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Fun fact, after the aftermath of creating a discord server, and after many dads left as a result, Beatani now spends her time coomer-baiting redditors with ejaculation countdowns. https://youtu.be/WxbkpfWSxio?t=5319

Video related is Beatani instructing her fans to place their hands on their cocks and prepare for a countdown in an RFA stream. She also makes loud slurping noises prior to this, and also mentions how she's taking off her clothes in preparation for the countdown.
So when she couldn't siphon viewers from 4chan any longer, she immediately began pandering to coomers on reddit just to maintain a decent viewer/subscriber count.
All the while Beatani has been claiming she "doesn't care about numbers", yet still persistently shills herself on reddit?

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kek that's pretty pathetic

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Damn, this is actually pretty sad to see.

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Is she even aware of the fact that 4chan hate redditors? couldn't she just pander to both at the same time?

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jesus dads, this is your oshi? fucking kek
still not gonna watch her though

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She does, but she doesn't care. Dads will be okay with and justify literally anything she will do.

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I'm glad I got out when I did. It's sad to see what she has become and shilling on reddit has nothing to do with it.

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I still watched her for awhile after she started shilling on leddit. After awhile I just stopped enjoying her. /yah/ is pretty pathetic nowadays, I still stop by to laugh at them on occasion.

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Last stream I saw of her she was trying to groom some child in yakuza. Not surprising she would end up like this.

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this is just sad

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oh how the mighty have fallen....

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I feel like most of you are dads that are baiting, but I'm very glad I stopped watching and moved on to other vtubers. /yah/ has lost mostly all the creative people that boosted Beatani to success and now it's just low-effort posts and groomers that throw money at skeb artists because they have no skills of their own

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What's this anime girl's story?

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vtuber that came from here and pandered to the people from here by adopting our terminology in her streams
gradually beatani threads became a shitshow and her fanbase gave themselves a reputation of being obsessed attention whores with constant infighting and drama within the threads
eventually beatani stopped being /here/, and migrated to a discord (which she said she would never do). now she she spends her time coomer baiting and shilling herself on reddit.

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Practically the same story as Koopa except with more coombaiting and less incendiary bitchyness

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Yep. She'll be collabing with males and fucking them soon.

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The couple of creative people left need to escape. She doesn't love you there are chuubas that would appreciate your efforts more.

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tldr on koopa?

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had sex with an e-celeb and bragged it on twitter before the thread meltdown

>> No.9432978

metup with a fan irl, supposedly fucked him and then comes out with a post doing damage control saying how she wasnt expecting any backlash and that she can do what she wants because it's her body
like beatani she now goes after the reddit audience

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Koopa raped Bea.

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What is Beatani's biggest yab?

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DM sex with me every night

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4chan promo for your lewd shit is a really bad idea

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accidentally doxing her location on google maps, sending a fan her panties, showing porn multiple times on stream, revealing her fetish for grooming and abusing pokemons and cartoon animals
just from the top of my head, there are plenty more

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Looks like the prominent creative people she has are slowing down. I hope they found someone who appreciates them.

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Artfags are still whining I see.

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Most of the OC creators are still in the fanbase and they are pretty active

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>s she even aware of the fact that 4chan hate redditors
Says who, other than newfags trying to fit in? moot himself was a redditor

>> No.9433392

Fuck this is depressing. I enjoyed her but couldn't watch her after everything she backtracked on. This is like seeing your childhood crush become a washed up camwhore..

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I have a fetish for hypnotism and wow abusing imagary bushido monsters that's pretty degenerate

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many such cases, sad
t. Kamiko Kana watcher

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>Bea acts like /vt/
>/vt/ blames reddit

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What happened with them?

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Some oldfags had accounts in the early reddit phase, I'm not sure that means they associated themselves with that site's current culture and batch of users.

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Perpetual whiners and there's only about 5 active artfags so it's easy to narrow down who it is.

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additionally bea has a habit of retweeting incredibly low quality shitty art. she also once bullied and shamed one of her best artfags because he sent her cringe dms which she posted publicly

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Start dropping names

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based, fuck groomers

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to be honest he was super cringe.

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So she actually made an official discord server, looks like I jumped ship at the perfect time when her streams were still the retarded fun kind and didn't devolve into pandering yet.
Beatani and Koopa, that's two cases with the exact same end.
Hope Nadeshiko or whatever she's called doesn't go full retard in the future.

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if you hadn't jumped ship she'd told you to fuck off like all the whinners who kept complaining about her discord

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wtf I love bea now

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go back

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Nade is just a kid having fun. Don't put your shit smeared dramabaiting hands anywhere near her

>> No.9436837

If you saw those DMs you';d do it too
Thats not cringe, thats just straight up pathetic

>> No.9436923

lol you all know she’s a kid

>> No.9436931

I don't want to defend him, but he didn't say anything too weird

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Nah I'm not into watching indies nowadays.
If anything I'd say be careful of groomers, there's plenty in this shithole.

