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Hey /vr/ I stumbled upon this little gem. It seems to be completely official. Can't seem to find anything about it though even on those obscure forums. (game is still sealed btw)

I can post more pictures If needed.

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back side, w/ specs and some random info

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Somebody here remember a game for Sony 3DO , one of those shitty live-action full motion games, about a man who hovers in a helicopter suit shooting stuff? i remember playing this back in the day and i never found anything about in the interwebs.

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Scramble Cobra?

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JA2 1.13 with Arulco Vacations

Day 2, 1:20AM - Sector C7

Razor can't stand Biff so he and Fidel split from the team in Omerta and head for San Mona, while the rest head for Drassen.

Razor already quietly dropped 3 enemies with throwing utensils.

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God, I love mortars

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This guy (runnerguy2489 on Twitch) is currently beating Ocarina of Time with a BLINDFOLD ON (without glitches). I know you guys don't like advertisements but I thought this was interesting enough to share.

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Just look at his gameplay. It seems pretty legit. Also, his preparation seems sufficient for completing the game blind

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He's done OoT 100% blindfolded in a ton of seperate sessions and he's done little challenges like "child dungeons (glitched)" blindfolded. I don't think he's ever just done a normal glitchless playthrough of the game blindfolded in one sitting.

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As a kid I know I used to do fairly lengthy chunks of OoT with my eyes closed

It's both a game you play so much you memorize everything but it's also a game with so many player controlled sound cues that you can almost always tell what's going on

I watched for a minute and noticed the guy caught the chickens by repeatedly playing the sun song to reset himself to the same spot after each one, and he calibrated his aim into their pen by listening for Navi flying to Anju

Also the whole "swing your sword and see if you hear a thump or a clang" thing is obvious

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I've seen the stream for about a couple of seconds. This guy dedicates his life to playing Ocarina of Time. That's a true testament to how much of a fan he is.

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yeah been watching for a few minutes now and you're right. this is madness though.

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What did Link mean by this?

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having to confront the terrifying reality that your girlfriend will never age or become an adult and is probably literally some sort of magical plant or something that doesn't even have a vagina

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y tho

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opinions and shit

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Hey /vr/ someone here knows something about an English version of Captain Tsubasa Vol2?

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What drives a man to play a Captain Tsubasa game though?

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I'm a girl and I'm a fan

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Yeah there's an english patch. Check romhacking.net.

Cus anime rpg soccer with funass tactical gameplay and those sweet ass animated cutins when you do stuff makes for an actually good soccer game?

Always wondered if SNES-later games in the series played the same, I mean we do have Inazuma Eleven but it's not /vr/. There's a non-anime licensed one for Genesis too.

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The fucking music.

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How do I play Mario Party 2 Online?

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Easier to setup a Gamecube/Dolphin Mario Party and playing that online

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Try retroarch.

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You're supposed to play with 3 others locally.

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This. Dolphin netplay is better. So get the MP2 Wii rom and play that.

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Would anyone be interested in competing for scores in a chosen arcade game?
For example, here's my shitty score in Donkey Kong (Japanese version). Play the game and post your score, and in the meantime we can discuss the gameplay of some classic arcade titles.
Ports would be fine too, if that's what people choose.

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I've been trying to get the best scores possible in Mega Man - The Power Battle courses.
Only found one friend who got into the game.

MM1-2 course, score 645600:

MM3-6 course, score 670500:

MM7 course, score 679700:

In theory it's possible to score about 30-50k more in the MM3-6 Course, however it's a hassle and you'll have to figure it out yourself

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Post annoying enemies that make you rage.

El Gado
>Final Fight

-Stabs you while out of reach of your attacks
-Stabs you while you're getting up
-Stabs you after you do your desperation attack
-Flying stab move that's even be done from off the screen
-Sliding move that is sometimes instantaneous

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Kickboxer enemies
>Streets of Rage 2

Specifically on Mania mode and when there's a bunch of them.

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*Hunched fighting stance with back towards the screen*

What's with this enemy template in walky-punchies? You just KNEW they were going to be annoying

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Anything small that comes flying toward you while you're jumping through platforms.

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Yeah fuck those bitches. Literally made me ragequit and start as Rogue. What were they thinking!?

