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Schedule: https://twitter.com/takanashikiara/status/1437440994266566658

Art by: https://twitter.com/zeiss_ss/status/1437843343879258112

Previous thread: >>9728485

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Back to your doxxcord

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Another tangent and I let her loose!

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nothing in her brain thoughts

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Cant blame her when she always get feedback about being cheerful and energetic

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registering on the richter scale thoughts

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Tell me KFP, what were you thinking when you were under Kiara's ass?

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thinking about burying my face in there

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Divine, exquisite!

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the way she says "forgor" with french accent is really pleasant to hear

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Agree. Love how she pronouces english she isn't familiar with in general.

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>Don't watch the old ones.
That's not how this works Kiara.

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>cats are magical

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I dont suppose anyone's got the vod for the deleted Zelda stream do they? I didn't manage to catch it

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Fuck, that reminds me I lost my fat stack of old Streamables because I forgot my username and cleaned up my comp.

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There's a torrent for it.

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Really? I'm surprised that we didn't see any egg posting streamables yes.

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She will upload the edited version after this stream and an anon in /hlgg/ said he will upload what she cuts.

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Its not on nyaa so I guess its in the archives

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Can't find it myself so let me know if you do

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Wait, I'm still catching up on the last week. What even happend?

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/t/ - torrents

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She had her worst breakdown to date playing Zelda for 7 hours and deleted the archive. She will cut that part off

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When will Mori stop calling Kiara "kusotori"?
I know it's supposed to be part of their character dynamic but it's also a fucking insult and she still calls her that a year after debut. When will she stop being a cold-hearted bitch towards Kiara in general?
Like they'll be in a full Gen collab together and Mori will shower Gura with affection while being completely dismissive towards Kiara.
I understand if Mori doesn't want to pretend to be bff's with someone she is not, but the least Kiara deserves is basic decency. She has done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment.
For someone people like to call hysterical and thin-skinned Kiara sure does tolerate a lot of bullshit, especially from Mori.

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huh, everything seemed fine earlier streams
guess I'm in for a ride

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>Kiara needs reassurance all the time.
High maintenance GF lets gooooooo!

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Reminding Kiara I love her every second!

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She also said outside of the stream she was sulking and with a bad attitude like everything sucks.
Will you really be able to take that kind of attitude?

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Yaaaaas isn't going away.

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I will make her happy.

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It really was a ride. The final hour was incredibly suspenseful.
I understand that Kiara doesn't wanna let people see her that down, but it was honestly the most engaged I ever was in a stream.

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>she wants to make tonkatsu

I have already done this before.

>a bread machine

Does she mean an oven?

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terribly sorry but you are late to the party.
Splitschizos already blew off steam for the monthly Mori Timeloop a couple of days ago...
Please wait 30 days or contact your nearest deadbeat in HR for further advice

Keep having a nice day working at your KFP location, and remember: you are a valuable part of our team!

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7 Hours into the stream, Kiara finally reads my super chat. Stream lags through the whole thing, now I have to wait for the vod... Pottery

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There are gadgets made only for bread making.

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KFP's anti-egg hiring policy is racist

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But you can make bread in your oven.

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You can make bread over an open fire. Doesn't mean you have to.

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Turn off the live chat (or open one window with the stream paused but the chat on and another one with the stream on but the chat off) and that will make your stream not lag

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This kind of machine doesn't just bake but mix the dough. Mixing the dough is like 90% of the work to make bread. You don't even have to bake it in the machine, you can mix and then put it in a proper oven.

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have you tried closing chat? that helps me sometimes, especially on pc

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Thanks for the advice, but I think it was just my shitty work internet listening on my phone.

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But that's the fun part.

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>she thinks xiexie sounds like scheisse

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you can set them up to automatically bake with a timer so you'll wake up to fresh bread. that's kinda neat.

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>he thinks that kneading the dough isn't the best part

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All this GFE needy shit is turning me off.

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Oh so that's the word for it.

t. ESLchama

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Kiara could barely "knead" her Spätzle dough and that is way softer than bread dough.

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But it's fascinating to listen to.

>she complains about being alone
>calls herself the "mom" of her chickens
>gets excited when talking to babies/talking about women she used to follow as idols having babies

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I need to save Kiara and her noodle body...

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Well KFP, how was our 8 hour shift today?

>> No.9786266

business as usual

>> No.9786279

Felt like half an hour of Zelda and half an hour of SC reading..

>> No.9786505

I got to water the plants and do maintenance on the fish pond while listening to her super chat reading, so pretty comfy.

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I didn't catch all of it because I needed to sleep, so I pulled the old KFP special of falling asleep while Kiara is streaming, waking up while Kiara is still streaming and still catching about half of it.

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The hello project tangent was quite a trip. Her passion with idol stuff is so cute desu.

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Perfect burnout material, this kind of streaming is not healthy for her( or kfp). I hope she can go on vacation soon.

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reasonable kfp, is that you?

>> No.9786701

"I'm not sorry, but I wanna see you again sometime"

>> No.9786830

If you think about it Zelda is kind of like a phoenix herself, reincarnating eternally.

>> No.9786831

True but also she's super committed to getting her job (Superchats) done asap.
Also without streaming she's very pessimistic so she needed her daily dose of positivity to make it through the day. That's very unhealthy as well but at least will keep her stable for now.

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>Kiara's roommate and Kiara

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I hope she keeps playing lots of Zelda.
Imagine her doing the Kafei and Anju sidequest and messing up

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Yuna pointed it out in her tweet but you'll see that Kiara got her choreo from the 2nd vid

and it's so cute

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God I can't wait for real 3D Kiara

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I want to see her do the platinum disco. I always found it mesmerizing.

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not a fan of the tiny chef hat. at least it's probably gonna be removable.

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I think it looks alright, but I'm also worried about being too used to Kiara's onion like head to enjoy a design like this as much. Oh well, I'll probably get over it.

>> No.9789676

i dig it if only for having a better imagination than me

>> No.9789700

When is she gonna play Dragon Age? Like literally EA gave them permissions to use the whole damn catalog for a year and no holoraibu has tried out anything by Bioware.

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Takanashi "Graphics > Gameplay" Kiara would get filtered super hard

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Yeah she has been "burned" out since the first week of September, but well deserved since she's streaming too much and with little space of rest, also she probably still resent the Sparks situation

>> No.9790332


Important notice!

>> No.9790416

so far in advance? could be a collab

>> No.9790516

Nvm, she's just gonna be with mamatori

>> No.9790677

Works for me. Still a weekend, still early enough in the day I can do shit later in the evening. Might be a little tired after Holotalk setup and the stream though.

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I know you are joking but
>shoe shopping
>on a sunday
>in central europe
Everything besides restaurants and gas stations is closed on Sundays.

>> No.9793157

I honestly was kinda hoping Kiara would DSP the hell out of Skyward Sword.

>> No.9793990

Is this 8 hours long stream the edited version https://youtu.be/WKgIz2Z2q4Q ?

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>> No.9794417

No, this is today's stream.
The stream that got edited was 7:30h long as it was between Nenechi's costume reveal and Ina's anniversary stream. Kiara cutting stuff out won't make it longer.

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there's a fucking torrent and i've been downloading dolphin porn for two days?

>> No.9795029

Did you not check /t/ the past few days at all?

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I love u takanashi kiara

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Look I've been thinking about it since the new set was unveiled and there's just no way Kiara is OK with how things are with Mori right now. I can't think of any other reason there wasn't a Takamori picture or reference anywhere on screen; things may have cooled off but to not have even a hint of their past relationship is a deliberate omission. Obviously Kiara's been dialing down the shipping and has been flirting with other girls but this feels different.

>> No.9797068

That's... really hot actually

>> No.9797150

I do not want to seem /u/schitzo either but I also noticed this, same thing with her not really bringing much attention to her mentioning Takamori in the debut watchalong

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Listen, I know you like your TakaMori ship a lot, but they're both busy and apart. Obviously if it really is Mori's autism, you can't do anything about it and Kiara would have realized this a while back. Stop making a big deal out of it because it's nothing past 2 friends growing slightly apart. They knew each-other through Hololive, supported eachother at the start, and now are starting to branch out a lot more. Stop being a fucking weirdo about this.

