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>buy a hugo boss shirt online (it was on sale for 40 from 100 retail and I never had anything boss before)
>arrives fine, check it out up close
>no hugo or boss logo visible anywhere
>not even a small logo on the side or on the lapel hidden under the buttons

What’s the point?
It is a perfectly servicable shirt, but I can find noname 10 dollar ones that feel and look the same
Is the point to make your secretary take it off when you are cheating on your wife and see the logo and be impressed? I cant think of any other reason

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Should have gone to Walmart retard

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people are not impressed by Hugo Boss
I guess the closest you can find to a "point" in it... is the shirt looking nice... like any other consumer brand.

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It is kind of a nazi chud brand agreed

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But I only see chinamen and pakis wear it

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>people are not impressed by Hugo Boss
You are extremely overestimating women

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ID of this watch?

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Any suggestions about lingerie for overweight/obese women?
Or any tips to get better looking ones? or better fitting ones?

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Gain more weight

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go to bed, Pierce

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pic related.
I'm trying to lose weight, slowly so I don't get it back.

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Why not just wait until AFTER you reach a weight you're happy with before you buy new shit?

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Because I have a long why to go.
78 kg rn, my goal is 58 kg, about 40 lbs needs to shed.
I'm only dieting and no work up, so it's going slow.
And it's his birthday at the end of the month.

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Why was he such a style icon in the 80s?

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he looked like shit even 40 years ago lol

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he wasn't and also he lost

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He didn't lose the heart of the American people nor his dapper

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Pic rel is my fit today. Pretty simple except for those who notice what is hanging around my neck. If you don’t know (don’t worry, most people don’t), it is a Ledger Nano S Plus in BTC Orange. I actually consider this to be incredibly fashionable, and both an immense flex and a subtle flex. You see, it is an immense flex because I am publicly advertising that I own many different types of crypto and am financial stable, affluent, intelligent, and a boss. However it is also a subtle flex, because 99% of people have no idea that I am wearing a hardware wallet and are probably too ignorant of crypto to understand the gravity of what they are seeing.

Anyone else rockin crypto inspired fits today?

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The Irony and Philosophy of this post is on a whole other dimension.

Very Nice

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Nigga you are are retarded, if you are financially stable you wouldn’t be wearing a black t-Shirt and ripped dreams and taking a selfie in front of your bathroom mirror in what appears to be a crack den.

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Freudian slip, I meant ripped jeans.

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/biz/ here, your a retarded faggot. i'd take that off you, not for the crypto(no keys etc), just for the pleasure of seeing you lose it. pay the toll for being so fucking cringe.

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Keep larping as a big guy behind the screen you scrawny faggot we all know id rock your shit in the read world

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Hello, can someone identify this jacket? I don't wont to wear a leather jacket because of maintenance issues such as scratches and this cracking sound it produces every time you are moving, do probably this is going to be nice

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That is a Harrington jacket

couldn't you google "types of jackets"? It would have literally been in a small infographic with 8 kinds because it has such an enduring popularity. Look, I will even post such an infographic right off of google in this reply

This was the 17th image down on google images, on the second row of images after I googled "types of jackets"

Yea I'll just go to 4chan to ask this question and make an entire thread for it. What a joke

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nah i am too lazy

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useless bum. I shouldn't have told you, you don't deserve to know.

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harrington and bomber are two completely different jackets

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I know. The infographic got it wrong, I only said Harrington.

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I think they're sick

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I'm a fan. Even better if they have cargo pockets. wearing pic rel currently (Ralph lauren RRL military cargo)

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Being Stacy is a choice

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She was way better on the left

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With that hair, it's not.

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jinkies !!!

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Her hair is perfect, anon, wth are you talking about?

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Every time, someone's always gotta cope. She looks way better on the right, slim through the waist and juicy where it counts. Left is just femslob mode.

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Best fashion for those in their 20s. Male or female fits. Let's get a good mix of both going.

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Why the green hair and so much makeup

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Natural strawberry blonde. Sounds cool, but I promise it isn't. It looks garish and unintentional. At best, I look "quirky!" and at worst, I look like the lady on the packaging of the drugstore dye remover, "Color Oops." I like neutrals, but black would never suit me, so for years I've been platinum with very dark brown eyebrows. It's not perfect, but it's worked better for me than anything else. It looks striking and intentional, but I've had fears it was a bit off-putting. I impulsively wanted my natural color back. I've been on an overall media detox kick and somehow the idea of returning to my natural hair color felt "right." I visited a hair stylist for the first time in years, and now I am legitimately, without an ounce of irony, miserable. I had no idea how much my hair mattered to me prior to this. The stylist simply did a shit job, as some stylists do, and now I actually think I hate myself. This has fucked up my self-perception so badly. I don't think I can stand this for more than a couple more days. What should I do? What color recommendations do you have? Please include corresponding eyebrow color. I am light sinned, warm undertone, no freckles, unnotably blue eyes, very deep set. Regardless of what I do, I will not be leaving my eyebrows strawberry blonde.

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Why are bogged people so aesthetically pleasing?

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They aren't, that's why people make fun of them

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you whine about balding but i have gyno (lumpy bitch tits)
it's unironically over for me fashion wise

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You pseudogyno because you're dat or actual gyno?

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can I suck them?

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Hair system pill anon

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I have both…

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I feel you op
>tfw wear hoodies in 40c weather

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have you ever bought something because you saw a celeb wearing it?

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buy it, you will be as successful as Adam

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Wearing a blazer over a t-shirt literally made me drown in pussy. Get on this thing before someone else in ur circle will figure it out before u

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How to pull off a stash?

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With your hands

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Aye, good one

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What socks do you wear with sneakers in the summer, if any?

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crew but pushed down u mad strange if your them all the way up

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none I let the dew on the grass get between my toes

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Is this a good haircut or not

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no bro also dat gyno

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I think it suits my face

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Ok Rory Mcdonald, if you like it so much why do you need /fa/ approval?

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It does, ugly haircut fits ugly face

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>you will never be 1/1000th as /fa/

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