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I use a Wii for emulation in 2023 because playing old Nintendo games on Nintendo hardware just feels more right than using a PC. I don't even use a CRT, I play in stretched widescreen on my Hisense Roku TV. I may be retarded, but at least I'm happy. Can you say the same?

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How many times are you going to make this thread?

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How many times are you going to masturbate to your mother?

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>I play in stretched widescreen
Are you retarded? You can set your TV to 4x3 mode

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>Are you retarded?
>I may be retarded, but at least I'm happy.

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I like the way it looks

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It's unofficially Summer. What is your go-to Summer gaming title? Something that you can use to pass the time on those hot lazy afternoons.

Mine is picrel, it came out towards the end of the school year and I dedicated my entire summer to mastering the game. It was a real end of an era moment for me as I'd be going to a middle school the following fall, the N64 would launch ushering in the next gen fully and it was the first RPG I ever played to completion. It such a transitional time for me and gaming at large so I associate this game with that and make it a habit to return to it every other year or so.

Plus it's a very breezy RPG, it can be beaten fairly quickly and without grinding. Very relaxing to play.

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>It's unofficially every season that isn't the actual official one.
I think he means that it's become hot enough to feel like summer despite actually still being spring. When I go outside, I get summer vibes rather than spring vibes.

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Yeah, where I am at (the US Midwest), Memorial Day is considered the beginning of summer - pools are open, schools are out etc.

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>It's unofficially Summer.
My gaming off season begins Thursday. It's been fun frens but I have fishing and other fun outdoor activities to attend to. See you in the fall!

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Good choice I've been thinking of playing this again

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Summer is DoA Xtreme Beach Volleyball season

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Where is the PC port?

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If OoT of all games had the bare minimum interest for a PC port compared to SM64 I don't have much hope for Paper Mario. But I do have hope.

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Beats me. Where the fuck is the Perfect Dark sourceport with online multiplayer?

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Dunno, I own the real thing CIB and play it on my Trinitron.

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Who cares about Perfect Dark, not least PC gamers who have been spoiled for choice in FPS since time immemorial.

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>bare minimum interest
anon it's constantly updated

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Been getting into this series recently and it's great, I can't believe I never played much of it before despite being a Castlevania fan (and CV is an obvious GnG clone)

Favourite title? I would say that Super is probably the most refined titled once you turn on overclocking on your emulator, however, I admit that I can't fucking beat it. I've been stuck on the last stage of the second loop for 4-5 hours over the course of 2 days trying again and again and I just can't manage to reach the final boss with the secret power weapon, either I get killed by Nebiroth or worse, Astaroth, because they keep changing the timing of their patterns to surprise, or worse, the setup with the ghosts and chests gets me before I can even get there.

is the Arrange mode of the GBA version worth it?

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I mean c'mon


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I hate the last stage in the second loop in super ghouls and ghosts. Why is the time limit so strict and the goddess fist is complete shit if you don't get the max level armor. I'd always get hit by those cloud things and have to redo the entire stage, complete bullshit level.

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i only very briefly played the nes ghosts n goblins when i was a kid. i rented super ghouls n ghosts a lot though, despite it being way too hard for me. got the gba version when it came out. i never really cared for the whole "2 loops" thing and never even attempted it. if i did reach the end of the first loop that was always enough for me. id like to play some of the other games but they look preposterously difficult

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Daimakaimura is the best and it's not even close. Arthur has the best controls here and the level designs have actual well thought out platforming to go along with the crazy enemies.

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I finally did it, I guess the final incentive I needed was making this thread

it's certainly the hardest part in the series, and yes the bracelet power is shit if not upgraded. I couldn't come up with a strategy to beat Red Arimer with it which is why my strategy was the following and why it was time consuming
>get the crossbow bolts from the first chest at the start of the stage
>if another weapon spawns, die and try again (that's the time consuming part)
> upgrade the crossbow just before Arimer at which point it's almost like he's not even there
>reach the last chest just at the start of the ghosts/mimic segment without getting hit (usually not a problem), at which point you get the bracelet just before the bosses

I really liked it, the controls feel snappy and the moves are fluid, however I felt that the game was too easy. Shit only starts getting real in the second loop.

