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This isn’t ok.

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You're right. It's better than okay. Its grrrrrreat!

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You hurt me with these fakes, OP

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Indeed. It's excellent.

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Maybe if you're a redditor or tranny.

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>Liked by Mori
Really gets the noggin joggin

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I was definitely a cute kid, who was alone alot. Could easily get raped.
I call bullshit on this reality.

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Sure but how cute was your shota peen?

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You’re right, it’s not okay. It should be me holding her hand

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Never even got a chance to show a fully grown woman it!

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Why is Marine a little boy.

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God, I wish that was me.

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Poor boy

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I've never been so jealous of someone in my life

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Antichama, your photoshop reps.

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Oh, you are very wrong OP, it's quite ok...quite ok indeed

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When did this word lost all meaning?

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>posts a thread with a fake picture specifically to hurt a vtubers public image with fake information
>not an anti
What is he then

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Is he ok?

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We're allowed to post the reversed scenario on twitter then, right?

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>>posts a thread with a fake picture specifically to hurt a vtubers public image with fake information
Anon I assure you people would like mori more if she actually liked that picture, what kind of place do you think this is?

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Honestly if OP's eyesight wasn't garbage and the colors matched up I would have 100% believed that she liked that picture

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Why would Noel drag shota Marine behind a tree to steal his french fries? That's pretty mean

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Its from a stream where they had people act as loli/shota characters

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When Marine's voice was broken, Noel said she sounded like a shota.

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Why are you pretending to know what you are talking about? There is a reason there are fries there.

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>Uh… yeah, I don’t know about this one. I think this is WAY over the line. I also sincerely doubt Noel herself would be okay with this kind of joke being circulated.
>It’s basically depicting Noel as this sex crazed pedo who wants to kidnap and do things with kids like… what the fuck? It’s not even funny.
>I mean I get it, Marine and Noel are Vtubers over 18 and sexual references are commonly joked about in Hololive. Even references to lolicon/shotacon are made but at what point do we draw the line. If you start to normalize this shit then people are going to believe this is acceptable. Strip this down to its core and its just a short cartoon about an older woman taking a little boy into the bushes to do questionable things.
>Right? If we’re really fans of her, we shouldn’t be insinuating that she’d ever do something like that.
>Child rape isn't funny, even if the character is marine as a little kid. People aren't antis because they don't support your pedo cartoons. This is ridiculous, the post and the comments, and it is nuts the mods haven't deleted the post.
>“It’s just a drawing, quit making things a bigger deal, go back to Twitter.”
>the art is nice but ew. will never be a fan of this joke, from the girls or otherwise
>Well… it was like 3am when I posted this so… no? Here comes the “focus on actual child abuse” argument. I can tell reality from fiction, I’m not one day gonna go Super Saiyan because I get angry but I’m more concerned about the depiction of Noel in the image. No matter if it’s real or not the image should not be ok because even if it’s not real, it’s still gross and horrible.
>Idk man this ain’t it... I don’t think it’s a good look for our community or our idols to make it look like we are ok with pedophilia.
>I’m concerned with how lenient people and the idols are with these things… I hate to know certain members are into this and seeing this image is just… gross.
>Pedophilia funny….?
>The implication of child rape is definitely nothing sure, weirdo.

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She's just walking him home gently

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>Liked by Mori
"Manlets" huh?

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>you will never be young boy getting raped by noel

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It's actually okay when a Japanese woman does it. Don't be embarassed, though; I see this sort of misunderstanding pretty often

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A joker. A funnyman. A comedian. A jokester. A class clown. A humorist. A gagster. A farceur. A shitposter. A tummler. A jester. A comic. A chuckle brother.

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He's dead but he's ok.

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I didn't know Calli was into /ss/

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bro what do you think she's been doing as a home tutor in japan lmao

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>teaching kids
>likes "short guys"
>"your boy likes 'em small"
She's in full denial.

