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I have plenty of plots but I suck at scene composition

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Vice versa for me lol

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A kid falls in the well and when his family finally manages to pull him out it's another kid who looks suspiciously similar to the one that fell in.

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Books that BTFOs libtards?

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Why is he regarded as such a seminal writer? Journey reads more like a diary of an angry guy than a novel

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>Why is he regarded as such a seminal writer?
He isn't. Not by me, at least.

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Why one the greatest french prose stylist of the 20th century is regarded as essential ? Who knows, really.

Why do I know you can’t read french ?

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>Why do I know you can’t read french ?
Cause i never sucked a dick

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How do I write like Ryukishi07?

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Reminder to stay humble to not end up like this guy.

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Why? He fucked teenage girls and terrorized Mary Karr, both complete alpha male moves. Teenage girls are hot as fuck and Mary Karr is a total cunt.

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Literally the only thing he did wrong was suicide, everything else is based as shown here>>13869557

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And how did it all end?

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What do you do when you've finished your allotted amount of reading and writing for the day? I suppose I could go watch some adaptations on Hulu but that feels...dirty.

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>not keeping a second sneaky book hidden for when your mom takes your book away

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What's good starting point? I have the following:

Extension du domaine de la lutte
Les Particules élémentaires
La possibilité d'une île
La carte et le territoire

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Ugly, short little man who writes ugly, short little books.
Don't bother with him.

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Recommend me a handsome, tall big writer.

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Herman Melville

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>What's good starting point?

Controversial recommendation.
Start with Lanzarote because it's less than a hundred pages.

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I started with Elementary Particles since my french isn't up to speed yet for his level. Can't comment on his french prose, but by the translation it's a very good novel. Just don't expect any of his books to be stories; more recounts of events.

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I'll have to write an essay about Ibsen's Doll's House this friday. What are your opinions and takes on this play?

I once heard a theory that Ibsen wasn't trying to criticize the society, he was simply writing about those kind of things because they were edgy and taboo. Would anybody elaborate on this theory, or is it just bullshit?

Also, feel free to discuss Scandinavian literature. These threads are usually comfy each time I make them.

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Man, what is it with all these tards using ANIME images for their threads on /lit/ hahahahah
Pic unrelated

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My Utena thread got deleted (despite being a rec thread that fags turned into an anime thread) but the thread with the faggot frog hugging a seasonal waifu is still up.
What the fuck is with that, Janny?

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>bros I can't stop reading shit tier wattpad romance novels written by 15 years old hormonal teenagers

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Why can't frogposters greentext?

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Is this a troll or real?

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hegelian wife kek

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>All other work either agrees with Hegel so is redundant, or disagrees with Hegel and is wrong.
absolutely based

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Hegel is a brainlet/quack magnet.

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>ever dating a "philosopher"
That’s on her.

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Schopenhauer's contention that the structure a body is determined by a chosen mode of life has disturbing implications.

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Isn't this the fundamental principle of evolution and adaptation?

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"When Dante, the weary middle-aged pilgrim, finally reaches the lowest pit of Hell in The Inferno, he encounters Satan, who is, to this reader’s great disappointment, a pitiable figure: The once-mighty angel is powerless, inert, frozen in ice up to his chest, incapable of speech or action or motion or even malice. He is a slobbering, jibbering precursor to H. P. Lovecraft’s “blind idiot god,” more of a force of nature than a personality. He does nothing; he just is... Milton’s Lucifer is on fire. In Paradise Lost, Lucifer is not some pathetic figure reduced to an eternal spasm in the service of God’s unalterable program. Milton’s Lucifer is the hero of Paradise Lost, albeit a tragic hero, a lively figure—an individual. He insisted upon his own mind and his own judgment, even at the cost of Paradise lost. Lucifer, too, is a partisan of the smallest minority...Dante’s Satan has no will and no individuality; Milton’s Lucifer has a surfeit of it. He did wrong, of course, meeting with disobedience the one Force in the universe to Whom his obedience was rightfully owed. But there is in Milton’s Lucifer a recognition that there is something splendid in the spirit of disobedience. Dante’s Satan is a thing. Milton’s Lucifer is one of us, alive, a personality, an individual—a traitor."

Any recommendations on books or articles about depictions of the Devil or Hell?

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Doom: The novelisations

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Careful studying demonology.

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If you believe Satan or demons are real, how do you imagine them?

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Reading books published after 1700 in english is a meme and brainlet tier. Patricians read pre 1700 books in greek and latin.

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Are the AI and transhumanist questions the most important in our human history?

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haha no

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No. We don’t even know how machine learning works. People who talk about AI need to put down the bong.

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Who cares about humans? Superintelligence is important philosophically because a superintelligence will be godlike and better solve philosophical questions, like proving Erigeuna right that being is the actualisation of God and the more advanced the being (like superintelligent AI Jupiter brains forming an intersubjective galatic-wide hivemind) the more God is actualised.

The teleology of being demands that we move beyond man.

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They transcend human history.

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This man will be shot by the post nuclear faith-militia"s.

You can worship your ai in hell

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Want to learn about Japanese mythology, what book would /lit/ recommend. I'm looking for something like Edith's Hamilton Mythology.

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Are there any good books which discuss the cultural differences between the US and the UK relative to gun ownership and how it relates to the US being a global superpower and UK being New Pakistan?

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Why aren't you a polymath Anon?
A true seeker of knowledge should explore and be knowledgeable in various fields.

Have you composed a Nocturne?
Have you ever written a Sonett?
Did you ever contribute to a scientific field?
Do you speak more than one language?

If you answered no to all of these questions, why even live?

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Working on it. Majoring in math and philosophy and I'm doing Latin for my foreign language.

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I try. At times I feel it's just cope for dropping certain interests when I get bored, but then why study something if you're neither interested in it nor getting paid to know it?

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>tfw no nocturne

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I speak 4 languages and I'll probably write a poem at some point (once I've studied the theory of how to use metric). I think I'm too old to learn to play the piano.

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It's impossible to be a polymath in the modern age. The last person to master all of mathematics was Hilbert, so how can you be a master of several fields when you can't even master one?

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why is religion so hard to define as a concept?

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why is it hard?
religion is just there to replace what we don't understand.
it's like before we understood how it rains there was a rain god.

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What are your thoughts on this big guy?

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I like Pythagoras. He saved Rome.

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I find it rather fascinating that both of the big Italian presocratics were later cast as miracle workers. The tradition through which this knowledge survives is highly questionable, of course, and other philosophers as well as poets also were cast similarly. I nevertheless have to wonder if there wasn't some kind of weird cult building going on in the intellectual circles of Magna Graecia.

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A lot of weird stuff was going on. Makes you think...

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ruined philosophy for centuries because of his 'muh numbers' autism

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