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Hey check out this amaziing new project.
21000 tokens 100% airdrop no pre sales no scams no bullshit Pure christmas joy.
Farming, NFTS Collectables looks based AF.
Get in quick before the airdrop ends. Think this could very likely explode.


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Algorand will be the market place for a big aerospace manufacturing company. Not saying this is going to bump the price, but it's pretty cool to see how the technology behind algorand is being used for multiple major markets. Once all ALGO has been distributed in a couple of years with the major markets they're already obtaining, do you see the price action moving up quite a bit?


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The same is happening to quant.

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For anons unfamiliar with this incredible project, read this Twitter thread by legendary Quant supporter and researcher, Seq:


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Any opportunities under 1 mill MC ?

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I wont endure another global crash
Biz, what are doing behind the scenes?
should I short everything?


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What happened here?

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Wash trading on an obscure chinese exchange I can't remember the name though. OKEx?

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Cowardly hands

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Read the fucking text:

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Dad is that you

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do people still trade basic erc20 coins?
is there a reason to buy one?

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cat watchign fapsturbte

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non-defi, no gimmicks, just bare bones currency. is there any reason people buy these coins?
he's watching you

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>tfw you just sold all your BTC and LINK holdings at the top

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>tfw you think this is the top

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>tfw bitcoin will NEVER go to 100K

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>tfw you are a LINK maximalist because bitcoin is useless

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God bless (You)

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In the long-term what should the BTC:ETH ratio be?

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it's weird because a lot of the reasoning for btc being top marketcap is circular, if eth can actually flip it there's very little reason for btc having it's value
eth already makes miners more money with less hashpower
eth handles as much transactional value even though it's valued at 1/4 of btc

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Kek wills it. Let this be the truth.

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Dev could create a whole new element to the crypto economy and development of projects. Nice article below


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i am of the financial ruined variety

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There is some major price manipulation going on with LINK. IFYKYK

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Annnnnnnd it's gone

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yes by sirgazy

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higher lows retard

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"price manipuation"
"price suppression"
"holding us down with bitcoin"
"jews vs chainlink"
"the world vs chainlinkers"
"these arent made up in our head to cope"
"mental illness has nothing to do with being a chainlinker"
"no we dont act like a cult what are you saying"
"muh 3 yrs"

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We live rent free in your head.
*blows smoke in your ugly face*

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Where were you when $ocean partnered with the biggest financial verticals in the world?


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I hope by now, everyone in here has realised that we have found a project that is not going to be judged by cmc rankings for very long, it's way above anything that even satoshi himself could ever dream of!
We're dealing with illuminate 33rd degree mason level shit that we should never had the chance to buy until it was trading on nasdaq for $$$$.
I have been buying this gem since 2018 and won't stop dca ing until I have literally no fiat left!
We are not only early, we have turned up for a wedding reception before the bride and groom are even fucking engaged!
Peace fellow qnt fuckers

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great project but the shills make me puke

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For anons unfamiliar with this incredible project, read this Twitter thread by legendary Quant supporter and researcher, Seq:


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Is anyone else going to place a bet on the election? I'm so close to betting a grand on Trump.

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LOL. I got my money at Trump @ 2.91.
Seems like ez money. Don't think Murica will vote for Sleepy Joe

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Salty reddit tourist

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Jesus was it 2.91 back then??? FUCK I should have betted. Didn't know you could even bet back then. Only reason I'm hesitant now is because of the ballot scandal/scams. But I'm not sure it will be enough for Biden.

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New York is in play. 12/1 on some betting websites.

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Hope you sold

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this doesn't end well for bears

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Much better, i shorted.

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the long squeeze is gonna be legendary

premiums through the roof

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I am financially obliterated

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>coin named swipe
>fall for it

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i told you

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im down at least 60%. this is pure evisceration

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Got those and skiped boat at the right time, except for kleros and swipe.
Bummer, but still on the green>>23485883

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70% here.

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So what is the top of this LINK pump? I don't want to get memed again like at $20

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please phanpy use stomp, it will save your life

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Wr will probably go up to 20 soon to form the cup and then down a lil for handle then yuuge pump

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>4hr maintenance begins the moment it hits $12.75

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End of 2021? 200$ minimum.
500$ is possible

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Take your meds

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