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I would just like to take take the time out of my day to let you know about Obsidian the next coin that will take us all to lamboland yes Anon you can get a lambo but it will be nicer then those wanna be link fags future lambo. Buy 10k ODN for a masternode and let the passive income fuel your future yacht as your fucking you boat whore that's hotter then this Asian babe. This is the next innovative platform that will actually be used by real people. Not just fake business relationships that never materialize this is the future. Get in while the price is in the floor and join the smart money.

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OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDOI0cq6GZM

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30k here. December's going to be a good month.

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This guy knows business haha

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Not only December this coin is promising in the long term. December is when it comes alive.

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I'm so pumped that they finished the block explorer. That was a major source of FUD earlier

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ODN unite!

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Why so much GnT?

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I have high hopes for it after Brass releases in Q1. I just thought it was going to get relased months ago so I'm a bagholder right now.

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What's your expectations for ODN?

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Pic related, it's me exploring my blocks

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It'll probably pump up to 20-25 million market cap after the messaging app releases and then it'll start rising again once they activate the master nodes and announce the next app on the platform. I don't see it ever getting beyond a 100 million market cap but that's still a nice~15x from where we're at now.

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Take your scam team dogshit elsewhere.

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100m+ is easy this is a platform

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Obsidian is a platform just like Stratis, which reached a 1b market cap at one point. I see no reason why 100 should be the limit.

There's nothing scammy about this team. Let me guess you actually think Pravik Pajeet was the CEO hahaha

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why is there so much fud for odn? is it just one or two mentally retarded, clinically obsessed people who constantly fud?

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I feel genuinely bad for anyone still holding this.

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I like odn I have some myself. But do you really see anybody building anything on this

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Announced today in messenger Fiat to ODN purchases also announced is in app BTC wallet comming in the future also in app anonymous transfer of ODN all while messenging others completely anonymously to broker any deal you would like. This is the one stop shop for the black market

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With Obsidian's re-launch in December and pending android app release, I think conservatively 1$ by year's end, and $3 within 3-6 months. The market cap is a joke for the tremendous potential for actual usage.

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There is already an ICO in the works that is building on the ODN platform. It seems like their vision is for ODN to to be the foundation of a privacy app ecosystem, all of which use ODN instead of their own tokens like with Ethereum.

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Don't forget what propelled Bitcoin, then Monero to glory- DARK NET usage. Dark web commerce is the underpinning of this entire cryptocurrency blossom and using the same intuition that led me to invest in BTC and XMR now has me feeling very optimistic about ODN's future.

Of course beyond dark web, the need for decentralized and provably private communication is widespread, from escaping oppressive governments and whistleblowing to the average phone user who doesn't want his sexting or otherwise sensitive communications hacked or exposed. The ODN coin itself is valuable as a stake in the network and for future payment transactions through the app. With masternode PoS implementation incentivizing hodling I think this project has the perfect cocktail for explosive growth thru 2018.

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Yeah, I see what your saying 100%. I hoping it at least gets to stratis level

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I will start making apps on it as soon as the SDK gets released. Also there will be ODN bounties for apps, basically what NEO did.

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Don't you fucking dump on us Blackstone.

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DYOR- see the team- all of whom with real LinkedIns and active engagement with the community. Also check out their marketing/advising arm (Tamico) who look legit and give me confidence that while blackstone and crew are busy ironing out the essentials of ODN development, there will also be an active and targeted marketing campaign (something that I always found lacking in Moneroland). http://tamico.io/

Daily github acitvity by the devs (see slack) also shows how legitimate and exciting this project is.

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Check the block explorer all funds are accounted for if you look hard enough

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this is 100% legit and absolutely not fake at all

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hah fuck wish I had that many anythings

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Anons ignore this because they look at chart and say ew it's so low and volume is not high I only like to buy ATH when volume is peaking and I am foaming from the mouth with FOMO

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Nice promotional copy pasta.
Funny how you don't see the actual irony here. Prepare for your confido.

