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Why Outrun style racing games run at 60fps on NES but on Genesis and SNES they are often 20-30fps?

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They are 60fps on the snes and genesis, but the nes had more flickering.

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interesting question. i haven't seen anyone competent enough to answer it on this board though.

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I have wondered it myself, it only takes a couple of % of the cpu to be able to animated a road smoothly each frame like you get in hang on or world gp on sms. Road Rash runs slow because it tries to scale the objects in software but for other games there should be more than enough cpu power. Super hang on uses a large amount of cpu to calculate the hills and position of the objects. Outrun 2019, pretty good but runs slow while on snes super chase hq and full throttle racing are about 30 fps.
What they should have done is separate the animation of the road to the animations of the objects or the processing for the hills, The hills and objects can be updated every few frames but it will still look smooth as long as the pallete gets cycled every frame. Outrun in the arcade animates the road and object at a different frame rate.
My guess is developers were not skilled enough or it was not considered important enough to plan for at the time or maybe racing game were not popular enough to care enough.
There were some speccy games and at least a bbc micro games that was able to seperate the pallete cycling from the roadside animation anyway.

Rad racer and most nes racers just look smoother than random snes racers I've tried. I think only roadblasters on gen runs smooth. I used to think nigel mansell was 60 fps but it really is 30 fps.

Actually chase hq on sega saturn actually has a fair bit of slow down, it only runs 60 fps sometimes.

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why are light gun games so hard

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Because le arcade quarter munching

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Because they were designed to steel your quarters. They are a gimmick.
I think the best experience I had with a home lightgun game was House of the Dead 3 on Xbox. I had the green madkatz submachine gun. That was a pretty fair challenge.

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Because players wanted hard games

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why are those peace of plastic still so expensive?

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A complete retranslation from Japanese for Lunar 1 (PlayStation) just dropped, with Lunar 2 nearly done. French only, for the moment being.


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You need Frenchies to clean Anglo mistakes

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To be fair to the SJWs involved, the original Lunar didn't have Clinton or ebonics jokes, so of course a retranslation wouldn't have those.

I find it hilarious specifically because it was traditionally SJWs defending Working Designs translations and accusing critics of being weaboos with sexist/racist views, because WD-style hackjobs were typically used as their sacred "role model" to excuse any changes and removals and general incompetence they want to get away with.
So to see them turn against their idols is rich. It doesn't matter though. Trannies are on a war path against the very concept of mods especially now that they're fine with how modern games get pozzed at the source, and want no one to ever mod those again (see the situation of Rune Factory 5 and Fire Emblem Engage). Might as well enjoy one of the fruits of cognitive dissonance by a nerd poisoned by SJW ideals but not to the point he'd defend shit translations.

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is there a fan translation for alundra 1? I would really love to play the jap version (no retarded wd balancing) and a proper fan translation. currently playing it for the first time and I am getting pretty tired of the surfer dude and other bullshit.

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>The dragon crap joke from Quark was already confirmed by other sources to be in the original Japanese
Indeed it is.

>こんなものをなぜ人間は ほしがるのじゃ?
>Why do humans want this?
>This is my sh...

Also the JP version had subtitles in cutscenes, jfc why were so many games back then lacking in subtitles?

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>des blagues sur les gros et j'en passe.
I can smell the grease of that fat fuck from here. Fat shaming is not discrimination, it's an attack on selfish self-destructive narcissism.

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Which of the crass cartoons of yesterday had the best video game? South Park, Simpsons, Family Guy, etc.

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Easily The Simpsons Arcade was the best

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Simpsons hit and run is the bbc of animated sitcom video games. I'm sorry it's not even close.

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love how this game looks
wish it got a genesis port back in the day

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Flinstones had the best ones

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>Simpsons hit and run is the bbc of animated sitcom video games

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>blows you up in one shot
Why was this allowed?

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Because it's fun

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This game is 30 years old now, fuck,

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This one and the second one used to be one of my favorite games of all time.
I remember being a kid playing them over and over again. Watching the intro and recording music on a empty cassette so I can listen to on my Walkman. I never managed to play the original one (only knew about it through magazines) until years later with the use of MAME. What a great franchise and a fantastic tribute to horror movies of their time. The nes one is great too if you want to try it out.

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Thank you, I haven't played the NES one in years. I really loved it from what I remember. Honestly, the first one is in my top 5 games of all time lists. It was one of the first games I got on the Wii Virtual console. I beat the first one on arcade so many times via MAME. I can 1 credit clear it usually. Have you played the PC engine port? Try the hard mode on that port. I think you'll get some fun out of it.

