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Where do I get one? My local Chinese market doesn't carry vegetable cleavers, and I'm afraid to buy a random one from Amazon because seemingly all of them have reviews saying they're meat cleavers not vegetable cleavers and the blade is way too thick and heavy for chopping vegs.

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I bought a bag because they looked good. Now that I have them at home, short of throwing them in a casserole with some chicken and salsa, what other ways could they be used?

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Checked and kek

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Mix it with rice.

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Why doesn’t the government just outlaw the carbonated Jew already?

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If there's anything I hate more than kikes, it's statists.

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Statism is wrong

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>implying the gubmint actually gives a shit about anything but itself

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Who do you think *owns* the government?

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this, to be quite honest.

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How do you balance out the tangy taste of tomato sauce?

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That's a fair point. As I live in an apt I tend to forget about that.

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Soy sauce
It adds more flavour to the sauce

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this is also correct, san marzano does exist

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>add glutaminates from another source even though tomatoes are packed with them
Literally just caramelize them. No need to bring in your Asian meme sauce, weeb.

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I always add a little soy and Worcestershire sauce to tomato sauce or any kind of stew or meat sauce.

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now that its the year of our lord 2073...
can we all agree lads that switching predominantly to aquaculture is the best thing to happen to food since sliced bread
> algae for energy
> snackable seaweed
>all this free ass land

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>being this simple and naive
ask me how I know you're a trust fund fag

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dat squid jerky

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>not protein bioreactors
>not nanite-based sythmeat assemblers

Get on with the times, gene-progenitor.

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Would you, /ck/?

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>pork n bean milkshakes
What the fuck

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I know. But this is at like a Triple A baseball team’s park.

Post moar weird foods

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The hot dog would be best suited if cooled and patted down for moisture, as to not ruin the texture of your spun sugar bun.

Does this sound good to you?

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Sounds fucked, but it was comfy.

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I have no fume hood in my kitchen so I'm looking for a portable cooktop/burner I can use outside for searing steaks and pan frying and other messy shit. The problem is there's barely any reviews or discussions online that I can research for these things. Anyone use one of these?

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Is it possible to be wrong about food that tastes bad?

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Goji berries anyone?

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Is that like ‘go ‘Za?

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No. I showered this week.

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This is a Hot Thomas, the state dish of Iowa.

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>loose ground beef on a bun
what the fuck is the point

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if you couldn't tell that his post was literally dripping with sarcasm then you prolly have the 'tism

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You just wait and see. It's hard to see the impact Iowa is having on the rest of the country right now because we're right in the middle of it, but give it some time. We're making waves here.

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Your sarcasm was implying that I felt that this sandwich had any significance outside of that boring, worthless state. It doesn’t.

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>>loose ground beef on a bun
>what the fuck is the point
I remember when Roseanne started that restaurant and I believe was on Dave Letterman talking about the "loose meat" sandwich, which he couldn't seem to "get." I had never heard of it at the time, but I guess it's just an unsauced sloppy joe. We never ate sloppy joe's at my house. I had them at elementary school though.
In watching the below video, I forgot how crazy genius she was when she rambled on about humor in low class people in their crazy lives."Tom Arnold Bite contests" Too bad she forgot Twitter isn't anonymous. Social media political addiction issues, I guess. Enjoy!

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Why is this cheese so stinky?

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Because it's disgusting and your body knows it.
Stop eating fermented pus.

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how are you this retarded? genetic or vegan?

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Fucking kys, you vegans are so insufferable

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>posting a picture of a Wisconsinite to rebuke the concept of cheese

Jay's body is probably 10% cheese at this point.

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I miss al/ck/

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There was a discord for like 2 days then the guy sperged out and deleted it. I know there was an IRC but I don't know the details

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>actually talking to other people

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no one else does

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Idk, when I was unemployed and drinking an handle a day in 2012, al/ck/ wasn't even a thing. We just shitposted as usual. /ck/ WAS al/ck

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I do. I made Chef John's spicy sausage ragu today. Took me hours to talk myself into it, but I did because it's easy to make. Now I'm drinking vodka with a pan full of sauce with no pasta. Wasn't going to eat anyway. I feel like the people who posted there understood this sort of degenerate dilemma.

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Anyone else dining alone on a Saturday night?

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Actually that pic comes from a Facebook post of a woman showing how the girl in the pic is her nephew and all her friends stood her up at her birthday party

Like the other Anon, I also want to give the girl a hug and not in a lewd way.

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I don't celebrate birthdays anymore

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yeah that does suck, but seeing as how 12 year olds (or whatever she is) don't drive then I think it's a bit more accurate to put it on the parents, instead of implying her friends somehow maliciously got together and decided to skip her party

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>Hey guys party at Chuck E Cheese on Saturday!!!
>Don't even tell your parents you were invited

When I was a kid my parents gave me cards to hand out at school to whoever I wanted to invite. If the other kids wanted, they could just throw it away once I wasn't around. I always had good birthdays with plenty of friends, but I also wasn't exactly popular in school and got a lot of shit for being weird, so I really feel for people like this. I wanna give them a hug and tell them that as long as they try their best things will work out better than fine.

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I hear you. I really doubt her mom posting this shit on facebook is going to help her situation though lol

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I need a list of your favorite party foods for when you really wanna boogie down.

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>toast bun
>top w/ cheese
>sear meat
>seat onion
>sear jalapeno
>stack it
>hot sauce

Fuck yeah

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that's nice and all, but shouldn't you be focusing on paying your electric bill so you don't have to live in the dark?

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Is the spam flavored? Which hot sauce. Details you mong.

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>what is sunset for 200?

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Salt you fucking moron.
Its SPAM. The flavor is salt.

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Rate my $30 vegan haul

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how the hell did you get all those berries and not break 30$?

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I feel like you're just trying to sow discord in a sort of emperor's new clothes kind of way but with pretending something about that post was retarded and hoping everybody will join the dogpile with you in spite of literally nothing being wrong with that post.

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Because op lied

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The soy milk and watermelon alone account for nearly $15-20. OP lied.

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I am a gullible fool

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How do you take your morning cup?

I use an aero press (superior in every way to the barbarian French press) with a splash of whole fat milk

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>milk in Aeropress coffee

You ruined it already, OP

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I buy a bottle of unsweetened Starbucks iced coffee from the gas station along with smokes and gum.

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I throw a handful of coffee into a boiling bot of water, after a few minutes i just pour it into my mug

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Central American beans preferably
200°F filtered water
10th notch on my LIDO 3
V60 w/ new tabbed filter

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Salad bowl with steak or meat of choice, sour cream, cheese, guac and lettuce.

Is it the best keto food

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Its pretty good. Etouffee using cream cheese as a replacement for roux, and riced cauliflower for rice is better though.

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Its probably fake corn made with almond flour.

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no one mentioned corn but you

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>Salad bowl with steak or meat of choice, sour cream, cheese, guac and lettuce.

>posts a rice bowl

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Who's hungry?!

I'm heading down to the nearest McD*nald's restaurant for a NEW Quarter Pounder with cheese made hot from FRESH beef, hot fresh fries and an ice cold Coca Cola!

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What did xir mean by this?

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I hear you bro! I'm Lovin that hot FRESH beef!

>> No.10803262

So...anyone tried it yet?

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I feel like McDonalds is the only business in the world that could advertise 100% ground beef, and yet find the legal loophole that allows them to use other things besides beef.

Haven't eaten here in almost a decade. Gonna keep it that way.

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