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Everyone enjoys it anyway?

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liked and upvoted

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Clap clap
Next meme!

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Be a Chad. Be an Archive Enjoyer.

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I send my oshi an apology every time I miss one of her livestreams.

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What’s the difference?

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I never understood watching VODs. If I miss someone's stream oh well, they'll stream again. I could only see watching VODs for special occasions like birthdays or tournaments.

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>oh well, they'll stream again
Until they don’t

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if you're following their playthrough of a specific game and miss a stream, archives are great

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Watching VODs to get my fix and see my oshi more

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I usually watch archives of the streams I missed, and only those that are under 1.5 hour. For anything longer I just go to the comments for timestamps.

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Karaoke VODs are nice. Listening to them while working makes it less insufferable.

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vods are great for background noise/zatsudans, but for most playthroughs i honestly cant watch them unless theyre live

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if the stream isnt worth watching as a vod, why would you watch it in the first place?

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Go back

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also while it aired.

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Isn't that just all of tv?

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im so used to vods that sometime when i catch a stream live i pause to do something else and i get disappointed when i unpause and realise that i missed a part of the stream.

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Fear of missing out

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Is this a copypasta and no one is getting the joke?

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>I never understood watching VODs.
Only hololive drones (AKA cucks who don't have an oshi) say shit like this. And IF (You) do have one then you probably barely even watch them. The absolute state of Cover drones.

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100% This. Yagoo has somehow convinced these sheep that watching every member means that you support every member. Who in their right mind would force themselves to watch boring ass copy-paste unoriginal streams. Couldn't be me.

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if i have a oshi and a few other vtubers that i like the most but not as much as my oshi and all of them are from hololive what does that makes me if not a drone?
this is a unrelated question and i only watch my oshi's vods sometimes

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funny but this reeks of twatter so go back

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>get home
>cook some ramen
>open up youtube and twitch
>nobody I care about is streaming
>turn on the latest Natori stream
>eat ramen watching this dirty little nurse slut stream with her cute spazz voice as I jerk off into my delicious noodles
>play some vidya until bed

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If you can't watch archives of a stream you never liked them to begin with and only get off the social high.

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>I never understood watching VODs
>i watch VODs for special ocassions
Do you have brain damage? don't you see your logical error there? why don't you try to explain yourself why you watch VODs retard? and don't say "muh i didn't meant this, i mean..." fuck you, learn to express yourself fucking moron.

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>for most playthroughs i honestly cant watch them unless theyre live
.. what difference does it make? do you really think you shouting into the void that is chat has any impact at all on their stream?

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