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Atari 8-bit emulation... What does /vr/ use: Atari800, Altirra, Atari++, or something else?

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pic related

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Brandon, your mother called. Tendies are done.

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...is absolute shit.

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Has anybody had any luck text-hooking PC-98 games? I've tried different combinations of anex86, AGTH, ITH, and NPTH and I just can't get anything to work.

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The trouble is grammar, kanji is easy. Out of the 2000 kanji you need to know half of those are synonyms and a third are only used in names. The other 500 or so obscure ones you can look up on jisho.org by breaking down by radicals.

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Of course I googled it first. That's exactly what I tried to do, but the problem with ITH is that when trying to update it to version 3.0, it gives me a 404 error. And the version I'm using doesn't work with that Neko Project II build.

If anyone has an already updated version of ITH, that would probably help.

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Try Andy's version, it's the one mentioned on Tokugawa: https://code.google.com/archive/p/interactive-text-hooker-andys/

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Not exactly an improvement.

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Ah didn't see that.
Try Textractor then (https://github.com/Artikash/Textractor/releases), extension of the same engine.
Failing that there's ITHVNR: https://github.com/mireado/ITHVNR/releases

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How would gaming be like if Nintendo didn't "save" the industry? I think it would of gone more towards computers and macintosh.

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The "Video Game Crash" is partly-partly-revisionist history. What really happened is that all the cheap knockoffs that should have failed, did so. All the arcades that closed were already in a fully saturated market, so when it was all over, all the fat had been cut and the consumer still had near endless choices. Arcades were still everywhere; etc.

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Brace for butthurt europoors.

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...or more productivity, less furries and Sonic-induced autism.

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Have you bought any cables from hd-retrovision for your retro consoles?

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I bought them, found out my capture card doesn't support the resolution, and have been considering selling it.

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Genesis and PS2 cables for Toshiba CRT. Expensive, but well-made.

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fuck resetera

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Their PS2 cable is very nice and cheaper than what the OEM ones go for. Bought one myself, would recommend.

Their other ones though? Way too expensive for what they are, they only make financial sense if you only have one console. With two or more consoles you're better off getting some decent SCART cables and the Shinybow component transcoder.

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This is so funny. Please perpetuate the retro gamers are alt-right meme.

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why is the playstation the comfiest console in existence?

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It is shocking how many people don't realize that one.

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stick a thumb up your ass and play helicopter

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But all my saves are on memory cards.

Plus I hear the model with the gameshark port is super easy to hack for downloaded games.

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NES is the comfiest for me, but I do adore the PlayStation. Some of my best memories involve Tony Hawk and a group of friends.

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PSX JRPGs were the height of the genre. Outside of JRPGs there weren't many games I enjoyed on the system. I still played my NES and Genesis a lot when I wanted action games during those days.

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I am looking for an old 3D graphical PC game I played as a toddler that I remember to be a horror style game. It ran via CD/DVDs and I think it originated from the late 90's to the very early 2000's. It's a 3D style game. A rough outline of the story that I can remember is that a small group of teenagers have had a car break down on a road next to a corn crop. The teenagers seek refuge in a house (I think) and I remember a cutscene of a giant dog/brown wolf outside of the house. Later down the line, the protagonist visits a cabin in some woods that seems to be owned by a witch. Another detail that may assist in the search is that the game featured a loading screen of a scarecrow in front of said corn crops. To be honest, I can't really remember if it was a game or a 3D graphic game styled film. Thank you.

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What are your favorite NES games?

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OPs list is near with mine, I'd switch out Soccer and Mario Bros with Jackal, and Doropie though.

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Here's the template

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The Legend of Zelda
Super Mario Bros. 3
Kirby’s Adventure
Final Fantasy
and of course, fucking Tetris. Probably my favorite.

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Final Fantasy, Mario 3, Castlevania 3, Metroid, Punch Out, Megaman 2, Ninja Gaiden, Tetris, Zelda 1, Zelda 2

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Terrible post

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Can someone recommend me a good Let's Play of a b&r / comfy space game for an old timey computer system?

*Note: b&r stands for based and redpilled

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ITT: games where the frustration feels good

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Is that M. Bison on the right? Oh and pic related.

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The girl is kinda cute.

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Jaleco is pronounced "jail-co". Most mix it up with Coleco.

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what do you mean "nope"? do you have ears?

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"Ocarina" is pronounced with an OH, not AH. Fuckbois don't really get that.

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You may be right anyway, many youtubers don't know what they're talking about, so I'm torn. I say "Ah-ca-ree-nah" 'cause it's easier and sounds less gay.

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It's pronounced "Oh-cah-ree-nah", of course. Are you guys schizophrenic?

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Merriam-Webster disagrees with you.

