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Ah yes, the thread complaining about John David Ebert (the philosophy youtuber) was instantly deleted while the thread complaining about Gregory Sadler (the philosophy youtuber) has been up for 7 hours.

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What are must read books for Norse/viking mythology/theology/history?
I already have Poetic Edda, Prose Edda and Heimskringla

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This is the best Ray Bradbury's book.

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Why is he such a belligerent retard?

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Best reference books?
Books of quotations?
Things like that

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I don't get what you're saying but we're gonna need the sauce for that

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what the hell is that. do they make books like that? this closest j can take you friend

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/lit/ Describe the time you fell in love.

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i "fall in love" every time a cute woman talks too me and treats me nicely, however what i describe as "love" here is likely not an accurate usage of the word, as i have never truly fell in love with a woman

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A little goblin, hugging a huge thigh, trying very hard to cum.

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I cringed.
Holy fucking cringe.

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>i "fall in love" every time a cute woman talks too me and treats me nicely,
Based me too

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ITT: Post book, get movie recommendation

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Songs of Maldoror

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Noisy Requiem (1988)

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*wrong about natural state*
*wrong about general will*
*wrong about inequality*
*wrong about democracy*
is there a more prominent case of a philosopher being brutally BTFO by reality?

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>is there a more prominent case of a philosopher being brutally BTFO by reality?
Socrates and Stirner

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Is that all you have to say about it you toothless badger?

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my IQ is low so it is difficult to formulate a more complex thought, but it was a bad bood

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Naw, it's really really good.

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Thoughts? Is he any good if I don't like fantasy?

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What was Aragorn's tax policy?

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Iconic book covers. Post them. For better or worse.

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That cover feels like it’s burned into the back of my eyelids at this point

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Industrial City Edition
Previous Thread:>>18223681

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)



>A link to the ultimate colossal science fiction and fantasy collection torrent.
>>>/t/1023504 #

Never going to be created

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Stop making threads early, autist.

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Ringworld is great so far

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Do you dare defy the Fate given to you by Heaven's Will?

Do you dare fight against a the leader of humanity for the last 3 million years?

Do you dare to rise above a status as mere mortal, and reach for Immortality?

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I just fucked the dog on my russian exam.

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I've felt that way about exams in the past and ended up getting a better-than-expected grade. In my experience with language exams, they'll cross reference the question and grade on a curve (maybe discount questions which were ambiguously worded and recieved a wild variation in responses etc.)

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How'd you fuck your dog on the exam? Did you bring it and fuck it in front of everyone? Was it online? Did you fuck the dog on zoom? Was it a take home exam? Where's the dog now? Why have you decided to fuck animals? Did you use a condom? Are you American?

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How can you screw up a language exam lmao

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It's OK frend. Even if you did poorly then it's just one exam and you don't even know how it'll be until you get the grade back. No use worrying about it now.

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>300 pages of “Ohhh lawd deez tired old bones just can’t take no moah!!!!”

It isn’t a bad book, but did it really deserve any awards? Does it really deserve to be taught in high schools?

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I don't get why this book is so hyped. It's genuinely Morrison's worst book by far. Both The Bluest Eye and Sula are far superior.

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Never got taught this book in school, but I didn't think it was terrible. It was just okay, I agree with >>18235056 though, everything else I've read by Morrison was more enjoyable. Tar Baby was my favorite.

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I used to... a bit of fantasy but especially post-apocalyptic, but it was for a game, only later as a story. In fact it was a post-apocalyptic mod for a game that I used as the example, changed it and build on top of it. Some time ago I thought it was lame and deleted everything I had. But I sometimes still have some urge to do it, especially when seeing games/movies with interesting facets/worlds.

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What factions did it have? Or is it a secret (which is fine)? For the post-apocalyptic stuff, I had a mutant faction (which I tried to make as realistic as possible, researching about actual genetic diseases), a generic bad faction (not that interesting), a generic good faction (occupations are turned into warriors, they forgot what they actually were, I stole this from the modification) and a religious fundamentalist faction. I also researched homemade weapons and what guns are the most numerous (such as certain hunting rifles) and resilient). I also thought about which plants and animals would likely inherit the post-apocalyptic world.

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I've tried making my own scenarios, but they either seem too out-there or like knockoffs of either real history or books I've read. Still trying to get that sweet spot

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The only worldbuilding I do is to tell a story. I don't have autism.

