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Red pill me on Quixel Suite 2. I cant use that POS substance and mari seems to be lagging and for ancient grandpas.

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How do I find a freelancing job?

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Which 3D forums?

Also I've been trying freelancer and it seems like all the even semi decent jobs are taken up by people who may or may not have more experience but have way more time logged on the site.

I have actually had a decent paying freelancing job in the past but it was out of pure coincidence that I found it.

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the one is local (to my country) freelancer site
the other was indiegamer

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Polycount, Unity3D, UnrealEngine, Indiegamer, Rebbit are just a few which you can shill yourself on in the job posting sections. Again, ArtStation and Polycount have professional job posting that you can get if you're actually skilled.

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How skilled is skilled for Artstation and Polycount?

I can make some pretty good stuff but I'm no master or anything. Do I have a shot?

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I've seen worse on Polycount, and I've seen worse get feedback.

It can only get better.

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Can someone give me a quick rundown on linking your project files together? I realized I've been exporting an fbx, navigating to the file, dropping the file in, etc. when I go from, say, Substance to Blender.

I guess what asking is this; is there a sort of a "standard" way to use the file system (Windows) to auto-update everything?

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How do I go about. doing this style with blender and being able to export as a FBX file I know i can add Edge outlines to models and have it show up when i render it but that only shows up when you render not when you export

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if you're exporting to a game engine, can't you just reapply the effect after you've imported to the engine?

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while a cleaver work around, this is a horrible idea for keeping low poly counts

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oh yeah. sorry I just found out I'm retarded

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That's why you have it as a shader in your engine instead of a physical outline like >>557437 said

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Is there a program that can do this with ease though ?

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how do i stop myself from creating depraved shit?

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You don't. Embrace it fully.

When all is depravity, all is normality.

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New to 3D modeling, any useful tips for Max?

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watch arrimus tuts

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kill yourself

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To late.
With those responds I do it every day.

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I've been trying to replace watching Netflix or music with tutorials while I browse the Internet or play games. I figure it'll help me learn something right?

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donate the keyboards, m50x, and krks to charity first senpai

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I guess if you watch general tutorials it could work somewhat.
But conscious learning is way better.

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This is like saying that putting a book on your forehead while you sleep will help you learn things through osmosis.

You learn nothing without consciously paying attention to it. You may as well get nickelback on your playlist again instead of some random guy on Youtube telling you how to bake AO maps.

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multitasking is retarded.

boredom is your brain telling you you're wasting your time. multitasking is a way to distract your brain by doing multiple worthless things at once. the reason you feel like having a tv show on while you play your video game is because the video game is a pointless chore disguised as entertainment. by multitasking you're not only getting less out of the things you do, you will also tend to choose more worthless things to do because that makes multitasking easier. a good tv show might actually distract you from the pointless video game, so you're going to pick a pointless tv show that synchronizes well with the pointless video game. you're going to be very efficient at doing worthless things you don't even remember a day later.

find a thing you want to do. give it your full attention. if you feel that your attention is not being rewarded, stop and find something else because the current thing is not worth your time. i promise your life will improve.

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Once in a while, I see this kind of shading. Apparently it's called "shadow map", how do I do this on blender?

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that's not the solution at all.

pointiness value is meant for creating edge wear, not artificial shadows (altho dual purpose)
you can do what he wanted in blender internal,not cycles.

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its all here


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my bad. I searched for blender shadow maps and only got AO bakes or super old blender tuts. if i knew everything I wouldn't be here

the other anon suggestion was on point

it worked perfectly for me, but it's great there are other ways to do something similar, thanks for the link

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Is this for stone age engines that don't support normal maps or what?

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It's just another map to use in your texture program. Sometimes valuable, sometimes not.

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Why isn't blender an industry standard yet?

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>job sites
>current year

gb2 polycount with this bullshit. If you want a job you have to know people already and live in LA already. Sorry you're none of these,

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then its a shit business, good riddance

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same can be said about nearly every other industry

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tell that to the people bitching in the mass effect thread.

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almost every industry out there is a big circlejerk. Bioware isnt excluded

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Anybody ever seen an alternative to Patreon?

This orange logo is everywhere, even on sites that clearly break their no-loli policy. Patreon really love to look the other way until people actually bother to complain about somebody, at which time they just shut down the account.

