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>Not so fast, Mike
>Turn on your TV....

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Can anyone recommend cRPGs with D&D rules to someone who's never played D&D? I know of Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights.

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That plus Icewind Dale. Where Baldur's Gate is more story focused, Icewind Dale puts a lot more emphasis on combat.

I've heard good things about Knights of the Chalice, that it's one of the best adaptions of the 3rd edition rules but I've not played it myself.

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Planescape: Torment of course
Also tons of gold box games

Be aware that these games use first and second edition rulesets so they're not necessarily going to get you ready to play in a modern campaign.

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Play all dem Goldbox games.

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Not sure if I should post in CRT thread.

Long story very short. Wanted to play Fire Emblem IV translation on TV. Bought one of these, connected laptop to CRT by VGA -> Box -> SVideo.

Use Snes9x emulator. Shadows flicker, things just generally look shoddy.

What might be cause? What do?

Also, the minimum the box can output is 480i. How the fuck can I output a 240i signal from my newish laptop

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Use Soft15khz and SCART-to-YUV adapter
Or a softmodded Wii
Or a real SNES and an Everdrive

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>what might be the cause?

Your stupidity. Obviously cheap gook electronics are going to be awful.

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Many of the digital to analog boxes are shit. Ive had to send q back because the image was flickering and coming in black and white. I bought the Sewell Direct SW-23000 PC to TV Converter because it doesnt fit the form factor of all the others so to me it might actually be an original product and not some cheap stolen chinese design. Still works after 2 years

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Does not exist. 240p is a 'hack' of the CRT's native 480i.

Also, I used an HDMI to S-VHS/CVBS converter similar to the one you use for a few months. They're neat if you can't find or afford a better option, but they're the bottom of the barrel regarding quality. Maybe someone far more knowledgeable and intelligent than myself could figure out a way to get 240p from the thing if it's even capable..?

Since you have a laptop, the alternative graphics card option is pretty much out. Which leaves you with the equally expensive option of VGA to an external down-scaling device routed through an Extron RGB (one with vertical adjustment controls, which they do not all have!) and finally output to your CRT.

Because I also have a new(-ish) laptop, the second method is my own. VGA to Extron VSC 500 to Extron RGB 203 Rxi to CRT. Total cost was around $200, and it takes a bit of time to find the exact settings which do the trick both on the laptop and on the Extrons. But the end result is really enjoyable to me, and therefore was worthwhile.


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Which retro JRPG has your favorite plot? Not necessarily characters (though obviously a factor) and certainly not gameplay/music/etc., but just the game whose story piques your interest the most

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>inb4 not retro

FFX has a story that really captures me.

I love the prophecy, the pilgrimage, and all the twists and turns that take place along the way.

The ancient Machina, Sin, the Fayth, and all the summoners that didn't make it on their journey.

Mix in the factions intermingling affairs, from the Bevelle monks working with the Al-Bhed in their machina operations.

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desu I don't care about plots in JRPGs unless they shove it into my face. I guess it's between Chrono Trigger (not presumptuous, not on your face, it's not necessarily dumb, it's lighthearted) or the Mother series (humorous) (>in b4 mother 3) (it's still humorous compared to 99.9% of jrpgs)

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Suikoden 2, Live A Live, DQV

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Hello /vr/, I these up at goodwill for $2.00 a piece. How did I do?
Have you ever found some cool vidya shit at thrift stores?

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I had never heard of Keith Courage prior to finding it in store. Doing some research, it is quite more valuable than what I paid, but Splatterhouse seems to be much more valuable.

I'm not old enough to have grown up with the console, but the one game that I played the fuck out of was Splatterhouse. Lucky find, I guess

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That's a pretty great deal.

I'm sure a lot of thrift stores use ebay prices, but you should keep trying. Sometimes, employees couldn't be bothered to look up value of items.

I paid $2 for Splatterhouse, which goes for $50 to $100 on ebay.

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Played the fuck out of Freddy Fish back in the day.
>Sierra Hobbit game

Didn't even know this existed

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I probably wouldn't have bought Freddi Fish considering it doesn't have its case backer except for /vr/ making me aware just how popular that game is with people a bit younger than I. I think I'm currently happiest about House of the Dead as the Saturn version is kind of a hacky third party port (for some reason) but the PC version was actually handled by Sega.

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Freddi Fish was a surprisingly solid game. I'm 26 and knew only a couple of people who played it. It was one of the two games my grandma kept around, the other was Putt Putt Saves the Zoo. Humongous entertainment made both, so if you run into Putt Putt games, they would complement Freddi Fish nicely.

Only ever played HotD in arcades, would love to get a cab someday. Also CarnEvil

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Sega is the best, fuck nintendon't.

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What would be the ratio of good games to shit games for each sega console/handheld?

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Master System: 1:3
Game Gear: 1:2
Genesis: 1:3
Sega CD: 1:5
32x: 1:3
Saturn: 4:5
Dreamcast: 1

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How about you get a life?

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>Dreamcast: 1

lol maybe for the games you played. half the dreamcast's library was shitty sports and racing games.

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wtf is that?

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Just because they're not your genres doesn't make them bad games

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>emulator sucks donkey balls
>heaps of games

>emulator rules
>3 maybe four good games if you count Tony Hawk series


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Looks like you'll have to shell out the $25 and buy a PS2, OP. Sorry.

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Not retro.

Also, looks like you need a better computer.

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What about that ghost in the shell game?

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I used to own one, I'd rather not experience motion blur and 30fps again if I can help it.

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Which romhacks do you consider essential? I am not talking about fanmade levels or conversions but romhacks that right wrongs, like the NTSC-patch for Terranigma.

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Literally zero romhacks are "essential."

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The block fix for Mario All-Stars.

