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Coco Kaichou thread.
Kiryu-Kai is forever!

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A Good fucking day today was.

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You all better SC Kanata for that Switch+RFA. I'd do it but I'm broke as fuck.

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>Was it worth it?
Yes it fucking is. No more scam cuts for this.

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Oh, I would love to be milked by my oshi. So fucking hot

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She deserves more money than that

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We won bros. Ringu Fitto Adobenchya was peak streamingu desu. Tomorrow she plays a horror game. Most probably Biohazard village. I'm just happy that after yesterday's content draught, Today we dined like Gods. Blessed.

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I missed this. Thanks anon.

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Don't lie to me, you just want to hear her saying ‘ara ara’ right?

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We already have that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4xPg5ACeBI
Was talking about her continuing her doing Resi Evil cosplays like when she did RE2.

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Kson post something in membership-only can someone translate?

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Just copy paste in deepL retard, don't leak membership-only content.

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Oh, right, I didn't link it to the RE part of the message. Sorrymasen.

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Right. My bad

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>ara ara
In her very thicc southern accent. Holy shit YES!!!

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Google translator is more accurate this time.

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>deepL translate Daiko-chan into agency

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>member post
Bros, we are blessed, we don't deserve her...

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It translate it wrong, unironically use Google translate

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Kson ¥6,566,568
Rushia ¥5,978,257

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She translated it herself in the comments
We don't do that here, celebrate her success but don't compare, also Rushia is one of my favorites so yeah.

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Any idea what her plan might be for her to be taking those lessons?

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Rushia is a homie, don't do that.

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More like,
Kson 4 596 597 (70% of the profits)
Rushia 2 092 389 ( the best cut possible 35%)
No matter what, I'm happy for both

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Using those lessons to make content/videos? isn't it kinda obvious?

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fun? She clearly enjoyed doing it

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3D model and full body tracking. I wish...

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Ngl, it might be something like that, i wouldn't be surprised.

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My whore is homie with your whore

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This is fucking cute.

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made in america

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I would like to rape Coco please

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the knowleddge that she's actually super embarassed about doing way more facecam stuff than she initially expected but does it anyways because she doesn't want to keep fans waiting is both very touching and also kinda hot

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Is it just me or are there subtle hints of abs?

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am i the only one who hates her tattoo?

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So she’s not too rusty when she makes special appearances on holofes

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That's why we love this bitch

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Well, streaming aside, she still is a social awkward person: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hku0mx0wd_4

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Get me a clear picture of them and then I'll decide. :^)

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Why is Kson's american fanbase suddenly so concerned with her being lewd playing RFA

Have they not seen or heard other girls play it

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Nobody outside of 2 or 3 schizos from this board cares about it.

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>Implying no-one saw Shubaduck's Ring Fit Adventure.
Now that was lewd (sounding).

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Be glad it's not those full-arm monstrosities that American woman are all getting these days. At least it's discreet.

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>Shitty DeepL based translation:

A little secret for members...

In addition to the renewal of Daikō-chan, I want to make fun and exciting streams for everyone...

With the help of your superchats' revenue, I've decided to start:

- Proper singing practice
- Proper dancing lessons

Eh!? But why!?

Heh heh heh... that's because... it will be fun!

I'll do my best to show you something you've never seen before!
I want to give you members a glimpse of what's to come (*'▽')

This is today's treat

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what the fuck are you doing

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I'm a poorfag and I wanted to know the message, but at the same time I think you shouldn't have -- they're membership exclusive for something.

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You're a real trooper.

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Being an elite member means not only feeling elite by keeping the content for yourself, but also being the first or the one of those who is going to generously share exsclusive content.

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C'mon, it's not much of a secret. If anything it's good news to be discussed during dead hours.

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You can discuss it without leaking it faggot

>> No.7824650

Today's stream in a nutshell. My soul is healing.

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People were already discussing it without your retarded ass posting the entire thing.

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She literally asked everyone not to leak her member content, you do it anyway.

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Thank you man. Don't mind elitist.

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Well, fuck me. Lesson learned.

