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first for NIO is shit

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Patiently waiting for big tech to fall

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never hold chinese trash

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>free market
Never met an ancap who thought regulations were a good thing.

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First for nickel.

We're prepping the rocket friendos.

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the second I buy nio the three georges dam will collapse

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based, do it.

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buy stonks

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I’m extremely bearish on twitter and google. Google can’t get any bigger because everyone in the world is already “their customer.” Even the plebs hate google now because of the power they hold.

Twitter is just a shitshow. They are probably going to ban Trump, and Jack Dorsey looks like a drugged MK ULTRA victim who merged with a passionless robot. There is something seriously wrong with Dorsey.

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Boomers are too addicted to rambling on facebook and twitter. See Musk and Trump.
Need youtube links to go with their ramble.
Have a Netflix subscription because their friends do but now have nothing left to watch but keep forgetting to cancel.
Let Google Home or Amazon Alexa invade their home privacy so they ask it things they could just use an internet search engine for.

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bird thread?

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Don’t wag your finger at me, catgirl...

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If the calls I bought are profitable do I sell it back to the market?

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You're free to if you want to

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I hope that you're ready for some HUGE GREEN DILDOS

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As soon as you said that it was red dildos

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Yes anon.

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You're not going to connect with any princesses with that attitude...

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>stocks rally despite coronavirus fears
>Stocks fall on coronavirus fears

How much do they pay these retards to write financial articles. 500 words when I could check the fucking charts.

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Gold and silver just had some big dick buys come through on current month contract. Silver up 1% now. Gold up about 0.25%. I know these sound like piddly numbers but precious metals doing this when market is gearing up for a bully bull gap up open is meaningful.

buy them nya!

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Robots write these articles.

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Robots write most articles.

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What if I don't want to? how do I profit off of it, exercise it or?

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If futures slip down thru this thin volume to 3150 I'll be upset. Not that upset, but pls
Jack Dorsey gives me "smoked DMT once and now has messianic delusions" vibes. Google is too powerful to be stopped, I'm convinced they're doing absolutely insane stuff behind the scenes with Deepmind and quantum computing. Apparently quantum computing is actually further along than most people think, I read an article from a guy about how it's introduction could mean the end of arbitrage as a concept :o
yaya I help the scientists :3

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how do you people still not know it's a bot?
You think they have someone just staring at the minute candles all night?

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The buffett bump

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>BLNK $7 pre market
lmao hope ya didn't panic sell last week.

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Knew I should have bought Plug

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>Sold horse at $18 last week
W-where do I buy back in, bros?

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>Standard Oil is too big to be stopped

Oh come on now, anon. Let’s not be silly.

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Don’t fomo. Wait for a dip. A real dip.

>> No.20136283

Did you make profit ? If so, why buy back ?

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Who's actually buying into this pump? Do people actually believe there is significant profit to be made at $4+?

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I logged into my gmail the other day and google was asking for an address for the account.

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Theyre written by bots silly

>> No.20136312

Your home address?

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Gotta bait in the woke-americans

>> No.20136315

Because there is more profit to be made. I only sold because I thought we'd see a lot more red on Thursday.
$17? $18? $19?

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gonna sell my workhorse today what should I buy

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99.9999999% of the time you don't exercise your calls. Just sell them off for the profit and move on to the next.

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Why? You could pay me to write them and it would be cheaper to pay me

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has there been a recent case of a monopolistic business being forcible broken up? I'm on the wiki page for anti-trust legislation and all they have in the 21st century is when MSFT got sued bigtime in 1999 over the browser thing. I guess that was successful, we have tons of web browsers now, but how could you stop someone from monopolizing a concept that's so difficult to even understand like qc o_o

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I assume I will only exercise it if its close to dividend payout date?

>> No.20136352

Yeah, but you're a faggot. There's a difference.

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Last chance to Buy Calls at sub $2 x 100. Strike $25. The horse can not be contained kekw

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Anon, I cannot stress this enough. This is not part of the 0.000000000001% of the time you want to exercise your call. I'm not about to give you a mater class in calls, you can research that yourself. But don't exercise your call. Sell it off and move the fuck on.

>> No.20136374

maybe they want to send you mail...

>> No.20136376

Dividends are absolute gutter trash.
>inb4 angry boomers
Usually the best time to sell calls is before the ex-dividend date.

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were long over due for this

imagine if blm actually focused on breaking up large corporations

but instead they think the kkk still exists

my biggest one is walmart then google(youtube too) then amazon

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Exercising an ITM call is the job of an algo that does them millions at a time, don't waste your time

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File: 2.01 MB, 1920x1080, 뜨거운 여름은 배럴걸 소미와 함께 💛 _ 2020 BARREL FRIENDS (1080p_24fps_H264-128kbit_AAC)-3.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and comcast

there should be like hundreds of internet companies but americans get 1 choice

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Where do you find these ? I remember you posted a similar one yesterday.

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please don't take the one just posted seriously lol

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it's the same scheme for the past few weeks, just run these stocks up on the thin premarket volume, then guy idiots to fomo in all day and dump on them.

>it would be cheaper to pay me
probably not, and you'd be slower and less reliable than a script or however coders call it

oh boy... you gotta do a bit more reading
Exercising a call means you buy 100 shares of it at the price specified in the call. The only advantage I can think of to doing it that way is if you're going to buy and hold those 100 shares for at least 1 full year so you can pay less tax.

I can't think of any besides microsoft, that's the one we always refer back to. I was a little too young to understand what was happening, but I remember it being big news at the time.

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I'm going to make as much money as I can so if I have to kill myself I can give it to someone I love.
Being a sex offenders hard

>> No.20136450

No they asked to add an address to the account also when I made a burner account, this was in June.

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I wanted to buy more FUV on Monday. I hate you fuckers so much. Since everything you touch turns into shit, I'm afraid to do that now. Fuckers

>> No.20136459

A good writer can spit out 800 words in 40 minutes or less.

