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why. of all things. I am not a sliced bread defender nor attacker I do not give the slightest shit about something as trivial as slicing bread.
but why are people so autistic about whether or not it is pre sliced

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How do I train myself to cut ingredients fast? Are there any specific culinary school exercises I can do every day to speed up my cutting skills?

Sometimes, when I'm hungry, I end up just ordering takeout instead of cooking, even if I know how to cook the thing I want and have the ingredients for it in my fridge, all simply because it takes too long to prep all the ingredients, and ordering takeout is faster.

How the fuck do I get as good as webm related so that I only spend like 5 minutes at most preparing ingredients for any dish I want?

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Nice try, but the video is in reverse.

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What are the best sandwiches?
I mostly thought of sandwiches as snacks/mellanmål but cu/ck/s seem to have them as proper meals

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Made a blt for the first time the other day, shit was cash money. Also the NEVER GOON minions pic always makes me chuckle

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>What are the best sandwiches?
the one the wife makes.
it's just how reality works.

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I can't put down the fork /ck/ halp

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Watch that scene from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life with Mr. Creosote, you won't be hungry anymore
That's my diet advice

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that was hilarious and disgusting, thanks bro

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just start fasting. Go 24 hours without eating anything (which is trivial, 1/2 of that is for free as you sleep), then eat normally for few days. Go for 48 hours without meals, next do 3-5 days. It's pretty easy actually. Calorie counting does not work (too much effort, easy to slip, insulin spikes and cravings), just don't eat for e.g. 1 day per week (36 hours optimum; from dinner to next-next-day's breakfast) and you cut down your calorie intake by about 15 %.

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3 am bagels
Are the best kind of bagels
You can get, because they’re made fresh
Wake up, it’s worth it

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True bagel connoisseurs know that slopping on excessive cream cheese is the prole’s way of preparing a bagel.

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Bagels are pure dogshit, gaylord

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Good bagels are dense enough to accept excessive amounts of cream cheese without feeling unbalanced.

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post nose

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and if you posted a picture of that, you’d have people in here saying lol look at the fat amerilard who needs so much cream cheese

you can’t win here

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Holy shit the new McDonald sauce tastes disgusting, wasn't sure what it was but upon researching it on the internet it's suppose to be...chili sauce? Tasted nasty to me, guess you have to like chili sauce. It tasted like a sweet and spicy type sauce, guess it just isn't for me. I'll just stick with Ranch, Honey Mustard, or BBQ.

Also don't a lot of anime use "Wcdonalds" as a parody to McDonalds? Is Mcdonalds aware of that and just using it as a joke? So it's suppose to be like an anime/asian sauce? Chili sauce is asian in nature, right? Eh, was kind of disappointed by it.

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You have horrible reading comprehension, I just thought I'd let you know. I don't think I could have explained it more clearly, and yet you still don't understand. I did not know what the new sauce would taste like, ergo I decided to try it, I didn't know what it tasted like upon tasting it, and then discovered it was chili sauce. I don't like chili sauce, but I didn't look up what it was before trying it, so I guess that's my own fault.

Do you still not understand? Moron. Go try something new and then tell me how you were suppose to know if you'd like it or not without trying it.

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McDonalds literally has corporate media reaching out to inform people the taste profile of the new sauce. Any basic Google search would've told you what it would have tasted like.

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Did you ever try the rick and morty schezwhan sauce?
I'm wondering how they compare

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>I did not know what the new sauce would taste like
>I decided to try it
>I didn't know what it tasted like upon tasting it
>then discovered it was chili sauce.
I see.
>I don't like chili sauce
>Do you still not understand?
No. Why the fuck are you telling us about it?

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Nothing can be more revolting than the BBQ sauce at the King.

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>we want the weeb audience

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who the fuck follows a fast food chain on social media? lmao

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>implying this isnt an elaborate ruse for Mcdonalds to get royalties anytime an anime parodies them?

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half of this board

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I'm literally her wtf.

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McDonalds know weebs, especially 12-24 year old weebs are dumb hyper consumers that will buy anything just because it has anime/japan connected to it.

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I literally, figuratively, genuinely, and unironically cannot understand what on earth it is that people see in eggs. I cannot fathom why anyone would see and smell this and think "yeah that's something I want to put in my mouth". It makes no sense.

