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CyberLive thread

Kaneko Lumi
>Lumi: pure sex, queen, gold among vtubers, history nerd, strategy vtuber, really knows how to keep chat watching

Utano Pandora
>Pandora: comfy, sweet, fluent in jp, great voice, i love her and seina together

Amaris Yuri
>Yuri: cute, funny, ww2/war enthusiast, owns cool ass guns and goes to the range, fps and horror games

Ayane Hylo
>Hylo: also funny, 'unhinged' type vtuber, is ok at fps, boomer games, wonderful singer

Momozora Seina
>Seina: speaks spanish fluently, kind of a tomboy but a really cute one, rhythm games/minecraft streams are fun to watch from her

CyberLive (auditions open!)
Full schedule:

Reference Sheets: (updated)

/vt/ League team status (/pcclg/): Team is mostly done, just need a soccer ball design, stadium banners, and a brush-up on tactics. Also, anthem and goal horn preferably from /pcg/.


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I know you're here blue. I've got my fucking eye on you mother fucker

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>making a thread while the old one still has 3 hours in it left

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Blue is the least of our worries anon, Esdeath and KFP are far worse. Not to mention the random schizos

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just saw in the niji thread pomu followed Hylo?

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she did yes

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13:00 UTC - Pandora Pokemon Shield

Only stream today unless Lumi does her schedule reps.

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Alright Pandora I get it. You want me to yank one out to you. Fine. You've got your wish

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She's so fucking hot.

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Please Misaki, let Pandora have daki merch

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Missing Lumi already

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buy a telescope

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Lumi's got me feeling lonelier than a ragged old sloop in Montego Bay

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>this shirt is a little big
No shit, you're a big lizard.

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I tkae off her cloth
my lizard begin to show

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based schizo

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i love you pandora

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Lumi is asleep, post black holes

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Redpill me on Lumi. I'm a sucker for blondes but I need to know what I am getting into.

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/vst/ nerd who can sing and fake a bunch of accents

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These look like tits to me.

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I want to fill Lumi's brain with my encouraging messages and tell her that everything will be okay!

I want to embrace Kaneko Lumi so fucking much. I want to hug her and tell her that everything is going to be alright. I have no desire to have sex with her or be her boyfriend. I just want to support her as a fan and not push boundaries.

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The jacket comes off. Please Pandora, give me more.

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Incredibly based

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Pandora is liv

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I want to get Pandora addicted to french kissing!

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Are those things in her hair buns canon?

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How old is she supposed to be again?

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The fuck is this design?

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forgot pic

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Looks like a fertilized egg dividing lmao

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>Ywn get to violate pandora's innocence and introduce her to the pleasure that is making love

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She has a boyfriend, guys.

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Yeah I know, I'm here.

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Yuri hit 6k

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which one?

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Pandora and Seina. Lumi is too nerdy so most guys feel intimidated by her intellect and never try for a second date. Hylo and Yuri are currently engaged.

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>in Tokyo temporarily

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>Lumi is just as lonely as (You), but (You) will never be able to match up with her.

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that fuckin accent tho

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What is this feeling bros. What is this painful tightness in my chest.

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File: 85 KB, 850x972, p-peko... [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F9n0anj.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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How does it feel to know that I put the ring on Yuri, anons?

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Feels great Hylo, I'm really happy for you.

>> No.9719418

why was I not invited to the wedding

>> No.9719440

invitations haven't gone out yet

>> No.9719454

Yeah, seina.

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When can I see Lumi again :(

>> No.9719611

In less than 24 hours anon.

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05:00 UTC - Lumi Dungeons 3 collab with Moon Jelly

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How do I become as smart as Lumi?

>> No.9719915

Live for two billion years.

>> No.9719949

Lumi is the only smart woman I know

>> No.9719978

What about your mom?

>> No.9720006

she is dumb, just like me. Genetics I guess

>> No.9720138

>too nerdy to get with people
Doubt. Not on her being nerdy but on guys not going after someone for being nerdy.

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I'm new to small corpo chuubas, I'm glad someone made that thread on Lumi celebrating her karaoke stream. Hearing her sing made me membered almost instantly.

>> No.9720513

Ok but how fast did she make you coom tho

>> No.9720524

dunno, just love her voice

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Thanks God, for letting me meet her. I found the perfect girl I always knew existed. She’s sweet and shy and my age and likes all the things I do, and is even on this site itself. The girl who doesn’t secretly think I’m a loser, the girl I can cuddle with (even if only online) and spend nights talking to and laughing and sharing happiness. Someone who reciprocates the love I put in, the girl who I can make feel safe and secure unconditionally, he one who filled this gaping, empty void in my heart. Thank you for letting me find this person. I’ll continue to change everything about myself positively. Because of this, I can keep bearing this loneliness.

