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>Babylonian Castle Saga
>Tower of Druaga
Classic fantastical name, inspires a lot of vivid imagination of swords, sorcery, myth and mystery.

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Classic mousey name, evokes powerful and dynamic imagery of mice jumping on trampolines

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Just finished Metal Gear Solid 2. Holy fuck.
At first, I was disappointed by the missing cast and having to play as some random twink instead of snake. I liked the gameplay, but it was a bit fast, and more difficult that MGS. Using FPS mode with a controller feels like shit, as always, but I kinda got used to it. The Fatman fight was so kino. I was really enjoying it, but hoping I'd get to play as Snake. EE's death really fucked me up. They specifically gave her traits, phobias, to trigger a paternal instinct to protect, as well as make the player bond with her after witnessing her vulnerabilities and carrying her around like a child and holding her hand. Fuck. That's evil game design and something you can only do with games. I actually started crying with Otacon. The game just got a lot heavier all of a sudden, it was legit depressing. I was like "let's just finish this", and the game somehow goes 4D. The AI sequence is the most horrifying gaming experience I had. At this point, I really got invested into Raiden and Rose's relationship, because I could relate to Raiden and this sudden change was haunting. I started questioning everything, it was like a fever dream, Snake appearing gung-ho in his classic getup, handing you a katana, the game suddenly turning into an action movie, the surreal fight with Rays - everything is deliberately designed to make you doubt anything you see. Snake's "infinite ammo", Japanese hi-tech armor straight out of a cyberpunk setting for no reason, and they deliberately made everything feel more "gamey". It was like a parody of metal gear at this point. The situation was orchestrated by Ocelot and Patriots, it's a simulation, the in-game events might be an in-universe VR simulation, the real game Metal Gear Solid 2 in our world is literally a simulation. I was questioning everything until the final battle. What a battle, too, the music's amazing. It was scary. I can see why everyone keeps sucking Kojima's dick. Genius.

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It's just so fucking masterfully designed. Everything is deliberate, calculated, thought-out thoroughly. I don't even have anything else to say, it's beautiful. You know the thing Snake and Raiden say about art and passing it on to the next generation? This piece of art is worth being passed on just like that. Fucking GOAT

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yeah, by the way, why the fuck does raiden have such a nice female ass
not a faggot or anything haha

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You're a slowpoke, OP. Yeah, MGS2 is my favorite game of all time, but after MGS3, if you keep playing anything Kojima made, it becomes more and more apparent he was simply at the right place, at the right time, surrounded by the right people, especially during MGS2's development. Not only MGS4 undermines everything 2 did, his writing dropped off a cliff permanently. People love to downplay Fukushima's contributions but it's crystal clear Kojima can't do shit without him and probably other key members that were there at the time.

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Very much. MG2 MSX is basically MGS in 2D and that's damn impressive.

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>evil game design
There's haptic feedback, too, when she takes your hand, or climbs onto your back

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>boss has a huge glaring weak spot
Good game design or no?

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it's okay

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For a children's game, it is good design.

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What do you think of it /vr/?

Playing this for the first time after finally beating and enjoying Fallout 1. So far it's much smoother in terms of gameplay, although it seems like you miss a lot more even with 10 Agility.

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It's one of my favorite games of all times. It took Fallout 1, multiplied the content by 4, improved the balance and difficulty, and added a lot of new themes and lore to the universe. I also liked the more civilized atmosphere.

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FO2 has a way harder and more strange difficulty curve.

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After a couple playthroughs it's rather easy though. The biggest filter is learning to survive the early game random encounters.

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After a couple playthroughs it's rather easy though. The biggest filter is learning to survive the early game random encounters, which there are a lot of tricks to help with.

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Too much combat and encounters in a game where the combat gameplay is already really bad. Speedhacks help, but that doesn't really justify the original game.
Lots of 90s humor which didn't age well.
Economy is really fucked and the game pretty much just starts dumping high value weapons on you really early.
Some annoying design decisions like getting your ear chomped off in the boxing questline, which is really easy to just not notice since it's just a small text line in the useless box in the bottom left. This means loading a save to basically reroll the Tyson fight over and over until you get a fight in which he doesn't eat your ear.

I couldn't finish it and I just tapped out pretty far into it. I'll do it again at some point.

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We can all agree this is the worst part of Super Star right?

Anytime Kirby goes away from being linear platformer, it fumbles. See also: Amazing Mirror.

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This is the greatest Kirby game ever.

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sure, but TGCO is the worst part of the greatest Kirby game

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Nope. Only Kirby 64 comes close to this level of greatness.

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I like milky way better but I dunno man all the super star parts are good. CVO is super memorable and fun to me, and it's comfy as a sort of metroidvania. Not too long, has some challenge, great bosses, and finding the treasures, while useless, is fun with all the different motifs they have, it's more than just collecting random mcguffins.

