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ok can you guys stop deploying

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What goes up must come down, right brother?

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PHOENIX = 7 letters
SEPT = 7 count
EMBER = fire

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Have a friend who is 19 and got into bitcoin in 2009. Said he’s pretty much good on money for life. Lucky mofo

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Either this post is part of a campaign to destroy 4chan or the kids are coming to kill this website.

This board will be dead sooner than we all think.

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this, now fuck off

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Haha we tripped on the old acid together in high school good times
.. My ancestors ate good

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U ever ate tentacles?

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what is a good amount to gamble and swing random coins? like 1 eth? i used to swing my whole stack but got cought up in bad positions several times

how do you do it biz

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1000 ETH

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wagies too blind to see a real opportunity right infront of them

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who do you think got the roastie to post this? and why?

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I don't know but some cunt was lumping chainlink with the dragonchain shitcoin back then and I hate him

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the internet will become private

buttcorn will die


if you still dont get it

you wont make it


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She's cute.

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I’d let her

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haha imagine if that hydrant was my dick hahahah wouldn't that be funny? hahahahaa

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QUEST: Igor's Delight

Get baited into the bull trap and dumped on by the mt Gox claims.


QUEST: Grichkas Link Prank

Trick vulnerable linkies to think they've made it by pumping the price to 40c

BONUS: Harass Rory in telegram


Reward: mt gox strength elixir, vitalik diet pills, bogdanoff hair gel

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nice, just bought 100k


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This one Dev from Reddit is single handedly saving REQ and it's hilarious

Thanks Adam

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Is it a good buy right now? I made some BTC off Link yesterday.

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Adam is God

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Keep all the ICO funds and let someone else do the work for free, the frenchies even outchink the Neo / CoZ cuckery

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lol what the fuck this adam kid is literally building the entire network

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>give me your cum bull

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wrong meme fren

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>What do you mean? I want that bull's cum

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Dat nigga is based.

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>all the memes are true


In my case the owner LITERALLY shoos away people with lucrative contracts and quarrels with the hardest workers that pour thousands in the business. Not only that but owner takes pride in being seen by competitors taking it easy and losing tens of thousands a year

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Actually, most the time I saw lucrative family businesses crashing down, because the owners rather bought their incompetent offspring into the company at a management position with no formal education in the relevant field.

I can tell you stories...

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So, I recently started freelancing and I was thinking about profiting from it without actually doing the job. That would mean getting jobs from a decent website, letting someone on a cheaper one like fiverr do it and profiting from the difference.

I'm sure there are plenty of people doing this already, has anyone here done something like this? It sounds good on paper but I'm sure it can bring a lot of problems with it, like proper timing, finding someone reliable and competent yet cheap etc etc.

Any suggestions on how to do it properly without fucking up?

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Maybe just google property flipping and shit like that and adapt the principles. There are risks involved in any business venture.

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I pick up website jobs, got 3 pajeets working for me on a regular basis, about 10% goes to them from the price I cash in.

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oh, forgot to include one important bit; I acntually know how to make websites and everything related to them, therefore I can qualtiy control my pajeets before delivery

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if cryptocurrency is so amazing with its cult-like memes terminologies language and culture, why is it that you don't see the richest people in the world talking about and owning them? why is it that warren buffet doesn't invest in these internet ledger entries with picture symbols and swarms of kids with their trust funds behind? why is it, that the richest people in crypto are kids with max ~$2-10m because they bought whatever picture symbol when it came out while they were super high because they thought it was funny and literally everyone else is poor and never makes tens-hundreds of millions? why is it, that if you sit down with some real businessmen and professional investors that make real money and talk about whatever-coin thing you saw on the googles and some vietnamese cartoon petrol refinery internet forum they will laugh in your face? why don't the rothschilds invest in cryptocurrency? hehehe...i'll tell you why...it's because it's not real, it's a fantasy you've made in your heads and it doesn't pay you anything worthwhile to own it

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>why don't the ultra rich invest in emerging unproven technology?
You could make the argument for any new investment ever. Being rich doesn't mean they can predict which things succeed.

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I got 100k EUR here, but if you say it's not real man that really changes everything. Dude is my cat even real? I really like my cat

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I just counted my monies again, it's all there. WHAT ABOUT MY CAT OP??? pls tell me

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hahaha nice try, did you even read what you just posted? of course not, you brainwashed zombies only read the headlines of whatever obscure news paper or media article you want to believe, here you go, straight from the article you just linked:
"There were also rumors that Rothschild Investment Corporation was related to the Rothschild family. In various social media posts, people thought there was some kind of conspiracy or deal that Rothchild himself made for gaining shares of bitcoin. The conspiracy theorists believe the Illuminati and lizard rulers may be colluding to sabotage bitcoin.

This turned out to be false, as the company has no relationship to the Rothschild family other than possessing its namesake. The tweets below should say “Rothschild Investment Corporation,” and not just Rothschild the person. The reason for confusion is clear, because the name is relatively common."
>ooo a hundred million... that's SOOO much money! it's not like they're worth a $trillion+ and wipe their ass with $100m and are just throwing it down the toilet just to check if it flushes nonon, they're actually investing in it! now everyone go buy this internet ledger entry with a picture on it
hahaha ok
and likewise, you could say well why aren't you investing in indian toilet paper? what's that? you think it's stupid? nono, just because rich people don't invest in indian toilet paper doesn't mean they caan predict whether or not it'll succeed, just look at the future growth predictions from this news article, india is building toilets all over the country, and so people will need more toilet paper to wipe their asses! hahah, or no wait, here's an internet ledge with a picture symbol on it called "ITPcoin", or "Indian Toilet Paper coin" which is based on the value of the market share on india's biggest toilet paper manufacturer who is already a massive investor...please

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Hey /biz, need advice!
I've been using Bitmex's Testnet and applying a strategy I devised, being as truthful as possible as to how I would trade with real money of my own.
I have done 8 trades already with an average of 1 trade every 2 days and I've ALWAYS made money.
My question is: should I go and put real money, or will I get fucked?

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Just don’t put all your money

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8 trades bro?
idk if you will make money but if you want to know you have a good strategy make at least 80 trades and see if you are still green. then maybe you have something. 8 is nothing.

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Risk management is key
True, thanks for the advice. But with the current strategy I have and the rate of my trading, that would take me 160 days.

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>going all in on every trade

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chad move

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ride on the wave ,
big news to come on custodial services!

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