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previous: >>653430
Question? Ask.
Made something? Show.

free textures for your projects:

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sauce on OP:
>Anyway, this guy can probably poop very fast.

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>blender 2.8 still doesn't have udim support despite the patch being submitted and accepted month ago
thanks ton

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>laughs in dutch

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Looking to see if anyone happends to know the best way to go about adding action figure joints to a model.

Ive looked into live Boolean with brush but never could find action figure joint brushes.

Was hoping to be able to add some without remodeling the character.

Pic related

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Threadly reminder that Pilgway wants you to walk the path of the Lord. Do not make lewd with 3DCoat!
>Life is not an easy thing, you know. We do good and we do bad. When we do bad we feel that in conscience. And it’s hard to live with bad feelings inside and without the answer to the basic human questions like: where I am from, what will be after the death..? If I feel bad for my actions in my soul, and if my soul really exists (many people see their bodies in clinical death) it is reasonable to believe that I will feel the same after the death, and the Bible says even worse…
>New Testament states that God is a Spirit and I am a spirit too, living in the body. But I am similar to branch cut off from the tree. There are some leaves but it is actually dead. On the one side there is some life inside, but on the other I am dead spiritually. All my good actions do not matter here as they are like some leaves on the cut off branch. Our sins make our soul dead inside. There is no connection with God like for blind there is no sun, we are like turned-off cell phone.
>Christ was crucified for all our sins. God's wrath was poured upon His Holy Son. Now He has right to justify the wicked. Forgiveness is open now and God offers it to us. It is still open, but how I can get that? How I can perceive it? How I can feel it? How I can know it’s real? Only, If I repent and ask: "Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out..."

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reminder that there are no cases of them ever stopping anyone from making porn in their software. It's more of signaling their beliefs, and making sure they don't share their sins or something.

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Dear lord religeous people are nutsacks

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Threadly reminder that 3DCoat people are right, and you will regret walking that path someday. Maybe it won't send you into a literal pit of fire, but you will regret it.

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hello i just made 3d

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What's your endgame?

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please never post here ever again

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Now put a dick on it

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You can't show this in a christian imageboard

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Hey does anyone remember the name of that retarded amateur Indian animation? I saw it posted years ago. It's name was something like Ramalaikaifajahnahd, some unmemorisable combination of letters like that. It was hilariously bad 30 minute movie about some bald faggot going on an adventure after his fucked-physics-snake-haired mum died in a ship that got blown up by a dragon. I remember one sequence where the guy rides a dragon with a visible watermark texture while the 2009 Avatar soundtrack plays.

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sounds really good imo, probably a lot of duning kruger in your post tbqh

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Don't know the one you're talking about but you might wanna check this

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Is there a way to convert bump map patterns to part of the geometry itself in Blender? I have a 3d printing project that requires a bit of text to be embedded onto a flat surface and needs to be exported in STL. Pic unrelated.

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You must subdivide the faces that should hold the geometry and add an displacement modifyer to the object.
But for text I guess it would be better to add the text as a mesh to the object.

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Displacement modifier seems to be exactly what I was. looking for, thanks

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New to 3DCG (and working with CG animation programs in general), and I’ve been trying to find a decent Vanellope model for ages, with the only real results I’ve gotten being either the Disney Infinity model or various fanmade models that don’t quite get the design right.

Wanna get started and experiment with a character that I know. Anybody know where I can find a quality model of her?

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>exclusive rights
Exclusive rights to what, exactly? It's not your own IP, you would be modeling after someone else's copyrighted design.

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Use the model without me putting it on my patreon. Sadly art commissions are very kind of illegal. And also a gray area

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Model link on the youtube

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Hella. Thank you kindly, man.

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Small update.

Was able to open the file and access the model, yet whenever I open it it causes a pop-up saying the model has mental ray nodes. It won’t let me access the download page for the nodes (I get a buffering symbol whenever I scroll over the box), and when I close out of the pop-up, it causes the entire program to freeze and I have to ctrl-alt-delete in order to actually close the program window.

Currently using Maya 2018, know that the nodes were discontinued a version or two ago. Anybody know how to make this model not crash the program, effectively?

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Dubs decide what i sculpt.

pic unrelated

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Congratulations, you played yourself.

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Gwen Tennyson

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Post work in progress screens OP

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Just like that.

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i have plenty of time and am trying to improve my sculpting game so i'll sculpt anything you want me to. Will deliver

pic not related

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Nancy Pelosi futa

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sculpt me a gf ;__;

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damn son

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blender donut

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hello boys, anyone has a 3d model of a cooked/fried shrimp? like the one in the photo

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>headless shrimp


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Okay, I didn't expect that. For shits and giggles I searched it in Windows 3d builder app and they actually have a shrimp there.

