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who is the male equivalent of Dita von Teese?

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Young thug

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It's about to get cold how are you all staying warm this winter

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cheap sheepskin cause it’s cosy af

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Thinking about nice and comfy puffer. Any suggestions?

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don't fall for the goose meme

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I am eyeing Woolrich coats and jackets.

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/fa/, it's a lot of time I'm searching man shoes like pic related. I took it today in my classroom, sorry for the low quality. I want a pair of shoes with rounded tip but I only can find man shoes like the one I will post in the second tip. Do they have some specific name?

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Those are the usual ones I find in the stores. What do you think? Honestly I'm not too tall and I think they are not too good to me.

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I honestly don't know what you mean with man shoes but I think you're looking for cap toe derbies

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>cap toe derbies
Yeah, but as I said I don't like the sharp tip, they make the foot too long.

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Shia shit stompers $155 CAD shipped

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>$119 USD taxed & shipped

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>just jared
>pics of people other than jared leto

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those are fucking hideous

look like composite toe electrical hazard boots

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ID on pants

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Here’s mine. Custom loop, very durable.

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this was just posted
they're tapered dickies

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Or black selvedge jeans

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>i like the volt nike shoe...it just POPS

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Do you have tinnitus? I discovered I have it, I thought it was electronic buzz at first but after switching rooms it’s still there. I hate this. I can’t sleep when there’s noise.

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100% not.

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Rainy mood and those stupid 432hz meditation type videos when you sleep. I only have it in my left ear and it flares up to be insufferable about once a month.

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I have it but I'm always so tired I sleep with it anyways. It got better since it started 6 months ago. Went to 3 ENTs one even had some subspecialty in audiology. Nothing helped so I guess I'm stuck with it. It all started with middle ear infection.

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Only other options were tan, blue or red. I'm happy with the black.

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How is tinnitus connected to hearing aids?

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Find one flaw

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the blue lamp doesn't fit with the rest of the room

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How dare you

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The crocs. Idc if they’re worn ironically or genuinely. They are unforgivable.

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the penis

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>he doesn't like qt Asian grills in Crocs

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Hi. I am trying to learn a few things that I have always pushed aside. First time on /fa/

I am trying to come come up with a simple routine for body/hair/face wash.

>What is soap intended for?
I tried using it to just wash my body but the process was
slow compared to shampoo. Maybe I am doing it wrong?

>Which is more ideal for body wash, Shampoo or Soap?
> Do you use soap to clean your face?

Any straight effective and forward ideas for washing your face?

Thank you for your patience.

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Sage in all fields, including cotton.

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What are some brands with a good work-wear aesthetic? Looking for shit with a relatively minimal faded out grung-ish look.
Bonus points if it's cheap

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What does /fa/ think of Thorogood boots? Looking for a pair of moc toe boots, I am between these and a Red Wing FS with a similar silhouette

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How much are they?
Tell your dad he has nice taste

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Roughly $200 for the Thorogoods or probably $170 for the RW FS

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Moc toes are fucking ugly numale garbage

Why can't you people just want regular, high quality boots

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>Someone likes something I don't like
>Everything I don't like is bad

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>moc toe boots

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This thread is about the appreciation of whorology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a functioning timepiece.

> Required viewing for new people:

> Discord

> Used watch guide:

> Strap guide:

> watch essentials 102:

Previous thread:>>13847848

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Oris. Price: 400-2k

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Longines. Price: about 2k

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Damn, thank you I don't need to some random anon suggesting me watches that cost 10 times my budget.

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Saw a female eyeing me on the street. I have a 5 inch penis which is large for my race, do you think she wanted it? Pic related is me

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ye but its still a dickmove

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>posting a picture of yourself on an anonymous website for chinese cartoons
>anonymous person makes fun of you for it

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I posted myself once on this shithole, but I'm a girl so I actually got help, and compliments

Thanks /fa/

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the state of white people

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Post what's on your feet right now

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>wearing dedicated lifting shoes
>not just going for chucks/vans

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so the blue is really blue huh? online it looks almost black.

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might just be the flash

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look me boot

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Proper support is important

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Gonna pick up some plain sweatshirts and hoodies and what not just to color block or whatever but i wanna know what's the most comfy out of the blank brands e.g gildan, hanes

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I've had my h and m hoody for well over a year now and it's still going strong, lying cunt

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I was debating between hanes fruit of the loom and gildan since they offer most colours and are the cheapest but now you've buggered me i was so close to ordering fruit of the loom too WHAT DO I DOOOO

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I hate to say it but this niggas was so effay. Love the flowers in the background too. This is a very polarizing feeling considering what an evil scum bag he is.

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personally I've found hanes doesn't hold color well and fits kind of strange
fruit of the loom is definitely good for a budget but don't expect something amazing
like I said about gildan, it's a meme but you might like it, lots of people do

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I agree with gildan own some t-shirts and they irritate me so ill pick up some fruit of the loom and pick more up if i like thanks again cool cats

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I don't where if this is the right place to complain. But I'm sick and tired of this modern design. It's so flat and uninteresting.

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hard agree. we must bring back gothic architecture ASAP. shit is absolutely FIRE.

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I want to vomit
Walking in downtown Brooklyn, one block was mostly a modern rendition of the brownstone home, across the street was the traditional ones. Would live in the traditional one for the looks anyday.

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what are you thoughts in using these things?

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With the surge of newfags and redditors on /fa/ it's hard to tell who has been here when /fa/ was a bit less shit than it is now.

Anyone else remember these "unsauceable" beauties

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All I know is the colorway is called Easter Candy
A buddy of mine has a pair so I can ask him for a picture

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based anon.


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>/b/ was never good

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The demographic of 4chan always remained the same and isn't confined to just one site. people from 4chan have been using reddit (or other sites) and vice versa for ages.

It isn't 4chan (or any website with a constant demographic) getting shittier, it is just you getting older and being less in tune with the dominant client base.

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Lmao dude *hits vape* le what are those face??


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What core is this and how do I obtain it?

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Squatting in the bushes behind the trailer park with Tanya trying to find a vein to shoot up with a dull needle - core

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Skating everywhere 10 miles a day because your car got repo'd while you were in county jail for crack possession - core

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Loose baggy pants
Vans/Converse shoes with grip
A tan

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Anyone help me out in figuring out some pieces to replicate this outfit? or an outfit close to it?

More specifically the high collar piece underneath the tracksuit

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