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My Transaction has been pending for almost 3 hours. Is there anything I can do?

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just sold my 38.4k stack

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i'm falling asleep hahahahahahaha

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this is what making it feels like

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i have a sinking feeling the token will, in the end, be removed from the equation

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No way...

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Serious question: what are the chances that he's using these images without actually knowing they're using this system? I'm having trouble separating emotion enough to really consider that objectively.

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He's showing potential users, this is not confirmation of a partnership

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What did he mean by this?

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Its over. Ur not going to break through the 10k. Cya at 4k

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What the fuck....

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No I'm not...

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How do I have worse luck with women now that I have six figure salary and fancy car, than I did before?

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Money can't buy personality. I make half the money my roommate does and pull 3x the ass. He's just a hopeless autist who can't talk to women to save his life

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Strongest selling point of Chainlink. Big macs 4 everyone

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Sergey says he is building a decentralized oracle network.

Then goes on to say his network will be made of nodes that he and his team approves and are "trusted". Is this not a point of centralization.

He is running chainlink oracle network like the mafia.

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/biz/ can you explain what exactly it means to be a turbo thot?

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I got offer a job of CarreFour the French company like Walmart in USA. The CarreFour doesn't have any store in the US yet. The job is Financial Coordinator. It is the online job get paid $2700 per month. The company will transfer money by Zelle to my US Bank checking account. I will go to the Bitcoin ATM to buy the bitcoin for the company.
Jealous much?

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>$2700 per month
A pittance by burger standards.

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No, I feel pity for you.

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Oh yeah, how is the money laundering business adapting to bitcoin?

I mean, OP is obviously falling for the latest version of the scam but I'm wondering if anyone else has seen anything.

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>Dumps for weeks
>recovers in a few days
fuck this market, seriously

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>And by the way guys, is this thing catered? Are these big macs free?

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Nothing in life is free anon

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how do you stop the nigger inside you when make it?
It's all easy in theory “just don't buy things to impress people", but I have a feeling it will be a lot harder when you have a shit load of cash

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This is based. The answer is willpower though. You need to train yourself to restrain yourself.

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Step 1: Have some self-respect. That's the only way you will ever truly impress other people, anon, not by buying tacky expensive garbage.

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It's not difficult at all. I just hoard cash and don't spend it on physical things often. I travel more than anything, really.

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Low time preference

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>I use it as a jumping off point to teach people about the jews
Unironically this. Remember anons: people for better of for worse associate money with authority. By being perceived as rich, your ability to redpill without social pushback goes through the roof.

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So bullish

nolinkers on suicide watch soon

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This is the best presentation ive seen. Multiple Oracle market places opening over the next 1-3 months

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The original Nakamoto hated banks and derivatives. This is how you know sirgay has nothing to do with him.

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he's on drugs, get real

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Huge backlog of node operators we are gonna be so fucking rich wtf

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"I'm going off in so many directions... Am I out of time?" *checks phone*

oh please get someone else to do these talks

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Just got a Bachelor's in Business Administration, what job should I get? The degree was pretty much classes on every aspect of business so it was broad.

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> InCase
Patrician taste.

Poor major choice though. Shoulda done STEM

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start a business haha business administration haha
like people who study accounting become accountants haha
or people so study economics become economists
or people who study statistics become statisticians

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Aw come on what do people usually do?

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start a business of course haha
business administration haha

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Daily reminder that when the inevitable collapse of the world market takes place, the only things that will be of any value are bullets and food.
Probably pussy, too.

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>shiny metals

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Desperate men will take desperate measures for pussy. It will sell

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its literally free if you have guns and they dont

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Don't forget booze and other vices anon. Don't ever underestimate the value of a fix.

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He's fucking killing it tonight

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>He's fucking killing it tonight
Yeah, the price of link

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Yeah, right. This is unironically terrible.

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my portfolio is fucked

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they should use that dumped LINK to get a better public speaker. wow

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Nah. The Gonser fireside chat was terrible. This presentation tonight is Sergey at his best. It started off a little rough, but he's in the zone right now

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