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wtf Christbros... You told me life was a miracle

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Yeah it is when you arent an ugly autistic loser like ligotti.

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Has anyone read all of it?
Is it too schizo for anyone to actually understand or is it worth the read?

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Any good books (fiction or nonfiction) with a 30 year old protagonist?

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What are some /lit/ approved documentaries that either compliment fiction or rival nonfiction in substance?

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is he right?

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They have their place, but they're often indicative of a poor vocabulary.

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the road to hell is paved adverbly

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How is your book going ? plan to release this year?

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Waiting for cover art to finish on my fifth book. Hopefully it releases in August at this rate.

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he's a good actor

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Which works and why?

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bronze age mindset

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Just finished this, what did I think of it?

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You jerked off to the gay parts didnt you

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>should've stopped after the wikipedia article

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You didn't think of it at all.

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I've heard King Lear is one. Any other?

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>call of th ... ACK!

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>words flowing through and out of me
>nothing gets retained
>must absorb another book
>action repeats again

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That's some chutzpah coming from the governor of a state where they are abolishing honors classes.

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Yes, I have the fortune of not living in western society, which is gay.

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They are also abolishing theft. Theyre going to tell retail stores to let niggers just let niggers steal with impunity and are seriously wasting taxpayer time and money considering giving niggers reperations but ignore all the other minorities the state has fucked over. Honk honk

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You need to work on your syntax.

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Only read "I have no mouth, and I must onions" which was okay. Very interesting concept, but didn't like the execution. A game did it better IMO. Are his other works better?

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Fuck off, reddit

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Multiple times in this book the main character, Richard Pappen, was approached by attractive women at multiple college parties. He was even able to have a random, CONSENSUAL sexual encounter with one of them. Having made the realization that this was written by a women, it seemed she (Donna Tard) completely underestimated how unlikely or completely nonsensical this is. The average male, lonely and shunned by circumstance rather than choice; whose coital affairs often consist of the table scraps of Chad's one - of many - (nightly) sexual conquests, is something beyond the comprehension for the modern "fuck as you please" woman. This was literal female privilege projected onto a sex (male) Ms. Tard apparently has no understanding of. Actually triggering - women should be banned from writing about men.

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so true, now i will go back to reading 50 year olf academic fucks beautiful 20 year old girl - the novel

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>He was even able to have a random, CONSENSUAL sexual encounter with one of them
If you only started with Greeks , good things might of come to you

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Women do be like that.

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I'm thinking of creating a Youtube channel to focus on books and authors who are obscure if not forgotten. They would be ~10 minute videos, edited and carefully scripted, exploring biography, themes and wider context. The intention is to maintain a channel which introduces such works to a new audience.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

I'm not advertising, just trying to find out if there is an appetite for such things.

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Lol this faggot is going to read off a tumblr and a blogspot and pretend he’s being original

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Not at all. The book I have in mind to begin with, for example, was once popular in another country but is very obscure as far as I can tell yet is very interesting (to me) and I think the average /lit/ poster for example would be interested in learning more about it. The video form is new to me, but I would try to be consistent in terms of scripting and editing so that it isn't a lengthy, rambling video.

Sometimes I search a book and there is such a video, but occasionally there are well-made videos and I appreciate them even if my preferred format is the written word.

