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I am Murray! The evil demonic talking skull!

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Look behind you, a three headed monkey!

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literally the best game ever made and anyone who disagrees is an eceleb

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Why are sega genesis games so bland and generic? I want to get into the system, but they just don't interest me. Are there any games that have stood out to you that you'd recommend?

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>Complains about games on console
>Can't even post a picture of the actual console in question
You don't deserve the help

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Is MegaDrive pleb filter?

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what in god's cock

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So lads, besides this excellent series, what else should I be playing on the Saturn?

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I hate celes

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You guys think she was raped during the time she was imprisoned?

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m8 it'd be like tossing a coin into a fountain

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Runic fucking sucks

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lol if you didn't wack it to celes and terra banging each other when you were thirteen

just lol

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What is your opinion on FINAL FANTASY V, the last Final Fantasy game Hironobu Sakaguchi's directed?

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Great music, has a lot of charm. 6 feels like it has too much polish and takes itself a bit too seriously for a kids game. Atleast that's what I got from it before shutting the game off after 4 or so hours in

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I prefer Dual Orb 2

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The loading times are bad, worse than you'd expect. Sometimes even just opening the menu takes a while. That having been said, the translation is stiff as a board without any flavor injected. I'd recommend playing the GBA version. The colors and music aren't as nice, but it adds content, the translation takes more liberties, and it's just overall a better pickup.

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>6 feels like it has too much polish

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The loading times seem like they wouldn't be an issue but you have to switch menus so often that it winds up being death by a thousand cuts. I originally played the RPGe version and couldn't get through PS1.

In anon's defense, FF6 does "feel" polished baesd on its aesthetics and controls. All of the game's elaborate sprite-acting scenes and scripted events are impeccably done. The UI is smooth and solid, for example the way weapon attributes can be examined feels much more polished in FF6 than in FF5 (and certainly more than FF4). Most players won't encounter the sketch bug or notice the evade bug.

Most of the issues with FF6's gameplay mechanics are design flaws rather than bugs or glitches, meaning the game still "feels" polished without actually being polished.

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Was watching Darling in the FXXX. Is there any /vr/ with lots of NTR? Besides eroges.

Apparently Google thinks that Mario is a cuckold.

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Yume Penguin Monogatari

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Lufia 2
Bahamut Lagoon

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Why does every episode have to be some 30 minute meta clusterfuck now? Just swear and complain and I'll be happy.

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ffs shave it

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I've been watching AVGN lately, starting from the very first episode. There are some genuinely funny bits in there, and mostly I just find him entertaining in terms of his performance and delivery.

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interesting that the world's virgin-est virgins are obsessed with this guy's receding hairline when they probably have been mocked and turned down based on their appearances for their entire lives (though the real reason you've been turned down is because you are a fundamentally unlikeable person)

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only a virgin would be this defensive of the avgn's ridiculous hairline. if you loved him as much as you claim to, then you'd want him to shave his head too

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Trying to clear my enormous backlog and am thinking about giving pic related a whirl. Is it actually good or is it overrated?

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Because enormous multi-layered catacombs, slowly desintegrating into rot and oblivion, should naturally play like a Michael Bay movie. I mean, take for example speleology or Paris/Odessa catacombs. Ain't that a load of special effects and all the fancy explosions and generally being on entertained as all hell?
RoMD is pretty much the only game in the existence, that makes you feel as if you were in an actual catacomb purely through its gamedesign, layout design and encounter design, and it, at least, deserves some respect just for that.

Also, once having been patched and barring compatibility issues, its engine is just fine. It's 60fps, it's responsive, it's smooth, and well, really, just more or less overall convenient. More so, at least from my standpoint, than any of the Infinities are, and undeniably more so, than the sprawling piece of code ToEE sports.

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Its worth playing just for the fact that there's a sequel and you can dump hundreds of hours into both games. I actually just finished bg1 and was wondering if its worth playing siege of dragonspear (not retro) or if I should just jump straight into 2 without all the gear and extra levels you get from 1.5

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Yes, it's good in very different ways from its sequel. It has a much better sense of exploration and the way the story is introduced through the half of the game first borders on genius for a low-level adventure.

Skip it and come back to check it out later if you really want more content. BG2 is a loot whore's paradise and it's not like you need a leg up to get through the early game.

