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So what's the status of the emulation scene for consoles in general? Last I heard things like Saturn, original Xbox, and maybe PS2 were still hard, but most everything else is looking up. I could be wrong though, which is why I'm asking. I hear even 7th gen is doing good.

Quick rundown on the hardest to emulate consoles still remaining? And which ones are more or less complete as far as playability?

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Saturn and PS2 are fine

Xbox and 360 aren’t that great

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Saturn is a bitch to set up but when it actually gets going it runs fine. PS2 has some quirks can be smoothed out
Microsoft consoles are lol. Thankfully most are multiplat

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pretty much still the same.
PSP DS Dreamcast, Gamecube and Back are all pretty much top notch

PS2 is okay but each game has individual settings and are often very important for the game to run. Thats just how PCSX2 is.
Never used PLAY!

Xbox and 360 not so great. PS3 haven't used the emulator heard its okay

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ITT we discuss platformers on the Sega Genesis that are better than sonic. I'll start with pic related.

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OP's a faggot and this is just a good game with nice art (similar to Sonic) by the under-celebrated Vic Tokai who made some excellent Genesis games from Battle Mania Vintage to Columns 3.

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Pulseman is better than this shit

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>game by gayfreak

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>Dic Tokai

Beyond based

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I unironically love this and wish there was a sequel.

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Didn't reach the bar set by Half-Life, and is forgotten even in comparison to SiN and Kingpin. Few even remember this game exists.

Completely overshadowed in 1999 by Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament.

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>Motoi Sakuraba

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>when you here
what did he mean by this??

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But of course!

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Nenad Vugrinec

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>Hitoshi Sakimoto

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I ain't shitting on SoR2's soundtrack...but the first game's was better.

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awww yes...... doom 3.... now THAT was a retro game.....

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not even a real doom game

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I like DOOM 64.

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It's the best Doom not made by id.

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but a real good game. loved that shit.
i wish i could love it, but i've got no clue why people like it. maybe if i had like an n64 with an ultrahdmi mod on an OLED or something idk

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Anyone have any experience with wiisxr?
Trying to get it to run this and just constantly getting "abort called" or just black screen and back to homebrew.

Everything is where it should be, BIOS in the BIOS folder, ISO in the ISO folder etc.
The folder is named "Twisted Metal 2 (USA)" and contains "Twisted Metal 2 (USA) (Track 01).bin" "Twisted Metal 2 (USA) (Track 02).bin' etc (12 in total) and then 'Twisted Metal 2 (USA).cue'

I'm not sure if it's because there's so many bin files (I tried Crash bandicoot too which only one file and didn't work) or if it's a naming/folder thing. But from following guides and doing exactly what they did I still don't get anything.

I'm new to emulating this way (and haven't emulated on a pc in probably 20 years) so it's taken a while to work out the naming/file conventions, but managed to get wii, 32x, snes etc all working, just not this one.

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Yikes. Just use mednafen, it's far more accurate and anyone with a room temp IQ can drag and drop.

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It works well on Wii? I hadn't heard of that one before, but can check it out.

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ITT: Failed Scotformers

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Alex the Kid deserved better. Miracle World and Shinobi World are more fun than any of Sanic's games.

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Gex is jank, don't fool yourself

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jesus even the cover is hideous

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I liked it a lot, it would probably be amusing to play it now with all the outdated references.

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Kill yourself faggot stop spamming this board

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Which one was most impressive at the time of their release?

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>as a kid

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3 made people want to buy PS2.

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GTA IV came out in 2008. The oldest that guy could have been when it was released, and still be 18 now, is 5 years old. Face it, faggot, you're getting old.

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Based brother.
I used to go into the private booth at andthe strip club and jack off for hours

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GTA III and it's not even close. It can't be understated how much of a revolution that game was.

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the real name for the Sega Master System was originally the "SEGA System".

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some autistic guy came into my retro channel the other day to argue with me about the name of the "sega genesis" he was a eurofag and i really didn't care either way about the argument, but he kept going and going. All I said was that I had a Genesis growing up.

>"it's actually the master system"
>they called it a genesis here later on
>"well it's the same thing"
>sort of i guess
>"the master system and the genesis are the same thing"
>i mean sure
>"so why did you correct me with 'genesis'"
>the box i got as a kid said "sega genesis" that's just what I call it. i wasn't trying to correct you
>"so we can agree it's the same thing"


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What's the worst anti piracy measure you've ever encountered?