>> No.9797723

Yeah they're growing apart but they were attached at the fucking hip earlier. Kiara wept in Mori's arms and they have matching bracelets to remember each other. You'd think in a stream dedicated to memories she'd mention those positive memories with her genmate. It is a strange thing to do.

>> No.9798180

You're making a mountain out of a molehill. Situations change, things get swept to the side, etc. They will still collab occasionally together, they still both will talk to each other on their discord, it's not like they magically hate each other now but it is obvious that they're trying to cool down the TakaMori fans.

>> No.9798407

This. Next time they collab you retards are going to act like nothing ever happened, and that they are best friends again. The same exact shit happens with Gurame.

>> No.9798621

>it is obvious that they're trying to cool down the TakaMori fans
>it's not like they magically hate each other now
I think Kiara is upset with Mori. I have been watching her for some time now and believe that if she did not feel somehow slighted she would have at least nodded to their friendship unless compelled to do otherwise.

>> No.9798775

What I think happened:
>Kiara does what she can to engage with Mori, and encourages Mori to engage with her (multiple times, onstream she insists that Mori can talk to her whenever she wants)
>Mori doesn't do it, for whatever reason.
>Furthermore, maybe Kiara tries to engage but doesn't really get traction, like we sometimes see in their collabs.
>Her other genmates(particularly Ame), Subaru and Nene actively start conversations with her sometimes.
>Kiara feels more incentivized to talk to them as it's a give and take. If she starts talking, they respond in kind.
>Kiara gradually just loses interest in doing all the heavy lifting Mori, aside from scheduling a collab or two just to make sure people don't think they hate each other.
>Once Kiara accepts this, she stops playing up the ship except sometimes for moments where it would be weird if she didn't, because it's no longer fun for her.
Nah, the BIY and the Bleach collabs didn't change my mind, their next collab won't either. Kiara still likes Mori but she's not focusing on her anymore.

>> No.9799483

They haven't talked in many days so it makes sense things are going to start to cool down between them even when they are coworkers are a forced ship.
Kiara will always admire Mori for being a cool strong woman but she's moving on, she really wants affection over anything.
Funny when I see /u/schizos even made a hashtag to celebrate that.

>> No.9799824

Lemmie give you a better timeline with a more reasonable explanation.
>Kiara living in covid Japan, no real contact or communication because of restrictions.
>Kiara watches a lot of Hololive.
>Kiara tries out for Hololive EN.
>Gets accepted.
>Meets genmates and finds out Mori is in Japan, a reasonable distance away to meet often.
>They start hanging out as things are getting set up.
>Start the Gen with a pre-established 'thing' on debut because they use each other as emotional support in Japan.
>Kiara, being as emotional as she is, grows attached to Mori as a lifeboat to keep her going.
>Mori is a reasonable friend and talks with Kiara a lot.
>Collab bans mean Kiara can't hang out with other JP for a bit so her reliance on Mori is still there.
>Collab ban lifted, off collabs with JP happens, she gets more guidance and support from JP branches.
>Things continue, Kiara feels like her world is going to end because she has to move back to Australia.
>Emotional parting because they both relied on each other frequently during harder times in Japan and it helped them grow a little closer than they did with their other co-workers.
>Kiara moves and has her home country depression arc where she misses Mori because she hasn't reestablished herself in her home country,
>As the months go by, both start doing more meaning busier and not as much time to talk.
>Kiara starts reconnecting with old friends as restrictions loosen up.
>She doesn't need her emotional crutch in Mori as much as she used to.
>Probably realized that it may have been a bit too far as coworkers.
>Starts to cool off the TakaMori stuff.
>Everyone starts yelling about DED DED KIARA HATES MORI MORI HATES KIARA.

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>> No.9800098

Too rational, I prefermy rrat of Kiara hating Mori.

>> No.9800171

Well she gave no input on the set, Eden Exile made it as a gift. It was no commission. If you want to get to the bottom of it you go ask him.

>> No.9800418

She didn't commission the new set, it was a gift. The artist just doesn't like Takamori or didn't think it was necessary. The only thing that Kiara added was the video on the screens, the chat and the little kiara frog.

Compare to her laptop stickers that she put there herself: https://youtu.be/UGoki9bUBaI?t=25302 and you see that Mori is there.

>> No.9800455

Isn't it obvious? He's a gosling and wants to fuck his Oshi. Cute pics of her with her friends, mentors, and idols is fine, but /u/schizo eats into the fantasy.

>> No.9800533

She finally got over Mori, that's all that happened.
She said Mori likes Gura more than her without even sounding the least bit sad.

Maybe it's just a coincidence but this started happening after she started goslinging for Ame. So my rrat is simply that Ame being nice to her caused her to snap out of it and stop excusing Mori's aloofness/cuntiness.

>> No.9800669

>TakaMori is dead waah

Calm down schizos, they still have discord sex every night. Now in VRchat too!

>> No.9800721

I mean, similar logic applies to the laptop stickers, Manzanita didn't make stickers of everybody, it just so happens that one of the stickers she made was Mori.

>> No.9800735

Nobody is crying about that garbage pairing being dead.

>> No.9800923

You're literally shitting your pants in anger over it anon.

>> No.9801041

There are for sure some people who are more emotionally committed to it, but there's been a few reasonable posts in response.

>> No.9801075

I just wish she had a regular collab partner who admires her and is playful. She has that with Nene but they don't collab enough to make it worth while

>> No.9801187

Embarrassing post.

>> No.9801248

She has plenty Anon, and even though her TakaMori collabs are clouded in the bullshit, there's still plenty of nice moments.

>> No.9801388

God damn, watching the first half of todays stream and the random lightning strikes sees so annoying. I now understand why in a stressed state it was so hard for her to even have a chance.

>> No.9801401

Reine could potentially be that.

>> No.9801489

Looks like she she's finally gonna get some good rest (hopefully)

>> No.9801493


Just listen to her putting Ame and Mori on her laptop...

>> No.9801579


>> No.9801659

Please yagoo sir get this bird some European friends. If you cant find any Africa shares time zones at least

>> No.9801691

I mean, I'm not a huge fan of the shipping shit, but I get the playfulness of it and enjoy the AmeTori because it isn't full of the shitty tsundare trope. At least both girls can have fun complimenting each other instead of the awkward bullshit that comes with that trope.

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File: 2.82 MB, 498x235, 1605889699742.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ame sticker comes first
>excited as fuck about it
>"and a calli sticker"


>> No.9801995

You really didn't remember the sticker stuff? It was goofy and cute.

>> No.9802071

Well she's being nice here https://twitter.com/moricalliope/status/1437961373179207681?s=20

>> No.9802083


>> No.9802449

I have noticed she doesn't call her kusotori 100% of the time anymore, which is... A step in the right direction I suppose lol

>> No.9802511

Yeah Mori's pretty nice and supportive.
The way that Kiara acts around Ame is that of a demure maiden that hides an eager side, and that's just adorable.

>> No.9802816

For the schizos who hate Kiara, would you buy her pop-up parade fig when it's released?

>> No.9803292

Early TakaMori was nice and had great potential but i don't understand why would Mori agree to create the ship before they had even debuted without willing to create any progression. One year later and we are still at "haha Kusotori fuck you". What is the point of tsundere if there is never going to be full dere? Ofc i'm not talking about being obsessively sweet and lovey-dovey but at least flirting back and taking the initiative sometimes would be nice I'm not even mad at Mori, i like her and wish that their friendship can still be as strong as it was in Japan, but... maybe it's time to leave TakaMori behind. AmeTori ftw(and i would like to see some more TakoTori)

>> No.9803348

Is it just me or has Kiara gradually become the gaijin of the HoloEn... Time zone, culture, language, hobbies she literally has no one to really be herself with. No wonder Pomu draws so much attention to her.
Ina also exhales a little bit of this feeling, but in a much more subtle way.

>> No.9803438

How did she manage to be SEX in that model?

>> No.9803616

>they still both will talk to each other on their discord
i sincerely doubt they talk at all unless it's stream/event related

>> No.9803682

>I sincerely doubt co-workers would communicate at all with each other.
Yeah alright.

