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/sopa/ - /luña/

Today's streams

Rosita celebrates her 4 month anniversary eating cake

Hana celebrates her 60k subs playing FNAF

Luna is gonna play Fall guys tomorrow

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puni puni time

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coñito apretado de luna

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what happened with lia and the bedroom review btw? people posted their bedrooms but we never got the stream

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I need her.....

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Lia is wasted again.

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i mean the whole bedroom review idea got dropped, lia was supposed to do it 1-2 weeks ago. I wonder if meido told her to not to

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Go do some research check and tell us if there's anything useful about it:

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Minecraft with Lia

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La aguja dinamica

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suzu is back! live in 30 mins

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBZkzt1fMIE la poliglota karaoke

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySNL6rkd41k rose 4 months anniversary

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Suzu always at the last minute, I hope she doesn't get frustrated again with her Spanish reps.

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Ya confesó la sopa que es paraguaya

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Can't tell what was the biggest mistake, Peruanos or that birthday stream.

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Hina should become independent

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of course peruvians watch shit dubbed

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That dude is probably grooming hina

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La poliglota sings very well.

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The fear of the meido is the only thing stopping her from getting full-time groomed by the discord

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I really want to groom sopita

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>teclado LGB

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And Rose


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Oh god Duolingo, I fear for her sanity

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>the whole stream is watching her eating

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>She nearly said "10 de la noche"

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>"10:17, con razon pasan muchos motochorros".

Where is she? Argentina?

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Motochorros is a latam phenomenon not only arg

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Why can't she defeat Nimu?

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Fuck it, I will create a Discord account with my real number just to groom Hina and Hana.

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Suzu stream already over, she only stayed 30 minutes.
I like Suzu, but sometimes I think she's only on youtube reluctantly.

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so, sopa is actually in latam? Why can't this bitch stop lying?

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Meido Loves rose

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Kek what happened to Suzu, i guess she really is tired of learning spanish or did maid really call her?

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Maido only releases her yellow supachats on anniversaries and birthdays

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I can guess that she is more interested in her Bilibili audience.

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she received a call from meido and had to go

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If only he knew...

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she had something to do but still did the stream, give suzu a break

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meant for

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seems like suzu also said before the stream she needed to end early the stream, so probably got the call before she expected

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wactor really needs more collabs, between each other at least

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In the minecra stream yesterday it was reveled she was in Paraguay, today she also strongly hinted she's Paraguayan

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Hana finally moved her stream to tomorrow, same hour.
So I guess we're done for now.

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So Hana is an hondureña pretending to be Japanese right?

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Rose cute laugh.

>> No.9968932

she had to travel to a lot of places because of her family. Thats the reason for knowing so many languages.
Confirmed virgin too, probably because of all the traveling.

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Yes but she speaks Spanish too fluently, her Japanese sounds terrible in comparison, I seriously doubt it's her first language

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Laila apex:

>> No.9969261

i dont think she is pretending, she cried a few streams ago because she thought she was hiding her problem with videogames from the audience and that was a nothing burguer. I dont remember much what she said about her past to be honest

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So late.

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yes, of course she is

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I hope she at least speaks english . I really can't wait for la firulais

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Nah, a native would never confuse Hacha/Machete, also look at her Twitter account, Japanese only for over a year. She also speaks english very fluently, is she also a gringa because of that?

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Serena is also Muryotaro's daughter, so you can kind of figure how the doggie's final design will turn out

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>Japanese only for over a year
Precisely what I'm saying, she's pretending to be Japanese
>She also speaks english very fluently
Nah, she's average at best but you can clearly tell her Japanese is non-native unlike her spanish, even if she fakes being ssl a little

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you're the kind of retard that thinks amelia is a spic because she sang the fucking gta cab memesong

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Misopa has already told the discordfags that she is Paraguayan.

