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There are countless works in which Satan and the demonic is brought to life, from classic works like Faust, The Master and Margarita, light humorous ones like Good Omens, to a myriad other horror lit titles, the Devil definitely got his due.

What can I read that shows the other side, the celestial imagining of the Christian mythos.

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Ironically The Satanic Verses

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Isn't that interwoven with muslim themes?

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Dante's Comedy
Milton's Paradise Lost

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Yeah, the title refers to an apocryphal story of Muhammed in which he got duped by the devil. One of the main characters in the novel is the arch angle Gabriel.

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Fr. Chad Ripperger's Dominion gives a systematic angelogy from St. Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologic - it's a stellar book and explains the orthodoxy immaculately (has an Impratur).

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Write what's on your mind!
Shiva's edition

prev >>22081175

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grace slick was so hot

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Is cow piss good for you because it's holy?

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A woman asked me out: I have a date today and I want to break it off because I enjoy my celibacy.

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According to Anon (2023), is there anything more boring than reading research papers and various published University works? In the Publish or Perish: A Meditative Journey, Anon notices how "these bureaucratic systems have made any sort of original thought not only undesirable, but de facto forbidden," concluding that "we must move away from these oppresives mode of well-shod falsehoods and back into the stimulating territory of putting forward your own, un-referenced thoughts." (Anon et al., p. 47-49)?

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Is there a connection between literary genius and commiting suicide?

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have you seen the earth in the past 13,000 years?

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I am in my twenties, never kissed a girl, no friends, no job, failed college twice, have no ambitions, underweight, asukapilled, mentally ill femcel/incel.

Is it over?

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Nothing. Literature is for winners

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ever read a book?

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Get a job, get in shape, do what successful people around you are doing, and get off 4chan/reddit/whatever-social-media you're using. People in 2nd/3rd world shitholes wake up every morning with purpose and drive just by following the above. It really is that simple.

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i hate this retarded potato nigger so god damn much

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The power of autism.

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"We do not escape our boundaries or our innermost being. We do not change. It is true we may be transformed, but we always walk within our boundaries, within the marked-off circle."

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>converted to christcuckery on his deathbed

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Fake and gay allied propoganda.

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I was reading this article by Bari Weiss in the Tablet Mag just now (which I don't agree with all of, but would still recommend), and something popped into my head when I read pic related.

It got me thinking about this question of "What should we formally call this new toxic form of wokeism?" The term I've come up with is postprogressivism, but I'd be curious as to whether the good denizens of /lit/ could come up with anything better.

I think my own term sums up a lot of things about the phenomenon. The postmodern/postcolonial roots, the way it sees itself as a successor to the "unenlightened" progressivism of old, the pessimistic outlook it has on whether things can actually improve, and the dark age I believe it would lead us into if it ever gained enough power. But I have a feeling you guys could come up with something better, so I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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my problem with dreher is not that he's right wing. it's that the stuff he writes is dumb. if you thought the benedict option wasn't stupid as hell then idk what to tell you.

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you could live an honest life just by doing the opposite of whatever the pope says

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*doing the opposite of whatever LIBS say

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I'm not looking for something that'll be academically enforced. I'm just looking for something that'll catch on organically.
Like "Kafkatrap." Kafkatrap is a terrific word that you pretty much understand upon hearing without having to look it up. It'd be nice if we could dream up something half as pithy and intuitive.

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"Racist marxism"
because that's what it is, focusing on people's race and shit

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Is this man saving fantasy?

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It’s fine to hate fantasy but you need to actually read a decent amount of it before insisting that only Tolkien and GRRM are influential

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The real thing that ruined fantasy was wheel of time, it was heavily influential on Sanderson for example but none of you fuckers have read enough to know that

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Tolkien is infantilised mythology+prissy catholic morality

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I would curbstomp him for his prose if given the chance. There's so much bad technical writing in fantasy; all he does is add to the heap.

