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People would buy these for trade in credit towards a Commodore 64 just because it was $99 and Commodore offered credit on "any personal computer"

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The Game Boy Advance has every type of yu-gi-oh experience you could possibly want. Straightforward simulations of various types, RPGlike games that use more of an anime style for the rules, hardcore shit for true Yugiheads, literally episodes of the anime on a GBA cartridge, Dungeon Dice Monsters, a fucking MARIO PARTY CLONE...
Therefore, the GBA has definitively claimed its position as the best console for yugioh games.

The PlayStation 2 has everything a wresting fan could ever want short of literally porting No Mercy. Multiple SmackDown! series games that are in the discussion for best wrestling game ever, for one, not to mention the entire rest of that series from 2001 to 2011, mostly decent games that still provide unique characters and season modes. Then there's Def Jam, the spiritual successors to No Mercy, Rumble Rose's, Legends of Wrestling, Backyard Wresting plus one of the best Fire Pro games. No other console even comes close to the amount of wrestling content and having most of the Top 5 for the genre right there is a plus
The PlayStation 2 is therefore the best console for professional wrestling games.

Is it even worth it to find these pedantic distinctions? Yes, because consoles that truly have a lockdown on a particular genre or type of game are in some small way more exceptional than all others.

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Banjo-Kazooie, and Ocarina of Time can be played with online multiplayer. perhaps you'd be interested in that this weekend.
use modloader

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Bump. I'm curious how it plays out

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is the BK online janky? Can you interact with player 2, as in stand on his head and other such shenanigans?

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not sure yet, this is pretty new to me, i know Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask work well

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*is the worst console of all time in you're path*

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that's a weird looking Atari 2600

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That's cool, but the Saturn still has no games after you posted this.

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Virtual Boy was worse. But yeah, the N64 was a disappointment after the NES and SNES.

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>N64 library = 388 titles
>Saturn library = 1,000+ titles
Unless.. oh no, you're an amerishart, aren't you? I guess mutts take what they can get.

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Opinions on the third chapter of my Android 18 futa on male story?

(Also doing commissions, $9 per 1000 words. Leave your email or discord if you're interested. Paypal only.)

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Video games?

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Please get taped to a lamppost, doused in gasoline and set on fire.

Thank you

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Yeah but why?

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This game is literally perfect. The atmosphere, the fast paced gameplay, the combo system, everything. I love it so much.

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Agreed, it was way better than DC 1 in a way that's not even funny. I really wish we've had some sequel in the same style but sadly the series is completely dead.

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I feel you OP. Rare example of a more action approach resulting in a better and more fun game. Perfect pacing too, game constantly switches things up

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Why is it that RE4 did the same thing and is so overly criticized for it nowadays?

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>Resident Evil 4: fight spaniard dinosaurs in this pre-rendered fixed camera action extravaganza
what the fuck anons why did no one tell me RE4 was like this

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What are the best examples of this kind of games? Did it peak in the 80/90s with Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder or there were better stuff?

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>A bunch of guys in the same tile
imagine the smell

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In some ways it did peak back then. You have the indie style games that are like it now but the true evolution was in things like Etrian Odyssey and Dungeon Travellers if you can handle the anime aesthetic.

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>if you can handle the anime aesthetic

Unfortunately nobody can.

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Always wanted to develop a game like this with a more tactical combat system. Could never figure out how to draw those “3D” tiles without using a 3D engine. If I get serious about it again I’ll probably just hire someone to do all the art for me.

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>Etrian Odyssey
I've tried 5 and it felt extremely boring and low-budget. Grimrock 1, 2 and Vaporum are still the best modern crawlers.

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Crash 1's only merit was being an early 3D PS1 game

Then Crash 2 came out and was actually a good game

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Crash 2 is a test of patience, Crash 1 is fun

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I'd agree with you if I hadn't played the remakes. In my memory, Crash 1 was always trash with the others being far superior. After playing the remakes, though, I really enjoyed Crash 1 a lot, coming really close to 3, maybe being even better.

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Crash 1 is objectively the best Crash game by far you retarded black

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I don't mind 2 but the level themes are just so boring and ugly. 1 is still the best, I don't get why people are so against it. It's just so pure and enjoyable all the way though. Perfect level of challenge.

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Playing through this game after reading the thread yesterday. It's as mediocre as everyone says, and yet I'm engaged enough to see it through (not unlike the show it's based on).

Stewie's levels are pretty easy once you get the hang of his mechanics, but sometimes the lock-on doesn't work at all, leaving you getting hit while you scramble around the screen frantically pressing the button to see if you can get it to work. Not that big of a deal since the levels are so damn easy and provide you with plenty of health.

Brian's levels are insufferable. They're not difficult per se, but very much trial-and-error and buggy half the time (frequently sending you back to the last checkpoint when it shouldn't have), and I had to sit through the opening cutscene and mini-game of the first shower room half a dozen times for no reason.

