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Towa Thread
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Maruyama Game Shop S1

Radio program/Twitcasting/Spaces/Videos archive: https://pastebin.com/9tt48x5E
Gifting FAQ: https://en.hololive.tv/contact

(Pacific League 6 Team collab) https://spaceage.work/hololive_p-league/
(Birthday 2021) https://hololive.booth.pm/items/3118698
(1st Anniversary) https://hololive.booth.pm/items/2885961
(Overseas) https://shop.geekjack.net/collections/tokoyami-towa

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Solo Original:
(MV) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud73fm4Uoq0

Group Originals:
(MV) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7cpjmkc1Rw


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capturing towa in a cage and making her sleep 8 hours a night

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Gonna sleep and dream of Towa!

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Towa doko...

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Towa baby...

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Dreaming of Towa...

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This is some next lvl egosa how do you even find these guys?

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motherfucker posted a fucking blog to her stream tag

>> No.9259171

i thinks its more of the usual anti with new account trying to trigger her not the apexfag

>> No.9259361

maybe you are right , but its a 6 year old account that follows nothing but apex people.
Not that it matter at all , its dumb

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Why is her cover of King the best?

>> No.9261077

Makes full use of her deeper voice and vocal range.

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Oh yeah found this idiot, now we're about to get some lecture again because someone hasn't done their reps on towa's maimaipesu

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It's been a while since we had a karaoke stream...

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I know what you're attempting. I hope it works. But honestly, as close as she's getting to 800k, I'm sure there's one in our near future.

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She's already said she's doing endurance tonight.

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Towa is here

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She said she would do an singing stream to 800k at the end of her hollowknight stream

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This guy is retarded for wording it in such a negative way, but honestly, I don't necessarily disagree with what he's saying.
I also feel like she's just playing Hollow Knight because she feels like she has some kind of obligation to, there's a small part of her fan base that has been waiting for her to finish it and Indivisible for ages, but I feel like she isn't playing it solely because she enjoys it. He's right that every stream, you can literally see her counting down the minutes until it reaches 2 hours. She constantly says shit like "Wow, 1 hour, so fast...", "1 and a half hours, almost 2 hours...", then she hits 2 hours and even if she hasn't accomplished the goal she wanted to today, she ends the stream.
I wouldn't really call him an "APEXfag" either, he's just saying that Towa's idea of diversifying her content away from APEX-only is a good one, but she should play things she actually enjoys rather than forcing herself to play Hollow Knight, since she doesn't seem to enjoy it and only a very small part of her fan base actually even watches her play it.

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It's one of the least vocaloidy Kings. Most covers of that song have really annoying processing on the vocals to match the original which ruins half of the reason I'm listening to other people cover it.

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Interesting you mention Indivisible since she hasn't picked that back up unlike HK. Plus episode 11 was 2 and a half hours instead of 2 and the episodes are in the morning which she might have other things to do and simply can't just play all day. I do agree with your original premise that if she's actually playing HK because she feels like she should finish it for kenzoku that she shouldn't but I don't really think we have enough information to make that determination.

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>Interesting you mention Indivisible since she hasn't picked that back up unlike HK
She talked about it at the same time she talked about restarting Hollow Knight, she said she wanted to finish either/both of them.
Episodes 11's extra 30 minutes was the superchat reading, not actual game play.

>> No.9264407

>I do agree with your original premise that if she's actually playing HK because she feels like she should finish it for kenzoku that she shouldn't but I don't really think we have enough information to make that determination.
Also, this is pretty much my opinion too, and I think this is how the guy should have worded it on Twitter instead of acting like an anti.

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I called him an apexfag , because he is clearly an apexfag. Not that I meant for it to be a big fucking conversation, I just thought it was funny.

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i wouldn't watch this playthrough either if its wasn't for towa but i kinda understand her too that she pick up hk since she already start playing its before and there's not much other game that she took an interest to play outside of apex and that retard child building block game call minecraft, well at least i hope we can finish this hk arc soon.

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Hollowknight is reminding me of my one issue with Towa. The one thing I would change about her... Longer streams... need more Towa.
I need more Towa

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She said she was going to do an endurance tonight but with AquShion she's probably going to have to start at 10PM JST.

