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I bought £100's worth of Canadian $'s last tuesday, should I expect them to creep up or to tumble down? also


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Does anyone have an effective system for filtering stocks out in order to have a closer look at potentially good investments?

Ive set up pic related and im using a filter on google finance to start a rudimentary filtering system but i was wondering if anyone had a more effective system

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as you can tell im still pleb-tier

Is this just one of those things you have to see tens and tens and hundreds and hundreds of examples of, until you learn to see something attractive, like an art? or are there a few fence posts i should set myself before embarking on my journey

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Do guys who trade like this not have experience/understanding of specific industries?

I am a pig and I take a position maybe once every two months in a business that I understand and that I can say with confidence is either overbought or oversold.

What is the advantage of holding so many positions and trading so often unless you have a giant DWave quant figuring out the market for you?

I was up over 40% last year with many of my positions more than doubling.

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Yeah, I dunno, because I can trim my list down to a few companies, after that I just basically think 'No, banks are shit' or 'Oh this mite be gud' and then research them.

If I research them and decide they're not that great I'll move on. The list usually isn't that long especially when I exclude certain industries. I certainly have not researched thousands of companies.

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I dont think the idea is to hold so many positions, its just to filter out personally attractive investments from others.

Im not really looking at a short term trading strategy, because I dont have expert knowledge in any particular sector yet, though i am tired of losing to inflation with the rest of the general public

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Do you have a finance background?

Which tools are you using?

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I already have some TRUMP that I got at 63c. Should I /buythedip/ too?

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yes buy the dip, its gonna pump harder during innaug

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This picture looks so awkward to me. Is this how the kids currently try to seduce women? They just sort of shove their index and middle finger in to the female's crotch and start going to work?

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It's how president-elect Donald Trump tries to seduce women
>grab them by the pussy

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Damn, I should have been able to get that.

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My grandmother left me five $10K EE savings bonds. She bought them when I was born (1992) and didn't tell me. Her attorney notified me after she died.

What do I do with them and how do I avoid taxes?


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Sell them and pay your taxes. Then invest in an equal distribution of Bitcoin and Lithium stocks.

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are you retarded? Comprehend what Iconomi coin is all about.

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You need to check if they're matured yet. Just google savings bond value.

After your bond reaches the 10k value it'll start to earn interest and be worth more than 10k. That interest earned is taxable when you cash the bond at the bank. It'll earn interest for up to 30 years I think, the final maturity date, where it won't go up anymore.

To avoid the tax just cash it in before it matures or starts gaining interest

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>how do I avoid taxes?
What taxes?

>Before responding to this post with some snarky comment, do the research and then come back and apologize to me for doubting the wisdom of my simple but 100% two-word reply. Dumbasses.

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>>1736000 (OP)
>how do I avoid taxes?
What taxes?

>Before responding to this post with some snarky comment, do the research and then come back and apologize to me for doubting the wisdom of my simple but 100% accurate two-word reply. Dumbasses.

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>Shenzen stock market nearly crashed today
>Trump inauguration Friday
>Chinese president begging the world for liquidity in Switzerland tomorrow

Who's ready for bitcoin moon, genlemen?
(not the one you can see from earth, the one you can see from Uranus)

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Trumpcoin and BtC holder /reporting/

I already decided on which color I want my lamborghini factory to be

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>I already decided on which color I want my lamborghini factory to be
That's nothing, kid.

I already decided what color I want my Lamborghini factory construction workers to be.

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Actually I was just being modest.

I actually decided on the color that the country my Lamborghini factories will be built in will be.

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bitcoin is 90 percent chinese retard

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1) Everything I talked about in the OP relates to China

2) No.

Over 90% of bitcoin trading volume takes place in China, but that's because Chinese volumes are artificially inflated.
Chinese bitcoin traders get rewarded for simply "trading" their own bitcoins back and forth between their own accounts all day long, for instance.

The current estimation is that about a third of all bitcoins are owned by the Chinese.

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Can someone please shutdown the website https://bardalesfoundation.wordpress.com. I have a feeling its a scam. Ive mailed out checks for 1000s of dollars with bank information given to me from like 3 different accounts across a 3 year timespan.They paid me 2000$ out of 12,000$ they still owe me. It was like pulling teeth getting these guys to pay what they promised, they would promise to pay "next week for sure" for like 6 months. The alleged boss is "Anthonio Marriano." His email is [email protected] I asked him yesterday if he remembered me and my 10k he owes and he said "yes, are you ready for work" like he always did. The picture on their website angered me so now im coming here to you guys. Thinking of all the ppl they prob scammed while looking at that smiling kids face on their website really disturbed me. I would do it myself but there is some rich guys reading my mind so I would just get caught. (I think it was because of the "dreamboard") so make sure your tor browser is on when you read this. lol

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>I wonder how they weed out the undercover cops and the people smart enough to screw them.

They don't.

