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does anyone here have experience with reshelling old handhelds? i used to be a retarded kid and i didn't take care of my handhelds and i kinda want to fix them. should i avoid chinese ebay sellers?

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yeah you mad
was it bad game design etc.


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Sega is selling pogs?!

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Pic related is soap. What a bizarre shopping site OP.

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More soap.

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Is Tails in blackface? LOL

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That's the Sanrio character Chococat, dressed up as Tails. You may know Sanrio as the creators of Hello Kitty.

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The idea that a retro gaming board is not only opposed to video game preservation but flies into an autistic rage whenever the subject is brought up baffles me. Why do you people want games to be lost?

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Find a job.

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I don't mind low quality garbage tier games to be lost forever.

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Here's a magnet for 263 NeoGeo Roms: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:edcf11c76f1da001c4846e3da3226c8e1299dd86&dn=Neo-Geo+Arcade+Perfect+Set+%28about+260+roms+%29&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexodus.desync.com%3A6969

How is this lost?

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Muh resale value

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What are you even talking about? Also 98% of /vr/ only cares about mario, Zelda, Castlevania, final fantasy, doom and donkey kong country. If it's not one of those it's just food for trolls.

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What are the best Master System/Mark games? I'm relatively new to this platform and so far I've played

>Ninja Gaiden
Which was pretty awesome.
>Phantasy Star
Fucking Great, even though drawing a map is a pain.

What are /vr/s top recommendations? Stop jerking off over minor technical differences and give me so fucking games to play.

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Penguin land
Zaxxon 3d
3d zaxxon 3d

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I'm looking for retro shmups that have a similar feel to this game I don't know why it feels so slow to me, maybe it's just the atmosphere?

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What do you think of such old school games? I think it's easily one of the best generations in video game history. So many timeless classics like Modern Warfare 2. At the time, that was the modern Quake.

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Come back in 20 years when this gen is considered retro

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/vr will never consider it retro

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Do you like to play your retro 7th gen games on a CRT too? I hear a lot of praise about 240p, but I prefer my resolutions to be put through digital processing and upscaled.

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I can see you anon

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Do any of you know anything about the origins of this watch?

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It was manufactured in a third world factory.

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Is that the "My dad works at Nintendo" watch?

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Fetches a pretty good price all the same. Just wanted to know if anyone knew how it was given away. I have heard two stories. Preorder bonus for Toys R Us and that it was an NoA employee gift at launch. I can't find sources on either of those, though. Plus I feel like if it was a pre-order bonus it would have the company name on the box.

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That is the most dominant theory when you see them sold online but I don't have solid evidence. I only see them rarely pop up for sale. I have even seen a few with fake bands being sold. Right now there is like a mint condition one on ebay that is unsold, but one in decent condition sold without box for 120. I only paid 40 in a second hand shop and in all honesty don't plan on selling it. Just really want to get to the bottom of where is came from so I can have a story to go with it.

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hello my lads, my 32-year-old boomer brother is visiting me and I wanna make him feel comfortable.

I've shown him OpenRA and some GOG titleslike Pirates! / privateer / cannon fodder, what else do I have for him? I know he would enjoy? Civ2 is literally the only game he plays nowadays

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Go out and play mini golf and then go bar hopping.

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it's 12am so no

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Thoughts on this masterpiece?

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Haven't played it but heard it is a proto-Golden Sun.

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Generic shit and Camelot is an overrated developer.

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Casp did a review for it. A lot of interesting things but mostly a mediocre experience.

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Never played it. What did you enjoy about it op?

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All those poor robotic animals...

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>Revenge of Shinobi

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redpill me about the 3do. does it have good games except Sex?

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It does, but they are also available on other platforms.

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i'm playing space hulk on 3do after having tried it on Saturn and i can say it looks better on the 3do. i never knew it had such power

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Is pay for 3do morally wrong?

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this game has no fucking respect for your time at all

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The only good retro Wario platformer.

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It is really annoying when you get a split path and you take one and find yourself at a chest and have to go all the way back to find a key.

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that's exactly it. it sucks because a metroivania wario land game is a great idea on paper.

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I watched that one on youtube and I'm glad that this never made it to GB and GBC.
At its core it's too much like a normal Mario platformer. It put me off because there was nothing unique about it that made it Wario gameplay. Since WL2 Wario is a puzzle platformer and a reverse Kirby game.

