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Rain is the best weather to read in, this can't be refuted.

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The absolute state of modern dating

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The "brain activity" edition

Previous thread: >>20567174

For General Writing
>The Rhetoric of Fiction, Booth
>Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft, Burroway
>Steering the Craft, Le Guin
>The Anatomy of Story, Truby
>How Fiction Works, Wood

YouTube Playlists for Writing
>https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTCv6n1whoI23GmdBZienRW0Q0nFCU_ay Robert Butler

Technical Aspects of Writing
>Garner's Modern English Usage, Garner
>What Editors Do: The Art, Craft, and Business of Book Editing, Ginna
>Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style, Tufte

Books Analyzing Literature
>Poetics, Aristotle
>Hero With a Thousand Faces, Campbell
>The Art Of Dramatic Writing: Its Basis in the Creative Interpretation of Human Motives, Egri
>The Weekend Novelist, Ray

Note to anyone posting a sample of your writing for critique:

Traditional Publishing
>you get to focus mostly on writing
>you must write a proposal to the publishers and sell your story to them
>you make 10-15% profit max, but they also eat all the risk and the costs
>self publishing is basically like running your own company
>you only need to do some simple marketing and reach out to readers
>you make 10-15% profit max
>self publishing you make 70%+
>they’ll still require you to do all the leg work of a self published author anyways

Self Publishing Options

Self Publishing How-To
>risky, but much more profitable
>you must pay for everything yourself
>if you do, you will spend more time on running a business than writing, but can be worth it

>This Craft of Verse, Borges
>The Poetry Home Repair Manual, Kooser
>Western Wind: An Introduction to Poetry, Mason

Anime Writing (^・o・^)

For advertising

AI-generated book covers

/wg/ Authors and Flash Fiction Pastebin

Other forums

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“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.
Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”
-Calvin Coolidge

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What some good Scot lit or authors?

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The Letters of Samuel Rutherford
The Memoir and Remains of R.M. M'Cheyne

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Is "Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior" a worthy read?

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>Some of his teaching methods and actions, particularly his heavy drinking, womanizing, and the physical assault of a student and his wife, caused controversy during his lifetime and afterward.
The author seems based

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Similar books?

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100 Laws of Man's Sexual Ethics

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>be John Carter
>get transported to Mars
>become a prisoner and prove your worth to green Martians
>fall in love and rescue the red princess, Dejah Thoris
>marry her
>bring her to your royal chamber
>she has a cloaca

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Any hole is a goal my man.

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Pretty much the same: wet, warm, tight. A hole is a hole.
By the way, how are the sequels? I loved A Princess of Mars.

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I've only read the first three books. They're decent and worth the read.

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What I'm I in for?

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Probably just confirmations of things you already knew.

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new meme book?

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Go back

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A debunked conspiracy theory

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Why did he like to sniff his wife's farts so much?

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personally I'm a legschad.

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Any books that refute Stirner and egoism? I literally can’t refute egoism. I think this is the end of the road.

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The book you read of Stirner's is not Stirner's it is yours, thus you win. Why refute yourself?

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Someone should make a meme about Stirner and the Rorschach test.

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Best text for jñana yoga?

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The Nobel Prize in Literature is heavily biased towards Westerners, especially Western Europeans, and most especially towards Swedes. For example, the United States has won thirteen Nobel Prizes in Literature, which is nothing to sneeze at; however, Sweden has won eight Nobel Prizes in Literature. This is despite the fact that the US has a population 33x that of Sweden. And the US doesn't have it as bad as countries elsewhere in the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

An even more egregious disparity becomes apparent when one considers Latin America, which has produced only three Nobel laureates in literature (less than half of Sweden's number), despite having a population 64x that of Sweden. While the low numbers for Africa can perhaps be attributed to the relatively recent arrival of written literature to most of that continent, Latin America has been a literary powerhouse for well over a century, yet, in terms of the Nobel Prize, it has nothing to show for it.

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didn't a nigger just win last year?

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That's the exception that proves the rule; Gurnah is one of only a few writers of African origin to ever win, and more importantly, he's based in the UK.

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They have to throw the niggers a bone every now and then or they would chimp out

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Let’s meme F Gardner into winning the Nobel prize.

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Do you take the dust jacket off when you read

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of course

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Also she's a stupid fucking bitch.

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What have you read, what are you currently reading, what do you plan to read?

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a dragon dildo atop a pile of evola spengler and devi

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>How would you describe the essays?
Comfy, life-affirming, revitalizing.

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In what area did he educate? I thought he only was a poet.