But how to export it you have to find out yourself.

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Well, it lets you actually just export it as obj. Did not expect that, but here it is.


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Wow, you never disappoint me /3/. I love you man.

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>development for this just dies
>developer not responding

what did he mean by this

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>*removes wiki entry*

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You can try on rightclickselect and cross fingers, the extract mask is needed too
And also this

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What is the best free or affordable CAD software for freelance work? I'm fluent in NX, SolidWorks, and can do some damage with Catia but they are all WAY out of my budget. I have a work computer with NX and Catia installed, but I do not want to use my primary job licenses for side work. I downloaded FreeCAD to use, but it feels almost like it was designed to intentionally be counterintuitive.

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If you are doing architecture or interior design of kitchen making, joinery than you can pretyy much do everything in sketchup

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Mainly working on injection molded or 3D printed plastics.

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Hey /3/.

The gist of things is that I'm planning to enter a film school. One of the courses they're offering is VFX, and I'm wondering if it'd be worth it as a career choice.

I know the general consensus here is that portfolios trump a diploma, don't waste your time in art school, yadda yadda, but I have two reasons why it'd be different here.
1) I'm not looking to get into the industry, per se. I'm just evaluating my choices and seeing if VFX would work out for the future.
2) The school has partnerships with production studios. I'll be guaranteed an internship in my final year, meaning I'll have some modicum of industry connection coming out of this.

Just for the record too, it's a fairly prestigious film school, meaning the curriculum and teachers there are worth their salt. I wouldn't be wasting my time in there.

I'm asking if any industryfags (especially those in VFX) can share their experiences and any words of advice for a newfag like me.


>pic related, what I'll be learning and using throughout
>will also be learning quite a few other skills, to the point where one of my potential careers is "concept artist"

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Wtf? VFX vs concept art? How are we supposed to choose that for you?

Do you like to draw, or do you like to develop simulations?

Portfolio is all that matters even if you are "guaranteed" an "internship." The equation is simple. If you want people to pay for your art, you need to get good. The end.

You can make up a little bit of quality if you are extremely conscientious, fast and produce exactly what is requested of you. But while you're in school, the primary goal is to become technically awesome. You can develop the work ethic once you're in a studio.

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>Wtf? VFX vs concept art? How are we supposed to choose that for you?
I never asked that. That was only stated to give some context as to what I'd be learning if I enrolled.

>Portfolio is all that matters even if you are "guaranteed" an "internship."
I listed that part because it's simple: the internship's part of the curriculum. If I do well during the internship, I'm offered a place in the studio after graduation. I'm not saying that means I'm guaranteed to stay in the industry, but it does mean I'll have something "professional" in the portfolio once I'm out of it, granted I do well.

I just want to hear about any experiences you guys have in VFX professionally, i.e. whether or not it'll be worth it in the end. As well as any other things like highlights or cool shit you got to work on.

Disregard the before part about actually entering the industry, I've been on this board long enough to know what the standard answer would be. The entire wall of text was just to try and dissuade people posting about that, but I guess it didn't work.

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Film student here. They redpilled us about how most VFX work is outsourced to places like Canada to avoid taxes, and how a lot of people have to move around a lot and basically live in hotels with no chance of getting to settle down. They also take advantage of young and eager people to get started, but then that of course wears out the older you get. Also a lot of unpaid overtime.
Consider doing freelance stuff.

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Jesus Fucking Christ, the official tutorials bundled with Unity aren't working for anon. I get tons of errors in the console on each one and have to start a new project. I just want to learn Unity so I wont be so babby tier compared to you all.

What do? For example, I click the unity icon, go to Learn, download a tutorial and open it and it has tons of errors or doesnt load anything into the scene at all. Im using the latest 2018 unity version fwiw.

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Actually looks better than Unreal.


Come back when you have proper real time global illumination like every other engine has.

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I bet ue still doesnt have realtime GI
studio that use ut have to integrate their own solution

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Have fun anon.

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It's actually counter-productive with unity. 90% fan-made tuts are made for drooling retards by drooling retards.

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Man, fuck Brackeys. He always only shows some tiny aspect of a topic, but you could never make a full game with these tutorials. And half of the time he even admits that and at the end of the video he's like: Yeah thanks for spending the ten required minutes on this video, but honestly a real game is too complex for the system we just developed, so here is a link to the asset store for an asset that takes care of it.

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How do I fix it?

What happened with that alpha channels of those trees behind?

