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I'm home from work. You promised to tell me about the book you're reading while I sit naked and drink.

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Sorry, bud, but I am watching From instead

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Rereading Cellini’s Autobiography. It’s one of my favorite books and usually takes readers by surprise. Cellini had a lot of bravado and little self awareness. It is a cross between a comedy and a swashbuckling adventure. There are great cheesy quips in it as well. Cellini defends Rome with a cannon, fights off multiple attackers multiple times, summons demons, fucks 14 year old girls, gets into heated feuds with powerful Cardinals and Popes, describes every person as either the biggest scoundrel or most virtuous person (no in between), dresses a young boy as a girl to trick people, and a bunch of other great adventures and anecdotes. It is also very informative for the Renaissance era and how things worked and went down

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I don't know how to talk I'm basically mute

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If you're a girl then you can come live with me and I'll teach you how to talk! :D ;)

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I am going to write the greatest novel about cuckoldry ever conceived in the modern day. Part of it will be freely based on my life since I fell in love with a whore in 2017. And part of it will be completely surrealistic and insane. The publishing industry won't know what's about to hit them.

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nah just kill yourself

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Never. I will astonish the world with my masterpieces.

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Too late, the novel as a medium has been exhausted for years now. You were born in the wrong time.

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Are there any books about fringe philosophy?

I just bought fast food nation

Was wondering if there was a philosophy made up of making your life as miserable as possible within reason so when life's over it'll be more fulfilling.

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Which in the series was the comfiest? Any other decent Native American reads?

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What are some /lit/ films, anime or series?

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Boku no Pico

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Dune was okay

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The Big Lebowski
I Spit on your Grave
Tales from the Crypt
American Pie
American Beauty
Jerry Macquire
Reservoir Dogs
Paris, Texas
The Dirty Dozen
The Man with no Name Trilogy
Batman Begins
The Black Dalhia

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this is just a list of movies a 15 year old has seen

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Doki Doki Literature Club

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I'm 50 pages into the first volume and I have to make a humongous effort to understand most of the things he writes. Are all the other volumes as hard to read as the first one?

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You'll get used to it.

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Does the story get more "alive" eventually?

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Yes, or I can spoil all the most important moments for you? You’re 50 freaking pages in and complaining about “aliveness”

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Sorry, thanks the reply, I'll keep reading.

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Yes. All great stories increase in life as you read through them. I personally read Proust in light of certain Eastern speculations which concern a journey of increasing self-illumination; as Proust's narrator enters into the lives of many richly developed characters and grapples with many different internal ambiguities, he attains what you could call a culminating experience of vision in the final volume viz. gnosis.
Wasn't me, but I do also think you should give difficult authors like Proust a chance. After many years of reading I scarcely trust my first impressions of great canonical writers. Some mental toil is usually in order before one experiences the ecstasy of a poet or novelists life's work.

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Books about overcoming internet addiction

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it's not that easy, you nigger

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Just put your phone down and read. If you have an iPhone, go into settings, screen time, and set your phone on downtime mode when you want to read/focus on something. It disables all apps except the necessities like your calls and texts.
Also don’t read a book about internet addiction to fix your attention span, those books are boring and will only set you back. Read something interesting and it will hold your attention.

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I have Android, Ill check it there apps like that
>Also don’t read a book about internet addiction to fix your attention span
I know, I was just making an off topic thread

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Downtime really helped me out a lot. Look for something similar on android. You’d be surprised how much that extra feature can stop you from accidentally spending 30 minutes browsing bullshit on your phone.

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Habits take time to change. What happens is anon thinks about reading, doesn’t do it, and then goes back to square one.
What you need is a progression: ok so you think about reading. The next time, you have to read a short poem. The next time, read at least a page.
The trick is to fool yourself into a progression. Otherwise you start over every time.

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Just finished this

It was pretty okay

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I thought it sucked but a lot of people asked me about it when I was reading in public. I had the sexier cover design though.

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Yeah I did too, had to bury the book into my lap or on a table when I read it at work

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They didn't ask me like I should be embarrassed or anything--they were genuinely curious. I only took it out in public once though--to the dentist where both the receptionist and hygienist asked me about it and then I read it in a park on my way home for a bit, two strangers asked me what it was. I told them "it's about a tour guide in Tokyo's red light district who thinks his client is a serial killer. It's a thriller that isn't as shocking as it thinks it is and I'm only going to finish it because it's short."

Not to shit on your taste or anything. Just not for me. Above decent for genre fiction though--I'll give it that.

