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Animation noob here--noticed there's some funky bones in this model exported from WoW.
In the screens, it shows the vertex weights for this example. (Also, it's parented to the elbow, and has no children of its own. Might not be clear from the shot.) Obviously these weights intersect with the weights given to the surrounding bones. I then looked at a sample animation, and noticed that this bone only animates displacement. (They use the same technique in many spots; upper arms, legs, some around his hunchback.)

What's the point of that? Is it a "hack" for solving weird pinching/volume loss? Would one use these "displacement bones" in a higher poly asset?

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What are some simple CAD programs?
I am looking for something to create more accurate sculpting bases for weapons and the like.
I tried out 'Moment of Inspiration', which is pretty fun, but too expensive as a hobbyist and not properly cracked.
What applications do use prefer and why?

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Fusion 360. Free for commercial use (indie-like projects). Pretty good mix of procedural and direct-modeling features. Modern interface, although a bit slow at times. Con: can run offline, but it's designed as mainly a cloud application; also, one never can trust Autodesk as far as licensing options goes -- the free offer might go away.

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need feedback from you guys. what do you think?


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You are a good sculptor. I'm not sure about the hairline as I have never seen anyone with such a small forehead can you share the reference you used.

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didnt see it before. it does look very small. I didnt have a specific reference..

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what this dude said. your viewport captures look unironcally better than the render

without seeing reference it's hard to judge, but orbital furrow looks a little low and malar fat near that area is lacking. she looks old just in that region, while showing no aging anywhere else.

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you guys are awesome. Ill continue working on it.
thanks <3.

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>That instagram

Wanna talk, champ?

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i'm in substance painter, downloaded this material, what am i doing wrong? is this false advertisting?

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CGI 3D Animation - Shelby Cobra - Orange With Black Stripes.


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You gonna stick around this time, or are you just gonna post and dash OP?

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I'm here for now...

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Well then, this board has a WIP thread for this sort of post.

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I'm curious about what program was used back in the day to make this kind of cgi

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You can ask one of the "character designers" from that game looks like some of them are still in the industry.

Since tekken was originally released for the System 11 arcade console, which was essentially a Playstation in an arcade cabinet. They probably used Softimage 3D, which is what PSX developers were most fond of in the mid 90's. But they could have used 3D Studio 2 or 3 (3DS Max's ancestors) or any available 3D modeling software pre-1995.

Softimage tutorial:

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If you would just leave them here in this thread and I'll pick them up tomorrow.


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Here, this one's for free: >>684467

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Need CC, working on this for quite some time.

Quite happy with the effects, just need to see what to improve to make this better.

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there's a /wip/ thread, m8.

tone down blurry glow thing. it looks awful. cheap early 00s photoshop nastiness. add noise to it as well.

composition on the bottom right is particularly weak.

if you put the top two side by side and i saw it from a distance i wouldn't be able to tell they were two different products.

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I didnt think of postin there thank you, sorry for creating new thread then.

Also thanks for some of the feedback. The glow is just shadow catcher, as the file has transparent bg, but I understand what you mean.

Yeah, Im not happy with that either but I cant really come up with any good idea, how do you show Avocado's?

Best Regards

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If you made a variation in the almonds argon it would improve it. But that's probably something only artists would notice

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Hi, I'm pretty new to maya and I'm having trouble getting a texture to look seamless on a flat plane. It looks like the edge of the picture is showing up and I don't know how to go about fixing that. The image was offset in photoshop and I cleaned up those seams and saved as psd, I'm using the psd file in maya. Any tips?

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I'm a retard and selected the wrong image.

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a thread

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current settings

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not a terrible likeness. nasolabial furrow goes above the nostril tho.

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What do you mean? It's pretty good

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yeah not all human are models, this is a nice display of normalish looking person.
the only thing I don't particularly like is the forehead noise that is not as good as other parts of the model, I feel it should use an other similar alpha for that part, make the noise smaller and also reduce a little the intensity.

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It literally looks fine. The nose is a little large, but there's probably some people with noses like that. There's nothing cringe about it.

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She's sort of is model though.

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Hey this is my first sculpture and I'm shit. Please tell me how I can be less shit

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Wrong place to post this dumbass. It's shit anyways

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I like it! Looks like it may have been based on the masks from the frescos of Pompeii

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>3-Dimensional computer graphics

That is not 3dcg faggot

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get a computer

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Wrong board, but either way, one thing that would help you be less shit is to not pick something shitty to sculpt.

