Ava always managed to calm down the class by changing where the class discussion was going or asking the professor to clarify part of the reading for her.
“Why wouldn’t he show up?” Ricky questioned.
“Well, it’s the anniversary of his parent’s death.” Greg had recently shared to the class that this time of the year was always tough for him since his parents died in a burglary gone wrong back when he was ten. Their class size was small; there were only five of them. Because of this, they managed to share a lot about their lives to each other.
Rebecca scoffed, “He’s probably out celebrating right now.”
“How dare you say that,” Ricky snapped.
She simply shrugged, “He told me after class last time that the person who killed his parents was an alien from Mexico. With this new law passed, he’s probably joining those gangs who are out hunting for Mexicans right now.”
Before Lupe could ask about what gangs Rebecca mentioned, the door opened. Greg walked in; his green eyes didn’t have the usual warmth in them. He took his seat in between Ava and Rebecca. Ava grabbed his hand, “I’m sorry about your loss.”
Greg squeezed back, “Thank you, but I don’t want to talk about it.”
They all nodded. Lupe checked to her phone to see if there were any news updates, but instead, she saw an email from their professor, “The professor is stuck in

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traffic, guys. He just sent an email out. He wants us to just chill until he gets here.”
Greg looked at Lupe, as if he was meeting her for the first time, “I heard about the new law. How’s your family doing?”
“I think we’re going to register ourselves tomorrow. My parents keep telling us that we have nothing to worry about. My mom believes that they are just going to deport anyone who has criminal records and stuff. No one in our family has even gotten a speeding ticket. She keeps telling us, ‘We are law-abiding people; why would they have something against us?’”
Rebecca barked out a laugh, “If you guys are law abiding people, then I’m a man-eating crab.”
Ricky muttered, “I wouldn’t be surprised if you had crabs.”
Lupe snorted while Rebecca glared at him, “You better watch yourself. They are going for the Mexicans for now. Soon, they will be going after Dominicans like you.”
He opened his mouth to say something, but Ava interjected, “Well, if you need anything, Lupe, you let us know, and we can help out the best way we can.”
The boys nodded, Greg taking a second longer to agree, while Rebecca inspected her nails. Lupe smiled softly, “Thanks guys, I really appreciate that.”
Ricky glanced at Ava, “How’s the job search going for your parents? Have they found anything yet?”
Ava shook her head, “Not yet. We should be ok money-wise for a couple more months, but things are getting tight.”
“Can I ask you something, Lupe?” Rebecca interjected.

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How do you stay focused? I've shared my work with a few friends and the universal comment is that the first half of my short stories are interesting and well written but both the content and prose degrade swiftly towards the end. I credit this to the fact that I'm always drifting between ideas, I have tons of them but I become disenchanted too quickly and move on to something else, which I will also inevitably half ass. And these are short stories, not exceeding 50 pages, most of them sitting at around 30. I can only imagine how boring writing a novel would be.

When my grandfather died I inherited his books, and I noticed that most of them were marked somewhere between one fourth and three fourths of the way through, any annotation stopped abruptly a few dozen pages before the mark's location. In his collection were some books that were his father's and even grandfather's and they followed a similar pattern. I believe that this is either a genetic trait or some abstract form of literary curse placed on my blood long ago.

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Are those men?

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nah, trannies know big ass jugs like that arent very attractive, considering they used to be men

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i was taking notes on a book this year and i stopped like a third of the way through, not because i stopped reading but because as i got more engaged with the text i didnt feel like scribbling down every little imagined insight as i was having

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Has there been any fanfictions of biographies or autobiographies?

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Norm Macdonald wrote fanfiction about himself

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well she has a point, what's your stance anon ? is romanticism is the best school of art ?

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Her philosophy is hackery but her good taste in art can’t be denied

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Constructivism and Dada are the true patrician forms of art.

