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Having CPU heat and fan speed issues.

>pic looks very much like what I have

GFX crapped out and ordered a new one along with some heat sink compound. I'm waiting for the new stuff and the GFX card to come in the mail so I thought I'd do spring cleaning. I'm using the last of my TM30 heat sink compound and applied that to my processor after cleaning it thoroughly and the heat sink.

Now, when i turn the comp on, it maxes out the fan speed and then shuts off, over and over.

Then, the core temps seem to be around 39 - 47 C as I type this out and nothing else going on. That seems high to me considering I was usually at ~31 with general internet browsing and no streaming.

The fuck did I break?

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>The fuck did I break?
You killed a thread.

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Where do you ask computer questions? I thought 3DCG troubleshot this stuff all the time?

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lol? I don't see an lol? What kind of retarded answer is that?

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You guys know where I can get HD Textures for CG modelling?

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Most real life textures are 128x128 max. It's real hard to find a real life textures in HD.

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The human eye can't see more thatn 64x64 pixels anyway :^)

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Do you know where the /questions/ thread is at?

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>Do you know where the /questions/ thread is at?
Questions go in the /questions/ thread, fagget.

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That's it boys.
I'm sick of box modeling characters.
Pic related is my first sculpt from some YanSculpts tutorials a while back.
I've obscured how flawed it it with some dark lighting.

What are some good things to sculpt to practice. I feel like starting with humans may not be the best? Are there some other organic forms that you feel are better for grasping sculpting fundamentals? Is banging out human anatomy the way to go?

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Progress pic of bad anatomy / sculpting.

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spoiler: you will never be good at either box modeling or sculpting

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That's definitely a possibility. When moving towards more artistic areas of CG there does seem to be a natural talent cap. However I'm sure with enough practice anyone can get to a reasonable level of competency.

Here's one of my hard surface models.

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Computer problem. Need input.

Computer was acting up last week and crashed on me with graphics failures. Thought it was graphics card. Updated and continued on my way and today it crashed and corrupted my boot drive. That's a new one for me.

Reinstalled Windows 10 and re-installed my editing software. Decided to test things out. Now that things have cooled down and were up to date, I started up a game that caused the crash and hard drive errors. Crashed again. But this time I restarted before computer could go full retard.

Turned comp off, pulled the GFX card, and started up no problem but with the obvious "you don't have a graphics card" aesthetic.

Ok, it must be the card... But wait... There's more.

After ordering a new card and fucking with some settings, i started to see hesitations. Well, duh, I have no GPU to share the load. But it started to show the same signs as card failure. So I started the same game but reset all the graphics to default. Immediately shit started flickering. Not the light show and sparkles that you get with the GPU, but like 1/4 of the screen going all diagonal and flickering black.

Question: I know the mobo isn't capable of handling extreme graphics, and even on the lowest settings, it can still get rough. But would it flicker or just skip frames as though laggy? I don't have another comp to toss the card in to try it out, so how do I know it isn't mobo, memory, or CPU problems, and the GFX is just fine?

I can't start the computer with the GFX card in. It says the boot drive can't be read when I do. So to me, that's a card issue, but my old experience with mobo gaming is just laggy as hell crap graphics. Not flickering and corrupted visuals.

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How do I know my graphics card is the culprit of a major catastrophe and not the CPU, memory, or mobo?

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Try doing something basic like chrome with no graphics card and see if it fucks up again. If it does, it's probably the motherboard

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Chrome seems to work fine. I figured the game was an extreme, but in my past experiences, games just ran like ass, not full on glitchy.

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It would depend... If you actually have graphics integrated into your mobo then it is time for an upgrade. APUs (CPUs with integrated graphics chips) replaced mobo graphics like two decade ago. The only modern mobos with graphics chips are server boards and those chips struggle with even the most basic desktops; nevermind windows 10... Or gaming.

If you were actually referring to the integrated graphics of your CPU then you might need a new CPU. If the integrated graphics chip blew up then chances are there is some serious damage to the CPU as a whole... That said, CPUs are rare the original failure point. They are very, very robustly build pieces of hardware. If they break its usually because something else broke them and if something else broke them then something else is broken.

