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Aight, quick question for you guys who may be in the know.

I'm a 2D graphic designer, and while I originally just used flat photo "textures" for my work, a while back I started punching things up by using PBR materials for my work. Not how they're designed, mind you, but I use the included normal maps in Photoshop (and others sometimes) to get more realistic detail into my work that people really like. (I do this by making the normals black and white and cranking up the contrast).

What I'd like to do is try using Substances to make even more diverse and interesting textures. The problem is, I have no fucking clue how to do that. So that's my question; Is there a way to download a Substance file, edit it, and output the diffuse/normal/etc. maps to use in Photoshop? Is that a thing that can be done?

Pic sort of related.

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Yes you need to use substance designer or substance alchemist.
Or you have quixel.

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Software used: Blender, Mixamo and Outerra

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I hope this is satire

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Just showing what Outerra is capable of

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I was under the impression these guys were actual artists with experience in the biz. Thus giving their critiques and explanations of VFX some value. Never paid them any mind until today and I’m amazed by how far one can leech

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I tend to distrust any creator that is clearly monetizing (or hoping to) only through YouTube.

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My favorite part is how they call themselves "VFX Artists" while not working a day in the industry.
That fact alone makes their credibility effectively zero, and their opinion on anything worth even less.

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Meh, despite their shit being total cringefest. They still inspire people to learn vfx. I don't see any issues with this. However, I really hope they bring more actual industry people on their react series.

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Why is rigging a nightmare?
How do I gitgud?

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And here's a great course about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JSFcSxsaTs

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>Why is rigging a nightmare?
because it is effectively programming and most artists brains are wired for creativity not for logic and math.
>How do I gitgud?
By properly learning everything you need to know about it and using the right tool for the job.
Maya is the best for rigging and animation - everything else pretty much sucks for various reasons.
Lmao indeed.

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I'm not sure if it's true but many people say blender's rig tools are horrible compared to maya's. Honestly, rigify does the most things fine, but when you have a complex character you may need to fix the weight maps.

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it's really not that hard, mostly just time consuming.

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It is true. I have attempted to build rigs in many mayor DCC's. Max, Maya, Blender, C4d and Maya is the queen and nobody comes close.
There is a lot of stuff missing in all other DCCs when compared to Maya, but the killer argument is performance.
A Rig that runs with 20fps in C4d, with 15fps in Blender runs with 120+ fps in Maya. Even with SubD applied it still runs faster than the other ones.
I personally can't animate a character if it doesn't run in realtime - and even if you use a proxy mesh for animation chances are high that Maya runs faster with the real mesh than your other DCC with proxy mesh.
Maya is the gold standard every other DCC gets compared to, and the only software that has a chance in the near future to step up is Houdini.

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Anon needs advice and scripts edition

I need help with parent constraints to attach / detach props. Any scripts that can do this easily?

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Is there a way to put a value manually by keyboard in the gyzmo deformers in zbrush?

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Post renders of people that could fool you into thinking that they're real. Pic is not that.

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This is great. Looks totally real until you zoom in. I wonder how it could be improved. Perhaps peach hair? Maybe the lips could use a better transition of skin types. I dunno but it looks real.

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fuck. I couldn't tell it was cg until you mentioned. legit thought you were using a real picture to demonstrate a point to op or something

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eye bags give it away imo. maybe if they were a bit plumper, even if that doesn't exactly match with the actual actor's traits

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please help me i love blender i just want pickle rick please what do i do rick and morty i just want blender model please help please I NEED HELP

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learn to bait better

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it appears that noone cares(Also rick and Morty are not valid 3d-form objects, they're just 2d. There isn;t enough perspective)

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Which kind of 3d files i can open in the Firefox browser with Javascript...specially this three.js thing?

This guy is moving 3d files inside firefox..wtf??


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Any format as long as you can interpret it. Three.js supports .obj and glTF files out of the box I believe.
glTF is the preferred format for the Web since it's open, modern and also supports a lot of features.
Browsers have been able to display 3D stuff for a while now thanks to WebGL


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can I get some critiques / suggestions for my mech? First time designing something like this,

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So you are a fan of "realism"(not really since even that mecha would literally never be used in a war), but dont say as if "unrealistic designs" on mech is not common, there is nothing wrong with OPs MODEL

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>So you are a fan of "realism"
not really, i'm a fan of good design.

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>and im here trying to...

act like you're intelligent and failing miserably

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That is a opinion, i myself have room for both kinds of mecha, those "realistic mechas" are nice, but i usually prefer the cool over logic design.

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Is it possible to earn money with your CG hobby? How?

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git gud at advertising or just gtfo

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Unless you're catering to degenerates with money....no. Digital "art" for money laundering seems to be on the rise so you might want to look into that.

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Make coomer art and start a patreon.

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reminder to report advertising like this

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I wonder, why would somebody advertise CG Crapper so hard?

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Would something like pic related be possible in blender?

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>anon wants to make low effort high ad revenue bullshit for youtube

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YES what else can I do even lower effoet than this?

