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From the chatter I hear in the industry Blender 2.8 has Autodesk SHOOK. So, would it be resonable to say that you could use Blender now for your entire character creation/rendering pipleine?

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you think autodesk has only maya? lol

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adidas joins bendlet devlet

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Excellent! Hopefully Autodesk will get off their asses and keep pushing Maya further. They've already launched $20/mo indie pricing but there are still so many ways the software can be improved, let's hope they get on it.

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Tl:Dr competition good

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Do you know how much money Autodesk makes with all of their different softwares? They make more money than the BF in one year with maya alone. They don't give a shit about donut maker.

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What the fuck is wrong with MAYA?

I used Blender for a week, done some tutorials, everything was fine and smooth.

Then I decided to try Maya.
3 crashes in an hour.
One time this shit even crashed my GPU driver so my monitor went black.

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thats your problem then. 2019 is far more stable, with something like 300 bug fixes if i recall correctly.

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Always stay up to date with the latest version of Maya. Skip the 20xx.0 versions since they are buggy, wait for 20xx.1 release.

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Welcome to Maya. They could spend the next few releases doing nothing but bug fixes and it would still barely make a dent.

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>Industry standard

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maya crashes, it's a rule

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Why are there so few options for female genitalia in 3d modeling?

You would think there would be hundreds of assets but realistically speaking there's just 3-4 options.

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Excuse me?

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This brainlet is trying to Cunningham's Law people into sharing links rather than using readily available search engines.

Don't fall for it.

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There's nothing keeping them from entering the 3D industry

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Just make your own genitals. It's not that hard.

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There are infinite options with 3d modeling.
Using already finished assets is not 3d MODELING. It's called being an lazy DAZ-fag. Use the containment thread you POS.

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Does anyone know how to obtain free STL files (for 3D printing) from Paid sites or Artists?

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Have someone share it with you or get a job you lazy neet,
That is all.

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new open source substance designer clone.

It's over for propietary tools.

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Because fuck you

Not everything revolves around your 3D meme software

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Blender is tainted
associating with it would be a mustache

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what is this source code shit
Do i have to compile this or what

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No, but you can.

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I find always lame hdris, i need a good cloudy background for a panorama shot.
Can you suggest me good places to find 'em?
Something like pic related

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What is your opinion on each of the top 3D modeling software packages?

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Good. Way better packing algorithm than max or maya that hasn't been updated. the texture painting is per pixel too which is way better than zbrush.


Well you shouldn't because every version of it online has some kind of miner or trojan.

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Suck my cock you little faggot

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Go fuck yourself you stupid mongrel

Clueless assclown no good motherfucker

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If you use blender there's a high chance that you also touch children.

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>Well you shouldn't because every version of it online has some kind of miner or trojan.
That's precisely why it can't be pirated.

If you pirate, you're basically paying for it with your PC being mined.

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He name Elliot

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That is the most autistic post I've ever read

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woops, meant for >>705343

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No, you were right the first time.

But less arguing and make with the 3D cats.

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>No, you were right the first time.
Wasn't me who did that correction post

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Bros I come to you in a time of great need.

I'm taking a class of 3D modelling in ZBrush and just can't get in the same channel as the instructor.

I need to render on Keyshot and the bridge doesnt work. However My real problem is that once on Keyshot I lose my RGB and as the faggot noob I am I dont know what to do.

What do I need to do here? I'm going insane. Have barely slept and can only work on the computers of My school.

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rookie mistake
learn to manage your time better and pay attention in class.

I havent used keyshot in years but I know zbrush. do you mean you lose your textures that you painted in zbrush? create an auto uv map in zbrush and export them

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Must be this. Thanks my dude.

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pls im searching what is the name of this effect or how to get it

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Oh yeah, there's a whole bunch of that in the question's thread! Try asking there instead.

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oh okay, thanks

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Looks like a VFX effect rather than any CGI anon.

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buy a shitty IR camera and shoot your face

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IR? That's entirely achievable in post with color correction.

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Bryce thread?

Got Bryce 3D running pretty well in an XP VM. I should try one of the newer builds sometime. There are much better tools out there for rendering heightmaps (more realistically) nowadays, but... muh a e s t h e t i c

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why VM ?
Bryce 7 runs fine in Win 10

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Why? Just use the latest one. It opens old scenes without problems.

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looks cool I guess

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>What is specular/roughness?

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bing bing whahoo?

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>t. retard

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No need to call yourself names. You'll figure out how to surf the interweb yet :)

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A deal is a deal anon

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what do you mean

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tell me about bane
why is he killing threads?

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Threads are literally dying for this spam, I'm gonna fucking freak

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Uh oh

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Uh oh

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Uh oh

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Uh oh

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