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Which Holo EN do you hate the most? Which Holo EN should graduate?


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(You) should.

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>supacha whore
>stole ames time gimmick
fuck you, clock woman.

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>Kiara winning the pol by a landslide
to no one's surprise I must say

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>Op is a faggot
to no one's surprise I must say

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Sry Kiara, people are just being honest here.

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Sana, because I'm racist. Owl and Fauna are up there for being bland as a cardboard.

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Fuck you, MeiMei is based as fuck.

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It's working eggtranny sister haha!
Our smear is becoming a popular epic meem on /vt/!

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I don't care if you hate someone in Myth, a graduation would devastate the other girls. Myth girls love each other to pieces, I don't want to ever split them up.

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>Owlcuck provides no argument
She's boring as fuck.
All her streams consist of pointing something evidently in the stream, followed by awkward pause and repeat.
She belongs in NijiEN.

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this is why i hate gura and chumbuds

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>Owl is bland.
>No! Owl is based.
>No argument, lol.
There was never one to begin with on either side.

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All of them. Western Vtubers were a mistake.

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Wish I could vote for all of them except Ina, who is the only EN who actually fits in with the rest of Hololive Japan and isn't a constant cringe marathon. All the other EN girls are just glorified Twitch streamers. The worst of them of course is Kiara, who brings all of Hololive down with her disgusting low-brow "comedy" and constant sex jokes.

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>All her streams consist of pointing something evidently in the stream, followed by awkward pause and repeat.
That's not true at all. Mumei is the cutest and purest of EN.

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I choose Gura, but it doesn't mean I hate her. I just want to see a tragedy. And the more chuuba fans there are, the more epic it will be.

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I find it funny that every single time a poll like this is made kiara always doubles the second place.

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Would call that a cohencidence?

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What the fuck did Kronii to get most votes from second gen?

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/anti general/

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>did Kronii

>> No.9846744

>popular bad
you should take half the votes off from both gura and kronii just based on that.

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>people voted for ina

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people hate that the only rrat she has is she didnt draw Coco before she graduated lmao.

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but Mori is more popular than Kronii?

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Mori is number 2 in her gen and there's a massive difference between her and Gura. People tend to hate the number 1.

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Learn what rrat means discordtranny

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he used it correctly

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give me another ina rrat other than that one fagget.

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I'm glad we at least can have UNITY in the hatred of kiara. At least we can all agree on something.

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that's right fellow discordfag, >we all hate kiara here

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>we all hate kiara here
Yes, we do.

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are "discordfags" in the room with us right now?

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Why yes, I do hate and absolutely despise Kiara from the bottom of my heart. How could you tell?

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When I opened this thread I forgot Council even existed until I started reading replies. That's how little of an impact they have

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Sana, because ugly brown skin shouldn't be in Hololive.

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gura, i just want her out of hololive, i cant give a shit if she is mega popular or not, just gtfo from hololive

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Mori seems like she wants it the least, honestly. She doesn't put in that much effort in her streaming at all.

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This is why I voted for her. She's not offensively bad but she just doesn't seem to give a shit. Kiara clearly cares about Hololive and actively bridges the EN and JP branch on a literal weekly basis with her holotalk streams. I don't watch them really, but I still respect her input. Calli literally does nothing but make bad music.

I think the first time I've ever liked Calli was during the anniversary collab. She was uncharacteristically energetic and seemed to genuinely be having fun for once. If she was like that more often, I'd like her a lot more.

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damn, dude, must've been a shock to wake up in 2021, did the medical staff not catch you up on things?

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Voted for all of them once because your poll is shit

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Make sure you vote Kiara last so she gets the final vote.

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>post poal on 4chin
>link poal in my favorite trannycord and tell them to vote what I want

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I voted for none of them because I don't hate any of them.

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Bael because I have no idea who she is. I don’t know anyone from EN2 except for Kronii because clippers keep shilling her and Sana because /vt/ kept obsessing over her until she actually debuted

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except kiara, forgot to to mention that sry.