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god you groomers are fucking creepy unironically kill yourself

>> No.9437305

she retweets and appreciates all art and lines the more scruffy art.

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creep, she'll end up just like beatani and koopa. nothing good lasts

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redditor here, who do you think mass upvotes every thread she posts? reddit doesn't care about her, it's all /vt/ crossposters.
i specifically came here to tell them to fuck off and go back to 4chan.

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go back

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>she also once bullied and shamed one of her best artfags because he sent her cringe dms which she posted publicly
I always see anons deflecting when the event is mentioned and say that he acted quite autistically, something I'm not denying, but even during the weekend after the event I've never seen anyone focus on how she non-straightforwardly disclosed who sent those messages.

>> No.9440285

>but even during the weekend after the event I've never seen anyone focus on how she non-straightforwardly disclosed who sent those messages
That's bullshit, it was one of the main arguments of the people who criticized her
Leaking the content of the DMs wasn't a big deal, but not bothering to hide the identity of the author was a bad move

>> No.9440355

nah i unironically feel pretty at home here, 4chan is a lot like reddit nowadays

>> No.9440498

at the time all she said was he was a drawfag that she unfollowed. not her fault stalkerschizos pinpointed exactly who it was. I think she made an offhand reference to who it was a few weeks later but at that point everyone knew because of said stalkerschizos.

>> No.9440517

nice larp faggot

>> No.9440626

>at the time all she said was he was a drawfag that she unfollowed
That was more than enough, she could have simply omitted that part

>> No.9440711

I'm still thinking about how she said she tolerated him because he made fanart she liked.

>> No.9440791

Have you ever heard of exaggeration? For better or for worse, he was made an example of. I believe even the things she said were in the heat of the moment (whim rrat). But also that she did not regret the actions behind them so she did not elaborate further. I do believe that she has sincere appreciation for her content creators, but you can call it cope if you want.

>> No.9440949

Might have been some ESL there since from what little she showed (there was clearly more from the scroll bar) she tried to subtly and then blatantly tell him to knock it the fuck off and when he didn't she said if he didn't stop she'd leak the DMs, and then he didn't, and then when she did he still didn't leave her alone. It's clear that she wasn't giving him special treatment but rather just putting up with him because of the art. Justified or not I can understand her frustration.

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This place is fucking cursed, no VTuber can ever be successful if they pander to this shithole.
Everything we create and nurture is doomed to rot away.

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It would've made matters better if she acknowledged that additional tweet was a mistake, regardless of how difficult it would be to establish the identity of the artfag based on what she said. She seems to take her mistakes and oversights seriously, as you can see by her reactions to art in the art tags that she misses for a long time.

>> No.9442168

I don't agree with her methods, but since then there hasn't been any more drama related to the DMs

>> No.9442266

they've been closed for like 2 months lol

>> No.9443502

It's a testament to the amount of Newfags on this board that anyone gives attention to shitty attention-whores like Bea or Koopa

>> No.9443797

Half of bea's fanbase are 30 somethings from before 2010

>> No.9443826

>newfags on this board
everyone's a newfag here, this board isn't even a year old...

>> No.9444463

What was their homeboard before this, /soc/? How can you be on this site for any amount of time and not know self-shilling attention whores are bottom barrel garbage?

>> No.9444555

>uses the forced coomer meme
>while calling other people redditors
go back

>> No.9444591

>self-shilling attention whores are bottom barrel garbage
If they were garbage they would not have gained a following and their thread would have just died. Self shilling is just one way to market your channel. It's a part of the game.

>> No.9444662

Did you not see all the ancient /jp/ folk come back to the jay last year when vtubers took over? It's hard to stay elitist for over a decade, eventually you stop caring.

>> No.9444809

coomer detected

>> No.9444848

Bea literally came here because she was desperate after 5ch told her to fuck off. Koopa threads are on life-support now, does that mean she recently became garbage or something?

>> No.9444931

Where did we go wrong?

>> No.9444964

>Bea literally came here because she was desperate after 5ch told her to fuck off
And? Diversifying your presence onto more platforms isn't a bad thing.
>does that mean she recently became garbage or something?
It simply means that she is just in the lull of the hype cycle.

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Did we go wrong or what this always inevitable?

>> No.9444974

so what's the problem with her pandering to Reddit coomers? Obviously 4chan couldn't satisfy her or she wouldn't have to do it.

>> No.9445229

Tolerating particular topics and forgetting that people who shill themselves here are garbage clout-chasers are two different things.