Haven't gotten to Peter's levels yet.

It has managed to get a couple of chuckles out of me so far, so there's that. The maternity ward scene was legitimately kind of funny.

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well, i like familyguy, and i love running around as little stewie griffin! this game gets a four... out of five.

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Stewie's levels are fine, but...

Fucking. Brian's levels. Are INFUIRATING. I've tried the police office part nearly 20 times, and the worst part is, it's not even difficult for any skill-based reason, you just have to keep fucking up until you memorize the patterns and learn how the mechanics work. Now I can scoot through most of the level just fine, but I keep getting caught by Adam West at the very end, just when I'm about to escape. Because I can't, for the life of me, figure out how his line-of-sight works or when it's safe to move. And then I get to spend another four minutes plodding through the entire section again so that I can get back to trial-and-erroring the last part.

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I've been a lifelong fan of the first vandal hearts game and revisited it recently, I think it holds up well. I've moved onto the second which I've never played before and I'm not so sure. Vandal hearts thread?

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Both games have stellar, stellar soundtracks. I wish Tamawari made more music. Back then, he was almost better than Hitoshi Sakimoto.

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OP. Vandal Hearts 2 is straight up a grimdark story that makes Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre light hearted. Just watching the intro after you start a new game sets the tone.

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VH1 has always been one of my go to games when I'm in the mood for an SRPG. It's the right difficulty balance I think, not spirt crushing brutal but not quite brain dead. I like that there's a lot of variety in the stage designs and mission structure and it just feels like they have a nice sense of forward momentum, which I feel is something a lot of SRPGs lack.

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What I'm not so sure on so far with 2 is weapon skills. There's nothing wrong with it in theory but if you want to find all the chests and items you've got to have a dedicated knife user who essentially avoids combat. I'm just onto act 2 where you're an adult so this problem may be short lived, I think it's an issue with thief classes in any rpg anyhow.

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Has anyone been able to reverse engineer the Skullmonkey's game data format?

I've been poking around the game.blb files a bit and have tried working out the format using the de-compiled game executable to no avail.

In order to die happy, I simply must work this mystery out.

I've even messaged Mark Lorenzen for help so let's see how that goes.

Apparently there is a tool called "ToolX" which turned animations into the proprietary format


General skullmonkeys reverse engineering discussion. I don't expect this to get many replies.

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whatre your goals in achieving this? modding? sheer curiosity?

>> No.9158267

What's the mystery?

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>whatre your goals in achieving this? modding? sheer curiosity?

Mostly curiosity. When I was younger I wanted to remake the game in gamemaker, so I looked up ways to extract assets from psx games, but discovered it didn't work for skullmonkeys. Ever since it's been kind of like my white whale.

>What's the mystery?

I just really want to pore over all the animations and discover unused assets...

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>absolutely hate this annoying faggot
>is necessary to keep him in your party the entire length of the game so you can steal all the best stuff
Why do jarpigs do this shit

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You Need to steal Relm Behemoth/Chocobo/Moogle suits.

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Rachels story is pretty funny, she hits her head by Lockes fault, then her village gets pillaged and she dies, hes after the phoenix esper, returns to bring her to life only for her to say 'No".

>> No.9158463


Completely false. It isn't worth stealing in FFVI, only a few select things, mostly in the late game off major bosses. By then, Locke is actually one of the most op characters. Ultima weapon + Valiant Knife with Offering/Master Scroll + Genji Glove. 9999 dmg x 8 hits, as long as you solo level him a bit in Dinosaur forest.

>> No.9158474

Can't you do that setup with every any character though?

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Never played this, parents never let me get it as a kid. I just bought a cart and it’s coming in the mail next week, I haven’t really seen much gameplay or know much about it. Pill me, what am I in for?

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>I just bought a cart
No you didn't. Nobody would drop money for this game if they didn't know exactly what they were in for. Either post extensive proof as well as your tracking information, otherwise we'll all know that you're a lying bitch.

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the superior squirrel-based platformer.

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It has to be the most technologically-advanced N64 game. The graphics and sound are really impressive for the hardware.
Parts of it are definitely edgy like old South Park but mixed with low-brow British and scat humor. The scat humor is heavy. Otherwise, the writing and presentation are good and its multiplayer is one of the best on 64.
I don't think it ever had appeal with adults. It's more for an audience of preteens who watch Family Guy. I played Conker when I was 13 so I like it, and I definitely get why it would make grown adults cringe in this day and age.

>> No.9158181

This. Loved it as a 10 year old, cringe as an adult now. Some bits are well acted, but it's mostly late 90's low-tier comedy central humor. It's real appeal is as a technological marvel. The amount of voiceover they crammed into an N64 cart is incredible. The graphics are also quite impressive. Overall, the fact this game got made at all is the most entertaining thing about it. Rare was the golden child of 90's scotformers and they close out the decade (and their relationship with Nintendo) with Bad Fur Day. It's an absolutely bizarre and amusing piece of video game history, but as game, a letdown.

