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ccv + sc
>https://piyo.chats.ninja/ (RIP)



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Looks like Luto will probably make this for a third day in a row, is she ever going to stop streaming?

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since you seem knowledgable about ID, where does non vtuber ID streamers usually stream? how do they compare to holoID CCV? it's hilarious if holo ID really is among the biggest streamers in that entire country.

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home sweet home

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What does this have to do with NijiJP again? I'm saying maybe the ID viewerbase isn't worth pursuing if even the most locally popular vtubers there aren't breaking 1k often.

> All it takes is one chuuba playing a certain MOBA there to get 5-10k CCV purely from indos.
You gotta be more specific than that. Any examples?

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not him, but i guess this guy is top dog of their corp (538K subscribers)
and he is on Anya's level

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I'm not an expert on ID at all.
All I know is, Maha5's numbers are not impressive even for ID vtuber standards (you can argue that HoloID is boosted by non-ID viewers) and that Indogs are extremely passionate about their country. Their badminton fans are fucking insane and worship their players, and they go schizo nationalistic super easily.
They literally hold the record of the most watched chess stream in history and it was a stomp between a pro and a shameless cheat. I think ID streamers/youtubers pull huge numbers, just not vtubers.


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HoloEN rejects? HoloEN rejects!

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While everyone else in Nijisanji's in the Moba tournament, Toko's just laughing at that side-scrolling horror game and still getting 10k.

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Kuzuha starts streaming and Ars drops from 20k to 10k in minutes. Maimoto from 5k to 3k.
Nice peaks at least.

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>24,198 watching nowStarted streaming 10 minutes ago
Enter, King

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Leeching Suisei again i see, cute outfit

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Mobile legends is popular in Indonesia. If Apex is the top game in Japan, then ML is for ID or surrounding SEA nations. Although the game attracts toxic fanbases.

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>Enter, King

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Streams over 10k on live-ranking so far. Missing the following streams
>Council meeting: 31k, would be #3
>Ina anniversary: 18k, would be #7

Very strong day for Nijis nonetheless, sasuga Tanned Demiurge!

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After yesterday's almost no-show from Niji, this is much better.

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>My region
They were not kidding about SEAniggers shitting this thread and board, it seems

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>Gwelu sandwiched Pekora
what a day!

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Kuzuha is likely going to beat 44k today.
Anyone who follows his numbers know he's crossing 40k for sure and 4k is nothing if he makes the finals.

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Aren't Ars and Maimoto pretty popular nijis? it seems like they'd have been able to sustain their own audience if they were on a different team

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They'll get the numbers they're getting right now.
Maimoto 3k and Ars 10k.

Also Kuzuha is at 39k at the start of the match and it's higher than Gwelu's "main" POV of 31k. This guy is actually arguably more popular than the entire company...

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>Top current streaming according to live-ranking.
For the moment Pekora reigns supreme

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>This guy is actually arguably more popular than the entire company...
He is the company...

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>Also Kuzuha is at 39k at the start of the match and it's higher than Gwelu's "main" POV of 31k. This guy is actually arguably more popular than the entire company...
Link? Live-ranking may have missed it too

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So, i realized Soraruru has vtuber channel too.
Unlike Mafumafu who has everything on the main channel.

Did an Utau today with 13k live viewers, though Playboard only caught 11.8k before it got set to member only

Do we count him in the charts?
Think he'd make the top 20 today.

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Kuzuha is literally 44k right now so he's going to beat Pekora's peak any moment.

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>Do we count him in the charts?
Not for a while? Give it some weeks to weed out the "one hit tagalongers", like Hikakin streaming with an avatar on his gaming channel

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Live-ranking misses quite a lot streams today or add them much later

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Nijisanji is basically Kuzeha

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Kuzuha at 50k already. Gwelu's main POV is at 32k.
He's actually going to beat the commentary stream by 20k jfc...

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Already did, and live-ranking picked it up fortunately

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He's had the live 2D avatar for about a year actually

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In the separate channel?

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>Mobile legends
Wtf is this

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It’s expected. It would be devastatingly embarrassing if Pekora had more live viewers.

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Yep, the 200k channel, not the main 1.5 mil Music channel.
It was a let's play/stream highlights channel for a year, even used a static png. Then he added the model on Oct 1st 2020.

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mobile moba

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The race is more Between Kuzuha and Gwelu really.
To prove if Nijisanji really is "just Kuzuha" when it comes to numbers.

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If Live rankling has it I'll add then, when I make the daily list. If it's only on playboard it makes things a little more difficult because I would have to look for it by hand and be familiar with his schedule

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Kuzuha just passed 57k so he beat Gwelu's peak too. 24k ahead of Gwelu now.
Needless to say, he has more viewers than all the other Niji streams rn combined.

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>The race is more Between Kuzuha and Gwelu really.
HAHAHAHA, the is the King, then there is the subjects.
>thanks for holding the throne warm Gwelu! I'll take over from here

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Wtf i thought Niji supposed to have low numbers? What's with all the thread shitting on Niji then?

>> No.9640354

I’ll kneel to Pekora if she beat her ff10 finale record with this kusoge.

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Also, man if only Nijifans liked streams...
It's really not that hard.

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Well, Pekora knows what she's doing. She's going to continue purposefully fall down from the final stages of the game for 5 more hours to gather more sympathizing retards on her stream. So she still has her chance to get first in viewers.

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Kinda curious, only Kuzuha and this Gwelu get to stream the tournament?
Or its similar to how Hololive streamed Holosports festival

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I don't know why people paint Kuzuha getting all these while everyone struggles as a good thing, It's not good for a company to rely on 1 person.
With Holo you have at least 3-5.

>> No.9640407

Are you retarded? Play the game for yourself, this isn't undertale or getting over it levels of difficulty. The game is more anxiety-inducing than rage.

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>What's with all the thread shitting on Niji then?
Wut? Are you sure you mean this thread? The one giving Kuzuha the highest honors pretty much every day?

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i hope so anon, i really do....

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>She's going to continue purposefully
Watch the stream retard

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With that said I wouldn't count Pekora out yet. She's still inclining and it is still not even 9PM in Japan

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this1 is smooth

>> No.9640468

I'm actually serious, If Pekora got 50k every stream and everyone else was under 10k every stream, I'd be a little worried.

>> No.9640471

yeah now that i think about it they mostly directed at the low view zako, what makes kuzuha so popular? I've seen his stream but he's alright

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Kuzuha isn't all of Nijisanji lol.
Don't need to be EOP to know that. This is also one of the biggest days for Nijis since Koshien.

She'll need to get 25k more to do that. Very unlikely.

Everyone is streaming. Gwelu (would normally) get the largest share because he is the main POV with commentary, but Kuzuha is just overwhelmingly more popular than other Nijis. He's still beating Gwelu by 20k and 3rd place is his teammate Ars with 10k.

>> No.9640507

What are you talking about? Right now Pekora also dwarfing all other Hololive members, just like Kuzuha. For example, closest Holo stream is 25k lower than Pekora. And that's Marine - second largest Holo in terms of average live viewers.

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English learn

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We at least know for sure who will be the winner in 1 category.

>> No.9640539

>what makes kuzuha so popular?
He can play at a high enough level and talk to the audience at the same time. It is the same reason Pekora is popular, and the same reason Choco and Roboco, for instance, fail to get a high enough audience when they're gaming: when they concentrate hard in the game they stop talking so the only thing left is cute noises (that can only get you far enough)

>> No.9640546

Forgot to add that the combined views of the 5 livers on the other team is 8k right now.
Kuzuha has 56k.

>> No.9640569

Not really

>> No.9640577

I completed all routes in the game in less then 5h in my first time in this game.
Moreover, most vtubers when they reach the last stage of the game, finish it in less then 10 tries. Pekora is trying for several hours at this point. If you are not an imbecile, you'll clearly see that she's just purposefully stretching her stream.

>> No.9640583

Pekora getting 42k for playing a random indie game solo is incredibly impressive

>> No.9640606

So, it really boils down to the level of profession huh. Does this Kuzuha guy has any sort of streaming history or niji just picked him off the curb?

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>Not really
9k is a respectable amount. I wonder who would beat that number today

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Anonchama? Also, Ina already beat that.

