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I think it’s safe to say we’re all in our late 20s early 30s we’re all here for the same nostalgic reason. I personally find it comforting that many of you have experienced life the way I did. I come to this board mainly to visit my younger self and remember the old thoughts of hope, ambition, and aspiration inspired by our generation of gaming. It’s like time travel in a way, like being visited from the past, not the future. You are all my Brothers & Sisters riding the last train of our generation. Thank you for being there.

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>we’re all in our late 20s early 30s
I'm 18 though.

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To be honest I go here mostly just because modern games suck so much, not because retro games are necessarily an interest outside of them being good games

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i've only been coming to this board for the past month or so but it's fast becoming my favorite board. there's a lot of good discussion and posts in a lot of threads about what was going on back then. yeah there's an overabundance of nintendo/sonic threads but that comes with the territory. my only real gripe is that the board is so very slow

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It's worth noting that the Zelda/Sonic threads are usually falseflags or memers reposting garbage, you'll notice it more often as you lurk.
Though you still get decent sincere threads about those games, same thing with everything else here really.

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Now that the dust has settled, can we agree that this is the funniest punchline in all of retro gaming?

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there hasnt been a good nintendo since snes

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>there hasn't been a good video game since the snes
Fixed that for you, anon

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Arcade design often gets misunderstood nowadays. It isn't about making a game so hard that it's impossible to complete without spending a lot of money. It's about exploiting people's impatience for financial gain. If you die in an arcade game, it gives you a choice to continue and keep your progress by spending another credit. But what most don't consider is that you don't need to spend that credit to continue. You can very well start a game from the beginning using that same credit. Earlier stages are usually easier than latter ones because the game needs to accessible. If it makes casuals feel like they have no chance to complete it right from the get-go, then casuals just won't play it and a portion of profits is lost that way. You can use those earlier stages to practice and sometimes earn more bonuses with each credit instead of continuing to get better at the game. In the end, you will be able to complete it by spending much less money and will also get to play the game for much longer. But people instinctively dislike losing progress each time they die, so most of them will not do that. It's a perfect solution that rewards self-control.

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k.. keep me posted

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cute candy cabs

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It's a swindle. But not as bad of a swindle as this piece of shit hobby

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>watch as I make broad statements about the design of thousands of games and assume they all operated under the exact same design philosophy
Why is it every time someone posts an anime picture it's always the fucking dumbest post accompanying it in the thread? See, I can do sweeping generalizations too.

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how dare u

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Remember when game companies would actively engage in literal corporate espionage to get an edge over the competition? I had forgotten all about this until a ***dit thread asked about things Microsoft stole from Sony. When I mentioned it I got downvoted and nobody knew anything about it. Strikes me as hilarious now that both those companies use the exact same architecture for their systems.

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I mean if I held such a fierce affinity for anyplace online I'd probably loath being as much as this turd does.

Contributing nothing, yet so malleable and directable... The bread and butter of the vicarious.

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V good point. What other underhnded shot goes on behind the pretty, happy facade of or fun digital friends? Was Mario truly based on a mafioso dude who lived nearby Miyamoto's New York associate? Was Yoshi based on ancient aliens? DOES PEACH PREFER COTTON TO SATIN???

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>Was Mario truly based on a mafioso dude who lived nearby Miyamoto's New York associate?
IIRC he was a grounds keeper

Picrel was based off a Data East manager none of the programs liked because he was an asshole, so they made him a caricature and eventually his own game out of it.

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Nice! That's one hell of a kick-ass legacy. Now if only everybody who had a problem with somebody dealt with the issue this way.

Where on the globe did Data East originate? Seems like its an American company but I dunno for sure.

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Schizo thread? Schizo thread.

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have you ever had a /vr/ relating game or thing get stolen or go missing?

When I was a young lad, I lent my copy of Turok 64 to my 'buddy', Gary.

The little fucker was an army brat though and two weeks later, he and his family disappeared with my copy of Turok, never to be seen again :( .

LUCKILY, this story has a good ending though. A few years back, I found out on Facebook that Gary had moved to Philly or Pittsburgh or some shit and had died of a fentanyl overdose in his 20's :) . Burn in hell, Gary!

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My dad borrowed a copy of resident evil code veronica x, along with the strategy guide, from one of his friends back then and he never gave it back. Still have both the game and strategy guide.

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Borrowing a game and not giving it back is just stealing.

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All of them

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My pokemon crystal got stolen in middle school, I'm certain it was one of my classmates but had no proof
Luckily another classmate gave me his in exchange for some beyblades

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Only gota neo geo pocket wuznt popular enuff 2b stolen

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Retro Nostalgia Thread

Cali/pol/ cunts ruined the other thread. Post /vr/ related nostalgia in this one.

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>35 for the fuckin' remote


Also that advanced AV kit is just a component adapter, right? Did the sons of bitches include component cables?

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I think it also includes the DVD licensing costs with decryption keys and shit.