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Kirby 64 is literally only saved by combining abilities. That's the only thing that keeps it from being as boring as KDL3

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is putting heat sinks in retro hardware yet another meme perpetuated by e-celebs?

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They do get hot and this was known to be an issue when they were new. Supposedly that Swedish guy who brought the NES to Sweden wanted to import Intellivisions originally but wasn't happy with them for several reasons, including their known thermal issues.

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You'd be surprised

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the Intellivision II/III were better than the original model as they had modernized ICs that ran a lot cooler

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As for the Genesis, some components in the M1 are HMOS which gets somewhat warm but the M2/M3 are all CMOS chips that don't get above room temperature.

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>old consoles work fine as intended for decades without any meddling

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Mario 3 on a cheap Plug 'n Play console

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Would you rather have tippa?

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time is running out for hoarders of decaying plastic. over time all the chips in your 30 year old garbage will get hotter and hotter until they burn out like a light bulb and you'll have no choice but to emulate and join the rest of us in the 21st century.

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This is now a Sonic thread

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This game sucks.

Castlevania I and III are great, classic Nintendo games, but for Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, the game designers obviously were not thinking straight.

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What a diarrhoea fuck up my ass.

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>start key
>not start button
that's soulful, kino, and all the other meme words

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>not using EXMU GRM3 UJ2U T7RG to begin at day zero at level 6 with the flame whip
problem, shitty game?

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This game sucks, Mario & Luigi 1 and 3 are great classic Nintendo games, but for Mario & Luigi 2: Partners in time, the game designers obviously were not thinking straight.

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This is like in simon's quest when you have to kneel for the tornado (repeat x200)

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what the fuck

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No it doesn't, look at the position of the jets in the spritework. If it was a tower-like structure then the jets would be obfuscated from the perspective of the map screen

>> No.9036952

>space is straight up
>this means ships must be vertical

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It's not great pixel art.

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Bad game, bad art. Toriyama is a hack,

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Thoughts on skate or die, anons?

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I just remember the Rob Hubbard killer soundtrack on the Commy version

>> No.9036726

I always played half pipe mode

>> No.9036823

The music is fucking sick.

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>The guy in the Skate or Die 2 cover is the guy who plays black metal shit as Leviathan.

Funny, I always thought he looked like Jason Newsted from the Load era.

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Cool title but game is a mess.

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>Daikatana is one of the worst FPS of all time

Is there a bigger sign that someone is a shitter who doesn't play games and just parrots others opinions? It's not very good but far from being the worst.

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There is still one level where the AI is totally incompetent even with the patch. I had to guide Superfly through the entire level by shooting him with the Ballista (he was invincible), but it was fucking hilarious.

>> No.9037097

The shitty parts are what made the game memorable, like >>9037086. Sometimes it's fun to embrace the jank.

>> No.9037098

and there's nothing wrong with that if the core gameplay was better

it was a mediocre game but made decent with patches

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Daikatana's core gameplay was good though. It's essentially Quake 2.
If you want to talk about a truly mediocre FPS with worse AI, movement, and weapon feel than Daikatana, look no further than pic related.

>> No.9037117

I include the AI as core gameplay, since it's one of its major mechanics.
You are correct though otherwise.

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What did you think about the Samurai Champloo PS2 game? It was developed by Grasshopper Manufacture (Killer7, No More Heroes) and they could not use any music from the anime outside the OP, so Masafumi Takada had to do 30+ tracks that sound as close as the anime as he could play.

>> No.9036646

>Samurai Reddit: Downvoted
it's garbage, after watching the tranime which was decent and kinda enjoyable to be fair (Lofi music sucks btw) i discovered it had a PS2 game and it was directed by the hack Suda51 which made me skeptical because most of his games are awful, but hearing people praising this game made me curious, perhaps it's one of the few Suda51 good games like Killer 7 so i gave it a try and oh boy i should have known it's trash
this isn't an Samuria Champloo video game directed by Suda51, this is a typical ''style over substance'' Suda51 game with the IP of Samuria Champloo sticked to it
the gameplay is awful i didn't like the clunky controls or the stupid combos, i couldn't enjoy it at all
if you a big fan of the tranime and wants to see the story then watch a playthrough, if you are interested in the gay music then listen to it on Youtube, because this game isn't worth playing by yourself

>> No.9037130

I played a couple hours of it. The combo system is odd but not bad, it's not GhM's worst action game.

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>"Zelda, Duke Onkled is under attack by the evil forces of Gannon! I'm going to Gamelon to aid him"
Makes it sound like they were a smaller allied kingdom or just under their sphere of influence
My question is - in Wand of Gamelon we do see other people who got captured during the expedition, but not in Faces of Evil. Did Harkinian go in there solo?

