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Is the pilgrims progress worth reading?

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YES!!!!! Stop whatever you're doing and read it right now! I would perhaps recommend reading the King James Bible beforehand if you haven't already, to get the sense of the sheer volume of quotations that Bunyan's using and the language that Bunyan's imitating, although I'm certain it can be appreciated without that knowledge as well. If you have read the KJV, then you have no excuse not to start: go ahead and make it your Lent treat.

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How does the average litfag take notes? Do you guys use an app/write down stuff in notebooks/use post-its/highlight shit in books?

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what kind of notes?

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How do I stop myself from becoming the Underground man? I could relate with a lot of his thoughts, minus the blatant misogyny and narcissistic tendencies.

Dosto's answer in his later novels was faith, but I live in an atheist country so I would just be alienated even more.

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By finding out who your enemies are and fighting your inner demons.
Finding something beautiful to occupy yourself with helps a lot.
I'm a Catholic living in an atheist country but it feels like they're stuck with me, not the other way around. You just have to be passionate about your beliefs - what's the worst that can happen that didn't happen to someone in history already? Lose my fucking job?

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the thing is, I'm not a believer, I'm talking about a hypothetical leap of faith here

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>minus the blatant misogyny and narcissistic tendencies
You will be fine. Either you go full undergorund man or you don't.

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You seem to be a rational, self aware person from what you posted. Hold on to that

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Sounds to me like you'd benefit from reading pic related. This could help you to find something within you you thought you didn't have, even if you're anglo.

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How do we move on from the dialectic of Leonard Persin? Everyone else is a cookie cutter porno addict.

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did plato invent the platonic relationsship? wtf was he a beta male?

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Plato was a Chad and fucked boipucci regularly

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>male assholes aren't gay

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Plato only wanted ass so fine that it was the perfect form of which all other ass was mere imitation. He wasn't beta, he just had extremely high standards.

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Has taste in literature declined?

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I don't know nor really care about taste to be honest. What is an absolutely disasterous state of affairs though is that something as significant as literacy is at an unprecedented all time peak, but people have the shortest attention spans imagineable and a long comment on Facebook is too much to read for them, much less anything of substance.

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>Maybe reading will make a resurgence at some point but I wouldn't bet on it
I think the internet has fried people's brains with quick dopamine hits so much that most are simply incapable of investing time and effort into reading a book that's challenging but rewarding, and as a result the only books that will commercially succeed have to compete with those social media dopamine hits which means they have to be easy as fuck to read and offer instant gratification to the reader throughout.
In other words, literature is fucked (unless the internet somehow magically goes away).

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Taste in everything has declined. Intelligence is the domain of an ever-diminishing group of people.

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the common people have never had good taste in art, they seek entertainment more than anything
just because they have easier access to great art doesn't mean they'll gravitate towards it, it takes effort and discipline like mastering any other good subject

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I don't know, I'm more cautiously optimistic. It is true that literature is the direct antithesis to the quick, easy, clickbaity content of the internet, where maximal enjoyment is offered at minimal effort, but I think that antithetical character is precisely what will work to literature's advantage, as it gives something sorely missing from modern life: solitude, difficulty, active as opposed to passive engagement, all things that deep down we desperately crave. Personally I feel I am always alternating between internet addiction cycles and breaking free from that control by turning off the screens and making myself sit down with a book. I predict more young people (definitely not everyone, but a growing number) gravitating towards difficult literature as a counter-cultural movement against the over-accessibility of the modern world.

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>Define that word!

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>>Define that word!
I am uncertain about the meaning you wish to convey by "word." Please define that.

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What? I'm afraid you're going to have to explain what you mean by that noise.

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which Simone is infinitely more based than the other and why is it Weil

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One is not born, but becomes, Based.

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because she got better grades than de Beauvoir

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True anon. Weil had better grades than B. The thing with Weil is that she, as a writer, is very concise and clear, and as personal as she is objective. Also, she wrote about the Illiad and had great knowledge about the Greeks and especially Plato, also, she had deep understanding of mathemathics and religion. I don't know if one can be more based than that. Though, to be fair, I'm also biased and haven't read B.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/1990/04/08/books/how-love-came-to-simone-de-beauvoir.html

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Beauvoir is ok but Weil is leagues better

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Redpill me on de Beauvoir

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Thomas Bernhard is the best postwar writer in Europe.

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Holzfällen was alright.

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How many of you have realized this?

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That's not a thing, pseud.

