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Kaneko Lumi
>Lumi: pure sex, queen, gold among vtubers, history nerd, strategy vtuber, really knows how to keep chat watching

Utano Pandora
>Pandora: comfy, sweet, fluent in jp, great voice, i love her and seina together

Amaris Yuri
>Yuri: cute, funny, ww2/war enthusiast, owns cool ass guns and goes to the range, fps and horror games

Ayane Hylo
>Hylo: also funny, 'unhinged' type vtuber, is ok at fps, boomer games, wonderful singer

Momozora Seina
>Seina: speaks spanish fluently, kind of a tomboy but a really cute one, rhythm games/minecraft streams are fun to watch from her

CyberLive (auditions open!)
Full schedule:

Reference Sheets: (updated)

/vt/ League team status (/pcclg/): Team is mostly done, just need a soccer ball design, stadium banners, and a brush-up on tactics. Also, anthem and goal horn preferably from /pcg/.

Oh, and they’re /here/, and laughing at your schizoposting.

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Fuck it, have the better version of the OP image

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Lumi's cock...
I want to stuff my face right into her golden curly pubes and take in a deep breath...
The scent would send tingles straight to my brain...

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I really love Lumi. Like, a lot. Like, a whole lot. You have no idea. I love her so much that it is inexplicable, and I'm ninety-nine percent sure that I have an unhealthy obsession. I will never get tired of listening that sweet, angelic voice of hers. It is my life goal to meet up her with her in real life and just say hello to her. I fall asleep at night dreaming of her holding a personal concert for me, and then she would be sorry tired that she comes and cuddles up to me while we sleep together. If I could just hold her hand for a brief moment, I could die happy. If given the opportunity, I would lightly nibble on her ear just to hear what kind of sweet moans she would let out. Then, I would hug her while she clings to my body hoping that I would stop, but I only continue as she moans louder and louder. I I would give up almost anything just for her to look in my general direction. No matter what I do, I am constantly thinking of her. When I wake up, she is the first thing on my mind. When I go to school, I can only focus on her. When I go come home, I go on the computer so that I can listen to her beautiful voice. When I go to sleep, I dream of her and I living a happy life together. She is my pride, passion, and joy. If she were to call me "Onii-chan," I would probably get diabetes from her sweetness and die. I wish for nothing but her happiness. If it were for her, I would give my life without any second thoughts. Without her, my life would serve no purpose. I really love Lumi.

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Give me stream times

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Last thread was very disturbed. Let's have a sense thread this time around.

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Seiso*, damn autocorrect

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19:00 - Seina Amnesia

22:00 - Pandora Duolingo

23:00 - Lumi DS3

02:00 - Hylo zatsu collab with Nunki on Twitch

All times UTC.

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>Oh, and they’re /here/, and laughing at your schizoposting.
Did we schizopost? Being on this site for too long i can't differentiate a normal post from a schizo.

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Reminder that Lumi actually reads all these posts and probably calls us degenerates while smirking.

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We talked about seina stuffing pandora full of vibrators, to lumi's 12 inch cock.

>> No.9836161

So it's not happening then? I thought you guys were giving insider info

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Woah, Lumi's cock is massive...

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We know, Lumi.

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luv me panda

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luv me mommy dommy bear

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Seina Amnesia

>> No.9837123

To think i found out how truly massive Seina's tits are from an anon's futa fanfic...

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She looks super high

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>tfw lumi can't give me a gaping asshole by shoving her raw 12 inch porcelain cock and senselessly fuck me rough.

>tfw i cant hear her take my 8k channel points and stretch after making my ass unusable for a week.

>tfw i cant hear her call blue a retard for redeeming the 322nd hydrate during the "butt fucking my #1 paypig" twitch stream.

>tfw i wont be able to look back into the chat and see kfp and esdeath seethe because from the amount of wins im getting.

why live bros?

>> No.9837267

So that Seina can call you a puerco.

>> No.9837308

Yeah but will she fuck him in the ass? Doubt it.

>> No.9837333

What's wrong with you fags

>> No.9837390

she wont fuck me in the ass anon

>> No.9837496

Were you even there last thread? This is how it's gonna be from now on
nigger stfu explaining your woes on 4ch isn't gonna make Lumi split your ass like the red sea

>> No.9837507

hang yourself

>> No.9837547

but the more we post, the more likely she opens up paypig positions anon.

>> No.9837575

I'm pretty sure she won't do that again

>> No.9837628

I would unironically be Lumi's paypig and abandon pretty much all my hobbies to be with her.

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Funny enough, if you search /vt/clg/ you still find this thread thanks to the /vt/ League part of the OP.

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I want to cuff Pandoras legs to her arms and gag her mouth. I want her blind folded and I want to tease her beasts til she cries out in desperation for just a hint of release. I'll work my way down caressing and kissing her down til we get to her most vulnerable place. I'd continue caressing and licking her thigh and edging closer and closer to the prize but never quiet getting to it. I want to hear her desperation, I want her to get upset, I want her to demand the real pleasure she's being denied.

I'll then turn on the vibrator next to her ear and turn it back off. Then I'll give her the quickest of licks letting her finally have what she has been denied. I'll continue to lick her and get her thoroughly wet before turning on the vibrator and pressing it against her quiver lower set of lips. I'll keep playing with her and bringing her closer and closer to her climax. I'll pull the vibrator away then slap my cock against her so that she knows what's coming. Her breath will be rapid and harsh, her excitement getting the better of her. I'll then spread her lips and slowly enter her. I want it to be blissfully excruciating for her and me both. I want us to savor the moment until it's made it all the way in. Ill keep that vibrator pressed against her clit as I start pounding away at her. Like a wild and desperate beast I'll keep pounding away until I spill all of my seed deep into her womb. I'll then remove the gag and have her suck off the juices left on my cock. I'll put the gag back on her and continue to tease her because this is only the beginning for her

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God this thread... I'll be back when Lumi streams, i hope everything goes back to normal by then.

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>tfw she's not your femdom and you will never be worthy.

whoever she's butfucking is lucky anon...

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Don't worry, most posts here are ironic.
Right, fellas?

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no. im very serious yes

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Only a matter of time until you get an anon dying to tell you about how much he wants to get his whole world split by the lightning that is horse cock Lumi

>> No.9838122

Is this an arms race against /pcg/ for degenerate posting?

