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Do you have any "weird" tricks that you've discovered that help you sculpt better?

>If I need to closely copy a reference I listen to power metal and pretend I'm a fighter plane in WW2 that's flying around the 3d model and tearing it apart with my guns with the goal being to sculpt it into the shape that I'm trying to make.

Helps get you immersed in what you're doing if you see it as a game

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uhm...i box model most of the model and only sculpt to add minor details. That's kinda weird.

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I imagine that I'm a chiwawa with a really high pitched voice and a massive cock, that helps me to sculpt better

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>Helps get you immersed in what you're doing if you see it as a game
You could just be a normal human with a brain thats not fried on video game dophamine rushes

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Plasticity surprisely hasn't been cracked neither has Fusion 360, Says alot about their product.

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it is

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Is your source your gut feeling? seriously that doesn't count.

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Its on cgpeers dumbass

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Laughable since we would've seen it elsewhere. Your not trying to get people to download virus's?

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You guys love to talk big shit like you're hot shit.
But can you walk the talk?
Big chungus.

Prove it, if you can, that you know your shit.
Post a solid render you have made so far.

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you can't even make cubes look good.


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Sovl, the perfect render
Souless, I pity your attempt at art
The worst thing so far, go back to square one

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souless. forced soul. cringe.

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sup Cris

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You guys have like a difficulty progression of modeling tasks for a beginner?

Like, cube, doughnut, teapot, fully modeled anime tits...

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If you have to ask, you probably can't do it.

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what kind of dogshit take is that?

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You'd just do it if you could. There's a million fucking tutorials now. If you're here asking silly questions like this, just give up now.

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Any anons make a living out of this?

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Yah, as of this week, but I don't require a lot

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had a full time job modelling and animating boats for a local maritime college, left it to move into ict though

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Is there a market for lowpoly modelling with high quality handpainted textures? How do I go about finding work asap with this skillset?

Most big boy jobs are pbr high poly bake retopo workflow stuff which I really dislike. My entire skillset revolevs around low poly 3d but there seem to only be poor indie companies using this art style.

What do /3/ ?

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If you want to flex your le epic artstyle 3d industry isn't for you, you are making assets not artwork

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Being a commercial artist is different from just being a artist. You want to do this for a living in 'the industry' you have to compromise and shape your ability to be a commodity.

There is market for the sort of art you are interested to make but it's mainly a consumer market. You have to be really ace at what you do and be head-hunted to a indie project using that sort of art if you wish to gain real paying work off such an ability.

Indie projects is usually a small group of friends or people who know each other that has deep trust for one another, getting hired onto such a project is difficult
even if you have the right skillset, you need the right 'in' and the right chemistry to get onboard.

I'd join all the discords and indie art communities related to your field of interest and start building your presence, posting stuff and finding your people.

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this sounds like great advice, thanks anon.

Any tips on finding relevant discord servers?

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Just tell people youre a minor confused about their gender and youll get discord invites nonstop

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How do you even justify a stylization like this? It's so disproportionate.

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>pray for you
Jokes on you, only people with highly questionable wit would ever pray in the first place and only a real tardigrade tier who believe in the power of prayer would ever use their prayers as an insult.

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How do I even justify stroking my wiener to this? It's so disproportionate.

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you are on 4chan buddy, you need a reality check

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I ripped this games models, and I'm trying to make the skin look like pic-related. When you rip the model it gives you generic principled BSDF. I attached a fresnel shader, to get the glow on the outline, but I am not sure how to make the skin look like this. They're using fake lighting & shadows to give it that glow, and a mask is on certain parts of the body that has a stronger glow to it. How do I replicate it?

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Here's the model without any lighting. (It's tifa cause idk how to rip Rinoa yet.) I added Fresnel to give it that glow on outline.

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Here's the model when there's lighting in the scene. It looks like garbage unlike in the game. So it makes me think they are using fake lighting/shadows. Because the the lighting doesn't move when the character does. So I am trying to figure out how to get it to render like the game.

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The model comes with 2 files. The main texture on the left, and the black red & green texture on the right. (Called a mask). The main thing I notice from the mask is that, it is only being shown on the right side of the face (like in the picture in the OP) so it makes me think that they're using the mask to make one side of the face glow, and the other side not.

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See, the mask is only shown on the right side of the face. So that makes me think the mask might be related to how they're doing the glow on the face. How do I make the character models skin look like the picture in the OP? Do I draw another separate texture or something and put it where the mask is? Or do I do something else.

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I've been using SourceFilmmaker over the past year to make a voiced-acted visual novel. It's called "Please Fur My Wife" and Pizza Girl is one of the heroines that you can date.

There's a demo out and you can see a few completed SFW scenes at youtube.com/@chadchan3d

The game's premise is that you're one of the last humans in a world of furries. This was an NTR fetish parody game (still is) but it's growing into a story about furries vs humans.

