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I do like her. When I go to Gensokyo, I will make her my daughter.

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Yes. I know these feelings.

Would they be more or less lewd with a dick?

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I'm in love with a loli /jp/

I want to claim her innocence. For her soft little hands to tug on my skin as I explain why her body feels so hot. I'd hold her in my arms while I kiss her softly on her tiny, pale cheeks. To just once stare deep into her blue eyes and let her know that everything is ok, that I'll never leave her side. We would do everything together. I'd get her a puppy, candy, a party everyday! Anything to make her smile, for her heart to feel warm. Our hands would touch and whatever troubles we had would melt away, as long as we were together, forever and always. Everynight we would snuggle on the couch, she would curl up in my lap and look up at me, with eyes wide like glowing marbles, and let out words that make my heart skip a beat. "Anon, I love you." This would be the first time I had truly ever cried

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