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Black Widow dies to get the Soul Stone. Captain America returns to the past and lives out his life there. Tony Stark uses the Infinity Stones to erase Thanos and his army, dying in the process.

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Do people actually watch capeshit unironically?

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>putting time and effort into trying to spoil a shitty movie franchise made for children and niggers
Literally who cares?

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bait. 1, pineapple pizza isnt good imo but you do you, 2, marvel would never kill them off, how else would they keep the movies coming and the cash rolling

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Who gives a shit.

Now pineapple on pizza: a fan, will continue to make them. It's not sweet and savoury, it's acidic and savoury with hints of sweet at worse.

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Pineapple on pizza isn't that bad, I like to remove it so it just leaves a trace of the juice on the pie. Adds a nice sweetness. Also I've been seeing these capeshit spoilers for weeks at this point and they sounded so retarded I doubted they were true. I went and looked up the plot the other day and sure enough they are, who the fuck actually watches this garbage?

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>person showing off their cooking with a secret ingredient
>the secret ingredient isn't love
How do heartlets do this?

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R8 my Macarons.
It my first batch
Pls no bully

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They don't look nearly enough like vaginas. 2/5

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Need better feet on those yellows.

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better than my first batch...

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Does anyone else use pic related as a make-shift dildo?

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fun fact, before the advent of toilet paper, corn cobs were used by a lot of people

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No. I use the superior Indian corn. No butter needed

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>Be gay
>Put corncob in but
>It slides all the way in since it has no base
>It's now stuck on you, human muscular functions can't force out large solid objects
>Go to hospital so they can hook it and pull it out
Evolution never intended for things to go back in faggot

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How do fellow Mexicans feel about pic related?

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Ya'll still eating your deenz?

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I only drink the oil

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Y'know I'm talkin' 'bout deenz...
See ya know what I meaann...

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What about ‘sters?

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What exactly is that? Yogurt?

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Mise en place?

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In Asia where it belongs

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If you get a hot n ready within minutes of it being cooked, it's actually an extremely decent pizza. You just can't let it cool down at all, that's when it transforms into dog food

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anon have you tried putting pizza in a toaster oven?

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Get a little fry no matter what because they will still give you more than you can possibly eat..as for the toppings go crazy since they are free but be prepared,because the burgers do tend to fall apart so eat it with wrapper like a burrito to keep it together

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>five guys S tier
Wanted to stop reading there but I'll keep going
>mcdonalds and lil caesar's A tier

REALLY want to stop reading but I'll give this shitpost one more shot

>chick fil A on par with that other trash

I can't, this is too obvious

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How bad is it to actually use these?
I don't have the time or much will to make my own chicken stock. And I make soups now and then and water based ones don't taste as full. Should I just stick to water anyway?
I'm mostly concerned about chemicals

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If you don't have homemade, Better than Bouillon reduced sodium and using more than the directions says works in a pinch. The fuck is with all of these having so much salt and msg? I can add that myself.

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>The fuck is with all of these having so much salt and msg?
Those cost less than meat, bones, and aromatic vegetables.

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Could I just add some gelatin powder then?

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Adding gelatin powder will help, yes. But it's still not as good as making your own stock.

I'm honestly clueless as to why people seem to put forth so much effort to avoid making stock. It's easy as fuck. It's cheap. It requires very little labor, only time. And with all of that said it's easily the biggest epiphany I can think of for most cooks. There's a reason why making stock is the first thing you learn to make in culinary school, and why cookbook authors from Julia Child to fucking Morimoto stress its importance. Try making some and it will be an eye-opening experience. IMHO it's easily the single most important thing you can do to elevate your cooking from meh to fucking amazing. And between soups, stews, sauces, and cooking liquid you have a bazillion applications for it in the kitchen.

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Stock cubes contain ndxt to no actual meat. They just won't taste as good. Gelatin will help with the texture but not the flavor. If you really cba to make stock then use better than bouillon or stock pots.

