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I'm trying to do and animation where an object falls onto the ground and some kind of pulse emanates from it, like some kind of sonar.

The thing is I applied this plain effector to animate the outer edges, but I don't know how to remove the objects at the center. I tried to create another plain effector to remove them but it doesnt work.

If it was after effects, I would create two masks, with one of them set to subtract mode, to create the hole in the middle.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

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Why haven't you moved to blender.

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I dont like or believe in Ton

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>Lets you draw edges into the nothing
>Lets you snap to and align edges
>Auto fills holes when an edge loop is completed
>Auto connects edges when dragged on top of each other

Sure it's a shite program, but goddamn it does those things better than any other modeling software.

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>palm trees with a greyscale alpha being used as a cutout
why google

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Because SketchUp is a mostly 2D program. The basic primitive is a 3D surface cut by a 2D drawing. It's great but it's not really suitable for 3D porn, that's why it's not so popular.
They're proving to you that your modern ultra detailed hyper realistic graphics are kinda useless and don't even look that good anyway.

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I still use it for many non complicated hard surfaces like house interiors like kitchens, cupboards, tables actually most furniture then I fine detail any fabric parts of them in MD anyway.
Also for large urban many plugins like create roads/pathways/etc are invaluable.

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Does the 3DCG discord still exist?
Anyone got a link?

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hahaha /pol/ designers

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Here you go senpai.

don't let the other reddit-loving faggot in there

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sjwtards are easily identifiable by their "ur/pol/XD" flooding and spams they shit in every board.

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lol this retard is gonna get insta-banned the second he gets into discord. you should stay in reddit and don't visit 4chan at all.

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More skills and quality discussion in my furfag 3d chats than this discord. Sad!

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I have a full time 3D gig, and I want to pick up freelance, but it's seems like a worse version of before I had a job.

To get freelance, you need to have done freelance, so that you get recommended, for more freelance, but first you must get freelance.

Sites like Upwork are flooded with shit requests like "Model abd texture St Peter's Basilica in perfect detail, Budget: 15 - 38 dollars, depending on experience level" and it seems like a few artist who have been there awhile basically get all the decent posts.

My experience thus far has been a woman telling me that "I can pay you when my project gets funded", nope fuck that shit.

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i posted an offering on our enemy board, polycount, and got a freelance gig where i made $500. So far, my only score. 2013...

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I used really like that board, aren't they like, a ghost town now?

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this chan is a ghost desu

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My probation is starting soon and im scared as fk couse I have to prove myself to hopefully get hired and If I mess up I feel like I will never find a job and give up on 3D for good. I worked once before at a small indie company for 7 months and its been a pain to find something else since then.

Any advices to not screw this up ?

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Who would want to work in this field.
It seems like hell.

I love 3D, but I'm an accountant because I want to eat.

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accountants are going to be replaced by AI really really soon. Only artists will be left desu

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True, but thats the only thing I can do well. I have some graphics skills, but 0 experience. For the past 2 years I focused only on 3D.

Apart from that I was helping my family with their wholesale business and I was thinking about taking it over, but I dunno...

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Yeah, they said that anout my job 15, 10, 5, and 1 year(s) ago.

So far so good.

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15, 10 years ago they didnt even have iphones m8. You are cooked.

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Ok guys, i want to talk with the masters here. I want to spit it out and know the truth. Basically, im kinda new to 3d (2 years of learning and studying), and i want to make some money now. But for real, i dont know what im feeling about work. Yeah i dream about working at big shit like Pixar, Blizzard, as animator, 3d modeler, yeah who doesnt? But the thing is.... i dont feel like working to someone else, thats the shit,

I dont feel like working to someone to do stuff they want and that has deadline, so be fast and work hard bla bla bla. I want to work smart. I want to do things i want, and get paid with it (im not into 3d porn shit. Lot of money there though)

So TL'DR: Is it worth to try right now to get money with my own stuff(selling assets, materials, doing animations...crowdfund stuff), or thats something for the future to think about?

Im really confused what way to go...(follow your heart, thats so sweet)

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you can go with your way. but you must be really fucking good and stand out to hold your own and it's even harder without shilling first. so git good, I mean saint level good.

