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Details will be in the group.

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>another day wasted on 4chan instead of doing something productive

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Why don't you get a job?

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You're allowed leisure time, especially if you work. Maybe you will learn something here, I have.

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all the pieces are falling in place this friday
>pink supposedly moon
>posw dividends
>eth moon
>btc moon
>ltc moon
>chc announcement
>xrp supposedly moon
Shit is gonna go down bois

My predictions:
>xrp and eth moon
>posw turns out to be a scam
>btc and ltc stagnant
>pink and chc quadruple

pic unrelated

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What are you basing these "predictions" on?

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xrp: look at the charts man
posw: gut feeling
pink: check out the chart dude
chc: bittrex listing or at least an announcement about it, probably

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>no source
remember to sage non-bitbean threads

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>posw: gut feeling

Aka I have no idea what I'm talking about

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my favourite show on television: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

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It's the current year

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this. when it dips though, it's gonna dip HARD. and it will come back even higher. take note.

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What news websites do you browse to learn about financial news?

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>Just got a form about my tax return saying that I declared business income in the "child care industry"
>I never did

What the fuck??!!!

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Have you joined the democratic party by any chance?

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No why?

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Welcome to tax fraud.

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What did they mean by it? What should I do???

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Hey hey, not sure if this would go better on here or /adv/, but I'm trying here first.

I'm a 19y/o with a bit of work experience, but while working these jobs I was in a pretty bad place(struggling hardcore with depression) and did really poorly at all of them. I'm doing a lot better mentally now and want to get a job so that me and my gf can maybe move out someday in a year or so, but I can't seem to find a job now. What can I do to increase my chances of landing a job? What types of jobs should I be looking for? Is it alright for me to lie and say I'm looking for my first job since all of my other jobs didn't go well?

Thanks in advance,pic not related, just a cool album I had the cover of saved to my phone.

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My dream is too die a slumlord, and I have $250,000 cash dedicated to making my dream happen (50% is my father's, and he will expect 50% of all profits).

I am required to buy in an income tax free state because my dad, want's to use it as his California income tax evasion shelter, which leaves me with Washington, Alaska and Nevada (the states with legal weed) and no income tax.

All three of these states have large 100 year military installations.

What is your experience renting in the military or to people in the military.

I recognize their like rape crazed college kids, but with no parental support, morals or education, but I figure they 90% would never be able or want to own a home, even though they want to get the fuck off the base.

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Join for a pump and dump group: https://discord.gg/7dTUpQ3

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>not accumulating cheap LTC on the "sell the news" noob dip

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Do you anons have any recommendations?

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Pic related, politics not so much. Seriously is there a method to milking the system. What am I missing because I see this so much. I work have my own biz trade stocks do what I can just to get by while others seem to have it all and do nothing.

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Your significant other applies for SNAP, TANF, & SSDI (for some bullshit reason) and writes down on all the forms that she lives alone. But really you live with her and you both make money under the table.

Source: I know black people.

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Former government worker here. Come tax time there is a good chance that these people will be going to jail unless they actually jump through more hoops than just this, our systems would flag this unless they knew how to avoid setting off red flags.

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Ask Elon Musk

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Does a several-year history of factory jobs hurt your resume when you're applying for a more professional job, like office or tech industry?

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Yes. Why would I hire you to work in an office or tech if all of your experience is doing grunt work in a factory?

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and internships

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Maybe you haven't heard the big fucking news, but Spotify just bought a blockchain company. Check this shit out:


Guess what crypto they love...ETHEREUM!


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fuck off and kill yourself

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This will go nowhere.

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not with Spotify doing it

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I got 31 ETH should I buy more or wait?

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wait untill 3,and watch it. moon

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3 what?

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wait for what?

we are still somewhat in the dip, the next dip will only come after the next big pump, which might take ethereum to over 100$

doubt you'd see it below 50$ ever again

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Hold. In the meantime look for coins that can potentially moon. https://discord.gg/X6wAF5T

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Would anybody here consider putting their retirement fund into a Bitcoin IRA?


Is this a bad idea? I'm considering it.

Also, if anyone wants a job paying $120,000 a year, I found this:

Literally just knowledge about Bitcoin required I guess.

Fuck. Is this a bad idea?

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Fucking neets. I found you a job for $120,000 a year which requires nothing more than knowledge of cryptocurrencies and will allow you to trade cryptos all day.

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>Fuck. Is this a bad idea?
Kek I already put more into BTC than my Roth Ira. You'd probably want to diversify into other shitcoins BTC may not be around in 50 years. You don't have to leave it in BTC until you retire either I don't think

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Apparently there's some ETH one too.

But my point is, isn't the point of an IRA supposed to be that it's tax-free or it grows tax-free?

With crypto, if you already aren't paying taxes on it.... what's the point of this? Is this whole site just a way to try and get normies to buy into Bitcoin and then pay taxes on it later? It seems kinda dumb, no?

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>not paying taxes
Would you like lube with that?

When you're 80 and have a million dollars in your retirement fund you'll want to pay taxes else how will you ever use it?

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>Buy some BTC online or on Localbitcoins
>Trade around wtih Altcoins, watch it grow to a million dollars over the next 40 years
>Cash out a little bit at a time through all the various companies offering this service AND localbitcoins cash, little bits at a time
It's not possible to force taxes on Bitcoin unless someone is a complete absolute fucking dumbass when he/she cashes out.

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Have BTC and ETH attained symbiosis or is it coincidental?

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Exactamente, my friend Pedro.

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I very probably know the Pedro you speak of, but I am not Pedro. Just didn't have any good thread pic on my device desu

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I am struggling in finding the issue price for bonds i was hoping i can receive some help.

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no thats just all the information i need to find. but i dont know how all that correlates with the issue price

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Hmmm... I wonder if there is a nifty formula that relates issue price to the other variables? That would be a really useful thing to know.

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You're solving for the present value. Use your financial calculator.

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I am not the best with numbers, so do what I did to to pass my accounting/math classes in school. PAY SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR YOU!

It's very easy to find someone who is willing to do all a course's homework/quizzes/tests for around 200-300 dollars.

I have done this 3 different times. I used some guy who was studying to be an accountant in Venezuela or something. He would remote into my computer and then take any quizzes or tests that I had online and he would always get a B or A. Pretty great.

Same goes for the math guy, except he was a college kid studying to become an engineer that lived in America.

It's definitely worth it. Cheating like that got me Dean/President list every year

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This, assuming the interest payment amount is annual. Most bonds make semiannual interest payments, but that isn't specified here. The bond will be issued at a premium because the coupon is higher than the market rate.

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Should I buy more ETH or wait, I got 31 atm?

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Fuck me I'm at work too browsing /biz/ and somebody walked by. I was fucking terrified.

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Appreciate that.

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congrats on the job

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