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What should I get from Waffle House /ck/? How should I get my hash browns? Any secret menu items or combinations you like? Discuss

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R8 my sub /ck/. P-please be gentle.

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What can I do with a banana

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contact the amazing atheist

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stick in it ass

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Its a basic catalyst if you're considering getting into Bananomancy.

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Become an atheist

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Is Weber god tier BBQ or is there other brands on a par with them? Looking at the Q3200 but I'm not rich and would rather use money saved on some food.

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Dear god... these folks think you can just jam anything into an m&m and it still be technically an m&m?

Shit taste snickers-y.

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>These are awful
>They are good

now I'm confused, who is correct?

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They are good. Autismos screeching is other two

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One of us is lying and the other is telling the truth

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My opinion is correct, as is the other guy.

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>eating chocolate with polyglycerol polyricinoleate as the emulsifier instead of cocoa butter solids

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Holy shit chick FIL a. Fucking put a warning label on your salsa that it has jalapenos in it. I was Fucking gagging on this free bowl because it. Salsa should be sweet not burn your tounge off. Yeeesh

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>spicy food
>no taste

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8/10 bait.

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>gets free meal
>puts salsa all over it
>doesn't taste it first just uses the packet
>complains it's "spicy"

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This is a fucking retarded bait thread. That packet in the image literally says "jalapeno salsa" on it.

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Help me out ck
Candies that seem classy and decadent that you can make as gifts for friends and family, while not having romantic undertones

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Best foods for clear beautiful skin? I know basics like avoiding sugar and being fat.

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Dairy is a huge trigger for my acne, so I'd reccomend avoiding that.

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No no. Never said fars are bad. I said BEING fat is bad

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Fuck, you're right

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post your boipucci

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did he died?

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I'm gonna make some Turmeric rice. What should i add with it? also what are the ingredients i need to buy?

Help me take my mind off of suicide friends

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Add some coconut milk and then kill yourself.

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based Chuckbox, wow, over 278 sold, gotta be gud

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The casual degradation of any marginalized group, in this case making light of American chattel slavery and how it affected black people

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Also that's a funny sign. I'm surprised the joke went over so many people's heads.

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God, now I'm hungry. Thanks a lot!

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This fucking thread...Chuckbox is actually legendary, but this is a food and cooking board so all we can talk about is some sjw woke shit.

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>tfw too intelligent to eat meat

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go to allrecipes.com and find the worst example of your favorite dish

this clam chowder features
>1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed cream of celery soup
>1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed cream of potato soup
>1 (10.75 ounce) can New England clam chowder

>2 (6.5 ounce) cans minced clams
>1 quart half-and-half cream
>1 pint heavy whipping cream

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chocolate mousse
>1 (3.9 ounce) package instant chocolate pudding mix
>1 1/2 cups milk
>1 (16 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
>Prepare the pudding in a large bowl using 1 1/2 cups milk instead of the suggested 2 cups.
>Fold in the whipped topping until blended. Refrigerate until chilled and serve.

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>1 (10.75 ounce) can New England clam chowder

dude what

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The title of the recipe was the first mistake.

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Sponge Cake Tiramisu

>2 cups mascarpone cheese
>3 cups heavy whipping cream
>1/4 cup confectioners' sugar
>3 tablespoons coffee-flavored liqueur
>1 teaspoon instant coffee granules(kek)
>1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
>1 sponge cake
>1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

Official quote: "Italian dessert cake. Not exactly like what you would get in an authentic Italian restaurant, but still good."

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I'm about to go to the store soon and I'm kinda new to cooking. I want to keep my budget to roughly 20ish burgerbucks. What do I buy / make. Also my stove , and oven kinda suck but I can make do.

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I'd like at least half a week but prefer a week if possible

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if you buy rice and beans you can eat rice and beans

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wtf did he mean by this

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If you need $20 to last a week, you're going to need to eat the *really* cheap food.

But the good news is that you'll have extra spices left over for next week, and that will let you stretch next week's $20 further.

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Were you a member of the Burger King Kidz Klub? Where are you now?

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I like how Kid Vid needs oxygen and still has the same visor on

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couldnt climb the stairs during the fire

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Head on collision with a runaway freight train.

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fuck that's grim

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Well at least he saved the lives of the people further up the track.

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Will Amazon ruin Whole Foods?

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Whole Foods was garbage to begin with. They forced a company I worked for into selling out to them and the quality dropped like 90%. Garbage company with garbage practices and even worse food. I can elaborate later if you want.

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Whole foods can't get any worse

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they could if they became partial foods

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I've been in Whole Foods 3 times in my life. Each time was depressing.

I'd rather find a sprouts, or even Vons.

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fuck you

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What is your opinion on these?

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We require more minerals

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a plate full of turmeric root? i like turmeric

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Not very good
Literal trash food. Don't think anybody but the older gooks like them

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i think my problem with the idea of eating insects is that they look the same when they're alive as they do when they're on your plate.

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No they are silkworms

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We've had plenty of threads about white rice, but what does /ck/ do with its brown rice? I've seen plenty of people complain that it tastes like cardboard and therefore should never be eaten, but I've always just assumed that they're using too much water. For white rice I'm certain that the correct ratio is 1.5 times as much water as rice, with a tight lid on the pan, while most people in the west would say 2 times and no lid, so I can only assume that they make the same error for brown. What's /ck/'s ratios?

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I don't know, but I'd never keep either kind of cooked rice for more than a couple of days

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I cook it in chicken stock in my rice cooker. My wife always asks me how it comes out so moist. It's pretty good. I could definitely eat more of it but I never know what to pair it with.

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[Citation Needed]

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Are you Asian?

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Depending on who you ask it shouldn't be a problem. The most conservative limit that I've seen is the NHS saying "no more than 24 hours", although most places will say that you're fine up to 48 hours and I've seen a good number of places say "4-6 days".

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your favorite meals with only veggies? i really need to eat better but dont really know what to do

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>stop eating eating kraft singles
You're asking too much.

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In most restaurants you order the meat and the rest is just extra.

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Or a Britard joke

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1 cup of chickpeas/beans
1 small onion diced
2 tomtoes chopped small
1/4 of a leafy cabbage cut into very fine strips
then mix and add seasoning of your choice
>optional improvement
add a small pear or an apple diced to the dish
wa la. healthy bean salad

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What makes veggies good eating is having a nice sauce or gravy. I simply steam the veggies, then add some sauce and I'm practically licking my plate clean later.

I don't have a good recipe at hand, because I usually just make shit up as I go and it's still a lot of hit and miss. Yet even when it misses, it's usually good enough for me to finish it all.

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Imagine... That's husband material right there. Suckdik4lyfe

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Question: who would you rather date, a guy who came horchata, or a guy who pissed eggnog?

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Eggnog goes better with alcohol so I'd pick that guy.

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>he closes his eyes when he jerks off and doesn't open them till he's disposed of the cum

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>be me
> At my cousin's first place from home
>She's hungry decides to make chicken quesadillas
>I'm nosy so I look in kitchen
>She has raw chicken in a tortilla
>I say that's wrong
>She says she thought they would cook inside

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Hahahahaha oh fuck. His cock must've been enormous for your sis to put up with that shit

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It's funny because in like every other respect he was a great guy. Given enough time though, I have no doubt he would have killed either one or both of them in some horrific accident.

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I wonder where he's at now? I feel like he could have a show like an idiot abroad only it's just him doing stupid shit in America.

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