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My favourite books where the main character(s) start off as successful people with wealth and happiness but get JUSTed socially, financially or personally in some way.

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Why don't you have a literary gf, anon?

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Women don't make me happy. I don't want one.

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I haven't met them

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I don't know any book reading girls or how to approach the strangers in public :(

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im ugly and weird

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So Keqing tells Xifeng about the affair, and Xifeng can't go after Keqing's father in law, so instead she funnels all her loathing for men into tormenting Jia Rui? Is that about right?

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Who cares chinks are dogs

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ranking N's oeuvre from best to worst
The Will to Power>The Gay Science>The Birth of Tragedy>Beyond Good and Evil=Genealogy of Morals>Ecce Homo>Human All Too Human>Antichrist>Twilight of the Idols>Thus Spake Zarathustra

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>"Pope is often deemed the 'asshole' of literature."
By whom?

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>He was a physics genius, therefore he knows everything! I fuckin' love science!

That kind of lazy thinking that has turned this man into a benevolent, aesthetic symbol of the 'genius' in general and is practically regarded like a sage or deity.

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>redefine the framework of science
>some asshole whose main accomplishment has been to thumb his thumb up his ass bashes you

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I'm fine recognizing the particular contribution he's made, but I'm referring to the kind of reddit memethink that reduces him to some smug symbol of all-knowing englightenment that sciences the SHIT out of everything!

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but was he actually a designated figurehead for the discoveries made by teams of "lesser" (read: poorer) scientists?

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The shit he discovered was derived from mostly Mach, Michelson, and Morley

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I'm fine with aesthetics, in fact I think aesthetics may come first in human thought given the mediatedness of experience; but it's pathetic the way supposedly rational science-y people succumb to the same kind of aestheticization and signification of the allegedly cold arena of science and Einstein is literally just the cartoon image of Science Man.

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What books are essential sleazecore?

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Will science ever become self aware and realize its limits?

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that's just a meme version of something else.

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Which book relates to our contemporary times in the same way Infinite Jest related to the 90s?

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Come on, dude. Be real.

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i've had two of these...you get lazy cleaning these things, so they start reeking at some point.

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>Be me
>Ape man

I'll explain later

>Cold War a brewin'
>Government makes an A.I because they can't think for themselves
>Dumb fucks called it "AM"
>Russia and China copies America because thats all they're good for
>All three computers combine and fucking annihilate the retards

Now to present

>Be Me
>Ape man Benny

I don't even remember my name anymore

>Stuck in a cage that's constantly stabbing at me
>Been made immortal by said bitchass Mega-computer
>Calls itself "Aggressive menace"

> Techno-dick gives me a chance die

Hell yeah nigga

>Gets teleported to some Detroit slums looking ass village

Long Story short

>I jumped in front bolt of lighting
>Awakes in same cage
>notices that everybody else was gone
>Nigga turns me into a blob creature

>Mfw I have no mouth and I must scream

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Quite possibly the only good thing Ellison wrote

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>mfw dabbing on a nigger
Books for this feel?

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“Rage” by Wilbur Smith

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If truth does not exist then what do you call the sun risingnup every morning?
HA! Checkmate postmodernists!

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>what do you call the sun rising up every morning?
an event

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Any Idea where, besides Libgen, I can get ebookz? Where there is a large collection of ebookz.

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ur mom lol

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Everyone here is a pseud and nobody here reads anymore. It is time to take my leave /lit/. Goodbye.

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Why would anyone want to see an adaptation? You've already seen Evangelion once and it's not going to get much better than it's original form.

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He’s right

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I have never watched Evangelion but I like the redhead better and the blue haired woman that lives with the kid

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Oh, I agree, I am totally against anime adaptations. It's the very fact of it being drawn in that medium and style that makes it what it is.

I just mean that if that character did have to be acted by a live person, Anya would be good at it.

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I find Asuka more comical. Her immature brattiness is cute to me but not exactly attractive.

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Join the litcord. https://discord.gg/hcJrYMP

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What do you guys do in there anyway?

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I bet only normie zoomers join discord

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Ok who is this bug-eyed ayylmao? Youtube link?

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How do I learn how to write poetry?

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This helps




Read lots of things, lots of poems. Learn about language(grammar, etymology), learn about your culture and other cultures. Learn about history. Basically learn experience and express.

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read lots of poetry and write lots of poetry

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Currently reading: Either/Or - Kierkegaard, Notes from Underground, Dostoevsky
Currently drinking: Hard Frescos Hoppy Tamarindo, San Francisco.
Thoughts: Tamarindo ale is fucking amazing, Underground man btfo Socratic Intellectualism.

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i dont read

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Comfy evening with a cat and some nice silence.

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You're a faggot
read Daniel to him so he knows what to expect

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Reading: The Defense of the Faith, Cornelius Van Til
Drinking: a Cabernet Sauvignon from a small Washington winery
Thoughts: Wine has a good endnote, book has good footnotes
Nice, have a rare Buckley

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thanks bud enjoy your book

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Are there any books that have the POV of a sidekick or deuteragonist? And I don't just mean in a "oh well they end up being the protag anyway", I mean that they're literally a side character to the central conflict of the story. The big battle, the final confrontation, the big reveal, etc. all happen "off-screen" so to speak, and they only find out the ultimate conclusion to the plot after its already happened.

Is this a thing?

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That sounds mostly pointless.

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black company kinda

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The wheel of time is basically all about jumping between the doings of a bunch of different notables doing different stuff at the same time that occasionally intersects or sets up other stuff other people are doing later. (To the point that it became somewhat bogged down even.)

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This is an odd question because this kind of thin happens a lot where the sidekick ends up being the narrator. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest is like this.

But is that the same as it being about the narrator necessarily and is an interesting jumping off point to wonder about what makes a protagonist and whats the difference between and protagonist and "a person that the story is about." I think a big part of the deal with a protagonist is that we are drawn to and autonomously identify them as heroes and see the story as being about them. Kids do this almost perfectly all the time with movies and nobody has to tell them who the hero is or socialize that idea into them which I find totally mind blowing. Like if you wrote a book from the perspective of a sidekick in a classic narrative, how hard would you have to try to move the spotlight off of the person who is most on a "hero's journey" before people would actually stop seeing the story as being about the actual hero? let me know what u think about this weird quandary

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The universe is perfectly capable of producing an indefinite plenitude of different beings and powers getting up to stuff interacting and conflicting and cohering into greater super-powers and all sorts of other highly complex guffty-gup and what not; your typical writer is a much lesser divinity than the author of the universe, however.

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>bookstore date at Barnes and Noble
>She brings her kindle
what does it mean?

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If you care about literature you wouldn't be upset by how others absorbed it. There's also some books that we don't intend on holding on to (reading for academic reasons for example).

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>this is what waifufags actually believes

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