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How to be /fa/ if poor?

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I have these pants in black colorway, what type of belt goes with them? The fabric is like jeans.

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Are this kind of shoe trees anygood? My local super market sold them for 3 euros so I bought 2 since I've heard shoe tress are nice to have. I'm worried it's pushing the upper too far up and after googling it seems like the "spring" ones aren't the best

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what shoe is this?

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Looks like CPs but the tounge looks off.

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CP achilles low. Except replicas

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Is there a name for this maximalist busy style with lot's ov printed text?

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How do I dress like a classcuck?

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How do you figure out which of these look good and which look shit?

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Good, Good, Good
Good, Shit, Shit
Shit, Shit, Shit

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They all look like crap, top right is the only passable one

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How long would this take to achieve, assuming competent facial hair growth?

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not long, especially considering winslow kills wake in the end

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based spoilers

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How do I become /fa/?

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cool you're halfway there

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full rick

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What do you think of Bronx? Are their products long-lasting? Is this real or fake stitching on the sole?

I'm planning on getting these: https://bronxshoes.com/en/biker-boots/2509-3408-rifka-super-chunky-buckle-black.html#/1-size-36

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post affordable boots, up to 150%

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The only one you need. DEADASS, B. Fuck your opinion and Don't (You) me.

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>nignog boots
No thanks.

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Where do I get his Blazer, OR what is this Blazer Type called

What is his Gun Holster

How does he keep his Trenchcoat that Stiff in the collar

What are his pants called - Fabric & Type

Where does one get Ahold of a trenchcoat in 3XL (EU)

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also lose weight, you fat cunt

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Not cosplaying kid

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"just purchased this singlet, didn't realise it's a male croptop, anybody know a singlet with this design just longer?

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post a picture of you wearing it

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Do these solovairs worth the 160£? Why or why not?

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Is there any way to buy a new leisure suit that isn't solely meant as a cheap halloween costume, or will I have to get this tailor made?

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The new Uniqlo x JW Anderson collab is out - you copping anything?

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Yeah, I'm 5'11 and 155 lbs. Think I might grab a large. Wtf is body width measuring?

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I bought this and the one in brown. Best deal in the entire lineup imho

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I came to store after lunch and yellow cardigans were already gone.
Yellow sweaters also gone. Lots of people running around.
>>14718884 these look very nice and solid irl
>>14718888 awesome sweaters, nice soft wool, brown is the best colorway
I would say it's the best JW collab to date.

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Surprised about the cardigans, thought they were ugly. But I'm feeling good about the sweaters I bought. What color way of the bomber did you think looked best?

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Wish I copped these relaxed corduroys instead of the U ones. Ah well.

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Why does /fa/ refuse the SEXpill?

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What you posted is loose fitting, it would work just as well if that model were muscular.

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obviously some muscles help build out your frame but not to the ridiculous extent of the OP's pic where their pecs are literally deforming their jackets, and their legs make their pants look like the faggiest shit ever

seriously you are delusional, you don't look good and nobody irl thinks you do

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Right. Everybody on this board is fat or skinnyfat

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ottermode is fa

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/fa/ or cringe?

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I'm no 10/10 so I can't wear garbage and still look good, if that's the depending factor

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Everytime I see a woman in a leather jacket I think to myself "what a fucking lesbian" or "die, femminist, die".

And it goes double for men. This is not 1950's and you are not Marlon Brando in the Wild Ones, you are not a rock star from 1980's or goddamn Fonzie.

Grow the fuck up. All of you.

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I got a leather fetish, wouldn't wear one myself but pic is 10/10 would coom stare her until she called the cops.

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You only hate polos because you're ridiculously out of shape

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Ottermode is the most effay body type, eboy gypsy

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seething sekcore nigger

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you can be fit without going to the gym and being bulky

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Does /fa/ thrift?

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absolutely, like 30% of my clothes come from City Thrift.

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I live in a fat, not very white city in the south, so there are no clothes that look good *and* no clothes that fit. I used to in my college town though and it was sick

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like 40% of my closet is thrifted. I save so much money, I buy shit and then return stuff I don't wear. It's a vicous cycle.

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Gf wears labels I pick her out some vintage labels

Used to like telling women what to wear on /fa/ now I make outfits for the gf

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Only in Japan.

Once you've thrifted there, everywhere else is pointless.

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