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>24 years old
>been neeting my whole life
>decided to pick up uni again: law study
>due lack of discipline prob won't make it the first year
>got a weekend job in a urban clothing store, got my weekly dosis of 'social' insuline
>have 500euros in my bank account, all my earned money (made 10k out of crypto) went to uni/clothing and hanging out with friends
>feeling useless
>social contacts and family are stable, good at communicating hence they think I'm doing good
>only playing games during the week, and outside of the house I'm pretending everything is going good.


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Which country anon?

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You are literally me + the job

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Anyone else hunting for aidrops? Which ones do you think are best atm?

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hey /biz.
i dont see the purpose in life.
i dont enjoy anything. feeling fucking empty.
dont know if I should keep on doing this?
just want to fucking die,

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Camus said there was only one great question in life, whether you should kill yourself or not.

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don't we all

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>tfw you got to tell your boy he can't go to college because the fucking bankers dumped bitcoin
>tfw when your boy ask why mommy left and you got to tell him its because of those banker fucks
>tfw when you boy asks why you're moving out of your big house into a shitty apartment and you tell its because bitcoin dumped again
>tfw in 10 years when you're living in your mansion and your boy asks why he has so many new mommies and why others have so little when we have so much and you tell him its because we have strong hands and others are weak, and your daddy bought the fucking dip at $3k

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What should I do to resolve the situation?

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it's 4chanel not 4chan

please keep things civil
we need to appeal to advertisers to keep this site alive

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Hello fellow (((advertisers)))

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what’s the smallest market cap coin your hold /biz/? mine is mcm

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Doriancoin. $0 marketcap, unlisted coin. Infinite upside, zero downside. Amazing, really.

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UUU because I'm dumb

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Constellation - DAG

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>about to flunk college for the 3rd and final time

Wja the fuck do i do? I have so much debt and my life is fucking ruined. I havent even told my parents yet and to top it off I ofund out my dad has stage 4 leukemia last week. seriously considering downing the xanax and whiskey i have and hanging myself.

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Do you dare me biz? Should I do it?

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do it fagit

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Who the fuck do you think you are, attention seeking man child?

You have less power than a AAA battery.

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If your anon ID contains "555" I will name the winning coin of 2019. Good luck.

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lmao this again?

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Good luck.

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nice larp faggot.
the winning coin of 2019 is obviously going to be chainlink

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Bitch nigger make me rich nigger

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Is Litecoin still a good buy?
Bought some recently at sub $24 looking to grab more, as well as some Bitcoin if the downtrend continues.

In b4 "Huuuurrrr, Charlie sold at the top"

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Litecoin is only boomer until it starts to pump, then every single one of you fucking shills will be like LTC lambos and moon missions.

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looks too smart for a cashie

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ive never touched it and ill never will

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Litecoin is a chink scam.

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>Last year Didi Taihuttu sold almost everything he owned to buy bitcoin (BTC). His family moved to a bungalow and now on his Twitter profile it says: “The Bitcoin Family: we sold everything to live our dream”.
>The belief that drove him to do this was that not only was the Bitcoin revolution inevitable but that it had already begun.
>However, he now lives in a trailer with his wife and three children, who are officially “homeless people”. The children don’t go to school because, according to Didi Taihuttu, the school teaches the past, while instead the children must be educated on the future: a decentralized future.
>Taihuttu says he is happy to live in the middle of nature, instead of in the classic terraced house where he used to live and now has more free time to spend with his family.
>His goal is to live in a very minimalist but happy way. For now, he has lost about 60% of his investment but continues to believe in Bitcoin.

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when will his wife start dating a black bull?

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the Bitcoin revolution is inevitable!
it has already begun!

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his choice wasn't stupid at the time, the way he handled his gains was
he sold his presumably €200-300k house at a moment BTC was worth $3k... so easily 100 BTC
but if you watch the documentaries about him, it's pretty clear he's a moron. he'd log on bittrex so he likely gambled a bunch of his wealth away on shitcoins
i'd guess he's got about $100k worth left and fronts in front of his own family, hoping what he has will go 10x and pushing his bitcoin family brand to make ends meet in the meantime

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I wonder what he was thinking when Bitcoin nearly got back down below $3000?
Dude is going to end up murder+suiciding his whole family once this shit goes to zero.

