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So I just watched Disney Pixar latest movie, Coco.
This is the state of the art of CGI animation in 2017, and all I can think after browsing /3/ for so long is that it's not that impressive and notice shortcuts and flaws...

Fuck you /3/

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What would you change homie

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>What would you change homie
The gloss levels and skin subsurface scattering are bad

Many materials use cheap looking textures with bump maps instead of real detail (remember this is not a videogame, you just need higher render times)

The biggest thing they have going for them right now is the lighting which is still mostly inaccessible to an amateur

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For some reason her left hand reminds me of really bad CG from the early 2000s.

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Western character design are pure shit. What a waste of technology

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i'm trying to make it so a gem encased in a box shows through the glass but when i click off the glass i cannot see the gem in it

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as you can see the gem pulls a hoodini when i click off

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Go here:
or here

or just kill yourself

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Is there an untapped market for schizophrenic cg?

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lmao yes

I looked up her instagram...she's a typical butterface...only tolerable with tons of makeup

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That fucking corset must be screaming in agony.

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I got myself a 3D Printer (DLP/Resin, because fuck FDM).
Give me somethig to print.
Pick related, it's him.

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What's the max size of the print in that thing? 5cm^3?

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Rather small:
115mm x 65mm x 155mm

But with Meshmixer I can seperate most of the big models and put them together afterwards IF they should be too small.

Besides, I have a 500x500x500 printer (FDM) for the big parts.
The smaller one can do amazing details though

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How much does that beauty cost?

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Depending on where you buy it ~500$
Anycubic Photon

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How do I make PBR models using blender and photoshop.

can't run designer and painter without my pc crashing and lagging as fuck.

>buy a newer pc
yeah, if you can send it to me retards.

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I already did that dumbfuck nigger, that's literally the first thing the software told me to do.

It's not like doing that will help me when I have a geforce 8400 gs.

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>I have a geforce 8400 gs.
>calls people 'nigger'

You're going to be an unhappy failure for the rest of your life.

Have fun during your inevitable suicide-by-cop.

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It will though if windows is restarting your gpu driver. You'll just have to set a ridiculous timeout or disable it completely and be very patient.

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also can't you get even an old 5/6/7/800 series for next to nothing?

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It lags like shit even with a fucking cube and is unusable for me.

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Nope didn't see that, sorry anon you might just be projecting.

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Want your 3d work featured on magazine and articles?

Kiss the ring, be a good goy and praise the black race.

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White people are obsolete. Enjoy being a minority group in a few decades :^)

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>Blue eyes are a mutation from Persia/Afghanistan lmao.


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i hate niggers i am a gay retard and i hate niggers

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>he's more excited to render than to have sex

My bf is somehow cheating on me with "computer graphics" and source porn. What makes SFM so good?

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Such a woman response. Dont ask questions you dont want the answer to dumb bitch.

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>Such a prudish response.
FTFY. I know plenty of women who are "gross" like that. Naughty women are the best women.

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It's probably Overwatch porn.

Dress as DVA or some shit and blow him.

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he'll just get more and more into porn that way

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Then fuck off, dirty whore.

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Newbie here, what is the fastest way to mirror a pose in Maya? How is this program an industry standard when it lacks such a simple feature? In Blender you just use a simple keyboard shortcut.

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mgear is good

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Anyone have his 3d projects

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Ive seen so many models people sell that are just daz chick bodies that its hilarious. Its pure kekery.

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The real question is, do they get sold?

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MaMa MIA!!

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I dunno but they certainly get used in SFM. LordAardvark has an entire series of slutty models with character heads attached to Daz bases

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This is a fucking disgrace. And he gets nearly four grand a month for this?

How much money would production-quality porn command on Patreon? Top-notch animation, proper shaders, decent, if simple, storyline...

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confess your /3/ sins

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That mean theres at least some small fucked up community of people that appreciate the work.
Subculture, if you will

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I model lolis

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When I retopo a model I just use zremesher at like 100k polys and remove edge loops until it's 50k.

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I'm not normal

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There's "pros" that do stuff like this. When there's no photo to bash they get 3D models. Some are more explicit and open about this technique with the use of what's called "ambient occlusion painting".

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Meow meow I am a cat.

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Beep-beep I'm a sheep !

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Is Turbosquid still the best place to sell stock models or are places like CG Trader catching up?

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I'd say CGTrader is ahead already, but take my opinion with a grain of salt, as I am a 3D stock plebeian.

I've seen more deals being struck recently with CGTrader than with Turbosquid. The latter appears to be playing catch-up in prices, with discounts and shit. Its forums don't lack the occasional shitstorm when a discount is implemented and their (exclusive) CheckMate members get fucked hard. There's constant talk of sluggish sales, and non-exclusive members constantly drop by to casually say how they are making more dollars in CGT.

