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White people take one bite and think “this could really use some ranch”

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well if it's za or tendies then of course

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why do they do this

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What do anon think of my new chopsticks? All organic.

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Prove it.

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Bend over

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Not really, more this cool guy in school you had a crush on.
Why are you kids so obsessed with orifices?

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The only cool guy I had a crush on in high school was ye mum. What I would have done to dive head first into those sweet sweet cheeks.

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I've heard that its bad luck to cross your chopsticks that way, correct your evil ways while you still can

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That gum you like is going to come back in style.

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gum isn't food

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I eat it though.

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didn't ask

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Jamie Oliver was right and we should have listened.
>"B-buh he said using all parts of the chicken was bad!"
Yes, when you blend it up into goo and add stabilizers, he has made bone broths before
>"Chocolate milk is good for you!"
Yes after a rigorous workout, kids sitting in desks don't need it
>"My kids my choice! Let them have what they want!"
Then don't bitch about childhood obesity lmao

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That's great and all but who asked?

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This is retarded. Your fingers will get all greasy using the hot dog as a holding stick. It will be way too hot to hold also.

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my degenerate hotdog recipe
>wrap two nathans dogs in paper towel and microwave for two minutes
>two lsices wonder bread
>mayo and cholula on each
>put dog onto bread
>eat and hope nobody ever knows this about you irl

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i mean if you make it at home maybe, but buying goyslop is never "the best food"

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I occasionally do something similar except I toast the bread and pan fry the dogs after cutting them in half.

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it started out as a quick and cheap way to force myself to eat dinner after work when i used to work at a restaurant and got off at like 10-12 but the habit is lasting too long now bro..

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Just say when.

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>three weeks later

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do they stop or charge you more after a certain point? i cover my pasta with cheese to the point that you can't see the pasta underneath when i'm at home, but i'm too embarrassed to try that shit in public

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depends on the restaurant, most places that even bother doing this are cheapo restaurants doshing out piss-cheap cheese so it won't matter, worst you'll cop is a $10 service charge at a somewhat nice place (if you can find one that does this shit)

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why does the cheese look so disgusting? what is it?
grana padano it is not

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Thoughts on Dee's Nuts?

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Brazilian food is underrated

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brazilian food is greasy, unseasoned and bland
t. brazilian

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Those cheese balls are awful. The steakhouses that come around with varying cuts of meat are good though

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>jugo do carne
my mom used to throw that shit out because it was just boiled blood but after taking her to fogon do brazil she keeps it and serves it to us.

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If the working class is forced to eat slop all the time, then what the heck do rich ppl eat???

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As someone who supposedly grew up "rich" (I didn't, but I guess to bottom-of-the-barrel poors, middle class looks like extreme wealth), my mother or nanny/housekeeper cooked what I would consider regular, everyday food. Roasts (lamb, pork, chicken, pharaoh, goat/ibex etc but rarely beef since none of us really like roast beef much), soups/stews (beef stew with red wine and laurels, beef stew with tomatoes, potatoes and peas, bouillabaisse/frutti di mare, chicken soup with lovage and marjoram, curries etc), pasta dishes, risotto (my favourites are summer truffle, saffron, tomato and others, including plain ol' peas), vegetable dishes (ratatouille, various parmigiane such as courgette or aubergine, asparagus souffle, capcay sayuran etc) and so on. Just a normal varied diet.
Now, I went to school with some legit rich kids. Y'know... with billionaire parents and shit. Many literally ate fucking tendies and pizza rolls all day. Only a few with those white guilt mothers ate what I would call actual food, but it was mostly in the most unappetising manners.

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Y'know what. Yes. You're absolutely right. The rich kids I knew mostly ate garbage. Only the Coptic kids, who were mostly in the same middle class demo I was in, ate what I would say were decent diets. And even those kids went to Taco Bell all the damn time (only fast food place with cheap, guaranteed vegan options since Copts aren't allowed meat or dairy most days).

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>growing own vegetables
yeah lemme go buy a house with land that has adequate soil real quick

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Wait... Is owning a home seen as "rich" to you people? I own mine. Outright. No mortgage. Am I rich? I only have $36k in savings, so I'd say no.

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Would this work?

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too old, way too old

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women age like milk, why you you want one that old? I don't date or fuck any girl over 21

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Yes actually it works better than expected, it's not the greatest binder but it gets the job done with most things

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Probably a new meme from that podcast they all listen to. The gatekeep girl boss one

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It looks like a spaceship from a sci-fi universe where there's a race of aliens who engineer all their stuff to look biological in design

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why does this look so funny

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>oatmeal horchata
then it's not horchata retard, horchata is made with rice

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ok but why do you ate it? it's just some pork and cheese, simple as

>> No.18672259

Poops have been chocolatey and my ass burns for a while after I wipe.

Paid, everything came out to $15

Dumb fuck, rice horchata is one of the different types of horchatas.

Idk, I just wanted to try something different. However, the combination does not mesh well together.

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Hey /ck/, I'm a semi-neet who works three 7-hour shifts a week at Pizza Hut. I like my job but it sometimes isn't that busy and I find myself really bored. What kind of place could I work the same number of hours and feel engaged/useful during my shift? Most restaurants demand five days but I don't want to put in any more hours. Also post your own questions about working in the food industry I guess.