>> No.20136460

What did you do

>> No.20136464

>there is something seriously wrong with Dorsey
Yeah, its called being an AIDS ridden homosexual

>> No.20136470

How do I begin in the stock market?

>> No.20136476

Is it too late to get into tmc?

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>> No.20136488

What is DAL going to do?
When do I sell and buy more RTX?

What is CVX going to do?

How long will REITs Crab around?

>> No.20136489

did you give them your address?

>> No.20136493

So can a shitty one

>> No.20136497

create a broker account and transfer sum funds

>> No.20136507

Target price is 30$, no need to be mad because you missed the 3$ sp

>> No.20136513

Ahh ok. I've read like 30 books on the stock market so I know a bit about it but never actually attempted it

>> No.20136514

Did any of your calls got exercised?

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1. buy stonks
2. never sell

here you go - you successfully exchanged your cash for stonks and you're now a proud owner of stonks

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a brain

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Download Robin hood, put $200 into it. Lose it all because you listened to some faggot on /biz/, put $200 more into it, make $5 because you're trading low volume, put $200 more into it, lose it all, put $200 more into it, cry because you missed out on WKHS, ask in every single thread what the next WKHS is, lose it all because you listened to some faggot on /biz/, figure out how calls work, profit.

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what if you chose the wrong stonks

>> No.20136546

The short volume on everything is nuts.

>> No.20136549

Stonks only go up, you can't choose the wrong stonks.

>> No.20136552

they're still yours

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the cancer, shilling, and retardation really aren't going away, are they?

>> No.20136567

There's literally only one person on this earth that makes you keep coming back to these threads and he's a massive cock sucking faggot.

>> No.20136589

>wkhs barely up pre market
this shit is dead isn't it

>> No.20136599

yes sell everything u have

>> No.20136600

Dip was to be expected.

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41$ oil soon yas queen :]


>> No.20136614

I was going to be mean and call you a dumb retarded faggot that doesn't do their own research, but I won't do that. Instead, I'll tell you that the government contract bid doesn't end until July 17th, and we won't know how much of the contract they recieved until a few months later due to beurocratic red tape. Seriously dude, you people are so pathetic the way you rely on a bunch of strangers on the internet to hold your hand through everything.

>> No.20136622

Uber to acquire Postmates for $2.65 billion.

>> No.20136623

Have you learned nothing?

>> No.20136630

Yep, same deal on my throwaway google account used for youtube stuff last week. 'pls give us mobile phone number or your home address for """"security"""" and account recovery purposes'. Fishy. Social medias have been doing some extra questionable things lately. I noticed a ramp up of this when the riots started.

>> No.20136638

nah my dudes it's done. over.
calling my broker and selling all 10k shares on market open at any price.

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>broke company to acquire broke company

>> No.20136653

>haha I was only pretending to be retarded as fuck, I'm just memeing.
Grow up.

>> No.20136662

oh right, I forgot about you

the cancer, shilling, retardation, and that one guy with anger issues he still hasn't started working on

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I know, Uber has been losing $3 billion a year for a while now.

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>> No.20136681

>he doesn't know

>> No.20136682

I feed off anger and will never fix them. Half as long, twice as bright, pussy.

>> No.20136684

GEELY? Anyone..?

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no large corporation is losing money its impossible

thats a talking point that jews want you to think

the news isnt real

if any individual person was losing money then they would immediately cut it off

i guess they will just dump all the losses on someone else investors?

but nobody is losing money

>> No.20136690

Tesla is going to 2k by the end of the year isn’t it

>> No.20136691

buy 40% at 19, 40% at 18, and 20% at 17 to be safe.
doesn't need to be those percentages but you get the idea.

>> No.20136701

before august ends

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hey wait wasn't the battery day supposed to be April 1st? I wonder if he's just going to push it off until he needs the hype, or if he's having big trouble with it.

>> No.20136721


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KTOV will do it today.

>> No.20136731

>literally can't find a ticker where the short ratio is less than 0.5 except JNJ and KO

>> No.20136732

reach 0?

>> No.20136737

>Tel Aviv
Yeah, okay. But I have to buy some REFR too.

>> No.20136740

>no large corporation is losing money its impossible

>> No.20136743

KTOV isn't going to balloon unless they merge. Don't get me wrong, I'm still holding my shares because I believe a merger is coming, seeing how their drug is doing very well, but it's going to be a while.

>> No.20136745

these nvidia calls are going to print me 200k by the end of this year at this rate

>> No.20136748

You can't lose money if it never existed in the first place

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>TSLA again
god damn its good to own this fucking stock

>> No.20136765

Am I also doing this, although I am not a sex offender or a future sex offender.

>> No.20136766
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Paging TVIX Chad.
Still holding? Is TVIXF any good?

>> No.20136779

Actually based.

>> No.20136780

>mole near armpits
God bless the artist.

>> No.20136787

I bought at 500 and sold at 750.
I feel bitter, but I couldn't ignore 50% gains.
I know that Tesla is going to be the leading auto in the next few decades, but as of now that stock is massively overpriced, so I can't convince myself to hold it at those values.

>> No.20136792


>> No.20136825

I remember a stupid kraut on /int/ arguing that Germany was the top in IT in Europe, and they had the best companies.
Except for SAP (whose product is a fucking mess), he was shilling Wirecard as the this huge paneuropean fintech.

It was literally a few days before the scandal blew up.

>> No.20136826

>it isnt

this is speculation off of future performance, and the business is more than just auto. the demand ceiling even with the current market is so high that they cannot meet it. i think its not impossible to say that global auto sales might have a total of 10% being Tesla cars within the next 10 years, and their power businesses at least as large. Autonomous operation in first world nations will almost certainly be cracked by then, which will earn the company hundreds of billions based on their market share. I promise you, people arent smoking crack by saying the stock could be worth tens of thousands/sh. Its going to keep going for a jog when it gets s&p 500 inclusion.

>> No.20136851

i got 2000$ to my name, where should i put it?

>> No.20136871

Where my TSX friends @?

Got that first coffee going. In sip heaven looking at PNG. What do they do? Why would anyone buy this?