Now, if your CPU's integrated graphics is working fine for workloads that it is designed to handle then you might be safe... CPU integrated graphics use system ram. The weird flickering you experienced while trying to play your game might... MIGHT be caused by paging. If you have very little system ram and you try to load a lot of textures (like what happens while your playing a game) you're computer will start writing information in your ram to the computers harddrive. This is to free up system ram for active programs. However, if you push this feature too far it can swap vital information into the page file. This can result in very, very weird behavior.

Many programs running their graphics on a GPU will also use system ram if you cap out your GPU's graphics ram (this feature isn't universal though, some programs just crash). From what I understand, many 3D programs use this feature for obvious reasons (4k textures chew through graphics ram like warm butter). You may have even pushed your gpu to the point where it ate all your system ram as well; resulting in a vital bit of system memory being paged and crashing your computer.


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Nevermind, I really can't comment any more without knowing more about your exact hardware...

A couple suggestions though;
>don't.... DON'T plug your new graphics card into your computer until you know it isn't a hardware failure issue. It could very well fry the card and you're money will by lost; warranties don't cover damaged caused by the user's faulty hardware.
>if you have very limited resources on your computer try using a lighter OS. Ubuntu or Linux Mint are fairly easy to use, and they are a fraction of the resource hog that Windows 10 is. There are even ultra light options, but those take a lot of set up to use for anything other then graphical server management.
>if paging is the issue you'll want to buy a couple sticks of higher capacity ram. A lot of vidya games now will gobble up more than 8 gigs when running on an APU... Just buy some used ram off ebay, if money is an issue. Ram can break, but it is nearly as robust as your processor. Most people sell their ram on ebay because they just don't want it sitting in a drawer somewhere; not because its broken.

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Do /3/ jobs even exists?
All I see is unpaid/revenue share work and jobs that require to have 10+ years industry experience + a portfolio that can compete with the best artists in the industry. How does anyone in 2019 even get a job?

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Since 2014 I believe. Assuming his earnings ramped up over time, if he's working alone how much more do you think that extra money does?

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Depends where you live and what sort of 3d work you want to do (character modelling, lighting, FX etc). You'll have to be more specific op

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It's per month, bro.

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Yes. And? If he's working alone, what do you think all the extra cash does?
If I was making furry porn I would work alone.

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>furries are some thirsty little shits
It's the same for any niche fetish with healthy online communities. There even used to be a pretty decent market for loli/shota a couple years ago, before moralfags sperged out, and began driving them off of tumblr, patreon, etc

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Do /3/ jobs even exists?
All I see is unpaid/revenue share work and jobs that require to have 10+ years industry experience + a portfolio that can compete with the best artists in the industry. How does anyone in 2019 even get a job?

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Hey, where can I find some images/references of good modeling topology? I'm talking about for animation of mid poly characters, say 10,000 verts or less, maybe even half.

What are some good search terms or websites?

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well according to your assertion, topology isn't made anymore and it's just an automated process so naturally no one would be able to "show their work," they would be showing an algorithm's work
in reality though it just sounds like you found out about zbrush and zbrush's retopology tool and conflated that with people not doing other forms of modeling

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That's only for those who can afford Zbrush, Idiot.

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Do people wank to figurines like those? Because I think I would.

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I don't quite understand though. If I sculpt a model of a dog to use in a game then have it retop'd by an algorithm, surely it won't be optimal for efficient deformation within a game.

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How do I get a job?

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God is dead

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and we killed him

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Walmart is hiring

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What kind of job?

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Alright /3/, let's try something for a change...


It's pretty simple: every day, we'll have a simple theme. Hand in an image of a model related to that theme in whatever renderer or engine of your choosing.... pic related. Feel free to be as direct or as abstract as you want when tackling said theme.

>How much effort should I put on it?

I am not your dad and you can do whatever you want in terms of workload. I urge you not to spend more than an hour or two on it (I did the OP image in like fifteen minutes and even that felt like too long). The point isn't to prepare the perfect portfolio piece that'll get you hired at Blizzard - it's to get your fingers stretching and those brain juices flowing.

