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wtf was he supposed to be?

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>Certain genres are almost entirely missing from this console
>Paltry number of games, even compared to the Saturn
>Utterly, and even down the atomic level, mogged by a competitors first entry into the market, a move they helped spur on
>Next to no third party support
>Is somehow held up as this strong retro platform regardless


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Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.

That being said, the N64 library is pretty weak and limited overall, especially compared to the SNES and NES. The top tier was really boundary pushing and the system had great multiplayer but I don't think most of those games have aged super well.

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Console warring is boring, if your family couldn't afford more than 1 system when you were a kid, well that's your thing, you don't need to spam the internet coping about it.

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To me it's an offensive library specifically because it came after the NES and SNES, both of which had incredibly rich libraries in my opinion. It's not quite a sega fall from grace given how history played out, but if they didn't have the gameboy keeping them afloat I genuinely think they would have been in trouble because of the n64.

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Which Sega/SNES/etc Spider-Man games would you recommend?

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That looks great, I'll have to read some carnage comics first

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What about Batman, bros? I'm starting with the NES game. It's based on Tim Burton's Batman, right?

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Not SNES/Sega, but does anyone know which version of 2002 Spider-Man is the best? I'm running the PC version right now.

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Aside from the cutscenes it barely has anything to do with the movie. The Mega Drive version is closer in that regard. It's not as good but the music is god tier.

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Maximum Carnage is a decent, maybe even underrated beat-em-up. No two player though. Some people like Spiderman Vs. Kingpin.

For Batman...Batman Returns for the SNES is excellent and the NES one isn't bad either. Adventures of Batman and Robin for the SNES is a great Konami action games and the Genesis version is an insane tech demo. It's borderline kusoge but I have a soft spot for Batman Forever.

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Luv me 'miger

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>no ireland visible

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Hello /vr/ need some advice, I own a PlayStation TV, a Super Nintendo mini, and plan on getting a PlayStation 3 to play the old Resident Evil, SMT games and anything else that catches my eye, I was wondering if it's worth getting a CRTV/Tube Television to play these games on or if I should just stick to a more modern television.

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It's worth it but you've made the wrong decisions thus far in supporting it.

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So is that...
>Cathode Ray Tube Vision
>Cathode Ray TeleVision

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Cathode Ray TeleVision

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I once saw this series described on an ancient video game website as a "series of games that everyone had played but nobody really enjoys" and that description always stuck with me. Super is the best one IMO but the -vania ones aren't bad either.

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I much prefer the evolution of the Wonder Boy series.

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> "series of games that everyone had played but nobody really enjoys"

What? The games are great, I enjoyed them a lot, especially 2 and 3. 1 is really good as well and really impressive for 1986, but past some point (past the 200 or 300 death toll) I was only keeping on because of pride so I could say to myself that yes, I beat this game. It genuinely is the one of hardest NES game I've beaten if not the hardest. Normies that claim Castlevania/Contra/Zelda 2 are "Nintendo hard" have no fucking clue

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Yeah the Adventure Island NES trilogy, especially the original game is always left out of the "toughest NES games" conversation. I only beat the first one by using an infinite lives code with the Game Genie, and it still took me over 2 hours, some of those last few stages are maddening.

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>"series of games that everyone had played but nobody really enjoys"
Fuck that guy. Adventure Island and Bomberman are both examples of how good Hudson Soft were at their job.
Also, my favorite is Adventure Island 3.

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Why are there no other games like Shin Megami Tensei? I hate games that don't give me choices and throw me in a pre-destined path, let me choose if I want to be a freedomchad like SMT does

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Two is better. Also SMT has like fifty fucking games and spin-offs my dude and a lot are really good.

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By "games like Shin Megami Tensei" I include the whole series as well as the first game which is just titled Shin Megami Tensei

I'll only play 2 when the ps1 version gets translated because I like the QoL features and duckstation is a better emulator

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FF8 development started in 1997. What programs did they use for the background art and 3d models?

I love learning about vintage software :)

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Maya Studio and C

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There was no Maya in 1997. You had to use programs like Sketch instead that were early precursors of Maya.

