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is it still scary in 2019?

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Ah, heres the /vr/ i know and love

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And you're a fucking jew. /vr/ was never meant to be a racial battleground, but you did it, jew.

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I've leave that to you. There remain only a few loose ends to tie up, and then the struggle in which we have been engaged for thousands of years against the filthy goyim finally will be victorious, and we will be able to devour everything they have created, as Yahweh, the god of our tribe, has commanded us!

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I just wanted to talk about spooks friendo

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I'm looking for a site where I can find sprite rips or ending screen of PC-98 games, does anybody knows a site like that?

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I found one that ripped a bunch of shit out of the Brandish games.


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Are there any first person dungeon crawlers for the NES that auto-map, like Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey for the DS does?

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might and magic NES has an automap and pretty nice music

>Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey for the DS
is the 3DS one a nice remake

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I get that drawing the maps is part of the fun but sometimes I just am not in the mood to draw a map IRL while playing a game, but still in the mood to dungeon crawl.


Thanks, I'll check it out sometime.

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Play a newer game. They're way more fun.

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Megami Tensei and Megami Tensei II have a MAPPA spell which gives you an automap, but you have to cast it and use MP.

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remember if you're ever feeling down that A WINNER IS YOU!

also let's have a end game screen / credits thread

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You get cute honey

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You're Winner!


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>ITT: delusional boomers defend scanlines

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Pure superior beauty needs no defense.

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BASED scanlines! how could i EVER live without massive black lines through my game??! youre LITERALLY RETARDED if you dont love seeing this! i HATE CRISP HD PIXELS

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It's an aesthetic choice. You can have them if you want them, or remove them if you don't.

is only game, y u have to mad?

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What kind of kid would choose the boring salamander over this bamf?

How did I know in 1998 that bulbasaur was the objectively correct starter?

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Not best version Gaylord. Bulbasaur all the way

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I finished blue, defeated the elite 4, traded and indexed all 150, and was done with it before yellow and before mew came to the Mall of America. My older brother was still being a dork about it and bought the 2.B.A. Master CD.

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>>>/vp/ weeaboos.

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aren't they all basically puke green?

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I picked blue red. Why? I was a huge ninja turtles fan. That was literally the only reason.

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>great games that will never get a sequel or reboot
Fuck Street Shitters and Fuck Mortal Kum Sac

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I always thought she looked more hispanic than japanese

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but it got a sequel

on sega cd

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Fuck Virtua Fighter most of all. That game is the reason SEGA killed Eternal Champions off.

And two shitty spin-off games.

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Anyone feel like windjamming on Fightcade?

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Why would you emulate instead of playing the real games? The real hardware is so much better, not to mention it's literally how the games were meant to be played. It's not some approximation, it's the real deal.

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You read it idiot. See his repair log. It's all the arcade boards.

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I agree here. The NES doesn't have many issues outside the cartridge slot and the N64 seems near-indestructible.

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??? It's the real hardware experience without taking up all that space.

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>he doesn't know about the super nt

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Instant gratification of portability, no money, and access
I hope you actually know this and you're asking from a philosophical perspective
If so, that answer is = everybody on the planet has their own reasons

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>me when a meaningless score counter takes up screen real estate

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Nigga, you best be shitposting.

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No one cares about golden age arcade scoring, only drama.

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No, but caring enough about what others might think about it to ask is pretty autistic.

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The ps4 controller is actually really good so no

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no but you might be if you actually care

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No different than using a sega genesis controler on an atari 2600.
This coming from a namefag.

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No, because PS4 controller is basically the SNES controller, which is basically the NES controller with 2 extra buttons (which you don't even use). It's not as lame as playing with a keyboard, which is CLEARLY not what the developers intended.

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Ever haunted by a game you cannot remember the name of and cannot seem to find?

For me, it was a myst clone that came with some 10- or 20-pack of games from a scholastic book fair catalog (I got it around 2001-2003). In the game, you break into a facility and go thru a library, like pic related, and get into a time machine. From there, you could either go to medieval or egyptian times and solve "educational" puzzles.

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>(I got it around 2001-2003)
so are you saying your post is probably isnt retro?

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considering it's a myst clone, it's possible it could have been made before 2000.

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fair enough

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There are some early PC games I'm sure I'm never ever gonna find again and that's OK.

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it is a psx game about a man-tiger guy with a long chinese ponytail, and it was full 3D kind of like soul reaver

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Hey /vr/os, I'm looking for a specific and obscure PC game from the nineties.

