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3dsmax or maya, what should i learn?

i managed to model a chest with 3dsmax, then i heard maya is better and after 2 hours of trying pic realted is al that came of it. searched for 3min how to delete a fucking vertex, turns out the corners where 3 individual vetices because fuck me. is it worth it, should i keep going with maya or go back to 3dsmax?

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maya is not great for modelling

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I really h8 modeling in maya, if you aren't doing animation it isn't worth it

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is 3dsmax an good alternative? maybe some other programms?

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Honestly i would just use both, create your models in and skin rig and animate in maya, max modifier stack completely shits on maya in terms of creating models but i can straight out tell you one thing, the whole skinning process of max is the most outdated garbage piece of crap you'll ever see, unless you can afford a third party skinning and tool like bonespro or deltamush stick to maya for skinning rigging and animating

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Is there a clever way to "flatten" a 3d render? I've had some success using completely solid lighting domes and some fancy postwork filters, but I was wondering if there was a way to render it differently to aid the process? I appreciate it's odd asking for way to make a 3D render "less 3D" but any help with this would be appreciated.

For example: BlazBlue appears to be using 3D models for the characters and animations, yet they look pretty much entirely 2D. How did they do this?

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>BlazBlue is actually sprites drawn over 3d models
Ah. So it's postwork? Well, okay, I can do that anyway.
>Guilty Gear Xrd
And by the looks of that it's clever shaders for each pose of animation?

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>toon shader
and they all suck in my experience, not flat at all in the sense that I mean. "Subtle removal of the z-axis somehow" is more what I'm aiming at.

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Guilty Gear Xrd's method of modelling has been very well documented, Arc Sys had a talk on how they do it:


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Aha! thank you.

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The autism and awkwardness in the Q&A part at the end is unwatchable. Why are there always only colossal dweebs in the audience?

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This guy work in the industry and work for some AAA game and he is a blender user
what is your reason now,shekelberg?

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I bet 90% of the models created were actually not made in blender.

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He said it was

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>this betrays my narrative therefore it musn't be true
To give you the benefit of the doubt though, he does say that he uses ZBrush along with Blender (probably for sculpting more organic forms). But Blender's modelling suite is arguably one of the strongest among the various 3d software, so I don't see why you'd think that Blender can't do all that modelling.

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"I worked on the cinematics and the posters for “ Super Smash Bros for Wii U”. I was lucky enough to get to work on Pikachu, Pikumin, Charizard and Link.

All the character were made entirely in Blender, even the texture painting and shape keys. After that, they were exported into Maya and rendered in Vray.

As for games, Dark Souls 3 was the most formative experience. In fact, I worked at FromSoftware for a year with a great team and we built up the game in a really short amount of time, considering that the pre-production was longer than the production itself.

I had the luck to work on a lot of characters, using Blender even though the pipeline was 3ds Max. When you have to work on characters that have a lot of props and parts, you need to pick your software and develop most of your character inside it, because importing and exporting all the parts for every retake is a waste of time."

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Doesn't look that great to be completely honest with you. Would look out of place in Dark Souls 4 cinematic.

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I made this using Arnold instead of iRay. I love the fast processing and the support for a standard PBR workflow is just fucking neat.

What renders are you guis using?

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keyshot, toolbag and sometimes vray

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How do you get that halo effect?

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Vray, though Arnold would be my second choice for sure

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hello guys, i have recently started learning 3ds max, im in high school and dont know shit about 3d modeling, but i am willing to put quite some time into this, what are your opinions on how should i approach it, i am mainly interested in furniture design, clothes, everyday things, (nothing animation or game related) what do you think what is the best way to learn 3ds max by yourself, and i want to know how did you guys learn it?

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>Keep projects short so you can do more of them, and don't agonize over shit, call it "good and done" and move on to the next.

I wish I had this advice framed on the wall years ago. Falling into that habit of perfectionism spiral is way too easy. Same applies to 2D art.

