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I’ve got 200k in crypto already, looking to add another 100k when btc drops next, I’m looking at oil, oil stocks and also stocks in general however I’d rather buy a stable, strong sure market higher then buy right here not near the bottom after a 25% rally. What to do fags, long oil, load up on high div oil stocks even though they’re higher now? This shit can’t stay 26$ forever , only interested in at least 3-4x ing my money in the next 4-5 years

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>Going to 4chan for financial advice
Does anyone actually do this unironically?

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Biz is actually a good source for financial advice if you know how to filter 4D postironic comments

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You'll get better financial advice than dating advice at the very least

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I have legit made money from lurking this board. It can be done but you need to be able to tell the difference between shilling and not shilling.

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Depends if you like traps

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Newfag here. Can someone give me a quick rundown on what exactly is so special about link and why it is supposedly the next bitcoin?

>inb4 google

Too many big nerdy words, my pp is too large for that. Just unironically tell what’s so special about this shit in simple terms

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>i'm lazy spoonfeed me uwu
fuck off

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>of the
Rent free

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pee pee poo poo

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It's everything.

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I'm in the same boat
Yet all I hear is meming, so it's gard to take it seriously

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Helicopter money for everyone (as long as you are a corporation). Make sure you start your company now to get your free MacronBux

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In my opinion: yes, but you have to be smart.

Thoughts, frens? Or I am just gonna have to stick with my wageslavery?


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Instead of spending $10k on LINK for $0.30c in January 2018 I put it all into ENG.

That $10k is now worth $192.

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How much Link you got now?

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Lol’ing at your last effort attempts to DCA to reconcile some of the loss that’s still down 96% lmao

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I also had 12k XLM, but lost it here to a scam when I believed someone called "Willy the Whale" and traded it all for something called XTCC promised to pump to astronomical levels.

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Under quarantine...
>58% say they will be unable to meet their basic financial needs in one month or less.

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>live with parents

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Chain link fags gtfo

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Decentralized oracles

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by Longing your soul


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Based and asberger pilled

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lol based and god pilled

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lol this is a chainlink board

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Do you reckon the S&P 500 is going to go down again or is it just going to keep rebound? Unfortunately I had trouble getting the necessary information to open a Vanguard account when it nose dived. Now that I have it, do I go in now to get a 20 percent profit when it eventually rebounds or should I wait for another dive? I'm going to stick 5000 to 8000 dollars in when I invest, would have been nice to get that 50 percent profit.

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It REALLY depends on whether coronavirus cases actually peaked or if it the new infections reemerge with force. Which I think it will.

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Thanks anon, sound advice.

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I know its kind of bad of me, but I'm hoping it gets worse just so I can make a bigger profiterino.

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No one knows the future we can predict how day will ends today after half day is gone.

By every single day when stocks go down in increasing sequence so when suddenly direction change your last buy will be largest one and as you go up you sell in increasing sequence too so your last sell before it turn dune will be largest too . This is how you fishing bottom and tops.
If you buy every (-) day same amount and sell every + day exact same amount you can count that there is more + days per year then (-) days and you will sell always with profit. if you buy and sell in increasing sequence, then you buy and sell closer to the bottom and top.
lets say you by 1k next day 3k then 9k if it turns up you sell 1k next day 3k turns down buy again. because sum of all sells are always larger, then all buy, you buy more aggressive then sell according situation right now it is good to be invested already more then ½ .

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okay /biz/ i admit it
I saw the shilling a few days back and I fell for it
now im down -5%

i mean the project sounds good, coinbase investment, y comb investment , okex listing coming up but i suck at waiting
what do i do?

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i can just look at that logo and tell its a worthless coin

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i mean its not worthless tho , look at the people backing the project, and the price did increase about 3x the past 2 weeks

problem is , are we at the top or will the okex listing pump it more

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Dump that shit, it's a p&d coin.

Take the money and buy LINK

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yeah i had my suspicions too but in the telegram the admins are pretty chill and even though theyre asian they acutally speak american.

+ coinbase valued them at $50,000,000 but their marketcap is only like half that right now

its just hard to wait

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Anyone else blowing their stimulus on more Bitcoin the second it gets deposited?

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it's gonna be you and 10 others
most people will blow it on toilet paper

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to the moon

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HODL the line, gentlemen!

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QNT legionnaires GET IN HERE NOW!


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im cooming

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thats a guy my dude lmao

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Is bitcoin going up or down on friday?

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That dude needs to lose some weight

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i hope its going up

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that's a man

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Something is going up right now, but it’s not bitcoin

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What's your favorite pie, /biz/? I like pumpkin.

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pumpkin is good, I also really like any fruit pie basically, key lime, and pecan but if I had to choose one though I would choose French silk

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pumkin is pretty gud desu
gotta go with good old apple pie though

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Pulled pork pie, just made that shit up but now you want some, huh?

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Why do normalniggers hate pumpkin pie so much

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Lemon and meringue. Strawberry is good too

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Get ready for the biggest green dildo you have ever seen after jobless claims will skyrocket and OPEC negotiations fail

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Plunge protection team literally propping up the markets. This cannot end well.

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Ticking. Time. Bomb.

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Oh it will end in blood, but before that a few of us are going to make a lottt of money

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Yes, I’d like to place an order for 10000 BTC please

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Yea, I'm thinking we're back

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What the fuck was that SIR!!!
Now that Clement is confirmed alive and well we can resume buying. All hands on Uniswap let's fucking GO.

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200k here. Very comfy frens

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yes, back under 1.5c
This garbage can't pump for shit

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Do you use shampoo for your armpit or soap or what

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poopoo peepee

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Dr. Bronner's for everything, can't recommend it enough

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Wow is that you in the pic? Make sure you clean under your boobs too

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I like them hairy

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Here's the stats
>5oz of gold
>100 oz silver
>1 BTC
>~40k inheritance coming soon
>worthless degree but paid all the loans off
>no debt

I got hired to a 25/hr contract job that starts after corona blows over. I'm good at bullshitting my resume and interviews despite most of my work exp being stocking shelves. I'm not sure what the smartest thing to do with the 40k would be. I hate women and working hard, so one idea is buying a small trailer or house in flyover territory and just living minimalistically alone and stack PMs/stocks etc. I'm too lazy to learn to code and I'm too misanthropic to have smooth/positive social interactions be what defines the success of any job/career i would pursue.

Any broader philosophical views are welcome.

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>that starts after corona blows over
That ain't gonna happen bud.

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You have Pms... You will make it. Easily buy a house or farm with that stack after the reset.

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you sound like a big loser desu

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Who died? Or do you still need to kill them?

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Sell gold, silver, BTC, buy SPX. Leave yourself enough money to get by on. Put money from your paycheck into savings and SPX over time. Learn about stocks and choose a couple of companies you like that you believe have potential for growth and invest in them.

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It’s a pretty good one actually, 50k tps on L1 without sharding it’s impressive
I think it’s a top 10 coin at least

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