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1. Rolex Submariner model 114060 (No Date)
2. New Rolex Air-King model 116900
3. Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch (any version but preferably the one with the see through back) Model 311.

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I found this pendant very suitable for a cheating wife

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Anyone found any shoes or boots for men that actually look good and add height? Most of what I've seen online looks like shitty dad-tier sneakers. Ideally 3+ inches of height would be desired.

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Just buy inserts from amazon. For example I get a 3.5" boost in my austrian memers with inserts.

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Join emo/rave crowd and get big boots or learn to rock your hilarious tiny height

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these lad

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I wear 2 inch lifts to be 5'11. They fit well in my shoes, but some of my options are limited in terms of what I can buy

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Is it a fit?

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1/10 no versace belt.

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Been buying flannels for years... Maybe I've gotten too old and don't know where to go anymore.

Currently I go to: Dark Seas, Brixton, I thought about Pendleton... I also check out CCS and Zumiez as well... Are there places I'm missing?

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Goodwill. I've found plenty of LL Bean flannels there for pennies.

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Whats a good solid wool flannel to buy? Which brands make the best based wool flannels.

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>watch docu about suits
>comments are 90% fat boomers complaining about slim fit suits


the fat should fear the twink

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Like half my wardrobe are the basics from Uniqlo U. Comes out a month from now at 20/2/2020
Anything you wanna cop?

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it's coming out this soon? i'm broke as fr*ck, really want the cuban shirt, linen shirt, black wide fit jumper and work trousers

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I like Uniqlo but not this oversized autism shit

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The mens section is boring, going to cop some womens jeans and call it a day.

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Those autism tees look nice. Oh look airism autocorrected to autism. Coincidence? I think not but should be nice during the summer.

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looks really good. Uniqlo is definitely my go to for cheap clothes

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What is Mexican high fashion like?

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That guy is from Brazil

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Salamanca bros

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From the thumbnail it looks like he's bending over with his pants down.

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Came here to fap...I mean post this

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Black gats are better

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that tongue squeak tho

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How do I get a manly, no nonsense look?

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dasha thought so, to date such a dweeb

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Dasha looks like a Picasso painting, she's not that much better looking

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i want to kiss him

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Pretty sure she's a philosemite so just be Jewish if you wanna get with her.

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no he didn't

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Khazar rat

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Short sleeve plaid shirts, is there an fa way to wear them, surely there is?

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kek didn’t know there were any bizraelis here. are you also a woman, sir?

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Admit it: If a known designer released this outfit, you'd be saying it was kino.

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i have been thinking about whether i should get a long sleeve fishnet to wear as an undershirt to mimic the look of naruto characters/ninjas in anime
i dont even watch anime but i like the look of it

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no, you will look like a stripper. If you want that look get textured grey undershirts.

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You can do it. Go ahead. Its punk/industrial aesthetic but you have to have the body for it.

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do u evn

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Reddit /malefashionadvice cringe thread.

Make your way over to reddit and find something to post here

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hating on redditors is not a style. post fit or rethink your entire life, saddo.

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Suck my nuts. Hating on other anons isnt a personality.

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just go to the waywt thread on /fa/

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Check out this dog, total cringe am I right? Haha sooo reddit fedora dude haha

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what is this archetype?

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what is his deal?

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Whore core

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have we achieved 'peak' grimes

thoughts on pregnancy, bf

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stop posting my wife.

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gross little bitch

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It’s the opposite imo

Grimes is talented and smart and weird and quirky and attractive and Elon, who already has literally six sons, is lucky to have her

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imagine unironically thinking this and not being self aware enough to realise you have double digit iq

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the man is the prize, not the woman. this artificial society obscures that but it can be most seen with the mentality of fangirls of celeberties who scream in the audience, throw their bras on stage and stampede in unison when they see him approaching the backstage. Willing to do anything to be in his presense as they cry tears and shout at the top of their lungs. This is the primordial essense of how they naturally function within the male/female dynamic.

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Post aesthetic images of any kind. Also, post your tumblr if you got one.
Mine: https://rapandchill.tumblr.com

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message me to buy the url the.tumblr.com

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ru 'asking' for my junk pix

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i am /fa/ approved?

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You look like a pretty boy, dirty boy

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shoes are a little too shiny for my taste but otherwise this is /fa/ as fuck.

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shoes are shit. Go with reddsh brown leather cowboy boots if you want some flare

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All you niggas are retarded this is fucking Maluma NOT Op dumbasses

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w2c shoes?

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w2c bussy?

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Not sure if srs, but they're the Nike Air Max Sever. They were a commonly seen mid-tier cross trainer in 2000 and 2001. Much more popular with women than guys.

Chances of finding a pair are slim and finding a wearable pair after all these years is impossible. I'd recommend checking out Nike Zoom 2k. It's a new release intended to mimic the look of Nikes from this era and they honestly did a knockout job. I wish Nike would create more new shoes inspired by this era and release more retros from it.

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Obviously not the same shoe. OP has a transparent part near the heal.

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No shit m8. Pic related is Zoom 2k, the one I mentioned as an alternative. Shoes in the OP are 100% Air Max Sever, but you'll never find a wearable pair.

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