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Why do people like this again?

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What's the best controller for pc emulation? I'm currently using an Xbox 360 controller but the d-pad is absoloute trash. Squishy feedback and there's too much travel before the input is recognized. I mainly emulate NES and SNES games.

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nintendo d-pads always feel mushy and unpleasant

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I'm fond of Hori's dpads

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Because he wants a good dpad for NES and SNES games as stated in the OP.

And I'll take an emulation dpad thread over half the shit that passes as "quality threads" these days.

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>posts on a non-retro computer
I'm calling the mods

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A stick.

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So I've been playing Etrian 3 and now I'm interested in the more classic games in the genre.

Any good mapping tools I can use across games to draw the dungeons? I could try graph paper like god intended but knowing myself they will become an absolute unreadable mess.

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>I'm interested in the more classic games in the genre.
Wizardry, King's Field, Shadow Tower, Meridian 59, etc. Legend of Grimrock is not retro but it is an instant-classic imo.

>Any good mapping tools I can use across games to draw the dungeons?
Pen and paper. Just draw a little square for every room, it's that easy... If you really prefer digital then there's plenty of tools out there, like this one for example


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>meridian 59
huh, never heard of that, it kinda looks like online daggerfall, could be interesting

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>Any good mapping tools
Grid Cartographer's the gold standard but maybe try free things like >>7020519 first

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>Red overalls and blue shirt: SOUL
>Blue overalls and red shirt: SOULLESS
Just a reminder and statement of fact, discussion is not necessary

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OP is a massive fucking faggot

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The original is the better game and it isn't even close. It's a better designed game from top to bottom and Future has more glaring flaws.
>"m-muh controls"
Unironically get good at the game.

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>Limited lives and no ability to save

Was there a gas leak at the office or something? Did they think they were making an NES game?

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thoughts and prayers with zell and his mom

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What are your 2 favorite game systems of all time, full stop
For me, it's the SNES and N64

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Dreamcast and the Neo Geo.

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Game Boy (original) and SNES

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What went wrong?

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You looked up a list of gba hidden gems.

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Your mom didn't swallow.

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>Can't decide if it wants to be a sequel or remake
>Dumbs down the gameplay
>Ugly redesigns

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What went so goddamn fucking perfect?

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Basado nengposter

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I apologize /vr/ I was wrong, megaman 2 dosen't have the best OST, that title actually goes to megaman 7.

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There is no bad Megaman OST.

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Shiiiieeettt Tyrone in the background poppin caps

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I always enjoyed 7. Why it was hated? Ill never know. Music was good, graphics were good.

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Based. Exactly the song that first came to mind.

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I had a feeling what this link was. Definitely a top 2 wily theme.

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Now that the dust has settled around the Dark Souls of the board’s debates about the retro PS2, what’s my opinion on the ZX Spectrum’s “retro feel” that epitomized the kino scotformer into a willyvania, many years before the purple-skyed Mario Madness according to Jeremy Parish?

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it's shit and parish never said that

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Gonna post in this SOULful thread. What I'm in for?

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Why is it shit, Retrogamer magazine hyped it up

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try playing any of the fucking games
they're all better on c64
also retrogamer is a /uk/ magazine focused on uk boomers of course they'd hype it up

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>what’s my opinion on the ZX Spectrum’s “retro feel” that epitomized the kino scotformer into a willyvania, many years before the purple-skyed Mario Madness according to Jeremy Parish?
I don't know, what is your opinion?
Die tripnigger

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>throw item in order to distract guard
>guard literally walks towards your exact position even if you are in the dark instead of actually investigating the source of the noise

What the fuck is this trash game?

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Nice bait

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Are the gamecube versions of the first 3 resident evil games+ code Veronica better than the originals?

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This is wrong. First three RE games are best on PS1 if you have an eye for art. Remake on GC is also good. Avoid PC. 240p out to CRT is the only good way to play the original series

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>Resident Evil
Completely different game
>Resident Evil 2
Port of PSX version, inferior to Sourcenext
>Resident Evil 3
Port of PSX version, inferior to Sourcenext
>CODE:Veronica X
Port of CV Kanzenban, inferior to that release and the HD Remaster.

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yeah except for 1
REmake is inferior

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HD remaster for CV is easily the worst

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How can a game be so fucking clunky to play and still be a total masterpiece?

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>I don't really know how you could say that considering the setting is very grounded in reality

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I like how you posted this as if this doesn't clearly show a realistic mall with realistic humans doing realistic things like shopping.
Are... are you really saying that it's not grounded in reality because it has colors and uses anime aesthetics...? Seriously...?

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Yes, that image is the definition of realism in games. I can't believe I'm not looking at a photograph it's so real.

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It's called being better than the sum of your parts. For example, every single GTA game since the first one have had some amount of jank. The games all manage to be fun in spite of it

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If you don't understand what I mean you may actually have a mental condition.

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Does anyone feel like DKC has a spiritual quality to it? Maybe supernatural. From the music to the animations, it exudes a certain energy. Something is off about this series.

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Ya believe in fairy tales, son?

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1990's had so much soul.

