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I'm trying to create wallpaper textures for my modular walls.
But look, the wave texture doesn't show up on these adjacent wall face :(
How can I fix this?

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So, I switched the direction to Y band and it shows up now.
What's the explanation for this? Help me

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Now,I rotate the z direction by 90* and the waves go away again :(((((

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sigh I'll just get the substance suite instead instead of this headache.

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Should I use Blender for creating anime girls?
What are some programs that are good for this

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You could've already picked ANY 3d software and made a significant progress on an anime girl during the time you created this waste of a thread and waited for replies.

Go with:
1-20 Blender
21-40 Maya
41-60 3dMax
61-80 C4D
81-100 Zbrush

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they banned me over this

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1. You have to be at least 18 to post here
2. This has nothing to do with 3DCG
Go fuck yourself retard kid

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I don't know Substance Painter, but I know I've come to hate Adobe products. Is there anything Substance Painter does that I can't achieve with Blender's texture painting?

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I own perpetual license, purchased on steam. Stop being transphobic and poor

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wow wtf
sry bro, didn't know you were genuinely mentally retarded...
nice reading comprehension and be well.

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Predictable response

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well yeah it's predictable. when you completely ignore sound arguments and instead react with nonsensical blabber, it's not exactly hard to predict that the rational person will go: "you are talking nonsense, retard."

i will not respond further, as you having lowered yourself to typing the equivalent to lorem ipsum into the box automatically means that you have forfeited the discussion.
fuck you for wasting my time and stop being poor pls.

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Good, go crawl back to cgp forums. Nobody will miss you here.

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my father has been a narcissist wifebeater for my whole life. For whatever reason he doest beat my mom physcially anymore, im 30, they are 60. But there were plenty of instamces growing up where i have been cowering in horror as my moms head is bleeding all over the kitchen over some meaningless bullshit. She is a shell of a human.

I have never been able to have a good relationship with him. Anytime we spend more than 10minutes with eachother i cannot handle the way he is and end up exploding. Then i am the "crazy one". How am i supposed to not explode at this fucking asshole when he is constantly exhibiting some of the mlst disgusting interpersonal behavior such as...
> never taking accountability for anything
> constantly abuses my mom (shes just a fucking slave
>"get me this" "do this" "WTF you did it wrong! "WTF you didnt do it exactly the way I wanted!" "NO I wanted the other thing not this, moron!
>while he sits on his ass and barks orders
>constantly disagrees with anyhting anyone tells him
>he is always "right"
>Always acting entitled in public situations, thinks he deserves special treatment from staff in restuarants and stores, making scenes because he is right and they are wrong
>always making sick little jokes about peoples insecurities or weaknesses

I just cant fucking deal with this guy. The only solution i have found that works is cutting him out of my life. Then after a few weeks i try to reconnect and make things better, and it always devolves into shit... i fucking hate this cycle.. I just want to get along with him because "hes my dad" but it just seems impossible....

Wtf am i supposed to do....

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hello this here rakeesh from prashnupirjabad, hamdaloong area. my advice is to retopologize in blender sir and watch the video from the great magician sir andrew price.

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First, don't post this shit on this board.
Second, don't fucking try to reconnect, dumbass. Your dad most likely will never change, get your mom away from him if you can and cut this tumor out.

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sir for reconnecting I advise to use the blender connector tool and as always: stay safe and easy.


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do you think a gamedev has to learn 3d modeling and art to the same degree a "real artist" has to?
the difference is that an artist has to work for customers and always focus on doing one task as good as possible, whereas a gamedev just has to make models good enough for their own game and then call it a day. also a gamedev doesn't need to reach a quality level for movies.
that being said, what's the bare minimum an gamedev should learn/master to have a comfortable workflow to make assets? and what should a gamedev ignore to save time and get more stuff done?
if we all had infinite time i wouldn't ask this question, but since i want to get a game done in my lifetime i seriously need a plan how to approach asset creation in a realistic way. i dont want to shortcut my way through everything, but i also dont know what boundaries i should enforce on myself to focus on getting assets done.
also i what's a good way to approach buying or downloading free assets? should i use premade assets whenever possible or does using too many assets mean too much risk regarding sloppy licensing/copyright terms?
also should i learn anatomy and stuff in depth or should i focus on just using other peoples models as references and work around that and not bother too much about understand all the details?

well, tldr: what shortcuts can i take and what shortcuts will bite me in the back?

ofc there's no definite answer to this, but maybe someone has some experience doing lots of art for their own game!?

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i'm not interested in proving you that i have what it takes. actually i'm fine with you thinking that i'll never make it. actually i didn't even claim to ever get anything done.

