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Baking thread

Questions, tips and tricks.

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Anyone know why the outer eye gloss layer is catching the other parts of the model when baking down my AO and normal map in substance painter. I'm using match mesh by name and its working for every other part of the mesh except this part. I've double checked and the mesh names match and the highpoly obj is added to the bake list. Any suggestions?

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how could i get a job as a 3D modeler at an advertising agency?

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By being competent at 3d and applying for the job.

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>how could i?
How could you indeed, froggieposter? You made it look so easy.

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how to make vfx with jesse kanda's style (grotesque distortion)?
how did he make weird 3d effects like in these videos?

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It could be manually animated with lots of deformers and constant interpolation but this is just a lazy music video so they probably just bought some mo cap animations and applied them to the baby model and used some simulations to get the jiggles automatically. When it spazzes out it in all directions that's just the sim. Sometimes he spins the model and the camera and then stops spinning one or the other to get a "woah dude weed lmao" effect. Sometimtes he animates the focal length. Really you could just use one rigged baby model and apply weird bump maps to get those looks. Lots of the weird stretches look like post processing so just render it big at 60fps and then mess with it/change framerates with your meme after effects templates.
>this horseshit made it to moma PS1

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You killed one of my favorite threads you bastard. I hope this was worth it. I really do.

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This is the crappiest and less artistically skilled shit I've seen posted here in weeks.

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not this shit again. We already discussed this crap and it was a waste of time.

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How would you even go about animating the texture for this thing?

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Procedural texture and animated uv's perhaps.

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Wow! Great work! You, like so many others have figured out how to post on the website known commonly as 4chan! Incredible! Screenshot this thread and have mommy hang it on the fridge! Nice!

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This thread will unironically last for 3 - 6 months since there's no mod to delete it.

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fuck off.

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lets see your physic setups!

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The guy who was the motion capturing actor had over 100kg on his ribs.

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its a good looking setup but they could be slightly more jiggly
source: have huge boobs

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You mean moobs

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Try milk bags with salty coins

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The collisions are pretty neat. Just needs more convincing breast jiggle and it'll be prefect.

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My main concerns are how to make the eyes without a spherical shape, I have no idea how it is usually done.

And also how the eyelids are done, to make it possible to do ^_^, XD or U_U expressions.

Also also the mouth, how it is shaped so many expressions are possible. like °Д°.

Picture related is WIP, using Blender 2.8.

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The face looks a bit pinched vertically along the middle, especially around the nose. You may want to soften that area. Also it's good to use three-quarter lighting instead of just light from the side, since the latter tends to divide the face in half, which is unappealing.

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if you learn to model you wouldn't need to beg for tutorials in /3/

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>Any guide or sample on how to do anime faces?

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If you learned to beg you wouldn't need to model on /3/

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We think is this a spoiler yes it is 3d mario and luigi pixel (SUPER GLITCHY)

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OMG plEASE keep the glitches!!!! How did u do that??!

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What the do you mean “this is a spoiler”? There’s nothing indicating this would be a spoiler for anything, it just Mario and Luigi heads with a shitty “glitch” effect to transition between them.

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Baking the normals on this piece and I'm getting some weird problems with the orientation on some pieces.
I've reset the xform and normals. I've even rotated the UVs by hand. Still getting this weird shit.
Happens in all bakers. Marmoset, Substance, Max. It's gotta be some stupid shit I'm just overlooking. Any ideas?

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That was my theory too, which is why I was hoping the reset xform would set it straight.

My real issue is I feel like I don't know the nature of problem itself, ya know? Hard to come up with an answer to a problem you don't know; and googling "flipped normals" obviously isn't very useful.

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try uncheck ignore faces in left column?

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Sadly, the answer is not as simple as a checkbox.
Manually rotating the UVs actually does seem to change the result, but I'm still not even sure if it's really correct.

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So the question now is really: do I even need to be doing this as tangent normals? The object normals come out just fucking fine. I just never see anyone using them.

