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What are the advantages of modeling with meshes over nurbs?
I'm somewhat experienced with Rhino and modeling architecture, but a total noob when it comes to modeling with meshes.
But with the exception of rhino, all 3D packages seem to be using meshes for everything and getting good results, so I would love for someone to shed some light on this.

To me, nurbs seem a lot more accessible and easy to control, and the mostly additive + booleans workflow is very intuitive and precise. Box modeling on the other hand seems to be the opposite, but idk.

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You use meshes for animation purposes
Nurbs is really heavy to compute but really handy for mechanical pieces (for industry)

Zbrush or Modo give some good solution to create some meshes

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most NURBS models will get converted to polygons anyway, at least at rendering, often even before.

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Im a total newbie when it comes to 3d stuff, so i was wondering what the best program would be to start me off? I only plan on making 3d sculptures of characters of mine. I don't need to animate it at all so if that helps describe the kind of software i'm looking for! Thanks so much for the help.

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No OP, Blender is the wrong way to go. The learning curve is so fucking stupid that I finally caved and pirated Cinema4D and you can sign up for free (just lie on the forms) to autodesk for 3Dmax and Maya.

Each program has its own set of quirks and hangups but I'm telling you right now after 7 months of work on C4D, that Blender will only give you headaches.

I even understand if you're never planning on working in a studio but you're going to get more help and support with autodesk stuff and C4D rather than errors and headaches with Blender.

There are artists that can really make some amazing things in blender, don't get me wrong, but there's a reason the program doesn't cost anything. It's like gimp to photoshop. You just can't compare apples to oranges. Lots of people are going to say otherwise and flame me but I'm telling you this from experience. Blender expects you to memorize a fuckton of keyboard shortcuts before you can even do a basic shape. That's not how a program should operate towards beginners.

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A lot of truth in this statement.

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As someone who might be considering freelance in the future (and might have to get blender if I can't afford a license), can you expand a bit on the features Blender is missing compared to other 3d programs? Or is it mostly a learning curve thing.

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3D Coat is cheaper and easier to use plus you get the added benefit of making Baby Jesus cry.

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true but I dont want to go into multiple drop downs as a beginner, aswell.

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"What do you think of our guy's famous "floating geometry everywhere" that you then bake down?

Is it the future of modelling?

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Blender can't do a 1/5 of what modo can do lad

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i watched the stream and he said he was the concept artist.
which means he makes pretty 3d renders, so yeah id imagine its fun to model without caring about retopology

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He does retopo as well, he might just not do it for all of his personal models since a lot are one-shots and putting them in a game engine doesn't really matter.

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Tor proves that you can post on /3/ AND be massively successful at the same time. The future is bright.

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what do you mean floating geometry everywhere?

You mean disconnected parts? intersecting?

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Anyone know how to dramatically reduce the number of triangles in an .stl?

My model has over 6 million triangles, and its 978 MB .stl file.

So big that makes me 3D printer crash.

Next pic is a close up of how many triangles and suggestions maybe

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Right now it seems like you have a lot of polygons that aren't visible because they are intersecting, so that's a huge waste right there.

You could try a polygon reduction algorithm, I think all major 3d packages have them. Not sure how well that will work. The individual spheres don't look like they have a lot of detail, so you might be left with a jagged mess if you reduce the geometry too much. Might be enough though?

Personally I'd do this with Houdini. You can convert the whole mass of spheres into a volume representation and then convert it back to geometry with complete control over how many polys you end up with.

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You could try detaching each geodesic sphere to its own mesh, then reduce the polycount on each individual mesh, or merge each individual mesh to a centre point and use those points to instance a less poly dense mesh.

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If it were me, as pleb as it sounds, I'd boolean the whole lot and then use the optimise/prooptimise in max... Or the other way around to preserve the edges. Like the other anon said, you're wasting so much on intersecting geometry.
I was told polycount didn't affect 3d printing though?

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It's affecting the slicing process. I printed a model of the mars with like 6m tris and it took over an hour to slice

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Is this the right place?