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Yesterday I picked up Doom Classic Complete, but I don't know which source port should I use. Prehaps you have any suggestions guys?

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There's a Doom general for a reason. Go ask there.

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I saw the Polybius thread and thought that maybe you guys would like to discuss /vr/ related stuff in the same vein.

Feel free to share
>Urban legends you know
>Personal experiences

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>first game is good
>second game is great and ends on a cliffhanger
>third game is never released
why does this have to happen

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Sleep it off, Gilbert

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HL3 is never coming out so just forget about it.

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I dont care if it's canon or not, MI3 is my favorite game in the series.

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It's very OK, though not the best. It definitely doesn't deserve getting badmouthed all the time by a bunch of drones parroting a washed up designer though

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I did enjoy Monkey Island 3 though. I thought Monkey Island 4 was just fan wanking though.

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check your emails guys, i believe public orders are now available as i type this. $197 shipped, with remote and universal ac adapter. and ossc discussion thread i guess. i actually dont know anything about this thing, anyone who have one want to tell me how it is, how they use it and if its worth the $200 asking price?

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i see, sounds like hardware wise it can't really get any better from a snes perspective. I think I'll buy one today

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Ya I think 240p is set if you want line doubling.

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If I want to connect my OSSC to a VGA-only PC CRT, is this the active adaptor to use?

If so, I see a huge variation in prices. Will I see a huge difference in quality if I pick one of the chinkshit no-name ones over say a Startech or Lindy or are the guts pretty much identical?

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The Tendak one seems to be the one to get.

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Hmm, I was trying to avoid having to go HDMI first for simplicity.

Does anyone else think that maybe it's just an overall level shift on the unbranded adaptor compared to the others? I may pick one up anyway to have a play around with.

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Confess your sins anon, and be free of guilt.

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I enjoyed Super Hydlide

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guy's kidding, but there are people out there who really think like this. They're not nearly as self aware either.

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> never beat any nes mario game
> used guide for nes zelda
> was a genesis kid

im ashamed

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I've never beaten SMB.

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No, I'm not kidding. I do sometimes play non-steam games and I enjoy playing them very much, but at the same time I keep thinking
>damn, I wonder how many hours I would have clocked in if this was on steam

I know it doesn't really make any sense, but I'm just hooked on listing my stuff, having statistics etc. Same thing happened when I had last.fm account; I kept listening to music just to have some cool music on my playlist. I did enjoy the music, but every time I listened to them from my phone or cd or vinyl etc. I kept thinking that they were just missed and meaningless listens.

I no longer have last.fm because I just couldn't stand the pressure anymore.

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Confess your sins anon, and be free of guilt.

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I cannot stand Sega.

I cannot fathom why anyone thinks the Sega Genesis is better than the Super Nintendo. Everything about it is awful. The controller, the sound, the graphics and colors, it all makes me want to burn everything.

I also have 30 sega genesis games (including "must haves" like Gunstar Heroes, Castlevania Bloodlines, Beyond Oasis, Landstalker, and a "holy grail" of Crusader of Centy) and I haven't played any of them for more than 10 minutes.

I have a Core Grafx with a flashcart but haven't played anything on it.

Forgive me padre.

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I've thrown away parts that people could have used for repairing and modding controllers (extra buttons, shells, wires, etc) just because I hate dealing with people and would rather bin stuff than have someone else have it for a deal.

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I use Retsupurae to watch play throughs of really old games, especially cinematic ones, that probably aren't worth playing now. Just so I can get a sense of what they were like. So far I've done:

>Dark Seed 1-2
>Alone in the Dark 1,2,3
>Mystery of the Druids
>Clock Tower 2
>Earnest Evans

Very interesting that Alone in the Dark ends up tracking the same path as the Resident Evil series. Starts as a spooky mansion horror game, then goes full action, including zombies with guns.

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I have nearly every retro system and a flashcart for them, but all I play retro games on is my psp go because I find it comfy and relaxing

>> No.4079172


The Mega Drive has a huge advantage in that it can run fast scrolling games and arcade ports without slowing to a crawl.

>Castlevania Bloodlines

It's a solid Castlevania.

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A thread for discussion of games that completely confound you as to why they were ever made.

