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I'm a man who has trouble shaving the underside of his jaw bone and getting fine hairs off, especially in the back like right under my ears. Any other guys have this problem?

I just use like a Gillette rasor in the shower.

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shave upwards and use shaving cream,

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I already do shave upwards. Guess I'll try cream.

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What -core is this?

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rural university gay/straight alliance president core

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Would you buy this?

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I won't buy it.

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fuck no

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Share your Grailed page!


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>mfw I fell for the buzzcut meme
>mfw went from a 7 to a 2
Help me lads now I look like I live on /pol/ and plan on running over a few muslims with a jeep

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I can't believe you'd do that to yourself. Buy a baseball cap. It will grow back.

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you were a 2 before and after

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Seven six two millimeter full metal jacket.

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literally the stanley of buzzcut threads, fuck off, it looks good.

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Not short enough, bruv

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I really want to save money, but only got this.

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how would this be saving money in any way at all

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You can but I wouldn't recommend it being done alone, get a friend or someone to do it for you.

Alone you can easily miss some spots, or not even it out enough etc, unless you want "just fuck my shit up" look then go again and buzz your shit.

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>Find hairdresser suited to one's hairtype.
>See price
>20 dollars is nice.jpeg.
>Don't comeback in 6 weeks.
>Don't look like an idiot for 6+ weeks
>If too short on money, learn to comb hair right.

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I do most of my buzzcut on my own, but the back has to be done by someone else because i like a straight line at the back.
If you don't have anyone to do it for you could try and find a barber that would agree to just cut the back for a really cheap price.

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You can give yourself a buzz cut with any pair of clippers.

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Let's talk about what really matters /fa/ - do you wear a beard? Are beards attractive on men?
What's the verdict - is it a manly mane or a nasty obsolete evolutionary relic?

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It depends

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Hey guys, I don't come to /Fa/ often really but I need help with this one.

I need the exact same jacket that you see in the pic. I tried a lot of shops that sells leather jackets but I failed to find one with a a good looking muffler inside, just as the one you see in the pic. Any advice where I can get it? Specific brands, online shops etc.

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It's real sheepskin, the finish on that leather looks damn near perfect, and it's cut very nicely.

Even an ugly jacket with those materials would set you back a few grand.

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cockpit usa jacket

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Tom Hardy owns the jacket, used it for a shoot with Greg Wiliams for cover of Esquire UK, Same jacket Sylvester Stallone wore in Rocky IV too, Cockpit USA used to be AVIREX LTD. Same owners,

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rip op

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I lucked out and found a nice one for 30 bucks at a thrifts store, then i bought a similar one for 150 at le chateau, you have good taste op

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Not sure if this is the right board to post in, but whatever.

I need shoes for work (Retail while I'm in college, so walking on concrete and tile constantly for 8 hours a day), since wearing cheap shitty pairs of converse hasn't been working for my feet.

Anybody know of some decent looking shoes that go with regular jeans and a polo shirt, that won't get torn to shit?

I see coworkers wearing pic related, and I just hate how they look. So stuff that doesn't look like pic related?

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You need new taste and just wear some normal work shoes, all black boots.

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crying :dead:

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whats your opinion on septum piercing

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i think that girls with baby face are ok using one
i have a resting bitch face and thought that look good, oh well

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>septum piercing

you think you're a based edgelord, but you really look like a cow

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Septum piercings are universally bad.

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generally look bad on guys, always look horrible on girls
at least they're a great red flag, since they signify both mental illness and mindlessly following trends

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i have one to show other dudes that i might be gay

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you have to reply to the post above you with a way to make what they posted fashionable

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i have the white one but here you go OP, only fedora ill wear

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put some metal patches on the trenchcoat

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Wear to a beach party

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i copped this becouse im weeb but never wear them, i dare anyone to make an outfit with this, the catch is that they are size 12 when im size 9

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Lunarcore dude. Grey skinny cargos with like quilted patches on knees. Then some off white bomber jacket or something and for extra flare a sea green Hawaiian shirt underneath.

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Why is it so hard to find basic headbands in plain colours, like pic related?

Also headbands/putting things around hair general

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Go to the dollar stores or go the thrift stores

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>go to literally any fabric store
>cut off 4 feet of red ribbon cloth
>tie it around your head
congrats, you've done the impossible

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I feel like a lazy retard for not even considering making something so simple myself, thanks anon have some of my inspo. I really need to get into a DIY mindset more

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What is the male equivalent of this style? How should I dress to get a gf that dress like this?

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I assume prep everytime.
Dress like a conformist and have money.

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move to california and/or sweden

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look at zara lookbooks and reimagine them with designer clothes

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Real talk. Has your sense of fashion actually opened up opportunities for sex with girls or is fashion a waste of time and money if this is my primary motivator?

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>Has your sense of fashion actually opened up opportunities for sex with girls

>is fashion a waste of time and money if this is my primary motivator?

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Yes, but there's a prerequisite of already being attractive.

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i have a jacket that looks like leons from re4 except black and idk if it was the jacket but a girl i met instantly wanted to fuck, even tho i got hella drunk and puked on myself that night

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Good hygiene and actually giving a shit about your appearance goes a long way. The are very basic things grown ass men don't know to keep themselves clean like flossing or keeping nails short. My friends and I agree that guys with good hygiene are a must have. I've seriously met guys who are too lazy to groom and/ or are scared of it being too "feminine" to clean themselves then wondering why no girls will fuck them. It's insane

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it's gotten me compliments from girls and I've definitely been more confident about myself because getting /fa/ has been part of a bigger effort to improve myself after being a slob, kind of like >>12689820 >>12690230

sums it up tho

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W2C tote bags

I want a tote bag for groceries and shit, rec me some with cool designs that aren't too expensive

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I have this one and use it very often


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Depends on your subculture
> vapid urban outfitters shopper
Baggu tote
> modern mil spec / Go Out fag
Unicor helmet bag with obscure hiking trail patches
> original 60s ivy
Crab and Cleek tote, dealers choice on the pattern
> gutter punk
Your own backpack

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for bringing a bag to the grocery store? grow up.

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Watch Thread

Hey guys, was recently thinking into buying a watch and my budget is around $300. Any advice on what brand is the best bang for my buck.

Also, lets just talk about these time pieces boys

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Do you want a more casual watch or a dressy formal watch?

>> No.12689824

Probably more of a nice casual watch. Perhaps leaning on the formal side

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Orient Bambino
Take a look at Hamilton
Seiko 5 (any model, there are thousands)
Find a watch you like and change the strap

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What if I bought Dickies sneakers?

They are like $35 at Yellow shoes. Disgusting pu upper

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All else being equal, should I buy mirrored sunglasses or normal?

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normal. and dont make threads shit like this it belongs in fucc boi general

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pls no bully

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the fuccboi general exists as a single thread for all questions like this, so that individual threads asking a single question do not take up space on our already dying board. it's all in the sticky which i would also recommend you check out. welcome to /fa/ new fags

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I got some normie-tier "fun" glasses instead of my usual Edward Snowden-esque wire-frames and I feel weird in them. Did I make a mistake?

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