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what are we thinking of this drip /fa/gs

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Is it over for this brand? What the fuck were they even thinking with the child BDSM stuff and the supreme court ruling on child porn like that?

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You're a fucking retard. It's all fake news. This guy exposes the truth and how Balenciaga is in the right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFh1KGYq2Co

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Not gonna watch a 22 minute video

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They apologised. I think they'll recover after taking a hit. /shrug

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Post any type of glasses, glasses inspo, and outfits that include glasses as you see fit.
Sunglasses are welcome too.

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My parents gave me 100 bucks because they said my shoes are falling apart and to get new cool shoes.

I am gonna hit Foot Locker tomorrow to see what might be there. Any recommendations? Are Jordans good?

I am of normal height and skinny if that matters.

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get some wavy fruity abibas just in time for spring.

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spend $50 on some og gats and spend the rest on a blowie from a crackwhore

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Don't think you can get Jordans for $100, unless you plan on chipping in your own money on top of that.

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Chart of clothing brands measured relative to Gap.

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This chart is for like high school/college kids

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the chart is also 8 years old now. have there been notable changes?

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it's the only way we can tell what's cool

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Is this chart bait? Zara and tips topshop in pricey and not with hm, uniqlo classy and jcrew almost trendy?

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Where would Shein go?

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post rings, suits, etc that would allow a man to LARP as a secret society high rank member. Knights templar, order of st john etc
specially post rings,chains or necklaces.

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i saved this obscure video of a commercial i saw when i was a kid


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Those shitters aren't gonna fool anyone. Don't embarrass yourself. And Masonry isn't secret.

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Consider me intrigued by this idea

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You're a fucking joke. Don't do this, it makes you look like those nigger masons.

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W2C these shades. What style are they?

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>tfw all the 2010's era NPD/BPD hipsters/e-girl's and manwhore indie chad's etc who bullied me for being poorly dressed, awkward and socially anxious/poor are now post wall 30 something unfuckabke loser burnouts who are being made fun of by zoomers

To my zoomer progeny I thank you for avenging me. I couldn't do it when I was young because of the status/looks dictated reality tunnel that gaggle of sociopathic sluts and drug addled sexual predators created but now I'm finally free from their tyranny.

Ironically people think I'm in my mid 20's since I didn't abuse my body the way they did and actually listened to /fa/ wrt skincare

Zoomers even brought back all the trends and brands I liked back in the day but were taboo

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Kys redditfag
Grow up

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Who is the target market for this?

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People that want preppy clothes but dont have or want to spend the money for the higher quality brands or just dont know theres better stuff out there
Im not a fan, they have some decent accessories like belts but their clothes are full of synthetics, their pants are too low rise, their ocbd's arent sold in fitted sizes, etc
Better than current j crew at least

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Tasteless & dull upper middle cringers who live in the suburbs surrounding NYC evidently.
(He lives in westchester so that’s who he’s describing)

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Anyone who thinks this is a good logo

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What makes her effay?

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becuz da jew who make da movies said so

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Is that Chelsea Manning???

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Not slutty enough

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I have leather trenchcoat like this
Can leather tailor turn it into old school bomber jacket?

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I wouldn't bother. Even if you find a tailor that's skilled enough to alter that jacket to such degree, the end result would requier extra seams, oanels and stuff that would make the jacket look akward. And it'll cost you quite a sum, most probably.
You're better off buying a new jacket.

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I can't find these old-school bombers anywhere. The new ones are expensive and look wierd

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Those aren't bombers, those are perfecto jackets. Thrift stores are usually filled with those. Look for vintage perfecto jacket on ebay

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lurk you stupid newfag

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Nah. If you tried to change the style of the jacket, it'd look like shit.
Your best bet is to get it tailored to fit

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where can i find modest, but still attractive clothes for my wife? not just tee shirts but like feminine blouses. 30yo

pic unrelated

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vintage costume shops

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You don't, start dressing slutty

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Where can I find some quality button braces/suspenders?

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at the store

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idk dude, really depends on what the hell you mean by "quality" anyway.
this might surprise you to hear, but I've found some decent stuff on aliexpress for below 30 USD
and yes, they are button-tab suspenders, just look up "button suspenders" on aliexpress or eBay (remember to check "Pre-Owned or you just get clip-on shit) and you get tons of results
this didn't need to be it's own thread you fucktard, you could have asked it in the /tip/ thread
also picrel

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filson. they use a bridle leather as the fastener, quality brass as the adjusters and double pronged in the back

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Calm down tripfag.

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Hey it's the balding fag

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I want a clean scar to my face like this without the risk of getting it infected. How I do it? Should I go with a professional or do it myself with a sterilized scalpel?

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>"hey how did you get that scar?"
>"Oh I cut my face on purpose cause I thought having a scar would be cool"
this has to be a joke because I can't fathom someone being this stupid for real

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Take up fencing, quarrel with somebody else in the club, then challenge them to a duel without masks. That way you get what you want without being a complete poser.

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>N-no I wasn't in a foght or an accident... I cut it because I thought it looked cool, alright!
It does not. You'll look like a self-harming little faggot.

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>Anon, how'd you get that scar?
>Oh, I cut intentionally cut myself

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What is this aesthetic called?

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i thought it was lin manuel miranda but is just the dude who used to fight with hasan

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so this is what happens when those high school theater kids grow up

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neo zizek btw this man is trying to become the antichrist

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Is Canada Goose Ruined by Chinks?

> Living in Vancouver, never once considered Parkas
> Aware that chinks here wear expensive shit to have some sort of redeemable quality on them
> Aware that Canada Goose is worn by chinks
> Oh well what do I fucking care.jpg
> Traveling to Calgary for a business trip, do some research
> Learn that Canada Goose is actually a legit brand, made here in Canada and materials are legit.
> Canada Goose recommended by some of my friends that live in legitimate eastern and northern Canadian weathers.

I would absolutely love buying one of these jackets but I would hate to buy it for clout.
I sincerely want something nice and or the first time in my life I have the money for it.

inb4 'why you racist': fuck no I am not, I have lived throughout the world and I am of mixed heritage. My problem is with the fucking beneficiaries of the Maoist regime who park their money and fuck it all up here in Vancouver.

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Canada Goose makes some AMAZING jackets... for the Canadian Market.

All their Inuit clothing for Project Atigi is awesome.

All their garbage for Chinese people is not.

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God imagine screeching this hard over Chinese gods

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where does one cop this?

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>Canada Goose
More like Peking Duck

this is how you make a joke

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The material is great and very sturdy, jacket is completely windproof. I wear a long sleeve tshirt under it in -25°C no problem.
Yes, anyone who actually want a good winter jacket/coat wears CG, it's actually entry level into expensive winter coat territory. Other brands include Moosekuckle, Parajumper, Kanuk, Quartz, Moncler.

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If you're reading this, you should know you are ugly.

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Where do I get tattoo ideas from? I wanna cover my whole back and chest becaus of acne scars

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That looks really good.

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>putting a png on your body forever
Hmm yes, good idea.

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