>Can I critique whatever garbage people post here?

Yeah, but get ready to be called out and told to put your money where your mouth is. Again, I am not your dad and I can't stop you. On this board especially, I couldn't stop you even if I were.

>Can I ask questions here?
There is a questions thread. If you're curious about someone's render, quote the post and keep it short.

>Those themes are too simple and suck dick. Why isn't it X/Y/Z instead?

Let's try to keep it simple for a few days and see what happens. If the thread gains some traction and doesn't die on a shallow grave like most /3/ threads, maybe we could do a strawpoll with a few options instead.

The theme for tonight is chair. Have at it!

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That looks really good in a lot of parts, by the way. The wood grain is maybe a bit weird and really popping off to me, but the glass looks great and the stuffing on the chairs is good too, the little fold details really help to sell it. I don't know if you used a high focal length on that camera, which makes this perspective look a little funky, but overall I think it looks quite good.

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Looks pretty professional to me, the carpets look great, you nailed the materials on that, the sofa, bed, pillows and curtains. The lighting seems quite neutral and natural, which gives the whole scene a nice, serene mood.

Some stuff looks off, you forgot to soften the edges on that brick that's holding the lamp thing. I also couldn't help but to notice that the roof above the bed seems more polished than the walls... not sure if intentional or not. The whole little sofa assembly front and center just feels off. The materials seem extreme, the stuffing looks far too aged and worn out, the cup looks like it's made out of chrome instead of ceramic, and the plate looks extremely flat.

It's still a really nice scene in other places, and I like all the cloth simulations you've done.

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just now learning blender

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This is a cup?

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More like a bowl. Brimming with retardation.

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aye im the noob from yesterday. totally lost track of the thread. guess i should have explained that low poly shit is kind of what I want to do. never gonna make game assets, never gonna try to make a career out of this. Osamu sato is a big inspiration if that tells you anything.

Also finished product!

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>low poly [...]
classic excuse for losers
next thing you'll say everything you make is """stylized""" and not just plain wrong.

people who are actually skilled at low poly are professional painters.
it's much harder to get into with zero art background than you think.

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A thread died for this.

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May >>669337 rest in peace.

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Had anyone got screenshots of a thread from yesterday, see pic, its I can't find it in the archive or its not there. It would be greatly appreciated.

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Wait, I just realized my mistake never mind

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Mobilefags need to die off.

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oi m8 yof got loicense for 1st degree degeneracy?

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so, i'm a beginner trying to learn solid edge, downloaded the student version 2019, but man i couldn't understand a thing. there are no tutorials either. can you guys recommend another software with good tutorials please? thanks.

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You sound retarded. I think Blender would be a perfect fit.

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>Omniverse, an open collaboration platform to simplify studio workflows for real-time graphics.
>With Omniverse, artists can see live updates made by other artists working in different applications. They can also see changes reflected in multiple tools at the same time.
>For example an artist using Maya with a portal to Omniverse can collaborate with another artist using UE4 and both will see live updates of each others’ changes in their application.

Like G Suite, but for 3DCG. Could this be what finally allows /3/ to collab once again? Or will it be a glorious shitshow?

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glorious shitshow
Import penis everytime

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that is all. thank you.

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Fuck that would be fun. A whole bunch of us sitting around modeling cocks and insulting each other solely based on what software is being used

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Guys I'm doing it
I'm giving up on skp, as easy as it is to make awesome hardsurface stuff the future for it is dismal and Trimble has no interest in moving into the future and accepting UVs.

I'm going to learn blender now. 2.8 seems as good a spot as any.

As I understand it, blender has many open source plugins similar to skp. Are there any must have architectual ones?

I'm an architect so don't come into my thread with some muh sculpting shit either I have no interest in organics. Honestly how embarrassing for you if you even tried.

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And thus began another 200 post long blendlet vs. anti-blendlet "you clearly have no idea what you're talking about" flame war. Good job.

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I can't use an student Autodesk license for work, Autodesk does come after small companies for that.

