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fuck of nick. ywnbaw

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What do you do when the plugin or software you are using is very obviously "unwell" and seems like they could shut down or go out of business soon?
>website begins to become really really dated
>terrible community outreach

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animator bros...i dont feel so good...


>its over
its over
>its over
its over

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Don't see much there. Definitely no code on github, just docs and pictures. Doubt this will work anytime soon.

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No actual code to be seen.

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fuckin chinks being chongs yet again

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>AI = porn
Every time

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hand bros...i dont feel so good...

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Godot main dev is literally making next gen graphics on a fucking 2014 gpu.

Unreal and AAA faggots are a fucking joke.

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hello nodevs, how is your xitter argument going?

This looks like something you could get in ancient opengl demos. The world needs to go back before they try to advance to see that they are failing to do what was done in the past with less hardware already.

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Don't get me wrong moving the lightning baking (for you not baking) step into an asynchronous process is a good idea.
It's still not an alternative to Lumen which converges over a few frames (not a second as you claim)

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all next gen rendering methods are broken fundamentally to just sell cards because they will run things at "acceptable" framerates rather than push visual boundries.

Just make a very poorly done rendering technique then sell it as a feature while slapping giant heatsinks on the card. Worked back with crysis 2 and it'll keep working with the next set of releases till the end of time. Why optimize when you can just fake it?

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Btw this is not sdfgi. HDDA is a term invented by Juan which stands for "Hierarchical Digital Differential Analyzer"
Looks like he is voxelizing the scene into a hierarchical structure (I'm guessing it's essentially overlapping voxel cascades, with more resolution closer to the camera as in cascaded shadow maps) and then stepping through it with something like a multi-resolution bresenham line algorithm.
It can use the lower-res cascades to take large steps through empty voxels.
So instead of using distance fields to estimate the closest possible hit like with ray-marching sdfgi, it's doing voxel-marching in a 3d cascaded mip structure
See his (limited) explanation: https://twitter.com/reduzio/status/1726692512965017728

And yes, it's real time, it's blasting out millions of rays per second to compute dynamic lighting and reflections

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because there's autists who cares about their craft as an art form, chud.

have you ever tried to make shit runs on literal old as fuck machines?


you're fucking stupid if you're ok with e-waste because Nvidia needs more money.


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Should I not renew my renderman subscription and just use Karma XPU?

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what are the benefits of renewing to you?

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Pixar's product seems to give me the best looking result, they have shaders the other products i am using don't have but it takes the longest to render

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look at the boxes, they're from what I expect in a ps3 game.

the trees are the default trees that speed tree generates.
There's shit made the default draw brush shit from maya (look the foliage on the ground).

Her hair has no bones, not she has sidelocks or bangs with rigging.

She has default male body with default mocap library animations.
Her shooting and kill animations are lifeless and without personality, which means they used a mocap library.

She doesn't have shit that can't be used in a default auto rig app like a scarft, sidelocks, ponytail or skirt or a cape.

Fire is a literal texture from a default simulation of fire from houdini as well.

This shit is made using default presets from maya, substance and houdini.

A masterpiece of default configuration in the tools, like I expect from Indian master artists.

Niggerman 2 is made with default shit from maya, speed tree, Substance suite, some mixamo mocap library, character basemeshes from shit like Reaillusion tools and houdini presets.

It's like listening crappy EDM wtih Sylenth1 presets.

There's not even skirts being animated by hand.

It's the type of work I expect from undergrad shit in a random yemen 3D school.

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Behold the power of DEI

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I care about improving my skills.

Sorry you only care about making money.

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>from what I expect in a ps3 game.
You are dead, dead wrong.

Here's the thing with the game in WebM related an all new "Next Gen" games - you have to see them in 4k HDR on OLED and hear them with surround sound. It makes a huge difference. A SDR, blurry webm with no sound doesn't do it justice. Same with SDR video on youtube. Hell, even those people who are able to capture HDR video on youtube dont do it justice since youtube alters the colors so heavily and compresses. The only way to experience these new games is in 4k HDR on OLED with Surround Sound playing back on preferably a console which is optimized for the game.

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>Her hair has no bones

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ok retard.

I need a 4K screen to experience the wonderful mocap shitty generic GTA like animation.

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I always preferred it for animation purposes as it's relatively easy for newcomers (at least, for me it was, especially compared to Blender).

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I didn't like MMD because of it's user interface when I started, so I just started using the MMD to blender addon and went from there.

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Is it true that Unity is the best engine for 1MA?

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What the shit is this? Unironic meme software

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Use the operator retard.
>add a geometry node nodes
>add the bevel operator
>add a geometry node nodes

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>want to perform a bevel as part of a complex GN graph
>nah you have to split your graph in two every time you do it

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>Can't find the a averages of max/min/mean of multiple groups, because the attribute statistic node doesn't work on fields for no fucking reason.
>The developers are actually questioning if it's worth including because they're all autists who don't even use the very system they're developing, and need to be told about 1,000 use cases before they figure it's worth the effort.

>Can't make lists, so you have to do a bazillion steps to manipulate the index into selecting what you want.

