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Who is right?

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so moral of the story is prejudice racism slavery=bad and a mad king is trying to resurrect an ancient evil deity? seems about the standard for as far as you go with jrpg writing

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i didn't play any fe besides pic related and let me tell you, its pretty decent and well balanced (even if it was it abit hard on normal difficulty.) almost none of the stupid anime tropes and waifufaging are present and you can skip all unit convos had you choose to. I can see my brother in law who hates anime or my nephew enjoying it

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>none of the stupid anime tropes
>every one is jesus save the ancient evil (no kidding) and the mad corrupt king
>none of the stupid anime tropes

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Not him .If you're gonna call that a stupid anime trope then you might as well say LOTR has too many stupid anime tropes to enjoy

You people always pull this shit especially when you want to pull the 'FE was always like this' card when people voice displeasure at the new games

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I mean.. its still a power fantasy merely by being vidya. devs probably thought that one who is interested in such niche is probably some17yrs dude looking to live out the adventures of conquering land, kicking solider and myth creatures butts, having glory of saving the day and whatnot
(this is not retro i know) but the witchers game geralt is nothing like book geralt at all for reasons mentioned above

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I honestly can't tell what this thread is about. It reads like a bunch of malfunctioning bots talking at each other.

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For me is Megaman X Zero Project.

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It’s not fun Zero until the saber is the default weapon.

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They should reimplement the different armor colors from the prototype builds.

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5'11 vs 6'

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It's low effort shit and it doesn't even really have much in the way of simple qol improvements.
They could've at least improved the upgraded buster so you don't come to a halt when you shoot or swing the Z Saber. Preferably they could've found a way to implement Zeros gameplay from the PSX games.

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it's fine

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I think this truly a hidden gem
Nah I don't think Ryu (Ree-yuu? Roo? Roo.) has
anything on Shadow of Ninja from Natsume. This is an actual hidden gem.

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"post a game because it was in an AVGN video upload" op hasn't been a thing for a while, bro. Your current bait get stale already and you're trying to bring back old favorites?

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Do you play GBA games with any particular shaders? I notice that most of the games are too bright when played on a television.

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No. I play my GBA games in either my non-modded GBA, frontlit SP, baclit SP or backlit TFT GBA. Everything works fine and looks great.

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Holy shit why does this game look so much better than what I can find on steam right now

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I play them with blow your brains out with a .38 you basic zoomer bitch boy

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I don't get it

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someone’s upset!

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What do you guys use to plug all your consoles into the TV?
I have 10 consoles to plug into my crt but it only has 2 scart outputs, I figured that shit like pic related would be a easy and inexpensive way to go about it, video is fine but they add a really noticeable buzzing sound in the audio.
What do you guys use to plug a dozen consoles in? (that is retarded expensive)

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This. If you have so many consoles hooked up to a TV, you are just not giving any of them proper attention.

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It’s best to get a switch box with an output port rather than a plug so you can use a higher quality cable

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Do not use those autoswitchers
They often have sync issues and noise on the line, only use ones with manual switching or an official Gscart

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>I waste time instead of being smart
Good to know

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cheap composite/component to hdmi converters into a 6x2 matrix switch

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>Erin and Ander?
>ill crush both those whelps and take over the entire northern part of the continent in 5 years time

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How did Square manage to groom an entire generation of gamers into thinking that piece of garbage is a good game, let alone, may Allah forgive me associating this series of words altogether, "Better than Trigger" ?

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I see we're making CC bait threads now. Exhausted ourselves on OoT and FF7 so now it's time for CC.
>video of me n the bois dunking on cc

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There's no need to make bait for a game that is genuinely trash. OOT hate threads? Yes this is bait because this is probably the greatest retro 3d adventure game of all time. FF7 hate threads? It is critically acclaimed and one of the greatest games ever. So yes, for these two games it IS bait out of sheer contrarianism. Chrono Crossdressing is one of the most overrated monkey diarrheas that killed a whole franchise, and is praised to be a "good" game because it was on a system that happened to sell well. This game sucks and only baiters or braindead snoyfags will defend this game as if their own lives depends on it

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Lmao that's some gay shit there, are you the one wafting your fart?

