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Now these, these are some fucking tacos.

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You absolute derelict. Look at your keyboard. You belong in the CIRCUS.

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this is why I refuse to eat at other people's houses

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my parents had that same keyboard when I was growing up

take good care of your antiques, anons.

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Why do normalfags hate pineapple on pizza so much? Or is it just something they all repeat but don't actually have very strong feelings about it?

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It's just a meme leftover from the 80's like broccoli = bad. It's a fine topping to have once in a while.

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its just another fill-in for a lack of personality

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I've sexually assaulted two men who were eating Hawaiian pizza in a park in 2009.

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Well that kind of behavior happens from the results of you being raped by another man as a child.

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Scotch > Irish Whiskey > B*urbon
Simple as.

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Get on your knees and prepare yourself to suck my rubber duck.

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Canadian rye masterrace

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I prefer isopropyl alcohol and bath salts.

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>satan in a bottle
The cute images doesn't help

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ching chong ding dong

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Niglet sauce

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were you hoping for a deep and thoughtful discussion here or just posting le merde to shit this board like everyone else?

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Poo shooter bum hole blast. Turd birds.

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>imagine the smell (of the shithole city not the food)

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I'm going to have leftover pizza for breakfast
What do you think it's picrel
What are you having

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I don't eat breakfast, usually just coffee.

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There's a sale for scotch fillet near me and I want to make a really nice slowcooked meal but I am FODMAP intolerant and everything seems to require copious amounts of garlic and onion.

What are some good slowcooked beef recipes I can try?

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>I am FODMAP intolerant
No, you aren't. Stop being a silly billy

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slowcooked beef is dead easy
just take your beef
put it in a pot with water
heat it up and let it sit covered for however long it takes (hot but not boiling)
when its done just take it out and shred it and add whatever seasoning you like
you can boil down the cooking water to demi glace and save for something else

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If you can't use alliums, then everything you make is going to be shit. Just garnish with lots of fresh parsley and you'll be fine.

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I opened a can of corn soup and ate half of it and put the rest in the fridge with cling film cover then kinda forgot about it. now there's a small white mould ball on top which i scooped out. is my corn soup safe to eat?

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only if you're feeling brave

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its a very nice corn soup and the ingredient list is not too bad.

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More like corn poop, amirite?

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That’s parsley, not mold.

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Are you my dad?

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How to make them taste good? I like their cheap price and convenience but their mushy consistency is unpleasant. I've been steaming them and with butter, salt and pepper they are edible but not something I truly enjoy eating.

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don't freeze them to begin with you dipshit

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Part of it is the vegetables selected. I have no problem with mixed veg, sweet peas, or greens beans, but I've gotten the broccoli right maybe twice in my life. And if broccoli is in some mixed pack it's always the nastiest one.

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Use the microwave to steam them. Frozen vegetable lifehack.

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Place the closed bag in a sink filled with room temperature water. Not warm, mind you.

The contents will thaw evenly and you won't have mushy vegetables.

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I've never had good frozen broccoli. It lasts fine for like 2 weeks in the fridge anyway so why bother? Only veg I get frozen is peas.

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Why are some people obsessed with cooking things until they are le "perfectly done"? If you have never "overcooked" a potato in the oven/on the grill you are totally missing out. The potato becomes even more delicate the longer you bake it and it just tastes better

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People are honestly so stupid. The outside of a "burnt" potato is protecting the inside of the potato. You'd have to overcook a potato to a ludicrous extent for the charing to actually reach inside of the potato. If you don't char a baked potato, you are totally missing out. A normal baked potato is practically flavorless in comparison

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that’s just not true, ive spoken with the vast majority of people about how they judge a potato’s doneness and they all told me that you’re gay and have a tiny penis

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I've had people throw out perfectly good potatoes off of a grill because they were "burnt". You have no clue what you're talking about and need to touch grass

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With potato is whatever but overcooked noodle/pasta are just bad slop
I bet you eat beef the same way as well

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I like by steaks medium rare faggot and my pasta perfectly done so they aren't totally mush when I eat them. One of the things I do like that would be considered le "overcooked" is a crispy egg for breakfast. It has more flavor because it has less water in it and a crispy egg is not burnt, its golden brown

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im sick. anyone know how to make chiggen noodle soup taste better?

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Split plea soup, that helps to cure all ails.