>> No.9640629

Kinda New here, are the vtubers discussed here just really those from Hololive and niji?
I mean other indies that gets numbers unusually hgih for them don't?

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Jeez Mori.

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Want to hear the story about Shibuya Hal?

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File: 620 KB, 886x788, 無感動されたぺこら#1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So you are saying she's been stretching the whole game? Just because you can do it easily doesn't mean everyone else can. also nice bait

>> No.9640701

we mention them, like for >>9638412 but they rarely enter the top 10 outside of that one band that mostly get big numbers when they irl stream with masks in concert.

>> No.9640704

>other indies that gets numbers unusually hgih for them don't
Previous thread. This thread is reserved for the two events currently taking place right now. Jump knight and pokemon unite.

>> No.9640727

Stuff like this comes up occasionally >>9633376 But in general it's conversation about the biggest numbers.

>> No.9640731

Kuzuha at 62k... and we're only on the quarterfinals too...
I really didn't know Nijifans liked pokemon unite this much. He might actually beat his Vsaikyou 80k at this rate.

On the other hand, Pekora has made 0 process since getting stuck in the 3rd screen of tower and is still holding 43k. Her floor is getting higher and higher. 50k+ when she finishes is likely.

>> No.9640741

>Does this Kuzuha guy has any sort of streaming history
He was an indie before joining Nijisanji, but he joined enough time ago for that not be relevant to his present day numbers.

There are three factors that make a streamer a heavy hitter
1) Streaming conistently. Pekora and Kuzuha stream every day to an extent it feels weird if they're not streaming in their channels in that day.
2) Streaming at a consistent time slot. Same thing for both, and for Rushia, and for Ina (for instance). Your audience ends up creating a schedule around your streaming hours and will be there at a constant number
3) Keeping your audience entertained. Some streamers do it "accidentally", like Kanata winning by failing but Kuzuha and Pekora ALWAYS keep their audiences entertained and feeling like it is "an interactive experience" instead of just passive watching

You can take every heavy hitter from either company and they'll have some or all of these qualities

>> No.9640762

>I really didn't know Nijifans liked pokemon unite this much
He's the only player worth watching.

>> No.9640765

Right now yes. But they always get around 20k ccv (+gura) . Niji on the other hand, are always under Kuzeha with the exception of special streams.

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Mori has always been sort of monstrous when it comes to big streams, I see no reason why that'd change tonight. Might push 25-30k.

>> No.9640779

>Kinda New here, are the vtubers discussed here just really those from Hololive and niji?
Anyone making it to the top gets discussed. Emperor Hal, ASMR Queen Patra and some other rifraf got discussed when they got big numbers.

There is only one theme and one rule and one motto for this thread
>Big number > small number
who gets them, why or how is not that important, only how big

>> No.9640784

t. Kanata

>> No.9640788

Then who else?

>> No.9640804

She got to the final stage in around the same time other vtubers do. But for some 'mysterious' reasons she's stuck at the last stage for much longer time than other vtubers. Hmm... last stage... a stage where there are the most viewers gathering on the stream... I wonder why.

>> No.9640810

Oh, right! Ina was after Playboard cutting point? My "todays" and "tomorrows" get mixed because of JST being the cutting point for most of this thread numbers

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>people think this is healthy.

>> No.9640827

Yeah this one is going to be a monster, she has another $50k to go to hit $1 million total and I wouldn't even be that surprised if she did it today

>> No.9640831

I see thanks for the info guys

Also thanks for reminding me, kinda Forgot Hal isn't Niji lmao

>> No.9640838

Shes doing fine if you compare it to like Lulu tbf. I think lulu took 30+ hours to beat this game and Peko is at 27 hours counting

>> No.9640849

Yeah, Ina got included in yesterday's batch, though personally I'd include it as one of today's since the stream was 5am JST iirc

>> No.9640860

>indies that gets numbers unusually hgih
look for top SCs of the day

>> No.9640864

You know what he means.
On a regular day, Kuzuha is often 2x the 2nd highest Niji stream (most Nijis don't get more than 14k) and in tournaments like this, he's very often 4-5x the #2 (if we don't count the host, Gwelu, which he shouldn't be beating if he wasn't so dominant)

Pekora and Marine are usually close and when they get 25k, there's a bunch of holos in the 13-20k range.

>> No.9640866

Once again watch the stream

>> No.9640874

No she was before, just look at the OP, Playboard's cutoff point is midnight GMT.

>> No.9640875

Inui had 10k before she stopped playing horror game that has already been streamed by million other vtubers.

>> No.9640893

Don't let Kuzuha distort your understanding of these numbers.
Not only Nijisanji sans Kuzuha is getting good numbers in your print, Kuzuha is getting great numbers for himself.

Except for Kuzuha, this distribution is not that different from what happens in multiPOV Holo collabs. His presence distorts everything because he is an outlier that makes anyone below him look weak, not because anyone below him is actually weak

>> No.9640894

It's just big numbers in these thread, big numbers is used as entertainment. You get holo/niji wins based from who gets top 1 of the day. People with a sensible mind here or outside of the thread knows it ain't healthy. Kuzuha is literally carrying niji on his back.

>> No.9640907

aight, you win, she's probably stalling for time, and definitely not crying rn

>> No.9640920

Yep, using gtl isn't healthy

>> No.9640960

If you didn't know, Holo's other than Pekora also don't get 20k+ for non-special streams. It has to be either some challenges, collabs, or minecraft, in Gura's case.
>are always under Kuzeha with the exception of special streams
Same goes for Holo, but replace Kuzuha with Pekora.

>> No.9640987

Pekora should receive Oscar award for her crying act.

>> No.9640989
File: 20 KB, 448x172, image_2021-09-12_150741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He even beat Jun for the day

>> No.9641028

You're severely overestimating intelligence of posters here

>> No.9641038

I think you're underestimating how bad the bunny performs under pressure. And she's not even good to start with in most types of games.

>> No.9641048

Isn't Gweilu getting lower numbers just because his stream got fucked at one point?

>> No.9641049

>this distribution is not that different from what happens in multiPOV Holo collabs.
That's absolute bullshit and you know it.

>> No.9641063

>It has to be either some challenges, collabs, or minecraft, in Gura's case
Gura got 20k from wario today

>> No.9641085

Imagine Kuzuha unarchived karaoke numbers.

>> No.9641100

The bots went to Kuzuha's stream

>> No.9641112

>Holo's other than Pekora also don't get 20k+ for non-special streams
Marine, Miko, Subaru, Gura...etc. Even if they don't get 20k every single stream, they get in the 16-18k with relative ease. That's before I mention the dozen Holos who get 10k every night.

>minecraft, in Gura's case.
Minecraft is a special stream now? Gura got 20k playing Warioware today.

Do you count karaokes as special streams too?
If so, I have a few others who can get 20k quite regularly.

>> No.9641130

>If you didn't know, Holo's other than Pekora also don't get 20k+ for non-special streams.
>It has to be either some challenges, collabs, or minecraft,
If you take away challenges, collabs, minecraft, Suisei regular karaoke, Ayame RFA or just talking, Subaru talking or playing police themed games, Marine singing, drawing, Miko playing GTA then prohibit them from using their Live2D models, their regular models, forces them to denounce Japan and associate themselves with the one true Korean Empire then Sarin gas their neigjbourhood and unbraid Pekora's hair WHAT KIND OF NUMBERS HOLOS CAN EVEN GET HUH?!

>> No.9641148

Didn't know they had their own will

>> No.9641164

holy cope

>> No.9641168

Feels like there's a real SC race between Mori and Kiara's anniversary streams here

>> No.9641184

We talk about anyone or anything that gets big numbers and make it into the top ranks. Usually that means Holo and niji but whenever a smaller company gets up there we talk about them too.
Also occasionally this thread devolves into armchair industry experts talking about industry trends and how various companies can improve their performance but only occasionally.

>> No.9641186
File: 772 KB, 1001x808, mario kart numbers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here anon, ranging from 20k+ to 1k+

>> No.9641195


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>unbraid Pekora's hair

>> No.9641207

It's an upgraded version of Bots they're using, embedded with AI. Highest priority is to go to Kuzuha's stream when he's online. The normal functions is to distribute the bots evenly to other niji members.

>> No.9641211

>EN and ID
Hahaha fuck off, Post the JP one or JP Among us.

