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I don't get how LJN became a punchline when Gametek was clearly the worst NES publisher.

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Nigel Mansel World Championship could have been good. It's a realistic simulation F1 title on NES at a time when everyone else was doing arcade design.

However the AI has the worst case of rubberband I've ever seen. When you're in first position the second car is always RIGHT on your tail no matter what you do and the first tiny mistake he passed you over. It's very frustrating.

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probably because LJN stuff actually proported to be real games people would want to play while nobody considered anything Gametek shat out to be a "game."

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>logo has a triangle

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Press F for respect.

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still a better name than Tommy Tallarico

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still plenty are left in stock and cheap FPGAs can replace them when we do run out

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The one on Genesis

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So were they making chips in California or just the business is based there?

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Is there any real strategy to the combat in this game or it's just button mashing?

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Combat? A bit there's a few moves that Turner has that will make some encounters go much smoother like using Roadkill on females.
The real strategy of the game is to treat each panel like a puzzle.

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I button mashed my way through this game as a kid and recently I've learned that there are various button combinations that make Sketch do moves I've literally never seen before despite the fact that I'd been playing the game over and over again back in the days

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I usually mix up high/low/mid attacks very quickly to get around enemies blocking. Doing so acts like a cancel, so you can attack much faster.
You can grab and throw some enemies, at least one panel requires this to blow up a power hammer blocking the door.
Grabbing the green monsters turns them into other enemies.
Button combos deal a lot of damage (down up punch for scissors kick, up down punch for shaolin kick) but are slow. Strigils will always dodge the shaolin kick, but I think Styx will always get hit by it on wakeup.
Roadkill can combat by zapping enemies, the females are afraid of rats and will die instantly. However, enemies can hit Roadkill, and he can die easily. He respawns some panels later.
For the little metallic facehuggers, you can only hit them with stronger attacks by juggling them high enough.

that's all I remember.

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Currently the game came with the technical combat of Viewtiful joe before VW. But you learn that cheesy airplane paper is easier, in the same way that shurikens are

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ITT: Fuck you, I love it

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Wow, that's a spicy take, dude! Here's mine, and I don't care what anyone says - it's a decent game.

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>*ruins your gamecube exclusive discussion*

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>bro just copy games to your USB and play through mmC
>PS3 doesn't support NTFS, >4GB files can't be on FAT32 drives
>bro use Split4G
>game doesn't run because it's not decrypted
>bro decrypt game
>decryptPS3 supports only ISO files
>convert game folder to ISO
>iso file is too big now for FAT32 drive
holy fuck I'm losing my fucking mind trying to play a game

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Honestly this, except i copy my disc to the ps2 hdd. Even if the disc drive crapped out, I could just rip it to my pc to copy over, though that adds another annoying step.

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k.. thx for the blog post..

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PS3 supports ntfs with multiman
1.install cfw
2.install multiman
3.download iso
4.find ird
5.patch with ird
6.decrypt wit 3k3y
7. Copy to external hdd
8.refresh multiman

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you are welcome
not advice me on how to play GoW III
not gonna pay >$50 for a used copy on ebay

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?? Are you retarded or something? It's under 10 burger bux.

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Are the Logitech G25's the peak, or are there better ones that offer more functionality or quality?
I can't think of any others that offer geared force feedback, 3 pedal, with an H shifter + sequential. Especially when they could be had for about $100.

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I was wondering this myself recently and it looks like the G27/G25 is the best the PS2 can have

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I don't think many games on PS2 can take advantage of the H shifter

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I named him Vuvu for the lulz

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You think THAT's unholy?

How abour naming Garnet Tifa?

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>So this is called a 'Dagger'...
>I've decided! From now on my name is...
>I will be called FLOOZY from now on. What do you think, Zidane?
why did they even still have the naming option?

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Only retards didn't name her back to Garnet.

Garnet sounds much better than dagger.

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Been going hard for a few days on it...

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>fits with the character and game world
>satisfying sound effect
>immediate feedback
>does a fuckton of damage

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>mogs ur shit game and shit double jump

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The game that will save /qa/

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I was looking through my Switch screenshots when I found this one from Wrecking Crew. What a cool little guy.

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I don't own any console past the original xbox

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did ayylmaos design that grille

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pleas give me all the codes evar made for evey game there ever was, and bring them all to my house, as I am grounded.
PS: your evel


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here u go, buddy

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>PS: your evel
what did he mean by this?

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It means evil specifically in an unfair injustice kinda way. So killing someone is evil but taking away peoples established rights is evel.

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Which is the superior menu 'em up?

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Reading these two posts one after the other is comedy gold

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Why did you lump the the Mother 1 gb port with the nes games ?

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Because serious discussion is beyond you. You're a small, posturing child who's still got some growing up to do. You aren't worth it to spend the time on an actual conversation yet. Try again when you can formulate an actual opinion instead of just senseless tribal fanbase barking and trying to base some kind of moral grandstand on your choice of game subgenre.

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> a setting that feels fresh
>i only watched Pokemon
Medieval Fantasy and the average shonen boy town adventures were both done to death.

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>that artwork
I miss when pokemon was about taming wild animals, it makes the concept of being an adventurer cataloguing new species for a scientist much more believable. At some point (probably around gen 3) pokemon definitely stopped being wild animals and became just magical creatures.

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I acknowledge that this game is crap and significantly worse than its predecessor but I still enjoy it anyway.
There's something about the physics and gameplay flow that simply no other Sonic game managed to replicate. It almost has an arcade-ish feel to it with the same degree of replayability as Doom.

