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better achive now. it's gonna be gone soon.

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is AVGN the origin of the "simon's quest is bad" meme?

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what is good about simons quest?

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graphics, music, gameplay minus some annoying parts?

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its cryptic, you need to grind, empty castles, its meh but yes music was good

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>start developing game in 2004 for dreamcast
>make $185,322 on kickstarter along with $150,000 from ouya
>use $10,000 of that for your hair transplant
>every single person quits your team
>still haven't refunded anyone
>ouya has died long before you've even shown signs of working on the actual game
>2015 release date slips by
>2017, 3 years since the kickstarter, still no game

Will Elysian Shadows ever see the light of day?
Is Falco Girgis /ourguy/ for ripping off dumb Dreamcast and Ouya fans?
Is he even shittier than Zoe and Anita, who he parties with?

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Hi /vr/, I am playing through the X series and I want to see all the bosses, so it's kind of confusing in some games where there are alternate/optional bosses. I don't think X1 had any but in X2 you can either fight the the X-Hunters in their basic forms or you can fight Zero. And then in X3 it seems you can fight Bit, Byte, and Vile in the middle of maverick levels, but if you beat them with their weaknesses you fight different bosses later. So what alternate bosses are there in the rest of the games?

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X2 - if you fight and defeat all three X-Hunters, you won't fight Zero. If you fail to defeat at least one, you have to fight Zero.
X5 - if you launch the shuttle or fire the laser early, you don't need to fight all the bosses
X6 - if you defeat Nightmare Zero, you can skip almost all of the bosses and just go to the final stage

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On X6, if you go past a certain ammount of Nightmare Souls (starting at 5000), bosses get stronger

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>Actually playing X6
I marathon'd the franchise and stopped at X5 cause it was bad and heard X6 is even worse

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Do you feel obligated to play "the classics"?

It seems weird to me when some says they enjoy games but has never played something like SMB. There are just some games out there that any fan of the medium should play at least once.

Post "classic" series you never played any games from.

I've never played any Tomb Raider, Quake, Crash, Spyro, or Fire Emblem. I only got around to playing Doom a year ago.

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That's not even relevant.

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There are people who deliberately avoid what they perceive as popular. This is one of the characteristics of a "hipster"

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CT goes by pretty quickly actually. like half of the content is optional sidequests.

and the main story quest is easily broken up into bits you can play in one sitting so you can play at a pace you're comfortable with.

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I was born in 84 so the classics were all I had as a kid. I can't name a single popular series I haven't at least tried, even sports titles.

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You need to get on Quake. And make sure that it has the original music playing, too. It's a creepy as fuck, gothic game to begin with, but with Trent Reznor's music playing in the background, it takes it up about 9 notches.

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>Make a platformer starring a super-fast animal with gameplay and advertising centered around getting from one place to another real fast
>Can only see ten feet ahead of you

Who designed this fucking thing?

Still one of the best platformers ever made.

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Jazz jack rabbit I played this game so much time. This is the best platformer of 90s

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JJ2 was much better.

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>tfw the 'community' won't release a 1080p patch because they fear 'hackers' despite the fact that everyone playing JJ is adult enough to not hack in a multiplayer game.

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Yeah but the first one had objectively better music. Mid-90s Epic games soundtracks simply can't be beat.

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>Make a platformer starring a super-fast animal with gameplay and advertising centered around getting from one place to another real fast
>Can only see ten feet ahead of you

Who designed this fucking thing?

Still one of the best platformers ever made.

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Building my first MAME cabinet. I scored a Golden Tee '99 cab from a local thrift store for only $25! It didn't work, that's why they let it go so cheap. Got it home, plugged it in, nothing. Luckily it had the keys with it, opened the back, and the plug was disconnected from the power supply. Plugged that back in and it worked!

Digging around in the cab, which was just plain black, I saw that it started life as a Killer Instinct. Was stoked, but alas, all that artwork was destroyed when whomever in the past converted it to the GT'99.

Decided to try to strip the paint off, and lo and behold, the original artwork was intact! Ordered a new OE marquee and CPO, some Happ controls, etc. Making big progress on it, I should be up and running in just a few more weeks. I got a JAMMA to USB interface and an ArcadeVGA to drive the W-G monitor.

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Please for the love of god OP don't be one of those guys who goes through all the effort of building a MAME cab but then slaps in a shitty 16:9 monitor unless you're planning on playing something like Street Fighter IV on it as well.

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Nope, read the post above yours: I'm keeping the original Wells-Gardner 24" horizontal monitor in it. I even bought a special video card so my PC could drive it natively.

I promise, I'm doing this right.

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I don't read that's gay nerd crap.

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enjoy your input lag nerd

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That's not a real issue unless you're trying to be one of the best players in the world. Don't even pretend you can tell the difference I will destroy you. You hear me bitch? DESTROY.

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Anyone have experience with snes chinese bootleg flash cart? Is it as good as sd2snes? If so where can I get one?

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it werks

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It works but sometimes it can take over a minute to flash a new rom while the sd2snes is always very fast. This and the sd2snes has just slightly higher compatibility

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It's an exact clone of an older version of the Super Everdrive which is a different product from SD2SNES. It only has a slight difference in a few components that make it incompatible with newer versions of the Super ED firmware so don't try to upgrade one.

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It works. You'll want to get a Class 10 card for it though, because sometimes it can be sssslllllooooowwww to load with any other type of card. Even with the Class 10, it still can often suck. I got a Sandisk Ultra 8GB, and that definitely helped over a standard SD card.

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>It's 1998
>You go to school
>You turn on the computer
>See this logo

What are you playing?

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Imagine your favorite game of all time is combined with the most recent game you played (which isn't your favorite.)

