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Pearl sugar on cinnamon rolls > glazed cinnamon rolls

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yall ever whip up a cheeky pan sauce with the burger fat

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Tried, but it makes my stomach ache because of the fat content

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Do you wash your mush?

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You have to wash it off so it's not dirty and poopy.

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>pic rel

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Ok /ck/ got a question, I have family that is going on a medically necessary liquid diet for upwards 6 months, we don't have a blender.

they are looking at something ninja with for convenience, and I have been tasked with figuring out what's best. our family wanted to get a blender for a while, every now and then the topic comes up but it always dies for one reason or another. so with that, what i'm looking for is what are my options for relatively painless to use and clean blenders are, possibly with single serving size and multi person size containers.

I probably wont get a chance to bump this as its late for me, so thank you in advance to any replies if this dies before I wake up.

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blend deez nuts NIGGA

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Vitamix. They're retardly expensive, but pretty fucking durable. Used to beat the shit out of the one in our restaurant kitchen every day for multiple years. No idea how it didn't shit the bed.

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Whatcha been cooking anon?
Marinaded some kangaroo steaks in teriyaki sauce. Added some vegemite to the sauce to make a bit less sweet and it turned out pretty good

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Recipe is equal parts soy sauce, mirin and sake, half part sugar, cheeky bit of ginger and garlic and 1-2 tsp vegemite. Bring to boil and simmer for 10-15 mins

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What does roo taste like? Lean beef?

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Yeah. Similar to beef with a bit of a gamey taste (ie more flavour). Great stuff. Has a really nice soft texture when cooked medium rare too

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I can't tell if this looks awful or delicious. Teriyaki beef would've been better (and cheaper, no?)

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like shit, it's meat fit for dogs sold only to tourists and city dwellers. and it's got 7-8 foot long parasitic worms in it

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Is kewpie a meme or is it actually somewhat "OMG it's so goooooood" for some reason

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its an emulsion of oil and vinegar and the egg protein stabilizes it.
kewpie use soybean oil and rice vinegar which gives it a nice texture.

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the squirming American masses wriggling in joy at a sports game, it makes me want to vomit. imagine them all just getting friction burns from their bellies and bingo wings swinging round and rubbing on each other and anything in the vicinity, coupled with their slavish brain dead inability to keep track of where their extremities land

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I worked in a decent restaurant and we'd blend caesar dressing using cartons of egg yolk and enough canola oil for a good emulsification with a 3 foot immersion blender

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> a thread died for this
Why don't you just buy it and find out

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Maybe he wanted to talk about it first

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>saves your entire pantry

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I'm sure I'd like them but how would they "save" my pantry, faggot

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because your pantry is shit w/o it

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>Cooking is super easy anyone can do it Ill make anything you want
Sure can you make me Lobster Thermidor? I made some last week and wanna compare
>Oh seafood is way too hard I cant do anything like that but good on you for making it

Mfw cooking is easy

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who are you quoting

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the schizophrenic voices in OP's head

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I've been getting fat as fuck lately, bros. Been craving more junk food and putting on extra pounds as a result. Actually kind of a comfy feeling, extra layers to give me warmth during the winter.

How can skinnyfags even compete?

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i stopped drinking but now im late night snacking, just scarfed down some taquitos

maybe the vodka was better for me

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Ayo fuck it bro this is your last warning coming from someone who was obese until recently :
I'm not going to explain, it would be too long. It just isn't worth it.

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easy to put on, hard to get off

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You're a big guy.

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That's why I switched to only liquor. Less calories.

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what kind of illness can you get from eating the general public's leftovers?

what are the chances of catching this illness?

ive always figured tha someone who is feeling ill is more likely to leave a big portion of their meal behind.

you can prick yourself with a hypodermic needle digging through fastfood trash in a parking lot. you could also stick your hands in baby diaper.

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You'd probably be better off digging through trash near or in a fast food joint or a supermarkets dumpster at night

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>what kind of illness can you get from eating the general public's leftovers?
name it.
>what are the chances of catching this illness?

