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This is a Japanese language learning thread for those interested in traditional otaku media such as anime, manga, light novels, and Japanese video games.
If you have no interest in otaku media or want to request a translation, this is not the thread for you.

New guide:
Old guide for those afraid of change:

前スレ: >>21025196

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Nihongo is epic

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my girlfriend is trying to learning english... any of you esl can suggest some resources?
i can't remember how i learned, hence i have no idea on how to help her...
also, ive only learned enough to do what i needed (play games, read stuff... learn japanese)

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just teach her yourself

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File: 213 KB, 620x539, YͅO͟U̦̤̣̜̝͈ ̡̮̯C̴̻̜̭̩A̬͍͎̻̳̺N̗̝̣̟'͏̮̻͖͔̭̣͚T͙̺͞ L͎̙̣͢E̪̦A̞ͅR͚͠ͅN̨̺̗ ̴J̬͇̝̪͇̣Ḁ͓̖P͍̪̥̩A̕Ṇ̦̫̗̬ES̭̥̤͈͇ͅE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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the few times we have to spend each week, its better to watch a movie, date, you know.

seriously, i wish i could help her more. i found many books online, but if they are as good as books to learn japanese, i think she is going to waste a huge time

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last thread was so beautiful

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I hate the language more the more I know about it.

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Tell her to read the the KJV Bible.

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10k hours of cartoon network and nickelodeon

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i love /r/learnjapanese/

>How many of you actually speak Japanese?

>I live in Japan but I'm pretty weak with my Japanese. But for any foreign language I always recommend studying and speaking every single day. It doesn't have to be a long time everyday just something.
"im weak but here's my advice"

>I learn through WaniKani and KaniWani daily, as often as I can. I've done basic grammar and slowly starting Genki book from beginning to brush up. Do I speak it? 少しい。
"im literally a beginnner who doesn't know the word 少し. here's my advice"

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Wouldn't 10k hours of Liveleak footage of people getting shot be a more uniquely and properly representative American way of sinking into an English-speaking country's culture?

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don't forget "I want to learn Japanese but I don't want to learn kana, kanji, grammar, vocabulary, or ever read anything. what app do I download?"

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if those people are black then yea

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I was really disappointed cuz i didnt get any help. but your comment actually made me laught
good job, anon

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i don't have a gf so i'm PISSED and don't wanna help

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Help who with what

>> No.21032198

wtt wife for gf

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Dogo no kawaisa can kill, be aware before clicking!

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my gf who is trying to learn english.
but i have no idea how i learned, so i cant properly help her with resources and stuff

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can you imagine someone creating anki with less feature and control and people pay a yearly subscription to it lmao

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I spent hours each day on this very website since I was about 16 years old for more than 10 years. I guess that's how I learned the most.

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but i dont wanna screw up her mind

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What is her first language? I learned english by playing online FPS and watching South Park. But as a german speaker, english is basically a free language. I never took any lessons at school and didn't read any books about it.
Just tell her to start watching and installing everything in english and she should be fluent in about 3 months.
If she is speaking some weird language or even an asian one, she should prepare to study anki decks for many years to come.
Oh and completely forget about grammar. English doesn't really have any grammar except for some tenses, nobody really knows how to use anyways.

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Is she Japanese? Just apply the same things you do for E to J in reverse. Flashcards, Netflix with English subs (and later without) and open dictionaries. Watching lots of youtube (the English auto subs are usually good). It's even easier than for Japanese material.

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her first language is portuguese, like mine.
i remember i downloaded an eroge (interesting, huh) in 1999 or 2000 (or something) and it was translated into english. so i bought a dictionary and learned it
guess it wouldnt work for her

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i wish. if that was the case, i would just do that. simple as that.
she speaks portuguese

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good news i copied the .card css from vncore to my mining deck and it fixed the disgusting typeface/font style or w/e the fuck you call it that is the default for japanese text in anki 2.1.

now if i only i knew how to fix japanese font in chrome.

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Switch your system language to Japanese.

>> No.21032374

It's certainly harder for people from a latin based language. But it's still pretty easy. I think learning some vocab through anki could really help her. I presume learning about 100 new words a day should be pretty easy with english. I'm sure she already knows tons of english words, but maybe has a hard time recognizing them in the wild. Maybe she could even start by reading something simple. Like comics, or harry potter.

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ask the nihonjins to make a coop eroge so you both can learn together

>> No.21032411

coop eroge where in order to progress you gotta 中出し irl.

>> No.21032423

coop suck my dick bitches

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These people are so far gone from me on language learning I don't really understand what they're thinking or how they justify it

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People who use shit like wanikani don't actually like learning the language, they like the idea of themselves learning the language. They like wanikani because it gives you a cute little number you can brag about that's completely removed from any language ability. You get some of the social prestige of learning the language without actually doing the hard part

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>my girlfriend is trying to learning english
maybe you should do the same

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I don't think they're all bad, they just think endless flashcards and grammar study is the path and then after 2 years of doing that 1 hour a day they quit because their only interaction with the language is this dull shite

>> No.21032532

reminder that studying grammar is a complete waste of time, if you just read and listen to japanese enough you'll figure it out.

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What are some of the common lies said on /djt/?
I'll start:
>I'm fluent in Japanese

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>Matt isn't good at Japanese

>> No.21032541

These people only had to read tae kim once and then embark on the epic adventure that is reading compelling content made by natives.

>> No.21032542

ahh i didnt mean to 'ing' the verb. have no idea why i did that
sorry if i offended the proper speakers of this great tool called english

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>> No.21032549

You beat me to it

>> No.21032553

I wonder what the yomikata of this weird word is

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>> No.21032562

No one says that though

>> No.21032565

There is little difference between doing Wanikani and doing the Core 6k deck. The biggest difference is in the order in which it presents its content and that it makes it harder for you to cheat yourself.

Pretending it does nothing makes no sense either but I can see why people dislike it a lot.

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No, I actually am. I draw disgusting fetish smut and everything.

>> No.21032570

yea but no one here said core is good either

>> No.21032571

tfw i now know this word cuz people have been shitposting about it so much

>> No.21032579

>he's shit because he made a mistake

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>> No.21032595

last i checked wanikani has a built in speed limiter and also doesn't let you skip things you don't know and forces you to go through its terrible kanji course to get to any worsd

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You might as well just try to figure everything out by pure induction. If you wanna learn about plants, you should go and look at stuff in your backyard, compare leaves, stems, instead of reading books on botany. Likewise, you shouldn't learn about mathematics, logic, or physics, since everything can either be observed or deduced from a priori principles. As a matter of fact, considering that there's only so many possible letter combinations that can be used for names, you shouldn't ask people for their names, and instead attempt to guess.
Or you could save yourself quite a bit of time by relying on what others have already written down, just filling in smaller gaps in your knowledge by deduction.

>> No.21032641

Didn't expect it to be read like らいさん

>> No.21032642

it's only people who are afraid of grammatical terms like "verb" and shit like that who advocate not reading about grammar. they think because they can't understand simple explanations that it must be nonsense

>> No.21032650

lel anti-grammar-guide retards just got owned

>> No.21032666

what's with these pointless analogies that have no relevance

"you should learn language you learn math!"

>> No.21032669

learning about plants isn't a basic human instinct that even babies can do effortlessly
you really thought you had something here but youre too fundamentally retarded to realize how retarded you are

>> No.21032673

the idea that you become fluent in a language by learning about it is the reason why you will never ever make it

>> No.21032676

why would you want to do it the same way as a baby (ie taking several years to reach the point of saying a sentence) when you could just use your adult high order thought process and just it learn it 100x quicker lol

>> No.21032677

my favorite useless grammatical word used in pointless grammar discussions is "modify"

>> No.21032678

how would you explain what an adverb does to a verb?

>> No.21032682

who gives a shit

>> No.21032683

What happened to "go over tae kim once and then start reading"?

>> No.21032684

Japanese grammar is not too difficult to read on, but I admit that the reason why I decided not to study Greek, Latin, or Sanskrit was just because I felt too lazy to memorise seemingly long lists of grammatical categorisations. Otherwise, I would've probably already be reading Cicero and the Ramayana in their original languages.

>> No.21032689

so the entire field of linguistics is pointless? we shouldn't try and preserve or study the structure of language?

lol why even bother studying about physics guys the world just exists as it is!

>> No.21032699

Learning a language and being a linguist are two dramatically different things. The vast, vast majority of people who speak their languages fluently have zero knowledge of linguistics

>> No.21032700

that is another topic separate from learning the language and utilizing it

>> No.21032705

anon didn't say anything about becoming fluent from reading about grammar, and if any of you have ever referenced a grammar guide then you're being hypocritical.

>> No.21032706

Hopefully forgotten, it's a retarded advice. I mean if it was a proper language course instead of just a reference like TK where you forget 60% by the the you get to the end it would make more sense.
Reading TK once is like saying read a dictionary once to learn vocab.

>> No.21032711

adverbs are actually magic but they're no more magic than subjects or objects or datives etc
everything can be interpreted as a little rope that gets tied onto the verb, adverbs just twist and bend the verb in different ways than subjects and objects

>> No.21032714

I think it still holds up as a good advice

>> No.21032718

unfortunately the only evidence we have that grammar is useless is native speakers of any language. all of us probably started with le grammar+vocab crap and then switched eventually.

>> No.21032720

but the point is that it's possible to understand and preserve the rules of a language in writing, and therefore it's also possible to read those rules and understand them. why would you want to grope around in the dark waiting for light to appear when you can just go into japanese with a flashlight?

>> No.21032731

Most people learn the language spoken by people around them. Not as many people learn languages spoken by people on the other side of the world.
Besides, schools all around the world have grammar classes. I went to school in Mexico, America, and Austria, and in all three of those countries I learnt more than a bit on the basic principles of grammar in each country's respective language.

>> No.21032749

btw i take back what i said abt sekiro in the other thread

it controls aight

>> No.21032755

It's been so long since I learned basic Japanese grammar (15+ years ago, from a native speaker) that I honestly have no opinion on how to start out, I just thought it was silly to say 'you don't need a grammar text to learn a language' is equivalent to saying 'linguistics is useless'

>> No.21032756

takes natives a good couple years to learn to understand their language properly even at a very basic level with tons of words and patterns missing, you can cut that down a lot by priming your brain to learn things by exposing it to simplified portraits of them in advance. that's what reading through tk like a book is for. it hardly teaches you anything, it just makes it easier for the grammar you see from it to become i+1, so you learn it more readily when reading and listening. having a mental foothold on the language, even if it's completely wrong, reduces the affective filter and thus is also an aspect of this that makes it easier to learn.

>> No.21032761

no one cares what schools do

can you play it in japanese

>> No.21032775

>I just thought it was silly to say 'you don't need a grammar text to learn a language' is equivalent to saying 'linguistics is useless'
except that wasnt the premise at all

>> No.21032814

>can you play it in japanese
japanese voices are the default and the intended language unlike the souls games

>> No.21032816

yea the premise was no one gives a fuck about verbs and what modifies them

>> No.21032821

what about subtitles

>> No.21032846

no they released the game in japan without any japanese text at all. what do you think

>> No.21032853

i'm a fucking retard and didn't know that

>> No.21032918

Slang doesn't exist they're just words

>> No.21032939

These are all acceptable words in Japanese. What a meme language.

>> No.21032955

what a fantastic list of... nothing, really... first week learning it?

