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How do i tell my barber i want this? i feel like the picture is too low quality for them to really get what i want

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love him, or hate, but his cape looking fricking cool

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I'm lost. what's my waist size if these pants are a little loose to me.
I don't know how to shop online.

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are you too fucking stupid to figure out how pants sizing works?

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Get a measuring tape
Online stuff typically has sizing specs
And btw Zara is terrible quality - idk now that I think about it maybe they’ve changed and I wouldn’t know bc I haven’t bought it in yeeeaaars Bc how terrible all their stuff was...wash a shirt once and it’s a whole different shirt
Has it changed ? Keep seeing people post it and I’m getting confused?

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For me it's ok, i have just 1 pants and wear them every day and the color and stickers are fine. I've been wearing them for 9 months at least 4 days a week.

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Zara is great for cheaper suiting especially on sale. I always buy their blazers for going out to clubs etc where I don't mind drink spills on them.

I was also wearing their slim fit chinos for years but they faced these out for stretchy models that fit badly on me.

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It's very simple. No matter what you wear if you have a short leg to body proportion than you are doomed. Sexcore is a cope.

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U drew the line way too high on the left guy

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Lmao nice cope thread faggot OP. My nigga on the right’s fashion sense would pull way more thot bitches that that loser faggot on the left. Wool coat+T shirt + skinny jeans +Chelsea boots or white sneakers or luxury designer sneakers will always trump fagbag fashion on the left

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this. High waisted trousers make your legs look longer no matter how long they actually are. This thread is stupid.
This is nowhere near fixed as >>15754411 points out correctly

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Who buys this?

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rich people and celebrities

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>Normies still dont realize thats not balenciaga and vetement's actual sizing

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the coat is nice, Demna is a genius
celebrities and hypebeasts buys all the logo stuff like that puffer

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Can you guys settle this for me? Are overshirts and light jackets the same thing? My girlfriend went out Christmas shopping for overshirts because I said I'd like one but couldn't find any until a store person said "overshirts are just light jackets" and directed her there.

Am I retarded or are overshirts and light jackets different? I was under the impression an overshirt is the same as a regular shirt with thicker material. Am I wrong?

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I think it looks good personally, and it feels nice and cozy when it's mildly cold outside. Seems like I'm in the minority though and most people think it looks bad. What's your opinion?

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>other things didnt age well, and looked tacky and ridiculous
But JNCOs are so far out of the norm, there were people at the time who thought they were too out there. A layering of shirts is not totally ridiculous in that way, and it has the same context as grunge fashion that is popular now.

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idk what the fuck you guys are talking about all those tiktok eboy kids wear long sleeves under short sleeves

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>A layering of shirts is not totally ridiculous in that way, and it has the same context as grunge fashion that is popular now.
but the issue is: long sleeve under short sleeve is part of 2000s fashion, and many lower class and out of fashion people still dress like this (see Karen for example, they still sport what is basically a 2000s haircut). this creates negative context. same happened with mullet, we had a huge 80s resurgence but no one wore it because of the rednecks. typically, people who are out of fashion will dress like past decades, even if they are unaware of it. and you risk looking like one, with a questionable trend too. you risk looking like a blink-182 fan who lived under the rock or clueless boomer who still listens to his now uncool bands.
remember that for its good qualities, grunge still went away and never came back until nostalgia came.
also, one more example: fringe. technically its not bad, but emo killed it. it left such a huge negative context that we'll probably have to wait a long time before people forget emo.

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>but the issue is: long sleeve under short sleeve is part of 2000s fashion
Much more associated with the 90s I think.
>until nostalgia came
Which is what I said earlier, eventually it will be in again, and the exact same thing that is now "super duper cringe" will be fine, because some designer decided to market it.

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Whats the most effaay iphone 12 colour?
I was thinking of picking up the red or the white one.

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it's always white

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You probably don't need an Iphone 12, if you need a new phone, buy an older or even reconditioned model and use the difference to cop some jawnz

and typical /fa/ answer but I think the best colour for phone is black

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its nice in ceramic ye but the red stands out so much.
Company is buying for me.