>> No.9804032

I'm going to need to you to be less reasonable and inject more drama in your post.
Lately Kiara is getting stressed as fuck and until she can actually fly to Japan she's way better off spending free time socializing with rl friends.

>> No.9804239

yeah, kiara feels really isolated. i wish she'd cut down or her streaming times a bit and open up some time do more short collabs that aren't holotalk

>> No.9804398

mori didn't even talk to kiara for over a week after she went back to europe. and this was when their friendship was at its strongest. i wouldn't be surprised if they've gone a month without even a text to each other

>> No.9804586

Why do you think she was so desperate for a European friend that she went after veibae?
I hope she collabs with someone from council regularly.

>> No.9804607

Ryza stream discussion?
My only guess is that it was awkward for Mori to break the silence, on top of knowing Kiara was probably really busy getting settled in. Also, according to deadbeats, Mori has talked about how she has a harder time communicating with people when they aren't there with her in person.

>> No.9804765

Anyone else really want to see her play Wind Waker? She seems to have some interest in it and the sailing sections would be great for tangents. Plus, it's my second favorite zelda behind LttP and I know we'll never get her to play a 16-bit game.

>> No.9804879

I honestly find it funny that she has been making fun of Mori's "hey listen" like Navi from OoT.


>> No.9804902

isn't that stuck on wiiu/gc

>> No.9804918

>Mamatori sounds like the mom of a guy I slept with
This feels odd.

>> No.9804953

I think Wind Waker is like, third or fourth on my Zelda Most Wanted list. My most wanted is Link's Awakening. It's a very emotional game, and I hope she'll connect to it.

>> No.9804995

You fucked BroTori? Damn. Guess that's one way to get into Kiara's zone.

>> No.9805028
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Getting really tired of the Mori antis shitting up the threads lately. Go cry about it in the Global threads instead of using Kiara as an excuse to attack her. You're acting like High School girls.

>> No.9805154
File: 672 KB, 2892x4096, E_R1dRfUcAMWncc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Catching up on today's vod and just got to her pronunciation of "tortilla." Freakin adorable.

>> No.9805179

Before EN2 debuted I was discussion a wishlist of things so Kiara could possibly get more/better partners in the next generation, let's check back in to see the results:

For Kiara I wanted:
>someone in the same timezone
Nope, still got fucked. 2 Oz, 3 NA, and Kiara continues to be arkwardly "in the middle" geographically which makes her always too early or too late for everyone else. Timezones seem like such a minor thing, but they help immensly in building rapport because you can chat spontaneously with someone without having to worry about them being awake or not. Also being from the same continent brings the benefits of some cultural familiarity, Kiara sometimes sticks out as the only Euro who doesn't get what the Americans are talking about with their shared background. A shame that Cover couldn't have thrown us euros a bone, but oh well, better luck next time in another year again, european applicant girls...

>someone with the same interests
Same as above, helps to bond over. While everybody probably shares, at least more or less, some "general" interest in anime and japan (after all, they're working as an anime girl for a japanese company - doesn't mean they have to be a hardcore otaku, but should at least have some tolerance for it), Kiara's specific niche interests with which she is alone are Idols and Cosplay, and as far as I can tell, none of the new girls mentioned that as an interest. So again, as above, another strike out.

>someone with a compatible personality
The most important thing for last. It has gotten better in the last few months as EN1 has finally started to gel, but in earlier times when their lack of chemistry was more pronounced and they were apperent unsure how to act around each other it was sometimes painful how Kiara stuck out as the only outgoing one in the group of introverts/passives/wet blankets and led to some arkward moments in the mismatch, which left Kiara with a worse reputation than if she had someone who would actually respond to her banter.
I'm still undecided on how EN2 fits her on the personality wavelength, as we're still in the collab ban, but so far I see only some mixed potential. Sana seems like the best candidate for it to work, she looks like a natural talker and not a wallflower . The rrat seems like she's trying to play the chaos character but is actually probably just a more demure girl. Clock seems like another Mori in her stiffness, and while it could be funny to see how Kiara would interact with such a character without having to include the forced pairing act, I don't see much potential there. I don't have much opinions on Owl and Nature, they're more quiet and airheaded, not saying it couldn't work, just that I'm not expecting much.
What are other KFP's impressions re: the new girls and their Kiara compatibilty?

>> No.9805273

Same, people should just stream sparks!

>> No.9805361

Honestly, I wouldn't care about this "Takamori friendship" so much if Kiara wasn't so alone and isolated from other holos. She cares about her friends so much, and it feels really, really shitty that a friendship that was so important to her is waning for no reason other than lack of contact.

>> No.9805413

It's funny how adamant they are about "MORI IS AN ASSHOLE" when there are plenty of things that can change that make neither of them the asshole.
Sana is the only one I've really watched pasted debut, and I think her bubbly personality would mesh well with Kiara, but I think Sana tends to be a little too reserved in the way she talks that will make it a little harder for their bubbly-ness to get out of control. Sana can be similar in tangents when she's genuinely interested in a subject/topic, whereas Kiara can just go wild with just about anything, so unless they find something Sana can open up on, I would expect it to be close to a Reine collab.

>> No.9805417

Krooni has been pretty fun at her interactions with Kiara. Krooni's actual similarities with Mori aren't all that great, for starters she dropped the tsundere act with sana insanely quickly, she's very haughty and can roll with the punches and be witty at a moments notice.

But I think Sauna or Baelz are probably the best canidate for collabs if it weren't for the fucking timezones.

>> No.9805511

Fauna really goes off on tangents, so I could imagine the two of them getting very off track if they hit a topic they both vibe with

>> No.9805513
File: 483 KB, 1200x675, 1629310551755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally got to the part in Arise where you first meet Kisara, and I literally can only think of Kiara when seeing her. How would she have reacted if a special cosmetic for her gave her orange and green hair?

>> No.9805666

>Timezones seem like such a minor thing, but they help immensly in building rapport because you can chat spontaneously with someone without having to worry about them being awake or not.
For what it's worth, Kiara and Fauna have actually been overlapping a lot these past few weeks. They could probably end up regularly collabing if they wanted.
>Compatible Personalities
Too soon to say! But I think Kronii would be good, they complement each other really well. Kiara can lead the conversation, Kronii can fall back on being quippy and all that.
Fauna, both girls are very good at being engagingly talkative. The quiet/loud balance will mean I hope they're careful with the audio balance or it'll be hard to hear Fauna. Even so, I bet they'll work together fine.
Mumei... I don't know that they will work well together? Kiara might just dominate too much. We'll see though. If Mumei can show the side of herself she showed in the AYDTA5G stream, it could work.
Sana, you already said. Though I do think it will be Kiara leading again, Sana isn't quite as good. What would their flirtation be like? It might end up being pretty wacky
Baelz I still don't know. She's cute but I'm not really sure what her strengths are yet. I still feel like I don't know much about her even though I've watched quite a few streams.

>> No.9805755

>You're acting like High School girls.
Yes but that's /vt/ in general.
...why are you mirroring it, genius?

>> No.9805802

This is the Kiara thread, and Mori has been, for better or worse, a big part of Kiara's character, more than any other genmate. And most people here think it has been for the worse, at least the pairing part, and it's not unreasonable to expect that being discussed from time to time.

For what it's worth, you also need to calm down - just because people don't like the Takamori ship doesn't mean they're "attacking" Mori. Most people here don't think Mori is a bad person and are reasonably ok with her on her own, and don't wish for her graduation or whatever actual schizo antis do.

>> No.9806363

I think that was kinda bound to happen, no matter which pairing you try to come up with, because all of the other EN1 girls are varying degrees of emotionally distant and rather keep more to themselves, which doesn't match with our chimken who's more the reach-out and emotionally needy type.

I'm very happy that at least Kiara mentioned she and Ina have been hanging around in casual discord talks off stream. It probably helps that Ina's "job", drawing at home for several hours a day, is good for that, I imagine she can just have Kiara open in discord, chattering away about nothing for hours, while Ina just listens as she draws and occasionally "humu humu"'s in response, and it's a really cute thought...