>> No.9266390

Well, she said she was planning to start at 10, so yeah.

>> No.9266461

She's competing with both normal primetime and a big international Amogus collab. Might be a pretty long one.

>> No.9266540

and that's good thing, i can spend my time with twap more.

>> No.9266592

She did? I must have missed that kek

Most likely, though she might pick up the outflow from AquShion if any of them are looking for more singing.

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Yes, I couldn't agree more.

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Playing FPS games with Towa onee-chan while your parents are away...
Start feeling funny while playing with Towa onee-chan...
Towa onee-chan touching you inappropriately...
Giving your first time to Towa onee-chan...

>> No.9267290

Where can I find a Towa onee-chan...

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God I wish that was me...

>> No.9268902

Towa liked a tweet about wanting to see another OW stream, I wonder if she finally got the 6v6 OW girl's club scrim planned.

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Remember when Towawa rigged her tournament so she could spend all day with Nenene?

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I hope Towa sings extra long and converts all the apexfags into idolfriends!

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I miss Towa.

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I wonder what Twoa's doin.
Probly sleepin.

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I remember when Towa said she loved me...

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Towa should have but a frame up so her stream would be in Achan's stream schedule tweet.

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File: 734 KB, 2061x2915, E-cuHMsUYAQH7JA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The fact that no one's put a stream up in that slot yet other than amogus is making me a bit nervous.

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I believe in Towa-sama!

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Twap pits...

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File: 1.13 MB, 2480x3507, 90208145_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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I wonder what that P could be.

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Peko Random Brain

>> No.9271998

PekoMiko DaiSenso

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>> No.9272526

Twappers retweeted AZKi's stream so it looks like Palette is next.

>> No.9272573

Spoiling streams on Twitter again...

>> No.9272616

Palette confirmed! Get in here >>9272526

>> No.9272632


>> No.9272761

Really good Palette!

>> No.9272799

I knew AZKi would do a good job with it. AZKi can hit that emotion that most of the other people that have sung it have lacked.
Really nice.

>> No.9272800

>Towa Ch. 常闇トワ: めっちゃよかった~!ありがとうございます! :sparkles:
AZKi did it right, IRyS should take notes.

>> No.9272867

I hope Towa can sing something with Azki one day.

>> No.9273150


>> No.9273214

Towa knows exactly what we need!

>> No.9273313

I think Towa might be in love with me...

>> No.9273429

Towa your scheduling...
At least it means she will probably be singing for longer.

>> No.9273602

>no お知らせあり!
Twap...your covers...

>> No.9273635


>> No.9273689

Towa retweeted intern-chan!

>> No.9273715

Based intern-chan promoting her endurance stream when it overlaps a big collab

>> No.9273904

its only just the start of the month what do you expect.

>> No.9273980

rpr is doing his jp reps, are you?

>> No.9273999

I will become Japanese.

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File: 179 KB, 519x341, EWpf6dRXgAQZ49S.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am japanese!

>> No.9274027

Yes, but I'm not doing my apex reps so it doesn't matter

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i'm doing my kr reps, I'm coming for you Selly!

>> No.9274158

It's kind of impressive he managed to learn hiragana in pretty much just a few hours. I wonder how far he will go with his reps.

>> No.9274611

Hiragana and Katakana together can be learned easily in a day tho. Kanji, years.

>> No.9274726

Depends on what you mean by "learn", you'll still be mistaking them for some time

>> No.9274738

you can learn kanji pretty quickly with rtk method though it takes quite a bit of dedication

>> No.9274805

The problem with that is you don't learn any Japanese

>> No.9274852

In Katakana, I always mistook the ones used in "tsu" and "shi", and the "n" and "so". Those look the same but tilted and slided in such an angle.

>> No.9274978

I am 1/4 Japanese, does that help in learning it?

>> No.9275594

Towa will be cool today.

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File: 166 KB, 500x598, It's 歌枠 time.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9276538

Silly Twap...

>> No.9276645

Ah, delayed 10 minutes

>> No.9276716

YAGOO must have really shocked Towa...

>> No.9276925

Everyone delaying to not clash with the premiere.

>> No.9276972

5k is a decent endurance, not the most but not the least for Twap.

>> No.9277012

i thought she still at 794k...

