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Anyone around these parts know how to set up face mocap using an iphone for either unreal or unity? Both of these engines have excellent documentation with step by step instructions on how to do this. I got to the part where you have to build out to ios using xcode... then I got stuck, just constant errors. If anyone here would like to assist I'll pay you for the trouble.

Here's some links with the instructions:


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How well do RTX series cards perform for offline 3D rendering compared to the previous generation?

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Can some anon-san share one?

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Use Gfxpeers. They usually have more recent content.

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I don't even intend to use it and I managed to successfully sign up. What's wrong with you?

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anybody know how to give a shader a render distance in vrc? like so only when you shove it in their face it lags. because lod group doesnt work.

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what does /3/ think of him? is he really a good artist, or just another popular blender shill like Blender Guru

he’s award winning apparently. according to his website so

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The ui isnt broken, you need to man up and watch some tuts.

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prove it

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his lightning academy is decent but far from where i want it to be.

his whole lesson was just slapping hdri with pbr materials which is basic.
id rather get the lightning studio addon and rid myself of the 'art of lightning'

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This is what the node editor for principled bsdf looks like from a brand new copy of blender 2.79 downloaded from the website a few days ago.

So i take it you're using a custom build and now trying to pull some ruse on us

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Does anyone here actually have a /3/ related job or make a living off of /3/ contracting/freelancing?

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What's your position and how much do you earn?

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Usually on my knees, $20 per job.

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>not 1 million x 1$
not gonna make it

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How do i get faces looking amazing, like in promos?
What is your process for this?

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big eyes with catch light and reflections

hair planes

skin shader with blush

soft frontal lighting

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Maybe start by not using DAZ

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Is it kind of low resolution texture on the top? Delete dis

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dude that promo is from like 12 years ago.
probably done in poser.

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just do the exact opposite of that picture

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Have to fuckin animate a short "Movie" in 3ds max , the problem is i dont know WHAT ?!
Any recommendations ?!?!?!

requirements :
- use a fucking lego figure
- 15 to 30 seconds long

Give me some input

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Do a docking sequence with a LEGO astronaut in a LEGO space station

idk isn't this your thing to think of something

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Film a stop-motion film with a physical camera and lego figure, then put a bunch of post-processing filters in after effects. Nobody will know or care what you did

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just submit a 30 second section of the lego movie

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Do some confused LEGO peep trying to come up with a 30s animation for a short deadline, until the idea to do a confused LEGO peep trying to come up with a 30s animation for a short deadline comes to him.

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Rate my mug. Powered by Intel celeron CPU N2840.
this is cycles render:

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Downloaded Blender yesterday
also i ate the donut because it was shit, i'll do it again

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me again
this is my after tutorial doodle
tried to make a body but there is too many things i don't know yet, like mirroring etc
(im only at the texture tut rn)
was fun thought, i'll continue or redo when i have more skills

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and yes i did selected half then deleted then copy then rotate then re-attach the two halves by hand everytime i changed something on one side
fuck you, the point is to get confy in the software

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>i ate the donut because it was shit

Do you like eating shit or what?

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That's the typical Blendlet for you.

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Post your 3D waifu

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Nice gastroicnemi

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Of course, they are. But is it worth it, that science has come this far?

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No cowtits, gtfo nooblet

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Well they may not be canon cannons, but they are definitely C's. You ever play with C's? They're fun as fuq.

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No. My last two gf had massive cowtits. It gave me a fetish without me even knowing. I'll never look at women the same way.

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Yo, recently I've been trying to port a re-skinned bullsquid model from a GoldSrc Mod to Source and its being a bitch right now. The Model is unresponsive in most places when coming into contact with the ground, players or the physgun beam. I've provided some examples below and I can provide the .qc and .smd files if helpful.

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Not really what this board is about, bud, but I would hazard a guess that this isn't actually about the 3D model itself, but rather the scripts attached to it in-engine.

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Knew this would be the wrong place to post it, sorry about that. Anyway, the model is almost identical to the bullsquid's model with the only difference being the removal of 3 tailbones. I might need to build a new collision model if thats the case.

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The model looks real low poly, you can probably just use the production mesh as the collision mesh if Source lets you do that. /agdg/ on /vg/ might be a better place to ask, those dorks probably have gmod experience.

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Low poly yes. I might use the produc mesh, but the extra tail-bones may get in the way of the ragdoll. Also, wouldn't it be easier to build up the collision mesh in Milkshape3D? The model becomes fragmented when I try to port it to Blender and MS3D is basically built for Source.

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Is that a bullsquid/Mr. Valve hybrid abomination?

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How do u make your 3D character render not be "stiff" whatever that means.

I asked /a/ and /co/ about making a 3D comic with waifus and they told me 3D comics look stiff as fuck.

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Studies in gesture as well as anatomy will help greatly. Your goal is to create a rhythmic silhouette while obeying the constraints in a given joint's range of motion. You must also do this while keeping the pose balanced. So take into account gravity and shit.

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>they told me 3D comics look stiff as fuck
Thats because those that make them usually have no clue about gestures
Get "Force" from Matessi and study that

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>Get "Force" from Matessi and study that
Looks solid, cool. I guess some drawing skill is required, but nothing really advanced, right? Just competence with proportions and forms?

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Yup the entry level is pretty low you dont even need to know proportions and forms though it surely helps
What I do is when I ride to my wageslavery and back, I keep a notepad where I draw every human passing around me, since humans rarely sit still you train your brain to capture their pose asap - which what essentially gesture is, it's bare necessities required to describe movement in this particular slice of time. You will know you made a good gesture when it's something like two-three curves tops and when other people that look at it besides you will instantly recognize what its about

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Thanks! That sounds like an excellent method, I'll try it out.

