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FAQ https://gist.github.com/anonymous/29cfeeac2185f5a7a696855486e0eec2

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I like this girl, she's going from ideapocket to s1 every month

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Still no Junko thread?
lets change that!

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More like lets chang'e that!

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But there is a Junko thread >>16515353

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Just bought my first 1911.

How'd I do /k/?

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Um excuse me my NAME is jaypee

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springfield 1911s any good? they seem to be one of the only cheaper handguns that sticks at least fairly true to the original A1 design aesthetically

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>How'd I do /k/?
Poorly. This is jaypee!

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Gorgeous digits my friend.

Well I can tell you that I've already shot 100 rounds of winchester 230 grain and 50 rounds of tula steel case with not a single problem. She's holding up just fine, also the magazines it comes with are really nice.

ALSO turns out that Springfield is having a promotion that gives you 4 brand new magazines via mail if you buy a Springfield pistol this month and the next one.

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Hello, I found this old artwork at an attic. Can someone translate what this says for me?

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Delectable interior arrival

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woof, it's been years

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Where are you looking? I found them on bakabt

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It won't let my client connect to that and I'm not installing something else just to get into their secret clubhouse.

I didn't think about looking off TT though. I forgot other places exist.

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Alright lads sorry if these threads aren't allowed here but do you know any magazines about film or mens fashion that are only available in Japan? I have some spare yen I want to use on some nice coffee table decorations. Also if anyone knows the name of the magazine in pic related then i'd be grateful.

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Rev up your >50 kb images, because it's time for a mini-monstergirl thread.

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com

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I hope you can cuddle with it soon Jabberwock fag.

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>See a seductive bed eye Cu-Sith
Which post? I'm not seeing it.

That's Hyphen's tumblr. Just as a word of warning there's all kinds of things that will make people angry, I'm only providing it as a source.

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She's so jiggly looking.

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Only in forgotten realms which is probably what KC's dark elf is based on.
Japanese dark/brown elves nowdays are hentai rapebait

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>Which post? I'm not seeing it.

I don't want to post it. So I'll just imgur it.


There should also be that Seth picture I was talking about. If someone could just confirm it is actually 2 Seth.

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FAQ & Resources:

Rec chart:

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Did you fucking miss /vg/?

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They are not EOPs, they can stay.

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"EOPs" and approval of generals. Please head back to /vg/ now.

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Did I hurt your feelings? Maybe you should go back to /a/.
Yeah well, there's nothing we can do about that now. If it pushed another idol thread off the board that would be great.

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So, did no one here play Steam Prison? It got released a while ago, and for PC.

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If you had a chance to live anywhere in Tokyo, where would you stay? what CITY (country side? city? busy city area? quiet residential?) and what type of accommodation? what would your choice be for a 1 week stay? and what is your realistic choice for a 3 month stay?

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>If you had a chance to live anywhere in Tokyo,
>where would you stay? what CITY
Tokyo, I suppose.

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Go to the appropiate board.

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Do any of you happen to know where the song "Children Record" or have a music file of this song from the Kagerou Project. Specifically one with a female vocalist that could hit very low notes and high ones. I believe it was on Youtube, but was ultimately removed because it had violated copyright. And I never got around to downloading it which I regret immensely, since I could not find afterwords.
Even scouring versions on nicovideo.jp , never to have seen it again.
Please help. Or at least direct me in the proper forum.

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are any of these it?

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I couldn't quite find her, but thanks for referencing me this My quest continues.

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If you see this image while scrolling ANY FUCKING page

You have been visited by the pure and soft vampiric loli feet.

You can do, or have the Mistress do, whatever you want with her feet, but only if you post a good pic of them + you also reply “I really, really, really like these feet”.

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I really, really, really like these feet

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I really, really, really like these feet

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I really, really, really like these feet

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Fuck off.

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Why do we call them ohayous instead of gyatte gyatte, the actual name?

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Shit meme.

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It made a shitty meem even worse

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File: 103 KB, 600x900, __shimamura_uzuki_and_t_m_revolution_idolmaster_and_idolmaster_cinderella_girls_drawn_by_ashita_2010__d1ba096be4cac82be91d660e8f9578c5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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I want to take advantage of a girl who wants to do her best for me.

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I'm a Japanese teacher and I need a proper explanation for a somewhat basic grammar point before I teach my class tomorrow...

Ni and de to indicate where a verb takes place...

If I were to say "I study at university"

What is the difference between 大学に勉強をします vs 大学で勉強をします?

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Take your question to the DJT.

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They're probably British.

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Correct you sarcastic knob jockey.

I realise now, you cannot use ni for an action happening at a time. Only de. I can rest easy now. YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT FROM THE BEGINNING.

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The real question here is if the teacher is so bad at his job he has to ask /jp/ for help, why didn't the students just come to /jp/ themselves and cut out the middle man?

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で is equivalent to 'with' in many contexts.

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>You have been blocked

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I too remember when /jp/ used to do this together.

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Sup /jp/ I'm looking for the instrumental versions of Alice dere by iosys and Kero kero destiny by silverforest but dont wanna download all the remixes and extra albums from each one.
So do you know in which albums are respectively the instrumental versions of these two songs?
The one that tells me gets a present from alice

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have an alice

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osaisen toka no karaoke

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Does VGMDB have it?

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and rebirth from silverforest

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i'm about to go on a trip to japan. what should i expect
ps: ryo asuka best satan

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Take your thread to the appropriate board.

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Don't mind me, just on my way to page 10, where I can find that new Touhou game with me as playable character.

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No Exceptions!

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Well played, anon. Or should I say, not played.

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I love you /jp/.

I also found that /qa/ is like old /jp/. It's awesome.

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Did you move away from s4s or something?

>> No.16607577

More like cleansed

Have you seen that shit before?

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Man, I just moseyed on over to /qa/ to check out all the hubbub and MAN did that board become EPIC!

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Nope, my participation in funposting is the first time I went there, that was a really lovely practice and I recommend you the same(even though the opposition to /jp/ has largely collapsed)

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It was literally a /pol/ colony and full of dumbasses asking for things to be removed

There's still some opposition, because some people still believe the place holds some power over the site's moderation, but you can tell most of them have given up by how slow the board has gotten

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