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Is Avocados still a Millinial thingie?
I want it back and be able to pay for it.

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>alright so that's one pepperoni pizza
>so now that we have you're kids order taken care of, what will you be having, sir?

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>you're kids
Low quality shitpost

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oh look, it's THIS thread again

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Reminder that you do not need a large volume of boiling water to evenly cook pasta. All you need is just enough water to cover the amount you're cooking.

Also this will provide you with extra starchy cooking water which is extremely useful for finishing your sauce.

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Opinion on Shepherd's Pie?

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i hate it.. ironically i love all those things on their own

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It's delicious and I love it

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My first actual girlfriend after high school made shepherds pie when I came over, that was my first time trying it. The dish itself is great, but it also reminds me of the simplicity of things back then, and how things couldn't be as idyllic ever again.

10/10 would reminisce again

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I love the stuff, one of my favorites for the Sunday night meal.

It does bother me though here in the US everyone calls it Shepherd's Pie even though it has ground beef, which would be Cottage Pie.

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>accidentally drank pasta water

I feel really weird. Am I gonna die? Should I throw up or would that ruin my throat? Its been nice knowing you guys

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thanks... I definitely feel that one coming

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No, it wasnt an accident, and. you'll survive.
Let's move on

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You'll be dead soon if you don't eat some raw poptarts!

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>sodium overdose
RIP in pieces OP

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This. Sodium overdose is no joke, OP. You want to turn that poisonous sodium into harmless sodium chloride (table salt), so what you need to do is drink an equal amount of chlorine (bleach) to the amount of pasta water you accidentally ingested. Don't waste any time, time isn't currently on your side.

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So I bought some pecorrino cheese and pancetta for making the perfect Carbconara dish.
Any tips for me not failing again. I know temperature is a this when whisking it all up together.
Could need a little help to make it damn perfect.

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blatant trolling is illegal

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What are the basic foods, spices and other ingredients that you all think every kitchen should always have stocked?

For foods I always try to keep on hand:
-Bell Peppers
-A variety of pasta
-Variety of canned beans
-Canned Tuna
-A variety of cheeses

For oils I always have olive oil and canola oil in stock.

Spices would be: Salt, Black pepper, Chili powder,
Cinnamon, Garlic, Italian seasoning, Rosemary, Thyme, sugar and vinegar.

Not including meats because those don't need to be always stocked, you should buy fresh right before using.

This is supposed to be the basics, you can have a lot more, but you should have these in stock at a minimum, anyone disagree?

How about sauces, any recommendations?

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Well baited, I'm actually fucking livid.

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what kind of flavor does cooking wine add to a recipe? I have seen recipes that call for it, but have never really used it before.

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I don't see butter on that list, for sauces I would say fish sauce for more advanced recipes but probably not for the basics.

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a lot of fish recipe are much better with a splash of white wine along.
also a lot of japanese simmered food require cooking sake

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When i dont have gin i just put some herbs right in my vodka

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What do you think about Jacks new Teriyaki Bowls at Jack in the Box? Should I buy one?

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eat a bullet instead

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what's the absolute cheapest non-home-brewed alcohol?

i need to get shitfaced everyday 7 days a week 4 times a month and not go broke

found this infographic from a quora question about what the cheapest alcohol is from 2013, don't know if the prices are up to date

so what is it /ck/? everclear? franzia 5L boxed wine? rolling rock 24 pack?

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The plastic handle vodka is the only thing on that chart that I can actually drink fast enough to get drunk and keep down. Popov a shit though; there are better bottom shelf vodkas.

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>I feel like no matter what you drink you're gonna be broke m8.
why do you think that? alcohol is pretty cheap

2 5L boxes of franzia a week $9.97 each = 19,94 a week = 79.76 a month

even if i added beer, 1 beer + 1l wine = shitfaced so 30 pack bud light 1 a day $23 a month, total to get shitfaced everyday of the month is $102.76

don't see why i'd be broke
>Switch to weed if you just don't wanna be sober.
i can't do THC, i inherited the AKT1 gene meaning i get drug-induced psychosis, i also have various mental illnesses which add to the flare, fucks me up for months

i can only do xanax or alcohol, but barbiturates impair my motor functions and dumb me down over time much faster than alcohol

well, i'm 6ft2 200lbs and i need 300ml of 40% ABV alcohol to get me shitfaced, so i'd need 3 which would total up to $80 a week, not good, very expensive
lmao you're thinking about the taste? i can down north east african gasoline shit no problem, anything western is like water

how much does steel reserve cost, how many liters is it and what percentage of ABV is it?
lol, nobody even knows me and i never leave the house so i don't have to hide anything from anyone because there is no-one

how much is a 5L of carlo where you are?

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>how much does steel reserve cost
24oz for 1.94 where i live or 40oz for about $3 and some change

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But how do you actually choke it down?

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A 15 pack of Milwaukee's Best Ice is 5.99, which works out to about 56 cents per ounce of alcohol. I'm sure everything in that infographic is pricier now

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When was the last time you tipped and how much?.
In my part of the world, we dont really have to, but I like to tip 10% if service was excellent. (they do get decent paid otherwise)

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like $3 on $12 of beers (3 of them)
feels like I got ripped off since I actually had to go up to the bar each time, I basically paid someone to hold a lever for a total of 1 minute
I hate tipping, though I feel bad if I undertip, and feel terrible if I don't tip at all

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I tipped $5 on a sub-$10 Waffle House order. I was drunk, the waitress was nice and the food was good. I don't generally tip under $5 for food service. At a bar, I follow the $1 per drink standard, and delivery depends, though I don't usually do delivery.

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I had an 8 dollar bill and gave her a 3 or 4 dollar tip I think.