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it's actually the homo grooming discord

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>runs a whole ass TTRP campaign
>(co)writes songs for other members and the company
>animates shit for other members
>voiceovers things for other members
dude, you have to go to the level of willing ignorance to make a take this shit

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Anon... just admit you dislike/hate her for your own petty reasons. You don't need to make shit up in order to justify it

>> No.9850958

But that's a true statement, as true as "grass is green".

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>Mumei and Ina getting the least votes

>> No.9851172

imagine hating someone that you could just....not watch

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Nah, I'd rather hate her but thanks.

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The TTRP I'll give you, I don't really watch those streams much so I forget she runs that sometimes. The rest of the shit has nothing to do with streaming, which means it does nothing to detract from my point that she seems largely dispassionate about streaming.

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Damn it guys why did you vote kiara calli is a deadweight why didnt you vote her even ironmouse is better then her

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lurk more? there more to the rrat than that, of course you would know it if you spend time here, or are you a reddit tourist trying to get spoonfeed?

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Mori’s roommate has bigger tits though

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I dont hate any of them but I wouldnt care if Fauna left

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but it goes directly against multiple other points
>Calli literally does nothing but make bad music.
>She's not offensively bad but she just doesn't seem to give a shit.

which just makes your point looks dumb and underinformed. the argument about streaming doesn't particularly hold water either, if we talk in completely objective terms (like stream time, or stream frequency, or stream variety) and comes down to subjective taste or overblowing technical issues

>> No.9851913

...in what hole do you live?

>> No.9852072

Yeah, i know. Hate someone so much you watch everything about em to bitch, alot of ppl do this

>> No.9852202

Nah I don't watch her.

>> No.9852216

please for the love of god fauna she is literally nothing she is a waste of a slot

at least mumei is autistic

>> No.9852276

Someone dispassionate about streaming wouldn't casually do 8-10+ hour streams
Oh and she's doing another one today

You never really had a valid argument from the start but if you think you had one, it's completely falling apart...

>> No.9852362

I think we could give fauna a chance

>> No.9852405

Alright, I guess this is what I get for entertaining an autist on /vt/. I'll let you in on a secret, there's a little thing called an exaggeration and that's what I posted. Obviously Calli doesn't LITERALLY do nothing because she plays games and does asmr as well, so I'm obviously not actually saying she just sits on her ass and releases one song every few months while doing nothing else. I'm saying that's all she really does that's of any substance. And I stand by that, with the exception of the TTRP since that's a pretty unique and cool thing she runs.

Literally everyone does endurance streams, I don't think I can even take you seriously if you're such a newfag that you think this is some spectacular feat that is definitive proof that she loves to stream.

>> No.9852417

She has some identifiable tendencies

>> No.9852707

Where's the option for "none" you despicable fuckwit?

>> No.9853084

>Alright, I guess this is what I get for entertaining an autist on /vt/.
you mean yourself? you're acting like you just had to vote in this poal simply cause it existed, even when you seem to be aware your argument for doing so is absolutely shit

>> No.9853244

>Literally everyone does endurance streams
So? Everyone in Hololive is passionate about streaming then, including Mori. Anything else?

>> No.9853413

No, I mean you, because you're busting my balls over a post I made criticizing an internet personality. Relax. The poll isn't that serious. I don't actually want Calli to graduate. We're entertaining a hypothetical scenario, nobody is sending the results of this poll to Cover to try to get them to fire somebody, you autist. Deadbeats are such fucking freaks. Meanwhile, here's Kiara at the absolute top of this poll and zero KFPs have rolled into this thread defending her.
>Everyone in Hololive is passionate about streaming then
I already know you're a newfag my man, you don't have to rub it in.

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Checked result, didn't vote.
If you voted, your oshi would hate you and you're also retarded.