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The last thread I made on these got some good replies. I'm on my mac on OpenEmu and need some good roms. Anything Ninja related will do


Post rom hacks that improve outdated aspects of retro games. Could be small or big.
Shadow Dancer - 3 Hitpoint Patch

A improvement patch to the Genesis version of “Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi.” The original game has one-hit kills, but now your character can take three hitpoints of damage. Hitpoints are displayed in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Link: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/7065/


Ninja Gaiden Restoration + Optional Free Movement

This is a set of two patches. The first one aims to make the English Ninja Gaiden release closer to its original Japanese version while fixing a significant bug. The second patch has the same features as the first, but also serves as an optional remixed version that can be considered an easy type.

Additional changes for the free movement patch:

The player’s backwards jumping momentum is the same as their forward jumping momentum.
The player suffers no horizontal knockback.
The timer is permanently frozen.
A few new item placements are provided. For example, stage 3 was the only level in the original game not to contain the Jump & Slash technique, so it is added to 3-2.

Link: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/5845/

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X-ray scope is annoying and anyone who says it isn't is lying

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>quality of life
>breaks game design

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Don't do that, we're just having fun.

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>want to play game
>completely change game
>mark it off the list
>still complain about the game

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Why does he enjoy being alone?

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I dunno but I love being alone
I thrive off being alone when it is quiet

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I like being alone because it means my penis can be out and no one will ask me to stop.

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Play the fucking game, it's part of the story.

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Irredeemably shitty games

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>insert the CD
>turn on the PS1
>watch the intro
>turn off the PS1
>eject the CD
>never play again

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It has a nice soundtrack though

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How do I mod one of these bastards to have real (s)nes roms instead of those bootleg games to avoid Nintendo crawling up their asses? It seems to have a DC5V port.

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It's doable, but afaik it's more trouble than it's worth. Easier to just buy a slightly higher end version like AN08, M3S, or XYC Q8.

There was a really nice looking one called RS-69 that came in a lot of fun colors, but I don't know if they still make them. Possibly you can still find some on Ali or something

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Also as much as I like seeing things like Miyoo Mini/Plus and RG35XX it would be really nice if there were more budget vertical options like the AN08 but without the silly SUP logo. Imo it's a very nice handheld though, even has shoulder buttons for GBA and SNES.

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The love for this is just nostalgia for the multiplayer right?

Everything with the Arbiter is fucking boring; it's like they took the most unenjoyable things about the first game (endless grey corridors and bullet sponge enemies) and cranked it up a notch.
I'd be completely happy with the campaign if you took the Arbiter shit out of it.

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I have played Halo CE and 2 a gazillion times, but I had not played the Halo 3 campaign since a more than decade ago. It was ok but a lot worse than I remembered, playing it singleplayer has a lot of frustrating moments, like the end of Covenant when you have two beat two scarabs. Playing it coop this would be a blast, but alone it becomes a trial and error slog because you got to abandon your vehicle to destroy the first one, and then have to destroy the other scarab on foot.
And Cortana fucking sucked, easily the worst Halo level I've ever played, even worst than The Library on Halo 1.
In retrospect, now that I don't have the nostalgia goggles anymore, Halo 3 has probably the worst campaign of all the Bungie Halo games (I haven't played any of the 343 ones), even if it's still a decent game. The best levels are The Ark and The Storm. The best campaign is probably Reach or ODST. Halo 1 would be the peak if the campaign didn't jump off a cliff in The Library and the rest of the game was not backtracking with shittier enemies, but the run of levels between Pillar of Autumn and 343 Guilty Spark are probably the best in the series, specially The Silent Cartographer.

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(I replayed Halo 3 a week ago)

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>The love for this is just nostalgia for the multiplayer right?
yeah pretty much. halo didn't really find it's footing until the 360 era.

