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Welcome to /lily/ General, a thread for all big brothers discussing Lily Hopkins. Lily plays all kinds of games with her big brothers and makes pop pop pop noises. You should come by, she might even kiss you on the cheek!

Previous thread >>9338180


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Lily is cute and I love her

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You might love her but I love her more

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You might love her more, but I love her the most!

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it's not a competition dummies!!!

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You're right, we all love Lily a lot and Lily loves us all a lot. No need to compete because we're all in the same boat

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last night's asmr was so good, had such a great sleep. lily really knows how to make big bro feel comfy and cozy

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cutest and funniest

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She's been getting so good at it, I feel so proud looking at how far she's come as an ASMRtist.

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>i can't stream for a few days, so i didn't make it through the 7 day challenge this time. (>人<;)
I'm already suffering Lily withdrawal.

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I hope she gets a tweet or two in while she's busy, sorry if it's a little selfish. I'm always happy when I think of Lily so seeing her pop up in my feed is always great

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Wanting or hoping someone does something like that isn't selfish, demanding or expecting them to would be.

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Thanks for the reassurance, I'm a little schitzotypal so I sometimes feel bad for thinking things because I feel like it'll make them more likely to happen. I'll try to remember what you said

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Please tell me this is fake. If I don't get a lily stream today I don't know what I'll do

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Fuck. Now what?

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Impromptu family outing I would guess, I hope they did something fun and not something that makes her nervous

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watch the vods :)

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Ya'll niggas are gosling a dude.

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Maybe you should visit an optometrist because that's very clearly an anime girl.

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Big bro, if you wanted to get pegged that bad all you had to do was ask...

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Lily is a ridiculously rad restless rocker

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I hope all my lily bros out here are doing well tonight

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To be honest, I'm having a rough time. I had a hard week and I was really looking forward to seeing Lily today. I don't know what to do with myself now. I got really drunk, cried and I'm going to go to bed now, but I don't think I'll be able to sleep.

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I'm good, finally starting to get used to working 6 days a week. It's still gonna be a while before my work finds somebody to replace the guy I'm covering for. On the bright side I'm getting extra money, I should buy some gift subs for sis

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You want to play Uno?

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I'm sorry you're having a rough time, bro. I don't know your situation but I really hope you can get some decent sleep tonight. I don't know if it'll help but Fallenshadow has some nice ASMR where she talks directly to you and says things to calm you down or make you feel better. If you want to give it a shot this is her video for depression and loneliness (https://youtu.be/MEuWxJ-255A)

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sleep well big bros...

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so uhh
i missed every stream this week, i've been so unbelievably busy.
what vod should i watch?
and did i miss the 10k q&a stream?

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never seen this bitch before but i would rape her

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she hasn't done the 10k stream yet, nope. seems for the next few days there won't be any streams due to irl stuff.
also start off with the first chicory stream!

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Love you bro, have a great sleep or a great day if you're on the other side of the world. I was gonna watch a movie but I just realized how late it was

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Bros I gotta take a shit

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I caught all her streams this week but I just can't into ASMR, I dont understand the appeal.

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I cant like this qt. they look too much like my waifu.

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You waifu'd Chara?

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wanna go out for a walk, big bro?

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SO fucking rapeable

>> No.9643834

You're rapeable, big bro?
Do you think little sister would rape you?

>> No.9644034

it wouldn't be rape in that case

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Why do you keep forgetting the subject.

>> No.9654660

next vshojo

>> No.9657081

as if. lily is too cool to join that group of morons

>> No.9657651

The actual ASMR it's named for is just getting little shivers or tingles in the top of your back in response either tot certain odd sounds or generally the feeling that someone is extremely close to you without touching you. Some people who don't get ASMR tingles just like the feeling of having a cute girl whisper in their ear, some people feel weird and uncomfortable because they're afraid of people touching them, everyone's different

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Lily VN when?
I always find it fun how the creator went on to make VTube Studio

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I'd do anything to go on a date with her. Just once would be enough

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>Record myself greeting lily and sending a kiss on a sound file
>Agonize over sending it being a stupid idea
>Decide to DM it
>DMs are (obviously) closed

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I love Lily Hopkins...

