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easiest $1000 i ever made. I hope you bought in, /biz/

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Get the fuck in, you will get upto 85% APR via staking.

Just 5.5 MM cap

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I thought LINK was a scam??

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It is. It’s going to zero, no way in hell are the elites going to let a bunch of Nazi incels get rich

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last chance for the gaymers moon mission

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Unironically selling my stack cause you said fucking "gaymers"

Buy this instead

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She wants 500$ a month in rent and I have 10,000 LINK and negative 220$ in my checking account. I showed the dumb bitch where Link's price is right now and she knew where it was before. She's at her wits end with me and I told her to just give it 3 more months, but she isnt having it. She took away my XBOX too and I'm in South Dakota where there is nothing else to do but play Halo 3. Shes telling me to go work in an oil field but I dont want to be killed when we are so close to the singularity. Any South Dakota LinkMarines I can stay with for the summer? I'll give you 50 link a month. Or should I just hit the fat bitch over the head with a frying pan?

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I'd literally rather live on the streets for a few months than sell a single link under 4 digits

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>do nothing
That's all you had to do to be rich, and you fucked it up. What's your excuse?

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This is good news everybody

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XRP crazy train is about to roll out, all aboard this mf, it is going to be a good time

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>quietly ascending

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all you need is these 3(pic related). each have 100x potential. screencap and come back in 2021

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Like any investment, you should be assessing which crypto will still exist in 20 years?

Which project has legit staying power?

Will your crypto of choice be exit scammed or abandoned by its dev team at any point in the future?

Will it be next year? Or in ten years time?

Is there a crypto you dont have ANY DOUBT that it will still exist in twenty fucking years?? Twenty.

Think about it. Is TRON going to be around in 20 years?? Or is justin gonna get bored and move on to some other chink scam.

Is Nano going to be around in 2040? Sure its instant feeless transactions, but this market isnt about a good product. Its about investing and gains. Theres no staking in nano. Noones adopting this “perfect version of bitcoin”. Noones interested in anything except gains. Be realistic.

Waltonchain? Didnt they get caught doing a fake giveaway? Do you really think a fucking coin as abysmally managed as that will be around in TWENTY FUCKING YEARS.

Because you HAVE to view it like that.

Think about the world in twenty years.

Think about yourself in twenty years looking back to right now and wishing you could travel back in time to THIS POINT and put even a little bit of spare cash into the one or two crypto projects that CLEARLY have the staying power.

You are currently twenty years ahead of your future self.

Wouldnt it be great if you could do your future self this favour and not be a complete fuckup and just put some spare cash into chainlink and note the wallet seed and put it in a safe and forget about it for twenty years?

Where will link be in TWENTY YEARS???

At the peak of the golden bull run of 2017 it hit 1.25.

Look where it is now.

Most cryptos barely survived.

Link continued

You might think you are too late. Link is over $10. But time continues forward. And link has staying power.

You are not too late. You are here in 2020 right now and you able to act.

You are twenty years ahead of your future self. Dont fuck this up for him.

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So buy like CNS/TEND/BRR n stuff?

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We will likely all be sleeping when this happens

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Oh swingiiiiieeeees

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this shit just hit $0.10
>tfw only coins you own are sta & link

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Do you believe?

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LINK is going fucking crazy

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>take a shit
make gains
>take a shower
make gains
make gains
-500 still make 5k gains


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It's great. I am fucking a prostitute right now while making money

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jesus fucking christ what a timeline

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I honestly don’t give a shit where the price of link goes. I don’t care if it goes to 100$ tomorrow or 5 years from now. All I’m concerned about is having the least amount of black people owning this coin as possible. That is why I FUD this coin. I don’t care if some white reddit faggots get on board because they find out more and more about it before it takes off. If it takes 5 years for link to moon and that means more black people end up selling because they need to buy more pork rinds... then that is the optimal mooning timeframe for me.

And make no mistake all you black linkmarines out there. You will undoubtedly be invited to the yacht party when it happens and I’m personally going to sell 50 or so link to build you your own seperate faucet to drink cheap malt liquor out of on a seperate area of the yacht while the rest of us have a faucet with Grey goose vodka pouring out of it

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>waiting rooms every day

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As a fellow $LINK holder I agree with this.

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The SUKU pump has begun brothers.

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*silently moons*

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I'm going to have a heart attack

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If only you took one of the many, many, many minutes that passed you by in the last three years to buy.

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does sergey know biz is obsessed with him?

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He likes some of our memes.

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This will melt faces when staking comes out

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