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which touhou would /jp/ marry?

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She's serious and has the perfect body.

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inb4 sagefags

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the rich one.

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the one with the penis

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I'd marry you're touhou

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But i'm not a touhou!

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It be too hard to even approach any of the others and she seems like she'd make a good wife.

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Enjoy your monthly pegging.

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Oddly enough, I wouldn't marry my favorite Touhou. It'd have to be this beautiful flower.

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She's fun-loving, isn't a frail pushover princess, and despite her antics, is an intent practitioner of the arcane crafts. The only problem is, of course, that I'm putting myself in the crosshairs of the other magicians of Gensokyo, and possibly one miko.

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I'd marry Alice to Marisa.

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Small price to pay for a touhou wife that wont kill you.
I've heard it decreases the chance of prostate cancer... so~

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Then there's Flandre, who'll probably kill you for taking away her playmate.

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Silly anon, it's not like you can marry Yuka. Yuka marries you, and woe be you if you think you have any say in the matter. Just pray that she won't tire of her new husbando and look for fresh blood.

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Oh gods. Haven't thought of that. ...I'm dead.

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>I'm not trapped here with you, YOU'RE trapped here with me

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Simple and easy to please. Plus she's the strongest.

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Well, naturally, I'd have to keep growing strong enough to keep her attention. Mainly, I'd look forward to the wild sex after the fights to the death she'd beat the shit out of me each time.

Of course, just sitting with her, watching the flowers while taking it easy...that would be great too.

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I doubt that Flandre would kill you for taking away Marisa. Flan would just want to play with both of you... which really isn't any better for life expectancy.

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"Until death do us part" does not apply here.

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She could drink me. I would let her.

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ran. i'd have a lovely daughter as well then.

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...well, wait. If I can get Marisa to teach me Master Spark... twice the fire power! We can pin her down! Yeah! ...then Flandre clones herself, and I'm still dead.

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Think of all the family fun. You have good taste, Anonymous.

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is there any other choice, really?

I want to lick her red youk-eye

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Whoa, whoa buddy. I was here first you can have your turn when she breaks me. I really can't think of a better way to die.

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Honestly, I'd probably wait for Marisa to be twenty or so, and try to make my move on her. She's just great - and I rather like tomboys, to be honest. Girls who won't be able to keep my pace, or in fact overtake me at a few things, don't interest me.

That said, given my serious trouble at expressing myself, the idea of marrying Satori has a great deal of charm. Being able to understand each other without the need for words would be just great.

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Yes, but she gets to know /all/ of your thoughts. Even the ones you only think for a moment, then quickly put aside. Every bit of resentment, every hint of disloyalty.

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I don't *do* disloyalty, so I'm safe on that front.

And given she hears everyone's thoughts all the time, I'm sure she'd be far more understanding with momentary flashes of rage or frustration than the average human, actually. All her species is like that, after all - if they didn't know how to deal with it, they'd be unable to reproduce.

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>She could drink me.
, if you know what I mean. ?

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You know you can't reach her unless you read THE book, right?

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Fair warning to all Yukafans- you're going in the sunflower field.


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I can think of worse ways to go. Oh man...that would be ideal...

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The only choice.

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My Strawberry wife~

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She's never going to run out of nutrients for her flowers. Isn't it great, Yuka?

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Am I the only one who'd want to marry Flandre? When she goes Berzerk it's a real turn on for me.

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Yuka'd just torture you. Flandre'd outright reduce you to spare bodyparts.

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>spare bodyparts
...There'd be nothing left.

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A bloody smear is still SOMEthing. At least until she finishes licking it up.

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If I have to pick a secondary choice (the first one is kind of obvious herpderp) I'd go with Hong.

Not violent, kind, airheaded, but tries her best.

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>sleeps on the job
If that's what you mean by trying hard.

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>tries her best
I always get the impression that she somehow holds back when you fight her in EoSD, whether it's on purpose, or because of the whole spellcard system thing.

I don't disagree with you on the waifu material part, though. She'd be a great catch.

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I can't sleep at night unless I have my dakimakura of her with me. I much rather have the real one by my side though. I bet she is warm.

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She sleeps on the job because she takes it seriously. No, really. http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Perfect_Memento:_Hong_Meirin

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i'd marry Patchouli

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I'll marry the Touhou that likes me.

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Remilia. I would so lick it.

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yeah!? like who would like you?

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Gensokyo is polygamous, right?
Please tell me it is.

