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patchouli is not for bullying! patchouli is for quiet and cuddly reading time!

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pachtouli wouldnt even spit in your direction nerd

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A cute nerd. Her assistant is also cute.

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you're absolutely correct anon. what have i become? i sit here, day in day out, posting in and reading touhou threads while my life wastes away. how could I possibly think that a refined lady like patchouli would even glance at me?

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What do I need to do to become worthy of Patchouli's admiration?

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you gotta learn the dewey decimal system, then prove your worth to her by perfectly arranging her massive library!
the process is sure to take years, unless you're some conveniently summoned demon, chosen specially for the ocassion.

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Yes because Patchouli isn’t barbaric.

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Patchouli better be careful or Marisa's gonna "borrow" all of her books!

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why would the couch be turned away from the fireplace

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Sometimes she turns it towards the fire. Other times she rotates it facing away. All done with her magic of course.

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If she's feeling too warm.

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Patchouli is definitely for bullying.

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But she might have an asthma attack!

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Stinky neet.

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I'm gonna cum in all her fucking books

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I'm gonna cum inside Patchouli! Then I cum inside Koakuma!

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Mating press Patchouli!

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stop patchouli bullying

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Patchouli is beautiful, be it fatchouli, flatchouli or anything in between.
I want to read books with Patchy and help her exercise, sort books or cuddle her to sleep.

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Cute embarrassed naked Patchy! Patchy clamping one hand down over her hairy vagina, her other hand covering her nipples, and her back pressed against the wall so no one can see her butt! Patchy blushing bright red!

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Patchy, I can see your stinky feet!

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Patchouli's feet aren't stinky!

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Yes they are! Teasing Patchouli about her smelly is VERY fun! She gets so embarrassed!

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*her smelly feet!

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Patchouli couldn't possibly be smelly at all! Every night she bathes her beautiful and fragile body!

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I want to lick patchy's sweaty thighs

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Girls, especially Touhous, are naturally very smelly, and can start having body hour within hours of their last bath!

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Patchouli does enjoy bathing, but as an immortal youkai she does not pay much attention to the passing of time. She will sometimes read for days or even weeks at a time without noticing how long it's been since she last bathed.

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Is Patche afraid of spiders?

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Patche is a powerful witch, why would she be afraid of something that she can destroy in a second such as a spider?

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I mean, I can destroy a spider in a second and I'm still afraid of it.

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Phobias are known as irrational fears for a reason, anon.

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Remember, despite her power, sometimes she can't cast difficult spells due to her asthma and anemia.

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Bath sex with Patchouli!

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Does a water-proofed book float or sink?

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Too busy fucking her to notice.

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what's that Patche's reading?

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looking at Marisa creepshots

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h-how lewd! no wonder she lets marisa borrow her books!

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stinky librarian STINK
bad smell

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I want to cuddle with patcho after she spends weeks without a bath!

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Cute little Patche socks.

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p10 save

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this picture looks too good

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this. Remi took off her flats in a medieval village once and all the poor mortals felt like they couldn't breathe good enough. Their lungs burned and got polluted by her feet.

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Don't yell at the library!

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Patchy being super unbelievably ultra omega horny for you, but being way too shy and flustered to actually make a move!

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Fret not. Her assistant can help with that.

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oops wrong page

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built for baby delivery

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I wonder when it was that I stopped reading non-h touhou doujinshi... what happened to me.

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You have to marry her first though, before you can sex her and cum inside her and give her a baby!

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Not if you make her sightly drunk so that she, who is already sexually attracted to you, loosen up and allows you to sex her! And then you cum inside while she is dizzy because of the alcohol! Pregnant Patchouli!!!

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Sex with an asthmatic nerd! Imagine how lame that would be! R-right?

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page 10 bump

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Built for horse coks

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Patchouli is so very cute, she is on my top 10 2hus and she is not even a loli!
And I like the depictions of her being fatty and big breasted, but I think her being frail and demure really suit her. I love her and I want to squeeze her until she mukyus!

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Having cute lovesex with Patchy, and she has to pause to use her inhaler! Teasing her about it, and making her so flustered that she fucks you harder!

What makes sex with Patchy so cute and fun is because of goofy things like that! The both of you can enjoy sex more because you're not trying to make the perfect erotic experience! You can enjoy the goofy, awkward parts of sex that inevitably happen, and that makes Patchy much more comfortable doing it with you, as opposed to someone who wants a perfect porn reenactment! And by "doing it", I mean sticking your hard-as-steel weiner into Patchy's cute sticky bagina and having intercourse with her!

Cute goofy-but-fun loving cutesex with my girlfriend Patchy! Mukyu!

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You're right

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page 10 save #2!

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patchy's fatty patchies

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Why bother, the smellfags have gotten hold of this one