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I'm seriously considering of buying Siege of Dragonspear. Should I wait for a sale instead?

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i'd really like to know who thought level 4 was a good idea, so i could rip their dick off and shove it down their throat.

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soundtrack is phenomenal, no denying that. the game itself is as well, but it should've went pure action instead of trying some half-assed platforming. i'm playing on original hardware.

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Is that the one with the dropping blocks that eat your jump input and pull you down? I've game over'ed in that spot so many times.

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it is! glad to know i'm not just crazy, because it definitely feels like something fucky is goin' on there.

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I think the last level, its total lack of enemies and the fact, its re-used music and the glitches that can occur with the falling blocks, just show that the game was rushed to release. They probably did what they could with the time they had.

The game is pretty short after all.

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I have beaten this game no death but that spot is still a total crapshoot. Even studied speedrunners to see how they approached the blocks but to no avail.

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I wanted to show up on the bans list you dumb faggot janny. Try to do something worthwhile with your life. Useless good for nothing..

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I want to see myself here at least twice.

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what is the best version of this game?

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This. SNES version sucks aside from music. PC is probably fine but I can confirm Genesis version is great.

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The PC version is the objectively best version. The genesis version is okay but too saturated and pixelated. The SNES version is bad.

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Be sure to play with composhite video :^)

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Good luck beating the second level. On any version.

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hey boise, hope this is the place to ask
I'm not very experienced with emulation
After reading multiple posts on how to get PS1 games running on the SNES, I managed to get the CORE_psx_rearmed_neon thingie on Hakchi2, retroarch and all.
What I don't get is the part concerning the bios. Everywhere I look, the BIOS files are all upper case, and every post I've read on PS1 emulation tells me to make sure they're lowercase. I'm afraid that I can't find these lowercase bios files, despite being named the same way - anywhere.
I have SCPH-5501.BIN, SCPH-5500.BIN, and the SCPH-5502.BIN, and I'm not sure what to do with them now.
Sure, I could just try to slap them on the SNES Mini with the BIOS installer, but I'm afraid that I'll mess it up.
Could anyone shine a light on this situation?

please and thank you

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How about renaming them to lowercase?

Also, this isn't Idaho.

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Give me a good site to download DOS-ROMS, and you better be fast. I'm not accustomed to waiting for things, especially when dealing with the sort of element that uses this board.

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I've had nostalgia feels lately for my old and long dead PS1. Anyone care to share a link to a full No-Intro ROM/ISO PS1 set so I can relive my childhood?
Also whats the recommended PS1 emulator these days?

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Mednafen by way of Mednaffe is pretty much the best. Mednafen is command line only and Mednaffe is the best GUI for it.
There's also Beetle PSX in Retroarch that has a couple extra built in features if you wanna get rid of wobbly textures and such.

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Why are no intro so popular? PSX games had some resl kino intros

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This is not a warez forum. When we emulate, we play our own dumps of our legitimate copies.

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>we play our own dumps of our legitimate copies.
lol speak for urself

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Listen, faggot Janny. The Sega System was the marketed name. It is about retro video games. There is one thread. It isn't spam. You are a faggot.

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Why can´t it be both tho?

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Hello fellow boomers. I got magnet implants in my fingertips. Can handling game cartridges damage them?

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Yes. It's very easy for a brain damaged person to damage a cart or harm himself and others doing just about anything.

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Why tho

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That's... interesting. Do you have some medical condition requiring this or is it just a body mod for the hell of it?

How the fuck do you handle HDD's? Or other sensitive PC parts?

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maybe he has a prince albert and uses it to masturbate in public

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Prince Albert in a can?

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This game goes from a 9/10 to a 6/10 due to how fucking aggravating the camera is.

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mario 64's camera is the one common video game complaint i see and just cant understand. i have NEVER had trouble with the game's camera, which is surprising considering how many early 3d games had such dogshit cameras. the camera provides all the angles it needs to provide and implements it in a fun way by making it a character.
maybe i dont find it bad because ive never really heavily relied on constant camera movement in video games and actually have some digital spacial awareness because im not a retard with an attention span of a ½ second.