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Konami's favorite anti-piracy measure was doubling the difficulty. Pirate version of Bucky O'Hare starts on hard mode by default. TMNT 3 makes Shredder boss to reset his damage counter multiple times so you fight him (almost) forever.

If i remember correctly, Sunsoft makes the reference to their earlier game in Gimmick! by throwing you into black hole zone if you make it to the final stage.

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I had a legit cart and a legit SNES and for some reason it would give me this error every time I tried to play it.
I don't remember where I got it or what became of it.

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Checksum tests can be fiddly on real hardware because of all the unpredictable real world disturbances.
That's why they should always have have some leniece and only trigger after repeated detections.
But the SRAM checks were always really strict - wrong value detected once and trigger value written to an address - and the game locks up.

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>Find the hidden word.

Boy those were tons of fun back then. we got the PC version of MK1 from an uncles friend, obviously it wasnt cracked, so we had to deal with the screen, we only knew one of the keywords 'HATRED' (we were young and didnt knew a shit of english, so we didnt even know what that word meant).

so as you can imagine, the only thing we could do is writing the word over and over again, taking from 1, to 10+resets (30 tries) to get to the game. supposedly, that friend also had a table with all the words and clues, but he didnt passed it down.

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I remember we were getting a game copied from my dad's friend in exchange for a copy of one of our games. Both games had copy protection, but their game was of the typical "find word x on page y in the manual" kind, so he just photocopied the manual for us. Our game, on the other hand, had a color coded 15x15 spreadsheet you had to reference, and since we didn't have a way to make color copies, I had to sit there for hours and copy that entire thing by hand, writing down which color was in which square. Fun times.

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>Is better than any of the NES Mega Man games in your path

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> Shame that it didn't get sequals.

Play arcade one. Iirc it's a beat-em-up and its story serves as a conclusion to TV series.

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Why the fuck did this random comic book get two genuinely good Konami games? Was Bucky big in the US or something

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Why couldn't Treasure make a game as good as that one after they went solo ?

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I remember it being hyped up as the Ninja Turtle Killer. I saw the toys in stores a lot, and the cartoon was fun.

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There was a big push for the animated series initially as the next TMNT but I don't think its performance lived up to their expectations.

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Games with good death spells?

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You posted it, also Phantasy Star 4 and Shin Megami Tensei, instant death is reliable in those.

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Combat and aesthetic was pure kino

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I have started this game 3 times and it filters me out.

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I rented it from Blockbuster as a kid when it came out and I'm pretty sure I returned it for a different game. My memory is hazy but I think it was the battle system and I thought the text was ugly.

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Blocks your path

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This guy made me laugh so hard in his last fight.

Guy made a fucking grave with your name on it.

How hardcore is this you walk around and read your own tombstone lol wtf and then you see him OFC there is only one guy stupid enough to do that shit.

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Was he based? It was he an asshole? What’s the simple no bullshit truth to it all?

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Do you know where the archive is?

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Back to your containment thread

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Contribute to the topic please

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He's just a guy. Early Id operated like a crazy frat house, not a single person from it would act the same today.

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What one you all think is better and why it possible?

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So you're gay.

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Personally I prefer the All Stars Mario 3,

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3 because I think having the overworld feel like a boardgame is important

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In smw you can throw upwards so it is better.

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Mario 3, the controls and platforming are tighter. Also for whatever reason SMW also felt bigger, but more empty, less enemies on levels so lots of "dead air" while playing. I say all of this as someone who played SMW before SMB3, so its not nostalgia for one over the other talking.

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Lets' have a Syndicate thread.

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Read the manual and keep your squad together. There's not a lot of reason to split up a lot of the time, so your unit just moves together

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This is the group button, Anon. It makes your life WAAAAAAY Easier. Also what >>7997120 Said. There's a lot of shit in the manual that you'll need to know and the game assumes you've read it.

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cool game, I liked the whole brainwashing the citizens stuff

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You can also just use one agent with a persuedatron and roll everything like a cyborg charlie manson

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Games in desperate need of a good sequel.

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Obviously he wants more levels and has played this 20 year old game to death.

And your logic is stupid and will never not be stupid. If a new game comes out and its shit, it has zero effect on you because you can go back and play your old games for the billionth time regardless or not if there's a new sequel.

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this. kill yourself op.

>> No.7996649

Wrong. I want more everything. The core concept has barely been scratched.
Right. A bad sequel has no effect on the original.

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Sometimes you just gotta appreciate a unique gem.

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Would be cool to see with modern physics and destruction effects.

But I guess they would ruin it somehow.

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