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For me, it's Secret Aardvark.
The best hot sauce

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Not spicy enough for me honestly but it’s got good flavor

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crisp sandwich

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This ice cream (not artisanal, I mean industrial not handmade) is yummy. The taste is salty pistachio. Inside it's simple cream. It has a slightly salty flavor that goes well with the sweet of the ice cream.

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>janny , we need you to ban the planet
>Okay, IF I decide to do this, I'm gonna need an unlimited supply of Xena tapes, and Hot Pockets.

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hot pocket thread

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Scientifically speaking, what do you think these little guys would taste like? I mean if you could accumulate enough of them to form a sort of patty and fry it? With all things said and done I feel like the most obvious solution is to eat our way of this problem.

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This thread has nothing to do with food or cooking.

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Corona cuisine is the future, the person who can work it out will make a fortune. Viruses are protein right? Hypothetically speaking we could reappropirate that protein.

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You couldn't really accumulate enough to make a patty and still have it be virus at that point. It would probably taste like somewhat-bitter animal skin if you shredded it down, rendered out all the fat and then turned it into a patty.

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Dunno. The virus mutated again in the USA, a new strain.
The second wave is going to be hell.

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Well it's composed of lipids and protein, so probably taste like really bad hamburger. It doesn't have much protein in it, and no connective tissue or blood vessels. Interesting thought experiment.

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>take a trip to Florence and visit their restaurants
>none of them serve garlic bread/breadsticks and Caesar salad as sides
>marinara sauce on pasta was too chunky
>pizzas were ugly and asking for pepperoni results in banana peppers on your ‘za
I can attest that Italian cuisine is overrated. What other cuisines didn’t live up to the hype?

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Dutch food sucks. Whenever I go there I avoid restaurants and just buy stuff at the supermarket. Nice beer and prostitutes though.

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>asking for pepperoni results in banana peppers on your ‘za

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You realise there are restaurants that serve non-Dutch food, right?

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And thank G-d for that. Dutch food is bland and could use a little diversity in spices and recipes

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>Dutch food is bland and could use a little diversity in spices
What a waste of spices. Just don't eat it.

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I am making some traditional Carbonara with guanciale and pecarino for the missus, what can I make as some side dish to it?

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Ok, what kind do you reckon? Baby spinach, rocket, carrots and some salad dressing?

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>Doubt you'll make yourself.
you are 100% i wouldnt know how to make that. I am actually making Baumkuchen for the dessert and Pussy already guaranteed breh

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Add leeks, scallion or red onion. Maybe tomato? Olives? Cucumber?
If you have some fresh herbs use it (parsley etc.). Dried herbs is good as well (oregano, thyme). Salt and pepper. Make a simple vinaigrette.

wa la

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please don't use dried herbs in salad. brute.

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Now that the dust is settled, about how many hot dogs would you say you eat in a day? Ballpark figure

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1, if im lucky, haha

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7 yeah

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None. But I would easily put away 10 fresh pan fried rabbit kidneys, which imo taste very similar to hot dogs.

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I can eat 5 or 6 hot dogs in a single sitting.

So, I could eat 15 to 18 in a day.

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I've never eaten a hot dog.

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I had my hipster brother and his boyfriend round for dinner last night. After they left I noticed they'd left a couple of bottles of pic related in the kitchen.
Could I use it in cooking? Maybe in a meat pie or a beef stew?

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in any case it wasn't a soyjak image he posted.
lurk moar.

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Hipster piss water
Pour it down the drain.

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Avoid using IPAs in things where it'll reduce and concentrate. They're already bitter and reducing them just concentrates that. It'd probably be good in a marinade though such as this


I've also had pretty good caesar salad dressings that incorporate ipas into them

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Cool, plz post salad dressing recipe.

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I love me some pad thai. I have been making it 1-2x per week for the last 5 years.
With shrimps, crispy beef, chilli beef, chilli chicken or fried tofu.
I could say that this is one of the dishes that i have really perfected over the years.
The only enigma that i am yet to discover is the sauce. I have tried to make it many times
without success, either too much fish sauce, either completely wrong taste or ratio, you name it.
So i just kept to my favourite thai place that sells me the sauce in big amounts so
i can divide it and freeze it. I have tried so many recipes, different ratios, ingredients etc.
i cannot come close to the sauce that they make, i even called them a couple of times stating i have
alergies so they could tell me whats in it, but still this doesn't make the full recipe. Even translating
my request in thai language and searching it on thai pages didn't bring the recipe that i need.

