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Anyone got good slipper recs? It's starting to get cold around here, and I'd like some actually nice slippers instead of the shitty Costco ones people keep recommending to me.

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This is the ideal male body for utilitarian fashion.

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Looks like a gay bear

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Holy fuck. What is this shit? And don't say
>average people dress average
This is not even average. This is literal dog shit.

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Most people stop maturing after their teenage years

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Thoughts on the coat? Would it look normal in real life?

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no you will look autistic and shit, just look for an overcoat that goes to that length.

do people actually think stuff from scifi movies would look good irl? how autistic can you be

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Women dress horribly nowadays

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A thread died for this. Yes and it's usually because they're cheap.

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Are fishnets gay?

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Not if it catches women

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No, but you might be.

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if you have a girlfriend nothing you wear is gay

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Dope as fuck

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Yeah I'm thinking based.

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I fucking hate living in a hot country I could rarely wear any of those

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Where can I buy this drip?

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dude was wearing yeezys

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First thing I thought of was /fa/. Dope fit nice hair

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How does one dress like a slut as a man?

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Overt campy masculinity is slutty

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Men use actions as opposed to the feminine spirit of materialism.The man as a slut is the hunter.

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what are some leather shoes or boots with soles that won't smooth don't after less than a month of daily use?

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Redpill, spend 350-800 on nice custom insoles for your feet for maximum comfort on all shoes. They'll last for around a decade and maybe a fix or repair every 5

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So I was looking at a vintage overcoat. nice, fur lined affair. Double breasted. And I noticed something odd. It should be a 6 button, yet, the bottom row only has one button. The faux button is not there. There's no evidence of it being missing, it just looks as if it was made that way. Only the functional button exists. Is this a thing? Considering most coats you never button up the bottom button anyway so only the functional one exists? I have spares that are similar i can add, but I wanna know if thats supposed to be some stylistic thing I'm aware of before I go sewing a button on because "durr it's missing"

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>order article of clothing online
>it’s shit

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>order clothing online
>recieve shidded pants instead

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>order clothing online
>it fits me perfectly

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>order clothing online
>holy shit my grail is so cool i will stare at it for 5 hours now

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Refund it. Know your fabrics, get your measurements, consider tailoring.

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Should I get Mykita glasses?

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What are some clothes that would fit Joel-mode? Need some references to clothes for an art project.

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Do you have any purple articles of clothing?

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I have a sport coat, sport shirt, and oxford in dark purple. They have their uses.

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I have a purple dildo but idk if that counts

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Is it your Barney fantasy?

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no but i like the color purple

might add some purple shit to my fits in that case. would work okay as an accent in my case

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no. its my purple aki fantasy

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What’s the most effay shoe size?

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It's good for cumming hard

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she can only wear tight clothes or she'll look ridiculous

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Because they're Asian

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