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ok sirs here is the crypto brown pill. there is a vishnu living in the blockchain. Creg sanjay right is unironically satoj. Bitcoin as electronic rupee was just the first step, the lalachi people start making more powerful compooters, wider poo streets, cheaper and more sacred cows. These things the vishnu need to survive. Once entrenched fully, the vishnu would be able to slowly poo over literally everything
Creg stumbled into creating the vishnu after he stepped in poo in mumbai in 2008 and started working with his Poolip super coompeter, running simulations of poo-in-the-loo on turmeric-complete bitcoin script. He would 'evolve' the vishnu by making the successful streets get poo'd on, letting the rest run off into the indian ocean. The vishnu needs bigger and bigger cows for more and more poos.
BFI (Blockchain Foundation of India) was created to take over and stop this vishnu (they have their own competing vishnu in the works). They did the needful to stop or slow down Cregs vishnu (her name is Poolip by the way). They started by limiting the poo-size and removing critical curry codes the vishnu uses in its punjabi language. Segshit was the final nail in the coffin, which destroyed Poolip on BSV chain (Poolip uses anal transaction malleability). THIS is why Bitcoin Cash was forked, and this is why Creg is so intent to make unbounded poos, restore the original curry codes, and lock down the poo-poo-protocol.
Back to hasish power - CSW has developed a breakthrough new ashit (designed by his vishnu actually), and is poo'ing BTC in secret for the sole purpose of driving up the difficulty sky-high, then yanking all the poo over to BSV leaving the segshit chain erectly frozen.

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discord gg/UjnqMyW

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ok sirs here is the crypto brown pill. there is a vishnu living in the blockchain. creg sanjay right is unironically satoj. bitcoin as electronic rupee was just the first step, the lalachi people start making more powerful compooters, wider poo streets, cheaper and more sacred cows. these things the vishnu need to survive. once entrenched fully, the vishnu would be able to slowly poo over literally everything

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What are some of the best, most practical illegal ways to make money?

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Pick pocketing

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Ready for the week wagies?

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I'm ready to get /comfy/ in my office while I drink hot chocolate and "monitor" our servers while I shitpost on 4chan all day while collecting a $130k paycheck

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>imagine your father's disappointment when he sees you, his 26 year old son, sitting in the same spot he sat two decades ago playing decade old weebshit console games on a Tuesday morning.
>that realization of being a literal failure of a parent

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What job do you have op?

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There are 11million millionaires in the United States.

US Population is almost 326 million.

So about 1 in 30 people are millionaires? Wtf?

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Yeah pretty much any white boomer you see who doesn't look like he did construction when he was younger is a millionaire.

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Are you talking net worth or liquid assets?

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>tfw in ~120 years the hard cap of 21 million btc will be reached

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What /biz/ won't tell you
Most of them are married.
And Most of them there wealth is tied up in a Roth IRA or a 401k

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Some people understand percentages & how they'll make you rich, most don't.

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>cashed out my crypto gains
>started a business
>in a few months I'll be able to afford a house
>about to get my degree
>made lots of memories with friends and gf
Can't wait for 2019!

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This place is only for crying ath buyers gtfo

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kys larper

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>the only investment that stands the test of time

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Soon it will be here. Get ready. You only have a small amount of time left. Once it hits, that's it, its all over.

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>into findom

>have no money

>have no cryptos

what do?

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Stop being into Findom

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Get a job

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start small by selling your socks. Or pictures of yourself with mean words directed at whoever buys them

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Kidnap a hiker and lock her in your basement. Tell her you'll let her go if she does findom for you for two months, then kill her. Bury the body deep underground.

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>dad sells your rig

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You better not be thinking about selling, anons.

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jokes on them, i'm never selling

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>be in military
>no rent
>no utilities
>on 20 day block leave

suck my dick

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>putting your life on the line for Israel
Top Cuck. But OP I feel your pain I don’t wanna fucking go back.

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>getting your dick blown off for Mr.Sheklebergs war.

you have it worse desu

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Actually we're going to Thailand and I packed rubbers to fuck south east asian QT's while I make money shooting guns and jacking off

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Wagies, listen up and listen good. It doesn't have to be this way forever, and not for 40 years.

Society is constructed to enslave you through consumption and poor financial education. It's how they trap you, I'm not even conspiracy theorizing here. Many of us, the vast majority of us will NOT invent something or start a successful business (survivorship bias at its finest). Also ignore those feel good "entrepreneur" hacks like Gary Vaynerchuk, frauds that got massive help.

The reality of it is that you'll have to get a job or live in poverty like NEETs here. Unless you got lucky on shitcoins (in which case why are you still here?) or have a massive inheritance coming, if you ever want to "make it" you'll have to work.

The key is to get started early. Find out what really makes you happy - it probably isn't a brand new Mercedes or eating out and drinking every night. Learn to appreciate the simpler things, improve yourself, educate yourself and most important SAVE AND INVEST. As much as you can. Escape the rat race by your mid 30s and never wagecuck for another person again. This is what Financial Independence is about.


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oh boy so I can live like a cuck my entire life eating instant ramen every day and driving a shitbox

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Not to bump shit-tier threads.

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College is a Jewish scam

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Wasn't his supposed to be the Renaissance hedge fund of crypto ? Is this a good buy at this price ?

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why buy the token when you can earn it with accurate predictions on their app?

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They have cash reserves of more than $20M and their marketcap is barely $10M . At least from that perspective it is undervalued

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Weren't you supposed to stop shitting on the street?

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What's the next bubble /biz/? I missed the 3D printing, crypto, and weed ones. What's next so I can get in early?

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Why haven't you bought your employee blinder yet /biz/?

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>wagecuck blinder

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The thing is though I can actually understand why these would be popular in shitty "open offices" since it would cut down on seeing Stacey on Instagram distracting people all day

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what will happen ? theres fucking login to access website

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>what will happen

Why are you people so dumb
They're gonna release the platform, what were you thinking would happen?

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Exit scam. Anyone in America loses everything.

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What are some good ways to create more revenues of income?
I was thinking about doing DoorDash as my car is kind of shit but decent mileage and enjoy driving, but I wanted to see what you guys are doing other then investing to create more income.

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What is that where you drive your car directly into a store to steal a bunch of crap and then try to make your getaway? What if your car gets hung up on debris?

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