>> No.9853632

Talk shit, get shit on. I'm just doing this while I waiting for a stream to start. Looks like you're pretty bored too

>> No.9853660

>I'm only pretending to be retarded XD
participating in shit like this is what brings the actual retards in

>> No.9853801

This. Real fans wouldn't want their friends to leave. Ya'll are fags.

>> No.9853846

Made enough money to make poorfags seethe.

>> No.9853876

I'm not pretending to do anything, fuckwit. I genuinely don't like Calli. I also don't dislike her enough that I want her to lose her job. It's called banter. There does exist a fabled space between wanting someone's head on a pike and slobbering on their cock 24/7, you know. A huge chunk of this board's discourse is like this, you should probably just stop browsing here if you get your panties in a twist because somebody criticized a vtuber you like.
Yeah, I get it, Calli is the only vtuber you watch because you're a tourist, and you're waiting for her next stream killing time on /vt/ defending her while you wait. Thank you for telling me, for the third time, that you're a newfag.

>> No.9853913

my oshi deserves to work for a hololive that's free of chumbuds, and the only way to eliminate them is to get rid of their queen

>> No.9853929

Clicked check results and color me shocked its Kiara, who could have predicted this?

>> No.9854030

>wah wah wah
Keep it up, man. I'll only stop if you do~

>> No.9854138

Literally no one likes Kiara unironically

>> No.9854242

Sana is tanned, retard

>> No.9854335

I doubt that, I'm assuming you'll stop when Calli goes live considering you said you're just killing time. I'll save you the effort and stop replying to you so you can spend the next hour doing literally anything else. You could check out Polka maybe, she's live right now. Broaden your horizons a bit.

>> No.9854499

Cool, thanks. I got bored of this too already

>> No.9854590

Not watching them won't make me not hate them, dumbass. In fact the reason why I don't watch Kiara anymore IS because I hate her.

>> No.9854662

She should sit in the shade until her tan goes away, then.

>> No.9855185

Not Fauna. You can just tell she would sound sad for the audience but would be happy about having one less competitor in HoloEN deep down.

>> No.9855272

>Why so many people like what I don't? This is wrong and should stop existing

>> No.9855492

Wrong, it's impossible to ignore their existence, they will collab with who I watch, they will be referenced both by their coworkers and the community, have builds and stuff in the mincraft server you just can't chose to "ignore" in that way in a corpo like Hololive, even worse for the small companies who have basically their 3~5 talents constantly with each other.

>> No.9855520

It’s extra fucked up because she didn’t get a choice and her appearance doesn’t represent her at all. Blackface by proxy.

>> No.9855562

Omage should graduated from his Vtweeter persona

>> No.9855888

Results: Kiara at the top, Sana at the bottom. Based.

>> No.9856049

I don't hate any of them, numbersfaggot
Why don't you graduate from life you miserable faggot?

>> No.9857280

>post poal on hlgg, which regularly has between 200-300 unique IPs
>get around that many votes
>post poal on a split thread
>get 10x the number of unique IPs in votes

>> No.9858427

Discordtrannies don't use /hlgg/ because they get bullied there and splits give them better dopamine rushes from attentionwhoring.

>> No.9858768

Unsurprisingly, people are fucking faggots with shit taste.
Here they are, best to worst.
Ina > Kiara > Gura > Amelia > Sana > POWER GAP > Bae > shit > Kronii > a mountain of shit > Fauna > Mumei > Mori

>> No.9858791

>more votes for gura than fauna
oh i forgot, chumbud hours are over and it's morning in SEA

>> No.9858810

Omegafaggot, if that even counts.

>> No.9858855

I'm not a fan of Kiara but she is my least favorite. She has good taste in games tho

>> No.9858935

Good to see Sana is last in this poll (subs too) so fuck you dumb cunt

>> No.9858971

I mean...literally the only reason she was hated is because popularity

>> No.9859075

Funny seeing as Kiara is the only one that has collab most with the JP branch and being one of the only ones that know Japanese.
Also IRyS should stay

>> No.9859156

I just saw a poal posted on hlgg and it had less than 50 posts. It's really strange.

