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>6 months of crypto trading
>Feel like a god
>Tax time coming up
>Check pnl capital gains
>$-400 loss

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Jewnited states?

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What should a *business owner* do to stop this kind of behavior in their establishments.

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I thought Americans had guns which allowed them to shoot niggers on sight

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Don't be a penny-pinching jew and give them the extra ranch packets

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I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self- improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would most undoubtedly be poorer as a nation.

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So you learned nothing g from the BLM riots? Americans are impotent cucks. No exceptions. They only love to larp about using their guns

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Its the other way around nowadays. Cattle gonna cattle.

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Bull run starts

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>AI Stocks Are Flying, but Don’t Call the Craze a Bubble
Its over. A.I. hype will crash the markets. MSN is already deflecting reality. Sell now before its too late.

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The typical retail exit hunting what we saw thousand times in crypto.

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>Buy my bags goy, its not a bubble!

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I need to look up noise gpt but the shills don’t even post the tg group
Fucking amateur zoomers don’t know how to shill

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It's really hard to keep with this space. Some of the projects are developing fast, but some are sitting on their asses.
Channers do you see any significant development in recent times?
Or is it best to quit crypto?

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Tons of development
There’s that one coin based on pepe
Then the one based on wojak
There’s also one developed around both mumu and bobo
Plus the one based on the russian kid is still a good buy low

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PoolTogether. About to launch v5 which is totally autonomous, permissionless, governmentless. It will start distributing prizes in POOL, so all interest will be used to market buy pool for distribution. It will also allow interest earning tokens in any chain to be used in the protocol.

Consider US lotteries with revenue of 100 billion a year, now consider pool which is accessible to the entire world. Sky is the limit.

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Building has always been the hallmark of crypto, instead of quitting crypto invest in xMoney

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Are there any other aspects and technologies that have good potential?
Crypto is here to stay, but which tech will make it alot lot better?

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KermitERC20 is literally building an advanced, midjourney level AI. like some of the top AI devs are working on it in silence. unless you happen to be a retarded, lucky bagholder hanging out in the tg, it's nearly impossible to know this given the market cap. did you know about this OP?

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First word: Pepe

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Second word : Coin

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Combine the two into one word and you've got it.
Can't post good shit on /biz/ anymore the Jannies don't want it
Check out twitter

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Post quantum cryptography is also a new trend jeet

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Are there any gaming tokens that have good utilities and value at all?
Or is it best to ignore them and just go with defi projects?
I am totally lost, channers need your guidance on this

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Have you ever shart your pants at a party?

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One time you guy’s convinced me to launch a crypto and it went to $750k in 48 hours. Then you guys all dumped on me and I lost out on 6 digits in marketing and burnt liquidity costs.
It was still kinda fun

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Is Serena the peak of human beauty standards? It’s funny how people try to replace her with all kinds of races and even anime but the original still mogs them all.

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Yes she’s our queen for a reason
Even this Asian one is a poor imitation
I bet Serena is a fembot
She’s just too perfect

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>Is Serena the peak of human beauty standards

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Cope! Serena is fictional character and Ash Ketchum married her

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A community project bringing safe contracts to Ethereum

Vroom Vroom! Get in the car!

08Trolla = 08 Toyota Corolla

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its now or never easy profits suss chart

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dex trending now lol

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Can you imagine now much semen Sergey has dumped into this gook?

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Buger -- Bug-made Burger

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Doesn't even need to sell. Some rich psycho will become your donor and keep pushing the idea until it catches on. Make sure your company logo is some sort of triangle and eyeball to maximize the globohomo bucks.

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Put some horns on it too!

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Do you want french flies with that? Imagine the potential

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Rainbow flag and pink spiral is a nice touch too.

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shrimp fries, shrimp but it’s grounded up and mixed with dough and fried into the shape of a fry.

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you will never make it

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We all already made it here

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fantomsisters, I don't feel so good...

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>And that's why I hold Chainlink.

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Why, you didnt give a reason?

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only going to spoonfeed you just this once

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Ahhh all my Chainsti.nk screencaps are on my old computer.

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This movie is about Sergei, his business model and ethics, and his six-sided blue jew token: Chainlink. He wants to leave me in Antarctica until the dogs tear me apart and he figured out some way to monetize that. They aren't tearing me apart, however, and his coin is not performing.

If I get out of here with my giant gold nugget, I think Link is going to go way down.

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Number 3 : link , it made lot of people rich but bagholders who held the bag are currently JUSTed , they are still up 10x on their initial so you don't have to feel that bad for them

Number 2 : BTC , Bitfuck holders never sell , they have been holding all their life since 2014 and the 2018 dump.All they do is buy more of it , they are trillionaires by now and can afford to cash out but they will never sell EVER , a sort of cult where you can enter if you have 100 BTCs , they still live in the project or some where in the woods and make constant depression threads on /biz/

Number 1 : ICP , no one made any money out of it , nobody ,not even the founders , bankman made money shorting it but we know how it ended for him.They bought at $60 when moonman came to shill it at the exact top of the cycle , they kept holding ever since even though people warned them not to buy because of the constant Vesting schedules but it dumped to 3 bucks , they cry and snivel in /biz/ constantly and will probably never leave.

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you really thought this was worth posting again?

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>And that's why I hold Chainlink.

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still not selling

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Hello Mumbai, I hold chainlink

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No one even works anymore.

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you found the redpill, slackers that dont give a fuck always get promoted, the cucks that care about the company(lmao) and always being reliable and doing more than they should only get more work put on them as a reward

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XRP (Ripple) Soon

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between thirteen and fifteen days

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ath before august 1st.....

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>Shill posts retarded logo for some unknown shitcoin
>Instant reply from some faggot saying they have big bags
Yeah real cool thread you got here ranjeesh. Sorry the only replies are other indians trying to scam you. You get a lot of that here

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I love when some random shit is popping up here and the thread got 20replies in 2 minutes! Always a good rug indicator!

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It's trending on coingecko and it's a brand new L1. OF COURSE I have bags :)

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Looks as big as your mom's vagina, so huge.

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it's 400x400 px, so not that great

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