>> No.9445258

we got plenty of coomers here
and i don't believe reddit tolerate lolicon shit, but maybe i'm wrong

>> No.9446240

Glad I left before I was ever added to the spreadsheet.

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even the moms are sick in the head

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hello fren

>> No.9446789

Even the moms want to fuck Chihiro

>> No.9447502

she's already lewding herself and you are encouraging a clearly underage girl to do so. I love her videos because she's actually fun, but i hate how groomers are trying to make her into another lewd 4chan loli.

>> No.9449043


>> No.9449143

new follow
it's a male

>> No.9449189

Just pretend you are a making it for AR, Bea.

>> No.9449284

Can't she follow her boyfriend in peace? You stalkerschizos are waiting every second for her to do something.

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>You stalkerschizos are waiting every second for her to do something.

>> No.9449514

It could be related to a new music video.

>> No.9449538

Smart dad

>> No.9449743

APBT stand down. For now.

>> No.9450164

Obviously her boyfriend would be musically inclined.

>> No.9450234

This, there's nothing wrong with beatani whoring herself out to our redditbros.
OP is probably just a purityfag or something.

>> No.9450444

he has 77 thousand subscribers and his streams only have an average of 150 to 300 viewers, Is it because people only subscribe for his music?

>> No.9450624


>> No.9450647

dont pretend like you guys wouldnt be okay with a male collab top kek

>> No.9450699

The yes men would at least pretend they don't care. I would expect a decent meltdown in the threads through

>> No.9450757

yeah there would be a meltdown then everything would go back to normal and you'd just accept it and move on
just like always

>> No.9450804

I'm not pretending anything, it's obvious it's the same as hiroyuki she likes his content it doesn't mean anything you are overthinking it

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yes youre right. she will NEVER collaborate with a male.. speculation is pointless

>> No.9451027

she smells

>> No.9451286

Plenty of people have left already after shit like the unfollowing and the discord. I don't know for sure how a male collab would stack up but I know it would be the final straw for some.
It won't completely demolish the fanbase. Nothing will until she quits.
If you've been around the threads you should easily be able to tell how much things have changed. A lot of the old shitposting and funloving anons have moved on

>> No.9451334

she smells like sex, the only thing that gets me harder is chihiro

>> No.9451382

I'm glad you agreed with me :^)

>> No.9451599

>A lot of the old shitposting and funloving anons have moved on
Most of those shitposting and funloving anons keep posting, but they spend most of the time in the discord

>> No.9451603

It's time.

>> No.9451792

I rarely see any Bea discussion in there. Just a few fags circlejerking over unrelated shit.

>> No.9451834

>he's not technically a vtuber and doesn't seem to watch them
>therefore he's potential boyfriend material

>> No.9452086

I'm glad she's being more open about her boyfriend. Maybe the groomers will finally leave

>> No.9452128

They'll groom her boyfriend instead.

>> No.9452205

What's so bad about a male collab? It's pretty much the same thing as a female collab and she has already done 2 of those.

>> No.9452268

Discord getting to know each other sex. Bonus if he's Japanese and can fix that pesky hymen voice.

>> No.9452321

>Discord getting to know each other sex
How is that any different than twitter DMs?

>> No.9452322
File: 274 KB, 325x794, 1622934242938.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. I left around time when she publicized DMs from artfag and I was fucking best poster here, OC creator, uberanon. No wonder it went shit afterwards.
I shiggydiggied when out of curiousity I went to /yah/ just to find out they have discord and they own reddit

>> No.9452383

Did you watch RFA? She will jerk him off with her voice. Calls are always more intimate than text.

>> No.9452401

>She's big enough for /vt/ to make daily anti threads

She's gonna make it, bois

>> No.9452458

The correct term is stealth /yah/. This way dads get 3 threads.

>> No.9452532

>posts an article about someone crossdressing
>asks fans if they want to hear a secret
>almost an hour later uploads a shitpost about pichu as the "secret"
shitposting or did Beatani chicken out of admitting to being a babi at the last second?

>> No.9452562
File: 3.21 MB, 1903x2500, 1615492937263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my beloved daughter is growing up

>> No.9452640

The title of her video is nonsense clickbait and that tweet was a bait and switch. Fuwabea is a ruse too. She should really write Fuwa x Bea because her next collab is going to be with this vtuber.

>> No.9452650

Beatani having a dick may be the last straw for me. I'm okay with discord, reddit, coomer baiting and male collabs. But a penis may be the final straw for me, not sure.

>> No.9452736

Reminder that idolfags are all secretly cuckold fetishists. They make up a relationship with a woman over the internet, putting themselves in a position where they inevitably get "cheated on"

>> No.9452756

>I'm okay with discord, reddit, coomer baiting and male collabs
The absolute state of /yah/. What a shame

>> No.9452825

this is the most retarded post ever

>> No.9452895

You have to be a special kind of schizo to get triggered by those types of things.

