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Post some overshirt inspiration for op, I just ordered this and have no idea what kind of shirts and pants I should pair it with. I have listed all my current pants under, which would you think suit the best the overshirt? Also should I have contrast with the shirt under it or same color like in picrel? I think I def need some more contrast now that I think about it

light denim
light brown (picrel)

basic khaki/beige
navy blue

linen pants:

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ideals thread

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Like the vibe/10

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The amount of times coworkers and customers mention it make me really insecure, then again, they do make me look a solid 5 years older than I am.
What is the best way to get rid of them? I am a man, but at this point I am desperate enough to try make up of sort. Or anti aging stuff, but fucking hell I'm only 28

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I haven't paid much attention to hair products in the past, but want to get into it. My hair is wavy, and similar in length to the pic related. Currently I just shampoo it when it gets oily. Can you guys tell me what product i should use and maybe what type of brush should i use, and generally good hair care routine. Anything will be helpful since I don't know anything about this stuff :)

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Hello. I have been looking for this watch since a long time now. Watch worn by a mafia member in Arte documentary. https://youtu.be/eRpVaV9uw-o?si=dgyhNTY9QpQ70vOV at time code 07:00 and 09:55. Hope someone can find it.

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Probably a Casio or a fake chink Cartier

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>talk to guy who says he's into fashion
>Ask him if he can sew, which designers he uses as inspiration, what his favorite runway looks are
>"Well no anon I just mean that I like to dress well"

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Damn. And you painted yourself green and then shot him?

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>talk to guy
what, are you gay?

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It's not like any of the fags here are into fashion in that way either. It's nothing but AliExpress "street style" and LARPing in Harvard tweed. Sadly the tweed thread has more believable aesthetics.

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>what his favorite runway looks are
Fag shit, stopped reading there

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>talk to guy who says he's into fishing
>Ask him if he can use a lathe, which lure designers he uses as inspiration, what his favorite wood to work with is for surface plugs
>"Well no anon I just mean that I like to go fishing"

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Is he effay anymore?

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nah he hard asf

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never was.

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crusty tranny looking mf

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qt pie

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Anyone have recommendations for sports/gym clothing? Looking for comfort and durability without looking too ugly.

I prefer to avoid synthetic fabrics and visible branding where possible.

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What sort of clothing or fits would they wear

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stop spamming faggot

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Do you know where I can purchase each of these jackets, shirts, pants???

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fuck off with your request thread

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Eat shit and die. Fucking hating because you can tell I'm trans and you don't want us posting threads. Chud ahhh.

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No, I don't! Thank you for asking, though!

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this shit is so cringe

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These jackets on the second-hand market. Go for the most expensive ones, you won't regret.

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I have long blond hair that is straight/wavy about 3/4 down my back. I'm 6'1" and white.

How do I get dredlocks?

I work a corporate job, but I can make it work.

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I had dreads when i was a teen, i went to a specialist hairdresser, it cost a lot and took like 4 hours iirc
dreadmaxx if you want, dont listen to the haters, they are babylon mouthpieces

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Why waste your time on "fa" shion when you're always going to get effortlessly mogged by low inhib sagging thug chads who turn heads everywhere they go?

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Those little manlet twinks couldn't mog their way out of a paper bag.

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Call it whatever you like, it's a fucking skirt.

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and men look hot as fuck wearing them. I love me some man legs

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Is there a way to look wild and primitive without looking like a homeless?
maybe make pic realted something functional?

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You see this, its my new motherfuckin haircut. You know what that means? it means im getting bitches tonight..

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2012 called, they want their guidos back.

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I had this hairstyle in 2003, with bleached blonde tips. I was 13. I should travel back in time and kill myself. And yes I am from North Jersey

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Bridge and tunnel aesthetic

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i only go raw dog in this beyotch

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More like 2004

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>Literally impossible to get anything

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not worth it anyways

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>he likes chrome hearts
erd is miles ahead from chromosome hearts so much is unreal, very different brands though so kys
thank you instagram for finally giving henri money instead of making the only profitable thing to do with le edgy brand money laundering

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How do i look like a trendy boi? I don't want crappy quality
Pic unrelated...

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>sexcore are for pajeet
Incel opinion
Bro it's because most men are retards, that's why most women are vile.
All starts already with they father, when he's a vidya playing softboi chances are the daughter will be a unbearable slut later.

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We're going to kill you. Look out for us.

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you benchod incels get no pussy

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>Incel opinion
pajeet opinion. every vid from india, everyone 35 and under is sexcored out.
youre tryhard. cope!

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Shut it or I’ll redeem the cards, Ranjesh.

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Post interiors, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms Frontrooms, etc
I need ideas

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Are muscles /fa/?

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Then can you explain why ancient civilizations engaged in exercise and workouts?

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Yup. Anything else is gay and fuck ugly. Women don't like roided mutant monsters. That's something only other men like.

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>>18029401 He's barely >>18028887 trying to build muscle. He will look like a skinny drug abuser with clothes on.

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He looks good in a jumpsuit and is one of the best drummers alive.

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where do these tiktok fkboys go to learn to dress so effay?? i feel so autistic for needing to learn everything thru a 4chan imageboard medium

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This post was brought to you by the CCP.

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lol some wool sweaters are still cool. but yea generally people here dress like the subhuman retards they are

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And? Let kids have their fun, they'll grow out of it eventually, and even if they dont, so what? You gotta stop seething at the world and just enjoy life for a bit

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>much better fashion content on IG
what are some good fashion IG pages

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Young people consistently dress better than older ones, because adults wardrobe is shaped mostly by job dress code, meaning gravitation towards boring and conventional. You could make argument that TikTok trends are their own form of convention, but nevertheless are miles above eternal business casual.