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How do you feel about the gentleman's gazette?

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Why do so many young females have a body like the ones in picrel?

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>young fat girls who can't run a mile
Lol, I'm not even mad. The worse the average person becomes the better I look in comparison.

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Fat women should give up and not wear anything

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100% of the people that make those posts are fat roasties

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It's friday again, fellas. You know what that means! Post em if ya got em

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Consuming this show currently.
How does one obtain this hair style?

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Shameless self bump

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Long shot but anyone know what type of shirt Viper is wearing in TopGun?

Or where to find one similar?

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oversized mens polo

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And how do I obtain it?

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you have to say ALEX IS A FUCKING NIGGER out loud at blm parade

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I mean the looks, not the racism

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Millenial CoD dadbod
Date chicks 20 years younger than you and dress like you're an MLG fifth grader

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What is his shirt?

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Why does a bald guy scare /fa/ so much? You guys write whole essays in an echo chamber about being afraid of bald men. Why?

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Reminds us of mortality

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Reminds us of uglyness

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reminds niggas of death

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>bad genetics
>the young ones are always mentally instable and have some form of mental illness, especially if theyre manlets too

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Sounds like undercover cope to me, brah

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clothes that are perfectly fine to wear in public if you're an alpha or sigma

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Americans always idolize Europeans for being well dressed but the things is - just because someone is well dressed that doesn't mean the are also cultured or intelectual. I wonder how many of those "fancy dressed" Frenchies or Italians will be able to say even a simple sentence in English.

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most europeans can speak a second language and at least a couple of sentences in english while the rest of the world makes fun of you for having a worse education than most 3rd world shitholes.

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In the mood for a new watch, these are my two contenders. Which one do you lean more to and why?

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Assuming i exercise regularly, have good hygiene and a skincare routine, how bad would eating a ton of fried/junk food in occasional binges affect my skin? Weight gain aside.

It fucking turns me on to have my gf stuff me and call me a pig.

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Why is it so difficult for internet freaks to just fuck? Your dick won't get hard in normal conditions?

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The constant overstimulation that we are subject to in this modern world fucks up the psyche.

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Is smoking /fa/?

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Cigars make you look like a fat annoying boomer

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this cunt is pure pose, he barely smokes and drink, you can tell

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Just don't inhale the smoke. You'll look kino but without the detrimental effects.

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no idiot
how can you post that picture and not understand how modern advertising works? even though it's not explicitly an ad, it still shows an attractive person doing X thing

X thing isn't attractive, the person is, and most things they do will come off as cool to you

it's not the clothes, its the model, but hopeless /fa/ggots will never understand this

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Is it better to buy 9-12 or 12-15 socks?

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those sizes are always a bit off, and tight socks are terrible.

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thanks pal

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we have a broccoli that doesn't deserve its own pot pot >>17089361

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Anyone know where I can cop? Or post more dope loafs like this

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How hype are you?
Margot is gonna bring a new season of chic once Barbie drops.
I can't wait for the cute looks girls do.

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she's a little old to play barbie

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also not busty enough

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also too fridgy

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what are some easy to rock white boi hairstyles? I like this medievalish stuff but without the dirt and armor I don't know if I can rock it also it's a bit goofy

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Discontinued Thread >>17089318

Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragrance General
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Newfags
W2C bottles

Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (35%).

http://www.notino.com (see directory at bottom for your country)
General info
Various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
W2C samples
On DIY fragrances
Affordable snice scents
For /ourguy/ Luca Turin's books look up Library Genesis

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i'd say it leans slightly more woody. but it's a thick, sweet, spicy/oriental, boozy, complex frag. there's definitely some floral notes that pop out (saffron, rose). i think it's very well-rounded. one of my faves desu

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>all 3
Yes. They’re dirt cheap. Sport isn’t that much different from the original and lasts about an hour though.
But shits literally the price if a McDonalds visit

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Got $200 gift card to Macys. Going to buy some fragrances this weekend and here's what I'm planning to buy.
>Bleu de chanel
Can't decide between edp or parfum
>Chanel allure homme sport
>Ultra Male
>Armani code absolu
>Polo Deep blue

I have everything else that I want that they sell

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for me, it's bond tactical soap.

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what kind of sweater is the one of the right?

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some vintage nike sweater, search for ''washed black sweater nike'' for somethinb similar

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The poorfag kind

>> No.17094248

His dad's Nike golf sweater from the 90s, or bought from a second hand store.
This is "23-year-old trying to be interesting" core.
People who dress like this are usually childish and act like young teens and post lame memes on instagram.

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those pants are vile

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Isn't it great how someone can post the same thing on this board and people will tell them "shut up faggot" and "go outside", but if you're a pretty girl on YouTube they say "so true bestie!" and "well done on deconstructing toxic masculinity~"

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that's my point, though. you see this exact same shit here on /fa/: mediocre outfits that look good on hot people because everything looks good on hot people. and then people cry that "90% of fashion is just face" and ruin the quality of the board. obviously they're both wrong.

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it’s not bullshit
an outfit is good when it stands on its own
it shouldn’t matter whether a skinny or plus size person wears an outfit for it to be an good outfit

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thats like saying a color is bad because it does not go well with every skin color

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Nothing looks good on fat people though

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these newfriends need some advice from our lord and savior

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