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This guy is moving…jeets have been killed

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>You're only allowed to have fun in your 70s

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WTF is this retarded sybil concept with farming airdrops?
The farmer is taking all the risk with time and money and with no guarantee of an air drop happening.
If a user is smart enough to control multiple accounts with bots he should be rewarded not punished.
The dumb users who take less risk with time and money and can't run a computer should get fucked and die off.

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Fuck this crab dumping piece of trash coin. Going down faster than you can say double spend.

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I genuinely feel bad for you. What's stopping you from selling and moving on?

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This. Life is too short to marry your bags

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>politicians flip flopping and pretending they're pro crypto after talking trash on crypto before
>multiple celebrities creating meme tokens on pumpfun
>30,000 new spl tokens created per day
>multiple memecoins having ads in times square
>roaring kitty coming back one last time to rinse the redditors
>people trying to put WIF on the vegas sphere
How did you not recognize we were in the 9th inning?

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Yeah okay cool but some guy on /biz/ told me that "the bullrun hasn't even started yet" so did you even consider that?

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normies aren't in yet, who gives a shit about cryptotwitter yards

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>normies aren't in yet

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Market is down, someone make a new ponzi biz scamcoin for me to get in on launch

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this some whale donate to poorfags

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Are we back? I’m too afraid to check

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no its a troll post

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OP sees the future. in a few hours people will start posting how fake and gay this market is and that they missed their chance to buy

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Does anyone remember that very old shitcoin scam called ASKO? The one that is infamous because one of the devs had a photo of a laughing puppy. I just noticed they changed the logo of the coin to pic related lol, the fuck?

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Could someone explain what is priced in and what isn't?

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tech stocks say everything is bullish I wanna go. SP500 says i wanna dump. BTC dumps.

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hard landing is being priced in as we speak

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Everything is priced in

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priced in: delusions
priced out: reality

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>hard landing
>sp500 -0.18%
are you fking joking

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This dump is fake and gay

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the fed has overextended. markets are pricing in hard landing. its over.

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Fraudulent and Homosexual.
Just like the Biden Administration.

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Can we not have a proper Correction this Summer and then next year the real Bvllrun starts?

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That is Glegle, /pol/ hates her because she put Pepe in the friendzone

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This. If I just held till things were bright green I could swing 3x a year and easily clear 300%, no fomo no Aaaaaa

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literal nothingburger

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It's over. I once had dreams. But it's all over now. Bye, anons

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I've been underwater for 4 years

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Jej are these piss jugs? Are you a based peepee chad?

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No it doesn't, Jesus. If you were here then, how can you even say something like that. Holy shit.

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major fudding operation going on because bitcoin is crabbing down in its range again

this board is half liars and half glowniggers

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>another day of staring at the screen for 9 hours straight to make 4.55 dollars

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Same but I made 400$ today :)

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are you a paki programmer?

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Now that the bull market has concluded, what will you be accumulating during the next 3 years?

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Peepee on base because I like pissposting. Fr though crypto is about having fun.

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Greetings again, loyal ne'er-do-wells!

The glorious $UPA2 are back with another surprise. It seems generosity is a villainous habit we can't shake! This time, another 66.6k $UPA2 is up for grabs.

But beware... only the most nefarious scoundrels with REDDISH IDs will be eligible.

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Wtf is UPA

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What chain is this even on?

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upastaja com


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Holy fuck I think we're about to see a huge market crash. Whales just closed a shitload of long positions on bitfinex. They only ever do this before a huge dump and trend reversal is about to happen.

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>market crash

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did you know BTCLONGS go up when were going down, and down when were going up?

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They dumped btc to suppress Avi after it finally started their last main net audit. They can’t get away with this

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ez money.

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damn it you where right all along
gatting me short ready

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So you're telling me if my portfolio goes down 50% but then back up 50% I'm still 25% down? What the fuck, investing is a scam.

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keep waging
best you can do

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0.5 and 1.5 are not reciprocals. Maybe investing isn't for you if you failed gradeschool math.

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Checked. Only for shitcoins (buy a pisscoin instead)

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3.9k is still in the cards

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For Ethereum

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We're definitely never going to make it.

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factually correct, yes

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Green Id says your right, who cares about making it anyways?
>sour grapes fag

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Maybe not but we are having fun

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as soon as i catch a break, i intend to make some, of the brown variety

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No I will make it, but at this rate I will be 75 when I do. Yikes.