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any fellow cu/ck/olds going to sign up for season 11 of Master Chef?

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why would anyone watch this shit?
Its like chickens with their heads chopped off, there's nothing to be learned from that shit especially with that british cunt. They're all useless.

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With that british bitch it should be called "master bater" it's that useless. You might as well just watch commercials.

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i learned how to butcher a fish thanks to this show, also the british guy si funny

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I had a teacher named bater
the look in his eyes the only time I called him master bater was scary

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God bless these jelly motherfuckers.

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t. Marco Pierre White

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How come I can’t eat meat properly like other people?

I hate pork it has a bad after taste. Bacon and hotdogs is impossible for me to eat alone.
Can barely eat beef or mutton. It is so chewy that it makes me think it’s raw and I vomit it all out.
Can’t eat chicken breast, when I would boil 2 chicken breast everyday. I had to shove them down my throat with water and would constantly gag and sometimes spit the chicken breast back into the bowl a d would have tears in my eyes.

I absolutely hate breakfast sausages and can only eat meat normally when it is fried and unhealthy. Why is it like this?

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Cook more your beef (don't take shit for autists on this website or any place for that)
Don't boil chicken then cook it differently.

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It could be one of two things anon

1 you don't know how to cook and That's what it seems like based on your boiled chicken and water

Or 2 You have a genetic defect with a severe aversion to meet And probably should not procreate

If this was caveman times you would die

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>bad aftertaste
Try some fresh, lean pork like tenderloin.
Quickly fry and finish in oven to temp you consider safe.
Maybe that's because of low quality grease.
Hotdogs are fucking mystery meat.

>chewy beef or mutton
Try browning it and then braising in flavorful liquid for at least 2 hours. Or more, until you can cut them with a fork. Cheap cuts are chewy and need long cooking time.

>boiled chicken breast
Man, you hate yourself.
Grill, pan-fry or bake in oven. Cook until it's cooked thought and not a minute more.
Load up on spices, chicken needs them.

If you still won't like it, switch to fish.
The only reason why we eat meat is because we like the taste. If you don't like it, don't torture yourself.

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>You have a genetic defect with a severe aversion to meet And probably should not procreate
I wasn’t planning to I am 5’3 and have a micropenis at 21 and thought there was a correlation. But if true about the aversion then I am sort of happy.
>switch to fish
basically have for the last 5 years.
>don’t boil chicken
If it is not straight out the oven i can’t eat it. Aftertaste is too strong. Even if i try to reheat it through the oven, there is a weird aftertaste that makes me gag. Idk if it has to do with coriander sensitivity for me because i hate that as well, but i’m pretty sure they are mutually exclusive.

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>I can’t eat any other meat without gagging basically unless if it’s heavily processed.
I've known some people like that too. They just generally get disgusted when they see anything that reminds them of the animal it came from while it's more hidden in something like a burger compared to a steak or seeing a raw whole chicken.

>I don’t know what it is about yolk but makes me want to vomit.
Have you tried breaking the yolk first? A lot of people don't like it when it's left whole no matter how it's cooked, but if you break the yolk while it's in the pan and let it spread around they tolerate it more. Something like egg salad is good too because you mix it with other flavors and the yolk kind of blends into the dressing.

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So, i got my hands on a can of Spam. I ask you americans, what do i do with it?

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Ask Eric Idle, I heard he did something pretty good with spam

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What's the veredict on this?

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what is the best breakfast food and why is it cheese and crackers

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Where did you get those olives and that razor thin steak?

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soft, almost gooey french toast. i used to have it a lot as a kid but as an adult it's more like once a year

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did you forget about your retardation again?

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do you achieve this by using fresh bread?

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Those look like grapes anon, where do you buy "olives" from?

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It's the How In the Living Fuck Did This Make It Past the Test Market thread

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The same way a “cheese” was marketed for now being able to melt, idiots will buy anything

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Show me where that package mentions "cheese".

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Australia is truly God's blind spot

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They got it from the degenerate Irish we sent over there for sheep buggery

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What in the sweet mother of fuck?

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I want to buy my parents a salt + pepper mill as a gift for Christmas since they're always using those pre filled grinders you buy at the store, so far I have been recommended cole & mason and peugeot. What would you recommend? I want to buy something premium that is going to last a long time.

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Please introduce the recommended photos of everyone who looks delicious

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>literally, figuratively, unironically tastes like NOTHING

why do people complain about bay leaves when this exists?

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What is objectively the worst cooking method and why is it microwave?

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But microwaves are great for boiling eggs.

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At least clean your microwave out before you post a picture of it.
It isn't that hard.....

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sadly yes.

somethings gross about boiled eggs and they also smell

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the moast perfect way to make popcorn tho


how do this?

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Put the eggs in a bowl of water and turn the microwave on.

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Just a reminder to sharpen your knives. Remember: A kitchen without sharp knives is a sad and dangerous kitchen!!!

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>sharpening your knives
Fucking weebs
A bad chef blames his tools

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>Taking anyone elses word as to how sharp a knife is.
> Blunt knives cause more serious accidents than sharp ones.

