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Do you drink coffee, take adderall or any other stimulant to enhance your reading experience or to read while maintaining focus for a longer amount of time?

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Puerh is the wokest for reading

gets you alert and ready, but also relaxed and not on the edge of fight-or-flight

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How to look intelligent in Western Europe :
>Stay relaxed in form and formal in content
>Always look evasive and unsure
>Use conjunctions such as “but”, “maybe”, “if”, etc.…
>See orthography as a sign of intelligence, someone who makes a typo is obviously less intelligent than yourself
>Speak in impersonal tone, as if you were a cloud of thoughts floating in the void
>Take position on nothing but have an opinion about everything
>Stay as neutral as possible in all matters
>Put “I” before every word, anything you say is nothing but your own opinion
>All of that is not mental can be summed up as feelings (even pain and hunger, seriously)
>Avoid brutality and violence at all costs, conflict is seen as proper to idiots, avoid even confrontation if you can.
>Your tastes are of the upmost importance, your thoughts slightly less important, your values worthless.
>Doubt everything, even reality itself
>Keep a warm and timid look
>Talk down to people with a mix of pity and disdain
>Life is made of “experiences” and all “experiences” are worth living
>Attack always in second degree, which is your only weapon
>End your phrases as if they were questions
>Use and abuse words from the psychological vocabulary such as “neurotic”, “repress”, “schyzo”, “interpellate”, and so on
>Quote writers and philosophers as often as possible
>See lying as a sign of intelligence and cheating as the sign of a resourceful mind, but never admit it openly
>Be anti-everything and stand for nothing
>Above all stay calm-looking in any condition.

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12 more days. Is anyone excited?

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excited for a new tao but not too stoked desu

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Tbh I hope it has a lot of personal shit because I don't really care about pharmacology. I just like reading his autistic self-observations.

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Who is the female Nietzsche?

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there is none

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a sphinx

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I...actually kinda like Vivaldi

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He's a fine composer. Stravinsky's "critique" is anachronistic.

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>tfw got banned from the classical music club at school because they found out you liked Tchaikovsky

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Oh, you're talking about the browser? Well, I personally never used it, I'm too lazy to explore that sort of stuff further than Chrome/Firefox/Opera.

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I'm talking about the book you retard; what board do you think this is?!

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thoughts on this philosopher?

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voice of reason

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Hi, OP!

I'm new here, lol.

Who dis?

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I'm kind of excited for his impending mental breakdown. The hair growth hormones and antidepressants are really getting to him

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he wrote a best-selling book, fuck off

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>hurrr I'm a retard

yeah but nobody cares that you are you insignificant cuck

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>Please read the "legal small print," and other information about the eBook and Project Gutenberg at the bottom of this file.

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Yes, I also do not do this. I hope other anonymous posters respond to my post agreeing with my sentiment. That would make me feel as if I'm part of a community of rebels who ignore requests. I am such a rebellious anonymous poster.

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when they think of a book turned into cinematic garbage.
>What is the first thing you think?

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Hello everyone! I needed a little help with a video drama we are doing for a college course. The topic we gave was depression. Unfortunately nobody in my group has a creative mind. I would like some ideas for a 10 minute video drama on depression with 5 male actors. Please don’t suggest any homo ideas. Posting this a 2nd tiime.

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Everyone situated like so, nobody's eyes meeting another person. Just stand there for the whole 10 minutes since ur so depressed

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I haven't felt angry in almost two years. Whenever people feel I should feel angry I just don't. When people treat me like shit I feel sad that this is how they need to feel to interact with me, and assume that they have a valid reason. I got rejected by a girl I love more than anything two weeks ago who uses me as a security blanket so she doesn't have to be alone in between hooking up with random dudes. I'm not even mad at her.

Books for feeling like your missing out on the greater emotional spectrum?

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good song lol

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I guess the accurate translation in english is web of maya

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I envy you. I get enraged several times a day.

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'A Guide To Rational Living'
If you really want to clean up your psyche and thus your life you can just read up on the great clinical psychologists of the 20th century. Carl Rogers, Jung, Alfred Adler, Viktor Frankel, Alber Ellis etc.

