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This thread is for any simple and/or stupid questions about techniques/software. If you think you have a question that deserves its own thread, such as thoughts on [new technology], etc., by all means go ahead and create your own! Otherwise, please post in this thread.

Also, please do head over to the previous thread and help to answer any unanswered questions!

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any tips for achieving this sort of look, specifically about the sorts of lighting temps and set ups used here. how much of this is colour correction in post etc:





it's a nice change from the usual high-contrast ultra-saturated stuff. still very hyper-real looking tho.

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If you use 3dcoat, how do you make smooth feminine fingers ? I'm having problems to choose the right tools and technique for such things. Pic related

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make a base with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aptJ5ylKKU4
use questions thread next time

also make one finger and copy it 4 times, change its proportions with Pose tool

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These tools are amazing
Thanks to you I'm now getting somewhere

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Good to hear anon. Watch the rest of the official tutorials in your free time
and show off your boobs

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You Mayalets keep talking crap about us but you don't have so many short and effective tutorials like we do.

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>software thread
fucking retard

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You're so proud of your fucking animation that you've been spamming it on every thread for a year now. Get a life mayalet.

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Anaglyphs are the #1 hidden gem in 3d right now. Easy to create, only need $1 glasses to view, and if you use the DuBois algorithm you get decent color reproduction that doesnt kill your eyes. Its actually better than VR since it only costs $1 for glasses and the impact is that high

This is why I still 3d. If you dont do anaglyphs in current year you're a tool, working on obsolete tech.

Anyone have any to share?

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you are wrong. You **only** get 2d out of cardboard vr. Everyone knows that. you are just in denial

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enjoy strapping your *phone* to your face

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It's practically the same as putting those shitty cardboard glasses on your face.
And if it really bothers you, just do it without the set. All you have to do is cross your eyes a bit to view sbs, the set just makes it easier. Can't do that with anaglyph.

Once again
>He doesn't own a Vive

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cross eyed 3d is the worst

no. i dont own any vr set. I'm poor.

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>cross eyed 3d is the worst
I'm just saying it can be done, and I agree that it is. It doesn't require a phone strapped to your face, which was my point.

>no. i dont own any vr set. I'm poor.
I was/am too. Before I got a Vive, I had a shitty as fuck setup with a slightly better phone headset (plastic instead of cardboard). I used a gyro mouse as head tracking, and synced the video up to my phone from the PC. It was so shitty and hacked together but it got me hooked enough to save up for the Vive. It took a good while, but it's worth it. It's something else when you can sculpt something, then take it into vr and walk around it and view it up close. VR sculpting is pretty neat too. I haven't really gotten into it much, but there's some people that use it in their pipeline for some crazy fast results that you retopo for use. Plus Oculus Go is coming out pretty soon, and that's only around $200 if I remember correctly. It's completely self contained so you don't need a phone or PC setup.

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How do I create models like this? Can it be done in Maya or do I have to use another software, and also is it just low poly models what is this style called?

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If you are on Maya I'd recommend the Pencil+ or Maneki Toon plugins, both produce good results.

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TPC use Maya for their models and animations, however what your screenshot is just in-engine shading.

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I heard lot of modders use blender to edit pokemon 3ds models

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Thanks for the info I didnt know TPC actually used maya, but I did a little more research and saw that the toon shader option on maybe rendering menu helps achieve the desired result as well. Thanks for being productive though instead of just shitposting.

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I'd love to get my dirty hands on Maneki, but there is no crack, the price is horrible expensive and i am not even sure if they sell to individuals not from an reputable studio.

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Best software for freelance work?


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Why does Rocket 3F look fishy as fuck?

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looks like sketchup and rhino had a baby

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do not use this program, its so bare bones and non intuitive that its not even worth picking up.

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MS Paint

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Paint 3d

Alternatively microsoft excel.

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About to buy a GSG 1911 22, for €225. Is this a good buy /k/?

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this place really needs a separate gamedev/programming board

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good ol' /agdg/, they are still discussing if godot is a good engine...

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I'm sorry if you met people like that. It reminds me of that one guy in his 30s down the local pub who still wants to be a rock star. I think it is fine to work towards those dreams after you achieve comfortable standard of life, family and whatever else might be important to you, because if you fail, you don't want to be left with a feeling of wasted years, but if all you do is half-assly concentrate on those goals like in your post, it is just pathetic.

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It's pretty sad that engines like Unreal and Unity have an awfuly bad reputation just because of shit game developers. Both are very capable engines and they're also totally free to use unless you're making nice money out of them. However, Raspberry Pi has been overrated since it was first released. Sure, it has some fairly decent specs but you'll probably never use 50% of it's power since for anything more demanding than that, you can simply use a phone, which is also avaliable to pretty much everyone (and for anything less demanding, you can use something like an arduino).