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But everyone knows who's Amelia, heck even her bf name is public knowledge

>> No.9970261

> Japanese is non-native unlike her spanish
Her spanish is distinctly non-native

>> No.9970318

Well it was always a strong candidate for her other hafu, what's concerning is that she's actually living in Paraguay which makes her an easier target for some schizo to track her down, particularly now that she's giving all the thirsty incels in discord false hopes

>> No.9970431

Ok, I'm buying a ticket plane to Paraguay, wish me luck anons

>> No.9970536

>distinctly non-native
I wouldn't say distinctly, but even if we assume her native language isn't Spanish, what's her mother tongue? It obviously isn't Japanese either.

>> No.9970676

Are you assuming she did or did she actually do it? Were you there anon? I think Luna also streamed that day, so I wan't paying attention to Discord

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It's Japanese but she has such a particular accent that every language she speaks sounds a little robotic and monotone, probably a byproduct of learning a bunch of languages since she had to relocate a lot, she ended up sounding "fake" and non-native no matter what language she speaks

>> No.9970917

There's one near Kansai area.

>> No.9970922

Are there typhoons in China? I thought that was an island phenomenon only

>> No.9970960

Suzu's not in China, though.

>> No.9971012

Hace falta hacer un tutorial de cómo sacar una cuenta de Google en pesos Argentinos

>> No.9971069

>In the minecra stream yesterday it was reveled she was in Paraguay
Was it because of the DateTime displayed on her system or was it something else? I mean, the DateTime thing could have many posible explanations. In favor of her living in Japan we have all the instances of her family members speaking in the background and that time Hina forgot to mute her mic before answering the phone, I mean, all those things could be staged, but we are talking about sopitonta here, so it's hard to say.

Who knows man, we don't know what this girl has gone through in her life, there is the possibility she spend her formative years outside Japan, you see this happen all the time with pochos and stuff, I can't tell if her Japanese is native or not but I'm taking yor word for it, at the very least I'm 99% sure she is in Japan right now because I stream sniped her in both Fall Guys and Slither.io and can confirm she plays in Japanese servers, then again this could also be staged but I don't think she's that much of a tensai for that.

>> No.9971443

>Y se metera mas seguido a vc a hablar con nosotros.
Fuck just kill every discordfag.

>> No.9971644

There are some small but very cohesive Japanese communities in Paraguay like La Colmena that keep using Japanese, have Japanese schools and temples

>> No.9971786

that retarded piece of shit alan is going to track sopita down, decapitate her and keep her head as a fleshlight. mark my words.

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>> No.9971976

this >>9970136

>> No.9972005

Lobochi please control your impulses man

>> No.9972079

Reminds me that a ton of people could find Hina on the same servers. If slither doesn't have dedicated servers for japan, then job here is done. Tbh, I don't think Hina would have installed a VPN.

>minecraft screenshot
>slither.io server
>twitter trending tags
>leaked local time

The only thing that doesn't fit would be her ISP I think

Whatever. I really hope this is all coincidence desu. More than someone finding her irl; I would feel mildly dissapointed. But, I wonder, if she were to be from PRY, could it have been Maid-chan who told her to fake living in Japan? Or would she have done it on her own?

>> No.9972095

It would actually be funny to see Sopafags end up killing each other.

>> No.9972245

Did she ever mention about getting a 3D, by the way?
Because I'm pretty sure she would need to physically be in Japan to get one.

>> No.9972384

piyoko has a set up in her house i believe, at least she uses her 3D when she streams

>> No.9972503


sara akari (esta chica es bastante agradable)

>> No.9972635

Welp, no way Misora has such a thing in her Paraguayan barn.

>> No.9973651

honestly Hina should stop giving a fuck about potentially doxxing herself as someone living in Latam, and just play games.

She isn't smart enough to use VPN or hide her ISP, I mean, she was doxxing herself with some discorniggers

>> No.9973800

Sopita's mental retardation stopped being cute and started being annoying. Dropped.

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We won (?)
They read us (or maybe Hispachan)
Still took them too much time to notice kek

>> No.9974077

no entiendo como se pueden filtrar mensajes que estan a la luz del publico

>> No.9974078

we did it reddit

>> No.9974093

omega kek. you are welcome hina.

>> No.9974162

Great, we saved misopa's family for another month, they will able to eat good food and pay the bills.

