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>don't talk about fun gameplay
>it has story and cutscenes

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i look like this after eating banana and i say this

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literally me

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FF7 has extremely fun gameplay though. It's not bing bing wahoo so you have to be smarter than a carrot to enjoy it though

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literally me im so based and cloudpilled

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Great for fans who want more but not good for a first playthrough. Messes with the lore and can feel very random for the sake of it. Some ugly chest placement with clipping too IIRC

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Any of these games worth playing?

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Me and my friends would play Project Phantasm and Master of Arena back when they were new. We'd use my gameshark to buy anything we wanted and make ridiculous builds.

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From /m/'s sticky

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which armored core game can I emulate without crashing on my old ass macbook?

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Thank ya. Figured I’d load up the ones that I could on my vita.

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Armored core 2woth the arena. That is the best mech experience I've ever had

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when i first got this i told friends and NOBODY believed me that there was a game where you could jack cars and run people over

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for me its the weird music that plays when you pause the game

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I remember being positive you were playing as an undercover cop because there's no way a game could have you just be a criminal.

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>Decided to finally try and finish my childhood save
>8 Platinum Relics left
Pray for me lads. I'm not sure if I can do it.

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The box throwing minigame was the best one by far. So many laughs just from hearing the characters yelp in pain (not because of the pain but because they screamed funny).

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Is the player supposed to be as fast in doing anything as a sloth compared to the AI in this game?

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You are supposed to be playing games, not asking stupid questions.

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I would've asked your parents why they divorced but the answer is pretty obvious too.

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>doing anything as a sloth
why you wanna dress up as a sloth, nigga?

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According to former Sega staff, QA were begging the Japs to fix this and were ignored. So what we ended up with was one of the worst final bosses in video game history. How do you fuck up something as basic as collision detection in a beat em up?

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by ignoring QA? you said it yourself.

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>adding a bunch of cute girls and nudity to your game for no reason

the dutch guys who made The Apprentice for CDI were based as fuck

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I actually own it. The only game I own for my CDi besides the meme Zeldas. I knew about the nudity but I got it because it was the best exclusive game for this piece of shit.

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It has... nearly everything
Almost every boss.
Upside down castle.
Warp rooms.
Password system.
This is not only the best Game.Com game, but might be the most interesting prototype ever unearthed. It's garbage, sure, but man did someone try. It is truly a shame that the credits weren't done yet.

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The GB came out 8 years prior to the Game.com. The screen really wasn't excusable.

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It was common in most value ended PDAs of the era. It worked fine for all the non action titles. Value ended PDAs of the era couldn't action either. It wasn't till they started doing TFTs on PDAs that action games on PDAs were ok.

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>a prototype released last october
I was wondering how I never knew about this before. Holy shit.

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Before anyone asks, yes it's complete. This could have been released tier. It's buggy and shitty, yes, but I just finished it for the second time and have explored.. um... maybe more than anyone on this planet in this version? It is like ungodly impressive for what it tries to be.

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>It was common in most value ended PDAs of the era.
This isn't a good reason. The Gameboy Pocket had solved this issue and cost the same, despite coming out earlier.

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>The SNES urinal turns 11 this year
Imagine the smell.

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if i was rich i would make one completely out of copies of chrono trigger and earthbound

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There really is no way of skipping enemy turns of which there can be literally up to 50. I read some people do their dishes or tax rerurns in that time

WHY DO TENDIES NEVER TELL YOU ABOUT THIS KINDA STUFF? I was looking forward to trying this series for years

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>play the SNES games (all 3, in release order),
jfc please tell me you are giving the wrong advice on purpose as a joke. FE3 and 4 are right there with tellius with having way too fucking long enemy phases.

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Waddabout the 3ds remake

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This. I love Fire Emblem 4 but the thought of playing it on original hardware sounds awful. The big maps were a cool idea but they take forever to traverse, and I hate how the best strategy is to kill everyone in the current section but the castle guard, move everyone but one character as close to the next castle as possible, then take the current castle and use the warp ring to get your other character back with the group.

