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I'm so casual

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Why's Zuck's body like this? Reminds me of Mike Tyson if Zuck bulked up

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does anyone know where i can purchase this perry jacket ? it's not on their site either

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neck tattoos are genuinely the most reviling thing ever

the head looks disembodied

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did anybody else embraced their balding? i want to show off how god made me, not shave it off like some 40% bodyfat redditor basedboy

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Yet you shave your face.

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Take fin

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lol yes you're right, people can't grow their hair out and also shave their faces, they also shouldn't wash themselves or even wear clothes

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when i see someone with a "normal" haircut like short back and sides ("hitler youth") or some bald cuck with a shaved head and a beard, i immediately think of fat redditor wagecuck office drone that gets pegged by their wife, does anybody else do this?

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Is this a good haircut?

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Been missing these lately

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I hate smelly old aesthetics

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Getting a cool 90s Nike crewneck has been literally impossible these days. Just going to buy a fake one from Etsy. Any other ideas?

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Why do you want a basic Nike logo across your shirt? You should look for something in the style you want but obscure and eye catching. When you wear brands like that it makes you blend in unless it’s some kind of unique style or special branding. Don’t get me wrong, Nike is great but you don’t need to carry their logo across your chest.

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bro wut

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Holy checked

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I'm looking for a nice pair of stonewash jeans. Can someone recommend me a good brand. I have a pair or nudie dry selvage already but I think the quality is pretty mid.

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will a beat up carhartt active jacket fit into schizocore fit i am trying to develop or will i just look like a redneck?

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this nigga playin a dangerous game stealing valor. yall dont know what its like to work on a work camp. see nothin but dudes for 8 weeks straight. big niggas not the kind you fucks with you know labourers. so yeah if we coming from the camp and were in the bar and we see a little soft boy like this wearing our labor colors, yeah we gonna give his ass a workout. because he what we thinking about when we doin that coal mining shit you know. just lettin you niggas know that when you go stealin valor bad things can happen to you. i aint never done it but my work crew got all kinds a stories bout makin little white boys butt bleed cuz they was wearing carhartt

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depends on the colour and jacket design

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this exact jacket faded grey like pic w semi faded black baggy pants n either beat up sneakers or beat up black boots

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>blue jeans are banned
>select number of haircuts allowed
>most people wear white button up shirts with suit pants

Thoughts? I'm really inspired by their uniform look, at least in Pyongyang.

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how did Kim Jong Il get away with being so fucking ugly

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i wouldn't mind calling my president supreme leader if he would be this based.

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also wanna share this

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I wear wool slacks like in pic quite regularly, usually with derby's or some kind of classic leather shoe/boot. I recently bought some Converse 70 low top canvas sneakers, which I would wear with chinos or shorts. Now my question is can you wear these or just canvas/leather sneakers in general with wool trousers in a more casual outfit? Younger people did it in the 60s, but I'm not sure if it would end up looking a little off.

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You definitely can, tailored pleated cotton trousers + off-white novesta star master is my go-to base to build a fit on, and looks much more relaxed than using a dress shoe.
Leather sneakers are more of a risk, because they are the same material as dress shoes so they might look a bit funny depending on details.
I think with converse you are going to be absolutely fine, but obviously it also depends on the rest of the outfit: if you are going to wear something casual like a polo up top, the sneakers are going to help dress down the trousers. If you are wearing a nice shirt, or a tailored jacket, make sure that it doesn't look too fine/sophisticated or it may clash with the rougher look of the canvas.
Good luck.

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As long as they are in neutral colors and you generally dress a bit more casual it will work just fine.
So don't wear a suit jacket or some shit, wear more casual shirts, roll up your sleeves, go for a bit of a more messy tuck, etc

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what do you think about rashguards for regular days

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A lot of threads along the lines of “I’m autistic how do I x” in relation to clothes, so I decided to make a general thread.

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These guys stopped making tanktops like this. Is there another brand (preferably in Asia) that makes something similar?

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Aside from white which is obvious

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Why is it all zoomer crap, garbage meme tier stuff on /fa/? Didn't you guys want to look mature and elegant? What happened?

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I've noticed they are disappearing too

/Fa/ is dying

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/fa/ is dead

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menswear on /fa/ was a joke. too many poorfags, newfags, and zoomers. dead board.

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I want to make women uncomfortable around me, I'm a lanklet but somehow athletic, post some inspo

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Discontinued Thread >>17174512

Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragrance General
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Newfags
W2C bottles

Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (35%).

http://www.notino.com (see directory at bottom for your country)
General info
Various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
W2C samples
On DIY fragrances
Affordable snice scents
For /ourguy/ Luca Turin's books look up Library Genesis

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2020 anon here,

Is Zootopian still a relevant meme?
Where is Eugen?
Why can't I find any decants on eBay anymore?

I'm so lost, why does Basenotes look like shit now?

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Alright, I ordered the Essential Parfums discovery set. BI better be good.

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really? that frag makes me gag.. it's pure vomit inducer for me

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A lot of anons dont like a fragrance because its in hype which is ridiculous because maybe only 1% of men wear a fragrance every day. Even though fragrances like Sauvage and Bleu de Chanel are really really popular, normies don’t smell it everywhere and they think it smells good. Same applies for BI, a lot of anons get pissy about it even though it costs like 75$ and is easy to enjoy. Funny how nobody gets pissy about artisan niche fragrances that smell like dirty asshole and cost 200$.

Jesus Christ, Quentin is a bro and he will help you get laid. It’s as if some of you guys don’t want to have sex with women.

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All the other frags in the discovery set are very underwhelming. I suspect most people are only ordering it because of BI. No idea why they have a flagship store in Paris when all their frags suck.

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What's the verdict on checked pants?

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always liked them in muted / subdued patterns and have some vintage late-90s Mexx slacks of this type

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Check 'em!
haha :)

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Rate the fit, lads
Feeling a bit sleazy
A bit murky
A bit Ayy Tone

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Rate da fit

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I hate British people and wish they were all dead

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You’re obsessed third worlder

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