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I HATE my electric oven, I swear to god. I lived 20 years with fire ovens, and never had a problem cooking.

6 months in a place with an electric oven and i HATE IT. My oven NEVER gets hot enough, I have to wait TWICE AS LONG FOR FOOD TO COOK OR HEAT UP. It's especially aggravating since I do not have a microwave. Who the fuck invented this garbage????? Not to mention it's so easy to forget the top burners are even fucking on or hot. Fuck this man fuck.

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For me it's escargot.

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What are you having for dinner tonight? I had chinese, a pint of ice cream and a burrito.

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gets you drunk faster, try it bros.

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I don't drink alcohol.
Getting "drunk" is monkey-tier form of entertainment

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well call me a monke then
also: i don't like you and we would not be fwens.

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>drinking faster makes you get drunk faster
toppest of insight, faggot

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What is his favorite food?

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my dick

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Olive Garden breadsticks, they're free!

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>thin flimsy crust
>thin watery sauce that tastes more like red wine
>a few globs of mozzarella that doesn't cover the whole pizza and slides right off as soon as you pick up the slice
>a few basil leaves on top

Kek I feel bad for the poverty stricken Italians. Remind me again how authentic Italian pizza is the best.

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>*filters you*

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Thats Roquefort right?

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I eat blocks of it in a single sitting. Yesterday I tried to fry it. That's how fucked up I am.

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yum chocolate chip

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Do americans actually make chocolate chip cheese? This can't be real..

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>mold poisoning*

Why yes! And this is why they aren't allowed to sell blocks and blocks of the stuff in grocery stores and at Fromagiers all over the cultured world. Unlike, say the A. Phalloides mushroom, which is found in stores everywhere and available even to young children.

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Marinara or ranch?

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that shit look nasty as fuck

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Marinara you absolute retard

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>mayonnaise, buttermilk, and herbs are soooooooooooooo disgusting
Grow up

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i am going to university this year and, in part due to the food i was raised on, i am eager to start a diet which is as pure as possible. By pure i mean non-processed. My initial idea was:

kidney beans
assorted vegetables
milk (may not be necessary)
fruits(also maybe not essential)

i should mention i need this to be as cheap as possible, i avoided meats as it brought the price up but i'm not totally opposed to adding if necessary. If there are any mistakes here let me know, general advice is appreciated.

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>going to university
>seeks strangers' advice on the fuckhole of the intershit instead of using his own brain while simultaneously insulting his parents who are undoubtedly paying for his soon-to-be-wasted "higher education"

literacy was a mistake

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I'm trans btw.

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you'll get bored of only that within a month. diversify a bit. throw in some cheap frozen bag chicken. invest in an instant pot (well worth it, trust me).
Focus on high protein meals to stay satiated. Lentils are also a decent option for the price. You can also safely eat canned tuna twice a week.
Look for bread that's on sale.

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I mean, it's just sauce and cheese on bread right?

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this kills the italian

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>it's called an EVOKER, dad!

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it's literally cheese toast

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is that legal?

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>british food is bad because...reasons

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Do you still have the autistic neet hannibal copy pasta? that was hilarious

>*sips Baja Blast from a champagne flute*

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>You're a nerd.

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>brown skin

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i wish i had an english slampig to do weightwatchers with

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>>brown skin

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Post your favorite celebrity chef

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There's only one answer.

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I followed him on his day off last week. He drove alone from his studio for guys grocery games out towards bennett valley on his way to glen ellen. nice car but not flashy. he was smiling. he seems to follow the same routes, which will help

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even hotter knowing she got passed around by daddy and grandad

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<fapping furiously>

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>are you ready for christmukkah dinner?

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whats your favourite/ the best food for when you have a hangover? for me its definitely ramen.

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Even when I get shitfaced I don't get hungover, unlike you dum bass

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With that's said, my wife usually cooks me spicy noodles

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English breakfast or some filthy junk food burgers etc.

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wait til you get older buddy

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Dont believe the greasy diner food bros, thats what you eat before drinking, not after. All you need is a decent BLT, a banana, some pedialite, and some sort of caffeine, and 400 mg of advil. Consume, shower, and wait 45 min. Source:
>professional alcoholic.

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Post your go to half assed meals.
I buy these chicken and mozzarella meatballs and sear them and make a buttery wine sauce. All i have to do is chop up some garlic and sundried tomato and cook pasta. Super tasty

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Also i keep freeze dried parsley and chives on hand.

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brown and render some ground sausage, set meat aside, add tomato paste to rendered fat, leftover red pepper flake and parmesan packets from wherever the fuck I last ordered pizza, cook a minute or two then toss with some undercooked pasta, the sausage and real parmesan. takes no time and is always delicious

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Large curd is the obviously superior cottage cheese but sometimes I wonder if there's anything beyond that.

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Farmer's cheese, maybe?

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Hello Sconnie.
They run a pretty good cheese operation up in Westby.
Of course, as a Sconnie, you know that the next stage is squeaky fresh curds, just pulled out of the whey this morning.

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Making your own xxl curd.

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I eat 3lb of large curd a day, shit is cash

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Is their any wrong way to enjoy Secret Aardvark? Tacos, pizza, chicken, fish... hell, I'd even put it on my ice cream! Give me some things I may not have thought about that I can put my Secret Aardvark on.

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>he's posting these threads himself to soijak himself over and over
but why

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It's mid-spring and it's gardening season, what delicious things are you growing?

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we've been having trouble getting ours off the ground got any tips /ck/?

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I've been considering trying to grow odd medicinal herbs like panax ginseng and valerian root, and selling them to the local stoner hippies, but I don't know if there's any real money in doing that as a hobby

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Have you tried mattering black lives more?

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pictures of the chaz garden make the whole burning the world for 10 months worth it imo

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Why is spiciness for the sake of spiciness at the cost of all flavors praised so much? When eating some raw garlic is seen as insane?

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>hey if this straw man is so tough then why did I just beat him up?

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It's not really a strawman though. The "MUH SPICY MASCULINITY" is spread all over the world for some reason. Even in cultures where spicy food isn't part of the traditional cuisine.

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Are you gonna cry about it? Wipe your tears with your garlic maybe? Put your garlic clove directly into your tear duct and cry about it? boo hoo vampire repelling tears boo hoo hoo

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