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I'll start. A chicken sandwich.

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I don't need food as motivation to kill

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Your ancestors did. You probably got some of that still in ya

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How do you get a hard crust on a soft steak without drying it out?

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Thicker steak. More heat. Eat poop. Fall ill

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After three tries, I finally made a pie that looks good.
Next step is making my own dough.

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Are you going to show it to us?

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Here. As /ck/ suggested, I took it out of the dish as soon as it was possible, and I put it in the fridge once I could. I could've put more mint flavour, but it's nice like that, almost subtle.
Might add a little pepper, though. Or salt.

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wtf is this

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Any scrapple anons around? Looking to make my own, can't find it in stores where I am

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Whatever is in that picture, it’s not scrapple.

t. PA native who has made scrapple

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Then how about you educate him you sack of shit. You fucking tranny clown

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>tranny clown, sack of shit, etc.

You sound like a Jew who is mad you can’t eat scrapple because it has pork

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Pre-made scrapple is not scrapple. Scrapple is made from scrap and apple.

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I'm literally smoking a pork should right now. How about you tell OP how to make your trailer trash hamburger meat

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Don't forget to tip!

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Stop making me agree and sympathize with black people.

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Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese?

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A jumbo bag of Enchiladitos

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Anons, anyone know of any energy drink brands that are not pro LBGT or whatever? I heard RedBull is and I think Monster is owned by AB so I'm staying away from both. Can you also please recommend a flavor if you have a suggestion? Thanks.

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coffee, black.

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Why do you even care?

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Just drink caffeinated water. Every company is pozzed.

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>why do you want to funnel money to your enemies?

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How do I get rid of my babby palette? I want to like fish and mushrooms.

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Appreciate the origin of said fish and mushrooms and what it took to get them in their state and then onto the plate to eat.

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There's nothing wrong with having food preferences. Being willing to eat anything doesn't make you cultured, it makes you a geek show performer

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I thought I hated mushrooms but that's only because my mom can only make them a gross soggy mess. I learned to cook them properly and they are good.

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They taste a little earthy and the texture might be a bit weird but I don't understand how someone be picky about not eating them, try mushroom on pizza it is delicious.
You want to try a nice fresh mild whitefish like cod or something, or the frozen crumbed shit that's literally marketed to children.

Try things that you don't like in small portions and with strong flavoured things that you do like. Eat these regularly and slowly increase the portion of food that you do not like, you'll eventually acquire the taste of things that were once unpleasant to you.

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kill yourself

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what is your favorite spice blend?

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Lawry's seasoning salt

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garlic ginger cinnamon nutmeg cumin paprika

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Add some cumin to this stuff, and that's all I need for anything.

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galangal, chili, garlic and lime zest. It's not good on everything... .... yes it is.

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what does galangal taste like?

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>mogs every other cooking sauce in existence
prove me wrong.
seriously, I sick of mainly just using oyster sauce because it's so good when cooking meats.

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Pff yeah wonder why

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>i like salt
>salt is good

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use oyster sauce with vegetables. garlic and oyster sauce with spinach or almost any other green tastes good

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I only buy the vegetarian one. I don’t trust chinese sherrfish :[

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File: 41 KB, 460x690, in-china-some-restaurants-use-illegal-gutter-oil-for-v0-uvcMu3OGgFyL1dFvD6Amq3FW6gBxKhSliS_3dkmWpEM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good hunch

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big 3 of the third category beer(quasi-beer)
draft one (use pea protein instead of malt)
jokki nama(soy protein instead of malt)
nodogoshi nama(corn instead of malt)

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thanks matsumo, good post

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I thought Japanese people just drank sake and nigga whiskey

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Shoulda bought a Sapporo or Yebisu

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>Japanese beer
You people are insufferable

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>only slave free chocolate on the market
>tastes like shit and so thick it you can't even break it nicely
Why does slavery have to taste so good bros

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Why does it look like a constipation turd?

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I will buy your chocolate beans for five cents
>African farmer uses children
>American landwhale
noo you cant enslave children
You have to stop using children
>African farmer start using monkeys they cover with chains so they won't escape
>American landwhale

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worker abuse is morally wrong. I'm no landwhale and I vote with my wallet ok?!

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The slave free chocolate organization removed them from their list of ethical chocolate companies.

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I will never buy nestle shit because those swiss niggers tried to steal our water.

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It's happening

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slantposting is banned

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stop asking question it's annoying

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Three years too late, kinda over all those people now

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Does anyone follow this “kitchen”? It seems like they post way too many things in a single day, way too many culinary techniques to be real.

