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The team has not put it on any good exchanges is the only problem. They are focusing on the product. It was on cryptopia but that's the best it's been on so far. I think it is a no brainer at this price.

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>be me
>bought 50,000 ADA at $0.38 a few weeks ago
>checked the morning gains
>life is good

Why didn't you invest in ADA before today?

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Let's pretend we can see the future.

For example, let's say a certain company is said to have total sales of 1 mil and by 2022, it will go to 1 billion.

I don't know what determines the current price of a stock (for example 9 dollars per stock) but let's just go with 9 dollars as the current amount.

If you know the company has a current stock price of 9 dollars in 2019 and you know by 2022, they will have 1 billion in sales, how high will the actual price of the stock go up by?

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I'm getting Katie Perry Crypto Claws vibes. Time to short the entire us economy?

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These annoying goblins pay these people to constantly write articles about them q

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Can we get a non retarded price discussion going? What’s going to be the catalyst for the next bull run? There’s a bear echo room going on saying this 2.5k bullshit with nothing to back it. A lot of smart traders seem to think the bottom has already been hit

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i personally think its up from here but amything can happen even sub 2k. smart people know predicting prices short term is just wishful and magical thinking

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I think BTC will either go up or down

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>i personally think its up from here
and this is why you should buy bsv immediately

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Agreed. I just don’t think there’s many sellers left. Sure there’s shit tons of manipulation going on but everybody that’s still in seems to want to ride it out and see what happens

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link 1k eoy, because 4chan said so.

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>tfw I wage all day at my job for only $250 when >Tyrone makes thousands of dollars cash in one day credit card scamming

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literally guiding you step by step /biz/

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That weak spread. Nobody is buying this trash.

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>no one buying
>10x volume since yesterday
stay poor

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>Nobody is buying this trash.

I refer you to the volume chart, sir.

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Dump it.

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fuck u bog faggot

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crab-23 it is snib

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How do I invest into the hobby of dirt biking ?

Should I start with a 50cc bike? How much does it cost to get into this? <1000?

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Please res pond

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Get a 250 unless you're 12

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it's time

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how can you be this bad at TA?

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>hammer down yesterday, continuation cross today
>hammer down 4 hour
>dipped under support line and bounced off it
cya on the slip n slide

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What's your excuse for still not being balls deep in Nash? One of the first security tokens approved by the Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein in Europe. Regulated security tokens with full compliance are the future of mainstream cryptocurrency.

Nash is a decentralised exchange that utilises an off-chain matching engine with fiat on-ramps to make user experience a piece of cake. Moreover, as a true DEX, they never hold your keys. But Nash is more than a DEX, in the future you'll be able to pay for goods and services using any of the supported currencies. Seller asks for USD, but you want to pay with BTC? You pay with BTC and Nash does the conversion automatically.

The beta is released March 31st and you can currently sign up on nash.io using an invitation code. You can use any you find or the following: 31PBg1

Security tokens are the future.

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>do you hate money, anon?
>getting antshares/xrb vibes
>the next x100
>nervous system of the smart cities of tomorrow
>the korean ethereum, but better!
>imagine not being in the most comfy coin of 2019
>IDEX gem
>binance incoming
>6 gorillion PhDs working on it
>banks and governments to be announced
>partnerships to be revealed
There, I just went through all your pre-planned replies on your spreadsheet, don't need to waste them on me anymore

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Hmm yes... Food for thought...

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Personally prostate massage every customer in your clean McDonald's uniform

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when revolution?

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Hmm I gave my wages an extra 5 minutes for lunch, why haven't they rewarded their managers with a 50% increase in productivity? I know! A thinly veiled threat will surely improve company morale.

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If you’re in any client facing role, you should have a smile. It not, who cares?

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I dont understand why people hate wagecucking.

I mean, there is literally no better investment you can do while being poor.

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I don’t know how to program and I don’t want to learn. My plan is to take 10 low end programming jobs and use AI to do all my work. What is the first stop in this?

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Give up. The "AIs" you're looking for are called compilers. Damn near every software engineer in the world is already using them. The code humans write is just instructions for an "AI" so that it can write more detailed code on their behalf.

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study progrmaming
establish a slow cadence of delievry
hire pajeets
outsource your corporate work.
as a developer wish i had the balls to do this. too bad most pajeets arent good at cloudformation and lambda. but if your job is around php youre golden

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Make it moon already, i am tired of eating pasta and drinking water only

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how much do you both earn exactly? im guessing its not much

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lentils, fruit, and rice fren

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450$ per month, I live in a poor eastern european shithole

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Protip: when you drain the pasta make sure to have a container catching the water so you can drink it later and not have to pay for wasted water.

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Post pic of sister and mom

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NEETY NEETY listen sweetie
All day long you beat your meaty
Wagies married
Wagies rich
Wagies out fucking that bitch
NEET acts smug but NEET is sad
NEET be quiet don't wake up dad

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sh-shut up

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Needs more red frog.

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Shills trying to unload their bags

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Trying to buy more actually

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He missed GRIN
He missed BTT...
He missed LTO...
I am warning you before this hits IDEX biz, you can still make money in a bear market with smart investments
LIT is going to hit IDEX a week before it goes on a big exchange, do not be late on this like you were every other good project

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when does it hit idex tho?

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April sometime

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This looks like a total scam but I might buy to ride the PnD.

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So where do we buy before idex

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Bought in at ICO after seeing what LTO did on IDEX so I'm biased as fuck but could easily see this doing 3-10x on IDEX as other shittier projects have mooned recently

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Im sorry...i failed you bros...

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Link to face app?

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Chad facial expression

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>0.00000 fear
>0.00000 happiness
1.0 based

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this inspires confidence

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Come on! I want to enter funny das it mane pics into it and bump your thread with hardy-hars.

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post the best projects based on the teams appearance

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For those wanting to buy the dip, it hit 0.00049

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I'm ready

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What's your target OP? I'm thinking it might hit 0.001 next pump

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