>> No.9641213

Why should I watch, if I already know what will happen. She will continue to fall down from the last stage, and after 5 more hours she "finally" succeeds - everyone is happy, a ton of viewers floods the stream, akasupas everywhere.

>> No.9641228

Kuzuha's team is gonna win it all at this point. Bigger numbers.

>> No.9641249

How retarded do you think anons in this thread are that we don't know the difference of CCV between EN and ID

>> No.9641272

Is Kuzuha popular worldwide?

>> No.9641276

Just fucking drop it bro, remember what thread you're in lel

>> No.9641292

why is she so cute like that

>> No.9641298

Someone post usaken summer festival or the MarioKart tournament numbers.

>> No.9641307

You need a reference.

>> No.9641323

i don't know if nijisanji are genius or really scummy doing these "special streams" like tournaments every other week, either way i don't like it.

>> No.9641334

I mean, the game isn't hard. Mobile legends, League of legends and Pokemon Unite is flooded with casuals. Any long time LoL or Dota player would find the game easy, and even more easier beating noobs in it. Kuzuha has longer experience in MOBA which is why he's likely to win.

>> No.9641345

>summer festival or
Miko won by the last remained.

>> No.9641352

Stop using those two branch as standard for Hololive.

>> No.9641368

It's the only way for the little guys to get any decent numbers, see koshien.

>> No.9641370

A big fat no. His sole existence/purpose is to pander to JOPs.

>> No.9641375
File: 364 KB, 1218x892, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 13_20_24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hahaha fuck off, Post the JP one or JP Among us.
I am not getting your point. Here is the JP Mario Kart event, ranging from 25k+ to 1.9k+

>> No.9641396

Anon, you just named only ONE single special stream per each of several chuubas. If you think that you listed all the content they do, you're quite a retard.

>> No.9641418

>this distribution is not that different from what happens in multiPOV Holo collabs.
is completely false then isn't it? When have Nijisanji ever had multiple people past 10k during a collab like that?

>> No.9641419

>"special streams"
(you) are retard

>> No.9641422

>or really scummy
>company in charge of providing entertainment for a large audience devises a way to provide entertainment for a large audience
How would that be "scummy"?

>> No.9641431

Which one? The actual tournament or just for fun collab?

>> No.9641450

>muh chuuba can't win on numbers

>> No.9641477

Anon, I am not talking about how many are above or below a certain threshold, but about what happens in multiPOV collabs
>some streamers get big numbers
>lots of streams get small numbers

If your point is that Hololive have more heavy hitters than Nijisanji you shouldn't need to use multiPOV collabs to prove it, it is more than obvious based on the daily rankings.
But pointing out that a collab has one, two, three heavy hitters and a whole lot of small fish is not the way to prove that.

>> No.9641504

Are you seriously using an event with multiple 10k and 20k+ POVs as your example? When Aki Rose is literally the only one under 2k when there are 5 Holos above 10k.

Even if we take your retardedly disingenious use of the extreme ends, are you comparing a 25k to 2k distribution to a 64k to 762 distribution that's happening right now in the Pokemon Unite tournament?

>> No.9641505

Marine and Gura?

>> No.9641522
File: 203 KB, 720x331, KING diff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9641524
File: 102 KB, 1622x155, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 13_26_07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is the Niji ranking for the last hour. I've seen enough
goes to: Toko.

it doesn't need any explanation other than this print screen

>> No.9641550

Not even Kuzuha posters in this thread watch him, so no.

>> No.9641557

These posts are so fucking stupid because you don't know shit about these Nijis.
Kuzuha is the clear winner of the day because the biggest event is the Pokemon Unite tournament and he got an insane number.
Toko literally just did a regular horror stream and got her regular horror stream numbers.

>> No.9641575

It will catch up, whether it will surpass it i have no idea. Yumejo repeating song for views is out of this world.

>> No.9641619

because it's my wife

>> No.9641637

Have you even seen Hololive's schedule for the past fucking month? There's an anniversary live every other day, new costumes for gen 5, multiple sub milestones, and birthday streams. It's actually exhausting to watch.

>> No.9641640

Your example doesn't even fit what you're saying.
>some streamers get big numbers
Pekora and Marine got 20k+. Ayame, Korone and Miko got 10k+
>lots of streams get small numbers
Only Aki Rose's numbers are legit small. We can even count Kanata and Nene as small eventho they got 4k.
There's literally more Holos who got good numbers than those who got bad numbers.

>> No.9641692

It seems that your point is that Hololive has more heavy hitters than Nijisanji and Nijisanji has more small fish than Hololive.
If that's the case you'll find no disagreement here or from anyone looking at the daily numbers.

But the distribution of viewers through the participants is not the way to prove that.

>> No.9641702

Fuck you susan

>> No.9641707

>YT slashing pekora's viewers in half

>> No.9641742

Doesn't help that Kuzuha is fine throughout this. YT is sabotaging Pekora.

>> No.9641757

why does only hololive get this fucking youtube problem like ?

>> No.9641780

The actual tournament which Suisei won.

>> No.9641781

Anniversary and birthdays are unavoidable you dumb fuck. What do you want them to do?

>> No.9641799
File: 121 KB, 1209x835, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 13_35_19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not just Hololive, it happened with Koshien too.

In this case I bet reaching 50k triggered some AI bot

>> No.9641802


>> No.9641825

Was about to say she would be getting some good VOD views from people refreshing, but she ended the stream so we're probably not getting another 1 mil VOD bros...

>> No.9641826

Cover is incompetent

>> No.9641834

meant for >>9641637

>> No.9641864

kek, she started another frame for a second help of moggings.
Seems like she shares the Gwelu mindset

>> No.9641873

Gwelu's pokeunite stream got nuked also.

>> No.9641876


>> No.9641883

just now?

>> No.9641897

A million yen in Mori's prechat 20 minutes out.

>> No.9641903
File: 164 KB, 892x408, Screenshot_20210912-093712_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mori already got 1mil yen

>> No.9641909

>rabbit stream crashed
>marine, luna, flare, etc gained 1-3k viewers

>> No.9641924

Never underestimate musicfags.

>> No.9641926

Earlier, reason for his second stream

>> No.9641928

2 hours ago, he was at 47k and never got close to it since. People left him for Kuzuha.

>> No.9641930

I got redirected instantly to Luna's stream kek

>> No.9641948

ok gotcha

>> No.9641954

Cosmic Equilibrium at play

>> No.9641967

You mean mentally ill fags?

>> No.9641971

Me too, kek, I didn't even have the chance to do anything

>> No.9641985

There a non-mentally ill vtuber fans?

>> No.9642009
File: 113 KB, 1210x830, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 13_42_32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Recovered 30k in 5 min.

>> No.9642041

Fair point. There is however a exponential scale between those watching and those throwing superchats for 500 $.

>> No.9642081
File: 141 KB, 1288x848, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 13_44_13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Girl is on sight, best thing that happened to Pekora was the stream to restart

>> No.9642088

Patron of arts throws obscene amount of money for doodle, patron of music is not so different but i agree they kinda are mentally ill.

>> No.9642122

ultimate seanigger containment game

>> No.9642130

Well it's good for her CCV since the stream is a bit longer now and she has more time to recovery her audience.
Bad because she's tilted and literally shaking.

>> No.9642176

Damn it anon, you jinx it.

>> No.9642183

pain peko

>> No.9642185

and she fell

>> No.9642212

Throwing your oshi $500 is very based unless she's Mori "5%" Calliope

>> No.9642213

Holoen superchatters seem more interested in getting a reaction from chat and reddit than from the vtubers themselves

>> No.9642217

Believe it or not, it was actually a very popular game in Japan but it died out quite fast

>> No.9642226

>mentally ill.
Money has no purpose other than being spent. The amount of money you spend is proportional to the amount you've got, that's why there are bottles (boxes) of wine costing 2 bucks and bottles costing 200 bucks.

Unless that's retards taking on student loans to pay for it they're doing what they're supposed to do with money: to spend on things that give them pleasure

>> No.9642247

most of them were probably brought up on twitch culture so it make sense they're that desperate.

>> No.9642255

So the secret behind big numbers is suffering and determination?

>> No.9642257

Leave your retarded shitposting out of /#/, please. This place is civilized.

