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Anyone else's McD's get rid of those? Now they just have a bin full of packets, and those are annoying to deal with when I just want a fuckload of ketchup.

Some McD's don't even have them out, you have to ask for them behind the counter and they give you dirty looks when you do that.

What happened to fast food?

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/ck/ webm thread

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They'll only be doing retard jobs which means it will erode the bargaining power of fast food and kitchen wagies. No more of this shit about burger flippers being paid more than real jobs. They'll be earning 7.25/hr again and they'll like it. Fucking entitled millennial and zoomer niggers are going to be btfo. Good news for the rest of us is, restaurants will be able to get their costs down, bring back the dollar menu, and the service will be quicker because they've got more staff.

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I'm gonna grow potatoes in my backyard

farming is a job, keeping ebt

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If you don't work at a corporate office you don't have a real job, and they pay way more than $15 an hour.

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is 'dont lay down after eating' a meme? one of my greatest joys in life is lying down after a meal, but sometimes it triggers acid reflux and i can only lay on my left side or my back after eating. will this change as i get older?

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is crohns genetic or can you acquire it through bad eating habits? i try not to eat before bed but its hard for me not to

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The doctors still don't know yet. 20% of cases seem genetic

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You lie down. You lay mines. You lie down.

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I laid down with your mommy when she was a cute little thing with a nice set of teeth

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same thing
nice one

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Carvery on the Bank Holiday with the missus x

Happy days simple as

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Looks shit fookin northern monkeys

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I’m sort of overwhelmed by choices, straight or curved, flexible or stiff.

I read a bit and it seems like this flexible curved knife is the best choice here. But I wanted a bit more insight from you guys.

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Yes it does. I told you to get a general Wüsthof knife to debone chickens. Getting meme ones is a waste of money when you can get a general purpose knife that does other cutting. If you want to spunk $180 on a dedicated boning knife then get like Sakari Boning Knife Akan or a Huusk knife or Tora Tsuki Cleaver Knife if you want to chop up meat as well.

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Yeah a flexible curved knife is good.
>Not having a dedicated boner/fish filet knife

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I think it depends on what you're using it for. If you're using it for chicken a flexible curved knife will be well suited to getting around joints.

Mine is fairly rigid and curved, mostly just debone chicken thighs but I can also use to debone an entire chicken into a meat-onsie because gf hates meat on bone.

A Flexi knife will probably be fine for chicken and fish l, I don't think it's want to tackle pork or beef with one.

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If he doesn't have one already he doesn't have a need for it because he clearly isn't doing enough to justify having one.

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That's a big cock.

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What I wouldn't give for just one NY slice

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Fuck off with the New Haven pizza meme. You lost, New Haven pizza isn't a thing. It's just New York style pizza, call it what it is. The term "New Haven style" only exists to give people an artificial sense of pride in their shitty, meaningless city. Every mid sized city in the United States has something like this, some sort of regional dish they can claim as part of their shithole's identity. I would know, I'm from Rochester, NY where everyone jerks off over garbage plates, which are fucking disgusting piles of slop.
>b-but the style of pizza that would become New York style originated in New Haven
And if it was any good New York style wouldn't have had to exist, but it wasn't any good so New York style came to be. If a pizza (or any dish) is to claim to be its own special variety, then it needs to have significant differences to the structure or ingredients. Obviously Chicago deep dish would be its own variety of pizza. New Haven pizza is just oblong New York style, the only thing setting it apart is the chef fucking up when he slides it into the oven.

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I think it was probably my third time in New York for work that I realized what a meme pizza in NY is; by the time I get dragged into the fifth hole-in-the-wall pizza place and get a big slice of pizza that tastes completely identical to every other independently-operated pizza joint pizza I've had anywhere in the country I start to suspect the average New Yorker has literally never been more than 100 miles outside their city their entire life.

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You have to go to the right spots.

The meme places are usually rip offs. I won’t tell you the right spots, because you’ll tell a bunch of normies and tik tok influencers will end up going there and they’ll ruin it.

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>>19322432 is right, you do have to go to the right spots.