>> No.9671507

Me too, hope she comes back soon...

>> No.9672456

Thank you very much Fap Martyr.

>> No.9676997

I hope she gets some sleep on her days off, sleep is very important. I hope sad-bro managed to get some sleep too

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Lily is a good frog

>> No.9696814

And she's nice to dogs

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I like Lily because she's cute!
I like Lily because she's smart!
I like Lily because she's based!
I like Lily because she's my little sister!
I love Lily because she's Lily

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>>DMs are (obviously) closed
people like you are literally the reason, have a little self-awareness

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You did your best. If it's family friendly you can post it in her discord server

>> No.9706327

Unironic cringe

>> No.9706530

>you can post it in her discord server
Please don't.

>> No.9707492

she ever going to pick this game back up?

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Some old streamer this guy apparently can't let go of

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How can I get a girlfriend like Lily Hopkins? If anyone knows, please respond.

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I wanna explore the forest with lily..

>> No.9709761

There's something called DDLG you might wanna look into

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Good night Lily thread, I stayed up way too late because I'm a big dumb dummie. I hope I'm not too grumpy at work tomorrow. I love you all!

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No it ain't. What's the problem?

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I want to cook breakfast for a very groggy Lily

>> No.9721904

Lily stream today?

>> No.9722799

What kind of breakfast do you think she likes? Cereal? Eggs and Bacon? Miso and rice?

>> No.9723856

definitely the miso soup and rice. she has said before that she really enjoys eating and cooking rice

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I dont care if it's a woman or a man, i like the loli voice.

>> No.9726242

Such a cute little weeb

>> No.9727807

Is Lily using a voice changer? would suck to fall in love with a dude pretending to be a little sister.

>> No.9728089

Nope, she's a cute and small girl.

>> No.9728346

not at all, she just has a cute voice and plays the role perfectly

>> No.9728858

Nope she's just really talented with her voice. You've gotta remember that you're listening to over a year of vocal practice and refinements, if it's unbelievable it's because she's become unbelievably good at doing her voice

>> No.9730885

lily giving kisses gives me goosebumps

>> No.9737288

Listen to the artemis shark dude to hear how a voice changer sounds.

>> No.9743925

Semi (mostly) consensual cuddling with Lily Hopkins!

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missing lily already bros...

>> No.9749837

I get where you're coming from, once I start the cuddle I don't know if I would have the strength to let go

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Hi guys, I've been making these OPs the last couple of threads and taking in criticisms brought up and adjusting accordingly. Someone mentioned to add something to the subject so I can do that next time. But I'm also wondering, was anyone else interested in keeping these threads going or is everyone here just in chat anyway?

>> No.9753605

I really like these threads, I bump them whenever I can. I feel like a lot of cool stuff has come out of them like write-bro, song-bro, and some cool art and I want to believe it will continue to come. I get nervous to make the threads because I get afraid that no one will come but I can try and get past that and make the thread sometimes too.

>> No.9754072

I think it's worth having them. I probably wouldn't have ever noticed Lily if I hadn't seen the threads here. It's also nice to have an outlet for deviant behavior and horny posts instead of people shitting up chat or discord.

>> No.9755505

damn she so cute

>> No.9755648

How to get a girlfriend like this girl?

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File: 537 KB, 1050x1700, lilydateoutfit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes ma'am

>> No.9756118

I've answered that question so many times in so many versions of this thread. why do you persist in asking it?

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Guys I had a lewd dream about Lily
I don't know how to feel about this

>> No.9757723

damn you better give her some water and make sure she goes to bed

>> No.9757792

I know how I feel, jealous. What happened in it?