>> No.9642272

what with Calli and 5%?
inb4 lurk moar

>> No.9642286

>and she fell
EVEN BETTER! I can see her getting back to 50k before midnight JST for a second serving of moggings

>> No.9642287

>Money has no purpose other than being spent
The value of what you spent and what you got is what makes you mentally ill or not. 500bucks for red text is kinda... you know.

>> No.9642345

I swear Kuzuha's team has gotten zapdos every game and you just auto-win every time you get it.
It's the LoL Baron sniping experience paying off.

>> No.9642352

still better than booze and cigarettes imo, prostitutes? Debatable.

>> No.9642358

>500bucks for red text is kinda... you know.
Not if that's what you spend in a two person meal in a good night out.

Much like streamer numbers, don't let your perception of money distort its value. What may look like a lot of money for you is pocket change for others, and likewise what you spend in things you consider frivolous may be the month's wage of some peon down the pay scale.

>> No.9642397

She once said that Hololive only makes up 5% of her day on stream. She backtracked right away but it stuck.

>> No.9642411

HoloMyth anniversary - Superchat
Ina 1,294,203円
Mori 1,189,014円
Kiara 869,374円

>> No.9642428

>She once said that Hololive only makes up 5% of her day on stream.
It's crazy how much this Chinese whispers board has twisted what she said into this.

>> No.9642430

You're paying for the entertainment. The same way people throw cash at street performers, if what you are getting is worth, then $500 a year is something even I would spend on. It's only mentally ill if you spend reds everyday just because you want your text to be seen or you see the streamer themselves as your property (Chinks)

>> No.9642461

Isn't that the true for most holomem?

>> No.9642468

She said that she spent about 5% of her day on streaming, and then retarded dramaniggers parroted it until it became "Hololive is 5% to her"

>> No.9642479

wonder what she does 95% of the remaining time? Farm Charlie's VODs?

>> No.9642487

>Retarded dramaniggers
So like this guy? >>9642479

>> No.9642498

Yes exactly like that guy

>> No.9642501

Is it the finals next? Who's he up against?

>> No.9642510

New originals + Covers + roommate+...

>> No.9642512

An more apt example of your analogy would be 3 people drinking the same wine. the first drinking for free, the second tipping lets say 10 $ and the last tipping 500 $. The content hasn't changed just the willingness and possibility to spend on it. Spending 500 $ as a tip for content that is free to shows a disregard for any monetary value, it screams 2nd generation wealth, which in most cases are mentality ill people out of touch with the world in general.

>> No.9642518

A normal fucking life? You must be envious.

>> No.9642521

i supposed?

>> No.9642587

I heard she is working on 6 originals for her and other members…

>> No.9642589

Fuwa's team, the supposed favourites.
Kuzuha's team looks way stronger tho imo.

Also, Pekora got 50k again. Double 50k for the day LETS GOOOOO

>> No.9642607

huh, pretty sure i just saw it got over 50k

>> No.9642617
File: 3.61 MB, 498x418, 1612788133008.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

guys, why is my oshi not in this rankings anymore?

>> No.9642627

even Mori streams for ~2-3h
so she is at least ~10% Mori

>> No.9642630

>Ya want a balanced following?
>Then start creating, stop tweeting

Her roommate has stopped creating and now is only tweeting for doxxbeats

>> No.9642635


>> No.9642646


>> No.9642660

Mori already overtook Ina and her stream started 1 minute ago

>> No.9642682

>Spending 500 $ as a tip for content that is free to shows a disregard for any monetary value, it screams 2nd generation wealth, which in most cases are mentality ill people out of touch with the world in general.
I rarely get this type of absurdly envious and jealous comment in this site outside of /pol/.

Your analogy is apt tho, it is exactly that. Three people sat in a table, drank the same glass of wine for free and listened to someone playing music and entertaining them for about one hour.
First tipped nothing because he prefers not to / can't afford, second tipped 10 because that's how much he preferred to / can afford and the third tipped 500 because that's how much he preferred to / can afford.

It has nothing to do with "mental illness" and everything to do with "how much they value entertainment" and "how little they value money".
Interestingly the biggest spenders I have the pleasure to fraternize are yuppie GenXers, none of them 2nd generation wealth and all of them more wealthy than their middle class parents

>> No.9642689
File: 154 KB, 1080x1080, 1623215594696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tatunokos you have to let go....

>> No.9642745

kuzuha channel

>> No.9642770
File: 118 KB, 1210x832, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 14_03_54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It did now

>> No.9642794

Is it just me or youtube acting up again?

>> No.9642809

Mori just started her anniversary stream and Pekora hasn't taken a hit. Marine went into SC reading so a portion might have transferred back to Pekora.
Pekora should be able to sustain 50k+ even if Mori gets 18-20k for her anniversary stream.

>> No.9642823

Checked the main stream and I think he's going against his sister instead? Not sure how strong she is but Kuzuha is probably going to win this

>> No.9642829
File: 103 KB, 1280x720, mike.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9642845

Mori isn't going to get 18k for an anniversary stream with no totsumachi with this much overlap.

>> No.9642877

So many red canadians.......what is it that make mori so special? Seriously?

>> No.9642894 [DELETED] 

You're right, it's Honhima's team. Well at least we know there's not going to be any challenge in overlap taking viewers away from Kuzuha.
Honhima's team has Hajime and Levi kek.

>> No.9642904

She's good isn't she?

>> No.9642910

Yeah this kind of appreciation is something that I feel is very common for upper middle class like nips salarymen, the kind of disregard toward spending wealth for 2nd generation wealth rarely involved things like supporting content creater and charity but more toward vanity like brand shit or something.

>> No.9642980

You're right, it's Honhima's team. Well at least we know there's not going to be any challenge in overlap taking viewers away from Kuzuha.
Honhima's team has Hajime kek.

>> No.9643025

for >>9642823

>> No.9643066

>I can't spend the same amount for my entertainment, I'll become a psychiatrist instead

>> No.9643070

Good point, can't imagine a fuckboy zoomer dropping akas lol

>> No.9643088

Mori 1,746,852円

>> No.9643091

Some mofo just drop $500-300 like it was nothing!

>> No.9643125

Look in a trashcan, she's probably there.

>> No.9643148

I reminds me of kpoop stans viewbotting songs

>> No.9643207
File: 119 KB, 540x743, Ina Bognanis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

money laundering

>> No.9643249

K-POP plays its own game though.
100M views 24 hr RTA

>> No.9643287

It's essentially the same behaviour, just on a smaller scale.

>> No.9643346

second stream doesn't count, KING has already won.

>> No.9643373

>100M views 24 hr RTA
wait srsly

>> No.9643378

Pekora keeps repeating the same mistake. Too much energy drink

>> No.9643379

Vtubers are clearly charity cases so it must be a tax deductible right?

>> No.9643390

well maybe hololive and nijisanji fans should take notes on kpop streaming tactics because look at the numbers bts is making

>> No.9643402

Those crazy teenagers have their own strats to viewbot and get youtube to count the views

>> No.9643420

You don't even need to seethe like this, it's not like she'll surpass him anyway

>> No.9643425


>> No.9643437
File: 156 KB, 1251x631, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 14_17_24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>second stream doesn't count
kek, of course it does count. She won't get anywhere near that tho, but she may pass the tanned Demiurge

>> No.9643449

Women are bigger numberfags than men

>> No.9643475
File: 3 KB, 501x88, yes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9643483

For BTS and BLACKPINK, not joking.
May be a bit exaggerated for other K-POP group.

>> No.9643538
File: 134 KB, 243x266, 1613007654905.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

read somewhere last thread (i think), some anon stated that in certain countries, vtubers doesn't get a proper occupation's classification therefore it's requires to need to pay tax whatsoever

>> No.9643580

Pick the highest one if the double streams are caused by technical problem.

>> No.9643609

never even heard of

>> No.9643613

Yeah, that's a good idea to declutter the ranking

>> No.9643694

They play it on the radio in the US. A kpop song being played on American radio and getting #1 on Billboards.


>> No.9643700
File: 107 KB, 1213x315, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 14_22_21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Phasmophobia collab
Botan opened strong as fuck

>> No.9643704

Even Butter is faster than Dynamite, I still prefer the latter.

