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You fuckers lied to me, I will never wear polyester at the gym again.

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Le reddit humor

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My son, you got the whole board laughing.
You have made me proud, come give your Shaman a hug

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My son, you got the whole board laughing.
You have made me proud, come give your Shaman a hug

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what would someone like johnny from the movie naked wear during the summer?

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Drop your examples and elaborate on them.

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Upturned ones are the most attractive a woman can have. What about men? Still a supporter or you're more into the mediterranean side?

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Can I pull this off?

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what went wrong?

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Is this a mulatto hairstyle? Please advice

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This has to be the dumbest thread of the day

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You’re a grown man. Stop dressing like a teenager

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That's good advice. What's funny is
1. she's like 26 when I thought she looked 35.
2. She's in northern Ohio. Basically no one in ohio dresses, looks, or makes the money that the women she interviews expects.
3. From what ive seen she advises guys to dress like the fuck boys she claims she hates.
4. Her husband looks like an effeminate cuck

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-100lbs, quit pornography, skin, body, dental care routines, single & alone > single & alone

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>She's in northern Ohio.
It explains a lot. Not a fan of her own style but I guess she's a force for good in states like Ohio or Florida.

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Fair point.

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>1. she's like 26 when I thought she looked 35
She's 26? Grim

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Has there ever been worse trends than 2024?

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dunno, i get all my info about trends from /fa/ and this board has been uninformative for years.

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>Has there ever been worse trends than 2024?
Yes the worst fashion trend EVER is any damn dingus crossdressing.

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have sex

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Go to Tokyo walk HD
Find /fa/ people

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Look annoying as fuck but they mog me

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Rate this old hobo

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ID on pants?

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Accidentally wore one of these while night strolling in the city
Everyone thought I was a drug dealer

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Pic related is an average couple in my neck of the woods in america
Some shrek looking white guy with a hot blonde/hot brunette white girl

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it's all about money, so all the tiktok instagram zoomers can live their social media dream

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How is this fashion related?

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Scratches on ceramic watches edition.

Guides and Info:
>Classic Meme
>Poorfag guide:
>Watch essentials 102:
>Purchasing used watches:
>Purchasing straps:

"Suggest a watch for me."
>Your budget
>Watch type, e.g. dress, diver, pilot
>Movement, e.g. automatic, hand-wound, quartz
>Desired features, e.g. water resistance, day/date, 2nd-time zone
>Preferred strap option, e.g. leather, nylon, bracelet
>Wrist size or desired watch size

Previous thread: >>18146065

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The issue is he doesn't like any watches
More like spasticville
No remotely normal person would say this kinda shit

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I think watchthread needs to just be real and honest: if it's not a PP grand complications, it's a shitter.

Rolex? Shitter
Ap? Shitter
Cartier? Shitter
And so on.

(The exceptions to this are those domed 3d watches that cost millions, those are also non shitters)

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I agree with this, but those grand complications are also shitters.
>more complex and fragile
>infinitely more expensive
>extremely hard to acquire

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Most people just need to know the time and maybe the date. Some more cultured among us also like having the day. Anything more than that is just more bullshit to set and more bullshit that can break. You don't need a fuckin astrolabe on your wrist, just being able to figure out how far away lunch time is and what day tomorrow is is plenty.

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I love the day/date window and the legible dial. It's so simple yet so beautiful

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Should i trim my beard into "Friendly Mutton Chops"

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no unless you come from a backwards culture that does it or you have the build/bone structure for it. otherwise you'll just be a larper tying hard to look like a "cool beer guy"

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so the consensus is yes, ill do it then. thanks anons

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you're welcum

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I don't think it's possible to pull this off without looking like a post-ironic tryhard faggot, but you do you, wouldn't mind if you post a pic

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Very hard to pull off. Most people are gonna look stupid as hell with them. I suggest that unless you have the face and facial hair to fill it out properly don't attempt it.

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Looks really cool here
That fucking hair dye ruined her wtf

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Are you silkpilled yet? Silk clothing is:
- Strong
- Moisture-wicking
- Breathable
- Naturally anti-microbial

So many pieces are stupid expensive for no reason, but all the affordable silk clothes I've bought have been absolutely great. What do you own?

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>but garments made of silk are much harder to care for compared to those made from most other fabrics
Just fucking line dry it mother fucker, that's hardly much harder than sticking it in the dryer. I swear Americans ate fucking useless.

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>wearing the meme high waisted style
your mother, you rat bastard

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Do something about it :3

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Come on, boy
Flex the underwear, how will people know you spent a lot on them otherwise?

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How would a fellow anon attempt the wigger style in 2024? Is it even possible anymore or should I just SEXCOREmaxx?

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this must be every wiggers favourite movie

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john cena core

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Travis kelce/Chet hanks

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You know you can wear whatever you want right? You don't this boards approval before you leave your house

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He effay, FR FR
cap? No, sir

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Thanks, I wasn't asking for advice from you racists anyways

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Do you get paid to shitpost here or something

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I'm at work, right now.
They never check what I'm doing as long as I finish my tasks

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What are some masculine, short sleeves shirts for summer that doesn't make men look like try hard homo hipsters?

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just let him die you nerds

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gotta be fit to pull this off this look

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the pic i used from google image search is shit for demonstrating it but i'm lazy. if the shirt fits a bit looser in the arms and torso and is made of a thin breathable material like silk, linen, and looser cotton weaves its rather comfortable. you don't have to tuck the shirt either.

totally. out of shape people can't expect to look as fashionable when its hot out because you can't use layers to conceal the silhouette of the body as much as normal.

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linen shirts

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Tattoos are conformist. Why be different when you can be yourself?

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based lights poster

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because it makes chuds such as yourself seethe, proving that it's an effective way of signaling something, be it a passion, a lifestyle choice or what have you

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How are they conformist when the majority of the population does not have them? You're a retard that thinks most people have tattoos, aren't you?

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If you do the opposite of something because you consider it conforming doesn’t that mean you’re still conforming in opposition

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There's no way the population with tattoos among the 20 - 40 age range isn't approaching 50%. In the US.

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Anyone got a clue what brand or clothing store sold this type of hemp hoodie in late 2000's?
Hi, I'm trying to find this hoodie I once had and it's manufacturer.
The image is an approximation of the design - I lost the thing years ago so I don't remember all the details. The ghost print in the actual hoodie was more gritty with pointed teeth but equally cartoonish. I do distinctively remember that it was made out of hemp to some degree, could have had a net mesh as the inner layer, wash tag had gold or yellow lettering with the manufacturers name. If there was a text logo printed or sewn in it, it was very small and subtle.
This was purchased in Calgary Canada, I think it was a smaller store in The Core Shopping Center or a mall in that general area, somewhere around late 2007. It might have been Hot Topic store or something very much like it. Some youth/goth/skater type of clothing store. I'd appreciate info on that too.
Thanks you.