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Welcome to 4chan. Also none of what she said is personal enough to not be made into a discussion. Anyways I can't wait for the new Daikou so that we can put the cooming clip niggers to rest.

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I thought the rratposters here said she left Hololive because she hated doing idolshit like singing and dancing?

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cmooon, "at most" sum it up in your own words, don't re-post members only content.

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How optimistic of you, they have hundreds of mildom streams to clip from.
Those leeches will never go away

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There's a reason why certain things are behind a paywall which lets only real fans and not retarded /vt/ epic rratposters see it.

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For anyone watching her, it was obvious she quite enjoyed playing the Idol

>> No.7824900

Only people who never watched her. She was an idol through and through

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>so that we can put the cooming clip niggers to rest.
LOL good luck with that. If anything the last thread in this site should be indication that there's a audience for that.

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need more webms to coom to

>> No.7824985

I am a gentlemen who only cooms to full streams, giving her Youtube engagement and ad revenue. Don't lump me in with the clipfags.

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Actually now that I think about it, I don't think I've seen an ad on her channel. Do members not get ads?

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It's almost as if you shouldn't believe everything you read on this board.

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Being a goddamn hero

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>Being a goddamn hero

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Goritape to the rescue.

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She talked about doing utawakus in her first mildom stream after her graduation so i'm glad to read that membership post, if she could start releasing covers in the future that would be awesome.

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You're a very cultured man, although personally, I'm not into sweat
Midriff and thighs are great, I don't need anything else

>> No.7827538

I'm in love.

>> No.7827644

my fucking dick

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Someone said that you can hear Kson on Kanata's stream, Does someone has the timestamp of that?

>> No.7827954

Early Kaichou

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I don't think she was into singing before Hololive, but she loves it now. Not sure where anyone got the idea that she doesn't like doing it.

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You forgot this one

>> No.7828192

Kanata thread says nothing so I'm assuming that anon just overdosed on Copium at the hour of posting.

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>Tags: Abs, midriff, yoga, steering wheel

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Someone said it was towards the end of the stream, but I couldn't hear shit... obviously because she's streaming from a soundproof room.

>> No.7828582

First thing that came to mind was that this was the "nice boobs" thing all over again.

>> No.7828782

I no longer want to rape Coco.

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>Adventure! Let's go! Let's goooo!
w/audio: https://files.catbox.moe/31lh3b.webm

>> No.7829202

Guys, come on... this is /vt/, do we really need to push this so far? everyone here watched the stream...

>> No.7829284

shut up boy
you'r SOFT on the INSIDE
your malleable, shy
submissive, breedable femboy

>> No.7829317

Fair enough! Audio only, as I just wanted to share her cheerfulness: https://files.catbox.moe/qpkfz6.opus

>> No.7829361

I mean there's nothing wrong with catbox links, but uploading webms seem a bit too much.

>> No.7829488

16 seconds, audio only, of a cheerful non-ooc non-bait moment is too much?

If the original .webm was to much I'm OO if it's taken down, but the audio is too much too?

>> No.7830021

I was talking about uploading webms to 4chan instead of using catbox links.
You can post whatever you want using catbox links, but >>7829115 >>7828171 >>7825932 will only get people randomly banned and maybe even piss off some mods, there's also a schizo obsessed with her claiming she's offtopic, doing it like >>7821911 is more classy and gives less ammunition to trolls.

>> No.7830335

This is supposed to be funny but it reminds too much to the old chink spam...

>> No.7830571

So this clipper turn to the dark side... look at the thumbnail.

>> No.7830912

OK, I'll comply for the good of this thread. I'll be a good Tatsunoko.

>> No.7831438

Imagine leaking content that costs five dollars for cred from anonymous people

>> No.7831854

So any wardrobe malfunctions from the ring fit?

>> No.7832182

Not unless you count her Tattoo.
Which Japan would.

>> No.7832195

I'm not >>7830021 but I agree. Thank you for taking the extra effort to still share. It is appreciated!

>> No.7832230

how many has she had?

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>> No.7838498

800k very soon

>> No.7841100

At least there's two clippers that aren't coomers...