>> No.9452902

don't involve me in that I'm ok with the penis but not with the male collabs

>> No.9453021

You need to go back.

>> No.9453068

unironically touch grass

>> No.9453078

There is literally nothing wrong with any of these things.

>> No.9453159

I hate collabs no matter who it is

>> No.9453261

Newdads or bait? I can't even tell anymore, that's how far the "community" has fallen

>> No.9453351


>> No.9453403

We were always okay with discord, as long as it was owned by beatani and not some random faggot. Reddit is just a boogeyman and not that bad if you actually go there. Personally I dont mind the "coomer-baiting" and male collabs is fine unless you're an idolfag.
Any other questions? No? Got it.

>> No.9453476

>We were always okay with discord
No "we" weren't.
>as long as it was owned by beatani and not some random faggot.
t. cumrag

>> No.9453498

>We were always okay with discord, as long as it was owned by beatani
no. the rest of your post is ok.

>> No.9453570

Objectively, nothing. Humans have simply evolved into not liking being cucked, so it's understandable if they don't like watching chuubas who cuck them.

>> No.9453576

Yes, WE. Go back and check the threads, a lot of people said they were okay as long as it wasnt owned by some rando. There was even a poal at some point. Pretty easy to spot the falseflaggers/newdads in these threads.

>> No.9453652

i was in those threads dumbass. i have always been against a discord, especially an official one. cumrag was better.

>> No.9453664

>Yes, WE. Go back and check the threads, a lot of people said they were okay as long as it wasnt owned by some rando
Some people said they would be OK with it after the fan server was made and pushed for weeks

>> No.9453680

Here comes the revisionist history again

>> No.9453704

Working together is not the same thing as having sex.
Do you think when someone's wife goes into the office he is getting cucked by all of her coworkers? No, that is not how it works.

>> No.9453769

Not like any of you guys have any authority over beatani's body anyway. Why does it concern you who she has sex with? As long as she's happy then I'm happy too.

>> No.9453791

Based dads all moved to nadeshiko, only cringe remains on /yah/

>> No.9453829
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you really should stop overthinking, it's not healthy, it's a waste of time trying to predict bea's behavior

>> No.9453837

How about you go back and check how chat reacted in the first Q&A stream where someone asked about a Discord. The fact is that the cumrag Discord was made to troll the thread and seed conversations about how it would be better to have an official Discord. Then after the official Discord was made, for Minecraft, the pro-Discord folks spammed it with off-topic until they got what they wanted.

>> No.9453849
File: 19 KB, 290x290, 053581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cringe and checked digits, c*ck

>> No.9453880

Wake me up when she gets an actual model and ditches the forced fake laugh.

>> No.9453881

nigger faggot revisionist. Fuck off.

>> No.9453971

Your obsession with her scares me, why are you trying so hard to make us watch that girl?

>> No.9453995


>> No.9454043

Watching your oshi collab with a male feels no different from watching them having sex, so it's basically the same as if they were physically doing the act.

>> No.9454072

my lord you really are fools or you are taking the bait too hard?

>> No.9454139 [DELETED] 

nadeshiko has a bf and is a non-virgin. she will never be superior to bea

>> No.9454142

falseflagger calling real dads falseflaggers.

you're right I should stop posting but the bait is too irresistible.

>> No.9454342

That's a lie, but I'm pretty sure she mentioned having male friends. I'm hoping they are her brother's friends instead, and that she thinks they are her friends also, for some reason.

>> No.9454456

dads being cucked by her brother...

>> No.9454537


>> No.9454569

Wrong chuuba. Nade's fans are called badgers

>> No.9454604
File: 132 KB, 1548x946, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9454611

Bea also has male friends. She even regularly went over to one of her male friend's house to abuse pichu.

>> No.9454672

It's true, he came over yesterday and is staying at her place so she can smash. Also play that fighting game for the Switch.

>> No.9454772

You're right, but unlike Nade, she doesn't have a brother, so there's no way for her to justify having them. But if she does have an excuse, I'd love to hear it.

>> No.9454884

It's probably mainly because she is into male dominated hobbies.

>> No.9454933

She needs to give us the details on all her friends. Age, sex, type of relationship, length of relationship etc...
If she doesn't she is obviously hiding something major

>> No.9454963


>> No.9455003

Isn't it a father's job to know what company his daughter keeps?

>> No.9455060

not when they are an adult women

>> No.9455088 [DELETED] 

I want to be beatani's only friend and i want her to emotionally depend on me alone

>> No.9455102

Physically she is an adult.
Emotionally and mentally on the other hand...

>> No.9455109

> He doesn't know about the friends spreadsheet.

