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When are they going to make a proper 3d modelling software?

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Blender would sell themselves, the developers only care about themselves and the money. No matter how much the community fixes certain issues in GitHub or suggest actual improvements, Blender team will always ignore it.

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Adobe doesn't make software, they just buy and rebrand existing software, then make it worse.

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You cant buy or sell FOSS

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That’s where you are wrong kiddo.
> Blender is a registered trademark (®) of the Blender Foundation in EU and USA. The Blender logo itself is property of the Blender Foundation. The logo and the brand name “Blender” are not part of the GNU GPL, and can only be used commercially by the Blender Foundation on products, websites, and publications

Buy Blender brand and everyone will have to visit the Adobe Creative Suite to run the software. They can replace the entire team with their own and stop developing the free software for a paid subscription service. The only reason Blender ever gets updates is because of the company inside Blender, not the users.

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Emphasis on
>not part of the GNU GPL
The branding belongs to the Blender Foundation, but the software itself is under the GNU GLP license, which means anyone is free to download, modify, or redistribute the software in any manner they desire, but may not use the Blender brand.
Adobe could make their own version of Blender right now without needing to buy any rights, all they would have to do is take a copy of the program, make it worse, require people pay for licenses, then rebrand it. The problem is that no one would use it.
They could purchase the Blender Foundation, but they can't change the license used by previous versions of Blender. If Adobe purchased the Blender Foundation, people would simply make their own fork of the program.

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I'm actually scared about AI, like is there any point learning to draw or model when computers are becoming capable or generating shit within seconds?
I really don't know if it's worth to keep learning

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Was there any point to learning chess after Deepblue beat Kasparov?

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Cris won

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No, it's not worthwhile for a career, for fun yes.
99,9% don't make money with chess. Except for chess manufacturers.

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99,9% didnt make money with art before AI

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Agree with you in that statement but you are not seeing the full picture. AI don't make you more money, but lower the costs of lot of things in production

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Can you suggest tutorials for setting up lights and render settings in Marmoset for professional looking renders that I can post on Artstation?
Paid or free it doesn't matter.

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>Paid or free I cannot use my brain.

Fucking zoomers.

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i'm not giving you anything, jeet
you're my competitor, so quit 3d and go kill yourself

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I am ukrainian. Gib now

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If you really were Ukrainian I would give you what you need, but since you are not, and using it as a joke I'm not giving you anything

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Hohol thread ew

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Join this discord server guys
---> /9phRfTRWZe

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i needed to edit a video yesterday and blender kept crashing on me. it was a very simple edit just a few cuts and some freeze frames. i hadn't opened blender in years, maybe 2 or 3 years. what the hell happened?

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you didn't open blender for 2 to 3 years and then you tried to use blender as a video editor would be my guess. reinstall the latest blender, update your drivers, then find some other video editing software.

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>using blenders dogshit video editor
nigga just download resolve, it is free too, you have no excuse

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I want to start doing learning 3D modelling since I want to design small accessories and jewelry, mainly the kind of stuff that would be injection moulded.
So, what software should I be using? Blender seems to have a lot of tutorials available but a lot of people also decry it as having an unintuitive interface. It also doesn't seem to be that good for when you need exact measurements, which I'll undoubtedly need to be able to fit in pre-fab components such as snap buttons etc.
AutoCAD is unfortunately Windows only, which I'm not going back to ever considering the dumpster fire it seems to have become since I left. FreeCAD might be sufficient for my needs, but would using a straight-up CAD program actually be good for my use case which isn't really that technical?

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OnShape is easy to learn, very powerful and always online in your browser. Your linux bros will fucking hate you forever.

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>How come you're talking about injection moulding and not 3D printing?
3D printing is not suitable for mass production, but I'll obviously use it for prototyping.

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Moreover, 3D printing is less limited in a way than injection moulding, so anything I design for injection moulding can be 3D printed.
With regards to cost, I'll start out with designing stuff that can be produced using laser cutting and the like, since that doesn't require a huge up-front investment. Injection moulding will have to be for once I get the ball rolling.

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>What's wrong with polygonal models in this case?
Polygon models can't be used to make injection molds.
The machines that cut metal don't work with poly models. Don't make that mistake.
If you need to make a mold for injection molding you need nurb surfaces, that why we use cad instead of blender.

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It's foss, has a parametric constraint solver and is intuitive.
There's also dune3d which uses the same solver

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is it a bad idea to use A.I. pictures as reference for modeling and texture color?

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Stolen from Deviantart i bet. AI has no idea how animals and humans are crossed to create furys.

