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Paywalls for this model are over 50 bucks in most sites. Some dude is selling it in a local marketplace but hasn't clearly bought it, so idk.

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What kind of script would you want the most to be a reality in maya? what you miss the most in that program?

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Wow maya is actually worse than blender

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How will mayafags ever recover.................

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wtf i love Zbrush now

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Can you please fuck off and die in dark hole, blendlet drama queen.

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mokou a cute

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>blendlet faglord falseflagging this hard

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what will be faster to learn?

basic programming oriented to web dev


3D modelling (no sculpting)


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Learn Webdev, you would actually get paid.
Nobody would pay for, as you phrased it, doing "3D modelling (no sculpting)".
3D modelling withouth sculpting is like baby steps and even if you get paid for it it would not pay your coffee.
There's no such thing as "3D modelling (no sculpting)".
Because even teens can do that and nobody would pay you for it. They would just have their interns do it.

Do you even know the basics of programming? Like what's and integer and pointer is?
If not follow this guide.
Learn Javascript and Python. If that turns out to be easy for you learn Java and C++. If it's too hard, just google "Full Stack Development Tools/Toolset". And train whatever's in there.

Start a server on your pc, write some backend and frontend code, learn how things work on internet(HTML, HTTP, POST, CSS, JS etc.). Then branch out from this very very basic starting point.

Webdev is very easy to learn if you have a basic understanding of programming such as C C++ Java C# etc.
If not, then you might struggle, but it's way better than "3D modelling (no sculpting)", which is not a real thing.

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thanks, I guess I will just learn 3D modelling (no sculpting) as a hobby

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well, actually, it depends on what you're passionate about. Dont do something because its easy over the alternative.

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I need money and I need food. I am interested in both (webdev and 3DCG) but I don't want to fool myself taking a path that is not profitable.

Hobbies are ok.

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So Javascript vs 3D Modelling?

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Recommend me a render farm setup

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if you have to ask, you're clearly not experienced enough to set one up.

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You tell me

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the budget

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No budget: SheepIt
Low budget: Buy some shit and set it up yourself, google how to do it for your particular software (it generally requires third party shit / addons / whatever)
Flexible Budget: AWS, lets you spend a set amount based on a sort of spot pirce for CPU or GPU utilization (even though 1 GPU is "faster" it can be cheaper and faster to use 100 CPUs)

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What if I wanted to own the equipment and run it in a place and way that'll attract all the right talent?

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I saw this video about custom bevel profiles in the newest version of blender (2.82)
It looks pretty cool and like it would save a lot of time. I was wondering how I could do this in Maya? (or 3ds max)
thank you

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max being in heavy use in architecture modelling has had Bevel Profile tool for a while. Didn't watch your video but I imagine it's something quite similar.

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I wonder if OP is asking genuinely or just trying to shill Blender with another OMFGTHEINDUSTRYSTANDARDISDOOMED-level feature. The fact that he's asking for two programs is what makes me suspicious.

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>what makes me suspicious.
There's a world outside of this board.
I'm recommend checking it out for both sides, industry standard and blender freaks alike.

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Tell me again why sculpting is superior for anime girls if all the best anime girls ever made were made using traditional vertex modelling?

>but muh zbrush sculpts
They all look like 3D sculpts and not like 2D anime girls.

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The principle advantage of sculpting is that it is relatively fast and you can concentrate on concepting and do not have to think to much about technical aspects like topology.
Separating form from topology is easier on the brain. Especially if you use tools like WRAP3 in conjunction.

>They all look like 3D sculpts and not like 2D anime girls.
Probably because the people used standard shaders instead of cell shading and outlines.

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A lot of things are involved to get it right. The way you create the models is just a fraction.

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Trying to make a figurine? Use Zbrush. If you're trying to do anything else and you have more than one brain cell then another application will get you much further.

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Drawing is the ONLY way to make anime girls. Even the most modern techniques are complicated as fuck and look wonky in comparision.

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>if all the best anime girls ever made were made using traditional vertex modelling?
[citation needed]
post MMD and I laugh at you

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Quake style low poly retro models. Modelling and animating. In blender???

