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What are your thoughts about going out to eat with your dog to cafe's and restaurants?

Pic related is me and my buddy.

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>somehow oysters are more popular

What did we mean by this?

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It turns out they aren't disgusting at all. They've been delicious all along.

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Oysters are slimy, watery, flavorless are usually topped with stuff like lemon juice. Mussels are chewy, flavorful, savory and are usually topped with delicious stuff like garlic.

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>Hi! My name is Ashley! I'll be your waitress here at applebees tonight. What can I get started for you?

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I'm feeling adventurous, let's do the bees this time.

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Ur name Eva though wtf going on? Ill have you sitting with your full weight on my face unyil I stop struggling, and a beer

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"Oh shit! How did I get this far into this massive blunder before realizing it? Ashley, I'd never eat at Applebee's. I hate the food. I hate the atmosphere. I hate the ad campaigns. I hate everything your lowest-common-denominator feeding corporation stands for. I'm taking my family across the street to Hooters thank you very much."

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boneless wings and a tall blue moon, thanks sweetheart

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cookin up another $30 dry aged porterhouse.

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does dry aging really change the flavor that much?

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I was skeptical, but yeh, they taste amazing.

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Slice, mash, or cram?

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bitch, those fuckers are getting sliced and roasted in olive oil and butter.

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>menu calls food "provisions" or "rations" or some dumb shit
>Uses all these trendy words to make it fancy and it's just a few different 19 dollar burgers
Why is this so prevalent in American restaurants these days? Why are burgers and fries chicken being gentrified, why are the old style cheap chicken and burger joints being pushed out by fat bearded hipsters selling twenty dollar burgers that suck?

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weab cultural supremacy

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Name 5 restaurants.

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>stop drinking soda
>ck: That's rad man, good for you!
>stop drinking alcohol
>ck: hell yeah man, that's poison!
>stop eating fast food
>ck: fuck yeah bro start cooking at home
>stop using plastic cutlery and paper plates
>ck:nice dude, get a good collection going and take care of it
>stop eating seed oils
>ck: uh bro they're fine just eat them dude who cares lol you're gonna die anyway everything gives you cancer bro just eat them lol

Something's fishy... or my name's Archibald, and it's not.

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you can avoid all the previous things without it being a pain in the ass. adopting this diet while admirable makes life a pain in the ass and you become vegan tier in your obnoxiousness over how picky you have to be. basically everything that isnt handled by you is going to be cooked in this stuff or contain it. sucks but thats what it is. you either compromise or you just have to deal with never being able to eat out with friends again or trust their home cooking or hang out and eat snacks with friends.

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>you're a stopped clock
So, you admit he's right?

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i eat whole food plant based, which means preparing all my own food, and it's non-issue when i socialize mainly with fit people who like doing fit people things instead of just sitting and eating

there's a gay bar here that serves food in a big dining area, and it's quite a shock seeing the difference in average body composition vs places that don't serve food

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yeah, he said butter already

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>Lard and butter is all you need
What is your opinion on schmaltz?

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Why does every single person who has a strong opinion against Burger King in particular look like this? Is it because they were fired from a Burger King?

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they think they ARE the Burger King

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At least one of them can actually grow facial hair

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Robert Downey Jr should’ve eaten that whopper and overdosed instead of turning himself around
Then again he looks like Moby with double AIDS now so idk maybe he’s been snacking on chicken fries

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I thought that was Moby and Jeff Goldblum's clone baby at first

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is picrel still alive? it's been so long since i've seen this dude. looks like the type that would've od'd on fentanyl by now.

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if you haven't tried a lamington, you are missing out

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its just sponge cake dipped in chocolate with shredded coconut.

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Please share with me the world's best spongecake recipe.

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Stella parks vanilla cake

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I'd give you a kiss on the mouth if I could.

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Maybe you can. Wya?

In all seriousness her cake recipe is extremely easy to follow. If you want to make things easier regarding the frosting I recommend making cream cheese frosting instead of the swiss meringue frosting she typically uses.