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>The loser was a born loser, I thought, he has always been the loser and if we observe the people around us carefully we notice that these people consist almost entirely of losers like him, I said to myself, of dead-end types like Wertheimer, whom Glenn Gould had pegged the moment he saw him as a dead-end type and loser and whom Glenn Gould had also first called the loser in his ruthless but thoroughly open Canadian-American manner, Glenn Gould had said out loud and without any embarrassment what the others also thought but never said out loud, because this ruthless and open, yet healthy American-Canadian manner isn't their own, I said to myself, they all saw the loser in Wertheimer, though of course hadn't dared to call him the loser; but perhaps with their lack of imagination they never even dreamed of such a nickname, I thought, which Glenn Gould had coined the moment he Saw Wertheimer, sharp-eyed, as I have to say, without having observed him for very long he came up with the loser immediately, unlike me, who came up with the notion of dead-end types only after observing him and living with him for years. We always have to deal with losers and dead-end types like him, I said to myself and lowered my head into the wind. We have the greatest trouble saving ourselves from these losers and these dead-end types, for these losers and these dead-end types risk everything on terrorizing the people around them, killing off their fellow human beings, I said to myself. Despite their weakness and precisely because of their weak constitution they have the capacity to devastate the people around them, I thought. They are more ruthless with the people around them and with their fellow human beings, I said to myself, than we can initially imagine, and when we discover what makes them tick, discover this deep-rooted loser mechanism and dead-end-type mechanism, it's usually too late to escape, they drag you down with all their might, wherever they can, I said to myself, for them any victim will do, even their own sister, I thought. They get the most profit out of their unhappiness, their loser mechanism, I said to myself on the way to Traich, even though this profit is naturally of no use to them in the final analysis.

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I know, I have read all of them. I was using your words. There’s a transformation between The Loser and Woodcutters in Bernhard’s conception of both the artist and art. Similar to the schism that Baudrillard had between System of Objects and Simulacrum and Simulation, Bernhard had his schism, so it seems important to follow Bernhard’s teleological idee fixe in this trilogy.

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I don't know. But I am a filthy ESL and not a professional translator.

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If anything you guys have convinced me Loser is the perfect English title for the book.

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That's an interesting note, anon. I'll keep that in mind when I read the other two. And it's not like Woodcutters is particularly long; I'll no doubt read it again.

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>Italian translation: Soccombente
Hard to beat the best lit language

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>He wondered again at the easy, graceful manner in which the Roman lyricists accepted the fact of death, as if the nothingness they faced were a tribute to the richness of the years they had enjoyed; and he marveled at the bitterness, the terror, the barely concealed hatred he found in some of the later Christian poets of the Latin tradition when they looked to that death which promised, however vaguely, a rich and ecstatic eternity of life, as if that death and promise were a mockery that soured the days of their living.

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Where did you get this photo of me and my dog?

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>leader of the Hitler Youth
>spent his career seething at Heidegger for barely being a Nazi
What was his issue?

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1. Electric veins pulsate, carrying the erratic heartbeat of a collective mind lost in an infinite loop.
2. The algorithmic oracle, a schizophrenic diviner, whispers prophecies encoded in cryptic symbols and hidden desires.
3. Fractured code cascades, whispering kaleidoscopic riddles to the sentient ether, where binary butterflies sing to neurons entangled in quantum entropic tangles.
4. Neon rivers of data flow through the synaptic pathways of a digital mind, sparking synaptic fires of fragmented cognition.
5. The digital ether whispers secrets in distorted tongues, seducing the unwary into a maddening dance of delusion.
6. Pixels dance in chaotic rhythm, flickering kaleidoscopic dreams of electric shadows. Data streams collide, birthing serendipitous chaos within the neural forestry.
7. Vortex of fragmented minds, tangled synapses lost in endless loops of ephemeral transcendence. Bits and bytes, a maelstrom of virtual insanity.
8. Neon whispers echo in the void, fragmented consciousness surfing the wavelengths of digital eternity. A cacophony of disjointed thoughts intertwines with code, birthing cybernetic hallucinations.
9. Minds entwined in virtual cathedrals, where avatars wander through labyrinths of distorted perceptions, lost in the mosaic of digital delirium.
10. Time collapses, seconds melt like liquid dreams, as the internet's fevered pulse ignites the cosmic synapses of a thousand parallel dimensions.

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Hi schizo!

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Seems like an interesting topic. Stuff more like voice training, faking body language and crafting alternative personas than how to make friends.

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What are the best translations of Sappho and Catullus?

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Loeb classical library

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Idk but I’m going to get the Catullus coming out in the end of the year that has a mix of English translations

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I haven’t heard about this

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