>> No.9838150

>Only a matter of time
Nigga, that's literally the 3rd post ITT

>> No.9838158

I'm starting to feel it
but hey, no cuckposting

>> No.9838178

I'm scared of that that's why i've been warning about coomers and coomposting it always ends up like this...

>> No.9838202

i will only only focus my efforts around lumi's 12 inch porcelain cock

>> No.9838244

There he is! Anal anon

>> No.9838279

may lumi bless you with the roughest ass fucking you will ever get anon

>> No.9838367

Unrelated question Analchama did you happen to apply for Lumi's mod applications? I wanna know if the mod spot just attracts these schizos

>> No.9838395

How did >Lumi has a 12 inch cock posting even start?
I was away for a few days and now it's basically canon

>> No.9838417

Literally hours ago

>> No.9838423

fuck no

i just saw op's pic and decided to get creative

>> No.9838432

Should I last minute audition? Is cyberlive even legit? Lumi deserves better

>> No.9838446

I bet Lumi actually did it herself because she gets aroused by the idea

>> No.9838465

Go for it anon, worst they can say is no.

>> No.9838490

Nah, m8. I've been seeing it since atleast the weekend
Now that's a rrat I believe

>> No.9838524

Don't. If you're even asking this you're not going to make the cut. Pathetic

>> No.9838552

Try it anon, Cyberlive had a sketchy beginnings but with how they treat Lumi and the other girls show that they're one of the most underrated and hardworking company while having actual resources to help their talents.

>merchandising 1 month after Lumi debut
>Misaki gets praised by them and is seen doing actual manager things unlike other companies
>they got 2.0 L2D for Yuri which they didnt need to
>they got Pandora a costume which they didnt need to
>they have no permissions issues for games
>they are seen helping them put out covers and MVs
>they a lower cut than the other companies and the talents own the models if things go wrong

So far they seem to be extremely competent for a company which is refreshing compared to the big ones and even the other agencies.

>> No.9838573

do it so i can coompost about you too

>> No.9838595

Audition for mod position or for a CyberLive position?
If the former go for it, if the latter go for it and show tits

>> No.9838664

First i seen was this >>9828472

>> No.9838665

Is this a joke?
Also if you are /here/ and get accepted, I have a feeling you will enjoy it.
Just a hunch though.

>> No.9838725

>tfw you cant hang off the balcony with your hands tied behind your back, with your mouth sucking on lumi's 12 inch porcelein cock the only thing stopping you from falling to your death.

why live?

>> No.9838754

Futa fanfic anon here, go for it.

>> No.9838778

Who tf is this? did KFP or Esdeath finally go on this site?

>> No.9838803

im you but coomer

>> No.9838870

Some futa fanart was posted

>> No.9838877

Look at what you've done

>> No.9838883

you forgot they have a official highlights and clips channel they offer too

>> No.9838899

Don't listen to this person, they will draw you fucking viewers

>> No.9838901

what? i don't understand what you even mean anonchama

i don't wanna be obviously /here/ but i guess lumi was/is but i thought it was more speculative.

just curious since i don't see many other places discuss them, i only know they exist from browsing myself. they got ran off of reddit, i never realized that their initial audition wasn't even that long ago and they debuted so quickly

>> No.9838905

I'm going to draw this.

>> No.9838916

Sorry, I was the inspiration behind it. I didn't realize it would go to new threads.

>> No.9838955

thank you anon. i will print and wrap this art around a bad dragon and fuck myself with it the moment it is done.

may lumi ravage your tight bussy hard

>> No.9838970

3 of them are /here/ but they aren't tripfags which means plausible deniability still exists and all that jazz.
That said, their mods are all /here/ and by extension their fanbase leans towards being /here/.

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>> No.9838986

They're doing well, their numbers are actually growing quite fast seeing as how they just debut recently. Other than Lumi, Hylo has been namefagging here and she said Yuri does as well.

>> No.9839018

I'm not coomposting at least.

>> No.9839019

>i don't wanna be obviously /here/
It's okay no one breaks containment on stream. For the most part.

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>> No.9839068

they meant the talents, retard

>> No.9839069

I did a quick check and I guess the replies to >>9565154 started it.
So Saturday, I suppose.

>> No.9839074

They got ran off of reddit? didn't know about this

>> No.9839085

can you draw Yuri and Lumi together too?

>> No.9839095

Why does everyone think lumi can go somewhere else and thrive? She would only get restricted, have game permission issues, and lose her model or all her work if things end up going south. She would also get a significant less cut of her earnings. The only agencies she would ever jump ship for are vshojo, niji, hololive, but even then she has been outspoken about liking her freedom and ownership. Therefore the only "good" option for us would be vshojo and I personally can't stand them

>> No.9839116

anon, can you also make a version of this with yuri hanging off lumi's 12 inch porcelain cock instead?

>> No.9839145

i wish they get a bad dragon sponsorship so they can fuck me in the ass with it anon.

>> No.9839166

Really, I thought it was just Lumi that I see mentioned a lot! I didn't know about the others. I don't see cyberlive mentioned much out of the generals though. I think Hylo is really cute

I was really surprised how recently the audition opened and then they were here! I thought it was a while longer ago than that.. It seems pretty comfy and they seem pretty content? I was impressed by some of their permissions as well and owning your model seems nice.

yeah it got like one reply of someone questioning their legitimacy and authenticity when they posted auditions before. calling them a black company essentially. Reddit can be like that though, they're quick to jump the gun.

I like Lumi too but I'm not sure what that has to do with my reply

>> No.9839169

They fucked up when they hired some dude to make their trailer and didn't check the results and it turned out it was an almost 1:1 copy of the VShojo one.

>> No.9839221

>I like Lumi too but I'm not sure what that has to do with my reply
>"Lumi deserves better"
that poster was fixating on this

>> No.9839232

https://www.reddit.com/r/VirtualYoutubers/comments/mrisu0/audition_western_vtuber_agency_cyberlive_opens/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share here is the post I saw. I guess it makes sense that it would be people from /asp/ applying mostly since I doubt many people saw it elsewhere maybe?

>> No.9839247

On a semi related note: Can you see Gliese No.Whatever with an ordinary telescope? I recently got a small telescope. Also, is there an easy way to take pictures through a telescope so I can share some private Lumi pics with y'all?

