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*holds up spork*

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cooking is for women.

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whoa…have I been talking to qt3.14s this whole time?

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are spice racks a meme?

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I put some double sided sticky foam tape on the back so it hangs onto the tiles but it doesn't need it, it's heavy enough and seems to naturally hug the wall. it doesn't so much as budge or wobble †bh

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do I need one?

where did you get that rack?

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>do I need one?
How do store your spices at the moment? How much space do you have in your kitchen?
If you store them in a way that isn't easily accessible, change that. If your space is limited or you want it to be small and neat, then a rack is good. If you have space and can place them somewhere else equally as easy to access, then you can do that rather than using a rack.

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picrel is mine, or was mine a while ago, though except for cleaning it up a little it hasn't changed much. Easy to access, over the place where I do the cutting and work.
I store most of the spices in a cupboard, away from UV light, then I fill them into those glass containers when they deplete for easy access.
Spices are in german, but should be easy to guess. The macha has since been replaced with garlic powder, I just keep the macha in the cupboard, the UV damages it too quickly.
As I said before, easy to access, not in the way so it saves space. Perfect for my kitchen.

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got it at Bunnings. was super hard to find as it was actually up on a shelf in the craft aisle (you have to assemble it yourself and it's unsanded/unfinished). I cbf sanding or staining it, I just put it together and deployed and just have to keep the wood from getting stained by oil and sauce splatters. good price, it's a quality item just know it doesn't have many pilot holes drilled so you need an electric drill or just some time and elbow grease (I managed to get all the screws in by hand was just a pain in the dick)

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How do you make brown rice tasty? Is replacing the water with chicken broth enough or should I add some seasoning? We normally eat white rice but are thinking about switching due to the nutritional content.

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Make farro instead.

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have you tried pressure cooking?
i buy farro (similarly tough to brown rice). it comes out fine in the instant pot in 15 mins (cook for 7 minutes, leave at pressure for 7 mins before release).

it just takes a ton of water

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you want a medal or something?

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Yeah, the girl with the fancy-ass rice cooker with the brown rice setting was Korean and on a similar kick as your wife and completely replaced white rice with brown. She ate it with everything, too.
I just fucking can't. Never had GABA rice, though, so maybe that'd actually be something I'd like. idk.

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I use brown as my go to rice for everything so it's a mix of both. I usually season w/ furikake if it's a lazy rice bowl, but if it's being used in something it usually goes unseasoned.

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None of that expensive stuff, I'm talking cheapest ones with one packet of flavourings. I usually use anything in my kitchen at the time. Aromatics like ginger, spring onion, garlic, half of a stock cube, soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, chili oil. I like that shit SALTY and UMAMI. also some kind of fat preferably animal or butter. Frozen spinach, mushrooms if I have them and an egg as topping. Perfection.

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I honestly can't believe cream cheese is legal. Like most good drugs, if its really good, they don't want you to have it, or don't feel like you are responsible enough to have it.

When I eat cream cheese, I feel like "Wow, I can't believe I don't have to go on the black market and pay like $20 an ounce for this shit"

Pic fucking related

Just had me a few spoon full right out the container, and I could eat the whole fucking thing. It adds to any dish you put it on. Toast, mac and cheese, tomato soup, tortilla wraps, corn queso dip, toasted Italian pretzel bun subs, pizza, ANYTHING.

Surprised since its so fatty the FDA doesn't say "Clearly people will develop health issues from cream cheese intake we need to take it off the market" *Has their own cream cheese factory*

Fuck the police, fuck the lawmakers, fuck those who don't want us to shoot heroin and eat a spoonful of cream cheese.

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>cigarettes are legal

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Is KFC going to shit a universal thing or just a problem in my country (South Africa) ?
The chicken is always either dry or raw, no inbetween. The chicken batter lacks flavor and falls off easily.