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>When Marine's voice was broken, Noel said she sounded like a shota.
well no shit, she sounds like that one kid friend in detective conan, when people realized this, people had a harder time fapping to marine

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>likes short, small guys
>but mature and "alpha"
literally asking for a cheeky brat shotacon to fuck her

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Wait, he's not going with Mori

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I want to see Korone kun fuck Mori

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dokey-dokey for alpha dwarves

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i wish that had been me. why is life so harsh to me

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reddit was upset when they found out about this

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Calli would probably offer up her entire life to be bossed around and stepped on by a Korone-Kun.

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>people had a harder time fapping to marine
hell no, I'm having the time of my life
>ywn have shota Marine fuck you with his tiny lil' dick
why live

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literally pedophilia but it's okay because big titty anime woman
god you guys are fucking cringe

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This is already old news, the reddit meltdown was pretty funny people really don't know how to separate things as a joke

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and that's where you're wrong, fuckwit!

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>literally pedophilia but it's okay because big titty anime woman
We like the other kind of pedophilia as well.

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Not being able to distinguish reality from fiction is a serious mental illness anon. You might want to see someone about it.

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i dont get why you guys post fake news like this

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>it's okay because it's a drawing!!!
Fuck you and your garbage overused counterpoint. What a load of shit.

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Is not complicated.
Peados look like the fat bearded dudes that take selfies with their mouths open.
Cunny fans look like the chad meme.

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I agree. There is NOTHING wrong with that picture, and I'm tired of pretending that there is.

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I wish we had our EN Noel. I want a shotafag chuuba i can relate to.

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Why are you here?

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>mori liked this
someone PLEASE give this wigger some shota cock, her lust is nigh insatiable

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>t. pedophile

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Your own fault anon. You can get away with being naked in front of older women until at least high school without them getting suspicious about your motives and even finding it cute you don't have any shame about it.

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>you'll never be a shota taken advantage of by a hot anime onee san

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ITT: Unironic social outcast pedophiles

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Being on /vt/ makes you a pedo. Sorry anon.

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Tbh noel molesting a shota irl would be acceptable too

>> No.9842186

>anime woman
you really think I wouldn't want to be a cute shota getting groomed by a real woman?

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You're starting to sound sus.
Damn. I guess starting to jack off early made me self conscious.

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What's my wife doing with that little Marine??
>Mori Calliope liked this
KEK. The absolute state of death.
Sauce? It's always funny to see plebbitfags seething.

>> No.9842678

>Mori Calliope liked this
>KEK. The absolute state of death.
It's fake anon, I know you want to believe (so do I) but it's a pretty bad photoshop overall

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Why do white people like fucking kids

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Here’s another for a Shoujo Ramune fanart


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God dammit.
At least there was plebbit butthurt?

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>It’s basically depicting Noel as this sex crazed pedo who wants to kidnap and do things with kids like… what the fuck? It’s not even funny.
Ohhhh nyyyyooooo

>> No.9842921

What's the issue here? they just took a shortcut

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You should get out of 4chan, I heard it's full of hackers and racists

>> No.9843134

>It's depicting Noel as this thing she depicts herself as
No way...

>> No.9843241

>Thread locked.

>EDIT: IN MY HASTE, I did not realize the reference. For that, I apologize!

>We cannot allow this content here.

>Please don't turn threads into disgusting topics.

>This includes harassing others even if their comments are ones that you disagree with.



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Why is this a bad thing? The joke here is just Noel being a shotacon and it's funnier since the boy is clearly Marine.

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I love the double standard of the loli post getting upvotes but when its shota suddenly its pedo shit.

>> No.9843426

kek, mori. you need to hide your power level

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Actually it's fine because anime. If you hate loli/shota you shouldn't watch vtubers, simple as.

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>"I think this is WAY over the line. I also sincerely doubt Noel herself would be okay with this kind of joke being circulated."
>"Idk man this ain’t it... I don’t think it’s a good look for our community or our idols to make it look like we are ok with pedophilia."
>"You realize these memes don’t exist in a vacuum. Sure a few girls enjoy loli or shota content, and that’s fine, but when these memes are being spread on public boards with the potential to reach audiences that don’t understand Hololive yet, all this does is paint us as a community that accepts exploiting/sexually abusing children."
>plebbitians complaining about a joke that the chuubas love and portray themselves as such
My god this people really have no concept of common sense. How can they be this cuck? Poor muricans. Even festival would be disappointed.