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>wake up in my san francisco studio apartment
>gently pat DeMarcus's head, but not too hard because I don't want to trigger his hereditary PTSD from slavery
>also pet the conjoined living unit dog which my significant life partner got to have sex with
>walk to the mirror and put on my chastity belt, bow tie, skinny jeans, and shitty flannel
>remember, only button until you can see chest hair
>i don't have any hair so i just borrow some of DeMarcus's
>cultural exchange
>walk into the kitchen and see my empowered healthy at every size SLP sleeping on the remains of the kitchen table
>her empowered shaved hair excites me so I hit myself with a nearby cuck whip to keep my patriarchal urges down
>shuffle around her body and get to the fridge
>what to drink on a lovely M*nday morning?
>see twenty bottles of Soylent brand TrannyJuice with pre-leached xenoestrogens
>no, that's not empowered enough
>see a 4 oz bottle of Demarcus's potent black seed
>not empowered enough
>see the dog's semen in a ziploc bag
>still not enough
>see a carton of pulp free orange juice

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I too, enjoy rolling up on a squigga.

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What /ck/ think of my ugly-ass breakfast?
>Cheese and Bacon Omelette
>Yogurt w/ Flaxseed Flour (very high fiber intake)

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Eh looks bad but probably tastes good. Its hard to fuck up breakfast

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What would be a surefire way to get salmonella poisoning? I read somewhere that in some cases it could even give you typhus, that's what I would like. Any tips?

t. jevin

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You aren’t actually though, so why go through the trouble of making this pointless thread?

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If you're not going to contribute maybe you should get out of my thread buddy

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Literally eat raw chicken, surely it isn't that hard

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Just sprinkle some earth in a wound and get a quick tetanus.

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How often do you eat breakfast at fastfood chains? Tell the truth.

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Not very often, usually only if I have to be up quite early for work of some kind, but I almost always work afternoon or night shifts so usually I make my own breakfast. When I do eat fast food for breakfast, it’s either Bojangles or Taco Bell. Taco Bell unironically has the best breakfast menu of any fast food chain.

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>Laziness obviously
You just place a spoon of left over rice on a plate and microwave it while you use a pan to quickly fry the spam, egg and tomato for a couple minutes while the rice is heated. Throw it all in the plate and it is done with the same standards or even higher ones than the fast food plate you are paying for.

It literally takes more effort to go to the fastfood place than to actually make this piece of shit.

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many americans do this... pretty sad bc homemade breakfast is the best breakfast

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No you eat breakfast to save you a night meal and NOT become fat.

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I need help
I just started dating this chinese girl and i really like her and want to impress her. I invited her over to watch game of thrones and i'm trying to get snacks that will be familiar to her.
I decided on sichuan hotpot.
So far i have bought a portable gas element from a kitchen supply shop and it works with my propane tank from my grill, so i'm gonna set that up on the coffee table infront of the tv. And i've already got a pretty big pot.
I'm rendering some tallow at the moment for the soup base, and i've got a load of chillis and various chilli pastes im gonna all put in there and some 'shaoxiang' wine.
I've bought a few of the things to lay out on the table, like a few plates of offal, which i'm not really used to so i'm a bit worried about, and mushrooms.
But i'm really starting to second guess this. I made a 'ching chong' joke about eating dogs on our first date and she said i was being racist but she forgave me and i was making this gesture to make it up but i'm worried she'll take it the wrong way but i feel like i've already put in so much money and effort that I kind of have to commit at this point.

What should I do? And any advice for the hotpot, or good things to drink with it? I have some 'chinese rice wine' but it says 'not for beverage use' on it so i'm unsure if she'll like it or if that's normal.

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First of all, don't try to make something for a guest you've never made before. Now, there's nothing inherently wrong with making a hotpot for a chink eventhough you're a cumskin if you were confident in your results having done it before. Choose a meal you know you can't fuck up and run with it.

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>American boy wants to watch a movie at my place
>I ordered 20 McChickens
You think he likes me?

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Yes, this dish that has been eaten in one form or another since before Ghengis fucking Khan was created for Youtube.