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Welcome to /vroom/, a thread where fans of racing vidya can discuss their favorite arcade, sim, kart, and any other kinds of racing games (this is /vr/, so any PC/6th gen game up to 2007 goes!). If you’re looking for something new to play or are new to the genre ask other Anons for recommendations and remember to gear up and have fun.

Last thread was a very long time ago.

>New here? Interested in a game or a series to get started with? Check out these!
Ace Driver
Beetle Adventure Racing
Chase H.Q.
Colin McRae Rally
Daytona USA
Destruction Derby
Dirt Dash
F355 Challenge
Gran Turismo
Mario Kart
Midtown Madness
Motor Toon Grand Prix
Need for Speed
Project Gotham Racing/Metropolis Street Racer
Rally de Africa/Europe
Ridge/Rave/Rage Racer
Scud Race
Sega Rally
Side by Side/Battle Gear
Shutokou Battle/Tokyo Xtreme Racer
Touge MAX
Virtua Racing

Don't be shy: ask questions, share experiences!
Any additions to the recommended list is welcome as long as you don't just drop the name but add a short review.

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MK And Wipeout are melee/fighting games. They're not racing games. But yes, Driver isn't a racing game. It's stupid to make a thread only about racing game. It should be a vroom thread

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Based Indy 500 enjoyer. I'm a big Indycar fan and the season starts in a few weeks so I always play some old Indycar game to get myself hyped up for it. Picrel is a pretty solid racer for what it is.

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Nope, the combat is a secondary priority for those. (Unlike e.g. Destruction Derby)
The only thing that scores you points it to cross the finish line first (or as high as possible)

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Anon, Destruction Derby is also a racing game for the most part. It only has additional combat game modes.
In DD2 case, the game is basically Daytona USA without drifting mechanic. If you exclude DD from /vroom/ then Burnout and Flatout games should be excluded too.
Carmageddon is in the grey area: while it can also be beaten by actual racing, the game actively discourages you from doing and encourages to wreck your opponents instead which is a much easier task.
Actual car combat games like Twisted Metal and open world driving games like GTA and Driver should be excluded 100%

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this fucking game that was carried completely by lance boyle. still worth it just for him even if you can beat the game in under 2 hours

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> we've made this fun game and... we're glad you were a part of this journey too
> don't know what comes next, but we look forward to meet you again!
> so uh... thanks for playing
> y-you c-can always come back and try Hard mode... i-if you want >////<


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>game asks you to enter your name
>it's never used in the game except to thank you in the ending

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>pander to consumers
>brand loyalty acquired

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>t. no-fun commie

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In the first WarioWare game, you enter your name at the beginning and the game occasionally refers to it later

> Dribble and Spitz story
> they take in a taxi customer with your name
> you ride through the rainy roadway while listening to Diamond City radio stations (coincidentally playing the same song in different arrangements)
> play microgames in between

That was good.

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Unironically, peak GBA soul

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In my older millennial mind, I love that late 90s era of gaming mags. You saw iconic mascots or franchises like Tomb Raider or Doom 64 just BAM! smackdab in the middle of the magazine aisle or the checkout counter, and you saw these flashy, eye-catching GamePro covers with Lara Croft guns-a-blazin' ready to kick some ass. It was cool, it was fun, it was captivating for the time, especially if you had no internet. I also love the little ads they had from that era, like browsing through a '99 or 2000 Playboy issue with fucking Legend of Dragoon PS1 advert in the middle of it.

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incite Video Gaming, 3 February 2000, page 69

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So was V-Rally 2 schneller und besser?

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This Polish one. The best part of their CDs are the bonuses, mainly ancient memes.
Also a good way to find some more obscure games

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I have a fairly large collection of magazines that I saved from my childhood. Nintendo Power is probably my favorite to browse through for 90s stuff in general, but there's another magazine that I only found later in life picking up magazines at local auctions or thrift stores called VideoGames that I really like a lot. The ads are iconic obviously but there's also some dev "making of" featurettes that are pretty cool as time capsules. Likewise, there was a real sense of wide competition in gaming that is gone forever. When you flip through these old unofficial mags it seems like there's a new console every few months, and it's interesting if nothing else.

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I might as well use this thread to ask here as well.

Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan used to have video game news and previews. I'm looking for a higher res photo or scan of this page from Weekly Shonen Jump #50 November 1986, if anyone has it it would be much appreciated and it is for documenting it, not just personal curiosity

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How the fuck have I not heard about this game until now? I’ve been hooked on this for the last three days

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Because you are a zoomer.

>> No.10731329

>How the fuck have I not heard about this game until now?
Because you're a trend-hopping tourist, I guess.

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very bitter people for no reason, leave op to have some fun

>> No.10731553

The game sucks though. But not as much as you suck off From Software

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Thread killer asked a nothing question and received appropriate responses, you coddling faggot.

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This is what nintendo took from you.

