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Model GG 3827

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What kind of shorts are effay?

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Israeli clothing company called Castro and that's as much as I know.
Someone left it at work and I don't know if it's male or female so before I post in the work whatsapp that someone left their jacket I want to phrase the gender correctly.
Pls am autistic

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The cut is very clearly female

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The best designer ever. And the most exciting. Prove me wrong

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all he is missing is a red clowns' nose

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What are the best wallets?
/fa/ or on the long term I dont care as long as its not too much expensive
Same for watches. What would be the best EDC Wallets + Watches?

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>This board

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lmao, right?

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I agree full heartedly

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after I saw a wat are you wearing thread a couple of day ago I got the same conclusion.

Fucking retard leftist trannies and shit has infested it. Even full ricky tricky back in 2010 was miles ahead of this shit right now.

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sticky this thread please

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What brand, w2c?

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pippeli sykkii

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No pants, beige socks

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Sometimes I wish I was a girl so I can wear stuff like this and get fucked right after I meet a horny bull

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This was one of the best looks I've seen in recent times.

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So was this. Efron pulled off the dreads without looking like a soundcloud bum.

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This was award worthy itself.

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i thought this was $crim and you are telling me he isnt soundcloud bum?

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Get better eyes.

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I’ve had sunken temples since I was a little kid. Never paid much attention to them and neither did anyone else. People have surgery to fill them, but I think they’re an interesting facial quirk.

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Where is the line that marks the inbetween of boring, more practical fits and more distinguishable, interesting clothes. What is the middle way here? Dare I say: The perfect fit?

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Id on these sneakers?

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Look like some version of Nike Huaraches

Can anyone ID these?

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Been looking it up, still can’t find them

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Should i let my hair grow or make it shorter?
General advice on taking care of it would be nice since my hair type isn't that common.

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Everyone knows how the r/mfa uniform looks like.

How does the /fa/ uniform look like?

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How do I avoid this? I'm wearing a white shirt and olive chinos today. I don't want to be MFA-core but I somehow fall into it regardless.

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What does he do for living? Instagram modelling?

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Then you are an MFAfag.

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dude, its an okay outfit

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Sleazecore movies thread

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Peak sleazecore.

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Hey kali, post the new nudes she sent to you

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Shut up retard none of this matters.
Nothing matters fuck off

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What would you like your partner to wear for bedtime? something that will be comfy and also look cute/hot

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Saw there wasn't one of these up. This one is mine.

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Jesus thats ugly

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I like it

pic rel is mine

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gonna give this one a bruh

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>he-dee slee-main

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i'm hispanic so i read it as eddy lol
and the last name either slee-mahn or slee-mehn

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>pee-pee pee-pee

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this is how amerikangs pronounce it

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Is shaggy /fa/?

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He's a younger, cartoon version of The Dude, one of the most effay movie characters ever, so yeah, I'd say he's pretty effay.
Also stoner-core is a nice core so yeah

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binoculars will be the new wave in fashion, myark my workds

- Bladee

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HyLa lanka

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