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embrace the suck

Semper Fi

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I'm sure the boys at basic told you to embrace it as they made you suck tyrone dry

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The best by far in the alcoholics area

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Why would anyone want to drink vodka? It just tastes like burning bitterness and makes you feel like shit afterwards.

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but dude if you pay extra you get to pretend it's good cause it has le funny goose on the bottle

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Mr Boston all the way

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What is your daily driver hot sauce? For me, it's Sriracha. Love adding it to butter beans, black beans, eggs, soups you name it. Always adds an small kick of heat and great flavor at a good price.

Honorable mentions to Cholula and Frank's!

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Sriracha and crystal are my usual. I like having a vinegar and non vinegar. El yucateco if I want something hotter. I’m not a hot sauce fanatic but I eat a lot of the same foods so it helps to keep me from getting exhausted. Tobasco is good too I just prefer crystal

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inexpensive, versatile, flavorful

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What hot sauces do Mexicans actually like to eat?

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I am a proud white man from, oh shit I will get banned for shitposting again like I just did from another board I just want to know about hot sauce.

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Who here is part of the no fries club? I order a burger, and if I'm still hungry I order another burger. Fries are just a cheap trick by burger places to steal your money without offering real real sustenance aka meat.

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How fat are you, hamboy?

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unironically basd and true, make your own fries. Any place that uses anything other than beef tallow to fry their potatoes deserves to face the wall

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They should serve all burgers with either tater tots or hasbrowns. The superior fried potato options.

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I’m with you, two burgers and a coke is god tier.

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if you're not ordering chili cheese tots with your burger, then you're doing it wrong

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Is coffee tasting "earthy" supposed to be a good or a bad thing?

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Depends on whether you like it or not.

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means it tastes like shit

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Earthy is a nice way of saying it tastes like dirt. Geosmin is typically the chemical responsible for this. Not sure if it's in coffee but that's what makes beets tastes like dirt, and makes dirt taste like dirt.

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What is it about restaurant-style mac and cheese that doesn't have the same zing that the box one has?

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Next time mix in one of your many different hot sauces from your collection, maybe your friend would have upvoted your meal

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Separate. The noodles MUST be al dente. I've done them together for the kids though, they don't mind.

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MMMM Everytime is see (You) My nips get so fucking hard.

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well, you know what to do about that, come on over

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If you've ever made macaroni from a mornay sauce base with loads of real cheese you won't look at kraft dinner the same way again. It's offensively salty and the cheese taste is way off

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>1 am
>gorton's fish fillets
>slice of tombstone pizza
>second cup of bustelo
>three pints of bud light
i'm gonna shit.

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Why shouldn't I drink my whiskey out of a glass like this?

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You should, I love those little dive bar tumblers.

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Drink out of whichever glass you'd like.

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There's nothing wrong with that. Just know you can't nose it as well as some specialty glasses like glencairn, which might enhance the flavor.

Remember, if you add ice you are a pleb.

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Because a glencairne is the best glass for whiskey. It even makes tea 10x better.

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Thats how a workin man drink his whisky

>Mmmm Jeeves yes fetch me a Glencairn I'd like to savor a dram of whiskey this evening
This is how limp wrists drink it

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I am a menace to society. My dumb pregnancy brain accidentally ordered my husband a burrito with NO TORTILLA :’(

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I wouldn't even be mad, I'd be impressed. I'd get the chips out and enjoy the fuck out of it.

>> No.17066885

Huh yea same im impressed those beaners did not question it. Id honestly give them more business again.

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Meatloaf is one meal where ketchup use is good, I don't think it works with too many things but to glaze a meatloaf is definitely one. I know some people like brown gravy on meatloaf, but I don't. I like a ketchup or bbq glaze.

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That meatloaf looks fucking terrible

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This whole picture looks cartoonishly depressing.

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Costco makes a pretty good meatloaf. Get one every time I go there. The mashed potatoes with them are fantastic.

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manwich is the superior glaze.

>> No.17066938

I bet it tastes like meatloaf is supposed to, though the meat used was too lean

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