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Fuck Cinnamon
Marry Honey
Kill Chocolate.

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What's a good dish made mainly of eggs, /ck/ ?

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scrambled eggs

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Hello good sir I would like a diet water please. Make it an extra medium if you would

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Extra junipery, London dry? I usually go for Boodles. On the dry side but still has some fantastic florals.

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This or Bombay sapphire
No need to get too extravagant for g&ts

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Bombay, bought 20 bottles for 20 euros each last time I went to Germany

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I've also heard great things about Sipsmith. Their gins range from ~$50 for a London Dry to ~$90 for a VJOP (Very Junipery Over Proof).

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On the subject of Boodles; has anyone tried the Mullbery gin? Can't seem to get my hands on one without doing a special order.

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my go to g+t recipe: 2 oz gin, 1/8th oz lime juice, 2 oz Q Tonic. If I'm using Hendrick's then I'll garnish with a cucumber slice, if not then no garnish.

If you can find Q you really need to try it! It's ok to go over the top for "less extravagant" drinks!

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Is there anything worse than white bread?

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no bread

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How does one make brownies that don't look like they have herpes?

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What does your McSite look like?

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Next level McChicken action

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thinken bout them victims

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Stop posting png files you faggots, they're huge. I'm on a 4g connection and data ain't free

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aus maccas site

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>blue cheese mcchicken

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> shelfish allergy but loves oyster sauce
> vegetartian but wants chicken
> gluten allergy but only to gluten in bread form

People of the food industry, what are your favourite fake allergies?

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Sure. But it probably isn't a very healthy choice to be making.

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I have a lactose intolerant friend who will sometimes slam a milkshake etc. It makes them quite bloated/farty but is otherwise okay.

Sometimes someone with an intolerance (rather than an allergy) might decide to splash out and deal with the repercussions.
I'll eat something ridiculously spicy even though there's always the chance it'll give me the shits the next morning.

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Citation needed.

Even the cheapest, nastiest supermarket oyster sauce in my area has 18% oyster extract, most are around 24%, some as high as 35%.

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>What is type 1 diabetes

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As for fake allergies, the answer is simple.

"Sir/Madame, I'm not at liberty to serve you this. Health and safety of our customers comes first, and this dish contains gluten, which you are allergic to. Not only would I ever endanger your health, the restaurant would be at risk of legal action on your behalf should you suffer adverse effects. "

You need a boss who understands this though. Possibly with a bunch of pre-printed waivers to sign, disclaiming all legal responsibility. Having this kind of legal-looking paper to sign before you can get your bread basket makes people rethink their strategy.

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>he refrigerates his milk

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>he's a melanated individual who can't drink melk without shitting xir pants instantly

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Is that why black people put water in their cereal

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Yes. Milk is the drink of white man.

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>not using milk to brush your teeth

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>mfw an american scratched off the eggs protective layer so he has to put them in the fridge later near me

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do Portuguese people actually eat this?

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Looks pretty good to me, I don't see any government subsidised high fructose corn syrup anywhere in that picture

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That looks tasty af you stupid faggot.

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seafood is top tier especially on the algarve. OPs pic however looks... intimidating

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Ever ate a monkey

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My friend shot a monkey and ate , it's illegal in our country. But he reported it to be delicious

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What do you like to drink while gaming?

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I guess. Part of me wants to believe a swift merciful death would be better.

I won't lie that the mods so often have a hair trigger but it's been getting ridiculous lately. A really good H-game thread I was in a few days ago got moved to /aco/ which has been happening a lot despite being entirely videogames. This wouldn't be so bad of the SHITTY /aco/ MODS DIDN'T START BANNING PEOPLE FOR POSTS THAT WERE ENTIRELY WITHIN THE RULES ON THE ORIGINAL BOARD

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Water with Mio in it.

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Enjoy your cancer

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I agree. Crime will take over and will stop being a minority

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>not making him tongue your ass while you play games and rest your ass on his face

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What's for breakfast /ck/

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Fruity Pebbles. While I was eating it, I was wondering if kids these days would even know if the Flintstones were anything besides advertising mascots. I remember Cartoon Network used to show reruns of old Warner Bros & Hanna-Barbera cartoons, but I wonder if that's still the case.

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I'm Asian, so a more contextually appropriate response would be "wow your English is so good, you don't even have an accent, how long have you lived here?"

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I dont eat breakfast

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i dont have time for breakfast usually. going to get some sushi now for lunch tho

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veganfags. which one should I get?

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Spinach and mushrooms is fantastic.

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I prefer Amy's vegan margherita pizza personally so IDK.

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Non you fat american fuck

make your own jesus

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You guys made fun of me for asking how to make a boiled egg. Now look at me! Perfect egg thread.

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enjoy your heart arrest at 30

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Ever partake in a nice float? This here is a black cherry coke float

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Ya it's a good treat.
Haven't bought ice cream in months though.

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They're called Spiders in Australia. Haven't had one since I was 10.

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Any vegans up at this hour tonight?

If you aren't vegan, watch:
What The Health
Forks Over Knives

And go here to see what you're missing:

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Does /ck/ do anything slightly out of the ordinary, but not too abnormal to question? For me it's drinking coffee only at night. I can't see any reason to drink it in the morning, and only drink it at night so I can get an extra hour or so till I fall asleep. Pic related.

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i like drinking in the morning

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Yo Amerifags.
Been reading about this in Brit news.
Apparently you want to be selling us your chlorinated chicken now.
What is this and is it any good?

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>Chlorinated chicken
For what purpose?

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I only skimmed the article but it looks like America said they will help us out after Brexit, if we eat bleached chicken.

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America produces such low quality chicken, in such awful conditions, that they're infested with things like e-coli & salmonella. So they "wash" the chicken in a strong chlorine solution to try to make it less likely to kill you horrifically. Americans then willingly consume it.

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I never really understood why it is not possible to produce large quantities of chicken meat while still treating the animals with some dignity and producing some quality.

I wish there was something between complete trash and expensive organic food.

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Jesus Christ you're both retarded from different continents. Biology teacher just had an anurism.

Saying fruit is still radioactive is like saying you're radioactive because you had an x-ray. Not how it works.

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>Foods that taste better cold although they're not meant to be eaten/used that way

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I like pizza better cold than I do reheated.

Fresh > Cold > Reheated

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>Uncle Bens

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anything with mince, especially meat loaf

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scotch meatballs too

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