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The same way the current Zbrush version is still not up for functional use with current patches, I wonder what's the latest Marvelous Designer crack I can use that is not bugged.
Also, should I download it from CGPeers?

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I'm using a version 10 crack that I've downloaded from cgpersia some months ago and it works completely fine except for the occasional crash when using internal lines

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Thanks bruh, I'm glad I can always count on /3/ for this kind of stuff

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>mfw listening to giovinezza while having to look at the disgusting ape nigger meta human baboon sample character in UE4

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blender commie trannies btfo

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I found his tutorials on sculpting anatomically correct bodies really useful (name's speedchar) and a great improvement from "the ultimate blender course on udemy" that I bought the first time. Do you know of any other quality teachers?

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It's houdini the only possible tool for enviroments and game levels?

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is there any difference between bender and zbrush sculpting if you're a noob?

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Yeah, because Zbrush still has more useful tools and many specialized brushes that will make sculpting easier and you'll end up with better looking results.

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I would say that 80-90% of sculpting fundamentals are art fundamentals.

Zbrush will give you more advanced tools and better performance, but wont magically make you a better sculptor.

I would say that if you're a noob, blender is fine, but eventually you may find when you're better you need that extra polish zbrush have.

But for a noob, the tool is actually not that relevant.

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This is the main thing, but it's worth considering that if you're sculpting smooth anime waifus, you won't need any of this sit.

There's a reason sculpts showing off Zbrush's capabilities are always scaly demons with detailed surfaces.

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Yes, you need a PhD to navigate Zbrush.

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Anyone here ever have the misfortune of using this shit. Currently using it for a final year engineering project and there's days you would unironically want to take a long walk off a short plank (in minecraft).

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Dassault Systèmes should be purged for their crappy software.

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Do movie studios usually throw away their assets once their done? Or do they archive them in case they can be reused or somehow historically displayed?

I don’t know if anyone cares, but to think that somewhere out there, in some employees old hard drive or disc, is a model of Monsters Inc’s factory, or the model of the ant hill from bug’s life is a little strange and harrowing, that those digital worlds are still there and can be revisited

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back when that shit was making the rounds through chain mails and websites it seemed like the blandest possible normalfag humor while they were going crazy about it. not even feeling nostalgia for that one.

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They reuse their assets. If you watch carefully, you can notice stuff from older movies being included in new ones. The most famous one is the ball, but there's more. It seems plausible that they delete assets they know they'll never use, but then on the other hand storage is really cheap, so they might aswell keep it stored.

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A couple of the artists who worked on Toy Story are active on Quora and stayed that they did have the original movie files but could not render them for the remaster due to changes in software since the time of the movies.

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I always thought they just copy and paste the texture. These assets all look too easy to model and make with modern graphics rather than translate it and update it

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well that's more of a reference than efficiently reusing materials or something.

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How do you deal with the realization that making it isn't about skill, but the willingness to work like a slave for GED pay?

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True. Can't feel my ass anymore.

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It's a good post. But why the honey-eyed girl avatar? Do you identify as a honey-eyed girl?

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>I wanted to create my own short films and small games
Then why aren't you doing that?

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if he was creating small games, he wouldnt have the pleasure of posting about it on this board since we dont tolerate /agdg/ shit

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Honestly, mainly because I'm a bitch. I have all the neet time right now to do it, but I don't want to take that risk. I've been through multiple small game projects with other people and even went through a crowdfunding, I also worried about posting on social media regularly, get feedback from game testers etc. to know how much of a pain in the ass the complete process is. It's really hard out there and only rare ones succeed. Maybe I would do it on the side if I had a steady income source, but those child's dreams of developing games for a living are far gone.

Another thing is that when I seriously started learning gamedev and creating prototypes, I realized I only create pretentious Chris Crawford / Jason Rohrer tier games and try to experiment with mechanics that push the medium. Nobody cares about that either since it isn't exactly fun, but I enjoy doing that kind of stuff. If I wanted to make money with it, I would need to do market research, come up with engaging mechanics and fit the game to the consumers, and at that point it wouldn't be worth doing it for me anymore.

Now I'm at least trying to tell small stories through 3D environments I'm creating, but it is still challenging especially when I can't make any shortcuts I would have done otherwise, because it is going into my portfolio as well. And there's no money in short films at all. Maybe it could help me with a bit of an exposure if I pull it off and that's it.

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I really need help with exporting an Alembic (I think), from Marvellous Designer into Blender. I've made a top, looks great, I'm happy, simple. The animation looks good, 24 fps across the board. Ok. Then I bring this Alembic (Ogawa) into Blender and match it up the same size as my FBX character. (The reason I'm using FBX is because I want the character to have skin and I can't seem to add textures to the Alembic.) So anyway, I do this and I play the animation, in Blender and the bloody Alembic Top I've made is sped up ever so slightly compared to the FBX character, and I tried moving the timescale along, cos I thought, hey it might be out a step a bit, but it's definitely sped up for some reason. I've tried everything, can't figure it out. So yeah...Please help, I'm so close to being done. So so close. I'm going to sleep now, but will save the link and look tmr, brain is fried.

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Please reply, I've not really gone to sleep yet, I need to get this done, so I can get some work.

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I would go to sleep. Nobody here probably knows.

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Could it be that MD is actually exporting at 30 fps, or other common frame rate? I haven't personally used MD with Blender, but there are a few mentions of that kind of issue on MD forums.

Also, yes, Alembic doesn't carry material information. It's intended to be used on top, so to speak, of objects that do carry that sort of info.