The game had you operate two sticks (like Pong but single player) to guide metal marbles around the screen. The sticks were sort of magic wands. There were stone and wood blocks to break, but your aim was to break all the special "quiz" type blocks that looked different from level to level. One level had hearts. When you hit a special block with one of your marbles, a mathematic quiz would pop onto the screen. You were given 4 answer options that would float towards the edges of the screen in small bubbles, and you had to hit the correct one with either of your sticks. The goal of each level was to answer all the questions correctly.
There were hazards. Some blocks released enemies (for example knights) towards your sticks, and you had to move out of the way, or you lost a life. There were also effect blocks on the screen that could make your marbles go much faster for some time.
You could have multiple marbles on screen, but only losing the last one (missing it, again like Pong) made you lose a life. The game screen looked like stone or parchment, and had a fairytale book -like visual style.
The game had a fantasy setting. From what I can remember, there was an evil wizard antagonist (looked kinda like Yen Sid from Disney) and the protagonists were two young mages/elves, red and blue - hence the red and blue magic wands you controlled.
I'm from Finland and I'm pretty sure this game was dubbed in Finnish. If I remember correctly, this game was called "MATEMAAGIKUS" which obviously is a play on word mathematic, spelled more how you would spell it in Finnish. Perhaps this game was made in Scandinavia, Sweden or Denmark for example?
I can find absolutely nothing about this game in the internet. Any info would be appreciated.

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What's /vr/'s opinion on romhacks? Are they /vr/ at all? What's your favorite romhack

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Moemon patch if FireRed counts.
>Inb4 dirty furries.
Hey, I'm not the guy who draws beastiality doujins for pokeymans... I just like cute grills in my games.

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>Are they /vr/ at all?
We used to have a romhacking general here, though I don't know what happened to it.
As far as Pokemon is concerned you'd probably be interested in >>>/vp/39416772

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Not Pokemon in particular, just an image I had saved. My favorite Romhack is still SMB Adventure

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Sometimes hacks are necessary to fix shitty games. Super Ghouls n' Ghosts has a restoration hack that uncensors retarded american political corrects and removes slowdown. Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary hack makes that shitty game into a masterpiece.

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touhou puppet play 1.8 enhanced is pretty incredible

pokemon red++ is probably the best pokemon hack that exists

pokemon brown is weird and good for a laugh

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>only 10 characters, 3 of which are karate-gi head-swaps
>only 2 returning characters which are very similar in play-style
>select screen looks like shit
>no throw teching
>backgrounds dont fit the characters
>elenas rotoscoped animations look like shit
>hud looks like shit
>hit sparks look like shit

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It was pretty much the beta version, they released it incomplete to make more money. Its the same thing they do today.

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It was even worse originally. Ryu and Ken weren't even on it. IT did get quite better though, but 3rd Strike needed to keep all the previous versions stages.

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imagine comparing the first version of sf3 to the final version of ssf2t. anyway stfu retard

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New Generation: Soul
Third Strike: soulless

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Because at the time releasing a game with too many new characters would lead to players feeling overwhelmed, ten is already a lot, especially for someone completely new to SF. With games especially in the arcade you need to balance the barrier of entry with the complexity of the game. SF's philosophy is basically having 'generations' where 3 came out with many new players in mind and they were expected to follow the series from there.

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Love Dr. Mario and was never able to buy'n play the original Dr. Mario 64 due to PAL region skip.
What other games do you recall eluded your collection eons ago?

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Doshin the Giant is a game I've always been curious about, but neither it nor the Gamecube port for its way to America. I guess I could play the European release of the later, but I really don't care anymore.

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>When the final boss is easier than all the other bosses
Why is this so common in early games?

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Seems to me you haven't played too many "early games" in your life if you think this is common little zoom zoom

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>early games

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It's so amazing how few people play or beat the games they buy.

Like I beat the full boar puzzle game and loved it. Like only 5% of owners made it out the game and 99% completion is like .01% literally all you need to do is play the game.

>> No.5744738

That was almost thirty years ago niggers. You think people were putting quotes around "early" when talking about SMB in 2010?

>> No.5744748

>Why is this so common in early games?
It's not. There are plenty of NES games where the final boss is harder then everything else in the game.

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What do you guys think about having to use guides/faqs to assist in getting by certain parts in a game?

currently playing Phantasy Star 1 my introduction to the series. I dont have the original game manual and some things needed to advance are quite odd/not so apparent. Is spending countless hours wondering around and grinding part of the genuine experience?

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>I dont have the original game manual
Get that first before guides maybe?

>> No.5744539

You should try not to use guides, but if you're getting frustrated at a game for being too obtuse you should probably just go ahead and use one.

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smoke weed

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>Is spending countless hours wondering around and grinding part of the genuine experience?

When that game was released no one would have given a single fuck if you used a guide to progress through the game. The bias against guides is something that about in the last 20 years.

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