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better at
>run n guns

better at

why do people consider the SNES to be superior again? do people play anything other than marios, zeldas and final fantasies?

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Make a list of games instead of genres and you'll see why.

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>why do people consider the SNES to be superior again?
Primarily because people associate more colors with more power, and fell for the Mode 7 gimmick. Also I guess people thought that synthesized music sounded more old-school than sample-based music so therefore it must be weaker.

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>snes better at platforming
uh no sweety thats where ur wrong

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how many megabytes of power is that?

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>better at platforming

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Look at you, hacker.

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What are some essential 'must play' shooters on the Genesis?

Bonus points for multiplayer.

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Ranger X

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uh gunstar heroes?

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I agree with this pick. Better than that garbo snezz port.

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Alien Soldier (no multiplayer though)

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guru larry?

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Hey /vr/,

This is borderline (December 1999), but I was wondering whether I could play Planescape Torment in on-off mode (few hours per week) or do I need to immerse myself and have longer marathons to enjoy it?

Also could you recommend other old PC or SNES games that have some deeper philosophical content?


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Can Dracula be completely destroyed, or will he always be resurrected again?

Maybe the Belmonts could seal Dracula in a large safe and sink the safe in a deep ocean trench. Then Dracula would couldn't be resurrected.

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vlad tepesh was finally put to rest in 1999.
right after though, his power spread to a bunch of babies that were born the same day or some shit.
all of the babies grew up to be very fashionable

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Simon had been cursed by Dracula. Resurrecting and killing Dracula was supposed to lift the curse.

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You need to assemble all the fragments of the Darkhold then reverse engineer the Montessi formula.

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We're never gonna get that 1999 game, are we? :(

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no more than any person's soul can be destoryed in a game made by japanese people who believe in buddhist reincarnation I suppose

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Post your favorite chiptune tracks. Please do not contaminate with fake chiptune

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It irks me that chiptune has largely been supplanted by chipstep.

Even if you search chipstune, you'll still get chipstep horrors.

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Does chiptune mean solely things that'd run on the 2A03? Or do things like VRC6 and VRC7 count?

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What sound chip best captures the sensation of dank farts and why is it the Genesis'?

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SNES should not count then because it's sound processor is just a wave table playing back shitty muffled samples. NES and Genesis are perfectly allowed though.

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Ofcourse they are all not valid. The only chip worth discussing is the SID.

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I've been playing the SNES FFs these weeks and I've come to the conclusion that this game is massively overrated. Funnily enough it's somewhat of a "cred pick" but it may be the most casual of FFs until FFX arrived. The World of Balance is a damned rollercoaster, setpiece after setpiece where you have little control. If you like handholding you'll like WoB, I didn't find any positives about it. This gives the impression of tight pacing but it got to my nerves really, and the story wasn't as good as people said. I only started to enjoy the game from the World of Ruin onwards, which may be the only save grace but really, the whole game is hampered by incredibly low difficulty. It was also a step down in mechanics, you start with a class system but pretty soon all that lose significance thanks to the esper system, making all characters the same, just like the 2 games that followed it, but with less flexibility. Way too many characters as well (who the fuck picks mog or umaro?)

I've been reading opinions and it seems like most people dislike the WoR, while being fanatics of the WoB. I may be just weird, but it was the total opposite for me, and by the time WoR came I was very detached already, so I can't say I enjoyed that much. People complain about FF7 being the ruin of the series but FF6 somehow feels more "modern" (in a negative way) to me.

Curious enough, I've enjoyed a lot more the odd ones (FF1, 3, 5, 7, 9) than the even ones. Agree with me, call me a faggot and discuss the series, final fantasy thread I guess

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The biggest difference between FFII NES and PS1 is the inventory space. You essentially got the original experience.

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>Final fantasy VI

But that clearly says Final Fantasy III, Anon.

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Eh, VI is a great game, but it's mainly a contrarian-cred game pick now.

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FF6 is only overrated by westerners. In Japan is considered one of the weakest FF and given that FF1 was a huge success, they don't have to pretend to be contrarians. Idiots here think they're being prestigious by shilling FF6 as the best game ever.

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>You essentially got the original experience.

