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hey guys, I am making concept art for a project that will use projection mapping and holograms and shit in a big space
I need some easy to use software that would be useful to quickly kit-bash environments extremely roughly and texture paint it
tl:dr does Paint3D but good exist?

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basically I just want to place down 4 walls and quickly paint on something on the walls with many iterations

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Thoughts on this pastry and desert rendering software?

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I love and use Lightwave professionally, and also purposely ironically. Do what you wish to me. Or, actually, let's just see those conversations about Lightwave.


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From what I've looked into, isn't it almost impossible to unify it because modeler and layout are 2 seperate programs in themselves?

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I'd like to hear that story, how did you blow it?

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Yes, that's why the LW hub existed for so long. Never worked that great desu. One of the ex devs experimented with modeling features and geometry creation in layout, but that was years ago and it never went anywhere.

I just turned 18 and had to move a few hundred miles for the job, but it didn't work out in the end. I started at Amblin Entertainment three months later.

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I'm at a tiny production company and we just ditched Lightwave in favor of a Maya pipeline. I'd say we are way behind the curve on that. I've never been a big fan LW but I will admit it's a good fit for jobs with smaller budgets. As project complexity rises though it really begins to stumble. The architecture is too old and it's obvious that Newtek doesn't have the resources to keep it competitive.The lack of industry support was another huge reason for us to abandon it. No support for modern production renderers like V-Ray, Arnold or Redshift, few commercial plugins, less renderfarm support, and searching for solutions to problems often seems to only turns up results from years ago.

Even though I don't much like Maya either, I think we are better off as far as staying competitive.

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Is the model in the image, at least, yours?
Can we see some rendered animation from the rigging?

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>poor artists around the world can make art because a bunch of Iranians made CGPersia and then CGPeers

There are a lot of tutorials, software and plugins there, so much so that some great stuff can be missed just because of the number of (continuous) releases on the site.

ITT: post noteworthy stuff you found on CGPeers (new releases, rare tutorials, hidden gems, etc)

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Which CAD modeling software has the best modeling tools and environment? I mean actual complex modeling. not just gears and pipes and shit.

>Rhino (shit tier outdated GUI, no real overview of the tools or what they do, but has grasshopper, which is great)
>Solidworks (better GUI than Rhino)
>Fusion360 (great GUI, but lacks easy translation, lacks even Maya tier translate snapping, tools are too limited)
>Alias whichever version (outdated, convoluted)

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Solidworks and Rhino. Gives you top notch results that are fit for CAM. Also get over the GUI. Millions of designers and engineers do it every day. This is serious business, not for your little shitty models.

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irrelevant for me, I don't care about that.
>get over the GUI. Millions of designers and engineers do it every day
yeah and they waste time every single day doing backwards shit trying to cope with that atrocious GUI

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Cry more fgt. Your problem.

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yeah, clearly your time has zero value, so why would you care?

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sitting at work, phoneposting, laughing at clueless brainlets on /3/. thanks for the entertainment.

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It can't be that hard to find, yet I can't find it anywhere, it's an international thing from what I know

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Why didn't you just leave the register?

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I dont think him throwing down a big can off butt lube and runing away like an autist. Is going to make the situation better

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I really needed the lube, and I also panicked and the employee came quickly, once she saw what IO was buying she looked embarrassed for me but was compassionate. She was a young millennial with ear expanders and blue hair. I decided that day that I would also be a leftist and that I would definitely vote for Hillary.

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Yeah, it was probably my fault, sorry.

For you information, I'm a developer specialized in convolutional neural network (CNN). Three years ago I was employed to create a CNN able to distinguish black people from white people in supermarket checkouts. The goal was to freeze the checkout if it detected black people.

As it turns out, the task was both surprisingly simple and surprisingly hard: on a clean sample our CNN had something of 99.99% of success, but the average American face is so muddled and a murky genetical mix that we had some difficulties to train our CNN correctly. There was many false positives and negatives when testing it on the field.

We later sold the tech to a Democrat subcontractor. Last time I heard it was used on Democrat voting machines, though I don't know why or what for.

