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Will blender eventually reach a point where even if is not the best tool in the industry will be good enough for like 99% task you will need in the industry?

Not the best, but like good enough for 99% of taks?

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is 3d modeling and stuff good for a hobby? i want to pick up something new during quarantine other than gaming and get out of my slump. making dragons and stuff would be really cool too. pic is random sculpt i found

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Sure, why wouldn't it be?

There's plenty of different stuff to learn so just pirate something or download Blender and start watching YouTube tutorials at 2x speed.

Just don't expect to be able to sculpt that dragon any time soon.

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3d being your hobby where all you do is sculpt dragons is actually the ideal way to interact with it.

Unless you are lucky enough to mix business with pleasure.

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Hello, faggot here calling for help, last month i reset my laptop, I made backups of my main files, I was learning 3dsmax and I had a file almost finished, but when it was reset its lost, i recovered the file but only the .scene, so now it dont open,
someone who knows how to retrieve the file from a scene?

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What do you mean with .scene? File format?

As you probably know max uses .max as file format.

Try copying and renaming to .max alternatively upload the file or go to autodesks forums.

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1. You can't make selections through culled backface geometry
2. You can't use absolute units when scaling/extruding/insetting
3. You can't do proper edge offsetting without an add-on
4. You can't easily add a vertex to an existing edge (come on, I have to be wrong about this one)
5. You can't make a global material (non object-specific)
6. You can't enable backface culling in render preview

One month into dicking around with this pos, and I'm fucking angery. I'm hoping any of you can correct me on any of these points.

Also, gladly taking recs for a modeling solution geared towards hard surface and architecture that works well with substance designer material exports. Don't care if its not free as I'm tired of this freebie pajeet-tier spaghetti coded open source shit, I wanna program made by a white man.

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I never read other peoples threads, only my own.

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7. No UV relax tool
8. Packing algorithm is complete shit
9. Cannot change object base parameters if you click in the viewport or move the object
10. No good retopology tools
11. Shit performance
12. No industry usage
13. Rigging tools are a joke

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>Rigging tools are a joke
>Shit performance
>No good retopology tools

To blenders defence max has neither of those aswell.

Atleast we have retopo in max beta

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I believe Max has the best modeling performance in the market. Houdini is second, though good luck using it for direct modeling. Blender is the undisputed worst at modeling performance; only fanboys and trolls deny this.

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Another thing that is annoying: you can't have objects of the same name even if they are in different collections.

This is very annoying when designing a building with multiple rooms. I can't just have a 'floor' object in each collection, they have to be floor.001, floor.002, floor.003 and so on.

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>Annual $265.00
Getting real tired of this subscription bullshit for software that hardly ever gets any meaningful updates.

Watched Andrew Price tutorials back in 2015 for Blender and now I average about 3k a month on my blender work alone mostly doing product renders.

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>Watched Andrew Price tutorials back in 2015 for Blender and now I average about 3k a month on my blender work alone mostly doing product renders.

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>Watched Andrew Price tutorials back in 2015 for Blender and now I average about 3k a month on my blender work alone mostly doing product renders.

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Max deserves the money, it's amazing. But Maya is shit.

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Actually i think its compliantly opposite
Max is shit while Maya is great
But honestly autodesk already have monopoly and don't deserve money from freelancers or poorfags

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I taught myself to use Fusion360 about 5months ago, is this good progress for that amount of time?

I've done larger projects but this has probably been the most mechanically involved.

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idk how you'd judge F360 'progress'
It's an extremely functional tool for design and fabrication, and that's about it.

Only meters I'd judge it from is "Does the simulation provide me good information for iteratively improving my design?" or "Can I use this design to fabricate a functional part?".
Neither of which are presented in your pic

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No it's bad. By the time I was at five months I was at a professional hard surface level. If you intend to use Fusion for hardsurface you need to step your game up. If you want to use it for cad then okay, you're fine.

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I want to learn how to replicate the low res texture, medium poly model aesthetic from the PS2 era or similar. Any tips or good tutorials out there? Anything would be appreciated. Also if you're working on something similar then please come by and show your work.

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Look at the PS1 thread. It's the same shit, just with bilinear filtering around 1.2k tris per model instead of 400, and higher res textures.

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Some dude replicating PS1 era graphics poped up in my YouTube recommendations yesterday. I know it's not the same, but close enough. Give me few seconds and maybe I'll find him.
Anyway, the textures itself are first of all lower resolution without filtering. They usually used real life photos, placed in Photoshop to fit the UVs.
Back then they were using only albedo maps. Friend of mine was working in the game industry back then, I might ask him as well.
But that's all I know,

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Okay, I found the dude. Check him out.
Hope I helped!

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I think you forget the most time consuming thing animation the leap is insane no way you can match PS2 cinematic experiences without mocap and even then there's a lot that willl have to be done manually

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None of that is specific to the sixth gen consoles, though.