>> No.9757906

now thats a lil sister I wanna have a picnic date with

>> No.9758097

She was laying on my bed while I undressed her, pulling off her shorts and T-shirt and finally her panties. I remember she was blushing a lot. Once she was nude I gently pushed her onto her back and started teasing her flat chest and tummy and caressing her hair and just touching her all over. She didn't say much but made that cute giggle of hers a bunch. Eventually I gently pushed her legs apart and moved to her cunny but then I woke up before it could get any further

>> No.9758369

First of all, I've never asked that question before. And second, I never got a real answer to the question that would actually work.

>> No.9758467

The answer is that you don't, Lily is playing the perfect and ideal loli imouto/gf character. Such a thing does not exist in reality

>> No.9758840

But surely there must be a way. I want a perfect and cute gf like her to go on cute dates with and hug/snuggle under the blanket while eating pizza and watching anime. To say that such a life can't exist is just cruel.

>> No.9758856

Dreams always cut out before getting to the best part, still that sounds really good. Don't feel too weird about it, it sounds like you love Lily a lot don't worry too much about anything else it could easily just be the horny-posting here that triggered it

>> No.9758903

Holy shit, off yourself please.

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>> No.9759675

Wow, that's a good Lily! I would definitely brush the hair out of her face and place my hand on her cheek

>> No.9759797


>> No.9761902

that's called having a girlfriend, and you can have one once you worked on yourself enough to be attractive to one. Work out, clean up your shit, get a job, those are the 3 pillars of success. Start from there.

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Lily is streaming today! I can't wait to see her again

>> No.9773702

wonder what she has planned for today... could it finally be the big 10k celebration?

>> No.9773790

Is Lily the best lsgfe streamer?

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yessir, she is pretty much unrivaled. I haven't seen any other chuubas that can compete with the experience she provides

>> No.9775132

>tfw Lily gf
I can't believe I finally got one. Life is good. I have all our cute dates planned out already... Can't wait!
Now I just can't let anyone find out because this is too important to jeopardize it.

>> No.9775321

Anon free her from your basement and turn yourself in to the police.

>> No.9775450

Based, treasure her and keep her safe

>> No.9777317

She's the sis all true big brothers strive for

>> No.9779866

I love her so much and she means everything to me. I'll always love and cherish her.

>> No.9782506

I sure hope lily got some extra sleep today

>> No.9782716

I hope she doesn't sleep at all and forces herself to do a stream. Sleepy Lily is the cutest!!!

>> No.9783224

Do you think she snores when she's extra sleepy?

>> No.9784197

No, just quiet and cute breathing while she snuggles to your arm.

>> No.9786571

I just wonder what Lily's up to

>> No.9786980

Probably up to no good knowing her.

>> No.9786989

Imagine you wake up because she starts gripping your arm tighter and whimpering because she's having a bad dream and you have to roll over and softly stroke her head and hum something soothing until she relaxes her shoulders and goes back to snuggling

>> No.9788855

She's awake!!

>> No.9789752

120 subscribers in the first 20 minutes, and there's only 189 viewers... how does that work exactly if theres more gift subs than unsubbed viewers

>> No.9789823

she live

>> No.9789879

anyone who has clicked on her stream within the past idk how long can receive the gift sub, not just people currently watching.

>> No.9790126

It gifts it to unsubbed people who have viewed recently I think. I've been gifted to channels I don't even follow before

>> No.9790380

I've been meaning to simp to her since last month. I just needed a huge payday to do it. My manager was keeping an eye on my shit and blocked me from spending more. GG big bros.

>> No.9790501

"You're obviously on another binge so I'll stop you"

Nothing I can do at this point. Blocked for the next 30 hours, bless my manager from stopping my hand.

>> No.9793116

It was a lot, I don't blame them. They just don't understand how lovable Lily is

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File: 82 KB, 607x1043, EnhJjZ2WEAITaXF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lily love!

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File: 57 KB, 480x480, 1602977983775.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck, I was just browsing twitch and clicked on her stream then a dude threw out like gifted out like 100 subs and I got one even without being a follower, I feel awkward to not watch her now...

>> No.9801389

Why would you not watch her?

