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So what's up wid it ? You know the deal, it's that boy Ramiro,

So the other day while I was practicing my Capoeira, I was thinkin about this awesome party house in Jersey with tons of alcohol and hot sluts, that I used to drive up to when I was in highschool. It was actually a fraternity house, but the guys weren't skinny faggots that wear their shirts tucked in. Weid huh ? Any way, I said fuck the club and decided to go holla at some of my boyz from way back in the day.

I roll into the house with my posse, but something isn't right. I'm thinkin : where are the kegs, and more importantly, I can't see a single descent girl. Just then, this little dweeb starts scopin me, then comes up and asks me who I am. My boy Roberto goes "Are u fucking serious ?! You're talking to Ramiro a.k.a the BO$$ of Jersey." Then the kid (who had a striking resemblance to Ferguson from Clarissa Explains It All) says something like ' Please don't take any personal offense to this, but this house belongs to the Touhou brotherhood, and so I must humbly ask that you please leave.'

I say "Listen Ferguson, you little faggot, I don't know about all that gibberish, but me and my niggas came here for some pussy, some jager bombs, and some yayo. Now since ya boy don't like having sex with blue whales, u better make the next two happen real quick." The kid mutters in a shaky voice, "My name isn't ferguson," and starts tearing up a little. My boyz just laughed, it was pretty pathetic. After that I gave Ferguson a nuclear wedgie and peaced the fuck out before ya boy got swarmed by all the fat girls.

So can someone please tell me what the fuck a "Touhou" is, and what happened to one of the sickest party houses in Jersey?

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"Touhou" or Two Hoes refers to a japanese drug that makes you experience bullet time mode so you can feel absolutely bliss when you shoot niggaz and dodge bullets yourself.

Wow, I don't know niggaz is actually recognized as a correct word.

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Would you warm her with your hot bloodedness?

Monster Girl Collections: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

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Isis monster girl when?

Blow Apophis the fuck out

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Why would you want a terrorist monster girl?

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God damn it. I just realized I forgot to put Monster Girl Thread in the subject field.

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Let's make something, /jp/.

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So, und das hier ist auch fertig!

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Why do dutch anons keep making useless blog-meta posts?

I swear there was a /jp/ nationality chart floating around somewhere and Dutch people were one of the worst.

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Hey, Moment mal! Ich glaub', was ich da gemacht hab' ist überhaupt nichts zu essen!

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The more miserable the country the more prolific the shitposters.

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What do you want to drink with Suika?

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Beans. Still won't live long, but maybe you'll live just long enough to enjoy it.

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And if you marry her while she's drunk? How would she react in the morning?

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So I just need to bully her bean? That'll keep her calm?

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Bean is the least erotic thing that can describe a clitoris. What was Japan thinking?
There's STILL no lesbian orgy doujin starring Suika with beans in the title, either.

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It's okay because she's always drunk.

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Not trying to offend anyone, I just didn't find any proper board to ask this question so I'll do it here.

So I've been asking myself for a long time why is the otaku community in general so uninterested when speaking (geo)politics, (socio)economics?

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Touhous hanging out doing non-lewd things.

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He's really let himself go. I've always liked how Japanese media puts so much emphasis on appearance.

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Remember when Billy Joe posted on /jp/?


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no, i came one year later, but that is very nice of you to remember that.

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Are you ready, Marisa? Aha.
Sanae? Yeah, Sakuya? OK.
All right ladies, let's go!

Oh, it's been getting so hard
Livin' with the things you throw down the screen, aha
Oh, my scores are getting so strange
I'd like to tell you everything I see

Oh, I see a boss at the back
As a matter of fact her eyes are black as the sun
And a girl in the lower left corner let no one ignore her
'Cause she thinks she'll 1cc on try number one

Oh yeah, it was like lightning
Everybody was frightening
And the music was soothing
And they all started grooving

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
And the boss at the back said
Everyone attack and it turned into a Touhou blitz

And the girl in the corner said
Bitch, I wanna warn ya, it'll turn into a Touhou blitz
Touhou blitz, Touhou blitz, Touhou blitz
Touhou blitz

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whos that

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You wouldn't hit a loli.

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No I'm certain that's Atari Dumbledore.from SushiHimalayas.

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Mine's obvious, but what's yours /jp/?

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then your only option is that there will never be any canon relationships in a series with more than a hundred fifty characters.

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There will never be any canon relationship (As in love) for a series with more than a hundred fifty characters because ZUN doesn't give a fuck about canon relationships.

And this is a good fucking thing.

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Hey, I never said this is a bad thing. In fact it's a good thing that he's all like "ah fuck it, let the fans run wild".

So yeah, it is a good fucking thing.

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A thread for the softest Touhou.

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Softest Touhou?
For me Yuyuko, hands down.
looks so soft and cuddly in this pic :3

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Your favourite 2hu will never cuddle you ;-;

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Do you think he'll notice?

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Ha! Mine did. Joke's on you!

Granted, I'm also a dangerous threat to those around me when I omit to take my meds in the morning...

