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What happened to this board. Where are the old posters, Me, Sieg, Cursed? Its just Drake left.

Anyway what sort of braces are the most effay for an adult.

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4chan in general is dying because there are so many more options online to discuss interests. Even the young friendless virgins are on Instagram and TikTok these days so the niche 4chan carved is being occupied by more obvious options. The entire website is dying, not just particular boards, because literally every board you visit talks about how their board in particular is dying, talking about the glory days from 2008-2016.
It kind of sucks because fashion is at an all time high as far as popularity and acceptance in the mainstream, meanwhile this board is essentially dead, and fashion discussion outside of 4chan is normie, basic, and boring. I want to talk about fashion with regular ass people, not within the comments of some influencer, and I sure as hell don't want my name attached because then ego is a factor and I can't be blissfully honest. Sometimes I look around for better options and genuine, general discussion is not a thing.

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bone structure and fat percentage

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Get a new turtle neck the doesn’t look like a loose vagina and it’ll look decent.

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he is to old for /fa clothes

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The image that ended /fa/

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a 6 thousand dollar phone?
also the stuff tech billionaires wear only looks modest, its all loro piana shit that costs twice as much as any Gucci or LV gear

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The person who made this is poor LARPing as rich. First, cell phones don't cost $6k, they never had any never will. You also don't wear a watch on the outside of your coat, not ever the more gorilla nigger american rapper does that.
Second, their sole exposure to rich people have been "aw shucks golly gee" tech nerds they saw on TV like Bill Gates and they assume all rich people are like that because they are poor and dumb, also they are american so that's probably redundant. The upper class in Britain, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and god help me India don't dress like the drone on the right. Even in a country filled with communist sub human bugs they don't dress like the right. The poor dumb fuck heard a trite saying that the rich don't waste money on clothes to show off,and at a certain level of wealth that's sort of true. The truly rich don't buy products with tons of branding, why should they give a company free advertising? They have their own tailors and they get an obscene amount of free gifts from companies. You think the mega rich buy shit like LV handbags? Fuck no, the amount of free shit rich people get is staggering and I honestly believe if more people truly understood the amount there would be more riots. Rich Woman A gets a free LV handbag and poses with it, and then a hundred upper middle class women who can barely afford the bag go and buy it. When it comes to fashion cost loses all meaning past a certain level of income.

Tldr: The artists version of a rich man is a quasi fantasy who only represents a sliver of how wealthy people actually dress, and it's mainly an american thing.

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It's his authentic cultural garb.

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I feel like this mentality took over fashion and completely changed the meta once everyone started to realize how true it is that rich people don't actual flaunt their wealth through clothing. Poor people are still spending an outrageous amount of money on clothing, but rather than being brand centric people are flexing through the lens of actual creativity, which is nice.
This is why people now brag about how little they spent on pieces that they either thrifted or got on depop, because it's now corny to walk around wearing Off White or Supreme, and thank god that's the case, but we still see poor people walking round in Fear of God Essentials because poor people are desperate.

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It's hilarious that americans actually believe rich people become rich by means of some virtuous frugality.
I guess it's some sort of cope

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Would you rather buy discounted Herschel for 80 dollars or similar Kaukko for 50?

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I kinda like this Koukko, I’m going to say yes

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It's literally Herschel Little America without fag lining

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What are some subtle normie-proof swastikas you can wear in public and not getting lynched?

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you are an embarrassment

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don't be a coward. go ahead and wear a swastika, so you can see what society thinks of you

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Gayest thread on the board.

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I found some dress shirts and tshirts made from viscose that feel like HEAVEN.

Are there any downsides to viscose, aside from the price?

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Synthetic fiber

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plastic will turn you into a woman

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It's made from wood dumb nigger

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>wood shirt
this isnt minecraft buddy

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That is entirely up to you.

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kek based

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It’s all wool and about $2k

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If you're wealthy, sure why not
But to my eyes it's just a regular brown overcoat that you can get for 200-500 usd in other places at 100% wool

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It’s burgundy my friend

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yes, you dont need to pay 2k for burgundy
you can find similar in 200-500 range like anon said

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I have a nearly identical one I bought for 40 bucks at a flea market.
But you do you, new money

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The material enough isn't enough to warrant that price. I have a 100% wool coat from mango and it cost me 120€

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Half of these characters would not be caught dead dressed like this even if they liked high fashion

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gorrila warfare

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erl beanie and this loewe shirt were in my favorites

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Normally I'm with him matching the vibes rather than the actual fit, but these are a bit too creative and no one would be able to match the vibe without being told that's what he's doing.

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Dumb nigger shit for dumb zoomer algorithms. Everything has to be derivative of something.

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Everything looks ugly as sin. The suit is okay I guess, but nothing special

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What makes it so effay?

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Thoughts on Ecco2k style? Some claim he is a fashion icon.

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Fine speech

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I've always thought his face shape didn't complement his style choices. He could still easily fall into the same niche of style but make different choices with his hair and it would do wonders towards him actually looking good.

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he doesn't have any hair these days

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bno >>> dg

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Literally who?

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Is it true that floral patterns make look chad more chad and virgin more virgin?

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Thoughts on Lil Peep's style? Some claim he was a fashion icon.

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He was trend setter. Now his style is overdone.

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w2c shirt & necklaces

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One google search

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/fa/ advice on what to wear with leather jackets of this sort

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lose weight

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Doesnt matter what you wear at all bro you could be decked out in ________ (insert whatever chicks are into) and it wouldn't make the slightest difference to wearing filthy homeless attire. You might even look better with some decrepit unwashed, ill-fitting clothes

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good morning sir

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I never see stuff like this posted here. Revenge is a really cool brand. I would understand why you wouldn't like it but there has to be some of you guys who are into a similar thing. What do you guys like in a similar vein?

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lol how did you post from 2017?

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Okay, My Chemical Romance.

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How do I get this hair? (On the right)

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Also how can I "accidentally"get that scar?

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oliver stone said it wasnt a dueling scare like many think from getting shot in the face it was influenced by one of his squadleaders in nam

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Birkin Bags



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Nigger put in some fucking effort if you're going to make a thread.

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Why yo momma is so expensive

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My gf has two. Occasionally jerks me off into one of them. IDK why she likes doing that.

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Real alpha’s rock their breasts.

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they misspelled if

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>2 minutes ago
>55 seconds ago
Y'all need to turn the bell icon off

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Male hormone are so fucking hot

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I have nigger hair, even more curly than picrel. The problem is that I'm a pale skin ginger with freckles, so I look terriible if I go with a nigger hairstyle. What to do?

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Come on guys give me some ideas

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You can experiment with the zoomer noodle hair or alternatively just choose a very short hairstyle that goes with your face shape

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start with the curly girl routine on youtube and if thats not working just try other ones black women have had this figured out for like 60 years lol

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