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want to buy myself a black blazer or a jacket, what are some general rules to look good in one?also general semi-formal thread I guess, post inspo

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rate my style /fa/! :)

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Change the sleeve color or have transparent sleeves. Would be 10/10 Hotwife material

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Where can I find high waisted pants for around $60 or under that aren't super loose thrift store old man pants. I've been buying them at thrift stores and taking them in (which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't depending on the pants) but it's a pain in the ass.

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more like a painn in the dick how do men even wear tight high waisted pants without having micropenises

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how many pants do u need lmfao

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They're high waisted not high crotched.

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if you look at the gun on the picture, you can see that it is held up by a strap thingy going over the shoulders but under the arms around the chest. Im not a native english speaker, so i dont know what they are called, anyone know what they are named?

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shoulder holster

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Shoulder holster

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thank you

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Ebay looks like from that filename

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This or milsurp stores. I remember seeing this a couple years ago and regret not getting it pretty hard.

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Whoever recommended fruit of the loom shirts. fuck you.

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I am more of a tie and suit guy, but I am going through a lot of things now and I want to express my misery because when a well dressed man keeps to himself they think he is just an asshole. Given the weather, I would prefer more winter styles. Thank you all.

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quit office slavery. Will improve your life (I did the same).
On topic: wear lots of dark colors. Simple fits, but with typical plain "i don't care"-items like hoodies.

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charity shops / thrift stores for slightly worn basics
military for your jacket
this disgusting combo will you have you looking homeless in no time

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don't shave, unkempt bed head, dark circles. dark fuzzy sweaters, don't iron shirts, wrinkly t-shirts, jeans & chinos from unfolded laundry basket, and whatever sneakers such as dad shoes, chucks

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Senpai, just exchange/buy clothes fromhomeless dudes downtown

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How about you go do some drugs ya've never did before and have a psychotic crisis in a public bathroom ?

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Whats the meme model of newbalances?

any recommendations of basic sneakers welcome as well
wearing qasa highs makes my back hurt :(

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I’m getting this tattoo next Sunday. Pretty cool right?

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>getting a tattoo and going to Japan.

Good luck senpai

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>spa's and swimming pools

I'm not gay so that won't affect me.

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>Implyin you're yakuza

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yes, they're associated with criminality

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How to lace these to make them more comfortable? Had them for 3 years, never got used to them.

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Have narrower feet.

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I don't see how lacing would make boots more comfortable. They need to be fitted correctly and then worn in.

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The boots are wider than my feet, they end up dwindling laterally.

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try /r/askreddit

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Have wider feet.

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ITT: LV Monogram tier pieces

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Pretty much any designer belt

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Those are fake right?

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I’ve been a staff fashion photographer in Los Angeles for about 4 years. Major company with over 1.5k corporate employees worldwide.

Ask me anything.

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specify that next time

What does a random day in your life look like?
How do you compare to the other actors in the fashion industry. Do you work for the model? Do you work for the brand? Do you work for the advertisers? Anybody else?

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We have two types of shoots.

Look book shoots are mostly on location and resemble a film set. Lot of fun. Usually the quality of the clothing and model are high. More money is spent. We'll also use outside brand clothing. So a typical outfit will run in the 2k-3k cost area.

Other days we'll have to shoot through brand shoes or clothing. Imagine 60 skus on about 30 different outfits. That's a lot of fun. The stylist really shine there cause they are flying through outfits and accessories. mixing and matching. I really learned a lot about style watching them work. Watching a good stylist work is truly amazing.

I work directly for the brand. A lot of the team will shoot outside stuff on the weekends. B celeb shit....upcoming models...one of us has a moderately successful small brand. It's a tight team of photographers, stylists, and graphic designers.

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But half the days, it's just a hang in the studio.

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>We'll also use outside brand clothing.
That's not always allowed? I've read that brands don't want that.
>I really learned a lot about style watching them work.
Such as?

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>We'll also use outside brand clothing.
That's not always allowed? I've read brands don't want that.
>I really learned a lot about style watching them work.
What have you learned? Can you elaborate?

Is this what you want or do you have another goal in mind?

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Can we get a 80s/90s alternative inspo thread going?

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In 2018 im wearing nothing but hoodies , joggers and whatever hypebeast shoe is out.

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>Spending that much money
>Just to look mediocre

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Good for you man, it's your life do what you want. Personally I'm thinking of trying to pull of this flared pants look

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Same here brah, only thing is that i started doing it this year

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I have a circular patch on either side of my cheeks, in front of my sideburns (see number 6 in the provided image).

Unlike the person in that photo, everywhere else it is a thick monster of a beard. I keep trying to grow it out, but those weak spots ruin the appeal.

If I can incorporate these spots as part of a style, it will look good.

What beard styles would allow me to incorporate those weak spots as shaved spots in the style? I have an oval face shape, with a strong chin and jaw.

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Also, I'm not keen on getting rogaines or natural treatments on my beard just yet. I just need a temporary fashionable style to get me through the holidays.

Usually in the summer, the beard thickens up in those areas, and darkens all around.

So while I do appreciate any tips on diet, nutrition, or conditioning for hair health, I'm mainly interested in a temporary fashionable style.

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>Also, I'm not keen on getting rogaines or natural treatments on my beard just yet.
If you're still young it may fill in still. I think it's the wort of thing that doesn't looks as conspicuous as you feel it does. Patchy beards can be cool

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I'm 20, I know it will keep filling in until I'm about 30 (pretty happy with what I have already). But do you have any style ideas to help me for now?

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Trim beard short
Clean shaven

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What about a Winston or Hollywoodian?

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what are these jackets called? i always see people in japan wearing them and i wanna start wearing them

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nah turns out its just an over coat

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Don't overcoats have collars?

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It's called a 'Noragi'

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Not necessarily, most have lapels

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these look cool as hell

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The quad squad who killed techwear

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lol they look so tryhard especially the fat midget

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i feel like he's the only one whos too tryhard, especially the dude on left and right of him look fine (except those glovoes lol). I bet they make fun of him behind his back.

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the one on the right just looks like "a guy"

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Why do techwearfags often have the same bad posture?
Are they sitting in front of their PCs all day hacking mainframes?

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Want to cut my hair soon, need a good reference pic for hairdresser.

I want layers but more specifically bangs that will frame/flatter my face? Please post suggestions

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long hair is fucking disgusting

get a lob

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This, most women look infinitely more attractive with hair that's collarbone length or shorter.

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Post nice example of layered lob

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I disagree.

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I've had long hair for most of my life because it works well with my roundish facial features and relatively curvy build; but it's become quite a hassle at the length it is now.

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Forced stereotypes

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