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Papers, Please: https://youtu.be/D6Y0sWkgSms

Schedule: https://twitter.com/takanashikiara/status/1417424806581096449

Art by: https://twitter.com/Ruusi7/status/1356924144546275329

Previous thread: >>6731967

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Another stream of Kiara keeping Arstotzka safe from foreign threats!

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>delays her schedule like crazy
>still blunders Tales stream
So much for the "ambassador" position

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>doxfag red SC

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what did it say? i saw chat bitching at it

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>Ивaн Oдиндвa RUB 2,000.00 wish you best. nice cats you got btw

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My money's on Bandai Namco being closed for the day when she emailed them asking about the schedule, then this morning they misunderstood her email and told her okay.

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Would have been better if she redid and deleted it.

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Maybe, JUST MAYBE, this thread will survive without a hitch. Right KFP?!??

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Something wrong with that SC? She talks about her cats all the time.

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I don't get it. How is that a dox? The info of her cats is even on the vtuber wiki.

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You know why, but I don't want to risk getting banned for roommate posting.

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It isn't but these faggots need to keep roommate shit out of VTuber streams

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Finally I can post this Sparks Kiara I found!

It's unreal how much attention that outfit has gotten - I really hope they do more with it. If not an official option then at least using it in similar MVs.

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Look at this over sensitive fag

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>he doesn't know

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Stream sparks!

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Niggers, she literally has an accessory for her model of her showing off her cats. If even she doesn't care, why should we?

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Fuck im a kfp now

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Well, it is pure sex after all. I also hope it can come back in more things.

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He is almost definitely doxfagging, but you can't prove it beyond reasonable doubt and deleting it when he could plausibly just be talking about the vtuber versions of the cats is ridiculous and schizo-tier.

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No. I really don't get it. I just checked if her cats are dead or something. Don't make me worry. People can hate Kiara for whatever reason they want. She can be annoying. But her cats are great and deserve all the best.

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Why don't you ask the /jp/ Kiara thread currently ongoing? I'm sure they will be able to tell you better than I can here.

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You know damn well he isn't talking about the accessories.

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She looks a bit

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So she's gonna go full authoritarian dictator in this game right? I love her so much.

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Hopefully just in game and not on chat

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Kiara love!
anon hate!

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Chat is going to get pulverized and they'll 100% deserve it.

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The only people who get upset by that message are the people who 'know'.

It's not a dox, because people who don't already know don't see any problems with the message! Making a big deal about it only streisand effects it.

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Mein fuher the preparations are ready, inspecting the arslander flock should be done without a hitch with your skills.

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AHAHA hopefully that fucking third world schizo who always cries about artfags replying on her twitter and calls that "doxing" finally shuts the fuck up.

>Dude I tell you she is smart she is encouraging interaction with KFP on her RMT
n-no she is afraid! s-she wants to keep a secret
>Because of Cover rules that's all
>unironically uses the EXACT SAME VOICE
>mentions cat break
>calls them babies
>sings in the same voice as well
>same background stories she used on her actual streams
>literally makes KFPs INTO MODS for this special stream
>half of the chat has KFP tags in their names
>replies to them
>shills her socials to KFP
>gives many hints
>please subscribe I want to grow but I can't put out much content for now
>behaves 100% exactly like Kiara on stream
>literally tries to tell you idiots that you should fucking support her roommate so she has a backup
b-but I thought... uh.. dox?

Neck yourself you falseflagging retard. For weeks you have been trying to get her own fans away from her. Now you got eternally BTFO by Kiara herself.

>> No.6824563

>finally shuts the fuck up
he wont
he thinks saying her cats are cute is dox, he doesn't know what that word means (i think thats the same guy)

>> No.6824583

Doxfags are hilarious. She literally fucking went: "Hi I'm daisy" on stream.

>> No.6824590

You and your boogeyman need some meds.

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Why is that outfit so sex?
God, I love it so much!

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Youa re delusional dude, like seriously. You have to be a completete blind retard if you still can't realize that she is trying to pull a Coco and have backup shit just in case. But whatever. Papers stream next.

>> No.6824727

Cause Kiara is LUST and LOVE!

>> No.6824743

>Pull a coco
Have an almost years long harassment campaign against you and most of management turn against any creative idea you have? Sounds like a bad idea to me!

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Because boob pockets and unrealistic artwork.

Boobs don't behave in fabric like that anon

>> No.6824753

Who said she wasn't..? That's why it's hilarious people cry about doxxing when the plan is obvious.

>> No.6824804

More like talk shit about cover on stream.
>They can't stop us, this is a livestream

>> No.6824808

NTA but there is always 1 guy here who says the opposite. He tells everyone liking her tweets is doxing and stalking and you should stay the hell away from her because she doesn't want it

>> No.6824829

But almost all of her outfits show tummy, even Walfie Kiara.
Only her idol outfit in Ai Kotoba III doesn't show tummy but Yuna made up for that in Goodbye Sengen.

>> No.6824891

>Who said she wasn't..?
The schizo I mentioned. People have been trying for weeks to tell him that she is obviously trying to grow her account, but he always claims she wants to keep everything a secret. This stream today proved the complete opposite.
I honestly 100% believe that schizo is a falseflagging egg trying to sabotage her RMT growth

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Papers Please in 10 minutes

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I'm never going to care about what she does outside/after Hololive, so I find it kind of annoying every thread gets derailed.

