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whats that retro game that "felt" unplayable or broken but you played it anyways

pic relayed may have been playable but I remember I could absolutely not figure out how to stand up when I was knocked down. maybe I was just a dumb kid

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You know you could probably murder Bart and fit him into that mailbox if you really wanted to. Also why are his shorts purple?

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I've unilaterally decided the GameCube is retro, so let's discuss the best Zelda game ever

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Did you mean to type LA

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That means GBA and og Xbox are retro now too, yess.

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It's too easy and is only carried by good graphics just like Metroid prime

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Oh cool so Mods delete my Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door thread but leave this one up.

Fucking retards.

Enjoy you game OP, I wanna play it, but I'm hoping for a HD version re-release on Switch.

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The N64 was a mistake?

Weak hardware
The LOL joypad

Even the WiiU was a better console.

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Hardware was solid but as you said "cartridges". Solid state memory is faster than reading a disk, but the cartridges were practically antiquated by launch and a joke in terms of capacity towards the end of the generation. Nintendo understood the hardware and capabilities and made great first party games, but it was prohibitively difficult for most 3rd parties to develop and restrict game files to ~60mb

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What a shit thread.

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>I don't like thing
>Care so much you make a thread about it
2 decades later and people are still butthurt about N64s superiority

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Pretty much. The only issue I had was the controller, it's not easy to use if you have tiny hands like me, but I got used to it enough to control properly, albeit not comfortably. Probably because I was used to the Snes and Ps1 controllers.

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Post pic of hands with controller or soiboi troll

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Retro music improve modern video games
here's prove

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What are some of the hardest retro games out there?

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I mean Zero Hour on the N64, Time to Kill and Planet of the Babes on the PS1. I guess there were a couple original Game Boy Colour and GBA games as well.

Duke Nukem : Zero Hour on the N64 was a decent run and gun styled 3D platformer for the console. With the "yellow keys" for movement/ strafe and analog stick for look/ turn. It controls quite well on the N64 gamepad. The graphics looked decent for an N64 title, and the level design was decent. This game was made by Eurocom, who also did the N64 port of Duke Nukem 3D. Not a bad game. I kinda wish there were more N64 games like this one.


> Duke Nukem: Time To Kill
This game is for the PS1 and developed by >N-Space who was a bit of a shovelware developer. I never played this one much, but it is a 3rd person 3D corridor shooter with some clunky controls and really box-y looking graphics. It was OK for just being a generic shooter, but it was also pretty repetitive.


> Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes:

I never played this one. It looked like a weird mix of Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid (It's like a parody of MGS) and other genres. In some ways it looks amusing from the video I posted below. Also developed by N-Space.


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time to kill is my favorite Duke Nukem game

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>> Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes:


>> *Land of the Babes

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>time to kill is my favorite Duke Nukem game

It's actually pretty good for a 3rd person corridor run and gun style 3D shooter. One of the more underlooked titles on the PS1.

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How is this not retro? This board is like 6 years old, this had to have become vr gaming by now

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Don't be a backseat moderator fag, you're not even talking about video games

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That's fair

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Maybe, might need to study /v/ for a bit first though. One of the reasons for /vr/'s creation was to discuss games so old that they fell outside of the current cultural zeitgeist. This place exists for things that have zero traction at all on /v/, such as the PS2/GBA era that >>5056324 pointed out. There is nowhere for that generation to exist at the moment, the /v/ crowd is too young and crotchety faggots like >>5056327 don't want to admit that their console generation is not the only one that is old as shit now.

Seriously I don't understand what it is with the oldfags, either they hate the thought of sharing their retro safespace with a newer generation or they don't want someone shoving their perceived "Golden Era" off its pedestal (considering the amount of bitching I see on here about "modern gaming", I think it's the later).

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We could at least have one thread dedicated to 6th gen stuff, it's not like it would get in the way of the usual "what's your favorite castlevania" and "sonic sucks" stuff.

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vf4 was on naomi 2 which is just a better naomi which is just a dreamcast which is retro

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Preferably no le funy agdq man memes edition

Which game do you like the most? Most comfy area? Best song? Fav event? First experiences/best memories with the game?

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I prefer the first one, never finished 2. Not that 2 is bad, but I couldn't get into it. I guess because it feels slower.

My memory is fuzzy on favorite areas, events, and songs. Haven't played since it came out. The Dwarf Village sticks out in my mind as being comfy.

First experience was the demo disc. I had never played anything like it, and it still feels pretty unique. Fell in love with it instantly. Best memory isn't from the game, but me running around with my dog in the backyard pretending I'm Tomba.

The intro is cool

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This looks fun.

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Oh it is

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I would rather you go silent

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Looking for sport games OSTs with that fun summer vibe going on.

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Can I have a list of must play beat em ups pretty please

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Don't know SnesDrunk, but it really is. Mostly because it drags on forever. It would be tolerable if it was short but it's hours of slow progression fighting the same ninjas.

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44 levels dude.

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The Simpsons Arcade

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That one's worth a single playthrough just so you know what a garbage beat em up looks like, same with the Konami TMNT games. Can then come back to Capcom games and enjoy them that much more

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What are some 3D PSX games with more than two ranges of movement, like Mario 64's or Banjo-Kazooie's controls?

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There's shit tons of rpgs with walk and run.

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Pretty much any 3D platformer on the system 1997 onwards.

