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So when and where will the bottom be? I say march-july 2021, and around $2,200

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This shit is insanely undervalued.

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pedos are making it

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Look at the other pics of this nice multi cultural heaven https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-10-12/when-finding-affordable-housing-in-l-a-means-living-in-a-pod-or-a-bunk-bed

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ya twat

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אתה לא שייך לכאן

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Oh please would someone post the pasta?

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Should uMatrix be used in combination with uBlock?

Shared privacy settings:
>Disable hyperlink auditing
uBlock specific settings:
>Disable pre-fetching
>Prevent WebRTC IP leaks
>Block CSP reports
uMatrix specific settings:
>Delete blocked cookies
>Delete non-blocked session cookies
>Delete local storage content set by blocked hostnames
>Clear browser cache
>Spoof HTTP referrer string of third-party requests
>Strict HTTPS: forbid mixed content

uMatrix can also disable web workers on a per site basis.

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Okay /biz/, poorfag checking in. I have about 500-1000 USD/month to invest. What would you do? I am thinking of

-buying a couple ounces of silver each month and stacking until 250 oz. or 500 oz. (I see these numbers change so thinking 500 oz.)

-buying a couple dividend stocks each month. as dividends come in use the dividends to buy more

-buying some LINK, BTC, ETH, and LTC monthly

-setting some money aside to perhaps buy a cheap property to rent out. the bonus of this is I'll stack USD so if market takes a shitter I'll have cash reserve to buy cheap stocks or other assets

Am I being too ambitious? Too diversified? Should I scrap saving for RE property right now?

How would you invest such trivial amount of money each month? What do you do monthly investment wise?

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buy $10k worth of VOO then do whatever you want OP

fellow poorfag here, get normie assets first and then speculate

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Hard to say anon,
What’s your current state of living like? Got your own place or live with parents? Do u buy or rent if u don’t. What kind of job do you have and what are the future prospects, short-term and long? How much do u have saved now? Etc.

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Why haven't you invested in the next energy bull market yet, biz?

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bc hillary sold all of it to vlad

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Unlike other metals such as copper or nickel, uranium is not traded on an organized commodity exchange such as the London Metal Exchange. Instead it is traded in most cases through contracts negotiated directly between a buyer and a seller

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Because I don't have enough capital to trade futures.

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Buy either UX1, a company like UUUU or Global X ETF

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Uranium stocks are dodgy as fuck. Even if it’s a fair price, the market has to deal with political bullshit like >>15945893

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Your scam went to 2.9 and dumped to 2.2
Now it pumps again and soon will dump back to 2$
It will never go beyond 3$
That pump to 4$ will never happen again, people are leaving link realizing it's a pump and dump scam.

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Ok, enjoy not buying in during your LAST CHANCE you fucking retard.

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Nice anime face, Onions.

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Leave her out of this

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Wow what an insightful post OP. Thanks for sharing your opinion on whether up or down. Very valuable info

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Do you still believe?

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Is there a poo poo and pee pee option cus if not this conversation is over.

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How are you preparing for the Indian Century?

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Practicing squatting for when the government mandated street shitting becomes a thing.

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By shorting the toilet industry.

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For fuck sake if I fuck a skinny girl like that doggy style my balls turn blue the next day.
No more fuckin skinny bitches for me.

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Hah, it's funny because it's true.

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>oh look, the one attractive indian slag out of 1b


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when is a good time to buy this shit again?

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Never, why go back to last gen shit? What a ridiculous thing to do.

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This, 2017 shitcoins that haven’t regained at least some of their value are completely dead

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there's better deals out there

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I wouldn't touch anything pre 2018, it's like buying stock of a dot com bubble company. You just don't do it. Buy a new one where people can open the chart and not see the fucking bubble in the graph

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5head take right here.

cheers anon

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I have a feeling a general like this is going to become more and more important in the next couple years. What links/info should go in the OP?

Some open questions:

Should you invest in physical gold/silver, or pay a custodial service?
What are the best places / websites?
Thoughts on mining stocks / ETFs? How about funds that are part bullion and part equities?
What is the real cost of buying and then later selling bullion? You'll always pay a premium to buy and sell below spot, but are there costs associated with verifying bullion first? Do you always have to prove and trace your ownership?
Is Goldmoney a trusted method of investment? Has anyone here actually tried it out?

Boomers, feel free to impart your wisdom

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Saw this info in a thread a few months back and will share this info with my frens.

Following sites have starter kits at spot price:

1. Bold Precious Metals
2. Provident Metals
3. SD Bullion
4. Silver Gold Bull
5. JM Bullion
6. Monument Metals
7. Buy Gold and Silver Coins
8. Global Bullion
9. Wholesale Coins Direct

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True, the premiums on coins are higher but they’re also more recognizable and more difficult to counterfeit, making their resale easier. Notice the little laser etched maple leaf?

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Is a "starter kit" just a first-time buy at spot price from that dealer? If so, I'm assuming you can get a bunch of starter kits from all of those sites?

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i'll do ya one better anon

> https://findbullionprices.com/buy-silver-at-spot-deals.php

link related is the landing page for spot deals.
also shows best prices among other filters, updated frequently

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one per household/payment method
(you can order one to your house with your credit card, one to your whore mother's house with bitcoin)

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Hi anons, just got a job offer.

It's 38k GBP per year

4 days on 6 days off.

Shift pattern is :

You're not allowed to book holiday as it's included in your 6 days off. You just have to swap shifts with the other guys if you need specific dates.

Is this a good deal?

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I should add that I never finished high school....

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What is the job?

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Pretty easy stuff working on a site.

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STINKY LINKIES think their scam coin will continue "Pumping". Let me spell it out for you: LOWER HIGHS

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>maku maku

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Thank you for your opinion. I trust your intuition, and have sold my ChainLink token on your recommendation. Thank you again.

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I know it, but I have too much pride to save a niggo image on my hard drive.

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Sorry weeb, but do I look like someone that knows about animes? That's right, I don't, because I'm a man, a fucking businessMAN, now piss off neet.

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He is a manly man of businessness who looks like this

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>Americans will defend this

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Yup. Taxation is theft. Now fuck off.

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> higher motivation to become a billionaire
This is bad why?

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Billionaires deserve less tax than wagies because they produce far more than they consume.

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>Be euro fag
>"Billionaire tax cuts help the poor"
>Thinks country's like londastan or sweden is an example of utopian society
It's not our faults the left leaning voter base thinks 2d and doesn't know that there own politicians give company's tax breaks.

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Don't let him speak for all euros. Im euro and support a flat effective tax rate.

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