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What happened to Koopa threads?

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Keeping any dedicated single vtuber thread alive on this board when there isn't a stream happening has been extremely difficult recently, so we just make threads when there are streams.
Have a scuffed schedule.

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they should merge with /yah/ considering both /here/ vtubers have gone into the shitter

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Still wanna hear the story in how someone convinced her to let them fuck her literally got to fuck his oshi/chubba

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Is real?

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did she fuck a fan?

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Looking real PO there.

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I, too, believe everything I read on /vt/

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Koopafags wish they even had anything like the schizo energy of /yah/. Koopa is dead on this board, simple as that. >>9342757 and others are just coping with this fact.

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her and her friends turned their backs on the places that made them who they are. only a bunch of losers too far invested to realize their folly still watch any of them and call you a schizo if you talk about it

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Betrayed this shithole to pander to reddit, which like usual, it ended boosting her.

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Those images seem mixed up.

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Hello guys I came here to collect you, I won't send you to /trash/ but instead I invite you to JOIN ESS 4 ESS WITH ME!

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>scuffed schedule
Perfect. Wouldn't want it any other way

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The story of Koopa mindbroke me. Around her debut, anons on /wvt/ kept saying to not get attached to /here/tubers since they'd eventually grow out of this place and develop connections with normal human beings, and I kept telling myself I'd still be a fan when it eventually happened. I was wrong as fuck. Her community feels so insular now, like half of her chat is other 2view chuubas that she has a secret discord with. All of this is to say nothing of the whole "unironically fucked a fan" and the subsequent PR disaster, which was the final nail in the coffin.

It's great that she seems so much more independent now but I haven't watched her in months. She has the vibe of a streamer who no longer has the comfy, welcoming small community but still isn't popular enough that you feel welcome among thousands of other strangers. It's just the same 100ish 2views and TBAs that have been showing up to chat for the past 8 months.

Also I miss her vroid.

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>"Betrayed 4chan and abandoned us"
>Selfposts in threads almost daily still
This narrative is never not the most hilarious shit because its just so dethatched from reality

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>"unironically fucked a fan"

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if its just a narrative explain her decline

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Honestly, making a model and all that shit for the express purpose of fucking a chuuba then vanishing forever is almost admirable.

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Maybe anons just stopped watching her?

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just stopped for no reason huh?

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Because she alienated her fan base

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Receipts or schizophrenia

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Timeslot change.

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>hey at least she has no restrictions now lmao
take the corporate pill, restrictions lead to more creativity

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board too fast

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>both /here/ vtubers have gone into the shitter
stop spreading false narratives nijinigger

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she loves 4chan. come on guys

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honestly, I think that anons don't watch her as much as before, I don't know what happened and I don't care about your rrats, but I have to say that after her going to california her numbers went down, and the thread got slower and less active in general (even during her streams I think).

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Im koopa and Im here to say nigger

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truly /ourgirl/

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>All of this is to say nothing of the whole "unironically fucked a fan" and the subsequent PR disaster,
it never happened. shut the fuck up

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the PR disaster definitely happened

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no it didnt

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>ignores 4chan
>hurr durr traitor
>acknowledges 4chan
>hurr durr breaks containment
Schrödinger's poopa

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Koopa responding to bait doesn't prove the rrat, it just proves Koopa is kind of dumb

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>moved to twitch
>joined up with shitty people
>fucked a fan
Pretty simple honestly.

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She didn't do paizuri ASMR

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so basically she surrounded herself with a bunch of 2view TBAs to boost her ego? you know having people circlejerk you and give you 24/7 praise for doing absolutely nothing is a recipe for stagnation right?

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She's literally a virgin and doesnt fuck fans. go away

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>20 something femoid
I don't believe the rrats but expecting me to believe that is just silly.

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Is this how gaslighthing is done? I swear to god Ihe PR disaster happened.

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then post it. yeah thats what I thought now fuck off

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yeah, it didn't happen dude, at all.

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I remember the whole statement by Koopa about changing audiences and what not. It wasn't very good.
I don't know if I would call it a "disaster" but it didn't get a particularly good reception here that's for sure.

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Yes and thats why there are no threads

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lol get baited im a newfag and just wanted to be spoonfed

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What did anons whine about? Seems like a pretty good response.

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Pretty based.

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i'm right though

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Is that bad thing though? That means she really love her fans. No?

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this is literally free content. if you spent money on koopa youre a fucking dumbass

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That's an universal truth.