>> No.9806439

kiara threads are such a breath of fresh air. always makes me happy to be reminded that there's a corner of this hellsite that loves my bird oshi

>> No.9806518

there's been a couple eggs that have basically been shitting up every thread by bringing up kfp or kiara regardless of topic today.

>> No.9806681

It's tiresome seeing the same points brought up over and over again. >>9799824 This is the most reasonable take I've seen here all day and even I think they still talk a lot, even about non-work related stuff.

>> No.9807167

pomu is our only hope for a god tier collab

>> No.9807412

>Fauna I'll enjoy every moment with you.
>I'll breathe, feel,
>and eat you.

>> No.9807618

You're free to not participate, or at least introduce other new things you'd rather want to talk about, but you're not the mod who gets to dictate what everybody else in the thread should or shouldn't be saying. If enough anons want to talk about takamori, that's what they're gonna do, and if you find that "tiring", you better just lay down and sleep to come back in another thread instead of being a seething bitch about it.

>> No.9807995

Austria is really a blessed place when it comes to landscapes, nature. It's a shame, if it weren't for the schizos Kiara could literally make travel guides for Europe.

>> No.9808095
File: 844 KB, 1273x720, 1628388188522.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm going to continue to be a giant faggot and there's nothing you can do about it


>> No.9808188

>if it weren't for the schizos Kiara could literally make travel guides for Europe.
Well Kiara wasnt really careful this time. She basicly already gave away, where she is going this time.

>> No.9808455

Yeah, probably wasn't the smartest thing to mention which country she'd be in for it. Oh well, nothing will come of it.

>> No.9808504

>Austria is really a blessed place when it comes to landscapes
Tyrol especially is probably one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the entire world.
Only the Andes compare.
Really fun people, too.
In fact being from Tyrol is a really easy way for other Austrians to like you because it's going to be assumed that you're honest, hardworking, adventurous and competent by default.

>> No.9808535
File: 421 KB, 315x911, stalke.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's going here right?

She pretty much gave away where she was going with Calli and nothing came out of it, and Japan has schizos 10000 worse than Austria. She will be ok

>> No.9808565
File: 8 KB, 210x240, kneel bitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>watching the newest VOD
>Kiara literally roasting managment again.
sasuga Tenchou

>> No.9808688

hope she will not be alone

>> No.9808756

Gura has been raking management over the coals recently as well.
I'm liking that they're taking less shit from them, personally.

>> No.9808980

I think she said she's going to pay for a friend's expenses. Honestly hope this vacation goes better than the last. All the EN girls seemed a bit burned out but with their anniversary passing I hope things get more lax.

>> No.9809157

i really fucking hope both of them asked for better SC cut. Calliope, Kiara, Gura are top 7,8,9 holomembers in term of SCs in 2021 after all and management doesnt do shit for them.

>> No.9809203

>hope this vacation goes better than the last
will be great if she will NOT break anything this time

>> No.9809284

She said she didn't want to go alone, and she feels awkward travelling alone.
Her vacation with Calli and RMT went great outside of accidents that were her own fault. She had a lot of fun and new experiences both times so it's not like everything was shitty

>> No.9809547
File: 79 KB, 768x800, E7r1ttKUcAEgxzF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this fucking bird

>> No.9809587

So she said she will work on more music even though making music under cover is frustrating
What do you think her next song will be about? it looks like heart challenger is the type of song she's most comfortable but the least popular as well

>> No.9809682

oh god i want a real hallelujah cover now. has she ever sung that?

>> No.9809707

Kiara's willingness/ability to ad lib and improvise lyrics is an aspect in Kiara's karaoke I really love

>> No.9809832

befor next unarchived karaoke ask about it with SC

>> No.9809886

>it looks like heart challenger is the type of song she's most comfortable but the least popular as well
to be fair Heart Challenger's problems were multi-faceted. A generic love song wouldn't have struggled as much, in fact almost any other seasonal song probably would have done better in season. Halloween and Christmas both take place towards the end of their respective months whereas Valentines Day comes relatively early and once it's passed it really doesn't make sense to keep playing valentine music.

>> No.9809928

dont forget that hinotori EN lyric was written just because Kiara "felt like it" in teh studio

>> No.9810062

next song will be Cover.
you can screen it

>> No.9810233

Only Gura and Ame have sung it in karaoke. Kiara has sung snippets of it on stream occasionally.

>> No.9810365


>> No.9811449
File: 86 KB, 788x1170, E_RjkVGXoAYqwmz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9812074

me on the right

>> No.9812598
File: 241 KB, 739x653, E_RlI9hWQAoV2PX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9812779
File: 127 KB, 900x900, 1629412632040.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9813741


>> No.9814368

I still maintain my opinion that Fauna is the best fit for Kiara, with Sana being a close second. The best kind of tangents are the ones that come out of left field, answering weird ass questions and pondering why things the way they are. In that aspect, Fauna is a great partner because she's willing to talk and can keep the conversation going, so we could reach tangents never seen before. And it also seems like to me they are already getting along pretty nicely even though no one expected it from Fauna's debut.
Sana seems to be well liked by KFP and I also share this notion, she's bubbly and easily excited which seems to be a common trait between Sana and Kiara. Sana's a bit more reserved, though, so it might be weird at first for them to connect because Kiara might not know how to approach her as she'd only beed to turn herself down one notch to perfectly line up with Sana, but that's pretty hard since from there it's easy to go back up to her usual excitement levels without noticing. Maybe Sana adapts and it will be kino nonetheless, but I think the onus is on Kiara to adapt as the more experienced member of the two.
Baelz also has potential, of nothing else, they could go on as the EN representatives on JP events together since besides IRyS, they're the ones that speak Japanese the most proficiently, and that could bond them together if all else fails.
Mumei seems to be the first deviation from the superior race of the HoloTori, but Kiara can handle her easy given Mumei's meek personality and she's quite easy to impress, so Kiara could turn out to be her great senpai she looks up to so much. Or I hope so.
Kronii, she's a tough nut to crack for me. I'm not a fan of her, but she toned down her most vexing feature, being a slave to her chat, and Kiara also seems to like her very much. She's kind of like Mori, but seems a bit more open to connect, so there's hope at least from me.
Also not a Council member, but I want an IRyS collab first and foremost. IRyS feels similar to Ina in terms of interacting with Kiara, but a bit more chatty and quick-witted. Given how TakoTori is already kino every time, I can't wait to see them in action one on one. Sadly IRyS is active at the worst of times for Kiara, so it's hard for them to schedule a collab.

>> No.9814713

How many costumes do kfp have? Ive seen one with a maid outfit on

>> No.9815002

I like it all lot, hope this is it and the stupid chef hat is removeable

>> No.9815346

All hats and hair accessories up to this point have been removable, so I see no reason for Keffiy to cut corners here.

>> No.9816109

I think Reine found that with IRyS already

>> No.9816130

The game sucks anyway.

>> No.9816310

Did he look like Frodo?

>> No.9816517

Hope you've all done your Tales of Arise reps

>> No.9816785

KFP bros..

>> No.9816795

Thing is, she will get burned out again soon if she doesn't reduce her streaming hours. 3 day vacation isn't really a vacation or a rest, its just a prolonged weekend.

>> No.9816877
File: 9 KB, 128x128, listener-san.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you forgot your image, listener-san

>> No.9817110

irl ex-idol oshimen is married club. Mine's still doing some public activities though.

>> No.9817364

Which is a massive improvement for someone like Kiara who has no weekends.
In the last weeks she didn't even really have a single day off because she had to do stuff on days she wasn't streaming.
Despite what she tells the JP holos about taking breaks she is probably too afraid to have a real vacation so "soon" after her last one.

>> No.9817451

The problem isn't her streaming hours, the main problem is that she has nothing to do outside of it. Her real life friends are busy and she confides only in few of them, and none of her coworkers live closer than 8 thousand kilometres away. Outside of that, picking up new hobbies is something she could do, but it's admittedly hard to do especially these days. With all these things considered, and I'm pretty sure Kiara thinks the same, you might as well just stream and focus on improving your talent.
Kiara streaming a shitton is the end result, not the starting point of her problems. In a way, streaming is her way of coping with her issues, as admitted by herself yesterday when she talked about streaming improving her current mood as she gets to interact with us and keeps her mind away from the things that eat her up inside.

