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Millennials refused to buy this console solely because it was purple and it didn't have a GTA game.

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I remember when every store was trying to get rid of these pieces of junk for $20. Memcards easily costed more than the console itself.

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What's your point?

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I didn't have a choice it was the cheapest one so that's what I got

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Some of my friends had one but i had the xbox. It also didnt have dvd. Alot of kids wanted that too. I know i did desu. New cheap dvds were the shit.

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It had the two best Resident Evil games of all time
PS2 ended up having a port of RE4 with extra content but the graphics were worse and the cutscenes were FMVs instead of real time

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I come to you with a rare question that's also very simple: what was the first video game that included an actual background music tune?
Besides games with short fanfares like short 5 second melodies that would play when you put a credit in or on the title screen, while we're at it I would also like to know the first game to include that too, but mainly interested on knowing which was the first game to have a soundtrack, so to speak.

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You could use Google or something for this, you're not getting any scholarly answers from nu /vr/

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Space Invaders huh.
And how did video game music evolve from there? Was was the first one to have more of a song structure like a part A and part B song?

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>Space Invaders
Came to say this, it's almost the Jaws theme.

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Athena's game should be available in Greek.

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You can't be silius.

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That's rAf, man.

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What happened? Like, seriously? What happened?

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and they probably spent too much time jacking off to Ingrid
I know I would

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This game was actually a fun thing at arcades while it lasted. Definitely some interesting interactions for a capcom game.

Only problem was that everyone was locked to their game's groove.

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Yoshitori Ono happened, end of story.

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That is so sad. Boo hoo.

>jacking off to Ingrid
She was cute. I like that in Alpha 3 MAX, one of her win quotes was her saying that she was going to tickle the opponent.

>Only problem was that everyone was locked to their game's groove.
I didn't mind it.

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I really don't like this guy's presentation style but this video is basically your thread

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I still call her "Aeris"

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canon changes all the time. your memories can last forever.

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The irony here is this is backwards. A person with a genuine lisp would say "Aeris" just fine. But if they tried to say "Aerith" it would come out as "Aeris." Picture Mike Tyson saying Aerith and you'll know exactly what I mean.

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Why'd you crop the pic bro?

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Why do people have such an issue with Aerith when names like Elizabeth, Gwenyth and Ruth exist?

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How did they get away with these "2 Player" games?
How is this really different than a 1 player game and passing the controller?

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If you’re a kid at home with a console and your sibling, and you want to play something together, a game with the illusion of multiplayer is better than a game with no sense of multiplayer at all.

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So many threads on this board seem to be criticizing companies for making decisions 35 years ago that ate totally inexplicable to the modern streamer-watching shitposter, to the point that the poster feels actively offended.

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Unfortunately anon even adults can't understand this

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i dont know whats more embarrassing, clutching your pearls over "false advertising" or thinking that mario would work with 2 simultaneous players. either way you are wrong and not old enough to be on /vr/

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Nobody said it's Nintendies fault. It's your generation not having a backbone and standing up against this shit.

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Can I beat Mechwarrior 3's campaign on Hard with the starting Bushwacker mech? I'm on Op4-1 and I can't get to the train in time.

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Portable Saturn.

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that’s a nomad prototype

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that doesn't look too portable

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No, it's an alpha version of a portable Saturn, merely disguised as a Nomad prototype.

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New thread topic. The taper in the Nomad case always made me feel uneasy for some reason, the AC adapter jack developed cold solder joints easily, the snap-on plastic AA battery pack was dumb, and the screen sucked.
But it kept me playing Genesis through 1998.

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Isn't there a drop-in screen replacement now?

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How does /vr/ feel about these? One just opened up in my town and has another location about 45 minutes away, so they know what they are doing to a degree.

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>30 year old thing isn't the same price anymore
What's next? Complaining that the price of gas isn't 90 cents like it was in the early 1990s?

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Well I mean, the appeal is similar to that of collecting old vinyl records, trading cards, jerseys etc. The difference is some of us actually want to play the games

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Yeah, I guess that’s a fair point.

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a hobby of mine is going to these stores, looking at the shelves, and loudly proclaiming which emulator I already beat each game on

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Buy games for cheap. Sell them higher. Store is pretty much a display cabinet while they sell everything else online.
The one round my area also sells boardgames/ttrpg shit and video game shirts.

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>this had millenials howling and nearly passing out with laughter

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>n64 flopped nobody actually had one
>saturn only did slightly worse than the playstation
what will /vr/ think of next

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which console has the most emulators and decompilation projects?
>inb4 it's because its shit

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I mean, you kill a giant singing piece of crap by throwing rolls of toilet paper in it's mouth. And it's a sentient piece of shit too, living in a mountain of poo. It's at least slightly funny.

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because the N64 is an autist (and transsexual) factory. Is it better than the SNES based on that factor alone? you decide.

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I just beat the original Fire Emblem 1. What did I think about it?

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>there were fire emblem nes games
literally thought the series started on the gba

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>makes a US-style cover for a Japanese game and doesn’t convert the art style into bodybuilder westoid fantasy art

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The one called "Fire Emblem" in the west was the 7th game, and wasn't even the first GBA game. We got robbed because some of the old ones are pretty cool, I definitely would have bought FE6 as a kid

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The item system makes it unplayable.