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I've rendered several animated sprites as transparent webms, mainly to show a couple characters dancing or walking in or out of scene
Also I lock in the camera behind the MC and first of all render out the scene from that locked perspective, then I render the other character sprites from that same perspective and even animate them and just render the webm with an alpha channel, that way the characters fit in perfectly with the scene even if they're just sprites

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Ah but shadows. Do you get transparent shadows too?

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yes, in Blender at least it's as easy as placing a shadow catcher under the characters and using the same scene specific lighting

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Shadow catcher?!
Explain. Is this a blender plug in or just a snazzy name for a transparent material that receives shadows?

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That offers great versatility (reusable sprites) while maintaining an immersive look. Very smart!

A strength of sprites is that they can shake and move left or right, like a picture cut-out glued onto a popsicle stick. I've been brainstorming ways of recreating that sense of motion with full 3D renders and one method is your way of using alpha channels. I've also considered using a combination of dissolves or of making simple slide animations (move the character on a single axis in or out of frame).

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So....that big AI image or video to 3d mesh never materialized, did it? Its mid april. We should all be free of modelling by now. All this big AI talk, but nothing delivered. No image to model, no video to model, no ai texure, no ai uv, and github copilot stinks on ice.

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Ai to CG is going to take a while
Images can be seen as 100^2 while CG is 100^3 for example.
Even direct AI video would probably be 'ready' before AI CG stuff.

Not to mention that you could make slop, put it in a generator and have it shit out something better for stills

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Not really because even when you're modeling by hand, you're still just creating a surface, even in 3D. It's just that the direct Crayola Magic Marker to AAA game AI pipeline has priority because Cris needs it. So, they're going to do that first.

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the big nigger cums at midnight

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What is that, Cris? Some hexing formula?

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It's somekind of redditor handshake I think

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/wip/ - Works In Progress - "We're going back to our roots" Edition

Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>977313

List of free resources: https://pastebin.com/cZLVnNtB (embed) (embed)
/3/ Discord: https://discord.gg/gbYCEBPuK2

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>while keeping the lowpoly aesthetic,
Why can't you keep the lowpoply aesthetic while not actually being lowpoly?

>> No.981066

The arms need to be smaller and shorter too.
Make her a t-rex

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why is it called the doge palace? do they trade doge coin there?
I'm just kidding btw it's a joke

>> No.981087

They trade bitcoin

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yea exactly why the venetians were one of the richest for like 700 years

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>See modern game
>It has mocapped animations without weight that seems like the character is under water
>Character moves a slow speed

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more like vidya animators are bottom of the barrel amateurs that don't understand basic animation principles

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Nobody understand. But you understand, Cris. You understand everything.

>> No.980504

shut the fuck up, I work in the industry so I know most people here are talentless film industry drop outs

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I don't know Cris, how I dry my computer?

>> No.980509

Yes Cris, I understand more than you, go back to your containment thread

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Previous thread: >>973562

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Guess I'm not getting those model packs lmao

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Shit man, my bad. I never actually got a notification even though I got a (you).
Here's a zip of the .torrent files.
Whether or not they have seeds, I didn't really look. Also some of them contain ALL the formats (C4D, Blend, 3ds, etc.), so you'll have to pick and choose the folders for those ones so you don't download all of them.

>> No.981110

Yea it seems they got seeds and are doing well enough, thanks chief

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I need some tutorials on creating Blender plugins. Beginner but also in-depth documentation if available.

Additionally I'd like to see how advanced can you get with plugins, as far as things like UI, rendering 2D graphics etc. go.

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There is official blender documentation, but I feel like it's best to learn from examples. You can open in-built example scripts in the blender text editor by clicking Templates -> Python. Also, you can see how actual add-ons are made by just checking the scripts/addons folder in your blender installation directory.

You can do pretty much whatever you want on the level of meshes. Editing the UI is a lot more limited.

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I do 2d, but I need a model. Anyone got the bazarr shop from Ocarina Of Time?

>> No.980274

I don't have it, Cris. Sorry.

>> No.980275

Im sorry that you don't have it Cris, maybe someone else?

>> No.980285

Op here. I found this. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/oot-shop-scene-fd8172bedf5c4af197d97dc6b73080eb
But am I allowed to use it?
How do I download it?
How do I make the room a little brighter?

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Anyone willing to help?

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How hard is it to make your own engine and make your own content in it compared to using unity or unreal?

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I'm talking about identifying purely recorded moves from gameplay footage (traditional 2d game, non vr / ar) out of many possible combinations of raw moves, effects on top or behind, different colors, and different costumes.

>> No.980966

That has been done by cheaters in MMOs to do auto-grinding essentially. Start here: https://opencv.org/
There are python bindings. But be aware that computer vision is like flying cars. Lots of promises, nothing gets done in the end.

>> No.980968

Looking at that page for opencv, I get the impression that the govt agencies have a lot better version and we're just pecking at scraps

>> No.980971

>govt agencies have a lot better version
Remember when there was that big push to put cameras everywhere to "catch terrorists"? In reality it's for behavioral control of the population, predictive law enforcement, marketing research, stuff like that. That's how they solicit money from governments.