They have literally no risk.

Who cares? It never physically touches them.

>Screw them

Wire money to themselves? Okay cool, you just wired stolen funds directly to yourself in a 5 eyes country. Enjoy it being confiscated and investigated fully, or jail.

running a mule network is profitable as fuck.

The best is getting kids on J1 student visas to open numerous bank accounts, get their 10% or whatever and get them to do the work before they board their plane back to Afghanibuttfuckistan.

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Then you sign up on fraud forums and offer this service and take like 40% or whatever the going rate is.

Enjoy millions easy

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Jesus christ anon, you must check yourself before wreck yourself

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I was thinking more they paid for a sucker list so you sign up with them, get their contacts, wire the money to an account with a fake id, steal the money, launder it yourself, get a new name and sign up with them again.

eventually their boss will execute them in a dark alley and you'll have made tens of thousands they were supposed to make.

if a person were criminally inclined that is.

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>eventually their boss will execute them in a dark alley

This isn't the 90's in the former Soviet Union. People don't use violence or even meet eachother face to face almost ever.

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Hey /biz/, I've got a friend that is basically a complete waste of space, he's autistic, has adhd, arthrithis, speaks only one language, is poor as hell and is basically incompetent at every single thing that requires the slightest amount of skill. Do you know of any kind of work he could possibly do so he won't literally be a neet for the rest of his life?

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restaurant kitchen work. Office cleaning. landscaping. construction.

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A social justice warrior.

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I've thought of all those but he's either too incompetent or abysmally antisocial or in the case of the sjw thing, he for some reason thinks he has any say in what he can do at this point, i was thinking that maybe i should purposefuly destroy his self esteem and get him to camwhore though, thoughts?

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Who here has tried their luck on places like eBay? Any tips? Did you spend a lot of time looking for the good stuff to buy? I like the idea of headphones, photographic lenses, and other electronics if I can find them such as Vidya and laptops.

Good tips appreciated

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This is the next generation of Trump coins. It has dipped and right now is the best time to buy in.
GTFIH if you want to profit really fucking quickly.

Website: http://trump.2016coin.org

Blockchain: http://omnichest.info/lookupsp.aspx?sp=68

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Lame as fuck

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Fuck off, TRUMP is the official Trump crypto of /biz/.

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pres is better

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PRES is a superior you cuck

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How to make money online? Tell me ways to do it? I have no idea how. What is a easy and effective way to make some money on here or even create a living

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I save money by eating only plastic rice and ordering in bulk from China. How does /biz/ cut food costs?

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Only eat Micky D's dollar meals.

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I created a fake food related business so that I had tax numbers to give my local wholesalers. I then bought a few upright freezers to store food in.

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So you're living on frozen food that's ment for restaurants?

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you're not going to pass bitcoin you fucking "muuuh anonymity" cucks. bitcoin can scale and will, while also gaining anonymous features. monero cannot get there in time

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Will it be recorder ?

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what does this mean for Jizzcoin>?

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what does it mean for bitcoin?

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on one hand it could drive many investors away from the stock market and back to bitcoins

on the other hand it could trigger serious actions by the bank of china to restrict cash flows out of the country (bitcoin being one notorious method for this)

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It means the value of bitcoin will increase as spooked investors liquidate their stocks and reinvest in bitcoin.

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no its going to crash because its 90 percent chinese

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What up, niggers, seems this is the most appropriate board for my question.

Applying for a new job, because I'm sick of what I'm doing. The company I'm applying for has some retarded outdated website that doesn't let you upload a resume, and you have to fill in their boxes. The job I'm applying for is construction related, and whilst I have no formal experience, I can fix cars, design/build anything with wood, and pretty handy with a soldering iron.

The box is labelled "Summary of Skills and Talents", and I've put the standard "Ability to share knowledge and skills to others, creative and innovative, fast learning pace and ability to adapt to new systems" amongst some other bollocks.

I'm not really sure how to word "I'm a weekend spanner warrior", without sounding like a tool. The only point I can think of is "mechnically inclined", which I'm not sure really sounds professional. What do?

If you were applying for a construction job, what bullet point(s) would you add under "Summary of Skills and Talents"?

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I didn't realise "spanner warrior" wasn't a common thing. Kind of just means you're handy with a spanner, good at building etc.

Just applying as a labourer in a warehouse. Not sure doing exactly what, cutting wood, dealing with customers, assembling. My only job experience is 100% retail, so I don't have any references in the industry.

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>able to use spanner


>> No.1735898

Maybe jazz it up a bit, like "Impressive spanner using ability".

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>can lift 70lbs (convert to brit-pounds)
>have no experience whatsoever so am blank slate ready to receive any wisdom offered
>not a complete moron
>strong desire to learn and advance in your company and industry
>no preconceived notions, will not contradict or argue
>human sponge, waiting to soak up knowledge and experience
>not a slow mover

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>The box is labelled "Summary of Skills and Talents", and I've put the standard "Ability to share knowledge and skills to others, creative and innovative, fast learning pace and ability to adapt to new systems" amongst some other bollocks.
remove that.