>> No.9844533

i wonder when this policing of loli/shota shit started trending in the West? 10 years ago anime fans would make jokes about it but never really found a problem with that aspect of anime

>> No.9844995

>>it's okay because it's a drawing!!!
it is

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> Not being able to distinguish reality from fiction is a serious mental illness anon. You might want to see someone about it.

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Watch the movie Precious to see what the average black household in America is like anon. The truth slips out sometimes.

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Same thing that happened to comics and videogames. Loli is being erased of anime and it will eventually dissapear.

>> No.9845814 [DELETED] 

You know that guy who burn book in Nazi era? Yes Joseph Goebbels, even he hate censorship in art and mock bongland for their ridiculous puritan behavior.

>> No.9845876 [DELETED] 

No, that isn't happening here anon. They simply don't want their other degenerate agendas to be associated with loli and shota stuff right now. It still bothers people too much. Once they feel totally safe you will see children fully sexualized again in media don't worry your pretty little head.

>> No.9845945

I don't even want to know how a zoomifornian would react to Boku no Pico

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>Noel says on stream how much she'd like to invite a young boy over to her house for a sleepover

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Nah cunny is strongest than ever it's just that everyone want's to be the ''right morals'' guy for easy attention

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I've thought about this, and I still don't have a conclusive answer, but from observing some arguments I can make a few suppositions:

One of the most obvious beliefs is that lolicon normalizes the sexualization of children and is only consumed by pedophiles. This would be true if not for the fact that it has been proved that fiction containing "problematic" elements only affects people case by case, meaning normal minds aren't usually affected by this kind of content.

I should also mention, lolis look different enough from actual children just by having an anime/cartoon artstyle; most will bring the fact that "you're still fantasizing about having sexual relationships with a child" but this is wrong and ignores the nuance of separating fiction from reality.

Take a look at this psychologist and how he explains that it's perfectly normal to have such fantasies and that it isn't indicative of dangerous behavior unless those thoughts start escalating.
In fact, having taboo fantasies can be healthy, to the point some CSA survivors will use lolicon/shotacon as a coping mechanism and their therapists will allow it.

Continuing with the original point, there's also people who have had bad experiences in the past, and lolicon reminds them of such experiences. Some stories I've heard are: people sexually abused in their childhood making them feel repulsed by lolis; people that have been at conventions and encountered creeps; or even those who claim being groomed by lolicon(s), online and/or IRL.

Note that these stories come from times where supervision and safety rules weren't enforced enough, you'll have people claiming they were "traumatized" by founding Pokémon porn in a Google search, and you'll probably think "why don't they use filters?". It's also the fact that many will put blame in the content itself and not the creeps who hurt them.

Another point is that lolis and shotas have been part of Otaku Culture in Japan since its very beginning, and then compare it to the arrival of anime in the U.S. and similar countries. It's also important to bring up the fact that Americans have an incredibly negative view of pedophilia to the point your reputation could be ruined forever even if you have never committed a crime against minors. Combine this point with lolis being seen as pedobait.

Let me mention, yes, there are lolicons who are pedophiles, but putting everyone in the same bag and not understanding what is pedophilia or its impact it's very counterproductive in protecting children.

tl;dr: People feel disgusted by lolicon and associate it with problematic IRL behavior, so they have an immediate and kind of irrational reaction towards it, because of moral panic and poor understanding of why it exists in the first place.

>> No.9847119

she just wants to do him a favor and give him a bath, but first he needs to get a bit dirty

>> No.9847943

>It’s basically depicting Noel as this sex crazed pedo who wants to kidnap and do things with kids like… what the fuck? It’s not even funny.
lol these retards do not even watch hololive, not even a clipfag

>> No.9848136

is that fucking noel and miyabi?

>> No.9848467

>and it will eventually disappear
Not if I have anything to say about it

>> No.9848589

nah, though I understand how it might be hard to tell with just one eye showing

>> No.9849000

The shota thing is a joke, but the point still stands that she wouldn't have any problem with this.

