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Which was better? 1080 or the Cool Boarders games?

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Snowboard Kids 2

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I'm not trying to talk about kart racers ITT.

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Best retro baseball game and why is it this?

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>def. recommend World Series Baseball '95 on Sega Genesis if you want a good older baseball game

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How is this not retro? It came out in '86

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Another good one.

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I feel like retro baseball games are so much better than modern day games.

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Is this game as bad as people say? Is the only DQ game I haven't played.

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OP is probably going by "Contrarian Opinion #4080 That I Read On /vr/".

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DQ7 is pretty well-regarded at large among fans of the series

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It's a bit dragged out but that's part of the charm of the series so if you're into DQ you may not think it's the best but you'll enjoy it

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No. No one says it's bad, just long as fuck.

Genuinely my favorite DQ game, love it from beginning to end. Just be ready for the length, I prefer to play it in the summer and on long breaks where I know I have time.

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It's not bad, it just will kill your will to live because of how it drags on. The core of it is the same as any other DQ, just at 1/10th the normal pace.

>mfw taking 3 hours to encounter my first slime

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Or is it just for aesthetic purposes?

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It doesn't have anything to connect to now. So, unless you know how to extract whatever rom may or may not be stored on it, it's really just an aethetic choice.

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has the protocol it used to communicate been reverse engineered?
It would be interesting to make homebrew satellacasts

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It is a nice door stopper or paper weight.

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>tfw no one has reverse engineered the famicom modem
>tfw no comfy famicom BBS to log into every now and then

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I have it for A E S T H E T I C S and it's sick

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Is it possible that we'll ever get a Sega Genesis flash cart that can run Sega CD ISOs, or a cloned Sega CD that is very small and slim and can easily be disconnected and stashed away?

I love a lot of Sega CD games but I really don't like having to leave my Genesis plugged into it. It takes up so much space and I feel like it detracts from the aesthetics of the Model 2' design and engineering rather than adding to it. And it's even worse if you're a Model 1 owner.

Maybe I am just being too damn picky but I wish there was an alternative that I could just plug in when I want to play Sega CD games and put away when I don't need it.

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Probably not until supplies of CD-Rs really run out in a few decades or so, if there is still even a retro modding scene like we currently have. There's almost no demand for it since you can just play burnt discs without copy protection.

The addon has it's own CPU and a lot of custom chips so a slim loader ala SD2IEC, let alone any clone at all, isn't going to happen either.

The only alternative, really, is emulation.

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How can genesis run mode7 without SegaCD.

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If it had some kind of special chip capable of emulating the Sega CD hardware it might be possible, similar to the SD2SNES. However, the Sega CD probably just plain isn't that in demand. Comparing the Sega CD to the SNES in terms of popularity is pretty night and day.

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Best you can hope for is an optical drive emulator.

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How's this game?
It is true that only the first level is good?

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look at warosu, yes we did talk about the game, someone will mention you can control the wampa

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i played it for the first time this year and fucking loved it. although i ragequit at the boba fett battle and havent played since..

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took this while playing the other day. i meant to crop a reaction pic

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The first and the final level are good.
The asteroid shooting level (I think level 3 or 4) is fine, simple arcade shooting, not as good as the other flight levels though.
The on-foot levels, which are the majority of the game, are not great by today's standards, but it's playable. Being able to switch between 1st and 3rd person camera helps a lot. Just avoid the useless cinematic camera.

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Great game, first level is actually not even that good since Rogue Squadron remade it and it was many times better.

It's a nice third person shooter with platforming in the Star Wars universe. For a launch window N64 title, it did great, I personally like it mroe than Jedi Knight II.

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10/10 in 1940 or whatever the fuck

1/10 in 2017

yeah games dont age my ass

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>He doesn't have fun with Pong.

