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Buy while it's low because we're about to go interstallar!!!

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You have got 5 hours to make $100 (starting with $10) without leaving your bedroom.

What's the best way to do this?

(I don't care if it's mildly illegal/unethical)

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Fun fact a PIVX dev is helping CV2 rebrand into a lite version of PIVX.

Something tells me this shit is going to be lit most of the coin supply is gonna be gone when the swap happens.

Then the masternodes come and well... XBY will pale in comparison, you heard it here first.


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Look at the market right now. Over the last two hours a small market wide correction/dip has occured.

Now, pull up tradingview and scroll through your watchlist and see which coins recovered the quickest. Now which of those were approaching a nice uptrend or starting to enter one?

Put more crypto in these coins (going more into the BATmobile myself).

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it feels like we're on the cusp of something where a lot of people can get rich. The kind of thing people will talk about in ten years time and think "why didn't I get in on that". Give me examples of other industries etc where this gold rush type phenomenon occurred

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cryptographic currency

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>Tech Stocks back in the 90s, meaning the ones who prevailed of course.
>People who didn't invest in real estate.
>People who didn't buy at the dip of the 2008 financial crisis.

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petroleum was literally cheap garbage that seeped from the ground

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how is this not us?

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Bubble. No Intrinsic Value in coins. Fear of missing out.

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no one can know

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Except for maybe the "requires intense levels of technical analysis", how is that not true?

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Theres a reason I went all in on Neo today

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kthxanon very imformative

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Strong hands, NEO holders.

Whales, FUDsters, and all around faggots want us to give up our tickets to lambo land.

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what do you want to know

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I am a long time Neo holder

what ever would make you buy in now

if you can give legitimate sources i'll even tip you.

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i would like to know the reason

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19 days to full moon

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g-guys is NEO kill?

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yup. sell all your NEOs. put in a buy order for 300k

>how no neos cope

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same thing happened to eth. just hold

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Yes please sell to me

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but honestly how the fuck is this chink scamcoin going to last?

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Yeah, fuck this shit coin. Glad I only bought 20. Lost about $200 so far.

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It's going to run to 4800 faggots, get in!

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r u sure

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what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. sigt will be top 40 in a month.

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oh shit

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not every anon can hodl like a boss. you faggots had your fun the past 2 weeks but please clear the platform because it's launch time for the sigt devil dogs.

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Would you take half the money lump sum or the full amount spread over 30 years?

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That's still going to be like $5 mil a year right? That's more than I'll ever need and I feel like it'd be easier to manage.

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The lump is mathematically superior

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Lump sum. Never let the government be your allowance giver. Besides, if you follow some very basic steps, you'll have plenty of funds for the rest of your life. All 3-7 years of it, statistically.

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Due to inflation, if you don't take the lump sum, your money is worth less each year you receive the set amount.

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I don't trust any state government will have money to give me in 30 years. At least with the lump sum I can use it to make more momey.

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Remember when Monaco was 3$ and being shilled here?
Remember when you thought
>dang, looks like I missed another moon

Or when NEO was 400k sat and you said the same thing?

I promise you by the 24th of August, Binance will be 10$ each. Maybe more. You haven't missed the moon yet, it's just going to start.

BTW, im the anon that reminded you a couple of days ago that you wouldnt want to miss the DNT rocket @ 700sat.

And I will be correct again.

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>put half my portfolio in at 449
>immediately jumps to new floor of 468

Well that has to be the easiest money I've ever made in my life. Can't wait to see where this shit is next week

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I'm not a regular here, but don't you mean ceiling instead of floor?

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Bought at 1.30 3 days ago. Was pretty bored with the stagnation until the mini-moon today. Good buy, thanks to the anons who shilled it.

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I think I'm getting really good vibes from IOC. Maybe its the beer. Can someone instruct this newfag on how/where to buy? I have $60 to blow. And Electrum wallet. Or am I fucking retarded and should save $500+ more initial investment and (((lurkmoar)))?

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ah, i see you are also a crypto collector of sophistication.

here is where you can buy

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oh no my posw coins that were worth 1 btc once are stolen

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An equivalent of any coins out of the hot wallet are stolen -- bitbay lost 200k... Its not only posw gone

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Hahahahahaha so glad I kept my BAY in the wallet like a bad goy

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What do you guys think of Karbon? ICO going on. Looks like a Facebook/Ebay sort of thing with a multi currency debit card.

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AdEx is kill. Fuck all of you who said it was a good buy

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are you retarded or just a fucking moron?

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both. now explain to me why

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When the market rallies, the shillers come out in full force.

Research tech, buy and hold. Don't play the role pilotfish, following behind the whales hoping to pick up scraps.

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looks like a good time to buy soon

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Bitcoin cash is leaving, dont get caught holding a corporate take over dead coin

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plz crypto god don't let my weak hands sell my bcc like i did 5 mins ago post $570 shoot up

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What's the preferred wallet for BCH

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>tfw when an extra 5k ZRX tokens were just added out of the blue to my stack on etherdelta, probably from an attempted transaction from two days ago that finally went through
>tfw when my ETH stack DOESN'T go down

It's like that feel you get when you find $20 in your back pocket that you didn't know that you had, just 100 times better.


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that doesn't make sense on a technical level, it's a contract that got signed look at your eth address on etherscan , there must have been eth going out

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Could it be that the transaction had been accounted for previously but just wasn't being reflected on etherdelta? That shit is lagging so hard it's almost unusable.

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Goldman Sachs = Hillary Clinton
Bitcoin Cash = Donald Trump

>prove me wrong

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you're a faggot.

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and you're greedy

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