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Was it really that bad?

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It's a really good game. Gameplay doesn't have the challenge and depth of other classicvania but it makes it up in other ways.

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Is it worth it to go for the true ending on a first playthrough?
Looking at the requirements just makes me feel like I have to have a guide open at all times.

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if you are playing the emulated version(which isnt even the game at that point) and you have a friend with you at all times then absolutely. who wants to play through a long game for a shitty ending!

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What movies inspired Resident Evil?

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The Beyond
Dawn of the Dead
Hell of the Living Dead/Virus

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The resident evil 2002 movie inspired the game, actually. The laser hallway scene was so cool that they recreated it in RE4, but alas it was just a QTE

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Jill is cute :)

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I just started emulating Resident evil 2 through RetroArch and I'm seeing these 3 icons at the bottom right of the screen. One looks like a red herb, another a handgun maybe and there was something else, maybe keycards? I don't remember this when I played it years ago? It's the Dual shock version if that makes any difference

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The first game or the series as a whole?

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Only old people play retro games. Kind of gives you the impression that it's just nostalgia, and has nothing to do with how good the games are.

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Damn, what are the schools feeding these kids?

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People that age (105) hate video games. They collect stamps

You're a homosexual OP

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He's only 197 and he hates video games

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You give the impression that you hate your great great great great grandfather for playing Karnoffel in 1321

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Honest thoughts on Tsukihime?

Tsukihime was enormously popular in the first year of 4chan's life

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I loved the anime

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>Tsukihime was enormously popular in the first year of 4chan's life
You coud almost count the total amount of VNs longer than a couple of hours that were available in English on one hand back then.

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Eliminator Boat Duel. Death race your opponent through the Louisiana bayous, in the Gulf of Mexico, or wherever. Like The Black Bass seems just a bit too normie/boomer. Also it was made by Sculptured Software which is cause for concern.

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and the unnecessary sequels to Double Dragon kept on coming

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It at least look’s better than those other putrid speccy DD games

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This is why i hate Lintendo fans

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cut the guy some slack, he'd probably put up with people gushing over the playstation for over a year already while all he had was his stupid SNES. It was payback time.

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Yeah, cherry picking a 25 year old post about console wars is a little gross, a little puke in your mouth pathetic

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it's objectively better than the n64 lol

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The N64 has 64 bits while the SNES is only 16. Thats literally 4 times the power, it's in the name dumbass

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even though this game is basically unfinished it's still better than Crash 1-3.

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It would’ve been better if it was finished otherwise nothing beats the trilogy for me, specially 2 and 3

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In the Co-Op platformers thread (>>10280164) it came to my attention that not a single soul mentioned *the* Co-Op Platformer: The Adventures of Cookie and Cream. Unlike many others, where co-operation is simply having two characters to move around on screen, in Cookie & Cream co-operation is a must for progression in every stage. From shifting obstacles around, opening passage ways to maneuvering vehicles together. Cookie & Cream is *the* definitive co-op platform game and if you've got a friend to play it with, I highly recommend it.

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For me, it's gen II

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Shiny chikorita is autumn themed also. Perfect combination

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And in crystal using the odd egg shiny rng, you can breed a shiny chikorita fairly quick.

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It's a nice contrast to how Kanto and Gen1 was all cities and urban development with almost no nature left.

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>when your game has so much soul it's in the title of the game

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What are other games similar to Zelda 1 where you need to find where to go next?

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Does Zelda 1 *really* not tell you where to go next, or is it just a case of most gamers being illiterate and just ignoring hints?

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No, Alcazar did

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I've never played it

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CRTs are awesome

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just seen that there is allready a crt thread up sorry

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Do you prefer the Japanese or Western double jump, /vr/?

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That would be Pirate's Curse, a 2014 originally for 3DS, not retro yet by /vr/'s rules.

Shantae had a harpy form in the original GBC title, and it's actually pretty tricky to control well despite being an infinite jump form.
The caveat for each of her transformations in that game is they cannot attack without discovering an upgrade item for them, which are all optional.

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>high skill floor and ceiling

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Klonoa can only jump again when they are holding an enemy since the character bounces off the enemy to perform the next jump.

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>he hasn't 1ccd adventure's extra mode without a copy ability

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Since when do basic mechanics need to be "justified"? That's a westernism, if anything.
If you can accept the already massive distance of a typical platformer jump, double jumping shouldn't be too implausible for you

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Time traveling homosexual vampires

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I remember Kain x Raziel was a popular slashfic in the scene back then.

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Still better than twight

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Still a better love story than twilight

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I feel like Special cup is a big step up more difficult than all the other cups at 150cc

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I think you're right.

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The course you posted isn't though, probably the easiest to get consistently 1st on the Special Cup.
I also think Bowser Castle 3 is the most brutal course in the game

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Anybody got any tips for this game? I'm pretty good at MK64 but I suck at SMK.

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Really just practice. Understand that the computer has unlimited power ups and uses them shamelessly. And just practice, practice, practice. Also use Koopa. The characters are basically an additional difficulty level.

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so uploading webms with shitty looking shaders is the new meta?

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I don't know why everyone talks about the PS2 game so much. The best Shinobi is on Saturn.

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I've owned all shinobis on sega consoles. For me it's revenge of the shinobi.

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3DS is the best Shinobi actually

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That one doesn't have live action cutscenes and it's not retro.

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it's only ruined if you implement the cheese

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Do games made in the Duke Nukem 3D engine count? New retro game tomorrow, are you excited? seems like these shooter games are making a comeback

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I'm excited

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Where did you find it?

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there's some event tonight called Realm's Deep, and they announced a few games in it.

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Will check it out

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What, they're finally putting this DLC out after a year and a half? Hell, they already announced a full sequel and Shelly gets her robot arm in it to bring it all together with Bombshell.

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Show us your ideas/mockups for old-school games.

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Realistically speaking, how feasible would this game be on the Nintendo 64?

Would it have been more like the PS1 version with the THPS2 engine with either some small changes or a more watered down version of it?

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>re version is so bad it doesn't count
oh you're one of those guys.

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>resident evil

has 3rd person controls and a randomizer, those alone make it solid

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Best controls for me so far. The game looks nicer on dreamcast though

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RE2 is solid on the N64 and technically impressive, but Nintendo fanboys ruin it for me. Kind of like the band Tool.