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i'm trying to modify a model i found so i can use it in VRchat, but there are some problems with its rig hierarchy that i can't figure out how to fix. for some reason changes in unity won't save, so i'm trying to figure out how to do it through blender itself and i can't figure out its interface.

i just want to make head jaw a child of head neck upper, and head neck lower a child of head neck upper.

can someone please tell me how to do this? why can't i just click and drag it?

apologies if i got some of the terminology wrong, i have no idea what i'm doing as you can see.

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Does anyone have a link to the /3/ discord? I'd search for it but none of the archive sites seem to have a working search function at the moment.

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Thanks bruh

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If I want to be a indie game dev/designer (VR Games) should I get a animation degree or just learn programming and animation from home. (Full ride btw), not very good at advanced math and science.

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please tell me how to start making 3d models.

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This is either a troll post or you're too lazy to even bother googling, reading the sticky or taking a look at some beginner's tutorial.

Either way, you don't deserve an answer.

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Post your artstation faggits

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what do you think will happen?
you think anyone really gives a fuck?
you people amaze me..

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then post your facebook now

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Ok - go ahead: artstation, Facebook and bosses phone number, now.

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Damn. When did Artstation get Jewed?

"Email is no longer enough to verify the authenticity of an account as there are many ways to get a free disposable email."

ArtStation is now requiring users to verify their account. You can verify your account either via Facebook, LinkedIn or SMS. For simplicity and the added ability to publish your work directly to Facebook and LinkedIn from your account, (((we))) recommend using Facebook or LinkedIn to verify your account."

Glad i made an account before the verification shit started.

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Look how butthurt they are about people complaining:

"Hey this verification system is really lame"

"If you feel this verification is lame, don't use ArtStation. Simple. It really doesn't bother us because we know the system works and it has not affected our growth at all. We continue to grow leaps and bounds with high quality artists. This system is actually keeping out the lame users.


Please don't email us about this being an invasion of privacy, etc. We won't respond to those emails. Hundreds of thousands of people use ArtStation without a problem. If you don't agree with this verification step, just don't use ArtStation. You can cancel your account on the verification page."

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what does /3/ use for softbody physics in game engines like unity3d or UE4?

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apparently the two rightmost spheres are supposed to be highlighted with magenta when i selected the leftmost sphere given this node hierarchy. why is this not the case?

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So /g/ is having a breakdown saying this is overpriced?

However, I think it’s pretty goid specially since ive been rendering on an ancient imac from 2010 with 12gb ram, surely this will be an awesome machine to do renders and stuff in thats what its built for

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Sorry, but I had to find out what I can build for 10000 Euros. I used a 7700K for now because there don't seem to be big MBs around for the new i7. The list is ofc subjective/tailored to my needs. This build is made with GPU-rendering and working-performance in mind (Modo + Octane). The GPUs and monitors don't support HDR though.

Mainboard 340€: Asus Z270-WS;
CPU 440€: i7-7700k OC 5GHZ;
Ram 840€: G.SkillDIMM 64GB DDR4-2666;
GPU x4 2800€: Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Blower (44GB V-RAM!!!!);
PSU 450€: Corsair AX1500i 1500 Watt;
Cooling Water/Air 275€; Case 125€;
SSD (OS, Programs and Content) 440€: 1x 1TB SATA SSD Samsung 850 Pro;
SSD (Project/WIP Files) 300€: 1x 512GB M2 SSD Samsung Pro 960;
SSD (Temp/Cache/Scratchdisk) 90€: 1x Samsung Evo 250GB;
HDD (Archive) 180€: 1x 6TB WD Blue 6;
BR-Drive and Card Reader ~100€;
Mouse and Digitizer-Tablet 100€ + 330€: Roccat Nyth and Wacom Intuos 5 Medium;
Keyboard 50€: Cherry G84-4100;
Keypad 95€: Koolertron 44(Type C)(Cherry-Switches);
Monitors 2500€: EIZO FlexScan EV3237 4K x2 or 1x EV3237 4K + 2x EV2736 2.5K or 4x EV2736 2.5K Madness
Monitor Arms: Ergotron Arm x2/x3 300€/450€
Max. Cost: 9960€

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macs are meme machines designed for rich people who think PCs are too lame, iOS is just shite mate

build a PC, thank me in 5 years

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>rendering on an ancient imac
macs are trash tier computers for rendering 3d.
they're only useful for editing after the render.
that's the real reason it's overpriced.

