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Short this shit right now for free money. 600m In unlocks in 4 hours. tOP MC is 510m

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I completely forgot this existed.

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found it below cryptogems tw. last day 1000%. thoughts?

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I made 4k in 2 days 0.0
This shit is crazy!

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biz thoughts on this show ?

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Solid ending. Honestly last season was getting much better than the last few.

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I want to be tom's friend

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>he lurks biz and still doesn't have visit cards and a .com at his name

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Has anyone here actually made a profit by listening to /biz/?

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some blessed soul shilled FTM at like ~10c back in the day, so yeah

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I come here to shit post, learn a bit about degen market sentiment, occasional news about the economy that I might have missed.
Pic related, how I fixed biz

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What is even the bull case for Algorand anymore?

All their announcements turned out to be nothingburgers

No adoption - same TPS for years

Constant dumping. It's fallen like 20-30 ranks in the last year

Leadership team proven to be incompetent

No incentives to stake

Holding for 3 months to get governance rewards in an undperforming coin - no thanks

The ecosystem is just a copy of everything else but with low liquidity

Cited as a security by the SEC

They agreed to a deal that allowed VCs to get their vesting accelerated - billions of tokens released at the height of the bull market

Missed defi hype, missed nft hype, missed almost the entire bull market

And I could keep going...

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>And I could keep going...
Learn how to structure your text before doing anything else.

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It's structured fine

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BRC-20 bros what's going on in the new JSONverse?

Is this true?

Post gains.

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you, or whoever is trying to cash in on degens doesn't get the mindset of btc holder, buyer

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What would happen if one used his grandpa for doing KYC and cash out?

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> "Error: You were warned. You must first view this warning to post again."
>open warning in new tab and immediately close it without looking at it

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>you were banned for racism outside of /b/

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>Report post

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Fuck jannies your bans don’t do shit to me hahaha

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So wtf is going on with shib team pumping memes and getting away with it. Is it all a scam?

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What part of "larp scam" didn't you understand the firstb5 times it was posted here?

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The question is when.

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soon. Before 2030 for sure

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soon, crypto is running out of new chumps to hold the bags, once that happens its over for crypto

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At any moment the US government can dump their bags on you. The US government is the largest holder of your "decentralized ponzi" BitShit, to the tune of $5.6 Billion. And they'll get more too.

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>and necessary to auction it off, so says the lard law

Phew! Thank goodness the US federal government has checks and balances to ensure they never do anything to fuck over the middle class! I was getting nervous about the potential mass dumping of government seized BTC (which they openly despize) there for a second. To tha moon bayy bee!!

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cope retard, you didn't even know the US was the top holder of Bitcoin and you're acting like you're informed. dumbass moonboi, you'll get rekt good.

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the US government isnt the top holder, satoshis premine with burned keys is. and there are other entities, of which you never will know that they belong together

anyway I smell mETH dealers, not going to get my bike stolen

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>the US government isnt the top holder, satoshis premine with burned keys is. and there are other entities

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It bothers you doesn't it? meme season was a failure, "alt" season was a failure and the more corpos and grifters push more people snap out, reflect and either leave or go btc maxi

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>Fuck you faggots, I'm rolling in my grave now

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Wasn't he an actual faggot?

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No you remembering a funny quote from Niall Ferguson wrong. Keynes had a wife that miscarried. But in the economic sense he is a faggot, not as much of a faggot as the MMT lunatics though, still a faggot

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$500-$1,000. XMR or BTC for long term hold? And what exchange will give me the least drama when I put in my sell order? Yes I can do ID verify and wait.

Kraken or Coinbase?

I plan on holding the crypto in a local wallet because I'm not retarded and then selling when the time is right. I'm not trying to make big risks on meme coins.

I plan on doing incremental reinvestments over time. What's the best way to save on fees along the way from crypto to FIAT?

All I want to do in this experiment is try to trade my way up to $5,000 over three to six months.

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i've been meaning to try out this lora

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Look at all the crypto projects around you: rugs. securities. greedy ceos and devs dumping on you. at some point, they all look the same - every single one is a grift. every. single. one (except maybe btc).
What if I told you that there's a crypto that exists right now that is
>completely decentralized
>no founder or team allocation
>no vcs
>no pre-mine
>code immutable
>long-term disinflationary.
Sounds like btc, right? Maybe, but I am not talking about btc. You do not need specialized hardware to mine this.
Would you like to know what it is, /biz/?

