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Bitcoin, ETH, MiloCoin, XMG, BitBay, Lepen, IOC, dogcoin, Ripplecoin, feathercoin, Viacoin etc.
>mfw you will never own a coin cuz you are not braindead

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Hey /biz/nessmen. I'm a junior in high school (before you ask I repeated freshmen year because I moved from public to private school, so I turned 18 last week). I was wondering what you guys think about my college plan.

Right now I've got a 3.4 GPA. I go to a private high school that mentions in our college apps that our curriculum is higher (which it is, considering we usually go at a faster pace and cover more content in our subjects). We have a good reputation with colleges, who usually know our school well because our headmaster does a lot of meetings and whatnot.

My parents are both professors at pic related. This year, they recommended I get in contact with a few of our family friends in the Econ/Business department and do some research over the summer, given my interests in the subject. I met with one at the business school whose daughter graduated from my school last year and he said he'd be glad to recommend me to any professors. Apparently undergrads are often unreliable, but he said that he can recommend for the level of advanced studies we do at my school and that should be enough to get me in with a professor.

So /biz/, would it be smart for me just to go here? It's not a top school along the lines of Harvard or Princeton, but one of my friends went to Worcester Polytech and has already lined up internships at Merrill Lynch and Bridgewater, so does the school really count? I've heard BU has a good internship program at their Business School (Questrom) and for majors I'm considering doing Math/Econ as well as a minor in Finance. As it stands right now, my Econ coursework that I've done (my high school offers college courses) allows me to void 3 of the 8 courses required for a finance minor and by the end of senior year, I'll have done 7 Econ courses (intro micro, intro macro, econometrics 1, econometrics 2, intermediate micro, intermediate macro, and another econ course i have to choose).

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My primary reason for going here is the fact that I feel it'd be better for me to start off with the contacts I already have there and do research work with professors during my undergrad with the established rep that I have. If I do well now with my research work in high school, I'd probably be able to get recommended to other higher levels who would be otherwise suspicious of working with an unknown freshman at other institutions.

Would it be better for me to go here with what I have and shoot for a target school as a graduate student? Does anyone have any recommendations about BU or anything that they've heard about the school?

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wtf are u guys doing on this board? can someone please explain and post a link to a guide or something? cryptocurrency? are you playing some kind of game where u can earn money??

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yeah its like second life.

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We buy Bitcoin.
It's a new technology, never seen before.

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Basically gambling

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>2013 coin.
>Active dev.
>Safe floor of 500-1000 sats.
>No premine, no scam, stable currency.
>About to repeat last year cycle with the incoming bitcoin bounces with a mega pump never seen before.
What are you waiting? Don't you want to stop being poor? This is the real meme.

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kinda heavy those bags you're holding eh?

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shillers gonna shill

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If you're going to take this pattern into consideration you'd also notice that the spike misses every odd year. Hold till 2018.

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why bother with waiting for shitcoins to go up or down, you don't live forever.

it's much better to google: crypto gamble casino and choose the coin flip with 1% house edge, just put all your life saving on it and gamble 50/50 instead of waiting for shitcoins to move.

it's just faster results guys.

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Nah thank you i like my 18% profit a week

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Which broker is better for European traders?

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Can we have a non meme discussion about Golem? If Brass Golem takes off it will obviously be good for the coin, and decentralized cloud computing sounds promising, but what about Golem tokens themselves? How many are in circulation, and how are they issued? Can I strike it rich by holding onto 4K Golems for a few years?

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>"Yeah, I guess so. More money, more problems. It's just the way it is."

What does /biz/ think? Does more money equate to more problems, socially, and even financially?

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No. Unless you are a fuckwit and do stupid shit with your money, then you deserve to have problems.

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I think the saying should be "acquiring more money means more problems"

Simply having more money actually allows you to solve more problems so you should have less problems. There is a limit though. I imagine once you're a multi-millionaire you become a target.

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I can agree with that. You won't have any problems but however, won't you run into financial problems ahead? Dealing with making more money, and running into losses.

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how many future millionaires we got if ETH hits ~$200

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Literally just bought some before i saw this post... So undervalued at the minute with the upcoming Q2 LabourHours lauch as shown on the roadmap plans laid out on the website... have you seen?

I think people may struggle at first with chronobanks concept... but once you get your head around it... its a no-brainer investment really!

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40 ETH

bought at 25ish so already 100% gain, which comes out to exactly a grand.

i could have and still could put in more, tens of thousands more but unfortunately i can only invest what i can afford to lose on pure gambling, and psychologically that is only about $1000 a month.

still going forwards i will buy in $500 biweekly and will never sell for at least five years, because it is pure play money which means i have pretty much unlimited loss tolerance

honestly if it crashes down to $1 i would stick to exactly this strategy but i have a bad (good) feeling that ETH is going to be very resilient

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~2.5 eth. Bought in at 40 and already made a 25% gain. That's 25 dollars, where do I sign up for my yacht?