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Definitely universal. I live in Japan but I'm Australian, currently visiting Australia. The chicken in japan is ok but it lacks flavour. Sometimes they have special chicken like red hot spicy or sesame garlic. They've been really dry and underwhelming recently, this is multiple stores in different prefectures both in Kanto and Kansai. At least the place is clean.

KFC in australia has been absolutely cucked by shareholders or greedy higher ups. Every corner is being cut to maximise profits. Everything that had tomato has been replaced by a generic bagged cabbage mix. They used to have crispy strips which were cripsy tendies with their own flavour, but they've been replaced by tendies with the same coating as the regular chicken. I visited one I used to work at 10 years ago and it was absolutely filthy. Popcorn chicken and chips all over the counters and floor. Tattooed meth heads working there. And no special items. When I worked there you could get toasted wraps and quesadillas. They've obviously got rid of their toaster machines to maximise profits. They used to have grilled chicken too with special cookers and warmers but they've all been done away with. Kfc australia is absolutely gimping and cucking itself for profits.

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Oh and it's now 3 bucks for a single piece of their pathetic chicken. For a spicy chicken burger it's about 7 bucks, absolutely insane and they are smaller than ever.

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>I have no idea how they manage to stay open here. I don't know a single person that eats there.
Says /ck/ about every fast food place ever.

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Except McDonald's. McDonald's is love. McDonald's is life.

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It's not universal but it's pretty commonly shit everywhere except Asia.

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I smoked a couple cheap cigars yesterday, enjoyed it.

I have a few questions to help me proceed in this hobby.

>1. What are the cheapest quality tobacco blends/Cuban cigars:
By this I mean the cheapest product that is past the quality barrier, and fairly accessible/popular, not obscure. Think the Glenfiddich 12 or Wild Turkey 101 of cigars.
>2. What are the risks of smoking tobacco without inhaling. My great gramps smoked cigs daily without inhaling and lives to 96. Obviously there are risks but are they at the level that deserves autistic screeching and sneeding.
>3. I have a pack of cigarettes that were given to me 8 months ago, are they bad to smoke regardless or can I smoke without inhaling as a one off and be fine.
>4. Affects of smoke on eyes, hair and walls.

>inb4 look it up yourself
I have but I want organic opinions, on the internet I have people telling me it's the worse thing ever and people telling me it's the best.

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If you want the quality that's inferred when Cuban cigars are mentioned, get Nicaraguans. Lots of Cuban cigar producers fled to Nicaragua when Castro took over, and are of equal if not better quality due to stricter quality enforcements than in Cuba.
Nicaraguans are more often cheaper too.

My personal favourite so far are My Father cigars, especially La Gran Oferta series.

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Just because your grandma was lucky doesn't mean you will be either. Smoking is objectively terrible for you. I can't believe /pol/faggots really try to convince people smoking isn't bad for you.

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>a pack of cigarettes that were given to me 8 months ago
Opened? They'll be dry as fuck and taste awful. Opened cigarette packages only last like 3-5 days.

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>where my nic-guars at

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Whats the point of beer? Can I get tipsy or a strong buzz on it. How many do I need.

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Point is being buzzed for a loong time. If you haven't drunk any alcohol so probably not many. But better to have too much than too few. I don't know how big guy you are (for me).

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im 5'10 200lb

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blue moon or 40 ouncers

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Meatless Moonday? Eat cake then.

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>I've had the grey haze for a long time though (long, long time).
>I never found out,
>what it was. Ah!
>Tastes like vegetables I don't like.

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those are too fancy to being eaten

I ate pasta frittata for lunch, i will doing some seasoned steamed bell peppers for dinner

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this is now a meaty monday thread.

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Nice baked pasta. A lot of cheese?

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Let's have a cheap wine that doesn't suck thread.

No american, asian and australian wine, but I think that's understood from the "doesn't suck" part.