>> No.9801592

You should stick around, she's really cool

>> No.9801900

I just wanted to check her out and leave...
It's pretty comfy so far but her dialect is a bit hard for me to understand...

>> No.9802090

>her dialect is a bit hard for me to understand...
You get used to it after one stream.
Don't let it filter you, I almost got filtered and that would have sucked.

>> No.9802129

A lot of young kids her age have speaking issues. Cut her some slack!

>> No.9802188

It takes a little getting used to, she's worked on trying to be more clear in her speech but she gets excited and runs her words together sometimes.

>> No.9803454

What would this feels like?

>> No.9803843

Like your heart was on fire, but in a good way. Maybe also some butterflies in your belly.

>> No.9805298

Oh tiny microscopic little sisteeeeerrr~~~~~

>> No.9805479

that collab was so good, definitely wanna see more from them

>> No.9807563

Lily kisses give me such ASMR tingle every time. How does she do it?

>> No.9808353

Steam done. It's 6 AM and now I feel dead inside, just looking at the screen not knowing what to do.

>> No.9808718

I'd give you a hug if I could, bro. You deserve to be happy!

>> No.9808890

well if you got nothing you feel like doing, why not just head to bed? that way, you wake up only a couple hours away from another lily stream

>> No.9810767

bake a cake?

>> No.9811130

Draw a Lily.

>> No.9812669


not that bro but I already am!

>> No.9813313

what type of drawing we talkin' here?

>> No.9815704



DM me on baraag or Pixiv

look for Khaz

>> No.9816585

A lot of these drawings are awfully lewd. I hope you don't plan on drawing our little sister doing things she's too young to understand.

>> No.9816981

I'm not just a lewd artist, you see. I'm up for whatever, but I assure you, rn, I'm drawing little sis in a wholesome manner.

>> No.9821270
File: 473 KB, 573x564, sweepy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sleep well big bros....

>> No.9823795

sweet dreams lullaby

>> No.9824677

>Pettankon already drew lewds of Lily
Holy lel, I just thought he just drew a girl that was similar to her.

>> No.9826933

Not super lewd, but lewd enough you might get vacationed for them. They've been posted in the thread before, but I guess that was a while ago

>> No.9830193

NTA but I'm excited to see the result, I realized I'm already following you on Baraag and your drawings are really good

>> No.9831239

Thank you! I'm glad you like 'em.

>> No.9832412

>you'll never take Lily's apple dildo as she posses you in the missionary position

>> No.9834040
File: 109 KB, 952x1816, 20210612_112705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love Lily!
I love Lily!
I love Lily!
I love Lily!
I love Lily!

>> No.9834619


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We've been receiving reports that there is a very cute streamer who has amassed over 10,000 big brothers. Any comment on these developments?

>> No.9837771

Holy shit...

>> No.9839374

I really like the cute lacy bra that art-anon gave her in that pic

>> No.9839594
File: 209 KB, 282x324, 2021-09-15 13_56_33-NeuralBlender.com.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think she might be streamin' GTA RP today or maybe she said she'd do that someday idk

>> No.9839615

makes you wonder where she got it from...

>> No.9839668

I don't remember that well but I am quite sure she might play more super mario rpg today

>> No.9841764

lily! lily I love you!!!!

>> No.9842164

guess I was wrong! she is gonna be playing cyberpunk2077 today

>> No.9843420

Lily's a loose cannon, there's no telling what she'll play next

>> No.9846906

Secretly having Lily over after school and making out!

>> No.9850920

why deliver news if you're unsure

>> No.9853333

Lily is so damn cute.
I require pornography of her.

>> No.9854622

Why this little girl keeps calling me pog? What does it mean

>> No.9854847

NTA but it's fun to speculate, she did ask about GTA RP last stream and she's asked right before doing something before. She also talked about wanting to stream Cyberpunk before to be fair

>> No.9855558

Your quads compel me, here's 4

>> No.9855751

thanks a lot
I really like the second one

>> No.9858383

yo I'm the anon that commissioned that! good to know others like it, I oughta get another one sometime

>> No.9861053
File: 115 KB, 1080x1102, Smug lily.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really like this face, I've been meaning to crop it for a reaction image

>> No.9861632
File: 316 KB, 474x729, 1602016025775.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9864071

you shouldn't draw dicks on peoples eyes

>> No.9867341

lily has definitely gotta invest in an inexpensive SSD for games like cyberpunk, you could tell the performance issues were giving her a hard time

>> No.9867427

Isn't CP77 known for acting like shit even on PC?

