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After comparison whats some very spefific way one can do to know if your model,animation,rigs, designs basically, are up to a standard quality yer looking ante up againsts like maybe knowing in specific what to add or whats missing and the exact value of those additions or just matching up qualities using market datas, or direct computation methods?
Just to be completely sure

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Yes trying to run successful business but there s only so much input and usually i dont always got it right what better way to do other than ngmi

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hello sirs! today, i make the game ready pixar quality realistic character, with the particle hair and the simulation.. today sirs i will teach you how to do this model.

simply, we have to use the subdivison modifiers, and the bevel toolings to create this. this is quite simple and will only take 30 minutes sirs

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the website isnt even secure, is doing anything for this competition worth it, a scam?
im halfway done

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>is doing anything for this competition worth it
>im halfway done
A little late to ask that question, don't ya think?
Just finish it up OP, best case scenario- you btfo some unskilled randos competing against you; worst case scenario- you get some practice done

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>In 2013, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon founded the Sunhak Peace Prize to continue the legacy left by her husband, the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who dedicated his entire life toward realizing world peace, prosperity and coexistence, where humankind thrives as “One Family Under God.”

lmao, it's probably real. some form of money laundering i'm guessing.
the moonies are a literal cult tho. they have a lot of money so they get away with it.

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I'm trying so hard to make a model but I'm new and even at featureless models, I fucking suck, I am crying right now.

2 hours on attempting this over and over.
This is the 3rd attempt, everything else I can manage, starting from a cube, cylinder. But not the lets.

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And spend a decade on a model? I don't have a decade.

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All people who can do a decent looking human model in 2 hours had to spend a decade to learn how to do that and be good at that. What makes YOU so special that you just expect to pop a model every hour after trying for a few months?
Don't have time? What, there is a world to save? Is there a nuclear bomb that going to detonate if you don't finish your shitty model in time? Did mafia asked you make models in Blender and if you don't do it on time they'll come and shoot you?

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A decade for a model? Then it's over. I can't do it. I told reddit and I told polycount that I am going to kill myself over this, now I'm telling you /3/.
You think I am joking? I'm not scared, I will blow my brains out or burn myself, I am pissed off, yes.

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You think I won't do it? That I am not serious? No, you're right. There's nothing special about me, a person is just sentient packaging for shit. Nothing good about this. You think I give a fuck?
What? Got a family? Wife and kids? The whole combo? Huh? I don't give a shit, you'd never kill yourself, I'll burn myself on NYE, dead.
Think I am even one bit scared? No, fuck you and your mother.

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If you're just looking for an excuse to off yourself find a better one than "I can't instantly be good and fast at something that other people spend years practicing". By your logic, everybody should off themselves because they also fail your arbitrary challenge "make a model of human in under 2 hours and under 3 attempts". Do you think I could do it? No, this low poly shit took me few DAYS, not hours, and I never finished it.
Now you're calling me a pussy because I didn't kill myself. Wow, you're so brave, you must be so proud of yourself, so much better than all this pathetic scum that neither can make a human in one microsecond nor they badass enough to burn themselves alive.
> You think I give a fuck?
If you didn't, you wouldn't scream on 3 fucking different websites "look everybody I'm gonna kill myself over this and there is nothing you can do about it, I'm dead serious look at me guys look".
If you're going to kill yourself, at least have a decency of not being an attention whore.

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Im trying to make models and designs for MMo so i guess as they say "varry the size, shapes" but then i tried using basic shapes but they look lame and unorganic... so my only options are... making different sizes... which also looks uninspired so... is there any existing philoshopy,
Theories i can use to
"Create interesting varieties" in its microscopic integers of the design construct?

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Learn 2D or 3D and then just mix different shit you think is cool

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Whatever is cool to me could be wrong is that the best direction ever after all this

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>1 person MMO
>Can't properly construct a sentence
>I feel peaceful and empty in bali at the same time
>How do make character it is quantum physics to me

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>No fault in asking the better
>no no not actual mmo but whatever
Hi pls rip

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stop giving this sneeding schizo pajeet replies. anything to do with made up math concepts

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Hello, how do you like daz studio 4.20 and that even in genesis 8.1 only the expressions will be improved and even the great deformations and errors in the clothes and especially the body (in the body that I personally hate) continue

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New to ZBrush, would like to learn how to use the program for two separate workflows and get some advice as to when to branch the workflows out into two separate projects.

