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>> No.9919587

breed miu

>> No.9919636

Discord orgy with Sopa

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don't take my friends away from me

>> No.9919678

I want Lia to bust my balls

>> No.9919776

>Es erotico
Thanks anon, I was going to wait tomorrow to make the new thread, with the streams of the girls at noon but oh well, I hope the thread survives.

>> No.9919822

they are not your friends, they just want to pop your cherry. sopiretard.

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It never ends
It'll never be over
The rrats demand to be fed

>> No.9919958

Therapy with Lia

>> No.9919989

I want to lick Luna

>> No.9920016

She said like two streams ago that she wasn't a virgin

>> No.9920066

Meguriya Riful will be doing spanish duolingo in a few hours:

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rrat. if she wasn't a virgin, this discord thing would never have happened.

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>> No.9920181

There should be at least a couple manolos that keep the thread alive while the rest of latinx monkeys sleep

>> No.9920261

I don't think spics are big purityfags

>> No.9920412

i meant that if she wasn't a sexually frustrated loser she wouldn't be looking for attention in discord voice chat.

>> No.9920508

Meido creating a discord server was your worst idea, take your responsibility and delete all that garbage before misopa doxx herself

>> No.9920516

miu is being cute again

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>> No.9920587

Maybe Meido-chan plan from the beginning was pimping the girls on discord

>> No.9920593

Me olvide del fucking filtro

>> No.9920732

Did she really tho? Or was it just her teasing or jk?

>> No.9920748

too late, she already got a taste of being shilled

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Miu remains unrivaled in the cute department

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Miu got blisters on her fingers from playing so much.
Bless her, She's so precious

>> No.9920828

la cucalacha

>> No.9920830

Miu rules

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>> No.9920891

The video please anon

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>> No.9920968

You never know with Misopa

>> No.9921015

>Latinoamerican Miutomos a mimir

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>> No.9921123

Never fails to make me smile, thanks anon!

>> No.9921140

If discord dies, what's next?, reddit?

>> No.9921204

luna will find this place and then all of them will follow

>> No.9921212

Is a requirement to be a chuuba a sad backstory and/or low self-esteem?
I noticed this trend with many of the Hololive girls but now the WACTOR girls are starting to strike me the same way
Specially Hina, she must be cursed or something, she might as well turn into a superhero already

>> No.9921213

Praise ye, Miugod


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>> No.9921384

Hina and the gen 1 of wactor, except for the trapito.

speaking of, watch him sing.

>> No.9921393

Well yeah what kind of people would you expect to become vtubers if not failed members of society?

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How much time left before the inevitable?

>> No.9921725

tree fiddy

>> No.9921788

some riajuu tried being chuubas, but drop it shortly

>> No.9922057

Hermoso mi Rui

>> No.9922068

>even the english community knows about feliz jueves asuka now

>> No.9922256

according to >>9835208 , it could be any day now

>> No.9922490

Seems like Meido absolved Pal, so she has some patience it seems, but that was an accident and it's compensated with Hina being talking more than she should. So, I guess she won't yab at least until december

This tho >>9922256
I imagine that if Hina puts her foot down on her fanbase or if she ever collabs with a male, and a discordfag takes it personal, then it might happen earlier. If it does, then rip Hina and discord, but it is what it is, I just hope they aren't schizo enough to save stuff of the other members and decide to nuke everyone

>> No.9922792

I'm not saying that interacting with fans is a bad idea but if you do it every day it's because you need the attention of the discordfags. It's like if a famous sportsman starts signing everything without any control, in the future the signature is not going to worth a shit.

