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What are some boxspos?

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Whats your opinion about the German Army Trainer sneaker?

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Maybe someone have some inspos?

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no shit, those are GAT replicas kek

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No shit.

The leather on the MM's is so much better though, soft as a whale's foreskin.

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So clean

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would invade poland/10

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How do I ask for a haircut like this? Also general hair inspo thread I guess.

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>design shit
>design shit
>design shit
>design shit
>design shit
>design ONE good piece

What did they mean by this?

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sure warrants it's own thread
also get back to whatever the fuck board you crawled from with your awful memes

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Ahh, you're too fast for me. Was making this to use for the pic.

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Most /fa/ bottle, I just love starring at that thing. Also wore this today and the refreshing mint notes got me going through a rather tedious day.

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>Tom Ford Costa Azzurra

Have been meaning to get a sample of this. Loved it when I sprayed it in-store last fall. Part of me doesn't want to bother, because I don't want to add another expensive bottle to my want list.

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Ok, good to know it's not just me, then.

I like interesting aquatics. Creed MI is one of my favorites, I figured CA might be something I'd like. Ordered a sample of Creed Erolfa as well, but it hasn't arrived yet.

I'll sample CA in a bit once this stuff's worn off.

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I'm looking for something for the Autumn and Winter since I mainly have Spring/Summer scents.
I want something that can project in the cold, I tried Hot Water and Aramis Black and liked Aramis after the drydown.
I'm 24, so I still wonder if Aramis is too old man like.
I was thinking of copping some CDG samples, maybe Black and Wonderwood. My budget would be £60 at most. It may be hard to find legit CDG bottles at that price though.

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About to hit the club and snag some pussy. You kids keep keep dressing up like homeless people and spacemen.

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Damn son, w2c shoes?

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*Blocks your path*

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Hey /fa/. Whats the opinions about underwear or bralettes being worn in public? Same goes for lingerie in general like people wearing slips or nightgowns as dresses.

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If you're 7/10 or higher, then go for it.

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I've got a 1980-ish British Army combat jacket my dad used to wear. Would it be retarded to wear it in public? Northern Ireland, btw

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Depends on fit I guess, but I dont think it'd be too stupid. Also watch out for the paras from a fellow Northern Irishman

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Gemerally it's pretty bad to wear your own country's camo. Even if the brits have switched to the MTP.

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MTP is horrible bring back DPM

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Get a ski mask and become the IRA.

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>1 dollar 47 cents and 9 tenths of a cent
how do i pay for this

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I'm pretty sure america is the only place that uses commas with money and rick is based in paris, yo

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Big thighs in blue skinny jeans with flipflops without socks.

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it's 1.479 kilodollars you dumb american idiot

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ITT: gothspo

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what was uniqlo thinking?

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Why do you think Uniqlo only caters to /fa/ lmao

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kaws is not for normies

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>sold at uniqlo
sure mang, really ug 2deep niche artist

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This is a dumb question and probably not worth it's own thread, but I'm colorblind and I'm tired of getting things that I think look good but actually look like shit

Which color jacket would look better with the pants and shoes on the left?

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What shirts do you plan on wearing with this fit?

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Mostly just red/blue/gray/black/white t shirts and a couple mostly-blue Hawaiian shirts

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I like the red one better

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Red, my colorblind friend.

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what are the best haircuts in this day and age?
I was also interested in getting a 60's Beatles mop hair cut, like Paul McCartney, talk me out of it please.

Also, haircut/hairstyle thread.

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I mean there are a bunch of divergent styles right now. The most popular shit is that euro trash fade shit. It's just a bunch of eurofags trying to look like their football idols. Personally I see a bunch of 60-70's resurgence in hair/facial hair styles. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with the haircut, but you'll need a fucking personality to get away with looking like you don't give a fuck about personal hygiene

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Do it

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Shitposting dadcore to fa

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Good goy, you totally look better wearing these Amazon bought clothes ;^)

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Doc's or McFly's?

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Is red wine effay?

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obviously but drinking something just to be effay is the least effay thing you can do

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Why is it that gay weddings don't seem to be as aesthetic as standard issue weddings it it the lack of a feminine palette? pic related, gay wedding

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Obviously not gay enough to have their pants properly fitted

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Hah , I had not noticed lol.

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Yeah that looks terrible.

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It's not the fault of the lack of women, I'd rather blame it on the cheap-looking, ill-fitting suits and on the cheesy ties

Ffs that's your fucking marriage, why would you not get a proper outfit for the occasion

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One of these threads?

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Everything about this is stupid

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How beta from 1-10 :^)

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Which side you comb your hair? To your left or right?

And how come every guy on TV combs his hair to his right

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I'm not sure, but I remember some sort of study that measured attractiveness based on the side on which men combed their hair.

Still tho, it depends on how your hair goes naturally. However, you can create more 'volume' when combing or brushing your hair towards the unnatural state.

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It's a known phenomenon that men with hair parted to the right are generally seen as more trustworthy and attractive

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Your right, or others right?

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Your own right
So the part will be on your left side of your head

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Sup /fa/ overlords, i am a complete retard when talking about hairstyles, and i have a question. Whats the name of that haircut where you push your hair forward (the opposite of slicked back) in a kinda messy way, something like pic related, is it just messy or does it have a name?

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A fringe, it's kind of hard to pull off since you need a younger but sharp facial features

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Thanks nigga. I have a babyface( i am 19) and i already tried to do this hairstyle but my hair now is too long and it basically falls on my nose. Now i know what to tell the barber.

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Just use the picture guy

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