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I mean if you got some jerking to do, own up to it I guess. Maybe next time buy some other stuff instead of your gallon jug of lube.

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New to the world of 3D. Just downloaded Blender but I don't know how to start. What would you recommend I should do to learn how to use this program? Got any tips and tricks?

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I think its better for people starting out with 3d to use cheap/free software instead of putting their eggs in one basket. Because there could be the chance that 3d won't be their thing and they'll stick with other mediums of art etc

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>hard-ops, box cutter
that looks like fun. precisely what i was looking for

also, anybody knows a good tutorial/workflow/plugin for very BASIC automotive design?

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>>hard-ops, box cutter
>that looks like fun. precisely what i was looking for
They are plugins for blender. I'm too lazy to look them up, but chances are that they have downloads hosted on github. They will be zip files that can be installed using blenders automated plugin install feature (found in the addons section of its user preferences). There are some pachaged plugins that are useful as well; such as node wrangler and some of the architectural plugins. I haven't fiddles with all of them, but its not a bad idea to at least peruse them at some point.

>also, anybody knows a good tutorial/workflow/plugin for very BASIC automotive design?
Literal design or conceptualizing? Literal design would probably need to be done with a CAD program (they operate entirely different then 3d cg programs, but are able to spit out the information needed to actually build the real car). You'd probably be able to design a 3d concept for a car in blender with the above mentioned addons... maybe some more as well, though inanimate stuff is already pretty easy to model with "vanilla" blender.

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He's wrong anyway, Andrew is a good teacher even if he's a mediocre artist. And even if the final output is "shit" (aka fails to either be sufficiently exaggerated in form as to be Stylized, or sufficiently authentic to the real world object as to be Photorealistic) at the very least it's something you can compare yourself against in the future.

There's a lot of other beginner tutorials on cgpersia: Lynda has a series, there's a bunch of Gumroad ones, CGCookie has beginner tutorials, pretty much anyone that has a series of tutorials (professionally) for Maya/Max/etc has ones for Blender too.

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>tutorial/workflow/plugin for very BASIC automotive design?
Besides full on CAD (which probably isn't necessary unless you are LITERALLY fabricating components), Blender has a "precision mode" where you can set it to work with real world units (instead of Blender units, which it uses internally for easier math) and can give Precision inputs (you have to press some hotkey combination to enable it, I forget what it is).

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As we all know, Nvidia's finally brought their RTX cards out of the dark and we're starting to see people publish performance metrics about them. The 2080's basically a 1080Ti, and the 2080Ti's almost hitting that fabled 4k60 at a bank-breaking pricetag.

So, let's restart the conversation.
Of course, since this is /3/, it'll be 3DCG-related:

Do you see the current implementation of RTX as a gimmick or could it be the start of a new era? Do you think we'll ever get to the day of genuine real-time path-tracing?

When Unreal (or whatever real-time engine of your choice) gets RTX support, will it even be worth it rendering in a dedicated path-tracing engine anymore? Unless your scene has to handle translucent materials, glass and/or realistic volumetrics, there's really not going to be much point, is there?

How do you feel about the mass of gamers not understanding the significance of RTRT tech and dismissing it as Nvidia attempting to scam consumers? Are they right, or are they fools?

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Just lol at this comment.

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Do you not see the implications of real time global illumination, which extend well into gameplay too, or are you just willingly ignoring them?

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Is this the end for the Game Tracing X cards?

>> No.642754

We'll likely see GTX cards being the 2060 and 2050, which probably will not have RT and Tensor cores.

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Right now Redshift gets about 25% speed improvement, same as every other CUDA app. Redshift 3.0 should implement RTX features and see a bigger boost.

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How do i get the "buff" to fall and fold like the wanted picture? It only stands up like a cardboardroll...

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>spline rectangle
>mark spline, make copy
>Mark vertexes, -break
>Garment maker modifier
>align planes, 1 front 1 back
>make seams on sides, not top and bottom
>simulate local damped
>Mark object, select border, convert to vertex, weld
>Collaps all / convert to editable poly
>cloth modifier, -silk preset
>simulate, earth gravity

i made 2 sides to "simulate" how a buff is made out of 2 sides, sewed together

>> No.642776

What did you try?

