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Hey users, im new to this board, im wondering what this board is about? I have been browsing /k/ recently but, i kinda want a board that is random...bu not /b/.....i don't like that place. Whats good for memes and randomness?
>plz help me i need help lololol

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> posts click bait download(1).jpg
you made it too easy to me almost fell for it

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What's the best application for character animation?

I want to get in on this 3D porn bubble before it pops. I usually model and texture in C4D, but I have no experience with animation and my understanding is that C4D is far from the best for that.

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Maya if you wanna go deep into animation graphs. If you're aiming for not so refined animations just go with Blender

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Dope. Is there a go-to tutorial set for animating in Maya?

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several, do you have any clue on how to even navigate maya ?
its a goddamn rabbithole and not to sound like a dick but you sound like one of those " i need fastfood mcdonalds tier tutorials to learn me 10 years of animation in one day"

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Maya is fucking easy as fuck dude. Compared to Houdini its like babbies first software

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Not a clue, I've only ever used Cinema. And the porn is mostly an excuse to learn animation. I'm purely a hobbyist, and I need projects to help me learn new skills.

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what if I want to make a deliberately shit animation. I dont care what software so long as the outcome looks horrible!
Which can I use and then distribute.

The Q&A seemed more intune with people making nice work XX

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looks too good? I mean i dont mind the worst of the childish

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stop fucking posting stone age neural net abominations

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why does it hurt you so?

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suppose really anything, just don't use it well. maybe also use old daz models for humans and props.

diff poster but i reckon we had similar experiences: seen kinda bland deep dream stuff all over my corners of the internet, even long after it lost any charm or uniqueness. plus glitch art forums and subreddits are already typically full of trash but at the time they were full of trash and samey smushes of features like the OP pic.

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Hey /3/. Had this issue before but never figured out a solution

Sometimes when I make objects I can't get clean, unwarped uv's without seams in places that make the texture not match up to itself.

This is the lower part of a bun I'm making for a female character and the lines represent the flow of her hair.

In method 1 I've cut the seam in the top part of the bun leaving the rest of the object with a seamless texture and I can live with that. However, the uv's don't have room to relax properly making the texture wavy and inaccurate.

In method 2 everything is flattened and relaxed but I have seams that are undesirable and break up the flow of the texture. [The texture I put on it is a quick example I did that could be more accurate but would still show seams.

Is there a common method to fix something like this that I just never learned about?

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For one, why are you mapping it to a cube. Change the topology to match what you are trying to do. Second, you texture after you map the uvs. Maybe find a method to remap your old textures to the new uvs, but your workflow was messed up from the start so I don't know how much help you can expect.

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one seam...along one side that keeps the whole thing in one solid piece

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I didn't map it as a cube. I stitched everything together and it ended up looking like a cube unwrap because that's the best I could figure.
The textures aren't important at this point. The black lines are guidelines for the hair. What I'm asking is how would I typically unwrap this to get optimal results.

Can't do it with just one seam on one side of the object or it'll distort like option 2 shown above

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Just cut down the middle connecting top and bottom
Maybe try cylindrical unwrap

Besides, it's just a bun, who cares?

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link to previous one >>583604

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defiantly not early by 4chan standards
you are just panicking over random shit right now

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it's early for boards as slow as /3/ where you can see people bumping threads after an entire week of inactivity.

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>bump limit

what type of person are you to not have it set to pic related?

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one that's interested in threads with active conversation

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Trying to attach the foot and the toes here

When I use 'Close Holes' it doesn't attach them, just caps each entity off

Whole thing is a single subtool

What do?

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So I'll be getting a bonus at the end of the year, ranging from 3000 to 3500 USD and I want to drop 2500 USD tops on a new PC.
I would mainly use it for Maya and Houdini, some animations and phys sim. but nothing crazy.

Do any of you have any PC builds you could recommend to fit into under 2500USD pricetag? I am so far removed from building at this point that I literally would just slap SLI 1080s into it, buy some i7 CPU and call it a fucking day, but I feel like that might be overdoing it and I don't really want to waste money unless necessary.

Would appreciate any pointers as to where to look for the relevant PC builds too (because google throws up "gaming pc" builds at me)

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not ./3dcg/.

enjoy being banned.

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>3000 to 3500 USD
>2500 USD tops
How is life as a wage slave?

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Literally why?

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It's barely a year since I entered the industry, with no prior experience or degree. Considerin the wages of people around me, I am not making crazy bucks, but believe me, that's not a small sum where I am from.

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General modeling, physics and real-time engines benefit from fast CPU cores. Simulations and CPU rendering benefit from more cores. Viewport performance and GPU rendering benefits from a fast GPU.

The best CPU option I think would be an 8700K (if you can find one), just because Ryzen lacks that extra bit of leverage when doing lightly-threaded tasks. It's pretty much hard-locked to 4Ghz unless you luck out, while the i7 can go to 4.5Ghz or more no problem, as long as you have a beefy cooler on it like a D15 (air) or a Celsius S36 (water).

