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if "Objective reason deals with universal truths that dictate that an action is either right or wrong" what happens if, even if I agree, I don't want to do what is right and prefer doing what is wrong?

With instrumental reason I can, and in absence of a karmic retributive mechanism, if there's no hell for the wicked, why should I prefer Good over Evil?

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>taking frankfurt school professors seriously
just lol

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It was better than the other Gardner books.

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How many VPNs have you bought just so you could ban evade every 20 minutes, Garder?

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checked. this shit is unbelievable. i might email hiroshi about this.

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They need to set up an automatic image filter for all his covers and ban him from advertising. For his own good.

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"Call of the" and "Horror's Call" should also filter to something.

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if you're going to shill your book, at the very least make it worthwhile to read

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Was Grushenka an e-girl?

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if she lived in 2023, 1000%

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Lads I think the anons at /m/ finally found something that would counter if not outright beat Xeeleestomp memes. Not sure what the hell counters "if you can be described you can be erased".

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That photo is ridiculously old, newfag

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I got bored and went through Desuarchive to look for old memes. That thing is /m/'s second most resposted image.


Also found this weird recommendation chart in the top 20. Who in their right mind uses a purple field? Can't be too bad because it has Eva and some Gundam shit on it.

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Amazing how most of those images are just Gundam and Kamen Rider.

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>Tastes like someone ate a lemon and pissed in that cup

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Are the majority of critics retarded? I've found very very few respectable.

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yeah everything is compromised 21st C but I basically read or watch nothing from now anyway

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RLM and people like him is the death of art criticism. It basically outs you as a midwit if you like them.

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yeah i prefer rachel maddow or laurie penny movie reviews personally. they are highbrow.

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Yeah, because those are the only alternatives.

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The patterns run in families and are passed down without fail. These behavioral patterns are all rooted in religion.

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The Chinese are supposedly atheist yet the Confucian mindset dominates families. What we're really talking about is societal religion/philosophy.

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To break free first there has to be a freedom from shame and what others think. Second there has to be a way to manipulate the sheep around you so they let you be.

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I think religion activates a part of our consciousness that will never just go away. The same part that makes things in life feel important, the place music and poetry comes from. Even if religion as we know it goes away, something will replace it that is very much like religion because satisfying that euphoric urge to do something greater than ourselves is just a part of being human.

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>because satisfying that euphoric urge to do something greater than ourselves is just a part of being human.

You mean atavistic tribalism? "Kill everyone that God i.e society tells you to kill".

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Let me guess, you "need" more?

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>progressed past him
The history of western philosophy is simply the continual forgetting and remembrance of plato

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start and end with the greeks. it's all downhill after Aristotle.

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the paper is so fucking thin i can read whats on the next page

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you know nothing about the discipline. you just read that "footnotes to plato" quote and thought it sounded cool

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you sound like a mad neckbeard freshman and im not even the anon (You) responded to

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Trannies have discovered F Gardner & are reading his books! This is not a drill!

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Got to your fucking bed, Frank.

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Digits and op's mom dies in her sleep tonight

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You're such a bore, Frank. You literally do nothing but tell self-stroking lies about yourself. This is why you have no fans and no friends.

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now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?

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>hegel's philosophy and ontology are complete horseshit
He was able to combine strains of thought from Aristotle, Spinoza, Kant, into a coherent system while also tackling the fundamental metaphysical problems of being v.s. becoming and unity v.s difference. He was a thinker of immense intellect, influence, and nuance. Your kneejerk rejections mean nothing,

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not complete horseshit but still horseshit. he was also an immense pseud which begs into question why youre so kneejerkedly defending him

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were you in the aristotle and shakespeare thread too

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>while also tackling the fundamental metaphysical problems of being v.s. becoming and unity v.s difference.
If by tackling you mean completely destroying the fabric of logic until meaning is more or less obliterated

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Are you genuinely retarded?

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Do audiobooks count as reading?

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Who cares. All that counts is what you take away from your reading/listening experience.

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Only on goodreads

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Gonna have to refer you to /mu/

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I've thought about this often because there remains the question of defining what exactly a reader is. Reading has classically been associated with the senses of touch and sight, even before braille there was a tactility to how we wrote due to the prevalent materials for tablets in the west and near east being either a hardened wax, clay or stone. So by that narrow definition an audiobook is not reading, it engages us aurally.

However that's not the end of what reading means, and since a reader is that which performs the action of reading its not the terminus of what a reader is as well. There's also the sense of reading via gathering visual information; one often talks of reading you like a book, or reading the weather by glancing up at the sky and foreseeing a storm. In that sense an audiobook is still not reading, we haven't yet escaped the tyranny of sight. Where we do find our liberation is when we use reading to mean interpretation and therein I find the most useful way of defining reader in regards to what media of information count as reading.

