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Does /vr/ ever dream about retro games?

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I don't ever remember dreaming. I don't know how it is to dream

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I used to have dreams about 2D Zelda games.
I'd find a new portion of the map I've never seen before and in exploring it, it kept getting bigger and bigger.
Until I was like, wait, this is impossible. There's only so many squares on the map. How did I get here? So I'd try backtrack, but it was all different.

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I remember dreaming about tetris. Then I quit.

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I just dreamt the intro sequence from Final Fantasy VII but Aeris looked like Ly the Fairy from Rayman 2. And there was a Teensie beside some Final Fantasy characters.

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I once dreamt I had Alundra and Meia adventuring around in my head. That was pretty good

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I have no better way to waste my life

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Apparently this program can dump Neo Heiankyo Alien.


Anyone have the cart around and a rom dumper and willing to give it a shot?

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Any Turbo Grafix 16 fans here? I loved this system back in the day! Dungeon Explorer was like a more interesting Zelda meets Gauntlet in a way.

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Yep I loved this niche overlooked console. I used to have a ton more games for it that I no longer have. Unfortunately for it since it didn't sell as much as the Genesis or SNES it doesn't have the same depth in its game catalogue. Those cards were also nicer looking than the competition.

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>Dungeon Explorer
>playing the TG-16 for anything other than shooters and action games

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Yes, probably my favorite console alongside the Megadrive, though mostly for its library of shmups for me.

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your loss if you only want to play the meme games

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What is the absolute worst and most broken/impractical PSX controller? Asking because I'm looking for something to torture myself with.
I'm actually rather used to pic related.

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In oldschool Final Fantasy is there any significance to which character holds which crystal? Like, do the four elements correlate with their personality in some way?

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They jobs were themed after the elemental crystal in 5, dunno about the rest.

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Do you fellas have some good charts? Post em if you got em.

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w-whats this

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They always just seemed to me like huge, boring grindfests with no real payoff.

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This right here. Not to mention ugly aesthetics.

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What convoluted logic did he use to make Ultima IX a work of genius? I have already had one person try to tell me it was a hidden gem and underappreciated today but for reasons too stupid to even consider. They said it was because it was a proto-BotW on technology that couldn't handle it.

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lol u think jrpgs are better?

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Well yes
Dragon Quest 5 is Ultima 4, except actually good.

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How are jRPGs not huge grindfests?

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How much more of this must I endure before this game gets any good

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You shouldn't be rolling up on ur-quan or kohr-ah yet I don't think. Do you actually have a mission there, or are you trying to grind them for RU?

Pkunk are actually really good against both because it's so fast. You need to juke the kohr-ah to blow its flame walls, then get on its butt and take him out that way.

You got earthling tactics basically right.
Fwiffo is also really good against most of the ships you'll be fighting early on.

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They were basically chasing me around when I was talking to the Zoq-Fot-Pik, I'll just esc out no problem. The Ilwraths were giving me a lot of trouble, too.
I don't think I have that one yet.

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that's fwiffo

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Yeah you do, it's the Spathi ship. He's right, it really is one of the best ships in the game. Personally I would recommend getting more comfortable with it than the Vindicator.

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Hmm, I played the game on the go on my umid. So yeah, I did alot of grinding.

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I bought this crt solely because it had an hdmi port. It's a strange beast. Picture is pretty good for a tube, 240p looks better on my 32" Toshiba. I wanted this for use in a mame cab.

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>I bought this crt solely because it had an hdmi port
Ya blew it.

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>because it had an hdmi port

Wow,so you haver all the disadvantages of a CRT, plus all the disadvantages of a modern HD TV. congrats on buying the worst CRT possible.

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this tv is going to upscale and interlace everything, it only outputs 1080i

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take it to the crt thread buddt

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This is true, right?

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Me too man, me too. Sega is about to release a new entry in the series that is a cross-over with a popular LN series but I unfortunately can't get a PS4 yet. Life as a poorfag is suffering.

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> hipsters
they don't know anything.

all emulators have those effects. some people like the effect, others prefer unfiltered screens (such as the mario the left).

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I like the phosphor shader of bsnes, but takes some getting used to and it is too slow sadly (lots of slowdowns). But it makes the game look like on a real old tv, in the sense that you don'T know there are pixels. Everything looks shaped. Only the vertical lines take some time to get used to.

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it looks like an laptop screen from the side

dear god why

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Nintendo put actual game graphics on the black box games. As for your image, no one knows what the fuck Capcom was thinking with that abomination.