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Please spoon feed me more koops drama Anon I'm bored as hell today

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The easiest way to gain popularity is to be /here/ until the initial popularity boost gets you enough growth where you can leave /here/ and still be successful

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as it should be, the longer the chuuba stays pandering to this place, the more they become legitimately mentally ill

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Does koopa even post here anymore or has she abandoned us completely?

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It was a big misunderstanding.
>Koopa thinks people are kicking up a fuss simply because she's interacting with a male, somehow not realising that it's mostly schizos trying to rile people up
>Takes the bait and writes >>9346566
>Schizos grab the ball and run with it, using the fact that Koopa responded at all as proof that they fucked and repeating it so often that people now just believe it at face value
The "experient" typo didn't help either because quite a few people assumed she meant "experiment" and thought the whole thing had been her trying to fuck with them, when she actually meant to write "experience".
It was Koopa's lowest moment, not because she did anything wrong but because she did something stupid.

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I imagined she's transitioned from /vt/ schizophrenia to discord schizophrenia. Not sure which is worse.

>> No.9347341

I mostly agree but she did do something wrong and that is not correcting the typo sooner.

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Wait so the whole thing was kicked off by that one little clip she did with some dude?
I caught it on the tail end so I thought the clip was just to show who the dude in question was.
I thought there was a whole Discord conspiracy (what's with everything happening on Discord these days?) about it being an IRL meetup, which sounds impossibly foolish under the best circumstances. That's how you get decapitated and found in a forest with a stick all the way in your womb.

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Honestly this thread is pretty much why from the start I've said it would be reasonable for Kwappi to start only lurking eventually. She's gotten successful enough that our home-grown mentally ill anons have started to consider her a valid target for their schizoposting. I mean, the whole current conversation is about a nothingburger some anon made up kek.
The silver lining is that she's seen it happen to other chuubas before, so hopefully she isn't too bothered by it.

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>Koopa thinks people are kicking up a fuss simply because she's interacting with a male
More like "fucked a fan and overstepped the boundaries" but that doesn't sound quite as innocent does it? If your asserting that never happened, then Koopa is extra retarded for not putting it to rest and denying it. Even if it would have been a lie, better than telling people this interpretation of events was completely legitimate since people are allowed to think what they want according to her.

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I don't think it's a conspiracy, afaik you can only do twitter voiceposts directly through your phone, meaning to have two voices would require that you have a person in the room with you talking into your phone.

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I see her post after streams.

>> No.9347576

It's how you can tell people perpetuating timeloops don't actually watch Koopa or read the threads beyond their own schizoposting.

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She doesn't need to deny it, cuz there's absolutely nothing suggesting anything like that happened other than the voices in your head. I don't need to deny I fucked my dog every time I get to work.

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What's wrong with this post exactly?

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>Wait so the whole thing was kicked off by that one little clip she did with some dude?
Yes, that was it.
That said, it was almost definitely an IRL meetup, but for all we know they just met up in a public place and had a chat. Assuming anything beyond that is pure schizo shit.

>> No.9347779

Schizos read it.

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which channel for the watchalong?

>> No.9348030

Threads for the past few months have been pretty good, albeit slow. Not sure what summoned all of the schizos to this particular thread.

>> No.9348183

Probably just checking in, reperpetuating all the old timeloops.

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Meat's schedule says on Coqui's channel.

>> No.9348354

The OP isn't a Koopa general, rather it's a post with the implication that there are no more Koopa generals and thus a negative connotation, which would catch the attention of rrat spreaders.

>> No.9348442

Schizophrenia vs Copium
Our battle will be legendary

>> No.9348647

Ikr, the number of posters hasn't increased for a while.

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the audio post on twitter was cringe as fuck, you have to admit that

>> No.9348849

Aren't you assuming they didn't bang? Your argument is kind of self defeating

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I'm only in this thread for the drama. koopa and beatani fags are worse than tribalniggers and annoying orange posters.

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Koopa is an ugly cunt and a terrible vtuber. She will never EVER be better than Artemis. Troopas need to shoot themselves in the FUCKIN HEAD. You are all niggers. Subscribe to Artemis of the blue

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Now this is a classic

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On top of that she also moved on it seems from her initial clique who welcomed her to vtubing - she just wants to talk to her own circle now.

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>it ended boosting her.
In the short term maybe, but she's dwindling in numbers and popularity around here, her major fanbase.
Her bizarre schizo ravings drove away most of her gachikoi through her own desire, so I can really only see her actions as a result of a pump and dump style scheme of finding a guy well off enough to let her not have to worry about doing this gig anymore. It's a shame, her streams were really fun for a few months.

>> No.9350397

Kana was right.
Except Artemis fuck that faggot lel

>> No.9350422

Her tangent about School Days genealogy tree was solid gold

>> No.9350467

Ironic post, since this in itself is a bizarre schizo raving.

