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How to make them taste good? I like their cheap price and convenience but their mushy consistency is unpleasant. I've been steaming them and with butter, salt and pepper they are edible but not something I truly enjoy eating.

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Why are some people obsessed with cooking things until they are le "perfectly done"? If you have never "overcooked" a potato in the oven/on the grill you are totally missing out. The potato becomes even more delicate the longer you bake it and it just tastes better

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im sick. anyone know how to make chiggen noodle soup taste better?

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White peppers
A lot of it
Cilantro if you have the gene

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lol you're not that sick if you're worried about eating

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what like cut up some chili and throw it in?

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Oh no, the fever has affected his brain

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i got yellowpox

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This is the only good thing you can get from Arbys. Everything else tastes like shit

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That's the only thing I don't ever buy at Arby's. Way too much better stuff.

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>5/1 martini
>rum sour
>last word
>corpse reviver #2
>Old fashioned
>gin and tonic

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is this guy actually a good cook or no

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Skill-wise he's okish. His content is just reddit tier foodporn and meme recipes though, it's a total waste of time for anyone looking for ideas on actually cooking stuff. At least Ragusea's stuff is somewhat useful.

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Watch his cacio e pepe video and make up your own mind

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Okayish. Probably better than most of you basement dwellers, but not competent enough to handle working in a kitchen.

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I'd be ok with him cooking a meal for me as long as he doesn't expect snuggles afterwards

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I'll be flying to Commiefornia this Thursday. Should I go out of my way to try pic related or is this a meme? I've had Shake Shack, some say it's similar.

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i heard they charge you for the buns now

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shake shack is better
in n out is only popular because c*lifornians can't stop whiffing their own farts and it's cheap, so the hordes of feudal residents can afford it once in a while if they haven't spent everything on rent

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You should get shot by an illegal Mexican then. Lame by the establishment for being whitr.

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In n out is a really good fast food hamburger, while shake shack is a restaurant hamburger served in a fast food style. The clear winner for taste is shake shack, but in n out beats it in speed, availability and price.

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Original Tommy's if you're in the area. I don't even bother with in n out anymore, but I usually try to hit this place

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Close all tabs right now and post your favourite cheese.

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cheese is eaten by fat bald ugly furies who hide behind avatars and be terminally online instead of living in reality

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> t. lactose intolerant with a tiny dick

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Gimme Parmigiano Reggiano so sharp it cuts your tongue.

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You just want a massive cock in your mouth
Fontina. No competition.

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I'm an old fat ugly bastard and i love cheese
I'll come around to your house to make some government mandated radiation measurements. Let your daughter know

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Who wants some mud pie?

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healthier than subway

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Would you eat my balls, /ck/?

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I honestly that the meatballs were on a tortilla for a second lol

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Slightly chunky, or very fine?
With skins, or without?

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Best potat for cram?

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I keep the skins on and have it slightly chunky, mostly due to laziness. Having the extra texture is pretty nice though, especially when loaded up with cheese and gravy

dang, I gotta make another batch soon

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smooth, add milk and butter. no skins

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Forced through a sieve with plenty of butter.

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how do you keep the skins? dont they just fall right off

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What's the deal with Asian people and rinsing rice until the water runs clear? Like I've tried to do that shit and it takes forever and never runs clear. Like I'm hungry I don't give a shit about some starch on the rice

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>long story short
>tells a long story
Chinks wash their rice for the same reason they only drink boiled water. it’s usually covered in poison and AIDS from the chink factory it comes from

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His post is not Reddit. He double-broke his lines to create a cadence reflecting spoken word, somewhat like a poem. Why do that, you ask? Well, it modifies the tone of the post to help you (the reader) retain information.

Now compare my last paragraph to this next one to see the difference:

His post is not reddit.

He double-broke his lines to create a cadence reflecting spoken word, somewhat like a poem.

Why do that, you ask?

Well, it modifies the tone of the post to help you (the reader) retain information.

We remember spoken words better than written words, and line fatigue while reading can cause mental skips, diluting the message.