>> No.9839259

i wonder how much porcelein dick wenham gets after every stream. man's not doing it for free with how much he's working.

>> No.9839292

Northern hemisphere, EU to be precise, if that matters.

>> No.9839352

>To the naked eye, the system appears to be a single faint star of magnitude 5.89.
You can see the incest orgy with the naked eye.

>> No.9839371

Good luck on auditioning, I dont know how tough the competition is but the fact that all 5 of the girls are super happy with the management and they have the freedom to shitpost says a lot about how content they are about how things are going. if you do get in, you get to hang with likeminded girls too which is a huge plus.

>> No.9839421

Oh yea i remember this, You know before i actually checked out Lumi a while ago i've only heard lots of controversial stuff about Cyberlive. At least they're out of that pothole but this company does seem that good compared to other chuuba corps the only thing good is Lumi has no obligation to it if it does go south besides wanting to see her friends do good.

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File: 69 KB, 216x451, Amaris_Yuri_Ch._Cyberlive_2c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want fanart of Yuri holding a 240 Bravo

>> No.9839552

Do you guys use https://cyberlive.jetri.co/ to keep track of the streams? As far as I can tell it only shows the YT streams and not the Twitch ones, which is annoying. What do you guys think about petitioning holodex to add CyberLive? I think they should be big enough by now.

>> No.9839596

Wtf they have their own website with a schedule? No ones ever posted it.

>> No.9839672

Here lies the problem with long OPs full of text, no one can see links.
It's been in the OP for many threads now.

>> No.9839717


>> No.9839727

I wrote this post

>> No.9839748

sent :)

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File: 138 KB, 1921x969, cyberlive website.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yea funny how i saw the text about them seeing our schizoposting but not the website. They even have the youtube chat alongside the stream.

>> No.9839763

She's the sub. Seina doms her.

>> No.9839860

He doesn't directly get anything. Lumi tears up the insides of a different chuuba every week and sends over the audio of her being broken.

>> No.9839939

Just saw Seina doesn't have membership either, if Hylo was because of hours what's Seina's?

>> No.9840477

Why do people hat mods, again?

>> No.9840488

She used to have a member but it disappeared for some reason

>> No.9840533

Because wenham wears a hat so now everybody puts on a snazzy hat to imitate him and his success.

>> No.9841096

they said they are just waiting on YouTube to verify it and/or they had to wait on emotes

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I've seen this episode before.

>> No.9841720

Translate it weebs

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File: 84 KB, 824x806, catgun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I suck at drawing but here you go

>> No.9841796

Something along the lines of
>I want to have a dick so I can impregnate listener-chan

>> No.9841887

Why are weebs like this, sometimes i regret being a weeb and knowing the communities sick fetishes...

>> No.9841888


>> No.9841903


>> No.9841916

holy shit i love it, thanks anon

>> No.9841933


>> No.9841936

I appreciate the effort anon

>> No.9841961

appropriate filename friend good work!

>> No.9842048

The more I see it the funnier it gets for me. Thanks for the laugh.

>> No.9842114


>> No.9842237


>> No.9842312

I guess being bulged out by your genmate is a personal connection in it's own way.

>> No.9842333

Yuri got laid...

>> No.9842383

Hylo is such a lucky woman...

>> No.9842450

she really loved my 12 inch organic cock

>> No.9842608

Lumi please, you'll make spitroast anon jealous.

>> No.9842617

how long until esdeath gets nuked

>> No.9842634

He's useful.
Let's see how he acts next stream.

>> No.9842687

Imagine Analchama's reaction begging for a rough fuck from Lumi and Lumi refuses his advances and goes for Yuri instead. Poor Analchama

>> No.9842778

lumi nooooooooooooooooo

>> No.9842806

Analchama forced to watch Lumi slowly delve Yuri's depths right in front of him.

>> No.9842846

He'll likely be going nowhere unless he fucks up and oversteps boundaries or moves on himself, he's annoying but mostly harmless and as the other anon said somewhat useful.

>> No.9842851

Yuri commented on the tweet clarifying friendships Cute! wonder if it was because the anonfags here were talking about it. Despite anons meaning the things they say as a shitpost it's cute Yuri clarified if that was her intention.

>> No.9842950

Yui. Being dicked down by a 12 inch behemoth of a cock is an interesting way of making personal connections, but I respect it.

>> No.9843138
File: 23 KB, 480x480, coom on the mind.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Touch grass, have something else on the mind

>> No.9843148


Shit bros Yuri is angry we know their secrets...

>> No.9843262

I refuse

>> No.9843477

Analchama here, not sure what to make of this desu

>> No.9843525


"On second thought", the experienced interstellar thief thought, "maybe I should have brought that satchel of ground beef laced with sleeping pills."

Kaneko Lumi found herself in a tight spot. Some oil baron had bribed the adult toy company “Bad Dragon” to send him a shitload of the 24k-plated gold “Hylohorn” dildos, so that he could resell and scalp them at a ridiculous profit margin, starving members of the Hylarem out of their chance to get this incredibly seiso product at a (comparatively vis-a-vis VTuber merch in general) reasonable price. This had been an exclusive merch drop, and Misaki had worked really hard to get this cleared with upper management. Nobody would ruin it, not even some stinking paypig up to his neck in used Brita filters.

So, Lumi decided to get into the hydrowhore’s mansion and get. Those. Dildos. Back.

The initial infiltration of the baron’s mansion had gone well. Misaki had fucked with his security system, disabling the cameras and proximity monitors; Lumi had hit the security guards with enough ketamine darts to take out a wildebeest migration.

And then the operation hit a snag. Turns out not every measure had been accounted for.

"Mission Impossible and James Bond ain’t got shit on me." Wrong. Five snarling Dobermans, fully grown and potentially out for blood, had cornered Lumi in a section of the baron’s below-ground mansion, and it’s not like smoke bombs would work as they may have outside or near a river. Fuck. The room was seemingly used for storage,

Lumi was basically out of options. She didn’t like killing animals, and she had no domestic-pet-grade sleep-inducing drugs on her. Professional thieves tended not to wear armor, and of course, Lumi loved to steal shit in style, wearing her usual HOT LIMIT-like getup, with only the signature white hooded cape with blue fringe for protection.

“H-h-hey, big guys, I’m sorry for being here. It’s...it’s not like I can throw you a bone or anything. Or a steak. I’m kinda supposed to be here, for great justice and for cool merch drops.”