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For modeling I started out with VisCorbel's furniture modeling tutorials (just get them off CGPeers, I don't think they're being sold anymore), then Grant Warwick's Hard Surface Essentials video on Vimeo (IIRC he has released a full course since).

Although somewhat oldschool, the methods in Grants video in particular are pretty much everything you need to model 99% of hard surface assets, after that it's all down to how much you practice. I did pic related about a year after I started.

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What's a good youtube channel on max?

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But those videos are 8 years old. Wouldn't it be confusing for newbies to watch tutorials on outdated software?

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The modeling toolkit in 3ds Max hasn't really changed all that much within that time. All of the techniques used in those videos still work, and I still use them all the time.

Out of all the things that were added to the 3ds Max modeling toolkit since 2010, the only one that I commonly use is probably quad chamfer, and even that one doesn't really change the way I work, it just speeds things up a bit.

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Wow. This board has come a long way since I made the very first post on it all those years ago.

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you have to be 18 to post on this board

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Another proof that /3/ is for waifus.

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The board would certainly not have been the same without your services

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Buzz off ziplock, the 3d artists are at WORK.

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You get paid for shitposting on /3/? Where do I sign up?

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What are the typical commission prices for freelance work? For relatively simple models, maybe even simple animation.

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Maybe go and look at freelance websites and get depressed how low some pajeets are willing to work for.

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Typically I provide an estimate for how many hours I think it'll take me to complete a task. Forces me to setup a timeline and let's the customer know where all the hours are being spent if there's multple stages to the task (modeling, texturing, rigging, animating). In terms of rate, that's really going to depend on the client. Do some research and e stalk them for an idea of the potential funds they may have. Your client could be a VP at a tech company, or some kiwi with barely a dollerdoo to their name. Just make sure it's higher than minimum wage. No one will respect your work if you're charging them $8/hourly.

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using toolbag to show off game res work

they don't stick 'em down there for nothin', pal

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>>No... no. Stop - I'm allowing myself to get dragged into a software bitching thread. I don't do that shit. That's for kids and bush-league assholes.

Looks like you did

not OP but it would look better in UE4

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> imagine missing the point THIS hard

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> how about I do both?

Why would you need to render out images in Unreal AND in Marmoset Toolbag? What do you get out of TB that you couldn't get out of Unreal?

The biggest advantage of using an actual engine to showcase your art is showing that you know how to integrate your work into an actual system, along with all the difficulties that entails.

> the narrow-mindedness of this shit

Not an argument


He literally linked the project they were for in the description, which is in Unreal.


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Should probably use Unreal, since it's easier to get nice looking renders out of it.

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Gib more tips pls

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What YouTubers actually post on /g/?

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Anyone here a 3D modeler and also a competent coder?

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I'm a blender professional.

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so, raking in the big patreon money or just NEETbux?

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I'm sure at least some of us get money for their 3d works and that's the definition of professional

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>making 3D porn is "professional"
>sucking off strangers in an alley is also "professional"


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yeah and considering artists are not really far from back alley whores(at least that's what my grandma tells me ever since she discovered I am going to be an artist, she said I will end up poor, living under bridge and pleasing old men with my body and I trust my grandma but I want to be artist anyway) this argument is even further reinforced

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Is there a point in following old Zbrush Tutorials (just starting) when Sculptris Pro makes the whole Dynatopo dynamic obsolete (i think) and that was a very important feature of previous versions?

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did you made this with mouse and keyboard?

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Thats not mine lol

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I keep hearing all sorts about this 'Sculptris Pro' jazz and I'm still in the dark.
I'm still on 4R8 so I dunno what the deal is - it sounds like it's replaced Dynamesh or at least radically overhauled it.

But to answer OP's question - yes; Dynamesh was/is a core Zbrush feature. But no, the workflow is still gonna be the same:
Import polygon basemesh > convert to dynamic hi-poly object > sculpt > refresh dynamic hi-poly when necessary.

Whatever the process for creating and refreshing that dynamic object happens to be, doesn't alter all the other stuff that tutorials contain about sculpting etc.