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Someone translate what OP is asking

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For example, you tilt the stick slightly and the character tiptoes, push it about halfway and he walks briskly, hold it all teh way and he runs as fast as possible.

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3D platformers with analog controls, for PSX

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Can we get a wishlist for this? Is it wrong to have hope for something like FFT? or Castlevania SOTN as some of the extra games?

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SotN is a possibility, Konami had no problem licensing Castlevania 1 and 4 to nintendorks. Money talks so as long as Sony doesn't try to dick them it'll happen.

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just use an emulator

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tomba,mgs would be nice

I do have a rasberry pi that runs psx pretty decent still kinda want the classic too

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I really wish they gave us a new PSone with an actual decent LED screen and 3.5mm jack for headphones and a decent 2.1 sound system

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>Is it wrong
If it is you; Yes. You sick sick fuck

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which was the superior Harvest Moon?

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Back to nature
Wanted to plow Karen when I was a kid

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BtN but only by a little
Never saw the appeal honestly. Elli will always be my favorite. Most qt and pure wife.

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ITT: we discuss the best MtG videogame ever released --
1997's "Magic: The Gathering" by Micropose.

The true draw was the game world "Shandalar". A sandbox-style psuedo-RPG where the PC was dropped in the middle of the map with no instructions and a shitty deck.

The game only included sets up to The Dark, but not every card from any given set was included. For example, you won't see any gold multi-colored cards from Legends.

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With some savvy grinding you could easily get 4-sets of the Power Nine. Naturally this will break the game.

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Duels of the Planeswalkers isn't worthy to shuffle Shandalar's deck.

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I used a very similar deck(Ivory Tower, Wheel of Fortune in addition to those cards) to beat the final boss. Wiped all his health, had over 100 health myself by the time it was done.

Friendly reminder there are updated cardsets available for Shandalar. Most recent one I've messed with is 2010, but that was a long time ago. Could be newer stuff since then.

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I still have the strategy guide of this game lying somewere. It made me very interested in playing this game but it's kind of hard to look for it nowadays without resorting to torrents or patches. I was never that much into Magic but it's nice to see it's still being played to this day.

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This game just shows how important banned lists are in TCGs with up to 4 copies of Time Walk, Ancestral Recall, Timetwister, Contract from Below, Wheel of Fortune, Black Tutor and mana generation through Moxes and Lotus you can easily generate infinite extra turns.

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Post & discuss one that you consider great and one that you consider awful.

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It's still fun, I don't think the changes hurt Popful Mail much.

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While I really like WD's localizations, because I don't care if the story becomes silly with silly jokes; I'm playing to have fun, not to care about sub-par stories.

But damn their gameplay changes make me crazy: the bosses in Popful became annoyingly unfun (too fast/strong/resilient), and it really breaks with the slower pace of the rest of the game.

Don't get me started on Silhouette Mirage.

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If you don't care about an incredibly unprofessional localization, that's your problem. If you're going to insert jokes into the dialogue then hire someone who can actually write jokes. Most of the game's dialogue reads like it was written by an 8 year old.

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If you don't care about the story then just play the Japanese version smoothbrain.

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Calm down, buddy, it's just a video game, not some superiour art form.

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Does Final Fantasy 9 use too many references from past games?

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Does FFI have too many references to Dragon Quest?

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>everybody who holds the correct opinion is the same person
You wish. FF9 was trash, the franchise peaked with VII.

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Didn't FF1 had one grave with Link's name on it?

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the state of /jarpig/
Final Fantasy
two weeks up, hundreds of replies, over 100 different posters >>5028717

more jarpig stuff
(up for more than a month, almost 300 replies, almost 100 different posters) >>4980069
(OP and several replies) >>5051059

to be continued in the first reply

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continued from >>5056000

more RPG and games relatively close to them
(not the topic but the content posted) >>5005975

as well as this shitshow >>5021843

shmup threads: this one making fun of them to the point of implying them and games like them made the Dreamcast bomb
and this but isn't exclusive to them >>5051438
>stop crying and make your own XD
yeah for them to die in one day in such a slow board

Will this board ever acknowledge this problem? Maybe by changing the name to /jarpig/ so that people not into the genre don't waste their time here with a bunch of regulars that has that as their favorite genre?

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how do I make this not run like ass on windows 10? I'm running a 1060ti 3 gb and a something something i5 or i7 cpu

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does it have network play?

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long story short it was a pc game in 1998 that imitated Gauntlet. Same level design aspects, constantly decreasing health, same classes. It was a rad game and ran smooth as fuck on my 128 mb ram 32 mb gpc Toshiba back in the day.

apparently it could be played over the internet, never did though as a kid because my laptop didn't have internet.

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work on my machine.

>> No.5056245

does it play choppy at 12 frames?

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What are the best cases of Localization in video games?

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>not picking Baretto
I pity the fool!

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He's a good one. But Cid's rage mode can't be beat.
As an aside, his dynamite limit is smirkworthy.

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are all the main series final fantasy games up until ffx available on the ps1 if I get those collections or are any left out? I still get confused about the numbering system.

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If you get all that what are you moaning about? Woolsey translations are very minor offenders compared to the likes of Working Designs and others, considering he localized some of the most critically acclaimed JRPGs in history it's safe to say the fidelity you're talking about was met for a majority of people. They're hardly 'colorful' at all in the grand scheme of things.

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