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Meanwhile, on bizarro /vt/...

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I understand why you're frustrated with Kiara and you seem like a nice person, but I hope that you give her another chance to prove herself to you.

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Mumei doesn't have a boyfriend

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I really love the new lore they created for HoloCouncil. I can't wait for Omega to stream so I can simp for EN's version of A-Chan

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I can't believe Gura is still the least subbed hololive member, her singing is really good. Must be the huge tits on her avatar putting people off

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>he watches female vtubers

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I don't want to have sex with Suisei. Nothing about her is erotic.

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OP is not a faggot

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I don't understand why people watch JP Choobas. The culture of EN tubing just does not transfer over the language barrier

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Looking forward to Roboco's 6th consecutive Apex stream this month

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Towa sounds like a squeaky toy as if she huffs helium everyday and it annoys me.

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I wish every Virtual Youtuber wasn't a lolicon or a shotacon :/

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Hey guys, let's discuss Pekora without bringing up numbers or belittling other vtubers!

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Loved Echo's stream this morning! My mandarin lessons are finally paying off!

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Did anybody honestly believe someone different from Kiara would top the most loved Holo poll?

Ayame is gaining ground, though. Might be because she streams almost non-stop.

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NijisanjiZ OP, please come back, I need chuuba wrestling streams back in my life...

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I'm gonna stop watching towa, I don't want to be called a cuck

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selen i dont know if you are /here/, but please do not marry me i do not love you, i have zero talents or skills

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Maybe Ina would be higher up if she would stop autistically screeching

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I love kronii, his streams are worth watching even if he are a bit behind his generation in terms of subs

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I wish Moona would eat less, I want her to be a decayed skeleton

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Anon you're supposed to post opposite shit, not the sad reality caused by the /kfp/ circlejerk driving everyone else away from /hlgg/

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Ina is a fantastic streamer and a great addition to Hololive.

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I hate Ina!

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KFP saves yet another thread, pretty based.

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We need more Selen threads.

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Teamates are objectively the best fanbase

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I wish holostars would collab with the girls more it would give them the exposure they need

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SANA IS ˢᵐᵃˡˡ

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Can someone tell Baelz to turn her damn mic up. I could barely hear her during collabs,

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Guys it's simple we should just become Roboco

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>only girl
she was always doomed anon

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Pekora needs to stop whoring her self to e-celebs, she already has low views

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I can't believe Anya fulfilled her goal of 1m subs so quickly

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You mean chumbuds!

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Now that the dust hasn't settled, let's not save her.

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is the power of One-san energy

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I hated Gura's 12 hour Civ5 stream. It was almost as terrible as Mumei's weekly 24 hour marathon streams of sseth-core games.

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Exactly what I mean! Teamates are so nice, they would even put other fanbases above them. Truly selfless

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Flat-chested onee-san is a massive buff

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R. ratman is a faggot. Thread celebreties get the rope.

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>Thread is supposed to be bizarro /vt/
>It's just another catty shit flinging thread
/vt/ is truly the best board on reddit.

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Yeah, her CDDA endurance run was so fucking boring. Who wants to see a game with old-ass graphisms? I wish more chuubas would play Apex..

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hey it's my job to post about CDDA and starsector on this board

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I don't care if Polka is there or not

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I'm digging this all flat generation. Bold move but it is paying off

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It's his voice anon, no one needs more Loli chuubas

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It wouldn't be that bad if she wasn't a tranny, is kinda uncanny hearing a masculine voice trying to sound like a little girl

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I really want Ollie to collab with Connor. Also Connor has a great head of hair

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carry on then, i won't interfere

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I really love my cute ghost maid oshi, I'm glad she was allowed into hololive, she really deserves the best

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It was really sad that Nene had to graduate so early on after Aloe accidentally doxed her.

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This is one of the highest-quality boards I've ever seen.

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Not even in the bizarro universe would this be true. Suisei's sex appeal currently comes from her lack of it where it comes around full-circle to being extremely sexy. If you completely inverted her bizarro-style she would still be extremely sexy, just on the other end of the spectrum.

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She’s just too hyper she really needs to chill out

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Selen is so quiet and boring. Never heard that girl laugh even once.

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[Spoiler]oh god it hurts[/spoiler]

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I love how our board is so relevant

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I only wish /jp/ would stay in their containment board. HoloJP was a mistake

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Um anon, our board is in the bottom 5 in terms of posts/mimute, sometimes surpassing the last one.

