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>Tfw didn't train my 3d skill for years to update portfolio
Can I buy off anyone's 3D portfolio models/images that you guys don't use anymore?

I lost my job and now I wanna move back into 3D modelling. Some small enviroment stuff would be nice while I make my own portfolio on the side.

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Not even with a mile long stick.

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redditors are niggers and removed my post without explanation so here I am
how do I do it, bros?

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This is a highly niche question that is unlikely to get help, but I wanted you to know I saw your thread and honestly tried to look up the answer.
You're not alone. You're real. We're real.

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You deserve to get no real answers

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thanks, anon

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I bought an animation pack (GunFu Pistol Attacks) and I only got weird point cloud fbx files and not an actual skeleton.
How can I apply the animation on a skeleton in blender?
(I do not use unity or unreal as a game engine)

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Anyone else feel like the effort to make 3d is a greater payoff than the result itself, meaning sidestepping the work with AI, just like putting codes into your game genie, is pointless?

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>"ai nonsense"
>still cant come to terms that sora has single handedly buried this already dead industry as well as this board

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Stfu A-logger

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Cris, the only thing I can't come to terms with is why are you spamming this board with AI-related nonsense.

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im not cristiano.

see >>975558

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see >>975551

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am i gonna make it?
ITT: post animations you did with blender, anything is welcome

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Here's the last thing I made and posted a few years back.
Still been working on stuff, but mainly for other people. By the time I get the motivation to work on a personal project after I finish a gig, another one rolls up and the cycle repeats.

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how can anyone animate in Blunder is beyond me, it's the most animation unfriendly UI ever made

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This style is the biggest, laziest meme ever. It's even worse than McMansion. Everyone goes ooo and aaahh over a fucking boolean'd rectangular with glass inside.

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>Blender is all in one
>Dev “No, CAD for you”
There goes people’s claims of it being all in one and able to do anything. Big corp would totally switch to blender if CAD was on it.

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The specific primitive that you need need is a NURB but you also need to be able to add a number of 2D cutters to it which may overlap and span across several NURBS.

Those "2D cutters" are the "sketches" which are the actual CAD drawings. Those in turn need to support linear and angular constraints and so on.

Blender has maybe 5% of the functionality that you would need to make a CAD and that's too little to be extended of fixed via Python scripts.

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For reference:
Red the part that says: "gluBeginTrim/gluEndTrim pair, it is used to describe a trimming curve". That's the part that's missing in Blender and all the functions related to producing and editing those "trimming curves" of course.

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Maybe it's been a while and I forgot, but I'm pretty sure that plane wasn't made using 3d design, but drafted by hand. The angles were definitely simulated for radar bounceback, but the shape was because they had to "make it by hand" and complex curves were either hard to simulate or make to the specifications.
Which is why the B2 has all kinds of really smooth curves.
Then again, I could be completely fucking wrong, and I'm mis-remembering things, or just made it up in my head. I swear I heard that shit on Modern Marvels 12+ years ago though.

In hindsight, I guess I kind of just repeated what you said, just in a different way.

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small kek
You do you. I prefer vernacular architecture. I've modeled and designed houses of all tastes and styles and my honest professional opinion is that us architects are overvalued.
>Obviously the problem is that architects also use CAD tools that are only good at making default cubes and such shit
Do you know them all? Are you sure they all use CAD tools? Have you even opened an architecture journal?
> Just look at how modernist this plane looks
Modernist like the modernist movement from the 1920's? Modernist like the 3rd international? Modernist like the burtalists or the futurists? Do you even know waht modernist means? Do you even know what the flying fuck you are talking about?
>by the way the simulation software used when designing it couldn't handle even one more tri.
>But it's definitely a stylistic design choice when it comes to those gay ass houses.
Unfortunately anon. Even with your idiotic comment, your blatant ignorance You are absolutely right. It is a stylistic choice, not a good one, not a cogent one but a choice. Thank you for letting us know you think those houses look gay. Pretty insightful I must say.

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Back when games were good

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This thread was moved to >>>/vr/10720986

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Why haven't you embraced SOVL as your art goal instead of graphical realism autismo for AAAA companies?

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There's nothing soulful about that pic. Kill yourself.

