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It seems like Rareware would have been competent enough.. So why did they fuck up the physics so badly on this port? It feels like the gravity is twice as strong than the snes versions, and heck even the earlier gameboy games. So did they do it on purpose or something?

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>DK transforms into animals instead of rides them like the original game
>It's now nigh-impossible to clear stages with Expresso because she can't jump on enemies and you can't dismount to clear the road ahead

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>Expresso because she can't jump on enemies
are you sure of that? Or is the collision detection just fucked making it really hard to do?

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meant to reply to >>5526882

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Nope, Expresso literally can't. It was like that in the original game, as well.

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damn.. all these years of trying..

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Would anyone be interested in playing on a /vr/ CS1.6 server in 2019?

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Not really, especially if its just dist2, italy, and standard maps. Might be fun if there was like knife arena, climbing, or other fun maps. Would rather it be something like sven coop.

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It's not nice to shoot people.

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I'm personally more oriented towards "standard"/defusal/hostage stuff but it'd be more stuff like Mill, Strike, Lite, Fire, Oilrig etc. with some NIPPER maps and other slightly less serious custom stuff thrown in.

I like fun maps/gamemodes too but would prefer having those as options that players can nominate in chat, then the majority of the server would have to vote for them in the RTV or end-of-map vote.

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>Might be fun if there was like knife arena, climbing, or other fun maps.
jesus fuck no
left classic CS exactly because there were no more normal servers, everything was either meme mod-ridden or 24/7 dust2

what would be actually good is a server with normal Counter-Strike gameplay but with both standard and custom maps (that still play like normal CS)

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Do you guys think car combat guys will ever make a comeback? I really enjoy playing twisted metal/vigilante 8/rogue trip. The last car combat game released was probably Twisted Metal ps3 and none since then.

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Not really. Vehicular combat games were a direct result of 3D hardware being standard but dual analog controllers not being standard.

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Twisted Metal 4 is a pretty good album, that also comes with an alright game. I got a multitap for it, but I usually couldn't get my brother and the kids across the street to all sit down and play it. The special kids down the street decided Dragula was called "Dog Pounder", because they interpreted some of the lyrics that way:
>Dead I am the dog, hound of hell you cry

I hated having them over because they wouldn't stay still and let me play Neopets, even if I put them in front of another game. I think one of them scribbled a whiteout marker on the door of my GX TV.

The genre never really went away, if you count games like World of Tanks and WarThunder. Planes are more fun. I started playing WarThunder just because there wasn't a Star Wars game to play. Disney really fucked up there. A whole crop will not have xmas morning video game nostalgia for their product. The episodes are pretty good tho.

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Before rocket league I would have said absolutely fuck no, but I wonder if that game helped bring back the car action genre back.

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Do you read game manuals before your first play?

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I did, I always did. I took the time to carefully read every word in the manual before I put the game into the machine. It was like a ceremony I conducted before playing a new game.

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Because you haven't made it yet.

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Depends on the situation, I prefer to read the manuals if available. Sometimes it's hard to find them, for example, I find FDS game manuals aren't easy to come by.

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Exactly what kind of casual do you think I am?

Because poor bandwagoners haven't made one and also teh law?

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Definitely not before first play, but I would regularly page through the manual the same way a kid pages through a comic book, they were an endless source of imagination and entertainment for me even before I could really understand them.

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DQ III: the story of a sexy personality teen girl and her team of girl friends.

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Tomboy would make more sense as the default personality since almost every NPC in the game treats you as a boy.

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Accurate description of my GBC playthrough

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I hate waifufags with passion. They aren't any better than furrys.

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Sexy is the strongest one

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Obviously, but not exactly the one that makes sense plot-wise.

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What makes retro gaming so fun is pretending you're one of the characters. For instance, I like to dress up like Simon from Castlevania II and go around jumping on turtles and mushrooms.
When people give me strange looks as I jump passed them I have to explain that I'm acting out a DOS-ROM character, but they're usually very insistent that I'm more like Space Harrier on the SEGA System.
What can I say? It's a paradox.