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Only for Marisa.

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I'd marry Renko

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Why would you marry a Youkai?

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Why not?

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Nobody loves Mystia?

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She would be a faithful and loving wife, dinner on the table as soon as you get home and willing to kick you out the bed in the mornings for tai chi at dawn. Strict on you because she wants you to be healthy and happy.

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Mei-... crap, taken.

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I love every touhou, including her

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Not human hence making reproduction impossible
They'll try to eat you
They're fucking youkai

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fuck yeah

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Ah, modern medical research. I'm seriously curious what the people at the IRB would think if they saw this series of tests waiting anxiously for approval in their inboxes.

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I do I do.

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My loving waifu.

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Stay away from her bro, she loves me

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She doens't exist bro

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I think Iku would be fun to cuddle. :3

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the only one i could imagine staying alive. Also one of my favorites.

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Shockingly true

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Only if you're this person.

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The real Patchy, not the flat-chested fake.

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don't mind me, just postan mai waifu

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Oh you.

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I want her to cut me... tenderly.

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Anyone who says Iku is a maniac... A maniac, that's dancing like he's never danced before.

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The last blowjob in my life ;_;

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Indeed I would

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I actually dreamed about marrying Sanae, and it was one of the only 3 dreams I've had all year.

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Oh goody, no one's said Wriggle yet. Dibs!

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There are female Anons?

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She'll dump you for some new young piece of meat by the time you're 30, brah.

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I don't care what anybody else says, she's Mai Waifu.

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The happiest 4 weeks in my life!

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my poor waifu

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No, just gay ones.

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I'm jealous of your dreams...
I dreamed that I was crushed by a few tons of snow and ice.

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Where can I marry my 15 years old girl?

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Reproduction is actually rather likely... think for a moment. They are supposed to be elemental creatures of a sort, right? But they all have human shape. That means, chances are they're mostly born out of people's belief and ideas of the particular element in question. Kind of... myths.

Now, let's put something to analysis: exactly what is the percentage of human myths that don't make any allusion to sex, either directly or allegorically?


Humans are fucking horndogs. *Anything* influenced by human common mind will be equipped for fucking, period.

Now, *what* would spawn from a relationship is less clear. There are many myths of humans and demons having descendence, only for said descendants to be something completely out of left field/monstruous.

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Both of them.

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I did actualy think 'FUCK YOU CIRNO' in the dream, touhou is everywhere!

>> No.2257380

Wait, new raidenrabo? Or one I've missed?

>> No.2257382

>touhou is everywhere!

Seeing Touhou everywhere is a common problem. When I played Persona 4, the first time I made Yatagarasu the only thing I could think about was Okuu, and how the persona really should have had Megido or some spell of that line.

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Not new, but it isn't scanlated yet. At least it wasn't the last time Iooked for it. Ask Kyon, maybe he knows something.

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The ultimate wife.

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"scanlated" or "scanned"?
scanlated means translated and edited.

>> No.2257469

Sorry, I meant scanned.

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Night Nuuurse~
(Or Doctor, Whatever)

Eirin, because she'd able to look after me, always had a thing for the caring maternal woman/touhou.

Also, Peelz

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Any of them really
but if I had a choice: Yukari, Eirin, or Nitori

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Already married. We did it in Canada.
Although the marriage isn't legally valid since it was entered under the influence.

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Reisen first. THen all thel olius

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its already set

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If you look past the whole "ruined the lives of several people centuries ago by sending them off on wild goose chases" bit and her occasional sending of people to decorate the forest with Mokou's innards, she's actually a rather sweet girl nowadays.

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I thought it was a given.

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Aya, no question. The conversation would never get stale, we'd travel a lot, and discuss journalistic theory. It'd be a real pleasure.

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No contest at all...

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We share a mutual love for electronics.

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The perfect waifu would be Mokou, for more reasons then I could ever hope to list.

how I love you ;_;

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I wonder which would Remilia Scarlet !xxx/w/xxx(I don't remember her trip) choose.

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As much as I love Tewi, I don't think she'd make a very good waifu.

>> No.2260474

I'd marry Flandre, but she would accidentally destroy me when she sneezed, so Remilia.

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I don't care if she's poor.

>> No.2260517

How do those sleeves even work?

>> No.2260526

String theory.

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We'd talk about morbid things all the time and have wild, wild sex.