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Fucking A-logger

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Love you anon.

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>shows the most soulless corporate dogshit artstyle on the planet

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Cris is not a bad person but he gets easily deceived. He may have watched some flashy youtube tutorial, one where the person in the thumbnail appears to be experiencing some sort of unnatural intercourse, where that person convinced him that any other people in the world know what "sovl" even means.

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3D inspo thread - what gets your poly goning?

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mmmm chunky normals

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Kings Field 4.

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pic btw.

Btw, looking for female 3D artist to be my gf and work on this sort of game with me. I'm a programmer.

reply to me if you are into it.

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no pic btw.

I'm a married man but I can be your girlfriend just let me be in the same room with you and we'll see.

I'm an architect.

reply to me if you are into me.

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>there are currently attempts happening at making LLMs control Blender since direct mesh generation always turns out messy as fuck
This shit is fucking wild

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No, I never said anything about government ,future is without government, no regulations of any kind, just a free market society.
> It'd be as retarded as a Viking inventing a flux capacitor for his longboat and travel to our current day
only to find we still go to the Jarl and request trial by combat whenever we're in disagreement with our peers
Yeah that would be stupid, but we still do it when it comes to countries no? What about Russia and Ukraine, I don't have a fucking utopic machine that solves government wars? If you gave one please send it to Putin or Zelenskyy so no more Slavic people get killed.
Utopias don't exist, grow up, that's childish. A lot of people got killed because of those retarded ideas.

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>future is without government, no regulations of any kind, just a free market society.

Without government there is no society and no freedom anon. The idea of agreeing on what the rules are, that there is at least theoretically 'equality before the law'
and having an institution with the capability of enforcing those laws is the foundation capitalism and the free market rests upon.

Remove government and remove all regulations you'd have a perpetual race-to-the-bottom with 'might is right' as the only instrument to dictate outcomes on the playing board.
Corporations unchecked would behave like the robber barons of the dark ages after the fall of the Roman Empire where you venture out of your heavily armed fortress to rob
at swordpoint whatever shit you can lay your hands on before returning back to base to divide the spoils amongst your vassals.

I'm giggling like a little girl here how you propose this cookie-cutter super obv 'darkfuture cyberpunkesque' type scenario as your proposition
and still manage to call something 'childish' at the end there of your insane post after flying off in a tangent about Ukraine.

>> No.975319

>Without government there is no society and no freedom anon.
I can do exactly the same institutions based on a private sector without any type of government existence. Private security for example is exactly based on free market principles, you don't pay shitty security, and shitty private security goes out of business, i can't say the same about police.
Corporations are people,and they are tied to the same thing that makes this society possible, free market.
A corporation is not tied to government force, neither they work like governments. They only serve to give goods cheap to make money. If you think that McDonald's will become a sort of paramilitary organization you are out of your mind .
I mean you are giggling like a little girl but you can't see how stupid it to believe that the government regulating your way of living is freedom.
Also the Ukraine thing was not a tangent, you bring it up
I quote
>Only to find we still go to the Jarl and request trial by combat whenever we're in disagreement with our peers.
I just answered in a bigger scale. Maybe you don't need to fight because your neighbours dog shit your backyard, but you definitely have to if you government has a conflict with another.

>> No.975321

>Corporations are people

How come you're still typing and not long dead in ~Jonestown? You drank _all_ the Kool-aid anon.

>> No.975333

I drank the kool aid or maybe you need the government because they give you your unemployment check

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What's y'all idea in case of losing any job opportunity in 3D field, due to either lack of demand or just straight up no positions left for 3D artists, I've been learning how to create in 3D on the side for 3 years now in hopes to make it into my job one day, but with that AI shit going on around my thoughts are bleaker than ever. I have some money saved up for curses and studying in 3D field, I've bought myself new PC recently, I'm thinking about finding secondary source of income so that I can enjoy making 3D art despite not making any money out of it. This place is as good as any to ask this question so I guess I can just spam this dead ass board with another AI thread.

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>stop liking what I don't like or I insult you
Has this worked for you any time?

>> No.974948

why are you crying so much, Caleb? Buy an ad

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>> No.974950


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I don't work in the industry anyway, I do it for fun. So I'll keep doing it. For fun!

