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one good morning burger please

with a side of hot sauce.

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Fuck you

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How do you make this not taste like urine and metal? I really want to eat it for the health benefits but it tastes like an ocean of fermenting death.

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How complete nutrient-wise is cum? Can I sustain myself by just drinking cum?

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>How complete nutrient-wise is cum?
not very
>Can I sustain myself by just drinking cum?

lrn2google faggot

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I did and the results were inconclusive so go fuck yourself you uneducated cunt

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if I said no, would that stop you from trying?

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probablly more healthy to drink your piss

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aren't you uneducated OP? You're asking us about cum, after all. This is your thread, and by extension, your life. lol

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Thy should make an edible glue (not cheese) that is not cheese but just glue that you can eat that doesnt have a taste so you can put it on stuff and it sticks together and is not cheese but is edible glue like its glue but you can eat it and it is not something that tastes that much like glue so it doesnt taste bad anybody have any ideas?

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Just use the glue you used to glue that sentence together.

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based 6 year old

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Rice glue.
I'm pretty sure that's edible at least.

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There is that protein glue for stick meat together. Can't remember what it's called.

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You’re not saving anything. If you don’t buy steak at the grocery story, someone else will anyway. Cows are still gonna be slaughtered at the end of the day and there’s nothing you can do about it

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Aw sweet, 404 frog is trying to discuss food ethics!

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>Avocado oil
So, what's the verdict?

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You’re guilty.
Of being a boring faggot.

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I’m allergic to avocados and I’m perfectly fine with it

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Extremely bland to the point it actively removes flavor from food you cook in it.

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it's good but not worth it

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expensive but one of three cooking oils (the others being coconut and palm) that aren't complete PUFA poison, and a high smoke point
you should also consider using ghee/tallow

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I've eaten like shit most of my life. Now I have nothing but time. What are some fine dining really delicious dishes I can cook? You know, like, I wanna make something that would cost me a hundred bucks in a restaurant but not as much at home. Give me your best recipes. I have all the time in the world. Prefer French stuff but I'm happy for whatever
Stuff I've tried making lately:
>creme brulée
>Coq au vin
>beef bourguignon
>ramly burger
>croque monsieur
I like meat, potatoes, rich sauces

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Chicken chasseur is pretty easy.

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Looks delicious

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A lot of the things fine dining does is really due to the quality of the ingredients moreso than the recipe itself. Getting good ingredients is just a function of finding a good provider.

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What's the best chicken you've ever had?

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Fried chicken a friend of mine made.
It was still raw in the center and I ate it anyways, so fucking good.

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Homemade baked in the oven based on a recipe by Jack Scalfani.

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More of a pork and beans man myself.

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No matter what it is, if it’s cake, brownies, cookies, why do you need to put eggs in that?? You may as well dump a whole gallon of chocolate syrup on your scrambled eggs. You people really enjoy eating chocolate eggs?????? I need answers

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They serve as a thickener retard frogposter

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Two reasons:
>1) Eggs have protein, so they contribute to the texture;
>2) Eggs expand with heat, so they make the cake go puff puff.

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why i season my charcoal not my food

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>Says who? Says science

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I don't understand science so it makes me angry and want to break things.

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That is only 10 ounces.

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Congratulations. You can read. Do you have a child fucking point?

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>Bots broken

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You are a bot. Child fucker.

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Unpopalar opinion, but slightly burnt food tastes better than normal food(especially rice and meat)

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Keep telling yourself that. If you want to spend your limited time left on Earth trying to convince others you are not going to die eating burnt food go ahead.

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ok. I will.

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Not sure what you want to accomplish though. Just burning off the minutes of your life?

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dis nigga just discovered caramelization

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Are those miniature sex dolls?

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More people should eat this. Its so cheap.

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>contains nitrites which transform into nitrosamines when heated
>nitrosamines are the carcinogens in cigarette smoke
No, thanks.

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The hospital food. This is what private healthcare gets you.

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I had the best tuna sandwich of my life in hospital. I had not eaten for 48 hrs and was on fentanyl. Also private.

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>uncooked fish

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Cheap sushi like this is almsot always smoked salmon and not actually raw.

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Or public healthcare.. in a non third world country

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And technically that's actually more healthy

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How come wypipo nevah season they food.

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What is up my nigger, do you mind posting African food that meets your criteria of "properly seasoned?" Jerk chicken was invented by the Taino Indians native to the island of Jamaica and it's surrounding areas.

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Guys please respond to my thread

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why do niggers say this and then get mad at people for using ranch? im not american and almost never use it but ranch is good and ffs let them have their fucking condiments, all the 'seasoned food' they get is probably from a restaurant and they dont know how to cook

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white people don't season food with fecal matter like brownoids

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it's too spicy for us

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>This guy slaps your girlfriend. What would you do?
(1/2)Disgusting, utter shit of a drink. How can anyone drink Rum?? This is cooking because drinks get posted here often and Rum is used for cooking and is main part of diet of the Alcoholics (subset of Homo Sapiens, ingests food in liquid form)

>be me
>Stop drinking whiskey because I can get a good armagnac/cognac/brandy for the price which is a far nobler drink imo (nobler by amount of healthy compounds like antioxidants, flavonoids and tannins)
>Search for some cheap alternatives for when getting hammered (need something that is shelf stable, so wine is out of the window)
>Think of trying rum, breety cheap. Order a shot of picrel (based label for 2022) with some mixer (sprite alternative)
>Take the first sip. Jesus....I somehow have forgotten how shitty rum and coke is ...The most nastiest compounds known to man start flowing on my tongue, such flavourful compounds like aldehydes, ketones and paint thinning oils. JW Red sounds like water compared to this.
>Thinking of spitting but convinced myself it gets better the more I sip (lies)
>Couple hours pass, go to walk the dogs (am a male, relax).
>Walk half a mile, when suddenly my stomach starts to commit harakiri. Stomach turning on its head, I start walking like a pregnant woman holding her belly
>Turn back, when home go to bed.
>Feels like the first time I got drunk, stomachache just without me and my bed rotating in circles aka all ache no fun.
>Cant fall asleep cause shitty life choice (ordering rum)

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Keep a bottle of rum near you and take a swallow when something annoys or upsets you. Acrid taste aside it becomes your way out

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Yeah thats a no from me pal

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for me is Mount Gay

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Good way to get drunk, I drink cheap local rum with coke. I enjoy a 1:2 ratio, other people generally pefer a lighter ratio, 1:3 or higher.

I also enjoy a good mid price rum once in a while, usually drink it mixed with something, I like many spirits neat but rum is not one of them.

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you bought slovenian rum, bro, do you by chance have to wear a helmet when you go outside?

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post finnish food
hardmode: no kalakukko

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yes. it's regular meat.

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i know lohikeitto and mämmi but that's all

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No, not traditionally.

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The pie that looks like pussy!

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this is truly what man was meant to consume

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Drink them and eat cherries.
It's awesome.

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>no Khaos
into the FUCKING trash zoomer faggot

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In this General: We discuss Australian Limes and how they taste, look and smell.

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this is my first time hearing of these

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There is so many species and within those species many varieties. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_lime

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damn these look good

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I live in Australia. What are some good limes?

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