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Snail reattaches a fingernail live on stream. I love this 1million sub surgeon snail. Even if she only streams for 5min

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I love it how the Euro prime time is so full of streams. Too bad my oshi Kiara only streams at 2am, but her karaokes are worth ruining my sleep schedule.

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So true!

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I wish Kronii would read more requests to say lines on stream.

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It makes complete sense

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I am NOT the last teamate

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Literally who watches vtubers without boyfriends. Not having a life partner is a sign of repulsiveness and degeneracy. If your chuuba doesn't have a boyfriend she just isn't worth watching.

>> No.9728186

How is the GFE supposed to be authentic if they don't have a BF to teach them?

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You are breaking space-time with that comment

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I fucking HATE nyanners!

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I'm so happy Artemis is #1 vtuber and the goober Gura is hated by all. Artemis is best shark.

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>He watches 6000views

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Hol' up, did someone actually mutilate themselves in regular land?

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Hey guys, so what stream are we watching tonight?

>> No.9728531

i hate goretubers

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Holy Jesus fuck. I'm not sure which is the bizarro thread anymore

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He said bizzaro anon

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Who tf was that 'Rose' on Kirt's switch account?

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I can’t believe Chris hit 8 million subs yesterday. Her celebration stream was great! I’m looking forward to the next one!

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To this day I don't understand why all the discussion about western vtubers stayed on /jp/ after /vt/ was created.

>> No.9729321

Wasn't she the one who graduated 2.5 months ago? You know? Almost got 500,000 live viewers.

How did you forget? WE MISS THAT BITCH

>> No.9729389

>the discussion about western vtubers stayed on /jp/ after /vt/ was created.
Um this is a bizzaro thread.

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Take your shots you psycho.

>> No.9730088

>Suisex is an incontrovertible truth of the universe
I believe it

>> No.9730142

that's not her type of content, she just had a severe menhera moment

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MaxZed is Japanese in origin

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I fucking love EN2 so much bros. They're all so talented that I can't stop watching them. My expectations for Hololive are at an all-time high, and will only grow larger in the foreseeable future.

>> No.9731710

IRyS has the best costume and rigging of hololive but her personality is so bad and boring, also her singing sucks

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batata sem pepino.

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Beatani would never cuck any of her fans! Nonetheless post on reddit or start a discord.

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batata sem pepino.

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Damn I wish Irys was thinner.

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batata sem pepino.

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Why is roberu such a loser? I swear this nigga gets no pussy

>> No.9735207

Ayame should really take a break. Stream every day for eight hours can't be good for her health.

>> No.9735227

Bizarro doko

>> No.9735353

Why is HoloCouncil such a success? 100x better than the failure that is Myth.

>> No.9735356

If she were flat like Anya she'd have 3 million subs too

>> No.9735407

I'm so glad she's single and light skin colored.

>> No.9735431

There are people out there right now that watch chuubas without confirmed roommates. Why do you want to watch new streamers when there are people who have years of experience playing different roles.

Equivalent of watching a literal who instead of Keanu Reeves

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As a nousagi, I love and respect Miko and 35p.

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I fucking hate artia, and all of CN. I can't believe they graduated all branches other than CN when i never watched CN and watched every other branch. fuck cover

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Mori dedicates 95% of her time to vtubing and has great synergy with her peers

>> No.9738167 [DELETED] 

I'm so glad all the girls have a guy they love at their side and it's so nice how comfortable they're talking about it every stream, I can just feel the happiness. I hope they play some games in voice chat too!

>> No.9738274

I'm a happy, well adjusted member of society and am glad to be sharing my time with similar people.
Have a wonderful day.

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I fucking love Kronii. Everyone was shitting on her before debut and saying the rest of Council would be ultra based. They claimed she'd be some stale bland caricature with no passion or soul. But then she turned out to be an ultra hype professional tier voice actress who played her character so completely fucking straight her subs actually eclipsed Gura's. Even Admiral Perry never saw the nips kneel as hard and fast as the world did during her debut.

Not only that, but the rest of Council are incredibly chuuni as fuck. I love this goddamn lore. Omega Alpha is a genius! Once they integrate HoloMyth into the narrative, Hololive EN will mog the ever loving shit out of Hololive JP. Gen 5 might actually kill themselves this time.

