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luv Loco Moco
simple as

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Post them

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anything made by white people
including british/french cuisine

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Same, it all just tastes like ammonia to me

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Fruit cake without alcohol (or flour) is bad.
But the traditional style is real good

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>t. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oodsEoRxcY

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Whenever I watch a pasta video made by an Italian, they say to generously salt the pasta water, until it's sea-salty, since it was supposedly so that the pasta can be seasoned enough to the point where dumping the pasta water wouldn't wipe every salt off.
I cooked pasta for my family with that in mind. The finished product was salty as hell. Both my mother and my sister couldn't even finish their respective portions. The excess salt didn't come off at all. fucking pastaniggers

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lmao we got another one boys

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Kek. The incompetence of this board is outstanding.

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Is this true? One time I forgot to salt my pasta and was surprised to find it tasted the same. I haven't salted it since and it still tastes the same as when I salted it.

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fuck ogg
good thing it was a cheap brand I bought at the grocery store

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sliced white bread, ketchup and a slice of american cheese toasted counts as pizza.

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no it doesn't

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that's a nice vegetable, anon.

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I feel like if the right bread, the right cheese and pizza sauce, it could.

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I mean think Texas toast with butter. a generous spoonful of pizza sauce. Then two slices of provolone. All melty and cooked to perfection.

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Yeah, it's Wonder Bread pizza. Like French bread pizza, but with Wonder Bread instead.

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Hey friends,

I recently bought a fermentation crock off Amazon that was on sale for $15 bucks. I decided to go ahead and make some sauerkraut since I'm pretty new to fermenting in general.
It's a water seal jar and it's white, inside the lip where the seal is unglazed. I went onto Amazon to make sure it was water seal/see if there any instructions. I came across a lot of comments saying the unglazed part of the lip will breed bacteria.
Personally I think well ceramic wasn't always glazed and we must have used it back then. It does have a little yellow discoloration on the lip that I cleaned with a cleaned paper towel. It's been sitting out for about 2 maybe 3 days now, tasted it, check on it often smells/tastes good.

Any advice/tips? Should I throw the crock out after this? Any fermentation for beginner tips are also appreciate and or fun recipes... Want to start fermenting with miso paste soon

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>Should I throw the crock out after this?
Absolutely. Always use a fresh crock when starting a new fermentation project. You can start a traditional midden in your garden with the old ones. The potsherds are ideal for toads and beneficial insects.

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whats the secret to a good chicken stir-fry that doesn't use deep-fried (or any sort of deepfry imitation) chicken?
is it even doable?

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yes, you're being pedantic
and you're also wrong
stir fry is literally things stirred and fried together
now andwer the question you autist

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marinade the chicken with whatever flavors you want + baking soda and then lightly coat it all with starch before you fry it

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dang it anon I said no deepfry imitations

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how is that a deepfry imitation, do you want to fucking boil the chicken or how else do you plan to cook it

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i've never had a stir-fry with deep fried meat.
it's literally a style of cooking, yes, but it's a dish.
even though g-tso is stir-fried it's still called g-tso.
just don't use deep fried meat, anon.
stop being so cantankerous.

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Just had to toss out all my kabobs because I turned off the grill and forgot about them, and when I returned a cloud of flies had infested the vessel. Be careful with your food out there.

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You wasted an animal's life and several day's worth of food because some little bugs touched your factory meat. Americans are the worst.

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Not only did you waste kebabs, but you made kitty scared.

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Chili’s is god tier

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I agree, however they got rid of the onion pedals and fried pickles here. A little less good but I still love em.

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The unnatural preparation in which Chili makes its nachos concerns me and makes me suspicious of the whole operation.

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not bad for fast food standards aka sl0p

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This is how most Tex Mex places prepare them. Not in a pile like bar nachos

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imagine paying for half a meal.

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What’s your favorite food to order at a bar? For me, it’s loaded fries

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>he doesn't know how babies are made

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hot wings and a pitcher of draft is my go to. your mouth is burning and that cold beer really hits the spot

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That process doesn't involve you, tranny

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When you hear "margarita pizza" do you think it's just a plain pizza or do you expect tomatoes on top? The menu at work explicitly says there's cherry tomatoes on top but like 1/10 people will order a margarita pizza and pick off all the tomatoes.

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what’s even the point of ordering it then? just order a cheese pizza

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What are your favorite microplastic recipes?

