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opinions about my hair? what type is he? What can I do to improve it?

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Saw an anon with this fleece/top on in another thread and it looks like a nice and fresh wear. Anyone got a name? Also any British (Affooordable pls) recommended brands for winter-wear are welcome; looking to get a nice wool overcoat outfit going for the season (am bong).

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quarter zip sweater?

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that's it thanks anon

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Why are asia apartments so fa

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you have no fucking idea how powerful this image is and what it means you child. be careful what you wish for...

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Apparently this brand is cool again?I regret selling all my tapout hoodies

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Roundup edition

Previous thread >>17900072

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Panda dunks

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>200 dollars
>versatile but stylish
>something you can wear with anything especially basics
>not get out of style soon
the shoe you are describing is:
new balance 990 whatever version you like 991 992 993 etc in gray

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manchild general

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>manchild general

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t. wears boots with cuffed raw denim

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just wanted to share that I won best dressed at a formal
this is the fashion of real men

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I don't even wanna know how the others were dressed

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what were your thoughts behind it as you figured out you wanted to wear it?

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What are /thugmax/ core staples? White af1s of course, maybe some jordan 11s, ripped skinny jeans unkno type shit.

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why do you want to dress like a nigger twig?

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cuz i up it in fashion grah grah. uhm well anon u see im a gay nigger thats why.

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Rockstar skinnies and jawdans

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those knockoff balmain type beat jeans from temu and forever21 sized too skinny sagged past your ass is a STAPLE.
the best fit inspo you can possibly get: go to youtube and type in "kensington ave philadelphia live"

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These are the last free people in america. The modern outlaws of the west.

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Idk the name for this kind of aesthetic. Uniqlocore? My gf isn't really into fashion but likes how I dress and wanted to try wearing more relaxed/comfy clothes that are still colour coordinated and flattering. She's 5'0, slim, Asian. Any brands I should look at? Post inspo too

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Do you want us to wipe your ass too? Sage

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>An on topic thread? In my /fa/? How dare you!?

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tell her to wear woman's clothes

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What kind of shoes would go with this look?

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Aho cook

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god imagine sucking his cock mmmm

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Slenderman looking ass

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why his upper arm so long

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Post flashy retro stage fits

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What pants and undershirt should I pair with these two items this winter? I love my aviator jacket and really want to buy this sweater since it does a pretty good job of making yellow look rustic. Not sure what pants or undershirt I should combine without making it too colorful though, any suggestions?

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Just copy Leon because it's obvious you spent a couple hundred dollars to look like a video game character so you might as well go the whole way

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What color? Dark Blue? Black?
what? I've had my aviator jacket for years and I just like the color yellow

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blue goes best with brown

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In your opinion, which luxury fashion brands are actually worth paying for? I'm speaking of brands such as YSL, Tom Ford, Gucci, Versace, etc.

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Prada make good shoes. Moncler easily the best jackets. You have to be careful because once these labels expanded into China, the quality went way down when compared to their clothing in the 90's.

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it's difficult when it comes to mainstream luxury because it is mostly used as a status symbol instead of a genuine expression of personal style. if I go to my local mall there's droves of women dressed unremarkably with no style coherency wearing Louis Vuitton neverfulls, there's not even an attempt at elegance

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out of the main luxury fashion brands the two i like are bottega and zegna. neither are really worth paying for, although zegna quality is actually pretty good (have some 25 year old shirts from my grandpa that still look brand new) and the handfeel of a lot of the fabrics they use is really nice. only buy on sale or seconod hand tho this shit is 80% marketing

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Literally none of them

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>In your opinion, which luxury fashion brands are actually worth paying for?
Emporio and Giorgio Armani
Brioni and Tom Ford if you wear suits


Rest is trash for gypsies.

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I want this fleece cost with navy sweatpants like ersatz pijamas

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Maybe with gats

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more plastic garbage to live in a landfill for several centuries

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Lol yup, spot on. Pretty plastic

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And crazy overpriced plastic at that
200 leaf

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Can Hi Vis ever be /fa/ or is wagie garmets?

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wtc hoodie?

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steal it from the Tron Legacy costume department 13 years ago

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I'm planning on buying a Pandora bracelet for my gf on her birthday. I know they're kinda tacky but she doesn't care. What are some charms that you would like to add to a pandora bracelet. I need some inspiration.

Also, jewelry thread, I guess

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Also, she's a nurse. Do you think this charm is cute or tacky?

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How do you get your hair to look like this?

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is the hairstyle still doable if someone is thinning at the temples? or would it look bad?

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He literally describes his entire morning routine

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Tucker looks like that nigga looks like

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If it's just a bit receded, it could still look like that, especially if you move your parting towards the center, and comb back from that. Hair will still cover most of the receding temples with it combed back, but not too hard.

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just dry it that way after shower
if you got thick hair, it'll stay that way without you doing anything

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Winter is here and I need a men's hat to keep my brain warm through the cold northern months. I've seen the Stormy Kromer recommended, but they look like it would be hard to fully cover your ears and I have a big head (size 8, 64 cm. Very hard to shop for) and I hear they run a bit small. I'm more worried about function than fashion. And I'm not a huge fan of beanies even though I'm forced into them because of my bulbous brain. If anyone has any recommendations I'd really appreciate it, otherwise general winter hat/gear thread.

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Have fun with your frost bit ears, tough guy. I was looking for something along these lines. Anyone know any place that sells quite large hats? Most of the time when I try these on they are too small for my big fat head

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>I'm more worried about function than fashion
>I'm not a huge fan of beanies
Anon, I...
why don't you like beanies? they're literally perfect for a big head since they van stretch

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forgot my measurement but im above size 8
filson sells a similar hat that fits my head
the low profile non winterized version fits better

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>non winterized
non lined i mean
its waxed its definitely a winter hat

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need an id on these sneakers
i thought they were nike but maybe not?
please help D:

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nvm found them
Nike Pegasus 40 Premium