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So a new shop opened in town supporting disgusting fat women. It's called "Beefy Bitches Boutique"... What the hell is up with encouraging people to embrace obesity and especially women who are suppose to birth are children? Fucking disgusting.

What is /Fits/ view on this and do any of you have similar stories?

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its not encouraging, retard, its just a smart business owner
fact is just that 60% of women are obese so this nigga is gonna make huge profits

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i want to fuck a chubby. Got a problem with it OP?

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thoughts on this style of pants? I was thinking of grabbing a pair just for lounging around the house


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Aladdin LARP

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Do you spin poi?

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I promise if I buy a pair, I'll start.

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Be honest anons. Am I beyond saving

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Honestly lad I would just embrace the villain look, your hairline is fucked but your skull shape is fitting to a shaved head, so play your strengths and bic it off

dress either really preppy or full terrorwave

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What about my face? How bad is it anon

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How do I achieve this body bros

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this, but specifically my cum

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do literally nothing. its a weak 0 excersize body, any idiot can achieve this

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I must stress the nothing part to our American friends. Fast food is not nothing.

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play in deda gripes bro

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i'm skinnier, probably less muscle but all you have to do is have one small meal a day. I usually have an instant ramen or rice with spam/anchovies for dinner. I go to starbucks everyday and used to get just a venti black coffee, but I had to start putting some half and half + sugar because I was starting to feel lightheaded during the day

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Show me your closet, /fa/

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Parisfag here, no room for a closet

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Can someone help me find a trench coat like this? Everywhere I go, it's either sold out or a shitty cosplay reproduction.

Is there a site I could get this custom made?

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The bitter tears of petra von kant. Emotional examination of s&m relationship between lesbian boss and her assistant/lover i think.

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Tokyo drifter. Solid western/ yakusa movie.

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Blue ruin has the best cinematography.

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Stoker is tight.

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El Matador obviously

Good movie

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I personally believe, we dress to impress so we can get laid. Am I wrong or am I right?

I mean if your lonely and your into fashion, thats kinda lame right? We gotta go out with our own style and get exposed so people can notice us? Next thing you know, you cracking ass cheeks. T or F?

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the coupe is retarded

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T or f man

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I've done did a lot of shit just to live this here lifestyle
We came straight from the bottom, to the top, my lifestyle

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Everything revolves around sex except sex. Sex is about power.

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Honestly, no. It may affect it some bits but I dress to how I feel and look confident and matching my personality. The types of girls I've been with had nothing to do with my clothes and I say that because I've banged different girls from different styles


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is this board fuckin srs?
fucking look at me
god (aka ME)
dresses better than
any of you fuckin
froot loops
you guys dress like poosies
fuckin cardigans
and skinny jeans
you look like a fuckin homo

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All the Albanians in my town act like they’re the shit because their family owns a fucking restaurant lol

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>dresses better than any of you fuckin froot loops


I could post more of my fier fits if you keep rrunnin your mouth so watch it faggot. Some people are just berter at dressing like me

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you unironically dress like an albanian loan shark that speak with a lisp

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you dress like an albanian loan shark

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>welcome to Olive Garden can I start you off with drinks?

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what is the most effay cheese and why is it roquefort? discuss

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fat ass block of yellow cheddar

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Iberian cheese is goat! Hehe

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Epoisses my man

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only real og's know about sura käs

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How do you feel about wearing hoodies over collar shirts as an everyday look?

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I know a multimillionaire that rocks this fit all the time wearing a baseball cap. It’s low key fit.

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it looks too layered. go simple and put on less clothing. I get annoyed the more I look at it. seriously. take that fucking hoodie off, go shirt only.

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i dont really know why but im attracted to guys dressed like that
femanon here

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I wonder how it would look on a girl

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I wear something like that most days. Perhaps switch the hoodie for a half or quarter zip sweater if it's going to be cold. I have no idea if it's effay or not but I've found it practical.

