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I have to use Syntheyes (the tracking software) for a class and the professor is telling us to torrent it. I've been trying for 1.5 hours to find a working link and didn't..

Does anyone here have a version or knows where I can get one?

There is a demo version but it's useless because you can't save anything..

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hasn't been cracked for over a decade:


pftrack hasn't been for 5 years:

>The Pixel Farm PFTrack 2017.06.23

report your professor and ask your school to refund your tuition.

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sorry, i think i'm fucking slow. I dont fully get what you're saying.

Do you mean that nobody has been able to crack them for 10/5 years, so the professor is making us use ridiculously outdated programs? Or did I misunderstand

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>I have to use Syntheyes (the tracking software) for a class and the professor is telling us to torrent it. I've been trying for 1.5 hours to find a working link and didn't..
record this guy talking and report him to the police. Not even joking.

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>cloud services
Lmao its a nothingburger

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fuck off, cris.

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I'm back and I'm bored. Last thread ended up having lots of industry talk, this time I'd like to critique people's art a bit more and give anyone who wants it some honest pointers.
Keep in mind my specialty is environments, but I can try giving decent advice in other fields... mostly.

>Q: Why didn't you just reply to the /wip/ thread instead of making a whole new thing?
Not everyone who posts on /wip/ is looking for unprompted feedback, and 90% of it would be telling coomers to watch an anatomical sculpting tutorial.
>Q: What's the most important piece of advice you'd give any beginner?
Find a better place than /3/ to get your art advice from. But since you're already here, let's get started.

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>Currently using 3Ds Max (cracked) as as an intermediate artist and I'm wondering if it's worth it in the long run to switch to blender and focus primarily on it. It feels like I'm missing out on a lot. I'm currently focusing on hard surface but I'm going into archivis as well for school. So what do you recommend, OP?
Hmm, I don't know. That's actually a good question. Blender is definitely superior to Max in terms of speed for hard surface, and has access to more interesting plugins for modeling like MACH1N3 tools, HOps/Boxcutter, etc. Max is also serviceable, but I don't remember anything in it actually making the modeling particularly worthwhile (besides curves, curves are so much better in Max than Blender).

For Archviz, that's a different situation, and I'm not that qualified to advise since I don't dabble in Archviz myself. I remember Max being *the* standard in Archviz about 5 years ago, and it still outshined Blender in terms of plugins until very recently. But now, a lot of the stuff that used to be great in Max, like Railclone and ForestPack, is now available in Blender thanks to equivalent plugins, or their features being achievable with the new geo nodes. Aside from archviz-specific data I/O (which I've got no clue about, but *hope* somebody could've gotten working in Blender by now), it's 100% viable for archviz projects, and is starting to see more and more use industry-wide.

That said, the archviz industry seems to move slower than games/vfx, and I've seen them be fucking dinosaurs about some things. I dunno if some studios have started to switch to Blender or simply tolerate it, but with the number of clients you get it seems like the kind of industry where it'd pay off to be organized studio-wide, and Max would still be the standard simply cause the studios are already on it and switching costs valuable time.

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>Switching costs valuable time
This also means that you might eventually see some studios switch to Blender because it's free, and that fact alone makes the switch eventually worth it at equivalent features in face of Autodesk's yearly fee.

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I will report on this later, I'm high as shit right now.

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the cost of autodesk licenses is like a rounding error on the budgets of hollywood studios and big architecture firms. the budget for that puss in boots movie was $130 million dollars, dude.

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Hey quick question, do you know what the colors for the rig controllers mean? I always see it in videos and pictures and i'm working on one but i don't know if what i'm doing is correct.

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> ZBrush does not have any plugins or advanced workarounds that can give you a traditional 3D interface, such as multiple viewports, grid, axes, etc. You can only use the gizmo and the camera controls to manipulate your models in 3D space, but they are not very accurate or intuitive. You can also use the Timeline feature to create and animate multiple cameras in ZBrush, but they are not very flexible or convenient. You can also use some external programs or scripts to export and import your models between ZBrush and other 3D programs, but they are not very reliable or efficient. ZBrush is a true 2.5D program and its 3D mode is not suitable for serious 3D modeling. In this context, a human might say that they would rather switch to Blender than use ZBrush for 3D modeling.
Based Bing

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Be honests animator fags.

