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So we always seem to have threads about software and modelling and techniques but not often about the end results. Does anyone here use CG for making films? I'm working on one for my Masters Degree and thought we could discuss some good creators you guys know.

I recently discovered a guy called Ash Thorpe, he does UI/concept stuff for movies mostly but also did some amazing independent work, like this: http://ashthorp.com/epoch . It's fully CG. Any other good filmmakers you guys know of? Ideally something a bit different from the usual disney/pixar derivative style you see a lot online.

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Another pretty creative film he did is here, I want to get into making this kind of stuff, ideally with a fairly architectural focus.


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Hey guys, oldfag /b/tard here, its my first time posting on this board, i did 3d modelling last year at uni, and this year im on motion graphics, my plan is to make an ident of rigged construction machines doing various things, the problem is i dont really have time to build all the various machinery from blueprints, and id rather not have to spend a fortune on turbosquid

are there any good torrent trackers you all use ???

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you could try Blendswap. Plenty of sites that offer free models

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You could make one of these every week if you put some effort in

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You can use the Sketchup 3D Warehouse, obviously as free user-submitted models there's varying quality but some of them are nicely made. You can either get them in .skp format or most will have an option for .obj format too which should import well into 3Ds Max or Blender.

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sorry, correction, they have option for Collada format (.dae) but you can get sketchup pro and export other filetypes.

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I'm using DDO and when I apply a "Top Soot" smart material The soot texture applies to the back of the model. Is there a way to reorient the way the smart materials apply or something I'm missing?

I even manually rotated the model 90 degrees and reimported it and got the exact same results. halp

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Bit of a shitty work around but I'm not a smart man - if you actually edit the mesh and rotate all the polygons together, rather than just rotate the whole mesh (which at first glance would do exactly the same thing visually) you would actually change the way the normals thought they were facing. I don't know what modelling software you're using but if it's max then you can reinforce that by resetting the xforms, and if it's blender you can apply the transformations once you've left edit mode.

Failing that I would just put the soot on myself with a very coarse brush.

Smart soot - sounds fun.

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Did you provide ddo with all the maps like AO,Curvature, Object space normal map. Thats how the masks are applied.

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Can you not just rotate the dirt mask with the object space normal? Can you not use the directional map? This is why you use DDO right, for automation? So why not use automation? Give us more details on why the soot will not rotate on the character.

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Autodesk Inventor 2015

I am designing two parts that are supposed to fit together. 2 halves of a cylinder. I've already done extensive design work on one side, the more complicated side. Is there a simple way to just subtract this part from another semi cylinder i make so that all the parts where they touch fit perfectly? And if so would this tool be sensitive to history so i can make adjustments and all that?

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inventor is all booleans. I have two separate parts, I'm working on it right now, together they're supposed to make an open cylinder. There's a detail along the rim of one side that needs to be complimented on the other. Can I use a subtractive boolean to do this all for me? If so in what view do i do this in?
I'm in the assembly mode, editing the incomplete part to match the completed one, while it is visible on the screen.

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does anyone have working links for any of the main softimage tutorials?
I tried on /wsr/ and got no response so I figured that this would be the only place I'd have a chance to find them. All the torrents I tried have no seeders and direct download links are broken.
The one I'd be most interested in would be "Introduction to Softimage 2014"

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1.) get a job
2.) subscribe to digital tutors
3.) watch tut
4.) ?????

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Why would you want to make any sort of serious investment in dead software OP

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want to start using it as a hobby, softimage specifically because I like it's workflow and toon shader capabilities. But I don't think I'll make any profit from it so I'm trying to not spend money on tutorials, and there doesn't seem to be any better ones around.

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1). Get a job
2). Convince employer to buy me a years subscription to Pluralsight and Gnomon as part of continuous professional development
3). Profit.

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the introduction to softimage 2014 torrent has been seeded today, I finished downloading it and will keep seeding.
If anyone is interested here is the magnet link:

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Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

Scroll down for a useful FAQ and resource links

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Click here to open this thread.

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trying to opan a .igs file in solidworks, it wont let me run a feature recognition. What do?

pic related.

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Hi folks, I'm not sure if ths fits here, i felt it doesnt rly fit in /gd/. I'm searching for a source on good stock footage for video editing. Is there a better place than cgpeers? This is the kind of stuff I'm looking for: https://www.actionvfx.com/collections , I'm not making any money of this stuff I just like learning this stuff and don't feel like spending hundreds of dollars on this as a student.

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try cgpeers

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is that that star wars dude?

