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Visiting Greece for the first time. What are some dishes I have to try?

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man ass with mayonnaise

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Olovole in.

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his fucking carbonara lmaoo, this guy has to be a troll at this point. I refuse to believe a fucking michellin chef can mess up carbonara that bad.

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*smacks hands*

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Pita, with great porosity comes great capacity!

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I'm looking at it.

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I looked at it twice, so some other anon can scroll over it without bothering.

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Something that I can make in batches that will feed me for 3 or 4 days, I've been making chilli and curry for a while now and I am growing tired of them

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Make chili but with broken up sausage

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It's mainly for protein intake, sausages have a shit protein/price ratio, also too much fat, and I am sick of chilli in general

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>Food and cooking board
>Nobody actually cooks
Is every board like that ?

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>all this
>over a €2 espresso
Come on, I know cost of living etc etc but why not ask at the counter?

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sure, maybe that's a complaint better suited to bylaw enforcement than a patrol officer, but the law is the law and I'm tired of these shitty hipsters thinking they're above it all.

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today I will have breaktfast for dinner

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Don't do it, you will be arrested.

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Step out of the vehicle slowly with your hands on your head.

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bye newfag frogcancer

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Anon, frog pics have been here for at least 14 years now.
I hate how everyone caters to the needs of breakfast for dinner fags but nobody helps you out when you want lunch of dinner foods in the morning.

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If I eat this pepper would I turn gay?

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Now that's what I call a cramable specimen.

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Nice try, OP.
We already know you're gay.

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It would be extremely painful.

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No but only because you are already gay.

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You are already homosexual.

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Where the fuck can I find some Mexican traditional regional variant recipes for chili?

With search engines and the internet being what it is nowadays it's like finding a needle in a haystack of bullshit websites and sponsored/bumped/unrelated search engine content.

Fucking seriously.

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Bro mexicans dont know anything about chili. Now if you want some soup made with cow assholes and tongue, they have you covered.

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What the fuck is wrong with this man?

Imagine bringing that slop to your gf/bf while they're sleeping in...Imagine feeling pressured to eat that sloppy diarrhea mess and then be expected to have sex with that person later....


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stale bread, flavorless hot house tomatoes, and egg mush. What is not to love about british cooking

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I would never claim to know more than gordon about food even as a chef, but he cooks eggs like a faggot. Only a fucking toothless brit would want to eat that liquid shit.

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that literally looks like a big sIop of shit

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I have one of these Chinese drip brewers and I want to make pumpkin spiced coffee like they have at Starbucks. How would I go about doing this? Just put the spices in the filter with the coffee grounds? Surely you don't mix the spices in after the fact. Will putting the spices in the filter extract their flavor?

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Just get some pumpkin spice instant coffee

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In order to do it properly you would need an espresso machine to pull shots and steam milk. The closest you're going to get with a cheap drip machine would be to make a kind of shitty pumpkin spice cafe au lait:

>Fill cup halfway with brewed Coffee
>Mix in pumpkin syrup, a small amount of white chocolate sauce and some pumpkin spice
>Add hot milk
>Add pumpkin spice on top

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Pickled Mango

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baby barf

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>eating spaghetti(carbs) with rice(carbs)
I just saw someone doing it in a buffet. wtf is wrong with people

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Good morning sir

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>$80 for a spaghetti buffet
but i guess i would be a little upset if someone was inappropriately mixing foods on one plate instead of doing separate plates with complimentary foods.

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>$80 buffet
you're getting scammed and you're proud of it

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what would need to be included in an $80 buffet to make it worth it?
for me id need cooked to order prime ribeye and scallops

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The fuck you think many forms of pilaf is, especially the Armenian one? Y'know... the stuff that's mass produced, packaged and sold in the US as Rice-a-Roni?
Every day, there are hundreds of millions of people who eat rice with pasta. If you'd like, I could give you my filthy Lebanese grandmother's recipe for the stuff. It's really very nice. Lamb's breast. Lamb's tallow. Butter. Carrots. Parsnips. Onions. Rice. Broken spaghetti. Caraway. Cumin. A good vegetable broth (or lamb stock, if you've got it). It's quite simple to make and just tastes nice.

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IS the humble maple bar the greatest donut of all time?

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Bavarian cream
Boston cream
whatever you call it that's my favorite

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No, there are better donuts out there. >>17873436
This is not a better donut.

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>Chocolate bar default choice.
Sandwich bars are superior, put some whipped cream in there.

