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I want to eat her turds.

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not enough gfe

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When the relationship is one sided its only correct to go a bit crazy

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My love is real don’t question it

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I want to drink her piss

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something about fanbase reflecting the streamer or w/e

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I think I'm sane enough.

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Their oshi is a psychopathic shotacon, not surprising that she appeals to weird fucks.

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>neverending cuck

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Disgusting. Suityan doesn't have a third world booty but a cute, slender but feminine one

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I like this theory

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What wrong with being deranged in a deranged board?

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Ok, that's it for now. Enjoy the images.

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Do you think Sui-tan likes facials?

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The most deranged fans are haato's and suisei's if I'm being completely honest

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I dunno about that. Haatons and Hoshiyomi's are definitely up there, but so are 35p. A couple of days ago 35p were posting some really fucked up shit about Pekora in Miko's general. An image of Suisei and Miko in a car and Suisei speeding like crazy, and people going "All it needs is Pekora rolling off the windshield" "kek that would be hilarious". There was more than just that too. Generally just a bunch of scenarios where they imagined Pekora dying in gruesome ways and having a blast imagining it, and wishing her dead in general. Sounds pretty fucking deranged to me. Bunch of psychopaths.

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Holy shit

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What is falseflaggers' end game? Is it just boredom after they realized /vt/ isn't the promised land of drama after all? Or is it just that fanbase wars on 4ch are that much more immediate than anything involving the chuubas themselves?

>> No.10596304

Delusions of control over an anonymous image board site to compensate over the lack of control over their outside reality.

>> No.10596341

>Is it just boredom after they realized /vt/ isn't the promised land of drama after all?
It actually is, but they are a few fanbase here that you shouldnt fuck with. Hoshiyomis for obvious reasons, Homofags, especially Shienfags, Kenzokus, and in case of Nijisanji, Mito and Kuzuhafags. Its way easier to make rotations of anti threads for HoloEN1 girls since their fans are extremely defensive and you can get easy (You)s filled with defensive posts. Just look at the Lamy hate thread that is currently happening, its literally dying since Yukimins dont even bother responding.

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I want to cum on her face

>> No.10597128

Me too

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Sui-chan is as big assed as usual today!

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i want to sex her

>> No.10597612

Haatons don't seem deranged to me, just retarded.

>> No.10597696

Imagine Sui-chan using your face as a chair for her 8 hour Tales stream.

>> No.10597871

kyoumo dekai

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I'd say a little bit of both.
They don't make up scenarios where other holos for at least

>> No.10597955

spoonfeed me peak Suisei please
I never really gave her enough of a chance but her Getcha cover is sucking me in

>> No.10598045

A little bit of both I'd say.
They don't make up scenarios where other holos die a gruesome death at least.

>> No.10598232

Because of the contrast between Suisei's appearance and personality.
She looks like a typical sheltered good girl that has self-esteem issues but tries her best, and dresses extremely feminine. But Suisei is actually incredibly determined, confident, reliable, professional, sadistic, and openly mocks her fans.
The Hoshiyomi want to be with Suisei so badly, but deep down they know Suisei will never notice them, and that the only nice thing she'd do for them is put them out of their misery.
So this very pure, childlike love is met with resistance and disgust, but instead of stopping, Hoshiyomi doubledown and their once perhaps pure feelings are transformed into hideous things.

>> No.10598260

It depends. What do you want to know? The Suisei general has and a FAQ that might help but I can help you.

>> No.10598471

Peak Suisei would be Tenkyuu, GHOST or NCP. They're completely different one from the other but they are pure passion

>> No.10598686


She just released her CD full of all originals. I recommend Tenkyuu, Ghost, and Kakero.

>> No.10598819

It feels like Suisei gets the best fanart out of all holos. I especially love how this looks

>> No.10599085

I want Suisei's puffy pussy to grind on my face while she plays.

>> No.10599173

Probably because of the design? It's very fashionable

>> No.10599222

>deep down they know
It's not particularly deep down, Suisei calls out and laughs at goslings on stream.

>> No.10599845

If Suisei actually did GFE I'd gosling so uncontrollably I don't even want to imagine it, right now I rein it in pretty well. I'm glad she doesn't.

>> No.10599870

Why is she like this

>> No.10599910

Because of this >>10599222
Goslings are pretty pathetic

>> No.10599944

I meant this >>10599845

>> No.10599959

Hoshiyomi are based.
Luknights are based beyond belief, I kneel.
The Nakiri-gumi are deranged to such a degree that it scares me.