>> No.9350624

Literally nothing about my post is schizophrenic except for conjecture based off her behavior of not really giving a fuck after going for a friendly visit across the coast.

>> No.9350690

old koopa, wacky tangents and gorls arent coming back, time to move boys

>> No.9350826

Maybe he's a schizo, but he sure as fuck understands femoid psychology.

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I already moved on months ago anon, it's sad because she was my favorite indie streamer. She'll unceremoniously graduate one day with little fanfare because she alienated her fans and wanted to have a discord circlejerk instead.
People will talk about /here/chuubas warning them of this stuff happening again in the future.

>> No.9350922

I stopped watching her after she got groomed by that discord faggot and outed herself as a whore.

>> No.9350962

How would a mentally ill, probably fat, absolutely certainly khhv who hasn't seen a woman other than his mom in the past decade know how a femoid brain works?

>> No.9350968

its sad for me because I cared a lot for her collabs in her small little group and her tangents.. nothing is forever though

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Manicured hands typed this post.

>> No.9351153

Have you ever talked to a woman anon? Ever had a relationship? Ever had a female friend? Because that's how most women act, the minute they can stop giving a shit they do.

>> No.9351192

I'm not fat

>> No.9351276

Yeah, I wasn't sure about that one, that's why I went for the probably. I was only confident about the other ones.

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Calm the fuck down, Koopa. Not a good look.

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Watchalong with Meat & Coqui is going live now

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I hate collabs, wish she didn't do so many of those

>> No.9351583

Yeah, I don't know why she was doing collabs like 2x a week when everyone gave negative feedback on them.
Did she even collab with Eira?

>> No.9351602

>Assuming they didnt bang
Kek. Delusional, that guy was a big fan of her, even before he debuted and aimed for her attention. Koopa also talked about him alot before the meet up even happened.

Stay delusional

>> No.9351671

Problem is always that most of the collabs she is doing are just cold call collabs. Famously the Terumi one recently was an all time low. She has good collab partners which she doesn't collab with often..

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Yeah, that STALKER stream was where I kinda knew something weird was going on, considering she interrupted her chat and went on a 10 minute tangent about him.
This is why women with freedom are a mistake.

>> No.9351751

Gorl collabs were the only ones highly rated in threads and highly anticipated with unity threads etc. Can't really remember other good ones though I'm sure there were others.

>> No.9351915

I like her kongou collabs, mostly CBT, but I enjoy kongou in general anyways

>> No.9351972

90% of the ones with Male vtubers with no chemistry
Ones with vtubers she had barely interacted with

Gorls and CBD were great but she seemed to have no discretion for picking them.

>> No.9352132

>best collabs were she didn't have any discretion for

>> No.9352165

I mean the other ones

>> No.9352298

Based retard

>> No.9352827

Gotta pretend that pastebin of her saying she's allowed to fuck whoever she wants and anyone who objects doesn't belong in her audience, right?

>> No.9353457


>> No.9359571

i just want her to at least deny that she fucked he fan

>> No.9360196

While we're at it, I want Koopa to deny that she spent all of her donation money on a life sized futanari sex doll in her own image. There is literally no proof that she didn't do this.

>> No.9360274

More importantly, Koopa needs to put out a statement regarding whether she has inseminated herself with seed from the Redfield lineage. I fear she might have, and there is no indication she hasn't.

>> No.9360635

with all these accusations thrown at her as a fan i still want to believe her but i can't defend someone who refuses to defend themselves

>> No.9360686

Has this "Koopa Fortuna" confirmed or denied that she is the true identity of the Zodiac Killer?

>> No.9360764

I can't believe Kwappi was Ted Cruz all along...

>> No.9360814
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Dear god...

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>> No.9368267

When are we getting new CBT episodes?

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caretaker anon for the soccer league here, currently working on the teams models and color scheme, once that's done i'm gonna start doing the actual player stats and perks. it's eating up almost all of my free time but i do really like doing it and once I've got the visuals down i'll post them in a thread so you can review it and request change if they're needed

>> No.9371592

Is Koopa hot though? Also can I get the twitter link? Lucky bastard

>> No.9372084

are you going to fap to it?

>> No.9372151

Like most small vtubers she wa

>> No.9372425

Probably, I really need to see the sex to be able to cum. Do you have it?

>> No.9374684

I'm sure he walked her home gently

>> No.9375069

Do you have any that you still need ideas for?

>> No.9378002


>> No.9378198

Which is EXACTLY why there are no more koopa threads nowadays.
Most of everyone already moved on months ago. It's just the discordfags and redditors that are left.

