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how do I order pizza logs in bulk? like the things diners and gas stations sell and deep fry? I found 72 for like 80 bucks so far

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I know a guy if you are interested in buying huge bulks of the stuff in North America

email [email protected]

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I need to stop bros or things are gonna get real bad.

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What's yours autumn liquor of choice? For me it's calvados, the best that apples has to offer.

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things either get worse or you finally seek help. If you're not at that crossroads then you're going to keep drinking yourself to death unless you decide to stop.

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Can’t, like, I just wake up and everything be ok?

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Sorry but its not that easy. And the first two weeks will be really shitty but things will unironically get better after a couple of weeks if thats hard to believe.

If you can look up AA meetings near you I suggest at least trying one out. I don't still go but it was kinda helpful in the beginning. If you're afraid to go by yourself or don't know, ask a friend you really trust or close family member to come with you. It doesn't hurt you to try and change and at least you know you want to.

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I got some apple brandy from Devon that's been aged in sherry casks for 10 years.
Tastes like christmas

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Who has the best tendies?

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It’s popular among vegans to make animal- free imitations of regular meat dishes- vegan brisket, vegan ortolan bunting, vegan chicken tenders, vegan shuarma, etc.

Many vegans adopt veganism because they feel (I won’t say “think” because that implies that real brainpower went into their decisions) that animal life is valuable like human life. But, if this is the case, then it’s fucking disgusting for them to make dishes that imitate animal meat. According to the vegan’s own philosophy, it’s just as absurd to eat fake chicken as it is to eat fake human. That “vegan brisket” might as well be “vegan baby” or “vegan China- harvested human offal.”

I refuse to believe that any vegan possesses an ounce of critical reasoning skill until she realizes the absurdity of what she’s doing and refuses to eat vegan imitations of animal meat. Until then, the most likely thing is that she’s just grasping for some moral high ground in order to feel superior to others.

I console myself with the fact that such an inane class of people will never be able to have a lasting effect in society, since they don’t have the critical reasoning to do well on the LSAT, get into top law schools, and influence policies.

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>being this butthurt because someone doesnt eat the same things as you

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That pic got me thinking. Is it wrong to be curious about what people taste like?

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Vegan here, I think vegans that like imitation meat products are fucking retarded.

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>because someone doesnt eat the same things as you
it’s not about them not eating the same things. It’s about their thinking being backward and their actions contradicting their philosophy.

But go ahead, just throw around meaningless buzzphrases instead of engaging in discussion

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This I can respect

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Any of you niggers know her name? I’ve searched far and wide and deep but she is impossibru to find

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So is this supposed to be a cum cuisine thread?

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Enjoy your ban

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So you can shitpost on 4chan at work? Lucky.

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Wrong board retard

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Welp, I just got fired. Thanks OP. This is a SFW board but now my ex-boss thinks I looked at porn.

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*lifts your dish*

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Probably going to go buy a set of Corelle today. Is it as good as everyone says? Any other suggestions?

I am understanding that if it breaks, it explodes into a million sharp pieces, but I honestly could not tell you the last time I broke any dish or glass

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first post

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I just bought one of their "bake and serve snapware", I just hope it won't break inside the oven like the cheap glass Ikea thing that precedes it.

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Allright bois whats the tier list of sauces? and why is bbq on top?

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no u
ura veggan

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>9gag cat pics

fuck off

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Do you require lööps brother?

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Let's keep this civil,bro.

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How does /ck/ like its gulyás?

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the fuck did you just say to me ruskie

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sounds like something made by inbred bulgarians from sheep shit and turkish cum

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With chicken and sour cream. It's like ordinary goulash but instead of making goulash you don't make goulash and you make paprikash instead. Just a little tweak to the classic recipe that I enjoy.

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I usually like Ramsay's stuff, but this burger looks fucking awful.

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i needs it brotendos

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greasy prep glove at a shitty burgerstand

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It's from Dyer's Burgers in TN, it's known for the grease which is centuries old

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I thought ramsay hates when a sandwich is too tall?

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>Ramsay gets mad at guy for having a big burger
>Makes an even bigger burger

Not hard to figure out why people are laughing at him

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Typical Bulgarian Lunch

>1 large onion
>1 large mushroom
>1 large tomato
>A lot of cumin
>a lot of turmeric
>pinch of sugar
Simmer together for an hour until thickened

Salad of carrot and cucumber
>1.5pt oil
>1pt DolceAgro
>bit of garlic
>dab of mustard
>pinch of salt

what is typical lunch in your cunt /ck/

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>a bunch of cucumbers and cheese covered donkey dicks for lunch

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stop embarrassing bg with this shit you fucking autist

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>fried chips on reindeer and a bit of bacon
>Simmer in a pot with various spices and for example onions and carrots
>Serve with lingonberry jam (it's a must) and mashed potatoes

Damn that shit is good

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Why do bulgarians love cucumbers so much?