>> No.9859302

Let me tell you a "secret".
A lot of people here like NTR and the thought of getting cucked.
Personally I love Fauna because I get off to the thought theres a guy mounting her and creaming her pussy after every stream, better yet if they make fun of her audience.
She likes buff guys so he probably wrecks her in bed.
I was waiting for a holo like this since Gura and Ame disappointed me when their shit turnt to be nothingburgers / ex

>> No.9859334

While I definitely have my least favorite HoloEN members to the point I stopped watching them, I don't really hate them and I've seen they've improved over time, so I don`t really think anyone should graduate
That said, I'll vote in the poal because of deadbeats coping now. I hate KFP even more, but deadbeats are the ones I find insufferable

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I used to dislike Kiara but even she grew on me over time.

>> No.9860223

are people still trusting poal? I could make ina or sana the top voted just by myself if I wanted to lol

>> No.9860277

Doubt it. If you can then give kiara 500 votes right now, I dare you.

>> No.9860376

Why the fauna hate exactly? Did people really buy into shadow's subtweeting or is she that boring? Havent been interested in Gen2 as a whole.

>> No.9860391

don't challenge my autism

>> No.9860415

Do it then faggot

>> No.9860486

If it's so easy then do it already lol

>> No.9860513

ok send 4500 votes to Mori and I'll believe you

>> No.9860528

>can't do it
Thought so.

>> No.9860570

This anon's head is in the right place.

>> No.9860692

People digged information about her roommate and turns out she has a boyfriend, so unicorns feel mad

>> No.9860813

hence why he said myth girls you illiterate fuck, he wasnt including the EN2 sluts

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I do!

>> No.9861935

I wouldn't be surprised if the chicken is hated. Most of the ones who post /here/ are once her fans. 8 months of membership here, she got good and at the same time, worst. She up her productivity and it was fun. I don't know why people are filtered by her voice but one thing is for sure, her moans are "chefs kiss". But time passes she grew too much, especially her ego. She used to have an imposter syndrome and her fans did their best to push her confidence. But man, guess we pushed it so hard that it got to her head. Kfp would think she just being honest when in reality, she's being a bitch. Not only that but calling out fans, using people like tools, bitch about management for not producing her songs— things she could request honestly. That's ain't no leader, that's one egoistic selfish bitch. Kfp now becoming her comfort zone, where she only take praises. Bet she can't take criticism and if she does read it, she makes that criticism look bad.

>> No.9862110

>8 months of membership here

>> No.9862261

I dislike the chicken because she's a super cringe tryhard

>> No.9862707

ah yes, the triple-double reverse falseflag

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One of kiara's pioneering member.

>> No.9863658

Seething saviorfags is a good sign for progress.
>Most of the ones who post /here/ are once her fans

>> No.9863735

>sana last
pretty cool

>> No.9864563

Same, but because of the accent rather than skin color. I can't stand listening to her, I hope she keeps her collabs to a minimum if at all

>> No.9864718

Did someone dump 100 Ina votes?

>> No.9864928

probably this retard >>9860223
she was one of the least voted prior to that.

>> No.9864972

Well anons did dare him to do that

>> No.9865059

how come this email seems to be dated sept 2020, but it's using her new profile picture?

>> No.9865152

Check yours anon, I used Gmail with mine.

>> No.9867122

>kiara at number one
Finally she got there!

>> No.9867463

At this point I’m just going to believe all Ame “antis” are just false-flagging teammates looking for support for their oshi.

>> No.9868010

>sana even has the least antis
How... do we save her?

>> No.9868641

I'll give her some pity hate anon.

