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This is vegan duck, made from wheat gluten and pressed into moulds to imitate the look of actual meat.

say something nice about it.

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das my poopoo ;]

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Looks like a very healthy bowel movement.

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100% cruelty free duck

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Rate my dinner

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Imagine the smell of your vinegary shits after eating that

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What's that on the top right?

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Meat pie

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Yorkshire Pudding.
He's a fucking Britfag

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Sounds pretty good desu. I'm gay btw if that matters.

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I have a question about COOKING

I am not good at cooking, but I had some pork neck steaks (similar to the image) and I decided to cook. So I pan fried on high heat, flipping occassionally, until it seemed cooked. But, what I ended up with was a very tough chewy meat, but the fat seemed undercooked. How should I cook this properly? Thank you

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Cast Iron is all you need in the kitchen.

Don't (You) me, I know I'm right.

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Yeah but how can you clean it

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>also what about pots

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I can't peel an onion with a cast iron pan

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you'll be using more butter than egg
good luck getting a flip and seal
have fun inverting a pan that weighs 20 pounds and still has hot fat in it

nonstick is the egg king

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I thought Surly is the egg king?

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did claire leave bon appetit to become an fbi agent?

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Yes. Much more fulfilling shooting dogs.

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modern games are filled with unattractive NPCs so yeah

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96 proof gin 96 proof gin 96 proof gin

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>another dude weed lmao thread

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when i was 14 i hated dude weed lmao threads too. now i realize it's the only escape

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>This is what people are starting their day on

How do we fix breakfast? Loading people, especially children, with carbohydrates and likely a ton of sugar is considered the norm in the west.

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Just skip that gay shit.

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>How do we fix breakfast?
Just have good breakfast and stop caring about retards who kill themselves with trash.

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Just had these as my first introduction to deenz and holy based they're fucking good

Drop your go to deenz, I'll have to try more

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Stop lying, they taste like shit.

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Based and deenzpilled. Gotta get em omega 3.

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Vitamin b12 deficiency detected

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I still consume them, I just acknowledge that they taste foul.

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What is the most based item on the Starbucks menu?

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Unironically, the smoked pork cubano sandwich is the most based item.

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Curse my non-Italian, non-Spanish, and non-brown blood.
My GERD has gotten bad enough my throat is beginning to be effected. I can no longer eat anything spicy or remotely unhealthy including alcohol.

Farewell /ck/. I think I should take my own life first rather than starve to death.

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I mean its basically the disease where you can't have anything with taste.

Citrus fucks me up, spicy food fucks me up, not paying attention to how fast I eat fucks me up, greasy food fucks me up, balsamic vinegar fucks me up, salsa fucks me up, attempting healthy muscle gain apparently seems to fuck me up, goddamn mint fucks me up, anything with caffeine and especially coffee, milk, alcohol, TOMATO, olive oil...

I had to throw out my hot sauce and gochujang.
This is after I was prescribed omeprazole by my doctor, mind you.

I can't even sleep on a particularly full stomach.

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Beef, I think bread is doing something too...

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You ever try this shit? Literally helps you digest your food.

There's also this, which is pretty hard core too- https://www.amazon.com/Ox-Bile-125-180-Capsules/dp/B003GHA5GS/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=

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Didn't your doctor also tell you to not sleep for 2-3 hours after you eat and also with an elevated head part of your mattress?

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God bless, anon that does sound shitty. There is still a universe of tasty foods for you to try. Maybe a Mediterranean diet with more grilled seafood, veggies, and nuts. Hope you do ok

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fried sushi is best sushi

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surely this is kimbap not sushi?

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It's pretty damn good.

Only a brainlet can't make distinctions. I can enjoy some meme sushi while understand it's in an entirely different category than traditional sushi, which is based and red pilled

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I dunno about Japs but Koreans often fry kimbap in egg.

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>spreading is the same as putting a little piece for flavor and texture
oh sweetie...

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Yeah it's good. Plus it comes with the added bonus of triggering faggots on the internet.

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garlic bread

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Smells better than it tastes.