TurboSquid isn't catered towards gamedevs in my opinion, but to archvizzers and such. Big companies go to TS, indies go to CGT. TS eats up royalties in exchange for service and protection of the customer, while CGT has lower royalties due to putting more work on the shoulders of 3D creators.

Also, TS forbids direct communication between buyers and sellers, while CGT encourages it.

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I thought CGTrader royalties are higher than TS?

CGTrader advertises 70% while TS bottom tier is 40%.

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mfw it's impossible to morph a sphere into a pyramid

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>Topologically homeomorphism isomorphic a sphere simply connected closed 3-manifold is to pyramid.
I'm gonna guess that means a 3D shape with no holes in it.

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>tfw too dumb to understand this poorly translated word salad

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I think we got the perfect text for our banner.

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Hi does any of you supreme gentlemen and vag-o-trons remember a book about visual communication / language (basically explaining the normie what to do without having to read a sentence like this one, possibly a good ux design book?) that perhaps warmed their hearts for pointing out not the obvious or maybe just gathered the information available in an effective manner? My intention is to get all recommendations in this thread through very legal means regardless of relevance but for cg related books i would definitely masturbate to the thought of you. Thanks

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post run cycle

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What the other anon said. I want to see this thing running.

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Hello everyone, I am currently looking for someone who is skilled with creating 3d artwork/3d modeling/digital art in the fluid esqe paint style and cartoon-esqe based tech diagrams to assist me with a project I am working on. I will provide examples down below.

Example 1, water paint artwork: https://iron-harvest.com/gallery
Example 2, tech diagram artwork: https://www.google.ca/search?q=red+alert+2+artwork&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiLstGdrJDbAhUFKGMKHUAyCZYQ_AUICigB&biw=1523&bih=754#imgrc=cGV2vjf8kY-hqM:

The 3d artwork example is the image I have attached to this post.

For those wondering, the project is to create the most fun, INTELLECTUALLY focused RTS video game, that will have been released within a decade if not more.
Lasses and lads, this game will heavy influences from things like Red Alert 2, Risk, Dawn of War, Warcraft and Universe At War. It will be real time based battle wise, with an overview tile based map which contain different continents, with which there will be different provinces of which the battles will take place on. Conquering them and capturing these provinces will expand your access to resource/population/scientific research/military bonuses. The in game battles, much like Dawn of War: Soul Storm, will have each map be different, varied, and its own personal lore, backstory and history, based heavily on real life historical value. There will be initially four factions, with more to come post-release.

The artstyle and theme will be what I call the 35/35/30 percent rule: 35% Realistic / 35% "Dark Fiction" / 30% Cartoony.

By the way....how does the idea of "Cossack Kodiak Calvary" for the Soviet faction, sound to you? Side weapon: Molotov launcher. Every Cossack needs his vodka, after all.

So, if you want to see an ACTUAL REAL TIME STRATEGY that you will actually enjoy....? Please contact me via Discord: WhiteWarmonger#8535

I look forward to meeting those who are interested in partaking in my project. Cheers!

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PS. There will be occult focused/unorthodox tech focused Nazi's.

And you will be able to play as them.


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And what skills are you bringing to the table?

>> No.623620

How much are you paying or are you yet another ideas guy with a 2:2 in marketing wanting other people to make your dreams for you?

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Yea that's nice and all but how much are you paying?

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>nah bro, it's all about the exposure you're gonna get :)))

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you ever make shit with your friends all streaming over discord? max comfy

what are some good collaboration ideas, something a bit more co-operative than "variations on a theme/single prompt"?

also rate who made the best glassware

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>you ever make shit with your friends all streaming over discord?
I don't, because usually I'm not showered and look like dogshit.

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u should have hidden your ground plane

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>u should have hidden your ground plane
Is this the /3/ version of leaving the fly open?

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Where do I get full skin texture scans? The alpha brushes just doesn't do it.

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>tfw I put my penis under that and I get only a normal map because there is not enough geometry there

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TextureXYZ or surfaceMimic have scans that are VERY VERY VERY nice.

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download some XNA models from deviantart, some come with full body textures.

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Anyone have TextureXYZ torrents?

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Last Blender film you cried to thread.

For me, Tears of Steele

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I nearly cried when I tried to figure out how to use camera tracking if that counts?

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No. I do not cry to technical demos.

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what is this shit?

>> No.623220

I mean swriously ..

>> No.623221

of joy that is over?

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Any cute girls want to be my girlfriend? I can't give you my money, but I can give you my love. Serious replies only please. If you have any amount of orbiters, I'm not interested.

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Wrong board. Sorry for the trouble, deleting now.

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Post your /pol/ related work

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That's pretty sweet looking

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Hey that's not a render... Is it?

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nope, random image from the internet

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Nowadays you can achieve renders with that degree of photorealism. You just have to avoid using Cycles.

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>You just have to avoid using Cycles.
Some folks get real good results with cycles, but I'm not serious enough to get into other render engines

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