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Was a multitap something popular in your region? I've never seen any, not even for sale.

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Liberation Missions are fun unless Dominerds are involved.

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i think it's a lot of fun, there's a lot of freedom with how you play due to chip variety, a ton of postgame/side content, especially in 3 and beyond (skip 4), the characters are good enough, environments cool enough. I thought 3 was a genuinely great game, people complain about fetchquests but most of them are either optional or done in the overworld which means they aren't all that much of a pain

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Yeah I never got why people didn't like the Liberation stuff. Or, well, rather why it ruined the game for people.

>> No.9158403

If you're fighting against Dominerds, use more breaking chips like Airhockey.

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I love these games so much. I think it's cool that they're coming out with a collection but I already own all the games. I'm going to buy it just to support the series. I hope Capcom makes a new one.

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I had my folder set up for KnightSoul and ShadowSoul so I was fine.

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Halloween is coming up. What games are you going to play? Which ones would you recommend?

I'll start:
>pic related
>Castleween (PS2 and GBA versions are both great)
>Rule of Rose
>The Addams Family (SNES)
>Clock Tower
>Castlevania series
>Scooby-Doo Mystery
>House of the Dead 1&2

Also, excellent resource here for anyone who needs recommendations:

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Anyone know what's the best way to play Silent Hill 1? Emulator? I heard theres a remake, or is that the second game?

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Remake (Shattered memories) is a completely different game, granted, it's alright, HD remakes should be avoided. It's not the type of "oh the pixel on the left bollock of the dog is lightish brown instead of red-brown and the monsters AI responds to you .5 times slower, it ruins everything", it's actually fucking terrible.
Play the first one on PS1 or the emulator, rest (2-4) on the PC with fan patch.
Here's the rest
>Shattered Memories
Trash, but not as bad as 5 and Origins, but you'll only get that impression if you'll bother with them, which you should not.

>> No.9158350

Aight thanks champ.

>> No.9158387

>>Scooby-Doo Mystery
What are some non full-on horror, spooky games like this?

>> No.9158397

>Halloween is coming up

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This was a Garbage Zelda facts

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>Game made for Babys
Well it's a Nintendo game

>> No.9158152

I think Wind Waker was the moment that people either saw that Nintendo was no longer concerned about games for "everyone", or they doubled down and said "so what if it's the easiest game ever made for babies? It's COMFYKINO"

>> No.9158370

Been replying through it, and I understand why anyone would not like WW. Even at its best, WW is casual AF.

Having said that, its world, music, aesthetic and general "feel good gameplay," coupled with a nice enough character controller and set of items makes it a fun experience for me.

If you know what you're doing the Triforce Hunt and combat with weapon items is actually fun.Not the bosses though, they suck.

>> No.9158379

you don't even get to sail yet until you do the jabun curse, going straight from dragonroost to forbiddenwoods without being able to deviate

>> No.9158382

Play the HD version and get the Swift Sail as early as possible.

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I didn't know about this game until now, therefore I can infer that you guys didn't know about it either, so I'm telling you about it now.

I'll play it later, probably, I have other things to do.

>> No.9157757


>> No.9157790

I read about the remake of this in a GameInformer issue when I was younger. Thought it looked like fun schlock then, and I still refuse to play it since I don't like point and clicks

>> No.9157842

laverne is a cute schizo

>> No.9158174

very interesting video, thanks

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the sound effects in this game are fucking kino

>> No.9157968

the whole game is kino

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Do you introduce the young'uns to good games or are you content letting them suffer with Fortnite?

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good man

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You literally just described a small town where there's nothing to do but drugs or make friends with the weird girl who's probably fucking her horse.

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>> No.9157721

you are gay and your shitty kids are going to resent you

>> No.9157725

>robbed me of so much potential
kek you never had any the first place

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What was their best game?

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the problem is that twisted metal 1/2 and jet moto 1/2 were better games. 989 ruined the things they acquired

>> No.9157934

>3 games
>cant come up with a better running pose than what they started with

>> No.9157960

2 was the best but 3 is quite underrated. 3 has less bullshit moments of 2 but it also has less stealth and more straight up action parts, missions are quite longer too. Storywise its hamfisted but whatever. Mechanically its exactly the same as 2.

PS2/PSP games are generic third person shooters that would've been worth experiencing 10 years ago but today they are irrelevant. They also completely changed the tone, vibe and aeshtetics of the original PSX trilogy

>> No.9158321

Syphon Filter 2.

Got damn we need a new SF game bros

>> No.9158331

It's a terribly designed game. Gotcha bullshit like headshot enemies or grenade launchers become so common down the line it's intolerable and makes the combat into nothing but just peeking around corners because the AI is dumb as fuck.

>less stealth
Good. Stealth is awful in the SF games.
And yeah, the PSP games are terrible also.

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