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Where's the Factorio, Lumi?

>> No.9722843

Goslings should be banned from this board.

>> No.9722878

No, I need people sadder than me.

>> No.9723136

seeing them gives me life

>> No.9723151

There are alternatives.

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Hey now, you leave my wife out of this.

>> No.9724720

Pandora, let me splatter your insides and face. Let me make you my personal onahole. Let me choke you with my cock. Be mine!

>> No.9724779

Joke's on you, do your roommate reps.

>> No.9724867

Pandora is too sweet and innocent to know what you mean. You have to tell her you love her and then get her flustered when you make a move on her.

>> No.9725180

What if you become her personal meat to beat?

>> No.9725325

So she gets to abuse me and milk me regularly with her hands, feet, mouth, ass, puss? Sign me up. I'll be at her mercy

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>implying I haven't been doing that for X years now.
She's still leagues better than /r9k/.

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Someone on discord out together puzzle pieces about the incoming stock market crash. They said that the leaner operating vtuber agencies, will survive.

BUT the domino pieces falling internatiobally might cause Cover corp to be carved up for collateral or get their loans called by their chinese incestors. According to some list they said the list of Cover's incestors are mostly chinese.

You think Cyberlive might make it through?

>> No.9725678

Come back later, there's no CK3 stream this week.

>> No.9725732

which discord

>> No.9726029

the talents in contract own their models and accounts so even if the company doesn't last there is really no worry for us

>> No.9726183

i need niji en to follow lumi so that her and hylo can collab with them

>> No.9726223

The crash will come, but governments will just print more money so companies can get cheap loans to bail themselves out.

It's nothingburger.

>> No.9726614

hot Yuri

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Just imagine anons with a membership that Lumi is going to draw all of us. Damn, imagine this.

>> No.9727395


>> No.9727405

>drawing every member

Hw will this work? Subkmt a profile pic?

>> No.9727625

If you join her membership she'll draw you. Otherwise she cant draw ALL the viewers.

>> No.9727787

I can't wait to see what she thinks of me...

>> No.9728567

Lumi watchalong in dicksword right now get in

>> No.9728944

Surprised at how behaved people are and aren't sperging out

>> No.9729008

Hylo's chat was the same.

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I feel like I'm sitting around a TV with a bunch of autists, and slowly it is dawning on me that I'm an autist.

>> No.9729515

Sorry you had to find out this way

>> No.9729654

Welcome to the autist club.

>> No.9729687

dloow featured hylo now

>> No.9729823

cyberlive incline is here

>> No.9730081

he can't pick shorts for shit

>> No.9730246

It brings subs anyway so whatever.

>> No.9730299


>> No.9730581

Recommend me a CyberLive girl by who makes the biggest mess when she masturbates

>> No.9730645

Seina probably squirts like a firehose.

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File: 119 KB, 1859x1115, 1631571035959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>CL incline
its time?

>> No.9731275

Activate your wildest rratmancy
Let's see what you got

>> No.9731335

Pandora is actually a polar bear with tattoos.

>> No.9731535

Hylo works at White Castle

>> No.9732188

pandora is teasing some sort of song with yunarun art holy shit

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>> No.9733494

This means she's releasing a cover right?

>> No.9734053

I think so.

>> No.9735315


>> No.9735426

10/10 I cant believe I haven't seen this show before.

>> No.9735501

I guess if you're not into /co/ it's understandable.

>> No.9735530

On 10k subs there is an original song with her own music, am I right?

>> No.9735710

Imma start using this.

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Pretty good, my sister recommended it to me once. I couldn't talk because my autism was acting up.

>> No.9735826

Everyone was in the text chat bro.

>> No.9735903


Rate what?

>> No.9735957

I meant voice

Over the garden wall watch-along on discowed

>> No.9736000

>I meant voice
Well yeah no one was talking in voice, not just you.

>> No.9736316

People opened up after the last episode was finished, was cute.

>> No.9736562

In the beginning, there were more.

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Yuri drew this

>> No.9741987

Everyone in cyberlive is fucking each other. Its not fair bros...

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Well, anon?

>> No.9743036

Sorry Hylo, but I'm in love with Pandora.

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File: 2.64 MB, 1280x720, SEEEEX [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fndyo64.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9745283

It's not just Cyberlive bro, Tsunderia literally had an orgy with half the company and a few extras too. We're all getting cucked by each other's oshis

>> No.9745590

>all those "yeah, me" posts are real, but they're made by the chuubas
Maybe we're in the bizarro timeline after all

>> No.9745629

all me

>> No.9746286

hi lumi
can you record all the discord watchalongs and post them here and just larp as a random helpful anon

>> No.9748870
File: 1.32 MB, 2000x1600, 1627141577203.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Be honest gen1 members, which of you leads the harem?

