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>why yes, I post in fast food threads, how could you tell?

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Imagine being this triggered by seeing threads you don’t like on 4channel lmao

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Look what my boss brought to work!

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Looks would eat/10. Literally 100 times better than shitty cooking threads on this board. Your boss should be Jannie here

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Namefag has shit taste? Who would have thought.

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Looks yummy desu
Be sure to thank him
And bring the Tabasco sauce OwO

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Yeah he brings in homemade pulled pork with sauces all the time too. He loves cooking in quantity

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What the fuck

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1dl of fat has about 900 calories

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>what is fat derpy doo?
that is 100 grams, because wtf measures fat as volume?

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One download?

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Fat has 9 kcal/gram
Protein has 4 kcal/gram

gee I wonder why the cut of meat with more fat in it has more kcal hurr durr

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Olive oil is a liquid and if needs measurement is poured into a 1dl container.
Since dl and grams are defined by each other its easily understandable. 1dl of water = 100g, oil floats on water because its slightly less dense so its about 90g per dl

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What's the worst/best pizza you've ever had?

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>he eats pizza

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Why are Indian buffets the only good buffets?

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Rate my dinner

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Jam tost and scambled eggs ?
Looks okay 6/10

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eggs -burnt
plate - grandma
placemat - dollar tree nonskid cabinet liner
fork - stolen from greek diner
bread - raw

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For me, it's Smores Crunch cereal

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Why don't Americans take pride in making good kitchen knives? It's always MUH CHEAP SHIT BETTER THAN YOUR GOOD SHIT or THE BAD COOK BLAMES HIS TOOLS.

p.s. please talk about cooking knives not your weird insecurity issues, /pol/ is invited to return to their containment board. The last thread was completely ruined within minutes, this is Food & Cooking. Thanks in advance.

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Because other countries do it better so we just buy from them.

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I'm willing to bet there are good knives made in America, you're just an elitist foreigner with no concept of the law of diminishing returns.

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>elitist eurotrash
>posts gook

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We have money. We can just buy them.

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>implying Europeans make good knives

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"dude, this food is awesome look what it's served on!!"
>chunk of asphalt
>acoustic tile
>roof shingle
>car hood
>piece of shale
>drywall section
>broken monitor
>road sign
>samsung galaxy tab 2
>cardboard flap
>cutting board
>the table itself
>old record
>hard drive
>broken shelf
>sock drawer
>living turtle
>pallet board
>broken keyboard
>shoebox lid
>hardwood floor

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I'm gay and Jewish and wanted to remind /ck/ that the holiday of Passover starts at sundown tonight. Traditional foods include whitefish cakes known as gefilte fish, beef brisket, roasted with gravy, matzo ball (cracker dumpling) soup with chicken stock base and macaroons which are almond cookies. During the 7-8 days Passover, observant Jews do not use chametz, or leavened bread, to eat or cook with and only use matzo crackers or bread that has gone from adding water to flour to being FULLY baked in 18 minutes or less, traditionally.

It is a great food holiday.

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I haven't had that experience. Sometimes a particularly nice restaurant will have custom ceramics and I appreciate that. However I recognize that flyover states have their own special and unique culture that they believe is just as valid as anyone else, and you are entitled to bash your own culture if you see it as needing improvement. I for one coudln't agree more on that last point.

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oh hello, welcome to patti's dickered kitchin, boop boop pa doop

this thread is for anyone to post a cook-along, bake-along, lime-along, drink-along, snack-along, sing-along, pickle-along or OC food/drink pics, post your meals or what ever if you don't want to make or use another thread

last thread >>12142127


>sams club edition

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was refering to u bud

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I would enjoy these threads a lot more if you didn't talk like a fucking retarded faggot

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>I would enjoy these threads a lot more if you didn't talk
i concur :^)

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lil masa palooza

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Don’t post here again

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Where did the practice of pairing Swedish meatballs with egg noodles come from? As far as I know they were traditionally paired with boiled potato and jam. Why egg noodles specifically?

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It’s the most plebeian noodle which pairs beautifully with the world’s most plebeian people, the “Swedish”.

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>wh*te people shit on Southeast Asians and indians for sometimes eating with their hands
lmao do you bring utensils to McDonald’s and Pizza Hut or something? Do you seriously eat sandwhiches with a fork and knife?

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Ehm, being racist is bad, why?

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>wh*te people shit on Southeast Asians and indians for sometimes eating with their hands
>Southeast Asian and indians shit on their hands sometimes before eating

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Bro he is going to fuck that Nigerian cunny and then let her make jolloff that they eat with their hands together comfy in bed leave home be he isn't racist he has it figured out

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Fuck off, idiot

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So, that's your explanation?
Are you on medication?