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lots of demand for porn

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Id go into advertising or arch viz for experience and to diversify some as its almost always in demand and fair money. You can do this as self employed or in house and just do your own stuff in your free time to work on getting experience for bigger gigs its also not super super intensive creatively so no burn out. if your really wanna work with the big kids then depending on how Brexit falls out the UK (Dneg, Framestore, MCP, Pinewood) will be the easiest big film and TV projects in the future as America and Canada now have small or no media subsidies. In addition London is awful to live in but all the big production houses are commute distance. will answer questions if you give a fuck.

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Yeah AAA industries are a really golden oportunity. But the way to go there, demands a lot of experience of work. Well... looks like theres no other way to get there if not by doing a lot of jobs to indie studios...

Maybe theres another way actually, but you really have to be good.... i guess artist working at AAA industries hires people with outstanding incredibly good portfolio? and not exacly about work experience but a really good portfolio only... maybe that happens? i dont know...

but thats something to think about i guess

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Sell assets for a passive income. UE4 has a smaller birth of assets on its marketplace, but that works to your advantage because there is a limited selection. If your product is quality on UE4s marketplace, you can be sure you'll make serious cash on it. As for Unitys asset store, its much easier to get your assets on, but you also have a ton of competition. The difference is, is that there's also a lot more customers on it, and you can make plenty of money selling kits, scripts, and things that are hurting in their respective areas. Bottom line, creative so many assets for each marketplace and you can work on your own projects while still receiving a good amount of revenue.

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Anyone know if theres a torrent out there for a cracked version? no need for specifics but I can't seem to find one yet.

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Yes, there is but from what I've seen the cracked is iffy. Wait more until a xforce release comes out

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Rats, thanks.

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the last crack is good. I used R8 the whole fucking day yesterday without single crash, I used dynamesh, zremeshing, subdivs, masking/extraction, booleans, IMMs, created IMMs, used arraymesh/nanomesh, UV-s. IDK I fucking benchmarked whole shit. I have not painted but I doubt it will be any problem. . before that it was crushing AF. but last one is good.
I have not even removed r7 etc,..

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hey i'm working on a pretty simple model, the catch is it's gotta be rigged up and I almost never fuck with that shit, usually just do product stills

it's symmetrical and i'm using 3ds, what order do I do things in so that it ends up working

i've done stuff like this a couple times before and i don't really recall what i did, but I think I modeled, textured and skinned one half, and then mirrored it, then i made a second material which was mirrored for the other half (there's text spanning across both sides) and since the animation was symmetrical things sort of worked out ok, but the whole thing broke once i tried to move it away from the origin (which didn't matter in that case but does matter now)

I'm in a bit of a time crunch and i have to do 16 different versions each with their own dimensions so each has a different skeleton etc. I don't really have the time to duplicate work.

I've googled a bit and i haven't come up with a definitive answer, is the strat just to model the thing, symmetry it, and then do half the rig and somehow mirror the bones and weights as the last step?

anyone got links to some good tutorials, preferably text and not video that explain this shit

pic unrelated

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>Job interview in Florida
>Went great
>I have one year professional experience doing commercial 3D work
>Fudged and said I knew a little Unreal Engine, Unity and C4D
>Friend who got a job basically said they didn't know After Effect animation for a job that wanted it, lied about it, then learned it in overhaul mode over a weekend before starting the job she now has worked at for a year
>In reality: I have made 2D character rigs and animations for a full game in Unity, I have watched a bunch of tutorials for C4D and I have only physically opened Unreal before
>I said that I have "dabbled" in C4D and Unreal
>Said I "dabbled with Unreal Particles"
>Position is as a 3D generalist, they said only one year experience is required

I already know particles systems in Maya. I have a follow up interview in one week. I don't know when the position would fully start.

I know I shouldn't have lied, but I think the follow up interview will be going more in-depth about my knowledge. They don't seem to need someone heavy on programming, just making effects, animations trees for characters and so forth, which I've done in Unity.

Can I realistically cram this in one week possibly two? I think I only need a functional knowledge. I've been unemployed for a month so I have an open schedule, what should I hit for a basics of Unreal? I'm not as worried about C4D as it seems pretty similar to MAYA and 3DS, I feel I could get up and running pretty fast.