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Idk doesn't seem like its low effort.
Like the people who made it had to make the grass, leaves and everything.

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All these Indian animation sweatshops use pirated versions of Maya

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Anyone have any familiarity/experience with this plugin? Is it any good? Is it worth having after effects to play with it?

I've got Davinci Resolve for my video editing, but from the look of it, this software would have a smoother workflow when paired with a good CG software like 3DS Max.

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I used v1 way back before getting into proper 3d. It was simple to use but very basic rendering wise (no cast shadows, fake videogame AO). Seems to have come a long way since.

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For sharing 3-D animated music videos

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I don't know very many, but I can start. The screenshot is from a video by Sage Suede:

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J Balvin definitely has a few on colors too. Who else?

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Been working on one for a musician for the past few months. Posted it a few times in the wip thread.
Doing the final 4k renders for it now, release date is November 4th.

It was originally just a lyric video, but its kind of taken on its own thing and turned into more of a dedicated music video. Though the lyrics are part of it.

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Ooh, that sounds cool. I'm definitely curious to see it.

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Rate my sword (beginner).

I did the first two levels of the donut tutorial and then wanted to create something own. I tried to make a sword and somehow figured it out. I used some basic stuff I learned from the tutorial and experimented around and it took me several hours, but I am so proud right now so I wanted to share it with you.

Also sword thread. Show off your swords.

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If your condom looks like this sword's blade, you are doing something wrong.
But yea, I get what you are trying to say. Anyway, I just want to explore Blender right now and if necessary I pick tutorials for what I need. I don't want to create another donut right now. I want to go more like the "learning by doing" way.
Just looked up how to set up a better smoothing and found out about Auto Smooth by the way. It really looks better now.

Of course. Skill comes with practice.

Yea, I thought about that too, but I didn't want it to be crooked or something like that, like any disproportional features or anything like that. I wanted it to look like freshly "out of the forge". But noise texture is a very good idea to make it look more realistic. Thanks.

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realistically depending on what style you're going for like 3 out of 10 but very good for where you're at.

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post topology/wireframe

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It's getting better :)
But I am not happy with the handle yet. Especially the shape of the upper part, the part which is supposed to protect your hand, looks too clumsy

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delete this handle

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Has anyone been able to use older GPUs for Arnold rendering ?
I have a 2600 and gtx770 and wanted to see if my 770 would render faster in arnold but the page says that "generally" card that are 9xx series and higher are supported, but is it possible to force older cards to render ?
link : https://docs.arnoldrenderer.com/display/A5ARP/Supported+GPUs#SupportedGPUs-WindowsGeForce

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It's not possible, and with a 770 there's really no point anyway.

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Imagine their contributions.

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The reasons for this are RIGHT in their post but you choose to meme up shit like middleschoolers.
So much for the industry professionals on /3/

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lmao you really suck multibillion dollar company's dicks?

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blendlets starting to gather

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Over there it says Blender was just confered the right to take part in working groups ALBEIT WITHOUT VOTING RIGHTS
Why retarded zoomers can't even read?

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Nah, I just think it's funny that they could only spring for $3k, with all the grants and shit they're getting from Epic and shit, you'd think they'd be able to do the $18k and be able to actually do something with the membership.

Fuck, a middle income family probably has $3k on hand for vacation. But I'm not running a company so who knows. Still seems like there's all of 3 dudes working at Blender though.

Ultimately though, the membership doesn't seem like it's all that important. Sure it's neat, but Blender won't contribute much in the grand scheme of things. I hope it does, but it probably won't

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When you animate, do you ghost? It seems impossible for me to ghost the body on this rig since it has no keys on it and is driven by the curves. All I can do is ghost the curves. I can only ghost a select few because if i ghost too many it crashes 100% of the time. I dont know if its worth having it turned on or off in this case. Opinions?

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You can ghost the model directly, but this is rarely done. You usuaully either use motion path to track your controllers, or a transparent sheet over you screen to manually mark your spacing

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What? Do you mean onion skinning?

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So, how hard is it to write a simple 3d model in notepad, like, just a simple cube with correct normals? Is there some kind of autismo grande scene that practices this? I can open .obj easy in notepad and look up the numbers, but shit like .fbx is mostly encoded. Where can I find more info on this?

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>Why not just
Literally in the OP:
>I can open .obj easy in notepad and look up the numbers, but shit like .fbx is mostly encoded.

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Sorry dude, I'm just simple maya user - my comprehension is limited!

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I'm curious, what rabbit hole does one head down to discover one need to edit specifically fbx files in a text editor?

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blendlet detected

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i DESPERATELY need the original model and i feel like someone here has it.

can someone help a guy out?

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Yes, he is. lmao

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I don't think you want the OG model. It has a giant PeePee from what I heard.
The closest I could find is this one

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that actually doesn't look as soulless as the one OP posted

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>Grotesque Steve HD
fucking hell lmfao

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i actually did find the original, and it does have the huge peepee. absolutely disgusting

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