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How would you rank the following mining coins as far as their potential pice appreciation?

RXD - Radiant
KAS - Kaspa
ALPH - Alephium

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Let’s see it bros, 1 year of expenses to date

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Imagine not paying cash for most of this so the government can spy on you

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Imagine not paying cash for most of this so the government can not spy on you

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Spins or Bonus Buy?

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You don't eat bread if you don't buy it.

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Generally, Spins are the better choice when the bonus round offers a chance at even bigger rewards. Bonus buys on Stake can be attractive in games where the bonus round is less rewarding, such as offering a guaranteed win or a fixed amount of coins. It all depends on how much the player is willing to risk for a chance at a bigger reward.

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A famous saying by T.A. Uner: “In life things are only free after you've paid for them.

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This particular game you will get some money back at worst but it doesn't go crazy either so don't expect more than a 2 to 10x at most.
Other games can 0x.

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>pic related

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Le baste small business owners would pay .25x these wages

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>be me 2 years ago
>applying for college
>they ask me if I want fixed tuition for 4 years or variable
>get variable since at the time inflation was so bad i didn’t think it could get worse

Is it my fault for being hopeful or or is the government just that unpredictability inept

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>joined crypto April 2021 with $400
>$37 to my name, unemployed and with no car
I hate crypto so much I hate this space so much everyone around me is casually making generational wealth and after 2 years I'm more broke than I've ever been in my entire life I'm so sick of this faggot shit holy fuck I want to unironically kill myself but I'm too much of a fucking coward to pull the trigger, fuck crypto fuck everyone who's made it off of crypto fuck this space

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time in the market > timing the market
just don't add more money and spend some more time in the market

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Just DCA BTC ETH LINK and stop worrying

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All that matters is that you had a good time fren

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>Joined crypto Jan 2021 no car no money
>/biz/ gives me a car and 15k worth of chainlink
>lose it all
>keep the car.
>nigger woman slams into me fucks up my back and car
>still poor
It could be worse actually.

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everyone thinks crypto is a joke now, if you didnt make it in the 21 run its over for you

when ppl talk about crypto its the same as when ppl talk about those Tulips from the 00's

its over

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I'm bored hearing nonstop about tulips, which is the least remarkable bubble, the least interesting bubble, and effected very few, being treated as the standard of bubbles.
It wasn't even a big bubble. Yawn

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A boomer convinced into emptying my savings into buying Iraqi Dinar. He told me, it was going to be revalued and I was going to be rich. This was 15 years ago

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Iraqi dinar in 2002: 1usd = .3 dinar
Iraqi dinar now: 1usd = 1500 dinar

I could see the allure, but it will only work once iraq gets a new dictator like saddam.
Sand people dont function particularly well without some form of dictatorship.

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>CORfags spend years touting their shitcoin
>bro just wait for DRS bro that's the real product bro you'll see bro it'll moon when DRS comes out bro
>DRS comes out
>token not even remotely sneeded
>literally zero mention of token in docs
>zero price action
>zero traction on social media
>zero mention of token on company twitter
I lost a not insignificant amount betting on this because it was so low mc and seemed to be working towards something as a legitimate company. I guess I should have listened more to the jeet schizo and everyone that called it a gypsy scam.

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Nothing is actually priced in and all the Markets behave rationally from a cabalistic perspective. You were never meant to understand and thats by design. We used the world economy to create the worlds biggest casino. It's nothing personal but anyways thanks for playing

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token not needed

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efficient market hypothesis is the biggest scam ever

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the charts to historic levels. They are already frontrunning the nonevent on muhhh CCIP release. 20 more years

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Realistically tho, does it even exist?

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This is just another massive disappointment waiting to happen.

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is that bob4punk? My man! He also goes by a trip around here called Popo. We need more people like him

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See for yourself

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But why would Ccip make the price pump?

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Parsiq is really a mess. Small team, small player in a competitive field, too many unfocused projects relative to the team's capacity and velocity, retroactively pushing the token on customers to appease bagholders after years due to the lack of value being driven to it because it's a private/centralized company that's been dumping bags on retail to fund itself.

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You WILL have your intelligence mocked by wagies.


