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how can people make outdoor renders with 0 noise? correct me if im wrong but the more lights you have the more bounces = more noise. also the grass + people + cars is heavy on the system and takes a while to render

some guy here claimed its pre-rendered GI, is there a way to do it? how can people render environment at such high resolution with 0 noise?

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>what is sampling
>what is rendering in general
jesus fucking christ.. Google some stuff man, nobody here will waste 2hours writing all the basics you need to know

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They don't use Cycles. It's as simple as that.

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i know they invest tons of horsepower on these renders but something seems off to me.

its like they make the light calculations before it even starts to sample. like not using raytrace but more of like approximation

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Eeeeh yeah, what I said, you're REALLY far behind on the topic. Check out some tutorials.

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tutorials about what? i can probably name and describe every function in a render engine, i just don't do outdoors or not intending too

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Is it okay if I post a link to my reel here? I just want to be judged, kicked in the teeth, whatever.

I've been unemployed for 4 months. I previously worked at a startup which recently downsized for about a year and a half. I've gotten like five interviews, but I don't end up hired. I need to know if I should just stop applying and git gud for awhile.

I feel like I'm at a cross roads, I'm very much a generalist and I don't know if I should start specializing. I mostly like character rigging and animation, I've learned enough python coding for Maya that I wrote my own human character rigging script, but I don't know if that's really reel material. Mostly I just want any paying job in CG/Motion Graphics.

I think I need to move to New York, but it seems like "motion graphics" are really whats in demand there. What is also tied up in NY is that my gf just got a job there, so it seems like get up to Ny or basically lose her. Do I need to learn more particle type stuff? Do I need to learn C4D? Do I need to make a bunch of typography type of shit?

I feel that my work is just mediocre and I don't know what direction to go in. I would be interested in working on games, the Studio that makes XCOM is literally 30 minutes from me. At this point I'm either giving up on the industry or getting some other job for now while I git gud.

I feel like I need to just over haul myself or something.

I would like to be a sort of generalist, but I have no idea how to even build a portfolio for that. As an "junior 3D artist" I was basically doing everything at my studio, even directing other freelancers and figuring out pipelines for work our studio had never done before.

When I try and put it on a resume it sound like I'm bullshitting, but that's really what they had me do.

Each failed interview is chipping away at my self esteem and it's getting harder to stay motivated. I thought it would be easier after my first job, but I feel like I'm starting from the bottom again.

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I'm not a big fan of Motion Graphics. I like character based animation and rigging a lot more. However one of my friends concentrated on MoGraph work and she's making nearly 100 k a year in NY and is basically telling me "It's all MoGraph up here"

I know a decent amount of Maya MASH, getting particles to form objects, jump to form other objects and stuff. I know a good amount of Arnold.

Are particle effects easier on C4D? My main issues when trying to pick up nParticles in Maya is the long as fuck processing times. You make one tweak, or something isn't right and you spend another 2 minutes waiting on a simulation. Seems like you need a shit ton of particles for water to have a decent level of fidelity. I'm defiantly willing to learn though.

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i really don't want to give you a misleading answer, i don't even know what MoGraph is.

maybe you should visit /r/vfx https://www.reddit.com/r/vfx/

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I think it's just loosely defined term for "advertisement animation stuff that tends to center around typography and FX"

I'll check this out.

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For easy broadcast stuff its like 2-4 times faster to do it in C4d than in Maya.
MASH is powerful but Mograph shits all over it in terms of how fast you see stuff happening and how comfortable/easy it is to set it up. You should have no problems learning it.
Mograph artist also use X-particles and that is equally easy and fun to use. So C4d +X-particles and maybe Octane or Redshift and you are good to go.
Nobody uses Arnold in that business.

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Forgot, if you want to simulate fluids and have millions of particles, that's always slow, no matter the software.
Also shouldn't you use Bitfrost for Water?
There is no fluid simulation in C4d integrated. You'll need Realflow or Houdini for that.

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how do i translate this to 3d?

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You don't.

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>implying anyone here models anything

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start with zsperes and sculpt for a long time

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I use the extrude tool

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Box modeling then smoothing but the sculpt fags here are going to give you some other BS tips.

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Actually I box model roughly then sculpt

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I want to make a life sized version of the Skitarii Arc Maul from Warhammer 40K (Pic related) but I can't find that many reference images or even an stl. So far I'm just going from scratch and estimating but I want to be as accurate to the real thing as I can. Any help?

