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Internet archive has a rom I would like to play (Sonic Spinball (U) [f1]), but it appears to just have the .bin but not a .cue file, just a bunch of image files that show screenshots. There is a torrent file, but I'm assuming downloading that will just give me the same files described above.

Am I right in thinking that without the .cue file I cannot proceed with this source?

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You don't.
Go away.

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They dont make em like they used to

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What does /vr/ think of this game?

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it's a genuinely good game that doesn't live up to its cultural status as some sort of revolutionary advancement in interactive entertainment. hell, maybe it's even great. but it's not the best game ever, or even top 10.

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32 yo anon here. Absolutely iconic - I vividly remember playing it as a kid for the first time and how it blew me away when it first came out. The atmosphere and expansiveness of it was unlike anything else at the time. The nostalgia I have for it is immense.

However, I think the "best game of all time" thing is in dire need of a reappraisal. The game is ridiculously easy even without accounting for the fact you can have four free resurrections - Nothing simply hurts you enough to pose a real threat and enemy AI isn't aggressive enough to force you to think about positioning; The Stalfos fights are a great example; It looks intense at first, but in reality you really only need to look at one of them at a time and block since the other one won't engage you. Pretty much all bosses suffer from this, so most of them just boil down to using the dungeon item. And even if you do get hit, you'll lose what, maybe one heart?

Puzzles are nothing to write home about - None of them are brain stumpers or force you to think laterally or in creative ways, but only really feel like a basic awareness check of the area you are in. (Hope you like opening a door by moving a statue on it, finding the hidden switch in the room and shooting it, running through a fire wall labyrinth that knocks you into an uninterruptable animation if you turn the wrong way, or just using the dungeon item like a trained monkey) Since they are so simple, once you've solved them they just end up feeling like time wasters on replays.

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Hyrule field is devoid of meaningful content and only there to sell the scale of the world - Granted, it achieves this, but it loses its novelty quick and just makes traversal tiresome and its a long way into the game until you get teleportation songs to mitigate this.

Its not even an age thing, there are older Zelda games which I'd argue beat OoT in all the areas that matter - I'd even go as far as saying all the previous 2D Zeldas are much more rewarding to replay; They all have denser overworlds, their challenge is harder so engaging with the side content for heart pieces and sword upgrades etc feels more justified, The combat is more proactive since its based on positioning and reaction rather than mindless Z-targeting+shielding, they are less aggressively linear so there's more variety when replaying them, they are faster paced and you get right into the action much faster, and there are few if any uninterruptable cutscenes, all of them mercifully brief.

For as iconic of a game it is and the era it represents, the dirty little secret about OoT is that was always made for the lowest common denominator and as such isn't a particularly deep or rewarding game. I love it, but replaying it is genuinely drab compared to its 2D predecessors; Calling OoT the best game of all time or even its own series is either genuine insanity or an N64 fanboyfully deluded by their nostalgia

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I have a hard time with OoT. Also you are never asked to go to hyrule field so who cares.
I like how you pretended to like this game to reel people into your shitpost.

OoT has to be the more overanalyzed media from people trying to convince themselves they had a bad time

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Oh boy, another fucking Zelda thread made by this OP.

Can't wait for it to go to shit with Trooncord infighting or derail into arguing about all Zeldas like usual.

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When you see a game for 2 systems you have and both versions seem to be (or are) identical, which do you choose then?

Also are any of these better on the Saturn?

Tenant Wars (Top Shop on PS1)
Impact Racing
Actua Golf

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If I like the game, I play all versions

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the combat is shit
the leveling system is shit
the water mechanic is shit
and I cant stop playing it

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What makes it low budget? It has plenty optional and end game content. You even get fishing.
In fact, it's pretty well designed for early PS2 era. Compared to something like RPG Maker 3 on PS2, which was meant to be a creative tool, the georama system in DC is just fine for what it is.

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The level system is awesome
Nintendo fans still have scars over the game being called a "zelda killer" to this day

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that anon is retarded, it's a great game that's held back a bit by a stilted combat system that was meant to be elevated by character switching but still ends up feeling a little anemic. But as you said, there's plenty of draw in the upgrade system, atla town building, and the music is fantastic.
the procedural dungeon sprawl does get old, but I'd attribute that more to the simplistic combat than the procedural nature and length of the dungeons.