>> No.9974296

I am very happy, thanks to everyone who collaborated with this good cause.

>> No.9974392

lia asmr si alguien le interesa, ya debe estar por terminar igual

>> No.9974406

Misopa is saved

>> No.9974436

Hispachan doesn't even register that she's half-Paraguayan, either maid-chan or Hina come here, it was also obvious since we were talking about lack of members exclusive content and today she said she's doing something soon

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You forgot the [Good News]
Cuññy tummy to celebrate the occasion.

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>mfw the bruja sabrosa is here

>> No.9974598

>laila acts progressive on twitter but laughs at the cunny and racists jokes in here.

>> No.9974628

This is fine, it's for the better, Misopa will have to find help with her colleagues and manager wich is the correct thing to do, the level of interaction she had in the discord VC was very risky in the end.

>> No.9974702

Misopa aside, how come he decides what the girls do? i really doubt lia will obey him if she wants to shitpost during a stream in the VC for example.
That fag didnt even pin that message because he knows meido cant know about that

>> No.9974815

Did he decide? The image doesn't say that anywhere, I assumed he just passed the message

>> No.9974934

Just like any manager they have the power to cut them off from their earnings and any social media.

You forget that wactor have a exclusive deal with Bilibili, their hand will not tremble if some vtuber from wactor threaten that exclusive deal, even miu kneel to wactor managers

>> No.9974947

How would he explain that to maid? he doesnt even know japanese and what would he tell? "yeah hina misora was talking about her personal problems with us in VC". i really want to see him trying to do that

>> No.9974970

>not an official staff member
>salty about chuubas not entering an unofficial Discord
also >filtrar las conversaciones de los vc
did I miss something? Thought only the obvious was speculated

>> No.9975022

think hina is going to be angry/sad on the next stream?

>> No.9975041

He is not a manager, just a random that got mod in discord. At least thats what people here said

>> No.9975131

si nose como es lo de filtrar como si fueran un grupo secreto que se junta en VC, a parte esos mensajes siempre estuvieron a la luz para todos. Si los borrara entonces seria algo turbio porque estan excluyendo a parte de la comunidad porque si

>> No.9975254

Alguien tiene los mensajes textuales capturados?, solo he leido interpretaciones de anons, yo no uso discord porque no onions maricón.

>> No.9975283

yo estoy asumiendo que es esto

>> No.9975292

This is for the best, now I can stop concerning for a while.

>> No.9975470

Im getting the feeling he is not talking about this place and >>9970136 when he says "foro".
Maybe they transcribed what they talked in VC and put it on a random forum?

>> No.9975485

That faggot isn't a manager, he's just a retarded nigger mod that frequents this place.
Also Miu is more of a manager than him, she literally cofounded Wactor, probably is a shareholder too.

>> No.9975502

oh you mean maidfan? yes he is just a attention whore that work for free and translate messages from the management into spanish.

Like you said just some random discornigger

>> No.9975518

I'm asking whether he decided or not, it just looks he's passing down the news, why are you assuming he made the decision himself?

>> No.9975689

Is that mf maidfan a manager or some sort of staff?. Like does he hold any power over the girls?
iirc hes only a janny or something like that for an unofficial wactor discord.

>> No.9975829

Many misoshits are cancerous, I 'm sympathetic towards the other girls who have to put up with the consequences of Misora not knowing how to deal with those morons

>> No.9975837

because i really doubt he can explain to the maid why he wants to ban the girls to enter the VC

>> No.9975846

Who will check sacro imperio?

>> No.9975915

Everyone who's not familiar with imageboards consider this a forum

>> No.9976044

El furro on suicide watch rn.

>> No.9976054
File: 80 KB, 959x845, 1631703307043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon are you fucking retarded or what?
Is your rageboner for the furro so big it melted your brain? Is this your rrat or do you have actual proof he made the call himself?