>> No.9869531

They all kind of suck, but it's their fans that are the worst

>> No.9870404

>runs a whole ass TTRP campaign
The one she completely botched the last time? Even a little bit of testing would've been enough to catch and resolve the issues that popped up during that stream. Mori, as always, didn't bother - and that same attitude nearly affected the anniversary collab as well.
>(co)writes songs for other members and the company
hololive music sucks ass

>> No.9870945

7/8 TTRPG sessions went well without any issues and the reason the last one "failed" was because she was in another country trying to run the whole thing on a laptop, since she didn't have her usual streaming setup. You can complain about it if you want, but almost no one cares since it still ended up being one of the best Myth collabs.
>hololive music sucks ass

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>myth girls love each other to pieces

I don't really get that feeling.

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>> No.9871462


>> No.9871494

The poll is for hololive, not holotrannies.

>> No.9871506

Sana should have stayed brown/black but have been a space loli instead of space tits.

Then people would call her best girl.

>> No.9872006

im glad the vast majority of people hate kiara that gives me a greater chance to have sex with her

>> No.9872115

>78 ips
>280 kiara votes
They seriously could not make it any more obvious if they tried.
Hope you fucks crack and fry.

>> No.9872225


>> No.9872715

>only the people who posted in the thread actually voted
weird cope

>> No.9874842

There should be over 1000 votes for kiara. The fact that she got less than 100% of the votes already shows how rigged it is.

>> No.9874996

I don't hate any of them, I just don't care for them. I don't think any of them should graduate, because I'm not a psychopath and wishing bad things for decent people is not nice.

>> No.9875962

Except kiara, I hate her. Forgot to tell that.

>> No.9876091

So... Why Ina has 110 votes? I missed some yab?

>> No.9876991

>(You) should graduate your life

>> No.9877460

Only right answer.
Everyone else is one or another type of ok, not enjoyable or great, but Omega is active fucking cancer despite only being on Twitter and handling management.
Voted for Kiara on account of associating with VS but aside from that I don't really mind her. That one thing is bad enough however.

>> No.9879181

see >>9864928

>> No.9880037

Just like Amelia

>> No.9881280

>no (you)

>> No.9881938

Why does /vt/ hate Mori again? Is it because racists have a weird hateboner for rap?

>> No.9882094

I detest wiggers

>> No.9882546

Mostly for petty reasons. Whatever "valid" reasons /vt/ had for hating Mori are not applicable anymore, so people just like holding grudges I guess

>> No.9882640

Yea. Opinions here are very devicive. Generally if you don't care about wigger shit or cringe then she's fine. If either of those effect you even a bit then you'll hate her. She collabs with e-celebs which makes a lot of people insta-hate her too.
She also has a lot of rrats about her, but as someone who actually watches streams, they're almost all bs. Especially shit like "5%" when it's clear Mori works insanely hard. It's like everyone forgot she worked three jobs when she started, and when she quit the other two she filled that time with stream related activities.

>> No.9882663

Wow, people just giving out past lives like candy in the comments

>> No.9887338
File: 122 KB, 830x974, 1630978138040.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ina that high

>> No.9889912

Some chicken cuck got mad that nobody likes the chicken and decided to spam someone else, Ina was at the bottom before he spammed her.

>> No.9890004

I don't hate any of them. Even their fanbases are tolerable and much better to the early time.
Only complaint that I'd have would be for the fanbases of a few HoloID ones.

>> No.9890086
File: 202 KB, 540x334, 1608721183726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone who even votes in something like this should erase themselves from the internet.

>> No.9890533

Do your reps and watch more streams, Fauna is entertaining with her zatsudan skills and she's actually the unityfag of EN2.

>> No.9890698

This is what happens when you base all your opinion of a chuba on their debut alone, Fauna is way more than she seemed at first..

>> No.9891232

I knew Kiara would be first but I'm surprised at how much lower Ame is than the rest of myth. My guess is that if this poll was conducted a day before the anniversary stream ame would be closer to the top.

>> No.9891325
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>> No.9893155

This but except k*ara.