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I hated the redesign but I guess they felt it necessary to keep the paramount lawyers off their back.

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A friend of mine introduced me to the PC engine port I haven't played it though. Have you played the newer ones? There were some aspects I loved about it and it was a fun game but it missed a lot of what made me fall in love with the classics. I really did wish they could do some sort of classic remaster

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I've never touched the newer one. I would love to try it. I wish I could play it on Xbox one, I'll get a 360 soon hopefully. Is it worth playing? I heard pretty bad stuff about it, lol. So, the pc engine port plays pretty faithfully to the Arcade original. The only noticeable difference in gameplay is the Monster Jennifer boss battle. Her ai is reworked for some reason. Also, the alien whose head flies off has some different A.I. I think the PC engine is worth playing just for the added hard mode. If you've beaten the arcade one so many times this added challenge will be fun for you. I would check it out. Even if you just have to emulate it.

I'm leaving this discord if anyone from /vr/ wants to add me. I play Doom and fightcade:


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Let's go surfing now Everybody's learning how Come on on safari with me

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Best Duke expansion.

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To the beach boys you were all african animals, were they wrong?

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Endangered Species not getting released is a better proof that we live in the worst timeline than DNF

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blow it out your blowhole

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why did this game never get ported to consoles

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It wasn't popular in arcades

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Simply the best platformer ever made

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Until you get to the basement, then it all falls apart

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Banjo had charm. Mario 64 was an easy going game though

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>perfect the formula in 1996
>throw it all away

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I'll take croc on psx or Saturn thank you.

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Why did people go so crazy for this game? Yes, I know that the gameplay, art, and music are amazing, but it's still very similar to Mario and I thought people would roll their eyes at that.

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>Yes, I know that the gameplay, art, and music are amazing
There doesn't really need to be more to it than that. Early-to-mid 90s was chest-deep in platformers but the ones that did those things well stood out. It's that simple.

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People say it is similar to Mario, but do you see a super mushroom in the game? What about a fire flower, a star man, a feather or a leaf? Do you break blocks with your head? Can you shoot fireballs? Can you fly? Can you go into pipes? No to any of those questions, because this game is really nothing like Mario other than it's a platformer, but there are many platformers. Is Sonic the Hedgehog "very similar" to Mario? Is Castlevania "very similar" to Mario? What about Megaman, is that "very similar" to Mario? Well?

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>Why did people go so crazy for this game?
*bananas. they went bananas.

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>Memes aside
>proceeds to parrot fake meme.

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>it's still very similar to Mario
Not at all, and both physics and level design that accomplishes them is very different.

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Why did they originally chose orange color for MGS3 cover art? Every other region including later Japanese release is using green as accent color.

Is there any reason they changed SH2's cover art colors? Both US and PAL cover arts change color depending on system. I'm guessing they chose red to make it look sinister, differentiate, and gain attention for Xbox US. They used green for EU because green wasn't used in original version unlike US. PC is in between color in both cases. Greatest hits EU is red for most likely to get attention.

Silent Hill one seems to be random decision for advertising, but MGS 3 one is confusing. Green is the first color comes to mind when people think of MGS3.

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This is my favorite Gamecube game.

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Bump. This is the greatest Gamecube game.

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this is mine

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That game sucks

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mine is f-zero gx

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>be me
>65 years old
>I've been playing games ever since Space Invaders came out in the '70s
>But my favorite game of all time? Sonic the Hedgehog.
>Some people might find it strange that an old man like me loves a game about a blue hedgehog who runs really fast.
>But Sonic is more than just a game to me. It's a reminder of my youth, a time when anything was possible and the world was full of adventure.
>I still remember the first time I played Sonic on my Sega Genesis. The music, the colors, the speed
>it was like nothing I had ever experienced before.
>Over the years, I've played every Sonic game that's come out, from the classic 2D side-scrollers to the more recent 3D adventures.
>Some of them have been better than others, but they've all had that same sense of excitement and energy that I love.
>Whenever I'm feeling down or bored, I fire up my old Sega and spend some time with my favorite blue hedgehog.
>And you know what? It never gets old.
>Sonic may be a character from my past, but he still has the power to make me feel like a kid again.
>So if you ever see an old man playing Sonic the Hedgehog, don't be surprised. >Just remember that age is just a number, and the love of a good game is timeless.

