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Where to cop shearling for cheap and not synthetic

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>not synthetic
Pick one

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Loro Piana

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Black t-shirts

I own several black shirts (a few v-necks, a few crew necks and several pairs of jeans. I wear practically the same thing every day with the difference of different jean washes and a coat/belt and 3 pairs of shoes. I also own 3 black dress shirts and 3 white dress shirts but only use them for formal occasions along with a suit coat and slacks. Thoughts on this? Is it wrong or no?

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oops, meant to post this to /mu/. sowwy

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We'll roll with it; swastika in the hair, is it effay?

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Are taliban /fa/?

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are those yohji pants my nigga

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holy shit. yes

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>when illiterate goat fuckers unironically have better fits than /fa/

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WTC New Balance 574 or 564 in Australia?

Grey for most versatility, but there are also heaps of other styles with gum soles or swede/leather details in black.

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Nice man. Got a sweet iron cross tattoo to go with it?

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This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a functioning timepiece.

> Required viewing for new people: https://youtu.be/XvLhJamAjAs

> Used watch guide:

> Strap guide:

> watch essentials 102:

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>slight difference
the black is like twice the price of the beige

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It is still a sub 200 dollar watch, no?
The price difference is worth saving for if you like the black better.

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Daily reminder that Tudors are dog watches and you should get rid of them while the market is hot.

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> The good news is the people who buy Tudor and Rolex have no taste

Not true except for Tudor. Tudor are shit and only bought by those who can't afford a Rolex.

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Where the fuck do I find good, BLACK turtlenecks that I can wear whenever it's not summer

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what about this?

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I just reread OP's post
I thought it was for the summer, sorry. I don't know either

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Looks pretty chill, but you'll only know after you try it on. The fit might be utter shit.

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Only $10 + $5 shipping, might as well try it, I'll probably get different turtlenecks for different times of the year

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Hell yeah. For those prices the fit can't be shit enough.

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How do you do low-key fascism? Peak aesthetics.

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nigga, just be yourself. Nobody gives a shit about politics

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are you 16?

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I have 100 dollars in amazon gift cards and I want K’s coat from Blade Runner 2049. I don’t care if that makes me a cosplaying neck beard. With that out of the way, I think I’ve narrowed down some choices. I know there are a couple companies making good screen accurate ones, but this has to be through amazon.
Here’s what I found that seemed to capture the vibe best:



I know there are other ones on amazon that look more like K’s, but they look pretty thin and I actually want to stay warm.
Any body else make any good finds?

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First one is cringe, second one okay-ish

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Second one is okay but I seriously doubt it'll look decent in real life.

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first one is shit, second one looks decent in khaki but for that price expect the quality to be shit

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Be careful when buying stuff that doesnt have a human model


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Are they actually comfortable or just a meme?

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I like the minimlist shoes better like zx flux.

You can try these on at addidas why ask here?

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Very comfortable, great if you're on your feet all day. I prefer zx 500 rm as a casual full boost shoe to UBs, as they look too much like running shoes and NMDs are played out.
Wouldn't recommend them for running though, I prefer a more supportive sole.

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sock-like outer = comfy because light and flexible
boost sole = comfy because lots of cushion
comfy = good

not sure what is so hard to get here.

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just bought these, hope they live up to the hype

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yeah get these new ones though, the boost is 20% more boosty

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How do I obtain this aesthetic?

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It'd just working class clothing and what appears to be discounted Ralph Lauren. What's so hard to "achieve"? It's super cheap. Get clean haircut, callouses on your hands and wrinkled skin from the sun.
What? Oh, you mean doing all of this is too much work and "icky"? You mean you don't want to get rid of your ghostly complexion, dainty hands and greasy no-poo hair all ruined? Too bad twins faggot. This is their lifestyle, you can't copy it and you'll just look like a chump at best.

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Lmao nice quads

I could probably get a job at my dad's pool company and help out with tiling but I'll probably fuck something up and I don't speak Spanish so well.

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How into Jazz interests me

Also inspo pic related that doesn’t look cringey in this day n age

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huh, i just posted a thread abt this. I might go matthew shipp core

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Jazz Inspo Thread. you dont have to necessarily post jazz musicians, just people with the modest artsy look

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absolutely based, hes the GOAT imo

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You do realize they look cool because they ARE cool right? If any of you spergs dressed like this you'd look retarded

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im am jazz musican and artist of various sorts, not everyone here is a boring sperg. nd inspo is just for ideas to incorporate into ur own style

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So, /fa/ his thread is about the appreciation of shoes, as well as the small-engineering and materials engineering.

>I have found this guy from Poland yesterday.

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Bought this yesterday. I'm looking for something similar in brown.

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Those are boots

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>OP makes a thread to shill his shitty brand
Consider suicide

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these r clearly made by someone that doesnt know heal stacks are actually leather. what shit hacky boots

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Yeah no kidding
Fodder for shin splints using wood heel stacks

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Can you all recommend me some good hair styles for black men? I'm pretty sure I have a diamond face shape if that helps.

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>good hair styles for black men
a what now?

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afros are timeless. here's a pic of what you could look like

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>diamond face shape
Are you one of those giga-chads with 4 jawlines and chins you can cut rock with?

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Hair is for people with un/fa/ skulls. Prove me wrong.

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I am not even close to balding, I just don’t think balding looks good on anyone

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you see people with receding hairlines every day, it's normal for men. Do you seriously think pic related looks odd?

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That’s not bad looking but if we’re talking really bad balding then yeah, shaved or bald is better.

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Why do bald dudes make their heads shiny?

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the only one OwO

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What brand makes the best fur parka?

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Mr & Mrs Italy if you can afford it.

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Nature, go make one.

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What ever this is. Anyone can ID?

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why do all backpacks have that weird "ll" out of a sudden? whats its purpose

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Yeah there was a really cool explanation of this that was long, can't remember where I saw it. Nevertheless, this is the short and you are the winner anonita

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I'm glad I won the award :D (Also I think that video you're talking about is from Business insider)

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jesus fucking kill yourselves you retards

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2009 was 3 years ago?

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In the /out/fitter business it was referred to as a pig nose.

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watch runway shows with us. room only up for the next hour

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final playlist:
junya watanabe fw09
rick owens women ss19
sacai fw18
dvn men ss19
ann d ss19
balenciaga ss19
alyx ss19
mmm artisanal fw18
dior homme prefall19
anrealage ss19
the soloist fw18
yohji ss1999

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>you'll never look like this
What's the point

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