>> No.9923159

ok, but are you anons mad because of the fear of some schizo on discord gets to harm misora in any way or are just salty because she wont give any attention to highest tier members?
i am legit scared of some creep does something to make her lose her job cause she is always saying how it changed her life. If that's the case, you can try to speak with Meido and convince (them) to make misora stick to the rules and stop engaging with fans via voice chat outside of members only streams. (They) should be able to at least understand she is making (them) to lose money behaving this way

>> No.9923240

im more worried about retarded mods imposing retarded rules desu

>> No.9923242

sex with luna

>> No.9923317

both of those concerns arent mutually exclusive, anon

>> No.9923330

I fear that some peruano will track her down, rape and kill her and throw her body into a river

>> No.9923338

I'm already salty of the nips that have been fans for a while and that the girls recognize and engage in friendly chat with them in both stream chat and Twitter.
But Discordfags are a different story, I can't allow myself to let them get to groom any of the girls.

>> No.9923371

Misopa is doing two stupid things:
Not doing members content while engaging with unscrupulous discordniggers, losing money in the long run
I don't have to spell the second point, again

>> No.9923442

Both, nothing prevents me from entering the voice chat and trying to groom sopita myself but I have morals and if I weren't jealous I wouldn't care what happens to sopita

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>> No.9923568

I wonder what horror game will it be

>> No.9923680

I'm not MisopitaSP, so ain't salty, but considering most live in latam, why would you pay t2 membership if there isn't any exclusive content? It's not really about jealousy, it's about there being no incentives.

About the voice chat, at this point i'm not only worried, but kind of dissapointed at both Hina and misopitas at discord, for not being responsible with handling info nor realizing how risky this is and taking iniciative to stop it. Tho I hope it's just me being a concernfag desu

>> No.9923780

I'll be honest, I think Maid-chan allowed this only because (s)he's convinced that spics aren't harmful at all.
Judging from what Rose said in response to aiming for a bigger JP audience, I think they're actively trying to get overseas fans out of fear of nip schizos. Misora herself is scared shitless of them, too.

>> No.9923829

I think next week misopa has exams and may not do streams, if she spends time on discord vc someone has to let meido know.

>> No.9923854

Thats the plan man i just need to leave peru

>> No.9923861

be our hero anon. save misopa from discord

>> No.9923980

this may be true, as a spic myself i'm not really sure some obssesion related crime could happen since we don't have idol culture or purity based values to follow.
on the other hand, if she really lives here, crossing between countries is really easy thanks to mercosur passports

>> No.9924059

kek, imagine giving her 1000 ars every month for literally nothing.

>> No.9924155

Need to breed her

>> No.9924164

What did rose say? I only remember her saying she was happy with any nationality watching her

>> No.9924197

Argies don't pay 2500 ARS?
I thought the Tier2 didn't accommodate acquisition power.

>> No.9924246

thats like 10 dollars

>> No.9924286

At one point, when she was going with the usual "why are there so few people watching, what should I do minna?" thing, a nip watcher asked her about aiming for more Japanese people and she replied "that would be difficult because of the company (WACTOR)'s direction".
At first I thought she said that because she knew kaigainiki-filled chats filter JOPs (I once saw a 5ch anon write about dropping her the moment she entered WACTOR), but going back to it I imagined Maid might actually be actively trying to avoid getting a bigger Japanese audience.

>> No.9924374

>1000 ars
Is that supposed to be a lot in your Monopoly money?

>> No.9924395

I wonder what 5ch nips think of us lel

>> No.9924445

The moment they started with the pandering they called Miu a "spanish prostitute". Go figure.
Yeah, a lot of them think it's actually Spain.

>> No.9924456

5ch are xenophobes in general, they hate all gaijin equally the same

>> No.9924544

Thats interesting. Also a shame because i can see wactor becoming a top 5 agency if it was succesful drawing a japanese audience, i find it odd that they not have more japanese considering the size, vshojo has quite a few of them ( i believe) and their content is probably more filtering than wactor

>> No.9924566

Wasnt wactor dying there? Why would they care

>> No.9924620

There's not even a 5ch WACTOR thread actually. Most comment's I've seen on WACTOR are in Niji or Re:Act threads, also their doxx thread.
Pretty sure the only ones that mentioned them had one of the girls as a secondary oshi. Most of them only seemed to care about their ASMR stuff, so they were probably just coomers.

