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wtf leaf bros this shit is vile i am visiting canada for the first time and hear this is a popular place but the coffee was awful and so was my breakfast wrap and i got served by some kid that looked like he wanted to kill himself

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everyone here hates it here you dumbass
it's like wafflehouse for us

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Post pizzas you have made ceekay
I made five today and one calzone

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I finally got gud at kneading dough and stretching it though, that's a good feeling.

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A burger so good you literally have to drown it in other flavors to mask the rancid stench.

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>american cheese slices

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Why do you have ketchup AND a tomato, and relish AND pickles?

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>harmbug steak
>not a hamburger
>not a steak
Wtf Japan?

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I’d put my hamburger in her steak if you know what I mean

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You have very low standards.

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The radiation went to their heads

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>Wtf Japan?
it's from Germany you retard

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hey, how would i cut and cook this type of beef to make cheesesteaks?
any ideas for utalizing the fatcap?

im usually a cheap, ground meat type of guy, so im kinda oblivious on how to cook random cuts of meat

i had cheesesteaks where i prepped the meat in a crockpot and then shredded it, that was cool. i think it was becuase it was a cheap, tough cut of meat

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>how would i cut and cook this type of beef to make cheesesteaks?

You don't.

>where i prepped the meat in a crockpot and then shredded it
Also not a cheesesteak. Thin sliced meat seared quickly is kind of the purpose of the whole thing.

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>Also not a cheesesteak.
it had beef, cheese, peppers and onions in a bun. it was close enough.

how do i prep this meat to be cheesesteak like?

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>how do i prep this meat to be cheesesteak like?

How good is your knife/knife skills? I wouldn't do it unless I had a meat slicer. Oh, and fuck Pennsylvania.

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>it was close enough
No it wasn't. Go away.

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die for israel worthless goyim

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>seed oils BAD

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The heat from the oil cooks the seeds

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if cockroaches tastes like shrimp I'd eat those faggots too

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I was cooking rice yesterday and I don’t know what happened but it ended up like porridge why?

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>dumb frogposter
because you're dumb

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Way too much water.

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You made congee. Congratulations.

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add some sugar for some delicious rice pudding

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I honestly don't know how the world's population ever went beyond 1 million when so many humans are so dumb.

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What do you think of shojun ryoji?
It's Buddhist food that isn't even really meant to taste great but be subtle. What's the best place to start?

(I think it might be an interesting diversion from the current trends of hyper flavoured fried chicken, smash burgers, BBQ, anchovies etc)

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Looks like it’d taste bad

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So I've just gone vegetarian (don't ask) and am looking for inspiration. Last time I posted here I was banned for "trolling" so I'll tread very lightly with this OP. I am eating fish, but not shellfish. Any other relevant posting is wholeheartedly welcomed.

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vegetarianism and veganism are eating disorders
you have a brain sickness
its a way to starve yourself by rejecting most foods without attracting suspicion

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No offense, but I hope you die in your sleep tonight.

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You'd be surprised how far you can get making dishes you already like and just leaving out the meat. If it won't work without a protein, just swap the meat out for button or king oyster mushrooms, seasoned appropriately.
Meat free mince and nugget type things are getting pretty good these days. Not as good as the real thing but close enough to it. There is a big variation in quality between brands though, so you need to find ones that are available, affordable and dont taste like cardboard. Impossible burger is quite good for most purposes.
Alternatively, just fucking google vegetarian recipes, this is the worst place on the internet to get good advice about vegetarian food

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You're not vegetarian if you're eating fish. You're pescatarian. The point of being vegetarian is to not have to kill an animal for food.

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it's not too late to reclaim your balls, pussy

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This picture gets posted all the time, but how does it taste? It looks like it would have a satisfying crunch.

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Would probably taste like shit yknow poop yknow poopoo lol

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Ask the French, they bite into little birds all the time with a side of fries and a sheet to cover their heads from GOD. Fucking savages.

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>but how do it taste?
pennies and salty milk

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don't forget your shame towel

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Ahh the lovely and classy French.

