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summer is approaching and i wanna have that sun kissed look but i dont feel like sitting near the sun all day and getting skin cancer.

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Going outside

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What’s the best way to be /fa/ and big?

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lose weight fatty

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By starving yourself until you're not a lardo

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So I make music and stuff and Im trying to make a good account on soundcloud to get some squalla and stuff

I have an instagram and took a picture and was wondering if you thought I was looking OG enuff???


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link ur soundcloud

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It's private atm cos I'm self conscious of it but I got arrested and one of my old homies grabbed my old laptop with all my unreleased shit so I'll be putting that up soon, will drop the link here

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>dirty glass
>cringy picture

Seems about right
Just get some face tats.

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based schizo poster

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Quarter chub from that safe

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fuck he's so fat, why does he even attempt

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His son also wears SAINT.

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He's hasn't even exited DYEL tier

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over coat or leather jacket with this outfit?

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Who doesn't?

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>tapered cropped plaid trousers
Just burn them

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r u in da mob dro? untuck your shit and get yourself some denim

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Coat, definitely. Like >>14288405
said, remove the necklace and you’re good to go.

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if you don't wear bracelets on your wrist, you should start. the most recent /fa/ thing i have found is bracelets, wear 3 or 4 so they make a cuff.
this is my favorite one, the eye makes people look at it, its psychology

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It is known.

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this is actually nice

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eh, hips too wide, shoulders too narrow, denim shouldn't match.

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Do people still dress like this even after SLP went out of style about 4 years ago? Have you seen them on the streets?

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i was just trying to get OP to rage but personally his shoulders are too wide not narrow (considering how his right one is so prominent)

hips definitely too wide and idk double denim is ok sometimes but definitely not in this

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If this is too wide then I'm built like the letter T

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Just like the title says just what the fuck kind of hairstyle is this

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scene core/emo then?

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maybe, it looked like this basically i just wanna know the name of the hairstyle so i can use it as revenge later when someone does know what they want as a hair cut, though im a hairdresser so it might be practical to know the name for work purposes

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this t b h

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*brad-t blocks your path*

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Yeah that basically,
And i've had people ask for anime haircuts but this one seems kinda tame in comparisonto some i've gotten requests to do at my job,
>Dragon Ball Fags are the worst

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These are too f*cking expensive.

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>literal autism shoes

i don’t care how good the quality is relative to most other running shoes on the market, you look like you have something wrong with you wearing these.

incidentally, it’s not like most of you run anyway so i don’t know who the fuck you think you’re fooling with this shit.

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>you look like you have something wrong with you wearing these.
No one thinks this but you

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>incidentally, it’s not like most of you run anyway

Based runner.

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mhm sure

seriously i don’t trust anyone who wears athletic shoes but doesn’t work out. it’s dishonest.

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As a runner, why would you ruin good running shoes by walking around ?
Either you do run and you're retarded or you aren't and I despise you for not treating your shoes right.


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Is atomwaffen /fa/?

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88 brother.

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reminder this is what people spent 2 years saying about trump and as soon as he won he flipped on all the neetsoc people lmao useful idiots

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jews be gone

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What's the /fa/ guide to jeweled necklaces and bracelets?

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What's the most effay body part?

>protip: it's da azz

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shoulders for men
legs for women

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>muh ugly bug shoes
>muh hypebeast
>muh bad design
why do normies get triggered so much when i wear my 500's?

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Calling you out for wearing ugly kobe remakes isn't being triggered, it's a public service.

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At least you have some dignity not to wear the 350's in public. I would beat ppl up for wearing that pathetic excuse of a shoe.

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Just because they’re yeezys doesn’t make them not ugly you club foot looking fucking nerd

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Of course you would normies
>broo yeezy wow
>the GOAT the GOAT!

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Personally I’m not a fan of the 500s, but I have a few friends that REALLY like them. Will these shoes get a revision like 700s and 350s?

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Why do bald black men look better than bald white men?

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Why do black men commit 50% of the crime despite only making up 13% of the population?

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THis guy is fucking gorgeous

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Why don't jannies remove low quality threads

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Which one for bald green eyes guy?

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Doesn’t matter you are invisible

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I'd go right

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I got sunburnt as SHIT today

Is my skin basically fucked for the next month or so? What can I do to heal it faster?

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Racemix with a black girl to get some melanin into your gene pool, whyte bôî.

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Aloe gel

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How bad is it?

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How /fa/ is it to be a 29 year old virgin who basically just hangs out with his mom and goes out alone or with his mom sometimes and wears a mustache and Tom Ford rimmed glasses.

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very /fa/. but i also want draco malfoy to fuck me

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I don't even look like him, it was basically a pic unrelated. But I do look like how I describe in the original post. Also dirty blonde and skinny fat. 5'11''.

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I'm 6'2 and weigh 215 lbs. I lift but am not that strong. How much of that weight would you say is fat that must be shed?

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Thanks, friend. I will do that

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Be miserable and do meal prep for two months or so with low carbs and high protein.

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If you lift, and my math is correct, you're actually 5 lbs underweight

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Im 6'2 and 163. I don't know bro

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Do you lift?

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how did he do it

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He actually pulls off that cape.

Brainlet. Height can only be compared by the context of the period when he was alive. Hitler was measured at 5'9" in his medical report. That was higher than average height when he born in the 19th century and 5'9" is the average American male height today.

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Just a reminder that this is the greatest sneaker of all time.
Thin shape like Serge's Gainsbourg white shoe and gold just like Dior homme boots.
This is the next big trend, get ready.

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This was the shit back in the days, everybody in the hood who wasn't wearing them was a nunce

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>everybody in the hood
time to get off 4channel you larping old coot

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what in the name of beaners...

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