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How can we improve this vibrant community? These types of comments really aren't productive.

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Do you have some sort of vendetta against threads? stop killing them you plant pot

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Say one more word and >>673096 gets it. I'll do it, I swear.

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>trying this hard for (You)

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Op is a fag

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>be me in 2008 have shit computer
>use maya
>computer shits itself with a mere 100k polys
>use xsi
>no problem bro, I've got your back
>handles 5m polys easily
>There will never be another 3d software as intuitive, fast and responsive as XSI
>future versions of windows wont support it
>linux versions are nowhere to be found on the net
Why bros? Its almost as if it was erased from existence.

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Extremely new here. How do I create wire frames like this? Is it hard? I'm only interested in creating wireframes to convert the design to embroidery. Could you do this with free software or am I better off just paying someone to do it?

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Modelling that from scratch, I'd say a couple of weeks minimum, assuming you spend a couple of hours learning Blender every day. So probably longer.

Pic is just some random Blender render.

Grabbing a human model from anywhere for free (smutba.se comes to mind, they specialize in nsfw but if you're just gonna grab the hand it doesn't really matter) and just deleting everything but the hand? Just watch a video tutorial on blender, turn on the built in wireframe or if you want more control get familiar with the cycles render engine (in Blender).

Should take up to a week maximum if you want good looking cycles results I'd say. There's also Eevee in the new blender 2.8 beta which might be harder, might be easier, I have no clue, haven't used it.

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before u draw to show wires

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btw thats a shit wireframe. The topology is all over the place.

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its not but nice trollin

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Do you even know what topology is? I feel like people here use that term way too freely.

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>browsing random animal models in turbosquid
>everything is above 30 dollars, most of the time costing 100 and up to one fucking thousand dollar tiger
Why are 3d models so expensive? Lots of them even look like garbage but they still cost 60 dollars

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t. retard

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found the production manager

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why do you keep calling yourself a retard?

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>why is water wet

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Just because they're listed with high prices doesn't mean anyone buys them. Like eBay, you can list whatever you want.

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Is there any fast 3d software that allows you to do real-time quick mockups of fisheye lens perspective?
Something like SketchUp but suppoorts fisheye lens.

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real time as in rendering the scene but you be able to rotate the camera and shit, or just viewport rendering, but you cant see fish eye effects in viewports. it has to be rendered, and typically blender is the only thing not super laggy about it, but evee doesnt support it so you have go use cycles, that or use a different rendering engine like redshift.

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3ds max would be way to resource intensive for what I'm looking for

Yes as in you can rotate the camera. It doesn't have to be in the viewport.
I'll check out Blender.
If true real-time isn't supported, does the render engine at least update quickly as I rotate around the viewport?

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what if you use a sphere with texture mapped as reflection and put a camera very close to it and rotate the texture.

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>If true real-time isn't supported, does the render engine at least update quickly as I rotate around the viewport?
yeah cycles is decent enough for that since you can change the computation to GPU, but like i said u can use other render engines with gpu acceleration, but blender should suffice.

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except op wants to move around the fucking environment you ignoramus

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I've never tried importing someone else's fbx model into Blender until now and I can't seem to import it with all the textures applied to every part, Its just all white I would have to assign every texture manually which would be.. very tedious.

Am I doing something wrong or? This is a very commonly searched question and yet none of the videos or posts have my exact problem.

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Sadly that's normal, OP. Autodesk fucks with the FBX standard on purpose to shit on Blender. There's no guarantee it will behave properly and usually it's difficult to tell what's exactly causing the problem in the first place.

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So I can't get around this? No fancy addons or nothing?
Gotta apply all the textures manually? Just wanna know before I go doing it for no reason.

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actually has nothing to do with that. just use DAE it does it for you.

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DAE? Whats that?

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I am either stupid or Maya is extremely cumbersome unless heavily customized or you learn to use the pie menu like some mythical god.
I have worked in 3ds max and blender for a few years and i tried to get into Maya, someone please give me some motivation or im just going to give up and stick to those two because going into menus for every operation will drive me nuts.

