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Best effay movies? Looking for some inspiration

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the one not made by GLOBALIST JEWS, sugar tits. THEY KILLED JESUS!!!!!!

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The Holy Mountain is good if you're a pretentious faggot

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Do you consider sunglasses to be effay ?

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I've spent way too much money on shitty looking and quality cargo trousers.
Any /fa/ anons got any good recommended brands/sites?

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Pic related is my most recent pair, they feel like shit and just look wack.
>Bought it off asos

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"Reell" are the best one

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Cargo pants are for normies now, you are like 2 years to late

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I don't really care about that. I just like the look of them and I'd suit them. There's just so many crappy brands out there that aren't what they say they are.

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Turtleneck sweater with leather jacket

Yes or sexcore?

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What's the aesthetic behind middle aged post pregnant white women, why they're appeal to my cumbrain wanting to make them pregnant again?

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Your dick isn't stupid. It knows you can't get a 10/10 at prime reproductive age. But you see someone like that and instinctively comprehend that it's an achievable goal, so your dick gets ready for action. Many such cases (see also: "high test" cope when fat women come up)

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You just find them hot
Get yourself one of those asap my niBBa

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post fit

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how do i badboymaxx ?

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Stop gaming, anime and all that shit, start lifting weight, get money and start to care for your own interests, which make you look like an arrogant badass automatically.
Turn the tables, an antisocial fag who game and watch anime all day, don't have the capacity to pull off the overly confident dude in public. Even worse, being a pathetic fag and search for a mommy figure in women, prefering milfs and matures or emo lifestyle.
Start objectifying girls, they're fuckable dolls.

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How do I acquire a man that looks exactly like this to bottom for me?

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incredibly based
thanks anon

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You think pic related is badboymaxx? Lmao. That's some office monkey who puts on a leather jacket and rides a bike on the weekend.

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then what do you consider a badboy ?

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Saw this movie yesterday, fucking great movie.

I love the looks of russel crowe and ryan gosling, any ideas how to recreate the 70s style?

How crazy is it to style myself like this, i mean in a world where half the population is overweight or wears grey sweatpants, how much weird looks would i get unironically?

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Is there a word for setting your default as "overweight slob with piss stained sweatpants" and using it to justify pretty much anything?

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70s Sleazecore

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Which is best?

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I’m leaning most towards this one because I like that wide bell-shaped silhouette

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Are you a male, a female or a troon?

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I started transitioning last year, i'm on HRT right now.

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troon desu

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Why did you said male twice(ftms don't exist)

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Idc about the beard,

Tell me exactly how this guy made these eyebrow gains?

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what is filters and lighting

i swear everyone on here is so fucking stupid fuck this gay ass board

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>t. salty guy who can't grow a proper beard for looksmaxxing lol

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the fact that you need to grow a beard to look better says a lot about you

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its obviously in reference to the eyebrows you stupid cunt

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How do I into 90s European fashion?

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Google "copains d'avant" + the year you want to find, and you will get how french teens used to dress back then.

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Some movies have it for inspiration, other than that, thrift stores, including charities.

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why would you

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>Move to Europe
>Go to any charity shop

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Un très bon conseil. You can get better results by adding "classe terminale" to the search btw.

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Should I get these? Anything similar?

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nice, they look good too

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beaker snoot

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what about these?

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I own a pair of these and they're pretty good

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One side shaved and dyed multiple colors: Is it /fa/?

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No, it's just camo for Rainbow Road biome.

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Super mental illness Satan

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My ex did this once and it was hot only because she was.
I would screw this woman. But it doesn't suit her.

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I think it looks good on her. Some may argue she's a little too old for that, but I disagree.

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>little too old for that
That’s what 13 year old zoomerettes look like now. The cock carousel is one helluva ride.

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Are Afros /fa/?

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I said AFROS, the hairstyle

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It's nice :-)

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I like afros

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Hahahahahahah this website is just shit

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someone talk with me

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I was considering buying these VETEMENTS flip flops, they are only $250 on Ssense.

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Retards unironically spending 250 Dollars on a stamp cut piece of foam will never cease to amaze me

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Everytime vetements posts on intagram I get so horny

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I'll bet you could get these on aliexpress for $20 and they would probably be even better quality too.

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wtf is that shit

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Hey /fa/ what are some cute matching outfits I can get for me and my gf?

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in here talk about ways to deal with hair loss, be it medicine, acceptance, or products to hide it.

can any anon here recommend a good derma roller /pen? i have noticed my temples are thinning and i could definitely save them if i combined dermarolling with fin

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do you not shave your face

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unfathomably based

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I know 2 people that got hair transplants, before you have it done you have to shave your head and they both said "It's not as bad as I thought it would be" and "I quite liked having a shaved head" kek. Complete waste of money.

