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For me, it's butter.

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What is your favourite variation of ordinary cooked rice (e.g. Djuvec, Spanish rice, cooked in broth,...)?

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I love the smell of my asparagus pee. 4 out of 5 of my asian girlfriends love to smell it as well. It's so good; why is asparagus pee so based?

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Go fuck yourself

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an anime fuck pillow is not a girlfriend

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my dick isn't big enough for that lad.

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xD funny thread, friend

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/Alcohol thread/ story time edition.

Saw a guy waiting for the booze store to open at 10 am. I had to buy booze but I was in my car. We both went in and upon further inspection he had shit stained jeans and the shakes. Once he bought beer he began to drink on the curb outside the store. This happened today.

So tell Me. Have any of you guys done something similar?

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Sorry it wasn't beer it was hard liquor.

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We need a /sober/ gen.
The last two months I've been drinking from the moment I woke until I passed out at night. I would drink beer until work. Work lunches consisted of me pounding a tall can IPA, then going home to drink wine or vodka. Finally two weeks ago I chugged half a bottle and of stoli. My roommate found me passed out in the bath tub, my face bloodied from falling in and I fractured my foot. I stayed in bed hungover as fuck for the next 3 days living off a jar of peanut butter. Since then I've had two beers, and both times I felt sick after drinking them. I'm guessing the trauma from the incident is still with me. I don't plan on drinking anytime soon. Getting drunk has lost its appeal. Idk what to do with my free time now.

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Do anything but drink.

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Opinion on this burger?

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add mustard, jalapenos, and pineapple

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that is a sandwich

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That's not a burger.

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What is your favourite pasta sauce? How do you make it?

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Ground beef and tomato, if you wake up at 5 am to prepare it for the lunch it's 10/10 trust me

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Ketchup. I don't make it I buy it.

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1. Fry bacon on medium heat until it’s starting to slightly brown and has shed some fat /. alternatively fry anchovies in olive oils
2. Add sliced (yes sliced) onions
3. Add sliced garlic and chopped chili

Leave it on medium heat until it’s all turned to mush and then toss the pasta in it.

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Roasted red pepper butter sauce
A Creole style cream sauce, with or without seafood or crawfish added

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Puttanesca - a bunch of shelf stable ingredients that you can throw together quickly
Carbonara - similarly, a bunch of easily stored ingredients, with just a tiny bit of technique

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>making Bisquick Shake & Pour pancakes
>still batter left in bottle
>add water and dump remains on pan
>too watery, pancake is a millimeter thick and as big as the pan
>watch it turn gold and realize
>I've just invented Crepes Anon

Im so goddam smart I might just shit myself right now

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Is there any help for my family?

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>zero reading comprehension
>calls others children
[email protected] m8

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This is my cousin. I haven't spoken to her in years but her posts always seem so sad lonely. She had kids too early and I don't think she ever lived life. She's a 45 year old mother of 3 and she's only in her 20s. I know it's nice she makes cookies for her kids and stuff, but the whole thing is just really depressing to me.

Lol what

I don't agree with what the other guy said, but I also don't agree with your statement either. Growing up poor means PBJ, Mac and cheese and lots of beans. Hardly what people think of when they mean home cooked.

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you sound awful

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Insulin for when all of you contract the beetus from your sugar glut.

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Parents who don't know how to cook and/or don't love their children transcend social classes
>Growing up poor means PBJ, Mac and cheese and lots of beans
My parents lived paycheck to paycheck and could barely afford rent for years, but my mom still cooked delicious meals with the few ingredients we could afford. The meals you listed are lazy tbqh, not all poor people eat shit food

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How would /ck/ rate my dinner?

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>Our food is inferior and entirely wasteful in everyway and come from a need for a high calorie diet not taste but let pretend it's good because much culture

Maga faggot

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>posts even more literal shit

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>Slice up a few vegetables and put it in a big plastic tray
>Much culture

>But wait we took mayonnaise and put some cucumbers and local shit spices we found behind our house in it

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A really good way of spotting a low intelligence person is when you start talking about culture if you mention Indian Food they'll say it's amazing. It's never steered me wrong yet

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weed on toast
4/20 bros
pic taken by my gf

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THC concentrates don't cure cancer you absolute retard.

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>wow that will do nothing, smoke the weed
are you braindead? it's perfect for a single serving edible. it's not like i tried making a whole bottle of infused-oil with a single gram. i used approximately a tablespoon of olive oil, no more no less.
as long as it's all decarbed and cooked in a fat properly it'll work, i made a firecracker yesterday with even less weed than what I used for the oil. was .6 grams at the most, would have been a fat bowl out of my silicon pipe. said firecracker also made me far more high smoking a bowl would have.

calling it now and gonna say that you've only ever made cannabutter with large quantities of weed for recipes.

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you should've put in on something dry like a graham cracker, the toast holds all the cannabutter like a sponge and it doesn't get adsorbed in the stomach completely.

