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How is it that this simple outfit mogs every fashion influencer's and /fa/'s outfits?

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Cuz she young and fuckable. Just how I love 'em.

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Amazing that 14% liked the skinny fit raw denim

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19% for fit

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people have shit taste

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I've got $200 to spend on t-shirts. Which to grab?
I prefer the arms to be slim and short.

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Btw I live in Florida, are these gonna be sweat inducing? Do they have short and fitted sleeves?

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sweat inducing no. they're t shirts.
>Do they have short and fitted sleeves?
scroll thru for 10 seconds and find out yourself, anon

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ID identity

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>Btw I live in Florida, are these gonna be sweat inducing?

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Brucka, du widerliches Schwein

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How are all his outfits so effay?

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He's dressed by Ralph

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When you have that much rizz: it's sinple

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I'm fashion dumb and am stuck in the year 2012
What kind of shoes should i wear
>t. 26 male

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new balance 574's

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height, weight, race, and what kinds of shoes do you already like? also what kinds of clothes do you wear or want to wear?

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Chuck Taylors are pretty universal

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There is alot of 100% leather no name brands on Amazon. However the reviews always seem to be mixed or sparse.

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just bought a similar brown one today at target for $30

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Find some random guy on etey making them out of saddle or bridle leather

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>random guy on etey
*random guy on etsy, im retarded

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i know two people that browse /fa/ in real life one both are autists one dressed like offbrand kanye despite being a 5'7 chicano and the other dressed like ellen paige in juno as a 6'2 white guy Dress, and you will regret it; don’t dress, you will also regret it; style or don’t style, you will regret it either way. Laugh at gay niggas with no swag, you will regret it; weep over it, you will regret that too; laugh at the gay niggas or weep over it, you will regret both. Believe a watch is worth over 500, you will regret it; believe not, you will also regret it… Hang yourself cause no swag no bitches, you will regret it; do not hang yourself, and you will regret that too; hang yourself or don’t hang yourself, you’ll regret it either way; whether you hang yourself or do not hang yourself, you will regret both. This, gentlemen, is the essence of all effay.”

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Everybody has these shoes. What are some other unique looking easy slip on shoes that aren't these stupid shoes?

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mexico 66 slip on are pretty wacky

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bump cuz need

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i wanna shave my head again but last time i did it everyone was so mean to me about it :(

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i always give up at the awkward stage of the grow out and cut it all off

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ive been at the awkward stage for like 11 months now, you just get used to it
not to say all awkward stages are that long, as im sure straight hair has a lot less time in that stage

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honestly i probably just need to get it shaped up, maybe the awkward stage isnt supposed to be this long…

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how do you style yours?

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i dont really style it
my hair is somewhat curly (especially towards the front) and i havent really had it cut since i started growing it out
i just let it fall naturally, if i need to actually see what im doing ill part it a little bit in the front

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your only addiction should be to stay as thin and healthy as possible to be /fa/.
That means only coffee/tea and counting calories. Smoking will fuck up your teeth and libido, so no. Stay away from any kind of pills.

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These minuscule lines wouldn’t even make your throat sore lol

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>mental illness

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drug addiction is a REAL mental illness.

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Blessed post

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Are my tattoos /effay/ approved?

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Holy onions anon, you look like a humanized version of the chud wojack. You better grow out the beard and embrace the sõy before more people start calling you out on it.

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tattoos are never effay, so no.

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looking at your sleeve in an abstract sense - i like the silhouette and i think the patterning looks great but the pokemon characters really make you look like a fag


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if you're gonna have tattoos the only opinion you should care about is your own

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Which style of chain looks better? Left or right?

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Left if you have a pendant at the end of it, right if you're just wearing the chain.

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are these jaw implants?

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i dont trust the websites they all tell i should be proud of my skin color but i dont wanna be yellow anymore pls halp

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Buy this
They ship overseas without a prescription, make sure to actually read about this shit and use it properly

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i have this cool cream called “staying away from sunlight” its pretty awesome at whitening my skin

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fpbp, but actually if you want fast results you really need to build up a routine with multiple actives: niacinamide, hydroquinone, tretinoin, azelaic acid, there's other stuff but that's already pushing it for most skin (you don't want irritation because that causes more PIH)

hydroquinone can cause your skin to get permanent deep dark blotches if you are retarded about it so always cycle off, 6 months on 6 months off

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>avoid sunlight, wear sunscreen no matter the weather
>azelaic acid
work for me
i think any more skin whitening things and you're gonna fuck yourself over

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ITT ugly people that for some reason got memed into being fashionista icons
Like nigga how

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Ideal swimsuit color/design?

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more designs

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they should be wearing speedos baka

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wait since when has “śmh” been filtered

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Purple thong

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That would be incredibly lewd and inappropriate.

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Or post similar leather jacket models.

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Why is it so cool to be an immigrant's son? I'm an Italian and I guess also an immigrant's son but that never really meant much to me. I still love my parents and my culture but that's all.

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can't say it without getting banned here, but it's from a music video made when trump was first elected and that whole thing was getting spewed around the media with him hating imigrants etc.

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Hi, Ive always been in love with tecnho culture and with the fashion behind even tho i never even attempted to integrate into the style because i didnt know how.

Moving to berlin after summer and i really wanna get invested into Berlins tecnho scenel, dress in a way where ill feel like at home in a powerplant club.

Was wondering if you guys could push me the right way, reccomendations on style and where to get the clothing because i have no clue, thanks /fa/

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going to work there, cant really just "not move"

>> No.17641809

Black turtleneck
Black pants
Doc martens
Be fit

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>Moving to berlin after summer
Trust fund / nepo baby detected

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You are going to work at Berghain? I had a dj/producer friend that used to play there that says there's a huge bald faggot that works the door that won't let anybody in.

>> No.17641985

>Moving to berlin
kek, couldn't be me

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Why do all of my pants do this when I squat or sit down?

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Based sagger chad

>> No.17641794

fat ass

>> No.17642061

Probably because you’re a sagger Chad. Most don’t have the confidence required to pull this off.

>> No.17642069

you need a higher back-rise

>> No.17642076

asserting dominance, i like that.

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How can I pull it off?
Specially the hair, I have long hair but wont look like that no matter what I try, should I go to a saloon?
I'm buying more black clothes and things like shirts and ties to get something like Gerard Way's look or so but I'm not a twink which I guess really creates to the whole look, I train but my body plan doesn't allow me to become a twink I just buff

If someone could give me more references that would be neat

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>should I go to a saloon?
absolutely not, real emo chicks will not respect it, you have to chop it yourself, poorly. Ironically the shittier you go at it the better it looks.

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Well it looks shitty but not like the picture and cutting it myself makes it look like a schizo

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>How can I pull it off?
you're 2decades 2late, zoom zoom

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Most baggy fits look like shit

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it gets to a point where it looks ridiculous but just a tiny bit or one piece (either upper/low) looks alright

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Perhaps 1 in 5 baggy and streetwear fits look good to me and these are mostly in photoshoots with models. Normal people dressing that way will never not make them look like shit to me.

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