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Beavis and Butthead Virtual Stupidity is a realy fun game. I remember there where more point and click games of them. How are they?

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But Star Wars can't be "Future Retro", because it took place a long time ago in a galaxy far away.

But with that said.

Marry = F-Zero 64
Fuck = Wipeout
Kill = Episode 1 Racer (Nothing personnel kid)

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marry star wars racer
fuck f-zero x
kill wip3out

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Can we have this thread without fanboy shit?
Even though snes have way better specs, i will say that what makes a console great, is the games it has.
With that in mind, how could anyone favor the genesis when snes have:
>super metroid
>super mario rpg
>super mario world
>super mario kart
>chrono trigger
>secret of mana
>final fantasy
>donkey kong trilogy
>megaman x trilogy
>final fight
>turtles in time
>demons crest
>killer instinct
>and the list goes on and on...

now the genesis?
>quack shot
>Mortal Kombat 1 with blood
and thats that.

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>Can we have this thread without fanboy shit?
>entire post is about favoring one console over the other
This is obviously a slide thread
What thread were you trying to kill?

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I took apart my controller because the up button was being continually pressed. I couldn't fix the problem, but now the triggers don't click like they are supposed to. Is this how they are meant to be before I put the shell back on?

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This game is honestly not that good.

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Nobody gives a shit.

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shill me some obscure but good dos games. the ones I haven't played yet.

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Have you played Bad Street Brawler? It plays kinda shitty but you go around beating up old people. Good times and those grannies can be naaasty.

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I'd like to make this thread about the development of old videogames. You can post retro interviews, technical articles, etc. It shouldn't spin around romhacks, or mods, or eggs, but everything around the original development of videogames.

Let's get started with Carmack writting on designing the networking side of QuakeWorld with low latency in mind

>I am now allowing the client to guess at the results of the users movement
until the authoritative response from the server comes through. This is a
biiiig architectural change. The client now needs to know about solidity
of objects, friction, gravity, etc. I am sad to see the elegent
client-as-terminal setup go away, but I am practical above idealistic.


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Nasir Gebelli (FF nes programmer) interviewed by Romero


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>White books
Who else plays this gem and what are some builds you recommend?

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Haven't played it in years but without doubt a top 10 game of all time. OF ALL TIME.

As for strategy, warlord + white magic + halfling slingers. Niggas gonna get stomped.

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Have you ever seen anything more

A E S T H E T I C ?

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what rom hack?

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it's one of the vanilla contests, probably 2017

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aesthetic is not an adjective in the way that you used it. this is a brainlet-tier way to use a perfectly fine word. that said, it looks very nice! the color palette in that picture is very spooky.

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Well sorry about that, I thought it would be a cool word to describe it consider thats what everyone says about. But I do agree about the cool colors and the spooky atmosphere it gives off. And I'm not a brainlet.

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just found this but I guess you guys have seen it before. well this is how games used to be

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Hello /vr/ I've been searching for month now the ROM of an old dsiware called ''Petit Computer'' and I can't seem to find it can anybody help me ?

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You won't find any websites yet that offer dsi roms standalone, but whole sets (5GBs approx.)
I got you those from a partial set I had (have the complete one somewhere else, but can't be assed to find it), emulate it with no$gba or find some way to inject it in a CIA on a CFW 3ds (then region shouldn't matter)


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Does anybody know whether during the 4th and 5th generation PAL releases of Japanese games were translated using the American versions as a base of the Japanese original? I have a feeling they translated from the English translation which would suck ass

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Some publishers didn't use the US version as a base. For example (not retro), the PS2 has a lot of PAL games that were never released in the US, and were localized directly from the japanese versions.

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Most of the time they were based on the NTSC translation with a few exceptions. I know Ape Escape 3 received a brand new translation.

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Yeah I thought so. Guess I'm always going to use the NTSC version for every localized game

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ITT: Retro games that make you feel like the biggest badass in the world during gameplay

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Wtf is that, Ikari 3?

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Operation Thunderbolt

And yeah I used to shoot the thots as well

Absolutely badass, looking forward to some jingoistic VR shooters where I can take down the terrists like in this game

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Darkstalkers is better than Street Fighter.

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t. animefag

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Not him, but I already played a lot on actual arcades back in the day. Don't feel like putting up with emulation, lag and brazilians tbqh. If I want to play some VS Darkstalkers I'll just play on my actual PCB when my friends come over.

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>when the animators themselves cite Disney and Tom & Jerry as influences

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Anime refers to gameplay, not aesthetics. Vsav pretty much invented anime which carried onto Jojo and then the Guilty Gears.

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>Darkstalkers 4 never ever

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Do you think they would have made a Game Boy Color variant if they ever had the chance to?