>Can't get bone information, so it's no good for armature
>They upgraded bones collections for 4.0, but you STILL can't access bone collections in geometry nodes.

I'm forgetting another gripe. But oh well.

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>The developers are all fucking autists
This is the problem, for all the good they do sometimes I see someone request an incredibly commonplace feature only to be told "why would you want that?" or "no, due to my personal interpretation of your request this feature which already exists in other programs is actually impossible"

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Well what do you expect for free.

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is it worth trying to animate with virt a mate?
i read a post on f95 saying it only works with VR

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>i read a post on f95 saying it only works with VR
It has a desktop mode that works fine.
>is it worth trying to animate with virt a mate?
Depends on what you want to make. Simple sex loop? Yeah. Literally anything even slightly more complex? Maybe if you like banging your head against walls cause posing in that shit is a pain in the ass.

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>buy $900 worth of houdini tutorials on sale at 30% off for ~$600
>too busy doing other work to even start them
>they start growing stale

k-kill me senpai

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That's why you pirate before you commit

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Houdini 20 crack or riot

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basically 10 years since I started to animate in 2013, chuddies.


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Holy fuck you really wasted 10 years huh

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To be fair, he achieved a similar progression in several other skills during that time

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So, pretty much no improvement whatsoever?

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You need to see the overal picture, not just one skill.

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Started using Blender because my Maya (student copy) I had used for years suddenly denied me saying that it is no longer valid. My question is pic rel - I simply merged a mirror copy of an object and that vert is acting unusual. There are no hidden faces that I am aware of, any thoughts anons?

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You may have added some vertex crease to it by accident.

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Anons, I haven't been able to make another sculpt this "nice" in forever. How did you learn to sculpt faces?

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just look at references and then look at references harder

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Maybe try starting low res and getting the basic structure in place before subdividing
You can make something around this resolution in 10 minutes and add finer details on top (speedchar made pic related in about two minutes)
Even if it seems too low-res to really work with, there is actually a lot of room for expressing form with limited polys. I find it fun to make these low-res sculpts, because you can actually get something decent very quickly. If you don't like the way it's going, delete and try another one.
Once you have a promising base shape, subdivide and add details

Probably the most important thing is to use reference and sculpt a head every day

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just be youre self bra

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This didn't deserve its own thread. Every day one of you head niggas posts a new head asking how to make heads. Take it to the stupid question general.

But to answer your question: By sheer force of will, push the clay into the shape of the thing you're making. It's a mental trick. Decide where things should go, and then put them there.

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Go back to /ic/
Not against reference images, but use them mainly stuff that you want to model in as many variations as possible.
Some of this can be anatomy diagrams of muscle groups but that doesn't mean you have to memorize them unless you're applying for an art school.

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What are the polycounts on hero characters on native ninth generation titles? (I'm making a game)

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Around six gorillion polygons give or take depending on sweat pores and hair follicles.

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too many. Because of modern tech barely anyone gives a fuck about polycount anymore, seen some atrocious topology lately. Also, I never played that game, does Master Chief actually fight a gorilla, or is it just a meme?

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but can it make a gear?

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"AI" has been a concept since the very first computer. What you see today is the result of 64 years of work. You are the midwit thinking this is a recent invention.

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>photo-realistic rendering
>uncanniest shit ever

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Good thing I don't model characters either.

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lol I'm so glad I came here tonight y'all so MAAAAD

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>learn and sub to this new multi thousand dollar plugin and all your cg problems will be gone and you will finally be able to enter the industry! Sub to us short term, put the results on your reel and get a job! Quit your mcjob, finally!

G-guys....I'm this close to falling for it. What should I do? I'm in the trial now, but the weird thing is the results of this new plugin are so novel and unhinged that I can't even post webms or give you guys a whiff for fear of being identified on "their" boards and losing access

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Its 2k+ a year and it looks like they could raise prices. There is no indie option

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UH ok

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If you say it’s maya the entire /3/ will hunt your ass. Otherwise it’s a scam.

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it has plugins for like 4 different apps and an api where you can write your own plugin for your own c++ app

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Maya 2025? Yeah it's great

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Anyone know a good anon forum for the discussion of regular clay sculpting? Seems like a dying niche hobby nowadays. I know its off topic here, just like it would be on /ic/, but at least it's a 3d art too.
So, do you guys know any chans that have a board for this stuff? Perhaps some japanese chan custom figurine board, or some euro chan custom warhammer figure board? Anything that would involve sculpting with irl materials

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I don't but I would be interested in this too.
I tried clay sculpting last month and it was stupidly hard for me. I need to figure out how traditional sculptures get symmetry, that was a big shock for me.

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I'd like the same thing with wood/stone carving and even bronze statue. It's semi-relevant to multiple boards like /ic/ and /diy/, which makes forming a center for traditional sculpture even more difficult.

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Who do y’all follow since Arrimus nuked most of his vids last year? I haven’t found a single comprehensive source for Max tutorials since and it sucks a lot.

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I only read the user manual over and over. Did you know that you can control 3ds max via html and javascript by running proxy maxscript from any website using the COM/DCOM integrated utility?