How many of you study shit like dancers, coreographers, stunts, actors, mimes, circus actors, jugglers, martial artists and try to learn from them?

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All the time. I sit down to animate something I gather youtube references for what I'm about to animate and watch it in 25% speed til I have a good feeling for it. If it's something very tricky or hard to keep track of I record it and go frame by frame identifying the keyframes I need and nail down the exact timing of the move.

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Who here adds digital noise to their render to make it look more real?

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also, your phone camera and IRL camera always will get some small dust particles or almost invisible dirt from your fingerprints.

Also, use some low fog simulation or volumetric fog to imitate air particles.

basically your renders are like filmed in a vacuum, so you need to like add shit like aereal perspective to the distance.

And remember to switch to filmic color space and try the most HDRI setting the imitatates the setting of an IRL camera.

And keep everything using the same focal lenses of an IRL camera.

would be nice to learn the diferences between 24mm, 50mm, 80mm and 150mm focal angles.

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my production uses ACES

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Though I've yet to find that "perfect" noise that looks like proper photography. It pisses me off to no end. Same for animated noise.
It's not enough for me to just overlay it on top, it has to be perfect. Noise isn't just overlayed on top of an image.
I still haven't found a good solution.

I'm not going balls to the wall trying to smear vaseline over the 3d camera or replicate everything that you'd avoid in photography. I come from a partly photographer background, and noise/grain is something that you kind of lean into and embrace in certain disciplines of photography.
Working in 3d really makes that hard to get believable noise and grain.
Both because I haven't found a pattern that looks perfect, and I haven't found a way of blending it that looks perfect. Overlay and multiply only affect the light parts of the scenes, while adding only affects the dark parts. There's no interaction.

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>while adding only affects the dark parts
That's because you have to scale the result.
If an image is composed of decimal values between 0 and 1, the noise you're adding is also decimal values between 0 and 1, and the final JPG/PNG can only store decimal values between 0 and 1, then "ADD"ing noise pushes some of the image's pixels to be above 1. On export, those pixels get clipped to 1 and the visual result is bright spots that look like they didn't have any noise added to them.
Using multiply causes values near 0 to shrink to a value in between the nearest two quantization steps. This causes them to get rounded to 0 or their original value.
Scaling would involve multiplying, uniformly across all channels, the reciprocal of the theoretical highest pixel value (the highest value of your image + the highest value of your noise).

You could both multiply and add and then use the original image's mid-level value to mask which operation gets used (add for values below 0.5 and multiply for values above).

Another approach would be to both add and subtract noise to an image: to combine it with TPDF noise.
You would have some noise pattern with values spanning 0 to 1. You would multiply that image by 2 and subtract 1. Now it's values span -1 to 0 to 1. When you add this to your image, some pixels will be brightened (+1), remain unchanged (+0), and get darker (+(-1)). To change how much your noise shifts your image's pixels, you would multiply that -1/0/1 noise with some value between 0 and 1; multiplying by 0.123 would cause the noise to span -0.123 to 0 to +0.123.

As for patterns, I've found that a scaled-down image of perlin noise gives a better approximation of digital camera noise than what white noise would give.
For film noise/grain, you could always just use high-quality scans of film grain floating around the web.

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the 2022 or even 2018 ones are laggy af

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prove it

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get at least a modern i3 or Ryzen 3 with 16gb of ram, that low spec wont cut it, it is barely for playing vidya, but making vidya related stuff uses at minimum twice the power.

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im a poorfag

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Checks out. So... I just checked your CPU compared to my old CPU, and Jesus Christ, you're in a really bad spot. You didn't even list a graphic card, which makes me assume that you have some integrated graphics crap machine.

I don't know what to tell you, I was struggling with Zbrush on my old machine, and you're probably worse off than me. You probably can't do shit for shit. Maybe you need to bite the bullet and get a real job, or a second job.

