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Does anyone want to play fightcade? I don't care what we play really. I guess I'm in a Beat em up or fighting game mood.

Double Dragon 1-2 (AC)

Any Mortal Kombat

Any Street Fighter 2

Garou: Mark of The Wolves

Just add me, and I'll create a groupchat

Emil Mătăsăreanu#8590

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> nice visuals
> pretty good music
> cute af character which also have some attitude
> controls are fun to learn and master
> cool bosses

What else do people want?

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A good mascot? People don't want to rally around no-name losers. This guy looks like a nintendo reject. Every sega and psx game aimed at kids is like this except for ape escape

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Is it Wrist-Arr, or Rye-Star?

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I always say "Wrist-arr" because Japanese pronounciation is "Risuta"

But I did read once it's a combination of words "rising star" so I don't know for sure

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I can only imagine a sequel would improve upon the physics. How killer would it be to have a mechanic by grabbing and aiming enemies like a slingshot then having them ricochet off each other to rack up a high score?

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NEC PC-9800 Thread?
NEC PC-9800 Thread

Do you emulate or play native anon?
If you play native, are you someone who has figured the holy grail of english patching DOS/V or are you a nippon reader?

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I use an ocr hook to deepl api

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>ocr hook
neat, what do you use?

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>for a couple years
I'm three and a half years in and still awful at the language.

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I can't understand the language to save my life.
Surely there's been on metal patches people have made?

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You rack disciprin

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Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories
>Playstation 2
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
>Master System
>Mega Drive
Golden Axe
X-men vs. Street Fighter
Resident Evil Code Veronica
>Game Gear
never played anything
Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen
>Super Nintendo
Donkey Kong Country
>Nintendo 64
Pokemon Stadium
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Plus
Pokemon Yellow
>GameBoy Color
Pokemon Gold
>GameBoy Advance
Pokemon FireRed
never played anything
>Neo Geo AES
2020 Super Baseball
>Neo Geo Pocket
Neo Turf Masters
>retro PC
Resident Evil 2

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Donkey Kong
>Master System
Black Belt
>Apple II
Carmen Sandiego
Zelda I
Phantasy Star III
Mario World
Final Fantasy 8
Ocarina of Time
Phantasy Star Online

I gotta say, when I look at this list, somehow only on the Gamecube did I manage to spend the most time on the best game.

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Mega Man 3
Contra III
F-Zero X
Metroid Prime
Pokemon FireRed
R-Type Delta
Guilty Gear XXAC
Metal Slug
Devil Hunter Yohko
Layer Section

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What are some quintessential trannycore retro games?

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Has anybody tried playing through VC using the reverse engineered port? I tried playing GTA 3 using re3 and it worked perfectly, but reVC still seems to have some bugs, for example, the sfx of the shotgun racking a shell into the chamber doesn't play at all and I can't seem to fix it. I'm guessing since T2 forced the devs to stop working on the project, reVC will remain buggy. Has anyone encountered this problem?

A shame, since the game looks fantastic with the reVC graphical enhancements, but I guess I'll just have to use good old silent patch.

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That's how i play it and the problem you mentioned is the only one i've encountered, i don't seem to recall many bugs.

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Oh, that's good to know. Some of the research I did said that the game tended to crash after completing the Riot mission, and that lots of other bugs made the game borderline unplayable.

Were you able to fix the bug about weapon sounds not playing properly? It's such a small bug but it's driving me crazy, it should be a simple fix.

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What are some quintessential trannycore retro games?

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This is more like a movie than an actual game.

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System Shock 1 remake releasing today. Will you be playing? I'd love to see comparisons with the original. Apparently it filtered journos because it's staying true to the original's design.

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These words are the sign of a game doing something right.

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>Nightdive's first big game after years
>Actually seems to like faithful remake
>The thing wearing Atari's skin buys them

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nah nightdive is retarded. wasted years spinning their fucking wheels. this remake could have been finished by now and look better than it does.

i played the demo and dont like it though so its OVER. FUCK nightdive

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I’ll give this to Nightdive, I fucking hated Turok back in the day (yeah I know I’m the only one), but I dig their touch up of it.