>> No.9924674

Miu had a reasonable fanbase at that time but mostly in her ASMR content.

>> No.9924799

i don't care about the other girls, i just want rose to be happy...

>> No.9924827

keep an eye on denshi, kek

>> No.9924843

If Hina falls everyone else will soon follow, fool. She's the biggest schizo in this mess.

>> No.9924958

What i fear the most is some schizo going scorched earth on discord and scaring Hina to the point of retirement. She just comes off as a loner wanting some friends to me.

>> No.9924975

Kinda jelly myself kek. But I do fear for schizos lurking around. Even more since the screenshots imply Misopa has even less of a filter there.

I used to think they should let the chuubas choose their target audience, if they want to go for the japs to just go for it.
After reading that tho I can see why they would want to keep the audiences separated. collabs would become an absolute minefield for everyone.

>> No.9924991

what's the possibility of gomashio_ponz to draw lewds of rose? I can only wish

>> No.9925192

Need dog girl.........

>> No.9925379

me too anon, me too.

>> No.9926814

Don't we all

>> No.9929022


>> No.9930773

Miu love

>> No.9932229

Shino Laila POV of APEX Reignite Practice game (with Qu Qualia and Obly)

However, given that APEX servers are sucky right now (*cough*RESPAWN*cough*), there is a high chance that the practice game might be cancelled again

>> No.9933374

Hina bilibili karaoke en 15 min

>> No.9934231

La brujita esta practicando mucho

>> No.9935605
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I do agree on that...

Only weirdos use the Discord Voice Chat. Not really a place any stable girl would like to be

>> No.9935618

I need to breed Miu

>> No.9935917

Pal made a noob mistake

Hina is willing going behind Wactor's back multiple times. Damaging her image and the company

She legit is doing something wrong, and probably will be penalized when Maid Chan discovers it

>> No.9936011

It is ok if I want to cum inside Rui's bussy?

>> No.9936271

Riful en directo

>> No.9936478

I wonder what happened when Rose and Lia did the same. Lia most likely was not given permission so she must have been not only bonked but spanked as well. Rose, on the other hand got even clipped

>> No.9936692

Love her voice

>> No.9936781

why do they all use english/spanish? doesn't this trash app have jap/spanish?

>> No.9936946

A mí también me para el pipí.

La última vez que vi, no lo tenía

>> No.9937091


>> No.9937850


Hana got schizod by a fan, Lia got harrased by former viewers. I wonder what happened to Miu, after she "dropped" her audience

Probably Wactor is tired of dealing with Japanese Otakus

>> No.9938069

Nothing really, the wactor discord is a new thing and there is no way the contract says something about it. Lia entered the vc again this week but the retarded furro fucked it up unintentionally. Plus lia did that for the memes and on stream.
La poliglota and seina iirc both are in agencies and entered VC off stream too.
I personnally dont really care and dont go to VC either, they are grown up women. I can understand for the people with the high tier membership but as i said before the mods worry me more

>> No.9938197

Con razón en Japón suelen odiar tanto a los otakus.

>> No.9938326

Son como los furros para nosotros, nadie los quiere

>> No.9938391

>lia got harassed by former viewers
I wonder if thats why the permanent low self esteem. Asians can be really direct with the words

>> No.9938460

Ten en cuenta también que la palabra Otaku significa freak obsesivo en Japón cuando en occidente se usa para fan de la cultura japonesa.
Cuando Lia "insulta" a sus fans realmente usa el termino original.

>> No.9939056

>I wonder what happened to Miu, after she "dropped" her audience
Many of her jap viwers coexit with Latinos, I don't think there has been any retaliation towards her.
And although they are not very active in her chat, they are very active in her twitter.

