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Is Demons Crest underrated? I never see it in any best SNES games lists. Would it deserve a place?

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It's a hidden gem alright. Now that the dust has settled, it aged well.

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*sigh* somehow Bowser returned

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well, what do you think is going to happen if you never actually kill him? it's pretty well established by now that bowser is immune to lava and falling from heights, so maybe mario should try decapitating him or something instead one of these games

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If he killed him he'd be just like him

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For me, it's Mrs.Arrow and Queen Meteor

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y is hamstray ramrod fat and has robit arms?????

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>Captain Falcon
>Blood Falcon

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GX has phoenix who is basically captain falcon with a time machine

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The amount of character design work put into a game that barely uses it is kind of impressive

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Why 3 is so mediocre compared with the other TR?
Even Chronicles is better.
The entire level design it's a fucking mess
The difficulty is brutal with no reasons at all
You cant' even know what items you pick up (WHY)
Sure the artic levels are nice with The thing vibe, but that's it.

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The expansion is pretty nice and spooky though, probably my favorite TR expansion.

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2 is also very flawed. It's hard to develop these games in a year and it's kind of a shame core were put through that.

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>2 is also very flawed
It's not, the level design is nearly perfect and the difficulty is ok, and the feature "pick up three dragon or no bonus" is neat.

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>You cant' even know what items you pick up (WHY)
Implementation of the object preview function was probably unsatisfactory in the ps1 version, leading the devs to disable it for all versions of 3. In the Area 51 demo, the 3d previews would clip through things. The beta from 1 month before release ended up just using static previews that didn't really look that good. The implementation didn't have as many issues in the PC version, but apparently they weren't the primary focus. Here's a couple videos for refresher.

PS1 Area 51 demo:

PC Jungle Demo:

PS1 10-5-98 Beta:

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the worst part was making a monkey carry a ganesha key in temple ruins (they never carried key items up to that point)
I got stuck for months at that level as a kid

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Did anyone here like the original final fantasy? I think it's the best rpg on the system

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I have a legit question...

What bugfixes should I apply to the nes version?

I'd like a bunch of bugfixes to all the flaws the game had but enjoy it as originally as possible.

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kill yourself

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>best rpg on the system
Not even close.

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none. the bugs are a feature

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best team is 4 karate. my favorite team is 2 fighters 2 red mage or 2 fighters 1 red mage 1 thief

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Do you remember these? I kinda do.

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>real gamer
Lmao ok kid

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I just unboxed one of these. Fuck out of here, zoomer.

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that's a fucking pizza ROLL

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I want to 1cc either this or 2, thoughts on both?
Tips on 1ccing?

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Play a Toaplan shmup instead.
Rayden sucks.

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Why does it suck?

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You might want to try the MD Raiden.

They're "shit" cause they have lives, but recoveries are sometimes literally impossible when playing the checkpoint versions/sides. Somewhat less the case with the MD port of 1. Anyway the designers of Kyukyoku Tiger (the Toaplan game Raiden is a shameless copy of) explicitly stated that recoveries and checkpoints were very thought out and the core of the design. Something Raiden never got "right". But if you can accept it for what it is (one life game with a preview of the next n frames before you formally lose your credit) then it is quite fine.

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What old games do you consider being overrated and/or having aged poorly, /vr/?

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imma just say it zelda is objectively a bad series that gives you almost no direction and just forces you to trial and error your way through

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>objectively a bad series that gives you almost no direction and just forces you to trial and error your way through

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Same with Mario. I mean, there are 4 fucking directions, how am I supposed to know to go right?

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Cave games are garbage

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I wish this game was good.

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I remember one of the Evil Dead games being okay

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Evil Dead: Regeneration is the only one worth a damn, even if it is a poor man's Devil May Cry clone.

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I mean if you're gonna rip off something they had the sense to rip off something good

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It's not good and never will be, but it is a lot more tolerable on Dreamcast. The PS1 version is dongs.
Nah Fistful of Boomstick is ok. Middle of the road, but ok.

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Its time to talk about the best JRPG on the SNES. This hidden gem is called DUAL ORB 2, and it has sniper rifles and monster trucks!

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But does it have blackjack and hookers?

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It takes place in the future and the past via time travel. So yes.

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Tonight has been nothing but absolute shit and all I want to do is play a 22 year old computer game

I've been trying to play the Game of Life (1998) and nothing has worked. It worked well on my laptop, once I got a few things on there everything was fine, besides the color, which corrected itself. Now when I play on the laptop, the color is fucked up again despite no changes being made. Anyway, so I tried it on my desktop so I could do netplay and nothing has worked.
I tried to run it in compatibility mode for Windows XP, 98, 95 and none of them worked
I tried using the vgVoodoo controller and it did nothing
I even went with some guy's registry entry and adjusted it all but not even that worked.
the game just fucking refuses to work and I've about had it, I just don't understand why nothing can be done for this game
Any suggestions I'm absolutely open to and any help whatsoever I'd appreciate. I hope you guys can understand, I just want to have fun, that's all I ask for

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Oh I forgot to post it
Here's every resource I've used to figure this out
Also here's what I'm trying to run this on, before anything I've got my old Dell Latitude I can run this perfectly on, but for netplay I'd prefer if this can get up and running well on Win 7 or 10
-i5 7500
-16gb RAM
-GTX 1060 GPU
-Windows 7-64bit

The 64-bit OS is probably the biggest problem since the game was made for x86 systems

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I mean that's worst case scenario, and at the same time I could just stream it and play with friends that way, but I'd still like to give it a shot before giving up
How does it work with your system? You think I might be missing something in the install? I just dump the vgVoodoo exe where life.exe is and configure from there, nothing else really needed as far as I found

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Holy shit, this game is as old as me.