>> No.9751724

I hope Yuri draws the rest of them.

>> No.9756893


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File: 1.39 MB, 941x694, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9757512

>that sudden accent shit
This is doing things to my brain.

>> No.9757543

>stretch redeem
>"Very naughty of you to request this"
>she knows how sex she is and still offers it to you

>> No.9757603

>She has killed millions

>> No.9757812


>> No.9758304

I think Hylo got Susan'd, pretty sure she was at 3.9k just a moment ago.

>> No.9758428

>Lumi gets double what others get on a different platform in an unplanned stream
This girl is way too powerful.

>> No.9759168

Man. Call Wenham a garbage man cause he's probably used to carrying trash like Streiver

>> No.9759338

she always had bigger numbers on Twitch, even triple digits cuz it's more accurate

>> No.9759442

Are Lumi and Moon Jelly just friends because their heads are over-tracked?

>> No.9759670

>create a chuuba agency
>give the chuubas freedom to do whatever they want
>they become literal whores who sell virtual dates etc.
It was pretty obvious what was going to happen. Maybe it was planned from the beginning, as it probably brings in a lot of money. What I don't understand is why there are still non-whales watching them. Do you enjoy being cucked?

>> No.9759733

I donated $0 and im personally feeding Pandora snacks everyday.

>> No.9759842

Holy fuck bros is it just me or have Lumi's mods gone full faggot, who is this Streiver fucker? He is spamming chat more than anybody else and saying nothing of any value. How did these schizos get into Lumi's mod roles?!

>> No.9759939

He's KFP on youtube too. He's a really shit mod desu.

>> No.9759953

Not Streiver, but is there anything I can do to be better?

>> No.9760020

picking top dono schizos as mods is never a good choice

>> No.9760176

>+mod a whale
>mental instability kicks in
>becomes a turbofaggot who turns everyone else off
>-mod the whale to salvage the situation
>gets pissed off and stops giving you money
Its a fucked up situation if you allow yourself to get roped into it.

>> No.9760180

Who knew you could just buy your way into the position lol
If she gets bigger it's going to be a funny shit show to watch.

>> No.9760206

She reads these threads so if you complain loud enough she'll try to fix it.

>> No.9760260

niggers tongue my anus

>> No.9760348

Walmart greeterchama is not a top dono.

>> No.9760370

if you're wenham I'm still obligated to call you a fag for being a mod but otherwise you're okay

>> No.9760387

thanks friend. I do it for free, with glee...

>> No.9760428

wenham is old mod, he's fine, i'm talking about this new guys, Streiver and that KFP guy from karaoke stream (or someone said it's the same guy)

>> No.9760445

It is the same guy.

>> No.9760638

why are kfp like this

>> No.9760819

Lumi please please PLEASE make Blue Dragon a mod, I need to see it
Even if for just one or two streams

>> No.9760843

I would happily watch him mod

>> No.9760901

He'd be the most loyal and fervent mod, with the only downside being him taking up half the chat every stream.

>> No.9760941

This is why I wouldn't want to janny, I need my chatting fix.

>> No.9760960

I'd pay to see this dumpster fire LOL
Blue Dragon the KFP being schizos together, or better yet at each other trying to one-up the other; good lord

>> No.9761180

is he that bad? he actually doesn't talk that much

>> No.9761184

Depose Wenham and Sei for mod for a milestone stream, replace them with Nijisempai, Streiver/KFPenis/BlueFaggotCochlea and the resulting incline will take CL through the roof as all the oil barons try buying mod powers

>> No.9761417

late but I really enjoy the collabs with moon jelly

>> No.9761459

maybe wenham or someone else told him to calm down, cuz he wasn't much active in second part of the stream

>> No.9761785

I wanna thank you faggots for shilling /clg/

>> No.9761817

Is this one of the bad endings?

>> No.9761923

Opinions on girls predebut vs post debut go

>> No.9761928

same, I was looking up the catalog to go in Global and for some reason the thread beside it was shilling Lumi's karaoke,took a peek and she got me hooked.

>> No.9761938

what do you mean by bad? it'll be funny to watch the stream burn down lol

>> No.9761940

Its the chaos route.

>> No.9762008

I think I got in when the board was sperging out about hopium and saw the oil baron ad
can any anon give me the full story of the hopium autism here, I didn't visit the board much

>> No.9762015

I thought Yuri would bait all the loli lovers to her side and she'd blow up. That doesn't seem to be the case though.

Seina is doing as well as I thought she would and good on her, hope she finds her niche.

I thought Lumi was going to be more of a big sister singer type and she's more of a quiet degen that sings, but she plays games that are interesting and she's smart. makes me rethink a lot of others I watch.

