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What was your breaking point with video games? What generation did you give up on modern gaming and retreat back into retro

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everything that came after the dreamcast is shitty and boring

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About the time I realized the asshole of the south is never, ever going to get good internet, EVER, without moving into a major city and fuuuuuuuuuuuck that. You know what doesn't require internet connections? Old vidya, especially when my already meager 400kbs connection get sharted on by lightning. Thank god for Brave New World right now.

Obviously, not the patch with the meme dialogue.

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I played the absolute shit out of games with my friends in gens 5-7. Long nights spent playing smash bros, Nightfire and Halo at LAN parties. Then 8th gen came along and not only did my friend and I grow apart, but games lost their artistic value and passion. The technology is there, but it all feels like a lifeless, formulaic corporate product. To this day, MW2 still blows me away with the combined spectacle of its soundtrack, action and art direction. A modern COD is a sloppy, half-finished product made to pander to kids whose brain has been dopamine-fried since birth. Playing the first Spyro game or Super Mario 64 feels like experiencing something genuinely curious and colorful. Even old Pokemon games from the GBA era and earlier feel like a simple escape into a world of manageable adventure.

Fuck, I dunno. Somewhere along the way, games lost their magic and started to be more transparently corporate. The monetary practices didn't help either.

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About the time women started getting into video games.

No, seriously. Look back. About the time women started to seriously post about their interest in gaming on social medial and on picture sites when those were still a thing, they started really heavily making games branch out and that's when the trouble started. Once again, inclusivity comes at the expense of quality.

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Women aren't entirely to blame. The limp-wristed faggot men who let this scum into the industry in hope of getting laid are also a big problem.

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post cringe

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Capcom were quite the experts at reskinning the same game and reselling over and over. Glorified sprite hacks.

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OP is quite the expert in reposting the same spam over and over. Glorified attention whore.

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So what's the best scaler to get nowadays? Last time I looked at the market, there was the Framemeister, the OSSC, or various vintage linedoublers.
I have the OSSC currently, but it's not fully compatible with my plasma tv, anything above line2X will either be off center or flat out not work.
I'm looking for something that takes RGB Scart (composite/s-video input would be a bonus, my C64 can't do RGB), and outputs fully in spec 1080p signal even if that means full processing of the signal.
It would be also nice if it could do decent deinterlacing, the OSSC looks like ass with hi-res Saturn games.

picture unrelated.

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Hey! That's my pic!

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the best stealth 'em up

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I have beaten dozens of 100+ hour RPGs, some multiple times each, and I have absolutely nothing to show for it.

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are you 95 years old or about to drop dead this year? then no its not too late, stop being a snowflake.

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Did any of them have a story truly worth playing to completion? Also, maybe now is the time for you to finally make your own RPGMaker game.

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now imagine spending an equal amount of time on 4chan
depressing isn't it?

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You will always have your virginity and your mothers corpse in the attic

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>Horace Goes Skiing
A speccy masterpiece. you've heard Bongs talk about it, now is the time to discover it

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I'd say an arm. I have a bigger dilemma with his eyes, I though they were his nostrils and he was just a nose. truly an enigma.

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Horace didnt only go skiing, he went into the woods

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I just wish it was possible to get confirmation on what happened to the author, William Tang. I'm pretty sure he's dead, but it would be nice to know for sure.
How much Horace knowledge do you think died with him?

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>Horace to the Rescue was announced in 1985 but the game never appeared, due to the author Tang suffering a collapsed lung and being unable to continue
I know he did work on Asterix and the Cauldron in 1986 so was clearly fit enough to code. I can only hope Horace to the Rescue is finished by someone worthy to finish the Horace legend

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I thought those were his butt cheeks. The blue part of his design is chaps

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Does a single more convinient solution for emulating /vr/ games on an HD TV exist?

>automatic headphone support with the controller
>Ps2 and GC/Wii able to run fullspeed most of the time
>Can easily run CRT filters

This thing is a godsend

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if you run the cable too long or use shitty cable it can degrade the signal quality, but I use them too and they're fine

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Use thicker cables then

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Seriously? Is it easy/safe to get emulators running? I was legit thinking of getting a Series S earlier today and I didn't even know anything about emulation. That's a definite buy if it's that easy

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It's pretty straightforward.