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Can we just change this board to /shitcoin/ and make a coin free biz board?
I mean let's be honest.

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good fucking god it looks like someone needs a new sphincter

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Yes please

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been saying that for fucking months anon...

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>he doesn't know that this board was literally created as a shitcoin containment board.

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this board is shit now. every other post is about Etherum. might as well change this board to crypto. We don't talk about real business anymore, just these retarded ass digital coins. have fun when the servers crash all your coins will be gone.

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Just buy gold everything else will go to zero.


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And then
And then he said
>Have fun when the servers crash

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oh look its another episode of
>anon thinks that theres actually money to be made in traditional means
>anon thinks that "hard work" and "starting a business" and "playing the stock market" are the keys to success

fuck off yo actual retard digital coins are the future. when im sitting on a hard drive worth millions after sitting on my couch for a few years while you, by the sweat of your brow, acquired a nice j(ust) o(ver) b(roke) and are enjoying your mortgage i'll send a couple bitbaycoins for your charity

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>He's STILL sitting on BitBay

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Get phucked m8 you missed the train

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is there a program that buys every shitcoin in existence and only sells @ your set profit %?

for ex: program buys all shitcoins with €5000 equally and only sells coin if profit is greater then 50%

you can't lose unless crypto fails completely.

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No, why don't you make your own application for that.

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Any decent crypto exchange has the ability to put a sell order. You could probably automate it in Poloniex in thirty minutes, their api is piss easy. They don't have as many obscure shitcoins though

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I got a similar question – are there market creators in crypto world? I couldn't find anything on the internet, so I guess the exchanges have them by the balls with the API limits.

I worked two internships at Barclays working on new market creation intraday trading software, so I kinda know what I'm doing. I also have etensive history in web crawling, so I could go around the API limits.

Should I go for it, and become the market creator? Or is there some catch with crypto?

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Yes, there are, but nobody's dumb enough to share that shit.

Too bad you don't know shit about computers/coding.

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>create bot that creates shitcoins over and over for your gullibot to buy $5000 in coins in each time

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>the Rothschilds bow to ETH

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>He didnt buy the ARK dip

We kept telling you, 10k satoshi this weekend.

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Just put your wallet adress there and click start, nothing more, seriously, first withdraw after ~8-9 days without premium

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Seems totally legit my friend, I'll do it right away!

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(((I))) will also partake of this fortuitous and upright activity, thank you kind anon

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alright boys who is ready for another trip to outerspace?? Bought at the dip and I'm ready to pump it up!!!

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proof of pump?

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tits or gtfo

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Aha lad /biz/ is stupid but even the newfags aren't THAT stupid

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Eth turned out to be a scam coin. The corporations and big banks are just going to fork it and use their own version of it.

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yeah youre right, anybody want my eth

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hook me up senpai


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sent ;)

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gracious anon, I hope to see a change in my balance soon. If your ETH went to some netherworld then your charity is wasted on my pitiful existence.

If so I am sorry, either way bless you.

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Why are you still working a shitty job instead of working on things that matter to you?

Why is everybody ok with their miserable situation?

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I hate my job. I absolutely hate my job. But i cannot imagine how to get by else.

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if you don't want any part in this civilization then go into the woods and live to survive faggot.

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>Do you like being a slave
You don't have to work, however, if you are a slave, someone will injure or possibly kill you for not working.

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Well, probably because I haven't found something else to give my time to. And I do want to stash a bit more money before I leave.

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Cause I have a fat slob living off my kid.

ITT: NEETs judge people

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Alright /biz/, I found the next goldmine.

It's a low-volume coin currently, with a consistent uptrend. It's up about 25% for the month, with plenty of room to move up.

It's currently priced at 42k sat, with the only big sell wall at 100k.

It's already on Poloniex with known developers. People are looking for a Bitcoin alternative, but it seems like most coins are in a bubble except for a few, and this is one of them.

"I/O Digital is open source blockchain ecosystem project actively developed by a team of blockchain security and cryptocurrency experts.

I/O Digital started in July 2014. We started as I/O Coin Digital currency (IOC) without any Initial Coin Offer (ICO) or Premine. The coins were mined during an initial X11 Proof of Work (PoW) mining period before switching over to our own unique flavor of Proof of Stake (PoS) POS I/O to secure our blockchain."

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I don't own any moon niggers. Pls halp.

This coin has no volume, it's not even open to public mining...?

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From Slack.

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It's Proof-of-Stake.

Same thing that Ethereum wants to switch to, since Proof-of-Work makes things slow like Bitcoin.

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I just bought 800.

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doge of all coins

what the fuck

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chinks love doge meat

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Looks like Chinese are uneasy about BTC

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why is there no cat coin

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cats were a meme 10 years ago

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