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I didn't expect her to get genuinely angry like that.

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She never got angry but she did talk about her vagina and that's a win in my books

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Like what? Post what you're talking about you double nigger.

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The collab that just finished which the entire board was posting about


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>entire board
kek dream on
Pomu was robbed. Game was rigged. She wasn't angry she was just speaking the truth.

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>two hours
At least give a general timeframe if you can't do timestamps.

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>entire board
First of all, not true at all. Secondly, time stamp.

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I watched the collab and I have no idea what you're talking about

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I'll need details
T. I don't watch streams

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You do know what kayfabe is right?

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Check the comments.

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She's on her period

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She's very good at playing up the angry Pomu. She even got Selen to apologize for what she did on Minecraft because Selen thought Pomu was actually mad.
I love this fairy!

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I just don't get how she got 0 points. She never came in last, was always in the middle of the pack in all rounds.

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Go to bed pomu

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Rigging. Elira was the girl that was going to pitch most of the voice pack information so they didn't want her to be a salty mess.

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sorry, dont happened

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i think she goes a little overboard with the angry persona, it comes out so passive agressive that it actually does look like shes angry. plus it kinda just makes her look like a bitch
i want the comfy pomu, not the angry screaming vagina at petra pomu

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How is there no link to the incident yet. Most of this board doesn't watch Niji, give a description and timestamp if you want to shill or bait.

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She WAS genuinely angry. "Ragequit a game" angry not "Quit Nijisanji" angry, but still.
And consider: It was really funny to see her so mad

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I like when chat tells her to do something and she does it in a completely different way on purpose. It separates the fans from the fags who can’t handle a little hard headedness and need to have their hands held and their egos stroked all the time

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Vtubers do not express genuine emotes

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>not "Quit Nijisanji" angry

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>no timestamp
it's nothingburger as always

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That's because she actually is angry but then backpedals with a "tee hee it was just acting".

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She was right to get angry, it really was rigged.

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Go to sleep you dumb fairy

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you're right, she won that one by a lot

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>angry screaming
did you watch the collab, lol

She wasn't even that angry

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pomu love

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Ah so Pomu is a fellow connoisseur of the AmeWay

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No and I don't really want to know.

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>Pomu is nice but also menhera so her friends like her but are also afraid of her

Deepest kino lore.

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The Pomu bullying Petra saga is the new kino.

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>tfw nijien is confirmed as browsing /vt/ because they were talking about the "selen has a long neck+laughs forever" memes in the rosemi stream yesterday

I bet Pomu posts all the Finana threads.

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Now I don’t want to know. Go fuck yourself nigger.

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It wasn't genuine.

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That... doesn't explain anything.

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I really dont get what happened she just said vagina, hers specifically

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I will fuck this angry fairy!

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>Oh wow save scumming
>I'll save twice right now to spite you

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>entire board

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I want to know more about Pomu's vagina

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she birthed petra from it

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What happened?

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