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whats the verdict

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Is this book good?

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>exclusively attacks Christianity
Has anyone else ever noticed this? Atheists don’t seem to believe in their own identity—a nonbelief in theistic religions. The only theistic religion I’ve ever seen an atheist attack or criticize is Christianity. I’ve never seen a so called atheist rail against Judaism or Islam—the other two major monotheist religions. Could you imagine the amount of scandal and trouble Bill Maher would have if he started attacking Islam or Judaism? Could you imagine how ostracized Richard Dawkins would be if he published a book called “The Allah Delusion” or “The Yahweh Delusion”? Why is this?

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I dunno

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Maher talks shit about Islam all the time. Christopher Hitchens' God is Not Great takes a big dump on all three Abrahamic religions.

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Recommend literature about state of the white race in 2019

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Culture of Critique

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To kill a mockingbird

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my diary desu

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The most beautiful / iconic book covers

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*I wish I could find

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I can only read about one book at a time. Maybe if I’m reading non-fiction I can read 2-3 at a time, but my brainlet self can’t process too much information at once.

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Currently 5.

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Between 1 and 7 depending on the circumstances. Often very different kind of books.

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>reading more than 1 book at a time
I've never even thought of this as a possibility.

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What are some strong points (one can hardly deny/make the argument well holding) or some weak points one can easily attack (e.g. a faulty assumption) in Singer’s “all animals are equal?
For example, his use of the requirement of simply enjoying pleasures and feeling pain as enough for them to worthy equal to humans treatment makes it quite difficult to attack his argument further on.

However, he mentions death being something negative when talking about treatment of non-human animals, which opens up an issue leaving him vulnerable (that death initself is not bad, and if well raised and painlessly killed, eating animals is not bad). Any other ideas?

link to reading in case somebody wants


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I haven't read him but aren't there animals that can't feel pleasure and pain? If it's the case, how are all animals equal?

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I'm not trying to highjack this thread but same question to this book.

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he refers to animals used in eating and experimenting, who mostly can feel pain. Main line of argument is that since we wont experiment or eat retards and mongs, we shouldnt do it to cows and dogs etc who might even be smarter

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(I have not read and do not intend to read the text.)
Should we protect prey from predators? It seems likely that being hunted in the wild by other animals is more painful than being slaughtered in controlled conditions, so if that's your only basis for morality then why not?

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I read an argument that said death was only bad for an organism who could understand and plan for their future. The suffering caused by death for humans was the "prevention of future goals," such as having a family, making money, finding purpose, etc. He argued that lower species had no understanding of their existence through time, and only ever thought of the future. For example, he suggested that if a fox was caught in a trap, the fox does not know "if I remain in the trap, I will die." Yet, the fox chews through their own leg to escape. He thinks it's more likely that the fox merely considered the pain of a lost limb to be superior to the pain and anxiety caused by lack of movement. When a cat meows to be fed, he isn't saying, "I want to be fed three hours from now." He is saying that he wants food NOW, and by now, he means as close to the present as possible. If a cow has to walk to a spot of grass to feed, the cow isn't concerned with getting grass fifteen minutes in the future, but simply wants grass now and is accomplishing the necessary activity to find pleasure in the moment.

Essentially, animals do not lose anything by dying. They may have future pleasures, but they don't expect or care about those future pleasures because they don't know such pleasures will exist, thus their will isn't being negated and they experience no sadness from dying aside from the physical pain of being killed.

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This is my old English teacher. Based or cringe?


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Kind of in between, for me. More leaning towards based. I object to his use of ‘reading’ for logos and ads, as these are background noise and reading is for the most part intentional and conscious. Not to say these things can’t be read, more like the norm is that they aren’t; they’re absorbed.

His spoken word thing, like that male novelist jokes thing I think abuses anaphor rather than using it. Maybe they should return to their Whitman.

Still, I would rather have this guy as a teacher than most other people.

Plus I would suck his dick.