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there is a reason why you don't see anyone using them. The answer to your question is yes.
If you get the same shit in all bakers the only logical reason that remains are the UV's. Are you sure you UV's are not mirrored/flipped?

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why would i want to learn anything more then the basics of topology when this kind of tools already exists?
this shit can pump out a autoreotpo, insta uvs and rapid baking in les then 5 minutes.

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Yeah while we're at it we should all learn machine code and type in 0's and 1's to move points by hand.

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Sure why not? It could be a fun weekend. Its knowledge that won't change in a few months/years. Even if you never actually write in machine code it might give you a better appreciation for vex or C or python. Don't you believe its at least better to let every high schooler to play with some machine code instead of over simplified "Disney presents: coding with steph curry: star wars: building a galaxy of code: make iphone advertising apps" bullshit.
>brainlets will never know the joy of playing TIS-100

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yeah and grow old learning a dying craft when teens can make shit on nurbs, pass it through instalod, paint it in substance and use it in a game in fucking less then half the time you would do a "proper" retopology.

i mean dont get me wrong you still need to know the difference between good and nasty topology but why waste time when you have to compete with people that can pump assets faster then you thanks to ops tool?

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do you have results from using this, or are you just here to shitpost?

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look, its mostly to shitpost and gauge the boards thoughts about it, but instalod is not ready yet, it works if you just want to take a concept to render real fast. but nothing production ready,

maybe it could work for hard surface, like pavlovich does here >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t5O2J_MBJw
but in the end seems like nothing is optimized.

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In 2019, I am still unsurpassed by gpu renderers

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At least you're not a blendie.

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Sure pal. Let me just load up KeyShot inside my chosen modeling/animating software OH WAIT THAT'S RIGHT I CAN'T.

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stay mad blendlet

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KeyShot is for those who can't even tell the difference between refraction and reflection.

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Is 3D printing just an expensive meme?

Pic related.

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Real expensive metal 3D printer are amazing

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Nowadays you don't even have to own your own printers, just send the order off to a 3D printing shop and you'll get a 3D printed dildo in your house for relatively cheap, wthout the hassle of actually owning a printer and the filaments.

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anyway. simple PLA FDM prints are cool enough. it still takes some setup but you can make useful and beautiful things with it

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Hello everyone. Some time ago i just finished the first boss from my upcoming cyberpunk solo game. It would be really great if /ic/ gave me their honest C&C.


You'll find more of my work @artstation profile, but honestly after finishing her i felt that from now on my work would become really better you know.


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Anyways, nice work. Though something about this feels a bit cheap and I can't exactly put my finger on it. Probably the face/skin textures? The looks a bit too smooth and matte.

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ops, forgot to change it to /3/.

The skin texture is something that i suffer every time to get it right. Someone told me about the poor quality of the eyes too


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I'd close the eyes a bit more, that'd likely go a long way to solving the "weird eyes" issue.

Anyway, it's obviously a competent piece of 3D work, well done on that front. In terms of it actually being a boss, I just don't know. I don't feel threatened by it, it doesn't look that imposing. Your mood board reflects that: you picked images of characters like Ada Wong and Lara Croft and Ruby Rose, and a bunch of seemingly normal, attractive ladies. As a result, you've created a seemingly normal, attractive cyberpunk lady. Ruby ends up looking more threatening since her color scheme has highlights of red in it whereas your model has a cyan tone instead.

I'm not telling you to change the design now because that's obviously weeks of work you'd have to re-do, just maybe take the advice for the next model you make: look at pictures of not just what you want the concept to largely look like, but also the type of thing it's trying to invoke. So for this one it'd be bosses and boss fights. In this case, look up images of Ruiner boss fights, Deus Ex boss fights, Syndicate boss fights, or whatever other boss fight you remember and like... not all of them are winners too frankly but there may be some that give you a bit of pause. Good luck!

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I actually like the eyes.
She looks neurotic. I'd push it even more, honestly. Really go crazy with the eyes.

