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I ordered a pizza tonight

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No you didn't

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i fucked your mother in the cervix

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Pics or it didn't happen faggot

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>taste like baking soda

Does anyone even like this trash? Just get tap water or regular soda.

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>>taste like baking soda
You have strange ass taste buds.

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i let my girlfriend drink diet soda before she gives me a golden shower because the artificial sweetener makes her pee taste sweet ;)

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mineral water, seltzer water, and club soda all taste different dude.
your taste buds are fucked up by years of drinking corn syrup.
They are a key ingredient in a lot of cocktails.
Topo Chico is the only one that I really like to drink on its own.

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Pic related is dollar store coffee, what kind of things can I expect from it?

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How do I broil a steak without fucking it up? Explain it like I'm retarded and have never used an oven before.

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What kind of food do they serve in federal prison?

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at least he lived life to the fullest

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who's behind Big Oat? why are oats being shilled everywhere?

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Oats are cheap and great nutrition, you fucking troglodyte.

There's a reason we've been eating them since the inception of agriculture

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>restaurant sucks
>accuse them of racist behavior on yelp
>people stop going to it

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i love cock btw

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>father is over to visit for the day
>i decide to make a pasta meal from complete scratch
>it turns out nice, i’m proud
>after eating, my dad thanks me and tells me that i am a wonderful chef
>feel great about the whole thing
>not two minutes after being done - he decides to go for a walk
>returns with a fucking hamburger

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Can't wait until they're all dead

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I wonder what stories our children will come up with regarding millennials.

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what kind of burger?

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>What is wrong with millennials and food

>father is over to visit for the day
>I decide to fry up some Criquet Wings™ to try and get him to eat more insect protein
>he puts fucking hot sauce on the wings
>he doesn't eat with a knife and fork so the sauce gets everywhere
>thanks me for the chicken wings
>don't have the heart to tell him what he just ate
Why can't millennials just be normal people like us?

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some asiago burger from mcdonalds. it was dripping with white sauce. >>16497710
lol’d thanks lad. reminds me of how he has also put hot sauce on my shepherds pies that i would make for saturday dinner. i had to leave the table once.

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Anyone know what im supposed to do with this stuff?

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What I remember as chinese food growing up as a young kid in Hong Kong

>turtle/shark fin soup
>fried chicken feet
>pig uterus noodles
>fried rice with pork knuckle gristle
>unidentifed fish balls on a stick
>boiled dog meat
>one time, monkey brains

Americans have no idea how bad it really is. No one in china knows what the fuck beef and broccoli is or sweet and sour pork. Chinese food is disgusting. Literally the worst parts to eat of any animal. Makes sense because chinks are the race of humans closest to animals. They make disgusting noises when they eat, slurp everything, men in the streets lift their fucking wife beaters over their sweaty stomachs while laughing and chewing with their mouths full of food. Like what kind of idiot decided 2 sticks is the most practical way to eat grains of fucking rice. Starving Nigerians who eat grass have a better diet than the average chinese.

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Steam some nice fluffy jasmine rice. Fry up some over easy eggs, make sure they're still nice n runny and mix them in with soy sauce and the lao gan ma. Add a lil more sriracha if you need more heat. Crispy bacon bits/chunks go great.

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jam it up your ass with the lid off and then do a hand stand

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get botulism

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You don't always get a good mushroom and swiss burger, but when they do it right it's darn good. My compliments to my bar.

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My mom often made shroom burgers with portobello back when we lived in Italy in the 60s. I miss her.

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Looking for a nice cookbook that covers a lot of traditional American homestead/home garden style recipes, very simple vegtable and fruit based dishes. No poultry or meat or anything.

It is highly preferred if it is more tweaked towards New England style of ingredients due to our shit winters. I am still open to foreign recipe books too however.
Not looking for how to grow, just recipes.

