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Looking for some black pants that go well with Rick fits, combat boots etc. Can either be slim, stacked or cargo. Should look somewhat interesting with a bit of structure. Any ideas?

There are options like drkshdw memphis, BBS coated denim, Julius cargos etc. but maybe there's something that doesn't cost me a fortune? Throw shit at me. Anything is cool.

P.S.: I'm en edgy cocksucker absorbed by consumerism, I know.

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Been trying to find some decent americana/ 1940s/50s reproduction brands any suggestions?
Heres the list i have so far
High End
>The Real Mcoys
Low End:
>Redwing Heritage
>At The Front Military reproductions
>A Whole host of other reproduction sites
>Bob Dong(taoshop)
>Alternative Country Boots and Leathers
also general americana thread

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lean and bladee/european streetwear fucking slaps

what brands sell pieces that remind you of this look?

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What's the masculine of Arthoe /fa/?

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I bought a bunch of hanes shirts and they're all made in different countries and all fit different. Some are longer and thinner
Others are perfect
Places where shirts were made
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Also some of these bitches have tags when they're supposed to be tagless
I thought Hanes was supposed to be a quality brand

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Aye de lo mio the Dominicans do quality poisonings I mean hanes t-shirts ya tu sabes loco

Yo no se nada!

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So did anyone receive their fake yeezy slides yet?

I paid $15 for mine, still waiting, wonder if they are different than the $70 fakes?

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mine should look like this

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what core is this and is it fa?

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it is common so no, not /fa/
pastels in warm weather is a good choice though

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No those pattern shirts are trendy now so that makes it gay and you look like a tool if you follow trends in fashion.

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How do i fix it

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Marfan Syndrome

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Failed thinspo

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It's too late anon, you have to kys

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go fem and i'd wreck you

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What shoe is Charli XCX wearing in her new video. I can’t figure it out for the life of me.

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Pic related is me every day, and with some beef jerky here and there.

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I know this because I can bully smol and weak men

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When I say bossed about I don’t mean a life or death situation, I mean in everyday settings you’ll get your shit pushed in, the workplace, bars, nightclubs, etc. by larger men with naturally larger frames, you’re not going to pull your little shooter on anyone and everybody who pushes your scrawny little self around, are you?

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>implying i wouldn't

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>implying you would
Anyone posting in this general is a fucking pussy, you’ve seen Taxi Driver too many times or summat because real life altercations don’t go down like in the movies pal

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I'm not postinf in any general.
I just asked what you eat for breakfast. I'm not thinspo either. I'm just thin.

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How do normal non-rich people afford designer clothes? I see all these poseur kids on Instagram and am baffled by their fits

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world population is 7+ billion, what's the number of cool instagrams? 10,000?

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I live with my parents and I have a well payin job.

But even if I lived on my own in my own apartment I’d still afford one piece every couple weeks. So it’s a slow burn OP, people gradually save and build their wardrobes

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Also thrifting/secondhand which are arguably better than retail but only sometimes

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Where can I find a girl like this, /fa/?

What do you think of her outfit?

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That’s Moscow, Russia

I like it

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Yes starbucks leggings and uggs are more fashionable that a w tee and some jeans, lol

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I work at a bulge bracket bank, that is not a finance look.

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looks like Bjork if Bjork was human.

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What are some comfortable shoe ideas? I planned all my classes on the same two days and want something comfy in class. I was thinking pic related

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really? I thought it gave me more off time for homework etc.

Do you just mean on test days?

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all majors are memes

yes. sometimes we put them on our hands. we call them our footie hand days. unless you live in a cold climate, then you put socks on your hands before your gloves.

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dadcore is in bro

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is it actually comfy though? I've never worn Birkenstocks before

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Anything with boost or vans slip on pros.
Vans pros are built better and have a thicker insole

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>wear $350 flip-flops into ocean/water and sand repeatedly

Welp. I've memed myself.

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>paying more than $5 for a slab of material with a strap to keep it under your foot

Yeah you did

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Wrong. Spending over $300 on flip flops was when you memed yourself.

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>buying designer flip flop
even fashion company laughs behind them curtain knowing only absolute stupid people would buy these kind of stuff and gives absolute no quality since there is no reason to give if your consumer is a dumbfuck

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Exclusivity is a tangible quality of a product, you fucking dorks. I don't even agree with buying them myself but they're there for a reason. Being an edgy fag over sandals is cringier than the ppl wearing them

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mark ass nigga

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What would you typically recommend for the more rugged looking men of /fa/? Rough, more robust physical features, and maybe a particularly brawny or even overweight build might be representative of the types I'm asking about: muscular, burly, even portly men. Does anybody here have a hardened, weathered appearance from a lot of outdoors time and work? Wouldn't workwear and outdoorsman clothing look the most convincing for these fellows?

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You’re born with this look through years of hardship and being a prole, the baby-faced middle class teenies on this board can’t pull that off

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Any way we could trick zoomers into reviving this haircut. I know it's not 90's or 2000's but I'm sure we could just lie and say that it is lol.

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Keith Flint's influence. Zoomers will never know who was Keith Flint.

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Trick them into thinking it's 2000s emo, maybe.

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That's a good idea.

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Any way we could trick zoomers into reviving this haircut. I know it's not 90's or 2000's but I'm sure we could just lie and say this it is lol.

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Daily reminder. If you wear pants tighter than Levis 501 you are an absolute faggot and look like you are stuck in last decades fashion.

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>wearing jeans

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Daily reminder you're worthless

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fuck you i do what i want

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shut up dad

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Post just a single pic where straight leg jeans don't look absolutely pleb core, where they are definitively stylish and look better than skinny jeans or baggy pants. Then, maybe Ill be convinced. Go ahead, Ill wait...

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how do i achieve billy core?

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lift while you smoke

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Have your mother leave you alone with your asshole of a father

Stick to larping sleazecore, it’s better for your emotional health

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Really like the aesthetics of the actor. That hairline tho

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get greasy, real greasy

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