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Answer he questione: >>9940076

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>the one wafting your fart?
Which one is this that? But yeah it's probably me

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Any good fps aside from Doom/Quake/Build engine trinity?

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Unreal, Heretic, and both Hexens.

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>og marathon/pathways into darkness
>Chex Quest
>Sensory Overload
>Zero Population Count
>Damage Incorporated

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I used to play this fucker a lot with friends back then, it was Smash Bros for kids that had a PS2.
>Luffy's huge-ass super that lasted forever when he was in burst mode
>Goku's burst genkidama was massive too
>Vegeta spamming ki blasts
>Getting mad about the slot machine not letting me unlock more characters and stages
>Never understanding what tickets did in Hachachike Mode
>Just the whole idea of DBZ, One Piece and Naruto having a Smash-like game together was mind-blowing
Good times.

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Imagine liking Shounen shit, like, EVER -- even now and onward.

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I never knew a game like this existed. Give me a character tier list.

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Webm thread

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What are some retro games.

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Have you tried, uhhhh, Super Mario Bros?

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sonic hedgehog

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Goo Drop Girl

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Todds adventures in slime world, uncle Albert's fabulous voyage, tetris 2, dudes with attitude and rapelay.

Thats all im aware of.

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Floigan Bros. Episode 1

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got 1tb for os and saves and 5 tb external. do u think 1 tb will be enough for saves


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Lmao, did schizo really expect people will agree with his retardation.
Zero people agreeing.
There is a reason why hl1 was in the top 10 /vr/ chart.
Schizo lost, halo ruined fps.
Go back to /v/ and never post again.

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You need to leave.

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nope, hl schizo needs to leave

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This was clearly a US military recruiting tool.

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meds. now.

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>See the heckin E-celeb said so! Now you have to think this way!!!!

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nah, OP's right on the money here.

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>join because you were inspired by someone who transcended manhood to become a hero and defeat enemies that wanted to wipe out your entire race
>end up being commanded by people who tried to transcend their manhood and want to wipe out your race

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ITT: Retro game commercials.


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Compared to Halo the AI seems really bad for singleplayer but how does the online multiplayer mode (LAN) compare?

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rent free

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I already made my point and won't go into it further. Sorry.

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>In this context it means what I want it to
Let me guess, according to you in this context you're a real woman too.

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The combat is so dull it makes the game a chore to play. The platforming is fun at least, even if it's easy. I wish the game was 95% platforming. Shame the sequels double down in combat.

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play the superior 3d Prince

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somehow the combat is still better than whats in the non retro derivative series

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That works on the lower tier enemies. You can't do that to later tier enemies. The most impactful move you can do is the attack that you launch yourself off the wall. Instant knock down for your dagger to absorb the enemy.
Sands of Time isn't remembered for its combat, but it's presentation and the way it tackles platforming.

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Its important for the historical analysis

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>not discovering the incredible combo system you can do by switching between different enemies while attacking which triggers different attacks and animations and can lead into scenarios where all the enemies are stunned or time-slowed and you just kill the shit out everything in one epic combo that you were able to figure out through trial and error by using rewind
you guys seriously aren't gonna make it

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Do you have covers with text in other languages. Hard mode no English or Japanese covers.

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You just reminded me Lufia II of all things got a Dutch translation in a time where there were 0 RPG translations (not even that many games got translated). The box isn't that interesting however.
Came with a 76 page translated book too which apparently has some differences in some text and screenshots in it. Guess someone really liked Lufia.

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Have some Russian Moomins

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Yeah and I got it for free, since my dad found it in the glove box of a used car he bought and gave it to me.

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My mom constantly tried to get me to throw mine out but I always refused. Thankfully she never made me.

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>Retro vidya has scalper prices

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>one of the best-selling games of all time, by no means rare

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>looking on ebay for broken stuff
>find a few listings for boxes of broken controllers
>the seller is dkoldies
Isn't it, like, their job to refurbish stuff?

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