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Hey /vr/, I bought this bad boy on Steam and now I want to give it a try. Any recommendation ? Which edition should I play, Special ?
Also should I buy a joystick, and if yes, which one is the best ? thanks

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I heard the GOG version is better, also yes you definitely want to play it with a joystick. It's a flight simulator, not a shoot them up

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>every single dogfight is just <cut throttle and turn>

Prepare for a lot of repetitive gameplay.

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Win98 Special Edition is still the best. If you want the IMUSE sound, there's a mod that rigs it in,

And as a matter of fact you do need a joystick/flightsitck/pad to play.The game wont start without one being connected.

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how do hardware fags cope with the fact that an average NTSC SNES game has around 58 ms of input lag on original hardware (~70ms PAL) whereas you can achive <50ms using emulation? As progress in emulation continues, Input lag is being reduced every year for consoles. How do these depressed hoarders cope, besides trying to brag about their collections online and pointing out small graphical glitches in emulation?

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Person* phone autocorrect

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You seem far to bitter about people owning stuff. Also remember, not everyone is a "hoarder" or even a collector. Some of us just kept the consoles and games we had back in the day and never sold them.
Anyways, the answer to your question is, these games were playtested on console and CRTs by the devs so whatever input lag there may be was had into account, except for the PAL unless the games were european.

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Except the games were made with those conditions in mind and are best played in their original conditions.

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Jelly thread?

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I love that emufags are so desperate for an argument they use "less input lag than original hardware" as fodder.

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What Retro 3D fighters have you played recently. I busted out a copy of VF Kids for some reason. It was fun.

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what's all the fuss about this? is it that good?

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Sure. Not your mom good, but good

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It was a novel idea for the time.
The US release is unnecessarily hard compared to the Japanese version.
Or maybe the Japanese version is baby-tier, either way there's a big disconnect in difficulty.

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Way better than Ristar, which was a good-looking boring game by Sonic Team’s loser b-team.

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yes, its better than most platformers on genesis

also has a lot of weird and cool stuff and tons of bosses

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Who were some creators from the demo scene who ended up making good games on mainstream consoles? I can recall Factor 5 and Argonaut. Also the guys who did The Adventures of Batman and Robin for the Genesis.
Were there any others?

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Welp, time to watch second reality I guess.

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Those dudes who made that winter olympics game for the SNES?

It's kind of an annoying to see cool demoscene shit but have the disappointment of its non-interactivity. It seems like there was wasted potential from that era in that demoscene tech wasn't sufficiently exploited in games.

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Super Mario

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I told you janitors to stop deleting my threads, but you don't listen. And as for you moderators, you are really starting to tick me off.
I have received an overwhelming amount of complaints about your gross negligence and baffling incompetence.
Consider this your notice of termination. You are all fired. Your ties with 4chan/channel are officially severed. YOU ARE BANNED.
Good riddance to you.

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they must be paralyzed with fear

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What's your favorite Top Gear game?

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.adobe illustrator uses vector based graphics for fonts.
So you can print smooth lines
.where as Adobe Photoshop uses pixels for font where if you print you font in photo shop your lettering gets a Minecraft look.

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Does it play TEMPEST and polybius the two vector base games?

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Yes we found the new sega saturn the vectrex system.

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Actually the games for it don't look that good it's the overlay giving the crazy colors.

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Meaning like how the early MK games the ai later on would read your button inputs making the game a lot harder.

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Smash TV-a game that whose designers initially made it impossible to beat without dying, or more to the point, unfair so it took more quarters, but were pressured by good players to "complete" the game. It's a long story, but fascinating. I think "Midway Arcade Treasures" covered it in the bonus videos. I think it's a small miracle that they put extra lives in the arcade game and they said they almost didn't.

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Every arcade game was designed to take your quarters.

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Killer Instinct. Especially the first one because the game will give the ai opponents an unfair damage buff advantage. That's probably just on extra hard difficulty since I don't play below that, but it is funny watching attract mode Thunder vs Spinal and seeing one of them lost one life bar in less that 5 seconds.

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Literally every fighting game. MK2 and SFA3 are notorious for being quarter eaters.

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There was this "Punisher" game that I was addicted to. I used to play it at a bowling alley when I was like 8 or something. I did a tiny bit of research on it but turned up something else. It was fun as fuck and I don't know if it had an official title.

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Which abandoned translation hurt the most?

For me, gotta be the love-de-lic games and their constant start and stops. Major props to the translators and programmers involved, but the process toys with my emotions every time

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No translation I have wanted has been abandoned, no one has even bothered attempting them. I'll never play any Power DOLLS game beyond the first.

