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Anyone else here long given up on crypto and just come here for bants and shitposting?

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I just learned a valuable lesson. Never ever set a stop limit order or the price will just zoom by and your order will never trigger.

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No. Dump it and buy 0xbtc

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Should I minor in business, /biz/?

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I'm a venezuelan

I have 70$ in paypal because i sold some stuff in ebay

How can I multiply this money to avoid dying of hunger?

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buy buttcoin

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Bake bread, then sell..

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move to America my brown skinned nigger friend...plenty of people have come here broke and 5 years later are millionaires. America welcomes immigrants with open arms!

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Is there a huge difference in self teaching digital marketing vs. learning it at an agency, if my results as a self-taught marketer are lucrative and above industry average KPIs?

Some background: I worked in data entry at a digital marketing agency for a year but learned zero marketing, so I'm kind of aware of how they operate. When I left I taught myself social media, paid social (FB/IG ads), and some other stuff, and I've been using my knowledge on real clients as a freelancer and have brought in revenue, followers, engagement, and my KPIs surpass industry average metrics.

OTHER QUESTION: I'm paying all my bills with digital marketing freelancing and it's not time costly, it takes me about 10 hours per week most the time. Would it be wise to get a digital agency job on top of this to double my income and polish my marketing skills, or should I use this free time to create an online business/ecommerce where I have ownership/equity (something with higher upside while risk is mitigated by my monthly freelancing retainers)? How valuable would the agency experience be, other than the extra income?

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Sigh. The 0xBitpajeets are at it again. So we counter it with facts.

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It's fucking sad to see people that obviously lost money on a scam choosing to spend energy thinking they have a better shot at somehow pumping it up again rather than selling and being smarter next time is sad.

Clear Rabbit investor behavior. Dig yourself into a hole they can't get out of, when at a loss does nothing and stays in the loss hoping to get it back while ignoring the opportunity cost.

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this. It also makes them pretty shitty pathetic people, wanting to pass the bags on.

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No idea. I’m the person telling you to buy 0xBTC today and I’ve never installed discord I don’t know how to use it.

>muh fiat invested support muh bitcorns

You are a brainlet

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This is a coordinated shilling campaign from discord pajeets.

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Butthurt chinks frustrates that no one is buying their latest binance ico bags of shit trying to come up with pathetic rationalisations of their failure to see that 0xBTC should be worth a hell of a lot more than it is now

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>attached pic of 7500 ETH transactions

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lol WHAT

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There must be a fucking exit code in there. This is a dev... no fucking way

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boi, this contract is running for half a year now
no exit scam in sight

you know where to go if you want an exit scam, right?

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Fuck this shit

Buy 0xBTC instead

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get out pajeet...

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>real men pick stocks

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>real men pick a hyper volatile currency without real use

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did i say anything about crypto?

real men pick markets / industries / technologies, not individual stocks

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>real men cope

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Yeah right, I'm really going to donate to the boomer retirement account.

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So how long before the government stops reporting on the 10 year and 2 year bond yield spread? Can’t have the goy know when to sell their stocks during the FED’s engineered market crash

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>7500 ETH or 3.5 million USD buy order in P3D
>Are you ready for round 2?


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w/e just get in lmao

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Based Vitalik

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Buy 0xBTC instead

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Can we ban all LINK threads please mods? Its just hurting people who dont know better at this point.

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I second this opinion. It's depressing watching teenagers lose all their money to this meme.

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The majority of link threads these days are threads complaining about the link threads

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I live in Austin TX, home of Wanchain HQ. Those guys are basically local celebrities around here.

A couple days ago I head over to this blockchain meetup at a downtown bar/restaurant and guess who shows up? Wanchain founders... in Ferraris... with smoking hot roasties on each arm... pounding beers. They didn't even mingle with the group, they just came there to look cool and get drunk (this was a wednesday btw)

You should probably sell your Wanchain anon, these guys already made their money and now they don't give a fuck.

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These clowns are partnering with $100 volume exchanges (Bitrue) and a bunch of shitty ICOs to get even more money from their retarded community.
Just check out the cryptocurve team. LMAO. They are citing wikipedia and steemit articles in their whitepaper. And the team looks like a bunch of ex prisoners.

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Does Craig have the chops to do Bitcoin? Yes. So say I, as with the rest of the team.

How do I now? A little thing called due diligence. I've now quizzed Craig on three outrageous statements. In each case, these statements have been founded. With serious arguments that change ... a lot of things.

Remember, I've been around the block. I built Ricardo, I assisted Gary on SOX, I invented Ricardian Contracts, I co-invented or re-discovered triple entry, I worked on a lot of other things which probably don't reach the reader because they're too ex-discipline (like OpenPGP, AES, identity, dispute resolution, PKI, security, social finance, R3's Corda...). I know when someone is talking crap, when someone's drowning in their own sandbox, and when someone is brilliant.

Craig has more knowledge than just about anyone else I've come across in the field. Certainly of Bitcoin, and a lot besides. Here's the clanger: Craig S Wright has the capability to integrate many diverse fields. He's a polymath, which is the roadblock that stops most others no matter how good they are at their select discipline. That's what I mean by transcendent financial cryptographer on this blog, and what I wrote my old fc7 paper about; it's not about what you know, it's about how you integrate the disparate, discordant fields together.
Start Your Career as a Marked Man

I can tell you, if you're a friend of Satoshi, you're marked. Everyone who's got close to Satoshi has suffered. Just my one little ol' post alone has cost me dearly - even though I'm not a Bitcoiner, I was tarred for life. And all I did was write a shitty little post - others did much more and the damage was commensurate.

People died for Bitcoin, folks, people died.

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if only him being satoshi meant something. seems like noone cares. theyre all happy with digital gold.

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who died tho?

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BIG NEWS ON MONDAY. Whales are loading up for the biggest event of the year.

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I'm going to be honest with you. There are no whales in crypto. It's literally exchanges pumping and dumping coins. You're buying chucky-e-cheese tokens in exchange for BTC which is then sold off for fiat.

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>up 1% on the 1hr

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>please buy sirs

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maybe you are just that poor?

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Nope, turned 4k into 280k. Learned to trade, pretty much do this day in day out. You're trading on fundamentals where as I trade on price action. I literally don't need anything other than the chart and my trading setup.

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If you haven't bought fomo 3d already don't bother, it's too late and buying now will get you JUSTED.

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jesse christ
cant believe you idiots gave the devs 18000+ eth

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let's see tomorrow when it's over 30k retard

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That’s fine

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they gave the smart contract eth
nobody can take it out, not even the devs

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This anon gets it

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Dump this shit and buy 0xbitcoin

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Are we unironically about to get Barted?

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Smart anons tethered up yesterday. See you at the bottom, fren.

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is it intentional to try to be funny or is biz just full of fucking idiots?

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We all act like a bunch of retards because it’s fucking hilarious, first day on the chins?

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Mostly because half or more of biz is legitimately retarded teenagers larping as being rich people with 100k per year jobs

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didn't you once say it throws off the data scrapers looking for sentiment?

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yes kek that real reason
you have good memory am hardly bother explaining that anymore

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kek i fuck ur mother you shit while i do the needful hahaha

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