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Also, it's good enough to give the author a second try.

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Arrrrr me mateys, tell me of some good pirate books to read while I sail the high seas with me crew!!!!

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Are you going on a cruise? What’s wrong with treasure island?

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>Are you going on a cruise?
No matey, I'm going to pillage and plunder some booty with me crew!!! I will of course have to read these in-between pillaging and plundering.

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My mother said to me
Arr matey ye should buy
A schooner with many cannon
To journey as a privateer
Stand with a parrot on your shoulder
Steer a grand vessel
Find a peaceful harbour
Cut down a Spaniard and another

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Get off my ass, ya wee bitty fuck
If I pull out the claymore, you're shit outta luck
Who's that girl, that pretty young thing?
After I fuck 'er, she'll get up and sing
Aye, aye, aye
Sharpen your boot and bludgeon your eye
Aye, aye, aye
The Blarney Stone brings a tear to me eye
Down to the pub for a two shilling ale
The bread on the counter is going stale
If I don't get some fresh bread soon
Gon' punch in your face and bark at the Moon
Aye, aye, aye
Sharpen your boot and bludgeon your eye
Aye, aye, aye
The Blarney Stone brings a tear to me eye
Ain't got no girl 'cause I haven't the time
Got too many other things on me mind
Patty was nice, she was pale and cute
But I threw her away like an old piece of fruit
Aye, aye, aye
Sharpen your boot and bludgeon your eye
Aye, aye, aye
The Blarney Stone brings a tear to me eye
Got ooze in my pores, my feet are all wet
Got mold in my ears, but I ain't dead yet
Got stones in me bladder, got a crack in me head
When Patty starts cryin', this is what I'll say
Aye, aye, aye
Sharpen your boot and bludgeon your eye
Aye, aye, aye
The Blarney Stone brings a tear to me eye

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Yo Ho Ho mateys!!!! These shanties bring a tear to me one eye.

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This make shit and piss the goat fuckers

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You forgot word

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A book for an eye :DD

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>think it's shitting on christianity at first and don't want to read it
>learn it actually shits on pisslam
based. can anti-pisslam books get published on his coattails?

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Anti-islam sentiment is cringe because it's essentially pro-Jewish.

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why does it feel almost effortless to read an article, essay, opinion piece, critique, etc, but it feels like it takes much more mental effort to read a novel, story or poem? i find that i can read blog posts and essays and reviews, even very long ones, with almost no real effort and it feels like leisure, but when reading novels i find it feels much more like work and a very conscious effort is required. i can't understand why causes this. do they engage in different parts of the brain?

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You might be reading awful novels and are coming to the understandable response of disinterest.
Name the last three books you tried to read.

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Is it important to read his work on pragmatism before his papers on consciousness? Or vice versa?

How easily can we connect his theory of mind to phenomenology?

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this bloke have any relation to john williams?

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Read Varieties of Religious Experience

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This is the only one I’ve read. It was cool as a broad survey of different religious experiences. But it really reaches its nadir when he starts invoking the “science of psychology” and presenting this dated and unworkable perspective. Not sure I’m interested in reading an entire book devoted to that.

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You could start with him and progress through the field as it developed over timd, you know like how you would in a course teaching this stuff.

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Book characters that are literally you
I start

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He's just like me frfr

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Ascended Norwood

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Was he a good and necessary catalyst of change in the children's lives? An evil agent of mayhem? Or just a cruel and unstoppable natural force?

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I'm looking for a file containing an epub of every single classic work of literature, in English. Please share links to the highest regarded digital collections of this nature.

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Just grab the PDFs of Great Books of the Western World from archive.org

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Is there any good book about the philosophical consequences of brain damage? Specifically, how this relates to free will.

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A Scanner Darkly
I'm Thinking of Ending Things

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What are some books about hiking and other man vs nature scenarios? long pilgrimages and explorations also count.

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John Muir

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bump because interested

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Any good books on the Corsican revolution or Corsican history in general? I tried /his/ but I do not think those people read.

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Where do I start with Borges, and what are the essential reads for Borges, in your opinion?

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This book, along with The Aleph and Other Stories

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Chronological order if you want to try appreciate the development of his style.

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Start and end with Ficciones. It's cute and fun and shows you him at his best writing and best humour.

He's actually a troll deep down. And a wicked one in some of his essays. He delights in tricking you like some vulgar occultists. Both with his plot twists and subtle alterations of fact.

Love him tho.

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Also read Kafka if you want to see his intellectual inspiration for fiction

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