>> No.9643747

Pekora will lose viewers now. Monday work.

>> No.9643781

Kpop fans are giant numberfags
I had to help my niece viewbot a new bts song with all the devices in my house when she came to visit

>> No.9643793

Multicuturalisation everyone

>> No.9643798

and yet it's sitting at almost 550 million views, solely thanks to the power of teenage girls (and grown ass women) streaming.
the numberfagging we do in this thread is nothing compared to kpop fans.

>> No.9643809

I meant for the donations, i.e. you throwing a superchat and then deducting on your taxes.

The vtuber thing isn't a shock desu in some countries, streamers have had the same thing in some countries as well.

>> No.9643811

She may replace some with EOP

>> No.9643852

wtf can't you just say no?

>> No.9643874

that's hilarious but i guess if you think about it it's a cute thing to do for your niece

>> No.9643883

I feel that "Kpop fans are using viewbots" is the main reason that viewers numbers are becoming weird after December

>> No.9643941
File: 124 KB, 1211x825, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 14_26_16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mori isn't going to get 18k for an anniversary stream with no totsumachi with this much overlap.

>> No.9643949

NTA but can you? even chinks kneel toward them.

>> No.9643980
File: 80 KB, 518x658, 1626922190276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the numberfagging we do in this thread is nothing compared to kpop fans.
But we're just analyzes and compare figures right? or is there some anon with multiple devices farming rn kek

>> No.9644013

kpop fans have been doing mass streaming before the vtuber boom. even bts was already releasing hit albums and MVs in 2015-16.

>> No.9644051

Kpop caused a lot of the changes on Youtube. Pewdiepie vs T-series caused the sub indicator change (it's why it only updates every 10k after 1m).

>> No.9644065 [DELETED] 
File: 67 KB, 671x245, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

step aside, Vniggers

>> No.9644081

Do you think Vshojo has finally leeched off HoloEN's fanbase?

>> No.9644108

Yeah, if only she didn't talk about those gay gooks and which ones she ship all the time

>> No.9644139

You are fucking weird, seriously

>> No.9644154

Short answer is no. Long answer is HAHAHAHA ,no

>> No.9644155

>jun channel
look punchable af lmao

>> No.9644162

that's my point, we just observe numbers and post them. kpop fans do that but they also make strategies and organize to mass stream songs/videos and mass buy albums. there are twitter accounts that do fundraisings for bulk buying. they will also numberfag literally anything even shit like twitter mentions and hashtags/trends, which we look at in this thread from time to time but not to the same extent.
>t. zoomer sibling is neck deep into this shit

>> No.9644216

zuha past 68k

>> No.9644238
File: 20 KB, 504x287, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 14_31_49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rushia just made up 14k on a pretty much made up milestone. Sasuga!

>> No.9644272

You laugh, but most of Vshojo's streams have surpass HoloEN in views already LOL

>> No.9644275

Yeah i wouldn't want my niece to get worship obsessed with someone whom they'll never meet nor having any positive impact upon their life.

oh wait

>> No.9644378
File: 21 KB, 827x143, 1608077524936.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9644379

Kuzuha won and peaked at 68k. He was mogging Gwelu by like 30k and it was deserved because what is the point of watching other people's POV when he's so much better lmao. He won MVP almost every match and it looked like bullying in-game.

While she won't beat 68k, Pekora peaked again at 54k and is impressive in her own right for generating a 50k+ stream for herself out of pure determination.

>> No.9644390

Yeah i remember they overtaken the google search result to cover up some gook's car crash, crazy stuff lol
>zoomer sibling is neck deep into this shit

>> No.9644402

Is he jp shroud? He has more views than the main jp stream

>> No.9644433

>bully literal children when playing for fun
>bully your coworkers when playing in your company tournament

>> No.9644439

Basically, Stylishnoob is a JP FPS legend.

>> No.9644486

>Anon unironically compares Twitch and Youtube numbers.

>> No.9644499

Girl is getting 50K+ without any special event whatsoever lol. I don't get why so many people like her so much, but good for them I guess

>> No.9644521

Please no resetting the timeloop

>> No.9644525
File: 70 KB, 434x409, sdsd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how does this stupid game still get them kind of numbers

>> No.9644532

He has a moba background. It's like in ollie's chess tournament. He has a rating of 1500 vs under 700s.

>> No.9644552

>generating a 50k+ stream for herself out of pure determination.
The game fucking suck monkey ass
i haven't slept 30 hours

>> No.9644656

i'm suspecting it might be the bgm

>> No.9644707

>play it on the phone
>give anon you in 4chan
>blink and she is back on the floor
Its a very good game to watch while doing something else.

>> No.9644788

Imagine hololive got fromsoftware games permission. Pekora and aqua would benefit dearly.

>> No.9644919

Aqua has done DS speedruns before so she'll just restore her old VODs instead of streaming them again.

Pekora ragequitted Sekiro before the Holocaust.

>> No.9644941
File: 83 KB, 483x866, black lagoon gura.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gura roping in some nips

In this case, Black Lagoon author. Seems like she has an appeal that can breach the language barrier on the other way around too. I wonder if she's due for a second spurt of growth by adding asians (nips and gooks) in her audience

>> No.9644945

didn't Noel play Darksoul before?

>> No.9645008

She's a fucking loli with a pleasing aesthetic, asians love that shit

>> No.9645015
File: 772 KB, 1814x863, 1616422946260.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9645024

Nips already are a pretty significant portion of her audience

>> No.9645029

Sekiro's even harder than what she's streaming rn?

>> No.9645067

I love rushia ds run. That game make her super popular.

>> No.9645068


>> No.9645072

Holocaust happened.

>> No.9645092


>> No.9645190

Just looked up that ノックチャンネル and turns out it's another gossip/scandal channel. No surprise they're using niji/holo tags.

>> No.9645206

kuzuha sub numbers have been stuck though, he hit 1mi and can't get more subs ever since, he gets big numbers like usual though. why aren't the japs subbing?

>> No.9645211

is the tournament over?

>> No.9645404

>Kuzuha carried and won it.

>> No.9645457

Suffering kino
The longer the endurance stream, the higher the viewership

>> No.9645611

It's the same thing with Kanata as well, both of her undertale Sans fight and Minecraft gacha got a lot of views just from suffering.

>> No.9645633

He reached 7 digits. He's not gura that can gain 10k+ subs in a day or 2. Not by a long shot.

>> No.9645693

So, it's valorant spam for Kuzuha now? It's a month long tourney right?

>> No.9645724

what? He just played a VALO tournament.

>> No.9645808
File: 960 KB, 1001x1881, Screenshot 2021-09-12 at 14-57-26.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Streams over 10k on live-ranking so far. Missing the following streams
>Council meeting: 31k, would be #3
>Ina anniversary: 18k, would be #8

>> No.9645838

Yeah, but I thought it was separate that the month long valorant tourney. Idk honestly, I just read things here.

>> No.9645873

Mori 20K (during RIP watchalong)

>> No.9645892


>> No.9645901

Check OnlyFans

>> No.9645908

now its 1mil celebration

>> No.9645999


>> No.9646098
File: 122 KB, 1207x854, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 15_04_08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Pekora just started inclining and peaked again
She's catching the outflow of other Holos wrapping up?

>> No.9646120

but he was getting 20k subs a day because of that hikakin video.

>> No.9646147

No she's three jumps away from the peak

>> No.9646159


>> No.9646175

keep counting, I only need to post once when kuzuha puts up his 1mil anniv stream.

>> No.9646178

She's at 60k now.

>> No.9646330

64K+ jeeezuz it just spiked up

>> No.9646333

>Pekora pretending she didn't stall for numbers

>> No.9646365

Holy fuck she did it .... 65k peak too
Only 3k away from Kuzuha's peak.
Might have been possible if she stalled for a bit longer, but this is impressive as FUCK.

>> No.9646366

lol a bit more struggling and Pekora would have beat the whole fucking tournament, but her mind would break

>> No.9646380
File: 115 KB, 1210x845, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 15_07_46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9646447
File: 73 KB, 991x90, missedthattoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9646454

Don't worry, she peaked and dropped of, your King is safe....for today.

>> No.9646471

What's the rrats number bros?
Tab-out theory? or 4chans have 3k autist ready to check stream because anon is leaking the result?

