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serg not there prob nothing burger

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100 sats free in BTC BCH and BSV, unlimited refills, 1/2 blinds
why aren't more people playing this?

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So let me get this straight biz.
BTC removed signatures from transactions which was the most fundamental aspect of Bitcoin
They openly say fuck the Whitepaper
They openly say Satoshi is not relevant
They push for off-chain transactions on the LN
They say BTC is not for small transactions
They promote BTC as something to hoard and hodl rather than use as cash

Yet they insist on calling themselves Bitcoin.
How come? What am I missing?

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>Parity Ethereum v2.6.6-beta is an emergency patch release that adds the missing eip1344_transition for mainnet – Users are advised to update as soon as possible to prevent any issues with the imminent Istanbul hardfork

These bumbling fucking idiots can't seem to get anything right anymore. And mEth heads think this shit will flip anything ever???? AHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAAHHAAHHAAHAHAH! What a colossal fucking joke!

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Nice shill thread India.

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Communism will win.

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if only you knew how good things are going to be

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What will the world be like in 10-20 years? and how do i profit from it?

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literally everything you do will involve the chainlink token

buy the chainlink token

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People will on average be much poorer. Buy the machines now.

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Spend $500 on a decent rifle, buy ammo and two weeks worth of MREs, bury this somewhere. Then go down to your local bank, take out the largest loan you can and put 30% into BTC, 30% into LINK and 40% into CRSP stocks.

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the entertainment industry. every pile of trash makes billions now. you have an ever increasing pool of niggers, chinks, and spics globally that have no clue what cinema is and think grown ups 2 was the greatest comedy of their childhood. you only need to score once to make it and streaming platforms/kiketube are desperate for any and all content that appeals to the lowest commonsn denmnator

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What the ACTUAL FUCK was THAT!!!!!!!! WE ARE BACK

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We truly have returned, old friend.

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what time is the demo?

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6pm Belgium time 10 fucking days from now.

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Wrong. 6pm Glorious Mumbai Time.

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serg not there prob nothing burger

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It is dumping literally right now

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Online jobs for broke college students.

I'm honestly in lowest point of my life financially and really need a job online. even for only 100 dollars every week. Help me with some ides, something you have done.

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Just donate plasma or sperm, that should net you at least $400 per month. Also if you don't do drugs, you can even sell your urine to degenerate addicts!

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Appen, Lionbridge

Its no fun tho but better than mturk

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> Thinking the only use case for crypto is for payment
> alts are Bitcoin pretenders

These boomers are too late 10 years.

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Old people are so fucking stupid. The world has changed too quickly for their boomers brains to handle. Unironically if you think the only use crypto has is for payment processing you should be gassed. This dumb, old wrinkly and raisin brained faggot didn't invest in the internet so why would I ever think he has the intellect and hitherto to invest in the 4th industrial revolution? This dinosaur might, just might understand if Klauss Schwab personally sat down with him and spoon fed him for an hourt straight. Even then I almost guarantee he'd still think shiny rocks and real estate and the greatest investments ever.

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>One of the most obvious scams in crypto. Chink team exit scammed long time ago. All you have left is a giant marketing department and some Russian temp devs. 300K TPS lie was their hook, line and sinker. ICO whales are preparing class action lawsuit. The whole scam is imploding...


The people that "left" are still here. The same constant low tier fud has been floating for weeks. At least with Link they tried to come up with fud. You seething fucks get btfo'd daily and yet you still try to fud this. The fuck is the point? Fantom is here to stay. In fact it's going to make anyone who has Fantom rich. You've been warned time and time again. Valhalla awaits

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Token not needed for technology adoption

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same applies to any erc20 shitcoin. every single one of these shitcoins was printed with the sole intent of tricking people into crowdfunding projects.
if you hold erc20 shitcoins expecting to make it youre gonna have a bad time in the next year

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P.S. for the newfags:
I am joking. Token is needed because of the collateral. Nodes without collateral won't be choosen.
I gotta tell this because it's my fault if because of the shit FUD some anon ends up not buying this nextEThereum gem level

Buy fag.