>> No.20136874


>> No.20136882

nvidia and tesla.

>> No.20136883
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wait for the crash first

>> No.20136892

No, you're delusional.
Tesla isn't more valuable than Toyota.

Tesla's side business are not profitable enough or scalable.

Tesla is going to be a giant, but it would take decades for the P/E of the stock to reach reasonable levels if it kept these share prices. It would be decades of trusting that the religious cult around the stock would keep going at it. I'm not buying stocks based on religious belief, since when I'm buying a stock I'm not just buying a share of the business, but an asset whose value I need to determine and to evaluate it's expectation conditional to present information.

>> No.20136893

>not buying more MRO and HAL

>> No.20136897

keep on holding fella, you will be rewarded in due time.

>> No.20136900

guess we'll see whose right in the next decade

>> No.20136903

I fomod in at 2.5 and am only happy I get to bring my avg cost down.

>> No.20136904

No car company has ever claimed that much market share since the 1960s. There will always be incentives and political pressure to source manufacturing locally.

>> No.20136910
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>Tesla is going to be a giant, but it would take decades for the P/E of the stock to reach reasonable levels if it kept these share prices. It would be decades of trusting that the religious cult around the stock would keep going at it. I'm not buying stocks based on religious belief, since when I'm buying a stock I'm not just buying a share of the business, but an asset whose value I need to determine and to evaluate it's expectation conditional to present information.
stop trading or even caring about market my dude this isn't for you. just buy spy etf and log off.

>> No.20136920

>not buying raytheon before WW2

lmao stay poor

>> No.20136936

I'm not saying I'm right and you're wrong.
I'm telling you that what is wrong is assuming that the stock's price will keep rising because of fundamentals. It will only keep rising because of the cult mentality and/or FOMO, and the risk/reward isn't worth it for me, since we all know the P/E is absolutely fucking ridiculous.

I've been trading for 3 years with good gains, I don't need your patronizing, nigger.

>> No.20136945

Yeah, I know. But the winds are changing rapidly. No other company has their shit together on this like Tesla does. ICE manufacturers slept on EVs for so long and now Tesla is here running circles around them. ICE supremacy is nearly done. The 2010s were the rise of social media and the 2020s will be the rise of the EV, theyre going to take over every market and currently all the "competition" is objectively shitty, because they just arent nimble enough to make good products rapidly. The competition WILL eventually arrive, but behind schedule and over budget. Even NIO has significant issues compared to TSLA, but I'd put them second in the race for EVs. I don't think you could go wrong owning either stock, but Tesla has much more potential even though some (in this thread, and every thread) claim their side businesses arent "scalable" even though they have been seeing exponential growth YOY

>> No.20136947

Don't buy either of these. This dude is holding bags. Even as far as energy companies go these are stagnant as fuck.

>> No.20136952

>with good gains,
i'm sure your gains are as good as those "ethical" etfs lmao

>> No.20136963

If you’ve been trading for years surely you can see the profit potential from some of these 8-9% daily swings in Tesla price. I agree though it’s well over valued but I’m not holding any stock just moving in and out when I see an opportunity

>> No.20136970

I've been doing around 30%, so it's not bad for a hobby. I have 20k invested so it's a good extra money.

>> No.20136971

>i'm sure your gains are as good as those "ethical" etfs lmao

>> No.20136972

Late for work because city bus got stuck behind traffic :/
No breakfast

>> No.20136985

Fundmentals will bouy the stock in the long term, short term this stock is going to flap around wildly. I've been buying tesla stock for 6 years and have within the past couple years made them my largest individual holding at 100 shares. unless i start hearing whispers of serious issues in the company, it could drop by 60% TODAY and I wouldn't care except for shitposting AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA in this general

>> No.20136987

>The competition WILL eventually arrive, but behind schedule and over budget.
This was said, verbatim, when Japanese cars threatened the US market
I think TSLA's valuation is decades ahead of what makes sense with where it is now. All the EV stocks feels like they are being pumped deliberately to advantage of the mania

>> No.20136990

I will let the shoeshinners fight over pennies, while I am over here making dollars.

>> No.20136998


>> No.20137003

god bless ya

>> No.20137008

Yes, I do agree on that. If you're long vol, it's a good stock to watch out, because it's not as uncertain to be wiped as the penny shit.
But long vol strategies either require you to have a systematic system or to be overactive with options (my broker doesn't let me use options on individual stocks anyway).
But it's not a good one to keep based on infinite growth potential, because the valuation is already massively inflated at this stage. I would buy it at 650$ (and that would already be inflated, but a justified optimistic value).

>> No.20137019

Yes, I do actually agree with your statement.
But my previous point still stands, because I was talking about the price of the stock, not about the company it represents.

I'm extremely bullshit on Tesla, but I am bearish on the stock, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

>> No.20137024

>I'm extremely bullshit on Tesla

>> No.20137027
File: 2.91 MB, 640x360, 1593735550451.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would anons feel if this young 14 year old male was you, and you were being groomed by this 20-something female for the sole purpose of mating pressing her raw?

>> No.20137034

I want to be a long term holder, I've expressed that here, but I don't agree with the current valuation, it's not the fair price, it's inflated by the cult.

I already expressed here that I bought at 500 and sold at 750, but I did that because I usually always sell at 50% gains, it's just part of my strategy.

>> No.20137036

I've just been hearing this competition talk for a decade on Tesla and it never actually comes. Maybe things will change, but so far from where I sit nothing is different, the only maker anywhere close is NIO and the rest are laughable. Theres so many metrics that Tesla is winning on here, Tesla is years ahead of the competition.

Again, their business isn't just cars. I could maybe see believing their valuation is decades ahead of their deserved valuation if you don't believe that the EV revolution is happening right now and that their entire business is only cars AND that the competition is coming, but I spend a lot of time trying to find reasons to sell this stock and I just don't see any of these being real.

>> No.20137045

I think Tesla will completely dominate the EV market, and the mid/high tier car market actually, but the prices of the stock now make it very reasonable to expect you're going to lose money by buying it now.