>> No.21032958

dude i hate words

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>> No.21032971

i was def making a joke @ that earlier when i posted 玉砕主義

hope u appreciate it more now on 2nd glance

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How about フリフリ

>> No.21032986

i just don't get how there still hasn't been a single person that claims to be from djt that has extended audio or video of them speaking japanese. to prove how superior they are to matt.

>> No.21032992

>The Japanese had sent delegations and students around the world to learn and assimilate Western arts and sciences, with the intention of making Japan an equal to the Western powers.[4] These reforms transformed Japan from a feudal society into a modern industrial state.
How did they do it bros? How did they succeed where all other Asians failed?

>> No.21032993

trust me bro

>> No.21032997

i just dont get how no one in an anonymous shitposting commune has an ego the size of a youtuber

>> No.21032999

What the fuck is a キわふラクロラコワ?

>> No.21033001

you do have an ego that's why you constantly shit talk him. you believe you're better. so prove it

>> No.21033004

hey matt

>> No.21033008

why does khatz hate stacys so much

>> No.21033016

imagine if khatz was still active today and was writing articles about how to apply jordan peterson's 12 rules to life to japanese

>> No.21033017

ive posted over a thousand times that i dont know nihongo
ur really startin to grate on me

>> No.21033031

i dont know nihongo
i AM nihongo

>> No.21033036

not yet but thats the plan

>> No.21033041


>> No.21033050

>he STILL doesn't know 天主家
Never gonna make it.

>> No.21033053

any nhkにようこそ fans
found some secret audio

>> No.21033055

is it possible to become better at nihongo than ntr without becomin kanken guy
theres never been evidence of it before

>> No.21033060

its not hard to become better at nihongo than me

all u gotta do is input for 20 years and do the thing i dont do - study LOL

im just the bar dude

>> No.21033064

>He wasn't born knowing a random japanese word
Never going to make it.

>> No.21033071

>seething this hard
Never gonna make it.

>> No.21033072

i get what ur sayin but has anyone here ever done it
scary to think about

>> No.21033074

like everyone else who has tasted the sweet easy money to be made from the ignorant, the naive, and the dekinai he has a patreon https://www.patreon.com/ajatt

maybe someday we can get him, matt, and dolly (via telepresence of course) into the same room to settle who has the best method once and for all.

>> No.21033079

>I'm not even that guy just trying to be funny m8
Never going to make it.

>> No.21033085

>still seething

>> No.21033091

>I'm starting to think you really aren't gonna make it and that you're the one seething

>> No.21033097

nice thread

>> No.21033100

>nice thread

>> No.21033101

>mattdrones fuming THIS hard

>> No.21033106

im just realizing theres a lot of mistakes in the subs I get from kittsuneko whatever. some are more obvious, some I dont know which is right. mistakes that seem like I might make some of them are dumb, and then lines I have no idea what theyre saying it seems like they just guessed. are they just made by some guy? I hear a lot of animes dont have an official subs. also Ive made a lot of progress by using no subs and then just looking back at the sub file opened in browser. would recommend

>> No.21033107

Watch this instead of Jamal hiphop

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>> No.21033113

t. dekinai scum

>> No.21033118

why not both ?

>> No.21033122

btw im still lolling at this its the cutest most darling matt moment if u dont count all the other 1s and that muramasa vid lmao


>> No.21033126

stop shilling that waito piggu

>> No.21033127

bringin back the inspirational banger that yall need most https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1WAVN6EIT4

>> No.21033139

its not bang time till i say its time

btw i lol at that vid every time he deepthroats the shit outta the mic

>> No.21033147

its not the banger we wanted but its the banger we deserved

>> No.21033153

Hey /djt/ 2 months in anon here, do you guys recommend completely shoving Tae Kim's grammar guide into my head before proceeding with immersion or is it fine to just get a general idea of all the rules?

>> No.21033154

no heres the banger u deserve


>> No.21033161

Do a real grammar course instead like Genki.
If you really want to do TK, then yes, the entire guide is the absolute minimum you need.

>> No.21033162

matt is a pretty attractive guy physically

>> No.21033166

what's cute about this

>do you guys recommend completely shoving Tae Kim's grammar guide into my head before proceeding with immersion
immersion is the only thing that matters in the long run. shit like this is just minor details. it doesn't matter what you do.

>> No.21033167

depends who you ask, I say gloss over online tae for a week while you wait for a physical copy of the dictionary of japanes grammar to come in the mail, then read that front to back painlessly in a couple days, and thank me later

>> No.21033169

*laugh track plays*

>> No.21033170

>do Genki

>> No.21033174

heres the banger u deserve https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao5vzHCJtg8

>> No.21033175

everyone arguing about grammar... doesn’t DOJG just throw all the anti-grammar people’s arguments in the garbage? you can even download the anki deck and use it as a literal electronic dictionary for grammar anytime you encounter a new construction in the wild.

>> No.21033179

Nah, fuck off.
Reading TK once or twice and not doing any practice like Genki's workbook will mean you will instantly forget or at least completely mix up all those different conjugations.

>> No.21033181

whos arguing about grammar ?

>> No.21033185

reading native content is strictly superior to genki

>> No.21033187

I didn't even finish Tae Kim before I started reading. Forgetting and mixing shit up is literally guaranteed for beginners no matter what, no matter how many times they reread Genki. If you recommend people to do a shitty little workbook, they'll think all they need to do is that and then when they finish it and try to read some Japanese they'll be mad they can't understand shit. Might as well recommend they do an anki deck of tourist phrases, because that's about all the info you're gonna get out of genki.

>> No.21033196

>Reading TK twice
not gonna make it

>> No.21033201

Sending me mixed signals here, but it seems you at least all I agree that I can't half ass it. Thanks guys I'll try my best

>> No.21033206

this is pretty rad

>> No.21033207

Reading native content while constantly having to reference TK what does 食べたくなかった mean because you did zero practice and already forgot it is extremely dumb.
DO CONJUGATION PRACTICE. It doesn't strictly have to be Genki, but TK doesn't make you do it enough and most people won't do it if the guide doesn't have exercises for it.

"reading" Genki is not the point. Doing the workbook exercises is the point, or whatever conjugation practice you want.

>> No.21033212

i made a mistake heres the banger u deserve https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfF92_H56UA

>> No.21033216

japanese the manga way —> reading manga —> reading VNs and LNs
it provides all the grammar constructions you need with very clear explanations, using example texts straight from real manga panels. way better than going in blind and way better than traditional grammar guides and textbooks

>> No.21033219

Only half ass anything when you get burnt out, but try to avoid english regardless. Like skim it because you're trying to get japanese in your blood any way you can till it gets easier.
Balance things and make them as fun you can. The excitement in the start wears out if you don't make it fun.

>> No.21033222

reading is just "conjugation practice" but more productive because you're reading natural sentences

>> No.21033229

Maybe because his ex-white wife and current Japanese gf in Canada aren't Stacy-level hot.

>> No.21033241

>now if i only i knew how to fix japanese font in chrome.
install advanced font settings
set everything to meiryo

>> No.21033242

my favorite article
Japanese Is Useless And A Waste of Time: Stop Learning It
by khatzumoto

>> No.21033245

my favorite article

>> No.21033263
File: 15 KB, 380x121, tfw no khatz best friend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21033273

holy shit thanks. it worked.

>> No.21033281

xiaovin's twitter is gone again but he just updated his blog so he's still active. does twitter really just have something against him? or does he think he has to turns his account off every night to recharge it?

>> No.21033282

this guy sucks.

>> No.21033285

This sickness has made me incredibly lazy and I've barely done much Chinese at all besides some immersion. It is day 12 and I haven't made too much progress at all. I need to fix that. This weekend I am hammering pinyin, no matter how I feel.

>> No.21033291

it breaks my heart to see xiaovin chasing chinese. why is he doing it? what does he stand to gain?

>> No.21033299

one scan with yomichan would tell you. best method, kana flash cards > skim grammar guide > hooked vn > mining 20 cards a day > raw listening practice

>> No.21033300

he claims it's always been his true love but i suspect he's just been in love with the idea of learning a (particularly exotic and difficult) language without actually caring that much about the media, culture, or history. it's OK not to care about those things but he should be honest with himself before he quits chinese for spanish (my prediction).

>> No.21033306

i'm very interested to see how calvin would manage to fuck up learning spanish

>> No.21033309

Learning Spanish is easy, just watch 10000 hours of Brazilian soap operas.

>> No.21033344


>> No.21033370

You forgot

>> No.21033375

nice bait you got there
as a brazilian, i felt a bit triggered but thats alright

>> No.21033394

karbin doesnt know how sick he really is

>> No.21033396

why NHKにようこそ Use a に particle?
What about using a には?

>> No.21033397

meruem was created to destroy humanity but in the end just wanted to play board games with komugi

>> No.21033401

i have a list of japanese words in a txt file, no definitions. is there any program or anki add on that will auto-generate english definitions for each item on that list?

>> No.21033411

then it wouldn't make sense
にようこそ or へようこそ are common set constructions, what good are doing questioning them?

>> No.21033422

T. Chilean spic

>> No.21033434
File: 103 KB, 341x512, H0nLZhDUNrUDoDVNxROpz-RspkUuxkaq15j_vdhq3akiy6GYpM29UXznPtquPuQxep8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kanji tree app is really good for writting/memorizing.
Is "takoboto" a OK dictionary? (i have rikai and yomi in firefox and a paper one in my local language.)

>> No.21033437

phoneposters deserve death

>> No.21033442

kanji tree is like doing rtk without stories

>> No.21033468

what in the fuck

>> No.21033487

>('サキュバス', 3388),

>> No.21033492

>('有馬線', 1701),
how did they fuck that one up

>> No.21033494

i fucking hate onomatopoeia

>> No.21033499
File: 29 KB, 547x110, img_0418.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AJATT: a bunch of vague stuff obscuring the core message of comprehensible input.
MIA: Rebranded AJATT meant to look rigorous with a bunch of theoretical "optimizations" that don't make any difference whatsoever in practice.


>> No.21033502

>reading native content is strictly superior to genki
You went full retard

Genki is the best way to start learning Japanese. After genki use textbooks until you are on an advanced level.

And here is the thing, AFTER you are on an advanced level, reading native content is the best way to improve even further. But if you don't reach the advanced level with textbooks, you will either quit Japanese or being stuck like Matt in the intermediate Japanese.

>> No.21033505

This is horrible. Why would anyone use this? The word priority order is laughable.
('私', 108005),
('おちんちん', 47488),
('言う', 39755),
('中', 39193),
('射精', 35109),

>> No.21033511

>But if you don't reach the advanced level with textbooks, you will either quit Japanese or being stuck like Matt in the intermediate Japanese.
not exactly inclined to take language learning advice from someone who's this bad at english

>> No.21033512

you guys need to actually tweet this stuff at him or he'll never know people disagree with him and he'll never change.

>> No.21033515

>After genki use textbooks until you are on an advanced level.

>> No.21033519

? why would you want to learn any other words

>> No.21033520


>> No.21033525

that sounds perfect to me but unfortunately ive already mastered those words

>> No.21033535

He's right though. AJATT is a let's play. MIA is the speedrun.

>> No.21033542

you're a fucking retard and not one thing you said here is correct.

>> No.21033545

MIA is like taking a freaking gameshark to their head

>> No.21033555

that's DJT

>> No.21033560




>> No.21033561

wow yall r extra retarted atm

>> No.21033577

i'm starting to get the hang of this whole japanese thing

>> No.21033580


>> No.21033581

last time someone from here tweeted at matt it was a horrible embarrassment so lets not

>> No.21033593

what happened?

