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What core is this?
Getting into fashion and wanna dress like this

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>I don’t like branding!

Why? If you buy something expensive why wouldn’t you want people around you to know it cost a lot?
Nobody can tell that your Bruno Cucinelli polo shirt cost 1000 dollars and is made of merino wool unless you are standing on a yacht

This shit literally makes no sense

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Two different motives. Some just want to look good and don't need to flash a brand name. If the quality is good and the fit looks well put together you're effay without showing off a brand.

And then there are people who just want to show that they have a lot of money (or were able to lend a lot of money). They need clothes with big branding.

Most people will, naturally, not be able to tell if your sweatshirt cost 30 $ or 2000 $ if there isn't some obvious giveaway. You will appeal to different kind of people with these two approaches. If you used your brain cells for 2 seconds you could've saved your time to open this thread.

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I'm not a billboard, I just want to wear nice things that look good. If I wanted to be covered in shitty images and writing I'd get a tattoo.

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>Why? If you buy something expensive why wouldn’t you want people around you to know it cost a lot?

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Then the same people make tfw no gf threads

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As I wrote: you'll attract two different kinds of people with either tactic. If you're going for gold digger you can buy the most expensive clothing with the biggest branding on them. Will probably work, let's not kid ourselves.
If you however think only money equals pussy, you need to touch grass

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Think for yourself retard.

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is it bulletproof?

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what kind of sleepwear do you have

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you just know

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naked during summer,
random briefs during winter

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pajama pants and a t shirt.

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How do you pull this off as a zoomer?

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Grab the heel with your hands and apply force away from your foot

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he probably cannot apply a force large enough to get it off, hence the question

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>too retarded to take off a shoe

Yeah checks out.

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finally someone with taste on this board

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>tattoos on women
Do we like it? Is it /fa/?

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Not only are those terrible tattoos but that woman is revolting regardless of them
Some good, fairly small/unobtrusive tattoos can be nice though

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looks like shit and screams daddy touched me

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fucking hot

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>Do we like it? Is it /fa/?

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What makes it bad?

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Also thread for whatever this aesthetic was. Share what you like.

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It's just American fashion from the 50s

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they cute tho. the dude's socks are kinda pushing it.

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Hong Kong was doing something similar in the 80s/90s as well. Movies like Hard Boiled have some great fits.

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because they just copied white us fashion

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Wearing a similar outfit, but with a blue Levis patterned shirt and navy blue crocs, black socks

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i dont know sorry

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Where do I get half a dozen to a dozen decent quality, basic shirts (tees, long sleeves, dress, flannels) for 150-250€?
Most shirts I own are extremely worn out or simply old because I don’t see why I should spend 50, 80, 120, 140 for a damn shirt. Clothing prices are ridiculous in general and you’re ripped off when you don’t go in expecting that, but with a pair of designer pants or a jacket or even a suit you have something to show for it. From a staple piece to something very unique. A shirt is different. You need eat some serious onions on the daily to think a flannel shirt can cost 250$, to think a 80$, 120$ tshirt is fine and the norm when the least expensive tshirt is 2,35$ and a complete tshirt, although somewhat shitty.

>inb4 poor
If you want to spread your ass cheeks, fine. But I want my anus to remain unfucked by the same type of person that sells you “Marvel movie xyz part 5” in Hollywood and “five reasons why a polyamorous relationship saved my love life” in New York.

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Order a bunch from every store and return what you don't like. Some would say target is lower limit for acceptable tees and some woulod say. Try uniqlo, lands end, jcrew, target, gap/old navy, costco, llbean etc etc

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nah bruh
thrift store tshirts have fucked up collars that make you look real sloppy

buy new tshirts every season or so because that is the key to looking fresh

op i suggest uniqlo
20 bucks for uniqlo u tshirts>>17642422

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With t-shirts just shop around until you find something that fits you well without requiring tailoring.
For me that ended up being ASKET's in S-Long, they are 40€ each which is pretty reasonable for the quality.