>> No.9817506

Quite a lot as Dakuma loves doodling chickens whenever Kiara talks about anything.

>> No.9818156
File: 583 KB, 2894x4093, 1630752052631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fauna surprised me, didn't like her voice at first but her tangents kept me watching her. and I think she'll mesh well with tenchou.
I enjoy Owl quite a bit but I guess best would be impromptu minecraft collabs, mostly text chat, to build familiarity. Otherwise kiara might come on too strong. I like her singing voice.
I agree with >>9814368 in that irys could be a great collab partner for her. she seemed rather boring to me at first but the more I watch her the more interesting she becomes.

>> No.9818735


>> No.9818796

Cover, if you can create a unit out of thin air ("Umisea"), please kick those three birds in their butts and force them to create a unit a lot of people are actually waiting for! Thanks. :)

>> No.9818845
File: 235 KB, 600x600, 1626044867814.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Summary: Kiara hates Mori now

>> No.9818962


>> No.9819086

They will finally build the portal next week.
Just imagine: Kiara being able to run into Watame and other JP holos without having to set up a playdate.
Kiara casually collabing with Nenechi without feeling bad for speaking Japanese as they don't absolutely have to be in voice together.


>> No.9819284

That is not entirely true though. Its not just that "circumstances" lead Kiara to stream more, Kiara creates her own circumstances. She wants to stream more to make up for "other things" and she wants to take her job seriously. In doing so, she ends up isolating herself more from people. She has admitted that she thinks she is a high maintenance friend because she is too closed off and doesn't reach to other people enough making them do the heavy lifting. She also entirely cuts off people from her life that stopped talking to her in the past, making it hard to rekindle these relationships and while this is good because she can avoid selfish people, its also a little severe. She doesn't know for what reasons people stopped talking and are coming back, sometimes life just happens and people drift apart, but they come back later and form better relationships, Kiara's attitude prevents that. She has a hard time getting out of her comfort zone too, remember when she said she was gonna do yoga? That never went anywhere, even though she could have met people through hobbies. Basically, Kiara is too self absorbed in her own "stability" to seek improvement to her personal life, this wouldn't be much of a problem if she could see the girls more, since we know she is socializing and making great friends in Hololive. In a way, the best thing that could happen to Kiara was if she changed her mind and decided to take her cats to Japan and live in a better place than the last there, because at least there she would get to go out with friends and organize vacations while keeping her work in check. This will never happen though.

>> No.9819315

Good morning KFP
I love Kiara

>> No.9819424

>They will finally build the portal next week.

>> No.9819470

JWU, how was the SC stream?

>> No.9819479
File: 562 KB, 617x540, Takanashi Kiara angry typing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They will finally build the portal next week.
i really fucking Hope they will allow EVERY SINGLE HoloEN member to participate. if holoEN gen2 will not be part of this i will lose last Hope into en management

>> No.9819530

great! a lot of zatsu this time, Kiara was positive.
she finished game very fast.

>> No.9819541

Kiara went to Yoga once and it was terrible.
She is also really bad at judging herself, telling us she has only very few friends and then listing five to seven people which is a lot more than most adults have.
Then she calls herself bad at reaching out but it also surprised people see her as a sun when she dares to be sad sometimes. So her "bad at reaching out" might just mean she isn't constantly calling old acquaintances instead of her never checking up on her friends.

It was very cute of course. Tons of quality tangents like watching idol videos, thinking about what she could do with her VR set and several ad lib songs.
Because of all the sweet anniversary SCs she was also in a really thankful and wholesome mood the entire time.

>> No.9819560

Umisea feels so fucking forced, I hope for the sake of the four they can get better
And fuck no, keep management away from HoloTori, I'd rather wait longer

>> No.9819704

>Umisea feels so fucking forced
collab? mb, but you are delusional if you thought it would be different with Gura(EOP) and sleepy social autist Aqua. A-chan saved it for the most part. +crowd of 4(5)ppl

but i do not think that this project is a "bad" thing. pretty sure that at least Gura and Marine are excited to work together on new projects.

if you can not see through scuff and communication problems this is you problem.

>> No.9819742

>please kick those three birds in their butts and force them to create a unit
dont be harsh on then.
you are forgeting that at least Subaru and Kiara are workaholics, who are constantly busy

>> No.9819787

Reine too, she wins most hours streamed in ID by a considerable margin and is pumping out a lot of covers all things considered.
A Holotori week would be great, but I want the birbs themselves to organize it.

>> No.9819883
File: 1.67 MB, 2270x3567, E5B3ufhVgAIt71P.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>but I want the birbs themselves to organize it.
i think this is time for management to organize something for their talents.

im looking at you EN management

>> No.9819946

Let's wait and see what it actually amounts to (probably a song release? possibly some merch? idk), but yeah it was kinda weird how that whole thing was set up without any organic buildup, basically tossing four (or 2x2) strangers together, and right out of gate with a "unit" name and logo, which makes it feel extra manufactured. Whatever Cover is planning with this one, I just hope it works out (especially for the more socially handicapped members like Gura and Aqua, who were kinda thrown into the deep end. Maybe I'm just too spoiled from chimken effortlessly interacting with the JPs, but it was kinda hard to watch at times, so I wish them the best in the future).
As for Holotori, yeah that's no comparison. It's driven by the talent itself, because imagine that, they like each other and have actually interacted well before, instead of being a management pushed set up for whatever, selling me some stuff later? Maybe Cover could at least also throw them a bone and sponsor a measly cover song release, but whatever, I won't care either way if they continue to be useless, basically [Kiara Update] I expect nothing from them and everything from the birbs own initiative.

>> No.9820155

I've been thinking and the best way to get her into this series is inquisition.. Yes I know.. But it's dumb down enough and pretty enough with plenty of eyecandy to not to filter Kiara

>> No.9820193

just give up.
best we can get is Mass Effect

>> No.9820384

>Mass Effect
Sci Fi is a big No from tenchou

>> No.9820385

I don't mind it as they at least seem on good terms and theming is fun. It'd probably eventually happen naturally. But just, why? Was the market really that desperate for them to do a song? Like cool if it comes out that Marine had an idea for a song and pushed management super hard. Otherwise there are a lot of options, which include people who can actually communicate with each other.

It only makes sense to me if they start shilling seafood or beach holidays at the end of the week.

>> No.9820539

Be that as it may, it's not really on topic. I am still very intrigued at the prospect of a Holotori song. Kiara can hit those high notes, Subaru can go somewhat lower, Reine can hit somewhere between them.
Remembering Kiara's wish to someday share a stage with her sempais, this would be the perfect way to do that. Imagine, sometime in the future, Subaru, Kiara and Reine on stage together.

>> No.9820999

i know, but mb Mamatori will push it through.
genuinely think story and character will suit her taste pretty well.
+a lot of cute waifus

>> No.9821086

> n a way, the best thing that could happen to Kiara was if she changed her mind and decided to take her cats to Japan and live in a better place than the last there, because at least there she would get to go out with friends and organize vacations while keeping her work in check. This will never happen though
Absolutely this. Kiara is never going to reach her full potential in Austria for a variety of reasons and it is excruciating to watch.

>> No.9821114

>But just, why? Was the market really that desperate for them to do a song?
Unless one of them comes out and gives more details we won't know for sure, but truthfully I suspect this almost might've been a compromise. If you're purely trying to numberfag as an idol manager then certainly Gura + Popular JPs is a good idea but I think the reason it was Marine and Aqua was because they might be the two JPs closest to her that can fit a theme that Gura'd accept. I would be surprised if Gura wanted Shion instead but Shark + Witch is a lot harder to explain than "Sea". I'd just be glad we didn't get something ridiculous like Gura/Pekora/Marine.
Either way this gives me hope for future sub-units, HoloTori of course, but also O'riends as well. I'd love to see another song with Gura and Kiara too, but I can't help but think that even if Cover threw their weight behind it they'd have trouble topping the pure Soul and Unity yuna provided.

>> No.9821152

>I would be surprised if Gura wanted Shion

>> No.9821154

BIG maybe, but what if Cover actually has something like Umisea in mind but is just waiting on Mumei so she can join and make it a 4 people group?