>He doesn't like you
>I don't like you either
>You'll be dead!

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it's not there.. any tip is appreciated

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My company bought this P.O.S from 3D PLATFORM. Has not made one successful part, their support is garbage, 1/2 the machine can be bought online, we complain and they only want us to upgrade to another piece of shit that supposedly has the fastest extruders on the market with no benchmarks etc.does anyone have experience in the large format 3d printing/rapid prototyping? that can advise?

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Looking at their website, seems to be an oversized reprap stuck onto a workbench, with the same kind of electronics and beefier stepper motors. Check the 3D Printing general thread over at /diy/ for specific questions. Also #reprap on freenode IRC are a very helpful bunch.

Since the company that made the printer are shit, you may need to learn more about the machine in order to configure it to work right. Try a different slicing software like Cura or Slic3r for generating gcode, it doesn't have to be Simplify3D. I think Cura has the better way of generating support material. You can also control the machine using Pronterface (printrun) if you find it more to your liking.

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At that size material is very important factor. What are you using?

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>x movement is hold by z movement, which is hold by y movement.
>cable chain is dragged all that way too
>No cover whatsoever
WTH. It looks a bit like they put the worst ways to build a 3d printer into one machine.

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>anyone have experience in the large format 3d printing/rapid prototyping?

All I hear is a bunch of whining and moaning about how you can't get the machine to do what you want.

3D printers just aren't all that complicated. What seems to be the specific problem you're having?

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it looks wobbly as fuck

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want to 3D-print a Sennheiser HD 800 - where do i start?

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I'm sure this can be done in Blender

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OP I'm not trying to insult your intelligence, I've met people who believed 3d printing something would work as if it was manufactured by the company. You don't believe this, do you? You're going to print these and install your own drivers or use them as a prop for display right?

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thank you

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>want to 3D-print...where do i start?

First off you'll need a 3D printer.

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hey /3/, redpill me on blender rendering rigs. OD if you want to.

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They're like regular rendering rigs, but with Blender. Usually on Linux.

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I meant like what components should I use? Should I get AMD or Intel?

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Both work, though you may get better use out of an Nvidia card since you can do CUDA rendering too. AFAIK opencl support is getting there but it's still a but slower than CUDA. On the other hand Nvidia drivers may give you more problems on linux. Check the various Cycles benchmarks i guess?

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haiii could you join my server. Its a bit quiet right now since i just made it but invite all your friends have a great dayyy https://discord.gg/zmTVGHD

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if my goal is to model something like this (mechas in general)
And i'm starting to learn 100% from scratch.
What should i focus on and what programs do you reccomend.

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I'm not asking him to post work of his students. Just to provide an example

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Read the post for an example, faggot. Then realize you don't have the determination to stick to anything, let alone something as demanding as 3D art, and kill yourself.

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If you're doing mechs 3DS Max is nice. Very high level of control that's obvious. If you're poor blender or some indie version of Maya or Modo is okay too, just be prepared to go out of your way to make everything super precise.

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this is a shitpost. for mech you will be doing mostly hard surface stuff, which is possible in zbrush but just a plain retarded idea for a beginner. you don't need a tablet, just pick a program: 3ds max, maya or blender and start looking at tutorials.

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also i recommend 3ds max with arrimus3d's tutorials. hard surface is his strong suit and he goes over a lot of common problems you will run into modelling mechanical parts right from the beginning.

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Is there really any hope that any of us will ever be hired or make decent money at this 3D computer stuff? How about that and actually being happy with where you end up?

I'm personally confident enough to the point where if I needed to I could get a job somewhere for something related to 3D work, but I don't want to be doing something I would consider dull and awful like 3D modelling differently shaped lightbulbs and nothing else all day, or working for some terrible and boring kids movie that is going to tank and be forgotten the moment it comes into theaters.

Hell, even if the product was really bad and boring I might be able to live with it if I have great coworkers, but what are the odds I even get that lucky with where I land? Will my coworkers even speak English fluently like I do?

I'm almost done with getting a 3D degree at my city college after a long distracting bout with cancer. I know, the degree doesn't really mean much, but I've been trying to crank out animations for a demonstration reel every chance I get to compensate for how useless it's probably going to be. I'm wondering more about how easy it is to be happy in this field than how easy it is to just get hired somewhere.

I can't seem to find a good answer for this at my school, my classmates are generally lazy and unfocused and my teacher seems like he's desperate to do anything and everything that's offered to him for money.


