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>makes badass mecha game
>ruins it with cringe waifushit for incels

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Apparently NiGHTS was written entirely in Assembly and the code was completely worthless to anyone trying to use it for something other than NiGHTS. It was never "Stolen" or "Used" for SonicXtreme because it wasn't something they could use.

The whole Naka threw a tantrum and killed SonicXtreme story is just another lie from former Sega of America and STI members.

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This faggot is the very opposite of a trustworthy professional. His twitter is irrelevant and only other faggots follow him.

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he's a hack fraud

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The bastard 'confirmed' a thing or two y'all're cheering on about for the past week or so, now this is the thing you don't wanna hear?

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I bought Half Life Anthology on Steam, planning to finish HL1 for the first time.

Something I should know before playing? also mods recommendations?

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>Something I should know before playing?
not really
>mods recommendations?
https://www.youtube.com/c/ajollywanker this guy plays a bunch

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>unfinished build of a cancelled game that has nothing to do with Contra dumped in the US for a few extra shekels
I thought Japs were meant to be respectful and hardworking?

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>contra with gradius power ups
clearly it was too kino for japs to handle so they released it exclusively in the west

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>chop the ROM size down by half from the Famicom version and omit a bunch of classes and other stuff to save $5 because fukka u gaijin

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>playing watered down console ports of computer RPGs
This is only acceptable when playing Wizardry 1-4 on SNES or PS1. The rest of the time it's something far worse than the original game. Console versions of the Might and Magic 2 got the worst treatment. Missing encounters, missing enemies, EZ-mode in-game full maps(the automap is acceptable, the actual map isn't), Disintegrate is even more reliable than the computer versions making the hardest fights much easier, and no more than 255 enemies in any encounter.

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Wizardry 4 does not exist for SNES, it exists on PC Engine tho

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>licensed NES game is a platformer

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Game Boy is really the platform where this is egregious

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play a superior licensed game like this

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>worthless one-liner OP uses a frog

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>Get absolutely no further hobbies
>Get shit ton of leftover money outside basic expenses
>Buy retro consoles and games
>Keep emulating

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All check. Is there supposed to be a problem?

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emulating is cool and all but nothing will beat the real thing. it warms my heart hearing the PSOne running it's little gears.

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>Start massive collection as young man when everything was dirt cheap and only poor people bought old games
>Buy flash carts, they are better than changing games every time and allow hacks
>Still buy more old games every month
>Emulate everything because even flash carts are too much effort
>Still buy more old games every month
>Watch other people play through the games on youtube because emulation gets boring after a while
>Need. to. buy. more. old. games.

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Were there any multi platform games that came out on PS2 and Gamecube but not on Xbox? Or multi platform games that didn't come out on PS2?

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jedi outcast came out on gc/xbox
sonic games came out on ps2/gc

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Bomberman Jetters. GC exclusive in the west, also released for PS2 in Japan.

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Summoner 2
Viewtiful Joe and RE4 were ported to PS2 but not Xbox

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Oh yeah and Killer7 wasn't on Xbox

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Megaman X Command Mission

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Are your discs going to shit always your own fault?

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not always, nintendo in particular (or really philips) produced numerous bad discs for gamecube and wii u.

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Stay away from alcohol based air sprays around disks

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What bad GameCube discs are there? Some such as Twin Snakes are prone to label deterioration but these aren’t like PlayStation discs where the label protects the data. You can scratch off a GameCube disc label and still play it. GameCube games are protected by a non data layer on both sides, and no data is contained on the inner rings, so they can also be cracked and still play (as long as they still spin). Nobody has ever been able to give me one example of GameCube disc issues

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Nintendo were dumb enough for not used Panasonic made full size disc.

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I also want to preempt anyone giving examples of tiny “holes” being visible on discs when held up to light. If square shaped, these are for copy protection purposes and are intentional to the printing process. Compare a licensed game to an unlicensed disc such as an action replay or freeloader - those don’t have those “holes”

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They found the Prototype / Asset files for Garou Mark of The Wolves II


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We lost Quan on this!

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thread theme

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Fuck yeah, a fellow Clutch aficionado.

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Looks like Ken innit

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>Jap account
It's never getting dumped.

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>started having audio hallucinations of the drowning sound

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Yeah, because we are sinking. Fuck this piece of shit life, everything can go

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Auditory. Great game btw.

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>game is 90% water
>let's make it look as shitty as possible

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Playing on hard mode. Do I waste 20 hours of my life playing minigames for money or do I cheat it in instead?

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I don't even mean this in a smug way because I hate grinding, but why pick hard mode to begin with then? Just play on Normal, you'll have more fun. Run suboptimal builds if Normal is too easy.

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A 30 second demo of Sonic running around a hill was totally worth a couple of programmers literally almost dying, I must say.

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okay wtf, so who is this then: >>9070219

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>no source given
Sega Retro is extremely hit or miss, I wouldn't put stock in thatY2KGP

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I didn't read your post.

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Control freak jannies don't even want you to talk about the development of a retro game! They'd much rather you talk about Crysis

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Rate this one 1-10. Considering picking it up

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I found it quite a challenge to control and the way you jump is a bit clumsy imo but that could all just be me unable to git gud. Charming game and really unique for the time.

>> No.9069781

Play a level or two on your phone via MyBoy first. It supports the gyro controls. Fucking with your viewing angle to play the game kinda sucks, and the level design and mechanics aren't all that strong. Neat gimmick, definitely a "want to like" game for me, but it's just not all that fun to play. It actually plays a little better on an emulator that supports a motion controller, so your screen can stay static. I know for a fact this works a 3rd party Switch emu.