>> No.9849087

americans are fucked
I'm glad this cultural gap exists so the mutts gets deterred

>> No.9849578

>drawing shota with older woman is fine
>drawing lolis with older man isnt
I hate this shit. Shota with women is garbage, their dicks are not made for fucking yet.
Now shota getting dominated by men, that is the patrician choice.

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do us a favor, either go back or cut your dick off already so you can shove it up your ass and go fuck yourself with it

>> No.9850785

you are 1 of these 3:
homosexual(unironically kill yourself)
femcel(get a life)

>> No.9851489

me on the left

>> No.9851606

>but it's okay because big titty anime woman
anon.. thats.. exactly why its ok..

>> No.9852323

shota with oneesan/milf is hot

>> No.9852633

Never thought I’d see moralfags here out of all places, looks like not even 4chan is safe from idiot kids who can’t understand that fiction is just fiction

>> No.9852695

ok i'm gonna start watching Mori now

>> No.9852850

Based Tony the tiger poster

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Going through her likes to see if this is real and I’m fucking dying at this shit

>> No.9853041

>Shota with women is garbage
>shota getting dominated by men
gay but okay
>lolis with older man
now that's the patrician taste

>> No.9853355

Kinda feels like she just likes every piece of fanart regardless of content

>> No.9853731

It's not pedophilia if you self-insert as the little boy

>> No.9853779

Probably set up a bot to do it for her to keep the effort needed at the bare minimum.

>> No.9853781 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 192 KB, 975x1425, 3BC7A788-88EF-4986-A379-B3BA2CB2A505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found this that she liked and the shark behind gura has a massive fucking boner

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>i hate chuds

>> No.9854583

Why would I turn into a trannie? I was never molested as a child...

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>actually real

>> No.9854736

It's "overused" because retards like you have no comeback for it because you know it's true in your heart.

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>> No.9855294

Probably moreso for the pic of her, but boy oh boy is that an interesting tweet to like. Maybe she looks at her tag, sees her general characteristics captured, and likes the tweet without assessing?
Alright artist Anons, it's time to draw some good Mori art and have some crazy porn attached in one of the pics you upload with it.

>> No.9855442


>> No.9855555

That's all I ever wanted as 10-14 yo boy damn

>> No.9855680

When I happen on articles of hot female teachers getting arrested and getting a slap on the wrist I always ask colleagues and friends how they feel about it and all of them basically go "god I wish that were me".
That South Park episode is basically reality.

>> No.9855683

>literally pedophilia but it's okay because big titty anime woman
boys want to fuck sooner than girls

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>> No.9855824

What the actual fuck KEK.

>> No.9855972

based tony

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i honestly can't tell if these guys are genuine tourists from reddit/discord or just fucking newfags who have no clue where the fuck they are

>> No.9856420

Or it's the third option, people baiting for the dank replies. Sometimes all you want is attention and the easiest way is to come here and post some stupid shit.

>> No.9856751

I'm more annoyed at the amount of people who didn't make the connection to shota Marine, making the joke much lighter, than the amount of moralfags being retarded. People with Marine flair on that reddit thread whining about this kind of shit, when she admitted to grooming kids at her old job. Not fiction kids either.
What are you even watching? Go back to resetera and talk about how brave Horizon 2 is for making the main character fat, or whatever. Clearly vtubers are over the line for you.

>> No.9857046

>any kind of attention is fine, even insults
Thats depressing.

>> No.9857074

>that thread
Holy shit I forgot how insane people on reddit are. Damn. Honestly I feel like these people are more far gone than the posters here. At least here there is the chance people are just acting up because of being anonymous or just trolling, but these people are serious.
How did reddit become known as a normal, safe website, these people are unwell.

>> No.9857124

Hey, I'm not saying a person with any sort of social ability should be doing shit like this, but it's a reality of the world we live in. Shock reactions are something people want.

>> No.9857507

That's exactly the thing, plebbit assholes complain thrice as much about the idolfags than your usual /vt/ bro, all the while pretending to block the sun with one finger by being puritans with the girls. That's why the whole thread responses have no sense like >>9856751 says.

