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hi im 18yo lad, been lurking here for 2 years or so. anyways, i need dress shoes for my 12th grade farewell party or however it is called.
price doesnt matter too much, i will appreciate all suggestions, would be very thankful if you helped.


thinking about these

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What are the best quality blanks for hoodies?
>inb4 gildan
These are comfort colors and so far they're the best I've tried comfort and fit wise but i'm hoping you guys would know more.

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Champion s700 and ascolour

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Any suggestions on what I should change?
I throw a denim vest over a leather jacket.
Yay or nay?

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Wear tighter maybe slim fitting non cargo pants that don't go so far down. Better shoes would definitely help
Ur pants and shoes make u look like ur hiking

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does somebody know where i can buy that jacket?

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theres a w2c thread

god i hate you fucking teenagers

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i want to shamelessly ape elias's style

what are some places other than a thrift store where i can get stuff like this that are also cheap enough for a broke college fuccboi like me

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>still thinks he can pull of Elias's style

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iirc we're the same height and have the same weird hips/legs

alas i am not a perfect ten but please help me look ridiculous anyway

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Help i cant tell what they are

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Looks like Nike air Force 1's sort of

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I'm going on a date next week to a trampoline park with a girl. Need advice on what to wear, clothing needs to be comfortable while looking decent.
I'm 6'2 and average/slightly athletic

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I thought you had to be 18 or older to post here?

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listen to this anon or skip the date

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Just let it all bounce

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Dope socks

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I'm 19, the local trampoline park is like kid free after a certain time and I thought it be a fun active thing

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/fa/, how do i start dressing /fa/ if i work in a shipping warehouse where clothes get destroyed every day? In laymens terms, how do i dress fa wearing raggy clothes?

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dont? wear your nice clothes when you go out

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this thread is for the discussion of boots and all things boot related
Post your collections!

>All boot related faggotry belongs in the boot general
>I should really make a paste bin or something

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Where do you guys cop tank tops/cut offs?

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Make cut offs and buy plain tank tops from literally anywhere.

The shorts are the important part

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99% of a tanktop is your figure.

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>cut offs
this is what i did with some of my shit quality gildan band tees, and now i actually wear them sometimes

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Thiery mugler cologne
YSL l'homme

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Huh, yeah. I guess like those. Looking at the infograph above, Aquatic and Green sound great.

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I have a question /fragrance/:

Have any of you tried creating your own perfume before? What did you start out with? I found a local source that has excellent prices on raw beeswax and organic raw shea butter for making solid perfume and I'd like to try it out.

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it's something I would like to try eventually when I have money to buy materials


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Sauvage is now literally skub.

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Anyone know where I can cop a jacket like Georges? What are these types of jacket called?

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it's called a parka
literally anywhere from H&M up to Ralph Lauren Purple Label

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I kinda like how my face looks, but whenever I see myself in profile, I cringe so hard. I'm pretty thin, so it's not a matter of weight loss. Is there anything that can be done about this short of surgical intervention? I've read a lot of things that support that neck exercises can help this problem, but they all seem sort of sensational and suspect.

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i have the same issue as op and im underweight.
there's like shittons of extra skin under my chin for literally no reason, i was never fat or chubby at any point in my life either.

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I have the same thing and honestly, i don't think there's much you can do about. I just learned that many people have the same shitty profile and it doesn't affect how I treat or perceive them. Just gotta learn to accept yourself and realise that its not that huge of a deal.

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Shit profile but for a different reason here
My cheeks just look huge and my small mouth dosen't help that

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I actually think it's rather attractive on women

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You might be thin but your body might still put excess fat under your jaw. It's pretty common. Get leaner. Eat better. Chew gum if you want. Change your lifestyle and eventually your profile will be more defined.

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ITT: God Tier Fits

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Oh god why is this funny

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i think it's the creepy smile

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It's the Asian persuasion

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White or black sneakers?

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off-white or washed black

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Let's start a new tattoo thread. Show me yours, and show me what you're into.

will upload a few of mine.

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Got meme'd hard last thread but i'm really asking for advice on where should I place it

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If you are serious would it be full color or black and white?
Background or no?

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What's the most /fa/ water choice?

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Smart water

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Svalbar├░i iceberg water

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Fuji has the best mouthfeel of the grocery store brands, but I hate their rectangular bottles. Evian is nice. I often drink Arrowhead because it's bottled locally in mountains I visit often, though Nestle is a cunt of a corporation. Ty Nant makes a good impression when I've pulled out a bottle, have never tried Saratoga but it's a similar, beautiful, blue glass bottle. Topo Chico is my favorite sparkling, but I also like Gerolsteiner and Acqua Panna. San Pelli is better than Perrier. Have never tried Voss because I think the bottle looks ridiculous.

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Background thread?
made a few in this style today, went for the standard formula:
>random image stolen from tumblr (bonus points if japanese)
>block colourbackground (bonus points if pastel)

will dump the rest or do requests if anyone wants

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What's /fa/'s opinion on Muji?

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They have great accessories and neat basics. Never ordered online, but every piece I bought in store has aged well too.
Very good quality objects, stationary, utensils, bags and stuff for the price too. Great minimalist brand, love every piece I bought from them over the years.
Not a shill promise I'm just a fanboy

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their hangers are out of this world

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their pricing is kinda shit where I live, but they still have some nice products. I've had my muji travel comb for like 8 years and the thing still looks as new, you'd think a plastic foldable comb should be flimsy and easily breakable, but that thing is solid as fuck

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still wanting to buy one of their prefab houses. hope they exist when i have the land to put it on, but don't know that i'd put a bet on either happening in the next five years.

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Cop or not?

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better than reeboks. yes

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or these?

I'm sorta leaning towards the ZX 500

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Not bc fake fur is awful

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