Hylo seems nice enough but her voice filtered so I can't watch her and I've only just started joining Pandora when I can.

>> No.9762158

eh it's pretty much anons deluding themselves that Mumei is gonna be a /gsg/ Holo pre-reveal. Kinda funny since they got an actual retard instead.

>> No.9762187

Beyond the retard act, isn't she getting shafted by Holo permission faggotry as well?

>> No.9762246

>isn't she getting shafted by Holo permission faggotry as well?
everybody does, but if you're specifically talking about the Hopium shit? then probably no since she doesn't seem like someone who plays strategy games.

>> No.9762265

It's less permissions and more that Cover straight up won't allow her to.

>> No.9762664
File: 914 KB, 1162x741, I_love_Ayane_Hylo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate my time zone sometimes. I want to hear Hylo's voice and enjoy her singing on a live stream.

>> No.9762947

pretty much what I thought it was

>> No.9763093

im gonna saviorfag uooooohhhh

>> No.9763233



>> No.9763758

When will we get art of Hylo's toes?

>> No.9763980

If you subscribe, she will permit you to touch her big toes, according to when she streamed Vermintide II.

>> No.9765517

I want to hug Pandora

>> No.9765534

I want to have sex with Lumi's voice holy shit

>> No.9766181

I want to hug her from behind

>> No.9766336

I want Lumi to whisper soft nothings in my ear as I fade away to sleep. I wouldn't even mind if I didn't wake up afterwards.

>> No.9767271

I want to princess carry Pandora and tell her that I love her and I'm glad that she exists and that I promise to support her in her endeavors until she cries

>> No.9768741

I just want her to tease the absolute fuck outta me and edge me to kingdom cum.

>> No.9769103

Do you reckon she'll ever play Kingdom Come? Seems right up there for her history boner.

>> No.9770020
File: 35 KB, 1200x675, E_QIzbWWEAUawvV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9770621


>> No.9770742


Pandora got hurt by Blue complaining about how he didnt get to play with Lumi during jackbox on her stream.

>> No.9770853
File: 461 KB, 709x690, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9770917
File: 688 KB, 1920x1016, 1631028848566.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's a Blue episode

>> No.9770960

I feel for Panda, but imagine caring about anything that dribble bib says

>> No.9770991

Pandora's a sweet girl who got bullied growing up, please understand she gets hurt easily.

>> No.9771220

I want to help build Pandora's confidence by having her step on me and treat me like trash.

>> No.9771315

I'll deal with it, just try to filter or block the kid if he bothers you for now.

>> No.9771395

I'm going to convince Pandora that France is better than the UK!!

>> No.9771431

I actually don't think it is Blue. He came to her pokemon stream and was really nice to her. I think it's something else that happened during another stream that pissed her off.

>> No.9771505

Pandora 4K when? I will princess carry her all the way there if I have to.

>> No.9771543

She doesn't even live there anymore.

>> No.9771603

Before the weekend probably.

>> No.9771670

I need it sooner. Hylo got a push from dloow, but I don't want my panda to be left behind.

>> No.9771732

It's not a competition anonchama. It's not like anyone's growth rate is in the shitter. Hell there are Phase talents with fewer subs.

>> No.9771871

I don't really follow phase but I thought they were doing ok? Isn't pippa 10k?

>> No.9771932
File: 60 KB, 771x785, 1865f96b41dff058fe4b41593353f1fa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros, I keep trying to save these vtubers, but there's still more to save...

>> No.9772000
File: 194 KB, 1314x417, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Their subs are all over the place.

>> No.9772092

The JP branch needs more love.

>> No.9772117

The JP branch is doomed.

>> No.9772159

Just a random /ppt/ lurker dropping by, why do you guys have so much chat dramas?

>> No.9772272

Because there are a bunch of autists in the chat who aren't from here so we can't tell them to apply themselves. It doesn't help that one of them was modded.

>> No.9772369
File: 10 KB, 337x123, HeWhoBroods.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We get the weirdos

>> No.9772488

They are at the point where they get enough schizos and yet the chat isnt fast enough to drown them out so they have to read what the schizos say.

>> No.9772600

Someone called Pandora annoying during the jackbox stream as one of their answers for quiplash. It was a dick move.

>> No.9772637

And by someone, I mean one of Lumi’s fans. Forgot the name though.

>> No.9772676

hey seina's chat is super comfy, her last stardew vally stream lasted 7 hours while talking to the viewers

>> No.9772735

Seina is really sweet and interacts well with chat in English and Spanish.

>> No.9772953
File: 605 KB, 966x513, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9773657

What about picking our divegrass manager to be a mod?

>> No.9773746

wtf, I can't believe Blue Dragon Audio would do this

>> No.9773801

Wait what's this about divegrass, is /vt/ getting it's own /vg/ league due to generals?

