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Feeling like I want to play a Pokemon next. Also, Pokemon general I guess.

Top Pokemons games?
Any of the remakes worth playing?

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u can skip the rest
honorable mention for TgC @ gbc
for soundtrack that absolutely SLAPS

for modern titles lets go was cute, arceus was actually fun. the newest game makes me physically ill with all the framedrops

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Feeling like there's a board for your kind

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>*blocks ur path*

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>no games
>no movies
no wonders it sold only in burgerland.

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I smell /v/

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>no games
It had better versions of PS2 games. Like metal gear solid 3 without the pressure sensitive bullshit.

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Mgs3 never came out for og xbox

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$ 18+

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This video is 8 years old Anon.

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Can we a have a 'little details' thread?

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Idk how self aware is this but please stop it

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More like artificial skin atop of metal carcass. To look like living being

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Legends takes place way too far ahead of the rest of the franchise in the series timeline for there to be anything more than cheeky references.

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I played that game when it came out a billion years ago and never noticed that

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I want to play an old fifa game but don't know which one. Any recommendations?
Preferably one with a good carrier mode.

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fifa 98

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i remember really liking 2002. it's even how i got into gorillaz music.
that intro man

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Yeah there's Fifa 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, and 08 for you to get excited over! They're all identical

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This is the closest I get to remembering or giving a shit about the series. This intro on a school computer.

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It's stupid because it punishes a brand just because it's successful. Doesn't that go against the very principle of America's capitalism? Sounds more like a communist thing "oh so you have a good thing going on here? Well now it's not yours anymore, it's everybody's, tough luck!"

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Doesn't stopping people from calling aspirin aspirin, like every single English speaking human being calls it, to protect one specific company's trademark go against the principle of America's freedom?

It's not punishing a company, it's just reflecting reality. Aspirin IS generic, whether Bayer says it's theirs or not. That's just how language and culture works.

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The poster in the OP is meant for retailers, not random people. They wanted to avoid Nintendo becoming synonymous with video games because then Sega could just release a "Nintendo" themselves. It's 100% in Nintendo's interest to keep the word Nintendo associated with THEIR video games.

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I agree, and I think Nintendo have been successful in doing that. Nintendo still means Nintendo, and not video games generically. If they hadn't bothered, and Nintendo had become a generic word in common use to mean "video game", then I think it would be right that they lose that trademark, but that hasn't happened.

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The fact that the colors of the advertisement makes Mario's face to look like a cartoon parody of the Big Brother is unintentional, and because of this it's fun and creepy at the same time.

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It deserved?

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Let's charitably assume this >>9943035 was the post you intended to quote kek

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Which Sonic if any should get a 10/10 score then?

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ffs anon pick the first one at least

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That screen was fucking terrible for a sonic game even worse than game gear

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picrel is better than chrono trigger

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For me

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just kicked gades ass in the first encounter and got his blade

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>Requires a guide to beat
Where would you need a guide?

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you know damn well you don't even believe what you typed and just want to shill your garbage for attention after mentioning a critically acclaimed beloved game as a comparison to your shit.

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all I remember is that one puzzle with 3? rooms where you have to push stones around but one of these rooms requires you to actually pull a stone without ever explaining to you that this is possible. the game teaches you you can push but never that you can also pull, I think it even required you to hold a certain shoulder button or whatever for it to work. whats up with that? thats instantly the first and only thing I remember about this game and I finished it.

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>watching new CM top 5 underrated NES games list video
>see pic related
>"hmm this seems like a jab at Joe Rediffer, but that would mean Mike is involved and I don't think he and James work together anymore
>see end of video
>"Video by James and Mike"
Of fucking course
lol has Joe made any other autistic shit or Mike is just fucking with him just because?

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What is your favorite retro stealth game and why?

