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>mindless kiara hate is back just like october 2020
timeloops are truly real.

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I mostly watch clips.

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Go away kiara

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Stop giving chicken breast lovers free (you)s.

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>Goes right back into arthritis pose the moment she finishes
I laughed a bit

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Kiara is in control

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>everyone is cringing at their debuts
>Kiara indulges in her narcissism instead

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>shes actually playing the game finally
goddamn took them long enough.

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Triple the chicken!

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>On as a guest in a 1-on-1 collab
>Makes it all about herself
>In a whole gen collab with four of her co-workers
>Makes it all about herself
>Complains a lot
>Can be bitchy sometimes
This is honestly it really. She's just really self centered, which is fine if she's your oshi, but when she's trampling over herself to be the star of the show in everything, especially when it comes at the cost of my oshi, then I can't deal with it. I don't hatepost about her, or tell KFP to off themselves, I just don't watch her. Every vtuber has a 'problem' with them, but Kiara stands out because her 'problem' involves bringing anybody around her down so she can stand out amongst everyone, which even the most normie of watchers pick up on fairly quickly.

She can be great sometimes though. Her Sims streams were fantastic.

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But tako, your oshi is also cute!

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>crowd wave during the karaoke just like the dokomi concert
I'm still smiling from when she moved across the screen back and forth. So cute.

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I saw Takanashi Kiara at a grocery store in Sydney yesterday. I told her how cool it was to meet her in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and send her a blank superchat and call her henchou or anything.

She said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but she kept cutting me off and going “usual room! usual room! usual room!" and petting Chonkers. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard her snicker as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw her trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Calliope Mori dakis in her hands without paying.

The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Miss, you need to pay for those first.” At first she kept pretending to be ESL and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

When she took one of the dakis and started scanning it multiple times, she stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any eye-rin contamination,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each daki and put them in a bag and started to say the price, she kept interrupting her by yelling kikkeriki at the top of her unbelievably powerful lungs.

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The Egg is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a shitposter, a rrat, an anti, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him an Egg and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out!"

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