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You don't know who you're messing with, nigger.

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Whoa whoa okay okay, calm down. You're white, so I know we can calmly work this out.

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OKAY OKAY... but first you need to download a 50gb blockchain.

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*pisses pants and drops bitcoin wallet*

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Redpill me on IRAs

I've seen a lot of Anons say that it's extremely low-risk, relatively high returns, and overall a practical long term investment.

How do they work? What's the catch? How do I invest? Which IRAs have the best risk/reward ratio?

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Has this been a financial success for Google? I could never imagine paying for it, but then again, I'm not thirteen, so I guess I'm not really the target demographic.

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are you trying to tell us that redtube will make us pay to watch?

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I thought I would ask you guys

Why are department stores everywhere closing?

Sears, Macy's, JC Penneys. What the heck is going on?

Surely internet can't be replacing all retail. I dont like shopping by internet because I cant physically inspect what I am buying and have to rely on the chimpanzees the delivery companies hire to get it to me safely if at all.

I also read that malls are going to be more focused on 'entertainment', which I think is code for making them even dumber and 'equal'. So the great suburban retreat is ending I guess, and shoot outs at malls will be more common.

Iirc, malls came about because downtown business districts were becoming slummy. So I guess the slums are coming to the malls.

All very strange. Its only a matter of time before malls become subsidized 'community centers'. And then get the wrecking ball.

tl;dr- I guess everyone stays home from now on

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Troubled finances for decades (at least since the mid 1980s)

Too many acquisitions in the 2000s

>JC Penneys
Don't know about this one.

>I dont like shopping by internet because I cant physically inspect what I am buying and have to rely on the chimpanzees the delivery companies hire to get it to me safely if at all.
Smart people think like this. However, the majority of America isn't that smart. So they'll buy cheap Chink shit from Amazon and shout like apes when a delivery "driver" wrecks their item.

>malls came about because downtown business districts were becoming slummy. So I guess the slums are coming to the malls.
TRUTH. Everything is moving back downtown.

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Is bitcoin worth investing in ?

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sage sage sage sage sage sage sage sagesage sage sage sage!

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the sticky says otherwise

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ETH supply > BTC supply
Bitcoin price will always be higher than ethereum.

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I understand this. But, so what? I know there is like 70 million more in the market, but I still think that it will be more friendly in the long run.

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BTC also has the advantage of the network effect. See Facebook vs. Myspace.

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>Receive funding to work on personal project of a website where people can write their own news stories - like a blog but more formal
>Allow users to freely write whatever they want provided they do not advocate in physical harm of others.
>Dedicated to adhering to freedom of speech
>Spend months working on coding of site, coded myself and designed myself, articles posted by people we're paying to keep website alive
>Tried to get word out by using facebook ads and have been a huge flop money sink
>Get questions through reddit of "What is your market? This site does it better."

I spend some time explaining what my site is and why it is different but I feel like I have to spend 5+ minutes explaining myself for people to be like: "Ohhh I see."

I get compared to news websites like medium.com, a site that actively takes down content if they find it doesn't meet with the alignment of views... my market I guess would be the people who have 'odd' opinions or have differing opinions of what is currently portrayed.

People who prefer to be anonymous I guess.

I would like some advice. I'm in a huge pool of shit and I don't know how to get out. If you had a social media site you're trying to push, what would you do?

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Keklel is that you?

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If all you're offering is legible content with minimal curation, people can find that literally anywhere.
Either readers like the content or they don't. No one is going to continue reading solely because they agree with the editor's hands-off philosophy.

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Below novice here
I have bought a Ledger Nano S and want to buy and store btc/eth
Where do you buy them and how do you transfer to your wallet?
I understand the QR code part but really confused

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Wife bitches all the time. Makes $9 ina office.

"Bu-but you get man-pay."

You would too if you got off your ass and swung a hammer... the fuck.

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So I just opened an account so I can buy shares and stuff. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't buy a share in Novo Nordisk now

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Too late just bought one *tin tin* *Drinks champagne*

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ITT: Post your job, age, and savings account.

>Pic related

True master race NEET

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What's that in burgerbux?

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>Pizza delivery

I'm doing better than a lot of people my age but it's not enough. I'm soon moving onto other things.

