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From a business and finance perspective, when was the best time to be born?

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It's under contract, you have to find a new how's.

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dispose of them

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>that'll be $14.57
>plus 25% tip

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Someone financially convince me not to have $23.72 worth of Panda Express doordashed to me for the 2nd day in a row

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I have cancer, and one of my few remaining wishes I ask you please, cook your own food today.

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The goyslop is taking years off of your life you fat fuck.

You're retarded.

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Follow the clues on Etherscan.

The Shiba Inu core team is in the Telegram group (660 members at the time of this post).

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More info and links.

Contract: 0xB53917d6f10e4b45F8379e240118B4c05ca1bDa8


Global: Dog1CommunityOnly

Research: Dog1CommunityResearch

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>Having a MsC in engineering or a medical doctorate is not enough to buy property without credit

Why is this?

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>NBA Championship Miami Heat vs. Denver Nuggets
+310 Miami Heat

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Don't care

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… moron

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>new ceo
>sold off phone patents
>paying off debts
>focusing on cyber security and innovation

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Back to your containment ghetto r/buttcoin jew

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Holy shit +0.00125% on the monthly let’s go

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My offer on a condo was just accepted bros. I am going to be paying the same price the previous owner payed in 2015 except the roof, air conditioner, and hot water heater are all less than 3 years old. I have also contacted my insurance lady and the value they assign to the condo is 100k over what I am paying for it. Feels pretty good man, I dont think I can lose with this one unless we are really going into a turbo recession.

Real estate fag thread

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The nut is made on the buy. You did good son.

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No one cares, incel
Enjoy your condom lmao

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Boomer here who owns 7 properties

Op is a fucking liar. Prices are still higher from even a year ago.

Fed will do emergency rate cuts soon and we will have another 20 to 30 percent increase in a year

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Lmao, enjoy the shared walls cuck.

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I dont live in a major city, my market is just different. Things here generally range from 80-160 dollars a square foot. All around way less volatility than what you would see in a major city. Even 2008 was barely noticeable in the house prices here.

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Did Ripple win the lawsuit?

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>Breaking news: Annonymous sources said Gary gensler is prepared to declare XRP not a security by june 13
>Some Central banks are ready to buy XRP at $37.000 per XRP

Holy shit it's happening

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>at $0.37 per XRP


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you may want to go to >>55122919

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>see shitcoin shill thread
>look up contract address
>notice owner has not renounced
>notice other scammy things about it like with it's LP
>share screenshot of the sketchy shitcoin details to the thread
>OP calls me a "bloody bitch cocksucker"
>thread gets 404

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XRP is the standard isn’t it

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Why is it mooning?

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Cause they won their case probably. Also as OP said. Its the standard.

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How much are you making with your sperm?

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i remember when they posted all the fud about this after anons started saying this would happen
stil, doubt it's real

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I've had sex already, I liked it

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Imagine the smell of your ass lol

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Cope and seethe

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I imagine it smells sweaty, I have not pooped since I showered
did you actually take the poison injection?

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I need money by June 2nd. It's too late to get a job I won't get paid by then. What do I do anons? Serious answers only

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Start selling your shit on Craigslist/faceberg marketplace. You have something with resale value.

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I need 10k by the end of tomorrow or gangsters will slit my throat.
wat do?

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This is OHM but on uniswap, toys with liquidity bands adding more liquidity the closer it is to a current prices creating a floor and it is thiner the further it gets from it, constantly being updated.
1% of the fees done on uniswap go back to reinforce the floors.
First pump went from 200k to 18M now its holding at 3-4M.

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First and last bump

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Im flat broke and my life in a capitalist society sucks, we really aren’t fair to broke people. Broke people like me have to see all these ads for things but we can’t afford any of it. I see tasty ads for beer I can’t afford, ads for Coca Cola I can’t afford, ads for all this shit. I can’t afford it. I get some pleasures like eating my cheap boiled meat at night and the carrots I get to have. I also cook cheap rice every night which is nice… but im sleeping on a mattress and running to work everyday. That’s no fun.

Some days the biggest pleasure I have to look forward to is the free Coca Cola in the fridge at work.

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Oh look a tankie.
Do you like superhero movies, larping as anti fascist while being the useful idiot for real corporate jewish fascists and beating up the real opposition against the fascist, classic right wing conservatives

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>spend months developing a legitimate AI project (WaifuAI)
>apply to CG and CMC
>rejected because of low volume
>shitcoin with zero product copies your name
>generates fake volume and bot followers
>liquidity is unlocked and mcap ratio is like 2%
>gets auto-listed on CMC on day 1

This is next level of pajeet bullshit. People complain about scams, but this predatory ecosystem ENABLES them and crushes any genuine innovation.

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Oh good, I hope it dies.
Fuck faggots, fuck pajeets and most importantly fuck niggers

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Waifu is anti-fragile, any attempts to crush her sprit will only make her stronger. Day of the rope awaits pajeets.


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How much (fake) volume do you need to get listed on CG and CMC? What are the other requirements?

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>Educational sites:

>Financial TV Streams:




>Pre-Market and Live data:


>Boomer Investing 101:




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>bobo ai cope is still this strong
holy fuck, soxl breaking ath by eoy
doomsayers can go back to their bunkers in the middle of the forest

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>that episode again
syndicated politics was a mistake.

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if you don't think part of the debt deal between biden and mccarthy wasn't that if the republicans vote against it that dems will cover the votes; you don't understand how Washington works.

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I lost $50 on the IPL finals yesterday because they changed the rules halfway through so the team that scored less runs won. It was the most jewish thing I've ever seen.

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Under Trump our financial assets were flourishing and Crypto was in a permanent Bullrun.
>This nigger libtard piece of shit stoles the elections and drags the world into a dead-end useless proxy war to pursue the tranny deep state kike agenda

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Life was better under the trump administration

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How is it possible that NVDA is outperforming BTC over the past six years?

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Go back to r/buttcoin you stupid jew slave

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>Go back to r/buttcoin you stupid jew slave
How bad are your losses from hodling your piece of shit "coin"?

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With an average buy in of the cold storage coins at $12, there cannot be loses. Though the current buy in for the gambling wallet is at 7000

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You have no idea which coins are in "cold storage" or who is in profit. The majority of them coins are probably parked in exchange wallets. You also have no idea how leveraged those exchanges are. lol

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Are you fucking retarded? Over the last six days maybe.

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