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I made a tool in unity and am wondering if its good enough to put on a tools reel to apply to studios. I can record tracking data from any type of tracker (hand keyed, head tracked, eye track) and then playback and use that stored data to do things like vertically scroll the final image to fit a 4k video onto dual 1080p monitors or just see what was being focused on at a particular moment, which is useful for many things. Look at the cube moving showing the recorded tracking and the dynamic scrolling of the video. I have been working on this project for 1 month, learning unity and c#


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Anyone? Any feedback?

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I want to 3D print the happy merchant. Does anyone know where I can find a CAD or STL file?

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>What is the sexcret simplest way requiring no effort to become best artist ever?
>Can I still get very good if I almost never practice?
>If I put water and become become the teapot, must I move to Utah?
>If I DAZ long enough will I come to understand the Mayan people?

Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread.

prev thread: >>752424

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PSA: spend a few minutes each day going into menus, reading tool tips, playing with settings/preferences, clicking on things, rearranging windows, trying different themes and layouts, etc.

it's a great way to learn your software's quirks, gain familiarity with its layout and features, and so forth

preferences are a great place to start. start learning what visible (if any) effect disabling and enabling things has. see if you can find the feature in your software's manual and read about it. if you don't understand it, just shrug your shoulders and find something else. make sure you learn how to reset your software to factory settings, or to save your settings and load them, if possible.

it's also helpful to think of things that most software typically allows. for example, what happens when you drag and drop an image into the window? a sound file? a video? a program? a rom? lol can you answer these questions confidently? if so, give yourself a pat on the back.

ever tried to see if you can purposefully get the interface into an unusable state and then back again? makes you feel a lot more confident that you can make the software do your bidding. can help demystifies things. blender's scenes, layers, workspaces, etc. are all painfully ignored by beginners. i'm guilty, we're all guilty.

hope this helps someone =]

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this wasn't directed at anyone, btw.
just posting information in a question thread.

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Anyone has a list of "things to learn" in some logical order for 3DCG? I remember /ic/ having some learning paths at some point. Can't really see an entry level to intermediate path list on here.

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3d is too wide to really do that, if you want to do character modelling you need to learn good sculpting above all else while somebody who wants to do a lot of guns and rocketships likely won't need it at all, not everyone will need to know rigging and animation etc.

Zero in on something you want to do and learn that specific pipeline first.

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Tuesday's coming, did you bring your coat?

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Got a file from someone and it brings up this nag screen on launch.

Anyone know what lines to alter in the .ma file to get rid of it?

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why do people model rooms like this...

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From my understanding, the straight edges are just there to act as "guides", because otherwise your loops will be all over the place once you start adding more edge loops or using the knife's midpoint cut option.

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not OP, but I think the question was about why keeping all walls, and floors connected with loops running through all of them instead of >>760610

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What kind of autistic answer is that. You won't get any shading issues if the faces remain flat (which they should). Most people who model like this are blendlets making their first unity horror games. Floor should be separated from the walls, same with the ceilings.

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You got to remember, in this day and age, PBR is a thing, and among those textures are displacements. So say the wall texture you use is that of a set of tiles, you're going to need a displacement map for realism, and that's where the smooth shading option comes in.

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Displacement existed before PBR.

>and that's where the smooth shading option comes in.

Blendlets can't possibly be this dumb. Displacement maps have nothing to do with shading, normal maps do. And all of this have nothing to do with wall topology.

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>Quixel Bridge
>Try to import asset
Textures do this, I've checked the uv maps and all and the problem seems to be in the imported textures themselves. They somehow get imported partially, a fifth of them is visible.
Does ANYONE know ANYTHING that I can do to maybe get one step closer to solving this piece of shit problem? Thank you.

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Use the question thread you dipshit. Why do you think we have an question thread?

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>Why do you think we have an question thread?
Questions go in the question thread, jackass.

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Its so obvious I can only assume you're new to 3d and thus I wont help you.

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it basically pops new artwork from artstation with artists profile link, everytime you open new tab
shit made me jealous at first but i think it's motivating me now
i never went on artstaions front page either anyways so i think this is nice way of catching up with next fuckery community is doing

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If it works for you, I say keep using it. Even if it means you're a fag.

Heck, I might even try it. Thanks OP for bringing this up.

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this board is complete garbage mixed in with actual useful things

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just like rest of 4chan
im doing my part

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Is it realistic to find a job after a year of learning 3D? What would I need to know how to do?

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go freelance, fuck wagecucking and kneeling to HR

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Wtf dude, if you're just trying to get hired there is a myriad of jobs you can do. The beauty of computer work is that you can make your own projects come true.

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make connections, easiest way to get a job in any field is to have friends in the industry

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Basado. Only right answer. Always freelance.

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if you hyper focused on one specific thing?
what did you do?

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Are these good specs for getting into 3D?

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Yea but don't plan on raytracing videos

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