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Simply put, post games that were way ahead of time.

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Are either of the BS Zelda games worth playing?

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When the topic of early 3d gaming comes up people seem to generally regard the games of this era aging far worse then the earlier 2d generations of games. I don't think anyone would deny this was generallyba pretty good time for video games with a number of classic games released on every platform from the period but it feels like people generally look at the early 3d as being a limitation of the era, more so then any other era of gaming. Do you guys think early 3d has real merit as a timeless style of game or does a lot of it just look kind of ugly now?

To me I feel like fifth gen 3d is unique in that they still felt like they required a lot of imagination in how you can interpret what is happening in the game. With later 3d gaming everything id so clear you always knew what you were looking at and what is happening, it becomes hard to really leave anything up to the player's own imagination. That's not an inherent flaw, being able to tell what you're looking at is obviously great, but it's a charm I think only fifth gen 3d really has.

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What is the best way to play this game today? Still the original release?

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The original release has some slightly different lore. It uses tank-style controls which you may not like. There are more bugs which can be fun to play around with one you're good at the game.
The Wii release adds pointer aiming controls which are very smooth and comfortable.
Prime hack is an emulated version with M+KB controls.
The switch release which was just announced looks like it will be perfect for a modern gamer adjusted to twin stick fpa controls too.
Honestly there's no bad way to play this game.

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The original, Trilogy and PrimeHack are cool but this game was built around regular controls. 60 fucking bucks for a shitty remaster of ONE game, not even the entire trilogy

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Does this count as a cinematic platformer?

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It's a puzzle game. Cinematic platformers are 2D only.

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Puzzle platformer. These are usually cinematic

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why'd they make Ico look like Billy Crudup on the american box art?

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How common was World Heroes and its sequel in your area in the early 90s? I feel like I saw it more than any other fighting game other than SF2 in my area of the midwestern USA.

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The Japanese exclusive Shiren Gaiden: Asuka Kenzan will have an English patch for the Dreamcast released on the 10th! It's a side game based off the Shiren the Wanderer, a series of games under the Mystery Dungeon moniker. Give it a try if you're interested in roguelikes or particularly challenging games.

Here's the trailer from the translator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNsKS_DenHA

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Yeah, Shiren 2 takes place 3 years before this one in the timeline. Also, Asuka Kenzan is said to be a game that builds upon Shiren 2 so many mechanics will be returning from that game. Shiren 2's translators are also the ones who worked on this one, it would be best to give 2 a go first.

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Cool. I'm ordering a GDEMU knock off this week.

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Thank you, based translators.

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damn this is a dream come true, is there any more information available ?

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Probably not retro but I'm writing a game. You can try it here, it works directly on the browser and probably even on mobile. I'm still learing so don't expect it to be good like a real game. Picrel.
Game: https://fibreditoniocartonio.github.io/simpleXjs/
Source code: https://github.com/fibreditoniocartonio/simpleXjs

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Cool. What is your goal for this game? Or is it just a practice?

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I was bored and decided to try to recreate Megaman X. Then I changed the direction to the Castlevania games and here we are. I'm doing it just for fun, I have nobody to show it irl so I posted it here

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There's often a homebrew thread, post there.

Given the tiles and sprites from Castlevania with the wrong palettes, I'm guessing this is all placeholders and a very early draft.

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Ok I admit I didn't even try it but it does look cool. Keep going.

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Yes, I'm really bad with graphics in general. That's why I'm stealing from the original games.
I will post future update in the homebrew thread

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When Iga got the English recordings for the SotN localization back, he found that Alucard's original reaction to Death stealing his equipment was inappropriate. Originally, Alucard was to say "No!" in response. However, the English voice actor got the tone completely wrong, sounding to Iga like "Noooo, don't take my stuff!" So, he went to Konami's sound department and asked for a stock sound they could use instead. The "What?!" present in the final version is the result.

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OP's uncle works at Sony so he knows

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The gamewave, the Canadian console you would most likely find in the Flanders House.

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They definitely played some video game console in the episode where Maude died.

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If a talking dog was too blasphemous for Todd, no way is he dealing with any damn vegetables

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>Haha he say peepee poopoo!

Is that all the appeal of this game was? Just finished it and after being told it was one of the best games on the N64 for years, I'm flabbergasted. It's at its best times mediocre and at its worst is total dogshit.

So what gives? Just because it was one of the very uncommon adult themed N64 games?

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>How so?
Maybe because of a presumptuous shitpost thread with Discord zoomer lingo here >>9644294
Most likely samefagging with one or both of these here >>9644298 >>9644327
Purposefully misunderstanding and strawmanning a post while acting like presentation isn't important for games here >>9644337
Using more Discord zoomer lingo here >>9644342
Not knowing self-explanatory common terms and making a shitpost rather than Googling for 5 seconds here >>9644381
Acting like it matters in any way what 21st century Rare thinks here >>9644389
Shitposting some more here >>9644410

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>Discord zoomer lingo
Which words are that? I'm in my 30s and if I wanted to chat with people I'd use IRC.