H1 is okay but basically copypastes the first half of the game in reverse while H2 is basically fun for the first couple of levels on earth then it just rehashes the first game with the arbiter and it's alot more linear to boot. the first half of halo 3 and the whole of ODST (minus the free roam sections) is basically what halo 2 should've been. fighting off the covenant invasion of earth while setting up for the battle for the ark in H3.

i prefer the scarab fights in H3 over H2 because they're actual fights instead of a scripted part of the level like they were in H2.

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Arbiter levels are overhated. It's not the best Halo by any regard but those levels are really not nearly as bad as people say

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Meh, Halo 2 is one of the greatest games ever made.

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Why didn't they finish it?

>> No.9946012

Leaned to heavily in S&M and the new management freaked out.

>> No.9946020

looks finished to me

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AO rating means certain death for a game, it can't be sold at Walmart or any major retailer. Perhaps changing it enough for an M would have taken too much work.

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no one wanted another shitty le gore fighter

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Tim Cain has his own yt channel now where he talks mostly about his projects at Interplay and Troika. Pretty interesting stuff about who earned most, Brian Fargo being a dick, the tutorial in Fallout 2 initially supposed to be skippable etc.


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I really enjoy dev commentary and shit like this. Have you seen the dev playthrough of Conker's Bad Fur Day, and the dev playthrough of the Ratchet games?

>> No.9945963

I have seen the Ratchet developer playthroughs and they're a bit painful because they keep complaining how the games are way too hard (they're not hard at all).

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An interview with Leonard Boyarsky, neat.
>Brian Fargo being a dick
Fargo was famous for being an ass and a shit business man, made some damn fine games though.

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>Brian Fargo being a dick, the tutorial in Fallout 2 initially supposed to be skippable etc.
He didn't say any of that.
Also, I hope he pays you well you fucking shill

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If you told me 20 years ago that this website would be full of trannies who want to kill children with rifle bullets right to the head I wouldn't have believed you.

But now the FBI is investigating the entire website over the nashville shooting and they're deleting entire boards to cover it up, holee shit

>> No.9945945

Hopefully all the faqs are backed up

>> No.9945947

guess Mom was right about those violent video games

>> No.9945948

There is no such thing as a rifle bullet. A "rifle bullet" can fit in a machine gun or even a pistol in a few cases.

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Can't you keep your schizophrenia on /pol/?

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Hey Anon I've got some new games, come over and we'll type them in! (´• ω •`)

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I appreciate the hell out of the 80's British home computer market for providing games that could be bought with pocket money, and doing stuff like being able to code your own game from a book or magazine.
But I'm glad as fuck I wasn't raised with it. I was a stupid kid and would absolutely been suckered in with stuff like this book, only to be massively disappointed by the result.

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The graphics in my copy were photo realistic. Did anyone else have that in theirs? I'm amazed at how developers managed to get a photo of my family to include in the game as well.

>> No.9946368

Some of the stuff you could find in magazines was legit good. These books were always trash though, usually super basic games that had less than 20 lines of code because they figured kids didn't want to type in too much.

>> No.9946383

>Zed 86 Spectrum
I'm amazed it could display photos.

>> No.9946492

You could have just bought a nes or master system, but you'd better have had upper middle class parents. Working class kids like me had tapes.

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Are there any decomp projects for the Xbox versions of Spider-Man 1 and 2? I tried looking it up, but I am not sugar-coating it when I say ALL my results are for the gross Insomniac games.
These're both super influential games, but Xbox emulation for both of them ain't quite good yet; at the very least, I'd say they're both just as deserving of source ports/decomps as any other 1st-party game currently getting decomp projects.
>why the Xbox versions specifically?
SM 2 on Xbox is just graphically the best release, and the official PC version is a completely different game.
Meanwhile, SM 1 does have an okay PC port, but the Xbox alone has exclusive levels with Kraven. They're not some tacked-on bonus levels; they're just as fleshed-out and fitting as the regular levels, they just... don't exist on anything except Xbox, effectively making every other release a gimped version.

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Ports of decompiled games are not automatically better then emulation because just being a port doesn't guarantee quality, right now I would recommend emulating the Gamecube versions.

