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That appears relevant to my interests. Please provide the name of containing publication or a location where it may be retrieved.

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"Hey! Keine!" You call out, looking to the door. No reply. "Keine! Where are you?" You try once more, but you can only hear your voice echoing through the house. It appears she has left on some form of errand in all likelihood, believing you would return to sleep once more. You sigh, turning back to the kitchen. Damn, you wish you had your shoes and socks. Cold floor is cold.

[ ] Try and leave the house

[ ] Search for your shoes and socks, they have to be somewhere.

[ ] Explore the house further.

[ ] Search for food and try to make yourself something

[ ] Look for useful items, you ungrateful thief

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"Cirno?" She frowns, confused obviously puzzled by your question. "Isn't that an ice fairy? No, I do not." Hmm. Dead end there. It appear Keine never saw her.
Man, you hope that psychotic rabbit didn't do anything to poor little (9).
She scoots away, grabbing the bowl and putting the spoon in it, taking it all away without a word. She seems rather shy, truth be told, as she walks out. On the nightstand now is a pitcher filled with cold water and a small cup for use at your pleasure.

[ ] Drink water. You're thirsty. Also plan way to find Cirno.

[ ] Drink water. You're thirsty. Also look for possible escape routes.

[ ] Drink water. You're thirsty. Also try to get up and explore the house.

[ ] Drink water. You're thirsty. Also be a kleptomaniac and look for anything that could be of use.

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Mokou has plenty to do these days with her stand. Kaguya is just jealous being a NEET and all, and picks fights.

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