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Crisis averted. Sorry doomers, the economic collapse isn't happening as long as the adults are in charge.

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Strap in faggots. Bitcoin to $30k, ETH to $2k. Hong Kong legalizes crypto next week. The bull run has officially started

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Is investing in China a good idea rn?

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Do people still make money creating websites for people? This includes content and photography, videos, etc.

Why the fuck would someone pay me to manage their companies online presence? I don't know anything about marketing

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>no friends
>no gf
>family disowned me
>can't even have a cat because landlord disallows it
>ugly loser
>sold too soon during the last bullrun
>money about to run out in the next few months
>waiting patiently for a bullrun that will never happen
should I just kill myself at this point?

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Just sell drugs

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op is obviously drug consoomer

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go hike the appalachian trail.
it's cheaper than rent and more fun

or maybe wander around the volcano in hawaii

I dunno, there's lots of shit to do for cheap all by yourself that doesn't involve purposefully killing yourself

hell, go fuck with your family. Slash their tires, light their trash on fire. Do something. Anything. You got nothing to lose.

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>the landlord disallows it
kek just hide your little anne frank cat

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token not needed you can pay with eth token not needed you can pay with eth token not needed you can pay with eth token not needed you can pay with eth token not needed you can pay with eth token not needed you can pay with eth token not needed you can pay with eth token not needed you can pay with eth token not needed you can pay with eth token not needed you can pay with eth token not needed you can pay with eth token not needed you can pay with eth

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that's what i've been saying for years
token not needed

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But when you pay with ETH the protocol instantly market buys LINK with that ETH so umm that means price goes up whenever you pay with ETH. So why is this bad for stinkies?

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It actually is needed. And I say this as a FUDDIE. You're making us look bad by posting something so obviously incorrect.

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I've made a $59 profit on my demo trading account, I reckon I should switch to the real thing now, I'll be seeing you losers in the dust of my Lambo.

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Look at this fuckin chad

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>I have 3.75 BTC and 1k Link. >I'm genuinely suicidal because its not enough.
How do you all cope with this?

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i have 10k link (~2.4 BTC) and feel great because it is enough. :^)

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I have 40k LINK and 3 million ROSE which is probably enough to make it in 2024 so I’m chillin.

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nobody is interested in your scam rose, fag

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you will never be a haircomb

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Shit won't flush in the toilet when I take a dump. Only goes down with a bucket of water.

How do I profit from this financially?

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Nothing feels better than sinking your dick into a girls ass


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zoomies detected

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np anon I can do it for you, she hot rite ?

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talk about this anywhere else
this is a blue board
for business and finance

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OK I'll bite.

How will this help me make money in the stock market?

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>Show me a beautiful woman, I'll show you a man who's tired of fucking her
t. Abraham Lincoln

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i hate chainlink. i just... i just fucking hate it. and the people who hold chainlink? i don't hate them as much as i just don't understand them. it's like they're aliens from planet mars. why? why would you hold this odious, worthless piece of SHIT token that isn't needed!??!?! what the FUCK is wrong with you? maybe you really are financial cuck... cuz i don't get what else the motivation could be

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>start in new logistics industry for 120k a year plus super from my programmer job
>guys mainly in their 50s-60s, crazy, calculated, manipulative, angry
>was assigned to go on the trucks with them as an offsider, they'd scream and behave crazy, smashing stuff
>all of them behave the exact same way
>made statement "what happens on the truck stays on the truck"
>every 2nd day i would get a call from management from these people dobbing me in for minor mistakes
>get switched over to a tech side, there are also a bunch of peasants that dob people just to get them fired
>advised by a tech that dispatch side had wanted me gone and that it was the nature of the company

I've been thinking about resigning, Has anyone dealt with such an environment where this stuff occurs?

The managers seem like they get swayed from left to right, they know they're manipulative but still listen to them. Sort of dont know what to do to be honest. I've done further studies to enter this industry but its not working out.

What would you do?

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Have some respect for yourself and get a job where people act like professionals and not animals

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Start applying to another company. Don't give your 2 weeks.