>> No.9867493

oh it's absolutely dogshit on consoles. but playing it with an SSD is pretty much mandatory or you will face a load of performance issues, even on a super beefed up graphics card. I play it on an old 1070 and still get a decent 60fps and barely any stutters.

>> No.9871443

Wish the stream was longer. I miss her.

>> No.9872132

it's gonna be alright big bro. lily isn't going anywhere, we'll see her again soon. be strong for her sake, okay big bro?

>> No.9876568
File: 1.41 MB, 1235x695, ApplicationFrameHost_BOfI9v58Kv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gnight big bros

>> No.9878487


>> No.9879063

Hug? What's that?

>> No.9885668

A maneuver where two people push their hearts together, I think Nomura invented it for Kingdom Hearts

>> No.9889264
File: 172 KB, 1584x1648, 20210819_131647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want Lily to teach me to fish!

>> No.9892838
File: 157 KB, 1536x3305, 20210712_115135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love Lily!
I love Lily!
I love Lily!
I love Lily!
I love Lily!

>> No.9896057
File: 379 KB, 478x478, 1446700211021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haha what if the monkey was lily haha

>> No.9897318

That would be funny I think haha

>> No.9898715
File: 64 KB, 197x171, 1616035907178.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9899005

I actually really like how the eyes roll around in her head in her first model. I can see why they changed it, but for some reason every time I see a super old clip or one of her spooktober streams I always find it super charming. Am I weird for thinking this?

>> No.9901734
File: 215 KB, 720x719, tom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does she have to stweam on tritch? Why can't she just stweam on jewchoob

>> No.9901878

Youtube's child detection robot already bullies her for her Youtube videos, it would be even worse if she streamed I think

>> No.9907731
File: 127 KB, 307x292, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9907758

is that... lewd?

>> No.9908229

Get your mind out of the gutter Anon. She's just wearing a tank-top and a Pikachu hoodie.
And you call yourself a big bro.

>> No.9911257

Lily would never be lewd, it's just a nice comfy sweater

>> No.9912620

Of course not anon there's no porn or ecchi of any Lily Hopkins anywhere.

>> No.9912894

yeah it was linked earlier >>9824677

>> No.9914150

people still use ecchi these days huh?

>> No.9921016
File: 86 KB, 276x279, HdpNOWm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

man am I glad to be part of this nice little community, everyone here is so cool and kind

>> No.9921780

Whenever Lily is in the chat of another streamer I watch I'm too shy to talk.

>> No.9922107 [DELETED] 

am I going crazy, I thought I saw Lily's face as an upcoming collab on another vtuber's schedule, but now when I go to look for it, the schedule looks nothing like I vaguely remember, and I can't find Lily's

>> No.9922161
File: 804 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210917-011612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cunny Collab for Fall Guys!

>> No.9922683

I knew it! I'm so happy to see these two cute dorks together

>> No.9922966

how often do those two interact with each other? never thought our little sister would hangout with someone who's such a bad influence!

>> No.9924251

Celesse isn't a bad influence she's just one of the cool kids with an older boyfriend. One of the actual cool kids who ask you to sit at their table and stuff, not one of the bad cool kids that peer pressure you into cigarettes

>> No.9924468

is that so.... so she won't try to force sexual concepts onto our little sister who is too young for her to understand?

>> No.9925130

I don't think so, all of Lily's other lewd artist friends are pretty cool. Celesse talks about lewd stuff sometimes but she mostly just does comfy chill streams. I'm sure it'll be ok

>> No.9929084

Cats and frogs can be best buds.

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