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>eating food not long from the oven and skin on the roof of your mouth comes off

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>waiting 5 minutes and that doesnt happen

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>eating mcdonalds apple pie within 1 hour

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>eat a French bread pizza
>pieces of skin peel off my mouth for the rest of the night

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-Thanks Penis, we loved that recipe you mailed, Melania even wanted to have sex, first time in six years.

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np faggot

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I'm thinking of getting into tendies. What is the best brand of tendies you can buy at the supermarket? One that balances cost and quality well

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This is categorically false.

OP your best bet is to try Zaxby's tendies. If you're unfortunate enough not to live near a Zaxby's then fuck you, you stupid faggot piece of shit. Have fun with your frozen Tyson/Perdue tendies.


Maybe just do some research and find a great recipe, get something to deep fry them in after you have the right batter/breading, and make an assortment of sauces.

But you're not gonna do any of that, are you? You're just gonna post on /ck/. Literally every bar and cheap restaurant and kids menu in the world has tendies so you'll have plenty of time to figure out what kind you like. Congratulations on arriving at the culinary milestone of a 4 year old. Don't hurt yourself.

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you're awfully ornery today anon

>> No.12202253

Just remember it's not only a food. It's a lifestyle. Make sure you understand what you're getting into first.

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thanks senpai

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ask mommy, she will know best

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why does everyone always toast there tortillas in buckets of oil? it gets all wet and soggy and it overpowers the flavor of the tortilla not to mention adding lots of unneeded calories.

the correct what to toast a tortilla is over medium low with a dry pan. toast for at least a minute to golden brown or your heat is to high. if its not to hot it will not stick.

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stfu nigger

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if the oil is hot enough it doesn't get absorbed too much, i thought this was common oil knowledge

also when you take it out, put it in a plate with some cooking paper to absorb the extra-oil

no idea about tortillas though, but this is oil general stuff

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Like I do. Every time I go shopping I tend to grab a few items I don't really need, but think might come handy later. My cupboards are bulking.

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Only if something is on sale and it's either have a long expiry date or i can put it in the freezer. I don't buy stuff to waste.

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I like to make takoyaki when I'm sad, but I want to make sure I'm making the best (and authentic) batter I can....

what I usually do:
360 ml dashi
30 g rice flour
90 g all purpose flour
4 g bonito dust
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp soy sauce
2 tsp baking powder
2 eggs

They usually come pretty dense, not as crispy as they could be and light to dark brown.

Now, I've heard salt is traditionally preferred over soy sauce and that eggs are not used at all. I'm a noob and to be honest I don't know what effect the eggs have on the takoyaki anyways, so I tried a version where I took em out and used 1 tsp salt instead of 1/2 tsp salt+2 tsp soy sauce, as well as 60 g rice flour and 60 g all purpose, and it came out alright. The texture was fluffier and chewier while the color was a glowing golden color, the outer surface was quite crisp once done cooking. But I was left wondering, is this the best I can do?

What flour mixture could I be using? I've heard people also use potato flour. I'd love some pointers/suggestions.

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i'm surprised that your recipe doesn't have any water
i guess that's the dashi stock

anyway one thing i found makes a big difference for light tempura, is having ice cubes in the batter, and very cold water

so try freezing your dashi until it's almost slush - very cold- and it might be lighter

iunno why that happens but it's real

>> No.12201952

oh wow, I agree with you. the first time i made the takoyaki, i used the dashi right after simmering it and things got pretty funky. I don't do that anymore and keep it in the fridge before use. i'll try dropping the temp of the dashi even more then. thanks

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Isn't takoyaki supposed to have octopus parts inside the yakoyaki?

>> No.12201976

It's simple. The less water in your recipe, the more drier, and thus crisper, the batter is going to be. Freezing the dashi and concentrating it gets rid of excess water.

>> No.12201983


yea, i sprinkle in octopus, scallions, pickled ginger once i drop the batter in the pan, but mostly I was concerned about the batter

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Can anyone tell what I ate when I was black out drunk last night?

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my fat cock probably you poofta

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Hey /ck/, have you heard about the new giant meatball? It's part of the new Italian classics menu next to the footlong parmesan.

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ur mum sucked my meatballs and licked my footlong m8

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I covered your mom iny my thick gooey alfredo after she took my whole breadstick

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As if Olive Garden needed to appeal to lower middle class trash even more

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Look at this tryhard

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