I prefer line breaks for infodumps, personally.

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>Well, it modifies the tone of the post to help you (the reader) retain information.
No, it doesn't. I can read a book. I disdain my eyeballs having to bounce all over the screen. It is not a poem for you to abuse your enter key because you have a short attention span and use it as a fidget spinner. I don't "hear" disjointed words you adhd-ridden weirdos.

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Listen, it's a preference. All three of us are right, anon, no one is wrong. But I have some homework for you that might change your opinion of the relationship between 4chan and reddit:

Go look up 4chan screencaps from before reddit's inception. You'll find "reddit spacing" all over them after five minutes. If you can't look up screencaps, then ask around on /r/, and maybe someone will drop their 4chan folders.

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>when an incurable autism meets an unstoppable retardation

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is this food

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Are niggers people?

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Sexually dangerous to small children tier based.

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To be honest I thought it was edible sex lube at first

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Interesting. I bought my friends daughter a vibrator yesterday for her tenth birthday.

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Anyone else here enjoy recruiting high school boys daily into the genuine far right?

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Why do alabamans eat deep fried soda?

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I mean, I'm intrigued

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Why do Jews constantly try and genocide Ukrainians?

>> No.19327551

I thought that was Texans. Anyway, it's just Coke-flavored batter that gets fried, not a deep-fried globule of liquid soda.

>> No.19327595

You mix the soda with batter and fry it

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Why are you so upset over some doughnuts?

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Fuck your rolls, hoagies, ciabattas, or w/e whatever other shit you're selling. If it's not a tower of meat/cheese/veggies it's not a fucking sandwich, and you deserve to choke on your dry rolled up newspaper dildo and die a horrible painful death

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Post your top 5 favorite spices and spice mixes

For me it's

Smoked Paprika
Cajun Seasoning
Generic Curry

Special mentions: Cinnamon and Berbere

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S&B Oriental Curry Powder
Trader Joes South African Seasoning Mix

I personally enjoy 'brain food' spices that also aid in removing toxic heavy metals, fungus, and parasites from the body. Fun fact, Borax in water can remineralize and heal osteoporosis and arthritis.

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>I personally enjoy 'brain food' spices that also aid in removing toxic heavy metals, fungus, and parasites from the body. Fun fact, Borax in water can remineralize and heal osteoporosis and arthritis.

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It this being in food even worth it in some cases?

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smells like pig pussy, can't eat

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I refuse to believe these are prized for their flavor, and are actually prized for their rarity/difficulty to obtain. It's a meme. It's a status thing.

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I had a rack of lamb with a truffle sauce at a wedding recently. The truffles really overpowered the dish, it was almost inedible. They are okay, but the price isn't worth it most of the time.

>> No.19327448

if you have to ask about something that is tasted and smelled, i dont know what to tell you

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Immensely overrated even the most expensive ones.

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Ching chong ching chong ching chang chong! Hello /ck/! My name is Long Dong, and I am the Chinese representative to your wonderful forum, here to spread the love of Chinese cooking! Between Chow Mein, Kung Pow Chicken and Green Curry, anyone in your family can enjoy oriental taste! What is your most favorite Chinese dish?

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eggs fooyoung or whatever that shit is called

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Chow chow pepper relish heaped on a greasy hot dog with mustard makes the beers taste like water.. mother in law can sit on the couch watching tv and eat an entire jar straight up with a fork. Relish is the superior condiment.

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By the way, mustard relish is just diced dill pickles (or whatever pickle you like), onions and mustard. I didn't even know they sold it premade. It's the superior relish.

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Forgot pic

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I like to take a selection of sweet cappies, orange and red habaneros, and some hallapainyos, dice them up and simmer with some white wine vinegar. Delishes hot relish that, at any New England pizza & grindah shop would be referred to simply as "hots"

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My brothers daughter had a miscarriage last week so we pissed all over her bed and made her sleep in it. She's twelve.

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Kraut is obscenely more based and nazipilled.

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