>> No.9939708
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T u T mmy

>> No.9939991

Uuuoooohhhhhh ToT

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Today's streams (What we have so far)

Valorant Luna will aim to your heart baby (?)

Rosita celebrates her 4 month anniversary eating cake

Hana celebrates her 60k subs playing FNAF

>> No.9940463
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>> No.9940664

oh look, she's going to talk for an hour about how much she likes her discord orbiters

>> No.9940936
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Perhaps, but the schizo won't finish the stream in two days unscratched.

>> No.9941148

Si hace algo podés contar algunos momentos? Onegai

>> No.9941805

This pretty much confirms she comes here right

>> No.9941878

Come watch españita playing valorant


>> No.9941944

O puede que sea Maid el que se pasa por aquí

>> No.9941980

It could be coincidence since we're literally in the middle of the month, someone could've told her as well.

>> No.9942090

>la puta madr....

>> No.9942112

Eso no va a pasar...

>> No.9942132

Cute rat.

>> No.9942161

Chicos, están violando a Luna...

>> No.9942199

so hot ToT

>> No.9942200

kek, she sucks at this game. i like this niña rata.

>> No.9942303

She already said she's not very good, she need Miu sempai gives her a hand.
She's watching probably.

>> No.9942306

Kek, was she about to sing that song?

>> No.9942397

Que carajo paso ahora, cual es el drama. Veo mucho comvo de que sopia hiso algo mal y el manager esta moloesto con ella, pero nadie dice que.

>> No.9942425
File: 139 KB, 1536x2048, E_L7YKtVIAMmTru.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's so cute bros...

>> No.9942430

Debo decir que este stream es más divertido que los dos gameplay anteriores. Parece que se le darán mejor los juegos online para streamear

>> No.9942488

Pero ojalá no se obsesione con Valorant o Apex como las otras chuubas

>> No.9942534

ostras this españoleta is mona.

>> No.9942553

Juegos mas divertidos suelen dar streams mas divertidos, Resident evil estaba muy oscuro y el que jugo anoche estaba muy meh, igualmente deberia equilibrar sus directos hablando mas con el chat. ironicamente ella tiene el problema contrario al de Misora, pero es novata hay que darle tiempo.

>> No.9942559

I doubt it's Hina herself. But clearly someone brought her info of what was happening here

>> No.9942608

Been a while since i've seen a Wactor thread

>> No.9942623

>Sopita hizo algo mal
>Manager molesto
Aún no
>Nadie dice qué
Literalmente está en el thread pasado

>> No.9942692

Mira el archivo, ha habido bastantes últimamente

>> No.9942728

do you think the people in here actually messaged maido-chan?

>> No.9942795

I hope, and I hope Maid scolds her.

>> No.9942843

>supremacía blanca

>> No.9942873

no encuentro nada, solo que estubo en discord hablando con fans, que tiene de malo eso.

>> No.9942895

>t. groomer

>> No.9942910

Spics are extreme puritylads, spics that watch Vtubers would be debatable but in general? uf

>> No.9943007

Yo ni siquiera tengo discord, solo estoy tratando de entender que paso. Dijo algo que no tenia que decir en discord? Que dijo, alguien explique.

>> No.9943128

A normal and stabke women isn't gonna have the goal of being an anime girl for otakus worlwide.Same reason we vtubing and streaming get so many leesbian and bisexual women. The medium attracts weird people.

>> No.9943166

Did she talk abt the discord vc stuff?

>> No.9943173

luna and rose seem pretty normal.

>> No.9943222

All of them seem pretty normal at first.

Whats this about discors, what the fuck happened.

>> No.9943326
File: 634 KB, 768x768, E6v3N2HWQAAJZSx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's in two days

>Qué dijo
Enough to get worried about how it can develop, Misopitas swarming the VC are dishonest losers who should've pull the break already, but haven't

Do you remember why so many complained about the Discord idea during the streams? It was to prevent this very situation from spawning

>> No.9943353

I dont really know how to put it in words but check the last thread for the discord thingy im pretty sure there are some screenshots

>> No.9943392

Misora needs a good spanking.