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>When people give me strange
lol When people give me strange

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i would like to see that

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Is this game actually beatable on the highest difficulty? Every enemy is an extremely lethal bullet sponge and you start the game with a terrible fucking melee weapon and half health.

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Are you using the Rags 2 Riches mod?

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you are not supposed to kill everybody

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is this worth playing? all I remember is everyones face looked wobbly.

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So I got inspired by a post in another thread that mentioned what it was like to play viday in 1978, and I was thinking I'd do something similar, but would give myself another year because I want to play Intellivision. In addition to that, I'm going to forsake the Internet and other technology that would not be available post-1979. Wish me luck.

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I've been trying to do similar stuff for games myself. If I play anything now, I limit myself online to tools that I would have had at the time-- the manual, scans from a magazine, etc. It's fun, but I don't know if I could go full media blackout like OP.

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OP was never heard from again.

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Only casuals play by 20th century rules tbqh

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>posts game released in 1982

If you want RPGs that are authentically 70s you're going to want to learn about PLATO


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He's more of an attention whore than Sevenleaf

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anyone played boogerman?
I'm playing the genesis version for the first time in 20 years, and I'm finding it very different than the snes version

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Genesis was the original apparently, I beat it several times as a kid but now i doubt I could

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The Genesis version is definitely the better of the two especially the music--way funkier. I also noticed the SNES version is pretty rare and cartridges command a rather high price while the Genesis one is easy to find and cheap.

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Are there any retro JRPGs that can't be cheesed by being overleveled, where skill or strategy is more of a deciding factor than stats or luck?

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I tried savescumming a roguelike with git and I still couldn't win.

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This. The other available PCs becomes NPCs in competition with you and they level up parallel to you so that if you get in the wrong position with the wrong NPC you can have a basically unwinnable battle on your hands

This is also true although my mind went the other way towards thinking OP might like some of the old school point and click adventure games where you absolutely have to keep track of branching paths and multiple saves to backtrack if you don't want to get stuck

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He's more of an attention whore than Sevenleaf.

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7th saga

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You have to embrace losing. That's sort of the point of the genre. It's not necessarily that much easier to win with save scumming because you can still permanently fuck yourself over. Bjt it sucks the tension and actual fun out when you approach it like an rpg with save states.

Each time you die, you learn something from that failed run and figure out new kinds of strategies to deal with the shit you run into. At first they can seem like slot machines to get the right skills or items, but over time you realize it's really your skill as a player at working with what you do have on hand that is what gets you wins and really shows how incredibly fun the genre is. Bear in mind when you're playing Nethack and want to rage quit because you think the RNG is the reason you're losing, there high level players can have win streaks of multiple games in a row. The best player's is 38 ascents consecutively if I remember right.

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What's the word on these Retrobit Sega controllers? They're in stock again and I'm debating getting a couple Saturn controllers. I heard they changed the L and R microswitch but that's it. How's the dpad and everything else?

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sorry retrobit shill I'll let you get back to work

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This seems like a better purchase pairing with the Mega SG than the shitty 8bitdo controllers. Are they really as good as they seem?

>> No.5526858

>the word

>> No.5526883

8bitdo controller is amazing. Quit being so dramatic.

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What truly matters is that it can last. No matter how good a controller feels and performs if it's gonna shit the bed quickly it's not worth it.

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Just beat castlevania 3 for the first time. No cheats or anything dumb like that. I think its my favorite casltevania game, but I was curious on what your guys favorite ending was? I got the Alucard ending and it was pretty cool. I am going for the syphia ending next.

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It's also my favorite and probably my overall favorite NES game. I think the Sypha ending is the best one. If you can get Sypha's lightning orb weapon and hold on to it, some difficult later stretches become much more manageable.

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Grant is definitely a lot of fun. I can't wait to try him out some more.

>> No.5526304

Yeah, it might be my favorite nes game too. Thanks for the advice on Sypha as well.

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nes or famicom version?

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Why are the best flight simulators all DOS-ROMs?

