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My wife's son surprised me with one of these as an early Christmas gift! Do any of you have one? Does it really work?

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gonna hit up the store tomorrow for some cheap red wine and some frozen ZA. gimme your best frozen Za cu/ck/s. i usually get red baron singles. singles cuz i got a gf LOL

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if you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? like in terms of enjoyment not nutritional value.

for me it would be lobster tail baked with some garlic butter on it

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enjoyment is based on nutritional value. you like lobster with butter because selenium and cholesterol become sperm.

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I only eat other foods because I feel guilty more than anything

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My first thought was a pizza, a more authentic style margherita pizza. With a crisp crust, bright sauce, some good mozzarella. You would want something with variety in texture and flavor I believe. No matter how much you like lobster, that would get boring quick I think. A pizza like this isn't too heavy nor too light, which I think is something to definitely consider.

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/ck/, why is she so perfect?

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I love the way she touches the food

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huh? heh

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I want to cum on her graying hair

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Is she pure?

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she is exceptionally ordinary.

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Yo /ck/, bout to pick one of these bad boys up, I hear air fried turkey is hell on wheels. Do these things actually work?

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Would this be a good gift for my wife's son? He pretty much just eats fast food and fried food?

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>my wife's son

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Pizza general

>favorite toppings
>worst toppings
>ancient pizza techniques

You don't need a brick oven to make proper pizza, a regular oven with a broiler setting will do just fine

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what a gay pizza

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Best way to find cheese pizza for a reasonable price?

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Coupons. If your local grocery store has an app, download it and check the weekly deals and ecoupons they have. There are also tons of websites that gather a bunch of online coupons for various stores online, and many of them have coupons for popular chains that allow you to order online.

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Do your fucking job and fix this. That is all.

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So worse than /ck where more or less every other post is some shill post?

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>a board about food
>omg people mentioned brand named food! shill!
go back to /tv/ retard

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Is this what shilling looks like?

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>He does it for free

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And what the fuck do you think I meant exactly

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>heats up yesterday's dinner
>heats up your leftover pizza
>cooks frozen stuff for you
>turns cheese into an actual tasty food
>doesn't require a shitton of foreplay like a proper oven
Say something nice to it

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Useless for pretty much anything except reheating cold food since it'll turn anything you actually want to "cook" with it into a rubbery disgusting mess

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My husband just got one of these, I'm going to make a batch of fries to test it out. What else can I use it for

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Stop being a homosexual

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Try a whole Turkey, heh

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What went wrong with these pies?

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I've never seen pumpkin pies get fucked up, looks liek they overfilled them or something idk, they also look all lopsided like their oven is sitting on an angle.

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Those don't look great but I'm sure they taste decent

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I haven't had normal bread bought from a grocery store sine I was like 20 (13 years ago). What in the fuck do they do to it to make it taste so fucking disgusting.

I just had a piece and the taste was disgusting literally to the point it is making me queezy.
Pic related

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Let me cum in your ass.

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33 years old and can't spell queasy.

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Only if your pozzed. I'm a bug chaser

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I support this brand.

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What's some good food kino? Not necessarily revolving around it but featuring it heavily.

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Chef, Ratatouille, Bob's burgers

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Y'all motherfuckers think this is a good sandwich?

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Nothing beats a good turkey sandwich heh

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What the fuck can I make for Christmas dinner (for 6 people) that's cheap but seems fancy? Relatives invited themselves, I said ok, and now realize I can't afford prime rib, filet mignon, lobster tails or any of that shit I was planning. What's left? Coq au vin? I'm a good cook and have access to a gas grill (in addition to the reg kitchen) if anyone has suggestion. Boo-hoo :'(

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How about a whole turkey, heh

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What if I smoked some cheap cut on the grill? Is bbq. too lame on xmas? Or a pork loin done in the oven maybe?

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Heh, heh. Maybe. Turkey = so bland tho.

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Start with a seafood bisque (shrimp and maybe salmon instead of lobster and crab)

Have a main of Chicken Fricassee

Desert you can figure out


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It's Sunday night. What's for dinner ck?

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I ate some oatmeal

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Pickles and white rice. What else would I eat? I'll take deenz and saltines for my prebedtime snack

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just had a can of stew

you should get some soy sauce or some salsa for future rice meals

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>McDonald's sixteen days in a row

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Based if true

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big if true

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how does it feel

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Just buy a bag of carrots and keep them next to your computer. You'll eat them instead when you feel bored and will consequently eat less trash.

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I found this is in my house. Is it good? How should i drink it?

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>Ruins your meal

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Stop making so many low quality threads, it's not funny or cute
>but I'm le sticking it to the le jannies xD
fuck off

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Recommend somewhere to get decent quantity/cheap spices in the UK? I've been buying them from my local Tesco but I go through too many. I know I've been to places that sell much larger bags before, just can't think where.

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dont you have a giant pajeet community? shop in an indian spice specialty store

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not specifically where I live but I'm sure there's one not far. I could probably even swing by brick lane on my way from work.

Those specialty places are good value then? I just burn through some basics - garlic powder/granules, paprika, cumin, white pepper.

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Brick lane when it's dark? Good luck with that. Have you got a stab-proof vest?

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