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Greatest writers were very autobiographical
>St Augustine
Except Melville they all had "boring". So why there is this opinion on /lit/ that writing about own life is bad? My suffering is only thing that interests me, so should i not write anything? I also think my experiences and thoughts may be universal in some way. Only way i am afraid is exposing too much without disguising it, what could ruin my relations with family and friends in future

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*"boring" lives

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>boring lives
Maybe, but their insights on said lives are anything but boring.
Basically you can do it if you're a literary genius. If you're not, I don't know, write about robots, orcs and relationships.

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In reading Paradise Lost I've come to grapple with what seems to be Adam's unrest in the garden of Eden. He acknowledges a thirst he has for knowledge in book eight when probing Raphael about certain curiosities that he has. This seems to point out a fundamental lacking Adam has in overall fulfilment. This questioning of the cosmos and the mysteries around him seem to all point to the fact that Eden isn't as blissfully carefree as we're meant to think. It seems that Adam wants more than this just like he wanted a partner in Eve. How do Miltonian's explain this?

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Furthermore this seems to almost vindicate Satan's first observations in which he perfieced imposed ignorance on Adam and Eve in the garden. It seems that that wasn't just Satan trying to paint God as a tyrant (which he is guilty of often) because Adam himself seems to be in satisfied with his lot

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Is beauty in writing ineffable? Or, rather, undefinable?

I feel like, in all the languages, we know what beautiful writing is. With English, we can point to the best of Melville or Joyce or Shakespeare and say, "This is beautiful." But we don't seem to be able to say why. I guess we could dive into linguistics and phonetics, talk about assonance and consonance and such, but that seems to not be enough.

I guess beauty, in general, is pretty ineffable, but I wonder if it's particularly the case for writing.

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you start with the greeks, but what do you end with?

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The modern Greeks

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/r9k/ circa 2015
/pol/ circa 2016-2017
Filthy Frank

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I remember reading that book when I was a teen, the author of those illustrations was one insane motherfucker.

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Why is it start with the Greeks? I think it should be begin with the Babylonians, with the Epic of Gilgamesh replacing the Iliad as the initial great piece of literature.

Prove me wrong

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I have yet to come across a valid criticism of the critiques.

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impressive (autistic) system building but really we can't never not know nothing

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>quadruple negation

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non euclidean geometry

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Read Hegel

tl;dr Kant was the Jew all along

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specifically, the application of non euclidean geometry in relativistic physics

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>mfw I took the redpill and realized that all women writers are trash

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Woke yourself.

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my dude

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>someone is making a decent living by writing this shit

really pondering, really

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>All women writers are tra-

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How much he exaggerated his lifestyle?

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likely not too much. probably just left out all the terrible shit and people he alienated and kept in the good stuff and the people who operated on a similar wavelength. hell of a writer though.

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>did ur parents ever teach u see what I have learned from this mistake is not representative of asian women OP.

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ITT: Books /lit/ tricked you into reading. Pic absolutely related to the topic of this thread.

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i hate atwood and that book is terrible. had to read it for class though, not /lit/

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No one tricked you into reading this. Wtf we never talk about this.

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I had to read that three times in college. I think I only read Frankenstein more. I remember one of my literature professors making an impassioned yet thinly veiled speech against Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and how America could fractured and women could lose their rights, etc.

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Liberal arts classes were a mistake

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ITT: post penguin classics that are preferable to other editions

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Their Borges covers are pretty cool, I guess

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>that font
>white and grey on white and grey
i own this copy though. it was cheap.

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I like the Modern Classics Nabokov ones.

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this is such an awful cover

anyways, I think Augustines Confessions is okay in the penguin edition

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How do I live the Tao Lin literary lifestyle™?

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Didn't he rape someone?

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just be mediocre and uh....that's about it.

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Have rich parents. His dad invented velcro and his mom brought those Asian fish foot massage things to the west. So yeah have rich parents.

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Nah, drugs and autism are integral parts.

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Interesting. source?

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Has anyone read this?
Is it really informative about the SJW's?
Anything else like this?

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*silently smirks and goes back to reading his copy of Infinite Jest*

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what about drumpf and white people?

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That you, BAP?

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Death to America

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English is not my first language, so I would like some help to understand this poem by Zen master Hakuin Ekaku:

You no sooner attain the great void
Than body and mind are lost together.
Heaven and Hell -- a straw.
The Buddha-realm, Pandemonium -- shambles.
Listen: a nightingale strains her voice, serenading the snow.
Look: a tortoise wearing a sword climbs the lampstand.
Should you desire the great tranquility,
Prepare to sweat white beads.

