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What are /ck/'s thoughts on garlic press?

Does it make much differece? Do you use if for specific recipes?

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My dad came out gay and left my mom for a man after 20 years of marriage.

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thanks anon

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What do you mean?

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Sorry anon

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You're on the Food & Cooking board, you dumb frog poster.

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I was hoping you could recommend some foods to make me feel better. Sorry I didn't put that in the OP

Jannies pls no delete

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Ive been thinking about trying a diet consisting of only seasoned chicken breast, and drinking only water.

>large protein intake will leave me feeling full sooner and for longer, so i binge eat less
>no carbs, so I reduce dental plaque formation (which i seem to be very susceptible to)
>easy to prepare and dont have to think about it.

>would probably get extremely boring very quickly
>limited nature of the diet means that perhaps I would suffer malnutrition

thoughts? anyone here tried meat only before?

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Brine is your friend with chicken breast, get creative and use jalapeño juice in the brine. mixing the prep up can add lots of possibilities.

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What the fuck? Nigga. Eat normally.

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maybe. im more of a volcel myself though
hmm yes, noted
mainly im just sick of eating and never feeling full, at least for long. I heard protein is really filling so maybe its worth testing.

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Too much protein will get converted into sugar.
Eat brussel sprouts, broccoli and other steamed veggies with your chicken. The fiber will also prevent you from becoming constipated.

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If you're doing that too I recommend supplementing your new diet with vegetables. They're mostly low calorie, packed full of vitamins and minerals, and very filling. They can also add variety to your diet depending on the dish you make, as the dishes you can make with vegetables and chicken are almost endless.

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why do store bought tomatoes taste so fucking nasty? I like tomatoes that you get from restaurants, on sandwiches etc. but whenever I buy my own and slice them up they’re just gross. what’s the secret

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You're probably just overripening them or buying a different kind of tomato entirely. Try a bunch of different types/ripenesses. I tend to prefer mine when they just start to get orange, so everything is still firm. Romas are good for this too.

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Tasteless supermarket tomatoes are picked damn near green, miles away from you, and the variety of tomato is selected for durability and resistance to damage during long travel in a train or truck. Quality and taste are last on the importance list.

Grow your own heirloom tomatoes, or buy local tomatoes from a farmer near you, the difference in quality should shock you.

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Sorry gascucks, your antiquated way of cooking is no longer allowed in civilized society.

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>I feel really sorry for Berkeley
i don't. i hope they experience greater inconveniences. instead of a shining city upon a hill, Berkeley should be a filthy gutter clogged with the homeless

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wasn't the reason it was entirely environment. but what a naive shortsighted thought this is
>miniscule safety concern
>let's ban it
by this logic driving should be banned, there are plenty of alternatives and driving is the most dangerous thing the average person does daily.

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Isn't electricity much more wasteful than gas for heating purposes? There's all sorts of transmissions loss involved with electric.

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m8 loicense fire extinguisher?

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And make 50% of an expensive appliance redundant. Might as well get a regular electric range at that point. Or better yet, just use gas.

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Post food places that are generally good but too expensive for what they are.

Pic related for me. $16 for a large Italian Sub.

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this is what poor people that stumble onto money temporarily until they're seperated from it say. that shit is $18 here and im a flyover. it's a fucking sub

people that say this often are former poorshits who make $60k and think they're big time now and eat $18 subs instead of $6 subway subs like they use to and wonder why they're still broke

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The large sub is literally two sandwiches
But jersey mikes is still overpriced

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This is a good example. Steak and Shake makes burgers that are completely identical and they cost $4 for a triple. I don't know how 5 guys stays in business.

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im not saying its good but there's a chain called boston pizza that is expensive and shit

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>The large sub is literally two sandwiches
Look at any picture of a Jersey Mike's sub, it's deceptive as fuck and done purposely. The roll is huge and they throw a shitload of lettuce and vegetables on it...but put the same amount of meat on their large as Subway did on their footlongs 10 years ago. You can see it in OP's picture.
Fuck Jersey Mikes and fuck Jannies.

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How do you like your popcorn, co/ck/s?
>Microwave or stovetop?
>Butter or oil?
>Prepackaged flavors or plain kernels?
>Pre-popped bag brands?
Reminder that plain popcorn kernels air popped in the microwave contains 220 calories per 8 cups if you're fat, making it an amazing lowcal snack

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stovetop, popped in oil and topped with browned butter, usually just with salt though i want to try it with romano cheese/oregano/black pepper next.

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Just picked up one of these. How badly did I fuck up?

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I've had this thing for 10 years and it didn't deviate or wear its fitting at all and hasn't failed at all. it's a stainless steel burr but it has worked perfectly for a decade. Tell me how it's objectively shit, appliance repair workman.

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So you're just some scam artist. Of course. Pump the italian brands for the commission.

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This past week and a half I repaired a maytag washer an inglis fridge and a carrier central air. All with a frozen shoulder. I want my 5 grand of idiot money.