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Looks pretty self explanatory to me

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It does until you realize the other side isn't identical

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How do you know it isn't, if you can't find any images of it?

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This is a 3 hour zbrush sculpt i wanna do the process till the end, retop, uvs panting normal mas etc.
any of you guys has experience in zbrush to?

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Hello? I need a quick rundown...

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wash your motherboard with soap and start over anon

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Is that Vlad?

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Since when does unfinished work equate to garbage? You all sound like a bunch of fucking "experts". I can handle criticism, allow me to criticise yours.

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why would you show us "unfinished work" then? Finish it and then show us. Now it looks like shit. Not because it's unfinished, but because it looks like vertices were placed by hand by a child with epilepsy attack

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all edges need to be at eqaul distance from eachother

it has benefits, you won't get any pinching when subdivide or shade. the deformation of the mesh will be smoother as well

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this piece was sculpted and modeled entirely in blender.

how can /3/ ever recover?

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The semantics, even though you think is trivial, is an indication of the fact that you or the guy making the comment has no experience in understanding fundamentals whatsoever. I have literally seen no one with extensive experience understanding anatomy make such an argument. I don't think you understand that the argument that this idiot was making was that, had this artist not used Blender, the likeness would have been more accurate. Why else would he criticize the use of Blender by comparing likeness?

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Whoa there neddy, calm down you autist.

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>generic women body
>garbage looking materials
>a face model that resembles nothing of what it was intended for
>y-you guys are jealous
Aren't blenderp fags got tired of getting BTFO every single day?

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you guys are way too hard on some image that's not even worth 5min of debate

its average and nobody cares it was done with Blender

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Being a better artist is more beneficial than knowing a 3D App really well. More art less worry about what program is being used, unless you want a specific job. Just fucking be better at creating something attractive.

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ITT: post things you've made using blueprints in UE4, and also ask questions about Blueprinting and share resources / tutorials.

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>i don't know how to do that
upload the blueprint file somewhere?

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it wont help you, you need specific maps from substance designer

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rightclick material in content browser, choose migrate, select an empty folder somewhere, let it copy all needed files, archive that folder, and upload is to mega.nz

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i deleted the editor for some reason, but i still have the sd files somewhere

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How can Cycles be improved?

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Yes and no.
The pokemon render engine is there to quickly prototype shit, it's supposed to work alongside cycles.
It's not out yet, coming 2.8 (2.79 is currently on RC). We really need something to replace cycles though. It's way too noisy and dedicated render tools can get better results in about the same time.

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Really, why bother using cycles when an external render would do?

But if we really do want to improve it, then the lighting system itself needs a huge overhaul. Whenever I try using the sun lamps in Cycles, it always comes out looking like complete horse shit. more so when glass or windows are involved.

So pretty much like what >>577508 said. And it puzzles me as to why they didn't consider it when Cycles was first introduced.

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>The pokemon render engine
I chuckled

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>Really, why bother using cycles when an external render would do?

thats because some of the shaders and nodes are exclusive to cycles.

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I get that, but the overall final quality can come out as utter shit when you don't want it to. And a huge part of that is their lighting system and the myriad of options you have to tweak that can somehow make it look worse.

Denoising is a good start, but as I said, lighting still needs a huge improvement. Especially the sun lamp.

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How close are we to a "make art" button /3/? When will we become nothing more than button pressers with little to no input when it comes to building a scene or making a character?

pic unrelated

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Probably like 100-200 years minimum.

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lol no

10-20 tops

most 3d objects, including characters etc will be created just using neural networks using photos and keywords as guides

you can probably already automate every /3/ process in theory, it's just gonna take a while for the infrastructure to get aligned

also applies to rigging, animating and what not

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We are closer to the "ship everything to India, and pay them peanuts" button.

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I recently got an email from a 3D studio in India. They offered me my personal 3D artist for 1500€/month. Pretty tempting desu.

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Thats about recreating things, but if we talk about A.I being able to create advanced objects from scratch that don't have a counterpart in the real world then we are not even close

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How do you model/normal something as complex as the transformers? Do you actually sculpt/model each and every part for Baking into lowpoly? If that is the case, how do you animate these parts?

My most detailed model ever is some wall-e like mob.

