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“Good job! Let’s try something new!”

Korone pulled you up and shoved you against the outer ring. You feebly held your hands out to block her attacks. She was like a blurry haze as she moved in and out of your defense, with quick jabs striking to daze you then sending heavy uppercuts afterwards that would do the real damage. With each strike you mind pondered about how you got here as you just barely dodged one of her punches. You’d just met at a local coffee shop, found that you clicked and had been dating ever since. But as the relationship went on, the more forceful side of her would come out, as a way to show her love for you. A stinging slap on the back after you cooked her a nice meal. A bearhug that would make you wheeze after you got her a large container of protein for her birthday. It all seemed small back then.

But then it escalated from there.

The slaps then turned into punches and the hugs would then turn into nearly spine snapping strength. As Korone saw your apparent weakness, she suggested that you train with her so you could become strong like her. Thinking it would be light exercise and a nice way to spend more intimate time with her, you foolishly agreed.

But then the hell started.

You would spend hour after hour lifting weights that were far above your class, running triathlon amounts of distance on the running track or taking ice-cold showers that froze you to your core. But this was only the beginning. Then the sparring began. At first you would be already keeled over on the ground in pain after the first punch. When you asked her about it afterwards, however, you were horrified to learn that she was ‘holding back’. At that time you were lucky, however, as Korone would leave the sparring to just the ring in the gym only. But then she would initiate a sparring match almost anywhere and at any time. Be it in the bed right after waking up together in the morning, just after eating dinner or even during sex, she would start. And the only way to get her to stop would be to satisfy her until she was fully satiated.

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