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Rate me.

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wtf happened to this lol?

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>Be me with 300 Qtum
>Get tired of crypto market being stagnant
>Try a little trading with Ontology and VEChain
>Lose value because I suck at trading
>Make back some value with a play on Ripio Credit Network
>End up with 275 Qtum
>Wake up today to see that Qtum jumped at least 11% overnight and I could have had some sweet profit if I had just HELD THE SHIT

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I've heard that computers, servers, whatever monitor the "mood" of social media, picking up on keywords mixed with positive or negative context and actually buy and sell stock based on this. It seems like this takes away the ability of a day-trader to investigate and research a company's stock and make sound decisions. Besides, if this is the case, couldn't a large amount of anons just manipulate the market by coordinating posts in FB and Twitter and watch the outcome? Maybe it is all bullshit or maybe there are safeguards, Anyway, makes the idea of day-trading a pipe dream..

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it doesn't remove the trader's edge, it empowers it. build your own sentiment analysis tool and compete, fag

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How does a newfag start out making money through bitcoin and stocks?

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newfags dont make money, oldfags dont make money either.

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Step 1: Buy low-fee index fund
Step 2: Keep buying as often as you can afford to
Step 3: No touchy until retire

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There are 3 ways to make money
1) Use fundamental analysis and pick your coins and stocks to hold long term, make money off dividends and liquidating your position (i.e. selling your stocks) once you think there won't be much growth. With certain cryptocurrencies and stocks you can also short so you can try short long term the companies/coins that you think will go down

2) Use technical analysis to swing trade. That just means buy short term when you think it will go up, sell short term when you think it will go down, etc.

3) Use quantitative analysis to try to beat the system with a shit ton of statistics and computer power, using different types of contracts you can profit when a stock goes down, up and even sideways.

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Suck a million dicks for $1

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I'm almost bankrupt thanks to buying in this man's vision.

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Is smoking weed acceptable for someone trying to reach their full career earning potential?

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Depends how high your ambitions, anon. Weed makes you complacent but can help cope with being a worker bee or in some creative fields. Personally I smoke weed while working remotely and I'm still productive though sometimes it makes me autistic on the phone.

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No. Go workout and read.

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You can be productive on weed with the right strains. I've always found lemon haze and jack herrer to be good for that. Your milage may vary of course.

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Yeah I'm thinking we're back

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I'm a 20 yo uk zoomer just finishing my BSc, having an offer for a very prestigious msc next year so doing that. Overall academic record is exceptional, internships/experience great but not exceptional. I have 40k gbp (30k after MSc), 13 btc and am REALLY starting to want a house, to get married and have children.

My main options are
>try becoming a professor. Dream job but would have to move around until 30 putting off house/marriage/kids which I don't think I could deal with
>move to somewhere like cali in USA and try to work at one of the ultra competitive companies like tesla. Love the idea of this but might just not be good enough.
>become a secondary school teacher, have done volunteer tutoring and enjoyed it but lack of competition + prestige would bug me
>retire (if there's another btc moon mission)

Can someone help me pick?

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why do i have to buy a nonexistent wallet to keep my nonexistent GMN benefits? i was told there will be staking. And how the fuck are they planing to complete token swap before august with those shitty childchains dragging them down? Or will the marry knighthood be left in shock once again when devs sell their unlocked tokens and give a finger to mo-bingo.

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Because it is a chink scam and literally everyone sees this but you are such an emotionally invested bagholders that you are blind to it.

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Chinkā€™d and scammed

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Oh no it's up a few hundred dollars... yawn.

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>first 4 of ID is literally Mt. Gx
>Upcoming despair confirmed

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holy fuck mt gox in the ID>>12839799

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You don't need to use leverage to short. If your exchange doesn't have the option to short without leverage, then you're being jewed.

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EOS isnt... EOS is 2x already..

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What are some large mcap coins that /biz/ mysteriously never talk about?

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Well eos is a scam with a semi permanent ico. It may be high cap but its not really a crypto project, more like a Chinese gambling utility token.

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28 years old
60k savd
working in film business
considering career change
wat careers would biz do

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LINK is unironically going to fund the ascent of the Fourth Reich. Once we make it, our agents will infiltrate key positions in the western power structure and help Iran establish its nuclear program so that they can finish the job while we retain plausible denialibity. Mark my fucking words, filthy no linkers.

Think long and hard about it. We have figured it all out years in advance. Before the elites did. 4chan is essentially a counter freemasonry, except ideas flow and get filtered faster and more effectively through the decentralized collective high iq intj hivemind. We are more powerful than any lodge in human history.

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kitty kitty

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O boy what did I get myself into

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I think a study should be done on the relationship between link ownership and mental illness

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This pleases Baal

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Baal is life

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alright guys, this chink/slav/pajeet/vietshit contacted me on TG regarding this

Advice me how I can turn this around?

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I'm not gonna send a single shit to him as I will never get that back if so

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just WHOIS the website, coinxbets.com
registered 2 days ago

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pls respond, give me ideas on how I can btfo this shitskin

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>I'm not gonna send a single shit to him as I will never get that back if so
Hence why I wrote "that he has to finance himself". Say you're interested but you want to see if it works first. Ask him to send you a tiny amount of whatever token his site is "gambling" with so you can bet it to get into a smaller "jackpot". Then "win" the jackpot with his money. Say that you are prepared to bet a large amount of tokens once you see that it works.

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just waste his time.

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How many anon in this project? In coming weeks INS is bullish af

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We established a higher low
Today we're about to break into a higher high
If we break $200, we're going back to the moon.

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So should i buy BTC or ETH

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dont buy yet until it has breached the resistance at $165

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Remember to take profit on the way up. The precise moment you begin to feel euphoric is when you should sell a little bit then wait for the pull back to buy back in.

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OHHH NO LTO Negwork fags
pleddit knows

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