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>Rapid concepting is also a good use of AI. A vague idea can generate endless specific designs.
Your mind's eye will stay blind forever

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I'm a 3d modeler not a character designer
I don't have mind eyes or mouth on my rectum, I want to model fun shit

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I already knew you aren't an artist, why are you telling me this

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not the same anon and i dont like the idea of using ai art
but being a character modeler and a character designer are two very different things
in all likelihood you will be a worse character modeler if you split your time between modeling and designing characters
now if you want to do both that can be awesome and you will probably get great results
but specializing into one practice wont make you less of an artist, it will most likely allow you to produce higher quality work

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Can someone review my issues with Blender and present a diagnosis? I'll be actively comparing myself to someone else that started at the same time. Both have no previous practical experience (Mine was like 2 parts of the Blender donut years ago)

Please help me decide what to do

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Have you considered you might be stupid?

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Yes, but even then that can be worked on.
What are my issues? I believe I am complicating stuff for no reason
Review this

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needs more lighting. You have to light it like it's a movie set. Not with logical light like the ones you have models for in the scene.

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and on this note I saw this one lewd 3d animation recently that had "bad lighting" like if it were a real film he would have failed to light the scene well. specifically the light appeared to be mounted on the camera, like an old camcorder or a news camera. Well to my eyes anyways the "bad lighting" made the scene look more real.

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Just watch some videos on photo composition. It's not that difficult

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Thoughts on how Bloodborne PSX looks?

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As far as faux-PS1 goes, that's pretty good.

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how do i replicate ps1 low poly style blender studio ghibli shader 256x256 in blender 64 nintendo low poly psx legend of zelda studio anime???

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+ lowpoly massive ass

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start by deleting the default cube

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disable anti aliasing completely
adhere to ps1 screen resolution and ratio
probably 8 bit color texture, maybe 32x32 textures
there was no skeletons/armatures back then so you would animate stuff with move scale and rotate

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Exclusive non-chuddity 3d workflows goes in here.

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it's about time you know that's how your mom makes her money because you couldn't just get a job cristobal

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me when i try to learn blender

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yeah, i wanted a smooth shaded bevel from the flat side to the pipe. seems wasteful that i need a bunch of quads just to get the shading to look kind of right when it looks normal in flat shading. i guess that's how it is

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It depends which blender you are in
If it's the last one you need to use a modifier like max

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i tried using proper topology and it's a lot better now

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>in 3D you need a uniform topology (spread equally) in quads.
Why would you need that? Sounds ridiculous

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for the normals. Just look at OP. THAT is why.

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I was going to learn how to model but I saw there's a text-to-model AI software. It's got textures too.
Has anyone tried this out? How is it?

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Buy an ad

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You are getting replaced. It's fucking over...

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I don't care about that you faggot, buy an ad.

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>Everything has gross stains and weird growths.
It's fun to make aberration monsters but that's about it.

>> No.986567

>cherry picked examples
>blowup toy style to hide artifacts
>still glitches all over the place
buy an ad

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I do illustrations like pic rel with the mesh tool in illustrator but it's extremely laborious and takes far too much time to flesh out one idea. I also hate illustrator's workflow, if you make one mistake you have to retrace your steps and it just chews up more time.

My illustration style may as well be 3d at this point but would it be easier in 3d? The mesh structure is practically the same, and lighting would be way easier.

Pic rel not my art I just dont want to dox myself by posting real art.

>> No.986070

A lot of things are probably a lot easier to do with 3D tools at that point.
Haven't touched illustrator in decades but back then doing 2D vector looking stuff in max was a lot easier past the very basics.
animation, sliding pivots having all the animation constraints ability to key and animate materials and UV's etc.

Using a 3D app for vector 2D back then gave you a lot of additional functionality and ease of use.
Can't speak to illustrator as it exist today as I haven't touched it since probably ~98.

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some school project thats going tobe 3d printed.
It looks so flat and i hate it. Im thinking of just putting stickers instead of coming up with details. What do you guys think?

17 parts in total excluding the wheel+motor

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>What do you guys think?
You could do better and you know it.
I also think that this could have been posted in /wip/.That you aslo have eyes and know it's not a good model, that you know we know, you know that it's not the best and could be better.I aslo think that fo a school project it's more than ok, and that you know we know you know it.
I'm also opinionated on other stuff wrong with you, this post, this board and the internet in general but that is for some other thread.

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Damn. Didn't know about that /wip/ before. Social media 's just not my thing. Thanks.

>> No.986339

>Social media 's just not my thing. Thanks.
Don't worry 4chan is Anti-social media.

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I've been told I suck at renders (just started doing this) and that others are way better than me (I am not needed at all)

In another board, I get laughed at, insulted and told I am way worse. will never improve, will never get better.
No one liked my stuff so I did not post more.

The other anon who others prefer and all of them said they prefer him

Here's other people saying he's way better

I no longer have the fortitude to try, I failed. I am less talented than others at stuff like drawing or 3D
No one replied to mine or saved them in fng

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>3 ish drawings a year
>why aren't i improving?