I want someone to design me something for a 3d printer.

It's to hold this mini bike pump against my bike.

It needs to be open on all sides except for the two ends.

I've been using tinkercad but so far haven't been able to make much more than a box...

It's 20cm x 4cm

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I'll do it for free, but I need more info.
Contact me at [email protected], I prefer skype to talk or discord or irc so send me info about one of this places we can talk there.

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email sent!

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I made this simple animated thingy in c4d:


It's a recursive scene - think infinite zoom, like zooming into a picture that contains a smaller version of itself, and that smaller version also contains a yet smaller version, etc. - just in 3d.
Read the clip description on YT if you don't get it, or watch the clip.

It's not the final product or anything, just a test.

The ratio of the bigger scene to the smaller scene is 10:1. Meaning, each consecutive level of zoom is 10 times smaller, for simplicity sake. The camera zooms in. At frame 0, it has a keyframe that points its zoom level to, say, 1. And the last keyframe of each zooming makes the zoom level, say, 0.1.

Problem is perspective, though. If the F-curve connecting the two keyframes was set to linear, it would look like the zoom speeds up and then suddenly stops when it reaches the next zoom level, and repeating that pattern, instead of a relatively smooth-looking camera movement you see in the clip. I am not sure how I achieved that, but I set the F-curve to spline and fiddled about with the curve shape until I was like "Guess that has to do, I can't possibly do a better job", which took me a while.

But look at the blue car. It too has keyframes at 0 and the last frame of 1 zoom sequence: for position and size. Position changes in this fashion: 10 + 1 + 0.1 + 0.001 + ... etc, each level of zoom "adding" a 1/10th of its actual coordinates - since every consecutive iteration is 10 times smaller, right? Thus its size decreases from the factor of 1 to 0.1 to 0.01 to 0.001 ... etc. Since the camera's APPARENT movement is linear (while its ACTUAL movement, to zoom in, is this fucking spline that took me forever), the blue car's size should stay roughly the same throughout the whole animation. But with its F-curves set to linear (size & position), it doesn't look to smooth.

How do I compensate for the camera's movement?

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Sorry for doubleposting, forgot this

This is the shape of the camera curve so far. I just know this spline is supposed to be a graph/partial graph of a math function - I just can't figure out what it is, I have no math background. Thanks

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Oh and here's how the spline currently looks. That has to be a crude approximation of a real math function I could use to figure out the shape of the spline. I just know it.

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But what does the car's spline look like?
If your camera is splined, your car's scale/position also has to be splined the exact same way if you want to achieve this effect.
Your car has to scale and move exactly with the camera, or else you're going to get the effect you're getting in the current render, where it looks like the car is independent of the camera.

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Like this. Somehow I don't see a way to copy just the spline shape (i.e. what the not-perfect-but-will-certainly-do curve shape I attached in my previous post looks like) between two sets of unrelated keyframed values. Cinema 4D if nobody noticed. So the blue car's spline had to be done manually, and when I tried to re-create the shape of the camera's curve, it just looked wonky, so I gave up and decided to ask here

Perhaps I should be asking a mathematician. Obviously the car's scale / postition progression has to be splined in the same fashion as the camera. The problem is, I think I'm approaching it from the wrong angle. I shouldn't be trying to approximate the shape of a function that already exists, I should be able to utilize whatever tools are available to generate the spline curve from a function/plugin...

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If you had to create a beginner to master lesson plan, what would you include?

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5 years of 3-8 hours a day learning,
including watching tuts for the first 3 years
It is possible to get into a low job like <4 man mobile game studio or so, after 2-3 years .
Honestly make a good knowledge of videos ( youtube isnt the only source for good tutns, go to cgpeers.com for ex.)

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-Subd modeling (basics, at least understanding how it works)

-Basic hard-surface techniques

-Basic sculpting

-UV unwrapping

-Textures and materials (PBR material properties)

-Basic lighting (how to present a model)

-Real life material details/studies (understanding how objects are made, proper use of screws/details/etc, adding wear)

-High->low poly baking

-Videogame modeling/texturing (if going into vidya)

-Anatomy basics

-Advanced organic modeling (sculpting humans, maybe animals)


-Animation (really vast topic, can be learned earlier or separately, and should probably start by using others' rigs)

-Cloth sims/sculpting for characters

-Design theory (composition, colors, balance, story, etc.)

