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I-it will moon when the Chinks get in, r-right?

Please chinks


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...they say they can't believe I have not bought. I got $3.00

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Like already in BTC or you just have 3 dollars?

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it's going to recover right

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Exit XLM Now
or Prepare for your heaviest bags of the century.

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who getting just'd right now?

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Nah. XRP is next.

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Been in it since the beginning ( I was the guy who posted pics of Christian Bale a lot )
But I sold my bags. Plan to jump back in in a bit ( i just don't see Korea buying tonight as China is going to have some announcements tomm) .
Was more worried about Bitcoin dropping than anything.

@762 we had the chance to break up big or take a small drop to maybe 630. If Ripple has a huge announcement and their expected "bump"
I could easily see people buying into XLM
because they see this as a $1 coin in 1 year.

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>one of the easiest charts to read
>/biz/ is losing their shit over it touching the bottom bollinger band

it's on an uptrend. see my posts 12 hrs ago here:
and here

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I'm looking for general guidelines for investing and help investing in general. How do I start? Any suggestions? What should I avoid?

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Buy ETH and hold. That's it.

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buy ALIS

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>tfw dumping my link bags for 3x the ICO price on some NEET /biz/fag

You realize that getting married to some shitcoin that does nothing but move sideways while everything else is mooning is exactly what a forever poor brainlet would do, right? You talk about LINK going 10x. YOU COULD HAVE EASILY MADE 10X THESE LAST FEW DAYS INSTEAD OF DRAGGING THOSE CONCRETE LINK BAGS AROUND, YOU DUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to help you. Call me a fudder. All I am literally telling you to do is to divest in unprofitable things and invest in profitable things. How much of a brainlet do you have to be to reject this simple, straightforward advice?!?! Is it because of learned helplessness? Is it because you've come to enjoy the pain of having a portfolio that's in red? Are you afraid that you might actually find success for once in your miserable life?

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Sure. Please share your contact so i can get paid to post copy pasta too

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Yeah sure retard go buy up some of this 1 billion coin having shitcoin and see how big of an effect you have on the price long term.

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>hey /biz/, you should stop doing things that lose you money and start doing things that make you money
>OMG?!?!?! LOL!!!!! Look at this guy's FUD!!!!!
>Nice try, whale!

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but honestly, I sold my LINK and invest in COSS and Stellar, already x4 my investment. If I stayed in LINK 36-45 cent. I would still be poor.

Sure Link can go up later but right now the opportunity cost is wasted. I can buy back LINK 20% more expensive with my 400% profit any time.

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Dumped mine at the very peak git gud

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Hello autistic anons, this is the 4CSP. We need /biz/ members who know how to get us approved as an organization and the legalities of money and such, as we are a little short on the /biz/ people. Any help will be appreciated.

Discord here: https://discord.gg/26VTgyn

Once you're in, just sent me a direct message
stating you're from /biz/ and I'll give you your correct role

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" The 2014 I.R.S. rule that classified Bitcoin as ‘property’ means that every Bitcoin transaction, no matter how minor, creates a potential capital gains event. It means that buying a cup of coffee at Starbucks in Bitcoin is taxable for both the person buying the coffee (capital gains on the sale) and Starbucks when they go to sell those Bitcoins, buy dollars and pay salaries, order supplies, etc.

It’s why the capital that has moved into cryptocurrencies isn’t moving back out. It’s why the ICO market has exploded. Billions in profits actively looking for new investment opportunities without paying taxes.

It’s also the main reason why Amazon, for example, doesn’t take Bitcoin. Who wants that hassle?

Can you imagine Amazon’s Schedule D if it accepted Bitcoin? "


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That's why you launder money through Bitcoin ATMs. Fuck the government

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>kikes are so greedy that they can't think two steps ahead
Good, fuck them.

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>>investment opportunities without paying taxes.
>doesn't know what a 1099-B is
>going to fuck up their taxes

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Okay so I started yesterday and stuff

This big fork is coming, and presumably, a crash along with it.

I currently have 550 split between ETP, WTC, ARK, LTC, and ETH.

Am I making prudent decisions thus far? How should I be preparing for the BTC correction (besides selling off my BTC, which I already did).

My current strategy is to sell off anything profitable within the next few days, buy a bunch of ether, and hunker down and wait to buy BTC at a low with a couple grand (currently being transferred from bank).

Am I doing this right or am I being a complete newfriend

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Also needless to say that I bought the aforementioned five low, barring LTC.

I was buying ETH low but then realized I don't want to hunker down quite yet, and that I should try to go with some higher return investments in the next few days.

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do you have a larger amount of capital we can destroy with our bad advice?

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On its way anon.

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You heard me.

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was actually just thinkingofdoing this for a few days.

ima do itnow. thanksanon

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i want to believe you but why the fuck should i?

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you are not wrong but

this shit is going to 10K before going back down to 2K.

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>making major financial decisions just because someone said so

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This mooned and you MISSED IT.

