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How do we improve this?

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indonesian rice cakes. shown, one variety. also made with sticky white rice. hey, its something new.

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When my little brother makes jam on toast, i swear he tries to build a jenga tower out of the jam itself. When you pick it up, the crispy freshly toasted bread sags like a greasy slice of pizza. Disgusting bastard. And the jar of jam empties by thirds. I ought to beat the fucker.

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Wedding anniversary is this week cks, gib recipe ideas to cook something nice that day, I live in a third world shithole so we don't really get all those fancy ingredients.
First meal I made for my husband was pork loin with shrooms and onions, he doesn't like veggies that much so it'd be nice if it doesn't take many veggies

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do you have mealkits there? i met my boyfriend from our jobs cooking together and it's still nice to cook stuff together but skip all the prep cause that's what causes the most stress at our job since we have to do prep and cook at the same time. where we live grocery stores sell them so you don't have to get a subscription for them. it's nice to cook something together that's something new but without the annoyance of doing a bunch of prep. just do something with him that's involved and fun. one nice recipe was cheesy jalapeno biscuits in the morning. we went to the store for some ingredients and then the rest was just easy dough and baking. then in the baking/cooling time you can fuck or something. i will say we extended the cooling period too long and the biscuits were cold by then. it didn't matter at that point. just do something you can do together.

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No such thing here, he works from home so we have time to cook together, I have to make everything from scratch though. That meal kit sounds nice. Too bad I've never seen anything like it here :(

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What about a really nice pasta dish with some garlic bread? Maybe bolognese sauce? Or a chicken Alfredo? Almost everyone loves those and the ingredients are really simple. A pot roast with gravy, mashed potatoes and rolls comes to mind. Maybe baked fish with hollandaise on it? As far as deserts, cobblers are very simple and always a hit

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this is the biscuit recipe we used, it was from scratch and it was good. it was also fun and interactive. one person reads the recipe, one person is chopping, then you have the portioning and someone has to set the alarm for baking time

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also i gotta ask, where do you live?

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FUCK. Health inspector just walked in. Be cool, /ck/.

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Like virtually all Gov't jobs they're just scam positions filled as personal favors.

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google "health inspector jobs" and pursue it

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I made friends with the new health inspector, day one. He was FOB from somewhere in Africa, and I taught him how to torrent movies (we had our laptops raping the hotel wi-fi). After that, everywhere I worked was always "spotless."

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>yfw he asks you the last time the cooking grease was changed

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I seriously hope americans dont do this

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A spec in the dust. No one cares about him.

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>Grew up in America
>mom was born and raised in Malaysia
>ate this shit almost daily

Fuck off, enjoy your plain ass white rice

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We do. We seriously do. I wish we could stop, but...
>be making dinner for family
>chicken fried steak, baked in gravy, served over rice.
>no no no
Did you...
>no, please, no
Did you butter the rice?
>no, please, we don't need to do that. There's lipids from the fat in the meat, there's lipids from the oil I fried it in, there's lipids from the gravy. We don't need to add any fat to the rice, at all. We're good.
>please, no, it doesn't have to be like this. There's a better way.
>I am literally begging you, don't make me do this. Every fat soluble flavonoid is well and truly unlocked.
>*sobs in having to cook bad food*

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Americans don't do this, Chinese and Japanese do.

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Rub American schools in butter.
Adam 2020

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>consistently pay a higher tip to male waiters because I know that they probably make less than the waitresses
anybody else do this?

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I tell male waiters to fuck off and bring me a waitress with big tits or I'm taking my business elsewhere

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Holy based

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>pizza delivery
$3, 4-5 if it's raining or thunderstorming. one time i tipped some old fat boomer dominos driver a nug of DUDE because he was like hey nice smell in there when i opened my front door and i asked if he'd rather have that or cash
>app delivery like uber eats or doordash
$2-3 if the food is still hot and my order is complete
nothing if they take forever or don't speak english on the phone and get lost trying to find my apartment or if something from my order was missing
15% for standard service, 20% for good service like refilling my water without asking
pocket change if it's shit
>fancy restaurants like Mr. Chows

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I only tip the delivery driver if he’s white

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Your low testosterone level is very apparent.

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For me its red hot original hotsauce.

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I bet you like Llight of the Conchords too.

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>Spicy enough but not overwhelmingly burning
>Actually tastes good instead of just shit concealed by the taste bud numbing heat
>Comes in well sized plastic bottles
>Nozzle let's perfect amount of sauce through

Anyone who doesn't like cock sauce is gay

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It’s good in certain applications but it’s really sweet.