>> No.9455135

Moot was one before the site was shit you mean*

>> No.9455149

>Another one of the 4chan friendly vtubers betray their viewers
but yeah keep looking for another indie to groom then get pissed when they cut off the cancer

>> No.9455182

She seems mentally and emotionally more mature than many dads.

>> No.9455200

Bea herself is cancer. She can never escape us

>> No.9455247

Why are dads bumping an anti thread? Are we really that foolish?

>> No.9455257

Well yeah. Fans reflect the streamer after all

>> No.9455263

She had to ask her dads to pick out what to wear on her date and you call her mature? She doesn't even bathe or get a new bank card unless dads remind her.

>> No.9455328

There are only anti threads right now. And dads can't resist. Maybe you should make a real /yah/ thread

>> No.9455364

Taking this joke of a thread seriously is dumb. Talk about Bea until bump limit.

>> No.9455686

I don't think the details of the female friends are that important, but she should explain why she has male friends. She should also make all her DMs public. Being so secretive about them makes her seem really untrustworthy.

>> No.9455691

>The battered wives club is working on a physical magazine for this ungrateful cunt
Sorry, but this will always be funny to me

>> No.9455956 [DELETED] 

>she unfollowed me on twitter so I don't like her anymore!

>> No.9456085
File: 101 KB, 1000x1000, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What day are we on? I can't remember.

>> No.9456132

This day number 3 of no streams.

>> No.9456332

Nice strawman you got there, anon. She's made it quite clear she's trying to move on from /here/

>> No.9456421

>dedicated schizo threads
I can't believe she's actually made it...

>> No.9456556

They were in the other thread asking for the link in the OP

>> No.9459342

She didn't, it's 100% rrats

>> No.9459620
File: 36 KB, 557x378, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She better not leave my website.

>> No.9459653

>he doesn't know that Bea is her own schizo anti

>> No.9459717

Unsubscribed, unmembered, unfollowed and added to my hitlist in Minecraft.

>> No.9459886

Is she talking about hymenoplasty? I thought it was illegal.

>> No.9460030

I'm really glad the whole community imploded on itself. Never support panderers

>> No.9460328

I would like to mate with this vtuber.

>> No.9460422

It's code that she's had 2 boyfriends.

>> No.9460427

Polar bears mate in the spring so you are going to have wait awhile.

>> No.9462553
File: 22 KB, 747x524, 1631068483534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9462871 [DELETED] 

Beatani smells really good. A bit sour but good.

>> No.9462909

Like mikan?

>> No.9462944

>All the schizo posts were by beatani

>> No.9463457

5.1k bear, she figured it out

>> No.9464190

Her rate of growth is still very slow. Today, I checked out a chuuba whom I dropped when she moved to twitch. She got 22k followers in 4 months. Before that, she streamed on youtube for 5 months and only got a few hundred subs. I think beatani made the wrong decision by not moving to twitch.

>> No.9464305 [DELETED] 

twitch uses bots to fake growth

>> No.9464437

That's fine, we just need the number to hit 10k for the 3d.

>> No.9464496
File: 45 KB, 526x507, 1629379234764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't understand the numberfaggs, see the show and stop worrying, is bad for your health

>> No.9464819 [DELETED] 

My only interaction with twitch is when some rooster teeth/funhaus dude left the company to become a streamer. I'm not sure how follows and subs work there but it was very clear he was either buying them or being 'gifted' because his streams never reached 300 concurrent viewers at least the last time I watched him. He had like 10 times the subs than someone like wingsofredemption but less viewership. Honestly I think twitch is just some money laundering scheme

>> No.9464837

Learn2watchstreams, she said "I think it's difficult to talk to guys", "It's painful because a lot of people who are into my hobbies are men" etc. Not that I give a shit, Bea is still my oshi. But Nadeshiko goes hard on the "no male" thing and I can respect that.

>> No.9465855


>> No.9466032

Did the yah Clover Club thing complete yet? I peek in these threads every now and then to see if so.

>> No.9466329 [DELETED] 

Bea needs to be my girlfriend

>> No.9466520

There is a weird dark aura around Beatani. I thought it was from some past tragedy but lately the black cloud has been tinted with orange, which is not a good sign.
There is a very real chance the person behind Beatani is capable of great evil

>> No.9466662

Tachi is the main culprit

>> No.9466695

>scapegoating the coombaiting on reddit
this shit is exactly what you nignogs wanted

>> No.9466696

Ugh I hate that guy.

>> No.9466984

He's constantly posting Beatani drawings, it's like she's the only thing in his mind, and while lurking their discord I noticed he only really talks with frog groomer and becomes active when bear paws appear.
Truly a groomer.

>> No.9467111

I'm only attracted to psychopaths you might be onto something. But her first boyfriend definitely choked on her unwashed stink and she buried him under her floorboards. Check the missing persons reports around Tokyo.