For GPU there's good reason to consider anything GP102 because Nvidia enabled Quadro-tier optimizations in the latest drivers for them, which means 1080 Ti, Titan X(gen2) or Titan Xp will get much better performance in a variety of situations. That said, you probably won't make full use of it if all you're going to do use Maya and Houdini for animations, so maybe wait for the 1070 Ti.

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I've been using wings 3D, wanting to experiment with an easy CG modeling tool. Following a youtube tutorial, it shows the use of a "circularise" tool that is supposed to appear with this radial menu... except it doesn't. Anyone here who uses 3D wings know how to access that tool?

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I started with Wings 3D too, moved to Blender. I don't remember how to do the thing you want, you probably need to be in Vertex select mode

If you decide to move to Blender (it's way more fleshed out, has lots more built in, way more documentation, etc etc than Wings3D), there's no "move along target edge" instead you use Magnet (hold Ctrl to toggle) set to Face or Vertex.

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Artist is really a loose enough term with the shit some people pump out and gate paid for. Not to mention the literal turds and used tampons in galleries.

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Not unless you don't have any standards.

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>can't be applied to existing clothing
Yes it can

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I stand corrected.

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Make +2 days waiting for moderation approval for a nice girl model, but nothing, and no new models since a good month. Whats happening ?

And why so much shit on this website ? A lot of models are buggy as fuck, rig is broken etc...

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I think it's just slow, probably just one person opening and inspecting every Blender project.

And I think the latter is from lowering their standards since it was pretty barren when it first came out, seen people here complain about it not approving their models.

You could go into the Discord and ask. They might have their server set up to not require an account.

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>suck at drawing
>don't know shit about anatomy
>don't know shit about topology
>only experience is video editing
>have to figure out how to model an entire setting and all the weird shit in it
>longer I wait the higher the chance someone will come up with an identical idea
>day by day online friends lose in interest in me before I can use their networking
>day by day real friends descend further into depression and inactivity before I can use their voices
>ripping my hair out taking hours failing to model anything other than heads
>literally no one else can make my vision a reality except me


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>only experience is video editing
then do video editing.

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Michael Hampton >>>>>> Andrew Loomis

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Pretty much this. There's more money and reliable work in studios that work with video anyways. Get paid more to do something you are already good at while you build skill sets for what you like doing for fun in your spare time.

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>literally no one else can make my vision a reality except me

Don't be a dumbass OP. (Too late, I know)
Everyone has their own "My ultimate change the world idea", yours isn't any better than the other faggots. Stop being a pussy and man up, or move onto something you can actually do, like flipping burgers.

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I didn't do it, officer

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test please ignore

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this too

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Should I buy zbrush bros? I want to be legit and industry standard, but I'm also a moderately poor and not currently (((in))) the industry ha ha

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This is actually their business model. That's why it's practically free for students. You will never see Pixologic file a DMCA complaint.

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>Can't take the joke
go back to Reddt, you disgusting faggot

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Dont make money off pirated software, only to improve skill and you won;t go to hell.

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The moment a fascist gets called out it's all just jokes and irony. Grow some balls.

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what the actual fuck is wrong with you
god i hate your shitty politics
you get triggered because people want to give money to thigns they support?
no wonder your iq is lower than your income and thats setting a alltime low bar
as an eastern european that has lived trough comunism, i hope you get what you wish, a bullet to the head.

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I have to make portfolio for studies but I wanted to learn it more there so now im worried because i can't make any good stuff. Will I be able to entry studies with for example this shit i made today? Also i will upload more 1 day stuff then cuz i have not to much time. (3d model is not mine)

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man i'm learning 1 for month

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What did the Poo mean by that?

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fuck you guy India is great country

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What programs did you use for that? Yeah, try asking on /gd/ as well, why not. I can't say if this is good enough or not though, since I don't know what is their standard.

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i meant i'm learning stuff like this about 1.5 month
only after effects and plugin to load .obj file element3d

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So I'm making a red alert 2 mod and here are my first steps
What do you think anons?

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OP this looks like warcraft 3 orc huts

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Make a little Ben Garrison commando and a little Sam Hyde terrorist.

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Any tips for making a desecrated interior?

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You generate one of each type of mesh, and then you clone them out over a plane in a chaotic manner and then you bake it

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I know how to clone them, but it is still time consuming as fuck to create some shit. Fug I'm probably just lazy.

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I bet if you modelled a beer bottle you could boolean it into several different pieces of trash. Various glass shards, different identifiable beer bottle pieces like the neck and base.

I would have thought this would be a common enough problem to solve that there would be an article online about how to quickly make some trash or clutter for videogames but either it isn't or I'm just awful at using the right search terms.

For a bag I think that since it's just trash and anyone looking closely at trash in models isn't going to expect much, just make a blob in the general shape with some ridges for where it bunches up and valleys where it collapses and then don't even fuckin worry about topology for static trash objects, decimate and triangulate who cares.

>> No.586714

Grime and rust will accumulate in corners and inside edges similar to ambient occlusion. Also moisture makes it grimier and rustier.

