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Hi dudes,

I'm making red velvet cake for the first time this weekend. Due to lack of cream cheese here, I'll substitute cream cheese with mascarpone. I literally brought my buttermilk from Austria because I couldn't find any in my home country.

Anyways, please tell me your secrets / tips & tricks regarding this cake.

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What does /ck/ think of Ree Drummond. Have any of you visited her store?


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What makes a good Trail Mix, /ck/?

I considered asking /out/ but I thought this place would be better.

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Lack of m&ms. They ruin all trail mix they are in

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Trader Joe's has a trail mix with peanut butter cups. So good

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99% of the time they're awful knock offs as well

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mixed nuts >trail mix

Trail mix has too much sugar, so it's bad for the teeth. I can eat nuts on the go without having to brush afterwards.

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What do you get at chipotle?

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Steak burrito
White rice
Black beans
Red hot

Mix it up, please. Thanks

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>No meat
>No beans
>Sour Cream
>Pour in Grapefruit soda

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why would I go to chipotle when I can get guacamole for free at qdoba? chipotle also refuses to serve queso because they can't make it with non-GMO ingredients, which offends me on two levels because 1) I like queso and 2) few things irritate me more than fearmongering about GMOs

honestly though I'd rather go to a local place and get a plate of chile rellenos with free sopapillas after if I'm going to eat "mexican" food

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>waahh no queso
aka: the manchild argument

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>t. Chipotle shill

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What very hot curry (takeaway in Europe not Asia) does /ck/ recommend?
Loves me sum chicken phaal, got a naga chicken being delivered in a couple of hours. What else is delicious but not so hot it's retarded and inedible?

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Drink bleach, that is "spicy" as well.

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But you can't taste anything because you've fucked up your senses.

It's like having a wank while setting your balls on fire.

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I once touched myself after handling chili peppers. Never again.

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I'm a Dhansaak man myself sorry

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I dunno, I like it. The spice I mean, not the flaming testicles. The curries I eat make people in the next room water from the eyes, but imo it's just like carbonating a drink. It's just... better.
Yeah this is a baaaaad idea

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ITT: Limited editions that had no business being limited

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Im marinating some cubes of beef (karelian stew meat) in coca cola and lemon juice.

Is this gonna work? Also slightly searing it before leaving it in the oven for two plus hours with spicy sweet tomatosauce and coconut cream.

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no, stop ruining a national dish with sugar water.

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So you're marinating beef and then braising it in tomato sauce? You might want to hold off on adding the cream until later.

It certainly could work. Sort of sounds like a curry. As for your marinade, Coke and lemon juice definitely have the acidity you usually look for in one, but I'm not sure how they'll contribute to the taste.

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Thers some vinegar and bullying cubes, coconut cream holds up nicely in my experience.

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>bullying cubes

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Plz no bully

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Will Burger King ruin Popeyes the same way they ruined Burger King?
* Focus menu around viral marketing gimmicks.
* Cheaper garbage french fries.
* Smaller pieces of chicken like KFC
* Stripped down menu, bigger focus on sides, less on chicken.
Srsly, this shit is sad. Worse that CEO probably thinks he is some badass when he has completely destroyed what was once the greatest fast food restaurant.

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Wtf are you talking about

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Burger King is acquiring the Popeyes franchise.

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wait, what's wrong with burger king?
for a fast food chain, i'd say it's top of the line (at least in my country)

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What's wrong with Burger King? It added a lot of garbage meme food recently but if I had to make the sad choice between a whopper or a Big Mac I'd go with the whopper any day. Popeyes is probably cheapen it's quality and gonna suck now though

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>One shitshow acquired another shitshow - will that make their shitshow more shitty?

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For me personally I think this stuff is delicious.
I couldn't imagine myself hating it.

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It's delicious, just like root beer and sassafras and ginger and all the other root flavors.

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I've always loved it, there was a time when I could get sift serve with thick black licorice syrup at a local burger place but they stopped serving it since no one bought it. Too bad that you can't eat it too much because it can be bad for your heart.

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Depends on what kind it is, usually I like it. Sometimes you get real bad black liqourice with more salt than liqourice.

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Fucking love it.

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>Here's your dessert honey <3

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>eat dessert
>deport maker
>use calories from dessert to work on wall

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Would you?

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super hot chilis tear up my stomach. i ate a whole habanero, and i was puking and writhing in pain on the floor for an hour.

i think it aggravated an ulcer or something.

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not as whole but I made a hot sauce out of these with some mango, cucumber, lime juice and sugar and it was delicious. Literally ate the whole jar within a week.

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I've got seeds for them but haven't had any luck growing them yet.

If I have success they will mostly be used for pranks and dares.

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Why do people eat things that are RIDICULOUSLY hot? There's no way anyone actually finds it enjoyable. Spicy is nice but shit like this is just stupid.

