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I read about the Kaspa scam here and have been researching it for a month. The kaspa technical team is the best I have come across in the crypto world. The community is not faithful. But I'm sure this project will reward the patient. I bought $5k and if it goes down I'll buy another $3k.

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>buy silver
>trade silver for goods
>the earlier you get in the more valuable your silver becomes
>create fiat free communities where you barter larger amounts of goods for silver
>pay hookers with silver
>throw silver at strippers
>bitches love shiny shit
>lift until you can carry 50 kg of silver
>when a ni- black savageman tries to rob you hand him the bar
>If he still doesn’t give up and calls his gang smack him in the head with the bar
>use your silver bar to block his bullets
>sell his organs for silver
>mine silver
>bury silver
>save money on turning your utensils into silver
>inject silver
>become silver
>shine on
>pay taxes with silver
>sike! kill the vampires with silver bullet
>silver literally and metaphorically kills the bloodsucking jewmpires

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>physical asset
>can’t just go *poof* when the jews decide they need to do a little manipulation
If you cant physically hold your assets, you don’t own them.

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>Buy barbarous relic still down from it's 1980 high

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if your assets can be physically taken from you with force, you dont own them

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>hopes mr shekelberg pumps his portfolio
>‘ee dumps
>an hero

Bitch imma market mover you’re just a follower I make demand for goods you just supply your ass I make jews sweat you make ‘em cum I make chicks wet you’re only a fan I roll with autists you’re down with retards I post this murder you callin’ chitwood

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>buy jewish scam
>I’m a faggot not a man so it’s better bankman keeps money safe for my like mommy

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>Ebay refund
Nice try tranny

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i claim refunds on real gold

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You're welcome

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how do I stop being mindcucked by efficient market hypothesis? any time I come up with an idea my mind rationalizes how it's actually "priced in" already by smarter people.
invest in x equity/crypto? already priced in.
getting a job? already priced in.
start a business? already priced in.
move somewhere with better opportunities/cost of living? already priced in.
find a girlfriend? already priced in.
learn more gain a competitive edge? already priced in.

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>my mind rationalizes how it's actually "priced in" already by smarter people
Just look for those "smart people" and see whether you find them. Keep in mind Sequoia Capital gave SBF 300M, and those people surely had to be smart (I'm being given to understand).

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Lmao, he couldn't sell the scam since beginning of January, when interest rates were LOWER!

250k ---> 197k
Even with a 20% discount, he STILL can't SELL!

Face it ghetto flipper-sisters, it's OVER!

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>30 minutes from Kansas City
>85% white
I expected worse numbers for Belton desu. Granted it's still one of the ugliest areas in America but we've seen much worse for house prices.

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I just wasted five minutes popping through the town on google street view. The banality of the place is fascinating.

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you live in a flyover shit hole

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I've never been to Kansas City, I've heard it's alright. I just think Missouri has some of the ugliest geography and worst weather coupled with lots of crime

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Had K/10 suited clubs hit nothing and went all in on the river when 3 to a spade flush became possible on the board. Told dude I'd show em, he folded,he was so pissed his friend came over from another table and walked around with him for an hour consoling him. Never bluffed for that amount before so I kind of shat myself too and had tonjust throw away my underwear. Going commando back at the table.pic related was my bluff face

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Also he folded pocket queens and hit trips on the turn with it

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Parsiq is really a mess. Small team, small player in a competitive field, too many unfocused projects relative to the team's capacity and velocity, retroactively pushing the token on customers to appease bagholders after years due to the lack of value being driven to it because it's a private/centralized company that's been dumping bags on retail to fund itself.

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Specifically designer

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indian women look like.. THAT?!
brb going to buy some curry

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>moons violently
If you're looking for the future of AI this is your best bet

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That meme is viscerally disgusting. That head reminds me of some washed-out alcoholic with bags under the eyes, and nobody in the West even knows where "milady" comes from. Maybe it's some popular Vietnamese meme, I don't know, but it's not popular in the West, which you seem to not be aware of.