>> No.7843204

Why don't you just start a kson thread
She uses a virtual avatar a lot anyways

>> No.7843275

>wardrobe malfunctions
I have 3 so far, white and black pantsu ones and butt slip
How many are there?

>> No.7843323

They're generally hijacked or started by people with malicious intent, but eventually we'll have to move out to it. Probably when Daikou 3.0 comes out.

>> No.7843414

Some Ks threads still gets deleted. It's a wildcard to be honest, with some staying up until their bump limits and some getting deleted outright. Either way, most recent Ks threads are just populated with mass antibaiting and chinkcalling to the point of near-derailment.

>> No.7843418

Aren't the chinks already dead

>> No.7843450

I’d rather stay in the Coco general, these threads are nice, don’t see why we need to change what already works.

>> No.7843457

>her tattoo peeks out from under her sports bra
>goes across her ribs
Man that must have hurt like mother fucker.

>> No.7843502

She looks way more happy now than see can do whatever fuck she wants and however fuck she wants
No boss
No manager
No guidelines
No rules

>> No.7843545

Larpers and dramafags still exist. Doesn't help that the most usual drivers of (You)s are "I don't like Coco"/"How is she different from vshoujo/e-thot/noel's roommate" leading to pointless "OGEY ZHANG" replies. For 300 posts, about 40% are just about shitflinging. Honestly, it's actually a surprise Vshoujo and Kiara generals are strong in spite of board faggotry.

>> No.7843581

You’ll notice there’s a couple of unironic HoloCN fans in the board, even if it doesn’t make sense because anyone with a triple digit IQ knows it wasn’t Coco’s fault, they are still butthurt and will randomly raid and samefag threads into oblivion.
Mods seem to take reports more seriously for generals, bait/blatant shitposts that get deleted here don’t get deleted in regular kson threads.

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>> No.7843630

>How is she different from noel's roommate
By about 3kg on each tit

>> No.7843673

It's pretty noticeable now if you look at some Coco streams from the first half of this year, she is phoning it in in some of them.

>> No.7843704

and also no boobs

>> No.7843739

I can't tell what that Tatto is supposed to be

>> No.7843744

But pits

>> No.7843839

Can she pull off this cosplay?

>> No.7843886

If she managed to do the bayo hair and handmade the cosplay herself she can do anything

>> No.7843921

Coco lurks reddit
Kson lurks /vt/

>> No.7844009

I would love her cosplaying Miriam from Bloodstained.

>> No.7844010

Pretty sure Coco lurked /hlg/ but can't remember if that screencap was an edit or not. Either way, it's not really in her best interest to even reference us like Risu simply because we're all drama queens about roommate shit and /pol/shit.

>> No.7844069

I'd go for a Chun Li cosplay.

>> No.7845023

Do you think coco would've stay on hololive if twitter and youtube had the "anti-spam" measures they have now?

>> No.7845093

>"anti-spam" measures
She had those since March or April on YouTube. And no one cares about Twitter, as long as you filter the post and not click "Latest". Yet she still graduated

>> No.7845142

Her channel got the VPN filter almost 3 months before her graduation, if that was her main concern she would have just cancelled it and stayed. The twitter spam also isn't that bad if you block accounts, which she did. They don't make new ones too often.

>> No.7845149

Twitter has anti-spam measures? Fubuki's tags are still being spammed

Nobody can answer that.
>no one cares about Twitter
That is an incredible ignorant thing to say, if you think she doesn't care about her fans having to go through dox/gore/whatever to find fanart you simply don't understand how important twitter is for the holos as a tool to interact with her fans.

>> No.7845329

She didn't left because chinks but hololive censoring/limiting her, hololive is too mainstream now

>> No.7845352

Maybe i should take a break from watching kson... it's too much fanservice... I hope she finish Daiko soon...

>> No.7845387

Up to you, but it sounds like you're letting clips cloud your judgement and misjudge her content.

>> No.7845405


>> No.7845413

Daikou shows more skin than she does

>> No.7845465

Anon, I beat the meat 7 times todays, it's kinda too much distracting... also I watch mostly her streams

>> No.7845477

Besides Ring Fit Adventure, which I guess can be consider it, what other thing she did that you consider fanservice? Gunpla?

