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Your favourite character ever?

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For the last 3 years I read every major work of the russian.
I want to read something else now, but nothing captures my interest in the same way.
I think I'm too invested in russian culture and history now and it's hard to change.

Maybe I'll just acept it and stick with the russians forever. What do YOU recommend? What other country/time period has books the same level of 19th century Russia?

HARD MODE: no greeks

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I literally couldn't make it past chapter 1 because the book was so hard to follow. I've never read Wallace before, not even infinite jest but I have read some metafiction stuff from authors like Barth, Gaddis, Pynchon. Apparently these writers served as a muse for Wallace but his books take themselves more seriously while the other's wrote for comedic purposes.

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>his books take themselves more seriously

Congratulations, you read the first chapter.

It's ultimately a book about boredom, sacrifice, selflessness, bureaucracy, self-overcoming and the beauty of the mundane. The novel invites you into the world of the IRS, dares you to be bored by it, then provides you with a character who is exactly the type of person who would become bored by it, who would put the book down and have a meltdown on /lit/ before gooning for an hour, and you see that character question his values and assumptions, with the IRS representing to him a source of structure and a means by which he can benefit the lives of others. Infinite Jest shows why you shouldn't binge on candy and nihilism, The Pale King suggests what you could be doing instead.

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Do you buy all your classics from same publishers? On the other hand I would like to collect Everyman's Library books but I kind a thing that it looks stupid if your bookshelf is too uniform, it looks like you were just subscribed to some book club and probably hadn't read those books so maybe it's better to buy from different publishers every once in a while

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No. I almost always buy based on size and how it feels in my hands. I prefer paperback to hardcover, and frankly I consider no dust jacket a plus. I'll take a smaller book over a bigger one unless its an art book and I want the pictures, a cheaper book over a more expensive one unless it is in some way truly hideous or in terrible condition, and a paperback over a hard cover unless I need it to lie flat. I read a lot of middle english so I don't often get a lot of options for editions, since most publishers prefer to put out modernised versions.
One of my best friends is a book dealer and thinks I'm a psycho.
But she just sold a harry potter book for like $10,000 so I think there are clearly bigger pyschos around than me.

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Short answer: no

I buy lots of used books to I don't get to be picky all the time

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>I almost always buy based on size and how it feels in my hands
Yeah that's what your mom said too

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nah my mother is a fucking pleb who reads non-stop but can never seem to remember anything she has read.

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Does anyone here own Plato's Complete Works? Would love to have all his stuff in collection but I'm bit worried that such a big book will be awkward to read and just stays in my shelf so I'm trying to decide if I should just buy the most essential stuff in couple invididual editions instead

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If it's a big book, you read it on a goddamn desk. Fuck's sake you faggots.

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Yeah, this is exactly what I do with it

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I should've checked some reviews first. Anyway, I'm 20 minutes in and here we go, an inner city youngest physics professor at Harvard Magickal Negro. And he's especially magickal. He didn't come from a couple of African college professors, no, he's self-taught, had a single mother, and was reading Feynman Lectures when his homies were rapping and playing basketball and gang banging. He's sufficiently Magickal such that the military finds a fucking space ship and wants to send in ONE scientist and it's the Magickal Negro. From a fucking 1987 novel.

I'm shocked how far back the rot started.

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Is this the book of that weird but cool movie Sphere?

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Yes. It’s more psychological thriller than sci fi.

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Am I the only one who finds NEETchud insufferable?

Usually it's more interesting to read people _talking about Nietzsche_ than to read Nietzsche itself. His "I sniff my own farts" writing style is unbearable.

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Batman won, ESL. Now bury your dreams of english competency. Consider this mercy.

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>Rajeesh lecturing about “english [sic] competency”

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That was me, you retard.
You are not german, so you can't actually read nietzsche in its original language.
You retard.

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Do you seriously think competency isn't a word? Go to whoever gave you english lessons and demand your money back

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>author doesn't even try to tell a story and instead does the intellectual equivalent of wherlies to show off his knowledge on a topic in you're bath

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I'm on chapter 13. Does this shit get good again? I was enjoying it when the kid was on his own.

I loved The Road, Stella Maris, and No Country For Old Men, but this shit is dragging.

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Finished reading the final volume, but I still don't get it. What is Jia Baoyu's love triangle with his two cousins supposed to symbolise?
And why did the story start out by introducing completely irrelevant characters that are only seen once again two volumes later.

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star trek has a unusual take on sci fi. a mix of military scifi but utopian adventure thriller. i've read most of the books and seen all the shows but something as popular as this must have inspired similar stories. any suggestions?

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tl;dr Peirce hated gnosticism:
>Peirce dismisses a Gnostic dualist cosmology wherein eros is one of two equal but opposite creative powers. This is evident in his interest in the anti-Gnostic St. John, “the ontological Gospeller.” In Peirce’s account, strife, hatred, and evil “are mere imperfect stages of agapé and agathón, love and loveliness.” Peirce’s account of love, then, mirrors the Neo-Platonist versions of eros found in Plotinus and Jacob Boehme. Though neither Boehme nor Plotinus is named in this essay, he named both in his article “The Law of Mind,” which appeared in the Monist just six months earlier.
painsisters, our response?