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I'm just going to say it.

They are ALL GOOD AND I enjoy all of them.

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Is it kino?

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More like gino

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how can you not know? the give out free samples at all times

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NuChinese food

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Greetings /co/cks. For any British anons out there what are 3 restaurants that you make certain to eat at while you're in London. Thinking about taking a work trip there and I hear it's evolved into a real food city since I last went (almost 30 years ago).

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I wonder how many children are going to miss that reference.

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I know. still can't believe Joe is gone. so thankful I got to see them live once.

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Wrong board. Go here:

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>see them live
Nice. I don't have any answers to your question, but I'll bump the thread.

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fucking canadians

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don’t lump us in with those mental quebecois frogs

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I don't know about that flavour, but the color of it is very appealing.

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i bet you drink ceasars you maple sucker

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why does a tire company decide what restaurant is good or not?
i honestly dont understand this.

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Originally it was promote people traveling (in a car) to the good restaurants in France

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Because jews

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anyone else?

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stop biting your nails

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I've only ever tried making powdered cum once. Wasn't worth the extra effort.

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OP fucks.

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Hell yes. Except I
>Open bag
>Remove seasoning packet
>Crush ramen block into bite-sized pieces
>Pour in seasoning
I've heard people refer to it as "ghetto chips," which is pretty much spot on. I love making it with pork-flavored ramen most, but Oriental is good too.

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I too bite and pick at the skin around my nails

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I'd suck the sauce right out of Sweet Baby Ray's ass

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Women Owe Me Sex

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>that guy that orders water at the restaurant

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Where the fuck do you order food before getting drinks?

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Any busy/cheap place will do that to try to rush people out faster.

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>all these drinklets
Anyone who doesn't order water with anything else they drink is a fucking faggot.

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>picks up food from kitchen
>places food down on table
>entitled to bonus wages with every task
Just put a jug of water up on a counter somewhere so I can help myself. Your job is pointless.

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too easy

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Would you eat this vegan Anand Stall sandwich?


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raw potato slices are gonna be cooked all the way thru?

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Those hands have never been washed

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the potatos are boiled before they are sliced

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>N-No! You can't just have some delicious battered fish, with crispy chips, curry sauce, a gherkin, and a beverage of your choice! Th-that's like many, many calories from naughty Anglo cuisine! If you "get some down ya" you'll become a pirate!

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Schizophrenie dubs

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In america you would also get shot by tyron

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No, Jamal and Deshawn get shot by Tyrone, as God intended. We have a minuscule chance of being shot by Dylan, if he goes on a rampage.

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Naughty anglo cuisine? I don't think anyone says this. I think it's just a you thing

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holy shit niggers are the most retarded people on earth

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How do you go about making mashed potatoes in a garbage bag?

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Both? Hands, if you can stand the heat, otherwise, perhaps some sort of utensil? A book? A shoe or boot ought to work well.
Just keep in mind not to over mash them, or your mashed potatoes become gluey and overly starchy.

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I’m gathering ingredients and will post results

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Thanks I have the M part of an encyclopedia so that should work. actually I like them gluey so would 5-10 minutes mashing be good?

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Interesting. Please do post results.

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>5-10 minutes mashing be good
"Good" is objective in this case, but yes, they'll certainly be... pasty.

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Sonny Side 2.7M

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File: 2.96 MB, 1154x632, BEEF & BEER STEW.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 2.61 MB, 540x302, BEEF AND GUINNESS OYSTER PIE.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 2.73 MB, 540x302, Cambodian STREET FOOD.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 2.96 MB, 540x302, Cultural exchange.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I just moved to Eastern TN - within relatively easy reach of the Tri-Cities, Knoxville, Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, and Asheville, NC. If there’s anyone front around there on this board, what’s good to eat around here?

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>try me
How you stupid fucking hick hot sauce bottle? HOW THE FUCK CAN I TRY A SEALED BOTTLE OF SAUCE?

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You're probably better off going to Asheville for decent eats. Knoxville is probably mostly college grub, and I never stop when going past the Tricities.

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>How you stupid fucking hick hot sauce bottle
Calm down, your raging autism is flaring up. It's just a brand. They also make Tiger Sauce.

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I love Tiger Sauce

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>Actually pronounce the name like you would think
>People look at me like I'm retarded
>"You mean Murrrville?"

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haha yep

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Do you mind if I save that comical photograph?

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