>> No.7845507

>7 times today
Her ringfit stream wasn't even lewd

>> No.7845512

Probably not. It's kinda telling that Coco was getting less of the limelight after the chink incident.
>less hologra
>Little to no sponsorships (though this is subjective since not everyone in Holo has had a sponsorship) in spite of her being the most suppachatted holo before the chinkening
>having to think about her groupmates and therefore avoiding collabs for the sake of preventing antis from "politicizing" even though Fubuki already showed they were nothing when she put her foot down during her 3 week "suspension"
>Shows and projects getting turned down outright
Whatever happened in the background, it wasn't worth staying for. I suspect this as a corporate drone who's been in a couple few corporations that pays well in exchange for soul-crushing work.

>> No.7845631

Yeah, kinda...
maybe it isn't to you anon but I like a part of the body that it's very lewd to me...

>> No.7845711

>>Shows and projects getting turned down outright
That happened to other holos too...

>> No.7845719

Gunpla? Really...? Then yeah, you might want to wait for Daikou. But as anon said before, up to you.

>> No.7845843

No because she's relatively thin.

>> No.7845858

>a part of the body
What part

>> No.7845916

Yeah but they had collabs and mini-shows with their peers to lean on. Coco only had her meme review and on occasion, just Kanata. I think the main concern is that she was dealing with spam and lack of variety in her work even if all she needs to do to rake in views and cash are just gaming playthroughs.

>> No.7845987

I think a few anons just can’t get used to IRL streams, everything feels like fanservice if you assume showing minimal skin is lewd, even if it’s 1cm of cleavage.
My gf wears stuff more revealing at home and i’m not thinking she’s constantly trying to get my dick hard, it’s hot and she hates sweating, it’s simply the clothes she’s comfortable wearing.
This comes mainly from a lack of interaction with the opposite sex, even a pajama is “too much” if you think not dressing like a monk is using your body, all shirts have to be buttoned up to the top!

>> No.7846035

Korone wasn't lewd playing because she's actually in shape and doesn't get exhausted from some cardio

>> No.7846159

> feels like fanservice if you assume showing minimal skin is lewd,
More of the association with twitch streamers than anything. Some are too autistic to believe that their "pure japanese tiddy vtuber" can stoop to becoming an "IRL tiddy streamer" or something. Personally I'm just mildly annoyed at seeing coomer clipfag thumbnails of Ks on my Youtube homepage.

>> No.7846189

>More of the association with twitch streamers than anything.
Well, it is mainly a western "problem", nobody in japan gives a fuck about this stuff.

>> No.7846195

I get that but I think he'd get more mileage out of Twitch's Hot Tub category for his, um, needs. But hey, it his life, not that I make the greatest decisions with mine either.

>> No.7846261

Feet anon, and she seems to love showing them recently and I love seing them but it's kinda distracting now...

>> No.7846280

She used to be a professional cosplayer so really that's not surprising.

>> No.7846310

I think in the end it really just came down to "you can't stream things without going through permissions first"

>> No.7846371

It must be cool being able to handcraft something from 0 and actually use it for something related to your job

>> No.7846408

So, why did she leave hololive again? Because thus far the only thing she's done that she wouldn't be able to do as coco is her gunpla stream

>> No.7846409

oh no... feet anon... please stay... please... i don't know what i would do without your daily posts that make me want to stab my eyes...

>> No.7846449

She really want to play LocoCycle alright

>> No.7846477

Showing restrain would show maturity and respect, so if you pull it off I'd call you based.

>> No.7846483

Japanese people don't wear shoes what where you expecting

>> No.7846920

all i can say is
korone narrative is the most accurate one

>> No.7847062

keeping all the money she makes instead of giving a 50% cut to a company that doesnt do much her should be incentive enough to get the fuck out

>> No.7847069

That's actually another footfag my friend.
Don't worry, I was just chatting I'm not that annoying.
I don't mind that, the problem is she puts her soles right on the camera from time to time, you'all may laugh if you want but imagine if she starts to flash her bare breast during chit-chats... it's kinda similar for me...
I wouldn't disrespect her anon, I'm not saying the typical "e-thot blahblah" bullshit some say around here, I'm just saying it's distracting for me... and it's maybe luring some people that, unlike me, might start to flowd her chat with crap.

