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What are some interesting spice blends you've encountered? I love the way how spices mix and produce brand new flavors that I've never experienced before.

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Tumeric and cumin seeds when cooking rice.

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za’atar is good

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I just put za'tar into my meatloaf and it was the best meatloaf I've ever made.

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I do star of anise in my rice

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It just tastes like egg whites

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No, egg whites have at least some sulphuric pungency. Tofu tastes like nothing. Reddit vegans will of course tell you that's not true, but it is. The only purpose of tofu is to absorb the taste of its surroundings and provide some protein for people who can't afford meat.

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Tastes like a woman's apartment.

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Any sulfur an egg has is in the yolk, not the white

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Chicken doesn't taste like much until you add flavour in various ways
Tofu is the extreme version of this

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I've never had a dish from Japanese that was superior to another countries variation
Thai is better
Italian is superior
>noodle dishes
SEA is superior
nearly any other country is better
>fried chicken
Korean is way better
Chinese is WAYYYY better
What do Japanese do great that makes people in here rave about it so much?

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You forgot katsu which is worse schnitzel

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I like the very very high quality of many Japanese ingredients for my own cooking. I love using miso paste, sesame oil/paste, soy sauce, kombu, katsuobushi, shiitake mushrooms etc. Top quality Japanese short grain rice could easily be considered the best rice in the world.

I have a lot of fun making sushi with/for friends also.

I don't care about where the ingredients are made or originate. I care about the quality of the ingredients.

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Did I do ok /ck/? I'm thinking of getting a few more for Christmas gifts.

I believe they have been sitting around since 2018 and were originally $419.

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Yeah that's a good price for a 5qt kitchenaid mixer. I just got my mom a new one for her birthday since the one I got her like 20 years ago crapped out and it was like $260 at walmart.

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I can't cram 109 cookies.

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>the one I got her like 20 years ago crapped out
It is probably easy to fix. Most of the Kitchenaids are easy to repair and spare parts are readily available. What does not work with it?

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Just wouldn't turn on. Yeah I probably could have gotten it repaired but I was mostly happy to have a nice gift to get her and it was a slight upgrade from the 4.5qt model.

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if it wont turn on or make noise at all it may be a broken switch or cable. The old school Kitchenaids are mostly elctromechanical so its probably not that complicated of a fault.
>I was mostly happy to have a nice gift to get her
Yeah a gift is nice, I just like fixing things where possible and Kitchenaids appear to be pretty fixable. Actually, I was just looking up the repair manual for mine because I was considering relubing it (its an older machine and grease does break down slowly over time). If you still have it you should consider giving it a look inside.

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too soon

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what happened

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he put the milk in first

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welp that's Life™

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>Mikey will eat anything!
That's literally how you get cancer.

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No matter how hard I try I keep coming back
How do I break this addiction?

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I only buy beef from a farmer who let's their cows commit gang shootings and rape white women. They are not innocent

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Keep persevering.

Unironically, this might help, it's a sutta on thought control. Don't be too uptight or too slack about it. Gradual progress is progress.


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I am also addicted to amino acids

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you're doing god's work putting a stop to those mischievous cows

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this probably tastes really delicious but it looks like you shat onto a plate

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Is it better to plan out meals and buy the specific ingredients for them, or just shop for whatever is on sale and make meals with that?

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I have a family, a house and a good 9-5. I am not a loser. I am above average for white Americans. If I'm suffering, then I'd hate to be beneath my status

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Bit of both. If you know you're going to want to make something, it's probably a good idea to buy the things you need for it, but you really should be able to just throw something together based on what you have available at any given time assuming you stock a decent variety of ingredients and aren't retarded.

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At home look for what is on sale, plan your meals with that. Usually it makes the most sense to go from meat to what you want to add to it. Then there is stuff that usually lasts a long time, just keep an eye what's running out and bulk buy when it is on sale.

t. almost every adult

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>time wasting question without any context

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i mostly look out for discounted meat (because the use by date is soon) and buy that, then figure out what to do with it. if i go after 7pm-ish then meat is discounted pretty often.

