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>be male on first date with cute girl
>order a salad for my meal
>she sort of laughs nervously and goes to the restroom
>never saw her again

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i hope this is true

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Yeah its true apparently health eating is feminine..

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She ordered the tendies, amirite

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you can eat healthily and not order a fucking salad for lunch

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Are you that much of a fucking pussy?
Bugs live in salad. Just rinse it in water ffs.
I've found an actual living frog in a head of lettuce once. I didn't make a fucking thread on /ck/ about it like a bitch.

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>Chips and cookies as a side dish

Why does Subway suck so much?

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I'm not just eating bread with nothing on it though. If you were dipping chips into a healthy and nutritious dip that would be fine too, but most people don't do that. I usually prefer to have whole grains breads anyway, when I can get them, which are a bit healthier. If I make my own bread I usually make it with milk too for a nutrition boost.

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most of this is untrue

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Not really. What do you think is untrue? I'm guessing it's the "whole grain bread is healthier", because everything else is personal or obvious, like dipping chips into a healthy dip makes them healthier instead of eating nothing but a bag of plain potato chips.

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What's the best ice cream flavo(u)r and why is it chocolate mint?

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It's not. mint chocolate ice cream is for females. mint is associated with freshness and girls like freshness ergo, mint chocolate is predominantly a favorite among females.

The truth is its actually the shittest.

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lemon (gelato)

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Pistachio Praline
Salted Caramel and White Chocolate
Cookies and Cream
Chocolate Fondant
Rocky Road

No mint chip

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Maybe the worst..
A challenger appears

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But it's not, dark chocolate is.

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find a flaw

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Your hands are soft and creamy like little girl.
Do not you do manual labor, friend?

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i do manual labor daily for a living actually

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Beating off a Mexican for $4 doesn't count.

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shit you got me friend

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He even holds it like a dainty cunt too

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/alc/ al/ck/ Alcohol Thread:

When did you first realize drinking was great, but more importantly when did you realize drinking was a problem edition.

Drinking became great at 15 , drinking started becoming a problem at 20.

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That's too early anon.

Also what is everyone's drink of choice?

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Same, except I still hate the fuckin taste of alcohol and can't touch the shit.

I hab some good luck Endone which I'm rationing because it's nearly all gone. Try to stay away from opiates as a coping mechanism tho man, that shit has nearly stopped me breathing a few times lol

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I've always been known as the pill-popper or drunk of the group and its dumb.

I guess I do it to cope with laziness or boredom.
Whenever I clean up I am entertained but when I just have one drink or pill or smoke I'm back to losing focus and being bored without it.

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Alcohol, before or after your morning coffee?

Today it is before, today I am worried because all I have left is 2-3 oz of vodka and no moneys.

It's 6 am. It is going to be a long day.

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I didn't realize it was a problem til my late 20s. Usually made it to work, hangover or not. Could hang onto relationships despite drinking. But all of that stuff would have been so much better without alcohol. I feel like I wasted a lot of years with alcohol holding me back. lots of good years.

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"Insects are le FUTURE xDD
Insects have more proteins, and bill nye said we will eat them so that's true :))"

I hope you never fall for the insect shill

Useless fad that will never catch on

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Would you rather eat faggy insects than a good steak?

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not that guy but i'd rather eat both you cretin

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always do the opposite of what bill nye says

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>insects for the brown mass of consumer slave goyim
>finely marbled meat and offal for God's Chosen People

Sign me up!

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As long as they take away the visual aspect of creepy-crawlies, I'm on board. Drying them and grinding them up in a flour could be the way to go.

Sadly, the current bug flour products cost a lot, so the whole idea of "cheap to produce" so far hasn't materialized for consumers.

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We used to have something great here

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Hey /ck/, what do you pack for lunch?

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Wageslave detected

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/ck/ - Class struggle

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I'm using time travel internet to look up ancient recipes for fun in my intergalactic full blown gay space communist adventure spaceship.

But you're still a jobless neckbeard.

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Shit, forgot to say it was automated.

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French toast.

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kfc turned black after reheating it in oven. is it okay to eat?

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It's NEVER okay to eat that kind of garbage

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already ate it. it was kinda wet and gross inside but finished it

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How long was that sitting in your fridge before you reheated it?

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14 hours in freezer

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Had to be fucked up before being frozen. Something was up with that chicken. That ain't right.

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Insects? Ew.
*proceeds to pop a shrimp into mouth*

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looks crunchy

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Waxworms are 10/10 delicious, tastes like good french fries
Mealworms just taste nutty, good dried in trailmix
Never tried silkworm pupae but want to

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They are both arthropods, big whoop

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Is this /ck/ approved?

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well he's a libertarian so that's really all you need to know tbqfh

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It's some weird rasta diet thing called ital, they usually try to avoid salt, oil, additives, processed shit and sugar.

Some are vegan or vegetarian while others aren't, they can drink booze but not so much they get completely shitfaced.

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>tfw libertarians used to be dank as fuck and now they're just SJWs without the SJW label

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did he eat like this before he was bald?

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>5 cloves of garlic
Is he scared of vampires?

