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Why is nutella on white bread so OP?

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Which one do you catch and eat ? The choice is yours

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Why is it called Shepherds Pie ? Who is the shepherd ?

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My mom used to say to me that I've got a little bycicle in my head, your pic remind me that.

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Joseph Yo Momma Hahaha gottem

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If you don't know then you shouldn't be eating his pie. Give it back.

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I'd love some shepherd's pie right now. Is this any good lads ?

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Have you ever tried this traditional American beverage? Do you like it?

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eggnog is great but it's a shitload of calories

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I lived in a place outside America and it is super expensive here. Maybe I will buy one just once.

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It's funny that eggnog as is can be put straight into an ice cream churner. A true shapeshifter.

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Eurochads did it first, and better, by replacing disgusting avocado with egg.

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It doesn't matter if you take care of yourself the majority of the year

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This was good. Super soft. I typically make sourdough but this was a nice change of pace.

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cool but my IQ is far too low to have any chance at reading cursive.

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According to /ck/, saturated fat will kill you and PUFA is your salvation. Anyone that thinks seed oils are toxic is a schizo, and in reality, a reality shared by normal people, seed oils are actually good for you.

So why would a mayo company play up how it is made with eggs, and make no mention of how it is mostly seed oils?

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seed oils/pufa aren't inherently bad, it's just the processing used and storage of most stuff oxidizes the oils, this is especially the case with fast food

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Because normies wouldn't buy mayonnaise if they were reminded it was 80% oil, seed or otherwise.

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when will the woke popcorn industry stop telling me what to do with my food?

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I too watched the most useful Technology Connections video.

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The popcorn button's real function is to generate popcorn using aluminum foil and special microwaves.
Watch them delete my post.

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what am I ordering boys

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waffle cram

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Waffle, egg, bacon. Trucker food pyramid.

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Everyone to put their hands up

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What are the little green leaves in this burger?
also what is your favourite type of leaf to eat in a burger or in a salad?

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batavia lettuce maybe. favourite to eat is radicchio or rucola

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Plenty types have those small leaves. I prrefer iceberg though as it's crunchier, less bitter and overall flavour fresher.

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i like some red onions on my burger (McRib style)

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Just regular lettuce I guess on the bottom bun and grilled onions on top. Gherkins and pickles suck ass

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lel, delightful baitposting anon

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why? don't they allow you to eat all the meat?

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Store space is expensive. They threw out actual food like organ meat abd filled it up with vegay faggot shit that only faggots eat. So yeah, they make us oay more for actual food because I have to travel 100 miles elsewhere.

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This is the bottiest of bots, holy shit.

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based, redpilled even
eat this fist carnist faggot

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Is Cambodian cuisine any good?

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Bourdain was an ultra woke pozzed POS and reddit cant stop sucking his dick.

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Is that skewered rat or frog, or something else?

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I think it's a wasp nest or beehive or something like that.
Traditionally served with a side of Jello

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I'm a historylet, what's he referring to?

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comfy fish and chips thread

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>15 quid for this

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Give me haddock or give me death, or nothing i guess thats fine too.

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First time I had haddock in fish and chips was the best time I've had haddock. Every subsequent time it hasn't been as good, but I keep chasing that dragon. One day.
Never had curry on it, don't imagine I'd care for it. Malt vinegar and tartar sauce for me.

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My dinner for today

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I'm a haddock lad too. Its much better than cod

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if you ain't eating while you driving you ain't living

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>cheese is just solid milk

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>beef is just grown bull semen

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That's because of modern birth control. When girls are pregnant or breastfeeding they don't shit.

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All plants are grown in DIRT!! That's right, DIRT!!
They are also sprayed down with literal SHIT!!
I'm going to only eat legos and grayons from now on...
Well, frozen pizza is okay, that doesn't have anything like that in it.

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>girls have to shit too.

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christmas is around the corner, what kinds of cookies, plätzchen and lebkuchen are you planning to bake this year?

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I love those cookies you posted. My grandma used to make them every year.

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My aunt used to bake a lot of fancy Christmas cookies but she died. My ex wife's family would bake for Christmas, too. She left me. Thanks for making me sad.

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I like the little anise cookies, Uh,

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they are pretty easy to make actually, made them last year and my coworkers already asked for them. the recipe calls them chocolate crinkle cookies
pfeffernüsse in german, but i guess i can also accept that

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Size doesn't matter, only taste.

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Twix is the worst most flavorless candy bar.

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BWCbros... it's our time.

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Has anyone here experience cuisine in 3rd world countries?
Do the crowded, dirty, noisy streets really make the food taste better?

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Fragile little shits like you wouldn’t have survived back in the day.

>> No.19962825

For me, it's the combination of months old frying oil and msg.

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KEK another 'more anon I swear I'd never see the day. It truly is a shithole isn't it. I'm counting the days until I can move

>> No.19962886

Move where? Cleveland? Better stay where you belong.
Not gonna find a better drug scene anywhere.

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It's great because everything costs literal pennies. Without it it would be irredeemable.

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cook them up burnt ends style

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Cram em

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You should've gone to the Skillman Wok instead...Hell, the Rayin's would've had better selection.
Protip: Maybe next time edit your pic, or at least removed the receipt. Do you know where you are? You'd be amazed what bad actors can do with just that-- No need to live in fear or anything, just be smarter---
Vienna sausages are Garbage too.
Enjoy the beer.

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eat them...

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Can we have an Iron Chef thread?
This shit is fucking amazing. Morimoto is the most skilled iron chef, but Chen Kenichi is my favourite

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you'd get alcohol poisoning if you drank every time they said "cuisant" (cuisine)
but thanks anon, I'll steal that game.
I'd add: drink whenever they say "thanks doc"

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Best theme ingredient?
Squid is always great, but shark fin is kino

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My favourite episodes are Chen Kenichi vs Katsuyo Kobayashi (potatoes) and Kōji Kobayashi (pumpkin) because you can recreate many of the recipes seen

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can we just admit already that those big cleavers are totally unnecessary and a regular chefs knife will do the job just as well

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Okay the chefs secret ingredient is McRib. What do you think they're making?

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What in the FUCK do I order from them?

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10 tacos

>> No.19962711

a non gay house in a non gay part of the country

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>> No.19962719

sourdough, extra patty
regular fries
medium grape sprite

>> No.19962796

Bunch of people in here obv don't eat at JitB.
Best things on the menu are in order:
>Egg Rolls
>Potato Wedges (RIP)
>Loaded Tiny Tacos
>Oreo Shake (Might try Thin Mint)
>Stuffed jalapenos
>Curly Fries
>Onion Rings
>Tiny Tacos

Couldn't comment on other dessert items.
Stick to sides because none of their other stuff is worth getting. They used to have a spicy chicken ciabatta sandwich maybe a decade ago that was fucking amazing. They haven't had anything good since.