Hell matuli is very open about her piss fetish and this people are capable of acting like they are hearing nothing. Is like that saying, there's no worse blind than the one that can see an doesn't want to, or something like that.

>> No.9857794

>Pedophilia is ok when the abuser is female
what a shitty thread

>> No.9858159

Lucky kid.

>> No.9858197

The people in r/hololive are cucked because most of Reddit in general is an anti-lolicon circlejerk using strawmen and their knowledge of Hololive is through the sub
Depending on the place, there are some moralfags. /v/ has them, /a/ has them, /b/ has them (tbf, there open actual pedos over there), but just concentrate in the cunny and everything's alright
As for /vt/, vtubers being into loli and shota has been a good filter with the monthly moralfag and usual Nyancord raid happening, but since last month there has been an increase on moralfags, either trolls or tourists

>> No.9858294
File: 163 KB, 745x814, 1433694963083-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If it actually happened they'd regret it idiot.

>> No.9858352

There's a lot of unironic faggots from twitter on here because of vshojo.
Check the archives during that whole fiasco with the guy that DM'd their DnD game sending awkward horny messages to women who didn't outright tell him to fuck off. They acted like it was full on rape just like reddit and twitter fags.

>> No.9858451

>Its not even bloop

>> No.9858518

Can we get a FBK version of this?

>> No.9858686

>lolis look different enough from actual children just by having an anime/cartoon artstyle

This is a important point for me, if Illya or whoever existed in real life they'd be a horrible bug-eyed freak with solid blocks of hair and no nose. And if you make them look human then they cease to be that character.

>> No.9858739

These are probably the only type of people with the capacity to make me upset over the internet.

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there is this

>> No.9859227

holy based

>> No.9860021
File: 294 KB, 642x500, __shirogane_noel_hololive_drawn_by_kanikama__ad0eeb547d4716c2ec19503ac520a8e5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9860265

turn out 4chin attention whoring fags are like reddit/twitter, not so much different huh?

>> No.9860508

I suddenly want to be raped by Mori.

>> No.9860643

Lot of pretentious moralfags raid this board lately...

>> No.9865836

Yes it is

>> No.9865869

Wait a minute didn't this posted a while ago?

>> No.9865979

Only if she's ugly. As a kid I wanted to fuck adult women.

>> No.9867047

to think there's anything more retarded than food analogy

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>I hate nazis

>> No.9867436

I'm pretty sure 99% of men wanted to once they reached puberty.

>> No.9867625

forget the ara ara shit, I suddenly need more gentle loving /ss/ like this

>> No.9867908

>she admitted to grooming kids at her old job.
Wtf when did she say that?

>> No.9868090

This is the biggest tranny cope since t4t.

>> No.9868267


>> No.9868622

He’s exaggerating. Marine had pedophilic tendencies when she was a late teenager/young adult and when she got a job she hanged around with the kids of her coworkers but never did anything weird aside of giving them presents and desiring to spend time with them which can come off as unintentionally grooming them

>> No.9871640 [DELETED] 

why do trannies project so much?

>> No.9871771 [DELETED] 

these people celebrate trannies cutting kids dick off and then get triggered over comics like this. its really bizzare how effective brainwashing is.

>> No.9874544

It's funnier when you see all the deleted replies

>> No.9874635 [DELETED] 

>I hate conservatives

>> No.9874703

>only almost got kidnapped by a woman when I was a kid but never molested by a hot onisan
what, was I not good enough?

>> No.9875222

Yeah considering how much bad fanart they like, I'm convinced Gura and Mori both use bots for liking posts.

I only go through Ame's likes regularly since they're so fucking good. She likes a lot of great fan content.

>> No.9875355

If they used bots there would be much worse shit there, not just bad fanart.

>> No.9877290

>You can get away with being naked in front of older women until at least high school
Are you from Africa or something? In most countries you can only get away with it until you are 10 IF YOU ARE LUCKY, most boys will start to be reprimended at 8, and no one is going to let a 13 years old get away with it.

>> No.9877359

I pity your existence in particular

>> No.9877445

Not that anon, but if you watch Mori you would know she would not like people doing shit like this.
She always avoid sexual stuff in her content to the point she refused to sign the lewd parts of Marine´s song when she covered it.

