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What do we think about this madlad? Who's your favorite OT character?

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gf just gave me some books by picrel, what am i in for?

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Pseudo-intellectualism in the guise of “self-healing” and “trauma-centered consciousness”

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so another wannabe jung?

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Ain't I A Woman is a good overview of black feminism from antebellum south through slavery abolition up until second wave feminism but from memory it isn't exactly rigorous in its historiography, and it's possible Angela Davis' Women, Race and Class does a better job of critiquing white-centred feminism

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>Angela Davis' Women, Race and Class does a better job of critiquing white-centred feminism
might as well just read some FBI handbook if you are going to read a book by a FBI informant

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So, self-healing OP’s gf thinks he needs.
Read it, talk with her about it between chapters

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Capitalism is le bad

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fr fr

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no cap

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Why didn't they just call a plumber for the tub?

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Why do you think this is what the book is about?

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>Spiderman reads Pynchon
Yeah, I'm thinking it's over for post-modernists

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Marvel fags dont read. They just collect for the bling bling.

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He also has a copy of infinite jest in this scene

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always has been *cosmonauts with pistola.xcf*

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A friend of mine wanted advice on how to start reading as a hobby, since they probably got the attention span of your average zoomer I’m thinking of giving them pic. They seemed very curious about it.
Personally loved it, especially the letters of the narrator by his fucked up mom at the end as well as the house-plot itself.

You think ergodic lit like that would be good for someone to start off reading, just so they can find joy in it first?

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Everyone here is a pseud except me.

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Stupid frog poster

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I read the haunting of hill house and just finished we have always lived in the castle...

why is she popular again? these two books, the latter being marginally better, are pretty underwhelming, considering how big her name is in the pantheon of horror/gothic fiction?

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What else have you read in the genre that you think compares favorably to those works?

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The Lottery is a lot better though.

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I am legend is phenomenal, as well as any major Lovecraft story (or minor, the Outsider being my favorite of his). I've read a lot of King when I was younger, but I recently reread Salem's Lot and Pet Sematary, they were amazing, both are fantastic horror. There's also Poe, but that's pretty unfair comparison for most writers. Finally there's Ghost Story which I also thought was pretty great, though overrated in its own way, it's still surpasses both of Jackson's works that I've read.

What are your thoughts?

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oh yeah, and I've of course read Dracula and Frankenstein, the former of course being a much more "gothic genre" novel.

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Her short stories are pretty great

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What order should I read this welsh fellows writings?

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Its over..

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I'll make a strong case for alphabetical order.

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Where can I find his books in PDF for free?

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The Kindle editions of all of his books are bargain priced. Being and Oil Vol. 1 is $2. Even if you're poor, you can afford $2.

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Are his books worth reading?

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No but he does need to feed his wife

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No, just read Energy and Experience: An Essay in Nafthology instead

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His books are not good. Very amateur, disconnected, culture war-esque references. I regret spending the money.

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books for when you're a balding ugly unemployed unironic 29 year old virgin dicklet very soon to be 30 at rock bottom and have next to no motivation to do anything about it? haha

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Starting Strength

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You don't need you just need to rape someone. If your dick is small its not like she'll feel it anyways

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>You don't need you just need to rape someone. If your dick is small its not like she'll feel it anyways

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I was being facetious. Touch grass

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I'm a 29 year old virgin too, but I have a job, hair, and an average sized penis.

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I am unable to decide which way it goes.

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Order. Read John 1:1

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Chaos between Order

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Order and Disorder are both projections cast onto the formlessness of actuality.

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But isn't formlessness a disorder in itself

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To ask the question itself presupposes knowledge. Be quiet

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Is Cloud Atlas even worth the read? Heard so many mixed reviews on it ranging from a great read to an abysmal addition to the Sci Fi genre. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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I would say no. Never thought about it since. But the movie was ok.

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>11 A large herd of pigs was feeding on the nearby hillside. 12 The demons begged Jesus, “Send us among the pigs; allow us to go into them.” 13 He gave them permission, and the impure spirits came out and went into the pigs. The herd, about two thousand in number, rushed down the steep bank into the lake and were drowned.
Why would Jesus do that

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Jews aren't big on pigs.

