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What does everyone think of men's knit shorts like http://www.vonmaur.com/Product.aspx?ID=1424169&Sale=y&pos=20&pg=1 I am bored of wearing khaki/chino/"dress" shorts all the time, same with madras and other patterns, they all wear and flow the same essentially

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All guys fixing their hairs right after looking at me. Im a Guy too
Is this a good sign? Or do My hair look so bad they try not to have messed up hair as me

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Nigga do you think we’re magicians that can tell how the fuck your hair looks like without a god damned picture? Jesus fuck.

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ITT: Post men that are at the end of the god-tier-facial-aesthetics-spectrum.

And no, not generic good looking guys that you see daily when you take a walk in the park.
Post head-turning, beautiful, faces that demand respect and awe. The kind that makes every woman's jaw drop. The kind that gets attention wherever he goes or whatever he does.

Case in point: Prime Pitt

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This is a fucking fap fodder request thread, it's probably the one arsehole that keeps making these non-/fa/ threads. Report it.

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Brad Pitt is pretty generic

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>white people are so fucking ugly

>chooses a very rare indian with a high concentration of white features in him


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you fucking idiot, its the last digits.
newfags gtfo, unwanted

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got trips, checkd

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what kind of jeans is mark renton wearing in pic related? are those high waisted skinnys ? would the edwin london slim fit be comparable to them ?

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Old thread approaching 300

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idc what anyone else thinks this shit is fucking awful man

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These Joggers are fucking ugly. Otherwise 7/10

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Is shoulder length hair for guys in right now, or I'm six trends behind as usual?

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fuck trends, do what you want bro. doesnt have to be on trend to look good

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what do you call this fit?
is this oversized t-shirt?

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I'd call it 2012 shit

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the looking like you don't have a mirror fit
the looking like a upcoming hip hop artist from 2003 fit
the looking like you are insecure of your frail body fit

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It's a normal shirt, it's just that he's a manlet

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Kanye was just getting ready for his current dad bod, now those shirts fit him perfectly.

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I'm not necessarily fat but i'm definitely overweight. What are some good clothing ideas that would compliment my body type (Pic related it's me). Ive got some sense of style but I really haven't given a fuck until recently. Normally I just wear some well fitting basketball shorts or cargo shorts with a Grunt Style T-Shirt which fits me quite well since they're made for stockier guys.

I was thinking simple pants like black slacks or black jeans , but the shirt is the harder part , what do y'all feel about something like a grey t-shirt and a plaid over shirt unbuttoned with jeans?

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This is a better pic of my full body btw , any legitimate help is appreciated . The picture was mostly a joke but is one of my few full body pics

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If you've started caring about what you look like, why do you not start losing weight?

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you have the build to become /fit/. Invest your money and time into that. Its always better to be /fit/ then being pic related

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It's easier to buy things than lose weight

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This... Just start losing weight/work out. So you can wear normal clothes instead of neckbeard clothes

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i wanna wear birks but im too poor and trashy

is this a good fun alternative? or am i bein plain stupid

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purple clothes are usually really fucking vibrant like the joker, too far on the purple/blue spectrum, for girls, or never pale so it makes them near impossible to work into fits

I was thinking that these two swatches that im posting will be decent in terms of finding good purple clothes that dont clash with fits. So post fits that pull purple off or that are close to these swatches

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they are pretty good sets i do say so myself

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Why is it so hard to find 32x36 trackpants? Any I can find that have that inseam are also "big and tall".

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>he's not suffering from humongous bubble butt on skinny guy
you cannot imagine what a nightmare it is in finding trousers that dont accentuate your bubble butt

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Should I wear the shirt outside or inside the pants? I feel like inside looks better but it may be a little cringe, dunno

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It looks fine either way. Just use a belt to match the shoes if tucked. I could of course be wrong, but a belt may complete the look.

