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>Just ate two large pizzas with ranch

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why does every burger stand have a "special white sauce"?

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Because its mayo. Whitey's secret ingredient.

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Every burger place has some fresh semen to throw on annoying customers food

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I'd be more likely to buy a guy's burger if he told me it had mayo and not "special white sauce".

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new entry to my 2020 /ck/ reading list, how to moonshine.! before AOC and the dems bring back prohibition, best learn this skill.

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>implying republicans aren't the ones who are obsessed with legislating morality
What kind of shitty b8 is this?

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this is a vegetable of the gods. I could eat myself to death on slads with say angel hair cut cabbage, tomato, bell peppers, radish and loads of salad onion.

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>inb4 small lump of dirt hiding away

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>Salad onion


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>go to make something with a recipe
>no version of the recipe specifies the type of rice you should us
>ok I guess brown will work then
>it fucks up the dish

So people who post recipes can type out their entire life story but not tell you that only a specific type of rice will work??

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What was the recipe? Surely you could have googled what type of rice goes with that cuisine.

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Why would you assume Brown rice works with any recipe?
Only hippies and poor 17th century asians eat Brown rice

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u dum as shit, bud

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Is there any place that sells real breast milk?

Not that weird powder supplement I mean the real thing

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up to a year after my wife gave birth, she said if she even saw a pregnant woman, or a baby, she would wet her bra with milk.
women are fucking gross. but no, i've never seen breast milk on the shelves. i've had it as an adult and it is watery and not very good. i'd pass.

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>order from skip the dishes/dominos/any place with an online order tracker
>[Name] is on his way with your delivery!
>have a panic attack thinking it's someone from high school
>turn off lights and don't answer the door, pretend no one is home until he leaves

i paid in advance and everything

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If I got a pizza delivered by one of my high school classmates I'd just pity tip him $100 and never order from that place again

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nice job wasting his time you fucking autist, while he was probably pittling around with trying to contact you he was losing out on other orders. at least he got the free your little faggot ass apparently didnt want

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>pizza tracker says it’s been delivered
>arrives 2 hours later
seriously fuck dominos and fuck papa johns

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webm thread

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he didnt do nuffin, why you gotta hate on surly

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Based and howdy!

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It's food for emergency situations, the can says it.

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It looks the same coming out your ass too!

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How much cooking can scallops tolerate? I did a scallop gratin the other night with a cream sauce, I baked it but after making it wished I had seared the scallops first. Would scallops still stay tender after searing followed by baking for 15 minutes till the sauce and breadcrumbs set?

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This is the ideal breakfast. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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I'd be a fool to disagree.

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kurwa anyatok

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the humble avocado

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any experience with nanohypoxyapatite toothpaste in place of fluoride based toothpaste? it’s standard in Japan, and used by NASA for managing bone loss in zero g

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Especially since it's in our fucking tap water

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Vitamin C is evidenced as basically "non-effective" even at 5x RDA percentages (.01% – 300mg), but similar to natural biosynthesizers at .4% (15g). With that much of a dependance on supplementation, fluoride is only minimalistically reasonable (as vitamin C is an aspect of protection, e.g., for proper mineralization).

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It shouldn't be that hard to bind it, demineralisation occurs because acidic mediums mess with the OH- group in the teeth's mineral.

Normal fluoride doses are excreted through urine.

The only way to get fluoride poisoning through water consumption is by drinking groundwater in granite-heavy environments.


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Ever heard of xylitol im sure i didnt spell that right. I think its supposed to help enamel your teeth

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Xylitol is in most/all Asian gums

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What do you stock up on?

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I got a vacuum sealer to freeze meat on sale. Got a bunch of sirloin tip in there right now

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Sounds like a great way to avoid freezer burn.

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same, you're going to make it

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It is. The sealer cost $40, I've probably seen that in savings over the past 6 months due to not having to buy full price meat when I need it

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What bags do you use for sealing?

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You know who to blame when 4chin shitpost rate suddenly drops.

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Condolences canafag!

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Pro tip: Csion is a press release distribution site for corporations to quickly disperse statements to media in a central location

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Nice 666 there, so the distribution site from hell? OK Canadia fucks, you come across as pretty legit while you still have a general governer appointed from the crown.

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Meatcucks deserve salmonella

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That's because microorganisms recognize it as food.

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how do we reverse this?

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what the fuck am I looking at
beet sugars have gone down in calories over time?

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people are eating less calories from cane/beet sugar/milk but eating a fuckton more salad/cooking oils and HFCS

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What do you do if you find your mom eating messy spaghetti in bed?

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What is it with you and off topic porn shit?

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first you taste with your eyes

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What? Do you expect ck to be about cooking?

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I'm hungry. Should I have frozen burritos or pizza rolls?

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does anybody bake their frozen burritos? the average size ones want almost an hour in the oven which seems ridiculous

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Have you considered other options? If you killed yourself your hunger would be sated forever.

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>thought that was a trap
>it's a girl

Am I straight now?

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Ok, where to meet

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I had the opposite problem.
>Thought it was a trap
>im not into traps
>Find out its a girl
>now she is weird cute.

Am i gay?

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Was watching some old ATHF episodes today and got hungry for these.

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Poke Puffs from Pokemon

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Lembas Bread from LOTR

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WoW always had delicious-looking food

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pretty patties/jellyfish jelly krabby patties from spongebob
purple flurp from jimmy neutron
tubby custard from teletubbies
the cracker the mouse dipped in the teacup in aristocrats
any meat from asterix

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>purple slurp

Fuck yeah, always wondered how that candy Jimmy made would taste, or how much crack he encrusted It with to bring a mob.

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Post stories about kitchen/cooking mishaps you've had
>be me 15 minutes ago
>hungry in gf's apartment while she's running errands, she said I could raid her freezer though
>see some vegetable fried rice type shit, looks good
>"Heat oil or butter in pan on medium"
>done, let some canola oil heat up for a few minutes
>"Add contents of package with 2 tbsp water and stir 4-5 minutes or until hot"
>frail skelly soyhands can't tear the package open, just stab it open at the corner with a knife
>fill up a tablespoon of water
>pour water into pan of hot oil
>oh fuck
>run out of the kitchen while oily lava flies everywhere
>sizzling becomes loud as shit, spurting boiling water and hot oil everywhere, like 8 feet in every direction
>sounds like fucking D-Day
>finally dies down after like 30 seconds of me figuring out how I'm gonna put out the inevitable fire
>entire kitchen is covered in oil splatter
>just sigh and wipe up what I can before I continue cooking, I'm not gonna not eat
>5 minutes later I actually have something edible
Now all that's left to do is de-oil the rest of the kitchen

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starting a new job this week as a banquet cook.
first hotel job, with very impressive level cooks.

is there anything i should do/expect/bring ?

never worked in a hotel -

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I have 8 years on and off kitchen work,
am close to bilingual
in a nice hotel school now
and I make pottery

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man I am not a douche though...
I will essentially be a human mash potato dispenser
like I don't understand the power struggles

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Spanish is handy when working with illegal mexican immigrants

>> No.11948755

I speak English and French
trying to learn some Spanish though

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is helpful when sliding hot shit to the retards in the dishpit, not that you should actually care one way or another that they hurt themselves

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