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it's literally the first wario land but better

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What old games do you consider to be overrated or to have aged poorly, /vr/?

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All the ones released in year 2000 or prior

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All of them. Retro games were a mistake

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based af

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OP pic unrelated

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It's finally Friday boys. What games are you playing to kick off your weekend?

Last week I beat Ninja Gaiden 2 and I managed to find a copy of the third one.

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SNES Shadowrun for the first time. Pretty cool so far, just 30 mins in.

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I dunno, I might get drunk and play some Darius or Castlevania.

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1 And two Are pretty hArd, but nowhere neAr impossible. 3, however, is impossible. 15 lives to beAt the whole gAme. there Are 1ups though, good luck Anon. succeed where i fAiled

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if any of you guys have fightcade maybe we could play sometime. Final Fight or something.

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Last weekend I did no flutes on mario 3 this weekend I might beat either trouble shooter or gradius v

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So, I found this Supra TV in a basement of my old countryhouse, but it has all the electronics, that makes it work, removed
And I'm not familiar with this type of connector it uses to operate with CRT
So, I was wondering whether I could repair this using new stuff(Somewhat familiar with electronics, and used to programm on STM32), and if someone is eager to help me w/ it, or should I dump it and forget about it

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>just a bare tube with no deflection yoke, chassis, or flyback
It would be tough to get that thing going. You'd need a yoke of the correct size and gun alignment for that tube.

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>just a bare tube with no deflection yoke, chassis, or flyback
It would be tough to get that thing going. You'd need a yoke of the correct size and gun alignment for that tube. Say if it's a 19" color tube with delta guns, you can only attach a yoke designed for those specific characteristics. And good luck finding one.

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Well shit
I found some yoke being sold on Thai web sites(Which I guess I can get at a low price), but what about the gun ad other stuff?
Can you give a link to smth that will help me with the stuff?
I guess I'll give that a try

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The gun is already attached to the tube portion, it's the pointy thing in the back. You need all the other supporting hardware to use the CRT though.

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k, will try to do smth with it, I guess

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Super Bomberman 4
Treasure Hunter G
Oriental Blue
Dragon Ball Z Super Saiya Densetsu
Fire Emblem Fuuin no Tsurgi
Gun Hazard
Wonder Project J Kikai no Shounen Pino
The Magical Land of Wozz
Torneco Daibouken Fushigi no Dungeon
Ninokuni Shikkoku no Madoushi
Telefang 2
BS Zelda no Densetsu
BS Zelda The Ancient Stone Tablets
Mother 3
Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Heart

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>Fire Emblem Fuuin no Tsurgi
eat shit!

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Was there ever a patch for Seiken Densetsu 3 that fixed the game? I can swear there was something a while ago that fixed shield functionailty, added back crits into the game and rebalanced classes and enemies and shit in general

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looks like everything is archived now but its still up

'fix only' version

its just a prepatched rom

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Is there one that gets rid of all the pausing on non-fullscreen animations?

>> No.5454874

I noticed that anon, I'm just curious of the origins and change log of the patch.

Nice, thanks man.

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there was Sin of Mana but it made the game ungodly hard and Angel Grails expensive as fuck.
Sin of Mana fixed a lot of stuff like raising the item count limit you can carry from 9 to 20 but it gave SD3 a backbreaking Wizardry treatment where your maxHP sinks everytime you drop dead. that sucks to be honest.

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When we starting a vr group and replaying through this shite together

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Do You guys know this game? Know games like these that, unfortunately, didn't go popular? Share your thoughts!

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Dr Chaos on the NES is another excellent game that i never hear anybody talk about, is a mix between action and point and click, highly recommendable.

>> No.5454904

I always recommend that in famicom threads. It's a great little game. It has really nice graphics effects for a game of that system too, nice lighting, shadows and parallax scrolling etc.

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why haven't you retards realized that Genesis > SNES

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stop emulating

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Shut up terrorist

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I'm so sick of console warring. Can't we just coexist in peace?

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PC Engine > Mega Drive > SNES

If you disagree with this objective ranking you're probably a filthy jarpig or manchild that still plays kiddy ninty junk.

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Why is gccx such shit?

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It just is anon, it juuuuuust is.

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>1 IP for these two posts
Fake thread.

>> No.5454743

Fake hetero.

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Have you grasped the rhythm?

>> No.5454913

workin on it

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