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Bacon Lettuce Tomato

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>a sandwich with just toppings
i don't get it. might as well have a ketchup sandwich

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You forgot mayo so that's 3 words

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one of the best sandwiches, but only with a great tomato.

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How the FUCK do you wash and clean this? I just wasted a lot of water trying to make a salad out of it.

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"water bills" Found your problem, you live in a shithole

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Thanks for keeping it real with me.

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No, it's just that my family is poor and can't afford wasting anything.

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you can put it however you want sweetie. Around here, tap water is free as it should be. you pay your annual residential taxes and that's it!

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I don't feel like arguing with a troll. Have a nice day.

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Is it acceptable if you just want to make a 'za?

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It's acceptable if you want to make something like the pizza on the packaging; something covering in peppers and olives that a mom might serve as an appetizer for guests at a party. If you want to make something for yourself more closely resembling a pizza you're better offer getting one of the bagged premade doughs most grocery stores carry.

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It's not, make your own doughty and let it ferment in the fridge for 5 days.

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I hate baking so I use tortillas, you have you to double up or else the base is too thin

So I start with a tortilla, thin layer of marinara another tortilla then top it normally

Picrel is a black pudding, olive, mushroom, pepper and truffle zest pizza I made the other day using this method

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yooo I don't get why people get so bent out of shape over a simple word. Short for pizza is "za", it's funny and quirky no cap why do you guys hate this so much fr??

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I'm pure starving like I've had nout to eat and just eat is giving me shit food so I was wondering if any you lads got any clue on what to eat like the

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I've got little dosh left like 30 squid if that so I'm looking at someplace cheep and I've got like nae food in the gaf so like a decent restaurant or fast food place

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The shoe swallows the horse, which is German for potatoes My fingers crunch under sparkly chips Make sure to wipe off your shoes on the dog, but not the cat

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are you homeless? why did you starve yourself?
buy a bag of rice and a rotisserie chicken. maybe powdered soup too.
explain your situation

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Full explanation me and the lads was on a bender right and I've had nothing but booze in different forms since 9pm Friday but since I've learnt I spent my whole paycheck on booze so I've only got 30 quid till I get my next pay

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ok you are just a retarded degenerate then. you could try eating a bag of dick and die.

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Friendly reminder that having a bunch of caffiene while you drink will eliminate any hangover you might have otherwise gotten.

The fight or flight feeling of caffiene will make you feel less drunk, and then that feeling wearing off at roughly the same rate as the alochol will make you feel comparatively less anxious the next morning.

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>Friendly reminder that having a bunch of caffiene while you drink will eliminate any hangover you might have otherwise gotten.
what's next: speedballs are perfectly OK too? go blow out your liver, alchie

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>having a bunch of caffiene while you drink will eliminate any hangover you might have otherwise gotten.
exact opposite is true.
the correct ratio is:
1 pint of water
2 drinks

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It also helps to stick to low ABV drinks. If you take a shot by itself vs mix it with 10 oz of soda water that makes a big difference in how much water you're consuming, without needing to remember to have water breaks

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Taken to grabbing laver down the beach and trying to make up some recipes for laverbread - incredibly uncommon Welsh food, most of which just makes a gross pile of seaweed

my current iteration is;
seaweed slowcooked over night
toasted oats, garlic, diced onions and grated cheese into cakes

It's at the point I'd recommend as its fucking free, you only need two handfulls of the stuff for like 5-6 cakes. Dont eat more than a palm sized cake a day, your body has never dealt with Iodine levels like this. We're talking alien dog farts, completely unknown smells. You could trick your partner into thinking that your dog is dying.

fry a cake up to crisp both sides in the morning. I do believe I'm probably one of the few people in Scotland who is not Iodine deficient, this shits pretty good and as its free would recommend

Anyone tried anything with it? Having some fat (cheese) in it really made it along with bothering to toast the oats first

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I'm pretty sure you're going to get sick. You even admitted iodine levels. Go to the store for food not the shore

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"Go to the store for food not the shore"

Your level of cuisine casualness offends me. Not only will I eat the seaweed, I'll eat the welks, limpets and all the wild garlic. What sort of quality can I expect in a fucking "store" if it was popular they'd find a way to add rapeseed oil or palm oil.

Nori in ASDA (Nori is Laver)

£170 per kg

Its literally free

Also I'm already sick.

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>customer orders burger without pickles

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Break's over wage, and remember no onions either

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I’d like a burger please with no bun, no pickles, no ketchup, no onions, no cheese, no beef. Thank you.

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>no beef
then it can't possibly be a burger.
pic related.
>inb4 "chicken burger."
not possible as a burger is only cow meat.

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Thoughts on truffles? Are they overrated?

Pic related, it's from the IG stories of some model.

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God tier in salads, on pasta, in stews, anything that won't overpower their profile
>truffle oil
Literally perfume, nadir of food, unsuitable for human consumption.
>but what about actually truffle-infused oil
Gets a pass, but nowhere near as good as getting some real truffles in your dish.