>> No.10600233

Hey, at least I rein it in instead of being one of the forbidden fruit faggots.
But I agree that goslings are pathetic, me included. I used to make fun of them a lot, in fact I still do, it's just Suisei specifically that fucks me up.

>> No.10600629

they were groomed
god I wish I was her chair

>> No.10600635

To be honest, your question might be linked to what I was pondering for a long long time. Like hell I support suisei to the ends of the earth since 2019 and even went legit gachikoi when she changed her voice. But then I realized I couldn't get what I want from her. There's no gfe, no flerts, no dere dere,

She is a Vtuber, but is instead strongly rooted in reality compared to majority of vtubers. She did mention on a zatsudan stream recently, about why she doesn't do GFE, is that she doesn't want to make gachikois when she knows it will happen when she does gfe. She says that its mendokusai when that happens, she has to keep catering to them. She also adds after that if people gachikois her on their own accord then there's nothing she can do.

Just like our name hoshiyomi(stargazers), literally mean we just gaze upon her. I believe many loyal hoshiyomi(yes including deranged ones) also feel this sense of distance. It's closer than a relationship between an Artist and Listener, but also further than the average hololive vtuber and listener. I really feel Suisei tries not to feed into the parasocial relationship. Some hoshiyomis who are less rooted in reality would need an outlet for this, which explains why you see some of us going crazy.

In short, hoshiyomi's may seem deranged on the outside but in fact we may be a lot mentally healthier than other vtuber fans on the inside.

Suisei is the best vtuber for me, she roots me in reality when I become strangely gachikoi, she makes me want to be proper human, to chase my dreams. Just like when I want to watch Suisei to escape from reality, I'll always get a slap awake. Also I might be turning M soon but it may be just my imagination.

Also, I think many of us are misunderstood, I can't speak for all of us but some of us are not actually serious but act so deranged because there people like you asking this sort of question.

tl;dr : zenbu anta no sei( It's all your fault )


>> No.10600999

Based opinion and good analysis on the situation.
>Also I might be turning M soon but it may be just my imagination.

>> No.10601369

Thats the wrong cover to pull you in. Go look for her Kakusei, Ranbu no Melody, Cry Baby, Suisei no Aquarion and Saga Jihen covers, those are her bests.

>> No.10601607

peak? I can only feed you the truth, anon.
Her singing is just eargasm worthy, just go to her channel and listen to any of her latest cover or originals. Or scratch that, just listen to her album that she released here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq4aExkkuTs&list=OLAK5uy_ndHa01w_Xnhuntill2-ZIUaVbs_LKqhU4

She has the ability to sing on-beat and on-tune live which makes her karaoke streams the best. What you hear in her covers are what you get in karaoke streams, or even better. Personally, I prefer her live singing instead of her covers because it's just a piece of art.

>> No.10602769

Very good post and I think it's pretty accurate. We hoshiyomis truly are stargazers.

>Suisei is the best vtuber for me, she roots me in reality when I become strangely gachikoi, she makes me want to be proper human, to chase my dreams. Just like when I want to watch Suisei to escape from reality, I'll always get a slap awake. Also I might be turning M soon but it may be just my imagination.
Same here, maybe except for the M part since I'm more of a S. Suichan has such a positive influence on me it's honestly impressive, she inspires me to improve and to try my best even when I think I can't accomplish something or consider giving up, in a way she even helped me get out of a fucking long depression slump months ago. And the way she roots us in reality help keep that influence of hers at least on me completely positive, instead of devolving into something unhealthy or a mix.
And yeah, I also play up being deranged for fun lol

>> No.10604711

>Some things are beautiful because they're unobtainable
Gilgamesh said it best.

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Because Comet is crazy, and the fanbase tends to reflect the streamer.

>> No.10605248

Peak Suisei was achieved last week.

>> No.10608450

Suisei is a cute and mentally stable girl.

>> No.10609714

She's so sexy that I ejaculated so many times it negatively effected my brain permanently, so now I'm a schizo. Small price to pay but it was worth it.

>> No.10609721
File: 2.38 MB, 1280x1571, suisei gloves2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to cum inside her fucking gloves

>> No.10610162

They are living through Suisei because they themselves don't have work ethic/hustle and determination of Suisei. She's always on the grind even tho she's already in a good spot. As expected of someone from the indie slums.

