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What's the best pair of men's underwear that's not obscenely expensive?

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just shelled out for some chubbies, then found out that they aren't in fact made in USA anymore. this, coupled with the fact that they mailed me a card with a shirtless fat black man on it, makes me want to return and take my business elsewhere. recommendations for shorts that meet the following criteria?
>cotton, not plastic
>7" inseam
>belt loops, not drawstring
>comes in a variety of colors

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Best bet is to try to find pants at 80% off online and then get them hemmed down to 7” inseam. Easier to find good quality pants for some reason, and much easier to find them on sale, especially at this time of year.

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Don’t know what size you are OP>>17640721
, but this is just one example of acceptable quality cheap pants, though there may be a little too heavyweight for shorts.

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Forgot Pic

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What do I ask the bespoke tailor for to replicate this suit?

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You could just show him the picture and ask him.

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double breasted suit with wide lapels

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where to get good ankle socks that are normal and well fitting? usually would go to uniqlo but for some reason a lot of their white ankle socks are thick as fuck and ill fitting

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imagine the smell

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Which GAT clone do you prefer? Mexico 66 or sambas?

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501 stf Knight, 30x34, 2+ years worn, 3 washes with cold water in machine, air drying.

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Join us

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if all the fades you can get is from your phone and on your knees from sucking dick, maybe paying $200+ for japanese meme denim doesn't sound like such a bad deal

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Tripping. My honeycombs are coming along nicely.

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Dost he drippeth?

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i want pants like these but they're either vintage unobtainum or uber expensive

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Imagine paying premium to look like a gopnik from the gas station around the corner

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i'm from eastern europe though
i just liek this photo

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is there any cologne that draws dimes like sauvage

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>draws dimes
is this zoomer slang?

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Can the mid-2010s dad hat era ever come back? Kinda sick of snapbacks desu

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it never went away

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Who told you to wear snapbacks anon

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This. It’s a classic. There will be ebbs and flows in its trendiness but it was here all along and it always will be. If it works for you and it coincides with your personal brand atm then do it.

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New Era 3930, no logo is a nice choice if you have to wear a visor hat
kinda like the pony too desu

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Americans still wear this shitty cap as if it were a real hat

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How do you set up your wardrobe?
Got any tips?

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i'm lazy. i just have a stand up dresser for foldable clothes, hang jackets, shirts, and pants, and then i keep a shoe rack next to my entrance with my most common shoes.

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Can't wear Yeezy no mo
Can't wear Balencie no mo
Can't listen to Ye no mo

But I still do

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Based Kanye, he got me into Cargos

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Who is the Madame Tussaud looking ass sissy nigga on the left?

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Miserable ass F1 driver Lewis Hamilton. Never smiles. Even when he went out with Nicole Scherzinger who’d sit on his face and brap he’d never once raise as much as a smile

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>Just dress well bro

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What do you think of this outfit?

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How do you make a 2000s outfit look more “authentic”?

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If the jeans where a solid color and non distressed with a cool belt and an oversized heavyweight t would look better

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You wear something else

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That faggot semetary who thinks he’s hard because he takes pics of knives and guns in a trailer park. Back in the day we’d go to the school shooter kids house and take pictures with guns from his dads firearm safe. But semetary is a grown man that does that shit and makes shit music

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Like? Give some examples

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>crop tops
>short shorts/skirts
>spaghetti straps and strapless shoulders
>tighter fabrics that shows their curves
>lower necklines and cleavage

Do they really enjoy wearing all that, or are they confined to white western patriarchal male gaze? Are they okay with dressing like that when children are present? We truly are living in the end times.

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Because sexual dimorphism. Women have different bodies than men. We decided that the things that make women physically different from us are attractive. The fashion industry designs clothes to draw attention to those things.

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but why can't they do the same to men?
why is it that when men dress even remotely less bland, it's considered "faggy"

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I’m not a degenerate and find modesty attractive. I don’t need to see half-naked women waltzing around in public to see a titty. Yes women are different and opposites attract but a woman does not need to make visible all her different parts that separate her from a man in order for me to either recognise her as a woman or find her feminine/attractive

I hate retarded coombrains that encourage this foul behaviour, not because “Le Feminism” but because dumb shit like “Free the nipple” benefits simps more than it empowers women

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i like when women dress sexy yet still classy

sundresses for example are classy, yet are delicate enough that it leaves enough to imagination and makes you want to see what's underneath

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Sundresses are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. A dress with cleavage and a skirt length that shows off panties or pussy any time a woman sits is exactly that. Slap on a print your grandma would wear and all of a sudden it’s a “sundress” and “modest” - just proof that this whole tradwife craze bullshit is pick me girls on social media larping as non-whores when they’re still just the same old whores anyway

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What's your favorite things to wear when your kicking in the heads of home fans on an away day lads? Personally I love a lyle and Scott jacket with a CP Company beanie, stone island jeans and some navy gazelles

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Do you show your top teeth when you talk and smile?
I'm really conscious of the fact that I don't. Makes me look weird.

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You look like a cross between Quentin Tarantino and a blow-up doll.

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That's not me. Just a random image to demonstrate the issue.

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i have the opposite problem. my top teeth show too much when i speak

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Whats the best solution to a bad hairline? Just shaving it off and hope you can pull off the bald look?

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Dutasteride, minoxidil, tretinoin, ketoconazole, melatonin, biotin, microneedling

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Yes. The drugs appear a disaster. The surgery is expensive and shit - did you know you carry on balding behind the newly implanted hair? Many develop this bald halo effect.

Shave it and see how you like it, or watch old movies and find someone with your hair type/loss and see how they style their hair. Men/barbers back in the day did wonders to hide hairloss. Watched Dallas recently and Larry Hagman is balding bad yet they make him look like he still has a full head of hair. Of course, if you try this you'd probably be stuck with a 70s haircut.

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If youre still thick in the middle, grow it out

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Grow it our and forward, all the zoomers do this

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Where can I buy pants like these? (for working out)

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Your nearest zara on their summer collection

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whatever worthless board

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Where to cop some good chains to style the jeans? They look very /fa/

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youre four years late to a trend that died 3 and a half years ago

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not op but this "trend" is 25 years old or possibly older

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kill yourself

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Like I give a shit about "trends".
Japanese raw denim jeans, cowboy boots and one of these chains. That's timeless.

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way way way longer than that

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wtf is the name of this type of shirt graphics?

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knockoff affliction, which is just heraldic mofits with emo flair

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>wtf is the name of this type of shirt graphics?
Shitty. Those are called shitty graphics.

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I always just called them Hispanic-style graphics, idk.

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