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Wow, two delicious Sausage McGriddles® for only $2! Is there a better way to start your morning?

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For me, it's Denny's all-you-can-eat pancakes 4$ value meal, the best deal in fast food.

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For me, it's the cooperatively owned vegan place ope 6am-4am. The portions are cheap and generous, because there's no vampires to feed.

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>gay btw
>not sure if makes difference

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Aight niggies. I have a lot of buttermilk leftover. I already made biscuits, cornbread, ranch dressing, fried okra, and this afternoon I'll be marinating chicken for dinner. I'll have probably two cups left still. Wtf should I do with it?

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kys, nigger

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Alright I am looking for the best possible chef's knife i can get for under 200 usd. I picked up a tojiro DP gyuto with a vg-10 core for 60 dollars but its finished like shit with gaps in the handles. Had it replaced and the second one is even worse. I want something with at least a vg-10 core that doesn't have fucking gaps in the handles. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Hope you're getting treatment for that autism, Anon.

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30 dollar victorinox. Easy to sharpen and use. Have several more expensive chef knives but i use this one the most honestly

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Just learn how to sharpen a knife. Buy some stones. And get used knifes that retards like you get rid of cause they don’t know how to sharpen a knife.

And stop being such a little pussy ass bitch.

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What’s this knife obsession even about? A cheap Victorinox will perform as well any of these meme knives. If you really wanted to improve your cooking you’d invest that money in other utensils, cookware or other cooking equipment.

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Do baked potatoes stay edible longer than boiled potatoes?

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It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7zBIyOHcFc

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A few things I find worrisome:

A) Did he buy a house? He seems out of place among modern furbishings.

B) He has more energy lately and doesn't seem depressed anymore.

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>B) He has more energy lately and doesn't seem depressed anymore.
I hate it, we need to go back to gangstalking him

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It’s hard to articulate how reviewbrah has changed but he fucking has. I never particularly loved his video in any sense but they were a decent watch a few years ago. Now he’s just like every other faggot Youtuber.

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He's been looking for a place for a while. It'll take some time to adjust to the new setting. I'll particularly miss the excessive clocks. Let's cross our fingers and hope that the blue chalice made the move as well.

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>Did he buy a house?
Fuck no. This is another property his parents or grandparents own.

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Why does he put (((salt))) in ice cream ?

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i usually add Galze

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>being afraid of salt

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>construct strawman
Pretty fucking stupid, bro. Just stop.

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>where is the assumption
>where is the straw man
>where is the exaggeration
I don't actually expect an answer from someone who doesn't know the meaning of any of those words.

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>He can't reply

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>Why yes, I do have a large collection of hot sauces at home. How could you tell?

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fuck i love this board

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I was waitin all morning for you to post this.

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OK, so the issue with most pigeon is 1. Diseases and 2. Poor trash diet making them taste bad

Now, for those who don't know, Escargot (snails) have a similar problem, so Escargot that are farmed for human consumption are kept confined and fed a healthy diet to flush them out and sweeten their flavor prior to cooking. My question is, could you capture pigeons, keep them in cages, and feed them in a similar way? Flush them out with grain and seed, fatten them up, and THEN cook them. But that still leaves the lingering problem of disease, which I can't figure out a way around.

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>And don't a fucking city pigeon. God only knows that those things have fed on.
thats the point here

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Wood pigeons are fine. Rock doves (city pigeons) are not.

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Why did you post a picture of a deer, then start talking about pigeons? Most of the pigeons I have ever eaten were from the wild, I used to go with my dad to hunt them. Getting up early, getting yelled at for being too slow or too loud, or moving too quickly. No good food either, because he was a shitty cook back then. Then we get the pigeon he shot, and stick it in the trunk of our Toyota Corolla on a tarp and drive back home to hang it in the garage for butchering. Good times. I don't know why you would want to cage a pigeon though, it's important that they get lots of exercise to their meat stays nice and lean.

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Is that a thing now?