When I was a slaughterman, I saw a guy tear his right thigh open with a knife that I knew hadn't been sharpened.
He got 179 sutures to close that wound up.
Not even worth it

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Shut up Gretchen

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you cant tell me what to do asshole

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>choose to be unhealthy
>flaunt about it
>advocate for regulating private entities
Are commies mentally handicapped?

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Ah yes, get rid of the government and have unregulated chaos. Genius.

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>flaunt about it
Dumbest abuse of a verb I’ve seen in a long long time.

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Weak faggots detected.

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A picture of Boogie would have been the better choice.

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Kek, and you consider yourself strong I suppose

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do you eat organ meats /ck/? I eat beef heart and it taste like tougher roast beef. its usually pretty cheap to because no one wants to buy it.

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Why even ask that question, of course many people here eat organ meats. A more appropriate question would be 'what is your favorite organ meat'.
I like heart but they are expensive here for some reason. By the time I cut off the membranous bits the price per unit of weight is more than a regular rump steak. I enjoy liver more than heart for the rich flavor and higher vitamin content. Another favorite is pig organ soup (猪什汤) and steak kidney pie.

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i do, because the liver is the greatest thing ever

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call me a fag but I can't eat organ meat
even just a liver make me want to puke

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I don't blame you. Livers and kidneys can sometimes taste like the smell of urine, congealed blood and other waste concentrated into it. Definitely and acquired taste.

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I don't like them on their own, but they're good when mixed with something else. I don't care much for straight liver but I really like liverwurst. Liver is also a lot higher in vitamin A and iron compared to meat so it's normal to not enjoy it in larger amounts, too much of those things starts to become toxic and just a couple bites of beef liver will give you your RDA of them.

When I've had whole chickens I'd chop up the organ meats that are included, mix them together, season with things like black pepper and coriander, then shape it into a patty and bread it and fry it. Top it with a little raw onion and some vinegar or mustard. Actually tastes pretty good but still after a few bites I've had my fill of it.

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is america the fattest nation on the planet because they have the best food

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This. Unhealthy processed shit is cheaper so people especially poor people end up getting fat from eating it and never realizing how shit it actually is

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not anymore

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Deathfats don't eat good food though. They usually eat enormous amounts of utter garbage from the middle aisles full of fat and bad carbs like high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, white flour, etc.

A lot of these are literally subsidized by ag policy so they're incredibly cheap too.

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no fucking way, it's because we have a lot of food. there's good food to be had, but that's not the issue. the issue is fucking retards having two 1200 calories of corn syrup made bullshit for prebreakfast, then teaching their children to eat the same way.

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I've finished carving my pumpkins for Halloween and I have lots of pumpkin flesh left over.
Instead of throwing it away I want to make some pumpkin soup instead.
The recipe I'm thinking of using is:
4lbs of pumpkin flesh chopped.
2 large onions finely chopped.
4 cloves of garlic finely chopped.
2 chicken stock cubes in quart of water.
2 tbs of vegetable oil.
Fry the onions and garlic in oil in a large pot until softened. Add the chunks of pumpkin and stir fry. Then add the chicken stock in water and bring to the boil and then simmer for ten minutes.
Either sieve, mash or use a processor to smooth the soup out.

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Never much liked the taste of carving pumpkins, but I always saved and roasted the seeds.

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wen u goe borg qeenge

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Fuck off

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you have to go back

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Should I season my steak with beef stock?

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You should season your beef stock with steak.

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Make a paste, or don't. It's your choice, really. Sometimes I season it with my mother, like my dear old stock pot used to do.

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I've pan seared steak in beef tallow before.
Seasoning requires solid matter, like herbs and spices. You're thinking of a marinade, which has vinegar. Marinades have vinegar. Brines don't. Then there are cures.

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there is no real recipe

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Maybe op means beef stock powder but what do I know. I'm new here.

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Can I go wrong with stocking up on any of these?

$1.59/lb 73/27 ground beef
$1.69/lb boneless skinless chicken breast
$0.79/lb chicken thighs a

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Everything is priced for a reason...

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That's a good price for ribeye. Stop being poor/cheap and get you a nice rib-ahh. Taters and green stuff on the side.

Boneless skinless breasts can fuck right off. Go for the drums/thighs. I'll even give you my personal white boy's jerk chicken recipe. No measurements, just wing it like I do.
Jerk paste:
>equal parts vinegar and soy sauce
>lime juice
>yellow and green onion
>habanero or Scotch bonnet peppers
>brown sugar
>cinnamon, allspice, clove, nutmeg, black pepper (all freshly ground if possible)
Blend that shit up. Season to taste. Deeply score the chicken legs and rub the jerk paste into the cuts. Marinate for a few hours and grill the chicken. Baste with this sauce:
>pineapple juice
>jerk paste

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How bad is it?

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>What a fucking N...ergy supplement.

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no it isn't
fresh balls or gold bond

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It was kinda surreal seeing how much trouble he got into just for saying a particular word

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Stands for Gay Fuel

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man it feels good to be a gamer

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