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look and enjoy

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What is the most painless way of experiencing this game?
As far as i can see i need to send up Lucian at chapter 5 and after that keep my seal value below 37.Can i just use cheats to keep it low after chapter 5? I plan to play this on Hard mode using mednafen/beetle PSX.

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I don't think you need to cheat very much? I don't remember having trouble with seal levels. There's also the issue of having to send up Janus early because Lel can't swim and shit like that

There are guides abound for this exact thing though, which are going to offer up a little more specific advice. In fact, there probably exists a bullet-point list somewhere.

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why not do a unspoiled play through just knowing the technical gaming related stuff? if you enjoyed it enough you'll care about the endings.

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Who are the best retro youtubers atm?

Octav1us Kitten: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz5Kx6dP6rHRf9yLY1tnelw

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Have sex

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PUR when she would show off her tits just a little bit in the intro and still played video games.

Some fat fuck retro guy hit on her and ow she hates playing games now or some shit

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Or you could just.....
.....play video games. Fucking crazy, I know.

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I always find chicks who have pet rats a bit off putting for some reason..

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What retro gaming youtubers do you like watching, /vr/?

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not retro

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What a fucking shit game, piece of shit, I've been enjoying so far but I've had enough of it's bugs, fucking shit. Did the laser but power diverted to lever R, what the fuck?

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Already fired the laser, reactor doors wont open, level 3, 4 and 5 have been explored and the elevator is not working

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You can get to the executive floor with a different elevator

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The one on level 5? No that one doesn't work either I've been checking everything

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The controls weren't botherung me but this is just bad design, it doesn't even work, prey is so much better than this one, maybe SS2 is good, maybe.

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>prey is so much better than this one
It's a modern SS2, of course it's better.

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reminder that this is still on

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what is this and why does it look like voxlap?

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i think it's Ace of Spades

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You can't "remind" me of something on one knows or cares about

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I remember playing this

Good times

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every post in this thread is aids

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well yes sir, there is some weird shit in the mario games, the eastereggs are somewhat spookby. Or the masonic floor tile on the super mario 3 cover.....


did you ever play Devil World?
Guess who made Devil World!

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what's masonic about devil world?

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Seems like Shiggy likes Devil Man

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>Guess who made Devil World!

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Is there a nerdier retro game genre other than CRPG? Who played this shit back in the day other than absolute dorks? I mean, tabletop players are already huge dorks as you can see by this picture, and CRPGs have their social aspect removed.

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What is the point of this thread? To gloat about how you're a gigantic nornalfag on a Taiwanese Flip book Forum?

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Just to find out what's the nerdiest /vr/ genre. You can interpret the 'nerd' there as freely as you want. Soibois love to pretend they are 'nerds' for playing popular shit like Mario and Zelda, I think the only true nerds are the people that played stuff like CRPGs.

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I can already imagine the heavy breathing finding its way out of that unwashed neckbeard.

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it has all the dorkiness but you also have to factor the tranny component

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Uh oh, you pissed off the slants.

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>I didn't pick these games, this is all of them. I just reviewed every game released for the virtual boy

No, James, you didn't. Would it kill him to do a little more research than none?

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literally who?

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>shitty memes
>personal attacks
coulda fooled me

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>Nintendo - Virtual Boy/Jack Bros. (USA).zip

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>youtuber who complains about a title not having "fluent" gameplay is wrong

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Would it kill OP to do a little more research than none?

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>tfw you get caught red-handed

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>Boss transition room involves blowing up a missile by shooting it at pointblank range
How can any maverick compete with Overdrive Ostrich?

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>why yes, for me, it is X2, what gave it away?

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What genre would you consider this? I consider it a Beltscroll ‘em Up Scotformvania

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I just realized Malice Mizer's video for Gekka no Yasoukyoku (Nocturne in moonlight) is actually about Alucard's childhood

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I recently happened upon the Metal Max series. Very rarely see anyone talking about it. I'm interested in getting into these titles and I'd like to know the best way to play the first two /vr/ titles since there are two versions of 1 and three versions of 2. What's your experience with these games?

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You can at least try.
Just stay away from METAL SAGA ~鋼の季節~.

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I'm playing Returns right now. Why am I wasting my time?

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Yotsubato is touted a beginner-friendly title, but it's actually relatively hard. So don't feel too bad that you need aid.

