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Just bought a year of Maya LT. $256 with tax.

How cool is that to be able to afford 71 cents a day?

I think it will be ok for making game assets but, I'm just wondering what to do if I want to make renders. I guess if have to transfer the models to blender and re-animate them.

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Alembic is your friend. Should be easy to shove your whole animation somewhere else.
Blender might shit the bed since the alembic implementation is not done (yet) but eventually it'll get there.
You can pirate something like Keyshot, or Marmorset, or render in UE4.

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Should I use an upfront payment site like commend me to commission some models or reddit?

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So I'm just modelling the Ep3 variant of Darth Vader's helmet; I'm trying to composite it into my filmed back plate but I have no idea the official scale of the real helmet. Does anyone know any of the official measurements? Or if not know where I can find it? Thanks

P.S criticism welcome

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Okay thank you, this helps alot

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Do you have higher rez version of that pic senpai?

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Try reverse image search, I'm on mobile and my device doesn't seem to load big images.

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There are official costumes you can buy, I had one (from like the 80s) but I lost in the move and couldn't give you the measurements

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Yeah I thought about getting one because they seem pretty awesome too, but they are pretty expensive though so might not be worth it atm

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Hello Blendfag here
I'd like to start learning how to sculpt.
Got any good tips/tutorials/anything?

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install ZBrush and watch Michael Pavlovich's tutorials on YouTube.

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>go to youtube
>search for "blender sculpt tutorial"

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Took me ~50 minutes with blender
Watcha think /3/?

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It's very Blender.

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Yeah still learning how to properly do materials

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Whats the craziest 3D you've ever seen and why

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You. Go away.

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delet this

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This is probably meant for unreal studio first, not the game engine.

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Ran by a Tencent owned (which might as well mean PRC owned) company with a license that obliges you to destroy your project if they demand it... bleh. Whatever good UE does I hope other engines win out in the end. Judging by /3/ it has an edge on Unity etc. graphically, hope that ends as well.


the motherfucking devil himself

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And Nvidia, which uses its position as lead GPU provider to fuck literally everyone in the ass.

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>with a license that obliges you to destroy your project if they demand it
For real? Do you have any links to more info? This might shatter my dreams.

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Eh, I won't waste time searching but its real. After the super problematic Hatred controversy (I can't even) le Ebin Gamez xD changed the license. If they say you included edgy content they forbade you associating with their engine they can freeze you out for whatever amounts of time or terminate it and you'll have to delete everything. Its in the license I think.

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2 weeks into 3D modling
my first rigged Character

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that's cool
try more stuff

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thanks anon
i messed around and made this

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How hard is it for someone who can't draw to do 3D modelling?

Am thinking of picking up a 3D modelling course but I can't draw at all. Would it be expected in the field that I can draw?

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Nope. That is completely wrong. It's like saying I can't build a house or shed or anything because I'm not good at drawing.

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You can build it but you can't design it. Unless you like modern art.

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Drawing isn't particularly relevant for 3D, but reference material is. As long as you have a reference of some sort to go by for what you're making, you'll be fine, but drawing is helpful if you're trying to realize an original design, particularly if it's a character.

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can you box model me a friend? ;_;

>tfw you design a house but the doors are wider than they are tall and the ceilings aren't high enough to be able to stand up inside because no drawing skills
see how stupid you look?

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This isn't true either. Let's say I want to design a chair. Model the basic chair from a reference. Now change it up into a design you imagine. Let's say I want edgy skull and crossbones on the seat. Find reference of skull and crossbones. Model them. Put them on the seat. Next I want twisted tooth brushes for legs. Make a toothbrush. Bend it and twist it then make 3 copies.

Now you have a dumb looking chair that you never drew.

Drawing is a reference. Pictures are a reference for drawing so they can also be a reference for modeling.

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This kills the Eevee.


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Too bad Blender doesn't have an UI in beta or otherwise.

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Why do you care?
Its not like you are one of us. You are not an artist, you can't do shit, so why do you care?
Has Blender raped your dad and killed your mom when you where young?