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>consooomer shoes
selfdefeating cringe

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Inspiring. He has a very positive outlook
He’s probably mostly known for inspiring Melville and Whitman, as he’s the father of transcendentalism. Some big themes he writes about is spirituality vs religion, the importance of the individual vs the crowd, and various positive outlooks on life

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An interesting meditation on words/phrases and the feeling they inspire under the hood once they are irrevocably pronounced. Check it out friends. For those who've read it, the last chapter «Je ne comprends pas» makes me wonder if it's referencing the text itself. But if it is, it seems to say the text itself shouldn't be taken seriously but merely as a litmus test for those who are not afraid to confess the text makes no sense. This is plausible because Sarraute seems to hold critics somewhat in contempt (see Les Fruits d'Or). Perhaps it is just like the final line, merely a «conte de fée».

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I appreciate your threads anon.

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It's very short, and I believe Barbara Wright did the English translation if it exists. I would trust Barbara Wright with my life due to the praise Raymond Queneau heaped on her for her translations of his work.

This one felt like a revisitation of Tropismes, but for words instead of actions.

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What does /lit/ think of GPT 3? AI-generated copy in general? Been dabbling with it, I get meh-to-good results, but learning all the tricks to using it in NovelAI is, well, tricky. There is little documentation on what all it can do
>computers can write human-like prose now
is this not the most groundbreaking thing of our times?

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Yes, perhaps going into the future there will be a sort of "authenticity value" for art media created by human beings or something like that. Look at this board, all of 4chan even, how many posts are written by bots? So many. Now this technology is public.

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i would drop reading books forever for sex

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The natural state of man is in hunger. Embrace the empty stomach, the desire to consume. To feel full is to bloat like a corpse. Only die on holidays, at feasts. During the day you must be alive, hungry, driven, empty, staring into the eyes of every living thing as if it were your last meal. Cows, pigs, dogs, cats, men, women, children: stare into them like Saturn ready to devour. Remind them that you are a man, remind them of the potestas of pater familias. At any moment you could devour the entire room, but you don't because you are at peace with your hunger and master of it.

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Jokes on you, I can't read and have never had sex

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i want a vagina in my face

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Why? All you need is 150$.
It's not worth it dropping reading forever for a piece of tail, trust me.

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neither do i read nor do i have sex. so my choice wouldn't matter in the slightest

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Thoughts on Lucan and The Pharsalia?

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please recommend me good chinese fantasy mortal to god cultivation novels.
the genre is called Xianxia I guess

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>Xianxia novels were popularized during the Republic of China period, but it was the 1932 novel Legend of the Swordsmen of the Mountains of Shu that sparked the modern popularity of the genre.[citation needed] In the 21st century, the genre took on new life with the advent of online publishing, with sites such as Qidian.com, Zongheng.com, and 17k.com giving a platform for authors to reach wide audiences with high-volume, serialized content. It was popularized outside of China primarily by fan translations in the early 2000s. Novels such as Stellar Transformations, Coiling Dragon, Martial God Asura, and I Shall Seal the Heavens [zh] led to a boom in such fan translations.[2] This genre is also a staple of Chinese television shows, films, manhua (comics), donghua (animation), and games.

>Protagonists are usually "cultivators" (修心者 xiūxīnzhě, 修士 xiūshì, or 修仙者 xiūxiānzhě) who seek to become immortal beings called xian. Along the way, they attain eternal life, supernatural powers, and incredible levels of strength. The fictional cultivation practiced in xianxia is heavily based on the real-life meditation practice qigong.

The stories usually include elements such as gods, immortals, yaoguai, ghosts, monsters, magical treasures, immortal items, medicinal pills, and the like.[1] They often take place in a "cultivation world" where cultivators engage in fierce and usually deadly struggles to acquire the resources they need to grow stronger. Oftentimes, the initial setting is reminiscent of ancient China, but the stories usually become cosmic in nature, with the protagonists attaining godlike abilities, sometimes creating their own planets, galaxies or universes. While the primary focus is action and adventure, there are also romance-heavy stories.[3]

sounds fun you fags eh?

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>the Bible has grammatical errors in it
>Christians believe it's "divinely inspired"

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The Book of Revelation is often called out for containing grammatical mistakes; it's likely that the author spoke Greek as a second language. Some are mentioned here: https://www.blueletterbible.org/Comm/stewart_don/faq/bible-difficulties/question21-are-there-grammatical-errors-in-scripture.cfm (though the author copes with "maybe it's wrong on purpose").

Maybe, but many Christians believe the Bible is perfect.

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>communists would rather worship a black criminal who robbed a gas station with a banana

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Grammar than truth are greater? Hmmm

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if someone successfully robbed a gas station armed with only a banana, it would be a greater miracle than any in the new testament

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Interesting. But the faults in language are simply human, doesn't mean that the message itself is not divinely inspired or truthful. If God could get a message across through someone whose language isn't great but is serviceable, there's no necessity to miraculously improve his Greek.
It's "divinely inspired", not "divinely written".
Not even a theist btw, it's just a weak argument.

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