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If you were as technically proficient as Sanderson you could write easily consumable slop and then get published. Everything you hate about his prose is intentional and desires by publishers

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>[S]tudents sort themselves into 4-year schools, community colleges and for-profit schools in descending order with respect to students’ cognitive skills. We can then reasonably assume that the quality of these schools is commensurate with the corresponding students’ cognitive skills.”

Anna Chung

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I suffer every single day of my life on this island, and nobody has depicted it better than him

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What's a poem of his you particularly like?

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Come To Sunny Prestatyn
Laughed the girl on the poster,
Kneeling up on the sand
In tautened white satin.
Behind her, a hunk of coast, a
Hotel with palms
Seemed to expand from her thighs and
Spread breast-lifting arms.

She was slapped up one day in March.
A couple of weeks, and her face
Was snaggle-toothed and boss-eyed;
Huge tits and a fissured crotch
Were scored well in, and the space
Between her legs held scrawls
That set her fairly astride
A tuberous cock and balls

Autographed Titch Thomas, while
Someone had used a knife
Or something to stab right through
The moustached lips of her smile.
She was too good for this life.
Very soon, a great transverse tear
Left only a hand and some blue.
Now Fight Cancer is there.

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Friday Night at the Royal Station Hotel
Light spreads darkly downwards from the high
Clusters of lights over empty chairs
That face each other, coloured differently.
Through open doors, the dining-room declares
A larger loneliness of knives and glass
And silence laid like carpet. A porter reads
An unsold evening paper. Hours pass,
And all the salesmen have gone back to Leeds,
Leaving full ashtrays in the Conference Room.

In shoeless corridors, the lights burn. How
Isolated, like a fort, it is -
The headed paper, made for writing home
(If home existed) letters of exile: Now
Night comes on. Waves fold behind villages.

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Weird book.

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>I enjoyed it.

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Show me what you've written. I don't care if you write novels, short stories, poems, or shitposts. I want to read what you've written.

>inb4 "but it's not finished yet!"
I don't care. Show me what you DO have written.
>inb4 but I'm scared
I don't care. Let me read it anyway.
>inb4 "but you'll steal my IP and publish it under your own name!"
I don't have the means or energy to do that. Show me what you've written.

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~Eulogy to Halfcat~

Half a cat is what I glimpsed one fateful winter morn
Squarely struck by a semi truck, its body had been torn

The lower half I did not see, tumbling far behind
The upper half did snap and snarl, having lost its mind

Instinct told this half-a-cat to attack the source of pain
But agony beyond the pale had driven it insane

Like a feline ouroboros, it consumed its own entrails
Intestines dangling, from the vehicular mangling, that half-a-cat entails

Body rended, ninth life ended, Halfcat is no more
Relegated, maybe fated, to a blur of chrome and gore

Fast and heavy, ford and chevy, asphalt and cement
In a hurry, no time for furry critters, I lament

Nobody will bury you, and only I will mourn
This world’s too big, too cold and hard for the small, the soft and warm

Rest in pieces, Halfcat, for there are precisely two
The angels have their work cut out, reassembling you

linktr. ee/alexbeyman

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I do not know when my fever began in earnest. I am sure it had been bubbling up inside of me for many twisted months. There was no surefire moment when it turned from an egg to a blastocyst to an embryo to a fetus to a tumor. One can never sense when these things shift, but try as I might to dissuade myself, when I look back, I think of a few characteristic sights and sounds, a few pockets of my memory which must have meant something. Marshall Library; Crawford hall; an ebony table under my gaze; an