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Not /vr/, but probably Fate/Extra CCC.

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The ones that aren't abandoned.
It hurts to see people play a game with shit translation. Especially when idiots come up defending them because it "helps understand what's going on" even though it's largely made up.

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Tales of Destiny for ps2 and all those other Tales of... I find most of these games rather tedious but it really SUCKS nonetheless

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Segagaga never



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This game is pretty fun, I don't usually play schmups but it is pretty fun figuring out which powerups will help you get through the corridors, it feels more like breaking the game though.

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>"This game was actually much easier in Japan. Usually it's the opposite!"

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So how many of you guys play retro games because you like them and how many of you are just here so you can pretend to feel special about something?

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i thought mm2 was the exception?

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I'm stuck in the Phazon mines in Metroid Prime, and I recognize its use of the Metroidvania tropes, but the 3D controls make it feel so clunky. I've been trying to finish the game since 2011 and I'm not sure if I care enough.

In all my years of gaming, the only Metroid games I have finished were all 2D, save for Other M. It just feels right that way.

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The game is tailored around the OG controls, not Wiimote controls. Also, you are going to want to play Prime 2 on GC than Wii.

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That's some hideous art
Checks out

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>That's some hideous art
Here you go, buddeh

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>That art
Why did they draw her as La Goblina?

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Any one who uses this buzzword outs themselves as having double digit IQ.

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Remember this game? Haha

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This game is to Final Fantasy 7 what Go-Bots are to Transformers.

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It wasn't as fun or interesting as FF7.
It okay. You know. Barely ok. I would buy it if I had an old console.
But Would I would not go out of my way to play it.
I would definitely buy it if it was on steam though.

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Weak story, but good gameplay.

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I’ve been googling for freaking AGES on this but haven’t found any clues in the chan archives or elsewhere so anon you are my last hope. So I’m on retrowithin and I was following the lost japanese games collection from BakuDD before it was leaked but I didn't download that much. My question is... where’s the “Localized Games” folder that he had up? It was mostly western games like Deus Ex and shit but towards the end he started including a bunch of Korean>Japanese rarities like War of Genesis and I’m super interested in these but I never got around to downloading them and now it’s too late. I was wondering if anyone had torrents or mega links for the folder because I haven’t seen any reference to it anywhere outside of the original thread and I thought his entire mega folders were leaked but apparently not. I would ask on rw but I’m too embarrassed to ask there.

Ps I don’t remember if he had uploaded The Alius yet or not but if he did can someone please link me to that too.

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probably got all of his daddy's memories

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When you think about it, as he grows he's simultaneously consuming and crushing the rotting corpse of his father. That's kinda fucked up.

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it's kinda freudian

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Uhhhhh, guys?

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You sound like a whiner 12 years old.

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Only reason why it sold so well in Brazil is the fact sega was still producing games for it up to 1996.

A lot of game gear games got ported to Brazil for the master system.

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I will always call him Robotnik until my dying day. Eggman is a fucking stupid name.

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Master System-accept it. Or don't and kill yourself.

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Whining whiner-head.

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A catastrophe in Mario.
His enemy acts hatefully,but many enemies have different answers. For example, when a police officer is safely entering his shell, Goba flows and catches it and its shell is used as a Mario shell. Projects can be isolated from the wall to destroy other enemies, but they also benefit from Mario, to be hurt or killed. Other enemies like water and sharp enemies will not revive and hurt, no, not their players. Mario will jump over and hit the enemies. Mario gets a spirit from many places when he gives the color of the change of the Super Mario bird, and he throws the ball. If Mario hits some hidden or unexpected figure, the star is no more in common. It is a temporary danger that allows them to overcome the enemy of communication.

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Looks like running something through babelfish and then back to English. Just another noise thread.

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My dad works at Nintendo and he told me when a police officer is safely entering his shell, Goba flows and catches it and its shell is used as a Mario shell. Projects can be isolated from the wall to destroy other enemies, but they also benefit from Mario, to be hurt or killed. Other enemies like water and sharp enemies will not revive and hurt, no, not their players. Mario will jump over and hit the enemies. Mario gets a spirit from many places when he gives the color of the change of the Super Mario bird, and he throws the ball. If Mario hits some hidden or unexpected figure, the star is no more in common. It is a temporary danger that allows them to overcome the enemy of communication.

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lol probably the best use of the dad works at nintendo meme iv'e seen

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>the enemy of communication.
yeah i think that's you bud

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so what bootleg did you pull these quality sentences from

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Went through the entire fucking game thinking Janine was a playable character. Fuck you /vr/.

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