>> No.9378653

>most of everyone
I assume you want to discourage newfag that skim threads from watching koopa, but this bait is total trash man

>> No.9380487

But there are Koopa threads whenever she streams, stupid

>> No.9380963

not really, all the work that s left is fucking with blender then I'll post an update video with the players in game and we'll decide what needs to be changed or not

>> No.9381304

then why is everyone allowing this to happen

>> No.9381652

this cope is hilarious

>> No.9382245

hello newfags!!
this is a official tweet from her official account

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Are Troopas a dying breed?

>> No.9382871

Tell me, how many forms has Koopa taken by now? And I don't mean just Live2D, I mean even stuff like simple shitposts of different versions of her we see here every now and then. I'm trying to make a list of them.
So far I have:
Koopa Original Drawing
Koopa OG Vroid
Koopa Red Dress
Koopa Baby
Fortuna Baby
Fortuna Vroid
Koopa first Live2D
Fortuna first Live2D
Bloopa first Live2D
Gyaru Koopa
Goth Koopa
Koopa Vergil
Koopa Idol
Wide Koopa
Koopa Rider
Koopa Human
Koopa /vt/ league
Koopa Shion
Koopa Wafie
koopa new Vroid
CBT Koopa
4chan vtuber Koopa
Koopa Tactical
Fortuna Tactical
Koopa new Live2D
Fortuna new Live2D
Bloopa new Live2D
Koopa in a lawnmower
Blonde Koopa

>> No.9383119

boring by now..

>> No.9383129

Soon everyone will have a personalized Koopa!

>> No.9383185

I don't think its a bad thing at all, if anything its really fun
that'd be the dream

>> No.9383218

I really could use a Koopa right now. I have been sick for over a week and need the support.

>> No.9384347

Had forgotten about JC Denton Koopa/Black Koopa, so that's another one

>> No.9384547

Damn this rrat is nearly zombie fingering strength.

>> No.9385323
File: 471 KB, 640x360, It's real [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F6wtm04.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>> No.9385606

I did fuck her but I'm not actually a fan

>> No.9385608
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>The 2 samefags in this thread absolutely drowning in copium
Based. Unlike the retards white-knighting for other yab queen vtubers, history has proven that you actually have a chance.
I truly hope you someday get to smash the turtle pussy. Fuck the whiny niggers her crying about getting cucked and go get yours, Kings. Godspeed.

>> No.9385717

Not a rrat is why.

>> No.9385741
File: 141 KB, 500x725, EA76E860-C88D-48C8-931C-AC89C31E21F4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok Koopa

>> No.9385866

I do genuinely wonder if she'd have ended up taking off in earnest and been altogether more successful if she'd just followed the damn train instead of going off the rails. Never have I seen a 2view with such a stacked future hit every branch on the way down

>> No.9386073

Is there a bigger mistake you can make than trying to be a /here/tuber? Anyone that acres about that shit just wants to groom.

>> No.9386188

It isn't trying to be a /here/tuber that ends up hurting them, more that they weren't really /ourgirlguy/ to begin with and were using it as a boost.

>> No.9386646

It depends how strong you lean into it. Compare koopa to bat for example.

>> No.9386978

It's actually a huge startup buff and acts the same way as saviorfags do by pumping numbers for a while and attracting more long-term fans.
Koopa's main issue was selling out and getting fucked by drama before building up a sizeable audience that can sustain its own form of growth and ended up creating a circlejerk that'll probably end up fizzling out over something retarded.

>> No.9387161

The california arc happened. The spacer voice tweet and ensuing schizofest, koopa's retarded response and subsequent retarded clarification, joining a chuuba group with people she apparently barely interacted with on stream. Pretty epic shitstorm, all things considered.

>> No.9387417

She already lost support from her inner circle, remember when she had Bromega making her clips weekly to build YT support alongside twitch?

Her neverending YABs basically lost her a lot of initial support. Drawfags and such are basically just hoping that she'd put out for them as well.

>> No.9387418

If she ran as she was and continued with her friends instead if the new group she probably would've been in 200/300+ viewers. She is/was universally loved. She has very enchanting character on stream. But a lot of magic is lost while fighting scandals and drama.

>> No.9387462

No shit they're using it as a boost. It doesn't matter what goes on on this board or how much of it is harmless or whatever, being associated with 4chan is poisonous. My whole point is that it's inevitable any /here/tuber is going to eventually denounce this place and put it behind then if they have any aspirations of growing or furthering their career and when they do this place will be grabbing their pitchforks and giving them as much shit as possible

>> No.9387525

Fighting off scandals? Kek the one "scandal" is literally a nothingburger a schizo made up.