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>> No.2260602


Possibly the only immortal character in any setting who won't feel lonely when you finally grow old and die.
Truly, only then will she consider your relationship consummated.

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It's not even the sex that's the good part. It's the talking about morbid things.

Death makes the best waifu.

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If you are in that particular state of mind, it simple isn't possibly to have a mutually fulfilling relationship with anyone else.
But it's somewhat relieving knowing there is no risk whatsoever you'll pass each other by when you finally meet.

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Something like that.

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Fuck yes.

>> No.2260864

If by yes you mean no, I totally agree.

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They're all out of my league (even imaginary league).

>> No.2260946

scans where

>> No.2260950


we would go places, and sip tea together.

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Yea thats right
No one is taking her so it is my duty

Enjoy your old hags while I go wild with this eternal loli god class moemaster. Imagine that all of our daughters would look like Sanae.

Brb guys. I have to go play in the mud with my wife.

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This is our daughter.
I do not know who she got the breasts from.

>> No.2260984

She cheated on you.

>> No.2260986

Marry Sakuya.

Fuck the rest. Yeah, literally

>> No.2261003

>which touhou would (you) marry?

The one with big tits

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we could play chess/shogi together, although she would obviously kick my ass.

The main problem would be Aya always getting in the way trying to get scandalous photos.

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This version of Cirno.

>> No.2261379

The one with a face, with two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two ears , and hair.

>> No.2261417

You do know that you crossed out 3 (perhaps 4) touhous?

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I see that I would have to kill several anon first. If you can settle for someone else, I'll let you off.

>> No.2261506

Which four?

>> No.2261526

Satori & Koishi (3 eyes)
Orin & maybe Reisen (4 ears)

>> No.2261532

Ran, Chen, Orin. The ears. Though Orin is the only one for sure, the other two can be assumed.

>> No.2261538

Ah. I thought of the eyes, but I couldn't figure out who else you meant.

>> No.2261548

God damn watermelon blade... I'll marry that blade

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>> No.2261577

Sigma is more a ride than a touhou.

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Dibs, since no one else picture-claimed her.

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I'd myself.

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ok, how about < ?

>> No.2261619

Suika cause she looks like a young loli =D

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Damn, everyone already said Cirno and Wriggle... Well I don't want to share so I would marry Mouse Loli, while she's still fresh!

>> No.2262028
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Retarded, like a true waifu.

>> No.2262035

Hey, shut up.

>> No.2262036
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Easy question.

>> No.2262045

She just want you as test subject.

>> No.2262060


At least we'll be doing things together ;_;

And maybe they'll be sexual experiments.

>> No.2262069

She does experiments.
Sexual experiments.
Eirin Yagokoro.
She's not a doctor.

>> No.2262076
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I would open up her heart again, even if it meant jamming my dick up her aorta.

Especially if it meant jamming my dick up her aorta.

>> No.2262089

Only if it meant jamming my dick up her aorta.

>> No.2262097
File: 65 KB, 512x512, 1234432493436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck yeah flandre

>> No.2262274
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You sick, sick fuck. Stay away from my precious imouto.

>> No.2263294

I like Jisous. Better than yukkuris.

>> No.2263413


Its only recently that I began to like SA characters. From buckets to imouto, I love them all.

Unlike UFO that I loved the characters at first contact.

And to thread topic, Yuyuko. Next is Mystia.

>> No.2263554

I love alice because she is ronery.

>> No.2263721
File: 192 KB, 686x1007, 30e89784f4ee97525b41063d948c6bec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2263733
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More morbid Komachi guy, sodomizing your puppies.

Holy shit, is this thread still here? Have some of mai waifu as a reward.


It's uplifting to see that the new Touhoes have supporters already.

>> No.2264097
File: 167 KB, 450x481, 640bcc5a0a82d75c62d36e80c400a1f5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mai waifu~

>> No.2264157

freaky interspecies sex

>> No.2264172
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>which touhou would /jp/ marry?
>178 posts and 90 image replies omitted.

>> No.2264185
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This. We should all create and marry our own clones.

>> No.2264190
File: 167 KB, 645x911, 27342d0460e104d76d081d81323d948a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It'd have to be Patchouli. Also, flatchested version is superior.

>> No.2264194
File: 480 KB, 1000x717, 1234698290975.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2264325
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Patchy has tits.
ZUN agreed, don't bother him about it.

>> No.2264336

That's Yuyuko.

>> No.2264339

sure is shrinemaiden.org in here

>> No.2264351


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