I do already have some basic max and Maya knowledge, they are not foreign to me.
Last year if I had to swap, blender wasn't even on my radar. I had tried it before a few years ago. It was such a mess before 2.8 but now things actually seem to make sense.

I did look into modo but it's not good enough for architecture. It doesn't have a good alternative way to skp layout where as blender does.

Please understand that architecture =/= archvis. You may be able to sell a client an idea with a beautiful wacky design but good luck getting it built if it wasn't designed correctly from the ground up.

>> No.672923

>lease understand that architecture =/= archvis. You may be able to sell a client an idea with a beautiful wacky design but good luck getting it built if it wasn't designed correctly from the ground up.
then use CAD

>> No.672932

What >>672923 said. Use CAD. Blender is actively discouraged as a CAD solution. It has enough accuracy for artistic work, but not for engineering.

It's my understanding the standard for arch design is Revit, no?

>> No.672974

Revit is facing similar issues as SketchUp. It's stuck in the past.

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Is this workflow correct?
Do you have a different system or a better more detailed picture?
I am still pretty new and end up finding myself jumping from 1 thing to another.

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That line should be a dot in the top right corner, anon.

>> No.673239

top zozzle

are you being serious right now? can't read a simple graph?

>> No.673261

Sorry you're untalented but 3D pipeline is really not that complicated this is even more true today with the wealth of free to low cost tools available and even more free to low cost training. Did you go get tricked into going to (the industry) school?

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My post had nothing to do with the low cost of tools, but more about your artistic and technical proficiency to execute ALL the steps of the pipeline in a proper, high quality manner.

Even great 3D generalists aren't truly "do it all" artists; some people and tasks are more technical, while others are more artistic. For instance, you wouldn't expect a great lighting/rendering artist to be as skillful in rigging/skinning, for obvious reasons.

The "know it all, good at everything" candidates often have the shittiest resumes out there, because they're over confident that they can do everything.. when it fact they can barely make one thing past a pajeet beginner level.

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what do you wish someone had told you during your first 10 hours of modeling?

this is a first try at a head, so obviously I've got a verrry long ways to go, but I'm having fun and want to get better

i know blender sucks but im super poor

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get on my level

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Anon that looks terrifying

>> No.673195

Like the other anon said, there are plenty of tutorials using edge extrude. Not only that, some artist who take illustrations and make 3d models out of them post videos using similar methods. Im assuming that the technique can actually be helpful and speedier than sculpt/retopo in some instances, but they are not as easy as they make it look and a lot can go wrong.

Thanks for the tips anon, I will give it a try and look for some cool artists around. Im just doing this in my spare time, but I would like doing things properly.

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oh you bet that's why I posted it. Although I used the heads for cel shading so the horrible anatomy isn't nearly as visible. For example this is what I made with the head 2nd farthest to the right. Head looks like shit but the right shaders make it somewhat forgivable

>> No.673228

>I'm having fun and want to get better
And that's good because that's how you get better. Make a bunch of crappy models and analyze on what you can do next time or watch a tutorial related to what you are struggling with- if you can't pinpoint on what to work on, you can always post your stuff on polycount or here (don't use reddit because its the biggest hugbox in the world).
Fun is very important in getting gud, build a habit/discipline of making sure you are having at least a bit of fun. There will be times where you want to kill yourself because making good art is difficult and you'll have trouble of feeling that 'fun' again; so be sure to analyze your insights on how and why you feel fun. You don't have to be a genius or write an essay, writing 1 line of note is better than nothing.

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Hey, /3/, I'll be streaming how I sculpt batman for a school project. From the beginning.

If any of you bros are interested you can watch me here.


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I watched it later.
I didn't understood one thing. Why did you stoped following the reference?

>> No.673050

post a pic of the final model, that way i know wether to care or not

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Where can I find xnalara models besides deviantshit?

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kys OP, a thread died for your dumbass post

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Anyone know the model ?

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>A thread died so you could do your off topic garbage-posting

>> No.673235

Marie Rose, the Filipino(male)

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Jessica Alba maybe?

>> No.673250

FaceGen was a mistake

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Britney Spears

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