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Two of those are mine. You just seem angry now.

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>I'm in my 30
I know, that's why it's so much more painful that all of your posts read like they were authored by a 14 year old Mexican. Stop spending so much time in underage Discords

And for the record, I think Conker sucks. I just know your awful thread and take on it suck even more. But you are in luck since all the jannies on this board are insane troons with a hate boner for Nintendo, so enjoy your schizo thread malding about a 95% title

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Any other /vr/ games with a character model viewer? One that lets you see the girls panties?
And it is weird that I never heard of this game until this year. The game is not that good

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Mai uses loincloth

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Rumble Roses. Although they aren't static models, they cycle through various animations

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The models are really ugly, hate the 3D of this era

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Probably looks better at native res

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To be honest, I just have never found 3D girls attractive

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What was your first experience with 480p+ during the 6th gen? I had heard about it, saw progressive scan options in God of War in 2005 and had a friend with one of those garbonzo 60" plasmas with an original xbox hooked up to it. I definitely remember being impressed at Halo 2 in 480p split screen but it was definitely soft on that kind of display.

These days I have a 480p natively capable CRT that I run all my 480p games on, and they look excellent. I suppose I didn't really *feel* the jump until I saw games like tony hawk in 720p, the warriors and scarface pretty recently, and now 480p on my CRT where the difference really pops.

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I like stories from the past.

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I was CRT up until 2009. I'm always behind, even now I'm still using a 1080p tele

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I didn't experience anything beyond composite video until the 7th gen. I was amazed when I played my first 720p game - I thought it was like looking through glass.

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Being PAL territory, the bundled av cables went from great in earlier gens (RGB SCART) to awful (Composite) with OG Xbox etc. To answer your question though, my first experience was a month ago when I finally bought and softmodded one to force 480p component. It looks nice and I played some Grabbed by the Ghoulies.

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Looking at the cable in the OP I was just trying to remember what video feature exactly it was that PAL Xboxes are missing pertaining to component output. Some resolutions are not supported via that connection or something? I forgot but you actually need a custom BIOS to make full use of that cable with a PAL console, right? Help me out here.

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Water feels so good in this game, almost like in Wave Race Blue Storm but you can actually interact with it more directly. Also good Tony Hawk gameplay and atmosphere

The only issue and pink elephant in the room is...there is nothing else going on except fucking around with that wave

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I think the best wave race adjacent game I've played was Carve, it's really fun on the original Xbox. It uses a similar sort of planned wave system where parts of the track are always a certain roughness and it certainly informs how you play a ton. Also looks jaw dropping in motion.

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>almost like in Wave Race Blue Storm
From the screen alone I can tell it's already better than WR as in it the water never folds on itself or form real waves and is just a osculating sheet.

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I'm talking about the vibes. Obviously Wave Race doesn't have/need waves like that

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Let's be honest, this is a /vr/ game.

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0 swastikas

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Die floppen titten

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I'm only interested in Curse of the Moon and apparently it's on the 3DS despite being a 2018 game (???). Someday I'll download it

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>not counting the one on her ass

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what do you guys think of my retro gaming collection i think it's coming along nicely

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I'm going to be honest with you OP and the entirety of /vr/ for that matter, I've never cared about THPS

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heres my retro video gamer collection what do you guys think haha be kewl about it ;3

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>hoarding rotting plastic

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bad photo, you should have made the picture from above your head at least

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>*Blocks your path*

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I really wish there was a upgraded soundtrack mod for this game. The SNES really needs to have sustain support or better polyphony. There's a lot of potential with the music in the game but when every string note sounds like a stacatto note, it just is jarring. The actual gameplay is fun

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zoompinion thread

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Second one actually hurts my ears, the first does not.

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impactful videogame music that mixes with the rest of the game's sounds perfectly
dull orchestra that drowns everything under it, also random OoT music at 20:05
every time I see "fixes" like this done to ALttP, they're made with so much bad taste

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I'm gonna be the one to say this is actually good, it's what I imagined it would sound like without the limitations and without being a totally different composition

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Music in general is too clear today, sounds all the same and doesn't force musicians to be more creative. Midi synths, electronics, a total of maybe 4 oscillators, etc. One of the things where better isn't always better but most people think it is, despite prefering 50s-90s music themselves

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These always looked like the best NFS games to me with mostly pure racing and wet city street effects that still look amazing today

Asking because someone said they have a slipstream mechanic á la MKDS, which I find very satisfying but can't really find in many retro games

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>no police cars
to the trash they go

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First time I've heard about slipstreaming boost in this game, you only get style points for doing it which you need for progression. Haven't played UG2 though.

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