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This thread is dedicated to Nina Saotome.

Stream link: http://twitch.tv/ninaninin
Her Twitter: https://twitter.com/ninanininvt
Her Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZYetJ72XDX0sn5GQLx-rBA

Interested how Nina sings? Check her last karaoke: https://youtu.be/GOY2lNz_EKA

>who is Nina?
Nina is a Dutch indie vtuber who is a variety streamer playing a variety of games from typical kusoge, retro, rpgs to touhou and sings karaoke once a month.
She is well known for her hard work, wonderful singing and her support for other indies.

Also known as the CEO of Seiso.

Megafolder with art and reaction images (contains NSFW): https://mega.nz/folder/UoBCiZiY#1zKK0X4nUG9KmEB1Ty-pAg

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Nina is a cute whore

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Get 'em ready, lads

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I will be playing games that make me rage to balance it out

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>Basedapoya returns and collabs with Lily the same time as Nina's first ASMR stream
Why must it always be like this?

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We are live
And good luck

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It's time

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Nina ASMR might just be the best thing I love her so much

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>speaking Dutch is one of the redeems
Oh boy...

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>put headphones on just as she takes a drink
>hear her swallowing gently
Nina, forgive me for already thinking impure thoughts...

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>ASMR lullaby

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You know, I'm not an audiophile and generally don't give a fuck about using headphones because they hurt my ears after a while, but...this. This...is different. It's like she's actually whispering in my ears. God help me.

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CEO of Seiso! CEO of GWC! CEO of Mahou!

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Ack, I almost overslept

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I can hear Nina's skin rubbing against itself near my ears. I can hear it.

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that alice shibe...aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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>bread shows up

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Koopa has her Troopas, Soya has her beans, what do you guys have?

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We call ourselves Ninabros here on /vt/, but she doesn't actually have an official fan name.

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>what do you guys have?
We have Nina

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Thats a cool one I saw a tako do this one today

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i think i might miss some of the stream so relay to the thread any interesting things that happen

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>Nina making the Lily pop sound

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This stream is sponsored by this emote

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kek I was just thinking, the pekos will not stop coming during this stream

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My ears are in heaven aaaa

>> No.9290713

Nice to see that people who can actually draw are working on more shibes

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>Nina's skin is so pale she has to tan for makeup shades to match her skin

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>"Next up is scissoring..."

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>Next up is scissoring
>when alker just arrived

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all the lesbos in chat are dying rn

>> No.9291067

>That close up whisper

>> No.9291259

>"I might need some guidance. You might need to tell me how I can do things better."

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I'm very glad that it's not my first time listening to this godforsaken genre, else I'd die from a heart attack caused by severe erection

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This stream..

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>and then chat looked up at me
lord preserve me

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This crappy edit probably inspired her to make the emote. I love seeing it.

>> No.9291453

Is this the stream that officially kills the ninabros?

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>> No.9291471

we're gonna become deadbeats at this rate

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This threas was brought to you by Ogey

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What the fuck is happening? And why deadbraps?

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>Nina writes in cursive
She's so feminine it hurts.

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I only know how to write in continuous words (all letters connected), not with "isolated" letters like in this post.
When I was a kid everyone started writing like this, then a certain day everyone changed to isolated letters like they were some kind of hivemind, and it wasn't on the homework so I was baffled and kept writing in continous letters

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>Nina would never make fun of your voice because she loves everyone's individuality
She's too pure...

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Cursive was still the standard way of teaching writing over in Ninaland back when I was a kid, not sure if that has changed by now though.

>> No.9291763

Type of person who loved everyone but everyone didn't love her growing up. Super rough upbringing this way..

>> No.9291768

Nina's netherlands...

>> No.9291819

It was in burgerland when I was a kid, as well. It was only recently that they just gave up trying to teach kids cursive. Probably coinciding with the rise of smartphones and universal internet. I was too dumb and uncoordinated to learn it though, and even my block handwriting is atrocious.

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Finally my HD650 and external DAC are paying off

>> No.9291899

How anyone could not love this literal angel is beyond me. People fucking suck.

>> No.9292125

All those pimply teenage dirtbags were jealous of her perfect skin.

>> No.9292133

It was fun while it lasted have fun bros

>> No.9292231

In my experience, girls bully other girls if they happen to be both quiet and pretty, because they assume they're stuck-up. Of course, girls will bully other girls for all kinds of other reasons, too, they can be fucking cunts in general.

>> No.9292360

Kids are cruel, Jack.

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File: 429 KB, 796x431, NINATITSBUTBIGGER.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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You're late, blblblbsex poster, but better late than never.

>> No.9292957

God I love my Dutch wife

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I am always outside when these threads happen so I just come here to post this whenever I see one up.

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Oh, since that poll ended fairly overwhelmingly; have you guys been doing your Guilty Gear reps?

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That's nice, but do you also love Nina?

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Well at least you came!

>> No.9293056

I bought the game

>> No.9293058

I could not complete the tutorial in Skullgirls. I'll let the fgc bros take over this one.

>> No.9293069

We know bat.

>> No.9293133

Nina is baby tier in FGC so I wouldn't be too worried

>> No.9293139

Should I do my MMO reps to find a girl like Nina?

>> No.9293178

Apparently yes, but we all missed the train on that one. There's only one Nina.

>> No.9293183

Noice, Anya's hype for Jack-O caused me to pick up GG a little bit before the poll went up. Trying to get my I-No up to a decent level.

