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I need a nice effay bike jacket.
Any ideas?

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post a more aesthetic face

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How do you manage to keep your wardrobes small? I really want to get down to having a really small core wardrobe with just a few quality pieces but I can't seem to force myself to get rid of stuff I know I probably hardly even wear

Also how many pieces of clothing do you own?

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This might be the most perfectly androgynous person I’ve ever seen

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After following your advice I got 43 matches in less than 3 days.

Thank you /fa/ for your photo / design advice.

However the problem is I have only had 2 dates. (Both fails as Im still struggling on not being autistic).

1) Is it normal to go on a date within one week of a match?

2) Is it normal to only got on one date for every 20 matches?

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I don't think you should worry about either of those questions.

Ultimately you should play the numbers game. Swipe as many as you can, talk to as many people as you can. Try your best with each of them, and get a date as soon as you can. Try your best on your profile too, don't think "oh it's cool to be half assed and ironic"

Don't be too strict on judgement, you can always curve them later.

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if you swipe too much your ELO rank goes down

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yeah then why did you buy them retard ?

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not him lad
but yes the tinder algorithm has essentially made it p2w for most men

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for the unnattractive ones, thats why i said he bought those matches. He has an unfair advantage and wants to flex on others who dont.

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do asian girls like skinny guys or bulk guys?
how should i look and dress to attract asian women and feed my yellow fever??

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we can dream :(

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How long will it take for me to achieve that body?

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that physique is extremely easy to get by skating everyday while also going to gym and just doing pull ups and shit

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to become black?

a lifetime might not be enough

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1 year with proper training and nutrition and youll look even more buff, you got good genetics already

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So after following your advices I now have received 42 matches in 72 hours.

I have had 2 dates.
I failed at both.

Is it normal to only have 1 date per 20 matches?
Is it normal for it to take more than 3 days to arrange a date?

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literally never had a match ama

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>So after following your advices

eh, which ones?
are ya sure you chose the right board?

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If I don't lose my virginity by the time I'm 30, I will walk around in a shirt with this print. This is a promise.

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Please keep us updated on your epic journey.

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I will.

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How old are you? Anything less than 25 is gake

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gake? whats a gake?

i am 22

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Is reading /fa/? Is philosophy /fa/? What do you read, any favorites? Recommendations? I'm starting on Neechee.

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no, it's a pointless waste of time for people who are content to just say "we'll never know" instead of actually try and find an answer to things.

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although to add to that both reading and philosophy are very /fa/ though.

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Iron Heart

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Name a better and cheap face moisturizer.
Pro tip: you can't

For 35 dollars this product is liquid gold.

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I've used a bottle of facewash and moisturizer from Brickell. It's not bad, but the Dermalogica products I'm using now are 10x better, and only slightly more expensive.

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Interesting. I will check them out

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why would one waste 100 dollars on a face moisturizer? garnier not good enough now?

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what's the best japanese eyewear company? looking to switch out my moscots for something with better quality.

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How does it feel to know that you spend dozens of hours a week thinking about your outfit and there are people out there who can just throw anything on and be a 10/10?

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I don’t care cause I don’t dress to attract people, I do it for myself

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She isn't even fucking close to a 10/10 you delusional cunt, she's also interrupting me while I'm eating which is very, very rude. I don't want to listen to whatever dogshit proposition this roast beef and gravy thot has, I'm trying to enjoy my BBQ rib. Any woman that open about her sexuality and that rude is an immidiate 0/10 regardless of her appearance.

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Doesn't make me feel bad because I've accepted my uglyness.
What makes me feel bad is precisely the fact you stated because I can't spend money on clothes since I have no fucking money

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How do I achieve the manic, anxious writer aesthetic?

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smoke lots of ciggies and drink lots of coffee, dont eat food.

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Also amphetamines if you have them. Skipping nights of sleep once in a while or only getting a few hours adds to the look too.

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I'd start with actually improving my writing

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This. You'll turn into the next Ayn Rand with a 90 page speech for one character

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Ya. I love how being tweaked and under-rested adds to my aesthetic, and I get so much stuff done. Haven't gone to lectures for 2 days cuz I got tweaked and did this week's work in all classes. Do amphetamines lol

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How do you /fa/ in a tropical climate? Style is all about layers but where I'm from you'll be drenched in sweat if you wear more than one thing.

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It's harder because you need to keep it simple. Learning how to use your proportions very well is one of the keys to make your fits stand out.

I'd say: Proportions > colors > texture > prints.

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new suit. like comment subsribe

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having a good night op?

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breddy gud yeh

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I love it

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Not my style. I prefer a skinny fitting suit with a short jacket the same length as the sleeves, and no-break pants just showing a sliver of the socks.

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the chad drape

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How do I dress like I'm a vampire or a werewolf?

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>How do I dress like I'm a vampire or a werewolf
>I don't want to look like a faggot
pick one

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Vampire: black slim fit H&M shirts, close shave
Werewolf: Pacsun flannel shirts and the like, no shave

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how good looking do you have to be to do modeling (male) as a side job?

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wtf does that mean

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Depends really

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you gotta be tall and young.
looks depend on the agency youre applying to

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ID on this shirt or something close to it please. Moving to tropics and need this

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just a basic military shirt. search linen military shirt

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shoulder button flaps look retarded

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What are they even used for?

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They're called epaulettes, and they were used to fasten the straps of bags and swords to the body so they didn't slip off. And then the style just kinda took hold on most military uniforms.

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they're also used to display rank insignia on some styles

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