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XMR is the only coin that fits OP's description, is everyone ITT a jeetoid?

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>Would you like to know what it is, /biz/?

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nah, found out founders already premined 14%

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>Part of why btc works as it works is the specialized hardware

Because being dependent on specialized hardware that must be imported through State-controlled borders in no way presents a critical chokepoint.

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>Completely decentralized
>No premine

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I'm a developer with 2 years of experience in Visual Basic.

I value this at $100/GRT with a fully diluted marketcap. Yes, A FUCKING TRILLION DOLLARS worth of market cap. This isn't even a Top 10 coin, it's a top 3.

It won't be the backbone of DeFi: it will be the backbone of the new Web.

Think about it.

If anyone wants to develop a dApp, they will need to setup and retrieve the entire Ethereum chain, manually scan it and then actually produce the output they need to use. It's a MASSIVE time/money sink to setup and to maintain (!!!), and it's always prone to errors. With The Graph, none of that is necessary. You just pay a fee in GRT for a query and just get the data you need, already indexed by GRT stakers. Done. You are already working on your product. You would have to be insane if you want to develop a dApp without using The Graph (genius name, btw). AFAIK, there is nothing in the Ethereum ecosystem even close to it, much less with a working and battle tested product.

But wait, it doesn't end here:
* GRT earns you GRT.
* A lot of GRT is being staked and can not be sold. The circulating supply is a LOT lower than estimated.
* GraphQL is the normie web developer's tool of choice because it's an amazing standard. You can bet your ass that when any SV hipster hears of this, they will throw their money at it, no questions asked.

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* There is no centralized equivalent of what is happening here. For example, right now if you want to retrieve data from Binance, you have to use their API, so setup their SDK/Client and then use that, then if you want to use any other API you have to setup their SDK/Client, etc... With The Graph EVERYTHING IS IN ONE PLACE, and everything can be retrieved using the one standard: GraphQL. This isn't even the Google of crypto: it's something that up until now wasn't even possible because of the centralized nature of the current Internet. I'm not getting LINK vibes, I'm getting BTC vibes.
* By actually being used, GRT will finally prove that decentralized applications are feasible, while also providing a way to easily develop them. The whole Ethereum ecosystem will benefit from it and price will skyrocket across the board, not just GRT.
* A whole market of data sellers will be born. For now it's just prices, but as more data gets on-chain, more and more data will be available to be retrieved/indexed (read: sold) on The Graph. This isn't even the beginning. This will open up doors not even thought before.

You have to be absolutely fucking moronic to not buy it at this price. I'm actually fairly sure that price is being suppressed artificially right now, because it's an absolute steal. $1 is more than guaranteed.

There is a lot of FUD about this project, same as what happened with LINK when it was <$1, and you can see how that turned out.

Remember, during the gold rush, the best thing to do is sell gold mining equipment.
You have no idea what's coming.

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GRT Penance Rankings
>1-10 GRT: Community Service
>11-25 GRT: Public Apology
>26-50 GRT: Do something nice for a local transgendered
>51-100 GRT: One year of jail, TEN years other punishments TBD
>101-150 GRT: TEN years of jail, ONE HUNDRED years of other punishments TBD
>151-200 GRT: ONE HUNDRED years of jail, TEN YEARS of in-jail punishments TBD
>251-300 GRT: On the spot execution by nearest federal judge, relatively painless depending on judge
>301-350 GRT: Death by lethal injections (multiple at same time to make sure)
>351-400 GRT: Death by electric chair + firing squad
>401-450 GRT: Death by anti-aircraft missile fired right at center of chest + a bomb explodes on you
>451-500 GRT: Death by limited nuclear strike on your location
>501+ GRT: Doubt anyone has this much but if you do rest assured you will receive state-mandated death by humiliation so sell now

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What's the best small business to open? Mattress store or something? Are there any new markets worth getting into like escape rooms or vape stores? Not restaurants obviously

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I'd imagine a car detailing startup wouldn't be terribly expensive. If you have a climate controlled garage you can go all year

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>climate controlled garage
Leasing or owning this space could be rough though

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Coffee shop that turns into a cocktail bar at night would be comfy

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just buy a .com and bring people to your website

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>short 6.66
>long 6.2
its that easy

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should have sold at 52 kek

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