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You gave them all your money.

They are buying sports cars and houses with your money while you live in your parents basement and dream about not being a virgin anymore.

How does this make you feel?

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i..if she's happy then i..i'm happy

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Why are you guys panicking? There is literally a dip every weekend.

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I was too scared to even look at the charts right now..

What is BTC/USD trading at right now?

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there really is isn't there.. I think it's the ICO's and ETH's fault that there's so many red weddings but meh, I'm still up more than 200% for 6 weeks so I'm happy with that. If that trend continues I'll be up like 1000% for 12 months. Still better than anything else out there and we're still early as fuck.

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Meh, I bought back in at 2541, so I'm pretty safe.

Thanks lad.

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Unsure if against rules but found this site with 25% gunbot discount


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So I see this place has officially became a shitcoin board. No more talk of actual fiance and stocks/bonds anywhere.

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Crazy how /biz/ wants the highest possible returns, right?

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Already tripled my 8k initial investment in 3 weeks.

Must be nice getting 10% per year on stocks huh :^))

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Eat shit you dumb boomer cunt.

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Go away granpa

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Guys I invested a bit in their ICO token sale.

But is this shit gonna be as useless as bancor? Am I an idiot?

Did I lose my Eth?

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it will collapse worse than bancor. And it deserves to after how badly it fucked up blockhain for days.

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What happend with bancor?

(have invested in few other ico)

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Has the flip begun? Are people beginning to realize the superior coin?

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There will never be a flipping until they remove classic from the name

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Pretty strong move actually

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It already did

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Let it burn.

I want to buy more.

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It's under 290 on cuckbase but don't worry we still not past financial investors

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Because of all the technical problems with the ethereum network that became apparent with last week's crash.

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I hope it dips to 0.10$ again.
Place your buy orders, boys.

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I have a spare 1000 euros that I want to put in to cryptos to make the most money. I know the best way is to hold long term but I'm also wondering what coins you would suggest also for best short term gains.

I think BTC is very expensive now so should I wait for the drop? Also I think I have missed the gain potential for ETH.

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nocoiner alert

I cashed out 2 weeks ago...120 BTC

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and sweet losses....its your money...

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Mind if I ask how long were you trading for? and what your initial investment was?

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mona coin i know some people say its shitecoin but it has good community and actually being use in japan with mona atms and tipping products

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To holderfags: how much % did you gain on your portfolio in a week, month, year? I wanna know if this is a meme or not.

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Why the fuck do I have 300 of these? (CFI- Cofound.it) was I tricked into buying garbage ?

Is this shit vaporware? Bought in at 11k and now she down to 8-9k.

Will this ever become profitable?

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Same lol I like iconomi though so I don't think they'll let it die, hold for the first hosted ico

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Hold you retard

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This is a long term coin and if you have 5k of them you get priority pass to all their ICO's. The value will increase with every ICO they put through because they'll hold a %

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Reminder to hide your power level.
Reminder to keep your wealth to yourself.
Do not tell anybody.

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but you are lying and they know that.

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By hide your power level do you mean don't tell people I hate non whites?

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I've only made like $5k in profit so I'm not too worried about bragging to anyone

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What is Monero?

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sup my >$1,000 and <$10,000 profit brotha

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sell now, digifags. There is no hope.

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m-muh minecraft server

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muh shitty bank contest Xd

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I bought at 800 dumped at 2k
Dumped winnings in STRAT and LTC.
There was never a path for this coin, twitter shills and the like made big $$ pumping this coin and people were to blind to see it.

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Why sell we haven't even reached financial investor phase

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Hello anons, are you ready to make a quick buck? You got 5 hours to prepare yourself, in 5 hours we moon

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Why do I get the feeling that this board is a gigantic Ponzi scheme?

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Because you're old and closed minded. Get with the times grandpa.

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because it is

now leave


get out

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Because it is.
Doesn't mean you can't make gains if you know when to hop off.

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the recent conference was literally all about financial institutions

we have twitch streamers and college kids slamming their life savings into this

you think....the public isn't involved yet?

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You're pajeet-tier if you can't see that these beautiful coins and tokens do so much more than just getting you rich.

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SOUL is backed by $150k of whales & a stealth developer

Tell me why it wont moon.

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I'm thinking of buying a couple hundred soul coins and just leaving it to rot.

