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Is it really that bad?

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how does /vr/ feel about dusk

cause i'm liking it mostly, good throwback

also fuck ion maiden, it runs like shit

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>The game uses various visual effects in both the top down and side scrolling stages. In the top down stages, enemies and objects are warped as they come into view to produce a pseudo-3D effect.[3] The game also uses parallax scrolling effects.[4]


Wait, i thought axelay used Mode 7?

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This is probably going to display wrong but...

Mode # Colors for BG
1 2 3 4
0 4 4 4 4
1 16 16 4 -
2 16 16 - -
3 256 16 - -
4 256 4 - -
5 16 4 - -
6 16 - - -
7 256 - - -
7EXTBG 256 128 - -

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Anyway, if you are in background mode 7, you only have 1 background layer. Mode 7 is the only mode that allowed the transforms of a background layer.

Interesting fact, the GBA had a mode with 2 transformable background layers.

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>It's done in software, not hardware for the Mega Drive/Genesis.
"Mode 7" is done in software on the Mega Drive, but the console absolutely has hardware support for per-scanline manipulation.

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The background modes like Mode 7 don't affect the SNES's sprite engine at all, but they do have an effect on what can be done with backgrounds, like the number of background layers.

SNES supports up to 128 sprites, with 64x64 being the largest SNES sprite size. In practice you can't have 128 sprites on screen unless they are all set to the smallest sprite size the SNES supports, because the CPU/VRAM essentially shits itself otherwise.

Also in practice the SNES sprite engine was shit because it has no support for non-square shaped sprites, and could only display two sprite sizes on screen at once.

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>but the console absolutely has hardware support for per-scanline manipulation.
You're a bit mixed up. I also mixed up the scrolling layers with scaling ability.
So you're correct about the scan line manipulation on what some companies called "mode 7" but that's not the same issue as hardware vs software sprite scaling.

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>Frankfurt School
>Cultural Marxism
>Money Lender Simulator 1999

Dude, these guys are the best.

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“I think there is a resurgence of anti-Undead Sentiment because at this point in time Azeroth has not yet learned how to be multicultural.
And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Azeroth is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. The Undead are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Azeroth to make.
They are now going into a multicultural mode and The Scourge will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Azeroth will not survive“ -Arthas Menethil

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I liked the one where they turned South Africa inyo a post-apocalyptic wasteland

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Care to elaborate?

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I didn't like the one where they turned South Africa into a post-apocalyptic wasteland

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1. Does cutting the pin on the 10NES chip have any negative effects? Will I lose any compatibility with games or addons/accessories?

2. Is it possible to connect the Famicom Disk System to the NES?

3. Which NES variants including Famicoms have jailbars on composite and which don't? Assume they've all been modded for composite.

4. Is the connector on the bottom of the original NES used for anything?

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they all have jailbars, totally unavoidable

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1. Yes, it serves no purpose. It doesn't help games load. Only properly cleaning the original 72 pin connector and the games will. Don't replace the original with knock offs. Only blinking light win is an acceptable 3rd party replacement.

2. Yes, but it's a pain in the ass. Get an AV famicom and an fdsstick for $12.

3. originals frontloaders are pretty good jailbar wise. If you properly mod a toploader you can get rid of jail bars. If you ask, I'll post how to do this tomorrow, just ask, I'm too tired to do it tonight, almost falling asleep. It's cheap as hell to do and you won't have jailbars.

4. Not really, but you can get expansion audio boards that add it there instead of modding the board. If you're interested in FDS you need to mod for expansion audio unless using a famicom.

Again, if you're still around, just ask me to post the jailbar free toploader mod and I'll do it.

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>4. Is the connector on the bottom of the original NES used for anything?


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me again, forgot to add, if you only want to play famicom and FDS games, N8 is a decent option if you expansion audio mod the cart and the nes. The audio volume level isn't 100% perfect, but it's pretty good.

FDS are finicky as fuck btw. If you ever replace the belt, they can be a real bitch to get to sync up again. You'll be greeted with load errors of all types. That's why I suggested the FDS stick. If you just want to play the games, this or the N8 is the most straight forward option.

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>1. Does cutting the pin on the 10NES chip have any negative effects? Will I lose any compatibility with games or addons/accessories?

If you play wisdom tree games it will literally catch on fire without the chip. True story.

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Explain the appeal of these games please

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I never played the first one, but I did get the second one as a Christmas gift and beat it without a guide. My family didn't own a PC or have internet then, it took me forever to figure out and find some stuff needed for progression.

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They're the game of choice for Dark Souls hipsters after the Souls series became too mainstream. Nobody cared about these games before Dark Souls because there's a thousand PC games that do the concept better.

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>even though Armored Core is obviously on another level when using that element.
I love Armored Core 1 so goddamn much. Really feels like they realized the movement limitations for 3D console games of the time and found the absolute best way to utilize them.

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Exploration and level design is some of the best you will get outside of PC dungeon crawlers, combat's basic as fuck but somehow has an enjoyable risk vs reward element to it that keeps it from getting boring. Atmosphere is strangely comfy and nice despite being miserable and bleak. I dunno it's a series that has to be played, videos and screenshots make it look like total dogshit but playing it is surprisingly fun.

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name one

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I just completed pic related and it was an absolute blast, the music, the graphics, the speed. Any more games like it?

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Omega Boost is a great PS1 classic. Nothing is really like it though.