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I just learned that I can buy 50 pounds of rice for 40 dollars. Its starting to make sense why China and India have billions of people. The cost of their food is NOTHING. So that made me think that I will start to eat like a chinese or indian. Essentially the only meals I have really got planned are

>spam and rice with an egg on top
>curry and rice
>slow cooked spicy pork with rice

Any other good suggestions in this vein? Essentially just want to eat a lot rice and pig so that I am spending like 1 dollar or two per meal. Im not interested in anything that is too hard to prepare either.

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Beans and rice, you nincompoop

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spam is pretty cheap. Im someone that doesnt feel like ive had a meal if there wasnt any meat

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Beans have estrogen in them no thanks I'm already enough of a pussy

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it's stupid to buy when you can get chicken thighs for $1/lb

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Nice these are the kind of ideas I need. Love chicken thighs anyway.

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Are Cheerios actually good for you? Furthermore, are any cereals actually healthy?

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I don't know if it's healthy, but bran flakes and grape nuts are fortified with vitamins and have a lot of fiber to help you poo easy.

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Cheerios were shown to have tons of leftover pesticides in them.

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cats are gay, males that own cats are gay, you're gay

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TFW the motherfuckin Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix come out PERFECTLY.

>Perfect puffed up size, timed well with the individual oven.
>Melted cheese, none burnt.
>Crispy on the outside, buttery soft on the inside.
>Garlic sauce drizzled all over, yet not overpowering to the senses.

Cooking is fun. And fuck you if you hate mixes, I ain't got all day for this shit. Guess I should learn tho.

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Why do the biscuits look like a cat, did you shape them that way?

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Is stella a /ck/ approved beer?

Pic related. I'm on my 3rd.

Happy memberberries day.

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>But I'm on my 5th stella
at least you're hydrated

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are you that homeless guy living in a rv or something?

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>Happy memberberries day
You do know it's a day to honor people who lost their lives in war, right? It's your right as an American to talk like a faggot and shit on the troops if you want. I just want to make sure you realize you're doing it.

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stella is euro budweiser, literal swill

>> No.19319624

euro budweiser is budweiser

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Imagine eating this whale.

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got it. but the blubber is also good and valuable right?

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My bad

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All good, brother.

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Should I pick ng whale oil?

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Iceland is stopping next year, soon it'll only be the nips and the norskys whaling commercially

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name a more iconic trio

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you're eating the roaches and crickets of the ocean lmao

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t. flyover

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Clams mussels and oysters. Woah that was easy.

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So nasty.

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California went through a brief phase of putting cilantro in a bunch of places where it didn't belong, but otherwise that cioppino looks delicious.

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makin a little somethin for Sunday brunch.

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Nice job, looks tasty and nutritious

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>let's just literally kill people
>make sure and dip this shit in ranch too

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i didn't say there was a problem and i didn't say i was canadian. i think you need to relax

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that’s the only good brand of frozen chicken bites/boneless wings/nuggets I’ve found cause it’s real chunks of cut up chicken breasts and then readings good. But the sauce sucks have to mix your own sauce

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rent free eh

>> No.19319281

just eat garbage in moderation

>> No.19319284

To get (farm)rich you got to break a few skulls

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>I will not eat the bugs libtard
>Based water bugs, my favorite!

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If pushed to It, sure they'd eat each other.
Shits just not the same and you know It, I'm not eating roaches.

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No one should eat something they don't want to without a good reason. But holy fuck, it really shows why you retards are so scared of this- you guys really can't think of any good reasons why you don't wanna do it, you really can't think through this subject without resorting to nonsense that you no doubt saw someone else type first- You impressionable rubes might actually be onto something, maybe you DO need hysteria to protect you from your own empty thoughts turning on you, tricking you into doing something you categorically don't wanna do.

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The best part is the wiki for fried spiders mentions they taste like cod!

>> No.19319516

They literally do, in fact a lot of animals eat shit and vomit as a baby.

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Let's fuck!

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my wife made me this

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give her a sweet smooch
mmmuah baby
slip her a little tongue. people stop doing that in most relationships

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Condolences, now clean out and intimately consult your fleshlight. Only your fleshlight can save you now.

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That doesn't mean jack shit and you know it, no bitches these days can cook if their lives depended upon it. But being stupid enough to get married to anyone or pumping ouit kids with anyone transcends the stupid.

>> No.19319461

you're obviously not beating her hard enough

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>No greens
Enjoy your high blood pressure

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