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oh, are you getting that from the image?

>> No.10731324

If the shoe fits

>> No.10731360


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Touching hands is gay yes.

>> No.10731370

How would they reproduce then?

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I could've saved her, bros...

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Silent Hill characters fall into two broad categories:
>severely mentally ill people who want to kill themselves or others
>the ones that don't actually exist

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Before playing some /vr/ I like to do the following in order to maximize the nostalgia

>watch original commercials
>look at manuals if I have em or download them
>play on CRT

Anyone else have little rituals?

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You can tell somebody had a lot of love for it when authoring it. Any other examples of this level of guide?

>> No.10731173

Not really. I never stopped playing my old stuff so it's just natural to me since it was modern.

>> No.10731361

>kept my retro consoles and CRT to play on
>get some 90s radio playlists going in the background
>pick three games, not allowed to play any other games unless I beat one of them, preferably two
>sit on the carpet and look up at the TV
>after 30 minutes say fuck the carpet, save my neck and ass some strain by sitting back on the couch
>bonus: roommates are having loud argument, but not throwing things or talking about how me being there was a mistake

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I didn’t grow up with the games I play. Reading this thread i understAnd why is so hard to criticize old games here.

>> No.10731369

zoomers fear the printed manual

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Hello, dumbass here

I have a nes, and a crt tv. My tv is mono audio (only has yellow video and white audio port) and my nes is mono (yellow video and red audio port). I have a standard red white yellow rca cable. Can I just plug in the yellow video and white audio cables into both tv and nes and ignore the red part of the audio cables and get all the sound? Or do I need a mono audio cable or something

>> No.10731086

Just the yellow and white is fine. Left(white) is also Mono.

>> No.10731090

Thank you friend

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Its tail time!

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Based on my impression of /vr/, a board from a American site, people in the US don't appreciate the Genesis/MD enough.

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It’s just the culture of the people who self-select themselves here. Zoomers who hyperfocus on cartoony character platformers

>> No.10731147

Zoomers seem to have total contempt for everything they didn't grow up with

>> No.10731156

Most of this website is dominated by Zoomers who have pushed out the millennials and gen xers who grew up with the Genesis with the way they shifted board/site culture. Doesn't help that people who want to discuss video games on this website tend to start with /v/ which is thoroughly dominated by Nintendo fanboys.

>> No.10731497

I love Nintendo games and grew up with them and still play them and talk about them. And so I would like to see a lot more Sega stuff here, as well as threads about other platforms of course, because much of it would be new to me and therefore interesting. People here do too much whining about Nintendo's domination of the conversation and too little talking about stuff other than Nintendo. Not to solely blame them though - of course some topic is likely to dominate, and if you start a competing thread about something that's unpopular then it'll probably die too soon to change things much. I guess the problem is mainly just hiveminds and stuff like on any forum.

If I won the lottery or something then maybe I'd hire a freelance reporter to gather a lot of information about, say, PC games from the 90s that solely focused on submarine simulation, and then post it all in a /vr/ thread. Probably not though, but maybe. Somebody please go do that for free instead, as a labor of love. Not me though, I'm too busy playing Pokémon.

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The truth is that Genesis was always a second choice for poor working-class people. Those people have different mentality and value different things. They wouldn't pay more than a couple dollars for a game or a console from three decades ago just because of nostalgia. A lot of retro discussion online is manufactured to artificially pump prices of hardware. In case of Genesis it doesn't work, so no one does it.

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This is more fun than Road rash... Weird, never thought a power rangers game would make for such an awesome combat racer

>> No.10731609

I still prefer Road Rash, but I had fun renting this one from Hollywood Video multiple times back in the day.

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Despite being a sequel to one of the fan favorite Super Nintendo games, I've never heard a soul mention this one. Probably because it's not really a sequel and not very good. Don't wory, the mildly entertaining biking stages are often punctuated with mind numbingly boring beat em up stages. Was there a TV show reboot or something at the time? I don't know but this is a dull one.

>> No.10730985

The SNES game was awesome but I don't think many people played it.
Didn't even know there was a PS2 one, weird.

>> No.10731048

>Was there a TV show reboot or something at the time?
there was a new cartoon but that came out in 2006, when did the PS2 game come out?
The revival cartoon also came out of nowhere, first of all it was not a reboot but a direct sequel to the 90s cartoon, it came and went without making any impact, just two months they aired the whole season and then never again.

>> No.10731120

>one of the fan favorite Super Nintendo games
That's being generous.

>> No.10731561

I don't know if I even wanna find out how bad this game is

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reject humanity
return to monke

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File: 97 KB, 1024x911, 1708976851576644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 229 KB, 800x1140, 1690234113204148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reject kong
return to toki

>> No.10730982

Not gonna work

>> No.10731097

Chimpanzees are actually better at retro games than most people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyJomdyjyvM

There was a video of one 1CC'ing one of the early Touhou Project games but cannot find it right now.