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Hello Fellow modelers
>>Does anyone have a copy of the 3Ds Max Bible 2010 ?
I am really begging you guys , please does any one have a link to download?
i have been modeling for more then 1 year and this book will help me

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please guys , i need it , please

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Thanks anon but i really cant register , i spend most of my day slowing modeling in silents makes naked models and car addon and bildings still Thanks

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what the full name I post the magnet link if I find it

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Use filetype:pdf with your Google search

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how do I simulate this

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Wouldn't it be tricky creating semen at this level of realism?

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>search "wallpaper paste"

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but those looked like literal liquid shit and has non of the property of the real one.

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>download houdini (better yet: blender)
>play with velocity viscosity and adhesion
>delete computer

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Show me ONE single thing made in blender that comes even close to simulating actual viscosity. You cant, blender cant do it.
Granted, neither does Houdini, ive never seen slimy sticky fluids simulated even halfway blievably. The mathematical models used in those simulation softwares just arent designed for it.

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>download Daz
>grit teeth and buy $200 worth of shit
>find pirate sites with infinity products for free
>quiver one eyelid

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>>download daz

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Well, somebody's gotta buy it, hehe

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Is this the new Daz general?

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I fucking love Daz.
Actually no i hate it, when Dazzing i always feel like im wasting time i could be using to master Maya

But im a boomer so u know.. just gotta get on with something pronto

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You do know that you can do the base work in Daz and then import to Maya, right?

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Can someone zip me up a copy of the SA Kitty Mass files? I am away from my Poser install and only have access to Daz. SA Kitty Mass is Poser-exclusive content with the default install and can't be purchased separately.

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Sent ;)

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...and stick it in a megga or zippyshare?

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Alright, just DM'ed them to you. Have fun anon!

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Oh thanks... I didn't have that setting turned on! DLing now.

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Does anybody have any idea of what's the fastest way to import custom sfm models into blender? For some reason ambient occlusion doesn't work for sfm on my laptop so I'm making the switch to blender.

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Any idea on how to get directions for how to use it?

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I googled it
HAhahahahaha wtf this is real

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place the ZIP onto your desktop
open blender, then open user preferences, then hit "install addon from file" and select the ZIP
that probably puts a new Source MDL option in your import settings.

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Lizendy. He's on youtube.


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> Part 2 Rigging
What is exact purpose of all this?
Correct tail position and roll?
I guess it never bothered me because I never rotate bones on specific axes.
What other problems it can cause?

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hey, noob here.

i'm working on a rig for a character how do i make it so i can move the bone like i did in the right screenshot in edit mode? this should be simple but i cant figure it out. i want the two outer points to stay at the same location when i move the middle one.

thanks allot!

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thanks but will this also work if i try to export it into a unity game?

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unity anon here.
Yes if your model is humanoid you could make animations there.
If its like not a humanoid you could use legacy for that.
either way i prefer learning to animate in unity if its human since there are tools to help you close fingers etc. like that. Hope this helps.

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thanks for your reply but i dont really think it does. im working on a game with cutscenes. i dont think your solution will work because i want to render out the cutscenes.

i want the tubes in my screenshot to stick at their connections when i move the head with an extra point of control so the tubes dont go through each other

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I'd try to do it with a stretchy IK setup, including a pole target. You can do it with rigify.

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Prove me wrong

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>he really decided a show of individual skill was appropriate in response to my poking fun at the fact that he didn't yet decide to do that
Thats not how it works and it makes you look like a petty asshole.
Also theres only like 3 people in this thread so I assumed I was only talking to one guy, aside from the randos who jump in with nonsense.

Are you retarded? I need to all caps this so it will through your head
IF I DIDN'T REPLY TO YOU AND THE POST ISN'T ABOUT YOU DON'T REPLY TO THAT POST ASKING WHERE YOU SAID THAT. I WILL ASSUME YOU ARE THE GUY I WAS TALKING ABOUT. Also theres a simple way to differentiate yourself in a conversation here. "not him but"

I DON'T FUCKING KNOW WHICH ANON YOU ARE BECAUSE YOU NEVER FUCKING SAID SO. You make me want to bash my fucking head against my keyboard. How are you employed?

>> No.651256

yeah, sure, blame me for the shit other anons do.

>> No.651267

>the problem is it only competes with itself.
Why would that be? Maybe we should (((subsidize))) studios using alternative tools so they can compete on a (((level))) floor with the big boys?

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>I DON'T FUCKING KNOW WHICH ANON YOU ARE BECAUSE YOU NEVER FUCKING SAID SO. You make me want to bash my fucking head against my keyboard.
By all means!

>> No.651271

what the fuck is your problem?
i just said autodesk has a monopoly over 3D in general, even CAD. there is no point jacking off to a tool that everyone uses, you're not cool for doing that.

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I wish i can stop time
I cant stop procrastinating on my Animation, dammit.
I want to animate, but i want to play video games. How do you manage your time, anons ?

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Drink a ton of coffé and keep working. The more you work, the more you feel like working...

And drink loads of coffe

>> No.650723

im an animation lead at a p big studio.

don't stop procrastinating. dont ever stop.

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what laid before?
and what lies beyond?
is anything certain in life?

>> No.650729

They say, "Life is too short"
"The here and the now"
And "You're only given one shot"

>> No.651009

>The more you work, the more you feel like working
This is so fucking true especially if you have some form of depression. Even if you're passionate and you love what you do, getting started is sometimes a chore and feels like it's not worth even hitting the power button on your PC. But once you get started, it's impossible to stop. You have to remind yourself of that rush you get when you're working on a project, and tell yourself what you have to do to feel that way again.

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