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Why is link mooning ??

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because it's the future of crypto

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i been wondering how old you are

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This is just a friendly reminder that XLM cruise spaceship to Jupiter is departing in few hours.

We will be serving Kaviar and ChainLink Tears.

Only few spots left.

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hes a pig

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what makes you think that rocket friend?

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Made your whole year in a week

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massive cup and handle on lumens

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i have a hard on for monaco that's what our Senior Group Associate said.

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fucking shit monaco is mooning without me better buy some that's what our Dynamic Team Specialist said.

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this coin is headed in one direction only

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All your altcoin are belong to us verr soon.

>bullrun imminent

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im all in monaco that's what our Corporate Configuration Engineer said.

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post it 50 more times then it will be funny

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very good, let them pump it to 100K, this means I can buy more coins that are used than now

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This is my first thread on biz.
I'm thinking of buying some (few hundred euros) cryptocurrencies and i want to know which platform has the best combination of safety, low fees, speed and amount of different criptos a.k.a. which one is /biz/ approved :D

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new fags not allowed here sry

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Why haven't you bought litecoin yet?

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monaco is now filtered
good job outsider

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buy mco, xmr, and btc

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ready for liftoff monaco that's what our Dynamic Usability Analyst said.

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sex me monaco that's what our Senior Intranet Administrator said.

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nazis would buy monaco its the aryan coin

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Why you hate money anon?

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I’ll buy MCO if you stay out of the other threads Pajeet.

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monaco is king no doubt about it

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Speaking about triggers here ($trig)

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Will people be cashing out for the holiday season this week or next?
Would it be a good idea to cash out now and possibly buy back in during the dips for the holidays?

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Cashed out a small amount, felt good to know i took some risk off the table, Market went up crazy past 2 months, nothing wrong with a little profit taking. I say go for it

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Nah, they'll be buying in for paper wallet stocking stuffers

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I expect that the market will see a bull run in January. This is 100% speculation, but January is typically a time for resolutions, new beginnings, etc.

A lot of normies are downloading coinbase every day, most of them haven't even bought yet and are just watching. Come January 1st, a lot of them are gonna throw a lambo on their vision board, and then click buy on 0.2BTC.

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Two years ago I gave bitcoin as a Christmas present. Keys are lost now but it’s up 4500% since then.

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They are going to be buying hard with the money they get for christmas.

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Monaco is about to lift off that's what our National Markets Orchestrator said.

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Raiden is gonna get pumped on media this weekend. Get in and enjoy the ride or do you hate earning lambo money?


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Proof or fuck off with your scamcoin

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News is scheduled for release this weekend primtime on major news sites. It aint primtime yet niqqa.

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good for raiden hodlers. I'll pass, it is not used by anyone, so buy more, it might be used someday

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How come you faggots had to shill this shitty coin so hard with barely any growth, mean while you have ADA which shot up from $0.10 to $0.27 and still growing without having to make 50 threads a day.

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Kek’d OP

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IOTA already mooned when it went from $0.70 to $1.50 right? BTC also has done nothing but moon, stay away from that, might as well not buy any crypto actually. It's all one big bull market.

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He's right though. Buying something after it moons doesn't mean you can't make money by holding for when/if it moons again, but you have to admit it isn't the best entry point is it?

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I'm going to drop about 60 billion into this coin just because I feel bad for you guys.

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Whats up losers? ;) You ok ? hehe..
Look what i just bought, it's a 2009 Luis Roedrer Cristal ;)

You see i don't drink piss like workingclass dumb idiots drink.. piss like beer and fucking cava. ;)) I only drink expensive champagne ;)

Ask me anything ;) if you are nice maybe i'll give you some tips in life to be as rich as me ;) richfag here ;)

Fucking hate dumb workingclass poorfags

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why have you not gone all in on ropecoin yet?

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about to hit new highs since its inception, all time high market cap, will not be able to get in -.1 after christmas

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i have a hard on for monaco

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one word Monaco that's what our District Creative Orchestrator said.

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bro please stop spamming this shit in every thread


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>steadly climbs to ath

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Gonna shill Monaco on every single thread bruv?

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Honestly I'm good with either a sudden moon mission or a steady rise to fame. I think the former is more likely to happen, it's such a good deal that once people find out about it it'll blow up. This is the same shit that was going on just before IOTA mooned, except XLM actually works unlike IOTA.

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Race u there senpai

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essentially everyone is leaving ethereum for stellar. i need to get in.

maybe move my eth stack to stellar

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I like this picture, thanks for sharing

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Some of you guys are alright.
Sell your altcoins.

Me and my buddies have just printed 100 mil new tethers.


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sex me monaco that's what our Direct Resonance Assistant said.

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Monaco is king that's what our National Marketing Agent said.

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Uhh why did that link open my coinbase wallet

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Cheers to you lucky mother fuckers.


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nazis would buy monaco its the aryan coin

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hes a pig

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sex me monaco

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He might as well be for how much bacon he's going to bring me.

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why the fuck is pivx only 6 dollars ? this shit makes no sense, its a good coin, with a 55 mil circulating supply, why the fuck is it not higher ?

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