>> No.9277025

She hit 795k right before the stream started

>> No.9277056

She's been converting the APEX hordes.

>> No.9277244

no, i still have troubles even with english, i doubt that a retard like me will be able to learn moon runes

>> No.9277300

I will never get tired of Towa's singing.

>> No.9277350

i was about to type that i can't hear towa.. sugoi just towa read my mind.

>> No.9277378

I'll never get tired of Towa.

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I sure hope Towa can't read my mind...

>> No.9277491

I love these endurance streams... they always feel so comfy rather than her usual singing streams

>> No.9277515

The usual streams are too brief, these are like the full fat streams.

>> No.9277544

Her usual karaokes always feel comfy too though. Especially the last one.

>> No.9277608

She might call you disgusting while actually liking it...

>> No.9277639

I guess it's because seeing Towa pad time like that time she just sang Palette and Error was too good. It was just a waiting game and all we can do is watch and wait since we're already subbed.

>> No.9277642

Maybe she really can read minds...

>> No.9277651

i hope towa remain her stream volume around this from now on, i can hear her now.

>> No.9277680

Towa is extra sexy today.

>> No.9277743

Towapi is so cool!

>> No.9277744
File: 182 KB, 1200x1200, E6b69v_VEAIhy4p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>almost 500 subs in 10 minutes

>> No.9277769

They're delaying the collab until she hits it!

>> No.9277821

the number... they're going up too fast

>> No.9277958

interfering with the amongsus collab to peel off waiting viewers... devilish!

>> No.9278033


>> No.9278053

At this rate this is just gonna be a regular karaoke.

>> No.9278064

44к eundurance stream let's gooooo

>> No.9278122

Excited for the new stream OP.

>> No.9278138

Several days full of Twap!

>> No.9278163

I bet it will be great.

>> No.9278164

I'm conflicted, I wanna see twap be happy with bigger numbers but I want the numbers to stop inclining so fast so I can hear more of her singing...

>> No.9278208

Hopefully the rate will slow down a bit with the amongsus collab getting underway.

>> No.9278226

Wonder if roly made it, she's been using him for a lot of stuff lately

>> No.9278232

I know, at this rate the stream will be less than 2 hours.

>> No.9278242

If it's too fast maybe she will bump it up like last time!

>> No.9278262

I don't know, is 14k normal for Towa utawaku? Just in this one song alone, we went up like 400 subs.

>> No.9278319

usually we see like 10k so probably some amongus leakage

>> No.9278353

Endurance buff.

>> No.9278387

I'm talking endurance.

>> No.9278401

10-12k is typical, she sometimes drops a little lower if there's a lot of competition streaming.

>> No.9278417

its just that the amongus are delay so some people paid a visit now that the collab are start i hope the number slow down.

>> No.9278448

Please let there be a Gintama song

>> No.9278537

>almost 797k already

>> No.9278556

Am I just biased or is Towa a much better live singer than the more singing focused girls like Suisei and AZKi?

>> No.9278629

Towa is an amazing live performer but I really like them too.

>> No.9278699

>won't sing Ahoy
>sings it

>> No.9278746

God she's so fucking cute

>> No.9278748

Ahoy destroys her everytime.

>> No.9278752

I would rather not have the thread go into timelooping about 'blank is better than blank at singing', I hope the thread can agree that each holo member has their own niche of singing that their members enjoy

>> No.9278763

not a sound expert but i think tenkyuu did suit towa voice range while NCP and the other high key song are probably hard for towa, also i really love suisei tenkyuu the most from all of her ori so that was really great.

>> No.9278795

I love it when Towapi gets embarassed.

>> No.9278815

Towa is being too cute!

>> No.9278827

Sensitive pirate song sang by a seiso debiru.

>> No.9278860
File: 222 KB, 500x435, 1627937438174.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is so cute, Towa...

>> No.9278877


>> No.9279022

What is Towa's BGM again? I feel like I asked this before, but somehow this might be a different song than last time.

>> No.9279071

On good days, Towa's live singing pretty much sounds exactly like her studio recordings, which is pretty impressive.

>> No.9279124

towa please sing white album 2 song onegai

>> No.9279343

why does she like to stop in the middle of a song so much

>> No.9279360

Towa's very dumb...please forgive her...

