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post 2hu's that are literally you

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Right down to my obsession with Yuugi.

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Futo. Everybody around me is uncomfortable and think I'm a threat to them.

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This is me.

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They're right to feel threatened. Futo killed Tojiko and is a known arsonist.

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Koishi, I operate solely on instict and my head is empty most of the time.

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You have hueg titties?

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I don't like admitting it, but it's Alice.

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im nueayay what you gonna did about it ill beet the shit out you

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You're rapebait?

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Me on the left

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I relate to Laymoo a lot

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A mix of these two

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I love you!

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I have issues.

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I'm really lazy

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I want to be left alone, and I sometimes feel like hurting people for no real reason.

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Sorry anon, I can't find any good pics with flan and kaguya

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Me on the right

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You should be Meiling and Komachi

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neet here

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Me on the middle

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I'm lazy and will do anything to avoid doing what I actually need to do.

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you die if you work

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i rarely go outside, i'm too lazy to shower, i have like 1 friend, i have bad posture, long unkempt hair, a unbalanced special attack, i'm unhealtily skinny, i only own dumb clothes etc etc

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I feel more connected to Yukari. I'm awkward around people. I also never got invited to parties probably because i don't know how to approach people.

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oh come the fuck on, okuu

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You're a lot like me and, well, most of /jp/ I think

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Knock knock... It's America!

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It's Okuu. Don't expect anything less.
S-so cute...

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buu buu

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I was gonna throw out another Komachi claim but Yuuka might be better. I think I dislike being around other people more than I am lazy. If it were possible I too would live out in an isolated flower field in the middle of nowhere and murder anyone who disturbs my peace.

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Good deal

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I'm a medical student.
Few days ago, I took medical history from a patient with Glanzmann's thrombasthenia, this was the rarest disease I've encountered.

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Ironically, this is possibly more American than crownpiss.
Take that, stupid faily!

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do you live in a society too?

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I have a cock, I can't be any of these 2hus.

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Clearly you haven't seen Marisa's delicious cock

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Youmu has a tiny dick. You could be her.

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Terrible post. You invited all the futafags to the thread

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All 2hus are packing giant hogs.

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Excellent post. You invited all the futafriends to the thread

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t. Kanako

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t. reimu

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Sakuya has a very lengthy cock that's always at least semi-erect and swings pendulously under her skirt whenever she goes about her cleaning duties. Sometimes you can just see her tip peeking out from under her skirt if the angle is just right.

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I hate how this post made me horny

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Incredible post. You invited all the futaGODS to the thread.

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I do, but that's mostly an excuse rather than the reason

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Cuz' I sculpt and draw, and have a short-ish temper
Sorry doc, but Eirin is technically a Pharmacist

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I feel like Satori very often.

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I have a remi-complex.

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I mean isn't technically everyone on 4chan is Seija?

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Yuuka is one home made moonshine distillery away from being a hillbilly.

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surprised she isn't more popular for that reason alone