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Did you ever have 'sex' with some fruit/vegetable?

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Why do you put it like that? 'sex'
It was sensual as hell and she was asking for it.
We fucked like wildebeests and I came hard ass hell into her pumpkinny guts.

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I warmed up a raw liver with the hair blow dryer and rolled it up and fucked it

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anybody else remember smothering their steak in this shit?

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post cooking red flags for girls
>she only orders a salad

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>What's aioli?

>Her claim to fame is tuna wiggle

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What the fuck is a tuna wiggle?

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Is that Natascha McElhone?

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she looks like OP pic

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>she only orders a salad
legitimate if she's not hungry. preachy vegans/"ceasar salad grills" can fuck right off.
>she dislikes garlic
that one is a relationship killer in my book

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Can a modern woman cook?

Or are they "focused" on their "careers"

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My sister is career focussed and a great cook but only a total beta would date her because she's really rude and pushy.

My gf is Russian so she can cook great Russian food which is my favourite, but anything western I cook because she's no good at it.

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You have to go back.

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lol wut

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taking a muslim study abroad student on a date to mcdicks what do they have that is halal?

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>Some secret thing did happen
Did you join ISIS? no matter what she told you, that is not part of standard muslim sex

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Did she say a prayer to Allah that she'll never have to do that with you again?

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Not really, she just moaned, while I fucked her

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She's already sinning by dating a non-Muslim (or even dating in general, according to many), so what does it matter whether the food is halal?

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My guess would be she was wild as hell i the sack. That's generally the case with the religiously sexually repressed. I haven't personally had a muslim, but I have had several evangelicals, one even a pentocostal preacher's daughter, and they were hell on wheels in bed.

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Who /dinner for one/ here?
Whats cooking?

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I can rarely work up the motivation to cook for myself, feels like a waste to put effort into something I am not sharing with somebody. I normally stick to bread and stews since both are cheap and easy to make in large amounts

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Today I had crumbled rye bread, sunflower seeds and an onion in lukewarm water, served in a freezer bag suspended in a plastic container

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Do you live inside a gulag?

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I get soup powder and boil pasta in it in the microwave. The way pasta water thickens when it gets cold really helps give the soup some body.

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You are never alone when the government is always watching your every step through the cameras installed in every electronic device you own.
I'm having boiled hotdogs.

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has anyone tried that new 1 LBS ranchero burrito at del taco yet?

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How come some places around the world put peanuts in their soup?
That's fucking nasty do they just not have anything else to put in it or something?

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some times you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

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I decided to try miso soup today
It wasn't very good

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Any tips on making a good hot dog casserole? I have dogs, cheese, bacon, and onions, but I'm considering adding some potatoes. Maybe some beans as well.

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>a good hot dog casserole

There's no such thing. Casseroles/"hot dishes" nearly always suck.

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Why are fried pickles suddenly becoming a meme food? I'd never even heard of these until a month ago, and now I see this shit everywhere.

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That's because you live in your basement, faggot.

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Christ, they've been common in the south for decades. But of course we fry everything, even butter.

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fried pickles are a classic.

pickle anything is an old as fuck tradition

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Ah fuck dude, fried pickles are my jam. Eat that shit up with some spicy blue cheese dip, HNNNNNNGH!

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So, what can one do with pineapple?

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Eat it as-is or put it in fruit salad
Make sweet-and-sour sauce
Make a staggeringly effective tenderizing marinade (pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelian which breaks down protein)
Add to stir-fries; it goes great with pork and duck.
cut into slicers or chunks and dehydrate it for a god-tier snack
Juice it
Cut into slices and grill it; it sounds weird but it's fucking amazing.

Do you have any coconut milk? If so, you can make a pineapple-coconut creme brulee, which is a fuckwin awesome dessert. It's gotten me laid several times.

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Slice it and grill it till the exterior is caramelized

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Pineapple casserole is dope.
The Butter Witch may have put this recipe up but it predates her and is actually a pretty great savory-sweet dessert. My mom makes it every Christmas.

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Do you have Gammon/Bacon?
Make a burger

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Went to Mexican Village in Detroit today and had a taco salad in a bowl made out of tortilla. A tortilla bowl.

First you eat the salad, then you eat the bowl.

Nothing more satisfying than looking down after a meal and seeing just the table.

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Aw shucks, anon! What'll they think of next?!

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Its a cool idea but ive never eaten more than a few bites of the dry flavorless bowl

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Are you 12 years old or something? Fuck off with your unoriginal post.

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You must be getting shitty tortilla bowls. Mine have always been buttery and crisp. Plus the salsa and sour cream leftover from the salad make an excellent dip.

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Come at me if you're feeling strong, bro.

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Is McDonalds becoming its own country?

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They're rich enough to buy enough land to become a country.

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Its called Burgerland

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Burgers cost almost 10 dollars and aren't big at all, I don't understand where this fiveguys = big shit comes from.

Standard fries are 3 dollars and are a small portion. If you want the big meal you're expecting at an expensive burger place you're spending 15 dollars for simply a bacon cheeseburger and fries... Add on a basic drink and you're close to hitting 20...

Cost more than a decent meal at a sit down restaraunt. The only thing they have is '' WE LOAD ARE FOOD WITH AS MUCH CALORIES AS POSSIBLE!! ''.

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what did they mean by this

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They charge by the slice and {{{{ means 4 slices so about tree fiddy.

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>Five Memes scoops grease-dripping fries directly into bag for some reason
>Soaks through on the drive home
>Shirt covered in grease, ruined

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Well a few years ago the fries were 2 something for the same amount, which is why everyone loved them.

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What the fuck is up with the prices? How can they charge that much when places like chilis, applebees, and red robin cost less and have bigger burgers. These >>8726143
>>8726157 look god awful too.

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How do I get over my revulsion to eggs, especially scrambled eggs? I don't mind them boiled, fried or poached but just can't get past eating scrambled eggs/omelettes ever since they made me throw up as a kid.
The best I could manage was eating McDonald's breakfast sandwiches with the scrambled egg patty

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A therapist

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A simple and effective way would be to just not eat them.

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I want to be able to eat and enjoy them though ;(

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Ever see the porn video where Ami Emerson eats a cum omelet?

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Cook greasy sausages or bacon in the pan first- that way you scramble your eggs in savory fat instead of just butter
Then put some damn hot sauce on your eggs, they are nasty plain
Start by cooking just one and maybe put that little bastard on a bagel

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What item would give you pause, seeing it in your new friend/partners fridge?

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A fleshlight. Can't find the pic

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Sweet pickles

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Mold growing on the shelves. Casts doubt on anything they'd ever cook.

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what kind of retard stores bread in a fridge? would give me pause too, op

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Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENy_UkaStJ4

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Steve hasn't posted a video in 3 weeks... is he dead?

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What do you think is in those bags, /ck?

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10 mc chickens

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a big big mac, then a suprize!! the McChicken

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15 cheeseburgers

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At least 2 large fries

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