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No, most people I know play games on their phone or switch in public but literally no one gives a fuck, most people are preoccupied with not wanting to Jill themselves because of the economy or wage slave job, they don’t care that someone else is playing Sonic on the train.

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Sonic was always a masterpiece.

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Honestly hard to even know these days since smartphones are so ubiquitous, unless you're blasting bing bing wahoos at max volume i guess.

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>adult furfag autists who were in their 30s and playing Sonic at release are now in their 60s

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Get to fuck gramps. this is zoomer county now. Also you are not 65 dude I'm not gonna humor this shit any further

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was this game good

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If you like "Holiday" by Green Day, it's the perfect game for you.

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I liked it, but I'm a THPSfag. I played the PS2 version. I actually bought the "Collector's Edition" for $60, which was the thing that led me to believe that the proliferation of "Premium" versions of games that were launching at $10 more with some extra crap was designed to get consumers used to paying $60 for vidya. I remember the outer sleeve having a grip tape texture on it, which was cool, but removing the sticker keeping it attached to the case tore a bunch of it off.

The whole "open world/no loadscreens" thing was supposed to be revolutionary, but in reality it was just you skating down an empty featureless tunnel for a while instead of looking at a loadscreen.

I hate the phrase "sovl" but American Wasteland doesn't have it when compared to THUG. The story of THAW is supposed to be that you're some homeless skate punk who comes to LA in the non!80s and helps build a skatepark (each major story mission gets you a new big piece for the park, which you can skate in at any time and watch change over the course of the game, which is admittedly pretty cool) and woo some skanky crustpunk whore love interest, but then they throw a bunch of consoomer bullshit at you. Literally the very first thing mission in the game is to go into a clothing store and buy a new outfit covered in dumb skater company logos.

The other thing that bothered me about THAW was that even though it was the 7th mainline game in the series it just assumes you have never played a TH game before, so you have to do a bunch of "training" shit in the beginning where the game "teaches" you how to do basic shit like a kickflip.

It's still a THPS game mechanically though, so if you like the gameplay its worth checking out, but the story sucks and the presentation kinda sucks and the soundtrack is dogshit. I would unironically recommend THUG 2 over THAW.

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it plays better on newer tvs.
input lag makes thps3&4 almost unplayable on anything but a crt
thug1 has 720p support but i think input lag still fucks up gameplay a bit
by thug2, they seemed to figure it out and it plays a little better.

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Did you not play it yourself?

>> No.9772163

I think the thing I dislike about AW is that it is just all LA. I wanna globe trot.

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And here is the reason why emulation of good old games is doomed: https://gbatemp.net/threads/silent-hill-2-greatest-hits-hd-cancelled-and-goodbye.615163/page-3

nostalgica purist fags going full accuracy vs the texture replacing HD filter upscaleing CRTfags

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a likely story

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Since OP is a faggot who isn't even capable of communication:
>the pcsx2 texture dumping function dont solve the paletted multi dumping problem and its outside of interests of devs
>the devs suffer something called "puritanism" the "pixel perfect mania" or the "accuracy emulation fever" they dont have much care for the enhancements department, the texture replacement function is like an accident in this emu, first the try of topaztk in a bestial way and later the incorporation of stenzek from duckstation, without those 2 events, today we are stiil waiting for this function, if you ask why they didnt do earlier, they respond the classic: the ps2 engine is too complex... complex like doing a texmod replacer function but for dx11 and say stop of all this theatre. To some with programming knowledge: JUST DO IT!
>bunch of whining from people who couldn't program their way out of a wet paper bag about how SOMEONE ELSE must do it for them
The real tl:dr is this;
The devs are currently focused on trying to get the entire library to 100% working instead of every single "enhancement" feature zoomers are screaming for. Zoomers be raging about it. And it was important enough to OP to make a fucking thread about it.

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>...first the try of topaztk in a bestial way and later the incorporation of stenzek...
Wtf are the devs polski?

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Gyromite and Stack up are the only one's that I know of. any R.O.B Homebrew?

>> No.9772001

Ask >>>/g/ .

>> No.9772252

agdq had "tasbot" which was a modified R.O.B. the robot. I'm not sure exactly how much they modified it though. So not really a homebrew game for rob, but there would have been some custom code I imagine to make it work which is kind of like homebrew, sort of. Here's the wiki page
And a video of tasbot playing super mario world, starts at about 5:00

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Does this even count as running on original hardware anymore?

