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I've never been on this board so I'd apreciate if you were kind :)
However, does anyone know the genre of these "aesthetic minimal 3d" artworks/images?

(pic related, i'll post other ones as examples)

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another example

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Abstract maybe.

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Can one Tell me if crack exists for Live 2D Cubism program.

If this isn't the right thread can you point me to the right one to ask.

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Here you go.

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What's the best way to add age wrinkles to a gen8 female? I have skin builder 8, but it doesn't have the ability to add them.

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sculpt them by hand you mongrel

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I completed my first ever blender model today. Thanks for the help bros I couldn’t have done it without you autists. Let me know what u think and drop your recent projects

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Is that a real car? The front is kind of gaping no? Idk shit about cars. Definitely has that default blender lighting look.

Get some good lighting and a better camera angle and that could bretty gud bruv

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>yfw you stayed awake to finish it

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arm cannons for robot i'm working on

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Great composition and lighting. Really shows off the detail. I dig the materials too. Wish all threads were this high quality. Wouldn't it be great if a thread already existed where we could post things like this?

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r those submarines?

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There was a humble bundle a while back with a bunch of 3D models in it. Did anyone here happen to pick it up and could upload them, or know where I could find a download?

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I know a list of programs but cant find work.

Does anyone have a REAL job in 3D or at least good income from doing freelance or other means of work.

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Wagie wagie get in cagie
All day long you sweat and ragie
NEET is comfy
NEET is cool
NEET is free from work and school
Wagie trapped and wagie dies
NEET eats tendies, sauce and fries

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I work for my university and make 3D models for educational use.

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any suggestions for a software that would allow me to make low-poly, grimy, shitty looking 3d models like that used in early 2000s 3d chatrooms? i've been wanting to fiddle around with the type of art but i want to use something people like worlds and second life etc used to create their landscapes. something easily animated with another coding program to have interact-ability, of course

so far, i've found VRML/X3D, seamless, and the like, but i wanted to see if anyone else here has any other suggestions for art like this (im sure i can make shitty textures in paint or something)

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Windows 3D Movie Maker

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Any 3D tool is suitable to do this if you set it up right.

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Most of those games didn't have textures, per se. A lot of them just had polygon fills.

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contact this guy

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Your dick is way bigger than i expected anon.

R8 eachothers dicks.

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Sure but if I disable displacement it doesn't look so big anymore, eh OP?

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also putting all those veins on the bump map doesn't make it better

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>beeta version
>i ken't do this
>give me a chence
>hostels eliminated

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Digital Sculpture industry is way bigger than the traditional ones, worldwide. Theres more demand to it in games, movies, animations, renders, etc.. But still, is it worth to try something to get inside into traditional sculpt, or this industry is almost dead?

I want to know about, how much a professional is paid in this field, is it still alive, worth a try, things like that..

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How do you manage the details? Can you post some pics?

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Are you honest about their composition, or do you try to pass them as clay or whatever?

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Can't post any examples without outing myself. For details I usually use a paperclip and a dime to do some actual sculpting on the layers. I guess the 3D print is more like a retarded armature.
I pass them off as normal clay sculptures. I've sold just over a hundred and no one has said anything yet. Considering how light they tend to be I figure someone will notice eventually though.

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Are you planning on sculpting more of original concepts or just recreating someone's concepts?
I think you could be more successful recreating characters from ganes/books/movies than just some OC.

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if you become a famous artist you can make big bucks. in general though, it seems like you'd be better off learning 3D modeling and getting involved in 3D printing.

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Any 3D artist want to collab in a 3D low poly anime zelda type of eroge where a shota fight loli monster girls to rape and make a patreon?

Already in talks with a guy from /ic/ but need some low poly animator.

I will be doing the coding on godot.

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why not I got free time got a email or discord?

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are you cris the schizo Venezuelan from agdg?

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Exposure from a nobody will still make you a nobody.

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Who would want exposure with that sort of thing?

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I don't know, but that anon (>>689049) said
>I need exposure
Of course no one in their right mind would want to be tied to something like the OP, but still.

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where can I get a copy of Shark3D ? any old version . ?? results are invisible everywhere on the clear net.

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Here's a good place.

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Previous thread: >>685339

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Open source and free software are very similar, you mean "source-available"

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Anyone? I know it is a retarded question but still.

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It's difficult to know what result will be useful on your end, but you could try adding either a gamma node or a brightness/contrast node after the voronoi to smooth out some artifacts.

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Didn't mean to quote >>689387 here. Disregard that.

