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It’s Sunday so you know what that means: Big Breakfast Sunday! I’m really getting into McDonalds pancakes after they mistakingly gave me them a couple weeks ago. Fluffy, sweet, and tasty slathered in butter and syrup. What’s for Breakfast and is it Big?

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Where my /capsaicin/ bros at?
What pepper/sauce are you testing this weekend?

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Ahh, now that’s a snack.

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sando looks dry drizzle some zoom spout on there

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aw yeah

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Needs Mayo looks drier than my granny’s vajayjay

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Let me guess, you need "more"?

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Been hanging around Andy Sixx?

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I don't understand the reference.

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Go check the archive logs

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*extends neck*

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His kid looks extremely disturbing like some weird genetic experiment or alien.

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He creeps me the fuck out

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>as he reminisce about all the bodies yet to be found

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There's a place near me that's known in the area for their smoked kielbasa, and around this time of year they do a special "Easter" recipe for a while that ha a finer grind and slightly sweeter spice blend. Any places near you like this?

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Another moron that doesn't specify.
"near me" what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

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There's a hot blonde "near me" that I like swinging my dick around, I'm not sure what to say to her.

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In the United States, and most other countries, this is commonly understood to mean within reasonable driving distance, with “reasonable” itself meaning perhaps half an hour or less.

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The US is a pretty big place so be specific and being reasonable you would unless you're hiding something, I would specify NY, Binghamton area, nobody is trying to scope you out you fucking faggot.

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Are you going to answer the question or not, autist?

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Fatass porterhouse coming out the sous vide soon

Stay tuned

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One side seared, got a bald spot from the garlic indent. Hoping a baste will fix that


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Garlic Rosemary baste time

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Giving a min to rest, decent bald spot on the sear but idgaf

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Wa la, pretty much what I was aiming for

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A meal fit for a king

Sauce is sriracha kewpie

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Go back to prepping your bull, Adam.

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You know that you're shilling for a fucking faggot?

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He was so right about deep frying. Never deep-fry anything guys. It's just simply not worth it. When I made that video he received a lot of backlash but the merits of the video really hold up. Like the meat and potatoes of the video get it right. Anyway don't forget to subscribe to Adam Ragusea on youtube guys and hit the bell icon.

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he was right about electric vs gas stoves, but he was dead wrong about deep frying at home.
It's absolutely doable without too much of a hassle, injury hazards or bad odors.
The ginger manlet Ethan proved him wrong in a response video.

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I ended up with a huge chunk of ham. I’ve made
What else can I make with ham?

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Portion it out with wax paper and freezer bags, then freeze it, that stuff freezes great.

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Use it as a topping

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My Mr Beast burger just arrived...

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fitting for a beast like yourself

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You're just plain retarded. I never said about you phobic critters, you did. You make it retard level, nobody really gives a shit about that except for youselves that want make a badge about it.

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Give it back

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Cunts cant give back what they've already thrown, they throw out their bullshit on others who don't care about their bullshit in the first place.

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What do you mean

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In my last thread making lentils I said I would cook this dish sometime in the week. Here we go.
This dish is often mistakenly called "goulash" in English speaking countries but goulash is really a soup made from the base dish that I will cook today, with vegetables and potatoes and a large quantity of water added to this simple stew base.
It is a base dish for many Hungarian recipes and beef can be substituted for any meat or even beans, and more decadent dishes like chicken paprikash are essentially based on it with heavy cream added during the cooking process.
I will serve it with a side of seasoned roasted potatoes, but it is typically served with buttered egg noodles.

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Now I add another 1/4 cup of water, mix everything together and I'm going to bring it to a nice summer and then let it sit and stew for a good while. I'll start the potatoes in a bit

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Now I have 1/2 a can of condensed tomato paste leftover. What should I do with it tomorrow or the day after?

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Stewing away, you can see the liquid has reduced quite a bit but it's not finished yet

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In the meantime, I'm going to prepare the side dish. I will parboil these spuds , cool them and they toss them in some olive oil and seasonings and throw them in the oven

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Ramadan Fasting General /RFG/

So muslimbros what have you guys eaten at suhoor and what will you eat at iftar?
I had a few boiled eggs at suhoor,

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Considering getting one of these. I don’t necessarily have the space or maneuverability for the traditional brick dome right now. Price does seem steep though

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Doesn't ooni have one for like 300? They have both propane and wood burners.

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do anon use Robostir? I was thinking about getting one

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imagine the cram

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just watch a youtube video of that thing in action, it is obvious that it is utter shit and a waste of money.

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it's crappy useless junk
if you have the money and you really hate stirring, just buy a Thermomix or something like that

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Pic related is OP.

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turn down your flame

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if your crust looks like this i will not ear your pizza

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Keep your ear away from my pizza

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deez pies


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dont have time

an experience you will never know
not because you dont ejaculate on your mother
but because you cant make a good pie

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How’d you get the crust to be so good

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youre gay and you cant make pizza

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i think the first key is decent gluten development - i do a min 20 minute autolysis with like 3 cups flour and about a cup water, longer is fine too. get silky dough without kneading.

then do the two stage cooking: a few minutes just dough and sauce - so that when you hit it with the broiler, the crust has been basically cooked and you get the cheese and toppings to a good place without over cooking the cheese or the crust

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ok, but im old enough to post on 4chan
you seem a bit, i dunno, underage?

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Does anyone actually know what the 11 herbs and spices are? And what the method is for cooking the chicken?

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11 shots of cum

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Were. Many people knew what they were. KFC is now salt, MSJ and cayenne.

If you want a good approximation of what they were :

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Behold, the greatest chips known to mankind.

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Looks like you posted the wrong image on accident Anon. Here let me help you out:

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imagine being this pathetic
literal npc zombies
buy real chips, picrel

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miss me with that knock off shit.

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Is French champagne really renowned for its excellence?

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>French champagne
Redundant. Champagne is is a protected appellation for sparkling wine made in the Champagne region in France.

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Does this apply to the US? I know the EU has their own laws on this that the US doesn't recognize just like how we sell parmesan cheese in Kraft shaker bottles.

>> No.19092849

that’s why it’s called “Parmesan” and not “Parmigiano Reggiano”

>> No.19092852

Protected in the US since 2006, and the pre-2006 producers need to label the wine geographical origin.

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Americans can and will call any sparkling piss "Champagne"

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what did they mean by this?

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A light sprinkling of salt is good on watermelon, li hing mui is also good. lawrys is more savory, it doesn’t seem like a good idea

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dey seasonin dey watermelon

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