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I’m into RRL and A.P.C. where do I go from here?

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Are turtlenecks allowed on passport photos?

What about mock necks or turtleneck half rolled down?

There are a few conditions stated here but no mention of turtlenecks? https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/canadian-passports/photos.html

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I don't wanna have to take an extra shirt with me to the photographer and have to change out of what I'm wearing there.

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What happened??

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Do you own a yacht?

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My family does, but I fail to see how that is relevant

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How does this differ from MFA?

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w2c this style?

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How to look masculine and effay?

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By not wearing fashion clothing. Masculinity is a timeless concept, try to think about what it entails on a mythical or psychological level and translate these symbolic properties into aesthetic properties. You will find that what's truly masculine does not change and would be considered masculine in any time period.

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>You will find that what's truly masculine does not change

valued masculine traits

dominance and charisma

>eastern nations (generally)
obedience and loyalty

>most of africa
physique, musicality, dominance

>south america, central america
big thicc dicc and charisma


social strata

deal breakers, unmasculine traits


>eastern nations (generally)

>most of africa
short, getting butthurt easily

>south america, central america
no knowledge of food, esp. latin food

doesn't smoke/blaze

lower social strata

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Afternoon /fa/ you good? That's good. I'm currently wearing my hair in a bun with an undercut but the maintainance of keeping long hair is such a hassle so I'm looking to get rid of most of it. Do you guys think I could pull off a bowl cut or nah? Please give me any reccs or advice. Much appreciated

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Flipped my bad

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Where can I get a jacket like this one?

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at the store

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At a clothing store.

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What's some essential /Chicano-core/?

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Why do mud people have so much natural swag? And why do whites don't?

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It's just the traditionalist culture coupled with the constant state of perceived comfort /stability seen in much of the last few generations. Chicano subculture is also definitely underrepresented in both nonwhite and white cultures, appearing both more refined and exotic to the majority of people. It's more that rarity tends to be paired with value.

Sidecuts, Chinos, and old Buicks is a good aesthetic imo

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They're raised to learn that masculinity is essential. With masculinity comes confidence and if you have confidence, you must likely take pride in how you're perceived. Whites do it too, look at the stereotypical greaser constantly combing his hair and selectively choosing clothes to exaggerate their physique.

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Rate my new kicks

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I've read that until the heel became commonplace around the 16th century, people used to walk by putting their toes down first and then their heels, the opposite of the way we walk today. Do you feel like the lack of a heel causes you to walk or run differently?

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Rated at 0 out of 100

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I walk in these like I walk barefoot definitely, not a full on tip-toe but more like that yes

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That's pretty low, such a low score gives no leeway for inferior footware... logically this means duct taping empty plastic water bottles to my feet is automatically the same or higher

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Iirc heels gradually became commonplace after the invention of stirrups. A lot of fashion and especially menswear was derived from military dressing.

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what are the keys to being aesthetic??

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visible eyebrows

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besides this

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not being fat

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and this

looking for behavioral/personality traits, occupations, heritage etc

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Is this /fa/ enough?

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Fuck off nigger

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It looks nice but too bad you’re fat

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burn those shoes

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Are umbrellas ef-fay?

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Give me some /fa/ ways to use overalls on an outfit

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There are none, overalls are shit tier unless you’re a farmer

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Overalls go well with a dick in your mouth

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What shoe is the main Asian wearing????

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How can I dress like G-dragon without looking like a clown? And I've tried kpop fashion websites but the sizes are pretty small.

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you can't, you will look like a fucking clown because you aren't a kpop star

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Ok imagine that fit and hair, but now think that it's some random guy walking around in town
No matter what, he'd just look weird
If you want to wear it, wear it, you'll be a clown regardless

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What are some non-soyboy glasses for men? I've been looking aroung the internet and apparently if you want to wear glasses you have to look like a faggot

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Can't get laser nor contacts, it's a fairly specific and mild problem.
I'm already a 1.56 fwhr-let, can I still make it if I buy small glasses?

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>if you want to wear glasses you have to look like a faggot
If you don't already look like a faggot they won't make you look like one, if you do they will soyboy.

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No just get contacts and start blasting Trenbolone and Testosterone until your face undergoes the proper masculinization. Neither are expensive

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glasses make your face loo more symmetric.
just don't wear big ass glasses like those in that pic

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Looking “more symmetric” is not a good thing. Chicks dig manly men aka guys with prominent brow ridges, wide nose bridges, semi-wide set eyes, a scar on 1 cheek, etc.

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Any fashion tips for a manlet

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stand up straight, your back won't hurt

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skirt + kneesocks

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Not OP, but too /fit for this anyway

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Don’t try to hide your height, just except it. It’s only a bad thing if you let it be

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Is clothing from Aliexpress safe to wear? Does this shit contain lead, or things similar? I am wondering this because I bought some sweaters from Aliexpress and they feel so itchy when I wear them. It is uncanny.

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Do you even speak english fluently bro?

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Don't cop suits from Ali broke boy, save up to buy a decent suit

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>Don't cop suits from Ali broke boy, save up to buy a decent suit
Ok anon. Good advice.

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buy from ebay from a brand you like. usually same price, but at least you can trust the qc

probably has no lead in it, but i wont lie and say it's high quality or anything. there's shitty bottom of the barrel cotton as well.

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>tfw the Colonel was truly effay

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If anyone has ever doubted whether or not to shave their balding head, take it from me:

JUST. DO. IT. (Haha)

After years of temporal recession and balding at the back I finally took the plunge.

Girls already have been complimenting me and say I look better you just have to be confident.

Don't be that try hard guy trying to keep his hair.

Pic related (I felt especially bald and beautiful yesterday)

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>Whatever man :)
>People who put others down only do it because they hate themselves so I'm okay with that.

Oh man OP is fuming is was legitimate criticism, you don't pull off the bald look.

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You know.. If the OP says he's balding and doesn't really have a choice, maybe just don't use your anonymity as an excuse to be a dick and say he can't pull it off? All you're gonna do is take away his confidence when he's trying to make the best of a bad situation. And FYI he can pull it off just fine.

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Looks fine dude.

Honestly fuck all the haters in this thread. Most likely little twinky looking kids who wear rick owens and have no social skills in real life.

Trust me as long as you wear it with confidence you'll be fine. Chicks still hit me up all the time I can get laid easy

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Baldbrehs is there much of a difference between buzzing w/ no guard and wet shaving? Always been too lazy to do the latter.

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