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Yo /3/ this is it, it's the last match of the group stage and the stakes are simple: we either win to advance or pack up back to the babby. We're playing /tg/ in 3 games from now (so anywhere from 1h30 to 3 hours) and they're mighty so there's no telling how this'll go, we can only hope RNGesus is on our side.

On the plus side the models are now all finished as well as the new Houdini kit.

Stream and other info here:

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Where do I find N64 era low poly nudes of anime girls?

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kys OP

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the streak continues edition

previous: >>666975

This thread is for comments & critique on whatever project you’re working on / have completed.
QUESTIONS GO IN THE /questions/ GENERAL: >>>/3/questions/

List of free resources (textures, assets, etc.): https://pastebin.com/vU7P8Vmi
If you’d like to add more links, post them here: >>637415

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its the extreme roastie syndrome, fucking it is like fucking a woman who had 10 kids

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more like trying to fuck the mariana trench

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I'm using this model from Smash ultimate and it has several eye expressions in the same texture. How do I choose the one I want? Sorry if it's obvious, I'm new into this stuff.

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You probably have to move the UV map around.

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She has been fucked by a chainsaw penis.

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When the fuck is it coming out? I need to know if there are any substantial changes for the software before I invest rich man's pocket change into the 2018 version.
> inb4 anons direct me to CGpeers.

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ZBrush is going subscription model in March dude.
I'm ready for the mass exodus, gonna be very very funny.

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I tried welding together two tools in zbrush - the head from an earlier version of a model welded to the body of a later copy of the model.

The technique I used I think attached them but made them overlap some, causing the graft lines in pic related.

Any tips on how to fix that area, around the neck? I've tried dynameshing.

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Doesn't ZBrush have something akin to booleans in other software?

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next time weld them before you've gone and set the details.
Mask the area off and relax it.
Check the Ask ZBrush videos by Pixologic.
And if you absolutely can't find a solution then just ping them on twitter.

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>Merge the two subtools, dynamesh, and smooth the seam
If the result makes you lose too much details in the process, then instead go:
>Duplicate both subtools as backup, merge the head and body, dynamesh, subdivide, reproject the subtools you had in backup, smooth the seam

noob reply, very bad advice

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>all those retarded posts

Man just use zmodler brudge option
Remove enough geo form the neck till you got a small gap left
Select zmodeler, hover over and edge, right click and pick bridge, then left click neck edge then ehad edge
You cna bridge even very dense models this way

And if you arent retard in math and both meshes had the same amount of polies around the neck you can even not lose any sub levels, delete lower sublevels on both and just add edges on the bridge part of 2 to power of your sub levels -1, then press reconstruct sublevels

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merge head and body mesh, duplicate them, dynamesh one of them to a value that looks good, zremesh it, again dynamesh the other one to a value that looks good, have them both visible, do a project all and subdivide the zremeshed one, repeat a couple times, now you have subdivisions and the seem problem is gone.

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I'm about to get hired for a new job where I have to model things in Rhino. They've sent me a test project to make and finish in less than a week.

Anyone here know a Rhino tutorial for someone who knows nurbs modeling (in fusion360) but has no experience with Rhino and its command based workflow?

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Rhino is so awful, fuck man why you do this to yourself?
If you want to get good at rhino you just hotkey everything to a multi button mouse, and all your F1-12 keys, and use alias for everything so you only type one letter, and use most recently used commands to get things done fast. It is brain dead, repeating the same commands for hours and hours work. Almost everything happens in 2d anyway.

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>Rhino is so awful, fuck man why you do this to yourself?
yeah well, the people I'm going to work for, for some reason, use Rhino exclusively. at least grasshopper is pretty neat.

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Rhino is the industry standard for every shop I’ve been to, or even heard about. Forget what basement dwellers say. Hot keys are definitely the way to show bosses that you are competent.

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What do you guys think about my first render?

Salsa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lX0tg7CEJw

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>composition is focused on the shadow instead of the object

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I have this problem when baking AO in Blender. How can I fix it?

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The two parts sharing UV space can do that. Especially because they aren't placed exactly the same way.

Also: there are question threads for this kind of stuff.

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Thank you for the suggestion, I'll try it.
I'll keep that in mind, thank you.

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This only happens when geometry is clipping, check if the specific faces are connected. Otherwise you'd get this error in every software.

LMAOing at your level of knowledge

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>This only happens when geometry is clipping
It indeed is a little. Thanks a lot

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>How can I fix it?
By going to the questions thread.

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Um, hello, I would like to make cartoons in adobe flash. Is this the right board to discuss that sort of thing?

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They don't want him there either, flash animations aren't /gd/.
/ic/ is more applicable.