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>canned food is always cooked
I'm not so sure.

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I think you've got whole other things to worry about with that chicken.

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I know, it looks shit. But at the moment all I need is for it to not kill me.

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If it's canned, it's cooked, period.

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It was probably cooked sometime before it got turned into jelly. If you die, make sure to leave the can by your corpse so your loved ones can sue.

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Thanks guys. You're all lovely.

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Im going out to a mexican burrito/taco place tonight, what do i order?
Pic related

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Order a map to the exit before you get Hep A-C.

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get a burrito or some tacos

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>like butter!

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>making an observation is now ""complaining""

stop being triggered

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*drops the cake*

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You're not making a observation you're just complaining about nothing.

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where the fuck was it complaining?

did i say i didnt like what he does?

fuck off you irrational woman

>> No.11358883

Not him but look pretty triggerd right now.

File: 127 KB, 667x1000, first-look-at-nomas-plant-kingdom-the-new-vegetable-menu-is-mind-blowing-rene-redzepi-copenhagen-denmark-worlds-most-influential-restaurant-new-nordic-food-foodie-eat-eating-fine-dining-2018-31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Hi my name is René and I might be a tad pretentious.
Celeriac and truffle shawarma - our vegetarian main course. Sooo many hours of prep work on this: slicing, marinating, slowly cooking until sweet, golden and caramelized.

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Did you write the menu, Rene?
if so - you're a bit pretentious but you know that white vegan douches are a mother load of money
if not - nigga you just a cook doing your job

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Fuck you Rene you fucking vegetarian cunt

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so much for "vegan is cheaper" meme

>> No.11358960

I have never once heard anyone say that vegan is cheaper.

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Hotpockets are the most pathetic things on Earth, holy shit.

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>rips it apart like a toddler
okay gordon

>> No.11358758

The thing is though that no matter what kind of hotpockets they are, they'll always look like and be complete and utter shit in comparison to anything else.

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Are you really going to defend this? Hotpockets are really greasy and they reek like rotten lasagna. Hotpockets have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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just nuke the usa holy shit

>> No.11358794

That's what I'm saying

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any other aussies on this board? anyone actually enjoy hungry jacks? only ever had it twice and both times were fucking abysmal

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no I live Southeast America lol!

>> No.11358731

Hungry Jacks is awful, lad.

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It was better when their burgers were rapped in paper. They're shit out of boxes. Also it's very pointless to mention the inflated price and lack of variety when everything else in Wasteland is like that

>> No.11358789

You're dumb af

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>Ultimate double whopper with large onion rings
Thank me later brah

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What does /ck/ think of GMO products? You buy em or not?

Do they cause some illnesses like cancer or are they just harmful misunderstood gene editing for bigger yields etc.?

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>What does /ck/ think of GMO products?
Utterly indifferent.
It is a completely accidental quality to the products I buy, in that I will buy whichever product meets my requirements in quality and price, which usually ends up being something along the lines of "I'll buy this GMO milk because it's fucking milk" and "I'll buy this non-GMO lemon because it gives twice as much juice as the baseball-sized GMO lemon with a 2 inch thick peel".

Anti-GMO sentiment trite science denialism and ineffective anti-corporate rhetoric.
Pro-GMO sentiment is literally 100% ironic shitposting to upset the anti-GMO, crystal healing idiots.

>> No.11358941

But doesn´t GMOs cause cancer though?

if they are safe why China and Russia have banned them?

>> No.11358943

Non-gmo is a meme, the foods are safe. I hear Monsanto is pretty evil, though.

>> No.11358961

GMO foods make it easier to grow more desirable fruits and vegetables, and more of them. This is something that may become more necessary in a world with over 7 billion people on it to feed. Moreover, most anti-GMO sentiment is based in speculation and a somewhat understandable hatred of the food industry in general, but little real evidence.

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Because both Russia and China are backwards shithole, бpaтишкa.

Never ever name-drop M., they literally will shit up any social media using their shills.

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ITT: Post menus for restaurants and discuss what you would eat and if it's a good deal or not.

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Most people are living paycheck to paycheck in 2018 anon

>> No.11358992

Idk, they're known for the fries specifically but I always get the tots :3

>> No.11359001

Barbecue restaurants that serve both brisket and pulled pork are rarely good.

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I'd fucking devour bacon cheeseburger with mayo ketchup BBQ fresh oinions green peppers jalapenos lettuce tomato

Cajun fries

Milkshake too

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Why haven't hipsters embraced the boiled peanut?

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Woody is not a retarded rural hick. Just look at this setup.

>> No.11358686 [DELETED] 

Is that what you guys eat after fucking your sisters?

>> No.11358846

They have in the south. One of the hipster restaurants down here does a boiled peanut hummus (which is delicious)

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>boned peanuts
what did he mean by this?

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To many people boiled sounds like bland and a lackluster way of cooking something.

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