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Fucking this dumping piece of ghostchain
Going down faster then you can say double spend

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fucking based

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What is it
I'm not used to open links from 4chan anon

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Emin's written testimony to the house financial services committee ahead of the hearing tomorrow on blockchain.

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No feet?

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Secure info, you can open it anon

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holy shit
Emin really sits on every table where institutional crypto adoption gets discussed.

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Based. Dumping everyday, no wonder the logo is red. Everyone can see the terrible price, no matter how many catgirls you post.

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you're not gonna want those once you see her hands

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>there is still an avax general

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i know bro. maybe we can go up to 30 again before the end of the year. The fact is staking rewards won't get overshadowed by burns and subnets for awhile.

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Blessing this pumping piece of godchain
Going up faster than you can say nigger

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This is my favorite type of her. We can consider AVAX Chan an empress at this point.

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Biztards don't deserve to know about the good stuffs like AVAX, they will only end up jinxing it.

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also SD bro if you are here, is it possible to make more AVAXchans in her original style?