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What are your must have cooking utensils and tools you keep in your kitchen

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I fell for the chinese food meme. You niggers lied to me about that shit being good. Went to a chinese place earlier, and ordered the rice. It came like picrel, and was the blandest shit ever. Is chinese just synonymous with shit or what?

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Go on Yelp.
Look at Chinese food restaurants in your neighborhood.
Filter for what you’re willing to spend.
Find something with actually good reviews.
Go eat there.

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What do you order?

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I'll have a More and a Other Bits

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I usually love menu threads, but bong food is all so incredibly boring and samey.

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>dragon burger
Fook lads, England really is the Shire innit

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Why am I paying for a fork and a tray???? Are they just going to hand me my chips with their bare hands?

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Four baps and some trays, maybe a large fork or two.

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Don't know about ketofags but I don't have the money to eat good and stay under 20g but 40g and under is a breeze.

Felt snackish tonight.
Sauted some chopped spinach in some butter, salt, garlic, onion, and pepper.
Poured over 6 meatballs
Topped with some garlic parm sauce.

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also panned some extra sharp cheddar into the sauted spinach
delightful little snack

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its a lot easier than that. just eat a stick of butter and forgo the other stuff.

but seriously though low carb is a meme.

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it's back

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top sloppa

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Even Mexican food is healthier than this

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It's been back, retard.

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....are there any with a comparable effect?

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Green tea. Get a pitcher. Get a pot. Boil a bunch of tea bags. Let it steep. Remove the tea bags.

Let the tea cool down. Put it in the pitcher. Add lemon juice. Drink the green tea cold.

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1) What's unhealthy about energy drinks. You can get sugar-free ones.
2) Coffee and/or tea.
Next thread, please

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Good stuff, slightly healthier

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yeah heard of it, maybe ill just get some coffeine tabletts, for when i really need something quick

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It was the currywurst of times

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BASED how was it

i haven't had currywurst in years but i crave it daily

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€1.50, so a good price and enjoyable on the go.
This particular place uses tomato sauce and not ketchup (not as sweet) which is preferable, I think. Otherwise, senf(mustard) is the better topping.

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Post tits (female)

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Why hasn’t it gained popularity outside of Germany?

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There aren't enough brown people in other countrys

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Why are lupin beans so hard to find?

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Just go to an ethnic specialty market. They have them at my local one. If you don’t live in a city, buy them online.

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are you rural?

i found some in Marseille, and have not looked for them since because they are not very good

if you want a good snack, get some roasted chana

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Can't trick me, Inspector.

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Dont know why they look like that

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Get the fuck out of my board, skynet

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are your chickens autistic?

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no they're acoustic

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*does nothing*

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i toast them a bit and grind them to a fine powder.

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I bought a bay laurel. Pretty dope.

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You have to ACTIVATE them with baking soda...Wat? BAY LEAVES?? oh...
Nvrmnd.. I only use those on occasion.
Mostly soups and stews, but I may be putting a few in my mushroom Ketchup...
Yeah.. Gonna do that right now.

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I dun DOOOD it.

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absolutely necessary in adobo

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I want to make Chinese food, so obviously I need a wok and cai dao knife. I got a wok. Where do I get caidao? And what is a good price range for a good one? Should they have a straight cutting edge or a little curved? How long and tall should they be?

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No way you're that shit at handling a regular knife.

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You got really triggered when I identified you, huh.

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Pretty sure it just says "Chinese kitchen supply" in Chinese, but in practice Chinese does do transliteration where they try to find something close in pronunciation. America for example is mei guo, which means beautiful country

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>Where do I get caidao?
any asian kitchen shop
>And what is a good price range for a good one?
my shi ba zi zhuo costs ~$45, it's pretty good, consider that the maximum I would pay for a big knife, anything higher is purely indulgence
>Should they have a straight cutting edge or a little curved?
slightly curved, like your pic is ok
>How long and tall should they be?
my cleaver is 22cm long, I think.. not sure about height but it should be at least taller than your typical western chefs knoif

>> No.19326874

Thanks. The local Chinese grocery didn't have knives (although they have literally everything else), so I'm forced to look online. Seems like a carbon steel cai dao should probably be like $30 in a store, but idk.