Are there any other similar monthly donation services that allow you to be Anonymous?

I don't want to support Patreon's hypocrisy and risk myself getting shut down when they simply stop pretending that they aren't aware about what a user is doing. Trying to get supporters to later move to a different service would be near impossible.

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Patreon is fucking stupid. Paypal has a direct payment link. There's google wallet too. Bitcoin if you do that shit.

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remember i want it to be anonymous, meaning the people that are donating to me will see my account name on the service but that's it. they must not be able to track me down IRL (not via my bank or PayPal or name/address).

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Patreon's hypocrisy? Would you take the risk of beeing made responsible for illegal stuff sold through your web service? Do you really think that Patreon has thousants of employees monitoring every account 24/7? Are you that naive? You clearly must be a Trump voter. Back to /pol/ with you.

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Patreon offers more convenience to users compared to those two services. Paying requires almost no information to be provided besides a credit card number, payments go through automatically on a subscription basis, and pledge rewards are displayed clearly and conveniently for you.

Not saying you can't do this stuff with other services, Patreon just joins them all together in one place. One major beef I have with Patreon pledges though, is when the author of an artwork puts a banner to advertise his page *right* in the image instead of the description or similar. When you're shilling for yourself right on your artwork, it kinda takes away from the art part of it.

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Pretty much this

It's easy to personify big companies into this singular identity that is "evil" or "good".

In reality, it's a bunch of people with their own ideas and morales working for a common function: maintaining and running Patreon as a whole.

Everyone wants everyone to be held accountable. To live by morales that may come as common sense to most of us. But businesses have exploded in sizes and they no longer carry the luxury of choosing employees that fit in with their ideas.

The world isn't a "bad" or "good" place. It's just a place.

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Post your favorite tutorials ITT.
Talk about your favorite artist or teacher or resources. Post the tutorial that helped you the most.
Also state what it's about, don't just post links without explanation.

I'm looking to think outside the box a bit and find resources that I wouldn't find with my usual search methods. I'm also curious to see if there's something that really had an impact on you, really made something click, really improved your work.

All software and topics are welcome, can be 2D, 3D, theory, photography.. anything. Share your favorite artstation or something.

Just share useful and inspiring things, maybe we can make a pastebin out of it!

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A site that helped me tremendously is digitaltoolbox.info

They have tutorials on rhino and Grasshopper from basic to advanced that are very easy to follow and you can download training files.

Might not be useful for 3d artists but very good for designers.

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Certainly mastering modelling in blender - workshop, it was done by some fag, but its very very good nonetheless.

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Yo so my ex put my number on her Snapchat and she keeps spreading rumors about me here's her number btw her names Megan +1 (228) 238-8675

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How much money have you made/do you make from doing 3D? Or is it just a hobby for you?

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"Professional" here. Generalist loser who makes 38K/year. OP, don't get into this unless you get into one of the nicer companies. This shit is gayyy.

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-$500 after taking buying licenses into account

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I'm fucking rich

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Just made $250 for a few hours work of basic shitty animation last week

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Post your favorite Sketchfab models and Artist.

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>Dat arm bend
That arm is fucked.

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No it isn't. minor hyper mobility in elbows isn't uncommon. Some people can bend their elbows backwards much further than that.

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One thing's always bothered me about this model, and it's how the top part of her dress becomes transparent close to the neck region.

Dunno if this is a game thing, but once you see it, it's really jarring. It's like the dress is fusing with the skin.

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You're gonna have to post some references because I have never seen anyone bend their arm like that without breaking it and that doesn't look like a bend that your trochlea can support without popping out of the socket.

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Please share your Blender layouts? I am looking for something that is minimal; checkout "Zen Layout for Modo"

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Thanks no help faggots.

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i keep usual layout.

>> No.557256

Knowing the open source community I would say there were more discussions and waging battles about the blender layout than the features in the program itself.
I keep the default one and works fast and good for me.

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I use default for modeling and sometimes create additional window for settings on the right next to timeline while rendering animations.

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>watching tutorials
>guy fucks up
>"ah that's ok, we all mess up now and again-"
>guy fucks up so hard he spends rest of the video fumbling, confusing everyone including me.
Why are 3D teachers so incompetent.
Don't fucking teach if you're not going to rehearse your shit you stupid pig shit.

