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>want to get into coffee
>do not want to splurge fucktillions of € on an espresso machine
>a cheap and supposedly good option is Aeropress
>shit's made of plastic
Should I just give up?

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Get a french press and check youtube for the hoffman french press method

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Iunno man who cares.
"Want to get into coffee" bro don't worry about the plastics, you're already gay.
But yes, it makes a fine cup of coffee.

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Ceramic Hario V60, glass Chemex or glass Bodum.

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modern aeropress platic won't cause you harm, get a glass french press instead if you're paranoid

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All duly noted, thanks. Not giving up then.

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is pizza a sandwich?

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No. Thank you for having the courage to ask this as there's no such thing as a stupid question.

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If theres two layers of bread like if you folded it on itself or stacked it then yes

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no its a vegetable

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makes no sense seeing as tomatos are berries

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I remember getting horny as a kid watching a woman drink 500ml of donkey semen

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Fuji apples taste like freaking apricots.

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Wait people actually eat granny smith? I thought they were just a backup for cooking when you can't find bramleys.

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It's a baking apple, you don't eat them raw.

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anon all I know is I make apple pies and apple crisp and it's fine with mcintosh or cortland apples, but if you can't get those you pick something else PLUS granny smith, and it comes out similar. granny smith is an apple you can't go without.

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you definitely can eat them raw; very nice sliced thin with cheese, in salads, or with pænut butter.

it isn't exactly a juicy munching apple like a mcintosh though

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>recipe calls for lemon
>use lime

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it just turns out better when I use lime instead of lemon. lime is fruity and delicious, lemon is plain and boring

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You wanna know what else is fruity and delicious?

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My cum after a hard night of drinking and smoking?

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You're the fruity one anon

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>police report calls hot pocket a sandwich

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why can't I let the dough rise in the form? why would I need to do it in some nerd basket?

>form the dough
>final rise in the form

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99% of anything you're being told you need to do through widespread internet media cooking discourse, you don't need to do. Just make food the way we've been making it for centuries.
>make dough
>let rise
>bake dough

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cause then you'd have to put a cold ass baking vessel in the oven getting a shitty rise for 30 minutes to reach max temperature. Did you completely miss the point of the benefit of cast iron? fucking hell mate get your life together

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My wife believes (a) each nerd basket has its own personality since they're porous, (b) initial gluten formation or whatever the fuck needs to be done very symetrically for good crumb, and (c) the final rise is more about stretching the glutens into the pan shape and then letting it rise into the pan.

Thing is, I beat someone in a public taste-off who literally built their own brick oven, ground their own shit, and had their own yeast strain with literally a goodwill $20 bread machine. Basic white, a bit heavy on oil, rest, rise, roll out square, dried wild blueberries + cinnamon and sugar + butter, roll it up, cinnamon blueberry swirl bread suck my dick hippie faggot

But I also concede my wife has valid points so I'm truly conflicted on this one

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Useful when you want consistant bread slices for sandwich making

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>Thing is, I beat someone in a public taste-off who literally built their own brick oven, ground their own shit, and had their own yeast strain with literally a goodwill $20 bread machine. Basic white, a bit heavy on oil, rest, rise, roll out square, dried wild blueberries + cinnamon and sugar + butter, roll it up, cinnamon blueberry swirl bread suck my dick hippie faggot
you probably had shit judges at your gay little competition

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VJ comes at you with a pizza, what do?

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ask her if she has seen the kingcobrajfs deep fried avocado video

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Wal-Mart's soups are 3 dollars and healthier AND cheaper than HEBs and Krogers

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>all that sneed oil

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>cheapest soup is $3.50 a can

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grow your own

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Soup tree?

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Go to your local market.

Get some zucchini. Get some onion. Get some bell pepper. Get some carrot. Get some noodles. Get a bag of kale or spinach. Get a can of tomatoes.

You can make a vat of minestrone for $15. Prepackaged soup is fucking nasty.

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Why does eating exotic fruits turn you into a weirdo? Also what’s your favorite exotic fruit?

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they shouldn’t have a chemical taste

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It tasted like nail polish

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What people do for views and engagement on the internet isn't the same as real life.

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To clarify, I bought the seeds pre packaged. The nail polish taste was very strong. By "taste" I mean it tasted like nail polish smells, I never tried nail polish obviously.

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Snot rockets, those are quick and easily blown.

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Americans be like
>yooo this salad fire!

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What are your thoughts about going out to eat with your dog to cafe's and restaurants?

Pic related is me and my buddy.

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Layoff the reddit spacing will ya little buddy?

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Cope, also die!

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Dog is an incomplete thing. Like an inferior man, he needs emotional stimuli from outside, and must set something artificial up as a god and motive.

The cat, however, is perfect in himself. Like the human philosopher, he is a self-sufficient entity and microcosm. He is a real and integrated being because he thinks and feels himself to be such, whereas the dog can conceive of himself only in relation to something else.