I mean, if I put its difficulty on a scale of 1 to 5, I'd say it's a 3. There are easier manga around for learners.

(I've been lurking on some Japanese-learning q&a places and questions about Yotsubato come up quite often. For good reason.)

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dunno what he's smoking but for what I played of it twas fun

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Did you ever play the Famicom version for comparison?
I looked up some old posts on that subject.

I always assumed Yotsubato was picked as a site tradition.

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Translation when?

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Hopefully never;
Translations make everything worse.

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why, want another translator to be cancelled by you know who?

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Favorite level?
Favorite character?
Who was in the wrong?
thread theme:

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Wasn't the story for the sequel censored or something? It's amazing it even got a sequel but I'd at least like to know what happened to Saki.

>> No.6219396

He goes ruffian mode

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Just got one of these bad boys for my Pi. Which N64 classic should I emulate first?

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Nah bro the N64 isnt that bad

>> No.6219239

I'm sure he was referring to USB pads.

>> No.6219241

Was he though. *Was he*

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Mario, Zelda, the list goes on...

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You could have bought a good usb controller. It's not too late to correct your mistake. F-Zero X is an awesome game.

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How does local reputation work in this game? I defeat at least six bandiits every night in Prague (my starting area) and my local reputatioon has stayed between 68-72, sometimes going down for no reason. Is there anything else I am supposed to do? I also keep switching my party leader so not sure if this is a factor.

Also general Darklands thread I guess.

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Thanks for reminding me to watch a let's play of this
>check google
>find one from a guy in germany
>opens video with "there are only two genders"
nice, this is gonna be good

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it's on Steam and GOG so, you can try there, or just pirate it and use DOSbox I guess.

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You probably ran off from the guards during night, thats why your rep was lowered.
I created a thread about it here half a year ago but stopped playing at a point where I travelled from town to town and killed raubritters around. I had a problem with finding healing potion formula.
Those were my guys at the start, I probably shouldn't have used that starting equipment trick, party went overpowered very quickly.

>> No.6219926

>You probably ran off from the guards during night, thats why your rep was lowered.
Nah, I didn't. I avoided them by sticking to the side-streets and only going on docks and the grove. I still don't get why my local reputation keeps changing. It's so weird.
>but stopped playing at a point where I travelled from town to town and killed raubritters around
How can I find Raubritters more easily? I found one by accident near Dresden, is there an easier way to find them other than walking into every castle I see?

>> No.6219986

>Nah, I didn't. I avoided them by sticking to the side-streets and only going on docks and the grove.
Sometimes I still encounter guards even on this path. Strange, what do you do during the day then? Maybe you rest at that low-life quarter?
On the market merchants/bankers can give you a quest to kill raubritters that "terrorize" their town, you can get reward from multiple sources for one raubritter if you're lucky.

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What are your opinions on Thief 2: Shadows of the Metal Age? It's a fan sequel to Thief 2 that began development in 2000, and released in 2005. It has 13 missions, full (sometimes iffy) voice acting, and a new female protagonist named Zaya.

I've always loved Thief, but found most Thief mods offputting due to their lack of overarching narrative structure. So the idea of a cohesive mod with 13 missions and inter-missions cutscenes and everything sounds really cool.

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It's quite good for fan content, but I didn't like it as much as any of the official Thief games.
However I do like the fact that they go out of their way to tell you that your second weapon is a KNOCKOUT hammer, because I guess it breaks people's skull in a nonlethal way.

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Is this the one that used the Unreal Tournament engine?

>> No.6219189

that's Thievery UT, not this

>> No.6219194

Oh, I haven't played this then. Seems like it might be worth checking out?

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Is this the greatest doom clone of all time? Playing this as a kid is one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had.

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It was the first game included as a cereal box prize and had a run of six million copies that's more than most games from the time. If it wasn't for Doom 95 this would have been my first experience with Doom.

>> No.6219174

>ok retard
it was literally the greatest doom clone of that time you fucking mongoloid

>> No.6219315

too short

>> No.6219320

found it boring, i get that it's a meme to fellate it endlessly because xDDD cereal mascot first person shooter but I just don't care for that faggot shit.

>> No.6219445

Strife and Heretic are better, but CQ is damn good for coming out of a box of cereal.

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