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Thanks anon. I find myself playing old vidya more often than new trash so a machine that doubles as a way for me to not have to screw around plugging my laptop into the TV is an immediate sell, on top of all the other reasons I already wanted one

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Do you like PS1 dithering?

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Yes but I wish duckstation had better dither scaling.
If you scale to resolution the pattern breaks and becomes super small. Something like half native monitor res would be neat.

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It's only acceptable in games like Silent Hill because the color banding would be too noticeable otherwise.

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>calling sovl a problem

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I dont care, i don’t even know what dithering is.

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Previous: >>8883185

Awesome Downloads:
>OpenRCT2 - Currently the best way to play Rollercoaster Tycoon. We use the stable version for multiplayer unless otherwise noted:

>RCT1 recreations - updated and meticulously crafted in 2013 by Crappage for near-perfect accuracy, right down to available rides and research order (contains "Real" parks and gaming magazine parks):

>/v/ pack - updated to include the latest scenarios and tracks made by 4chan users and some other communities (We're updating this file as more stuff is created, currently has 129 scenarios and 175 tracks, includes sandboxes):

>UCES - includes all objdata files already extracted from each scenario upon loading, and includes tracks:

>RCT2 Extras - includes the official remade RCT1 scenarios and Panda World created by Chris Sawyer/Atari, as well as different color waters and paths, the Windowed mode hack, RCT1 menu music, and some modified .exes if you need them:

>Amazing Earl stuff - adds some custom-made rides and scenery:

>RCTConvert a tool made by Rvnx to convert RCT2's sound files into mp3
>Knowledge Base

>RCT1 Manual

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this is a cool little community, thanks for the posts and the content, have a good day

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Why is it so long, why are there so many Barons, aaaaaaah

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i love doom 64 but god damn, so many fucking castles

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I think it's awesome, but they never really used it. This was the final one.

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What a bunch of whiners in this thread, Jesus.

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>we wuz impz

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i think it had a very unique atmosphere, much creepier than any other doom port
didnt really enjoy it though

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are the fats anymore reliable
every single slim ive seen has a fucked laser
how is that even possible, isnt it the same? its newer shouldnt it be better

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It's newer means it's smaller and cheaper, not better.

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idk, all my ps2 are dead, had 4 fat, 3 stopped reading dics and 1 got corrupted, and 2 slims, none work. ps2 sucks

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I fixed the laser on my slim, was pretty easy but requires some soldering skill which I fortunately have.

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I had two slims and both had their lens changed after around three years of use and both died a year or so after changing the lens.
Also the second one used to scratch the DVDs on a circle motion.
Never bothered with PlayStation after that, but to be honest I still have my working PSONE that I brought around 2002 or 2003 and I think my original PS would still be around if it wasn't for my drunk ass brother.

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It's the ribbon cable that scratches the discs in the slim. Can be easily fixed just by pushing down on it, doesn't stop it from being a bit shit

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Whats the most boringest taste in games youve ever seen

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wow, you really never played shenmue, larp more

>> No.8929962

>Yakuza with all the variety of moves and styles
he never played shenmue

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Yeah and there is Soilent instead of Tauriner and Staminan

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Why did so many people respond earnestly to this thread?

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Heh. Don't forget your Reddit Drop.

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Why did they downgrade the music

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I only had the dreamcast pic, anyway, it's so weird they put in so much effort just to make it worse

>> No.8929761

>Best music, stages, fighting system

>Cammy, R.Mika, Karin

Yes, I think I'm going to play SFA3

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SF3 Second Impact had a better soundtrack than Third Strike as well. But I don't blame Capcom for mixing the music up as it adds something new and makes it still worth playing the older versions as well.

>> No.8929784

Oh ok so it's not really a downgrade or worse, just your tastes

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3rd strike has dogshit presentation compared to 2nd impact/new generations in general
no 16:9 too

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The most kawaii game in the world

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whats the most kuwaii?

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Post the moment you knew you were an engineer main.