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Sup /vr/. /vr/ has an RPG issue, with dozens of threads at a time (even of the same series or even game sometimes) pushing other stuff aside.
I ask that all RPG discussion shall be contained to a single general and all further threads made on this topic to be a bannable offense.

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A new one of a series that already had a thread!
Don't you love jarpigs?

>> No.5526543

You're not making your case well with your obvious hatred of the genre. RPG generals aren't a bad idea - keep it civil and you might get your wish

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Honestly if the mods would just prune some Stale bait threads and make an emu general it would really up the quality here.

We don't need an "emulation" the lead for every post 5th gen console and hand held.

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God damn I fucking despise /shmupg/. those faggots don't even fucking play shmups, they jerk off iconoclast constantly as if he represents them all. Besides they're so retarded they get mad at someone called ICONOCLAST not conforming to their idiocy lmfao

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>how dare you dislike the best genre ever!

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I'm thinking of maybe getting this. How is it compared to Goldeneye on the N64?

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it's ok, is not better than goldeneye
also check the ps1 version, is a different game

>> No.5526586

If this is the game that I think it is, the starting pistol is very satisfying. You could also play against AI in multiplayer right?

>> No.5526589

yes, it supports 4 bots

>> No.5526687

They did their best to copy Goldeneye, while bringing Perfect Dark improvements like bots for multiplayer. Never got recognition for some reason.

>> No.5526802

The single player experience was not very good. Classic EA outbidding on a license and fucking it up

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Don't get me wrong, I like it a lot, but it's definitely not my favorite 2D Mario. But I always see people list this as not just the best Mario game ever, but also one of the best games ever. Why? It was very rushed and a lot of features were cut. It's laughably easy. The soundfont is pretty janky. The graphics look fine but are incredibly simplistic by SNES standards, it looks closer to an NES game than a lot of the games that would come after on the same platform.

Again, I'm not saying it's bad by any means, but it's not THAT good. I've beaten it twice in my life and I really don't have any desire to do it again. Am I missing something? Why does it get the level of praise it gets?

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Resurgence in bad indie platformers that need to pretend there is a reason for new 2D platformers to be created when the genre has already been perfected and any sane person would just play the already perfect 2D platformers and seek novelty in their life elsewhere.

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>still not including the lakitu cloud as a SMW powerup

>> No.5526931

It's just fun to play.

>> No.5526932

The internet generates contrarianism. People need to have "hot opinions", etc.

>> No.5526951

>laughably easy
Are we including the Warp Levels here? I could never clear Totally Tubular, nor could anyone I knew

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What's /vr/ opinion on using CRTs and HD consoles?

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Wow you are smart and the life of the party.

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I forgot to turn on my trip. Feel free to filter it.

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t. pleb who never heard of an Xbox VGA cable

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What is the point of a copypasta if half the stuff isn't true and half is?

>> No.5526101

I just copied it from https://www.reddit.com/r/GloriousCRTMasterRace/wiki/misconceptions

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>game gets remastered
>it now looks like shit

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You know I had to sage and report it to em.

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I invite you to contribute here if you agree:

To stay on topic: post stuff that you feel that RPGs have ruined. Example: Castlevania SotN ruining its series.

>> No.5526442

A better question would be: what HAVEN'T RPGs ruined?

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What're you favourite things about this wonderful waste of a good thing? It really makes you wonder how different the console scene would be if sega hadn't fucked up so hard leading up to it

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Buy usbgdrom or Chinese clone gdemu and stop the collector retardation. You can sell 1 or 2 games to pay for it.

>> No.5526849

>but being a collector is so god damn expensive.
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

>> No.5526859

>being astonished that people on /vr/ aren't zoomers
back to >>>/v/

>> No.5526908

>stop the collector retardation
Would you go to a vintage car museum and tell the owners "you spent HOW MUCH?! They're old cars retard, why would you preserve that 1971 Plymouth GTX?"

>> No.5526925


I spent $1,150 to complete my Sega Saturn collection but that's only because I recently received a 6 figure settlement from milk truck accident when I already make $68k a year. No kids, no wife. Thank god.

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