>> No.9467135


>> No.9467192

Well, back when she wasn't using twitter, he was one of the few that she actually replied to.

>> No.9467326

Three days and dads are full on schitzoposting to pass the time. Get a hold of yourselves for gods sake. You're letting this bear drive you crazy.

>> No.9467363

Dads joke about AR but the real groomer is that midget, they're in negation because he draws haha funny bear

>> No.9467679

Drawfags may be the ones who get public replies, but the devfags are the ones in the DMs.

>> No.9467758

Don't tell Tachi but bear thinks she's too needy and annoying. She'll say anything to stop another drawfag from leaving though.

>> No.9467870


>> No.9468103

>another drawfag from leaving
How many drawfags have left already? Afaik there's only like 5 or 6 drawfags that provide content (Tachi, Destoroyar, Annie, Ernesto, Hanabi, and Foxxy, not counting max cause he's been commissioning pieces) and of those only Tachi and Hanabi are the ones that are very constant (fireworks pieces look like they're made for fun, so I guess he does it to enjoy himself?), and we know what happened with the latter. Why did no one bother to glue an eye to the artfag replyguy yesman that's been obviously very close to her since the beginning?

>> No.9468207

Her aura is pretty neutral to my eyes. I sometimes catch glimpses of a bear with low self esteem and a simple desire to just have fun with others. We should fight to the death and only one of us can go on to schizopost in the future.

>> No.9468335

there have been a lot that have come and gone. I'm sure some made a whole stink about leaving the community that I don't remember anymore but most just stopped watching her one day. Frankly I don't see why that's a bad thing. Despite the memes this isn't a fucking cult, people are free to come and go as they like. It isn't like there aren't new drawfags coming by as well after all.

>> No.9468624

I'm looking at the arttag and I see more than 6 people that aren't just one offs

>> No.9469107
File: 727 KB, 560x233, Animation60.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want to say this to all the dads, moms, brothers, sisters and friends. Whether you are a drawfag, poorfag, oilbalon, schizoposter, reddit tourist, Holofag, Nijifag, Hobbo, falseflagger, an autist or bear claws. You can all line up and suck my cock and balls. Thanks.

>> No.9469485

Sounded pretty gay until the end but you recovered.

>> No.9469913

Well moot existed 10 years ago and i doubt reddit from 10 years was as aids as it is now

>> No.9470026

imagine sneaking up to bea when she's sleeping and drinking her drool with a straw.

>> No.9470859
File: 124 KB, 278x396, 1612014716696.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy kek
For a long time I was sad I couldn't watch her because I didn't have the time but that's sad and pathetic. I'm glad life pulled me away from her when it did, because that's just sad and pathetic.

>> No.9471049
File: 280 KB, 613x647, 1623659531242.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't see any problem

>> No.9471142

Pathetic rrats, the bear is genuinely autistic. You'd know this if you watched her streams and interactions.

>> No.9471239

Old reddit was kino before it inevitably became a propaganda machine.
It was fatally flawed from the start.

>> No.9471815

Digg bear when?

>> No.9472264

you should play in the NBA cuz you're finna be basking in my balls sometime soon

>> No.9472516

How do you know if you have schizophrenia?

>> No.9473571

If the voices tell you that you don't.

>> No.9474387
File: 81 KB, 900x900, 520A3CE3-13BE-4E7D-AAF9-D4EBD9571616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everyone it’s time to strip naked and jerk off now.

>> No.9475900

Way ahead of you!

>> No.9476039

which artist is that?

>> No.9477312
File: 393 KB, 2048x2048, E4S4SydXoAQ1IwF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9477317 [DELETED] 

I remember he made a fanart of bea stalking a girl in the supermarket. his style was relatively unique compared to the trash fanart she gets it was like watercolor black and white

>> No.9477338

4chan culture is toxic and full of yabai memes so of course the chuubas that pander are toxic aswell

>> No.9477520

He's made bea art less than 2 weeks ago or so. You guys are just stupid or naive

>> No.9477641

Looking on the art tag back to July and I don't see anything.

>> No.9477667 [DELETED] 
File: 126 KB, 800x938, E5KimjBWQAc0y5H.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are we talking about the guy Bea told to fuck off on a DM? I thought it was this guy

>> No.9477704

He is in Discord

>> No.9477725

of course he's on the groomercord

>> No.9477743

Is it really him, or someone LARPing as him?

>> No.9477760

Spoonfeeding since it should be obvious but
Yes, same guy still here still making art. He's just being a little more discreet about it. This is not his most recent art. He's been dropping art off on the threads for a while now. I'm not on my pc so I can't post it, but do you remember the bear on route 66 from like 2 weeks ago? With the risunapple? That's him. There's been others as well.

