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Who here likes pickles? I got some Kosher half sour ones on a whim one day now i'm going through jars of pickles. Are there any other type of less sour pickles? They tasted fresh as fuck and the brine was only a pale green as opposed to like mount olive yellow.

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I only like this if its boiled or as a seasoning element. I could never get into just eating the stick.

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So I'm going to try and make lasagna for the first time since I have to start cooking for myself. What's the deal with egg and bread crumbs that I see in some recipe and not in others? What purpose does it serve? Should I do this? I also see it done with meat loaf or hamburger patty.

I also don't know shit about seasonings. I got basil, Italian, thyme, parsley, oregano, etc. Anything green or leafy I just bought.

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Northern Italian people traditionally use butter, although you might as well get olive oil, since you already bought it.

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Eat a piece of toast one with vegetable oil and one with olive oil on it and you be the judge.

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I have butter in the fridge for the dessert I was going to make.

I've never had toast with oil on it. Well, I guess margarine but normally butter is used here. That's more of my dad's thing.

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No one puts vegetable oil on toast because it has no flavour (which is useful)

Many people use olive oil on bread because it has a nice taste.

I just suggested that so you could actually taste the difference.

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What the fuck
People feel the need to use flour and egg to bind their lasagne sauce? What the fuck are they, american?

I can't comprehend why anyone would do something so stupid

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>Have it your way at Burger King!

What do you ask?

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yo like you can have it your way but dont get crazy nigga

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I'd like to have my way with her alright

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French Toast Sticks and some of those old school thing shaped chicken tenders that looked like thin long brown poops.

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>What do you ask?
I already asked for the double stacker combo, but they fuckin discontinued it and rebuked me

I ask them to reconsider

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Where do you do your shopping, /fit/?

I end up having to go to like 3 different places because the local big box store we have (BJs) has garbage produce and not enough selection of some items.

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I LOL'ed.

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Error: You cannot delete a post this old.

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Yankee here, preparing to make a road trip to Tennessee this weekend. Convince me why I should eat at Shoney's.

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I spent half my childhood in the South. Maybe I can help. Shoney's is kind of like a southern Denny's. It'll be average to poor, most likely. You will be able to get things like grits or biscuits and gravy as well as the same type of shit you'd expect at any 1950-1970's era family style restaurant. I thought it was the shit when I was 5.

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Honest anon is honest.

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You would be better off going to a waffle house. I don't think I've seen a shonys open in the last 10 years

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Why do fat people always have an excuse?
>muh obesity genes

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even a perfunctory google search would have revealed that the argument had nothing to do with genes

of course that doesn't stop a shitposter like you

I hope this blatantly off-topic low quality thread gets deleted.

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ITT: Objectively bad foods that have no reason for existence outside of "muh tradition"

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Meatloaf is fucking delicious. If it's dry, it's because you're an idiot and can't cook.

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There are much better ways to have meat and vegetables. It has no reason to exist.

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No one fucking cares you fucking statist cumstain there are much better non-fascist human beings than you on this planet you absolute fucking gunless zero dont even bother replying you are fucking nothing i literally do not care

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I've got an opportunity to become a sous chef.
What should i do to guarantee getting the job and maintain it?

Mind you i'm actually a commis, but my choice of words made me look like a professional for the HR dude.

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Giving a blowjob to whomever interviews you. You're in a competition with about 50 other retards with as much or more experience than you.

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It'll be clear you don't have the experience you were claiming within the first day and get the standard 'we'll call you back later'.

Seriously, lying about the amount of experience you have in the food industry of all places is retarded.

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Thanks senpai

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>Pourable pizza dough

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Try the rope 'za.

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For me its the sauce....

Big Mac sauce recipe??
What's yours?
>pickle relish
>white wine vinny
>garlic powder
>onion powder
>if im drunk then hot sauce
makes burgers 1000 times better....
am i right?

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i dont like it at all
combination of ketchup, mustard and mayo wins everything for me. Ofc on good ass burger, not mcshit

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does that really need white wine vinegar? i only have some fancy honey and apple wine vinegar

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What is it that makes restaurant and to a lesser extent fast food taste so much better than home cooked food?

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they get better quality and fresher ingredients and they process and use them right away.

i worked at a grocery store and when something like apples are cheap the manager orders a bunch of them and sometimes they will sit in the back for 2 weeks before we finally put them up. in a restaurant when they get something its normally processed and used rather quickly.

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the ingredients are different, for example that carbonara you posted, you'd expect it to be made with egg right? well sort of. takeaway carbonara is pre-cooked pasta thats been in olive oil for 4hrs or more, then a huge cup of whole egg mayonnaise, the bacon is very smoky and has loads of salt so you don't need a lot, loads of chives balance the flavours, the whole mixture is then heated up in an oven or pot.

things like steaks are cooked ahead of time sous vide, then seared to perfection when you order.

finally a lot of processes you would consider a waste of time are actually carried out continuously in restaurants, an example is pretty much all breads. the cost of buying from bakeries is quite high and they often fuck up orders(poo in a loos) so almost everything is 12hr proved dough that's baked to order or just ahead of time.

t. someone who washes dishes

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Bread served with pasta is so offensive I feel like you have offended my mamma.

