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>2024... I am forgotten...

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... or as a woman, like that old poof Prince right here.

- Will you dye your hair when you get old?
- Will you use serums that make your skin glow and avoid going under the sun?
- Will you still try to follow fashion trends as you get older?

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Based mulatto

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... or as an woman, like that old poof Prince right here.

- Will you dye your hair when you get old?
- Will you use serums that make your skin glow and avoid going under the sun?
- Will you still try to follow fashion trends as you get older?

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The current state of fashion

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>LA Fashion Week

.. yeeeah.. i'm gonna skip that.
Thank you tho.

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Based mulatto

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How do you guys decide which type of clothing to buy? Can you feel the quality with your fingers? What's a good quality-to-cost ratio? I'm well aware that if something is 100% polyester is shit, but how do you recognize good cotton/silk/etc... ?

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To wear over a suit I need a good quality, no polyester crap, black overcoat. UK based and budget less than £500.

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Don't wear black, get a navy one. For your budget, look at Charles Tyrwhitt or Hawes and Curtis.

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Thanks but it's for a black pinstripe suit so I don't think navy will go

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>it's for a black pinstripe suit
my bad, do whatever you want then, just steal a coat from a homeless guy

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get second-hand.
you can get something that cost a gorillian dollars new and contains no garbage that some dude barely wore because it was too dressy for him most of the time.

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You sound like you wear several coats at the same time

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what are some good t-shirt brands for mostly plain tees but are high quality and not 300$ a pop
also no plastic
ive tried carhart (wip and normal)

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the highest quality tees in the world:
germany - https://merzbschwanen.com/
japan - https://www.loopwheeler.co.jp/
they're the only two companies in the world operating a loopwheeling machine, no one else can make tees as good. all high end brands that aren't ripping you off have merz b schwanen or loopwheeler make their tees for them. just go direct. they're about 60-120 bucks per tee. very thick, very soft, and the collars hold up to years and years of washes without deforming.

the second highest quality tees in the world:
chink heavyweight tees. they're a solid 30-50% thicker than western "heavyweight" tees, and softer. not as nice as merz/loopwheeler but very cheap

heritage/pre war type styles:
bpcall https://world.taobao.com/dianpu/33275933.htm <-- best one, torso on the short side
bob dong kino henleys https://bobdong.taobao.com
co-tt-on 木白巾 https://world.taobao.com/dianpu/166125443.htm <-- best one with long/tuck length torsos
sauce zhan https://world.taobao.com/dianpu/68744670.htm
bronson https://bronsonshop.com https://world.taobao.com/dianpu/112282887.htm

modern fashion styles:
arket: https://world.taobao.com/dianpu/590357399.htm
cos: https://world.taobao.com/dianpu/200155482.htm

i want cheap tees and i'm also too dumb to learn how to use taobao:
uniqlo supima tees. twice the price and not as good, but they are the best thing you will ever find at a mall.

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Only Loopwheeler. Merz Schwanen have their light T at only 155g | 5,5oz, and their heaviest at 245g | 8,6oz. The latter isn't bad, but not anything to write home about on its own.

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This is one of the times I genuinely wish I was shorter. I just want a loophwheel shirt that's 30 inches long goddamnit

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thanks king, gonna try merzbscwanen out, they look nice as fuck

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WTF is this shit /fa/?! I'm not that into fashion but for some reason YouTube really wants to recommend me this and there's 100k watching live as barley clothed woman walk around with all their stuff bouncing (somehow allowed on YouTube without a mature rating). Can someone make this make sense to me? What's the point?

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This is sexy alluring style.

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porn you moron. this differs from actually fashion week runways, even swimsuit week differs from this.

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Wake me up when it’s the scotch tape project

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bro when i clicked it was a 400lb woman waving katanas around

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I was born with a small overbite. I refused to brush my teeth ages 8-12, and never wore my retainer, which sanded my teeth down over time somehow. this causes my lower face to look absolutely fucking tiny. i have braces to fix my teeth, and that has a small bump behind my top 2 teeth that hits the bottom 2 teeth, making my jaw about 3-4 mm down. not only this, but my two front teeth are angled backwards. The rubber bands will fix this, but once my braces are off, my jaw will be 3-4 mm smaller again, and it still looks recessed. I if i move my jaw forward and fix Im 6'3, and have the perfect face to model other than this defect according to a few (pretty mean) modeling scouts. pic attached is a super shitty an inaccurate drawing, im looking for the pre-brace photo as of right now.
anyways, on the the question. s there a surgery/implant that can fix this? It would need to make my grinded-down teeth bigger and move my jaw forward. (potentially not on the jaw thing, i still have a few years left on braces)

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would this be better for /adv/?

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An oral surgeon can fix an overbite if that's what you mean

Ask your orthodontist about jaw surgery

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I had to get my two rightside wisdomteeth removed due to being unable to brush them causing them to develop holes. I feel like this fucked my face up. Its not more assymetrical, but i feel my jaw became slightly more recessed and my admittedly big lower lip now protrudes. Its still crowded so i need to remove the ones on my left side. My wisdosteeth are super far back. I also feel like it made my face fatter... How cooked am i? Will my jaw futher recess? Or face get even fatter? Can fashion share their opinions on such a procedure?

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Got all 4 removed, it doesnt afect ur jaw shape; even more, it can even b beneficial depending on the case (ie: fixing an overbite problem)

I think you are probably paranoid and you shall stop worring about that kind of things.

Probably you have a "fat" face bc you r fat or retaining liquid.

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Adizero is incredible
much more comfy than ultraboost

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Karen core thread

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What's the male equivalent in both physique and fashion choice that would evoke this sense of boy-next-door subtle attractiveness?

Also give more examples, both male/female.

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how is that modest, i can see the full outline of her breasts and ankles

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Cute feet

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damn, you can imagine those bazoongas

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Fuck. I need more. Who is this semen demon?

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you are cloak/cape maxxing, aren't you anon?

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Heroes don't wear capes!

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I wear an overcoat most of the time when I go out and sometimes it flaps around in the wind like a cape. I think this is partly because I’m an autist and I like having the pressure/weight on my shoulders. I think it’s less the cloak itself and more the silhouette it creates. If you want something similar just get an overcoat. A good wool one will only cost around £150.

Btw overcoat maxing will look ridiculous if you do not at least a shirt or fisherman’s jumper underneath it. Wearing an overcoat with a t-shirt just looks silly.

Cardigans are very comfy

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Germans have nothing to do with it.

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But you guys said America is fascist?

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>tfw no gf to match SWAG with
> :(

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Anyone knows what's the best way to find rare merch?

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I look nearly identical to this cartoon all the way down to the placement of the tats. does this make me /fa/

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Summer is near us, can we get the /sleazecore/ threads going again? I need inspo on what do trift shop.

Simple guide available in the video:

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Apex of fashion and human civilization. You cannot afford to live there.

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... ... ...

... ... ... ... ... GENIUS!

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it's really not that hard to live in nyc

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Tokyo is New York but not shit and a lot better

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I wish i could :(

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I want these SO BAD, why does Guidi cost 2 months of rent for boots, I'm going to get reps fuck it, this is outrageous I hate rich people

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cry about it and buy your cheap china shit faggot