>> No.9773823

Humankind thread

>> No.9773828


>> No.9773878

I just realized Hylo is the only one without expressions, maybe this is why her model filters me so much

>> No.9774111

huh, you're right

>> No.9774292

I don't think I've even seen the guy in chat before
is he just a dicksword mod?

>> No.9774344

careful anon, hylo comes /here/ to shill herself and argue with anyone who dare say something negative

>> No.9774389

What did he think was gonna happen? They just go along with it and be fine? Wtf?

>> No.9774406
File: 13 KB, 256x264, 1620126349204.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He might just be a discord jannie.

>> No.9774498

Hylo is fucking retarded

>> No.9774527

She can only smile because sometimes all you can do is smile and keep on truckin.

>> No.9774544

I want Hylo to argue with me but I don't have anything negative to say about her.

>> No.9774784

Knowing Hylo, this post is actually her.

>> No.9774904


Were they kidding? That seems like a dick move.

>> No.9775081

Hylo love!!

>> No.9775097

I expect they were, but that doesn't get across in text

>> No.9775103

Esdeath is fucking terrible holy shit, I wish his mom ate him when he was a sperm.

>> No.9775182

In fairness I don't think this was it, they apologized afterwards saying it was only meant as a joke and Panda in english spirit understood it as banter.
But who knows, either way he is still an autist.

Oh neat, who's deciding goal horns and shit?

>> No.9775326

She will be playing Rimworld on stream, so we have that at least

>> No.9775401


Yeah I don't think people should make jokes like that...


What's their deal, anyway?

>> No.9775511


> What's their deal, anyway?
Horny. 99% of her chat wants to fuck her.
If anything, Esdeath is as subtle as broken glass about it.

>> No.9775527

/pcg/ is I believe. >>9775369

>> No.9775968

>Yuri knows a thing or two about horse breeding

>> No.9776023


>> No.9776101
File: 17 KB, 373x195, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Might as well spam the chat with emotes because my constant messages and sound alerts aren't annoying enough

>> No.9776495

Holy fuck Esdeath you stupid cunt I remember this one. Die.

>> No.9776860

I am the 1%. I want her to succeed

>> No.9777121

I am the same. I want her to shine bright.
Death to the goslings Blue, Esdeath and KFP

>> No.9777192

Why can’t we all make sweet love to a wildly successful Lumi?

>> No.9777231

you'd be a surprised. Most normal guys are intimidated, or just not interested in, by a girl who likes that sort of stuff, and most nerdy guys are too socially awkward to make the first move.

Weird example, but my cousin listens to fairly Extreme Metal (Revenge, Last Days Of Humanity) which means she ends up scaring off a lot of guys.

>> No.9777232

Because you ruin everything with your constant hornyposting you fucking degenerate. Fuck you Esdeath. You fucking piece of shit.

>> No.9777273



>> No.9777300

Goslings get the rope. DIE

>> No.9777389

Same honestly, it's rare to find a streamer that seems genuinely invested and having fun with the titles I enjoy so I'd like to see her succeed and show it's the streamer not the game.
Though I came for the games, i've stayed because she's a genuinely fun person.
Both reasons why I'll be taking a paycut to aid her in that endeavour.
Goslings day of the rope when?

>> No.9777437

Lumi has finally filtered me completely. This game just looks so boring and chats interactions are worsening that.

>> No.9777498


>> No.9777501


>> No.9777552

the goslings in chat are filtering me
time to move on. thanks for the streams.

>> No.9777559

Shut up Blue you’re never gonna buy mod
The only thing you can buy is the privilege of sucking out my cum

>> No.9777572


I'm not a gosling. I just like being seen and speaking to everyone, including her.

>> No.9777621

New Rrat: Blue is CL’s CEO undercover who’s trying to see just who’s gonna be a true and consistent Lumichad

>> No.9777664

No anon stay, and stick it to those fags

>> No.9777684


I'm not Blue, I only found her like 8 days ago actually.

>> No.9777945

>small streamer's strength is the chat interaction
>chat is dogshit

>> No.9778065

Yeah I'm gonna be honest. I'm slowly getting filtered as well. I get that it's a sign of incline, but I'm so sick of everyone trying to flirt with her. Everyone in her community seems to just be trying to fuck her, instead of actually talking about her content or her streams. It always seems like everyone's just in constant alert to get the streamer's attention. (I don't really know why I thought otherwise to be completely honest.)

I don't wanna be a part of that. Anon is right, I think it may be the time to move on. I'll always wish for her happiness, and her success as a content creator, but I'm not going to be associated with these people. It's not my vibe.

I'm not blaming Lumi for this, nor the chat. I guess it's just the fate of streamers like her. This is just what happens eventually, though I did hope that it was different this time.

