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Tim Cain has his own yt channel now where he talks mostly about his projects at Interplay and Troika. Pretty interesting stuff about who earned most, Brian Fargo being a dick, the tutorial in Fallout 2 initially supposed to be skippable etc.


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I really enjoy dev commentary and shit like this. Have you seen the dev playthrough of Conker's Bad Fur Day, and the dev playthrough of the Ratchet games?

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I have seen the Ratchet developer playthroughs and they're a bit painful because they keep complaining how the games are way too hard (they're not hard at all).

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If you told me 20 years ago that this website would be full of trannies who want to kill children with rifle bullets right to the head I wouldn't have believed you.

But now the FBI is investigating the entire website over the nashville shooting and they're deleting entire boards to cover it up, holee shit

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Hopefully all the faqs are backed up

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guess Mom was right about those violent video games

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There is no such thing as a rifle bullet. A "rifle bullet" can fit in a machine gun or even a pistol in a few cases.

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Can't you keep your schizophrenia on /pol/?

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Hey Anon I've got some new games, come over and we'll type them in! (´• ω •`)

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Are there any decomp projects for the Xbox versions of Spider-Man 1 and 2? I tried looking it up, but I am not sugar-coating it when I say ALL my results are for the gross Insomniac games.
These're both super influential games, but Xbox emulation for both of them ain't quite good yet; at the very least, I'd say they're both just as deserving of source ports/decomps as any other 1st-party game currently getting decomp projects.
>why the Xbox versions specifically?
SM 2 on Xbox is just graphically the best release, and the official PC version is a completely different game.
Meanwhile, SM 1 does have an okay PC port, but the Xbox alone has exclusive levels with Kraven. They're not some tacked-on bonus levels; they're just as fleshed-out and fitting as the regular levels, they just... don't exist on anything except Xbox, effectively making every other release a gimped version.

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Why not just emulate if you’re not going to alter the code?

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any more info about this? apparently it was a cancelled Genesis title based on X-men

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You probably encountered at least one of their games growing up, whether that be one of their Sonic or Crash games, any number of licensed games they put out, or whatever the hell Puggsy is, all of them as janky as they are weirdly charming. Any memories or experiences you have of any of the games they've put out?

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Do you want a real zoomer moment? The first Lego Star Wars game was my introduction to the Star Wars franchise.

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I really like Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R. No doubt in my mind they could've handled a proper 2D or 3D Sonic game with ease. Also Wrath of Cortex gets way too much hate imo, the character models may not be that pretty but it's essentially just like Warped with more vehicles. Also the soundtrack still slaps.

Agreed, I wish there were more people out there like him.

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Sad that they're in lego limbo, their toy story games were good, and their Crash games had a lot of potential that sadly couldn't be reached (specially for Twinsanity).

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My Traveller's Tales journey:
>Toy Story on the Mega Drive, couldn't beat it, it was hard
>Bug's Life on PS1, I didn't want to play it because giant insects made me cringe (in the literal sense of the word)
>Toy Story 2 on PS1, fucking loved it
>Buzz Lightyear spinoff game, god tier aesthetic, still love the way it looks
>3D Blast through Mega Collection Plus on PC, thought it was kinda boring but loved the music and aesthetic, recently beat it for the first time ever by the way
>Lego Star Wars 1-6, still the best SW games
>Sonic R through Gems Collection on the GC, played it this February for the first time and though it wasn't that bad, 100%'d it on normal
Overall their games may not be competently made but they all have a distinct vibe to them that I adore

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than dont use the stupid word

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Which Mario 64 hacks are worth playing? Have any of you tried any of the following?

Mario 64 Green Stars
Mario 64 Land
Mario 64 Last Impact
Mario 64 Star Revenge 1 Redone
Mario 64 Star Revenge 3.5
Mario 64 Star Revenge 6.25
Mario 64 Star Revenge 7
Mario 64 Star Road Final
Mario 64 Through The Ages
Mario 74
Mario 3D World 64
Mario Odyssey 64

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Lost Lunatic Trials by ShiN3, if you like extreme hacks

Also if you like stolen assets, bad level design, and hilarious bucketloads of pedophilia and drama, Super Mario 65: The Rainbow Stars is a good choice by the glorious Skelenio

btw TPP is full of nonces

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I don't even know what that is

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>stolen assets
This is literally all romhacks. They stole the whole fucking game.

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What should be my first sm64 romhack that I play? I haven't played sm64 in 12 years so no crazy hard kaizo shit.

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Me playing SEGA CD

He's been usin' Brand Ecksssssssssssssssssssss

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Does anyone want to play fightcade? I don't care what we play really. I guess I'm in a Beat em up or fighting game mood.

Double Dragon 1-2 (AC)

Any Mortal Kombat

Any Street Fighter 2

Garou: Mark of The Wolves

Just add me, and I'll create a groupchat

Emil Mătăsăreanu#8590

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I'm bumping this until someone plays with me :(

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> nice visuals
> pretty good music
> cute af character which also have some attitude
> controls are fun to learn and master
> cool bosses

What else do people want?

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Is it Wrist-Arr, or Rye-Star?

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I always say "Wrist-arr" because Japanese pronounciation is "Risuta"

But I did read once it's a combination of words "rising star" so I don't know for sure

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I can only imagine a sequel would improve upon the physics. How killer would it be to have a mechanic by grabbing and aiming enemies like a slingshot then having them ricochet off each other to rack up a high score?

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Are you gay or a female? I know it's not the latter.