>> No.9036693

>Makes it sound like they were a smaller allied kingdom or just under their sphere of influence
Just like Ordon in Twilight Princess, then.

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>Your majesty, /v/ and his minions have taken over /vr/

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Can we have a /shmup/ thread? I have finally got my MAME updated and running Batsugun, DDP1-3, Bakraid, Twinkle Star Sprites, etc. Has anyone been content with emulation where it was enough to sell your Saturn or Switch?

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The Switch has a lot of great non-/vr/ shmups so you shouldn't sell it, pic very much related.

>> No.9036980

You can emulate this though.

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what is it with shmups and dad rock references

>> No.9037032

they're called dadshit for a reason

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Is /vr/ good at button mashing?
You don't use Turbo controllers, right?

>> No.9036561

I only (s)mash the like buttons for the longplays I watch. Does anybody actually play games in this board? Creepy.

>> No.9036568

controller with turbo buttons is literally all dendi had

>> No.9036569

I'm really good at doing that technique where you vibrate your hand and hit the same button super fast. Used to always help people with stuff like the torture sequence in Metal Gear Solid. But I have a feeling it was bad for my hand, because it feels a bit arthritic now. Maybe unrelated, but I doubt it helped so I don't do it as much anymore.

>> No.9037052

I use turbo controllers when available. Although a lot of the games I play have auto-fire built-in.

>> No.9037217

Games are my property and I cheat every way that's possible.

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Spotted any good deals on the Steam summer sale, /vr/?

Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption is going for three bucks. Does the Steam version have any bugs?

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Maybe Postal 2 cause it might get another update/DLC down the line.

>> No.9036987

>buying old games on steam that are never configured to run on modern OS
>buy old games on steam that were already broken from the time they released
>buying 20 year old games where not a single penny goes to the original devs
Everyone get in here, OP is being a faggot again.
And during the non-summer sales, they go for even cheaper. As in, nothing at all.

>> No.9037001

Im a physical pc coomlector fag, but if i was going to ever get a digital copy, id just fucking pirate it.

>> No.9037008

Unreal tournament (the og, no one plays 2004 anymore)
Unreal World, but only if you want to support the dev
Command and conquer

>> No.9037084

Age of Mythology, it can be fun to play online.

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what's a good gamepad for retro gaming? I already got a ds4 but the d-pad is too squishy for me. I'm going to sell it and i want something with two sticks in the lower part like ds4 but with a clicky d-pad.

>> No.9036474

Sn30 pro+.

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DualSense. Clicky d-pad but it isn't the retarded cheap micro switch clicky like Xbox like pic related.

>> No.9036494

Literally any PS3 or PS4 controller, you can connect it via usb or bluetooth and use things like DS4Windows to make the computer think that it's an Xbox controller, and it will work with everything.

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File: 3.25 MB, 4032x3024, 20220614_193601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's your controller bro

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2nd batch of games have been revealed.

>1st stream
Bonanza Bros.
Fantasy Zone [Port]
Magical Taruruto-kun
Popful Mail [CD]
Shining Force CD [CD]
Shining and the Darkness
Silpheed [CD]
Sonic the Hedgehog CD [CD]
Thunder Force IV
Virtua Racing
The Mansion of Hidden Souls [CD]
>2nd stream
After Burner 2
Columns 3
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
Night Striker [CD]
Ninja Warriors [CD]
Out Run
Puzzle & Action Ichidant-R
Splatterhouse 2
Star Mobile [Port]
StarBlade [CD]

What does /vr/ think?

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>even though the japanese script already exists because of the other versions

The Playstation 1 port is the closest version to the Sega CD Snatcher in terms of content.

>> No.9036976

I can already download all of these.

>> No.9036978

>Virtua Racing instead of Virtua Racing Deluxe (32X) is cringe

They are not doing 32x emulation for the Genesis Mini 2.

>> No.9036985

There's no lightweight, open source Jaguar emulator yet, and they're not going to put the time into doing it themselves.
These companies don't make their own emulators, they rely on stuff people have already made for free.

These boxes are just display cases for the emulators and roms you already have.

>> No.9037029

Is this releasing internationally?
>Sonic the Hedgehog CD [CD]
This better stay the JP version, or at least have a toggle.
Virtual Jaguar?

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If you pay over $10 for this game you're a fucking retard. Why the fuck is this game almost $60 now?

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File: 2.97 MB, 550x310, sneed is cringe2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9036820

God DAYUMN this game is so fucking based

>> No.9036834

Surely you're not a sadder one, so how is it relevant either way?

>> No.9036853

You had more than 10 years to buy it
>I will own nothing and be happy
The people that own that game have the right to sell it at 60 dollars or whatever. They own it and will be happy

>> No.9037054

Stamp people are even lamer than us videogame people.

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