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What are some crock pot recipes?

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Miss pot roast

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Bolognese. Just sear chunks of meat on a pan, deglaze, and dump everything into the slow cooker on low for 8-24 hours. No grinding, temp watching, or adding water required.

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put random shit in crock pot.
cook the snot out of it.
eat worst meal of your life.

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Let me guess, you "need" more?

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I own my own grill and a smoker, why would I need to use the park one?

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Need is a stretch, I could make do. But if this were the only option I would most likely throw my Webber in the truck and just use that.

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Don’t season the public grill you fucking cuckold just scrape it and oil it and cook.

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>cooking on something homeless people piss in and use as an ashtray

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Chipotle or Papa Johns for dinner tonight?

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At a Papa John's, unlike Chipotle

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OK I'm going to Chipotle you sound like a bitch and I would pee on your car seats.

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what kind of choice is that. chipotle is like the best fast food burrito you can get while papa johns is absolute bottom of the barrel pizza

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I'm not a bitch who pisses into a spray bottle to enact petty revenge for people parking in front of his house next door to a restaurant

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Chipotle is healthy.

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It's a quick chickenalong, twenty minutes chickenalong

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Looks great. I agree about the pepper. Looks like you cooked down the sauce more than I was expecting, I hope there's enough for all the chicken. Thank you for the OC.

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No way he poured all the sauce it looks watery

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>300 calorie dinner
Why are you starving yourself, anon? Are you a great big fat person?

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I poured all the sauce, it was a little watery, not enough butter.
It's tough. What do I add to this to make it a more full meal? Like 2 more chicken breasts? I don't eat anything other than meat, vegetables, nitrate-free wine, sometimes diluted with RO water, and simple green.

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Dare i say: you'd be hardpressed to do up a better Arnie Palmer than THIS

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sugar + sugar

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>I just had this calypso
>it is fuckin' mingin'
>paradise punch lemonade fuckin' mingin
>suck yo'r dad

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I live every day with a crisp, clear, refreshing Pepsi. How about you, /ck/?

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>new pic every day
I appreciate the commitment.
Have a Pepsi Day anon

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the thought of drinking sugar water every day is disgusting to me

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coke is just better

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You misspelled pepsi

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you're just so special and unique that's why

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when I worked overnights at a gas station (during covid) I basically only ate gas station food
egg salad sandwiches, burgers, chips, chocolate, energy drinks, cigs...it wasn't bad, honestly
what're some of your best "it's not great, but least it's calories" foods?

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They took away the nacho machines during COVID and replaced them with shitty Mexican egg roll wraps in the hot dog roller

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I used to get these for lunch at the gas station and wash them down with a 4loko (when they had caffeine) before going back to work driving a forklift

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For me, it's Molson Export, the best Ale beer.

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Was it worth it?
Asking for a friend

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I like how American culture is just spending money and that's it.

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Especially in picadillo, where the balance out the salty and acidic ingredients with a touch of sweet.

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Raisins taste better but it's hard to brag about how much they cost.

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I'm making beef plov tomorrow and I'm going to have chickpeas AND raisins

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I heat them up in the microwave even though they specifically say not to

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What’s with those tiny ass coricos?
The best coricos are from sinaloa

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We’ve got a badass here

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They're not very good; they're frozen so you have to thaw them (not very convenient) and there's way too much jam/jelly. I'd rather just get some white bread, jam, and peanut butter of my choice and make it fresh and then I can control how much jam there is, and I don't mind having crust on my sandwich. Top left one looks good though.

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In a pinch just put one frozen wrapped one on your desk in room temp and you should be able to eat it in like 20-30 mins.

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Dinner time on a Friday, lads

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Pineapple stew?

>> No.20502114

mix them together like a normal person

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do they not teach time zones in school anymore?

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imagine being a zoomzoom lmoa

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I smoked ribs

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If you were married to this man would you trust him to bring you a quality pizza on his way back home from work?

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I'm not gay but I could make an exception for Dave

>> No.20502041

He's Jewish and from Massachusetts. I wouldn't trust Dave to wax my Corvette.

>> No.20502420

He seems like the kind of guy that jerks off in traffic, with tinted windows. I respec that so I would try his za.

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Sometimes I really miss my college town and its shitty pizza.

College grads sound off. What's some old food in your college town that you miss?

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Stackd in pittsburgh had wing night on either wednesdays or thursdays or something. Had the best buffalo garlic parm wings I’ve ever had.

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I preferred the heiroglyphs...but not by much

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S&W 61. My father has wanted one since he saw Taxi Driver in the late 1970's. It has a different finish than the one in the movie but it was cheap and I didn't have to pay sales tax. The pizza was mid though.

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>College grads sound off
I didn't go to college at 18. I went to prison. The pizza sucked.

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and even then, cholula is better for those

>> No.20502531

Scorpion is even better

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I drink it by the gallon.

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Yes, Tabasco is indeed one of the finest bottled waters available at Walmart.

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Shit taste m8

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My mummy made some Flapjack that's really nice. Much better than shop stuff.

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I ask her to make you some after I fucked her. You're welcome

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why are tiny cans double the price/oz of normal cans?

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On a more serious note the smaller cans and bottles go to bars, they make for an easy mixed drink for instance or just to fill a glass. Easy bloody mary for instance, a bartender will know these things, a small v8 for instance, he or she has no time to deal with bullshit unless it's some hoity toit place.

>> No.20502081

They're in grocery stores, right next to the cheaper 12 oz cans. It's unreal.

>> No.20502122

why are tiny girls double the price of fat girls?

>> No.20502140

>buy less of a thing
>unit cost of thing is higher
First day on planet earth?

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They're not so likely to put you though the meat grinder.

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Do you like fancy cakes?

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They're neat to look at

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If you need a wedding cake don't tell the baker it's a wedding cake, just say you're throwing a party
Bakeries typically charge 3-4x more for wedding cakes but they're all made the same, wedding cakes just get priority, so order early

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Recipes always say to add the onion to the pan first, but this just gives you soggy, overcooked onions.
I add onion at the end and cook it for no more than 30 seconds so it doesn't lose its firm texture. This is especially necessary for stir-fry.

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>and I took that butchery knife and held it up to her neck
>and I said if you want to LIVE to see tomorrow, you better start cooking them onions a little bit better than what you been--
>I'm TIRED of sloppy, slimy onions

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here listen I'm hijacking these shitpost thread
To what extent should olives be cooked? Like if I have my jar of olives, take them out, chop them. Do I add them to the pan at the start with the onions or do I add them to the pan at the end with the garlic?

>> No.20501964

For me, it's when the onions have been cooked enough to be softer and sweeter but still retain a slight crisp.

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fuck you nigger

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Whats good canned Italian cuisine for Italian night?? Mini Ravioli?

>> No.20501840

For me its Scooby Doo, but if you like a more traditional Italian meal, get the Alpha-getti or the Shrek

>> No.20501847

whole wheat pasta is vile

>> No.20501850

t. American who can't appreciate authentic Italian cuisine

>> No.20501973

this is what child poverty looks like

>> No.20501981

Carne Simmenthal. Look it up.

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How's that food truck idea coming along, anon?

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My truck is going to be called "Elevendies" and specialize in next-level tendies and milkshakes.

The gimmick is the tendies and fries are served with any number of sweet and savoury milkshake dips

>> No.20502391

>sloopa poopa


>> No.20502396

what seems to be the unease?

>> No.20502397

quick question before they jar the thread, why is this offensive?

>> No.20502408

Be careful when you drive out from there. The bottom of that tendy display could scratch up against the forklift-proof pallet.