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Expensive $500k ovens/heaters/etc (that achieve temps that are impossible with a home set up) w/ top of the line tools.

Commercial grade food ingredients and mixes that you can only get with a business account number.

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it takes me about 35 minutes to get home from where I work, so I always stop and get some energy drinks, slimjims, hamburgers, really any junk food that can be eaten in the car.
the drive home is just enough time for things to really get churning in my belly, so as soon as I get home I go straight to the bathroom and destroy my fucking toilet. I blow hard diarrhea all over the place with satisfaction and think to myself "yeah, I own this fucking toilet, I'm a hard working business man and I can do what I want"

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This is the meaning of life.

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>be me
>*Watching homemade pizza makign video*
>Unnecessary dramatic music playing.
>Start thinking, the last time I made pizza was with my... ex gf

Fuck /ck/ thinking back now, getting together and cooking with someone genuinely gave me enjoyment and now she's gone.

I'm lonely.

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You should watch Henry's Kitchen.

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>be me
>*Watching homemade pizza makign porno*
>Unnecessary dramatic music playing.
>Start thinking, the last time I fapped and had pizza was with op's... ex gf

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Stop being a clingy needy bitch

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>be me
>*Watching homemade hot wife cucks hubby with bbc video*
>Unnecessary dramatic music playing.
>Start thinking, the last time I made pizza was with my... ex gf

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You'll cook pizza with someone again, someone better for you. Someone you enjoy being with more. But for the time being, cooking pizza solo can be fun too. You're just stuck with a lens of "my ex" on your perception. If you try to wipe that clean with some logical optimism and pick yourself up, you'll be just fine. Cheers mate.

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ITT: Good foods that haven't been tried by the masses yet.

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Did the normalfags just appropriate a /ck/ cookalong?

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so Ive finally hit fuck it, decided to buy pic related. I think I've lost control of my life /ck/

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I just ate two of these. They're frozen burgers, so the bread portions end up soggy as shit after heating. You have to eat these with a fork. But it sure did taste yummy. Too bad about the texture though.

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It's a baseball stadium gimmick that doesn't really translate well into microwaveable frozen presentations. I mean, they're both shit, but if you're going to eat shit, at least get the one at the ballgame, the way it was meant to be enjoyed. They're usually supposed to be made with Krispy Kreme-style glazed donuts. Not cake donuts.

I hate them, by the way. They're inedibly gross. And I have eaten pic related.

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top jej

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I lol'd

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It's been a bad fast food week. This morning I got up early enough to stop by McDonald's for breakfast, but I ate breakfast at home instead. Late morning, I was feeling hungry so dropped by my local McDonald's. It is somewhat novel for me, so I ordered a McChicken with a large ice coffee.

I was listening to the Misery (Stephen King) audiobook and the line was a few cars and especially slow. I zoned out listening to the audiobook and looked up to see the car in front of me was already at the second window.

I stopped at the first window and no one was around. I waited a minute and thought that maybe the first window was closed at breakfast, so I drove to the second window.

The cashier, who I always see if I go to McDonald's at lunch time, glared at me and said, "I SAID to come to the FIRST WINDOW" in a really aggressive and intimidating manner. She was really angry looking.

Instead of my normal meek and somewhat anxious approach, I kind of snapped and said, "it's isn't that big of a deal, you didn't have to be a bitch" and accelerated really fast out of there. No payment and no food, which was probably a good thing because I had a Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger combination and a caesar chicken wrap for lunch.

Anyway, this McDonald's is literally 3 blocks from my place and I go there 3-9 times a week. Even though she works the morning-afternoon shift, I often go there for an early lunch. She may be a manager now that I think of it.

I guess I can never go back there again unless it is really late and I don't recognize her voice on the PA system. What do you guys suggest? How can I defuse this if confrontation occurs? Should I contact corporate and make a formal complaint?

Thanks, it ruined my whole day and I hope I'm not blacklisted from a McDonald's so close to me.

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Just stop going, it will improve your health and life.
>3-9 times a week
Jesus, I go 3 times a year, MAX

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I'd suggest you make amends with her, and buy her the McChicken, the best fast food sandwich!

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How much soda do you generally drink, /ck/?

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Only if I go to a fast food restaurant that has one of those customizable fountain drink options

Peach sprite? Hell yes

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are there really people on here that don't drink SODA?!

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one every few months

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few sips a day, it's a bit too acidic to chug down really much and the few sips are enough to balance the taste and moisten the stomach a bit.

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Only as a mixer. So maybe twice a week.

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