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Personally, I prefer the director's cut

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>"What is rather surprising is that at least three of the characters – Philip Schnäbele, Jean-Yves Fréhaut and Catherine Lechardoy – actually exist, and have simply been plonked into the book. Understandably, they took it badly: they are represented, like many characters in Houellebecq’s novels, as pointless and pathetic. (‘Her ugly little face is glum, she regularly wipes her glasses. I even wonder if she hasn’t been crying; I can just picture her breaking into sobs in the morning as she gets dressed, all alone.’) Demonpion records the grievances of Schnäbele (in the novel, a self-aggrandising IT manager known as ‘the Serpent’), who has no memory of meeting Houellebecq: ‘I recognise myself in his descriptions. He describes my office, mentioning the posters that I had up at that time, which proves that he was physically there – but from a very biased point of view. That said, an author has every right to his freedom of expression. I just wish he’d changed my name.’"

Why would he do this?

I still can't understand, on an ethical level, why Houellebecq would include the real names of real people in his novel and attack them so viciously.

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So what's the deal? Who won?

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>That which one does not think with the mind, that by which, they say, the mind is thought, know That alone to be Brahman

w-what did they mean by this bros?

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>he thinks he can wageslave and write at the same time

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>he doesn't think he can do anything he sets his mind to

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donpeople think that if they were in high prestige, high ceiling jobs theyd be in better shape?

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That doesn't describe me at all. That just describes an unhappy person.

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This image BTFO's working people.

Engineers, lawyers, doctors, dentists investment bankers, software architects, psychiatrists, neuro-surgeons, directors and professional athletes have been thoroughly BTFO'd by OP's image and will never recover.

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*ejaculates inside kant's butthole*

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virtually no one on this board knows anything about deleuze--who is memeing him?

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That's kinda gay.

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gross, bro

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What Bible translation should /lit/ be reading?


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Try again because the answer is David Bentley Hart

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>The self is a relation which relates itself to its own self, or it is that in the relation that the relation relates itself to its own self; the self is not the relation but that the relation relates itself to its own self.

What the fuck is this even supposed to mean?

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No, the self equals the relation relating itself to its own self. It's literally one sentence, you might as well try and read it.

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Read it in the original french you absolute child.

>Selvet er et Forhold, der forholder sig til sig selv, eller er det i Forholdet, at Forholdet forholder sig til sig selv; Selvet er ikke Forholdet, men at Forholdet forholder sig til sig selv.

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Sounds to me like he's trying to define consciousness using philosophical parlance. He failed.

Consciousness is a little more complicated than that.

Better luck next time, philosophy.

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enlighten us O wise one

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you can't posture because you're a tripfag so I already know how uneducated you are

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Is his entire body of work just guilt porn? Like, I get it. I'm a bad person. Can you please fuck off?

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Dostoevsky was pretty accepting, dude, he gave sympathetic portrayal to murderers, prostitutes, and adulterers. He didn't condone their actions, of course, but was not sitting in judgement on anyone because he saw himself as a debased and vile person due to his gambling addiction and other vices. Dosto's central theme isn't guilt, it's the guiding and redemptive power of faith.

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>rips off DFW and sucks at it
>takes almost all of his ideas from Jung, Freud, and Nietzche
>is too much of a pussy to fully admit he’s a Christian
Why do people like this guy again?

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Because he is one of the smartest men to ever live.

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If anything he's to much of a pussy to admit he's not christian

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Jordan "Netflix TV shows are on the same level of complexity as great literature" Peterson

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Something something Disney something something lobster something something

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>here's your secondhand book, bro

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I hate you

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Should be tracked down and punished. Capitally

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What's the source? Who would make notes like that? It's not even analysis, it's like youtube comments on your book

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i wouldn't buy second hand books, it grosses me out because i know what i do with mine
like i scratch my sweaty ballsack and then turn the page with the same hand, i don't want books with other people's ball sweat

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Underlining parts in a book like they won’t be there when you come back

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Why didn't Shakespeare include any major character in the opening scene of the play? Why doesn't the ghost speak to Horatio?

Also, Hamlet general. We had a good thread last time.

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>lol, he really is afraid he will never write anything good.

As for being a barista, I do not see anything wrong: maybe it's more fun than my profession (lawyer).

I only pity your students. Instead of a Nabokov they will get a pseudo Harold Bloom.