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Nightdive put out the best versions of Turok, Forsaken and Shadowman, they were the only publisher who didn't just slap these games into and emulator to make a quick buck.

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What are some co-op games where the second player can remain helpful even if they are really bad at the game? Like a game you would let your little brother play with you. This would be the opposite of a game like Battletoads where co-op actually makes the game harder.

Best example I can think of this is Sonic 2 (and 3 I guess). Tails tags along but he can't be permanently hurt, and the screen only follows Sonic so he can't mess you up by scrolling the screen. You can use him to go after enemies, bosses and to collect stray rings.

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Kirby's Dreamland 3
Kirby's Super Star
Pop'n TwinBee (has a "Couples Mode" that gives player 1 all the aggro)

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I used to hand my brother the 2nd controller and tell him he was The Blob. (He was 2 years old at the time)

Sorry that doesn’t answer your question but that’s what it reminded me of.

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I really like it when games have something like a holy tree, sacred beasts, sanctified classical elements, and so on like Terranigma's first third, Final Fantasy Adventure, Jade Cocoon, FF7, etc. It gives the game a kind of organic and enchanted feel. I don't mind it if they become a bit preachy too.
What are some games that best embody this "organic and enchanting feel"? Sorry if I was not clear.

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I see, thanks for the response. I kind of regret deleting that message. Didn't want to seem pestering.
Btw, have you tried out Legend of Legaia? Is it also similar to what my OP is asking for?
I will play BoF III next and some more platformers afterwards.

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I just want more stories that make me feel like this art

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I recently bought an art book of Hiroo Isono, and yeah, I like that organic and enchanting feel.

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no worries.
I haven't played that but I'll have to check it out. I'm interested in more games like this too.

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can you go into her hole?

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>sneak into your fat, depressed, clinically-retarded neighbor's house and torment him for the amusement of strangers watching a TV show
Great game.

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Wtf is going on in this thread…

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I just saw neighbors from hell and thought it was a sign and while I would never hurt someone unless it was in minecraft my girlfriends neighbors have been keeping me up for the last two hours. Sorry for the drunk rant but it sounds like being under a golds gym and the husband is a twink

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Lmfao, are you OP? Maybe play some vidja and crank the volume to 11 while shooting that Burnettes! I wish I could still drink, love me some Burnettes.

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Not op but I'm downloading that game. In the mean time I've getting wasted and playing the arcade versions of ki 1 and 2

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Not a bad choice, neighbors from hell… if my pc hadn’t just died I’d give it a shot, but alas I think I’ll live vicariously through ur vodka and impressions

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Opinions on this series? I really enjoy the visual style and music, but the gameplay leaves a bit to be desired. It still manages to be fun, but they're really easy to beat and I managed to 1cc each game in under an hour and a half each. I also miss that Part 2 didn't have splitting paths like Part 1 did with its 5th stage (Unless you count those dungeon rooms full of annoying zombies when you fall in a pit.)
Part 3 should've been really cool with the multiple endings and creepy cutscenes but it has serious balancing issues by just spamming your AoE as Monster Rick and annihilating everything in the game because the monsters are too irritating otherwise. I heard the Japanese version has different stats for your moves and enemies though, maybe I can check that out soon.
I also played Wanpaku Graffiti. I thought the Continue system would give me shit with strictly 5 lives and no continues (Unless you count the password) along with Rick's lack of invincibility frames, but I managed to annihilate the game on my 2nd attempt after realizing how forgiving it is with super frequent health drops after every "difficult" section. Still enjoyable, but clearly made for little kids.
Overall an interesting weekend trying out all these cool games. I know there's a reboot of it too but it never got a re-release on PC as far as I know and I don't own either an 360 or PS3 (Plus a physical copy is like 40 bucks). Maybe one day I'll give it a shot, but not today.

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The only one I've played is Wanpaku Graffiti, but I remember seeing the original as a kid and thinking it looked scary.

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Initially thought the graphics and gameplay were poor of 2 but the grainy graphics grow on you and the controls and moves are pretty responsive especially if you compare it to golden axe 3.

