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>Janitor acceptance emails will be sent out over the coming weeks. Make sure to check your spam box!

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Just made this 3D model

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Numale website
Bugman hobby

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>heckin epic porno hentai modelerinos!!!!

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>long cat
>op is a faggot
>greentext stories
>david kalac
>azumanga daioh
>russia lost
>/qa/ lost
>go back
>zoom zoom
>be me
>anon, i...
>lurk moar
>board quality
>reddit meme
>you could've prevented this
>you wouldn't get it
>why didn't you listen
>what did he mean by this
>wtf I hate [...] now

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>she's right

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Le epic blender monkey!

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Is the today

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Who else does this

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Why does no one talk about Marvelous on this forum? I really really need to make clothes.

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Cuz we all specifically hate you and only you.

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You now remember when Daniel had 50+ videos

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I made a few threads, didn't check but they might still be alive.
Yeah it's the least talked of all the "famous softwares". I learned it but came to hate it cause of shitty computer so now I'm studying drapery and folds to make my clothes in Zbrush.
I also hate the fact that the documentation/available resources are so hidden or non-existent. Like is there even a guide somewhere on the fabric presets and what cloth they're supposed to represent. Except from the obvious one, how am I supposed to know what a "Dynamic Hard 5.2" fabric is supposed to look like IRL...

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I really wish they had a Linux version.

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because the basics can be learned in an afternoon and most of the things beyond that are trial-and-error and experience.

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The only way to grow as a 3d artist is to step outside of your comfort zone and do areas of 3dcg that you have never done before.

AI eliminates all this for prompting. Thus, AI is not art. Thoughts?

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The only way to become more physically fit is to lift weight that are heavier than you have ever lifted before. A forklift eliminates all this for forklifting. Thus, weightlifting is not exercise. Thoughts?

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None. The future the lizard technocrats envisioned is now, we are already dead.

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"people" who get into artistic pursuits just because want to be labeled as an artist are retards who don't deserve to be taken seriously
imagine artists of the past complaining about paper, because real artists are only supposed to draw on papyrus
i want to be able to create what i have in my head and if AI helps me to achieve that, then good

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The only way to become more physically fit is to lift weight that are heavier than you have ever lifted before. A forklift eliminates all this for weightlifting. Thus, FORKLIFTING is not exercise. Thoughts?

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that statement is complete and utter nonsense.

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I built my 1st PC 4 days ago and I want to get into making blender lewds.
>Evga 3090
>64gb ddr4 3600
>Ryzen 9 5950x

How far can I go with this setup? I have some experience with models from when I used to make mods for skyrim

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UE5 (lumen) is even more dependent on gpu speed than vram. You basically never run out (unless you enable the cinematic viewport)
The lewd related software that's so vram hungry is daz (iray render) which basically copies the entire scene 1:1 to the gpu.
Blender does utilize system memory before it runs out with marginal performance loss and unreal as a game engine has so many automatic optimizations you could use a fucking 970 with 3.5gig and be fine.

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>How far can I go with this setup?
An inch. Very bad specs good luck rendering an utah teapot.

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well yesterday I was playing fallout 4 and I put everything on ultra in the ini preferences file including tree shadows and I was heartbroken when my game became choppy. Maybe I over did it somehow since my character's own shadows were strangely blurry and blobby

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You dont know anything about vram. Cycles doesnt even use mipmaps

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I never claimed that. It does utilize system ram though.

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I just realized all the terrain generation tutorials simply teach how to make some dogshit random mountains/valleys, but none teach how to design levels. Any 2 digits IQ monkey can copy paste lidar heightmaps, but what about recreating pre existing levels from other games that don't have heighmaps available, for example? What's the best approach?
I'm a pretty good digital sculptor, tested pasted a map on a Zbrush plane to sculpt over it and got surprised at how terrible the experience felt, the camera really doesn't helps to understand the perspective/depths of the geography, something a second camera would probably help.

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How about you describe your problem properly, genius?

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>Take a basic intro to geology and learn what erosion is and how to apply it to cg
Just play with sliders and see what looks good, leave the big brain stuff to smart people.

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If this is about a tutorial about creating a level by kitbashing assets you can watch this

>recreating pre existing levels from other games
what? Try to find out how to rip the assets from the game or go through the painstaking process of basically tracing it in 3D. If you want to do that it's no wonder there's not tutorials about that since nobody is interested in re-doing what somebody else has done. If you want to use them as inspiration then just take a bunch of screenshots and browse through them on your second monitor.

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Yes that's why just using a plugin is the best option if your autism is constrained to reasonable limits.

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the common approach is to use quadspinner gaea or worldmachine and simply "paint" the main structures you want (valleys, mountains, rivers etc) where you need them. the software then creates beautiful, fractal images roughly in the shape that you wanted, with exposed parameters to tweak it.

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Consider the circumstance:
>made in 2003 with GameCube tech
>pic related is 4k resolution instead of 480 like the original
>polygon count and textures are identical to the original model
>her whole in-game model is made up of 10,000 polys

Could this be considered impressive for its time? Like, was she the 2B of the GameCube?

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Had a weird moment where I realized everyone born in the 90s is now of legal drinking age and it made me feel old.

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Not only that. Everyone born before Constantine the movie. Yeah that was 18 years ago.

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I you are an amerifag eveyone before Minority Report 2002.

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The roundness is impressive, plus her butt cheeks are actually individually animated. And the jiggle and bounce, something that most modern day ones don't.

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Bit too fat. Not a good ass.

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Any blender courses that doesn't have a faggot with odd speech patterns, upspeak, and a triangle webcam in the corner? No Vocal fry either

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this is unironically the reason i plopped down the 300 bucks for a maya license. i do not want to be part of the "blender community" nor consume any of their awful training materials. open source is cringe, and i say that from the experience of wasting my 20s as a linux crank.

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yeah, try youtube you dumb cunt

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No super basic "how do I even navigate the viewport" though. But once you manage that it's the best no nonsens blender tuts out there.
Mostly in the format "Today we make this thing, watch me do it and learn."

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cool story bro

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>paying for software

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What do you think about this tool?

I think is useful for shit like making a coin for an indie game and like flat shaped voxel stuff like minecraft swords.

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Imagine chasing MUH INDUSTRY JOOOB when you could be Ken tools dev guy raking in pesos from all the crises of the world.

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tool is 4 usd anon.

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4 dollars more than what you should be spending on making garbage that bad.

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you need to learn not everyone here is to make money and it's just a nice hobby to some people.

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I don't believe for a second that you're suddenly in it as a hobby rather than for making money.

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