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What is the best flat shaded game?

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>you now imagine what Alone in the Dark would've been like had they used a darker, pleasing graphical style similar to the original Clock Tower instead of awful, cartoony primitive 3D

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Early videogame 3D was generally bad. At least Resident Evil looked decent.

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I recently got a $20 Nintendo eshop card as a gift and thought I'd buy a couple of these NeoGeo games with it for my Switch. I can afford two, so which titles are absolutely most worth the 8 bucks?


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Share your best/funniest/wholesome sprite gifs here.

Eggplant Pit always makes me happy.

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Looks just like stereotypical indie pixelshit.

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Looking him squirm and sputter blood while he leaves a trail of intestines behind makes me sad for the poor sap

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Where this one comes from? Toejam and Earl?

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I need someone to vindicate me because I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I just got an SNES Classic and I was playing Earthbound using a combination of SRAM and Save States, whichever was more convenient. Well today I couldn't remember if my SRAM or my save state was further ahead so I booted up the save state first. Nope, further back than my SRAM save in game was last night, time to reset and load the game up by itself.


The worst part? Everyone online is acting like this is normal and this is how emulators work. Last I checked retroarch's .state files don't fucking TOUCH my .srm files. Has anyone else experienced this insanity? How could Nintendo think making your states play Russian roulette with your SRAM would be a good idea?

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Save data is a part of the state. Most games use sram as save, but some use it as general purpose ram too, so not reloading and overwriting it could have problematic consequences.

You should at least know something about the platform you're emulating before complaining.

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If troll post, +1

If serious, use any emulator. State data never writes to .srm data.

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Not OP, but most emulators have two separate files. One for regular save data, the other for savestates. If I load a savestate it does not wipe out my regular save data, if I reset the game it will load my regular save by default. There is no reason for loading a savestate to cause a permanent loss of regular save data.

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Correct. The amount of people online who don't realize this is staggering. Nintendo includes this tiny disclaimer in their support section online that basically says "we didn't implement this properly, you should probably only use suspend points". Incredible.

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What is /vr/ opinion on Retro inspired Games.

Stuff like in the videos.

Personally sometimes it feals like some of these games even surpass the games they are inspired by like i legit like Freedom Planet more than Sonic even sonic Mania and i legit like Shovel knight more than many similar NES games.
Althou some games such as Contra Hard Crops or Metal slug feel unsurpassed even today.

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It's an understandable mistake, but this is not the board for that kind of "retro" (which is arguably the correct meaning of the term but still). These are modern games, and should be discussed in /v/

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Pretty sure /v/ is abut smash and shitting on Fallout 76.

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Sometimes they can be well done (Curse of the Moon felt like I was playing a brand new NES game), but sometimes it's just 32bit palette junk that tries to carry itself on having big pixels.

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Fair enough

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Is it worth it?

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Paying for this isn't going to be getting any money to the original creators though. So it's not encouriging anyone to make anything new.

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Being a shill makes you a shill. Sperging out when people point out it's a waste of money just makes it more obvious.

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No one is sperging out. Only thing that is happening is a bunch of kids refusing to see reason when someone provides justification for buying something

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You have yet to provide a good reason why anyone should pay $8 for a rom that some Sega intern downloaded off the internet.

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In London everything is like £5 a drink, which after the exchange rate approaches $8. It’s not that dumb.

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Literally I spent hours looking for it and I have not found anything, not even the official website of the game gives information to how to buy it.
It's a Japanese graphic adventure with a amazing artstyle.

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Where the hell can I find the PC version with the cutscenes?

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Just watch the cutscenes on youtube and don't bother playing it.

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Don't listen to this worthless faggot.

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What's the best NES game?

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Cobra Triangle

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Adventures of Bayou Billy.

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Punch Out

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*Punch Out!!

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Hello, /vr/! Would you please share your Kingpin: Life of Crime thoughts and memories with me? Thanks! :-)

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checkmate fool

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Why is the music so shit? This has got to be the worst FF soundtrack of all time.