>> No.6824934

North Kiara incoming

>> No.6825050

>kind of annoying every thread gets derailed.
I won't derail it further, I just wanted to say it because this was so fucking obvious this time.
It's usually the schizo who derails by coming in here and says
"wow did you know? This guy liked her tweet!!"
"Yo look at this artfag! He drew art for her, what a doxfag!"
"wow this girl called her cats cute in an SC holy shit what a stralker!"
and then those threads derail.
Anyway whatever. I Just wish this sabotaging retard would neck himself already.

>> No.6825376

Neck yourself when you're at it so we can have at least one fucking thread without your incessant whining.

>> No.6825383

I will continue to seethe over these god damn cats and how lucky they are.

>> No.6825451

Looks her face, its looks like " i know what you did last summer"

>> No.6825467

>original outfit

>> No.6825480

They help her be a lot more stable.
I was there when she was terrorised by the rat and I prefer cat breaks over that.

>> No.6825514

For sure. I still wish I could be the cats for a day or two. Just give me the unrelenting Kiara love 24/7 and all of the things they get to view.

>> No.6825519

It's the one that comes closest to a uniform. Makes sense for this stream.

>> No.6825535

Wow, she is acting really cute right now.

>> No.6825545

>wave of memberships

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>not a Nazi SS officer
You had one job Kiara...

>> No.6825566

kek holy shit that's a lot

>> No.6825600

Any particular reason for it?

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She knew what she was doin

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Why watch this repulsive harpy over literally any other Vtuber?

>> No.6825652

I fucking hate this game.

>> No.6825742

Intrinsic hate of the USSR built into any Western country along with the marching backing and tempo picking up with more and more getting added. It's great.

>> No.6825819

Detained this man.

>> No.6825832

For anyone over the age of 30 living in post-USSR it sounds nostalgic though.

>> No.6825843

thats the generation of chickens that will serve your fried ass to the customers in the future.

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>> No.6825915

That's fine. Like our boss, I will be reborn.

>> No.6825965

Stream seems kinda laggy. Is it just me?

>> No.6825971

>papers please
>isn't sheriff Calli

>> No.6826190

It's not 60 fps that's for sure

>> No.6826239 [DELETED] 

Heh, so it wasn't just the roommate having issues.

>> No.6826541

The way she said "Git gud"....
my heart...

>> No.6826696

I love when she voice acts characters in games

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>open link because I find the game fun
>first thing I hear is Kiara screaming at some lady
>"that's some chubby cheeks"
>"You got some fine chubby cheeks"
>"may I squeeze them?"
>get filtrered and close video

>> No.6827317

its okay anon... one day you will find a vtuber, that appreciates you and your chubby cheeks.

>> No.6827402

fuck you if you have sideburns says kiara

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You have no shot if you have:
>long face
>chubby cheeks
>shiny forehead
Good to know that I pass.

>> No.6827914

brb shaving off my sideburns

>> No.6828198

Kiara, no one cares how much you wanna pretend to love trans people. We all know you hate the shark.

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>> No.6828825

I like her ability to play into the part. Maybe this game will open her up to more older-stylized games,

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I can survive your bird brain most of the times but today, today, at some moments, I just want to twist my fucking body inside out
I bey you Tenchou, for sake of other anons that feel the same

>> No.6828911

She said nothing about the dude (female) with the lumberjack beard so its only about the schopenhauer sideburns.
Just have good facial hair, take a shower bro. Bee urself.

>> No.6828939

Calm your autism, she is doing surprisingly well.
She misses some things but that's part of the game.

>> No.6828949

Imagine not enjoying Kiara's antics

>> No.6828982

Kiara says: "Fuck insurgents."
Glory to Kiara.

>> No.6829136

>deep voice

>> No.6829192

Yeah she is doing good, im not saying she is not and yes, i should propably calm my autism
I enjoy them, those are funny as hell, its just this time, her birb brain makes me have feelings i did not know i can ever feel

>> No.6829207

This stream has been a treasure trove, so many Kiara voices and accents

>> No.6829317

She LOVES and RESPECTS full beards

>> No.6829371

so you say... i have a chance?

>> No.6829414

Kiara DOES NOT accept bribes even if her whole family is literally actually dying.

>> No.6829591

I love my principled chickenwife!

>> No.6829603

Strong moral fiber, as expected of tenchou.

>> No.6829878

Just like a good Australian, she sends them to the camps.

>> No.6830121

>"you cant trust kolechians"
>detaining people on autopilot without even knowing why
>ezic status: detained
>all bribes refused
Actual Austrian.

>> No.6830334

>Continues to pretend to backpedal on assumptions of gender.
I really wish they would just give it up...

>> No.6830430

she's lasted a lot longer than I expected

>> No.6830543

Will she get filtered by the gun like Mori was?

>> No.6830632

Kfp, your oshi is evil

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It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.

>> No.6830670

We already know, we love it

>> No.6830695

Nah, she's open to whatever the fuck. See, she's pumped about it.

>> No.6830706


>> No.6830803

hahaha this Callie empresssion

>> No.6830827

>her impression of mori is eminem in 8 mile

>> No.6830861

Ah fuck, I can't believe I missed that.

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Kiara has been on fire today

>> No.6831798

Had someone seen that red SC that Kiara wanna read, but was bonked?

>> No.6831848


>> No.6832171

> Tunes in after work
> Kiara is singing happy birthday to one of her fans

I'm just saying

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>> No.6832279

Apparently half of KFP has their birthday exactly today.