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The game literally has blindspots for no reason, it doesn't make the game more "challenging" not being able to see if you're going to fall off of a ledge or something is really fucked. Another example is the 5 secret coins you have to get in the pyramid, there's a part where you have to go to the very top, then down a sandwaterfall, below is a platform with a coin and below that is another platform. But because you can't fucking look down enough you're forced to just jump and hope you don't fall a billion feet and nearly die from fall damage. it's things like this why savestates need to exist.

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>when the zoomer complains when a 25 year old game doesn’t control like fortnite

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>when you're actually 30 and you just realize how flawed the shitty camera system is in a video game you've loved since you've played it.

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3D games are shit and the number one enemy in them is ALWAYS the camera. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Should I play the original, the remaster, or the remake?

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1.1 is fine, unless you'd like the full retro experiencie with the original, but honestly I don't see why other than nostalgia.

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>me when a meaningless score counter takes up screen real estate

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So why did they massively increase the difficulty for the American version?

Weren't most games localized the other way around, so it's harder in Japan?

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To drive game rentals.

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No you got it wrong. Japanese games were often easier because renting games wasn't legal there. Game developers didn't want to make games in America easy because due to how short retro games often were it would have meant kids could easily just rent games and beat them in a few minutes. By making them hard it made beating a game in a day or few days harder for children.

There are some exceptions like Mario but more often games in the west would be harder than their Japanese counterpart if there was differences in difficulty.

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>play Ocarina of Time
>get indoctrinated into Islam

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>all that brown
Could the dude from quake defeat ocarina of time?

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/vr/ is meant for discussion, not bait, shitposting, and memes

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I'd say the same thing if a chick pinned me on a mat while suffocating me with her tits.

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4chan is nothing BUT bait, shitposting and memes
What you guys pass for 'discussion' is just flavours of bait, shitposting and memes that are palatable to you

Do not fool yourself

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Ocarina of Time was never good

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Please cease needless shitposting on my board or I will have to report you to the moderators. Thank you.

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lol like anyone actually follows the rules on this board, that’s why we have duplicate threads out the ass.

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what /vr/ games have ojou-samas?
I only know Karin from Street Fighter Alpha 3

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I wanna sniff Marions stinky feet so badly.

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those anime dresses look so fluffy

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Have another blessed retro day

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What were some of the more interesting or outlandish forms of copy protection/anti-tamper for cheating in retro games? I know of Earthbound's incredible lengths to fuck with players if it thought it was a bootleg, but are there any others that are particularly noteworthy, either in what they do or how they preform their checks?

Pic related is a King Quest insert that came with the manual, allowing you to bypass the copy protection when starting the game.

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Press Alt+X to skip the questionnaire at the start (Ctrl+Alt+X in the VGA version)

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If it did they could just use it on 4chan and the quality of posts would improve >9000x

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Even if you were not american, it wasn't that hard to break. Just write down the questions and try the different choices until you find the correct one.

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Or just look up the answers on the Internet.
IIRC it was like Trivial Pursuit: Baby Boomer Edition.

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Keep on fighting those boogeyman, incel

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What's some old-school vidya that shows the full tiddy? Preferably a fighting game. Can be a ROMhack, or a bootleg. ROM links for scientific research please.

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Hey, your old man's supposed to let you know tiddies are good! lol

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Your old man is supposed to leave out the porno mags in the garage for you to steal, I thought

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Please have sex.

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>"Mom! Xi posted it again!"
Please dilate.

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Please cease needless shitposting on my board or I will have to report you both to the moderators. Thank you.

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Do you guys think we can find anymore footage? There have been a few new discoveries and I think we could be on the verge of something real soo. What do you guys think?

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I have reason to believe this would have been the best game on the n64

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About as likely as we will see an international release for mother 3

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The N64 almost had one RPG, well I'll be dipped in shit.

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EBs fanbase is weak sauce, just look at RE 1.5 and what their fans are accomplishing their fan restoration

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I have a working Earthbound 64 rom dump but I'm not sharing.

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