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Is this true and what evidence supports this theory

They can't get away with this

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>Business and Finance

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Did you know a ton of Jews changed their names to "Jones" to blend in? Keeping up with the joneses has a different meaning now, now doesn't it.

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>Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.
Remember to give away your wealth before your death.

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That's not what this meant. He meant that wealth tempts you away from God, and so consequently all that wealth can bring could equate into many challenges/temptations. You need to also consider what He said after. "But with God all things are possible".

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So we aren't going to heaven if we are tempted by money?

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Narrated Sa`d:
I became seriously ill at Mecca and the Prophet (ﷺ) came to visit me. I said, "O Allah's Messenger (ﷺ)! I shall leave behind me a good fortune, but my heir is my only daughter; shall I bequeath two third of my property to be spent in charity and leave one third (for my heir)?" He said, "No." I said, "Shall I bequeath half and leave half?" He said, "No." I said, "Shall I bequeath one third and leave two thirds?" He said, "One third is alright, though even one third is too much." Then he placed his hand on his forehead and passed it over my face and `Abdomen and said, "O Allah! Cure Sa`d and complete his emigration." I feel as if I have been feeling the coldness of his hand on my liver ever since.

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>If you leave your heirs rich that is better than leaving them destitute and begging from people

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Charts are looking pretty bearish atm, think its a good idea to sit in btc for a while or even tether?

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It went from $0.37 to $24 in 4 months om bitfinex. If you didn't make gains, sorry.

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nothing, it was an iq test.

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> lower high

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You were scammed but literal incels. Congrats on this, seriously

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Does anyone own RSR, VIDT AND PNK?

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I am sir

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A thread died for this

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Awwww sheit nigga we round 2 today. Wtf does the madman have up his sleeve? Thomas Moser speaking at 9:30am big announcements coming checkem

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We finna be here fuckin shit up nigga

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With Swiss, you can't lose!

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(((swiss))) national bank is in on bsv, why aren’t we pumping??

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We rise with real use.

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good god
bsv is for retards but i'm going to watch this just for the laughs

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pic related

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Will you have an alias with accompanying fake ID Cards to protect you and your gains from Bipolar Multi personality disorder Roasties (25% of the female population) that you will meet after you make it? I don't. But I'm thinking of names. Mike Platinumberg sounds nice. Post alias ideas.

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>that you will meet

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Jack Shit

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Biz I've come to a crossroads in my life

>currently 29
>gf wants to get married and start a family
>I want to stack sats and retire early
>pretty much can only pick 1

What should I do?

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27 and in the same position
stack sats and inseminate her
you will stack less but at least you will have a roof when Bitcoin will go to 0

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starting a family is cheap. mexicans raise litters of goblins on minimum wage

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I'm not in your position, but family is most important in my opinion

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Fuck bitches
Get money

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>solid fulfilling life with a sense of purpose and responsibility
>accumulating speculative digital tokens so you can be a glorified neet
>actually being torn on this decision
And you say you’re 29?

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only alpha chads allowed. get in here.

I don't care about muh fundamentals. I don't care about muh decentralization. This is not a goddamn crypto revolution ok. No one cares about goddamn nerdy bullshit like muh "this is going to change the world of bluetooth vibrators forever". The only reason we're here is to try to make a profit. And the real profit lies in picking the correct long term investments.

So with that said, which cryptos are the most establishment friendly? Which cryptos do the elites like? What companies wear suits and ties and speak coherent english? What companies are setting up meetings with the goddamn rothschilds and shilling their shit? What cryptos were secretly created by the government? These are the real questions.

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loli cunny

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hehe based fren

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OP can't stop sucking cock, can he?

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You think they'll let you profit? Kek

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>Which cryptos do the elites like?
Art because of money laundering and power.

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What's your price prediction on BTC by end of Feb?

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>Linkies are spamming fringe conspiracy theory websites to find new suckers

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For the real autists

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Fascinating stuff

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well spoken, I concur

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To my XAU bros... These kids don’t know, that a literal golden bull run is happening right now... sip... ah...

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damn dude i bet you made like a whole four figures

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when do I sell?
new ATH soon?

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Jannies arent here.

Lets have a chat about cunny. My favorite cunny is loli cunny.

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There is literally nothing wrong with cunny

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Let's watch together! I will bump with cuties.

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Great post. Could use less words, actually no words. But great post.

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You guys are hilarious.


Coingeek Day2 has started.

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>information that belongs on one server should be replicated by 1000s of bitcoin nodes
Storage is a meme

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Coingeek 2020 will begin in 5 minutes. https://youtu.be/pr2yj2cxpeI

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Alrighty... conference has begun.

I am going to keep chatting and bumping. Hang with me bsv bros!

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