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He's a god send, I always go back and re-watch his work flow. Arrimus is all the artist I can never be

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why u mad tho?

don't tell me you make some of those shitvids, anon

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if it doesn't help you and actually makes you worse then it is a burden. and could cause you to quit trying/give up, settle. that's what he means by less than zero.

they really shouldn't teach if they don't know what they're teaching. they aren't exactly teaching then are they?

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are you the same fucking guy from all the other threads? fuck off man. you really are fucking autistic

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What guide actively causes you to quit trying and give up? If you know nothing about the subject matter, then every guide can teach you at least something, and if it can't, it won't make you mad to the point where you'll give up by spending three minutes of your life on it, then moving on to the next. What you're looking at isn't a guide in the first place.

Show me one of those guides where the guy fucks up so bad from start to finish that it's completely unwatchable, is a complete waste of time and brain cells, and makes you want to give up on 3D and life at the same time.

P.S. This sort of guide doesn't exist, because at that point, it guides you nowhere and it's a waste of time. At this *very* extreme point, I will agree, the guy shouldn't have put it up/called it a guide and should've looked at some examples of other guides before he put his own up.

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Post your latest sculpt.

>your sculpt is shit
I know, I just started with Mudbox.

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Your forms are too soft, you're proportions are off (which if intentional, don't read properly), you're missing some anatomy (collar bone with solar plexus, serratus,), and you aren't indicating skin stretching.
In short, use more reference and be more conscious of the forms other than muscles

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this is what i would expect from a year practice. while some of the anatomy is too big/small all muscles are placed correctly

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I started working on a disney infinity style demon thingy today

>> No.557351

No, I meant for it to be proportionate but I'm just bad at it.

I understand what you mean when you say he's missing the collar bone and serratus, but I don't know what you mean when you say he's missing the solar plexus. From what I searched online it's a nervous plexus around the stomach area.

Thank you both for the constructive input. I'll see if I can fix him by today.

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Sculpted a desert environment in maya as a "diorama" for an environment assignment. Its at a wip stage as i was going to take it to zbrush to get better results then baking it to lowpoly. For context, theres a large spherical object sitting in the middle. Crashed, and sand building up behind it. Mayas sculpting is super basic, and i wouldn't recommend it for anything but simple environment shaping, or recreating "damaged props" wouldn't ever recommend it for use on its own. theres simply not enough tools to make a sculpt from start to finish and call it finished in my opinion, but some wizard out there could probably do it.

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What is the difference between a chamfer and a bevel?
Pic unrelated.

>> No.557008

no difference. chamfer is more of a term in cad programs however

>> No.557010

A bevel multiplies one edge into various in a uniform distance from one another.

A chamfer splits a vertice into as many lines as its connected to.

An extrude creates as many additional faces as your original selected face has edges.

A cowgirl is when your hot sister rides my cock while I grab her baby-making hips.

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Why does the cgi Cushing look so off?

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My coworkers worked on some of the facial mocap and it's done in 48fps and has a jarring effect when not properly 'scaled' down to a normal framerate at 24fps.

>> No.557283

Which one is it?

>> No.557284

Yeah he's too floaty.

>> No.557468

This scene was the worst one in that it felt too animated.

"Wee, look at all these parts of the face we can move!" Never mind matching the actor's body language.

Video comparison of all the scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsuvXHGCVXE

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ITT: Literally "I can tell by the pixels"

You're all a bunch of faggots. Not just with this movie. You miss 8/10 CG inserts but when something's confirmed CG you pretend it was obvious all along

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Does anyone know an easier method for making bump maps from images. The pic is an example of what I'd like to accomplish given an item, a quarter in this example. Coins, fingerprints, animal skin, or even a cloth closeup...

All of my attempts with image filters end up just accentuating shadows instead of accurate bump maps. When i try to trace heights and topography by hand, it takes my amateur skill set way too long to do any meaningful detail.


>> No.556959

Make them yourself or bake them. Trying to make normal/displacement maps from images rarely work well.

>> No.556963

I tried making them... but my 2d experience (or lack of) is my biggest hurdle. I have made some displacement maps for landscapes and such, but actual detail is just not my thing...

For smaller items in a large scene I'd use them as bump maps... but for objects that will be closer in flybys will need to be displaced (or actually modeled >eekk <)

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