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PS1 posters are the worst you know it's true

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Mortal Kombat on Sega Genesis is the best video game ever.

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So anon.. Why do you pretend not to use save states?

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i just use the normal save function

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Well little mouse girl, I never pretended I don't. I use them in a way I think I will get the most enjoyment out of games, which means especially skipping purely time consuming steps which in themselves do not make much of a problem. As a kid I would have had the time to retry over and over but now they are just useless time wasters. Actually I usually go by rule of three, if I have to redo a section three times which itself does not make any problems to get to a section that does, then I put a savestate before that one that does afterwards.
I also gladly savestate at the beginning of a level, fuck continues. The funny thing is even though they are then actually useless extra lives still have the same appeal, MUST HAVE, MUST COLLECT, so that doesn't change anything.

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Save states are a godsend!
After all I'm not a fucking kid anymore. I've got a life, even if it's a shitty one.
Break time runs out while I'm on a boss fight? Save state.
Call from work while I'm playing? Save state.
Friends/family can't get shit done on their own and start yelling for help? Save state.
Pizza delivery? Save state.
Getting too tired to continue? Save state.
The detractors can kiss my hairy ass. Save states are the best

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kringe. Using save states in the middle of level is pretty unacceptable no point in even playing the game. At least restart the level if you run out of lives.

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I don't understand how fags can hate on this masterpiece...
what motivates people to talk shit about the legend of zelda: a link to the past? Is it because they are LITERALLY mentally ill? I would totally get it if people would hate shit zelda games like the ds ones but not a great piece of video game history that still holds up till this day

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>calling zelda alttp shit

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We've discussed this but GBA is a classic retro handheld. It is widely considered to be a continuation of the SNES design philosophy and the majority of its library is made up of classic retro 2D style games, therefore it officially falls under the retro category and is thus permitted to be discussed here. Unfortunately the sticky is out of date but I understand it is currently in the process of being updated.

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You know I had to sage and report it to em.

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Based and gbapilled

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Is it worth the crazy asking prices just to be able to play classic retro Game Boy games on a CRT? Or is it better just to stick to the Super Game Boy?

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Illegality and immorality.

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>maybe THIS will convince them to change the rules

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You can find Game Boy Players relatively cheap if you only buy the hardware. You don't need the official startup disc since the SD Media Launcher allows homebrew like Game Boy Interface to be launched, which produces better picture quality than the official software anyway.

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You could just use a hacked Wii plugged into a crt tv to do the same, but as you're well aware /vr/ is the kind of place where people boast about having as close to the authentic hardware as possible when they play video games.
The guy above me is also right, you don't need the cd to use the game boy player if you have a homebrew solution on hand. Hell the Game Boy Inferface with Swiss homebrew gives you more and better configuration options for how it runs the games compared to Nintendo's own solution.

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I personally like the SD2SNES method with the new Super Gameboy emulation.

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Let's discuss the classic Game Boy retro handheld! Favorite hardware revision? Best games? Weirdest peripheral? How does the Game Boy's legacy hold up in Anno 2020? All discussion of this classic retro handheld welcome!

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What ff game is that on the gba sp?

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That's clearly Pokemon.

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Never heard of it.

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Why did you use a picture with GameBoy Advances? Those will never, ever be allowed here no matter what.
>b-but what if i cry and shitpost more
Nope! Not even then. You'll just continue to get laughed at.

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This is a thread for the Game Boy, a classic retro handheld released in 1989. All discussion welcome!

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Did you you know there was a prototype port of the retro classic cinematic platformer Another World? Apparently it was co-developed by Eric Chahi himself. Is this the best way to play this classic retro cinematic platformer on the go?

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Pretty sure Another World is on PS Vita. That would be the best way to play it on the go.

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But was it co-developed by Eric Chahi himself? Also I'm not sure Vita is allowed to be discussed here. I know the classic retro handheld GBA is because it is widely considered to be a continuation of the SNES design philosophy and the majority of its library is made up of classic retro 2D style games, but unsure whether Vita qualifies as retro.

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this board is full of autists, ignore them

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i tihnk it looks like poopshit....

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Vita qualifies when you are talking about retro software. Eric himself did work on it. Here is an interview on it https://blog.playstation.com/2014/06/17/classic-platformer-another-world-is-coming-to-ps4-next-week/

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How does this port of the classic retro 2D side-scrolling action platformer Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island hold up to the original classic retro SNES version?

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Do you want to know what it sounds like when I think about how GBA exclusive games will never be allowed on this board?

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No doubt there were some limitations inherent to the GBA hardware, but it is still the best way to play this retro classic on the go.

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Not as classic, nor as retro

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this game is poopyshit!

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>take a look at catalog
oh, look whose ban expired!

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What's the weirdest game you've ever played?

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I honestly can't remember

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Alice: An Interactive Museum.

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My non retro post aside I just rememberd I own a cart called claymation or seomthing where you are clay.

I don't have the rom downloaded though, but it's weird. Technically so's kirby, those are too.

claymates it what it was actually

But games are weird forever you just don't relize it.