>> No.6832364

>Apparently half of KFP has their birthday exactly today.
Unironically 99% of her viewers today were KFP. I'm, glad they are supporting her there too. She seems super happy and cute today. KFP LOVE

>> No.6832412

I hope she destroys her mic and gets one that doesn't distort her voice as much.

>> No.6832422

It's her mixer not her mic. Her mic is actually very good.

>> No.6832434

Not her mic's fault, we've been over this. It's not even a distance problem, being extremely close to the SM7b is fine because the actual capsule is further back in the mic. Her GoXLR settings are just fucked up.

>> No.6832474

Shit, but there is no chance for her to destroy her mixer.
Maybe Jenma can fix her settings should she be able to visit Kiara at home after DoKomi.

>> No.6832554

They're meeting up in Germany, not her house.
You would basically need to force one of her friends to got to her house adjust her mixer to solve this issue.
Kiara thinks it sounds perfect right now with everything turned up (louder = better).

>> No.6832569


>> No.6832596

DAMN IT! She almost got me thinking she spilled her drink on her goxlr.

>> No.6832600

Yeah, I know they are meeting in Düsseldorf. But she did say she wants to show Jenma her cats. And there is still the possibility that Jenma will not be let back into Japan because coof.

>> No.6832608

kek I thought the same I was already typing here

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File: 35 KB, 112x112, 1625964459980.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chicken voice is cute

>> No.6832648

I don't mind it, I just like earlier option more.

>> No.6832656

>Vtuber has two cats as props
>Superchat says nice cats
>KFP rip themselves apart arguing whether it's a "doxx" because Kiara may or may not own cats irl
lmao you fags are absolutely ridiculous. As a side note watching Kiara's descent into being a pathetic cat lady has been hilarious

>> No.6832676

Chicken voice isn't the problem actually. It's just her settings

>> No.6832689

I like her voice. I do not like that her equipment makes it peak constantly.

>> No.6832708

There are only like 1 or 2 over protective retards here who cry at every little thing.
Most KFP love and support her as best as they can.

>> No.6832722

>Her GoXLR settings are just fucked up.
Why doesn't anyone tell her how to fix them then

>> No.6832757

We are talking about Kiara here - she would not accept criticism about that from chat. And her genmates are too autistic to tell her about it.
Jenma is our only hope but I fear she has gone deaf.

>> No.6832780

I didn't think Kiara was this entertaining.

>> No.6832785

Jernma doesn't even know about this because Jenma can't be contacted. It's over.

>> No.6832799

>>We are talking about Kiara here - she would not accept criticism about that from chat
How come whenever anyone else points this out you fags pile on screaming egg and seanigger but it's perfectly fine to admit that it's true in your little hugbox

>> No.6832817

Ame is the tech retard in EN, so she can do no wrong. Her settings have be fine and Kiara trying to tune it herself can only end in tears.

>> No.6832833

The stupidest part being that Kiara has made it quite clear that she owns 2 cats IRL.

>> No.6832885

I would assume the reaction to this in /hlgg/ is not people screaming but everyone posting about Stacy Kiara instead.

>> No.6832894

Because egg criticism is retarded as fuck. Did you ever read anti threads? The things they say make no sense.

>> No.6832920

Anons...your bait reps....

>> No.6832926

how well prepared is Kiara for the Ender Dragon kill stream?

>> No.6832943

She has armor for everyone but I'm not sure if they are having a plan.

>> No.6832978

what about ender eyes?

>> No.6832979

Kiara is a narcissistic bitch and a cunt? Seems true to me, not sure how that doesn't make sense. Especially when you understand not willing to take criticism is a factor in that, which you've already admitted here.

>> No.6832990

Found the egg

>> No.6833001

They have a ton of blaze rods, Ina has a ton of ender eyes and Phoenixton has unlimited eyes should they ever need more.

>> No.6833003

first she'd have to accept the idea that there's something wrong. then be willing to learn the basics of gain, compressor, eq. then try to dial everything in.
I don't see it happening.
perhaps if she becomes friends with one of the asmr audio maniacs like noel.
your yolk is leaking

>> No.6833048

>literally make up fake names for her cats
>use animated cats as props
>sometimes you can even hear them on stream

dunno, maybe she has cats? not really sure

>> No.6833063

Wait Jenma's flying over to accompany Kiara to DoKomi?

>> No.6833071

Fun stream. I'm glad when she plays games like this. It feels a little easier to keep up with and I can feel more engaged than a 1 bajillion hour rpg. I know that's her favorite stuff, so I won't get mad about them and will still watch them sooner or later, but this was nice.

>> No.6833134

Yes, she talked about that multiple times.
You can even give physical presents to Kiara via Jenma at the convention.

>> No.6833170

Tako here, Kiara joined Ina on minecraft, so come watch if you'd like

>> No.6833181


>> No.6833183

Don't forget she's a lonely spinster whose eggs are running out. Chances of owing multiple cats rise to 100%

>> No.6833227
File: 2.08 MB, 1000x1000, 1621742136193.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon, didnt you see the s-

no janny i wasnt talking please dont push me down the stai-

>> No.6833806

>it actually is my birthday
>now no one will believe it
Thanks a lot, fake birthday faggots.

>> No.6833946

first time in a long time i looked forward to my birthday. only because two princesses and a bird were streaming.

>> No.6834031


Explain this to me, right now.

>> No.6834064

happy birthday anon!

>> No.6834105

>I want to do this vulgar thing like a whore I am
>turn against any creative idea you have

>> No.6834111

The problem with Kiara's setting is that she peaks constantly. Lowering her volume fixes that.