>> No.9646475


The results may surprise you

>> No.9646486
File: 1008 KB, 800x737, E_FyF8cVgAEUuUd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hail to the King Baby

>> No.9646509

King won, nothing surprising.

>> No.9646518

>that rain of money

>> No.9646538
File: 114 KB, 1210x837, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 15_09_49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That cut really close

>> No.9646574
File: 91 KB, 209x334, 1614893529345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9646583

Which king?

>> No.9646593

Pekora should have tried to stall by saying she needed to go to the bathroom and waiting for a few minutes til it got higher.

>> No.9646595

It is 100% Tab out.
I am now 100% convinced. Between the Usaken SummerFes graphs, how Marine's concert stalled and INSTANTLY STARTED CLIMBING OFF OF ONLY AUDIO CUES WHEN SHE RESTARTED, and this, where everyone obviously was waiting for Pekora's screams of elation...
Yea, fucking YT, and fuck you for nerfing Karaoke numbers by fucking all the Holos over with your tab-out culling nonsense.

>> No.9646647

As a numberfag i'm satisfied today. Today number is good.

>> No.9646672

Didn't Rushia make 15k?

>> No.9646720

last hour

>> No.9646728

Stream ended, let's see where youtube will dump her outflow.
Mine went to Nene

>> No.9646735

yeah, damn right the Jump King

>> No.9646748

> 2 60k+ streams
> 2 30k+ streams
> Quite a few 20k+ streams
If you aren't satisfied today, you aren't a true numberfag

>> No.9646754

I feel rather than typical tab out, it's more like they only count one stream only if you watch two stream or more at the same times

>> No.9646762


1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4d7XNByIEM
2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXOfv0WD1Xg
3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggefSomjW_8
4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIr0tnlWh2E


1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wunDX1zTsoE
2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BvGq4uNT4k
3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTRtXVbEdIA
4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHBbO7cuX70

>> No.9646770

Pekora cut the stream too short by skipping the credit scene. She would've gotten more than 15k. But, anyway the amount she earnt today is worth the 28 hours of gameplay.

>> No.9646789

she's a numberfag but not that hardcore lol

>> No.9646792
File: 42 KB, 320x719, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pekor overtook Mori

>> No.9646794

flare to me

>> No.9646830

It's still a tab out. You could alternate between two tabs of a youtube stream, and it'll count the one you're watching on. I don't play by that rule though, I have two accounts and two monitors.

>> No.9646860

What about watching two different streams on phone and pc at the same time?

>> No.9646870


>> No.9646872

i always thought numberfagging means comparing oshis and companies's figures.
This here is the true numberfag mentality

>> No.9646875
File: 19 KB, 480x447, IMG_20210818_133630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

niji slayer Usada san

>> No.9646911

Pekor: 1,354,088円
Mori: 2,850,835円

>> No.9646913
File: 762 KB, 1037x720, wwertytu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9646919

Just for clarity, Ars got 21k because Kuzuha fans were using her stream as a waiting room to hear his voice until he started his stream.
Once he started she dropped to 10k for the event, which is still good numbers for her, but the 21k peak is deceptive.

>> No.9646927

I don't use autoplay

>> No.9646931

>This here is the true numberfag mentality
True. Today was such a strong day 15k would leave you out of the top 10 and 10k doesn't guarantee you in the top 20

>> No.9646994

The real hardcore numberfag is the guy who did a getting over it endurance on his birthday

>> No.9646998

>but the 21k peak is deceptive.
A peak is a peak. That's why I use the median of the avg ccv for weekly and monthly charts tho

>> No.9647003

Well, Mori isn't done yet. It's one shower of elated nousagis vs celebrating deadbeats.

>> No.9647012

>In last 60 minute
Learn to read please

>> No.9647017

Naw, tribalfags just shit up the thread and should die in a ditch.

>> No.9647033

It depends if YT thinks one account on two devices is 'fine'. If it isn't, they probably cull one using whatever metrics they've set.

>> No.9647080

Glowing starAims for this weekGlowing star

= To reach 1.28M subscribers
= To release short vids everyday
= To strengthen my bonds with the other Hololive members

Hachaama's goals for next week. Will she do it?

>> No.9647096

Deadbeats blew their load too early and now their wallets are empty, she had a strong start but she's not going past $30k unless she really milks it by crying or something

>> No.9647102

What's the top 10 today ? I think things will change a bit Botan is nearing 18k.

>> No.9647128

That's Kiara

>> No.9647129

>To reach 1.28M subscribers

>> No.9647150

The reason why I'm saying it's deceptive is it gives the impression that some Nijis got 20k+ for the Pokemon Unite event too, when in reality, literally no one except Kuzuha and Gwelu, the host of the event, got above 20k.
To say Kuzuha is very very very far ahead his coworkers in numbers and popularity is a huge understatement.

>> No.9647176

>>9645808 + >>9646447

>> No.9647177

See >>9645808 for how things were a couple of minutes ago

>> No.9647197

Nene 14k.

>> No.9647219

If anything it's pretty impressive how dedicated Kuzuha fans are. Sucks for the person who gets wait room'd since they just see their view count massively drop.

>> No.9647256

>To reach 1.28M subscribers
No, Hachaama is falling for the meme of chasing subs and it usually has the inverse effect.
>To release short vids everyday
This is easier to do and she should keep doing them.
>To strengthen my bonds with the other Hololive members
I wish this happens since I want more EN collabs with her.

>> No.9647290

Let's go she deserves every last bit of it. She's so fun to watch.

>> No.9647291
File: 201 KB, 1253x755, Screenshot - 2021-09-12 , 15_25_25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ongoing streams above 10k

>> No.9647314
File: 7 KB, 250x239, neneeyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nene 16k on fucking Snek

>> No.9647344

His fans are at max 30k (Normal solo apex streams & other game streams, valorant SFV). The others are probably fans of other livers or niji fans joining to watch him. I

>> No.9647372

>Kuzuha (number of streams: 13)
10,000 - 19,999: 4
20,000 - 29,999: 3
30,000 - 39,999: 3
40,000 - 49,999: 1
50,000 - 59,999: 0
60,000 - 69,999: 1

median: 23,182
average: 30,101

>Pekora (number of streams: 11)
10,000 - 19,999: 0
20,000 - 29,999: 4
30,000 - 39,999: 5
40,000 - 49,999: 0
50,000 - 59,999: 1
60,000 - 69,999: 1

median: 31,886
average: 34,912

>> No.9647378

That's only the last 60 minutes

>> No.9647408

Isn't that pretty normal? Like how Roboco got 24k recently only thanks to collab participants. And the drop wasn't even that bad, she still peaked at 12k without Kuzuha and had the most viewers in their team after him.

>> No.9647428

Long time no see, Leos.

>> No.9647439

>Holostats isn't tracking Nene's stream
RIP it's one of her best game streams recently too

>> No.9647443

She broke 17k and then died.

>> No.9647455

3 and 2 times less subs than gura

>> No.9647469

Kuzuha's 40ks are tournaments and Pekora's 50ks are dupes of the same stream.

>> No.9647473

Kiara's anniversary will get more superchats than Mori's

>> No.9647528

We'll honestly see just how devoted KFP are to their mistress.

>> No.9647595

NTA, but getting big numbers due to collab partners is a bit different from be used as a literal waiting room for a much more popular coworker because his fans want to hear his voice.
Agree with the rest of your post tho.

>> No.9647637
File: 130 KB, 463x453, PEKOBEEG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kiara's anniversary will get more superchats than Mori's

>> No.9647642

How so? Both examples have fans who come to watch somebody's else stream to see/hear their oshi.

>> No.9647718

neither will playboard. this was the chating room that "went live" today since she saw people messing around in it she decided to just make that a stream.
it sucks as well since it got a lot of scs this morning

>> No.9647773

It's different because he says so

>> No.9647805

The others didn't put up their streams and let Roboco streamed over the period of their collab.

It would be okay if Ars's still was the only stream there, but obviously, kuzuha would open his stream later on. He had done it on their Valorant, Apex tourneys and now pokemon. The peaks are deceptive as the other anon said.

>> No.9647819

Usually the collab host is responsible for the collab happening in the first place. For example, Roboco organizes these collabs so she can take pride in getting these numbers by inviting good guests.