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I don't know but maybe if you search interviews and previews you might find something, let us know

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Either Softimage 3D or Lightwave probably. FFVII used one of those iirc

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Why is she so Selphie and doesn't think of others.

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Feeling like I want to play a Pokemon next. Also, Pokemon general I guess.

Top Pokemons games?
Any of the remakes worth playing?

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lol ahh yaaa i agree. i figured i’d ask incase it had some cool new features, or story, or challenges, or whatever

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Hi OP, I know you know /vp/ exists but you want to avoid it for whatever reason. The problem is that in this thread you will just get the same problems as /vp/. Just look at it already, it's just people stating their opinion as fact. If you don't want to one of these poor miserable souls or be another drone in the army of their shit opinion, there is only one solution: play them all from the start. Then you can make your own mind and realized that people lack any objectivity and just say the games they like are the best.

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This hack is pretty cool:
The creator has a "shinpokecrystal" repository but no work has been done yet. I've looked through a couple of similar hacks to Crystal but I didn't like their changes.
Not even done by Game Freak, they were outsourced and made in Unity. Avoid at all costs.

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GSC is pure SOUL. There's a mystical atmosphere in its temples of Bellsprout worshippers, ruins, obviously the true end being a battle in the mountains on the former champion and not gym leader/e4 and different easter eggs and pokemon that are not in the previous saga while keeping the sense that being the pokemon champion is an arduous journey, something that's not in the latter games-this is obvious at this point but even in R/S you get the sense it's going more for a comfy journey. It's fine if that's what they're going for, still, that's a distinguishing factor still kept in GSC.

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Is HG/SS missing any of that?

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>*blocks ur path*

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>he isn't streaman everything now
And people are still pressing LPs, does that make them not retro too?

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I own one, not that I need it since I have multiple consoles that does the same thing without a remote.

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It was a cheap accessory that had half the code on the receiver. I think my friends just got that alongside the original Xbox since to get the console and a game was already expensive, so to get some value getting the remote too would at least provide more. Back then, we used to bootleg a lot of DVDs from the filesharing programs, and we all used to watch a lot of martial arts flicks on the Xbox. I distinctly remember discovering Battle Royale one night there.

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>any video game system with DVD media
>anyone but rich people owning a DVD player

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No, it did not. At least not at launch.

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This video is 8 years old Anon.

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I hate people using the unmodified chunks of Wood Zone left in the beta as if they'd be final assets.
They look absolutely awful and don't fit Sonic 2, they'd have been modified/cleaned up and the background would have certainly been modified to be more dynamic.

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>I hate people using the unmodified chunks of Wood Zone left in the beta as if they'd be final assets

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Can we a have a 'little details' thread?

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Does this mean Mega Man is a murderer?

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Always has been.

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No they are robots. Do you consider ripping the heads of your siblings dolls murder?

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Lavalava land in Paper mario is Delfino Isle.

>A toad in Super Mario Sunshine talks about how long ago yoshis lived on the island, Yoshi’s do live on the island in Paper Mario.
>Theres a really big tree with Ravens on it in Paper Mario, this is the tree in Pianta village. Which is located where to Yoshi Village was in Paper Mario.
>Volcano, Beach, Jungle locations on an island
>Games made around the same time

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Mega Man is a robot as well. He takes fighting against his own kind very seriously and tries not to destroy central circuits, so they can be rebuilt.

He doesn't give a fuck about dragon, apparently. Neither does Wily.

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I want to play an old fifa game but don't know which one. Any recommendations?
Preferably one with a good carrier mode.

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fifa 98

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i remember really liking 2002. it's even how i got into gorillaz music.
that intro man

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Yeah there's Fifa 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, and 08 for you to get excited over! They're all identical

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This is the closest I get to remembering or giving a shit about the series. This intro on a school computer.

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The poster in the OP is meant for retailers, not random people. They wanted to avoid Nintendo becoming synonymous with video games because then Sega could just release a "Nintendo" themselves. It's 100% in Nintendo's interest to keep the word Nintendo associated with THEIR video games.