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The last Kirby game made before HAL started copying the anime in designs and tone.

>> No.9070192

Well, rate it people!

>> No.9070289

Not meming, I bought this game brand new from Toys 'R' Us as a child. I distinctly remember the disappointment I felt through the whole game that I forced myself through playing because it was the only game my parents would buy me for a long time.

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>Donkey Kong sucks? Is that what you just fucking said you little shit? How about get your mom to comb your fuckin hair instead of sucking my retarded dick all day!? HUH!?!? Mortal fucking kombat? I wish your mom would have fatality your ass in the womb, like the little fag you are. Eat my shit, suck my cock, go fuck off and tell your mom to blow it out my ass. She will.

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It certainly doesn’t suck but I can name at least 7 Ocean side-scrollers on the SNES that are on par with and in some cases surpass it in terms of pure platforming action.

>> No.9069821

>a thread died for this
the rulechange was a fucking mistake

>> No.9069823

>zoomer hair was already a thing

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Is this worth checking or I should rather stick with the sequels?

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How so? Is it really superior?

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I played the Famicom and SFC games and I liked them.

The FC game you need patience though, the AI takes forever to make its turns even with fastforward, and once there are enough units on the screen moving stuff around is quite laggy.

With that said I enjoyed them. A lot of rules are different compared to the GBA ones, for instance you can only use your base to build units, factories you capture in the field are only used for refilling, you can't land units on mountains/forest tiles and it takes two turns to load a unit into a transport vehicule and then move that vehicule; etc but there are also unit types that don't exist in the GBA ones. The SFC game also has (optional) unit exp/level up system.

Also, difficulty is actually better in the FC and SFC games than in Advance Wars (1). Perhaps even AW2. The AI is really bad in AW1. On top of this, there are two difficulty settings in the FC game and in the SFC game generals are more or less good which also works as difficulty settings.

In both games you need to beat the campaign twice, once on each side, to see all the content because the last map(s) are unique to each side. The final two maps in the SFC game were hell, harder than anything else I played in AW1/2/DS

Just give them a try and see if they hook you or not.

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What do you think of battalion wars on GameCube?

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> The final two maps in the SFC game were hell, harder than anything else I played in AW1/2/DS

Pic related, I thought that blocking the enemie's port so I could control the sea before landing on their island was the best plan.

It took me 112 turns to do just that, and an extra 32 turns to beat the map. Holy shit. All in all it probably wasn't the grandest of plans.

haven't played it

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all in all I would say they are a good experience because the lack of factories in the middle of the field + the fact that units need refilling more often leads to strategy games that require more and better foreplanning. If you don't plan well ahead the punishment will be greater than in AW in which you can make up for it by building what you need to make it up closer to enemy lines. This also results in paying more attention to units health and sacrificing them less, and also lessens the will to just bum-rush with a single unit type (although bum rushing still works to some extent especially with bomber planes in the first game, but you still need to back them up and pay attention to their fuel)

>bottleneck the map

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The YouTuber meme is real

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Gotta list my copy

>> No.9069795

you're as late as the buyers if not more

>> No.9069805

This is why I flashcart/ODE everything. Heck, just softmod your Xbox. I just want to play games.

>> No.9069810

This is great, I hope you collector retards get fleeced for every penny you own. Meanwhile I'll continue to actually play games on my flashcart instead of duck face posting with a torn label snes cart on Reddit like you pathetic fucks. Get fucked homo

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what year are you from?? 1890?

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It just was a different time. A better time.

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What animated show would you say was good then

>> No.9069863

>obscure as fuk references that no one under the age of 44 at the time of release would know

Looney Tunes had plenty of references that no one under the age of 84 would know. I absolutely loved it as a kid because there were multiple layers of comedy and that's why these cartoons are still funny as hell 100 years later.

Animaniacs pretty much were one of the last shows that exploited the same kind of humor.

>> No.9069893

>are still funny as hell 100 years later.
They aren't funny these days though

>> No.9069910

zoomies please leave /vr/

>> No.9070008

I honestly think having Humphrey Bogart show up is much funnier, even if you aren’t familiar with him, than a bunch of pigeons parodying a scene from Goodfellas.

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Why were old MOH games so good?


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>> No.9069840


>> No.9069902

i remember my school mate kept shilling this game to me while i just wanted to vigilante 8

>> No.9069909

Been trying this out recently and the control scheme is a bit brutal, I understand the historical context of fps controls on a controller at the time but goddamn - they were so close to the standard. Frontline was the first one I played and I still play it every year or so.

>> No.9069916

Use the dpad, analog controls are not the best. Dpad and shoulder buttons to strafe is where its at, with the manual button for crosshairs. The game was built around it, enemies reaction times and actions have been created to rhythmically coexist together with it.
Frontline is a better game only in terms of graphics, PS1 games do everything else better.

>> No.9069965

You can use a modern control scheme
It's 3rd or 4th

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>zoomers are one by one co-opting our nostalgia through reboots, remakes, and e-celeb playthroughs.

why can't they find their own stuff?

>> No.9069385

Can’t blame them, modern gaming is an absolute shitshow.

>> No.9069392

why can't you be happy somebody likes your games instead of boogeymanning them

>> No.9069397

because reality tv, social media, smartphons, tablets, mobile gaming and modern gaming has rewired their brain.
purposeful social and mental engeneering rewired their brains to produce quick spending cash cows and sheep crowds.
human 2.0
no creativity
just recycling of recycling

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