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It's happening

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Is bomb appletit crashing down?
The new cast kind of sucks

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i haven't checked in on him since all the bon appetit drama happened. is he still doing it's alive? he's now building up his own channel? i feel like he's a couple years late now but he's consistent with uploads he'll get an audience. he's a fun guy to watch

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Does anyone follow this “kitchen”? It seems like they post way too many things in a single day, way too many culinary techniques to be real.

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Why do dried beans come out hard, even after soaking for hours (or overnight) and cooking twice as long as the instructions say? Seems like no matter what I do, beans and chickpeas etc come out hard.
Sometimes this happens even if I just bought the bag recently.
Is there a trick to it?

Beans thread, post recipes

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>Why do the directions say cook 10-20 minutes on these chickpeas?
That's probably the directions for a "quick soak". Instead of soaking at room temperature for 8+ hours, you do a quick boil. I had the same problem when I first tried making beans from scratch.

I find chickpeas need even closer to 3 hours of boiling to soften but it probably depends on the size you have.

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>Thanks, I guess I need to ignore package directions kek
This begs the question: how fucking long (or short, as it may be) are you boiling them?
I gave 2 hours as a roundabout number. They're usually done sooner than that but they do occasionally take that long. When I cooked them on the hob before switching to an electric pressure cooker, I used to keep a kettle of boiling water at the ready to top off the pot of beans as needed because I boiled them shits at the highest fucking heat I could.

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Pintos are the worst. They take forever.

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Pretty wasteful, water boils at around 100 degrees Celsius at sea level. Higher heat doesn't really increase the temperature in the pot past a 100, it just makes the water evaporate faster. At a slight simmer, the water in the pot is still a 100 degrees but you save energy and you add less moisture to the air in your house, cooking times stays the same more or less. it's a win win.

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I stepped into this place the other day and it was like I stepped into a parallel version of ALDIs from the black universe.
Cornmeal and fixings for fried chicken, watermelon, plaintains, and grape coolade were all front shelf items. 100% of the customers and employees were black. The normal “boxed and cans” type grocery items were there, but … the ratios of the things that the stock, and the things they emphasize were all weirdly different?
I ended up not finding what I was looking for, but it was an interesting experience. If you ever get a chance you should go and marvel at it

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Where I'm from, Aldi is Aldi for black people. The Aldi near my house has been the site of shootings, stabbings, too many fights to count, and has a homeless camp in the back of the lot. When I first moved here I shopped there a few times not knowing any better. I was asked for money by homeless people loitering inside the store multiple times. Once some drunk woman was screaming and throwing eggs all over the floor. The customers were always extremely rude to the single clerk.

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find a flaw

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you are fat and stupid. thats like 100 calories

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My mother in law tried this and she looks like shit

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Depends on the ice cream. 1 cup of Breyer's is 225. Häagen-Dazs is 450. A lower fat sugar-free version could probably be around 100.

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Yeah, fat deposits will not melt, it's a long process etc.
Grape and coffee act as slight diuretics and in three days you'll lose water. Could be even up to 20 lbs if you're sweating a lot.
But it's not fat.

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You can also just plain water fast for 3 days if you're not such a complete sugar addicted burger that you can't go a single day without fucking icecream.

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i've done gorditas, roast chicken, lots of stuff with eggs. Should i do pasta stuff next or make perogi? i don't know.

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dubs wins, pesto gnocchi it is.

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I was planning to make pesto risotto to bring to a memorial day celebration, but it just struck me that risotto does not seem to hold well after it sits for a bit, just gets all gloopy.
Trying to reheat it seems like it would just cook it more which isnt the idea.
I figure my best option then is to just bring along some stock and heat it up when I get there and mix it up into the risotto to revive it.
Anyone know if that might work?

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just add a little stock or even water to it and heat it up, should be fine. honestly I usually don't like having to use the host's kitchen to reheat my stuff, I either bring it hot in a casserole dish if I have time to cook right before or just bring something that is fine at room temperature/cold

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Do you refrigiate your chips?

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Only if I open them and don't eat them all at once. There's no reason to do it while they're sealed.

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Nah is it good? Should I try it?

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I do, sometimes. The humidity level is pretty high where I live.

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I don't eat chips

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What vegetables should I be hunting for right now besides watercress and asparagus?

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Neighborhood cats

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how do i make my refried beans from a an taste like the mexican restaurant? theirs almost have a creamy texture and are very flavorful but when i open a can and heat it in a saucepan they always come out more like bean paste and very bland and almost taste like nothing. pic very releated

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ive been working on my recipe
still not perfected
1. pressure cook your beans first, from dry
2. I think the way to do it to puree HALF of them in a blender after cooking with some water or, better, meat stock
3. lime juice and freshly ground cumin, lots of it
this is not a place to be shy with spicing
I also like to add chopped cooked bacon but it won't really be creamy then
4. lots of neutral fat
this is really what it is, they are using way more oil/fat than you would
don't use canned beans plz fren, at a minimum just cook ur own from dried

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>fixing canned refried beans
good luck but when making from scratch use lard as the main source of fat and butter for creaminess

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1. pressure cook your beans first, from dry until slightly overcooked and soft
2. drain them but save the liquid
3. in empty pot saute finely minced onion, poblano pepper and garlic in lard
4. while still sizzling add cumin, chipotle chili powder, salt
5. add beans into pot and mash with potato masher
6. add butter and bean liquid back in until desired consistency is achieved

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The secret is lard

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nazis don't season their chicken

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Anons, are Chinese foods safe to eat, when purchased in the West?
I've been to third world places before, and I'm an Eastern Euro myself (basically third world itself) - it's a basic fact that third world food production is notoriously shitty quality with notoriously high levels of corner-cutting, lacing with fillers, and so on.

