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Would you all agree that Pomu is cute?

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Cute for a 2view

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Im Pomu and I agree

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she's one of the ugliest in nijiEN, only finana is worse model
her old life was much cuter.

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I don't agree. Pomu is beautiful, and definitely an upgrade from past.
t. Pointy ears enthusiast

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I'm Pomu, ergo, I'm cute.

Please simp for me and give me your jew gold.

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That's Pomura you ape.

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Not without her big and bouncy ribbon.

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Im Pomu

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Yes! Pomu is super cute! Pic not related

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I don't like her all that much, but for some reason, her voice gets me hard

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sorry they had to remove that too

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I would agree that Pomu is Pomu

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I miss her Bustin

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Very cute

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Now that I think about it, it is true, she is pretty cute

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I agree that her previous life's model was cuter, but her personality is what makes her as a streamer. Also finana's model is fantastic, probably the best in NijiEN other than Rosemi.

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You guys are fags. Did you just find out or something? You post this in every Pomura[/sooiler] thread

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I glad Mint Maid is fucking dead. Fuck you unfunny faggots spamming the same shit in every fucking thread JESUS FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU WE KNOW YOU’RE NEWWWW WE KNOW YOU JUST GOUND OUT ABOUT SHIT GO BSCK TO YOUR HUGBOXES I. TWITTER AND DISCORD JESUS!!!!! FUCKING!!!!!!!!!! CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!

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it’s not funny, it’s the simple truth. crying won’t change anything.

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Shut the fuck up you fucking polyp on my asshole. Vtuber wiki was a fucking mistake

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the tears don’t stop. a dissenting opinion? on my 4chins? mint was an a+ design. pomu is a solid b

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Pomu is really cute

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I like her because her humor isnt founded on dick jokes

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dont forget the voice changer its the other half of finanas repertoire

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I find her easy to listen to, her humor appeals to me, plus her collabs are fun as well. Sure she's cute, but so is almost every vtuber.

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why does bow-less pomu feel so intimate??

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the bow is a power limiter

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I'll give you that one.

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Pomu is the cutest but her solo threads on this boards are by far the worst. Also her fanbase might be the most mentally unhinged out of all Lazulight, myself included.

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Pomu is lovely

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Have you ever looked in the NijiEN thread when Rosemi is streaming? It's far worse

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Good, they fear us.

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They're only like that because they want to rape and abuse Rosemi which is understandable. Pomudachi are just sick and twisted in general.

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No matter how you look at it, Pomu is cute. It simply can't be helped.

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>Pomudachi are just sick and twisted in general
That's right bro, I'm pretty twisted

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Very cute indeed

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yea i'll make pomu soil her panties alright

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I'm not sick and twisted, I'm Pomu.

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she and the feesh are my favorite non-holos to watch. they are sweet and cute and i wish them the best.

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No, she's old and terminally ill

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Yes, she is terminally sick nasty.

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That's perfect...

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Pomu's personality carries her. Her model is nothing special, but she's done good things to distinguish it anyways (i.e. puffing the pomus)

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She seems like she's early 20s like the rest of the nijisanji girls. She talks about zoomer jokes and tik tok. Was it confirmed she was older?

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I'm a 30yo weeb, the stuff she's watched and the things she seems to be into are way too parallel with what I've been around for.

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Same but she mentioned(I think? Unless I'm misremembering) how she was surprised how old Elira was and she told a story about how her dad bought her an MP3 player when she was a little kid.

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the thing about everything you watched/read/played is that someone else could easily just also watch them but later on.
like growing up i knew a ton of dudes that were into UC gundam but not one of them was alive in 1979 and were in diapers when zeta and/or char's counterattack came out

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Pomu is cute
I love Pomu

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The Elira thing is just lore kayfabe. Elira is definitely younger than Pomu, because she is 24. But how old Pomu is not known, her media stories and the many jobs and college and shit she has talked about probably puts her at like 27-32

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I think we can all agree that Pomu is Pomu. Also she's adorable

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