Pic related. It's time for another round of good idea, bad idea.
Good idea, making a sequel to Outrun, a super enjoyable game with a great soundtrack and features some of the most comfy visuals to date.
Bad idea, making it set in the future with a sub-par soundtrack and none of the charm.

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it was only renamed into an outrun game late into development.

>> No.4079145

>making it set in the future
I see no issue

>sub-par soundtrack
Compared to Outrun maybe, but it's still great.

>none of the charm.
But double the RAD

>> No.4079212

thats some badass art!

>> No.4079215

>sub-par soundtrack and none of the charm.

You are a faggot.

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>You play as a monkey with a backpack
>Ok, sounds fun
>Your goal is to find a key to unlock a door somewhere in each level
>Where is the key?
>Being held by living fruit that will try to kill you
>How do I get the key out of their hands?
>You attack the fruit
>How do I do that?
>You make a jelly ball pop out of your skull
>I do what?
>You make a fucking jelly ball pop out of your head and then you gotta bounce it off your skull a few times so it gets bigger
>And hitting them with that will kill them?
>No it only stuns them
>Then how do I kill them?
>You press another button while the jelly ball is in midair which turns the jelly ball into one of 5 different sports balls. Hit them with that, and it kills them so you can get the key
>Sounds crazy. So what's the final boss to this game, a giant pineapple?
>A witch with a bird.
>A fucking what?
>The pineapple boss is earlier

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Giant room filling collections or television and console sitting on a TV tray, post and discuss your battlestations here.

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About time another one of these threads got going again.

>> No.4079787

I love these threads too, battlestation threads over at /v/ just don't compare.

>> No.4079790

I think >>4079096 meant spread out the games so that they're not clumped together like that, but his autism is more pronounced than mine?

That chair looks comfy as fuck.

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it normally goes;
/v/ - underaged stations/poorfags
/g/ - dildos and those fucks who are in every BST posting the same picture
/vr/ - depressing/poorfags

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What's with the wooden cladding in these rooms? Nearly everyone has them in these battlestation threads, is it an Ameriwood houses thing?

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>> No.4079027


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Stop shilling this shit

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>be shigeru miyamoto
>want to make another mario game
>don't have any ideas
>decide to completely rip off an obscure chink game and replace it with mario characters
>get hailed as a "revolutionary genius"
>earn million shekels

How the fuck did Shitendo get away with this?

>> No.4079013

Who are you quoting?

>> No.4079014

By making the original game

>> No.4079015

>be a shitposter with no life
>want to make another shitpost thread
>doesn't have any ideas
>decide to take a stale /vr/ meme
>get hailed as a fucking idiot
>earn next to little replies since /vr/ is a slow board and populated by a older audience that ignore this bullshit

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Is Star Fox for SNES worth playing since Star Fox 64 is basically a remake that's better?

Also, post remakes that make the original obsolete I guess

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The first Star Fox is a technical marvel, good, fun and challenging game and an interesting piece of history if you're interested in the FX Chip feats, how it came to be and how the franchise started.
It's a totally different game from 64 and as such should also be taken into account when talking about the franchise. It's a great game by its own.

I have to differ with the anons here tho, I don't think the FPS on real hardware is as unplayable as they say, otherwise the game just wouldn't have passed QA.
On real hardware the game runs pretty alright, as intended. Playing on a emulator will make the game run faster but the timing of things will feel off.

>> No.4079327

All things, considered it is arguably a more fun game than the sequel, though they are pretty close.

The first game had more frantic action,a better soundtrack and the gameplay variation was more interesting.

Sometimes Starfox64 feels slow but the original game is mostly better paced.

The sequel has a better scoring system, speech, better graphics,dog fights.

>> No.4079346

You can't fix the framerate using emulation. You can make the whole game run faster, but that just makes it a pain to play.

>> No.4079371

I agree with this anon. It can be incredibly frustrating if you're used to the later Starfox games but the level design, the bosses, the power-ups and the music are god tier.

Not sure if 15 bucks is the best deal for it but you could have gotten worse.

>> No.4079391

Star Fox is better than 64 since it's far more focused and doesn't have bad voice acting or awkward all-range mode sections.

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