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Rate this chart

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What is biz approved crypto folio

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BTC niggah, BTC niggah

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>and a little btc

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100% BTC?
A little BTC won't be enough. You need a lot

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Same jokes. Same terrible advices. Same buy this buy that but it's always a scam. I don't even know why I bothered to come back.

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I only visit /biz/ for /pmg/

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>I only visit /biz/ for /pmg/

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I only visit /biz/ because I'm chained here by a demon who won't let me leave but also won't let me live.

I need help guys, seriously.

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>typed from my $421.79 portfolio iphone

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Go to the lighthouse on the lake, and to the center of the amusement park.

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>purchase monthly expenses on a cash back credit card at the beginning of billing cycle
>buy t-bills worth the amount of credit debt, set up to expire before balance of credit card is due
>get cash back PLUS t-bill gains, objectively superior to paying with cash/debit

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>use Amex to send p2p transactions with no tx fees via venmo (usually 2%)

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>0% APR for 12-18 month cards a thing, but it’s only a promotional offer for those first few months
>hard inquiries are a thing, so don’t apply to 10 different 0% APR credit cards in the same night like I did, it will nuke your score for the next two years

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Why does /biz/ larp that grad school isn't a good investment?

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and I'm still a penniless poorfaggot.
Enjoy making it fellas, don't forget about me when this shoots to 64k.
I'm never gonna be a macho king.

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it shouldn't be this easy

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Why are you happy with this when treasury bills offer higher APY?

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I mean I'd be pretty happy with 7k link regardless of it's price, as long as he can live without it now he will likely be pretty well off in the future.

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Err that's 1k link but still.

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Welcome to PoolTogether General, dedicated too the discussion of the world's leading decentralized prize savings cryptocurrency!

PoolTogether is a groundbreaking platform that aims to revolutionize savings by combining the thrill of a lottery with the security of traditional savings accounts. Unlike conventional savings methods, PoolTogether employs an innovative protocol that rewards participants with the chance to win prizes without risking their initial savings. The basic function of PoolTogether revolves around the concept of a no-loss lottery. Users deposit their funds into a prize pool, which is then invested to generate interest. Instead of losing their principal or earning meager interest, participants in PoolTogether have an equal opportunity to win the interest accrued in the pool.

With v5 launching in July, PoolTogether allows any user to create a Pool Vault for any token as long as the token is linked to a yield generating pool. v5 also changes distribution to the native Pool token, so when interest is generated and prizes are awarded, they are done so through market purchases of the Pool Token. This directly links the Pool Token to the Total Value Locked in the platform, creating a powerful positive feedback loop.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask and a Pooler will get back to you.

Official WEBSITE: https://pooltogether.com/
PoolTogether DAO: https://gov.pooltogether.com/
Polygon Pool Staking: https://polygonpool.win/

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My ass feels AMAZING right now.

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I inserted my ledger into my penis hole to keep my passphrase secure

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thats about all youll be using those boomer rocks for

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>Cleveland Guardians vs. Baltimore Orioles
-115 Run Line Over 8

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I have 20k fantom I’m planning on selling it to buy lite coin before the halving. Then I’m gonna take profit and buy more chain link (I only have 300 link left I sold some to pay off debts the last time it was around $20)

Is this a good strategy?

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Is it just me or does it seem like the whole world is in limbo right now? Not just crypto or markets in general but everything? What's it waiting for?

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Cbdc implementation

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What's taking you so damn long?

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the expectation is that the US and europe is now in recession while the serious countries are not
we won't know for a month or two

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>two more months

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putin dies, all markets rally 20-40%
BTC does a 3-7x within a year

just gotta wait for sweet lady cancer

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I'm tired of being a 28 yr old virgin that lives with his mom.
But I'm pretty much helping her out more than she is me.

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I don't think i can move out and help support her at the same time. Financially speaking of course

Or do i just say fuck it and live alone

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You better have a suicide stack or all this complaining is not worth anything

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You spend time together and that’s important. I can’t stay at my moms place more than couple weeks or I find myself reaching for the frying pan.

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I don't even have 5k to my name and live by myself, my parents are dead.
Be grateful believe me it can be so much much worse.

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She isn't the top of mom you want to spend so much time with. I'm reaching for the pan too.
Somtimes i just stay in my room or go for a walk or drive

I'm hoping for the bull run to propel me out of here and have something left over to give her
Any specific coins?

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>long weekend is over
Damn it. There's got to be something better than waging. I tried NEET'ing and that wasn't for me either.

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I have a cup about this size and I bring it in to small businesses that offer a flat price for bring your own mug

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>make 100k CDN a year
>live frugally
>can't afford to move out of my parents' house
>bid on multiple townhomes this year
>my initial bid is always the maximum bid the bank will let me submit
>every single time some investor outbids me by 50k
>tfw out of my entire highschool grad class (class of 2013) fewer than 5 people have gotten married, everyone is either renting or living with their parents
I have 7 years of experience in network administration and 3 years of devops experience.
Is a TN visa the best way for me to immigrate to the US? I'm a Canadian citizen by birth. It looks like TN visa holders can apply to get a Green Card 90 days after entering the US
If I fail to obtain US citizenship I'm going to sign up for MAID.

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I wish there was a marketplace where people could trade/sell their citizenships. I'd trade 1-1 my burger for your canuck anyday if I could.
In any case, have you considered moving to a city where the market is less retarded? Like Edmonton?

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I'm from Calgary.

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Fuck off we're full

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>be me, live in Ireland, just turned 23
>recently quit my job with no backup plan due to it being dead end.
>(I worked construction)
>I gained tons of experience but didn't save much money
>can't go out on my own as it would require the purchase of machinery I have no means of affording.
>Im genuinely lost in life at the moment

I have no money, no ideas but I do know that I don't want to work a dead end job anymore. Any advice for me on what I should do with my life.

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item world blows smoke up our asses so we sin
we expect tomorrow and get far away from our innocence
in the end we will want love. cause a smile

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some sketchy ass fishing link haha?

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idk i just want to end that deranged shit
i was going to make my own website but i figured one had already been made
thats the first one i saw

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I would but the whole reason I quit was because I hate that wage slave shit. I had no extra money to put into crypto or do anything with really.

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>I won't do it cause I don't like it.

That's why you're in this situation now. I agree with other anon, go back to work. Live with parents, reduce cost, save/invest. If you're looking for an easy way out of wage cucking, you're out of luck. It's the current year, there are no more free rides.

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Why the fuck are my neighbors setting off fireworks? I want them to die in a fire

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you will suck the nigger dick
you will worship the pajeet cow
you will drink the communal soup
you will beg for forgiveness for existence

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My ass feels AMAZING right now.

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Can I reach into your federal reserve ?

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Fuck letting blackrock and the jews use my money to control all the big corpos, Im quitting my job and realized I can transfer the 220k I have in my 401k into an ira account, how insane is it to think I can at least make a 30 to 40k return off this money each year?

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>Educational sites:

>Financial TV Streams:




>Pre-Market and Live data:


>Boomer Investing 101:




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i wonder if there are still bayhorse silver baggies in here

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what the fuck did I miss why is everyone freaking out

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Anon, the better question is why aren't you freaking out? Do you not know?

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We're in a bull market, but the monkey paw is that the USD will increasingly become pure shit with the predictable debt ceiling deal.

I wanna see new NDX highs and Weimar level hyperinflation of commodities. Let's fucking go

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I want to get into bond considering I hold none but the future looks like nothing but inflation raping the dollar

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How do these people make money on ebay? This is a dvd shipped to your house for $3.59. Shipping media mail alone is about $4. How are they able to do this?

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