>> No.9976145

what the fuck are you talking about retard? im saying he didnt pass anything to anybody

>> No.9976182
File: 217 KB, 232x198, 4B9240B5-40AB-4CCF-A214-8BE543616C15.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It sounds more like he's trying to shoo away people from the VC channel, that's why he says that they should "stop camping there", it's obvious the faglord is making shit up and wants the least amount of competition next time Misopa goes there.
Do you really believe meido-chan DMd this faggot and told him "tell everyone on the VC channel that the girls won't be coming here again"? HE'S MAKING SHIT UP BECAUSE HE WANTS DIBS ON HINA AAAAAAAAGH

>> No.9976457

It's possible. He didn't even pin such an important announcement, precisely to not attract the attention of meid-chan. He's risking his mod status for a better chance at grooming Misopa, they are that fucking thirsty, particularly now that it's been revealed that she's in Paraguay

>> No.9976586

he will get bored when he realizes hina isn't an anime girl in real life.

>> No.9976839

For a furro, that actually sounds based.

>> No.9976862

Sacro imperio doesn't have anything about it, Hispachan only was discussing the incident with the MC SS yesterday, never posted discord conversations, this is the only place where it could have originated

>> No.9977085

someone please @ maid-chan in that disc

>> No.9977102

Someone should ask maid-chan if that announcement is real.

>> No.9977217

the only thing someone here said something they talked inside VC was this >>9912746
if >>9973886 was the reason then its even more retarded because those messages are public or are they not?

>> No.9977238

So the no spiki inglish bit was a cap

Regardless, the voice chats on that Discord were going to take someone down sooner or later, Misopa dodged a bullet here

>> No.9977273

i meant>>9970136

>> No.9977318

gugulu translate, anon.

>> No.9977331

Es voice chat, no hay mensajes

>> No.9977427

Both Cunny and Sabruja know eigo, and I believe Miu understands the basics

>> No.9977542

Yeah last thread people here were posting about how discord incels were trying to seduce her with sexy voices last time she was on VC and how she gave more hints about being half Paraguay, in addition to the captures posted about the secrecy pact among those faggots present to not talk about what happened in the VC with anyone

>> No.9977693

Yesterday you were all saying someone should tell meido that Hina is being an idiot on discord.
Most likely someone did tell her therefore mods were told to stop that shitt and that's all there is to it.
No one on their right mind would do an official announcement about something as moronic as this situation.
Misoshits should take their meds and stop spouting nonsense, it's over

>> No.9977752

Money, Most first generation girls do the same but with their paypigs in ci-en
Sopita does it for free

>> No.9977763
File: 181 KB, 1924x1080, E_aktQJVEAgs8xD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was the dog.

>> No.9977828

Misopitas are literally the worst fanbase in the entire vtuber community, they will be solely responsible for her graduation or worse when a her body is found floating in the Paraná river

>> No.9977848


>> No.9977908

i know you are reading this cuññy, i love you.

>> No.9977920

Something similar hapenned with Towa once time and she had problems about that, but this discfaggots are crying because "arruinan la comunidad". We are literally saving Misopita from a snowball that could be end in a big YAB.

>> No.9977924

Lobezna if ur here pls drop a hint about la perra's debut date in the next stream

>> No.9977984

Esas basuras solo piensas en ellos mismo

>> No.9978001

>Seduce her with sexy voice.
Wtf, did they really try that? Someone nuke discord please, it's a shame than misopa was dumb enough to join them. Aunque lleva harto tiempo alimentando a su comunidad y chat cancer.

>> No.9978004

Ostia lomito ToT

>> No.9978085

remember, this is the 4chins.coms everything devolves in either an "it's /here/" or a fag screaming "look at this! I'm a saviour!"

>> No.9978145

i mean, autists in here literally saved her job. sopita is dumb as fuck.

>> No.9978273

conociendo lo retrasados que son los mods de misora no me sorprendería que haya tomado esa decisión el mismo

>> No.9978366

He deleted the message lol

>> No.9978408

really? kek

>> No.9978500

As soon as someone told him to pin it. He definitevly is here. Groomer cagao deja a Sopita en paz.

>> No.9978660

LMAO, what could happen if we send the ss to the real maid-chan?