>> No.9279405

Honestly, I prefer her live singing over studio recording.

>> No.9279447

Mainly for her 3D lives where it all comes together.

>> No.9279478

she always does that when she felt like she fuck up the note for that song too much.

>> No.9279529

I don't know about better, but she's my second favorite singer by far for karaoke

>> No.9279584

gotta wonder how flare feels when she has like 9h endurance streams for like 5k and towa just pops in for a quick hour or 2 and is done each time.

>> No.9279648

Towa loves Flare.

>> No.9279726


>> No.9279729


>> No.9279752

fuck i love this part so much

>> No.9279757
File: 197 KB, 852x1280, 1604925154275.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9279759

Flare just likes to sing and sing and sing. The endurance is a nice excuse.

>> No.9279775

another hag to her collection

>> No.9279782

She tried...

>> No.9279787

Cute growl this time.

>> No.9279801


>> No.9279805

Mangled that one more than the 3D live kek.

>> No.9279810

Her Bloom Palette is still the best version for me.

>> No.9279822

fucking kek

>> No.9279831

Towa didn't want to panic her neighbours.

>> No.9279836

>He thinks the growl from the birthday live wasn't cute

>> No.9279855

That growl was too cute.

>> No.9279884

She nailed the sound but didn't have the power, that's pretty good

>> No.9279887

im sorry to join your doomposting but I think this will happen to everyone who is still streaming in a few years, if the chuubaboom dies. Then again Towa always proves me wrong.

>> No.9279892

Kotachi growled or is it just Towa?

>> No.9279898

Towa's scream... https://streamable.com/sdgnkd

>> No.9279915

I wanna kiss Towa...

>> No.9279925

>Twap full blasts various screams in utawaku and it suddenly ends when the cops show up

>> No.9280010

Imagine how she feels about something like this then, started at 290k

>> No.9280149

I believe in more Blue Clapper!

>> No.9280151

Now I want to rewatch the 3D Live again.

>> No.9280226

All Noraneko streams feel like a fever dream.

>> No.9280249

I miss Towa...

>> No.9280294

Twa WILL sing Phony

>> No.9280337

That'd be really nice actually.

>> No.9280355

ha, Met SC while Towa is afk.

>> No.9280378

towa doko..?

>> No.9280496

Cute Met reply.

>> No.9280602

Met: Towa-sama, I kneel...

>> No.9280619

I love Towa!

>> No.9280770

>already wants to end after an hour
Twap, it's suppose to be an endurance stream...

>> No.9280777

i kneel to kneeling to towa met

>> No.9280812

rpr, I wish you good luck.
You did good in the Twap collab, btw.

>> No.9280840

Did Towa ever sing JP Country Road? I feel like her voice would be really nice for it.

>> No.9280989

Are we getting even slower in sub growth, nice.

>> No.9281063

Amongus collab sucking up viewers atm.

>> No.9281095

Great songs so far!

>> No.9281119

yeah i kinda glad its overlap with amongus

>> No.9281162

So long since I heard Core Pride.

>> No.9281197

>keeps forgetting to turn the BGM off
She needs to start having it playback on her side instead of just OBS...

>> No.9281254

Look at Twap go!

>> No.9281318

>Towa turned it off
S-she's here...

>> No.9281507

Insomniac Twap.
Eyes can't stop moving when closed.
REM before REM sleep.
Must be because of moving around in APEX.

>> No.9281730
File: 300 KB, 1888x1538, 1619929918238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9281823

i hope this 1500 sub can make us last for another hour.

>> No.9281881

I am amused that one of the things Towa could do to improve her singing is simple diction reps.

>> No.9281954

It probably will especially given how long Towa is talking now too instead of singing.

>> No.9281964

Towa will never learn japanese

>> No.9282079

Towa is dumb in all languages...

>> No.9282104

I'm kind of worried that she hurt her throat earlier, she's sounded a bit hoarse when talking since a few songs ago, at least to me.

>> No.9282289

Sounded more like she just needs some water.

>> No.9282292
File: 496 KB, 483x483, 1615914022163.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

screaming without technique will do that to you

>> No.9282311

the devil is tire.

