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Does anyone have any good recommendations for stylish shoes that boost your height? I got shoes similar to those in the image but they didn’t increase my height any more than my Nike 98s or 97s, effectively rendering them useless as they weren’t particularly stylish either. I’ve heard Doc Martens are a good start, but any recommendations for ones that give you a good boost and look nice? I’m 5’9/5’10 but want something to boost me to around 6’0/6’1 preferably

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Standing on top of something won't make you any taller.

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Chukkas are in and some have high tops. In the summer you will look like a retard wearing high tops with shorts

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WOW was not expecting a “tactical” clothing line to offer such a nice casual and formal brand. So being a large to xl size in men’s clothing, I have spent years searching for the perfect fitting chino and jeans. Ordered a pair of each in my size and got them today. 5.11 defender flex jeans are fucking perfect. They are “slim fit” flex pants and chinos yet not skin tight and not too loose. The matierial seems far more durable than anything else that is 2x the price. I’m wondering how long they stay this low when more people are catching on. Anyone else have similar experience?

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any /fa/ masks?
ive only used the blue pharmacy ones so far but i wanna buy some reusables
im looking for the same style as the pic but id rather get one with less branding if you know a place

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what are some effay coats

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nigga i wear COAT

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Sandro Apollo has an ideal cut. Only downside is that its thin.

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I'm talking about raincoats retard

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One thread about this /fa/gs I need to get more of this

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This clothing is fucking sick. Im 47 by the way.

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Sup /fa/.
Newfag here, to this board and to fashion as a whole. Should I be buying an entire outfit when i’m shopping, or just get individual pieces (shirts, shoes, pants etc) at different times? i’m into streetwear, but not supreme name brand shit, unless it ACTUALLY looks dope

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Buy a good amount of versatile pieces that can be worn in lots of outfits, and then buy some unique things like jackets/sweaters/etc.
My basics are all navy/black tees and jeans/chinos/joggers that can be worn together and then I spice it up with interesting sweaters/fleeces/shells, etc.

But also, if you see multiple pieces that would work well together, you may as well buy them.

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after buying basics that work with multiple outfits, i personally buy clothes that speak to me in some way or another. i feel like that's a good way to get a wardrobe that's YOU.
also gbc til my soul take

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Thoughts on yellow (sunflower) sneeds (chucks)? Are they tryhard, cringe, larp, fashion victim?

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I used to have yellow sneeds with Elvis Presley designs printed on them. Based, if I may say so myself.

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Anyone who wears bright flashy colors is obviously seething that they weren't born with eye-catching European features

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howdy fa/ggots, where can i find more somewhat "flamboyant" button up shirts like this? advice welcome, i wanna pair this (tucked in) with black jeans and connies or vans

Oh, and button up inspo welcome too

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Are you really this out of touch with reality just use google???
Zara, asos, H&M, allsaints.

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British ammo boots, didn't deserve a thread.

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Bad lads army was the best tv programme ever

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mogs me

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just the average american spic. not ugly but not really attractive either

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face of a hairy woman

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Le 56% mutt

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shave ffs

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I have very long leg hair, but it's only on my legs, kinda like pic related. Want to trim it so it doesn't look weird, but i'd like to trim it to about an inch or half an inch. I don't think there's trimmer attachments that long, the longest ones are about 5mm. What's a method I could use so I don't trim too short?

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I wouldn't trim it

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>I don't think there's trimmer attachments that long, the longest ones are about 5mm
mine has a 12mm attachment

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mine has a 16mm attachment, get a better trimmer

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fucking hell are you a werewolf?

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Need to know what boots this guy is wearing,

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Chinese boots

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Post effay Islamic clothing and inspo

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By Allah, you will be executed for your insolence.

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how´s wearing a dress and a towel over your head in the desert effay.?
this one is pretty cool

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What is your favorite Gucci piece?

For me it's the Gucci baseball cap, people think i'm a millionaire when i'm wearing it.


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Niggers are everything wrong with the world

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Still is

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Can’t properly make an assessment based on these 4 pics, in which 3 outta the 4, he’s wearing the same outfit and in one he’s completely naked

I won’t say he’s not effay but hoff is definitely based and a chad

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Is smoking fashionable?

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How do you know if Aristotle smoked?

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cigars and cigarillos are the only acceptable smoke.

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Aristotle smoked dicks

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Why are niggers so obsessed with dicks?

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Depends if youre effay

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post female inspo

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I like this. Wish it wasn't perpetually summer here so I could wear winter-ish clothing.

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such a babe

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please do

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i got mine and now i won't take it off

what's /fa/ thoughts on it

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Extremely effay.
boring meme, stopped being fun in 1920

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Looks cool, it'd be interesting to see this fit with different hair and makeup that's a little more futuristic and less Monroe. You'd look like a hot sci fi villain.

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It's not a meme and it's extremely harmful

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thats so uncomfortable how do you even deal?
i had a short phase with spanx and that was uncomfortable enough...also awkward when youre trying to have sex

idk i prefer not to feel like im suffocating

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ye-old thicc thirst trap

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What are subtle ways you could mimic these incredible uniforms?

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me on the left

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Not him.

He’s technically not wrong, while Karl Diebitsch designed them, Hugo Boss manufactured them.

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Any tailor with a factory was pressed into manufacturing uniforms. Hugo Boss wasn't especially involved.

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Fuck off leftypol

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average people though these uniforms looked fucking ridiculous in the 30's too.

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I actually really fuck with this aesthetic, redpill me on this brand

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You don't know what you're shitposting about, do you?

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>Nuda is a aspiring actress working towards a master in political science
dumb bitch

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Shit taste

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lmao that philtrum

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I miss American Apparel sluts bros

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