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I have done up stuffs like Guns and Tanks in Hard Surface modelling. Just that I have been learning 3D for five years and I feel like there have been no improvement in the last two years.

Wanted to challenge myself with this.

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Have you pushed yourself to learn more in these five years? The fact you're asking 4chan for advice on how greeble works makes me think you might not have been learning from the right sources.

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true, probably learnt from the wrong sources. trying to fix that now ._.

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post some of your work anon, it's hard to give advice on how to advance if we don't know where you are at.

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I worked with the Transformers meshes. Everything is modeled, even the tiniest screws. It's incredibly heavy - high polycount doesnt seem to be an issue when it comes to these characters

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>"3D modelers" have to create a whole model many times from shitty (or lack of) reference while having it require good topology it not looking shit etc. etc.
>Animators literally move it like a fucking puppet
>ged paid more
>VFX """"artist""" create some shit like water simulation or smoke
>Get also paid more

What is this fucking gay industry

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Then explain the Andromeda shitstorm due to facial animations.

>> No.577705

Andromeda was an unfinished, badly planned, badly managed clusterfuck of epic proportions.
The fact that the people got hung up on the facial animations just illustrates your point.
The other anon is wrong.
If you take a look at the models of Andromeda, they are not bad from a technical perspective. But the animation is, because its unfinished and unpolished.
Because animation needs more time and is more prone to bug out.

At the end of the day does it make much difference for the customer?
A bad model with good animations is crap, the reverse also.

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TL;DR You're wrong that people don't pay attention to the animations. They do.

>> No.577709

Did you even read my post. I am another Anon and i agree with you.
People might not pay much attention to animation when its serviceable, but when its shit, people get it.

>> No.577794

I'd imagine modelling is the easiest part. You copy your art departmen's work, rig it, and thats it.
VFX are the programmers and literally have to come up with their own methods to make things work.
Animators have to work their asses off day and night, moving everything inch by inch.

Maybe you should stop crying and do your work.

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Is my Asus X555LAB i3 5th gen 6GB RAM strong enough to make low poly graphics like Katamari Damacy?

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What does that mean?

>> No.577493

What else can I make?

>> No.577506

I think he thinks your system will start choking around 100k and up triangles.

>> No.577543

Per model or scene?

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CGpeers won't lemme register. Giving me "Couldn't proceed with registration
(Error: 0xE4000006)"

anyone else know what's going on? Tried doing all the thing- clearing cache/cookies/changing browsers/changing system/different emails etc etc.

Need that sweet CG tuts.

>> No.577381

>tfw registered to cg peers years ago and found it of zero fucking value

>> No.577533

Same for me. Similar error, Nothing i could do. I gave up on it. But i have an account at CGpersia, so i am not entirely fucked.

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>get halfway finished with a project
>lose all motivation

>> No.577502

2/6 isn't a very good score anon.
There will be a makeup test on monday, see you there.

>> No.577528

are you trolling? if not, we need to talk m8

>> No.577587

good advice and I do use masking a lot now or as you already mentioned temporarily detaching parts. not working at 3am helps too.

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>>First step is to download grass essentials
This happens more and more, it's disgusting.
Everyone is just schilling for their pay shit and clickbaiting.

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This is image from render view in maya

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what is /3/ verdict on renderman?

is it a meme? is it fast? are there alot of features?
is it competitive? (against redshift/corona).
hows the shadow/light system? any good shaders?

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It's just something you need to get used to.
All UIs are bad if you're not used to them.
Even if the UI is completely buttfucked, people will still use the program if everyone else is. Just look at a lot of popular programs from the early computer days.

>> No.577734

No. Blender is a special case. It's not just another case of a bad UI. It's broken beyond repair.

>> No.577744

You're a special case too.
Still on a mission?

>> No.577768

>all UIs are bad if you're not used to them
Somewhat true. But some take longer than others, specifically because of the layout. zBrush for example can take some difficulty to getting used to because of its UI, even without any previous 3D packages used. Some UI is just worse than others in management, and that's fine. Apply this same logic to Blender. Some UIs are not equal.

>> No.577811

Zbrush's UI is officially retarded though

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Why does this industry treat people like shit?

I am considering just ending my career in animation, getting a normie job and just making my own content, trying to become a youtube/pitch fag/fame fag. I could just draw yelling reaction faces and have a chance at becoming rich or of the clicks of children.