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Forgot to say that im 25 and not a neetcuck


its ~148k burgers

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I don't usually have that much in savings. A good chunk of that is going to be the down payment on an investment property that I plan to buy in the next few months.

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>ITT: Cock size contest

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not quite yet, tonight/tomorrow it will tho

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Please do explain how you fucktards make sense of comparing the value of an abstract unit of currency to the value by weight of a physical commodity.

Fucking retards. Just dump your coins you don't deserve them.

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How many troy ounces is one bitcoin?

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Hey /biz/, how do I earn a large sum of money in a short space of time? Ethics/legality irrelevant (to a point). I'm starting with virtually nothing. Current best plan is counterfeit goods.

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>tfw you keep making 6 figures everytime bitcoin dips and you buy the dip and it recovers

seriously who isn't getting rich from this

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I know it's super unprofessional to quit without notice, but I've been working at Walmart for less than three months (my probation period ends March 1), and I am ///not happy/// at all there. Shit is starting to affect my life outside Walmart, and I can't have that happen right now with school and my other job.
I'm planning on going over this afternoon and just handing in my badge, and walking out never to return. Is that an okay way of doing it? Or do I have to wait out another week until my three months are up? I really don't want to give notice and have this go on for longer.
Any help would be much appreciated. I'm in Canada, if that changes anything. Thank you

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It's fucking Wal-Mart, nobody gives a shit

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Got a question for you guys. Asset pricing [not school related, btw]

The asset is an apartment building that makes 5 million per year, houses 200 people, and has 90% vacancy. Operating costs are 500k per year including maintenance.

Then i'm asked how much should someone feel comfortable buying that apartment building.

I have all the maths background to do this stuff- just never did finance courses- some terms being thrown around that i'm not sure of.

Is this supposed to be a CAPM problem? Does the vacancy rate affect the risk? Any assumptions I can make to give a more through solution to the problem?

[seems like you would just pay revenue - operating cost but... that is too simple... must be a trick]

pic quazi-related, thanks

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10% vacancy kek

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** that was meant to be a correction

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I'm an actuary and part of my job requires me to memorize books of investment strategies, mostly option strategies, and hedging strategies.

However, I don't actually have any brokerage account of my own or anything yet.

If I decide to open some account with some brokerage firm, say TD Ameritrade, will knowing all these options strategies be helpful?

It's like a football player who has memorized a bunch of play strategies for different situations. I've had to take tests on them and everything so on paper I know how to theoretically respond if the market does something, but I want to know if this is practical or not.

Can I make a decent amount of money just trading in the options market? Obviously I understand the risk, but I just want to know if it makes sense for me to apply all the book knowledge I've had to learn on this.

(I'm going to practice with simulators and all that first, so I'm not going to dive right in.)

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I realize this board invests in little more than Bitcoin and Robinhood stocks but I still want to know.

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7.5 billion people on earth. Every idea i have is already taken.

Well, you faggots reckon there is any /biz in contracting coi. Designs to be minted and then selling the coins?

Apparently one of you faggots is already doing this...

>pic related

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Capitalism is about selling a brand backed by famous people, not about quality products or innovation.

The only geniuses that actually innovate are like the 0.1% of population (John Carmack, Satoshi Nakamoto etc)

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So if i get a deal with a company to make bullion coins, get a few local celebs and a few atheletes to back it, i could profit some?

Through random connections i know some fairly famous people. One does direct to sci-fi movies if that counts. One owns some major tv stations. 4 are professional athelets. Etc...

Friend of mine just got a marketing degree.

If i push it could i get a few bucks over spot price?

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> Bitcoin was invented by some big bad guys on the dark web

Oh honey, Here is an old lady, leading economist telling you why your funny internet money is a ponzi scheme and you still continue to delude yourselves.

Grow up.

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That makes a lot of sense to me. As far as I know, the only thing to know is when to get the fuck out and watch everyone else get fucked.

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Good goy, keep rowing.

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What blogs you follow? Surely there must be some with proofs, perhaps even admissions of errors.

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I bought half a coin now and I'll buy half later depending on what happens before the ETF.

Why not do that at least?

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sage sage sage sage sage sage sage sagesage sage sage sage!

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probably kill yourself just to be safe anon

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