>> No.21033597
File: 50 KB, 862x177, 1551563571799.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21033600

not him but i think it's the guy who misunderstood one of matt's articles about what constitutes fluency

>> No.21033608

i forgot that was my boy karbin

>> No.21033610
File: 54 KB, 600x600, 600px-Chrischantrans.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2 words for charcoal

For what purpose?


>> No.21033613

has he even mined a single sentence in his life

>> No.21033620


>> No.21033623

>2 words for ice cream
for what purpose?

>> No.21033632

u think thats 2 words for ice cream? lmfao kid u havent seen anything yet.

>> No.21033635

newsflash, all languages have instances of multiple words referring to the same thing

>> No.21033645
File: 337 KB, 893x616, df.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21033663

>only one of the videos is over an hour
dont come at me with this weak shit

>> No.21033674

burger literally does not know what a synonym is, posts random pic of chrischan to announce to everyone that he's from /v/ and needs attention paid to him

>> No.21033682


>> No.21033692


>> No.21033714

>ice cream
>frozen yogurt

>> No.21033737

I just learned japanese by watching this.

>> No.21033756

i always wondered what kedo was doing in sentences where there was no seeming contradiction between two clauses and it turns out it doesn't always translate to "but/however" but instead something like "and". gay ass language. what the fuck even is this nonsense? why does this happen so much?

>> No.21033758

>he's just been in love with the idea of learning a (particularly exotic and difficult) language without actually caring that much about the media, culture, or history
All polyglots summed up in 1 sentence.
I'm learning Chinese 'cause I want to chat up those qt mainland and taiwan fobs I see in the mall.

>> No.21033760

why do we sit in this english chatroom when we should be learning japanese

>> No.21033761

Ahh I remember being new and thinking the fonts matter..

>> No.21033762


>> No.21033769

I come by once every 5 hours to say a few ridicules and I'm out

>> No.21033770

because you're my bros and i love you guys more than japanese.

>> No.21033774

>2 words for meaning
for what purpose

>> No.21033778

to keep the fucking pleb retards out

>> No.21033784

umm theres like 6+ words for some things, and your second example is rare as fuck

>> No.21033786

then why am i still trucking along? fucking gay ass shit

>> No.21033793

How many words are in Japanese for "suddenly"?

>> No.21033796


>> No.21033834


>> No.21033835

• Kanshudo usefulness level: 3 among the 3,000 most used word in japanese
nvm I guess I just get lucky and never see it

>> No.21033845
File: 45 KB, 1000x412, ufknwotm8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21033849

how do you make jisho dark

>> No.21033853

i got dark plugins/addons for everything to reduce blue light since I'm a neet and don't want to lose my eye sight

>> No.21033856
File: 28 KB, 1000x127, 5WRKwLoTbG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21033857

but that would require them to not be pussies lol

>> No.21033858


>> No.21033864

Shut up Matt you literal pozzed ape

>> No.21033867

You know your 四字熟語, right faggots?

>> No.21033872

Just finished learning all of them.

>> No.21033873


But chinese grammar is the easiest out of all the languages that exist and once you master the tones and learn the radicals the only two difficult things about the language issapear and it becomes the easiest language ever.

>> No.21033874

the voice work site would be much more useful if it listed the voice works that were used... or at least kept the filenames... this way i could see exactly what voice works has scripts...

>> No.21034004

most of those are different varieties of ice cream, numbnuts

>> No.21034020

i’m not matt and you’re a pussy boy

>> No.21034021

>lying on the internet

>> No.21034060

アイスの種類ということは全部アイスでいいんでしょ? なんで別々の言葉が必要? バカなの? 死ぬの?

>> No.21034098

Learn japanese

>> No.21034118


>> No.21034185

I've decided I'll stop coming in these threads, because everybody is saying "that method of learning is wrong" and "no, this one is wrong" and it's starting to take away my motivation.
I'll just learn Japanese how I feel is the best, in the end I'll speak it better than all of you, because I haven't wasted all my time in these threads instead of actually learning Japanese.

>> No.21034187

Can anyone upload 宵物語? Azw3/mobi/epub/txt?

>> No.21034217


Tbh if you don-t really need to know Japanese the best method of studying is the one you enjoy the most. Anki is a fucking chore
I think reading and looking up the vocabulary you find after grindin 1 or 2k words is a lot more fun interesting. Instead there are autists doing anki for years and learning useless words.

>> No.21034289

being a pussy should be a crime

>> No.21034295

>useless words
You will never read anything harder than Hanahira without being glued to a dictionary in your life.

>> No.21034321
File: 90 KB, 1000x649, wLjGMAn7A5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if you're not playing constant bangers on down time

aint gonna make it

>> No.21034330

t. pozmonkey matt

>> No.21034346

Just buy it if you wanna read it that badly.

>> No.21034347

but the stories are the best part

>> No.21034350

>Anki is a fucking chore
I actually agree with this, but if you've ever had a moment where you enjoyed a chore because you enjoyed the progress you made so much that's anki to me.

>> No.21034379

without anki i think i just fly by words, how could they possibly stick

>> No.21034382

How to Learn Chinese, according to anon >>21033873:
1. master the tones
2. learn the radicals
3. ????
4. easiest language ever

>> No.21034387

>he'll never change
What exactly does Matt "need to change"? He gives amazing advice, in fact I'm restructuring my whole language learning journey around MIA.

>> No.21034391


I probably know less than 10k words in English and I can play literally every game and watch every movie and series out there understanding 99% of vocab.

One shouldnt do more than 6k after that it is mining deck territory if you do 10k you are an autist.

>> No.21034414

fuck off back to r*ddit with your dumbassery

>> No.21034415 [DELETED] 



>> No.21034428 [DELETED] 

fuck off chugokugo nigger, find your own thread

>> No.21034433 [DELETED] 

Make me perma nip-beginner

>> No.21034439

im around 6k right now and I'm starting to realize its not the number of words but how well I know the words I think I know. Intill you hit my solid mid tier level there is so much denial bombarding you.

>> No.21034443

everyone craves love, but how many people are willing to practice loving themselves? not narcissism or self-absorbtion, but self-kindness? being caring towards your own difficult emotions and encouraging yourself.
if you can’t even do that, what makes you think you’d be able to maintain a healthy relationship with a beautiful woman? you’d just weigh her down.

>> No.21034447

are you reading as well?

>> No.21034451 [DELETED] 

I'm better in 6 months than you'l prolly hit your life if I'm wrong idc bc its just a matter of time eigo fag

>> No.21034455

ofc, more speractic but daily

>> No.21034456

Anyone can recommend interesting novels or light novels from the online list (https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/library/shousetu.html) ?

Still trying to find something that's engaging enough to really pull me in despite having to look up a word every paragraph.

>> No.21034467

youre like the big warm blanket I never wanted

>> No.21034469

Thanks, I feel the same way about you!

>> No.21034544


You can't seem to refute the fact that at less than 10 k I can communicate fluently and use this language as good if not better than my native one.

Anki is useless after 6k only mining deck after that. I know around 3.5 words and can understand like 50% of everything.

>> No.21034565

Has anyone ever even seen this kanji?

It seems as the most useless kanji ever.

>> No.21034566

i use that kanji every single day wtf are you talking about

>> No.21034571

That's a 兄 with severe brain damage, pay attention.

>> No.21034577
File: 65 KB, 620x827, c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i use that kanji every single day wtf are you talking about

>> No.21034580

yo what the fuck is this real

>> No.21034583
File: 209 KB, 1200x1185, 146902_765857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello. Anyone have link to Chronobox Original Soundtrack download? Thanks

>> No.21034586

>just listen to weaboos speaking nihongo all day for years and you will automatically become fluent in japanese

lmao yeah right

>> No.21034591

why would you ever listen to weeaboos speaking japanese instead of actual japanese people for literally ANY reason

>> No.21034594

Tae-Kim is confusing. Either i'm a brainlet or the book does a poor job at explaining things in a clear manner.

>> No.21034598

English requires almost no effort to learn. Every foreigner i've met on 4chan has learned English through vidya and movies, so maybe get her to start there.

t. esl

>> No.21034609

Tae Kim is entirely descriptive. He knows nothing about linguistics or the structure of the language. I honestly have no idea how he got so popular.

>> No.21034610

rtgei is trash
dgeit was right again

>> No.21034615

He just sucks at explaining shit in a manner that makes sense. Everything is convoluted instead of simplified down, it's like he tried to make an actual book instead of a guide.

>> No.21034619

The german autist takes the cake for sheer effort put into the most useless things imagineable.

And the rest of Matts followers are unsurprisingly overwhelmingly young boys with no direction in life, getting sucked into this death cult.

>> No.21034621

It's because he genuinely doesn't understand the language. He knows how to say things, but he has no idea why things are said a certain way.

>> No.21034625

i wonder how good tae is at japanese now
he's been posting about VNs and shit ever since then so i assume he's still been getting input

>> No.21034639

Do you have to make your own decks past 2k? I'm finding nothing past it. Or is learning past 2k overkill unless you really want to get deep into Japanese?

>> No.21034646

That stuff is unnecessary anyway. As long as you know how to say things and do so naturally with no mental effort, you're good. You don't need to know the whys. The whys turn a process that is natural into something unnatural, which only serves to harm you. That's why the best source of grammar is 10k hours of anime.

>> No.21034647
File: 178 KB, 800x1203, babyshit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah 2k words is enough if you look like this

>> No.21034651

Grammar is kicking my ass, but not for long

>> No.21034653

Yeah but I imagine learning grammar is more important, so once I get to 2k I can just look up whatever I don't understand. I'm not seeing any (good) decks anyway.

>> No.21034658

hey, what are the best Japanese language tools for chrome called? Like the one that lets you look up kanji etc. Much appreciated

>> No.21034660

reading this thread reminds me of forums with a mainly female user base. half of it is filled with conversations about ecelebs. I dunno how people find it interesting to talk about irrelevant people. must be some low iq hobby that my brain isn't suited for.

>> No.21034665

how many times do we gotta say わたしはゲイ before you start to believe it

>> No.21034667

There's one poster who thinks it's his mission in life to tell us all about everything every eceleb is doing at every point in time because he thinks it's good for the thread.

>> No.21034668

mine your own
there's core6k though

>> No.21034673

Do you guys fail the kanji in anki if you remembered the meaning & stroke order but forgot the story? having this issue a lot of mature kanji of 6+ months duration

>> No.21034677

>forgot the story
Like the sentence used as an example? No way

>> No.21034679

Yeah but it doesn't have any images, and at that point i'd rather just makes my own if i'm going to edit all of them.

>> No.21034680

RTK lesson 31, read the text. I hope you actually have the book and aren't just using a shitty anki deck.

>> No.21034681

Of course not. I don't remember any of my nmemonics today. They are just a tool to remember. If you don't need em who cares. Eventually you will forget keywords to, at which point you will have to add japanese on the front alongside the keyword.

>> No.21034683

i'm using KKLC tho

>> No.21034684

or rather used, I finished it a couple of mons ago

>> No.21034688

Well then I hope the book explains somewhere that mnemonics are a tool to help memorisation, otherwise it would be a very shitty book. If you can write the kanji and know what it means and can use it in words, what in hell do you need the mnemonic for?

>> No.21034693

>when a sentence has a ton of hiragana in between kanji's
this shit confuses the fuck out of me. i can't tell sometimes if what i'm reading is grammar, or kanji that's in hiragana

>> No.21034718

Matt recommends listening to native Japanese speakers that are youtubers (rather than talk show hosts or anime rips) as they speak naturally. He also recommends listening to someone of the same gender as yourself since there are differences in the way males and females express themselves in Japanese.