Hello /3/ I'm an indie dev, aspiring to make a dusk inspired retro flavoured fps that pays homage to the gems I grew up playing (quake and doom). I know that's nothing new and remarkably original (wrath, dusk, prodeus, etc). But one step more above being a contrarian edgelord who shoots down other peoples goals, is not giving a fuck about contrarian negative edgelords who shoot down other peoples goals. I'm doing it despite the fact that there's a whole trend of people doing this.

Now I'm comfortable modelling in blender, and I can paint textures very comfortable. But how do I learn to animate a model like this?

Is there a go-to tutorial, or site that will teach me to go from concept/turnaround to model to animated ingame character ?

Thanks for your efforts or interest.

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Wow that looks great, when I look into the distance it actually makes me dizzy and registers headache. Nice going with shitty pixel graphics.

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just keep in mind how topology affects animation, optimize UVs, hand paint textures and keep within budget
it's really that simple, though getting assets into the engines may not be

study the topology of the models you want to emulate. check out polycount's low poly thread
there's plenty of old odds and ends about old techniques and methods for getting good looking models at a low triangle count
Paul Steed's "Thinking Outside of the Box" series as well as PDFs of his books are archived online and one of his colleagues detailed some of his tricks

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Sensitive little bitch.

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quake models didnt use bones, they had to individually model each frame. if you look at texture maps for say, the ogre its fucking simple front, back and chainsaw.

>dusk inspired retro flavoured
now here's a question. why don't you just use dusk? it has an sdk. you can just make a total conversion. why spend all that time making something that only 20 people are actually
interested in?

there are enough games that 'pay homage' to 90's fps we should start calling fps's 'doom clones'

tl;dr try making something less generic.

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/questions/ - Questions & Help Thread
General Questions and Help about anything /3/ related, hardware and software.

Last thread >>721238

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we already have a questions thread, properly made with the title in the subject and everything


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lol op btfo saged

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yeah i have a question, why are u so gey?

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why even learn any other program when this shit makes everything procedurally and 1000x faster than classic workflow

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there will be no need for artists in the future, you will just throw some description of what you want and AI will shit out ton of examples and you will pick the ones you want, repeat that and you will end up with a complete CGI movie done in one evening

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>1000x faster



>shows 476 nodes connected in a massive spaghetti network

houdini is robust, but its not easy or intuitive. its not going to go away, but its also not going to magically replace all other DCCs

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Tech artists, anon

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Artists can never be replaced.

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>no text

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explain the meme please

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>tfw about to post a question in the questions thread and figure it out on your own
I'm gonna fucking make it bros

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>a thread died for this

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unless you're not Op samefagging: stop giving them that reaction, because that's exactly what they want anon.

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There are much worse active threads right now you novices

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If you care that much make sure to go to page 10 and post in important threads.
Ones falling off the board are where no one has commented or are yet another blender shitpost.

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I fucking hate trannies.

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kill yourself commie

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Based and obscure board pilled.

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Sup /3/, Long story short I'm an indie dev making a survival horror RPG. And I need to make a "Stats" screen. Theres only one issue.. I can't into menus, as im shit at 2D art. So the way I figure it I could simply make the menu itself a 3D object with a PBR material on it.

How do you create such an effect like the paneling above? I've been loooking for hardsurface tutorials but everywhere I look its just tuts for guns, any suggestions?

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Arrimus 3D

>> No.725882


Could you use a 2d plane and use something like ndo.

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do it in paint.net, or gimp, or krita or whatever the fuck you use for texturing. its not that hard

>background layer has texture
>top texture has black rectangles, no anti-aliasing
>from your light source paint in the side that's lit.
> set the blend mode to something else. like overlay
> blur the rectangles slightly to make it less smooth.

if you want drop shadows, make separate layer and use direction blur or something similar.

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is there any tips you guys wanna give me i wanna make 3d characters like this and how do you get perfect lighting in 3d software im a newb

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Go learn some fundamentals.

>> No.725869

don't immediately jump into nsfw, start with something basic. it's tougher to learn things when cooming infinitely.

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no i just want to model characters i have drawn from 2d to 3d i wanna learn form shape

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musicians don't start learning Hungarian Rhapsody on the first day.

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Does anyone give a shit about piracy anymore?

I've been constantly reporting one particular channel to YouTube, pretty much weekly but also reporting every video that's uploaded for containing illegal content. They're effectively showing people how to pirate switch games and play them on PC and as the emulator improves it will only become more popular.