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Favorite unconventional ice cream flavors? I really like this one. You don't see cranberry in ice cream too often.

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How’s the taste? I usually get it in my matcha latte

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this stuff is kind of good

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Black sesame paste is delicious with tomatoes.

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>hurr durr i am very old listen to me
lmao fucking freak

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I ordered a pasta napoletana, why is the sauce brown and chunky? I just wanted a tomato sauce but all I can taste is onions and garlic and herbs. it's a serious question, what could they have put in there to make it brown? I guess that serves me right for ordering something I could've made at home for a 10th of the cost.

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Just make your own.

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Looks like puttanesca
Whoever you ordered that from was subtly calling nobilydobilies prostitutes

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>looks like puttanesca
now that you mention it, it taste like it too.

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If avocado toast and the breakfast taco are quintessential millennial foods, what do zoomers eat?

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The zoomer queen of /ck/

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they're practically all virgins

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I made avocado chocolate pudding, it's very good.

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tide pods and prime

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In both cheap and expensive onion powder it says only contains onion, but the cheap stuff stinks. why?

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as it turns out, trade secrets are a real thing in big food. but a practical answer is that one has quality control where quality is about maintaining a standard or taste. the other has quality control where quality is about not breaking FDA rules but anything else to make it as cheap as possible is fair game.

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What a legend

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this smells like ass! is it supposed to?
or did mine go bad?

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Pre-ground pepper can spoil
But if you've never had white pepper it tastes a lot different than black pepper

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You got a giant plastic container of shitty low quality pre ground stuff, what were you expecting? Get Morton & Bassett or something like that and grind it yourself, and buy the smallest jars possible so you use it all before it goes stale

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>idk how to source stuff so I get the most expensive shit in the nice container
why spread this on anonymous imageboards?

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night finally somebody else said it. I've been thinking this for years. and I don't think it's just old stuff, I bought fresh white pepper last month, and it smells like that.

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>white pepper is one of my secret ingredients

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Is it bad to eat candy everyday in small portions?
I love milk chocolate and I often eat 20 grams a day, which is around 110 calories. I don't think it's too much but I've had people tell me it's destroying my health.

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!= 20g lol

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As a chocolate expert what brands do you recommend. I live in a shithole so I can't find any specialty candy stores. My only choices are the stuff I can find at big chain grocery stores.

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this is definitely not destroying your health. honestly I'm sure it's having no ill effects at all. isn't chocolate good for you in moderation?

>> No.19754584

wypipo don't be seasoning dey chocolate

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>Other research efforts by major dietary-sugar corporate interests, particularly soft drinks and candy, have often found "no link between sugary drinks and weight gain" according to a 2015 report in the New York Times.[14] This earlier New York Times report also noted that "a review of beverage studies, published in the journal PLOS Medicine, found that those funded by Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, the American Beverage Association and the sugar industry were five times more likely to find no link between sugary drinks and weight gain than studies whose authors reported no financial conflicts."[14][15]
science says its fine

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what evening time foods do biscuits go well with?

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t bone steak and rice and the t bone steak is well done and some sme e sauce and salt and green Pepe and green peppers and lettuce and some ramen noodles and soup and and Korean soup and the qt bone steak is chopped up but you can and qthings like qthat and thing skkke that and cooked chicken and chicken pap ksksks kskksks and spagetti and soattice and pasta sauce and things like that and mash loatatis and corn with with gravy’s md rice Al thentiems almthentiems and Korean army stew and Korean army soup

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Chicken stew or

>> No.19754700

Tea, obviously.

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I make that all the time, although sometimes I use half and half instead of whipped cream.

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Happy Friday mofos
Spirits general, whatcha drinking, and chitchat about whiske(e)y, brandy, rum, agave spirits, etc.