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I've actually been tempted to get one for the same reason. If you can afford it, and it's going to be something you use regularly, go ahead.

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You can make the light very dim, anon, the problem with the original GBA was people tilting it around everywhere trying to see.

You only need a bright light when you are sitting in a place where you are in the glare of sunlight at a bad angle. They could just make the light not serviceable in that situation and people would have still been okay with it.

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This is true. I have no idea why there are people on this board that insist that GBC is a separate platform. The New 3DS can do things the original 3DS can't, including playing SNES games, and nobody considers that a separate platform.

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THIS, I've never considered it a separate product, it felt more like a stopgap revision while people waited for the GBA.

It was also kind of bad, the screen was crap, and most of the games were shovelware.

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>It was also kind of bad, the screen was crap
how so? It has no screen ghosting/motion blur like OG or pocket has. It wasn't front/back lit but so wasn't gba until many years later. I guess its smaller than pockets screen but the size never bothered me(then again I've never had pocket).

My only complain is the plastic cover, when it gets even slightly scratched you cant see shit through it, and if you take it off(or replace it with modern glass replacement) its clear and you can see it no problem even without any kind of light mod or wormlight(assuming you aren't sitting in complete darkness or in very dim room).

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This one always disappointed me as a kid. I mean I guess the game was okay, but that cover with that green monster dragon thing made me expect something way cool i guess lol i dunno

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Life Force was my favorite game on the NES when I was growing up. Probably because I could actually beat it.

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Growing up I loved Deadly Towers and Micky Mousecapade. Sometimes you love what you have.

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i've seen worse

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Most people think that.

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What are the best (and worst) retro Treasure games, /vr/?

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Silhouette Mirage is really enjoyable on the Saturn original.

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stop nigger you are not fooling anyone.

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Gunstar Heroes, Silhouette Mirage (saturn), Silvergun, Ikaruga, Bangai-o are all fantastic.
Worst is probably dragon dive i guess.
It's shit as usual. It's missing half the graphics, censored, rubbish translation, really bad voice acting, slowdown everywhere and they butchered the gameplay and changed all the difficulty parameters.

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Is this game worth playing? Sort of just looks like a text-adventure/space invaders version of Mass Effect but a couple of people told me its good.

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>mass effect
in what universe? what has come after that even compares?

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He said dating sim, it's a genre that simulates going on dates. He didn't mean it seemed outdated. I also just realized the etymological relationship between "dating" and "dates" haha

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should 1 be played first? and where can i find these?

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imho start with 2, also known as Ur-Quan Masters, simply because it's creators made it open source.

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>version of Mass Effect
Mass Effect is a version of this. It's basically a remake.
Yes it's worth playing.

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Tell me a little bit about this game. You play as an emperor and you expand your empire? That sounds cool on paper for a jrpg, but is it actually involving ?

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Shitty tryhard Japanese attempt to mimic western open world rpgs. Ended up being trash like everything else to come from that country.
Just pirate the steam version and see for yourself.

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name a western RPG with empire building

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Romancing Saga 2 has barely any empire building or base management. You can fund like 4 buildings and some weapons armor and magic. It’s not in depth or anywhere close to the customization you would see in a PC game.

With that said RS2 is a phenomenal game that you should play as soon as possible. It’s basically what a SNES era JRPG would look like through the lens of a CRPG.

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The empire building part is just about funding specific constructions and building new arms as you grind for more revenue by killing the shit out of every monster encounter you're in.

The fun part about being the emperor is the quests. Each few times you complete a quest, you get to skip a generation or two to see your empire and anything you're previously involved in develop, for better or worse. And you can influence these quests in different ways, and see the results you would never really expect. sometimes it also means your empire has expanded to that area as well.

It's kinda Kawazu's way of making an Ultima game without bearing the Ultima name and putting a slice of squaresoft in it.

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Why Japan doesn't make ambitious games anymore?

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Guys, sorry to bother, but could you please elucidate me on this arcade game I once played as a child?
It was a pretty wild bike racing game. There was the usual bike men dressed in bike racing outfits, but then you could choose and old timey fellow with those old big wheels bycicle, a band(?) of elvis impersonators, a recently married couple with a sidecar and a bunch of cans tied to it. I think the graphics were mostly 2D sprites instead of polygons, but I could be wrong on that.
I was able to find the name of most of the arcade games I used to play as a kid but I can't find that one at all.

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Sorry, Cool Riders :)

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It's bonkers as fuck.

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Can someone tell me what game this was?

It was a two game arcade machine with FMV based around cops. One game was based on a high speed pursuit and the other was a shooting gallery in an alley.

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Yeah it was that one.

Thanks for the answers m8s, this had been driving me nuts for years

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Lethal Enforcers.

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