Good for retopo tho, that thing they have down from what i have experienced so far. Edge relaxing is cool tool

oh and,
Can you customize mouse navigation?
Can you get rid of the stupidly high thickness of the edges when you crease them?
Is the nurbs modeler worth it or should i go straight for rhino?


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What is it meant for then, scene compostion or something?

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Yep. And rigging/animation, obviously. The modeling toolkit exists for the same reason it does in Cinema 4D, because it's useful for small modifications or basic tasks. You wouldn't want to animate in Max or sculpt in Maya or edit videos in Blender either.

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Yeah that seems reasonable, still tho why do so many people push it as a great modeler? Have they just not tried other things?

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pie menu is comfy as fuck

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How so? I often find them quite annoying, I have to move my wrist in an uncomftable way most of the time if I want to be quick about. It does look super slick if you go super quick.

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Is it just me or is 3ds max so fucking gardbage?

>long time user in blender
>decide to move to 3ds max for architectual visualisation, since everyones using max apparently.

>oh, everything done to the object are added as modifiers. thats fine....
>want to extrude something
>huh thats funny I need to convert the object using a modifier, instead of puhsing the tab button in blender
>huh thats funny, the extrude function is only going in one direction.
>thats ok, i'll watch a tutorial on how do it properly, thats from 2006 , but it doesnt matter since max hasn't changed at all since then.
>remind myself that the simplicity in blender was better because you could create what you wanted faster.
>remind myself again that blender has changed FASTER than max.

I get 3ds max has a big learning curve , but it can't be this difficult just to make simple objects? Compared to my start in blender all those years ago, I was faster at creating and editing things than I was in max. At least Maya is better in every regard because it closely resembles blender functionality. Simple functions and shortcuts to edit your mesh. So why cant max do the same? Get rid of the uncessasary options and modifiers, and update the UI.

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>fast shortcutty snappy way blender models

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I tried moving to blender, but it's unusable with scenes that have more than 20k polys, the performance dip in edit mode is attrocious, which is laughable, desu, and makes it unusable for my workflow: I tend to add an edit poly modifier on top of the turbosmooth modifier in order to add detail.
Besides, you can extrude destructively without using a modifier, what are you talking about?

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You can use the exact same shortcuts you use in blender in 3ds max. In fact, blender out of the box is slow as balls to model. Deleting a fucking face opens a menu asking you what you want to delete, for example.
Also, max modifier stack is really convenient out of the box.
I only want to move to blender because nitrous is a lot worse than eevee, but that's about everything blender has going for it.

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>long time user in blender
>Is it just me or is 3ds max so fucking gardbage

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2018 - Why do people still feed the trolls and why don't these threads get deleted asap?

>"Maya ... closely resembles blender functionality"
Maya = blunder tier, confirmed!

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Oldfag here. Trying to pickup whats considered industry standard tools.
Been using mudbox for the longest time, recently finished my first 'real' project in zBrush, as an example.

When it comes to texturing I have always used Quixel, but want to pick up Substance designer/painter now.

What are some things you wish people had told you about substance when you started out?
Any guides you guys reccomend?

Tldr. tips for beginners in substance painter/designer.

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if these threads were that low they didn't deserve to live anyway

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-You can add fills and filters to not just paint/fill layers, but also folders and masks. It helps you sometimes to fill models with a specific pattern or create some pretty neat effects.

-The projection tool is a thing and if you have good references, it is a godsend. By manipulating masks and their backgrounds after painting, you can pretty much paint anything onto anything else, using any color you want. (I used this software for 4 years and didn't consider what this tool could do until recently)

Things I wish I knew about, how to make a simple, basic gradient between two colors without having to manipulate blur filters (the gradient tool is strange and doesn't seem to work properly).

Also, if there's any way to not have the camera get stuck on geometry. I feel like I have to fight against the model sometimes just to add color to it.

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How come ddo died anyways? Did photoshop do them in or something?

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at least this is a good thread unlike what this anon's >>677563 pic showed...... and nothing of value was lost

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its better than anything you could've ever provide

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hey guys where do you get your references when sculpting muscles in action? i know its hard to know how muscles should behave when all you have is man boobs and love handles so you guys must have tons of references or websites for this kind of situation right?

