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Why aren’t you taking the Biswap and BSW pills?

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good luck on that crypto pump when people can't even pay rent

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>people that have no assets to sell continue to be broke
more at 11

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Buddy this is exactly what makes it work.

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At the present time 2% of mining revenue comes from transaction fees and eventually an entire BTC block will be just that (after a few more halvings). If that happens, miners will never be able to cover their costs/loans, at least at the usd value of BTC today.

poll: https://twitter.com/danrobinson/status/1540115879773425664?s=20&t=CSZ3eMHnJRQSkid8AQR2gw

What will happen?
1. Merge-mined SHA-256? (eg Litecoin/Doge with Scrypt)
2. Proof of stake BTC
3. Tail emissions + bump the supply hard cap

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And why is it TRX?

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>A fucking phone

This is how you know your blockchain is a joke and has no future

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wow lol.

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>roe v wade overturned
>go to my boss
>tell him i dont know what to do and i need some time
>take off 3 weeks
>"do whatever you need, im an ally"

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Lmao clown world has its perks

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Not sure why any men give a fuck about this like we cannot have abortions. So whatever…

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Now that’s how you profit, finally a reasonable threads. Boys now’s the time to get into the flag/shirt/pin business let’s go

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Wait if the vagina and anus are just 1 inch apart, does this mean that when a woman is on her period the blood drips down to her asshole? Financially speaking of course

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you just know

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you just fucking know

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How do I turn my BNB to ETH without a binance account?

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sell bnb for eth on pancake
bridge eth to eth mainnet
whats so hard about it anon

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I have access to 12 words keys but not the exact order phrase which belongs to a goybase wallet
how do i bruteforce it
I already tried guessing for hours with no luck

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That should be ez to program. Just hire a pajeet off fiverr to code it for you.

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What are the words? It would take 3 seconds to generate a list.

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There are only 144 combinations, just be organised about it and you’ll do it within 20 mins you muppet

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How do I invest in pic related?

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Metal futures

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google who makes them? retard

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better to invest in oil companies for all the roasties taking road trips to blue states

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Good point. Maybe I'll invest in both.

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IF YOU ARE A BASEDBOY AND LOVE YOUR WIFE GETTING RAILED BY A BUCK THEN I HAVE THE COIN FOR YOU. or if you are a degen like me and literally invest in every coin that isnt a rugpull or honeypot, then I also have a coin for you. Also everything from smart money to people in the know.


t me/MyWifesBoyfriendInuOfficial

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mmm yes very wise

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I wouldn't get one either for a fat piggy

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same I just beat my meat even if it cant get full erect I keep cooming is the only thing that helps me sleep

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hey frens, Coinbase bots have no RLC liquidity for buyers in comparison to Binance, meaning a small moon on Coinbase will force the same situation that caused Binance and Coinbase to have drastically different prices(it was 10$ higher on coinbase at one point during the listing)

if u want to make it just kill coinbases RLC holdings and remove it from their website, ur welcome frens.

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So what happens when all the pending withdrawals hit Bancor? Will they pull a celsius?

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Stocks and Crypto can't go down because housing is just getting more and more expensive, where the fuck else are you putting your money to eventually achieve owning a house?

Checkmate bobo.

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>housing is just getting more and more expensive

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Shit will happen, lad. You know it. But we're still far from the supposed ath, so i suggest you sell all your house before 2030

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im sure retards in my country are going to be able to keep paying their 400k mortgages when rates rise to 3% in the best case

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I'm worth $30k.
How do I profit from this?

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I'm 32 and spent $95k in cars last month, what do you do for a living? Eat dirt? LMAO REKT

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that's better than being in debt but worse than being rich

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Offer up your bussy to Peter Thiel

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you're worth 130k if you liquidate your organs

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expanding on this, you don't need both kidneys. Sell a kidney to further invest into the bull market, buy it back after you take profits. Its god's way of providing you margin.

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New Coin that just launched called BTCuck. Its a meme coin named My Wifes Boyfriend Inu.

The CA is 0x

Telegram: MyWifesBoyfriendInuOfficial
get in here anons! Mods please lets not start any shit today please.

My Wife's Boyfriend Inu
We can't help them grow everything, but we can help Cucks everywhere grow their wallets and their esteem!
The Only Token to put Cuck Needs First!
Help the Cucks you know become the Alpha they always wanted by getting reflections in BETA
Mental Health quizzes and courses on self-love coming SOON!

Keeping you from Getting Screwed like your WIFE:
Locked liquidity for > a month
Buy & Sell tax 6%
Experienced team w/ XXX success
2% Liquidity/2% Marketing/2% Reflections in $Beta
1,000,000,000 Total Supply

Whale Prevention: Because Cucks don't need any more whales in their life:
2% Max Wallet Size
1% Max Transaction Size

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>Mods please lets not start any shit today please.
ok my basterds sir

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This made me audibly kek. Going to watch this pump and dump and laugh at chuck's getting fucked over, TWICE

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What does that even mean lmao

Im ready to fight as long as OP does too


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This is making me rich so far

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same join the tele, there is a sell coming up from the contract so dont panic

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What % of the population converting all of their US dollars into BTC would it take to ruin the Feds power They can’t keep on printing money forever especially with the political environment we’re currently in

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I'm not buying your bag. Sorry!

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I remember reading something about a tipping point for new things to catch on with the mainstream. I think it was below 30%.

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So long as you pay your taxes in US dollars and they arrest you for not paying taxes, US dollars will remain the dominant currency here.

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>% of population converts all of their US dollars into Gives money to exchanges for free
>Exchanges take everyone's money and tell 280 million people they have like 1.24btc
>0% of these people will ever actually try to withdraw the BTC/keep it in a real wallet, so "there can only ever be 21 million coins" doesn't matter
>None of these people have any idea what a private key even is
>Nothing changes
It's Really Simply Is That Easy, Anonymouss

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question you shoudl really be asking is how many foreign countries need to dump the dollar and trade w/ something else

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Are you ready for the tears and the cope from no linkies? All the VCs are dead, CeFi is a scam. Defi is going to go on the biggest bull run in its history, and the DeFi facilitator is going to #3 minimum. All the pain will soon be rewarded. Inshallah.

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checked and based the zero is confirmed

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strapped in

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Include the actual peak and you'll see the real pattern. ie. lots more downtrend

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Checked. I still don't make it though. Add two zeroes

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Why haven't they bent the knee to Chainlink?

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They use chainlink, they just dont use the token.

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I don't think that's true.

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