>> No.9821172

O’riends is such a rich mine of content, I really hope the stars align and we get more nenecchi soon.

>> No.9821209

Oh god you’re probably right. At least Kiara has seemed fairly disinterested in her on stream.

>> No.9821257

That's certainly possible, but it'd be disappointing since Mumei hasn't shown any of the holobird charm yet. At least as far as I've seen, perhaps that'll change when the ban ends and she gets to interact with Kiara and others more. Either way I'm more partial to 3 person groups so I'd truthfully rather they didn't force Mumei in, not out of any particular disdain though.

>> No.9821422

Cover supporting all the myth except Kiara is starting to annoy me, if I were Kiara I would ask myself what the fuck am I doing in this company and why am I making them so much money if they are going to neglect me?

>> No.9821492

Only really Gura and Ina
What did Cover ever give to Ame and Mori?

>> No.9821518

>Cover supporting all the myth except Kiara
Ame, Ina?

>> No.9821528

Temper your hopes on Cover actually supporting anything but their own corporate pet projects, or you'll only be disappointed. I'm sure Kiara already knows better by now.

If anything bigger (like for example a song) ever comes out of Holotori, you'll know it'll just be from the talents' own initiative, organizing, and personal money.

>> No.9821626

>what the fuck am I doing in this company
Not being a 2view who can barely afford rent?

>> No.9821627

im sure her manager help her a lot, BUT she does huge amount of work by herself OR though conections she already has in JP. so she need support from them only for merch and albuem releases.

>> No.9821644

Mori got Holo alt and princess connect and Ina was put into UMISEA, Ame is the other one who doesn't get anything but I don't think Ame cares that much

>> No.9821661

My guess is merch/song at the end.
It would have been better if Gura knew Japanese but it was just a collab of them making noises.
Just hope they keep tabs on each other after the project is over instead of never bring it up again like most of Cover's past group attempts.

>> No.9821669

Mori sang the HoloAlt song and now Ina got into UmiSea, but yeah, Ame is also similarly shafted. I bet some intern sees their streamed hours and think that they just want to stream games, so they think everything is fine.
Come to think of it, them getting shafted just strenghtens the AmeTori vs. Cover rrat.

>> No.9821735

not sure about this1.
in my opinion every brunch pretty unique in this regard.
im sure ID girls get some help, but branch is really small( in term of staff too). +they are in 1 country which helps a lot.

>> No.9821858

To be fair, it's not "everybody BUT Kiara" - only Gura and Ina got in on that corporate project right now, and this was really the first time they got any company backing. Their personal songs they also had to produce on their own, just like Kiara, so not really favoritism there.
IryS, sure, but her unfortunate release timing aside, she was a corporate project from the start, so that's again not really a Kiara-specific slight.
Cover produced that fucking Country Roads song for them, but yeah we all know how that turned out, and if this is the kind of support HoloEN are getting, I think we're better off without it anyway.
Mori is also a big moneymaker for Cover, arguably the biggest in EN, and she has also not received much specific favoritism but continues having to work alone. And don't get me started on Ame, sure she's not a singer so there aren't any songs Cover could help her with, but the things she does, especially the VR collab and who was (and wasn't) mentioned in the Thank You end credits, should hint at what she thinks of Cover's support.

>> No.9821929

>Mori got Holo alt and princess connect
those are Jobs. just cover tried to get relatively cheap songwriter-singer in their disposal.
in those cases Mori did "somthing" for Cover
>princess connect
im 98% sure Mori suggested it as her way of promotion for the game.
if i remember correctly every girl participate in it.

>> No.9822180

Watching that animated "Umisea" short, I could only think - man, why didn't Cover rather just make something like this for all the EN girls together??

Have them have their little HoloGra skits, sure they don't have their 3D models yet (...unless, just use the Walfie smols?), but it could be done like the Asacoco ad breaks (basically just posing the 2D models) or hell, have the members draw some short comic strip style panels, which would add some personal flavor. Then put it out on the official Hololive channel for that company push.
Oh and for the love of god, have the girls write their own skits, whoever did the Umisea was clearly not native english, and everybody could've come up with something better than lame, flat jokes and this mischaracterization.

>> No.9822309
File: 424 KB, 3508x2480, E3vqV1KVUAM1hRM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9822362

Just accepts that in the end, numbers (and likability) are everything
Kiara is an acquired taste. The people who like her really love her, but the rest of the world would rather have more palatable holos take part in these projects

>> No.9822501

It would make tenchou so happy I'd be happy

>> No.9822615

This post reeks of “reasonable KFP”.

>> No.9822644

I wasn't even thinking about only Kiara specifically, rather than something made for ALL EN girls.
I don't use that word often, but the whole thing felt so "soulless" and uninspired, which is especially jarring when contrasted with the absolute KINO we witnessed just a few days ago that the EN girls can produce (noticably, without Corporate doing fuckall for them) on their own.
Which again furthers the impression - the girls probably have to, if they want it, make some all-EN shorts on their own.

>> No.9822684

It's SEA hours and there's already a bunch of timeloops in /hlgg/ so don't take shit being posted now too seriously

>> No.9822693

Please don't widen the list of KFP boogeymen any more
>t. egg
>t. SEAnig
>t. /cgl/
>t. tr*nny
>t. reasonable KFP
At this point anybody who isn't with you is against you

>> No.9822727

They just don’t want to. The EN official channel is useless as fuck. Only used for announcements which only happen once in a blue moon. At least the ID one hosts covers and original songs for the members. They even recently had some kind of game show stream with all of them. I was hoping that Omega would be some kind of host for such things but it has its own channel so idek.

>> No.9822761

It is soulless.
But like I said, Gura/Ina/Marine/Aqua are popular holos and management saw an opportunity so they took it.
It's ultimately better that Kiara do her own projects because at least she puts her heart into them even when they're not that good

>> No.9822847

I can see the girls dicking around with skits and shitpost shorts using their 3D Walfie models. Maybe after the outfit reveals they’ll be less stressed and busy.

>> No.9822897

This sounds like something a bullied egg would say. I doubt anyone who doesn't have something positive to say about Kiara cares about being called a literal playground insult

>> No.9822901

Which one of these names hurt you so much you felt the need to respond?

I'm already dreading Holovention because it sounds like a ton of offscreen work that will only create drama as her antis will twist every joke into something malicious while dressing up as fans of her guests.
It will be an even less rewarding project than her fairy tales because at least she didn't get hate for those.

>> No.9822942


>> No.9822991

As far as I know her antis aren't nearly as active on twitter or reddit as they are here. She'll be fine and if anything they'll just end up embarrassing themselves even more

>> No.9822997

I think she works because she is different. You've got 3 loud moms and their baby who has occasional loud moments. She also passed the bird brain requirement

>> No.9823064

I really hope she doesn't go through with the idea for her own sake
Has she brought it up recently? I haven't been able to catch her streams

>> No.9823153

If they did go to far it will only backfire on them as most HololiveEN fans loved the group and if Kiara gets bothered with antis it will only get her even more support.

>> No.9823155

You now remember that HololiveSings lied that he would upload Kiara's karaoke soon

>> No.9823168

What the hell is Holovention? I don't remember her talking about this. Was it really recent, because that would make sense with me not having seen the later half of Zelda and Mamatori collab yet.

>> No.9823237

Did anything get mentioned about "Holovention" recently? Or was it shelved like any other aborted project?
Tbf it could work, at best like something like Oozora Police, but I was never too hot on the idea in general, as it probably only devolve into some poorly executed "roast" (and you know how bad the retard fanbase can take a personal joke and not make it weird), and once you run out of things/participants, it's over. I'd rather they just drop the unecessary pretense, stupid setups, and simply make a regular CASUAL chatting stream with each other (you know they're at their best when they don't have to follow a script or play some dumb act, and can rather just chat naturally with each other)... but EN seems to be (still) deadly afraid to have these kinds of casual collabs WITHOUT there needing to be some kind of gimmick, because they think (falsely, at this point) that they wouldn't have anything to talk about otherwise and there'd be too much dead air, so they cling to crutches like games (we only collab if we have a coop game to play, or even if it's a talking collab, there needs to be some kind of "theme", because haha no one would wanna hear us just talk freely about whatever we want, amirite?).
I had hopes that Ame's "fishtank" segment could be such a space, but even that seems to be shelved for now.

