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What are some effay pajamas?

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schlop schlop schlop

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schlop schlop schlop

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Are dogs effay?

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I like this thread

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Yes but only the good ones

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Anything similar works too

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w2c shirt like pic related

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A black button up shirt? Pretty much everywhere they sell clothes

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you seem to not understand
get the fuck off my board hehe

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without looking like a clown

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im toying with a different haircut, my current one is a center part layered cut that ends at the base of my neck. problem is, it cuts out too much of the sides of my face and leaves too much forehead visible. anyone got any good examples of femboy haircuts?

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anymore pics of this haircut? or a name?

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nah, doesnt flatter as much as my current cut does desu.

i could do with a fringe tbqh

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well i cant find it anywhere anon, might actually be that anon or a photo he saved himself from someone

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I think its called the gay nigga haircut

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that is actually you, isnt it?

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How the fuck are white people supposed to compete with the fresh and exciting hairstyles that are popular with black people hair?

What is even a fashionable edgy white mans hairstyle anymore? The hitler youth is so 2014

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Guys can we please just make anime hair a thing? Come on I know plenty of you guys wanna be like Sephiroth or Cloud or something. If people can do dumbass neon bowlcuts or something then we can do IRL anime hair and get away with it.

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doesn't dyeing your hair ruin it for ever and make it fall out later or some shit

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bleaching ruins it. dying it close to your natural color is fine

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oh thats too bad.. I wanted to go blonde yet I have brown hair :/

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Is Hydroquinone bad for you? If so, why?

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Hello and what is cancer

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What is cancer? Not a side effect of hydroquinone if that's what you're asking. Or are you legitimately asking for the book definition of cancer? Either way I fucked your mother

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Whoa, he went from toilet attendant to news anchor.

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Consider learning how to use google scholar

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Hey anon
This guy is stupid >>14127324 ignore him
Hydroquinone is bad because you need to cycle in and out of it every 3 months. It thinks the skin and can cause numerous issues in conjunction to things often added to hydroquinone creams.

Focus on removing the melanin that deep within your skin through exfoliation. Then use hydroquinone 3 months on and off followed by say Kojic acid.

Or just do gluathione injection.

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For the love of god you autistic fashion fucks
help me out and just tell me which is the most effay leather messenger bag

There must be one right? Or should I just get this thing off etsy?

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looks alright, go for it

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I've been lusting after this bag all my life

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This website has surprisingly good quality bags:
Pic related is mine, but I plan on getting a bigger one from them.

Just don't go to their mobile site because it's shit.

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Hey is this a good angle? Am i ugly why wont girls tall to me

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please help me get a gf

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so you're the lost tranny shitting up this board


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heroin chic aesthetic, some crackwhore will probably find u attractive. fr though, you have pretty good bone structure, just try looking like you don't want to off yourself

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you have to go to them. girls don't come to you in the real world.

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you have an unfortunate looking face.. Like eastern european whose had a rough life.

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How do I stop spilling my spaghetti /fa/?

I such a dummy sometimes.

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Are toothbrush moustaches effay?

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True,I also had some weird looks and laughs here and there.One time some school kids saluted me and called me Adolf.

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lol I look damn good with one, and if kids commenting was all I had to worry about I wouldn't care, but I'd rather not be murdered by a mental patient.

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>those pupils

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Oh wow, yeah I dunno I don't smoke crack hahahah. I may have been stoned

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Crack pinpoints your pupils but I couldn't find a macro for weed, but at least the point got across

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is the anon who has all these japanese fashion magazine scans here?

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not him but here you go

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thanks my brother

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Am I effay?

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show keycaps

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speed up the process and off yourself already

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haha I like your vids, they're pretty cool.

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No, you're transexual
It's not the same

File: 86 KB, 500x500, YASUGUOJI-New-2019-Japan-Style-Solid-Color-Pockets-Cargo-Pants-Men-Casual-Loose-Cotton-AnkleLength-Pants-Men-Trousers-XXK38-Cv44-zjx2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Why do most chinos and pants have no drift like in the pic below the knees?

I hate the feeling of pants tightly wrapped over your shins, do I need to look for "straight fit" or what?

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you mean like yohji cropped pants?

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yeah, these would be pretty on point.

Look at how comfy that entire ensemble is, absolute airlessness.

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could you just go with normal suit pants?

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Why does he have two left arms though

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... that's the left side of the jacket being pushed up, above his hip bone. it's not a sleeve. he's got one arm on each side.

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jeans v chinos/khakis - which do you prefer?
I vote chinos. They're plyable, the color doesn't dominate an outfit, they express drape better.
Jeans are the worst pants. They're tough, scratchy, non-flexible, and the dark color dominates most outfits. They come in more styles, but the fits either feel like drop crotch bullshit or clingy bullshit. Chinos all the way.

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>with more outfits
with dadcore

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t. n____r

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Comfy movie

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and prep
one pair of chinos in a straight leg cut is more veritile than one pair of jeans in a straight leg cut. To get as much out of one pair of chinos, you'd need two pairs of jeans - slim [or skinny] and regular [or straight].

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matter fact, I think is one of the Kids from Zach and Cody

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Post inspo, ask questions, give advice.

Black 4chan discord server

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Why do female nowadays are more attracted to males who dresses and act like pic related? Being a guy who dresses like he has his shit together is seen as weak...

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it's sizable male genitalia energy
and it's sexier than dressing like an out of touch dad

Some guys can pull off that look though, but they're the exception and not the rule

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like one of the autistic larpers over in the PrEP thread

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confidence is a proxy for success. women see confident men as having potential for upward mobility. they dont want a stable, boring 9-to-5er who goes home and jerks it to anime porn all weekend. I guarantee you Chad Bankingston in a quality, well-fitted suit would steal your pic related's girl if he wanted to.

dress and act confident, and as long as you arent a total failure youll do better with women than mister betabux.

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jacket is pretty good tho, rest is agruably shite
>muhh shit together
thats even worse

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does every /fa/ person live in detroit ghetto?
where i live dressing like a respectable human being is still seen as nore attractive than dressing like a nigger

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I thought itd be cool if I had zipties in the shape of crosses on my boots for that haxxor style also

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execution is bad imo, but interesting concept.

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am not guy, but pretty sure he means it just doesn't look much like a cross- hard to shape I'm sure

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