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realism is boring and romanticism has been done a dime a dozen. Modern and post modern art are pretty hack tier styles that don't really require talent though

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Her mind was chaos. The neighbors to the right were blasting salsa and the neighbors to the left were blasting bachata. And below her, in the kitchen, her mother was blasting Bollywood songs as she did her Sunday cooking. The three rhythms clashed, destined to never be in sync, though they each made her feet ache to dance. To drown them out, she plugged in her earbuds, pressing shuffle on the playlist. The Columbia white guy crooned to her, asking if her bed was made, if her sweater was on, if she wanted to fuck. She skipped the song, and now he crooned about playing tennis. She couldn’t take him seriously. No thanks, Ezra. I have work to do. So, she was left with no other option but to put on Work by Rihanna.
She’d started listening to Vampire Weekend when she went to high school and wanted attention from the boys that she’d never seen before. Naturally, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, and alt-J followed. Suddenly she was binge watching Arrested Development and Mad Men. Bollywood movies took the back burner. She hadn’t been keeping up with the new Dancehall music; her cousins made fun of her for not knowing the latest Vybz Kartel song. The only person of color she had a crush on was Zayn Malik from One Direction. In fact, the only other people she crushed on were straight white men. She refers to this period in her life as “The
Dark Ages”. If these were her Dark Ages, the times when everyone had the plague and no one could read, then when were her good times? If you asked her, she’s respond quickly.
“Fifth grade,” she would say. “That was the best year of my life.”

She was sitting at her desk trying to focus on her paper, but the rhythm kept calling out to her. She found herself dancing in her seat. Her hips bounced every time Rih told her to work. Soon she was up out of her chair, watching herself in the mirror, making gun signs with her fingers and doing body rolls.

Full thing here

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What the fuck was his problem? If he didn't want Slytherin winning so badly then he could've just told Snape to tone it the fuck down.

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Fuck off. This is the literature board, not /r/books.
/a/ has (or used to have) the same sort of prohibition for Narushit and DBZ, so why can't we get genre fiction shit banned here?

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idk but ive been shitposting and masturbating all fucking day, i wonder if i can still do something productive tonight, doubt it

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You could've either:
>A: Not reply to this thread and let it die
>B: Reply but sage it so it doesn't bump it back to the front of the board
>C: Actually contribute instead of moaning about Harry Potter
Instead you decided to post in a thread that you believe shouldn't be allowed on the board, causing it to be on the board for a longer amount of time.

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Why is this book gay? I was thinking about buying it my I ain't no fag

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Books are not gay. People who read or write books can be gay. Not all gay people are flaming faggots (like Oscar Wilde was). Books can have gay characters, or LGBT themes, but still not be gay. The Portrait of Dorian Gray is not an explicitly gay book. It shows no signs of being one. Being outwardly emotional is not the same as being "gay".

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>Written by a fag
It is pretty gay.

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if you're worried about it, take the pledge

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>wondering if a book called Picture of Dorian Gay is gay or not

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It's a story that features a close fraternal relationship between the most outwardly handsome young man in England at the time, and his foppish baron friend. They both dress well, live in splendor and discuss feelings.

I didn't find it gay, but I'm sure that it's shaped by my mindset. Wilde is hugely popular in gay circles (for obvious reasons) and his quintessential work has obviously been read, dissected, exposed to harsh gay ultraviolet rays and anal-ized by homosexual circles a trillion and one times by people trying to squeeze every last drop of gayness from Oscar's sweetest grapefruit.

It's a good book and you'll like it, unless you're reading it to get off, in which you'll be disappointed in how tame it is. For the very same reasons, if you're picking it up to laugh at those scandalous homos, you're wasting your time.

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Woah, this is Powerful™

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gib examples of kauresque poetry. only one I can think of is R.H. Sin (award for most edgy pseudonym of all time)

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But that actually happens a lot, especially here on 4chan. Lurk moar sweetie

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No it doesn't. Give one example

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Thinking about it, men as a rule talk about each other as absolute idiots and cretins. Calling each other and ourselves faggots is the standard means of reference here

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I know what you're talking about, and the reason why we men don't act that way is because men don't think of other men as a whole (as opposed to men being humanity as a whole, including all sorts of different people with different traits) most of the time. It's more common to see women look at each other as "fellow women" because they think of themselves as separate parts of the same whole, instead of beings who just so happen to have their femaleness in common.

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Is there any good literature about African warlords and the current state of the continent?