>> No.7847148

>butt slip
Is there a source for that?

>> No.7847213

Don't give the coomers what they want man

>> No.7847252

Im a footfag myself and I don't need to jerk to every single sole I see

>> No.7847276

You're a nuanced anon. If it's ruining your experience with Kson then yes, you might want to wait for Daikou 3.0, but maybe you should try to get some tolerance for it because she seems to want to do several IRL content that you'll miss otherwise. But it's up to you, choose what is good for you and godspeed to you anon.

>> No.7847344

>doesn't have to give Cover a cut
>doesn't need to go through Cover's legal team before streaming a game
>she mainly joined so that she could make friends irl and now that she has them with Kanata and others she doesn't need Hololive for networking
probably a few more I'm not thinking of

>> No.7847353

She's a streamer at heart, so it makes sense to just ease back into the groove and let her audience gets familiarized or get filtered. Not like she's in a rush to do show off whatever shes planning to do either

>> No.7847407

Why do (You) have to be like this

>> No.7847498

Now that you brought up Korone, has Eating Mike Tyson's Ass visited Kson yet?

>> No.7847518

I saw the chat react to it once but i'm not sure if he's the same guy.

>> No.7847541

Yes, during one of the SC reading stream

>> No.7847636

Kson’s usual streaming times are more JP oriented than Coco’s, aren’t they?
They sure feel that way even without counting asacoco.

>> No.7847661

Man has resolve, gotta admit that.

>> No.7847808

I don't either but I really like her... yeah I guess you're right I need to control myself... Bye sorry for the cringe.

>> No.7847852

>Uhhh, okay!
Same energy as the meme review with Coco Kaine when she kept saying "okay" all the time after being told off/ignored by her sister, that bit always made me laugh, such a dumb yet funny way to react.
I keep finding Coco in her all the time, it's like she's still there as a part of a higher being.

>> No.7850534

Youtube ads are getting scarily accurate. Soon I'll probably be getting orange bad dragon ads.

>> No.7850641

>Kson lurks /vt/
I believe. I will now write a very long, 1000words love letter and a poem detailing how much she makes me feel. Also Bio8やって欲しい!

>> No.7850672

Am I mis-remembering or did coco say faggot once on her stream before? I feel like I've seen a clip of her saying that before but I can't find it anywhere.

>> No.7850693

I believe it is our duty to fill this thread with food to remind her that staying skinny is not healthy

>> No.7850726

She did but she was quoting a movie from a watchalong, I believe. Don't have the streamable though.

>> No.7850763

Fast and Furious watchalong pretty sure

>> No.7850779

Current List of Winners:
gundam ojis

If you are in any of these categories, you are Winning. Keep up the good work.

>> No.7850795

Some movie watchalong. She did that thing she sometimes does, when someone else exclaims something crass/silly, and she repeats it back. But because the watchalong is a separate audio, if you clip it, it just shows up as her saying "FAGGOT" out of nowhere.

>> No.7850808

I wake up only to find out that some anon here has stolen my identity as THE Feet anon.

>> No.7850909

armpitchads will have our day eventually

>> No.7850933

Oh god I need the clip of that bad. That sound hilarious.

>> No.7850995

There's a better one where someone spliced her "kill yourself, immediately" from meme review and added the "faggot" at the end.
Such a potty mouth

>> No.7851044

For you, Anon-sama.

>> No.7851076


it's easy to find in the archives. can't post it because i'm banned from uploading files on 4chan.

or just scrub through the fast and furious watchalong.

>> No.7851113


>> No.7851466


>> No.7851473

Time to reinstall arknights

>> No.7851597


>> No.7851649

Plump and juicy Kson is when her body was at its absolute peak. We are currently in an alternate timeline where Kson's american thighs have all but deteriorated. Her ass is slowly deflating. And I can't believe I'm saying this but We almost lost her most valuable assets, and that being her boobs. Architect bros, if Kson getting fat means that she can recover most of what I listed then I wouldn't mind joining the architect initiative.