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we still have thursgay

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>they took the bait
Every time :'^D

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Here be some verticals.

Fuck y'all.

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OP here, you're right. My pan was to small.

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Are you Mike?

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I, too, have to deal with shitty small pans. These are all your own verticals?

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Monitoring thread, thanks recipe bro. Those cheese'n'ham snails look to die for. Probably for the best I don't try that because I'd eat em all.

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>keep them warm
why not fry them last so they are still hot and freshly fried

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>did he say that he can make a better burger at home?

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>eating fast food
>thinking fast food is high quality
>thinking you opinion on actual cooking is valid
[email protected]

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>Seasoning into the meat
It's a burger, not a meat loaf. Use better meat if your burger itself doesn't take good. Or mask that taste with toppings.

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Agreed. Seasoning belongs on the outside of the meat.

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>Anyone can.
Not most of the dimwits on here.

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>implying girls listen to what you say

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What food hygiene rules do you routinely ignore?

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If I'm cooking for myself - most of them.

Cooking for others - I'm very clean and meticulous.

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Maybe hot water but even then it's negligible

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I eat in the same plate for the whole week without cleaning it. I mean, you eat twice a day, it doesn't have time to go bad, just a bit dry on the borders.

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>in the fridge
Pick one and only one

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Soap doesn't even kill bacteria so yeah.

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>be me
>14 7/10 beta newfag
>decide to cook for senpai
>crack some eggs on pan and turn on heat
>go to computer and forget about eggs
>remember after 45 mins
>black piles of inedible
>have to throw out last eggs which are now shit

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Why the fuck would you leave the kitchen with food on the heat? Are you a mega moron?

>> No.10476906

try again, don't forget this time !

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Why (specifically, since I only ever see vague reasons) does /ck/ hate Bourdain? I was under the impression he was a good cook. And I like the Layover.

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Some people seem to think he's full of himself, which I find Ironic because if you actually watch his shows he always describes himself as an "industrial tier cook" rather than some big shot. He is quick to mention that he is no superstar chef.

>> No.10476870

He appears to recognize the schmuck/celebrity line he rides so it doesn't get too alienating for me. then again I really have to be in the mood to watch him.

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Bourdain is based. I learnt so much about work ethic and the food industry from Kitchen Confidential and Medium Raw (the books). I like how he reflects on the views he used to hold as a young'n in the industry, and discusses how they've evolved over time due to exposure and/or having to be on opposing ends of a situation.

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He's pretty cool. I wish I could make my fortune off the backs of immigrant line cooks all while doing heroin in the back office.

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Planted some chinese cabbage and its grown huge (like 4ft) its my first time so im wondering what to do with them.

I used some sticks on half of the plants to keep them up and the rest are already on their side growing up.


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r8 my sweet red bean paste

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>Experimenting with asian cuisines makes me a weeaboo

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I add coconut milk and bit of salt to my beans but the difference is pretty negligible.

>> No.10476879

Make some red bean panna cotta

>> No.10476978

Fuck I love red bean. I could eat it out of the pot like that. Did you make it from scratch?

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Add coconut sugar and pandan breh

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What a fat fucking piece of garbage.

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That’s nice, sweetie

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You seem to be unfamiliar with 4chan posting culture. /ck/ is a Trump free zone, anon. We'll give you a pass this one time, but now that you know please refrain from it in the future. Thank you, and enjoy yourself.

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All memes aside, I decided to try soy milk for the first time today and it tasted pretty weird, it was more sweet and did not have fresh taste. So do any non-vegans actually prefer it to normal dairy milk?

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idk, here in asia it's another flavored drink that's filling like milk but much cheaper. When I'm eating on a budget i'd order a smaller meal and a glass of soya milk so I won't feel hungry later on.

>> No.10476876

Opposite in the US. It's more costly than milk because it's marketed as an exotic health food.

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Oatmilk is the future

>> No.10476992

you fags should stick to the cockmilk that you are used to

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Oat > > > goat > > cow > soy > almond

soy chocolate milk is pretty tasty though.

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How do you feel about eating like this?

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This. I'm comfortable eating food in whatever traditional way it's usually served, but sitting on hard floors isn't appealing. I don't eat on the floor in my own home, though, because I have 2 dogs and one cat, and while they are all trained to stay off the furniture, the floor (and their own beds, cat condo) is their domain, and I don't want pet hair in my food.

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>They don't pick up things straight with their hands
>Picture of the left blatantly shows him picking up food straight with his hand
How do you manage to tie your shoes

>> No.10477219

My grandparents used to tell a story about this. They went to Morocco in the 70s. One restaurant they ate at had a single communal bowl of cous cous you had to dip into with your hands. My grandfather noticed that nobody using the bathroom bothered to wash their hands. I don't consider this is a 'funny foreign shithole' story, but a 'holy shit these people are subhuman' story.

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its more a south indian thing tbf, should have clarified that

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who the fuck cares aside from that?

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