I'll still stick around for a little bit because I genuinely enjoy her kareoke streams, but it's time to start to look for another comfy streamer where their vibe is something I'm looking for.

>> No.9778066

At 100+ live viewers they aren't really small streamers anymore to begin with, but the chat's been going shit for a while.

>> No.9778153

I feel so bad for lumi for having to chat with these schizos. She'd probably rather kill herself than date Blue, Esdeath, or KFP.

>> No.9778169

>I'm not blaming Lumi for this
It's a very conscious decision by her to pander to the coomers and goslingers. From a business perspective definitely a good one also, she wouldn't be as popular if she didn't do it, and it adds to her appeal all in all, but it just attracts shitters.

>> No.9778180

Holy shit she actually knows how to pronounce my name correctly

>> No.9778185

The neverending curse of a small streamer becoming big

>> No.9778253
File: 7 KB, 200x251, 6574732893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've just been listening to Lumi's stream until now because I've been busy GMing a game with the lads. Why does it seem like everyone is complaining in this thread?

>> No.9778254

We live in a society

>> No.9778294

I'm in agreement with you anon, for the most part after. Clipnigger viewers bring incline, but are all absolute faggots. Having them in chat have detracted from any enjoyable viewing experience.
I will note that her twitch stream earlier with Jelly was amazing, but that's because they work well together

>> No.9778300


Eh, I have fun hearing her say things and reply to whatever's going on. Things move fast, so it doesn't stay on simping very long.

Maybe I'm just more forgiving?

>> No.9778339

Her twitch streams are more chill because there's less people brought on by clipfaggots on youtube, try watching her there.

>> No.9778371

And I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s super cynical about it too, lmao. The only people who are gonna give her the right kind of criticism are /here/, so we need to counterbalance coomerfags with actual advice to make her even better.

All roads may inevitably lead to GFE, but nobody wants a *boring* fake girlfriend, do they?

>> No.9778373

You made the correct decision of not looking at her chat.
The anons who want to get her attention through chat get filtered by other viewers trying to do the same in a cringier way.

>> No.9778398

Bingo, this. Her Moon Jelly stream earlier today was fantastic, fewer shitters in chat.

>> No.9778437

We know that she reads the threads and how things change quickly after we complain about it so as long as we keep giving out good advice and criticism she'll improve things for the better.

>> No.9778470

Like if you want Lumi to notice you, just fucking wait for the gift sub and act like a normal human being (albeit one who’s cute and funny) in the member or public (((discord))). That’s how she knows I exist, but I’m not presuming she knows my to any level beyond that.

>> No.9778475

The problem is that the clipnigger viewers outnumber us, and it's better for her to pander to them than us. From a business perspective

>> No.9778497

Is the Discord a lot better than the chat?

>> No.9778529

All the same schizo are there. And Esdeath is.... worse there.

>> No.9778543

The fact that Lumi has secretly called us out in this thread and is friends with Pippa says that her heart has never left this place and she's a minmaxxer who isnt happy with Yesmen and is always looking to improve. She'll never abandon us.

>> No.9778582

I have higher tolerance to the chat bullshit if only because I was there during the Nijisenpai era.

>> No.9778637

Relying just on us will stagnate her growth. I've come to terms with the fact that in time these sorts of streams (4x) may become less common. Of course she'll still play them, but it'd be not sustainable for her to grow

>> No.9778644

>complaing about goslings in /vt/

>> No.9778659

If she's getting 1k+ viewers, I wouldn't count on it. Money changes people.

>> No.9778684

Huh, do you watch streams to read the chat? Watch the fucking stream you mong.

>> No.9778697

There’s a dedicated constructive criticism outlet for subs, and if your sub runs out you may stay there albeit with reduced access to certain channels. Now, since as >>9778529 says, yes, the schizos are worse there, but the pace of conversation and the fact that Lumi’s there and not focused on streaming, *it’s comparatively easier to stand out as a normalfag*. Kind of. Might get yourself into Pandora, Yuri, or Hylo’s good books as well, but that’s a fair bit less likely. I don’t recall much activity there from Seina. >>9778543 See? That secret channel the dicksword mod said they got rid of was, as I understand it from the leaks in here, a way for anons who could keep their mouth shut to concentrate and refine the criticism we make over on /clg/. That Avenue has closed, but the spirit is still within Lumi.

>> No.9778714

If you don't want goslings go watch a male streamer you homo

>> No.9778759

You can always support her by buying sub on Twitch with your own money.

>> No.9778875

If you think some of the shizos don't come from /here/ you are more optimistic than i am.

>> No.9778877

She doesn't pander to the faggots in chat nearly as much so it's a nonissue.

