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your telling me a homer wrote this odyssey

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In the 19th and 20th centuries, as today, writers and authors tended to be leftist (although certainly not always). But the old left has faded and now the new left predominates. My question is, had the new left been beneficial, harmful, or neutral in terms of how we write and understand literature? And by that I mean in regard to writers and artists and critical publications subscribing to it

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It's funny how this shit started as a meme, but now there are people who seriously thinks that Islam will save the west or some shit like that. Must suck to be French.

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The "new Left" has become quite authoritarian and consumer-oriented in what writing they "allow."

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I was very moved by this book and other passages from Evola where he talks about the spirituality of things like mountain climbing and I haven't read stuff like that from anyone else. What other nonfiction books can I read that talk about other activities in these way?

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How would you describe his face if he was character in your story, so that a reader would have a clear picture in his head?

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New England suburban dad hiding a gambling addiction

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Middle-aged accountant. Secretly drinks and hates his wife and kids. Wants to die. Has sex with a hooker every six months or so, hates himself afterwards.

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He was your average suburbian white dad so unremarkable that it's almost remarkable. The man you don't pick out from a crowd. His hair was cut to regulation level, his blue eyes were without emotion and when it came to bodyfat he was safely in the level that can just be called "not that unhealthy, yet". But there was something in that smuck, just something that put it one level above your average underachiever. It was a face that made it clear that you weren't his friend but you could talk to him. And you probably weren't going to like what you were about to find out.

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He had all the trappings of your stupidly average suburban father: worked his stupid 9-to-5 job; played ball with his stupid kids; and watched stupid TV before masturbating himself in his bedroom siloed from his wife. Stupidly average, yet if one looked close enough at his face, one had the distinct warning signal not to ask to see his basement.

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It is not necessary to say much about this man; but, as it is the custom to have the characteristics of each personage in a novel clearly defined, there is no help for it, so here is Peter, he is male.

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Does anyone have some good resources where I can learn about the Buddha’s teachings? They sound really applicable to modern “life”, so I’d like to learn more.

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Read the NT, but replace Jesus with Buddha. Tada! Buddhism

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Great book. But Daenerys's chapter make me want to drop the whole thing. Should I just read a summary of her chapters?

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Unpopular opinion but i think the books would be better if they were a single linear narrative like in the show, instead of being broken by multiple POVs.

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It is imperative to the formal text that conditionals and hypotheticals be expressed in the subjunctive mood.

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Wait, redditors really didn't know English has a subjunctive? Can any redditors explain to me why they didn't know that?

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No, it is imperative to use the future tense or a modal verb.

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>future tense
English doesn't have a future tense.

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Aight so why did Orson Scott Card have his life ruined and career demolished (he was a faggot self described “neoconservative” anyway so not a tragedy or anything) while Frank Herbert was intensely homophobic in his personal views and is still beloved? There’s obviously the gay pedophile Baron Harkonnen as the example of a totally morally corrupted tyrannical homosexual but in God Emperor of Dune there’s an entire chapter explicitly equating homosexuality with decadent perversion. It causes Duncan Idaho to fly into a murderous rage after he spots two lesbians kissing. In his personal correspondence he was homophobic as well up to and including theorizing that homosexuality was a symptom of or related to bureaucracy. He believed the two were linked. GE of dune isn’t even old. It was released in 1981

So like… why do leftoids love this series so much? Herbert would be posting troonjaks if he was alive today.

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That's a damned good question. Short answer, I don't know.
I tend to excuse his issues as good faith ignorance, and I do sincerely believe he'd have handled things differently with more information available to him, and that Uncle Vlad was not so much homosexual as decadent, revelling more in the pleasure of violating taboo and exercising power over the vulnerable, but that's at least fifty percent cope on my part. However, it is in Leto's voice that we read Herbert's bizarre and uninformed opinion on why gay men are bad but lesbians are hot and just going through a phase, and while Leto had more raw data to process than any human could, he lacked context, being not only virginal but prepubescent, a true Puer Eternal, embodying The Fool for all his seeming sophistication.
But I think it's simpler than that. Card made statements in his narrative, and Herbert asked questions in his inner monologues. Card spewed hate to appease the leaders of his cult, while Herbert offered up polished musings on a topic he knew was important and genuinely wanted to understand. There's a dismissiveness, a curt closing-off of any validity to dissent, in Card's just -so style of saying all villains are gays and all gays are villains and that everybody exists to pay tithes and producer tithe-paying producers of tithe-paying producers of.... etc etc etc. Meanwhile Herbert shared his thoughts in earnest, in a way that didn't seem immediately hostile to discussion and argument. I'm afraid the LDS will send the IRS for me if I criticize Card's shitty fantasy novels, but if Herbert hadn't died mere months after my birth, I'm positive I could have had a conversation with him on this, asked him for clarification, offered up my own thoughts, experiences, and opinions, and that he'd have heard me out, even if he didn't change his mind, and that if he were writing today, he'd exercise care not to accidentally provide justification for pointless violence against marginalised groups whose worst sin is that they've voluntarily removed themselves from the gene pool. Once again, I'm probably projecting, but that's my take on the subject.
TL;DR Card punches down, Herbert punched up, nobody likes a bully, and everyone loves an underdog

P.S. Thank you for your question. Even if we disagree on a topic, a good-faith effort to understand the opposition speaks well of an individual's character, and indicates the possibility of peaceful and mutually satisfactory resolution of conflict.