This is the channel


As you can see they have several videos not only advertising this fucking emulator, but also guides on how to set it up. Does Google not give a shit about this?

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OP is probably a Nintendo fanboy and is mad because of that. See how he is just complaining about the Switch emulator and not about any other emulator for current(or last gen) consoles.

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Business Software Alliance estimated that generalized software piracy costs the world $51 billion annually and half a million jobs.

>> No.725791

Because you can't emulate the xbox x or ps4
almost as if all the emulators and pirates are trying to ruin Nintendo. Really makes you think huh

>> No.725794

Emulation is typically very costly as you run a virtual simulation of the hardware on your machine.

Emulating a powerful consoles like the PS4 on a current day home computer would not be very useful since we don't have enough powerful hardware to successfully do so.

Thing to realize tho is that if you own a computer powerful enough to virtulize a Nintendo Switch you're probably a gamer enthusiast.
If you are a member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race you are likly gonna be playing Master Race titles on your powerful PC.
Not console peasent titles, and if you're somehow still interested in those you prob already own the real thing anyways.

The way such organizations count to arrive at those numbers is fraudulent in the extreme.
Often times they just look at every download and convert that number into lost revenue.
Problem is that currency doesn't actually exist.

If a Mexican kid with an annual income of less than $1000 pirate movies, games and software worth $10000 that is not any lost revenue.

>> No.725796

This; I would swiftly navigate to alternative content, if I found out one day that the content I like doesn't live up to my piracy standards.
At least, this way you get exposure, promotion, etcetera.
I've boycotted many times before, and I'll do it again. And, even if I don't represent the majority, I'm certain pirates don't either.
I don't pirate as much as I used to, because in my adult life I can't afford to turn my computer into a potential botnet; but I'll gladly switch from Photoshop to Krita for my personal use, and Adobe can fuck right off.

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I've been emailing RMS. (Regarding the GCC plugins, etc)
RMS isn't going to do anything about GRSecurity because Bradly Kuhn, a non-lawyer who stabbed RMS in the back recently
, said nothing can be done.

What the FUCK?

RMS says "No evidence right?" and "I'm not part of the FSF anymore" and "wasn't it agreed that nothing could be done?"
There is in-writing evidence:
Has he forgotten about this:
Has he ever heard of "Discovery"?
Subpoena the customer list,
then subpoena the customers.

I told him the contributors to the FSF codebase should sue to recover their copyrights on the basis of fraud in the inducement then.

Why are these free-software people such fucking FAGGOTS that WONT SUE?

(And yes: you can recover donations to organizations that misuse your donation / don't do what you've instructed in atleast NY and California)

Bradly Kuhn is NOT A LAWYER: he's just a FAGGOT with a Bachelors degree, RMS BELIEVES HIM, and ignores actual lawyers. Is RMS a senile idiot?

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(And yes, IAAL)

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This is now a Blender thread

le xonotic gun

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>This is now a Blender thread

Did I do good?

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Hey Josh, what you doing?

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Can someone please explain exactly how this person made this video?


I'm not sure how they are able to get the different angles which shows it isn't just a single minecraft image on premier in the background. How do they give the minecraft level depth to match the angle of the camera for the hamster? What process/programs did they use to make this meme?

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Setting up a small green screen on a staircase, isolating the subject. Film whatever you intent to film. Then do 3d tracking on the footage to get the camera movement. Export into 3D software of your choice. Rebuild your staircase/background. Texture it with the appropriate textures from MC. Match the lighting to look like it does in the game. Render to sequence. Don't forget to grab the smoke sprites from game and do an element/pass for the particles. The rest is a job for whatever composition tool you use. Easy peasy, but I don't see the point. Is this what zoomers consider entertainment?

>> No.725726

PS: if you're retarded and don't value your time, isolate the subject from some other existing footage.

>> No.725727


Just trying to understand the concept for future projects. So do they do compositing and camera tracking in blender to achieve the effect?

>> No.725735

No idea, never used blender. I use Mocha and PFTrack for tracking(depending on shot/situation) and Fusion for compositing.

>> No.725848

I doubt they used blender. After affects, C4D and other special effects programs can manage their own 3D models.

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