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This is what youre missing out on Vegans

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Looks like prawn crackers

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That's fucking delicious
Don't listen to these plebians OP
You are a culinary genius

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is... is the reality of what ck posters look like?

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dumb esl hatesymbolposter

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No, he's grossly underweight by /ck/ standards

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>American style
absolutely based, clear and concise nonverbal communication
>everything else
nonsensical idiotic horseshit

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Are you on the horsemilk bandwagon, /ck/?

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horses don't but mares do

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1 out of 5 people are descendants of champion rapist Genghis Khan.
Still... no.

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That's horse semen. Just look at that woman, you can tell.

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She milks the horse herself every day.

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I feel like the only person in the world who hates sushi.
It just sucks.

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sushi is just meme topas

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That's because you're eating kimbap dumbass.

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>still eating garbohydrates
>eating plants at all
>not eating exclusively from the animal kingdom
>not regularly posting stock images of women eating meat
Shiggity diggers my niggers.

Tired of being a depressed, barely functional, sugar and drug addicted sack of human garbage? Stop eating carbage. It's a cure-all.

>inb4 muh scurvy
>inb4 muh gout
>inb4 muh vitamins
>inb4 muh fiber
>inb4 muh (((studies)))
>inb4 paid industry shills engage in (((pilpul)))

Show me your delicious meat. Any veggies posted ITT will be mocked with the utmost derision.

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I just ate a tray of lemon bars and am stronger than you

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fuck you, I like beans in my chili. Please provide chili secrets you may have. Tonight, I made some and added a shot glass of apple cider vinegar and it really brought out the tomato flavor. Probably the best chili I've ever made.

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>Please provide chili secrets you may have.
add a little of one (1) of the following:
balsamic vinegar
worcesesestetstetstetstststeshire or soy sauce
coffee (brewed)
beer (you can add a whole bottle, i like stout but use what you like)
whiskey or bourbon

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Guajillo, new mexico, arbol, chipotle, pasilla and ancho. They each contribute their own special magic.

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Tomatos aren't something you want accentuated in chili as you generally already use a fair bit of it. You want the chilis to come through more than the tomato which is there to bridge the flavors between beef and the chilis, and tomato easily runs the risk of overpowering the rest of the ingredients. Citric acid in the form of lemon juice coupled with a hefty dose of paprika followed by very small amounts of a bitter such as cocoa or coffee will elevate the chilis to the front without having the tomatos become too dominant of a flavor profile. Use vinegar very sparingly and only after these components as needed or you run the risk of creating too much of a tang that pulls more tomato into the front. The other thing is depending on the tomatos you're using they may already have the amount of sweetness needed so basically the tl;dr is to just constantly taste to avoid hitting the point of no return with the tomatos because after that you cannot dial it back easily.

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thanks anon , good info

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thanks >>11616246
fuck you, ive had beanless chili, i like beans

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I'm thinking Arby's®!

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Arby's french dip with 2 large curly fries and a fuckton of horsey sauce is for me

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does this look like a ruben to you?

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What's the strangest ingredient you've come across?

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For me, it's the Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites pizza, the best stuffed crust pizza

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> 3 or 4 meals

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That's fucking disgusting. Do burgers really eat that shit, or is it some sort of joke like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

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>eating carbs

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based and hillpilled

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fuck i'd absolutely destroy that thing

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When I was a mere child I thought Lasagna was a finger food, because of Garf.
Lasagna is a rare food that can be good vegetarian.
The star of Lasagna is the ricotta, fuck you bechamel idiot.

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who hurt you?

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Lasagna is a musical instrument.

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When I was a mere child I thought that cats should be duct taped to windows and that's what I did once, and lasane was my favourite food.

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Why do you perpetuate factory farming by consuming milk? Don't you know the conditions in those dairy farms?

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For me, its the KFC Winter Bucket for 19.99€

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read on Comet Pizza.

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holy mother of BASED
wish KFC in the states had chili cheese fries

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The euro is more powerful than the dollar.

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There's a tiny little e so it's actually kyllingestykker.
So Denmark, I guess. Which means it probably costs more than a meal at a decent steakhouse.

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holy fuck is this epic

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Lol, I love this shit.