Does anyone know of any youtube channels that are more or less just a native, male Japanese speaker talking to the camera? Preferably from Tokyo.

>> No.21034729

>Does anyone know of any youtube channels that are more or less just a native, male Japanese speaker talking to the camera? Preferably from Tokyo.
yes, uh, like 50% of them

>> No.21034740

Please link some! I barely touch youtube...

>> No.21034765
File: 188 KB, 419x285, 1548332033058.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are severly underestimating your English vocabulary just like everyone else I've seen that makes this claim.

Do you know more than 2 of the following words?


Then it's highly unlikely that you know less than 10k words in English.

>> No.21034770

The style that Japanese youtubers make videos in is fucking unbearable to watch. I just can't do it.

>> No.21034787
File: 682 KB, 176x200, chips and pop.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I am might be retarded. I'm only knowing one of those words.

>> No.21034789

Fuck that. Watch Voiceroid LPs and (female) vtubers. Why would you listen to a man talk for like a fucking hour about anything? Are you a homo?

>> No.21034807


>> No.21034814

>Matt recommends listening to native Japanese speakers that are youtubers (rather than talk show hosts or anime rips) as they speak naturally.
He only recommends that when you're already pretty good and want to start outputting soon. If you're not at that stage yet it literally doesn't matter what you listen to.

>> No.21034842

>I'm only knowing one of those words.
why are you learning japanese when you're still making fundamental grammar mistakes in english my man get your priorities straight

>> No.21034890

For fuck sake

>> No.21034895

Man, I visit that every now and then, but it somehow has even less useful advice than /djt/. There's just so many retards and people outright asking for hugs and praise for what little pointless thing they did. I remember once a guy posted a thread about how his girlfriend made a box for him with pandas on it to encourage his Japanese study (even though literally every living panda is Chinese).

But in its defense most of the criticisms you can give /r/learnjapanese/ apply to all of that website, it's just a big dumb hugbox for people to share fanart and blogs.

>> No.21034906

eevui vui minna lets mofu mofu

>> No.21034955

>but it somehow has even less useful advice than /djt/.
/djt/ actually has pretty good advice compared to most japanese learning communities. Most people seem to actually recommend immersion here.

>> No.21035020

No, I advocate not reading about grammar because it's really boring, although I will admit that reading some grammar in the very beginning is probably a good idea.
Also, it's entirely possible to understand and speak a language without having any conscious knowledge about grammar. You're literally born with a brain that has the ability to figure out languages by itself, all you need to do is to give your brain input.

>> No.21035057

it puts the thing before it behind the next thing or lower on the totem pole to the next thing (said or unsaid)

idk how i feel abt this

this is mostly the case but most of the advice is not what the scrubs wanna hear

>> No.21035063

I still don't know what verb is.
Good thing we have osmosis huh.

>> No.21035145

Matt "MattVSJapan" Bonder

>> No.21035164

japan won dude

>> No.21035168

How the fuck are you remembering the meaning and worried if you also remember the story? Are you seriously testing Kanji to Story? Stop that. Stop that right now. Just stop. STOP.

>> No.21035171

He makes $2500 a month making videos in English about learning Japanese. That's sort of a win.

>> No.21035181

Yes, and remember whenever you read Japanese text it is paramount to stop at each Kanji and recount the story. Else your understanding will always stay entirely superficial.

>> No.21035212

Guys, we have a problem on /a/:


>> No.21035216

idk dude a mans hustle is sorta separate from whether or not he lost to japan which he very much did many times and still continues to very much to our amusement

>> No.21035256

it's also entirely possible to figure out gravity based on perception of the universe, as newton did. but it's prob quicker to just read his work and not try to recreate all human knowledge by yourself

>> No.21035271

amazing bait. im actually upset i never thought of this one. bravo, honestly.

>> No.21035327

he lost the second he went all 便所飯

>> No.21035336

he's popular because he doesn't dive into so much worthless bullshit and says "yea this generally means this". which is perfect if you're going to read and listen.

>> No.21035341

I'm using Matt's Low Key Anki setup. If I get at least 1 stroke wrong or can't remember -> Fail. If I write it right regardless of anything else -> Pass.

>> No.21035345


>> No.21035362

I actually keep generally googling grammar points and get back to Tae Kim every time cause it really covers the stuff you might need to understand most sentences you come across. Usually a quick glance at what it means is enough as well. I would never try to memorize the stuff he puts there.

>> No.21035366

someone needs to make a matt x jinping banner like carlvins

>> No.21035419
File: 813 KB, 800x800, 63592893_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I'm not joking. It's great.

>> No.21035426

give it a rest m8

>> No.21035429


you actually made me feel better about my english.
i know all words.
but perhaps, i cheated... since my language is quite similar sometimes

obstinate - obstinado
mulilated - mutilado
predisposed - predisposto
indigent - indigente
vindictive - vingativo (this one is a bit differet, but still)

>> No.21035435
File: 219 KB, 615x800, 62554096_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I won't rest until every lost soul wandering DJT has been saved by the power of the imouto.

>> No.21035444

am I a bad person if I have around 1000 light novels that aren't on itazuraneko and am not feeling like sharing?

>> No.21035446

so it was u all this time

>> No.21035453
File: 619 KB, 909x865, 1522834076917.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. Share your Kumikos.

>> No.21035455
File: 116 KB, 669x407, 65039490_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21035458

All that shit is easily available anyway so who gives a shit.

>> No.21035469


>> No.21035485


haha, dang, I am skeptical, but I do appreciate the recommendation. I'll give it a shot!

>> No.21035499

by easily available you mean it's easy to buy, right? or are you implying that there is another source like itazuraneko somewhere?

>> No.21035505

There are about a million sources of LNs.

>> No.21035508

nobody here has ever bought 1000 light novels, they probably think that scans are fine or something stupid like that

>> No.21035566

I understand. I was just shit posting, but i could understand someone who did. scans are sometimes terrible.
i just use scans to keep track of how many pages ive read (it helps me somehow)

>> No.21035613

i've been putting off anki for 1 and a half hours which means i'm putting off reading because i only read after i finish anki

>> No.21035620

Good, you don't deserve to read until you finish your daily reps.

>> No.21035661

Just do your fucking reps Anon.

I don't even count the time doing reps as study time any more. If all I did in a day was do my reps I already failed.

>> No.21035674

if u do reps at being retarded ull actually become retarded as a result

>> No.21035709

i’m at an 宴会 right now with a bunch of my japanese coworkers and i can only understand about 60% of their slurred drunken man speech
but that’s been enough to let me enter the conversation a few times and get some ノリがいい感じ going on

>> No.21035717

if you use reading as the reward to get yourself through anki but you hate anki so much that you put it off and never get to reading then you should uninstall anki and go directly to reading

>> No.21035718

this is the point where you quit anki

>> No.21035722

gay normie shit ftl

>> No.21035737

mixing english and japanese...
actually, mixing 2 japanese words/expressions into a full english sentence.
is this reddit with a changed layout?

>> No.21035755

ulusai u bitch ass baka

>> No.21035780

This one in particular IDK but I've definitely seen deformated heads like this before

>> No.21035798

i dont wanna see no caved in heads dont post that shit

also i hope all yalls heads are their proper egg shape

>> No.21035800
File: 466 KB, 2518x1024, the chad eromanga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read, motherfucker. Read. Read the trashiest trash. Anki is just a supplement.

>> No.21035808

that pic just the worst man u really screwed the pooch on that 1

i also didnt read most of it

>> No.21035812

>i also didnt read most of it
That's where you fucked up. Sasuga.

>> No.21035814

sorry i gave a few of ur blurbs a chance and literally 0 of them were funny

>> No.21035819

They only make sense as a complete system. What good is a joke that people understand after the first four words come out of your mouth?

>> No.21035825

no one gets to the punchline of an aristocrats joke and goes oh well the stuff about fuckin and suckin each other while shitting on the floor and fingering the dog wasnt very funny but now that i know its called "the aristocrats" its suddenly all very funny

>> No.21035843


>> No.21035848


>> No.21035851

this is easily the dumbest shit i’ve ever seen lmao

>> No.21035852

this image really is just so fuckin bad lol

>> No.21035858

Man, you guys just don't understand True Humor. baka irl

>> No.21035871
File: 313 KB, 2333x701, nov.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21035875

hey man dont take it personally just come back next time stronger and funnier i throw so much stupid shit against the wall thats not funny and it doesnt get me down

did not fuckin read this its frankly even less interesting than the above dudes take on a meme image

>> No.21035876

delete your shit
mine new decks
make sure anki takes 30 minutes at most
if anki deters you from spending time with japanese you've already lost

>> No.21035877

It's funny because my chad meme is making fun of the exact attitude Matt has in that screenshot.

>> No.21035879

you don't find a master of the japanese language's preferences in japanese media interesting? well your loss i guess :/

>> No.21035884

Is he right?


>> No.21035886

i mean yah matts the virgin with the earbud holes in his hoodie we get it

>> No.21035892

from what i gather from those posts, absolutely

>> No.21035893

is that the rip van winkle shit lol

i mean theres 2 ways u can go with it u either embrace japans folktale or u dont its really simple and both can be correct depending on the circumstance

feel free 2 paste this directly in2 the thread 2 put their argument to rest

>> No.21035945

no way matt’s a virgin. he might be a nerd but he’s attractive so he definitely gets pussy

>> No.21035947

idk man im only half gay but his personality makes my BP dry up like nothing else

>> No.21035951

i can only imagine matt in bed with a girl explaining the most efficient way to make him cum

>> No.21035952

why don’t you switch it? you have to do at least x minutes/hours of reading before touching anki. that way you can prioritize what matters most

>> No.21035953

hed prolly cum while trying to explain it assuming he didnt lose his erection due to social anxiety

>> No.21035957

one night stands and hookups usually make personality irrelevant, if he’s the kind of guy to do that sort of thing

>> No.21035967

9 out of 10 of djt would open their ass for matt let’s be real

>> No.21035969

There's two modes of translation, the commercial, functional translation and the translation for a more limited, informed audience. The wider the intended audience, the more you're going to eliminate references and peculiarities specific to the medium and it's surrounding culture, to enable foreigners not familiar with the culture to enjoy the medium without doing extensive background research. That involves, replacing puns or jokes that are specific to a language with something else that produce a similar response, even if it's not the exact same pun or joke.

So, I'd say he's right. There is a case to be made for a more literal approach though if you're translating for a limited audience that is more familiar with the medium. But even then, shit like puns are hard to deal with. Do you want the audience to know exactly what the original said, or do you want to evoke the same reaction that the original evoked? Sometimes these two things are impossible to reconcile and it's a matter of your personal translation philosophy.

>> No.21035970

i would open my ass and take a really big hearty loafy shit all over him

>> No.21035974

you need to have some game for that. the boy got minus game. he's okay looking, not "getting pussy thrown at him" good looking

>> No.21035980

i also have it from reliable sources that matt's under 5 foot. thats why it looked like he bulked up a bit in like 2-3 months in his videos. very easy to put on muscle when you're a dwarf.

