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The PS2 was severely overrated compared to the PS1. The PS1 is likely the best console of all time with its extremely diverse of fun and creative games. Also, tank controls (aka what 90% of ps1 games use) aren't even that bad once you get used to them. Zoomers just like to bitch because the games require actual skill or effort to complete and don't just reward you with an easy victory. PS2 graphics have also aged like milk, compared to PS1 games which are still beautiful to look at today.

The PS2 has some great games, don't get me wrong, but I have a collection of over 80 PS1 games that I love and only about 20 or 30 PS2 games. The PS1 is a superior console.

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The PS2 is appropriately rated, while not my favorite console it really is the greatest console. PS1 is basically number 2. If you think PS2 games look bad you aren't playing enough of them. Now Gamecube games are overrated with awful graphics to boot.

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depends on who you ask
PS1 has sheer variety and creativity, lots of gems, but obviously stuff like tank controls / pre-rendered BGs / games that were just figuring that 3D thing out
PS2 has most "modern" games with modern controls and full 3D, classic normiecore like GTA trilogy, but largely lost the creative vibe with fixation on sequels
PS1 is for /vr/ nerds and nostalgia, PS2 is for normies

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Predatory practices of the retro era

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Silly chud, it was on PC, which has been around since the 80s

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Makes me upset that the IR port in the GBC was hardly ever used. For basic/slow connectivity like Pokemon battles and trades, it would be totally suitable
The GBA was supposed to have one too, and it's listed in early developer manuals.

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Am I the only one who likes resident evil 3 more than 2?

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Please capitalize the titles of video games in your future posts. Thank you.

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I've never played either of these games but 3 had a very interesting sounding premise and had Jill as the protag so it sounded good. I only played the original RE remake

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>playing as a girl

What are you gay?

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Of course not. RE2 has a cult of personality because millennials were mindbroken seeing 50 zombies in the first 5 minutes of the game, but I don't see how anyone in good faith can claim RE2 is better than RE3, let alone better than RE1.

RE2 is proto-RE4:
>Puzzles are few and even weaker than RE4's
>You get so much ammo you're likelier to run dry in bloody RE4

RE3 is a massive improvement:
>Way less linear
>Isn't just a mediocre rehash of the first game
>The puzzles are awesome
>It's always tense
>You have to cleverly bait enemies to sneak past them, like in the first game
>If you're saving up gunpowder to eventually get revolver rounds, then for most of the game you will indeed have to be conservative with ammunition
>Overall a lot harder than RE2
If 3 had a Carlos story then nobody would say it's worse than 2—that's my biggest problem with 3 aside from too many save rooms (also a problem in 2) and the weak soundtrack.

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what was so special or unique about pic related?

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her green blowjob lipstick

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Seems to be praised because it's a cinematic Ocarina clone.

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Better question: why did they hide vehicle upgrades behind extra activities if they were going to grant them all to less skilled/lazier players when the plot needed the upgraded vehicle anyway? Wouldn't it be better to give an actual reward of some kind to those who bothered to do all of those extra activities?

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Shouldn't it be called the Triforces with an s. Not the Triforce?

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You're actually right and we sort of already had a thread covering this. In the first game there was no combined/singular 'Triforce', there were multiple triforces, power and wisdom, of which you could collect pieces. The second game introduced the idea of the combined, 3 part Triforce that people think of as the emblem of the series now.

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It's like the Christian Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all God on their own, but they three together form God. Same with Triforce: three Triforces are combined together to form Triforce.

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its actually more like the fire flower, star power and tanuki tail

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Yeah, but that's not the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Holy Trinity of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Trinity of God becoming the Holy Trinity.

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Holy Trinity of the Son. I fucked that up, but you get the point.

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What is your favorite survival horror game, not counting RE and SH titles?

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Echo Night: Beyond

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>Aw yeah! This is happening!
What did he mean by that? What is happening?

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a really fucking shit game is happening

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What are your stakes?

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the highest

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I was surprised to see you can basically clear the first hour of the game without even moving, but by pressing the B button over and over again. Thank god I didn't pay for this.

