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Why are there so many fucking different variations of the velcro raf simons black leather shit? Like aside from the little details, is there anything objectively better/worse between them?

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Where can I get a classy fedora that won't make me look like an euphoric neckbeard.

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If you're under 40 nor handsome, don't bother.

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You don't.

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recommend me plx a semi dressy hobo hat or famer hat kind of artist hat in black under or around $100

thanks /phở/

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Anyone got a North Face duffel and any idea on which colours/patterns look the best irl

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Best things to look for at thrift stores?

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battered jeans that are very near to your size
wool-mix slacks that are very near to your size
linen shirts
single-fabric waistcoats
worn parkas or macs

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Used panties

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yo found this vid on youtube figured other people would wanna save $$$

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You could just order customs off of vans right? the natural white is pretty close and you're not tryna convince people so it'd just be easier to custom it imo.

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Do /fa/ iphone cases exists? Everything I've seen completely ruins the look, but it's hard to be okay with putting your stupidly overpriced meme phone at risk for the sake of it being effay.

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only poors worry about the risk of having their iphones at risk

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Do you know Pingy? I think he is really entertaining and unique. What fashion relatable channels on YouTube do you like?

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He has autism and is just a typical hypebeast fuckboy.

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(see subject)

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>pronounces balmain as ball-main

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I say 'ver sase'

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>commy dess garkons

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>rick owens
>raf simons
>usually what I'm dressed in

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fuck off Rocky is the god of /fa/

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Is this cringe?

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where do you find this shit?

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Press kit from the company he works for

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So I've had my ear pierced for a while now and I've had it pointed out by professionals multiple times that it was pierced a little low. Currently I am interested in getting my other ear done but done properly. due to this is might not match.. so..

These are my options:
1. Get my other ear pierced in a similar spot as my current piercing.
2. Re-pierce my current pierced ear and have my new piercing centered.

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You're a fag

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It could always be worse..
I could be you.

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Can colored hair (more than blond, brown, black, bleached obviously) be /fa/?

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yeah that can work, but as said above don't dress casual. Dress yuppie as fuck or something.

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full on palewave with platinum/white hair is effay as fuck

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Are you guys all gay

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>asking if people are gay on a fashion forum

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anon i rarely come on here but it would blow my fucking mind if 20% of /fa/ liked girls

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Help me determine w2c the jacket that I remember looking similar to pic related but having matching patches on the forearms that I think were a female face in black and white. There were other patches too I think.

>also general w2c thread

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might be alpha industries. check them out first.

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I have never seen a brand of clothing more stiff and unappealing than CK.

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>this is a major fashion designer

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hopw do i cuff dickies without the crease making the cuff point out ward in a triangular shape?

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ask stupid questions in fuccboi general

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How do you feel about this kind of windbreakers?
Do you have any?
What would you wear them with?

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I have a shit ton i got out of the thrift shop dumpster no jokes

I can't wear em in florida, can't sell em to no one. They'll be neat in a few weeks when it cools off i guess

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Saw one at a thriftstore once, really regret not getting it.
I don't think I would have worn it too much, just to small social gatherings with mates.

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I love that shit.

post your shit on grailed so I can buy it at a low price

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There's a stand in my local tianguis that has a ton of them, 50 pesos each. They're sick.

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Dopamine, my brother

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got some new glasses..
How effay am i? Name is odin btw.

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drop that fuckboy face

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no no no.

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Sam from game of thrones

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Did this boy hurt you, OP?

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Why do I look like a solid 6.5 in the mirror but a 5 on a selfie camera? Is it really just the focal length. I feel like other people look good/normal in selfies

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What if you look like a 6/10 in mirrors and in flipped cameras but a 0/10 in unflipped cameras? Should I just get my face reattached in the opposite direction?

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nah the unflipped version just seems weird to you because you're used to looking at your face one way. you probably look fine

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great moves, proud of you

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great post proud of you

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Am I effay now?

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Is that Versace? How did you get your legs so big?

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what do you cycle?

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Leg day every Monday.

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you would srsly look good if you wore that wihth these type of shorts

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