>> No.9978675

Meid fan sabemos que estas aquí, puto, boludo, conchetumare, gilipollas, maldito tragasables, deja a la sopa en paz negro de mierda

>> No.9978739

Do it, save sopita

>> No.9978743

do it. dm the screenshot to meido.

>> No.9978874

Meidfan u just dun goofed lmaooo

>> No.9978982

Do it with more context about the silence pact and previous SS so meido knows what those fuckers are up to

>> No.9979032

the day /vt/ saved a vtuber's innocence.

>> No.9979062
File: 781 KB, 1084x978, 1631651137292.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know what's happening anymore but I hope both the dumb mods and the retarded VC rooms get pruned as the hazard they are for the talents

>> No.9979183

>the talents
it's just Misopa being retarded while doxxing herself

>> No.9979357

Luna, if you are reading this please contact Hina Misora and help her manage her community or recommend her someone you can trust, she's constantly putting herself at risk, we know you have much more experience with these matters and she's in dire need of guidance. Thank you.

>> No.9979364

yeah, the problem isn't the girls entering the vc, the times rose or lia did it were kinda cute. the problem is sopita treating her thirsty virgin groomer fans as her actual friends and telling them things that could get her in trouble.

>> No.9979442

I hope wactor fix this as soon as possible. Imagine if the chinese learn about all the drama happening in those discord vc.

>> No.9979462

Meido fan cagao jajaja, me baneas como si no tuviera alts, solo te entierras más

>> No.9979550

Forgot context, I'm the one who told him to pin the message.

>> No.9979650

Report him

>> No.9979758

this. more reports will make them check the situation

>> No.9979968

so did they ban a bunch of random people or what?

>> No.9980135

This why (you) don't use discord

>> No.9980260

Maid-chan tiene los DM abiertos en Twitter, fácilmente se le puede reportar lo acontecido por ahí.

>> No.9980358

es un archivo o en verdad Lia lleva 5 horas en twitch?

>> No.9980498

>confirmed Virgin

Imagine being this naive

>> No.9980562

it's pre-recorded

>> No.9980740

let him believe, anon

>> No.9981036

I know it's not the first time this happens, but it sure is weird when 4chan becomes somehow the safest place for a fandom.

>> No.9981078

Rose using your SC for cards

>> No.9981134

based VoN paying for demoño girl's gacha

>> No.9981468

They are unsupervised interactions with fans, it can develop to a big YAB specially with someone unexperienced as Hina

>> No.9981684

Is this real even? Sounds Fake

I went to the channel and couldn't find anything about this

>> No.9981748

Read the thread

>> No.9981960

Already deleted, and some anon got banned for literally replying to it saying "pin this"

>> No.9984438

her measurements are pure sex tho. Just saying.

>> No.9985879


>> No.9986324

"Filtrar" estan en un discord para los fans boludo, no es nada secreto obvio que voy a venir a contarlo acá si todos somos misopitas, además , a vos te parece normal que alguien que se pone describir como es su barrio su casa su ciudad se ponga a contarle sobre cosas personales a unos fans como si fueran amigos???? Que por no son, nosotros solo somos espectadores

>> No.9988179

Me too

>> No.9989607

Miu love

>> No.9990057
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We get more close to sexy ASMR

>> No.9991200

Talk with Palcha, she will talk about what it's like to live abroad (specifically China), starting now.


>> No.9991805
File: 11 KB, 345x102, 1621905158560.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cute Panchita

>> No.9991872

she must appreciate no one leaked her face

>> No.9991971

It was fortunate that Maid is watching her stream, now I see why she is usually present in all the videos.

>> No.9992457

No es un stream de miembros para considerar que algo se este "filtrando". Ese mod 100% es un groomer buscando una mejor oportunidad.

>> No.9992547

We are officially protectors now

>> No.9992585
File: 32 KB, 348x250, 1608866638883.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Protect the cunny bunny

>> No.9992639

Que linda es panchita

>> No.9992685

Panchita esta deliciosa ToT

>> No.9992853
File: 135 KB, 736x314, 1607468455197.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder that Wactor used to have a whole group of cunny & Imouto, Only Hana survived.