>> No.9879630

>some CSA survivors will use lolicon/shotacon as a coping mechanism
>ignores the nuance of separating fiction from reality.
Isn't that a basic skill you develop during your formative years?
>lolis being seen as pedobait
Mainly because of the above point, I think.

>> No.9879730


>> No.9879909

Imagine if it was reversed genders.

>> No.9879974
File: 2.16 MB, 2408x3232, greekchama tale.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9880117

astel with shota miyabi?

>> No.9880697

>He was later found eviscerated, with eyes and genitals missing

>> No.9881087

>>some CSA survivors will use lolicon/shotacon as a coping mechanism
I wasn’t even thinking about her, but yeah, the concept is similar
>>ignores the nuance of separating fiction from reality.
>Isn't that a basic skill you develop during your formative years?
I think it’s ignored when it comes to sexuality
>>lolis being seen as pedobait
>Mainly because of the above point, I think
I suppose

>> No.9882468
File: 194 KB, 398x390, hornybern.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9882913

I don't know about Gura but Mori probably likes a lot stuff by not really looking past the thumbnail.

>> No.9885113
File: 525 KB, 959x1005, mori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mori,.... that shark...


>> No.9888235
File: 23 KB, 552x555, 1630206916801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's real
I'm a fucking dead man, holy kek

>> No.9890990

Your right. We need to find this kid so we can give him the luckiest boy in the world award!

>> No.9892709

Young girls are also attracted to adult men. Doesn't make it less fucked up.

>> No.9892777
File: 559 KB, 1754x1240, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shota Marine uohh...

>> No.9892790
File: 146 KB, 871x1198, 1624241497130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i wish that was me...

>> No.9892927

Are all holomems shotacons? Why the fuck would women be interested in boys like this?

>> No.9893444

>Doesn't make it less fucked up.
According to modern American pearl-clutching. With the exception of the last 80 or so years, and specifically in America, people were getting married around puberty. When I was a young boy, I knew what I wanted. I wanted to fuck a number of adult women I knew in my life, including one of my teachers, a friend's mom and my babysitter. I fantasized about it all the time, would have loved to fuck any of them, and as an adult today, if I had, I would look back upon it now with only fondness. The age of consent was increased, and large age gaps in relationships are frowned upon, because women are vindictive and threatened by younger competition, and the rise of feminism was spearheaded by 40 year old single cat moms.

>> No.9894025

Both were sitting at around 90% upvoted so its just a vocal minority as usual. Id dare to say we have an equal amount of moralfags here.

>> No.9894057

suisei wtf
it's not even fresh

>> No.9894675 [DELETED] 

Can you imagine the booty game? Literally built for reverse paizrui+rimming courtesy of a sexy onee-san.

>> No.9896703

lol somethingawful banned all discussion of vtubersbecause they think it's al pedo shit. waiting for more sites to do the same because of shit like this. eventually Cover will have to address this if they want to keep EN a thing

>> No.9896874
File: 225 KB, 334x405, pika:).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pedophilia, Japan

>> No.9896991

Once western media starts paying attention to vtubing the whole thing will be satanic panic part 2 and it will be banned

>> No.9897350
File: 74 KB, 400x400, 1628636200570.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not even joking, this shit NEEDS to stop. All it takes is one or two news outlets or blogs to say something negative about holo members doing stuff like this and everyone will condemn and stop watching hololive because "only pedophiles watch hololive" or some shit. This shit will ruin hololive if it keeps going.

>> No.9897502

I love how their entire argument is
>Pedophilia in drawings causes pedophilia in real life
It's the exact logic same as
>Vioelnce in vidya causes violence in real life

Meanwhile in reality Japan has one of the lowest rates of child molestation and child rape in the world...

Makes me feel like all the anti-loli posters are post wall roasties that are jealous that men want young women instead of their washed up deadegg assess.

>> No.9897548

Older women should be allowed to have sex with 12+ boys as long there are no threats or blackmail involved.