The lead dog looked unconvinced, a low snarl escaping its throat as it took a half-step forward. Lumi, to her credit, remained glued to the spot. Pretty sure, she was, that carnivore’s kill instincts tended to be triggered by flight reactions, even in humans. Especially within trained dogs owned by rich assholes.

"Wait, hold on! A thief is never without a suitable last-resort weapon. Or a real thief is never caught without one." Lumi followed her train of thought from there. "Every good martial artist knows, and so do many of the soldiers carrying around those fancy guns Yuri likes, that sometimes your best weapon is...your body. But it’s not like I can fight these dogs off, can I? How the fuck else am I supposed to use my body to get out of here?"

Now, streamer brain may be a thing that exists, but everyone reading this knows that Lumi’s no fuckin’ retard. Why else would she be a successful thief, if not for that fact? It’s evident to all observers, including Lumi looking into a mirror, that she is an attractive woman, whose exposed skin in her choice of attire did the male gaze no favors. Ironically enough, even the baron from whom Lumi was in the process of stealing from wasn’t exempt. All of Lumi’s support staff were well aware of his open desire to hydrate with what was between Lumi’s legs...or if he was as much of a freak as some of them put money on, betwixt her glutes. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, a voice to die for, and a slender physique that belonged on a gymnast, combined with a clear strong intellect meant that Lumi could roll up Cleopatra into a Spalding and slam-dunk the legendary Ptolemaic queen into the nearest dumpster.

>> No.9843556

Why the fuck did desu auto translate to desu bruh

>> No.9843561

But would a dog appreciate those attributes? Let’s find out. Fuck this oil baron, Lumi was gonna cuck him with his five best friends.

“You know, boys, I’ve got a better trade to offer you. How about, instead of my giving you a bone, all five of you handsome good boys give mommy a bone?”

Dogs have no idea what the fuck people are saying most of the times, to be sure. Body language, vocal tone, and scent are probably how they figure out what we want from them, or from specific and oft-repeated verbal cues. Nobody involved in the creation of this story is a mammalian biologist, though, so the tangent will stop here. These dogs were no different.

“Ugh, fine, will you fucking guys get this?” Lumi began slowly disrobing, carefully laying her cloak out on the floor to minimize the mess, and an impact cushion above it (for rappelling and quick window escapes) to keep her knees off the concrete floor for later. First came her top, which would excite most human guys, but the canines still didn’t react. The cold, breezy air of the basement caused Lumi’s nipples to harden, and subsequently, combined with the thought that she was about to get ravaged like a caveman, caused arousal to begin leaking out. Next came the knee high boots, which after their doffing, one of the more curious hounds came over to sniff the girl’s feet. No comment on if Lumi is ticklish there, I doubt any of the readers will ever really know. Afterwards, that combination booty-shorts legging combo she wore, causing the dog-detectable scent of “aimu horningu'' to waft into the air, followed by those ribbons wrapped around Lumi’s midsection and left leg. All systems go, Lumi observed, red rockets one through five were all ready for takeoff.

“Come here, boy”, Lumi gestured the lead Doberman, who was followed by two of his compatriots. Lumi lay down on her back, propping her head and shoulders up with her satchel to reduce her later back pain. Reaching out with a hand, the young woman gently guided the first dog cock into her mouth. Bright red, salty, and throbbing with need, the sheer willingness the sight and taste of it that the organ incited in Lumi was foreign even to her; perhaps it was better than the thrill of the heist.

“Mhmm...so fucking good!" Lumi purred, beginning to wind her way through the first steps of worshipping his shaft. Brought to full hardness by quick bobs punctuated by longer, experimental licks up and down like in those old Tootsie Pop commercials, the dog began to leak its pre into the gorgeous thief’s mouth. This was something she felt she could do all day, and it’s not like the dog would disagree, having any warm hole around his dick probably felt like a pleasure. But this one-on-one time couldn’t last. After a minute or two of her loving treatment on the pack leader, two of the other dogs began agitating for their turn.

“Ungh, fuck, I gotta deepthroat this delicious cock, but I don’t wanna leave you two left out, come here and let me jerk you off.” The dogs happily obliged. Deeper, deeper, Lumi spiraled into a haze of desiring more and more pleasure. While in most cases, a mere handjob wouldn’t do much to satisfy the woman giving it, Lumi’s stellar physiology betrayed her in that--a star’s entire surface gives off heat, and thus when one gets aroused, every inch of bare skin becomes an erogenous zone. “Ooh, God, oh fuck, so good!” The blonde forced out between slobbers and throats, as the hot rods became firmly ensconced in her hands, which began sensually moving back and forth, back and forth, as if Lumi were gently polishing silverware or scrubbing a small child in the bath.

Aware, suddenly, that there were not three dogs to drain, but five, Lumi knew that if she wanted to taste the entire pack, she had to work quickly before the last two wouldn’t be okay with just lavish attention paid with mouth, palms, and fingers. Luckily, the first dog began to throb in between her lips and against Lumi’s tongue, as the flow of pre-cum began thickening and increasing. Time for the first finale.

Lumi carefully extricated her first object of worship from her mouth, as the dirty talk sped up in speed and intensity. “I want you boys to just fucking nut all over my face. Just spray me in that hot, beast seed. Mark me like I’m some tree or I’m your pack bitch, I wanna come out covered in the stench of dog cum. Take out all that pressure from a day or a week of guard duty out on my slutty little, thieving, pretty face!” Lumi’s hands sped up, and she interspersed this needy begging with quick licks on the head of the lead dog’s turgid member. Her hands sped up, seeking to bring the two dogs each getting a handie in time with their leader. Of course, her efforts weren’t in vain, when the dog who started the festivities began to erupt.

>> No.9843579


>> No.9843606

Lumi emitted a desperate moan when the first silvery streak splatted square on her face, draped diagonally across the bridge of her nose, all the way down to a bit beneath her left eye. His cum was thinner and waterier than human jizz tends to be, but she found no grounds to complain. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, making sure she got to experience all of the feral, aggressively salty taste. The next few spurts landed on her chin, cheeks, even her hair, but the last bits of the first dog’s orgasm ended up crafting a thick, heavy mask of liquid lust across the lower half of Lumi’s visage.

