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Do any of y'all use SFM? I just remembered it was a thing and I'm starting to read up about it, I was just wondering if any of you had some good tips and or tricks. From my initial research it seems like a pretty powerful little tool; I'm kind of surprised I haven't heard of more people using it.

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>I'm kind of surprised I haven't heard of more people using it.

I'm gonna give you a quick rundown:
On the surface it seems powerful until you realize the absolute hell it is just to make models for export to source engine MDL format and thier maps and material system. Source engine is an absolute dumpster fire and you shoudn't be learning something so outdated, broken and has backwards workflows only being held up by scattered community tools. Also SFM is basically abandonware at this point too.

Its best just to learn how to animate in any 3D program rather than a broken movie making tool for a horribly outdated engine. Lastly a lot of points were already covered in this topic >>>672638

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I steal peoples content and then make alterations to them to where people don't notice. I had one person get skeptical and I simply ignored his comment. I can't give exact numbers on how much money I am making (since I could easily be found out through google search). But I make a substantial amount of money and have been doing this for years.

So I have to ask all of you. Why not work smarter instead of harder?

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lol is this you?

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LOL fucking got em

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OP is a LARPing faggot

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>I hope you guys keep this naive perspective so that I can prosper
Why then did you make this thread in the first place?

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Reminded me of that Chinese university, claiming they had developed their own "purely Chinese made" 3D package to get the sweet, sweet state funding shekels and then it was just re-branded Blender.

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Hello 4chan, I was working on Blender and I accidentally close the 3d visualizer while rendering for a previsualization, I do not know what happened, so, May someone could tell me how to back to the original visualization please?

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There's a thread for asking retarded questions, there's also a blender thread.
Then there's google, which would instantly have given you the answer.
Kill yourself.

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At the bottom of your screen, switch from dope sheet to 3d view, also go look up workspaces

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It's like when a new user of maya accidentally goes into paint mode.

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>install 2.80 open image edit mode...
>why the fuck can't I see the objects UV map
>literally REEEEeeee for 5 min at blenders buggy bullshit
>oh, wait nvm...

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/v/ here but this seems like a good place to ask. I am looking for this solo project animation from a few years ago that won some awards. It was titled something like "Earth as we know it" or "A wonderful earth" and was a series of disconnected distrubing and sad stories. The ones I remember are a clinic with signs saying "dont tell patients there is nothing wrong", and a girl cutting her wrists in the bath. It was slightly similar to the "rejected cartoons" reel. Does anyone have any idea what I am talking about? I have been trying to find it for hours.

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the UI is a mess.
i heard all the common arguments about on why its good, and i respect that.
but you can't put the geometry tab next to the texture tab, like comeone. you really have to 'search' every little thing because its scattered like crazy

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All on arguments on why it's "good" boil down to "I've been using the program for 10 years and have figured out all the nonsense so you should too"

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It's more like "I followed this two-week basics course from Pavlovich, and now I scoff at people who think ZBrush is hard. They are just lazy."

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Imagine if Pixologic followed a 2 week course on UX design.

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Are physical reference mannequins a useful tool for figuring out good looking poses before animating?

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make a simple stick figure/ mannequin proxy mesh then

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I'd say in theory yes but in practice for your average artist; no. If you built a true representation of the skeleton you're to manipulate
and it has good joints in all the correct locations then yes very much so, you can move around it and observe it from any vantage in a
very rapid fluid way and try things out at a pace that is just impossible to replicate with a mere mouse and keyboard moving joints on screen one by one.

But with a generic stiff mannequin with joints that soon will have a lot of play, like what you see in your image not so much.
You will be fighting the rig to strike a pose it doesn't support and it wont represent your actual character well.

Something like pic related would be the ideal. It is the animation puppet for the CGI T-rex from the original Jurassic Park.
An expert stop motion artist would pose the digital T-rex directly recording joint rotations straight from that puppet.
But I mean good luck building something like that if you don't have a VFX workshop at your disposal.

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Here's a more interesting image of the thing being used. It's a testament to just how powerful the organic quality of the input is that this scene from 1995 looks more believable than most CGI we see even today.

