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You've been diagnosed with cancer and have six month to live.

After you are done raping your first loli, you go off to take a shower and come back to find her huddled in a blanket in the courner of the room sobbing.

What do you do now?

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My lawful neutral alignment would have never permitted me to do such a thing, I realize I'm in a lucid dream, cheer her up with ice cream, then fly through the summer sky.

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What do you expect us to do?

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Put her in a box and mail her to R Kelly in exchange for six months worth of drugs and prostitutes.

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Rape her again?

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The screenshot? AM707R

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best reply in years, had a good laugh, thanks anon.

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Become Deadpool.

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-Bottle tears for later use
-Get drunk and yell at her
-Chain her to something
-wake up and make her some gruel
-Jam my penis in her mouth while she is eating
-rape her again and repeat

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>later use

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Sup chaoticevilfag.

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For an elixir to cure his cancer, presumably.

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Of course 938 ml of loli tears can cure cancer!

How could i have forgot?

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>Chaotic Evil


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I give her a knife and sit down in front of her. She will be tragic but strong.

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Won't she stab you? You know like that guy that smashes doll houses?

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That's the point, I want her to stab me to death. It will be her first step on the path to becoming a great hero with a dark past.

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Make sure you kill her parents in front of her first.

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I apoligize for raping her. I mean, i didnt want to do it but OP said that i did, so i guess i did it. I cuddle with her, and make her my friend.

But then, all of the sudden, I realize that she is a 3d loli, and that i got confused by ops picture. All 3d lolis become sluts when they are around 13, so i fucking kill her KILL HER KILL HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What, why would I rape a loli if I had only 6 months to live?
I'd go on a few trips, probably with friends, visiting cities and places I always wanted to go and have fun outside...
Oh wait, I have no friends and the outside scares me.
So yeah, rape her again.

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Go back in time and prevent myself from raping her.

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1) Grab loli
2) Toss aside
3) Rape blanket
4) Happiness

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I probably have a short time left, should I rape a loli?

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[X] Genuflect

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>After you are done raping your first loli, you go off to take a shower and come back to find her huddled in a blanket in the courner of the room sobbing.

>What do you do now?

I die of moe.

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leave behind a will explaining everything, chain her to the bed so she can't move away from the bed, swallow the key to the chains, give her a butcher knife, and sleep with her.
I'll think of what to do next if I wake up. Probably going to try and talk to her if I do though.

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You were scaring me for awhile there anon.

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go to /jp/ to ask what they would do in such a situation. then i would force loli to look at /b/ content

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I would never rape a loli. Assuming I had access to one I would have to feed her and take her to a park or the theater or something until her parents wanted her back.

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What manner of emotionless beasts are you anon ?
You don't deserve to be here, get the fuck OUT.
There only one thing to do with a loli and is more rape.

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>take her to a park or the theater or something

She would grow on you in no time from the stockholm syndrome, so you get a taste of having a lover and a daughter at the same time before you die

Shit is so cash

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>taste of having a lover
>and a daughter
Yes, oh god yes.

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I probably kill her, eat her and get myself another one.
Rince and repeat.
In six months, when the stench of my rotting body becomes unbearable, the police will find dozens of human bones and I'll be famous.

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This thread is bad and you should feel bad.

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Better idea

1. Capture loli and shota using house made of confectioneries
2. Lock the shota in a cage, make the loli my personal servant
3. Overfeed the boy, have the loli cook him when he's fat enough.
4. Delicious children
5. Rinse repeat.

The perfect plan!

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>house made of confectioneries
That shit works every single time

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The possibility of death by being shoved facefirst into an oven might be a problem, but if this kind of stuff is up your alley it's probably worth the risk.
Just an observation.

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Hansel and Gretel manga? Wow.

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Not quite
Hansel and Gretel H manga

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Do want. Do we get to see them being eaten at the end?

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Did she eat some bad candy or something?

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Witch is a pedophile and spiked all the sweets that make up her house with aphrodisiacs?

I bet her eyes are bad from visiting 4chan all day, too. She would post in ronery threads about how she's 300 years old now and still has no friends ;_;

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i would prrrrrrrrrobably get on my computer and play touhou for 6 months

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The whole house is laced with aphrodisiac, so they keep on having sex (and probably die from it, i donno can't read moon)


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Goddamn, this reminds me how 4chan is making me spend fortunes on new glasses every year.

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This information reveals I'd make a good witch. Anyone wants to supply the aphrodisiacs for the candy house? I'll bring the sweets.

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>>2365729 SASAYUKI__Ehon_no_Tsuyahon
Fuck this book.
Pic related.

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Oh shit. The sole story that made me cry without fail in my childhood. Every single fucking time.

I want to read it again now to see if it still works.

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Oh fuck no get going with the rape and murder story again don't bring up that fuckin-fucknonononono I'm recalling it stop stop I don't want to I don't DAMN

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Oh god no, why did you make me remember.

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you read an h-manga in your childhood and cried about it?

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Why ?
Why there isn't an happy end for the little match girl ?
Why mommy ? Why ? ;_;

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y u do dis

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It would've been hotter if it were true to the original, in which Hansel&Gretel should be ssloli.

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Damn, I just saw the pictures and that they aren't loli. My interest has faded now, and it was an awesome concept.

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rape an adoloescent, then a dolphin, then a senator, then slowly move up the ranks.

RAPE UNTIL RAW go down in history as RAPE A SAURUS

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My interest faded because it's just a lot of rape and not much of the soul-crushing bad ends fairytales have. Pretty much everyone on 4chan is desensitized to rape, but not very much so for a girl freezing to death while hallucinating about her dead grandmother, the sole person to show her affection.