What are the results like?

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>a thread died for this

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Favorite game: Kings Field 2
Most recent game: Castevania SoTN
Still retro, and would play.

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>your favorite game of all time isn't retro

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Fave game: Suikoden 2
Most recent game: Mystic Ark
Sounds pretty comfy actually.

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Now that Mania is finally out and the dust is settling fast, I think that we can finally declare Sonic 1 as the undisputed best entry in the series, the patrician's choice.
Sonic 2, 3, S&K, CD (yes, fuck you plebs who don't understand tansaku-platforming gameplay) are all great, classic games. And Mania is, well, it's what Classic fans wanted, it's exactly that. I don't mean it to be a derogative, but it is a glorified ROMhack. A beautiful, top-tier ROMhack, the best ever.
But man, Sonic 1... it's still the perfect game.

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please sheathe your katana and adjust your gi sensei you're scaring me

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You haven't even seen my hattori level 4.
Anyway, really, giatto giuddo. Sonic CD allows you to go pretty fast and take the best routes once you stop sucking at it.

1>CD=2>the rest

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I'm not the guy you were initially responding to and I more or less agree with your flow chart. Have a nice day anon!

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>I don't mean it to be a derogative, but it is a glorified ROMhack
And that's bad why? Yeah it kinda sucked like half of Mania were just redone stages but the game is really good besides that. I just hope if they make a sequel it's nothing but new stages so I can finally get the Sonic sequel I've wanted since I was like 9.

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>fuck you plebs who don't understand tansaku-platforming gameplay

CD is not the same kind of game as Metroid and SOTN, and you're retarded for thinking it is.

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I just started playing Dungeon Master. Seems fun, but I am not very good at it. Any tips for someone new to the genre?

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Is this the best Sonic 2 Romhack?

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Thatd be like calling Justin Bailey edition the best Super Metroid rom hack

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Completely accurate?

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Hi guys. As you know for sure central and eastern europe didn't had nes but stuff called here famiclones (i.e Pegasus console). I also had one long time ago. Im looking for one game That i use to play but can't remember title, just some characteristics. Maybe you can help me.
Itss all just a bits i remember but maybe someone can figure it out.
>Japanese language
>plays kinda like metroidvania or ninja gaiden
>three characters with different weapons (might be more)
>part of a game takes place in mansion
>if one of your characters dies you can find them hidden in mansion to bring them back

Its not a lot but i cant remember more than that. Maybe someone here can help me

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Sweet Home?

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naah, i was told about this one before but my one had sideways view like marios or metroids

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tell me about the game gear, /vr/.
there has to be some obscure JRPG hidden gem on it, right? only good game on it that I know of that doesn't have a superior master system version is sonic triple trouble.

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Sonic Triple Trouble
MMPR: The Movie

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Theres the japan only Lunar: walkaround school (sanposuru gakuen or something). Havent played it though it sounds really easy

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>Released in English
Defenders of Oasis
Shining Force Gaiden II: The Sword of Hajya
Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe
Dragon Crystal (also on Master System)

>Japan-only, but unofficially translated
Sylvan Tale
Royal Stone
Shining Force Gaiden III: Final Conflict
Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special
Phantasy Star Gaiden (portuguese-only, afaik)

>Japan-only and untranslated
Eternal Legend
Lunar: Walking School
Madou Monogatari I
Madou Monogatari II
Madou Monogatari III
Madou Monogatari A
Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible
Shining Force Gaiden
Magic Knight Rayearth
Magic Knight Rayearth 2

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Im pretty sure the first Madou Monogatari has been fully translated

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Lunar Walking School
Madou Monogatari I
Phantasy Star Gaiden
Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict
have full english translations now

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vidya impressions


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ITT games that will never get translated

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bait thread
the hacker recently gave several updates on this project (about time too...)

>> No.4196830

Hahaha, cool thread.

(Reminds me of something...)

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it's already translated

bait thread

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The orphanage twist was fucking stupid.

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>Even Irving brings up how dejected he felt when they show up and no one else but him realizes something is wrong so he says nothing out of shame or some shit.

That is just a poor excuse to go along with everyone forgetting because of GF use.

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Except that one time.
And something before that.
And a few other times before that.
Not everybody is submissive as you.

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>existentialism out of nowhere

Vivi's story is "existentialism for dummies" and it started as soon as you reached the Black Mage Factory.

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Why does it sound like you all somehow played this game but were ready to review it the whole time you did -- no wonder it sucked for you you goddamn peasants

if you just went with the flow and excepted everything as it happened and suspended your own reality -- FF8 is incredibly interesting and has a LOT of character

Being able to break the junction system at the beginning is a plus for the game because then you can give yourself the luxury of paying attention to every little thing everyone says

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>he doesn't play the superior European version of every game

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>Playing Sonic at 5/6th speed


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>calls others pleb
>still eats their bait

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I play EU versions of all games I can find, but I hear sonic was improperly ported to PAL.

>> No.4197293

I play the US version of every game. Smaller in filesize because of language packs I'll never use not included and 60fps guaranteed instead of having to see if it's 50fps or not. Also OP is shitty bait

>> No.4197490

It wasn't ported to PAL. It is unchanged from the US release, that's why it is so obviously slow.

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I thought sonic team learned their lesson while making nights into dreams that free roaming in a complete 3D environment is horribly disorienting and difficult to control which is why they eventually set it along a 2D plane? then why did every 3D sonic since go back to the free roaming shit?

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it didn't though

>> No.4196769


But it did.

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sonic jam proves it works though

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Uh, Mario 64 anyone? Did you just pull in from 1995 or some shit?

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Is it worth emulating Sonic Jam just to play the 3D Sonic segment?

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