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any good brands for baggy pants? all I could find was Levi’s and some no name cheap garbage

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Losing hair at 20, is there really nothing I can do? I asked my dad who's a physician. He just said that nothing works. Is For Hims and all that just bullshit? This sucks, didn't really want to go Joe Rogan bald Gorilla mode but guess I have to now.

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nothing can help white trash genes

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What does it mean if I always think about what I would wear and always think about changing my aesthetic?

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Name a more iconic duo in fashion, I'll wait.

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Holy fuck, what's going on with Rockys chin?

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Your choice is an excellent one, though.

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Boys I went thrifting today and got this faux suede jacket. Fits me decent except I have to roll the sleeves. Is this is a sin given that it's different material on the inside?

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It still looks decent, but it there a way to button the sleeve up while it's rolled? They look kind of big in the second pic but i can't really tell

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Nah, the arms aren't that tight but they aren't loose either though

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/fa/ I'm in high school and want to stop dressing in the same hoodie and 5 t-shirts every week
can any of you give me some basic fashion advice?
preferably skater clothes since all of my friends skate and wear cool shit
im a guy btw

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nah id rather ask people i dont know on 4chan
answer the question my nig

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look up inspo albums/threads for skatewear.
look at what they wear in the pictures and spot what u like.
purchase, wear and enjoy.

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thanks for tips my dude

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"Narcissistic parenting often leads to children being either victimized or bullying themselves, hypersexual in nature (media driven), having a poor or overly inflated body image, tendency to use and/or abuse drugs or alcohol, body modification such as piercings or tattoos, or acting out (in a potentially harmful manner) for attention."

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sounds about right

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Yeah, and people without any parents at all are either all of those or extremely self sufficient.

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T-thanks dad

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Are these raws ready for first soak/wash? Been wearing them daily for about 4-5 months.

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u fuckin tramp

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Are these fades /fa/ approved or should i wear them more before wash?

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hey, anyone know where i can get some nice wide loose sweaters that arent long tho? pic related

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for cheap options check "cos"

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The Real McCoys

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*blocks your path*

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*merges your pants*

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Right boys, I posted on the /wt/ thread last night about vintage omega so can someone help me out determining the age and Prince if I get it cleaned. It's a geneve, hand wound, and the strap is not original. Also general /wt/ thread.

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if that's a unitas 6498 i'd buy it

looks to small to be one but idk if your wrsits are huge or not

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Na it's a small face. Probably not gonna sell for quite a few years but be nice to know what sort of price I'd be looking at.

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no idea, i've been picking up omega dials and slapping them on $30 unitas 6498s for awhile
i pay like $5-14 for the dial

it's pretty much a stowa marine at that point

unitas movts are pretty much the watchmaker school myfirstwatch movement

idk what you watch is and have no interest in it

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Yeah I'm struggling to find answers, probably take it to a watch maker and see what they have to say

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Big shirts tucked into trousers inspo.
Posting what little I have

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i’m 5’7 125lbs and still i doubt i’m skinny enough to pull this look. no doubt too short as well :’

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w2c nice trousers?

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What do we think about leather black sneakers? How do I make it work?

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You don't

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Wear them with black pants

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What kind of aesthetic?

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met louis vuitton the other day and he was a fucking cunt

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Need some help with summer wear.
It's 35C/95F here and most of my wardrobe is now black/white. Generally just shorts and tshirt.

Pic related, couldn't wear coloured clothes because of sweat stains. How to dress in a way that's not boring/teenish looking that still hides sweat spots?

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I have the same problem and I think the solution is to wait autum comes. Summer is shit in terms of clothes, it's impossible to wear nice outfits without suffering

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Yeah, summer isn't the most conductive to fashion considering the limitations, but I should definitely have room for improvement.
Pic related is my main shorts. My others are just straight black shorts. I don't want to look like a chav or a 17yo all summer and I've no idea of options.

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yeah don't wear shorts as long as in that pic, it's cringy. Either wear 5 inch max if you're manlet and 6 inch max if you're lanklet. Make sure a bit of tigh muscle is visible

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These come maybe an inch or so above my knee. They show just a little upper leg muscle. They do look good on me fit-wise. They're just not very mature looking I suppose

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Don't wear black, ever. It's just gonna make you feel hotter, and also seeing people wear black in summer is just ridiculous.

You literally are better off having sweat stains than wearing all black.

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is future trunks wearing denim jeans or sweatpants?

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You'd honestly get a better response on >>>/a/
This board shouldn't really exist
I think they're a breezy polyester blend type of cargo pants

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cargo pants without pockets.

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Military surplus

Maybe wool trousers?

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Why are so many high fashion models so fucking ugly? Seriously pic related looks like a mildly retarded hermaphrodite who shaved off its eyebrows cause it's retarded.

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But then again, there's a huge trend in the modeling industry with these 'unique' looks so it isn't very unique anymore..

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is that brittany venti

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>a week of a non stop gay sex cocaine orgy in a strangers basement
that's pretty effay

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The better question to ask is: why am I such a pleb who is unable to appreciate unique features?

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whats your favourite model of vapormax?

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the only good ones

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they all look like complete shit, if you like them you have shit taste

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can we post some pixie cut inspo? mine is looking a bit rough so im getting it trimmed soon and wanted to maybe switch it up

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My biggest weakness in women

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