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I can't believe it took me this long to realise that there's no literature worth reading pre-WW2. If a book doesn't revolve around cute girls doing cute things, it's shit.

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*show that bring a baby onto this world is equal to murder*

Sorry, sweetheart, nothing personal.

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You love you child so much that you don't want to bring them onto this world, just to suffer and died.

>B-but suffering is good! Dying is good! Being old and senile is good! It's worthy that my child see me suffer in old age, because it's natural and the way of the world

Dumb and retardpilled.

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Have you made a suicide pact with your family yet?

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The one argument antinatalists can never refute

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No, suicide is a dumb way to go, I only agree that bringing a baby is a huge fucking gamble they your child pays the price of goes wrong, and Im not a dumb gambler

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I can't believe it took me this long to realise that there's no literature worth reading post-WW2.

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How long is it going to take to realize that you're wrong? How much longer after that to realize that you're a faggot? How much longer after that to realize that you're a pseud? How much longer after that to realize that you're severely mentally challenged?

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one hundred years of solitude

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Because we have few new problems that need to be explored through fiction.
(Automation and surveillance may be exceptions, but not large ones)

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god what a braindead take

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You simply don't know enough about the world and your age. Live a little. Meet people.

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I am going to begin recreationally reading on a more regular basis having only read academic work as of late. I am considering picking up the following pieces of literature, any insight/approval from those of you who have read them?
>Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche
>The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Shirer
>The Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn

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>The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Shirer
Jew propaganda
>The Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn
CIA propaganda

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As an ESL, should I learn Dutch before learning German? What are the advantages of taking small steps towards German via Dutch?

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Apparently it's relatively easy when you know both German and english.
t. German-speaker whose friend studies in the Netherlands and learned the language in like 2 years

I wouldn't suggest you learn Dutch to then learn german tho

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Not cool.

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>frank anna
Why did they name her with a boys name? Is she trans? I don't get it.

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The languages don't have as much mutual intelligibility as you may think. Just learn German, learning Dutch isn't really gonna help you with anything besides it being a language based off of the same vocal patterns.

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learn latin you pleb

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>dad keeps trying to get me to read siddhartha

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he should try to get you to read demian instead.

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Be glad your dad knows how to read.

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My dad got me to read Dune and it was pretty based

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Some of you lads are much too positivist and have developed actual neuroses about digesting these impractically long book lists. If you want to read a book, just read it. 99% of literature doesn't require 'starting with the Greeks' or even more than a book or two of prep work. Investigate the terms and concepts you don't understand and come back to those portions again. Acclimate yourself to the conversation and don't be afraid of feeling lost. Wandering is the prologue to development.

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that nigga got a ice cream cone on her mfin head

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You seem to forget that this entire board is made up of pseudo-intellectuals

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Where do i go from here? Can books really fulfill my thirst to know what holds the world together? I tried by reading popsci and realized that the scientific method is not that great of a tool. Now i'm getting into philo and yet i think that philo itself will not give me what i search for as well.

Should i stop reading? Are things unknowable?
I know that the quest to attain truth is noble in itself but i don't see any point in reading besides that

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>Can books really fulfill my thirst to know what holds the world together?
No Faustus, you already fucked up. Get your act together.

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>Can books really fulfill my thirst to know what holds the world together?
>Are things unknowable?

You can't rely on books alone. Live your life. Meet people who you can have interesting conversations with. Find someone you can fall in love with. Do some LSD on a nice day and look at the clouds. Books can only supplement these things.

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/Lit/, have you read Oswald Spengler? Do you think he was right in predicting Culture's decay over the next century, when he predicted modernity would begin to decay in 1918? His view is that history ought to be seen not as a linear tapeworm which industriously adds epochs to its body, but as a living organism (a flower) that grows and decays over centuries. What do you think the West will do in the next few centuries?

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I just want it to be over already. I fucking hate everyone, all of you the most. Humanity was a mistake, begone with it the soonest. I curse all of you to an eternity of suffering, you pathetic beasts. I can't wait to see civilization in flames, good riddance, you cosmic mistake.

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Fuck off pessimistic nihilist, BE BOGGED *splash*

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>Start with the Greeks
No fuck you. I'll start with whatever piques my curiosity and read whatever I enjoy.