I agree with this anon though, doesn't look like too much of a boss. Even if it's a first one. Then again, I don't know much about your game or how the characters are like.

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IMO if we could have the G502 wireless, add the m720 triple device capability, and also add the G600 side buttons. We then would have the perfect mouse for 3d work.

G502 has buttons to change the DPI, that I use when I want more precision.
G502 has infiinte scroll function, which helps when you need to scroll quickly in or out..

The m720 triple device capability would be perfect to control more than one PC at the same time. You could easily switch between multiple rendering computers.

G600 side buttons would be absolutely perfect for blender, you could map the entire keypad on the side of the mouse. Which you could then use those buttons to change the camera view.

Anything else you guys would want to add?

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Simple and works well.
Once you get used to setting the same kind of action to the same button across softwares too it becomes very easy to swap software's.

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Geez this may be the single smartest thing I've read on 4chan.

Why don't they do that??

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Interesting, now how would a unclean gaijin go about getting his paws on this one 10 years later?

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I'm trying to find a proper guide to capture likeness in your sculpts. What are some actually useful guides in this regard pedes?

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Ideally you should have access to the person you're sculpting so you can move freely around them and get it right.
If that isn't possible, as it rarely is, use video of your subject instead of images.

Play and pause in various angles whenever you see something that is off in your sculpt, make corrections and repeat and itterate til it looks right from every angle.
If you look at a very limited set of images it's very easy to mistake shadows and highlights for different shapes than are really there.
There is a lot of ambiguity as to what is shading and what is shape depending on the true angle to the light source, even if you're an expert sculptor.
Being able to study your subject from a multitude of angles with light cast differently as the head animates gives you way more information to work with.

Also, whenever you're looking at a shape or a line and trying to determine if you got it right or not
think of how it looks from the negative side as well as the positive to double your accuracy.
That is, look just not only at the features but also the spaces between them and what the shape of the outside of their silhouette looks like.

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Learn how to properly make a skull, it doesn't have to be super detailed or anything just the shapes and proportions. Then learn how soft tissue is placed on the skull.
Once you understand these you should do a little practice with drawing the skull of the person you want to do a likeness of so you can feel out the proportions and it should be easy to translate over to 3d.
This is what artists like Abdelrahman Kubisi and Ian Spriggs more or less do and some other well known likeness artists.
Abdelrahman has something of a guide on his artstation but the tutorials he references are paid.

It's not the only way though, I'm pretty sure Vimal Kerketta and Liam Grice just eyeball it mostly paying attention to the front of the face since it's warped the least from focal length. In the case of Vimal you can look at his speedsculpts and there's an hour long steam with him on it but the audio is for shit.

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Basic drawing and observational skills

>> No.683811

spriggs most likely picked up the technique from scott eaton's portraiture & facial anatomy class, which is here:


>> No.683812

Yes he definitely did on the portrait of Scott Eaton he stated "Scott has always been a huge inspiration for me to become a portrait artist, learning from his anatomy classes has helped me get to where I am today" Abdelrahman Kubisi also states in his guide under his resources for anatomy: "Portraiture and Facial Anatomy for Artists by Scott Eaton" and goes on to talk it up which suggests that he goes by whats taught here pretty closely.

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Hey guys, I downloaded Maya a couple of months ago but never bothered touching it because I was busy with my courses. Now that I got nearly 2 months and a half of free time, I'd like to dabble with Maya.

This might be a passing interest but I still wanna give it a try.

I don't know where to begin though since I have 0 experience with 3D modelling.

I've considered on subscribing to sites like Linda and Skillshare to get some tutorials, but I honestly just don't have the funds for it.

Some friends that work with 3D modeling have recommended me to get some tutorials from YouTube but I can't find a single channel that's consistent and organized with the basics.

Any recommendations on who to watch? and where to get some tutorials for beginners? Thank you!

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Download one of these courses on cgpersia.

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Well shit, thank you I'll check it out!

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i don't use Blender, so i don't know any good teacher....

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Paid = good.
More expensive = better.