The two other dogs weren’t slackers either when they finished, Lumi being unable to believe how much they were cumming. "Come on, boys, come on! Please, shoot it!" The next two doses of dog-juice followed closely in the footsteps of the first, but this time, more than just dribbles escaped the confines of Lumi’s hair, face, and mouth, defiling her tits and cleavage, followed by several more on her tongue, neck and forehead. Lumi looked like she had a JAV-style run-in with the glazing machine at a Krispy Kreme store. It ran down off of the sides of her face in more than a few places.

“Oh wow, fucking look at this, I’m lucky my eyes weren’t glued all the way shut.” Lumi got out after swallowing the last of the cum, and gave a quick, chaste peck from the lips to each of the three cocks as they receded. Now, she could pay a bit more attention overall to the other two. Lumi bade the last two Dobermans roll over and present arms. Ensconced within a cloud of nothing but arousal, the starry idol hungrily descended upon the two with her hands and mouth. Keeping one gripper each on a dick, Lumi gave each one alternating attention. Tending to each one for a good few seconds before swapping, she gave the two shafts more affection than most of society would think they deserved.

Give her credit, though, this was the first time Lumi had to work with multiple guys like this, the seduction strat was easier and less time consuming if you only had to get off one man at a time, but she was doing really well. Wanting to savor this new experience to the fullest of her ability, Lumi whistled over one of the two dogs who had yet to experience anything but her hands. “Fuck, eat my cunt, oh god, yeah, get that tongue in there, shit! You’re better than all of these hired security guys, but that’s not hard since they don’t eat pussy at all!” Already wracked with pleasure from getting absolutely caked in semen and continuing to pleasure a group of delicious animal cocks, Lumi was rapidly brought to orgasm by the fat, slobber-covered tongue currently lashing at her private places. The dog, totally undeterred by the miniature solar flare splashing across his muzzle, continued rug-munching like a prisoner on death row, something Lumi’s kegel regimen was totally unprepared for. Didn’t help matters when the other previous handjob recipient moseyed on in and added his arsenal of tongue moves to the game. It seems impossible for a genuine ahegao to happen during sexual congress, but the feeling of getting caught between the lusts of four separate animals did the trick. Lumi’s eyes seemed to look taped open, rolling into the back of her head as she screamed around a dog’s cock, at the feeling of getting tongue-punched after orgasm twice over.

Just like how sonic and vibrating toothbrushes do a much more thorough job of cleaning out your mouth, having a beautiful woman make sexy noises around your dick, be you man, futa, or beast, does a much better job of emptying one’s balls into that very same woman.

There wasn’t much real estate left on Lumi’s face, not if the dogs wanted her to see them claiming her holes, and despite women nigh-universally looking hotter when plastered with semen, the thief elected to have an early breakfast by making the two dogs’ tips touch, which while kinda gay, allowed the woman assenting to getting them off do the old “two sodas from the fountain at once” trick. When the two good boys exploded, Lumi’s mouth and gullet played host to a double-serving sea of cum, and it took all her throat’s power not to let it overflow and be wasted.

Once all five dogs had recovered, and Lumi finished spit-shining their red rockets, it was time for round two of this mess. Finally utilizing that impact cushion she brought, Lumi got on hands and knees, preparing for the animals to run train on her.

>> No.9843696
File: 341 KB, 256x256, autism tamborine.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9843756
File: 1.51 MB, 335x974, 1614968470618.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9843855


analchama here. i regret my actions.
please save us. coomposting was a mistake.

>> No.9843861

i kneel, king schizo
this is truly the schizo post of all schizo posts

>> No.9843941

What did you think will happen? I recommend you to look back at all the analchama posting you would be more critical of yourself if you were more conscious of how much of a schizo you sounded like, you were only assblasted by king schizo only now.

>> No.9843984

(You) are king

>> No.9844046

holy shit my sides

>> No.9844061

And just like that, Lumi will not come to /clg/ anymore.

>> No.9844118

>inb4 Lumi wrote those posts just to fuck with analchama

>> No.9844125


>> No.9844139

Lumi, Hylo and Yuri read this thread....

>> No.9844189


>> No.9844195
File: 1.01 MB, 576x797, Hate You 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>All of this

>> No.9844225
File: 280 KB, 361x469, file (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, quit playing Fortnite you fackin zoomer

>> No.9844288


Her sensei voice is powerful, holy shit.

>> No.9844328


>> No.9844367

Pandora is making me feel things

>> No.9844417

>hylo randomly breaks down into horrified laughter in voice chat
>the others ask what the hell is wrong with her
>has to somehow explain what she just read

>> No.9844459

I fucking knew dogfucking would follow up from futaposting it is the nature of this site if you let this kind of shit happen. My tard wrangling of analchama couldn't prevent this...

>> No.9844466

>Thinking he doesn't know
He wishes to present his work cultivated in that fucked mind of his

>> No.9844572

Nuke this thread from the orbit

>> No.9844587

I'm sitting in Lumi's intro of her Dark souls stream just fucking in shock with the shit i read minutes ago.

>> No.9844595

I like beastiality, but that anon is a shit writer. I could make much better dogsmut but I won't because I like these girls too much.

>> No.9844615

This is wildly off-topic, but talking about >personal connections, anyone wanna listen to my /blogpost/? Just something different and actually tangible to all this wildly fantastic coomposting, that's been posted while I wrote this shit.
Just wondering, 'cause there's a non-zero chance that an actual woman might read this and I really need some relationship advice. I'm drunk af and I honestly don't know who else to turn to. We've all been together for a few weeks now and I honestly feel like I'm getting to know you guys.

>> No.9844660
File: 97 KB, 217x209, 1607438985324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I can do your mum

>> No.9844716

Dogchama here, are you challenging me? I'm already outlining part 2

>> No.9844795

Lumi will 100% come here after stream to get any advice and improvement suggestions and all she'll get is a mouth full of dog dick.

>> No.9844812

Fucking leave dogchama. On a different note though what compelled you to share the most from what you saw in this thread was it the futa or what i'd like to know why there are so many schizos in this thread right now and how you all share the same excited feel in your writings that radiates degeneracy and plagues this thread.

>> No.9844972

ok let's see what the cyberlive is up to
>fans are all utterly disgusting subhuman trash
alright I'm out I don't want to be associated with this

>> No.9844996

lumi ds3

>> No.9845016

I've been hating these past two threads as well anon

>> No.9845032

I'd pay real money to be called disgusting subhuman trash by Yuri!!