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2 is the best game ever made

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>Metroidvania before either Metroid or Castlevania
Why did this happen?

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>Why did this happen?
it didnt

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Nintendo doesn't innovate, they simply know how to market.

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They're called Jet Set Root N' Tooters you corporate shill.

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>Be me
>Love Sonic
>So excited for Sonic 3
>My mom gets me a happy meal at McD
>Look over the box
>tfw my childhood hero is trans

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This looks like Autism Evaluation. The more points, the less chance at life you get. Trans-Sonic is Chris-chan level.

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did people call platformers as we know them today "mario-likes"? much like how zoomers call any arpg thats slightly difficult soulslike

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No. They called them children's games, as they do today.

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"Doom-like" was a thing, and eventually "Duke-like" too for a while between 96 and 98; but platformers were always platformers.

Now if you want weird genre names, try Japan
beat em ups
>character games
Anything based on an anime/manga license

and my favourite
>me vs the neighbourhood
beat em ups in south america

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No. But modern platformers should be called mobile-likes, because they all look like low budget mobile games

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"Mario-killer" was thrown around a few times, and was always used to describe just the shittiest platformers imaginable.

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What about Rayman?

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Fun retro Zelda fact: did you know that Wind Waker HD, the remake of the classic GameCube game, is the reason that the word "selfie" entered the English lexicon?

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Anything about the most inane shit just so you can spam more Zelda threads on the catalog huh.

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Gives me another reason to hate this game. Wind waker sucks m.

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Are there any retro game where it's one hit no continues? As in you have to play perfectly from start to finish.

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on hard mode

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I'll preface by saying I'm shit at this game but I've beaten it twice and something just feels off about it but I'm not sure what. What are your opinions?

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I love X4 , I think it's the most "fun" and impressive game in X series per se, and it definitely set the blueprint for the games to come. But some things drag it down for me.
Zero is really amazing, but his gameplay does not feel completely polished, mainly due to the boss i-frames. Beating Cyber Peacock with no upgrades is just stupid hard, for example, and General is dumb hard too even with everything collected (due to his huge body). Zero's skills range from virtually useless (giga attack, dash attack) to plain OP (double jump + spin attack).
Also, the level design in MMX4 is just whatever. Stages mostly go in a straight line, there's not much exploration, and I feel like you're supposed to just dash through them fast. It's made interesting with the characters' movesets/weapons, not really the levels themselves. Nothing really that comes close to MMX1 airport. And, aside from some Zero-specific problems, the game is a bit too easy.
Still, an amazing game nonetheless, that was a huge step forward for the series.

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X2 is more fun than X1 because it is harder and has more fun levels.
Something's off about the music though. The samples are harsh sounding. It has some amazing tunes, but overall the music is kind of unpleasant.

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>something just feels off about it

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Counterpoint; The Wily wars

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One poorly programmed Mega Drive game offshored to a low-tier developer is not a counterpoint to the SNES having a CPU 1/3 the speed of all it's competitors. There are countless Mega Drive games with far more action than the SNES could ever handle, with no slowdowns and fast and smooth response.
Why does mentioning the factual hardware specifications and limits of the SNES immediately make you run defense by attacking Sega? Are you a console warrior?

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>One hit kills as opposed to hit points in Nip version
>3 lives

what the fuck

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Hard Corps design is very trial and error heavy memorization. Seems really annoying to learn the US version with 1hp, limited lives, limited continues, and losing weapon upon hit. Practicing with emu/JP version would let you prepare to no death clear the US version. I think the difficulty of the US is more appropriate and balanced, but it should have training/practice options like the JP version

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>Hard Corps design is very trial and error heavy memorization. Seems really annoying to learn the US version with 1hp, limited lives, limited continues, and losing weapon upon hit.
That's what I appreciate of the JAP version for not waisting my time

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Nah, it makes sense. Castlevania III was a lot easier in its original JP release as well.