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pong is better than most "games" coming out today son

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>1940 or whatever the fuck

low-quality bait

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Is "Shenmue is boring" nothing more than a meme spouted by hacks like Jeff Gerstmann who can't handle games that don't offer constant action and instant gratification? Anyone with a hint of patience can see that Shenmue is an incredible adventure game with more attention to detail and world interactivity than most of the shit coming out today. I'm currently on the final disc of this game and can't wait to play II, considering that one is held in higher regard.

Anyway, Shenmue thread. Post favorite characters, areas, minigames, etc.

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>Filthy casual gaymer detected
Go back to /v/

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How do you manage to eat with all those dicks in your mouth? Is your only sustenance protein from gallons of semen?

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>How do you manage to eat with all those dicks in your mouth? Is your only sustenance protein from gallons of semen?
what does this have to do with anything


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It invented the name but not the concept. Dragon's lair is a game based entirely around them.

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Really enjoyed my time with it but let's be real guys. We raced forklifts every morning and worked all afternoon for literal hours of in-game time just to get enough money.

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Post your best here!

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Rush looks like Mario the dog

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I wish I could post, but I've never made a sprite before.

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Wow at low res, these pre-rendered places look great in Ocarina of Time. Too bad they're so pixelated at normal gameplay

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3D models and pre-rendered backgrounds look better the smaller they are.

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guys im so fucking bad at command and conquer pls help :(

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Use cheats.

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if the koreans are THAT good at command and conquer, just imagine what they're going to do to us when we go to war.

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Frogposters tend to suck at everything in life, it would be best to just end it all now preferably during a livestream.

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I feel like i would be doing better if i wasnt trying to play on an n64, but in any case its definitely gotten me interested in other rts games. ive watched people play shit like starcraft and civilization before but this is the first time ive played one, and i SUCK

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why even play if your going to cheat? where is the satisfaction?

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Why aren't you playing your SNES library in enhanced widescreen?

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i actually want to try playing it like this

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That's actually pretty bad ass.

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Show me Gradius or R-Type.

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It looks like you can just make the jump from the wheel, though. Anyway, I believe it is only reachable by jumping off Rambi whilst he is in a jump.

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All the levels and overworld are interactive here. Pretty much shows every sprite location and all secrets.


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Here's the skinny

>ePSXe latest version for 32-bit
>Final Fantasy Tactics
>Pete's fancy pants driver
>configured with all frame limiting options attempted
The game runs incredibly fast, the sound is glitchy, and it's only mildly playable because it's pure turn based.

>W10 64 bit
>I5 quad core
>16gb RAM
>GTX 1050 ti
>loading from HDD

and yes I am a proud PS1 & tactics hardware owner.

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fixed, just ran v1.9 with above options and it worked, opposed to v2.05

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>buy used ps2/memory card
>look through saved game data
>last updated: 2000
Fuck. That was almost 18 years ago. I deleted some of the data already, but now I feel like I should buy the game so I can see their data. It's so old, it's like looking into someone's past. Has anyone found any interesting save data from used memory cards?

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>Last updated: 2000
>RE4 save data


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That pic is just a random one from the internet. The games on my card are Super Bikes, Manhunt 2, and something else. Only one or two were from 2000, I saw a 2008, too.

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I still have my oldest brother's PS1 memory card. He had shit like chrono cross and THPS2 with saves from the early 2000s. But he hardly ever plays vidya tho so he doesn't care about stuff like that.

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You knew PS2 wasn’t retro. Not retro, never will be. Sage and reported.

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I still have all my rpg maker and mtv music generator ps1 saves.

I might make a mtv music generator thread in the future to see what l337 music anons can come up with on a ps1 music studio software

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What gives it such a retro feel?

this controller feels like videogames

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>Why would you own two systems that look the same though?
Because they are different. It's not about "collecting" every revision.
>And one of them at 50hz... with the JP model it's enough.
I've had the PAL SNES for decades, I got the Jap one only five years ago or so. If I didn't have one to begin with I'd probably only get the Jap one, but the US model remains without purpose.