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We can create the technology, we have science!

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Kancolle Super Samsh Battles when?

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saijee pls go

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Sure! Suggest it to FSS. It'll be funny...

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Why Haven't you watched the fandub version of Osana Reimu?


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Osana Reimu itself is already a cheaply, non substance 'tear jerker' that is so high in secondary shit, why would i even bother with the dub?

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What the fuck is an osana reimu?

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It's like a regular Reini, but smaller.

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It's like a regular Reimu, but smaller

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And who's the character visiting the shrine in the OP video?

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Heared Line app is great for making japanese friends but it only adds my contact book. Where do I find some friends to add?

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Kill yourself, normalshit.

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>seven minute bump
>social apps
/soc/ or /trv/

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All of my Line friends are Thai
I met them in a mobile networking app then we exchanged contact info
I rarely meet Japanese there
Most of the Asians are Koreans, Indonesians, and Thais
I guess the Japanese prefer to stay on their own internet and not learn English

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does anyone here play FFXIV?

its not fun to play on your own, I want nice friends to play with!

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>I want nice friends to play with
/jp/ is not the place for that.

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Yeah, but I play on Japanese servers because I'm not a filthy EOP and don't want to be surrounded by memespamming catgirls 24/7.

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what server are you on

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phoenix EU

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Wow I never took the time to notice all the ``archers'' that did a video reply and were just in general butthurt that Lars is such a god. It's pretty funny actually.

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Sengoku-era samurai (the ones that actually fought in battles), yes. The samurai inspiring the stereotypes are from the Tokugawa era and they didn't really do anything with bows.

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Samurai wore a pair of swords one of which is long and the other short.

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They're just upset that he's demonstrating what's possible while using weak equipment and those who don't know better thinking he's making a deep HOW2KILL tutorial.

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Shlamalokhoun, my name is Lars Andersen.

I’m a 27 year old Danish bowman (Arrow shooter for you swordsmen). I shoot my bow and arrow on my practicing range, and spend my days perfecting my art and studying superior medieval age bow treatises. (Bow-and-arrow Made Easy, How2shoot a bow).

I train with my longbow every day, this superior weapon can cut clean through steel because it is folded over a thousand times, and is vastly superior to any other bow on earth. I earned my bow license two years ago, and I have been getting better every day.

I speak Assyrian fluently, both Medieval and the Modern dialect, and I write fluently as well. I know everything about bow history and their multiple arrow holding code, which I follow 100%

When I get my Medieval visa, I am moving to the XVI century to attend a prestigious Bow School to learn more about their magnificent art. I hope I can become a sharpshooter for the Golden Horde or a Longbowman!

I own several arrows, which I carry all the same time around town. I want to get used to holding them before I move to the Dark Ages, so I can fit in easier. I shooter apples off of my elders' and seniors' heads and speak Assyrian as often as I can, but rarely does anyone manage to respond.

Wish me luck with the Black Plague!

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How does it feel to know that one of the most respected and prolific anime directors of all time thinks that you Otakus are scum of the earth? Get a life, shitlords


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>most respected and prolific anime directors of all time
>anime director

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I want Miyazaki to spank my slutty otaku ass! Punish me good Miyazaki-sama!

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Coming from a director who says he will retire but still remains in the game?

Problem isn't the Otakus, but the market itself seeing them as profitable. The market itself determines trends. Moeshit is in, when it loses its' luster and people want something else, people will make that which is wanted.

>> No.13116091

Moe has been in fashion for about 40 years now. It ain't gonna change. Japan will always celebrate youth.

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"Don't be shy, tell us!"

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Clever censor you put there.

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Performing amputations on a fairy!

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Star Sapphire is now your maid

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Could not believe I found this at our karaoke joint tonight.

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I liked the old DAM machines better, but everyone is switching to the new ones.

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Do toehoe/dojin artists get recognition outside of Comiket and other otaku cons? Some of them are very talented, I mean, much more talented than anything in Japan's Top 40.

>> No.13116160

nice, it's not like cirno's math class was an extremely viral video around the globe, i bet no one on the internet ever heard about it

>> No.13116190

Cool comment bro, I'm sure you didn't shitpost

>> No.13117440

this thread is a shitpost
somewhat. some doujin artists get commissioned to make music for video games, and very popular circles might have their touhou arranges licensed for rhythm games, since that's the new hotness. this song in particular is everywhere because it's hugely popular on niconico, it's a lot easier to find meme music like this and vocaloid stuff in mainstream culture.

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who the fuck is littleshrimp

>> No.13115856

A drawfag that only draws for his friends but is somehow popular so got his drawings reposted everywhere.
Went apeshit, and is now unheard.

Not as bad as leomodesto, through.

>> No.13115878

thank you anon

>> No.13116201

kind of funny his pixiv page still shows up as a page 1 result on google even though it's under a different username

not that anybody cares or should care

>> No.13116416

The best fucking artist like ever

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>> No.13115608,1 [INTERNAL] 


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Scary scary~

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