As you can see in this model at the moment - it's literally just blobs of overlapping digital clay sculpted using Dynamesh and the standard brushes. The first question I'd like to ask is - Now that I've got the idea of what I want to model down through rudimentary sculpting - What's the first thing I should want to do right now?

I want to have one version of this model for 3D printing, so high poly with all the bumps and detail available, then one version of this model for putting into either animation or games (so properly retopologized and rigged etc).

Should I continue refining the model until I get it closer to how I want it to look even if it is a lengthy process?

Should I start creating new model on top using primitives and use what I have at the moment as a guide?

Should I learn to use ZRemesh on what I have right now?

How do I keep higher subdivision surfaces and detail and bake them onto a low poly model in ZBrush?

I want to create a character with interchangeable armors / heads / clothes so underneath all this is a naked furry... as you do. Asking on 4chan because of SFW furshittery and I don't want to bother a professional with my degeneracy even if they've probably seen worse.

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Going through this guy's tutorial at the moment. My biggest concern is losing the detail I have on his glowy vein like stuff and his exposed cybermuscle because I'm not certain on how dynamic subdivision works, and whether I should use that if I want to keep a version for 3D printing.

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Telegram @cplolacp

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Trying to make wolverine but Im stuck, any tips?

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I know what is ur problem, ur using maya, have u ever tried Blender?

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so far all I did was model a cube to the background image using extrusions and edge loops.

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i think i get it, but not sure; can you do a step-by-step tutorial?

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>download a character turnaround image
>open maya
>click the 4 screen icon on the panel layout section, if the screen was a clock face it would be 9:00
>on the bottom left screen click View-ImagePlane-ImportImage - (your downloaded image).
>repeat the same process on the bottom right screen.
>you now have 2 images in the world, using the persp screen (top right) bring them to the respective edges......

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>your screen should now almost look like this.
>move the two images so that in the bottom left view the center line of the grid splits wolverine front veiw in half and in the bottom left make sure that line splits wolverine side view in half like pic related.

now its time to make wolverine himself.

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These guys are looking for someone just like you, and I want to see this game get made already so can one of you guys kindly bite the bullet an apply already? Thanks in advance.


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>Shipped at least 1 game or worked at least 3 years professionally as an animator on a 3D game.
wrong place bud

>Experience with using 3DS Max for animation.
wtf.. i've never seen a studio with this requirement. no wonder they can't fill it

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They are probably using motionbuilder.

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>must have sense of streetwear fashion
lmao you act as if people in this place ever go out

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>clearly in the "nice to have" bonus section
You're not good at reading are you?

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Saying you prefer a employee looks a certain way in a non customer facing job has a very creepy subtext you'd be able to read if you weren't autistic.

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Hi, I get models from clients that currently are like a skin with no thickness. I would like to be able to add a thickness or make the inside of the model a complete solid so I can use the model for manufacture. Some models are very detailed so recreating them is not an option. The models come in different file formats such as Stl, obj, 3DS max, scanned models.

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How retarded are you that these are the models delivered to you? Does your company hire retards to model stuff? Don't you give them instructions or something???

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Client produces the models for visualisation only, not for manufacturing. We are trying to use the modes to be able to manufacture from. The models provided are normally IP related so we don’t want to recreate them.

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What is a large, professional company doing on this site in the first place? There are better sites than this shithole. Amazes me how everybody finds /3/ out of all places.

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/wip/ - Works in Progress
- Upside-Down Edition -

Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>910303

List of free resources: https://pastebin.com/cZLVnNtB
/3/ Discord for those interested: https://discord.gg/ujt5vtr4DE

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This is an amazing advice. Also if you want to animate stop doing your own rigs, download character and focus on acting out a scene or remaking a 5-10 sec scene from a movie. From what im seeing now maybe you even should do weight lifting and walking cycle.