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I see, I guess I can understand that if you already owned one from your childhood.

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it's like the most maxed out retro controller, 6 buttons, big d-pad, comfy design, and shoulder bumpers, with no modern additions like analog sticks or grips
it's gud

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Saturn pad is almost perfect.
Only complain I have is that the XYZ buttons feel a bit hard on the thumb, especially when you're playing fighters and using them quickly and a lot, they are a bit painful after a while, but the ABC buttons are perfect.

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You can keep your technicolor garbage.

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What are some good obscure SNES games?

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Biker Mice From Mars

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incantation, brandish, magical pop'n, ardy lightfoot

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Who else has pimped their snes mini library out? Honestly why would you want to play snes games in anything but an official nintendo emulator?

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It's so easy, it's like they want us to do this, but they have to tell the out of touch old men that they're only selling a few dozen games.
People used to get so butthurt that Nintendo kept their first party titles priced high even years after release.

>> No.4334269

>It's so easy, it's like they want us to do this
they even have a file in the system greeting you that would only be accessible if you hacked it

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Go to YouTube and search hakchi snes.

All you do is download hakchi2, dump stock kernel (keep this if you want to go back to stock) and follow the instructions. It will tell you when to connect the SNES mini.

Then you flash the custom kernel. After that just add your roms in (can be zipped) and they will all be converted to work with the SNES mini. You can also search for box art or browse on your drive. Then sync those games over. By default, those games appear in a separate folder but you can change the view options in hakchi to have them show with all the stock games.

A few games don't work with Nintendo's clover emulator, so you'll need to add the retroarch addon and specify those games to not use clover emulator.

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It's usb micro.

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but can hong kong 97 run on it?

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Can anyone explain how jumping works in this game?

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Hey I've seen they updated the Legionnarie emulation on MAME now, did they fix the copy protection? Do you still walk off screen?

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There really is no reason at all that the GBA should still be verboten on here. It's a natural fit for the board in nearly every way.

>It's a 2D focused handheld with a number of entries in or ports of /vr/ staple series that already get discussed on here anyway, meaning the rule is already loosely enforced with regards to it.
>It's old enough to have fallen out of popular discussion on 4chan and would thus be unlikely to attract many crossboarders. /v/ has maybe one thread about the console each week that reaches a cap of maybe 200~ replies and /vg/ users who frequently discuss its titles are both rare and likely post here already.
>It's already over sixteen years old and with the release of the Switch has now seen three new generations of Nintendo handhelds come out, putting it on par with the likes of the N64 and PS1.
>Is the final iteration of a /vr/ staple handheld line - the Gameboy family - and it being included would be a solid way to round out the bunch.
>When the Dreamcast got added it was in an exceedingly common position; infrequently discussed by other boards, part of the very early sixth gen for its type of console (home), the last member of its particular line, and home to many games that were already talked about on here anyway. Adding it in no way compromised the quality of the board in itself, and serves as proof that the GBA could theoretically be a fine fit for /vr/ as well.
At absolute worst we should unban it at the end of this console generation, by which point it'll be nearly at its second decade most likely, but I see no reason why it shouldn't have been allowed already with the dawn of the first eight generation handheld.

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Why not just make a /vfb/ board for all kind of fanboys? Would be nice to get rid of Sony fanboys too.
Seems like some people really envy those with more wealth than them.

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But official support for the Game Boy line terminated with the GBA. By your logic, because Nintendo is still in business that means no Nintendo console counts as retro.

>> No.4334419

Nice try, Australia-kun.

>> No.4334420

The ones that count as retro were released before the year 2000.

>> No.4334421

>Why not just make a /vfb/ board for all kind of fanboys? Would be nice to get rid of Sony fanboys too.
This posts seems suspiciously defensive like posted by a Nintendo fanboy.
I agree though, fanboys are awful on /vr/. Nintendo ones are one of the louder ones for sure, Sony ones I notice too.

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