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If we are going pure stealth, then its a close contest between Thief II: The Metal Age and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

TMA is peak immersive sim with tons of options, interacting systems and opportunities for emergent gameplay. The level design (of the human sneaking maps) is the best in the series and a big step up from TDP. Offering many alternative routes, secrets and environmental interactivity, each map in TMA is a veritable stealth sandbox. The Act-React system of the AI is still very robust and advanced to this day. The sound propagation mechanics like leaning into a door to hear better or different floor surfaces making different noise levels makes the Thief games very immersive and set a standard few stealth games have lived up to since. Garrett’s varied arsenal of gadgets, like the scouting orb and invisibility potions are fun to use, but the rope arrows are still the most kino mechanic in all of videogames. An underrated aspect of what makes the early Thief games so immersive is the deemphasis on combat; directly confronting every single enemy in a given map is not viable, making the sneaking that much more intense. The story is also very good with a compelling plot and antagonist. The medieval setting with art deco steampunk and fantasy elements is also unique and memorable.

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CT has some of the most advanced sneaking mechanics in the entire stealth gaming niche. One of my favorite innovations is the noise meter showing how much noise you are making relative to the noise level of the area you are in. Its an important communication tool to the player that admittedly sacrifices immersion for fairness, but ultimately mitigates most of the “WTF? How did I alert them?” moments from the game. The AI is also very advanced and set a new bar for NPC reactivity. The graphics and lighting are stellar and still hold up today. The level design is second to none with some truly sprawling maps the player can virtually go anywhere. Sam’s arsenal consists of the quintessential high-tech spy movie gadgets and are a ton of fun to use. Everything from the snake cam to remote hacking to the sticky camera that can emit knock-out gas to Sam’s iconic tri-vision goggles add so much depth to the stealth gameplay. The depth of environmental interactivity is also present, with several different ways to open a door or take down an unsuspecting guard. The combat is also really fun, as Sam not only has the most high-tech firearms but is also a CQB master. But Sam’s health is still relatively low, so sneaking is still preferable to a guns blazing approach. The setting and story are contemporary spy movie, nothing too special or memorable.

All in all I would give the slight edge to TMA, but CT is just such a damn good stealth game. Both have an immense level of replay value.

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Thief 2 because A Better Tomorrow and Rocksbourg 2 are some of the greatest levels I've ever played.

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For me it's Splinter Cell 1. May not be the best one but it was the biggest jump in quality of stealth mechanics for me.

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Also MGS VR missions are underrated as a stealth experience. The main game itself is barely a stealth game but the VR mission really push the mechanics and are very fun, at the time that was peak stealth for me.

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Was Sega better at making carts? Or having plastic cases for many games helped the carts to be more responsive.

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I think the cases help a lot, protects the cart from getting dust and stuff on the contacts.

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Alright OP, we know you want to talk about how Anthony is transitioning

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No I wan't to talk about carts and why Nintendo insisted in making horrible cases, one could argue until current times.

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Hello guys,
I've been itching these days to buy/build a pinball cabinet.
I would like to know:
- if it's worth having one,
- if it's really cheaper to build one versus buying one (i took the diy route with my arcade cabinet and the costs were similar in the end to a bought solution)
- if you have hardware recommendations
Right now I have an old PC with a Geforce 1080, and an i7-6700k that I could dedicate to this project.
Thanks for your advice

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I didn't think it was possible to find people more retarded than me. every day brings new discoveries I guess

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What a coincidence I was looking for pinball discussion on this site the real ones not necessarily virtual ones, although I think they are cool too unlike the first reply on this thread which was clearly a shitpost
Is there actually a board where you can talk about pinball machines? Where would such a thread go?

>> No.9943198

>if it's worth having one,
Dude only you can decide that.
>- if it's really cheaper to build one versus buying one
No clue.
Well the new physics in VPX can be a bit demanding and if you wanna play Pinball FX tables you might need a better GPU depending on the settings you want.

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>virtual pinball
i just dont see how i could possibly have fun like this

the various console titles were ok as a kid to pass the time
>nes pinball
>wangblows xp pinball

honorable mentions:
>virtual boy pinball
>the ones on pc engine/tg16

why wouldnt you just build a nice jamma cabinet if you have a hole in your pocket and money to waste on retarded stuff?

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You could say that about any game that simulates a real world activity. Like what's the point of sim racing games? Just go buy yourself a fleet of supercars.

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any more high-res renders of the prerendered backgrounds from the PS1 Resident Evils?

