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I know it's maybe not a big deal anymore, but man. I can't even begin to think of how SMB1 was made. Something feels genuinely impressive about it

Did they see these single screen arcade games and Atari games and go "man, what if you could like explore a whole level?"

"What's a level?" And then they had to figure out what exactly games and stages were

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Before carmack invented 3D everyone had to walk around in a single axis. Imagine how crazy was that.

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The Famicom was impressive hardware for its day. More powerful for vidya related processing than pretty much all personal computers at the time.

I'm not sure when the Sharp X68000 came out, but that was pretty much the only computer that could compete with it at the time and I'm sure that computer cost WAY more than a Famicom did.

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SMB was HEAVILY influenced by Pac-Land, but Pac-Land is no Super Mario Brothers. I have it for TurboGrafx.

Man was I thrown threw a loop when I selected the fucked up backwards control scheme.

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Blablabla jungle hunt and moon patrol had parallax first.

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Against what people said about Dragon Quest II, I decided to give it a try anyhow. Soon I found myself enjoying this far more than Dragon Quest, which by today's standards is very archaic and barebones.

But then I get the ship, and everything goes to hell. The problem is not so much the "lack of directions", because at the very least I knew two things:

1. Something something Alefgard.
2. There was a sunken ship with treasure in it.

So it's just a matter of finding each of those things. Finding Alefgard was easy. The sunken ship, however? The ocean is gigantic. I admit I have played without consulting the manual, but a look at both the Japanese and U.S. manuals shows there is no indication whatsoever of where the sunken ship may be.

One thing that really bothers me is that I've read how people consistently talk about the ending dungeons behind a massive pain in the ass, both because of grinding and cheap tricks. The near lack of conscious grinding (which is experienced in Dragon Quest I) is one of the things that made me love Dragon Quest II from the get go, so hearing the game betrays itself in the 3rd Act is a massive turn-off.

Am I wrong and should I restart my playthrough, or should I move onto Dragon Quest III? thnx

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>NeoGeo fighting game
>has multiple punch and kick strengths
>doesn't use all four buttons

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I thought this game was supposed to be hard? You can beat it in an hour and kill all the bosses in one hit

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Did anyone else ever play around with the Ken Build test map?

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How do we make him stop?

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Imagine if people this autistic applied themselves to things that would actually benefit society

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Fuck society.

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classic "gameplay"

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I'm looking into getting a few gameboy advances on the cheap. I don't care if it's original hardware, I just need them to play four swords adventures on gcn but money's a bit tight and I can't justify spending $200+CDN to play one or two games right now. Can any of can any of you retro fellows recommend some serviceable hardware?

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The ads made it look pretty fun

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Oh it's one of those hilarious threads where we pretend we've played licensed games that literally don't exist.

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The game was shown at Summer CES 1994 for both the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive, however the Mega Drive version, though later advertised, was cancelled for unknown reasons. The Super Nintendo version had a protracted development timeline and was not released until October 1995.

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sounds comfy

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Am I missing out of anything if I don't enjoy JRPG or wrestling games?

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that's more a N64 thing.
you should play ithe PS1 for obscure mecha, racing and action titles.

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Woah, there is a Metal Gear game on the PSX? I never knew that? Is it considered a hidden gem nowadays?

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>Am I missing out of anything if I don't enjoy JRPG or wrestling games?
-Silent Hill
Played it last fall for the first time so no nostalgia goggles obscuring my opinion here.
Obvious pick but yeah plat it. Also pick up the VR missions. Usually pretty cheap.
-Resident Evil 2
Couldn't get into the first one but this one hooked me right away. Not nearly as spoopy as Silent Hill but very solid fun experience.
-Wipe out 3
Another anon mentioned this but even if your not into racing you should pick it up just for the spectacle. This game is gorgeous.
>Inb4 thread de-railment
I play it about once a year

That's about all I can recommend. Although I have had my ps1 for about a decade I haven't really dove deep into it's library. It can be a mine field since some games that I loved growing up like Twisted Metal 2 or jet moto just haven't aged well .

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Had a PS1 as a main system for many years, played it to death, and NEVER played a single RPG on it.

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Don't go all boomer over me, OP asked and I answered.

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Surprisingly fun (and not fun) ways to play your favorite retro games


Megaman X is a far superior game if you never use dash. The game was designed around being beatable without dash, and you appreciate the level design way more without using it.

>Not fun

Fallout 2 has tons of great dialogue at 1 INT, but it's actually not that fun. Most people just call you a retard and you get barely any quests. It can be frustrating and boring.

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What's the best way to play Doom on modern systems?

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GZDoom for the normalfag experience
Crispy Doom and Eternity are my usual choices.

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Just-as-it-was-back-in-the-days (DOS) - Chocolate Doom
Slightly more high rez - (as in Doom95 under Win95) - Crispy Doom
Large maps that need limit removal - prBoom++
With some new graphic features - Eternity/3DGE
Multiplayer with mods and shit - Zandronum
Single player with mods and shit, complex scripted maps - GZDoom.

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Gzdoom for comparability, Zandronum for fun

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Thanks anons, I installed ZDoom and it's fucking great

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Onboard speakers on 99% of TVs suck.

What is the bare minimum for sound quality that should be accepted for retro gaming?

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Would you say a subwoofer is essential to a soudsystem?

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Depends on what you're listening to. Back in the 90s I knew a guy who liked to use Blast Corps to show off his sound system because the level select screen had this obscene bass drop regular speakers couldn't do justice. You can probably find one for next to nothing if you look at thrift stores.

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For a stereo system? Not really. Two good speakers should be everything you need. For a surround system? There's probably more of an argument to be made, since it'll be mixed with one more explicitly in mind.