That version also made weapon and spell leveling a little easier. When you first start a game, it's set to "easy" mode. Upon completing that, you have the option of starting a "normal" mode game that tries to mirror the Famicom's mechanics as closely as possible, which means spells and weapons take literally a hundred uses to level up.

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how do you store your controllers /vr/?

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Pretty much like that. Maybe a bit neater. For stuff I use on a regular basis, which is a lot, I basically just throw it in a few drawers. For spares I box them up by console and type. For shit I never use I just toss it in boxes all mixed together.

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do you just do a loop and Velcro the middle?
just a pic I found. i keep all mine in a plastic bin that rolls under the couch

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Personally, I bought a box of Ziploc freezer bags, put all of my controllers in a bag individually, and then stacked the bags carefully in a large Rubbermaid tote.
Cords don't tangle, they're safe from dust and smoke and sunlight, and the cords also aren't wrapped around the thing. I also don't have to deal with wire ties because I can just wrap the cords around my hand and slide them into the baggie where they'll stay wrapped up.

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I use a an Atari system/game case. I do not own any actual Atari stuff!

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After a thorough cleaning, inside a Ziploc bag. Then into a box/storage container with those silica packs. Some are still brand new goes into the same categorized box/storage container too. On some instances where I have kept the original box (like the This Is Cool skeleton Saturn pads), the controller goes into their original box after cleaning too, then into the same storage container.

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Idk where to find this, this was bliss back in the day. (Millenium Racer Y2K fighters)

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What is the best retro RPG in your opinion?

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My Zombie LARP.

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Metroid Prime

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Legens of penis: balls deep in your mom

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ff4:tay's final chapter is completely ripped off of rudra no hihou
>conclusion of several different stories focusing on different characters, which often overlap and intersect
>takes place on the moon
>the bulk of the chapter is a single dungeon
>the dungeon is really a glorified boss rush, featuring bosses both familiar and new
>at the end you confront humanity's creator
>they reveal humanity was the last in a long line of races as part of an experiment
>after defeating humanity's creator the heroes return to their planet, swearing to use their gifts for good

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>A non-retro game rips off a retro game produced by the same studio


I think we were already well aware that SE's franchises have long since been tainted by incompetent sequels.

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To be honest that's a pretty generic JRPG ending. The one specific coincidence is that it takes place on the moon; then again, the origina. FF4's endgame takes place on the moon and it came out before Treasure of the Rudras.

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>>after defeating humanity's creator the heroes return to their planet, swearing to use their gifts for good
I think in Rudra they actual depart on infinite adventures in space or something

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Did you know that FF5 rips off FF3? Mindblowing I know

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Discussion of the Baldur's Gate series (IWD & PS:T can come too.)

Favorite class? Weapon? Companion? Mod?

Previous >>3867613

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Without mods, not really. Item Revisions can change their 1d6 to 1d8, however. And there is a mod that can make Free Action not cancel out Haste, so the best spear is less shit.

>> No.3880760

There's a +3 weapon of basically every type available for purchase right out of the gate, if you're including the collector's edition merchants, many of which have better on-equip effects than than the spear (if we're thinking of the same one) and its +8HP. The Unicorn spear is useful to have in the same way anything with immunity to a type of spell or status effect is good, that doesn't make it a strong offensive weapon, it's still just a +2 spear.

Blackblood is actually quite good offensively, but it's also the best club until ToB, with the Club of Detonation barely being an improvement (and being a +3 weapon at that stage of the game, which is really dumb.) You can feel pretty good with your +3 club, +3 acid damage when the rest of your party is using mediocre weapons with some crappy proc or 1/day cast some level 1-3 spell, but it never improves while other weapon types eventually get stuff that outclass the club, some of which don't even require difficult encounters, like the Flail of Ages.

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>BG1 specific
BG1 NPC Project
BG1 Unfinished Business
Baldur's Gate Mini Quests & Encounters
Baldur's Gate Romantic Encounters
>BG2 specific
IEP Extended Banters
PPG Banter Pack
Unfinished Business
Imoen Romance mod
Weimar Item Upgrade
Weimar Tactics
Romantic Encounters
Tweak Anthology
Stratagems (SCS)
eSeries scripts
gMinion script

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>Favorite class?


It's hard to decide and I'm often stuck when I create my character. The versatility of mages is great but Edwin will always be a better mage than you. Sorcerers are too limited with their spells and you basically are stuck with being a damage dealer but at least you are outclassing other characters in some way.

