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Any of you fags smoke meat? I just scored a WSM for a good price. I've made 2 racks of ribs and a brisket so far.

Any good tips? And does anyone recommend a wifi thermometer?

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Heres my first rib cook, turned out pretty famn good, I did the 3/2/1 method.

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You cannot peel a pomelo.

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prove it

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>Pretentious fruits

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Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?

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>Has really shitty childhood
>Finds comfort in simple food he can make himself since his parents don't give a shit about him
>Becomes dependent on it
>Actively understands he has a problem and tries to fix it and deal with his issues
Fuck you leave him alone

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imagine the braps if he was addicted to eating only beans haha

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That’s me :3

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I love a big bowl of roni 'n cheese in the morning

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You have to be 18 years old to post here op

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This is a specific question for Geschnetzeltes and other Schmorgerichte. Did you try Tafelspitz as Geschnetzeltes and/or Gulasch? Or does it get to dry, i like to cook my Geschnetzeltes 2 hours in the sauce. What other cuts would be good for these? I like the "bad" cuts like Brust more, you need to cook longer but its tastier and healthier since there is more collagen. But is Tafelspitz good or is it more for steaks?
I dont want to buy the standard since its more expensive and i want to switch cuts depending which one is at sale.

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I typically use guggenfraggen or flazerspeitz but it’s really up to you op

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Lol nice troll, sorry for the unintelligble words for anglos, but you cant really translate beef cuts from german to english since they are used completely different and even cut completely different.

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>Buy one of pic related, dirt cheap and reliable
>For one person: 1egg + twice its weight in flour
>Faster to cook than dried pastas and if you're in a hurry you can even prep them while the water is heating up
>Slap anything you want on those homemade motherfuckers
Also they're easier on your stomach than regular died pasta. The reason? flour is cheaper than eggs so Big Pasta uses less of the latter which is the easy part to digest in pastas. Heck they'll even add food coloring to make it look like they used a decent amount of eggs. Don't be a fool anon, and start making your own pasta today!

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oki doki

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Oh yeah those things are great a couple of friend of mine have it and damn is a game changer, but my kitchen is too small for it sadly

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I lost my pasta machine somewhere. I will make some if I find it again but it's not really worth the effort.

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You don't own one square foot of counter space?

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You just fell for the italian meme of making pasta for a family a 12.
You need to work with a small part of your dough otherwise it will expand uncontrollably.
Nobody got a billard size table in their kitchen.

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I'm the jannie on this board, don't mess with me.

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>photosynthetic slugs
We've had those for like... well, forever. Kleptoplasty and horizontal gene transfer are literally as old as dirt, and occur all over the tree of life.

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Most people pronounced tuh-mric before. Only recently, the ethnic police has cracked down on us.

I continue as before.

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you were definitely the kid who pronounced 'turret' as 'turrent' in primary school

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>We've had those for like... well, forever. Kleptoplasty and horizontal gene transfer are literally as old as dirt, and occur all over the tree of life.
No shit, genious! Those fucking reality distortions have affected far back, so now we got shit like horizontal gene transfer and an entirely distorted tree of life.

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it's actually decent bros

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so it goes

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I tried this shit a few years ago and it was disgusting.

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What is it with vegans and nice colors. We don't eat with our eyes, just need to fill our bellies, capisce?

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Why is she so perfect, bros???

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because someone used a bæ leaf

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this recipe is fucking awesome. i don't make the stock from scratch but i'm sure that would be even better. i fucking love this.
>inb4 paula deen hurr
it's good shit


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>bæ leaf

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2 cans, some croutons and a chilled glass of rosé.
C'est la Vie.

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And what else? That hardly seems filling

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Do you refine the soup? Maybe some extra garlic, parsley and such?

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Sometimes. Add some herbs. Put a dollop of sour cream on top or sprinkle with parmesan.
Whatever i'm in mood of.
Some baguette on the side.

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Who here /cheesecake/?

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So, Muslim?

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Love a good slice of cheesecake

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Im cheesecake

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I just tried butter coffee and now my toilet is a big mess.

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Frogs should be banned from 4chan.

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Serves you right

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>t. american

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You're supposed to eat sushi with your hands. It's a finger food.

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This is based as fuck! Americans ARE in fact uncultured PIGS. They don't take off their shoes inside, they don't know how to eat with knife and fork, they are fat and they are ugly. FUCK The United Sharts of America

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kys gook

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no i think i'll keep using chopsticks. go ahead and enjoy the funny looks at the restaurant

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어디 살아?

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I got no teeth, been eating soup for years, fed up.
What kinda food for me, help me, need a chewing in my mouth.

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>fed up

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>need a chewing in my mouth.

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cream, pudding, can't think of much op im sorry

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Get into risotto, no chewing required.

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Pancake edition
Too sweet? Have it with coffee or tea.

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Select your sweets

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Now I want a café gourmand

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how does /ck/ like to reheat their food in the microwave?

>arrange food in microwave
>heat till i can hear lots of sizzles
>stop and stir
>continue heating until its steamy and sizzling like fuck, bonus if i hear a bang or two

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>explodes and sends food shrapnel into your eyes when you take it out

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>arrange food like OP if i feel bothered to do so
>reheat button
simple as

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Bowl of leftover spaghetti
>start for 90 seconds @ 900 watts
>leave the room immediately and find cover
>wait until it dings
>return and stir food
>start for another 90 seconds
>leave the room immediately and find cover
>wait until it dings
>return and stir
>add storebought iodized salt and hope it isn't radioactive
>return to lair

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Depends on what and how much I'm reheating, but the general rule is to heat for 1 minute uncovered and remove from 'crowave with 3 sec remaining. Stir/shift and place back in the 'rowave for 1 minute, but open the 'ave door at least 18 before the allotted time. If I'm 'ving an entire plate full of, let's say, 'sagna, I'll let it go for a full 59 seconds.

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its not that hard
>stick fork in middle of food pile and push outwards in a few directions
>bonus just use finger
>add water
>cook in bowl
>cover with plate
doesnt this make the food mushy? do you transfer food to a plate after?
this is me but my microwave is shit so sometimes it needs an extra stir phase and i always maintain a hole in the middle.

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>janny pruned BOTH of my threads
Go warm up that hot pocket, janny. You've earned it! Good boy!

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Jannies on /ck/ are the worst. It's sad that they destroyed most of the board culture with a misplaced zealotry.

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>>janny pruned BOTH of my threads
lmao what were the threads about?

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Only for the past 30 days. How new are you, exactly?

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>make rice in my $15 Target rice cooker
>it's good
炊飯器さん、どうもありがとうございました !

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Piss off, weeabo cunt

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Down syndrome misspelling aside, you're saying this on a Japanese-owned anime discussion forum, you fucking simpleton

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