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TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL IS THIS FUCKING REAL????? I (partially) thought it was a joke that Apple makes these fucking bad products that cost a ridiculous amount of money just because of that Apple logo. But this takes the fucking piss!!

>Pic related
People who buy Apple shit. Literally, if you buy that, you're LITERALLY a drooling retard. That triggered the shit out of me holy nigger cunt.

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>when you include a 5k display
Don't include a 5K display then.

This justification of trying to make it seem a good deal by speccing PC builds out and focusing on shit like Thunderbolt, 5K display when if you spent 5K on a PC you'd be more focused on having 3 watercooled GPUs

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About to pull the trigger on a 16 core Threadripper - talk me out of it. My current gpu is gtx 950

CPU vs GPU rendering thread. I've seen videos of redshift, but arnold seems higher quality

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I've problems imagining how swimming in noise looks like and i've never seen it, but you are telling me it is unusable because it is somehow visible. Ok i got it now.

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grow up.

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suffocate slowly in a ditch

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>cpu ofc scales linerally as well and is easier to program.
How do you add a second, a third or a fourth CPU to your build?

That's my point... You can build a machine with one GPU today then double or triple your rendering power down the line without replacing the entire machine.

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Vray is still king.

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I working on a side project in Unreal 4, and I've found myself stretched a bit thin. I'd like to expand my workforce a bit, but I'm unaware on how I can find folk who are eager to work mostly for beefing up their portfolio. I'm not against paying for talent, since I myself work in the industry, however, my budget is incredibly limited.

Any ideas where I should start?

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lol.. well what if we went to a vola, chatted there for a bit, and then I can give you my youtube channel? Sound good?

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Think it through, you are not giving away your professional profile to the public. You can create a burner e-mail yourself to contact him and then you can talk in private.
Just saying, not that i care, but i think your logic is flawed.

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OP here.. Here's the vola chat for those interested...

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Ping me on Artella, I've made hidden any of my personal information there, but at least we can establish rapport and collaborate about the idea.


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Ok - i've got to head out now, but I've bookmarked it and i'll give it a proper looking over tomorrow. cheers, B.

('B' is for real my first initial - that counts as progress!!)

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Whats up guys,

I also posted this in /gd/ but as it's basically a mix of both I figured maybe you guys can help me out

I want to create a poster that works in Printform but is animated for digital platforms.
I know how to create and animate what I want, what I don't know is:
Whats the best way to fuse that? I'm building and animating in Cinema4d, layout and typo in Indesign.

Should I export my animation as a regular video and fuse them in Photoshop? After Effects? Anyone has experience in this? Thanks in advance!

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ciao Gigi

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as if the appearance said anything about his work dude

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>work looks like shit
>dude looks like a hipster faggot

his appearance matches his skills
its like pottery

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You must be 18+ to browse 4chan.

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Kek same

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Hello fellas. I'm a skilled 2d artist, and I'm trying to get into making games. Naturally these will be comfy cute games with an emphasis on art, mood and storytelling. Nothing super bombastic.

So I need to get into very simple basic 3d, but have been struggling even with that. I've tried blender and didn't get too far. I will be posting samples of what it is that I'm trying to achieve itt.

My question is: What software would you recommend I go for? I'll keep grinding XP on blender if you can assure me it'll be worth it. Sprytile, a blender plugin, looks amazing and seems perfect for what I want to do, so I'm thinking blender is probably worth it, right?