>> No.21035981

and then let him fuck ur poopy bum while whispering sweet ajatt nothings into your ear

>> No.21035986

points were made

>> No.21035990

no not really just uh poop on him and come back to posting itt

>> No.21035996

how you gonna drop a deuce in this thread if you've already relieved yourself on matt

>> No.21036004

id poop my actual digestive shit on2 matt but in this thread i would shit from my heart

>> No.21036041

/djt/ : eceleb/snake oil salesmen general

>> No.21036062

>that one guy who's obsessed with shitting on matt instead of going on the MIA Perfectionist Path (if you want to get a japanese gf someday) or the Balanced Path (if you just want to read slice of life VNs)

>> No.21036069

following matt wont get you a japanese gf. my gf genuinely begged me turn off the matt vocaroo when i played it for her to get her opinion

>> No.21036070

Planning on listening to all of Matt's Q&As (except the MorphMan since I'm more than a year away from using it, in accordance with the MIA Perfectionist Path) and his AJATT Interviews

>> No.21036076

What does your white/SEA gf's opinion have to do with anyone itt getting a Yamato Japanese girlfriend

>> No.21036080

uh cuz shes purebred yamato is why

>> No.21036087

What does a gaijin huntress' opinion have to do with anyone itt getting a Japanese girlfriend who gives zero shits about western culture besides classic Disney movies

>> No.21036096

lol im the only gaijin shes ever dated and all she does is make fun of japanese slut girls and wives who dont cook for their husband

im sorry but matt has been native-scoffed and unvetted

>> No.21036113

Matt has been vetted by natives though

>> No.21036118

Having a power boner is a good indicator of your brain doing actual nihongo gains at its max rate.

>> No.21036120

oh boy nice japanese guy looked at hella rehearsed vid and goes huh its not that bad

versus impromptu convo going so pathetically bad a grown woman literally just chunks up the deuce and walks out

>> No.21036136

>vetted by natives
the dude is obv super polite typical japanese guy, and he literally criticises him for almost every word he says. matt didnt even have have time to say anything before he fucked up どうも in his scripted video

ill take the reaction of my gf who was literally unable to handle listening to him for more than 10 secs over some weird youtube guy whose obviously obsessed with americans

>> No.21036150

i dont understand why people shit on matt daily
dont like him/it (the method)? ignore it, turn the page and move on with your life.
thats what i do, at least, but i suspect im much more sane than 99% of djt anons

>> No.21036166

cuz its funny how bad he is for being 8+ years deep in japanese and he pretends like hes not

>> No.21036170

That one anon who did anki for 8 years confessed that he couldn't speak himself.

>> No.21036172

Going on the Perfectionist Path as laid out by Matt

>> No.21036173



>> No.21036193


>> No.21036234


>> No.21036239

it's been almost 3 and a hours and I finally got around to finishing my anki reps. i will now read for 2 hours.

>> No.21036242
File: 91 KB, 522x655, 71LPnKT7G2L._SX522_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We all got the OFFICIAL /djt/ game, right?

>> No.21036264

looks boring and i don't have a ps4

>> No.21036271






>> No.21036273

same, you're not alone.

>> No.21036282

where the fuck is xiaovin's twitter

>> No.21036291

xiaovin is majoring in accounting in university and here i am being a neet shitposting on jp. what the hell am i doing with my life

>> No.21036292


>> No.21036295

first day of new spring
xiaovin's twitter drifts away
with cherry blossoms

>> No.21036300

tfw xiaovin got some chinese medicine to cure himself

>> No.21036304

the real kicker is you're not even learning japanese like you should be you're just all around a huge failure

>> No.21036307

yea that's what i mean wtf do i do?

>> No.21036311

close the thread. don't expect further replies because i'm doing the same

>> No.21036313

somehow i really doubt xiaovin is actually good at anything in life

>> No.21036319


>> No.21036321

yea but not for console. can you even switch the text to japanese on ps4?

>> No.21036334


>> No.21036341


>> No.21036349

idk how this can be funny. it is, at the least, common. most people studies for almost a decade and know jackshit, whatever the language is

and i believe you think anki is to blame, not the person who spent 8 years doing something and not learning anything at all.

pretty much the kalvin meme, as well. let the guy be and do his shit lol

>> No.21036356

I've been learning for 6 months and just had a near out-of-body experience, or a feeling of disconnect, because I came across 別に and realized I wasn't sure how to interpret it in a simple sentence even though it's such a basic construct. My heart is racing.

>> No.21036404

What is the best operating system for learning Japanese?
ウィンドウズ, リヌックス, or マックオーエス?

>> No.21036412

mac has a nice built in dictionary
otherwise it's not much different from windows
linux is probably the worst because japanese text requires some fuckery

>> No.21036423

>inux is probably the worst because japanese text requires some fuckery
Depends on the distro. Works out-of-the-box in Fedora.

>> No.21036430

Literally took me a minute to set up Japanese input on Ubuntu and it's actually less of a pain in the ass to use than Microsoft IME.

>> No.21036450

wintards/macbabbies think having to install fcitx is some fuckery lol

>> No.21036457

I'm on windows, but even I can tell that it can't be that hard, compared to trying to teach yourself website coding and YELLING because some box decided to move across the screen and you need 2 hours to figure out how to get the box to be in the place you want it to be

>> No.21036504

>got past the sad panda by telling it a good joke

>> No.21036511

>linux is probably the worst because japanese text requires some fuckery
1) make sure you're using a utf-8 locale instead of some legacy region-specific one
2) make sure noto han sans and noto han serif are installed; optionally install other fonts like hanazono mincho, ipa ex gothic/mincho, etc
3) install mozc for whatever input method manager you're using (this typically ibus or uim, which one you want depends on your particular desktop environment; don't use fcitx, it's buggy and designed around its built-in chinese IME)
3.5) optionally change the input for "nn" to map to んn or w/e instead of ん so that words like "onna" come out as "おんな" instead of "おんあ" (if you need to type a lone ん, type n')

if you use a baby-friendly distro then 1 and 2 are done by default, all you have to do is install mozc, which is equivalent to installing google ime on windows

>> No.21036522

its this specific flavour of being full of shit thats so delightful

if ur ever having a bad day just fire this baby up and know ur not as bad as this guy lol https://streamable.com/6hm1z

>> No.21036528

it's one click for microsoft IME though?

>> No.21036534

Imagine being so fluent in japanese that basement dwellers in their mid 20s to late 20s require 8 years of stalking to find an error in your output.

>> No.21036543

imagine being so buttblasted ur heros trash that u wrote something as dumb as the post above me

btw fun drinking game watch the muramasa vid and take a shot every time he gets a word wrong and just keeps on truckin like he knows what hes doing LOL

>> No.21036549

Alcohol is literally bad for your 暗記 skills. Stop giving bad advice!

>> No.21036551
File: 190 KB, 640x446, cringe.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can read at a high enough level to enjoy difficult literature and novels in Japanese
>regardless of his ability to get all readings correct he can speak and comprehend at a high level

sad. just sad.

>> No.21036552

ur right alcohol ruins lives


>> No.21036554

? ill give u 1 more chance to write a non retarded post defending ur shitty boy try ur best

>> No.21036559

Your webm is a perfect video explaining 歪む. Somebody should make a card with it.

>> No.21036562

the face is admittedly almost as good as andy sambergs in the "jizz in my pants" vid of like yesterdecade lol

>> No.21036569

Matt would put you to shame ez with the amount of kanjis he's acquired throughout his MIA adventures.

>> No.21036592

a dude with a bunch of guns but no idea how to use them is going to lose 100% to the guy who knows how to use his smaller arsenal effortlessly

basically bring yo ass

>> No.21036593

>enjoy difficult literature and novels
see big youtube comment image a ways up saying that in fact matt does not enjoy reading anything
thats the real tragedy lol 8 years for nothin

>> No.21036599

the point is he can read them and understand them with few issues.

>> No.21036602

this actually has yet to be seen considering everything he says turns out to be stretchin the truth but imma hold u to ur words which included

>> No.21036606

i'm not wrong though. he said he's enjoyed one or two books out of the dozens he's dropped.

>> No.21036608

hold on i got this mate


>> No.21036611

doesn't counter anything i said

>> No.21036615

yea it does the "he can read them and understand them part"

no one describes anything in a language they know in this way

>> No.21036627

>yea it does the "he can read them and understand them part"
you're confusing one book with novels in general. kinda crazy how stupid you are
>no one describes anything in a language they know in this way
yea they do. in fact most people are too stupid to read philosophy.

>> No.21036628

Is 2k19 the year matts finally gonna be eXposed?

>> No.21036632

ive enjoyed one or two eroge holy hsit im at matts level
year of the kougou

>> No.21036633

sorry only ppl who dont know japanese say "dense" when referring to it

ive hung around these parts long enough to spot this shit

also im just playin by ur rules at this point lets just wave hands at each other 4 a bit (im still right and matts bad and all ur heroes r dead) but then after we can make out

>> No.21036636

>no one describes anything in a language they know in this way
Matt's a faggot but I'd say the same thing about writings by Kant or Hegel even though German is my native language.

>> No.21036641

>sorry only ppl who dont know japanese say "dense" when referring to it
not true and i've heard people talk about the density of text when referring to certain novels in english too. ESL?

i'd rather not make up. i like taking a fat shit over your garbage arguments every time you shit talk matt sama.

>> No.21036645

I've spent hours squinting at tiny kanji on webpages (I can read them, it's just tiring) and I just fucking remembered that you can zoom. How do I travel back in time in order to punch myself for being an idiot?

>> No.21036650

I think it's honestly a preference, some people like it, some don't. I'm a German native too, and I like philosophical text (not Kant though, but Nietzsche) but I can understand that other can't stand reading stuff like that.

>> No.21036652

i didnt say make up ? ur calling me esl ? i was literally talking about kissing e/o on the lips w. possible tongue

also i guess ur right to matt who doesnt enjoy reading all books are dense and it goes double cuz he doesnt even know the words he pretends to read LOL

im literally lmaoing imagining matt just reading japanese words wrong all fUCking day

>> No.21036658

I mean, it's not about liking it. Anon said that nobody would call something a "dense philosophical text" like Matt did here https://streamable.com/yr6fm in a language they know, and I don't think that's true.

>> No.21036660

honestly i cant believe anyone who could misread 広義 actually knows japanese well. its just not possible!

>> No.21036667

i think you misunderstood what dense means in reference to writing

>> No.21036668

yeah I agree to that

>> No.21036669

like i said when it was originally posted however many threads ago

what word do u think ur reading here ? if u think its 口語 u fucked up the definition of the word both kanjis and the pronunciation

also yah if u cant read 義 u dont know japanese

>> No.21036670

anyone know where i can find a text/json/etc document for a japanese dictionary?

>> No.21036674

stop talking about ecelebs you retards

>> No.21036684

post about something you want to talk about or close the tab dumbass

>> No.21036687

the dude supposedly has reviewed more flash cards with 義 on them than anyone in the history of learning nihongo and he cant read it
anything converted for yomichan is json

>> No.21036690
File: 77 KB, 1071x533, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21036695

i don't get it

>> No.21036697

Anybody got a LN recommendation for me? I'm killing myself with my current one, it's too hard. So nothing too stupid but not too challenging either, please.

>> No.21036703

oh well u see the 2nd kanji is actually always read ぎ so it becomes せいぎ which is japanese word 4 bein frankly right as fUCk

>> No.21036709
File: 848 KB, 1912x2032, 1553281404142[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fate in Japan - [Restored]

>> No.21036712


if u can read the title correctly ur allowed to read this light novella lol

>> No.21036715

dead baby jokes ftw

>> No.21036732

thank you

>> No.21036738

imagine this punk bitch in class who cant read 広義 whisperin that prof aint shit to his classmates

>> No.21036744
File: 15 KB, 1000x116, I2RliCaoPJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hmm you sure?

