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get in now if you missed out on P3D

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The logo looks like it don't feel so good, mr Stark.

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Not a single precious metals thread in the entire catalogue. What a shame so many people will be unprepared when the economy tanks taking all the imaginary internet money with it.

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we digital money now

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I have a suicide stack of ONE, should I go to sleep without worry?

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Trust me anon, buy LINK, another big pump is coming.

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why did you delete your other thread? how do you know? why are you a faggot?

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This fucking piece of shit larp again

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>trust me goy

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Thought this picture was bettera and the market actually told me.

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Which tech giant is gonna release a crypto next? Twitter?

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Why doesn't this bitch ever smile?

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Buy link, there’s another pump coming. Trust me.

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If you want a wife or children or think having a family is in any way desirable rather than a financial burden and a massve waste of money, you are a failed normalfag and you don't belong here. You belong on r*ddit or tw*tter with the other failed normalfags.

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post body

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most guys lie tho right, they say essentially anything to sleep with you

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true. nothing to add. fucking random prostitutes is way cheaper and better anyways.

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bitchy women like this pile of garbage are the reason why i prefer whores

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Get your fat roasty outta here

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Big Tobacco is backing Ripple. I know. I know. It sounds crazy. But They just gave the buy signal. Look, I know what I'm seeing when I'm seeing it. Buy now.

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Down 4% since moneygram announcement...How delusional do you have to be to buy this shitcoin!

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daily/weekly/monthly charts all bullish as fuck. its going to make another move up. if youre in alts. take profits now after some did 10-15%. bitcoin moving to 11.2k next. mid caps will rally after (ltc), followed by alts. 9.2k july bottom.

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BTC is topping out at 10k.

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It’s time to short scam coin bsv

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How did she know?

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what about litecoin?

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pure luck.

there's at least 50 retards here everyday who make those kinds of predictions. 99% are wrong, 1% are just lucky.

this one got lucky so far.

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know what? He was only right about 1 thing so far.

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>past performance is indicative of future results

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we touched 250 sats last time
Harmony ONE 2500 sats by end of month

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shhh. let him stay poor

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I'd like to touch her ovaries with my dick, if you know what I mean.

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nice paid fud you've got there Jalamushav, but remember when people said this about btt & matic? we're not buying your lies today

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we are all gonna make it frens

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im all in on this, someone please hold me im scared

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Brainlet here. If I have a Ledger and want to trade on IDEX on two different computers... do I have access to the same exchange wallet through my ledger? Like if I deposit 1 ETH from my Ledger to IDEX from home and I move to work, will I be able to just log into the same account with the 1 ETH through my Ledger?

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Trades are executed through your ledger device itself. So, whichever computer its connected to is the one you need to be next to.

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Redpill me please.

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Nobody cares about tech and the partnerships never amount to anything. The Mcap is already super high and doesn't have room for substantial gains without the entire market going up.

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Derivatives market alone can more than handle XRPs market cap

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Nobody cares about the derivatives market

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You have a lot of xrp?

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the implementation of xrapid doesnt mean anything if they dont use the token.

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Little birdie gave me a tap on the shoulder. Get out while you still can.

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Buy signal. Ty fren

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Screen cap or gtfo

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literally couldnt be any more bullish than it is right now. are you a brainlet?

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Like i said, trusted source gave me a tip. Plus, how many more times can the 9k resistance hold a sell off?

Protip: the answer is zero

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Latest LINK wallet update

where do you stand?

>Brigadier General

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I believe the creator of this excludes exchanges


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Well, but to some extent this is still disingenuous. If it excludes exchange wallets, there are clearly a lot of retards out there that hold 10k+ on binance, look at the catalog tonight alone.

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Captain reporting in

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Specialist. Will i ever make it?

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Based checked

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Let's be real guys, who is Sergey's handlder? Boggs?

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Its Adelyn.

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the "satoshi nakamoto" collective. it's more a partnership than a handler-type relationship though.

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Like Nick Szabo?

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>who is Sergey's handlder?
whoever happens to be his deliveroo driver that night.

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its over isnt it?

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10 rupees have you deposited into your account sirrr

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it's over
get out while you can

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Thanks just market sold 100 million

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No reason to buy now. They already said that this month is not a real mainnet

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hilarious...it's almost as if the market moves together. imagine that. how new are you? pic related

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dude they wont get it. Just let it be...let them FOMO in later

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Rishun, how many times do we have to go over this? You have a very bad memory, because you post the same nonsense numerous times a day.
Mainnet on the 30ths means that only foundation node operators will be able to stake on it in order to secure the network first against sybil attacks. HOW STUPID ARE YOU, YOU TECH ILLITERATE? THIS IS MAINNET 101

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>I am in it for the tech
>short the banks
>you can't ban math
>we gonna change the world
>new paradigm
>4th industrial revolution
>new elite

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>>new elite
Thats not how that works

And you shouldn't want to be an elite human anyway. You should be working on ascending to the next level.

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>shorting banks

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triple entry accounting is unironically one of the greatest advances in civilization

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this is the bitfinex method

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>I am in it for the profits
>short the retards
>you can't tax my gains
>fuck the world
>industrial brappers
>new lambo

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