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He's dead and dead people are much less often targets for criticism
Also, 80% of people only ever read the first book

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The same reason they don't really care that Lovecraft was a racist and that Tolkien was a tradcath Francoist, they're all dead but Card is alive.

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as everyone else has said, he died long before people ever cared about that sort of thing

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i dont get it

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what 0 pussy does to a mf

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you are LITERALLY him

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he's basically an intelligent honors student who grew up to be a self-aware /r9k/ resident, what is there not to get?

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What periodicals do you look at /lit/? For me, it’s NYRB and Harper’s

Has anyone kept reading paris review since it went little? n+1? The baffler?

Yeah, it’s middlebrow. But you need something to read on the toilet

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n+1 stopped being good in 2015, dork

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Yeah, haven’t looked at it since about then. What happened?

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Rapid onset gender dysphoria

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longstanding main editors started leaving. A shift in quality and content control, shifting more to milquetoast shitlib takes under the guise of “critical theory.” One of the editors was in my law school class and just justified the change as the changing of “America’s zeitgeist.” Copout excuse, but what do you expect from her and her ivy league cohort of editors that all started around the same time

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What do they write in these things? I'm too lower middle class to have ever read one.

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King James Authorized Version is the only *True* English Holy Bible, and the original 1611 form is perfected in the 1920 Pure Cambridge Edition.

(You) need to buy this Bible:


Been enjoying mine for a while now; truly the *finest* Bible I (presently) own.

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I have one, and do agree it's quite nice. My go-to for simply reading the Bible without commentary.

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Hey Lit
Anyone have any good literature on the defence of slavery.

I was reading about a 19th century guy called George Fitzhugh who was so pro slavery he thought even white Americans should also be enslaved lol

Seems to be some pretty wild defences

So if you got any good recommendations let me know

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Lol that title unbelievable

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Islam has a lot, but western-wise it seems difficult to defend.

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It’s not that I just don’t want a bunch of low Iq racist spam I am genuinely interested in academic texts on pro slavery so I was trying to make the discussion as high iq as possible not just “I hate - insert racial minority group here”

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Yes you have to look before 1800 mostly at least in Europe

What are some good Islamic texts?

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The Bible

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I don't get it, why is it a necessity to integrate the shadow? Also is there any reason to listen to Jung or Freud etc etc when we have the stoics?

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Why would you not want to get to the root of your anxiety, depression, anger issues, self hate, suicidal thoughts, etc? Why would you not want to get to the root cause of any mental illness, no matter how mild or severe in order to finally cure it? Because that’s what shadow work is.

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I used to believe in it. It's wrong. Its the Judge Holden philosophy
>Only that man who has offered up himself entire to the blood of war, who has been to the floor of the pit and seen the horror in the round and learned at last that it speaks to his inmost heart, only that man can dance.
It's not only atheistic but demonic. Evil is a real non-human force; it hates you, mocks you, and wants you dead. If you think you are in control of it, it's controlling you.

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Where does one go for accessible reading of the Church fathers?

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Here is a good video discussing why evolution is wrong, from the perspective of many modern Fathers.

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So then self reflection/introspection is synonymous with "integration" of the shadow within Jung's framework? Seemed like something a bit more than that was at play here.

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Are there any books on making yourself as sexually attractive as possible?

Not like a self help book but books kinda like 48 laws of power except too attract mates.

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Just go to the gym ffs

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I'm a girl..

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Sexual attraction is varied among people so much it would take a weird encyclopedia to document it all.
Be the best you you can be.

A nice fit woman is as much a turn on for many as is a fleshy curvy girl.
Gym also helps you feel good about yourself

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Just go on youtube, retard. You may feel disgusted at yourself at going to a beauty advice blogger or some shit like that, but you will get great hands on advice instead of some retarded author trying to analyze beauty despite looking repulsive.

Just because you attached "book" to your topic of choice doesn't make it not off-topic garbage.