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Wow I forgot all about this game. It was definitely interesting when it came out.

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>The 64-bit OS is probably the biggest problem since the game was made for x86 systems
windows has a compatibility layer (wow64), this isn't the problem
don't worry about vgVoodoo not working, I also installed it to run star wars racer but it does nothing

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ITT: We post all of our "what if" questions in one thread.

I'll start:
What if Sega had released a leading Sonic game for the Saturn? (Xtreme doesn't count)

What if Nintendo released an actual 3D Metroid for the N64?

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/vr/ might actually be a nice place
What if the 64DD released in '97 like it was originally meant to?

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What if those crossword puzzle scams weren't scams and people actually won all those consoles?

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What if you read the rules?

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What if Mario jumped off Yoshi and he fell into a pit?

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The Saturn would have been moderately more successful in North America. But still lost. And the DC wouldn't have a Sonic game until what would be Adventure 2.

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Oh why is everybody so upset about these guys? If it was me dying on the sidewalk you'd walk right over me.

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This film was an excellent metaphor for what it's like being a goyim in a Jew dominated world

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wrong board genius

>i fail at life because jews are successful
ok, but the film was a snoozer

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damn, i like to make fun of like the non white women for playing opression olympics and having greatest victim aspiration but heres you blowing them out of the water at their own game

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Only ones who say that are the those that never watched movies.

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The MK team should have been ashamed and should not be forgiven for making the AI in all of the 2D MK games so amazingly broken and near unbeatable, as well as making friendships, babalities, and animalities so hidden and unique to pull off

Fuck them to hell for making such a shitty way to make more money

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>play Kabal
>run and spam low punches
There you have you scrub, next thread

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There's not a single fighting game, particularly retro where playing the AI is anywhere near as fulfilling as playing a real opponent.

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Play the home ports of the Street Fighter series and you'll be satisfied when playing against the ai because it's fun

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Playing 16 bit home ports is what started to cement that that attitude.

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pic related is by far the best beat'em up by SNK

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let's see your 1cc replay, curious

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Has anyone here played this game? the main character is pretty cute, i wish it had a sequel

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Never played (or heard of) it.
Glanced over a longplay of the game on youtube and seems pretty close to Pac-man, gameplay-wise. Is that so?

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Looks cute. What is it?

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It's a pretty fun game where you have to paint the floors of a castle while avoiding/defeating enemies where every new level is a different room, you can use magic to attack or defend yourself from enemies but that costs MP (You can shoot, stop time, walk inside of walls, etc)
every couple of rooms you learn new magic stuff from the king (pic related)

the game is pretty good and has a lot of different enemies, i haven't finished the game tho so i don't know if it has an ending or not, the game is pretty fucking hard
Eh kinda, it has a lot more depth tho

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look at her go

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I'd let her paint my kitchen

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I had the most profound experience last night playing super metroid on lsd- I realized something i've known for years but often forget. And its that snes was and always will be the greatest system of all time. Stuff before that era was too primitive by modern standards and stuff after focused too much on technology and less on the gameplay experience (of course theres major exceptions to both).

Theres a certain innocence of snes games that is unmatched, made before the internet was big, before everything was connected, before political division, before everything was super fucked up. The graphics and soundtracks are like beautifu mosaic clockwork.

I dont give a shit about modern gaming. I think overwatch is for fuckin losers, and that people who play whatever the next elder scrolls will be have way too much time on their hands. ps5 is going way too far with tech, and gaming has lost its roots. I'll never forget snes, and ill never forget this experience. When video games were good, and everything was right in the world. I hope I have children someday just so I can show them these games.

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Outside of Super Metroid, if you could play one other Super Nintendo game during a trip what would you choose?

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>i blogged on the intarwebs on lsd

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This is one of the cringiest threads that I've read on vr for a long time.
Wow, some nintenbabbie had a revelation that his SNES console is the greatest thing in the world whilst on drugs.

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There's only so many SNES games, and all of us have already played the good ones, Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Mario World, etc. What's the point?

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Cooly Skunk has been dumped and preserved.


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There's already a thread. Use the catalog search before making a thread.


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Faggot OP is slow hoarder

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I was born in 1989

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Soillennials are just as bad as Gen Z. Maybe even worse.

Anyways, enjoy your ban kiddo.

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Imagine getting talked down to by a boomer

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duke nuke m figts the alions

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