>> No.642780

>if it clips you have to edit the mesh and risk losing the realism of your sim
Nigga, what do you think the masking modifier is for?

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use marvelous designer lmao

>> No.642840

>Just use a $500 program for one thing lmao

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I'm a huge fan of nintendo's games. but one thing always really confused me. why do they think that throwing a camera dependent rim shader to simulate rim lighting makes a game look good?

ever since the wii/ds games they seem to have a massive hard on for renders with rim lighting. and from a design prospective, rim lighting is almost always distracting or flattens the image.

like pic related, there are some highlights on the characters' shoes that make no fucking sense, even if you wanted to try to say they were bounce light or environmental light. like what gives? why won't they just let the light naturally highlight the forms of the models?

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it was seen as modern aesthetic of the platform during the heyday. I view it as an extension of the actual Wii system menu where the buttons and UI animations have similar highlights.

>> No.642684

its supposed to highlight the thing you are looking at, perhaps. stylized character are not meant to have realistic highlights

>> No.642689

It's better than a glowing outline or whatever

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Once place I worked at told me the reason they put a rim shader on all the characters was to make them clearly visible even in shadow and as an outline to make them "pop" from the background.
Probably the same reason nintendo do it too.

>> No.642699

>why won't they just let the light naturally highlight the forms of the models?
Have you ever worked with any realtime lighting? Natural rimlights from global illumination and/or multiple light sources is WAY more expensive in realtime than a simple shader rimlight. Everything in realtime is basically unnatural trickery, rather than 100% accuracy you go for the closest looking thing that's fast enough to do.

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I find it is easy to create and pose the characters in Daz Studio then export into Blender where a artist can do so, so much.

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what are you using? neither teleblender 3, nor daz importer 1.3 seems to work for me, textures, make up, specular, bump, and transparency always get fucked up

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Hey man sorry, I posted then ran off to work. I have to do it the manual way without a script.

The .dae or .obj format works. Use format .dae if you want to preserve the rig.

I used to export, import, fucked up, change settings, export, import, fucked up, change settings, etc.

Kind of know the routine now on how to get the materials fixed after import. And the materials is basically the only trick you need to know.

I wonder why there isn't a good script for this. I used to code c++ a long time ago. Python couldn't be that difficult.

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If you can show me Daz > blender > unity/unreal with animations I'll be impressed

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It's something difficult to come up with. The time from scene assembly to f.a.p. is too short with DAZ, which leaves little to no room for experimentation and improvement.

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welp, it seems like i'll have to learn to use blender's materials sooner or later

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Hey /3/ this is my very first time visiting this board. Ive been wanting to get into 3d modelling for some time now and ive wanted to ask some questions on how i can get started. Just making this clear that im a complete beginner and have blender on my pc

Do you have to be an amazing artist to start modelling?

How do i learn?

What can i do to improve?

How can you get to the point of 3d modelling that you can somehow make money of it

If someone could answer these questions that would be great

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It's all the same uninspired weebshit though.
Notice how the subject is always the same?
Not a shred of originality.
All themes, tropes, and styles everyone has seen a million times.
I mean, I get it that this is 4chinz and weeb grills are considered the peak of art, but all I see here is some Asian kid with way too much time on his hands practicing all day every day to make the perfect representation of his waifu.
I mean, a motivation to improve is as good as any other, but job posts ask for "a wide range of styles and subjects" for a reason.
Nobody cares about an artist who is only motivated in order to draw his waifu.

>> No.642714

And here we have a salty faggot who probably failed at his venture in drawing waifu, so all he does is bitch and whine like a cynic on the internet.
It's very clear you aren't the target audience, a cultured man would know pretty much a bulk of the girls in that collage alone to be from Kantai Collection if not other anime, with just a few truly original pieces of art.
And how do you not see a wide range of styles? The artist goes from sketch, to the standard cel-shaded anime-style, to "shaded as if it's a background plate for an anime", to proper smooth shading in the last of the examples. Scene complexity constantly gets higher as it goes, and genre switches from modern to fantasy to scifi. There's a strong blend of techniques throughout, everything from pleasing post-processing to the utilisation of 3D in scene construction.
This isn't even me defending the artist, this is me insulting your artistic eye. If you easily dismiss everything as "uninspired weebshit" without even being able to identify differences, imagine what kind of artist you must be.
And you wanna know something? Most of these East Asian artists do it for the likes and retweets. They aren't "building some portfolio to get hired by a big studio", they're just doing it as a hobby to their day job. Maybe they'll get to earn a few bucks by selling an artbook every year or so, maybe they'll get some worthwhile commission. Otherwise they're doing it for the fun of it.