>> No.9897593

Something something maternal instincts, supposedly
If you ask me, as much as r/hololive is loathed, even they at least know how to gatekeep or call out those faggots
As if people are going to listen to a ResetEra with subscription
Funny how people who make those shitty memes never use Japanese little girls. They know it’s drawings, but want so bad to blame weebs
Nah, it will stay niche enough at least for a while. If it happens, you can expect a internet war
This isn’t like anime where you can say you watch Monogatari but find lolis problematic, we’re talking about actual people that give entertainment and consume that content. There’s many people that will come to their defe
Assuming controversy ensues, current vtubing and its fans will survive, while ironic weebs fuck off back to watching Shonen and vtweeters continue being part of their own separated community

>> No.9897636

>vtubers lose their normalfag market
>can't rely on simp cucks for income
>stops pandering to normalfags
I'm not seeing the problem?

>> No.9898113

kids: soul
adults: soulless

>> No.9898135
File: 1.53 MB, 3840x2160, 1626300546926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hmmmm cunny

>> No.9898429

Typical pedotranny mad at loli/shota because hits close to home.

>> No.9898655
File: 65 KB, 640x640, 1619270109049.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Half of hololive being unapologetic loli/shotacons is the great filter. Putting more attention to that filter would only be a good thing. Who cares what normalfags think about a thing anyway, they probably already think you're creepy for watching anime women stream video games

>> No.9898774

Whats the problem?

>> No.9898787

Its fine until the evangelical group that got PornHub finds out and YouTube bans Cover for promoting pedophilia

Youtube is a western company, don't say they won't

>> No.9898912

People on this board are so used to being online they forget how the average person would react to this. Go ahead, post this shit to Facebook and see how it goes.

>> No.9898913

Mori "I just like short men, okay?" Calliope

>> No.9899040
File: 217 KB, 372x360, sheep of disdain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are Americans like this?

>> No.9899472

But they're right and I think Cover is at least somewhat aware. Look at what they did to Anya, look at how unsexual Gura is in design compared to someone like Shion, look at Baelz having yabbos . When Irys mentioned loli, the other ENs ignore it. It's only a matter of time.

>> No.9900076

>I don't have a counter argument for a this fact in question
WAAh, cry me a river. Go report it to the drawing's parents, and once you have the culprits, get them in jail, once you do we'll take you seriusly.

>> No.9900351

>>Meanwhile in reality Japan has one of the lowest rates of child molestation and child rape in the world...
They falsify the cases that do get reported, and in the first place, due to the culture of shame, most such things do no get reported. Same thing with all crime like rapes and molestations. It is all fake. Never trust the lies about how safe and crimeless Japan is. They fake all of them to make the country seem nicer than it is.

>> No.9900420

you know that actual cp and rape vids were being uploaded to pornhub before the purge right? I remember that even redditors were calling them out on that

>> No.9900560
File: 647 KB, 644x583, 1625870355802.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9900627
File: 459 KB, 1242x865, ECF049B6-F243-4E77-8076-C458356615D8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related
Take your meds, there’s evidence of the contrary but you have to watch streams or lurk more

>> No.9900652


Doesn't change anything, this is just as real as far as the western mindset is concerned

>> No.9900654

>muh dark numbers!
>We know it happens because there's no evidence of it happening!
Argument from ignorance is a fallacy.
Inverse argument from ignorance is just plain retardation.

>> No.9900709
File: 102 KB, 1587x342, 0F9ED4F2-620E-455E-AA53-5C8F7590B7F9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

While kind of true…

>> No.9900836

There's nothing wrong with being a lolicon, but don't kid yourself dude. It's not like the shit you read in a lolicon doujin is entirely conceptually abstract. The normalniggers you have your gay debates with will never accept you, simply don't talk to them about lolicon shit.

