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in reading non-fiction.

Reading the non-ficiton canon would be general, also reading philosophy

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Is depicting YHVH, God The Father as a man heretical?

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Who cares? Paint brush go brrrr.

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>Orthodogs are heretics
Wow, that's news

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One of the Byzantines' rationalisations for why they kept getting their shit pushed in by the Muslims was that God preferred not being depicted in art.

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>is this painting I made heckin insulting to an omnipotent being
You have lost the plot if you start caring about this shit lmao.

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Why? Jesus himself called God "Father" and instructed others to do so.

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pic related

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Threadly reminder that If you aren't all-in in eth/Algo/xmr you won't make it
Boomer investments like stocks or boomer rocks will just give you maybe 2x when you are 60 year old lmao

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Didn't /biz/ get better after the new captcha instauration? I wish it was the same here but unlike biz the worst posters are actually humans.

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Thoughts on this guy and his works?

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Sadly he became a libcuck in his later works.

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The Spy Who Came In From the Cold was one of those books I couldn't put down but had to finish. Tinker Tailor was good too.

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Can't stand his politics, but he can definitely write. Good at dialogue, good at little incidental details which really nail a character or a mood. He can make a book interesting even when nothing's going on. Just the *possibility* of something going on (or having gone on) is enough to generate tension.

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>Just the *possibility* of something going on (or having gone on) is enough to generate tension.

my bitch girlfriend does this when she gets mad and starts cleaning or moving things around

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what an absolute brainlet take. Le Carre didn't deal in absolutes, but went behind the curtain and showed the downright grey nature of the world (neoliberalism) and showed the follies of nationalism and "logical" thinking of bureaucracy. Just because he criticized Trump and Brexit as the charades they were doesn't mean he was a"libcuck"

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This man single-handedly convinced me that everything in life is a cope
The only thing I have read by him was "The Last Messiah" and it deeply changed me and the way I look at the world. Are any of his other books translated or worth it? I have a strong admiration for the guy and I want to know more about him and his ideas.
Also has anyone tried to debunk what he says? Because I see no flaws in his reasoning.8tjmb

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My only question is that all of life was just various forms of cope, why then, would he continue to cope?

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Because he was afraid of dying, that's what you cope with all your life.

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I'm working on my first book. What are some techniques or tools to help with outlining and structure?

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>five favorite writers

And other anons r8

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you said you were 17 which is a lower number than 18

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>17 is lower than 18
I'm going to need you to define your axioms buddy

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Sorry, that would've been an unnecessary reply if i had re-read it. I am 18.

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1. Neal Stephenson
2. Pynchon
3. Bolano
4. Stephen King
5. Thomas Mann

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Wife got me an Amazon kindle, not sure of the model but I think is the waterproof one. How do I go about putting mobi and epub files in it? I don't want to pay for no damn amazon books.

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Use libgen, there are a lot of epubs on there although mostly pdfs

Gutenberg and archive.org also often have different formats for files but idk if they're any good or retard machine translated from the pdf

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>epubs on there although mostly pdfs
Ok, I got to libgen and downloaded an epub and a pdf file. Do I just send them to my kindle using the kindle email?

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just connect it to a computer with an usb cable my man
its just a fucking usb

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1.1 Background

Since its development around 12,000 years ago, agriculture, the very basis of civilization, has undergone many radical changes, but arguably the most notable of these was the ‘Green Revolution’ of the mid-20th century. During and preceding this period, the world’s most populous countries were on the brink of or experiencing outright famine. India relied on unprecedented levels of food aid from the United States and other developed countries to avoid mass starvation, while China’s tragic Great Famine took the lives of some 30 million people. Throughout the 1960s, many academics predicted an imminent human die-off due to overpopulation. Miraculously, this was avoided. The Green Revolution that saved countless lives involved the engineering and distribution of new, high-yield varieties of staple crops, extraordinary use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, mechanization, monocropping, and a vast expansion of irrigation – a global transition to industrial agriculture. The world marvelled as average cereal yields saw an increase of 175% and the volume of world agricultural production more than tripled. Finally escaping the specter of starvation, Asia’s economic growth exploded, and the global population grew from 3 billion in 1960 to its current figure of nearly 8 billion. It is hard to overstate the importance of the advances in agricultural technology made in the 1950s-1960s to the foundation of the world in which we live today.

Unfortunately, the fertilizers, pesticides, water for irrigation, and energy to power the staggering amount of machinery that the world’s food systems now rely on come from often wildly unsustainable sources, with often wildly detrimental environmental impacts, and scientists and organizations around the world have been warning us of this for years. It won’t be sufficient to just make our current production sustainable – estimates are that food production will need to increase from the current 8.4 billion tons to almost 13.5 billion tons a year to feed the world’s booming population. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations notes that achieving a level of agricultural production to provide for a projected 9.3 billion people by 2050, from an already seriously depleted natural resource base, will be impossible without profound changes in our food and agriculture systems.

