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hey guys, can you critique my very short story?


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Architecture,Literature, Philosophy, Writing, perhaps Civil Engineering, where do I steer my ship lads

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away from the rocks

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I'm looking for books with a similar plot.
>A French tourist has admitted impregnating more than 600 women in six African countries within two years. Forty-year old Jean Michel made the revelation on an online news site “Africa24”.
>“In France where I hail from, I did not have money. I was very poor until one day I played and won lottery. I won 550 thousand euros. It was the largest sum of money I had received in life."
>“I did not know what to do, and a friend suggested we travel to Africa. We obtained all the documents, entry visa, and the rest, and our first stop was Ivory Coast"
>"“I began having sex with girls every day. Sometimes, I would sleep with three girls at the same time. It was a marvelous experience."
>“Africa is a marvelous continent. Girls are beautiful and very sexy. All they want is a man who has money, and the worst is when he’s white."
>"“I realised that they love having mixed race babies. I do not know why, but many would do anything to get pregnant for you."
>"“The day after I returned to France, I went to the hospital for medical exams, and luckily, I was HIV negative, and I did not have any other infectious disease."
>“My friend was also negative and we are planning another trip

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I want that one anon who thought I was lying that men like to fuck tons of women and enjoy bragging about it to see this thread.

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What do you mean? What did that anon say and why were you arguing that

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>I'm so glad I read all those non-fiction books

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In all actuality, she might be going out but I really doubt it.

She should realize that I don’t look down on her if she doesn’t go out, I feel perfectly fine, even better since I’ll be working all night.

Stay up to see fireworks :3

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>It may have given me AIDS, but at least I finished Infinite Jest

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Ignore this poster, they've been doing it across all boards in order to ruse

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Woah where’d that post go? Specifically the mods are punishing non-anonymity? Doesn’t seem right, she has a point. There is a reason there is a name field. You can do whatever you’d like with that name field

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>I'm so glad I slaved away in everything but name under capitalism and defended my masters who lived lavish lifestyles and enjoyed their lives whilst I toiled till death

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>A film adaptation of John Williams' Stoner starring Casey Affleck is currently in production by Blumhouse Productions

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What is /lit/'s opinion on echoesposting? I think it is a banal pseudo redpill that offers no worthwhile analysis and is used as a falseflag by subverters just as often as it is used in earnest by the opposite side.
Most often however I see it used as hatred for banking for being banking, it's parroters not understanding the abstract thought involved and pregnant morality present in the science. Every fucking board on 4chan has it's particular flavor of it be it /v/'s butthurt over intellectual property copyright or /a/'s butthurt over antipiracy. /pol/ needing no mention and /lit/'s flavor being bleedover from /pol/.

I kinda prefer the goldpill myself. Jewish innovations and contributions in literature are too legion for me to take this manchild's folly seriously. Their historic mysticsm is condemnable but nowhere near to the extent of christfags and their tribalism is present, but overemphasized as their cultural extolling of banking makes their tribalism attract more attention.

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not literature

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Prepare to have the poetry of Ezra Pound hurled in your direction at velocities sufficient to fell an ox

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Tell that to the faggot echoesposters on /lit/ that necessitated mentioning of this issue. Really make me think how the commies of /leftypol/ and the trads of /pol/ overlap in their hatred of the jew

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Are the Adrian Mole books worth reading?

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They're the (vastly) funnier male precusor to the Bridget Jones' Diary nonsense, so yes.

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I finished the Odyssey, and the Iliad. Where do I go from here for more amazing classical reading?

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I myself hasn't read anything but L'Morte De Arthur and Wagner's Percival.
L'Morte De Arthur kinda feels like a list of spoilers / a general overview. Wagner's Percival was quite noice.

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>L'Morte De Arthur kinda feels like a list of spoilers / a general overview
I was tryin to decide whether to read this or the once and future king. Id seen bashing of L'Morte De Arthur for being too "rough" but didn't know if it was better or worse than TH Whites work

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my personal Greeks reading list

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Arh, shit I've always for some reason thought that "King Arthur and his Knights" was the English translation of Le Morte d'Arthur... So it wasn't L'Morte De Arthur I've been talking about...