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>its free
>you have to be a student
>you have to use a student card
>i know this from using a completely different program


>> No.683871

Blenderguru is a perfectly fine starting point. The coffee cup guy is good too just for getting your feet wet.
After you've done enough tutorials to feel comfortable with the UI ( even if you don't know what you're doing), steal some longer tutorials off cgperia or the like.

The number 1 most important rule is that there are no shortcuts, you can't go trying to pick the tutorial that looks "fun", you've just got to do all of them picking up more more as you go until finally you'll be able to make the things that interest you.
Trying to find the tutorial on the thing that interests you is a complete mistake that a lot of beginners make.

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Hi /3/ Im 21, still living with my parents, unemployed. Have no experience in 3D design and 2D. Just started, however i always loved this kind of art and want to become decent skilled and maybe gain a bit of money from it on the future.

So here is my dilema. I know you can't achieve to be any good if you don't spent hundreads of hours practicing and studyng but i am also pretty old and cannot be unemployed.

So should i study and practice arts full time or should i get a job and forget about this?

>Inb4 just do both.

No. I can't, all the jobs i can apply are full time with just one free day. Would be imposible to learn and achieve something.

Also im thinking on going to arts school if i find one, but on the meantime im still a neet.

>Pic related. I did that.

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git gud

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Thanks for the support man. So somehow you regret studyng art for a little? Do you "bounce" all over the place a lot?

Thanks. Gonna watch them asap. It seems that i broke some faces and now i can't section them and have some vertex that i can't move in the X axis and a lot of other problems. Is a pain in the ass.

More anxiety for me. Gonna grind harder.

Im trying.

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Just saw them, but he's using 3D Max and have some options that i don't have in Blender. He first started teaching shapes and angles in 2D. Any other good courses targeted for noobs that i could take?

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>So somehow you regret studyng art for a little? Do you "bounce" all over the place a lot?
Growing up, I was always just trying out different things that interested me. Which was a lot of things so I ended up bouncing around a lot. I taught myself HTML at 12 (from an old ass library book) because we didn't have the internet so I made my own, learned to make shitty games with gamemaker at 13 because it was something to do, ended up doing 3d animations with some shitty program called 3d canvas around the same time just because it was "fun" (they weren't any good though), learned Blender later on (like 2.47 or something), then took a 3d class in high school and learned 3ds Max as well. Later on in HS, I got really into making weird ass profile photos for my Facebook (since that was the cool thing in 2010), which made me learn Photoshop and stuff, which led into learning photography, which led into doing that professionally for a bit.

I went to college for Physics for some reason though, I really loved math and science so I figured it was what I wanted to do. But after a year of it I just didn't see myself wanting to do that the rest of my life. My mom asked me randomly why I was in physics when I do all sorts of art stuff and I didn't have a good answer. Next day I switched majors to Graphic Design. That first class something just clicked and it all made sense for me. Ended up getting some awards and stuff for my work, got a job doing gd stuff for the school, it all just felt right. I've been graduated for a while now though, and I do 3d and gd.

I don't regret learning art, and I don't regret bouncing around. All of it gave me different perspectives and ways to approach problems differently than others. I know my gay ass blog-post answer probably wasn't what you were really expecting though. Basically what I'm trying to say is don't be afraid to try new things or learn different things, you'll eventually find that one thing that makes you happy.

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nice Tintin shuttle

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Hi /3/ Im 2, still living with my parents, unemployed. Have no experience in 3D design and 2D. Just started, however i always loved this kind of art and want to become decent skilled and maybe gain a bit of money from it on the future.

So here is my dilema. I know you can't achieve to be any good if you don't spent hundreads of hours practicing and studyng but i am also pretty old and cannot be unemployed.

So should i study and practice arts full time or should i get a job and forget about this?

>Inb4 just do both.

No. I can't, all the jobs i can apply are full time with just one free day. Would be imposible to learn and achieve something.

Also im thinking on going to arts school if i find one, but on the meantime im still a neet.

>Pic related. I did that.

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