>> No.9477765

Its him

>> No.9477815

What is the discord

>> No.9477943

If you're serious there's a link in the about section of her YouTube page.

>> No.9479786
File: 1.43 MB, 720x720, 1630064075027.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuwafuwa let's fucking gao

>> No.9479824

do you know what a rrat is? why are dads so stupid?

>> No.9479921

Based and fluffpilled

>> No.9479980


God i wish hat was me.

>> No.9480011

When did it all go wrong, dads?

>> No.9480087

you ain't seen nothin' yet

>> No.9480262

OP has a point. Beatani was saying she never really cared about numbers or viewers, so something must have changed in order for her to begin shilling on reddit as hard as she does.
Or she was just lying to us.

>> No.9480268

Is this legit coomer baiting or is it just a joke that went right over schizos’ heads?

>> No.9480298

Both, the actual countdown was sort of a joke but it's pretty obvious she's trying to get the coomer audience with titles like "I ordered my viewers to ejaculate at the same time"

>> No.9480308

For some it's a joke, for others it's coomer baiting. Bea leaves it up to your personal interpretation.

>> No.9480343

>bea has a habit of retweeting incredibly low quality shitty art.
That’s sweet of her.
she also once bullied and shamed one of her best artfags because he sent her cringe dms which she posted publicly

>> No.9480369 [DELETED] 
File: 853 KB, 998x1200, 1629988237565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nade clearly loves lewd things herself, majority of her streams are uoooohing at lolis, drawing sexy characters and making basement jokes while laughing autisticaly

>> No.9480380

I like her streams but what's wrong with her fans? They act like she's committed some kind of horrible sin every few weeks or that she's graduating

>> No.9480390

I don't think specific numbers matter to her all that much, but what she doesn't like to see (speculation) is her channel reclining. Getting results for her hard work isn't something unreasonable to expect. 10k is important to her for the 3D reason and watching the anticipated date fall further and further into the future wasn't going to work.

>> No.9480405

Make me

>> No.9480430

>i dont care about numbers
>but also i care about numbers

>> No.9480465

Numbers aren't important for numbers' sake, but they are a useful diagnostic to measure the health of a channel.

>> No.9480481
File: 2.25 MB, 2894x4093, 20210828_162229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

or you know you can like and watch both for different reasons

>> No.9480517

valuing numbers as a useful diagnostic as a means to measure the health of her channel is still her valuing numbers

>> No.9480631

You're not wrong, but I think there's a difference between observing trends and simple numberfagging. She does care about numbers but they aren't the most important thing. Of course it might be that she wants new viewers to fix the stagnation problem. If the chat in every stream is just the same greens every time telling the same inside jokes it makes it harder for new viewers to get interested and that is a vicious cycle.

>> No.9480715

I obviously don't have an answer for who shits up these threads, but some of them outright admit to be just stopping by or being ex viewers. For the actual people who watch Bea regularly, everyone is well behaved on Twitter, Discord, and Stream chat.
The people who act like she committed a horrible sin appear to be people who got too emotionally invested and/or built an unhealthy parasocial relationship.

>> No.9480753
File: 68 KB, 640x640, 1629590519137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the bear probably cries herself to sleep and can only cope because of her schizophrenia with alcohol and streaming. give her some rest

>> No.9480755

every time a vtuber shows up here all the groomers latch onto her like parasites and the moment she drops their pathetic asses they fly into a gay little rage

>> No.9480839

Are you guys larping or are you actually into magick?

>> No.9480852

Hopefully she can stick to the no screens for 3 days plan but I kind of doubt it. It's very hard these days, and she is a permanently online kind of person from what I can tell.

>> No.9480990

Yeah I doubt she will be able to stick to it for the full 3 days. We haven't missed a night of DM sex in about 4 months now. Should I pretend to be unavailable for those 3 days? It might be for her own good

>> No.9481079

Yeah you should take one for the team here. I'm sure she'll be so pent up after the 3 days it will be worth it. We all know the 3 days are going to be spent playing Smash Bros all day, nothing wrong with that.

>> No.9481084

Yay discord is some of the biggest cringe shit I seen. Will give you a pass on the rest though.

>> No.9481103

For once i am glad they got cucked, her fanbase here was insufferable, making holobronies look good

>> No.9481154

>everyone is well behaved when theyre not anonymous and have their online personalities on the line
bro thats fucking crazy

>> No.9481199
File: 65 KB, 1644x517, _20210909_150412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9481351

He's not wrong though

>> No.9481354

yeah, well, i want to sniff her pubes

>> No.9481461

Sorry I'm honestly not too active on the discord so I can take your word for it. I am there, but most days I only look at it once or twice. I get my Bea discussion from here and I'm not too into discussing hentai. I wish the vidya channel was more active... maybe dads could play some games together.