If you put a water stain or leak on the ceiling, make a puddle or stain underneath it on the floor.

Sweep the dirt and dust around where there's big open holes like an open window or open door like wind moved around the dirt.

Different UV map for stamping stains and grunge from a big atlas texture. There's a better word that describes this but I can't think of it at the moment lol. Decals? That might be it.

I'm sure you could find some photos of houses in need of repair rather than abandoned so you can see how things look after not being taken care of over a couple years and not straight up abandoned so you can see what goes first.

There's an old country-lookin church down the road that was abandoned before I was born, trying to remember how it changed over 20 or so years I can remember. The door hinges failed and they kind of hang at an angle, then they fell off. Plants grew in through the back door. The linoleum came loose. Someone brought a mattress in. Trash kind of congealed with dirt, dust, and rain making a sort of mud resulting in a big chunk of garbage. The small stage fell in. A hole somehow formed in the roof, and then it slowly started to bend inward and collapse like a wet cardboard box in the rain.

>> No.586793

>Any tips for making a desecrated interior?
Yeah, it's a pro tip that applies to literally everything you'll ever do in 3D: look at the real thing.
Find pictures of abandoned buildings, urban blight, crack houses, squatter tenements, falling down homes, vandalized buildings, etc.

>What's the fast way
Buy other people's models, hire a team of people to make models, hire another studio.

>Fug I'm probably just lazy.
Yes, you are. Studios have a library of reusable assets, you either need to make your own or buy / steal your own.
You should also be working on your own personal library of lighting setups, materials, meshes (example: eyeballs, hair), textures (such as decals), and any other reusable assets.

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Is he right?


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tldr, buy expensive things, says the man who sells expensive things.

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>there was no such thing as teaching before our creation of IP law
get fucked.

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>thief still getting asspained
Nobody cares you worthless commo.

>> No.587098

>Just to name a few of my YT subscriptions
Not an argument, idiot.

>All of them are on the same level of an average Gnomon Workshop course
Based on what? Your opinion?
Yeah, I'm sure that'll convince everyone.

>> No.587099

But he sells materials professionally? Also, he's actually in LA now and did interviews with Alex Alvarez, the Barnstorm VFX guys, Ton Roosendaal, Efflam Mercier among others.

You might not like him, but he's far more relevant than a nobody like yourself.

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How do I make something like this in Blender?

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THanks, now how do I select all holes without having to do it manualy?

>> No.586813

Click the face, press shift G, select similar area.

>> No.586815

Oh, fill the faces before you array.

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Currently trying to make a certain creature but i do have a few questions:
>how can i mirror these limbs
before constructing them i tried applying the mirror modifier on them which did fuck all even though other times it works out well.
>how can i attach a mesh to another into one seamless model for animation
i know that its simple to make two objects into one mesh, but actually attaching them together down to the edges concerns me for im afraid of destroying the topology.
>tips for simpligying geometry?
i applied subdivision modifiers to the model so to get a feel as to how it would look, but with all those faced im conscerned animation would be absolute hell.

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Recalculate normals.
How do you not know this?

>> No.586629

im still very new

>> No.586633

one last question: is there a way to extrude bones 4 ways?
for the mouth section?

>> No.586854

You can extrude them one at a time from the same parent bone, but not all at once.

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looks like uncut dick with hands
why not just sculpt the little fucker?

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Tell me, what are the strengths and weakness of Unity, in regard of making 3D models for the engine?

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For the engine. For, not in. For. As in, making models in other programs that are intended from the beggining of their creation to be used in Unity.

They could at least, if not shove it in our faces, point that they exist somewhere. You know, let people know that stuff.

>> No.586801

Nah, it's a good filter for lazy devs that don't care about making their game look good. If you do even just a little bit of research they're easy as shit to find.

>> No.586809

Then why does most stuff made with UE4 look better than Unity stuff if its so easy to implement these "filters".

>> No.586816

more triple "aaa, actually know hoe to code shaders" people in companies that use ue4.

>> No.587076

Also worth mentioning that the engine doesn't come with a decent chunk of tools that engines like UE4 and Cryengine have.

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hey 4chan, i found this in my computer files this morning. for some reason, and it was a file with all the music from the kirby caffe. im so confused, and it looks CGI so i came here to ask you what it is. it wasn't in there last night.

>> No.586570

I mean maybe the original image was CGI, but the effect is just general databending to glitch the image.

I think this effect is the result of loading a bitmap as a raw audio stream in Audacity and doing ?something? and exporting again and back to bitmap.

Maybe I can unfuck it just enough to figure out what the original image might sort of look like but not feeling too confident.

If I don't post again within 2 hours just assume nothing came of it.

>> No.586578

Oh it's from DeviantArt, a databent selfie. https://pilotredsun.deviantart.com/art/mikesmile16-322453312

Not CGI or anything, probably came with a pack of music from some joker.

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wrong board >>>/x/

>> No.586908

then why'd you bump it 2 days later when op's gone dipshit

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