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If you're not in terrible physical shape or something a powerful and easy thing you can do instead of using a mannequin
is to just keep a fullbody mirror nearby while animating and simply get up off your ass and get into the kind of pose you're going for and observe yourself.

Being able to feel your own joints and move all your limbs at once will help you figure out a pose very rapidly.
Just make sure no-ones around or at least is aware of what you're upto if you're animating the opposite sex or somekinda creature.

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That was one of the cool things about Softimage Creative Environment / Softimage|3D; out of the box you could hook up any imaginable device to use as a motion channel driver. Granted you still needed that expert stop motion puppeteer, but what a nice thing to have.

I did that all the time, taping myself doing crazy stuff to get either facial or full body motion reverences. But yeah, better do it in a discrete way.

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how to git gud at mounting an entire film scene, pic related

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Hey guys it's OP here. Man I wish there was a thread specifically for asking questions. Instead of killing threads with my shitty questions

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OP here again. Sorry to keep filling this thread, but I forgot to say that I'm a wholesome faggot.

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OP here, I'm gay btw, not sure if that matters

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Who is this girl

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Is there any course on making PBR with blender?

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Just go find some fully physics based forward pathracer and export your shit to it. Wa la.

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so much shit wrong with this post
the /3/ degeneracy goes on

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>spectrum renderers
what the fuck is even that
do you mean linear workflow? or unclamped? or unbiased? wtf

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Renderers which take into account the properties of materials when interacting with light in different wavelengths.

Octane, Thea, Indigo, and Luxcore, if recall correctly, are spectral renderers. There's also Ocean, although it's intended for high-level previz (pic related) and takes more of a scientific approach to light simulation.

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Thanks for show me ocean render.

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What is a shader and is there a precise definition?
I see some people use it interchangably with materials and even sometimes textures while others don't.
This happens across the industry in all fields of 3d.
What the fuck is going on?

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A shader is the thing that you plug your texture maps into and possesses the properties (often physically correct) of the material you want to represent in your 3D scene.

For instance: metal, dielectric (plastic, wood, etc.), glass, skin, etc.

It's the thing that defines the surface of a mesh once the renderer calculates how the lights hit it and whatnot.

One thing is for sure, shader =/= textures

AMA if it's still not clear

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Thank you for clearing this up.
Wait, what you just described is a material.

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shader (properties) + textures (visual info) = material

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Much appreciated.

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anytime m8

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Anyone have experience using 13/14/15 inch laptops/2in1 with 3d?

Whats your experience?

I don't know what's too small. I want to travel but also do 3d/2d art. Any opinions please share. Also what software.

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I had an old vostro 1500 a couple years back. I was surprised how well it ran blender even with only 64mb of graphics ram... Well, I was surprised that it could run blender anyways. Saying it ran blender well is a bit of an overstatement, but it was enough to mess around with some low poly stuff. That said, it was the 1680 x 1050 screen resolution that was actually of note. I think I actually liked it more then my current 1920x1080. I don't know if they make that resolution anymore, but it seemed like it saved a good chunk of graphics resources without sacrificing much in the way of monitor resolution.

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Daily reminder that this interface is retarded.

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And outdated.
Very, VERY outdated.

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It is impossible to create a good interface in ZBrush, even the language and terminology is fucking retarded
You just need to get used to it and then get mad whenever they improve it just like everyone else

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Rate my custom UI, /3/

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Longhi / 10

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New WIP Thread (all software) Let's go down to the river.

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Elon Musk.

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Freddy mercury

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kek. I know right? I'll probably do him next (pun intended).

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Just finished first day of Ryan Kingslien's 12 days of Realism. I can already see improvement. Can't wait to finish the course. I'm going now. Bye.

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Well, Kingslien is one cool motherfucker. This really makes my process a whole lot easier.

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Using Solidworks for some time now (Started as part of Uni's subjects, ended up as nice hobby to designing stuff). 1 week ago something happened and all the lines look "broken". Checked the settings and they were fine, did a reset, nothing. Anti-Aliasing is on.
Does anyone have any tip?

