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How do I dress more "classy"? Usually I wear casual street shit and I think it looks good when I'm with my peers (uni student) but recently I got a new job (not a suit-and-tie kind of thing though) and I look like a teenager or a fratboy there and I feel kinda embarrassed.
What basic outfit pieces do I need to fix this?

pic related, everyone fucking looks this way

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I use a merker double edge safety razor
with lather and wood pre-shave oil
no shaving cream
I shave once with the grain, once against the grain
If I don't think it's thorough enough, I'll do it again
But STILL, every single fucking time, I end up with that weird post-shave beard shadow that makes me look like someone rubbed a green crayon across my face.
What am I doing wrong here? I've tried electric razors, disposable razors, with and without lubricating oil (tried water instead), but nothing works. Is trying to get read of this thing a futile effort?

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i really like steven's fits

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then what?

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I need your help /fa/, I work in a museum and it's constantly cold, no matter what time of the year it is. However, I'm not one of those "high fashion" kind of guys and usually I wear normal thin cotton sweaters and freeze my ass off because I hate wool, and have no idea what else to wear indoors. Do I wear something under it? Over it? Something else entirely? How do I make it look good?

pic is just an example of this type of sweater (if you can even call it that)

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that's easy just buy a thick wool sweater in whatever color/style you like
for added warmth wear a button down shirt underneath it
if you want ultimate comfyness and are willing to spend some extra cash
buy cashmere/alpaca/yak or any other exotic animal that lives in cold mountains

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Fre$h cops thread, anyone??

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>getting Reebok Classics from Saucony
also, there are two recent cops threads already

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Woops didn't see em in the catalogue
Also wdym, these are similar to reeboks but have a lot of stylistic differences, it's not like they're the same shoe

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looking for more pics like this

single pictures of whole outfits and accessories from above

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Just go on instagram and search "flatlay" or "outfitgrid"

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thanks anon

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Engineer boots

So I was initially just toying around with the idea of getting them as casual motorcycle boots but the more I looked - especially at older ones - the more strangely aroused I became

What does /fa/ think of engineer boots as a casual black boot?, what fits would you wear them with?

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You dont need those plebs' things when you can wear 4 pairs of Rick's at once

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Why do you have a sneaker hanging from your zipper?

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The way you stand piss me off for some reason. Fit is good tho.

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not my best fit but i'm ill so I'm honestly not gonna stress about it

what do you use the satchel for? I'm just curious I think it's cool

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No /WATCH/ thread active so here we go.

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It's still very much functional; the SKX007 has 60 click on that bezel and the insert can still indicate any minute turn it to like any other would. You can use it to remember what time an appointment, how longer you have with the air in left your bottle, what direction is North, etc. If you think this watch isn't functional as it is, you probably don't know much about watches anyway. Never mind needing a special watch to tell what time it is in

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Sure but the point was that someone spent money and took time to mod a watch with a GMT bezel that cannot be used for its intended purpose, i.e tracking additional time zones. I'm not saying there's a rule you cannot do this, but personally I see mods like this kind of tacky.

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>what time is it over there?
>6 hours later than over here
>rotates the bezel 24 hour mark six hours counterclockwise
>wow, would you look at that!

How's that not working?

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24 hour bezel assumes you have a GMT hand geared for half a speed (i.e circles dial once a day instead of two). Without this, the 24h bezel has no purpose. They should have put in a 12h instead.

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You're right I didn't realize that bezel numbers were all fucked. I guess it is dumb in that case.

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Me too.

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is this guy/MDE just 4chan's Rick and Morty?

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I used to get shit on waywt all the time until I started posting my ROSS, they changed their tune a liitle

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>old skool vans
>skinny jeans
>long t-shirt with a bomber jacket
>meme cap


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Help /fa/

My tattoo artist fucked up, I was too autistic to protest and let him finished while slowly realizing in pain how bad it was

I even thanked him, paid and said good bye

Now what do

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its not bad but it is corny
you are a cuck op

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my lifestyle determines my death style

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become an amputee

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lmao, just turn it into a black band dude.

nice dick sleeve

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Absolutely disgusting. Even full blackwork cover up like on Stefan's right arm depicted here >>12265976 looks better.

Watercolor tattoos are the worst. Use your fucking head before getting one or numb your mind because of shitty artwork for the rest of your life.
It's not worth it, anon.

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Where does /fa/ go to get casual blazers? Everywhere I look they either look like obvious suit separates or cheap shiny crap.

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Ring Jacket

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unstructured is goat for casual

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Looking for something like supreme but easier to buy, and not stupidly expensive like gucci

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Especially recently their frontpage has been wayyy better than our's

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Stussy has some very good things desu.

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Seem like two polar opposites - one is relatively hard to cop whilst the other is worn by pretty much every 12 year old boy

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I fw the vision

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>judging clothes by "hard to cop" they are
>judging clothes by who wears them
gosha isn't hard to cop btw

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What do I wear with these?

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Mustard hoodie
Pink dad cap
Distressed skinny black denim

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and a noose

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that's a cute color. could never wear high tops though, they blister me.

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a penis

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What age do you start dressing like an adult

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>hurr being absolutely practical so I don't have to make any effort about anything ever is the only thing that matters duuuurr

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When adult cloth fit you mroe than teenage cloth

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Better hurry or you'll be late for your 11 O'clock shift at American Eagle and your manager Trevor will give you another stern talking to

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Never seen a more true and relatable meme in my life before


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I wish Taobao would come out with shirts or something

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Reddit user detected

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>Jerry Lorenzo

/r/streetwear go away. Even that meme has the cadence of reddiitor

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What is the most /fa/ modular system? I don't actually care about making music, I just want something that looks sophisticated in my living room.

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eeeeeaaaaasy answer.

also you'd really drop that much money just to seem sophisticated?

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>"Wow very nice synth, what do you usually play?"
>Oh I don't, it's for display

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using a synth as display is pretty gay dude

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Did Vici have the most effay jackets?

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absolutely nobody was /fa/ in TI1

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even in the arena of esports that uniform is awful

starcraft players are simply cuter and sharper and better in every way

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broodwar is the only cool esport

everything else is manchild tier

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that's right

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Is it just me or does dressing like this on regular basis look fucking retarded? If i seen this nigga out in public i would laugh. Its not fashionable to look tryhard or dressed by the internet. People seem more /fa/ when it looks like they just threw on some shit rather than spending hours layering they shit to achieve le aesthetic.

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It looks retarded for three reasons. It's real life, he's white, and it is retarded.

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Well this fit is shit. The proportions are off and he fucked up on his sizing. He is wearing "Reddit "techwear": the sneaker" and the hair+glasses don't help either. The beard finishes the whole cringe. He is also very clearly hiding lots of fat beneath the oversized top (seriously 1-3 sizes too large) and the pose. You can tell from his thighs.

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well no shit, its typical r/streetwear wigger worshiping fuccboi garbage

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thats a roundabout way of saying the fit is awful

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