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Thank you for contributing to the betterment of humanity, anon. May your ritualposting be rewarded.

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I have to figure out fightan from the ground up first but if Nina streams during the week there isn't any way for me to play, in case she does viewer matches.

>> No.9293569

I haven't played in a while so I'll need to brush up some.
Is she specifically going to be playing with viewers or is she just inviting people on instead? I don't know if I could join since I'm a western burger.

>> No.9293809

Haven't heard her mention whether it was specifically going to be viewer matches or not and west coast might be a bit rough on the connection, it might work, but if it does it will probably be pretty close to a bad rollback match. East coasters should be fine though and even middle America up to a point.

>> No.9294061

Does anyone have any recommendations for comfortable headphones for people with sensitive ears? I want to be able to listen to Nina's ASMR properly all the way through, but whenever I wear headphones, no matter how comfy they're supposed to be, they fucking hurt after half an hour or so, even if I take my glasses off.

>> No.9294149

It might be a good call to just go for some earphones, I can only endure headphones for a few minutes before getting a very bad headache that stays around for hours

>> No.9294235

How's the audio quality on earphones vs. headphones? Are there any on par with decent headphones?

>> No.9294237

Anything over ear. Athmx70h are pretty good. Sennheisers. AKG

>> No.9294305

Nina is grooming me, later virgins

>> No.9294307

getting groomed by nina...

>> No.9294312

getting groomed by Nina...

>> No.9294373


>> No.9294427

I can tell you to stay away from the audio technica's ATH-M50x at the very least. It definitely isn't as easy to wear as my old Sennheisers and a friend of mine just flat-out hated it for how tight it felt.

>> No.9294509

What happened?

>> No.9294554

Earphones lose out a bit but it's not by much, and if you're not too deep into it, you don't even feel the difference, it jus depends on what headphone you want to compare it to
You could try to stretch your headphones and see if it loosens up a bit
Currently I have some cheap IEMs from aliexpress that I wanted to test it out, they're decent-ish, depending on where you live there are plenty of options

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Its over for me bros...

>> No.9294620

>woke up not long ago, joined the stream energized
>this asmr has me dozing off already
Bros I think Nina might be an actual siren.

>> No.9294653

>You could try to stretch your headphones and see if it loosens up a bit
I have never found a pair of headphones that was loose enough that it would both stay on my head and not hurt my ears. I guess I'll just go with the mosty highly rated earphones I can find on Amazon.

>> No.9294769

i cant imagine koss porta pro being too tight to hurt someones ears

>> No.9294835

Headphones do occasionally need to be worn in a bit, if it's too much of a nuisance to do it normally you could try have a stack of books wear it in for you.

>> No.9294928

is that how audiobooks are made?

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>> No.9295158


>> No.9295403

Nina paizuri JOI ASMR

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>> No.9295915

Start the goose genocide protocol

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this song always kills me

>> No.9295928

I can't help it bros...

>> No.9296039

D-did she really? Did she really sing during an ASMR stream?

>> No.9296078

it's an ASMRsingtsudan, as expected

>> No.9296132

Yeah, a few calm songs, in a sort of lullaby style. bretty comfy

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>ywn quietly fall asleep on Nina's lap while she sings softly and brushes your hair as the rain gently patters against the window
I'm actually in pain bros

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close to you...

>> No.9296293

Bat is in heaven right now...

>> No.9296329

imagine you fall asleep while listening to this. Sweet dreams.
Then she raids someone, channel switches and god knows how your dreams turn out

>> No.9296480

she will raid poya - she recommended her to bat, so she will raid her as well.

>> No.9296586

Hopefully vtubing and technology will evolve to a point where she can do that to us live in VR.

>> No.9296638

its time to donate to her VR fund... so we can at least interact with her in 3d

>> No.9296911

lol what a bunch of fucking losers

>> No.9296962

thanks bat

>> No.9297023

Alker, stop being such a bitch

>> No.9297063

I know you like it too.
fuck you

>> No.9297100

Next time I think she should raid another ASMR chuuba to keep it going, that's at least what most ASMR chuubas do

>> No.9297181

It's Poya's comeback stream

>> No.9297188

I think its a fair point but its her friend..

>> No.9297225

That's why I said next time

>> No.9297226


>> No.9297254

Then again most ASMRchuubas are basically part of an ASMR circle so it's basically the same as chuubas raiding their friends.

>> No.9297259

Gosling / 10
Massive difference to the Contra sweaty tryhard-ass stream.

Also numbers anon didnt give his review..

>> No.9297437

There wasn't much to say for numbers. Nina was in her usual 200-250 range, along with the others in her weight class who were streaming at the same time. The exact number fluctuated a lot, as I think there were a lot of shared viewers between Nina and a few other /here/chuubas who were streaming and who were switching back and forth.

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File: 339 KB, 1440x1397, Gosling (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm still alive somehow / 10
She's such a sweetheart bros

>> No.9297576

Is it odd that I liked this stream more than the other ASMRs I've heard because it was basically a just chatting stream with a special mic?
Other ASMRs always felt like coombait or just doing weird sounds into the mic, with no audience interaction.

>> No.9297632

voice made for ASMR/10

>> No.9297767

ASMR does nothing for me but I like listening to Nina/10

>> No.9299143

I wanna make Nina a mother of 100/10

>> No.9299195

It was as expected not super GFE'y though you cant avoid a little of it due to the whispering aspects of it. It was a very much Nina format with singing etc.

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