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I need to sort my shit out in span of 5 days and I can't decide

>I'm torn between getting a career into 3D (this means signing up for a degree that has courses on VFX, Video editing, Motion Graphics, 3D animation & modeling, game development)
>signing up for a "systems information degree" (not CS) which gives a - not so shallow not so deep - knowledge about Java, Php, SQL and just programming in general + management + development cycle/life etc.

Both are 3 years long, the problem is the following, I sort of want to do 3D but I have no idea about it really and I don't even really know what kind of things I want to do with it anyway, I know very little about blender, I just know you can work in games and all that but I don't care much about that desu and most of all I don't know how realistic it is for me to land a job about it, like working maybe as a freelance video editor or freelance motion graphics, or even animator

I mean, I feel like if I was meant to do that as a job I would already be knowledgeable about it in some way or other and I don't really know much about anything I can't do even a basic animation but I DO FEEL I want to do it as well, like at least try to do fun things with 3D like porn etc

HOWEVER, I also don't want to be a full developer because while I sort of like programming I dread the idea of having to look for bugs in code, debug stuff or just being super technical in general. Ideally my plan would be to get that degree and try to land a project manager or some sort of manager position (not tech lead) where I'm managing people while having some technical background but I don't even know how feasible it is as a first job.

I'm 26 by the way

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It's been 10 years. The jannies have never done anything because they're horrible people who enjoy "lowcows", probably because they make them feel better about themselves and/or are too busy transitioning. Fuck jannies.

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thanks for beating some sense into me, I really needed to vent and have someone hear me out, I'll most likely do either programming or other thing but not pursue this for a job. I still want to learn some blender stuff for fun though

>Why specifically 5 days
Because college inscription ends at the end of february and starts on march

Fuck you schizophrenic nigger

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Cris, you're a clown.

>> No.975032

>not so shallow not so deep
>(not CS)
>Java, Php, SQL and just programming in general + management + development cycle/life etc.
>programming in general
doesn't sound good at al
>management + development cycle/life etc.
this is the only part that looks like it has potential
all in all, wouldn't, most specifically because the web development world is saturated out the ass and already cutting weight

but don't take it from me, do your own research, best research is actually checking job offers, the quality of them, the requirements, and do not forget how many people are applying

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>java in 2024

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Hello, ive been working on game on my free time doing models, animations and levels, problem is im not able to find a programmer for this to work with revenue share. Yes i know its hard to find people to spend time in an unpaid project and yes i know my models aren't AAA but in my opinion they look decent.
I have been looking for programmers on reddit and most of the time the just end up quitting after a while
Basic game loop is similar to Deep rock galactic and Lethal company, pretty easy to work with them and popular Hiring one is impossible for me now.
Should i keep working on it and then try to find someone? is it even worth working on it ??

Some images: https://imgur.com/a/siqaPl6

sorry for bad English
thanks in advance

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That's helpful. I am also working in unity and using c#.
What kind of items do you need to track in your inventory? Not like "what is the item" but i have 2 kinds of items in mine. Generic and unique. Every health potion is the same. In my system all i need to keep track of is which item type iy is and how many the player possesses. The unique items all have to be tracked individually. The player might have 3 "iron sword" but each has different upgrades on it so they need different representation in the data.

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if you are capable with that art then you are capable of learning programming too. Just do it. Make simple games with one system. Then make a game combining those systems.

>> No.975744

Cris does that all the time.

>> No.975745

eyo sorry for he late replies
there are propably somewhere to 12 unique ones and the rest of the itemes are resources, craftable etc.. these are a bunch 20+ maybe

Thanks but that would be impossible for the limited time i get

>> No.975750

So what i did was creat an "Item" class that held all the data every item would have. For me that was a name, value, weight, and an icon. Then particular items like crafting materials, clothing, consumables, etc had their own classes descended from the item class. All of the items were held in arrays held in a globally accessible object.
The actual player inventory is arrays of a class that just holds 2 integers. One int is the index for the item and the other was the quantity of that item the player posessed.

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It seems the AI reaper has come for 3D as well. I started getting into 3D because I thought it would be safer for a little while but it seems that went up in smoke. I don't want to stop animating and trying to get better by any means but I'm just demotivated by the Sora stuff.

