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Somebody once told me the ogre is gonna crush me
I ain't the strongest 2hu in Hell
She was looking kinda hammered and when spoken to she somehow sputtered and with a crack, she suddenly fell down
Well, the drinks keep coming and they don't stop coming
Push the bills to the shrine maiden and just run when she starts nagging
Didn't make sense not to start a lil' fistfight
Take the shackles off and you're in for a long flight
So much to smash so much to thrust
So what's wrong with messing with Aya
You'll never grow if you don't plow
It'll never show if you don't go
Hey Suika, take the booze out
You're a big girl, see I am
Yuugi Hoshiguma I love you
She's a big girl
For (You)

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she's a big girl for my dick

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nice rhyme scheme fag

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Somebody once told me 『THE WORLD』 is gonna road roll me
I've not the toughest Stand in this part.
I pretended to be dead,
DIO tried to off my head
But I had Star Platinum pump my heart.

etc etc.

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Why on earth would anyone like yuugi? She drinks far too much,her breasts so big they have their gravitational pull, is too muscular, and her only friend is a drunk midget.

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You are forgetting lewd pink, who might give you a hand job under the kotatsu while Suika and Yuugi are drinking and telling tales of long dead emperors.

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>She drinks far too much
Not if you're Irish! Or Scottish.
Or pretty much anything -ish that has a decent grade drinking culture because 11s are bad at holding their booze so there's a huge differential there.

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Fans of Yuugi must be very happy to always see her depicted in such cool and powerful ways.

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I'm happy to see her in many ways. Be they strong, powerful, feminine, embarrassed, cool, among others.

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How tall would she be? 180cm? 200cm?

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I love Yuugi for just the way she is

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Would you say


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Manhandling the ogre!

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You know the rules, anon.

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>her breasts so big they have their gravitational pull
they pull my face right in

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that artrist just gave up wen it came to the hand and cup, didn't he.

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You can obviously see where his main focus was
I didn't even notice until you pointed it out

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lmao, should have just avoided drawing it to begin with
where's the stream

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