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No dump since listing

How often do you see that happen?

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>start many projects
>finish none of them

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Hey guys, how exactly do I buy crypto?
Also I see some memecoins here that aren't on some of the top results, where do you trade these?

Basically first timer questions/ qtddot I guess.

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Binance kucoin, idex if u want low mc shitcoins, thats all we gonna spoonfeed.

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Your daily reminder that stable coins are an integral part of crypto adoption & are going to be huge in the future, I don’t know why more people don’t own them

One of the biggest announcements recently was the $110M investment Circle is making to create a stable coin. This is a pretty big sign they are going to be big...you don’t spend $110M to not make money

Like we had a run on asic resistant coins & exchange coins, we will have a run on stable coins. Stable coins are going to be huge.

There are two on the market at the moment that offer ways to make money off their adoption. The other two (tether & eventually circle) will not offer you a way to make money of holding them.

>Tether - USD backed stable coin
Literally does what it says, keeps your money stable. No other benefits & run by very shady people

>MakerDao - Crypto backed stable coin
Collatorises your Eth into Dai (their stable coin). Allows you to borrow up to 150% of collatorised assets so a good way to leverage eth or use as a loan to cash out Dai into real world currency. No transaction fees for using but there fees for collateralising your eth. Holder makes money from MakerDao appreciating and potentially using leverage for high risk trading

>Havven - Crypto backed stable coin.
Collatorise your havvens into an Eth backed stable coin called a nomin. They will have USD, EURO, AUD and a few other pairings soon, USD goes live June 11. Nomins are the stable coin pegged at $1USD and meant for real world usage/spending. No cost to collatorise but transaction fees for using Nomins which are redistributed to holders of collatorised havvens. Holders make money from Havven appreciating and network fees from nomins use.

Circle - USD backed stable Coin
A much safer alternative to tether. Cannot make money off this project

There will be more competitors in this space but it’s an oversight not to be holding a stable coin in your portfolio

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Never change /biz/

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Well memed sir! Very funny!! :DDDDD

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r/4chan's gonna love this xD

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>checks volume


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The low price is a gift for me to accumulate more.

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>checks price


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>checks github activity


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What are you going to do if you make it?
I'm going to own model trains and train tracks

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I unironically respect this decision. You could do much worse.

As for me, well, I'm going to read a lot of books and cook delicious food for myself every day.

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I learned to not judge what other people like. Judging it is like arguing why green ins the best color when someone likes blue more.
I'd buy a house with a fully automated hydroponic weed farm.

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Extend my business + watch collection, find a solid wife and have 5+ children

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I'll spend most of my time playing videogames like I do now and the rest of my time breeding and taking care dogs.

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Been following this coin for a few months. I wanted to get in 3 weeks ago but topped of my OMG bag instead. Looking to buy 2000 if it goes to 240sat.

The project is cool and soccer moms will love it.

As a fat ass, why should I not buy TRAC? I was told to invest in things I like.

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t.bagholder since 8900 sats

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No bottom. It's a scam. Expect a final pump from 1000 to 2500 when it gets delisted from Binance.

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why the fuck didn’t you have your stop set at around 7500 sats?

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LWF is a real gem for you folks:
-added a few days ago in Cryptopia, volume is rising
- 5M mc, not listed on cmc yet
- Decentralized Logistics
- Great Team
- Partnership with DHL

DYOR and dont buy the heavy bags from some retarded faggots

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already pumped useless shitcoin w/ retarded team

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already pumped shitcoin w/ retarded team and no use at all

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Is it just me or is ETH slow as fuck today? My transactions in ED aren't even in yet

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Shrimp transactions take priority, you know.

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Big news incoming! Red days are in the past! Get in boys!

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Tried to warn ya

>muh shitcoin dev has 90% of the coin muh won't go up

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its done pumping look at the chart nigga

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Meanwhile on bizarro /biz/...

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Satoshi Nakamoto is holding a livestream today. Get in.

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Link 1 sat EOY

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Thank fuck I sold all my crypto in 2017.

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RLC -5$ EOY!

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450k volume @ 1 sat what the fuck is going on here

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where is the penis?

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Normal day on the crypto anti-market.

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Honest opinion? I have 1k IOTA currently and have no idea what to do with them. Hold until EOY or sell and move on?

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top 5 EOY

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Wait at least until June 3rd

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>literally rapefugees welcome coin

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Sell now, go all in eos until MN early june. Dump it for zrx which will be a monster next year.

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1000000000 Gorrilian ICOs
This surely has to die down sometime right?

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it dead already

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Please sirs, buy AION. I am tired of posting the same copypasta each day and yet no one is buying. I bought at 45k sats all in and now I can't even afford rent.

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It's the best coin out there why don't you understand you cocksuckers!??

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I'm holding since 64k sats.

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You won't buy this coin because the rest of /biz/ doesn't shill it.
You won't buy this coin because the TRS scares you.
You won't buy this coin because you don't understand it.
And because of these reasons, you won't be holding this coin when it hits $30 billion at the end of this year.

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saying as an aion holder ....stfu
this got very boring

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>We did not confirm a huge announcement, we confirmed that 1 >cloud provider join the iExec network at V2.


I fucking give up guys, nothing I buy does anything good...

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I told you it was a pajeet PnD.

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don't buy these shitcoins. just buy chainlik and wait like everyone here

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We still rolin
gettin them partnerships haulin
amazon AWS up in this bitch strolin
rakin in them dough while ballin

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Buy holo fren it will do what RLC claims to do without piggybacking on someone else’s shitty slow platform, holochain will give you a way to earn through hosting that’s truly p2p not full of middlemen like RLC, holochain has plenty of room to grow and if full of life anon, brimming with new ideas, jizzing with opportunity. Spend a few hours researching you will understand or you will keep buying shitcoins

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