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You still have time to accumulate

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Meh, made my profits a few weeks ago. Best let this sad little coin have its tiny rises and dips which give bagholders eternal hope.

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you still have time to kill yourself

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Below 1000 sats.
Get in while you can, we are going to the moon

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>DGB goes up 10 SATS
>DGB is mooning
>Moments later it drops 50 SATS
>No worries guys whales are still accumulating

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Not buying Wigs right now just lol, this week will blow up

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Thanks for the extremely vague comment

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Explain why? You're not trying to unload your bags on unsuspecting anons, are you?

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I'm sick of all this crypto bullshit. Anyone here still trade stocks? This Rite Aid Merger is gonna double my money $$$$$

Anyone else in on this with me?

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Hi guys I'm new to the cryptocurrency stock market. I am from Calgary Alberta, and I work for a moving company. About a week ago I heard the crypto stock from a couple of customers I was helping move.

They were mentioning something about business and finance on 4chan and bitcoin. I remembered this place it had been a while since I had come back to 4chan.

I first heard about 4chan with the Donald trump election after Rachel maddow had a story about a emerging alt right group. Anyways I diverge. Let me get to the point here.

I have been browsing around and I'm looking to get into these crypto currency stocks. So below I'll type out some questions for you and hopefully you can answer.

1. I heard I need some type of a wallet to be able to buy bitcoins? I am extremely confused because it's like a digital wallet or something? I looked on Amazon couldn't find one. I drove out to best buy and asked them behind the counter, they said they didn't sell the digital wallets either.

2. You guys are talking on here about satoshis. What in the hell is a satoshi?

3. Can any of you guys recommend what stock brokers you go to with your bitcoins to be able to purchase other currencies? If any of you people are from Calgary could recommend some trust worthy stock broker offices, I would really appreciate that.

I apologize that this was too long, but I figured I needed to get these few questions answered before I can begin in this exciting journey with you all. Have a great week guys.

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normies = more money. it's only bad if you're a no coiner.

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>I first heard about 4chan with the Donald trump election


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lmfao your so new it hurts op smdh

>1. I heard I need some type of a wallet to be able to buy bitcoins? I am extremely confused because it's like a digital wallet or something? I looked on Amazon couldn't find one. I drove out to best buy and asked them behind the counter, they said they didn't sell the digital wallets either.
it's not a literal wallet u fag, its a program. dowload here: http://www.bitbean.org/downloads.html

>2. You guys are talking on here about satoshis. What in the hell is a satoshi?
Satoshi Sakamoto is the inventor of bitbean. the smallest divisible unit of a bean is called a satoshi or "sat" in his honor.

>3. Can any of you guys recommend what stock brokers you go to with your bitcoins to be able to purchase other currencies? If any of you people are from Calgary could recommend some trust worthy stock broker offices, I would really appreciate that.
there are a lot of scam exchanges, but everyone smart uses Yobit now

there u go. happy coining op :)

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6/10, need to work more to bait the /biz/realis
giving you some points for that reddit spacing tho

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double spaced b8 sage

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>pepe rubbing his hands,jpg

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when will they learn

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Tfw bought at the high and i knew it was a bad call

God what the fuck is wrong with me, thankfully it was only 20 bucks

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this actually happened lol, its sitll higher than before

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tfw bought at 3k but was too greedy to get out at 3.4k

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check out the 1day chart, you will be fine

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With the increasing difficlty in mining ETH, should I just sell my hardware in 15-30 days and buy back in?

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Can I dual mine anything alongside Zcash like I can with ETH and SIA

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>sell GPU high
>buy ETH
>people realise difficulty has skyrocketed and panic sell their GPU low
>buy GPU low with ETH to spare
>mine shitcoins

What's wrong with my plan? actually curious to know

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The only thing that is going to happen is : You won't have a decent gpu for 6months. And your bought ETH will go from 320$ to 200$ or so

>> No.2605138

I already have a 480 in my main rig and only intend on selling the GPUs I bought solely for mining

>> No.2605221

I don't know about electricity prices where you are from, but my 25 Rx 480 will mine for another year.

It depends on your situation. In Europe for example it's impossible to mine with a good profit . If I mined in Europe i would sell my GPUs right now. If your GPUs are in a second world country keep mining to death.

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