Whip a dog and he licks your hand—faugh! The beast has no idea of himself except as an inferior part of an organism whereof you are a superior part—he would no more think of striking back at you than you would think of pounding your own head when it punishes you with a headache.

But whip a cat and watch it glare and move backward hissing in outraged dignity and self-respect! One more blow, and it strikes you in return; for it is a gentleman and your equal, and will accept no infringement on its personality and body of privileges.

We call ourselves a dog’s “master”—but who ever dared to call himself the “master” of a cat?

We own a dog—he is with us as a slave and inferior because we wish him to be. But we entertain a cat—he adorns our hearth as a guest, fellow-lodger, and equal because he wishes to be there.

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I have a rottie that's trained to sit and not move until I say, so obviously I think that dogs like that are fine.

Your little dachshund cross slipper Checkers that is all up in everyones business deserves to get American History X'd

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No dogs allowed!

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>somehow oysters are more popular

What did we mean by this?

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It turns out they aren't disgusting at all. They've been delicious all along.

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Oysters are slimy, watery, flavorless are usually topped with stuff like lemon juice. Mussels are chewy, flavorful, savory and are usually topped with delicious stuff like garlic.

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>Hi! My name is Ashley! I'll be your waitress here at applebees tonight. What can I get started for you?

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I'll have a *mumble mumble mumble*
and uhhhhh *mumble mumble*
*mumble mumble mumble mumble*
*mumble mumble mumble*
that'll be everything

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>im just in here hiding from the cops

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>"I'll start with your number, your pussy for dinner, and your asshole for dessert"

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I'll have a regular Coke, hold the ice also I don't tip.

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cookin up another $30 dry aged porterhouse.

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bone app the teeth

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After fending for scraps tonight, I’m happy OP enjoyed a nice meal and shared us with it.

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i dont know what to tell you homie, I wanted to end the bullshit along time ago but everyone was happy sitting at home watching netflix and watching our freedom, human rights, and quality of life go down the toilet.

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Overcooked and steak fries suck.

>> No.19324215

would eat but it is more cooked than I would like

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>menu calls food "provisions" or "rations" or some dumb shit
>Uses all these trendy words to make it fancy and it's just a few different 19 dollar burgers
Why is this so prevalent in American restaurants these days? Why are burgers and fries chicken being gentrified, why are the old style cheap chicken and burger joints being pushed out by fat bearded hipsters selling twenty dollar burgers that suck?

>> No.19323889

weab cultural supremacy

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Name 5 restaurants.

>> No.19324197

1. McChicken
2. McChicken
3. McChicken
4. McChicken
5. Taco Bell

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>stop drinking soda
>ck: That's rad man, good for you!
>stop drinking alcohol
>ck: hell yeah man, that's poison!
>stop eating fast food
>ck: fuck yeah bro start cooking at home
>stop using plastic cutlery and paper plates
>ck:nice dude, get a good collection going and take care of it
>stop eating seed oils
>ck: uh bro they're fine just eat them dude who cares lol you're gonna die anyway everything gives you cancer bro just eat them lol

Something's fishy... or my name's Archibald, and it's not.

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i eat whole food plant based, which means preparing all my own food, and it's non-issue when i socialize mainly with fit people who like doing fit people things instead of just sitting and eating

there's a gay bar here that serves food in a big dining area, and it's quite a shock seeing the difference in average body composition vs places that don't serve food

>> No.19323798

yeah, he said butter already

>> No.19323825

>Lard and butter is all you need
What is your opinion on schmaltz?

>> No.19324114

but those are so good for your heart man

>> No.19324126

All oils are shit. All of them. Eat the minimum required to be healthy and no more.

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Why does every single person who has a strong opinion against Burger King in particular look like this? Is it because they were fired from a Burger King?

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they think they ARE the Burger King

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At least one of them can actually grow facial hair

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Robert Downey Jr should’ve eaten that whopper and overdosed instead of turning himself around
Then again he looks like Moby with double AIDS now so idk maybe he’s been snacking on chicken fries

>> No.19323795

I thought that was Moby and Jeff Goldblum's clone baby at first

>> No.19323802

is picrel still alive? it's been so long since i've seen this dude. looks like the type that would've od'd on fentanyl by now.

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if you haven't tried a lamington, you are missing out

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its just sponge cake dipped in chocolate with shredded coconut.

>> No.19323707

Please share with me the world's best spongecake recipe.

>> No.19323710

Stella parks vanilla cake

>> No.19323733

I'd give you a kiss on the mouth if I could.

>> No.19323789

Maybe you can. Wya?

In all seriousness her cake recipe is extremely easy to follow. If you want to make things easier regarding the frosting I recommend making cream cheese frosting instead of the swiss meringue frosting she typically uses.

Im talking about if you just wanted to make a 3 layer cake, not a lamington btw

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What the actual fuck did he mean by this

>> No.19323671

He watches degenerate Japanese cartoons and developed "thing Japan" brainrot. Pay no mind.

Anime.. not even once.

>> No.19323763

I'm always impressed at how Americans have the level of knowledge of a primary school European kid

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