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>following Jewish leafs

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Why do dried beans come out hard, even after soaking for hours (or overnight) and cooking twice as long as the instructions say? Seems like no matter what I do, beans and chickpeas etc come out hard.
Sometimes this happens even if I just bought the bag recently.
Is there a trick to it?

Beans thread, post recipes

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Dude, you're dumb. Just be one of the "bro just buy canned beans, it's impossible to cook dry beans they're for poor people" retards in this thread.

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Works on my machine (the stove).

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>1 minute of prep and 40 minutes of unattended boiling is too long and too much effort

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As I said in >>19325797, I never soak beans and they always come out great. Why?

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Wow good job addressing my point dickhead

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I stepped into this place the other day and it was like I stepped into a parallel version of ALDIs from the black universe.
Cornmeal and fixings for fried chicken, watermelon, plaintains, and grape coolade were all front shelf items. 100% of the customers and employees were black. The normal “boxed and cans” type grocery items were there, but … the ratios of the things that the stock, and the things they emphasize were all weirdly different?
I ended up not finding what I was looking for, but it was an interesting experience. If you ever get a chance you should go and marvel at it

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Where I'm from, Aldi is Aldi for black people. The Aldi near my house has been the site of shootings, stabbings, too many fights to count, and has a homeless camp in the back of the lot. When I first moved here I shopped there a few times not knowing any better. I was asked for money by homeless people loitering inside the store multiple times. Once some drunk woman was screaming and throwing eggs all over the floor. The customers were always extremely rude to the single clerk.

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Sounds like you just live around black people

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I've never been to it, but the only one I've seen is in the white trash part of town so I assumed it was for white trash people (or at least that one is).
I had a Puerto Rican employee who mentioned once that back where he grew up, that was the store his parents shopped at for some specific brand of rice he couldn't find here (he asked if there was a Price Rite in this area and I told him about the white trash one).

The Aldi nearest to me is mostly full of old white people. And the Lidl is on the border between. Polish area, a DominiRican area and an Abu Dhabi sand moolie area so that's who shops at that store.

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find a flaw

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It's pretty simple really. I was fat from around 13 to 30, at 46 now I'm in better shape than I ever was. Whole foods is the key, vegetables like broccoli, onions, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes etc just cut up and cooked up with whatever meats but keep it around 2/3 veggies to 1/3 meat. You can go to town on fresh fruit, but making into pies, jellies or dried fruits should be limited. Similar with nuts and seeds, just eat them whole as is.

Stuff like bread and pasta is fine, but have only a little compared to other things. Drink lots of water and you'll be able to eat as much as you like and in 6 months to a year even if you don't exercise more on top you'll be far slimmer.

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Wouldn't it be easier to just not eat at all for 3 days at a time and then eat whatever on the 4th?
Unless you somehow eat like 10,000 calories on that 4th day you'll still be at a caloric deficit.

>> No.19325978

Your body will sustain itself on the source of energy it has most ready for itself: carbs, then muscle and last fat. If you just cease eating for 3 days i will break down your muscular tissue shortly after running out of carbs. Ketoids try to put the body in a state where it prioritize fat over muscle but it's pretty grim over longer periods of time.

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The body doesn't break down muscle before fat.

>> No.19326036

>just eat 500 calories a day and a bunch of caffeine bro
How hard is it to just eat at a deficit while exercising?

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i've done gorditas, roast chicken, lots of stuff with eggs. Should i do pasta stuff next or make perogi? i don't know.

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dubs wins, pesto gnocchi it is.

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I was planning to make pesto risotto to bring to a memorial day celebration, but it just struck me that risotto does not seem to hold well after it sits for a bit, just gets all gloopy.
Trying to reheat it seems like it would just cook it more which isnt the idea.
I figure my best option then is to just bring along some stock and heat it up when I get there and mix it up into the risotto to revive it.
Anyone know if that might work?

>> No.19325792

just add a little stock or even water to it and heat it up, should be fine. honestly I usually don't like having to use the host's kitchen to reheat my stuff, I either bring it hot in a casserole dish if I have time to cook right before or just bring something that is fine at room temperature/cold

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Do you refrigiate your chips?

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Nah is it good? Should I try it?

>> No.19325556

I do, sometimes. The humidity level is pretty high where I live.

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I don't eat chips

>> No.19326198

Of course not. Why would it?

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Refrigerate? I freeze them. It's incredible.

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