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Everything about the game is mediocre. Except Freya's theme is fantastic.

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This song was the only good thing about this game

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>Anon is deaf confirmed

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I'm so fucking sick of these blanket, hyperbolic, general statements. Just once I wanna see an OP actually present an argument, like he demonstrates where and how this soundtrack fucked up in the basic fundamentals of music theory.

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Yeah, FF13 is way better

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Some people are saying that this isn't Rinoa. What do you think?

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why, because the face looks different? isn't that the cinematic when you fail to pull her towards you in the space scene? who is it supposed to be if not her?

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no, you just get a message along the lines of "she's floated away..." and try again.
that's from when Squall is hallucinating in the void I believe.

frankly I don't think it matters. the plot is a clusterfuck and defies time traveling "physics".
the fan theories are far more cohesive. not to mention interesting.

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It's Edea.

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>It's Edea.
theory or gtfo

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Who cares I’ve had an N64 for years now and the mini meme is so old already.

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Son they even have GoldenEye.

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Can't believe Rare caved.

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>3 replies
>2 posters


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Goldeneye CONFIRMED!


Hot damn!!!

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>It’s not real
Would have been such a nice birthday present.

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"[Ocarina of Time] is coded in a certain way to handle its own disk expansions. Normally, if you code it in the way Nintendo made it for: It's just for dungeons. It's totally just for a Master Quest thing. However we're running custom code thanks to that so we can do a lot more." - LuigiBlood

So after all these years it seems that Ura really was nothing more than new dungeons. I can't help but be really disappointed.

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I don't think so. he's assuming that's all the DD could load, based on scraps.
he seems to think that Ura couldn't add any new information and only rearrange preexisting data on the cartridge, which would beat the purpose of the DD.

no need to get technical even, Ura was supposed to be the DD's big break. there are interviews stating that, at the very least, they wanted to bring back the 3D market and make changes to the environment permanent.
Ura lacks any of that. and considering Mario Artist came out in December '99, I find it odd that the team was sitting on their asses, waiting for the demise of the DD, instead of working on assets.

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*MQ lacks any of that.

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>Aryan with visible spray-on tan
>Collects guns
>Commits mass shootings
>Refers to aliens as bastards
>No sex life outside of paying predominantly white sex workers
Admit it, Duke is a white supremacist wet dream

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a thread had to die to make this bullshit

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I bet it sounded funnier in your head.

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There is never any sunsets, never sunrises, never a night or day. Link completed all those dungeons, and all of these trials in the light and dark world in one whole day. Have you ever accomplished that much anon in a day anon?

Anyone know any other games like this, Conker's Bad Fur Day, or Psychonauts where the story is set in a single day?

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YS 1 takes place during a single day. Adol climbs the tower during the day, and once you reach the middle of the tower, the sun sets and night comes in. Once you defeat the final boss, it's the dawn of the next day.

What's awesome is that Adol climbed the whole Darm Tower alone in a single day, while the protags of YS Origins took at least a week, and there were at least 8 people in the group.

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Dad please, not in front of the other anonymous.

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Gunstar Heroes I think?

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>There is never any sunsets

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It was assumed by the player that these games didn't take place over a single day, and we understand there were limits to implementing night and day mechanics.

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>New areas, weapons, and playable Maria
>New music and superior remixes of existing tracks
>Extra button to map consumables to
>Can fix slowdown and lack of transparencies through emulation
Why do people act like the Saturn version isn’t the GOAT?

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Quit being a console warrior faggot and just make it for pc

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There was one person who was trying to do exactly that, but his plan was to convert it to a level-by-level game like the classic Castlevanias.

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How do you have a not "?????" version of SSF?

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it was a bad port fag

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That literally sounds more like a Policenauts track more than a SOTN track, fucking idiot. Why would you post something that proved me right?

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Great memories of apogee games. Thanks anon

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