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Is it me or is Walmart trying to "step up their game"?

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it's you

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I'm a size 47 EU (13 US); how do I find dress shoes like pic related that won't look like I'm wearing airplane propellers?

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Is he the king of fa?

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He's a /fa/ggot

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1D rules. 4ever.

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I work in a machine shop so I need a leather boot that is waterproof and won’t look like complete shit a little roughed up.
Price range 200 - 300
Looking for something like pic related with a plain toe and complete leather upper

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austrian paratroopers, bw flyers, any combat boot, any laceless boot, literally any fucking boot you brain dead troglodyte

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Austrian paratroopers would be terrible in a machine shop. Don't recommend boots that you've never worn/ worked in before you "brain dead troglodyte"

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Look for boots with a thick sole. If you are on your feet all day you want a lot between you and the ground. I'd recommend Nick's boots but they are out of the price range and the wait can be kinda long. Redwing, Thorogood, Chippewa, and Danner are all decent options.

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What the fuck would you call this haircut? A mullet ?? A shag? I showed this pic to my barber and he just gave me the young di caprio haircut. He's done haircuts like this before so idk why he struggled. I'm giving him another chance before giving up on him and going to a stylist. Also post any other haircuts like this

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It’s Le Faggayt

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Are you actually retarded, just get a normal haircut and let it grow out?
It's literally a white dude with a tussled middle part

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>Why was the third reich so litty?

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Ah, yes, let's have this thread last another 10 days. Why not make it a general!

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10 days? More like 2 - 3 weeks.

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Ah yes, the most evil man that ever lived.

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How should someone shaped like this dress?

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However they want.

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This was worded badly

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Any ideas and/or inspo pics for 1700s aristocrat core?

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swiss on shoes - hot or not?

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What's the name of the Stanley Tucci style?

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Looks Italian

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bald goof

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What’s the best way to clean light colored suede? Can I scotchguard these without ruining them?

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Use suede cleaner. There's a whole kit you can buy off of Amazon.

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How to capture this aesthetic

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It’s uncanny really

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Whatever type of trouble they're about to get into, I think the guy with the wooden mallet is ill equipped.

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but the elites are going through a 90s grunge revival rn
everyone's looking away from politics because the president is in office and no one needs to care about kdis in cages anymore

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no, id pay 80 max for that
also what the actual fuck happened to sang

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real subtle

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It means "pick up the sickle" in Tamil. I wonder who decided to pick this phrase

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For perfume, I use a combination of Dior Fahrenheit and each time I go out, I dip a piece of cloth into paint thinner and keep it in my pocket.

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>pocket paint thinner
based and abbo pilled

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CDG Odeur 53 makes me smell like that, minus the accelerants from spray painting.

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I use no less than 15 sprays of Office for Men

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Posting on TV weird
Finna gonna need a dedicated kb
$2500 Sony A8H 65"

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>Finna gonna
nice try, z

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Let the normcore revival commence

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ever heard of a sleeper?

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What, you wanna do the "mysterious" and "more than I appear to be" thing? Mate, no one's gonna give a shit about you with those clothes

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People who dress to compensate for lack of personality are far more boring

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Is facial hair stylish? I'm thinking about growing some since I'm getting too old for the emo femboy look anymore

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light stubble spread evenly across your face is pretty fa

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So like a 5:00 shadow?

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Been growing a van dyke/ handlebar for a while now, the side of beard won’t connect to the stache yet, so I just get thick fucking side burns

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clean shaven or 5oclock shadow. moustache and stubble if youre especially boring looking and need to do before you inevitably rope

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5 shadow or moustache. Everything else is reddit.

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You don't know what 40-year-olds look like. Because she does not. What you wrote is ignorant.

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She looks like a girl in her 20s. Stop letting porn and dating apps be your gauge for how old someone looks.

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This is what you fags on this board worship

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>/fa/ virgins

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what's the most effay water bottle?

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It's not cancer that is the concern. Plastics act as estrogen analogs. Not just bpa, phthalates are in all plastics and are almost as bad as bpa alone.

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Yep, I was having fun posting those interesting bottle designs! You seem to be projecting a lot, I personally think everyone on 5chin needs help anyways.

To keep this on topic... Are S'Well bottles and Hydroflasks still trendy?

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OH! You reminded me, anyone who seriously believes in these things needs actual help.

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>when he’s asking about if hydroflasks are still trendy so he can buy one
0 self awareness

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I'm a gril and that was genuine question out of curiosity, because as ridiculous as the notion of an effay water bottle is, it still exists. Sounds like someone's projecting again. So, are they still popular or not? sksksksk

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>Designer Shoe Warehouse
>Doesn't sell any designer brands
What did they mean by this?

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They meant Chinese designer shoe clone warehouse liquidation, but the signmaker charge $900 a consonant.

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Their shoes suck dick.

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Lately stores don’t fulfill my expectations so I’ve been making my own designs, transfer paper, bleached, spray over stencil

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20 eyes in my head teenagers from Mars and we don't care teenagers from Mars

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that's cool, good on you

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I tried doing that for a Halloween costume but I couldn't do some fine details so I gave up. You could do a FEAR shirt.

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