Alright, in come the samples

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My bad, but to clarify, my interest in 3d modeling is from a purely hobbyist perspective. I'd love to be able to make my own 3d models (anime style), and make animated porn loops. The demand for lewds out there is big. And perhaps eventually a small cuteish game in Unity.

So I guess modeling humanoids is my end goal, or is that not a good way to think about 3d modeling?

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not him but from my experience humans and organic models are best done in Zbrush. which is a very complex program to get into, the ui is unlike anything you've seen before and will frustrate you quite a bit. but it's incredibly powerful once you figure it out.

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I've watched a lot of Zbrush videos and it does look intimidating, but also incredible what some people pull off in it. I guess the general idea is to make the model in Zbrush, then have another app make a low-poly mesh of it to texture/rig and animate for any other purpose?

I recently watched this, which looked really interesting.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhkmwB10-WM (p1)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpqQIkthFoM (p2)

I guess I'm really, really interested and should just start somewhere. Perhaps picking some references and trying to replicate them in Zbrush to get a bit of a grasp of it. The results might be shit, but its a start.

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If you're good at drawing you can probably pick up Zbrush pretty quickly. The UI looks intimidating but once you get to the sculpting part you'll find it's pretty comfy.

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>Zbrush UI is crazy meme
Just stop. There's nothing special about Zbrush.
Click the brush you want and brush away.
If you want it even simpler just use Sculptris.

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>downloads horny 3d models
>textures aren't right
>looks on forums
>finds out i need to add a bumpmap to each texture
>downloads texture editing software
>30 minutes of ctrl+c-ing in blank bumpmaps later
jesus christ i just want to wank

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what if you have a different geometry down there

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>tfw meshedvr virt a mate uses established models like genesis female body and I can throw together a scene with them in under 5 minutes

I wonder how long until he gets sued for using them though.

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I don't. I'm far too absorbed into the technical aspects.

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>wanking to 3D shit
this is absolutely pathetic
kys asap OP

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Das gay

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How is this even legal?

I wonder if there are actually people that buy this? Can't be. I would stay far away from that download button even if it was free.

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Go to Allegorythmic's YT channel and learn Substance Painter, by doing so you'll also learn PBR workflow.
Its piss easy, just do it.

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What? I know how to use SP. I know what a PBR is (at least I hope so). But he connected a "PBR workflow" with modeling and I don't know what that means nor what would PBR have to do with modeling.

>> No.596410

I'm not talking about the look of it, maybe he failed at it. I'm talking about the approach, and was asking what is particularly wrong with that approach he used. You were talking about less polygons needed to model it. How would you do it?

>> No.596411

"PBR workflow" just means a workflow where you use metallic/roughness maps to determine the physical properties of your object in the texturing phase after you're done modeling them.

I didn't mention this together with modeling, I just happened to mention it after I said that there's too many polygons in it.

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Ah, okay then.

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anyone else thinks that blender compositor is underused and is underrated?

i haven't done anything complex with it, but i did some color grading with it and the options are impressive.
any anon here did something cool with the compositor? do you know any tutorial how to make the most of it?

pic unrelated

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This is plep-tier compositing. Use Nuke or Fusion.

>> No.596359

Fusion is free too, you only have to pay if you want specific black magic camera functions. Its perfect for blenderfags, as well as normal fags

>> No.596412

No its not underrated.
Fusion is underrated, everybody sucks the cock of Nuke because the Foundry made a successful marketing campaign.
Use one of them or Flame if you can get it to run on your machine, but stay away from Blender's half-assed shit which shouldn't be in a 3D program.
Same with Blenders Video editor.
Use a proper one.

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Anyone know where I could get this model? The link s


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Looks simple enough make it yourself niglet

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What do you want with that model you sick fuck?

>> No.596304

I hear the ghost of MOOT still stalks these boards in search of any perverts looking to do acts of degeneracy with the pure image of Yotsuba.

