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Which glizzy u finna eat tho?

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why is it black?

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none because that is racist and i am not a homosexual

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Ranch is a better dip than blue cheese and I'm tired of pretending it's not.

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>Ranch is a better dip than blue cheese

you will destroy yourself

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Based, fuck mold eaters

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you will eat the mold, bigot

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only fatasses and children smother their food in this shit

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xd fat people drink these bottles like drinking beer, i've seen it and it just makes me sad knowing this is a thing

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Dog thread.
‘Merica day is approaching, you better be heating up those weiners.
Let’s get it, boys.

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simple as

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i made a dog i called the rodeo dog. it was bbq sauce, shredded chedd, jalpeno and fried onion crisps on a crispy natural casing dog. 9/10, could be better with bacon crumbles

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You’re mom heats up my wiener.

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I know people say that hot dogs are made from pig assholes and stuff, but that doesn't really detract me from eating them.

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I need to bake or make a cake for my sister's birthday
I've never done any sort of baking before in my life.
Any suggestions on some easy cakes?

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This anon has a point - I might have went a bit over the board with oreos - sweet crackers/tea biscuits are the base version, oreos were supposed to be an upgrade

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This is 100% correct
Baking is basic chemistry, box mixes use the precise amounts of pure ingredients, even some pro bakers use them as their base
Just find a flavor she likes and follow the directions exactly and you will excel here
The biggest difference between an amateur and a pro cake is the presentation, so use a nice serving plate, borrow one if you have to
Also take great care on the icing, and if you lack artistic/craft skills find a clever girl and ask for help, most will be happy to save you

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get one of those cake pans that let you push the bottom out if you go the cheesecake route. or a spring form but that seems a bit much for a one off bake

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bake her a sonic cake

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Thats actually pretty neat

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Why doesn't America have varied vending machines in several places?

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It does.

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All vending machines are in different places.

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Interstate rest stops have vending machines but theyre put inside iron cages so you cant break into them

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this is the only correct answer. they are the reason we can't have nice things

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we can afford to operate drive ins in the most remote places

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>out drinking with the colleagues
>new hires are all here
>nobody cares about cooking
>nobody knows what a crêpe suzette is
>nobody knows how good my chocolate custard cream puffs are
>three people order stuff just to show how cool and wealthy they are and then don't eat/drink it
>start eating some fried chicken with shredded cheese on top
>hope it's grana or parmigiano
>it's cheddar
why do I still go out drinking with my colleagues, oh god why

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Crepe suzette
Godlike things that almost never get offered anymore

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oh no not my PALATE

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nobody asked

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How the fuck did your retarded ass mistake cheddar for grana or parmigano cheese?

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In case you couldn't tell, OP spends 98.5% of his days with his buttocks firmly planted to his shoulders and his face somewhere past his sigmoid colon.

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Fuck these coasttards

Post the best middle america foods, restaurants, whatever

For me it's pizza ranch

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Comfiness (lasts a lifetime) >>>>>>>>>> "taste" (lasts 20 seconds)

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Roosters Wings

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Never heard of it.

Never heard of it.

Heard of it. Never been to one.

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the term "flyover state" literally means a state that one flies-over to get from one coast to the other; the literal opposite of what you're implying

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I don't see how OP asking people to post the best the flyovers have to offer at all implies anything you're trying to link it to. Are you quite alright?

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for me it is mc sushi

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I don't particularly like these ai images, but this may be the best one I've seen.

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AI speaks simmlish?

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No, you iish migh sucah, you naughty bitch.

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Ai speaks cirqulish and is a beautiful clown

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who tf cares what you like, post waistline u fat tubby fuck

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Which beverages increase concentration other than coffee?

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is keto a meme diet if youre a poorfag? most of the stuff needed for it seems way more expensive even the meal replacements.
>inb4 just count calories and stop eating fatass
well no shit im working on that

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are you shocked that food with real nutrional value is more expensive than empty calorie foods?

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>> No.18026812

it's a reddit diet

>> No.18026868

Keto is just fasting for Americans who think they'll die if they go more than 8 hours without food

>> No.18026877

it's for redditors bro. goyslop like fast food and heavily processed high fructose syrup candy is for us chads here on 4chan

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I live off a single can of KO sardines a day, do I need to take vitamin supplements?

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post your waistline now

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enjoy ur mercury poisoning

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Fasting is the only thing that works for weight loss unless you're working out in the fields or construction (guarantee OP does neither)

>> No.18026870

???? deenz don't have a mercury problem.

>> No.18026873

Nice try I've lost 25 lbs in 2 months by eating 1800 k calories a day retard

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How hard is it to start your own restaurant? I have a soup that my family thinks is really good and I wonder if I could sell it

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You will lose all your money. Buy a small food trailer instead. If you make it maybe you can someday think of opening a restaurant without going into bankruptcy. If your trailer doesn't make it you are only out maybe $5k, and not $500k.

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And an extreme amound of luck after all that. Ive seen some of the best restaurants in my area go under. Placed with killer staff, fresh ingredients, great menu, atmosphere, location, everything. Like honestly perfect restaurants, just gone. Pic related.

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Looks like there's already competition in that market

>> No.18026699

be really smart and have excellent social skills

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i feel sorry for anyone who hasn't had good cornbread

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Your guys lost in embarrassing fashion.

