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Discontinued: >>17822752

Informative Videos for newfags to Fragrance General
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for newfags
W2C bottles

Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (35%).

http://www.notino.com (see directory at bottom for your country)
General info
Various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
W2C samples
On DIY fragrances
Affordable snice scents
For /ourguy/ Luca Turin's books look up Library Genesis

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Fragrance Groups 101 Chart

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Fragrance Flowchart for Beginners

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USE THE NEW CHARTS or else I won’t stop posting

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reminder that everybody wants to use the new charts so I kindly ask you start posting them

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Is heightfrauding worth it? I'm 5'10" barefoot so I'm king of manlets, and so I'm considering wearing some boots with really thick lug soles like the Austrian paramemes and then putting 2 inch lifts into those.

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Average does not cut it anymore.

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No doubt, but you're not a manlet unlike me.
t. 5'7

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You're 5'10 so you can claim 6'0. Add an inch of a footwear and you're 6'1

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Yes, exactly. My only concern is that I don't know how obvious it would be. If people knew I wear lifts that would be a bit embarrassing

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I'll say I'm 6' and that it's my shoes that make me look 6'1" to anyone who asks.

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YSL make long lasting fragrances /fit/? This one has so much potential, it is insane. It is the BEST designer fragrance, only scent considered

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They make less money if it lasts longer and you have to buy it less.
Lots of fragrances that are heavy hitters with massive success get reformulated to be less strong and last less long.

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What doe /fa/ think of the KING of DRAPE?

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Can we get a wool cardigans thread going?

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no, and your shit OP pic sure wont help

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how do me and my GF look?

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bodyless hand creature gf

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Is it

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The west in a picture

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I started to learn how to trim my beard
I get a full beard within a month and I don't like it having volume so I try and balance it by trimming it with a oneblade comb
is there a guide you guys would reccomend?
>inb4 youtube/google
almost every single link and video is an advertisement for a razor

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i never understood buying expensive pants like this. the pic shows a dude with crazy unique clothes, dope shoes, and pants that, to 99% of the population, are identical to dickies or some shit. like, go for quality, but spending more than maybe 150$ (at most) on pants seems dumb

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Be careful, you could be hit with a spear in certain areas for wearing that

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I've seen people say that kimonos are just ripoffs of qipaos, is this true?

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It's bullshit

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My mom is trying men's joggers. I think she might be wearing them very high waisted or something, she's tall for a female & can't find something that fits.
>Mom buys pair of men's joggers
>They don't fit her
>She gives them to me to try on
>"Eh whatever, they're probably cheap bullshit."
>Touch them later the next day wtf they feel nice & sturdy
>Try them on
>Best joggers/sweatpants I have ever worn in my life
>Check tag
Have I been sleepin' on the LemDogs due to imagining them as an MLM-level, middle-aged-woman scam of a company?
What is a popular brand or effay product that you've slept on in the past, but is actually really good?

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Tell her she's old, stop wearing clothes like a whore and start dressing appropriately. Don't rape people eyes with her montrous appearance

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Mens joggers, not like the webm. Mens joggers. She's definitely not dressing like or trying to dress like a whore

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Is it possible to be effay and wear camouflage and not have it be cringe?
Specifically in a menswear or more mature style? Not talking about incel techwear/streetwear garbage

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only wear one camo clothing in your fit

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flecktarn jackets are based
however all other camo wear is going to be forever relegated to the rather juvenile realms of art hoes and metalheads.

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Is this outfit good enough for a date?

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Take the dog tags off.

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Delete all indians from existence. Every single Indian child deserves rape and murder

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Lol this is funny, Good for him

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Good game

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Why did the one eye look go out? It was super hot.

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It was causing too many car accidents

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..its coming back anyways.

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don't do it!

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NTA but duffle coats vs peacoats was a thing

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Post your favorites

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>this dries the pussy

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I brought lube

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What haircut should I get?

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you should cut your bangs a little below your eyebrows!

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I live in a Minnesota. I need some boots that will repel slush/snow but can still feel comfortable walking 5-6 city blocks at a time. Pls halp

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I wear red wings
>t. Little mogadishu resident

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wear your dads boots from like 2000
t. Minnesotabro

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Never been to Minnesota but anyone can walk 5-6 blocks in any pair of shoes. That's like a quarter mile

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I got a pair of Lowa for the winters over here (WI) and threw some inserts into them. Super comfy now. I walk all around uni in them with no issues.

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How are you supposed to be /fa/ with terribly made products?

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Is this effay

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lmao I made this years ago. its too basic now. Also late 80s/early 90s isnt popular anymore so youll just look like your behind on the times and its not individual enough to look like its a distinct choice. when I made this I did it as a base to start from and then add more distinct pieces.

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cringe larp-looking and dated

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Looks great and is timeless. These faggots say it's outdated. Who cares. Don't follow trends.

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its not dated but it is basic
jeans, sneakers, and tshirt isnt exactly pushing the envelope. the most daring aspect is light wash jeans.
youre relying on a flashy bomber to add any personality to the fit

no, its not effay, its basics. but you can look good in it. if your body isnt fit enough to carry tshirt and jeans then you should focus on that.