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ISO retro pc games that will run with these specs

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All of them with a few exceptions from the mid and late 90s, you just have to learn how to make them run - but for now just use the pre-packed versions from GOG and learn how they work.

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post games that

>you think are terrible due to some glaring faults
>you noticed were bad back when you played them

yet you still have fond memories of.

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So confirmed Santa's number 1 helper is a squirrel!

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I’d really prefer if you’d be quiet.

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God forbid you have to use your brain and a little bit of memory to navigate a complex 3D space. The iron boots nonsense is mildly annoying though. The 3DS version fixes that anyway. This and the Forest Temple are the best dungeons in the game.

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No. Absolutely false.
I played oot for the first time a year ago and didn't need a guide at any point for any dungeon or temple. I was worried when I got to the Water temple because of the memes online, but it's literally nothing.

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yes, it's one of the mandatory sidequests in order to get the good ending (god mask)

along with the man who appears on the mountains only at midnight and the hand in the toilet

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Not him, but I faintly remember that guy. How do you see him, lense of truth?
Not sure I found the guy by myself at the time. Probably not.

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It was annoying but I don't remember it being particularly hard.

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another one.

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Strikers? Also
C'mon man

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Are all the consoles currently plugged in?

Shrug off the anons bashing you about the toys. If you like them and they make you happy? that's it then.

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fuck you guys this brings me back to 1998. this is totally what my room would have looked like. an actual retro battle station. enjoy your shaders you 18 year old babby posers.

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It's easy to have a setup that takes you back without that stuff, anon. The games ARE the toys.

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yeah but I'm amerifag and op's is way more reminiscent of my setup. I totally had pokemon crap all over my desk.

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This was the best console generation. Everybody likes to bicker about which console was the best, but they were all the best. The PS1 had sheer quantity and variety, the N64 had a compact library of quality exclusives and good multiplayer games, and the Saturn brought the arcade experience home. 5th gen was the transition period between old and new, it was the best of both worlds: tons of classic-styled games and new, funky, experimental games of all kinds. Whether you want traditional sidescrollers and platformers or 3D first person shooters and sprawling JRPGs, this gen had it all. The previous gen was severely limited by 2D and the following generation was when the industry started to go down hill. We will never have it this good again.

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5th gen discussions inevitably devolve into rampant shitposting once the 400lb 56% american mutant millennials get whiff of a thread

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hi ey em teh garf zuuls end ey hav kum tew steel ur dataz wit teh gee zed dewm end ur gerlfrend. teh only wey tew protekt yew iz tew diskunnukt ur kumpootur from teh intarwebz end ware a tin foileded hat but teh tin foileded hat wont protekt yew from teh alien robotz from outer space cuz tey iz program by me en tree otter peepul.

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Are there any genres you feel you have played nearly everything good in? I feel like I've touched on almost the entirety of great 2D platformers across it's entire spectrum from arcade to console.

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there aren't a whole lot of twin-stick shooters, so probably that one

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It's simpler with dead genres: it's easy enough for a point-and-click fan to have played everything that's actually worth it

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Why is point and click or games like myst deaf? Such an excellent genre that could benefit from game tech today. People are missing out.

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Because point and click games don't work on consoles.

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> I enjoyed pic related more than OoT

What did I mean by this?

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>>4658671 #
Your first Zelda game was Windwaker. That's the only reason You're saying this. You're right that Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask have only endured off nostalgia though.

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Your first Zelda game was Windwaker. That's the only reason You're saying this. You're right that Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask have only endured off nostalgia though.

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Isn't there that 2d Zelda link between worlds on 3ds

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It means you value gameplay over feels.

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It's 3D but with a top-down perspective.

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How old does a game have to be to be considered retro? Some of my favorite games were made over ten years ago but I wouldn't think of them as "retro" games. Is it an aesthetic or style? Or maybe a particular design philosophy, which old controls (tank controls, for example).

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Can someone please record themselves reading these posts, I can't read. but I can write

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You're alive!!