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How did this game make you feel?

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It's a mediocre platformer not an ARPG. Remember not to sell wine and rare treasure you find in the dungeons, give them to the shop owners instead to get discounts. The translation and soundtrack are great.

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It's a bad game, but Mint is highly entertaining. It's a pity Rue is so boring in comparison.

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I agree. Even his gameplay is janky because monsters you can transform into have weird hitboxes and detection issues. His story is still worthwhile because you get a more serious point of view, an extra dungeon and extra scenes of Mint.

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Brave Fencer Musashi has better gameplay but Dew Prism has better characters and art direction.

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Give me your opinion on RetroAchievements while I have a smoke break

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Some are great ways to breath some war in old games.
Some don't even fucking work or reward you for shit you'd have done by playing the game normally anyway, like beating a boss.

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get back to work

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>*breath some life
Why the fuck did I type war

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Life is war

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quit smoking

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How come none of you guys mentioned how great this game of.

- Music and mood on Atari 2600
- Quick controls
- Multiple enemy types
- Co-op where you can shoot each other

I'd easily put this game in my top 5 for Atari 2600

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Why don't we discuss this game more often? It's peak snes quality and no kirby game would ever meet its greatness.

I play it at least once a year and it never gets old.

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I used to be like you luckily I grew out of my hardcore phase.

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Unless you're in your late 30s, you haven't 'outgrown' me. Heil Hitler.

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Most people will. If you go to any high level videogame tourney the top participants are always in their mid 20s. Daigo is an exception that bastard never grows old.

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I'm honestly not sure what you're trying to say. You're going to have to be more clear.

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>It's peak snes quality and no kirby game would ever meet its greatness.
But it's not even as good as Kirby's Adventure.

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Why are zoomers so good at retro vidya?

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Cry some more.

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Anyone who does that alternating capitalization thing is a cunt

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AnYoNe wHo dOeS ThAt aLtErNaTiNg cApItAlIzAtIoN ThInG Is a cUnT

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Reaction times, autism, and also how they get instructions and advice laid down to them much easier than it used to be for someone trying to git gud years ago.

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I'm not letting you guys forget about this piece of shit.

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Is that meant to be irony? A SEGA Game Gear is more powerful than a Game Boy Color.

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I liked the Intellivision thread better.

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Bally Astrocaid Master race. lel

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amazing how wrong this guy is lol

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Game Boy Potato! YAY

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How does difficulty rank system work in Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius PSX/Saturn versions?
Happen to know the memory addresses so I can check it during gameplay and try to understand myself?

Also Gradius/Parodius/Otomedius/Salamander thread

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Increases each frame you survive and every time you power up.
Decreases when you die.

>> No.5221148

I believe it's just standard Gradius rank (stage+powerups) as opposed to any of the weird shit in the other Parodius games.

>> No.5221158

That's the gist of it
Thought I could find more details and maybe the addresses to check the weight for every power up or other factors.

Yeah, I saw how it works in other Parodius games, but I heard only arcade versions have the survival time-based rank.

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That should be easy to check, just place a savestate without power ups, compare how many enemies appear on screen to a savestate fully power up.

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Did anyone else miss out on Dreamcast? Am I the only one?

I still don't know why exactly. I barely even saw anything about it in gaming magazines I got from the newsstand, I never really even knew it existed. None of my friends had a Dreamcast or had ever heard of it. I even rented a Jaguar one time and loved it because I didn't have a computer with a VGA card at the time and it was the only way I could play Doom, but Dreamcast just never came up.

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Sure but we're talking about the dreamcast. The only way the dreamcast is related to that experience is the controller.

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Bought it 9/9/99. Remember it vividly.

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I loved that nesterdc disk with all the game screenshots, cheats and options built in. The game filtering options and random game button was just fucking awesome too

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PS I didn't have money to buy a game for it so I sold plasma for the extra money. The NEET life was hard.

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>I barely even saw anything about it in gaming magazines I got from the newsstand, I never really even knew it existed. None of my friends had a Dreamcast or had ever heard of it.
zoomer LARP

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Warcraft 3 custom map (scenario) thread.
Share wacky and/or fun maps you found or made!
Here's a fun one: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/281758/

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Do they have great sex?

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Ken has too much invincibility frames to properly hit her hitbox.

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Why should they?

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I need an audio cassette tape asap. What's the best way to open this up and extract the tape?

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You can sacrifice a little bit of tape but get the huge majority easily by completely rewinding, then cutting the tape and pulling the rolled up part out and cutting again when reaching the end. This will leave you with 99+ % of the tape.

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Smoke a crack big lad

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Why do you need one tho

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>Why do you need one tho
I need to mend a damaged floppy disk containing some rare DOS-Roms and all I have is duct tape which is too thick and could gum up my disk drive.
(Pic is not my actual floppy, just some stock photo)

>> No.5221508

also works with vhs tapes.

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Aw friggin shweet!

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Sans will never be in Smash Bros.

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Holy crap Louise, it’s Sam Undertall!

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Not retro. Fuck off.

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Why does the OP define retro as pre 2k. Won't games from 00 eventually be retro?

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Every day with this shit...

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Just report and move on, son.

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It's not just about how old something is. There was a definitive shift around the turn of the millenium from 2D, arcade-influenced gameplay-centric games to 3D, immersive cinematic, story-based experiences. And the industry has favored the latter veer since. This board is to talk about the former.

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