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>projecting nignog

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Is there anything interesting and worth playing on the MSX/MSX2 computers? Other than the first Metal Gear games.

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Fray, Knightmare games and Tales of Popolon (not retro) the first parodius maybe
Also SD snatcher but I guess that counts as metal gear

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I prefer the MSX2 version of Snatcher to the other versions. It's just more soulful with the MSX graphics, and there's an English translation for it.

Aleste 2 is worth checking out too, though it's hard as hell.

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These look fun, thanks.

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Konami has a lot of cool stuff on the MSX, and if you happen to be a HAL Labs fan, all their weird early shit is on MSX.

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I have 1CC's on all the ported easymodes but can barely last past stage 1 on the normal/arcade difficulty

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You need to flow with the rhythm of encountered patterns and bait aimed projectiles. Also keep using bombs in tight situations.

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there isn't another way then remembering the spell cards

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I know this sounds like "draw the rest of the fucking owl" tier advice, but just put more thought into your every decision. Let's say you just moved to the left
>Why did you move left? Why not right, down, down-left, or any of the other directions available to you? What makes those worse options?
>How far to the left did you move? Why did you go for that distance specifically? Did you end up moving nearer or further than you intended?
>What about timing? When did you start and stop moving? Was there a specific thing that prompted you to move when you did?
>How easy is it to recreate this movement exactly? Is there anything you can do to make it easier?
>Where on the screen are you looking? What game elements, e.g. enemies, sound cues, specific areas, are you paying the most attention to? Is there anything you're not paying attention to that might help you? Conversely, is there anything you ARE paying attention to that isn't helping?
>What got you into a situation that you had to move left in the first place? Could you have done something a few moments ago that would let you avoid needing to move at all?
Most of these questions are irrelevant and/or obvious 90% of the time, but during the other 10%, not knowing one could be the difference between getting hit or not. The more immediately, consistently, and in detail you can answer them, the better a player you are.

>> No.10940286

I feel like watching replays of your own runs and then comparing them to others with top scores or clean clears might be the next step after this

When you can understand when, where, and why you move, you can start to compare to other and figure out why they're doing it

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Yup, but worse replays are also important. They show off avoidable mistakes and alternative strats that may or may not fit you better. There's always a chance that even a run that game overs in stage 2 does something wildly different somewhere that gives you an idea for your own route.
Plus every WR has at least a few short sections where a different replay has better execution or scores better.

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Come on guys, it wasn't THAT bad

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It's the worst game ever made.

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It's worse than Superman 64. Don't (you) me

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ITT: systems with so many games that nobody will ever play them all.
I'll start:
the Commodore 64 : estimated 10,000 games and thats retail releases, the homebrew and amateur amount is impossible to say.
what systems can beat this amount /vr/?

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Mahjong but as an RPG

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>piratin is ownin

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>piratin is ownin
that's right.

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How can there possibly be 10k songs

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Never owned one, never really had an interest in it but I've been getting a ton of recommendation for channels basically dedicated to this.

Should I bother putting one together with the DIY kits? I think playing through the first 3 ultima games and Elite on this would be neat.

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Did he beat her with a belt?

>> No.10940503

Was it painful, what she felt?

>> No.10940505

Did he hit her with the buckle?

>> No.10940508

Did he go and 'ave a chuckle?

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Something about that specific shade of green screams 90s slime toys and extreme sports

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what makes games stick with people over the decades? when it comes to retro

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When there's Mario in it

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Small storage sizes and replicability.

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Based anti-Nintendo poster

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For me, newer games are almost incapable of putting more emphasis on less physical things, such as the character's feelings. Everything has to be explosive, cinematic, tons of fluctuating numbers, needs to try extremely hard to win over retards. Even games like Crusader, which was basically the equivalent of Halo in 1994, is slower paced and tries to immerse you. I like immersive sims, but as for other people who like old shooters and platformers, it still applies. Newer games have to be more stupid to justify their cost and utilize more powerful hardware.

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Harry! Nooo!

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Home Alone 2 on genesis

>> No.10940231

Wet Bandit Harry got Sub-Zero'd

>> No.10940309

Returnal Chumpions. You can tell by that gruesome overkill move.

>> No.10940337

I grew up with the SNES version, it's not bad imo

We found the zoomer

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No surprises there, Home Alone 2 was a bloodbath.

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It's just not fun.

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Not him, I like Toaplan and Konami, also Compile, Hudson Soft, Success, Technosoft. Though this is speaking as somebody who kind of prefers the 8-bit and 16-bit shmups over the 32-bit

>> No.10940265

In 1994, definitely. “Silicon Graphics” was a big buzzword around then

>> No.10940271

I like rayforce because it looks great sounds great feels great and I don’t care if it doesn’t satisfy some specific flavor of autist OCD.
It’s cinematic in a good way and it’s better than Soukyugurentai, which it influenced, and better than its 3D sequels

>> No.10940382

It looked 10 times better than low res rendered 3d.

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They were both impressive in 1994 honestly, that's why I listed both examples. I guess Galactic Attack/Layer Section/RayForce looked alright too with its scaling effects. But DKC and those 32X games are still more impressive to me