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Is there a worse advertising strategy in video game history than Johnny Turbo with his "b-b-but we had it first!" shtick?

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Atari's do the math campaign, sure Turbo is bad but he was only in a few magazines.

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>fags still seething we got Sherlock Holmes 2 years early
uhh turbochads? we just keep winning

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/vr/ since the rule change has a contrarian base that wants to pretend they like things that are complete shit to either stir up shit or be hipsters

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Sorry lad, I didn't think to check the catalog because why the fuck would there already be a Johnny Turbo thread?

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Okay, which e-celeb talked about this recently?

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Every other machines named after an animal. What’s a Noritta?

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An alien animal

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It's a mistranslation of 'Nolita' (no-ri-ta), which is a small species of salamander native to Japan. The pun is that for some reason that one species has a ridiculously high tendency to be born with extra arms, legs, or even a second head as a fused twin.

File: 178 KB, 1000x1500, MV5BMmU3NjI3NDgtM2E4OC00ZGExLTk3YzQtZTFmYWI4NThjNDRlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTA0MTM5NjI2._V1_FMjpg_UX1000_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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Is it worth my time playing Mario Party if I have no friends? I never hear about anyone playing it single player.

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Mario Party isn't even good with friends. The only enjoyable part is being with your friends and anything else you did would be as enjoyable.

>> No.9942963

I enjoyed it when I was a kid but probably wouldn’t now.

If you emulate you’ll probably know in 20 minutes or less if you’ll enjoy the experience.

>> No.9942981

I have played both Mario Party 3 and Mario Party 4 to 100% completion when I was younger and I can tell you with a straight face it absofuckinglutely isn't.

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Been replaying pic rel lately, it really didn't age as well as I thought...
Why did it achieve a cult status again?

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you had to be there zoomie

>> No.9943083

Gamecube is literally the zoomer console though

>> No.9943090

untrue. i am on a discord filled with zoomers. alone. And most of them started on a Wii U or a late Wii. first zelda being SS or TP. The earliest zoomer would still not be old enough to have a gamecube bought for them when it was relevant

>> No.9943281

its the least shitty zelda out of the modern 3D titles anon

was not great other than the aesthetic and links model
ost carries the game

windwaker might not be better than the n64 entries but its certainly better than what came after

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99% of the world is empty. I remember when crt's were a thing that I switched over to regular tv while holding the stick in a certain direction because sailing between islands took literally minutes. blahblah you get the retarded song I know but you dont have it right away and you still need to sail to explore shit and whatnot. this was probably the downfall. twilight princess went in the same direciton. they added a fast mount and made the overworld 10x as big but also 10x as empty. oot and alttp had the perfect balance, every single area had something of importance to explore and everything felt so dense.

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You literally cannot find a better NES track than this:

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This song is literally a knock off of a real song. I remember some of the words were "with my baby tonight" and "when she holds me tight".

>> No.9943101

Holy shit that's good. I could have sworn I've played the rom for that game or at least watched it on youtube, but I don't remember it sounding that good.

>> No.9943109

>this song is literally a song that might have maybe existed and used some words that were in literally thousands of pop songs so you can't search for it
what a contribution

>> No.9943137

That's not the MD version

>> No.9943152

damn that's good

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it's still to this day the uncontested best handheld Mario game (not retro games included)

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Not a whole lot to compare it too right? Super Mario Land 1 and...a bunch of Wario games ? And the Mario Advance tiles which are all ports...

I like SML2, lots of good ideas and unique settings but it plays sort of janky overall. Play Super Mario Bros. 3 immediately after playing this one and you'll see what I mean.

>> No.9942536

I've always thought it was really fucking weird how there were so few original Super Mario Bros. style games made for the Gameboy line. You'd think they'd have pumped out at least one for the GBC and GBA each between all the ports and remakes.

>> No.9942683

Don't forget New SMB on DS.

>> No.9942764

You’d understand why if you knew the context of the game. Fuck me, just read the credits dude.

>> No.9942932

I actually like New unlike a lot people but Land 2 is better, my favourite handheld Mario goes to 3D Land on 3DS but if we're counting DK94 as a Mario game it wins.

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