-Advanced lighting (environment)

In that particular order, won't make you a master without practice but should cover all the important fields. There's obviously some stuff you can skip if you don't need it, say character modeling if you want to do environments, but on the other side being remotely proficient at modeling and texturing props is very helpful towards making good character models.

Also learning anatomy is kind of a bitch, it's a big investment and takes significantly more time and effort than a lot of the other steps.

Learning design should come last, so you have practical skills you can immediately apply your knowledge to, and not first like they teach at my retarded school, so you know all the intricacies of 1980s russian cinema but can't bake a normal map.

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>Learning design should come last

Thanks anon. This is a concept I've been struggling with everything I'm learning about. I get it to respect the history and to conjure inspiration but I agree, I should be learning the basics/building blocks before I waste 8 weeks learning some bullshit history before the tools I need.

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prabhu creative works and 1000 hours of playing around with ncloth

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As someone who's almost made it, wats it like to "make it"?

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Working on films as an animator.

When you make it the gig becomes old fast and you realise cg is just a fantasy when you were younger and end up clawing for a better salary day in day out. Becomes a typical office rat race. But obviously its still a lot more fun than most jobs out there

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didn't "make it" yet. but i suspect that 3d in general is not a stable income regardless of your skill level

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Not entirely true. A lot of people are on permanent contract, especially in games. And those with high skill are always in demand. Its the mid-low tier artists that kind of float around but even they have their place as productions ramp up and down and need to keep the costs managable.

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theres noone in the industry who has "almost made it". stop posting threads and get back to learning and developing your skills

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Like others have said, for many it turns into a case of the rat race. To truly "make it" you'd need to be successful as your own boss or working as a team and having major creative input as this would keep you happier, more creative, and loving what you do (not always).

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So I started to make my own game. I just wanted to get some opinions on my work so far.

Made my models in blender and am using unreal engine 4 for the game.

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Calm down people. Its no placeholder art. Its the best I could do at the time. But Im happy about all criticism. Especially when all I get when asking friends and family is: It looks great. That does not really help at all. Just keep it civil please.

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I am quite a misfit here as i am more of a programmer, but when using unreal what do you program in? Is it possible to use C++ which is by far my most preferred, as many of my algorithms work in this.

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Oh, and I actually thinks it looks quite nice, although it appears more as a village sim, than an rpg with all the Bird View shots.

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couple of points
>work on your buildings. look at how buildings are actually made. you have wooden columns terminating straight into stone, or down into nothing, looks bad. the combination of wood and stone doesn't look plausbile, especially on the towers
> work on the mine, its too regular inside. You can still have straight tunnels, but make the wall geometry a bit rougher. This is a working environment, not a temple or tomb. Add litle projections of stone and dents in the wall.

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Not OP but when working in UE it is by far preferred to use Blueprints for the majority of game logic and reserve C++ for performance-critical code. (Writing C++ for UE also involves entering their nasty template-heavy compile environment.)

Every modern video game is written with some sort of internal scripting language, from Quake's scripting language QuakeC, and earlier.

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amazing blender tools thread.



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Whats the secret to making cute Disney characters ?

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aparently, i have fans.
No, medium tits.

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wat happen to her horns?
and ur trollchan not duk-sama

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heheh! ok, I like Sticky Wipplesnit.

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Renderman and pedophilia.

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Well their secrets for their 2D work are literally in a book (pic). I assume many of these brilliant ideas were modified into new 3D animation methods. Haven't seen a 3D book, but if you stop and think about it enough the screen is still 2D.

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Whats the secret to making cute Disney characters ?

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My Lulzbot Mini should be delivered to my house within the hour!

