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It deserved?

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>gaming "journalist"
if you follow/care about anything of those, you should really kys

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picrel is better than chrono trigger

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Requires a guide to beat without pulling your hair out of your head, but it's good otherwise. Shame so many retro RPGs are like that. I would never have beaten them as a kid.

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honestly the only real instance of this is the stupid fucking grass puzzle, the rest is more than doable

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For me

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just kicked gades ass in the first encounter and got his blade

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>watching new CM top 5 underrated NES games list video
>see pic related
>"hmm this seems like a jab at Joe Rediffer, but that would mean Mike is involved and I don't think he and James work together anymore
>see end of video
>"Video by James and Mike"
Of fucking course
lol has Joe made any other autistic shit or Mike is just fucking with him just because?

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What is your favorite retro stealth game and why?

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Was Sega better at making carts? Or having plastic cases for many games helped the carts to be more responsive.

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I think the cases help a lot, protects the cart from getting dust and stuff on the contacts.

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Alright OP, we know you want to talk about how Anthony is transitioning

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No I wan't to talk about carts and why Nintendo insisted in making horrible cases, one could argue until current times.

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Hello guys,
I've been itching these days to buy/build a pinball cabinet.
I would like to know:
- if it's worth having one,
- if it's really cheaper to build one versus buying one (i took the diy route with my arcade cabinet and the costs were similar in the end to a bought solution)
- if you have hardware recommendations
Right now I have an old PC with a Geforce 1080, and an i7-6700k that I could dedicate to this project.
Thanks for your advice

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>Virtual pinball
kinda missing trhe point entirety, go mechanical or go home

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This is a bad opinion, OP. Disregard it.

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but if i go home, will your mom be there waiting for me?
yes i'll disregard. mechanical would be better but i don't have an unlimited budget and i like Visual Pinball X

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I mostly dislike pinball and even I have to agree with this point. Where is the pomp and circumstance of it all if it's just on a screen?

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any more high-res renders of the prerendered backgrounds from the PS1 Resident Evils?

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Is there a worse advertising strategy in video game history than Johnny Turbo with his "b-b-but we had it first!" shtick?

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Another Johnny Turbo thread? Why, we already had a thread going on for almost TWO days ago!

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Atari's do the math campaign, sure Turbo is bad but he was only in a few magazines.

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Every other machines named after an animal. What’s a Noritta?

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An alien animal

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It's a mistranslation of 'Nolita' (no-ri-ta), which is a small species of salamander native to Japan. The pun is that for some reason that one species has a ridiculously high tendency to be born with extra arms, legs, or even a second head as a fused twin.

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Is it worth my time playing Mario Party if I have no friends? I never hear about anyone playing it single player.

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Mario Party isn't even good with friends. The only enjoyable part is being with your friends and anything else you did would be as enjoyable.

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I enjoyed it when I was a kid but probably wouldn’t now.

If you emulate you’ll probably know in 20 minutes or less if you’ll enjoy the experience.

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I have played both Mario Party 3 and Mario Party 4 to 100% completion when I was younger and I can tell you with a straight face it absofuckinglutely isn't.

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Been replaying pic rel lately, it really didn't age as well as I thought...
Why did it achieve a cult status again?

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>6th gen
>not retro
cope. 7th gen is older today than the NES was when the PS2 came out.

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>this is the opinion a youtuber told me to have
Hey alright

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yeah Play the wiiu version on hero mode and get the fast sailing much better i can't go back to OG

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At least TP is a game and not an infinite blue plain of boredom

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considering the state of TP's map the difference is cosmetic at best.

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You literally cannot find a better NES track than this:

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Nta and I personally prefer the cross, but there's a difference between using ingame tools to make a game easier and seeking out a baby mode difficulty.

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Using holy water against bosses is essentially turning the game into baby mode. You usually have to actually fight bosses and dodge their attacks but with holy water you just stunlock them to death the second they appear

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For me it's


But this is pretty good too

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it's still to this day the uncontested best handheld Mario game (not retro games included)

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Not a whole lot to compare it too right? Super Mario Land 1 and...a bunch of Wario games ? And the Mario Advance tiles which are all ports...

I like SML2, lots of good ideas and unique settings but it plays sort of janky overall. Play Super Mario Bros. 3 immediately after playing this one and you'll see what I mean.

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I've always thought it was really fucking weird how there were so few original Super Mario Bros. style games made for the Gameboy line. You'd think they'd have pumped out at least one for the GBC and GBA each between all the ports and remakes.

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Don't forget New SMB on DS.

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You’d understand why if you knew the context of the game. Fuck me, just read the credits dude.

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I actually like New unlike a lot people but Land 2 is better, my favourite handheld Mario goes to 3D Land on 3DS but if we're counting DK94 as a Mario game it wins.

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Who did she have a child with and who is she the ancestor of?

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jews hate emulation thoughever

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I am forgotten

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>fight at surface
>or dive down and fight underwater
>revolutionary for that time
But why does literally nobody remember it?

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Because it's jank

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jank? It was one of the coolest releases that year.


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Anyone actually play this? How does it compare to Zelda?

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I liked it. It was cute and soulful. Not a masterpiece or anything, but not every game needs to be.

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I beat it for the first time earlier this year. It’s quick and easy, charming and fun. It’s Zelda inspired for sure, but it’s its own thing and does stuff differently enough to be a breath of fresh air. Give it a shot.

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Fuck SoA for dooming this game to a niche release, all of the Mega RPG Project games should have to the west.

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Me neither, both had major problems with control and perception

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I got the same impression. It controls surprisingly well for a game of this nature.
Centy would've left more of an impact on people if it was longer, but at least it's not a big time investment.

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What's your favorite 8-bit Sonic game? Let's have a thread about all of 'em, including the spinoffs.

I for one enjoy Sonic 2. It's tough, but it has some very strong levels and physics. The music and visuals are also excellent for the platform, and this boxart is prime.

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sonic 2 gg could have been so much better if it included playable tails and had better level design. ms version at least has better screen resolution.

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You mean 16? That's Mega Drive.

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I think that the first one is very good but the rest suck. In my opinion they are just not good games with Blast and Tails Adventure being the worst. Well, Chaos and Triple Trouble are serviceable but they are still nothing compared to the first one. Hell I think Sonic 1 on the Master System is one of the best Sonic games

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I also really like it. I think the tough levels are what make it special: they're very consistent and make the game fun to replay and the game carries over the cool emerald system from the first. I also like Chaos for it's special stages, they're far cooler than the usual ones.

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S looking uhh looked looked looked looked looking looking looking uhh innovative innovative innovative uhh uhh uhh

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Whats your top fighters and/or what are you playing? Here's my top 3:

1. SF Alpha 3
2. Darkstalkers 3
3. Tekken 3

Also, any fans of Rival Schools? I've been playing it a lot recently. Not bad.

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Smash on the N64 is number 1

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World Heroes 1, 2, and Jet with the 3 button system is the comfiest fighting series ever

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1. Melee / KOF 2002 tie
2. Vampire Savior
3. Guilty Gear X

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