>> No.9282403
File: 79 KB, 188x193, 1605835055451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9282413

>get as many subs during her toilet break as she did when she sang

>> No.9282418


>> No.9282452

The people support healthy movements.

>> No.9282498

That was one strong zettai.

>> No.9282555

I appreciate Towa's hard stance on not doing a loli voice when asked.

Also I love Towa.

>> No.9282630
File: 40 KB, 527x490, 1621012996144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow what a coincidence, I also love Towa. We could become best friends

>> No.9282635

Some people still try to get her to play horror games. Good luck with that.

>> No.9282663
File: 229 KB, 423x475, 1606056843560.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't, because I want loli Towa.

Also I love Towa.

>> No.9282695

She still very rarely streams them and those streams are great!

>> No.9282700

We almost got The Caretaker that one time...
Chilla kusoge being dysfunctional piles of shit just ruined that.

>> No.9282704

Tokugawa towtruck...

>> No.9282705

Towa's dumb giraffe neck...

>> No.9282746
File: 819 KB, 950x930, debiiiii.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Horror with Nose and Toi

>> No.9282787

Do we have the archives of loli Towa available?

>> No.9282866

Only 1000 more to go...

>> No.9282974

Twappi talking about how great it is to make friends. I love this debil.

>> No.9282978

Twap's getting sentimental...
I'm proud of her!

>> No.9282981

Illegally parking just to see Tow...

>> No.9283050

im start to think that all the girl that have problem with their vocal cord are because they sang too much not because they fake their voice.

>> No.9283087

payday 2!

>> No.9283115

Tomorrow even!

>> No.9283122

PekoBotaTowa Payday! Nice.

>> No.9283123

Payday Twap! Cant wait

>> No.9283175
File: 1.26 MB, 3142x3486, E997_bIVQAcyFzG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's almost time.

>> No.9283240

All the jp's telling him to be careful of matuli, they're saying it as a meme because of horny or simply anti's who can't handle matsuri's menheraness

>> No.9283253

Nice,payday 2 kino with usaken wish they managed to wrangle a fourth person but I ain't gonna complain when theres more payday at least

>> No.9283293


>> No.9283325

>they're saying it as a meme
haha, yeah, as a meme...

>> No.9283336

I feel like Lamy would make a perfect 4th.

>> No.9283392

Y-yeah it's a meme haha...

>> No.9283400

She said the Payday collab was today (9/6) at 21JST btw

>> No.9283458

Have peko and lamy interacted in any way? Most I remember was the time peko killed lamy to protect joseph but I did miss out the festival. Anyway I think they will stick to the trio due to peko's autism but that's okay

>> No.9283529

Another one...

>> No.9283561

towa love nenene

>> No.9283637

twappi clearly wants to collab with nenechi one on one going by the mario kart tournenment...

>> No.9283756

I'm pretty both of their schedules are super busy, so probably hard to schedule anything.

>> No.9283911

damn that sayonara memories was good

>> No.9283936

noooo the number are going up fast again.

>> No.9283977

tactical unsub to watch towa more !

>> No.9283985

The moongus collab ended, so we'll only have time for one more song i think.

>> No.9283992


>> No.9284068

I really, really love this song and I really, really love Towa

>> No.9284103

Unsubbing from Towa to spend more time with her!

>> No.9284118

Ghost stories with rurudo mama

>> No.9284205

Finish it off with Palette.

>> No.9284230

>immediately jumps up to the goal
Maybe the only thing more powerful is ERROR.

>> No.9284238

I don't think you were the only one doing that

>> No.9284243


>> No.9284255

I thought about doing it but it wouldn't feel right

>> No.9284256

Was about to say that, look at those 200 people who did the exact same thing

>> No.9284334

I need Towa...

>> No.9284344

Congrats towapi

>> No.9284351

I wish there were more people in the world like Towa...

>> No.9284373

Towa is my world

>> No.9284389

Super cute op.

>> No.9284394
File: 946 KB, 1280x720, 【80万人耐久歌枠】KARAOKE🎤reach to 800,000【ホロライブ _ 常闇トワ】 2-51-13 screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9284400

Holy fuck the new OP is so cute.

>> No.9284402
File: 408 KB, 2048x1589, E3PaRTzVkAInTC0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Girly Twap!

