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you guys are my only friends

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y-you too

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Buy bitcoin.

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….We're friends now.

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Fellas, looked through duckdao.io, the first crypto incubator with a different connected platforms? What do you think about it?
Is it a good solution to play in DuckDAO Hunter Season?

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b-but I put all my money into RSR like biz told me

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But I don't like you..

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Trust me friend. Bitcorn

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you wouldnt have had friends above the age 30 anyway. and those you had betrayed or turned on you sooner or later

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I'll be your friend man, and my ratio is 90%/10% BTC/ETH u proud fren?

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Son I proud

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thx fren

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Same fren

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Love you frens, very based

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Jesus is your friend aswell

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how much link is a decent amount given the current price

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My friends are only guys

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I'm pretty bullish on crypto across the board. I think it's hard to be wrong as long as you are buying dips and swinging small stacks at higher highs. I think the upside potential of Chainlink is pretty massive, I'm saying an easy 10X from it's current price, and it very well might be the star of the show this bullrun. My current portfolio is about 60/20/20 between LINK/BTC/ETH. Honestly I feel too spread thin even on this. ETH Staking goes live on the first and no one honestly knows what this is going to do price action wise. Chain link is only getting new use cases. As far as I know it has yet to be beaten as a smart contract network.

But then I'm pretty fucking retarded. So who knows.

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kek thanks fren, i have been looking at link for years but never bothered because my primary focus is BTC, but now im looking to expand into alts now that BTC at the price its at.

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get a life loser

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Gimme a hug fren

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unironically having a chicken wrap and it tasted so much better AND also now have a fat erection

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Noooooooo those are both shitty China coins. You gonna lose all your money fren...

Can't tell if you are trolling.

Research the 3gd

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i hope all of you and everyone you people love get raped to death. you know why.

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I hate all of you

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I'm not your friend faggot

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>you guys
please use gender neutral identifiers

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You trannies are my only friends.

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Friendship only exists as a concept since the fall of Classical Athens.

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Im not your friend buddy im in opposite side of every trade you make