>> No.7851720

I really need to start taking my meds, i hate you so much anon but i know it's me, not you, my cringe threshold should be higher.
Just enjoy...

>> No.7851913

>post the butt slip and there will be a end to the horny posting

>> No.7851918

kiryu kai is forever
coco lemme smell your onesie sweat please

>> No.7851919

Didn't bellychad win yesterday too?

>> No.7852218

We won!!!!!

>> No.7852509

Remember, even if you're a poorfag you can still help her by liking her streams and leaving a comment, even a "nice stream" is enough for the algorithm.

>> No.7852612

>In addition to the renewal of Daikō-chan
>Proper singing practice
>Proper dancing lessons
>This is today's treat

As a GFE connoisseur. This is far beyond what I had expected from her. She's too damn perfect. Kumichou I KNEEL.

>> No.7853232

Was the message the treat? Or RFA?

>> No.7853928

>she has a tattoo underneath her breast

She actually is yakuza. Kinda based. Kinda dangerous

>> No.7854179

No, she's just American where it's more normal. What it's a tattoo of no one can tell

>> No.7854463

She also wrote a comment in English, if someone hadn’t noticed.
There was no "treat" in the message, she said good night.

>> No.7854708

cute feet

this one goes for you anon

>> No.7854891

I wonder why the fuck I got a warning for a catbox link if these are still here...

>> No.7855502

>start up her RFA stream
>she has multiple DQ and FF games
>MonHun Rise and Smash
Kind of a based selection, I wonder if she’s ever played the Monster Hunter Stories games. Also isn’t using the Animal Crossing Joy Cons a bit on the nose? I suppose it is an open secret at this point.

>> No.7855768

>barely clears 5ft if at all
>only 108lbs
Does she qualify as IMAGINE tier? She really is quite small. Manlets don’t interact she’s normal sized for you.

>> No.7855903

She's 5'2

>> No.7856315

>She's 5'2

>> No.7856743

Let's see here.
>Is 5ft2
>Weighs 49kg
>Is 22years old + ten
>21cm feet
>Chubby fingers
>Hip God
>Oval shaped head
>Weird fashion sense
>Built to be bread
Dare I say, she's perfect?

AlsoDid I miss anything?

>> No.7856768

And who might you be talking about?

>> No.7856781

>AlsoDid I miss anything
Your braincells. But I agree. She is perfect.

>> No.7856828

The people complaining about Kson showing skin and calling her a whore don't know shit.

When a girl likes you she lets her guard down and wears clothing like she does cause she trusts you and feels comfortable around you.

Kson managed to bundle up all of this energy and fucking radiates it through every irl stream cause she likes her viewers.

Enjoy it fuckers shes adorable.

>> No.7856914

You forgot her important and amazing hips you feetfag

>> No.7857151

Yeah, she was really serious/sad when she had to ask people not to post member’s only stuff, it was hard to see her like that so please don’t do it again.

>> No.7858458

Kason have a literal pitpussy

>> No.7858682

What the fug is the tape for?

>> No.7858693

>You forgot her important and amazing hips you feetfag
How could I forget.

>> No.7858729

If I recall right that and the hard as diamond nipples poking one

>> No.7859262

Kson's started a guerilla takoyaki-cooking Mildom stream, featuring the Secret Holo Crunchy Art - Olive Oil.

>> No.7859280

jesus christ

>> No.7859322

Why does it look so pissed off?

>> No.7859325

historian alt?

>> No.7859333

She got it because of Yakuza anon, do your stream reps.

>> No.7859368

Apparently she lost the actual thigh strap for the Joy Con so she's using duct tape

>> No.7859415

Reminder that she actually worked at a takoyaki stand for a while, this is part of the reason why her takopas are so good and popular among other members.

>> No.7859537

Every stream from that room the past couple weeks has been 720 and not 1080, is she doing that on purpose?