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OP mentioned flannels, not just t-shirts. Yeah don't buy ratty old white undershirts from the thrift shop but if you want decent flannels on a budget it's probably your best bet

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What would left look like? Esp hair wise. I think he looks cool. I feel like it's vaguley tiktok emo boy but idk if a fluffy shag that'd been straightened to hell and back is the right hair. Anyone have shaggy hair inspo for a guy who wants to be bishie irl? Ignore the other parts of the image please

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I'm actually 23 but I started taking HRT at 18 and I think it stunted my brain development

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RIP in peice.

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>I think it stunted my brain development
well of course it did anon! hrt turns you into a woman and women are retarded.

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No matter how good you dress, attractive women won't date you if you don't have a IG.

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I Can never overcome my mid face and body. There will always be another prettier, thinner woman with a better personality

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I'd imagine the blatantly masculine bone structure and presence of a cock and balls would be more of a turnoff to men than just your face being "mid"

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I've wanted to make an insta for years, the only issue is obsessed with it having a theme and I cannot decide. Even if I had 2 accounts they'd be a total mess.

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Never been a problem for me, then again I'm 28 so maybe it's less of a red flag for that demographic? I'm not tapped in with zoomer culture that much

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Are you 12?

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I'm a bit conflicted. Too tacky?
I don't live in nor have I ever been to California btw

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only effay if you're an esl who's never been to america.

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I like it

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it's not bad per se but there are way more cooler looking shirts not too extravagant and not too plain makes it look boring

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I'm a bit conflicted. Too tacky?
I don't live in nor have I ever been to California btw

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Anyone else's bum furrow go up abnormally high requiring you to wear a 16 inch rise in pants? I was almost arrested when I wore regular dress pant and bent down to pick up a quarter I dropped revealing my crack of doom to a policeman and his underage daughter. Thankfully he only beat me and let me go with a warning. Problem is custom made pants are expensive and I am poor. Please help a poor soul find some cheap brands of pants with a extremely high rise

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Which fashion trend of yesteryear are you still following? In the warm weather I am still rocking the sandals and long toe nails trend that was a thing here in Summer 2010.

I was in Walmart on Saturday afternoon picking up some new underwear, when a little girl said to her Mother "Why has that man got feet like a werewolf"

And I did look down and saw my big sharp toe nails and I have started to question if it's still a trend.

Palewave was awesome too.

So what "outdated" trend are you still living?

Pic unrelated.

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Eeeeeewww he’s ugly

>> No.17642282

no u

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i remember that trend was pretty fa.

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Polo bear dad hats

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I'm probably gonna get some shit minimum wage job at some point and I don't want to come off as overdressed. I want to give the impression that I'm desperate but enterprising, not a fanciful self-interested fop.
How should I dress if I'm interviewing for a minimum-wage job?

Also, this doubles as a thread discussing that vibe of 90s not-quite-there businesswear that implies the wearer is a slacker who wants to look passable but doesn't really care for his job.

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It's minimum wage dude. They don't expect you to be in anything special.

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Take off the jacket and tie, you are now ready.
Also don't wear those shit sneakers

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>I want to wear a tie and suit jacket, is that somehow too much these days?
then get a real job
everybod will think you have autism if you turn up at mcdonalds dressed like don draper

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i cant get a real job

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>How should I dress if I'm interviewing for a minimum-wage job?
a poorly fit diaper, nothing else...not even socks and shoes
if they pay the minimum, they get the minimum

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boutinela got successful due to their advertising

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BoutinLA got successful because instead of spending money on marketing they let 19 year old thots do shit like this and re-posted it for free. They also saved a lot of money by selling colored neoprene triangles that cost nothing to make at a 10x markup to thousands of aspirational Instagram whores

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>sex sells
woah, what a genius new marketing concept
how had no one thought of this before?

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Whats their endgame?

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Baby trapping a rich old white guy over twice their age who owns a yacht

>> No.17642483

time to save up for a yacht I guess

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>Collection is out 5 days
>already sold out of my size
Did they only make 5 pairs of trousers? I though I was the only one buying these

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