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Is it REAL?! Finally!

Real fotos of Rika Nipah.


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Nipah in da street

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*judaism intensifies*

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>Date: April 1, 2014 4:51:19PM (timezone not specified)

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This was released.


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Trevor is basically my waifu and I'm not even gay.

Just one of those things that happen.

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Haha I bet someone would say that to you don't you?

Nobody loves you Trevor and nobody ever will because you are a egocentric shitposter asshole

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>Haha I bet someone would say that to you don't you?

Uhhh... So.... O- Whatever.

This isn't even me, retard.

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im gay

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are you high

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erry day

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I stopped smoking thank you.

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yea bro im fucking baked as shit

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What is the best japanese to english translator? Google translator is horrible.

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you can still make out some sense with most languages but japanese is not one of them

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i dont now imge
but i think wald wid ward is hand syic

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God, fuck off.

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Pure ownage...

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Use Line

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where were u when 2hu is kill

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In Japan Touhou has already lost all popularity it had. Soon enough the center of the core fanbase will shift to those western fans who still stubbornly ignore the change in trends. Zun will either be forced to developing games that pander to them or quit altogether.

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/jp/ can't accept the truth, can they?

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janishit is not /jp/

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>You will never be a bancho

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If I see any cartridge but a grey one, I will laugh and point my index finger at you

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sounds like it ends in rape and concrete encasement.

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Oh, you've been to one before?

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geesenn is old yankee home

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get tada mesi
it name gift "flees gest"nat fool
Back nolma

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Hi guys,

My car is a Japanese import and keeps displaying this message. Would anyone know what my car is trying to tell me? Thanks!

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Something about your low beam headlights

I don't know much about cars, perhaps it means they are on?

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Hello /jp/, I bring startling new evidence to this old test.

This is an MBTI compatibility chart. Any two personality types can be assessed and diagnosed with an "intertype." Each intertype provides a description of the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship.

How do I know this works?

Reimu (INFP) + Marisa (ESTP) = Duality (Dlt)

"...the most favourable and comfortable of all intertype relations providing complete psychological compatibility. Dual partners are like two halves of a whole unit..."


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I'd say Suika is a good fit for me as an INTp , although Yuugi is my favorite Touhou

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I have INTJ,
This means my duality partner is with Cirno?

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Never mind, it's Sanae.

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This confuses me, how do I know what I am?

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Take this test. http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp

Then refer to the chart.

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So I herd you like graceful and elegant japanese girls being cute.



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Hey /jp/, /sp/ here. Does anyone know where I can get a livestream of Nippon TV? I am trying to watch the Hosumi Hasegawa - Kiko Martinez boxing match.

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Hi everyone!!!! I am a BIG fan of animes and mangas ^_^
My favv anime is naruto!! I love the action and the romance, and even though I know it can't happen I want naruto to be with sasuke bcoz I know they really love each other! XDDDDD

What do you think?? Ive been a member of jp for very long now and id love to here you're opinions!!

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So this happened /jp/


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Ahahah white people suck so much at speaking Japanese

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fuck you jannison im going to remember this

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this gif is strangely arousing

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Snitches get stitches ;))

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Which 2hus does /jp/ fap to the most?

Kasen, Eiki, Murasa, Wriggle, Aya, Renko, and Tenshi are the only 2hus I can fap to, for some reason.

quality thread

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Gaphag, monkhag.

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Reimu, because she get spanked a lot.

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Can't fap to Parsee, Koishi or Hijiri.

I'm OK with Mamizou, Ran, Shou, Momiji, Kagerou and Nazrin.

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It doesn't matter which 2hu it is, when she has feet or is pregnant.

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Does the human village have a public bath in your instance of Gensokyo?

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can someone please post the autism birds

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look in a mirror

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I like how timotei will turn you into a gaijin

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So I am sure you are all familiar with daicon opening videos by gainax.

Can you tell me more about this SF convention?
Where can I find stuff that has been released there?
Is there any information about what they discuss there each year?

I don't understand japanese, so I would prefer english sources.

(pic is not from said convention)

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SF rite haed.no mony

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>So I am sure you are all familiar with daicon opening videos by gainax.

Uh, about that

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i want to stare at a girl's hips but i'm too scared

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___ with Youmu!

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You're going to need one big ring

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Youmu enjoys sex.

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Bunkasai with youmu!

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I just wanted to enjoy some memeposting on /jp/ tonight, but this image is making it really hard!

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