I like RGB/HDMI mods mind you. I prefer them actually, CRTs are not being made anymore and are not going to last forever, the last one rolled off the assembly line about 20 years ago, and they weren't even good ones by that point but the cheapest of the cheap.

Nothing against those who still prefer a CRT, I just feel it's better to try to get my retro systems to play nice with newer displays than chase after these things, especially thanks to idiots scalping every shitty old tv they can pull out of their mom's attic for prices as if it's some state of the art Trinitron PVM.

Most of the RGB or HDMI mods more or less either take the analog signals that the system naturally uses to create the video and output it as RGB or converted to HDMI before it goes through circuitry to convert it to composite/RF. It's still the console rendering the image, just that the mod takes those signals after it has rendered the image and outputs them over newer and higher fidelity connections before the console outputs them over the lower quality ones.

But the NES is too simple and old to do that, the mods have to piggyback off the PPU or both the PPU and CPU and reconstruct/re-render the image themselves in order to output it over anything higher than composite. It's not the console really rendering the RGB or HDMI image anymore, but the mod acting as basically it's PPU. Are you even really playing on actual NES hardware at that point?

>> No.9771541

Why do you care? Are you asking just because you can’t do anything without the /vr/ seal of approval? Oh 10 anons told me it counts as real hardware (tm) phew I can use this setup almost had to trash it.

>> No.9771548

Honestly, just looking for discussion and opinions as it's something I always thought about. I would install the mod regardless if it does or does not "count".

>> No.9771554

Do you man, use what makes you happy and is easy for your scenario. From my perspective it’s real hardware from the behavior side of things (no strange emulation behavior) but probably not gonna look the same as a CRT. I also don’t have any CRTs because I haven’t bothered to hunt for one and don’t give a fuck, but some on here will (rightly so) say the game was ultimately designed for a CRT and is the trooest experience. At the end of the day we’re probably 30-40 year old men arguing on a Chinese basketweaving forum about childrens games.

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Is FF4 US actually easier than the JP version? I'm looking at the differences now and it seems like it's mostly QoL changes


In fact something here seems to indicate increased difficulty
>The Dark Knight enemy's HP is increased to 65,000. Notably, although Cecil cannot use Darkness himself, his doppelganger still uses the attack in their battle.

How did this myth become widespread? Are ppl mistaking the JP "Easy Type" version for the US version

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>> No.9771546

Additional question: does the PS1 version restore the original difficulty (assuming US actually decreased difficiulty - still getting confusing answers on that one)?

>> No.9771551


I was just about to respond pretty much the way >>9771523 just did. I haven't played both versions back to back - in fact I've never played any versions of the game except the original official English "FF2" for SNES and the romhack FF4: Free Enterprise - but it does appear that difficulty was significantly decreased. The main details of how much it was decreased may be hidden in those "item costs are decreased" and "attributes of some equipment are modified" lines and such. Like, did every weapon get its strength tripled, or were there just a few minor weapons that got +5% strength, or what? You'd have to look into the details or try it out, I dunno. I doubt that it's a huge difference. The game is simple, and changing some stats even by a factor of two would probably just increase grinding time somewhat, which doesn't really increase difficulty much - it instead makes the game take longer. Grinding is not difficult.

Removing abilities like they did probably doesn't change difficulty much. Whether or not you have all the characters' special battle commands, you mainly need Fight, some basic healing spells, and some basic damaging spells. Having those extra commands around is good mainly because it helps support the characters and story, not because it's actually important to your battle strategy. Replacing lots of relatively rare and specialized items for curing various status effects with one easily obtained cure-all item probably doesn't make a lot of difference either. I suspect that all three SFC/SNES versions of this game were roughly equal in difficulty (with Easy Type and FF2-SNES being a bit easier than the main version of FF4J), but like I said, I haven't personally tested this.

>> No.9771559

Nobody fucking cares if you want to play a shitty localization because you're a tendie and want to justify you're a hardcore gaymer because akshually the other versions are just artificial difficulty.

>> No.9771579

>Wouldn't this increase difficulty?

In theory it would, unless enemies have also lost the ability to cast those spells. In practice... it's a Final Fantasy game, you don't need that stuff to begin with. 95% of the time you only need direct damage and direct healing. Also, maybe the developers consciously counterbalanced this change when tweaking various stats, with the intention of making players stronger on average in order to make up for the loss of those spells.