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They taste good to me. People are fed eggs from the time they are babies so it's a normal thing to most. At most, you'll get jokes about tooty boiled egg smell.

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Is only smellz

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>I literally, figuratively, genuinely, and unironically cannot understand what on earth it is that people see in eggs
then you're just stupid, anon.

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>picky eaters
you lacking discernment doesn't mean you get to make up terms and point a finger at others with it, anon.

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Seeing eggs being laid straight from the chicken gives that gross out factor. I'm eating embryonic fluid encased in a calcified structure. It is pretty gross, when you break it down. The beasts are laying them everyday out of evolutionary pressure. You need a lot nutrients to grow a baby, eggs themselves have tons of nutritional value in small package. Tastewise, I love eggs. One of the few things I could eat every day and not want to kill my self from lack variety.

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Am I allowed to eat this just for the taste
it's pretty good

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it comes in chewables too bros
there's berry flavor but i prefer the original

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sure, just eat some metamucil to cancel it out
throw some vodka in and you have what the old folks home nurses call a Pink Elephant

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allow me to introduce you to your new favorite candy.

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I like the way it makes my poop turn black if I drink too much, scaring the absolute fuck out of me right after having the worst heartburn of my life.

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I only eat organ meats

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what do you eat the most of? i was eating liver, i ate about 3/4 pound in a week. i could eat about 2 oz at a time and enjoy it but then i'd get sick of it. probably my body telling me it doesn't need anymore. but i think the vitamin A helped me because my skin looks a lot better now and i feel a bit better in general.

i wish i could find sausage that's just a mix of all the organ meats along with some of the muscle meat, but it's hard to find them with more than liver and kidney.

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fucking what

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Hearth, tripes and thounge I eat the most. Liver once a week. Sweetbreads and tescicles when I find them. Brain sometimes and kidney rarely

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that's awful.

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How did you people manage to eat vanilla before they introduced vanilla bean flavoring with actual little bits of bean? Vanilla is such a gross flavor unless you go all out. Though it's converted me, probably prefer vanilla bean over chocolate.

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... by buying pods like always?

Are you fucking retarded or something?

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>crush bean
>use just a little bit

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How do you prepare it?

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I'd google kidney recipes on yandex and use first non-blog answer

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looks like a 2 on the bristol stool chart

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Is it better to put it in milk or vinegar water before cooking?

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Anybody else get the stinkiest farts from certain foods? If I eat White Castle my farts smell like 500 moldy onions inside of a burning tractor tire. Any reason for this?
Also is it good to smell your own farts? No matter how pungent I always like a good long whiff, its like getting a glimpse of the inside of my body. I love smelling my own farts, anyone else? I would never smell anyone elses farts though.

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Need me a braphog that will let me shove my nose into her asshole after feeding her plenty of onions and fish.

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No, my girlfriend does not peg me. And I am disgusted by poop, so much so that I will not check the toilet paper if I'm clean, I'll just wipe and wipe.
But my own stinky farts is like my own specific candle. I don't like the smell so much as though it intrigues me.

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Spam and Squash gets me to hotbox my car with braps.

>> No.20247625

I feel bad for your mom washing your crusty drawers and just for your parents in general.

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I had white castle for the first time as a birthday treat and my farts were so bad the next day I went to the nurse's office and had my mom pick me up from school

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>eat or drink anything that would cause rectum destroying shits
>eat a banana or two
>perfect shits
Name more food that saves your butthole from annihilation

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Semen (because if you make your bf cum with your mouth he won't destroy your ass)

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Pair that with buttermilk/ayran/kefir and your shit WILL EVEN BE BETTER BRUH

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>nazi milk

I'm so tired of you bigots.

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Coffee and cigarettes. Truly men's hour.

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>buy uncrustables
>read directions
>thaw 30-60 minutes
>come back 30 minutes later
>eat within 8-10 hours
So am I supposed to wait another 7 hrs 30min to eat it? Or does it expire in 8-10 hours? Wouldn't that mean it just expires in 10 hours? Why doesn't it just say 10 hours??

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>Do not microwave
They don't want you to microwave, because the heat of the microwave, extends the life of the sandwich.

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Do you think they mean I shouldn't microwave it in the bag, or at all? It's just peanut butter, jelly and bread, what's it going to do, explode?

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Honestly, people like you would be better just checking out. You have no use.