>> No.6834420


>> No.6834523

I feel the exact same way

>> No.6834647

How come her earlier stream was so comfy and she looked like a really nice girl and then i tune in her other stream and i'm reminded that i hate this insufferable bitch

>> No.6834763

What'd she do this time?

>> No.6834840

nothing. just his meds wearing off.

>> No.6834905

I think this woman may love streaming

>> No.6834910

Her voice sounded so soft and good in that Ina stream. Kiara please fix your settings...

>> No.6834999

Kiara / Ina might be the best collab combo in EN

>> No.6835087

Damn I must've missed all the relevant streams 'cause of work.

>> No.6835129

Timestamp for Kiara's Mori imitation from the Papers Please stream.

>> No.6835403
File: 616 KB, 2000x3000, 20210721_005920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This outfit is BEGGING for blacked edits

>> No.6835784

[Good News] Gura updated her GoXLR and lost all settings!
In my boomer mind a mixer is fixed hardware, so dunno how that works, but there's hope.

>> No.6837113

It took her months for chat to convince her to activate Windows. It'll take something big to get her to do this.

>> No.6837148

Your face is begging for blacked edits.

>> No.6839942 [DELETED] 

>#1 complaint is her voice
>Changes her roommate voice instead
Why is she like this?

>> No.6840521
File: 124 KB, 1000x1000, 1625758893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She intentionally did that. If you watch any other video of her her voice is completely different. She did that so even the most retarded people who didn't get the hint through her twitter interactions yet will finally understand it.
She most likely talked with Jenma about it, since they seem to be friends, about how much she can legally reveal herself without breaching Cover contract.
and I'm so glad most of the KFP finally got it. Her donations exploded and the same happened in the paper stream with memberships. She got dozens, maybe even over 100 new members. She knows what she is doing.

The worst thing I want to happen to my chicken is that when she eventually graduates she will be forgotten because nobody knows her. This won't happen now. Coco succesfully did it as well, probably earns even more money now since Cover isn't taking a cut anymore.
Don't get me wrong I hope the chicken will stay in Hololive for a long time, but at some point she has to graduate, that's how things are.
and I want her to have stable footing with her actual account.

In any case, I fucking love Kiara. and from today on I love KFP as well.

>> No.6840632
File: 3.09 MB, 3000x1688, 1626553489610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6840839

well yeah duh,makes sense. also she was cute as fuck in the papers stream today. her acting as Mori was funny as shit. she had a very great day

>> No.6841002

the yab + her facial expression were really funny though

>> No.6841191

Don't duh me. You have no idea how many retards don't know shit about her or coco. There were people who unironically created a new account so youtube didn't count their view and their like because it's too fresh. Most of their messages didn't appear in the Top chat either. There are many idiots still around but Kiara cleared most of them today. In any case She is happy and so am I.

and yes the Paper's Please stream was actually kino. I can't believe she didin't die earlier. Even I got filtered by taking the money instead of burning the first time when I played this lel.

>> No.6841272

if she had used her real voice, she'd get even more people asking her to drop the chicken voice

>> No.6841824 [DELETED] 

What yab? I watched the entire thing with great attention and I didn't notice any yab at all. Can you give me the timestamp? (don't post link obviously, and delete your post after posting just to be safe)

>> No.6842128
File: 563 KB, 617x540, 1616443306766.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you doing your Sparks reps?

>> No.6842132

check the containment thread

>> No.6842372 [DELETED] 

What containment thread?
Also you can just post the time and delete your post kek

>> No.6842446 [DELETED] 

She edited her roommate birthday stream. Search it on youtube, her roommate name and sort for date (last 24 hours).

>> No.6842497

I'm sorry anon, I can't stop listening to Goodbye Declaration

>> No.6842502 [DELETED] 

The yab was cut, there's no timestamp anymore..
Now stop posting about this and delete your comments unless you want a nice and long vacation.

>> No.6842517 [DELETED] 


>> No.6842577

she took that part out. just do your reps and look at the egg containment

>> No.6842739 [DELETED] 

Spoonfeed time


Will self delete after 1 min
First and last time I ever post this. So if you are AFK now you fucked up.

>> No.6842868


>> No.6843014

Think she’ll go through with the guerrilla art stream?

>> No.6843095

>it all goes to her ass

>> No.6843104

I hope

>> No.6843167

DoB invalid.
Detain for execution.

>> No.6843296

>Detain for execution.
More like sexecution

>> No.6843859


>> No.6845143

cant believe how fast mori picked up the phone here, was she watching the stream?

>> No.6845762

>I'm so glad most of the KFP finally got it
Are you even sure of that? She got the same amount of donations as any other stream and outside of the 5 members in a row at the start of the stream, it was just the usual. I don't really know where you're getting this impression that every KFP is on the same wavelength as you.

>> No.6845872

The donation site she linked in her vid description. It exploded. She got thousands of dollars in less than an hour.

>> No.6846048

Well yeah, but again, don't see how that explains your point of KFP suddenly "getting it", the two aren't related at all

>> No.6846280


Nah KFP got the message. She shilled pretty hard about how she wants support and where to go, what to watch etc. All that while knowing 99% of every viewer is a KFP. She has always done this but after she saw the success of coco she tried even harder. BUT I never expected her to use the exact same chicken voice just to make it even more clear. I kneel, I didn't think she would do that. But it worked.

