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Who in their right mind wants to wear a pair of Air Force 1s that have “SHOES GO ON YOUR FEET” printed on the side with a security tag attached to the laces?

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What's your opinion on Aliexpress clothing?
I used to think that it was all the same cheap shit that's specially tailored for the model and will never look good on anyone, but I recently bought a few things like pic related and was surprised by the quality.
It's 100% cotton, the print is good, and the fit is decent.
A step above a lot of fast fashion brands honestly.
Share your thoughts, what you bought, and what you're planning on getting

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Hey mates,

Have any of you had experience buying Isotretinoin aka Accutane, Roaccutane online?

I feel a second break out on the horizon in the next couple of years. Finished a course in 2018 which did wonders for me but Public healthcare in my country is slow and private healthcare to get a prescription is a waste of money. Plus pandemic will be getting in the way.

All the sites selling it seem to be dodgy, anyone had any experiences with them?

I’m in the UK if that helps.


Also /skincare general/

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>it's been a decade since i discovered sufu, sz, styleforum and they've have been dead for years by now
Oh, god. These days were golden. I still remember that tall guy from UK that posted here and used to get shitted on sufu for every fit he posted. Anyone here from that time?

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i just remember the autist from canada (he's bald, i forget - he crossed post here tho) running over sufu and techwear being over saturated that put sufu in grail

i have yet to see the same caliber of fits and discussion of fashion, whatever it may, in what feels like years - it's all reddit tier

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yea, not only fashion but sufu allowed to discover a lot of other things related to art, music etc. checking the forum now feels really uncanny. and lol you had millionaire guys posting fits, some guys that went to the high fashion industry latter (kiko kostadinov comes to mind), it really was the best place in internet for discussing fashion

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>sufu in the grave

>discover a lot of other things related to art, music etc. checking the forum now feels really uncanny. and lol you had millionaire guys posting fits, some guys that went to the high fashion industry latter
yes totally agree - despite the shitposting it was at least cool that everyone was connected to the industry, or at least knew a lot of what was going around them as a lifestyle: that more than clothes it was other things that made posts 100x better. i think now people can only play it safe - they buy one brand or one trend and just roll with it, other than that continue to do normie shit

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What are some good ways to up someone's casual shoe game? I have a pair of pic-related (Cariuma) and a pair of Stan Smith's and that's literally it. I was thinking of some sort of navy blue/brown shoelace or army green/black shoelace suede shoes. Any other recs? By casual, I mean REALLY casual.

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How often should i wash my beard, every day or not so often like hair? Can i use hair shampoo or do i need meme beard shampoo?

my beard lenght is like pic related

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What should i as a male do to look prettier for women? Do you need anything beyond moisturizer, cleanser and suncreen? + conditioner for hair?

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tattoos and a drug problem would help too

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Not care what women think is a start, not wearing pink would be good too, not posting on 4chan would be even better.

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Shaving your body hair looks extremely gay, just trim it.
And stop giving a fuck about what women think, they aren't the key to happiness.

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where can I find these pants

they look really comfortable

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come on guys help me find these comfy pants surely they exist somewhere

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It's called a Dhoti. You can buy them from any indian traditional-wear store.

Jaya Shriman Narayana.

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Actually to be honest you can just buy any sheet of fabric. They aren't pants, they're just tied into pants.

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thanks anon, very helpful as always

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Are my Amazon orders effay

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no you fucking faggot

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Enjoy your weird tasting Monsters

Didn't you read the reviews?

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You're trying to bait people into explaining to you that you bought a commie flag from the most capitalist corporation, right? Try harder next time, it's too obvious.

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>buying soviet flag
you just supported capitalism for useless consoomerism
>12l of monster
every communist would laugh at you everytime my russian family or friends saw me with an energy they asked me if im a faggot and why im drinking this garbage insteat of beer
no its giga cringe objectively

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enjoy your consumer goods

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Are the people in this music video /fa/?

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How can I look more redneckish?

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A black cock in your mouth outta do.

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Be overweight
Be ugly
Bad teeth
Terrible beard and/or mustache
Shitty Walmart clothes
Horrid tank top with political cartoon or gun/freedom/usa imagery

I don’t judge your choices anon but this isn’t the path you want to tread down on

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ur clothes are too clean
confederate flag should be printed on your t-shirt

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Pointing a shotgun at your head.

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Is dressing in a way to show off a bit of your stomach OK or is it a fashion "no no"?

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As the only straight man on this board I can say that it's a good look

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Hot enough for a late night fuck, just saw your pansexual or whatever and dont try to use redpill shit on her and that's a free fuck right there lads.
Just make sure to not ACTUALLY ACT even remotely femme, girls like this want to be held down and choked 100% of the time and you might even get some anal out of it.

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If your goal is to look like a whore, then you're good to go. But even that required a perfect stomach.
If your stomach is even remotely looking like pic related then I suggest you save everyone the disgust and cover your stomach.

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Not if you're fat like your pic related. We can clearly see her large stomach fat is tucked into her high waisted jeans. It doesn't hide it at all.

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It's not disgusting if you lick it clean

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Let’s reminis on pre-COVID days

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*casually walks down the main street without a 2nd thought*

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Canada Moose

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File: 470 KB, 1271x953, 48kjn-xjKamy7uXM-VRTYq1JlLkBdoKWmj-KipG7clFPUi8boUq7IDWXbQNRNkPryoIOkwnPcD4mX1Pz6P87yMPIqKUnw3JFD1EZdgowCqwdLm27uhxWzG4vKnjvm_y6orHy02PULaDqHjYEDkI1zlP2_4zzPnWm5g1xxUs10g6TwZjs8EkDLCLADAUR47nIR-2sduxp06G_2jP-XGL5z8LiIINSJGIn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

'member cats?

oh wait they're the same

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Is this Canada?

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Are dreads /fa/?

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>Agnostic (and laughing about it!!)

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What causes those many mental illnesses

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Are inhalants effay?

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Yeah Nos is fucking sick

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Such a boring drug

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never thought that shit was cool or fun
not even interesting just makes you stupid in front of the girl/boy youre tryna get w
ill never try cokebut at least that shit has a cool factor to it

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I'm having trouble finding it in marketplace searches

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Hunting coats and sport coats from barbour

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autist core

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/fa/ggot shit for larpers also OP is fucking gay :zbeub:

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i think its really cool desu but i wouldnt wear it

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What makes it onions?

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How to acquire clothes for free?

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>be black teen
>black friday approaches
>gather a gaggle of your fellow kind
>run into a clothing's store
>grab whatever articles you can find
>move at a rapid pace towards the egress point of the story you've entered only moments ago
>viola, you now have clothing at no cost
>it would be polite of you to tip the staff, however it's not necessary

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Based and chimpilled

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It's the least we can do to apologize for slavery

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baka old /fa/ used to even have shoplifting generals

1. get appropriate clothes tag remover (ie magnet)
2. go into cabin with lots of stuff and backpack
3. remove tags & put a couple of articles in your backpack
4. ??? (don't get busted)
5. profit!

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How should I dress to get a gf like this?

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Guys can you help me to create Clothes to this dummy....

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sure thing

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>femboi caillou

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stop playing everskies OP

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