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Why did you type all of this like you actually know what you are talking about?

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The dik-dik, Africa's smallest antelope. Would you eat dik? Eat my dik.

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I eat dik all the time! Mom says dik is good for me!

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Haha peepee poopoo.

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i bet you i could punt one of those suckers a good 50 yards

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Would you eat it, /ck/? Are you a pig man?

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but I'd absolutely demolish the melted block of deep fried cheese burger that gave people third degree burns, so me thinks I'm a pig man

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Absolutely not. The oreos should come after the burger as a dessert.

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>Would you eat it, /ck/?
It's a poor flavor combo, so NO.

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No burger should be taller than 3 inches

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File: 170 KB, 1500x750, McDonalds-China-Is-Selling-An-Oreo-Spam-Burger-Only-On-21-Dec-Diners-Can-Combine-Salty-Sweet-In-1-Meal-1937421853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe if it was a lot smaller, and a lot less greasy. It can't be that bad since Chinese McDonalds offered a similar sandwich.

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the cat is clearly trying to rape the dog, lmao

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I swear to god I thought this was /an/

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You ever just stop and watch the people around you when you're in a grocery store?
Like, compare the people to their carts to see if it "fits"?
>Woman with a rough expression
>Mostly beverages, with plenty of soda, a bit of alcohol, and some brand-name snacks
>Mixed couple with kids
>Nothing but the flashiest snacks and soda
>White guy walks in through the exit
>Buys a small carton of eggs and a box of waffles
>Lone Asian man
>Why the fuck is he carting around nothing but gallons of milk?
>Morbidly-obese old woman
>Mountains of mountain dew
>Old black couple
>Only ones I saw purchasing a pallet of bottled water. Other items difficult to see
>Petite, clear-skinned woman
>A bag full of vegetables
>A ridiculous number of people are just purchasing snacks and soda, with little of substance.
I miss Whole Foods.

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At this point, probably your existence is in question.

>> No.19322433

A midwestern enchilada casserole has more animus in it than all of Whole Food's freezers combined

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>Go to the store
>Don't buy any processed foods with a label or a logo on it like OP's pic
>Just fresh fruits, vegetables, chicken, etc
>Everyone in the checkout line assumes I'm gay because I cook from scratch

How can I fix this?

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Grow a full beard, wear boots, put on a hat when out of the house and get some classy sunglasses

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What a strange thing to do, judging others by what they happened to buy that day and even noticing is weirder

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I'm having little caesars, coke for the kids, corona for me and pollo bronco for everybody

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cool, what brand is your pink bike?

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I meant 850m of swimming. God it feels good to be fit

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Fuji Absolute, purchased before covid for under $1k

>> No.19322485

cool, what brand is the paint you used to cover up your pink bike?

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Yesterday, I went to the convenience store to purchase a snack to watch with my recently downloaded torrent of Castlevania Season 3. The cashier in the convenience store, a black woman, loudly remarks, "mmm, that doughnut be lookin' real good." I immediately felt ashamed, and even considered throwing the doughnut away right in front of her, but instead I took my bag and went home. The next day, I forgot about the encounter. I went to the same convenience store and I purchased a bag of doritos to watch while playing the new Zelda, and sure enough, it was the same black woman. She rings up the doritos and goes, "mmmm, that would be real good right now, I'm gonna buy me one of these when I get off." I was standing there cringing while her remarks were causing a multitude of people behind me to judge my purchases. I took the bag of doritos and went home feeling totally humiliated.

I find it uncomfortable that she is remarking on my purchases, judging my shopping habits and making me feel like I was doing something wrong, or indulging myself. I stopped going to the convenience store all together after her remarks. I don't want this woman who doesn't even know me telling me what I should and shouldn't be buying, and making me feel ashamed of myself.

I expect a certain detachment in the transaction, rather than a court hearing about the items that I'm purchasing.

Everybody likes a doughnut or a bag of doritos, I don't understand why she had to voice her opinion about it so that everyone in the convenience store could hear. It is frankly insulting to my privacy. I have never had this happen before. How normal is it for convenience store women to remark on the things you're purchasing?