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Le Morte d'Arthur might feel "rough" if you are used to modern novels. It follows older narrative conventions which could come across as similar to a history book, there's going to be a lot of telling and very little in the way of dialogue from what I remember. But really it's a question of whether you want to read a medieval work or a modern retelling.

As to it feeling overviewy as >>12809122
says, that's why it is often recommended to start with. It's pretty much the only medieval work that actually covers the entirety of the mythos. Almost everything else in the Arthurian mythos is just individual episodes or the life story of a single knight.

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Was Baudrillard a nihilist?

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Looking for a really beautiful, poetic, mystical fantasy book which is at /lit/ level. My favorite book next to The Trial is The Odyssey, partly because it portrays characters so realistically, partly because of all the beautiful descriptions, and all the really neat gods, and the great story, etc. But I really like how it has that mystical vibe to it, and I was hoping for something maybe a little darker, with hopefully that sort of fairy tale tree house vibe, except something actually worth taking time to read.

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Check out Beowulf and start chipping away at other epic myths.

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The Gormenghast Trilogy by Mervyn Peake

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I have a love/hate relationship with the divine comedy. Around canto 20 of The Inferno I just put it down, because it was tedious listening to the guy with his feet sticking out of the ground talk about really obscure stuff which I couldn't decipher at all. Part of me actually really, really loves it though, and I do want to pick it up again.

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Mythago Wood and Lavondyss.

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What literature reflects the clown world of the 2010s?

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>of the 2010s
Wait til the 2020s we ain't seen shit yet nigga.

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Animal Money

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holy shit how did you find this book?!

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Why did they do it lads?

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no yeah i got the joke

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Mark fisher is the third one, he's between that sweet spot of based and cringe.

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Mishima realised that the age of madcunts was over, but decided to try shit anyway

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had a feeling it was him, haven't read capitalist realism but it's an intriguing notion

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Why did he do it, lads?

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>7pm where i am
>been drinking and writing for a few hours
>going to pass out and wake up around 11pm to write more and hope its decent
what are your writing habits /lit/?

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Last night a field mouse broke into my room and stole half a digestive. I saw him and his ribs this morning. I've been feeding him poisoned digestives all day. It fills me with sorrow to hear him eat it. I wish i never poisoned him.
I've been crying and drinking and writing sad things, this isn't how i wanted my weekend to be.

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I have the bad habit of waiting until there is only two hours before I go to sleep. I can do so much more on the rare occasion of starting very early.

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>wake up, masturbate
>eat breakfast for an hour
>open YouTube and watch videos for 3 hours
>masturbate again
>fall asleep in my own filth for two hours
>play on the PS4 for an hour
>have second breakfast
>realize I don't have any decent food so walk to the supermarket and get some
>come home
>open word document
>watch YouTube for another six hours

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dont do this to me i cant face reality right now bro

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>open draft
>reread some shit
>jump all over
>type 3 sentences
>go on 4chan
Can mods please ban me from all boards for 3 days? I'll give you a great new novel to read if I could actually be productive and finish this fucking shit.

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What are some books with the same aesthetic as the newly released Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice?

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Marketing for Dummies

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This, you corporate cuck.

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Death is a gift

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No. My understanding is a gift

*scrolling through waiting to read my posts*

This is what you’re doing right now, butterfly. Mind. Blown. ;)

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please trip so i can filter you

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So is life

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Life is sickness death is mercy

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life is worth living.
eight quads get

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Vidya vs. anime: which is the better storytelling medium? Which has the greater artistic potential (taking culture and context into account)? Which do you expect to achieve greater things in the future?

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this isn’t literature you fucking niggers

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Based and redpilled
Not based and not pilled
Elderly man

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>elderly man
>tfw I can’t even play vidya anymore
>I fall asleep at 7pm every night
>I’m only 22

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It's do with art and storytelling. Go bother philosophy threads.

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Animé is nonsense to me desu. I don't get the appeal.
video games have appeal but a lot of the good shit is indie and never see the light of day outside of niche online communities

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Any good literature/philosophy podcasts/lectures? I've heard some of Rick Roderick's stuff but that's about it.

