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So, fantasy takes place in a medieval-like setting, sci-fi is about a futuristic setting, waddya call genre fiction taking place in a Roman-like setting?

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Sword and sandal. Same as conan.

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Just finished this. Is it any good?

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why dont u tel lme

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First time poster here,

I am an absolute lit pleb willing to get his shit together. I've just finished Catcher in the Rye, and even though I hated it, I thought that if this is supposed to be milestone in modern literature, I might as well step up my english game and read something as originally written (disgusting slav here reading translated works). Which one of the following is the least difficult to read for a foreigner?

>Of Mice and Men
>Lord of the flies
>Invisible Man
>Sluaghter House Five
>Do Androids dream of electric sheep?

Also feel free to throw in a choice of your own, as long as it's easy to pick up in an audiobook form.

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Yeah, Catcher in the Rye is literally nothing more than long-instituted jewish propaganda to make white children think rebelliousness is cool and natural. Most of those are pretty simple books but I'd say only the last two are worth reading. Maybe some Jack London if you want something simple to inspire a go-get-it attitude.

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At least four of the greatest intellectuals of the 20th century were members of nationalist / fascist parties.

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four? that's a pathetically small number. great jewish intellectuals must outnumber great fascist intellectuals by like 50:1

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and they still lost the war with all those high iqs? wowe.

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i know one of them. who are the other three you're referring to? legit curious.

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>One observational basis for inferring that Jews have high intelligence is their prevalence in intellectually demanding fields. While only about 2% of the U.S. population is of full Jewish descent,[2] 27% of United States Nobel prize winners in the 20th century,[2][3] 25% of Fields Medal winners,[4] 25% of ACM Turing Award winners,[2] 9 out of the 19 world chess champions, and a quarter of Westinghouse Science Talent Search winners have either full or partial Jewish ancestry.[4]


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>great jewish intellectuals
Lol. No such thing. Jews are propagandists to their core, not intellectuals in the European sense, because jews aren't actually interested in intellectual endeavors.

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What goes through the mind of a pseud?

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Certainly not pic related.

He's right. Hitchens was a great writer.

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Aren't you supposed to say no longer in that context? Not a native, it just strikes me as odd

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Trick question.

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Superiority complex that results in us lacking friends or at least friends that are at a similar intellectual level as we are and therefore our thoughts ferment within our minds without other people being there to tell us that our thoughts and opinions are stupid and shallow and indicative of us lacking any degree of life experience.
If we are confronted with somebody who is more successful in us than our supposed field of expertise we experience a deep and traumatic shock which I have personally gone through and has resulted in my interests changing entirely.

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A bullet, hopefully.

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/lit/erary confessions thread.

Reveal your /shit/erary tastes, pet peeves, contrarian views, annoying habits, etc.

Let loose and be honest, you're anonymous here and you weren't going to impress anybody anyway.

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I secretly like Tom Sharpe novels after an eccentric relative gave me a stack of them when I was a rowdy teenager. I've kept a certain fondness for them since.
Pic related

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Pynchon > DeLillo so far I don't even know why anyone bothers to read the latter.

Nathaniel Hawthorne is a bad writer and should be removed from the school curriculum.

Creative Writing MFAs are useless and possibly the worst study program ever devised.

Acquisition of a new language should be mandatory in a BA program. Latin and other historical languages would be acceptable.

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I tend to hate reading as a whole. And I hate writing as a whole.
But I want to read and write, but both are a vicious waste of time, because there are other things to do.
I can't use Audible because it's too much money for something I already own - aka almost every piece of classic literature -> I got about two rooms filled with books in my house
I also like to spit on recent literary works.
I tend to go to book stores, pick up a new book, read the resume and laugh at it's misery. People can't write nowadays. Or, at least, nobody writes interesting things.
Also fan fictions.
People rarely write stuff that doesn't involve romance. Remove yourselves romance writers. Filthy.

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is that cover illustrated by robert crumb

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What are some good spanish books for learners?

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hi, im trying to find a pdf or ebup of this book,
"Agi Revolution: An Inside View of the Rise of Artificial General Intelligence"
tried it first on libgen but not available, and search google but only suspicious sites, can anyone recommend me some sites like libgen.io?? thx

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Hi /lit/, got any similar books recommendations after reading these masterpieces?

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>bumping for help

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Lankhmar series by Fritz Lieber

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What did you like about them? Some recs:

John Carter of Mars
The Last Unicorn
The Wheel of Time
Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn

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>he fell for the autodidact meme
>he thinks he's going to get anywhere intellectually without entering the academy

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>opens thread with two lines of green text
>gets mad people aren't putting any effort
You're not gonna get much out of anything when you're mentally challenged.

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He's hardly an autodidact though.

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True I guess.

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It works for mathematics.

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>He thinks the academy appeared spontaneously, like Athena from the head of Zeus
Ok kid
>oh jesus. Lord help us.
good goy

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>Man travels a dying world on horseback
Any books for this feel?