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Onions bread.

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Tastes better than it smells.

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I l love the cheap store brand frozen garlic bread more than home made or the more premium store bought ones

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And it tastes fucking amazing.

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How to?

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I think it's a combination of egg, sugar, vanilla extract and something else along with the tapioca.

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More like tapi-no-ca

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it's tapi-oca, not tapio-car

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or at elementary school we would call it frog spawn

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>"my husband is normally such a fussy eater! I cooked this recipe and he cleaned his plate!"
>it's a recipe for fucking macaroni and cheese
how do picky eaters actually survive into adulthood and find mates?

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>you can find a woman who will cook for you, all you have to do is be a picky eater
That’s pretty based

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I'm not picky at all and have never had a GF. What does it feel like to hold a woman's hand? Or even make eye contact with one and have her not scowl? I don't know. Picky eaters know what they're doing I guess.

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They save money by only buying garbage food, thus they can give more money away to women they like, by doing so they attract the type of bottom-feeders who are willing to marry them.

Some women also have a serious complex for "fixing" broken men, maybe that plays into it.

How they survive without dying of vitamin deficiency, well the human body can take a lot of abuse and keep functioning. They'll die sooner for sure, but not as soon as you'd expect or hope.

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picky eaters? i call them bitches

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Haha, that's pretty clever Anon!

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ITT: pictures of food

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>Cellulose added to prevent caking

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>Be me
>Be winelet
How the fuck am I supposed to choose a wine from all of the wines in the average liquor store? How much of it is just plain awful?

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Buy any bottle with at least 13.5% alcohol content that was made within the last two years and isn't the absolute cheapest but isn't actually expensive. When choosing an expensive wine you want something older, but the cheap stuff is better newer and when you're inexperienced it is better to start cheap.

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Why do people hate stuff like sweet wines?
What about Merlot and Pinot Noir?
What makes a bad wine anyway?

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Get rioja. Bitches love rioja.

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Absolute brainlet post.
Store bought wine is perfectly fine
Since there is a billion producers you usually go by country/region and whatever berry suits you.

French/Italian are usually the more expensive ones but worth their money usually unless you buy the meme products with 15€+
My personal favorite is Spanish wine. Quite cheap and absolutely fantastic in quality.
Austria/Swiss has some good products too but it's not that widely available.
German wine is a meme I'll have to admit.

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just dont buy them in plastic container or something that has higher voltage than a wine. Its that simple. You just start buying random ones until you know what you like.

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Make /tea/ 404 edition.

Post all things relating kombucha, e.g.
- 2nd fermentation syrup recipes
- pics of your brew
- pics of your man-bun
- serving suggestions

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Is this the tea thread

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would you like a couple layers?

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Well, it's officially over. The contest is supposed to go on for almost another week, but this fancy xbox double chalupa box from a couple nights ago is the last one I'll ever have in the year 2019. All my locations have apparently run out.

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>hope you aren't being sarcastic
Not at all. I've been saying this all along. I honestly don't remember ordering this taco. I switched back to vanilla some time last week and got a side of pico, but this one is vanilla with guac.

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They probably all got wind of your threads and decided to stop you by lying about having them. Or they just got tired of your shit in general.

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It should have been obvious that this ghost pepper hot sauce was going to be hot (it was thinner than expected so my dab turned into something more resembling a glug, to be fair), but these little pepperoncini looking things honestly caught me off guard.
Sorry, anon. Next time I post OC I'll be sure to turn all the labels away from the camera and turn off all the lights so you can't see anything. All OC threads are met with some degree of love, hate, or "a mcchicken thread died for this" ambivalence", but if you don't like something why not just ignore/hide it? It's my belief that even the worst OC thread is better than another fast food thread.

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Kek. Forgot to mention that I had to look up, "immed". I thought it was some weird derogatory term for a middle easterner which I'd never seen before and didn't understand based on the context. Also, even though that ghost pepper sauce is way beyond my comfort level, it's probably the most tasty ghost pepper anything that I've tried (but again, I'm not really a hot head).

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