>> No.9992922

The iceberg...

>> No.9993123

Hasta ahora la gen 3 viene muy adorable, espero que se sepa algo pronto de la perrita.

>> No.9993258

I followed kokoro ichiru but didn't know he was from wactor until later

>> No.9993429

One of them was a trap, right?

>> No.9993594

Speaking of the iceberg, Piyoko finally has a wiki page, probably now she will come back to youtube.


>> No.9993773
File: 11 KB, 363x102, 1627714795409.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You learn better this way than duolingo.

>> No.9993981

I mean each lesson in duolingo often revolves around a topic or set of words. If she manages to balance duolingo while talking to chat then she might learn from both, or maybe just take a topic of conversation from duolingo and talk with chat about it.

>> No.9995393

La Lunita flipante va a jugar Fall guys (le pone muchas ganas al hacer los titulos de sus videos)


>> No.9996768
File: 242 KB, 640x262, 1619001590947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9996819

Potato face

>> No.9996894

Luna is cutter

>> No.9996938

80iq vs 120iq

>> No.9997086

Mentally ill vs españita

>> No.9997133

She's actually hard filtering misopitas. Well, guess it means less fans will be recycled by Luna, and organic growth can be possible

>> No.9997216

We all know that we are going to have collab of these two soon.

>> No.9997473

Adorable punipuni!

>> No.9997587

Is misopa menhera?

>> No.9997621
File: 138 KB, 336x300, 1609640458733.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mis lomitos

>> No.9997658

I hope her release that rat kid spirit

>> No.9997838

I wonder if she is a Japanese who studied Spanish and english, a Spaniard who studied Japanese and English or just a hafu like Hina and Pikamee.

>> No.9997857

Wait until she gets better so that she increases her self-expectations, and maybe she'll revive her rata days. I'll kek whenever she starts malding at vidya

>> No.9997895
File: 594 KB, 925x768, 1600464125986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>me pegue un buen wascazo...

>> No.9997955

She's just a Spanish weeb

>> No.9998023

wactor uses the collab ban rule? thought they only were introverts

>> No.9998178

She said "creo" but it's quite possible they do

>> No.9998322
File: 14 KB, 366x97, 1608946072427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Panchita aparecio en el chat

>> No.9998499

I sleep

>> No.9998534

Sweet dreams Misopita

>> No.9998867

>taxes on sugar to keep us healthy

>> No.9998900

>Luna sweats sugar, because idols sweat sugar.
>I sell my sugar.

>> No.9999371

Carajo se le salio lo gallega de golpe!

>> No.9999436

why Luna streams are so horny

>> No.9999507


>> No.9999629

>Ahora la puntita, la puntita

>> No.9999646

she knows what she's doing...

>> No.9999876

What a great singer she is, I can't wait to see the karaoke tomorrow.

>> No.10000371

palchita love.

>> No.10001147

sexo con Luna

>> No.10001347
File: 384 KB, 837x473, 1615273982085.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too cute!

>> No.10001426
File: 24 KB, 376x207, 1615709400418.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Elijan Q&A!!

>> No.10001436


>> No.10001518

Es española con publico latino, que esperabas?

>> No.10001521


>> No.10001711

Chat should let Luna practice what she's already playing and go for zatsudan

>> No.10001832

minecraft is gonna win, isn it?

>> No.10002163

She's gonna play Minecraft while doing Q&A stream. Luna tends to distract herself from gameplay with chat tho so idk how she'll do it

>> No.10002295
File: 45 KB, 480x360, hqdefault_live.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10002420

MIMIR is for the weak!!

>> No.10002451

what rank is her?

>> No.10002454
File: 623 KB, 804x563, 1615069447113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10002779
File: 6 KB, 172x162, E5KVxp2XoAsIcbY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10003324

sexo sin protección con la lobezna ToT

>> No.10003549
File: 141 KB, 749x388, pal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it's strange that she hasn't uploaded videos on bilibili yet.