I'm a team lead in an office, so the hoodie allows for temperature regulation while at my desk while you ditch the hoodie quickly and look presentable if I get pulled into meetings.

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Which one do I cop?

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The least expensive. Looks like shoes to match your tux for a Sadie’s Hawkins dance.

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>traveling across the country
>need to be fa but comfortable and classy
>what do you wear

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Wear a safari outfit.

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some kind of grey anti-wrinkle traveling suit over a turtleneck, or else dickies running shoes and a nice sweater if the 'classy' part is a meme

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Want to go for $crim's style.

Worth it?

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what's your soundcloud, bro?

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Silver chain 487 gram here. Let me know what you think?

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It's not awful desu. Fits well with the beat, which is very good.

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Thanks man I appreciate that. I gotta a lot work todo to get better. Hardest part is finishing a song.

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no. go crazy with tats if you want. just leave the hands, forearms, face, and neck alone.

as for piercings, go for a septum or studs in the ears. and no crazy hair dye. unless you want to work in warehouses or stock rooms.

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>get these
>wear them once
>already you can see the wrinkles on the leather starting

Shit shoes? Cheap? Or normal thing for these sort of shoes?

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this and this.

>> No.14199394

yes from right away you idiot, you're folding the leather when walking so it leaves a fold-line. If you don't like wrinkles or lines wear non-leather shoes.

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All leather shoes wrinkle as they get worn in. Good leather looks better with wear, but cheap "genuine leather" shoes like those are likely to crease and crack over time.

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I understand, it makes sense but what if you are not an Instagram superstar with 250K followers who pay for your shoes?
What would lower class people do?

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Investing in quality shoes is far from a luxury. Get some +250€ goodyear welt european derbies or oxfords that you like, and that you buy at the store, with trying it on first, without hesitating to pick a size too large.

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I will donate 10$ on PayPal or bitcoin to the person who find me somewere i can buy Adidas model name: ador acers

Girl og boy model, they should be girl size UK 5.5 or US7.5 or EU 38/39

I only seem to find fake websites

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I found one in an EU 37 1/3 size. Would that be okay?

>> No.14199350

She said shes a 39 but a 38 will do, so i dont think so sadly.

>> No.14199438

I want to add that they may be used but not worn out.

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Was it worth it?

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Is this a buyer's remorse thread?

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Great rap group and any hip hop head will appreciate that. For a 100 clams? I would rock it. Should be worth 50 since it cost 5-10 to make it however they have to get cleared by ttcq label and report earnings? Hence limited quantity.

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yes vans are good

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I have the same pair. Wish I kept the extra laces though. The writing on the ones they come with is a little much sometimes.

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>need a few new tops
>I don't know what to get
>about 10 degrees C in bongland

Could you post some good long sleeves ideas? I am good with shirts and wool long sleeves.
But I have no idea what to get for cotton kind of tops.
The ones I have so far are the old school thicker ones that look like they are some sports brand. I feel like a baby wearing them, they gotta go.

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ocbd, white and light blue

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Summers around the corner lads, need some good SEXcore inspo

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What do they carry in those bags

>> No.14199722

rope, belts, handcuffs, etc.

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For all the SEX

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>strong chin/jawline
>perfect hairline
>potato nose


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These days I'm realizing I sort of look like Kurt Weill but with long hair and a more rectangular jaw
Gotta get new frames, considering getting some round ones and shaving my hair or just slick that bitch back

>> No.14199523

scared of surgery going wrong and my nose ending up looking even worse

also pretty expensive i think?

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fucking idiot, anything is better than a potato nose and nothing bad will happen anyways you pussy

>> No.14199541


Who are you trying to bang? Have confidence on what the world gave you. Please just have confidence and never go under the needle. Work on your charisma skills

>> No.14199638

>Tall and with attractive facial features
>I-I hate my nose!!!! omg!!! I wanna KYS!!!!

This isn’t fucking middle school, just how old are you?

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