>> No.9946179

What would it take to start a decomp project with people?

>> No.9946226

A GitHub, a discord server, and some shilling. But i really don't think this would be a popular endeavor and I think most other readers would come to the same conclusion. And I say that as someone who really appreciates this game. But go for it and follow your dreams

>> No.9946282

Not gonna happen in a million years because the autist community just isn't there for this game. Notice how the only games to be decomp'd so far are extremely popular Nintendo games? It's gonna remain that way because the time and effort required to reverse engineer a game is enormous and only tendies with no lives are up to the task.

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any more info about this? apparently it was a cancelled Genesis title based on X-men

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That looks shitty even by mega drive standards

>> No.9946394

That's the sand level from Platform Masters. Why they ripping off my bro Uli like that?

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You probably encountered at least one of their games growing up, whether that be one of their Sonic or Crash games, any number of licensed games they put out, or whatever the hell Puggsy is, all of them as janky as they are weirdly charming. Any memories or experiences you have of any of the games they've put out?

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My Traveller's Tales journey:
>Toy Story on the Mega Drive, couldn't beat it, it was hard
>Bug's Life on PS1, I didn't want to play it because giant insects made me cringe (in the literal sense of the word)
>Toy Story 2 on PS1, fucking loved it
>Buzz Lightyear spinoff game, god tier aesthetic, still love the way it looks
>3D Blast through Mega Collection Plus on PC, thought it was kinda boring but loved the music and aesthetic, recently beat it for the first time ever by the way
>Lego Star Wars 1-6, still the best SW games
>Sonic R through Gems Collection on the GC, played it this February for the first time and though it wasn't that bad, 100%'d it on normal
Overall their games may not be competently made but they all have a distinct vibe to them that I adore

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than dont use the stupid word

>> No.9946082

Wrath of Cortex is perhaps the most Traveller’s Tales-y Traveller’s Tales game, being stuffed with visual effects and programming tricks that scream “LOL, we’re on PS2, we can do this now”.

>> No.9946127

Yeah, the lighting and particle effects were really impressive for its time. If they made a sequel I would've played it, instead we got Twinsanity which unfortunately never made it to the console I was playing at the time (GameCube).

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Which Mario 64 hacks are worth playing? Have any of you tried any of the following?

Mario 64 Green Stars
Mario 64 Land
Mario 64 Last Impact
Mario 64 Star Revenge 1 Redone
Mario 64 Star Revenge 3.5
Mario 64 Star Revenge 6.25
Mario 64 Star Revenge 7
Mario 64 Star Road Final
Mario 64 Through The Ages
Mario 74
Mario 3D World 64
Mario Odyssey 64

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star road

>> No.9945996

None of them

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Your opinion is of no value

>> No.9946287

Dog Collab
Mario Escape From The Jail
Vacation Course
Super Mario 64 Land

>> No.9946334

SM64 Sapphire is short but sweet.

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Me playing SEGA CD

He's been usin' Brand Ecksssssssssssssssssssss

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Does anyone want to play fightcade? I don't care what we play really. I guess I'm in a Beat em up or fighting game mood.

Double Dragon 1-2 (AC)

Any Mortal Kombat

Any Street Fighter 2

Garou: Mark of The Wolves

Just add me, and I'll create a groupchat

Emil Mătăsăreanu#8590

>> No.9945905

I'm bumping this until someone plays with me :(

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> nice visuals
> pretty good music
> cute af character which also have some attitude
> controls are fun to learn and master
> cool bosses

What else do people want?

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I prefer it over Dynamite Headdy. Astal is kind of similar in some ways but I still prefer Ristar. In fact, I kind of wish they could've made a proper sequel on Saturn instead of that game.

>> No.9946118

What about Crash and Spyro? And Sonic of course

>> No.9946134

Good game
You gotta be an adult to post here.

>> No.9946148

At the same time it is so good that I don't want a sequel. Well, at least not one revived by some shitty western studio that makes it an eshop game.

>> No.9946519

A civilized walking speed.

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