Fuck I can get an entry level normie job and get paid 60k a year with benefits. I've worked a year and a half in this thankless industry and I may have had enough. Everything is just who you know.

Other careers pay you to be trained, this one is basically "know everything before you set foot in the door and DO IT FASTER than the previous guy who had more experience than you who we fired for being to slow when we asked him to increase his productivity by 100%". I've worked along side people hired on pure nepotism/diversity that can barely name a fucking file or model a topology that doesn't need to be completely redone. While I see people busting their asses and perform well above average who don't get hired for years.

I;ve worked in places were people worked off hours for fear of losing their jobs, places that do not pay over time, pay under the table illegally have unpaid interns making work that goes on major networks. I've worked for people who own entire CG studios, but have never touched so much as Photoshop in there life.

tl;dr, my studio treats me like shit. I work for major company and it runs only marginally less sketchy than when I worked for a Start Up held together by gum and paper clips.

Is it even worth working in this industry that is simply laden with scum?

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Get away from media and entertainment, stay in the 3d segment.

>> No.577339

So your "studio" is a four-man team (including yourself) with sketchy business practices and which relies on outsourcing to third world countries.

That's hardly representative of the whole industry, it sounds like your boss doesn't value your work and you should get out at the first opportunity.
Where have you passed interviews, and would you be willing to move to a studio in a different location for your career?

>> No.577341

I'm aiming for NY or at least East Coast

Booze Allen Hamilton
My Active Driveway
A VR start up
and another Start Up doing medical animation

>> No.577342

I can't speak for animation, but in game art missing 5 jobs where "they would love to hire you" but went for another hire is not the norm.
I'm not saying you're the problem. You might've just been unlucky. Though the two startups turning you down after bringing you so far along the hiring process is a bit weird.

My experience is in game art, and game art alone. I talk to other game art people and hear stories from them. What I can tell you is that there are bad companies and good ones. I've seen people work 100 hour weeks (though with good pay) and people work steady 40hr/week jobs with benefits and absolutely no overtime. I don't know what the climate is in advertising or film but I can't see why it'd be different.

If I was in your position, I'd apply to all the big studios in the areas I was willing to relocate to until I got an offer. Most big studios are always hiring if you've got talent, and this is something I'd assume to be true of VFX in general and not just games.

$16/hour for any sort of competent job in 3D is a shit wage. It's the sort of wage you take when you start out as a junior and are being trained. From what you're describing it seems like your company is paying you peanuts for you to do everything for them while offering little in return.

>> No.577345

>100 hr weeks
Just why. Your wife / gf will leave you and your pets will all die

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Where are all the entry level cg jobs? All I ever see posted online are jobs that require years of experience. Are companies negotiable about experience requirements?

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Programming as a job is fucking cancer, all you do is write shit that gets rewritten a day after anyway because muh change of plans for 8 hours a day

>> No.577441

But I'd love to work in a game industry. Is it that bad everywhere? I mean, when I think about it, I don't care about any other job in 3D apart from game art. I'd never want to work in CGI for movies because I fucking hate every movie with CGI in a first place, archviz is boring personally... What else there is? Doing random stuff for clients, like modelling jewelry, dildos, clothes, creating ads for their shitty products? No thanks. Game art though, environments, characters, interactive worlds, that seems pretty interesting, but I might be wrong since I'm a beginner at this.

>> No.577452

Game artist here, I talk to people in vfx and it seems to be all roughly the same. "Entertainment" 3D jobs are mostly all the same, mostly decent, decent pay and working conditions. You need to really apply yourself to your craft to rise to the top but it's definitely possible. It won't pay as much as some niche industries (like modeling for the military or whoever else is ready to pay out the ass) but you don't become an artist to make mad bucks.

>> No.577454

"years of experience" is honestly not that much

almost all junior artists have "years of experience" because it typically takes that long to be good enough to be part of a video game/vfx team

>> No.577460

Also the truth is if your portfolio is good enough, they won't care about the years of experience. Between a completely average idiot who's done minor background props at a big studio for a couple years, and a little kid fresh out of school with crazy skills, they'll pick the little kid with crazy skills.
The hiring process in art is different, because in other jobs your work experience *is* your credentials. Here you have a portfolio for that.
This isn't to say experience is worthless, but it's not the be-all end-all of application requirements in art jobs.

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