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what am i looking at


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tried /r/ with no luck. would someone be so kind as to tell me if this tea is sweetened? tryin to find a tasty alternative to soda, without the unhealthyness of sweeteners when drinking a shit-ton. much appreciated.

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It means you're gay.

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>a tasty alternative to soda
Acqua you fucking pleb.

Considering it has calories to begin with it likely isn't سكر free. Don't even need to be a 日本語プロ for that.

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lol. eat a dick, ya nazi schmuck. not everyone likes water.

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No CC, No Signup, No Bullshit

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Fuck the elderly!

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Sign me up, dude!!

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is that from nvidia?

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Valkyrie Crusade

/jp/ comrades/alliance/AW killer/sender


Beginners guide:


Post your haul from last event, this one seems like good slack event.

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What's Valkyrie Slots?

I just triggered that stuff for the first time, dunno how.

How can I get more?

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You get it after defeating AW but you need to be the one to defeat it.
What you get is already decided by RNG, the slot is just for show.

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Well, I got it a few times more now, definietly not through AWs.

Still, only shit like slimes and friendship points.

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Thank you nubee for last event.
Also finally made all 3 VVs into GUR and Monkey, and bunch of other GURs.

EH is just amazing, now I have Passion and Light teams capable of clearing 4 battle EH. Time to work on dark and cool.

Tho looking at curent EH reward seems they wont repeat GUR buffer soon. Was way to easy to get.

They apear after WINNING any kind of fight (AW/FAW/send from someone/LE/enemy in field or even duel). Thing is you gotta win to get them. Also dont bother with timing and so on, drop is rnged when you get them and slot is just for show.

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Its crap most of the time, 3 slot event and the best I ever got is 100 jewel and 1 premium summon not counting the occasional SR.

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Somebody save Kogasa!

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They end up happily married anyway, so it's fine.

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Girls can't marry girls.

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Don't worry! Nazrin's here to hel- oh. Well then.

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Gensokyo Pride!

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They can now, thanks to the Supreme Court of the American Miko

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Sort 2hus, post 2hus, rate 2hus, talk about how drastically your taste in 2hus has changed since the last time you checked with one of these.


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Fuck that, takes too much time.
Just post your top 3.

1. Reimu
2. Youmu
3. Koishi

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It is almost a new month for some of us. Please remember to say "Rabbit, Rabbit" as your first words when you wake up on the 1st of July for good luck during the month!

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I won't forget this time.

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Thank you, Inaba-dono.

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can we have a whole thread about appreciating yukari ?

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You murdered fun.

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Of course!
Someone as beautiful and amazing as Yukari-sama deserves to be properly appreciated

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She really should have three threads

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At least Ran and Chen are happy.

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Leaked 2hu

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A new 2hu???

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The art is too good, please drink more then try again

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here's another one

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Sersly creepy, dude. Sersly creepy.

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The most exciting time of the week has finally come

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My favorite forced meem.

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I was wondering when you'd be unbanned.

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ain't no one excited for no canadian punk bitch

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Hi /jp/! I am an American looking to get a student visa and to attend culinary school in japan. I want to know a few things:

What is housing like, is it expensive for a single dude?
Can I get loans from the government/bank there or should I get one from here?
How the hell do I even get a student visa?
Is it bad that I am white but Asian cookery is my niche and I am only considering this so heavily because this is the route I want to go to become a fancy chef working in some upscale restaurant in NYC?
Is it difficult to assimilate into the local population or should I just "stick to my own kind"?

Also will people there shit on me for being bad at speaking Japanese?

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Not really going there for people..so it doesnt matter much?

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Why ask the jay if you do not abide the jay? Get lost!

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What? Because this is on topic, is it not? Should I just go ask /jp/?

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>Should I just go ask /jp/?
I hear they hate faggots like you there.

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Wow I meant /trv/.

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Hey /jp/! , why do the nips like Gundam so much?

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I am going to fuck you right in the anal.

