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What can I buy at an Asian market?

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in before bats

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Can you pick me up some wife cakes and a sixpack of mangosteen nectar, thanks dude

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They will be watching you hard to make sure you dont steal. They tend to do that a lot.

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msg, mushroom powder, special chiles, plums

thats what i usually go to azn markets for

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I lied my way into a job as a sushi chef, but ive never made sushi before. Is there a quick guide some where?

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When you fuck up blame it on the rice. Say that the old place you worked on had different rice.

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war hsif si dellac imihsus

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>the company motto is "Don't be evil,"
Not anymore it's not. They changed it for some mysterious reason.

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No one is fucking hiring anybody in a restaurant. Stop fucking lying and fuck off.

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>americans dont know other countries exist

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*enhances your food*

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If your food needs to be "seasoned" you're a shitty cook

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If your food needs to be "edible" you're a ahotty cook

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*ruins every meal*

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*Ruins every meal*

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My old schoolfriend's entire family hates coriander. They're also the kind of people who leave out garlic out of fear of smelling bad. The dad of the senpai cooks up some mean Indonesian food though so I guess I can't really judge too harshly.

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Can you guys redpill me on authentic Chinese food? I feel like I don’t actually know anything besides the bastardized American stuff. What’s the dankest of dank?

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try the bat

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Thought it was Lion's Head as in the mushrooms

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LOL. Like back in 2020 when people were panicking about a bat disease that barely harmed humans. Ancient history is hilarious.

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ah, no, are those fucking mushrooms even edible? I thought they had to make tincture out of them

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Very edible and tasty

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Is there anything i can do with lizard milk? I have a few spare gallons of the stuff in my fridge.

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add calcium chlorate make lizar tofu, the firm kind so you can fry it up

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Lizards don't produce milk. The production of milk is distinct to mammals.

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Hey everyone, point and laugh.

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if lizards don't produce milk then how does he have some?

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I need two delicious recipes:
>One for a great Dinner
>One for a great Dessert

I'm doing a lot of fun things while in Quarantine like learning photography and how to skateboard and one thing I want to do is try some real recipes, most of the stuff I do is really simple, so I would like some ideas for some fun and more time intensive recipes if you guys have any ideas! The more from scratch the better.

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Here's a great recipe.
Step one: Mix 1 9mm bullet with one 9mm pistol
Step two: Mix that bullet with your faggot ass brain, faggot.

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2 hot apples pies

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This. Post pics as you go along, please, OP.

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anymore suggestions, particularly dessert?

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Eat shit, vomit it back up and now you have dessert. Voila!

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chocolate lamb, nigga

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Rack of lamb, nigga

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Did someone call for lamb

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it looks like a scary dinosaur

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I don’t like this image

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We've been waiting for you.

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behold, the biscuit king

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Behold, the worst shit since Triscuits.

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>normies think this is disgusting
behold, the true pleb filter

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Garlic powder is literally the most normie seasoning there is

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garlic powder tastes like nothing, I've dumped that shit on pasta by accident and not noticed a difference in flavor
just use raw garlic you troglodyte

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>garlic powder tastes like nothing
Stop eating food after sucking so many dicks you fucking retard.

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I am convinced they secretly mix that shit with salt even though it doesnt say so on the lael

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Can he be stopped?

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I just baked some swai and some tilapia (separately) and they both kind of tasted like fried egg. Any reason this may have happened? I used lemon juice and pepper to season and canola oil cooking spray to coat the baking sheet

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Hmmm. Interesting. This only a guess, but maybe you accidently mistook the Oreochromini talapalini (tilapia fish) for the egg of a Gallus gallus (chicken) and cooked said egg unknowingly in place of the fish which you then consumed tasting a fried egg taste. Just for reference, an egg is a round oblong white thing while a fish is a sort of flat, long, squishy thing. Hope that helps :)

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They're both pretty flavourless so I think you could only really taste the oil maybe. These fish can both handle a lot of spicing so maybe try a dry rub next time.

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Not your fault, tilapia taste like eggs.

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Tilapia is ass. Just get whatever is local and fresh instead. If you're landlocked, get the salmon.

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Look at these faggots. Can't even flavor fish when they cook it.

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What's the consensus on how to boil these guys? Slice it's brain before tossing it in the pot or boiling it alive?

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what about a boiling ocean?