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New practice

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i fucking Failed

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Previous >>980013
Discuss and post anime styles in 3d. From figurines to celshaded models, etc.

Recommend Youtube Channel :

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So is this adding anything? What does this do really? The joint kicks up much higher, but points back down at a complementary angle. So there's always this sharp transition.

Here's the problem I want to solve. I have these titties that are sometimes hanging out, and other times in bras. The bras may hold the boobs different ways, but the common thing is if they are pushed up then they should become wider and taller while more shallow on the nipple axis. Like squished up. Easy enough to do with blend shapes but I want to be able to rapidly add new outfits so it must be a joint driven solution.

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Just to be sure I redid the animation at reasonable rotations.

>> No.986624

A method like that would still mean I would have to limit the scaling around the fingers otherwise they might start clipping again. Not really ideal but if it's the only way I'll do it

>> No.986640

>wait, tits?
>maximum autism hyper-tech focus activated
kek'd and I approve

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i have built up a gigantic collection of over a thousand high quality models to study on. a working shader for almost every game.
i have learned a lot *pikachu face

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New to Blender, when I try to append models I bring in a lot of useless objects, rigging and such.
Is this normal? It takes a lot of time to clear up the clutter.

>> No.985815

Importers usually have settings for what aspects of a file you wish to import. You only want the meshes you need to untick everything else.

Thing to understand is also how export formats like .fbx .obj etc aren't intended as work formats but as the thing an asset is packed as when it's sent from one application to another or to a game engine.

>> No.985816

I'll explain what happened. I got a model I wish to append into an scene. It's a .blend file.
I append and it comes with a lot of random and useless materials, like copies of the rigging floating. It doesnt happen if I just open the blend file
I am having trouble even understanding whats going on

>> No.985817

Maybe all that additional stuff is hidden in the original scene and that's why you don't see it?
Another possibility is that blend file actually contains more than one scene and additional stuff comes from that.
Tbh I don't know how import works with rigging and parent-child relation between rig and model, maybe try to add them to a collection and import that?

>> No.985830

When I append from a .blender file I go into the object folder and just either select a for all or pick

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VFX guys will be replaced by Chinese AI.

cris was right.
cris won.

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China won
Cris won
What's next?

>> No.986096

I feel the same when I watch Star wars and I need to take a shit

>> No.986106

These clips are half a second long because the rest of the generation is garbage. and even the half second doesn't look good. sorry rajesh

>> No.986109

Good, I can't wait for actually talanted artists to get laid off, band together and create cool shit instead of wasting their talent on marvelslop and a(i)ds

>> No.986110

this is unironically a good thing

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So I made a skeleton for my game and now I want some animations. I downloaded a bunch from Mixamo, scaled and applied their rig to my model and overall everything works fine. Except one small but important detail. Feet are kinda floaty in z-coordinate and not consistent regarding it in various animations. For example if I move model to make feet perfectly align with ground during walking animation, I will get them slightly above the ground in sword attack animation because knees are bended more at all times in that one. Moreover in those attack animations feet are moving sligthly inside the ground and slightly into the air. Is there any good way to fix this without needing to edit every keyframe in animations? I think this is a general question of principle/approach, but if that's important I'm working in Blender. I think there should be some way to lets say ask feet bone to be as close to given z-coordinate as possible and everything else animate around that "pivoted" bone.

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>autistic screeching continues

>> No.986092

Do you have anything particular in mind that can, for example, [apply scale] to imported rig without fucking up animations?

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The power of reading compiles you: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rig-it-right-tina-ohailey/1112102972;jsessionid=52368EB08D256BA297141517405D433E.prodny_store02-atgap07

You can’t expect free stuff forever or actually do something besides stealing.

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Tbh I don't really like reading books on how to use software. In my opinion books are good for fundamentals like anatomy or basics of computer graphics, but for volatile applied stuff like software, reading 4chan, blogposts, reddit posts, stackexchange questions, & watching youtube videos is a better approach. There is little inherent value in knowing every feature of a software, you most likely need a very small subset of what any tool is capable of, but there might be inherent value in knowing some theory fundamentals, for better intuitions at least.

>> No.986273

There’s your problem, the answer to your problem should be reading. All those blog post and videos don’t care about accuracy or quality. They are Google SEO exploits to get people like you to be mindless customers.

Reading will always help you, it’s how people know the wrong things in blender and why blender developers should be held accountable for their crimes against Blender community.

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rate my rockbruches (mudbox)

>> No.985675

man it's sad they stopped updating mudbox. i knew it was truly over when i watched some autodesk livestream about maya and the guy was using zbrush to sculpt details.

>> No.985735

are these for zbrush?

>> No.986610

Why are you still using chudbox?

>> No.986674

best software used to create cgi was from 2006-2013

>> No.986675

everything else is just technical bullshit that saves the artist 2 steps but cost thousands of dollars if you wanna upgrade your software