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The rules need to be updated to include 6th gen. There's no excuse for not being able to talk about near 2 decade old hardware.

The "retro" era is the pre-HD / CRT TV era.


So anything up through 6th gen should be allowed.

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You know I had to sage and report it to em.

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And why does Nintendo make everything bland eventually. (NSMB, etc)

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I really don't see the difference, OP. I guess that Yoshi looks a bit cartoonier, but that's to be expected since it's a comic.

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Absolutely. I was obsessed with the character when I was a kid. He was a cute little dinosaur friend with a super chill look in his eyes every time you saw him. Yoshi's Island was fantastic too.

Then came Yoshi's Story.

Now Yoshi's nose was a perfect 3D sphere on his face, his saddle became a weird tiny turtle shell thing, his dorsal spines along the back of his neck became three little round bumps on the back of his head, his cute little dinosaur arms became massive human hands with oposable thumbs, And now he basically has no tail.

And then the fucking voice... I'll never understand why Yoshi had to become a fucking pokemon.

Modern Yoshi sucks balls. I miss my dino bro. What sucks is when they create new 2D artwork of Yoshi it almost looks half way decent, even if it does still have some of modern Yoshi's garbage design choices, but in 3D, he looks horrible.

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So... i want to make my own high quality S-Video cable for Snes, Gamecube and N64 since ive bought two of those cables on Ebay and both have that checkered pattern so they are garbage.

I got a few OEM cables i could mod, and also i found a nice S-Video cable that came with one of my old videocards.

So, i would need to open the multiout conenctor, desolder the yellow cable, then solder all 4 cables on the S-Video cable to the pins inside the connetor and seal it back.

Question is... anyone knows the pinout of the connector? S-Video has 2 grounds, Luma and Chroma, so its a total of 4 wires but i dont know where to solder.

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>burned rubber sleeving
>hot glue to secure shoddy solder job
How fucking disappointing.

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Don't desolder composite, just solder luma and chroma to the pins 7 and 8 and ground to pins 5 and 6.

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I've been thinking about doing this sort of thing for a while now. thanks for the photo.
I assume you need to hack together multiple cords to get all the pins necessary. S-video has 4 pins. RGB has what, 8 total conductors? so then two cords would be enough. The plugs will be the wrong colors if they're left on

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>modding the OEM component cables trying to get the A/V connector for an s-video cable
>doing soldering work inside the SNES
>instead of just taking the A/V connector off of one of the shit s-video cables, since it already HAS THE RIGHT PINS
OP, what in the flying fuck are you doing? Put the soldering iron down NOW. Rethink your plan. Take the red and white plugs and the A/V connector from the shit cable, re-wire with properly shielded wires and your good S-video cable.

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Some of those consoles need resistors and caps, some don't.

Nintendo are bastards.

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video game collecting tips live in manitoba

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wat sites do people use amazon or ebay

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Anyone ever play? I've never heard of it. 10 hours in, pretty dope

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must be the only person alive that likes this game hahaha

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i played that game years ago, its a good game, nightcrawler is a nice man, btw im playing atelier + marie right now, it was a bitch to make it run and to search for a very specific item called faery milk!

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I read up on it a while back when looking for games to play and it seemed kinda maybe OK. The prior game is apparently pretty bad

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Not sure what atelier + marie is man.
It's a good old school jrpg. I really dig the weapon system. It'd like d&d where you add pluses to you weapons. But you can"t forget the sweet mech battle suits.

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I think it's pretty telling that almost every Square property is either dead or changed for the worst nowadays, whereas the one thing that the company still puts out that is reliably great is Dragon Quest.

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>call your company Square
>put a triangle in your logo

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The Enix side catalogue was hit far harder. Only Star Ocean and poor ports of Valkyrie Profile games remain. No more publishing for smaller developers. One telling detail is how Enix wanted Fullmetal Alchemist PS2 to be the start of a new series of quality licensed games and not only those long-term plans got the grinder, but the game itself barely saw release.