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pee pee poo poo

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>It was true at one time but you stinkies had to ruin it
explain how we ruined it?
Maybe fudding we create a new universe in which the FUD becames real?
Some sort of Quantum experiment observer?

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i'm making it

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Was in Sydney probably got a bad batch the locals there try to kill each other, deathcon was cancelled due to peeps ODing all the time.

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imagine thinking this is the only life we have. we are immortal with infinite lives, each time we adjust the settings to try and live a perfect life (which differes for everyone) and simultaneously we are all one. it's hard to explain just grow and get over death it's just a transition. after you lived your perfect life be it a multi trilionaire dictator or a villager in tibet you will come back one last time as a prophet (doesn't has to be religious) and sleep after that life till the cycle starts again (big bang). so buy chainlink and enjoy life anon

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whys this dated tomorrow

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don't you ever post niggers on here again. i don't want to see their ugly chimpanzee faces while i'm reading crypto threads

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What do you guys think, seems like a legit x3-x5 even with no leverage

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Now many shekels do you intend to trade?

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couple thousand on this. With some margin it shouldbe 100k in no time.

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just closed my long for a .23 btc profit at 151,80 usd
should i reenter my long in this area? You can't really do ta on eth usd as it just mimicks bitcoin

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Chart it out for me.

And altseason is begining. Bitcoin looks to drop, ETH looks to pop, and BTC.d is going to slide.

I am looking to margin trade XRPBTC and ETBTC and having my collateral currency in ETH.

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Chainlink is bleeding everyday, once we go below 2$ it will accelerate. Is the team dumping?

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yes the team is currently exit scamming, best to sell everything and forget about link go- guy. Man don't you just feel sleepy recently better get some sleep anon

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No, but close to 7th place on most days

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Have you got it yet?

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I get it

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You don't get it

The token is not needed for technology adoption

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I dont get it

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We forex now

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Release the slaves on Mars.

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delete this they are still selling cheap links

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Baby Yoda uses Verge!

buy buy buy!

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Gay reddit meme. Star Wars is one of the most overrated franchises of all time

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didnt read, but interesting, would probably fuck

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based fren

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Silver contracts (volume) are traded 700x their annual mining amounts.

When the ticket gets called and all the long chains of cascaded derivatives come crashing down. Only those who physically hold Bitcoin, Gold and Silver will have any wealth.

Financial markets are an illusion. You've all been swindled by banks and governments to trade your labor for fake currency that these banks and governments convert into real money (Gold, Silver and BTC). In historical accounts throughout history, the true value of silver is 1/10th Oz for a mans day of labor. Do the math.

You've been gold/silver pilled.

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>not diversifying your investments
>not buying gold, silver, stocks, crypto and property

enjoy necking yourself.

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i have lots of silver and it was a huge mistake

dont buy this shit guys

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when you bust a nut into your 11/10 model gf you will come to your senses anyways and realise it aint shit

when you eat your 11/10 sashimi king lobster you will feel full and it will turn to shit you shit out anyways

im 24 now and the hedonic treadmill got me all the way fucked up. your baseline happiness simply adjusts overtime and everything fancy becomes normal and you are back to feeling like shit. i did it all, bought it all, ate it all, fucked them all and im as miserable as ever. i think about suicide almost daily. the biggest blackpill is that there is no difference between a homeless man eating trash and a billionare on a yacht eating super fine de claire oysters.

the only thing which legit makes me cope and not think about death is a puppy i bought 2 months ago. coming home and seeing him smile is better than doing bolivian coke and fucking romanian prostitutes or playing mini golf with muh perfect qt gf but its only this much i can cope.

i need help lads. i dont know what the fuck to do. everything i worked and wished for as a child turned out to be a big lie.

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Have kids worked for me.

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fap atleast 10 times a day

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You are just retarded. No shit that once you have over 5 mil net worth, all materialistic stuff will give you less and less dopamine over time. God damn how fucking stupid you are.

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Shit larp

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>im 24

Please tell us about your all mighty science, old one.

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