>> No.20137046

long term holder that sells at 50%


>> No.20137047

>I've just been hearing this competition talk for a decade on Tesla and it never actually comes
The talk now is identical to the talk 5 and 10 years ago and they are still just breaking even.

>> No.20137049

Premarket numbers say the big green fir airlines today. Advise caution if planning to hold through earnings though. They're going to suck. The question is whether the market cares about their big suck earnings or whether the temptation to slurp up these stocks while cheap on speculation of continued recovery is too irresistible.

>> No.20137054

what kind of stocks do 20-year-old sexual predators (females) buy?

>> No.20137057

Fuck me, obviously I mean bullish. kek

>> No.20137066

That’s not saying much. Everything has been green since Trump came in office

>> No.20137071

30% every year for 3 years is pretty based but you probably could get more if you didn't do that ethics&morals shit and just bought whatever is obviously pumping into the sun

>> No.20137075


>> No.20137084

all in on nintendo,

>> No.20137085

It's usually because statiscally, the absolute value of returns is autocorrelated (i.e. big movements are followed by big movements, up or down).
So there's a high probability of a run up to be followed by a big crash (or further climbing), I just choose to cash out because of that because it's certain gains at that stage.

>> No.20137091

>Everything has been green since Trump came in office
2010 after TARP. That was basically the signal to dump everything in equities. The Fed has removed, or its perceived to have removed, all risk from being overly stupid.

>> No.20137099

It's not ethics & morals. Do you think the reason why I don't value overvalued stuff is because of ethics? No, it's just risk management, I only take the risks I am willing to take, and I'm usually not willing to take those risks.
Sometimes I buy huge crashes on shitty companies as well, because I deem that the probability of me making money is good enough to offset the potential loss, but I do it for small amounts (like 500$ for a risky position like that).

>> No.20137103

teslas strategy is to try and roughly break even, theyre focused on growth. at this point the major driver for future stock price is their ability to produce more factories. giga berlin is currently under construction, but if Tesla is to earn its high valuation they'll need to build probably 5x their current number of factories and I believe they'll build 10-12x their current number this decade, as theyve gotten exceptionally efficient at building factories (evidenced by shanghai)

>> No.20137108

Nah dont worry, i understand jack shit about options, so i refrain from them.

>> No.20137113


>> No.20137119

WKHS is red now

>> No.20137123

Ok, maybe our definition of long is not the same.

To me, I just buy buy buy and will sell maybe 10-15 years down the line. Ups and downs don't really matter as long as it will keep historic trends of going up.

>> No.20137125

I have a feeling another decade and it will still be talk about TSLA's "future potential".
If you want to get on that hypecoin, to each their own.

>> No.20137127

I will finally get in if that stock dips below 10.

>> No.20137133
File: 2.01 MB, 1235x1754, 1593552009352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Silver will be bright and shiny this week. I declare it to be so.

>> No.20137143

As soon as Audi launched their new EV Tesla lost nearly all its market share in Norway...

>> No.20137145
File: 41 KB, 480x492, 5C866436-9E63-4BEC-8997-C80CA0A33E75.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone keeping an eye on GNUS announcement today? Seems to be up premarket but I don’t want to jump in to a meme and end up bag holding.

>> No.20137146

If it drops below $15 and you don't buy at this point, idk what to tell you

>> No.20137152

What the fuck NIO???? Explain why it’s going up so much every day like Tesla.... I wanted to buy at 3$ and everyone told me this would get delisted or that it was a huge scam and look at it now.

>> No.20137155
File: 68 KB, 1024x576, 1583507874491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

blessed beyond human comprehension
cute also

>> No.20137161

The CEO of GNUS has a "big announcement" today. But he also basically filed paperwork to sell shares before it.
That piece of shit keeps pumping and dumping his own stock.

>> No.20137169

I agree that in a decade we might still be talking about teslas future potential, but I think we'll be talking about that future potential from the top of an already massively dominating company. i genuinely believe that by 2040 tesla might be getting targeted by monopoly busting due to their stranglehold of the auto market by that point, I'm just talking on the next 10 years which will be exciting and potentially come with a 10-20x increase on the current stock value. But I'm willing to eat my hat if it never grows past its current point. I just genuinely believe this is an opportunity that you only get once every decade or two to buy a company thats about to be fucking everywhere.

>> No.20137170

Chink shit. Might go up, might come down. Depends on the chairman.

>> No.20137174

You are welcome to find any EV stock that isn't surging.

>> No.20137180

China stocks surging bigly today, plus theyre an EV.

>> No.20137187

I guess I would only hold that long stuff that I interpret as being my "savings account". So for me it would be the SP500 etf I hold.
For some special circumstances, I do keep holding, because of the way I see the stock being faced in the market. I'm making 50% on Microsoft, but I haven't sold because I think it's a safe hold for the next years.

I have companies that I sold at 50% that I am now waiting to see if it either dips or gives indication of significant future growth.

For example, I bought Avantium at 4€ and sold at 6.5€, but it climbed to 7€ afterwards. For me, that's a company I'm willing to bet for the future, but I am either waiting for a bigger dip or for further news (finish building new planned factory, orders from big customers, etc) that lead me to believe it still has unrealized potential.

>> No.20137202

I don't think it will keep around 20 with stability.

Nothing will ever convince me that VW and the other dinossaurs will be able to adapt to the future. All the emissions scandals proved to me that they are a boomer company of incompetent conservative engineers that are unable to innovate and are just desperate to chase the tails of the new boys. Also, I have had 3 VW cars, including an Audi A4 I have at the moment.