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aaahhhhhpbbbtttssssfllflslpbbt uhhhhuhuhuh ffppppbbbtttt

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don't capitalize it, it's not a word
and even the thing you're referencing doesn't write it out like that
you're so stupid

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>this NIGGER again

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toast sandwich

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powerful and brave

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it's only britcucks who do this
civilised continent chads have real food

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We have plenty of other food to make fun of. Why keep bringing up something that was referenced in one book from the 1800’s?

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Post your Knödel.

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I have no idea what this is but i wanna put my dick in it

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looks like a GIGA PUDDI

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Finna put my dick in you cutie

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What the fuck makes you think more than one person here made this today?

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Sorry cutie i only pitch

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A couple of weeks ago some anon shared this Asian chicken recipe. I finally got around to trying it and I must admit it's probably the tastiest chicken I've ever eaten. Soy, honey, ginger, garlic, and cilantro marinade for 24 hours and then in to a 425 oven for 30 minutes. then start basting every 5 minutes with the leftover marinade that has been reduced by half until the legs are cooked through.

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this nigga got his chicken lookin like pee king duck lmao

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Based Asian anons

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Fuck asians and fuck you!

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Kung Pao soy sauce
Peanut butter
Brown sugar
Olive oil

Best stir fry recipe.

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so what is the fucking recipe?

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>i hate fake cheese
>like Velveeta and shit
>please help prove fake cheese is gross and mediocre

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I think this is true
I also think genuine parmesan reggiano is a work of art that is worth the extra expense
there are so many good cheeses out there. don't be a cheese hater

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>I also think genuine parmesan reggiano is a work of art that is worth the extra expense

I personally prefer pecorino romano but to each his own

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What makes a cheese fake? Cheddar is full of flavor and much healthier than whatever bullshit cheese you're into.

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>cheddar fags are so insecure that they hop in a thread that has nothing to do with them and start shitting up the joint.

If your cheese wasn't fake then why did you automatically assume everybody was talking about you.

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Because it's cheddar bitchass. Cheddar is still a goddamn good cheese to add into sandwich.

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Ok, so i recently decided to cook more food at home to take with me to work, so that i could cut down on my food bills. Make food in bulk, then freeze it and reheat it in the microwave at work.

Problem is that, currently, i only know how to do that with Pasta. I recently got myself a meat grinder with sausage attachment. I've made some good sausages, but i was trying to figure out if it would work to maybe make a load, freeze it in tupperware and then reheat it at work. Not sure how well either hold up to being microwaved. I'd also love to maybe put some home made gravy with it, but i know that shit doesn't like Microwaves.

Also, what kinds of foods do you all recommend for making in bulk, freezing and reheating? The Microwave in question doesn't have a convection oven or anything, just a timer.

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Btw, I'm gay and my male coworkers keep reporting me to HR for making passes at them in the urinals.

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I legit walked in on a guy jerking off at the urinal. He was watching porn on his phone and the absolute unit finished while I was there.

>tfw share building with other companies so can’t even figure out who it is

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>>Problem is that, currently, i only know how to do that with Pasta.
I don't believe you, reheated pasta is awful

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I reheat pasta all the time at work. as long as it's truly al dente and you microwave in 15-30 sec increments while adding hot water if needed, you'll be fine. I've even done carbonara and was able to get it hot without the sauce clumping up

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How to fuck do you "simmer" something?
I can boil water easily, but whenever I try to reduce the heat and bring it to a simmer there ends up being no bubbles forming at all, so I increase the heat by just a little, and then suddenly it's at a full rolling boil again. How do I get to that midway point of just a few bubbles forming randomly? Is there a consistent trick? I keep fucking shit up because they boil longer than they're meant to

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what kind of simmering rocks are you using?

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195 F/95 C.
That's how.

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Just give up anon; if you can't figure this simple task out on your own you're p much fucked.

>> No.11615855

The waters at 197 F and not forming any bubbles...
I don't own any simmering rocks, I can't imagine they're any more accurate than a gas range.

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I'm out of food. What's the best way to prepare these?

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>has a thinking pad
>doesn't use it to think
freaking millennials

>> No.11616289

It's actually just a laptop, I do my thinking normally

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pfft needing special laps for your tops
pathetic kid can't even keep his tops in a box

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This poster know his stuff

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With boiling hot water. You have that, right?

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