>> No.9894257

reddit take

>> No.9895010


>> No.9895025

Kiara cause I get annoyed by her personality.
That doesn't mean I want her to graduate, though. She is kind of the glue of the group. She is a necessary evil if you will.
I think Gura of all of EN should graduate because she is a shut in and that's a life that has a high risk of being unfulfilling for anyone if they fail at finding their own purpose. Still that doesn't mean she should, she is just the one that has the biggest reason to.

>> No.9895042

Why the fuck are there so many hate threads?
Do you have so much free time that you got tired of talking about things you like so you go on to hating on shit?

>> No.9895133

seeing aloe here makes me happy.

>> No.9895166


>> No.9895223

>Why the fuck are there so many hate threads?
We don't actually hate the mentioned idols.
This is a board of appreciation after all.
It's just that "mildly perturbed" doesn't grab that much attention.

>> No.9895539

Honest answer: no one. But since I don't want to be a killjoy I voted for the chicken.
Then again the most deserving is probably Fauna for leaning in on the GFE despite her "circumstances", but since she's still new, it would be a waste to get rid of her so soon, without even seeing what she can accomplish.

>> No.9896185

Gen 2 fails to impress me so them.

>> No.9897303

Well Gen 1 sure did impress us with how much of a cunt k*ara is.

>> No.9897439

please stop doing that. it's autistic and it makes you look like a 12 year old girl

>> No.9897567
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>> No.9897809

Where is Aloe?

>> No.9898009
File: 191 KB, 1000x1483, Amelia Shitson 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck everybody who did not vote for the fat libertarian cunt.

>> No.9898137

Seething hahahah

>> No.9898628
File: 213 KB, 839x854, sasd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>One of the crocodiles in the moat I built around my property to defend against trespassers ate my son.

Welcome to Amelia Shitson's Paradise!

>> No.9899211

The funny thing is that it actually looks like Watson

>> No.9899234

mumei and fauna for being useless whore bitch fucks

>> No.9899751
File: 98 KB, 1024x683, 1631829728703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't like fire birb because of her blatant degeneracy. It's fun in bits and pieces, but when you want Calli to be elbow deep in your arse, and treat you like a Jim Henson puppet, you have serious emotional problems.

>> No.9899912

Why are you posting about Marine

>> No.9900047
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Marine just wants to be violated by her friends, coworkers, kaigainikis, and anything that has a heartbeat. At least it's comical because she's a hag and won't happen.

>> No.9900134

lets fucking goooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.9900405
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Not to mention, Calli gets REALLY uncomfortable with Kiara being so blatantly forward, and she only goes along with it because it generates revenue. Not as a tsundere bit, but generally terrified. At some point, Kiara will take it too far and sexually assault Calli, causing the collapse of Holomyth.

>> No.9900826

>sexually assault Calli
They are not even in the same country. Meanwhile you have a bitch who literally things that human beings are commodities that can be owned and that child prostitution should be legal.

>> No.9902122

Anon, they were sleeping together, bathing together and spent way more time with each other than any of the other Myth girls. Furthermore, Kiara seems less interested in Mori now compared to before. You're about 8 months late with this post.

>> No.9908975

K*ara es numero unor

>> No.9909080
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Anon, please don't overdose

>> No.9909221

based chad

>> No.9909270

kfp hate predates both /vt/ and the egg maymay, tourist.

>> No.9912383

Amelia isn't fat but she does have fat sweaty tits.

>> No.9912655

>Amelia isn't fat
lmao maybe not for amerimutt standards but she would be obese anywhere else

>> No.9912776 [DELETED] 
File: 231 KB, 1598x926, 85657985-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean those pictures from 6 years ago? Here are more recent ones.
I'll ban evade btw

>> No.9912865 [DELETED] 

Look at that fatty

>> No.9918070

cool whale pics
wrong place tho

>> No.9918323

Out of everyone I wish Omega graduates. Fuck that faggot.

>> No.9922460

Imagine being able to hate someone just from watching them feature in a collab with someone else. Yes, that's how easy Kiara makes this.

>> No.9922881

He did warn them that polls weren’t accurate and he could do that.

>> No.9922908

>he did it