This passage obviously made an impression on Cormac McCarthy because he stuck it into Outer Dark. Outer Dark is a very odd book, and the giant herd of pigs rushing over a cliff for no reason is one of the oddest bits of it.

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The bible is just ancient schizoposting.

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it always cracks me up how prevalent
>And there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth
is in Mathew compared to the other Apostles. fire and brimstone/10

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A black comedy digital novel about a suicidal man who must complete several tasks before he dies. "The Tetrapaq Knight". Only one dollar.

Here is the introduction:

Gary came out of the bathroom, touching his chin. That shaving cream really hydrated his face. Along with his nightstand, beside his wallet, was a note with instructions in a language only he could understand:

Burn down the building.

Donate everything to a vagrant.

Throw me out of a bus window.

Rob a store.

Hit a stranger.

Rape the supermarket cashier.

Shit in a public place (probably that burger joint at Miraflores).

Walk on top of multiple cars in a traffic jam.

Kill Eduardo Wong.

Launch me from the Costa Verde.

—You're right. Today is the day —he spoke to the paper, tossing his used towel over the floor.

The link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B36HYTFJ
Note: Yes, The dialogues are with dashes instead of speech marks.

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how do i get a godhead

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bros why does rene guenon just talk about how epic and awesome the orientals are.

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The Guenon era is ending.

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You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried

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Explain? All he said about orientals is that they are unmoving and are the base of the tree. While the westerners are a branch and just keep changing tradition.

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but i am a khv 31 yo ugly ethnic male

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Post a pic
Get a book rec

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I might have a new fetish, kill yourself

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so THIS is what Ergo Proxy is about?

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Boxxy fallen on hard times, huh.

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What is /lit/s favourite erotica?

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Yeah it's an incel board.

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most of the stories including interracial + non-reluctance. Plantation owner’s daughter and the slave, raped by thugs, etc.

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What's your favorite buck breaking story?

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Link them

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This one fucked up Outlast fanfic where Waylon was held at Mount Massive for 2 weeks before the Walrider disaster. They get taken to another facility to "recuperate" but of course it's more evil shit. Then he gets forced to pretend to be Eddie Gluskin's wife to keep him calm and complacent, and that includes letting Eddie fuck him. It's a fucked, I tell you what. I love it.

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i consider myself a creative and open-minded person, i like to write and read poetry and literature, but i can't stand academic subjects. i'm not sure if this hatred developed over time from when i was a child or i just lack the attention to study, but i suck at school. it's a miracle i got this far, i cheat on every test and this year i slipped up and gotta retake a test in august, i feel dumb but i know i'm not stupid. i can't comprehend algebra or anything to do with logic my mind just shuts down whenever i'm met with a problem. i take things slowly, but school never waits for me and i fail to catch up, similarly i never did something i was forced to do, when i had to read hamlet for school i didn't, but i would read it out of enjoyment now. my life is kind of a mess right now and everyone depends on my further education. should i give up or suck it up and endure it? i'm a bit fearful for my future and i know that in this world you can't get anywhere without an academic degree.

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i've been thinking about hitting the gym, maybe weights really are the solution to everything?

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John Taylor Gatto

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the story of richard branson really resonated with me, might watch some of his interviews, thanks.

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its not the solution to everything at all, but getting rid of the chemicals slowing your cognitive processes would help you follow through on any interest

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Sounds like you have developed some horrible habits. Sad to say but you do need to force yourself to learn things even if you dislike them. Most of 90% of what you need to learn to function will be something you do not like. The reason you can't take things slowly is because you are too far behind to catch up normally just by studying. I would recommend taking a break from college or whatevs and taking a remedial program. Of course you could go off the deep end and start grinding to make money without education but its a lot harder and requires agency which someone who struggles completing basic requirements in education is not ready for.

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>mfw waiting for the next issue of Lamp by /lit/
What have you anons submitted?

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