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Knife in brain first. No reason not do it.

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Knife the brain pussio

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Tie a noose around his clippers, suspend him from a pully above the pot of water, slowly descend him into the water tail first.

Throw him into bin because seafood is yucky.

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Put it in the freezer for 10 - 15m. Then straight into a pot with boiling water. Wait until it boils again, wait 2 more minutes. Done.

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I want to incorporate more fresh garlic into my diet, both for my health and because I really enjoy garlic. I know cooking it removes some of the nutrition, but I'd like to enjoy it on its own if I can find a way. Besides eating it raw, are there ways to make garlic a tasty snack, such as seasoning or sauteing it? I'm not picky and I enjoy strong flavors.

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Make aioli

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Nothing's wrong with me, but I do have IBD and high triglycerides, but otherwise healthy as I can be. Just looking for ways to enjoy a healthy food. I made an attempt at confirmed with what I had in the cabinet. Probably doesn't look appealing but I tried one and had to have another. Super soft, and I can imagine it being a lot better with fresh herbs and grapeseed oil. I used 50/50 canola and olive.

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christ almighty, CONFIT. fuck phoneposting, never again.

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free base it

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What pasta do you like to hoard?

Me? I'd hoard orange slices, the best pasta for hoarding when you're hoarding pasta.

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Rotini sucks but I'd rather use my teeth to harvest toenails than eat gluten free spaghetti

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haha I used to bite my toenails off and eat them when I was a kid.

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For hoarding, Spaghetti is best, since its way more densely to stack than spirals or other forms.
A spiral pack of 500 grams takes up way more space than a 500 gram spaghetti pack.

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>nobody likes these
I literally almost exclusively eat rotini. Did I not get the memo or something?

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Is this beer worth trying? For someone not into IPAs because they taste soapy

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Have you tried Rebel IPA? I used to drink it a bunch of years ago, and I don't recall getting the soapy taste from it.
Also, I don't know if they make it anymore, but Dogfish Head IPA was really good.

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I had one of these last night. I thought it was pretty good but if you don’t enjoy IPAs I don’t think you’ll like it, it still tastes like an IPA

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I need it bros...

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Wow you sure showed me with your mountain of evidence. If you ever leave your mom’s basement you’ll see that calling someone retarded isn’t actually an argument. But you’re an uneducated pathetic NEET so I’m not surprised.

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Your argument is literally "this 30+ year old flavour did not exist until 9-10 years ago when I and ONLY I invented it in their shitty contest". Your reasoning is one of crippling ignorance and mental illness, and doesn't deserve a response beyond you being retarded.

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oh you two, get a room already

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Still waiting for you to prove that Lays has a dill pickle flavor 20+ years ago.

You don’t know how actual evidence and proof work do you? Ate all leafs as dumb as you?

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how to not get diabetes as a very picky eater
last time i tested my blood sugar was 110 (120max) and i havent changed my diet in any way and that was 5 years ago

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>Cook beef until "golden"
What the fuck is golden beef supposed to look like?
I'm looking at this recipe https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a23307816/instant-pot-beef-chili-recipe/

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I'm color blind and I have a feeling this bitch is too, otherwise she has no excuse for saying something so retarded. I guess she means to brown the ground beef. You do this by cooking the ground beef and breaking it - at first it'll be gray, but then the water evaporates and it starts to fry itself in its own rendered fat. A few minutes in, it gets brown. No clue what she means by golden beef if it's not that.

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Golden as in a golden retriever dressed in revealing lingerie with her tail fully upwards, presenting to a willing and ready human sex partner.

The perfect golden finish.

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I was gonna reply saying that you're an idiot, but then you linked to a delish recipe, so now I know you're an idiot.

>> No.13868842

thanks, that makes more sense
no bully. i've been living off instant ramen and pasta during this quarantine but i just bought an instant pot for easy healthier meals

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Does anybody else watch Buddy VS. Duff? It is an elaborate cake baking television show that pits two celebrity chefs against each other, along with their teams, and trials they endure when under pressure, including mistakes and running out of time. Who do you generally prefer to succeed? What are your favorite episodes and cakes? Also, pic-related reminds me of Duff for some reason, no offense LOL.

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what did this guy do wrong to deserve your disdain?

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No disdain, LOL. His face just reminds me of that popular image circulating on 4chan.

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