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I'm finally going to eat instant Japanese ramen again


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Delimondo has never been mentioned on /ck/ before

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Sounds like it would be comfy pan fried with some eggs. Im intrigued, go on

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It's because no one is paying the premium they charge outside the Philippines for their cheap meat

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webm thread

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Are they based?

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Also this looks like it was built in an old walgreens

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Demoralizing white conservatives and paving the way for the thousand year Jewish Reich.

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Pretty good, yeah. Not where I do most of my shopping but I'll stop there every month or so and grab whatever looks good. Breaks my heart every time they stop selling something I love, though. Miss the cornbread crisps the most.

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They mostly sell their own brand of stuff which is good quality at a decent price.

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They sell mildly ethnic ready made food for middle class people to feel good about themselves

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s tier fruit thread
>shell, no one can touch my food
>fun passtime
>best flavor

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>incredibly sweet
>incredibly juicy
>unique but not overwhelming flavor
>no bitterness
>very low acidity
>thin, easily removable peel
>large fruit, with single pit
>no seeds, pith, or connective to deal with
The epitome of fruit.

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every time I eat relitively plain lentils they have this horibly dry mushy texture. None of the appeal of beans or peas.

Are they doomed to be only served in saucy things like curry to compensate? Or am I simply eating lentils from subpar lentilists?

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>put the milk in the freezer again

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Just thaw it out.

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Skim seems to freeze well but other milks split or curdle on me when thawed from frozen.

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make freezy cheezy you sneezy weezy.

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Just buy powdered milk. If fat is needed in recipe add fat.

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early symptom for alzheimer's

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Should I eat blue rare steak? What does it taste like?

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It's not my favorite doneness, but I can appreciate a blue rare steak every once in a while.
it's chewier and less juicy compared to a rare or medium-rare steak, so you have to slice it pretty thin. it's like eating carpaccio, but you also have the tasty crust.

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The only good blue is cool blue

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Red and seedless, they're great for hangovers and if heaved up it doesn't taste bad.

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take a not-so-thin steak, place it on a very hot pan, sear it for like one minute per side.
the inside should be slightly above room temperature and feel slightly cool in your mouth. If it feels warm it's already in the rare range.

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What's not-so-thin, like a 1/4"?

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The lunch.
Suck it or seed it?

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that soup looks so sad this meal would look better without it.

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Are you a criminal?

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It's quite good. It would be better if I used a beef broth as the base and added onions though...
>yukon gold potatoes
Kind of

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I gotta say, those 18th century recipes are so tasty and very easy to make, especially the various puddings
My favourite might be the Poor One's Bread Pudding

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I understand your frustration, are you a Canadian?

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>try 18th century fried chicken
>actually tastes delicious despite me fucking it up
Pretty good.

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>taking their history away from them
I had no idea he was such a culturally imperialist racist.

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Besides the general glorifying the "old ways" of life what about him makes him Orange? Did he ever come out and say "Trump 2024" or shit like that?

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>"Actually, not all saturated fat is equal."

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I've never worked at a restaurant, but a prep cook job sounds incredibly comfy. Seems to me like you just show up early, chop vegetables or cook at your own pace without a coked out loser screaming in your face, and wrap up before service.

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Always gonna be coked out cook screaming at you, you will never prep enough or do enough, as far as wrapping up before service, as long as no one calls out.

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Every person who tries to run a business does this shit, they can't manage the job, don't want to pay people to do it, but expects everything to be done.

I had the misfortune to meet them. Wants to run their little hostel, but makes people run it for a shitty bed and maybe breakfast, asks guests to clean, makes all these rules they don't follow and rarely show up themselves, or this lady running a home restaurant by herself and asks people to come serve and clean for free while offering them a bug infested storage room, l mean wtf and if you stand up for yourself they kick you out and threaten to call the police. They aren't even paying you!!!!

I fucking hate everyone who does this but they all fucking fail and fall apart eventually because they can't handle it and can't find enough people to take the abuse for them. Never ever ever offer to work without any pay in exchange for anything, and never access abuse from management, just leave. You will be free, and they will be fucked. I only did it to socialize, learn skills, and save money and I regret it all.

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You don't get to cook at your own pace exactly (unless your own pace is pretty quick) since if other people are mogging you by working 2 or 3x faster you'll look like a fool and could actually get fired. I knew 2 prep cooks who got fired for being too slow and poorly preparing items.

That being said it's obviously and easily the comfiest job in a kitchen.

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PLEASE tell me you at least got laid along the way.

this guy did, even if he's pretending: >>18915694

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You're right in theory but in practice your prep list is usually gonna be 2-3x bigger than you can possibly make in the time you're given

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I'm an man of the world, I actually like my crappy burger with a beer! Go figure

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go prep the bull cracker

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You cared enough to voice your opinion. Thank you for that.

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>good quality, medium-rare burger with all the fixings and a side of fries hot out of the fryer
>ice cold IPA on tap
Is there a more iconic duo?

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You're welcome. Do you wanna go to the skate park and learn to kick flip with me?

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I can't wait drink McLagers with my crummy fast food burger.

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>"first we slat and pepper our meat before we brown it in the pan"
>"then we will add the rest of the ingredients...."

Why do you salt and pepper meat before blowing for stews, soups, etc?

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>they're actually good

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>they're actually good
for me to poop on

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Yeah but just for cheeseburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches, maybe some scrambled eggs, its pretty lame for anything else.

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>english muffin
>bit of butter
>bit of maple syrup
>slap a slice of cheese on top

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>"As long as you eat one big healthy salad per day, it doesn't matter much what else you eat, health-wise."

True or false?

By healthy salad I mean all-organic, nutrient-packed ingredients, w/ homemade dressing made with olive oil or avocado oil.

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no way there's enough protein in any salad you could make

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The idea is that most of our health problems are related to our gut bacteria not getting enough healthy fiber and nutrients they need also our guts not having enough fiber to clear out all the older waste.

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Your reading comprehension is poor. You're in need of a big salad.

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Okay that's a fucking stupid idea.

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What should I cook before I call the cops?
>captcha 4KKKWJ

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>before I call the cops?
cook lambchops

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All dairy based foods.

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Cook a nice bowl of 911 asap

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order kfc and serve with sliced watermelon and grape soda. see if he get's the epic reference

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Me personally, i get either a kofte or chicken wrap all veggies with garlic sauce and no fries.

Which brings me to question, why are fries on kebab so popular? you take a perfectly balanced dish and then add some extra carbs that don't belong there. I understand they're a cheap way to fill up your kebab to make more profits. but don't people know about the no fries option, or do they actually prefer them with fries?

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>mozzarella fries
sooo mozzarella sticks in a fry container?
>churro fries
sooo churros in a fry container?

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they’ve had moz sticks off and on for a decade now, and this past run has been like 2 years on the menu.
they are ok, like the shitiest tiny grocery store ones but deep fried so better than doing them at home

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I don't eat fast food because of the employees. Popeyes and Burger King especially.

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If I want mozz sticks I either buy the farm rich frozen ones and air fry them or get them from the walmart deli

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>tfw they removed chicken fries from hungry jacks years ago

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They're out

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You could call it an oreoboros

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It's good.
They remind you of what being a man is all about, kid.

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any oreobros here dunking into the oreoverse

>> No.18915682

same way I deal with my hairy pseudovagina

>> No.18915686

don't trust this.
carrot cake oreos were absolutely revolting

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