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Working in the food business is soul crushing. It hasn't happened to you, but it will pretty soon.
I'd recommend keeping it up and aiming for something else in your free time, hopefully college or another trade if you want to start working quickly. Bring something to read if your work hours are 'boring'.

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Why are Kenji's fingernails always painted nowadays? Doesn't his wife care about his faggotry? I cringe so hard watching his videos that used to be comfy.

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Aside from any other issues isn’t it a bit unhygienic?

>> No.18672098

is it safe to assume that any man that paints their nails is gay?

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Your first problem is watching an eceleb.

>> No.18672170

Whatever, he is actually a good chef and makes recipes that work at home.

>> No.18672224

he's an expert on food & cooking my nigga

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What are your favorite not meats?
For me its Chickpeas and Potatoes!

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only fags don't eat meat, real men eat meat

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I eat meat. I ate meat yesterday, pork with oyster mushrooms. Today is a no meat day. Red beans with pasta.

I like vegetables in general with few exceptions. Fresh (or frozen) peas, I guess? Full of country goodness and green peaness.

>> No.18672292

How does couscous, a pasta (ie based on grain) fit into that list of beans/legumes?

>portobello mushrooms
Love them bitches. All mushrooms, really.

>> No.18672308

>Today is a no meat day.
every day is meat day

>> No.18672332

salty milk and coins

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>eating bugs

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Those are crustaceans

>> No.18671922

hello, reddit!

>> No.18671945

Is this really a reddit meme? I've seen it here a lot. It's really dumb either way. Crustaceans have juicy, high quality meat. Bugs are usually dry, with little to no meat at all and taste like dirt. There's really no comparison besides how they look.

>> No.18672047

Obvious difference in quality aside, its not even wrong to eat bugs if you want
The problem is people who think you should lose your choice to eat meat because they think you can get the same protein from bugs
Also, the fact that bugs will obviously be upcharged as a "super food" to make you feel like its a luxury to malnourish yourself

>> No.18672052

>Is this really a reddit meme?
I havent been on reddit in over a year, but im pretty sure this is a spam bot
This exact thread is on /pol/ several times a week

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I want to make paella like this

I know you could make average paella in any pan but I want the rice to look like in this video. you can tell that it must be incredible but it seems like you need extremely high heat to get it to look like that.

would this severin steakboard be a good alternative to charcoal or really potent gas stoves? this steakboard goes up to 513 C apparently

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what heat reflector shield? do you mean this version that is twice as big?

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no, i mean this component

>> No.18672299

I thought that's where the water goes and it's underneath the heat element. would a pan on top of the heat element affect that in a meaningful manner?

>> No.18672320

when using the grill, the 500 C is achieved through radiate heat from the element and through convection via the reflector shield
placing an insulator on top of the grill like a pan is going to reduce the effectiveness of the convection heat transfer

>> No.18672324

>they're all non stick
You what mate? I had a Stainless Steel one growing up. Thing got as hot as something that's really hot.

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can I make pancakes with pure wheat gluten? or will they come out too hard and/or chewy?
I'm out of flour

>> No.18671736

Go buy flour you sad sack of shit. You're really brining the mood down on this board. Take your depressed ass somewhere else.

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Your mother's keeping me too busy with her gaping pussy flaps to let me go to the store faggot, answer my question or stay in your room.

>> No.18671747

My mother transition to a man 10 years ago so enjoy that sewn on sausage in your asshole. Faggot

>> No.18671748

it's too early, stores are closed
you're the one bringing the mood down by getting mad over nothing

>> No.18671752

Lol your mom's a tranny

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So simple, yet so perfect...

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huh, just Google it and apparently, its an euro thing, I thought anwricans have it too. Anyway, its dogshit, its literally just ham and cheese, its incredibly boring and dry, tastes like nothing

>> No.18671998

mmmm simple goyslop

>> No.18672111

how much does this cost?

>> No.18672135

Best Mcdonald's item desu, the only one that doesn't feel or taste like complete goyslop

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>The Zinger Stacker has 2 spicy, succulent Zinger fillets topped with lettuce n' cheese and drizzled with Supercharged Sauce and chilli relish for that extra kick. Yeah. We know just how you like it.
I'm thinking based, lads.

>> No.18671742

>succulent Zinger fillets
>n' cheese
>Supercharged Sauce
>Yeah. We know just how you like it.
what kind of faggot wrote this?

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I think it's pretty certain that online cooking personalities, youtubers and others advetrtise and shill their content on this board, but what about restaurants and other companies in the food indusrty and adjacent sectors? Have there been any instances where you'd say you noticed industrial shilling and advertisement on this board?

pic not related

>> No.18671682

I receive ten McDonald's points every time I post the McChicken meme.

>> No.18671688

No. There are no restaurants, fast food places, or companies shilling their products here. It's either memes or people legitimately talking about things they like (or dislike because they saw it on reddit or whatever). The only actual shills here are e-celebs.

>> No.18671738

that meme works on me and i go to the arches thricely per week, minimum my good man.

>> No.18671743

You should get some kind of profit sharing set up with him.

>> No.18672110

for me it's wallmart, the best fast food place. Every time I go in the man at the entrance happily greets me and tries to give me a hug.

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