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Stop spending 20 hours a day on /pol/ maybe
Leave the house once in a while maybe
Take a shower more than once a month maybe

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Think about it. They give us more money and we buy more stocks and crypto. Yea I think the fed our at my door

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pee pee poo poo

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incumbents get overthrown all the time, and BTC is a dead man walking. All throughout the bear market it's been at 99% capacity and fees have still been ~$0.50~$1 making it impractical for anything but holding on an exchange to speculate with. Now the bull is waking up and pretty soon we will see BTC fees rise to $50 and above once more. Unlike the last time that happened, there are a hell of a lot more options for people wanting to avoid that this time.

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greetings /biz/ness men

I have an interview tomorrow with a recruiter, for a position in equity research. I am qualified, have all the required previous work experience + have passed CFA, and am usually pretty good at interviews.

However, I have just found the guy who will be interviewing me and have stalked his social media, and this girl is the biggest liberal I have ever seen. Full on trump hate train, bernie2020 etc.

what are the best ways to capitalise on this in the interview? or just ignore it completely?

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Based fellow zoomer. I'm currently preparing on launching a startup. I got another startup idea as well which is quite big, but it requires capital so this first startup(or LINK) will be like a stepping stone. The app is almost ready and all the incentives etc seems to work out, but I still have this weird feeling about it. I guess I just have to trust myself and just do it.
I guess I am lucky. Although it's been one hell of a ride. Had to step out of my comfort zone and make money when I was 17 since I was fed up with having no money. Some bad shit happened, but god damn I got lucky like 5 times in a row. Felt like some angel was looking out for me. Then ofc the 2018 bear market was tough mentally. Had like 40k ath at january, but I was new to crypto and didn't know everything except Chainlink was a scam. Shit has really been wild.

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Don't really give a fuck, it still works better

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Having a job maintains an appearance of success. Not having a job means you're a failure, in the eyes of normie peers. It's hard to stray away from what society deems normal. So they just accept it.

I live off crypto. Life so far is fucking great. But I still get texts from old friends asking "are you doing ok? we're worried about you". They forward me job listings a few times a month. The pressure to conform is strong, and I couldn't imagine the average wagecuck being able to fight that feeling. Wagies are basically like heroin addicts, trying to keep everyone in their circle as addicted as they are. As soon as someone decides to get clean, they try to rope you back in.

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Swing trade, you can turn that 500 into 50,000 in 2 years. Less if you are good at reading charts.
You actually put work into making your money and you get to keep a closer look at it, so if anything comes crashing down you can minimize Iosses

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Literally bought high sold low, why tf do the jokes have to be real in BIZ. Learn how to trade you dummy. Legit fomo happens when you are unsure of the opposite option and when you learn to trade you eliminate some of the uncertainty, note that there will still be uncertainty since this is after all bettin.

Also bro LOL

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Those picking the crypto are not only getting an objectively worst deal (imagine caring this much about being a NEET), they are not even thinking like proper biznessmen.

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see the live cyber attack world wide, literally million of attack using Trojan.xmrig which is used to infest machine for mining purpose. The hacker will create a big sell pressure in the future, thus the price cant go too high compare to other alt. Also unlimited supplies.

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seething poorfag detected

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>Satphones. Ledgers. Batteries.

What are you waiting for frens?

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I always refuse those random nobody I don't even know who add me on linkedin.
Am I wise not to accept those people whom I don't even know and who add people they don't even know either?

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Counterfeit 7,900.000

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Physics is contingent.
Behavior is thus contingent.
Market is thus contingent.
Crypto is thus ontologically unpredictable.
The absolute absence of crypto proper analogs and thus, parameters, give birth to a truly new game theory.
Buy BTC.

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Sounds wild desu senpai
so why doesn't everyone just pay a small amount per year to basically get a million dollars for free instead of waging?

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If its all so cheap why the fuck is no one in the world currently buying Bitcoin, altcoins or anything related?

Google Trends show literally 0 interest in crypto.

Sorry, norman. You lost.

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>tfw cant tell if this whole board is a psy-op or if there are really people out there bored enough to post the same shit over and over.

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You must use the persons referral above yours
That way everyone can get one referral
Praise kek

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Poorfags who never used mac/linux just repeat the same shit they read online. You can customize almost everything, the problem is that most of the PCmasterrace fags can't even edit a couple of lines in the editor.
Linux is a viable option for dev, but it is not as pretty and apps aren't as good looking as on mac. If you spend 10hrs/day coding, little things become very important.

If you use your laptop only to browse web and post on social then yeah, if you work on your laptop then mac is one of the best options out there.

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I remember seeing athletes like Michael Jordan and seeing Bill Gates and thinking wow those are good successful people. Then you look a bit behind the scenes of what they have done like Jordan investing in prisons, Bill Gates stealing shit etc etc. It's all "shady" at the end. You play by the rules if the rules are enforced. Everything else doesn't matter. It's like nigger rappers who are like "yeah foh muh hood", but when they make money from "hood" buying their shit then they will shill themselves as much as possible to make more money(Jay Z, 50 cent).

Most successful people realise that 99% are normies aka sheep that should be exploited because they'll get exploited somehow anyway. With the money they get from the 99% they can start supporting causes that matter to them whether it's science research, supporting their own nation, preserving the environment etc etc.

Basically exploit the 99% so you can create a better future for your causes while keeping in mind the effects of the exploitation on the future.

I'm only 18 so what the fuck do I know.

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