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There's no need to be angry, anon-kun!!

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Bend over and let me see that butt

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good thread

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Why not ask /m/?

It's simply because nips grew up watching robot shows like Astroboy and Mazinger. Besides building robots is the perfect autistic activity.

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Through the power of Buddhism and Friendship, could Myouren Temple travel through the Immaterium?

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But Byakushit is already a priestess of Slaneesh.

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If they know the proper way to generate a Gellar field or can imitate it with their magic, yes. If not, killed by demons or worse the second they enter.

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Some of them are already daemons.

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I think Byakuren would be able to create some protective barriers or charms. I think they could handle a small chaos incursion though.

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Does the concept of Yandere exist in the west?

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Disappointing he didn't hook up with her, she was cute.

>> No.13711867

That movie was fucking phenomenal
The fact that she's so specifically manipulative of her husband, trying to make him stay with her out of her love for him makes me feel that she's a lot closer to the archetype than some other western stuff I've seen

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you didn't understand the film..

she had princess syndrome
when the husband didn't turn out to be mr perfect for her, she tried to ruin him
but her plan to start a second life got ruined, she got robbed of all of her money
she came up with plan b and blamed it all on the ex-bf
she got back with the husband because it was the only choice left for her to have a cushy life

that's not yandere
just egoistical and manipulative

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Japanese visualization of westerners since hundreds of years ago to this day

More from : http://aweasian.tumblr.com/post/122493447010/japanese-visualization-of-westerners-since

Not look like Anime characters at all. I just realize that this is a very effective cure for weabo [ westerners who believe they are Asians or Japanese ] so show this to them to help them get out from their delussional world where they believe they are real Japanese.

To any Asians and Anime fans :
Don't let western cosplayers to continue being racist against us Asians and to continue ruining the Anime you love by participating in the anti western cosplayers movement [ see how many Asians and Anime fans from around the world who agreed with the movement ] http://www.youtube.com/user/VeryProudToBeAsian/discussion

Anyway, a vaccine for weabo have been found - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piFq5rG4ZZQ - so start distributing the vaccine now to stop the outbreak of weabos.

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ole benny boy

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You are the definition of weeaboo, so I don't think you've got much room for criticizing others about it.

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A vaccacine for race-baiting, rule breaking, trolling, flames and general stupidity can be found by clicking on the small arrow next to your post. The same vaccacine is useful for off-topic threads, which either belong to the cosplay or anime board. Your mental issues are another problem, but you'll kill yourself sooner or later anyway.
That being said, western cosplayers are horrible.

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So isn't Kurokochōhime basically a yandere version of Index? It's like someone spilced together Kuroyukihime from Accel world and Yuno Gasai.

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...not to mention she's also an occidental otaku.

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>'Rolitania' is a Young Adult Slice of Life romance about The Power of Love written by Olivia D. Knight.

Not /jp/, not even /a/. You made me go to TVTropes to find this out. Please end yourself.

>> No.13711296


But the author actually is /jp/, and its heavily influenced by otaku subculture.

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Get out of here nigger.

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Is this thing ever going to be affordable?
If not, what's the best "extractor" I can get on the market right now?
I was looking at the A10 piston but it has mediocre reviews...

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Your hand.

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Fake NEETing is getting too mainstream in Japan.

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>The process of dying from an overdose usually takes three to five days.

>> No.13712140

That's one of the worst ways to die. It gives you liver failure and then you get jaundice and die slowly from the toxins building up in your body. You'll turn a nice shade of yellow and then by the end when you finally die you'll be a lovely brown or chartreuse color.

>> No.13712910

Are those clother the official NEET costume?

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i'm a fakeNEET myself!

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It's "whatever you slept in"

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How do we turn EndlesScat into a meme, /jp/? It's better than nyancat


maybe a neverending video of little mikus taking a dump?

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Vocaloid is stupid

>> No.13711001

all of daniwell's shit sounds the same to me

>> No.13711003

You're stupid!

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fkn rekt

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