>> No.10003762

wactor might be waiting for bilibili approval

>> No.10003910

she likes her spic fans too much

>> No.10004015

Puede que tenga que ver algo lo de la cara?

>> No.10004039

She is training with us

>> No.10004048

was misopa the one who said collabs are a bit complicated because it requires approval for both agencies? it seems a bit odd for me because laila always collabs with whoever she wants all the time, even with nijisanji

>> No.10004062
File: 67 KB, 416x122, Miu nice perro vt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Friendly reminder.

>> No.10004105

sopita lies all the time, so don't take her word.

>> No.10004145

her game looks so much more fluid now that she has a PNG instead of a gif or the live2d

>> No.10004226

i dont remember if it was her who said it though

>> No.10004271

somebody said Laila was a big Thai streamer, so she's most likely using her past life connections

>> No.10004426
File: 356 KB, 745x514, anuncio nateyo 21 sep.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Big announcement a day after her new costume?

>> No.10004442

not so big. but yeah all the collabs are from people she knew before

>> No.10004565
File: 131 KB, 1280x720, 1608586071038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Miu: Caustic is my waifu

>> No.10004568

Yeah but she has the wactor label now, and doesnt seem like maid is imposing restrictions on collabs. She didnt know selen and still did a collab with her and more people just because they were talking in discord.
Im not saying its bad, on the contrary im happy they get to do collabs even with big agencies

>> No.10004630
File: 16 KB, 364x147, 1619868116530.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10004697

She did, but probably was just an excuse to stop her fans from asking for collabs, it could also be Misopa's giga autismo, or even WACTOR having a shorter leash on her

>> No.10004731

She got to meet Selen thanks to Qu, an old friend iirc. Basic networking

>> No.10004736

Yes, she said there are a lot of requirements that each vtuber has to negotiate and since misopa is lazy and dumb she hasn't found the will of making collabs outside wactor

>> No.10004851

Damn, i thought misopa was sovl but it's actually her being a talentless lazy bitch with 10 iq.

>> No.10005144


no stream

>> No.10005195

Maido la regaño hoy

>> No.10005364

think sopita got spanked?

>> No.10005528

by the groomers in disc? Sure

>> No.10005558

was glaringly obvious from the start

>> No.10005574

Niu reached Plat!!

>> No.10005595

Pero en Japón ya es mañana, misopa maldita mentirosa vas a ir a Asunción con los discordpitas?

>> No.10005615

miu is being cute again, and in good spirits

>> No.10005618
File: 628 KB, 1037x527, 908bdd9f744a85b093e955dc498e719b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10005642

Sasuga Miu God

>> No.10005694


>> No.10005998

Sasuga Misopa following Lia's way of life

>> No.10006212

lobochi ended up being the less autistic misopa fan in the end, i don't think he is in the discord.

>> No.10006355

didn't he change his name? maybe he is in there

>> No.10006474

I confirm that he is not in there, they also hate him.

>> No.10006702

she's clearly going to have voice chat sex with some groomer

>> No.10006969

If she enters the Vc I will record it and send it to meido via twitter.

>> No.10007129

"un trabajo" interesting that she didn't say "tarea" novio confirmado?

>> No.10007262

Hina calls trabajo whatever she has to do for WACTOR (internal schedules, Chinese/Spanish reps, songs, etc.), also when she helps at home every now and then

>> No.10007296

1st: nice numbers
2nd: send it everywhere so meidofan can seethe with reasons

>> No.10008093

tu eres de los que piensa que cada vez que tiene una reunión abre el zoom y habla con meido, verdad?

>> No.10008334

>posts shitty jokes nobody except Misora likes
>easily earns her attention making everyone else seethe
>pays with ARS and knows it isn't worth shit so he keeps sending yellow SCs
>constantly breaks rules and doesn't give a shit
Lobochi was based from the start.

>> No.10008553

I ship lobochi and sopa, they make a cute couple

>> No.10009064

t. lobochi

>> No.10011011


>> No.10011055

Does SCs and membership in ARS make them loss money? Seeing how an akasupa in ARS are like 10 USD. I read something about it in another thread but wasn't sure.