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>Not using AE or Toon Boom

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what kinda cartoons you want to make? From your picture i asume you want to make cartoon network tier cartoons. Make your drawings in illustrator or photoshop then saparete each part of the body in layers then animate it in after effects and use duik or puppet tool to rig. But if you want adope flash ask /f/

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So Im using LibreCAD and this weird thing happends when I use the angle measurement tool where sometimes the total angle =/= 180 degrees. Whats the issue here?

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Float to int casting?

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Report it as a bug. A very embarrassing bug.

And then proceed to use FreeCAD instead.

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This. Those are normal rounding issues. Might try with a bug report

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What's an easy but profitable porn game idea?

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way too many people hopping on this bandwagon for a quick buck
I suggest a mcjob instead

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>this but battle royale

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literally look at patreon tops you lazy double nigger

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>something something fek

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@ secretlyaracoon
I bet one rare peep no body will bully and spam this instagram for being a cuck

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NYPA newfag

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fuck off

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Hello there /3/, i am looking to get into the entertainment industry and i would like to learn 3D modeling, can someone help me out

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I'm studying graphic design and so far we've only worked with Maya, but I found it fairly easy to use. I believe they have a free trial and also there is a bunch of Maya tutorials online, so I think you should have a go at it anon.

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I would recommend starting out with box modelling.
Dont worry about which program too much, just spin a wheel and pick a random one (I use maya, 3dsmax and cinema4d and all are good enough).
Start out only using primitives (cubes, cones, spheres) then move on to editing the polygons and veticies of these primitives.
Whenever you get stuck, google it (after trying to figure it out)

Autodesk software is free with a student license.

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Do Grant Warwick's hard surface modeling course, the principles are software agnostic. Then do Pavlovich's ZBrush series to cover organic sculpting.

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Need help as texture image isnt showing with the same settings. In my previous project it was working with the exact same set up, but now it does not work.

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I'm guessing your old project used a different object that was generated with UVs and now you are using one without UVs.

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do you have a UV map?

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thats the issue, i placed it late. thank you

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It's there for a reason.

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y'all ever just make furniture. im practicing some prairie style design

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those textures are horrendous. and is that lampshade made out of jade????

also bevel that fucking base jesus christ

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oh shit youre right.
and textures are just procedural whatevers i grabbed from the internet becuase im not focusing on that right now. the shade is thick green glass, so yeah, its supposed to be like that.

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I'm trying to export a model from Zbrush to Maya using GoZ, but whenever I click the GoZ button it keeps attempting to open Photoshop instead (actually, it even keeps trying to open InDesign for some reason).

I had made, among other things, a Texture Map, so is it possible it's confused by this and thinking I want to open the Texture Map in Photoshop?

Is there anything I'm overlooking?

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Tried it. Dang. So now it's not opening up Photoshop, but it's just saying 'file saved to disk', but nothing is appearing in Maya.

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Hol up. I closed Maya, then tried again with Maya closed, and it started Maya up itself with the model in there.

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>sculpt a face
>try to add subtool 3D sphere to make eyes
What the heck? It crashes every time I try, crashed the windows the last time.

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Don't use cracked ZBrush.

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Trial version, activated today.

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oh yeah yeah

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I started my first model today, basically as complex as pic related. holy fuck why didn't you guys tell me this shit takes so long? how long does it take you to finish one of these?

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I'm a man of impeccable taste

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Yea try again, I’m a class-a modeler for a major oem.

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post works pls

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If you want an ID, then become a tripfag.

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bump from page 2

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is there an animation technique or method which simulates the sliding motion of a surface over a fixed mass that doesn't rely on full blown simulations?
in other words, the surface mesh moves while maintaining the illusion of a fixed mass underneath?

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Yeah, you can do things like this with various constraints to the position and rotation of free floating bones that emulates connective tissue and muscles. It's conceptually simple but can be extremely complicated to execute well in practice.

One very simple but useful example of this is a extra bone at the knee, elbow, knuckle, buttcheek etc that rotates halfway between the parent and the child of the joint to counteract the scissor like pinching as a joint closes.

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Just cut the crrap and say you want to to animate boobs man.

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I would like to make some maquettes for some paintings.
I'm not sure if I should learn to sculpt with Polymer Clay or fuck around with blender until I manage to get some results
What are exactly the pros and cons? What is each ones purpose?

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nice thread

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Fuck around with clay, you don't sound like you have the time to worry about the technical aspect of 3D like caring for topology or texturing.

Alternatively I'd suggest ZBrush, it's powerful but you're going to need to invest time to get used to it for even the most basic tasks.

Just fuck around with clay, you've had your hands since you're born. There's no reason to get into digital 3D in your specific case.

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