Take all that with a pinch of salt though because as I said, I don't know much about the new features. They sound cool though.

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Is that how you get the look in OP? I don't understand.

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so what do you think of my great model it's not over yet, but i will make it sexy as fuck

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First, I'm not the guy who made the mesh. Abysmal or not, I'm learner too, so any work is of some interest to me. You absolutely failed to provide any reasons why all works should be dumped in a single tread, where all feedback will limited to a be single random post, before it will be overwritten by another work. /3/ is dead board. Most of the content on it is shit anyway. Threads on page 10 are currently 20 days old. The only board which is slower is fucking /po/. There is absolutely nothing wrong if threads on /3/ will die 25% faster, because they will still be around for fucking forever. So fuck off with your control issues. What we actually need is some containment threads for software shitposting.

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>You absolutely failed to provide any reasons why all works should be dumped in a single tread
Are you fucking retarded? The reasons are in this very post you answered to.
If every stupid cunt who has nothing to show starts a new thread we have tons of them without any form of order.
The WIP thread is there exclusively for showing what you are working on and to get criticism.
Like on EVERY FUCKING 3D FORUM it is channeled into one place so that it isn't everywhere.
You are right about the software shitposting, but like OP these trolls deliberately do that in a new thread.

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>. You absolutely failed to provide any reasons why all works should be dumped in a single tread
Because no one will give you attention on your special thread and your work will be ignored as a subject of honest criticism.

>> No.633763

You can't demand attention from the people, you are not fucking entitled to get anything.
Good example is this thread. Not one single constructive criticism, only negativity.

>> No.633784

If you can't understand why it would be a hassle if EVERY wip had its own thread, then you just don't belong here.
>all feedback will limited to a be single random post,
You're such a fucking newfag piece of shit, please stop posting, you don't even understand how this simple website works.

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Since when gfxpeer became infested with virus/malware?
90% of the file there have virus/malware inside them

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Just got a houdini 6.5 crack from there a week or two ago. This week i've had my computer just lose power twice.
Think they might be connected?

>> No.633653

more likely your PSU is dying

>> No.633655

bonus tools have curve to tube mesh operation which does that in one click

>> No.633663 [DELETED] 

>Think they might be connected?
Your computer lost power, so, obviously, the circuit was open at some point. Duh.

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blender has a modifier for this.
about the 10:10 mark

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Is blender unironically the best sculpting software behind Zbrush?

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I don't enjoy it, i would enjoy being able to afford all of it (together with coke, hookers and a nice yacht).
The sad truth is, i don't.
But i also don't earn a single dime with it, so it doesn't really feel bad.
You are right, but once you start a serious collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

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Blenders sculpting is catching up with zbrush at an astonishing rate. It'll probably be BETTER than zbrush by the end of next year. And pixologic knows this, which is why they're adding in all sorts of gimmicks, gave a new naming convention ("zbrush 2018" lol) and are constantly offering discounts. Zbrush is dead software walking.

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Oh the delusions...

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installing mari is worse than deciphring the davinci code, still to this day i couldnt install it. hope future realeses make it easier to install. vegas 14 was a piece of cake compared to previous versions

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Somewhat premature thread creation edition
Previous Thread: >>630666
What is this thread for?
Questions. Particularly ones that do not deserve their own threads.
Questions like "How do I do X in Y software?" or "What is the best way to do Z?"
If you have a question that deserves its own thread, make a new thread.
Questions like "What does /3/ think about this new developing technology?" might be good candidates for their own thread.

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forgot the pic
>pls help

>> No.633868

open your move tool settings and reset it. Looks like the vert is only being moved along the edge.

>> No.633870

wer can i find that???

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Are these courses just memes? I want to get better at hard-surface and topology to make aircraft, but wanted to get /3/'s opinion/input on it first, especially if anyone here has experience with these courses. Is there a best or worst among these? Are there better alternatives?