>> No.20137205

Huge growth in sales. Highest quality rating on EV if I'm not mistaken. Receives help from the Chinese government, Chinese market is fucking huge, their ideas are really great, probably manage to make the cheapest EV thanks to battery renting etc etc etc. This is not even considering one day they may expand to Europe and USA. Working with Nvidia for AI...If they improve their design and expand to other markets, it's going to be fucking huge lol. Target price is between 30 and 80$ atm

>> No.20137206

>30% every year for 3 years is pretty based
6k gained from 20k investment in a year is good? shit. I need to temper my expectations

>> No.20137207
File: 248 KB, 750x1624, 19EF7B04-276D-46E9-A58E-1829C3D267F9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why the fuck aren’t you guys buying GNUS before it takes off today ? It’s almost like you don’t want to make it in life

>> No.20137212
File: 360 KB, 1280x1920, gahyeoniflower-1175936659394715648-20190922_205522-img2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

uber actually forced me to wear a face mask to use their service yesterday

and i legitimately find it harder to breathe in them

anyone who supports mandatory face mask needs to be executed unironically


>> No.20137221

>uber actually forced me to wear a face mask to use their service yesterday
But nobody forced you to use their service, cuck.

>> No.20137222

the norway share for tesla wildly swings between 10% and 50% randomly. tesla deliveries to norway are not constant, and COVID put a serious damper on their ability to deliver to europe.

>> No.20137224

wtf is going on guys, why tf is euro going to pre corona heights?

>> No.20137225

imagine not having your own car and having to rely on others to be able to get anywhere and then being surprised when they pull bullshit

you put on the fucking mask, didn't you

>> No.20137227

I felt the same, still wore one of course, but then I got corona and just got used to wearing it at this point. Wear some light cotton mask, its not a big deal.

>> No.20137231
File: 361 KB, 1440x1816, Screenshot_20200706-055310_MarketWatch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20137232

Anyone else 100% in ETFs? PAVE, QQQ, and SPYG for me

>> No.20137233

EU joining the TINA party.

>> No.20137234

which is why Melon Husk wants to build a new production site in Berlin

>> No.20137235
File: 71 KB, 640x645, EB28D6A2-18B1-43DC-8E02-4AEC635BDFB7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not wanting to wear a small face mask during a pandemic of a respiratory virus

Here’s your reply

>> No.20137241

Funny Coonsumers feel companies are legally obligated to offer them service.

>> No.20137242

TINA as in "there is no alternative"?

>> No.20137243

The market is not always this volatile. 30% a year would be considered amazing for a large fund for example. Its easier when you have less money.

>> No.20137244
File: 2.93 MB, 720x1280, 1583820468875.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i mean i never went around the city but if every business is mandating it it might as well be law

because you wont be able to eat without having your own farm in the woods

and maybe it is the law now i havnt really asked around too much

i had my own car but i sold it to escape america but now idk how long it will take for international flights to open

>> No.20137246

>a pandemic of a respiratory virus
see the image in this post: >>20137235

>> No.20137248

yep. it's fucking over

>> No.20137252

bruh. the fuck are you expecting? 30% gain if you can make it happen every year consistently and it isn't just survivorship bias is actually insane. The general market is lucky to see a 10-15% yearly increase, doubling that means you're making good calls. Funds that spend millions on research don't do that good.

>> No.20137258

Sorry, no weak hands allowed in this moon mission

>> No.20137259

Yep. Business forecasts are trash. Real estate highly uncertain and volatile. Bonds mostly in the toilet. Gold correlated with the market.
Any business right now receiving GIBBS gets the best ROI just buying back their own shares.

>> No.20137266

Europe got virus under control, America didn’t

>> No.20137269

wow thats really brilliant to employ on a macro scale...

>> No.20137275

>America didn’t
see the image in this post: >>20137235

>> No.20137282

dow is up too, slightly

>> No.20137283

yep, and once he does euro EV makers are going to be in a hot spot to improve their products

>> No.20137291

You're right that Tesla is ahead of its competitors, but the truth is people don't really care about a range difference of 50-100km or that it charges 10 minutes faster. They look for a reasonable priced car, with enough range (400km), an attractive design and the brand's prestige.
Tesla has the prestige of being the first non completely pathetic EV maker, and it's hype comes from the fact that it's an American company that's all. That's not really a big deal in Europe. Awesome brand, awesome engineers, but competitors are closer to them than it seems.
And no I'm not a hater or anything, bought Tesla at 180$ and atm holding some shared, but keep in mind that it's overhyped and overpriced. (If it's so good why did it drop that hard on coronas panic compared to other good stocks)

>> No.20137293

Everyone here scared me away from this one in May. I totally feel like it’s too late now given my lack of capital but it might just keep flying

>> No.20137298

Rising tide lifts all boats, what happens when burgers wake up though

>> No.20137305


>> No.20137312
File: 504 KB, 1365x2048, yiren1824815663426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine being such a cuck to defend large corporations that you believe uber should be able to force you to wear a face covering when in reality if this wasnt clown world that policy alone should shoot their stock to zero overnight

>> No.20137314

The risk with any Chinese holding is that their accounting practices are basically TSLA or Wirecard's but across the entire country. There is little safety for foriegn investors if it turns out to be another Luckin Coffee.

>> No.20137335

Don't worry, it seems like a good long term hold. Who knows the price it will reach but it's starting to improve now. There is still a long way for them if they know what they are doing

>> No.20137336

It also has 900+ million shares outstanding.

>> No.20137345

It's not going to go that low. I've been watching it for six months, and second-guessed myself out of buying multiple times because I like being poor.
Anon is right. If you don't buy at $15, well... I would even buy at $17.
That's just me. I'm poor and take a few dollars off stonks that I buy at $15 and under. I win most of my trades and that's swell, but if you don't want to be salty like me you'll buy some horsies while you still have a chance.

>> No.20137350

That's true, but funds have it way harder. They have tons of compliance issues, the traders are always having to justify every microdecision, and their movements are usually publicized or just of such a big volume that they actually affect the price of the asset being traded.

>> No.20137361
File: 861 KB, 1365x2048, 527ae65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine if walmart forced you to wash your hands before you went inside and touched their carts etc

nobody would go there

its like dont tell me what to do faggots

in this case i literally had to use uber because i dont have a friend to take me places

or id have to be on the city bus and sit at the bus stop for like 40 minutes in the heat

>> No.20137365

You know why everyone here shittalks it? There was a 60 minutes report that hyped it to double digits last year and then it crashed to 1.something. Lots of people got burned.