Any anons can offer experience / advice?
Also, I'm not a fan of globohomo Western slop either, so you won't see me guzzling corn syrup, but at least that corn syrup probably won't have lead in it.
Particularly concerned about meat products originating in China - any elevated risk of harm from those?
Elevated risk of mad cow disease, etc?

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I don't know about western Europe but here in the USA they're safe. The sale of meat products and other food products is regulated by the FDA. If you're worried about the food safety of a particular restaurant, you can simply look at their health inspection rating posted outside.

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You won't be able to purchase Chinese foods in the US unless it's passed some sort of quality control, otherwise it won't be imported. Not saying there isn't some black market in back alley of a no-go zone Chinatown ghetto, but you won't find the bad stuff at a normal food market.

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That makes sense - the market IS in Chinatown, and it's kind of small - the area is notorious for having all kinds of imports, but the packaging DOES say "made in the USA".

Is there any way I can check if something specific passed FDA guidelines?
Like, if perhaps it's in a database of some sort?

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>outright testing fraud
>counterfeiting epidemic
yeah nah

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i am the sriracha chad of this board now. you can come pick up your wives and girlfriends in the morning when i’m done having my way with them

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bro bought 9 bottles of spicy ketchup that is barely hotter than a pepper marinara sauce and calls himself a chad

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>sriracha chad
why are you buying the smaller bottles, cost more per oz, than the larger bottle?

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why does anyone care the slightest bit about that nasty ass shit when this exists alongside it

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the grocer thinks you are an autistic retard

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Always has some unappetizing chemical taste to me

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>Flying Jacob is a Swedish casserole composed of chicken, cream, chilli sauce, bananas, roasted peanuts and bacon. The dish is baked in an oven and is usually served with rice and a salad. The dish was invented by Ove Jacobsson who worked in the air freight industry, hence the name
what is going on in that country?

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something weird desu but flying jacob is actually pretty good even though it sounds kinda stupid

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they also put bananas on pizza there

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Yeah, I'm trying this. I'm sure there are examples to the contrary, but pretty much every single dish with banana as an ingredient is S-tier. Unless it's trying to be horrid.

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Casseroles are pretty much always good.

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They have Internet in ethiopia?

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Do you think the average person in 2023 would choose a McDonald’s meal over a House of Prime Rib meal?

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fuck off grandpa. Liver and onions is good but I'll never compare prime rib to a real steak you old bastard.

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stek is overrated. i'd go with MagDonna's

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I would take the steak but without those shitty sides

>> No.19325825

But house of prime rib is more expensive.

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yes. the black ones.

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Imagine being such a loser that you become a mod on 4chan for free. Just end your life nigger faggot virgin.

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>mad cause the jannies deleted his post

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im assuming you were the coonposter

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milk in ba g

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No I was posting my folder of black dicks

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I like cute and funny

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Why it's so good?
Why every other brand of mayo is so shit next to it?

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>he doesn't use le pic rel

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>Literally takes 2 minutes to make half a liter of mayo.
Post video.
I'll bet $100 you can't do it under 5 minutes from opening the fridge until done, plus 2+ minutes for cleanup.
I could also make my own hotdogs from scratch, but fucking WHY???
I can see stuff like making my own ribeyes by cutting up a rib-roast, if it's on sale, but mayo?
Fuck that shit. You might as well argue for making your own butter.

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>miracle whip
This a thread about mayo, not super shitty "salad dressing".

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>I could also make my own hotdogs from scratch, but fucking WHY???
not him but any store bought brioche hot dog bun is 10x better than the dog shit that you get at dedicated hot dog places so it makes no sense to go there considering how lazy and cheap those fucks are about every single ingredient

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add an egg, salt and whatever condiments you want to a cup. i usually add mustard or vinegar and msg. put immersion blender in the cup and turn it on at max speed. wait 5 seconds. add oil very slowly in a small stream for the first 10 seconds. continue blending and then add oil in increments of 50% of the total volume in the cup as it gets incorporated. repeat until you get the desired consistency, more oil = thicker. that's it, you are done.
for cleanup, put the immersion blender head under the sink for like 10 seconds to remove most of the mayo on it and leave it in the dishwasher to finish cleaning.
that's all it takes. once you have the ingredients and the blender, the active time is little more than a minute.
you do it yourself because it takes zero effort, it tastes better and you have control of all the ingredients.

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>visiting the UK (I'm from France)
>my friends want to take me out for dinner at Nando's
>agree to it cause memes, muh cheeky Nandos
>we sit down
>waiter tells us it's Cheese Day
>I freak the fuck out and ask my friends why they didn't tell me it's Cheese Day
>they tell me to calm down
>I yell "FUCK OFF" and storm out of the restaurant
>pick up some KFC and eat it on the way home
Was I in the wrong here? My friends still don't understand just what the problem was, they act like I'm the unreasonable one.

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It’s Funtime

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Coming across one of those makes me happy I always keep a handful of quarters in my pant pocket. Funtime indeed.

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Anon listen to me there isn’t much time, they’re encircling your positio- *EXPLOSION* … Anon? ANON!? ANNNNOOOONNNNNN

>> No.19325357

Can’t believe you flew all the way to Australia for some gum balls.

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Are you going to hit them all with a baseball bat? I'd always weight the fine against the satisfaction of hearing a gush of runts hit the floor.

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i'm never eating nandos or kfc again

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shieeeeeeet them wite muhfuggahs nevah be seasonin they chiken mang

>> No.19325332

Is poor black people washing chicken the latest fed psyop? I don't believe it's a genuine thing in the slightest.

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