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a good palapa is all a man really needs

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>reading Nietzsche without having read Plato, Aristotle and Kant at the very least

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Nietzsche deals with all of them in about 2 or 3 chapters (only a few pages worth).

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>materialist reductionist
I'll pass

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I exclusively read ancient epics and envision the characters as shounen heroes

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They were the Narutos and Gokus of their time.

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What is the /lit/ teaching concerning reading anthologies? Im a history and philosophy student and I don't have time to "Start with Greeks" in the autistic sense of reading everything they wrote and further more I am most interested in reading 19th and early 20th century literature. Is it ok for me to read only an anthology of the pre-19th century literature?

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I am an Eastern European pleb, a prole, and not some old money Anglo who has been learning Latin and Greek since I was ten.

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Anthologies are based as fuck, but only if they look like this.

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>European Renaissance
>not a single Italian author
Lmfao throw that fucking trash in the bin

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So it fine if I read an anthology?

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Yes but only if it looks like that.

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What are some essential works on aesthetics?

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seconding this

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What's the best english translation of his Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship

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Is there another translation besides Princeton? The book was also highly kino btw.

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Frankenstein and Dracula were both born out of good books, but what about werewolves? Are there and high quality, classic werewolf books?

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The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter had a werewolf story or two in it

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>Ends Philosophy

Heh, nothing personal kid...

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Hao xi hao xi gongshi gongshi me rooooove amerricsn customah

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fukuyama was almost right

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how is that bible rewriting going, Xi?

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He stares into my soul. I want to fuck him

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*political philosophy
The only politics that truly matters in the modern world is geopolitics. Anything else should be done in reference to geopolitical standing and well-being, otherwise it's a bunch of liberal wankery, sound and fury signifying nothing

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What’s your favourite book of the Bible?
>mine is Ecclesiastes but I’m not even sure why it’s in the canon desu

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ah yes the athiest's favorite.

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>why yes my favorite book of the bible is the one that doesn't mention god, he's a heckin chud and fake anyway.

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Gonna be a tie between Revelation, John’s Gospel, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon.

Also OP you’re supposed to contrast the meaningless/transience of the relative world of men depicted in Ecclesiastes with the ultimate undying relationship and passion of the Song of Solomon as it is the love song between God and the soul. If one is the emptiness of the world without God, the other is the fullness of the world with God.

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probably psalms or 1 john, then job or ecclesiates

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excuse me?

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I finished my new shelf. Now I must replace the crackers by a proper bookend.

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You could play bomb shelter blues with a bikinii on and still be able to flirt with the windows.

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Aren't they into dogs?

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>complete works of saki
ohhh that's a good one anon. the absolute master of the short story

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BEHOLD, The Last Man!

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why a bookend when you can just use more books

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>Start with the greeks
>Continue with the Romans

But what about Asia?

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Advance with the Asians

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No, you start with the Greeks when you get into anything remotely intellectual.

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Dumb frogposter, the Start with the Greeks meme is to prepare you for a proper appreciation of the Western Canon. As Greek myth, poetry, theatre, and philosophy are the foundation which the canon is built on, it makes sense to start with them. Asian literature and philosophy only lightly grazed the western Canon and not until the mid 19th century or so, and had little impact. In a word, you don't study the Asians because it will not help or inform your future reading.
Tradcathfags may be surprised to hear this too, but the Bible was originally recommended here for a similar reason as the Greeks--for it's LITERARY value and, above that, influence. It had nothing to do with its religious or theological importance.

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Which bible(s) are good for literary/historical value? I've seen KJV suggested for it's literary influence, but I've also heard it's translation is lacking in some areas.

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NTAYRT, but you go with the KJV because it was THE translation in the vast majority of English speaking literature. If you're going to be an autist about historicity, you're better off getting a study Bible with notes, or just getting history books.
No, the KJV isn't theologically perfect, nor is it the entire Biblical canon, but it's the translation that was widely used in the vast majority of Christian denominations from its conception until fairly recently. The only other translation I might recommend is something like the Douay Rheims or the RSVCE so you can be acquainted with the Roman Catholic deuterocanon, but the deuterocanon was of significantly less literary impact afaik.

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