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Makes me so mad this mooned and SHIFT is dying.

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Can the newfags please get the fuck out?

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I saw that. Very interesting project on this one. The scope is huge, and i love that it could replace those jew cock suckers like Oracle and Salesforce in Silicon Valley. They're only in alpha still, though? (Just became aware of this project.)

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Does good news mean anything to fucking cryptos anymore?

Seems that whenever good news arrives, it causes a very sharp rise followed by a slow death

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Wtf are you talking about
the lowest point is getting higher and higher every day
Right now is probably the last chance to actually get in.

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Its a pretty bullshit market

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Ask ETH. Nothing but good news lately and nothing changes. If you though XLM was the only one, get in line.

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ETH at least went nuclear earlier in the year

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So did XLM and XRP, even more than ETH actually.

I bought ETH around $20 and I'm still holding. If you believe in the coins just hold and wait. Otherwise you should have set price points to buy and sell for trading

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>be told to DYOR on chainlink
>go to github
>check commits https://github.com/smartcontractkit/chainlink/commits/master
>they're ALL by one guy
>meanwhile LINK pretends to have a "team of developers"
>it's really just one pajeet

Surely this 1 billion coin having shitcoin is worth 200 million dollars with this cutting edge technology on display

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I topped off my holdings to 10k because the fud is 100x worse than antshares

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You didn't realize most companies use private repositories on GitHub right? Most shit is not open source.

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Thanks for proving you're a paid shill and can't answer
>Why is there one guy sending commits when chainlink had an ICO to fund a development team
>Why is the last commit sent Jun 21st

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Alrighty my dear link bagholder.

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Literally all this board does is post link constantly, anyone with any actual knowledge to share is long fucking gone, enjoy your circlejerk retards

>you were the normie
>you were the pajeet

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goodnight sweet prince

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omg navi lol

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>Crypto is a bubble

Really? What's with this augmented reality horseshit?

It's just some fucking glasses ffs. Unless you are selling something that directly connects to my fucking brain stem you are just selling glasses with a computer attached to them.



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why dont you build it for less?

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4 years.

No product yet.

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where do you guys see these coins in the long-term?

i hold more ETH than BTC, but I honestly believe that Bitcoin is going to be much more valuable in the long run because it's actively used today to buy stuff. there's literally no such thing as a "buy with ETH" button.

i have a feeling that most of ETH's value right now is just speculation due to the Ethereum Alliance, but we have no idea if that's going to actually add any value to the public blockchain.

anyways what are your thoughts on this?

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does he know anything at all? or is he larping

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COSS is taking off

>you did buy the dip, right anon?

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Great coin.
Let's go, COSSmonauts!

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i actually did.

originally bought only 10k COSS around $0.10 when it first hit the EthDelta but during dip the other day picked up 70k more. Would like even more than that but will hold the 80k for now and wait.

Once they get everything running smoothly this can realistically hit $1-2

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>Stagnates for 8 hours
>"Taking off"


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Getting JUST'd on Airswap right now. How could literally everyone be so wrong. what the fuck

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>ETH ico scams
>winter 2017

Stop. Grow up. realize if you haven't made your bitcoin and converted it to BTC right now you're never going to make it. if you didn't take the massive altcoin bull run of 2017 and secure your profits you're going to watch them bleed to -90% from here on. bitcoin is going to 10k, then after that it's anyones guess.

worldcoin and primecoin were in the top 20 just two years ago when bitcoin was 1k. they didn't survive the movement downward. altcoins this time have no reason to survie, especially since so many of the top 100 are actual vaporwave ERC tokens with nothing to deliver.

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Enough of this stale pasta

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we told you it was just another stupid decentralized exchange coin.

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> Reasons to not trust /biz shills.
> If you see people ignoring a coin, get in then
> Wait 5 days
> Profit
> My COSS Strat
> Up 131%

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When WAVES was about to moon?

Pic related - WAVES app for iOS

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Yea I bought waves when I first got into this but i don't really like their platform, switched to bittrex and traded my waves for btc, glad I did.

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they are building the crypto rubble on waves

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If anything at least we have the most depressing shill threads on biz...good job Waves.

"WE ARE THE WAVES MARINES, and we're pretty indifferent..."

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God I fucking hope so.

I try but /biz/ doesn't care. All you get is reeeee muh nigger coin replies

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putin last week: " Due to the immense confidence, I declare that we will launch the CryptoRubble for a simple reason: if we do not, our neighbors of the Economic Community of Euro-Asia will do it in 2 months"

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Trips and I'll pay bittrex the "review fee" just to see this shitcoin hit the charts

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Haha pay bittrex all you want (they don't even take payments for listing now) your shitcoin won't be looked at for atleast three months. you're nobody, nothing important to your name.

>> No.3932042

LOL I'm an OG miner, they'll listen to anyone with fat legacy stacks. My BTC is so old it was still called BC when it was mined.

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Douche Coin

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Every fucking coin is in the green the last hour.

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what do you mean by this

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