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Go see travis david's videos he has some md to blender stuff

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Thankyou friends, this is appreciated greatly for your time :)

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Movie Quotes thread.

"i may be retarded, but at least im not a fucking commie tranny" - Forrest "retard" Gump

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Previous thread hit the bump limit. This is a blender general thread for all your questions/posts/anything else to do with Blender. Mainly to prevent individual questions posts from making the board shit.

Read the official board FAQ before posting so that this thread doesn't die faster than it should: >>561987

Previous thread: >>803771

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Quæstion: How do you constrain a Transform (such as Grab/Move) to plane XY?

Effect of key combo G-Z-Z (intended to mean "not Z") is no different from G-Z (constrains to Z-axis). Key combo G-Z-0 just freezes the vertex so you can't move it anywhither. The constraint I'm seeking is available after the fact from the GUI pane for last operation settings.

>Mein bump limit!
Das Autismus.

>the official board FAQ
It's a good FAQ but too long to serve as a prærequisite for asking newcomer and “knew how but forgot” quæstions.

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Made in Blender btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3f8bjgSWE8

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You just do shift+the axis you want omitted

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Le fantastique! Merci beaucoup.

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>Get an hour into a tutorial
>"Yeah so we kinda just wanna make this like how we want it here"
>5 minutes of no speaking, fast clicking, hot keys and nostril breathing

Awesome tutorial man! Hope you don't get into a devastating car accident!

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is pirated zbrush going to steal my work?
do you guys air gap?

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Just add a firewall rule

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>implying anybody wants your shitty models
hearty chuckle

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Redpill me on meshroom

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because it keeps getting name dropped

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Using cycles. And Blender. Everytime the preview shows any change, or in particular when rendering, CPU usage is locked at 100%. How many hours is it "healthy" to have it at such extents?

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But the Tjmax of my CPU is 95°C

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you're done for. quickly you can save yourself by switching to maya. Do it now!!!

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Desktop or Laptop, you still haven't answered that question.
If its a desktop you could change the cooling system and safe the CPU and make it live much longer.
If its a Laptop, then it probably will not age well.
>a stable 78°C
>Tjmax of 95°C
Wait till its summer (if it lives that long).

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I used an i7 4770 every day since 2014, shit got up to 90C like everyday. Still works fine, u don't have any thing to worry about

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What does /3/ think about Panini Projections when you have a high fov? Is this good or bad?

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Panini is delicious. I want one Panini to project onto my plate right now.

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Fuck you, I'm hungry now, and I don't have any Panini.

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Today I discovered Blender and the "Sculpt" tool.
I am a complete novice with no art talent at all.
I give it a shot, and Low and behold, artfaggotry is VERY easy and years of you cunts pretending that moving some verts with a mouse is difficult- well let's just say that's OUT THE WINDOW.
As you can see with pic related, if a complete novice can create something passable IN HALF AN HOUR it is safe to say he can create game ready assets with not much more practice
Tomorrow I will be firing the two artists working on my video game as it is outrageous they require money for this trivial a task. I am no longer caring about your opinions


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Nice samefagging.

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Liar, we both know that it's objectively good.
Kneel for me, artfag.

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>Tomorrow I will be firing the two artists working on my video game as it is outrageous they require money for this trivial a task
It would be hilarious to see this happen and the consequences unfold. Please be real, OP, not bait.

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>He's samefagging

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then why brag about it?

you didn't pay for it.

besides blender runs on linux, zbrush doesn't.

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I'm not bragging about it i'm letting you know nothing here is revolutionary and to expand your knowledge base

>> No.807624

Even if you're gonna be working in blender sculpt the more you know about how people sculpt in ZBrush the better

>> No.807625

again, is revolutionary for blender users.


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now get a job doing that :)

oh wait :)

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I am a programmer who is interested in making a quick small project for my resume/portfolio. If you are interested in working with me on a very small interactive experience, add me on discord (mouse#7577). If you have stuff to show me, or want to pitch any ideas, that would be great.

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>I picked something that's harder than fucking programming

...All the lights in the sky are our enemies, huh?

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>Not programming your 3d models

>> No.807845

I know programming and 3D and yeah programming for an already made engine like UE4 and Unity is much easier, you don't need to become a graphics programmer or something like that to make a good game by yourself today

>> No.807855

It depends on what you're doing and how high your standards are. Both areas can be challenging.

But actually, I think 3D is ultimately easier if you're doing a project of your own. Why? Because with 3D, if I really end up stuck with some complex model, I can always simplify it, it doesn't matter, those are just visuals. But if I get stuck with a core gameplay mechanic and can't make it work, then the whole project is fucked.

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are generators for trees and humans the only generators there are, or are there generators for others type of models too?
in general, what type of assets would you proc gen and which assets would you make custom?

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There is though and Im sure you could do it in Houdini, but I have seen people generating rocks through world position data.

>> No.807799


japanese temple generator in houdini

>> No.807811

the sims has house generators :^)

>> No.807993

It's called houdini.

>> No.808076

OP is asking about ready-made, methinks.

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I had to reproduce it with a shitty bezier curve, the nurbs looked way better but bezier have the handles
thank you

>> No.807537

If you got a better result the first time, what do you need the handles for?

Aside from that, you can increase the resolution of the curve in the properties panel.

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questions like this dont deserve their own thread. post in a question thread plz

>> No.807546

Better this than software wars threads.

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Because I need a sharp angle, apparently you cant do it without handles, I didnt try it yet
you can hide it, also /3/ is almost dead so its fine

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