Well in any case, you can attempt Blender. It's no Zbrush, but it has sculpting tools. Though, with your machine, maybe you're better off box modelling.

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Thank you dog

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Trained my first custom Dreambooth style on my 12gb vram card last night (25 min training for 14 512x512 images) then ran through a bunch of my renders through it with img2img. I found out that I have a lot to learn, with my initial input image being in all cases "severely off" of my preferred custom style. I feel really really bad for you people with *gasp* 8gb cards.

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/ic/ tourist here, just wanted to say I hate every single one of you talentless soulless smug fuckin cunts
your employability hinges on your ability to pirate as many asset libraries as possible
99% of you have no eye for shapes or rythm
On top of that you also probably smell bad
That's all, take care

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You're probably just salty because someone made fun of you for being a blender beginner. Your models wouldn't look like shit and would be less laughable if you used a real 3d program.

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is there a source or library somewhere with a list of 3d visual styles?
I mean, I obviously there's handpainted, cel-shading, pbr realism, etc but I'm talking about more granular and specific styles like >>940603 (OP) #, hand-drawn, clay, 1bit, etc etc. I think it would be neat to look at when starting projects and challenging myself to try different styles, but I simply am not aware of, or remember most styles

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just be yourself, bro.

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Bros, I can now make movies.

I keep winning.


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Not 3DCG

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kys cris

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this takes the cake, im signing petition to ban "AI" meme

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>this is now what is acceptable for industry-standard game models
why haven't you taken the lazy pill yet?

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How do you stay motivated when you've worked on a portfolio piece for a long period of time, say a month and still have at least that time left in order for it to be even remotely industry standard? I've turned to weed, but each time I use I feel it less and less.

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Your willpower works just like a muscle anon. If you want it to grow stronger than it naturally is it must be deliberately trained.
The way you strengthen your will is thru doing any activity that causes you discomfort for ever increasing duration of time.

I also find it effective to threaten myself by promising that if I don't complete task X before a set deadline I have to do something else I hate
like say go for a run much longer than I'm comfortable with as punishment.

Just like the physical pain you experience during exercise is weakness leaving your body, so is the mental exhaustion you chose to endure your will growing less weak.

If you depend on staying motivated you'll be a prisoner to the whims of your psychological life. You want command over whether you succeed or not you must learn to power thru.

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How could one start off on the path to be employed in one of the major animation studios throughout the world - Studio Ghibli, Dreamworks, Pixar, Disney, Sony, Blizzard, etc... ?

I think the general question here is how to properly start a career in Art? How much years does it take for you to become some kind of Art Director of medium-large studio?

How many years of working experience; what general softwares to use; etc. Tell me straight, is it realistic for someone to abandon everything and try to follow some general arts pathway looking at websites like Artstation and Scavenging the entire internet (piracy)? Or try College? There are also schools like Gnomon and other French ones, but they do cost an arm and a leg.

I haven't been able to get a decent ground-to-earth answer anywhere else. So I might as well post on 4chan.

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What do you want to do in animation, what part of the production? Ideally, you could get an internship, but those are for university students. Otherwise, in my experience, a lot of job listings ask for about 4 years of experience. That amount of experience is achievable, but hard to get, if you're not in the industry. This can be bypassed by not working at a big studio, or for a corporation, but something smaller or personal. Obviously, knowing a guy, or making friends with a guy can help you here, but it's all chance. I think, if you really want to get into the industry, you need to build a portfolio. Portfolios is the most important part of any art job application.

>I don't have a portfolio
Start building one, ideally, you want five of your best of the best art pieces in there. You'll submit it digitally in job applications. Do note, they will ask for you to link your website, it's optional, but always nice to have, because it's like another portfolio with more stuff in it.

Also, modify your portfolio to fit the job, if you have a piece that is good, and matches the studio, put it in there. Make your portfolio show you can do what the specific job you're applying for.

>I don't have anything to put in the portfolio
This is the hardest part, and you'll be constantly replacing things as you get better. You can volunteer on community projects, have a personal project, or use pieces from your job. It is a grind, there's no way around it. Remember, you don't need to be the most technically skilled, but compensate with concepts, composition, and good ideas. If you're really good technically, but suck at the concept part, make you're stuff very technical to show it off.