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> toggle to the options menu

You just know reviewers would have used it and THEN complained the game is too easy. Would only work if it was a cheat code, like for Contra 1 and 2

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Probably the only scenario where "american difficulty" is the true difficulty. HP in Contra is a mistake

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Was phoenix games a front?
Why, why does White Van Racer exist?
Has anyone actually played it?
What’s the best White Van?

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Shovelware of the extra budget variety. British company that was also based in the Netherlands and Thailand, had deals with various budget publishers around Europe and also had the rights to those horribly low quality budget animation movies on gaming systems made by some Germans. It's just all-star European cynic team with an extra Asian office which I can only imagine was used for sexploitation trips.

Their racing engine probably came to be after they saw another budget shovelware maker (Davilex) have moderate European success by releasing the same game with local window dressing in various regions. Then a few years later they must've seen some white vans overtaking each other on a motorway and so White Van Racer was born.

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pirated PSX/PS2 games.
They were sold in countries with lesser copyright laws therefore they were pretty rare in places like the US, Canada, UK, Japan but more common in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia and in some instances, original games aren’t even sold. Also, PSXs and PS2s were sold ModChipped. Pirated games ran just like the original ones the cover arts and disc arts can sometimes even look better than the original

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what's the oldest retro vidya that you're willing to play?
And why is that the cut off for you?

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Atari, Commodore shit is just bad.

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I will zone out and play Circus on Atari for hours.

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Tetris because everything earlier is unremarkable by today's standards.

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Pre-Space Invaders games are generally too archaic and primitive for me, but I enjoy a lot of late-70's arcade and Atari games.

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During that era, arcades were still the cutting edge of graphics, sound and gameplay. Most of the best games were single-screen games focused on a specific kind of challenge and where to goal was to achieve a high score. Even early games with scrolling features, such as Defender, maintained this style of design.

If you're interested in games from the pre-Mario era, that's the mindset you'll need to have. Either you enjoy simple single-screen arcade-style challenge games or you don't. Games like "Pitfall!" were popular at the time and look a little more like the modern platformer genre, but the mechanics are rather simplistic and crude by modern standards.


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okay /vr/os

its the beginning of summer and you know what that means

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Which stage filtered you little buddy? Was it sand bird? Or perhaps pachinko?

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Post quality will decline

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alright if your dumbass peabrain can't grasp the point of my post that's your problem not mine pal.

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im almost 30

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In this thread, we discuss the tribalism genre, how it became popular and how it ultimately died off.

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There isn't a genre called "tribalism" , stop inventing new "genres" retarded fag zoomer , learn what the word means and stop misusing it (and thus destroying its importance) or just kill yourself

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it's not a genre, it's more of a thematic aspect of games within a given genre

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Review quotes on the FRONT of the cover is a good sign the game is going to be bad

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it's okay but the first game is better

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>one of the MOST ANTICIPATED upcoming games
I don't remember ever hearing about this.

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I just beat Tomato Adventure, what does /vr/ think about it? It's Japan-only, but there's an English translation patch.

I liked it. Maybe the battle system got a little more tedious as it went on, but it's a pretty easy game no matter what you do so it's not a big deal. The story was cute and had a ton of gags which is always a plus.

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Crash 2 is the best PSX game and I’m tired of pretending otherwise

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umm but it's worse than crash 1 sweetie???

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Backtracking is not fun

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kek underrated

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How come nobody has nostalgia for Sega or PSX magazines?

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I bought this one a few times from a shop that sold foreign magazines

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Shitty ads like these aren't making your defense better. They have literally nothing to do with the game. Play it loud ads at least have "so bad it's good" appeal, they all felt like a practical joke to see if people would take prison inmate Kirby seriously.
Tomb Raider jerking got old quick, "lol Lara Croft nude" joke is about as funny as 69 420 and Taco Bell diarrhea jokes.

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>PSX magazines
I have the most nostalgia for PS1 magazines because that's what I had.
Nintendo magazines were more common around here during the Pokemon craze.
But my favorites were the multiplat ones.
I don't remember seeing any Sega magazine. Ever.

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i'm not defending anything because I don't care about your opinion, which seems to be effectively nintendo good sony bad, based on advertisements of all things

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I would love to see old Sega mags