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it's time

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mexican oregano is basically marjoram and marjoram is basically a slightly sweeter mild oregano. he's fine.

>> No.19326808

if he wants it to taste more like Mexican oregano he can add a little coriander.

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needs beans.

>> No.19326835

looks like it's startin off good, lets see what you got

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it's going

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do certain liquor get you more drunk than others?
for me, it's spiced rum.

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Yes, regular 80 proof, 100°, 151°, and everclear in that order. Congratulations on the big 2 1, anon.

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I get drunk just by looking at your mother

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Your body only processes the alcohol as alcohol, nobody is worse on beer or gin or whiskey or wine or schnapps or sake or anything. It's just the amount you take in and how quickly

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champagne gives me the giggles.
red wine does not
Gin makes me cry

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purely psychological not physical

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What is the ideal burger order?

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probably the Burgers Templar but it’s notoriously hard to get in unless you know a guy
you’ll have to settle for the Burgers of Columbus

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Best snack cakes?

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Store-bought swiss rolls taste like gasoline

>> No.19326794

oatmeal creme pies and star crunch are the only two worth eating

>> No.19326813

the memory of eating these is always better than actually eating them

>> No.19326843

true. nostalgia is delicious.

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Only correct answer

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>$10.49 for bread

Is the price justified?

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supermarket bakeries never have uncut whole wheat bread, and i don't know how to find a bakery in Minneapolis

this is the closest i can find. i'm aware barley malt is essentially sugar. they're pretty good toasted.

i also bake my own bread often. i got a special long toaster for my long boule slices

>> No.19326805

this isn't gluten-free, NPC. it's glued together with added gluten because sprouted whole grains on their own would be a bit crumbly for sandwich loaf.

it's for health-concious people who aren't braindead enough to believe the existence of celiac conditions means gluten is bad for everyone

>> No.19326820

it tastes good and feels good to have eaten

i'd pay that much to make sandwiches for a convention day or such

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difficult to say how one might find one

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Mane what? A loaf is like $1 in my area

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how many pieces of sushi could you eat in one sitting? one time I ate 64 pieces with 12 baked mussels and an octopus salad.

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this. the rice is filling so i try to eat sashimi at buffets

>> No.19326641

Maybe 18 or 20 :x

>> No.19326695

my all time record is 100 with a few appetizers
I don't want to ever do that again or could ever do it again
I just stick to getting a lot of nigiri pieces and a few rolls if im getting all you can eat sushi

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32 is my limit last yime i had that many i ended up in the hospital

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ai generated thread

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I turned 21 and buying my first beer tonight but I'm scared bros...
Which one should I buy?? What if they look at my face??

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Don’t tell him anon, they’re trying to triangulate your position.

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OP for me it's this

>> No.19326893

Might as well start doing boone’s farm enemas, you’ll get there eventually.

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I got a Twisted Tea Mangonada and it tasted nasty bros

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>turned 21 over 15 years ago

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The cannoli is the ultimate dessert, I could eat thousands of them.

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i kneel king.................

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I don't really like them myself but my mom loves them and I was a shitty kid. Any one havea recipe for creme puffs? I know it's probably not easy but I do pretty good with go instructions.

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I love it when my cookies taste like toothpaste

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as an italian american, cannolis are good but overrated. nothing comes close to pic related. crispy on the outside, but with a soft ricotta sponge layer on the inside. great for dipping in a coffee, and not as much as a guilty feeling as eating a cannoli.

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>Currently jogging around the neighborhood
>Pass a black family and their children throwing basketballs into the air
>The young son asks me why I be runnin for
>Tell him it's to lose weight and get healthy
>He just stares at me and then starts throwing the basketball again
>Ciircle back around after a few minutes of running
>There are chicken wings laying all over their front lawn
>They weren't eating when I ran past earlier
Where ... where did the wing come from?

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I'm not entirely sure what you're implying here, but a word of warning:

Racism is not tolerated on any board except for /b/. Be careful what you say next.

Also, for the record, Black is always capitalized when you talk about the identity rather than the literal color.

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This, so much this!

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nigger probably got hungry

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