And speaking of HoloMyth, I honestly didn't think they could be any more in sync than they were during their debut collab. But over this past year, they've synergized and learned to trust each other so well you could easily mistake them for a super sentai team. There hasn't been a single time where they've ever broken the 4th wall in a way that was cringe or inappropriate, and the combination of myth and council will create such an unbeatable entertainment troupe that at least two more generations of EN3 are practically guaranteed.

It's just a shame what happened with Nijisanji, though. After Lazulight's controversial yet ultra high energy headliner Pomu kicked the bucket, the 5 remaining nijis have just kind of been phoning it in. Gen 3 was delayed until who knows when, and even their hammy as fuck penguin and gardening queens have been struggling to slay as hard as usual. The venerable ocean Saint still has her unicorns locked down, but the two boring emotionless dragons are really dragging down the entire group with their lack of personality. The purple one doesn't even laugh. Absolutely disgraceful. At this rate Hololive will only expand its monopoly in the en sphere and put Niji en out of business.

The only good thing that's really happened in the indie and indie adjacent scene is that the bros at trash taste went on a tirade against both simps male content creators who throw money at, harass and try to hook up with female streamers. Loved the part where they told faggots to have some self respect, find other things they enjoy, make some male friends, and try living their best lives instead of always being used and exploited by women.

Also, just wanna shout out Vshojo for being seisou as always. It must be hard amidst a sea of sex obsessed degenerate vtubers, but their commitment to being wholesome and respectful towards vtuber fans makes them an absolute class act. Even if they're not doing so well, there's no doubt Hololive will take them in like they did Meiro after she got mercilessly bullied by that raging bitch Roa.

>> No.9739167 [DELETED] 

Hate how tourists come here to talk about Hololive or Nijisanji, no one care about mainstream trash around here.
Yet those guys come and make threads about the rabbit or the shark or whatever and cry when no one reply. Honestly if your vutber have over 100 viewers don't even bother posting in around here.

>> No.9739306 [DELETED] 

She was actually an adult despite what I kept telling you guys. Sorry I lied for so long.

>> No.9739347


Just imagine what coulda been

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batata sem pepino.

>> No.9739506 [DELETED] 

Pretty ballsy of Cover to make a whole generation of lolis. Not complaining but loli character never did well in popularity so it seems risky.

>> No.9740260 [DELETED] 

It's sad how English vtubers are completely ignored. I understand that everyone is fluent in Japanese, but people should still give western vtubes a shot even if they're inferior.

>> No.9740395 [DELETED] 

Mumei is perfect. She's so knowledeable about history and so smart. Not to mention her endurance, those C&C streams and day-long civilization games are a blast. I guess that's what happens when you're passionate about vtubing.

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>hits 1 mil
>says a small thing to acknowledge it due to how humble he is, no big fanfare
Lots of guys could stand to learn from him, the original antinumberfag

>> No.9740684 [DELETED] 
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Mumei is perfect. She's so knowledeable about history and so smart. Not to mention her endurance, those C&C streams and day-long civilization games are a blast. But she's at her best in those deep history dives she do every week. I guess that's what happens when you're passionate about vtubing.

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i'm not pomu

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People hate popular vtubers but I think Eilene deserves her #1 spot.
She kept trying new ideas and everything went right every time, it's only natural she's now managing the biggest vtubing agency in the world. Just unfortunate how politically correct she is, it's a bit unnecessary since Youtube promotes more borderline stuff usually.

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Holomems really love making asmr streams, you can tell because they do them despite very few people donating SCs.

>> No.9742381 [DELETED] 

I still forgive that bitch for helping Moe set up her own separate Youtube channel. Some people wee expecting her to be a shitty commentary channel that gossips about other people, but Moe hasn't once taken advantage of other people's suffering or misfortune just to shamelessly promote herself. That's why she's had a dedicated general on /vt/ since the board's inception. Natsumi Moe has truly been the guiding light for western vtubing this whole time, which is why she's considered to be the western counterpart to Kizuna Ai.

Except, you know, Moe is still relevant while Ai's lack of adversity in her career caused her to stagnate and be forgotten. You'd think there might've been a yab or something to make her a sympathetic martyr, but she remained safe and generic to a fault even as her sub count started receding. Maybe they should've branched out and hired some new talent to piggyback off her brand instead of placing all their expectations on just one vtuber.