>> No.7859663

I have to wonder how many people were perfectly fine with Coco's antics and behavior, then get weirded out or make assumptions of her IRL self just because it's "2D anime girl vs 3D real woman." The lady who simulated nude bathing with her camisole costume, shamelessly talks about nipples, uploads 3D fanservicey shorts, and a shitton of dirty jokes is PROBABLY comfortable showing skin or go into a little too much detail as Kson. I don't know about you, but it just gets real annoying to see people salivating over the possibility of NSFW membership streams or thinking/hoping she might open OnlyFans because they see her IRL self only at face value.

And speak of face value, it's really funny to see how many people on the comments not realize the 22 age thing is a joke and forget about all the stories that she told that contradict it.

>> No.7859966

Those takoyakis look amazing

>> No.7859971

>tongue clip
it appears so

>> No.7860057

It's that true? she's not that fast making them...

>> No.7860084

She was cooking them with low temperature

>> No.7860238

I should have skipped this stream for later, now I'm craving for takoyaki at 5am

>> No.7860276

I miss her make-up streams boys...

>> No.7860368

She too "American edgy" for anime seiso idol loving people and too tame for Western-horny/edgelord people. Viewers sometimes forget that entertainers are real people that you can't classify strictly by ticking boxes.

Besides that, lovely comfy stream, but it's making me so hungry.

>> No.7860393

That was pretty hallarious.

Its kind of amazing to think she was the only one to make up an age, where her past co workers actually entered real data and almost doxed themselves.

>> No.7860522

The internet is sadly full of people that behave like the have never interacted with real women and probably never really have. I would also assume that some are just young.

Don't waste your time with being annoyed.

Agree. If I could get some good octopus here, I'd try making some myself. Sadly the frozen ones I can get, don't have much octopus in them.

>> No.7860568

I'm not a degenerate or anything but if she burped near me i would love to smell it

>> No.7860630

well, there goes the gains from yesterdays rfa stream

>> No.7860654

>Post starts with ‘I'm not a degenerate’.
Red flag.

>> No.7860669

>Admitting to know how oppai taste like
wew lads

>> No.7860778

Remember Kanata talking about her burping all the time as if that was some new information when really she was already burping almost every stream.

>> No.7860889

Yes, the loudly burp behind her back. She brought it up more than once. I believe she has burp PTSD.

>> No.7860893

There's no archive...

>> No.7861013

Another kusoge... she could literally play anything.
This "game" has 8 reviews on Steam and 5 of them are bad.

>> No.7861048

She finally got fed up of ooc clippers it seems.

>> No.7861094

>She brought it up more than once
She did it over and over. She even brought it up in the letter she read in the graduation stream.

>> No.7861160

She loves shitty games, shitty memes, shitty Japanese...

>> No.7861183

No, this is historian https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJBZIwvGozJkoI-S5_HwI5g/videos

>> No.7861224

Don't kink-shame Kanatan please...

>> No.7861341

She looks so different without makeup almost as if I'm watching an entirely different person. Cute and astonishingly based as fuck.

>> No.7861388

brap is out
burp is in

>> No.7861438


>> No.7861517

5G hush money

>> No.7861523

What do you mean? Did i miss something?

>> No.7861546

Damnit. I couldn't watch it live because mildom is unstable as fuck. Welp...

>> No.7861576

Are you lost anon? This isn't Rushia general. Now that's simping.

>> No.7861636

Never gonna kink-shame homie girl but I think she is more into butt drumming stuff.

>> No.7861980

So does that mean that member takoparty isn't happening this month?

>> No.7862262


>> No.7862312

kson ONAIR

>> No.7862349

I missed this. Thanks anon-sama.

>> No.7862614

>hey guys let me show you my new 1200 bucks handbag
>hey guys I broke the joycon let me duct tape it
Kson pls

>> No.7862675

Get in here

>> No.7862699

So she really is a yakuza

>> No.7862701

Ah yes, boss playing a poorly optimized horror kusoge that runs at 20 fps, home...

>> No.7862702

She is most likely using automatic OBS output
middle age women aren't very pro with computers

>> No.7862758

IS there any reason to split the streams between yotoob and mildom where she have almost no views?