I want to know what the word: "shambles" mean. What are some synonyms for it?

Also, this line:

>Look: a tortoise wearing a sword climbs the lampstand.

Is he talking about a turtle? I dont quite understand this line.

Also: Zen poetry thread.

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do u have the original japanese? I know japanese so that might help

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You know japanese?
What is the meaning of the words in Op's pic?

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Sorry, I dont. But as far as I know Hakuin Ekaku didn't wrote many poems. I think that if you search in japanese for his poetry you might find.

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How does one write romance novels?

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smoke heroin

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A prerequisite is that you were at one point in love. In short, virgins can't right them!

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I have never been in love. Should I just give up and write about something else?

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>virgins can't right
lol u never had sex

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Will literature endure the Information Age?

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In the future literature will be uploaded to our xenofeminist bodies

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Has it?

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Information won't survive the Information Age.

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I don't get Husserl. Every time I think I get this piece of shit he comes out of left field and asks me to believe in some kind of logical realism. Some shit that makes no sense.

I get Heidegger just fine. Why can't I get Husserl?

Can someone well-informed please explain Husserl to me? Particularly his transcendental turn. I'm reading two books on it right now (Dermot Moran) and I still don't get it.

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Your mental blocking the effects of a large dosage of Platonism. You need to let go of your preconceptions and allow the light of the rational to guide you

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Too smart 4 you

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I actually studied directly under Dermot Moran in Dublin. He's an excellent lecturer and really opened my eyes to the importance of Husserl, to the point he was only rivaled by Wittgenstein for his impact among 20th century philosophers.

Really though if you can't comprehend him on this wide a level I don't know what I can tell you other than git gud

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What do you read when you feel sad and hate yourself?

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I don't.

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i read this


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Nothing, when I get depressed I can't do much of anything other than throw on a record and lie in bed. Reading is something I do when I'm a little happier

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This. I sometimes try to force myself through something but I usually give up after a few lines.

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Why does pic related resonate with manlets so well?
Even the most famous manlet of all, Napoleon, read this 7 times or so.

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This cover is an insult to Goethe

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This novel is pretty dumb and not that great anyway
Because it is in every way a book for angsty incel cuckolds, the vast majority of manlets automatically become this.

Pretty funny that it was written by a guy that was actually Chad all along

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>/lit/ insulting Goethe
Wow what a surprise. I really expected more of you i/lit/erates.

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Preferred the Italian rip-off desu, it was more interesting

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you missed an L

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Is he a crypto deleuzian?

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nah, his delusion is on full display

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His views on sexuality seem pretty Freudian to me.

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>Four weeks ago, work up the courage to send in a manuscript to a publishing house that's asking for submissions
>Nothing in reply


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>spend 3 days writing story that had been in my head for a year
>gets positive feedback in critique threads
>go to submit the story
>the deadline was an hour before
what a horrible feel

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This is from Asano right?

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>3 day draft

It was shit and I don't even need to read it

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t. slowcuck

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It looks like Asano's artwork, i don't know which manga though, i am very helpful.

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What do you guys think of Hermann Hesse? Did you read any of his books, and if yes what did you love or hate about his way to write?

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Read Siddhartha, thought it was okay, made me kind of hate Hesse though cause he shit talked Stefan Zweig (my boy) and then when I gave him the benefit of the doubt and read Sid. it was mediocre.

Anyways, what I liked about Siddhartha was the style, and description(s) of the sultry climate, Hesse did a good job at emoting the tranquil

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I read steppenwolf and I thought it was great because Hesse wrote about a person being an introvert who experiences new things in different ways. He also describes the illusion of what we see and what we think is true perfectly.

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Tried reading steppenwolf, it wasn't bad but it didn't manage to captivate me enough to finish it.

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I just finished Narcissus and Goldmund on Wednesday - it was my first book from Hesse. All in all it is a pretty good read. You really see how much Hesse loves the lifestyle of a free mind and the struggles that come with it. Nonetheless, I expected that both completely different protagonists (the settled intellectual and the artistic vagabond) whould be compared throughout the entire novel, but it focused on Goldmund (the artistic vagabond) almost throughout the whole book.

The pacing was alright, but in some passages would be more psychologized - heh, but maybe I'm too spoiled from Dostoyevsky in this regard.

PS: I've read on this board that it is common among Hesse's works that he usually compares two opposites in his works.

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*but in some passages, I wish they would be more psychologized

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