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Let's post some official arranged soundtracks, bonus points if it's an early 90s Chic Corea-style jazz one.

Super Mario World
Mega Man X

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Megaman X2 Dr Doppler Stage 1
Megaman X Opening Stage

Rest of these albums are also pretty great.

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Phendrana Drifts

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Judging by the quality of the arrange tracks compared to the original, it's pretty safe to say that the composer for this game was a lot more talented than the SNES sound chip could adequately play.

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I like this one more than World
>that time the devs fool around

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I am getting a raspberry Pi 3 for Retro Pie and I don't want to download every game for every system because it takes up a lot of space and most of the games are just bad clutter. So what are the best games for retro pie.

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>So what are the best games for retro pie.

Literally what? You're asking us for an indiscriminately large number of recommendations for almost every retro platform ever. And why does any of this even relate to RetroPie specifically?

Also, you don't have to use RetroPie. There are better alternatives out there.

And >>>/wsr/

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What is the definitive way to play NES games on the tv?

-Modded NES Classic
-clone system + flashcart/multicart
-legit system + flashcart/multicart
-legit system + legit carts (lol)
-Emulation through something like retropi
-Emulation through another console, such as the wii

And for the tv itself
-crt, flat or not
-lcd, led, plasma, whatever modern HDTVs are using now

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Do either the Hi-Def NES or RGB NES have a scanline option?

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He just gave me a weird impression the first time I heard him talk but now I'm a believer. It was purely superficial and shallow of me.

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The NESRGB doesn't have any kind of configuration options other than palette which can be selected with a physical switch.
The Hi-Def NES does have scanline settings. You can choose between normal scanlines, x2, x3, x4 and x5, as well as their depth. The multiplied options are there to make scanlines look better in 1080p since normal ones don't fit the pixels correctly since 1080p isn't an integer scale of 240p.
It's not a perfect fix and I can't explain it perfectly myself but Kevtris mentions it in this part of his development update series of the kit itself
If you want perfectly fitting scanlines you won't get around switching to a resolution which is an integer multiple of 240p, which for the Hi-Def would be 720p (You can set the output resolution in the settings)

>> No.3880523

Here's a few direct captures I did a while back in case you're interested.

Another reason I like it more than the NESRGB for is that installing it is a lot cleaner/easier than the NESRGB.
1. Desolder PPU and CPU
2. Solder socket in place of PPU and CPU
3. Put PPU and CPU into sockets of interposers PCBs (board between the PPU/CPU and the Mainboard that intercept the data from and to the MB)
4. Cut case to fit the HDMI socket
5. Desolder voltage regulator from NES mobo
6. Connect NES to Vcc and GND on the Hi-Def PCB
7. Put the Hi-Def PCB into the case
8. Put flat flex cables into their sockets on the Hi-Def PCB and the interposers
9. Put interposers into the sockets where PPU/CPU were
10. Close case

With the NESRGB you have to wire everything yourself and depending on what exactly you want, you'll have to do stuff differently.
All the Hi-Def needs are two flat flex cables and two wires to supply the NES with electricity (since the Hi-Def replaces the original voltage regulator)

Of course, if you want to play on a CRT you'll still need the NESRGB or composite but for modern displays it's pretty great.

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Superior FC versions on a FC connected to a curved tube via RF.

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ITT games that are solid but nothing special.

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>The sequels are much better though
3 got bogged down by locking away your abilities and 4 had shite puzzles and focused too much on GOTTA GO FAST.

>> No.3880783

2 is already miserable for locking you out of levels forcing you to go trough the entire game if you missed some collectibles. The shitty minigames are braindead too. I hate how they force you to play this shitty minigame at the end of every level that gives you one collectible. The level design is the blandest of all 4 wario land games.

>> No.3880796

>2 is already miserable for locking you out of levels
By that logic, Mario World is shit for having stages with multiple exits.

Also, you don't have to go through the entire game again, once you get one ending there's a level select that opens up.

>The level design is the blandest of all 4 wario land games.
Disagree, it's much more interesting than 1's, VB's or 4's.