>> No.18026705

dere's buckwheat cakes an' injun batter, makes you fat or even fatter, look away, look away

>> No.18026741

Kek, based

>> No.18026792

Fuckin Missouri cornchucker

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>embarrassing fashion.
Honey. the Confederates were fab as fuck.

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Ameribros, we are being left behind

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Blame the demand for cod and haddock making them cost more

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Lol if you think soviets stood a chance without American involvement you're retarded.
I bet you can't even name a single Soviet military official who wasn't politic or a general you fucking homo eurocentric idiot.

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Here it is. Really quite piddly, a few mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and tendies.

>> No.18026813

>if you think soviets stood a chance without American involvement you're retarded.
isnt that one of the statements that cancels itself out? i think you need to re read it anon

>> No.18026853

We seriously are. I've watched a lot of that Rate My Takeaway guy's vids. The UK achievements in sloppa are beyond anything I thought possible. It's not just London either but even the shitty who cares cities. In just absolute awe

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hi, my name is daryl and I am wondering how to get into tendies. you see, i cannot afford to eat at raising canes but their fried chicken fingers are delicious.

I have tried breading and frying chicken a few times and it is a lot of work and i get no where near the flavour and texture of "raising canes chicken fingers"

but i see people here seem so fond of the chicken fingers their mothers purchase for them. seeing as how i have a foodstamps and access to a variety of grocery stores, I can go buy my own chicken tenders. what brands could you recommend?

imho, cheaper is better as long as it still taste good, and i would prefer to go to stores with lower mark-ups and their own non-name brands, like WINCO. grocery outlet seems to have quite a variety but its also somewhat of a random pick since I am unfamiliar with the various 'chicken tendies' brands. I also have access to costco, whole foods, trader joes, sprouts and safeway.

I do not have access to an aldi's though i would bet they excel in the 'chicken tendies' department. how are their $5 18in pizzas? jw

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>> No.18026528

i also do not have access to an aldi's. there's a lidl near where i work but i don't really go there. prefer to get my shopping near to my house.

>> No.18026570

>cant afford tendies? you should just get a job at raising canes and stop being such a fucking loser. 2 birds with one stone
yeah but then i lose 40hr/wk of my free time. my free time is more valuable then tendies

>> No.18026596

>hi, my name is daryl
>yeah but then i lose 40hr/wk of my free time.

>> No.18026615

>>yeah but then i lose 40hr/wk of my free time.
dudes telling me to wageslave my life away so i can afford to have chicken tendies served to me. the fuck?

>> No.18026619

No tendency to tender tendies? Intense.

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I think used too much chicken liver in my liver ragu, too few tomatoes. It tastes disgustingly bloody. How do i salvage this? I was thinking id dilute it with jarred sauce but idk if that even work

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salty couch penny flavored ragu. nice.

he means the sauce, dummy. add some jarred sauce and bring to a simmer. stir in a little cream or milk or half and half or whatever

>> No.18026471

also i'm not a sugar in pasta sauce kind of guy, but a pinch might serve well here

>> No.18026539

Seems smart, worth a try at least.

>> No.18026747

If you don't like liver don't make a liver ragu

>> No.18026816

Did it work

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there is nothing wrong with air fryers

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>> No.18026620

dunno what you're on about m8

>> No.18026625

if someone has an air fryer theyre lazy as fuck
i know ive got one

>> No.18026629

try a whole turkey heh

>> No.18026637

anon, I guarantee you could fit it up there if you really tried and used a lot of lube

>> No.18026640

There's everything right with air fryers

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File: 65 KB, 960x640, 5fb778a5aa85c3db2565babea866b16c_-united-states-west-virginia-monongalia-county-eastern-morgantown-the-pizza-place-morgantown-304-906-2555htm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For me, it's this style you get around Pittsburgh area. It doesn't look like much but it's so good.

>> No.18026663

Holy fucking shit none of these are pizza they’re all lasagnas and cakes lol

>> No.18026675

Go back to sweeping floors at sbarro faggot

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whatever this style is. no mozzarella, just cheap bottled parmesan and a bunch of ground beef

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File: 301 KB, 1000x800, 6F2B990D-3404-44A5-8ACE-E923B74119F4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ive had 14 of them. but its missing detroit pizza, which is my favorite and the best of pizzas

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What's the best bread and cheese to use in a premium grilled cheese sandwich?

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>> No.18026460

>premium grilled cheese sandwich
no such thing. use sliced white bread and processed slices for optimal grilled cheese

>> No.18026465

White bread
Sharp cheddar

Easy as

>> No.18026487

White wonder bread with 2 slices of kraft singles with one slice of Gouda in the middle, and for fucks sake use butter and not mayo like some deranged eurofag

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>not grilled
>not cheese

>> No.18026526

>Artisan bread slices freshly baked
>Muenster and gruyere cheeses
>Organic mayonnaise
>Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
>Pink himalayan salt and green pepper to taste ,

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What can I do with Vietnamese coriander bros? Got too much of it

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>> No.18026356

does it taste different to normal coriander?

>> No.18026362

wait I thought coriander was zucchini

>> No.18026384

The first path I would rake with coriander would be a banh mi pate. Or you could use it as is in a seasoning for your favorite soups. I'd bet you'd also even enjoy it in tacos. Of course, if you're looking for more way to use it you could cram.

>> No.18026415

As far as I can find on internet this stuff doesn't dry so good

Wot mate

Thanks I'll look into it

>> No.18026425

Yea it's not really the same. Very different plant species too (persicaria) Vietnamese coriander has a bit of a spicy aftertaste to it too

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