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OpenPredict mints synthetic assets on-chain that reflect the price of a particular cryptocurrency or traditional asset.

OpenPredict changes the dynamic by giving speculative assets a liquid value, tradable on any decentralized marketplace.

Using Liquid Options, traders are equipped with an advanced tool for hedging risk in the DeFi market.

Market cap: 3m

Inflation: no inflation till 28th August

Openpredict has been building its product for months in stealth mode and is finally ready to ship its first products and ramp up marketing. Team is doxxed and backed by DAO Maker. DAO Maker will help with marketing.

Whats coming?

- Product launch

- Start of marketing

- Partners and integrators TBA

- L2 integration with Matic is ready

- New website

Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/open-predict-token

Website: https://openpredict.io

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First for futures

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red id and scarlet mommy punishes us all week
dubs and she punishes us all month

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That doesn’t even look bad.
We’ll be green by 2pm.

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Lum poster never sleeps

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reminder that you're a jew

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Bobo wins again. We warned you about the Monday dump.

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Those goddamn chinese. Every monday.

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More time to accumulate

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Ha haha ahahahah
youguys actually thought 50k was the new floor?
Fucking morons. I read all your little happy frend time pepe threads. Absolutely pathetic.
>”oh boy guys we are gonna make it!”
>”I love this board so much hug me”
>Boy am I glad Im a hodler. Hodl the line boys!!
Faggots. Get shorted.
Let me take a picture of this.

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at least they're in, nocoiner larp. Go back to your cubicle now.

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i never thought i'd say this but i'm so glad i bobo'd this time around and sold at 53500

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new bsc moon farm and token

build up


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Right anon?
Surely, after so much spoonfeeding..
What's that? You didn't?
What are you waiting for? Anything under 10 cents is a fucking steal.

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100k stacklet reporting in

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are yo makingtrying to talk about the income of erc20 tokens? have you seen gas? such huge fees against Apollo's own blockchain, you suckers

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I thought it was sergeys wallet?

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He’s fuck8ng retarded. That’s a team wallet. The original 50 million token was received at the exact same time as Sergeys wallet with 350 million tokens. Just check on etherscan

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think about it, a deflationary coin is just another way for pajeets to drag normies into their project under the guise of "no matter how long you hold you will make money"

if a coin is deflationary you must tread lightly

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I summon the Frogs
I summon Satan
I summon Bastet
I summon Wesley Snipes


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It's in the worlds best interests that we exterminate all niggers like you

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I am metallurgically ruined

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>oh no i'm down .005% of worth in useless fiat woe is me

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Toad.Network is unironically the next 100-1000x
Current marketcap is <250k
200k total supply (not inflationary)
Unique new farming concept, LP farming. In the LP farm you earn TOAD-BNB (not just TOAD). The pool has a 10% burn in/out to incentivize and decentralize the liquidity and make it rug proof. It also gives more rewards to stakers every time that someone enters/exits the pool.
Coingecko coming any day
BUSD and BNB staking pools coming this month
Meme contest just started, first set of NFTs coming soon (1st,2nd,3rd place in the contest will be the first 3 toad network NFTs)
Dev is based and works pretty much 24/7
CEX Exchange listing next coming next month
Savings accounts and game built with token coming in the future
Two new farming pools coming this month



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Day 1


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I invested at the fucking peak!!!!!!!

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piece of shit

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based, just bought 10 more

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sis you could've at least drawn a pajeet shitting on the token sirs

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Don't miss out on this moon rocket.

75k market cap.
160,000/300,000 circ/total supply.
Solid and responsive devs in tg group.
Lots of partnerships
Big announcement coming soon
Up 30% in a couple of hours and barely getting started
1.6 million market cap = 10 dollar FLO's

It's about to moon so hard.


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FLOMO incoming.

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Doge to $115 guys, I saw it on YouTube

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I would be worth approximately 172.5m if Doge hits $115

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why are normies and youtubers ruining everything

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>another week of dumping ahead of us
god damn i'm so tired of this

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at least you have 4chan to cope on

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the psychological barrier that is 50k fucking sucks

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>platform demo exists
>Pancakeswap liquidity pool initialized
>all contracts on github
>non-pajeet site
>listing price is 2x from pre-sale
/biz/ will let this thread die and stay poor again, this is the easiest no-brainer ape in of your life

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yeah instead of pajeets, theyre pajeets from europe

still buying in tho, solid 2x

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this is like one of those memes you'd find in those pajeet telegram groups full of spam and begging
you also misspelled millionaire

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Grow up faggot

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>you also misspelled millionaire
I think that's the joke.

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