>> No.9778895

Yes. Goslings are cancer. Never funny and never add anything noteworthy to the threads or chat, unless its a fullblown confession read by the streamer to make us to laugh.

>> No.9779013
File: 3.31 MB, 512x384, 1631494914411.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think you greatly exaggerate the amount of goslings. I haven't seen a single one in this thread. Perhaps you just got a stick up your ass?

>> No.9779026

She will never not read these threads or any other threads that mention her, even if she grows larger. She is everywhere. She is even among us

>> No.9779040


Here you go bros, the first NSFW for Lumi done with skeb.

>> No.9779059

>dedicates songs to dloow
What did you mean by this

>> No.9779092

I think people in this thread put far to much importance how much she cares about us /here/ stop kidding yourself. She wants bigger numbers and it's not hard to see since she brought it up like a hundred times this past week.
It's work for her so you can't blame her, she needs all the schizos to make her numbers bigger and more paypigs to come in.

Soon enough any normal people with half a brain will be pushed out for people spamming emotes and seeking her attention by saying stupid shit that has nothing to do with the game or content.

>> No.9779104

Leaving the streams or paritcipating less will just invite more annoying stuff to fill the space. It's good to counterbalance by talking about pertient and germane things that aren't just pure simping.

>> No.9779120


>> No.9779132

I quoted two replies that mentioned her collab with Moon, clearly, I was talking about the collab with Moon where she ignored chat and played the game anon.

>> No.9779196

>She'll never abandon us
The only ones who stay here are the ones who've been here for years and the only thing I know is that she's an /asp/pie, which doesn't say much.

>> No.9779250

>She forgor
>Say "Hi honey"
>Say "ara~ ara~"
>To the usual room!
>F L O W E R
>EN curse
>Pitybait SC

Can't fucking wait. Just give me the rope already.

>> No.9779287

She already stopped herself doing some of those things because she didnt want to pander.

>> No.9779306

This. All the autists bitching about goslings and the clip nigger are just butt hurt because their 2view oshi is no longer a 2view and won't pander to them exclusively anymore. Fucking be happy for her growth retards. If anything else, if she gets big it will show other chuubas that you don't have to do exclusively GFE and play minecraft to get big so we might finally get some interesting fucking content.

>> No.9779376

It's not really a critique of her. But this is probably what the chat will look like in the near future.

>> No.9779441

Let's not kid ourselves anon, she panders a lot, simple look at her redeems and soundboard it's made purely for clip-worthy moments and lewd sounds.
She does well mixing it with actual content and actual good games but you can't get 100 views on an arguably boring 4x/strategy game without pandering to the schizos at the bottom too.

>> No.9779460

Blue is fine & learning, the rest get the rope. If any of you fucks actually cared enough to get in the discord you'd see as much.

>> No.9779493

I still want to bonk his head every time he mentions hydration. He's a concernfag.

>> No.9779513

Honestly that's fair

>> No.9779534

Lumi's inclining too fast, it was only a few weeks ago every anon was unified in trying to make her popular....

>> No.9779542

>KFP typing in chat screw you Susan
Wasn't he the one who deleted a message with this very content a couple of days ago?

>> No.9779559

I WILL waterboard him
and teach him self-reflection

>> No.9779721

This is why /vt/ is a laughingstock.

>> No.9779854

I'll never join a chuuba Discord

>> No.9780011

>>9779460 is not wrong though >>9779854, Blue is probably the worst of the worries going by that group of cringe.

>> No.9780016

>I'll never interact with my oshi

>> No.9780033
File: 28 KB, 112x112, 1630250007692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9780068

Anon where's the benis?

>> No.9780090

Pudgy face, ok body. Censorship though

>> No.9780115

I paid 500 yen for it, Im waiting for the big ones to open up.

>> No.9780158

>mfw I log onto twitter to see Lumi fanart and instead see Lumi gangbanging 10 dudes with her massive, throbbing, porcelain cock

>> No.9780178

Face reminds me of Shibafu designs.

>> No.9780263

Her tummy makes me want to breed her.

>> No.9780530

Rate the stream.

>> No.9780594
File: 34 KB, 112x112, 1629919574870.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm just gonna keep being me
There you have it, have some confidence in her.

>> No.9780625

I was watching the Soyuz launch with Ria/10

>> No.9780637

good gameplay, cringe mods+chat/10

>> No.9780691

just came in right now what was it like?

>> No.9780933

Felt like KFP was taking up 1/4th the chat himself half the time trying to get noticed. Not sure how he managed to wiggle his way in lol

>> No.9780953

Fuck I knew I forgot something.

22:00 - Pandora Papers Please on Twitch

00:00 - Hylo karaoke

01:00 - Yuri SOMA on Twitch

All times UTC.

>> No.9781239

Hopefully he'll mellow out overtime.