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>attempting to police an on-topic thread
did it push off a youtuber thread you were more interested in?

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Nigga i do comp sci stop

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>Is the claim then that in Macbeth the ghost serves as a formal innovation because it invites readings of Macbeth as insane?
No, I'm saying the reason lots of characters see the ghost in Hamlet is to tell the audience that in the world of the play the ghost is real

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k bro thnks

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When's the last time you actually finished a book in your "stack"? Why the fuck does nobody on this board actually read?

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2015. I still read a lot. I just don't finish books.

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A couple hours ago.

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it is weird how urgent it seems to buy a book sometimes even though you damn well know you're not going to start reading it as soon as it comes. i consumer shame myself about a lot of useless things but books feel alright to buy for keeping even though i'm more of a library person these days.

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Tuesday morning.

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Zeno's Conscience, it was very good

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Is the literary output from the Academy better or worse than it is from hobbyists?

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How is this bait? Most of the great authors of the last 50 years haven't been classically trained or come out of academia.

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>bait picture that has nothing to do with anything but inflame people
>another hurr academy for posters to feel superior that they didn't go to college
This is bait

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>Most of the great authors of the last 50 years haven't been classically trained
nobody in the last 50 years has been 'classically trained'

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>this is fine
>everything's fine

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You can even see it in this thread. I don't think these useful idiots are actually in academia, though:>>11632627

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What's some good fiction that deals with everyday, unimportant things and won't make me think or feel too hard? Just finished pic related and I'm in possession of stacks of similarly serious unread books, but I want a break from all that. Ann of Green Gables seems pretty /comfy/ but I don't know much about it.

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If there's anything like a literary equivalent of Aria the Animation/Natural/Origination, that's exactly what I'm looking for.

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Read an answer in quora that people who are good at Mathematics aren't so good at writing because practicing literature involves mostly right side of the brain, and Maths nerds mostly use the left side.
That made me wonder, what subjects do you think establishes connection between the both sides so as to evolve both in a balanced proportion?

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Something useful I mean.

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>mfw I remember right-handed drones process language in their brain's left hemisphere and can't effortlessly visualize what they read

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Pop psychology's version of left brain, right brain is pure scientism. You've made up the problem of 'connection' because of a stupid categorization. Literally just find connections by thinking and applying what you're good at and practicing what you're not (although the chances of that are slim given that you're asking a question about a quora answer with no understanding of what you're talking about)

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Hey /lit/ I just finished reading the Prince and I am looking for the new biography of Cesare Borgia and the Borgia's in general.

Also the Prince thread

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bump because both Cesare and Lucrezia were absolute cuties

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Assassin's Creed

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Maybe Cormac McCarthy since, like them, he is terrible and completely derivative of some of the greatest practitioners in his field and is inexplicably popular.

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john osborne

>not acquiesce
wtf anon

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>band theyre emulating wasnt all that good anyway
>british af
>industry plants
pic related is obvious, though maybe not thematically different.

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>derivative garbage
>adored by every stupid teen, particularly girls

How could it be anyone else than JKR and her HP books ?

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ITT: things you learned about writers that made you completely lose respect for them.

On Nietzsche:
>[...] his behavior precisely towards women was so sensitive, so natural and comradely, that even today in old age I cannot regard Nietzsche as a despiser of women

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Yikes, why are you so mad?

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It's like you started out shitposting with the rest of us and then got angrier and angrier for real

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What about my message seemed particularly mad to you? Or is this just part of your rhetorical strategy. You can't make me seem like an ugly shut-in anymore so now you're resorting to...calling me mad?

Nothing I've said in this thread could be categorized as anything other than that. I haven't even made any claims except maybe about the intelligence of certain anons who were projecting about my life in the first place.

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I don't see how anything I've said is like a shitpost.

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Read your posts again tomorrow, you come off as angry and borderline hysterical. Also that you keep responding to me and whoever else is posting again and again. I'm responding because I like going down this rabbit hole, but you are on defensive this whole time, constantly explaining yourself. It's ok to not take things seriously on an anonymous board. Seriously, I like virtually hanging out with you guys, and razzing everyone, but I unironically wish everyone the best

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what is a good allegory for political correctness

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Damn, is that a hardcover? Who did the translation? I assume it's a translation because the title is in English instead of Latin

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need to form a short story for uni by next week based on this bros

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