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Are the rumors true? Is this really the worst Classicvania because it's "too easy"?

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I wouldn't even call it a "classicvania". It's a different game in it's own right. If you treat it more as a regular sidescrolling action game and less of a castlevania game it's one of the best games on the SNES.

It just lacks the precision and subtle level design elements of the 1,3,bloodlines,and rondo. In those games you have a limited jump and attack direction, but its evident they designed all the levels absolutely meticulously around the controls.

In castlevania 4 there is no real satisfaction from learning the timings of everything and learning the controls.

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It's arguable. Maybe Simon's Quest is inferior to this, and maybe it isn't. This game is definitely too easy, yes.

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no it's the worst Castlevania because of it's monotonous music and muddy visuals.

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>i've been learning to speedrun it lately and it's definitely the easiest to slowly play but the hardest to play fast

This is true casually it's a breeze but the speedrun is absolutely one of the hardest out there.

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>CV4 suffered from some level design choices that are really trivilized by the use of the 8 whip
CV4 has enemies attacking you in diagonal, it has a lot of bats that rush straight at your face in a diagonal line, that's because you have a whip that can attack diagonally. So, the whole "the game is not designed with the diagonal whip in mind" is just not true.
>There's so many places you can position yourself and get free hits on enemies with no real threat of retlation
This is true, however, it's not "so many", it happens in certain areas, mostly vertical ones since you can whip upwards. Then again, there's also a lot of cheap ways to cheese enemies in other CV games, so it's not a thing only IV is guilty of, more on that later.
>The free control of the whip also trivilized projectiles, medusas and bats, since you can whip freely and just cancel into free control if one shows up.
The free whip is a double edged weapon, because it can fuck you up if you're not precise. If you just try to cover yourself from a coming bat or medusa or whatever, and you hold the button and just "block", but don't actually hit (like when the whip waggles), you deal less damage to the enemies (like 1/2 or 1/3, or even less), this can lead to the enemy hitting you, knocking you back and sometimes causing you to fall to your death. The only enemies that die instantly are the crows (but they don't on the 2nd loop).
>With such a weapon you didn't need to use the subweapons to reach enemies in off places allowing you to save your hearts to grind up the rank. That combined with the plethora of hearts meant you always had at least a rank 2 subweapon and could machine gun down bosses so fast it didn't even matter if you barely knew their pattern.
it's true that this game makes you rely less on subweapons than others, but not completely.

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I see what you did there.

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But anon, it's still 12/15/17

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Hey there /vr/, I just got my hands on a SNES Classic (well, about a couple weeks ago now), and i've been loving how easy it is to put ROMs on the thing with Hakchi2, I've already loaded it up with quite a lot of goodies, but lately I've been running into a lot of "ESA Protected" notifications on Romhustler and EmuParadise.

So, I was wondering, where does /vr/ get their roms from?

If it helps, i'm looking for Golden Sun 1 & 2, Fire Emblem Thracia 776, the contents of the NES classic, shit like that.

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>but lately I've been running into a lot of "ESA Protected" notifications on Romhustler and EmuParadise.

Why not just download a No-Intro Snes pack from a torrent site?

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It can run retroarch, I think.

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Since you have Metal Warriors on there, you should get Assault Suits Valken w/English patch (or Cybernator) and Front Mission: Gun Hazard w/English patch.

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Add to RPGs: Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Terranigma, Secret of Evermore, Robotrek.

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Because it's a pain in the ass to download a big-ass rompack and sort through it's thousands of files just for ONE (1) game.

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In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god’s blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.

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>if I recall correctly, the 2000 pc release was less buggy and still had the same 1080p resolution support than the Steam Anniversary version.
Sort of, it supports various 4:3 resolutions up to 1440x1080, which is a 4:3 equivalent of 1080p as well as 1600x1200.
The problems with the old PC port were the ones it inherited from the PS2 version (glitchy visuals on some setups and low quality videos) as well as additional issue of heavily compressed music, lower quality than on PS2.

Emulating Dreamcast version is still objectively the best way to experience Grandia 2 to this day.

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Grandia II got some shit it didn't deserve. I thought it was one of those cases where yeah, the plot isn't terribly original but the execution I thought was OK. The music was pretty darn good, even the battle themes which are rarely good in JRPGs.