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you right now

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>I feel like inside looks better but it may be a little cringe, dunno
this is the problem, solution is; don't wear t-shirts, they're a pain in the ass to work with
start taking interest in buttoned shirt, simple and masculine piece of clothing
and if you do infact get buttoned shirts, don't tuck those in because it looks like you'd be larping a grandpa

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>and if you do infact get buttoned shirts, don't tuck those in because it looks like you'd be larping a grandpa

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It's really hard for me to find buttoned shirts that suit me well, if they're the right size in waist I can barely move arms and shoulders, if they're right at the shoulder they're all floppy at the waist, plus they don't fit my stile very well as I usually dress all black or black and gray, and they're the less comfortable garment I can think of

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trends you're glad died

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Which part of it is bad: skinny, denim or joggers?

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This shit

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Not him but i guess its combination of this 3 things (esp. skinny part, but that depends on the wearer)

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This is hot as hell, man

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I want to look like this

Is this a good fashion sense?

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Bahaha his belly button and nips are like another face! xD

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Got a class presentation tomorrow. I have to got formal but not suit and tie formal. Any ideas?

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Ill-fitting thrift store suit with all the buttons on the coat buttoned.

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Just wear some black formal pants with a tucked white buttoned shirt and some good looking shoes huuh

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black turtleneck with charcoal blazer

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Nice. But I guess with some brown shoes (I don't have brown shoes). Will black moccasins pull it off?

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Lol no

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Can someone link me up some online stores that sell chinese shit? I want some suicoke but there is no way im dropping 100+ on them

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shameless self bump

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I wore this cause I thought it looked good and now I'm bummed out and drinking in an alley cause I got called out in public for ghosting someone and called a fascist.

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lmao drinking a Stiegl too. Nice accessorising.

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you look max onions and like you havent seen a vagina in years.

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The fit looks nice tho

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tryhard faggot

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>I got called out in public for ghosting someone

What happened?

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I was running an online fashion store doing prorders and had 20 grand Frozen for almost a year.
Should I just take cash? Is cold hard cash thmost /fa/ of payment methods?

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Don't keep big amount of money in paypal, just to be safe. I've read stories about them freezing accounts randomly.

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whats your brand faggot

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I work somewhat in accounting.
The short answer is no.
The long answer is, kinda. You can set yourself up as a business to take credit cards, you take their information and submit the payment through a processor yourself. They charge you a fee. It's the way that small like family-owned gas stations and stuff are able to accept debit or credit cards. Now here's the problem you would have to take these credit card details either through a form on a website or manually over the phone (and that might sound crazy to you but plenty of businesses still take credit cards over the phone) which means that at some point your eyes are going to be passing across their credit card information and Walt most consumers especially if you set up a form on a site won't actually think about this some of them might be disinclined to transact with you because it would be very easy for you to sell their credit card number since you know them.

But if you do it right you could just take the credit cards directly. If you're that fed up with PayPal you might look into that. There's also Android wallet or Google wallet or some shit I hear that's okay but they have to make one. It syncs up with PayPal really easily, but the big downside in the reason it's not really an alternative is that their protections are even worse for sellers than PayPal is.

Beyond that I mean you're looking at cryptocurrencies that's really your only other alternative and that's no alternative at all to anyone who's not directly catering to the cryptocurrency audience itself anyways.

I hope this post finds you in good health and I hope it answered your question have a wonderful day

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>Also, this is probably a better question for /biz/
You've never been to /biz/, have you...

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You caught me.

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My legs are fairly big as a result of gymming, so wearing skinny or slim tapered jeans looks pretty weird.

What cut should I go for when buying jeans? I want them to have a slim / clean fit, while avoiding having them fit like leggings.

(Pic unrelated)

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Forgot to mention that my waist size is around 31 inches, and my legs are also pretty long. Calves are fairly big too.

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Only manlets can have such stubby legs and bother to work out so much that their legs become too large for fucking slim tapered jeans. Just buy jeans and have them tailored

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I'm 6ft lol

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Whatever dude, just buy jeans in whatever rise you like and have them tailored

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Supreme is badass.

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Also no

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Rabbit season

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hellraiser stuff is cool

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It was 10$

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