>> No.9387604

Hi Koopa.

>> No.9387623

Well, yeah but her > > > got hurt over it so it isnt a "scandal" - its a real thing

>> No.9387659

You shouldn't do it if you're not a regular poster and willing to openly communicate with your thread and use their fan content. the actual mistake is trying to play both sides and denying it to reddit/twitter to keep your image "clean"

>> No.9387685

Why did Koopa change her hours? As a WFH EST fag it was great catching her for lunch.

>> No.9387728

A nigger makes shit up, retards eat it up, I don't see how she is to blame.

>> No.9387738

Pretty good

>> No.9387760

I've been using this site for ten+ years and I still wouldn't want my primary fanbase to consist of people from here, much less this awful fucking board. It's bad enough posting with you people.

>> No.9387776

>the actual mistake is trying to play both sides and denying it to reddit/twitter to keep your image "clean"
When did she do that? Post screens.

>> No.9387785

She is to blame because she tilted people by posting the retarded tweet and PR statement.

>> No.9387824

>No shit they're using it as a boost, anyone who is /here/ will run off as soon as they can because fuck this place
Which was my point B, mind you: they weren't /ourguy/ to begin with, just a parasite. Like you would be.

>> No.9387854

I doubt so. Some chuubas are too /here forever/ to do such a thing. If anything they'd go crypto about it with subtle dogwhistles.

Her numbers immediately after the shitstorms weren't affected. People even laughed at these samefags trying to shit up the threads. If you check socialblade she's not doing bad

>> No.9387867

I'm gonna go ahead and blame the retards she failed to tard-wrangle instead. As non-schizo human her statements seemed perfectly reasonable to me, I'd have made the same "mistakes".

>> No.9387965

Is JC Denton Koopa just Goth Koopa with sunglasses on, or is it a Dr. Mario thing where they are technically different people somehow?

>> No.9387969

Her numbers didn't start hurting until the start of last month, which happens to be around the time she pushed her regular timeslot back by about four hours. The "scandal" didn't actually do shit, she just started streaming at times when the majority of the viewer base she built up since she started weren't able to watch anymore.

>> No.9387970

>I'd have made the same "mistakes".

>> No.9387992

At this point it's obvious that there's an organized kind of raid that attacks koopa threads periodically, I wonder who they might be

>> No.9388006
File: 76 KB, 584x584, 1608735403846.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she pushed her regular timeslot back by about four hours
>California is 3 hours behind EST

>> No.9388022

As an eurokoopa, the current schedule is suffering.

>> No.9388048

It's about haatonchama levels of "pushing a narrative that crumbles to the mildest critical thinking", maybe it's that discord again.

>> No.9388077

The Koopa discord is clearly behind this.

>> No.9388107

If you lurk either /wvt/ his posting pattern is pretty obvious. It'll take a while for Koopa-thread exclusive posters to catch on though.

>> No.9388120

You're asking too many questions, we are going to have to take you out

>> No.9388328

Today's stream is suffering for just about everybody
>1am EST

>> No.9388405

kwappi, your NEET sleep schedule reps... Too strong...

>> No.9388535


>> No.9388650

After the California arc, the Eurozone arc.

>> No.9388716


>> No.9388997

not koopa but in general, even she that won't be named started doing that before going all in on destroying her original fanbase

>> No.9390105

I always assumed koopa was married, she gives that vibe. Very disappointing that she’s a run of the mill carousel rider.

>> No.9390206

Who Kana?

>> No.9390236

Koopa is dating Roberu from Homostars.

>> No.9390529

turns out idolfags were real

>> No.9390541

Stop dreaming Koopa

>> No.9390571

Always have been, it's been the core and most active part of the fanbase ever since vtubing was a thing, and also the ones donating the most.

>> No.9390590
File: 78 KB, 850x605, 1630107076939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/k/ girls don't have a very good reputation. I thought things would be different.

>> No.9390694

?! Is froot a /k/ommando?

>> No.9390780

Nah that’s me actually, we call it homostars here for a reason.

>> No.9390797

Hey, Troopas actually got their patches

>> No.9390922

everyone finally realised that she was a retarded whore

>> No.9390943
File: 34 KB, 400x388, 1618440157948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9391330

I assume she's a single mom. Would make sense with her schedule.

>> No.9391365

She literally had a /k/ patch store, cheated on her husband, and then cheated people out of the patches they ordered

>> No.9391398
File: 148 KB, 300x300, 1612809242087.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So what you're saying is it's not the first time Koopa got dumped by men?

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