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when did he buy exactly.. if he bought before BCH fork, and still has his Bitcoin SV then he will make it. If they are typical corecucks and dumped BCH after the fork for more BTC, they are going to zero.

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Can we get a /made it not rekt'd/ appreciate thread. I can't be the only one who didnt lose his money and made around 400k from crypto. cmon bro's post in this thread if you learned to trade, took some sound advice and now youre sidelined in fiat/tether or hedged in short positions.

I refuse to believe everyone went broke.

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I made 700k but I could have made 1.8m if I sold at the peak, so I don't feel like I made it

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this thread is about making it not bitching about paper profits. GTFO. coulda woulda shoulda, pajeet. Move on.

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Ayre as part of a deal agreed to spend $0.5B to slay BTC. There is so much money that is having to be thrown around for all of this to happen that it ain't even funny anymore. It's almost unimaginable how much money these whales are throwing around to make these crazy swings happen. I'm holding onto my select coins ATM and haven't sold my BCH or BSV because you never know what's going to happen. BCH will still be open source peer-to-peer and BSV will be institutionalized and ran by a select few, as Core did. There aren't 1M people that just joined the scene and spend beaucoup bucks on BSV. This will be the biggest pump and dump we ever see in our lives. BSV could get to number 1 spot and would then argue that by all rights BSV should be "bitcoin", and bitcoin "bitcoin core".

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Imagine trying to take on Calvin and Craig at the same time. Wouldn't end well for you so I dont know why Jihan and roger are trying it.

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gee anon you really post this wall of bullshit text a lot. pretty much 3-5 times a day by my count. almost like its your job or something! you really must have a good heart, looking out for your fellow anons like this. surely anyone who says you have an ulterior motive must be wrong.

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I'm helping you make money, you idiots. There are people here who really buy shitcoins based on advice they receive here. People should know the Blockstream=Satoshis Vision and their end game is to force people into the only useless shitcoin they approve which is the crippled BTC.

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That's some spicy meme potential there friend.

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Yeah right, ABC cuck.

How does that layer two feel while you're choking on it down your throat?

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If you have nice titties and a vagene.

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got a 8/10 qt3.14 after leaving this place for a month holy fuck bro's i made it. i might be broke as fuck but at least my gf is attractive

when christmas dinner comes up ill be able to say ok yeah i lost all my money in crypto mom but at least i brought home this broad

what has life given you ever since crypto gone to shit? something always blossoms out of misery

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>what has life given you ever since crypto gone to shit
Your diginity.

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reported. Enjoy your ban.

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>has gf
nice LARP faggot

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wisdom, experience and a clean balancesheet (no debt)

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J-just wait till December, it's going to be 2017 all over again XD

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costs 4200$ to produce one of bitcoin so its worth 4200$

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Bitcoin will never ever be under 5800 usd miners wouldnt let that happen because they wouldnt have any profit

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>obsesses over how much fiat they can sell it for.

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>Bitcoin will never ever be under 5800 usd miners wouldnt let that happen because they wouldnt have any profit
wow, nobody ever said that unironically, right?

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Alpha power moves at work?

I've recently started pulling my pants and trousers right down when using the urinal, so my bare ass is showing. Beta males will know you're the alpha

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some colleagues invited me to their party on Saturday night and this morning i’m going to tell my boss they were doing drugs

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When I was about 13 in secondary school I used to unironically believe it was alpha to use a urinal right next to someone even when the others were free, and the reason people didn't do it was cause they were scared of people knowing they had a small cock.

Even said it once to friends, luckily no one paid attention. Still cringe thinking about it but so fucking happy no one ever noticed

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based as fuck

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I spend 20 minutes minimum taking massive dumps at work every morning and I don't care that it's super obvious because I'm away from my desk for such a long time. Sometimes I don't even wash my hand and then I go mingle with my coworkers and shake their hand. It's hilarious to see them visibly cringe but they all shake my hand because they're too beta to reject/deny a handshake.
Who else here /paidtoshit/?

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Why do you think it isn't?

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