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What is the best free or affordable CAD software for freelance work? I'm fluent in NX, SolidWorks, and can do some damage with Catia but they are all WAY out of my budget. I have a work computer with NX and Catia installed, but I do not want to use my primary job licenses for side work. I downloaded FreeCAD to use, but it feels almost like it was designed to intentionally be counterintuitive.

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If you are doing architecture or interior design of kitchen making, joinery than you can pretyy much do everything in sketchup

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Mainly working on injection molded or 3D printed plastics.

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Hey /3/.

The gist of things is that I'm planning to enter a film school. One of the courses they're offering is VFX, and I'm wondering if it'd be worth it as a career choice.

I know the general consensus here is that portfolios trump a diploma, don't waste your time in art school, yadda yadda, but I have two reasons why it'd be different here.
1) I'm not looking to get into the industry, per se. I'm just evaluating my choices and seeing if VFX would work out for the future.
2) The school has partnerships with production studios. I'll be guaranteed an internship in my final year, meaning I'll have some modicum of industry connection coming out of this.

Just for the record too, it's a fairly prestigious film school, meaning the curriculum and teachers there are worth their salt. I wouldn't be wasting my time in there.

I'm asking if any industryfags (especially those in VFX) can share their experiences and any words of advice for a newfag like me.


>pic related, what I'll be learning and using throughout
>will also be learning quite a few other skills, to the point where one of my potential careers is "concept artist"

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Jesus Fucking Christ, the official tutorials bundled with Unity aren't working for anon. I get tons of errors in the console on each one and have to start a new project. I just want to learn Unity so I wont be so babby tier compared to you all.

What do? For example, I click the unity icon, go to Learn, download a tutorial and open it and it has tons of errors or doesnt load anything into the scene at all. Im using the latest 2018 unity version fwiw.

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anon, they are built in. Official. Im not going to follow some e-peen jackoffs when I have built in tuts that are certified.

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Use Unreal you brainlet

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Yesterdays 2018.3 update with the FPS example tut has matched unreal in quality


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Would help a lot if you told what kind of errors you're getting.

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Lol not even close. Come back when you can do proper alembic importing.

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How do I fix it?

What happened with that alpha channels of those trees behind?

My guess is that something is wrong with light path/bounces

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Cinema 4d r19 Octane render problem

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so.... i dont know much about 3d creation and actually i think im too stupid for it. But i just got myself windows mixed reality and want some nice 3d things in it which requires ".glb" files. Is there an place on the net where i can download some? Thx in advance

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Why is my Vray sperging out like this?
Basically I was using the triplane texture map, and on the left it shows it correctly in the viewport, but when I actually render it out it messes it up (on the right).
Google doesn't seem to have an answer, so maybe one of you can help
Using 3DS Max 2017 and vray 3.4.01

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Have you tried using UVW map modifier like a normal person?

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Yeah I guess I can do that, but since the triplane is already here, why even bother? If you can't help me with this please go away

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You're using triplanar because you're lazy, don't be a little bitch and do it properly

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back to basics edition

previous: >>653448

This thread is for comments & critique on whatever project you’re working on / have completed.

List of free resources (textures, assets, etc.): https://pastebin.com/vU7P8Vmi
If you’d like to add more links, post them here: >>637415

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cheers, will have a play

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the form of anatomy, from zac petroc.
I have been following it for the chest and the neck so far and I didn't do it very well either.
I plan to have a full pass of the whole body and then check again maybe with more references.

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I dont think this design would work unless you add a huge cock

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Still messing around with the building. Playing around with cheating the interiors with some perspective mapping windowbox type shit. It's just a setup that I found online (windows are just flat planes with a room projected based on view angle), so I'm still trying to figure it out which is why it doesn't quite match up. That being said, I also just realized I can't texture for shit. It's gonna be a background building and in the dark so I guess it doesn't matter too much, but damn I need to figure out how to do it. The scale of the texture is pretty wrong, but when I tile it higher there's a ton of shitty patterning. Gonna have to keep playing with it I guess.

Nice job on the OP image generalissimo-sama, I like it. Really feels like a community and a family of misfits.

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my model made it into the image
thanks kanye, very cool

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is it sexy

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Once the model is done she will crash your Blender

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girl named danica broke your heart anon?

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For the poly count, it could be worse. Upper torso, particularly the back, needs work.

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why do you kill threads for your garbage? post your low effort shit in wip

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I bet he's only doing it because she already crashed his Maya.

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Why doesn't everyone just use Maya? Just get an education license if you're not willing to pay for it.

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including 100% of your dignity

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what is this shitpost? they don't own anything. anything made gets put under copyright by the owners.

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Shhhh, let Blendlets believe whatever makes them sleep well at night.

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As we speak (right now!), it is the beginning of the end for Maya. It has entered an era of stagnation and in a few short years it will be displaced as the film industry standard.
Screenshot this.