Dragon Quest was and still is a joint operation between many studios and parties, and is a cash cow these parties are overprotective of, not unlike Pokemon.
Valkyrie Profile (Enix) and Front Mission/Parasite Eve (Squaresoft) are also not a single developer, but after the merger Squeenix shat the bed with all of those relationships leading to dead series and spiritual successors left and right.

And no one of you all heartless faggots remember Taito, which Square Enix absorbed and wasted its proprieties completely. Their very first act was to cancel the license for a Pocky and Rocky game by a third party developer (granted, Taito was whoring it to the likes of Altron for the GBA game), but then even series like Bubble Bobble and Bust a Move are wasted, and they didn't even deign bringing out that Lufia 2 reimagining as a budget action RPG outside Japan by themselves. Then they were never heard of again aside from smartphone shovelware.

It's not Wada either, it's a whole corporate mindset.

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Hey there is a new Densha De Go out, some Taito properties are going somewhere

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Were these better than the SNES controllers?

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At least equally as good. Both SNES and Saturn are my favorite controllers.

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6 face buttons is pretty weird indeed. i finished breath of fire 2 with a saturn pad and i still mixed up the buttons in the end. other than that it's perfect

>> No.4658845

No, it’s only useful for Capcom fighters. Play a fighter from another company sometime.

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no one plays neo geo games on the saturn

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Controllers are for casuals. Real men use fightsticks.

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I want to start playing famicom and super famicom games, and the original plan was to stick to platformers that I didn't need to know Japanese to play.
However, I've become interested in playing some games like goemon or clock tower. Would it be feasible to try to translate line by line? Would it be too painstaking for a puzzle game like clock tower?

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i want to go back in time for fuck teen jenfer canoli

>> No.4658452

She's quite the babe, isn't she?


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Most Goemon games are straight forward enough you don't really need to understand the text to play them.

>> No.4658475

i like her in the hot spot better she show her tits and vagine

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>you kind of need to understand the stroke order to look up the characters in a dictionary
Just as a side note, this hasn't been true for a long time since you can just draw it on a computer/phone and it'll find it even if you're messy, get parts wrong, and your stroke order is random

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28.65$ cad good for arc the lad collection

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American auction/pricing sites are useless to Canadians.
Either because they don't ship to Canada, or cost $30-$40 extra for shipping if they do.

>> No.4658325 [DELETED] 

i save 10.68

>> No.4658347

wat do u use then

>> No.4658375

woops wrong price this is it 46.85 loose price - 28.64 ebay price. i save 18.21 did i do good

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also are the games good

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What's your opinion on the bonus content/dungeons/story added to Square-Enix rereleases (by TOSE). Examples such as FF Dawn of Souls, FFIV-VI, FFT, Chrono Trigger, etc?

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The Chrono Trigger monster battle arena was pointless, I couldn't figure out why they would add something like that to the game

>> No.4658357

The tie-in was supposed to be the best part, but it awfully implemented.

It could make "make your own alternative reality. Yeah, shit happens in Chrono Cross, but here you decide your fate". Instead it was "yep, there's nothing you can do, you lose this battle and eventually you and all your friends get murdered."

>> No.4658365

Only FFII, FFV, and Tactics additional content were any sort of decent.

>> No.4658876

The writing in the extra dungeons in CT is embarassing.
"This one doctor liked to write his passwords backwards"
"This one doctor wrote that the password is LLAB. He really likes ROUND things"

>> No.4658939

Honestly, the only one that I really enjoyed was FF2's. I don't know what more you can ask for, it relies on the underused phrase mechanic, the dungeons aren't only endgame accessible, the dungeons are varied with the occasional puzzle or gimmick, the mystery behind the dungeons was interesting and the rewards from the dungeons were great.

I did dislike how you had to repeat the dungeons multiple times to get the weapons though.

I can't speak for FF1 since I've never played it, but I really hope it has similar endgame content. The other games all have mediocre bonus dungeons only accessible once you beat the game and they all involve doing the same shit again (outside of 4) for ultimately useless overpowered rewards as you've already beaten the game. It feels lazy and literally tacked on at the end.

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