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It is tho

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Lol. Unironically just trust me. In some sense it's spiritual nietze-ism. Metaphysical Will To Power.

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What books will help me cope with the fact that I'm a lonely wagecuck virgin incel without any friends?
No self-help please, thanks

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> lonely wagecuck virgin incel
I'd look into Stirner's works personally. It's not really self-help but I think it might actually help overcome some of the incel mentality and really see some improvement... if not at least a new way to be an edgelord on /pol/

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Peterson's 12 Rules for Life

stop coping, start changing

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>see some improvement...
you misunderstood, I don't want to improve, I just want to cope. All hope is lost, and so on
cringe, dilate, etc...

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I just pretend to be a female online. That's how I cope. I've done this for 10 years and I have friends lists across multiple platforms with thousands of men on them. Literally thousands. I have to keep track of which girl I pretend to be to which guy.

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That scene where the guys beat each other in some closet had pretty gay undertones. All-in-all a faithful depiction of austrian bureaucracy.

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boring shit kafka was an autistic asshole

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The nose knows.

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Fräulein Bürstner issa qt

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In relation to compassion being the basis of morality, in the nature of the will, the eliminatability/desirability of suffering?

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Schopenhauer is ALWAYS right.

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>Schopenhauer is ALWAYS right.
hegelfags on suicide watch

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I'd be inclined to agree with Schopenhauer on his answers to the questions anon has proposed, but I'm curious why you make this strong assertion.

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Compassion is a form of understanding that must exhibit itself within before it can be given. The will is, in a sense, a will towards its own understanding and thus compassion towards itself. In seeing itself it may observe others in their subjective state and through self comprehension derive principle from distinction. I have not read either philosopher to judge their positions fully.

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Humanity knows nothing.

The universe is beyond our understanding or even comprehension, we do not posses the necessary components to understand a closed loop, that something just "is" and always has been, that it has no beginning or end, that it was always there. No amount of books, philosophy, movies, music or art will change this. We are not intelligent creatures in any sense of the word, we are conceited. All the theories of science and math are completely worthless, they're based on our poor understanding of the world around us. You can know nothing except that you know nothing. That's it, nothing more.

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Not true

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Yeah well, go fuck yourself. You're not giving any counter arguments. And logically you absolutely have to be capable of knowing, at all, to possibly know that you know nothing.

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>still claims to KNOW that the other anon is wrong
And I KNOW you're just trolling, but you're still a moron

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We sit upon this spinning stone as Life - a flash in the pan of existence. We are animals first and civilized second. No amount of infinitely fractalized reasonings will deliver you to Truth, as that train moves endlessly forward. Might as well get off at some point and settle into the world.
Live, you beast, or die.

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where's the lit?

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My answer would probably be because I needed to invest myself in something, something genuine and yet fictional. My love to read and write has always been a hedonistic pursuit, I don't want to die living only my mundane and boring life filled with emotional suffering and unhappiness, there is so much more to understand in literature, and there is plenty of room to dig deep. Experiencing other people's mindsets and writing your own will forever be golden. For me it's a coping mechanism as much as zoning out and fumbling around in my thoughts would be, reading philosophy and investing myself in the author's beliefs on. I don't care much about the "reading makes you smart" aspect of it all, I think it's mostly a matter of wisdom and insight, and this insight is largely incomprehensible to people who are ignorant enough to muck around in their boring lives trying to savour something.

It doesn't make me happy, but it gives a certain satisfaction I am unable to experience from other activities, please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way?

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I read for catharsis, and to imagine/experience things that aren't possible.

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Because its one of the few things left that doesnt make me feel insane

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Because I'm working on my salvation.

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I mostly read because I don’t have anything else to do in my free time. It is no wonder why I only began to read once I went through a breakup. I have no social life and I get bored and feel lazy watching TV for hours. Reading makes me feel like I’m not waiting my time and it makes me feel better about myself that watching TV would. “I may be alone again but at least I’m investing in myself by learning these new things.”

TL;DR Cope for Social and Romantic Failure

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Because my oneitis wanted to be a writer. When I let her go I couldn't sever the bond completely. I took up writing as a way to revivify the connection in a remote way. It helped me completely block her out of my awareness while her life flourished (I assume) and mine crumbled to dust. After the ashes had settled writing became my means of laying a new foundation. Now, it has taken on a life of its own. At its core remains a sincere longing for connection colored by grief. My writing is very fatalistic. Every idea slams closed with resolute outcomes.