Theres some that "fix" castlevania 2 that I hear are essential but I found multiple and was too lazy to figure out which was best.

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By that you mean, if the want to play Terranigma we should learn Japanese or live with pal-slowdown?

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More like... majora's fetch quest. All you do is run around and do arbitrary side missions that are tedious, because of the time mechanics. The game has 4 dungeons and the rest is just padding that woudln't even take long without the 3 day cycle. garbage.

People only say they like this the best of the Zeldas to be contrarian or "durr muh atmosphere."

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Here's your (You)

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*rage mode on*

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Good thread

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just do "the trick"

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>in-game FF7 Cloud and Tifa treated mostly like a couple, even having sex in the game
>Aeris was a friend with a crush on him

>games/movies after main game Cloud ignores Tifa and they try to retcon Cloud and Aeris being in love

Why the fuck did they do this?

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>I don't think the original dev team expected Aeris to be as popular as she was
>later FF7 stuff is just catering to the fanbase

This, pretty much.

Aeris is supposed to be a throwaway character of sorts, similar to what was done with Lavitz in Legend of Dragoon. Aeris was quite clearly supposed to be a tragic and rather doomed character; from her upbringing to the time when Cloud meets her. There's something very sombre and almost macabre about her; being the last of her race, and being effectively hunted down by Shinra. She's symbolic more than anything else.

The thing is though, people started getting really attached to characters once the 5th Gen came to be. Cinematic games meant you ended up becoming a lot more involved with the characters, and got attached to them in ways you never did before. Hell, I felt like I'd been punched in the gut at the end of Panzer Dragoon Saga because of how powerful that ending was, which was something I certainly never did with a 4th or 3rd gen game.

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Bro.. I completely forgot..

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Holy shit are you also trying to say Arararararagi and Crab didn't have sex? Holy shit you purityfags are a fucking riot. God damn what the fuck even goes on in your head

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I was pretty sad about Nei

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What is the best Final Fantasy game and why is it Mystic Quest?

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Silly Dark King that's not how you use a bow.

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I played through that entire game at least twice, each time beating the Dark King the hard way. THEN I finally learn you can just heal his ass to death.

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It gets way too much hate for the wrong reasons.
As a child, I loved it and it's actually a great entry title for getting into jrpgs.

It also has a lot of nice little features that no other FF title used, like chopping trees that block your path, using bombs to blow up rocks or hockshots to get over pitfalls.

And then there's the music, of course.

As for the best FF game; there is none.

My favourites are 4, 6 and 8.

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I just finished it playing a few days ago. I definitely agree with you. The story was uninteresting, and while the gameplay was battle gameplay was watered down, it's the first Final Fantasy I've seen with actual level design. The field abilities with weapons and jumping were really tight, and the visible enemies were a nice touch (even if they didn't move). I can see it being a good "entry level" RPG (which it's supposed to be), and to be honest it's more fun than certain other Final Fantasies.

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Well it's definitely a good game. Sure, it's very simplified but that's on purpose, and honestly a lot of modern RPGs could learn from it.

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wish there was a openRA2 so badly

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there's two of them desu


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That was left handed!

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What's a good, consistent resource for retro game reviews?
As in, reviews from around the time of retro games' release.

I know some more popular sites have been around long enough to find some old stuff, and there are some forums where I could at least go back to early-2000's. A lot of times though, when I'm trying to learn about a retro game I missed growing up, I want to find an accurate account of the general opinion back then. Something more centralized and organized would be helpful.

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You could look up old magazines. There are a couple fo different sites that host pdfs of retro gaming mags.


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I would like to play with old games on my crt, is there an "all-in-one" cheap console compatible with sd cards? I'm mainly interested in the 16bit era, I already have my ps1 and an n64

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Wii with homebrew sounds exactly what you're looking for, OP. Emulators for all 16-bit consoles worth playing, SD card support, and is piss easy to homebrew. Do some Googling for some tutorials to figure out how to get started.

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what's the best SD card solution for the Dreamcast? i've seen a bunch of stuff on taobao and aliexpress but i'm not sure what to get.

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What causes the stuttering? Do you think it's the SD card's speed?

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I have a gd-emu and love it to pieces.
The only negative is that the sound is a bit fucked up in most games and has an effect as if the bass has been turned way up. Also, Code Veronica is impossible to beat because of a glitch that occurs in gd-emu and dreamcast emulators. Which I found out after playing for 9 or so hours.

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CD-Rs. kek

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It's the speed of the network port

That sucks, I would have expected it to be perfect. Hopefully they get those problems patched out

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Quite a games are over 700mb though, so had music/fmvs removed.

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Has anyone ordered this replacement GBC LCD?


I'm a little confused on the description of each line. Are they selling GBC shells with each screen?
I am in need of a replacement LCD since the ribbon cable on my gbc is basically shot... Yes I know I can look for an original but this is just interesting enough to want to try.

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i think they're selling the screen separately and also selling a whole Gbc with the screen

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How Retro is too Retro.
In other words how far back into retro gaming can you go before deciding "These games are just too old".

For me I can play for ZX Spectrum and still have fun.


Even if it's a Russian game.

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I rarely find CGA graphic games appealing so it's a good day when it also comes in an EGA form.

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PAC-Man is the farthest I'd go. I know I'm a pleb

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Original Pacman was a very early game 70s right?

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PLATO has some pretty playable games. If you want to enjoy 70s gaming you gotta go with vector graphics.

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Atari is the point where I say for myself the games don't offer anything I can't get elsewhere much better. I'm also not a high score hunter so a lot of early arcade games that just go on endlessly are nothing for me.

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The new Sonic game is here!! It's called Sonic Donut Quest. I saw it on Google Play store.

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