>> No.21036748

i mean i was rigging it from the beginning

>> No.21036751

Can't be harder than my current one. That's physically impossible.

>> No.21036764

oh shit i can read this title am i gonna make it?

>> No.21036770

u think so ? try it out for us

>> No.21036792

dai to mapou no fantaji

>> No.21036798

oh u actually got some words wrong there sorry mate

>> No.21036804

he's not me. i know that's inu not dai.

>> No.21036806

someone recommend another LN, something for a badass chad like me who doesn’t read about inus and mahous fantasies

>> No.21036807

its not inu either lol

>> No.21036808

don't trust this person. I am him

>> No.21036814

uhh howsabout oreimo im sure the oreimo guy would love 2 recommend that to u

>> No.21036815

I'm the one who asked for a recommendation. I first read it as "いぬとまほうのファンタジア" but I know that けん is the onyomi of 犬 so I guess it's fine? Or something?

>> No.21036819

is it ken?

>> No.21036826

is for chads

>> No.21036828

since u played along i pretty much gave u a hard to win challenge dont worry about it

>> No.21036848

From the first chapter of the LN I picked I had to look up over 200 words. Of course, I learned those, took me three days, I read the chapter again but I thought maybe I'd ask for something else. Or maybe I'll just continue this torture and survive with a strange vocabulary containing words like 予定調和.
Nobody else can cause me as much harm as I can.

>> No.21036862

i mean theres nothin to it but to do it

as long as u got the motivation its fine itll get better someday as long as u still have a sense of wonder

>> No.21036865

>strange vocabulary containing words like 予定調和.
I see someone still hasn't read modern philosophy's greatest tour de force, 素晴らしき日々.

>> No.21036890

todays nihongo word of the day is 涙腺

check back tomorrow for the next nihongo word of the day

>> No.21036893

This just isn't the same without a giant pair of knockers accompanying it.

>> No.21036895

wtf yomichan... that's a ru not a du

>> No.21036900 [SPOILER] 
File: 141 KB, 1280x720, 1553286240625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for old times sake i guess

>> No.21036904


>> No.21036905

dang ur mouseover thing is really fucked up

>> No.21036907

got about 30 minutes of reading in. still gotta do an hour and a half but don't feel like it

>> No.21036911

it's the audio they're pronouncing it with a du sound like wtf

also meant duisen

>> No.21036917

i sense the next zengning debacle coming

>> No.21036925

oh no

>> No.21036930

doing aniki is taking too much time

>> No.21036932

anikis fuckin dead and hes never comin back

>> No.21036939

ibus is better, supports not only Japanese (anthy), but also Chinese (chewy) and Korean (ibus-hangul)

>> No.21036942

help a dekinai out djt
what does カバーしていかないと mean? does it have the same meaning as カバーしていかなきゃいけない etc?

>> No.21036944

myfoot up your ass is even better

>> No.21036946

sure dude

>> No.21036949


>> No.21036958

How much Japanese do I need to know to work in Japanese McDonalds?

>> No.21036960

none this is actually preferable for menial no skill labour

>> No.21036962

fluent for register, n3ish to flip burgers

>> No.21036974



>> No.21036977

Yes, same meaning

>> No.21036984

They're not the same, stop conflating the two

>> No.21036988

didnt click the vid but.. behold flashtards ?

>> No.21036994

more like sheettards

>> No.21036998

what the fuck r these kids puttin on their google sheets

>> No.21037000

i use uim btw

>> No.21037005

accounting is such a subhuman trash degree

>> No.21037021

now this is autism

>> No.21037028

it's pretty good for a black guy

>> No.21037032

nice implicit racism shitlord

>> No.21037037

If only he used his powers to actually study Japanese ...

>> No.21037045

how so?

>> No.21037049

That's what happened to nuke, he spent more time learning how to learn than actually learning. It's the only way you won't learn nihongo.

>> No.21037056

is this the new bait?

>> No.21037058



>> No.21037065


>> No.21037093


>> No.21037103
File: 64 KB, 640x475, 1553288535375[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate this meme from >>>/vg/vn

>> No.21037111

Here, have a perfect example of なんて.

>> No.21037115

> いません。 それは君の関係した人だけのことでしょうね。 類はトモを呼ぶっていうやつでしょうか。
> ま、 韓国人や中国人にはろくなやつはいませんけど、チェコもイタリアも人間は良いですよ。

>> No.21037119

>When I started smoking pot subahibi became my favourite visual novel fucking ever. No game suits weed more than this shit, fucking hell. I don't smoke anymore and I can't play this vn sober so I've lost my connection to it. Too bad. Actually even when I was smoking pot eventually I kind of distanced myself from this game because fuck me it's so depressing, even if the true end isn't. Such a depressing, slow dark feel to it.
fucking hell what kind of people post there lol

>> No.21037123


>> No.21037156

fucking based

>> No.21037159

This is what happens when you only read and consider reading with audio to be listening.

>> No.21037165

He didn't fuck up the definition of the word though.

>> No.21037167

すら always trips me up for some reason, that's the only sentence I had trouble with

>> No.21037172

They're 90% the same.

>> No.21037174

im talking about the word he said not the word he "read"

>> No.21037185

I know more japanese than a 2 yo native. Can you keep up with me?

>> No.21037187

It's written by a nip complaining about foreigners.

>> No.21037201

Bold claim.

>> No.21037213

u cant even understand the babys mother let alone the baby who understands the mother


>> No.21037224

but it sounds so similar to the d sound in riddle

>> No.21037230

Would you really feed your kid this young a food item from a md food chain? Faith in Japan lost.

>> No.21037234

u gotta understand this was 10 years ago and japan is 10 years behind the rest of the world so

>> No.21037237

Why is Japanese so hard? There are languages with way harder grammar, but Japanese still somehow feels like the most impossible language.

>> No.21037239

>all this matt posting
I think it may be time to dox you again, don't you agree, dude?

>> No.21037240

cuz its more than just words

>> No.21037241

don’t. practicing reading them tiny is good sometimes, for future situations where you don’t have zoom like certain games or text on the back of 商品

>> No.21037249
File: 148 KB, 832x858, antimattfagsbtfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time to shut up you anti matt fags once and for all.

>> No.21037250

>[intelligible gibberish] nee?
>[blank face]
this 赤ちゃん is just like me

>> No.21037252

because japanese actually has way harder grammar than them. slavic languages having a billion cases doesn't matter because as indoeuropean languages the structure is similar enough that you can more quickly understand what's happening as a speaker of a european language than you can in japanese

>> No.21037257

matt ain't wrong but you can hear his contempt for nuke when he writes or talks about him.

>> No.21037258


>> No.21037259

Don't be a fucking retard, like every other international business, their menu is localized. The nip mcds are probably made out of proper products, or I can't imagine them thriving.

>> No.21037260
File: 84 KB, 780x810, 1535596190139.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

idgi its a garbage test as stated ? who cares also lol he didnt get a 400 like me

>> No.21037263

i think a lot of them are obsessed with him because he gives them an outlet for their own insecurities
for example instead of acknowledging how they’re still not that good at japanese themselves, they project all their できない fears onto him. makes em feel a little better temporarily

>> No.21037266

no one who has shared their results on DJT has gotten a higher score than him. that doesn't mean he's better though. actual comprehension in the real world is what matters.

>> No.21037271

desu if u guys posted more bad nihongo in the threads wed have plenty of shit to laugh at instead but for now we have to just settle for matt lol

>> No.21037272

she sounds like a good little 奴隷 make sure to slap her when she doesn’t finish making your おにぎり in time

>> No.21037274

>lowest score is reading
checks out

>> No.21037277

what type of words does yomichan have trouble with in regards to knowing if they're passive or potential? that alternatives like rikaichamp don't.

>> No.21037279

>not writing

>> No.21037280

Context will let you know which one it is.

>> No.21037281

let’s play finish the sentence

>> No.21037285

if your comprehension is as low as mine it won't.

>> No.21037287


>> No.21037290

>as a german speaker
>I never took any lessons at school
Literally how is this possible. You cannot opt-out of English at school.

>> No.21037293

I was wondering that too but maybe he's like 50 years old

>> No.21037294

i acknowledge that i dont know nihongo every day it dont mean i cant laugh at a weird kid

>> No.21037296

Except my mum is almost that age and she had English in school too.

>> No.21037297

it makes me kinda sad when europeans make themselves known in threads like this because we're more foreign to one another. i wish you were all american.

>> No.21037298
File: 134 KB, 1200x900, DkhAteiXcAAkRm7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone know what happened to this nigga?

>> No.21037304

he's recharging his twitter

>> No.21037306


>> No.21037308

He "I can't accomplish anything because I'm le lazy" excuse himself to submission.

>> No.21037309

layin low until its time to drop the sunday blog post

>> No.21037310

what’s yalls opinion of farming vocab via listening to anime? either raw or with english subs (not jsubs). kinda like transcription but only typing out words you don’t know.
recently i watched an episode of a 萌え冒険者 anime and went through it again listening for the japanese words i didn’t catch and typing them out in another window. felt like pretty good listening practice, since i had to make out the words by ear and then check the definitions (rikaisama) of the ones i farmed to make sure they made sense with the context and 文法

>> No.21037312

its ok 2 play with nihongo

as long as u dont interrupt the flow of teh anime its fine

>> No.21037313

The concept originally appeared under the name of harmonie préétablie (no points for guessing what that means) in Leibniz's Monadology.

>> No.21037316

When someone posted the screenshot with the "xiaovin" youtube comment I laughed. When someone linked to the xiaovin twitter I rolled my eyes, thinking the bait was being taken too far. But when he uploaded that video and it was revealed that he was real...what an amazing moment. Too good.

>> No.21037322

I agree that you can't measure someones actual ability on a test and that comprehension in the real world is what matters, but unfortunately there's no way to measure that.
But, there's no way you can score that high on the test while being shit at Japanese, like some people in this thread claims he is.

>> No.21037331

don't get me wrong i think that's good evidence that he's better than anyone here, just with the caveat that it's not 100% proof. remember when people bitched because he hadn't taken the jlpt? that was an admission that these test scores matter to some extent. now there's absolutely no escaping the fact he's superior.

>> No.21037336

then why does any and all of his material that could demonstrate his proficiency have such weird problems

>> No.21037343

>remember when people bitched because he hadn't taken the jlpt?
i dont remember that

>> No.21037362

well i did that activity after watching the episode once all the way without looking at the subs at all
then i watched it again to farm words and the flow was definitely interrupted as i did that. but in a way it didnt feel that way? because i already had the first watch under my belt so it was more like i was going through and filling the blanks i didn't catch the first time.
took like an hour but i ended up with a list of about 50 new words.. not sure what to do with them now... perhaps anki?

>> No.21037366

read his blog
he's channeling xi jinpin as we speak

>> No.21037372

If hes an Ossi he wouldn't have had English. But he would also need to be close to 50 years old as well.

>> No.21037380

happened more than once bucko

>> No.21037382

We all make mistakes from time to time, some people are especially prone to making mistakes when they're showing off their ability in front of other people.

>> No.21037391

Dissin' my boy in public like that. Matt and Nuke are going to get divorced soon. Matt gets custody of Yogapants while Nuke gets custody of OtakuDave.

>> No.21037392

sorry not good enough

its just a fuckin language

>> No.21037395

>reading 85

>> No.21037405
File: 149 KB, 460x760, nukevsmatt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21037408

and what is your reading score?