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The Blender cult rapes many people of their time and effort to give them nothing in return.

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answer his question you pencil dick

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From a quick glance at the docs, it seems that this links *one* object in your Maya/Motionbuilder/client DCC scene to an animation target inside UE, and works only for the purpose of transferring animation data.

It is possible to sync the camera, as demonstrated in OP, but you even need to name it in a particular way inside of Maya.

So a very cool and helpful development, but still not comparable with Eevee.

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Some simple and quick questions. Is this good topology? If not, what should I change? Please help me, preferably with pictures or examples because english is not my native language.

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Clean edge loops for clean typology. Just watch your spacing if you're sub dividing to avoid weird folds in your high poly model

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That's ideal since it's obviously not intended to be subdivided

This is straight up retarded wtf

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And how would it be then if I wanted to subdivide? Which is actually my case. I think i'm having difficulty to unwrap the uv because of mine topology.

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My model without chamfers, i think that now it will work for what I want

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How the fuck am I supposed to model this area?

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model hard area, model barrel, then bridge edge loops and smooth

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With talentâ„¢

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Yep it did the trick. It wasn't that complicated, I was just too dumb to find the right way to do it. Thanks.

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Boolean. Model the cut out.

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It's 2018 op

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I'm born again but forced into pirating 3D Coat and using it to make and sell porno because society hates people like me and I can't sell burgers. Does anyone have any tips for raising money on patreon in such situations?

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Patreon requires you to send tax documents and shit to them, you'll most likely end up losing your unemployment fees. So unless you are going to get a thousand dollars per month with your porn, don't bother.

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>I'm born again
as what ?
as a human centipede ?
watch out or you will reincarnate as a dung beetle

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you can easily get $1k a month just with nicehash

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You'd be lucky to get 100$ a month with a beefy high-end rig.

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i literally have 2 titan v's, a 1080 ti, a 950, and a 750 ti mining for me 24x7. No need to save for rent anymore. Nice little family.

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I want to create my own version of VeggieTales, the popular kid's Christian tv show. This has been done before in an episode of SNL http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/tv-funhouse-veggie-tales/2872744?snl=1 but only in short clips. I want to emulate the show perfectly and that means using the original software that big idea studios did. They used a version of Softimage3D from the late 90s as far as I can tell. Obviously, this show would be adult oriented and would be going for a sketch comedy. I have no plans on trying to this show bought or anything, just a passion project for my own self-enjoyment. Does anybody have tips on where to get started with softimage3D? Where to download old versions of this software. Places for reference material and what not? Ideas for VeggieTales skits?

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holy fuck this is the dumbest thing you could put your time and energy into. Just...please...don't. Fuck, I should've give as much of a fuck as I am but this whole idea is a terrible life choice dude. Stop while your ahead and invest in something more worthwhile

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cgpeers.com has cracked versions of the original SI|3D, version 3.7 or 4.0. They only work properly under Windows NT. Mental Ray will crash even on XP and the UI acts weird. It also needs 4:3 resolutions to run.

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why would you need to use the same software as them? you can still use maya's legacy software renderer in the latest version if you want that dated CGI look. there is most likely nothing done in that software that can't be recreated just as easily if not easier in modern software.

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can you make it for adults?

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I guess not as on-the-nose

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>Licensed for use with the Unreal Engine only.

not that anon, but it's the same reason why you could get mad for people doing what you do for a living for free. It destroys the market.

If all people of the same job charge competitive prices for the same service, but still enough to earn money, of course it wouldn't be good if someone showed up and started undervaluing.

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Stop them from what? Enabling shitty asset flippers from using Paragon's assets?

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Is there anywhere I can get megascan content for free? They have assets that I want, but I ain't no cuck.

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There's a bunch of it on cgpeers.to .

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Bruh, no one is losing their jobs to this

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>he uses discord and reddit

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God damnit wrong board

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Downloaded Cinema 4D few days ago then I watched this vid, looks so amazing, but I'm still here modeling a cup of glass filled with water...This is very inspiring but I fill like it requires so many skills to do something good

Any tips ?


