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What went wrong?

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How do you cope with knowing you’ll never be attractive?

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How do you cope with your default settings locked into "fail"? By seeking fellows in misery? Why not just develop the things you can? It's not rocket science. Girls don't look at prospective loves the same way men do, and men don't either, provided the person in question is engaging and awesome enough.

Sadness is safety, OP.

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Lift and eat health diets, maybe.

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Sup /fa/gs.

How should I explain this haircut to the stylist when I go in?

Been growing my hair for a couple of years now so I have the length.

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What happened to men's fashion? It peaked during the 19th century and has gotten progressively worse every decade from then on

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Can I get a rundown on Bonobos?
>pic unrelated

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>ivan is making faces again

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>Some mainline rick owens and all new DRKSHDW are now made in Moldova instead of Italy

wtf? Owenscorp is already worth over $60+ million, it's not like they need more money and higher profit margins

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What core is this?

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bout to get euthanized core

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Tattoos are like wearing the same shirt everyone's hates for the rest of your life fucking kill yourself if you have one

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Anyone know of some casual derby shoes that can also be somewhat formal? i like the shoes in pic (doc martens octavius), but what kinda bothers me is texture of the leather. What are some good alternatives that arent wayyyy too expensive?

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Cheap suede>cheap leather.

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>it's another "Hey guys, I was looking for a/an [x] that I can wear in casual situations but can also be worn formally. I like the way [y] looks, but I wanted to find a cheaper alternative. Any suggestions? thread

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Doc soles are hardly formal shoe material. Try herring, meermin or church's instead. Or red wing postmans

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COS released their pair of derby shoes a couple weeks back, try them out but desu dude doc marten's 1460s can be worn formally

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Would these be appropriate for a wedding? I love the look of the uppers, but that sole though is just making me say question it haha.

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I get a lot of my socks from Uniqlo, where else should I look? Also general sock/underwear thread

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What went wrong?

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degenerate culture

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>He fell for the Made in Italy meme

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More like made in Portugal and made in Scotland. Is that a meme too?

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are you.......peter arnell???

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Is my swag coach overcharging me? Right now I pay him $800 a month. My portion of the rent is $1200, so right now I have to work two full time jobs if I want to eat as well.

How much does your swag coach charge you?

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bout 3.50

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stop eating and give your swagger coach the money he deserves you bitch

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Is that his hourly rate?

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What's caused all these small holes in my shorts?

Today I put on my uniqlo shorts and noticed there were some small holes all in one area with a bit of an orange tinge surrounding them. Any idea?

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The bacteria in your farts ate through the fabric

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I can assure you I have not been chewing on my shorts and I don't think anyone else has. Maybe bugs of some sort?

Would moths leave orange marks around the holes? I believe I saw a moth in my room so could be it but none of my other clothes have this.

Maybe but I can't think of anything in particular

For moths yeh? So does this actually look like it was caused by a moth?

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If only My farts could travel around my ass to the front of me without damaging anything else

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>For moths yeh? So does this actually look like it was caused by a moth?

silverfish, carpet beetles, moths... they all eat cloth

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Hi check these beautiful fashions out at http://macchar-company.myshopify.com

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And this amazing jacket at http://macchar-company.myshopify.com

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And this pretty dress at https://macchar-company.myshopify.com

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Need a winter jacket? Check this out http://macchar-company.myshopify.com

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Why do people come up with the most stupid and ridiculous looking outfits for runway fashion stuff?
If I made designs for runway outfits for a living I'd make something that's less ridiculous and more like something you'd see in a fantasy mmo or something.
Also, what is the most ridiculous runway outfit you've seen?

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Most runway fashion is just inspiration. In the end, we all end up wearing minimalistic simple clothes from high-end brands.

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Dope fit

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The White Briefs appraisal thread. This brand mostly focuses on underwear, but they make stuff for other body parts too. Their boxers are the best-made ones of all underwear on the market, period. I don't know any other brand that sells underwear that is made with organic cotton and feels more comfortable than those from The White Briefs. So in case you are not wearing the most comfy and durable boxers on the market yet, then get some from The White Briefs. You can order them on their website or you could look for a nearby retailer. Their flagship store in Paris is being renovated though, so there is not much to see there.

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What's your view on cuffing jeans, pants etc..

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why do you like the word "clown" so much

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Absolutely shit. For function only (pants too long, uncomfortably hot climates)

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What about like cropped pants or chinos. I've seen them a number of times, I thought they were cool. what's your opinion

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Nothing wrong with pinrolling your jeans if you've got a solid slacker fit, friend.

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Makes me feel quite good about myself tbqh. Back in highschool I was cuffing my jeans and everyone laughed at me, "Anon, why are your jeans like that, hahaha"... now the same kids are walking around with their pants cuffed.

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w2c glasses? or just general ID

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Also no Converse cause they look weird on big feet

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nike blazers
have a simliar silouette
or did you just want high tops?

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That's it, no more suggestions, you did your job. Move to the next thread.

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>nike blazers
mostly looking for high tops

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jordan 1s in simple colorways can be tasteful
nike dunk highs are similar to jordan 1s
air force 1 highs are pretty cool too but they're bulkier

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i hope to god you are trolling jesus christ is this /fa/ now?

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>Before i purchase are these effa?

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Leave this board.

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shut up b4 i rape you

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the newest of newfags

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Go somewhere clown

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