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>sneak into your fat, depressed, clinically-retarded neighbor's house and torment him for the amusement of strangers watching a TV show
Great game.

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Opinions on this series? I really enjoy the visual style and music, but the gameplay leaves a bit to be desired. It still manages to be fun, but they're really easy to beat and I managed to 1cc each game in under an hour and a half each. I also miss that Part 2 didn't have splitting paths like Part 1 did with its 5th stage (Unless you count those dungeon rooms full of annoying zombies when you fall in a pit.)
Part 3 should've been really cool with the multiple endings and creepy cutscenes but it has serious balancing issues by just spamming your AoE as Monster Rick and annihilating everything in the game because the monsters are too irritating otherwise. I heard the Japanese version has different stats for your moves and enemies though, maybe I can check that out soon.
I also played Wanpaku Graffiti. I thought the Continue system would give me shit with strictly 5 lives and no continues (Unless you count the password) along with Rick's lack of invincibility frames, but I managed to annihilate the game on my 2nd attempt after realizing how forgiving it is with super frequent health drops after every "difficult" section. Still enjoyable, but clearly made for little kids.
Overall an interesting weekend trying out all these cool games. I know there's a reboot of it too but it never got a re-release on PC as far as I know and I don't own either an 360 or PS3 (Plus a physical copy is like 40 bucks). Maybe one day I'll give it a shot, but not today.

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Why did Konami disown this game? It's one of the best they ever made and they've never ported or even mentioned it since. Thank god for MAME.

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I'm guessing it didn't sell well

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Probably because the 1st level music is a blatant ripoff of a Kenny Loggins song and Konami doesn't want to be sued.

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*Bob Seger

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Where do you stand on high resolution texture and sprite replacements?

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If it encourages people to try some games for the first time, more power to it. I haven’t been interested, but I just haven’t seen one that really appeals to me.

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i would unironically play the bottom version

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Fuck 'em, muddy textures never bothered me to begin with.

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top is the texture pack

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i think they are fun way to replay a game that I like, but i would never do my first playthrough with them

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Why is it so underrated?

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People who care about the actual racing part of Mario Kart tend to dislike it because it's sort of bad in that regard. People who like it tend to like it for the music, aesthetics, the co-op gimmick etc.

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This, it's bland, no hopping, excessive rubber banding and far too linear.

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If Double Dash is so good how come it's the only Mario Kart to be outsold by the Smash Bros on its respective console?

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Because the Smash Bros in question is Melee. Getting outsold by that game isn't something to feel too bad about.

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>Caring about item balance in a mario kart game
why? double dash & wii were much more fun with power ups like mega shroom and chain chomp. Whats the point of the game if the items are "Balanced"? just play outrun.
>it's bland

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A thread dedicated to helping others find those lost treasures from the past they were never able recall the name too. If it has to do with old PC game collections or PC-ware that's no longer licensed, long forgottern, or just obscure, it's welcome here.
I'm personally looking for a late 90's mecha rts side scroller that plays somewhat like assault suit Leynos. You commanded a small army in real time and operated your own customizable unit, could command and move units/ships as well and customize your lieutenants and ships. Every level would have you fighting harder enemies as you gradually commanded more of the universe. Someone help me figure out this obscure title, because I'm at my wits end trying to find it.

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What's the appeal of FF Tactics? I've heard it's one of the best FF Games but it didn't look too special from the snippets of gameplay i've seen.

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It's good but not the mainstream choice for favorite FF so all the tryhards who want to flaunt their gamer cred flock to it. Kinda like the guys who say Rondo of Blood or Bloodlines is the best Castlevania.

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It's a Matsuno game, and his games are always really different from mainstream FF games

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i never really much cared for any vidya story but its pretty grounded for ffslop. people seem to like it. i just found the combat and strategy way more fun in this game than most rpgs. yeah theres tons of overpowered shit but if you just play it more or less normally without trying to go ham i think its pretty fun. also id honestly recommend playing this game on emulator so you can speed up your random battles. they are quite a time sink.

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If it isn't fun, it's not good, and tactics is way too fucking slow and boring to be fun.

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Amazing soundtrack, good story, and the job system applied to a strategy RPG is one of the most genius things to ever happen to gaming.