I'm not a professional 3D modeler, but I have some experience with other parts of the art industry, and studios. I hoped this helped.

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Getting completely AI'd right now as part of a mass collective industrial effort.

>> No.940941

I'm not op, but this is pretty helpful. Thanks bro

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why do you want to be a slave?
make your own animations, get a kickstarter going

>> No.941024

>Remember, you don't need to be the most technically skilled, but compensate with concepts, composition, and good ideas.
all of my "good ideas" come from ai prompting to generate concept art

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Is it possible and how hard is it to illustrate this kind of paintings digitally?

>> No.940806

>Is it possible
>how hard is it to illustrate this kind of paintings digitally?
that depends on a lot of factors I guess

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fill your canvas with black, and use a white pen. do it at very high resolution.

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they've scraped sketch fab. it's over.

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everything will look samey and disgusting and you wont be able to generate wrongthink

>> No.940906

>you wont be able to generate wrongthink
You can create it manually retard, They're not taking any options from you, just giving you additional ones. Only an idiot would complain.

>> No.940910


>> No.940935

>he actually BELIEVES an online service by NVIDIA, Microsoft, Google, and other "leading businesses" will allow you to generate wrongthink

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how do I fill in only one of the sides on this mold?
I only want the text on one part of the mold, the other should just be flat.
Idk what I'm doing (obviously)


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OP asks for genuine advice.
Blender person steps in >>940727 and gives extra bad advice.
OP points that out >>940736
OP gets insulted by Blender person >>940747


>> No.940761

In addition, Blender person blames his ignorance on the race of the person asking the question.

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You can try to delete only the recessed vertices and fill the holes with faces. It won't be perfect, but that will preserve the curvature better than trying to match it by hand.

Hide everything you're not working on with H and then go in from the side in xray mode to select the recessed ones to delete, unhide alt+H. After that, patch up the holes with ngons the best you can by selecting groups of verts and pressing F. Recalculate normals with shift+N when you're done.
ngons probably don't matter, but just in case select everything with A then go to face menu in the top left and triangulate faces.

Should give you the result you're looking for

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Hey thanks for actually helping me, I managed to get a decent result but >>940741 was way better, exactly what I wanted so thank you very much lad.

But yeah I'm obviously completely new to 3D modeling. I really just wanted to make this small edit and get my colleague to 3D print this mold for me. The end goal is to make the soap in ceramic.

>> No.940939

Sadly you are retarded too, because you think that was the reply of the same person.. go back to the upvote site with ur Blender Person. I bet u have blue hair too.

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Gonna need a little more info. Is this a shader or like a slice of a 3D scanned object or what?

>> No.940732

i suppose it's a shader, but it doesn't have a realistic look to it like cycles or octane, it looks like an old render, that's why i'm interested

>> No.940931

Could be anything really.
Something is telling me houdini, but really almost any 3d software could achieve that at the level it's rendered.

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>blender still doesnt have an API yet
>expects to be taken seriously

>> No.940809

>Template shitpost thread
>Faggot op expects to be taken seriously

>> No.940821

shoo back to blenderartists

>> No.940822

I've never used blelnder in my life but ok, faggot op

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I hope this isn't too /g/ or too meta, but how is your render hardware setup?

Just going for your own super workstation with the beefiest CPU and GPU? Making your own little renderfarm with whatever you can find? Rendering on raspis or smartphones for the lulz?

Any good guides on setting up clusters or farms?

>> No.940634

unfortunately you get what you pay for in this world. There's no secret sauce for a cheap render station. Get an empty computer case and poor money into it. The more the better.

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>unfortunately you get what you pay for in this world.
Lol what got me interested in this question is that my job has dozens of computers that just sit idle every day from 5pm to 7am.
None of them would be a great render station on its own, but surely the collected might of 40 of them would give better results than anything I could build at home

>> No.940642

I recommend renting nodes in a render farm in bursts rather than spending money on a local farm.

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