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How does the advaitan conception of the True Self as a transcendent pure consciousness fit with the notion of 'realization' of its nature? The realization could only belong to the transient nature of thoughts, could it not? If the nature of the Self is only to 'perceive', then it could never realize itself and attain enlightenment, could it?

In light of this, doesn't enlightenment and its experience belongs to a transient self? And as a result, isn't the idea of a transcendent self then unnecessary? Buddhism seems to BTFO advaitafags on all levels, but correct me if I'm wrong.

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Not to mention, how does avidya "distract" the transcendent self? There is an argument to be had for the fact that these musings are avidya and maya themselves and thus belong not to the Self, but I'm still curious to hear your thoughts on this.

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Next semester I am taking classes on
>Modern Irish writers
>Philosophy class on Marx
>Late 20th Century American lit
Sounds like a fun time frens

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What did Shakespeare mean by this?

Taken from Shakespeare's Poetic Fragments (1961), edited by D. A. Weiner.

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What's the angriest you've ever gotten over literature?

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Every time I bring up Celine irl some asshole always goes like "wasn't he a Nazi?" and I try my best to explain the concept of critical thinking but on the inside I'm fucking screaming. This happens at least once a month and I fucking hate it.

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Went to my favorite writers historic home (Herman Melville) and the tour guide (a woman) didn’t even like him, most of the other visitors admitted to not having read him, or if they did they said they didn’t really care for his work, and she kept inserting little criticisms about how she didn’t think he was a good husband or father.

He should be treasured as the greatest author in American history but he has fucking brainlets fostering his legacy.

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What social circles do you run in that most people you know actually knows who Celine is?

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I had to read 'Memoirs of Emma Courtney' for English class some time ago. Bih wouldn't stop crying: By the twentieth time she 'wept', I wanted to take the MC and shove her through a wall.

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Grad school lol

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How would I go about learning Homeric Greek?

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I saw these books were recommended in both the general learning to learnt chart and the liberal arts autodidact chart.

Or should I just stick to a modern book like a mind for numbers?

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God I fucking love triangles

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Doesn't answer my question.

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My rejection of the world, or vice versa (it doesn’t matter), makes me feel superior. What can I read that will humble me in my loneliness?

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I am not happy nor unhappy. I usually felt very depressed but now I just feel like an observer of my emotions.

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Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life

john 12:25

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you aren't better than normies, you just OD'd on pride

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Wasn't that his point? Also checked

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A rebours

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W-wait... is OP a faggot?

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I honestly like what I've heard about Whitehead, but I hate his name. I just keep thinking about popping a huge pimple and the odor of the puss inside.

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Hah! jokes on you cause I'm just gonna conceal myself boy and you wont be able to see me any more, can't do anything to my being then.

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My outlines often look like random gibberish with drawn lines tying together ideas, concepts, and plot progression. My character outlines follow a horizontal timeline. Curious about other peoples outline styles. Does anyone draw?

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Dark and fantastical suggestions, /lit/? I'm a fan of older and more 'literary' fantasy. I wondered about Something Wicked This Way Comes, but I'm not convinced about Bradbury. Thank you. Any help is appreciated.

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The Gormenghast novels.

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Sorry, I should've specified some more. Gormenghast is actually one of my favourites of all time.

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Yeah, I'm thinking Logue proves that anachronisms can have a place in translations of Homer's Iliad.

>Drop into it.
>Noise so clamorous it sucks.
>You rush your pressed-flower hackles out
>To the perimeter.
>And here it comes:
>That unpremeditated joy as you
>-The Uzi shuddering warm against your hip
>Happy in danger in a dangerous place
>Yourself another self you found at Troy -
>Squeeze nickel through that rush of Greekoid scum!
>Oh wonderful, most wonderful, and then again more wonderful
>A bond no word or lack of words can break,
>Love above love!
>And here they come again the noble Greeks,
>Ido, a spear in one a banner in his other hand
>Your life at every instant up for -
>And, candidly, who gives a toss?
>Your heart beats strong. Your spirit grips.
>King Richard calling for another horse (his fifth).

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Which book should I read? The Mariam Joseph one or the one by John Mitchell(wooden books)

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>get on vampire kick
>decide to read pic related after finding out it predates Bram Stoker by a bit
>its just a yuri shit
t-thanks for the boner, J Sheridan

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Which edition of The Decline of the West should I purchase? I'm distrustful of postwar "abriged" editions.

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Either it's one samefag making these threads constantly or there are a lot of people genuinely wondering which DotW edition to buy. Try and get an original if you can. I got a 1930 print in good condition from abebooks for 40 dollars.

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This is the first time I've ever posted in lit. There's so many editions, including abridged, multi and single volume versions, etc. that I could see it would be a common question. Anyway thanks for the reply.

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>destroys the entirety of anglophone poetry
why is it that English being the ugliest and unwieldiest of languages somehow looked at as having good poets.
99% of english poetry is dogshit. Shakesman was a whack who literally had to make up thousands of words so that people wouldn't see through his bullshit writing which is just barely above fetishist fanfiction. The only decent poet in whole of England was Wordsworth while America had Whitman being quasi-innovative nevermind him being a degenerate.

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Based. the only good american poet was Pound and he knew how ugly English was, that's why most of his poems have huge portions in other more beautiful languages such as Italian, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

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>Beautiful languages
>240 syllable screechfest
Fuck off Chang

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>more beautiful language

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>The only decent poet in whole of England was Wordsworth

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Weren't the G*rmans autistically obsessed with Shakes for centuries though?

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Active discord server with a lot of discourse and exchange of ideas. Verification process to separate the wheat from the chaff, etc. We have many people in specific channels that take interest in literature and stuff.

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Speak English you fucking retard.

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tu es un negre, ;^)

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Discord is a honeypot. It reports to antifa.

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Actually no Discord was proven to have given information on antifa members to US authorities

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That’s the most retarded shit I have read on /lit/, and I read retarded shit a lot on this board.

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>dad found my copies of "The Metaphysics of Sex" "Sex and Power in History" and "Sex and Character"

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you shouldnt fear your dad as a grown man or this site is 18+

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>dad found my prostate massager hidden behind my g.k.chesterton paperbacks

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why hide it behind the daddest of dad authors tho? you wanted to get caught

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have sex

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Mom found my 120 days of Sodom copy once, good thing frequent precum leakage made the most suspect pages difficult to read

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>In which we predict future trends in self-help literature.

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I cut my bunghole yesterday wiping too hard

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Incel at 50: Coping with the Desire to Suicide

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How to survive with 5 cents a year on Social Security.

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>How to deal with the fact that the woman you married had many frivolous sexual encounters before she met you, has taken many cocks in her pussy and asshole that were larger than yours, that some total stranger fucked her mouth and came on her face, how she was much prettier than she is now, that this woman is the mother of your children (probably) and she's almost certainly fucked at least one nigger, that she told you all of this innocently as if she genuinely didn't know it would hurt you, and that thinking about this makes you feel sick but also sometimes gives you a boner. And how it's all your problem and you need to get over it and definitely don't call her a whore and cut her out of your life.


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How to be Blacker/Browner (if White), How to be Whiter (if Black/Brown).

Homoschooling done right.

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What books might this individual like?

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come ooooon

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Just stop being a fag and things will be better

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this picture

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