>> No.6846291

anon the people who are donating are not some random fucks who found the stream. those are all kfp. instead of SCing on youtube in another stream later they used that site instead. they understood the hint for sure. well i hope so. the most loyal ones who already know her did for sure now. the random grey fucks probably didn't even know anything about this.
whatever. im happy.

>> No.6846331
File: 280 KB, 687x458, 1625948002167.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Schizo fag, Kiara herself talks about her cats on stream to the point of you can hear them purring and it's common for vtubers to show off their pets on stream Towa (Kotaro) Aqua's cat and Ame (Bubba) the absolute state of kfp schizos is insane

>> No.6846408

it's not "kfp" you eggfuck
it's literally 1 or 2 fucks who are turbo protective and even rage when you dare to like a tweet of her, not even joking. those people are mentally ill in the head. don't lump us all together.

>> No.6846423

Seems like I misunderstood, thought you were talking about real voice fags in the first place suddenly understanding that it's not going to become a thing. I'm not denying she's got a loyal following, hell I'll follow her where she wants to go as well

>> No.6846551

>those people are mentally ill in the head

>> No.6846588

donations aside, 99% of the people there are her core fans, with maybe a few doxfags in there to scout for the latest rrats. just look at the live chat and you will know. many of them used a different account and only a few retards used their KFP accounts

>> No.6846672
File: 166 KB, 266x266, 1234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Guy continually spazzes about some boogieman who doesn't agree with him.
>Roommate posts over and over.
>None of the posts get deleted while other less innocuous posts are removed.
>Shits up a quarter of the thread with the same line over and over.
I'm so tired...

>> No.6846718

which one? this thread has so many I lost count

>> No.6846736 [DELETED] 

I saw the schizo in hlgg during pre chat. He was posting screens of the prechat of KFP members, seething because they wished her happy birthday. This was prechat so BEFORE she revealed her chicken voice. I havn't seen him since then. His little bubble of his fake reality got BTFO by Kiara herself. Maybe he necked himself and stops shitting up threads from now on.

No lol. We're talking about how she tries to secure her future by bringing over her fanbase. This has been well known for a while actually, but remember that one schizo who always rages about twitter and people who draw art for her? This is the guy who always claimed the opposite. About how she wants to avoid any leaks because she is shitting her pants out of fear and stupid shit like that. Yeah this guy got btfo real hard today.

I actually believe he is a falseflagging egg. It's insane how hard he goes against KFP and people who literally just support her. I never saw him talk against antis, always against KFP only.

Anyway this fag>>6846672
is right. The schizo who is always shitting up the thread is gone so >we have become the schizos who shit up the thread. probably should stop lel.

>> No.6846816

wait, now that you mention it, did #3 schizo move to something else? I know that guy manages to shit up threads consistently

>> No.6846880

I remember that he used to go to anti split threads to post Kiara donation numbers and make eggs seethe. But he hasn't been around since this month (she isn' top3 in donations anymore).
In KFP split itself last time I saw him was like 2 or 3 months ago.

>> No.6846906

In his defense, Cover would have been pissed if she was Japanese and this was closer to the start of the company.

>> No.6847005

Yeah but times are changing, especially after Coco. I want her to have stable footing and she wants that too. She isn't as le bottom left as people think. Coco probably gave her advice as well. I just want her to be happy and have a secured future. Whatever, let's talk about other things I guess. Even though there is literally nothing else going on right now lel.

>> No.6847028 [DELETED] 

No, it was me who was not happy about that shit. I gave up on it because it was just shitting up the thread and I'd never come to agree with the 1-2 faggots spamming repeatedly after I made a comment that I didn't like it. Turns out, even after not posting about it for the last 3 threads, you retards still manage to shit up the threads hating me because I'm 'around'. I don't post in /hlgg/ much, so it seems I'm not the only one who doesn't like it. I literally dropped it because it's a losing battle but you and >>6846408 (based on typing patterns, I assume you're not the same) literally can't let it go, as is evident by the amount of roommate posting.

>> No.6847032 [DELETED] 

>I remember that he used to go to anti split threads to post Kiara donation numbers and make eggs seethe
I don't know if you're defending him, but that moron fucked things up for a lot of people, managed to kill this thread for a whole week and shat on the other girls while bragging about kiara. I don't think going to SEAnigger threads is something to be considered good in the first place

>> No.6847215

>No, it was me
Are you sure? I'm talking about the guy who was constantly shitting on the biggz faggot during the mod arc, stalking KFP, posting random screenshots of their twitter (including roommate so he himself actually 'doxxed' her here) He was always derailing threads about how evil KFP is. I don't think your'e that guy because he types very aggro. But if you are, neck yourself.

>> No.6847264

You're all faggots incapable of talking about Kiara Takanashi, the virtual youtuber employed by Cover Corporation under the Hololive English branch. Go literally anywhere else to talk about off topic shit you retards.

>> No.6847326

I'll just continue to plug away on my goal of archiving saviourfag moments from all of her streams as I make my way through the ever-growing backlog. There are some real cute moments no one talks about/remembers.

>> No.6847359

Why do so many ethnics hate Kiara? Is it jealousy because she became Japanese by sheer force of will and they will never ever be Japanese?

>> No.6847391

>I don't know if you're defending him
No but I'm not hating on him either. #3 may be annoying but he isn't an anti, he is a turbo Kiara fan. I'm often in anti splits to mass report people and every single time this guy was there he made eggs seethe really, really hard. It was funny. He is ok in my book. But as I said I have not seen him for quite some time.