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you're not supposed to prove anything, you're being turing-tested.
response to self-reflection (soul): 0%.

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I have reached the point where, as a solodev, I have come to accept the fact that I must make everything. I cannot even use the animation packages, textures or models of other people, as they won't fit with the rest of my work or each other.

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Damn, that's kinda disappointing. I clicked on this thread thinking there would be a discussion going on about a topic I had some interest in, but it's just a schizo crab and you feeding him.
Look at all of the indie games that have already succeeded despite having "bad graphics" or genuinely low-quality art. If you can do better than that, which isn't as hard as you might think it is, your game can succeed if it's fun enough and you actually know how to market your game on social media.
You would be a lot better off asking this question in /agdg/ since there are people there who actually have experience with gamedev and aren't going to tell you that everything you make is going to look like shit unless you use all the right programs and follow all the right courses. The people on this board have the same taste in 3dcg as a kid who played a video game for the first time in 2014 and won't accept anything less than AAA quality.

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OP, if you're serious about making a game, you might want to stick to making either a PS1 style game or a low-end PS2 style game. There is no way in hell are you making a PS3/PS4 level game. In case you aren't aware, development teams got bigger. There's no way you can do the work of 50+ men- which is why I suggest sticking to PS1/PS2 style game.

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Need help plz subdivision surface keeps afflicting me, going into sculpt mode doesn't help-
>any effort to put the regular layer down at the pinching points and the hollow layer emerges
>remeshing fixes this but now subdivision surface doesn't help and the leg remains square
>moving the verticies avails nothing as the mesh retains the weird pinch angle even when moved inwards

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why are you still trying to salvage this lmfao

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what the fuck... is this how average blendlet operates?

>> No.947030

The fuck is a "hollow layer"? You got a mesh inside of a mesh? That sounds like a mess.

>> No.947039

a big mesh >;)

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its clear that OP is an underage faggot

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>you can't search for blender on twitter any more because they're retarded and couldn't stop showing people a video of a cat being blended

i guess it's time to switch to maya

>> No.946844

everyone has to grow up some time.

>> No.946845

I immediately knew it was because of the cat blender video

>> No.946846

#blender works fine

>> No.946847

Link to the video?

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is max or maya better for archviz? I want to learn either soon, I've only used blender and fusion but poly modelling in blender can be fucking annoying sometimes.

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Max, it's the best software modeling-wise. Idk much about rendering engines but afaik Redshift or Octane are pretty good.

>> No.946839

most archviz boils down to arranging pre-made assets into very simple boxes (the way that little girls play with furniture in doll houses) and for some reason long ago everyone decided they were going to use max to do this.
it's basically not viable to use maya or any render engine other than vray or corona because of this reason.
blender is starting to catch up because blender attracts these types of users (grown men who like to act like little girls) but for now, max is the way

>> No.946882

houdini >>> max + railclone > max >>> powergap >>> microsoft windows paint 3d > kai's super goo + 3D AI trained on gay porn >>> ... >>> (insane power gap) >>> the indian freeware known as blender

>> No.946920

yeah I mean I want to design and model everything myself for practice

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Hey /3/ i need your help.
I have a college assignment for my VG class.
I just have to make a Steampunk inspired Cathedral exterior environment, so not to model the cathedral its self but make a scene around it and all that.
The catch is i have to use free assets off the Epic Games market place or any other source for that matter but they have to be legitimately free, i cant just pirate some random Warhammer 40k sisters of battle assets sadly.
You guys got any nice sources, they just have to be Unreal v4 compatible since that is the version used in class.
Thanks in advance /3/

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>Yeah amazing hair now in blender
>sorry sweaty, you cant add thickness and transform into mesh
>baking hai? Sorry sweaty, no

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English is my passion

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please sir do not redeem

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Starting to seriously think you can´t make it with art, if you like try to be a follower.

There´s not point on making my style look like genshin impact, Vroid or AAA realism.

Because there´s like a billion artists that can make that shit in 5 minutes at a level I simply wont be able to compete.

It's also why I will stop using AI.
There´s not point on using a tool that makes eveything look like It was made by the same tool, with the same compositions and poses.
And the flood of AI art, means it will be the new fiver pajeet scam type of art.

People will get tired of it, eventually.

And the fact AAA companies will start to use it.
It´s not a new thing, is not unique.

Your game will be simply another AI art game.

Honestly what I see is that I need to just do a gamble and just push with this style.
It looks bad, yes, not skilled, yes, amateurish, yes.

You can say, oh, that´s a joke, those models are bad, It looks like an asset flip. It´s just hilarious how bad it is.

