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Does anyone else know about these things? Or have they only found their way into the eastern european hellhole I'm in? It had lots of yellow cartridge games which were mostly knockoffs of popular games, there was literally a game where Spiderman was green. I just can't make sense of the design, even 19 years later.

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Also this is how it came in the box, it even had a fucking duck hunt knockoff game as well.

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It was the summer of 1991 and I was freshly out of the ninth grade... Things had been AWESOME. I was gearing up to play high school football in my tenth grade year. All my best friends lived right down the street from me and we were all playing the almighty Sega Genesis in our downtime: things couldn't have been any better.

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I want to forget, I would pay anything to not remember, and I drank myself to black out every night of my 20s to stop the memories. I don't want nostalgia.

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Cut to 92. My older brother, the guy I idolised was a crack ridden monster. I was only in the 10th grade but thanks to PSAs and reminders from William Sessions, erstwhile FBI director - I knew drugs were wrong. My older brother however, was totally in the thrall of crack cocaine. At first, it was the TV. I had to take my genny and SOR 2 over to my friends house to play. Then, one fateful afternoon, my genny was swiped too. My brothers sneering face, by now warped by addiction was unusually animated as he repeatedly denied selling it for another hit. A year later, my bro was clean and we had a super Nintendo. Shit was so cash

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What makes a vidya location feel alive and lived in to you?

Post an example if you can.

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What is the /vr/ approved way of playing Super Mario Bros. 3?

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It's what the devs intended.

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Doesn't Wii U version have input lag?

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Time travelling back to 1988 and buying a sealed copy from the store, and then playing it through RF on the shittiest TV possible.

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i remember playing SMB2 with one of those RF to antenna adapters on a black and white TV that looked alot like this

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What was the inspiration for Birdo (formerly Ostro)?

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Suicide victims

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Birdo is trans like Poison and Reiko from Ridge Racer.

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Reiko ain’t tranny

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Here comes the soon-to-be a suicide victim.

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what is it about the NES that makes the carts so unreliable? ive never had to clean a gbc, snes, n64, ds, or any memory card to make it work. but NES i always have to clean the carts with alcohol or something. regardless of the system they all look the same, brass coated connections on the cartridge and nickel coated metal fingers in the system to make a connection, but NES is the only one that isnt reliable

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The 72 pin connector on the original model has pins that wear out or loose connection with the cart pins other ways (dirty contacts). The top loader model is by far the best version but lacks composite out unless modded. It’s usually not the cart but the 72 pin connector if the cart contacts are clean

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After 35 years of boomer spit coating the connector in the console and a variety of cartridges, the games and consoles are in need of some thorough cleaning. After you clean the games retension and clean the connector, using a game insert and eject it a handful of times and clean off any excess shit. Clip the reset line on the lock out chip and your system should work fine enough to the point you only need to eject and re-insert games at worst 2 or 3 times.

Now that we know how shitty it is to blow on the cartridge, we can keep the games going just fine with basic maintenance.

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My n64 carts are the worst in my collection. NES and SNES load instantly. Gotta blow and reinsert the carts for my 64 sometimes 4-5 times for some games.

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The anti piracy Authenticator Chip they used had insanely high standards, so it’ll refuse to boot a game that is reading mostly okay because it thinks that partly bad read is because of a pirated game.
The top loader works more reliably because they didn’t put that chip in it.

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> ive never had to clean a gbc, snes,

Had to constantly blow on my carts as a kid on my SNES

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Imagine being the company that was only known for making DuckTales 2 and nothing else

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>Make Software
>they make software

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I never knew this.

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Now that I saw we had a Pokemon theories thread,d I was thinking about maybe having a Mario thread!
What are some of your mario theories or secreets? glitches are allowed

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>inb4 some braindead idiot says mario punches yoshi in the head to make him eat stuff

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mario and luigi are brothers
just a theory though idk

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So you like AZURE DREAMS?

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yes, very. although its quite hard without a guide. corrupted my save file by shutting off the ps1 back then, never recovered from the trauma.

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never heard of it, but that is a 10/10 character design.

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I have a project in mind, that is to write a 4chinz browser for zx spectrum.
It would use spectranet cartridge which has SOME popularity, and would need an intermediate proxy which I already wrote. Pretty common emulator Fuse also supports it, so those without a real machine still would be able to shitpost from it.
I need help from people with pixel art skill to come up with UI for it, which I will use as front end for the thing.

I desined the thing pretty much as DashChan which supports several backends, of which could be some like 4chan, telegram, r*ddit etc, and new backends would require no changes on speccy side.

If anything there's no need in email or anything, just post your pngs with correct palette https://lospec.com/palette-list/zx-spectrum and I would use it.

Like I said I have backend but have ZERO artistic vision, so would aplreciate any help
> picrandom

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This sounds like an amusing but pointless project, also it's completely off topic.

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Homebrew for retro systems is explicitly on topic, stop being gay

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How is this off topic? Where are programs for speccy are discussed? What board is on topic for this?
> having a reason to do anything

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Screens I have in mind. I can try draw them myself but I know it would look retarded.
1. Some kind of animation welcome screen for the program, like "channels" in art or whatever
2. Channel selection screen, as proxy provides names descriptions and icons for them, eg 4chan or 2ch
3. Boards list within channel, aka diy o vg etc
4. Board catalog / thread list
5. Thread screen. This this the toughest. Like how every post looks like.

