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>Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics
+250 ML Miami Heat

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Redpill me on working on an oil rig. It seems like this would be hailed as the last vestiges of the American dream if they really pay that well and don’t require a degree or prior experience. DO they actually pay that well? I’m thinking of trying to work on one for a year or two to transition back into the civilian world with some actual savings.

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Engineers earn good money on a oil rig.
But if you dont have a north European engineering degree, just give up on your dreams. Nobody wants to hire a shit tier pajeet "engineer"

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2 chicks at the same time.

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2 chicks at the same time

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innawoods compound and live off interests and dividends. no fancy cars or mansions
private school for my kids

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I know what I wouldn't do: go to fucking work ever again. That all I need in life

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12 bitches at the same time.

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Fast forward to around 41 minute mark…According to this video from ten days ago, they already have clients using beta version. He also halfway commits to saying full release in ‘23. Hmm…

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How do you think they'd be in audit phase if no one was using it you fucking mongrel

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Is it possible to get a 184 cm tall /fitbiz/ husband who looks like this when you're a trap top?

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Why no trades past half hour?

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what do i do now?

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One word, bro
Stinky female brapholes

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What do you do? Nothing. You sit and wait. The Great Reset is happening right now and absolutely can't be stopped.

And if you're still clinging onto naïve fantasies where the brave oppressed masses rise up against the corrupt elite, led by a titular hero riding in on a white horse, you need to come back down to reality, if only for the sake of your mental health. You are not up against people; you are facing what has since become a fundamental force of nature.

The "powers that be" are here to stay. You are subject to a perfected enslavement machine, honed by multiple generations of economic, social, and military research. The arrival of the digital age has heralded the point of no return. There is no going back. Every last contingency and every last deviation has been simulated and accounted for. Revolution by any means is impossible. Any would-be dissidents are subject to all-encompassing surveillance at all times, with data fed into precognitive AI run on quantum supercomputers that can identify an individual's threat level based on the very most trivial habits. They will know your secrets that you haven't told a soul to and planned to carry to your grave. If you have any qualms against the agenda, no matter how slight, they will know.

Federal surveillance and infiltration has made organizing and training impossible. Any poor individuals consumed by their vain defiance to lash out at the system will never become martyrs thanks to the nigh-absolute control of the media and its narratives disseminated to the masses. Any organized resistance that does manage to form will be doomed to be crushed and swept under the rug.

So, why am I telling you this? For your own good. Denial is only going to degrade your already fragile mental state even further. Don't throw your life away in vain trying to fight a force beyond the scope of mortal man. The truth is excruciatingly painful, but all in all you're better off just accepting it and letting go.

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>one word

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uhhh....ride it out...make some money for a while...so what youre down 99.9999%...it'll go back up champ

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Racist chuds not welcome!

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Sir this is a 4chan

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pedo symbol

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I have some cash and a home loan. Until now things were fine, the interest was alright but this year I had to re-do my loan agreement and I am paying a lot of interest now.

Should I just pay the loan? I don't see why not but I am dumb with money. I don't have enough cash to cover all but I can cover a great chunk of it. The cash doesn't really help me and I am not really getting any interest. I was saving it for emergencies but I also have stocks that I can in the worst case

Pic not related

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Do you have a job that will allow you to earn enough to pay the mortgage off? What are the terms of the mortgage; is there an early payoff penalty fee? Are you paying pmi?
Best case scenario is you pay the mortgage early, save yourself from paying the extra interest, then only have to worry about utilities and property taxes.
You could also invest the money, and hope that your returns are higher than your mortgage payment and use said returns to pay the mortgage. Or leverage the money by using it as a down payment on a personal loan and invest the loaned money to achieve greater returns.
You type like a retard esl, though, so those options are probably too risky.

Pic related to ass and titties

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I really only feel alive when I gamble a significant portion of my net worth on a shitcoin

No cap zaza

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leave toad

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I'm a Jewish Woman


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>raised in a middle-class household
>started an innovative business model
>worked twice as many hours as the average wagie
>his company becomes one of the largest in the world and can literally ship goods to you the same day you ordered it
>the stock price goes so high that it practically carried the stock market on its back, saving many people's retirement funds
>one of the largest employers in the United States, providing decent work with decent benefits to hundreds of thousands
>high-level professionals like software engineers and businessmen are desperate to get a job there
>opens up e-commerce to mass-entrepreneurship, reopening the opportunities that brick and mortar superstores closed and makes thousands of new millionaires
>uses his money to get us to space instead of creating more Africans
>calls out Biden's inflation gaslighting

Why am I supposed to dislike this man?