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well yeah its a giant scam.
i would say gnomon is the only school where you get 50%+ students into the industry the rest are bullshitting

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do as much modelling as you can in cad

hard surface? solidworks
arch viz? revit

it's 10x easier to model complex forms and a low level cad job that will get you on the ladder is much easier to come by

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you guys should do commissions for avgd threads on /vg/

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If you are creativer and artistic get any shitty modeling job you can get.

Your on your portfolio on the side.

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what's ur reel consist of? animation or 3d generalist? none of my animator friends got jobs and animators always seem to be outta luck in the job market. My 3d generalist reel landed me a job at a medium sized studio in LA and now i work on superhero movies which is kinda a childhood dream
I second this, at my shit school i feel like i was the 1% i dunno how i got so lucky
>>561846 sometimes those artstation frontpages don't actually know how much theyre worth and end up working at a shitty commercial house or something
screw cad, just learn all the modeling tools u can learn. they all work differently and when u learn them your workflow will be better (like if u run into a problem you know how to fix it with a certain modeling tool or technique)
yeah i felt like my school was a giant scam. the problem i have with art school tho is that everyone there thinks the same. that's the only thing i got out of my school. I don't have the same ideas as every other artist out there since i got a friend circle of non artist people

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How do you do it /3/?

I'd like to learn how to model anime characters in maya/zbrush and have them look like their book/television counterparts. There is this photo of Goku that's really well done, and the various angles of the face look largely in part, exactly like the show.

How do you replicate this?

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it has all the right tools in all the right places. Its years ahead of its closest competitor, max

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You could do the pre-sculpt modeling in any package, it's 100% personal preference.

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it's just like modeling anything else. you just need to get a good front and side reference to work with

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That's what I'm wondering - like first starting points.

I'll look into it, thanks!

And post sculpt in zbrush for detail?

I'm trying to create a character for a 3rd person perspective in Unity, so that's the aim atm.

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>That's what I'm wondering - like first starting points.
look up character modeling tutorials for whatever program you decide to use, and put that image i gave you in the background. that's how I made Cell. just make sure you model the arms straight out to the sides, it makes weight painting much easier.

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Sharknado has the best lifelike cgi fin looks just like a real person omg

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So there's these charts floating around that claim to have the correct values for physically realistic results when using PBR workflow for something like Unreal Engine 4. But all the artist work or included samples that come with the engine don't adhere to any fucking standards at all. Their textures appear to have completely random values for luminosity etc. that don't follow these charts at all.

For example this chart claims the mean luminosity of the albedo map for painted metal is around 94, but it's fucking impossible to make any red or yellow painted metal while keeping the medium at 94 because it looks ultra dark and de-saturated. Am I a retard and doing this shit incorrectly? It's confusing as hell. I have no idea how bright to make any of my textures, I thought PBR was supposed to remove guess work but all I've been doing is guessing how bright or dark to make my fucking albedo maps.

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Hey thanks for reply....

i'm not using an HDRI in the Max scene - just a JPG in a dome to add a little colour to the GI. Majority of illumination comes from IES lights nearby.

I have an approximately similar HDRI in SP though but trouble is - SP dumps your model in the middle of the sphere - this model, for obvious reasons, needs to be way down low - I can't figure out a way round that. Suggestions?

All those maps is crazy - sure, but those are the maps it spits out, so after a good bit of tinkering with different combinations - that was the best result I could get.
Trust me - roughness alone did not work. It looked shit. In fact - taking out any map *but* the roughness map made it look terrible. The roughness actually seems to be doing very little.

Yeah - I'll concede the heightmap + normal is overkill, but still - it is giving a more detailed result than either one of those maps by itself (not by much, I admit...)

There are a number of ies lights around the scene which I was hoping the puddles would pick up at least a tiny amount. There's also a lot of wetness over the sidewalk in general - again I was hoping this would pick up at least *some* direct reflections of the neon tubes around the scene....


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Also - you are talking straight knowledge about grazing angles and fresnel effect etc. etc. That hasn't gone unnoticed.

It's a rare pleasure to talk to someone on here who actually knows what the merry fuck he's talking about for once.


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Hey I'm not the guy you're talking to, but I can hopefully lend a little bit of knowledge on this...

'Metalness' is distinct from reflectiveness / roughness. Real world electricity conducting materials (ie. metals) have very very low amounts of diffusion - practically 0% in most cases (gold for example).
So this means that nearly 100% of the light that we see when we look at metals is direct reflection. This raises the question - how does metal appear to have any colour to it? Why does gold appear 'gold' and not just a mirror of the colours in space around it?

