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Marine literally talked about how she went on a short break to "reset her horniness"
If that's not code for "I went out and got laid good and hard" I don't know what is

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Aloe, if you get what I mean...

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All hags, korone, botan, aki, watame....

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Do you mean "know how to turn men on and tantalize them" or "understand their mentalities"

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>Marine literally talked about how she went on a short break to "reset her horniness"
Not surprising. When you read nothing but BL it's bound to happen

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That's hot

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Are you retarded? Anything sexual basically causes her to shut down and she barely understand her female colleagues.
Choco, understand what turns men on perfectly.

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>he didnt see

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You're new aren't you

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Ame plays fotm multiplayer pc games. And has been to anime conventions.

She knows what this fan base I'd capable of, and that's why she keeps them at arms length

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thread discarded

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Add Choco and Nene

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nani the fuck are you talking about?

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>he doesn't know

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I would personally remove Rushia and Pekora, yes despite what she used to do. Rushia has a hold over a very specific niche of lonely men that want to feel wanted, but I don't think she knows how to establish a more normal relationship with men.
I would include Choco of course, Ayame, Subaru, Mio, Botan and Lamy. Noel is tentative, as she's perhaps a walking wet dream, but she seems like she wouldn't put out just for anyone, perhaps because of her infatuation with her brother.

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>he lacks the critical information

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It's amazing how Mio knows exactly how to turn men on but only dripfeeds it.
Even her fellow holo call her "eromio" when she turns her sexiness on.

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Who the fuck cares if they dont understand men well its better if they not

Although its obviously terrible if instead theye delusional THINK they know men well while they dont like anya

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Real men are extremely individualistic.
Pekora understands her audience really well.
I'm not sure if Mio truly understands her power.

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No one understands men better than men

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>its better if they not
No, it isn't. I'm not a fucking teenager getting his pants full of precum because I'm kissing a girl and grabbing her tit. I'm a goddamn man.
Girls like Towa are exceedingly sweet and clumsy and perhaps many people want her as a first gf or something, but I'm beyond that. I don't want to guide her hand through a relationship and teach her what I like and how I like it. I want a woman that can intuit what I like, and or that can in turn wow me with what she can do.
The advantage of a younger girl is perhaps perky tits and a tighter cunt, but that honestly pales in comparison to technique. Fucking zoomer.

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Anya acts like that?

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When I see her 3D streams I wonder how the fuck staff is holding themselves back. Because Jesus Christ, I would flee the room if I saw that in real life to prevent myself from committing a crime.

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Haachama. And every chuuba that looks like or plays up loli appeal. All men are lolicon.

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Her roommate was a tiddy streamer

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>showing a bit of cleavage in cosplay outfits is what men want
What are you? Twelve?

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What are you? A fag?

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spoke like a true woman

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Damn, her ass is flat

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Spoken like a true underage ESL. Sorry fag, hags are better. I don't make the rules.

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But... she izu aidol

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>he doesn't know

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I would like to see pekora's tits

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She had Kanata order a new vibrator for her. She probably broke all of the ones she had resetting herself.

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It's beautiful. Those nigger baboon asses are disgusting.

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No I'm 69

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Why would she ask Kanata to buy her one, are houshoumen really that poor?

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Kanata knows where to buy durable stuff due to her grip streanght.

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My guess would be that she bought a lot of them and didn't want it to look suspicious on her credit card.

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My guess would be that she bought a lot of them and didn't want it to look suspicious on her credit card.

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Rushia is definitely a cum connoisseur

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isn't Marine a bit too weird to really get that so easily? might've just whacked off more than usual.
it could also have been her leaning into the bit.
(you could still be right.)

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Kanata outright explained it onstream. Marine kept saying she wanted one of those hitachi magic wands but was too pussy to order it herself, including online. Kanata outright ordered it and gave it to her.

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this dude has a point

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>he pretends sex is about physical pleasure
Imagine losing your masculinity so much that you forget the carnal thrill of using your body to twist and overpower her mind and soul until she can no longer fight back and orgasms hard on your cock over and over again, her body spasming with pleasure as the raw domination contorts her mind with ecstasy until she realizes that she loves nothing else than to be taken and stained by you, that her body and mind are yours and that she is in her rightful place here as a slave to the inconceivable pleasure of submission to your primal lust and desire

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As retarded as she is, I think haachama is pretty good at being a turn on.
Though I still think it's more funny than it is hot

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love how everyone shiting on coco and marine are pekorafags. when clearly they are being ironic unlike slutora who literally skypes with lingere with old men with their dicks out

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shame they nerfed her ass unlike her irl form

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I think Aki is correct big EQ.
Rushia is simply a predator adapted to her environment.

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that pit

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I'm sorry to break it to you anon, but you're not going to fuck any of them, so that's all irrelevant to their value as vtubers to you. Unless what you mean to say is that that's the kind of fantasy that turns you on.

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I didn't think about it like that

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Choco-sen has terrible taste in men, though

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kill yourself

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anon, what the fuck are you talking about? it is blatantly obvious you have never had sex

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Why not "Chuubas that treat their audience as gentlemen"

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Would she really even bother bringing the subject up if she had truly gone out and get fucked silly?

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Akiroze could literally have me dancing around her finger and I fucking love it
She'd be toying with me in ways I can't even comprehend
The way she shakes her derriere, she fucking KNOWS what she's doing bros and it's DRIVING ME WILD

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What are you talking about?
Choco-sensei has routinely pursued men who are:
-Ambitious risk-takers(pachinko parlor)
-Money-conscious(gas compensation)
and much more
Frankly she's well on her way to getting the man you could only ever meet in your wildest dreams

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Good for her, honestly.
The lighting makes the armpit look sunburnt. I don´t like it.

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Pekora is a slut, even her name implies it, Usada can be translated as "used goods" in Spanish