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You will never be a woman

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The "mentoring" edition

Previous thread: >>22084209

/wg/ AUTHORS & FLASH FICTION: https://pastebin.com/ruwQj7xQ
RESOURCES & RECOMMENDATIONS: https://pastebin.com/nFxdiQvC

Please limit excerpts to one post.
Give advice as much as you receive it to the best of your ability.
Follow prompts made below and discuss written works for practice; contribute and you shall receive.
If you have not performed a cursory proofread, do not expect to be treated kindly. Edit your work for spelling and grammar before posting.
Violent shills, relentless shill-spammers, and grounds keeping prose, should be ignored and reported.

Simple guides on writing:

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOIvJTuCrlE

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"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.
Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
The slogan 'Press On!' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."
-Calvin Coolidge

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Best OP image yet. Truly elemental.

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>two posters

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Seems that the persistencepost was OP's, not that one

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OK Fine - so the men’s right movement is a little flaccid, but in a few decade’s time we will have done away with gender norms like ‘the man must make the first move’ or ‘be the hunter’ and so on and so forth: it is inevitable that the role of ‘man as agent’ and ‘woman as object’ will reverse to a certain extent, and our boundaries will blur into nothingness. But there’s no way _she_ could have known anything about that - she was just a cute latina in 7th grade and addicted to cock - but regrettably not to my own.

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I spent the last couple months reading these. It's a literary, thought provoking, and well written story.

A series is more than what it references, obviously, but I think the references say a lot. Sappho, Shakespeare, Pynchon, Salinger, Melville, Wilde, Henry James... and that's just what I remember off the top of my head. They're not only name drops, either. Some of them are subtle like the reference to the crying of lot 49. Some are critical of the referenced author. Some, like Salingers reference (a character names Esme Squalor) develop into interesting things on their own, blurring what's an homage or a criticism.

Count Olaf is a fantastic villain, and the prose is sharp and indulgent, but its not those things or the references that make the series impressive. It's the restraint. He layers mystery upon mystery into a great crescendo of tension, interweaving characters and secret organizations and conflict, all culminating in the last book which abandons 95% of it. Instead of answering all the set-up conspiracy, it takes a thematic, religious approach (please don't let this thread devolve into antisemitism) and leaves things in a state of suspension.

I picked these up because I spent most of last year struggling with Gravitys Rainbow and wanted to have something easy, but little did I know that I'd be reading Pynchon for a younger audience. I recommend anyone looking for something easy to give them a try. There's enough there to chew on.

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In the old days it was never guaranteed that a reader would find the books in order. I was introduced to the series by randomly picking up The Slippery Slope at a Scholastic book fair.

>> No.22090507

great series with a wet little shart of an ending

>> No.22090509

Sure, which is fine if it's a diary of a wimpy kid or something of the like, but those paragraphs of self-references and summary aren't enough to cover the entirety of what happened in the carnival or the mountains.

>> No.22090514


>> No.22090524

You don't need the entirety, only whatever information is immediately relevant to following the plot and enough of a tease to entice the reader into seeking out the other books.

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>nation has existed for nearly two centuries
>picrel of only writer worth reading
Why are Germans so academically deficient? Ffs they have to claim a proud Polish Catholic national like Nietzski as one of their own. Pathetic.

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>Why are barbarians barbarians?
Unironically the question that has plagued mankind since the dawn of civilization.

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all fields

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How do I become a man of letters in the 21st century?

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Sesame Street

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Sleep in a T pose

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style over substance

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>Glanton spat there be a bush of nigger babies yonder he said like a steel mill in the cold Arizona july

>> No.22090428

it's too long for a short read that is carried by good writing

>> No.22090431

Style is nearly everything. What happens in Tristram Shandy? Not a lot, but the way it is is told makes it fantastic. This is why I believe Dickens is a true master. His stories can be rightly criticized as implausible, erring to the maudlin, not neatly orchestrated etc but the telling of them is frequently hilarious and always evocative and for this I am always glad to be reading him.

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In a all the books I've read that hes written, he doesnt use speech marks. He avoids commas, semicolons and colons too.

In blood meridian the style is to imitate the king james bible which is arguablely the most influential work in modern English. Maybe the translator didnt bother with the style because the reference would be lost on non english readers.

Honestly couldn't say if earlier work used more conventional punctuation.

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>contact four separate agents
>each wants to know my race before any other question
>all end up telling me I should find someone more compatible, an agent that is more interested in my specific work

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>be me
>green-eyed and white skin that would put ancient chinese woman to shame
>lucked out genetically in almost every way
>last in my lineage to qualify for Native American status
>have a card and tribal enrollment, get free money on the regular
>never have to worry about minority retardation
life is good

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I have never been asked this. I just get form rejection letters

>> No.22090034

>contact four separate agents
>each wants to know my race before any other question
Prove it.

>> No.22090105

I am on my second agent and talked to about half a dozen before choosing that second agent, not one asked me my race.

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>high key /pol/ thread

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