Does anyone have any experience using Cura? debating if i'll use it or a different slicing software

Also dubs decides my first print

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>Printing worst duk

>> No.552651

pathetic. Should have printed the memorizeable duc.
Or was it th ememorizeable ? I dont remember

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It is indeed the memorable one
And also the worst one.

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You can talk about 3d printing, who fucking cares, as long as you aren't shitposting or making tons of threads

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It's out

The installer is the same for the commercial versions and the free Apprentice edition.
New builds are posted every day or two containing bug fixes:

>> No.552587

Houdini 15.5 worked fine.

Houdini 16 worked for a couple minutes, then crashed. Now it crashes whenever starting up. Gonna wait for a few builds.

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new blender guru video, this time about dynamic range, enjoy.

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no it doesnt m8, shows how much you know :^)
also lux is just better, literally too many things to list.

lux is hardly complex, it has more options if you want to get complex but you don't need to.

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Yo ho fiddle-dee-dee

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Remember when Andrew Price tried to learn drawing in six months, posted his results everywhere under the sun, and instead ended up tracing everything and finally getting called out for it?

Not even Pepperidge Farm will console you on this one.

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Holy shit that happened? that's some comedy gold right there.

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I don't know what's going on. This message pops up whenever I try to freeze transform for any bone. I can't find a single person on the internet with the same issue as me. Can anyone help me?

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Are you freezing translations or rotations?

I don't use max, but in maya you can't freeze translations because of how bones work. You also can't freeze rotations of bones that are already skinned.

>> No.552573

I was freezing all transforms. I didn't know you couldn't freeze rotations for skinned bones, I guess that's what's causing it. I thought it was the only way to reset bone rotations but I just discovered you can activate figure mode anytime to reset positions. Thanks for the help!

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Futaloli containment general
Previously on DSG >>544997

Pardon the lazy pastebin, this is V1, please respond with suggestions etc.

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Total Rendering Time: 7 minutes 12.51 seconds with a GTX 770

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It's Natalie Dormer. That's her nose and permanent smirk.

>> No.552922

Indeed, saw it in a WIP thread on Daz forums but no updates in forever.

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Uhh, do you use 3Delight ? Isn't everyone using IRAY now ?

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You need to enable Filtering > Noise Filter enable, to see the noise grain options

Also progressive rendering is greyed out but selectable. picrelated

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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

I'll start. How do I achieve a higher level of detail when making a normal map from a high poly model in 3DS Max? Aside from a few things I know I need to fix, the details come out looking jagged for me.

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The geometry is probably simpler than you're expecting. Background must be an image, wooden posts might just be rectangular prisms with a couple subdivisions to warp it, shoes can be simple too. Wood surface could be beveled rectangular prisms as well, just with normal maps thrown over everything. Who knows with the lamp, but if you get a larger image you can see the polygonal edge on the curve underneath the bit that you turn to control the wick.

They could also have a very simple node setup, low bounce count, optimized tile size (there's an addon), and they could have several GPUs.

http://www.blenderguru.com/tutorials/create-realistic-materials-with-cycles/ You can probably get a peek at the geometry in this video.

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Asking here because the other questions thread is pretty shit.

Can anyone convert this to an OBJ or STL file for me?
I've only been able to find this as a MAX file.


I don't need any of the materials or anything like that. Ideally just the mesh.
Thanks in advance.

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You can do it in Blender.

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I made this in blender but the problem is when I use edge split and seam crease is duplicates the verts on the split edges and when I go to to remove the doubles the edges get removed. I don't know what to do

>> No.552959


I can't though.
You're not able to open .MAX files in Blender.
I've looked. It's like trying to open a .Blend in 3ds Max. It doesn't work like that.

Unless there's some other way that I missed.

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>> No.552534

anyone else feeling that way?
I don't follow any 3D artist but I do with literally hundreds of 2D artists.
modeling is fun to me while drawing is nothing but a chore. I'm ok at it but it's no joy at all.

>> No.552538

Look up some NPR (Non-Photorealistic Rendering) and you can make your 3d models and art look 2d.

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Has voxel ever looked good?

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