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Anyone else here enjoy recruiting high school boys daily into the genuine far right?

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Why do alabamans eat deep fried soda?

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What else do you do with deep fried soda?

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Why would such a monstrosity be made in the first place?

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To be eaten.

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Its a meme food for fairs, to get people who see the sign and say "haha wtf how you deep fry soda?!"

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I mean, I'm intrigued

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Fuck your rolls, hoagies, ciabattas, or w/e whatever other shit you're selling. If it's not a tower of meat/cheese/veggies it's not a fucking sandwich, and you deserve to choke on your dry rolled up newspaper dildo and die a horrible painful death

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Post your top 5 favorite spices and spice mixes

For me it's

Smoked Paprika
Cajun Seasoning
Generic Curry

Special mentions: Cinnamon and Berbere

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S&B Oriental Curry Powder
Trader Joes South African Seasoning Mix

I personally enjoy 'brain food' spices that also aid in removing toxic heavy metals, fungus, and parasites from the body. Fun fact, Borax in water can remineralize and heal osteoporosis and arthritis.

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It this being in food even worth it in some cases?

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The smell is incredible.

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smells like pig pussy, can't eat

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I refuse to believe these are prized for their flavor, and are actually prized for their rarity/difficulty to obtain. It's a meme. It's a status thing.

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I had a rack of lamb with a truffle sauce at a wedding recently. The truffles really overpowered the dish, it was almost inedible. They are okay, but the price isn't worth it most of the time.

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if you have to ask about something that is tasted and smelled, i dont know what to tell you

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Ching chong ching chong ching chang chong! Hello /ck/! My name is Long Dong, and I am the Chinese representative to your wonderful forum, here to spread the love of Chinese cooking! Between Chow Mein, Kung Pow Chicken and Green Curry, anyone in your family can enjoy oriental taste! What is your most favorite Chinese dish?

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eggs fooyoung or whatever that shit is called

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Chow chow pepper relish heaped on a greasy hot dog with mustard makes the beers taste like water.. mother in law can sit on the couch watching tv and eat an entire jar straight up with a fork. Relish is the superior condiment.

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Sorry. It's not good. It's too sweet. I hate sweet relish and opt for dill or mustard relish, so I might be biased. My coworker bought be a couple jars, but I somehow managed to lose the "hot" flavor and only had the sweet.

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By the way, mustard relish is just diced dill pickles (or whatever pickle you like), onions and mustard. I didn't even know they sold it premade. It's the superior relish.

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Forgot pic

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I like to take a selection of sweet cappies, orange and red habaneros, and some hallapainyos, dice them up and simmer with some white wine vinegar. Delishes hot relish that, at any New England pizza & grindah shop would be referred to simply as "hots"

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This shit is addicting

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why eat simulacra of fruit, which does not contain the nutrients you crave, when actual fruit is always available?

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And while you're at it why not sink your teeth into one of these cacao pods?

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Nowhere near as good as Maoam, Fruitella or Chewits

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i do sometimes have plain cocoa powder mixed with water, but i usually prefer to put it in a blender with other fruits, which are always available in the year of our Lord 2023

fruit flavored candy is a braindead holdover from a time when fresh fruit wasn't always available. it cannot satisfy because it does not have the potassium you crave.

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Sour ones are great, as are the grape and mango regular ones.

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>bread: burnt
>cheese: unmelted

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Ramsay is out here making the new version of The Apprentice in the US and you're still whining about a cheese sandwich that isn't garbage Kraft slices on Wonder Bread. Actual grilled cheeses are made just like this, the only improv would be doing it on a panini press.

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This is one of the examples I use when my friend's feel like they're terrible at cooking.

>Gordon Ramsay fucked up a grilled cheese
>Bobby Flay makes the greyest fucking eggs benny you've ever seen
>Jamie Oliver oil

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Bobby Flay gets a pass since hes an honorary mexican and only makes huevos rancheros.

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I will not give him a pass. I wish I could find the episode of his show where he made them, but holy fuck. These things were ashtray grey.

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That is so funny, AI needs to make a semi-accurate series of Gorden Ramsey's reactions to his own dishes if they were shown to him by someone else.

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Did he.....

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the fuck you just say cracka?

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sorry i meant nigger

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Where are the chains and grills

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Let him live his life

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What am I cooking?

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Bone apple teeth.

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Cheers. Tastes really Good as well.

You're scaring me bro.

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Fisherman's eggs? Looks all fucked up.

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custard pie without the emulsify

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hot dog shit

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Didn't have ground pork, but did have slaw mix and dried shitakes so I did a veggie filling. The potstickers themselves turned out phenomenal, but the dipping sauce was way too salty and overpowering.

>2 parts soy sauce
>1 part rice vinegar
>1/2 part honey
>squeeze of sriracha
>dab of sesame oil
>s and p
>green onions to healthify it

I'm gonna do it next with ground pork to do it right. Do any of you bros have a good dipping sauce recipe to share?

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Make sure you get the fermented soybean kind.

The other flavors are good, and similar, but this is the one that makes Chinese food really pop with authentic flavor.

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Calm down zoomie

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how did you make the actual potstickers

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For me that sauce looks fine, but it’s best to only use a little bit per bite otherwise it’s overpowering like you said. Basically dip, give it a shake so the excess drips off, then eat.