The main things they seemed interested in was Unreal particles and rigging. I know a lot about rigging in MAYA, enough to code my own python script to auto rig a character. I also know a lot about MASH and nParticles in MAYA.

yes I know it probably wasn't the best course of actions, but they can always reject me.

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The smaller the company the bigger the role of the generalist.
If you are fluent with Maya, C4d will be your friend pretty fast.

If you want to learn UE4 particles and stuff go to this channel:
It is for UE3 but it doesn't matter, 90% is still the same for particles and stuff like that.

Allegorithmics channel has tons of learning videos. Here is an pretty recent beginner video for Painter:

If you are serious and push yourself you can achieve quite something in one week, especially since you're no complete noob.
So yeah give it a try, doesn't hurt to learn all that shit, at worst you wont get the job but have learned something useful.

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Thanks a million, been trucking through tutorials since yesterday and now I'm on to particles.

Any tutorials on the basics of bringing in things like animated characters and setting them up in Unreal?

The basic concepts I know are that FBX mesh and skeletons are brought in, but from my understanding, a rig you would build in Maya for instance, would not import into Unreal, and basically you're blending baked skeleton animations based on whatever state the character should be in. I'm also wondering about basic stuff like say, setting up a FPS character so that they look in the direction of the players camera.

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I am sorry, i am a riggin and UE4 noob, i can only show you the general direction, with details you're on your own.
Youtube channel and official documentation would be my starting point.

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You're right about the way it works in general. You export animation clips from Maya that contain the movement of your joints and the blendshape strength.

You will use Animation Blueprints to set up things like turning a character to look in a specific direction. Animation Blueprints are sort of like "real-time rigging" inside of UE. You can play and blend animations you imported, set up IK, manipulate individual joints, etc.

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Hey guys, I'm from /k/. But I'm also working on getting better at solidworks for manufacturing shit, so I've been popping in from time to time to see if this board is worth lurking. Anyways, I just wanted to show paint is still pro tier for doing 3d shit. Look at this fuggin cube. literally took 30 seconds. LOL get better at BLEHN-DUR. lol wrekt

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Best thread. Mods please sticky.

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> using blender as an insult even though most people on this board would agree that blender is the autism

got em

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hi, how do you make this kind of material (floor) in 3ds max ? thnx

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Could you not have asked the guy in the WIP thread? Or posted in the questions thread?

no answer for you get fucked

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With a roughness mask

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his tabs can give you hints about his inelect...

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Why don't you go and ask the Dinusty discord where you took this from

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I'm trying to get into realtime Archviz using UE4. However, there seems to be a severe lack of regular civilian 3D people to populate scenes with. This pack here so far seems to be the only one in the marketplace that would be remotely usable for Archviz, but there's no female pack.

Anyone know where I can find good looking 3D people that fit the unreal skeleton and that don't look like 80s action heroes or goblins?

This seems like a big niche but nobody seems willing to fill it.

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are you suggesting to create animated people and set up their paths and animations in another software and then import that into UE4?

>> No.569288

I am not suggesting anything, i am telling you that UE4 reads alembic files.
You have to use your brain and figure out the rest.

>> No.569289

so you're a useless cunt then

>> No.569342

I gave you the missing piece of the puzzle, if you can't finish the job for yourself you are the useless cunt because your brain isn't able to solve easy problems. Maybe you should look for a different job.

>> No.569357

Or maybe alembic isn't the solution to our requirements.

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Not trying to start anything here... just trying to decide which one should i focus on learning since my workflow is so dated that still includes traditional photoshop texturing.

Could anyone provide a comparative a list of pros and cons or provide some educated opinion so i can compare DDO to SP2? Thanks.

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...and yet all the best work comes out of MARI 3. Why cling to the past with Quixel / Substance?

>> No.569361


foundry products are many muns

>> No.569362

what did you mean by this?

>> No.569364

this is the shittiest point you can bring up in downplaying software. "muhhh I don't like devs, they are mean"

I have not tested mari myself, but I think it's very good, I hesitated because I could not find any new-good character texturing tutorials besides 1-2 of them and both were realistic skin shading.

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Any opinions on bitmap2material?

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Stop using paid software

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Pretty much any professional industry doesn't have majority Blender. The only market I can think of is the diaperscat furry community on Deviantart which does actually use a lot of Blender/Free programs.