>> No.9943452

i will take the burden of slapping her plump ballenita ass.

>> No.9943590
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Luna as well, from me

>> No.9943676
File: 617 KB, 811x525, 1613239158681.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Luna admitted that she didn't try too hard on her first stream, she was very nervous and the chat was going too fast.
She recognized her faults, she can improve.

>> No.9943693
File: 22 KB, 1080x149, Screenshot_20210917-105705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9943699

Luna is so bad yet so cute...

>> No.9943708
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>> No.9943729

She's always watching.

>> No.9943781

stop simping for cunny and pay attention to sopita about to dox herself, meido.

>> No.9943847

En realidad ya se nota una mejora en este stream; es más activa y gritona

>> No.9943868

Does she even know? What are you waiting for to let her know?

>> No.9943904

Either say what the fuck happened or shut up. Did she send nudes to someone or what.

>> No.9943941

Me engañaron con que Luna era niña rata, se la están violando en vivo

>> No.9943953

she got gangbanged by the creepy chileans on discord vc.

>> No.9943988

Si, igual me alegro que haya reconocido donde estan sus errores


>> No.9944014

She sent me nudes and we had Discordsex with the other Misopitas afterwards

She has her limiters on. Expect LA RATA LIBERADA once she touches a CoD.

>> No.9944055

>She sent me nudes and we had Discordsex with the other Misopitas afterwards

>> No.9944081

The way she sometimes pretend to be SSL is kinda cringe ngl

>> No.9944185
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>> No.9944222

>pretend to be SSL

>> No.9944257

>Did she send nudes to someone or what
Not yet, but I'm on it, will post them here if I can groom her first bros

>> No.9944294

Spanish Second Language

>> No.9944416

>pretend to be SSL
Who?, Luna?, Is she?

>> No.9944438

Just because she uses some english ?

>> No.9944486

Nothing happened, misopas being crybabies as usual, they're worried about her oshii being a loser who hangs out with other losers instead of them. Better to ignore them really, they'll shit between themselves in a corner anyways

>> No.9944552


>> No.9944621

Luna, se sometimes uses prepositions incorrectly to sound cute I guess

>> No.9944644
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Update: Panchita is going full force on horror games


>> No.9944648

Just check the archive retard, she has been sharing very personal information with the kind of losers that would unironically try to seduce her given the opportunity, and we all know how easy is to trick sopa.

>> No.9944688
File: 338 KB, 2039x1520, E40PdjIVEAAg5lv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nothing happened
Cope, groomer

>> No.9944853

grande panchita. que suerte que no se asusto o desmotivo con lo que le paso.

>> No.9944926

>serious model
>thumbnail shows a half face

>> No.9944932

Supongo que tuvo la contencion adecuada por parte de Maid chan, y Miu tambien la asistio un poco en el stream de anoche.
Espero que se ocupen de ver si pueden ocuparse de Hina tambien.

>> No.9945100

i think that hina autodoxed for saves a pal face problem

>> No.9945120

Didn't the last stream confirmed Misopa is currently in Paraguay? Suddenly the risk of some crazy sudaca finding her seems more realistic than before

>> No.9945147
File: 732 KB, 1200x1166, 1612267437837.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Leave Sopa to me.

>> No.9945148

Hopefully how this incident was handled by everyone will make her more confident

>> No.9945166

>and we all know how easy is to trick sopa.
C'mon now do you guys not trust the intelligence of your oshi that much?

>> No.9945233

No, she is genuinely retarded, she's not pretending

>> No.9945280

Based sopita sempai. capable of putting herself in the line of fire to save her kohai.

>> No.9945322

She is literally brain dead.