>> No.21037411

can we go back to talking about actually learning japanese and not ecelebs

>> No.21037414

>constant posts about matt every thread
My theory is the people here doing this are his viewers who are mad they haven’t learned japanese yet and they use this as a substitute for his discord.

>> No.21037416

wouldnt nuke be the kid of matt and yoga

>> No.21037418

>countless trick questions
yeah with 85 in reading you would say that lol

>> No.21037419
File: 27 KB, 516x438, Capture97.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tried to set up the real time import thing so someone mind explaining to me what the fuck? Pretty sure I followed the instructions exactly.

>> No.21037421

go ahead, make the first step anon

>> No.21037426

I'm completely guessing here, but check if you have the fields set up correctly, like definition, meaning, reading, etc.

>> No.21037427

why people always be like
>post about something else for me : (
if u got nothin to say about anything u got no right to complain about what other people are talkin about

>> No.21037428


Use Yomichan.

>> No.21037433

why? people who are interested in learning japanese aren't here in the first place, people learning japanese actually do stuff in japanese instead of shitposting here.

>> No.21037441

>language ability is just reading

>> No.21037444

who are you quoting exactly?

>> No.21037445

Uh the J-CAT's listening parts are definitely not "anime-style super-clear voice actor talk", they do indeed speak clearly rather than slurring everything together but they're nowhere near as clear as voice actors and they intentionally mix loud background noise into the dialogue for the more difficult questions. The questions are also not "what did X say?" but actual listening comprehension tests at the more difficult questions. Source: took the J-CAT like ten times and accidentally memorized most of the questions.

>> No.21037446

I'm not using Firefox Quantum. I have it locked onto version 52. Also, according to reviews in the add-on store it has issues like a resetting dictionary.

Double checked. The fields are as they should be.

Jokes on you, I'm only in it to read.

>> No.21037448

theyre havin a laugh about >>21036608 loosen up mattdrone

>> No.21037458

that's what a mattdrone would say

>> No.21037463

you got me, guess i'll go back to his discord and chat with retarded normalfags and people who need to be spoonfed everything in detail.

>> No.21037468

Actually it's on 56 but I'm not losing out on a bunch of add-ons that have yet to be updated. Session Manager is a lifesaver.

>> No.21037473
File: 18 KB, 421x154, xiaovin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think xiaovin will make it guys

>> No.21037494

>and they intentionally mix loud background noise into the dialogue
So exactly like anime then

>> No.21037499

it just gets worse and worse

>> No.21037505

Not at all. Anime is mastered so that all speech is clearly audible, even mumbles, either by making background details quieter or by using sidechain compression. The J-CAT is intentionally trying to make things harder to hear clearly. It's not even remotely similar in effect.

>> No.21037510

you are fucking autistic

>> No.21037522

I'm aware. I just learned about it from Subahibi because I'm not a fucking nerd who reads books.

>> No.21037546

Are you that mad that people don't just go along with whatever you say?

>> No.21037547


>> No.21037548

If you learn about preestablished harmony from anything other than bad philosophy memes then you're not spending enough time absorbing, sorting through, and discarding modern culture.

>> No.21037559


>> No.21037577

xiaovin professed his love for asmr months ago you newfags

>> No.21037583

sorry, i'm too busy actually learning japanese instead of reading everything that gets posted here

>> No.21037587

are there japanese people who are metaphysical anti-realists like me? i have come to this viewpoint intuitively without doing drugs since drugs are disgusting.

>> No.21037594

sure, there's all sorts of japanese people

>> No.21037596


>> No.21037599

i'm asking because i view the japanese as alien bug people. i'm just making sure.

>> No.21037601

why would you learn the language of people you consider to be alien bug people

>> No.21037607

boredom+alien bug people make decent animation

>> No.21037608

>people who are interested in learning japanese aren't here in the first place
thats obviously not true you sound dumb lol

>> No.21037611

it is, the people who actually want to learn japanese will immerse all day instead of shitposting here

>> No.21037613

wtf is a metaphysical anti realist is that code for retarded

>> No.21037615

pretty much yeah

>> No.21037618
File: 31 KB, 1192x177, mia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

uh oh boys J-MATT comin soon

>> No.21037624

shows how できない you are if you don't realize people can have audio playing while they post (like i am rn), or alternate between posting and reading

>> No.21037629

no shit dude, i do the same. the people who are really serious about japanese don't do that though cause it slows you down.

>> No.21037630


the more i see the more i feel like matt is just playing educator like the kids in steins gate played scientists lmfao

its the most endearing shit except hes actually in his 20s and living at his dads house

>> No.21037635

lets play finish the sentence

>> No.21037643

lets play finish the sentence


>> No.21037645

not really. learning japanese doesn't mean that has to be all you do literally 24/7 that's ridiculous. you sound like an ajatt evangelist

>> No.21037646

chimeiteki de gozaimasu

>> No.21037648


>> No.21037651

btw nice self own LOL

>> No.21037656

ur funny

>> No.21037658

what the fuck

>> No.21037665

>you sound like an ajatt evangelist
if i was i wouldn't be here

>> No.21037677

here native japanese is
test hard was
150 point scored
thank you

>> No.21037693

Imagine believing this holy shit

>> No.21037695

i don't get it. how is 1 man able to do so much? i get most here won't appreciate it but 100 years from now matt will be as important to japanese learning as einstein is to quantum mechanics.

>> No.21037708


>> No.21037709

99% is probably a stretch but he might. foreigners who study your language can know a lot more than the average native.

>> No.21037711


>> No.21037722

thats it im making a patreon

>> No.21037724

go ahead, i'll be your first subscriber

>> No.21037727
File: 12 KB, 463x99, 120983e12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I told you, they're all retarded

>> No.21037730

woah thats goin way too far
steins gate characters are much cooler than matt will ever be

>> No.21037734

surely he's baiting

>> No.21037735

this fucking cult i swear to god

>> No.21037740

my discord would be so much better cuz every1 would just be jolly and genki and post bangers and frolic in the undertow


>> No.21037747

dude the j-cat goes up to "near-native" level, it's not like there's some hyper-obscure shit in there
an adult japanese person would easily score close to full marks unless they had a mental deficiency

>> No.21037752

give me some fresh underground bangs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRuwt1H0dfo

>> No.21037753

he's obviously baiting you stupid fuck.

>> No.21037756


>> No.21037760

.t cultist

>> No.21037765

I started off strong, but I can feel my interest waning. It's getting later and later and having done my daily hour of vocabulary practice. God damn having schizophrenia and having all of the joy and motivation sucked out of your being.

>> No.21037769

this is sarcasm ? what r u all on about he might as well have wrote o shugoi

>> No.21037771

in reality there's no such thing as "native level" outside of having a perfect accent and near perfect grammar. In all other areas there can be a huge gap between native speakers.
I still agree that the Jcat would be a joke for most native speakers though.

>> No.21037773

nah theres still dopey shit in them that arent really good 4 anything but affirming that u studied the manual im not gonna make any wild claims generalizing anything but i think theres a few questions that could leave a regular japanese person scratching their head a little bit stuck on a 50/50


>> No.21037779

is there a faster way to retime japanese subs than to open them in aegisub and doing it manually?
fuck doing this for ~170 episodes, it wouldn't be so bad if it at least was the same offset every time

>> No.21037786

the fuck do you need subs for anyways?

>> No.21037787

advice that could help you

"For yourself and SWIM, sometimes its good to switch out the breath and switch in a loving kindness practice. Then use the loving kindness practice as a attentional stability thing. I highly highly recommend this to someone with OCD like symptoms or Schizophrenia symptoms.

Feeling bad? "May all being be happy."
Feeling good? "May all being be happy".
Feeling tired? "May all being be happy"
Feeling distracted? "May all being be happy"
Feeling frustrated? "May all being be happy"
Feeling whatever? "May all being be happy"
Hearing voice saying whatever? "May all beings be happy"
Having an urge to do something else? "May all beings be happy"

Important note. All beings includes yourself. If happiness or that specific phrase doesn't feel right, then pick a phrase/phrases that feel right. I personally find "May all beings know peace", and "May all beings know love" to be positive phrases that feel right to me.

>> No.21037793

to check words i can't parse by ear

>> No.21037795

perfect accent is irrelevant for native-level fluency. its like saying pretty handwriting makes someone more fluent.
if you can be understood and your 発音 is ばっちり, pitch accent and stuff doesn't matter. grammar does though, agreed on that

>> No.21037801

if this vid isnt like real life for u ur not a schizo


>> No.21037820

if you're using anime for listening, why not just watch the anime with eng subs and use the english as hints to figure out what japanese words you're not picking up
if you do that and you still cant hear the word then just skip it. if you're training listening skill what's important is that you can pull out the missing links by ear.
j-subs are mostly just reading practice with the added support of voices. for that purpose though its great.

>> No.21037831

otokodoushi de fakku wo shimasuka

>> No.21037850

i asked about this a long time ago but got no answers either. i bet there's a way to script it but idk

>> No.21037852

jibun wo fakku sitai ssuka

>> No.21037858

dont jibun wo me

>> No.21037865

Just a random question, but why people link every single thing matt, nukemarine and kalvin says?
Nothing else to do? Free time during study sections? Assuming there is a study section to begin with

>> No.21037867

I mostly agree with what you're saying. I was only pointing out that if you actually want to describe what native level means, it means perfect accent and near perfect grammar, cause those are the only two things all native speakers will have in common. vocabulary, reading comprehension, ability to express oneself etc. all vary greatly between natives. So in a way I think the term "native level" is stupid.

>pitch accent and stuff doesn't matter.
As a native speaker of a pitch accent language I disagree, sure pitch accent doesn't matter in terms of being understood. If you had the ability to hear how awful it sounds when someone's pitch accent is all over the place you probably wouldn't say that.

>> No.21037872

>If you had the ability to hear how awful it sounds when someone's pitch accent is all over the place you probably wouldn't say that.
he can easily do that
just listen to one of yoga's videos
in english, that is

>> No.21037873

>if you're using anime for listening, why not just watch the anime with eng subs
If you're watching anime for listening you should be using no subs.

>> No.21037880

English doesn't have pitch accent.

>> No.21037891

youre either a native speaker stupid enough to not realize this, or a truly beginner at this shit...

>> No.21037896

yea lucas just sounds like nails on chalkboard

and his japanese is terrible

>> No.21037897

it has intonation and the effect when it's fucked up is the same

>> No.21037906

i am watching with subs hidden until i come across a line i can't make out
i listen to it a few times and if i still can't figure it out i reveal the japanese subs

>> No.21037911

depends on the anime relative to your level. if there are enough words you dont know (like >30) then eng subs becomes more efficient actually

>> No.21037921

nope 100% doin it wrong and ruining anime

>> No.21037931

it's not ruining it for me, i think i'll be okay

>> No.21037940

well its good to stay positive till the very end

>> No.21037941

You're probably better of just listening raw and ignoring the stuff you can't make out. By just listening more you'll be able to hear everything crystal clear.

>> No.21037948

stop giving terrible advice

>> No.21037958

Not quite

>> No.21037961

Because that doesn't actually improve your listening ability. Even if you only look at the subtitles when you don't understand a word you're not understanding it audibly; you're making inferences on what a word (probably) is based on your combined knowledge of Japanese and English, and to make things worse it's inferences through reading not listening. In order to actually improve your listening ability you have to make inferences strictly from your knowledge of Japanese.

>> No.21037966

This guy gets it

>> No.21037975


>> No.21037981

great another fake wannabe educator with no credentials acting like he understands how to learn a language LOL

>> No.21037994

If you used no subs at all and looked up everything by ear you'd improve your listening abilities even more.