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Rick is about the best, RIP
OP: Rick’s are from Teaching Company, and you can see who else you like from there
/lit/ would like Rick Roderick

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Hunrer dreyfus existentialism 7
I've 'taken' that course at least 25 times now. Really helped me understand kierkegaard from a philosophical point of view as opposed to enjoying him as a poet.

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Hubert* fuck mobile

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BBC's In our time.

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Partially Examined Life is really good

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how do i make sure what i am writing in my phil book isn't pseud?

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Pseud for sure I'm afraid.
Sounds like you just wrote down your vague conceptualizations of the world as you understand it, without backing anything up with actual reasoning.

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when i saw him mention dark matter, my woo radar went off and just assumed he was trolling.

so what makes a genuinely good writing in philosophy? im curious but i dont really plan (or think im in anyway fucking able) on making anything extremely groundbreaking

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>what makes a genuinely good writing in philosophy?
Answering that question could fill a book by itself.

But if you mean, what kind of ideas are getting taken seriously in the field and how they need to be expressed, then you should read philosophy journals.
Noûs, the Philosophical Review, the Journal of Philosophy.

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no no no
the less you know the more suited you are to write good phil, deleuze would agree

>> No.12808901

>Noûs, the Philosophical Review, the Journal of Philosophy
thanks anon!

why would deleuze agree? are you insinuating something?

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Hegel thread

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>the amount of things I learned just from reading the preface to the phenomenology of spirit

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And so here's stage three. Stage three, the "real" you right here on earth, above the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, the essence, well, the "essence spills out", so this is a leap of thought, so the you right here with you the essence on the inside, this you is now that you, you just kind of imagine for a moment that the vision you were looking at on the moon is now this stuff right here. So it's like your hallucination got suddenly alot more vivid, cause now it's perception not hallucination. A moment ago you were trying to see yourself on the clear white pallate of the moon, and you were tiny in the field of vision, no matter how well you did in the hallucinating.

But suddenly it's all quite clear and life size. This is a mind experiment, a bracketing, a temporary suspension of disbelief, so that I temporarily believe that I am that me that I was just looking at on the moon, here I am, on the moon, I can take a sip of my drink, I can look at my hands, my arms, look at that I went to the moon and now I am there, have perception. I begin to look more closely at every little detail of my environment, cause, hell, this is the MOON!

And the hallucination that happened that first night, that never quite happened again, was I could see light, a hallucination of light emitting from my body, it was at the joints, I was standing there on thetrianguar patio "on the moon" bending my arms back and forth at the different joints cause I couldn't believe the light coming out of my body.

But I continued to do the experiment, not just to the moon but out to the other planets, the sun, the center of the galaxy (and the well mapped neighborhood around the black hole, like the molecular cloud saggitarius B2, the "large molecule heimat", or homeland, there that's a german term but it didn't come from hegel books it came from some astrophysics article years ago. I proceeded to other galaxies, other larger galaxy clusters, then the fateful trips to "redshift space", so far away it's in the past. Kenotic projection outside of time. that is a gateway to madness. And to this day, the practice of this mind experiment causes a burst of ghost bugs.

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How so?

>> No.12808719

That night wasn't really my first, I had stumbled on this phenomena once early in grammar school, and registered the shock but didn't know how else to use it at the time. I'd been in my catholic school classroom, front row desk, daydreaming as always, for an extended period. Don't remember much of those daydreams of course - oh the girl I had a crush on or the pen and pencil as rocket ships, is what I remember ruminating about - but that day I remember that I was shocked by the kenotic spilling, as I sat there in class but drifted far away, in my vision I was walking home, doing stuff there, then walking to school, walking up the stairs, walking into the classroom and sitting down in my front row short guy seat, and then I realized - BOOM - I really am here, in my vision, here in the front row seat, taht was weird. I swear I first noticed the kenotic effect that day.

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this nerd's existentialist-Marxist interpretation of Hegel and the people who attended his lectures will probably hold back the world-spirit one millennia.
>the master and slave are actually persons

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Post all the books you have on nearby that you have in the open because you just love how the cover looks...

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