Rare Breed and Rare Breed Rye are delicious!

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liquor is for tryhards, idiots, wannabes, and chicks.

>> No.19754372

made surf and turf last night and poured and a little Ballechin 10 and Kilkerran peat in progress batch 5 for standing around the grill.

that rye is kind of pale looking

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Local store had handles of Seagram's gin with lime on clearance for $11. I bought 5 of them. So, gin and tonics.

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Well let me tell you about Chovs.

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You know I'm talkin bout 'vies

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Deenz nuts
[spoiler]they should make that[spoiler]

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Whopper, Whopper, Whopper, Whopper
Choose your Whopper
Bee Kay, Have it (Your) Way
You Rule!

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>You Rule!
No one has ever said this to me before...
I have tears of joy in my eyes because of this wonderful thread.

Thank you Burger King... Thank you.

>> No.19754625

>doesn't come with cheese
Whoppers suck.

>> No.19754662

Burger King apologizes for your negative experience at one of our restaurants.
While great care is always taken to ensure hygiene standards are maintained, it is possible due to anti-discrimination laws that a brown person may have come into contact with your food.
Burger King would like to offer you a free Whopper™ and small drink of your choice as our way of saying sorry!

BK, have it your way!

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penis cum ballsack whopper
tastes like shit
suck my dick

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a thread for real cuisine

>> No.19754176

very exquisite meal o7

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Something about this is repulsive to me.

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Your risotto looks like garbage bro. I’m not even kidding, it is BAD. The consistency is completely wrong. Is that a box of rice-a-roni?

If I never ate risotto again in my life I would be totally good with that.

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In the field of histology, tissue clearing refers to a technique where organs or even whole animals are made transparent by using a series of solvents to remove lipids and homogenize the refractive index. With a large enough volume of these solvents, one could made a see-through steak or chicken breast. This would serve no practical purpose, and would render the meat toxic. Thank you for your time.

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Is the mouse okay?

>> No.19754186

This kills the mouse

P.S. Get back to your Friday studying, your first quiz of grad school is next Monday.

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What happened to this Sohla bitch who basically destroyed the whole Bon Appetit network by herself?
Is she still making videos for Babish? I haven't heard about this pajeeta ever since.

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the BA media empire already had some cracks, but the whole Sohla affair was like Hiroshima and Nagasaki for them

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of all things, the one that made me seethe the worst was probably talking shit about Brad, calling him a "big dumb white guy" and "incompetent". And I have almost never watched any of his videos.

>> No.19754624

at least we know claire has been eating well

>> No.19754630

>Chef Brad Leone, a fermentation specialist and regular on Bon Appétit’s beleaguered YouTube channel, hosts a series called “It’s Alive with Brad.” The magazine describes it as “a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more.” And Leone has leaned into the “marginally scientific” aspect of his show, framing himself as an affable doofus with an amateur understanding of culinary terminology and protocols. For a time, the magazine marketed a shirt on social media as the “It’s Alive-Endorsed, not FDA endorsed long-sleeve” (the shirt’s official name is “Brad’s Fermentation Station long-sleeve”).
>This has occasionally gotten Leone in trouble. Last year, Bon Appétit had to remove one of his videos, a demonstration on seafood canning that failed to follow FDA guidelines. And recently, Leone had another run-in with health standards. This one concerned an episode of “It’s Alive,” published on April 4, in which he explains how to make pastrami. Peppered among the usual hype from enthusiastic followers — Leone has a vocal fan base — are several comments from foodies and viewers alleging that Leone’s curing methods are unsafe. “Anyone who knows anything about cooking should know the video that Brad posted is extremely dangerous,” reads one example. “He did not follow safety procedures and this ‘pastrami’ could kill you if you attempt [to] make it yourself.”

>> No.19754657

he was incompetent. some of the stuff he did could kill people if they copied it.