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I'm glad Artia fixed internal issues of Cover and made company overall better

>> No.9743377

I have a horrible problem, streaming time slots for EUfags are overfilled and I can't choose what to watch.

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What I can't stand about Ollie is that he's so low energy. His streams are so devoid of energy and he doesn't laugh enough. It would help if he collabed more outside of Holostars too.

>> No.9744804

>Mio is being loud and obnoxious again
God dammit I hate these zoomers Cover keeps hiring
I wish there were some more mature chuubas

>> No.9756777

I fucking love Artia, the savior of Hololive, that traitor Coco deserved to be fired and shamed forever for personally sucking Xi's cock

>> No.9756905

Veibae is an SJW and a whore. She bows down to twitter leftists whenever she gets the chance and her never making any sexual jokes is a dead giveaway that she's hiding something.

>> No.9757587

Gura pulled 60k live viewers like always, as expected from someone with 3 million subscribers.

>> No.9757624

>only 60k

Holy fuck Gura is declining

>> No.9758068

Anya will never be Indonesian.

>> No.9758570

I don’t know what Pikamee and Tomoshika did to get graduated like that, but at least Monoe is still going strong.

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Guys, why is Finana such a prude? She can definitely lighten a bit and open herself up some with the other girls. At this rate she'll isolate herself and I won't be able to know what she's like.

>> No.9758950

Why do vtuber like to play strategy game so much? I want to see more of them play Apex or Minecraft.

>> No.9758971


>> No.9759498

anyone else notice how everyone's content quality goes up once they join hololive?
the management is amazing!

>> No.9759904

Guys, I can't believe what an amazing singer Ame is.

>> No.9759946

I still can't believe they even open 3D studio in multiple countries just for celebrate first EN anniversary.

>> No.9760066

My oshi said she hates me on stream, but I know deep inside she really loves me and wants to get together with me.

>> No.9760740

But anon, they have to appeal to fellow zoomers who make up the top donators. Especially the ones from SEA.

>> No.9760779

Kronii is fucking boring.

>> No.9761334

She have the most wholesome fanbase tho. I never saw any hornyposting in /∞/.

>> No.9762411
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Pomu's such a zoomer. All she ever talks about is some garbage twitter trends. I wonder why Niji even hired someone who knows nothing about Japan

>> No.9762533

*takes my meds*

>> No.9762676
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Man, I love PekoMiko. It's a good thing they're still collabing, and it doesn't seem they're going to separate anytime soon.

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Gura's tits are the best

>> No.9762774
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Why Kiara doesn't receive any hate? is she really the only one saving HoloEN?

>> No.9762887

I still can't believe Ironmouse found the secret to immortality. She'll never be able to die now!

>> No.9770744

Connor is my favorite Vshonen.

>> No.9770778
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This one will be real soon...

>> No.9778244 [DELETED] 

I understand why you're frustrated with Kiara and you seem like a nice person, but I hope that you give her another chance to prove herself to you.

>> No.9778521

Guess he's gonna be mine too
Can't believe we lost out on Nux to Holostars

>> No.9778969

Who here's watching the new Coco stream tomorrow?

>> No.9783214

I love this bitch so much.

>> No.9783489

Me too, bro.

>> No.9783634

It's nice to have a place like /vt/ that isn't overrun by corpos.
A place that supports organic, locally grown, innocent indies that still do quality content.
I love you guys.

>> No.9784589

Rrat ogey

>> No.9786140

No baiting, no schizos, no doxxposting? Truly, Euro / Burger hours are indeed the best hours.

>> No.9786246


>> No.9787169

I’m sick of all these fucking numberfags playing nothing but Civ and HOI4. Enough of the strategy games. Any chuubas out there who play those underappreciated classics like Minecraft?

>> No.9787430

I love watching the streams.

>> No.9787452

So Kronii?

>> No.9787614

Will Miko ever learn Japanese? She needs to do less English streams

>> No.9787800

Artemis is the best female vtuber

>> No.9788083

When is Omega going to start their own channel? I need to simp for our lord and saviour

>> No.9788293

You know what, I forgive Nyanners. She was a cringey teenager and felt embarrassed about her past behavior and lashed out. There's no reason to keep hanging it over her head, in fact she's pretty brave for not scrubbing her persona from the internet and just having it evolve with her where most would just go clean slate.

>> No.9789386


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