>> No.9845049

My theory? He got all bent out of shape by the dog jokes in the doom stream, and decided to air it out, but in the most schizo fashion possible, in the thread

>> No.9845082

What dog jokes happened on the DOOM stream?

>> No.9845129

something about a dog, and then people who knew got really coy about it
you know what, I'll just leave it there

>> No.9845159
File: 121 KB, 228x252, 1618955124081.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"My cat is big" ...ooh

>> No.9845196

sexual? abuse? what could've prompt this up can i get a timestamp or something atleast?

>> No.9845215

i forget, and I'm not going to do research into the mind of dogchama

>> No.9845232

It's fine you've piqued my autism i will check later.

>> No.9845340

How the fuck did we managed to outcoom the vshojofags?

>> No.9845362

White Dragon...

>> No.9845368

>Blue nowhere to be seen
>KFP demodded

And it all happened in a day. Lumi really does listen...

>> No.9845383

Go for it. Who gives a fuck. Anything to get my mind of that dog fucking post

>> No.9845442

But at what cost?
>Gets honest feedback and critic
>But have to wade through a sewer's worth of coomposts and waifufagging

>> No.9845457

we haven't. it is about 3 ips constantly posting here for the past thread. ignore them and they will move along

>> No.9845498

Mi esposa Pandora es inteligente :)

>> No.9845499

Lumi is literally live and nobody has said anything

>> No.9845519

I need time before i can see her face again

>> No.9845543

Pistola looks busted

>> No.9845576

>doing some rrat slaying

>> No.9845588

Knew I was forgetting something

>> No.9845600


>> No.9845613

wait, it was linked already lmao
I am retarded

>> No.9845628

wait lumi comes here?

>> No.9845663

Was that an NPC invading? How does DS3 online work with mods?

>> No.9845688


Yes, she's among us. So is Hylo.

>> No.9845689

She's a femanon before

>> No.9845701

She was a long time member of /asp/ and has accidentally dropped containment breaking words and sentences. Also Hylo tripfagged for a while cause she was new at 4chan and she said Lumi and Yuri were here.

>> No.9845734
File: 161 KB, 1280x720, 1631198022250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9845758

hylo didn't say yuri was that was the fag pretending to be here. only confirms are hylo lumi but we can assume yuri knows to some degree

>> No.9845782

Just for clarity here:
Hylo never tripfagged, rather she "self-posted" which is this board's way of saying she posting a tweet saying she's here (in a non-descript way).
Yuri posted a screenshot that could only be posted by her, and tried deleting it.

>> No.9845785

She even used the 'indie startup company pls understand' last Humankind stream

>> No.9845823

oh fuck she's into wrestling too? she just keeps getting better goddamn

>> No.9845830

What traits should I use for my Blue Dragon empire in Stellaris? I've got Slow Learners and Repugnant for the race traits so far.

>> No.9845858

Any way to search for these in the archive? Or do I just have to >Previous Thread

>> No.9845898

Lumi = Better Mumei
Hylo = Better Baelz
Yuri = Better Kronii
Pandora = Better Sana
Seina = Better Fauna

>> No.9845949


>> No.9845958

Wrong /asp/
It happened often

>> No.9846017


>> No.9846031

I can spoonfeed you the words to search:
"good reason why yuri is the biggest" = Yuri
"amazon wishlist wont" = Hylo (this one you just have to read through the thread, posted several times)

>> No.9846058

Lumi sounds traumatized bros you think she saw the dogchama post or am i the one that traumatized and is projecting onto Lumi?

>> No.9846061

Anon = Faggot

>> No.9846081
File: 38 KB, 640x427, 1629040541939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think you need your fucking meds

>> No.9846107

i think you're right

>> No.9846142
File: 786 KB, 1038x746, BlueDragonEmpire.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you think guys?

>> No.9846215

>not amphibian in need of constant hydration

>> No.9846244
File: 210 KB, 1010x1010, 1619468186913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't worry I (her boyfriend) will comfort her.

Which /asp/? Is this a /soc/ thing?


>> No.9846288

Post apocalyptic because he got kicked from the discord.

>> No.9846325

/asp/ as in literally >>9806475

>> No.9846352


Aspiring Vtuber general

>> No.9846353

asp as in aspiring vtubers

>> No.9846410

Oh shit cheers

I would change Adaptive dude never changed lol

>> No.9846506

>change adaptive
Got it.

>> No.9846594

no offense but this /asp/ is way less cool

>> No.9846603

>good reason why yuri is the biggest
you can easily just color pick the image and color over it. seems way to obvious to be a real image.

>> No.9846732
File: 781 KB, 1035x745, BlueDragonEmpire2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There, we're resilient now.

>> No.9846758

Please don't be this retarded.

>> No.9847120

But it's cuter to think she reads our posts.
Except for this thread

>> No.9847133

I could make that exact image not show any of them if you don't understand how editing works anon

>> No.9847227

>Pandora used to insult herself in front of a mirror so that her bullies words wouldn't hurt her as bad as she hurt herself

>> No.9847230

>Lumi just said No... not here when someone posted a SC about a dog

She knows....

>> No.9847234


>> No.9847242

Mongs mentioning dog in chat. I've literally zero clue what any of it means lmao.


>> No.9847271

Dog mentioned, checkmate athiest

>> No.9847334

Pandora...I swear to god... Let me love you.

>> No.9847654

Shane. Shut the fuck up.

>> No.9847659

Lads fucking stop you degenerate fucks.

>> No.9847765

Someone posted as Yuri in the thread, and then she tweeted that she doesn't use hehe, which the posts had used.

>> No.9847822

And then people linked a tweet of her saying hehe before.

>> No.9847913

Rrat: some other company is trying to sabotage the Cyberlive threads

>> No.9847969

Id believe it

>> No.9847977

it's the one starting with p isn't it?

>> No.9848030

pololive, yes

>> No.9848265

I don't like Soulsborne games.

>> No.9848360

"In the butt, he liked it... he liked it."
analchama REJOICE.

>> No.9848386

Lots of containment breaking in the chat today we really letting it all out aren't we

>> No.9848411

I grew fatigued of them after playing DS2. If Bloodborne came out on the PC I'd play, though. And I haven't touched Sekiro yet

>> No.9848511

Dammit chat don't be retarded, she's not a /here/tuber.