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Any anon that's been here longer than 2 months can recognise a coin that's currently flat lining after an ath and starting to creep up again. At least that's what I hope.

Got in at 3.3k sats. Would be nice to see this at 10k by christmas.

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Also never really reached 1b t just ico flipped at 250btc volume for a few minutes topkek. Also lead dev team stated no itentions there were on developing anything on this stratis fork but the messenger. Stop copy pasting ur crap in here and btfo back to your chan hating slack.

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just compare:
Stratis doesn't even have a block explorer built by the own dev team and ODN's be UI is much better!

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False Blackstone said they have ideas for future apps but currently the messenger is priority number 1

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This has been addressed many times. He's very open about it and didn't conceal past or identity. Could of easily been anonymous for the project.

I'm not worried about it at all.

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I like how you claim to own ODN yourself and then try to FUD it in the same thread. Blackstone said they were going to release an SDK to make developing 3rd party apps easier. Also here's a picture of Stratis at 1.1b, because you feel the need to lie about numerical facts for some reason.

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Blackstone said they were going to release an SDK to make developing 3rd party apps easier. Also here's a picture of Stratis at 1.1b, because you feel the need to lie about numerical facts for some reason.

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Don't hold these bags. Got ICO n flipped like all of us did kek. Arms getting heavy yet? You missed some sweet gains in the meantime.

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>Nice promotional copy pasta.

Haha your Sage "mastermind scammer" FUD would work except he's a community mod aka glorified slack babysitter...so your whole premise is weak. Try harder. Find some make-believe conspiracy about Pete (the CEO https://www.linkedin.com/in/petermcclory/) or blackstone the lead dev (https://www.linkedin.com/in/claus-ehrenberg-313baba). Come back then and waste more of your life farting in the wind.

And no copy pasta I type shit out unlike your retarded SageFit vendetta, which got old around the 3rd time you posted it.

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Brazilian here. I see ODN has lots of potential in this country.

But we could use better spokesmodel than this one!

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6.8K ODN marine checking in.

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I am Claus. I am not scammer. I speak perfect Pajeet. Give me your money. No no no I won't dump no no. Nevermind worldcoin. Nevermind my "various businesses" I work for no no.

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We tried to warn them desu. Just let them burn.

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There's still good marines left behind holding this anon.

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dude things like >>4495196 are complete shitposts. I get it if you want to FUD for lulz but telling yourself that that post helped anyone is kind of pathetic. Blackstone wasn't even involved in worldcoin.

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Thank you. You're doing God's work anon

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Why are people fudding this if this is a dead coin?

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A lot of /biz/raelis got stuck bagholding as they "fired" a dev who dumped and then proceeded to hire more for more ODN. See the Ponzi forming? They did this before with other handles. dyor and be safe

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Lol you odn fags are so deluded. Sagescam was a known pump and dumper. Now he was specifically hired to.assist with the first massive pump with whale contacts. Thats why his title was changed from marketing director to community manager to mitigate risks after being removed from the equation.

Tamico.io isnt even a legit investing company and its a bad sign when there is literally no information about them on the INTERNET.

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No amount of cutie asian girl pics can save this shitcoin anymore.

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>tfw oldfags actually looking out for biz again. This and the legacy thread made me rgain some faith.

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Muh masternodes

Lol retards could be making more money swing trading this shit between 3 to 3.5k sats for the past month instead of getting 20 odn every 2 weels

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Who says you can't do both

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>185k gnt

I thought I had balls for hodling 25k.

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Actual early adopter checking in. ODN is the real deal. If you've been paying attention to their C# development, you'd have noticed something very... striking. Put differently, Stratis is probably going to take great interest in ODN. I'll leave it at that.

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Yeah, you're wrong. He just got done saying they would be interested in helping promising startups that could / would use their tech / blockchain. They're just not doing it like Eth, which lets any random bullshit coin onto the chain. They're actually building a proper business foundation, which is rare in crypto-ville.