>> No.642725

I looked further into who he is, what he does and his ethnicity. He's Asian, he has way too much time and all he does it the same over and over again.

Maybe I'm not that fucked or pathetic. At least I have a stable, paying job in Archviz(that bores me to death).

Feels great when you

>> No.642738

Except other artists who are also only motivated to draw their waifu.

>> No.642785

>imagine being this mad at someone insulting your precious weebshit made by your weeb artist crush
lamo m8

>this is me insulting your artistic eye
According to you, going from being shit to being sorta good at drawing the same subject is equal to having "a wide range of styles"
I'd expect someone who unironically makes such a moronic uninformed claim to manage to burn water trying to boil it, I find it really funny that you believe you can judge anyone's artistic eye.

>doing it for the likes and retweets
That's because pathetic wastes of carbon life like you enable them in the first place, and that's exactly what's wrong with art in the digital age.

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I'm following a basic(ish) tutorial for Substance Designer, and I immediately noticed that while in the tutorial the viewport is returning a very defined material, mine looks flat and barely shaded (looks like his has AO and self-shadowing), yet our graphs are pretty much exactly the same (flat colour into colour, clouds with gradient adjustment into normal and height map). So what gives? I've looked all over for options I may have missed but I haven't found anything, the only thing that kinda helps is turning it to iRay rendering, which both takes ages and doesn't make it even half as sharp as his is anyway (and it's not that anyway as his is real time).

Turning tessellation on didn't help either, even pushing it to max didn't change anything, the issue seems to be one of shadows, normals, and AO.

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Tried that, sadly did not help much, my material still looks very flat. I think it's something to do with AO or self-shadowing, as the height info is definitely there and can be seen with tessellation, but it still looks flat.

There is also that his material has no base colour yet looks like in the OP, yet mine without base colour is way too dark to see anything properly on it, but I assume that's just something to do with his being an older version, possibly they changed the default look of a material without base colour.

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This is what a completely empty material looks to me in the latest version.

To me it looks like the only real difference for images in the OP is height amount and light angle.

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Not related to op's problem
But anyone know why i get the white bar over the picture when i render in Substance Painter?

>> No.642712

Maybe try tweaking normal intensity? There's also a possibility you're indeed doing something different than the tutor.

>> No.642757

Tried all that, nothing, nada. Today I start up Designer again, and it looks way better, I fuck with the lighting a bit, and sure enough it's fixed (doesn't look as sharp as the tutorial, but I think that's down to some more tweaking).

Thanks, something I did in there must have changed whatever the issue was, and I guess rebooting my graphics drivers led to it displaying properly now.

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Are you using the sculptis pro feature in Zbrush (2018)? People have made it sound like a gamechanger

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Meant for >>642607 of course.
Fucking rageposting because I loved that program and still do.
It's like notepad for sculpting. Just straight to the point without any bullshit or distractions. Light and super fast.

>> No.642737

yeah its pretty fuckin good man

>> No.642743


That's normal. Zbrush is the industry leading sculpting app, of course they'll put the best tech they own into it instead of kepping it exclusive to their blendlet-tier freeware only moralfags use.

>> No.642746

You'd probably also sell your mom if it was normal in the industry (and she was worth anything)

>> No.642750


What was deleted.

Also that story is fucked up, Every time i try to get in zBrush i get a headache from the nonsense UI.
So making Mudbox work, it getting voxels now is nice, the only major thing missing to make it a tad better is merging stuff.

Anything to get closer to dynamesh in a way.

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>Blender this, Blender that
Who cares?

