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I'm thinking of buying this for $170.


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What's the best way to DIY rip your t-shirt like that?

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get in a fight with a scary animal

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seamripper, scalpel. Slowly work the areas threads until they break or fray. Keep going on several areas, wash several times after. Try a lighter, be adventurous.

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Really fine sandpaper might work.

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Just wash your shirts on a really intense cycle over and over. Put smooth little river rocks in with them.

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Can anyone explain why almost all fashion sites use disgustingly ugly models?

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so you dont feel bad for your uggo face

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Fashion models aren't beautiful but different.

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>Ugly models?

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going to LA to visit family, from quite a small city that doesn’t have so much as an urban outfitters, what stores must I visit /fa/?

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Hey /fa/ggots can i get some Initial D outfit inspo

Anime thread i suppose ?

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Baggy college, blue jeans and simple sneakers

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There’s a kid on here (and /o/) who was pictures of himself taken in full initial D style including the car.
It’s fucking awful

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Only thing effay about the show are the cars imo

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RIP Sky King

Patch thread post patches for clothes/bags etc

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All my clothes are from Uniqlo

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me too

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Tbh most of my clothes might as well be except some have a small brand logo on them or are from Weekday.

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That or thrifted
fight me

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What's weekday like

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winter is starting to be it's coldest where i'm at
considered buying one of these:
i'm not visually arab
thoughts on keffiyehs?

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based and inshallahpilled

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>i'm not visually arab
will look shit

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Is there anyone on this board who isn't some shitty high schooler?

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Why does Hunter S Thompson have the best style?

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Because he literally lived the literary life.

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He's not actually a sociopath twat the likes that depp and bill murray portray him as. He'll tell a joke and hope there's reciprocation. I'd kill myself too if johnny depp reduced my legacy to a cartoon character with no dick

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This is pure inspo

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because he has 'je ne sais quoi'. its the key to any outfit

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because he was trve

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Sup. So I need help finding gold chains for men at reasonable prices. I'm sceptical about purchasing gold chain especially now-a-days with the rising value of gold and I'm definitely not trying get swindled by these official sites like Kay, Jared, Zales, etc. trying to put the "jew" back in jewellers.

What do you recommend? Pawn shops? Secret online stores?

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>Secret online stores

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>I’ve been wearing Adidas Superstar since high school but for the past two years all I get from people are comments about how they’re girly or girl shoes.

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Then don't buy girls shoes

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Tbh Stan Smiths are teen girl core to the max. Always surprised to hear people on here wearing them, but then I just imagined some 16 year old boy doing it

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Go for the Pro Model hi-top instead. It's always good to get high

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Is the thin tie still in? Also tie thread

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This is my fetish

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I love manlets

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>dresses normie
>gets bullied by gangsters
>dresses badass
>gets bullied by cops
What do, /fa/?

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Lmao me in middle school.

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Dumb frogposter

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dress like a cop

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dress half hiphop half nomrie
it works

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dress like a gangster BO$$
nobody will bully you then

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Tell me if you like, tell me if you hate, heres different pics of me wearing.
Make an alternative suggestion because it's the only coat I own other than hoodies and i have to wear itnall the time because it's winter.

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How can I achieve this look, /fa/? Please help me.

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By buying the same stuff?

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Why do girls with fuckhueg foreheads INSIST on not having fringes

Are they proud of the big egg on the top of their heads?

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see also:art hoes

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A high forehead is aristocratic, childlike, feminine. In the middle ages up to the Renaissance it was common for women of high status to go as far as pluck and shave their foreheads to achieve the Illusion of a higher forehead.

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last time i checked that was hundreds of years ago

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The basic principles regarding the features of children and women still apply. They are biological.

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i dont know why everyone on the internet want to look like some 2 digit iq brazilian with no forehead

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Are chest harnesses in yet? Or am I going to have to wait for them become more mainstream so people don’t think I’m a suicide bomber.

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please for the love of god get some better pants

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just realized this is sam pepper

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And now I see Sam Pepper too. This guy is a fucking mad lad

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lmao @ pepper pals

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get a "crew member" t-shirt or something, if you're gonna look like a camera man atleast embrace it

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How can i keep a fuller beard but not have it look ragged and uneven thanks.

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Hey, Doomer. Invest in a good beard oil, never use regular soap, shampoo or conditioner on your beard, invest in a good beard wash, and only wash it every two or so days. You can shower, but don't scrub it with beard wash more than once every two days, at most, and keep a few drops of beard oil in it about twice a day. Comb it, preferably with a wood comb, several times a day. That'll give you that even, thick appearance.

You look fine. It can take five months for it to really fill in. Mine's all kinky and niggery, so you have it pretty easy.

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anyone here have any experience with Basic Rights? As the name implies, they focus on basics and fashion staples.... they're also one of the only current brands ive seen to focus on high rise trousers in a modern slim cut.

They're having 60% off right now and I ordered a few pants. Just wondering what to expect and if anyone here has ordered from them

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You sure know a lot about them for someone claiming to be asking for info.

Plus you say you ordered before you even posted the thread...

If you are going to shill, at least post some pics of wearable pieces.

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