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4 enemy turns don't take long at all compared to Tellius shit, unless you count story cutscenes

The only one worth playing together with Awakening

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>doesn't watch enemy phase
>misses one of yours units being smacked by bolting
>dies on next turn
I love these games

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>QOL "improvements"

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Was 1985 a good year for video games?

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It was: SMB, Space Harrier, Hang On, Gradius, Twin Bee, Battle City, Ultima IV, Gauntlet, Ghost N Ghoblins.
Legendary year.

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I dont know I was like only alive 3 months it but my parents did by an nes around the time I was born

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1985 is the year video games went from fun to legendary.

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It was a pretty good year for Heavy Metal.

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was this really necessary? or did they needlessly ruin the look of 3/4ths of a game library

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but muh 60 FPS

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When you're dealing with a handful of colors on screen at once, it's okay for the screen to be dim. It's not okay when you have hundreds of colors on screen. Trying to figure out what Tony Hawk is doing in THPS2 is hard, okay?

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I've tried playing the Dreamcast version and it had a ton of glitches I didn't experience when I just installed a modpack on my PC version, plus it was way more fun to play around with stuff like Super Sonic in normal stages and other things you can't get on the Dreamcast.

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it also has some minigames I think

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>entirely new world
>it's something like 4 lame water levels
>yodeling level made my ears bleed

It's fun but I still prefer the SNES versions of all three games.

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Why did a Japanese shooter had kb+m support when majority of Western shooters didn't?

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Why would they make a game starring the most irrelevant character of Final Fantasy 7?

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He was pretty popular and in a way more relevant to overall story more than other party members?

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>Why did a Japanese shooter had kb+m support
go to thelifestream.net and read about it instead of asking for a pointless argument. you'll find a whole section on DoC, it's development, and shutdown. everyone here is just going to parrot the same shit we learned in small pieces and bits from what was translated.

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Thank you.

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yeah no problem, fuck you and merry christmas

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I found this on the street. Good condition.
How much can I sell it yo?

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It looks kinda bad
I have seen N64 ones better

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But is it original? How much can I sell it for?

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Goddamn Tyrone needs his weed money QUICK

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If you can pair it with a good condition matching console, it would go at a fair price

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I'm jealous of that Dreamcast one.
>search up on Ebay
>100 dollars
Holy fucking shit.

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Can anyone explain why the statues become werewolfs?

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For an arcade game from 1984 or 1985, the synthesized voices sound extremely impressive, as do the graphics

Also, the game is extremely satirical

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paperboy2 snes

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Because fuck you, that's why.

Also, I spent so much fucking time on this game, Prince of Persia and a few other games, but especially some Tetris 2 thing with a circus theme and bombs and shit on a DOS'pooter.

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Heh... someone doesn't live in the suburbs, I see.

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Post and share your favorite unofficial pc ports so anons can revisit their favorite old games with upgraded changes

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Which port of SM64 is considered the best? I want one where I can play as Luigi.

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>There's a completed decomp of Jazz Jackrabbit 2
>It's been ported to absolutely nothing

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That's why.

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As if being an epic product isn't bad enough...jazzsisters...

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And she is mine.

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The bird is male. Females of most bird species are less colorful in order to hide from natural predators while raising their offspring.

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Holy fuck I was trying to remember the name of this game so many times over the years and it just kept escaping me.
You have no idea how thankful I am that you posted this.

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So you are telling me its okay for males to get fucked in the ass?
Fuck nature

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Recommend a converter for my monitor. I’m broke

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I live in California and everyone and their mother wants a crt now so prices are sly high for anything

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I have 2 CRTs. I'd give you one for free if you lived near me.

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First off, how did it break?
Second, what format were you using before? Conposite/SVideo/Component/RGB?

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Its probably fixable
Find someone who knows electronics and get in touch with them, the more boomer the better

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*replaces one burnt resistor* "Ahem, that'll be $80, kiddo"

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