Should I have some luck and get some help from you guys, I'd post a github repo later on.

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>grow up playing Chip's Challenge on win95
>find out as an adult that it's actually a really shitty port of the original Atari ST / Amiga / C64 versions of the game

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It could be worse. I had it on the fucking Lynx.

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Wasn't the Lynx version a good port?

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Honestly yeah it wasn't even that bad

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It's even updated a bit.
Grab the source codes, compile and have fun

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I’m retarded, how do I compile this?

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can you play at arbitrary framerates yet

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Why is this and the first DS harvest moon the best games in the series? All games before these 2 were boring/small scale, and all games after were garbage. The series had so much potential.

Are there any other ones worth playing?
>AWL was fun as a kid but doesn't really hold up

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SNES one has the best graphics, but the two last season/months are really "nothing to do the game", sadly. The gba is really the best game.
>All games before these 2 were boring/small scale, and all games after were garbage
The Doraemon one was fucking great, not /vr/ though.

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I tried to play these games and it just felt so fucking lame. It's one of the worst genres. Same with The Sims.

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isnt this one of those games for women?

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I mean, it's literally just a GBA port of the Playstation game, so how can Back to Nature be boring or small scale compared to its remake?

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That's the other one "More Friends of Mineral Town" which is the girl version of pic related. Harvest Moon: FoTM is just basically a farmer simulator and many people in developing country would easily relate to. I still wonder how people "finished" this though, I have played it a couple of time and always got bored by the time I got into years 3 or 4.

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did you beat him on your first try?

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Pretty sure I did not.

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Fuck no. I didn't beat most of the punch out characters on the first try.
Basically everyone past piston Honda can blindside a new player

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I beat everyone up to BB on my first try and then it took me 4 tries, that bull charge is tricky. Though thanks to him I know Great Tiger like the back of my hand.

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Never beat any of the characters on the first try.

Well, maybe Glass Joe :)

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Yes but I had beaten Super Punch Out before starting Punch Out.

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>we don't get this masterpiece in the land of the free
>instead they give us some shitty sports games and a NES port of Choplifter, an old-as-the-hills Apple II game everyone had already played in the school computer lab
>oh, and replace Clarice with some random jerk in the North American localization of City Connection
You suck, Jaleco. You really, really suck.

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ZetaGames' review of Momoko is a classic and I thought that one hasn't been translated yet?

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I unironically like Choplifter.

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Choplifter is great, you shut your whore mouth.

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they probably would have censored the bikini chick on the title screen anyway

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Only played 4 and 5 so far

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PSP version sucks, and so does the music patch.

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Persona? Where's personb?

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3, 4, and 5 brought in the most insufferable nu-/a/ faggotry that infected every corner of the internet and games in the most reddit way possible. If you advocate that crap, or play that crap, you are the cancer that is killing our interests. You validate the dogshit trend in modern japanese entertainment and the most annoying traits that salaryman otaku despised.

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>im a lonely faggot i love dick mmmmmhhhhrrrrr dumb faggot thats me
we didnt need to know

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Or maybe they're just good games and you need to stop being a salty faggot

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Or are you too young to remember a time when you got your news from print media rather than online?

For me, it was pic related, before graduating onto Official Playstation Magazine and then GamesTM

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No one ever got told to get lost more than him. If ever anyone wondered whether the neckbeard was real before Reddit and here, pic related.

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Ohhh, that's not the stuart Hardy my search returned it was a classical composer lol.
But yeah he's pretty triggered by crappy amorphous little blobs kek

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Times were tough back then for comic book fans.

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I think my first mag was some Euro mag with Mario 3, but I had a ton of Nintendo Power.
Tried to get every PSM I could find second hand.
I also picked up some others depending on the cover.

Pic is the first NP I bought.

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I did and I still do read them.

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Too expensive. Too much FMV crap. Almost like a better Sega CD but worse at the same time.

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It actually has some decent games.

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The original Panasonic model looks really cool!

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It needed one of these.

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The games suck more than the console itself. There's a couple "gems", but you could as easily emulate and hold a 3rd party 3/6 button for the same experience. Could probably get something resembling a homebrew cult if someone could produce anything for the expansion ports. There's no region or copy coding, but the Jap models have extra language text. Probably useless if you're not a weeabo, but I haven't played any of the Japanese games so I dunno.

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Is it possible to enjoy the Sonic series if you didn't grow up on the arcadey mindset that was so prevalent at the time?
As someone who was born in the mid 90s and grew up on the PS1, I could never get into the type of shorter, simpler games that are designed for multiple playthroughs. Is Sonic in general just not for me?

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>Is it possible to enjoy the Sonic series if you didn't grow up on the arcadey mindset
Who knows? Why not give it a try?
>As someone who was born in the mid 90s and grew up on the PS1, I could never get into the type of shorter, simpler games that are designed for multiple playthroughs
PS1 had a fuckton of those games. Until the end of the Dreamcast, those consoles were getting a lot of arcade ports. The date you were born in and the console you grew up with are not the reason you are not into those kind of games, it's something else.
>Is Sonic in general just not for me?
Is Sonic in general just not for me?

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Born 94 btw

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because asking "will I like this" is a stupid question

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What are some games you liked growing up?

>PS1 had a fuckton of those games.
I'm well aware, but those games never appealed to me. I don't see the point of playing the same 30-minute long game over and over when I could go on a sprawling adventure.

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I think games in general aren't for you.

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