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I don’t come to this board much, since I’m a communication designer, but recently at work we’ve been tasked to find a way of exporting infographics from CAD models the client gives us.

Until now they’ve been taking screenshots inside Inventor (no joke) for the user manuals of their products.

I found, that Creo Illustrate (formerly Isodraw) seems to be the tool for the look they want to go for, but they don’t have Test versions.

They just provide personalized trainings.. I’d like to try it in my free time for free so I can give a good explanation to my boss if and why we should buy it.
I know this is frowned upon here, but does anyone have a direction to point me at to download it?

Also happy for any other software suggestions even though I feel like I shifted through most options..

Pic unrelated, render I made recently

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I fucking missed the registration window by a few hours, I read your message when I went to sleep, now it's closed..

fuck me

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Have patience. In the meantime, gfxpeers.

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>I’d like to try it in my free time for free so I can give a good explanation to my boss if and why we should buy it.
You could try sending them an email, perhaps they're the kind of company that has no problem giving a limited license for that.

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okay :/ I tried it but no seeded results

considering this now. Thanks for the suggestion

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Draftsight is a good enough aternative with a 30day trial you can just keep repeating.

It's a bit clunky but if the files are at least organised, you should be able to export what you need easily enough

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I need Ar 15 lwer receiver STL because mine broke and I live in 3rd world.

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how hard would it be to model this with appendages sticking out? and which software would you use. request if possible someone can make it and upload to thingiverse as stl. i would print giant scale

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a thread fucking died for your useless shit

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I see some artists sculpt something without automatic mirroring instead of getting everything done and afterwards posing it and making asymmetric changes to break up uniformity. Why? It seems to me like a huge waste of time.

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>try not to fuck up on marble
Not only i believe he did fuck up high time, but also got him several tries before finishing this.
>Greek and Roman statues were actually in color
They were supposed to paint this shit. Old "masters" were a bunch of incredible stupid dumbasses.

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>They were supposed to paint this shit.
But they didn't know that, did they?

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>Old "masters" were a bunch of incredible stupid dumbasses
if only you could go back in time and tell them that to their faces

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You can judge forms in 2-D fairly well if you draw

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It's not the same, but it's totally possible to "feel" form when drawing.
Obviously it's not like you're running your hand over it.
When I'm shading something it's easy for me to imagine and perceive the 3d structure of the object just as if I was running my hand over it. It just translates into pressure. Like if you're shading a ridge, if you imagine your hand going up and over it while you're shading, your hand will subconsciously do that movement. So it's like you're compressing that depth into super small movements on the paper using pressure.
It's hard to explain, but it works. At least for me.

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I'm not even going to give you an angry post or a you.

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This seems to be a lot better than the standard way. Where you model everything and etc.

Instead you just use modifier on very simple objects.

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>boomer giving some workflow that existed for a while a flashy acronym literally no one asked for
Just boomer things.

Anyways, non-destructive modelling is incredibly nice even though I sometimes think a bit autistically about it, thinking it might make you turn more and more sloppy in your workflow. But in the end I guess it doesn't matter if the result is exactly as wanted. The biggest advantage of it I love the most of course is the ability to be able to change literally anything really quickly at every stage, so yeah, perfect for prototyping shit but if you aim to churn out game ready stuff using 2D reference, it might be faster to just do the mesh the old fashioned way from the start so you don't have to spend time retopo your shit afterwards.

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I made some low poly islands. I hope u guys like em.

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the backgrounds ruin it

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looks like poopoo and doodoo mixed together and a thread died for this

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You're about 5 years too late to the party OP.

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I really like them

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Okay so... it seems like all the places I would ask this have been shutdown because of some douchebag.

I hoping that someone here could help me figure out how to extract models from a mod for skyrim called Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants.

I only wish to make some edits to some of the meshes but, I can't for the life of me figure out how to got about it. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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you are so lucky and got a constructive answer on 4chan dude instead of KYS or go to /v

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1 question, 1 answer. Did this really need it's own thread?

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You are the fucking most stupid useless person I have ever seen. I hope you see this message so you can know how worthless you are. I doubt you can because of how stupid you are though.
There are so many better fucking places to ask this.
>/tesg/ on /vg/
>the questions thread
I mean fuck how stupid are you? Just fucking Google how to extract models from bsa or whatever and you'll find a source thousands of people have done it before for fucks sake.

I don't even know what you think you can do with the models I mean you can't even use basic critical thinking how can you actually think you'll be competent enough to achieve any goal that requires any basic skills or reasoning?

Fuck. You.

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God I fucking HATE nif. Worst experience possible

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