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you forgot the part where he was highschool valedictorian then top of his class in ivy league engineering and president of his engineer frat then worked in quant finance for a decade before pitching them the idea and could have gotten vc funding regardless

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That's not particularly hard for the average person to do. A business loan is about 20% down, that's the same as a house, and middle-class people buy rental properties on a mortgage all the time. If you saved up your money, you could get a six-figure business loan too.

And? Am I supposed to dislike him for being smart?

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You mean he did not work as much as people say? He does not work 200 hours a week personally in his company?
That he is not a supernatural super hero originating from a lower class but a spoiled child from a degenerate greedy part of society that is insanely rich profiteering from the working class?
You mean we forget this?

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he was a wall street guy before founding amazon retard

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Anon if I handed you half a billion dollars you still wouldn't be able to make a company 1% as successful as amazon

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Imagine not having a day off today, financially speaking. Truly a Godless country you must live in.

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Tomorrow is a day off here, croatian statehood day

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go back and cringepilled

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Do you know why this place is empty?
because whenever I post an x100, the thread is deleted.
Stop banning memecoin threads, those who invest in memecoins want to take risks.
Made in japan is a possible x10.
Make biz great again.
i posted ron desantis last week, who heard me made x10.

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$50,000 for this basic looking POS?

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There is a reason that I drive a Volvo XC90. Asian shitboxes can crumple against my car in the demolition derby of life.

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>$60k SUV
do you make $180k a year?

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Would I be an idiot for paying $25k-$30k for a new Corolla? It's not a lavish consoom based purchase, but I have no other option if I want a decent car given the used car market. What is everyone else going? Should I keep waiting? It seems like the used car market prices is a result of aliteral shortage of used cars and so dealers end up fighting for whats available which drives up the prices that consumer have to pay. I fucking hate this shit so much. In 2019 I could have gotten a 2-3 year old car for cheap, now these cars are just expensive as the new ones.

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It's 32k in Europe

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Nah. The used market is fucked and will be fucked for the coming years. Just get a new one at at msrp at this point.

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Wassup yall it be tyrese from the chainlink team here. We finna start doing a community outreach program for yall so we can help bring da community togetha. If yall finna ask any questions bout da project yall feel free to holla at me.

We hella busy grindin rn cuz da almost CCIP on da way no cap.

And also yall i got word from ma main nigga sergey, he axin if yall would please tone down dem hateful ass memes. Like cmon yall we tryna be a positive community he real stressed rn.

Aight axe dem questions yall

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Hes African, not a hood nigger from Baltimore.

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You’re an excellent actor

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Why is BNB a top 5 coin

What does it even do

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discounts on trading for the largest crypto exchange by volume

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Should I invest in exchange tokens then? Like smaller ones too

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>breaks your password protected Trezor wallet
nothing personell kiddo

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Your meme super computer could be running for thousands of years and it still won't break a wallets private keys
I know retards will say otherwise

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Source ?

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Any fellow NVIDIA shareholders? I made $161k last week but I'm going to hold for the foreseeable future. Not sure who is going to come out on top in the AI war, but NV has all but monopolized the pickaxe and shovel in this gold rush.

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demoralization thread

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bought it at around $218, saw it go down to like $110 then hodl it

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if a movement to get suburban zoomers in the retail workforce was to catch fire what would be the business consequences in the labor market?

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i have no idea what you're trying to say.

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as it currently stands most minimum wage jobs are occupied by an infinite supply of replaceable alien scabs. this is a suppression pressure on both wages and the workplace culture within the bureaucracy of retail. the leverage the employee has against his employer is entirely negligible because of the infinite supply of scabs willing to leave their home countries failing due to their own incompetence and negligence. they come here and accept work under demeaning bureaucratic conditions of compliance, and enable a kind of economic eugenics.
if the younger generation decided to occupy these positions in the economy, the foreigners would have no way to support themselves any longer and the natural balance between worker supply and work demand would return. wages would increase, workplace culture would improve from exchanges of dominance and compliance to exchanges of mutual convenience

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Okay cool thanks for answering your own question.

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