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Would be nice if it had mechanics and systems as creative, this mostly seems like a game for star wars nerds (nerds who want to make out with their sisters)

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Yeah OP is the same autist who spergs about SkyGunner isn't he? Such a weird autist letting okayish niche games bother him so much

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dont let good games like sky gunner get under your skin just cuz they arent on the game cube, you can always emulate it

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Yes. He's literally the only person obsessed with that incredibly boring game because a youtube channel he watches made a video on it.

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Thought so

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Is pic related any good?

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Play it and find out.

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Depends on what you want from your extremely-short-devcycle SMT2 spinoff.

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These games seems even more mechanically simple than beat em ups that preceded them like Double Dragon, and the amount of recycled content and recolored enemies is ridiculous. The music is good and the Conan the Barbarian setting is neat I guess but do they have anything else to offer?

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Only the arcade games are good.

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Feel old yet?

Which of these are your favorites?

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Man, 2004 was a pretty good year for vidya.

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I will always think of left panel games as being 20 years old. It’s also weird when zoomers call movies from 2004 “old movies”.

It’s unbelievable to think Halo 2 and Burnout 3 are a generation ago. Twenty years. Time is frightening.

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I have asked /vr/ before and nobody knew. That was probably 5+ years ago. Trying again.

>Played it in the late 90s so it would've come out before then
>3D racing game -- realistic, with real cars
>Cops can chase you
>Cops can pull you over and tell you to step out of the car
>There was a glitch if you crashed the car and your car was totaled, there would still be a cut scene where the cops told you to step out of the car, which we found hilarious as kids

Someone please help remember this for me.

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Need For Speed II Special Edition?

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Pic not related?

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Feels like the developers needed an 8th party member but couldn't think of what to do and just had no idea what to create. Didn't know what exactly he should look like and didn't know what role or importance he should have in the story. Even Quina with their frog eating, being a chef and silly clown monster design is more memorable and charming than him. Hell, Quina even plays a more memorable part in the story with the comedic break of forced marriage with Vivi. But I always end up forgetting Amarant even exists. They just had no good ideas for an 8th party member.

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>this thread again
Only replying to say that I used Amarant during my IX playthrough and he was pretty damn good. Good damage, and saved my ass during the Necron fight with his healing support. I remember him just fine.

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this whole character seems like wasted potential. his big hands though...

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Nothing of value would be lost if they didn't include him. He's got a cool design, but story wise he is absolutely unnecessary. See also Scias from Breath of fire iv

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>Only replying to say that I live here and I'll make that your problem somehow

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Amarant was badass and my favorite character. His design is top tier and one of the best in any Final Fantasy.

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Sewer levels have a reputation of being awful or frustrating. What games do you think have really good sewer levels?
One example I can think of is Capcom's Punisher, where the sewer level is pretty fun. I liked the way weapons would disappear in the water so you couldn't tell what you were picking up right away.

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I really liked mgs3's approach. in most games the sewer is an underground dungeon meant to slow down the pacing. in mgs3 it's an escalating escape sequence to a waterfall. giant concrete structures and masses of water don't have to be boring.

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Not up for debate.

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Not the best pic but I love the Kogane-Cho sewer area in JSR.

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I do like my multi-level fighting game arenas

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Manhattan even has cop cars you can bounce your opponents off of. I have not played a modern fighter since forever but please tell me they have brought back these kinds of levels?

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Be honest, do you ever use a guide /vr/? What are your personal rules for using them?

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I had no qualms about using them as a kid. Thanks to the fact I read Nintendo Power and other magazines voraciously, I had games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI memorized inside and out before I had even played them.
Nowadays I like to play old games but I don't really have the patience to map shit out so if anything I'll use a map if I play something.

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I use GameFAQs still sometimes. My rule has always been I try to beat a game without any outside help. Then I use the guide to go back and find secrets. Reading an actual old guide book is fun.

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i printed out a list of all the heart locations for OoT and MM. you're not finding all of them on your own otherwise

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I have no qualms whatsoever using a guide. It's mildly annoying to look shit up though. Sometimes I just proceed on ahead and then discover I should've done x thing already but its past me

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All the time. I won't even start an RPG or adventure game until I find a good walkthrough.