People say this is going to be a tool for real artists but I don't see how I'm going to use any of this stuff beyond being a prompt monkey for making my own stuff.

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We have way more nukes, and we should kill them before they build this shit.

>> No.975329

>it's still very much slop.
You mean, for now. See how fast it's already been progressing? Just give it another couple years.

>> No.975330

"Racism" is normal outside of north america, try leaving your gated community Joey.

You don't know what real prejudice looks like.

>> No.975516

No. Get ready for endless AI slop.

>> No.975518

why would you get ready for it? Nobody's forcing you to watch, just like nobody's forcing you to drink alcohol or gamble on sports

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My projects have become so complicated that I'm starting to get anxiety, fr. I come home from work and I can barely make any progress because its just so complicated. Once I started scripting houdini really hard and reading real pro tips on discord my artistic eye just sort of skyrocketed. Now there is no going back. What do I do now?

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I exclusively use the python API. Fuck off

>> No.974828


>> No.974829

The python API is the only way to do what I want to do you troll plus I can use a pyside 2 gui

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I can't believe you filtered OP with THIS. I come to this board once in a blue moon to see if anything changed, and everyone is still as retarded as ever

>> No.975731

cris has been making houdini troll threads lately.
the typical houdini user is usually incredibly keen on helping other people by displaying their skill, so if you don't nip threads like this in the bud they have the potential of wasting a lot of time.
thankfully a simple test like this is enough to filter trolls.

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how much time do pros need to make something like picrel?

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No dude its 3ds max lol

>> No.974878

Happy to offer advice.

>> No.974880

This was a great demonstration, but desu I think you would need another hour or so to get it looking as good as the OP, mainly fixing some of the cloth problems.
There are visible texturing problems on the fabrics, the sheet on the bed has low-poly artifacts, and the curtains are melting.
It is amazing for 90 minutes though, you mogged /3/ for sure.

>> No.974921

Yeah kek I was just fucking around.Just wanted to get back at anon for the lulz. I think even with readily made assets it would take me about 4 hours to get right and about 3-4 versions to perfect.

>> No.974954

see? I never stood a chance to begin with

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The iconic bishoujo figure render, with the pearly background. How do you do it, exactly? It's a scene in blender, right? I saw some korean? streamer using it once but I forgot his name.

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>> No.975260

just download empirically measured materials library from materialx or vmaterial/MDL and use SSS.

they're mostly measured using reflectometers so it is as realistic as it gets. you will never get better results by just manually tuning your own materials.

>> No.975334

>it's depth of field and GI!
>actually, it's empirically measured materials!
Which one of you is telling the truth?

>> No.975564

I am dof/gi guy.
I am looking into this blown up jpeg trying to catch a glimpse of SSS in the plastic. which real plastic would have. However all I'm seeing is the painted texture of dark warm spots in the anatomically logical recesses of the figure.
If there's SSS it's very subtle(it should be) and completely lost in this low quality image.
That being said, this looks like a low quality photograph. Not a low quality 3d render.
DOF and GI are definitely on. It would take a side by side of the same scene rendered with and without SSS to convince me it's visible in the OP image.

>> No.975639

anon this is chinese

>> No.975663

you can tell cuz the have a lot of little circles

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i want a custom reddit avatar retalited to this

if anyone can help please let me know here is the dis https://discord.gg/JN8ZRmXg
i can give you free dis nitro basic for a month in return

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>be told from the guys at big corpo to always create my characters to real world scale
>measure one of their characters

>> No.974619

Was it a Latina? Sometimes they're like that.

>> No.974666

Yeah and past 30 a switch gets flipped and suddenly they go really W I D E

>> No.974667

its an adult male character, easily looks over 16 stone. Im just measuring the height in the dcc, in cm

>> No.974726

My brothers wife is 4'9", she is just Asian... Short people exist too

>> No.974745

bros i miss her

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The video I shared below has a different time index to its actual length.

The video is 0.2s long but its time index is 6s.

Do any of you know how to create something like this? Please explain.

It looks like a bug, but the person who created this video did it on purpose.

The video file is attached below.


>> No.974538

hex editor, change the video header

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Aha ni umusarani wanjye ubu.