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This was always bad, but I tolerated it for some reason.

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I'm an avid pinball player and you're pretty off the mark with that idea. The point of the special stages is to be trial and error, because your chances for the later ones grow thinner and harder to find, the further in you get, until the last few levels don't even have them. Pinball by its nature can just throw your ball down the drain, if the flippers are too far apart (see the bullshit behind Fish Tales as a prime example), and as the chances grow thinner further in, you want to be able to build off of whatever parts were successful in a previous attempt at the later special stages.

I wouldn't call them masterful or ingenious game design, but functionally they at least make complete sense. Imo Mania strikes the best balance by having at least 3 laps usually, with the first two being at really manageable speeds so you know what's coming, and in turn theoretically have a way higher chance of passing on your first try.

Also there's pinball bonus stages in Spinball, and desu they're pretty fun, so I get where you're coming from

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the only problem with blue spheres is it makes you pick up every ring. You should just get them when you transform a block of spheres.

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This mini game seperates the players who actually have fast reflexes, and the ones who play through Sonic games by bruteforcing their way through with the ring system and learning everything by heart.

The later get destroyed by this mini game.

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I'm just gonna say it.
You got filtered.

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Sonic has tried to do pinball so many times and it has never been good

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In Crash Tag Team Racing!


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inb4 OP gets banned because /vr jannies are the most oversensitive mods on the planet. And yes I'll get banned for this post, too.

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What kinds of clothes does a chud wear?

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a nondescript t shirt and pants, sometimes a hoodie
source: used to be a chud and wear that all the time

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>used to be
sure buddy

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I picked up this game last week. I tried to enjoy it. I tried to see the pros and cons, but honestly, after a while of trying, I dropped it. To be frank, I don't get the appeal. It doesn't feel like a worthy successor to Mother 2 at all; the charm is notably lacking and the humor feels forced. I wouldn't have minded so much had it not also been busy trying to be dramatic and "2deep4u", which is where my main gripe with the game begins. The times when it tries to be serious feels so out of place and unnatural, like a fanfiction written by somebody who misunderstood the appeal of the original source. It's not "Mother" at all. As far as I'm concerned, it's just a poor mimicry of the much more superior Earthbound 64 that we're never going to get.

Honestly, I should've just stuck with Earthbound.

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it never shouldve happened. entire thing felt like a fan game.

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>no suburbia
>no plot surrounding starmen and aliens
>no sex appeal
>the dog is permanent
>stupid pork bean segments
>dumb porkers aren't as cool as starmen, chimera crap shoved in your face with no good payoff
>forced silliness compared to earthbound

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pretending to be someone else won't work poopy joe, we already know your tricks. you're not clever at all, you're just stupid.

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hey /vr/, most of you are going to lose your marbles at this post and tell me to sudoku, but I still need some advice
I've got a bit of a conflicting situation here.

I recovered my old CRT from my grandmas place, and now I'm frustrated on not being able to find a simple all-in-one solution regarding playing old games.

I love those mini consoles, and I've got a SNES mini, a genesis mini, and a PS Classic. I'm a gimmicky fuck. I would love to acquire any possible advice on how to connect that to an old Trinitron that is SCART capable, or at least composite. From what I understand, it's very, very difficult to achieve HDMI->SCART lag free.

On the other hand, I've got an actual saturn and an actual ps2 coming, plus a fenrir duo, which I'm planning to buy some SCART cables for. If the minis setup is too impractical/too fucked lag-wise, would it just be better to play the ps1 roms on a ps2?
If so, what's the best modding solution for playing ps1 games on a ps2 in 2024? Would be ideal if cheats were kept in mind.

Lastly - I have no solution for n64 games yet. That's where I'm considering purchasing a Wii U, because from what I UNDERSTAND, it's capable of running SCART "natively". Do correct me if I'm wrong, and if I need to reasses some things.

Thank you kindly for the advice - any is appreciated.

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Getting a mini console to work on CRTs isn't worth it. You'd need a 720p -> 240p downscaler, and that's a whole rabbithole innit of itself. The best all in one solution for <=gen 5 is MISTer.

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You can get a retro pi and output it to scary, then get a scart>component cable for a poorfag all in one solution

>> No.10867118

well, since my TV has scart ports and no component, I guess I'll take a look at how retro pie handles scart; thanks :)

certainly daunting, especially for someone like me that isn't super technically literate

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Is the Xenosaga trilogy worth playing? I always see Xenogears and Xenoblade being discussed but never Xenosaga.

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This thread has been visited by evil goddess MOK-KOS
She won’t leave until you bid
her good morning

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>4 years
>still in the sewers

Holy shit man, that's like what, 10 hours into the game if you're taking your time?

I just started playing the game last month or so and each of those sections took like 1-3 play sessions at most to get through. Are you playing this for 5 minutes at a time on the phone while on the bus or some shit?

Like I'm not trying to be mean or elitist, and I get the colosseum sewers are kind of annoying with the high encounter rate and tanky enemies, but it's really not that long a dungeon crawl or section.

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2('s art direction) killed the series

>> No.10867851

G-Good Morning...

>> No.10867884

>They also fired most of Episode 1's staff for 2, including Soraya Saga
Goddamn, that was retarded.

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This just showed up in my mailbox one day. I read every page.

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It was my favorite game magazine. Got to see Sega and TG16. Young people will never know the joy of experiencing games through a magazine that they can never afford.

>> No.10867045

>It was my favorite game magazine
For me, it was VG&CE

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For me it's Top Kids N°7