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I was 23 and home from the Air Force with my new wife. My parents wanted to take us out to dinner. I love seafood. Dungeness crab and steamer clams being my two favorites.
They took us to an all you can eat seafood buffet at a place called Tug Boat Annie's. I leveled the place. I was there about 3 hours and it was mortifying to my wife. People were coming out of the back and pointing at our table. "That's him over there". It was like I was Homer Simpson. A waitress even came over and said something like "I've been allowed to offer you piece of Prime Rib if you'd like it". I declined and just kept going. Finally my wife was squirming so much and we were laughing that we started to make a scene. I just called it and said we could go. I honestly could of stayed a lot longer.
Dungeness and I go way back....I just don't fill up on it. My dad tells a story when he was stationed at Whidbey Island on the Navy base. They had an all you can eat buffet on Friday nights. He said I did so much damage one night that they tried to charge me as an adult instead of a kid. I was like 10 years old. So yea...I have a history.

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This is so fucking stupid. Why do you want to post this pasta here?

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im thinking of getting heavy into this shit: mad tasty, mad healthy, mad easy, and generally, the price is right. anyone have a favorite brand or anything like that—i'm thinking of ordering a big case online or something

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Are these hamburgers?

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>no hamburger
Obviously not.
>not making a Mc10:35 instead
it's like you don't give a shit about all-day breakfast

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I find it kind of weird that most people who are vegan and can't eat eggs because of "murder" are the same kind of people who stands for abortion. Hypocrite much?

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Probably not, considering vegans are most likely liberal majority.

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If you want to write down your personal thoughts, do it in a fucking journal. Ban this moron.

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It's a post about food

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Vegan people don't eat eggs because of their production https://youtu.be/BQ5qAfyUuWE

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Do Koreans really do this?

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I'm not a Korean but there's a kbbq place next to my house.
Yes, yes they do.

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whats wrong with that? never did it but looks not bad to me

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corn, cheese, and salsa is a nice poverty dish.

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I'm confused but hungry

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>sweetened fibery cheese
Not sure if want.

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Whats the best thing a woman has cooked for you?

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My mom's lasagna, probably been 10 years since I last had some. Other women i know can't into cooking without burning something

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steak, medium-rare.

i usually hate steak, but this was crazy awesome. she was the head chef of a restaurant. she knew what to do.

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Apart from my mom's cooking, this girl made me weed cookies. They're tasty as fuck and they get you high. Also I had sex with her. Maybe I might be a little bit biased.

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Same but without the sex. I probably could've but she was my brother's at the time.

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This beverage is called coffee.

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'tty sure 's called 'fee m'lady

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This is the only non degenerate way of making coffee: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MlbZM7kOr4s

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What was the first restaurant you worked in? What were your positions there? How much did they pay you? Any good stories/did you enjoy it?

>dishwasher, buffet attendant, cook
>learned how to cook on a line
>found out the industry was where i would probably work the rest of my life
>one of the best things i could have done with my life at the time

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Anyone here worked in the industry? I thought we had some dish bitches here at least.

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my fatass wife never cooks me anything the fucking fat whore just watches sitcoms all day while i work and _I_ have to make dinner i fucking hate her and this marriage i want out out out please god give me the strength to end it for i wake up every day wishing i hadnt

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Starbucks Barista
I was offered the chance to move up to a management position but I left for college instead.
Pay was $9/hr, with approx $20 in tips a week.
Best job yet, I fiended for coffee so bad at night time such that I would get excited to wake up and go to work.

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al/ck/ thread

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What are some rum cocktails that doesn't require any other alcohols

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Why the fuck can't I post pictures.

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4chan is broken right now.

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cos ur smashed

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cuba libre

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Start eating sardines.

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Who else /LoveToCookButCantBeAssedDuringTheWeekdays/ here? I spend a lot of time at work and so cooking during weekdays isn't always practical. Thankfully it's easy to whip up some bigass meals during the weekend and then freeze and prepare stuff for the entire week. I like having three different dishes to pick from since it allows me to rotate what I'm having for lunch and dinner every day.

>Get delicious lunchboxes the whole week
>Dinner is a matter of grabbing something out of the freezer
>Minimal dishes during the weekdays

Last week I did some lasagna, now I'm doing Meatballs and some Chicken Parmesan casserole.

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>he hasn't found the most efficient way to make meals

everything I eat is as close to self-cooking as possible.

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Can you live on Pizza?

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Does it get many immigrants?

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>literally can use anything as a topping

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There was an episode of "my strange addiction" or "freaky eaters" I can't remember which wherein the this guy had only eaten pizza and nothing else for years on end. He didn't care about the quality or anything he would buy even the shittiest frozen crap and that's pretty much what he stocked his freezer with.

Then one day he woke up having terrible bodily pains and that started to happen every morning for 1-3 hours. Other than that he was fine but every morning he would be crippled in agony and eventually went to the doctor about it.