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Working on this Parasaurolophus, finally discovered Shift+R and CTRL+R in Blender and now I like sculpting again

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the venus of sussendorf

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I been aimlessly tinkering around for years, with most of the stuff rotting on my hard drive. The project started out with just the goal "trying to make a space suit a again, but this time with some effort". Which morphed to "going full pipeline" as the project ballooned in scope. Now its just looking for purpose in life, what trying to find the fun in 3D again. After this on is done, a short rig demo reel, some static renders + turn table, i'll do a postmortem of what was fun to do and what had the biggest impact on output quality to find a balance in making "Art".
But the tl;dr: Started form a cube, and i'll wanted to see how far i can get.
Some CC0 textures, the rest is 100% mine.

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anyone else glad the furfaggots are temporarily gone? please just stop posting here

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So what got you into 3D modeling? For me it was watching Beast Wars as a child and finally deciding to learn how model after watching a video of the first Silent Hill team using Softimage

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> Y up


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building my own maps and cities in minecraft / gmod (out of props) around 2010. then i decided to port a few game models to pac3 when that came out roughly 2012. i fumbled my way through it at the time but the UI was dogshit so it put me off for a few years. then a few years later i decided to pick it up again

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This is a comfy thread, thanks anon.

To me was watching Jurassic park as a kid and then watching reboot as a teenager and making duke nukem 3D maps, things were so magical and i really wanted to make it my profession.

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Beast Wars, Tekken, Reboot. Those got me started. But it's probably Warcraft 3 modding that really got me serious about 3d and made me improve.

>> No.912973

>Beast Wars was made in Softimage and a custom built plug-in

It still makes me sad that Softimage had to die. Almost everything that had soul was made in that software and yet no one picked it up except for the Autodesk Jews who just poached it

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What do you think was going through the minds of the 3D modelers that modeled those trees?
The CGI of this entire movie is horrendous.

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My nigga, there no tree on earth that looks like this >>912829
Looks like babys first 3d model youtube tutorial.
Maybe in raised by wolves.

>> No.912836

>raised by wolves.
my step-brother is a flying snake, bro.

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Yeah. Actually, I saw a lot of trees like this in post-soviet region. They just cut big and heavy branches of old trees, that are "dangerous" and leave this ugly bustards. It looks like shit almost all year long..

>> No.912843

i skipped through this movie but it's meant to be set in germany. i think it's that the set designers made a retarded looking tree and then the CGI pajeets had to match it

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Is there a need to sort themathically form your 3d study/practice/portofolio thing in order to create some value like more traffic...more job offer.... otherwise how do you sort of lists things, layout, present, focuses, your 3d things to gaìn maximum offer

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india is on the rise (blender ftw), so I use the indian caste system:
untouchables < sudra < vaishya < kshatryia < bhramin

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hello sirs, thanks for interesting post! i have used this information and ranked modifiers in terms of caste..

1) subsurf
2) waves
3) polygonal normal UV modifier
4) blender modifier

this modifiers will help you get the job in the 3d industries i believe. this is because if you use the subsurf, higher caste than the waves modifier.. so surely we can use this to make photoreal characters for AAA game ready purposes. blender is becoming industry standard.. all needs now is to make gameplay!

>> No.912831

Lol is it
You mean as migrant?
...but my thread

>> No.912846

Your 2-d work sucks dick schizo, get off my board

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If not what adds

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Yea should i draw over 3d to make it good
Otherwise what is good anatomy

>> No.912827 [DELETED] 

this is the same guy spamming the board with his doodles. he just changes his tactic every once in awhile. he was the walk cycle guy too.

report, don't reply

>> No.912832

Haha guess this is a spam.
Also u forgot to sage

>> No.912845

it wont be good unless you draw over good 3d
people who don't know 3d will think it looks great
people who know 3d will either like it or hate it

>> No.912881

A lot of amateur artists add 3D backgrounds to for their 2D art and it always looks shit because they don't understand basic perspective and approach it as "it's easier". Learn your vanishing points.