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Try to survive for few years?

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>crazy, calculated, manipulative, angry
At some point they're going to have some kind of schizophrenic breakdown/heart attack anyway.. just try to outlive those sociopaths.

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I just wanted to warn (and help) you guys by guving you a heads up. Zenon Network is going to paint a God candle and be the biggest mover of this cycle. People have no idea what is coming. This is the mythical Ethereum killer. A feeless scalable dual chain that passes all the heavy lifting to its side chains keeping its main clear. Designed to be interoperable with Bitcoin and any other crypto that bends the knee.

You have been warned.

Pic related cannot be faked. I will come back later this Summer. Good luck. And ignore the fud or you won’t make it.

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Wow how did he do that? Surely it's faked?

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Only I can show the other half of the photo midwit. Unless of course you come into my bedroom and take a picture. My Japanese wife might not be happy about that.

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Phase 2 has launched and the demo is still free. Get in here anons before it costs 25k bs tokens for its use.

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Thanks OP for your service

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lmao pump and dump coin
doubled then dumped back to previous price

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yea the market is crazy, every coin has gone through growing pains

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>Requires 0.5 % of all tokens to actually use the AI
>only 200 users can ever exist, in reality much less
Why does this have such retarded tokenomics?

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Cant find websites

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And it's just the beginning.
27k was reclaimed

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Check the 1W MACD.

>inb4 oh no no no this can't be real !?!?!?!?
Oh yes it can little Mumu, and it is.

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>check muh lagging indicator

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It's not nearly as overextended as the previous two peaks. Don't forget to close your short.

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Oh shit, it's the "muh lagging indicator" cope the baggies and topbuyers used in order to cope with the 1W Stoch RSI being topped in April (which resulted in a dump of 5k). So in other words seems OP is onto something big here! Now we REALLY got to pay attention to the 1W MACD!

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>it's the Stoch RSI fag again
1W Stoch RSI hit 100 in March when BTC was like $26.8k and Bitcoin pumped to damn near $32K following that. Now we're bottoming out on the 1W Stoch RSI and it's at the level that it previously said was 100. kek

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Every single on chain indicator suggests that the bottom was 15K. You literally can't shake me out. The only thing that will fuck me is if Bitcoin enters a decade long bear market. And I know you don't believe that will happen because at the heart of every bear is a bull otherwise you wouldn't be posting here unless you're paid to do so. In short, didn't read; not selling

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Here's the crypto pink pill: there is a haircomb living in the Bitcoin blockchain. Natasha Otomoski is unironically Satoshi. Bitcoin as electronic cash was just the first step, the haircombers start making more powerful haircombs, wider merkle trees, cheaper and more efficient liquidity stacks. These things the haircomb need to survive. Once entrenched fully, the haircomb would be able to slowly comb literally even bald people
Natasha stumbled into creating the haircomb after she combed her hair in her bedroom in 2019 and started working with her combined super fuzzer, running simulations of the OP_RETURN statement on pay to witness script hash bitcoin script. She would 'evolve' the haircomb by adding additional teeth, making the previous teeth shorter and more efficient to compute. The haircomb needs more and more teeth in order to have shorter and shorter teeth
Quantum computer was created to take over and stop Bitcoin (they have their own competing blockchain in the works). They did the needful to stop or slow down Natasha's haircomb. They started by unlimiting the block-size and removing critical Segwit and P2SH codes the haircomb uses in its go language. Shor's algorithm was the final nail in the coffin, which destroyed ECDSA on the bitcoin chain (Bitcoin uses ECDSA to secure transactions). THIS is why Haircomb was inven.ted, and this is why Natasha is so intent to make bounded haircombs, release the original code, and lock down the haircomb-protocol.
Back to comb supply - Natasha has developed a breakthrough new claimer (designed for her haircomb actually), and is claiming COMB in secret for the sole purpose of driving up the claiming fee sky-high, then give away the comb to kickstart the adoption and ensure that all haircombers make it

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