>> No.642768

It's a little worse in Blender when you messed up on a pretty conventional thing, and decided to CTRL+Z the thing, it just shuts off without warning. It's pretty rare to see it happen.

>> No.642777

imagine being so cucked that you use software which crashes regularly

its a modern marvel that there are people in cgi who still havent switched to 3dsmax, which is the most stable 3d software on the market

>> No.642778

I use it and I still take precautions with frequent saves and incremental files because of arbitrary crashes.

>> No.642839

You don't have a folder that contains 30+ incremental saves?

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Is VR still a thing in the industry or has it already been left for dead?

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>> No.642628

so its a cashgrab by carmack?

>> No.642668

Wtf is this "review?" I've never heard of this product before, the guy is practically jizzing all over the camera and the first twenty comments are by other "review" channels giving him praise for doing such a "great job." I'm instantly turned off of this product.

>> No.642846

You can get a good vr headset for 150 dollars you fucking poorfag

>> No.642847

You are fucking delusional

>> No.642856


He's right, when it comes to games. Doom will never be playable in VR without having to jump around the map or without motion sickness. Not until you have an entire room you can walk around in with conveyor belt floors and pop-up walls.

VR would be good for general computer usage though - like web browsing or coding - but they need to improve the resolution and not make them not so eye-hurty.

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Looking for a free .PDF copy of this book, but it's been pretty nasty to find. Do any anons have?

>> No.642491

It's on Library Genesis.

>> No.642495

this website is 18+

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have a look at cgpeers

>> No.642508

This time try with your brain turned on.

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Ok, this guy made some impressive shit with Blender


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>> No.642482

>only final result matters
>mind blown

>> No.642483

A lot of artists do not understand this.

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File: 33 KB, 640x560, 2014-08-22-Duchamp-e1408652265458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>only final result matters

>> No.642492

>ironically posting Marcel Duchamp's performance
how original of you anon

>> No.642512

That's a photograph.

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pls rate.

It's my first serious animation.

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>> No.642527

Unnatural Hipmovement, weak pose + head snap
Short cycles:
Keep them simple, slow breathing, small weightshifts, no major actions or turns etc. If a cycle is short every repeated "big" action is swiftly noticed and the cycle is recognized as such.

>> No.642545

I really like the model style but I would say this as well

>> No.642555

Well the feedback on animation you got here >>642527

so I just want to say that much low poly should use emissive shadeless materials

>> No.642643

how the hell will he know what to improve if he doesnt receive any constructive criticism from people

>> No.642644

the shadow is high quality for such a lowpoly character

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Does anyone know how to speed up volumetric rendering in Blender?

I have this client project rendering, but holy shit, it's literally been going for 30 hours now. I know the biggest culprit is the volumetrics in the scene, which also prevented me from using my GPU as less than half way in to rendering, I would get memory errors each of the 3 times I tried to render it over night.

This guy loves the volumetrics in scenes and I know he is going to want more for the other stuff I make for him. I can't do this 30+ hours every render for him. Especially now that it's Monday and I have other clients waiting on me for stuff. I don't know if I should kill the render now and waste 30 hours to keep other clients happy and potentially figure out something to speed this up or let it run the other 15 hours it says it needs and just do what I can to keep my other clients patient. I am already dreading what this can do to my electric bill as I have never had to wait longer than 7 hours for something to render before, im usually pretty good about keeping my scenes somewhat optimized.

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>What is this, 8px per CPU?

>> No.642561

Offload the render to the cloud. You can rent 30 hours on a 8 core virtual machine for like 10 dollars (if that).

>> No.642579

>I've figured out a workflow for making pixel art from renders
Can you tell me? I'm interested

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File: 18 KB, 264x338, ThOughtfuL mothafuCKUh WIff Uhh HaNd AWN Hes ChIN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are rendering with your CPU. Get a decent GPU or two and watch it fly.

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The hell you talking about? If it's a single frame render you use the zdepth map in Photoshop, a cloud texture and you paint a mask over the areas you want it. Then you use overlay and paint some light cones or whatever light sources you want to get that effect. Use a dust texture before it to add an atmosphere and your light will look even better

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