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I figured you'd vapourize like a dumb piece of shit when anyone challenged you. Can you help me with this maytag repair? I think the belt are worn.

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Can you please high end appliance my washer?! I'm dying here.

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How did Mexicans perfect sparkling water?

/pol/ btfo

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This is a thread, good job.

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How is this any different from any other brand of seltzer other than it being made in mexico?

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buen provecho

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I bet she gives god tier handjobs

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>those arm veins


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I bet she knows how to get a 15% tip

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>forced, soulless smile
oh yes, she's breaking the 18% barrier

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You'd be dead inside, too if you had to suck that many dicks

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He's old

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>putting eggplant in chocolate cake
What the actual fuck? What other weird shit have people come up with?

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nu-chefs are just in a continuous contest to one up eachother to see who can make the oddest meals or make traditional meals in a cooky way

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>30% more butterfat than breyers, friendly's and edy's
>less overrun
>$1.97 a carton
Literally why do people pay +$3 to get ice cream anywhere else

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Because you don’t have to go to Walmart to get other ice cream

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For me, it's tillamook

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winn dixie brand has a decent amount of butterfat but still a metric fuckton of gum additive anyway. it's like that turkish dondurma. i'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

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this. although the "Great Value" store brand could definitely use a face lift so to speak. I mean, look at that stupid logo and name

i like their marionberry cheesecake one

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forgot to add, no one here is going to know what overrun is or how it's calculated, despite it being basic arithmetic. people to busy shitposting soy face memes and jollybee

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>Salt and Pepper, to taste

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salt water

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This offends the plebeians.

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>just tossing pineapple on a ham pizza as opposed to putting it on before you put it in the oven
Yes, this does offend me

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Sub ham for bacon, and add jalapenos.

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>t. Fagherita pizza eater

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you're like a boomer that thinks anyone with a different opinion than them is "trolling!"

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they... they aren't?

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Chicken curry: "use chicken breast"
Chili or stew: "discard the beef fat after rendering the meat"
Recipes with garlic: "take out the garlic after cooking it in the oil"

Anything else?

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30 min is decent. Can do 20 if adding brown sugar. Up to an hour for making a curry base.

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Spices definitely, but I also found out that I don't use half as much as salt (and MSG) as the restaurants do. I was using all the right ingredients and spices when I first started making curry, but turns out that I just needed more salt.

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Nice. With regards to curry base, have you ever tried to make the base gravy by blending the onions / shallots rather than finely chopping them? I presume it'd be more prone to burning, but I don't wanna ladle the hot sauce back and forth in my blender and I cannot be bothered to use a stick blender.

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Why wouldn't you take the garlic out? Obviously you want to add it back in later, but if you let it cook too long, it becomes bitter and loses its flavor.

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Go on a diet with no fat intake and see what happens

It depends on how much you're making, but usually 30-60 minutes. If doing a huge batch of onions in a large pot it can take up to 2 hours.

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What is real Chinese food like?

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really salty and bland

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So what is it

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Stray animals fried in sewage.

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Everything reeks of fish and all the meat comes from shitty cuts filled with bone.

>> No.12650818

Very oily, like it makes greek food seem dry

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What does a fat person's cronometer look like?

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I live in a major city and I visited 5 supermarkets and 2 Walmarts today looking for coke zero cherry and not a single store had it.

Then I look online and see this...

WTF IS GOING ON. If they discontinued this I'm gonna FREAK THE FUCK OUT

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Why would a non-fat person drink an artificially sweetened zero calorie soda? And why is he such a dick to everyone? Seems like a shitty TV show.

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amazon is expensive as fuck
name brand soda is $3.50/12pk at walmart

>> No.12650917

It's probably just a distribution problem. Calm your mantits anon

>> No.12650920

how am I the one being a dick, I made a thread about cherry coke zero suddenly vanishing and everyone immediately starts calling me fat

I USED to be fat and coke zero helped me get down to a normal BMI.

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What the fuck is this show? Is this real?

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Name 1 (one) dish that isn't improved by adding garlic powder

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garlic powder should not be used as a substitute for fresh garlic. the flavours of the two are a bit too dissimilar for that sort of thing. if you're familiar with indian cooking, it's kind of like sonth and ginger.

>> No.12650685

fresh garlic and garlic powder taste different

for the most part, you add garlic powder if you want a more roasted garlic taste

Not saying that roasting fresh garlic and garlic powder are always substitutes, but for the most part if you're adding roast garlic into let's say a tomato sauce, you could have added garlic powder

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>you add garlic powder if you want a more roasted garlic taste
Or if you're going to be cooking something for a long time where the fresh garlic will lose some of its potency anyway. Fresh garlic is better if it's only going to be cooked for a few minutes, or for salad dressings and stuff like that.

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Anything. The krishnas are right, alliaceous vegetables are for NIGGERS.

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