Being a waiting room for someone else and then having literally half your viewers leave once they start streaming definitely gives off more a feeling of being "used".

>> No.9647835

No, KFP doesn't have as many whales. They're more consistent though.

>> No.9647901

I really don't see KFP making up a deficit of 2 million yen, but who knows.

>> No.9648000

So you're just the same anon who keeps getting triggered by the "fake peaks".
Sounds like your own problem.

>> No.9648033

sekiro is the hardest fromsoft game because you can't just overlevel and summon to beat hard bosses.

>> No.9648047

This is more of a cope than an actual explanation.

>> No.9648074

Because being a waiting room is just pity views, while the other is more of a reward for your efforts of actually organizing and hosting the whole collab thing

>> No.9648113

>getting triggered by the "fake peaks"

>> No.9648156

Mori mentioned this on stream that Gorillaz is the original VSingers that predates Kizuna Ai.

Is this the highest viewed vtuber/vsinger stream of all time?

>> No.9648193

Ok let's come with as autistic explanation as >>9647819. Say Marine has finished her 40k stream and Aki who was stuck at 1-2k for hours got buffed to 5k thanks to that. Will that make her feel miserable because she couldn't get 5k viewers on her own?

>> No.9648236

was Aki collabing with marine to get those 5k? Nope.

>> No.9648240
File: 639 KB, 703x709, 3d2a0533fddc14607650660e8ac3cd111b5b86de29a0f4ef419fb3e2843feae3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9648246

>Hey who wants to play this shitty kusoge?
Wow I can't imagine all the stress they must go through to put these collabs together. Messaging people in your own company!? That takes some will power.

>> No.9648265

Jump king, just jump king.

>> No.9648285

Were people tuning into Aki's stream only to hear Marine's voice?
There's a difference between that and getting a boost after someone else's stream ended, retard.

>> No.9648312

what's gura median and everage?

>> No.9648317

If you use hololyzer, the results are the same.

>> No.9648339

back to the cope I see

>> No.9648341

That's a shitty example anon. Were you trying to deflect?

>> No.9648347

I bet ars also happy when 10k viewer suddenly leaves her stream

>> No.9648351

Nope, I'm just using the reverse example (people leaving because somebody more popular started the stream -> people joining because somebody popular ended the stream)
Use your brains a bit.

>> No.9648368

hope kuzuha keeps starting his stream late like the lazy motherfucker he is and fake peaks become a meme. who will he inflate next?

>> No.9648401

Spoken like someone who has never organized an important event in their lives.
Do you have any idea how busy Holos are? Especially ones that can bring big numbers too.

>> No.9648403

>Gorillaz is the original VSingers
VSingers, maybe. Not VTubers tho

>> No.9648417

ur mom

>> No.9648425

Do we really need to have this back and forth just to try and discredit someone's numbers?

>> No.9648430

Your example is as retarded as you, anon.

>> No.9648476

Cope from two sides this time.

>> No.9648506

You're lacking not only brains but also reading comprehension. I've made this example to show that >>9647819 >>9648074 opinions are just as retarded.

>> No.9648521

big numbers > small numbers only when it's anon's oshi otherwise go full cope mode

>> No.9648522

He could do that all the time. But outside of this thread who doesn't know of the practice, I'd fear that his management or company would use those fake peaks as a tool for sponsors/advertisers.

>> No.9648549

I wonder if you're going to try writing s.m.h next

>> No.9648555

People leaving when someone else is starting is usually a completely normal circumstance. It's called overlapping.
If you can't tell the difference from a thousand or so leaving a Rushia stream after an hour to watch Pekora and 10k people literally in Ars's stream just to hear Kuzuha's voice and leaving the moment he opens his own stream, I don't know what else to say.

>> No.9648629

According to people above it's called "cope"

>> No.9648637

I wanna see how far it goes. The "reward" part had me in stitches.

>> No.9648651

what's wrong with baka?

>> No.9648654

sounds very unlikely, and smaller nijis get sponsors/collabs as well so it doesn't even sound necessary. he's not even doing it on purpose he is literally just starting the stream when he's ready and it tends to be at the last minute because he's kuzuha.

>> No.9648749

sponsors directly ask for better metrics that youtube provides only to the channel owner. Like unique viewers.

>> No.9648790

it would require absolutely 0 effort on his part yet he still can't even be fucked to do a zatsu for his 1million, this man just does things independently of numbers

>> No.9648800


>> No.9648833

It's not discrediting. It's giving context to why she peaked at 21k in the first 30 mins of her stream before their team played, and then proceeded to get half of that for the rest of the stream. Ars still got 11k, which is a good number for her and top 5 of the event.

No one is accusing of Kuzuha of doing it on purpose ofc.

>> No.9648857

Pikamee sent out pretty detailed info about her channel previously. Those things aren't available anywhere.

>> No.9648914

yeah i know nobody implied he was doing it on purpose i was just saying imo if it was something management wanted it would be a bit more organized than this lol

>> No.9648927

You know i'm absolutely baffled in why Pekora as not yet cleared the 2million sub mark

>> No.9648947

>No one is accusing of Kuzuha of doing it on purpose ofc.
it's not an accusation, it's a known fact that he's been doing it for at least a month already. We just don't know for what purpose.

>> No.9648950
File: 35 KB, 667x271, tyuki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In other news, I thought nips don't like to like a stream? So how did Nene got 20k granted that her stream peaked at 17k before, but 20k is high.

>> No.9648987

You should get baffled that anyone has. It’s a much harder task than it looks

>> No.9649013

That was her free chat that she repurposed into being a stream frame

>> No.9649015

Wasn't this her free chat room before?

>> No.9649019

>We just don't know for what purpose.
He's lazy and does things last minute. That's just how he is. He never puts up stream frames.

>> No.9649041

It was her waiting room for months at end, no?

>> No.9649188

Wait what holy shit. I forgot about that. Now, I remembered that Coco's free chat was also ending on this month.

>> No.9649212

>he's lazy
>he gets to the tournament in time
>but can't start the stream in time

>> No.9649404

>he gets to the tournament in time
Actually, he was just in the discord call. The others started their streams 30 mins early. Kuzuha usually starts his streams right before the tournament.

>> No.9649428

so now that holoEN has reclined, what went wrong? was it a mistake hiring boring people with lots of indie subs?

>> No.9649742

Ina, Mori and Kiara all shown excitement for something special they're preparing for Myth's collab 1year celebration. Are they having an orgy live?

>> No.9649768 [DELETED] 

The latest one is a bit short (1.5 hrs), but it would be pretty cool to have 4 1 mil VODs side by side.

>> No.9649825

So now that we've reached the absolute bottom of the barrel for bait do we just start a new thread of simmer in our own shit?

>> No.9649896
File: 230 KB, 1041x277, oVnH71g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The latest one is a bit short (1.5 hrs), but it would be pretty cool to have 4 1 mil VODs side by side.

>> No.9649922
File: 164 KB, 872x872, 2FAABAE7-3084-4B88-958A-57AA790CF418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>one refined vampire with intricate plans reminiscing of Allucard and Count Vlad, full of malice and subterfuge, micromanaging and spreading his viewership base around through his peers to artificially increase the peak viewership of his colleagues
>a cheeky and lazy vamp boy that likes to play games but dislikes having to prepare the streams so much he sxfusllt uses the same thumb everyday and copy and paste the stream description of his colleagues


>> No.9649954

last one can't reach 1M i dont think

>> No.9650022

And, why is that? He can't start a stream on time? Prime evidence is as below.

Prime evidence of this is the first appearance of niji's r6s team plater, albio.


>Kuzuha is seen 5 minutes into the stream
>They start playing a game together


Albio's peak starts to rise up to 10k, only to fall off an hour later. Is it just a coincidence or is Kuzuha too lazy to ask his team to wait a moment before he starts his stream? Don't get me started with Ibrahim's stream next up on this. He peaked at 20k after Albio because he started his stream too. Then afterwards, both Kuzuha and Kanae opened their streams and the viewers dropped sharply.

>> No.9650049

why do women write so many letters?

>> No.9650205

$29,956 for Mori according to Hololyzer, Playboard's conversion rate seems to be a little higher so their total may pass $30k once it updates. $16k so far for Kiara, she could beat it if KFP keep up the pace.