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I used to be like this. People would insult me and I genuinely wouldn't care (I wouldn't even think something like "they're just insults", I just didn't feel anything). People would punch me and I would smile and punch them back, but without feeling angry. This eventually started changing when I started taking life more seriously. I still don't get angry like an average person, but I do get angry when someone betrays me, or when there is something I can't change no matter how much I try (for example trying to fix my fucked up family). You're probably a vert different case though.

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Is he the final boss of philosophy?

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Who is Wittgenstein for 500?

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He is.

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shitposting ironically is still shitposting

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Buddy, Searle isn’t even closest to final boss status just among famous analytic thinkers. David Lewis, Putnam, and Kripke are all head and shoulders better than Searle.

Though I’d argue Wilfred Sellers is really the analytic final boss.
On the continental side there is new final boss every year, a decade ago it was Deleuze, and then Badiou, and how it’s Laurelle. Things move fast there.

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Is this good or have good insights? If so and you read it what are they?

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Is this what passes as intelligentsia in america?

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With such August intellects you'd need a high calibur moderator. Bill Maher.

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The torch has been passed

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What the hell is this?

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More intelligent than you, Mohammed!

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Has anyone read her books? How are they?

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No. I don't know.
Who do you care?

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me on the right

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"Are you saying my mom is a skank?"
"It could be your grandmother."
"What?" Richard Wilson thought of his sweet grandma getting it on with somebody other than grandpa. "Chuck, I'm gonna be sick here."
"No. It's your mom. She's the skank."
"Oh, thank God. No…wait…my mom's still a skank."

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Richard got on the LN, the free late-night bus that went down Johnson, away from campus, and onto the Isthmus. He got off and started walking to his parents' house. What would he say to his mother, who had turned out to be a slut? What would he say to his father, whose wife had boned some random dude?

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"Dad, how could you not have told me?" Richard had found his father at the kitchen table, eating Doritos and staring at the refrigerator. Now, they were sitting across from each other.
"What? And get in trouble with your mother? Not worth it."
"But mom's a ho!"
"Look, was I happy that there was another rider on the range? No. Obviously not."
"Well, that's something. At least you weren't happy."
"There you go. See, it's not all bad." He popped another Dorito into his mouth, pointed the open end of the bag toward his son.
Richard looked at his father, thinking this explains everything. "This explains everything!"
"What do you mean?"
"Why you were so distant, so…so…" Richard searched his malfunctioning mind for the right word, "…so distant!"
"Son, I just didn't find you to be very interesting."
"Well, if we're doing that honesty thing now. I mean, c'mon…a science geek?" Mr. Wilson shrugged his shoulders and raised his upturned hands in the familiar c'mon gesture.
"Son, we both know you're a geek." Mr. Wilson reflected for a second. "Son…you do know that you're a geek, right? I didn't just spill the old beans, did I?"

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It was introspection time for Richard. Yes, he was into science. His SATs had been stellar. He couldn't throw a football to save his life. There was that unfortunate, best-forgotten season of little league. His Dungeons & Dragons characters were still legendary at his old high school, if Dungeons & Dragons characters can be said to be legendary.
He had always thought of himself as different, as maybe having geek-like tendencies, but not as a geek.
Great. So his mom was a whore and he was a geek.

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"Besides, son, you don't think your old man didn't get in the game?"
"Oh, dad." Richard shook his head and help up his hands for his father to stop.
"Look, I figured if your mother could fuck the neighbor, I might as well—"
"Mr. Johansen! It's Mr. Johansen! Dad, he's like sixty years old!" Richard imagined the pruney old guy next door on top of his mother, or underneath her. Oh, God! Oh, sweet, merciful Jesus!
"Not Johansen. When we lived on Paterson. Mr. Tedeski."
"I don't remember a Tedeski."
"Of course not; he high-tailed it the hell out of there when your mother turned up pregnant."
"He took off?"
"Like a scared little girl."
"Why was he scared?"
"You got me."
"Did you threaten him or something?"
"Are you kidding? He was huge. He had played football for the Badgers. He would have killed me."
"Dad, you could have taken your beating like a man. At least mom would have felt bad."
Mr. Wilson thought for a moment. "I doubt that, son. I seriously doubt that."