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>butthurt scared child detected
let people eat their chillis u fucking crybaby

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So, I made curry for my wife the other day.
I'm not a huge fan but she is, so I googled some recipe, found something that looked decent, and I made it, I'm more than decent at cooking.
Came out pretty ok, the meat & mushrooms fried well but didn't take in too much oil, veggies didn't get too soft, crunchy and nice, sauce tasted good, not tospicy, not too much coconut milk, if you know what I mean...

The thing is, when I was done, she said she's not gona eat it with rice, but with pearl barley, because we had some leftovers from the day before, and she didn't want to waste it.

I was like "WTF woman! This is HERESY! Pearl barley is for, like, European food, for goulash or some beef in tomato sauce, or whatever, not for curry!"

"No, no, I'll eat it with pearl barley, it's no difference."

"At least eat it with noodles if you don't feel like rice, we have some rice noodles, I can have them done in a second.."

But she insisted like women do, and ate it with pearl barley.

So, my question is:
What's the best way to get rid of a body?

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As funny as this is, there is nothing wrong at all with substituting grains in curry, because it has no bearing on the spices used. Even the concept of 'authentic' curry is laughable because everyone and their mother has had a go at it at some point.

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Not even once.

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Guys. I think I'm on to something here...

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I'm from Canada but myself and everyone I know calls them tasty taters or tater tots.

Potato gems sounds like something a Nova Scotian would say.

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Mummy makes le best potato gemmies! I use all my extra GBP on them.

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They're called tots

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potatoes, sour cream, and onions? fat fuck flyover

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Does ananas belong on a pizza?
The answer is: yes.

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quality thread

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nanners belong on a sammich with some nutter

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ananas is pineapple, not banana

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Go big or go home edition

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I'm an extreme lightweight. I don't mind, it's cheap for me to get drunk.

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Day 6.

Once I got through the withdrawals after Day 3, I felt better. Still had dry skin, smelled bad, trash all over but I opened the windows, changed the sheets, did laundry and actually was productive at work. I've spent the last few days cleaning the place and cooking real meals.

I'm doing well now. Got up early for work, worked out and played some video games. Girlfriend is coming by after work and we're making Chicken Cacciatore. That should be fun.

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Godspeed anon. What kind of work do you do? How bad were your withdrawals?

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Keep it up mang. Drunk af here and feel like shit.

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Just got my second DUI. Narrowly avoided prison, but 3yr ban and a big fine.
Determined to never get arrested for it again. Soooo I bought a CBR900RR and took the number plate off.
>chug, vroom

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It's friday for fuck's sake! Time for beer and beverage!
...thread. Post and recommend your favorites, review your current stuff, have a general chat.

Pints high, gents!

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Fuck off back to Red󠇦dit

>> No.8612434

i'll drink to that

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hear hear!
fucking saved

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Oatmeal? Are you crazy?

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>eat oatmeal at 8
>get off work at 3
>massive farts start at 2

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Kill yourself, Barneyfag

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why is mlp shit getting spammed all of the sudden

>> No.8612628

>all of the[sic] sudden

They do this every day, you probably just don't notice it.

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How come it doesn't give me gas? I usually make my oatmeal from 90g of raw oats.

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I'm going to make an apple pie.
What apples does /ck/ recommend? I have some big macintosh's, will they work?

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Any apple will "work".

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no. only granny smith will produce the best pie

>> No.8612491

mcintosh apples are for juicing/eating (sorta like valencia oranges)

you're better off going with a firmer, more tart apple like granny smiths or gala

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Kill yourself, Barneyfag

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what this dude said

also, feel free to mix different types of apples in the pie

they don't all need to be the same

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>driving in the middle of nowhere
>suddenly see a pho restaurant
>surrounded on every side by at least a mile of grassy field
>one car in the 7-space parking lot
>three massive "OPEN" signs in various windows
>keep driving

what makes people do this

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What makes people drive past, or why does this pho restaurant exist in the middle of nowhere?

Usually, places like this spring up in the middle of nowhere because it's a first generation immigrant who found an affordable place to live out his dream and start a business. Odds are the food is pretty good and the work ethic is strong.

People drive past because they're more suspicious than curious.

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This. I would get to know the owner and then open up a small motel next to his restaurant and together we can found a nice little enclave for travelers.

>> No.8612893

Vietnamese anon here, this is very normal back in Vietnam.

Old ways thinking, there has to have a rest/food/bar open 24/7 at highway or out of nowhere because:
1. there is no competitor.
2. you could change a bit more for this special feat and also because 1.

Usually, owners of this type of business are very chill because they're sick of the competition way in the city.

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'i dont like good, convenient food!'

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Obviously you've never read "Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers". Here:


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Why some people frightened by quesadillas?

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They're just so... Cheesy.

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Only the most boring people eat them. I know a girl who would get nuggies and plain quesadillas at mexican restaurants if she was coerced to come to one with me and other friends.

>> No.8612713

I laughed too hard at this

>> No.8612717

I thought that was tandoori chicken from the thumbnail for some odd reason. That would be good though...tandoori+paneer in a pita or a tortilla pan fried in ghee. Or a Philly cheese steak quesadilla.

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Fifty year old infection?

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