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What do you reckon will be its substitute?

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I have been trying to achieve realism as best I can for a rocket launch, the orbital part is the hardest because of strange lighting thats necessary. Mostly what I have done is take the lazy route and just crapify it to make it look like its a stream of a launch, lots of lossiness added, color reduction, lag spikes and missing frames etc. I think I may have overdone the crapifying but I'm satisfied with the results.

I guess the only thing I am somewhat unsure about is the actual separation, the canister being ejected still looks somewhat artificial, and the smoke looks bland. I have been staring at it for so long I have lost objectivity. What do you guys think? Is it believable at all? If so, can anything be improved? If not, which parts dont look good?


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is the earth rendered or stock footage?

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I hope you understand that I wasn't trying to bait. I think if someone presented me footage of an official launch, and told me to look at it objectively for realism - I would automatically chalk up all iffy parts to "the weirdness of space".

That is why I lied in the OP, so I could get a few people to look at it objectively. Then I made to sure let my true intention be known early on, so that I didn't waste peoples time trying to help me with my fake rendering project.

but yes, i didnt know of any better way to get opinions about realism that were objective.

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>Seems it indeed does not look real.
But was VFX back then developed enough to make such footage?

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>back then
Shit, I just saw it's from this very year.

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I'd be really embarrassed right now if I were you.

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I can't take people who call themselves "3d modelers" but really only sculpt seriously. There's an art to making the polygons the right shape, in the right places, painting the textures to compliment the shapes. Sculptors might as well just work with irl clay and mocap it into a computer program.

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The more you do in Zbrush the more pain you cause for the rest of the pipeline. There is a reason you don't see the 'bigshot' sculpters taking their works through to animation. Few of them even do textures beyond polypaint. There is a reason for that.

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Where i live these "bigshot" sculpters have a name. They are called ZBrush-cowboys and everybody looks down on them.
Because they can't do anything outside of ZBrush, their role in production is either minimal or they DON'T EVEN GET IN.
Because if you can't do retopo, unwrap, basic rigging, shading and rendering then you are basically only slightly above useless.

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Thank you for this. I know someone who fits PERFECTLY. It's super annoying, all he would do is shill the software but has close to zero fundamentals.

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>I can't stand X thread
pure cancer

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Okay I can see I forgot to emphasis something there, I was talking about high polys for the purpose of backing down to your carefully crafted not retopoed low polys. And I also clearly said that it was easier to achieve a certain level or detail with it, not that doing it by hand produced inferior results.

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Are the warwick fundamentals to hard surface modelling in 3ds max still the de facto intro to learning how to do modelling in general? i'm trying to get my foot in the door and it seems like that alongside the fahrenheit rigging videos are praised heavily.

my main goal is to model characters but i have no real polymodelling skills. i know about bevel/extrude but that's all really. i know jack shit about how to select loops/rings and how to harden edges, which seems pretty crucial.

is it just better for me to learn character design in zbrush and how to utilize uvlayout and topogun than to try and learn modelling if my goal is to make characters with decent topology and organized mesh grouping for rigging/animating? i'm really not sure what the best workflow is. furthermore, i hear marvelous is better for making clothes than 3ds max and possibly zbrush. i have a tutorial that goes over marvelous and it's for a dress. i don't know if this is bad from a purist standpoint or should that matter?

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>Are the warwick fundamentals to hard surface modelling in 3ds max still the de facto intro to learning how to do modelling in general?
Yes. Modeling with subdivision surfaces hasn’t changed much over time and the tools he uses are the most basic that you can find in any 3d program. You could almost call his style of modeling archaic since there exist faster methods of getting results, but modeling with quads is still the foundation of every other technique where you learn to break or avoid having to use them to save time.

>my main goal is to model characters but i have no real polymodelling skills.
Trying to get into character modeling off the bat is a lofty goal because characters require multiple techniques at a sufficient high level to build and you’ll just end up making crap if you go in unprepared. You’re better off starting slow with hard surface objects as you can cut corners more easily with regard to modeling and mapping, and feel good about actually having made something that at least looks like what you wanted.

>is it just better for me to learn character design in zbrush and how to utilize uvlayout and topogun than to try and learn modelling
No, there will still be things you’ll need to make using traditional methods like props and any hard surfaces on the apparel, or armor. You’ll end up sculpting anyway, so it’s a good idea to learn it as well, just keep in mind that if you don’t know the basics, your retopo wont be worth shit.

>furthermore, i hear marvelous is better for making clothes than 3ds max and possibly zbrush.
Not necessarily, you can make clothes just fine by detaching surfaces from your character and stretching them out into the shape you need. Marvelous takes a more technical approach as you end up stitching clothing together as you would in reality, but since it’s based on a physics simulation, the level of detail isn’t particularly high, so you may end up detailing the cloth in Zbrush anyway.