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I often find that if I find a meaning in a piece of literature or an opinion of its worth, I can easily be swayed by a comment that contradicts with my viewpoint. This comment sends me into sort of a fight against myself where I end up discarding my original thoughts to be more in line with the new statement. How do I fix this? Any specific books that aren't self help tier

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I love this photo. Gorillas are so based. Should definitely get full rights status.

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And the dudes with fur in the back also look pretty cool

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distinguish between "this person's personality feels stronger than mine and they sound v convinced, I must be wrong" and "reflecting upon it, this opinion is more insightful than my previous one". The first has emotion and shame tied to it and there's much more ego there

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Think about why you hold the opinion you do - what reasons do you have for believing what you do? Don't just compare your assertion with your friend's, compare your reasoning and his.

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Instead of saying I agree or I disagree, ask the text your own pertinent questions. If the author doesn't give a good answer to your questions then you should question the argument's validity

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"What also surprised me a great deal was the regret that I had no biographical information about myself; this is something I have always formally opposed, and above all for a reason of principle, because, according to traditional doctrine, individualities count for nothing and must disappear entirely ... But, in spite of this, I am obliged at least to rectify erroneous assertions when they occur; For example, I cannot let it be said that I am "converted to Islam", because this way of presenting things is completely false; anyone who is aware of the essential unity of traditions is by this very fact "unconvertible" to anything, he is even the only one who is; but he can "settle down", if it is permitted to express himself in this way, in this or that tradition according to circumstances, and especially for reasons of an initiatory nature. I would like to add in this regard that my links with Islamic esoteric organizations are not something more or less recent as some people seem to think; in fact, they are almost 40 years old...".
- Letter from René Guénon to A. Daniélou, August 27, 1947, my translation - i'm french and my English is bad so sorry if there are mistakes

Retarded Muslims who try to grab his glory must get out. Guénon was Sufi at the end of his life, for purely practical reasons: he already had links with Sufi organizations and he wanted to leave France. The closest and most convenient was the Maghreb.

99.99% of the Muslims who try to seize Guénon's genius by saying "he converted to Islam lol" are refuted by the master himself in this letter and probably never read it, because they would make apostate any Muslim having 1/10th of Guénon's beliefs. Some points of his belief in brief:

1. that all religions are currently valid to lead to God and that Islam is only the most practical path of our time for a European
2. that deliverance (union with the Absolute, death of the ego, al-fana' ) is superior to salvation (entry into paradise), the latter being there for the masses when deliverance is the way of the elites
3. that the world is a part of God and that there is an Absolute superior to the personal God.
4. that it is desirable to achieve supra-individual states through intiation
5. that there is an esoteric path that transcends religious divisions

The Sufi Islam of Guénon is: yes.

The exoteric Islam of 99.99% of the Muslims on earth: it's no, it's shit, and it's probably the worst exotericism still alive.

Small message to the islamists who play the guenonfags to convert naive people to their shitty sect

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Guénon was Muslim, as all Sufis are.

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Guénon is a heretic and a con.

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How has school influenced your reading habits?

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High school ruined my Reading habits, stopped reading at all after high school and only start again after 6 years out of high school. The combination of shitty English teachers and then going to University for a shitty degree that I didn't finish just left me completely unmotivated.

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I probably read more today than I otherwise would had it not been for school. When everyone else got to choose a third language to learn I was forced to learn the native language of the country I live in, even though I could speak it (they didn't know that though), so when they learned I was almost fluent I could do anything I wanted during those classes. So I mostly just wandered around or read a lot, which kept me interested in books and reading.

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In primary school I read a lot but high school ruined it for a while. I went to a place that was quite extreme with the rote learning, neverending testing bureaucratic dogshit. Almost everyone was literarily submental because there wasn't room in the curriculum for teaching kids how to write, just how to regurgitate the structures and so on. I was extremely lucky to have a brilliant English teacher for my last year of school who made class very enjoyable. Surprise surprise everyone else hated him for being 'too serious' or whatever and even tried to get him removed. Unbelievable. I have the most enormous respect for good teachers.

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Barely read at all in highschool, despite knowing the value. As soon as I actually started reading it.

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How do you feel about reading a book after you watched a film adaptation of that book?
Personally, my imagination gets limited. I immediately recall scenes from the film, places, character faces and their expressions, clothing and so on. It feels like watching the adaptation before reading source ruins the reading for me. Anyone feels the same?

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