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>things that white people think are spicy

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>be white
>at indian buffet
>accidentally eat deep fried spicy pepper
>normally cold and unsocial worker was watching, comes over smiling
>accepts me as one of his own because i barely reacted

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>dem feels when the only person i know who thinks sriracha is spicy isn't white
also, get better at shitposting

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>> No.8992141

"i am basically a chimp but at least i can, allegedly, handle more spice than an actual human being, because thats somehow something one can brag about". how did this shit even became a meme to begin with. also be more creative at shitposting i see this thread at least twice a week.

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The inverse:
Salt vinegar water
AKA every Tabasco sauce variant

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Regardless of what people think, canned chili is probably the best pre packaged/pre prepared convenience food you can buy, it's mostly just water groundbeef and beans if you please which are all cheap on their own so nothing tastes explicitly artificial

That being said, these tend to be the most well known brands, and I just ate a can of each back to back...and I gotta say, I much prefer Wolf chili, for one thing you get a larger serving, and for another thing, the Hormel chili has a MUCH stronger tomato sauce taste, it is extremely sweet which I guess some might refer but to me chili shouldn't be so sweet

What are your thoughts on these brands?

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Canned chili just isn't real chili, and you damned well know it's true. It's edible, but I'd slap someone who said they were making chili for dinner, and gave me a bowl of canned shit. It's good as a condiment or addition to a cheap dip, but it's a pitiful excuse for food, right up there with the likes of chef boyardee.

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There's perfume in it. Plain oranges don't hurt as much as that perfume water.
I've had very little acid problems lately but canned things with tomatoes and citrus always nail me.

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Nah even fresh squeezed does me in. Red wine too but not white for some reason.

>> No.8992010

Mad dog is the pinnacle of acid reflux triggers.
Red wine is a close second.

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Why can't Wolf release a Hot version with beans? I've only seen mild.

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Last thread had some interesting responses so I thought I'd do another one



Thoughts on the eat less salt meme? I tried doing what this dude suggests and having about 2 tsp for the last couple of days and I feel okay.

He basically says that we shouldn't believe the anti-salt kikery that we hear from (((health professionals))) because it lowers sex drive and increases weight gain and other bad shit.

I know the usual health advice is to eat less but what if it's based on shitty pseudoscience?

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So my Teflon pan has started to flake, and I got myself a stainless steel replacement, and just used it for the first time.
What's this brown shit? Is it oil or something? How do I remove it and what can I do to prevent it in the future?

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Is that really food sticking? I tried scrubbing it using various abrasives but it won't come off.

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Baked on oil. It's not really a big deal but if you want to remove it use easy off oven cleaner.

>> No.8991959

Get some Barkeepers Friend, it'll help clean stainless.

It's a normal thing when using stainless or plain steel pans, they'll discolor from heat as well as what was cooked in the pan.

>> No.8991964

Look up seasoning a stainless pan on youtube. They can be made as nonstick as Teflon.

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Shit guys, thanks

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Give me your best tapenade recipes

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those are refried beans

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no it's not

give me your best tapenade recipe

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Reminder that meatloaf is delicious, only memers hate it

So tell me loafers, what do you enjoy most about a nice hot meatloaf?

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Kangaroo mince meatloaf is fucking amazing.

>> No.8992187

fuck off australians arent allowed here

>> No.8992189

>bread and butter pickles
I thought I was the only one on this board who didn't mind those. Seems like they're universally hated on /ck/.

>> No.8992202

Crunchy cheesy oozy meatness with eggy weggs and peas. Then I eat it with fried rice.

That's what I love about meatloaf.

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what are some ripoff/knockoff products that are better than the original?
eg: pepsi is better than coke

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Choose one.

>> No.8991835

coke was released almost a decade before pepsi

>> No.8991837

Oreos are better than Hydrox

>> No.8991857

Coke isn't the original cola drink, and even if it was, Pepsi would still be the superior product.

>> No.8991880

how about you neck yourself you fucking faggot
pepsi was a direct attempt at emulating coca cola and its success

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Do you find yourself finding less appreciation for sweetness as you age?

I used to love sweetness in all dishes but now I find myself increasingly trying to dull it out in my cooking or outright finding dishes I try unpalatable because the sweetness is too overwhelming. I find it particularly awful in spicy dishes where the sweetness is more pronounced than the spice.

Even chocolate which I used to love I find myself opting for more savoury desserts over chocolate choices.

What's wrong with me?

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I only eat sweets as treats.
I can still enjoy a candy bar or some good ice cream but I don't want any part of a meal to be sweet.
I especially hate sweet sauces on meat.

>> No.8991864

Probably alcoholism?

Small children have a preference for sweet over anything else, but this preference disappears well before the global #2 kicks in.

But alcoholics have a well documented aversion to sweet.

>> No.8991867

That's scary. It has slowly grown as I've developed alcoholism.

Does the aversion go away with sobriety?

>> No.8991868

I rarely use sweet stuff in technically savory dishes but I absolutely have to have at least a couple boxes of cookies or desserts available at all times.
I'm not even fat though

>> No.8991879

I would be less worried about sweets at this point and more worried about developing a dysfunctional relationship with one of the bedrocks of food culture.

Cut that shit out unless you want to be "that guy" who orders seltzer because he knows he'll ruin his life if he orders one drink. Those people are buzzkills. No more than one standard size drink with dinner every couple of days for the next six months. Never two days in a row. You can do this.

The sugar, well, no one is going to start over-analyzing it if you say no to a donut.

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