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This never happened

>> No.19322445

par for the course. they love making little diva remarks like that. it's their southern heritage.

Your photo has the right idea. Go to asian convenient stores and you'll never have that problem.

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She looks like an amphibian female rugby player.
Regarding the nigger, you could just have laughed instead of cringing and giv a non answer like "you know it".

Now this, is cringe.

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Uhhh huh that’s a nice thread you made. Might post something like that later…mmm…

>> No.19322511

You could've just said "yes ma'am" and smiled and gone on with your day.

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WHats the final verdict on wendy's ghost pepper sandwich

>> No.19322164

>10 dollar small combo
This is why I don't go to Wendy's anymore. The spicy chicken used to be my hangover cure in college.

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Anyone here grillin and chillin this weekend?
I brought my trusty Wolfgang Puck portable up from the basement and did some chicken breasts today.

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It's a great little grill for the price. I'm just cooking for me and sometimes my roommate. I can't smoke with it, but try to take a Weber to the beach.

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>blue bell dr pepper milkshake ice cream
I hope it comes up north

>> No.19322310

We all know what pole your smokin

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Rye bread may not be traditional, but it goes really well with cole slaw. I guess because they both commonly contain caraway seeds.

>> No.19322328

I had rye without seeds and peanut butter the other day. It wasn't terrible.

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you ever try one?

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you can fuck it from the side, or from the top the long way. are you a woman who doesn't understand spatial rotation or something?

>> No.19322184

Well... I literally had to take a shower after eating it so... you're not wrong.

>> No.19322196

It's not a bagel, you braindead queer

>> No.19322210

>limpdick can't rape a burger from the top

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God I wish I was that burger

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I made bagels al rustico
No recipe used, this was a 60% hydration dough with a two day old pate fermente. I used about 2tsp of malt powder to 1kg of flour. Unfortunately, today I smoked a half gram doob after a two week t break and got blasted after the bulk ferment but prior to shaping the bagels and fucked the whole thing up. Is 60% correct? They were sticky and didn't really rise but blew up in the water.
I know they look pale, I didn't egg wash them. That's a whoops. They are done and feel like they may have a good texture, will update when cooled. I do have a pretty great breakfast sandwich filling to share.

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Came out bretty gud!

>> No.19322263

I made soft pretzels and bagels
The pretzels were great, I figured I could use the same Baking soda for the bagels if I boiled them back to back
The bagels were so disgusting I almost vomited when I tried one
Soapy and salty like a spoon of Baki soda

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First time doing t bones, I think I did pretty well, charcoal grill always best grill

>> No.19322262

i saw something just like that in the toilet this morning i just didn't bother photographing it and then posting it on the world wide web

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a Bowl made out of BREAD

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patty is portable. let me see you stick a bread bowl in your pocket

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>> No.19322141

Too bad they only ever put like half an oz of beef in it

>> No.19322144

Meat pies are the superior savory pastry since you dont have to get your hands all greasy.>>19322135

>> No.19322191

I wanna try these so bad. It's weird though because the file name references empanadas but patties are Jamaican aren't they?

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When I specified olives would it kill you to provide me with at least one per slice and have them arranged in a logical manor? I even spoke Italian when ordering and you still gave me this shit. Is authentic shitalian pizza the biggest food meme of all time?

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>> No.19322137

Why put in any effort when you run a cash business and your employees are relatives or underage girls youre trying to fuck.

>> No.19322145


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You’ll have to forgive me, my eyes were watering from how hard I was seething over what should’ve been a delicious foreign culinary experience.

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>that shitty crust
what the fuck do you expect from lazy motherfuckers like that? one quick image search on google maps is enough to figure out if the pizza is gonna be trash based on the crust alone. if it isn't like pic related I know that the owners are lazy and don't give a fuck

>> No.19322254

the italian mafia controls the italian olives. if a mafioso saw you get more than that many olives the pizzaria would get firebombed. most olive oil from italy is cut with chinese rapeseed oil.

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