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he didn't even talk about gnosticism in that paper and mentioned John to deride Revelations. Also doesn't he mention Plotinus in the context of deriding it as oriental mysticism? lol, weird thread

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Is this really just descriptions of a digusting Southern Town and its landscape, with a decent character study? If it is, I can't handle reading the rest

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if you didn't enjoy the watermelon and prison bit or the prose so far it probably isn't for you. there's a very hallucinogenic sequence in the woods which I consider some of mccarthy's best work

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>there's a very hallucinogenic sequence in the woods which I consider some of mccarthy's best work
What chapter is it?

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>another plotfag filtered
Corncob bros, we can't stop winning

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It gets very metaphysical and surreal later on.

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59% in my epub
>Suttree in the woods was surprised to find small flowers still. He fell into silent studies over the delicate loomwork in the moss. Annular forms of lichens fiery green that sprawled across the stones like tiny jade volcanoes. The scalloped fungus that ledged old rotted logs, flangeous mammary growths with a visceral consistency and pale indianpipes in pulpy clusters among the debris of humus and rich decay and mushrooms with serrate and membraneous soffits where under toads are reckoned to siesta. Or elves, he said. In breeks of kingscord, shirts paned up of silk tailings, no color like the rest. A curious light lay in the forest. He was squatting in the rich and murky earth, the blanket about his shoulders. He wondered could you eat the mushrooms, would you die, do you care. He broke one in his hands, frangible, mauvebrown and kidneycolored. He'd forgotten he was hungry.

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Why does this trash attract homosexuals, women, and subhumans?

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Garcia Lorca was a socialist/communist, so it's only natural

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And an homosexual

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Because he was le gay playwright and because foreigners can't help but misinterpret the politics of spanish authors. Cela himself gets misinterpreted all the time. Anyway I find him interesting because I am from the region myself and because he is one of few non Americans who wrote about the Wall Street suicides during the 20s. His best work was back home though.

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I always thought he was overrated shit. And my main language is Spanish, by the way.

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Did he fail to live up to his father? Is there any depth to his writing? The movie, The Zone of Interest, as a constructed object, was flimsy and superficial, and Money seems (without having read) to be just a collection of stale memes from the 80s.

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the movie has very little to do with his novel, why would you even consider it? have you read it?

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of course not

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epic thread

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Specifically if one is able to interact with people but these interactions remain surface layer. The inability to express your deeper thoughts and feelings. Not looking for anything that promises to help find companionship but rather to accept the posibility of remaing lonely forever

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If you are insinuating I am from reddit, the only time I have ever visited that site is from some search query unrelated to books by the way. Fuck off

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Being Reddit does not require that you actually use Reddit. Being Reddit is a state of the soul. You can be Reddit without even knowing what Reddit is.

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Oh. OK, I wouldn't know about that.

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Lovecrafts Dream Cycle and the rest of his buddies. They had pretty shit lives but they wrote some truly wonderful stories, though Lovecraft is the one who deals most with lost and broken dreamers.

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Gifts Differing by Isabel Briggs-Myers

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What are your general thoughts on graphic novels (aka the funnies)? Should they be considered a valid medium?

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I need some more alien /lit/

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What's the /lit/ equivalent besides Hard Boiled Wonderland; fiction that evokes the same uncanny curiosity and existencial dread?

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>I watched this because of lain and it fucking sucked. Even Texhnolyze was better.
Care to elaborate?

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Nothing happened and I stopped watching it midway through. It had atmosphere but that was about it.

>> No.23121774

The atmosphere is one of the best aspects of the show in my opinion. To each their own though. I suppose if you can't stand slice of life, those episodes might come off rather boring. I see them as luring you into a false sense of security before the second half; when things actually start to get interesting.

>> No.23121830

Rakka is my daughterfu.

>> No.23121864

>Nothing happened
nothing screams "I am a filtered midwit" more than that statement. and it's a common one among midwits.

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Movie intro

Black Screen with text that says what the man in a deep voice is saying.

guy in a deep voice
Events in this film are based on real life and should not be taken lightly.

EXT. Giga Chad , Greasy Jewish Italian , and Dumb Fred Flitstone Mexican Naruto-running side by side down a hill

(YOU ARE MY FRIIIEEEEEND!!!!!!)Distance, By Long Shot Party Plays

EXT. different shots of the other characters in the movie making sad faces throughout the first verse like they do on the Naruto Intros.

During the 2nd chorus there's quick snippets of us fighting the movie's antagonists like Mr. Riviera, Furry Lover and Breeding Cow with Kunais. Sparks flying when they collide. Shows an image of Big gay Faggot crying.

More cringy stereotypical anime intro shit happens.

Intro ends with black screen with the title “Cringe Fest” in white letters as the camera slowly zooms away from it.

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That Sad Dumb Tranny faggot Loser
Whoa, Giga Chad can we get the fuck out of here.

Giga Chad and That Sad Dumb Tranny faggot Loser were disturbed. They walked about 30 to 50 feet to get away. You unhealthy looking nerd then went up to a douchey drug dealer.

