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Im a seclusive nerd that can dress alright though. Inb4 just be a chad.

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You don't. Nobody can pull off "ironic" laptop stickers unless you make it obvious from day one that everything you do is ironic. Otherwise it'll just seem like you're a loser

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tear them off and get rid of the glue with nail polish remover

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now thats where your wrong. Imma do it anyway, I dont care if I look like an autist

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What should I do if my tshirt extends past my flannel?



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Tuck it in the back or get some better fitting shirts

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... why is that a problem?

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ITT: Injury-core

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I fucked up and bought the Korean face shaving meme. My friend is an esthetician and recommended it for smoother skin and easier makeup application. I had to stop because my face became extremely inflamed and I'm now breaking out all over. It's been over a week since I last shaved and my face is still raw and breaking out. Now, I have stubble to boot, though it's very light blonde it is visible. I'm really at a loss as to what to do. Waxing is out, my skin is way too sensitive, I can't shave, I can't even use soap or toner because it burns. Thinking about getting an electrolysis thing for hair removal but really at a loss as to what else I can possibly do.

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I, too bought into the korean skin care meme. Bought a shitton of products from snail cream to green tea/bamboo water toner, fruity sheet masks etc etc basically spent like $100+ just to ruin my previous immaculate skin. FEELS SO GOOD

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Omg I'm so sorry hugs. My skin was so pristine when I literally did nothing to it and just rinsed it with water. But I just haaad to get rid of the tiny amount of peach fuzz I have. Now it's inflamed and covered in acne KILL ME NOW FAMPAI

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should've patched tested.

>have good skin
>decide to use 40 new products
>not expecting any one of those 100 new chemicals to not play nice with each other


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Is there one? My eyebrows are slim and frankly not manly at all.

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There are some serums on the market but results vary. Other than that, brow mascara with fibers or get microblading done.

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Give me ONE FUCKING REASON Why I shouldn't just buy chink fakes.

The ONLY people who will know are insecure /fa/gs who i don't care for anyway, normies dont know or give a shit but will still praise you for looking good.

There is NO REASON to pay more.
Of course i'm not exclusively referring to glasses, literally anything in general.

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I can almost understand wanting to buy reps of something that's worth like $1,000+, maybe you want to test the look or something, I wouldn't do it myself but I can at least understand it

But how fucking poor do you have to be to buy reps of fucking Ray-Bans or adidas? These aren't expensive to begin with.

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be sure to post in a cringe thread once you get them

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1. Supporting the Peoples Republic of China
2. Fakes look scratched as shit, like you got them from a vending machine. Real ones hold up
3. Gumball fakes are identified with no mistakes

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If you buy from companies that don't manufacture in N. Am or Europe, you might as well kys anyways

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Give me a list of companies that manufacture exclusively on those continent. And let me know what your phone brand is.

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Where do I find a blazer like this? Does anyone know the material or a brand?

Also does this make me gay?

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Just get a Birdseye wool blazer m8

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Can you share a photo of a decent one?

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posting for him, I think this is actually what you are looking for anon, so here.


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I'm not so sure. That fabric design is circular where as the one posted was squared like `digital camo`

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with things like these, it's probably a one off season item or you can go to a tailor and get one made if they have a similar fabric

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hey guys, am i alone in feeling AF1s get way too clunky once you move up the sizes? i was gonna buy a pair but once i put them on they felt really really big. im a us12 186cm/89kg.

also af1 cw tips and general inspo

(i really want a pair so please convince they look good)

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yeah im gonna go down to the store and try them once more, i was sort of in a rush so i didnt get a chance to fully see how they looked. but the ult force tip is actually really good. gonna check em out as well. thanks

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too fat to post on /fa/

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-30 kg so far im gonna geddit son

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nice progress my friend, i lost ~35 kgs last year

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They look big if you're small or wear skinny jeanerinos

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Are clear frames /fa/?

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As you can see, they only look good on women.

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Glasses are not effay
Man buns are not effay
being part of antifa and supporting LGBTQUXI is not effay (im not saying the latter is bad either tho)

neck yourself.

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what the fuck are you on about, men have been wearing glasses for centuries

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>Only women can wear stupid shit and get away with it

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Is Jennifer Lawrence effay?