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Alright so this is my second post ever and I really think that this is my new home. You guys have inspired me to revisit my old retro game library. I often use a scanline filter because it makes most games look way better. However, I recently came across this video:
It's a hexagonal filter and I want to try it out but I can't seem to find anything online. I keep searching for crt shader/filter and hexagon but I don't seem to find anything. I know a lot of crt televisions had square tessellation for their pixels, but some had hexagonal tilings. Can somebody here please help me find more information about this?

tldr Where can I find the specific hexagonal shader shown in the picture?

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i am monitoring this thread

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>you missed a spot

>> No.8930087

>not forcing 24bit color
>even original dithering resolution

>> No.8930098

look in your shader options for "dot mask". TVs had different layouts of the RGB phosphors, with common cheap TVs using the hexagon layout.

only high end CRTs (PVMs) used for medical equipment etc used the straight-in-a-line layout, which is why they are a meme.

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I really want to play them legally but the physical copies are way too expensive and we are not even including the Apple II computer. I remember reading years ago that there was a problem with the translation and thus the reason they are not released but I can't find that post. My question is, who do I have to write to so I can ask them for an answer and hopefully a release of these games? It seems like the intellectual property is owned by Drecom and they are going to release new games but there is no mention about the older games.

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>the government says it's bad so it must be bad

I saw enough of this mentality at the aus federal election today. I came here to get away from this cringe

Also on the off chance you're interested in actually playing the game, emulate the Llylgamyn Saga on PS1. You can turn off modern graphics so all you have is wireframe dungeons and the old enemy sprites. Aside from that, it's pretty damn close to the original Apple II versions, and also has an automap feature if you're retarded like me

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Why is anyone taking this baiting retard seriously lmao.

>> No.8930120

Probably because nothing else notable is going on. Also, as an observation, weekday /vr/ was pretty chill, and saturday morning /vr/ instantly has shit smeared on it. Underage /b/an really are the maggots eating the corpse of this site.

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legal =/= moral. If you were a 21 year old in Russia right now you might be legally obligated to shoot a 70 year old woman in the back of her head with your rifle. Does that make it the moral decision?

As far as games go if the people who made the game originally are not being paid I would argue that you actually have a moral obligation NOT to pay the people who are currently making money off of it who had nothing to do with it's development. With the current excesses of streaming services, venture capitalists buying up all the IPs, Disney etc. There hasn't been a better time to stick it to the copyright faggots.

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>from my understanding
You know that's shorthand for "I'm an ignorant tard but am so desperate for (You)s that I'll shitpost and embarrass myself anyway. Yes I really am that thirsty", right?

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I played this game overnight like ten times with a friend. I did not expect it to be more of an arcade game. Was so fucking good. We'd go out to the park nearby and play hide and seek and then come back and play this game. Fuck it was wild to be a kid back then.

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This was probably one of my favourite games to play on N64. I think I got it because it was really cheap because nobody cared about hockey in the part of America I grew up in. So it was in the bargain bin.

>> No.8929112

I have a vivid memory of kicking my best friend's brother in the head with a van's shoe on my foot while this game was on the television in the other room. He all just laughed because we were tough fucks. He took a fucking massive kick to the head, and we all laughed about how much my foot hurt.

Man those were the days.

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One of the best sports games I ever played

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hey there, im pursuing a goal to play as many ps2 games as possible. the rules are that each game has to be completed by me (with an attempt to 100% the game) and i have to fill a memory card. recommend me some games please. the current games i've played so far are rayman 3 and burnout 3 (i'm still working on finishing burnout 3).

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Fatal Frame Trilogy? Just take a picture of all the ghosts you can see iirc.

>> No.8929169

I did this on PCSX2 using the IZJS version with an eng patch, in 2012. I have not been the same since, game-wise. Might be truth to this.
GREAT game though, I bought and played through 90% of the Zodiac Age ver on Switch and put in 130+ hours last year. Couldn't make it 100% this time. Yiazmat is a 1.5-2 hour battle alone.

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Yeah, play Stuntman.

>> No.8929291

I did it on the vanilla version of the game on my own PS2, and I died to Yiazmat in the middle of the fight at least once.

I admire many things about FFXII, but overall I hated it. I’m glad I didn’t try to do the Red Chocobo side quest or I really may have ended up abandoning video games entirely.

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No, fuck off.

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