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That is insufficient. You need something more filling like CHICKENJOY®

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seriously .. however your dish will come out she will have tasted a better one
impress her with stuff she doesnt usually eat

i mean shes probs gonna be polite and be impressed of the effort BUT certainly not the dish

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Can we have a spaghetti sauce thread? What's your go to recipe?

Here's mine:

onion, garlic, carrot, celery, 1 serrano pepper, ground beef(seasoned on the side with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika and cayenne), olive oil, canned tomatoes, tomato paste, sugar, pasta water, basil, bay leaf, and oregano. Salt and pepper to taste.

I cook the carrots, onions, garlic, serrano, and celery on a skillet over olive oil and cook the ground beef with it. Once the beef is done I put in the canned tomatoes, tomato paste, and all of the herbs. I put a little sugar and balance it out with a dash of pasta water.

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You can also use a bit of stock or paste, along with sugar (or just more wine), or umami tricks like worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, marmite etc. It doesn't really matter.

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f i s h s a u c e

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Yee yee, basically the same role as anchovies when cooked down.

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>garlic powder, onion powder,
you have to go back

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what's wrong with those?

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Rate my dinner.

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It's so weird KFC sells fries in other countries

>> No.12231609

wait what do you mean
kfc doesn't sell fries in your country? where do you live?

>> No.12231610

Not bad for less than 10p OP

>> No.12231723

US KFC don't sell fries, because we have buttermilk biscuits that fried chicken is traditionally served with here.

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Fucking fatass germans and their German fast food

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>Yes, I will take the Impossible Burger.

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Can they even make things that dont come out of a can?

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the eternal boomer boogyman strikes again
>will millennial zoomers ever take responsibility for anything?

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If they don't use cans, how are they going to get their rda of BPA

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I work with about 5 boomer male security guards and every one of them packs a lunch with soup and a sandwich for dinner. I hate them. Each one is white, bald, with a white goatee. They sit and eat theyre soup and plain ham-on-whitebread sandwiches while watching Fox News. Every. Day.

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Dumplings, sauerkraut, kielbasa and cream mushroom is a got tier meal though
The secret is to make your own cream mushroom. One onion, ten cloves garlic, one container each of white button and brown button mushrooms. Put all of this in a blender with enough white wine or sherry to let it blend. Heat a pan slick with oil to rippling. Add your mushroom paste and reduce by about half, color will darken and smell more intense. Add 2 cups of cream or so and reduce slightly from there. Salt to taste and add a few glugs of good vinegar (sherry, Apple cider, white wine, chinkiang)

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Is he right?

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>five guys s tier

>> No.12231414

Second I saw this in my feed I knew there'd be a /ck/ thread.

Mcdonalds has the worst fries which knock it down. Arby's has the best fries which should knock it up. DQ has the chicken strip basket which are the best tendies outside of kfc on that list it should be D.

The rest is fine, or I haven't had it before.

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>subway f tier

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>tfw fell for another /ck/ meme
this shit is not even close to what you faggot say it is. thank god it was cheap as fuck.

>> No.12231381

/ck/ likes it because the sauce is sweet, and burgers can't help themselves when the thing is sweet

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>not getting the malay version

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*adds oyster sauce to his noodles*

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Why is most Italian food so bland and generic tasting?

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I just bumped this thread because you couldn't keep your autistic dysfunction to yourself. Don't speak up in the future, nerd.

>> No.12231586

Because italian "cuisine" is literally derived from peasant food because everyone was fucking broke as shit and had to toss something together with scraps.

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>> No.12231650

spaghetti with meatballs is not italian food and never will.
t. italian

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Because what you're eating isn't Italian, it's ""Italian"".

Real Italian cooking depends on super nice ingredients. When you don't have that and you're using industrial ag products it doesn't taste very good by comparison. Unless you're going to high-end places or you're cooking with good homegrown veggies you're getting shit from pic related, and that will make the cooking fail hard.

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>tuna fish
As opposed to what? Tuna mammal? Tuna reptile?

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That's only for canned processed tuna; and it sounds better than tuna surimi.

>> No.12231370

Tuna piano

>> No.12231395

>you can tune a piano but you can't.....

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>he's never had tuna plant

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Tuna fruit

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