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Why did Tobal 2 fail?

>big budget Squaresoft game
>best-looking graphics on PS1 at 60 FPS
>original fighting mechanics
>great quest mode
>200 playable characters lol
>they're also customizable
>Akira Toriyama design
>sold only 318,000 copies

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I'm not even that anon that shits on Toriyama's designs every chance there is in /vr/, but I do think those didn't work that well this time. People liked the more "serious" approach of your Tekken or Virtua Fighter better for this sort of game.

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You lived in an era of god tier pixel art. Some of the best pixel art in the world that has never been topped to this day.
Yet, you insisted on spending your money on dogshit early 3d graphics? What boomer looked at something like this and said
>oh yeah, this is miles better than (insert classic 16 bit game here)

Wouldnt it make more sense if the market waited until games 3d graphics had advanced to Gamecube tier polygons instead of settling with this?

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It doesn't look like shit in retrospect. Just as you can't judge it based off of hi res emulated you can't judge it off blurry shitty pics on hd screens. We knew even back then if a game looked shitty.

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>you insisted on spending your money on dogshit early 2d graphics instead of playing board games?

>Wouldnt it make more sense if the market waited until games 2d graphics had advanced to SNES tier sprites lol

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>But at the time it was novel and something you had never seen before
So was this (pic). But it was obviously inferior graphic wise, so it was just a one off experiment and nothing more.

analog sticks are nothing more than mini joysticks for your thumbs

unironically yes. The atari fucking sucked balls. My dad had friends in college who owned atari and he thought it was shittiest thing in the world and preferred the arcades. He waited until 16 bits until he invested in home gaming

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>So was this (pic).
forgot my image. The point is that it was a game trying to implement hand drawn animation into gaming. It seemed like the future, but no gaming system could ever handle it. It wasnt until way later did hand drawn graphics took off

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Atari was better than nothing, it was either that or unironically playing with sticks and paper clips in your bedroom. Or with a tennis ball that you would bounce on a wall. That's it.

You zoomers don't seem to realize that there was no choice. There was nothing else. And no Internet to provide you endless entertainment either. It's too easy to disparage Atari graphics when you now have the choice to play a million good-looking things for free.

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What was the point of these kind of keyboards? I never had the makings of a PC gamer, so I’ve never even seen one in person. I assume it was more so for typing, but was it advantageous for gaming?

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I don't think they've ever been seen as advantageous for gaming, the split's purely for ergonomics.

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The old Microsoft Natural Keyboard was comfy as fuck.

There was no disadvantage for playing, since you played with the arrow keys before the retarded "pro-gamer" wasd meme layout came around.

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It is what I use. The layout is comfortable for me and I played a lot of Q3A, UT, RO, Blizzard, and H-games with it. I think I type best on that layout.

Similar to the ideal arcade stick that would suit me, I'd like a combination of ideas which have not been mass produced (Sega Astro City layout in Sanwa with far spacing from Seimitsu joystick). Ideally for a keyboard, I'd like a layout with the nav cluster on the left and numpad on the right, just to move the mouse closer for a better layout to game/type. Maybe to round the ideal out it could be buckling springs with a thick metal backplate to suit me best. Such projects are beyond my abilities to create, but choosing something close to the theoretical ideal is nice, like the layout.

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Picrel is the best keyboard ever made. The palm rest is padded, the zoom slider can be set to replicate middle mouse, the back/forward keys make it perfect for video tasks. Buttons are firm and the layout forces you to type correctly. It even has a detachable platform for the front that changes the pitch of the keys to mitigate RSI. Easily given me a 10/20% bump in productivity, more in 3D modeling due to the zoom slide, although I do have a second keyboard and pen tablet for that workflow. It's successor isn't a patch on this beast, so I have 2 brand new spares incase my first dies. Nearly a decade in and she's still going strong, although the lettering is gone from some of the keys. Best $40 I ever spent.

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They're not that great for typing 2bh

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i like glenn plant's n64 review series - are there any other similar things for other consoles / gens you would recommend?
alternatively, any vr youtube channels you like in general?