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These is literally not a single pixel affected by AA in your picture. I don't work with Solidworks, but maybe there are multiple options that could affect Anti-Aliasing

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I'm in University and we only learned Rhinoceros (I had a teacher explaining me a bit of blender but we don't use it and I just know the basics) and for one of my classes we are designing a concept electric car and my part of the work is to do the interior BUT I'm going insane because it's incredibly hard to model using nurbs (I cheat a bit and use the t-splines plug in)
Is there any easier software to model the interior of a car (the final model needs to be 3d printed )?

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Nurbs are kick ass get good fagit.

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Basically everything has a modeling toolkit capable of it.

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You can use Blender, which apart from being one of the best modelers out there, it's free. And you'll be in a large community full of knowledgeable people happy to help you with your learning. Look at BlenderNation for example.

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>NURBS modeling a car interior
autism tier
>NURBS modeling a car exterior
god tier

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>we are blendlet witnesses, do you have a moment to talk about our blend leggy

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is it acceptable for sculpting and animation?

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but that is noting like what youre doing, that is in essence sculpting but with poly modelling which youre not doing, yours is too rounded and look like limbs of a fat girl and in some cases of that palm he fucked up areas and some areas dont make sense, so this is not a good example by any means, hes doing the same thing that jap guy is, just more ugly. but again this is not what youre doing.

youre definitely right, cant help these retards, just hope they dont spread their shitty ideology els where, ESPECIALLY since they have no idea what theyre talking about.

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wow thats amazing. pls say who is he thats the level i want to achieve.

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Curvy McCurvington

just offset your geo lol

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Do you even read the posts you are responding to anon?

Not a very good look to be deflecting calling everyone and everything 'shitty retarded multi-fucks' left and right
ESPECIALLY not at the same time as you're toggling CAPS on people while engaging in DAMAGE CONTROL type behavior.

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is your brain damaged from all the damage control? or are you just illiterate?

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How badly did I dun goof? I invested the past 4 years into strictly programming maya and opengl and as a result couldnt animate worth a lick. Then I took a break from programming and forgot some of it as I was forced into the painful painful working world. This is what I've completed in the past day and its pitiful. I just start little day projects now and dont refine anything because I hit a brickwall in terms of skill.

What do? This is strictly maya / arnold btw

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NOTE: I want to starting this of by saying I am still learning animation and fairly new to it, don't take what I say as truth. Just trying to provide some criticism.

The anticipation at the beginning when it pulls back before going forwards is to quick and too exagerated.
Less pull back, make it ease into the pull back and make it take longer.
In fact most of the animation is too quick you can barely tell whats going on.
The second shot was so fast I almost missed it the first time. You could probably remove it and have the camera rotate with the UFO in the first shot or remove the third shot and have the camera rotate with it on the second shot.
The very last shot is fine, maybe just give the UFO a little more time to ease in and out some more.

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If your worried about getting a job, focus on your skills, tool programming, animators rely on tools. Don't know what tools animators wish they had, just ask.

>> No.678604

auto rigs? maya plugins that are hardware accelerated? What else?

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Is he natty?

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Great post big legs how does this relate to 3d design? Maybe get the meat heads to learn the difference of subs

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Looks like he has a big penis tbf.

>> No.678398

I would hope so. Otherwise he is a fucking disgrace to steroid users everywhere.

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I know how to use the optix denoiser and my god the speed. However its not temporally stable so I can't use it for animations. I have to use the cpu arnold denoiser buuuuuut now that I'm batch rendering I get watermarks in my renders saying ARNOLD ARNOLD ARNOLD.

What do? Is there a way around this without paying? Should I just use renderman?

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Use Sequence Render instead, for some reason that gets rid of the watermark. Also make sure the render view is somewhere comfy on your screen if you choose to have it up, that bitch won't move once you start it up

>> No.678217

They offer you the power of Arnold for free, and you complain about a simple watermark? Fucking millennials, I swear.

>> No.678226

is Arnold better than the mighty prMan?

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what logiciel may I use to make 3D models like that ?

I downloaded blender, but I don't know if I can make models characters like that

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This looks like Daz trash, there is a thread for other degenerates if you want some help with that mess

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mmh ty nigga

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no worries mate

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also interested in this

i too have a thing for fat bald slobs

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