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>s and p
>salting your soy sauce
well, that might be your problem
at any rate, shitty soy sauce is just black saltwater, and non-shitty soy sauce generally isn't too salty when used on potstickers.

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Pizza Diavolo. Home.

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Looks Luke a cats bloody anus

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I like fig, bacon, basil, gorgonzola, and balsamic myself.

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Pizza Underageo. My speciality.

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Those are some real sorry ass looking sandos. If you got those at a konbini the wagies would dogeza and give you a full refund out of shame.

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tee hee i am le heckin cute & valid transwoman who is so quirky and therefore i make cute little sando sandies ^w^ im so cute i dont call them sandwiches like a normal person thats for chuds & boomers i call them sandos :3 meep brb i need a diaper change

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why are japs so autistic about crust

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Strawberry sando, normally with whipped cream. This one has melon soda whipped cream.

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How much does the healthiness of food factor into whether you eat it?
Clearly, some people just eat whatever sounds tasty while some others eat specifically for their health and nourishment.

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It's extremely important. For example, yesterday I yelled murderer at a woman leaving the abortion clinic.

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I drink my own pee for health reasons.

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it's literally the only thing that matters for my dad. he will pay 2 times more for the same apple if it has an "organic" label on it

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practice fecal retention train the body to recycle

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would be too hard to give up cramming desu

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What are your must have cooking utensils and tools you keep in your kitchen

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I have a "fish turner" like that, and I use it for eggs. My spatula sits in a drawer. I never use it. Don't tell anyone.

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i agree, you can use a fish slice for all your spatula needs

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I can't be bothered to list off every fucking utensil in my kitchen. Not just because it takes time, but I'll probably forget something or forget that you can do double-duty with something else, and my list would be pointless to you anyway.

It would be way easier to reply to your spoonfeeding thread if you just make a list yourself so people can critique it and make suggestions.

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just list 1 you fucking autist

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I fell for the chinese food meme. You niggers lied to me about that shit being good. Went to a chinese place earlier, and ordered the rice. It came like picrel, and was the blandest shit ever. Is chinese just synonymous with shit or what?

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I knew a chef who liked to eat a sandwich with just a slice of cheese in the middle.

No condiments. Just bread and cheese. His restaurant had insanely good food. I don’t get it.

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I fell for the japanese food meme. You niggers lied to me about that shit being good. Went to an asian market earlier, and bought the kewpie. It came like picrel, and was the blandest shit ever. Is japanese just synonymous with shit or what?

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I fell for the italian food meme. You niggers lied to me about that shit being good. Went to an italian place earlier, and ordered the pasta. It came like picrel, and was the blandest shit ever. Is italian just synonymous with shit or what?

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This is understandable. Some chefs are surrounded by gourmet foods all day and can't stomach the sight of it.
>Local resturant caters to aging French expats
>Best fucking cuisine hands down for miles
>The chef doesn't touch any of his stuff, just goes to burger king and gets a whopper and a diet coke

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>didn't like pasta vestiti dell'imperatore
shit taste

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What do you order?

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20 spam fritters and a fizzy vimto

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bap n shmoo

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I got some bits for you right here

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Three meat&potato pies, order of chicken tikka bites, order of mozzarella strips, doner meat& chips, two sides of shop curry sauce

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Is bong chili the same as us chili?

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Don't know about ketofags but I don't have the money to eat good and stay under 20g but 40g and under is a breeze.

Felt snackish tonight.
Sauted some chopped spinach in some butter, salt, garlic, onion, and pepper.
Poured over 6 meatballs
Topped with some garlic parm sauce.

>> No.19326920

also panned some extra sharp cheddar into the sauted spinach
delightful little snack

>> No.19326928

its a lot easier than that. just eat a stick of butter and forgo the other stuff.

but seriously though low carb is a meme.

>> No.19327001

Get a stick of butter.
Get a giant thing of heavy cream.
Get some cream cheese.
Get broccoli and mushroom. Frozen is fine too, if it’s cheaper.
Get as much cheese as you can afford.

Sauté the broccoli in the butter. Get everything tender. Add vegetable buillion. Add water. Add whatever spices you have that don’t seem gross. Get it almost boiling. Add the cream cheese. Add the heavy cream. Add as much cheddar as you want. Stir it really hard and slowly add the cheese in so it doesn’t clump.

This is completely ketogenic and makes a good weeks worth of food. It’s perfect for starting keto.

You can add stuff like bell pepper, carrots, tomato, jalapeno, eggplant…even spinach and kale to add in towards the end. Whatever you want that’s on sale.

>> No.19327015

Carrots are a bad idea actually. Don’t get carrots.

>> No.19327024

Holy fuck to ketotards actually? You will have a heart attack soon.

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it's back

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"wet burrito" probably did not test well with Americans

>> No.19327145

wdym? we do it call it "wet" in america

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i defy you to back your ass up with a single fact about weight vs calories vs $ at taco bell

>> No.19327151

Yes, but if I’m spending almost $5 on a specialty item and not an $8 deluxe box that has up to 2600 calories, I obviously want it to be healthy.

Just get the 2600 calorie slop box.

>> No.19327160

I don't want the soft drink included. just the entree items por favor

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