>> No.9945443
File: 347 KB, 1120x1322, 1631896940010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm really liking this arc WACTOR Arc desu, I hope the MisopitasSP here deliver in a couple days.

>> No.9945557

What is a good doujin to read while listening to
Luna cute noises in the background

>> No.9945575
File: 24 KB, 351x201, 1618112302805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There really are english speakers in her chat?

>> No.9945612


>> No.9945645

Seguramente son chicanos que no entienden bien el español

>> No.9945651

Nice desu

>> No.9945764

is luna playing on the european server?

>> No.9945776

>ASMR de disparos

>> No.9945784

>luna asmr
muh dick.

>> No.9945944

>Moderadores guapos
Hahahaha cute Luna, Nico just cum.

>> No.9946003

¡Hola wapísimos, aquí Luna777!

>> No.9946371


>> No.9946698

i will breed this niña rata

>> No.9946846
File: 686 KB, 2340x1080, 1631899371305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If Luña is truly smart she will make and advertise lewd ASMR behind WACTOR Tier2 paywall to lure many cartel lord

>> No.9946912

She is dumb. I am surprised she can stream at all

>> No.9946940
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>> No.9946991

I would pay ngl

>> No.9946997

Speaking of ASMR, did brujita reach the 100k subs yet? she said she will do ASMR when she gets the 100k

>> No.9947096
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Why is she always hot?

>> No.9947148


>> No.9947196

Lobezna is starting to grow on me bros....

>> No.9947353

>este juego me gustó tanto que no podía parar de jugar
Por favor que no se vuelva adicta...

>> No.9947955
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Tiene otros juegos que jugar

>> No.9947958
File: 62 KB, 500x625, 606fbaf5de81d5bd6d42aba359e0daab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's already too late, the gears are moving, the rat will soon awake at full power.

>> No.9947990

Como por ejemplo...


>> No.9948134
File: 218 KB, 1125x1375, 1612044796055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man I feel bad about this whole discord drama, now I want to make a discord just to groom sopa

How do you get to the discord?

>> No.9948267


Link on the description of the video

>> No.9948276


>> No.9948350

Sp members this is your chance to save misopa from discordfags, expose your concerns in the exclusive stream there is also a chance meido will read you too

>> No.9948457

When the stream ends or a few minutes before, reserve your place in the voice channel, hina may come in after that

>> No.9948599

Mods can't get into member streams for free, Meido will have to directly access through Hina's account or ask her for the VOD.

Unsurprisingly, only like two mods are MisopitaSP.

>> No.9948767
File: 67 KB, 416x122, Miu nice perro vt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Friendly reminder.

>> No.9948770

So discordfags will keep grooming misopa until they doxx her

>> No.9948784

One is the lesbian and what is the other?

>> No.9948879

If she refuses to listen, yeah most likely.

>> No.9949480


mandaron sus pc?

>> No.9949907

voy a mandarle una foto de mi polla.

>> No.9949978

Need to breed

>> No.9950013


>> No.9950674

>i have to verify my account with my phone number to join

>> No.9950781
File: 876 KB, 684x706, 1631839701632.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you dropped this, king

>> No.9950798

Just use a burner phone

>> No.9951216

It doesn't make sense because she sleeps while we are awake

>> No.9951223
File: 15 KB, 255x252, jew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used my real phone number... i am done for

>> No.9951318


>> No.9951507

Sopita needs to remember that there has to be some distance betwen the talent and the fans, or the relationship will not be sustainable

>> No.9951816

Suddenly I have the urge to groom sopita...

>> No.9951881

Hikos don't operate on the same time as a regular person

>> No.9951997

I'm practicing my seductive sigma male voice and will be ready next time Misopa is feeling lonely and in need of company in the discord VC

>> No.9952307

>seductive sigma male voice
Make sure it cracks for extra oomph.