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Heya /3/. I'm sure this has been done to death, but I thought I'd share my progress within blender.

I changed some things around to separate myself from the tutorial and also play with materials. I understand that I have much to learn but at the same time, I have a strange new found confidence with my skills in the program.

Maybe I'll come back and contribute better renders in the future. The sticky post has extremely helpful information, and I'm very thankful for it.

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Hey, great work and all, glad to see you're trying out stuff. But please don't make new threads for these sort of things, every time you do, you kill a post since this board is really inconsistent with thread replies. Try the WIP thread >>687477 or the Blender General thread >>685339


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My bad anon. I'll post there next time.

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Ok faggots, i need some money to upgrade to a 2080ti gpu and the only monetizable skills i have are 3d modeling, texturing and rendering.
i need some strategies to make some passive income in the internets, lets discuss methods, websites, strategies and secrets about making some passive income with our skillz.

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all the advice here is garbage. the only thing may be somewhat considered is porn but it's not quick either. sad truth - no one needs your shit. people need reliable dudes who get shit done. get a job.

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You absolute fucking retard. This is for extra cash in tandem with a job.
Not so people can sit around at home doing fuck all and pretending they have an income.

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so how do you get around subsctiption fees and unlicensed software when it comes to selling models online?
blender is way too unreliable and lacking too much to be considered a viable software alternaive , so when we're talking small side income thats around 100/200 bucks that would be eaten by subscription fee
what are the chances of people finding out the software you've used was unlicensed and what repercussions can you face?
is the model just removed from the website, possible your account terminated or can you face some actual penalties?
how can i as a consumer check whether the model ive bought came from licensed software or not?

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>blender is way too unreliable and lacking too much to be considered a viable software alternaive
not true, or at least it depends on what you want to do.
I am doing hardsurface sci fi models and Blender is working great. Blender + Substance Painter + UE4.
Cost me 250 bucks. 200 for SP (permanent license) and the rest for some addons for Blender.
I can easily keep up with somebody using a pure proprietary software pipeline.
Its also easy to cheat and use some pirated software in the mix if i wanted to.
Since the end result is going through blender, nobody can determine if i sculpted some of it in ZBrush or did the retopo in Maya instead of Blender.
But i usually don't do heavy sculpting nor animation, just pure asset production with medium resolution models (no SubD) and for that Blender is perfect and even faster and more comfortable than Max or Maya.

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You need money - I need models.
Contact me here [email protected]

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I give up on linux.

I'm tired of using poverty software filled with bugs and shitty workflows and just overall inferior subhuman experience.
I tried blender 2.8 RC today and it was extremelly buggy and crashes just by opening a file.
Sick of this shit, I rather pirate adobe software than use the poverty open source tools.

fuck that shit.

Pls recommend me the tools the professionals in the industry uses to make AAA games.

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Save every 30 seconds it's fine.

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you are suposed to learn to use the program first
fag thinks he is good enough to just boot on linux and start blender whitout learnig first

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Yep, you're a fucking retard. RC is a fucking code freezed snapshot prepared for stable rollout, you idiot.

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so does blender 2.8 crash a lot? i've used various 2.6x and 2.7x versions on windows a lot and they'd only crash like once a week.

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i use it every day and havent had a single crash in months

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Finally trying to model a humanoid, shit is Waaaaaay harder than i tought, tips, tricks or sugestions?

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Where to find references with ideal body types (both male and female)? Doesn't matter if they're photos or drawings.

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Tricks: Follow ref
Suggestions: Just download a model already retopped correctly then work off that.

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>tips, tricks or sugestions?
Follow some tutorial
the first part https://3dtotal.com/tutorials/t/joan-arc-modeling-the-body-michel-roger-character-arc should give you this result

Sculpt and retopo instead

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>>688875 (OP)
>tips, tricks or sugestions?
Follow some tutorial
the first part https://3dtotal.com/tutorials/t/joan-arc-modeling-the-body-michel-roger-character-arc should give you this result
or you can sculpt and retopo instead too

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you're wasting your time polygon modeling at this point. you really need a strong understanding of forms and contour to pull it off.
try clay sculpting and take a life drawing course to get grounded in light and form.

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"This is my first model/render" stop, no one buys that shit, pr gives a shit. what are you trying to accomplish, hEy lOoK iM a nAturAL PrAise mE shut the fuck up you faggot, you're not a natural, you're just lying scum

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>Meanwhile, at female /3/...

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Not denying that it happens, just that it's uncommon.

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*just saying that

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The RC is on Steam.

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I ain't getting Blender through Steam nigga, I have a reputation to keep.

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