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How do I dress to get a lady like this in my life?

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How much money must a man spend to buy a gold coloured (plated ofc because poorfag) chain ? Or just normal silver/steel coloured? I had a pack of chains of h&m for like nine euro, just to see if I liked the way gold looks on me, I sweated and it tarnished, obviously. Same thing happened to some steel chain I got from wish for the same reason. How much many should I spend to make sure it doesn't happen ? What should I look for? Not talking about swimming in the ocean, wearing to the gym or showering, just wearing it out and about and sweating on it a little.

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gold only ever looks good on niggers and redheads

if youre a pasty whiteboi, stick with silver

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gold on men is haram

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I'm tan because I spend all the daytime being a beach bum

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Don't waste your money on steel and other worthless materials. You can get a basic sterling silver chain for like 30$.

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effay movie list, go

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This movie is a classic

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I get it most people don’t dig the story, but the costumes give me JOY.

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I bought a French Connection suit made out of the fabric called Flonel. I had no idea what it was, but after some research I found out it is the same stuff pyjamas and other sleeping clothes are made of. Was I ripped off? I really need a suit

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You got duped sorry to hear it. Suits should always list two materials one for the lining and one for the suit itself. A good suit is usually polyester lining and a viscose/wool blend on the outside, with high-quality ones infusing cashmere with nylon.

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Will return that shit. Thanks bro

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>high quality
>polyester lining

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What is the fashion equivalent of this?

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Basic girl, basic bitch, thot, instagram influencer, e girl, art hoe, soft girl

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>music taste from the internet
surely people don't actually do that. find and listen to music on the INTERNET

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Funny how Fantano and bladee are in the same photo

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I got my entire musical taste from the internet but I don't recognize any of these people.

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Why are there lines on it?

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aliexpress core

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I am above average in looks and height. This cannot change.

Do I need to be famous?

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So I’m starting a new consulting job in a month
Usually the dress code is exclusively suits, but due to the pandemic, I’m not going to go to the clients as often, so I’m expected to wear “smart causal” clothing
How the hell can I dress this way without looking like a dweeb?

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Pretty much dress shirts tucked into chinos/wool pants. Make sure they're not low rise. It's more reddit-tier, but buy some oxford shirts in white and blue and put on some navy trousers and you're set.

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You ever sew your own shit, /fa/? Great hobby ngl. Made a few hundred just selling some leather shit on the side

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How to learn?

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Tired of autistic incel fits, gimme fits that'll net you SPICY SENORITAS!

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Sexcore is dangerously based

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How do I get this aesthetic, /fa/?

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threaten people to use a tripcode if they keep making fun of you
follow up on your threat
get laughed at even more

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Sounds pretty based tbqh

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what core is this?

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industry plant core

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Criss Angel core

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If bladee was wearing this you'd love it.

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i wouldnt. bladee is an autotuned retard and he dresses like he legit gets fucked in his anus

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Is she /fa/?

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My friend's planning on buying this shit and reselling to chinks for 3x retail. He doesn't know much about streetwear but he lives in japan and some chink asked him to get him this shit. What else should he look for to resell?

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W2c some nice corduroy pants? Preferably under $70

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Levi’s and Uniqlo make the ones I wear always but they are only available seasonal it seems unless you find them at third party retailers. I’d recommend them especially Levi the Jew his corduroys are nic

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Thanks anon. Around what time of year do they pop back up on Levi the Jews website?

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What do with hair

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Wash it

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Is it ok for a male with long hair to wear a headband to keep it out of your eyes?

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I usually go with a beanie

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Wash, use ballcap or man bun

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cut it like 2-3 inches and wear a beanie

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>Early Cav Empt
>Inspired by military wear, cool combination of milspo,streetwear,techwear in an actual wearable package
>Cav Empt now
>Weird Vaporwave/Cyberpunk aesthetic made from shit materials that looks like someone vomited it up
Where did everything go so wrong lads

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To me it always looked like an alternative to Stone Island, especially with the left sleeve patch. Doesn’t help at all either that I’ve seen football fans wearing them

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Are bomber jackets played out? It's autumn here and I'm a third worlder so it's hard for me to judge by people

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In reality: yes.
In /fa/ autist minds:
>muh classic
>muh timeless
>bury me in mine

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But really, it's the opposite

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Yes. Literal Normie core. Rule of thumb is if you can find it in a zumiez,tillys,pacsun etc. It’s Normie core.

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Douchebag core

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>you'll never have a g/f with this aesthetic

Art hoes simply can not compare.

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Why wouldn't I? If I am fed, have some place to sleep, and God. What more could I need. I don't donate directly to charity as they abuse the money and people at the top get rich, I go in the streets and directly donate to people struggling after talking to them for a while.

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I honestly believe you've murdered people, you psychopath

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she looks emo and she's a woman, ie an art hoe from the 00's

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you have tortured small animals 100%

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Only with a government license lol.

Dude, you're a zoomer... I can tell you were born after 2000.

Never have so, for all is precious, to take is not to make judgement for oneself but to face judgement from God.

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suggestion on hair?

i have trouble with outfit planning and colors when it comes to my hair color, i change it a lot but i always worry it clashes with any given outfit, so i find myself buying black alot which becomes annoying.

ive considered going to a more neutral or natural color but they feel so boring besides yet again black.

what would you all suggest for my hair color troubles?

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stop dying it tran

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