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Probably a play on words (Japs love those), so, a play on both "wrist" and "rising" (as the spelling is based on the first two letters of "rising" (ri) and a play on how wrist it's romanized from Japanese sounds (ri-su-to(-a-ru) because the gameplay is based on using your wrist).

Because of this, the Japanese pronunciation is "wrist-ar" but the international pronunciation could legitimately be either "rye-star" or "wrist-star".

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NEC PC-9800 Thread?
NEC PC-9800 Thread

Do you emulate or play native anon?
If you play native, are you someone who has figured the holy grail of english patching DOS/V or are you a nippon reader?

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I use an ocr hook to deepl api

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>ocr hook
neat, what do you use?

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>for a couple years
I'm three and a half years in and still awful at the language.

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I can't understand the language to save my life.
Surely there's been on metal patches people have made?

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You rack disciprin

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Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories
>Playstation 2
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
>Master System
>Mega Drive
Golden Axe
X-men vs. Street Fighter
Resident Evil Code Veronica
>Game Gear
never played anything
Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen
>Super Nintendo
Donkey Kong Country
>Nintendo 64
Pokemon Stadium
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Plus
Pokemon Yellow
>GameBoy Color
Pokemon Gold
>GameBoy Advance
Pokemon FireRed
never played anything
>Neo Geo AES
2020 Super Baseball
>Neo Geo Pocket
Neo Turf Masters
>retro PC
Resident Evil 2

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Mega Man 3
Contra III
F-Zero X
Metroid Prime
Pokemon FireRed
R-Type Delta
Guilty Gear XXAC
Metal Slug
Devil Hunter Yohko
Layer Section

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Crash Team Racing
>Playstation 2
Ratchet and Clank
Fire Emblem Sacred Stones
None of those are necessarily my favourites from those systems but the ones I easily played the most and still do

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Yars' Revenge
SMB3 or Zelda 1
SMW if you count romhacks, otherwise Chrono Trigger
Sonic 3&K
Panzer Dragoon
Breath of Fire 3
Smash or Mario Kart
San Andreas
Link's Awakening DX or SMB DX
>Game Gear
Sonic 2

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Wipeout XL It's the only PS1 game I own
Persona 3 FES
Mega Man 2
Mega Man X
Banjo-Tooie or Star Fox 64
>Game Boy
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Gold or Crystal
Pokemon Leafgreen

Anything I didn't answer is because I never played a single game from said system

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What are some quintessential trannycore retro games?

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Has anybody tried playing through VC using the reverse engineered port? I tried playing GTA 3 using re3 and it worked perfectly, but reVC still seems to have some bugs, for example, the sfx of the shotgun racking a shell into the chamber doesn't play at all and I can't seem to fix it. I'm guessing since T2 forced the devs to stop working on the project, reVC will remain buggy. Has anyone encountered this problem?

A shame, since the game looks fantastic with the reVC graphical enhancements, but I guess I'll just have to use good old silent patch.

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That's how i play it and the problem you mentioned is the only one i've encountered, i don't seem to recall many bugs.

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Oh, that's good to know. Some of the research I did said that the game tended to crash after completing the Riot mission, and that lots of other bugs made the game borderline unplayable.

Were you able to fix the bug about weapon sounds not playing properly? It's such a small bug but it's driving me crazy, it should be a simple fix.

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What are some quintessential trannycore retro games?

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This is more like a movie than an actual game.

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System Shock 1 remake releasing today. Will you be playing? I'd love to see comparisons with the original. Apparently it filtered journos because it's staying true to the original's design.

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pretentious man. its ruined. its so over.

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>Hurr I'm just in a corner playing video games nothing matters the games the same.
Fuck. You. Nonsense argument. Introducing the wrong element to your community actively ruins it and the thing you enjoy. You're not an island. You're not above it all. The things others do and think affect you.

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I never claimed any of that, settle down Anon. But Doom is still Doom. I play it, I enjoy it, I mod it. What they do with the modern stuff is insignificant until they get to the point where they somehow magically destroy every sourceport and take down every WAD ever.

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atari has a new owner (nightdive producer)

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>A visually stunning but too faithful recreation of a cult classic held back by its dedication to the source material

Nooooooooooo I need regenerating health and trans flags in my hecking gamerino

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What are some co-op games where the second player can remain helpful even if they are really bad at the game? Like a game you would let your little brother play with you. This would be the opposite of a game like Battletoads where co-op actually makes the game harder.

Best example I can think of this is Sonic 2 (and 3 I guess). Tails tags along but he can't be permanently hurt, and the screen only follows Sonic so he can't mess you up by scrolling the screen. You can use him to go after enemies, bosses and to collect stray rings.

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Kirby's Dreamland 3
Kirby's Super Star
Pop'n TwinBee (has a "Couples Mode" that gives player 1 all the aggro)

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I used to hand my brother the 2nd controller and tell him he was The Blob. (He was 2 years old at the time)

Sorry that doesn’t answer your question but that’s what it reminded me of.

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I really like it when games have something like a holy tree, sacred beasts, sanctified classical elements, and so on like Terranigma's first third, Final Fantasy Adventure, Jade Cocoon, FF7, etc. It gives the game a kind of organic and enchanted feel. I don't mind it if they become a bit preachy too.
What are some games that best embody this "organic and enchanting feel"? Sorry if I was not clear.

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I just want more stories that make me feel like this art

>> No.9945310

I recently bought an art book of Hiroo Isono, and yeah, I like that organic and enchanting feel.

>> No.9945313

no worries.
I haven't played that but I'll have to check it out. I'm interested in more games like this too.

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can you go into her hole?

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is etrian odyssey retro yet
because the whole thing takes place in yggdrasil

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