>> No.20137371

Read my previous posts. I am the guy arguing that the stock price is insane, even though I believe that the company is amazing. I bought at 500 and sold at 750. At this stage I would buy back if it dipped into 650 territory.

>> No.20137374

They only have to report after the fact. And if the movement is truly that large they use dark pools for it.

>> No.20137380

I'm not that hungry for the stock to justify buying it at those levels, I believe it already climbed the distance it could in the mid term.

>> No.20137386

Oh I didn't know it, ty. That explains all the hate

>> No.20137389

"i can't wear them"
that's literally all you have to say
everybody knows this whole thing is bullshit all you need to do is give them an excuse to leave you alone

>> No.20137392

If it isnt hyped in Europe, then why does everyone I talk to in Europe state openly that Teslas are everywhere and that the vast majority of the EVs are Tesla?

>> No.20137395

It's not as easy as that.
t. cousin is portfolio manager at a hedge fund
(he's been losing money the last 2 years)

>> No.20137396
File: 50 KB, 750x920, flat,750x1000,075,f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Serves that anglo right. Get back to Toronto, you fucking squarehead.

>> No.20137409

Do you trade in sex offender futures?

>> No.20137412
File: 513 KB, 1000x1000, 434f708d7e6bf7a67c07779d3af3e896.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no im pretty sure the driver would unironically get banned if they didnt go along with their policy

so drivers in fear of losing their job tell you to fuck off if you have no mask on

theyre like controlled by the illuminati now

and the goyim will go along with everything

>> No.20137418

They also have a harder time losing large amounts of money, so its risk/reward.

>> No.20137422

Everything is suspiciously green this morning....

>> No.20137429

What's the HORSE opening up at today? What's our eod prediction?

>> No.20137431

bobo is lulling you into a false sense of security, the red dildo will come for u

>> No.20137432

are you not in the US?
if you've got a medical condition they can't require you to wear a mask and they also can't require that you prove you have a medical condition
around here places are literally posting on facebook, "we are open. you have to wear a mask to come in, but if you don't wear one we will assume you have a medical condition"

>> No.20137433 [DELETED] 

I actually think that would be a great idea. Would make it 10x more hygienic

It's like americans are so obessed with the thought of being "Free" that they forget that sometimes by forcing basic things such as hygiene and health care (I could write an essay on the topic of why a lack of health care in America has led to the obesity epidemic)

>> No.20137434

Lose some weight fatty. Maybe the mask won't be so hard to breathe in then. I've only seen fatties bitch about masks irl.

>> No.20137435

Tesla is the defacto quality standard for EV's in Europe, he is just reading monthly sales data or some stuff like that.

>> No.20137439

I have $200 to spend. So far I’m 100% in long term ETFs. Suggest a good cheapie

>> No.20137441

650$ is reasonable, yeah. I learned my lesson on Tesla years ago. Crashes are scary on that company

>> No.20137442

>imagine if walmart forced you to wash your hands before you went inside and touched their carts etc
Literally happened in Germany. You were forced to disinfect your hands before you go in and were forced to use a cart.

>> No.20137447

Yes, that's a very good point.
They also have access to many more contacts and insider info.

>> No.20137448

>lack of health care in America
could you be any more media spoonfed and otherwise completely retarded

>> No.20137449

Because GNUS is nothing but a fucking scam manipulated by the CEO and institutional investors....

>> No.20137458

Have you ever been to a country outside of the USA?

>> No.20137466


>> No.20137473
File: 90 KB, 686x526, 090.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you have ever run a business or have been self employed for any time, you will look at the world a bit differently. When you are driving at 3am in the morning and are are hungry/starving, there is a McDoanlds down the road with 24/7 service and workers there to serve you, and when you are low on gas there is a station every few miles. In other countries you are SOL, and I do appreciate when I have nice food to eat, because that bushiness do not HAVE to serve me, they can cash out tomorrow and close shop for all they care, but they do because there is monetary incentive. I am not defending Uber, they can do as they please, if you do not like the service they offer and do not wish to conform to their requests then you can drive yourself. On the other hand, I do not wish to defend these large companies on the basis of capitalism, and in the end, their decisions are bounded on what they expect to make money off of - which is why they defend BLM for instance, to get the attention of that demographic which they largely profit from. Be grateful there are companies/individuals there to offer you these services, especially small businesses.

>> No.20137476
File: 1.05 MB, 2048x1538, EblCSoYUMAEhGrE.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no they dont dude i literally had the uber driver to tell me to fuck off

theyre going to obey the policy to avoid getting banned off the platform

i cant force myself into an uber drivers car and tell him the law he will eventually rip me out of the car

then nobody would go to your store that required hand soap at entry and everyone would go to the one where you just walk in and do whatever you want like before

the problem is theres no competition so now you have some health marts but you have big corporations putting the sugar water in your face

its like a slow process which large corporations force you to become unhealthy not by your own choice

its deliberate to destroy americans

>> No.20137478

other countries are fun to go and gawk at before returning to the superior shithole

>> No.20137483


>> No.20137490

Why was he shoaed?

>> No.20137492

Stop avatar posting with ugly bug girls.

>> No.20137493

what communist shithole do you live in

>> No.20137496
File: 21 KB, 645x773, 1569351121964.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they don't force you, but in the UK we have wash stations by the entrance to clean hands and carts if you want

Some places did it for you before handing you a cart when it was at the peak

>> No.20137499
File: 130 KB, 710x473, ED0CF986-CA05-4A56-9C3B-F0FBE26F9785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20137500
File: 253 KB, 820x630, 1593408328632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20137503

because he's an idiot

>> No.20137510
File: 126 KB, 1080x1080, 1563218534859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i would rather have no mcdonalds than mcdonalds everywhere

mcdonalds is cattle food they force you to eat because they became the cheapest through giving you the lowest quality garbage and reduced americans wages over time so you have in n out which is only slightly better than mcdonalds become ENORMOUS in size and profit because of how bad mcdonalds actually is provided americans are given any alternative at all

i wasnt crying before uber existed that we needed uber before 2009

i wish there was 50 ubers but theres so much barrier to entry and insurance and stuff i think it causes there to be no competition

>> No.20137512


>> No.20137513

>wtf is going on guys, why tf is euro going to pre corona heights?
what exactly do you mean? european indices are still underperforming

>> No.20137515

buy a car

>> No.20137516

>Someone doesen't agree with me
>He's an idiot

I deleted the post because i got distracted and forgot to add the end bit. You do realize on issues like these it has nothing to do with intelligence but everything to do with personal experiences right?