>> No.6847470

Gonna bite
Spics love Kiara. Some of her biggest paypigs, artfags, clippers are spics

>> No.6847537

>Why do so many ethnics hate Kiara?
Isn't it the opposite? She is the whitest holo of all dem holos. Usually foreigners love that.

>> No.6847689

How is the whitest girl also the one who Japanese people occasionally forget/don't believe isn't Japanese?
Kiara's incredible.

>> No.6847722

You answered the question yourself. She is incredible and underrated.

>> No.6848553


>> No.6848581


>> No.6848676

they do in spandex

>> No.6848702

You can call people faggots and retards, that's fine, but don't you ever allude to *that*! Golly gosh, how scandalous!

>> No.6848728 [DELETED] 

>dont watch kiara that much
>watch "that stream"
>like her a lot more
I think her nervousness made her come off more calm, I wish she was always like that

>> No.6848808 [DELETED] 

>like her a lot more
pretty sure that was her goal (one of them). if you ask around here most people who really fell in love with the chicken only did so because they became obsessed with HER.

>> No.6849056 [DELETED] 

What the fuck are you talking about retard? That's the most ass-backwards logic on Earth. Most of the people around here would give no fucks if it wasn't FOR Kiara herself and I promise you most people fell in love with Kiara.

>> No.6849086 [DELETED] 

I didn't really know or care about HER until a couple weeks ago and I only knew about that stream from people here hinting at it. I don't dislike the canon Kiara but I might like HER a bit more because she isn't screeching in my ear so much

>> No.6849524 [DELETED] 

Both of you are right at least when it comes to me. i was already watching her but she wasn't special to me. Just a vtuber I like. Around december I started digging and really fell in love with 'her' and she became my main and only Oshi. I support 'her' more than the vtuber persona. If she leaves hololive I will keep on following her around.

>> No.6849780 [DELETED] 

I would also like to add that If kson didn't filter me with the japanese and not streaming on Youtube I would be the same, liking her more than her Hololive character

>> No.6850152

Did I just land in the deadbeat thread?

>> No.6850199

doxxclucks chased out almost everyone else

>> No.6850222

Parasocials calling other people mentally ill thread.

>> No.6850294

I've never felt this way about anyone before. It's not love, but it's something strong.

>> No.6850641

Honestly looking at the development of the thread in the last months:
Yes, KFP are transforming into deadbeats which has its ups and downs
Give it a few more months and someone here will draw porn of Kiara, but then again someone will be writing NTR fanfic about his own oshi soo…

>> No.6851076
File: 126 KB, 1920x1080, chika screams internally.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>someone here will draw porn of Kiara
>mfw I was contemplating this

>> No.6851225

This is just /森カリオペ/ in denial at this point

>> No.6851239

>someone >here will draw porn of kiara

>> No.6851250
File: 524 KB, 1122x1212, SadWalfieKiara.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's All So Tiresome

>> No.6851321

Ok so when are we starting to have alliterations in the thread name?

>> No.6851362

Does the name also need to be changed into japanese?

>> No.6852667

Sorry for using a shit Youtube video, but there's a problem with that.

>> No.6853823

Has Kiara every explained why she doesn't collab with the holostars?? Seems weird that someone so keen on interacting with ID and JP would just ghost an entire branch

>> No.6853904

Honestly? Legitimately? Being completely truthful? She probably just doesn't have too much investment in them and doesn't care. She's not completely averse to it, as she's said she'll have them on HoloTalk one day and given how the rate of new gens hasn't increased at all since she said that I do think she'll reach them one day. Considering just how unpopular the stars were back when she watched hololive more actively this shouldn't be particularly surprising. Personally I think it'd be funny to see her collab with a couple of them, we've already seen how hilarious her stacy energy is when matched with a male who's not prepared courtesy of the catboy. Maybe she'll end up on Bar Roberu one day.

>> No.6853971

Could Roberu even handle a giga stacy like her when he's Animare's plaything?

>> No.6853993

He can also be her plaything, would be a breath of fresh air from the constant takamori

>> No.6854184
File: 21 KB, 350x350, EyD5BSqWUAAnuVx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> he can be her plaything
Kiara would have the balls to step into Ollie's territory

>> No.6855021

Probably not if you look at how Japan and Indonesia treat Holostars, and who Kiara works the most with.

>> No.6856642
File: 1.57 MB, 3627x4096, E0kx93VWQAE2XbO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ai kotoba shows tummy too

>> No.6856736

I really hope that she will interview the Vtubers in chronological release order so that we get Holostars gen 1 Interviews before Hololive gen 3.
Because honestly gen 3 doesn’t need a real „push“ on the global scale, everyone knows pekora, rushia and the others, but holostars on the other hand makes more sense, they are relatively unknown in the west.
But honestly I doubt that Kiara would do something like that just because the thought of interviewing pekora on stage will make her cream her pants.

>> No.6857001

I should have checked - and never doubted Yuna in the first place.
Kiara tummy is sacred.

>> No.6857355

Has a streamable of her Mori imitation been done yet or should I get to work?

>> No.6857511

Seems fine to me.

>> No.6857564

Nexat made a clip but I would appreciate a raw streamable of the moment nonetheless.

>> No.6857584

Well it wasn't me but turns out someone got it

>> No.6857740
File: 621 KB, 593x580, 1613348918353.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6857874
File: 298 KB, 1544x2048, E6y0CtXVoAEP-G5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6858324

I'm not KFP so sorry if this has already been answered. What's the reason why Kiara doesn't do ASMR?

