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Looking back now this game was pretty god damn impressive. Why is it not more well known?

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This barrel guys

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>this meme guys
It took about 15 seconds max to figure out. And if it took longer, you were the kid who shit his pants in class.

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Tekken 1 had some of the best renders during the 90's.
Prove me wrong.

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>remember never being able to do Mako Island as a kid
>"Pff, I bet I could do it now"

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This game is surprisingly challenging, that last cup on professional is really tough.

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Better than MK64, nice surprise.

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This whole town, it's being invaded by the Otherworld. By a world of someone's nightmarish delusions come to life.

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if i lost my 7 year old in hell, id leave her. im not risking that shit. good luck kid

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>id leave her
There was no way out of the town though.

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MiSTer thread. I'm currently enjoying the Neogeo library. Been playing breaker's revenge VS my SO.

What about you guys?

BTW. Anyone got links to the jotego cores?

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What's your favourite cinematic platformer? I played the first two oddworld games for the first time during quarantine and I can't get enough of this subgenre now.

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How come no one told me old school doom was this good? Is Doom 1+2 even better? I bought both for the PC, but haven't played it yet.

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>How come no one told me old school doom was this good?
It's one of those things where people don't need to tell you, people still talk about it so you get the idea that it's worth checking and you form your own opinion from there. Like you should with anything culturally significant that you feel is worth looking at, like you did and props to you. Look at some of the other old idtech 1 games if you're into it.

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Ok, well I will have to try it out.

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Bruh play doom 2

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>Is Doom 1+2 even better?

They're basically the same exact gameplay wise, but Doom 2 has more monsters than both Doom 1 and Doom 64.

But the monster designs and atmosphere in Doom 64 are basically unique to that game.

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The funny thing is, I am not a fan of fps games, so I figured doom and the like were overrated. I should have figured it was only the modern games perverting an entire genre.

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Do you have a vague memory of a game from long ago but can't find it's name or any information about it whatsoever? Maybe someone else can help.

I'll start:
>Horror/gore game
>Something about some sort of zombie outbreak caused by canned drinks, had at least one introduction cutscene.

It's been on my mind for a while now and I can't find it anywhere, I remember it had it's own box with description and images, so it wasn't from one of those "15 games in one disk" magazines.

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The graphics were very similar to the maze screensaver on old windows. Played it on a windows PC(maybe 98) from a cd. Similar to Doom but Medusa was one of the enemies.

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commodore 64 helicopter game but it wasn't any of the obvious ones

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I remember playing some break-out knockoff in the mid-to-late 90s. It was on PC, was Windows 3.1 compatible, and it had some artwork from Sailor Moon, I think.

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Yeah, that's it. I deleted the original post, because I found the same thing right after I posted (which made my post kind of pointless). However, I have yet to find a proper download of the game that isn't some broken link or just the second disk. It might be in that MECC collection, but I need to mess around with some Apple II emulators a bit more to see if it is. And apparently the Library of Congress has it, but that seems to involve some kind of application process to access it.
As for my original post for anyone else wondering, I was just recalling an Oregon-Trail-like game that was about dog-sledding instead. I thought it might have been a DOS game, but it turns out it was for the Apple II.

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I think I know this one! Wasn't it based on the Minotaur? I think I even had the CD, the cover was off-white with a square in the middle with a drawing and maybe the title on the top in green, something like that.

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You guys patched your Mario 64 roms to make it as the developers intended, right?
>Thanks to the recent decompilation efforts, it’s now known that this texture is displayed in the wrong format by the game, resulting in black garbage pixels. Since video game smoke of this era was often depicted with black garbage pixels, the mistake went unnoticed for over two decades. This patch corrects the error by displaying the texture correctly as proper transparent smoke. It does not add any new art; the texture has been inside the ROM all along.

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because the "smoke texture" looks terrible and an obvious repeating texture

the shipped version looks way better as it blends with previous frames of the texture from all angles. next time i interview miyamoto ill ask him to confirm

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>Why would they format the texture wrong on purpose
they didnt, they formatted it right and you're pretending it was wrong

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Good grief are you thick.

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its not perfect, it clearly looks worse in the direct comparison image you dolt

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first: title screen robocop 3 nes

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Wtf over the graphics or wtf over the little girl with the gun? (I don’t know anything about the plot of the movie)

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That arcade game localization with the babies

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the little girl duh

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The what now

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Has anyone else hit their head on this edge and died? Sometimes it happens when I come down here really fast, with the fishing line on the conveyor belt above. I'm not sure if this edge is bugged, or if they actually coded that you can die from hitting your head too hard on the ceiling. It happened about 15 times in the past few months while I was fooling around on the first level.

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What's this like?

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Yeah ap

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Really? huh.
Well, in that case, I mean if there's any official statement about why they couldn't do it back then in the Mega Drive.

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Well consider the work they put into coding Knuckles in Sonic 2. In one sense it isn’t hard to swap Sonic out with Knuckles because the game finds most of the same signatures it’s looking for in his code (I.e. Knuckles is just a copy of Sonic with some new abilities). And it’s even easier to patch in a few new out of reach items for the player to find. The hardest thing they had to was revisit the special stages and design some new layouts for Knuckles, and of course design a new special stage sprite for him. But in addition to everything else they had to do in the months between Sonic 3 and S&K? They had to finish the game AND program the “Get Blue Spheres” minigame that appears when you plug in Sonic 1 or another SEGA cart. It’s remarkable enough that they found time to do that while also doing gameplay experiments (Sonic Clackers) in preparation for the next title and the launch of the Saturn. Patching Knuckles into Sonic 1 would’ve meant also patching the spin dash ability into the game, and while Yuji Naka could probably have done that in his sleep on a good day they were just too pressed for time. It’s really amazing when you think of how fast everything was evolving back then.

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Time and sprite/palette related problems.

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And Tails too added.

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Anyone play this one?

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Yeah, it's a great RPG.

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It's shit. Go play Phantasy Star IV or Skies of Arcadia if you want an actually good SEGA jrpg.

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It was really cool how every shit tier NPC was voiced.

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I'm waiting for the remake.

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>waiting for disappointment
pessimism incarnate

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>don't want to die
>am a god
>can't live on

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>playing ps1 version instead of the superior sega saturn version
Now ya fucked up.

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but you do turn into an immortal god in the end

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golden axe,shinobi, bare knuckle logos?

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>bare knuckle
Altered Beast.

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I seeking for some old games with retro sci fi aesthetic. Can someone suggest me something ?
Someting like Doom, Rock n' roll racing, Strife, Reunion, System Shock or UFO defence

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Oh wait, I misread, you mean an older kind of sci-fi aesthetic, so in that case disregard my post.

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Artwork or in game graphics?

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Any really, I just want to emulate old art style as an artist

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It's retro now, right?

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You wanna see something gay?

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No, we do not need pictures of you, OP.

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Speak for yourSELF, sweetie!

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Real talk everyone who was a fan of Zero i met was a homo or at least bi

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