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>Kierkegaard was definitely not without fault, for though cristianity the anxiety of death, it has not provided adequate treatment for sexual impulses. This expresses itself in Kierkegaard in a basic primal fetish. He announces it on a letter to his friend E. Boesen, concerning a Spanish woman: "For her feet belongs to that kind of delicate white feather, hand drawn by god himself. One can not, and should not repress himself at such sight. It's unchristian to do so. For God is beauty and beauty is truth and not recognizing beauty is not recognizing truth, thus it's the same as rejecting God. A man must give all of himself to worship it. He must approach it with delicacy and not be so eager to finish the work. He must be careful. But at one such point, beauty overthrows reason and he must undress the feet immediately. He must bury himself within the continents, the undiscovered countries, that lay between toes. He must smell it and drown in her feet scents. He must tickle it and watch the appropriate crimson red expression in her face. He must go mad in the delicacies and mathematicalities of the carefully sculpted lines and gently protuding green veins that innundates the white plain like immaculate rivers. She must play accordingly, and happyfully do her part, oh lucky man! She must do her part and come forth upon him and give him the final blow: a round of face stepping, for he is a sinner, a beast, an unworthy man, and should be punished to death by feet asfixiation!". Later, Kierkegaard shows typical christian shame and regret:"To masturbate is to enter in degeneracy. It's a sinful, wretched act and the saint dotcrine states that he who may commit such acts shall not enter upon heaven. I shall not enter upon heaven."
- Kierkegaard: A Biography
Are there any books on writers and philosophers sexual practices?

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>misspells zany
Point proven, you lowly ape.

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I'm actually a hand fetisher as well.

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>misuses logical fallacies like a r*dditor

>dont your mispell words on MY 4CHAN

dont know what I expected from a bunch of double-digit iq 35yo-woman-tier footfags

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my first Love had spiderling hands like that. i miss my sister.

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Explain how I've misused the fallacy.

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>professor constantly deviates from the syllabus
>will assign work and just off briefly offhandedly mention it once at the end of class without posting a new announcement or sending an email or anything
>wants a 4 page paper about a mistake you made in the past
>wants you to find something you did that was bad enough that you can make 4 pages out of it
>what if everything I can think of was illegal or socially unacceptable.wav
>have to make something up thats bad enough it fits the bill but no so bad that I might get a bad grade and/or kicked out of class due to spite
>they want you to use "the elements of thought" and "impediments to critical thinking" to analyze the logic that went into your decision
>4 pages

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I studied English at Iowa and it was incredible.

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who were the residents at the time?

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Honestly I can make some shit up when it comes to the impediments to critical thinking, but its the elements of though thats gonna be hard, like I'm having to basically reverse engineer my logic for a decision from years ago that I'm making up

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Books with <pic related> protagonist, done right ?

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Nick Land's oeuvre

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Culture of Critique

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First book of sanderson's mistborn.

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God-Emperor of Dune

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What literature is approved by our Chinese overlords?

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Culture of Critique

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Rootless cosmopolitan detected

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So I just got laid at age 26 despite believing that premarital sex is against the moral law. It wasn't that enjoyable, don't think I'll do it again.

Has this shit actually unlocked my potential as a writer? I don't feel any different.

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>How did a vagina feel and was it better or worse than a lubed hand? Answer me pls I need to know pls pls

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I'm not OP but I have better and more comfy orgasms. Still wouldn't want to miss out on vagina at least once a month.

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Wrong, not all pussies are created equal, its all about how tight she is combined with is her vaj dry or not, also warm or not

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Woman are overrated is going to be replaced by sexbots in the future. Yay

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It's better because it's stick to a wiman

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Is it possible to "refute" satire without looking like an dumbass?

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Somewhat of a Peterson thread, but more in line with the Jung quote.

So I remember hearing Peterson say in a debate with Sam Harris something along the lines or sentiment of:

"The great authors of previous times express truths in their works which resonate with us, really without us even knowing why, but with an internal sense of the work being great."

Except what he actually said was:

"The authors get there first [before the philosophers and thinkers explicitly express these truths]."

Philosophically, do you guys find this to be true? I think I elaborated on the quote correctly. It's from the infamous "Truth" debate where Peterson takes a pragmatic approach, and Sam Harris takes a fact-based approach and forces Peterson to admit that compiling facts do not produce a "Truth" and that rather "Truth" is more of what is self-preserving and lasting for the species. It was essentially a debate over the definition of truth, but that line struck me.

I guess I was reading about Heidegger and his criticisms of being platitudinal, and was reminded of this quote.

Anyway, general discussion thread.

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Recent purchases thread?

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Must be the "I hope reading these gets me a gf" edition

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Uhhhh, more?

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Got these from the local used bookstore yesterday.

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>but 4chan strips EXIF
So I've been ereasing the exif data manually for nothing all this time?