For me it's:
>1. Canelli fine peach from Italy
>2. Edelkirsch from Germany
>3. Cavalier Bianco from Tarragona, Spain
>4. Baron de France from France
>5. Fresco dolce from Italy
>6. Sophia Pamid from Bulgaria
>7. Gellala vin rouge from Algeria
>8. Soviet Igristroie from Russia
>9. Original Special Raspberry from England

Are there any connoisseurs here or just lame people who are afraid to drink properly?

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Vega Sicilia, Spain

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Today i learned a person can sound like a pretentious faggot even when talking about cheap wine

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The /ck/ virgin

the /ck/ based chad

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You can replace wine with grape juice and vinegar

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Depends where you live. Living in Australia, no wine made outside of Australia or New Zealand doesn't cost more than it's worth.

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>be me
>he has wife for 11 years
>also has girlfriend
>stop eating beer and goyslop she says
>set good example for kids.jpeg
>girlfriend eats mcdonalds or chinese with me
>glorious sex after

How do I explain to my wife that her cooking and sex is lousy, and to step up game or let me have goyslop and creamslop girlfriend

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Except none of this is true.

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>Added lettuce and extra water to Sauerkraut
Will it be bad

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lol you'll be dead

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There is literally no better chocolate maker or type in the world than this

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Sorry OP, you tried.

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>33% cocoa
>sugar 'caramel' syrup makes up half the block
You got ripped off friend

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Looks like my ass after a long night of drinking

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You got ripped off when you had your circumcision

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You have to be 18 to post here.

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is subway actually good or is it a meme?

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It was good before it got overpriced
I liked it a lot in '05

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Can make subs for half the price at home.

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you selling?

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You could make a better sandwich at home

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People say the dumbest shit when it comes to Subway for some reason. No shit you fucking idiot. Everything you can make at home is cheaper than a fast food joint or restaurant.

Everything is overpriced right now. Their subs are 8-11 dollars. A Mcdonald's quarter pounder meal(medium fries and coke) is 10 dollars.

If you're going to eat fast food, Subway is one of the best places to go.

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Is old 50s/60s aluminum cookware any good? I love the design and colors but I'm used to more modern stainless steel and nonstick pots and pans.
Will pasta and rice cook well in something like pic related?

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One gram of tomato is less dense than aluminum.
Sorry, I'm not seeing the peer reviewed paper? Am I missing something because that link is the equivalent to believing in some deity.

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Oh great, lead paint is somehow better?

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Tomato sauce has been shown to contain 3-6 mg aluminum (per 100 g serving) after cooking in non-anodized aluminum pans. Sorry, I don't have a source for that.

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Praise science!

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for me, it's gotta be red frogs.

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from a distance, it looks the same

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I was always a big fan of these gummy strawbreeze. I'm glad they still exist

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This video is required viewing

>> No.18206971

Man I miss the old internet pre nomie social media invasion.

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Feel like that's from burn notice

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For me it's chuds BBQ

>> No.18206908

For me it's Chad's 13th birthday

>> No.18206920

Based Kids In the Hall enjoyer

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>Texas style BBQ Chuds

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What am I supposed to do with this?

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Roll your sister in it and aim for the wet spot

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eat raw

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inb4 cramming

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I hate this fucking board now. It's nothing but trolling and bullshit anymore.

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how do you not gain weight?

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Not gaining weight is easy.
Count calories, eat within budget, cut out stuff that you can't enjoy within that budget.

But how do you stop feeling constantly hungry on calorie deficit? How do skeletons manage it without trying?

>> No.18206840

Wear a rubber band around your wrist. Snap it when you feel an impulse to eat. Eventually you'll associate hunger with pain and will subconsciously avoid sending the hunger signal to your conscious mind.

>> No.18206848

>never drink anything with calories
>don't eat sweets, snacks or fast food
wa lah. it's hard to get fat without these

>> No.18206853

how do you gain weight?

>> No.18206860

By living the good life

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