>> No.9900908

Regardless of numbers and stats if Japan was a secret Epstein island with untold levels of child rape compared to the west I think the average person would know. It's obvious that there's some reporting fuckery that's heightened due to cultural shit but there's also data that shows Japan is a very safe country from sources that are not the Japanese government

>> No.9901288

Doubt it's real

>> No.9901357

Filtering normalfags is a good thing though

>> No.9901373

Kone can voice a mean shota that stream was great

>> No.9901691

It's literally half the plot of the most popular anime of the season you dumb tranny

>> No.9901742

Why would anyone go to facebook?
Even the hololive girls are forbidden to use that crap

>> No.9902077

You say that like you yourself aren't American you fucking faggot
fucking watame posters

>> No.9902151

>but this anime has it so everything is fine
fuck off lol, nothing to do with this. ywnbj

>> No.9902279

yes, posted on niche japanese anime artist twitter, very normal person area, great job dumbass

>> No.9902284

Butbit has
/ss/ isn't as abhorrent as the other kinds specially when done by japanese women, to the point no one cares
Stay mad

>> No.9902520

Shut up. Just shut the fuck up. You will NEVER be Japanese.....

>> No.9902554

You're missing the point entirely. Anime is 100% fictional with characters made in set episodes and is all drawn. Hololive is real women behind anime avatars that are entertaining viewers live. People have attachments to these people more than anime. I've seen people say they've stopped watching anime and only watch hololive. The damage that a news site or popular, "liked" person if they pick up on it and talk shit about it can be huge.

>> No.9902810

You doomfaggots have been saying this for years and even after that troll Venti tried it last year with Gura, she basically just got laughed at. Like 'bitch get real problems', basically. Its ironically the fact that normalfags have such attachment to these girls that the talent can pretty much do anything and get away with it as said normalfag will do mental gymnastics to justify it, whereas if it was an anime they would be screeching.

>> No.9903034

CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News have no attachment to the girls of Hololive and neither do the liches that run thie USA and make its laws. Get off the internet, it's warped your perspective

>> No.9903040

If you for a second believe any of the stories these whores tell on stream youre the dumbest motherfucker ever

>> No.9903191

>sorted by controversial
>anti-pedo comments are controversial or downvoted
>most redditors defend the shota comic
You tried

>> No.9903198

if irys so much as says the word loli in a collab with sana or baelz then those two go to jail lol

>> No.9903353

The problem isn't the internet you stooge, it's Baby Boomer media finding out that the kids are watching grown adults list after children as entertainment

>> No.9903434
File: 446 KB, 906x870, 1435968278509.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>somethingawful banned all discussion of vtubersbecause they think it's al pedo shit.
Remember when SA was good?

>> No.9903882

no and neither do you

>> No.9903902

The thing that makes vtubers different when it comes to filtering normalfags is that they don't need them nearly as much.
For example, I really like fighting games, been playing them sort of seriously for over a decade, going to tournaments and whatnot. Never won anything, I'm not very good, but still.
In fighting games, we've been seeing games getting dumbed down over and over again, and there isn't much we can realistically do, because at the end of the day, the casual audience are the ones paying the developers' bills. If they make a game with only the more "hardcore" audience in mind, they'll go bankrupt.
With vtubers, however, normalfags are mostly greyname deadsubs. Most of their income is things like sponsorship deals (almost all of it from Japan), merch and ticket sales for events, and then there's membership and superchat. It's the direct opposite situation, where a more dedicated subset of fans is the one responsible for most of their income. They don't have to appeal to normalfags, because they don't rely on them as much. The only thing they fear is Youtube's AI. Even costumes that got censored get reverted to the pre-censored version whenever they're outside of Youtube, like in SPWN concerts. Cover does not give a shit, because they don't have to.
At least for now, let's hope it can last a bit longer.

>> No.9903989

anon sa's anime forum bans some popular japan thing every couple of years like clockwork. I think the last thing they banned before vtubers was isekai discussion.

>> No.9904398

why are '06 fags like this

>> No.9904575

get a load of this guy

>> No.9904625

a surprisingly common reaction. pretty telling that they aren't at all bothered by the double standard.

>> No.9904980

we need to rectify this double standard

>> No.9905567

I like western loli. Unteralterbach was good

>> No.9906577


>> No.9907058

I hate women soo much

>> No.9911512

>The face of hololive liking fornicating with a young boy
It's over

>> No.9913830

Noel isn't the face but Fubuki will accept a loli if you're offering

>> No.9914392

At least they did something right, le reddit trannies still forgot the large portion anime fans don't care about their tumblr political correctness.

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