Doctor found nothing wrong with him at first and everyone was confused until he told the doctor his unusual diet. The doctor, astounded ran an additional test and found that he had eaten so much cheese that his body had begun to reject it. He tested it by removing the cheese form pizza and would wake up fine. It was interesting.

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It's not advisable. You need to eat a balanced diet, and multivitamins should only be used as a supplement and not a replacement for eating smart.

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I've been working at pizza Hut since may, and I usually eat a personal pan every day. Sometimes I'll make a pasta or wings. But I'd say yeah, definitely possible.

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Alright fucking coffee snobs of /ck/, consider the following.

Let us say I have two Aeropress, two temp-controlled kettles, 1 kilo of your favorite beans, and plenty of filter water.

Using burr grinder, I grind the optimum amount of coffee beans at the optimum mean diameter.

Using the gooseneck kettle, I boil enough water at the opium temperature for your bean of choice.

I turn-over each Aeropress, pour the same amount of beans into each, and slowly add the correct amount of hot water.

I stir the slurry in each press, and while I let them steep, I wet one filter and let the other be dry. I then press each slurry into identical warm mugs.

Would you piggots be able to tell me which cup was brewed with a wet filter and which cup was brewed with a dry filter? Sure, you might get lucky, but I'm willing to bet that on average you're success would be 50-50 (like fukcing cointoss).

That's what I fucking thought. Stop telling me to wet my filters in coffee threads. And while your at it, stop telling me to weigh my beans and water, use a burr grinder, etc. As long as you grind your beans fresh, any other technique make marginal difference and you asshole know it. I roast my own coffees everyday, and you assholes get high mighty with your month old shit coffees. Motherfucker pig, close your goddamn mouth

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This is the only non degenerate way of making coffee: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MlbZM7kOr4s

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>work at Subway
>we have an asshole family that are regulars
>they are always talking down to me and my coworkers
>always demanding extra veggies and sauce
>get fed up one day after they make me put extra extra olives on their daughter's chicken bacon ranch
>"Oh sure sir let me get some fresher olives from the cooler!"
>walk into the walk-in and wedge my gloves firmly between my asscheeks
>dig my fingers around in my barely wiped asshole for good measure
>walk back out with a fresh cambro of olives
>I grab a handful of them and arrange them on her sub making sure my gloves are touching everything
>make the rest of their subs with a big smile on my face
From that day forward I always keep a pair of gloves wedged between my ass just in case someone pisses me off.

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Also, the Subway standard is SIX olives per footlong for anyone that doesnt know. Youre basically obligated to ask for more

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No it's not, its 3 olives per six inch. Retard.

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Sounds about right, I think their standard for hot peppers is similar because I ask for extra and get maybe a dozen tops on a footlong sandwich

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>3 olives per six inch
>a foot is 12 inches
>half of 12 is 6
>3 per 6 inches
>3 + 3 = 6
>6 + 6 = 12
>therefor, footlong = 6 olives

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Yes, its the same. Mild peppers too.

>Giving him a (you)

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This is the fifth thread on the matter that I have seen today. It's literally nothing special, seeing as how the dollar menu has been a thing since before shills like you were born. The two and three dollar menus are just an extension.

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You got a genuine laugh out of me. Good job.

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I got 2 cheeseburger and a strawberry shake
So boss

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I had 3 mcchickens and for desert a bacon mcdouble. I feel great!

>> No.10028065

I go and get a cheeseburger and a McChicken probably 5 times a week. Am I gonna get fat?

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New food gore thread?

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We already have one but WTF is that

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*pic of bad food*

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*pic of your favorite dish*

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What kind of food can I get in Illinois South of Chicago and North of St. Louis?

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Maybe a Fuddruckers if you're lucky

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Get a horseshoe

>> No.10027888

Like the metal thing on a horse's foot? That's not food.

>> No.10027892

I hear it's high in iron content.

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Horseshoe. Go to Edwardsville and eat one at Sgt. Pepper's Cafe.

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i dont see these no more

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They still exist, you just aren't 7 anymore

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Why not just make yourself a soft taco/burrito and take a pack of Capri Suns and Airheads to work? It’d probably still be healthier by a long shot.

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since when does lunchables make wall food?

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we don't have these in my land

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The sampler that gives you 3 small entrees, 3 sides, and corn bread is a pretty good deal

>> No.10028024

Pretty meh honestly. It's only good if you've been on the road for a long time and want to sit and have a hot meal that isn't fast food.

>> No.10028035

This, the more the better and I'm not even a fat fuck
I don't understand how people can go to restaurants and pay $20 for one plate of basically nothing

>> No.10028037

My wife hates it, I take her there when I'm mad at her. I love it

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They have a gift shop in every store

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Is Ocado good? I don't really trust companies like Instacart where they just hire drivers to shop groceries at existing stores then mark-up the price and charge separate delivery fees.


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