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Mr. Wilson and his son were sitting for a moment pondering the undeniable truth of what he had just said when Mrs. Wilson walked in from her three-mile run. Mr. Wilson looked up at her and said, "The boy knows."
She unzipped her windbreaker and took a Gatorade out of the refrigerator. "Did you tell him?"
"Are you kidding? I don't want to get in trouble. I'm not stupid."
"Good. There will be no discussion of that issue in this house."
"But, mom, how could you have boned—"
"No discussion," she said, heading out of the kitchen and into the living room. "None."
Richard and Mr. Wilson looked at each other. Mr. Wilson raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders in the familiar what're you gonna do? gesture. They took turns eating Doritos until the bag was empty. Mrs. Wilson came in for another Gatorade and the men in her life tried not to make a sound.

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Way are some novels more enjoyable as an audio book?
Pic related.

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Harry Potter

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The honest answer, OP, is any book that requires less critical engagement than your average thoughtful novel. Something like LotR is on the boarder because of its goofy jargon and "world-building," but in general, anything that you can put on "in the background" and "get away with" because you're too lazy too read is ideal for an audio book.

Serious literature requires serious consideration, and audio books don't lend themselves to such requirements.

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>Serious literature requires serious consideration


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So anything of serious literature merit should be read?

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agree with this. fiction you can turn off your brain and still hear a great story and enjoy it

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Is first person narration the biggest sign of a pleb writer?

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you mean third,
straight to the oprah club

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Call me Israel.

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I think there's nothing inherently wrong with writing in 1st or 3rd person. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses and so you should choose wisely dependent upon what kind of story you want to write. It is of my opinion that scenes of suspense are much more captivating when written in 1st person, for example, or that 3rd person provides the writer with a much looser style of describing the setting.

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Is using a frog to comment on an entire literary technique the sign of a pseud?

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What is the greatest magazine of all time?

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Go back.

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is this a home improvement magazine? How do i subscribe?

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Not going to play that game.

Let's try something different. Check out the work of Peter Sotos when you get the time. Start off with Pure.

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ok, two positions, two (seemingly) mutually exclusive, reciprocally critical viewpoints of contemporary thought - that of Deleuze, with his Nietzsche, and Badiou, with his Platonism
do you think Badiou's critique of continental philosophy is substantial and he is on to something? Or do you think that Badiou's platonism and approach to Being is just nostalgic musings, whereas Deleuze's Nietzsche can see through philosophy?

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deleuze/badiou (or deleuze/hegel) is some fun high-test continental philosophy stuff for sure.

i think in the end it will eventually wind up being like schools of vedanta - you have the dualistic school, the nondualistic school, the qualified nondualistics and so on.

my own feeling is that you can learn to sharpen your own brain against these guys if you like but you will not convince one side the other is wrong and vice versa. badiou loves lacan and D&G think psychoanalysis is the disease and not the cure. badiou is also way into heidegger and deleuze's world is anything but heideggerian.

i'm kind of a brainlet myself so i find it hard to choose one side or the other, since i always wind up taking the side of whichever of these guys i read most recently. i think in the end deleuze was just the cleverest fucking guy in the universe at that time and badiou (and zizek) knew it. it's the same thing with heidegger and nietzsche: you can try as hard as you like to form a system but a guy like nietzsche is not going to get boxed in by anyone. with hegel and spinoza it's the same thing, i think.

so yeah. deleuze will dissolve anyone's brain and sway you on the mechanosphere. and then if you read badiou afterwards you may wind up unironically championing mao and the stellar void in being. i don't know if it's possible to square that circle completely but it's all pretty fascinating to think about.

brassier has a good essay on this too if you're interested.


check out clayton crockett's book and jon roffe's as well for more in this vein.

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>queer theory
anon.. I wasn't joking.

>> No.11026693

>using buzzwords to dismiss the exploitation of the image of a child
There's nothing queer involved there, anon. Good job Googling, I guess, and thanks for your fucking shit input.

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interesting articles, danke

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I don't think that a literary critic is a philosopher, so I can't dismiss anything because I don't care about literary critics

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Do you fellas have somewhere I could read storms of steel for free.

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god the english title sounds retarded. "storm of steel". doesn't roll of the tongue very well does it? sounds edgy too. sophomoric.

'In Stahlgewittern'... now that is music

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Fuck off, multilingual fag. You're clueless.

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Thank, downloading now

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Kant was German and my favorite composer.

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