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skip siege of dragonspear

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>RL catacombs suck so they must suck in a vidya game

What a curious mindset. Even if we really looking forward to exploring a huge barren low-res catacomb, the game is still pretty fucking boring even in a combat. Which, for all accounts and purposes, should be a bit more entertaining than looking at an Excel table.

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Why it was okay to make a Pac-Man clone with some gimmicks?

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Same reason it was OK for his parents to raise an abortion. No oversight.

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why be upset about this and not the 50 street fighter clones or the dozen MK clones a few years later? There's ALWAYS a clone of a successful arcade game, zero exceptions. Everyone was Zynga back then.

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While on the subjects, can you actually copyright key gameplay aspects?

For example, I believe Tetris is actually copyrighted. If you make a literal clone, The Tetris Company will sue you.

Devil World probably would get away with it due to the field being moved

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That's a good question. I remember hearing that Konami (or maybe Namco) copyrighted playing minigames during loading screens, but goddamn I hope that you can't copyright gameplay stuff.

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This game plays pretty differently from Pac-Man, though you could argue it's the same genre. Feels like you just looked at a screenshot of the game, picked your nose, and shat out this thread. 1/10 apply yourself.

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Are there any retro platformers with a double jump? I'm playing Do-Re-Mi Fantasy and the platforming is buttery smooth, but still can't help but to think it would be better with double jumping.

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Goemon's Great Adventure (Playing as Goemon)
Rondo of Blood (Maria, and Richter if you want to count the backflip as a double jump)
Revenge of Shinobi

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Ghouls 'n Ghost 'n Goblins

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That's a monkey paw wish if I ever saw one

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I believe Super Ghouls'n Ghosts is the only one with a double jump, and you have no control over each jump once you commit to it. The timing and direction of the double jump press will determine whether you saved your ass or doomed yourself.

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Is the Lunar franchise as linear as Grandia?

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The dungeons are more interesting but the plot is as linear.

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that due messed his britches

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yes, but it's not a bad thing

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It's pretty linear but that's no reason not to play it

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It's as linear as pretty much every JRPG

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What are some good game and watch games?

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I've never played the originals but the Game Boy and Game Boy Color had some pretty good remakes. Try those out.


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cant be the only one that actually enjoyed this game right?

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I have some history with this game.
I was sick so I couldn't go to the store that rented games and asked my grandpa to pick one up or me.
He came back with this, apparently it was a recommendation from the owner. He knew me and my grandpa so I guess it was some kind of joke.
I remember the game not being that bad, actually. It served its purpose, though I have no desire to play it again.

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Yes it can. There are around 7 billion people in the world (if you count niggers and Indians), and yet only you enjoyed this piece of shit.

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>niggers and indians

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Is this like Tomb Raider but without all the dumb gun shit?

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Nah it plays more like Crash Bandicoot.

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When you play retro, do you savescum/rewind/git commit?

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Well that really depends on the game. Though Ill typically try to at least clear a level the legit way.

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>generally those things aren't possible on real hardware, silly anon! just how are you playing your games?!

the closest i've ever come to doing that is taking a game over and instantly putting in the password for the level, so i can get more lives

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I savescum if the game allows me to.

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I will try to play legitimately unless it's one of those things that's just infuriating without being fun, like Ninja Gaiden's 6-1 reset or Mega Man 2 Boobeam Trap horseshit.

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I tend to play only on real hardware on gen five and up. Anything below that I try to avoid save scumming.

If a game is fun but it tests my patience at some point, I will save scum to a degree. Like save before a boss battle with full health to avoid having to grind for health and traverse to the boss from the last checkpoint, if there was one. I don't save after every successful hit on the boss.

Now if a game tests my patience and it's not really fun from the get go, I just don't bother playing past the part that I got hung up on.

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Are you saying most of your catalog of N64 games are 2D?

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i mean the n64 catalog, why keep pushing the dpad on the left if you use more the stick, so you can grab the controller side to side, is more natural and feels better, that's why is nowadays standardized design


i refer to hand positioning


sorry, English is not my first language, i meant symmetric

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>i refer to hand positioning
yeah, and it feels more natural to use the stick that way, on PS you kind of have to stretch your thumb a bit to the center (actually similar to how some people who don't know how to grab the N64 controller grab it like a regular controller and try to reach the stick with their thumb).
Anyway, the N64 controller's design is weird as fuck, but to me at least, it worked great. Only actual complaint I have is the build quality of the sticks themselves and how they become loose. Never had one fall off, though, they still work somehow.

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Even if they make a million NiGHTS sequels they will never feel right without that knob.