>> No.9823239

>I really hope she doesn't go through with the idea for her own sake
Why? The only issue I see is what the shows even meant to be about other than just a zatsudan of sorts
>Has she brought it up recently?
She mentioned really wanting to do it in a recent SC read I think.

>> No.9823246

Eh, containment breaking Fagotts are a thing

>> No.9823275

And they always get shit on by both her fans and the fans of other talents.

>> No.9823311

It's something from back around probably a month or so after ID2 debut, basically she wanted to bring Holos with certain habits or addiction and have other Holos who have suffered or been affected by said addiction to confront them.
For example, Ollie's tendency to simp and flirt with literally every single chuuba she can find.

>> No.9823323

>Why? The only issue I see is what the shows even meant to be about other than just a zatsudan of sorts
Because she has trouble roasting people without making it look mean-spirited. Basing an entire show around the idea of her shitting on someone else is just a recipe for disaster

>> No.9823387

Naturally formed bonds and groups build off that will always be superior and personal connections are her strong suit anyway.
It just sucks that she has to spend all that effort and even money on projects, when stuff like Umisea is possible. Holotori as the oblivious right now, but what about TakaMori ? Even if we arent fans of the ship, it had a big draw in the beginning and dont tell me management could tell the ship wouldnt work out. They are too incompent in all other things to be able to make that call.
Support on projects gets handed out at random. Kiara wanted to be a bridge for the JPs, they are wasting her talent in that area and are hiring more bilingual holos instead.

>> No.9823812

Well until very recently Cover was mostly laser focused on the JP branch.
EN all got as many convention slots as they wanted and Kiara even got two exclusive cons with one of them being a real life one (Jenma and Cover staff flew to Germany). Don’t forget that they get paid the attend these cons.
Kiara got her dream sponsorship and a PS5 (that is stuck in customs hell).
I think what irks her the most is just the music thing.

>> No.9823827

Call me a schizo but I actually looked at his channel daily after I saw that promise because of that

>> No.9823970
File: 22 KB, 484x138, 6847959334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too busy chasing clout elsewhere, pls undastan

>> No.9823994

Yeah but the music thing is not just a problem she exclusively faces. She and the others are supported in a lot of ways but even the JPs have encountered project problems. Didn’t Marine herself got a project shot down at some point? Non Vsinger Holos are just generally not supported in the music department.

>> No.9824008

Yes, in yesterday's SC reading she said she feels like she needs to do more than just normals streams and HoloTalk (which is stupid already but that's why I love her) and brought up Holovention as one of the projects she wants to do.

>> No.9824053

Nah, can’t trust clippers for shit. They just want views, just look at how many clippers race to get the first Gura clip.
The UmiSea collab had clips up less than a minute after the stream ended and they were all Gura focused.
Isn’t Unison the song that Marine convinced Cover to foot half the bill? ($50k if I recall)
Pekora was the one who got her idea shot down.

>> No.9824087

>but what about TakaMori ?
What about literally any other ship prior to that then?
Cant do that, people would be pissed

>> No.9824245

Dedicated clippers deliver better quality with less Clickbaiting and are better integrated in the community anyways.
So I don't have a very big problem with him In that regard
>"your Home for all things HoloLiveEN"
Now that is where I actually have a problem with this hypocrite.
He maybe should come here and get some inspiration from /morig/ something like:
>Your Clickbaiting semi-completionist clipper of click generating queens

But to be fair, giving ships a dedicated official platform robs them of all alternatives, and the core element of the "will they won't they"

>> No.9824302

Again, it's probably better (or worse, depending) if you didn't look at it from a "ONLY Kiara gets fucked over by Cover"-perspective. Basically everybody but a select few are on their own (and even the heavy hitters had their individual issues with corporate at times).
Most other Holos also have to spend their personal money and effort on their own projects, with Cover doing very little for them. So Covers uselessness is pretty universal all around, and not just a conspiracy against any single one.

As for Holotori vs Umisea, of course the organic friend group is better than the manufactured one, and that's not JUST our personal bias speaking. But looking at it "objectively", at least from the perspective of the pencil pushers upstairs who set this thing up, it's not unreasonable to expect that Cover will put its eggs into the biggest draws first. Hell, even as a bystander you'd have to hope it works out, because then maybe Cover will also throw other groups like Holotori a bone and sponsors a song or whatever. Or maybe not, and they'll continue doing things themselves, realistically they should be used to it by now and it's pointless to get angry over it when that's the way things go in the world.

Management acknowledged the pairing, mentioning it on official streams and such. Could they have gotten an even bigger push? Sure, but meh, am I too worked up about it? No, because what would we have even gotten out of it? Some corporate cringy shipping song? Some stupid couple show on the official channel? That would've only amplified and broadcasted their incompatible chemistry (as an actual "ship" pairing) for all to see and prolonged the inevitable. I'm happy they didn't get too much of a corporate push, because then they would've felt obligated to keep up the failing act for longer than necessary, and I much prefer that they have cooled off since.

>Kiara wanted to be a bridge for the JPs, they are wasting her talent in that area and are hiring more bilingual holos instead.
Hiring more bilingual holos is still a good thing overall, what do you think Kiara should stay the only JP speaker? This is a caricature of egg-think "Kiara wants to be special and is threatened by others taking her place as THE bridge", and does her a disservice. More integration between the branches is good for everyone, and Kiara shouldn't have to carry that all by herself.

Again, I'm all for thingscovershoulddo.txt, but I don't see what special treatment do you want Kiara to get? Yes, sure, Cover could do more to help with personal songs, maybe co-pay at least, and there definetly should be more activity on the official HoloEN channel to help promote the talents, but that goes for basically everyone, not just Kiara specifically.

>> No.9824415

Kiara is the runt of her gen, we should be glad that she's treated well at all. In almost every company in existence, special treatment is only reserved for those who exceed expectations (think of it is as an incentive/bonus/whatever)

>> No.9824467

The ENs hardly had projects made for them though, this Umisea thing is something new. It would be nice for Cover to sponsor Holotalk but it would lose its soul. Some of the episodes already feel kinda formal to begin with so making it an official thing would make it even more so. Would be nice for her to have an intern help her out a bit though.

As much some folks like to pretend, Takamori wasn’t Cover mandated. It’s something both girls agreed upon and came up with themselves. It was only later Cover supported but nothing more than just putting them side by side in official stuff. Anything more would be painfully obvious.

Noefure got Molly merch that Ina drew I guess? Any more than that would be too much.

>> No.9824530

>think of it is as an incentive/bonus/whatever
Great, for the laziest of Myth who even leaves her Manager on read

>> No.9824579

Don't be a barracuda believing shitty rrats

>> No.9824607

Kiara mentioned in a recent stream that she doesn't really talk to Mori as much as the other girls, but I also get the idea like Mori is just out-of-touch with the rest of Myth in general

>> No.9824653

Honestly, this. It’s why I pointed out that that post sounded like a “reasonable KFP”, pretending to be concerned with a non issue but ultimately presenting a “should she consider giving Cover the finger and doing her own thing?” kinda conclusion. Correct me if I’m wrong but to the best of our knowledge, Kiara hasn’t really had any project that was shut down by management yet, has she? The music stuff isn’t exclusive to her and this is also not the first time Cover has created a random ass group for shilling or group collab purposes. So what exactly are >we trying to argue about here?

>> No.9824676

Calli was always a loner even before hololive soo its fine

>> No.9824700

Does she normally act like she did in the anniversary Stream when she is happy?
I legit cant tell because whenever I saw her in the collabs she was a dead fish.
Seemed almost faked happiness to me

>> No.9824715

Why's the reddit schizo back in the thread again?

>> No.9824748

Any further official Cover push of Takamori would've just made it more faker than it already was. I shudder to think what cringe forms it could've taken and I'm not at all sad that we got spared the embarassment.