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>So why doesn't it just say 8hr?
because their testing probably showed 8-10 hours depending on factors and they don't want a strict cutoff time and actually it's a conspiracy to annoy you personally because you made some rich guy mad 13 years ago

bread can get hard when microwaved and peanut butter gets runny, plus someone will probably burn their mouth on it and sue them

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>because their testing probably showed 8-10 hours depending on factors and they don't want a strict cutoff time
But literally every other food has a strict cut off time that's typically overly cautious so they don't have to give a refund when it spoils a day early. Wouldn't you be bummed if you thawed one of these and it was spoiled 9 hours later?
Is 9 hours even enough for visible mold? How am I supposed to know if it's still edible or not?

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The problem with a lot of adblockers these days is they need to connect to some server which does white and black listing. I wouldn't trust them further than I can throw them. Personsally I use a local proxy program that I've been for like 30 years, of course I've modified it recompiled it some but I control any blocklist not some sleaze buckets.

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I'm not even sure what sex or gender I'm looking at. Fuck your Hibernian hermaphrodite.

>> No.20247753

Why don’t I know any girls like this?

>> No.20247754

>The problem with a lot of adblockers these days is they need to connect to some server which does white and black listing. I wouldn't trust them further than I can throw them
This opinion is a true definition of the term "midwit".

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How do I make smash burgers that don't suck?

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>Add a little liver
>Use real cheese, not processed slices.
>Wholegrain buns
This is the point where you lost it. Most "real" cheese is terrible on a burger. It won't melt correctly and when it does melt it splits. This is what processed cheese is *for*

Wholemeal buns are terrible in all ways. Potato buns are one hundred times better. Also
>Toast them before buttering so they don't get soggy when the butter melts.
what the hell are you doing? You toast the bun on a hot pan or griddle with some butter, then you use the same pan or griddle to cook your patties.

>> No.20247857

Put 1/4 cup worcestershire sauce, 1/4 cup diced up shallots, 1tbsp onion powder and 1tsp MSG per pound of meat. I did that the other day, I think the worcestershire sauce made the biggest impact, very delicious. Topped with a little mayo and more shallots to get a very oniony burger. I forgot to melt the cheese on top so I just microwaved it for 30s with cheese and bun and everything so the bun got very warm too.

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Jesus fuck this guy is insufferable

>Free range grass fed meat wherever possible. Healthy animals taste better.
Shut the fuck it's ground meat not a rare steak
>Organs have stronger flavour and more vitamins than muscle.
They have a distinct flavor, one that many would probably not want in a burger.. Also fuck this idea of vitamins unless you eat shit we're not running vitamin deficits here.
>Use real cheese, not processed slices

>> No.20247905

I like raw onion on my burger, so I put it between the beef/cheese and the bacon.

>> No.20247915

I'm not him but he's absolutely right (albeit a tad pretentious) in everything he said barring this
>Rare meat is good. Rare ground meat is not good.
Rare ground meat is perfectly fine provided it's freshly ground by a known source in a sanitary environment. Steak tartare is perfectly acceptable for this reason.

I find organ meat to be a wonderful addition but I admit it may not be for everyone

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I wanted to make french toast but I was out of maple syrup. I remembered seeing some article about canadian syrup being contaminated with shit, but this was the only american brand I could find in the story for fucking $15 a bottle. what is the most you would pay for shit-free maple syrup?

>> No.20247462

Maple syrup isn't worth paying for in the first place. If you'll compromise on toppings like adding fruit, nuts, or whipped cream, you can compromise on buying Mrs. Butterworth's.

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i use that stuff, it's worth it. are you burning through the bottle every week?

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Spicy foods are actually good for your health.

>> No.20247414

spicy food increases t

>> No.20247465

Higher t individuals eat/tolerate/enjoy spicier foods as well. Proven by heckin' science.

>> No.20247475

toxic masculinity

>> No.20247521

I think you mean spicy masculinity.

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>i'm... LE SAD

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>> No.20247429

>productive person with loving friends and family , but is struggling mentally

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He is a narcissist and I bet he is one piece of shit of a father and husband, there is no way someone who is as repugnant as Fagusea on camera of all things end up being a good person, also that horrible insencire grin, thoose way too close little beady eyes like the ones from an insect, dead and greedy.

>> No.20247469

why would you do that

>> No.20247488

so they dont grow out too long

>> No.20247512

good advice for Mr beast and Doug from nostalgia faggot