This is because metals, unlike almost all other substances in the known world, actually colourize the direct reflections they send back.

So metalness is not simply influencing the amount of reflected light, but also it's colour, which - in PBR engines - is derived from the diffuse input.

('diffuse' in this instance is something of a misnomer, as there is *no* diffusion - this is why, I guess, it is referred to as 'albedo' in PBR engines).

A lot of what I've said here is based on things i have literally only just read about, and have only half digested - so I may have some stuff wrong. So don't bother flaming me if I have.

There are two really essential articles on the Marmoset site that anyone interested in PBR shading should read:



>> No.561947

metalness maps are only used to tell the engine which part of a surface is metallic and which isn't. the value is either 0 (non-metallic a.k.a dielectric) or 1 (metal). in some cases you can use values in between 0 and 1 for example when you have a piece of dirt covering a metal surface.
if you made a sphere of gold, the metalness map would be pure white. if you made a sphere of gold sitting on a plastic cup, you would make the UV's for the sphere 100% white (metal) and for the cup 100% black (non-metal, it's plastic)
it's important to remember that only the upper most surface is whats counted. if you made an object that has painted metal, your metallic value will actually be ZERO because the paint is the upper most layer of the material, NOT the metal. it's the same with something like a beverage can. it's technically made out of aluminium, however the outer most layer is covered in a non-metallic surface which means it is NOT metallic. only bare exposed metallic surfaces should be configured as a metallic surface.

roughness / smoothness are completely different and handled on a different texture map (roughness map if you're in UE4, some programs call it a gloss map or smoothness)

here's an example of a sphere where on the left it is 100% non-metal and on the right it's 100% metal. other than that they use the exact same texture information:

here's an example of a non-metal sphere with very low roughness on the left, average roughness in the middle and very high roughness on the right:

>> No.561950


Anon is 100% Correct.

People are randomly using metalness values as an addition to roughness values, on all sorts of objects which are not supposed to be metallic - presumably thinking that metalness is the opposite of roughness.

It isn't. It's a parameter very specifically intended for electricity-conducting materials. If you are making a shiny plastic object, it's metalness value should be set to 0, regardless of how shiny it is - it isn't metal.

The clue's in the name kids.

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why is my model dark all of the sudden

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>> No.561801

You pushed c on a dark area so it changed the model to black.

>> No.561958

just click "v"

>> No.562061

bottom left*

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I'm doing internship in some company, and I got a task to make 3D model of their factory. (It's framed as a way to have me get to know location of every machine and deparment there.)

Previous guy did similar thing, but in 2D, and there are no dimensions of the place. He also created a 3D model of few offices in SolidWorks. (In which I have only a basic skills.)

How to complete it?

Where, on internet, could I find help with this? (Sorry if this is the wrong board)

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Why solidwoks? I'm not really that familiar with the program, but afaik it's more aimed towards single models. Something like that could be done much easier and faster in 3ds or blender.

>> No.561819

Most people here are on the entertainment side of things more than industrial, so you're going to see less CAD users. SketchUp seems to be a bridge between the two and is relatively easy to learn, so maybe try that?

I'm not exactly sure why you're interning as a 3D artist for a company that requires software you have little experience with.

>> No.561820

bonus points if you have a drone, do some photogrammetry.
there are some free solutions, but pirating also.

>> No.561848


I think that the point is to have it something that looks like a machines too. And to be familiar with location of every department.

About textures, I don't know. Probably not.

>Why solidwoks?

They have license for it, and they use it to model parts.


Where can I find SolidWorks users? Actually, I'm interning as a mechanical engineer.


If I can borrow it from someone in Southeastern Europe, it would be great.

>> No.561976

archstudent here, have done like models and renders for 3 different building with little or no plans to go off of, check the floors there must be a safety layout with graphic scales near fire extingushers or water hoses, that is just by regulation

Take a photo of those plans and draft over it in CAD, failing that just use google earth and an afternoon of manual measurements

My workflow is I make the basic 3d models, like walls windows roofs floors, etc in CAD itself each in its own layer, then I export it to 3dsmax and do everything else there, any weird details i make in Rhino

So yeah first of all make yourself familiar with any CAD program

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The biggest obstacle that prevents Blender from being touched by the majority of developers and the industry. The day they drop it is when you'll see some real development happen in Blender.

>> No.561736

That's not how it works. Similarly you couldn't just drop GPL for linux

>> No.561738

your face
your ass
what's the difference ?

>> No.561948

spherical harmonics

>> No.561969

PBR rendering is already in Blender, they'll just make it more like Unreals.

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