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Have you played Freedom Planet? :-)

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I'm looking for RPGs where you can create each of your characters before you play, would /vr/ have any recommendations? I've done FF1, dabbled in Wizardry a bit, and done IWD/BG/Planescape/ToEE.

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The best retro I played was DQ3, non retro include Elminage and All EO games.
Note that you make your party at the very start but not before playing.
Also don't forget about the Wizardry gaiden titles

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You spend hours in the character creation because you have to have such specific stats to choose your class and they don't tell you in-game...the whole thing is so obtuse you end up having to go back to the manual over and over before you can get through it...it's not a compliment.

The game should have let you pick your class first if it was going to restrict them by your stats instead of forcing you to use the manual to find out what stats you needed for the class you want. I'm guessing it was some bullshit anti-piracy measure.

>> No.4787661

It's based on a German tabletalk RPG. Some classes are supposed to be more elusive than others.

Just roll a decent set of good positive attributes and raise them to 13 at the expense of negative attributes (aside from superstition which should be 2). Then you reuse those attributes for the entire party.

>> No.4787758

MegaTraveller and MegaTraveller 2 have the most involved character creation systems i've ever seen. You can literally train and train your characters before setting out until they die of old age instead.

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Can they also die from random events during creation?

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What are some retro games where I can play as a merchant?

(In terms of newer shit) I really liked Recettear, and I thought it was comfy as fuck. I would love to find more games like this.

Any recommendations for games that let me set up shop?

>> No.4787021

The Atelier games might be worth taking a look at. They're not about being merchants directly but you do have to keep an alchemy shop running. Two of the older titles (Atelier Marie + Elie) recently got translations.

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The Torneko games, obviously.

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EVE Online

or maybe Elite for Amiga or the open sores remake

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What are the better Mega Mans, what are the more boring ones?

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Is anyone here not aware the "Rock" in "Rockman" refers to rock and/or roll and not stones?

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any of these are fine

>> No.4787037

classic 1-6, 9, 10
X 1-4

>Pretty solid
everything else

does not compute, we're talking about Mega Man.
....maybe X7?

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>ice woman not a jew
>guts woman thin
I bet wood woman will be petite in a oak bikini, right?


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too bad ever single one of them has to be hunted down and scrapped.

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Was Lufia 2 the best rpg on the SNES?

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Gameplay: yes
Puzzles: yes
Sidequests: yes
Music: yes
Graphics: meh
Story: not really

I love the game and i have replayed it plenty of times, but Jrpgs really need a good story to keep you on track. And Lufia 2 doesn't have that.

>> No.4787252

>And Lufia 2 doesn't have that.
Agreed, the only parts of Lufia 2 that are memorable are lifted straight out ouf Lufia 1 (where the whole Lufia 2 story actually seemed to be way better than it ended up being).

That being said, as a game and not a storybook, it's up there with FFV for great gameplay and replayability. It's funny that both games have dumb stories, seems you can't focus on having good gameplay without forgetting to write a decent story.

>> No.4787281

Lufia 2's battle system is extremely boring and standard JRPG fare, as far as I remember. People like to bring up the equipment skills but they're not a big deal at all and you're probably fine ignoring them; I'm pretty sure I did the usual buff attack heal stuff in almost every fight in the game, with the only exceptions being the ones before I could buff and/or heal. (Note: This does not apply to Ancient Cave, which is its own beast and is pretty cool)

But MAN are those puzzles good. Lufia 2 is a bad JRPG but it's such a good puzzle game that it's totally worth playing just for that.

>> No.4787494

The best? Probably not. It's still my favorite RPG on the SNES though.
The music is memorable, the graphics look pretty good considering SNES space limitations some summoning spells still look awesome to this day, the puzzles give a lot of variety because of being able to use specific items like in link to the past and so do the capsule monsters and the dungeons never seem boring because they change the setting regularly and as said before, AC is pretty cool.
On the other hand, the story is barely there most of the game even if it wasn't that bad when it actually came up occasionally. Most of the time, you do things that barely have anything to do with the main plot and feel like filler you can't skip so that won't convince "open world" fags.

What's probably one of the greatest things about the game -and in Earthbound as well- is that in enemies are visible in dungeons and you can avoid most of them with your skill items. That way you won't have to battle too many foes if you don't feel like grinding (not that you would need to cause this game is much easier than most RPGs).

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no, that'd be one of the Romancing SaGas, FFV or Live-A-Live

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