And yet....
It´s unique.

Like it takes a person less than a second to quickly realize is not generic VN anime waifu pixiv art, or le epic AAA realism or western art.
It´s unique.

And that´s the card I think that will let me to actually make it.
My winning secret card.

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well at least we know cris is still alive, I was starting to wonder if he got thirdworlded to death.

>> No.946722

The world isn't going to run out of art jobs before we're 60, retard. Find something else art related you're good at like weapon design, architecture etc. etc. if AI can generate things that are as good as your current work then it's your problem.

>> No.946723

not what I mean, I am talking about having an original style,

>> No.946734

OP couldn't art direct themselves out of a wet paper bag

>> No.946816

fuck off cris

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I wanna get into creating and animating models/textures for MC, which programs should I use?
Pic related

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nigga, you could write out a minecraft model by hand, poly by poly.

>> No.946688

I dont know much information but i think is BlockBench are designed to be a minecraft 3d editor.

>> No.946690

Use Paint.NET for textures just the way Notch intended

>> No.947002

I forgot paint.net existed. So nostalgic :(

>> No.947006

use Blockbench, it's made for minecraft / lowpoly modelling

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what's the expected time to finish an environment like this with all the props and callouts in a studio?

>> No.946669

40 hours

>> No.946775

60 hours if you did it from scratch.

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...good to know how you nigger measure this kind of tasks!

>> No.946824

I could prob do this in a week if I stayed at it, if my adhd ass conducts as regular 2 weeks would be normal

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What do you do when you're eager to learn but you're stuck at your day job? I'm an office receptionist so i sit on my thumb all day listening to podcasts and playing runescape on my phone. I'd love to use this time more productively but it's hard when i can't do anything hands on. The best i can think to do is browse this imageboard, but that just makes me envious and a little horny. I can at least come up with ideas, but i'm a novice and i'd rather be at home playing with blender...

>> No.946645

Blender is designed in such a way that you learn how to use it the day before you leave this world forever.
The UI is so bad, there so many bugs and it's getting worse with every release, so by the time you learn how to use it, your youth: gone, your wife: divorced, you kids: complaining about their absent grandfather.
You're blessed. You just don't realize it.

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>Blender is designed in such a way...
>The UI is so bad, there so many bugs...
>You're blessed. You just don't realize it....

kek! its free, everyone who works on it dont expect any payment ...

...go fuck yourself!

>> No.946808

another retard!!! kek!!!!! go on artstation and you can find pros using it!!!

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>go on artstation...

...and? ..look, ignorant idiots dont understand that you can learn everything 3d with blender without paing thousands of euros to autodesk jews or by corrupting your workstaion with aids by pirating some shit ...

...to learn how a sotware works is easy, to think in 3d isnt!

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Hi, I'm looking for a cracked softwre, in here that I do the request?

It's is a pluguin for AutoCAD Civil 2021, FARO as built, anyone knows?

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Help I'm retarded.

>> No.946671

Good morning!

>> No.946681

all you're going to get is ransomware

>> No.946684

Maybe torrent? I'd check the archives on this board.

>> No.946707

good morning sir please don't redeem free plugin or I shut your mother
thank you sir

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pretty cool i think. took me maybe 40 minutes while listening to lightning bolt

>> No.946649

cool, are you going to texture it?

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What is the correct way to animate skin bulges? Like if a character's skin is being pressed on by another 3D object, how do you make it look like pressure is being realistically applied? As opposed to just clipping through the mesh.

>> No.946612

FEM, anything less is a dirty hack

>> No.946638

Ai or machine learning. Disregard the other idiot >>946612

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not an argument

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Is there a way to animate a magazine flipping pages with collision between the pages? I also want to load the pages from images I have on my computer. A book would be nice too.

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Hi /3/! I remember when we had a thread about CG porn and how to make it, and OP even provided others with a MEGA link for porn resources eg. sounds, models, blender porn tutorials.
I want to ask for your advices regarding making CG Porn, and if someone has a library of assets for example videos, sounds, I would greatly appreciate it!

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my dog works at pixar, its not an achievement anon.

>> No.946782

Post the links in IC since 3DCG is a blue board

>> No.946797

>people posting portfolio level work aren't making threads
A) who?
B) they should be posting threads

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File: 40 KB, 1000x800, Erm... she is in this board and works at pixa -ACK!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yea... and i'm King Charles III, Ruler of London.

>> No.946856

i never knew retards had so much hate for 3d porn till i visited this board. then i realized its because you get easy praise and money the more skilled you are at animating tifa. animating porn while working on personal projects on the side is pretty nice and its all thanks to this board

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