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lol, remembering my first try to sculpt a hulk

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Even the shield has bulges. Magnificent.

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is that you timmy?

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Bodybuild forums or unironically gay erotica or porn gay.

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>gay erotica or porn gay

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This is literally peak waifu /3/ skills.

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I'd hit that

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Is anyone capable of ripping 3D models from Starcraft 2? If so, can anyone rip Zurvan's body version? I want to study the model a bit on Blender and can't find it online.

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You're on the internet, you know how to use the internet, learn how to rip models yourself. And hey, Starcraft 2 is free too. Isn't that great?

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Problem is that with my stupidly bad connection downloading a 20gb game is a big deal, and just for a model it's kinda a problem. If someone had it or has a fast system, asking doesn't harm anyone.

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That sounds like a you problem then.

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I need to find a way to render only the texture applied to the model. I was a 3dsM user now I'm linusfag I use Blender and I know how to make the same procedure?
This a example what I'm looking for:

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nope, but nice projection.

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What he said about emissive is really really basic knowledge. How retarded are you brah?

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except its wrong.

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>Plugging a image texture node directly into a material output is the same as plugging an image texture node into an emission shader with its strength set to 1.
It's not the same, as an emission shader will light other objects. Using a constant shader is what's required.

He's also right in setting the texture to RAW/linear, but only if the texture is linear. There's a high chance it's in sRGB space, so in that case the texture node will need to be set accordingly.

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check 'shadeless' under shading in the materials tab

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How to make rig on this? "follow the path" doesn't work. It need move forward from position A, down and change the angle. What else can I use?

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>those are different models
What is the difference?

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Where does this model come from?

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From the future.

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9001 hrs in blunder

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Shoot, I couldn't see it. I'm gonna flagellate myself now.

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Need help with three.js for an art project

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Well then get some, you're on the internet

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>filling out the name field
>asking for programming help on a 3DCG board
>not just posting the question itself and instead literally asking if you can ask a question
>asking for help

you just killed an thread with your post OP. I mean this sincerely but if you want to get help a place like reddit would be happy to help.

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Autiste apprend a coder fdp

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No, fuck you.

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I just drank a whole 2 gallon of milk for mass gainer and all it did was make me sick. Gomad is a meme. Why can't I drink it. Don't people do this when at the gym when working out.

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>> No.677227

The G stands for gallon

As in singular

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what is it with all this /fit/ threads lately? Is it really that hard to check the board you are in before posting?

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when you adopt the chad lifestyle you just start posting wherever the fuck you want

>> No.677232

god damn
wish I had /fit/ gigachad bf
I would use him as free live reference

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Ok so im learning blender and im using a sackboy refrence sheet any feed back?

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I'm a beginner too, but:
First, why do you model (not sculpt) a character?
Second, did you get topology right?
Third, is it supposed to be mirrored and have a seam in a middle? I mean it looks too mirrored for a fabric.

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Good now finish the body.

>> No.677270


I was half following a tutorial on character modeling and the guy said to use mirror and extrude planes over an refrence sheet

>> No.677271

R.e.e.c.e. is a code name for REALLY EPIC EPIC CUNT EPIC i swear

>> No.677427

This one, I guess?
Not to discourage you, but actually it's an extremely outdated practice to model organics, except extremely low-poly.
I also began modelling characters and it took about 8x time it took to sculpt a thing (but it improved my knowledge on topology, I guess).

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Name one movie that utilizes CGI better than pic related. I'll wait.

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>that moment when Flubber gets into the villain's ass

/3/ kino

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The right answer is Jurassic Park
/thread me whenever

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Pirates: Dead Mans Chest

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all these wrong answers lol

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How does one with absolutely no skills or knowledge in modeling, animation, or cg get into it?

>> No.677101

By setting progressively harder goals that require skills in those areas, and work towards them, always practicing enough with each new required skill.

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ITT: we talk about how amazing my gibs look

Anon goes first. Well anon?


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