>> No.569413

>Pretty much any professional industry
stopped reading here

>> No.569418

How about one uses whatever software he or she damn well pleases

>> No.569422

Good. Because all the industries are primarily paid software, not freeware. Like I said, enjoy your diaperfur scat deviantart tier markets which primarily use Blender. It's not a competition so you should use whatever software you want. Just don't pretend most professionals use Blender, because it's not the industry standard.

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Will do Based Glebby!

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I think they are on the face and joints. Does anyone explain it to me?

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Poles nigga

>> No.569295

Too many poles on this model 0/10 would not animate.

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I am currently homeless, stay at my younger brothers home. Wake up see this (pic related)... an unmarked white plastic bag. I am not stupid, I understand it is some kind of drug, But what it is? Some kind of dried greens, I t does not look like marijuana

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OP here, omg what is this? Who left the bag here, should I smoke it? I am not a dick, don't want to interfere with whatever he's doing, but I have 0% experience with drugs

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why the fuck do youpost this on /3?
you should go to fucking /b
and this is not weed, maybe it's salvia. hit only one big hit.

>> No.569190

its sativa

its basically male weed. and its not crazy high. you should blend it with tobacco if first time

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First of all, this is /3, board for CGI, not weed. Second, and more important, the shape of your nail and finger indicate that you're complete retard. Just look at that!

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it's just grass , i can tell by that shader and those materials.

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how do you make this material/shader?

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It's a shader, here's how to do it, there's a source code included on the right side for directX10.

kys modeller scum, you know nothing about graphics, dumbies

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set the UVs of the interior texture to parallax and give it a depth value like 10. then mask it with the wooden frames with normal UVs. So when you look at it, the interior texture will appear as if it's far back.

>> No.569348

Yeah no, you're retarded for pretending you are correcting anyone.
I suggest watching tutorials on Youtube for the specified engine you want to use it in. The first link is a Unity showcase with the forum link in its description. The second link is a UE4 video which explains the ideas on how to do so. I am assuming you'd be able to do the same thing in Unity without a coded shader, but then again I don't use Unity so perhaps you could only use a shader to do so.


>> No.569349

*use a coded shader to do so

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Can someone please check out my model? I'm a total noob and I was wondering if the door on the left side can still open when hinges are attached. I made the thing in Sketchup. It's for my dog btw.


>> No.569085

It looks fine, but you should learn to use and create groups as your working. Would be way too messy if you were trying to make anything more complicated.


>> No.569087

Reupped because I fixed your backfaces too. Make sure you check those as you are modelling as it can be so time consuming later if you ever wanted to take the model into something else. I suggest setting the backface material to something like bright red so its obvious if you accidentally put a face the wrong way.


>> No.569131

Not op but you're really cool dude

>> No.569139

i know sketchup gets a lot of shit but now i know it i love it

>> No.569172

Looks like a safe space.

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/3/ I need your help. I'm new to modelling and am trying to figure how to topology good. It seems simple in concept, but I find that it very frustrating and difficult to create good topology. So much so that it often prevents me from getting a project off the ground because I'm worried the lighting will suck due to poor topology and tutorials haven't really been much help.

Doing a model with quads only isn't the hard part, it's getting quads to flow and using poles, etc... that I find to be the single largest barrier to creating something. I tried sculpting and found dynamic topology liberating because I just didn't have to worry about it. But sculpting is obviously not the ideal way to make everything. What should I do? Am I making too big a deal out of it? Does it just come naturally as you do more and more models?

>> No.569046

what you make would ideally dictate what tools/ methods would work best/fastest. whenever in doubt, nurbs. what you sculpt has to be retopologized anyway.

>> No.569049

>does it just come naturally as you do more and more models
yes! I used to have quite a bit of trouble with good topology too. Now I just instinctively know where to put poles from practice.

make quite a few topology studies. take a model with good topo as reference and try to recreate it. get a sculpt and retopologise it perfectly, then do it again. Rig and skin something you've made to understand where it isn't deforming well due to poor topo. You'll get the hang of it quicker than you may think.

>> No.569223

I'm watching Grant Warwick's Hard Surface Modeling series right now and it seems like something that might be right up your alley. He does a good job of explaining how to break stuff down and know where to worry about things and where not to. He uses Max, but I'm sure a lot of the stuff he teaches can be used anywhere.

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