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And what can we aspiring writers do to get a result near that

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Has a Stirner fag ever added anything meaningful to any conversation ever?

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You don't need Stirner to be an annoying retard
Did you just add anything meaningful to anything with this thread?

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Not all annoying retards are stirner fags but all stirner fags are annoying retards.

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I have never read his book. Was he hedonistic?

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You still think /lit/ is your personal support group, huh?

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For Catholics, tankies liberals and nationalists, perhaps

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Songwriting as literature, ballads, poetry, rap, what have you.

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Georges Brassens.
That's it.

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least boring book ever

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I just want to make a quick note about the advice – such frequent on here – not to subvocalize when reading. It is literally the only way you have to train and develop your sense of rhythm, so not doing it is very bad, other than unnatural. This is all. Goodbye.

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Not a bad argument. The truth is probably than one has to know when to do it and when not to do it. It's essential for poetry but absolutely not for non-fiction for instance (unless you wanna study rhetorics maybe, but poetry will do the trick better).

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>The virgin subvocalizer vs the CHAD declaimer

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Comedy edition
How to get started in comedy https://b-ok.lat/book/5677619/98ad59
Good comedy book: https://b-ok.lat/book/4787108/0d6163
Last thread (over 316 posts):
>>16620782 #

Suggested books on storytelling:
>The Weekend Novelist
>Aristotle's Poetics
>Hero With a Thousand Faces
>Save the Cat
>Romance the Beat

Suggested books on getting your fucking work done you lazy piece of shit:
>Deep Work
>Atomic Habits

Other Resources
>General grammar/syntax/editing help
> When/where/how should I write?
> What software should I write with?
> Amazon Publishing to make that KDP monie
> Be like Charles Dickens and write serially
> Basic overview of the Screenplay format

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Any styles y'all find particularly interesting or needed to supplant the pomo crap? What's some good comedy books y'all find interesting?

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Honest thoughts? I want to write weaboo litrpg stuff for Royal Road. Can I get a critique. Pretty please

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Ok bros why is it so good why is it so ahead of it's time?

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is it just me, or the whole kookyness of the book has an anime feel to it?

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Are there any philosophers that aren't out-dated by now

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>Sunk cost fallacy
Could you explain what an Economic concept has to do with the questions asked for you?

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Cope fallacy

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That's not how philosophy works
It's like a academic hobby debating club, completely detached from the real world. Ideas are appreciated for their ability to pass time, not any sort of external relevance

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>Described as a "pessimistic freethinker", Al-Maʿarri was a controversial rationalist of his time, citing reason as the chief source of truth. He was pessimistic about life describing himself as "a double prisoner" of blindness and isolation. In an epigram he mentions a third prison, his soul being confined to his body. He attacked the dogmas of religion and rejected Islam. He was equally sarcastic towards the religions of Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians. He advocated social justice, and lived a secluded, ascetic lifestyle. He was a strict vegetarian, writing "do not desire as food the flesh of slaughtered animals."[2] Al-Maʿarri held an anti-natalist view, in line with his general pessimism, suggesting that children should not be born to spare them of the pains of life.[3]

Post-ironic shitpost reply know as "The Epistle of Forgiveness"
>Known as “one of the most complex and unusual texts in Arabic literature” (Banipal Magazine), The Epistle of Forgiveness is the lengthy reply by the prolific Syrian poet and prose writer, Abu l-'Ala' al-Ma'arri (d. 449 H/1057 AD), to a letter by an obscure grammarian, Ibn al-Qari. With biting irony, The Epistle of Forgiveness mocks Ibn al-Qari’s hypocrisy and sycophancy by imagining he has died and arrived with some difficulty in Heaven, where he meets famous poets and philologists from the past. In al-Maarri’s imaginative telling, Ibn al-Qari also glimpses Hell and converses with the Devil and various heretics.

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I wonder what the draw is, is it sanctioned egoism?

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What's the best conflict in terms of literature produced?

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WW1 by quite some margin

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It's WWI, like what you posted, and it's not even close.

A lot of literary potential in exploring that absolute death of old Europe and the way that Romanticism went up and got gunned down by the industrial society.

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Napoleonic Wars

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WWII produced The Naked and the Dead which is the only necessary war novel, so that one

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then a ghost hath shown himself

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sage mode activated

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huh my deer Lennox,
did those witches just pass you by,
where did they disapear,
are those the hipster bitches
that shop at Lenox

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What literature to read if I want to at minimum get an idea of what having a good character entails?

