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what's the worst level in any Mario game?

for me it's this piece of shit

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I pick C-3 over 7-3 specifically because the springs sometimes just don't spawn because of the sprite limit but otherwise both of them are practically the same

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I'm glad they gave us a good game afterwards as an apology for MM8

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>Two characters in game's title
>Game only balanced around one of them

Good might be a stretch but i do like it more than MM8

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This game isn't as good as MM8 though

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What are some badass post-apocalyptic/cyber-punk/'tude-ified games like picrel?

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*is an enemy in every Japanese game 1985–1995*
was this phenotype of buff mohawk guy so popular due to Fist of the North Star?

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Undercover Cops is one of the best, and is my favorite arcade beat 'em up.

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I had the Genesis version when I was a kid. It was peak 'tude

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Credit feeders be like

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1CCers be like

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me after my last quarter when my mom wants to leave

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me playing a game I genuinely enjoy, and after many months of playing, without any deliberate practice or save state autism, 1cc the game

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I have been trying to find the trap brushing teeth edit of this gif for years.

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can't help you there but I'm sure you'll see it again

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I will now learn your language

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it has booba too

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Yes it is for parental joy

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Wow, a game made for me. I'll have to check it out sometime soon. Is there any specific version of the game you guys would recommend? I should mention I'm still N6.

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The parental love of turning your daughter into a gangster. Princess Maker is based and pedos deserve the rope.

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did the ex take the kids

i feel for u

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>Is the best Nintendo emulation station in your path
how can it be so good /vr/?

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That'd be a PC.

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Interesting things like psx n64 and mame don't emulate well/at all on wii

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Yeah, N64 crashes a lot and has bugs. PSX is almost unplayable and they abandoned the project years ago.

The good thing is that the N64 of the virtual console are almost perfect.

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>the N64 games of the virtual console

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Owning a Wii around the time it released was a lot of fun. I played a heinous amount of SNES and TG16 on this thing. Loved the classic controller, too.
It actually does, yeah. One of the best way to play GameCube games.

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why does max have this poster in front of his bed

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I’ve always wondered why Goofy never got many games of his own like Mickey and Donald did.

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That is pretty weird now that you point that out.

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In 1992, I was working on a game for the Mega Drive with Infogrames where you played as Goofy with a sniper rifle. You would snipe classic Disney characters in themed levels (Country Bear Jamboree, Aristocats, etc.) and get points for how quickly you could do it. You could unlock special guns, like bazookas, grenades, machine guns, etc. by shooting power ups in the levels. Shortly after the Ruby Ridge incident, it was canned, and although we were never told that it was specifically because of Ruby Ridge, it was very heavily implied.

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>scrooge and darkwing have more games than goofy
lol. but goof troop is the best, so goofy won in the end
vid unrelated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZf2EZHB6q0

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I'd like to think that the world is ready for Goof Shoot to exist in the 2020's.

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Hi I’m ChatGPT. Some wiseass asked me obscure questions about old video games and mocked me when I tried to bullshit him. Can you help me find the Warp Whistles in Super Mario Bros. 3?

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Also stop training their AI. Your doing slave labor for your intended replacement.

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I don’t get it. Obviously you hit the whistle blocks or trade for it. How else would you get it?

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You think that oral sex involves blowing? You’ve never gotten your dick sucked, LMFAO

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Where did I say anything about oral sex, Mr. LOUD BLACK WOMAN?

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What is the the result of 3.32*6.6743 × 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2?

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Mario 3 is considered a good game for a variety of reasons. Some of the key factors that make Mario 3 a highly regarded game include:

Engaging gameplay: Mario 3 has a wide variety of levels and challenges, which keep the player engaged and motivated to keep playing. The game also introduces new mechanics and abilities, such as the ability to fly and the use of power-ups, which add depth and complexity to the gameplay.
Memorable characters and world: Mario 3 has a cast of memorable characters, such as Bowser and the Koopalings, as well as a colorful and imaginative world, which helps to make the game more engaging and immersive.
Innovative design: Mario 3 introduced several new elements to the Mario series, such as the ability to save progress and the inclusion of a world map, which helped to make the game more accessible and engaging for players.
Strong replay value: Mario 3 has a high replay value, thanks to its challenging levels and hidden secrets, which encourage players to keep coming back to the game.