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Not current but Ebony by Kapuściński is an amazing read

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There's a lecture on youtube, terrible video quality but great information, by a guy who taught in Africa and got interested in sub-Saharan African languages (so not Arabic or French, we're talking about languages like in the Bantu family). There is almost no abstract conceptualization and none of the concepts that made other cultures successful. There's no precision in phrasing and there is no concept for precision. You can say there are, or are not, bananas in the tree, but you can't say there are a few or many, or that they are halfway up.
Of course they're getting these things now but they're all visibly European loanwords.
There are moral implications -- a "promise" actually means I will certainly try but who knows what will happen, I might forget. This explains pretty much everything. A clear emergemcy will be promptly responded to, but preventive maintenance on a clearly functioning machine will not be done for years.

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No, it doesn't. It's your typical ignorant 4chan pseud who's got no clue about the role of geopolitics, hybrid wars and proxy governments.

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I vaguely remember reading a greentext about this, I'm guessing it came from this.

Slightly related (talking about languages), I heard a hypothesis that a reason why the Chinese are so good at math is because their numbers use less syllables, so they can work through problems faster. I thought that was interesting at least.

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i can see why some betas are drawn towards white knighting chicks on the internet, they think they will get tits pics or maybe casual sex, but how fucking cucked do u have to be to white knight for shitty ass african countries? are you expecting a nigerian prince to send you an inheritance? yeah those emails arent real buddy, but they are an example of african criminality and low trust culture

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Get a real job wagie.

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This is literally me lol

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>lmao this fuckin guy
>making fun of people for reading infinite JUST

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if this happened to me I would swerve hard to the side, slamming into his car, and while they're screaming for their lives and our cars are grinding together I would unsheath my Mac, spray wildly in fully automatic (but with precision) and kill them all

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can someone link that video of the dudes driving around los angeles (i think) shouting david foster wallace

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Who here would enjoy a novel about an inspiring pianist who insists on building his own grand piano, and the struggles it entails for him?

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That's not a conflict, it's a DIY video

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it wasn't really that "inclusive" the part were he teaches piano to black kids in harlem is just to show he's a caring liberal kind of white dude, even though he plays classical music, of course it's subtlety condescending by not recognizing the strong tradition of jazz pianists in the area, which is why it never becomes a cult classic among piano people, also the hip white nyu student working at the fictional lumber yard in the bronx is also rather inauthentic but shows that women can be tough and spunky, but focused groups show many white males aged 18-35 in the midwest found her unappealing despite having great tits

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It could be really funny if you make the guy an obnoxious psued and the whole book a parody of everything ITT. If you try and do it seriously it will be terrible.

>> No.11366365

Wouldn't enjoy a novel about that, but definitely a short story.

>> No.11366366

>the guy an obnoxious psued and the whole book a parody of everything ITT

Being this insightful

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All of you classics people /lit/ have read this essential work by jewish woman Donna Zuckerberg, right?

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I’ve been wanting to read medieval and classical epics for fun and because I hope to write an epic-style fantasy myself someday. To start out, I picked up The Song of Roland, Orlando Furioso, Le Morte D’Arthur, and Beowulf from my library today. I also plan to read Homer’s epics, the Aeneid, the Nibelungenlied, El Cid, Paradise Lost (even though that’s modern), and a few more for now. Any other epics/myths in particular I should read?

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Read first then ask for recommendations.
By the time your done you'll see that usually in the last couple pages of a book it'll gave recommendations for further readings.

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Can one of you goobers tell me what the h*ck I'm reading here???

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i've read all of them except for schopenhauer

i didn't understand hegel though

>> No.11366260

This is a really difficult book to completely penetrate imo, there were so many parts where I just didn't really understand what he was getting that. I get the feeling that maybe a second reading and/or suffering some really messed up breakdown would help me to understand it more, I dunno though.

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Read Ecce Homo, The Genealogy of Morals, and The Twilight of Idols. Thus Spake Zarathustra is not meant to be understood all by itself.

>> No.11366285

Something edgy you should’ve read in high school lol

>> No.11366317

zarathustra is worthless outside of the original German, just read BGE and GM.

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>that 24 year old boomer who reads translations of literature

why? you do realize that its aesthetic value is inevitably lost in translation, right? are you simply reading for historical purposes? so you can show everyone how worldly you are for having read some other culture's product? whatever the reason--it's safe to say that you do not love literature. you can always find something in your native language to read and thus truly engage with a piece of art.