You unhealthy looking nerd
Hey, you retarded, ugly, fag. You’re a little punk bitch.

Drug dealer
What the fuck did you just say to me bitch?

You unhealthy looking nerd
Kill yourself, pussy!

As Giga Chad and That Sad Dumb Tranny faggot Loser walked away, a fistfight was getting ready to start. They walked to a crosswalk leading to McDonalds and bailed.

EXT. Crosswalk to mcdonalds.-Day

That Sad Dumb Tranny faggot Loser
Why did you associate with him?

Giga Chad
He wasn’t like that back then.
That Sad Dumb Tranny faggot Loser
I refuse to be around him, he makes us look bad and I’m half certain he’s handicapped.

Giga Chad
Ok *sadface*

Giga Chad walks up to Dumb Fred Flitstone Mexican.

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EXT.In front of mcdonalds.-Day

Dumb Fred Flitstone Mexican
You unhealthy looking nerd just told me about how he got laid.

Dumb Fred Flitstone Mexican pulls out his phone and shows Giga Chad the profile pic, it’s just of a car. The Facebook profile has nothing else on it.

Giga Chad
What am I looking at Dumb Fred Flitstone Mexican?

Dumb Fred Flitstone Mexican
It’s his girlfriend, it’s a car.

That Sad Dumb Tranny faggot Loser
You think he made a facebook to convince us that he fucked a fat bitch.

Dumb Fred Flitstone Mexican
To be real, he’s probably just fucking the muffler of the car.

Giga Chad , Dumb Fred Flitstone Mexican and That Sad Dumb Tranny faggot Loser laughed.

That Sad Dumb Tranny faggot Loser
Why would you even want to lie about fucking a fat chick. I just don’t get it.

Dumb Fred Flitstone Mexican
Maybe the lie is more believable then.

That Sad Dumb Tranny faggot Loser

Giga Chad laughs.

We all see the time and start the head back to school.

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INT. Giga Chad , Big Retarded inbred, Furry Lover and That Sad Dumb Tranny faggot Loser were sitting in the cafeteria.-Day

A teacher named Mister Midget came up to them.

Mister Midget
Hey Furry Lover, what class do you have right now?

Furry Lover looked paSad gay maned.

Furry Lover

Okay, I was just checking.

The whole group laughed at Furry Lover. Giga Chad and That Sad Dumb Tranny faggot Loser got up and started to walk to class as the bell rang.

INT. In the science classroom.-Day

The teacher comes inside. The whole class is basically screaming.

Mis, Chielete
That’s enough, I’ll lose my job if this continues.

That greasy jewish Italian Giga Chad ’s neighbor gets up.

Greasy Jewish Italian
I have a call.

Mis, Chielete
What is it Important?

>> No.23121636

That greasy jewish Italian
Oh yeah.

Voice over. Giga Chad
He was selling weed.

At the end of the class, Lil Faggot bro, That Sad Dumb Tranny faggot Loser’s brother starts rapping and everybody in class sings along.

The whole class
Death to the 7-Eleven Indians, ALLAHU AKBAR.

Big gay Faggot stands up. Randy Orton Voices starts playing in the background. He is wearing his jean jacket with patches in it. As Big gay Faggot walks towards Giga Chad it flashes to a black screen multiple times and shows Big gay Faggot doing Jojo poses from Jojo bizarre adventures in slow mo with glitter behind him. Everytime it flashes black and he does a pose he gets closer to Giga Chad . When he finally gets to Giga Chad , he starts talking like Vass from Far cry 3.

Big gay Faggot
Giga Chad , have I ever told you the definition of insanity? It’s when you repeat the same fucking thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Giga Chad
Big gay Faggot, I already heard the Far cry 3 dialog.

Big gay Faggot
Fine Giga Chad I’ll stop. Hey, so the reason I came over here was I wanted to ask you if you want to come over to my house to spend the night tonight? I got a few friends coming, you may know.

Giga Chad
Sure man, I’m down.

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When the bell rang, Giga Chad and Big gay Faggot walked to acting class together.

INT. Inside acting class.-Day

Voice over. Giga Chad
Acting class, they told me it was about having fun. Only fun here is having a gay man yell at you.

In acting class the teacher asked us to show the class something of ours. Big gay Faggot went up first. I think he had a watch or something. Breeding Cow is sitting next to me.

Mr. Gordick
Why doesn’t everyone bring down something to show the class.

Big gay Faggot
I got something to show you all. This is my grandfather's watch and it’s something of a relic. It's 47 years old and I’m very proud to have it. My grandfather is dead now so it's one of the last things I have from him.

Mister. Gordick
That’s nice Big gay Faggot. I hate it when people call things under 50 years old relics.

The whole gay class laughes but me, Breeding Cow, and Big gay Faggot.

Voice over. Giga Chad
I don’t even remember what I brought out. I was high as fuck, but I didn’t get a cunty response. I knew I felt bad for Big gay Faggot.

Bell rang and Giga Chad and Big gay Faggot walked out of class.

INT. In the hallway.-Day

Giga Chad and Big gay Faggot saw That Sad Dumb Tranny faggot Loser and they started walking.