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Rather than "something like this" can you quantify qualities
Like the average wagie job wants for a portofolio? Like using some expected sales number and ITERATE a list of things to do to get those numbers? Pretty mechanical i know but then it is supposed to be a precise, specific guesswork too of sort...
So whst do i do? So to be able to independently produce high quality material according to market... as for technique i know enough how to do things or at least trying to put that aside first so it s more about making definitions for me to do...independently.

Otherwise it seems a pattern exist since artists dont control the market anyway.

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Post proof or cry. And not everyone else is as rude as you, so you are the only one with problems. Keep crying
>legitimate reply
You got none. Never did.
>will not
So you will finally not say rude things?
Finally the board will improve. 4chan for the best

Wow u seethe.
>basic logic
Maybe read again.
Then ranks are not real and so is market. You dont really have a job dont you? Sorry im looking for serious reply...serious working reply... and you only reply but you have no script to use.

But i guess this should be a beg thread for troubleshooting since the whole board isnt exactly...working.

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>Sorry im looking for serious reply...serious working reply... and you only reply but you have no script to use.
genuinely read that in an indian voice.
pic related: you.


>> No.912841

How is it a magic 3d making when its about quantity and value i think yer seriously drunk man. I ll still be doing the stuff but with actual direction otherwise wheres the fun
Chill maybe get a job

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>> No.912852

Relax and stop using the pajeets to justify your own laziness ahmed.

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So I know to avoid them, of course, while I scrounge up shekels to pay for the wonderful software lord Autodesk bestows upon us plebs

>> No.912804

use the goddamn catalog, there's an active piracy general.

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So I recently recovered some mocap data from my time in college and I want to add the animations to my portfolio but unfortunately I don't have access to motion builder currently and I can't find a way to convert TRC to BHV to use it in blender.

Any tips?

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Daily reminder that even thought I can't afford the price of zbrush or likely most AAA tools, I still have bought every major indie 3D and art tool on steam and itch.io.

So far I have assetforge, pixel basher, kenney shape, pixelover, aseprite, crocotile and other tools like vroid studio and vrm posing desktop.

And yes, doesn't mean I can't brag to industry fags who make thousands, I still can dab on pirate fags who haven't bought a single tool.

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>> No.912793

Brag however you want, your art still looks like shit, otherwise you would use it to open the thread, faggot.

>> No.912870


Most of them probably could, but its easier to make the mental loops to rationalize pirating if they even care.

If you cant manage to afford an indie license, you wont make it pirating. You lack the discipline and personal development to ever be any artist of worth.

>> No.912873

that's a really dumb generalization.

>> No.912876

Autojew can suck my balls along with every other dcc app company. Not paying 12-20k per year on fucking vray/fumefx/houdini/adobe/substance/max/maya/zbrush/itoo/speedtree/etc + whatever else my insane clients require. If you're a generalist all this shit is simply not affordable unless you're a big studio.

>> No.912877

true, but:
fumefx is a one-time cost of 700$, not a subscription model.
speedtree has tons of alternatives and no one ever said you had to or should be a generalist. pick a goddamn niche and excel.

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Gimme some kino idea to draw in this "style" espcially in the crispness of the lines and brush and how they so nicely laid over and how its grungy brushes are place well to make it realistic but not messy also the sunlights and glows that feels so well in brush

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>> No.912771

Just gon relax and let this slide. I guess your online school doesnt work because the head curriculum asks you to do more but you just settled on the bouncing ball and now nobody is signing up to your class because you just cant be bothered but to show how special you are?
Sorry for being so wasted.

>> No.912772

>no practice is wrong
>all is same

>> No.912781

Just dont wanna keep asking you lot but clearly everyone is attached to this place too like a rat glue and has no brain to be independent either

>> No.912785

I'm not joking, trolling, or being sarcastic dude. Seek psychiatric help.

>> No.912794

I am not gonna be in one class with you. Good luck. I hope your 1000% bouncing ball sells and get you a life, thats not around me.

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