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Basically i found an old crt very close to my apartment and i was wondering what are the chances of it containing fleas
i live in southern california in a somewhat shitty ghetto area.
any help would be greatly apperciated

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yeah cause i honestly don't know where it came from
behind a resturant but infront of some abandoned house
thank you for the info

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how do i prevent the bed bugs on the crt then?

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If you're truly worried, you could try opening up the back but be seriously careful. Some CRTs have capacitors in them that can kill you if you touch the wrong part and they still have a charge. If you havent plugged in the CRT, then you should be fine if you found it on the back ally.

You can still open it up and just look inside regardless and that really easy to do. Just dont poke around unless you know the CRT hasnt been plugged in for a long time.

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>i live in southern california in a somewhat shitty ghetto area.
I would be more worried about roaches and God knows what sort of horrific disease hotpots might be brewing on the TV.

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Not if the TV has a lot of fur.

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Return to Zork is a 1993 graphic adventure game in the Zork series. It was developed by Activision and was the final Zork game to be published under the Infocom label.

Unlike the previous games in the Zork franchise, which were text adventures, Return to Zork takes place from a first-person perspective and makes use of video-captured actors as well as detailed graphics and a musical score; a point-and-click interface replaced the text parser for the first time in a Zork game. The overall gameplay style was somewhat similar to Myst, although Return to Zork predated Myst by a few months. Unlike Myst, which had no extraspatial dimensions of functionality, Return to Zork features multiple ways of interacting with each object in the game world, as well as with several non-player characters also present in the world via a menu which appears on the left side of the screen. It also offers multiple ways to "complete" the game.

Return to Zork was a key part of Activision's attempt to revive the company, overseen by new president Bobby Kotick. Purchasing the company with his business associates, Kotick "fired all 200 employees and implemented a bankruptcy reorganization plan", according to Jeff Sengstack of NewMedia. The goal was to capitalize on Activision's lucrative back catalog of licenses, chief among them Zork. Kotick noted in 1996 that "Zork on a brick would sell 100,000 copies".

Return to Zork is set in the year 1647 GUE, later than any other game in the fictitious history of Zork, including those made after it. Even the relevant backstory postdates all other games, beginning with the Great Diffusion in 1247 GUE. The events of earlier games and even the Great Diffusion, to a degree, have come to be regarded as archaeology or even mythology by this time. Some locations and items place 1647 - such as a club for viewing stand-up comedy performances - as contemporaneous, or at least similar, to the late 20th century.

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Okay, and?

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This game was fucking impossible. I could make it past the want some rye guy but always got lost and died afterwards.

Used a guide recently to beat it which took all the excitement out of it but I doubt anyone here could beat it without help.

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Looks goofy

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You'll never even make it to this guy who i think is suppose to be a troll. I encourage everyone to give this game a go just to experience how difficult it it

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without a walkthrough there is no way to beat it. So use a walkthrough and enjoy the weird, funky, unique setting. It's the strangest setting, environment I've ever seen in a game.

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>god, is it finally over? Almost dead.
>I won.
>Fuck it's gonna—

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>Did it. Holy shit, that was close.
>what a cheap move

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The projectiles have no hurt box.

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Oh yeah, that was really hard.

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I like the way Trevor handles, but there are many more mods that prefer Castlevania I Belmont or him.
Trevor has more swagger with his ability to double block kill.

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I seemed to get fucked by Death whenever I used anything but axes. The holy water in the Jap release is a bit garbage, and by that I mean not OP broken like in the US release. CV3 is probably my favorite one of the S/NES classics, moreso than CV IV or CV X

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>Why yes, I am the best Panzer Dragoon game, how did you know?

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>panzer dragon
>not about chinese operators in german tanks

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terrible series for weeb faggots

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how can humans even compete with big dragon dick

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How many times are you gonna make this thread?

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Cope, Shiturncel.

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What should I know before getting a Saturn? I plan on getting a pseudo saturn kai with it so I can play Japanese and burned games. Right now I have Saturn Bomberman, Grandia, Policenauts, Sakura Wars and Sega Rally Championship.

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>I plan on getting a pseudo saturn kai with it so I can play Japanese and burned games
Check if your Saturn can actually read discs. No use in going the Pseudo route if the laser is dead in your system. It should be fine enough to pop a music CD in there and let it play the full album without hiccups or rampant seeking noise, but if you can get a real Saturn game then grab the cheapest one that's a good, not fucked disc, and see if the Saturn plays through enough of the game fine enough.
You need to be especially careful because Saturn games all have a proprietary layer on the outer rim of the disc that acts as both a copyright protection and helps the Saturn determine what data to load next in-game. My copy of Sega Rally Championship runs fine, but my Virtua Fighter 2 has a lot of scratches (and a tiny hairline surface crack) on the outside. It'll boot up and I can play it fine, but Arcade is unplayable after the first stage, it'll try to load stage 2 only to be stuck and effectively crash.
After that though you're good to go. I have to warn you though, that buying from china/hong kong right now is really fucked due to covid and the war stuff going on, your order for a cart may even get cancelled. You may have to settle for a US seller if that's the case, but even though it'll cost a bit more I'd still say it pays for itself, especially given the prices of real copies from any region.