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Has some unique takes, genuinely enjoyed the Atari jaguar more then ps1 and n64 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4_jrB9L1d3A

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Has some unique takes. Genuinely enjoyed the atari jaguar over the ps1 and n64. But mainly i just watch him because he's from li https://m.youtube.com/results?search_query=Bit+head+captain+cunt

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Has some unique takes. Genuinely enjoyed the atari jaguar more then ps1 and n64. Heard him say pozzed in a few of his videos. But mainly i just watch him because he's from li. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7cLNo-DbkzQ

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Fuck you I liked it

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anyone out there in /vr/land that could give me a quick summary of pic related? (Swap Magic for PS2)
I live in PAL region & want to try this out for multi-region DVD use & possibly more, but it seems a bit of a rarity. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm not really sure what kind of 'summary' one can give about these. I had the NTSC one back in the day and it worked fine: drop in the disc, boot, use the little plastic slide-card and replace it with the DVDR. I always used to worry about wearing down the drive but thankfully it never seemed to have any difficulty.
In the end I essentially used SwapMagic to bootstrap installing FreeMCBoot, after which SwapMagic served no purpose.
I haven't followed PS2 stuff but I was of the understanding that there's really no reason for these now that the DVD exploit exists unless you have a PS2 whose DVD software isn't exploitable?

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bootstrap? FreeMCBoot?
DVD exploit?
please explain m8, we only just got PS2's in New Zealand <3

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I can't tell if you're being intentionally obtuse but in case not:

* FreeMCBoot is some software you can install into the PS2 memory card. It exploits a bug in the PS2 firmware so that, if it's installed when the PS2 boots, instead of reading from the disc it can drop you into a launcher that'll let you run homebrew, play burnt discs, etc.

* DVD exploit - like a year or so ago some genius reverse engineered the software installed in the PS2 that lets it play DVDs. As a result, they figured out a way to make a special burnt DVD that you could put in the tray, boot, and then let you boot whatever you wanted (so essentially a free version of SwapMagic). Like I said, I don't follow PS2 homebrew too closely but I seem to recall that the downside of the DVD exploit is that it only works with specific versions of the built-in DVD software.


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I'm really dealing with the best I've got, yesterday I had to learn how to use linux through a chromebook
I can't see how you could put software on a memory card, is that through a burnt DVD? I am aware you can though
I like the sound of this DVD exploit, but sadly it sounds like its all coming down to me needing to find a DVR drive
Thanks alot for the insight anon, I'm sure PS2 homebrew doesn't need to be too closely followed haha

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to be clear though my primary intent is to play out of zone DVD's rather than burnt DVD's, anything else I can achieve is a fantastic bonus

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What were your favorite games on the SEGA System?

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MASTER Games 1

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I like MASTERS of Combat

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For me, it's MASTER of Darkness

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It now can display screenshots next to the game list.


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won what?

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мeдный фeн

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Mario Party 2 is excellent.

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Post about this fun franchise.

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Is there any fun to be had emulating any of these by yourself or would that just be weird

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MP1-3 all have 1-player modes, though they're short and easily breezed through
If you want, you can play MP2 in Dolphin netplay with a Wii virtual console ISO to play online (friends or randoms); the other N64 games require a specific build of Project64 and port-forwarding for netplay

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I don’t think I’ve ever played a Mario Party game solo. It totally defeats the purpose. I can understand playing Mario Golf or Mario Kart alone. Playing MP alone, though, that’s rock bottom depression.

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Might be able to soon. My friend who is the big "gamer" is finally getting a PC soon.

Yea, grew up playing for hours a day with kids in the neighborhood multiplayer games, and later on even party games like kung fu chaos and fuzion frenzy but I never cared or had fun playing with randoms. MP was always the one Mario franchise I didn't care about playing for obvious reasons but I still want to see what it's like.

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Why does this thing manage to filter /vr/ so hard?

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you need big cars because you're fat, your houses are made from wood (lmao) and we have all the same tech as you

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This TV?
Also I'm not a mutt and I don't watch mutt tv.

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You're literally as fat as this, its all cope.

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it's alright, i love americans, it's all banter

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WHAT THE FUCK is going on in the world today?

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It's not a remake, it's a sequel.

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its a shitmake

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>literally has remake in the title
You're retarded

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Okay. You don't have to play it. I'm not, FF7 was always kind of middling to me and I'm not interested in revisiting it either way. But just saying, the reason events happen differently in the new one is because it's not the same game and Sephiroth who has reset the timeline is trying to manipulate events to go differently in hopes of winning this time. I don't give many shits about FF7 but I do think it's a neat way to do a remake/sequel. But like I say, just ignore it if you want or consider it a non-canon part of the series. That's what I do with Star Wars these days which I can all but guarantee I have more of an attachment to than you do FF7. It's really not that hard.