>Is this not a difficulty increase? Abiltiies that may have been useful being removed and items too

I've seen the removed abilities in Free Enterprise and they don't seem all that strong, with the possible exception of Darkness. I think I've seen people say that that ability speeds up the early game by letting the first few versions of your party cheaply and powerfully attack a group of enemies instead of having to attack one at a time. But the game is extremely easy in the beginning, with or without that ability. Losing it may slow down battles, but they're still easy. It hurts the story (which benefits from Darkness' role as a mechanical expression of the kind of evil power a dark knight toys with) more than it hurts the challenge.

If you want a maximally difficult approximately-official version of the original game, I would think you'd do best by installing a translation patch into the original Japanese SFC ROM. But the only version I've ever heard of being at all difficult is... I think the 3D version for the DS, or something?

>> No.9771751

Yeah seems like a bit of an overstated myth

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What was the impact of it when was released

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You are silly and speak nonsense.

>> No.9771625

SNK was king in LatAm and had a pretty big following in Japan as well, it was just nowhere as popular as Capcom or Sega was in the rest of the West.

>> No.9771629

What revisionist bullshit is this? SNK was only behind Capcom, Sega, and Namco in 90's arcade market.

>> No.9771641

Lol! You very obviously weren't there.

>> No.9771702

You're forgetting one big one in burgerland: Midway Games. They were owned and operated in the US, so they had a couple of advantages over the competitions. The first way that they had a much easier time negotiating distribution and marketing channels, so their arcade games were way, way easier for smaller arcades to order. The second was that they had a much better grasp on what Americans were interested in playing. That lead to Midway having four of the top 10 highest-grossing arcade games ever in the states (two of them were Mortal Kombat 1 and 2).

I can't speak for other countries, but Mortal Kombat mostly eclipsed the SNK fighters in the west. NeoGeo machines were common enough that there absolutely were people who played them, but people generally gravitated toward either MK or Street Fighter.

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I’m about 6 fights into Saturn Ogre (similar gameplay to SNES) and I’m having trouble with two things:
1. It seems even one level makes a huge difference in power. Am I expected to train very often to keep levels high?
2. Counterattacks are so OP, is close-range melee even viable? Should I switch everyone to bows?

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That’s hilarious, thank you

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Generally you want all your units leveled to the current level of the enemies.

Unlike the remakes, in this one non-frontline units are VERY squishy and you actually have to think and use tactics to position and utilize your troops.
Under no circumstance should you let any of the magic users near the frontline. In the remake even a wizard could tank 2-3 hits with ease but here they get wiped out if they get into range instantly.
Same goes for any other squishy unit, if you leave them in range of the enemy you can rest assured they'll be dead the next turn.

Basically you have to single out and bait out the enemy and quickly dispatch them with yourt heavy hitters then reposition to do it again.

In the remake every unit is very tanky and has special attacks and so on so the flow is very different and you can essentially go all out and rush the enemy and maybe pause for a sec to regroup but here you'll have to be very careful about positioning and defenses.

>> No.9771504

Good info, thanks. Not sure I have any “heavy hitters” yet except for the winged guy. As for the PC remake, I normally don’t play remakes, so def staying away. Now, I am playing the Saturn remake, but only because it appears to be super faithful with some minor graphical improvements.

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Canopus (winged guy) will be your heavy hitter for the most of the game, mostly because he can tank a bit but also he's very mobile and strong enough to matter.

Look up the conditions to get a Terror Knight and a Dragoon (you have to kill/defeat a certain number of units for each one to become available).
There's some meta to switching to and from classes to max out stats and speed (leveling someone as a ninja then switching class) but I played through the game without bothering with that too much.

Certain classes pair up better with certain weapons, which gives them an extra animated flourish when attacking. Berserkers with axes, Dragoons with spears and so on.
Unlike the remake archers are good so make use of them.

Don't bother too much with beast units since iirc they take up two spots and they're not worth it.

Later on you're going to get a lot of unique units so your regular ones are going to get phased out. Make sure to keep reading warren's report to unlock side quests and stages.

There's only a handful of REALLY tricky missions in the entire game where you have to save certain units and it's basically RNG and a lot of trial and error. The rest is doable.

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One thing that is not obvious and WILL fuck you is that enemy levels all match the highest level of your party. So if you have one guy who is higher than everyone else, your difficulty level just shot up. I did this unknowingly with my healer, and got torn a new asshole as all my fighters were outmatched.

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