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Join us, Anon

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Unhealthy fatty meaty food. I bet even the white bread has canola oil baked into it and will probably be dipped in butter during the eating of whatever southern cretins eat this shit LOL

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the sandwiches are probably still warm

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No chicken or seafood, no go.

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I will not eat the bugs
I will not consume the microplastics

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Give me 1(one) good reason not to do this

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Reduces the size of the mouthful you can twist onto a fork.

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You need to take pretty pictures for your instagram.

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Why would I want this much spaghetti in my mouth? I'm not fat

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there is no reason. food snobbery is retarded. italians invented pasta, doesnt mean theyre the best at it

english invented football but theyre shite

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A group of students at Johns Hopkins University recently developed “Tastee Tape,” a product that aims to keep your food from creating a mess.
A group of chemical and biomolecular engineering seniors — Tyler Guarino, Marie Eric, Rachel Nie, and Eric Walsh — created an edible tape that uses an organic adhesive and a fibrous scaffold that is safe to cook with and consume, according to the university’s website.

“First, we learned about the science around tape and different adhesives, and then we worked to find edible counterparts,” said Guarino.

The students tested a “multitude” of ingredients in order to get the right combination for the perfect product that they say can “hold together a fat burrito.”

As for how they made it, that will remain a secret for now. The students have applied for a patent and are waiting to hear back.

“What I can say is that all its ingredients are safe to consume, are food grade, and are common food and dietary additives,” Guarino said.

The strips are clear in color but were dyed in the prototype photos to show the rectangular shape and size.

Strips of Tastee Tape come attached to wax paper. To use one, you simply remove it from the paper and wet it to activate the adhesive ingredients.

Guarino added: “Tastee Tape allows you to put full faith in your tortilla, and enjoy your meal, mess-free.”

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Wheels are just a poor man's wings.

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I forgot to take a second gym class so I was stuck taking ballroom dancing my last semester
eric was always trying to parter up with me and the one time I got stuck with him he kept rubbing his leg on my crotch

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t. Gringo

>> No.17873697

What? No I didn't. I don't even know you.

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Johns Hopkins is obviously retarded. Wear the mask. Get the jab. Eat the bug. And now tape your burrito? Fuck off and learn how to use the right size skin.

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So I got one of these things. Anyone else do this or have experience ? Looking for ideas.
>Selling Candy on Facebook

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I didn't buy it.

>> No.17873390

did you steal it?

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I hear broth and sauces is a good one.



Try a whole hamburger for science

Watermelon chips might be cool.

Make superb mashed potatoes and see if your powdered mash is superior.

I'd love one of those, but they're quite expensive and take a lot of room. Worthwhile investment if you grow your own food.

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no I got it

>> No.17873658

Thought about getting one but theyre 3k and a hundred pounds.

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For me its the Full English. Accept no substitutes.

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sorry i didn't take time to read the menu faggot

>> No.17873454

Yeah. Apologize you stupid cunt.

>> No.17873504

English beans are cooked in tomato sauce. Also nobody eat a frankfurter for breakfast. It's not a full english. More like a full retard.

>> No.17873521

This breakfast is more English than the Queen of England.

>> No.17873526

yeah no shit shes a reptilian alien

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All fries taste like shit

>But you haven't eaten enough!
Went to hundreds of fast food joints, family places, and restaurants, ate 1000s of fry orders, still no.
>But you havent tried the good ones!
All the expensive fries just taste even more herbal, sometimes they add truffle oil so it’s like earthy or cajun seasoning so it’s a little spicey. Still doesnt taste good plus you took away the fries main benefit (cheap)
>But it gets you full!
Baked chicken without seasoning gets me full very quick, even raw kale does. Meanwhile fries just literally make me sick. I have had occasions where I was still sober but had to throw up from all the fries I are, while I regularly teleport home from raw kale without a drop of vomit. And fry vomits are always the worst feeling vomits.

tl;dr FRIES are bad and it's not because I dislike them, it's because they're bad.
>obviously everything I like is good and if I don't then that means it's universally bad
>this is my logic
>I also don't like video games, fast cars, movies, kimchi, hamburgers, pizza with pepperoni, and all meats
>because they're bad

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people experience reality differently than you

>> No.17873640

didn't read. fries taste good

>> No.17873668

>all fries taste bad
>eats baked chicken without seasoning
I think I’ve discovered problem and it’s you

>> No.17873719

If they taste so bad then why so many people like them?
>People generally just have shit taste
Even then, if they were really as bad as you make them sound then nobody will eat them. Just admit it, anon: the problem is not the fries, it's you.

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