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I'm thinking about getting one.

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Onesies are the best clothing ever, prove me wrong.

>protip: you can't

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Drop actual terrorwave fits
>in b4 what I'm posting Isn't a fit

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>black tie optional
>wear tux
>everyone also has casual suits on

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Its a social test. When something says “black tie optional”, it really means “if you dont wear a black tie we will see that you’re a lazy person who we shouldnt invest too much into”

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*Blocks your path

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Top kek

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What core is this?

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can I get an id on Thwomp's shoes?

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What's the most ridiculous looking pair of sneakers? Something more ridiculous than pic related?

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common projects

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Move over faggot

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looking for a brand of jacket I saw. It was black , might have been denim. On the back was sewn or ironed on a patch that had dinosaurs and it said something like "northern journey" or "northern expedition" . any help appreciated

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You don't get upstaged by literal CHILDREN. Do you, /fa/?


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Dropped after the shitskin kid flashed his beat the fuck up hand-me-down Seiko and claimed it was £750

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3k worth of clothes and still looked like total shit

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This is the funniest part of the whole thing. Most hypebeasts look like shit but you can at least tell they dropped a couple of racks. Most of these kids look like they shopped at Uniqlo and wouldn't be given a second look.

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>You don't get upstaged by literal CHILDREN. Do you, /fa/?

Shirt - $5
Jeans - $30
Jacket - $80
Shoes - $80
Rolex Daytona - $13,000

Fuck these kids.

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whaddya fellas recommend for pic related style of hat. christmas is coming up and it's the only thing i can think of that isn't $200+

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Get a Ushanka and go full slav core / terrorwave. The fur ones are actually really nice but expensive.

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what the fuck is this sweatshirt, i need it b a d

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What do I do with my hair?

I don't want to look trendy just good and tidy.

I've never got anyhting done I usually just shave, pic related is 3-4months since last shave.

I don't know what to tell my barber and I don't know what would work for my face/(lack of)style

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keep it buzzed u got the head shape for it

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i just took a shower throughout the day it gets all curly and I just look messy specially since I have so much volume on the sides.

Thanks for the compliment tho

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I actually like how it looks buzzed but my dad is bald and I want to enjoy my hair now that I have it.

Here is a photo form a few years ago

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Baldness skips a generation and don’t get your hair lined up like a boon just have your natural hair line

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> get your hair lined up like a boon just have your natural hair line

Sorry could you explain further? I just use an electric clipper on the shortest setting, hard to explain myself since I dont have any "hair" lingo (not a native speaker)

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Why do women dress like 14 year old boys?

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Because they're retarded?

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Can you rent a suit/tux in one day on short notice?
I live in big city.

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i don't know just call suit shops you fucking idiot why would you even go to 4chan for a question like this

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What do you wear to a baptism? Suit and tie or just a button up shirt with jeans?

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The smell of booze and hard drug use

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A suit and tie is nicer, but a sports jacket and tie over the shirt and jeans could be OK, if you know that some are going there casually.

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Are turtlenecks /fa/?

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yes fren

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yes unless you are fat

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Only if you are over 6'3 and muscular

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Only if you are Francisco Lachowski.

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philosophical question:

should you suit your look to your personality or to your physical appearance?

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Physical appearance + touches of your personality. Full personality is weaponized autism and full physical appearance is turbonormie

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Post inspo

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Post em. Here’s me

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i miss him

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please sub to my channel!


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nice eye makeup but your lipstick is everywhere

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get the fuck off my board you roastie clown

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Mostly just looking for this hat in pic related that I spent five gorillian years in paint working on. I saw it on here several months ago but was a dumbass and didn't save it/remember the designer. I'm sure it was from some specific designer, and it seemed construction wise to be like a bucket hat but it had a rounded conical top instead of a flat top. If anyone knows/remembers it I'd greatly appreciate it if you could share that info.
Also general Hat Thread, post your fuckin hats.

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