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Does anyone know anything about the game titled "Manparts Gay" listed here? I can't find anything about it anywhere on the internet.

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Was there that many Western porn games back in the days? I only remember Virtual Valerie.
I guess it was mostly dumb slide-shows and softcore erotica.

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My dad wants to get back into video games he loved Zelda a link to the past because he likes solving puzzles and good stories but he's not as good as he was before (he reacts a bit slow in games) I've been thinking about getting him into earthbound because you don't have to react fast for jrpgs

Is this a good idea?

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>And he actually has the manual, yes the manual.
Is that supposed to be amazing? Most of them do come with a manual. SEGA had the best cases.

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Get him Terranigma, its not puzzle driven but it has a good story and fun gameplay

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Seems like an alright game I might look into that

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>you don't have to react fast for jrpgs

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killer instinct m8

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CRT-deniers permanently btfo'd

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That same pic and thread was posted on /vr/ a long time ago
Also reddit sucks

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Thanks, guys, that adds a lot to the discussion. Keep up the good work.

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there is no discussion in this thread. this is not reddit. perhaps you should try >>>/v/ instead.

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I'm not OP, but I'll start from where OP left off, most people in their 20s have zero clue as to how the classic NES game; et al are supposed to look and it's sad.

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>posting screenshots from reddit

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Why isn't there a Neo Geo no-intro romset?
Both the MVS and AES use cartridges

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You mean this?


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kek, i started to download this folder before making the thread
But is it really no-intro? or is it just a mame set?

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>downloading things linked on 4chan
Never again

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Parasite Eve Christmas thread. I just hooked the PS2 back up for a PE Christmas run and I haven't played the game since like 2013 so I have some questions. I'm on day 2 right now and I am about to leave for Central Park. How do I set my RoF x2? I seem to remember basically "refining" shitty weapons and armor into scrap metal and using them to upgrade my one god pistol (don't have it anymore because I deleted the save). What do I use my BP for again? This will not be a Chrysler clear run, but let's pretend that it will be for advice purposes.

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Weapons come with pluses in their stats, you transfer them with tools
BPs are for improving the stats of the guns
If you're goig to the park take the m16a1

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Why do I remember destroying shit weapons/armor and using them to upgrade stuff?

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Because when you use standard tools to transfer effects off of equipment, that piece of equipment is destroyed. You need to use super tools to preserve the equipment you're transferring effects from.

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This is actually surprisingly mediocre when compared to Valken and Gun Hazard. Piss poor level design and janky controls.

Why is it so highly regarded?

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any games like this for Genesis?

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>Why is it so highly regarded?
I've never seen it praised as being some amazing game. I've had my copy since back in the SNES days and it was an alright game with a cool multiplayer mode but it was never anything mind blowing or ground breaking. Nowadays I really only ever see it brought up for it's insane price tag never about the actual gameplay itself.

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I'm with you on most of your points. Metal Warriors is a great game, but Cybernator/ASV has a spectacular soundtrack that Metal Warriors can't match.


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misson 4 alone makes it the worst out of the 3

awful fucking game

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Haha holy fuck. When I was like 7 my best friend had this game. A pirated copy he bought in Paraguay. I'm Brazilian.

I went to the beach with my cousins at their fancy-ass three-story beach house and took the game with me. We played it a lot in versus mode. So fucking fun. Flying these big robots around and when they got low on health leaving them behind and flying around as this mosquito-sized little vulnerable fella until you foundd another robot. So fun.

Seriously the funnest thing about MW is how you can switch robots, and the feeling of vulnerability when you're just this lil guy on a jetpack flying around while there's these huge robots trying to kill you.

Just playing the game when we were still smelling like sun lotion and high on vitamin d from the sun exposure... sweet memories man.

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Are there any actually good Home Alone retro videogames?

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Polterguy is ok, it's like if Home Alone was a ghost

But to answer your question,no

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I have it on good authority that the first Genesis game borders on kino. Haven't played it myself though.

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Eceleb watching faggot.

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I play all my games home alone. Some of the best to play home alone are silent hill, eternal darkness(not retro), Blood, and HoMM.

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Besides golden eye and perfect dark what are some fun options for 4 player shooters on the n64? I'm just looking for a few nights of fun with the family.

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for real, its fun

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DK64 multiplayer is a stupid, dumb fun 3rd person shooter. Everyone I play it with has a blast

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Winback was a grand time with friends. I remember the shootouts.....oh my lord do I remember the shootouts. At one point I started playing as a robot with who had two handguns that could shoot through floors....I wasn't allowed to play him after they figured it out.

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Conker's Bad Fur Day
Mario Kart 64
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey
Star Fox 64
Smash Bros.
Pokémon Stadium 1+2

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Quake 2

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