To me, the CGMasters and Linda tutorial seem like the best ones. I would like to eventually be able to retopologize stuff for real time use, but that's kind of a secondary thing, since I'm not much of a game developer. Being able to 3D print my stuff is more important to me.

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How long should it usually take for someone to make a AAA standard character model?

I know this is going to vary by a lot but I just need ball park figures so I can set reasonable deadlines for myself.

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Give it to me straight doc.
Do you use patch modeling or sculpting for creating a character model that you're going have to animate in a limited capacity for a 3D game?
I'm worried I've been doing it wrong this whole time and thus forming bad habits which are non-applicable to the industry.

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You just have to bite the bullet and do zbrush 16 hours a day for two years to get good at character.

I did it, everybody I know who is good did it.

Now I can make semi living money from characters.

>> No.633563

I'll look into Redbead then. I'm trying to refine my sculpting skills.
I kid you not, since making this thread I've been doing nothing but practicing sculpting principles on blender.
>inb4 pleb tier
I know, I'm saving up.

>> No.633564

Thanks for the tip. This'll be useful for sure.

>> No.633596

Gotta wonder, whenever these posts say "12+ hours a day" it's definitely some sort of an exaggeration, right? It's not like everyone's a neet who has that much time to fill everyday, and working for such a prolonged period of time everyday is gonna burn you out within at most two weeks, yeah?

...or am I just NGMI?

>> No.633597

Considering how many professional modelers and animators aren't autists and have actual lives, I'd say you're good

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getting pretty good at modelling from reference images, and i've done some moderately complex items. i wanted to step up and try and model a human face i was thinking of something like max headroom. what do you guys recommend? any tips or reference images you can offer?

>> No.633449

Nice forehead

>> No.633467

>what do you guys recommend?
I recommend posting in wip threads, instead of making your own thread

>> No.633492

I recommend you to fuck off

>> No.633495

Another idiot who can't read.
And is an arrogant bitch. Good luck with that.

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What witchcraft is this?

>> No.633372

d̶o̶n̶u̶t̶ ̶m̶e̶m̶e̶ ̶m̶a̶k̶e̶r̶
proper 3d software

>> No.633375


>> No.633392

Someone who actually learned how to do their job and do it well. It's not surprising you wouldn't understand, OP.

>> No.633403

Don't tell me you can't do this in blender. This is literally first-year stuff we learned using Maya.

>> No.633423

You can. OP is just a retard who doesn't know much about 3D or the fact that this is actually some basic shit.
Just because the guy in OP's video mastered the basics, doesn't mean they aren't still basics.

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i've been modelling on a casual basis for about 2 years or so, and i want to get into more industrial / hard surface modelling, for games.

i currently use maya, but looking around, most hard surface tutorials seem to be for fusion 360. i've also seen people recommending modo because of it's modelling tools.

i'd appreciate some input on this / get converted to another software. is fusion 360 or modo common in the game industry?

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op here. i’m gonna use maya because honestly, 3ds max just scares me. it’s too weird

probably making the wrong choice. maybe a modeler who uses maya could make me feel confident with my choice

>> No.633557

also, this video is convincing me otherwise. specifically, “no one software is better. just different workflows”

>> No.633572

Just remember to delete your history, center pivot and freeze transforms.... every 30 seconds.

>> No.633667

Try using both for like a week each, then come back and tell us how you really feel.

>> No.633690

i've been modeling for 2 years now, in Maya and Cinema 4d.

fuck off. 3ds max doesn't even have image planes

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Looks like /3/ got it's own music video


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I don't even know why they had to CGI for this because it's what you can get by merely walking the streets of London or LA with your camera turned on. Just need a bit of editing in the end.

>> No.633335

Nice edition. The house, garden and himself are real thought.
Damn musician and his expensive mansion.

>> No.633358

Catering to low taste to have the broadest market possible usually ends like that, with riches.

>> No.633404

Yes, you end up wealthy...but a wealthy cunt is still that...a cunt.

>> No.633430

ecks dee upvote my fellow reddit bro

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