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>It reminds me of that one guy in his 30s down the local pub who still wants to be a rock star.


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So hey guys, I'm trying to find a rip of Aqua from Fragmentary Passage for drawing reference. Totally unedited, just the base model from the game with a neutral expression. I found this:


For XNALara, but I'm not sure if this was edited or not. Does anyone know if this is straight from the game with no changes? Or can someone upload it themselves? I don't know shit about 3D modelling but I wanted this model to help with my drawing. Thanks.

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What does it matter? If you're drawing just fix the shit that looks wrong. If it looks decent enough for you to ask here then just use it.
It's just a reference.

Next time go to a questions thread.

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Rules: pick a picture above in the thread and post a picture of your face reacting to it. Then add a picture of your choosing.
You can react to other people's faces, but it'd be fun if people started posting different weird/funny shit to diversify this thread a little.

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An expression of visible concern

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Looks really great for rapid prototyping stuff

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Really fun nurbs modeler. It does a good job of handling all the rules of nurbs behind the scenes for you.

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this is what maxlets use lol

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I don't really need a nurb software.
We are at the point where you can prototype those shapes in even sculpting software, and you are gonna need to retopo anyway.
I think nurbs modelers are for those times when you need more precision, and sure it is cheaper than Rhino.

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It has a pretty good remesher for exporting to n-gon based geometry. It's not my kinda workflow, but for those who like concepting in, say, Fusion 360, and then retopoing, using the remesher in MoI will probably make their lives easier.

If I could have the remesher alone for 100 bucks I would buy it in a heartbeat. But the whole program... not for me.

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You will never do anything relevant in your life.

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Maya pros. Help me. What is the difference from pressing SHIFT + W (Set keys for translate) VS just pressing S? I do not understand at all.

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Well since this thread already exists I'll answer.

Hitting S adds a keyframe to every keyable channel. Shift+W adds keyframes to translate channels only. (Shift+E/R to key rotate/scale respectively)

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S default behaviour keys all keyable channels, while shift+W\E\R keys only their respective TRS channels... you could see this yourself if you just used it by the way, since it's just a shortcut for key-set key, while shift+WER being shortcuts for key-set key on translate\rotate\scale respectively .

S can be modified to key selectively whatever your manipulator is right now and a couple of other options but I strongly recommend that you leave it on defaults since it is a good practice for blocking poses if you select all controls and hit S on them, that way you will be absolutely adamant that this key on timeslider that nothing is unkeyed you when you start refining your poses, and unused channels can be just easily cleaned up afterwards.
I personally don't use shift+whatever, because autokey is much better if you use it consciously, hopefully this answers your question, next time use question thread.

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Reading everything you said was like reading Chinese.

>Hitting S adds a keyframe to every keyable channel

What are channels? Are these like equivalent to Layers in flash/photoshop?

What does TRS channels mean?


What is a manipulator?

>it is a good practice for blocking poses if you select all controls and hit S on them, that way you will be absolutely adamant that this key on timeslider that nothing is unkeyed you when you start refining your poses

What is Blocking poses? What is Controls?



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Channels are everything that is in the Channel Box. Translate X, Translate Y, Translate Z are three channels you'd find on a typical object.

TRS is translate rotate scale. Yes the order is weird, it's just meant so that qwer starts with the most used tool (select) and ends with the least used one (scale). When you're more experienced you can change your hotkeys up.

Autokey is a mode where Maya automatically sets new keyframes when you manipulate something that has already been keyframed.

You should find a better tutorial that explains this stuff because it's super basic and not worth people's time explaining when any decent beginner animation tutorial should cover it.

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I think you should switch whatever tutorial you are following right now to a more fundamental one

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DAZ is shit.

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No random walk skin raytrace, no better texture model, no better animation system.

Abandoware obsolete for autist pervers.

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Another day, another software circlejerk

btw is OP Canadian?!

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Daily reminder to hide all software VS software / agitation threads

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lol is dat sum ariana grande

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What would happen if Ariana Grande lookalike was used for my porn game. Asking for a friend

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Here's a room I modeled.
Took about 9 minutes on my 2007 CPU.

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I mean to render, when I mentioned how long it took.

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i need ideas for her clothes, she will gear motorcycle helmet

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Voxels, does anyone make stuff in it?
Looks pretty interesting.


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There was an anon making voxel art a few months back on this board. I guess it's okay.
>obligatory lol that's just minecraft bro

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I wish I had this over a decade ago when I had so much time to burn

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Magicavoxel is fun, haven't made anything in a while. Think I'll hop back on it tonight

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Haven't tried it, but I've seen a lot of people on Sketchfab that do some good shit with it.

