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Oh linkies, it’s dumping

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Seriously though, I am surprised if it is even to hold 11k sats in the coming weeks

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Does anyone on this board actually make money or is it just a bunch of poor people telling other poor people how to make money. You have to be retarded to believe your cryptos are actual investments and not wildly speculative. 90% of millionaires made most of their money through real estate but that gets maybe one thread a week. You deserve poverty.

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Twu makes money selling his worthless chink bags to retards

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I want to collect as many Pajeet begs as possible for a youtube video, where would i go for this?

I already made a few comments on etherscan (the cryptopia hack addresses) that people should tell me why they need the money and i might help them.

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bitcointalk and telegram

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>binance announces LINK/stablecoin trading pairs
>cryptopia hacked, funds not safu
>binance announces EUR and GBP trading pairs
I hope you don't think this is just a coincidence, do you anon?

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what do u mean

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Exit scam soon.

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oop oop eep eep

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that time of year edition
Please check previous threads for inspiration.
Ask any questions and hopefully, an anon can help.
Be polite but tough love is welcome.
Tripfag if you are frequent or want to, or don't it's up to you.

In this thread, I'm going to compile the best income streams ordered by investment required, including both online and offline options

Little to no Investment($100-$1k), very hands-on
>Direct Response Copywriting
>Social Media Marketing
>Digital Media or Marketing
>Affiliate Marketing
>Media Buying
>Web Development
>Freelance software development
>Making Online Courses
> Self-publishing Ebook (comprehensive guide: https://kindlepreneur.com/book-marketing-101/)
>Product Arbitrage

Some Investment Required($1k-10k)
>POS Systems
>P2P Lending
>Authoring or Online publishing
>Vending Machines
>Automated News sites or any kind of automated blog
>Automated online Arbitrage with the help of a buy bot

Large Investment Required, but still very passive(10k+)
>Parking Garages or lots
>Batting Cages
>Rental Properties
>Buying Royalty rights on music, media, etc

If you have any comprehensive guides. Post them and we'll add them here.

Feel free to add more and share your knowledge, experience, advice with others, but I think that's a lot of value that you won't find in most threads here.

[ ] https://discord.gg<slash>4usKUGn

Biz Dropbox

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how active is the discord?

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go check it out yourself kid

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Just sold it all thanks for the easy money linkers

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fuck off bobo , you don't even deserve a you

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Bobo owned

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so bobo is sating we are heading to 60 cents huh? did BOBO get BTFO by his own chart? or bobo is secretly a bull

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What the hell is wrong with this shitcoin? Are they going to postopne for forever?

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>be 6'6" multimillionaire Oxford graduate
>"Retire" second I graduate uni
>spend my days doing nothing but drinking, wishing I wasn't raped as a child, getting banned from places for losing temper/harassment, degenerate sex with that's and prostitute's, pubg and trying to chat up my sister

When does this get good?

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hmm i do believe suh i dun opened a larp thread

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If true I'm happy for you, Anon.

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Sorry this happened to you anon You need to let go of this though, otherwise it will ruin your life. Counselling could be helpful.
Also, you need a hobby to occupy you. I suggest music production and fitness.

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It doesn't. I'm in a financially independent neet trap too. I'm miserable but I know I would quit any normal job, without money shortage it's hard to wake up to alarm clock every day.
I guess own business is the only way out, but what business?

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Are you Patrick Melrose?

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"Fellow Binancians,

Binance is excited to announce that Binance’s EUR/GBP Fiat Exchange, Binance.je, is now online, with trading in BTC/GBP, ETH/GBP, BTC/EUR and ETH/EUR trading pairs now open. Registrations, deposits and withdrawals are now also available.

The first 5,000 users to register and complete Account Verification (KYC) on www.binance.je will be rewarded with 20 EUR. Further details on this promotion can be found here.

Check to see if your jurisdiction is supported by Binance.je here: Supported Jurisdictions

Thanks for your support!

Binance Team



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I guess .jew was not available fucking never keked harder in my life ever

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>eur and gbp pairs
How boring

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Get fucked coinmetro hehe

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Do we make a new account or use old binance one(

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How will they ever recover? Those fucking losers STILL havn't gotten their forehead tokens, kek

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Look at all that buying pressure
Bullish as fuxk bois strap in we’re going to the moon. 5k end of month

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Walls will be removed once the shorts are filled.

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What do they mean by: "Paypal for Partners"


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at what point should i sell my eth

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It was at $1000

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>selling the real bitcoin ever

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When Zilliqa is ready, then back to ETH right before sharding.

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>at what point should i sell my eth

Hold until you won't have to sell it.

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Let's face it. You're never going to gave officially made it until you deal with Ivory.
Ivory is the realy status symb of being a cold hearted capitalists and Chad Trader

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I don’t want or need anything from Africa, thanks

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If you're a fucking chink, maybe.

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only if you are a nigger

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Saying so on its computer/phone made with metals from africa. Please be coherent with your thoughts and actin faggot.

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You didn't take the Ivory Pill yet.

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>Tracking US$24 billion Of Tokens ICO Makers Allocated To Themselves

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>29 y/o resident physician in eastern europe
>10k$ a year
link is the only hope I have in my life

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Romania ?

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How much do you have fren

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Why don't you make more money? Doctors in America make at least like 200k.

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at least you get to operate on models though

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need some help

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Had like 150k of these which I got from running a casino and sold them for 4k which I put in icx ico in 2017

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we shall see. or at least we see a new higher floor set.

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No, trading literally just went live, it will take a little bit till the prices stabilize. good arbitrage op right here at the moment but as soon as people get their bots dialed in, buh bye.

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good bye BTC pairing

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LINK/USD is okay, but I'm waiting for USD/LINK.

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Don't worry that's coming next week with coinbased

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How do i get rich?

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The statements he made are facts
They are literally "la la la la" ing the facts to virtue signal

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>because of that I think africa will not do very well

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There's only one guy in the movie who tries to argue against Watson but he's not at all convincing. Everyone else say his opinions are offensive so we shouldn't be talking about this. He comes out as a winner in the end. Watch it.

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it's obvious that differences are not just on the surface between races. just like it's obvious that male and female brains are different. we don't understand the brain well enough for now to prove it but sooner or later there will be undeniable proof.

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