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>In short, hoshiyomi's may seem deranged on the outside but in fact we may be a lot mentally healthier than other vtuber fans on the inside.
this can sound like cope but it is legitimately my case, i tend to go all AAAAA I FUCKING LOVE SUZY I NEED HER IN MY LIFE WHY CANT I GET A GIRL LIKE SUZY fairly frequently on this board but it's a hyperbolic reaction; i don't REALLY need her, but she's a really fucking cool person for both personality and skills/talents and is genuinely inspiring to me to a degree i feel like i just wanna gush sometimes and then carry on doing my own stuff. (even though in practice i'm not doing nearly as much work as she is, but at least the drive is stronger than before in my own case)

i think as far as i'd go is sending a SC she may read where i express gratitude (i've never sent a SC before), because personally it'd be really cathartic to see someone i look up to to know how much they've impacted me, but that's about it.

love this bitch...

>> No.10610854

It's a well known fact Suisei has taken more girls to love hotels than all of /vt/ and /jp/ combined and they can't accept it

>> No.10611459

This is true and I can’t accept this

>> No.10611598

Very true, am one of the girls

>> No.10611697

Can confirm, I'm Suisei.

>> No.10612051

t. Inui Toko

>> No.10615556

t. Migo

>> No.10615606

The only way to express love is violence.
Suisei will never love us. Suisei does not pander to us. Suisei is an unobtainable star in the night sky, out of our reach no matter how high we jump.
We have nothing to do but be deranged to express our pent-up feelings. We don't even have the luxury of being deranged to be recognized; but simply deranged for our own derangement's sake, out of sight of our comet, on this lonely planet which can only gaze silently at the distant starry night sky.

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Thank you for putting my feelings into words I never could've expressed, anon. She's cute today too as well.

>> No.10623552

Well said anon, I also feel this way and I’m still in the denial stage

>> No.10623846

I love it every time a Suisei anti thread gets thrown up, great time to check to see if there are any new images to collect.

>> No.10626325

Extremely well said, could never put it in words as well as you did.

>> No.10626441

I'm an ex hoshiyomi that got tired of her not pandering to my GFE needs. Now I have nothing but the utmost contempt for her. I hope she gets raped and needs multiple decades of therapy to get over it.

>> No.10626467

Good point, also, YWNBR.

>> No.10626907

If shes willing to fart then yes.

>> No.10627725

So not only are you guys schizos, you're also cringe as fuck?

>> No.10629394

Mm yes pls

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>> No.10633697

You have to be 18 to post on this site

>> No.10634003

thx for the nice art posted here

>> No.10635838

Perpetual orgasm denial, Suisei just radiates pure SEX but we all know that she's as untouchable as the stars above

>> No.10638928

lies, you are not a true hoshiyomi, all you want is to fulfil your own desires and escape from reality.

> I hope she gets raped and needs multiple decades of therapy to get over it.
You might need therapy instead, you've already joined the dark side. Please go out, touch some grass and get in contact with Mr. Reality.

>> No.10639096

Hey, at least we face the truth. If you call that cringe then I don't know what to call other vtuber fans, who are living in some fantasy world. Call us what you want, but we are always enduring this pain and it keeps us sane.

>> No.10639401

Not so much pain for me, I'm not here for the gfe

>> No.10643607

If by mentally stable you mean "functioning psychopath" then I agree with you.

>> No.10643780

>completely necessary response and bump.

>> No.10643919

>Absolutely essential greentext reply, further bumping the thread

>> No.10646585

Same I dropped her months ago for this very reason, otherwise I would have developed strong feelings of jealousy and would become to dangerous for society

>> No.10646858

sauce? nothings coming up when i reverse image search it on yandex and saucenao

>> No.10646882

ask in /r/

>> No.10647288

for popular vtubers you can usually find their art on booru sites by using tags.

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I like her voice and singing.
Simple as.

>> No.10653244

She's not my Oshi but I consider myself an honorary Hoshiyomi, close second. Just go somewhere else for that. anon.
I'll follow Suisei as long her desire to shine bright is strong. I wanna see her succeed.

>> No.10653759

If suisei did gfe she would be worse. The lack of gfe and her natural charm is what makes her so hot

>> No.10653794

Cause she is a based stacy laughing at retards

>> No.10654517
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Big Blue Comet

>> No.10654810

Remember that hoshiyomi, who post that piss/cum/parfum jar ? Holy shit this dude, i wonder what he's doing rn, if he's doing well, he was beyond every schizo here

>> No.10655097

I seriously doubt he was a hoshiyomi. Most likely it was an excuse to expose his fetish go 4chan

>> No.10656339

Most likely true, he never showed up again as far as I can tell

>> No.10656462

gachikoi in denial

>> No.10658020

You're right, no GFE really is part of the appeal. God I'm so fucking glad she refuses to do it.

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