The sauce i am used to and want to make is red/orange color, not too fishy, not too sweet, just the right balance.

I know 100% that it includes:

-fish sauce
-palm sugar
-red paprika powder
-some form of tomato paste or concentrate

I also know that they cook it for an hour or 2, these are only bits of information i was able to acquire everytime
i went to purchase it :)

If anyone has any useful information or recipes, i would be very happy if you'd share them. This is the only part
of pad thai that is my weak point.

And i know many will say tomato and paprika are not authentic pad thai sauce ingredients, but this is the sauce
that makes my day. Have tried numerous brown colored sauces but they just dont work for me.

Pic related

i love me some pad thai

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I know a common addition is ketchup- it adds a different sweetness, and the tomato adds stickiness to the sauce.

It might also be the ratios, like you say, or the brand of fish sauce. Some brands are 'fishier' than others.

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this whole sauce quest is extremely fishy

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>The only enigma that i am yet to discover is the sauce.
Herro, pic related. Add fresh ginger, sauteed garlic, and tiny bit of fish sauce. This is what restaurants do.

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the one that i go to makes everything alone, from basic ingredients

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What is the best recipe for a mushroom sauce you know? I want to eat it plane, just with rice.

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Butter, shallots, mushrooms, white wine, cream, a little bit of demiglace for a more savory taste and a darker colour if you have some, lots of parsley and a splash of lemon juice.

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Hmm. What is internet, I wonder if I can look up some recipies?
I know 4champs

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>got the boys coming round for an IPA sesh

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what is it about ipa beer that attacts the soi

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>Cook rice
>Get bullied by every asian on youtube
Why did BBC even?

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He's just playing a character, you know. He's a comedian.

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nice cooking discussion

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Must be some cerebral humour.

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you get one yike!

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>sorry, we can't handle your take-out order if you don't have your mask on

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why would you think that calling in advance would somehow make you not have to wear a mask when you pick up the food? phones dont magically stop viruses, are you retarded?

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Put your cuck muzzle on, Goyim.
No exceptions, no excuses.

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>drive up to window
>put car in park till they hand the food over
>don't give up
>the fragile faggots working at drive thru always cave so their manager doesn't yell at them about moving slow
>get your food
>give negative review on survey
>automated system will automatically fire the soyboy employee

was that so hard

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manager at dominos here. we actually had someone try this the other day and we would not give them their food. they called corporate and got BTFO because we are a franchise and dont give a fuck what corporate says

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i like dominos

best of all big franchise pizzas imo

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>ruins your shitpost

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This is one of the few boards with active mods.

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based jannies BTFOing the newfags who don't realize that /ck/ is actively moderated

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Active compared to a diseased sloth, maybe. Could be worse, but it ought to be a lot better.

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Now that we've all seen how easy it is for viruses to spread do you think that McDonald's will be getting rid of their touchscreens permanently?

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How many dies of obesity contra covid-19 on a yealy basis.. numbers please

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>I'll attack the imaginary evil dictator that i've been convinced is bad on a Vietnamese airplane forum even if it makes me look stupid. Maybe that will make people love me? I'm so lonely.

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Almost 5 million in a population of 330 million have been infected in the USA.

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ITT based cereal

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This was good sugary caramelized Halloween treat

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The vanilla flavor was intense in this one

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This one was just fun

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it really does taste like cotton candy... in a cereal

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Ooof krave is already shitty. It was the last cereal I ever ate, and that was when krave was new.

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If you put a hotdog in a baguette, is it a hotdog or baguette sandwich?

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It's what you call a "mistake".

>> No.14518222

Definitely a baguette sandwich. If you try to argue the other side you are an ESL from a 3rd world country who probably spends all your time talking about America and American food products on an American website while crying into the keyboard at your village's computer cafe because you know you will never get to experience the things other parts of the world consider completely mediocre and pedestrian.

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Mutt hands typed this post

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Hotdog baguette? But, Why would you even?

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Nice observation. Was it supposed to funny, or insulting? That would be ironic.

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Explain right now why you don't have MSG in your cabinet.

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isn't it just like salt?

>> No.14518184

I don't make food with sticky sauces.

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Because it tastes of nothing and only weeb subhumans like it.

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literally in every grocery store in America in the spice Isle

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Where do you think we are...?

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Redpill me on vermouth.

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I think it's some kind of really shitty wine.

>> No.14518107

Redpill me on yer mouth

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