Im talking about if you just wanted to make a 3 layer cake, not a lamington btw

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What the actual fuck did he mean by this

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He watches degenerate Japanese cartoons and developed "thing Japan" brainrot. Pay no mind.

Anime.. not even once.

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I'm always impressed at how Americans have the level of knowledge of a primary school European kid

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Imagine eating this good

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Nani? I think it looks good, especially those mushrooms are probably very yummy (shake your fork in your hand and makes nose noises while you’re chewing them yummy).

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love me a good sloppy steak

>> No.19323788

Doesn't look wet enough.

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this OP needs to put it in the broiler until it crisps up some

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wheres the sauce bro

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Has anyone tried this?

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Huh, that's disappointing. I thought the orange Halloween whopper was really delicious and a unique product. I ate the shit out of those things.

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Is the bun strawberry flavored?

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they accidentally put the annatto in the dough instead of the cheese

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looks more like watermelon to me

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Why isn't velveting a common technique in western cooking? I've been using it for the last week in order to tenderize beef and pork and the result is always amazing. The meat always comes out deliciously tender and never rubbery, and the baking soda causes the meat to develop a brown crust way faster so it doesn't need to stay in the pan for as long. Western cooks really need to incorporate this technique into their recipes.

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Nigga, where do you put your hat if you're running headless?

>> No.19323754

because a rolling pin does all you need.

>> No.19323810

Just tried it myself recently and the browning was miraculous

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Would you velvet a steak? Sounds kinda fuckin gay desu and gay shit is for fags

>> No.19323831

velvet underground is a euphemism for pussy.
so basically, you're the one who's gay because you're connoting it to men.

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what's your favorite uses for cherry tomatoes?
greek salad and cherry tomato pasta sauce for me.

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I just eat them as I pick'em from my garden

>> No.19323549

I let them rot and put them in girls purses when they aren’t looking and jerk off to it.

>> No.19323568

I put them in chile, it's pretty gud, try it out sometime

>> No.19323574

Secret recipe for you.


This stuff is insanely delicious if you use homegrown or super high wuality cherry tomatoes.

>> No.19323588

Are they an invasive species in Chile? If so, based.

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Thread for discussing coffee and coffee-related topics.

If you're new or confused, start here: https://pastebin.com/UEzwuyLz

If you're old and confused, have you ever drank an espresso in front of an aqueduct?

Previous thread

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surprisingly good

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Nah that's instant.

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>not getting the dual boiler and a better grinder
oh no anon

>> No.19323918

I got a good milk frother that I can mix one of these packets into milk and it turns out almost as good as a cafe pulled latte.

>> No.19323922

Instant is the ramen of coffee, fine for students and people in circumstances

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It comes tomorrow. Should I even take it out if the box, or just return it? It seemed great when I ordered it but now I'm not so sure it won't just collect dust. I have a full kitchen, convection oven, charcoal grill, propane grill, Blackstone griddle, smoker, etc.

The only thing I don't have is the air fryer. It seems like this thing is pretty small though. I have a family of 4.

>> No.19323550

>I have a... convection oven
So you bought a second, smaller convection oven?

>> No.19323554

Return it
Your family loves you, please stop doing xanax

>> No.19323635

I don't do it often. Once a month at most

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>impulse buying a french fry cooker while on french fries


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>Even baked Alaska!

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Rate my masonic casino meal

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It is :(
Fucking french faggots so cheap.
At least im up by 50 bucks

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Put $5 on 27 at the roulette table.

>> No.19323694

more like 16.66

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haven't seen that in a while

>> No.19323718

Pretty sure only like 1% of /ck/ ever got the joke in the first place.

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this is what all those soldiers died for

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sounds like their families' problem

>> No.19323320

My gym sent me an email on 9/11 about taking the same number of steps on a stair stepper that the fire rescue took to get to the upper levels of the trade center during their rescue efforts.

Lol maybe the lefties have a point about capitalism.

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what's a good stainless steel saucepan that isn't a $200 all clad

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Cuisinart? More like queasyfart. Lmfao.

>> No.19323613

Why don't you look for a copper sauteuse?

>> No.19323640

just get an all clad

>> No.19323704

A factory seconds All-Clad.

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