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>don't mind me,i'm just the best spice to ever exist

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This isn't "a spice," shit-for-brains

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Cassia is bad for your liver if you're eating it daily. Get real ceylon cinnamon. The Mexican stuff, also known as canela, is good and cheap. It's easily identifiable by its many thin layers.

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Why is ceylon not cheaper and more abundant?

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I don't know the history, but India also defaults to cassia.

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I think the bottle of vodka I chug down every evening is probably worse for my liver than a bowl of cinnamon cereal every morning

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why do I get suspicions that there's cum in my milk?

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because i ejaculated into your choccy milk after edging for a week

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There's no way you edged for a whole week without getting blueballs.

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I think there's more to it though. Imagine all these farmers and factory workers by themselves, next to liters of milk. Nothing hinders them from coooooming, they're already fucking goats

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“Gigot bitume” is a traditional meal on French construction sites, often to celebrate the completion of masonry works or foundations.
Pieces of seasoned meat are wrapped in several layers of Kraft paper and aluminium foil, and cooked by suspending them inside of containers filled with liquid asphalt for up to an hour.

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they're fighting back against high taxes whilst also wanting more immigrants which are the cause of thier high taxes

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>getting all your news and real world views from /pol/
oh boy

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The fat girls are black man’s territory sorry c*uc

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Imagine being so incapable of thinking for yourself you only regurgitate thoughts from the sources you were told to trust

Imagine being proud of that.

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I mean good, they can have em

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Got some beef bones, what do I do with them?

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Roast them. Then make stock with them. You are welcome.

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I see you’re a man if taste as well

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this is the perfect time to use an Instapot; makes perfectly clear stock (bc pressure cookers don’t boil) and won’t make the house smell like boiled cow leg

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Who would want to spend time in a house that lacks heavenly boiled cow leg aroma?

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I'm a poorfag so I'm gonna have to skip out on the meat.

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>"What do we dooooo?!???!?!? I've never had turkey before, my mom never let me eat at Thanksgiving!!!!!!"

God, here we go again with this stupid bitch.

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did you just watch the latest video and run here to talk about it as if anyone here watched it with you?

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You do realize that there is a comment section below the video that you just watched, right? Use it for your frustration, not this board.

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Brad and Claire go on fair rides together stop being a fag this is a big deal.

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you have brain disease

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I want waffles. Do you?

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I am so hungry that I could die right now. I want bacon. I am so full of food that I could die right now. Do you have bacon? It has to be good food. And then what? I want to eat it, right now. Now what? Do you like breakfast? What do you like, in that case? The smell of bacon, the taste of the fried eggs, the look of the toast and the smell of the hot sausage. I want bacon so bad. Oh god. I wanna go home and eat some bacon. Do you really think that I want to eat the best damn bacon you put into this bowl with warm syrup? No. Not good fucking bacon. Not even a little bit bacon. Let me try, one minute. One minute. I don't want this to happen, so I will try one more time.

RAW Paste Data

Okay. So. I just want you to give me something to eat. I will have a bacon and egg omelet. You just put some syrup in.

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No but if this interview I'm about to walk into goes well, I'm making pancakes for the gf before she comes back from school.

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you are offered:
>a one-time visit to a 3 michelin stars restaurant of your choice, bill already paid
>or one year of free-food from your favorite fast-food chain
which one do you pick?

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the one time visit, fast food is garbage and getting it for free would just encourage me to be unhealthy.

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Why do I care what some employee for a tire shop thinks about food?

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Have you eaten at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay? Didn't think so lmao.

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Pretty sure a year of fast food works out to save you more but who would eat fast food all year long that isnt american.

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Id do a year of fast food.

Probably go for El Pollo Loco. Seems like the healthiest out of all the fast food chains

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in contrast to the worst thing yea bad thing is gooder, it's sound logic

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Really cheap recipes for /fit/ college student?

Please help ramen is killing me

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fuck off faggot

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Chicken, rice and beans.
Basic chili
Peanut butter sandwiches
Grilled cheese

Also get a fucking job.

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