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$1k EOY

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based and stinky pilled.

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I'm 5ft 10 and weigh about 90 kilos. Not much bodyfat and am pretty solid from weights. I absolutely hate clothes shopping because I don't have any style, so I usually just buy plain white or black shirts and jeans. But my jeans never fucking fit me. (See pic) If I wanted to buy a nice pair of Levi's or something. What style do I go for? Skinny jeans would never fit me.. Any advice?

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Carrot fit

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Go to a Levi's store and ask for a pair of jeans. They'll pick the right fit for you. Or try 501s 502s and 511s.

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Thoughts on deck jackets?

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I like them. Considering I am a private pilot I have always had a soft spot for aviation jackets.

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what do you think of people that wear t shirts and jeans everyday?

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i think they are based
if you are fit, you will great in it
if you are not, you wont look good in anything anyway

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he kute

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autism. especially if blue denim jean and white sneakers

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Like a 16 year old skater boy

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Thats a boy

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That's a man, so dress like a fag.

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like his/her dad

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I've seen lots of threads about facial skincare, but I have horrible body acne. Ass zits, bacne, you name it.

Realized I needed to fix this when I bloodied a shirt again just recently like I was a gross high schooler.

Clearly, basic ass neutrogena body wash and moisturizer after doesn't help. Should I be doing chemical peels or something?

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bump, i have the same problem, my face is pretty okay but my chest neck ass and sometimes inner thigh gets acnes constantly

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it's just like the image says, this is pretty much my whole wardrobe. got a problem with it? should I improve it? WHAT?

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it was a few questions honestly. I don't understand fashion and I don't think anyone else does either. for awhile your mom dresses you, and then you wear whatever logos your band or skate crew does, and then you just wear normal people clothes, that's pretty much it yeah? why does this require a whole board. this should be nuked

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read the sticky, tuxbell.com
and see this

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What brand are those tees?

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>no pants for leisure/office-casual
now THAT's effay

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Do I get to join the hall of fame now?

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Does it have the scorpion?

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That jacket was suited for Gosling. Wearing it unironically makes you look like a retarded childish cosplayer.

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I need help IDing a pair of OTW collection vans because the tags are worn and I want to know if I could find a similar pair?

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Couldn't find the exact shoes but the pattern is definitely US desert night camo, if that helps

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Anyone know what boots these are?

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Roofposting hours

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Is it bad i can recognize this pic just from the red bridge

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Redpill me on teeth shaving. Is it worth it considering the long term risks?

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What the fuck kind of dodge is that. The linked post is arguing that dentures by 40 is no big deal because "almost anyone needs dental work after 20 years." Sure, but a cavity, even a root canal, isn't the same thing as dentures.

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Dentists are trying to sell you the idea that their work is important and necessary. The entire profession is a bandaid money grabbing “solution” to an invented problem created by the popularization of overpeocessed and unhealthy foods which promote tooth decay.

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This stupid shit is why no one with a brain follows trends.

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Did she die?

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pic related is me, obviously. what haircut would suit my face best? ignore my shirt it's for sleeping.
stats: 5'11, 170 lbs somewhat average physique, 18
also, what style do you think would suit me?

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go bald. maybe not bald bald, but like paul bettany in priest. you'll get a cute+mean look (attracts girls if you're into that) and if the style you desribed is anything to go by, it could really look good. if you regret, it really won't take long to grow anyway.

t. girl

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I mean I would... but my girlfriend likes my "curls" so I'm hoping to keep those

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grow it out and become a woman

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go back to discord you disgusting freak. you will never be a woman and you will die alone. hail hitler.

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You unironcially look like a dyke. get rid of the curly hair ASAP. and lose weight. are you a guy? ifs o wtf

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name a shoe as practical as a Chelsea boot that can be worn with shorts

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yeah dont wear chelseys with chino shorts

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not if you're in Rhodesia

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Who is the saxophonist referring to

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the convoluted 'stereotype' of jazz musicians back in the day

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