Lately I have come to dislike people who get very emotional and let their emotions override their judgement, physiologically I know what is happening, the amygdala is sending a signal to the rest of the brain that the person is in danger, so the brain pumps out adrenaline and cortisol, HR accelerates, you begin sweating, and your emotions take hold. Unless your frontal lobes are powerful enough to catch this and recognize the reaction for what it is, then you have control over your emotions. This is why people who practice meditation always feel more grounded, because their frontal lobes get more robust.

My problem is not that I´m annoyed that people are overly emotional, it´s like being annoyed at people who are born deaf, or blind. I´m not annoyed at them, I´m annoyed because I see myself in them and fear becoming like it.

So I spend some time going back and forth in my own mind about actions I took, to figure out if what I did was correct or if I had a lapse in judgement. BUT. I have no role models, I don´t know if a good character and morals are set in stone, I suspect they are, but if they are where can I read about them? I´m going on a buying spree, I have some Seneca books and Aurelius, but that is about it. What do you recommend?

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lol canadian on bennies.

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why feel annoyed when you can feel no reaction and move on with your life?

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You can't control how you feel in the moment, you can only suppress how you feel in the moment.

Changing your internal emotional reaction habits requires the understanding, time and effort to change the subconscious.

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>Alain De Botton
Stop it.

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I'm also a little autistic so it's to be expected I guess. Thank you for the suggestion.

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thoughts about the book? i liked it because it made me think a bit deeper about education but i thought that his ideas were very hard to implement in reality. am i missing the point of his book?

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I don't know why Paulo Freire is famous worldwide; worst brazilian export.

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What are their ribbons made of? I kind of want to iron them out but i'm scared of melting them in case they're made of synthetic materials.

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i cut them out and use a proper bookmark

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Problem is they came creased in the first place

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Just buy a new one.They cost $20-30 most of the time

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Can't you just flatten it out on the page then close the book and let the weight of the book remove the crease?

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You could cold press it

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What books, apps and internet coarses do you recommend?

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I didn't finish it but I really liked what I've read. I'm Brazilian so it's easier for me to learn latin, and the book was made to be intuitive so you read a couple pages and see if you can follow the method.

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I wasn't even aware this existed until just now. Learning the Greek alphabet now with an eye towards learning classical Greek

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Xenophon has a crazy huge anki deck

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Lingua Latina. And,

BIBLIA SACRA VULGATA -with the Douay-Rheims to accompany.

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>speaking latin fluently in 7 months

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Is there a reading aid that only shows one paragraph at a time, and in a really big font?

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are you memeing?
an ereader

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Large font books have barely more than a paragraph on each page

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Your hands and a magnifying glass

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Use an ereader. I have shitty eyesight (short-sighted but if I don't wear glasses I have to hold the book so close that it's uncomfortable and if I do wear glasses the refraction of the light makes the font size uncomfortably small) so I just crank up the font size until my eyes are comfy.

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What's the smartest thing you read /lit/?

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murder on the orient express. Never saw it coming blew my brains out. WOW. JUST.WOW

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you ever read the first chapter of the disquisitiones arithmeticae. it'll blow yo mind

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Stop worshipping semitic desert demons.

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Only Chads like this anon understand that the ideas of literature are meaningless, and the aesthetic experience of reading physical books is all that matters, ultimately.

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Based retarded Chads that read nothing but The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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>Pleeease stop spamming your /pol/ bs or I'll cry :'(((

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This but unironically.

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If you people weren't so lazy you'd understand my issue has nothing to with aesthetics but retention and practicality. I've tried reading on screens, but it just doesn't work for reading history or philosophy.

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/NatSoc general/
Post implicitly or explicitly National Socialists or Fascist books.

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Theodor Fontane sucks ass.
Effi Briest is a piece of shit novel that was forced on me in highschool. I wish I could revive him from the dead so I could kill him once again.

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I didn't exactly love it but it wasn't offensive enough to be this upset about. What didn't you like?

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Plot and Prose are dogshit. Effi is a boring girl that gets married coz parent say it be cool. Sounds like a jew wrote it. Muh societal critique bla bla. It's bland on every page. Not even the duel scene feels the least bit thrilling and don't get me started on that gay chinese ghost shit.

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