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They really pushed for a style of music that platforming games didn't do then. Look at the first stage: the DK Island Swing song has 25 seconds of nothing but the drum beat and ambient noise. You can beat the first level in 25 seconds if you're fast enough. But no one playing for the first time is going to do that, they're going to explore around and get a feel for it, and by time they're "ready" to go on, the song has progressed too. Games back then didn't do things like that.

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That's the vibe of a lot 3D of that era. Many of the early 3D art creators were New Age practitioners and psychonauts who were jazzed about the idea of creating virtual worlds, and their work was influential on other 3D artists.

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Why was the EXP grind so real in this generation?

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Using the emulator code thingy I was able to find the hexes that control exp gain after battle and turned it off to make the game interesting.

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That's a great idea. And changes the game totally.
You should make a romhack.

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Didn't that one leak have internal documents where Q&A testers complained about the level scaling and tedium of it and Game Freak's response was "works as intended".

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I beat Crystal when I was 7 OP, are you retarded

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This 1000 times, grinding is necessary. If you don't feel a sense of satisfaction when your character progressively becomes able to tank hits or deal more damage then you aren't cut out for JRPGs.

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Is there a more unituitive program than this? MAME was strange at first, but made complete sense in retrospect. But THIS?! This has so many fucking awful design choices to count...
How do I exit a game and return to the menu? In every other emulator that would be the ESC key, but not retroarch.
This was made for playing large libraries right? Then why can't I press a letter to skip to the files starting with "S" for instance.
Oh great, now a search menu has opened. How do I exit it. ESC? No, that would be too easy. Right-Click? That's what retroarch uses as a back button - right? Nope that didn't work. But it did exit out of the directory I was browsing - so that's great... What you have to do is perform a search with no characters in it.
Surely, C:\Users\Downloads would be a popular enough location to warrant being a default?
Alright - Let's load a nes game... Opens Mario.NES - Suggested Cores: "" - Click on the "" - retroarch crashes.

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Thoroughly read https://retroarchleaks.wordpress.com/ and make sure you never donate, as the original developers won't see a cent, and you're simply contributing to sp's vidya fund.

With that out of the way, you should still use retroarch for F R E E, as it's the objectively best way to emulate gen 3-5. Your move, schizo :)

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>'"do not donate to them"
>"play it anyways"
No thanks

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>How do I exit a game and return to the menu?
Home key > Close content
>In every other emulator that would be the ESC key
Some show the toolbar.
>This was made for playing large libraries right? Then why can't I press a letter to skip to the files starting with "S" for instance.
Use the search function.
>Oh great, now a search menu has opened. How do I exit it. ESC?
Back button on keyboard/controller.
>Surely, C:\Users\Downloads would be a popular enough location to warrant being a default?
No, because only normies leave files in that folder. Decent people have a roms folder. If using retropie it has its own directory for obvious reasons.
>Alright - Let's load a nes game... Opens Mario.NES - Suggested Cores: "" - Click on the "" - retroarch crashes.
What did you expect? You've got a butchered installation without cores, and by the sound of it other things too.
I've used retroarch on Wii, PSP, 3DS, PS3, Android, W7 and Mint and only had problems on Mint because of deprecated hardware, so you're clearly just retarded.

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Well, no. I've been specifically recommending the opposite of that, which means that can't possibly fall under any definition of shilling.

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I've never had any DS before. It's great

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DSi and DSi XL Require no flashcards nowadays. Moreover, there were multiple improvements made to the runtime of GBA so you can play GBA games in a surprisingly good compatibility on DSi's

I love DSes. We have 4 at home for Mario Party. IMHO Still the best party game.

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Shit is full of shovelware and stylus shit
Fucking disgusting shit kill yourself tasteless faggot and this shit doesnt belong here

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What is this doing on /vr/

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Saying the DS has a shit library is objectively wrong though. You are a fucking idiot.

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>not wanting your games to look blurry is comparable audiophile autism
Come on, dude

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FF5 is really immersive and draws you into the story. You care about improving your characters because you can make meaningful small changes over time. You also have a long term goal of leveling up many different types of classes so your peasant class can get better stats.

This game is so good and It's the most immersive game on the 16 bit consoles. It draws you in more than persona 5 it's got better music than persona 5 (Non elevator music)

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The PS1 translation is God awful. Y-Burn?

>> No.7020385


Interesting. I love FF5 but the story has always been pretty laughable to me. I like the characters because it's all so goofy but I've never considered it immersive.

>> No.7020398

Galuf being a berserker makes a lot of sense for me in the story it makes his final battle more dramatic to me. I always thought of him as a berserker king with amnesia. Which is why I dislike the gameboy port because they make him sound too intellectual. Like the writers made him a white mage or something against his character. When I played the gb translation I didn't get immersed in the story. The ps1 one was immersive but so is the original butz fan translation.

I like how I can relate with the bad guy exdeath. Once a beautiful tree that grew hatred and became evil.

This wasn't even my first final fantasy game but I thought the story was truly immersive and really sparked my imagination.

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Also the gameplay was good since ATB slows down the gameplay in 4 and it's so fast in 6 that you can pause the game during your animations to get an advantage and let your atb gauge build up on enemies animations to gain an advantage. And the advantage is huge.

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Oh so my point is that ff5 is fast since theres no waiting like in 6 but not abusable like 4. It's the most balanced system.

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