>> No.9952512

Misopa cringe nunca para de subir

>> No.9952615

Be sure to post her nudes here

>> No.9952752

Starting in 30 minutes

>> No.9952779

man i really appreciate the double streams before she goes to bilibili

>> No.9953451

rata de arbol y helado colaboracion

>> No.9953555

Nateyo is a cat tho

>> No.9953581

he vivido una mentira

>> No.9954175

Lobezna en directo

>> No.9954765

This bitch unironically makes me sleep, her voice is ASMR material but nothing else

>> No.9954829

the game is pretty fucking boring too.

>> No.9954909
File: 3.28 MB, 4000x2250, IMG_20210916_222250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9955044

this is the guy grooming your oshi.

>> No.9955455

Her valorant stream from earlier was much better, but she's cute

>> No.9955462

Cuññy Is gone

>> No.9955541

Is this latam SOVL?

>> No.9955638

My normal voice is in Eb2, I'm alfa enough?

>> No.9955683

Windows sounds
I thought I was me.

>> No.9955695
File: 578 KB, 646x525, 926062a40b4224e531a49350a274fab1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lobezna volvió

>> No.9955837

>"Za warudo xD"
Gosh this brat deserves a good spanking so bad.

>> No.9955902

Can she stop messing with misopitas?

>> No.9955953

It's pretty normal I guess. But yikes, could do some cleaning at least. Egg cartons are understandable; it's basically recicling, but why do you have a cup, dish, cellphone box and butter in your desk?


>> No.9956058

>that shit
what the fuck is wrong with you faggots

>> No.9956196

Is she in vc again?

>> No.9956296

Notice the cum stains in the keyboard, all dedicated to sopita

>> No.9956368
File: 90 KB, 574x561, k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9956386

I was talking about Luna

>> No.9956728

How can niggas live like this

>> No.9956898

Normal in the sense of being born in a poor household, anon. There aren't many things you can do to change your entire home (moreso if he's underage), but he could keep his desk clean at least

>> No.9957351

Misopa is in Paraguay, maybe that's the info the discordfags were talking about.

>> No.9957380

>hard games
>Dark Souls, Bloodborne

>> No.9957955
File: 151 KB, 338x302, 1623382527009.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>En cuanto vi un palo lo entendi todo al momento.

>> No.9957979

>cuando vi un palo lo entendí todo
T o T

>> No.9958010

thing is, how do you groom a girl in a voice chat room with 50 other schizoids? i'm more worried about sopa being her retarded self and accidentaly revealing her identity.

>> No.9958081

>i'm more worried about sopa being her retarded self and accidentaly revealing her identity.
She can't be that sopitonta

>> No.9958130

50/50 her that live in Paraguay, information that denies that

>> No.9958139

She needs to be saved from herself

>> No.9958304

What if she want us to believe she's in Paraguay, in that mythical land nobody knows where is...

>> No.9958532

Panchita is going to play Layer's of fear, now


>> No.9958586


>> No.9958594
File: 18 KB, 439x131, 1618789360122.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Panchita toda chiquitita

>> No.9958692
File: 219 KB, 712x471, 1630798009668.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9958728

Why do we call her pacha?

>> No.9958973

Luna's cute rat squalling

>> No.9959134
File: 9 KB, 284x177, images (4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9959141
File: 316 KB, 1443x2048, E2T8nj-UcAM7aBp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Misopa time

>> No.9959181

pal-chan = pancha

>> No.9959199

Qué le pasó a la sopa por qué empezó tan tarde?

>> No.9959245

pancha reading voice is so good wtf

>> No.9959287


>> No.9959354

Pancha's asian schizos are gonna eat her alive...
I'm concernfagging bros...

>> No.9959374

>para gay
dijo que no tenía la hora del pc sincronizada correctamente y esa fue la razon por la que no pudo conectarse al servidor minecraft de wactor
teniendo en cuenta el retraso mental que se gasta, lo veo mas que factible

>> No.9959426

Do chinks know about the yab?

