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This is genuinely the most disturbing cooking channel on the internet.
They make strange noises while preparing the food and eat like absolute animals

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Rude as hell

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What’s the point of these? It’s just messier to eat, and you lose the portability that is the whole point of a sandwich.

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Is this some USA bastardization?

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Sometiems when its too hot and you can't be bothered to cook, there's nothing better than a plate of meat and veggies and big bowl o dip for dinner.

Am I right? What's good dip?

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lime dip best dip, zest, juice, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, simple as.

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I make onion dip all the time. The white trash kind that's just powdered onion soup mix and sour cream. It disappears at parties.

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Do you like pop-tarts or are they too synthetic?

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Pocket-sized pastries are good

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I used to like them when I was a kid. Now they are too sweet for me.

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They taste like shit if you don't toast them and put butter on them

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unfrosted or bust

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Where do you go where food comes sealed? The wagie put your mcwhatever together and then wraps it in some paper. It's not sealed.

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Bullshit, ever go to some joint in Manhattan, none of that stuff is sealed. What are you from creepy california or something? Go eat your babyfood.

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I live in Kansas City KS

Even McDonalds seals the bag

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Only cuckolds tip

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>comprehension skill of a literal child
the takeout bag might be sealed dumbass but the food was handled and prepared by people who can, and will spit, jizz, shit, puke and piss in it.

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Choose one, the other one disappears from earth

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Pasta is wheat.

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Mash potato

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don't... you'll break op if you do this. stop. not worth it. think of the jannies.

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Ok wheat x rice, mr. Ocd

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Rice. Cauliflower rice is a good substitute and healthier.

Pasta goes and I can never have Italian food the same way again. Zucchini noodles suck.

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>spend 10 whole minutes cutting cold butter into small bits with a knife
>spend 10 whole minutes mixing it into flour with my hands
am i making biscuits wrong? i tried mixing it with a pastry cutter but the holes are too big and left abunch of unmixed butter that just melted in the oven
and someone told me i could use a blender to cut the butter but my butter just sticks to the top and sides of the blender and nothing happens

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you want cold butter when it goes in the oven. don't handle the dough so much.

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>i tried mixing it with a pastry cutter but the holes are too big and left abunch of unmixed butter that just melted in the oven
cut the butter into the dry ingredients more

one alternative that might work for you is freezing the quantity of butter you need, and then using a cheese grater to grate it into your dry ingredients and gently and briefly mixing as your hands would warm the small bits of butter up and melt them.

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>am i making biscuits wrong?
If you have a food processor then put the cold butter and dry ingredients in there and pulse until the butter is cut in, the flour will prevent it from sticking. If you don't have a food processor then freeze the butter and grate it with the large hole section of your cheese grater straight into the dry ingredients (to keep it from clumping back up).

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Made tiramisu. Don't judge it's hard to get the first piece out. I think I put too much cream on the first layer.

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looks tasty

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Am enjoying it a lot. It's the easiest no bake dessert ever.

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If you use whipping cream in your Tiramisu you are wrong, it is a low calorie dessert. There is only 2090 calories in mine.

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Best Gatorade flavor and it's not even close.

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thats fucking nonsense and those things are like $5. just drink pedialyte at that point

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I like eating baby food.

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You look like you eat babies

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fuck off frogshit

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Don't worry, just lie and say you're testing it for your child.

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What the fuck

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Go shidd your pants then, bambino

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Reminder that if you have to season it to make it taste good then it was shitty meat to begin with.

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you're still salty about that other meat thread with the faggot that loves to use chili powder huh?

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Properly seasoning high quality meat just makes it taste better...

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Meet doesn't taste like anything idiot, your concept of "meat" flavor is just salt

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>Take a bite of steak
>Take the same size bite of salt

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>be me
>fall for this meme
>also fall for the "marinades don't do anything" meme
>also fall for the cast iron meme
>be my friend
>marinade cheap steak in soy sauce and grill over charcoal
>10/10 flavor
fuck my life

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I got a few things from a local deli. Heres a few things they do. What would you get? :D

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some of everything honestly. place looks fucking good

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Where did all the food go?

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i ate it

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I only get $60 a month in EBT. I can't afford meat

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Just harvest stray cats and dogs

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I’ll have the diet coke

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I could loose ten pounds or so, but from what I've read that's some crazy surgery, a serious procedure. For ten pounds or so, fuck it.

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I think the doctors do, they use vaccum cleaners to hose out the fat.

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Just do if and keto and lift for 5 weeks tops. I love how people will inject ozempic into them, get liposuction, and then say “going without bread is unhealthy.”

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>open hole
>insert vacuum cleaner
>close hole
For repeat offenders perhaps install some sort of hatch.

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I'm glad that I already ate lunch, otherwise I'd puke.

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It’s hard to find videos or pictures of what restaurant cuisine look like back then.

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Obviously the Great Depression and during War, and rations, foods were drastically different.

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Theres some 1920s menus from fancy New York restaurants you can google. French dining was in, sauces were the next big thing, and people were more willing to try exotic and questionably sourced meats.

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>French dining was in
late 1800s menu was very french.

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rate my dinner / 10

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I like the bring colours. :3 +1 to the marketing teams.

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I like the bright colours :3
+1 to the marketing teams and various researchers.

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7/11 / 10

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Good times, at least u got a coke and aren't a pepsi fag.

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Have you ever cooked for your girlfriend/date?

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I’m a family because of body mass and multiple personalities. We’re all sick

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Same. I like to cook and she thinks of it as a chore, so it works out perfectly.

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Cooking with my date is one of my favorite date activities. It's something I enjoy doing with my partners, so it's a perfect test case for a future relationship.
Even the ones that can't cook for shit still pass as long as they're open to the idea, give it a try, and seem interested in learning more or doing it again some time.

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I have never kissed a woman.

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Do you use them? Are they bad for you?

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Not if you put your head in one because anyway because it’s about life weewee woowoo

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the only thing I use the microwave for is popping corn and storing the thing I use to pop the corn.

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no. food is irradiated enough as it is.

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their battered souls are negroid in shape

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Yea their fine. Cook at 50% power for twice as long whenever you have the time.. it matters

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OnlyFans lights

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hahaha, a freak job on the down low

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You have tried hard, but I'm sorry this will not pass

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its not that freaky. lots of men do it. you should try.

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what do you mean i dont pass. when i wear my dress and put on just a tiny bit of make up, you cant even tell.

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