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You can just tell how useless this girl is by looking at the way she eats

>> No.19324586

What way is that? She has a slice of pizza on a plate. Pretty sure that's how everyone eats pizza

>> No.19324591

I'm thinking it's how the pizza (which is usually the 2nd course) is already there but the utensils are perfectly arranged and the napkin is still in place

she literally just ordered "something expensive" because the point of the meal was the instagram shot

>> No.19324670

>the pizza (which is usually the 2nd course)

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We have a grill on our loading dock at work.
UPS and FedEx are both off today so I've got nothing to do.
Bought enough stuff to grill up some food for the crew.
I'm literally getting paid to grill all day.
>hot dogs
>land-o-lakes cheese (best burger cheese. it isn't even fair to the other cheeses.)
>no hfcs ketchup
>french's yellow mustard
>koop's horseradish mustard
>duke's mayo
>little bags of chips
>sweet tea
don't know if anybody is bringing sides, a couple people mentioned them.
i'm fucking pumped, anons!
getting paid to grill on a loading dock is exactly what those men died for!
liberty and justice for all!

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already did that, forgot to list it.
thanks, anon.
we celebrate instead of mourn because we won.

>> No.19324624

thank you for your sacrifice

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I grilled steaks and had a fire pit and got drunk yesterday. Today I’m just nursing the hangover and will eat leftover steak later.

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It's a nice day to get together and grill out for most people, but some families with a military history take it seriously. There's a service going on at the ww2 monument in my town as well. respect the dead and cherish the living kinda deal. of course we aren't going to do that in the winter.

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The holiday was started after the civil war and was a day of mourning

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Haven't done this in a while, this time we'll go to Uganda, seems like a nice country, let's see what kind of restaurants, food, and people they have.

As always, locals are welcome to explain to us what we're seeing.

Let's go, pic related, it's from Café Frikadellen in a city called Masaka in Uganda

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Nice, I remember these threads, OP.

>> No.19324673

i will have one monster burger for a strong man, please

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File: 1.71 MB, 1261x861, Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 16-26-10 Uganda.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 1.06 MB, 1007x866, Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 16-26-21 Uganda.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>get paid $70/h
>cooking dinner takes at least 1 hour
>delivery costs $30-40

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Are you working that extra time you'd be preparing dinner instead of having food delivered?

>> No.19324413

This. Summer kids are fucking retarded.

>> No.19324416

I could since I'm salaried and work from home without a fixed schedule.

>> No.19324422

project managers need to be liquidated from the workforce.

>> No.19324425

I didn't ask if you could, I asked if you actually are.

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Remember what they took from us.

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>want to get into coffee
>do not want to splurge fucktillions of € on an espresso machine
>a cheap and supposedly good option is Aeropress
>shit's made of plastic
Should I just give up?

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Iunno man who cares.
"Want to get into coffee" bro don't worry about the plastics, you're already gay.
But yes, it makes a fine cup of coffee.

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Ceramic Hario V60, glass Chemex or glass Bodum.

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modern aeropress platic won't cause you harm, get a glass french press instead if you're paranoid

>> No.19324270

All duly noted, thanks. Not giving up then.

>> No.19324383

>want to get into coffee

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is pizza a sandwich?

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This is now a cube rule thread.

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toast is an open faced sandwich, anon.

>> No.19324496

Wrong. Open-faced sandwiches are just toast with toppings.

>> No.19324581

A mushroom is more like an animal than a plant.

>> No.19324589

so dumb. what about nigiri sushi?

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I remember getting horny as a kid watching a woman drink 500ml of donkey semen

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Fuji apples taste like freaking apricots.

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anon all I know is I make apple pies and apple crisp and it's fine with mcintosh or cortland apples, but if you can't get those you pick something else PLUS granny smith, and it comes out similar. granny smith is an apple you can't go without.

>> No.19324264

you definitely can eat them raw; very nice sliced thin with cheese, in salads, or with pænut butter.

it isn't exactly a juicy munching apple like a mcintosh though

>> No.19324290

>people think granny smith are cooking apples

>> No.19324301

It's sorta like using cheshire as a replacement for feta; obviously not the same but sort of works in a pinch.

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realest question, anons.
is it "ape-rih-cot", or "app-rih-cot"?

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>recipe calls for lemon
>use lime

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it just turns out better when I use lime instead of lemon. lime is fruity and delicious, lemon is plain and boring

>> No.19324201

You wanna know what else is fruity and delicious?

>> No.19324204

My cum after a hard night of drinking and smoking?

>> No.19324209

You're the fruity one anon

>> No.19324211

>police report calls hot pocket a sandwich

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why can't I let the dough rise in the form? why would I need to do it in some nerd basket?

>form the dough
>final rise in the form

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>> No.19324288

Correct. Fuck "food science" cucks and test kitchens. All of that shit only exists as a means to promote and sell useless products to idiots with too much money.

>> No.19324329

it's your bread, you can do whatever you want with it.

>> No.19324355

But if you want to use dutch oven you need to preheat it, otherwise the dough will not rise.
If you don't want to use the dutch oven just toss the dough into the oven.

>> No.19324373

sorry bro, Im not a liberal

>> No.19324610

chainbaker on youtube can tell you why.

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VJ comes at you with a pizza, what do?

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ask her if she has seen the kingcobrajfs deep fried avocado video

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Wal-Mart's soups are 3 dollars and healthier AND cheaper than HEBs and Krogers

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>> No.19324124

grow your own

>> No.19324248

Soup tree?

>> No.19324267

Go to your local market.

Get some zucchini. Get some onion. Get some bell pepper. Get some carrot. Get some noodles. Get a bag of kale or spinach. Get a can of tomatoes.

You can make a vat of minestrone for $15. Prepackaged soup is fucking nasty.

>> No.19324341

You can do that? Just make soup? Nobody gets angry or anything?

>> No.19324369

there's that word again.

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