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I want to cook for my wife someday but I'm not good enough yet

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A staple of American cuisine

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it really elevates a glass of tap water

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why does japan get so many different special flavour variants of popular foods and drinks?

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Vending machines. More retail realestate means that products need to stand out more to compete. Compare this to the US where you will see a single mini fridge by the checkout that only has like 5 rows, the top 3 being reserved for the top sellers while the bottom 2 are reserved for overstock shit they're trying to get rid of or sports drinks.

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because they dont drink it as usual thing, they drink it for memes which is why they need as much weird taste as possible.
And because they arent that mass produced the prices are higher too.

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post capitalist society allows for "food artists" to have a larger freedom of expression, resulting in strange and unique combinations

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Japanese have abandoned tradition and live in a perpetual pursuit of new novelties.

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Because they are based and enjoy novelty.

Autists are the opposite. They only like to consume the same things over and over.

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Tavern style is the best style of pizza

Deep Dish is essentially a casserole
New York is like frozen pizza put into a pizza oven
Detroit style is a shittier version of chicago style
Florida style is for bottom feeders.
Neapolitan is essentially an heirloom pizza, a different type of dish completely and is more gourmet.

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if it aint imos i dont want it

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That picture will never not make me laugh.

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Arent you worried the leftover oil will create a fatberg and cost the city trillions?

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People who always remind others to use their pasta water are the same kind that feels the need to remind everyone about how farfalle cooks every time someone even mentions the type of pasta and are weirdly passionate about it. We get it, you know a lot, move on

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>Pasta water

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>be broke
>go to groccery store to buy store brand bread for PBJ
>the $1 bread is now $2.40


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Not really. People 40 and under these days are just all faggots who have never experienced occasional hardship. This is nothing. You're just dealing with the realization that life isn't a gravy train all the time.

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Go take your alzheimers meds and shut the fuck up you old ass bitch

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Houses are getting more expensive and average wages are not reflecting proportionally.
People are working more hours on average than people did in the 80s while having more expenses while companies are getting higher and higher record annual profits.

Wheat, for the first time in our lives, has caused starvations in several countries leading to global economic paradigm shifts that are only getting worse.

You're ignorant and assume young people can't research history. If you don't think there's a problem, you're not paying attention.

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The lack of wheat*
you know what I meant

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I like my routine of going 3 times a week. I work 3rd shift so i just swing my at 6am when i get off.

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Look what I saw. I've had the pressure cooker for a few years and it works great. Should I upgrade?

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NEVER buy electronics or kitchen appliances at Aldi or Lidl.

>> No.18214128

I've been using a electric pressure cooker from Aldi several times a week for almost 4 years. KYS immediately.

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Best part about making Meatballs?

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that isnt meat. that is sl0p

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Heyyyyy, that's a good lookin meatball!

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not that a nigger would know!

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is that leftists, welfare cases, politicians, bankers, and op can't make them.

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eating a few fresh ones right out of the oven

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what's your favorite vodka for drinking neat?

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fruit loop flavor, OJ, mixed with condensed milk….wait, I don’t actually drink this… I give it to
college teens for fun
/OP is an idiot

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Reyka is best
Svedka is best cheapest
russian probably have some ok stuff too

>> No.18214235

belvedere too expensive.
finladia reasonably priced and good.
smirnoff makes me sick.
stolichnaya my favourite

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If you find it of course

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This is my go to. Only $21 for a handle.

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the VIRGIN 'omelette rice' or whatever
vs. the CHAD Fried2*(Rice + Egg)

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have sex

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>have sex
Back to twitter with you

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>implying cats
They've been nothing but helpful, except when you push shit onto them. It's those fucking squirrels I don't trust. Hiding food, staring at anyone who leaves the home, barking at people who gets too close to their tree. They're only good for pan-frying.

>> No.18214320

very true, op, very true indeed!

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What is it with southeast asians and massively burning their sunnyside-up eggs?

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For me it's lasagna

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More like LasagNAH, amirite!?

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looks nice and greasy. i'd eat it

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All borger should be smash borgers (no exceptions)

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no le epic meme burger for me, thanks

>> No.18214162

>can i haz?
>can i haz?
>do not want if no smashed
The demands never end with you lot, do they?

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yeah smash burgers are great but due to their small size you need 4-6 to make a good meal

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