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i think the whole streamer-fan interaction is a bit unfair to pin entirely on suisei herself, since that's just a byproduct of her increasing popularity and as i mentioned she's still doing as much as she can to interact with her fanbase given her current situation, in my eyes. if someone really is "blaming" her for that, that's kinda backwards in my opinion.
considering she's pretty much 50/50 a streamer and an artist i don't think it's weird, to be honest. you do you.
i couldn't say i prefer one over the other though, even if what made me adore her at first was her karaokes (i think they're where she's showcasing her best traits as a cool singer and as an absolute dumbass).
for sure, i was mostly referring to her then vs her now, instead of her vs other holos. she definitely keeps her distance a lot more compared to most other chuubas.

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Imagine how Suichan would react seeing your fat fucking face and body, worked for me, I'm really fucking /fit/ now.

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Ok I'm bored now, have fun with your thread.

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