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Ginger root, help with blood pressure
Whale's testicles, help with impotency
Baby brain, help with longevity

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I recommend not heating it in plastic containers in the microwave as the first thing.
When I am tired of chicken soup taste I add sesame oil, chili flakes and parsley on top.

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Pepper. You literally cannot add enough pepper.

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i'll get right on that

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This is the only good thing you can get from Arbys. Everything else tastes like shit

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That's the only thing I don't ever buy at Arby's. Way too much better stuff.

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>5/1 martini
>rum sour
>last word
>corpse reviver #2
>Old fashioned
>gin and tonic

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Tits: :/
Japanese tits: :D

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i'm a chud but i love all tits if they are big

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One of my favourite cocktails is from some recipe book that my parents had growing up but I'm pretty sure that's the only place it exists. It's called a Sirocco. One part gin, one part vodka, half part creme de menthe. Shake with ice, serve in a martini glass.

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my favorite cocktail is long island, a good choice too, especially now that summer is getting closer everyday

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is this guy actually a good cook or no

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He’s friends with my good friend Adam so he gets a pass

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>He is a good cook

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Cute frog! Please post more!

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>I think he's catering to all the zoomers and millennials who grew up watching tv and movies
He put those videos to a halt because he ran out of ideas. Why do you think he recently hired a chink to do anime based recipes?

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I'll be flying to Commiefornia this Thursday. Should I go out of my way to try pic related or is this a meme? I've had Shake Shack, some say it's similar.

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Why are you going to commiefornia?
Nobody in their right mind wants to go to that shithole.

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it’s the best fast food burger, but don’t expect it to be anything else

>> No.19327822

i do

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Worth giving a shot on a one off lunch, don’t make it dinner plans and you’ll be happy

Get the fries crispy and add the secret sauce to it (gay secret menu shit)

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Close all tabs right now and post your favourite cheese.

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my fiance and I like to eat dubliner cheese w/ sliced apples


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Cheese is literally the best food on earth. What a shame that the Chinese will never know the beauty and the power.

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Monte 27 in casual occasions, but I'd get the strongest formai de tara available for a unique experience

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I miss these basterds like you wouldn't believe, I moved out of Saguenay where this cheese maker is, 20 years ago and I haven't eaten any since. You can get curds pretty much everywhere but this specific brand has a special place in my heart.

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It tastes so good, I want to make love it

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Who wants some mud pie?

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healthier than subway

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Would you eat my balls, /ck/?

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I honestly that the meatballs were on a tortilla for a second lol

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Slightly chunky, or very fine?
With skins, or without?

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Forced through a sieve with plenty of butter.

>> No.19327690

how do you keep the skins? dont they just fall right off

>> No.19327886

Pro tip: always add more butter
>b-but I've already put in half a kil-
More butter.

>> No.19327891

They won't fall off on their own unless you boil them for hours, even then just scoop em out with the potatos

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wow such a nice addition to this thread

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What's the deal with Asian people and rinsing rice until the water runs clear? Like I've tried to do that shit and it takes forever and never runs clear. Like I'm hungry I don't give a shit about some starch on the rice

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His post is not Reddit. He double-broke his lines to create a cadence reflecting spoken word, somewhat like a poem. Why do that, you ask? Well, it modifies the tone of the post to help you (the reader) retain information.

Now compare my last paragraph to this next one to see the difference:

His post is not reddit.

He double-broke his lines to create a cadence reflecting spoken word, somewhat like a poem.

Why do that, you ask?

Well, it modifies the tone of the post to help you (the reader) retain information.

We remember spoken words better than written words, and line fatigue while reading can cause mental skips, diluting the message.

I prefer line breaks for infodumps, personally.

>> No.19327582

>Well, it modifies the tone of the post to help you (the reader) retain information.
No, it doesn't. I can read a book. I disdain my eyeballs having to bounce all over the screen. It is not a poem for you to abuse your enter key because you have a short attention span and use it as a fidget spinner. I don't "hear" disjointed words you adhd-ridden weirdos.

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Listen, it's a preference. All three of us are right, anon, no one is wrong. But I have some homework for you that might change your opinion of the relationship between 4chan and reddit:

Go look up 4chan screencaps from before reddit's inception. You'll find "reddit spacing" all over them after five minutes. If you can't look up screencaps, then ask around on /r/, and maybe someone will drop their 4chan folders.

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>when an incurable autism meets an unstoppable retardation

>> No.19328038

>I don't "hear" disjointed words you adhd-ridden weirdos
lack of brain capacity, just normal npc things dont mind it.

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