Also, muh, just a messenger... ignoring the actual potential for top-level anonymity, file sharing, money transfer. Lots of people would pay a fuckload for those things... and that's just what has been announced so far. The coin is six weeks old. This is an unbelievable start for a crypto, the FUD is getting systematically crushed step-by-step, and no one knows what else is going to be announced over the next year.

All you haters are going to have left in a month are pictures of some weird indian dude named Pravik, and fuck all if that matters in the long run.

oh, wait, here it is. guess you were wrong all that time.

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Nice shill attempt based off air and nothing like the fanmade meme i mean screenshots sagecunt wannabee. You're going to get dumped on at any slight rise holding volume by team members, angry whales who missed the first pump n dump and peasants bagholding who can't even offload a portion of their bags at this volume yet. Hire more shills. The game is done and the government investigation by both US and German authorities ongoing. You won't succeed on these grounds. Try plebbit to shill some bags peasants.

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There is literally active development every day on ODN github. this board is just a worthless collection of p&d retard shills.

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Topkek. Im calling it sagescam is gonna pull a Houdini citing personal reasons for leaving. Dude doesnt even attend investor meetings, hes a glorified slack admin after pumping odn

Then he will do the same on his next coin. He openly bragged about pumping pink coin with his friene. Cant wait for the sec to bust his ass down the line

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Tamico was just founded. The people who run it all have public social media, and they've been involved in major crypto events for years. It's all there. go look.

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Oh Claus said he'd help? No FUD here just references and facts. Anyone here before you summerfag kids got it ;)

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This fud is weak af

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wtf are you even talking about?

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SO what does bring you here from your slack but to shill here? Makes one wonder...

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i honestly don't know. that's a good question. this place is pretty worthless, but it has a lot of pics of hot chicks, which makes me visit

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Not fud. Hes one of the biggest con artists in crypto. Not the biggest but he got caught so that doesnt help his case. Sure he may be a decent guy but at the end of the day like anyone else whos been in crypto for a while and has a lot of money he wants more money. If you profit then great but chances are you will get fucked

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fuck it, dumping ark for odn

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prove it. if sage is a scam artist, give the irrefutable facts. not b/s lyrics, inference, or something you wish was true. if he's a scammer, and you know this to be true, prove it in this thread.

here's your chance

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Heres what you do:
1. Google sagefit tak coin and world coin
2. Ask for his public address now that block explorer is working
3. Ask what his responsibilities are for the project now
4. If he manages to even give you his public address reference the whitepaper to see odn developer payout. Look for suspect transactions and differences in odn allocation
5. Ask him why he got involved in odn and why his title.changed from marketing director to community manager
6. If onedev got fired, why didnt he? He doesn't do much. There has to be some financial incentive and waiting period

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Okay, so wild goose chase then? Got it. you can't prove it.

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it's cool that it takes a treasure hunt to find out why exactly sagemark is a scammer

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He gave you a legit answer. Don't be a bitch and actually give a well thought out response.

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Lol. Alright buddy enjoy those bags. Would love to have a gullible investor like you. Dont question anything

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legit answer? All he did was regurgitate the same bullshit FUD that's been ongoing for a month. Literally everything he is mentioning has been addressed by sage multiple times in public. He's full of shit. There's nothing to refute here.

>> No.4496396

do relaunch plans have a new exchange in mind? this needs to go $1 and beyond for sure in Dec

>> No.4496405

But he completely avoided the question.
>Why is this person a scammer?
>Here's a long list of research you should do for me

>> No.4496426

Also, what does onedev have to do with sage? It's irrelevant in every way to the discussion, but he's using it to promote a negative image. It's FUD. classic textbook conflation.

>> No.4496439


Point number 1 should be reason enough..check out old forum posts.

And I listed yhe remaining 5 points because if he doesnt answer them then he is hiding something. He has never even responded to an inquiry for hids public address

>> No.4496484

I've read all the worldcoin stuff. I've dug through those forums for hours. What you're saying is there is not there. Worldcoin failed, badly, I know that, but you can't prove that was sage's fault. Yes, he was involved as a community manager, and he did a great fucking job driving that coin, but there's a huge disconnect between being involved in a failure and causing the failure. Your FUD assumes the latter but can't prove the former. You, sir, are full of shit.