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This has nothing to do w/ milady my dude, but thanks for the (You)

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>This has nothing to do w/ milady my dude

>thanks for the (You)
You're welcome, not that it'll do you much good.

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>made $10 million dollars in 2020.
>$6 million after tax
>spent $3 million of it already.

It goes fast mates, don't be retarded like me when you make it.

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Made $4.6M Aussie
2.4M after tax

bought house for 1.4M
500k on dividend shares brings in about 30k passive income which as a neet kissless virgin is enough for me to retire
Still have 500k to play with Waiting for massive crash to buy more stocks and crypto. Gonna buy stakable coins only to add to my passive income.

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I just realized I just fucked up chance at getting laid after the club.
God I’m fucking retarded. Why am I so goddamn dumb /biz/?

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Don’t worry mate, there’ll be more chances to fuck it up. So you wasted your chance to fuck a club slut, so what?

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She was a hot stacy type. Thing is I was trying to dance with her all night but she didn’t seem interested so I gave up but then this all happened when I was waiting for a ride back to my hotel. I would have loved to eat that Stacy’s pusy honestly even her ass.

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Kill yourself

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Na there's not I'm killing myself today, dropped off my pets with my family this morning they aren't even awake yet.

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I need to write a book that sells. So I can escape poverty. Anyone know this feel?

I refuse to work half my waking day for 40 years in this ponzi. Fuck this place. Fuck the politicians.

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you sound fat so whatever you write will be shit and your life deserves to be shit.


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nigga aint nobody read books lmao start a podcast

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congrats on the new cycle low biz!
less posts than xmas day 2022. lowest number of posts in a day since late 2019/early 2020

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its about to get way busier and not for the reason you think


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>BRO just sell, its the top!
Meanwhile every single normal is out and I am pouring ton of money into ether!

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Late 19
And actually i think lower then all but around 35 days

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No joke, how do I make some money online? I already have a job and I don't intend to leave it but I was wondering if I could do anything online to earn some money besides gambling

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Join twitter giveaways

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american debt-addicted poisonous financial market goes down

simple rly

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I am collecting ether as a hobby, how will I affected by this scam rug?

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everything will be annihilated, there will be no safe haven

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good, total nigger death!

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Hi Anons
I have no idea what the fukc is goin on here, but chinese glowies propably tried to take down dev from this shitcoin, He has no-balls so he ran away like a small bitchy fag, but rest of them hold this ping like a charm.
Propably we have first shitcoin that could trigger WW3 so little bullish on it what they baking.

What do You think anons? is that larp? what they are doing ... weird stuff, drama on twatter, tg

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I am hoping for a new earthquake.

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why is retail so unprofitable if wages are so low?

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Broadly speaking, the two main categories of goods sold in retail are food and durable consumer goods from East Asia. The low prices of both rely on idiosyncratic circumstances: Food prices were artificially suppressed by subsidies and unsustainable agricultural practices (i.e. dumping enough fertilizer on a 1000ha-field of grain to poison half the ocean with phosphate and sucking the underground aquifer dry for the next 250 years). Consumer goods from Asia were cheap because of the post-WW2 baby boom there, which suppressed the price of labor, coupled with free trade. In the case of both categories, these prices-suppressing factors are going away, rapidly increasing prices. Since such goods are generally sold to people without much discretionary spending power, there is a limited ability to pass on costs, thus profit margins get squeezed.
All that shoplifting also doesn't help either - and that phenomenon very much exhibits Zimbabwe-like mechanics, so we can hardly fault "those Zimbabweans" in the future.

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retail relies on the discretionary income of consumers. low wages = lower discretionary income.

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Weekend sure went by quick, huh?

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We must do what we can to survive OP. You think I wanted to hear her agonizing screams? I was so hungry...

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