Be careful, anon.

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New thread. Talk about whatever you want.

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Yes, there is a photoshop export plugin (comes with SP), but you also can export masks and layers. No problem, should work, but to use these smart stuff you need to bake some textures for you flat plane.

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Okay, this is VERY inspirational.

>> No.596714

If I want to be a indie game dev/designer (VR Games) should I get a animation degree (that has 3d modeling class/rigging) or just learn programming and animation from home., not very good at advanced math and science.

>> No.596715

complete noob here too

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Okay guys, I want to try this out. The guy in the article uses 3D Coat, and the guy in this tutorial


also uses 3D Coat. What is the difference between that and painting in Substance Painter or Zbrush? I know almost nothing about 3D Coat. Is it still relevant? I see that the tutorial is a few years old and maybe there are better programs for this type of work today.

But since I'd have to follow his approach, I'll probably have to download it anyway.

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I need to design a model car with motor, battery, circuit board (Arduino) and a steering system and possibly a suspension, what CAD software would be the easiest to learn?

>> No.596184

Fusion360 and AutoCad

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I want to make very simple models to print on a 3d printer, which program could I use? I wont texture or anything, just simple models so i prefeer something simple to learn.
Pic related, also, I use ios

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Spare me your excuses, boy-lover.

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have you ever imagined how your mother would react if she found your "loli" folder among all your animu hdds? do you prefer the images where the child is crying and bleeding or the ones where they pretend little girls actually like to be molested?

i mean, jesus christ, could you be any more obvious? the way you randomly accuse strangers of being child molesters to assuage your own guilt, the way you switch to non-animu reaction images like it's not too late already. did your heart skip a beat when you realized you were found out?

>> No.596341

I'm not the one here talking about feminine dicks you sick POS

>> No.596346

yeah, i love the dick and i don't hide it. you, on the other hand, can't help but bring up child abuse in the middle of unrelated conversations because you're a closet pedo animu fetishist. i'd much rather be me than you.

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would rather be gay than a pedo

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Hello I'm asking your opinions on which renderer is better, before I spend hours studying it:
>Vray, Arnold, or Renderman

>Arnold is CPU-based
>V-Ray is CPU-based
>V-Ray RT uses CPU that can be used alongside the GPUs.
>Renderman rendering uses CPU+GPU

Should then renderman and V-Ray RT the best options?
I know some may say that my pc isn't that powerfull I have an i7 6700, a gtx 1070 and 16gb of ram is what I have and will have for some time.
Which rendering software would be the best for my machine?

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GPU rendering is the future. CPU+GPU is a half-measure and CPU rendering might as well be fossilized dinosaur shit.

>> No.596135

They all give good results and are industry proven.
Renderman doesn't use CPU+GPU yet, that comes in the next release. Currently CPU only.
Ignore Renderman and Vray for now, get Redshift and Arnold and learn these. Both are easier to learn.
Don't talk out of your ass. GPU renderer are not better, only faster, but the image quality of CPU renderers might be a little better.

>> No.596139

>GPU rendering is the future
Well I can imagine that using multiple GPUs will probably be more powerfull than using dual CPUs
But if that the case GPUs price may skyrocket like ram prices did this year, something that may should keep in mind.
>Ignore Renderman and Vray for now, get Redshift and Arnold and learn these. Both are easier to learn.
Redshift looks very good, but should I really learn both?
I mean Redshift and Arnold.

>> No.596150

Redshift. Gpu rendering is awesome

>> No.596178

Arnold is piss easy to understand. Give it a couple of days of learning and you've got it.
Yes, learning more than one tool to get the job done is recommended.
Don't put all your eggs into one basket and don't be afraid, learning a renderer is mostly fun and easy.
Like i said Redshift is faster, but in some cases Arnold just looks better.
Learn Redshift first, if you 've got it, switch to Arnold.

Check out this channel for learning Arnold:

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