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Magicavoxel is really good, even for introducing kids into 3d

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all we do is argue edition

previous: >>659379

This thread is for comments & critique on whatever project you’re working on / have completed.

List of free resources (textures, assets, etc.): https://pastebin.com/vU7P8Vmi
If you’d like to add more links, post them here: >>637415

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looks good. more shadow would def help.

>> No.662218

id say split the difference between average and what you got

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Where's a good place to find more theoretical info on 3D modelling? I was reading William Vaughan's book which touches on some of it, but the modelling exercises are only one step above "do what I do" with "Watch what I do, then do this similar thing".

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Just find something you want to model on your free time and when you come across a problem google foo and use the questions thread. 3d really isn't like other arts where you have to have a grasp on theory before you can make something good you just need a motivation and time.
As you go along supplement yourself with challenges, there are loads of small ones on youtube or you can find something near you and try to make it in 3d. Learn modifiers and hotkeys.
And do small hour or so tasks like pic related to keep yourself going.
Keep following the tutorial but also do your own thing. You need to learn how to solve your issues and following a tutorial won't help with that because you likely won't encounter them.

I will give you the best advice there is for blender. If something is fucked press ctrl + a. If none of this makes sense my bad, it makes sense to me though

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what is this for?

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If you had to model a face from a single, distorted photo, how would you go about doing it?

>> No.661518

I'd probably try to draw topology on top of the photo, then do my best to translate it to 3d.
Or you could do some weird shit like trying to paint height data from the photo then using it as a displacement map.
OR, you could always sculpt it if you've got the skill and experience.

>> No.661521

Start with general masses. Certain parts of the head line up, like eyes, nostrils and ears. Also, some parts of the face are relative to each other. For example, if you know the position of the eyes and chin, you can take a decent guess at the position of the ears and the top of the head etc. even if you can't see them clearly.
Once you have your basic forms mapped out, you can start to add details and topology, working your way up until you have a passing resemblance.

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>be 22yo m
>will be done with university next year
>already spent 6 years of my life making music
>also been doing illustration since forever, less serious than music tho
>music is paying off, but real slowly
>earlier last year got into 3d and game dev
>love those too but not enough time to develop all passions
>currently trying to fit all of them in a game, but seems like too big of a project
is it reallistic to pursue all of these passions or should I just stick to music the way it was and dip in the others from time to time, not really looking to profit off those?
Not that I just worry about the money, but I worry about pursuing a passion that I can live off in the future
currently game dev seems like the more realistic as there's a bigger demand for work in the industry over just music or illustrations3d

>> No.661511

It's fine to have hobbies unrelated to your music but being realistic it's unlikely you can solo make a game with no experience, specialist is the way to go. In a small indie team you may be able to practice and learn 3d from someone who has been doing it for years.

>> No.661512

It'll all eventually fall into place. You'll find that while you have many interests (because they're definitely not passions), one of them will end up taking most of your time and feel the most rewarding. No one said you can't have multiple hobbies, when you get burnt out on one, you've got something to fall back on to keep you busy until you want to do more of the other. Sounds more like music is your passion if you put most of your effort into growing that aspect. The others are just passing interests and hobbies. To be fair though, you probably won't make it with music (because few ever do), Illustration is a very competitive field, and unless you've got some formal training or innate talent or drive to compete with people that have been taking it seriously for years you probably won't make a dent in anything (unless you blindly copy trends and don't try to innovate). 3d and game dev is a similar problem, since you've don't got the experience to pursue it in any meaningful capacity. Leave illustration and 3d as a hobby, try to build up your music, but focus on whatever you majored in. If you feel like you've grown enough with the other stuff, try to branch out with it, but don't keep it as your main focus unless somehow you hit it off and get really popular with it.

By the way, that was only 3 passions.

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*since you don't

>> No.661514

*since you don't have

>> No.661526

What we need is some kind of curriculum, syllabus, steps to follow and we could have a good start

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What is the best/easiest method for fixing geometry after a Boolean function?

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>ungodly amount of ngons and triangles he leaves around
its just triangles and quads.

>> No.661689

For anyone downstream who needs to UV, texture, rig, blendshape etc

>> No.661691

i hope you're not as retarded as i think you are.

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You think everyone is Retarded
The truth is You is Retard one

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in the gif yeah, but if it's the same guy i'm talking about he usually leaves that and much more like pic related
people constantly said he shades and rigs his own models, and while that might be true and the work he presents seems to be fine i struggle to believe it to be ideal in any way, shape or form, although it might be nice to establish shape and such and is a workflow that i think might deserve to be explored, the end result is far from a nice topology usually, and that's just his fault

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