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Lately got:

Hellstorm's Hive-Frank Herbert
The Collector-John Fowles
Room- Emma Donoghue
Rashomon and Seventeen other stories-Akutagawa(On order)

Hellstorm's Hive is really fun and bizarre but I'm liking it so far especially the material about the fake documentary about the scientists. Reminds me of something DFW would do. The Collector is also pretty good and a quick read. Looking forward to the Akutagawa book.

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Is this what a person of average intelligence larping as a genius looks like?

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Yes, it's actually very easy to larp as a genius and trick 99% of the population.
>Wear a suit (the darker the better, and ideally with a turtleneck underneath)
>Go gray (or dye your hair gray)
>Grow a beard (ideally a goatee)

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>tfw you realize this is what Sargon of Akkad and Molyneux do as well

Is that really it? Is that all it takes?

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I really liked antifragile and enjoy reading his stuff but you are kind of right. He is like a stemfag that moves in to humanities and then tries too hard to be some sort of uber-intellectual. Its not fucking happening. When he insults humanitiesfags I practically always agree but we are no longer living in ancient greece. You cant just take a walk, think up a few 5 page philosophical insights and expect them to be non-trivial.

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Molyneux wears a T-shirt, has no facial hair, and is bald. That's a 0 for 3.

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Molymeme has started to grow a beard.

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I'm not a good writer, stylistic wise.

But I think I have some interesting ideas, a funny concept and a good quote here and there.

I'll probably never get published, but this is what I love to do. I have a 9-5 career and this will probably be nothing more then a hobby for me.

I was thinking, why don't I just put all my short works out for free, pay a couple bucks a month for a good looking website. If people like my short works I can put novels out for 2.99 on kindle maybe make a sale here and there. They way I see it the best I could hope for is 100 bucks a month and that would make me so happy.

What do you think? writing even though you know you're not good enough to be a real hit.

Theres this one writer, Scott Sigler, he started this way, just giving all his stuff away for free. I bet if any of you guys have read him you would say he's probably crap. But damn it he's got interesting wild ideas that are just fun to read. I buy his books as soon as they come out now, he gave me tons for free and now I'm hooked and a paying customer. He's a new York times bestseller now.

What do you think? Can a mediocre writer with good ideas carve out his own fan base that likes his unique ideas and make some money doing this?

It's like Stephen King says, "If you can pay a utility bill with money you make writing, you are talented"

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What's a good introductory point to literary criticism and theory? It seems to have its own language that is completely alien to me. Are there any good books on the history or core basics of it?

pic possibly related as Derrida is certainly influential in this field

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Derrida molested children

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Culture of Critique

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For me, it's the author Delicious Tacos. The best fast fiction writer. I even ask for extra blog posts and the author is so friendly and more than willing to oblige.

One time I asked for more blog post and they gave me three. I said, "Wow, three for free!" and the nice friendly author laughed and said, "I'm going to call you 3-for-free!".

Now the author greets me with "hey it's 3-for-free!" and ALWAYS give me three blog posts. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere at my local blogspot, I go there at least 3 times a week for a story and a large iced coffee with milk instead of cream, 1-2 times for breakfast on the weekend, and maybe once for dinner when I'm in a rush but want a great story that is affordable, fast, and can match my daily intellectual needs.

I even dip my toes in his Lacanian analysis, it's delicious! What a great author.

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I’m imagining that taco as a big, thick, black dick

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Hmmm, but she is biting the taco not sucking it. If we examine this fantasy closer, we see not a story of seduction but a tale of survival. Perhaps the negro of your post, infatuated with her beauty, corners her in an alley and proceeds to force fellatio. But our girl here is a fighter, and upon insertion she bites down hard and fast into the flesh of his erect penis, feeling a distinctive crunch of erectile tissue similar to a taco shell before a torrent of warm blood spills into her mouth reminiscent of taco meat juices. The negro screams in pain as she tears off a bite of taco before spitting it out: this beef has turned rotten. Sweet taco meat juices pump out the torn hafling phallus of the screaming negro as his skin begins to pale. Sensing opportunity, our girl makes her escape from the alley. The negro falls backward against the opposite wall of the alley, quickly losing consciousness has his vital taco juices are drained with every heart beat. Our girl, unfazed by the predictable actions of an uppity negro, makes a late night stop at Taco Bell on her way home. Combo #3 will suffice: 3 Crunchy Tacos Supreme®.

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I’m strangely aroused after reading this and feel the need for Taco Bell

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