>> No.10011127

I'm not sure if it actually makes them lose money, but they surely earn much less.

>> No.10011429

How much for Tier2 membership in ARS?

>> No.10012116
File: 38 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lobezna jugando el juego de Españita

>> No.10012294

T o T

>> No.10012310

ah yes, time to sleep

>> No.10012329

YT prices and google conversion
tier 1: 50ARS=0,51USD
tier 2: 1000ARS=10,17USD

>> No.10012360

Stay salty Misopa

>> No.10012363

i need luna asmr.

>> No.10012576

No boing boing :(

>> No.10012579

so erotic so hot

>> No.10012629

I want to have a family with that cunny ToT

>> No.10012688

Hopefully one day she will take off that huge jacket.

>> No.10012691

think luna will be as easy to groom as sopa? i'm going to download discord and make my vtuber harem. verification not required.

>> No.10012846

she sounds more expoerinced than sopa

>> No.10012865

100% no. Luna knows what she's doing and she's confident, if anything she may just allow her gachikois to try

>> No.10012949

>that one guy in the chat desperate to be mod

>> No.10013050

Sakura Yume:

>> No.10013113

>Luna joking about being a trap
>mod erases chat using the word "trap"
offf to a good start...

>> No.10013751

Q&A doko?

>> No.10013849

Cute panchita


>> No.10013955
File: 202 KB, 1180x1080, 1632003412582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>looking for a Black horse specifically

>> No.10014018

>termina montando un cerdo

>> No.10014023

reminder that Panchita starts in 10 minutes

>> No.10014065
File: 470 KB, 548x515, c3151832925b9302c8d811174baf393f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10014097

Like pottery.

>> No.10014112

cute cunny with farm animals? oh my...

>> No.10014195

what the fuck were they thinking
>latinx don't care because they know they can't groom a gallega
>gallegos don't care because they are normies
>voice literally induces sleep

>> No.10014233

>rides black horse for 3 minutes
>wants to switch for the white one immediately
Luna truly must be the most experienced of the girls

>> No.10014356

There your dopamine shot, now fuck off

>> No.10014363

>they know they can't groom a gallega
Yet I'm sure many at chat thinks they can get a nip girlfriend

>> No.10014468

Latinos can't groom shit at all, misora is just like 90 iq, poor and with a lot of mental isues. Luna has knowlegde of pretty much all of the hispanic weeb antics while also having both a cute voice and an accent that isn't third worlder.

>> No.10014514

Alguien ha probado hacer una cuenta de Google con VPN de argentina? Se pueden usar tarjetas de prepago o PayPal para los SC?

>> No.10014573


>> No.10014576

>doesn't want to touch the brown horse
>emphasize her disdain for dirt
Luna's message is loud and clear, kek.

Ask at Global, I'm sure somebody there still has a guide to use ARS

>> No.10014954

No idea about prepaid cards, but you can use PayPal.

>> No.10015075

voy a groomear a luna con mi polla grande y blanca.

>> No.10015258

>Luna will force her members watch fujoshit

>> No.10015386

I will watch it for Luna

>> No.10015411


>> No.10015530

you will protect the cunny bunny

>> No.10015626

you don't want to see a horny luna?

>> No.10015738
File: 30 KB, 1080x190, Screenshot_20210918-175947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10015799

>el mundo es una cadena
Lobezna filosófica

>> No.10015872
File: 1.78 MB, 633x356, 1603664962458.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Me senti desnudita por un segundo

>> No.10016047

Funados los argentinos kek

>> No.10016072

>based denshi is watching pancha
Cant blame him, pal is like rose. I wonder if she would be jelous that her gachikoi is watching other women

>> No.10016113

New thread


>> No.10016209

Wtf, why are mods against traps? Are they mentally impaired or something, don't they know Rui has some fans among spics as well?

>> No.10016264

> Are they mentally impaired?

>> No.10016295

yeah. mods are retards and groomers, watch the previous threads.

>> No.10016325

misoshits were a mistake, cope harder groomer

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