The recipes I'd like to be pretty simple, and pretty traditional.
My goal is to become more self sufficient, so I'm going to work more in the garden, and I like working from books more than online recipes. I suck at cooking and am kind of picky when it comes to a lot of those complex health foods. I find I tend to like simple stuff, and maybe when I get more used to it, I can grow out from there. I just want easy staples that I can cook instead of relying on frozen meals and shit.
Thank you.

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bump. im interested too

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I oiled my baking sheet and this ended up on my paper towel. Should I be concerned?

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yeah, wtf. aluminum is toxic dude. do you wash it with steel wool? try something less abrasive.

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Imagine you're forced to live out of your car without any refrigeration or even a stove. What would you keep on hand to be able to have a delicious and filling meal right from the comfort of your folded-down seats?

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I'm living in my car because I'm homeless, not for fun. I need to save money.

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Peter's grilled Sandwich

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I'd get a hotplate at least and plug it in when I could to have an occasional hot meal and cook rice. I'd also try to drive to camping areas as they would have grills.

I'm gonna fucking live lavish even if its borderline homeless.

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kys roast beef. women should be locked up in basements, it is the only cure

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doesn't mean you can't make it fun!
carpe diem!!!

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R8 my homemade taco

Cooked diced chicken in butter marinated with salt pepper salsa verde lime zest lime juice chili powder cumin garlic onion and then topped with more lime juice onion cilantro and salsa

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Oh and queso fresco

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Can you fold it and bring it to your mouth or is this merely a proof of concept anon?

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Overfilled it

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>Make that "well done", waiter!

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>t. waiter tired of people asking for well done chicken as a joke.

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I don't get it

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Looks like my neigbour, after I happen to punch his bloody face.

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Oh, no son. Lettuce burger is better.

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Ketones, son.

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I remember the exact day this was published. I wish sitting at work browsing the Internet instead of doing what I'd been hired to do. Not much has changed lol.

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Hes not wrong, though. Still a shitload of sodium you need to watch out for, but the bun is objectively the worst part for you.

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Don't ask how, but the pic related has found its way in to my possession. Traditional dipping sauces REALLY do not go well with cilantro in my experience. What would be a good accompaniment with the cilantro in mind?

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A Peanut sauce

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Hey /ck/ I was gonna make my first pizza dough but my yeast looks like this after about ten minutes. Is this normal? Did I do something wrong? It's just a big lump in my mixing bowl.

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Good tip. I took my themopop and measured some new water as well to make sure it's where it needs to be. So gonna give it a go.

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You're fine, just make your dough. Modern commercially produced active dry yeast is good for years beyond the date stamped on the packet or the jar. I've had the same jar of grocery store yeast in my fridge since 2018 because I mostly do sourdough breads. When I need to use some, I just be careful not to get moisture into the jar and return it to the fridge within a few minutes. I've never had a loaf not rise because of it.

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Onward and upward

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You just live somewhere especially humid.

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just order domino's mike a real White person

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I am so fucking hungry brehs

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You got this op. I believe in you.

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have some kefir

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There's no point of fasting more than 48 hrs fucking retard! All the benefits like cell turnover or whatever is called and other shit is between 12-48hrs.

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>buys oj from store
>shakes it more than enough times
>pours glass
>it's 50% sludge
>pour it in my sink
>it doesn't even go down the drain, it just sits there
I'm going to have to get a juicer, it can't be that hard to make drinkable orange juice

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Try the one that says "some pulp"

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At this point I believe you should just buy the fruit itself and eat it mate.

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yeah, try reverse psychology on its ass.

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>Shakes it more than enough times
>Didn't shake it enough times
Pick one OP, if you can't figure out how to shake a bottle of OJ there's no chance you can figure how to squeeze your own without pulp.

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When it comes to orange juice there is only one acceptable choice, high pulp. Only two of the stores I frequent sell it, and I'm convinced only me and one other household buys it in my entire city, which is fine because it's always available for me. If you don't like pulp in your orange juice you're a child and need to grow up.

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