>> No.3880802

>By that logic, Mario World is shit for having stages with multiple exits.
What? You can replay every level in Mario World at every time.
>Disagree, it's much more interesting than 1's, VB's or 4's.
Opinion immediately invalidated.
4 had hands down the most variety of all Wario games and it was the most challenging game of them without even picking hard mode.

>> No.3880851

>What? You can replay every level in Mario World at every time.
Same as in WL2, after you beat the game of course.

>4 had hands down the most variety of all Wario games and it was the most challenging game of them without even picking hard mode.
4 is fucking casual, dude. You want a real challenge? Find all the music coins in 3, or some of the secret exits in 2, or beat VBWL with the best ending.

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used to play this back in the day when the corner store had it good times.

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Does there exist an example of a Game Boy port being better than the original version? Help me think of one.

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>> No.3880432

The GBC version of Daikatana. Instead of an FPS it's a Zelda clone.

>> No.3880458

But, his point still stands. Is GBC port better than the original on NES? Yes it is.

>> No.3880698

>Is this a stealth GBA thread?
No, you're just retarded

So for the 99% of this board constantly bitching for translations it's infinitely better just on that point.

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The GB version of Dr. Mario is better than the NES version. The NES version has wonky pill selection that just loves to give you the exact same yellow-red, or what other pill you don't need at the time, six times in a row, where as the GB version seems to have truly random pill selection. I've also seen others claim that the NES version has a certain input lag which makes beating the high level stages on the fast speeds just about impossible.

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So, just for the sake of this discussion, assume that by some miracle Capcom decide to pull Megaman X back from the grave. What would you like to see then?

Me personally would like to see the developers putting some real efforts into lever designing. Since X5 most of their designs bored me to death,

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Just wait on X Corrupted my dude

>> No.3880441


I have nothing against fangames but when it comes to Mega Man in particular their level designs seemingly always have the most drawn out, uninspired snorefests. Unlimited and Minus Infinity being the worst offenders.

>> No.3880462

it looks like derivative garbage with stilted animations and AI patterns

>> No.3880593

You asked the right guy! I loved these games growing up, but you realize they're thin. I'll tell you how you make them more fun. As in, keeps you interested, makes you feel accomplished. It IS an action game, after all.

Sure, you can update the music and put it in 3D or put a filter on, but you quickly get over that. So let's not bother.

Next. Once you've beaten all the stages and picked up all the upgrades, there's no more puzzle. Thus, the first order of business: randomize the upgrades's locations. This has one potential drawback, which I'll address later.

Moving on, I imagine they removed score from Mega Man 1 because they wanted to differentiate console games from arcade games. When they told me Mega Man 1 had a scoring system, it somehow made the game seem older. Just me?

Point is: add a scoring system. If the player doesn't see it, fine. At the end of the stage, you get a report that grades

- Speed
- Damage done (including overkills)
- Damage taken

If you do well, at least give the player a cosmetic reward. It should acknowledge when you beat your record.

I hate X6, but I like setting up a loadout. You should be able to prepare for the challenge before taking it on.

It should have multiple hard modes where you take more damage, enemies move faster, and enemies have more HP.

Do all that, which I bet is cheaper than an aesthetic overhaul, and you have a good ass game.

>> No.3880686

More then 8 boss plus a 3 level fortress.
When you beat the 8 maverick, the game is nearly over.
MM4,5 and 6 had a lot of final stage where you can use your entire arsenal. It is never the case with X.

Also, some boss are unbeatable with the buster only. Armored Armandillo is horrible with the buster, and it fix the boss order.

X2 was much better.

Everyone who want to have a better understandin of the X serie should watch the analysis of the game by Retroplis Zone.

He did a lot of explanation from X1 to X6. They are 30 minutes long video but they are clever.

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>something that looks like a prostitute
>come in, I can help you restore your life
>she goes in
>you go in
>inside of the house isn't shown
>you go out together

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Most likely the designers were thinking that she's just tending to your wounds, but they couldn't think of an effective way to depict this so they just have you go in her house so the healthcare occurs offscreen.

>> No.3880143



I could use some healthcare..


>> No.3880323

>prostitutes helping me restore my life

Not me irl.

>> No.3880460

Damn it Beavis

>> No.3880624

The only reason they'd be "helping" you is because it's the only thing they believe they can do.

Anything else you 'discovered' about Zelda 2? That is, if you actually play it instead or just repeating memes ...

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