>> No.9481528

I could host another puzzle if you guys want

>> No.9481685

Some dads made groups and play amongst themselves. I have seen them do karaoke together too unless they were trolling.

>> No.9481803

shit i didn't know beafags were normalfags as well

>> No.9481907

I didn't use Twitter until Bea, like many of us.

>> No.9481976

Same, but I didn't use discord either

>> No.9482132

NTA but I used to use discord regularly for mmo guild leadership/hosting guild server. It's cliche for me to say that it's is just a platform but it's the truth. and as we knew, most dads were already using Discord already in one form or another

>> No.9484074

How fuwa do you think the fuwa bear is?

>> No.9484255

They're not lol, beatani has probably the most menhera and maladjusted fanbase out of anyone here

>> No.9484487

Bear JOI recommendations?

>> No.9484635

Imagine having a giant tiger that you can hug

>> No.9485890

What hellish fruit does she have in store? Will she finally admit that tomato is a fruit?

>> No.9485957


>> No.9486099

So did the period of time officially end that she said she would use to focus on the existing community when she reached the 3k mark? Did I miss the memo on Discord or are we just speculating?

>> No.9487471

Is there really nobody willing to do timestamps anymore? https://youtu.be/r73IWmrvYew
I would do them myself but Bea has the songs spelled out in Moon runes and I don't know half of the names.

>> No.9487588

i can probably do it since she sang them all before but it will take me a bit.

>> No.9488829

>still no timestamps on the risuna l2d member stream

>> No.9488988

Rewatching streams and oncentrating on them for timestamps is tiring work. Pls andastand.

>> No.9489020

well i'm working on the karaoke timestamps still but then i had some other stuff to do.
you are supposed to note the timestamps as you watch the stream. and you don't need to timestamp 100 things, just key chapters/changes.

>> No.9489237

i don't give a flying fuck, i want my fucking 3d bear

>> No.9489297

You will get Kiwi Bear and you will like it

>> No.9489560


>> No.9489583
File: 272 KB, 547x573, 1629992692425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I expected to get cucked by Reddit, but Kiwifarms too? This is too much.

>> No.9489694

So the 30 ideas were all short videos and dumb things like that?

>> No.9489759

Don't put too much stock into what she plans. Lazy bear just kind of does what she wants

>> No.9489779

she said it wasn't 30 ideas in september but starting from september

>> No.9489794
File: 48 KB, 320x320, 1623601223316.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's been very nice recently on twitter I'm afraid she's planning something

>> No.9489799

Maybe. I think it's more likely she heard they were good for numbers, made some, saw good results and now has a shiny new toy. She can get more subs and views without the mendokusai streaming part and they're reddit friendly.

>> No.9489854
File: 250 KB, 1200x1200, 2469fcc1ca75340901de6e727616dc0a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i noticed too. it's sad that risuna's been hurt so much before that niceness makes her suspicious

>> No.9490017

it's done for the karaoke retrospective video, but i'd prefer to not start doing them on regular streams since i take different timestamps for my clip purposes. but, i know some anons really appreciated having someone do the timestamps. i appreciated it as well.

>> No.9490034

I want to hug depressed dads and take their pain away.

>> No.9490046

as long they have their short videos and I have my emotionally abusive bear daughter, I don't complain

>> No.9490101
File: 45 KB, 586x240, 1630890836345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh no no no

>> No.9490364

she is doing what we never expected changing her behavior to attract more people

>> No.9490378
File: 208 KB, 425x524, 1621860507931.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh yes.

>> No.9490522
File: 2.59 MB, 1872x1861, zw3unj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love fucking this bear!

>> No.9490715

I want to discuss Bea but I have nothing to say and I don't like a lot of you guys now that I've gotten to know you better while lurking discord.
What do?

>> No.9490716

gotta make up for that bonus somehow

>> No.9490745

Masturbate and scream at the monitor

>> No.9491520

schizos what are yours predictions? graduation dates, when she will leave us completely or something?

>> No.9491707

She will graduate (you) tomorrow, don't open the door for any bears

>> No.9491829

She won't have any official graduation or leave permanently for a couple years. Instead she'll most likely change the focus/type of content she does. The biggest change in the community of the next year is the amount of beta orbiters becoming chuubas to try to get closer/collab with her. The 3D debut will be amazing but it'll be followed up by the lowest point so far. But I'm not a prophet.

>> No.9491975

fucking weird people would watch a kid do sexual shit. Gross

>> No.9492013

extremely factual, I think the bear will be around for at least one more year

>> No.9492169
File: 359 KB, 768x667, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can say no more now. For your own good you should go.

>> No.9492663

If you think they'd be useful, I'll add them. I've got some inaccurate but close ones in a text file but I was too lazy to correct them to make actual timestamps.

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