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You don't tip for beers only mixed drinks.

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I tipped a quarter on almost ten dollars of coffee. I felt bad but the change she gave me was two fives and a quarter and I wasn't about to give her a $5 tip.

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How do I make applesauce even better besides cinnamon and honey? I tried a little bit of vanilla extract and it tasted sort of like cider.

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Nutmeg and ginger. thats the hole in the recipe

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So I have just bought tendies (or tenders, as they are called on the packaging) for the first time. Atm they are in my freezer. How should I prepare them, and what am I in for /ck/

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>How should I prepare them
Shove them up your ass. Don't take them out for at least a day. Slow cooking them will break down the muscle fibers of the chicken giving you a more tender tender. Plus you get to act on your faggy tendencies, faggot.

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This thread fucking sucks

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How did this fuck up?

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what the fuck did you do?

fill a bowl with water, hold the rice paper at the top, dip it into the bowl for 10 deconds then rotate the paper such that you dip a dry portion into the water for 10 econds. repeat until just pliable. dont drown it

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>how did this fuck up?
>implying the object is at fault and not the operator.

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Try not to loose the circle shape. Preserve that shape while it's in the water, and preserve the shape after you take it out of the water and put it on the counter.

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Do you deep fry this after forming or what? I've got a package of them but never actually bothered making spring rolls.

>> No.11072152

you can deep fry it if you want to. i usually steam it or just eat as is

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What does /ck/ think of Fantano’s move into cooking videos?

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I think its a fun and silly series so far.

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He's vegan so yes, he probably eats a lot of soy
Based Fantano is making a living off his hobby and pumping his seed into his black wife every day, what are you doing?

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Having many White, straight, Christian children and doing my best to repair our failing society.

>> No.11072154

What if your kids aren't straight?

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Look what I did, is it healthy eat like that? What is your opinion /ck/? I testing how my body reacts on paelo diet. Is it worth to try? I'm really afreid about my pancreas.

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If you've already had issues with your pancreas then don't otherwise if you're young and healthy there's nothing wrong with going keto.

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It reeks british breakfast with a twist

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Mate, sorry to say but some green shit fell on your plate. Right where I reckon you were going to pile beans, tomatoes and mushrooms.

Don't worry, wipe that nasty shit off like snot and grab some bread, the rest can go on a butty.

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Why did you pooped on the pl8 m8

>> No.11072046

That's look like shit and test event better. I just like a blood of hog with grain inside, you should try it. Basically that keto diet isn't for me, feel too languid afterwards.

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>I'm from Virginia, where ain't shit to do but cook
Is he right /ck/? What's some good cuisine from Virginia?

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Chicken and fries from Popeyes according to Pusha.

>> No.11072064

VB/Norfolk has some high quality seafood spots. Oysters and crab being the main staples. Most places have locally caught fish specials too. One Fish Two Fish and Chick's Oyster Bar being good. Dumar's is good for a classic drive-in experience. Route 58 is a great NY style deli. Brass Bell has the best unheard of divey breakfast in VB.

Central VA, aka Richmond, is a hipster city but has some good places like Can Can Brasserie, Galaxy Diner (get the nuclear waste dog), or Lee's Famous Fried Chicken. Dutch & Co won a bunch of awards but I haven't tried it yet. Bookbinders is great if you want a classic steak and seafood house. Perly's is goat for a classic jewish diner/deli experience.

Can't speak as much for DC unfortunately.

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You're going out to dinner. You're with a group of people and they vote on a restaurant. unfortunately, the one they selected is one you dislike but you politely agree, withholding your trepidation about eating there.
What do you do? Order food and not eat it or just not order food at all. Apparently my choice of not ordering inflamed some autismos who insisted that i order anyway.
Thing is i do this all the time, i think it saves people money, there are plenty of others at the table who do order so the waitstaff isnt affected. No one is affected other than the "Why isn't he eating again" people who seem to be driven out of their minds a this.
I'm not going to order and not eat so why order at all.
>So what's your problem??
well if we went to a sushi place, would you order?
>No! I would never go to a sushi place because i find it disgusting.
...and yet here i am. it's just food, why make it about you if I dont eat, arent we here to relax and have fun? Maybe I'll order a drink.

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Not OP, yes thats a bit antisocial, but that shouldnt "RUIN" your time snowflake.
What if the fucker just wants to come with but not eat? Antisocial would be not going.

I went to dinner with my brother a few weeks back. One of his former roommates came with, and she only had a drink, no meal.
Nothing wrong with that. I was introduced to someone I don't know, that's fairly social.

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Getting a drink or an appetizer is fine. Not getting anything and sitting there like a loser is not.

Think of it this way. Why continue to invite people places when they won't participate?

>> No.11072066

I said as much earlier. Just making the point that there is some gray area there.
All the people crying that someone else not eating ruins their meal need to calm the fuck down.

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you want to tell me that the entire menu doesnt have a single item that you want to eat?

i find it hard to believe, but if it really is that bad, ask your friends if they want to go to a different place instead. if they are hell-bent on going to that place that you hate, then just don't go with them.

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Tell me what to do with this innocent egg. I swear, I do it.

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Those headphones aren't Beats, though. Blacks only buy Beats. Thus, OP is not black.

>> No.11071902

I'm not OP. Why are you so dumb?

>> No.11071917

put it in a bowl along with a number of other eggs. serve it to your guest in the morning. insist they finish the bowl before they leave.

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Sing it a lullaby!

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Sausage McMuffin

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You’d be better off with the egg bacon cheese biscuit lad.

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Where is the egg?

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shitty thread

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Where is the Chicken?

>> No.11071806

Where is the Big Mac?

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