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No, need more BNB first dont pump yet

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What the fuck's up with pretty much all (yes, really) the food packaging here in Canada (and the US) having some form of kosher symbol on it?

Jews are 2.4% of the total population in America. They're 1.4% of the total population in Canada. How does that make sense that pretty much all of the food is labeled to appease such a fractional minority of the population?

For contrast sake, 4.9% of Canada's population is Muslim. That's 3.5x more Muslims than Jews in percentage terms, yet hardly any of our food here is labeled halal, and you typically have to go to a Muslim owned/operated store to find such.

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Muslims have actual requirements for halal, jews are willing to call anything kosher if you pay the fee

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The majority of non-pork meat produced in Canada is halal, it just doesn't get labeled as such unless it's being marketed that way.

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For me. It's Bitcoin and RFD.

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Stop right there.
Give me your biggest bet for a massive pump in the next 7 (seven) days. Some anons already told me about No$thing and Blackswan so im not counting those.

I have 2365 left. Let's see who's more convincing

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Anyone else feeling like ADA is the only real investment we can do right now?
>Steadily growing
>No real hard setbacks
>Tech is actually useful
>Not shilled by biztards (important)

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still shilling ADA in 2023?

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The family structure in the West is breaking. Civilizations have to consist of functioning family units to be healthy, and it's obvious that the family unit in the West is breaking down. Divorce is commonplace, the single adult population is rising, and people are having substantially fewer children. Fewer children mean fewer citizens to contribute to society, and it's well-documented that children of divorces typically underperform compared to children from two-parent homes in virtually every way. This creates a whole new set of problems.

We no longer share common values. Civilizations have to have a common goal to work toward or ideal to pursue. The West used to, at least largely, share common standards and values (I'm not making a moral judgment of these values). Now, we can't agree on what the nature of truth is, and it's eating us alive. For example, in the US, a shockingly large number of Democrats say that they won't have friendships with Republicans. While the number of Republicans who say the same about Democrats is smaller, it still exists. Neighbors in the same country won't even be friends with each other because they disagree so strongly about the nature of truth. How are they supposed to share a civilization and a culture?

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NVidia is your best bet, look at the chart for them versus every crypto and stock

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Best advice ITT. I fell for biz's shilling and lost all my money on rose.

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I have 20k fantom I’m planning on selling it to buy lite coin before the halving. Then I’m gonna take profit and buy more chain link (I only have 300 link left I sold some to pay off debts the last time it was around $20)

Is this a good strategy?

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Idk fantom dumped because multichain team might have been gulag'd so maybe you're selling the bottom if you sell now. I don't hold fantom though so I won't follow the news deliberately. LTC sucks at pumping, I do know that for certain. Is this your entire portfolio? Not sure it makes sense to be shuffling between megacap coins with this amount...

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Think you are banking too much on LTC pumping

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I have five btc that I’ve been holding since the mt gox days in cold storage but yet other than that this is my whole portfolio

Fantom seems dead I’m thinking it be wise to just take profit from my holdings in it

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Be honest What Crypto Schzio tales do you believe in Biz? Even if its a little


XRP $589 / Gold Backed currency
Quant - One ledger to rule them all
BTC $1 Million
ETH $10K
ETH Replaced
XMR - will skyrocket when CBDC introduced


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mETH was either invented for, or subverted into, a shitcoin factory for the purposes of preventing financial mobility and funding black ops while simultaneously poisoning the well for future investors just like what happened in south america by the very same agencies
everyone who is not honest fuds chainlink, it is their primary enemy as it will make it impossible for them to behave dishonestly so the longer it takes to adopt, the more value they can extract
that is all

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Dont get me wrong im not showing fud to chainlink i believe in it and invest in it too trying to accumulate 500-1000 Links atm

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Good, don't let anyone distract you from hitting 1k. Don't let anyone fud you out of accumulation. 1k is the minimum goal and many would be jealous in the future of even a tenth of that.
All the other shitcoins are fake. Very few make it in and out of these pump and dumps, especially people who can't eat the losses.
It's always better to be patient than lucky.
The hare and the tortoise is a good story to parallel.
The tortoise maintains focuse and the hare, despite it's speed, loses the race because of it's overconfidence and lack of focus. Often getting distracted along the run and taking detours while the tortoise plodders on.

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