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What's so evil about youkai eating people, isn't that the way of all things? We're not evil for eating pork, beef or chicken and we don't exactly care about what chickens think either.

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Fucking youkai.

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wasn't that whole eating people thing retconned?

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Youkai propaganda.

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do chickens fap to human doujins?

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If chickens, pig or cattle could speak and we understood them, would you still eat them? Youkai eating humans is kinda like that.

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youkai scum!

You don't have the right to speak.

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What's so evil about stalkers killing youkai isn't that the way of all things? We're not evil for eating pork, beef or chicken and we don't exactly care about what chickens think either.

Also fix for OP - some people don't eat these.

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which 2hu do you want to be eaten by /jp/?

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Every day

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Which Warhammer would you fuck?

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Yes, yes I think we would

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Xeno, she's pretty much a touhou, complete with danmaku and clumsy moe and even a silly hat.

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That's because neither sudo nor chicks are superior human race.

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Id bet pigs would consider you evil if they had the brain power for emotions.

Buy your thought, Pedos are not evil when they rape children, because thats just nature.

I wouldnt be evil for pushing my Grandfather down a flight of stairs so I can collect on his will, because thats just clever planning.

Its all about point of view.

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Every life form is used sooner or later as cattle by a more advaced life form. We just breed cattle so that we can use it later.

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only the rabid youkai like rumia might eat humans. The spell card rules exist so that humans do not get eaten. Vampires are allowed to harvest humans for blood but they must be the dregs of society - the homeless and jobless or the suicidal. That way no one who is productive is eaten.

So, would you let the scarlets harvet you?

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No, the spell card system is there so that Zun can keep Gensokyo all about teatime with no bad feelings after Remu ruins everyones fun.

Its really just an asspull when you get down to it.

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>which 2hu do you want to be eaten by /jp/?
I don't want /jp/ to eat any 2hu.

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Says a little space rat raped in the ass by a little girl.

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>We're not evil for eating pork, beef or chicken

I'm not sure how much I would agree with that. They can't think as humans do, but they can still suffer as humans do.

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>Id bet pigs would consider you evil
>if they had the brain power for emotions.
I take it you've never seen a pig in your whole life.
Also, I don't want to buy your thoughts.

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Youkai genocide, BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

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Most youkai eat humans.

But they are eating humans form outside of Gensokyo.

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"Good" and "Evil" are terms that humans invented so that they could build a society. Therefore, that concept is relative. We should be talking about what's "convenient" and "unconvenient" for humans.
Breeding and eating cattle is convenient for us. Being eaten is unconvenient for humans, but convenient for the youkai who eat them. Youkai aren't evil.

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Pigs, octopuses and squids are more intelligent than dogs.

And even dogs are capable of emotions.

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Do moon-bitches and fairies also eat humans?

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>octopuses and squids

wait what.

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Moonbitches are humans, so no. Fairies are lower than humans, so no.

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>Do moon-bitches
humans are impure, so they wouldn't eat them.
Fairies are known to imitate humans, so if they lived near cannibals, they would also (try to) eat human meat.

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Google some information on the mimic octopus.

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I would eat out those carnivore 2hus

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I wonder what fairy meat would taste like?

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Rend, slaughter, devour your enemies! There is no other way to survive! You cannot escape your hunger, warriors of purgatory.

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Youkai are not immortal, how come the humans of gensokyo put up with this shit instead of gathering under the flags of champions like Reimu and go about exterminating youkai?

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Salty milk and coins.

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Mortal != killable

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Actually, it does. Its the first definition. Learn some English.

>1. Liable or subject to death

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Also, forgot to mention, People die when they are killed.

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It's all about whose perspective you see it from. Pigs probably think we're evil as fuck.

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Not necessarily. For example, somebody who was absolutely invincible and indestructible but was guaranteed to die naturally within one hundred yearsis still mortal.

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you can kill me all the times you want, but I will not die...death is a privilege of the lambs of god

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Did you even read what you just wrote?

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This thread is depressing.

Why Gensokyo can't be about cute things? Grind mark Gensokyo is bad and it's sad. What if you open portal to this Gensokyo instead at least canon Gensokyo or cute Gensokyo?

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While I'm not actually versed with Touhou canon here, but I think it was said in one the reading materials that the existence of youkai is one of the foundations keeping the barrier enforced. Considering that the humans have the opportunity of simply leaving Gensyoko whenever they want, but deciding to stick around instead, means they would put up with the monsters rather then risk watching their world fade away.

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I'm sorry, there should be a space between "years" and "is." Can you read it now?

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This is why a youkai proposed the spellcarddraft.
Youkai got tired of being beaten and exterminated by humans while humans were getting tired of being eaten.
Read PMiSS

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>Read PMiSS

You first, I guess.

The rules were established because youkai were tired of doing nothing, and so was Reimu.

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Hurr durr.
These rules have been made long before Reimu was born

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>It's said that the racuous Scarlet Mist incident caused by that vampire was the first time the spell card rules were put to use.

...and now that I read that... wait, "that" vampire?

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Upon closer inspection it looks like (yet another) translation error.

...I wish I knew Japanese well enough to be sure.

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