open page of British Medical Journal, the December 1998 volume. Sounds, too: sniffles, shuffles, throat clearing, dust clearing, shelf clearing, anything to hold off the penetrating quiet. Unlucky silences always seemed to follow me.
Why was I there? I, of all people, would know what happens to poor Phineas. Everyone knows what happens to poor Phineas when he slams that tamping iron down. The chain of connections I would usually make in my lectures was that the tamping iron hit the granite, the granite sparked, the spark ignited the charge, the charge exploded, the explosion propelled the tamping iron through Phineas’ handsome skull, entering his left cheek, destroying most of his left frontal lobe, and leaving the top of his skull with an entourage of fragments to follow. It was all simple enough: physics and anatomy were sufficient to explain it; one could throw in a little psychological speculation if they really felt like it, although history would always bring up the rear and destabilize the facts at hand.
They thought the poor fellow would barely live, and he didn’t... he coughed out a teaspoon of brain matter, had his head encased by the doctor’s wraps, and one day was awfully different. Phineas had died and Phineas replaced him, but no one could say where the new one came from and where the old one went. He became a coach driver in Chile. This was all elementary, all quotidian formalities I would tell the new students to entice them.
I had never found myself resorting to such debasing fantasies as this. The Ballad of Phineas never existed, of course. There was only a scholarly medical article in my hand, citable, readable, with an abstract, a specified intent, peer-reviewed. Those bastards didn’t care for the worries on Phineas’ mind.
I hadn’t even read past the first sentence. I was staring at a cock-eyed syllable when mean pictures clouded my head. Something wonderful lived in Phineas’ world, his mind could be anything anyone wanted it to be. I felt it was arguably my place to insert an impotent fantasy, to fill his husk with my own latent fears. But perhaps this is what did it. This was the misstep, the catalyst of this fever which has never quite left me, which has never left off grieving me...

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This is really good. I love it.

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a comet sinks into the earth
and im free
getting drunk on a mattress
while the biosphere collapses

someone blows out a candle
and im dancing in the hospice
the guards are taking aim
im smiling, broken, and lame

on the floor sour and dead
with a halo above my head
empty streets and moving cars,
my body rots under the indifferent stars

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I didn’t know I had permission
To murder and to maim
You want it darker

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The average French woman has a small library in her flat where she reads the great French lit giants and the classics. How does your country measure up?

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I have a petit something for her.

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So you can watch it without sound if you're in class for instance

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Inshallah it will be so.

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That's really cheap compared to where I live in NYC. My last studio was $1100 for 200 sq ft. That huge bathroom is awesome.

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How did it sell 140 million copies? That's more than any Harry Potter book. The writer himself doesn't even know what the target demographic is.

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So you think he killed himself or was he shot down?

>> No.22087036

meant for >>22087021

>> No.22087054

Where was it implied that anyone was shot down?

>> No.22087070

Cause it was used to indoctrinate boomers in favor of a communist takeover

>> No.22087235

Memes aside, I do wonder what the culture around the book used to be. It shows strong parallels with the hippie movement, but I haven't seen any hippies bring it up.

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>I'm so glad I spent that time reading fiction

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i cant help being a poser, have some sympathy here. im just hollow

>> No.22087198

I'm a hospice nurse and at least once a day a patient will say their biggest regret is not reading more philosophy books. Thanks OP, good thread.

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tits or gtfo, gaylord focker

>> No.22087238

sorry I don't have time, I'm trying to read Heidegger to my patients before they die

>> No.22087352

You won't be glad you did anything when you're dying

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“We all know that the literary masterpieces died with the rise of the word processor right?”

>> No.22086995

I love my typewriter. It's great seeing
what you type immediately on the page
It has a special way of enabling that
flow state.

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Nope. Pen and paper always for the first draft(s). I tend to write significantly better that way.

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Chet Hanks is better than Tom Hanks

>> No.22087565

Hipsters were all over typewriters and they didn't write any masterpieces thoughbeit

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What is the modern equivalent philosophy of Legalism? I would like to read about it. Also rec any texts if you can.

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Xi Jinping Thought

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>most Americans read at a fifth grade level
How is this even possible? Aside from the whole education issue, it seems trivial for someone to get from that point to college level reading with just a bit of practice.

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That's only the literate Americans. Most Americans are functionally illiterate. So the average is probably more like a first grade level. Just enough to read road signs most of the time.

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Most people don't like reading and used Sparknotes or Cliffnotes to get through their High School books.

And haven't read since.

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>just a bit of practice
thas 2 much 2 aks lol

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