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Yes you can save them. During the past years I've always dabbled with minox, sometime fina (quickly dropped mainly because the price and fear of sides), but two months ago I started a regimen with microneedling and that's the game changer imo. I use a minox/topical fina lotion every other day in the evening, and keto shampoo/dermastamp once a week. Takes less than five mins. I don't have a before pic, but my temples were completely bald in that circled red zone; after a month or so there were a shitload of pale blonde vellus hair, now they're starting to get pigmented, plus a new wave of vellus hair. Might not look like much, but even if there's no more progress I'm still happy since the thickness of the rest of my hair and hairline has improved a lot, they havent looked this good in years.

There's a guy on yt who developed AGA during testosterone therapy and has regrown his hairline just through microneedling and ketoconazole shampoo, no lotion/pills at all.

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Should I just get a cheap sub $100 setup or spend a bit more? Can people easily tell when a suit is cheap? Grew up poorfag and still mostly am, but I can afford splurge here and there. Figure this might be one of those times?
Is mens wearhouse a good place to shop or a ripoff? Figure I should try before I buy to get a good fit. Pic related is like $450, I like the look of it.

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I have one that I think I paid like $50 for (plus about $300 in alterations to have it remade, it was well worth it). it's not the exact jacket in the pic but it's not far off either. I bought it as sort of a joke and realized it had potential so I took it to my guy

other jackets in my closet are from boglioli, corneliani, and isaia, and I guarantee nobody who isn't pretty deep into menswear can tell that my fast fashion jacket isn't a cheap piece of shit. I wear it as a casual piece (like my k-jacket)

as long as your whole wardrobe isn't cheap shit, you'd be surprised what you can get away with

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I am not gonna shit on your choices but why spend 300 dollars on alterations for that? For $350 you could just buy a mid-range RTW jacket and only spend like $20 more on altering the sleeves.

>> No.17382019

99% of people can't tell the difference between a cheap suit or an expensive one, since they usually are the same suit made in the same shitty factory. Just do a emperors new cloths and tell people it's a $2000 dollar suit and watch has their eyes light up and be amazed at your fancy $20 dollar suit.
I know this works because I did it before.

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Get a cheap suit and then find a decent cheap tailor for alterations, boom.

>> No.17382024

because it's better than throwing it in the garabge? because I wanted to see what my tailor could do? because why not? considering I'm just as satisfied to wear it as some jackets that would MSRP for $4000 (not that I could ever afford MSRP), I'd call that a win

btw there is no real difference between a $350 "mid range" (lol) RTW jacket and a $50 POS except maybe the lining, if you mean $350 MSRP

also lol @ $20 altering the sleeves. maybe you just have amazing luck but I've never gotten away with just $20 worth of alterations on anything save perhaps some shirts. sleeves on a "mid range" shitter are going to cost more than my fast fashion POS because it probably has surgeon cuffs because of #menswear memesters, so now you have to pay your guy to detach it at the shoulder and do it the hard way, have fun with that

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What do you think of the pants fad? Are they worth it? How do I get into pants? I want to look like I know what I'm doing and most importantly I don't want to look like a faggot.

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kind of a one-note joke dont you think?

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I personally like pants and have been wearing them them for many years, even before the latest wave of popularity. ‘Are they worth it?’ is kind of a loaded question because I don’t know your budget or what you expect or value, but I will say that from personal experience, my pant collection runs the gamut from nearly $1000 pants all the way down to pairs of pants I got for free, and most all of them have enriched my life in some way or another. Best way to get started is to check out pants websites, blogs, and YouTubers. Spend a minimum of 72 hours cumulative on pants media consumption before you even think about pulling the trigger on a purchase (I did not do this initially and I did learn the hard way). Once this is under your belt, it’s time to hit they pavement. I don’t recommend shopping online if you’re a first timer. Start off with Banana Republic and H&M and just start off by talking to the staff there. These spots are pretty entry level and I would never buy pants there now myself, but it’s a great place for you to break the ice as a beginner. Ask open ended questions about pants and encourage conversations, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and don’t be autistic. Have fun! If you find a pants veteran who is chatty and willing to share knowledge and opinions then pull up a chair and soak up as much game as you can. Hope this helps.

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>wearing pants
are you a barbarian?

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someone ID this jacket

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No Ivan this won't make me become a fascist either.

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I'm 32
>Am I going bald?

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Yes. Kill yourself.

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You have a hair vortex. It's a condtion in which the hair gets destroyed (sucked in) by the brain. This occurs only if you're smart, so i guess you have to stupidify yourself a little.

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get a drain filter and count how many hairs get stuck in it when you shower. if more than 50 you are balding

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It's over

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