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Thor steiner and the like are nigger-tier cringe. Hugo Boss is sold out to globohomo. Columbia has a good logo, but was founded by a jew who fled the reich. Are there any actually good brands for the ethnostate?

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Why didn't he just improve himself in terms of social skills/resources and his desire and competency to achieve these things?

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No shit

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I just realize that feminists confuse a lot of things that are social constructs with gender being a social construct. And gendered clothing is not fashion.

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apart from taking the front part of the sides and twisting them and then tying them back like on the right picture

or just a regular ponytail
i dont know what else to do.

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Right 100%, however do right and then post a picture of a front perspective and not side so I can make sure

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Post feet in sheer black pantyhose?

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girls aways wear these really long bangs that almost reach the eyebrows which I think looks good

but I've seens some girls wearing really short bangs, it's basically the same haircut, but the bangs cut really short in a straight line. I think it looks really good, but probably you need the right head shape.

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What is your daily makeup routine? Do you have any favorite products?

What about editorial makeup? Have you copied or created any looks?

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What's up with their sizing? every single pair I have bought in the past 5 years I had to return to get half a size or a full size bigger than what all of my other nikes I've had were.

at first I thought it was for certain styles/models but literally every style I've tried I had to go bigger

has anyone else noticed that their sizing has gone weird?

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I fucking hate sizing in the shoe industry. Why the fuck isn't this regulated? Have them sorted by foot size and width and make it standard across the board for boots / sneakers / etc. from ALL companies. But nooo. Oh, you want some Nikes? Wear 42.5. Clarks? 41 for you. Docs? 43, boy.

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Why does this board still exist after this? Why don't you quietly disband in shame?

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nike and yellow football shirt kid maybe but the rest were dead fucking serious

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Do you kids really need to be reminded everyday that this never happened?

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t: yellow shirt guy

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t. guy in the checkered shirt

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Miring the neck aesthetics on the guy on the right. Are long necks effay?

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what asics model r these?

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Do you own any joggers? Where to cop slim/skinny ones for under $40?

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What are some fa crampons?

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IDK what the fuck that is but I respect your commitment to looking good cuh

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black ice on sidewalks

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w2cop sneakers like these?

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This is pinnacle 2019 hairstyle. How do I get it like that as a guy with thick hair?

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long dark brown hair

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The way her hair kinda jumps out at the horns, but goes straight back at the very middle top is so sweet. I'm obsessed with this hair.

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What haircuts are the best for males starting a TikTok account?

Seen a lot of babyfaced 19 year olds get donations from 15 year olds by lipsyncing and making povs. seems easy to do

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that haircut makes me think someones hiding their receding hairline

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That's the point

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I like the look of it but cant tell if its a bomber or something else

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with all those wrinkles, its definitely based off a bomber jacket.

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are you gay?

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What does /fa/ think of bandanas and such?

Also can one wear something like pic related ”pirate style” in public without looking like a retard?

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you will look like a retard.

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I'm growing my hair out and I'll keep my hair back with a black bandana sometimes. It doesn't look too bad and it's practical for me because I don't like baseball caps.

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brand new and original edition

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Could have slightly more contrast between black and wine, which is achieved by either going slightly lighter with the pants or maybe by using a charcoal sweater, to even out the relative contrasts.

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the pants are more vibrant irl, thank you :)

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>>14801873 Cool i like it with the shoes
>>14801860 I like the gray rafs, maybe less black
>>14801851 looks classic and cozy, what's going on with your foot tho?

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>maybe less black
the beanie is navy and also >>14801560

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Where can I get a jacket like third from the left?

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Kek you can see in Trotsky's face just how tired he is of Stalin's shit

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Post normcore in movies

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What should I wear to look like a poet?

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Dork Macadamia

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laudanum fatigue and a noose

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why a noose?

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Wear a poet's shirt.

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Alright, what's the rundown on Converse?

They're fashionable, but are they bad for the feet?

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Not to derail your thread, op, but are there any alternatives to converse/canvas sneakers if you mainly wear retro clothing? I've been wanting to mix it up but most modern sneakers don't fit with the look. Already covered on leather shoes

And they're only bad for your feet if you require substantial arch support, but are otherwise fine (but not very padded)

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Forgot pic. Not to derail your thread, op, but are there any alternatives to converse/canvas sneakers if you mainly wear retro clothing? I've been wanting to mix it up but most modern sneakers don't fit with the look. Already covered on leather shoes

And they're only bad for your feet if you require substantial arch support, but are otherwise fine (but not very padded)

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wow sick dude only $1.02

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Rick really gettin desperate for sales, having to compete with the CDG Plays

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