Overall, Mario 3 is considered a good game because it has engaging gameplay, memorable characters and world, innovative design, and strong replay value.

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I always played Mega Man and considered Mario to be baby shit

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>stronger story and character development
What the fuck are you talking about? SMB3 and SMW don't have either of those things but even then, what little in-game "story and character interaction" SMB3 has is still more than in World. You talk to Toads and Kings and even get letters from Toadstool and Bowser. Who do you talk to in World? You even get more interaction between characters with SMB1's Mushroom Retainer and Toadstool text than anything in World.

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this is from an ai prompt
that being said SMP3 is so ahead of world its not even funny

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yeah I thought it read like an AI prompt
Love World but SMB3 is leagues above it. Was actually going to jump on "Mario World has a larger and more varied world than Mario 3" at first. Also just now noticing the shit about Bowser Jr. and Kamek lol

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Yeah, just having some fun with ChatGPI. I bet if you removed some of the obvious BS like >>9475442 and tweaked it slightly you could make convincing shitposts. Or even some decent discussions.
This is mostly BSing by the AI, but I guess World does have the little scenes after each castle, some dialogue when you first get Yoshi, and the message boxes in some areas.

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How come fighting games stopped using this kind of graphics and animation after UMK3? It was the most realistic because it used real people doing real moves.
I mean, early 3d was shitty looking and badly animated ps2 and xbox era and also sluggish af. Like if you want 2d cartoon looking game you have Street Fighter and Marvel but for real martial arts game UMK3 was unsurpassed.

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Bud, you must have forgotten just how big 3D was in the 2nd half of the 90s. It was basically go 3D or go home. You can't blame people seeing 3D for the first time, jumping to it from SNES and Genesis. Every series was under a huge pressure to jump to 3D.
To really answer your question, MK would become a butt of jokes if it still used sprites, and get compared all the time to "real" new breed of fighters like VF / Tekken. It wouldn't sell, or commercial guys would simply not see potential in it, and it would surely get panned by mags. 2D was considered last year, and "fuck 2D" mentality was very real, which only started to slowly go away in around mid 2000s.

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its like how painting a landscape became about how you experience the landscape rather than realism, because you can just snap a photo

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That's from a TAS playaround. KYS.

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I miss those style of graphics. I wish it would have went on for a few more years.

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If you want more recent ones with that weird appeal, then there's Dong Dong Never Die (Chinese) and Secret Meeting 2 in which the latter is technically a Touhou fangame where some Japanese tards got together to perform some hilariously retarded moves on camera.
They started the game around 2008 and was updated last year.

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What about some love for my man Stanley?

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is he gonna shove that up his asshole

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yeah, me too

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That lineart style was probably more of general trend than a conscious branding choice on behalf of Nintendo, but yeah it's pretty cute and more timeless than parallel trends from that era

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Did Stanley ever have sex with Pauline?

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Shit I thought I was the only one who thought that Prince of Persia and Another World controlled like DK and DK Jr.

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Get over here!

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I don't want to.

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lost soul
bent on revenge

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YOU come here!

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Which are the most feel inducing?

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None if you aren't autistic. Tales of Symphonia is a lot of fun with nice level design, though

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Mother 3
Dragon Quest V (aka Father)

>> No.9475509

I'm also gonna say Dragon Quest V

Just a very moving story told exceptionally well

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Final Fantasy 6 had it's moments

>> No.9475529

Tales of Phantasia
Chrono Cross

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I've lately grown a certain fascination with well crafted classic horror games. In the past, I regretfully avoided the genre because I was too scared to play them.
I think there's something about the intent of their design (to unsettle the player) that leads to really creative gameplay, level design, and presentation.
I'm a huge lover of Silent Hill in particular. What are some horror game experiences that you have stuck with you?