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>thinking that calling someone fat should be a hate crime

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>crying about not getting enough money as the highest paid Hollywood actress
Delusion isn't effay

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she thought that looked good

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Too dumb to be /fa/. I'd make a dozen half-retard kids with her, though.

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Thousand cock stare.

Feminism is a hell of a drug.

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>Buy Superdry jacket
>Put it in the bath
>It gets wet

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they're very boring for their price.

north face rainjackets are more fa

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northface is ultra normie pleb core. literally every stacey wears northface

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>mum gives me lunch money
>buy polo ralph lauren boxers instead
>when I get that check, buy nothing but designeeeer

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they're a shitcunt chinese company, bought a jacket from there that fell apart in a week

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[evidence needed]

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Hey /fa/ name my band

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joy division

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Two deaths and a ghost

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The Supremes

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R8 my feets

Cortez SD

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>not getting red ones

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Those are discusting, at least get the non leather ones.

Mines are light and have a light greenish/mint tint, they look ORHHBEH

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>non leather ones
whats your problem faggot

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Any tips on ripped jeans? I want to grab a pair or maybe make some myself but I'm not sure exactly what way to rip them.
Also ripped jean inspo.

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Can I get an ID on the sneaks guy on the left has?

>please ignore Deray in a romper

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is it effay to go to the gym?? also what kind of routine should one follow to get some slim but not tryhard muscular type?? pushups??

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>what kind of routine should one follow to get some slim but not tryhard muscular type??
I fucking hate this question so much. Is the average person really this fucking ignorant on how their body works?

You don't just wake up one day after a month of exercising looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger faggot. It takes years of proper dieting and heavy lifting. Kill yourself for even thinking youd accidentally get "tryhard muscular type"

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do you not remember the
>basketball short at the gym

this is place is literally just
>50% - people overcompensating for their insecurities
>50% - acting overly pretentious and defensive to justify shitty purchases

everyone here just avoids the fact that dressing nicely is pretty much irrelevant unless you're a 7/10 or higher, most of you buttfaces would be so much happier with thrift store cops and actual interactive hobbies

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according to Rick, yes

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Just follow the Starting Strengh program. You will get strong, but not buffed, since you're not training for muscle growth. Of course you will grow a bit as you progress, but it takes a lot of time. I've been doing it for almost 2 months, went from 30Kg to 85Kg currently and I don't notice any difference in my muscles size. However, if you want to grow your shoulders and chest like Spike, just do 3 sets of pull-ups to the max reps you can (considering you won't be able to do more than the optimal 12 after the SS program).

Basically, because you're lifting for strengh (3 sets 5 reps), your muscle fibers don't rip as much as if you were training for muscle growth (3-5 sets 12-15 reps). Because the muscle fibers rip more on the latest, they will have to heal much more above the "damaged" area, creating a bigger bulge.

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This post is so ironic because you're the one acting pretentious as hell. Who are you to decide why people should be interested in fashion?

If "buttfaces" want to wear nice clothes then let them, bitter faggot.

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Remember these fucking things?

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Thats not it, there is some bigger compilation of varioua fatasses wearing it

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Also, yesstyle has nothing to do with it, it's just shitty asian gap tier shit, there is no abominations in their stocks.

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>people with skinny shoulders and no muscle mass don't fit into clothing made for people w/ broad shoulders and defined pecs
who would've fucking thought

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lmao, i always see this shit advertised on facebook and a ton of normies thinking it looks hot shit

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Anybody know of some shirts like this? i know its a supreme shirt but i dont want a supreme shirt i just want a button up with guns all over it.

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saint laurent had shirt like this. in 2014 i think

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Ian Connor a rapist. Hope he dies soon.

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ian is fucking lit

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I love Kate Beckinsale's motorcycle boots

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fuck off normie

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Let have a wholesome thread. I personally would like to thank /fa/ for turning me to the right direction that allowed me to develop the style I have today. Which i'll admit is nothing special but is in fact better than what I see most people wearing around my campus. In 2012/3013 when I started my freshman year of college I was lost. Looking back at my awful fits makes me very thankful that I eventually found the light.

So guys, what has /fa/ done for you? How long have you been posting here? Has /fa/ been beneficial to you at all?

shit poster need not apply.

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stop this fucking meme

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