>> No.9781292

So much better value than those talentless fucks on /aco/

>> No.9781296

>I am idol
Do you rele beleb

>> No.9781485

ah fuck bros i feel like an idiot i've spent an hour browsing through the intros and endings of Lumi's most recent 2 streams because i read a tweet wrong saying she would thank donations next time and because i missed them as well and i thought she meant she would thank those she missed next stream like she does sometimes. Fuck... guess i'll donate in superchat now since it stays in chat unlike streamlabs and Lumi's even making a collage for them.

>> No.9781662

Take it easy anon, she didn't read mine on stream either and I don't mind, what's important is the money reaching its destination. At the end of the day, fuck Susan.

>> No.9781732

wish people would stop using superchat outside of small numbers for memes and use streamlabs for anything of any worth. 30% to streamlabs is a massive hit to them.

>> No.9781872

Yea, Lumi never misses a dono though thats why i'm a little fussy.
Same desu i'll try to be less butthurt now since i know Lumi didn't mean it hurt my feelings. right bros?

>> No.9781958

I forwarded this to Lumi, she'll remember to read it soon enough.

>> No.9781960


>> No.9782018
File: 77 KB, 635x487, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9782082

Aah anon what are you doing i don't want to make a big deal outta this Lumi's gonna think i'm a fussy bitch i should've never blogposted...

>> No.9782108

It's okay she really cares about all of you and she's always keeping an eye here.

>> No.9782145

It is our time to shine anons

>> No.9782191

Relatively smooth dodge, not bad.

>> No.9782206

So fast she really does listen bros.

>> No.9782339

Will you do it for free, anon?

>> No.9782345

>tfw when lumi reads her threads right after finishing streaming and fixes things immediately

>> No.9782357

oh what schizos will join the ranks now lol
$10 on Blue, a least he'd make it funny for a while as chat burns

>> No.9782452

Don't think anyone can match Wenham's powerlevel to greet viewers so the newcomers might have to come up with their own niche to blow KFP outta the water.

>> No.9782478

Imagine modding for a vtuber stream.
Big fucking yikies. Leave that to losers and discord groomers.

>> No.9782563

or you know, fans?
There doesn't have to be such extremes all the time anon.

I'd do it but I'd be a shit mod since I avoid chat, and do a million different things as I watch streams. I'd e a useless mod lol so I hope Lumi can pick somebody good.

>> No.9782596

>look at me guys I'm superior to everyone here.
Kys, faggot

>> No.9782667

It *usually* starts out with good intentions, but trust me, anon, modding rots the brain and there are an infinite number of things that would be better to spend your energy and attention on.

>> No.9782751

True but the fan part stills stands, if someone wants to be a mod they thought about helping around stream to be helpful to a streamer they like since they already watch streams frequently.

>> No.9782758


>> No.9782762

>there are an infinite number of things that would be better to spend your energy and attention on.
I don't disagree, which is why I said I'd be shit. I can't picture myself spending 80% uptime in a 2-4 hour stream focused on the stream and mainly chat. Even right now I glance at it and it's already cringe enough, imagine having to cope with them for 4hours lol

But there ARE good mods out there, lots of channels have them, you just got to find them.

>> No.9782880

HOLY She really did it bros, thank you Lumi!

>> No.9782910

somebody's gotta clean up the schizos

>> No.9783227

She's really active in all her fan related places and does extra by doing things like thanking missed donos in her twitter and tries to include and do things for her fans frequently, i think when she talks about how she cares about the vtubing community and knows the small under 1k subs chuubas that show up to her stream she really means it like she REALLY REALLY means it, how can Lumi be so cool?

>> No.9783275

i wonder if they will ever open Twitter DMs

>> No.9783324


>> No.9783346

Why you ask anon?

>> No.9783370

Hope Lumi plays HoI4 soon-ish.

>> No.9783375

Shes the purest person I have ever seen.

>> No.9783385

Wait for Hylo's new PC.

>> No.9783441

stop breaking containment you retards

>> No.9783463

Hope it also won't be fucking vanilla

>> No.9783499

How so anon? Containment breaking doko?

>> No.9783610

Yea playing as Japan is absolutely fucking impossible without the dlc or some mods.

>> No.9783714


>> No.9783725

>playing [...] is absolutely fucking impossible without the dlc AND some mods
Fixed. Its just the paradox tradition at this point.

>> No.9783892


I'm going to get in, I have over half a decade of experience. What should I do?

>> No.9783933

Yea hate much of my money i earn from waging is spent on just paradox game DLCs, Paradox onegai...

>> No.9783942

Be normal

>> No.9784149

Well judging from the problems this thread has pointed out i can say don't be a coomer, don't spam 1/5 of the chat, don't try to hard, and don't be Blue Dragon.

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