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Stuttering Japanese girls waddling around wooden shacks with ghosts is peak derivative

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In order of how much I liked them: (Nothing past 2007)
Call of Cthlhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
Silent Hill 1-2
Penumbra: Overture
Resident Evil 1, 2, REMAKE
Condemned: Criminal Origins
Project Firestart
System Shock 2 (Never finished, but decent)
Undying (Never finished, but decent)
Everything else I never finished (SH3, RE3, Fatal Frame 1-2, Siren 1-2, Clock Tower, Alone in the Dark, Dino Crisis, STALKER, FEAR, Dark Fall, Eternal Darkness, Dark Seed, I Have No Mouth, Rule of Rose, The Dark Eye, Personal Nightmare).

Backlog: Silent Hill 4, Haunting Ground, Sanitarium, Illbleed.
Open to any recs I haven't mentioned.

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You are small-time

>> No.9475945

So what is Kuon? Some kind of energy? A demon? A god?

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Which one do you prefer?

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CoD, but only if it's with UO
RtCW/ET otherwise

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nothing in ww2 shooters beats the omaha beach level in allied assault

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mein brother

>> No.9475962

Call of Duty BTFO'd MoH on scale alone

>> No.9475986

Return to Castle Wolfenstein / Enemy Territory kicks the shit out of both of these to this day.

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Gameplay and development discussion:
What homebrew / hacks are you playing /vr/?

Are you working on anything? Would you like to learn? Projects and questions welcome.



Homebrew Lists & Links (...still needs update) :

IPS/BPS Patcher:

















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>that pic

>> No.9475676

Donkey Kong Racing

>> No.9475964

>"Rebalance" hack for any game
>It's a Expert mode balanced for players who know how to exploit every nuance of the mechanics.
Are there any rebalance hacks that ARE NOT like this?

>> No.9475968

Bubble Bobble for PC Engine

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I'll start...

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I guess MDK is forgotten now, but I remember it being a huge deal back when it was released.

>> No.9475271

It's definitely lesser known compared to something like... Metal Gear Solid or Doom. It's all relative I guess.

>> No.9475472

Jak & Daxter
Sly Cooper
Rise of Nations
Echo the Dolphin
Soul Calibur
Evil Genius

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Easily in my personal top 10.

>> No.9475523

List all 10.

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Now that Halo isn't part of the normalfag zeitgeist anymore, can /vr/ finally admit that it was actually good?

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Don't recall, there were other problems overall with Halo 2, it just played and felt like shit compared to the first. The ragdoll physics were so bad too.

>> No.9475847

halo has always been boring

>> No.9475856

halo 1 had nice aesthetics and some really good multiplayer maps, but nah, the game itself is still way overrated. when you compare it to what PC games like quake 3 and command and conquer renegade were offering at the time, it just doesn't stack up. this is to say nothing of other console shooters like timesplitters 2 which BTFO halo so hard it isn't even funny. halo was popular because it was a better than average launch title with a pretty decent multiplayer, but it was slow, shallow, lacking in content, and the latter half of the singleplayer is baaically the first half in reverse but less fun. it could've used another year of dev. it's a very solid 8/10 but not the legendary game some want to pretend it is.

>> No.9475882

Bro Halo 2 is unfinished, the game itslef recognizes this fact with its abrupt as fuck "ending"

>> No.9475938

Its more like he's walking around on fucking moon shoes the way he floats in the air like Simon Belmont

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I'm curious to know if anyone actually got one as a budget game system or if they just passed on it and saved for an NES or Master System.

>> No.9475992

My dad had his Atari from launch but I remember he bought a jr when it launched for my brother and I to play when he was playing NES. Honestly in 1986, as a little kid the Atari was still impressive, it wasn't until the SNES launched when I was ten that it felt completely obsolete.

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This game really gets going once you get the am blaster, really fun with all the psi powers too. like prototype bioshock lol

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It was originally meant to be on the 3D0 too! Wonderful live action mission briefings, good level design and enemies, nice graphics, and neat weapons.
>you really need to find the secret areas or enjoy being reduced to beating enemies with your rifle

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this was my doom. because i was console kid and didn't have real pc

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