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I agree, and I think Nintendo have been successful in doing that. Nintendo still means Nintendo, and not video games generically. If they hadn't bothered, and Nintendo had become a generic word in common use to mean "video game", then I think it would be right that they lose that trademark, but that hasn't happened.

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The fact that the colors of the advertisement makes Mario's face to look like a cartoon parody of the Big Brother is unintentional, and because of this it's fun and creepy at the same time.

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I really miss the old Nintendo. They don't even attempt to recapture some of that former glory nowadays. Best thing they've done in recent years is those Famiclone Game and Watch handhelds. Even Mario Maker 2 was like four years ago

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Then why did my dad always yell at me to stop playing crash on my nintendo?
Check and mate, athetits.

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It deserved?

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Let's charitably assume this >>9943035 was the post you intended to quote kek

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Which Sonic if any should get a 10/10 score then?

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ffs anon pick the first one at least

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That screen was fucking terrible for a sonic game even worse than game gear

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picrel is better than chrono trigger

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For me

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just kicked gades ass in the first encounter and got his blade

>> No.9943156

>Requires a guide to beat
Where would you need a guide?

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you know damn well you don't even believe what you typed and just want to shill your garbage for attention after mentioning a critically acclaimed beloved game as a comparison to your shit.

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all I remember is that one puzzle with 3? rooms where you have to push stones around but one of these rooms requires you to actually pull a stone without ever explaining to you that this is possible. the game teaches you you can push but never that you can also pull, I think it even required you to hold a certain shoulder button or whatever for it to work. whats up with that? thats instantly the first and only thing I remember about this game and I finished it.

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>watching new CM top 5 underrated NES games list video
>see pic related
>"hmm this seems like a jab at Joe Rediffer, but that would mean Mike is involved and I don't think he and James work together anymore
>see end of video
>"Video by James and Mike"
Of fucking course
lol has Joe made any other autistic shit or Mike is just fucking with him just because?

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What is your favorite retro stealth game and why?

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CT has some of the most advanced sneaking mechanics in the entire stealth gaming niche. One of my favorite innovations is the noise meter showing how much noise you are making relative to the noise level of the area you are in. Its an important communication tool to the player that admittedly sacrifices immersion for fairness, but ultimately mitigates most of the “WTF? How did I alert them?” moments from the game. The AI is also very advanced and set a new bar for NPC reactivity. The graphics and lighting are stellar and still hold up today. The level design is second to none with some truly sprawling maps the player can virtually go anywhere. Sam’s arsenal consists of the quintessential high-tech spy movie gadgets and are a ton of fun to use. Everything from the snake cam to remote hacking to the sticky camera that can emit knock-out gas to Sam’s iconic tri-vision goggles add so much depth to the stealth gameplay. The depth of environmental interactivity is also present, with several different ways to open a door or take down an unsuspecting guard. The combat is also really fun, as Sam not only has the most high-tech firearms but is also a CQB master. But Sam’s health is still relatively low, so sneaking is still preferable to a guns blazing approach. The setting and story are contemporary spy movie, nothing too special or memorable.

All in all I would give the slight edge to TMA, but CT is just such a damn good stealth game. Both have an immense level of replay value.

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Thief 2 because A Better Tomorrow and Rocksbourg 2 are some of the greatest levels I've ever played.

>> No.9943306

For me it's Splinter Cell 1. May not be the best one but it was the biggest jump in quality of stealth mechanics for me.

>> No.9943316

Also MGS VR missions are underrated as a stealth experience. The main game itself is barely a stealth game but the VR mission really push the mechanics and are very fun, at the time that was peak stealth for me.

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Good posts but one little thing:
>The Act-React system of the AI is still very robust and advanced to this day.
Act/React isn't the AI. It's the stimuli system. Act/React handles Object interactivity. The AI is a separate system

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Was Sega better at making carts? Or having plastic cases for many games helped the carts to be more responsive.

>> No.9942917

I think the cases help a lot, protects the cart from getting dust and stuff on the contacts.

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Alright OP, we know you want to talk about how Anthony is transitioning

>> No.9942937

No I wan't to talk about carts and why Nintendo insisted in making horrible cases, one could argue until current times.

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