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Is there a list of basice "archetypal" recipes somewhere?

I'm really bad at coming up with ideas to cook. I'm talking basic like "breakfast: fries eggs and ham, pancakes, waffles" etc. I don't want a list of 17 different kinds of pancakes or something. Just a list of the most basic form of any given recipe so I can quickly look through it and pick something that sounds good.

The internet has basically made this impossible to find, because every search query for recipes comes up with "17 natural began grain bowls that you're DYING to try" or "35 varieties of smoothie that definitely are NOT just different combinations of fruits I swear."

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Perhaps engage your solitary braincell instead of using Google as a substitute for imagination

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go buy a cookbook at salvation army

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I have been trying for years but I can only come up with a few recipes before my mind goes blank. Yes, I know I'm retarded.

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That's what old fashioned cookbooks are for my dude, just find one from the 90s with not too many bells and whistles and you'll be golden

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What is your opinion on their pizza?

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Which kind frozen or from their fair food station?

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Pizza only self made. If you think otherwise you are a big fat cuck.

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How did he season his food?

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So if you did not allow children in restraunt would that be legal?
I hate it when they carry on+run amuck while I'm trying eat.

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It is at cracker barrel but they just have old people as their primary demographic. I will say that the worst state I've ever been to, Virginia, is the world capital for cracker barrel though. They're like Starbucks there.

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In a free society you can do whatever you want, but it's likely if you opened a restaurant and set 16+ age restrictions people would complain and you'd lose more business than you'd gain.

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Whoa whoa whoa 14+ rich people still need dates anon

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It's already legal, although I personally find it difficult to find a restaurant with the balls to ban kids under the age of 5-10. There's already been a few restaurants that became "controversial" in mommy group talks because those restaurants ended up banning children after too many issues/complaints.
TLDR, fuck your crying kids, I shouldn't be subjected to your child's tantrums when I'm out trying to have a quiet meal.

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Believe it or not restaurants with a children ban end up with more reservations/more patrons because of such a rule or the controversy behind it.

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>Plant based Burgers
>Plant based Steak
>Plant based chicken
>Plant based milk

Join the future /ck/

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Or I could have burgers, steak, chicken, and milk.

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Anon that's not plant based "milk".....

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If you're not lactose intolerant, just drink actual fucking milk. I don't understand this "plant based" garbage.

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>cow-based milk

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There’s quite nothing like waking up on a cold and rainy Saturday morning and making yourself a big, thick slice of toasted Panettone™ that warms you as you eat it with a cappuccino.

The smell is incredible, the kitchen gets filled by a subtle smell of orange zest that is released in your mouth by the browned bits of Panettone™ where the Maillard reaction happened.

And you? How do you eat your panettone anon?

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Look at this, isn’t it beautiful?

You can pour some Grand Marnier or any other orange liquor on it to boost the orange note that is naturally part of this elegant yet hearty sweet.

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hai rotto il cazzo con il tuo SPAM testa di cazzo
restatene QUA

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Sorry I only speak English but thank you for the kind words, I appreciated.


Oh no anon, this is not a canned processed meat product, it’s a baked sweet!

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What you kitchen nickname? My name is Raptor.

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We'll call you Musky

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burnie handers after a good old fryer accident

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Mine was "Hey, you"

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mine was legs. i wore dolphin shorts and a sweatband to work every day. it's back of house, nobody's gonna see. gotta hustle and beat that heat somehow right? at least i'm not sweating on the food any more.

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and before you ask yes i am a man

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Post your lunch.
I made the unpopular steak tartare.

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More like arranged on a plate.

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Autism should be a capital crime.

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Imagine thinking that is good plating lmfao

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I wasn't trying to make a fancy plate, dumbass. I just dumped the stuff on there and it came out that way.

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it shows

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Trying to decide if I should buy an entire Costco pumpkin pie for myself.

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why not, you can eat it over a week

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Can I? It's 4000 calories worth of pie. But it's the best value out of any store bought. And I really like pumpkin pie.

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So you really like pumkin pie, huh?

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Well, yeah. Who doesn't?

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W-what are you insinuating anon?

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Anyone have any eating disorders? If you do, how do you cope with it?

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you're only supposed to eat when you're hungry
the reason people are fat fucks now is because they eat constantly

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I have really terrible control when it comes to food because it's the only thing that actually feels good in my life. I was a fat fuck for years and lost 80 lbs like 3-4 years ago but I still have like 20 to lose and i just can't do it. When I was living alone I'd go to the store almost every day so I wouldn't have any extra food in the house cause I'd always eat that late at night. Now I'll bike 4-5 times per week but when I get home at midnight after I can't stop myself from eating some toast or some sweet if it's in the fridge.

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there is no excuse

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I struggle to actually eat. Barely holding on to a triple digit weight. I take multi vitamins, eat high calorie trash, and drink boost nutritional drinks (530 calories each) since I can't drink as much milk as I used too.

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I don't like eating, but I like cooking. Yet I drink way too many sugary caffeinated beverages so I still have some fat on my bones.

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do you like some sauce?

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what kind of sauce is that

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Ah, that's in no way an universal truth as I don't think I'm really that representative of well anything but it is what I truly believe

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Of course I want some. I love sauce

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love you too

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It's 6 AM, should I go to Taco Bell and get a breakfast crunchwrap or should I go to bed?

No this isn't an advertisement I'm just trying to decide whether or not I want to waste my neetbux on fast food and indigestion when it's way past a reasonable time to go to bed. Thanks anons

Pic not related

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I was a bartender at a legit place made $50/hour but I got fired for butting heads with management so now I'm food stamps and low-ass unemployment

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I want sushi now

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Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. Here, I'll put it into NEET speak for him

Anon, have your mommy make some breakfast burritos for you to cook in the microwave, that is if you have enough good boy points to cook by yourself

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I was in the industry for 15 years. Still cook a lot. But I also have a soft spot for Taco Bell, what can I say? And my disability makes it hard to really cook more than once a day now.

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Shoo, roasties, shoo.

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What's the better thing to eat today on saturday afternoon. Chinese food. Or little caesar's pizza.

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Make your own food

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>Make your own food
And post pics

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and do it while drinking heavily

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you mean a post of what i look like? here is me last week

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I recently bought a tube of Lays, Classic flavor.
However for some reason it's extremely bland. Is there anything that can be easily found/made for me to put on top of these chips?

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old bay

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Garlic salt. Chicken salt. MSG. Chili powder. Ramen seasoning pack.

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I hate vanilla extract!

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you're not supposed to sip it neat

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>he doesn't buy Nielson-Massey

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Just buy real bourbon vanilla. 2€ a pod isn't that expanise and you can use the empty pod to make actual vanilla sugar by sticking them into a sugar box for a couple weeks.

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OP here, I also don't like vagina. it's icky gross.

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agree or disagree?

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I genuinely fear this man may have a fucking problem

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ya that shows trash

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What am I in for ?

I have absolutely no idea what it tastes like

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cut a hole in your door so the kitters can poop outside like I intended

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imagine the smell

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>imagine the smell
OP doesn't have to
and I don't want to

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I mix it with strawberry jam to make sweet hot sauce

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Question to Hungarian bros. I am making Hungarian bean soup right now. Do potatoes belong in it or not?

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funny, I'm making hungarian gulash soup

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My boy

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the virgin steel rods vs the chad twisted wrought iron

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