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When did Gordon start recording in the ghetto?

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Why does he do it?

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Do what?

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the most important post you will find on /ck/ today.

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Extremely tall burgers are fun. There's more to food than being able to shove it into your face as quickly as possible.

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I have comically small hands, and this sign is made for me.
even a big mac is too large

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For me, it's the Pultorte.

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what a silly language

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You're speaking it

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Gonna need a translation
Or at least an explanation

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its pie

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Where do you normally pull your torte from?

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As Jesus said,
"Blessed are the poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.
Blessed are those who hunger now, for they shall be satisfied"

Anyone else got creative ideas for what to make from rice, beans, and lentils? What are the most cost-effective nutritious foods?

I know rice and beans have the amino acids, but what about vitamins and stuff? I have Koolaid packets for vitamin c to ward off scurvy.

And if anyone wants to post scriptures about food please do.

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>self-rising flour
Making tortillas is real easy and better than store bought shit. Make rice and bean tacos and sear them in a pan.

You can also blend the rice and beans with some flour to make patties.

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Try different rice recipes because every country has a different style. For beans try them with porkbelly and jalapenos, don't drain the juice and eat it like a soup.

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Caint eat pork, Yahweh says no bueno. I did start putting taco seasoning in the refried beans I make from scratch now. Cold tacobean tortillas are a great snack. For differences in rice recipes, I remember a great curry restaurant I used to live near. Need to recreate that sometime

I do need to try making tortillas again. Store bought has been decent but expensive. No need to swear tho. The only time I saw someone described as "swearing and cursing" in the Bible is when Peter denied Jesus the third time

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>Caint eat pork

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sin is sin

I used to eat pork and shrimp. But as the scriptures say, "what benefit were you then having from the things of which you are now ashamed? For the end of those things is death." Health cleared up a lot when I stopped eating things that God said should not be food

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It takes a whole damned day to make a pie and I'm not sure it's worth it

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How long do they take?

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>It takes a whole damned day to make a pie and I'm not sure it's worth it
I always make two at once, and they bake together nicely. Same exact effort.
key lime pie, nuke butter in measuring cup, pulse to crush grahams, combine with sugar, press into pans. Bake. Clean up mixer and processor. Set out to cool.
While it cools, press limes, zesting 3-4 too. It takes 15-30 little limes for two pies or a bottle of nellie's juice. Have a calamondin tree? 13 per pie. Combine sweetened condensed milk with egg, fold in lime juice and zest. Pour into cooled shells. Bake until set in middle. Cool, move to freezer. Best served frozen.

Grandma's Pecan-cheesecake pie. Roll out pillsbury crusts (or LOL make your own). No blind bake here, just crimp raw crust edges and pour cream chese+egg+sugar layer into crust. Clean blender and move onto syrup+egg+sugar (tbsp of bourbon too) blended layer. Pour 2nd layer on top of 1st layer. Cover in a cup of pecans, gently sinking/pushing into the syrup. Bake with crust edges covered until puffed in the middle, uncover 5 more minutes. Cool. Freeze. Cut while frozen. Honestly, the storebought crusts are soooo paperthin, I kind of prefer the cheat in this kind of pie.
Same deal for derby pie. Two at once! Tightly wrap in foil and go to town months from now.

For a serve at once fruit pie like pictured, the buttery real crust matters. so I'd do a less formal galette, or I'd do something less formal, a rich casserole with thick crumb topping, or a nice set of hand pies, or a tartin.

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About tree fiddy

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6-7 hours

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No it fucking doesn't. I sometimes make mini-pies to serve as breakfast /the morning of/. The trick is to either switch what sort of crust you choose to make or buy a premade crust. Shortcrust pies take a few hours to make, sure, but not the whole day while oat crust pies (basically upside down crumbles) can go from raw ingredients to baked pie in 75 minutes.
Which brings me to point B) make a crumble instead, anyway. The crust stays proper crispy/crunchy and I like the treacle flavour better

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This diet seems to be the new cool thing right now and I’ve seen it debated multiple times on /ck/, so let’s talk about it.

The carnivore diet advocates eating what our pre-Neolithic ancestors (supposedly?) ate, namely mostly meat, fish, chicken and animal organs. Sporadically honey, eggs and fruit.

This goes radically against mainstream nutrition pyramids, which recommends to consume most calories from grains, fruit and vegetables and consume animal fats sparingly - if at all.

The main arguments are, very shortened version:
>animal foods contain the most bio-available protein and micro-nutrients, therefore meat LE GOOD and veganism is literally Hitler as you miss out on many necessary nutrients
>Vegetables don’t actually want to be eaten (by humans, at least), producing defense chemicals, therefore veggies LE BAD - even our senses tell us that, no one actually WANTS to eat kale or lettuce
>fruit and berries get a pass because being eaten and digested is part of their reproduction strategy - hence their sweet taste
>carbs and fiber are mostly unnecessary to a human diet and should be cut down
>we’ve been eating animal products and fruit most of our evolutionary history (debatable, depends on how you define the timeframe and which human tribes and apes you consider to be our ancestors), modern grain and vegetable are a very recent, post-Neolithic trend which did us more harm than good

So before you dismiss it all as schizo ramblings, watch at least something on the topic

My opinion is humans are flexible omnivores and can get by on whatever that isn’t absolute goyslop, but eh, what’s yours.

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I've been out of the loop for a while. So are eggs no longer carnivore?

Anyway I was on the diet for almost a year a couple of years back. It was basically magic. It does everything it says on the tin. I lost weight, cleared up my skin, stopped being dead tired at around 3pm everyday, and had bigger harder erections.