>> No.9284406


>> No.9284407

yumekyawa love!

>> No.9284409

A fuck that's so cute...

>> No.9284427

>just now loading a minute

>> No.9284432
File: 291 KB, 705x396, E2N-jVSVcAAzV6U.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This new outro fills me with great joy

>> No.9284440

The more I look at that picture the more I like it

>> No.9284445

Purple love...

>> No.9284454

meto... nose...

>> No.9284455

i love cute towa

>> No.9284456

new OP /outro is too cute...The photo beside the purple women is nose right?can't tell due to the art style

>> No.9284457
File: 1.18 MB, 1366x768, 1610180131366.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9284468

Thats so cute

>> No.9284471 [DELETED] 

Meant to write intro

>> No.9284477
File: 1.10 MB, 945x899, His balls and optimism.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kotaro doko?

>> No.9284502


>> No.9284504

oh shit now that you say it its has some blue part in her hair so probably nose.

>> No.9284516

Is the middle pic Nose?

>> No.9284520

I'm the same age as rpr.

>> No.9284526

I will take one for the team and comfort a surely heartbroken Met when she sees she didn't get into this outro. No need to thank me guys.

>> No.9284533

It's definitely Nose, Sio would be there too if she was still with us...

>> No.9284543

Where is the reference to the fattest ass in the vtuber scene?

>> No.9284552

I thought it was Selly, but it looks different than the Selly on the right, so maybe it is Nose? I guess maybe they just gave her pink hair because of the pastel theme.

>> No.9284556

Look at the book by her leg.

>> No.9284564

Bibi is on the chair/

>> No.9284577

In Towa's heart.

>> No.9284602
File: 89 KB, 640x685, tokonoki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9284605

... I'm still comforting her and you can't stop me!

>> No.9284614
File: 91 KB, 222x232, 1618156304858.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9284621


>> No.9284623

>It's Apex time!
>No towa no!

>> No.9284672
File: 90 KB, 262x266, crack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh, you guys heard that noise? Something's cracking.

>> No.9284673
File: 278 KB, 1040x1560, asfdaFASDF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please refer too >>9284605

>> No.9284691

watch out fat fuck the chairs gonna break cause of your massive weight

>> No.9284700

Fat fuck...

>> No.9284709

That is Sio's POV

>> No.9284735

the fattest ass that did nothing wrong...
Care to point what's referencing met in the book to a blind anon? I know the planet is her oshi mark

>> No.9284736
File: 848 KB, 2591x3588, E-f9WA5VQAMo-mG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so fucking proud of our cute and amazing debiru.
I love Towa so much.

>> No.9284785

Hamsters was their team name with Selly.

>> No.9284789

Their team name from CR cup

>> No.9284809
File: 364 KB, 1240x1754, E-h12hdUcAAJQLE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Towa makes me proud every day now...

>> No.9284812
File: 27 KB, 228x181, chrome_QVWYTeB9Od.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The book says Usotsuki Hamsters on it and has each member's symbol.

>> No.9284853

So many friends...
I kneel Towa-sama

>> No.9284880

I didn't think people were so openly vocal about that

>> No.9284883

No Sio reference :(

>> No.9284936

Leopi... ran...

>> No.9284954

The fucking smiley face katakana can burn in the deepest depths of hell.

>> No.9285000

Towa has too many friends to fit in a small picture...

>> No.9285005

Towa has so many friends that it's inevitable that someone will be left out...

>> No.9285050
File: 904 KB, 3840x2160, 1620585190951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Higher res

>> No.9285053

Nah fuck that, let's act all menhera about this. Towa HATES everyone who isn't in that picture.
Obviously not true because her worst enemy is in there...

>> No.9285137

I remember that one day I saw someone saying that the "shi" katakana looks like it's going very fast and since that I haven't mixed the two

>> No.9285160

No Peko, Nenenenenene, La Lion, Lamy, Aki. Mio or Marine.


>> No.9285266

sio doko

>> No.9285286

Clipped AZKi's Palette from her utawaku earlier.

Other Palette covers:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53rJX52p3G8 IRyS
https://streamable.com/3cftl3 Suityan
https://streamable.com/44hclk Kanata
https://streamable.com/g7to85 Moona

>> No.9285292

I'm not a fan of the art style but the image is very cute and filled with nice details

>> No.9285303

>purple and pink flowers next the the photos of all her other friends
You have to read between the lines...