If we take into account the active mental pursuit of interpretation as being the core of reading, then audiobooks cross over into the category of reading. If we take reading to just being cognoscent that there are letters on a page then reading becomes almost a binary act. I cannot understand a single pictogram of Cantonese but I could "read" the entire works of Mencius in the sense that I am aware of the symbols and could reproduce them given materials. But if we take it to the realm of actively engaging with the matter and utilizing it then an audiobook can be the equal of any written word. If anyone argues with me on that then they need to first address the proud history of the lecture in education. All that given however we understand that the original question is in itself deficient. Do audiobooks count as reading? It focuses on the object, not the subject. Its a reification of reading, and that I care not for. What are you doing with the audiobook? Are you able to make notes or cogitate it as you encounter each new word? Or are you using it as a background noise while you fluff your pillows? The written word is harder to multitask on, but I've managed to read a book remaining distracted the whole time. If your chief concern with media is the object itself rather than your dialoguing with it then I'd argue that any claim to reading could be superficial at best.

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No, it's for the blind, dyslexics or people suffering from ADHD

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>form is imminent because…IT JUST IS, OK

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i swear to the first mover i will break your legs ari beggar anon

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It's right there bro can't you see it?

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THE Great American novel

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>frankly my dear I don't give le damn xddd


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sorry, wrong pic

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Oops! Sorry wrong pic!

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Was he meant to be a real person, or just a creation of Ingsoc?

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he existed at one point but had died, clearly

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The real question is, does it even matter?

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The man dies, but not the idea

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Is that Heidegger?

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Captcha: YASGDA

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Too much to drink... load up /lit/.... all the threads are about tranny shit, politics shit, race shit, incel shit, stupid shit, dumb shit, moron shit, retard shit. Tired of all the shit.
Talk about your favorite book.

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Also siddhartha by hesse, also kino. I didn't like steppenwolf as much

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Interesting, I tried Steppenwolf when I ran a book club a while back and we all got majorly filtered by it. It really turned me off Hesse, especially since he said that Steppenwolf was one of his favorites. I'll try out Siddartha.
I have a haltf-mexican white nationalist trad christian friend who can be a real headache sometimes. He's one of my only friends that reads books and he has a huge hard-on for PKD. I've been meaning to get into him, to try him out, read and weep, skim and tear, flip and rip, absorb and digest all his works. I've heard great things about VALIS

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The Red Rising series has some pretty cool sword fights. I am training with my roommate in the way of the sword so I can be a cool swordsman like the main character. I have begun reading the Book of Five Rings so I can better understand the sword. I like swords.

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A Scanner Darkly
I'm not going to argue that it's good. I'm just saying it's my favorite book by revealed preference.

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>Steals everything from Alasdair Gray

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How does one *get* into Western Philosophy?

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you have to live it

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You have to read it before you can live it

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Astral project to pre flood Babylon and start with the Anunnaki

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The podcast History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps is pretty good

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this but unironically

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I like this book series and I would like to share it with you all

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I like it but I stopped reading around the three powers, I should continue to read it. I remember text roleplaying this on wetpaint back in the late 2000s/early 2010s(really mid 2000s late 2000s was when that stuff was at its peak), unfortunately since most of the fans are female its overrun with gender/tranny nonsense fanwise. I like it better than redwall, in ways it's more violent. I still feel bad for Shadowclan though, they just seem very weak/shit and the whole thunderclan is the savior for all the clans stuff gets tiring. I think they could've fleshed out the differences of the clans especially when cats like Stormfur and Greystripe, Tawnypelt join another clan, and made the other clans have more varying dominance(other than just Thunderclan), I get that in Into the Wild and in the following series under Firestar,Thunderclan would probably be at its peak but I think it would be interesting if we see the negatives of Thunderclan and its downfall and the rise of another clan. I never did read the comics or the super editions, I remember when it was a big deal of are they squirrelflight's kits? or leafpool and crowfeather's? Good times.

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A thread for discussing literature from non-english speaking countries.

TQ: What's your favorite non-english piece of literature?

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Extremely broad question. Is this one of those “I’m going to inch into I hate le Anglo’s territory” threads?

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good luck finishing the book, is even on old spanish

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As an latino, I've got to say I'd rather read Shakespearean English than Quixotean Spanish without any annotations. It's quite the monumental task

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I just wasn't sure what else to ask.
You're free to ask questions if you want.

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