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that is has no games
You're really better off using an emulator, CRT filters are pretty decent now if that's what you want

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>What should I know before getting a Saturn?
It's a gay console with no games. Only good game is Congo

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You should know that it's fucking garbage, get rid of that shit and get yourself a Dreamcast.

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It's a fantastic system, I'm sure you will enjoy it.
Kill yourself.

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>Arcade ports

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I just think games designed for home consoles are superior, 100% of the time.

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Tate mode is the main reason I bought a cousin of the PVM; a Sony SSM. The completely flat sides and handles make it really easy to flip for tate games. DoDonPachi on the PlayStation looks sick on it.

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Not really.
>worse selection of games
>worse controls
>worse image quality
>have to pay money
>have to burn gas or pay public transportation to get there
>arcades often empty so you end up playing alone anyway

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Well, you are incorrect, anon.

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battlestation thread

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dang dude! Let's see some more pics!

here's my humble mame setup

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Fuck that’s comfy. What did you take that pic with?

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What is the best Pac-Man game and why?

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Best 2d for me is Pac-man arrangement or mania, I just like the change up of the music and gameplay. ms.pac and pac and pal are also good
best 3d is Pac-man world 2, but 1 is pretty good too. Solid controls and overall is fun to play.

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Pacman Championship Edition Demake. Even tough it's a NES game, it's actually pretty good and fun. I play it for hours. It feels like a fresh breath of air.

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Arrangement or Championship for great updates to the classic format. Pac-Man Adventures in Time also Mr. Pac-Man Maze Madness for 3D maze style.

Pac-Man World 2 for a 3D platformer.

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Holy shit, this game is great

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Fire 'n Ice

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Yeah I was surprised at how fun it was, too.

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Excellent puzzle game. Apparently there's more puzzles to unlock after beating it, but I never got around to it.

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No kidding. I lost an hour to this game the first time I played it without even noticing.

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Growing up, I didn't think he was a mushroomfolk, I thought he was like a short Arabian lad or something.

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>short arabian lad
same. i thought he was wearing a hat.

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Did you never watch the cartoon? Or hell, even look in the manual?

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>licking the shroom to hallucinate
>then hallucinating the shroom

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He was the portly Arab dad.

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>Goofy Face

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>post picture of a game running on a CRT
>CRTfags say it "doesn't look right" and claim it's actually a CRT filter
kek the irony

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>most CRT filters is they look like they're replicating what CRTs look like in digital photos which is doubly retarded
what's your onion on this filter?

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File: 2.99 MB, 4000x2250, 1636451084912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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how do you organize your roms. tips

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one folder for each system? i honestly can't think of any other way that would make sense

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How about alphabetically you fucking moron

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it does that already piss nigger

>> No.9163224

>piss nigger
Just say chigger or chink lol

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Please stop spamming our board with tiktok frogs

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>didn't even keep the source code

Uhh, is that... er... is that a common practise or something? It sounds like a terribly irresponsible thing to do.

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Most media production companies would consider losing any scrap of anything they had ever sunk money into producing beyond the pale nowadays, but it's a relatively recent phenomenon. But even in the 00s it would've absolutely been company policy to retain multiple backups of anything worked on. The philosophy in general is that even though backups can seem like an expensive and superfluous expense for a project that will likely never need to be restored - that expense is a tiny fraction of the amount spent on the actual project (and tape backups effectively last forever if stored properly) so even if it keeps a developer from having to re-code fog physics or an artist from having to make new mossy rock textures or whatever, it's completely worth it.

I think the excuse they used was that they deleted the source codes to make room for new projects but I think it's far more likely that whoever was in charge of data management basically had a premature archive of some earlier code and saw that in the backups before approving the deletion of the source code off the working server, and nobody noticed for 10+ years. 99% of lost assets nowadays come from operator error and people who take some kind of shortcut and work outside the system of safety nets. So for example a scenario like, a dev took a hard drive home with them, did a bunch of work on it, and then left it in their car and it got broken into and stolen - a situation like that is actually fairly common for a project based company with braindead employees who think they're too smart to follow the rules.