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I was completely indifferent about this game until I heard about this. I honestly think the autistic story ghost shenanigans is a legitimately interesting twist. Specially because of the implications about other iconic aspects of the storyline

It's "meta". It's actually an "in-universe remake", which makes the game technically a sequel

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>When I started out, I did music for commercials, porn movies…
He said this in this 1994 interview translated by shmuplations.
Now the question is what were the adult movies he scored?

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When did he stop that and start making shit?

>> No.7345349

Almost any famous director started out doing porn as an entry into the business. Porn is a very good gateway to work up from sometimes.

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This makes me feel better knowing he did it too. I did a few R34 games before I got commissioned for a platformer.

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>We Had Sex With Yukina: Celtic Moon

>> No.7345419

inb4 "Anal Fantasy VII"

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ITT: we post only the coolest idle animations.

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That's so stressful for an "idle" animation

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Why didn't Jill just use... I don't know... HER FUCKING KNIFE?

>> No.7345248

shes the master of unlocking, not the master of unroping

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90% of puzzles in video games are stupid shit that could had been solved with raw violence or the liberal use of quadriceps and the posterior chain muscles.
Don't think when playing video games.

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this is why i play dwarf fortress now

>> No.7345309

>Why don't they just SHOOT the locks?

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Does this game suck or do I suck?

>> No.7345184

The latter

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You, hard.

>> No.7345331

This meme sucks

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It's a perfectly fine action adventure. You can play the story through in a single sitting, there's a few things to unlock or find and maybe a boss or two that make it hold your interest.
It's not a survival horror game and it's not a good Resident evil game.

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What is the best Castlevania song?
Me? It's Barkerville.

>> No.7345069

>anything besides Wicked Child
I shiggy diggy

>> No.7345095

love me some castlevania music


>> No.7345506

Dance of pales

>> No.7345514

Funny. I like the track right before that one


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How am I supposed to know which path is correct? Why does the game not give me any clues?

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Filtered? I beat the game 2 months ago. I can sit through shitty level design, but that doesn't mean I'm going to enjoy it.

>> No.7345483

To answer your question, I don't expect nor want games to be extremely easy and tell me every answer right off the bat, but a vague hint about taking the more dangerous path would have made those looping castles far more justifiable. I enjoy hard games but I don't enjoy stupid game design.

>> No.7345552

Only if you're retarded.
You're not retarded, are you?
Hell, the all-stars version has an unambiguous audio cue to let you know if you've fucked it up or not.

>> No.7345556

>I'm too retarded to figure out a simple puzzle.
Zoom zoom.

>> No.7345575

Literally jump twice, bro

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Meagan Marie claims we are getting "goodies"

>> No.7344878

I'm playing the first one right now, got to the level with the midas statue and took a break. Great game, looking forward to trying the rest and other games inspired by it like tiny bullets

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the best shooter game actually

>> No.7344874

its ok, kinda blends together into a forgettable mess outside of a handful of levels. Samey encounters and six keys lol

>> No.7344973

No, it doesn't. If you think this game is "samey" it's your own fault, because it means you have a very small sense awareness. Every level in this game is hand made and unique with such an execution that it puts most games to shame. I really wish that casuals and ignorant people like yourself would stop posting their low-effort "opinions" here, because I think it's fair to say that you contribute nothing to this board, and not a single person gets a smile or insight from what you waste your time writing here. Leave this place. Do something else. Let people who actually care about these topic be in peace.

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I like this game. I would have liked it more if the hitscanners weren't so obnoxious

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Blood, Thief and Doom (Hexen, Strife).

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So, this is Cranky Kong, "Lady"/Pauline (may not be the same one), and Jumpman, of which we haven't seen again besides a G&W game?

>> No.7344760

Correct, except Jumpman is canonically Mario.

>> No.7344875

Where does Doki Doki Panic fit into the canon? Is it a retcon?

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Ordinarily it doesn't matter if it's canon or not since it all took place in a dream, but it really depends on whether you take the BS Satellaview port as canon or not. It was presented as a sequel to Mario USA, and the story involves Mario and co. finding out that the Subcon they all dreamed of is a real kingdom (pic related).

>> No.7344924

Ah crap, I just realized you were literally asking about DDP. No, DDP isn't canon in the Mario series. Similar events may have happened to some random Arabian family, but it's got nothing to with Mario.

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