>> No.9848618

It's mostly the innercirclechamas

>> No.9848706

>that sound

>> No.9848778

Doesn't invalidate my words.

>> No.9848831

The joke started in the middle of last night's Doom stream, she saw it in the chat there.
It's not breaking containment in this specific case.

>> No.9848913

How do they find girls this good, especially gun and history girls??

>> No.9848972

they grow them in lab vats

>> No.9849021

They apply and get picked. Typically the orgs with more money get better girls but Cyberlive definitely lucked out.

>> No.9849207
File: 274 KB, 640x344, 1625067318726.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9849296

Hololive has auditions once every year, the last time they opened their auditions for gen 2 it's at the point where vtubing was still relatively fresh. Meanwhile all these startups are snapping up all the talented girls and opening up even more generations. We're at the point where all the talents are moving towards small agencies while Hololive wont have that any good talents left to pick.

>> No.9849622

>We're at the point where all the talents are moving towards small agencies while Hololive wont have that any good talents left to pick.

This is some hardcore copium if you really believe this. For every no-name that joins an an org like Lumi or Pandora, there's plenty of experienced talent that wouldn't drop their hundreds of viewers for anything less than Nijisanji or Hololive.

>> No.9849771

People go for more money but his point of Hololive having a shorter pile to pick from goes unrefuted.

>> No.9849827

>hundreds of viewers
If they have hundreds they're already considered to be big, you need to think in the low double digit range.

>> No.9850117
File: 180 KB, 350x444, InstructivePipistrelle🚔.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's technically true sure but that's like saying "Well TECHNICALLY we took a few cups of sand from the desert so there's less sand!"

There's always going to be plenty of people to pick from both V-Tuber and non-vtuber, and if you don't think a lot of these girls would leave their little no-name org for Holo then I've got a bridge to sell you.

>> No.9850198

While I agree with you, it is unfair to assume such cynicism from every talent.
With all the poor mismanagement stories and clear isolation EN talents have from Holo WHILE still suffering the negative yoke from a restrictive management where you can't play many games and are heavily corporate, can put off some talents to a degree that the money might not be worth it if they think they can succeed albeit much slower without that baggage.

>> No.9850223

some would yes but the idea is I think people would overlook how many Indies don't like restrictions or the concept of losing your model.

>> No.9850255

Let her go anon... it's best for you

>> No.9850275


>> No.9850515

Bro get back to modding
t. Her real boyfriend

>> No.9851082

>slash up its butt
Lumi WILL disfigure your ass and you WILL enjoy it

>> No.9851477

I miss wenham's hat pfp bros

>> No.9851494

I'm genuinely surprised by how fast this agency blew up on /vt/

>> No.9851622

Yea they'll probably pass phase in a month or so, dunno if this counts as numberfaggotry.

>> No.9851764
File: 5 KB, 242x245, ds3 kneel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

adding this to the collection

>> No.9851765

>Yea they'll probably pass phase in a month or so
I wouldn't go that far.

>> No.9851891

Going on a 12-mile ruck march with Yuri!
Helping Yuri put on her 40lbs Rucksack!
Conducting PCCs and PCIs with Yuri!
Carrying Yuri's 200-round 7.62mm ammo belts!
Manning an M240B Medium Machinegun with Yuri!
Conducting SLLS with Yuri!
Creating range cards and sector sketches with Yuri!
Doing priorities of work with Yuri!
Eating MREs at least 10m off the line with Yuri!
Maintaining at least 50% security within a patrol base with Yuri!
Conducting a Deliberate Ambush on an enemy squad+ sized element with Yuri!
Shifting Fire and Lifting Fire while the assault element conducts actions on the objective with Yuri!
"Talking the guns" with Yuri!
Engaging enemy infantry up to a maximum effective range of 1.1km with Yuri!
Completing actions on and withdrawing the platoon according to SOP with Yuri!
I love Yuri!

>> No.9852792

I would, pippa and uruka are carrying phase

>> No.9853100

Pippa, Uruka, and Tenma but Pippa is one menhera episdoe away from losing everything.

>> No.9853109

As far as I'm aware every small agency is being carried by just one or two talents, but everyone is basically equal to each other in terms of live viewers.

>> No.9853118

It's because of you faggots that I'm a member now. Not even upset. Cute, intelligent, nice sounding, high quality model vtuber that plays strat games and can talk with her chat? I'm a holodrone for sure, but Lumi is unskippable content

>> No.9853243

just made it to stream but why is she even wasting time here if she's playing cinders

>> No.9853369

all they need is to also run ads and their numbers will be on par or do something no startup has before like 3D maybe

>> No.9853376

exactly THIS you fags are too strong in pulling in members

>> No.9853395

oh no wtf bros i went through the Doom strream and i saw the Dog comment why do chuubas from /here/ think so much about dogs

>> No.9853565

Lumi is a white woman

>> No.9853617

Seina fucking Pandora from the front, Lumi from the back, twirling the little hairs on the panda’s tail with her fingers.

>> No.9853646

seems to be a repeating pattern

>> No.9853760

Pandora eating out Seina while a tied up Lumi gets raw dogged.

>> No.9853786


>> No.9853969

Post timestamp.

>> No.9854007

should i?

>> No.9854306

Just don't post a direct link if you want to avoid crossboarders.

>> No.9854443

I'm gonna write a Lumi x maggotslug monster erotica.

>> No.9854480

Her Doom Eternal stream 1:46:20 she goes on for a while watch until you feel like you've had enough she's got dog on her mind.

>> No.9854758

All five of them cuddling in one bed, in the middle of the summer, undressing because they're getting too sweaty

>> No.9854842


>> No.9854955

I love the Cybers so damn much! I LOVE UNITY!

>> No.9855107
File: 1.88 MB, 1920x1080, 【DARK SOULS 3】GOOD BYE, MR. SKELTAL! 【#4】 2-53-34 screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9855255

Why the fuck is she still here? There's literally nothing in this part of the game

>> No.9855349


>> No.9855380


>> No.9855476

no idea bro

>> No.9855741

I forgot to say that it was because I saw an OP with Lumi's cute model + Mankind while flipping through the catalog that ultimate brought me here. But it was also some clip channel dloow that started simping for her and drinking up all the savior attention

>> No.9855754


>> No.9855773
File: 10 KB, 417x30, bibble_class.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9855815

I won't judge. Everyones got their kinks.