>> No.7862773

Ain't she supposedly helping other holomem with tech problem

>> No.7862811

Am I the only one that didn't realized up to today that she have her tongue pierced

>> No.7862813

Mildom is easier to set up for guerrilla streams and she also most likely likes the mostly-JP only chat.
Also mildom fixed her spam in less than a week and she's grateful to them for it, she stramed over there during the entire chink drama without spam while youtube did nothing.

>> No.7862823

Sorry kumichou but I have to skip this stream... I get a headache from this shitty audio quality.

>> No.7862863

Smaller audience of her most faithful viewers, so less spam and noice. Also, it was her place when the dark times came.

>> No.7862890

Noise, brain farted.

>> No.7862928

Oh was that the reason for that blue shirt?

>> No.7863055


>> No.7863084


>> No.7863094

There is nothing sexual about feet
She is just being comfy and happy over her room

>> No.7863246

Can't even break 5k that just sad. I look forward to seeing her back in hololive in a year.

>> No.7863284

>Haha i use swears and say fuck and shit and bitch and that's pretty much all i do
Quality content
If you're seething right now feel free to post a reply calling me chinese to let me know

>> No.7863286

Teeth Calluses Feet Slurp Toes. Deepthroat Foot Bitch Enjoyer Feet Chad

>> No.7863331

Takopa archive processed or whatever and is up now btw

>> No.7863347

She had some good burps there, thank god.

>> No.7863355

I can't believe she deleted the mildom archive. Doesn't she know that some of us here are archive enjoyers.

>> No.7863380

I spoke too soon.

>> No.7863420

Jannies give no shit about /vt/ this a thot board now.

>> No.7863479

She says the word, i send a blue one.
Simple as

>> No.7863510

Pizza Enjoyer

>> No.7863511

She broke her superchat counter on that funeral thing and she don't need to give 40% of her earnings to covershit anymore
Fuck off

>> No.7863538

We were doing fine and you had to go and reply.
Why anon? why must you ruin everything?

>> No.7863573

There is nothing deleted?
And why aren't you scrapping all her lives anyways

>> No.7863652

big grass

>> No.7863676


>> No.7863823

I hope collabs are coming soon, 2-player WarioWare is around the corner and that could provide some good laughs.

>> No.7864019

Obviously anon, she's a care-free hikki who loves videogames, there's nothing lewd about it. shikashi...

>> No.7864133

Pikamee onegai, should be easier that bishoujo

>> No.7864250

She recites text like she was forced by a teacher to read a page off of a textbook.

>> No.7864260

One Nip anon wrote under the photo of Kson without makeup that she looks like Son Heung-min. Is this right?

>> No.7864288

It's cute isn't it.

>> No.7864369

>The fire in this kusoge.
Big kusa.

>> No.7864371

A true kamige

>> No.7864392

>I hope you enjoyed my reading of this essay as much as I enjoyed writing it

>> No.7864428

What a cute way of saying "door"...

>> No.7864430

>Son Heung-min
Looking at the pics, the man if obviously more beautiful. But without the makeup, Ks is still attractive, low-key reminds me of an old college flame.

>> No.7864519

なむなむ has been going crazy these last couple of days.

>> No.7864593

That must be ゆゆ with a different account.

>> No.7864632

Why do they place items in places that are at such a bad angle to be picked up
Oh that's right, this is a literal who game.

>> No.7864683

What did you expect from a game with a budget of a happy meal

>> No.7864724

It's kind of weird that she doesn't wear a bra and you can see her nipples when she gets close to the camera tho.

It reminds me of when my fat tiddy aunties

>> No.7864729

This game was made by 1 guy.

>> No.7864774

My fucking sides, what an ending

>> No.7864785

At least is not The Baby in Yellow...

>> No.7864826

This felt like a mildom stream...

>> No.7864846

I don't think she actually presented the evidence the way she was supposed to.

>> No.7864874

She literally puts the first thing she grabs, she doesn't even watch her face when she's not on camera.

>> No.7864890

My ears

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