If you're thinking about trying it do it. It just werks.

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Im no expert on the diet. I just imagine eggs weren’t highly available in wild nature, so imitating a hunter-gatherer means eating them sporadically

Uh, but then why did you give up on it? Also how did you fill your calorie demands with animal products and fruit alone, sounds very tedious

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gout speedrun

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Carnivore was originally imagined as keto minus vegetables.

I stopped because I just got tired of eating almost nothing but ground beef every day.

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Processed foods, and seed oils cause gout, not meat.

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spottemgottem & pooh shiesty are coming over for dinner, what you cooking?

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deenz / beans

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Pooh Sheisty looks like he rode the short bus to school

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need it or keep it?

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wait, why I am letting them into my house? I dont understand

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Does this need more cheese?

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I think you already know the answer

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needs a meat topping

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I've never had a margarita pizza before but personally I think that's enough cheese because the ingredients are supposedly fresher and I'd like know what the hype is about. there's a time and place for a greasy little ceasers pepperoni pizza and it's not here.

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How does a margarita pizza work? Does it go on top of the cheese or does it replace the sauce?

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ITT: Novelty in idea, garbage in experience

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>I’m a 5’8” king who is constantly told I look 6’ by the ladies.

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Like licking bismuth.
The forbidden anal plug

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malding manlet twink giving dietary advice to actual people. lol. lmao even.

Okay, buddy.

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it's always short guys. if he was 6' he wouldn't have to constantly worry about his body

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The last time they offered this, I tried it for the first time. With the regular tomato sauce and not the gross sounding cheese sauce version.
Anyway I ate two slices and felt like my heart was about to explode and became drenched in sweat. They really didn't need to dump the rock salt on there.

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Got any godtier tofu recipes? I flavour em the same as my chicken since they carry flavour so well, but got any good ones yourselves?

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nah, i'm a real man, i prefer steaks, trucks, cigars, and guns and following billionaire mindset influencers

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Take your tofu and cram it up your ass

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based. Tofu is for coked up yacht bunnies.

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You don't bother cleaning your rack between grills do you?

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A quick run over the hot grill with a wire brush is enough.

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>Cooking outside
>Even once
Captcha: T0PY

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Just seasoning?

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this is why i season my grill and not my steak

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These are NOT 'Sweets', Chocolate is commonly at least 50% fat, it is a rich taste, not at all sweet.

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I wish sugarless milk chocolate was a thing. Blacked chocolate is gross.

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What do you mean, chocolate is absolutely filled with sugar. Straight useless calories. How do you think Americans are so fat nowadays?

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>Chocolate is commonly at least 50% fat
It's also commonly more sugar than cocoa. If it can be called "chocolate" then it can be called a "sweet"

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when the contrarianism kicks in

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Milk chocolate is.

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I'm a phat prik sorta guy

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fat prick?

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Pla lad prik is underrated imo. Not enough Thai places near me have crispy fish.

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Does phat prick taste good?

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Which is the best canned tuna that isn't fishy tasting?

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if you don't like the taste of fish, then don't eat it

>> No.20584021

fishy taste is good

>> No.20584299

I found the fancy Italian ones that come with a red label and with EVOO taste the least fishy. I hate the taste of fish too. I forget the brand, sorry.

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For me, it's parsnips

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>a mixed tray of roasted vegetables, like carrots, parsnips, hard squashes, etc.
I hate these, my mom always gets them. They never cook at the same rate, something is always either still hard or overdone.

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They're rated exactly where they are.
Parsley root is underused and underrated, thoever

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Based. Both are amazing in soups.

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Hi fren. I'm >>20584531
Let's get together and go bowling and have better chicken soup than any of these vegcucks will ever try. Parsley root. Carrot. Leek. Celeriac. Cabbage core (or long radish). Lots of lovage and marjoram.

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brussel sprouts

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>solves cuppa chocolate

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I wish they'd keep deleting your posts.

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You're fat and Australian.

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Wildly specific projection.

>> No.20584084

Did you just call me a fucking foreigner?

>> No.20584239

they should have permabanned you and your entire family

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i like eating 6 salisbury steaks after a hard day's work
what do you eat when you don't want to cook?

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this is slop. but it's hearty slop and reasonably priced for what you get. i havent seen them here in a long ass time but I road this train for a while

>> No.20584182

usually a turkey and cheese sandwich with kettle chips inside. every bite is addicting and I start adding more chips in it. the texture is way better when you stuff them inside.

>> No.20584205

What temperature does water freeze at

>> No.20584245

6 salisbury steaks, anon? 6? that's insane

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What is the craziest chips flavour you ever had ?

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plain, I'm over the age of 18

>> No.20583985

and raised in an amish community?

>> No.20583986

bangers and mash walker's

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It's soop time; so thus it you must be impelled to post your favourite tin of soup.

Scotch Broth remains the king for me, not only is it the best hangover preventive, it's substantial and flavourful enough to beat out its similar soup competitors ie vegetable soup and minestrone.

Mushroom and Chicken soup remain too competitors as to how versatile they are. It's time to post tinned soups!

>> No.20583984

Very cool, I don’t think there’s a readily available version of this in the US.

For me it’s Anderson’s Split Pea, very simple ingredient list but delicious and very thick (comes out can shaped if you stab a hole in the bottom), great with fresh bread.

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Oops, forgot pic

>> No.20584046

This is delicious, i like to cut up cubes of spam and put them in the pan when i'm cooking my scotch broth. The baxters soup in general are good quality.

>> No.20584049

that's not a broth, it has vegetables and meat in it

dishonest manufacturer

>> No.20584505

What is Scotch broth?