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The American version of 3 is just plain broken, the Japanese one is so much better.

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Why did Konami disown this game? It's one of the best they ever made and they've never ported or even mentioned it since. Thank god for MAME.

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No idea about the later three, but both Salamander 2 and Twinbee Yahoo (Konami GX) haven't been emulated well, something that all Konami GX games have.

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I just tried Twinbee Yahoo and it works perfectly. What do you think is wrong with it?

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As far as MAME can tell, there's still some graphics and audio issues, I remember hearing a lot of distortion and certain effect were glitchy.

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It didn't do well in arcades but it's still a great Final Fight clone also it's a really pretty game.
If M2 can get Salamander 2 working on the PSP I'm sure Hamster's emulator can handle it on Switch.

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It's probably emulation issues but I love the staticy YouTube Poop-tier sound effects of this in MAME. Just turns the camp factor even higher up, if that was possible.

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Where do you stand on high resolution texture and sprite replacements?

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here's a PC port

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The Zelda 1 one is actually really well-done and good.
Most of them are shit.

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>high resolution

>> No.9945767

Are you talking about this one: https://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=31559.0 ?
I played with it and didn't really like it, because it made a lot of the secrets in the game more obvious.

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>the way it was intended
Yeah, due to technical limitations

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Why is it so underrated?

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Because it was made on a piece of shit console

>> No.9945361

This was MK8 before MK8DX happen

>> No.9945363

But enough about the Normie "Fuck JRPGS" 64

>> No.9945367

Really? I see more fags fellate MK64 and MKWii more nowadays
Guess it's a generation thing

>> No.9945393

boomer here, 8 and Wii are the best
double dash is still better than Shitendo ShitstyFour but its worse than the 2 mentioned
snes and gba karts sucked

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A thread dedicated to helping others find those lost treasures from the past they were never able recall the name too. If it has to do with old PC game collections or PC-ware that's no longer licensed, long forgottern, or just obscure, it's welcome here.
I'm personally looking for a late 90's mecha rts side scroller that plays somewhat like assault suit Leynos. You commanded a small army in real time and operated your own customizable unit, could command and move units/ships as well and customize your lieutenants and ships. Every level would have you fighting harder enemies as you gradually commanded more of the universe. Someone help me figure out this obscure title, because I'm at my wits end trying to find it.

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While maybe not super forgotten this game is a wonderful mess that I absolutely love.

>> No.9945675

I’d like to know the name of an old pc game I barely remember. It was 3D third person and I think you had a jetpack. The game opens on an alien world and there’s some alien(s?) hanging onto a cliff that you need to rescue before they fall. That’s about all I remember.

>> No.9945683

Ok, game I vaguely recall playing a bit in 2000/2001 or so. 3D adventure game, probably inspired by either Tomb Raider or Alone in the Dark. Had an incan or mayan setting, you started inside a temple either in or near a bedroom. I believe you played as a woman dressed in an incan/mayan outfit.

Any bells ringing?

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Was it this?

>> No.9945730

YES! Holy shit thanks anon. I looked at the start of a longplay and it was 100% that.

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What's the appeal of FF Tactics? I've heard it's one of the best FF Games but it didn't look too special from the snippets of gameplay i've seen.

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Tactics Ogre
Vagrant Story
FF12 (sort of)
Those are the big ones that come to mind.

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>didn’t look too special from what I’ve seen
You’ve had an additional 25 years of games to choose from. Games like Tactics Ogre and Fire Emblem had very limited releases in North America, if they had releases at all. Hell, I spent YEARS looking for a copy of Ogre Battle for the SNES. I ended up getting the Playstation port. Yes, I probably could’ve mail-ordered it but I was kind of a dumbass.

>> No.9945229

I ended up just keeping one of my blockbusters snes games because it was impossible to find a copy. I think it was chrono trigger

>> No.9945243

He has a point. Tactics is a hard game to get into. It has some really cool ideas but also some serious flaws. It is also terribly slow. It benefits greatly from an emulator with a fast-forward button.

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