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so now that the dust has settled:
which leather jacket from this game was more effay? the one that said "fuck the world", or the one that said "pissfaggot"?

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simple as

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He models suit companies and sometimes banana republic
I’ve drained my balls to him

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I'm preparing to do the same. Apparently he's Rainer Andreesen, some actor's husband.

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Do they make sense or shorts are a better option? Is linen good and breathable so you're not hot during the day?

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I'm a tuned 5'10-11 guy so short shorts ALWAYS look better on me

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>linen shirt, light pattern or plain
>roll up sleeves
>penny loafers or somewhat formal looking sneakers

Litterally all you need for the sunmer

Pic unrelated

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What does he wear wear when not out on killing sprees?
John Wick Wardrobe inspo

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pretty sure, he wears navy adidas campus 80s

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I legitimately have over 200 t-shirts, most of them are band and print tee t-shirts that I've collected over the years. How do I go about placing less emphasis on them for my outfits? I'm happy getting rid of the majority if required, so that isn't an issue. I'm 6'2", athletic build, and my friends and girlfriend say I look exactly like that Ragnar guy from Vikings.

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What do you wear to work Anon?

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i lift and wear sheer fabrics to overtly mog the guys who wear belts and chinos

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>tucked in casual shirts with a nice belt and jeans or chinos and dressy shoes
pick one

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In Europe, jeans and shirt can pass for business attire, so I wear jeans and shirts. Wanna go more formal in the future though, cuz I wanna wear a tie.

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It's not hard when everyone else wears t-shirts and cargo shorts or company branded merch

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pretty much this

>went to work on friday (usually in HO)
>meeting with external project lead for a big change in IT
>friend and collegue over from another division and city
>put on some decent cloth (too hot for jeans already)
>people freak out about me comin in with a jacket and fossil glasses
>"fancy glasses anon!" - "wearing a jacket? u got a meeting with the ceo or what?" - "a jacket anon? you going on a date later?"

i feel like normal people are so disconnected. wearing a suit or just a jacket is so out of the world for everyone already that ur exotic for wearing one. i work for an insurance company and people in or around my position dress in jeans and tucked in shirt or below. caught our cfo in shorts+t-shirt once. a jacket is not seen on people under 45 and even the older fellas wear really casual nowadays. its a shame if you ask me, but everyone to their own i guess

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How do I dress as a 5'7 autistic brown-haired brown-eyed pale-skinned male? I'm fashion dumb and need serious responses. Thanks.

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Why are blacks like this

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can you cop those shoes yet?

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Warcraft core is real

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Man he looks fucking old

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No father figure no subtleties when it comes to clothing so everything revolves around you eternally dressing like a child cause it’s “hip”

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>noooo this fashion designer is dressing fashionably hes just dressing like a childerino!

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how do I achieve peak tackycore?

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show me your tummy

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Missing the gold a168 and walmart chain

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Discontinued Thread >>17641026

Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragrance General
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Newfags
W2C bottles

Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (35%).

http://www.notino.com (see directory at bottom for your country)
General info
Various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
W2C samples
On DIY fragrances
Affordable snice scents
For /ourguy/ Luca Turin's books look up Library Genesis

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It's cool as long as you don't jack the first thread posts like a faggot.

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>noooooo n-not muh first posterino, I need to post a random image of a meme fraggot from another website without any comment and I won't get any fpbp's otherwise
autistic obsession, go be a retard on reddit

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what are you talking about, newfag? infographics should go right below the OP, it's been that way for a long time
it just makes sense in a general thread, it's so they're easy to find and the first thing newbies see

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wtf? is this some new kind of autism?
the two guides should be right under the OP

SOTD: Bergamask (this frag is long-lasting for sure)

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That guy has been raging in the last few threads that he can't get the first post for his epic memes because of the infographics. Truly bizarre behaviour.

SOTD: Cerruti 1881. My mom once said that it smells "good, but like an unkle" lmao.

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Why aren’t you dressing to attract a woman, /fa/?

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You sound like a momma's boy.

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Because I'm not actively looking for women to feel fulfilled in life unlike 90% of the users here

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End of times, what are you wearing?

Remember, practicality over vanity.

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my birthday suit

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Fortunately I only own shit like Acronym and NikeLab ACG so I’ve got a lot of functional garmz to begin with. I’m ready

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Is it a good look for a summer wedding?

Already got a tan linen suit that I’m planning to wear with a navy patterned shirt.

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white usually works better in that context

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Which of these two options is best?


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2nd one imo, but I think something like OP pic is better

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how unprofessional of him

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I have no idea what to wear during the summer please post some inspo. I'm used to only wearing baggy clothes.

I don't want to wear anything short sleeved I am a twink so I don't want to wear anything revealing cuz people are judgy and i weigh 120 pounds

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Puss in Boots looking kinda effay tbqh

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I would wear a neckerchief but it's a really gay look.

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I struggle with summer fits too. Everyone outside just wears shorts+tee and finding inspo online shows guys in boat shoes, shorts and gay italian looking hats. Some fits look okay but it's not my style and it is really frustrating.

>I don't want to wear anything short sleeved I am a twink so I don't want to wear anything revealing cuz people are judgy and i weigh 120 pounds
I am 130lbs, learn to embrace it. Some bitches love it and if you are literally gay they definitely love it

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i live in a conservative place so masculinity is quite strict here. i already got called ouy a faggot by teenagers on the street before.

it's ok to dress well, just harder to do when it gets 90 degrees

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Me too, I get called a faggot at least once a month. Other men get intimidated and confused when they see me minding my own business. Keep your head up fellow "fag", IME it's rarely worth trying to change yourself to impress random people.

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edizione del giorno dopo

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It's that time of year again to get out on the shore and catch some fishies. Post fishfits.
Also ID on jacket?

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Sex cum woman

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??? nigga the other thread is at 211 posts, are you so nutrient-drained that your brain doesnt know how to use the catalog?

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How am I supposed to know who is a good designer/luxury brand vs some nobody selling shirts for $300. I go on Ssense or Endclothing and there are hundreds of designers I’ve never heard of before.

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I agree. It’s seems like there’s so much crap on ssence from people I’ve never heard of before. I’m not spending 200 on a hoodie from a nobody.

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All designer goods are extremely overpriced
The quality you get does not justify its price.
You buy them solely for the reputation.
Now that you know this… buy that which you believe gives you the best in terms of design you like, and reputation that it gives you internally.

Everyone assigns goods their personal value to them.
Some people swear by Rick owens, or some rare Ann demeulmester piece, or whatever. The design is not worth the money but to them it is more than just a piece of clothes

Now everyone has their own unique look on this

But know that no single piece of designer clothing is actually worth the price you’re paying for it. You’re paying for the magic

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>a good designer/luxury brand
do you know them? do the people you're trying to impress know them? then they're a "good brand"
never heard of them? then they're "bad"
the quality is always the fucking same shit

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