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>caring whatever his activities point to autism
How did I know you like David Foster Wallace and those other two pretentious writers?

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I don't care and I've never read the /lit/ meme, I'm just glad I don't have autism.

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Bonus points if it’s more modern and involves how social media impacted both places

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Ah yes, that great heartland of Eastern civilization, Western Europe

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§1055. Turning giants into midgets

We all have black ancestors, somewhere in our distant past, even Asians do. And thus the question naturally arises of how a seven-foot-tall, 300-pound black man who's hung like a horse can, over the course of a few millennia, turn into a pale Lilliputian Asian man with a penis so small he can barely see it. And that too is part of the history of civilization, or as Zarathustra put it, "the virtue that makes small".


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I thought that was weird too, however the text specifies Europe and her offspring as all Western. Clearly whoever made this outsourced the map to some goof and didn't specify the instructions or double check the result. I hate moneh.

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East and west by René Guénon.
If you didn't read it yet.

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Books on dealing with height insecurity? For my friend.

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Describe this image in your best prose

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I don't like the look on his face

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He frog.

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I hate this website

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The most beautiful frog in the world could not change his mind, for he would always be male.

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How do you guys deal with when an otherwise great book has a message you strongly disagree with or the author himself was a horrible person? It sometimes really sours my experience and I just cannot get over it.
For example I cannot get into any of Nabokov's shit cause the guy was a super conceited asshole, and I also really like Dune but I hate a *lot* of Herbert's opinions and it just really makes me hate myself for liking the series

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It just means you're a faggot, and I will quote for the best philosophical book ever:



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Not really, with Dune I agree with or at least like a lot of his opinions (do not follow people just cause they are charismatic, you can judge a thing just as well by its absence, and many more) but I also disagree with a lot, especially some more fundamental problems (like his views on religion for example). And usually people create their opinions on less important topics based on their fundamental beliefs, and so when I agree on some rando topic with a guy with whom I share little few fundamentals I feel like either I am misunderstand something or something like that

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Think on why I disagree with the authors main points then reread because I still will enjoy their work. As it's seperate from them as a person to me.

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>has a message
than its good despite its "message" but if the message is overt and is the whole point of the book, than its not a good book
>or the author himself was a horrible person?
doesnt matter in the least bit
>For example I cannot get into any of Nabokov's shit cause the guy was a super conceited asshole
filtered by daddy nabby. baka

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Whenever that happens I stop giving a shit. Then I feel fine again.

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No amount of reading will ever make up for the fact that you are going to die alone, without ever having experienced love.

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What the fuck even happens in Nigeria? You don't hear much from them.

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short answer: inverted population pyramid causing older males to poach younger females, leaving young males with nothing

long answer:

>male bias sex ratio, ~51.3% [ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4413335/]
>used to be mitigated by higher rates of miscarriage, infant mortality, and fatalities in tribal warfare
>no longer the case due to medical advances, resulting in persistent young male surplus
>coupled with inverted population pyramid in developed world
Darrell Bricker
Empty Planet: Preparing for the Global Population Decline

>developing world has male child preference and achieved through sex selective abortion
>india 35,585,741 surplus males as of their 2011 census
>china 35,012,112 surplus males as of their 2021 census
Valerie Hudson
The First Political Order

>resultant demographic imbalance, male/female and old/young have massive geopolitical repercussions
Peter Zeihan
Disunited Nations

George Friedman
The Storm Before the Calm

>men are checking out of society, nothing to live for
Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt
Men Without Work

Richard C. Koo
The Escape from Balance Sheet Recession and the QE Trap

>this is a precursor to chaos
Peter Turchin
Historical Dynamics: Why States Rise and Fall

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I will die a virgin, yes.
But I will not die alone or without love, for I will die in God's embrace. And I will join Him and Saints in Heaven.

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What do people think of state mandated population growth? Consider China, for example. They will experience a population crunch in the coming years, and this is the single greatest thing to any dreams of hegemony facing them. Is it unreasonable to think that the CCP will institute a 3 child policy in the future? They could augment this with the mandated inseminations of single women, etc. In a Western/democratic country this is impossible, but I think it could be done and will be done in places like China.

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Sad copes. No degree of spiritual delusion can replicate the bliss triggered by intimacy with a woman.

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