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Who wore it best?

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What can be done about this fuzz on my hair? Is it normal?

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only option is to rope

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Alternatively, full rick

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Put some gel on it. It will tame the frizzies

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i'm sorry but it's incurable. you only have a few months left to live, maximum.
have you tried the floss trick? or any product?

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You can be fat and /fa/.
You have to be Benji Webbe though.

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... when they go to bed?

>It's been reported in 2015 that 44 percent of black women have worn a weave or wigs in the past six months.

When you date a black woman, is she bald when you have sex and sleep with her? Do they glue them in the morning?

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How can black women compete?

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chris rock made a whole movie just for you

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What are your favorite polo brands?

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Why this board hates polo shirts so much?

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They are NEETS

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PRL, Lacoste, preferably vintage.

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John smedley
Purple Label

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Tiger Woods

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Has /fa/ ever watched America’s Next Top Model? How did you feel about it?

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>When you walk into class and teacher is dressed like this

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the sheer amount of black penis that has been inside her

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A black blouse and a skirt past the knee? Is this what zoomers get turned on by nowadays?

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How could you overlook this fact?

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I had a hippie English teacher who had a ridiculously fat ass and sexy flirty personality, it was an alternative school, my gf at the time hated her bc she would always say the teacher was "trying to fuck me." I would've done it if she wasn't against shaving. She ended up being fired for fucking a student, said student was later charged and convicted of triple murder.

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Where can I find similar pants/trousers as picrel?

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i unironically have a pair of target goodfellow chinos that i went up a waist size in and stretched out after a wash by wearing them wet. they fit similar to this

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i have a pair of these, not chinos but still fit really nice

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they look like the 1880 club brand trousers i wore in school

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dickies chatom pant

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Do they still make swimsuits like this? W2c 1970s euro twink swimsuit

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You're probably gonna look like a transvestite, it's pretty feminine.

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You think so? :(

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thats not the 19'70s retard

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1971 faglord

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I just got a new job and can afford to buy clothes that aren't from Uniqlo. What are some mid-level brands that sell quality basics? Mainly looking for casual button downs and clothes for the summer.

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Causes you to wear it for years till it becomes a disgusting, unrecognizable rag

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Going on a date with her tomorrow actually. I'll let you know if anything funny happens.

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Be sure to wear the same shirt.

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Are you gonna wear the spread collar poplin dress shirt?

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>Be me
>Watching some 60s/70s kino
>Start seeing ruffled shirts everywhere
>I start asking around to see what my friends and family think
>All of the lads think it's awful
>My family concurs
>I don't care and buy one anyways
>Better to wear something garish with confidence than something conformable insecurely
>First day of wearing it, some woman walks up to me and complements my look
>Instantly flattered
>Have now sworn to keep the ruffled shirt as an eternal part of my wardrobe
Take the /rufflepill/

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It's as simple as this

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What pants/shoes do you think hes wearing

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So this whole time, it was all about the face ?

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hopefully some chuck taylors

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What do you mean by that?

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twink shoes

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Can we get a high top thread going?

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And here's the other shoe for the mash up. Hope these get retroed too

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keep self bumping this shit loser lmaoooooo

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pink like my butt

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The largest contributor in this thread isn't the OP lol. You're really salty about people having their own interests. This is why I stopped browsing this shithole, it's full of morons and trolls. I only opened it by force of habit and saw this thread which is relevant to my interests.
Purple rivalries are my favorite shoes rn.

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what's a good way to style these? still a /fa/ n00b.

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A guy who wears a suit without a tie is a rebel who makes poor decisions and only cares about himself. He breaks tradition and rules. He does what he wants instead of doing what he should. He is the kind of man who would bake a jellyfish for Thanksgiving instead of a turkey because he does what he wants. He is immature, and he is more emotional compared to his tie-wearing counterparts. Ties are for MEN so if you struggle to wear one with your suit then you are, simply put, NOT A MAN. A tie shows respect so start wearing it.

Suit without tie guys are weak and bad. Stay the fuck away from me if you look like picrel. Rebellious children do not get my respect and they don't deserve it! Wear a tie!

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A suit without a tie is pushing it, but a sports coat or blazer without a tie still looks great.

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>He breaks tradition and rules.
That's the way things goes in fashion. If Beau Whatishissurname didn't do that by inventing the modern formal style of menswear, you wouldn't be jerking your beloved suits with ties today, for instance. You'd probably be saying "never trust a man without a wig and stockings to the knee"

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it's a fucking yt channel, would people even have cared if they hired another white guy?

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You've got it completely backwards man
The people wearing suits without ties aren't rebels! They're conformists. Ties are not fashionable anymore. These people would probably love to wear a tie but they're afraid to do so. The business uniform nowadays is NO TIE.

Go watch any soulless corporate speech, none of them are wearing ties.
They're liable to also wear jeans even though they don't give a shit about them other than a desperate attempt to appear hip and cool.
They are not rebels, they are the most soulless pathetic corporate drones on the planet.
Real rebels wear ties

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How can I dress in order to make people notice my hips less?

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High waisted pantsu

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This is a "laugh at the fat loser" thread, not some sort of /pol/ bait, schizo.
I swear these fags constantly whining about "reeee election tourists ruined 4chan, pre-2016 this place was a bastion of tolerance and inclusivity!!!!" are more annoying than actual /pol/tards at this point

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I feel that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union are back and madder than ever. And this time they’re united.


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Fuck off LSDAnon

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I want medium long hair cut straight like females
Sort of like pic relate, how would I ask my barber, just say I want my tips cut flat ?

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is that the girl from that eureka show?

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No idea what you're referring to

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What are effay sweatpants for a guy in 2023?

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this. classy gentlemen wear high rise baggy pleated linen trousers just like in the successor

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this but unironically

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definitely not slim fit

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Sweatpants will never be effay.

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as big as possible

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Is wearing a safari jacket as a 20 year old too much of a LARP?

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Pure kino. Go civilize Africa, white man.

>> No.17643135

ID on that one in particular? looks really good

>> No.17643156

you'd look like a nebbish wes anderson character

>> No.17643230

Are you @PepinThePale ?

And concerning your question: No its absolutely ok and no one knows that its a safari jacket.

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Interesting…I think it depends

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Which of those two do you think looks the most effay, extremely pale or tanned ?

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White people who tan themselves excessively are not very brown to begin with. They are the most prone to skin cancer

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That's what I meant, sorry if that wasn't clear.

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Very pale and nordic features on women, asian girls tricks won't for me.
Brown/tanned on males.

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Pale is always more effay

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Very pale and nordic features on women, asian girls surgery tricks won't work for me.
Brown/tanned on males.

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