>> No.20137519
File: 16 KB, 250x250, IMG_0220.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>large corporations force you to become unhealthy not by your own choice
You always had a choice. You're looking for a scapegoat because you're addicted to drinking coke with your pasta. Grow up.

>> No.20137520

something fantastical, apparently. according to the numbers, I will need 70k capital and phenomenal trading skills to eke out my 18k yearly living expenses. I'm not even 50% to that goal

>> No.20137521

>because that bushiness do not HAVE to serve me, they can cash out tomorrow and close shop for all they care, but they do because there is monetary incentive
Absolutely. And if they didn't exist anymore, a similar business would spring up immediately. That's the beauty of capitalism.

>> No.20137525
File: 86 KB, 552x758, Paint 3D sucks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20137528

For the price of a Mcdonalds meal you can buy eggs and milk and some veggies, what are you talking about mcdonalds is the cheapest food, that everyone is forced to eat, just stop posting -_-

>> No.20137530

>mcdonalds is cattle food they force you to eat
the ABSOLUTE fucking STATE of you

>> No.20137539

That's because as a business you're not entitled to use their services. Medical condition or not, it's not against the law for them to tell you to fuck off if you're not wearing a mask. They can literally require to wear a mask to use their service, even if you have a medical condition, you're not entitled to their services. Why the fuck are you retards with 0 legal education pretending you know anything about the law in a stocks thread? An absolute echo chamber of retardation.

>> No.20137543

It is hyped on the people that actually know that brand. A lot of young people in my country don't even know what a Tesla is or if they are good at all. Good company but it has the entire weight of the EV hype on its back because they solo carried humanity to the future of EV by actually making a good one (that actually looks really good, the competitors where just pathetic IMO). The other brand are much more common and have their fans, so who knows if they can get their market share or not. I was just saying that as soon as Audi made a good one Tesla lost like 75% of their market share

>> No.20137544
File: 772 KB, 1536x2048, 1592507135146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i had one but im trying to escape america.

and i took a good deal for my car so im not upset i got rid of it

its only im banking on other countries opening up international travel soon.

you dont have a choice carbs are the cheapest and americans wages have been reduced for 40+ years

because of monopolization of corporations

and because the money being off the gold standard and allowing immigration from mexico

etc etc

>> No.20137545

>someone calls me an idiot when i post things that are objectively false
>say he's just mad that i don't agree with him

>> No.20137547

Didnt Clooney make a killing with his tequila? A star name to go with a decent drink seems like a winning combo.

>> No.20137562

PnD...ur Vol is sht

>> No.20137565

>They can literally require to wear a mask to use their service, even if you have a medical condition
You've gone to far to the other side. That would probably qualify as discrimination unless they can come up with a very good reason to do that.

>> No.20137568

>Its easier when you have less money

>> No.20137573

Is CLSK going to make it?

>> No.20137575

Open 20
Eod 23

>> No.20137576

Quick someone suggest a good cheapie To sink $200 into

>> No.20137580

Wow you're a fucking faggot.

>> No.20137582
File: 149 KB, 1080x1342, 94967577_573089926673203_305826548481329102_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its not that you cant buy eggs

its that when you go to walmart and theres nothing but sugar water and mcdonalds is literally on every corner

you will eventually just due to living in america become unhealthy unless extremely careful and redpilled

but you cant expect the average person to go out of their way to find out about keto and why you should spend more money than just buying ramen on your meals

its because of poverty.

americans are more poor than 3rd worlders because we eat top ramen and rice

its either youre on a ramen diet or you can afford 200$ restaurant meals

>> No.20137586

GNUS if you can day trade

>> No.20137587


>> No.20137588
File: 25 KB, 339x335, 4166F4B4-7C58-4D40-83DC-F0E3A176D414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20137592

Open 19
Eod 19

>> No.20137595


>> No.20137598

if you're successful enough to beat the market, just reinvest back in yourself. Stocks are my side piece, I do real estate. I started out with 4k down on a fourplex financed 20-1 and just reinvested everything back into real estate to grow that portfolio. I started with 400 bucks trading stocks and just reinvested my winnings back into more stocks (While dumping cash in), i paid a market tuition the first year before i even became profitable, now I beat the market handily because I've had time to watch, learn and suffer a bit. Just keep working your job and investing until you're certain you won't be fucking yourself if you quit. I make more from my investments than my job, but because I reinvest everything into growth I still work a job, and invest half of my paycheck additionally.

>> No.20137603

Its a lot easier to yolo $1k and double your money than it is to yolo $1 mil

>> No.20137609

You have a bigger choice of viable targets. Multi billion dollar fund cant invest a meaningful amount in microcaps for example.

>> No.20137610

keto is so fucking tasty
chicken breast smothered in a pile of colby jack cheese
not even expensive

>> No.20137611

>trying to escape america
youre making a mistake.

>> No.20137614
File: 55 KB, 720x720, IMG_1592882991310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also shipping off every job to china where

eventually only so many people can do real estate and chipping money from other people and being money changers

america has nothing

thats why trump said they took all our factories they did

and now what are those people doing?

theyre literally more poor than china here still because we dont have massive tarrifs and stuff preventing chinese from stealing our jobs

>> No.20137619
File: 60 KB, 375x500, 1589190869526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>its because of poverty
Intellectual poverty. Methinks you should have a mandatory eating and cooking 101 for every last retard of (yous).

