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I have had facial augmentation surgery.


Pic unrelated

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if pic is unrelated how the fuck are we supposed to ask you any questions? you and facial augmentation surgery is not that important to ask any questions without any reference

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Thinking about getting DJS soon. What have you had done OP?

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id on the coat?

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sage bush

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undercover fw2022

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Lolium arundinaceum

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its 1/1 sorry man

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Something similar to picrel that isn't in gook size (im 46EU/12US) and that's within the same price range

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lmao 160usd for copies of 1000+usd Julius_7 boots

what could go wrong

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get surplus or save up 1k

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How to style these shoes???

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Probs some sort of Tyler the creator fit

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Or better, how tattoo's can make you look 2x as good when done correctly. No hate, he's gone bro.

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He looks terrible, like he's going to die from a drug overdose any minute
Tattoos look like shit
Your tattoos look like shit
The world is a better place with this loser dead
Post your tattoos with timestamp. not doing so is a tacit admission that they look terrible and you are embarrassed by them.

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Don't have tattoos, but planning on getting one.

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you'll regret it

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How do you know, you got one?

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Are they /fa/?

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Trashiest piercing there is after the earlobe stretchers.

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who is this cute boy[

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No, she has a decent face but then she decided she wanted to look like a massive whore who takes dicks not only into her mouth but ears and nose and eye sockets too, that's how much of a filthy whore she looks with those tats and pierces

Absolutely revolting

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Why does this bitch always look like she's been standing over a deep fryer. Take a shower, god damn

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Question : did most girls in the 80s dress like Montana Duke in AHS?

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What about this show is cottagecore

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It's easy to style and stays in place all day. It does grow out pretty quick, like every couple to three weeks you're going to need to trim the sides and back.

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How do I style the stupidest purchase I've ever made? They look pinker outside

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What jacket to wear with white/light blue jeans without looking like a homeless person or a heroin addict?

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Have a bume aye

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Thick blazer, like wool, tweed or cord.

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Fellas, what core is this?

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lazy college girl in summer core (swap in sweatpants for winter)

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80s athletic wear. Byiu just think it's more because it's furry animu

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Dolphin shorts are peak female clothing

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Absolutely agree on this, they got it all.

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Cool unique dad hats

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Most hats from Ebbets

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Do people still buy Rolexes? Or is Omega the new Chad watch?

Watch thread.

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Jesus fuxking christ is it so hard to look through the catalog?

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This is a Rolex 116613lb thread

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2 tones are trash

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what old spice deodorant scent is most effay

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I use this and have soap of the same scent

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I just got the sandalwood one

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I really like fiji. It reminds me of a smell i knee as a kid.

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Am I a poser if I wear skate chinos without being a skater?

Pic related.

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realest shit ive heard in a while

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t. poser

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yeah you’re a poser

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I've got a coat from them and really like it

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idk desu. probably meme island or sergio tachinni

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Fear of God unironically
Because I'm a massive fucking faggot and I love the oversized everything

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Cav empt. Best graphics. Amazing quality. And unique original designs clothes.

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I get mad pussy with this outfit and there is really nothing you can do to stop me.

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What’s his name?

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you look fat

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no you dont

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Not with those big hot mommy milkers you got there. HUBBA HUBBA!!! Memes aside OP, what are those pants you got on? they look pretty dope.

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Why are you wearing biking pants?

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Does getting part of your hair partly bleached or partly dyed have any significant meaning?

Because i was thinking of getting it done cuz i like the look and it would be easy to self maintain.

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It's just libtard things bro

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really? ):

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It comes from the 80s punk scene, if I'm not mistaken. Just do whatever you want. No one owns your hair but you.

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it means you want to bleach a section of your hair dumbfuck

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Nope, it just looks good, sometimes a little alt or edgy.
god I want to do the Bride of Frankenstein hair so badly

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