>> No.4496489

Sagemark has addressed the world coin stuff. This well known by now but you still cling to it because you're not interested in actual discussion, just old fud.


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Why fire a dev and not a community manager who moderates slack when there are 4 managers? The team doesnt work together in person so you dont need 5 fucking managers. The anon called it out earlier in the thread. Periodic disbandment of odn members who hold odn and rehiring more members with who knows how many odn they receive. Ponzi

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> Marketing director gets changed to community manager caught with pnd scam (of which the funds are still missing, fix that with a "responded publicly")
> Main dev admitted there will be selling by the team and there's no legal agreement stopping a "fired" team member from dumping his ODN either.
> Brief checkup on history / basic questions you should ask yourself before investing =/ "long list of research"

You sir. Might actually be retarded. But given the coherency of your shills I'm assuming you're being paid in ODN tips through the slack channel to post here or are actually a deluded baghodler.

The evidence is everywhere denying it doesn't mean it won't be found out.

>> No.4496526

So prove he was innocent. Just like i offer reasoning you take his word without being able to prove. Hypocrite gullible dumbass. Someone in crypto with his history and bragging about dumping coins is not a saint

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Clearly these anons are correct. The only way to correct the situation is for the development team to make good with investors by returning ICO funds. If they won't be honest with investors a class action lawsuit will get their attention.

>> No.4496603

>Why fire a dev and not a community manager

Brilliant argument, Obsidian is clearly a scam because they fired one employee and not a different one. It can't possibly be because one was underperforming and the other wasn't. You figured it out

>> No.4496620

How bad you must feel anon. I hope for your sake you didn't follow through. Dpos>pos any day. Enjoy waiting for the delayed masternodes and like everything on this obvious scam lol.

>> No.4496628

you guys are getting seriously desperate. so just for the record, do you still want to talk about the blockexplorer not working and how this coin is a scam because of that?

>> No.4496642

Lol ok dumbass. If you cant formulate basic questions of transparancy in something you are invested heavily in and the team wont answer then you are either really stupid or gullible..probably both

>> No.4496677

It's always easier to cast a shadow of doubt then to lift it. fudders GTFO

>> No.4496697

All of your brainlet tier questions have been answered before and you just ignore people when they show you answers. I'm done responding to you because you are obviously trolling at this point.

>hurr durr why fire a developer instead of a manager clearly a ponzi

>> No.4496702

ICO boy here. Are we gonna make it boys?

>> No.4496703

There's something in the making but more is better with these kind of people or they'll just keep repeating themselves.

Did I mention their legal representation is the wife of a team member?

Remember the early statements about releasing their adresses (which they won't by the way) and having to "run it past our legal department".


>> No.4496717

This. Nepotism and insider legal is a huge red flag

>> No.4496731

5 slack managers.

Lol seems legit

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Aloha goys, Claus here.
I just wanted to let all investors know they may as well watch me wipe my ass with their money because it's better in my ass than it is in your hands. Have fun with that baggage faggots

>> No.4496890

Idk why y'all are fudding you have you buy opportunity right now

>> No.4496909

Could be something this sperg actually ends up saying. The levels of deludedness are off the chad charts in this thread though.

>> No.4496982

That'll be his Clausing statement before teh final unloading. If volume ever even picks up on this that is kek. Hence the instant sales not in the sell walls at every tiny tiny peak of volume.

>> No.4496995


I don't follow this shitcoin much but this is the definition of DYOR. Not sure why these deluded ODN knights are so defensive and wont cover basic shit like this

>> No.4497017

Is this shit gonna be on a decent exchange before the rebranding?

Or am I gonna have to dump on shitopia?

>> No.4497082

Realistically? No. But good luck unloading bags at that volume.

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