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It starts one day at a time anon...

Do this shit every single day until you burn out and can't stand it. Take a break for a few weeks and stew over the idea that you're never going to be good/your life is meaningless. After those few weeks, get yourself together and sit down and try to get something done. Then rinse and repeat the whole process.

You should also invest in patience. Because it's going to take you years, maybe even decades to reach that level in the video. But that's okay! Anything is possible if you put your mind to it but honestly, you need to be realistic about it too. 3D is really not something you learn overnight. (That literally goes for any skill. Ever hear the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none"?) Keep being inspired though. Wake up every morning and eat, sleep, and breathe your tutorials. Eventually, something will click, and you will start to get something that didn't make sense before. Your workflow will be faster, you will find and discover new tricks. Pretty soon, you can model, animate, and produce anything you want.

But it starts one day at a time.

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And don't visit this board too much. Like, there is some useful advice that can come up but this board is just a giant time sink and toxic as fuck. Go be better than the shitposters and trolls here. Go be better than the people on reddit, or cgforums. Go be better than the people on artstation.

But get the fuck off this site if you want to actually be successful and productive.

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Not OP but good fkn advice gents.

When i first burnt out i didn't know what it was, i dedicated my life to 3D and thought it was time to sepuku.
But when the motivation came back and i actually made models from concept to completion the feels was superb.

Now to get my lewd sex game complete and make tons of monies... hopefully.

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...in that note I just wanted to mention that the projects in OPs video are made by studios, groups of people. Literally hundreds working on the same thing. So don't push yourself too hard knowing you're just one single person.

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My job as a general contractor is safe

>> No.612684

How the fuck is this impressive?
Give me 10k$ and 4 people and i will put down all walls up to first story in 7 hours not in 24 ... on a house 8x the size.

At my last job we had this tiny crane just for setting those big 60cm x 50 cm and 100x120 silicate blocks, you literally could put down a meter square of wall in 4 minutes. Just lift, slap in some mortar, put it down, level it, list next one.. with 3 people you can put one large every 60 seconds.
How much wall will this printer print in 5 minutes? 20cm square?

Also the article they took numbers from is full of mistakes and contradictions.
For one they claim it was printed in a day. But its 24 hours of printing over multiple days, not counting setting up the printer itself which is another day and taking it apart another day. Its solid 6 days of work.
Also the article claims the house is 650 feet square, yet the pictures of the house clearly show its 100 to 150 feet square.
Fucking 650 feet square for one floor is a fucking mansion, how the fuck cna you make sucha mistake.

And its not the working force thats keeping the poor form having houses, its material costs and more importantly cost of land.

Anyway, FAKE NEWS strike again.

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A V-Ray license costs twice a RenderMan one. Is it worth it?

Also, what’s the deal with the low pricing of V-Ray for Blender in comparison to Maya/Max? Is it less capable?

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V-Ray is a dead meme, my studio completely switched to Redshift. Its also cheaper.

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How can I create trees like those on the left?

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picture you've posted explains it pretty fucking well, what more do you need?

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just buy the model

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its quite the opposite, most people here do cartoon stuff and fail.

as you can see from OP's thread. HOW DO I DO THIS etc etc
there is no clear answer because its hard as fuck, its like asking how to model a B52

>> No.612898

It's not. People like to point out that too much "cartoon" shit goes around but this is unjustified. The WIP threads have a very healthy mix of hard surface, guns, "realistic" models, anime models, cartoony models, environments, cars and studies of miscellaneous things.

Those are the regulars here, so it's only fair that we judge what the board is into by what they're doing. The rest of these threads are filler. If you were to filter out all the software shilling you'd have a point I guess, but most of these threads end up being by complete rookies who have no idea what they're doing and quit a week later at most or straight up shitposting that gets five replies and falls off the board.

Don't take the catalogue as representation of what this board is actually into. If you do, then you'll just find out that this board isn't actually into modeling anything of any style, it's into shitposting and software shilling.

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*I forgot to mention fluid simulations and props.

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