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I wish this game was in a better game
what are some games you feel this way about

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Kingdom Hearts 2, love the gameplay and levels, hate the story and added characters

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Death Egg at the end of zone medley > Sky Sanctuary at the end of it

It makes it sound more ominous and foreboding.

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the jackson track for beating sonic 3 is way better than zone medley

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Previous thread - >>9918964

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Nocrt fag here. I have a question for you guys regarding color: how would you say the colors on a game played on real hardware hooked up to a CRT with RGB compare to emulating the same game on a good-ish LCD, without filters or anything?

For example, for anyone who has this game and cares to test this, how does pic related look on your setup?

Obviously I don't expect any two displays will ever look 100% the same due to a bunch of factors, but for this specific comparison, is there a big difference, assuming both displays are at least decently calibrated?

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my trinitron is 800 miles away at my parents house

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Is it a girl or a boy?

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when it comes to retro anime characters the answer is "unless it's glaringly obvious it might as well be a girl"

not in the tranny way but in the I can't fucking tell way

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he's a boy
stop masturbating to anything vaguely ambiguous
>reddit spacing
that explains it

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>"Tee hee maybe this character is a girl, who knows?"
It's a dude. Actual red blooded japanese developers don't beat around the bush when they design females.

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>It's a dude

I can't find the sauce but the Japanese version he is referred to by male pronouns.

Another hint is after the fight against the Fire Giant the Gnome refers to Purin as Poipoi's wife and he gets smug about it ("I like your style Gnome!")

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What are more characters like this

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daggerfall and morrowind had better dungeons. Half of the dungeons in this game are straight lines that feel like they're for babies

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>over rated(to the point it's under rated)
not sure how that works, but alright

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Can't it get stolen by a Like Like? So if it gets stolen and you die before killing it you lose it? Or can you get another free one after that?

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damn i have been convinced and hate oot now

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what the fuck is going on with all the OoT hate lately

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Would Mario Madness have been better received had it been public knowledge that it was a direct sequel to the original Mario Bros.? Mario Bros. 2, if you will.

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Mom can i have that one?

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abomination rarely gets any love, gg imo

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Holy based I didn’t know that, thanks

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What game is this?

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You should add Garage: A Bad Dream

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theres always yuzu

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Why do you like it?

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I hate QTEs

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For ruining the genre forever by introducing mashing and QTEs in cutscenes.

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it's comfy and fun to play

>> No.9945034

extremely consistently engaging mechanics

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I see. Now what exactly do you disagree with, sir?

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I just started playing this game. I know nothing about it or what's going on, but the gameplay is sort of fun. Will I enjoy the story?

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>Will I enjoy the story?

Come on man, just play the damn thing

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>will i like thing please oh god tell me
why does your generation literally need to be babied about everything

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I am. I'm just curious.

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Did puzzle games peak with Punch Out?

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Isn't it more of a rhythm game?

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I though it was a boss-em-up, like Shadow of the Colossus too.

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It peaked with Survival Horror

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What up, my Niggurath?

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>the goat of the thousand young

how does she make babies?

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artificial wombs

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I hate niggurs

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they really did not give a fuck about the bosses here, they shouldnt have even bothered. it might have actually made them look less lazy

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What's the Evangelion of retro video games?

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Would you reccomend this for a dude who really liked Oracle of Seasons? I know they were both made by Capcom and it seems like they brought over some concepts from Oracle like the golden beasts. Is there anything like the ring system in this one? I really liked that Seasons had linear story progression but so many secrets and optional items, hoping this is kind of the same deal.

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>What the fuck are you talking about?
I said minish's "alternative" to rings is so barebones it's like achievements. Are you so fucking dumb you can't read? Have you never played a game with achievements? Do you not know what achievements are if so why are you so dumb you can't you google it?

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The kinstone "content" was definitely half-assed, but I think the main story and dungeons are pretty polished.

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It's not even that you didn't articulate your point well, it's that it was a dumb thought in the first place.

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never happens. like likes spit it back out as soon as they die and IIRC they'll even keep it between rooms. only scenario where they wont is if you were to lose it, save, not kill it and turn the power off.

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Great game, so yes.

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