>> No.6858383

She thinks it's weird/nasty.

>> No.6858476

God I love the little scene of her holding the newly hatched chicken. It makes me FEEEL.

>> No.6859320

She thinks it's weird and embarassing, she gives you the best GFE, but she wouldn't put herself in a position where the viewers can go overboard in terms of lewd aspect.
You might think that she's contradicting herself because she makes lewd jokes from times to times, which is incorrect. She makes very flirty jokes, and sometimes accidentally sexual ones, that is true indeed, but at the end of the day she wasn't made to be the object of sexual attraction by them.
Kiara has experienced how fucking horni kfp (well specifically the dumpster of YTC) can be, from that time when things just went off rails when she admitted licking her lips after giving a kiss to a red superchat.That's probably the most embarassing moment of her Vtubing career.

>> No.6859463

>That's probably the most embarassing moment of her Vtubing career.
She wanted to cut that part out until her mom told her it's not that wierd.

Also after Alter Kiara happened one guy send her a SC talking about how he fapped to that bit. Kiara is right to assume that some KFP are just too wierd for stuff like this, sadly.

>> No.6860028

Godspeed anon, we need a full archive

>> No.6860163

I'm actually glad me and Kiara share the same thoughts on ASMR streams. I don't have anything against non-sexual ASMR other than it's not really suited for vtubing activities, but the overly sensual ASMR that a lot of other members do feels cheapening to me.

>> No.6860172

There were a few SC. One was a guy saying "alter Kiara gave me a premature ejacDonation, so here is the money!" She found this one funny and I don't think she was weirded out about it since it's an obvious joke, HOWEVER there was another SC by someone else about 1 or maybe even 2 months later which she did not read on stream. I don't know if she even saw it or if it was deleted. I don't exactly remember what it said but it did not say anything about fapping, I would have remembered that. But it was worse enough that she did not read it / was deleted before she saw it.

Kiara can't really imagine how ASMR works because Kiara is one of those humans that can't get tingles. ASMR does nothing for her so it's hard for her. That's what she thinks....If only she would realize all she has to do is to whisper. Her (unintentional?) eating and moaning sounds are 10 times more "lewd" than if she would talk about normal stuff but in a whisper voice.

>> No.6860195

I like orange woman

>> No.6860547
File: 838 KB, 1500x2250, E60V3yZUcAMXuWq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6861108

The eating sounds and any ASMR stuff, no matter what it is, make me laugh so fucking hard. It just always sounds so goofy.

>> No.6861371

We will not get back Alter Kiara or that whisper stuff she occassionally did in the beginning because of those wierdos.
I don't want her to dive headfirst into ASMR like Noel but I'd love to get these nice things back. But alas...

>> No.6861528


>> No.6861759

It does nothing for her and she doesn't really understand the appeal of the non-H stuff

>> No.6861906

Nah, there are too many other filters for that.
For one she loves debuff RPGs but her streams are also entertainment instead of background noise. In the west many people don't want to pay attention for hours to not miss the constant onslaught of funny stuff - although Pegora's number suggest it's different in Japan.

>> No.6862078
File: 432 KB, 516x892, E60rB1wVUAI5HDH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6862107


>> No.6862271


>> No.6862333

I chose the worst time to hangout with my girl friends lol. How were the threads during the last two days? Judging by the amount of roomateposting ITT I take it not too well?

>> No.6862413

Roommate posting was insane and jannies had their work cut out but that was to be expected and shouldn't happen again anytime soon.

Other than that the threads were as shizo as ever, most stream discussion happens in /hlgg/ after all.
At least Kiara was amazing both in Papers, Please and in her inpromptu Minecraft collab with Ina.

>> No.6862415

Two or three threads got deleted and hundreds of posts in /hlgg/.

>> No.6862434

Depends who ask. Those were not anti-roommate postings. You have one side who just wants to talk about Kiara and another side who wants to talk about "both". I like it either way so for me the threads were ogey.

>> No.6862555

Pretty chill, Mori timeloops, historian kids got upity because their discord got nuked, roommate posting was inoffensive with lots of delets but nothing harmful it was a great stream. Outside of that just the usual /hlgg/ stream chat.

>> No.6862742

apart from the usual stuff and timeloops notable things were a small /k/ tangent when the new tiara design was revealed, and a small private Livechat when the general was closed yesterday for the duration of a few hours

>> No.6862796
File: 522 KB, 828x1792, doxfag btfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>historian kids got upity because their discord got nuked
Oh they gonna be real mad in a couple days. Can't wait to see them seethe.

>> No.6862874
File: 271 KB, 2048x1846, 1598039209463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

let's fucking goooo

>> No.6863366
File: 137 KB, 744x1052, E6zjI0JVEAE9azG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6863406

>takedown issued by kson
oh man thats gotta be the worst part. i think the faggot actually thought he was doing some sort of service to the community by "discovering" the holo's other careers.

>> No.6863440

IDK why but that hair just screams tsundere

>> No.6863464

No announcement yet - looks like we won't get out guerilla drawing stream. Too bad but I hope Kiara has a nice day until the TTRPG starts.

>> No.6863591

No he is evil. He knew what he was doing. There are records of him praying on underage girls, doxing them, hating on hololive etc. He used the coco graduation arc to manipulate the algorithim.
His Kiara 'dox' video got over 900k views. But that doesn't matter anymore since Kiara herself basically revealed everything now. basically giving doxfags who upload her content the middle finger. They won't get anymore views since many normies and most of KFP know now about her channel, so they go there instead.
Either way his channel is done for. Doesn't matter anymore.