>> No.21038004


>> No.21038010

this is agreeable to me but its not worth sacrificing the anime

anime is literally ur only time where the native media is shoved down ur throat whether ur ready or not and fucking with playback is not advised until uve achieved 10000 hours with eng subbed anime

>> No.21038019

If people with "credentials" knew how people learned languages, then people taking classes would actually get good.

>> No.21038025

listening has two requirements. hear the sounds being pronounced, and recognize the meaning of those sounds. even if you use an engsub as a hint for the latter, you still have to pick up the right spoken sounds for the former, and then use your prior knowledge of japanese (which is never not a good thing) to decide what word would fit best. japanese subs remove all such effort. eng subs don't.

>> No.21038030

if the guy we're talking about could do that he wouldn't be asking for j-subs lol

>> No.21038041

And the only way to develop that skill is to actually listen raw.

>> No.21038045

what the fuck is this schizophrenic bullshit? fuck off already

>> No.21038048

i mostly do that though
obviously i only use the j-subs when i can't look it up by ear because i absolutely can't make out the actual syllables being pronounced
what do you suggest otherwise, just ignoring it and moving on? when i do dedicated listening practice that just feels frustrating to me

>> No.21038049

>if you can be understood and your 発音 is ばっちり, pitch accent and stuff doesn't matter.
it is truly sad when you realize like 60% of the people posting here are actually dumber than matt is

>> No.21038051

I'm starting to doubt if the advice in this thread is even better than on reddit

>> No.21038059

you have no evidence that any of this is true youre just repeating shit from matt and khatz' ass

>> No.21038060

but you are listening raw the majority of that time. just not when an unknown word comes up.
no amount of raw listening will make words you don't know magically become known. for those you're going to have to figure out the meaning somehow.

>> No.21038065

are you the schizophrenic guy i was responding to? if not then why are you replying lol are you ok

>> No.21038072

>what do you suggest otherwise, just ignoring it and moving on?

>> No.21038073

fuck off you dumb meditation fucker kill yourself already

>> No.21038076

And what evidence do you have that it's not true?

>> No.21038077

how's that dumb? lol if you want to waste your life obsessing about pitch accent when nobody actually cares, knock yourself out

>> No.21038086

if you have suicidal thoughts take it up with a psychiatrist. try to see if your insurance covers mental health

>> No.21038089

You don't have to let pitch accent become an obsession and strive for perfection. But it's really fucking stupid to just ignore one aspect of the language just because you don't like it.

>> No.21038092

wasting time getting perfect pitch accent is pointless because it's a shitload of effort for little payoff but to act like japanese people just ignore pitch accent entirely is retarded and gay and wrong

>> No.21038103

behold perfect pitch accent LOL


>> No.21038107


>> No.21038110

>ur dumb
>no were both dumb

>> No.21038116

>even if you use an engsub as a hint for the latter, you still have to pick up the right spoken sounds for the former, and then use your prior knowledge of japanese (which is never not a good thing) to decide what word would fit best
I agree, but the contention lies in whether or not that's the best way to go about it, and I contend it's not. It still remains that if you use English subs to make inferences to what was said in Japanese, you didn't understand it through listening. You heard it, maybe understood the sounds properly, but used the English subtitles on the screen to deduce what the word in Japanese means. You have to hear what was said anyways, so you'd be better off just looking up the word using what you heard in Japanese and listening to that section again.

prove that we can process subtitles and audio simultaneously, prove that reading improves listening, prove that not understanding something audibly improves listening. お願いする

>> No.21038117

the fact that there are literally people who just watched eng subbed anime and learned japanese lol

>> No.21038118

hm i don't recommend ignoring it. i just don't recommend trying to *perfect* it. if you do some decent shadowing practice and record yourself a couple times, you can get pretty darn good accent-wise. not "always perfect pitch-accent" good, but good enough not to sound like a バカ外人. i think everyone should aim for that.

>> No.21038124

LOL ur brains actually just broken dude or im literally the smartest person in the world that no one could ever come close to matching in the brain department

>> No.21038132

>so you'd be better off just looking up the word using what you heard in Japanese and listening to that section again.
if u only need to look up a few words an episode this is prob true but if u have to look up a word or 2 every sentence do u really think its efficient to take an hour to get through a 20 minute episode

>> No.21038134

again you have no basis for any of this its all just shit you think sounds kinda right but theres literally nothing backing any of this up and i dont think youve even learned japanese to begin with

>> No.21038137


>> No.21038138

honestly the first step to not losing to japan is not calling urself a gaijin or really entertaining the concept of it at all

>> No.21038142

>i dont think youve even learned japanese to begin with
theres an obvious giveaway seein that hes in djt lol

>> No.21038150

worst DJT in history

>> No.21038151


>> No.21038155

shadowing will improve your accent substantially, thats 当たり前. "pitch accent" as in the 細かい differences in certain word pronunciations or whatever, like i said doesn't really matter. unless your goal is 'trick people into thinking you're japanese or raised in japan' rather than just 'communicate fluently'.

>> No.21038163

how many times does this stupid theorycrafting have to blow up in peoples faces before you stop doing it
it happens to matt every month where he suddenly changes his mind on something he was adamant about because he thought he was a genius only for it to turn into a big ball of epic fail
the only worthwhile information you can get from these people is the exact details of what someone did to learn japanese, everything else is pointless at best

>> No.21038165

desu the concept of 外人 is like most social concepts, empty of inherent meaning. but i was just using it to paint a picture.「watashee wa america jeen desuu. kone nee chee wa」みたいな感じはだめってことを伝えるために

>> No.21038169

theorycrafting is fun buzz off party pooper

>> No.21038172

no its fucking gay

>> No.21038173

fuck off
there's literally nothing wrong with discussing studying methods

>> No.21038174


>> No.21038178

the fact that t b h is blocked on here is very stupid and annoying lol

>> No.21038180

just say tbs
to be shoujiki

>> No.21038182

then find a new chat room fatty

>> No.21038183

>sure pitch accent doesn't matter in terms of being understood. If you had the ability to hear how awful it sounds when someone's pitch accent is all over the place you probably wouldn't say that.
even if you weren't here to attest to this, the fact that pitch accent matters just like pronunciation matters should be self-evident. what's their incentive to deny it?

>> No.21038190

there literally is
when you have people going "ummm actually the acquisition vector of the english subs is only 60% efficiency by my calculations which means the optimal route is to actually consume the anime raw..." none of that shit has anything behind it, its literally just throwing your turds at the wall. it could be true it could be the wrongest thing anyone has ever said so you might as well just shut your stupid fucking mouth and move on

>> No.21038193

i dont think its something to really even think about tho like u dont have to try to do anything to start naturally making the right kinds of sounds itll happen naturally as long as ur not literally nuke chan

>> No.21038200

>pitch accent matters just like pronunciation matters
no lol. pronunciation matters like 10x more. pitch accent matters to a small enough degree to consider it negligible past a certain point that anyone can get to via a few hours of shadowing. for japanese at least. we're not talking chinese here or whatever "pitch accent language" that other guy was drawing from.

>> No.21038201

>you have no basis
the facts that we can't mentally multitask and that we improve listening comprehension through listening would like to differ

>> No.21038204

all concepts have no inherent meaning

>> No.21038205

>don't talk about studying japanese in the daily japanese thread unless you've conducted scientific field experiments backing your findings

>> No.21038206

>pronunciation matters like 10x more
in terms of being comprehensible? within reason sure. in terms of sounding natural? pitch accent matters.

>> No.21038207

life has no inherent meaning

>> No.21038209

that said heres ur subs boys


learn ur nihongo

>> No.21038215


>> No.21038217

I learned English by reading translated manga that weren't available in my language. It took my a while to read a single page in the beginning because of all the words I had to look up but since I was a huge weeb it didn't bother me at all. After a few months I rarely found new words (once in a volume maybe) then I switched to English subbed anime, which helped improve my reading speed a lot.

Is it naive to expect this exact approach to work in Japanese and why?

>> No.21038220

God i hate this nu-male rap shit
The snare sounds like it's getting fucked in the ass

>> No.21038227

its a freeing realization if you're not emo about it
the universe exists for its own expression nothing more; we are the universe observing itself - a perspective

>> No.21038233

i'm observing that ur ゲイ

>> No.21038236

japanese might be harder to do that with because of kanji and their possible readings but i don't see why it wouldn't work if you nailed those down along the way with something like SRS

>> No.21038248
File: 152 KB, 317x294, how2bang.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is the banger embargo over

>> No.21038249

ive already long since reached nirvana under my tree dude and realized that im everything and every1 all at once

just like fingers are all independent of each other but ultimately connected to the same hand

which i then use to jack myself off

>> No.21038252

Taking into consideration the Japanese writing system, it'll probably be considerably harder, but outside of that the process is the exact same. It'll probably just be more time-consuming. Though some of that might be mitigated since you've already (seemingly) gotten fluent in an L2, so you, at least to some degree, knows what works for you in learning a language, at least with reading.

>> No.21038267

if u woulda asked before the last wave of bad posting i might have considered it but were still very much in the no bang zone


>> No.21038269
File: 313 KB, 458x397, snooze.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ill be over here waitin to bang

>> No.21038307

Hey are these threads always this fucking bad? I'm about a month into studying so I thought I'd check this place out but you guys literally don't shut up about Matt.

>> No.21038310
File: 60 KB, 848x642, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does this have so many readings?

>> No.21038312

but u obviously love him the most

>> No.21038319

dont worry about it/read a history book

>> No.21038362

It's probably simply because kanji in general have multiple readings. But that said, not all readings are created equal. For example, I ran into a similar situation with the word 左側. I looked it up in jisho and saw that it had another reading aside from ひだりがわ - that reading being さそく. I asked some Japanese people if they would understand me if I read it as さそく instead of ひだりがわ, and they said most people probably wouldn't understand.

>> No.21038422



>> No.21038425

a God among the できない

>> No.21038457

lmao time for /djt/ to never ever be taken seriously ever again fuckin lmao

>> No.21038470

From now on every できない who talks smack about God Emperor Matt has to record themselves taking the j-cat and show their results

>> No.21038472

tfw 1 year older than Matt

>> No.21038483


>> No.21038555

implying that djt was ever taken seriously

>> No.21038581
File: 78 KB, 780x810, 日本語マスター.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He sucks

>> No.21038635

Does this guy still live in america?
if so what is his end game?

>> No.21038640
File: 232 KB, 341x358, yum.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21038644

Stop outputting. You're most likely not at Stage 4 yet.

>> No.21038656

tl;dr me on Matt's japan misadventures

>> No.21038667

he has been learning japanese for 9 years and is pretty good while his only time ever going to japan he had a panic attack and begged mommy and daddy to take him back home early.

>> No.21038672

plus he regrets learning japanese and has literal casual taste in everything. and became Buddhist based on reading a self help book.

>> No.21038696

just get some popcorn and watch the 3 hour video sped up where hell tell you all about how he ate lunch in the toilet in japan

>> No.21038759

Is it weird that I find it easier to understand Kansai-dialect than Tokyo-dialect?

>> No.21038767


>> No.21038785

does anyone have txt for 湊かなえ - 告白?

>> No.21038865 [DELETED] 

jap comedy has ruined me and now all I can do is slur and shorten everything I say to the point where I alienated a native because I was meming too hard


>> No.21038883
File: 169 KB, 720x540, 1552692969941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21038908

watasi ha gei da
manko nante irimasenwa

>> No.21038992


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