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Can you feel it?

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BTC plummeted as soon as the market opened.
Do with this information as you will.

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my UVXY puts are going to print so fucking hard today
Did you tards really think they weren't going to make a deal before memorial day??

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The fact coinbase called this antisemitism and didn’t list it

You just know in a years time or so whenever the next bull run starts they’re going to magically go back on this comment and list it

The moment coinbase said the antisemitism comment and the price crashed is when I bought a big bag

This will do a 100X in the next bull run easily and my post here will be one of those posts people make threads about in the next bullrun saying ..

>“oh why didn’t I listen to this guy, he made so much sense, but I didn’t wanna risk it”

Currently at 0.00000136700 as of this post

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im not buying le hecking based dog whistle

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>BUYING a 600mil mc token

Even normies are starting to know that's fuckong retarded..
It's over for pepe

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it's already showing signs of weakness

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Kleros will be next

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kleros might fail but this ss is straight cope.
>no one wants anon validators
>no one wants their tx be public
umm, does blockchain ring a bell?

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you don't need kleros for escrow or decision making you need asymmetric encryption.

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>normies have now given over 20 MILLION dollars to ben.eth after falling for his shitcoin psyops
The absolute state of crypto

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I don't understand normalfaggot shit.
Ben.et and ben armstrong are not the same guy?

Btw did the $BEN token rugged?
Was at 105mil mc 3 days ago and not is at 48mil mc

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Crypto has always been a joke. It has no value. And people making millions from literal scams just proves we're still in a bubble.

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this psyop bullshit was all over twitter the other day, just look at his wallet now


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Now* is at
47mil mc

Yeah i saw it but ignored becaude every garbage shilled by any blue checkmark is just paid shilling or tweets wanting exit liquidity.. these people will never give alphas

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Truth, literally nobody will give you genuine alpha because everyone in this space are a bunch of greedy fat fucking losers who have adopted the boomer mindset of "I gotta have it all I gotta hoard it all no one else can have it but me I don't care if I have more than enough for 10 lifetimes ITS ALL MINE!!!!!!!!11111oneoneone" it's pathetic.

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it is now possible to play poker in Mirandus.
Materium in 2024 or 2025 might be special, in 2023 I probably don't believe it.

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140 years of halvings

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How much money am I supposed to have saved up when I'm 30? How about when I'm 35? 40?

What's the minimum for "making it"?

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If you wake up in the night thinking about all the time you've wasted and how the future will SUCK because you'll be an old man who can't even fake being a 29yo anymore or whatever while dreaming about that first office job you had when you were younger or being back in school with all your friends when you still had lots of friends then you do not have enough.

If you wake up in the night from a nightmare where you were back in school or waging at a shit job, only to realize you don't have to work or go to job retraining because you've got a lot of money in the bank, then you have made enough.

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It depends on your specific needs. If you have more than $500 liquid in your bank account you're doing better than most Americans, but of course, being the smartest worm in the dirt means fuckall to people like you and me.
If you're on /biz/ investing bit-by-bit into BTC/ETH and possibly precious metals you're doing better than the far majority of normies. Relax OP.

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My QNT tokens doin a Lil sum

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Ole gilly boy found a single bug. Theyre so hard at work right now in the bear market.

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Genuine question to autist/schzios as im thinking to invest

What the pros and cons of each?
Which one is better?
Easier to use? For developers/organisations

They both seem to be tackling the same issues

Provide facts and dont say there shitcoins cuz they never 100000000x in a week thanks

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low t dump before market open after holiday with sky high futures lmao, I wasn't born yesterday. Today we pump like motherfuckers better load on to these longs cause we juicing hard today

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Liquidated by me or liquidated by the swan on my head. Not your choice really.

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I'm thinking based

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Will - free money just buy any token - mode ever come back?

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Yeah honestly I give it anywhere from 2 to 5 years to get back to where we were. In the meantime, I'm going to buy a house for cheapies. All cash deal.

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what bags he holding ??

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hey yall this nigga got a purse

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they pollinate a kingdom with wisdom

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obaMASONIC obviously

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good catch

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Listen up kiddos. Kleros has always been a shitcoin like the rest. /biz/tards thought they had found le "secret hidden gem" back in 2020 and promised Ethereum style gains while they relentlessly shilled their altcoin. They unironically believed their premined scam token printed out of thin air would have been used by the World Economic Forum to enforce the 4th IR.

The shilling was so intense that even OGs ended up gobbling their own delusions and hopium. After 3 years Kleros is trading at two cents, the only person who got rich was Federico and OGs still haven't made it. The cherry on top of the cake is that it got outperformed by Bitcoin, Ethereum and most altcoins. Only salty bagholders and literal schizos are left holding heavy bags incapable of accepting the situation and lashing out towards anyone pointing out reality.

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Klerosfags, show yourselves. It is over

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It never even begun

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It is now normal for gainfully employed normalfags to get given money from their parents to buy a house

My parents don’t even own a house and can’t help me do this, making me realize how fuck I actually am, destined to be a poorfag rentoid like my parents

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>things normalfaggots would have scoffed at 10 years ago are now entirely normal

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what's abnormal about helping your family? assuming you have a healthy, loving relationship with your parents instead of being estranged and brainwashed by society to be a good atomized single consumer

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>the rich get richer
my parents own 10 acres but haven't given me any down payment assistance, not that i expect it. i've thought about asking to buy an acre from them but the terrain (all hills) is not very conducive to building another property on it.

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Not just resentful, but also desperate

I lost 100k in crypto aswell out of desperation in trying to make more money quickly so I can buy a house so now that is all gone

Might just have to resort to becoming a Nigerian scammer or something

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In central asia it is tradition for the father to build a house for his son and his bride. If you have kids and don't support them to get ahead financially you are a bad parent.

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Arbitrum was supposed to be a big deal that was going to make LINK pump (didn't happen).
Now that it has its own coin, should I invest in it?

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Tell me more

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Yes. ARB tokens will be bonded to validators. Arbitrum is far and away the best L2.

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Link just needs to migrate to a non scam blockchain. Cardano would be a good choice

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There is one biz coin for 2023 and that is HarryP.

Only trannies who collect CP hate on ticker BITCOIN whereas men of distinction and taste keep accruing more.


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From now on every time you want to masturbate you will think of Obama

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My grandad said to me on his death bed that I need to grow up.

Well grandad I am an investor rn, you old faggot. Two million Nigerians about to put their money in this too. You massive dead idiot.

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I cannot wait to watch my little Nigerian gallop about on his horse. Where else can you be this righteous?

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