>> No.6863767

Cockroaches like him will just scurry out to a new channel with new name and do it again and again until the end of time.
If he's got a fanbase guess what? They're going to get word of the new channel and manip the algorithm again to get it a pile of subs
We call the Chinese e-nationalists insects but this guy's even WORSE and I wonder how long until someone doxxes him.

>> No.6863799

I didn't know Mamaloni had a third account

>> No.6863893

not everyone enjoys what you enjoy. People have different things they like then you. The world doesn't revolve around you. You aren't as important as your ego shows

>> No.6863968

I know but that doesn't matter. The reason why his videos got lots of views is because people were curious. "How does vtuber X look like?" But the more there is known about them the less people care. Do YOU watch tons of Kiara vids or look for them? No, because you already know her channel and who she is.
The only people who might have a problem are people who are not really known. People like Ina for example. But when it comes to people like Coco or Kiara, they are safe. They have their own channel and second life to generate views and income. Normies will go there instead.

His new channel will not be succesful, he has no new stuff because there is no new stuff. The insect is done for. He will be forgotten.

>> No.6864016

She reactivated it somewhat recently after making her OC. From what I understood of Google translate it's meant to be an account for more personal stuff - and WIPs apparently.

>> No.6864022

Honestly, as someone who's whined about the chicken voice in these threads before, I'm slowly beginning to like it for some reason. I don't know if it's brainwashing or conditioning, but I can't imagine her speaking differently now.
Singing is a different matter and she should expand her range there, but as far as talking goes I think it's perfectly fine. Just a little bit of tweaking of the GoXLR setting and it'd be perfect.

>> No.6864062

I never disliked the chicken voice. I just like the mixer. But when it comes to singing she should change her voice. Not because I don't like it, but because it would be so much better.

>> No.6864191

It's more shit that pollutes my feed and I go fill out the form letter to Cover, report and want off the feed.

Sadly my backlog grows exponentially due to how many I follow so my Kiara following's been pretty lacking. But I never had any interest in who people were in the past.
It's like Pro Wrestling back in the Regional Era where they could just move a guy to a new Region and he'd become another wrestler and no one would really notice as it's 1980s and the Internet doesn't exists.
Change your name, gimmick and face and you're someone new. Kinda view it the same as Vtubers. You want to tell about your life it's up to you? I'm not gonna pry as I'm not a massive faggot.

>> No.6864198
File: 73 KB, 220x306, Sneaky Deadbeat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Doxclucks baking now

>> No.6864547
File: 1.70 MB, 2125x2500, 1624377585466.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Grab the spice and rub them down

>> No.6864601

did Kiara say when she would release the instrumental for Sparks?

>> No.6864876
File: 296 KB, 222x200, Dancin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shove in the oven and it wont be raw

>> No.6864887

She seemed confused as to why it wasn't included in the purchase.
Management really dropped the ball (again) when it comes to Sparks.

>> No.6865606

well done

>> No.6866497

these stupid zhangs just keep asking kiara to stream on bilibili. Wish they'd just neck themselves

>> No.6866568

Those are not zhangs they are from taiwan. Many holos stream or streamed on bilibili


But yeah in her case that would be too much. She could ask Jenma to upload her vods there though.

>> No.6866604

Lol why are they asking her of all people? Anyone even remotely knowledgable of hololive knows that's never happeing

>> No.6866623

Kiara, Good boy, Give you headpat.

>> No.6866626

dang I was wanting to do a cover of her song for a karaoke guess I'll hope she releases it at 1 million views

>> No.6866639

To be fair, she has a pretty sizeable TW fanbase. From what I've seen, it's almost as big as her EU following but yeah, that's not happening

>> No.6866659

>Lol why are they asking her of all people?
past life reason is as much as I can say

>> No.6866704

see here
Cover officially streams also on bilibili. Takanashi Kiara (yes Kiara, no roommate shit) and many other holos have videos there. But she stopped uploading VODS. Some holos are still active I believe

>> No.6866748 [DELETED] 

she used the platform in the past and was learning Chinese

>> No.6866810

actually wait here's a good way of explaining it without mentioning pre holo stuff
On stream Kiara talked about trying to learn Chinese before

>> No.6866883

Bruh I literally watched every single stream of hers. I know about roommate shit. But this wasn't what I was trying to say. The TW Kiara fans are asking for bilibili streams because cover officially streams there too yet Kiara has negleted that website for many months now. They want her back. I have no idea how monetization works there but it's probably shit and not worth it.

>> No.6867000

>et Kiara has negleted that website for many months now.
I recall a certain different account had videos uploaded during the chink arc you can see the upload dated on them

>> No.6867903
File: 1.01 MB, 4096x4096, 476524671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love her so much

>> No.6868432

I keep rewatching this and it still cracks me up.

CUTE love that phoenix crown.

Holy moly.

>> No.6868544

Ah, MMLONI is still, undoubtedly, the King.

>> No.6868656

who is her roomate? or what is the deal with it?

>> No.6868726

"Roommate" is /vt/ speak for the person behind a holo and talking about them is against the rules of the board.

>> No.6868957

New thread in a few minutes.

>> No.6870449


>> No.6870768

The fuck happened to Catbox?

>> No.6870838

I nuked it because I can't be bothered to maintain it anymore.

>> No.6870857

New thread up:

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