>> No.9650226

The views haven't all been counted yet but judging from the CCV, it should be around 400-500k views. The chance of it hitting 1 mil will be from people who missed the stream opening it to watch Pekora's reaction towards clearing the game.

>> No.9650259

reminder that using kuzuha for shitposts means (You) owe him monetary compensation
>Latest VOD
>Free chat, superchat at any time
>Voice packs

>> No.9650476

I know I'm being pedantic, but Mori's SC number crept just a bit over 30k on Hololyzer. By like 10 dollars.

>> No.9650509

woman's sense of humor, confirmed.

>> No.9650589

After Jump King series, Pekora is ~2.65M VOD behind Gura (September videos only)

>> No.9650763
File: 202 KB, 345x740, KYsMhux.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really did not expect Kiara's anniversary stream to peak higher than Ina's.

>> No.9650834

It's a totsu (of sorts), it makes sense.

>> No.9650872

I think technically that counts as Ina's second celebration stream, as she had the karaoke just before that

>> No.9650956

her karaoke's is likely to get beaten as well, though

>> No.9651472

this is like peak EU time and on a Sunday.

>> No.9651791

They were memorizing the map, taught how to set up their defenses and which walls should have holes, basically prep time before the scrim. Since it's casual they all started their streams at different times first was Albio, Ibrahim, Kuzuha then Kanae.

>> No.9651915

it's more likely that he happens to start his stream last minute than it being some calculated attempt to do ???? to do what exactly? random inflated peaks mean fuckall to sponsors so that's not a reason. and the extra viewers go to his channel when he streams anyway so it won't even give anyone more viewers in the long run.

>> No.9651962 [DELETED] 
File: 1.21 MB, 995x2471, 2021-09-12 top 25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Today's top 25

>01 :: 68,562 :: Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
>02 :: 64,599 :: Pekora (Hololive)
>03 :: 53,841 :: Gwelu (Hololive)
>04 :: 31,781 :: Muimei (Hololive)
>05 :: 21,477 :: ars almal (Nijisanji)
>06 :: 20,399 :: Gura (Hololive)
>07 :: 20,050 :: Mori (Hololive)
>08 :: 19,622 :: Marine (Hololive)
>09 :: 18,082 :: Ina (Hololive)
>10 :: 17,772 :: Botan (Hololive)
>11 :: 17,391 :: Yashiro Kizuku (Nijisanji)
>12 :: 17,239 :: Nene (Hololive)
>13 :: 17,179 :: Subaru (Hololive)
>14 :: 16,980 :: Amamya (Nijisanji)
>15 :: 15,807 :: Rushia (Hololive)
>16 :: 15,313 :: Fuwa (Nijisanji)
>17 :: 13,921 :: Fubuki (Hololive)
>18 :: 13,913 :: Ange Katrina (Nijisanji)
>19 :: 12,755 :: Noel (Hololive)
>20 :: 11,956 :: Shion (Hololive)
>21 :: 11,369 :: Inui Toko (Nijisanji)
>22 :: 11,277 :: Kaida Haru (Nijisanji)
>23 :: 10,695 :: Leos.Vincent (Nijisanji)
>24 :: 10,423 :: Shibuya Hal (Indie)
>25 :: 10,341 :: Himawari Honma (Nijisanji)

A very strong day for both companies with 10k not even guaranteeing a spot in the top 25.

>> No.9652000

>Gwelu (Hololive)
Tell me more

>> No.9652046

here's your new holostars gen bro

>> No.9652102
File: 1.21 MB, 995x2471, 2021-09-12 top 25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek, an obvious oversight. Here is the fixed list to avoid seethe

>01 :: 68,562 :: Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
>02 :: 64,599 :: Pekora (Hololive)
>03 :: 53,841 :: Gwelu (Nijisanji)
>04 :: 31,781 :: Muimei (Hololive)
>05 :: 21,477 :: ars almal (Nijisanji)
>06 :: 20,399 :: Gura (Hololive)
>07 :: 20,050 :: Mori (Hololive)
>08 :: 19,622 :: Marine (Hololive)
>09 :: 18,082 :: Ina (Hololive)
>10 :: 17,772 :: Botan (Hololive)
>11 :: 17,391 :: Yashiro Kizuku (Nijisanji)
>12 :: 17,239 :: Nene (Hololive)
>13 :: 17,179 :: Subaru (Hololive)
>14 :: 16,980 :: Amamya (Nijisanji)
>15 :: 15,807 :: Rushia (Hololive)
>16 :: 15,313 :: Fuwa (Nijisanji)
>17 :: 13,921 :: Fubuki (Hololive)
>18 :: 13,913 :: Ange Katrina (Nijisanji)
>19 :: 12,755 :: Noel (Hololive)
>20 :: 11,956 :: Shion (Hololive)
>21 :: 11,369 :: Inui Toko (Nijisanji)
>22 :: 11,277 :: Kaida Haru (Nijisanji)
>23 :: 10,695 :: Leos.Vincent (Nijisanji)
>24 :: 10,423 :: Shibuya Hal (Indie)
>25 :: 10,341 :: Himawari Honma (Nijisanji)

Will delete the wrong post

>> No.9652318


>Hololive receives Gwelu and Hoshikawa
>Nijisanji receives Matsuri, Ollie to seed their NijiID next gen and seven (7) guaraneted collabs with Kiara or one (1) collab with Gura or Calli if they feel like it in the proposed day


>> No.9652607

fuck you anon i won't even let you take gwelu os gar channel from my cold dead hands

>> No.9652614

fuck no
Let's just have niji and holo stay separate

>> No.9652666

>Hololive receives nothing
>Nijisanji receives Matsuri, Ollie and Kiara
Now we are talking

>> No.9652755
File: 964 KB, 3001x2970, haachama hskw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Come on! Blonde power! Imagine the possibilities

>> No.9652810

will you make a whole thread about like the other times as well?

>> No.9652861

I don't know why you retards hate Matsuri and Ollie so much, in terms of numbers, Ollie is ID's ace, and Matsuri sc is strong as fuck for no reason.

>> No.9652885

>Hololive receives nothing
>Nijisanji receives Matsuri, Haachama, Ollie and Kiara

>> No.9652923

Oh c'mon, let em have their fun when the thread is on PAGE 10, at least this is fine, it when we're not even at bump limit that it gets silly.

>> No.9653053

>I don't know why you retards hat-
Trade alerts are for fun and seethe, don't think too hard on it

>> No.9653079

Hololive trades Azki and Irys for Chima and Toko.


>> No.9653177

Kuzuha and Pekora being the King and Queen of this scene as usual. Her numbers specifically are ridiculously impressive considering she was just playing a normal game and it wasn't even a collab or anything like that.

>> No.9653188
File: 732 KB, 640x823, irys descends.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No deal.

>> No.9653212

No deal! What about adding Leos as a counterweight to make it even?

>> No.9653365

No males in my Vsinger unit. Chima and Toko will be the next Mori and Suisei. They'll shine with Hololive.

>> No.9653490

Post videos for a trade evaluation. Give me the best examples or how shiny they are

>> No.9653761


>> No.9653859

Still the best collab cover in recent memory huh

>> No.9653886



Only 1M+ for songs from popular singers. These could have been 5M by now in Hololive.

Look at this. >>9653761 They already preceded the original.

>> No.9654034

Just the fucking start in this is more than enough to know what the quality will be.

>> No.9654085

It peaked higher than Calli's

>> No.9654177

I'm sold but AZKi has stage experience and Irys has potential, hard to part with either without sellers remorse.

What about giving Nijisanji the 3 picks out fo the 5 HoloID3 to spice up their NijiID branch? Weekly collabs with Moona and Ollie could be added to sweeten the deal

>> No.9654732

Fuck off. I wouldn't give IRyS up for anything.

>> No.9654878

Sure, but they also have really popular covers too.

Chima' Phony, 2.7 mil in 1 month:

Toko's RE:I AM, 9 mil views:

Toko's frequently over 10k for utau streams too.
Top 10 overall, possibly No 1 for Nijisanji.

Btw, been meaning to try and pull the ranking for singer vtuber utau streams CCV.
It's hard though, because some like Toko and Kanata only sing once a month.

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