So for Konami obviously we'll never know what actually happened, but I'd put my money on it was as simple as
>"Can I delete this?"
>"Let me check."
>*sees a folder in the backup log called Silent Hill 2*
>"Yes, you can delete it."

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Just decompile it lol

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It's called moving on.

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Sorry that konami couldnt know we'd all be stuck obsessing over the same fucking consumerist media all this time later because the entire industry would go to total shit.

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How the fuck do you have puppies in this game? Been wondering this for years. What's the exact process? What are the requirements?

I tried getting both mine and my mate's stats 100% full before trying to mate. Didn't work. I tried leaving the game running on autoplay during the mating season for like 2 or 3 real life days to see if the AI knew what to do. Still didn't work, and made the game go fritzy. Yes we're both alphas, I usually try Rumor and Centaurus because they're OP as fuck. I'm aware you can just do scenario mode and do a pup mission but you always start with handicaps, spawn miles away from your den and there's an aeroplane or helicopter coming to rape you around every corner, plus they end after you survive for the set time.

Also, does anyone else feel like this game could've benefitted from a system similar to SimAnt where you switch to the next living wolf when you die? It sucks to get cheaply one-shotted by some barely visible pixels because you weren't mashing S every 3 seconds.

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>*is the final nail in the arcade coffin*
psssh.... nothin' personnel quarterfags

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You joke but dreamcast really was the point where I thought "This is it, home consoles have finally reached arcade quality"

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Still not topped in the series after all these years

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What changed?

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Decent game, though I haven't beaten it because I lost interest somewhere around the middle I think.

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That's standard fare with Tales games. It's like a curse

>> No.9163519

Phantasia > Symphonia > the rest don't matter

>> No.9163610

You aren't a Tales fan

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Polybius did exist in 1981. We were a very large gov team who worked to mind control the youth of western america.

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>anon reads Wikipedia once and decides he has to repost the article on /vr/
Was it autism?

>> No.9163046

Ok so why did you clone Tempest to do so? I just walked away from the machine disappointed it was a game I already played.

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Ahh... Polybius. I remember playing that on my Z5 Powerlance in summer 1992. One of the most authentic arcade ports I must say. Good times.

>> No.9163204

Are you as a goverment agent confirming the existence of an eastern america???

>> No.9163236

>Polybius did exist in 1981. We were a very large gov team who worked to mind control the youth of western america.
Terrible larp, even the shitty "I'm a vampire/demon/nobody" threads on modern /x/ have more thought, effort and quality put into them. Besides, real mind control programming efforts were focused on the television media at the timeframe given for Polybius. Study up and try again once you have a better story thought up.

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A real shame this game ended being bad, it could have been the N64 equivalent of Tekken.

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KI 1 didn't get a good home port. The promises of the "Ultra 64" didn't pan out. Took the air completely out of the whole franchise and people just moved onto Alpha, MK3, Tekken and SNK games

>> No.9163142

>KI 1 didn't get a good home port.
KI1 was pretty successful, on SNES. And despite not being like the arcade in terms of graphics and sound, understandably, it has the same gameplay and even better (it fixed certain things and is more balanced).
I think by 1996, fighting games just weren't as popular anymore, at least not 2D ones.
MK Trilogy tried, but the series never was as successful as with MK1 and 2. Same with Street Fighter, remember SF III is more popular now (thanks to that Daigo parry vid) than it was at release.

>> No.9163183

The N64 version of MK Trilogy is pretty poor, the choppy animations and dreadful music are probably why people think 2d fighters couldn't be ported to the system.
Surprisingly, the N64 version is the most played in a competitive setting due to 3v3 kombat, lack of broken characters like MK2 Jax or MK2 Kung Lao and some moves (like crouch high kicks iirc) being much faster and better for combos due to missing animation frames.

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the ultimate n64 fighter

>> No.9163650

I and everyone else I know who bought it enjoyed it. Was it great? No, but it was still fun.

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What are the best arcade games that aren't just fighting games or shmups?
Bonus points if they're as sovlful as neo turf masters

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the only game I really play of on the taito mini cab. with the spinner controller it's fun as hell as exudes soul

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>> No.9163534

BSed although I never played the star wars game.

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Tapper. I especially enjoy the Root Beer Tapper variant. The idea of people getting angry over root better as opposed to Budweiser is comedic to me. On that note, Timber is also a great game. Marble Madness as well.

>> No.9163590

bubble symphony
elevator action returns
point blank
prop cycle
money puzzle exchanger
hydro thunder
pirate higemaru
rainbow islands
baseball stars 2
puzzle bobble 2
dynamite deka

also tons of sold action platformers, brawlers, rail shooters, racers, etc

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