> I can fix cars, design/build anything with wood, and pretty handy with a soldering iron.
put this instead and show some of your work if they ask

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Okay you /biz/ tell me, is it worth getting binary trading? I plan on starting with $250 and trade through 24Option, and maybe use auto-trading software like OptionRobot. I'm not interested in bitcoin yet, and would like to try my hand online stock trading first. How big is the risk if I'm trying out something like this? And how big are the gains, and how long does it usually take for me to start profiting a fair amount (in double digits)?

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redpill me

>> No.1735794


Also can you Anons suggest better/actual options to me? I've been reading the reviews and they look like just another scam.

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read >>1734798

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Hi guys,
I am an economics student at a non target school. I got a very high B in macro economics, and a B in micro. I'm in my 3rd year of school but credit wise I'm in my fall semester of my junior year. I'm good at math, I have above average people skills, i have sales experience, and I have an internship at a wealth management firm. What do you guys think my chances are of ever getting to work on Wall Street or in a giant city. I'm from the Midwest, but my family is from Houston and Memphis. I hate it here, don't connect with a lot of people, I day trade and earn enough money to go to and from work as well as commute 40 minutes to school. My parents let me live here and I remain pretty independent. My parents are older and I'm going to have to take care of them pretty soon, I want to repay all of the amazing things they did for me so I'm wondering what you guys think my chances are of landing a position at Mecca. Pic unrelated.

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What do you want /biz/?

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Food, a comfortable room, a comfortable chair and a good computer+peripherals.
Ideally no job. But I want a job too since I don't have one.

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I want PTN to either do extremely well or completely vanish overnight so that i can stop reading people say its about to skyrocket.

>> No.1735980

i'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame. i'd even cut my hair and change my name

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i want to punish everybody.

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>tfw you spent THOUSANDS of hours on 4chan when this time could have been better spent doing something productive

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But you can apply it... Just like everyone else?

>> No.1736065

>read books, browse websites, watch videos
>learn stuff, develop deeper understanding of the world
It feels productive to me personally, but doesn't give me the power to objectively effect change. That requires money and power, of which I have none to begin with.
>Just like everyone else?
Huh? Aren't most people just stupid blue-pilled plebeians who can't think their way out of a box?

>> No.1736072

>That requires money and power, of which I have none to begin with.

You can get started doing things with little money.

What you're doing is called making excuses. One of the best excuses is "I need money to start" - the interesting part is that the quantity is never defined nor can you explain what you need the money for, in detail. And this way it's an excuse that can never be met.

>> No.1736076

>Aren't most people just stupid blue-pilled plebeians who can't think their way out of a box?

Yeah, kind of like you. They think the people who do things are somehow "special" or gifted in some way and they always need something more to get going, exactly how you're doing actually.

You're like the obese person saying how he's too fat to exercise.

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I might be autistic from what a neuropsych told me recently. So what else would I be doing? Working at fucking Goodwill?

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I wish i have the balls to quit my job.
I hate my job to the point that its making me depressed.
I literally hate it even thou i make 72k a year but i have my laptop and extra monitor and trade stocks 1 hour a day I make more than my monthly salary.
I wish i can just quit and day trade full time, but have family responsibility and wedding in 7 months.
I cant find the courage to quit even thou i hate my life everyday there

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Notice analyst has a brand new SUV
Riding nice and in style
Same guy claims overtime, and always asks me for help on shit, he isn't worth shit when it comes to hard issues but he works overtime 6 days a week and the company pays them
I've already complained in the meetings about this, and that money could have been spent on some of the more advanced personal, lol management says how is this relevant to this meeting, well it fucking is, we don't make shit and now they are adding additional overhead/sla/stats on us. while the analysts stay afloat and claim extra work....

>They claim to work extra every week
>They claim to be working overtime and fixing shit
>top fucking kek, our sla agreements are past due
>we have hundreds of requests that won't be worked on until next week, and management says the engineers need to work harder
>lol, if they were actually working on those system changes, tickets, and additional support maybe the engineers had more free time

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>>im waiting to hear back about my performance review from management for 2016
If the work i have done meant nothing to upper management, and it wasn't official i am fucking looking for another gig, i do get email/phone calls for interviews but haven't wanted to leave right away as leaving for another company could be kind of bad on resume and learning all new shit at the other company will take some time...

>> No.1735799

iktf. I make 96K/year but dread waking up everyday. Everytime I think about quitting I think of all the money i'll lose and can't do it.

>> No.1735820

>dread waking up everyday

I actually enjoy the work though, I just want more advanced work and increase in salary

>> No.1735822

Thats the dream then. Eventually you'll get those over time. I won't stop hating my job.

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