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1.2 Fertilizers

All crops require 17 essential elements to fully develop, but of these, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the most critical – and are the primary ingredients of synthetic chemical fertilizers. For the millenia prior to the development of modern fertilizers, farmers used manure and crop rotation to naturally cycle these key nutrients back into the soil – but by the 19th century, as urbanization and industrialization accelerated, rapid population growth was threatening the Western world’s food security, and the traditional methods were quickly becoming insufficient. To increase crop yields, farmers began to turn to guano (accumulated bat and bird feces), which is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and a massive global industry developed. By 1840, millions of tons of guano were being exported from Latin America and spread across the fields of Europe and the United States, and by 1856, the U.S. was so reliant on guano that it began a campaign of island conquest to secure supplies of the resource. The era culminated in the War of the Pacific from 1879-1884, during which Chile invaded Bolivia to annex its guano-rich coastline, and after which Chile’s economy boomed as it extracted the most important source of fertilizer in the world. (Bolivia remains a landlocked country).

Unfortunately for Chile, by the turn of the 20th century guano deposits were dwindling, and the world began an urgent search for new sources of plant nutrition.

1.2.1 Nitrogen

Unlike phosphorus and potassium, nitrogen is relatively hard to find in mineral forms, and so modern nitrogen fertilizers are synthesized through the Haber-Bosch process developed in the early 20th century.

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The process begins with a source of hydrogen gas and atmospheric nitrogen that are reacted to form ammonia. The most-used source of hydrogen is natural gas (methane). Other sources of hydrogen, such as coal, are used in some regions. After hydrogen and N are combined under conditions of high temperature and pressure to form ammonia,Approximately half the food produced now in the world is supported by the use of N fertilizer. Another way to look at this is that inside your body’s every cell, protein or DNA molecule, half of the N, on average, is a product of the Haber-Bosch process from a N fertilizer factory.

Because the production of hydrogen gas required for the synthesis of ammonia largely comes from natural gas, the price of this primary feedstock is the major factor in the cost of ammonia production. Ammonia factories sometimes close or open in various parts of the world in response to fluctuating gas prices. Higher energy costs always translate into higher prices for all N fertilizers. There are a number of organic sources of N that are commonly used to fertilize crops. But remember that much of the N in animal manure, composts and biosolids come from crops that received applications of fertilizer N. Therefore, the N in many organic fertilizers originated as inorganic N fertilizer.

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What is this OC jesus christ

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green revolution into enormous population overshoot is kino

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It's a serious problem, and I don't see a solution. It might be callous to say, but a lot of people are going to die of famine as resource scarcity becomes more pronounced.

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The movie is better

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The ending definitely is, but both have their strengths

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It's a hot take but I think almost 90% of film adaptations are better especially if made by an auteur director. Actually seeing a human play the part makes it much a much more emotional and lasting experience than the blur slideshow that goes on in your head

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Most of the strong quotes from the movie are so out of place in the book that they lose all of their impact.
The Marilyn Monroe joke is still great tho.

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What did I think of this?

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Your first thought was of your broken thumb

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I hate fucking everything about this picture. I really want your thumb to be ripped off in an industrial accident so nobody has to see this shit ever again

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No, the thumb is actually fine. It's just that the rest of the hand is at an off angle.

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Just got my first job. Books for this feel?

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Das Kapital

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Anything by Kafka

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Explain your choice

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muh bureaucracy haha!

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Bartleby the Scrivener

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You had me at Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogery..

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Is this Welsh?

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the noise i make when i have sex with goats

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anyone else /hype/ for STEELSTORM?

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Never understood this guy

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But the Nuremberg Trail book is something I look forward more

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YES, though idk if i have the guts to order a physical copy, don't want to be put on a list

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Who are your favourite authors, /lit/?
What about their works do you love?

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H. P. Lovecraft. His prose is purple, his protagonists faint like women, and many of his stories tend to run together, but for me his works have a certain cozy charm. Probably because I first read him in high school, and even twenty years later his doomer nihilism still resonates with me.

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How do I start with this bad boy?

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Skip or read his wiki page.
You'll save yourself from reading dense and incoherent german schizobabble. If you do want to read him though, be prepared for a barrage of tautological ideas and circular logic wrapped as "dialectics"

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Cardchads, we won. It's out.

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If literature is a inherently effeminate hobby how come femboys are not interested in it?

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I don't care for the place nor the time where ""femboys"" with proportions that would look exaggerated on an actual woman are or could be "a taste".

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Because at it's core, a love of literature is an implicit quest for truth, even if you are a post menopausal catlady reading some romcom shit, you are captivated by the idea of the plot's resolution.
Someone who takes a deep dive into lit, quickly finds themselves questioning their own person more than the topic at hand. I don't think a homosexual transvestite calling themselves a woman could tolerate that kind of interpersonal scrutiny and not suffer ego death.

Of course, they might just be some Buffalo-Bill tier antisocial pos, in that case they will just read lit for the clout (like 90% of people)

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The legs are a tad big, but detail why you think it's unideal. What proportions, exactly?

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Here, picrel is a femboy, a male, with feminine traits.
What OP posted is just a girl (hip broader than shoulders).

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Are these books actually good? I can't help but wonder since they're referenced so much.

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it's a dumb brit meme. children's books/fairytales are just that. read them to your kids

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Yes they are although obviously you need one with the proper Tenniel illustrations.

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I mean, look at how cute Alice is. And look how friendly the Duchess is.

(Alice is the one holding the flamingo.)

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What's your favorite memoir or published diary? Bonus points if it's related to literature
your mother will die in her sleep tonight if you respond with "my diary desu" .

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My journal desu

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My dairy tbdesusenpaifamalam

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The Flashman Papers

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my diary desu (she's already dead so fuck you)

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