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Oh wow!
I never thought i would see a doujin where the title was written in my mothers tongue. This will be a day to be remembered.

Also, that story made me cry my eyes out when i was a kid. It probably still will if i think too much about it.

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I wouldn't rape a loli I wou- BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD

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You don't call this a bad end?

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Whenever she needs money the uncle will help her, right? So it's a good end.

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I'm afraid that's not her uncle. More like his friend, or some stranger from the street.

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I think any of us here are pretty familiar with the idea of a "uncle" not being genetic, thanks.

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Well he is "an uncle"

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what has /jp/ come to.

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A thread devoted to discussion about H-doujin conversions of children's fairytales? I don't see what the problem with that is.

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I'd like to see a conversion of the the Wild Swans, where Elise, instead of knitting shirts out of nettle, needs to collect sperm to give birth to new, human bodies for her brothers (who, if you recall the fairytale, are turned into swans. )

It should end with the swan brothers turning into eggs, Elise pushing them to her womb and giving birth to them as humans. Then as thanks to their dear sister, the brothers fuck her again. Good end! Should also include a lesbian sex scene with the fairy queen, who teaches Elise how to save her brothers.

The only problem I can see is that Elise is about 15-16 and I'm a moralfag when it comes to that. Oh well, it's not like the age can't be increased a bit.

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Why did you even bother mentioning that?

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source please.
Also going back to the original topic:
do {
if (LoliIsRelaxing && RapedWhenRelax==0) {
RapedWhenRelax=1; }
else {
if (RapedWhenNotRelaxed==0) {
RapedWhenNotRelaxed=1; }

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source please.

Also going back to the original topic:

do {
if (LoliIsRelaxing && RapedWhenRelax==0) {
RapedWhenRelax=1; }
else {
if (RapedWhenNotRelaxed==0) {
RapedWhenNotRelaxed=1; }
while (LoliIsSane);

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> Oh well, it's not like the age can't be increased a bit.
What the fuck kind of brainwashed fag do you have to be to think that 15/16 is too young for sex? I guarantee you, 95% of girls at that age are not virgins, and of the 5% that are, 95% wish they weren't.

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It was just past midday in the middle of summer, with the sun large and hot. A poor little ice fairy was wandering in the village, her little dress and little bow wilting in the heat. She carried a number of snowflakes with her, that she had kept since winter. She hoped she could trade a few for a cool place to rest, but everyone she met just called her an idiot and yelled at her to go away, throwing sticks and rocks if she didn't move fast enough. She would have frozen them in turn, but her spellcards were gone and it was too hot to make more.

So the poor little ice fairy had to fly on in the terrible heat. A shimmer in the air caught her eye, as a speck of land appeared- and was that snow? She sped onward toward the white patch, finally coming to rest in the grounds of a shrine. Alas, the snow she had spied was naught but white stone, and hot as an oven at that. She knelt in a bit of shade by the shrine gate, though it did little good.

As she sat there, sweltering, she pulled out one snowflake and let it twirl in the air. The sunlight glinted off it in an odd mannered way, and suddenly the stones were indeed snow. Just as she was about to reach down and grab it, the snow vanished- and she was left with a droplet in the palm of her hand.

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So she threw out a new flake, and it twirled in the air. She could see in the light refracting through it, all the trappings of winter- snow covered ground, icicles hanging down, slumbering trees with their limbs splayed around. A sudden flurry came towards her, dancing over the ground, and then- the snowflake melted, and there was nothing to see but hot stone.

She threw out another. A lingering cold crept over her, and it felt like the very heart of winter. The soft moan of the wind, the crunch of snow underfoot, and a wonderful cold that went right to the core. The little ice fairy stretched her arms wide to try and grab hold, but it all melted to rain and fell down.

"The gods are crying," thought the little ice fairy, for the spirit of winter, the only person who had ever been kind to her, used to say, "When it rains, it means they're sad that a soul has had its time cut short."

She threw out another snowflake, and this time she saw the winter spirit in the dancing light. Her image was clear, as if she was right there before her.

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sextoy lolisexxan = loli as sextoy;

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"Letty!" cried the little ice fairy. The rain froze wherever it hit, coating everything in a thick layer of ice. "I haven't been that good, but everyone is mean to me here... Please, let me come with you when the snowflake melts!"
The winter spirit reached out to her, but began to fade as the snowflake melted. The ice fairy hastily threw out every last flake she had kept, and suddenly the hot summer sun was replaced by its pale winter cousin, and the light from it shined through every last bit of ice. The rays turned this way and that, exploding into more colors than she could count on all her fingers and toes. Letty had never looked so wonderful, standing there in the middle of thousands of refracted rainbows. She lifted the little ice fairy up and held her in her cold embrace.

"You're the only one that's ever nice to me... and I was wondering... would it... would it be okay... If I called you mommy?"
The winter spirit paused for a moment, then smiled at the little ice fairy, nodding her head. The fairy clapped her hands with joy and clung to the winter spirit, knowing that everything would be all better now.

In the warm evening calm, the few residents of the shrine found an interesting thing by the gate- a little blue dress and a little blue bow, sitting over a pale white flower springing from between the stones, and the slightest hints of a puddle seeping down.

"Some little fairy must have tried to shade herself," they said. Nobody knew what wonderful visions she had seen, nor of the eternal white winter she had entered, with her newfound mother, that hot summer's day.

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