Some of the Valmar stuff was legitimately freaky, especially when Selene falls on the Cathedral Knights' swords to form the Heart of Valmar. Her and the Pope's devotion was pretty scary. Also, Mareg dying was sad as fuck.

Tio is stupid, though.

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"objectively" the best way to do it is on Dreamcast, not emulating it, and display on a monitor so you can get 480p out of it.

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Wrong anon, you can't play it in higher resolutions, retranslated and undubbed on a Dreamcast.

>> No.4464015

what good is the undub or the resolution when the game corrupts your saves and the audio desync is so abysmal that it nearly makes the game unplayable

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I got this copy of Puyo Puyo~n for Dreamcast and it has “SAMPLE” printed on the disc and on the cover. Can anyone tell me what this is? Pic related.

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And the back.

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it's a demo disc.

If you are lucky, it's one of those demos which are actually the full game. Looking at the ring code, it's possibly the full game.

>> No.4463408

Have you played it? Is it different from the retail game? I assume it could be a demo disc of the final game or the actual final game just marked as a sample on the disc, perhaps for store demonstration and the like. In Japanese game parlance, "sample" can be used to cover prototypes as well, but that isn't the case here given the disc type.

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Thanks for the info. I haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet unfortunately, so I can’t say if it’s the full game or not.

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just google the ring code.

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New route takes 5.4 hours, original took 14.8 hours.


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Pretty cool

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What is the goal of this, exactly?

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To complete an objective in SM64 with a half press of the A button in as little time as possible.

Now WHY they wanted to do that I have no clue, but I also feel the same way about the speed run community in general. Like doing speedruns for personal bests can be fun, but trying for years to break single records on a single stage in a 20+ year old game is beyond me. That said, I can’t help but be impressed with the shit their autism has discovered in these games.

>> No.4463427

Not so much "complete an objective with half an A pres"
More so doing as little A presses as possibly. This one just requires you to have the A button held down the whole time

>> No.4463437

But an A press is an A press. There's no such thing as just half.

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Let's talk about Xen. Was it really that bad?

>> No.4463338

Yes and no.

-The big teleporter/entering Xen was good
-Using the long jump hinted at in the tutorial was cool
-The levels are generally quite interesting and varied
-It's the hardest part of the game
-It has good atmosphere and the build up of going to space was satisfying

-It can be confusing and overwhelming
-The Gonarch fight is alright but can be buggy
-Nhilanth can be frustrating with the teleport attack
-The platforming in that manta ray area is too annoying
-The factory part is also too annoying

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Boring, we just had this thread last week

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No. It's okay. It feels thin and contrived a lot of the time, but it's also full of weirdness and wonder. Overall, it's okay.

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Did you like them? What do you think about Re2 n6 and re1 and re0 had havung other options?

Did the 180 turn in re3 work for you?

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yeah but nonetheless its still too easy

the game should have forced you to not be able to fight every enemy, forcing you to run into areas that don't have cover, navigate environments as you are being chased, etc

the mechanics support the things I jusy described but in the end you can just shoot every enemy to death, even in professional. and thats the biggest problem

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Because it is not a game about the traditional resident evil, "do I use resources or try to avoid" sense, and that's kind of obvious.

It's not an early resident evil, a style of survival horror which has sadly died, it's a survival horror game with the structure of a shooter. This isn't really an issue of "is it good or bad" it's arguing an orange isn't an apple.
The real problem is what it did to the franchise, but that is largely because that with less talented designers, RE games with these mechanics become basically a Third Person dungeon crawler with set pieces rather than a game about managing resources.

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Now it's a fps

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It was never a thing, I never even heard of the word "tank controls" until years later on the internet. The concept wasn't part of the public conscious as far as I was aware, much less it being a problem. Back in the day I remember being impressed with Tomb Raider's control scheme, there was a lot of precision to the system which made getting through the levels one giant puzzle, later when I played legacy of kain I didn't like it specifically because you could just anywhere with the touch of a button, later I learned to like the game but the controls felt like overly simplistic, removing a layer of depth. I never knew of the tomb Raider control scheme as "tank controls" though and certainly never heard anyone at school complaining "how can you even stand to move her around?". People were in love with these games.

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Play the game on hard then.

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How did this thing get popular?

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Because it is rare.

>> No.4463926

It's comfy.

>> No.4463931

i think the mustache did it

>> No.4463946

fun as hell. just wish you coulda got one from a toad house

>> No.4464031

In the port for GBA they made a new stage you can use it.


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