>> No.9959520

PAL is really charming

>> No.9959580

she is the chinese rose for me

>> No.9959582

i don't think many spics know either, and the ones who know like us here are playing dumb.

>> No.9959583

Apart from a few japanese/chinese niggas i dont asians care about wactor

>> No.9959890

ah, yes. The legendary 2 monitor groomer setup

>> No.9959928

at least the chat is in slow mode now

>> No.9960102


>> No.9960196

Don't worry anon, even if she were to get harrased by the chinks, accidentally revealing her face would change absolutely nothing. They are not savage as you may think btw.

>> No.9960202
File: 56 KB, 1047x287, Screenshot_20210917-175930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ARSfags are unironically the most shameful, they don't even try to hide their intentions

>> No.9960203

Some Anons claim that at least Suzu is doing pretty good over bilibili and if true I can see Pal focusing on that audience in the future as well.

>> No.9960313
File: 126 KB, 262x287, perra.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9960397

what if she is from Indonesia? The indog meme would come full circle

>> No.9960410
File: 46 KB, 640x499, fatfuckbf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek that profile pic

>> No.9960473

do you think we will get to see a finger bros?

>> No.9960475

My oshi is a dog girl, and I know another dog one who's really cute, so I'm very excited about this wanchan

>> No.9960538
File: 558 KB, 854x480, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That huge toilet paper roll

>> No.9960546

any news about la firulais?

>> No.9960573

Maybe her model is not finished yet

>> No.9960679


>> No.9960766
File: 111 KB, 272x266, 1611641963569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Besito de lobita cunny

>> No.9960904

>so many lucecitas
so many maricones

>> No.9961015


>> No.9961039

>Intel premium

>> No.9961047

Perfect model for a trapito, plz meido hear my prayers

>> No.9961070

based unitychad

>> No.9961094

Never trusted cuckbuds, but holy shit

>> No.9961136

Is the person behind the character who decides the gender

>> No.9961140

if your lucky, she will stream while wearing gloves

>> No.9961391
File: 724 KB, 2340x1080, 1631921023140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9961534

Para que le suene fuertota la voz

>> No.9961843

Hina prefiere anal confirmado.

>> No.9961884

what a fucking disgusting desktop

>> No.9961937
File: 51 KB, 618x614, E2eKYC6XwAM4EDP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9961976

Alan tiene retraso mental, de la forma menos ironica y honesta posible.

>> No.9962020

>"ahora se que hablas español, guiño"
Misopa, at least try to hide it...

>> No.9962079

Anons, why is Misopa so cute

>> No.9962215

regional prices were a mistake

>> No.9962270

>he actually explained the lube thing

>> No.9962338

ffs why ARSniggers can send akauspas with 15 usd

>> No.9962348

PAL is so talented

>> No.9962361

based junji ito chad

>> No.9962952
File: 62 KB, 742x720, E5ZwnKNWYAICgCE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>26 year old PC
>"eres menor de edad?"

>> No.9963055

She does it on purpose, right?

>> No.9963142

She doesn't...

>> No.9963214
File: 66 KB, 711x711, 1543207626747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9963227
File: 108 KB, 1016x1016, E5elcFtXwAEoLee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9963284

I need to make babies with her

>> No.9963315

>Maid-chan monitoring Pal

>> No.9963324

Misopa clearly hates maido

>> No.9963345

Second chance

>> No.9963370

I'm jealous about how this Ben guy is so proud of his flash game

>> No.9963612

>acaso no quieren una vtuber de 10 años

>> No.9963614

Well obviously, she asked for a raise and meido-chan told her no

>> No.9963677

I missed that. She revealed she was 26?

>> No.9963707

New thread


>> No.9963711
File: 153 KB, 518x518, E41xdjIVEAAg5lv.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Misopa just fucking farted again

>> No.9963997

She doesn't get paid enough to put up with misopita's shit

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