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But a great translation can be a work of art in and of itself, like Florio's Montaigne, Harrington's Orlando Furioso, Urquhart's Gargantua and Pantagruel and Pope's Iliad. If you can read the work in the original, do so, but if you can't, there's nothing wrong with reading translations, just as long as they're good. A good translation won't necessarily go for the literal, because what is literal in one language isn't always going to read well when translated, especially in the case of poetry. Urquhart's Gargantua and Pantagruel for example, like Popes Iliad, is so loosely translated as to be more of a paraphrase than a translation, but it's still considered to be one of the best translations of that work for the quality of its prose, and other translators like Frame and Screech come off as stiff and academic in comparison. You see this argument with the Fagles/Lattimore question too. As long as the shape and frame of the narrative is preserved, a translator can do what they want with the style as far as I'm concerned; it's going to get lost in translation anyway.

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it was just showing how ultimately african cultures are matriarchal and black dudes be losing their anal virginity to they own moms which they then try to overcompensate for through a lifetime of toxic masculinity, did u ever notice the most macho cultures latin, arab and african, are always the most henpecked where the women run the household and men are always trying to dodge responsibility

>> No.11366195

Gee I dunno maybe cuz there are a ton of f***ing languages in the world that would make it impossible to learn them all in a lifetime so there are some languages in which it was brilliantly decided to translate many a work and much to everyone's convenience.

>> No.11366236

>>now fuck off, english is the new lingua franca and the ultimate language of humanity
These days the top ten languages all probably have translations of most popular works. English probably has the most but it isn't a given that they are all going to be superior to other translations. Some languages will naturally translate better into others.

>> No.11366245

>so you can show everyone how worldly you are for having read some other culture's product?
As opposed to you, who tries to show off how worldly he is by having not read some other culture's product.

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Is he the most tragic character in literature?

Please pray for him guys.

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Incoherent characterization is not the same thing as tragedy.

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No he's an asshat.

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post what you're reading/doing right now /lit/

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>being this unfocused

>> No.11366259

>reading 50 pages of literature and 60 pages of nonfiction in the course of 2-3 hours

Okay faggot

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Thanks for making me feel more lonely, asshole


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>tfw hung out at a cool chick's little twitch stream today
>gave good tips for the game, made her laugh
I made it, kids.

>> No.11366351

Went on a bad bumble date, now I'm trying to sustain my buzz and read Marlowe (tamburlaine the great)
Obviouly shitposting between scenes too..

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How important is this? I’ve heard that only the first two meditations are actually relevant, should I buy it or just read it online?

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>> No.11366006

read it online. Cartesian thought is an excellent mental exercise, but most if not all philosophers worth their salt following the publication of MoFP have well stated retorts to the problems he poses. Very few people would actually endorse Cartesian philosophy as a central thought system for a person to adopt.

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Who's hungry?!?!

I'm heading down to the nearest Mconald's restaurant for a N*W Q*arter Pounder with cheese made hot from FRESHH beef, hot fresh fries and an ice cold Coca Cola!

>> No.11365944

Only McDonald's I care about is Kevin McDonald and his Culture of Critique series

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What's some good literature for a young man soon to start his studies at Princeton University?

For those who don't know, Princeton University is generally considered the greatest university in the history of the planet. Some names affiliated with the institution are Albert Einstein, Jeff Bezos, Alan Turing, Richard Rorty, and yes, myself.

I've long since finished with Fitzgerald so please don't recommend me your sophomore year reading assignments.

Also, please don't reply to this post if you lacked the mental acuity to attend a school ranked at least in the top 5 of your country.

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Princeton has produced a very small number of good writers for an institution of its caliber, it also produces an exceptionally large number of scumbags. Here's a book written by one of your great university's alumni.

>> No.11366337

the awfulness of that text is not related to princeton but the canadianness of the author, they tend to churn out smarmy conservative bullshit

>> No.11366344

yeah they will be reappropriated to be the nexus for white nationalist thought, there's always been school shooters but after the uphevals there'll be college shooters

>> No.11366346

>please don't reply to this post if you lacked the mental acuity to attend a school ranked at least in the top 5 of your country.
Mr. Einstein and Mr. Turing, you aren't allowed to reply to this post.

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Any chance your initials are SM

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