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Split your audio signal and just dump mono into all channels
Any older Sony, Onkyo, Audio Technica, Nakamichi equipment is very solid. Even starting into boutique brands should be just fine like Bose, Wulf etc. you’ll have a good experience regardless if you aren’t looking for something super high fidelity and if you aren’t picky about it. Just stay away from older Yamaha and Panasonic stuff. Not that it’s bad but the good stuff from those brands is exceedingly rare and usually quite expensive or broken in my experience. And it’s usually easier to find the other brands if you’re stateside.

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Do you like bass? Just a yes or no to that gives you your answer really. I don’t personally have a subwoofer on any of my TVs but some people like having heavy bass and that’s Ok. I’m also not big on surround sound when watching movies, I just have a little 2.1 onkyo setup on my big screen and something similar in the bedroom and media room. I don’t personally think anything more is ever really necessary

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Long story short, I can find fuckall online about how to safely disassemble these later PAL region PS1 cases. Anybody have any experience with it? Already totaled one getting a damaged case off my copy of Ace Combat 2, I'd rather not destroy the replacement too. Only resources I can find online are talking about either earlier cases or US ones.

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This is what I mean:
Unless you're dealing with something different?

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Lmao these things will almost always break

>> No.5953773

I see, I'll have to give that a shot when my replacements get here. I've also got a spare CD tray so if worst comes to worst, I can snap the tabs on the old tray and just replace it. Also curious if the donor game is any good. Never played 'Guardian's Crusade' but I may as well while I'm at it.

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Thanks. That's what I was doing to disassemble my PAL case but it just broke. I might have been using an NTSC knife though. I'll try to find a PAL knife and try again.

>> No.5953825

At least you weren't trying to use a SECAM swiss army knife, I hear that ends real poorly.

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Best team?

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Directed at >>5953964

>> No.5953993

You get to use her as the 3rd against Hugger, also the occasional heal incase things go south.
Thats literally it. Actual speedruns are just Kevin smashing everything with Riesz debuffing and blocking with her face and chest(Kinda like the old N64 Aki Wrestling games).

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The moral of the story is, Kevin and Duran are pretty much mandatory for a good time and Angela sucks dick.

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Hawkeye was picked as the primary character because of the final boss perceived as being the hardest (since it has a second form), but if they really wanted to 100% hard enemies then they should've gone out of the way for the Black Rabite on Duran/Angela route. Technically, the ACTUAL actual speedrun team should be which one between Duran/Angela and Kevin/Charlotte has the shorter dungeons and final boss. There's no discernible difference in the endings so it's not like you're getting a good ending for a certain final boss or anything.

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>Speedrun team is
Why would anyone care to make a team that appeals to a community filled with mentally ill trannies and bold faced liars?

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>Need buster upgrade + flame stag's weapon to get like half the collectibles in the game
>need boots to get the gun
>need wheel gators power to get the boots
>might as well do wire sponge's stage first anyway because you can get the items with no upgrades
>still need to work flame stag in there somewhere to get his weapon
>need bubble crabs own weapon (and the buster upgrade) to get all the items in his own stage
>god help you if you want to do all this halfway efficiently while following a boss weakness chain and/or trying to get the x hunters' weaknesses before you fight them
Jesus Christ why is the item progression such a fucking mess in X2? You practically have to play through the whole game twice to get everything.

Also wheel gator is the worst designed boss fight I've ever seen. Literally who the fuck thought it was a good idea for him to hide in the oil for so long whenever he gets so much as a scratch?

>> No.5953670

Just skip the capsules, you get a little bonus in the ending if you're armorless X.

>> No.5954026

>worst designed boss fight
And Snail too. He spins like eight times before the fight. Phenomenal game but those protractions are pretty doopy. I agree about the item progression too, it's just flowchart building blocks (need x to get y, and both to get z) rather than items with exclusive utility.

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Don't use Wheel Gator's weakness. Shoot him with charged buster shots and he will stay above the oil.

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Is this a bad game or just a bad "donkey kong country" game?

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all dk games are bad games

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I'll go with 2 > 1 = 3 any day of the week. Each game has their own strengths and mood though, so its not actually important to compare them like this. It's not as if one "replaces" the other.

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The soundtrack isn't as good (I hate the music in the first level), but it still has some bangers.

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Exactly this.

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Dixie a cute. A CUTE.

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Anons what games would you say I should get. Got it the other day got sonic adventure 1 and 2 dead to rights enter the matrix and resident evil 4. What games should I get for the system ?

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Actually my first time on here. I usually am lurking on pol or r9k

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Yikes, and if I’m being honest, oof.

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sage but, get Pikmin and Super Monkey Ball (1 and 2 both), also F-Zero GX is fantastic, also Killer7, Resident Evil 1 remake is good too

>> No.5953741


Hmm if you are OP then I feel badly about actually answering your question now that I have learned you are one of those weird broken people who don't matter

>> No.5953824

You should get 18+ games and play then once you're old enough to be here

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Play with joypad, get raped.
Play with mouse, be the rapist.

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show me your box of old vidya you haven't thrown out yet

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Funny how 10 years ago this would've been a try to sell at a yardsale then off to Half Price Books or Goodwill or wherever box, but now some collector who would literally cream his undies over it.

>> No.5953589 [DELETED] 

I mean, my kid would probably enjoy shooting that bb gun and I'd pay $3 each for Dark Cloud 1 & 2 if I saw them at my pawn shop or Goodwill.

>> No.5953826

>having one box of old, mostly not retro, games
wew lad

>> No.5953909

Now why would you go and throw my boy ristar out?

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