>> No.9285331

I remembered ノ purely because it's what Nose... and Mito use in their names, other three are still a fucking crap shoot for me at this point.

>> No.9285382

Just woke up and find out that Towa did a Karoke... the thing I was looking forward the most.
Towa why...

>> No.9285395

Now I think it's for the better that she only included her yonkisei mates of all her holofriends otherwise leaving someone out would have been a real complaint, even if I think Roboco should have been there somewhere.

>> No.9285415

She also said she has a new ending coming, so there might be more stuff in there as well.

>> No.9285420

Thank you for your sacrifice
She also said she would do it on her Hollow Knight stream.

>> No.9285431

Thanks anons for pointing out my stupidity desu I thought the takoyaki was just a nod to Luna at first

>> No.9285438

Confirmed Nose

>> No.9285445

Unless you slept since before the Hollow Knight stream it's your own fault.

>> No.9285446

TOKONOSE confirmed.

>> No.9285449

New ending for the rest of her friends!

>> No.9285474
File: 616 KB, 1095x471, towaa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont get the left one

>> No.9285487


>> No.9285495

Those are the flowers I gave her on our first date.

>> No.9285507


>> No.9285536

I find it easier to remember that when you say shi シ your tongue goes horizontal and with tsu ツ it goes down just like the "eyes on the face", same with n ン and so ソ.

>> No.9285596

please play with nose again

>> No.9285625

Looks like the fan mark of a fatass

>> No.9285880

Holy shit

>> No.9286157

what are sio fan mark, pink flower like sakura?

>> No.9286225

Yeah. Her name has the kanji for sakura

>> No.9286246

It's literally a sakura,

>> No.9286276

fuck me... how could i forgor..

>> No.9286534

i dont think it's a sakura on the drawing though? someone dm the artist to confirm it or something.

>> No.9286590

>someone dm the artist to confirm it or something.
Don't do this, seriously.

>> No.9286865

Can't make it that obvious anon, otherwise she'll attract the oldfag dramaschizos as well as newfag retards who think its migo.

>> No.9286998

Pretty much this, if it is intended to be a Sio reference it's made vague enough that it could just be a generic flower.

>> No.9287021

I mean, I think she must have known people would immediately try to find Sio references, so the fact there's anything that even resembles one probably means she intended for it to be there.

>> No.9287098

What was Towa's flower on Bloom again?

>> No.9287171

it has the hololive play logo in the middle of the flower so people are probably just overthinking it.

>> No.9287174
File: 3.82 MB, 2400x1350, 1617131772362.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i dont know what their flowers are called.

>> No.9287246
File: 2.83 MB, 1920x1080, 1611375929268.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9287303

I will never forget Towa...

>> No.9287313

Oh Mio's flower looks like the pink flower

>forget me not

>> No.9287371

Impressive, Japs translated the common name.

>> No.9287390
File: 299 KB, 1100x1040, 1602546239829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9287454

No one can forget her Fatass...

>> No.9287630

Beyond chatting occasionally in Minecraft? Not that I recall. Don't really think they interacted much, if at all, during the festival either. Lamy has said she wants to do something with Pekora (like 6 months ago or something), but with the Joseph incident and then Lamy accidentally breaking TTT she doesn't want to be a bother to Pekora and thinks she's just been causing problems for her (even though she isn't and hasn't). Lamy has recently started putting herself forward as a collab organizer though, but has yet to invite Pekora to anything.

Couple that with Pekora being how she is and you have two autists that probably want to collab with each other but can't bring themselves to ask the other for their own autistic reasons.

>> No.9287654

so the left one are towa and sio flower

TOKONOKI i believe.

>> No.9288206

I miss Towa...

>> No.9288340

Towa's Ahoy was honestly really good, I hope she properly learns the whole song.

>> No.9288366

It was very cute.

>> No.9288450

>Hey brah, get buff, like me, and maybe you'll stand a chance.
>no towaraltar no!

>> No.9289136

Another day of Towa...
There are no brakes.

>> No.9289410

I'm gonna kiss Twap...

>> No.9289664

Towa is the coolest...!

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