My guess is that something is wrong with light path/bounces

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Cinema 4d r19 Octane render problem

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so.... i dont know much about 3d creation and actually i think im too stupid for it. But i just got myself windows mixed reality and want some nice 3d things in it which requires ".glb" files. Is there an place on the net where i can download some? Thx in advance

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Why is my Vray sperging out like this?
Basically I was using the triplane texture map, and on the left it shows it correctly in the viewport, but when I actually render it out it messes it up (on the right).
Google doesn't seem to have an answer, so maybe one of you can help
Using 3DS Max 2017 and vray 3.4.01

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Have you tried using UVW map modifier like a normal person?

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Yeah I guess I can do that, but since the triplane is already here, why even bother? If you can't help me with this please go away

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You're using triplanar because you're lazy, don't be a little bitch and do it properly

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back to basics edition

previous: >>653448

This thread is for comments & critique on whatever project you’re working on / have completed.

List of free resources (textures, assets, etc.): https://pastebin.com/vU7P8Vmi
If you’d like to add more links, post them here: >>637415

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or just paint the folds instead like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxCvZCkDUow just use some stamp brushes for clothing

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Little ortho kitchen I did on a whim and never completed.

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maybe after I'm finished with the face
(that is taking me much longer than I hoped... ffs) I have priorities to take care of, but a big fat flaccid cumming dong is always welcome

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is it sexy

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girl named danica broke your heart anon?

>> No.655774

For the poly count, it could be worse. Upper torso, particularly the back, needs work.

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why do you kill threads for your garbage? post your low effort shit in wip

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I bet he's only doing it because she already crashed his Maya.

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Jesus christ, that's high poly

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Why doesn't everyone just use Maya? Just get an education license if you're not willing to pay for it.

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literally the only reason people use hou is because they think the name sounds cool. The sims are slow as fuck, almost everything is single threaded, the viewport is atrocious, the nodes are like something that the nuke devs just threw out to the bin and the naming conventions make no sense. Its literally worse than Cinema4D

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Archviz is moving in different direction for quite some time now:

>> No.655984

these are just renderers
We talk about Max as a modeler

>> No.655985

what I meant is that architects no longer use 2D cad software - they natively design in 3D (using BIM methods is actually required in a lot of places nowadays) with tools like Revit/archicad and use wysiwyg rendering software that supports VR walkthroughs to produce final images

>> No.655986


I was speaking about modeling. Most hard surface 3d artists from both the gaming and the arch vis world are using Max. It's one of Autodesk's best selling apps, it's not going anywhere, as much as blendlets hate to admit it.

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I have been trying to achieve realism as best I can for a rocket launch, the orbital part is the hardest because of strange lighting thats necessary. Mostly what I have done is take the lazy route and just crapify it to make it look like its a stream of a launch, lots of lossiness added, color reduction, lag spikes and missing frames etc. I think I may have overdone the crapifying but I'm satisfied with the results.

I guess the only thing I am somewhat unsure about is the actual separation, the canister being ejected still looks somewhat artificial, and the smoke looks bland. I have been staring at it for so long I have lost objectivity. What do you guys think? Is it believable at all? If so, can anything be improved? If not, which parts dont look good?


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I'd be really embarrassed right now if I were you.

>> No.655899

OP here, honestly he shouldn't be, and im not even just being nice. I would have done the same, I think there is far too much trust in official footage, and not enough accountability. I am not a flat earther, but I do believe that there are many reasons as to why orbital video would be artificial. Lots of people do not take this into account, because why would they fake such a thing? Also, most people think that if anything fake is released from space.. it must be because of something ridiculous like a pancake globe. They have programmed us to behave this way. Instead of remaining objective about it. But yes, I think the footage looks fake, and ultimately I think that poster who put all that effort into his reply might be onto something.. it would have been far more embarrassing for him if he said it looked great right? lol

>> No.655901

was gonna say It was a pretty epic fluid sim for smoke. looked pretty damn convincing no matter how I looked at it.

oh well

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When people talk about Space videos being realistic there are two meanings of 'realistic', the first is what actually happens IRL but the one most people mean is "feels right". The problem with Space is that things behave differently to those on Earth and what "feels right/real" is actually things behaving in ways we expect and so space videos feel wrong and fake.
This is why you will rarely see a big movie that doesnt put firey explosions, sound and strong fill lighting in Space.

>> No.655927

Your argument makes sense when it comes to physics, and observing objects in micro gravity (although I'd like to think that only the biggest mouth breathers have issues computing zero-g environment physics).

What I am talking about is lighting/texture realism, which really isn't that much different that earth. You could make the argument for the absolute void of light contrasted by the extreme opposite brightness of earth causing issues with perception.. but I would say that especially for people who work with graphics for a living, there is no environment so alien that we have not worked with it in simulations.

So no, I don't think that space is like so totally far out there man, that we cant possibly provide any insightful analysis on realism and/or fabrication of sample footage.

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