Yeah don't bring that kinda shit in here - this isn't Gura's "fault", and circumstances aside we can be happy that shorky is getting out of her shell and integrating with the wider Hololive more. You can be disappointed at Covers retarded management decisions without blaming any individual talent.

>> No.9824799

Mori is always so focused in her own projects that she rarely knows what’s happening around her.
She’s just your standard workaholic, by the end of it she’s probably the type to regret not spending more time with her friends. She’s also very awkward when it comes to interacting with people when not face to face.
Look at offcollab takamori vs normal stream takamori.

>> No.9824820

There's dox in the catalogue

>> No.9824829

I also think Kiara is also just stressed in general. The amount of times she said she was having a heat stroke during the anniversary stream mildly concerned me. If Mori keeps on being supportive and reaching out to her preferrably offstream, I’m sure all the doomposting about their friendship will get btfo’d by the time Kiara comes back from her break next month.

>> No.9824857

When isn't there?

>> No.9824862

But seriously it dont matter if cover forced takamori calli was all alone before hololive do you want her to be left behind again

>> No.9824904

It's Kiara's own fault for always trying to say ""clippable"" things for the sake of clicks, even pre-Hololive

>> No.9824964

Maybe he is waiting for the rebroadcast before uploading? When is that even happening?

>> No.9824997

I forgot that was even happening.

>> No.9825005
File: 569 KB, 2680x3500, 1609321168150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros I'm excited for Arise. I love Kiara

>> No.9825031

i agree with this anon>>9824964
>When is that even happening?
im pretty much sure she will do it during her vacation

>> No.9825085


>> No.9825140

Arise is pretty fun and this is coming from someone who didn’t like previous tales of games.

>> No.9825173

noooo anon you can't use the boogeyman word they're gonna cry more if you do that

>> No.9825236

Kiara said she will upload the edited Zelda stream after she has eaten.
It is still not uploaded.
Kiara needs to eat or she will starve on today's stream...

>> No.9825242

I second this. The two Tales games I tried before sucked, but this one's great

>> No.9825243

>Kiara hasn’t really had any project that was shut down by management yet, has she? The music stuff isn’t exclusive to her and this is also not the first time Cover has created a random ass group for shilling or group collab purposes. So what exactly are >we trying to argue about here?

The only thing that comes to mind that was kinda "shut down" was the Veibae collab, and yeah well... whatever went on behind the scenes (if it even was Cover who ultimately put the nix on that), it's probably not the worst thing in the world that it didn't happen, or at least nothing much came of it as a result.

Other than that (and even that is just kinda tangential, as I said), I can't really think of any instances where Kiara explicitly mentioned, or even just alluded to, a project of hers being "shut down". Maybe there was something and we just don't know, but even if, when she doesn't complain it would've been probably nothing too important anyways.
Now, did she vaguepost about a general lack of support? Sure, we can infer as much, but yeah as bad as that is itself, it's also nothing new or something that only hits her. Maybe she got the wrong impression at first, because from the outside she didn't know how things within Hololive worked, and thought every gril gets songs handed to them (hell, even too many anons here still cling to that idea) and was surprised about how much stuff they still had to do on their own, but simply over time (and talking to the other more experienced Hologirls) she learned and adapted to that quickly well enough (notice how she's still the EN with the second-most songs, and only because the first one is the "music-focused" one who can produce her own songs).

And yeah, sure Cover could have included her in a corporate project unit as well, or made one with her. But again, being realistic, I think everybody should have expected (and she most of all, given her idol experience) how these things work, that the company would always go for the biggu noombahs first. Is that "unfair"? Well, maybe on the level that we fans see it, where numbers shouldn't matter, but that's the way the world operates.

>> No.9825488

Is she the gigastacy experience?

>> No.9825517

She's the closest thing EN has to a gigastacy since the rest are pretty tame

>> No.9825791

I think the Collab ban is over after this week

>> No.9826029

>that the company would always go for the biggu noombahs first
Beyond that Kiara also doesn't need to be "forced" to collab. If Cover has a single functioning braincell they know that collabs make the rabbit hole work. They help anyone stumbling over a single clip in finding their oshi fast to get them hooked.
The image of holos being idols working together towards a shared dream instead of just being streamers working for the same company also gives Hololive a unique appeal.
Kiara has two JP collabs this week, she is a founding member of HoloTori, half of O'Riends, the host of HoloTalk and part of UsaKen.
"Collab queen" is cringy but not incorrect.

And when it comes to promotional stuff Kiara is doing her reps as well. She rocked the Shadowverse tournament, conquered DiKoMi twice and was the Tales of ambassador.
Gawr "most subscribed vTuber in the world" Gura... promoted some fries?
I like Gura and I think it's totally legit that she doesn't like high profile promotional stuff. But management probably wants more out of their "a" shark.
Kiara is basically already doing everything management could ever hope for on her own so they have very little reason to give her a push.

>> No.9826448

Something Gdgd Fairies would be great.

>> No.9826456


-Put her concert watchalongs like Bloom and HoloFes on the official EN channel and get her some talking points/trivia/numbers to flesh it out
-More projects like this, get a her recap segment every half an hour or whatever, both Kiara and Coco even did the [EN] translations in chat, just expand on that https://youtu.be/CBTwb8jqJM8?t=5596
-Get their version of the teamup schedule going, EN branch is worldwide and needs to deal with timezones
-plan for more than the next week, how do you release a new gen and dont check their plans for the first week like Mumeis history stream
-not put out 8 hour countdowns to nothing when you could do just 7 and not cut down a birthday celebration and song realease, also not fuck up that song on amazon while you're at it
-at least toss the old guard a bone when you're going all out in promo for the new gen, all that stuff and gen 1 still had to jump in and help
-get them 3D before KFP goes for the hostile takeover

>> No.9826570

>get them 3D before KFP goes for the hostile takeover
>he lacks critical information

>> No.9826748

She's active when she can actually move in view of an audience.

>> No.9826819

>The amount of times she said she was having a heat stroke during the anniversary stream mildly concerned me
As someone that semi-recently got a VR set sold my soul to facebook, it's not too concerning. Especially when you aren't used to it VR can make you sweat a shitload

>> No.9827388

Yeah, I wouldn't put it on her too much? First time I tried vr my entire face got drenched in sweat and I wasn't even tired. I hope she can fix her tracking for the next vr stream, her hands were broken and one of her feet were permanently backwards.

>> No.9827593

>switches to JP dub
Kiara your long hour JRPG streams are great to run on the side just listening to you. With EN dub your listeners can follow the story somewhat. I'm not going to have your screen up all the time and read subtitles. First Yakuza and now this....

>> No.9827940
File: 52 KB, 598x526, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New thread in a few minutes.
what the fuck captcha

>> No.9827942
File: 163 KB, 1411x1440, 6356354234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>got the vaxx like I said I would last thread
>arm hurts like hell unless I hold it like in a very specific position like in pic related
Bros... I may be /become/ing Kiara...

>> No.9827970

She, like many others, prefer JP dub. Get used to it or stop watching.

>> No.9828044

You got the KFP shot. Everyone is meming about 5G but the vaxx will actually turn you into a chicken.

>> No.9828068

report back when the process is finished, we still need info on how her back looks
hurry up and release the character sheet already, huke!

>> No.9828122
File: 35 KB, 720x711, 1617256670477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9828141

Anon? Did you not watch the anniversary stream?

>> No.9828149

>Moot is a Twitchtard

>> No.9828223

Enjoy it while it lasts! After that, the next step is to become as Fauna.

>> No.9828289

no, I'm still stuck in the past

>> No.9828386

Well, then you have something to look forward to. Anniversary stream was great with two special guests.

>> No.9828434

>She, like many others, prefer JP dub
But only she can really understand it, while the rest is just YWNBJ crowd masturbating to cute sounds.

>> No.9828439

I actually like Inquisition. It would also be funny as hell if she tried to romance Cassandra

>> No.9828443

Like Kiara...
Which, for the most part, I like

>> No.9828455

New thread up:

>> No.9828524

Do you remember how Rinwell sounded in the english dub?

>> No.9828587

she even asked again now because she knows it is dumb af.
>Do you remember how Rinwell sounded in the english dub?
I prefer understanding them over everything.

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