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fun fact: 5000 years ago the potato plant was called the softened stone tree and nobody understood why they were softer than real stones but one guy in a village said you could power cars with them one day and he was potatoed to death for taking allah's name in vain

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are you trying to implying my fun facts aren't facts?

because fun fact: ancient farmers used to wrap up their seeds in blue cloth. Scientists couldn't figure out why, until they compared seeds stored in white cloth to seeds stored in blue cloth. The seeds stored in blue cloth sprouted significantly earlier than the control group.

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dont listen to the nay sayers or satirists anon, keep given us those facts

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No problem! Don't know how many veggie facts I still got.


fun fact: the coveted purple dye of ancient times, which was only available to the filthy rich was actually made from snails.

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Keep going please

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Is it a too difficult read for an ESL?

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I don't know what an ESL is, but holyfuck is this novel good. AAA reading. Every page is a delight to the /lit/guy and to the seeker of good entertainment!

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Good book, might have weird words you'll have to look up but I remember it being very literal. It will help a lot with parsing complex sentence structure.

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It's not a good book, it's melodramatic tear-jerker.

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Guys that struggled at first with reading daily and constantly, how did you get better at it?

I've been told to try to find a book more compelling to me, but I've tried a few things and I don't really get that sucked in. I start reading an hour daily but then after a week I really get bored and while I read I just desire to finish the hour, don't enjoy it.

I want to read and become more cultured. Any tips to get the habit going?

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idk man. if you are new to reading then you're going to have to read a bit before you discover what your tastes are. once you figure that out then it's all downhill. don't waste time on what you think you should read, focus on what you find enjoyable and google around.

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Read a page-turner

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your attention span is fucked. take a break from the phone checking and internet use, take a break from 4chan. Or just listen to audiobooks, there's no shame in putting on a book while doing other things

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loved it.

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Musée des Beaux Arts is absolutely amazing

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the only book i liked from him.

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I never really liked them after I got into modernist poetry. I would rather listen to some Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen albums than read him.

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how many words you write today? i wrote 4520. my writing strategy is generally to just keep writing and something worthwhile might emerge

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plus 2049 in my diary (desu), so a total 6569

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400 so far today, 1700 yesterday. That was an anomaly though, I usually only manage 500 if I write at all.

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I want to know what's happening in that picture

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Greetings, /lit/. I've been meow working through this here communist meow manifesto and it's really meow opened up my eyes meow. What meow works of political theory meow should I read next? This is the first meow book of that kind meow that I've read thus far, until now I've always been more of a meow fiction kinda guy meow

I'd be meow grateful for any suggestions

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Meow this.

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that's a meow awesome list, thanks anon meow

i'll meow check it out, thanks meow

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You mean the comeownist meownifesto?

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ITT: we rec obscure books to other anons

Here, pic related.

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you mad faggot?
tell me how many people have read that book here,

it's not about the publisher but the book being read by only a few people thus being overlooked

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I bet you wear boots and hipster glasses and sigh to yourself about the absurdity of life a lot. take your trash recs and shove em up your loose patchouli smelling asshole

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Why should I read it?
I don't think you can call it a 'rec' if you just give the title, its just not helpful in motivating somebody to read the book.

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It's a war novel in a sense, about how a person is used by things such as ideology, ideas and other people, but also by pleasure, desire, money. This is illustrated in the three families that are the main focus of the novel.

It's a novel about the illusory nature of victory, about the dehumanization of man as a result of someone's mere will, about how those who were controlled are the worst at controlling others later on etc.

If you like existential realism, you might dig it.

Tbh I read it because I was looking for novels where young guys visit whores, like Stephen in A Portrait.


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>reddit spacing

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What do you senpais think of Turgenev? I got Fathers and Sons by him. Am I in for a good book lol?

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I'm Ukrainian but I live in Russia lol

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>I speak two languages pretty good
No, you don't.

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What makes you say that?

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Your post.

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I speak norwegian. I also speak english. I learned both languages when I was a tiny boy. (before I was 5)

I would never read "Sult" by Knut Hamsun in english. I know that it won't be as good. On the other hand, I'm okay with reading translated russian texts because I don't know russian.

I feel that you are being argumentative just to give me a hard time. I feel saddened because of your comments, because I feel that you will not believe me no matter what I say.

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Is this why you only read fiction?

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You said you would post this after your wagecuckery if the thread didn't die, it's not dead

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the other one is full of IQ autism

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You're just saying that because you have a below average IQ. Mine on the other hand is 164.

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what a coincidence, that's my penis length in inches

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>below average
101 actually

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Name 1 (one) author you never see discussed on /lit/. I'm sick of seeing the same 5 threads dedicated to the same 5 people.

>Mine: Tom Robbins

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Elizabeth Barret Browning

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Tolstoy, Nicholai

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I rather liked Aurora Leigh, but tell no one.

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Anthony Powell

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