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i had this game. it was very very buggy

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final fantasy 7 - the whole story is bonkers

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So this is what Genesisfags consider a classic? What a joke of a console.

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dude the 1990s have ended

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Soul Hackers Saturn or PS1 release?

Saturn to PS1 ports are usually whack, thinking of Grandia, Baroque and every 2D fighter multiplat

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3ds is the definitive version.

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>ctrl+f JRPG
>2 results
What's going on?? /vr/ ? Let's talk rpgs

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>game board of peace
Dracula hated men for a reason. Men are miserable pile of secrets aka liars. Manipulative two faced dishonest scheming bastards.

That wasn't bait though even if dracula was right about society.

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Dividing communities when /vr/ is of the only ones on 4chan worth still visiting is fucking abhorrent now STOP

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Rank the first 6 Final fantasy
I never played V but for it goes:

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What other games do you recommend?
I have:
>Both Adventure games
>Space Channel 5
I know I need the essentials like Shenmue, Power Stone and Skies of Arcadia, but what else is my collection missing? Are PSO fan servers still active?

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Fucking hell, like 50% of the threads on /vr/ are Dreamcast threads, literally lurk moar.

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Toy Commander
Chu Chu Rocket is extremely fun if you have friends to play with. There are fan servers but I don't know how populated they are.

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If by dreamcast you mean n64/sm64/saturn then yes, 50%

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What are the essential Mega Man/Rockman games? I've finished the first one and now want to get into the series

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this but without X8. and with the zero games even though they are not hecking retronerino!!!

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T-thank you, I guess the whole series is good

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Everything in the classic series is good, all the numbered titles from 1 to 11, as well as Mega Man & Bass aka Rockman & Forte on SNES

Notable mention also for:
- The game boy games, the first 4 ones follow the NES games but with new stages. The 5th one is whole new game however, so if you have to play one out of those, play that one.

- The Megadrive port of MM1/2/3, it's inferior but it adds new stages which are pretty cool.

X series: from 1 to 4, everything else after that ranges from average to shit

Worthy spin offs:
The Power Battle series on Arcade
Rockman Battle&Chase. Sadly the western version has cut version.

Other series: Mega Man Legends 1 and 2
Battle Network and Starforce series are their own thing but they're very good if you're into action RPGs

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You can stop after X, and skip 8. People will try to tell you that X4 is the last good Mega Man, but it's terrible. X2 and X3 are just X but worse, and 11 is fine but soulless; so:

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Also if you just want the best ones, play 2 and 4. 1 top tier too, but you've played that already

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Back when this came out I thought it was the most amazing thing ever. Now looking back I can see it was a pretty soulless cash grab riding off the back of a dying tv franchise.

What other games did you think were the bees knees at the time, but now realize were shameless corporate garbage?

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Rampage World Tour.

Play for 15 minutes and you've seen all the game has to offer.

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yeah they did universal tour and rampage through time also basically the same thing different backgrounds

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How do you guys feel about overclocked SNES games, like Star Fox at a higher frame right.

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It can't be done with the original code. It would need a ground up remake for it to work

Wasn't one of the later StarFox games a remake of this anyway?

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bsnes HD has this feature. Fun to mess around with. It can also get games to render in 21:9 aspect ratio which really only works for mode 7 games.

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I don't think you can overclock the SNES, its designed around the 60 fps NTSC signal. You can overclock carts though, they have a seperarte clock.

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You can't just make accusations like that without some evidence. I ASSHUME you have some?

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Last time I tried this it just sped the game up

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Game prices are gonna go back to normal any day now, right?

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Now that you mention. It really looks an awful to be

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I have this game already.

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Yeah just like Mickey Mantle rookie cards. Just keep waiting anon, I’m sure you didn’t miss out forever...

>> No.6685637

>comparing a legitimately rare item to an extremely common item that a cabal of fat nerd scalpers decided to artificially jack up

>> No.6685931

I collected baseball cards when I was a kid. That's a hobby that needs to die.

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I’m insane, got no brain

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I'm going to bury those two motherfuckers

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Let's discuss the retro SNES classic Breath of Fire II

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That's cheating. If you use fast forward you DID NOT by any stretch of the imagination beat the god damn game.

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Shame they made already easy games baby mode and replaced the art with absolute garbage while ashing out the colors and inferior sound.

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GBA games all way retro in our heart.

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BoF2 SNES Retranslation > BoF2 GBA > BoF2 SNES

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Sometimes beating a game is not the point

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i wanna have an arcade setup, and i need to stand while playing said machines, but standing makes my legs hurt after a while, any advice? also post standing battlestations. (retro only)

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yeah i would only be sitting for like 10 minutes an hour anyway.

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Almost forgot, if you are THAT worry about the back, you can use half-yoga-ball.


Put it on your chair, stool and sit on it. That is what my Physiotherapist recommended to me last time I had a visit. It help my pose a bit, but not as much as my current meme chair (aeron).

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bumping from page 10!

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