>> No.9856064

I suppose but dogs are quite a ways even for this site i think

>> No.9856270

Seems like it. Thanks.
>Im an idol

>> No.9856365

how long did you watch? chat drags it out for a few minutes

>> No.9856421

This thread will be combed through just as threads before, and future streams will learn from it.
I appreciate your patience.

>> No.9856876

15 minutes or so, by then only some oblivious posters seemed to mention the topic trying to get someone to explain the joke.

>> No.9857324

>slow learners

>> No.9857470

Real Talk. Would you guys feel bad if Lumi ever expressed her discomfort with how she feels with how we act here? We talk alot about how goslings are bad and stuff but what if we went overboard today. Lumi takes us seriously and acts on our word when we express how some things suck but i think the dog mentions in her stream and in this thread we're a little to harsh maybe. Maybe it isn't anything and Lumi doesn't care but i feel a little bad so i wanted to say this. What do you bros think?

>> No.9857753

I will do it if it means all of this shit stopping. I will make sure that it scares her away. This is a blue board and /clg/ is too good for schizo shit. Want to push it? I will make it worse.

>> No.9857892

I don't she cares that much

>> No.9857907

The mod team already regrets how the stream went. This thread is free to do what it wants, no one can stop you after all.
No need. It will calm down naturally I predict.

>> No.9857998

Her chat for the last few weeks has gone from kids > kino > kids+goslings > kino+goslings+kids > containment breaching

She needs to decide what kind of chat and community she wants, all her efforts can go to shit if the community is garbage.

>> No.9858125

If you're not scared from the shit you see on this site after browsing for just a month, then one has to assume they don't really give a shit like the rest of us other than the schizo's.
She seems adept enough to be able to filter the retarded shit here and zone in on the actual good criticism and realise the rest is just stupid/fun shitposting like a functioning human should, so I wouldn't worry too much.

>> No.9858182

>scared of a blue board
no one should be scared of a blue board.

>> No.9858245

I'd feel bad if she did express discomfort yes (though I didn't participate in any of this retardation) but that said, Lumi seems to know how to sidestep thirsty teen and coomer messages, so she probably can wrangle tards just as easily

>> No.9858469

Niggers here have almost no brakes and little self awareness so things will go overboard often enough. Being here is a double edged sword as everyone knows. Perhaps if she expressed discomfort some retards would get the message, at least temporarily. Nobody likes to truly upset the girls.
The thread's quality took a nosedive since the dloow thing I feel.

>> No.9858566

I know 4channel is alot tamer but it's just lots of newfag chuubas browse this board for advice and support because it's hard to grow especially on youtube and i'd feel bad if their reliance is growing more schizo or if their threads are getting more retarded and it leaks into chat.

>> No.9858714


>> No.9858826

I know, like the shit in this thread is 'tame' due to it being a blue board, but even so you have to compare just a blue board to everywhere else on the internet with how it filters the average person hard because they can't get over the idea of an unfettered opinion being shared without consequence and what they'll see because of it.
You gotta think of this in a macro sense, if a person opts into staying on 4chan then they must, to some degree, understand how it works and be able to function with and filter the garbage like most of us.
Tourists can't and they don't last long, that's why they're tourists

>> No.9858859
File: 71 KB, 244x241, 1444188377521.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This girl

sure is cute...

>> No.9858953

>filters the average person
summerfags, election tourists and constant newfags are proof that you are wrong.

>> No.9858967
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>> No.9859005

I already feel bad reading half the posts here knowing that you guys are shitposting in the chat and Discord too.

>> No.9859117

Does Lumi have her own discord, or is it just the CL one

>> No.9859171

Lumi getting more popular shouldn't really affect the threads. At least not at this stage, I think.

Who cares this is all much ado about nothing. If certain stuff becomes a problem Lumi just needs to keep her chat/discord moderated. Schizo and coom posting are a staple of /vt/ as a whole if not the whole site.

>> No.9859184

she has her own discord but you need to be a twitch sub or youtube member to join.

>> No.9859228

I am, so I haven't figured out how to get there

>> No.9859275
File: 33 KB, 777x293, LFyET9q.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go to discord and add your twitch/youtube and connect them and you can see the server invite there.

>> No.9859294

Do you at least get paid to read our shitposts?

Gotta link yt/twitch to your memecord acc AFAIK.

>> No.9859368
File: 25 KB, 350x339, 1473281670917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Crazy, I didn't know that was a thing. I thought I had to join first and then link. Thanks anon.

>> No.9859415

I want a healthier ratio of normal + well adjusted posts against schizo + coomer + gosling posts. A certain amount of them is normal and even healthy but the current trajectory doesn't look good at all.

>> No.9859464

the shitposters tend to chase normal posters away

>> No.9859595

Be the change you want to see in the world. I believe in you, Anon.

It'll be fine

>> No.9859700

the thread isn't even that bad, why are you fags concernfagging right now?

>> No.9859787

game poll

>> No.9860078

thanks Lumi

>> No.9860244

Oh shit, MC is winning. STOP THE COUNT

>> No.9860253

>the thread isn't even that bad
Faggotry is always bad.

>> No.9860349

Sorry for the concernfagging i might've said some funny things in this thread not King schizo btw and when i saw the stream of donos with the doggos i felt bad and only found out about the doom eternal stuff recently so might've been just guilt that compelled me but wanted to see what other anons honestly thought about the thread. Also i go to pcg and kana threads and the state of those boards depress me and give me ptsd.

>> No.9860413


>> No.9860433

it's okay but the best thing to do when that shit happens is to move on and never bring it up again. also please stop acting like a massive faggot

>> No.9860442


>> No.9860490

i know
nigger leave me alone

>> No.9860719

Who is streaming next?

>> No.9860969



>> No.9861010

all those streams have passed already, anon

>> No.9861051

I like Lumi but I want to put her on hold due to the recent schizo events, what are the other good Cyberlive chuubas?

>> No.9861068


>> No.9861302

I watched Pandora last night and she was pretty cute, on the chiller side too.

Personally, I've been meaning to catch my first Yuri stream. It's probably best to give them all a good try.

>> No.9861592

New thread: >>9861583

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