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Absolutely miserable, fun game on normal and even heroic but legendary is an absolute nightmare of bullshit, don't see how anyone can play it.

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I beat this on legendary as a kid before you were born. It’s difficult but rewarding. It has difficult sections, but you develop a flow and strategy after you pour hours into it, and that’s when the game truly transcends itself. Legendary forces you to master the game’s mechanics and be tactical with your weapon pick ups. It forces you to be savvy with your nades and git gud with “bad” weapons. It forces you to keep a fast pace and commit to your movements, because unlike other FPS, your steady, slower pace in Halo means you aren’t turning on a dime. Most difficult section is probably the library, which can indeed be maddening.

Halo 2 is harder imo, fucking jackal snipers.

Halo 3 is probably the easiest but that also has it’s moments.

Halo trilogy, especially the first one, is probably the game I’ve beaten the most times on the hardest difficulty. What a game.

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>hardest difficulty is hardest

Who would have thought?

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The enemies are bullet sponges on legendary which makes it bullshit.

>> No.10477515

just play it on heroic, bungie has said that's the preferred way to play the game and honestly it's probably one of the most balanced difficulties out there

>> No.10477741

Skill issue. Headshots fuck up everything except elites and strategically changing between weapons that remove the elites shields and weapons that kill them after their shields are down is part of the strategy.

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I was born in 91 and I still don't understand why Tomb Raider was such a gigantic cultural phenomenon. The games aren't bad but it was treated like this incredible thing everyone had to be hyped for. Everyone knew who Lara Croft is. Was it just really good marketing?

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He was actually still there while the rest of the team worked on Tomb Raider II, they just had him and some other guy working on something else in a different room. He's since chalked up that decision to being young and thinking he knew better. Must have been weird though to see your reaction being turned into something you didn't mean it to be.

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your creation* I'm half asleep here

>> No.10477190

Guy was ahead of its time for sure, but those were simpler times and I like simple.

>> No.10477212

Normies got into videogames around that time. I still remember a girl in school asking me if I had Wipeout.

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You have to remember they pumped out a game every year from 1996 to 2003, literally five games on the PS1 alone, and had two blockbuster movies released in 2001 and 2003. Even if you weren't a nerd who played video games, you might have saw the movies and knew Tomb Raider and Lara Croft from that.

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You now remember those DVD/VCD players that were able to emulate nes games very poorly.

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no wonder they stuck to the NROM games

>> No.10476991

I've never seen this before.

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i had one, the best game by far was this Mario clone

>Shufflepuck Cafe
i thought that game was creepy when i was a kid (the blonde girl was hot tho)

>> No.10477407

I don’t actually. I was impressed with SNES emulation on Dreamcast when my friend showed me it in 2008.
What DVD players could emulate NES?

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My mom got a chink CRT around 2006 which got a Concentration type of game that would overlaid whatever you were watching with the cards in all-red fosforescent light. It brings me smile how much she liked and played that one

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here is how you get fool card using save states in Persona 2. demon needs to be fool
>save at the start
>get initial eager reply (load if demon skipped question)
>save immediately on first dialog box
>get FIRST question (load if demon skipped question)
>get angry reply
>save immediately on first dialog box
>get SECOND question (load if demon skipped question)
>get another angry reply
>save immediately on first dialog box
>get THIRD question (load if demon skipped question)
>get eager reply
>save immediately on first dialog box
>get FOURTH question (load if demon skipped question)
>answer it to get final eager reaction and save immediately on first dialog box one last time
>keep reloading until screen darkens and you get fool question instead of generic card reward
hardwarefags or pspfags, you're out of luck

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might as well use a walkthrough at that point

>> No.10477547

how were you meant to even know about fool card or fusion spells without walkthrough? even japanese gaming magazines would come with fusion spell combinations for this game

>> No.10477558

they asked the devs directly or put a low wage cuck to do the repetitive shit

>> No.10477630

Savestaters are retards anon.

>> No.10477794

Basically Fool cards get you really good Personas for your level. In EP one of the ancestral Personas is a Fool, so some people want them for that