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Rumor spreadin’ round
In that Texas town
Bout that shack outside La Grange
Just let me know if you wanna go
To that home out on the range
*schlop schlop schlop*

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>tomato sauce, seasoned ground beef, spinach, lasagne sheets, grated cheese
>black pepper, Tabasco Habanero
Nutritional values:
>400 g in total
>440 kcal
>14 g of fat
>44 g of carbs (10 g of sugar)
>8 g of fiber
>28 g of protein
>3.2 g of salt
Would it be okay to eat this a couple days a week?

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I just made Pasta Aglio recently and it was delicious and fun to make. I added some chicken to the dish with a homemade seasoning that turned the dish from a 8/10 to a 10/10. I've been watchiing and reading some recipes and decided i'll make Carbonara next since it seems pretty straightforward and i've never tried it

I'm pretty limited on cookware but will probably start adding some stuff soon like a mixer and a food processor.

What are some good, easy to make recipes from scratch for people just getting into cooking?

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What does your husband let you eat after you get done on the Peloton? My hubby has me eat some celery and soda crackers with plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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An architect

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This guy is a pseud shill. He just makes up snake oil recipes so he can make videos to sell products of soul less companies who just give youtubers money

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Well yeah, what did you expect? He is literally sponsored by Target. Fucking Target.

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Oh wow you mean it’s his job and he does it for money? I had no idea!

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Why is Michelle the best thing about this fatass's show?

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this post is off-topic

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We have a top thread larping as a pornstar, and my cooking show thread is off topic?

Ok amir eat my ass

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This is a food board why are you posting a dog shidding don't do that tfw no gf

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>Thanks for bringing my to a buffet, Anon. I haven't eaten in days.

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Starting my dump, it's not thaaaat many but I'll keep going

btw jannies/mods: they are all sfw and food oriented please don't 404 this thread just because you HATE cis women

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Why is she such a messy eater?

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>tfw only pizza places near me are Domino's Pizza Hut, and Papa John's

Where should I buy my pizza? I just moved here and I am disappointed with the pizza choices. I miss the options my hometown had.

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Is homemade butter better? Also, is there a way to make it better? I have no idea what resources there are for butter making.

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>Is homemade butter better?
Better than what?

Cheap store brand butter? Expensive farmers market butter?

I mean, realistically a local small farm that regularly makes butter is probably gonna do better than you at home.

But if you just want to try doing it, making butter isn't difficult, what you put in is what you get out. Use good cream.

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The quality of butter depends on the cow.

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I've grown so tired with this board and people in general. For the last nine years I've learned daily, information about nutrition and diet. I did extensive research, experimented on my own body, listened to insane holistic people as well as doctors.

And yes, every single chump run into, 90% of this board, thinks they know it all.
>Meat only diet is best, I'm perfect, prove me wrong. Sources on your refutations?
>Vegan only diet is best, I'm perfect, prove me wrong. Sources on your refutations?
>Paleo only diet is best, I'm perfect, prove me wrong. Sources on your refutations?
>Keto only diet is best, I'm perfect, prove me wrong. Sources on your refutations?
>Milk/dairy bad I'm perfect, prove me wrong. Sources on your refutations?
>Meat bad I'm perfect, prove me wrong. Sources on your refutations?
>Soy/Canola bad I'm perfect, prove me wrong. Sources on your refutations?

I did the research and learned everything, I know all the answers to a healthy diet, and the most basic examples are Mediterranean and Japanese. I blame too much information as well as food production practices for the brain damaged people who swing hard in either direction on diet, be that vegan or carnist. It is becoming a waste of my time to help strangers as well as loved ones with a proper diet. Nobody seems to understand basic reality anymore.

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Do you think a diet can be labelled healthy regardless of lifestyle?

What are the very basics of a healthy diet according to you?

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so you’re one of the faggots you’re complaining about. Shocking!

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what’s for lunch /ck/?

got a couple of empanadas too

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oh shit he’s got a gun
op must be super cool

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>decide to go out for lunch instead of eating what i prepared the night before
>go to busy mexican place
>1 please
>ask for a booth
>stay about 30 minutes after i finish my meal playing on my phone
>server cuck visibly upset i wont just pay and leave
>leave without tipping

Fuck servers

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You won't be missed. Ever. Anywhere.

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Go get my drink, server scum. Make aure you put new ice in it like a good little cuck

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No one cares, I work an above minimum wage job and servers still make more than the average

So get this. If a server doesn’t make equal to minimum wage in that day of work then the restaurant must equal that days wages to minimum wage. So either they make more or the same as minimum wagie for doing FAR less
>ah bloo bloo I have to carry food during lunch rush and it’s soooo hard

Woopty fucking doo

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peels on or off?

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if i'm trying to lose weight i'll peel them

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And just like that, Guy Fieri dethrones Gordon "Salt With a Side of Eggs" Ramsay for my number 1 TV chef. Emeril will always have a special place in my heart (1/2)

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What? An Opie and Anthony regular has a history of saying offensive things?

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Fieri was always based.

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For me, it's Ebbers

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James > Mike > Ben > Barry > Jamie
but really it all went to shit when they went from recipes to vlogging

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And you can make this dish yourself with just the help of this one Kenwood® Kitchen Appliance™!

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>hobo version
>gluten free vegan version
>uselessly overcomplicated version

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>cast iron

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oi mate you got enough mana for that iron?

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I just want to hold her in my arms and let her know that I'll protect her from the jews.

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nothing better than the 'ron for pizza, Pommes Anna, bacon, etc

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>nonstick cookware

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I use my 13" Ikea nonstick for everything and it's great

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Americans should drink tea.
I almost went back to Pabst Blue Ribbon—but NEVER AGAIN, BROS.

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this is a coffee board

now that you know, please leave. reddit will have you.

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Bland, boring and cheap?

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Twinings green tea with jasmine is good

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i don't have an oven but I want to make some sort of dessert with ricotta, any suggestions?

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Make some cannoli. Buy pre-made shells and put your ricotta (Mix in some white sugar, but not too much or else it's gonna suck) inside them using a sac à poche. If you want you can put dark chocolate chips in it, or maybe some pistachio spread if you happen to have some

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ricotta crepes are pretty awesome, if you've got a burner and pan of some sort. With some slight tweaking, they can be made into cannoli like homie here >>13550541 recommended

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