>> No.980973

Another popular application is automatic license plate readers. With surveillance cameras everywhere they're able to track vehicle movements and issue fines automatically as well.
During COVID there was a kiosk at my town hall which will lock the door if it detected that you weren't wearing your mandated face diaper. I used to get in and out covering my mouth with a piece of cardboard.
It works so poorly it's basically a reverse-scam for politicians. And that's a good thing.

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Ladies and Gentlemen of /3/,

The next 4 upcoming years, i will spend every single day in the production for the pilot-episode of a new Berserk adaptation.
>Narrative - 100 % faithful to the Manga
>Art Style - inspired by Netflix Arcane (pic related)

Without any doubt: this project is a Behemoth, but i am dead serious about the production.

Truth to be told, i am lacking experience, which is why i created this thread in the first place.
I would like to know your opinion on certain topics - Roughly spoken about project-management, planing and execution.

I am not asking for direct involvement in the project - at least not until i proved myself with regular updates and progress that i am the real deal.

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>Blenderchads stay winning lol lmao
When Blender really holds its course, gets a better render engine and becomes more stable for bigger projects, then yes. It's not unrealistic that they will become the new standard.

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>Soon you will struggle to make any meaningful progress and end up redoing most of your assets.

The project lives and dies with the recreation of this scene in the desired artdirection.
>pic related

One way or another i will come to this point. However, if i don't like what i see, because i come the conclusion that the quality of my work wouldn't do Miuras story justice - i accept defeat.

Until then, i will fight my way through shitty topology.

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Working across different programs is only a problem for OP because they messed up on their model.

>> No.981080

OP here.
Today i may have started to fall in love with ZBrush. In all honesty - 7 days ago, me working with Zbrush resembled a monkey trying to solve a rubics cube.
But now, i really started to see the strengths of using ZBrush with proper usage of hotkeys.

I am still working on Guts model, but i identified some key-issues:
- since i didn't T-Pose properly, dynamesh fused my armpits and created somehow fragments in- and outside the model
- i used a hair-asset that probably fragmented during Zremesher and projection, which are - interestingly enough - visible in Maya, not in ZBrush
- i recognised high-density poles on the chest and (correct me if am wrong) could fuck with the texture, when i try to use fill-layers and filter in substance painter.

>> No.981106

>Some other art style

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>13 years of production experience
>Modeler/texture artist.
>Worked on big budget production.
>Writer strike happens, vfx house basically closes down
>Running on 11 month of not working.
I'm dying inside little by little. I hate any past colleagues who finds work. We're all clawing and scratching for scraps. Keep this shit a hobby, don't try and go pro.

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>If you had any talent you'd be making your own films.

>> No.980209

I started working on my own material and art because of this. I'm making a bit of money from social media and music videos I'm putting out.

>> No.980224

Blender peertube shows why it’s an awful idea for dumb people to make videos or movies. Yes there’s some great videos but not all of it.

>> No.980329

>whose job can be done by Indians for one-tenth of the money
and one-hundredth of the quality
You never save money by using Indians. The drop in quality is so big it always impact sales hard.
It's unironically better to pick an even *cheaper* random third-world country, you will get better stuff out of it.

>> No.980334

good morning sir

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Is possible to convert an image of a human model to a 3d model (Blender) using Ai (StableDiffusion)?
Trying to find such a tutorial.

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If you have a lora i guess you can openpose it to make a reference sheet and then take it from there in blender and doing the needful tracing

>> No.980102

Yes, but not in blender and the 3d model it's kinda low res

>> No.980103

Not currently, but I'm working on a model called analshart-5 that will eliminate the need for human learning to accomplish anything ever, just grunt at your screen and the model will pick up on your intonation and facial expression and be creative for you so that you never need to stimulate the soft pink thing between your ears with unnecessary, nasty effort again. Once the seed funding rounds are done I'll send you a link to the model, but be aware, it's a suppository.

>> No.980110

It's the same thing I'm working on. So I don't have do see people doing their "base model" that never goes anywhere over and over.

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Downloaded a cg zip file off of discord today that was flagged as a trojan virus. The funny thing was that it was actually my own maya projects folder that I had uploaded and shared with the support like 2 months ago. This is a major discord. Don't know if something is going on with windows defender definitions or what. It stopped me from opening the file and deleted the file and i scanned my system a bunch of times and I'm clean. Moral of the story : do not take anything for granted that you download, even if its your own file from discord. Who knows what type of stuff has been injected into it. Do not even think of pirating stuff.

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>> No.980065

so you're saying someone replaced my legit file with a hacked one?

>> No.980066

this was on a major official discord server, meaning for used all over hollywood, for a commercial product

>> No.980082

its weird, its not just this file being marked as a virus, its all 7z files downloaded from online since i saved it as 7z. It doesnt happen with regular zip.

>> No.980086 [DELETED] 

and i am using nanazip that i downloaded from the official microsoft store.

>> No.980179

Right and hackers dont give a fuck about micro servers with a dozen users talling about inuyasha fanfiction. The bigger and more legit the server the more likely it is to be targeted.
Imo your anti virus is dinging any file it detects containing embedded python scripts.