>> No.20137620

Wish I could be a cool stonk trader like you guys. But I’m stuck doing concrete at opening bell and forget about muh picks until after work when the market is closed. Help a pour man out what picks can I make for some weekly profit this week?

>> No.20137621

>i had one but im trying to escape america.
Where are you trying to go? Very curious.

>> No.20137622

Most Walmarts carry milk and eggs and veggies, but people opt for the mcdonalds as they walk out with their 32 pack of mountain dew code red, personal responsibility seems to not be a factor for people

>> No.20137623

There's that qualifying word again that proves you don't know what you're talking about. That's not discrimination retard. Discrimination would be "people with X medical condition can't use our services." Saying "These are the conditions required to use are services" is not discrimination because it applies to everyone equally. Fuck you retard, you're dumb as shit and you're arguing out of your depth.

>> No.20137624

probably thinks if he could only get to korea he'd be swimming in sideways pussy

>> No.20137625

tesla lost their norway share due to delivery difficulties because of coronavirus, not due to lack of demand.

>> No.20137630

Open 20
Eod 24

>> No.20137632
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>find out about keto

keto kills, your ldl shoots up like a rocket ship. fructose, not glucose causes insulin resistance. thats why asians, who get most of calories from carbs are thin and healthy, and americans who
get the largest piece of daily calories from fat are like walking zombies

>> No.20137635

There’s plenty of Americans that eat healthy and are active and fit, if your fat you only have yourself to blame whatever your nationality

>> No.20137639
File: 486 KB, 383x681, B9B8E1CF-605E-40BD-B3E7-A2DFCC2678B3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wkhs Nio

>> No.20137647

hes not wrong, asian girls are easy AF, but they're all exactly the same. basic asian bitch is more of an epidemic than basic white bitch. but theyre even sluttier for western men, just don't be fat literally thats all it fucking takes.

>> No.20137652

i completely missed that he claimed americans live in poverty
the united states has literally eliminated poverty
even our poorest people have more than the middle class of many countries
you won't find a single city in the US where there are houses built out of sticks and cardboard

>> No.20137655

DFEN is on sale. Im making a move today. Probably gonna do a spread.

>> No.20137661

>people with X medical condition can't use our services
Which amounts to the fucking same as "if you have to can't wear a mask due to medical condition X you can't use our services". Are you even reading what you are writing?

>> No.20137671

Mandatory joke about all American houses being made from cardboard.

>> No.20137676

>its that when you go to walmart and theres nothing but sugar
Walmart has literally everything there. Including fresh fruits and veg and organic meat.
>16 posts with this ID
Stop posting with reddit formatting you avatarfag. Seriously just go fuck off.

>> No.20137681

Absolutely. That's why these spineless retards scream for their cuckmasks, which they weren't doing at the beginning of this nonsense. All commies must hang.
This has been interesting as far as the impact on oil prices. Just two months ago every fifth post was a plug for MRO, tankers, etc. Not anymore.

>> No.20137684
File: 2.09 MB, 640x550, 1593873837751.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fat americans buy eggs and milk too dude

but the point is if youre trying to do something in your life like a career and they only sell coca cola then youre going to eat that

when you go to 7-11 and you see only snicker bars i dont think they barely even sell any

the corporations will actively lose money because theyre cocky

at some point just by living here and being poor you have to eat cheap carbs

carbs only make u fat when u combine it with the fat because insulin stores the fat

if u eat a bowl of rice every day youll starve to death and become 70 lbs

but they just have smaller servings and eat a wide variation of food in asia

>> No.20137686

dumping my brk.b long calls because fuck this

>> No.20137697

its great, a friend of mine is this chick that lived in amsterdam almost all of her life. she hated it there, she said that all of europe is this depressing lower middle class hell that stretches as far as the eye can see, and everyone feels superior for it, and thats been pretty much confirmed by everyone i've heard from europe. she might be a bit biased, because she moved to America and married a texan and is now obsessed with guns and hunting and lives on a ranch. She literally lives the euro ideal of the american dream, but my friends still in europe dont have great things to say.

>> No.20137702

No it doesn't. There are plenty of services you can use if you have a medical condition. You're not required to use uber. They are a private company and as long as they're not targeting a certain medical condition it's not discrimination, so long as their rule applies to EVERYONE it's literally the opposite of discrimination. I'm trying really fucking hard not to pull the appeal to authority card here, but one of us has a degree in criminal law and I'll put good money on a bet that says it isn't you. Choke on a dick you uneducated cum sock.

>> No.20137713


>> No.20137714


pee pee poo poo

>> No.20137724

i'm going to start a massive grocery store chain and require that people be 6' or taller to shop there and watch manlets like you fucking starve
>At LeAsT iT aPpLiEs To EvErYoNe EqUaLlY!

>> No.20137725

If you don't think you're opening your ass up wide for a lawsuit by doing that you are absolutely out of your mind. Lunacy.

>> No.20137732

You can yolo 1-5k on Workhorse at meme price levels and make a x20 if you're lucky without too much risk. Try doing that with 10 milions without having a heart attack when it drops 10% or more or someone throws their bags at you and you lose 3milions the next day

>> No.20137770
File: 86 KB, 1080x632, Screenshot_20200630_115625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The data is from 2019

>> No.20137785
File: 65 KB, 800x530, am_andy_heyward_himself.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CEO is a New York Jew that keeps pumping his own shit then making offerings and selling shares....real last name: Horowitz

>> No.20137822

That's not how that works at all because you're literally saying people under 6' can't come in. Which is fucking discrimination. You specifically made a rule that targets a certain demographic. Fuck you people are dumb.
Then why isn't uber getting sued? Because it's not discrimination. Actual 85 IQ.

>> No.20138015
File: 732 KB, 1459x1094, dwarf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20138136
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I know most of not all are going to call me lazy or stupid, but is there anything inherently wrong with buying into an equity fund and have someone who "knows" what they're doing spend all my money?

>> No.20138538


Every day I report dozens of big name channels on youtube for racism just so these idiot companies can kill themselves a little bit faster

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