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This looks so cheap, I bet they made it using blender. How much money do Netflix 3d artists make? Can't Netflix afford their own rendering farm and use some decent textures?

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This is what happens when western studio gets its filthy hands on Anime...and outsources to Pajeet

>> No.655776

It's actually made by Toei Animation and thus using maya

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chances are they used pajeets with zbrush zbrush to sculpt, then had some chink retopo it and a gook to autorig it and then downloaded some mocap data. unironically change my mind.

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This looks more like the studio behind that Miraculous Ladybug series, and considering Toei was involved with that series, I wouldn't be surprised if they brought them back for this.

Also, Netflix never makes their own shit, it's always farmed to other production houses like DreamWorks to do as they please.

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uhh i did this in 3d

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Will presenting in tool bag help me get a job?

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It's great for presenting characters and maybe certain assets, but above all else you need to show that you can achieve the same if not better results in engine.

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So basically what you lads say is, we need to aim at unity\UE4\lumberyard to present our stuff?

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eevee is a realtime rendering engine. Look at the keynote.

>> No.655646

That didn't stop the Blender Foundation from making Eevee.

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Eevee has nothing to do with nintendo the company

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How did you guys decide what 3D rendering software to use? I'm currently on Keyshot because it's what we had license for at the design school I attended.
I'm interested in rendering interior scenes and closeup product hero shots. I find Keyshot lighting and shadows not appearing properly in final renders (yes I've done troubleshooting and tutorials) and looking to try something new.

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Literally doesn't matter. As long as you can bake multiple maps (occlusion, specular, subsurface, caustics) and then composite in nuke.

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Not every renderer is going to be ideal for every type of image. For your work Try Vray.

>> No.655509

>I'm interested in rendering interior scenes and closeup product hero shots.
I haven't used it but Corona had a pretty good rep for architecture/product visualization. Look at their website gallery, the quality is great and it's my understanding that the performance on indoor scenes is good.

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>Corona had a pretty good rep

>> No.655529

Yeah Corona's great, currently using that

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With the recent reveal of the Sonic face from the sonic movie, the obvious course of action for /3/ is to be making the movie model for animations. So, i´ll be using 3dsmax an Zbrush to sculpt him, as he is... well, curiously similar to the models i usually make.

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It's real but it's outdated. It was a mockup of what his design was considered to look like one year ago, but they changed it closer to the OP. The point was the first pic in OP isn't actually official because the face was never fully revealed to the public yet and is just a fan interpretation on what it might look like given the info the silhouette seems to tell.

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Back to business: the base mesh cannot be the one with the tucked-in dong, since it will be boned for animation. The tucked-in is a morph, however i believe that the bones will allow for tucking it in in the underwear seamlessly, so that specific morph might end up not being used (but not the expanded rigid one, that´s a irreplaceable morph). It happens.

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>dat paintover
>dose quints

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Why does he have chest fur

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Every hero must have a weak spot.

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So I've been working with c4d and vray for 7 years. I got a new job and need to migrate to max asap. Do you think I can do it in 4 weeks? What awaits me?

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subject is migrating from c4d to max.

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What does your job require you to do?

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Max is a bit odd in some ways but all dcc's are really the same. Just watch some tutorials.

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>migrating from max to c4d
>So I've been working with c4d and vray for 7 years.
>subject is migrating from c4d to max.

Are you retarded or what?

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You even drew the arrows wrong... It might be hard for you

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here you go unity bois https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/519671845796970507/519672846524350465/RipComputerPlsDontUseOnAnyoneButAvatarStealers.shader

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Usually you'd go from something like DirectX/OGL to shaders. But if you want to learn shaders directly anyway, you learn shaders by basically studying other shaders.
Try the MSDN for HLSL, since it's pretty similar to Cg.

First, get to know the graphics pipeline.

Next, check out HLSL.






Also, since I assume you're on Unity, you'll have to check Shaderlab too. It's kind of unconventional, since they've packed both the vertex shader and the fragment shader in sort of a framework, but converting HLSL syntax to Shaderlab isn't hard.


You can study old Unity shaders here:
(Check "Built-In shaders" in the dropdown)
Here are some examples:

You'll probably want to draw a diffuse shaded mesh first, so check these:
Basically it comes down to converting the mesh to clip space, then you check the normals in relation to the light.

Next, you'll want to know linear algebra. Matrix math other than the basics can be done without studying since Unity does the job for you, but eventually, as your shaders get complex, you'll need to know matrices as well.

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Whoa dude I never even expected a real answer
Thanks a lot

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I bought https://www.udemy.com/unity-shaders/ on black friday sale. It looks like a good intro so far.

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Can somebody explain what it is for?

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another guy using this, thanks

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I need obj meshes and image files for a game i'm making. really need a mac10,aug a2,m4a1 and a m60.

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Check clara

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>obj meshes
you sure you don't need .mdl files?

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