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What should i put on my hamburger. i want try something different

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What is the most edible product Oscar Mayer makes? Can you turn it into a meal?

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those little hot dog whistles

pan fry them for 17 minutes and add some stock to make a sauce

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>save up for months
>take off work
>buy an expensive plane ticket
>arrive in Japan
>go to 5 star famous restaurant
>order a cut of Kobe beef
>"how would you like it done?" In Japanese
>"well done"
>"oh and do you have any ketchup?"
>get kicked out
What did I do wrong?

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This thread is bad and you should feel bad

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Started a shitty thread

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>What did I do wrong?
your bait was too hard

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Is there a rule of thumb for how much bones weigh in chicken thighs or leg quarters? Let's say I want to eat 1lb of chicken meat per day. Should I buy 2lb of chicken thighs with bones because half the weight is bones? Or should I buy 1.5lb? I'm using a scale to weigh my food and I don't want to buy more than I'm going to use.

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Forgot to mention, I will NOT be using the bones for stock. But boneless thighs cost way more than bone-in thighs

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Then get them when they're on special your retarded fuck. Alternatively do it yourself by removing some bones weighing them in comparison and extrapolating from that.

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>Alternatively do it yourself by removing some bones weighing them in comparison and extrapolating from that

That's the point of asking. I know people on /ck/ have probably done this already. Especially because they are autistic about making chicken stock from bones

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>"wanna split the bill?"
>my vagina when

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>not cooking as a date

at least choose a better board to b8

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>tfw have a good girl who always offers to pay

Enjoy your degenerate self whore

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>how to trigger /ck/, the post

you played yourselves, idiots

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i mean i usually have my kitchen stocked well but if we need to run and grab some ingredients she'll at least throw in a few bucks

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yous a dumbass mista

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Would you ever a chef's knife just because it was pretty?

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No because I get far more enjoyment being a contrarian against that sort of thing.

A knife being "pretty" is weird, though. If an ugly knife is still an extremely good knife, doesn't its ugliness become attractive? If it's physically deformed it's just a shitty tool, period. Otherwise, I don't see how you can make it ugly without betraying the naturally beneficial sleekness of most knives.

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can I use cigarettes to smoke meat?

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should I cook it first? I thought raw pork was bad. Maybe ill use beef instead

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Yeah nah nah nah nah nah the smoke will cook it m8

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what about if I put it in a bong with now water and just do baccy hits over it?

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m8 it's fucking painful, believe me

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i'm pretty tuff mate, yeah nah yeah I reckon my lungs can take it

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You will never know the amount of comfy that is walking into a Japanese 7-11 and buying one of their bento box meals until you try it yourself.

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Doesn't the tempura get soggy? Or is this an instance of asians "enjoying" different textures?

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how much low-high?

man dumpster diving must be ebin

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you are a weeaboo mate, fuck off

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Yes it gets soggy, but the kind of person buying tempura from a 7-11 isn't going to complain about texture or mouthfeel.

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I guess you don't live near a Japanese supermarket. Sebun is cheap though and that's pretty damn moe

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Tried Old Gold chocolate recently. It had a mouldy, dirt-like taste to it. I thought maybe this batch has been contaminated by dirt, but when I looked online, I found multiple posts from months ago saying the same thing. Is this a permanent change in composition of the chocolate bar? If not why has Cadbury let this go on for so long?

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why won't these no good roasties leave my board

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>Tfw you will never date him and take cooking tips from him

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She doesnt have to know

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Does it work on the stand user?

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>eat spaghetti
>stomach splits and intestine bursts all over the place knocking everything on the table

t-thanks chef

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>Dont have your fucking awful ailement fucking you over anymore

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>Tonio will never cure my autism with magic stand spaghetti

feels bad

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>adding salt to pasta sauce
>the lid falls off

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>making a terrible thread on /ck/
>the lid falls off

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>Come into thread and try to not force a meme
>the lid falls off

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I ran out of cinnamon and used allspice in my apple pie.
I kinda like it

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i shall. I just made a Jamaican curry from scratch and have allspice berries and anise, Fenugreek

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sounds tasty.

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I should have put anise in the pie too

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anise is good but idk if it would go so great in apple pie. I guess you could try it, but instead of making a whole pie, just stew a few baking apples with anise, bake up a bit of pastry crust separately, and put them together to see how it tastes.

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i didnt think allspice would work either. I would try just a small amount of anise

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Where should I eat next?

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A ban.

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I like cabernet sauvingnon and riesling. I dont know squat about wine. What other types would I like?

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Mad Dog 20/20

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Pinot blanc

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Cabernet Sauvignon?

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How'd you get banned from Google?

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ITT: favorite snack food

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>has op ever been a bigger pleb

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that's amore

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So I got to thinking...
How do they cover them in chocolate so neatly?
There's literally no sign of them being dipped or anything

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How the fuck do you inject a solid
Also where's the paper go huh???

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Out the hole the malt goes in through

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I reckon he's got it

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probably some sort of molding for the biscuit, chocolate get tampered to look smooth/even/shiny and then poured on top somehow


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Where did they mix in the puke? I can't find it

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This is the greatest cuisine in the world
>inb4 muh mcchicken
The mcchicken is a piece of shit that's soggy
while this on the other hand provides a better chicken taste and not an ocean amount of sodium

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What the fuck did you just say, the mcchicken is so good and tasteful faggots like you just can't comprehend it's greatness

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I love ramen noodles.

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>not an ocean amount of sodium


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What if you were to put a mcchicken in the noodles

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This thread is great

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Name a better meal. Me and my daughter just had some Burger King, what a treat.

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Damn, that whopper looks really unappealing.

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Is daughterposting going to be the cuckposting of 2017?

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