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bros... i need it...

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Any tea connoisseur here ? Just bought myself the first automatic kettle / teapot in the world.

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I have this, too. It's pretty neat.

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Hey /ck/, i'm hungry
could you make me something to eat?

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$20 says this fatshit isnt vegan

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Why is Irish coffee so good, /ck/? I can't stop making it.

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Have sex

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say aah!

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Just try it, anon. Make coffee and add liquor.
GIAA is an Irish band and they're good.

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I'mma ask again what would /ck/ never do while cooking

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I won't drink to excess while making a dark roux. I always burn it if I drink too much.

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post on /ck/

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And if you weren't drinking I think it's time to consider exercising your hands and wrists to handle such a pan or go with a smaller lighter pan and use that one as a weapon.

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This is my dinner. Say something nice about it.

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looks good

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is your back wet?

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Sweet potato baked and mashed.

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No, I just copied the islander curry style from Taste of History. But I added jicama because they used some vegetable only native there.

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i almost dropped a very small glob of butter onto the open flame under the pan while making pancakes this morning, it missed by a couple inches but what would have happened if it didnt? am i lucky to be alive?

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>am i lucky to be alive?
No, none of us are

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Everybody go home.

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What the fuck?

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Lmao what the fuck? Why the fuck would you put a hole in a chicken nugger?

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>why yes, of course I heat my food in plastic bags
>it's called sous vide

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Green onion in Ramen is a confirmed meme. Egg in ramen is still based though.

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This is what you'd get if a jewish deli was forced to make ramen.

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If it didn't have the seaweed, I'd agree.
The hardboiled egg and shredded chicken do speak to your point though

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Is it ground pork or shreadded chicken tho.
regardless it's a basic as fuck bowl.

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How can i stop rice in a rice cooker from getting to sticky?

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what rice?

what cooker?

do you follow the water marks for how much rice you use?

do you take out the rice as soon as the cooker is done or do you leave it steaming?

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removes some of the starch coating it. and it's been forever since I did it. some people wash their rice every time they cook it.

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basmati, and a cheap no name yet good cooker. i've been through a lot of different cheap cookers and this one is actually the cheapest, but it's really good. and no, i don't follow water marks and take the rice out as soon as it's ready.

maybe i really should try following the marks and using less water

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Add more rice to absorb the extra water.

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for basmati I usually put water in double parts to the rice

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>let the flavours get to know each other

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>it's lightly sweet

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unironically based based idiot frogposter poster poster

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How many times have you made this thread, and why don't you go to /b/ with your meme/spam instead?

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>It's sour and sweet!

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I like my flavors like I like my schools. Segregated.

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Have you had your fish from Chick-fil-A today?

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No, I went to BASED Arby's who is in touch with GAMERS and WEABOOS and has COACH MCGUIRK shilling for them and got TWO for only FIVE DOLLARS Crispy or Cajun fish sandwiches featuring WILD CAUGHT ALASKAN POLLOCK featuring fish patties that are a little too big for the buns (this was not a mistake)

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Oh its real.

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theres no way this isnt amazing

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It was really good desu. I might go get another one tomorrow

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based corporate kike shill

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i added raw onions to a glass of milk today. it wasn't good.

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I made cacoa milk and gased it with the soda maker. Tasted like sour milk.
0/10, never again

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I used to microwave raw ham to a crisp when i was a kid thinking i was making bacon

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>gased milk

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BTW, ich bin Deutsch.

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When I was 13 years old, a kitchen apprentice in Bourg-en-Bresse, France, I was put in charge of a dozen hens. It was my job to fatten them on vegetable peels and leftover soup. It was theirs to peck about the courtyard and lay eggs.

By the time I was thirteen-and-a-quarter, I had learned that the hen sitting on her eggs deserved respect. While on the hunt for eggs, I was terrorized a number of times by a charging, puffed-up hen for getting too close to her nest. Her yield came at a cost.

It is unpretentious but challenging. Low-calorie but lush. No food is as democratic as the egg, and the ham and eggs of the corner diner can be as superb as the caviar omelet of Michelin’s most touted triple-starred restaurant. Eggs are the truly universal food of the world. (Sorry, pizza.

Thankfully, my teenage henhouse scuffles did nothing to snuff out my childhood love for eggs. Once I moved to Paris, I worked as a young chef in many restaurants. Each time I applied for a job, the head chef invariably challenged me to make a perfect French omelet. As inexpensive an evaluation as it was accurate, it was the test of culinary knowledge.

So each time I crack an egg, memories pour out along with the yolk and white. I remember from one of my shows with Julia Child (a fellow egg lover), we cooked an ostrich egg whose shell required an electric drill to break — for a wonderful omelet with mushrooms and chives, enough to feed six to eight. Or the fillets of trout plucked from a creek in the Catskills by my wife, Gloria, flanked by freshly scrambled eggs from a nearby farm, and saturated with butter, flavored with tarragon and served with brioche and white wine — a great breakfast. Or the days alone, too, hungry and perhaps a bit grouchy, salvaged in just 2½ minutes on low heat that ended with a fat, bright, orange yolk running over ham.

Until then, if you don’t like my defense of eggs, go ahead: Throw some my way!

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is this from a book or something?

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Jacques Pépin

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Sound like Rick Stein wrote this

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Tl;dr: egg nice

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I picked up some riced cauliflower that was on sale for a buck. I'm not going keto or low carb or whatever, I've just heard a lot of talk about it and for that price decided why not. What's the best way to use it or your personal favorite? I'd intended to just have it plain with some salt and garlic alongside some chicken. Or is it better to mix things into it like with a pilaf?

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I do keto so I've tried it and have never been able to mask its flavor. Shit is gross.

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Your plan sounds good. Maybe add some margarine and pepper to it as well.

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I wonder if you could dry it and grind it enough to make a powdery "flour" substitute. I've been watching some prison channels on the yoobie-toobie and they crush ramen noodles into flour to make burritos and pizza.

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Ironically it sucks ass as a rice substitute but if done right, riced cauliflower works wonders being a filler in other dishes.

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>Full course for 2
>3 hours prep
GODS what the fuck is wrong with me?

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>Main 1
>Main 2
Two man team
My partner handles soup, main 1, and desert while I do the rest

Everything is done for him within an hour
I spent THREE HOURS for mine

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For me it's honeycomb, the true anglosphere candy.

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Americans didn't speak English before 1970? Are you retarded?

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no but post-1970 america is when we started getting latinized to the point where you could see spanish billboards and mexican candies

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isnt that called molasses puff?

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Looks just like angelfood candy

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What kind of oil do you like to use?

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The cheapest one

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Babby oil, from the freshest babby

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>go on bumble date # 220
>go to some yupster instagram bar
>its loud as fuck even though its supposed to be a "low key vibe"
>she goes through her boring npc life and i pretend to care
>bill comes to $100 for four drinks and an appetizer
>i pay
>"thanks anon but I'm not sure what I want right now"

were we put on this earth just to suffer?

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It's bullshit, I went on a date like that and the bitch expected me to follow her into the bathroom and grabbed my cock. Grossed me out imagining how many times that's worked for her

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I seriously fucking hate niggers!

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but thats good tho

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My gf did the exact same thing our first date, only I grabbed hers, too. Knew right then and there she was the one. Now we are married and she's given me 4 beautiful children.

Never give up on finding true love, lads.

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how can she have kids with a penis?

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